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File: 4e094838c2c77ba⋯.png (8.72 KB, 255x143, 255:143, qresearc.png)

ac17fc  No.3120622

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Q Research supports attacking terrible ideas with better ones. We believe the use of violence only proves a bad argument. We are researchers who deal in open-source information and informed opinion. We neither need nor condone the use of violence in our work here.




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Q - Killing The Mockingbird - (2nd in vid series): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80s5xuvzCtg

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Q's Latest Posts

Friday 09.21.18

>>3118306 rt >>3118079 ———----------——– 17 Second Delta Graphic

>>3118276 rt >>3117830 ———----------——– Nice catch, Anon.

>>>/patriotsfight/276 —————–—————- 2165.png ( Cap: >>3117165 )

Thursday 09.20.18

>>>/patriotsfight/275 rt /pf/274 ———–——— https://twitter.com/306Deplorables/status/1042965260544733186 (Cap: >>3115567 ; Vid: >>3115591 )

>>3115380 rt >>3115286 ———----------——– [-10:34] VIP Patriot Front Row.

>>>/patriotsfight/274 —————–—————- POTUS provided you w/ a VERY special greeting. (Cap: >>3115284 )

>>>/patriotsfight/273 —————–—————- Good catch, Patriot. (Cap: >>3115071 )

>>>/patriotsfight/272 —————–—————- VIP Patriot ( Cap: >>3112565, >>3112577, >>3112595 )

>>>/patriotsfight/271 —————–—————- Those in attendance - be vigilant tonight. ( Cap: >>3112462 )

>>>/patriotsfight/270 —————–—————- https://saraacarter.com/fbi-memos-raise-deep-questions-about-russia-trump-intel-assessment/ ( Cap: >>3112169 )

>>>/patriotsfight/269 —————–—————- History will judge you well. (Cap: >>3108587 )

>>>/patriotsfight/268 —————–—————- Rosenstein impeachment would delay SC pick (Cap: >>3108344 )

>>3107301 rt >>3107152 ———----------——– We thank him for his service to this country.

>>3107082 rt >>3106936 ———----------——– Imagine the frustrations if we weren’t here communicating w/ you.

>>3106948 rt >>3106697 ———----------——– Thank you, Anon.

>>3106858 rt >>3106797 ———----------——– Faster than you know.

>>3106798 rt >>3106763 ———----------——– What does that tell you when it continually happens?

>>3106768 rt >>3106680 ———----------——– Panic in DC re: Baker confirmed?

>>3106676 rt >>3106656 ———----------——– Impressive, Anon.

>>3106585 rt >>3106571 ———----------——– Less than (1).

>>>/patriotsfight/267 rt /pf/221 ————–——- [13:35] (Cap: >>3106459 )

Wednesday 09.19.18

>>3095226 rt >>3094846 ———----------——– 412,000 now.

>>3095105 rt >>3094804 ———----------——– False, moon landings are real.

>>3094565 ———-----------------------------——– Tracking 330,000 IPs which is causing extreme lag.

>>3094453 rt >>3093917 ———----------——– [RR] stand down due to K conf.

>>3094236 rt >>3093831 ———----------——– No. Highest classification. Consider the vastness of space

>>3093898 rt >>3093795 ———----------——– Yes

>>3093821 ———-----------------------------——– /CM/ pls divert more resources/bandwidth into board

>>3093784 rt >>3093306 ———----------——– None are protected. None are safe

>>3093508 rt >>3093293 ———----------——– In the end, all will be right

>>3093430 rt >>3093289 ———----------——– Billionaire(s) 187

>>3093270 ———-----------------------------——– Q&A

>>3093117 ———-----------------------------——– PANIC IN UK, DC, UK, DC

>>3093024 ———-----------------------------——– Castle lock

>>>/patriotsfight/266 —————–—————- Think of context ( Cap: >>3092071 )

>>>/patriotsfight/265 —————–—————- Got popcorn? ( Cap: >>3091915 )

>>>/patriotsfight/264 —————–—————- How about a nice game of chess? ( Cap: >>3091799 )

Tuesday 09.18.18

Compiled here: >>3112614

Monday 09.17.18

Compiled here: >>3093355

Q's Private Board >>>/patriotsfight/ | Qs Tripcode: Q !!mG7VJxZNCI

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Dealing with Clowns & Shills

>>2322789, >>2323031 How To Quickly Spot A Clown

ac17fc  No.3120624


are not endorsements


>>2954845, >>2955152 #DeclassifyFISA <----- MAKE THIS GO VIRAL <-----

>>2956097 Thread Specifically For DECLAS Memes

>>3054499 TMZ article/FEMA director backs POTUS statement that fewer died in PR than reports


>>3098124 CodeMonkey Update on the server upgrades

>>3087072 Q: The Basics - An Introduction to Q and the Great Awakening v.1.0 (SPREAD IT)

>>3023169, >>3001747 BO/BV announces >>>/patriotsawoken/ as our SFW sister board

>>2993403, >>3079699 The OFFICIAL replacement for /r/greatawakening on VOAT (spread for the normies): https://voat.co/v/theawakening


>>3119970 Multiple people stabbed in Queens, NYC including children

>>3119964, >>3120063 @DJT: Kav charges,

>>3119958 Hungary's Based Orban's "business as usual" w/Czar Vlad a DGAF to the EU

>>3119932, >>3119950 NY D-Sen Gillibrand loud-screaming, Kav doesn't act "innocent"

>>3119920, >>3119930, >>3119954 Lefties finally getting some IRS attention

>>3119901 Surprise! D-Hawaii Mazie Hirono: screams loudest, is rly hypocrite

>>3119890 Dems Baldwin & Pocohontas: to fundraise or not surrounding Kav Accuser

Baker Change

>>3120299 Breakdown of most recent EO re: sanctions against US adversaries

>>3120386 British PM May demanding new proposals to break EU “impasse”

>>3120452 Yale prof. rejects claim of Kavanaugh only hiring hot chicks

>>3120457 GOP lawmaker goes public w/meme re: Lincoln groping RBG

>>3120494 Russia’s secret plan to help JA escape the UK

>>3120605 Nunes: unredacted FISA docs will show Hussein DOJ used Carter Page as a Trump campaign mole

>>3120553 #3948

#3947 (Baker Change and board outage)

>>3119159, >>3119161, >>3119234, >>3119276 Project 1947 Dig

>>3119150 DoD releases first new cyber strategy in three years

>>3119234 What is the CEFAA?

>>3119260 U.S. built flying wing disc aircraft?

>>3119293 Anon claims about Kav accuser

>>3119331, >>3119345 Chile releases Official Study Results on UFOs

>>3119357, >>3119360, >>3119366 UFO videos related to above

>>3119412 German Archive Anon Hash update; 3953 breads to date

>>3119430 Diamond and Silk chime in on Kav accuser

>>3119463, >>3119472 HRC Saul Alinsky thesis

>>3119521 Russian PM Medvedev alludes to UFOs as well

>>3119575 Canadians also alluding to UFOs

>>3119859 Sealed indictments plateau

>>3119834 #3947


>>3118400 POTUS rt Ivanka about going back to the moon

>>3118390 Moar on the Vietnam President dead at 61.

>>3118508 Sexual Abuse Is So Rampant The Catholic Church Is Looking To Set Up A Crisis Hotline

>>3118748 Catholic Charities of Boston president is retiring

>>3118830 FDA scolds pharmaceutical lab for operating microbrewery in drug testing space

>>3118902 We know Mueller is dirty and this story shows he depths of his depravity

>>3119024 #3946


>>3117566 Sen. Lindsey Graham Fires Off Midnight Tweet: “Kavanaugh Nomination is Still on Track – Stay Tuned!”

>>3117588 Trump May Consider Meeting Iran President at UN If Rouhani Asks, Haley Says

>>3117708 Resignations in the news today

>>3117736 Beyoncé’s Former Drummer Claims Singer Molested Her with ‘Dark Magic,’ ‘Extreme Witchcraft’

>>3117846 Women’s March, Other Left-Wing Groups Violated IRS Rules. Their Nonprofit Status Could Be In Jeopardy

>>3117950 Don Jr: Google employees brainstormed, ways to alter search functions to counter Trump’s 2017 travel ban

>>3118078 BREAKING: Vietnamese President Tran Dai Quang has died at age 61

>>3118139 Christine Blasey Ford has ties to an abortion pill pharmaceutical company called Corcept Therapeutics

>>3118240 #3945

#3944 Baker Change

>>3116767 BREAKING: FORMER SCALIA LAW CLERK Drops Pictures and Evidence That Blows Christine Ford’s Case Wide Open

>>3116836 Turkey Is Massing Troops Near SDF Positions In Syria’s Tell Abyad

>>3116864 Michael Hill CEO announces resignation


>>3116955 POTUS makes possible Q signal

>>3116968 Missouri Chief Information Security Officer Michael Roling to resign

>>3117163 POTUS schedule for tomorrow

>>3117172 Ted Nuget in the front row of the rally

>>3117341 VW leaves Iran

>>3117352 Republicans plan an 'October Surprise' in the form of a document dump and conspiracy theories

>>3117483 #3944

Previously Collected Notables

>>3116670 #3943

>>3114416 #3940, >>3115134 #3941, >>3115906 #3942

>>3112061 #3937, >>3112866 #3938, >>3113659 #3939

>>3109557 #3934, >>3110360 #3935, >>3111272 #3936

>>3107194 #3931, >>3107979 #3932, >>3108773 #3933

>>3104854 #3928, >>3105654 #3929, >>3106454 #3930

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File: 44a42136d222039⋯.jpeg (29.07 KB, 354x261, 118:87, RemodelArt.jpeg)



a36ca4  No.3120678

File: 3990637101c06cd⋯.png (160.57 KB, 375x293, 375:293, 7B7_Vx.png)

5ebec2  No.3120679

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Dershowitz: Ford's request is an 'anti-American concept'

207e86  No.3120683

File: eec4328e2175b4a⋯.jpg (35.28 KB, 660x371, 660:371, 753y979tc5uvbyvucvutc.jpg)


thanQ baker!

92e01b  No.3120684

File: 69de1c0937b57bd⋯.jpg (63.77 KB, 759x422, 759:422, FlotusBeBest.jpg)

love u frens, keep up the good fight!

08fcee  No.3120685

File: 1cf00aa44a13db5⋯.jpg (142.03 KB, 720x960, 3:4, IMG_0042.JPG)


106b14  No.3120686



"did qanon write this"

even the normies must see how weird their obessesion with a "4 chan larp" is

f4a664  No.3120687

File: 810efb5e91a5003⋯.png (286.15 KB, 1328x623, 1328:623, Capture.PNG)

When did they SCRUB the yearbook. Google still has cache.

ea1ae2  No.3120688


obvious truth is obvious. anyone who cant understand this post needs to seriously gtfo and let the shills od their job. ffs dont do it for them.

be2c76  No.3120689

File: 1f23b1ece86a4fb⋯.jpg (15.02 KB, 351x395, 351:395, Cunt.jpg)

File: 644c148144c7637⋯.jpg (53.52 KB, 695x500, 139:100, She was 15.jpg)

64 lovers in High School. hell….I'm probably not the first one to call her a slut and a cunt for doing what she is doing 35 years later.

fa3745  No.3120690

The Nazi order.

NWO [N does not refer to “New”].

Any Ideas on N ?

Nephilim ? Noahide ? Nimrod? Nymza?

a193f0  No.3120691

>>3120616 ( last bread )

What next, the last straw rant?

Leave the party.

Why be here?

Go find a spot in the Arctic National WIldlife Preserve, fend for yourself and live a totally free life.

wa wa wa

e749e9  No.3120692

I wonder if female hormone therapy affects black men far differently than white.

08fcee  No.3120693



ac17fc  No.3120694

File: 5c6d630ea495478⋯.png (82.94 KB, 580x347, 580:347, Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at ….png)


7dceb9  No.3120695

File: 8d84d4c2268a923⋯.jpg (48.96 KB, 786x432, 131:72, Dnnv0LAXoAArTzQ.jpg)


Devin Nunes on Fox giving us the Nutshell this AM

Not the entire interview, but the bulk.

Start w/ the ILLEGAL unmaskings….. to DECLAS.

THIS is where we're at.

We will be "Satisfied"….per Nunes.

(though he cites the 20 pages we need, no mention of texts)

0c678e  No.3120696

File: d2db1fcd8ae4b2e⋯.png (458.95 KB, 804x562, 402:281, Screenshot from 2018-09-20….png)

Noticed a red castle in Okeefes deep state video yesterday. Army Corps of Engineers and GAO share an office building from the looks of it

81a88c  No.3120697

It’s spelled (((Dershowitz))).


29eab8  No.3120698



It's all about the tech, anon.

ca1b52  No.3120699

File: 2f440ab991b53c5⋯.jpg (244.83 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, hEe34bB.jpg)

Thank you, Baker!

a193f0  No.3120700


Ask leafie.

Bet he/she/it has freinds who know.

78f2f8  No.3120701


Woah! Slowly, slowly catchy monkey……kek!

c7e6e2  No.3120702

File: 183c39d783d8568⋯.jpg (111.38 KB, 768x768, 1:1, wgfhdb1o3ln11.jpg)

7dceb9  No.3120703


Great eye, anon!!

4b1235  No.3120704

File: c306278ff58fd6c⋯.jpg (71.13 KB, 640x427, 640:427, download (1).jpg)

No one putting this together?

Ivanka Trump tours NASA center in Houston, calls space crew



False, moon landings are real.

Programs exist that are outside of public domain.




Highest classification.

Consider the vastness of space.


These questions just came up the night before Ivanka goes to a NASA space ship?


cc67d5  No.3120705

File: 0f56e456241994d⋯.png (596.99 KB, 629x412, 629:412, NosyFKers.PNG)

This app shows your friends’ voting history and makes it easy to nudge them to get to the polls

The 2014 midterm election saw the lowest voter turnout in 70 years, with just 36.4 percent of eligible voters making it to the polls. As we approach another, arguably more consequential, midterm election in November, a handful of Seattle and Washington D.C. technologists have launched an app to encourage more people to vote.


08fcee  No.3120706

File: b436c0e97eb7a2d⋯.jpg (131.34 KB, 1204x663, 1204:663, IMG_0439.JPG)

5d9536  No.3120707


All world orders are new orders. A new world order is not THE new world order.

855168  No.3120708

File: f259e79154c29fe⋯.jpg (22.36 KB, 275x183, 275:183, 2egkb1.jpg)

File: edcd4d3873eb234⋯.jpg (73.17 KB, 473x737, 43:67, 2i7ckf~2.jpg)

Sessions problem is that he is lazy.

aae30a  No.3120709

No Sword Anon today?

31414b  No.3120710

Does watch the water have anything to do with the photo of the fountain in LV?

d58a76  No.3120711

File: 9fd151a11348b06⋯.png (722.38 KB, 706x506, 353:253, hrc2.png)

4acc1e  No.3120712

File: 0d144ad20888823⋯.png (94.39 KB, 255x170, 3:2, Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at ….png)

>>3120585 lb

Re read the drops

WE are here for people like you, the news is fake ALL OF IT , I'm not even sure half these people are real, its all been a stage for a long time,

Its being dismantled so it will take a tour guide to deliver us to the new world of technology, people panic and get scared [and kill things there scared of]

there is another society running in parallel with us that we don't know about

[think men in black]

But the news is going to fight to keep you in this narrative, read the EO from yesterday I'm pretty sure

The banks can't even service Loans anymore .

How would you WAKE UP the sheeps?

the Information that you want [and I guess everyone else to know] is coming

keep in mind the names you know are puppets, you don't even know the REAL enemies names


ab51ce  No.3120713


Therefore, the Inspector General is fired.

d58a76  No.3120714

File: 2889565d36b3acd⋯.png (151 KB, 403x374, 403:374, bush.png)

08fcee  No.3120715





f4a664  No.3120716

File: 761688ae69a4319⋯.png (15.29 KB, 657x112, 657:112, Capture2.PNG)

78f2f8  No.3120717


It's coming…….tease that shit out

d58a76  No.3120718

File: 44dbb4f8a1906fb⋯.png (568.55 KB, 452x586, 226:293, buzz2.png)

a193f0  No.3120719


When the day comes I don’t see this in the bread first thing, I’ll think you’ve had a stroke or sumthin.

591eb0  No.3120720

File: 457c54f96844241⋯.gif (1.12 MB, 320x289, 320:289, 457c54f96844241093a1d6500d….gif)

>>3120532 (LB)

>I thought that delta's worked like this:

>Q posts.

>DJT posts.

>Delta achieved.



>Q: #2245 / PF276:


Q posted 17sec AFTER DJT - not before, right?

OK so really not trying to slide. Still trusting the plan. IMO, this was simply a mistake unless I don't understand Deltas.

It's also considered a delta if DJT/Q post within 60 seconds of each other - no matter WHO posts first? Help me out anons.

