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File: e1c02b43c5fc1b0⋯.jpg (493.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ze1c02b43c5fc1b06dad409388….jpg)

483cbf  No.3987314

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Tuesday 11.20.18

>>3980392 rt >>3980302 -————————– Think D5.

>>3980302 ————————————–——– People are nervous.

>>3979646 ————————————–——– Item used when walking a dog?

>>3978509 ————————————–——– Attacks on WHITAKER will only intensify

>>3978190 ————————————–——– [D]ec 5

Tuesday 11.13.18

>>>/patriotsfight/467 ——————————— 53 - 47 ( Cap of 466 & 467: >>3879899 )

Monday 11.12.18

>>>/patriotsfight/466 ——————————— [350,000] vote swing to D Sen? ( Cap: >>3879436 )

>>>/patriotsfight/465 ——————————— Congratulations Anons, threat to establishment ( Cap: >>3878745 )

>>>/patriotsfight/464 ——————————— FAKE NEWS/CONSPIRACY ( Txt/PST Cap: >>3869074, >>3869075 )

>>>/patriotsfight/463 ——————————— PLACEHOLDER - OIG Findings (PST Cap: >>3868958 )

Sunday 11.11.18

>>>/patriotsfight/462 ——————————— Ratcliffe, Gowdy join list of potential AG picks ( Cap: >>3855856 )

>>>/patriotsfight/461 ——————————— [Placeholder - DECLAS GEN_pub] [Placeholder - SPEC_C_pub] ( Cap: >>3854727 )

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>>>/patriotsfight/456 ——————————— [Placeholder - Indictments Tracking > Non_Civ] ( Cap: >>3854727 )

>>>/patriotsfight/455 ——————————— [Placeholder - Indictments Tracking > Civ] ( Cap: >>3854727 )

>>>/patriotsfight/454 ——————————— God Bless Veterans. (Cap: >>3853561 )

>>>/patriotsfight/453 ——————————— Who safeguards blank ballots? ( Cap: >>3854059 )

>>>/patriotsfight/452 ——————————— Let the unsealing begin. ( Cap: >>3852609 )

>>>/patriotsfight/451 ——————————— Enemy @ the Front Door. ( Cap: >>3851787 )

Saturday 11.10.18

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Friday 11.09.18

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483cbf  No.3987316


are not endorsements


to be updated


>>3985801 Google Goes Dark. Spoopy error?

>>3985850 MTGA Mexico to deport caravan migrants arrested in Tijuana back to home countries

>>3985884 Dark Website Hosting Service Daniel's Hosting WREKED. Cabal cleaning up their crimes?

>>3985928 Hayward: Yes, Jamal Khashoggi Was a Member of the Muslim Brotherhood

>>3985958 Planefag CHeck in, E-6 is up with "hail23" Callsign. PAIN23?

>>3986064 Anon theory on How Trump's endgame plays out world wide

>>3986180 Mattis: CIA Hasn't "Fully Established" Who Is Responsible For Khashoggi Killing

>>3986362 Bret Baier: FBI Sources Believe Clinton Foundation Case Moving Towards "Likely an Indictment"

>>3985797 SyriaFag gives us Updeets

>>3986484 #5071


>>3984926, >>3985051 Moar on why Cabal is not visiting DomRepublic con't. InterEnergy Holdings and Ties to CF. ThankQ EliteFag.

>>3985064 DOJ Annual Report to Congress on Indian Country Investigations and Prosecutions.

>>3985032 Australia Leaves UN Migration Pact— Won’t Risk ‘Hard-Won’ Border Control Success Combating Human Smuggling

>>3982830, >>3985137 UPDATE from Anon on DOJ arrests made in Seattle for ties to Lebanese Weapons Trafficking.

>>3985334 Clinton Foundation Donations Plummet 90%

>>3985340 Explosion Reported at California Post Office

>>3985040 British student jailed for life for ‘spying’ on UAE, UK warns of ‘repercussions’

>>3985136 Hussein pushing Obama Foundation

>>3985411, >>3985475 Roberts criticizes POTUS using phrases "Extraordinary" & "Rare". MSM copies EXACT phrasing. Message Sent?

>>3985585 How CIA-supplied Missiles Ended Up In Hands Of ISIS – Report

>>3985667 #5070

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2c1bd5  No.3987321


I did not know that JFK was assassinated on Thanksgiving. :\

483cbf  No.3987322

File: 03518eab04a0d11⋯.png (160.39 KB, 473x504, 473:504, qrsmilebaker.png)



can't really bake right now, REQUESTING HANDOFF

88f314  No.3987323

>>3987300 (PB)

Candians, please. Why do you bother with Trudeau? He's such a weak, effeminate little faggot bitch boy that I feel guilty even for calling him out. He's the type of dude who you have to slap rather than punch in the face.

Come on, Canada. Get rid of him. Save yourselves!

c93bf0  No.3987324

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Army Corp of Engineers building the border wall - confirmed!

tune in at 9:10

261f0a  No.3987325

File: e9ce2f7482b18ed⋯.png (1.2 MB, 1100x725, 44:29, ClipboardImage.png)


Thanks for getting our buns

Out of a pinch!

eb4e00  No.3987326


I got you BO/BV.


>>3987073 Is Whitaker the prosecutor that DJT referred to in the second presidential debate?

>>3986800 UK Counter-Terror Police find 2 explosive devices in London flat.

>>3986829 Glenn Greenwald talks about the dangerous conflict of interest between "ex"-intelligence agents and their media participation.

>>3986868 Giuliani Tweet: "Tomorrow we all pause…"

>>3986921 Iran had secret plans to build five nuclear warheads.

>>3986657 Comrade Pelosi snaps the youth wing into shape.

>>3986691 Podesta Group lobbied for Democratic Party of Moldova?

>>3986754, >>3986908 DJT Tweet: "Sorry Chief Justice Roberts…"

>>3986590 Mystery of tech CEO found shot dead, family killed in mansion fire deepens; brother arrested for setting own home ablaze.

>>3986605 Andrew Cuomo tries to mitigate financial fallout of Catholic Church sex abuse cover up.

673eb2  No.3987327



Wrong Justice Roberts…We the people no longer believe in the fake fairy tales that Judges are not biased or make laws instead of interpretation of the law, as they should. Other wise why would every Democrat Governor, President stack the courts with liberal Judges that disregard the constitution or render such bizarre interpretations of it…like female genital manipulation is against the constitution…complete utter obama judge nonsense!!!

We the people have had enough of the BS…

2e4e2b  No.3987328

File: 57d8ebcea9e3c04⋯.png (969.57 KB, 935x722, 935:722, Abedin.png)

cf9961  No.3987329

File: 1ae6d04f6cacb66⋯.jpg (221.17 KB, 616x1012, 14:23, IMG_755.jpg)

patriots laugh!

51c42a  No.3987330

File: 67ebfd7cc3b55e3⋯.png (40.88 KB, 640x438, 320:219, ClipboardImage.png)


961be1  No.3987331

File: 5f7019c66e73fe9⋯.png (60.8 KB, 564x288, 47:24, Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at ….png)

Judicial Activism = Julian Assange


Turkeyday is not always on the 22nd, Anon.

c762d2  No.3987332

File: a491bcda7720d1c⋯.jpg (504.02 KB, 737x1024, 737:1024, bakery2.jpg)

keep em coming bakers


a56a8a  No.3987333

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The JIDF Zionist Instruction Manual 101

Welcome,everybody. Your Online Goal:

1. Suppress All Truth About Zionist Organized Crimes Against Americans.

2. Attack & Ridicule All Anons Who Show Any Evidence of Zionist Crimes Against Americans.


1. Call any Anon who shows the Truth "bots" or "shills" - "muhjoo shill", "muhJew shill", "all Jews all the time", "copypasta Spam bot", "glowing", "division shill".

2. Tell them Trump loves Israel, or is "Committed to Israel".

3. Insinuate that Jared Kushner "is destroying cabal".

4. Show them a survey that most Israelis have a "favorable opinion" of America.

**NEVER mention the $38 BILLION DOLLARS that US Taxpayers give Israel over the next 10 years.

5. Ridicule Anons who seem to be effective in reaching more people with the Truth about Organized Zionist Crimes against Americans.

6. Keep attacking them until they stop posting. Attack both directly and indirectly.

7. Try Intimidation Targeting the trouble maker in less overt ways. Try to scare them.

Now go earn your Shekels!

017429  No.3987334

File: 666e996563958e2⋯.jpeg (442.04 KB, 1242x853, 1242:853, 49979F94-D401-4B3C-B2EA-0….jpeg)

Again small c for Country (3rd time today)

7e4c74  No.3987335


cf9961  No.3987336

File: 6f13c0a70927801⋯.jpg (328.86 KB, 1400x900, 14:9, IMG_556.jpg)

patriots pray!!

8c9458  No.3987337

File: 27f018db03fff72⋯.png (110.29 KB, 590x509, 590:509, latestbigman.png)

The deltas from top to bottom:




961be1  No.3987338



261f0a  No.3987339

File: f04a34b0c028c7b⋯.png (1.55 MB, 1152x768, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

14bd03  No.3987340


Be thankful that you are a NIGGER in the FUcking dough.

976e65  No.3987341

File: d595f2ab89d7853⋯.png (69.86 KB, 590x340, 59:34, frumptrevor.png)

maybe the bots will attack our anus and the gynotologists will save us with brainwashing

cd570d  No.3987342


dammit why you shit

we were looking good

d10028  No.3987343

File: 2323071f8b5e465⋯.jpg (183.44 KB, 1590x1286, 795:643, bakerBAKEit.jpg)

53cddf  No.3987344

File: 1e2f0c1a3cc2429⋯.jpg (45.35 KB, 474x632, 3:4, IMG_20181116_191219.jpg)

7a2992  No.3987345

File: 9ff68fea79e2e31⋯.png (1.33 MB, 1334x3395, 1334:3395, ais1.png)

File: ee3ecd8d54e9a3e⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1334x3604, 667:1802, ais2.png)

File: 5f739aa0bd8fe7b⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1334x4102, 667:2051, ais4.png)

File: 817a8d1b110b426⋯.png (1.45 MB, 1334x4102, 667:2051, ais3.png)

File: 5be8836794c2c29⋯.png (1.44 MB, 1334x4674, 667:2337, ais5.png)

What is organic, and what is not?

Are the people in control here?

Do you ever question, or just follow the herd?

What is the herd?

What is GOOGLE doing with all their AI?

8892cc  No.3987346

Ty Ebaker Baker ! Happy Thanksgiving to you.

cf9961  No.3987347

File: b6b3f211f5bb934⋯.jpg (632.24 KB, 1133x1700, 1133:1700, IMG_542.jpg)

patriots win!!!

afe33e  No.3987348


He wasn't, you tard.

Thanksgiving is the third Thursday of Nov.

It's just happens to be the same day this year.

53cddf  No.3987349

File: 7aa5c194ae16568⋯.jpg (74.74 KB, 1080x1016, 135:127, IMG_20181121_154317.jpg)

ac4996  No.3987350


Great job anon. I was just going to offer to go back for them.

I dunno how to bake, but can collect notes if needed.

92adee  No.3987351

File: 22867258fa18047⋯.mp4 (7.63 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Zionists_are_not_patriots.mp4)

Reminder that zionists are always traitors.

Notable part of the video, at 26 seconds:

“The State Department definition claims that stating that a particular Jewish person has more loyalty to the state of Israel than they do to their own Country is necessarily an example of antisemitism, where the truth is that is one of the fundamental premises of Zionism, and if you go back and look at the statement, say of, Theodor Herzl who really wrote what is considered the founding text of Zionism, he argued very clearly that Jews are one people and therefor is useless for them to be Patriots to the Countries in which they reside, so there is times where a statement like that gets contained in the definition of the State Department, where it actually undermines the founding premises of Zionism itself.”

So basically, zionism is a cancer in the West that has no place in any self respecting Country outside of Israel. Also note that Theodor Herzl was in the Rothschild and Warburg (FED founders) inner circle, and that the Rothschild were the main force behind the creation of Israel.

A jew might choose to be patriotic to their nation and not claim the Israeli citizenship.

Jews should not be persecuted for being of the jewish race.

That being said, all jewish group power is going to end, so all jews can be treated as individuals in the face of the law.

The dems are fucked (vote fraud), then the corrupt reps are fucked, then the zionist lobby is fucked, then we can unfuck shit at an astounding rate.

Its going to be very entertaining once the dems are nuked to shit politically, to have the FBI flow from the analysis of Clinton Foundation to the Israeli lobby. That's when the real fun starts.

The peaceful and fair solution to this issue of jewish group subversion of Western nations:


Educate the general population world-wide about the jewish supremacism issue and Israeli crime;


Ban all jewish interest groups in the West;


Ban all dual-citizenship politicians and judiciary in the West;


Cut all aid to israel;


Ban islam in the West because it is a supremacist ideology (make it illegal to: practice circumcision for religious purposes and; produce and/or sell Halal meat);


Ban judaism in the West because it is a supremacist ideology (make it illegal to: practice circumcision for religious purposes and; produce and/or sell Halal meat);


Terminate all “hate”-speech and “hate”-crime laws in the West, all hate speech and hate crime laws need to be done with, its a mechanism of censorship that thrives on false flags. ;


Terminate censorship online, so people can educate each other on the matter and lies and false narratives can’t take hold again;


Include the real history and facts about jewish subversion and Israeli crime in school programs so future generations are protected against it in the future, given that the biggest weapon of jewish subversion is ignorance, censorship and the memory holing of the facts about it.


At the end of the day, the zionist cabal doesn't give a shit about neither jews nor goys.

They just make the plays they think they need to make to get as much power as possible.

261f0a  No.3987352



Will be habbenings galore.

961be1  No.3987353

File: 4bc5c911538bcae⋯.jpg (284.04 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 4bc5c911538bcae26496f0af5b….jpg)


11-22-18 ?

c762d2  No.3987354

File: 330299331cc5b94⋯.png (262.01 KB, 988x578, 494:289, tiresias got hurt.png)

2fc6c3  No.3987355

File: 955daa3fb438944⋯.jpg (47.82 KB, 598x336, 299:168, stevescreen.jpg)

Which anon said 'you would begin exactly where Palantir began' LB? I was flambeeing apples for stuffing and missed the context.

227676  No.3987356



165deb  No.3987357

File: b37c1bc07aafd0f⋯.jpg (746.88 KB, 2560x2560, 1:1, Peas and Carrots Q.jpg)

File: f522bba49ee723b⋯.png (1.48 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, Peas and Carrots Q Alpha.png)

Peas and Carrots Q .jpg & Alpha .png Files

I just love double meanings

976e65  No.3987358

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

92adee  No.3987359

File: de76cd05687a9af⋯.png (45.56 KB, 1040x586, 520:293, Poster_The_Lobby_USA_promo….png)

File: 0e6b614716810fc⋯.png (45.99 KB, 1040x586, 520:293, Poster_The_Lobby_USA_promo….png)

File: 87503685ca21c84⋯.jpg (744.75 KB, 3094x2524, 1547:1262, VARIATION_1_2.jpg)


Have you watched the "The Lobby: USA" documentary?

Do you want to raise awareness to it and the crimes of election meddling AIPAC against American citizens on American soil?

Now its easy! Just share this meme online and IRL and get the general public behind the termination of AIPAC, once and for all!


Part 1:













Go print 100 of those, spread them around then call the local news with a burner and act like a concerned Israel first traitor so we can get free publicity for the documentary.


*If you’re going to glue the poster/flier, make sure it is legal to do so where you’re going to do it and make sure that you DO NOT PRACTICE VANDALISM while doing it, which means, if you can glue it legally, then use easy to remove wheat paste to do so.

Guide to DIY wheat paste: archive.is/WQb0b

**Most printers put a fingerprint on printed documents. Read up: https://computer-hardware.wonderhowto.com/how-to/view-your-printers-secret-dots-fingerprints-271717/

ALWAYS go to a copy shop and pay cash.

Alternately, buy a really cheap printer and dispose of if it after printing your posters.

Bought 2nd hand with cash would be optimal.

**Always verify the QR code’s links using a free web site before printing!

483cbf  No.3987360





ebaked, and you're the only faggot that couldn't wait for the dough

and you're wrong

7a2992  No.3987361

File: 9e01f62551ff2db⋯.png (2.63 MB, 1334x6578, 29:143, ais6.png)

File: 304ed122c7becc2⋯.png (2.17 MB, 1334x5705, 1334:5705, ais7.png)

File: 3820c10d56d2cc0⋯.png (4.85 MB, 1334x5819, 58:253, ais8.png)

File: ba5cf8734539f6c⋯.png (285.76 KB, 2079x2344, 2079:2344, ais9.png)

File: 2d110c7270aba04⋯.png (1.02 MB, 996x666, 166:111, jimmyy.png)

f3fad5  No.3987362

File: 1294ed1707373ca⋯.png (1.81 MB, 1149x667, 1149:667, hodor33.PNG)

92adee  No.3987363

File: 8dabd1f6350477b⋯.png (34.04 KB, 657x527, 657:527, 1509296265450.png)

14bd03  No.3987364

File: 494c4e91cca98fc⋯.png (52.11 KB, 422x292, 211:146, Screenshot_62.png)




f25863  No.3987365

File: 420779f14f6f3d3⋯.png (132.71 KB, 591x384, 197:128, pepeboobs6.PNG)

976e65  No.3987367

File: 7212cc6acf14f8f⋯.png (44.01 KB, 590x262, 295:131, dickbutt.png)


communituy fer teh white peoples

227676  No.3987368

I try to seem mysterious


a56a8a  No.3987369

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

CNN: Next Week's Breaking News

Democrats Flip Every Seat In The House

CNN's Jim Acosta is first to report: "This is a historic moment for America. All 435 Seats in the House of Representatives have turned Democrat, now that all election recounts are in."