2213a9  No.3120722

File: 19804eb6bff1f77⋯.jpeg (61.92 KB, 600x404, 150:101, 2368DC89-4380-4951-B80C-9….jpeg)

File: 1b965497762930d⋯.jpeg (91.57 KB, 638x825, 58:75, AB1F387B-A38E-4C8E-B6AD-B….jpeg)

File: 5785ccc1bc5902c⋯.jpeg (23.38 KB, 375x342, 125:114, F4BBE637-61F1-4547-BCDB-F….jpeg)

File: 8a0a22eccd9c3ca⋯.jpeg (176.37 KB, 1792x1100, 448:275, CC446A19-E9F3-4CDB-BC74-E….jpeg)

File: 6f79df57f0c5e6f⋯.png (740.85 KB, 724x641, 724:641, 38FE3D25-0CC5-4EA0-A6B8-1F….png)

d58a76  No.3120723

File: 9dac85a307af13a⋯.png (230.95 KB, 342x456, 3:4, andersoncooper.png)

31414b  No.3120724


Good spot.

dfd64d  No.3120725


Ooh, Sessions problems are much bigger than that.

There is no justice. This world is not just.

Let it all burn

08fcee  No.3120726

File: 62e17be01e3820a⋯.png (126.2 KB, 851x315, 851:315, IMG_0072.PNG)

fa3745  No.3120727

File: 1d830114d607a68⋯.png (47.65 KB, 758x184, 379:92, Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at ….png)

Iran Next.

0093da  No.3120728

>>3119931 (lb)

time to dox.

where are you dude - we can get send some help at least in the form of love and caring, maybe a nurse or doctor on this board is close by. Seriously. We have to stay together. Give us a clue and we'll find you and help.

bf3dd3  No.3120729


<"perceived negative impact on the Russia probe".

sure fkn hope so

d58a76  No.3120730

File: d092d02e0543a68⋯.png (855.68 KB, 915x510, 61:34, nazis2.png)

File: e04810523a33598⋯.png (352.99 KB, 600x635, 120:127, nazis1.png)

da48d3  No.3120731

>>3120655 (PB) is that a panzerfaust?

Seems HD for an Albanian dangling heirs from balcony. Operator anons what is the correct tool for the job?

The "Navy Button" looks like Punisher

911a3c  No.3120732






Nice articles but Google will not be in both countries in the future.

Matter of fact they might not be in business in two years.

The chinese play for keeps and if Google would enter that market and not follow the runs there is not democratic system of laws to fall back on if they violate those laws.

In addition to the fact that the Chinese will probably ask or recommend that Google do certain things to help the Chinese spy on the US and other countries.

That is where our new intelligence operation comes into play. They will be able to detect what Google is doing and stop it.

Remember the Q post a few days ago and Facebook can't handle the memes attacks with our new NSA software.

During the Buckwheat era he and others relied on G/FB/T/YT to run the IT show.

Under 45 the tail will not wag the dog.

The future is open to many and if the people running AT&T ever get their IT/internet stuff together they will have a great opportunity since they have the collection facilities for all internet traffic now.

It will get very interesting in the near future and I think G/FB/YT/T will all become shells of themselves.

08fcee  No.3120733



d58a76  No.3120734

File: 92727da1b99c5c3⋯.png (566.31 KB, 678x610, 339:305, brz1.png)

106b14  No.3120735


i really have to wonder how fake all of it is

like truman show level ?

or just fake news

f5e167  No.3120736

File: bd633c584ff4242⋯.png (1.05 MB, 751x693, 751:693, comeygansta (2).PNG)


Yup, just like this guy was.

The swamp is draining, and it's glorious AF!!



34409f  No.3120737

File: e7b451062012a55⋯.png (618.6 KB, 910x568, 455:284, RiteAidShooter.PNG)


Update on Maryland Rite Aid Shooter

4b1235  No.3120738

8a5860  No.3120739


Q has to post first.

08fcee  No.3120740



5d9536  No.3120741


Looks like your meme justifies your end.

29eab8  No.3120742


Network overhead IS a thing.

Enhance your calm.

a152b3  No.3120743

File: 80e8f920d4388c4⋯.jpg (62.54 KB, 527x452, 527:452, panic in dc.jpg)

5ebec2  No.3120744

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

BBC gets sued over claims Ukrainian president paid to meet Trump

Petro Poroshenko is suing Britain's national broadcaster for libel - over allegations he paid a hefty sum to meet Donald Trump in June last year.

c40337  No.3120745

Regarding "Dr. Ford" and the PGA…

There's a world of difference between "A hole in one" and "One in a hole".

855168  No.3120746

File: 4e9f9c20c2ec66d⋯.jpg (76.86 KB, 500x603, 500:603, 2icyoc~2.jpg)

File: 1b9617a8f62fb5f⋯.jpg (43.41 KB, 439x506, 439:506, 2icfqh~2.jpg)

File: 8589c1e83b86986⋯.jpg (65.28 KB, 500x720, 25:36, 2icga0~2.jpg)

File: 794f20d9de94340⋯.jpg (43.12 KB, 500x430, 50:43, 2id1yq~2.jpg)

File: 24a77000f2e1d6d⋯.png (46.27 KB, 445x357, 445:357, Screenshot_2018-09-21-02-4….png)

7734b8  No.3120747

File: dddf524394b524b⋯.jpeg (239.75 KB, 1242x1250, 621:625, D46BE061-72AC-4BAF-8C14-D….jpeg)

Any dives on the extra space?

089128  No.3120748


key Allies … same statement he made before the rally while talking to Hannity.

UK and AU don't wanna get Trumped!

c7e6e2  No.3120749


Robin didn't neck himself (on his own terms).

d58a76  No.3120750

File: 34ed7f93ea1b803⋯.png (700.81 KB, 847x649, 77:59, msmpuppets4.png)

File: 9aae530a7f0e216⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1199x546, 1199:546, msmpuppets1.png)

File: e6fd00011549ff9⋯.png (1.74 MB, 1364x641, 1364:641, msm.png)

File: 5a74bd32a0d236f⋯.png (1.29 MB, 1198x611, 1198:611, msmpuppets2.png)

bf3dd3  No.3120751


you can do like some anon did and sit there waiting for a trump tweet, try to beat the record

591eb0  No.3120752


That's what I thought. So this [0] is a mistake?

>>3118306 rt >>3118079

8a5860  No.3120753


I can only imagine what your average Trump hater thinks of this!

b4d072  No.3120755

File: 191575af9d2e57b⋯.jpg (279.04 KB, 1200x634, 600:317, linc.jpg)

3d6cf9  No.3120756

File: 0445e5eecc89651⋯.png (74.45 KB, 1252x249, 1252:249, Nunorigin.png)

File: cf2e2a1ba5496ed⋯.png (29.22 KB, 301x321, 301:321, Nun(Nu).png)


my guess

dfd64d  No.3120759

>>3119931 (lb)

I wish you luck, health and life. But if that does not help I hope that there at least is a peephole on the other side so that you get to see the first arrest of anyone higher-up, in about 2021, maybe.

9efdb2  No.3120760


‏ @_ImperatorRex_

13h13 hours ago

REX Retweeted Joel B. Pollak

OK, just heard from 'a little bird':

- Grassley already knows Ford won't show on Monday.

- They have something on Ford, that destroys her credibility. If she shows, they'll use it.

- Kavanaugh will be confirmed by Wed next week latest (if not earlier).

4b1235  No.3120761

ac17fc  No.3120762

File: 97037337fd5744b⋯.png (79.05 KB, 587x345, 587:345, Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at ….png)


8d6051  No.3120763

File: d1f8cbca121601b⋯.png (739.46 KB, 1094x1068, 547:534, 1537539763.png)

File: 1638e6c46a5c9dc⋯.jpg (106.12 KB, 636x456, 53:38, 1537067352.jpg)

Why is Forest Gump 2 rows back?

d6b648  No.3120764


Do it.

-The people of AU and UK

728d6d  No.3120765

File: d17f201102783ef⋯.jpg (34.49 KB, 442x272, 13:8, q.jpg)

File: d8743a378ca9e69⋯.jpg (1.04 MB, 1556x2356, 389:589, IT'S TRUDEAU.jpg)

54a38f  No.3120766

other things which he is looking at kek

c19f9e  No.3120767


b..but trannys arent mentally ill

8a5860  No.3120768


Of course zero counts!

dccdd2  No.3120769

File: 4130d65e96df555⋯.jpg (13.64 KB, 255x242, 255:242, pepelaugh.jpg)

(and hopefully other things which he is looking at)

591eb0  No.3120770


But how can you account for that? I'm clam. Just trying to understand what's going on.

0b4049  No.3120771


4e0a9a  No.3120772

File: 51688763225f349⋯.png (50.23 KB, 666x500, 333:250, Michael Jackson.png)

ff75f9  No.3120773

File: c432f5b34409570⋯.png (268.64 KB, 831x591, 277:197, ClipboardImage.png)


Hope NASA figured out how to prevent drowning risks in their swimming pool of outer space.

08fcee  No.3120774

File: a0759e831b72ca1⋯.jpg (48.62 KB, 800x1120, 5:7, IMG_0738.JPG)


20d475  No.3120775

File: 5eeab724055ed28⋯.jpg (196.58 KB, 1067x954, 1067:954, kgrents.jpg)

File: 50945302908db78⋯.jpg (223.87 KB, 753x897, 251:299, kgmom.jpg)

File: 5ca9b403d7f6454⋯.jpg (186.89 KB, 1227x612, 409:204, kgdad.jpg)

File: 7f5546e5f91c356⋯.jpg (431.45 KB, 1830x995, 366:199, kghrc.jpg)

File: c2634dcf186fded⋯.jpg (130.66 KB, 758x872, 379:436, kgvp3.jpg)

>>3119932, >>3119950 (pb)

Spread it far and spread it wide.




0e73bd  No.3120776

File: 76c231a9d8e5ea7⋯.png (22.41 KB, 705x180, 47:12, Screenshot-2018-9-21 Donal….png)

File: 2448024ac29155c⋯.png (22 KB, 705x180, 47:12, Screenshot-2018-9-21 Donal….png)

new DJT:

I met with the DOJ concerning the declassification of various UNREDACTED documents. They agreed to release them but stated that so doing may have a perceived negative impact on the Russia probe. Also, key Allies’ called to ask not to release. Therefore, the Inspector General…..

….has been asked to review these documents on an expedited basis. I believe he will move quickly on this (and hopefully other things which he is looking at). In the end I can always declassify if it proves necessary. Speed is very important to me - and everyone!

sooo, russian collusion will heavily slide into DNC/HRC territory, so much that the co-guilty parties from FVEY are scared they will have to drain their swamps and explain all the lies in the light of public opinion. also, DOJ has to speed it up, b/c DJT is able to do it himself if there's more slowwalking. we all knew, but it's glorious!

ab51ce  No.3120777


Things are moving.

Faster than you know.

3ecc8b  No.3120778

File: c9b0dcef2f57e5f⋯.png (141.06 KB, 829x443, 829:443, ClipboardImage.png)


Thank you POTUS! MFW when POTUS Tweets an answer to my question!

126685  No.3120779


Look into his last words before he died. At this point was it even a "death"?

81a88c  No.3120781


Front, back, or top hole?


29eab8  No.3120782


>we can learn SPACE, date, time, place.


Space time!

>Enjoy the show!

fa3745  No.3120783

I met with the DOJ concerning the declassification of various UNREDACTED documents. They agreed to release them but stated that so doing may have a perceived negative impact on the Russia probe. Also, key Allies’ called to ask not to release. Therefore, the Inspector General…..

….has been asked to review these documents on an expedited basis. I believe he will move quickly on this (and hopefully other things which he is looking at). In the end I can always declassify if it proves necessary. Speed is very important to me - and everyone!

Speed was one of the Q signatures.

f4a664  No.3120784


did you pick up on "loving Parents'

Is POTUS signalling who is CIA?

1fb173  No.3120785


I met with the DOJ concerning the declassification of various UNREDACTED documents. They agreed to release them but stated that so doing may have a perceived negative impact on the Russia probe. Also, key Allies’ called to ask not to release. Therefore, the Inspector General…..

….has been asked to review these documents on an expedited basis. I believe he will move quickly on this (and hopefully other things which he is looking at). In the end I can always declassify if it proves necessary. Speed is very important to me - and everyone!

bf3dd3  No.3120786

File: 48cae7e47a70651⋯.png (9.2 MB, 5599x6000, 5599:6000, QMAP1w PICTS.png)

File: decc74ae8a45e2b⋯.png (1.38 MB, 3476x3068, 869:767, QMAP2w PICTS.png)

File: 8dbe056556ce061⋯.jpg (2.4 MB, 2222x3274, 1111:1637, Q MAP Redux_ByDate_2017-11….jpg)

855168  No.3120787

File: 2f61e247bf11f24⋯.jpg (57.55 KB, 500x427, 500:427, 2gypp6~2.jpg)

File: bf4c5e9d7a846f0⋯.jpg (61.05 KB, 500x531, 500:531, 2gya98~2.jpg)

cf33ef  No.3120788


>Speed is very important to me - and everyone!

Why do i have the feeling he is talking to us? ;)

72cbfc  No.3120789

>>3120594 lb >>3120601 lb

If the other night was mostly about a strength test – the ability of the board to accommodate tons more people, it probably accomplished that. People who are more concerned about space aliens than the matters at hand, will race to the new 8chanInquirer. Q gets their answer. But everything’s lagging. Game theory tells me that the bad guys have succeeded in pulling enough tricks out of their hats to cause some substantial problems for Q. We don’t even get the reassurances from Q that we used to. But what’s worse, we’re seeing too much secrecy at work. What are they up to that isn’t secret? Just how much voice do we have in all this?

The whole chan set-up doesn’t even allow for a real discussion of these topics. We just keep adding more data to the pile.

Disinfo? Normies have discernment? If things get too bad and ((they)) really start winning, does POTUS pull a fast one? The military coup happened long ago. We’ve got a great figurehead, but how much involvement of the people will they really allow?

Frens? Friends are open and transparent with each other. Sorry, Pepina had to do some bitching. Love to you all. You’re family (notice proper grammer). Thanks

741f2f  No.3120790

File: 08f2df3936cb597⋯.jpg (70.53 KB, 579x432, 193:144, Sunrise In Space Wallpaper….jpg)

9e69fa  No.3120791



4a8830  No.3120792


All of them…

"Nevermind me fren' I'm just playing thru"


0b4049  No.3120793

File: 95107c223a784ac⋯.png (36.68 KB, 356x285, 356:285, SPEED.png)

78e8e9  No.3120794

File: eca1130104b5997⋯.jpg (50.64 KB, 606x378, 101:63, Q30.JPG)

4acc1e  No.3120795


radical Left Cell explains lack of coverage

6639e5  No.3120796

File: adcaf0d6166ed2d⋯.png (474.75 KB, 637x423, 637:423, iwant.png)

dfd64d  No.3120797


fk the UK, they know they're complicit

49374b  No.3120798

File: 533ef4171ed3d04⋯.jpeg (11.91 KB, 255x167, 255:167, Space.jpeg)


How do you drink covfefe inside this thing?

54a38f  No.3120799



lose the apostrophe por favor

a2fb45  No.3120800

File: 08e7bd1ed27681f⋯.png (179.22 KB, 1202x686, 601:343, Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at ….png)

File: 1559b2f341b1f12⋯.png (249.99 KB, 1234x1076, 617:538, Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at ….png)

Sounds like Trump cut a deal. Was it because of Kavanaugh? No DECLAS??

a68e24  No.3120801


Very nice! She also was a speaker at 'the Wing'

"We're a coven, not a sorority,”

08fcee  No.3120802

File: f45d3625d3ed8e5⋯.jpg (86.99 KB, 640x623, 640:623, IMG_0132 (2).JPG)


4b1235  No.3120803


She is beautiful!

715acd  No.3120804


Q, if you’re real, please look into the conditions at the MCRD San Diego and also other Marine corp facilities. they are pathetic:

Report from my son:

The buildings are decrepit and in disrepair, mold everywhere

Many recruits getting nasty MRSA infections its rampant

2 outta 100 men are nearly dieing after the horrendous (and useless) vaccine regimen. Those with really bad reactions, literally go unconscious within hours of the deadly jab and are whisked outta there and discharged

Sargeant Perez is a horrific liar and has a picture of obama in his office.

There seems to be an effort to make the marine corp 100% hispanic enlisted WHY?

a36ca4  No.3120805


kek every day is not always a winner

but the sun shines bright before the ban hammer swings

78f2f8  No.3120806


Evidence her parents said something that contradicts her story?

f43fa6  No.3120807

>>3120487 3948

Ralph G. Blasey Jr.

VP national savings and trust wash DC

That bank went on to SunTrust Atlanta

Alleged money bag man clowns

Saw reference again to 1982 and CIA bank war…


Sauce on these are weak so no salsa para tetas but Nugan Hand was around this time frame 36 years ago…


And a few more because 36 years ago appears a whole bunch of interesting incidents


Jeb low energy missing years


Timmah Osman recruitem by HW


Linked to clowns and Oz

2f74f0  No.3120808


Where's the proof of this

f34dff  No.3120809


I wonder what else POTUS declassified???

965854  No.3120810


Earlier bread.

a2fb45  No.3120811

File: 0cbe27512f8de04⋯.png (183.29 KB, 1206x670, 9:5, Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at ….png)

d58a76  No.3120812


Not a bot, you filthy bastard.

GTFO shill.

106b14  No.3120813


thats what part of being sheep no more is anon

you wont have big daddy govt to reassure you that everything is gonna be ok

because that is what got us into this mess

this board is an anti psy op

abcfd4  No.3120814

File: 0c7abb17b6589e9⋯.png (11.32 KB, 255x242, 255:242, schirrosis.png)

File: f78aadacfae7278⋯.jpg (11.87 KB, 255x130, 51:26, 921c7305091a8af88f54468bae….jpg)

>>3120302 pb

No you didn't


1. If there was a real plane why plant evidence?

2. Where are the images and #'s for the real parts. Every part on a commercial aircraft is numbered and cataloged.

3. Why did the "plane" fly through the steel and cement wall of the Tower and only explode once it "entered the building?"

4. If there was a real plane why did they need to fake it on TV with CGI?

61ea0c  No.3120815


UK s lack of prudence does not dictate a classification justification to cover up a crime.

Burn Notice you guys like that term right? Faggots

71a3c6  No.3120816

Is this a media push to decriminalize voter fraud?


The story exposes how Illinois government is pushing non-citizens to vote.

"….after presenting his British passport as identification. A DMV supervisor directed him to sign up to become a voter."

The rest of the article is emotional content about the tragedy that this upstanding member of the community is being punished just for voting "accidentally".

6639e5  No.3120817


yup, she is..and very classy

b6e57f  No.3120818


fuck me is that a legit number? I mean by like 10-15 you would need to start lashing a board to your ass so you didn't fall in.

855168  No.3120819

File: 05b26e6ea35db80⋯.png (249.54 KB, 390x600, 13:20, middle-finger-up-png-8.png)

File: 7a7e8aed8f5f494⋯.jpg (20.72 KB, 400x277, 400:277, downloadfile-50.jpg)

54a365  No.3120820


I'm praying for you that God heals you in time, anon.

Are you able to take advantage of the Right to Try stuff that POTUS signed recently?

4b1235  No.3120821


Opposing new initiative?

Air Force Secretary Lays Roadmap to a New Space Force

In her proposal, Wilson strenuously opposes an initiative by the White House to name an assistant secretary of defense for space. She insisted that the transition should minimize disruption and ensure space warfighting missions are not disrupted.


178bd7  No.3120822

File: 0c5b897b05857ad⋯.jpg (268.12 KB, 1208x755, 8:5, NYT-WeAreQ.jpg)

Reposting for those who may have missed it.

>>3120326 l.b.


>>3120517 YURI!


>This isn't Republican versus Democrat or Capitalist versus Communist.

>This is Ideological Subversion.

>This is about Freedom versus Totalitarianism.

Completely agree. Great posts.

That NYT comment is awesome. Can't believe they kept it on the site.

>I'll even add a 7th pillar: Gender Identity

Yes, also good to understand how this pillar is also being used to create weaponized assets. Serena Williams is one example. "Chelsea" Manning another. The "chick" who shot up the Rite Aid center in Aberdeen yesterday could be another.

9efdb2  No.3120823


Sauce: https://www.justice.gov/usao-nm/pr/media-advisory-federal-officials-hold-press-conference-make-significant-law-enforcement

MEDIA ADVISORY– Federal Officials to Hold Press Conference to Make Significant Law Enforcement Announcement

ALBUQUERQUE – U.S. Attorney John C. Anderson, Special Agent in Charge James C. Langenberg of the Albuquerque Division of the FBI, and Commander Todd J. Turner of the Air Force Office of Special Investigations, Detachment 814, will hold a press conference at 11:00 AM, TODAY, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 2018, at the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Albuquerque, N.M., to make a significant law enforcement announcement.


U.S. Attorney John C. Anderson

Special Agent in Charge James C. Langenberg of the FBI’s Albuquerque Division

Commander Todd J. Turner of the Air Force Office of Special Investigations, Detachment 814


Press Conference



11:00 A.M.


U.S. Attorney’s Office, District of New Mexico

201 Third Street NW

10th Floor Multi-Media Room (Reception on Ninth Floor)

Albuquerque, NM 87102


NOTE: All media representatives must present government-issued photo I.D. (i.e., driver’s license) as well as valid media credentials. Media representatives may begin to arrive at 10:30 a.m. Inquiries regarding logistics should be directed to USAO Media Coordinator Alyssa Ferda, contractor, at 505-224-1480 or alyssa.ferda@usdoj.gov

ab51ce  No.3120824

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

78f2f8  No.3120825


Yep, govt here can't go down fast enough.

49374b  No.3120826


It's all about timing, anon. POTUS has the power to alter the timing to suit the Plan. K must be confirmed first before [RR] forced departure & release of DECLAS. Dems know this and keep stalling the K vote with their weak and pathetic little tricks. Once K is confirmed, LOOK OUT BELOW!

cc67d5  No.3120827


Nympho as in Scarlet Witch.Vatican

29eab8  No.3120828


You can't.

If Q and POTUS committed post at same moment, network overhead would account for delay in propagation of post to server.

126685  No.3120829


Vigilant tonight. Certainly

a2fb45  No.3120830

File: 0cbe27512f8de04⋯.png (183.29 KB, 1206x670, 9:5, Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at ….png)

File: 08e7bd1ed27681f⋯.png (179.22 KB, 1202x686, 601:343, Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at ….png)

Did Trump Cut a deal not to realease because of Kavanaugh?? No DECLAS?

a193f0  No.3120831


Boy oh boy would I love to be a fly on the wall for that!

POTUS walks in, drops his stuff on the desk, points around the room starts out by saying, listen up motherfuckers.

One can dream….

6791ab  No.3120832

File: 7bb49556b07389b⋯.png (4.15 KB, 521x143, 521:143, first appearance 251 EST.png)

morning shift. just wann throw out a timestamp on a live event that happended in the past that is coming up on the clock

the :51 minute mark

its this monday 9/24

the lights went out on live TV at the :51 minut mark

attached are the firsts, the first 2 hits on the chan, note that we still have 40 seconds to play with

so this is a really solid time stamp for Dark to Light

54a38f  No.3120833


not the same docs as those covered in the sept 17 declass order

f4a664  No.3120834

Jul 17, 2017 - Kendra Barnes Michele Barnwell Chrissy Blasey Michelle Boeker. Madness * Aggravation * Suicide * Hysteria â&#x20AC;&#x201D; The M*A*S*H crew at the …

8ac451  No.3120835

File: d4b26f0e07fa2db⋯.png (615.14 KB, 596x709, 596:709, Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at ….png)

File: 47146c44a64847d⋯.jpg (168.84 KB, 1154x601, 1154:601, DZ4qAVIU0AAfyIQ.jpg)

————→Just a reminder. (Pics Rel)

8a5860  No.3120836


I want to be the meat in an Ivanka and Melania sandwich.

58bf0e  No.3120838


Horowitz has probably reviewed all of them in the past and knows exactly what can be unredacted.

bf3dd3  No.3120839

File: 39d1854dc3a2f6f⋯.jpeg (13.99 KB, 300x250, 6:5, 5eae1f3ee7514360baaf27eca….jpeg)


member when UK thugs & criminals were basically drunk hooligans concerned about football?

guessing a lot of people would rather trade machete fights with a few drunk gammons

dfd64d  No.3120840


bot much?

5b395a  No.3120841


BREAKING: FORMER SCALIA LAW CLERK Drops Pictures and Evidence That Blows Christine Ford's Case Wide Open


72a127  No.3120842

Anyone know any good Redpill documentary’s on Israel?

ab51ce  No.3120843


Q is watching you.

4b1235  No.3120844


Deflection and claims equate to guilt. Your post is a fine example of one, Hillary Clinton's twitter.


d969ef  No.3120845


Ford’s father, Ralph Blasey, was president of the all-male Burning Tree Golf Club in Bethesda, where Kavanaugh’s father, Ed — former president of the Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association, a trade group — has also been an active member, according to a member of the club. Burning Tree declined to discuss its membership.


She was a golf groupie= Party Groupie Association


0f0f4b  No.3120846


The Greatest Story Ever Told

49374b  No.3120847



Packets delayed in flight or retransmitted.

Most likely component of delay: server latency. If twitter's or 8ch's server is very busy, incoming data gets put into a queue (wait in line) and gets serviced as the CPU handles each incoming packet in sequence. This is an ordinary and very common situation. People don't think about it too much but network and software professionals are well aware.

29eab8  No.3120848

File: 4821c3288e3affe⋯.png (649.74 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, covfefe.png)






cb373d  No.3120849


Is that bell from the movie actually on the Honey Fitz?

d636fb  No.3120850


So if Q is to be believed POTUS did not meet with [RR]. So who at the DOJ did he meet with? Sessions? Horowitz? Both? Someone else?

126685  No.3120851


Have some respect anon.

7734b8  No.3120852

File: 0c4f1724f3b8f5a⋯.jpeg (788.79 KB, 1229x813, 1229:813, 8DA24655-2237-45BE-8497-8….jpeg)

e749e9  No.3120853


Female Hormone Therapy makes black men murderers.

dfd64d  No.3120854


Require assimilation, Eliminate integrators

a193f0  No.3120855


Am I mixed up? I thought he already ordered the de-class.

Yeah I know, 684 level chess game.

4a8830  No.3120856


CGI don't come with sound at street level jackoff…

I'm not justifying anything else you have to offer after wasting my time with just that…

Get a life and go outside once in a while.

I watched it (and heard it) happen from rooftop across the harbor…

Calling me a liar does not make you any more intelligent…

ca1b52  No.3120857

File: 7bf3079633c1eef⋯.gif (819.58 KB, 320x238, 160:119, KiwVO1.gif)

fa3745  No.3120858

Barack Obama keeps a close watch on his emotions. “I loved Spock,” he wrote in February 2015 in a presidential statement eulogizing Leonard Nimoy. Growing up in Hawaii, the young man who would later be called “No-Drama Obama” felt a special affinity for the Vulcan first officer of the U.S.S. Enterprise. “Long before being nerdy was cool, there was Leonard Nimoy,” the eulogy continued. “Leonard was Spock. Cool, logical, big-eared and level-headed.”

It is the rare occasion when Obama lets his Spock mask slip. But November 2, 2016, was just such a moment. Six days before the presidential election, when addressing the Congressional Black Caucus, he stressed that the Republican candidate, Donald Trump, threatened hard-won achievements of blacks: tolerance, justice, good schools, ending mass incarceration — even democracy itself. “There is one candidate who will advance those things,” he said, his voice swelling with emotion. “And there’s another candidate whose defining principle, the central theme of his candidacy, is opposition to all that we’ve done.”

2e2b1b  No.3120859


ReRead Crumbs

A few (many old) Q drops talk C_A-Mockingbird-MSM

And contain Speed.

94ad7c  No.3120860


Ain't that some shit..an 'Ally' asks not to mention that they tried to do us in for their sake.

Fuck 'em. Release it all.

08fcee  No.3120861

File: 9fea78ee3a2a735⋯.jpg (326.86 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, IMG_0909 (37).JPG)
























54a38f  No.3120862


try the 2018 movie called Beirut

4acc1e  No.3120863


dude he just publicly Injected the info to Hubber,

Hubber = horowitz member

3d6cf9  No.3120864



49374b  No.3120865

This Aug. 14 post is where Q mentioned 5,000. Not specifically called leftists, but "someone" new is getting Q info sprayed on them from the epicenter, every day, 5,000 of them.

Aug 14 2018 17:31:12 (EST)


Not seen since WL Podesta dump?

Similar in nature to attacks on POTUS?

Think waves.

Think coordinated.

Think ALL outlets utilized + FAKES [Fake MAGA]

Foreign & Domestic.

Are the emails in the WL Podesta dump AUTH?

Has POTUS made a statement as PRESIDENT that hasn't ended up being TRUE AND CORRECT?


This is MUCH BIGGER than even AUTISTS can imagine (MUCH BIGGER!).

REPEATS necessary.

5,000+ new/day.






a36ca4  No.3120866

File: 919e46bf461208d⋯.png (350.18 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1537541427155.png)

i pray for this everyday i wish trump would just do his fucking job and start the wall so we can all hunt mexicans

dccdd2  No.3120867

File: 1c346859ba8c50f⋯.png (39.5 KB, 640x310, 64:31, Screenshot_2018-09-21 Dona….png)

File: fc88c82090906a1⋯.png (41.52 KB, 255x146, 255:146, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d573e21b142181a⋯.jpg (27.32 KB, 191x255, 191:255, f25dd29cce33fd9cd7e40d0868….jpg)


Speed is very important to me and everyone!

Move slowly, carefully — and then strike like the fastest animal on the planet!

bb8513  No.3120868


"speed is the essence of war"

8ac451  No.3120869


I believe so.

92e01b  No.3120870


this time near Festus. Father and son were returning home from New York.

Seems like there's a small plane crash leaving one or two people ded every other day now. wtf? are these people "committing suicide" via plane crash or what's going on here?


ab51ce  No.3120871


O shit. Too much bot influence here. Need to be careful not to be mind controlled by all the bots here.

284520  No.3120872


Nigga u high?

4b1235  No.3120873


She is married. Respect that.

78f2f8  No.3120874


The countrie's un feckin recognisable

591eb0  No.3120875



So then does that still make it a valid delta? What I'm saying is: If network lag causes Q to drop AFTER POTUS, that's still a valid delta?

If you as a software professional were to write a program to calculate deltas between Q/POTUS. How do YOU account for this latency issue?

A softwareprofessionalfag here.

232eac  No.3120876


I believe timing is critical. Two events hang in the balance. Kavanaugh and midterms. Finding the perfect day is important. MSM will collapse and so will DNC leadership.

I trust POTUS will not cave.

2860c1  No.3120877


"…ensure space warfighting missions are not disrupted"?!

6791ab  No.3120878

File: da18ab76e101a04⋯.png (8.24 KB, 1000x152, 125:19, anons are fast.png)


here's an example of how FAST anons are getting news to chans (Trump Tweets)

29eab8  No.3120879


Well, for one thing, Q is here.

Along with every [3] letter.

855168  No.3120880

File: 9c0d14acfb4c483⋯.jpg (39.62 KB, 620x435, 124:87, 33d17ebdc56abdfbc85824200e….jpg)

File: b5884a83c10fc58⋯.jpg (57.69 KB, 500x694, 250:347, 2hf6qx~2.jpg)




Getting Kavanaugh on the SCOTUS is more important than the FISA documents at this time….

Matter of fact it's critical.

153915  No.3120881



Are you getting paid for your ignorant comments or are you just an asshole

3b8e4f  No.3120882

Anons, is there possibility that everything what is happening is part of the movie?

I mean, every attack from dems, cnn, media, HRC, BO, Comey, Brennan, etc..?

Because, i would not be suprised that patriots are in full control, and everyone is just playing their part/act.

Only thing that bothers me, is when Q say that people are dying, that this is not a game..

a2fb45  No.3120883

>>3120833 I think he's talking about the FISA

4b1235  No.3120884


Interesting quote, isn't it?

126685  No.3120885


>Are the emails in the WL Podesta dump AUTH?

Never assumed it's all true…can't. help me here…why ask when true anons would already know that.

d4549c  No.3120886

lovin the hardware upgrades; my memes are loading at hyperspeed. so much comfier.

Now get back to digging and hasten the nooses (neece?) for this treasonous gander of deep state fucks!

Returning to supervisory anon monitoring tower! OVER AND OUT!

cefe51  No.3120887

Sorry if already posted!

Bravo to the marines!


When a fire broke out Wednesday at a senior citizens apartment building in Washington, D.C., about 100 Marines came running to help, according to a report.

The Marines, stationed just a half-mile away, took action after they saw smoke pouring from the building, Washington's FOX 5 reported.

f651a3  No.3120888

File: 8d7058e4fa43aa4⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1024x732, 256:183, ClipboardImage.png)

==Another Kavanaugh victim comes forward…=

741f2f  No.3120889

File: 39e93169c6477e1⋯.jpg (21.04 KB, 259x213, 259:213, 3deba4b44899f4096b50583a8e….jpg)

dfd64d  No.3120890


Remember the first law from Rules for Radicals.

Q uses this too, just fyi.