NY Senator Chuck Schumer, with tears rolling down his face, said: "It took effort, but we had 6 ways from Sunday to flip each and every Seat."

NY's newest Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said: "It's like a movement. We're gonna, like, flip the entire Senate too", as she flashed her signature smile.

1b3dbd  No.3987370

File: 9b0dba1910950d9⋯.jpeg (29.76 KB, 255x170, 3:2, 9b0dba1910950d9d9fb533101….jpeg)

TY eBaker. much love (no homo)

735e6d  No.3987372

Anons did you notice, that many many times very important news started first here, and after that they migrate to twitter, alternative news, and at the end to MSM?

Insane power is here

227676  No.3987373


By replying to myself and namefagging…


14bd03  No.3987374

File: 73e433eb6088ee9⋯.png (1.16 MB, 656x890, 328:445, Screenshot_170.png)

6f4504  No.3987375

File: 96bb68ab05be666⋯.jpg (1.19 MB, 2048x1024, 2:1, QproofD5_Update.jpg)

File: 1d56baa01263db0⋯.jpg (791.13 KB, 2048x1024, 2:1, LordsPrayer_NMM.jpg)

File: 8e833f54351bbfa⋯.png (374.34 KB, 4096x2048, 2:1, NMM_Template.png)

Fresh Q D5 Update


Read the…

Find the…

Connect the…

Then we can build the True Clock ; )

7a2992  No.3987376

File: 7655e17d3a8e785⋯.jpg (1.2 MB, 1111x890, 1111:890, marvelous.jpg)

File: ef48999f1946de6⋯.png (401.14 KB, 768x512, 3:2, MuellerJudgment.png)

File: 01e2f50a37ae391⋯.png (690.03 KB, 999x697, 999:697, nobswhit.png)

File: 62103c060dd35a2⋯.png (720.8 KB, 934x664, 467:332, notbackdown.png)

File: d7e5bacd57e4851⋯.png (113.61 KB, 1111x218, 1111:218, or.png)


I'll take it.

92adee  No.3987377

File: 0ce754a68e15dc0⋯.jpg (260.14 KB, 1675x1405, 335:281, 1_The_Lobby_Part_2_Campaig….jpg)

File: 3016f5af6749530⋯.jpg (372.24 KB, 1681x1875, 1681:1875, 2_The_Lobby_Part_2_Straw_D….jpg)

File: c05cd34598ccab4⋯.jpg (490.8 KB, 1678x2350, 839:1175, 3_The_Lobby_Part_2_Buying_….jpg)

File: bbff365c9cd00b7⋯.jpg (479.47 KB, 1200x2350, 24:47, 4_The_Lobby_Part_1_The_Isr….jpg)

File: 8caa0651eb7730b⋯.jpg (296.72 KB, 1200x1347, 400:449, 5_The_Lobby_Part_1_BDS_and….jpg)


>The rundown of the documentary:

UK jew infiltrates AIPAC doing undercover jounalistic work and catches a shit load of crimes and admission of crimes on US soil against US citizens on camera with their faces and names fully exposed. All of those criminals work on the behalf of the Israeli government to keep general public support of Israel as high as possible.

We need to get 10% of the US population to watch it, even if they watch only the first part, and we need to incite them to pressure the gov into bringing these AIPAC criminals to justice.

If we do that, ZOG collapses in the US, due to general public support for Israel collapsing.

227676  No.3987378


You are not clever I O…


cc9e42  No.3987379

File: 4c16aa8e851d2da⋯.png (232.87 KB, 947x528, 947:528, cortez_for_speaker_of_the_….png)

578604  No.3987380

File: 975d496e5c90e58⋯.jpg (7.42 KB, 255x166, 255:166, pepesurprised.jpg)

afe33e  No.3987381


But, but, but….

muh seconds!!!!

cd570d  No.3987382


i was prepped for ebake but not really a hang on fresh bread kinda guy

can do the same this time around

hopefully a pastebin or checked baker

can take handoff


by 750

i ebaked

#5012: Every Vote [Re]Counts Edition

was my last

if you have to ghost the kitchen anons got your back

i think most were sitting around waiting like i was for someone else to pull the trigger

92adee  No.3987384

File: 925c565073f4d23⋯.png (18.25 KB, 720x644, 180:161, Apu_Thumbs_Up_2.png)


Big and true.

976e65  No.3987385

File: 02f3bcc9a785fd5⋯.png (56.46 KB, 590x262, 295:131, IMG_2606.PNG)

759722  No.3987386

File: 6a78d4898b56641⋯.png (188.86 KB, 500x473, 500:473, frog eyes on.png)

f25863  No.3987387

File: 2a0f3ddd0bd58b5⋯.png (202.65 KB, 640x727, 640:727, ClipboardImage.png)


3 hivemind keks in a row, Wad da fuggg!

95c94b  No.3987388

File: 13d5debd83af6cd⋯.jpg (186.32 KB, 750x737, 750:737, tumblr_ooo8qhAkF51tre780o1….jpg)

Patriots fish!!

261f0a  No.3987389

File: 6b7b79ddb8abd1d⋯.png (553.89 KB, 777x437, 777:437, ClipboardImage.png)

More Calls For Direct Technocracy In America As Democracy Falters


This article casts Patrick Wood as a “conspiracy theory propagandist” who “indicts technocrats as leaders in globalist plots to control the masses.” This is the same technique used in the 1970s to deflect analysis of the Trilateral Commission. This is a must-read article that shows the nexus between populism and Technocracy, which will make way for full-blown Technopopulism in America. ⁃ TN Editor

000c37  No.3987390

File: 33c14dc3986cfa1⋯.jpg (117.38 KB, 596x570, 298:285, TRUMPKENNEDY2.JPG)

11.22.2018 sent me

4c237d  No.3987391

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Lazy baker, work for CIA, that don't link next bread, so people don't come???

I was already froxen in the catalog, for 4 weaks, i'm tired.

92adee  No.3987392

File: e773cbda918bfa4⋯.jpg (312.97 KB, 1200x1344, 25:28, 6_The_Lobby_Part_1_College….jpg)

File: 1a71dcc543289f9⋯.jpg (227.66 KB, 840x1885, 168:377, 7_The_Lobby_Part_2_AIPAC_a….jpg)

File: 5989026adb17c33⋯.jpg (234.61 KB, 837x1864, 837:1864, 8_The_Lobby_Part_4_shill_B….jpg)

File: f51054f659b4007⋯.png (743.04 KB, 837x1120, 837:1120, 9_Israeli_government_anti_….png)

File: 293752675fb32a4⋯.jpg (177.08 KB, 1200x1007, 1200:1007, 10_The_Lobby_Part_3_Anonym….jpg)


More on the crimes and treason of AIPAC.

They include spying on and harassing Americans on American soil in response to direct orders from Israeli Ministries, bribing congressman and using strawman donors to work around election donation laws.

eb4e00  No.3987393

File: 52ef8a41e026aee⋯.jpg (66.04 KB, 740x317, 740:317, rg19.jpg)



Good looking out anon.

If you guys would like I'll bake for a while.

1025c8  No.3987394


not forget 55min 5:5

976e65  No.3987395

File: a64039bf5f840f7⋯.png (55.99 KB, 590x288, 295:144, asshole.png)


Yuuuuuuuuuuuge fronthole

c72569  No.3987396


We never look particularly good, Anon. You know this. :)

We're usually blinking when the camera clicks.

Is cool, though! Being people is not a smooth operation.

961be1  No.3987397

File: 20188045d223866⋯.png (85.85 KB, 924x269, 924:269, Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at ….png)


>Again small c for Country (3rd time today)

CCC - They've built some things in the past… Maybe they could attempt a wall. ;)

bf85b2  No.3987398



14bd03  No.3987399

File: cc130b83944e1c1⋯.png (3.02 MB, 5696x3024, 356:189, QClockKEK - Copy (2).png)






Beaver Moon starts on 11/22.

2c8c9d  No.3987400

File: cdba042f8f4d5e5⋯.jpg (88.42 KB, 1260x679, 180:97, Achille-Demagbo.jpg)


a56a8a  No.3987401


This is beautiful. would make a great T shirt.

22c686  No.3987402

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

And so it begins…

51c42a  No.3987403

POTUS schedule says "no public events scheduled" when the truth is, POTUS IS THE PUBLIC EVENT.

92adee  No.3987404

File: 4e433a92838ab2c⋯.jpg (437.63 KB, 1200x2356, 300:589, 11_The_Lobby_Part_3_Anonym….jpg)

File: 01964d9f7ebcacc⋯.jpg (404.24 KB, 1200x2015, 240:403, 12_The_Lobby_Part_3_Antise….jpg)

File: 3e712b57dfb2b56⋯.jpg (268.67 KB, 1200x1672, 150:209, 13_The_Lobby_Part_3_Canary….jpg)

File: b4bd5e311b165c1⋯.jpg (702.05 KB, 1200x3347, 1200:3347, 14_The_Lobby_Part_3_Canary….jpg)

File: 9d70d0d48cdf98f⋯.jpg (254.87 KB, 1200x1336, 150:167, 15_The_Lobby_Part_3_Jacob_….jpg)


>More on the crimes and treason of AIPAC.

They include spying on and harassing Americans on American soil in response to direct orders from Israeli Ministries, bribing congressman and using strawman donors to work around election donation laws.

f67037  No.3987405

>>3987326 - I had just started. kek Here's another

>>3986548 - White House authorizes uses of lethal force at Mexican border

92adee  No.3987407

File: d1faf328ffde546⋯.jpg (107.1 KB, 915x744, 305:248, Apu_preacher_end_of_the_wo….jpg)


…the greatest habbening of our times!

483cbf  No.3987408


I'd love it, don't want to/can't actually start baking until later


afe33e  No.3987409

File: 725849a85d31009⋯.png (569.93 KB, 625x770, 125:154, good.png)

> ID: 227676

Outing yourself early.


c7586d  No.3987410



Started with me not fully into the while Qclock thing. I dont see how Q and crew could come up with this almighty plan to oust the swamp and tie it to a Qclock. He was argueing that they are using a Quantum computer. And my areguement to that is how do you write a program that predicts the outcome of human reaction to politics.

The only way I could see that is if it was an actual Turing type AI.

While I must admit that it is possible. Im pretty convinced that Quantum computing now exists.

But even so. A computer would have to be conscious of human emotion and reactions etc. How do you actually put a number on that?

I guess my point is that I just dont see how Q and crew sat down years ago and said… OK were gonna get rid of the swamp. So on this date this will happen, then on this date this will happen etc. Just way too impossible to predict politics.


976e65  No.3987411

File: fad91a06688214a⋯.png (64.52 KB, 590x314, 295:157, IMG_2508.PNG)


22c686  No.3987412



Even a well lit place can hide salvation

A map to a one man maze that never sees the sun

Where the lost are the heroes and the thieves are left to drown

But everyone knows by now, fairytales are not found

They’re written in the walls as we walk in a straight line

Down in the dirt with a landslide approaching

But nothing could ever stop us from stealing our own place in the sun

We will face the odds against us and run into the fear we run from

It has begun

Into the dark below, evading shadows

Blind in a rabbit hole, we fall beneath the earth

And watch the shell come unraveled as the seeds begin to rise

Awaking a starlit fate as we wait in the night

It’s written in the walls as we walk in a straight line

Down in the dirt with a landslide approaching

But nothing could ever stop us from stealing our own place in the sun

We will face the odds against us and run into the fear we run from

It has begun

d1faf9  No.3987413

File: d0d46ae33bb524c⋯.jpg (574.96 KB, 1200x1535, 240:307, swallwell.jpg)

7a2992  No.3987414

File: b0997b53fa452d2⋯.png (383.85 KB, 999x999, 1:1, bustem.png)

File: 3f09e67657a40d6⋯.jpg (400.05 KB, 788x788, 1:1, dwarfgs.jpg)

File: 5cd1744efcd1114⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1706x960, 853:480, BASTER.png)

File: 3c4e116f30103c6⋯.png (1.55 MB, 1999x1392, 1999:1392, thedegradationofthebotmago….png)


Do humans question what goes on here?

Or are they content to graze like sheep?

"Patriots graze like sheep"– is this a motto we should cherish?

Why are we here? To rapt to be spoonfed?

To follow the herd?

What is the herd?

What is GOOGLE doing with all its AI?

Do patriots fight?

Where? When?

[Here]? Now?

513377  No.3987415


standing by for new baker

8bd1e4  No.3987416

File: 86a8c7e70a3e28b⋯.png (10.34 KB, 73x73, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

John O. Brennan


Since Mr. Trump excels in dishonesty, it is now up to members of Congress to obtain & declassify the CIA findings on Jamal Khashoggi’s death. No one in Saudi Arabia—most especially the Crown Prince—should escape accountability for such a heinous act.

10:31 AM - 20 Nov 2018


>obtain & declassify the CIA findings on Jamal Khashoggi’s death.

>No one in Saudi Arabia—most especially the Crown Prince—>should escape accountability for such a heinous act.

If we've had "stay-behind" networks & [spook] operators here in the USA, then it stand to reason there are "stay-behinds" in the Saudi regime too.

What's to say that some Saudi "stay-behind" Cabal operators didn't whack Khashoggi (to silence him & frame MBS & DJT) and then have "stay-behind" [C_A] buddies of Brennan write up a bogus Intel report on how the Saudis/MBS & DJT "colluded" on the hit-job.

And; Reinforce the frame with stories in (((their))) Mockingbird MSM w/ → Trump is Saudi's puppet.


(NYT & WaPo)

C.I.A. Concludes That Saudi Crown Prince Ordered Khashoggi's Assassination/Killed.


And there were WMD's in Iraq according to the C_A.

This is a "Classic" [clown] Frame-Job.



aa66ee  No.3987417

File: 560c9f6fa380a76⋯.png (9.74 KB, 112x85, 112:85, hannity pins.PNG)

does anyone know what the bottom pin's symbol is?

7fd305  No.3987418


>>>3986691 Podesta Group lobbied for Democratic Party of Moldova?

I don't remember exactly, but there's a pizza shop right next door to the Moldovan consulate in NYC (I think?)

I remember during the pizzagate days someone found an email w/ Tony suggesting they "go get pizza for an hour" or something similarly strangely worded at the pizza place by the Moldovans. It's a weird place, small, expensive, top floor or something.

Moldova also has a strong history of human trafficking iirc.

261f0a  No.3987419


Where are my dollies?

I prefer Q-peas

c72569  No.3987420


omg you are such a pile.


92adee  No.3987421

File: e52d2935d1280f8⋯.jpg (392.65 KB, 1200x2010, 40:67, 16_The_Lobby_Part_3_False_….jpg)

File: 776fcc63fb226c3⋯.jpg (181.19 KB, 841x1407, 841:1407, 17_The_Lobby_Part_3_Israel….jpg)

File: 56f020067512328⋯.jpg (165.82 KB, 1200x1004, 300:251, 18_The_Lobby_Part_3_Slande….jpg)

File: 386b0179516e676⋯.jpg (398.87 KB, 1200x2016, 25:42, 19_The_Lobby_Part_3_Using_….jpg)

File: 177a51d7f950968⋯.jpg (65.37 KB, 845x472, 845:472, 20_Antisemitism_aint_what_….jpg)


<More on the crimes and treason of AIPAC.

They include spying on and harassing Americans on American soil in response to direct orders from Israeli Ministries, bribing congressman and using strawman donors to work around election donation laws.

ac4996  No.3987422


I dunno how to bake so go ahead. We got your back.


14bd03  No.3987423


Explain 55 min.?

c93bf0  No.3987424


if deemed to be within the interest of national defense, no need to seek additional funds or have it be allocated explicitly. POTUS and DHS/DoD can use already allocated funds from either Dept.

e4f746  No.3987425


DC criminals

9dd1ae  No.3987426


>>3987313 p

the curious thing about social predictions is that they wind up becoming a self-reinforcing feedback loop. And those usually end with a big bang.

b832ef  No.3987427

File: b161d5a03b2bab9⋯.png (70.6 KB, 676x744, 169:186, 17f11a035c6f4585cb0591d4ac….png)

>>3987277 pb

Pasta replies aint gonna make our pal r2d2 here look any less spammy pasta propagandabot :)


>Poll finds Israelis extremely, and near uniquely, supportive of Trump, US policy. Pew survey shows 82% of Jewish Israelis trust president's handling of global affairs, 94% have favorable opinion of US – views which are out of sync with most other nations


>new survey found that an overwhelming percentage of Orthodox Jews support President Donald Trump.

>According to the poll, which was commissioned by the US-based haredi Ami Magazine, 91% of American Orthodox Jews gave Trump a "Satisfactory" or "Very good"


“For me, respect and reverence for Judaism is personal. My daughter Ivanka and my son-in-law Jared are raising their children in the Jewish faith, always reminding me the important values and lessons we learn about leadership, resolve and families in Jewish tradition,”


f67037  No.3987428


KEK Disbanding the 9th circuit will be glorious

10bf99  No.3987429

483cbf  No.3987430


see: >>3987393


that's a great and capable baker, thanks for your interest anon

8892cc  No.3987431

BV please see


c5534e  No.3987432

File: 5a9c93dd2a27bc6⋯.jpg (9.39 KB, 500x215, 100:43, MockingbirdVillain.jpg)

Lefty men shit their pants

Lefty women wet theirs

227676  No.3987433


You are very welcome…

I see you don't understand what I just did…

Isn't it past your bedtime?

a2c70d  No.3987434

File: c5c4cb747a4932e⋯.mp4 (1.52 MB, 406x720, 203:360, Open heart massage.mp4)


You hinder my neuronal and myocardial hypoxia and necrosis with your beautiful deeds

557c76  No.3987435

File: 6321be7a1228011⋯.jpg (18.68 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 9856b5b825c54805494764076b….jpg)

759722  No.3987436



5ea5b8  No.3987437

File: c15be5a9f419be5⋯.png (3.41 MB, 1242x1242, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

Hey reebot, post some more links to youtube videos restricted to Germany only.