90119a  No.3120891

2860c1  No.3120892

6791ab  No.3120893


is that Kavanaugh in front though? she's not being sarc? shes hott so IDK id still smash…

a2fb45  No.3120894


No. Its not that scripted.

4acc1e  No.3120895


OIG you know the one we should of gotten in jan,

the one thats STILL not done, Hubber has it

a152b3  No.3120896

File: ad70f93ba2d24c2⋯.jpg (274.13 KB, 1204x678, 602:339, 092118 AM update.jpg)





>Devin Nunes on Fox giving us the Nutshell this AM

5d20fc  No.3120897

File: fe811cd9ebdb229⋯.jpeg (500.32 KB, 1251x787, 1251:787, 9F8BAE48-8B7E-47A7-BD41-B….jpeg)


Unnecessary apostrophe at end of “Allies” indicates possessive/possession.

ae131d  No.3120898



2213a9  No.3120899

File: d94ac5c801c09b2⋯.jpeg (286.69 KB, 695x1074, 695:1074, A6DCBF7B-7FFB-42BB-AE9D-3….jpeg)

File: 519a71a18dd83ed⋯.gif (279.28 KB, 640x639, 640:639, 4D1A8F17-E361-4BC3-B956-39….gif)

232eac  No.3120900


Allies also have their deep states. Will they clean up their house is the question. Otherwise they’re not really our allies.

08fcee  No.3120901

File: 6b3f328c54b4de5⋯.jpg (74.16 KB, 550x550, 1:1, IMG_0135.JPG)

when does wray shoot that fucking dogg

54a38f  No.3120902


it's not the docs covered in the sept. 17 order. i may be google drafts which talk treason and/or plans to physically harm to 45

ab51ce  No.3120903


they are killing a bunch of reptilians up there.

0162d3  No.3120904

File: 47b2d4db9159e13⋯.png (9.29 KB, 555x175, 111:35, Q post 2187.png)




Q led us astray again. This was the week for declassification.

Week of Sept 17th. Oh wait, plans change. Trust the plan.

08208d  No.3120905

File: 2d81d53c34954ce⋯.jpeg (283.19 KB, 750x820, 75:82, E6E32094-D5CB-4A45-8C81-E….jpeg)

Sol typically does a very good job. No exception here


d58a76  No.3120906


Holy shyt you're retarded.

Lurk moar.

a36ca4  No.3120907

File: 88cd28d9c057c48⋯.jpg (434.52 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, gdbs.jpg)

File: 986464d70fceb84⋯.jpg (23.78 KB, 287x272, 287:272, th (10).jpg)

File: 0b824ba6c3db5c1⋯.jpg (8.02 KB, 178x256, 89:128, th (11).jpg)

File: 2243897154ef289⋯.jpg (9.47 KB, 195x272, 195:272, th (12).jpg)

File: 10f5330e9cdbb89⋯.png (14.2 KB, 240x255, 16:17, 1ee7a11b9fd985a898e51f97b1….png)

chicongo has big prollems this fucking guy is a high ranking demon most definatly and look the jewish star of isreal is his logo also

29eab8  No.3120908


What part of "You can't." are you having issues with?

a152b3  No.3120909



>Reposting for those who may have missed it.

Thanks for the repost anon!

0093da  No.3120910



2213a9  No.3120911

File: 70969eadd24f48d⋯.jpeg (26.01 KB, 1020x460, 51:23, 5FAF9EB4-5E8E-4000-B589-0….jpeg)

File: d2cb3fdea3cc473⋯.jpeg (113.6 KB, 1200x799, 1200:799, 7CDC2DBE-7039-466F-AFAC-6….jpeg)

File: cefb575df7cbff9⋯.jpeg (55.58 KB, 860x707, 860:707, 6D444484-2512-49F8-A062-A….jpeg)

File: e018efba18f5b38⋯.jpeg (165.27 KB, 1000x773, 1000:773, 7B3E7256-D0C8-4542-86E9-1….jpeg)

0274b4  No.3120912


The video was absolutely manipulated. You must be the same person who has continually claimed to have 'watched it happen' for months now, which is not evidence. Don't expect anyone to simply believe you with nothing to show but your word. On the other hand, there is literal video evidence that shows it was CGI.

ff75f9  No.3120913


Maybe MAGA is supposed to be controlled opposition. Trump should've fired Comey on day 1, then cleaned out Congress with Awan-related prosecutions. Mueller could've been let strzoking it in the background. We'd have our wall by now and wouldn't have to play the dims' Alinsky game.

2e5012  No.3120914


My take is that speed being important to him is (they) have some nefarious plan against his person. God protect our POTUS

126685  No.3120915

File: d4bdc13735b3abc⋯.jpg (8.13 KB, 296x185, 8:5, @ douches.jpg)

3a40fb  No.3120916


How about the perceived negative impact on all us anons?!

What about your 'key Allies' called Deplorables, dregs and anons??!!

855168  No.3120917

File: 32365b46dbad745⋯.png (36.34 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Screenshot_2018-08-23-10-3….png)

File: e3a10912a5b6910⋯.jpg (72.58 KB, 500x340, 25:17, 2ifhx3~2.jpg)

728d6d  No.3120918

File: 7d81f37affbab46⋯.jpg (127.17 KB, 1321x591, 1321:591, north tower.jpg)

This is the North Tower on 911, how does this happen?

9efdb2  No.3120919


Mitch McConnell's saying Kavanaugh's IN (per Washington Examiner)

3d6cf9  No.3120920

File: b91fb0eca4fbfd4⋯.png (29.56 KB, 444x188, 111:47, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 767108c9ef4f70b⋯.png (53.97 KB, 444x414, 74:69, ClipboardImage.png)

Drops with SPEED.

e82c73  No.3120921


tbh, i have always thought that once things get cleaned enough for truly free elections, then it will be up to us.

i think that is why POTUS is out there trying to involve the Trump base more. note I say Trump base, because it is NOT the Republican base any longer.

The red/blue parties are gonna die - they have to due to the corruption inherent in them both.

what comes after is up to us.

i think POTUS and those around him want government to work as intended by the founders.

in general, i think they will be sort of caretakers as we recover from this disease that is the cabal.

if it turns out otherwise, the other option still and always will exist, as terrible as it is.

f762cd  No.3120922

File: 2cb0cde46aa237d⋯.jpeg (497.01 KB, 1413x1413, 1:1, F4DD02B1-1023-40E3-A388-0….jpeg)


Yup, several mentions of Speed

a193f0  No.3120923


hi leafie….yawn.

f651a3  No.3120924

File: 982566a61a14dd6⋯.png (2.68 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

Another Kavanaugh victim comes forward…

They got it right this time. This one's black.

Oh wait…

08fcee  No.3120925

File: 4522ae9ebb5a514⋯.jpg (253 KB, 960x637, 960:637, IMG_0107.JPG)

remember "the love that trump hate's" movement

838f1d  No.3120926

God bless all posting and lurking here. Have a great, wonderful, successful day!

ab51ce  No.3120927


Maybe you are controlled opposition.

9e69fa  No.3120928


Republicans are tired of this horse and pony show and just want to get past it now.

2860c1  No.3120929



d4bcc3  No.3120930


The greatest gift of all I love you

6c2c94  No.3120931


Q is lying.

If they have everything and are in control they would act.

They don’t, they can’t.

Q is the coverup.

Remember no deals?

Then Q proudly points out all the politicians not running for office and CEOs stepping down.

No deals?

If these people are criminals they need to go to jail.

Q is covering for the pedos and consolidating the pedo industry so he (((they))) are in full control.

In the future anyone seen displaying a Q will be a pedo or pedo supporter.

a10d28  No.3120932

File: 116891e60e38c57⋯.jpeg (723.25 KB, 2635x1661, 2635:1661, 59AF094A-C170-48DF-92B1-9….jpeg)

check out the janet air flight

17 knots


1fb173  No.3120933

File: 3da096d0fa4f915⋯.png (364.89 KB, 826x872, 413:436, Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at ….png)

0093da  No.3120934


wow a little fucking sensitive

he said please

take it down a notch there tonto

2d3ef5  No.3120935


Order of operations?:

First comes confirmation vote

Then comes DECLAS

b6e57f  No.3120936

File: fe9d415662b78f9⋯.jpg (113.57 KB, 634x489, 634:489, nerd1.jpg)

591eb0  No.3120937


It's not that part I have a problem with. It's Q posting AFTER DJT and it STILL being considered a delta.

a2fb45  No.3120938

78a88e  No.3120939

File: 1eb99b7181ef903⋯.png (729.47 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 0999571F-11C3-445A-A006-62….png)

Dumping it all in October I guess?

Fuck those allies. Britain and Australia? What the fuck have they done for us?! DECLASS!!!!

3d6cf9  No.3120940

Anonymous ID: L8quGPI9 No.148143562 📁

Nov 5 2017 18:41:11 (EST)

Who is the Queen of England?

How long in power?

With power comes corruption.

What happened to Diana?

What did she find out?

Why was she running?

Who did she entrust to help her flee?

What was the cover?

Why is this relevant?

Why now?




Bad actor.

London Mayor.



Connection to Queen?

British MI6 agents dead.



What was reported?

What really happened?

Why is this relevant?



Secret society.





Why are migrants important?


What are assets?

Define assets?

Why are migrants so important?

What are assets?

Why are migrants so important?

What are assets?

Why are migrants so important?



Who follows?

What political leaders worship Satan?

What does an upside down cross represent?

Who wears openly?


Who is she connected to?

Why is this relevant?

Spirit cooking.

What does Spirit Cooking represent?


What is a cult?

Who is worshipped?

Why is this relevant?

Snow White

Godfather III



ff75f9  No.3120941


Maybe I'm an alien who flew an invisible plane into the Pentagon.

df3792  No.3120942

File: 56034a1ab7eba14⋯.jpg (818.63 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180921-095542….jpg)

File: e12228cf40eada1⋯.jpg (572.04 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180921-095553….jpg)

File: d27f62e4afc09fa⋯.jpg (588.17 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180921-095607….jpg)

Is this our "Playbook" reference???


94ad7c  No.3120943


True. Seems on the surface that the bad guys are winning in the UK, but hopefully there's a plan in place. Who knows, maybe Prince Harry and Meghan could be a new start (I know I'm wishcasting here).

29eab8  No.3120944


>This one's black.

And Elizabeth Warren is Pocahontas!


af4263  No.3120945

Anything sketchy about montessori schools? Are they child abuse centers? Did they have a part in creating modern MKultra?


Glendale Montessori – Toward and Little Rascals cases

March 21, 2009 § Leave a comment

Glendale Montessori – Toward case

describes crimes

Headmaster’s evil lives on in 20-year-old abuse case By Jill Taylor Palm Beach Post Staff Writer 3/1/08 Stuart – Twenty years ago today, on a quiet street in a guard-gated Palm City community, investigators snapped handcuffs onto the wrists of a respected Montessori school headmaster and delivered a message the people of Martin County did not want to hear. Little children, lots of little children, were raped and defiled in unspeakable ways by a man some of the smartest and richest people in the community had trusted to care for their sons and daughters….Hours later, Toward’s office manager, Brenda Williams, turned herself in at the Martin County jail to answer similar charges. Four months later, Toward was charged with molesting and kidnapping five more preschool boys, and Williams was charged in four of those cases. Investigators later learned of up to 60 victims, most ages 2 to 5….Toward, now 77, pleaded guilty to molesting or kidnapping the six boys and was sentenced to 27 years in prison. He was released from his prison term on probation after 12 years, but has remained in custody under the state’s Jimmy Ryce Act, which allows confinement of sex offenders deemed a continuing danger to the community. Toward is challenging his commitment and maintains his innocence, saying his plea was only to avoid a harsher sentence. No date has been scheduled for a civil trial on the issue. He did not respond to a request for an interview. Part of Toward’s plea deal prevented prosecutors from filing more charges or arresting others they thought were involved when dozens more victims came forward later….”We found there were literally dozens of kids who were affected by this guy for a long time,” Colton said. “He spent his life manipulating people. He convinced people they could trust him with their children.” Ralicki expects she will be called to testify at an upcoming Jimmy Ryce hearing. She says she has no doubt that Toward still poses a threat to children. She can never forget what he did to the 20 or so children she treated….Williams pleaded no contest to sex and attempted kidnapping charges involving five boys, and was released from prison in 1993 after serving five years of a 10-year sentence. She could not be reached for comment, but is listed in records as owning a home in Vero Beach….

The psychotherapist Jeanne Ralicki, who treated many of the victims stated “There’s this whole underbelly of evil here that just oozes…Who wants to think that that exists in the world?”

Also George Hodel was sent all the way from California in early 1900's to go to one of the original Montessori schools in France. He was 5 years old and his parents did not go with him. He stayed only one year and was sent back. I believe he had his mind fractured in Mkultra because they were trying to create a Piano Genius but they failed. They created the beginning of a Serial Killer. George Hodel would go on to commit the Lipstick killings in Chicago, the Black Dahlia killings in Los Angelos, and to complete his master piece when he was likely working with Micheal Aquino on Mkultra at Mount Diablo in California he did the Zodiac killings. Then when he got to fucking old he retired in San Fransico in a Penthouse apartment that over looked the grave of the Black Dahlia.

Leads me to ask. What is up with the Montessori Schools?

4b1235  No.3120946


When did Q state, "FISA will be revealed on Sept 17th/Week of…"?

0093da  No.3120947


that's exactly what I though when he said it

CIA/Satanic/in the club

08fcee  No.3120948

File: d48ce30453bf743⋯.jpg (193.17 KB, 560x560, 1:1, IMG_0908.JPG)

a2fb45  No.3120949


Alright Ill keep the faith anon. This means the confirm vote is delayed.

345d43  No.3120950

So I'm an anon who doesn't believe in the apollo landings or anything nasa has shown us. Many of you would erroneously call me a FEtard, which is fine, I do reject a lot of measurements and distances of things they feed us in the textbooks. I am not locked into any one particular worldview by any means. I tend to lean more towards inter dimensional "others" rather than little green men on ships from afar BUT in the interest of sharing information even if it contradicts your own worldview…I have to concede something to the….(thinking of something derogatory to say) wilcock fagots around here.

I'm an Arizona anon who works outside. My eyes are always scanning the skys. I've seen a fucking buttload of strange UFOS in my life here in the desert. The majority of these have been really bright 'stars' that are stationary, but then all of a sudden traverse a certain distance and then pause again. That is a fairly common occurrence, I would say I see 5 to 10 of these a year. Others have included weird white cigar shaped, slow moving missile type objects that always seem to head towards huge cloud formations.

Never had an explanation for these things. WANDERING STARS INDEED.

I've also had a recurring dream for my entire life about a sky event that involves all manner of lights and spirals showing up across the entire panorama with people on the ground suddenly all looking up and pointing. Seem to have some version of that dream happen to me yearly, most of the time I am in a weird dream location (you know how your dreams tend to combine features of different places overlaid over some main location you;ve spent a lot of time in like a childhood home or past place of residence???) facing WEST when I look up and point.

Weird shit. Anyone else seen a lot of UFOS or wandering stars???

Kind of tired of arguing with people over space vs dome or heliocentric vs geocentric. We are all trapped here regardless and I think anyone who has spent any decent amount of time outside has probably seen some kind of weird shit happen up there.

3ecc8b  No.3120951


ugh..come on guys… This just proved foreign agencies involved..

78a88e  No.3120952



f4a664  No.3120953

File: 09876d78a48f3dd⋯.png (33.95 KB, 644x542, 322:271, Capture.PNG)

Ralph Blasey

Bethesda, Maryland 20814


106b14  No.3120954


you ever wonder if Q is just saying that to keep the other side calm

you know the people who want to kill us all ?

or to see how many people would be ok with Q being a secret gatekeeper

i dont know what to think myself

full disclosure would be nice

but some of the stuff that im sure theyve seen is so bad you dont even wanna know

horowitz and rogers have the dead eyes

like theyve seen some serious shit

i would go with 80/20

or full disclosure over like 20-30 years

1fb173  No.3120955


Horowitz is approving releases that won't fuck up Huber's Grand Juries?

e82c73  No.3120956

File: ce857c306bd36ab⋯.jpg (19.37 KB, 273x263, 273:263, de-plane-2.jpg)

cf33ef  No.3120957


I remember that post. I keked so loud about that frustrated anon. And i simultaneously felt his pain. Kek.

741f2f  No.3120958

File: b402f48013fa5e7⋯.jpg (275.62 KB, 997x834, 997:834, iur.jpg)

File: fbf881307f3ad9a⋯.jpg (59.27 KB, 519x301, 519:301, iu.jpg)

3d6cf9  No.3120959

Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID: /jAm9Qi+ No.149140639 📁

Nov 12 2017 14:52:34 (EST)

Patriots don’t sleep.

40,000ft. v. necessary to understand [US]/SA/global events.

Paint the picture.

Decrease altitude (we will not fly that high again).