7a2992  No.3987438


Are patriots prevented from baking?

Are the people in control here?

Do people question it, or graze like sheep?

Is free will important?

What is our fight?

f163bd  No.3987439

File: e9b7fc6a3370e88⋯.jpg (126.41 KB, 1296x864, 3:2, pepe princess-leia R2D2 04….jpg)

File: 38ab0c083f08b28⋯.jpg (114.02 KB, 1296x864, 3:2, pepe princess leia R2D2 05….jpg)

File: 4f25343fdd703e0⋯.jpg (278.38 KB, 900x600, 3:2, pepe water_nymph be worthy.jpg)

File: 9c808868a4a52f8⋯.png (788.32 KB, 1200x802, 600:401, pepe uncle sam you.png)

"What’s in a name?

That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet".

What's in a name?

Those that are called Anon by any other name would be as resolute.

What one is called by others doesn't matter so much. Hold fast to what one IS. That "is", for many here, is being able to see. See through the lies that others tell. See through the lies weakness tempts ones self with. See into that self, and be able to appreciate, understand, and nurture…

This anon imagines it thusly; Some waters are cloudy, murky and dark, while others are crystal, clear and bright. Cabal programming is largly an agent of cloudy, murky darkness in the mind. Critical thought, striving to rid the mind of logical fallicies gives agency to a crystal, clear and bright mind. When one can't see into the water one is submerged within every bump and brush felt can trigger panic. When one can see clear to the white limestone sand bottom 120 ft down, well, there are no surprises. Just exploration.

This anon imagines it thusly; One is 130 ft tall, standing in 120 ft of water, observing the distance, or examining the goings on within the mind beneath the surface. The mind, in this, is a biome. An environment for ideas to live within. With a crystal, clear and bright mind, one can go anywhere in that vast ocean, the subconscous, to appreciate, understand, and nurture. Some things boring, but vital. Other things beautiful, important for that alone. All of it available, one just has to go there in mind.

When one tends to the oceanic garden of ideas that is the mind, outside poison/influence/confusion is easy to spot. When one tends after ones integrity with a fierce devotion to self honesty, the right thing is all too plain to see. How can one not do the right thing when one sees it? Regardless of cost. What does one call another that perseveres in spite of incredible adversity?

An Hero. Not that one could tell that based on the Cabalist definitions they give to the word/concept. They've been trying to abort even the IDEA of an hero. Shit, "try hard" is a pejorative with the sheep. How they must have hated Arete. That ancient Greek idea of pursuing life with an eye always on excellence. Striving to be everything that one is cabable of. Yeah, they don't like that much.

One might suggest that we need much more of that in the world. One might even suggest that we need more heroes. Why not be ones OWN hero? Be the hero of ones own story? Pursue what is right, with excellence as a parralel goal, regardless of cost, in spite of incredible adversity…

Sounds a bit like the anons. With the shills/clowns/etc. playing the role of anti-hero. Hats off to the anti-heroes. They are manning the guns even as the ship goes down (it's never too late to do the right thing). Be ones own hero. I think FLOTUS nails it with, "be Best".

Being able to see gives challange and purpose to life. Anons have embraced this, and put it to work. This is why the community was chosen to help free us all. A blessing or a curse, being unable to look away from the lies is the point.

Our founding fathers did not turn away either. Patriots looked at this long list of wrongs and stood firm, resolute, in their resistance to them. They were ignored (and in turn ignored the cries of the tyrants).They were mocked (and mocked in return, but with panache). They were fought (and they fought, with more honor, character and resolve), and then they won.

Good wins. The founders would have had a chuckle at the antics of Pepe. Yankee Doodle anyone? Americans are from stellar shitposting stock. Making fun of liars, cheats and tyrants is in our DNA. More and more Americans are awakening to that spirit everyday.

(Dems(Establishment(Cabal))) should know that there is no escape. Too many are awake. Too many see. There is no going back.



are myhero.

What's in a name, My'Anon? Be Best.

Free America.

Free the World.

We have much to be thankful for, Patriots.


fc3194  No.3987440

Remember, remember the 5th of December

The Huber indictments unsealed

I know of no reason why the Huber indictments

Shouldn’t be revealed.

92adee  No.3987441

File: 599f5b01a663e02⋯.png (2.79 MB, 1249x4302, 1249:4302, 1_FBI_anon_full.png)

File: 7e33ccc83530dc9⋯.jpg (683.43 KB, 800x2510, 80:251, 2_CIA_MOSSAD_UK_INTEL_work….jpg)

File: 91552a7344aba91⋯.png (208.09 KB, 600x652, 150:163, 3_ONUI_1.PNG)

File: 7d3a1c9cd680f07⋯.jpg (499.78 KB, 800x2491, 800:2491, 4_Israel_promissed_land_of….jpg)

File: 71ef93d5f5f9f63⋯.png (496.59 KB, 934x730, 467:365, 5_Alan_Dershowitz_boasts_o….PNG)


I am glad the facts I post hurt your Israel first sensibilities :)

Reminder that the FBIwhitehatfags want you to expose jewish subversion and Israeli crime.

Pics related.

The book depicted in pic 3, called “One Nation Under Israel”, which describes how the Israeli lobby controls the US congress and senate, can be read and dowloaded for free here:


Jews act like a group, they get treated like a group, meaning that we need to terminate all jewish interest groups in the West. Criticizing jewish GROUP behavior is different from claiming that all jews are bad. Jews are going to have their GROUP power taken away from them, for all the right reasons.

If you want some individuals being named in the context of jewish subversion, have at it.

Read this:












Zionists can never be patriots, they are ALWAYS by definition traitors. See the video here in this post to hear it from the horses mouth: >>3021921

8cb985  No.3987442

File: bfdc427b58d4858⋯.jpg (19.16 KB, 255x255, 1:1, pepeflag.jpg)

019dfc  No.3987443

File: ad5a8d6e4d8da4f⋯.jpg (159.35 KB, 1799x1221, 1799:1221, CIA.jpg)

c994b7  No.3987444


>Judicial Activism = Julian Assange

Caravan and Detain = CD

Julian Assange has a CD.

I wonder what's on it.

4bae36  No.3987445

>>3986898 (lb)

Optics of impartiality. Nothing will come of this.

92adee  No.3987446

File: d8ab81d99e46275⋯.jpg (48.45 KB, 528x444, 44:37, Spurdo_AIPAC_Israel.jpg)


Put teh benis in AIPAC anus :DDDD

1025c8  No.3987447

File: 0fd722af1e8492f⋯.jpg (93.63 KB, 900x506, 450:253, 5bf53b13dda4c84e278b462b.JPG)


55 years 5.5 on the pic 55 min 5:5

b832ef  No.3987448

File: a9c083d1546b7dd⋯.jpg (11.69 KB, 255x171, 85:57, 9a40f5dbbfedf05025d70de5b7….jpg)


You operator got scared didnt he r2s2 :)

All this exposure and backlash :)

Anons dont like spammy propoganda pastabots :)

513377  No.3987449

7a2992  No.3987450

File: ad493b06be1b8cf⋯.png (195.72 KB, 442x360, 221:180, PAPA.png)

File: d7a94abd9d5c806⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1111x780, 1111:780, NUTHATCH-HAPPENING.png)

File: b4399e9e33918c2⋯.png (346.75 KB, 694x493, 694:493, podestaisanidealisticvisio….png)

File: 044c327cf9af1fd⋯.png (1.19 MB, 848x1111, 848:1111, SBTS.png)

File: f1e43ed28129c46⋯.png (489.39 KB, 670x733, 670:733, shifffppening.png)

165deb  No.3987451

File: 6574fcf459caa71⋯.png (422.55 KB, 2560x2560, 1:1, United Q Alpha.png)


Might be a little hard to explain that Peas means: Presidential Emergency Alert System

and Carrots means: Climate Action Registry Reporting Online Tool


9dd1ae  No.3987452



976e65  No.3987453

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c62dec  No.3987455

>>3987333 (Masonic trips—pottery)

8. Enflame "anti-semitism" wherever possible (and if in short supply, create your own) to rake in the victimbux.

c935da  No.3987456


Sleepless night and a happy turkey day! Prayers for all!!!

c2b89c  No.3987457

File: 6387036caa72e98⋯.jpg (279.89 KB, 1580x527, 1580:527, 22_10-59-54.jpg)

Avenatti's Fight Pac

Our mission is simple: We are not afraid to FIGHT BACK against Donald Trump and his criminal enterprise operating out of the White House. For too long, Democrats have turned the other cheek while Trump has dismantled the values, principles, and ideals that made America, America. The stakes now are too high and the risk is too great. Join us in taking the lead and being the vocal opposition.

We can no longer afford to bring nail clippers to a gun fight. It is time to fight fire with fire. Be a part of the #FightClub.

The Fight PAC was founded in the fall of 2018 by Democrat, Attorney, and Fighter for Good Michael Avenatti, who has successfully represented Davids vs. Goliaths for nearly 20 years.

cc9e42  No.3987458

File: 58ae32f6fae8d0e⋯.jpg (87.44 KB, 1564x484, 391:121, Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at ….jpg)

WUSA 9 is a Washington DC based CBS channel. Why are they asking about pineapple on pizza?

89bc94  No.3987459

As stocks skid, worries mount for 401(k) investors who can't 'stand the pain'

ADAM SHELL | USA TODAY | 5:00 am EST November 20, 2018


7a2992  No.3987460


Are y ou hum an?

A r e yo u a pat ri ot?

92adee  No.3987461

File: de11e425a23de71⋯.png (215.45 KB, 902x387, 902:387, Israel_steals_US_tech_lega….PNG)

File: 0a097a41ee59028⋯.png (770.77 KB, 1680x921, 560:307, Israel_steals_US_tech_lega….png)

File: 4d6b91b44283a88⋯.png (512.89 KB, 1664x1124, 416:281, Israel_steals_US_tech_lega….png)

File: aa5c50567ec740d⋯.png (923.31 KB, 1750x695, 350:139, Israel_steals_US_tech_lega….png)

File: 790ebfcbcd76b5d⋯.png (112.14 KB, 950x718, 475:359, z_California_Israel_tech_d….PNG)


Cry more in the face of the facts, your name calling won't make them any less factual, traitor :)

>“For me, respect and reverence for Judaism is personal. My daughter Ivanka and my son-in-law Jared are raising their children in the Jewish faith, always reminding me the important values and lessons we learn about leadership, resolve and families in Jewish tradition,”

Off course, Trump does not want to unfairly alienate non-criminal non-subversive jews.

Still, you can bet your ass he is going to crack down on the massively criminal and anti-America first Israeli US lobby.

>some jews like Trump

The fact that some jews like Trump does not make it ok for Israel to steal US tax payer money and tech. Say good bye to US aid and free tech :)

8915b3  No.3987462

AdvanceScoutAnon here:

Hey guys, let's keep an ear out for any little quips from POTUS about the name of the turkey they eat for dinner. The one that wasn't pardoned! I seem to recall him doing that last year but not sure. Now I'm curious about the names of last year's pardoned turkeys.

I'm also looking forward to see how FLOTUS decorates the Christmas tree. We might get some good crumbs from that.

976e65  No.3987463

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c2b89c  No.3987464



14bd03  No.3987465

File: 97cc17af89ac6a8⋯.png (4.26 MB, 5864x4672, 733:584, QClockKEK.png)

483cbf  No.3987466


>The Huber indictments unsealed

its just a hearing as far as we know anon

513377  No.3987467


please practice on the /comms/ board to get a feel for it we need more bakers.

fb4232  No.3987468

sooooooo Dec 5th means what actual date then? we're assuming this is 'disinformation' right?

this is a head fake right and nothing until a 2020 campaign, maybe even then?

2e4e2b  No.3987469

File: 9f9841794c7edfa⋯.png (1.71 MB, 1650x1275, 22:17, CM.png)

7a2992  No.3987470

File: 367859a72370397⋯.png (874.4 KB, 800x618, 400:309, ruby-crowned-kinglet-happe….png)

File: 734518fdab0ee71⋯.png (749.13 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, stealthy.png)

File: 606451f79e3bb05⋯.png (1.23 MB, 822x999, 274:333, TAKEAWAYDISBOBBLE.png)

File: 23f60d2e333d22c⋯.png (946.03 KB, 1081x816, 1081:816, The-honorable-gentlemen-of….png)

File: 222d4dd77935b57⋯.png (321.69 KB, 396x514, 198:257, thhanQQ.png)

92adee  No.3987471

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The most powerful anti-America, anti-American people and anti-American national soverreigty lobby operating in the US right now is the Israeli US lobby, that is an undeniable FACT, the Israeli US lobby is the main ENEMY of the American PEOPLE, and it operates FREELY on American soil, VIOLATING THE CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS of American citizens EACH AND EVERYDAY, and the most tragic part being, all financed by the AMERICAN TAX PAYER MONEY

Fighting the Israeli US lobby is fighting against the most subversive force operating in the West against Western people right now.

The Israeli US lobby is an INTERNATIONAL FORCE, which operates in all Countries of the world, effectively operating like a foreign election meddling force GLOBALLY.

My proposed solution to this grave issue

Jews should not be persecuted for being of the jewish race.

That being said, all jewish group power is going to end, so all jews can be treated as individuals in the face of the law.

The dems are fucked (vote fraud), then the corrupt reps are fucked, then the zionist lobby is fucked, then we can unfuck shit at an astounding rate.

Its going to be very entertaining once the dems are nuked to shit politically, to have the FBI flow from the analysis of Clinton Foundation to the Israeli lobby. That's when the real fun starts.

The peaceful and fair solution to this issue of jewish group subversion of Western nations:


Educate the general population world-wide about the jewish supremacism issue and Israeli crime;


Ban all jewish interest groups in the West;


Ban all dual-citizenship politicians and judiciary in the West;


Cut all aid to israel;


Ban islam in the West because it is a supremacist ideology (make it illegal to: practice circumcision for religious purposes and; produce and/or sell Halal meat);


Ban judaism in the West because it is a supremacist ideology (make it illegal to: practice circumcision for religious purposes and; produce and/or sell Halal meat);


Terminate all “hate”-speech and “hate”-crime laws in the West, all hate speech and hate crime laws need to be done with, its a mechanism of censorship that thrives on false flags. ;


Terminate censorship online, so people can educate each other on the matter and lies and false narratives can’t take hold again;


Include the real history and facts about jewish subversion and Israeli crime in school programs so future generations are protected against it in the future, given that the biggest weapon of jewish subversion is ignorance, censorship and the memory holing of the facts about it.

Watch the documentary yourself, make up your own mind. Your national sovereignty depends on it.

Word is starting to get out…

Qatar and many others didn't want this story published


>After you watch the documentary, share it, the best way to counter this subversion is to shine a big bright light into it, making the information reach as many people ASAP. Thanks.

2c8c9d  No.3987472

File: e67c2ca4c7a9034⋯.jpg (1.26 MB, 2532x1692, 211:141, 10a1fc706f65b5c072fe063094….jpg)

File: 0f7f9b42009c26f⋯.jpg (53.39 KB, 702x459, 26:17, shutterstock_514927456-702….jpg)

European Union is starting a spy academy and other military projects



eb4e00  No.3987473


Handoff confirmed. Thanks baker.


Missed this post BV. I'll take it.


There's a good tutorial at the bottom of the 4th page of the dough and a comms practice board:


if you're interested in learning how to bake.


Thanks BV.

261f0a  No.3987474

File: a9554194ca2fc84⋯.png (3.08 MB, 1816x1222, 908:611, ClipboardImage.png)


Did you say beavers?

c7586d  No.3987475


how we have allowed foreign governments to lobby congress is so far outside my understanding, my brain just shuts down and I need to smoke a fucking bowl.

14bd03  No.3987476


Hawaii Pedo Circle?

6f4504  No.3987477

File: 1f8fb9de9f0c075⋯.jpg (263.84 KB, 900x900, 1:1, ~.jpg)

Heya dunghill ; )

8892cc  No.3987478

File: 6629b8860bec726⋯.png (177.78 KB, 713x992, 23:32, 20181121_220230.png)


0870dc  No.3987479

File: e44dba0587e75e5⋯.png (1.34 MB, 765x5528, 765:5528, Screenshot_2018-11-05 Assa….png)

File: 1d07aaef8581502⋯.png (878.29 KB, 728x2963, 728:2963, Screenshot_2018-11-10 Four….png)

File: db9509322d45932⋯.jpg (66.52 KB, 682x476, 341:238, melania.jpg)

File: 13d7130a7208174⋯.png (858.17 KB, 913x931, 913:931, Screenshot_2018-11-08 r Th….png)

File: 989469502c816e5⋯.jpg (515.08 KB, 2839x2839, 1:1, w44jeb5x467z.jpg)

>>3987253 (lb)

anon - is it possible that although these are "chem-trails",

they are good guy ones? i have no idea. did they ever

develop any type of "antidote" to what they have been spraying around? you'd think they must have surely? tell me they did. well, if they did, it may be some anti-nano nano-tech I have no idea what I am talking about but I have in mind something that cuts molecules into pieces and bits and scatters them to the winds.

we got hit this morning, 6am. blatant. been quiet for about 3 weeks. who knows what they are up to.

c994b7  No.3987480


I'm sure something going to happen on JFK's 55th anniversary.

As payback.

aa66ee  No.3987481

File: a430d015c3bf175⋯.png (1.2 MB, 1052x810, 526:405, binladden ipetgoat2 pin.PNG)

File: a9313c77bf884c8⋯.png (233.59 KB, 350x342, 175:171, hannity pins 1.PNG)

File: 560c9f6fa380a76⋯.png (9.74 KB, 112x85, 112:85, hannity pins.PNG)


hannity is wearing the same pin as bin laden in i pet goat II. what are the odds?

92adee  No.3987482


Its getting fixed fren, be patient. The subversion has been going on for a long time.

976e65  No.3987483

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

14bd03  No.3987484



Beavers Moon!

483cbf  No.3987485


good shit, thanks

I'll be lurking

b832ef  No.3987486


Another pasta reply… Dont you see r2d2? Dont you see it hurts your spambot campaign agenda? :)

"Cry more at the face of the facts :)":


53cddf  No.3987488

File: ca51f97c866fbd1⋯.jpg (88.11 KB, 700x906, 350:453, IMG_20181121_155608.jpg)


ed11d9  No.3987489

File: 65459a4f332ad49⋯.png (416.01 KB, 1262x499, 1262:499, adsb112118zombie99.PNG)

Zombie Hunter

7a2992  No.3987490


Can you tell me why I am prevented from baking?

Are the people in control here? How would you know?

Are YOU passive, assuming "someone else" is taking care of everything?

Who is "someone else"?

What is GOOGLE doing with all their AI?

Are the PEOPLE in control here?

How would you know?

Do you graze like a sheep?

227676  No.3987491


Please reply to me if you have me filtered.

ac4996  No.3987492


Thanks BV.

I was here co baking and practicing early Sat or Sun morning (got a little punchy Kek). Bread tile was called 'Co baking with Britanonfuturebaker', caused a kerfuffle for baker namefagging me Kek.

Thanks for support and all you guys do.

976e65  No.3987493

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

1025c8  No.3987494



c62dec  No.3987495

File: 6f72bfcdeb44db8⋯.png (411.94 KB, 750x657, 250:219, threadwinding stops.png)


>11-22-18 ?

c7586d  No.3987496


Hope so fren. Cause that just seems like some flavor of treason. When I first learned that Israel is one of the largest lobbies in Congress, it blew my mind.

976e65  No.3987497

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

5ea5b8  No.3987498



You guys must really like to masturbate.

92adee  No.3987499

File: ed7c2d6d471240f⋯.png (1.63 MB, 2200x890, 220:89, Israel_ISIS_big.png)

File: 674c17229b9a2a2⋯.png (288.95 KB, 851x644, 37:28, IDF_armed_ISIS_archive.PNG)


I do repeat myself quite a lot and make use of pasta, off course I do, diference is my pasta is packed with verifiable facts that are aligned with the interests of the Western people.

You are an Hasbara information containment agent trying to save your little Rothschild Greater Israel project, which is the only thing that is falling apart here.

Keep crying Israel first traitor :)

Reminder that Israel supports ISIS.

51c42a  No.3987500

File: a5cc94637bacea1⋯.png (800.15 KB, 902x796, 451:398, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b7fc3a30b5dd28a⋯.png (501.39 KB, 892x726, 446:363, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5d29b4919b5bdb3⋯.png (36.34 KB, 884x423, 884:423, ClipboardImage.png)

College students in Oregon explain why Thanksgiving is racist. Dear Lord, if these are our future politicians, help us show them the light. Colleges are a problem. Big one.


483cbf  No.3987501


you do realize if someone has you filtered, they would not see your post an be UNable to reply to it?

5a21d5  No.3987502


Nicely done redtextfag.

I might not hate you this bread… as much.

92adee  No.3987503

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Trump is a true Patriot. He is not happy about it either, I bet you.

7d4746  No.3987504

File: 6665c770ffc60e1⋯.jpg (98.03 KB, 735x570, 49:38, trump tweet delta 11 22 18.JPG)

7a2992  No.3987505

File: 6d61df5d8939626⋯.png (445.75 KB, 840x480, 7:4, tony-Podesta-is-a-patrioti….png)

File: 6e0d44576553b6e⋯.png (358.51 KB, 788x550, 394:275, TONY-TONY-TONY.png)

File: 26b55d641d85f96⋯.png (831.93 KB, 999x666, 3:2, VERYFUNWITHPODESTA.png)

File: 6cc5fe2e43ff2a7⋯.png (749.29 KB, 1111x694, 1111:694, WWG1WGAkitty.png)

File: a39981d3169c490⋯.png (1.85 MB, 1100x1286, 550:643, WA.png)

976e65  No.3987506

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

tard dues

a56a8a  No.3987507

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Zionist Shill Detection Meter

*Are they America First or are they defending Israel ?

*Do they attack Patriotanons with hatred and vitriol? or 8 year old level ridicule?

Yet have nothing of substance to say. Zionist Shills can never refute Zionist Cabal Crimes against Americans because it's TRUE. and (((they))) are terrified of the World Knowing.

*Do they Ignore all Evidence with the weakest,ad hominem nonsensical dismissal?

*Are they telling anons how most Israelis have a "favorable opinion" of us? US giving Israel $38 BILLION DOLLARS must help in their "favorable" opinion of us.

*Are they calling anons who post TRUTH about Khazarian Zionist crimes against Americans "bots", "muhjoo shills"? *Yet these Losers cannot ever Dispute the Facts.

*Are they ignoring the Solid Evidence about Zionist Organized Crime against Americans? they just attack with meaningless shit personal attacks. Very low IQ and lame.

US Population: 329 Million people

US Jews : less than 2%

98% of Americans Don't Give A Shit About Whether Israelis have a "favorable opinion" about Americans

You Should Worry About What Americans Think Of You, Israel

and juuuust wait until POTUS reveals

Who Did 9/11

2fc6c3  No.3987508



If we're talking about MURDERED PEOPLE.

c7586d  No.3987509


you got a point I suppose.

a9b81f  No.3987510

File: b2d3b51c981a963⋯.jpg (49.59 KB, 474x448, 237:224, o-cortez_vets.jpg)

227676  No.3987511


Hey you got the joke !

Awesome. I thought for a second everyone here was below kinder-garden level intelligence.

Thanks for proving me wrong.

c762d2  No.3987512


no, vaginal warts

976e65  No.3987513

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

f82be8  No.3987514

File: d8b6f827de12bef⋯.jpg (176.17 KB, 1000x1413, 1000:1413, bishop-finger-03.jpg)

0a2ecf  No.3987516


The deltas were the times between the 4 posts.

The 5:5 was the 55 minute mark in the last post.

Gotta read closer, and moar! Kek

92adee  No.3987517

File: 8381a81f80b012f⋯.jpg (1.34 MB, 4621x2914, 4621:2914, Kikery_graph_simple.jpg)



Those people need to be watched very carefully, massive potential of subversion coming from them.

8892cc  No.3987518

6fd820  No.3987519


Most likely supporting fighter cover for first family.

14bd03  No.3987520

7a2992  No.3987521

File: e2e4bd3a3cf67dd⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1579x1111, 1579:1111, BIDENWTF.png)

File: 12ad6f8838daaa8⋯.png (321.86 KB, 429x704, 39:64, bidenreddress.png)

File: 24190b65959806e⋯.png (281.94 KB, 586x648, 293:324, biden100.png)

File: c9bf13ff06bbcf1⋯.png (342.36 KB, 255x939, 85:313, biden97.png)

File: 0bb31ec7beea468⋯.png (153.87 KB, 252x444, 21:37, biden92.png)

c70f3b  No.3987522

File: 0405139aa149483⋯.png (1.52 MB, 868x800, 217:200, POTOOTUStd.png)


c7586d  No.3987523


Isreal or not. No country should be able to lobby our own government. Thats insane.

1f4a78  No.3987524

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

CNN: Zuckerfucker will not be stepping down as Chairman.

b832ef  No.3987525


All you do is spam ad infinitum, on 85% of the breads, daily, on the exact same time, your propaganda pasta spam :)

Just like this pasta reply :)

But thats ok r2d2, youre a spam pastabot and we love you just the way you are :)

As for facts:


0a2ecf  No.3987526




fcffe1  No.3987527


This biden meme idiot just wont die.

c70f3b  No.3987528








BIG problems.


April [A].

IG report.

Sessions public attack.

RR problems.

Seals broken.


Why was Huber made public?

Why now?

Everything has meaning.









Election Integrity.

Immigration Bill.



Military start.

BIG month.




MZ to step down as Chairman.

MZ out of US.


Good luck.

Used against them.

NG now active.

Refer to old drops re: SA / NG.


976e65  No.3987529

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

7a2992  No.3987530

File: d2451aa238f43b5⋯.png (266.18 KB, 636x534, 106:89, biden85.png)

File: 27a1eefc844573d⋯.png (216.01 KB, 459x432, 17:16, biden89.png)

File: cf5441030ffb284⋯.png (140.79 KB, 282x352, 141:176, BidenMTP.png)

File: 7abb18e3f710545⋯.png (229.06 KB, 519x444, 173:148, DNIBN.png)

File: 75bd7a746ddb4df⋯.png (182.42 KB, 370x495, 74:99, biden104.png)

BIDEN 2020


c80bfa  No.3987531

File: 9f333c05318c136⋯.jpg (43.79 KB, 375x562, 375:562, Zuckerfag.jpg)

File: 77634088311a40f⋯.jpg (180.19 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, IMG_20181104_163024.jpg)

513377  No.3987532

File: 82d5c23b017e0ab⋯.jpg (31.49 KB, 392x530, 196:265, bleach.JPG)

e4f746  No.3987533

Dispatch search destroy mission we must.


0d1a04  No.3987534

File: d7628789d1ddd0d⋯.jpg (89.59 KB, 508x601, 508:601, creepy_you3.jpg)

c994b7  No.3987535

File: f1f0ed1b2c5dfff⋯.jpg (6.13 KB, 318x159, 2:1, DAuIr9lXgAA_2es.jpg)

1025c8  No.3987536

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

let have some fun whit Norwegian Anon Ylvis - The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?)

007eaf  No.3987537

[Faggoty-Ass Anons]

Cock-Sucking Q

a6ab6b  No.3987538


Are we going to see a retirement community death theme?

92adee  No.3987539

File: 82b6eac1a8f1540⋯.png (819.08 KB, 830x911, 830:911, 1.png)

File: 3827c8a8965f3a3⋯.png (1.24 MB, 1091x4694, 1091:4694, Canada_jews_pedos.png)

File: 3d1f288766db92d⋯.jpg (506.9 KB, 2047x1582, 2047:1582, Israel_Pedos.jpg)

File: 53474c24a2e795f⋯.png (539.65 KB, 1005x3784, 1005:3784, Rabbis_from_hell.png)

File: b7e59dd18019891⋯.png (573.88 KB, 817x5736, 817:5736, Rabbis_from_hell_2.png)




All you do is shill for israel ad infinitum, I post facts.

Cry more traitor :)

Reminder that Israel is a pedo haven.

6f4504  No.3987540

File: 5b0b31e663c2a0f⋯.png (12.71 KB, 600x600, 1:1, bait_is_mindkiller.png)

Regex Filter:


Apply until sufficient pain in your sides:

span.heading {
color: #ff00f0;
font-size: 4pt;

b582a9  No.3987541

I want to get this off my chest. I know that an inch against DS is a mile, and the power structure is so thoroughly embedded that I anticipate we'll still be fighting for quite some time now. But December 5th is my birthday and I would love nothing more than a big win for our movement. (Also, to learn that I share a birthday with General Flynn was a great delight. I feel honored to share that day with a hero.)

f82be8  No.3987542

File: d216c2971a6266a⋯.jpg (59.46 KB, 343x1000, 343:1000, 2353.gallery.jpg)


Ive got one left plus a couple of bottles of Spitfire. Yours if you want it.

e7bd3d  No.3987543

File: 35a68a29a114308⋯.jpg (204.73 KB, 853x703, 853:703, 9c527e08b0a64415fd3944e574….jpg)


Lovely! I'm getting hungry, kek.

We decided to eat our thanksgiving meal today and the smell of turkey and sweet potatoes is heavenly…

976e65  No.3987544









hanky the xmas poo



c62dec  No.3987545


>self-reinforcing feedback loop

Spot on.

For ease of convenience: it's called "the mimetic effect".

As in: Soros selling all his Netflix stock caused a mimetic effect, lowering the price as all other followed suit and sold.

5ea5b8  No.3987546


Funny how it's basically the same imagery as an organ harvesting video, but given the context that it is life-saving, it is nice to watch.

6f4504  No.3987548

File: 1edc16dd8576d34⋯.jpg (59.66 KB, 320x240, 4:3, water_meet_duck.jpg)

; )

f25863  No.3987549

File: 4fcea07ca013f6a⋯.gif (3.98 MB, 320x213, 320:213, popped.gif)

007eaf  No.3987550


Get off your ass and kill a mud person for your birthday. Quit being a pussy!

7a2992  No.3987551

File: b0690fff4da9ef5⋯.png (202.23 KB, 444x529, 444:529, biden98.png)

File: f0007c412d561dc⋯.png (202.41 KB, 430x447, 430:447, biden94.png)

File: 5f331f0cf73ea52⋯.png (985.81 KB, 777x970, 777:970, halp.png)

File: 822709a64e29a5f⋯.png (247.35 KB, 444x446, 222:223, biden84.png)

File: cee405e0823816d⋯.jpg (79.2 KB, 422x335, 422:335, PFLIDON.jpg)

92adee  No.3987552


Who did it best:

Leto the 2nd or Paul Atreides?

9de9cd  No.3987553


Learn our comms.

b832ef  No.3987554


How the hell do i shill for israel?

By calling a propaganda spam pastabot a "propaganda spam pastabot"?

You are one funny propaganda spam pastabot r2d2 :)

133754  No.3987555

File: 81e44545d3eac95⋯.png (48.29 KB, 661x291, 661:291, ClipboardImage.png)


>as for facts

<posts poll results

<because polls are unbiased fact

<as we learned, collectively, over two years ago

7fd305  No.3987556


A friend TA'd Zuckerberg. Harvard doesn't let you give people C's, or they make it really fucking difficult (hardest part about Harvard is getting into Harvard). You've got to fill out paperwork, meet with the student, and discuss how to help them improve their grade.

TL;DR: Zuck should've failed CS classes but nobody cares and it's easier just to give him a pass.

d7b425  No.3987557


That sounds like an amazing stuffing recipe. Care to share?

c70f3b  No.3987558


>MZ to step down as Chairman.




513377  No.3987559

c9a1c6  No.3987560

File: 25793b46181482c⋯.jpg (2.5 MB, 2454x3000, 409:500, spygate network diagram.jpg)

FBI - 3

DOJ - 1

People are nervous.

There are a lot of people who should be VERY nervous.

976e65  No.3987562

File: fc7cf13d5f151d5⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 54.31 KB, 590x314, 295:157, MOSSADISAJEW.png)

98244a  No.3987563

File: e0158db138d1d8c⋯.jpg (190.3 KB, 1000x562, 500:281, The Whore of Babylon.jpg)


And upon her forehead was a name written…

9de9cd  No.3987564


We already know tho..?

It was Mossad.

I mean Israeli at students.

be1661  No.3987565

File: 1e213c32f6885cb⋯.png (109.87 KB, 630x572, 315:286, JFK 1963.png)


>I did not know that JFK was assassinated on Thanksgiving. :\

He wasn't!

He was assassinated Nov. 22, 1963.

In 1963 Thanksgivings Day was Nov. 28th that year!

1025c8  No.3987566

File: 02cc2ec0ac01d69⋯.jpg (53.59 KB, 495x580, 99:116, DsisjVIU0AAhF5K.jpg)

961be1  No.3987567


Tippy-Top work, anon.

976e65  No.3987568


learn our comms







9de9cd  No.3987569


You must be new here.

7a2992  No.3987570

File: b71660e3e0ba790⋯.png (381.93 KB, 555x737, 555:737, TPBBN.png)

File: 39c444b25acc981⋯.jpg (212.21 KB, 494x478, 247:239, brigmbm.jpg)

File: 91c8bcfc412dfb9⋯.png (262.37 KB, 746x444, 373:222, biden95.png)

File: a280cbe2a738cb2⋯.png (181.3 KB, 444x404, 111:101, biden88.png)

File: b403735542a11df⋯.png (457.01 KB, 662x658, 331:329, biden86.png)

69e2c0  No.3987571

>>3987296 (pb)

>When Iran gets denuked, Israel gets nuked too :)

That's what MAD is…and Israel does NOT like losing the upper hand. Can you imagine the fucking JIDF on here trying to figure out how to shut us up, and quite possibly getting red pilled? They can't shut us up. censor us or get our private information to attack us with…(unless this board is comp'd by jews like the donald or /pol/…and trust me, TD is comped the fuck out of this world. It's so bad now there is NO discussion at all, just bants and memes…but say a fucking word about Israel that is even remotely critical…BAN HAMMER….

don't shit the bread folks…don't shit the bread.

92adee  No.3987572

File: 6c113743fca8fd6⋯.jpg (171.63 KB, 643x681, 643:681, Hasbara_Trolls_1.jpg)

File: f457913cdfd6d80⋯.jpg (516.62 KB, 810x570, 27:19, Hasbara_Trolls_3.jpg)

File: 56d54ed111626ee⋯.png (1.84 MB, 1271x2097, 1271:2097, IDF_Shilling_Grills.png)

File: 836965582abd422⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 3668x3284, 917:821, JDIF.jpg)

File: fe26ba6250c6e79⋯.jpg (353.56 KB, 1272x1023, 424:341, JDIF_10Fold.jpg)


By trying to discredit the facts I post by calling me a bot.

You're going to laugh yourself into a rope. traitor :)

It is now anti-semitic to be pro-Trump and pro-MAGA, according to the Holocaust Museum of Berlin.