Higher the altitude greater the [risk] of conspiracy ST.

Many cannot/will not swallow.

What is No Such Agency - Q group?

Who has clearance to full picture?


SIS is good.

+++Adm R+++

What agency is at war w/ Clowns In America?

How does POTUS shift narrative?

(New) Age of Enlightenment.

80% covert.

20% public.

What has occurred over [th]e last several months?

C-info leaks?

Operations (think SA + ???)?

CNN sale?

What co’s rec large cash injections by Clowns In America (public)?


Who does [i]t hurt?

Who control[s] the MSM?

Primary objective from beginning: POTUS discredit MSM.

[W]hy is this relevant?

How is information transmitted?

How are people inform[e]d?

Why was Sarah A. C. attacked (hack-attempt)?

Why was Op[e]ration Mockingbird repeated?

Why was Jason Bourne (CIA/Dream) repeated?

Think social media platforms.

Who are the Wizards & Warloc[k]s?

What council do the Wizards & Warlocks control?

Think Snowden (inside terms dropped).

Alice & Wonderland – understood.

Snow White – understood.

Iron Eagle?

Godfather III?


Everything has meaning.

Disney is a distraction.

Senate & Congress = puppets (not all)(power shift).





7755f5  No.3120960

File: 04002b22dd07b58⋯.jpg (55.03 KB, 678x356, 339:178, cbf hung.jpg)

File: fd50a7fd2be6152⋯.jpg (53.44 KB, 678x356, 339:178, cbf moist.jpg)




This Blasey school thing is starting to sound like another cult (MK ultra program).

Apparently Julia Louise Dreyfuss went there too (She recently supported the slut).

Reading that yearbook, just seems off….I'm sure there are some girls who are like this, but these seemed off the charts to me. Unless any female anons can vouch…for being rich girls, it seems particularly un

54a38f  No.3120961

did feinstein commit an ethical violation of senate rules by failing to disclose or question kavanaugh regarding ford's accusation during the confirmation hearing when feinstein knew of the accusation for months?

08208d  No.3120962

File: 94b90d95e85edf8⋯.jpeg (105.97 KB, 750x551, 750:551, B74C3E32-EC58-49A0-BF2B-8….jpeg)

Trump walks back order to declassify Russia probe documents https://www.rt.com/news/439059-trump-delays-russia-documents/

a36ca4  No.3120963

File: acde4cf2ff85778⋯.png (630.92 KB, 750x399, 250:133, 1537541968426.png)

f4a664  No.3120964

bf3dd3  No.3120965


yup. YUGE & bigly.

but as usual the muh nuffin's happenin shills & fools will try their weakest

08fcee  No.3120966

File: 8500cb3e3665691⋯.jpg (199 KB, 560x560, 1:1, IMG_0903.JPG)

911a3c  No.3120967

File: b88a17b407523da⋯.png (47.67 KB, 255x153, 5:3, ClipboardImage.png)


No DEALS!!!!!

Eyes wide open.

Must repent for the sins of the past.

They knew all along what they were doing.

Let's not forget those who sent people over here last year to assassinate 45. AGAIN NO SINS FORGIVEN

855168  No.3120968

File: ed35c433ba1a6b3⋯.png (45.18 KB, 480x480, 1:1, Screenshot_2018-09-21-07-5….png)



Mitch is muh half breed nigga.

207e86  No.3120969


You don't want everyone to be allies? The Cabal completely removed = no need for enemies?

a193f0  No.3120970


Ya know, when it was blowing like a raped ape offshore and I was running between wheelhouse and engine room amid mountains of water guy like you would coe up to the wheelhouse and say stupid shit.

I left them on the beach the next time we threw the lines…

just sayin…

9e69fa  No.3120971


Question is, how are they tied into it that would want it to not be declased?

106b14  No.3120972


nah anon that was me

stop trying to take credit

38400a  No.3120973


oooooh, I bet there are some very panicky people out there right now.

4b1235  No.3120974

c94197  No.3120975


I listened to POTUS's conversation with Hannity last night in which he related the fact that he received phone calls from 2 different allies asking that he not release the FISA documents.

What is particularly interesting is that there are 2 allied nations who were involved in trying to bring down the President in a criminal CONSPIRACY. What kind of audacity on their part to call POTUS and say,"We tried to bring you down with the FISA abuse, but please don't release these details to the rest of America."

So, these supposed "allies" have worked to subvert our election, but POTUS should not release these facts to those of us who voted for him?! WTF?

If we examine the Q drops, this would be FVEY countries and likely the UK and AUS. As an observer of MI5/6, all of this "Russian Collusion" sounds like a British operation. And lacking the complete thoroughness of what an "intelligence" service should know about a target, the Pee Pee on the percales is laughable to those of us who have spent 5 minutes looking into the personal habits of DJT - they guy is a clean and neat freak. It's so far out of character for him.

IMO, POTUS should release the unredacted documents and let the chips fall where they may. These supposed allies have damaged the USA to a degree that is unimaginable. Hell, my kids don't talk to me because they believe the MSM and this fake "dossier." If it brings down the UK government, so be it. Theresa May is fucking her own people over Brexit. Time for them to clean their own houses.

So, Q, my opinion is for POTUS to declassify and post on the White House website and say Fuck You to the deep state and to British Intelligence. Time for everyone to clean house.

7cdb1f  No.3120976


Maybe Sessions already DELIVERED

f5e167  No.3120977

File: 053dbeca1722d0f⋯.png (415.16 KB, 403x553, 403:553, ClipboardImage.png)

f651a3  No.3120978

File: 7eeedb95bc1014a⋯.png (878.23 KB, 945x552, 315:184, ClipboardImage.png)


Anita Hill now claims she too was at the party with Kavanaugh and Ford…and saw everything…developing

e82c73  No.3120979


good thing you can't always get what you want anon.

a2fb45  No.3120980

>>3120951 yes- Why would Trump call them out FYVY'S

a152b3  No.3120981




3a89d1  No.3120982

File: 85ea73bf95ee9fa⋯.png (1.37 MB, 733x3697, 733:3697, 2018-09-21_10-39-56.png)


Confirmation here that Christine Blasey Ford’s father, Ralph Blasey, was president of the all-male Burning Tree Golf Club in Bethesda, MD. All-male, huh? That should set off the feminazis. Also, Brett Kavanaugh's father Ed has also been an active member of that golf club, so both families' kids likely knew each other.


Power elite of suburban Washington split over Kavanaugh allegations

Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee and accuser Christine Blasey Ford both come from well-known families in the D.C. suburbs.


| 09/17/2018 08:44 PM EDT

Christine Blasey Ford threw a Supreme Court confirmation into turmoil with her decision to step forward with sexual assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh — but she also broke the delicate social code of the affluent Maryland suburbs where they both grew up.

Their families have traveled for decades in the same prep school and country-club circles, populated by Washington power players — including plenty of lawyers, lobbyists and government officials whose shared goal is to avoid public embarrassment.

Now both Ford and Kavanaugh are set to testify publicly before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Sept. 24 about Ford’s claim that as teens, Kavanaugh held her down and forcibly tried to remove her clothes, covering her mouth to muffle her screams, at a house party.

High school friends and classmates have stepped forward to defend Kavanaugh, including in a letter circulated late last week, while the head of Ford’s alma mater issued a statement of support for her after she identified herself in a Washington Post interview on Sunday.

Interviews with a dozen people who have lived or attended school or churches in Bethesda and surrounding towns, most of whom spoke on the condition of anonymity, paint a picture of a tight-knit community still focused on the parochial dimensions of the scandal.

“What’s tragic is you have two well liked-families in this area,” said a friend of Kavanaugh’s from the community.

Ford attended the elite Holton-Arms School at the time she alleges that Kavanaugh, who attended the equally elite Georgetown Preparatory School, attacked her. While Ford now lives in California, where she’s a research psychologist, Kavanaugh has remained in the Washington area, establishing himself as a prominent Republican lawyer and judge. His wife, Ashley, is the Chevy Chase town manager.

Ford’s father, Ralph Blasey, was president of the all-male Burning Tree Golf Club in Bethesda, where Kavanaugh’s father, Ed — former president of the Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association, a trade group — has also been an active member, according to a member of the club. Burning Tree declined to discuss its membership.

The families crossed paths in other ways: Kavanaugh’s mother, a former circuit judge in Montgomery County, Md., heard a foreclosure case in 1996 involving the Blaseys’ home, dismissing the case and barring the lender from revisiting the issue — allowing the couple to stay put.

Claims that were dismissed by many as vague last week, before Ford stepped forward, gained new credibility “now that she has come out and has a name,” according to one Bethesda resident — and were the only topic of conversation at the Whole Foods checkout on River Road on Sunday night.

Some who know both of the people involved said they weren’t sure what to do with their divided sympathies.

“Brett Kavanaugh is as good a person as you’re ever going to find,” said an attorney who grew up in Bethesda and knows Kavanaugh as well as some of Ford’s siblings. Of the Blaseys, he said, “They’re a great, nice family. In other words, you’re not going to be able to demonize this woman effectively. … They have an excellent reputation.”

By Monday, 200 alumnae of Holton were circulating a draft letter in support of her. The letter calls her account of being accosted by Kavanaugh “all too consistent with stories we heard and lived while attending Holton.”

It followed last week’s letter in support of Kavanaugh, issued before Ford identified herself and signed by 65 people who said they’d known the Supreme Court nominee since high school.

For Jim Zogby, who put five children through the area’s Catholic schools in the 1980s, including a son who attended Kavanaugh’s alma mater Georgetown Prep, the reaction to Ford’s allegations repeats a pattern he has observed over decades, with an “in crowd” rallying members “to defend one of their own.”

[more at link]

911a3c  No.3120983


Fake news from RT

2e2b1b  No.3120984




Q100 - UK related - Queen / MI6 / Secret Societies / Satan

Q113 - Social Media - Mockingbird C_A control

Q144 - Classic Big Picture drop - C_A & SM refs here, too.

Q431 - Short we are moving fast update drop

8e8a40  No.3120985

File: 983a15b08d91d7c⋯.jpg (91.36 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Shill_larp.jpg)

File: a2d39ab5df076fb⋯.jpg (25.49 KB, 259x259, 1:1, shill_pepe_sweat.jpg)

78a88e  No.3120986

File: 1eb99b7181ef903⋯.png (729.47 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 37A63AB6-E393-43B6-AB22-60….png)

File: a3e82120a34bb83⋯.png (516.07 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 76FE475C-A043-4E87-970C-7E….png)

File: eb5b4c58775f39e⋯.png (675.45 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, DA499D29-52E7-4594-A07C-90….png)

File: 81ecc2b91f60d38⋯.png (659.33 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 506E7974-8E57-468B-9DF0-4C….png)

File: a7a748d24048136⋯.png (706.17 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, B9AC441F-2016-4F5D-865C-FF….png)

92e01b  No.3120987


Princess Di found out about the Spirit Cooking and children…that's why she was killed…okay, I know I'm an idiot but I really did not understand why she was killed until re-reading that drop. Thanks anon.

fa3745  No.3120988

File: 7e8441f6320024e⋯.png (105.4 KB, 783x558, 87:62, Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at ….png)

File: 7039e6fdcf32535⋯.png (99.42 KB, 750x385, 150:77, Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at ….png)


78a88e  No.3120989

File: be0fc5a3d1f8fd9⋯.png (813.67 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, C166BC27-EA4A-41CA-8D31-2C….png)

File: 3aa573b6ba75fd4⋯.png (667.92 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 46373B68-0E8F-4622-924B-86….png)

File: 2f6a4f277d23f81⋯.png (613.7 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 1825E9AD-FBD9-4C85-9662-C3….png)

9e69fa  No.3120990


OMG! Seriously grasping at the air for something to grab hold of.

29eab8  No.3120991


FFS, it all comes down to timing.

If they committed toward the bottom of the minute, latency would account for the screw up.

Consider it a delta. Or not.

Just let it slide.

On second thought. DON'T.

a6f4c1  No.3120992

File: 758acc86a1639b9⋯.jpeg (158.43 KB, 1038x881, 1038:881, D08BF9CC-77E4-4340-B73D-F….jpeg)

08fcee  No.3120993

File: b6382fb54515f1a⋯.jpg (245.9 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, IMG_0900.JPG)



556a5f  No.3120994



No it is not on the Honey Fitz.

This bell is the ship of a man from Scandinavia

I researched this back when the pic first came out

ea1ae2  No.3120995


Trump is massaging the news cycle against the Kavanaugh proceedings. Tells you how important the Kavanaugh confirm – Emergency SMS – and Russia DOC dump are. Intertwined.

d3e620  No.3120996

POTUS is the best god damn President this country has ever seen. Period.

a36ca4  No.3120999

File: ed2fb749665560e⋯.png (552.22 KB, 634x735, 634:735, 1537542157887.png)


what a deep state CUCK DECLAS NOW!

8a5860  No.3121000


I have my dreams tho!

965854  No.3121001


Tfw when based on crumbs lately you think we will get the full FLOOD of unredacted IG report kek. All of it!

bd23a5  No.3121002


In full agreement Anon.

ff75f9  No.3121003


It doesn't prove that. Maybe they just don't like Trump.

3d6cf9  No.3121004


We'll never see these documents just like we'll never be told the truth about 9/11 or anything else. Trust us. Need to know basis and we don't need to know. This is what it feels like at this point. Dangling carrots.

cf33ef  No.3121005

File: f827a424e60f788⋯.png (40.48 KB, 389x255, 389:255, sept17th.png)


(pic related)

No more. No less.

Are you really so naive to believe that the other side just watches without trying to counter move?

49374b  No.3121006


It's on the fucking GND, idiot.

Taxi much?

bb8513  No.3121007

the selfishness and narcissism of 90% of you is absolutely disgusting. i can only hope all of you are shills, if not, we're fucked no matter what Q does for us. petulant children, the lot of you. i honestly want Q to just do his own thing just so i can watch you idiots literally an hero on here, good as a cabal round up at this point.

0093da  No.3121008


SO much better. we are lucky we have the best IT team on the planet

thank you CM and BO and all mod and bakers and anons

you guys are amazing

a2fb45  No.3121010

>>3120983 no its real as per Trumps recent tweet !

543f47  No.3121011

With all of the screaming from the left about Garland….Has a good deep dig been done on him?

54e9d9  No.3121012

File: a9d219c9f483adb⋯.jpg (19.71 KB, 255x176, 255:176, fakeblack_clown.jpg)

bf3dd3  No.3121013



Patience isn’t always easy.

But vital to get right.

4a8830  No.3121014


Video being manipulated does not mean plane did not impact.

I never said you were wrong about video except that CGI was not a street level production.

I did however once point out that at that time in 2001 video was comprised of frames that are interleaved and can cause distortion and glitching when motion occurs.

And I have not watched and rewatched videos of that day, seeing people jump to death in person was enough for me.

I have however posted photos of the towers that you can see thru nearly transparent with sun behind. They have been reused a lot here. That proves there were no obstructions in the floors to stop anything from shooting out the other side. Only center columns had any resistance to an aircraft passing thru…

Now I need to start my duty at work, so I am checking out.

Google "video frame overlay and effect" and see if that explains whatever you are seeing as video fuckery. If not no problem, but I am not personally ever watching any more videos about it without copious amounts of drinking.


6c2c94  No.3121015


It’s either 100% disclosure or 0.

Anything less than 100% is a coverup

a10d28  No.3121016


no shit. not anymore dick

ab51ce  No.3121017


>Anita Hill now claims she too was at the party with Kavanaugh and Ford…and saw everything

Right and HRC was there too and saw everything.

3d6cf9  No.3121018


your sarcasm meter must be in the shop for repairs

cc67d5  No.3121019


Its a sad state of affairs when we have to get news from foreign sources, RT is more reliable the any MSM in America, but is says detail to follow .so wait and see

af4263  No.3121020



While Montessori schools are usually held to a higher esteem by parents (possibly due to the fact that they cost a bit more than other schools and follow a more-creative line of nurturing each child’s individual talents), they are in no way immune to instances of child abuse.

Do you suspect that your child is being abused at their Montessori school? Contact the child abuse lawyers at Rasansky Law Firm to learn the options available to you and your family. Call us today at 1-877-403-9378 for your free consultation.

How can you tell if your child is suffering from abuse by a Montessori teacher? Here are a few red flags you should be aware of:

Withdrawal - Children are (for the most part) curious, bubbly and active. However, if a once-sunny kid starts wanting a lot of time to themselves, you should take notice since this may be due to a relationship dynamic that’s changed in their lives, particularly in their learning space. Children who are being abused tend to clam up and refuse any kind of affection as well as attempts to get them out of their shells.

Night Terrors - Any kind of trauma isn’t easy for the minds of little children to bear. As a result, they internalize it and push it deep into their unconscious. That said, doing this only makes it likely for the trauma they suffer to come out in their dreams. The onset of nightmares and night terrors may be a signal that there might be some kind of abuse during the child’s waking hours which you need to investigate.