Reminder that the official version of the holocaust is a fraud:

>>2395991 – David Cole, a jewish historian exposes some of the lies of the official version of the holocaust

>>2396033 – David Irving, historian, exposes some of the lies of the Nuremberg Trials

>>2396017 – Anonymous documentary creator exposes many of the lies pertaining to the fraudulent official version of the holocaust and Nuremberg Trials

>>2396026 – The Surprising Origin of the Six-Million Figure

>>3035752 – Some pictures about the holohoax

>>2947546 – A great book about the fraud that is the official and illegal to question in some countries version of the holocaust: “Hoax of the Twentieth Century” and links to 60+ books and documents on this subject

>>2947546 – “David Cole in Auschwitz full documentary 1992”

>>3144998 - Bishop Richard Williamson tells the truth about the "holocaust"

>>3145022 – 2 pics regarding the death toll numbers of the Majdanek camp and an article about jews admitting to lying about the number of dead in the official version of the holocaust

>>3145069 - Documentary called: "Majdanek Gas Chamber Myth (Eric Hunt)"

976e65  No.3987573

File: 5533773d9c88f46⋯.jpeg (23.64 KB, 218x232, 109:116, 5533773d9c88f46a8e6bc1f66….jpeg)

c70f3b  No.3987574



483cbf  No.3987575

File: 345ce73dd13e0e8⋯.jpg (49.7 KB, 871x491, 871:491, 345ce73dd13e0e842420967da0….jpg)

a9b81f  No.3987576

File: 5122ff0ef9c11c7⋯.jpg (33.33 KB, 730x480, 73:48, trumpgrin.jpg)

Trump names hand-picked panel to supervise, investigate intelligence community

The White House announced five appointments to the Presidential Intelligence Advisory Board on Tuesday evening, after selecting a chairman and vice chairwoman earlier this year.

The dormant board created by former President Dwight Eisenhower has no formal powers, but derives significant authority directly from the president, operating as his surrogate to smooth over agency rivalries, investigate misconduct, and evaluate intelligence collection policies.

Experts say Trump could roil the intelligence community by asking his hand-picked panel to draft reports, for example, on alleged surveillance abuses against his 2016 campaign associates, a disputed charge made by Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee, who are poised to lose subpoena powers.

"The board can do whatever the hell the president wants it to do, and really it’s about what the president tasks it with," said University of Notre Dame professor Michael Desch, co-author of the authoritative 2012 history of the board, Privileged and Confidential: The Secret History of the President's Intelligence Advisory Board.

"If you really had an agenda and were willing to pick reliable people that are also people that are smart and knew enough to be dangerous, you could make life miserable for the intelligence agencies through the board," Desch said. "If the president were really a competent political warrior, there would be a way to constitute the board in which it could really serve as a gadfly or a prod to the intelligence community, because it has a lot of access … if the president were willing to task it in a serious investigative way and then follow up, the board could be quite useful. But I don't see President Trump being that serious and that bureaucratically savvy."

New appointees to the board include Oracle CEO Safra Ada Catz; former Sen. Saxby Chambliss, R-Ga.; former White House economic adviser Jeremy Katz; Goldman Sachs managing director and University of Virginia adjunct law professor James Donovan; former CIA and FBI counterterrorism official Kevin E. Hulbert; and a New Jersey resident named David Robertson.

The new members join board chairman Stephen Feinberg, a billionaire hedge fund manager and military contractor appointed by Trump in May, and vice-chairwoman Samantha Ravich, appointed in August. The board historically has had a small staff and office space in the New Executive Office Building near the White House. Members have security clearances and generally meet quarterly.


9de9cd  No.3987577

Just got on the board Anons, are we under attack? Seems like a shill show, can anyone confirm?

4bae36  No.3987578


He's a shill. Filter/ignore.

976e65  No.3987579

File: 48095c706cf9fe3⋯.jpg (24.76 KB, 396x264, 3:2, download (1).jpg)

0d1a04  No.3987580

File: b9be31fd528be73⋯.jpg (269.82 KB, 900x900, 1:1, f3ba060252fd23aeccb4a0659d….jpg)



The only thing I can think of is this: If you aren't an operator… You must suffer from fetal alcoholic syndrome.

22c686  No.3987581

File: 7677ee7a21bf779⋯.png (18.42 KB, 605x110, 11:2, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 87d3e856a7d6c5f⋯.png (84.69 KB, 520x520, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

4c237d  No.3987582

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This is how it will look???

-close to this?-

If not, don;t even bother!

43146c  No.3987583

File: 25ef621293e0e4e⋯.jpg (87.49 KB, 889x499, 889:499, muh A'DIB.jpg)

61ff9b  No.3987585

File: fa39af87367bf92⋯.jpg (24.36 KB, 615x410, 3:2, Game-Of-Thrones-Season-6-E….jpg)


when the spell is removed, her true form appears

e4f746  No.3987586


For weeks

b582a9  No.3987588


We're always under attack, anon. These shills are just particularly noisy, I don't necessarily think there are more than usual.

6a49e0  No.3987589

File: d0f74615724c894⋯.jpg (244.98 KB, 675x1035, 15:23, IMG_20181121_162922.jpg)

56cdb4  No.3987590

local AM radio station has foxnews updates during commercials…… they are always pro-democrat, anti-trump. its crazy

they just played a clip of that moron kaitlin collins from CNN attacking trump about 9th circuit crap. they did not disclose it was CNN reporter, just said reporter from WH press crew. fake news everywhere

6f4504  No.3987591

File: f55b4abfc4aeeaf⋯.jpg (266.92 KB, 900x900, 1:1, allforalarp.jpg)


We all know you're not very imaginative.

201a80  No.3987592

“Over three centuries ago, our forefathers in Virginia and Massachusetts, far from home, in a lonely wilderness set aside a time of Thanksgiving. They gave thanks for their safety, the health of their children, the fertility of their fields, for the love which bound them together and for the faith which united them with their God.” JFK 18 days before his death


92adee  No.3987593

File: 11501d6b2c25a5a⋯.jpg (197.81 KB, 784x1019, 784:1019, Leto_2nd_God_Emperor.jpg)


My nigger.

007eaf  No.3987594

How are y'all prepping your jew before throwing them in the oven tomorrow?

a29e7d  No.3987595

File: cba8291cd729f76⋯.png (529.18 KB, 638x611, 638:611, ClipboardImage.png)

f67037  No.3987596

File: 3aae51d54bd50f6⋯.png (204.96 KB, 854x540, 427:270, ClipboardImage.png)


We just had one here in Denver a few days ago.


7a2992  No.3987597

File: 19ac324576e3219⋯.png (2.19 MB, 777x6301, 777:6301, sorosSOVEREIGN.png)

File: 08a9232db5665af⋯.png (1.38 MB, 999x3382, 999:3382, Soros-bares-his-soul.png)

File: dcc13ef67abcec6⋯.gif (1.66 MB, 2232x14837, 2232:14837, unaware and compliant.gif)

File: 9d331a68fc563a1⋯.png (3.86 MB, 999x6599, 999:6599, nationalism.png)

File: da94b943ff56400⋯.jpg (292.12 KB, 604x552, 151:138, precipice.jpg)

4cbab2  No.3987598


"Please study the numbers, they are shocking."

Indeed, indeed…

b832ef  No.3987599


Oh hi there wall-e the faggot supportbot. Here to prevent r2d2s' self desteuction?

Lovely strawman you brought there. Rasmusen polls are also polls and they are accurate. Plus, you dont trust polls but you would rather trust spammy pasta propaganda snips?

Kinda suspicious wall-e :)

38a7bc  No.3987600


Our election was taken from us!

We didnt elect him….he was SELECTED.

Hes a globalist marxist commie pedo filthy traitor.

Only the Governor General could oust him..but traitor trudeau has a pig-puppet in that top job.

The liberals are already ramped up to steal again in 2019.

We shouldnt have to put up with any of this..they all need to be EXTERMINATED.

YET NOT ONE HAS BEEN YET. (Albeit No Name) but even he was given a funeral!

I trust NO ONE.

If there's a plan we are all here just waiting…because there is NOTHING the people can do when the crooks in power outnumber us 100 to 1.

0d1a04  No.3987601


Keep attacking the board Q likes to post in, traitor.

1025c8  No.3987602

File: 0711c277307d6d1⋯.jpg (68.48 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 24434_10151201223417267_11….jpg)

i am a anon who fight big fight between good and evilin side my self…. and my body is broken

i will fight to the end…

019dfc  No.3987603

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

People Get Ready

- Eva Cassidy

There's a train a comin', you don't need a ticket, you just thank the Lord.



976e65  No.3987604

File: 7a1d206b9c997c2⋯.jpg (47.69 KB, 452x302, 226:151, swinenation.jpg)

92adee  No.3987605

File: 76d6b5f050757da⋯.jpg (673.36 KB, 1196x676, 23:13, JDIF_kike_merchants_at_off….jpg)


Keep the heat on them until they see the light :)

6f4504  No.3987606

File: 3f141bd613b10f6⋯.jpg (1.3 MB, 2342x1171, 2:1, BeARedTeam.jpg)


Nor smart, it seems.

e7bd3d  No.3987607


Anon was in school on that day. It was a weekday.

a0e207  No.3987608

What do Skull and Bones, ancient German secret societies, the Georgia Guidestones and the Health Care bill have in common?

The answer is March 22nd.

That's right.

The Georgia Guidestones were christened on March 22 1980. The first commandment on the stones was a pledge to keep the world's population under 500,000 people.

March 22nd 2010 (Universal Time) is also the day that Health Care finally passed in the United States. (Universal Time is Greenwich Mean Time. This is the 'time' that the Illuminati use.)

3-22, or March 22nd, is also the sacred number to Skull and Bones, the secret society from Yale that produces the leaders of the United States and the world. When Tim Russert asked President George W. Bush what the Skull and Bones special number - 322 ­ signified Bush replied that this was a secret. Senator John Kerry, who ran against Bush in 2004, is also a member of this ultra-secret society. He also refused to tell us what the number 322 meant to Skull and Bones.

Skull and Bones is a German secret organization that successfully transferred itself across the Atlantic Ocean in the early 1800's. When you back-engineer the secret societies from which the German version of Skull and Bones emerged one finds a strange fascination with Mars.

March is the only month of the year that is named after a specific planet in the solar system. It is also the first day of spring as well as the first day in the zodiacal sign of Aries, which is the Greek word for Mars, and it is where 'March' gets its name.

The number 322 is vitally important to these secret societies especially Skull and Bones, which has the number, enshrined in their tomb at Yale.

The number 322 is actually the number for March 22nd. The first day of Aries, also called Mars.

The great alchemist Fulcanelli was a member of a secret society in Europe. He tells us of a secret elite that rule the world. In his obscure book Mystery of the Cathedrals he tells us that there is a secret science called alchemy that only the elites understand. He also tells us that all alchemy begins in Aries (Mars).

For some reason these secret societies are fixated on March 22nd. Perhaps this is because of a special relationship between these secret societies and the planet Mars.

The ever stranger Georgia Guidestones were created in 1980 by a mysterious gentleman named R.C. Christian. They are huge granite columns, which have new set of 10 commandments etched into them. These are new rules for the future. While most of the new commandments appear reasonable enough there is one commandment that makes one wonder what is really happening in our world and what these secret societies are really after. That is new commandment - number one, of course - commands that the population of the world be reduced to 500,000,000 people.

The name R. C. Christian is a pseudonym and only one man named Wyatt Martin, who is in his 80's, knows Mr. Christian's real identity and Mr. Martin refuses to talk. We can be assured that this pseudonym signifies the Rosicrucian secret society founded by 'Christian' Rosenkreuz supposedly in 1407. The German Rosicrucian's are the godfathers to many other German secret societies including Skull and Bones. In keeping with this important linkage it is worth noting that the Georgia Guidestones, created as instructed by Mr. R. C. Christian, were christened on March 22nd 1980. Exactly 30 years ago today.

It isn't going too far out on a limb to say that population reduction is a major goal of these secret societies ­ for better or worse.

Normally I wouldn't put this much time into this small curiosity of ancient German secret societies. But as I watched the Health Care Debate over the last few weeks I suddenly saw that it was beginning to appear that President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats were going to vote the Health Care Bill on March 22nd.

On Sunday March 21st as I watched C-Span I suddenly got a tingle up my spine. Were they purposely putting this off until the clock hits March 22nd Universal Standard Time? Is this thing being orchestrated so that it falls on 3-22, March 22nd, the Holy Day of some crazy secret society? And a secret society that has built a monument, christened on 3-22 that announces their plans?

Then that would mean the 'Health Care Plan' is something far more sinister.

Happy March 22nd America.

- additionally March 22 is the day after daylight savings ends

c70f3b  No.3987609


c0a2da  No.3987610

File: 78c315a943d1a9f⋯.png (907.93 KB, 875x911, 875:911, Q MISREPRESENTS WHICH GOP ….PNG)


ac40f9  No.3987611

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


92adee  No.3987612

File: 4ebf43abcb3d7aa⋯.png (49.71 KB, 609x232, 21:8, CIA_child_trafficking_Prog….PNG)


CIA glow in the dark niggers on suicide watch.

976e65  No.3987614

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

9de9cd  No.3987615


Plz nuke us.

b8df61  No.3987616

Q seems to be unaware of the fact that Congress has no power to arrest or prosecute criminals. Congressional investigations are largely a showboating waste of time. Whole lotta talk, followed by nothing. Think I'm wrong? See Gowdy, Trey

Trump's DOJ is currently a failure.

7a2992  No.3987617

File: ef48999f1946de6⋯.png (401.14 KB, 768x512, 3:2, MuellerJudgment.png)

File: dbe268e8b95f045⋯.png (4.12 MB, 1111x2130, 1111:2130, be-a-good-kitty.png)

File: f8b8bfe73f4557a⋯.png (614.64 KB, 1111x676, 1111:676, black-cats-of-jimmy.png)

File: 2f377e452391472⋯.png (618.33 KB, 518x735, 74:105, Thread.Jesus.png)

File: 57c67f25b9cdff8⋯.png (492.35 KB, 864x506, 432:253, broken.png)

8892cc  No.3987618

File: 5f4ffc910b44516⋯.png (121.32 KB, 696x724, 174:181, 20181121_221832.png)

961be1  No.3987619

File: e9dfd0f346dab04⋯.jpg (650.1 KB, 1275x1650, 17:22, 11a02.jpg)


I wonder if the IRAN cash we saved can be used for a wall…?

9bf5e9  No.3987620

File: 549f2e751c817aa⋯.jpg (233.9 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20181121-171853….jpg)

8cb82c  No.3987621


Yes, very left wing bias on FOX news radio. Sauger Megami is particularly vile. Plus they have a lot of trannie news readers by the sound of it.

9de9cd  No.3987622


It’s a coincidence ffs

260aa5  No.3987623



What the fucking hell is this? Something tells me it's worth many full-autist digs.


227676  No.3987624


Do you name all your cats Toots?

92adee  No.3987625

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This is very OT, but this guy that made the video has great content on Dune.

cd42dc  No.3987626

File: e983bfe7ef3dd38⋯.png (207.83 KB, 1406x878, 703:439, Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at ….png)

File: 91e9ebdd4b120c2⋯.png (101.99 KB, 1374x380, 687:190, Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at ….png)

Online Inference of Topics with Latent Dirichlet Allocation

This was funded by DARPA COLA

It evaluates societies conversations to see what topics on Twitter we are engaging in.

Photo is of the 20 most popular words that society talks about.

The computer program reads everything we say and analyzes "topics"



976e65  No.3987627

File: 859e8aa32a4fb7d⋯.jpg (125.32 KB, 1302x870, 217:145, squash_your_planet.jpg)

1e9025  No.3987628


O you jews are so seriously fucked, and you don't know when to quit. All the dual citizens in congress are traitors, all the rabbi's in every town in America are traitors, by default every sin-a-gog going jew is a traitor. Every fucking israeli is toast. Just wait and dig yourself a deeper hole. You should have been happy with your kosher tax, soon you will be begging for matzo.

69e2c0  No.3987629


>Wrong Justice Roberts…

HE IS COMP'd! HUGE…he has two illegally adopted Irish children. FACT Irish children are NOT permitted to be adopted out of Ireland. His illegal adoptions took place "south of the border".

This is how Obama got him to vote yes on Obama care. That's why he looked so upset that day. But that isn't the only time his illegal adoptions were used to blackmail him.

Nikki Haley (gov of SC) was part of an illegal adoption scam of two of her uber wealthy constituents. They illegally adopted a Native American child right out from underneath her father using all sorts of vile trickery AND paying off the mother. Guess how Roberts voted on this case?

That's right, for the rich illegal adoptees. I have the sauce if anyone doesn't believe me…but it's been posted on here re-corrupt Haley and in noteables a few times. Haley is corrupt as fuck…and so is Roberts. He's done something illegal and it's made him the puppet of the masters.

88f314  No.3987630


I would agree that the DOJ is weaksauce. He needs better support there. But the pickins are slim,

1e2882  No.3987631




6f4504  No.3987632

File: 865abb1d60a3b86⋯.png (24.11 KB, 839x180, 839:180, ClipboardImage.png)


I can't get the chipmunk voice out of my head now.


7a2992  No.3987633

File: 1a69403b0fb4fde⋯.jpg (1.09 MB, 1111x1111, 1:1, goodbyex3.jpg)

File: 217a7f435a2c544⋯.png (321.62 KB, 600x450, 4:3, happykittens.png)

File: 42468f8c8df74ff⋯.png (317.6 KB, 1001x976, 1001:976, LB.png)


What is inorganic shilling?

What is GOOGLE doing with its AI?

b15cf9  No.3987634


I took this as a jab at that judge from the 9th circuit that blocked POTUS's border moves

b8df61  No.3987635


Roberts is comp'd, his ruling on Soeterocare was an unlawful disgrace. Why hasnt he done anything about the crooked FISA Court, which he supposedly supervises? Roberts needs to GO!

32a43e  No.3987636


Politics is mostly just crimes. Easily predictable. Hence Palantir. Drive over to the Stop&Rob just before the perps drive up with one taillight out, light 'em up for a vehicle stop, find out they have outstanding warrants. Robbery stopped, one carload of known criminals off the street. Apply at the national level.

aab4e3  No.3987637


Correct, he will be forced. Too many Pedo rings tied to fuckbook.

92adee  No.3987638

File: 0abc5a7ae07c956⋯.jpg (8.52 KB, 174x290, 3:5, Pepe_Sad.jpg)


>tfw even leafs call for the day of the rake

We're all going to make it fren.

976e65  No.3987639

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b832ef  No.3987640


Oh r2d2… The only thing you should hang is the retard who coded you :)

Im sorry r2d2 but a spammy pasta propagandabot is… A spammy pasta propagandabot.



92adee  No.3987641



4 out of 5!

0870dc  No.3987642

File: b63e52ebc52f89d⋯.jpg (121.86 KB, 1160x629, 1160:629, 8h8opIT.png.jpg)



perp walk?

d5109a  No.3987643

There are a lot of Kennedy shows on Reelz this evening. EST. Hours of different spectrums of the family, and Jack and Bobby.

a9b81f  No.3987644


As a CalifFag, I feel your pain, Canuckanon.

1e2882  No.3987645

File: c59c00bfcd04684⋯.jpg (51.41 KB, 338x540, 169:270, JR fam.jpg)


Threatened to expose Robert's illegal adoption! = BLACKMAIL

f25863  No.3987647

File: 26982a2a3a225ca⋯.png (999.3 KB, 824x731, 824:731, haleyhrc.PNG)

File: da44950aebea189⋯.png (109.34 KB, 1619x430, 1619:430, haleyBTFO.PNG)

3b67a6  No.3987648

>>3987275 (lb)

Lisa is tippy Top followed her before many of the others.

One of the very few still pay attention to.

d340ee  No.3987649

File: 8fa6dd99600f7c6⋯.jpg (133.54 KB, 900x622, 450:311, 8fa6dd99600f7c687df6d6f7a1….jpg)


>11-22-18 ?

e4f746  No.3987650

File: 7e44c1ef23ce9fb⋯.jpeg (108.95 KB, 500x509, 500:509, 2DA357D1-43C5-44F8-B7B0-0….jpeg)

893e24  No.3987651

File: c43917965f21a20⋯.jpeg (19.39 KB, 242x208, 121:104, 5DA3B8C6-A688-403D-BF9E-3….jpeg)

5fcba8  No.3987652

We lost the house intentionally, so that we couldn't get immigration reform passed, so that we would have an excuse to flood the border with razor wire and troops.

Could have won easily just by disclosing some information. "[D]ec 5" confirms that we never intended to.

Also why POTUS didn't rally for the house.

Didn't want it.

Want chaos.

Want martial law.


b802a4  No.3987653

File: 2bef9f46d3bd178⋯.png (69 KB, 742x526, 371:263, Capture.PNG)

85abe2  No.3987654

573fef  No.3987655

hey Q and Anons.

Did this come from our Q? It is very complicated and does not sound like our team.


Asks reader to sign up for new method of currency.

c7586d  No.3987656


My argument is how do you get a computer to predict that kinda shit.

1e2882  No.3987657


NO fuktard.

Get your head out your ass.

Much BIGGER than that even.

976e65  No.3987658

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

92adee  No.3987659

File: 9ed10ce02514bb0⋯.png (542.38 KB, 768x2864, 48:179, Jews_Gun_Control_00_Big_3.png)

File: 7afe6bad167d8d0⋯.jpg (339.4 KB, 620x906, 310:453, Jews_Gun_Control_1_Harvey.jpg)

File: 5e91ba10e1de856⋯.jpg (118.3 KB, 1481x878, 1481:878, Jews_Gun_Control_2.jpg)

File: 7ee35c77d69b669⋯.jpg (537.82 KB, 968x701, 968:701, Jews_Gun_Control_3.jpg)

File: 2a126049c7aecb6⋯.jpg (90.31 KB, 621x471, 207:157, Jews_Gun_Control_4.jpg)


Calling me a bot is not going to make the facts I post any less factual, traitor :)

Reminder that the jewish supremacists lead the way in attacking the 2A because they know that unless the 2A gets destroyed, they won't be able to destroy the 1A.

Jewish interest groups and individuals make up for the majority of the financing and initiatives against the 2A:



"The National Rifle Association compiled a list of its enemies and it reads like a Jewish who’s who list. The list, prepared by the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action includes 506 individuals, organizations, media outlets and corporations that “have lent monetary, grassroots or some other type of direct support to anti-gun organizations.”

The groups listed by the NRA as enemies of the gun-rights cause could easily populate a Conference of Presidents meeting room. They include major Jewish national organizations, including the Anti Defamation League, American Jewish Committee, B’nai B’rith, and the Jewish Labor Committee; two major Jewish women organizations: Hadassah and National Council of Jewish Women; and the Central Conference of American Rabbis, which is the Reform movement’s rabbinical arm.

Reform Jews, the list suggests, are among the NRA’s worst adversaries. The list includes not only their national rabbinical group but also names specifically the Union for Reform Judaism’s former president Eric Yoffie and David Saperstein, director of the group’s Religious Action Center, as individuals fighting for gun control laws."

Disarmament is the first steep in allowing the government total abuse of its people. Jews own the MSM, entertainment and lobbying, which gives them HUGE control over politicians that they use to the benefit of Israel (and remember the amount of double citizenship Israeli-American politicians of mixed-loyalties that the US has), and if they could only disarm people, then that would allow for them to order their controlled politicians to TOTALLY ABUSE the people with full impunity, all to the benefit of Israel.

>The jewish supremacists lead the way in attacking the 2A because they know that unless the 2A gets destroyed, they won't be able to destroy the 1A.

Remember this as you notice how much of a push to criminalize criticism of Israel and jewish subversion they do using the same old trick of crying “anti-semitism”.

21761b  No.3987660


dude i am so close to standing on my local toll bridge and saying trudeau is genociding us and killed the shermans

feels hopeless here man i cashed everything out selling everything going into the woods, that or a bullet to my head kek

2cd9cd  No.3987661

File: aad80a81961339f⋯.png (13.06 KB, 249x249, 1:1, 1992b76a9483d0352e3b78a965….png)


he is going after 9th District.

Will prolly show us some corruption over there.

f67037  No.3987662


He won't be getting a pass forever.

0870dc  No.3987663

File: a93db7d64243b5f⋯.png (4.15 KB, 415x96, 415:96, Screenshot_2018-11-21 Q Re….png)


11-22-18 (22-11-18)

11 + 22 = 33

c935b7  No.3987664


Their rulings should be limited to their jurisdiction until confirmed by a higher court, as well they should be banned from have any injunctive power over international issues.

976e65  No.3987665

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

trust ill master

6f4504  No.3987666

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Bro we aren't even a real country anyway.

In short, we never confederated after the queen gave her colonies back control (or rather, didn't want to pay for our upkeep).

Each Provence is its own Nation, right now, as we type.

We aren't protected by a common Constitution so…



c7586d  No.3987667


now of course on crime you have statistics. Using a GIS system you can predict geographic locations of high levels of crime, because you have historical data to use. But politics? not seeing it.

0ae155  No.3987668


any other ontariofags want to start a woke community?

69e2c0  No.3987669

File: 506afba0ec0a0d2⋯.jpg (11.29 KB, 255x197, 255:197, mrsed.jpg)

>>3987293 (pb)

>Heard bibi was behind the khashoggi 'disappearance' and it was used to weaken Trump by taking out mbs

I would not doubt that at all.


4c237d  No.3987670

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


seriously, DON;T EVEN BOTHER!!!

780efd  No.3987671


Ooga booga.

Want food.

Rally for chaos.

Intentional razors.

Oh yeah.

Laws 'R Us.

51c42a  No.3987672

God bless all traveling anons this weekend.

133754  No.3987673

File: ab68db2df1e04e1⋯.jpg (70.4 KB, 554x508, 277:254, 1512973979079.jpg)


>Rule 12) Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it (Name it- example: cartoon robots), and polarize it.

How's it feel to be playing from the enemy's playbook?

e2072f  No.3987674


and actually CBS radio is pretty conservative ironic I know

3dc0d6  No.3987675

File: 98103f96a9ae54f⋯.jpg (413.9 KB, 1350x1350, 1:1, 49 mirror of 01.jpg)

File: 639a12c4de1fad9⋯.jpg (812.98 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, 01 mirror of 49.jpg)

File: 33ab7360a64a3f0⋯.jpg (509.87 KB, 1796x1200, 449:300, 19 mirror of 31.jpg)

File: baad99096f483a1⋯.jpg (482.47 KB, 1800x1177, 1800:1177, 50 mirror of 00.jpg)

File: c60df46c682223e⋯.jpg (1.15 MB, 2695x1800, 539:360, 00 mirror of 50.jpg)


Today's Q Clock

Pic 1

{Figure it out - I've got nothing}

Today's :25/:55 Q Clock Mirror

Pic 2

Systematic weaking of the US.


The pipeline.

CA is special.

Public will learn.

Buckle up.

MSM overdrive.

Today's Classic 180-Degree Q Clock Mirror :19

Pic 3

SIG sent [WH position]?

WH position [rapid] changes.

Rudy met w/ Mueller today.

End of POTUS investigation?

Stage set?

Welcome to the WH.

Ready for tomorrow?

Tomorrow's Q Clock

Pic 4

{Figure it out - I've got nothing}

Tomorrow's :25/:55 Q Clock Mirror

Pic 5

Rig for silent.


On the clock.

Border state - coincidence?

Operators on standby.


Close to door.


e4f746  No.3987676


Blue is new orange

GITMO drop

b8df61  No.3987677


She should be inaugurated Leader of all three chambers of the Congress.

fc711e  No.3987678


Finally this pic gets a fitting use.

780efd  No.3987679

File: 4a8394ce9b0175c⋯.jpg (157.86 KB, 864x578, 432:289, bluejumpsuits.jpg)

3b67a6  No.3987680


>CCC - They've built some things in the past… Maybe they could attempt a wall.

Program ended around 1985

It is now done by volunteer groups like Northwest Youth Corps, Ameri Corps, and others across the U.S.A.

Good program for kids and adults

c994b7  No.3987681



Sin of Gog.

Gog = Khazaria


2cd9cd  No.3987682

File: 68693c3cbbb455c⋯.jpg (14.5 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 68693c3cbbb455c20a9a7e994b….jpg)

what is going on in West York PA?

scanner talking about shutting down freeways

people complaining of sickness….

b8d89e  No.3987683

File: 5a810c6271116f3⋯.png (928.95 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, AB1415E6-3A8A-4225-A685-B8….png)

Another go call from this mother fucker

0d1a04  No.3987684


Keep projecting. You were given 3 shots.

That's 2x more than your pathetic ass even deserved.

Funny that you hurl personal attacks and all manner of projection and attengant gaslighting at me, when you were the mod that got booted after being given ample chances, and I am not.

But keep telling yourself whatever you need to;, rationalize whatever is in your head. Because you will anyway. ;)

0870dc  No.3987685

File: da697c91ac30b82⋯.png (453.77 KB, 719x665, 719:665, e158e8b84479866d21313acbb3….png)


as big as mike's dick, first sgt.?

8cb82c  No.3987686


That may be the direction in which we are being pointed by the POTUS tweets, prepping us for that needed change.

c80bfa  No.3987687

File: a4d409dc71a9cc1⋯.jpg (77.68 KB, 800x420, 40:21, SethRichSource.jpg)

File: 5845bd8db1f0511⋯.jpg (123.16 KB, 800x430, 80:43, SethRichUndercover.jpg)


Is this correct?

1f4a78  No.3987688


Distractions are necessary.

a9b81f  No.3987689

File: e9e636832d3ac7f⋯.jpg (355.34 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, theytried___.jpg)




Do what you can canuckanons.

Plant the seeds.


e4f746  No.3987690

File: ef95216645630cf⋯.png (470.42 KB, 663x500, 663:500, CB91A642-0974-47C6-B453-1C….png)

3f232e  No.3987691


doesn't matter which party was there in Ottawa for quite a while now it's all been comped. Turdeau is just the total obvious globalist shill so it's easy to see where this shit is heading now but it's been heading that way for a while. So i feel for ya. Been feeling like getting out of dodge myself but feels like everywhere else would be more of the same till this shit gets resolved.

1cae20  No.3987692

File: 1a4a31517d94886⋯.jpg (4.38 MB, 2892x2944, 723:736, country.jpg)

Hmmmmm. Past "projection" from the future.

85abe2  No.3987693

File: 18fc7a73d2adff7⋯.jpg (211.76 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ocasio cortez chambers.jpg)

3b67a6  No.3987694

File: a8ed5d76e8dc095⋯.jpg (158.26 KB, 1252x970, 626:485, Court Sentences Traitors T….jpg)




Was pushed here a few weeks back

183cdc  No.3987695

File: cf2f43020784ab1⋯.jpg (256.82 KB, 1440x741, 480:247, IMG_20181017_102123.jpg)

c9a1c6  No.3987696

File: 8e5265d96af2ebf⋯.jpg (89.99 KB, 960x720, 4:3, Hakluyt.jpg)

fdb0d5  No.3987697


Was a bomb threat at a store, no idea why people would get sick because of it

1e2882  No.3987698


Yep- JUDGEMENT DAY and you, fren, history will not look kindly on you.


780efd  No.3987699


Comedy, thriller, or documentary?

0ae155  No.3987700




I've found the right property. i'm not sure on how to go about the next stage.

tough to safely contact anons outside of this platform.

1e1bd3  No.3987701

President Trump fired back at Chief Justice John Roberts on Wednesday after the leader of the Supreme Court rebuked the president over his criticism of "Obama judges." "Sorry Chief Justice John Roberts, but you do indeed have “Obama judges,” and they have a much different point of view than the people who are charged with the safety of our country," the president tweeted Wednesday afternoon. Trump's tweet came after Roberts released an unprecedented statement criticizing the president earlier Wednesday, saying the U.S. doesn't have "Obama judges or Trump judges, Bush judges or Clinton judges.”

cc9e42  No.3987702


so far the only on that looked remotely normal has been Gilllibrand

3f232e  No.3987703


Don't about that but there was a bomb scare in a wlmart somewhere in PA this afternoon.

b8df61  No.3987704


It's baffling why they didnt kill him more quietly on the streets somewhere. The Saudis should b sanctioned – for incompetence. Is fucking Obama running their country now?

f2f8a8  No.3987705


11 22 11

e4f746  No.3987706



Native Texan Uvalde

3f232e  No.3987707


Sorry answered wrong post :)

b8df61  No.3987708


It needs to be split, it's too big.

8399e1  No.3987709

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

David Irving -

The Faking of Adolf Hitler for History


2fc6c3  No.3987710


Roberts is certainly acting like he's suddenly cornered, anon

Maybe CINC will free him too, like Graham

Or just replace him

298a85  No.3987711

>>3987393, >>3987408

Thanks bakers. I can relieve RGB in a couple hours if needed, and go till AB's ready to start.


>we need more bakers

That we do (and ty BV).


Don't let missteps stop you from trying again, new baker. You know how it is around here, we keep each other in check blunt-and-direct style. Being Anon means all that matters is the quality of your work product moving forward. Every baker starts out with a few fumbles, just persevere & hone your game as you go.

cbc021  No.3987712


They are scared of SA it seems

4bae36  No.3987713


An odd mix of all three.

183cdc  No.3987715


All of the above and also drama, history, horror and yes even love


21761b  No.3987716


Dude our government has been flooding our country with sleepers for years.

I truly donno what TF to do, the military is weakened, 28K serving, most overweight and lazy and stupid. Arty/inf/AF spec and SF seem to be only ones woke to anything but nobody is woke to the JQ controlling and all these tactics like demoralization normalization, the pedophilia, the queen shit, the money the FED all this shit. Nobody here in canada is waking up.

And the ones here who are woke AKA the right wingers suck israels fucking cock like its no tomorrow.

I might be crazy but if its as fucked up as I think it is, these khazarians are actual blood drinking cannibals and Trudeau is directly connected to all this shit no doubt he was groomed and I feel sort of bad you know?

like me former mil had a good clearance but had friends who told me straight up that yes, mk was done in montreal, same school as trudeau. then I start reading about israeli human egg stealing and I get to thinking, shit, is there human farms?

and then the whole cloning thing? fuck.. whos real?

even these people on this board, could be CIA promting and targeting.

I think staying anon is the best option here, too risky, but i will say this, even the masonic lodge here, the address added up = 33. they are fucking everywhere, my town in infested with drugs, my own sister addicted to meth or heroine or something, i cant figure it out. People turn a blind eye to it all, I just came back to my home town after leavin for a while and shit. came back red pilled and have been throttling Q all day every day. Sometimes I think, FUCK Canada has to go through what you guys did with Obama…. Push to the edge for normies to wake up.. But I can't wait, going to the woods but maybe if shit happens, like a they live thing where the radio frequency is broken, maybe ill come back.. staying aware till D5 but burnt the fuck out atm from digging lol need to get out side more. sorry for the rant… fuck i feel crazy

780efd  No.3987717


Free him then replace him.

He's weak and unreliable.

And Trump hates him.

38a7bc  No.3987718


Thank you CaliAnon.

Our population is only 37 million…we should be fully independent and rich with the immense resourses we have.

It is all being stolen, money laundered, transferred OUT of our country..and (they) crunch the numbers and know exactly how much each of us is 'worth' in their eyes and keep us at a barely-surviving position.

… Which isnt much! Zero wiggle room. Most people just trying to keep their heads above water.