Aggressive Behavior - When a once-gentle kid starts to act out and be rude for no reason, it may be related to child abuse. This is a defense mechanism to help protect themselves in the face of perceived danger. This can take on acts such as hitting other children, biting, kicking, screaming and more. Instead of only disciplining the child, consider digging deeper in order to find out what the underlying cause could be.

Body Bruising - While other forms of abuse are insidious and almost invisible, physical violence often results in scrapes and bruises. Be sure to check your child for marks, bruises and hand prints on their bodies should you suspect anything. Since abuse is repetitive, you may find that these bruises never fully heal, and may actually keep getting worse with time. In such cases, don’t forget to take documentary evidence in the form of photographs.

3b8e4f  No.3121021


Give me just some examples, what is so bad that you dont want to know?

Is there anything that can suprise you?

I can guarantee to you, that most of people here would not even blink if there is alien landing in front of DC, or if CNN say in prime time that all Hollywood actors are pedos, or that there are children sacrifices, that there are clones, elites drinking childrens blood.. etc etc

So what can be even worse? Honest question,

ca849c  No.3121022


Interesting connection


6ad7c3  No.3121023


You can compare The Donald to the 2nd Coming of the Christ, but please don't be disrespectful in that way, anon.

d3e620  No.3121024


Don't feed the trolls bro.

a36ca4  No.3121025

File: 6bf646e46745636⋯.png (62.45 KB, 255x197, 255:197, 1533696429744.png)


check out my reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesearch

ea1ae2  No.3121026



must be shills. truthers cant navigate 8ch and they probably just upgraded their game to blend in more. We see you glowing 911 faggots.

80b8d7  No.3121027

File: 9a889921c77dcd2⋯.jpeg (356.5 KB, 1125x656, 1125:656, B5232898-DE61-4BCA-9DDF-5….jpeg)

File: 380c6d858b02414⋯.jpeg (42.52 KB, 297x223, 297:223, 34C64373-8333-4B37-B8A6-6….jpeg)

I’m listening…

5a1916  No.3121028


To be fair she was a couple years younger when that picture was taken.

126685  No.3121029

>>3120554 pb

That lack of attention to detail in most of the normie sites is troubling. Several key things are missed. Spouse watches 1 or 2 only for color. I add or try to help correct. I don't have all the answers so don't think I"m saying that.

Remember….be careful who you follow.

855168  No.3121030

File: 794f20d9de94340⋯.jpg (43.12 KB, 500x430, 50:43, 2id1yq~2.jpg)

File: 24a77000f2e1d6d⋯.png (46.27 KB, 445x357, 445:357, Screenshot_2018-09-21-02-4….png)

File: 33bfe18e0b2a85b⋯.jpg (58.91 KB, 480x479, 480:479, 2iajso~2.jpg)

File: 8497a2233579f5e⋯.jpg (55.72 KB, 500x586, 250:293, 2i7cta~2.jpg)

Kavanaugh has no choice he has to clear his name of sexual abuse accusations….

2860c1  No.3121031

9e69fa  No.3121032


With all the stupid shit coming out of the wood work these days, I'm having it completely overhauled. KEK!

0093da  No.3121033


LOVE IT - puppy digging on the moon

best one evah

4b1235  No.3121034


China Just Tested a Hypersonic Weapon That Could Launch Nukes at 6 Times the == Speed == of Sound

China successfully tested a hypersonic aircraft on Friday (Aug. 3), one that could one day be capable of firing nuclear missiles around the planet at up to six times the speed of sound, according to China's state-run news site China Daily.

Sky Event?

The aircraft, known as Starry Sky-2, is reportedly capable of screaming across the sky at speeds of up to 4,563 mph (7,344 km/h) and rapidly switching direction mid-flight, China Daily reported, potentially allowing the rocket to blast right past existing missile defense systems.


78f2f8  No.3121035


They dont sit well with me. Too manufactured.

The fallout following the collapse of the govt here allows a new approach in the form of the TPRP leading to rejection of the old system at the ballot box.

Just get on with it……

ff20cb  No.3121036

"False, moon landings are real"

I laughed when I read that and coupled it with Pompeo cracking down on improper use of commas. Q is a funny guy.


58bf0e  No.3121037


Horowitz has it all.

Huber has it all.

DECLAS is about the narrative.

POTUS can DECLAS at will at the time of his choosing.

106b14  No.3121038


projection at its finest

why so negative ?

is it selfish to expect the government to not take 2 years to declassify fisa ?


unfortunately the people we are all against

will do shit like fire off a nuke if ANYTHING

tries to break the matrix

so it takes awhile

so make noise on social media if you want fisa declass

fb4a31  No.3121039

File: 6c434a3b1f5d5c6⋯.jpg (258.35 KB, 634x614, 317:307, keknauts.jpg)

f74305  No.3121040


You heard it here first:

"DECLAS" will be a nothingburger.

Temper your enthusiasm boys. Nobody is exposing anything about the cabal unitl 2019 assuming Democrats dont take the House.

(If dems take the House this is all over)

If Q team had cards to play it would have been in time for the mid terms and it is too late for that now.

f4a664  No.3121041

File: 1b2169ea496ce20⋯.png (31.72 KB, 884x396, 221:99, paula kay blasey.PNG)

Paula Kay Blasey

8e8a40  No.3121042

File: 39c5790cfd1d6de⋯.png (142.65 KB, 393x364, 393:364, ! ! ! ! ! (You) 5;5___GM.png)

76cb8c  No.3121043



… because I'm sure there are fine women that play a part of Q team as well…

Thank you ma'am(s).

ca1b52  No.3121044

File: 8d9fe60a89e923a⋯.jpg (61.73 KB, 618x410, 309:205, apple-records-transactions….jpg)

Apple says it’s tracking your calls and emails to ‘prevent fraud’

Apple just added a new provision to the iTunes Store & Privacy policy that tells users that their devices will receive individual scores based on the number of phone calls they make and the emails they send

https:// nypost.com/2018/09/20/apple-says-its-tracking-your-calls-and-emails-to-prevent-fraud/

d29228  No.3121045


Good job Anon! Very effective.

af4263  No.3121046



Thursday, May 17, 2018

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) – The Head of the Montessori School of Raleigh was arrested Wednesday for allegedly aiding and abetting in a sex abuse case.

Raleigh police confirm Nancy Errichetti was arrested at the school.

This comes after Errichetti was indicted by a grand jury Tuesday on charges of aiding and abetting taking indecent liberties with a child and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

855168  No.3121047

File: 1714501a230912e⋯.jpg (184.42 KB, 500x744, 125:186, 2hxrg8~6.jpg)

This guy is a moron..

965854  No.3121048


Is perfect, really. IG is apolitical and beyond reproach (at least until the tweet takes full flight)

345d43  No.3121049



land of OZ

land of black suit operatives and all manner of evil undisclosed shit that has barely even leaked into the consciousness of the internet in 2018 yet

fuck is really going on over there??? reminds me of NK, in a way. an isolated place you hear stories about

591eb0  No.3121050


FFS I get it.

Lets say you were an autistic software professional that had spent the last 9 months creating a scraper site that archived Q posts and also calculated deltas.

You wake up and notice that Q RT's a delta and you wonder why YOUR site didn't pick it up. You begin to look into why that is because you are after all autistic. You find that DJT posted BEFORE Q and inquire if the rules that determine if a delta have changed.

All you want to do is make sure that YOUR site is operating correctly.

You meet resistance.

Now what?

f651a3  No.3121051

File: f031e7d04143070⋯.png (1.8 MB, 1300x724, 325:181, ClipboardImage.png)


Colin Kaepernick now reports that he was at the same party with Judge Kavanaugh and that Kavanaugh called him a shitty quarterback while he was on top of Ford….developing

a2f744  No.3121052


He's implying 'Allies'

Meaning, in name only now.

Allusion to WW2 alliance.

But not really our allies anymore.

8f3f4b  No.3121053


Those that scream the loudest…

0162d3  No.3121054


Oh good. I have nothing to hide. Do they have anything to hide? Can we monitor their phone calls for security reasons?

284520  No.3121055



Q let u down, real anons are staying the course.

f42790  No.3121056

File: 394be0ad48c9ba9⋯.png (589.46 KB, 773x500, 773:500, ClipboardImage.png)



Fresh out the meme factory

4b1235  No.3121057

File: d05a2e180cb019a⋯.png (177.29 KB, 836x674, 418:337, d05a2e180cb019a6a8dd5a71e6….png)

cf33ef  No.3121058


Sorry Bro. Had a hard week. I got triggered. Won't happen again ;)

9efdb2  No.3121059


POTUS is making the FVEY crowd sweat today, squeezing that declassification leverage.

Love it.

af4263  No.3121060


AUSTIN (KXAN) – A former school director for the Lake Hills Montessori school in Austin claims she was fired by the school's owner, Sandra Karnstadt, in retaliation for reporting "ongoing child abuse" to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.

b44c3b  No.3121061


Those spirals you saw in your dreams, are incoming ICBMs spiraling out of control because their guidance systems have been disabled by a form of missile defense no-one yet knows about.


49d098  No.3121062

Q Plane Pentagon.

Q replies “Yes” to pentagon plane question (“Think mirror.”).

Test to see if MSM attempt to discredit Q by citing no evidence of a plane (risky)?!

Public awareness.

Whatever Q’s reason, the evidence is clear – no planes at any of the three sites on 9/11.

46b5c7  No.3121063


Why Fox has this skidmark around is simply to blow all his DeepState frens.

He serves no useful purpose other than to be a shrill shill on the hill.

87db79  No.3121064

File: 1a6823c8f5a4db6⋯.png (286.63 KB, 588x524, 147:131, xs0dpuldwln11.png)


348500  No.3121065


I'm starting to think you may be right

80b8d7  No.3121066

File: c04becfddd096d8⋯.jpeg (71.25 KB, 500x568, 125:142, 99FBF709-54EB-4025-92BF-3….jpeg)


f74305  No.3121067


>POTUS can DECLAS at will at the time of his choosing.

False. He needs cooperation from federal employees.

e82c73  No.3121068


we all should, but sex dreams are best kept to oneself.

esp when others wives are in them!

no good outcomes there, so leave it in the noggin maybe?

6ad7c3  No.3121069

File: 03a5aeaf691bff1⋯.jpg (62.31 KB, 500x536, 125:134, boomstarwars.jpg)


remember how excited we all were a few days ago when we were going to get these unclassified.

Now its "Key Allies' [sic] called to ask not to release"

0093da  No.3121070


I did not - thank you for pointing it out

8cbe53  No.3121071



Seems that your knowledge of the animal kingdom is lacking as well.

You are speaking of CATS not dogs.

Shall we call you a short bus now, or does your cute little self want to hang out with the adults for a little while longer?

cc67d5  No.3121072


Ok anybody that lives in American and is smart enough to read a variety of news from all over the world , because we as in me.myself and I know our MSM is mostly all bullshit.

b4d072  No.3121074


I like how some people like to say what POTUS should or shouldn't do without the merest hint of knowledge about what is going on behind the scenes.

Fire RR

Fire RM

Do this, do that

4b1235  No.3121075


Too late?

It is October 21st, not September?

da48d3  No.3121076

File: 92a4c9fda6bea55⋯.jpg (57.08 KB, 1034x552, 517:276, IRS.JPG)

If the IRS intends to start working again it can begin unfucking itself by eliminating tax exemption for "religions." With a simplified tax code, 100 -200 agents should be able to manage the information processing.

There's no reason for taxation to be so oppressive it creates armies of tax evaders. Massive tax evasion is a product of injustice, uneven enforcement and corruption.

Scientology, a criminal mind control cult, blackmailed the IRS, breaking into offices, falsifying data bases, stalking IRS employees, and bugging phones.

The IRS is autocratic and overreaching, a tyrannical politicized US agency every bit as rotten as the CIA.

Like CIA, IRS should be smashed into a thousand pieces and scattered to the winds. With exponential growth, income tax is unnecessary, inefficient and should be abolished ASAP.


574350  No.3121077


Population have no idea. They're really good at keeping secrets.

1fb173  No.3121078

File: 56fe6bd4fd4ec0d⋯.png (264.08 KB, 947x834, 947:834, Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at ….png)

126685  No.3121079


I have same thoughts on that. The entire "marrying an unapproved person ala Fayed was BS from the start. Wonder if she was really in that pic at top left from all that R stuff earlier.

a2fb45  No.3121080



Are you kidding? He just pulled back. He got something for it, Hopefully Trade, But there go the mid-terms.

a0edf1  No.3121081


If there is one thing I have gotten better at since October 2017, is patience. This cliffhanger of a movie keeps dragging on, and while I'm totally enjoying the show, it's time to speed this shit up!

fbc0da  No.3121082

Chris Wallace (FOX) just quoted Godfather…

Give them an offer they can't refuse…..

af4263  No.3121083



Ex-teacher charged with child sex abuse was subject of previous D.C. investigation

By Emma Brown and

Peter Hermann

March 21, 2017

A former D.C. elementary school teacher who was arrested last month on charges that he sexually abused three of his students was the subject of a previous investigation into his interactions with children, according to school and police officials.

Manuel Fernandez, 35, who taught at Latin American Montessori Bilingual (LAMB) Public Charter School, has been held in D.C. jail since he was arrested Feb. 24 on three charges of child sex abuse.

d3e620  No.3121084


Understandable anon.

08fcee  No.3121085

File: b2a04714292fe42⋯.jpg (14.84 KB, 480x320, 3:2, IMG_0196.JPG)

78e8e9  No.3121086

File: 82973cddd08ec72⋯.jpg (53.7 KB, 474x315, 158:105, Q31.jpg)

3b8e4f  No.3121087


We are bait..

106b14  No.3121088


really you too ?

i wonder what the hell they are

i think i know deep down

but you cant really be sure

6791ab  No.3121089

File: 729e0ccbbcc7595⋯.png (88.61 KB, 500x303, 500:303, 1471731845493.png)

File: a3a1e51c1c291e6⋯.png (612.44 KB, 703x696, 703:696, 1510350992339.png)

File: 53085f95380483b⋯.png (3.21 KB, 525x82, 525:82, 1510350992339 B.png)

bc9b71  No.3121090


he aint lying… they should be lynched.

3d6cf9  No.3121091

f42790  No.3121092

Dan Coats, Chris Wray and Rosenstein will still redact some portions in defiance of the President's order.

Gret Jarrett, Live fox news 11:07 EST

8d0005  No.3121093


I got a weeks twatter suspension for simple twatting “Trans=Mentaly ill”

ea9f60  No.3121094



I don't care what they throw at me, no matter how bad it is, I can take it. Many of us will be just fine.

I've been down every rabbit hole imaginable. Nothing will shake me to my core. Give me full truth or I don't even want to be part of humanity anymore.

100% TRUTH

d5f157  No.3121095


She was accompanied by U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, U.S. Rep. Brian Babin, and state Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, all Texas Republicans facing Democratic challengers.

74549a  No.3121096


11 months into it - maybe Q is a big PR move?

We'll never get any truth, just some results behind the scenes so we have to keep faith that's all it will take to MAGA.

Otherwise the truth will come in a brutal wave of civil war someday in the future.

a36ca4  No.3121097

File: a13077fd6e4eb28⋯.png (79.49 KB, 275x183, 275:183, 1534140661708.png)


> autistic software professional


> autistic software professional


> autistic software professional


> autistic software professional


> autistic software professional


> autistic software professional


> autistic software professional


> autistic software professional


> autistic software professional


> autistic software professional


>calculated deltas


>calculated deltas


>calculated deltas


>calculated deltas


>calculated deltas

4acc1e  No.3121098


you ever wonder if its all FAKE NEWS

106b14  No.3121099


not me anon

the normalfags

they would all shut down if they saw the shit the satanists do in full "glory"

maybe they are stronger than they think but im not sure

gotta find a balance between delcass and pure anarchy

bd1f5d  No.3121100

File: f39b24df7139c33⋯.png (315.58 KB, 506x282, 253:141, ClipboardImage.png)

I am hereby formally announcing my intentions to marry the Chinese American beautiful woman on the upper left behind POTUS. I have all of my vows committed to memory and am prepared to make you the happiest woman in the world.

Will you marry me?

08208d  No.3121101

File: 56ab8b5bc1b8ec4⋯.jpeg (397.9 KB, 750x949, 750:949, F365D492-4C3A-41B1-91BF-7….jpeg)

File: 59b6aad41e2dc62⋯.jpeg (237.48 KB, 750x637, 750:637, 695B6CBE-A3D5-433D-8856-E….jpeg)

File: fe43c6b8bd0b8be⋯.jpeg (528.2 KB, 750x1010, 75:101, 6758E17F-66C9-4C6D-8E62-2….jpeg)

Found these interesting…



This next one was posted by 5 different people at the same time all with a PR firm…


ca1b52  No.3121102


Once Kav is confirmed, anon. His placement is crucial.

cc2423  No.3121103

File: 8604a3eebbef7c7⋯.png (1.54 MB, 815x476, 815:476, Untitled picture.png)

From yesterdays shooting:

Notice how they dont publish race of attacker?