Its a total crime spree by the psychopaths and NO ONE will stop it. Not even our military who should have already dragged trudeau out of office and straight to prison.

No one seems to know what to do to stop the damage and pilfering of our country!

I DO feel your pain California!

Sincerely, CanuckAnon

fc711e  No.3987719

Crypto Currency was a grand ploy to accumulate the funding via GPU sales to advance consumer graphic capabilities to create the first simulation.

b832ef  No.3987720


How does it feel being wall-e, a lame faggog supportbot of the r2d2 the spam pastabot?

You have no fame and no recognition :)

As for alinsky, looks like your developer hard coded it into your script. I dont have to make a cartoon level character of r2d2, this waste of python code is already a laughable caricature of an unorganic spam pastabot.


Im sorry again r2d2, but when an "anon" is stuck on "while(1) {spam_muhjew_pasta()}", it kinda seals the deal about your humanity :)

f2f8a8  No.3987721


'11 22 11

11 = Illuminated Beginning. 22 = Duality of Dark/Light. 11 = Illuminated Beginning.

This is the Light beginning to expose the Dark vs Light, and will end with a new Illuminated Beginning.

Ancient Tibetan Numerology.

b8df61  No.3987722


Nice pic of Aviante.

b8df61  No.3987724



183cdc  No.3987725

File: 8782e3b613220a7⋯.jpeg (75.39 KB, 1112x724, 278:181, 1530712577.jpeg)

0870dc  No.3987726

File: 3a49a3a17499585⋯.jpeg (34.92 KB, 640x506, 320:253, 3a49a3a17499585bbc8fc16cd….jpeg)


in a congress, satisfy,

with a wang, three


Cortez 2020

92adee  No.3987727

File: 3a6739e547d5106⋯.png (139.49 KB, 1664x862, 832:431, Fredman_Speech_Christian_v….png)

File: e61ef2346990848⋯.png (147.18 KB, 1665x931, 1665:931, Fredman_Speech_Christian_v….png)

File: 663e2f30ef8ffd9⋯.png (155.59 KB, 1671x910, 1671:910, Fredman_Speech_Christian_v….png)

File: 1b3bce8ca406b1f⋯.png (147.17 KB, 1665x927, 185:103, Fredman_Speech_Christian_v….png)

File: 11f0097b7911538⋯.png (133.29 KB, 1663x900, 1663:900, Fredman_Speech_Christian_v….png)


Again traitor, name calling is not going to make the facts I post any less factual.

Keep crying :)

What do you think about having the Israeli Ministries ordering people from AIPAC committing crimes against American people in American soil in order to politically benefit Israel?

>This is what you fear:

Biggest expose of the anti-America first Israeli Lobby in the history of journalism

An Al Jazeera journalist went 5 months undercover (in the spirit of Veritas MO) into AIPAC (he is a British jew), and the very top levels of Israeli administration are involved in the espionage, harassment, smear, silencing of American citizens due to their need to maintain support for Israel at any cost, the expense always being booted by the American tax payers and violation of the US 1st Amend.

This will radically change your views on Israel if you are still under the illusion that Israel is an ally of any Western Country.

Part 1:


Part 2:


>Some scenes:

-Israeli activist in the US claims to use false Facebook accounts to monitor US citizens and any sharing of information that might hurt American general public support of Israel. She communicates their identities directly to Ministries in Israel.

-Israel attacks supporters of the BDS movement world-wide, because they are a non-violent group that decided to be so due to it being the best strategy against the zionist military occupation.

-Israel uses top of the line social media technology to flag, censor, and if necessary harass and spy on any American and non-American that posts information that might hurt general public support for Israel

ce1ead  No.3987728


This is a very high IQ post

3ea5be  No.3987729


Do NOT give up anon!



780efd  No.3987730


I thought that was a pic from the future of HRC's hands as she's being led up to the gallows.

b8df61  No.3987731


*newly re-named: SMACK-A HOE

07db09  No.3987732

Did POTUS know that Roberts would tweet?

c7586d  No.3987733


welcome to the world fren. Thanks for waking up. Glad to be your neighbor just south of ya.

f82be8  No.3987734

File: df76df6907cac6b⋯.gif (1.7 MB, 320x179, 320:179, giphy.gif)


Theyre scared of a lot of things now. Enjoy the show.

961be1  No.3987735

File: ff170e320dd3c56⋯.png (440.19 KB, 1068x562, 534:281, Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at ….png)


That and his other hobbies?

ac40f9  No.3987736

File: 757af12c91c56a1⋯.png (415.79 KB, 644x431, 644:431, Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at ….png)


aab4e3  No.3987737


Clinton - RBG

Bush - Roberts

BHO - Soto & Kagan

In the event of Treason, or in BHO's case, illegitimate and Treason. Does Treason Negate SC Justices or just BHO's?

fc711e  No.3987738

File: 08aa013ffc84494⋯.jpeg (422.77 KB, 999x562, 999:562, IMG_908804A67B45-1.jpeg)

f67037  No.3987739


>New appointees to the board include Oracle CEO Safra Ada Catz…

If anyone knows how the the spooks operate, its ORCL. Watch out for that woman's spreadsheet!

1f4a78  No.3987740


Allison Mack gets restraining order on 'obsessed fan,' 53, seen lurking outside her parents' home while she is on house arrest in NXIVM sex trafficking case

780efd  No.3987741


Charles Manson eyes.

e4f746  No.3987742


Dialogue , you say?

972f2d  No.3987743





Yet anon still follows Hannity blindly.

0ae155  No.3987744


there's enough of us to build a community of 100 people.

build our own houses, grow our own food, grow hemp & manufacture our own products/sell them locally, educate our kids ourselves, experiment with forbidden tech, host 'woke' events of all types. and most important.

BUILD A FUCKING WALL AROUND OUR COMMUNITY. 12 feet high and don't let ANY government minions inside.

seriously interested in building this.

Trudeau is 100% comped.

b832ef  No.3987745


Again r2d2, pasta replies aint gonna make you any more human :)

a96bfe  No.3987746

File: b264b093afff934⋯.jpg (118.72 KB, 1050x549, 350:183, Zundel2-f.jpg)

a9b81f  No.3987747

File: f8ba20a8923c305⋯.png (369.43 KB, 600x789, 200:263, pepecanuckwantsin.png)


Suspect DECLAS brings down not only our House but the House of Cards worldwide.

That said, have a Pepe and come on over..

780efd  No.3987748


Trump loves him.

98244a  No.3987749

File: 82c95af89e32ae2⋯.jpg (46.69 KB, 499x279, 499:279, ocasio-cortes.jpg)


RULE 5: Ridicule is a man's most potent weapon.

Indeed it is.

←——— For Example

f163bd  No.3987751

File: 22ea6ee2df94038⋯.png (454.29 KB, 600x351, 200:117, pepe snail 04 buckle up.jp….png)

File: 1d8df22779ff5ea⋯.jpg (76.28 KB, 640x480, 4:3, pepe snail charge.jpg)

muh hurry up…

3b67a6  No.3987752

File: 175418e5c8aa04b⋯.png (218.91 KB, 565x822, 565:822, ClipboardImage.png)




These were placed directly on AOC's twats

c0a2da  No.3987753






2fc6c3  No.3987754


I hate his ass, too, anon

2e4e2b  No.3987755

File: b3aedda546e8b5f⋯.png (2.12 MB, 1275x1650, 17:22, Trudeau.png)

b8df61  No.3987756


Congress cant do squat. Only the sleeping DOJ can arrest.

92adee  No.3987757

File: 8c67d973ed4d6ed⋯.jpg (22.83 KB, 300x300, 1:1, Gimp-300x300.jpg)


Lol, he wanted a new master.

ddbe45  No.3987758

File: e8e4be1c1d7a144⋯.jpeg (99.57 KB, 794x960, 397:480, 9C13447B-B6AE-4528-91E0-9….jpeg)


Moar evidence Q modified the file name in PF 82 re: PF 74.

9th circuit into 2 to 3 circuits. @17:17


11/11 9/23 2nd 8chan board (PF) CA 0

please tell me someone has this level of autism too.

Q you did somehow intend for that file name to be exactly what it is right?

183cdc  No.3987759

File: 8bd6fd0d949303d⋯.png (1.87 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 8bd6fd0d949303d9d94695c779….png)

976e65  No.3987760

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

1e2882  No.3987761


I posted this bread as well.

SHILLS habbenin

c7586d  No.3987762


trying to imagine waking up in the morning to those eyes.

No need for coffee.

3f232e  No.3987763


yeah, second this

07db09  No.3987764

Mexico detains 213 Central American migrants in 4th caravan

Mexican immigration agents have detained almost all of the Central American migrants on a fourth caravan that recently entered Mexico seeking to reach the United States.

Mexico's National Immigration Institute says 213 migrants have been detained. Those found to lack proper documents face repatriation to their home countries.

The migrants were detained Wednesday on a highway between the Guatemalan border and the southern Mexican city of Tapachula.

They included 186 people from El Salvador, 16 from Guatemala, 10 Honduras and one Nicaraguan.

The group set out from El Salvador on Nov. 18 and apparently crossed the river dividing Guatemala and Mexico on Tuesday.

Mexico officials have detained smaller groups that split off from the first three larger caravans of thousands of migrants that entered starting Oct. 19.


673eb2  No.3987765

Wrong Justice Roberts, We the people no longer believe in the fake fairy tales that Judges are not biased or make laws instead of interpretating the law, as they should. Why would every Democrat Gov, Pres stack the courts with liberal Judges that disregard the constitution, eroding our constitution and bill of rights…case by case.

Wrong Justice Roberts-explain why every Dem Gov, Pres stacks the courts with liberal Judges that disregard the constitution or render such bizarre interpretations of it, like preventing female genital manipulation is against the constitution. Complete utter obama Judge nonsense!

No surprise here, coming from a George Bush Jr. appointed Justice. For decades, political parties sent out brochures endorsing certain Justices or stating the endorsements given to certain Justices. We never did believe the fairy tales that Justices were not biased.

b8df61  No.3987766


The Nazis finally are winning Europe. The next thing you know, the EU will have a leader named after a German war plane.

183cdc  No.3987767

File: 728fbaf4cf8d633⋯.jpeg (197.21 KB, 1440x1200, 6:5, 1539545788.jpeg)

976e65  No.3987768

File: a720348f966bdd8⋯.jpg (933.09 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, OHWOWJOBS.jpg)


780efd  No.3987769



>trying to imagine waking up in the morning to those eyes.

If it ever did happen, it would only happen once.

0870dc  No.3987770

File: a73a6eaa8ee1407⋯.jpg (148.27 KB, 425x519, 425:519, 738d553062618bf0ed8c0d6587….jpg)

File: 44deae8aa7d4b3e⋯.png (667.51 KB, 907x1002, 907:1002, a7a75e9307f806ce3222ace4e5….png)

File: 2d457ac3b2814eb⋯.jpg (93.57 KB, 663x593, 663:593, Pedorights on the rise htt….jpg)

File: 181450549f86a77⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1326x3603, 442:1201, Screenshot_2018-07-17 Pizz….png)


hiya rabbit!

32a43e  No.3987771


it's not politics, it's just more criminals.

Dox their comms, their money, their meetings, their travel. These people are stupid.

92adee  No.3987773

File: b6cdeb866530469⋯.jpg (2.82 MB, 2816x4472, 352:559, 1_Antifa_are_cultural_marx….jpg)

File: ddcaf5ccd39efe8⋯.png (346.04 KB, 777x437, 777:437, 2_Antifa_Israel.png)

File: befb8c1b23f50d7⋯.jpg (214.61 KB, 550x413, 550:413, 3_Antifa_Israel_2.jpg)

File: 2563f170d72f8bb⋯.png (232.83 KB, 639x1231, 639:1231, 4_AntiFa_ISIS_Connections.png)

File: 268ee1b884f6370⋯.jpg (1.21 MB, 949x1550, 949:1550, 5_ISIS_mossad_2.jpg)


And trying to discredit the facts I post by calling me a bot is not going to save your beloved Rothschild Greater Israel project, traitor :)

Reminder that Antifa has deep connections to Isreal via ISIS.

972f2d  No.3987774


You'll be able to see the rt's and, when they are hovered over, the content will be missing.

As will the post itself when scrolling down to or clicking on it.

c80bfa  No.3987775

File: f9172ccdcc08c20⋯.jpg (129.19 KB, 1024x466, 512:233, TheGreatestAmericanHeroOfA….jpg)

0a2ecf  No.3987776



c7586d  No.3987777


very true anon. fukin psycho bitch.

62d1f0  No.3987778


No meth and I thought this was just an average Wednesday?


6d7fcf  No.3987779

File: 79cdf208a2ad600⋯.jpg (60.18 KB, 580x317, 580:317, justice_tainted_001.jpg)

5ea5b8  No.3987780

File: 6ddac8991e3cbd0⋯.png (33.87 KB, 741x568, 741:568, ClipboardImage.png)

>Rev 9:7-10

>7And the locusts looked like horses prepared for battle, with something like crowns of gold on their heads, and faces like the faces of men. 8They had hair like that of women, and teeth like those of lions. 9They also had thoraxes like breastplates of iron, and the sound of their wings was like the roar of many horses and chariots rushing into battle. 10They had tails with stingers like scorpions, which had the power to injure people for five months.

Is this helicopters?

9de872  No.3987781

File: 215749fdb605be0⋯.jpeg (14.67 KB, 255x231, 85:77, Im the media now.jpeg)

eb4e00  No.3987782


>>3987675 Q clock update.

>>3987576 Trump names hand-picked panel to supervise, investigate intelligence community.

>>3987375 D5, Dec. 5 Graphic.

>>3987337 11, 22, 18 DJT Tweet deltas.

>>3987331 Capitalized JA in DJT Tweet = Julian Assange?

>>3987330 DJT Tweet: "There are a lot of CRIMINALS…"

976e65  No.3987783

File: 3f8bf502987390e⋯.jpg (129.57 KB, 1200x1086, 200:181, Reality-poster1.jpg)

8cb985  No.3987784

File: 46141e02d4768a4⋯.jpg (15.76 KB, 255x170, 3:2, capslock659693a0e772791b58….jpg)

c7586d  No.3987785


I wonder if Q actually does have access to a quantum computer. Im an IT guy and it kills me wondering if there really is a quantum computer.

21761b  No.3987786


I am ready to do this. I have comms background and my wife greenhouse experience. Cashed out my pension already, Trudeau is totally and unforgivably comped. Q said the CURE will spread WW. The CURE is US.. I know a few mormons with prepped land and a few Christians who are woke to the cannibalism but it's hard for everyone to see eye to eye, maybe the common enemy will be what brings us together, the chosen ones, to force the people to work together in a weird way eh..

Do you have anyone you can trust?

32d1d7  No.3987787

>>3987337 POTUS Twitter Deltas & JFK Anniversary.

Baker Notable


b8df61  No.3987788


Well, Your mom said she's busy.

98244a  No.3987789

File: 0c8cd97f1d4131d⋯.jpg (107.13 KB, 552x475, 552:475, Michelle Obama number 44.jpg)


That's Michael BEFORE transitioning. Number 44.

f25863  No.3987790

File: ecc49a09c8391e5⋯.png (235.34 KB, 914x966, 457:483, merchpointer2.png)

File: efe407a78d98b98⋯.jpg (322.14 KB, 1200x831, 400:277, merchsoup.jpg)

File: 8430f65c5b7d7ce⋯.jpg (86.31 KB, 1012x591, 1012:591, merchmagic.jpg)

File: fc871fc1790a8a5⋯.jpg (101.79 KB, 822x562, 411:281, merchblamegame.jpg)

File: bcf16ca53242963⋯.jpg (56.91 KB, 600x410, 60:41, merchmigrants.jpg)

>> 3987720

<How does it feel being wall-e, a lame faggog supportbot

Still has lowest recon skills of entire JIDF shill sweatshop on Hasbara duty. Here are the memes to prove it


This is fun

dd8f5f  No.3987791

File: 53fd29c1fbcdc42⋯.gif (1.36 MB, 332x192, 83:48, laserpointer.gif)

File: 4ce8395dd99d830⋯.jpg (133.58 KB, 564x816, 47:68, 2ferrarisandadumptruck.jpg)

So what is Q going to say when December 5 comes and goes with nothing happening, and his hyped D5 turns to jack shit … like every other post he's made?

Personally, I'm hoping we get another picture of some old guy's ear. We're due for one of them.

Or maybe a 1/2 empty truck with 3 pallets of nothing … of maybe another airplane picture … or maybe another picture of some coastline somewhere … or maybe a 2 year old picture of some bald guy walking around on an Asian street.

Because ALL those distracting pictures drained the swamp …. right?

Or, did all those posted pictures actually distract anons from an over-hyped Q post when the post turned out to be jack shit?

c2b89c  No.3987792

File: fbc0de1293722e3⋯.jpg (63.6 KB, 746x750, 373:375, trudeu.jpg)

92adee  No.3987793

File: b89f940c05d3274⋯.png (3.74 MB, 4784x4064, 299:254, Cabal_29_LU_17_07_18.png)

File: 64a14ac713f5440⋯.png (62.05 KB, 1152x418, 576:209, American_Committee_on_Unit….PNG)

File: 59e1c037bf4e2af⋯.jpg (394.47 KB, 992x1088, 31:34, Germany_Bows_To_Israel.jpg)

File: 50b7c810eea7c00⋯.png (113.47 KB, 1050x514, 525:257, Richard_Kalergi_anti_White….PNG)

File: b215d0a07100405⋯.png (22.77 KB, 958x167, 958:167, Richard_Kalergi_Max_Warbur….PNG)


>The Nazis

Top kek, implying that the EU project was not always a jewish supremacist project :)

c7586d  No.3987794

a9b81f  No.3987795

File: d5a2843eecc2311⋯.png (57.84 KB, 320x320, 1:1, mybordersmychoice.png)

976e65  No.3987796

File: b73f9ea5ddf23d2⋯.jpg (51.79 KB, 484x536, 121:134, download.jpg)

972f2d  No.3987797


So fucking what?

If Trump jumped off one of his towers, would you follow?

I bet you would.

Say BAAAAA, you lemming.

2fc6c3  No.3987798


quads confirm again

2e4e2b  No.3987799

File: 041a41d87dff3e0⋯.png (2.97 MB, 1275x1650, 17:22, Schiff.png)

3b67a6  No.3987800

File: 5b0760bb66d292c⋯.png (4.83 MB, 2951x1584, 2951:1584, News Actors.png)


Some do

b9e566  No.3987801

File: c62868b4db04b68⋯.png (1.72 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, Screenshot_20181121-144101.png)

Let the healing in California begin. Spotted just now.

2b88f8  No.3987802


Truman's cube.

69e2c0  No.3987803

eb4e00  No.3987804




>>3987675 Q clock update.

>>3987576 Trump names hand-picked panel to supervise, investigate intelligence community.

>>3987375 D5, Dec. 5 Graphic.

>>3987337 POTUS Twitter Deltas & JFK Anniversary.

>>3987331 Capitalized JA in DJT Tweet = Julian Assange?

>>3987330 DJT Tweet: "There are a lot of CRIMINALS…"

0d1a04  No.3987805


There is a measure of redemption in coming clean.

God has mercy on people who truly regret past sins and come clean.

Think about it, Justice Roberts. It's the right thing to do.

311ef6  No.3987806

File: 609c07b7bcd6aa0⋯.jpg (33.34 KB, 590x350, 59:35, 46499327_746319309067731_6….jpg)

Is this our missing "L"


9de872  No.3987807

File: 7683b6cb516bc93⋯.jpeg (170.18 KB, 599x548, 599:548, Dank.jpeg)


This is the showdown DJT is setting up with Roberts.

Roberts may not like it, but no way Roberts wins this one.

Expect DJT to start on the "tax" ruling re: Obamacare that Roberts wrote.

Roberts is toast by the first of the year.

24ff7c  No.3987808

Satanic Settlement Reached in 'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina' Statue Suit

Netflix hired Satan(Hussein)

They now make amicable deals openly with the Satanic Temple


32a43e  No.3987809


don't quit your day job.

62d1f0  No.3987810


Only person to realize they're dying and not be like "Gak! Wheeeeeeeeze! Bluuuuurg."

So amazing. So profound.


32800d  No.3987811


kek! one of my favorite christmas specials.

573fef  No.3987812


rom here to You tube to a paytriot or a nice guys with YT and then to those whom won't read the breads themselves, tweets, etc.

c7586d  No.3987813


thats been my assumption

ac4996  No.3987814


At your discretion obviously.

>>3987764 Mexico detains 213 Central American migrants in 4th caravan.

>>3987736 Did DJT hire Matt Whittaker as acting AG to prosecute Hilary Clinton.

>>3987618 >>3987653 DJT Twatter. "79% of these decisions have been overturned in 9th circuit".

>>3987576 Trump names hand-picked panel to supervise, investigate intelligence community.

>>3987560 Reminder (and posted for newfags). Epoch times Spygate graphic.

>>3987524 Mark (NPC) Zukerberg will not be stepping down as chairmans - Muh CNN sauce (video).

>>3987500 College students in Oregon explain why Thanksgiving is racist.

>>3987488 United states v Cohen - Request to unseal materials (search warrant materials related to Michael Cohen).

>>3987478 Breaking 911: As least 3 shot, 2 dead at home in upscale retirement community in Nashville.

>>3987400 We mustn't flood Germany with Africans there are too many of them.

>>3987389 Moar calls for direct technocracy in America as democracy falters.

98244a  No.3987815


“Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States, was

born Michael LaVaughn Robinson in Chicago, Illinois on January 17th,


He was the second son born to Fraser Robinson III, a well known

cocaine dealer and union thug for Crime Lord/Mayor Richard J. Daley, and

Marian Shields Robinson, a transient street prostitute who was

diagnosed with the HIV virus in 1998.

He was a popular high school

athlete and in 1982, he accepted a scholarship to play middle linebacker

for the Oregon State Beavers.

After finishing a respectable rookie season with 88 tackles and 7.5

sacks, he suddenly dropped out of the school.

Fellow teammates observed

that Robinson could regularly be heard lamenting over how he is a

“woman trapped inside a man’s body”, and on January 13th, 1983, he

underwent sex reassignment surgery at Johns Hopkins University School of


To hide the shame of his new identity, Michael left Oregon

State to attend Princeton University under his new legal name, “Michelle


Years later, he met Barry Obama Jr. a Kenyan immigrant who

later became aware of Michelle’s ‘true’ identity. They subsequently

married and adopted two children.”

0d2c32  No.3987816


Hello baker,

Can you please add the Switzerland getting out of UN migration pact post as well?

It went unnoticed by the former baker :(

0a2ecf  No.3987817


Just (((STOP))) I'm whimpering like a candyass.

b8df61  No.3987818


Ask NavySealThreatFag to kill him, that will work.

0d1a04  No.3987819


kek, no. Nice pictures of Lady Trump, though

c3f7f2  No.3987820

File: e892f8702d697cd⋯.jpg (211.98 KB, 591x749, 591:749, nc gold mercury.jpg)

File: 7b51bfef556d13e⋯.jpg (618.78 KB, 1551x893, 33:19, Possible gold site record ….jpg)

File: 52408d36f30b8e1⋯.pdf (3.09 MB, GOLD DEPOSITS AND MINES IN….pdf)


>>3986663 (lb) GOLD FROM WASTE

>>3986798 (lb) shill

>no shill but did want others more gullible to consider the similarities.

>If you got something good to share do it and post results, not ask others to get involved before you

If you can't recognize the value in what I posted, then you are either a retard or a shill. If you wanted more information (proof that I am not BSing anyone), you could have simply asked instead of acting like a shill. However, I will not spoon-feed anyone.

It was a gift (READ the OP) not a request.

c7586d  No.3987822


actually I did. Old man got terminal cancer. Had to quit and take care of him. Now hes dead and Im an unemployed anon. yay

2b41c7  No.3987823


I'd love to hear a knowledgeable explanation of the mechanics of how the 9th circuit could be broken up. Does it require legislation or just an EO? When was the last time the judicial boundaries were changed and how did it occur?

This is monumental.

1e9025  No.3987824


Thx anon, I knew synagouge was a spoopy name for a temple.

36516a  No.3987825

File: 2dc5dbc5f4fbebb⋯.jpg (17.79 KB, 250x163, 250:163, BATMONEY.jpg)

51c42a  No.3987826

File: c564ead9f165d3d⋯.png (834.27 KB, 1028x878, 514:439, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7e8ad57c22ecca9⋯.png (28.05 KB, 1188x869, 108:79, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0e0f1527395ae90⋯.png (30.51 KB, 1045x841, 1045:841, ClipboardImage.png)


They really believe they can hide in plain sight.

5010ce  No.3987827

File: 020fec532654ef5⋯.png (726.13 KB, 808x455, 808:455, ClipboardImage.png)

eb4e00  No.3987828


>>3987675 Q clock update.

>>3987576 Trump names hand-picked panel to supervise, investigate intelligence community.

>>3987375 D5, Dec. 5 Graphic.

>>3987337 POTUS Twitter Deltas & JFK Anniversary.

>>3987331 Capitalized JA in DJT Tweet = Julian Assange?

>>3987330 DJT Tweet: "There are a lot of CRIMINALS…"

>>3987764 Mexico detains 213 Central American migrants in 4th caravan.

>>3987736 Did DJT hire Matt Whittaker as acting AG to prosecute Hilary Clinton.

>>3987618 >>3987653 DJT Twatter. "79% of these decisions have been overturned in 9th circuit".

>>3987576 Trump names hand-picked panel to supervise, investigate intelligence community.

>>3987560 Reminder (and posted for newfags). Epoch times Spygate graphic.

>>3987524 Mark (NPC) Zukerberg will not be stepping down as chairmans - Muh CNN sauce (video).

>>3987500 College students in Oregon explain why Thanksgiving is racist.

>>3987488 United states v Cohen - Request to unseal materials (search warrant materials related to Michael Cohen).

>>3987478 Breaking 911: As least 3 shot, 2 dead at home in upscale retirement community in Nashville.

>>3987400 We mustn't flood Germany with Africans there are too many of them.

>>3987389 Moar calls for direct technocracy in America as democracy falters.

4bae36  No.3987829


>if the president were willing to task it in a serious investigative way and then follow up, the board could be quite useful. But I don't see President Trump being that serious and that bureaucratically savvy."

They STILL underestimate this man… the brainwashing is real.

dd8f5f  No.3987830



>Since Mr. Trump excels in dishonesty, it is now up to members of Congress to obtain & declassify the CIA findings on Jamal Khashoggi’s death. No one in Saudi Arabia—most especially the Crown Prince—should escape accountability for such a heinous act.

Why is it our fucking business that the Saudis killed a journalist that they thought was a spy?

Fuck Brennan.

21761b  No.3987831


Agreed, this is the only safe platform to talk on, everything else too risky.. we get lost in the fog here.

whats the property like, im looking to buy, no loans

69e2c0  No.3987832

File: dc5e061e3f6ef51⋯.png (293.45 KB, 438x494, 219:247, big mike.png)

92adee  No.3987833

File: 5c0f4ca31b893d6⋯.gif (36.02 KB, 200x146, 100:73, Wojack_group_hug.gif)


Sorry for your loss anon.

36516a  No.3987834



f67037  No.3987835


It was a Friday. Mom took us to DC on Sunday to watch the caisson go by and go thru the Rotunda. Very sad time in this country. It shocked everyone.

c7586d  No.3987836


Thanks anon.

0ae155  No.3987837


yes. was here for pizzagate and it woke me up 100% and i've managed to wake up a couple close friends.

sorry for shitting up bread but so hard to find like minded leafs

b8df61  No.3987838


A long list of nothing really happened in April.

7cc7f4  No.3987839

5ea5b8  No.3987840

File: 0ec6b8fc0b63346⋯.png (100.02 KB, 500x292, 125:73, ClipboardImage.png)


My gender is Revelations 9:7-10

Please do not mis-gender.

f2f8a8  No.3987841

File: 8538576c646ca58⋯.jpeg (168.66 KB, 1600x898, 800:449, iu-10.jpeg)


NorCal anon here and it has been RAINING today.

311ef6  No.3987842


She is so Beautiful I am sure bad pictures dont exist of her.

36516a  No.3987843

File: 16e1095a2aa861c⋯.png (357.12 KB, 500x1017, 500:1017, who-does-vote-for-these-di….png)

8892cc  No.3987844


Pray not anon.

92adee  No.3987845

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Oh, they don't, they fear him, so they use their MSM apparatus to try and smear him as much as they can.

32800d  No.3987846


hoping we get some in SoCal.

1e2882  No.3987847

File: 220e680a6b2c3a5⋯.jpg (21.87 KB, 498x319, 498:319, ACbb.jpg)

File: 511b6085642399a⋯.jpg (29.83 KB, 306x423, 34:47, JS.jpg)

Anyone else see this?

ee9680  No.3987848

File: f83aa46ee3698bf⋯.jpeg (11.25 KB, 255x205, 51:41, 1fe1e09137e314d6a1cd081b5….jpeg)

36516a  No.3987849

File: 0befb65104b8602⋯.png (47.26 KB, 590x262, 295:131, IMG_2506.PNG)

260aa5  No.3987850

Notables are not endorsements.

Also KEK

24ff7c  No.3987851


Anything related to Satan and Netflix to me is notable



0d1a04  No.3987852


Racy pics? Sure. Bad pics? Have never seen one.

dd8f5f  No.3987853

File: b968bbd898529e0⋯.jpg (1.88 MB, 2058x3493, 294:499, vintage1.jpg)

2fc6c3  No.3987854

I keep losing our TULSI GABBARD anon but I hope he's a regular who can plate up her CULT history/background when the time's ripe. Leverage needed wherever we find it.

a48a2e  No.3987855

File: 348eaa555b77f34⋯.jpg (4.17 KB, 300x168, 25:14, oc1.jpg)


Fake Hillary. Real Hillary is side of beef.

b9e566  No.3987856


Today was the first day in about 2 weeks I was able to open my window for fresh air. Was able to see blue sky for a few minutes before clouds rolled in.

36516a  No.3987857

File: 31774c53898136d⋯.png (52.73 KB, 590x262, 295:131, IMG_2524.PNG)

f2f8a8  No.3987859


Someone should make a list. Poland and another one I can't remember.

a34f13  No.3987860

Delta…three Trump tweets…




Tomorrow is Thanksgiving… 11/22/18

972f2d  No.3987861


>because there is NOTHING the people can do when the crooks in power outnumber us 100 to 1.

Blatantly untrue!

We are slowly waking up to that fact.

I just hope it's not already too late.

I'm not holding my breath, though.

c2b89c  No.3987862

File: d45a915827dfe8f⋯.jpg (49.12 KB, 532x438, 266:219, 22_11-47-50.jpg)


I second that motion

07db09  No.3987863

>>3987073 LB

I don't think whitaker is the special prosecutor,

Huber is the Special prosecutor who was appointed/hired by Sessions, Trump's AG.

Remember the breitbart article in which Jonathan Turley said that Huber was just like a Special Prosecutor, but BETTER!

aab4e3  No.3987864


jeezus…I do now.

Bloodlines of these people.

98244a  No.3987865


Machine is not a gender.

36516a  No.3987866

File: 5c61268db0031ed⋯.png (53.36 KB, 590x262, 295:131, IMG_2523.PNG)

0ae155  No.3987867


here we go?

will pray for usa anons tonight. gonna try to sleep under the moon tn.

a9b81f  No.3987868


Drive safely everyone.

Roads are slick.

Rain is helping the smoke, hopefully help put out the fires.

0d2c32  No.3987869

File: 0bdc484ade10518⋯.jpg (12.53 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 0bdc484ade10518b07d4027089….jpg)


We could make a list with all the white countries and then cross them out as soon as the country leaves


62d1f0  No.3987870


"If" there really is a qc? Anon. ANON! C'mon.

D-Wave and whatnot?


What if Q is a quantum computer? An AI? I dunno. Just saying what if.

ad5525  No.3987871


Creepy duplicate-one-side-of-face anon

dd8f5f  No.3987872


Attack Helicopter is though.

92adee  No.3987873

File: c6c2b33e5c69cc6⋯.png (201.06 KB, 415x558, 415:558, My_sides.png)

21761b  No.3987874


me too. 2016 was nuts. you remember gord downie last concert in ontario? he mentioned the natives?

he knew.. I flew up there to the communities, seen the truth for myself, they are trafficking.

what I am now realizing though.. there was Americans with us…. hmm, national guard, army couple public affairs… I wonder if it was info gathering..

92adee  No.3987875

38a7bc  No.3987876


I would never give them the power over me to make me kill myself..and neither should you.

(They) are the worthless scum that need a dirt nap.

I am on social media and have been 'waking' people up. Have been for 15 plus yrs.

The zombies are ALLERGIC to truth!!

They think I am the one that is bent!

Many Cdns are livid with whats happening to our country. Holding politicians to do what's right is near impossible. They lie their way in…and lie and steal our tax dollars until their fat pension kicks in. Its a never-ending crime spree.

36516a  No.3987877

File: 5ff6d572b0a4025⋯.png (51.29 KB, 590x262, 295:131, yogurt.png)

07db09  No.3987878

Who does Trump call crooked? Hillary.

Hillary is crooked, or criminal.

Hillary is behind the criminals in the caravan.

1e9025  No.3987879


jfc how many politicians do you have up there?

374c36  No.3987880


Hungary and Austria too.


972f2d  No.3987881


muh raysist!

62d1f0  No.3987882

c7586d  No.3987883


Ive heard that theory. Very possible.

0d1a04  No.3987884

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.




1e2882  No.3987885


My God- just stuck me- his wife… ever seen the Stepford Wives?

c7586d  No.3987886

0ae155  No.3987887


yes. 100% - ended up spending an afternoon with low life criminals. one was native and grew up around Hell's Angels.

Sioux St Marie is literally in the centre of the Great Lakes Pentagram. She said it's a human trafficking & fentanyl hub.

36516a  No.3987888

File: 132042ba17575ba⋯.png (54.46 KB, 590x262, 295:131, IMG_2522.PNG)

51c42a  No.3987889

File: 9c9f622e302423d⋯.png (47.3 KB, 414x822, 69:137, ClipboardImage.png)


I agree.

ce1ead  No.3987890

POTUS is 100 miles ahead of these clowns.

Roberts preaches “independence” for the judiciary?

When the SC fucks him royally POTUS can say his hands are clean, kek

0a2ecf  No.3987891

File: 33da19293beb572⋯.png (137.29 KB, 202x300, 101:150, ClipboardImage.png)

Slept with 47 meshuggah JIDF sluts so far, and slowly turned them into respectable, modest Christians.

Who's next, Shill-babes?

483cbf  No.3987892

File: c20ae4ad74a31e2⋯.png (1 MB, 886x1126, 443:563, ClipboardImage.png)



36516a  No.3987893

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

0870dc  No.3987894

File: 03645b3e245090b⋯.png (970.85 KB, 1180x664, 295:166, 03645b3e245090ba32c760421e….png)

File: 567c5dabad965a8⋯.jpg (309.83 KB, 1795x815, 359:163, 896dda35196d0ef513d0a13cb5….jpg)

File: 5d85b4e224f3abb⋯.png (887.72 KB, 1356x830, 678:415, 6c69997ce51f03706b0e309fea….png)