Yeah we know her race… (Pronounced :Snow- Chia?)

Plus the attacker is female

This does not fit their narrative or agenda so this story will disappear.

Honestly they should treat these events just like they do suicides (since actually that is what they are)

No the more they hype up the story the more they give motivation to the next "mass-shooter" - e.g. post-mortem infamy

The mockingbird media is a complicit accomplice in mass shootings

2d3ef5  No.3121104

File: fd56ed0fcc569ae⋯.png (109.26 KB, 939x531, 313:177, image.png)


If POTUS releases the DECLASsified documents first he loses his leverage and the cabal destroys the Kavanaugh confirmation.

If Kavanaugh nomination is destroyed first and the FISC documents have yet to be released POTUS has maintained leverage and drops the hammer.

If Kavanaugh is confirmed first POTUS has put 2 justices on the Supreme Court and still has the document leverage.

This is why the ACCUSER is delaying. They have to delay.

They must destroy the Kavanaugh appointment but know POTUS will play the DECLAS.

They have to delay both and need a HAIL MARY.

76cb8c  No.3121105


Gary McKinnon proved this decades ago…

Why we even still debating this?



William Thompkins

ca849c  No.3121106

File: 6c7ef3732263b39⋯.mp4 (1.29 MB, 538x474, 269:237, crystal clean water.mp4)

Not sure if this is anything. At first I thought he said "Crystal Clear Water" which invoked both "CRYSTAL CLEAR" and "WATCH THE WATER" but he actually says "crystal CLEAN water"

Perhaps he meant to say clear?


Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: a1d9ea No.23580 📁

Jan 8 2018 02:00:50 (EST)

DEFCON does not refer to Defense r Condition w/ regards to prev post.

Thought clear.

Now crystal clear.


574350  No.3121107

Coalition govt in Aus is anti-Trump. Their voters are mostly pro-Trump. That's their conundrum and why they need to keep secrets.

855168  No.3121108

File: ddb0cb9f0f2423c⋯.jpg (12.22 KB, 255x204, 5:4, ddb0cb9f0f2423ca98aa1d4572….jpg)




Stupid Wallace just talked about a trade war with China….. America lost that trade war decades ago…

a2fb45  No.3121109

>>3121069 Huge blue pill needed

4a9a25  No.3121110

RT just announced Trump walking back the declas order (?!)


4b1235  No.3121111


If these are comms they need to be noted.

965854  No.3121112


D1 > > > D5

fbb334  No.3121113

The next delta will be :16 seconds ……..

Hence , the count down has began ..

08fcee  No.3121114

File: 962e9610a4fefc5⋯.jpg (3.38 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, IMG_0696.JPG)

File: fa27cf84980bb8d⋯.jpg (205.15 KB, 560x560, 1:1, IMG_0906.JPG)


345d43  No.3121115

File: 47ddcf1e1d834e9⋯.jpg (19.83 KB, 466x466, 1:1, fox5.3.jpg)

Hearing so many stories about stabbings. A fucking daycare center??? seriously???? Anons should invest in some swat cop mace look up FOX 5.3 and do NOT order it from amazon. Go buy somewhere local where you can trust it hasn't been fucked with

126685  No.3121116

File: a565ecbabf4fc82⋯.jpg (17.88 KB, 219x255, 73:85, 5X5 JK.jpg)

6c2c94  No.3121117


I like how people here have adopted that complete liberal smugness where they are 100% certain they are correct and everyone else is wrong. The Q delusion is as bad as anything on the left.

Your blind faith in an invisible saviour is hilarious.

Let’s do a little accounting

0 arrests

0 happenings

0 disclosures

Yet you still take Q’s word as the word of god.

0e73bd  No.3121118

File: 8c4d0131dc65fb6⋯.jpg (28.82 KB, 474x474, 1:1, IMG_5689.jpg)

>> 3120904 yeah, that idiot, pic related

>>3120992 and that would be enough for btfo

but, may I ask - have u ever been serving in a group, not even necessarily military, just any group that has a plan, a goal and reacts to everything that happens irl around so u realise that "tomorrow we're leaving at exactly 6:14am and u will have yer tea at 4 o'clock not a minute after or before" is selfish and reeally stupid to count on? is q a fuckin' cult figure to bet on? what part about obstruction, slowwalking and disruption u do not understand? ok, after those qs i just realised (You)'re a fuckin concernfagging shill. inb4 - sorry, if u a true moron that still doesnt geddit.

43f1e7  No.3121119

File: 785ce81c712f187⋯.png (472.77 KB, 917x359, 917:359, lesbos2.png)


A Greek nonprofit organisation has reportedly aided 70 000 illegals to enter into Greece since 2015.

And the "nonprofit" earned half a billion euros per year by doing so.

3d6cf9  No.3121120

File: 96d100991c9c8e9⋯.png (371.5 KB, 661x595, 661:595, ClipboardImage.png)


d8f62d  No.3121121

File: de427d46aeb3898⋯.png (128.01 KB, 281x276, 281:276, ClipboardImage.png)

Did any of you John Titor followers catch the significance of "History will judge you well" ?

29eab8  No.3121122


>Now what?

Write your shit in such a way as to pick up within 60s on BOTH sides.

OR, you either correct manually or let it go.

80b8d7  No.3121123

File: 892797ffdbb3cd3⋯.jpeg (98.28 KB, 500x613, 500:613, 6B8C80A3-9271-4355-9CC6-D….jpeg)

Panic at the Disco

591eb0  No.3121124


Thanks a big help. Thanks.

4760c6  No.3121125


Commercial cleaning = corporate spying

54a38f  No.3121126


maybe q will clarify that the sept 17 declas order concerns different docs that those referenced in 45 tweet this morning?

0ff9ca  No.3121127

File: 36f1eddb2993c97⋯.png (302.71 KB, 647x1015, 647:1015, 2018-09-07_03-02-42.png)


God Bless Flotus!


b34614  No.3121128

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Trey Gowdy seemed to allude to the Papapdopoulos document yesterday evening:

>@5:18 of video

>I've read it… Other than one document related to George Papadopoulos, I don't think people are going to be that interested in it.

2d3ef5  No.3121129



61cdf2  No.3121130

File: ada8d475ff6a71e⋯.jpg (42.02 KB, 413x322, 59:46, ap11763.JPG)

f42790  No.3121131


Because POTUS got calls from UK and probably Australia NOT to release this information.

He said so on the Hannity interview at the Las Vegas rally. He said he got TWO CALLS from major foreign allies telling him NOT to release this information.

Because it will implicate them obviously. Essentially Five Eyes allies called him and who knows why that delayed things. I say FUCK THEM RIGHT TO HELL Q.

6c2c94  No.3121132


Never gonna happen. Q is the coverup

f74305  No.3121133


Early voting in over a dozen states begins Oct 1.

Nothwithstanding that it will take weeks for any of this to make it through the media filter (recall it took months for remotely honest reporting of Benghazi), there seems to be some real concerm with not making this appear partisan, and thus keeping it 60 days from any election.

"Drop" or "boom" woild have occurred early September, i think.

ff75f9  No.3121134


2 years later and the 2016 election isn't settled. We're practically begging for declassifying the documents that show what we already know anyway, but hopefully that will possibly lead to potential prosecutions.

a2f744  No.3121135


>BREAKING: FORMER SCALIA LAW CLERK Drops Pictures and Evidence That Blows Christine Ford's Case Wide Open

He already had to apologize.

Such an idiot. You don't go name somebody else based on the same bullshit accusation.

He should have never given it ANY credibility.

e5dad2  No.3121136


build strength, renegotiate. previous deals off.

81a88c  No.3121137

File: 08f78ffe8c810cc⋯.jpeg (88.35 KB, 1000x659, 1000:659, B70C87E4-C1E9-4ABD-A04C-1….jpeg)


(Iron-cobalt-vanadium alloy)


US Grant


A high strength soft magnetic Fe-Co-V alloy, comprising, in weight %, (Fe+Co)>=88%, (Fe-Co)>=2% or (Co-Fe)>=2%, at least 30% Co, and satisfying one of the following three conditions: (1) 0.05 to 4% Mo and 1.5 to 10% V, or (2) (Fe-Co) or (C0-Fe)<=13 and at least 4% V, or (3) at least 7% V. Additional alloying constituents, including B, C, Nb, Ti, W and Ni can be present.

Guess who owns this patent of tech from frens who make us “not alone”?

022695  No.3121138


The letters and extra space add up to 17?

a4e680  No.3121139

Has anyone wondered why the military would ask DJT to run for president?

What is the connection?

Why DJT?

78f2f8  No.3121140


Yeah, and I saw on here the other day an anon say that it was also so the light could shine on her kids instead. William the wet and his air head bint and the ginger lout with his token negress - what's not to like - bleurgh

29eab8  No.3121141

File: 9efa6a9c1a6bd1a⋯.jpg (71.23 KB, 1200x791, 1200:791, Im_gonna_steal_that.jpg)

8d6051  No.3121142

b34614  No.3121143

File: 5321586a269b61d⋯.jpeg (11.5 KB, 255x180, 17:12, feb859df666d2104930da8186….jpeg)


In relation to pic related

7cdb1f  No.3121144



d969ef  No.3121145


Thanks anon. Phonefagging ATM. Burning Tree needs digging- lots of big names.

3b8e4f  No.3121146


The main problem for awaken ones, is impatience..

And i think that Q realises this very good.

ea9f60  No.3121147


I pray that you're right anon, because I'll never rest until FULL disclosure happens.

46b5c7  No.3121148

File: 49395996b6b9194⋯.jpg (74.96 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Mike Wallace.jpg)

106b14  No.3121149


i dont if Q doesnt do it we riot

straight up

no offence Q

4b1235  No.3121150



61cdf2  No.3121151


dustification is totally normal nothing to see here

f206f4  No.3121152


Agreed. We've (or our ancestors) been through bullshit world wars over bullshit reasons, bullshit drug wars where friends and/or family have lost or ruined their lives, lost our savings through planned economic crashed, and we have suffered through the poison in our food and chemtrails in the air.

After all of that suffering, Who here thinks we can't handle hearing the truth??

126685  No.3121153


^^^^^^^^^^^. Go on…

08fcee  No.3121154

File: 21c1e63f135a2da⋯.jpg (194.2 KB, 1096x729, 1096:729, chappie_und_die_antwoord_b….jpg)


a193f0  No.3121155

File: 48e0be56829a662⋯.jpeg (380.85 KB, 1242x408, 207:68, 2BF649DB-681D-4A40-8C03-2….jpeg)

For the Baker

a36ca4  No.3121156

File: 9fc21e02740b60d⋯.png (275.93 KB, 500x281, 500:281, Poop-Ammunition.png)


niggers going apeshit blame jay-z

741f2f  No.3121157


When they come after the 2nd Amendment, I'll agree

a152b3  No.3121158


>Leads me to ask. What is up with the Montessori Schools?

Cant speak for all Montessori schools, but my son goes to one and we believe it is far better than the PUBLIC schools. We have always had close ties to his teachers who have been great.

aa05cf  No.3121159


Are her parents in any LEO? Did she even tell them, at the time?

ce9dbe  No.3121160


Her parents have revealed something about her that destroys her credibility.

29bf40  No.3121161


week of the 17th ends on sunday, still plenty of time.

855168  No.3121162

File: b25869692c5c16c⋯.jpg (12.47 KB, 198x233, 198:233, 2i26la~2.jpg)

4b1235  No.3121163


The closer to the vote, the fresher the wound.

a2f744  No.3121165


>Hypersonic Weapon

I've got to assume that we've had similar for 10+ years?

e99b33  No.3121166

File: f4767dded7a5cce⋯.png (572.53 KB, 949x879, 949:879, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a23bedc69e27e01⋯.png (63.27 KB, 199x193, 199:193, ClipboardImage.png)

A German Police Special Forces officer got suspended because he had a Navy sticker on his helmet. Why is this so dangerous so that he got suspended?


e82c73  No.3121167

File: 444729d4c7e22ff⋯.jpg (49.35 KB, 480x306, 80:51, hail.jpg)

1a4baf  No.3121168

File: 303b980632edde3⋯.jpg (127.59 KB, 749x750, 749:750, trump lookin.jpg)

File: 236d5986a1b171d⋯.png (561.72 KB, 628x668, 157:167, Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at ….png)


all those parties, all those people, in all those places we are finding out about.

who was sitting, drinking water, listening?

and who might have these three things?

What is a Mensan?

What is Hyperthymesia?

What is Eidetic memory?

Who are you talking about when you couple a Mensa level IQ with eidetic memory and hypertymesia?

"He even told NBC News in a phone call that he has "the world’s greatest memory"


This Q thing seems to me beyond to be beyond the capacity of a normal human being.

Eidetic memory

Eidetic memory is an ability to vividly recall images from memory after only a few instances of exposure, with high precision for a brief time after exposure, without using a mnemonic device.


Hyperthymesia is a neurological disorder which leads people to be able to remember much more than the average person. People with hyperthymesia remember an abnormally vast number of their life experiences.


Member of Mensa. Mensa is the high IQ society and membership requires an IQ in the top 2% of the population.

ceb203  No.3121169

File: c89ef5bfef0c834⋯.png (865.89 KB, 1080x810, 4:3, e817edba1889e4663ba69fce98….png)

4acc1e  No.3121170

remember the documents are not important the demand for transparency is,


BK conf= [SES] killed [TLC] killed [cia] killed [ATF] killed any other un fireable fuck bags will be gone

cc2423  No.3121171

File: feee6964de1b752⋯.png (530.48 KB, 503x808, 503:808, soon.png)

6f3485  No.3121172

holy shit that new Lupe Fiasco album

591eb0  No.3121173


Meh. That seems more like fixing the symptom than the problem.

Whatever. Clearly nobody cares. I'll do something else.

126685  No.3121174

78a88e  No.3121175

File: ef9b448e16df0d5⋯.png (2.59 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 168A8C8C-000C-40E7-A99D-26….png)

Was this in the notables yesterday?

08fcee  No.3121177

File: 6c04398fc82d958⋯.jpg (91.66 KB, 1200x796, 300:199, verne_troyer_2.jpg)

File: d7fdd7894c65107⋯.png (56.27 KB, 2048x1024, 2:1, whitemeh.png)

in think we are in the slamander zone, bunch of fish bait thrown in the system . axolotls

a2fb45  No.3121178

>>3121104 I don't see it that way.

Potus release Declass/unredacted FISA as promised. Expose. Democrats. Show signatures. Show nothing new to keep spying. Change the narritive off the stupid burden of proof is on Kavenaugh immediatly. After he's conirmed, release the texts unredacted.

3f9d02  No.3121179


Hot chicks like space too?

c40337  No.3121180


IMHO, these four pics may be the strongest evidence for red pilling as steel turns to dust with nothing touching it.

a36ca4  No.3121181

File: b7ed4b314720b34⋯.png (117.49 KB, 253x245, 253:245, 1534907973383.png)


>Thanks a big help. Thanks.


>Thanks a big help. Thanks.


>Thanks a big help. Thanks.


>Thanks a big help. Thanks.


>Thanks a big help. Thanks.

153915  No.3121182


The Anita Hill was totally different than this current bullshit.

At the time of the alleged incidents she did tell other people. The incidents happened only years earlier, not 35.

Hill did not inform anyone at the time of the hearings, but was outed by someone who she had confided in. She was contacted by powers that be and was called to testify. She was a reluctant witness.

ea7fba  No.3121183

File: 99a05d83e6dfc33⋯.jpg (156.64 KB, 633x758, 633:758, 1521230882528.jpg)


Someday…any day… real soon… its all coming out.

4b1235  No.3121184


Well THAT ID, regarding THIS subject is just AMAZING!

a7ff61  No.3121186


your ignorance is showing along with your stupidity.

a4e680  No.3121187

File: f98848976a7c59f⋯.png (131.82 KB, 656x567, 656:567, Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at ….png)


Loving Parents

>Red Coats Inc.

0ff9ca  No.3121188

File: 1702399bc233827⋯.png (330.92 KB, 570x435, 38:29, 2018-09-21_11-15-37.png)


Keys to EVERYTHING and nobody is around at night!

Ideal scenario for nefarious activities.

What did you expect?

089128  No.3121189

File: faa86a98218d470⋯.png (178.54 KB, 517x269, 517:269, kavanaugh.png)

f5e167  No.3121190

File: 131f161e6172c52⋯.png (52.57 KB, 126x163, 126:163, ClipboardImage.png)


Was he using Justine's slid eyebrow as a neckbeard in that video

ff75f9  No.3121191


For what specifically? And Kavanaugh would be confirmed already if the criminal Congress was cleaned out.

08fcee  No.3121192

File: 2eb0ca6b62bf442⋯.jpg (179.98 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, darkhumour.jpg)

File: 95a01b1c93ebd13⋯.jpg (99.04 KB, 977x977, 1:1, depravedbully.jpg)

File: ede09f4b5aae3f6⋯.jpg (103.5 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, devilgone.jpg)

f42790  No.3121193

File: db76350c6a3fc68⋯.png (584.88 KB, 773x500, 773:500, ClipboardImage.png)

456f98  No.3121194

File: 6045838d5f8d6de⋯.jpeg (599.75 KB, 750x991, 750:991, A2DA7394-187F-4A97-BE3D-F….jpeg)


Reminds me of pic related.

Taken 2/14 in Texas.

0093da  No.3121195


Cool. I've always been intensely interested in UFO's starting with Betty &

Barney Hill when I was a kid, bc my dad was into it. I've always wanted to

see something…but I have never seen anything up here in NE, where it all


I look all the time, take images and vids, from air and land, but it has just never

happened. I want to know.

Can you draw some of what you saw?

43f1e7  No.3121196

File: 775344b289c6502⋯.png (133.94 KB, 326x358, 163:179, screenshot_2001.png)

965854  No.3121197

File: 48581e7450ff335⋯.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1242x1984, 621:992, 8B0AC76D-6EA8-440A-A316-0….jpeg)

File: c09f743f1076937⋯.jpeg (973.44 KB, 1242x2065, 1242:2065, 81B0596F-4EA8-43F9-A622-1….jpeg)

File: 21b44923e7ee79b⋯.jpeg (564.02 KB, 1242x1953, 138:217, C8B7E3ED-AAA6-4160-B190-9….jpeg)

File: 6d49d45727ba67f⋯.png (984.73 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, A2F332D6-F4D4-4706-8875-BF….png)



29eab8  No.3121198


To photographer's right or POTUS'?

This matters, anon.


284520  No.3121199


I love how niggas come on here talking about 0 arrests, kek.

(You) have to go back faggot!

07a8bb  No.3121200


hot chicks like what theyre paid to like

ceb203  No.3121201


Looks CGI fake.

a6f4c1  No.3121202

File: 7a1d0e5acc4e573⋯.png (338.25 KB, 643x355, 643:355, 9E73F359-498E-44F4-82E5-D5….png)


Can’t tell if you’re a shill or just a retard who can’t communicate ideas. Maybe you’re both

9586f6  No.3121203

File: 6e8ba1c44dc8f1f⋯.png (281.95 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Screenshot from 2018-09-21….png)

Faggot @Jack locked my Twatter down for 12 hours, for Tweeting to another Faggot Libtard "Suicide Weekend" "KYS" back on September 13th. Guess there's an 8 day lag in their scouring, either that or some faggot reported me….

6c2c94  No.3121204


Just here for the merchandise?

a193f0  No.3121205

File: 2fac59349a77d16⋯.jpeg (1013.79 KB, 1242x788, 621:394, F04713FB-9AF9-49D0-B727-A….jpeg)

POTUS has a need for speed.

I can totally picture him pushing this to it’s break point!

e82c73  No.3121206


when they do that, I will lock and load.

secession goes viral.

let's hope they do not try to take us there.

it will not end well if they do.

d3cdb3  No.3121207

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Nothing new, folks.

China has had electrogravitic 'antigravity' disc craft for at least five years. The Indian and Vietnamese armies have repeatedly filmed them at their respective borders.

This is old Brown/Biefeld technology for those somewhat up to speed on the subject.

6 times the speed of sound is nothing.

Neither is 6 times the speed of light ("c") if you know what you're doing.

ca1b52  No.3121208

File: 9bcd98236949d54⋯.jpg (51.4 KB, 540x579, 180:193, winning_bigly.jpg)

I know anon emotions are high, but remember: We're watching a movie and patriots are in control, midterms are safe, and therefore KAVANAUGH WILL BE CONFIRMED.


8c5d64  No.3121209


f34dff  No.3121210


Red coats were our enemy during he revolution. Hmmmm. It’s right in our face.

a36ca4  No.3121211


five dollars and a flash drive one mexican "cleaner" whole corporate fuckery afoot

i own atmel

6c2c94  No.3121212


Got any facts to back that up?

7734b8  No.3121213

File: 5ca6d851931d907⋯.jpeg (580.79 KB, 1242x664, 621:332, BD4A607D-1C13-42E1-BC8A-B….jpeg)

29eab8  No.3121214

File: a4d99c3cdace0c1⋯.png (97.99 KB, 400x400, 1:1, hellothere.png)

a152b3  No.3121215

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.






8e8a40  No.3121216


Look at the results so far.

Watch DJT interviews throughout the years, long before running for president. Read his older tweets prior to running for office. Look at how popular he was prior to presidency. Consider that he's a patriot & has always been. Consider that the military could trust him. Consider that he's not controlled & has been battling the deep state most of his life. Consider that he

And again, look at the results so far.

Who else if not DJT?

965854  No.3121217



7d93f4  No.3121219

File: b834d83b6ea5335⋯.png (429.77 KB, 1288x621, 56:27, ClipboardImage.png)

new q

aa05cf  No.3121220


11am Mountain Time….= 1pm EST

b838da  No.3121221

File: 277a5e060e89cff⋯.png (352.12 KB, 1071x515, 1071:515, ClipboardImage.png)

new Q

63ec7c  No.3121222


Honestly the only truly retarded thing Q has ever said was when he implied that the truth is too big for Autists to handle.

There is quite literally nothing conceivable that I wouldn't want to know / couldn't handle, up to and including that everything I am perceiving is an illusion because it turns out my consciousness is just vibrations coming from a motor in some ET's microwave oven.

Q occasionally really shows how out of touch they really are to how Autists really work.

He seems to largely play to the normie-anon reddit crowd who are smart enough to follow along, but not Autistic enough to burn their worldview to the ground at a moments notice if something more interesting or credible comes along.

f651a3  No.3121223

File: 45a93076cbd8030⋯.png (480 KB, 576x383, 576:383, ClipboardImage.png)

Late Breaking……Reporters met with 340 pound Defensive Lineman for Kavanaugh's football Mike Robinson claims he was at the party straightening his junk and trying on his new bra in the bathroom when he suddenly heard screams….developing

a0edf1  No.3121224


You get a bad feeling about Prince Harry and Meghan too, anon? They both look completely untrustworthy to me.. there's something not right about the whole thing, IMO.

8cfa24  No.3121225

File: 3e864cfb1f6dd2f⋯.gif (2.4 MB, 480x269, 480:269, giphy.gif)

This needs to be a meme. I don't know how to put words in it Any body?

f4a664  No.3121226

File: 6f4aac5828ac5fd⋯.png (18.62 KB, 992x230, 496:115, lisa.PNG)

Lisa Dawn Blasey

ca849c  No.3121227


No, explain

a7ff61  No.3121228


I'm talking 50,000 sealed indictments nigga

I'm talking CEO resignations

I'm talking Senators and Congressman not seeking re-election.

Wake the fuck up.

0093da  No.3121229


I have a few of those - I believe that's a sunspot from the camera lens

3f9d02  No.3121230


Buzz has kind of got the creepydude vibe, fwiw.

Neil has got the nice guy being forced to lie vibe.

d29228  No.3121231


I always thought he stayed and that is why we are 5-12 steps ahead.

07a8bb  No.3121232


>0 arrests

>0 happenings

only a dumbfuck liberal would be so smug as to believe this

>0 disclosures

9efdb2  No.3121233


"loving parents"

What that tells me is that POTUS and plenty of other people know Christine and her parents don't get along.

Happens a lot, as many anons understand.

284520  No.3121234


No paytriotism from this anon

965854  No.3121235


Figured he had a chin tuck when I saw last night

ceb203  No.3121236


He sharted

8cbe53  No.3121237


You forgot to capitalize the i.

Guess now they are the Grammar Police as well.

45024e  No.3121238


They are great actually, sort of un-schooling before it was a "thing". Mom still remembers the trinomial cube I solved at age3 1/2.

Regular daycare centers… that's another matter And then again, predators will gravitate to positions where they have access to children. Vigilance always.

6c2c94  No.3121239


Please list them.

106b14  No.3121240


10/10 bait right here

oh look im gonna declas fisa


fveys basically admits to knowing

thanks retards

a36ca4  No.3121241


if your not automating twitter posts your not fighting the good fight organic posts gain nothing go for the gusto bot 4k holy scroller

74549a  No.3121242


Still nothing to see it's all cryptic smoke and mirrors as far as the public is concerned.

a6f4c1  No.3121243

File: c3df9e4a5711d76⋯.jpeg (14.23 KB, 242x255, 242:255, AE03E230-F370-46CD-9B6C-7….jpeg)



Actually, I think you were responding to the other guy. Sorry for the friendly fire

284520  No.3121244


Nah fam, leave it alone.

It’s a shill

3ecc8b  No.3121245


>anons knew

see >>3120951

4b1235  No.3121246


Moon Child paternity test. Perfect meme.

"John, you are NOT the father" and then she squirms.

911a3c  No.3121247







At least we know one thing for a fact that the unredacted files will not be released till after the Kavanaugh confirmation is confirmed.

49374b  No.3121248

>>3120954 "…you know the people who want to kill us all?"

Absolutely true, and something that maybe even some anons have trouble with seeing. Yes, there are millions of people who WANT US ALL DEAD. Literally. Not a game. It has evolved to this point, a place where there is little middle ground between them and us. And truth be told, there CAN NOT be a reconciliation between us and their core (as opposed to peripheral adherents who are somewhat open to persuasion/facts). Because what they believe, what they have done, and what they intend are 100% incompatible with what we believe and intend.

Attempted dialogue with these crazies is useless. We have reached the point where someone(s) is going to lose everything. It's them or us.

089128  No.3121249


Master BAIT


bf3dd3  No.3121250

>>>/patriotsfight/277 —————–—————-

>>>/patriotsfight/277 —————–—————-

>>>/patriotsfight/277 —————–—————-

Ask yourself, how would 'FOREIGN' Allies' KNOW what is within a US TOP SECRET FISA warrant?


Ask yourself, why are [2] 'KEY' Allies' VERY CONCERNED re: DECLAS & RELEASE?









6c2c94  No.3121251


Q says no deals no deals no deals

A bunch of CEOs resign and are charged with nothing.

Q takes credit.

Does it have anything to do with Q? What happened to no deals?

0093da  No.3121252


he looked like he had makeup on, kind of bizarro

abcfd4  No.3121253

File: c6184f85ea63fbf⋯.jpg (199.86 KB, 921x567, 307:189, exoticeffect911.jpg)

>>3119980 pb


Their own official source too, so no one can claim "photo forgery"

"They are stupid"

I wonder if "24" and "13" was some kind of coded message in the post by the presumed witness?

>>3120254 pb


yes, there was no wreckage shill

This is not wreckage, it's planted evidence.



Never letting go 'til the dead are avenged.

People telling others to "let it go" are not patriot researchers, but enjoy porn? - have no problem with tits.

But object to research here?

>>3120037 pb

>>3119981 pb

This is so true. Gilli need to go. I would love to help accomplish that.

I think the shills are actually playing to the undecided bystanders [lurkers]?

Even though it's likely only shills are arguing this ? It's not a slide since supposedly there are 100K+ lurkers?

00d740  No.3121254




It's relatively pretty easy when you have the algorithm

54e9d9  No.3121255

>>3120939, >>3120986, >>3120989 Possible good Red-Pill synopsis


8e8a40  No.3121256

File: c4f918fc97c7629⋯.png (1.61 MB, 1170x1686, 195:281, ClipboardImage.png)

18805f  No.3121257


You are describing a symptom, not the root cause.

The root cause is everyone in government is hiding shit, Trump included. (I'm not talking about sub launch codes, and stuff like that).

People are getting tired of it. All of it, whether for good reasons or bad. There are more normies on this board now, and more to come. You are going to see more of it.

Then again, I'm from the school of "kill them all, and God will sort out the good ones."

Now, on the particular item of declas I can see why Trump is slow rolling that. One of the few times I I agree with him. Perfect time to exhibit how corrupt government officials behave. Gotta show the normies over and over.

4b1235  No.3121258

Baker in here?

947cd9  No.3121259


Studio lighting. That's all AFAIAC

3d6cf9  No.3121260


I know it's a sunspot. The picture is showing the irregular path of the chemtrail being laid down. It went almost straight up and then abruptly turned. Never seen anything like that before.

c40337  No.3121261


Every single thing Q and POTUS have hinted at has come to pass… eventually. Therefore, I'm confident and patient that the remaining moves will be made EXACTLY when they're supposed to happen; on the timeline of a team of smart people using supercomputers and AI, and not on MY timeline.

As for me, I'm enjoying the hell out of this movie.

74549a  No.3121262


Don't forget the 100s of millions they get as a severance package (thank you) for their hard work (crimes).

33ae07  No.3121263


This is going to hurt…a lot.

ea7fba  No.3121264


He was talking about the general public. He can't just give autists secret info and say shhh don't tell the normies.

8cbe53  No.3121265


>This matters, anon.

It would to one of them. The rest of us, not so much.

07a8bb  No.3121266



not gonna spoon feed your estrogen filled ass

d8f62d  No.3121267


JT wrote on the message board that people in his future did not look back kindly at the materialism, lack of understanding of civics, choices of food, vaccines, etc. They thought we were stupid assholes.

a98bbb  No.3121268


Important graphic.

How do you catch a FISH?


Imagine the information being shared NOW out of FEAR.


d57531  No.3121269


>There is quite literally nothing conceivable that I wouldn't want to know / couldn't handle, up to and including that everything I am perceiving is an illusion because it turns out my consciousness is just vibrations coming from a motor in some ET's microwave oven.


a36ca4  No.3121270


i spent 25k on a punching bag made by a skateboard company

08fcee  No.3121271

File: c58c78952e0ebc0⋯.jpg (125.26 KB, 510x360, 17:12, allseeingblucifer.jpg)

File: d307ea119d0d17a⋯.png (99.3 KB, 500x422, 250:211, neilfirst.png)

File: 2465cd77dba9a1b⋯.jpg (415.04 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, shit.jpg)















it was the ninties and the masonic lodges got into a freehold situation with the imf while the frumpo was slanging the cane for the gaschamber contractors of denver

1fb173  No.3121272

File: 0d0548c565c4a8e⋯.png (493.94 KB, 916x950, 458:475, Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at ….png)

Gaetz twat


It is troubling that people at the @FBI and the @TheJusticeDept are not complying with the president's order to release the information we've been demanding — we need to get to the bottom of the Obama administration's abuses of the #FISA process.

60d1c9  No.3121273

CNN is saying that TRUMP suggests some info related to docs may not be released.

This better be BS.

Release it all!

29eab8  No.3121274


>Meh. That seems more like fixing the symptom than the problem.

So come up with a way to overcome networking latency and usher in the age of PERFECTLY INSTANTANEOUS comms.

Fun fact; You won't.

>Whatever. Clearly nobody cares. I'll do something else.

Now you're getting it.


49d098  No.3121275

>>3120704 Not alone and Moon landings drops night before Ivanka visits NASA space ship.

Baker Notable


668c50  No.3121276

Keep in mind that every crumb is not meant to be solved before the event. Some of the drops are things for anons to dig on and make connections with, others are markers for future reference.

>[future proves past]

Some drops are just simply communication to the anons.

What needs to be understood to appreciate whats going here is the fact the Q is basically creating a circular flow diagram that can be referenced and cross-checked with news releases. Q can’t just disclose specifics about a situation or operation without violating security protocol. Instead they drop questions and statements that lead to answers that can be understood once the subject becomes public. This provides the validation necessary for the public to believe The Great Awakening is legit. Disinformation and misdirection with Q is real. In other words Q is pointing over there but really the focus is here and only until you publicly get the news can you go back and understand. (Think SA drops) All of this is accomplished without giving up specific details about the operation. It’s quite genius.

b838da  No.3121277


they are shitting themselves

a152b3  No.3121278

6c2c94  No.3121279


Because you’ve got nothing.

O arrests

0 happenings

0 disclosures

Q is the coverup

207e86  No.3121280



78e8e9  No.3121281

File: feb1050acff7f46⋯.jpg (101.6 KB, 453x925, 453:925, Q32.JPG)

File: f802a21db5da444⋯.jpg (59.95 KB, 437x556, 437:556, Q323.JPG)

New Q


0093da  No.3121282


ah, ok got it

cbcbf6  No.3121283


Please see: https://americandigitalnews.com/2018/08/31/oig-semiannual-audit-results/

2213a9  No.3121284

File: 06ac3e5e3d0349a⋯.jpeg (75.19 KB, 750x504, 125:84, EC5031D3-62FC-48D6-AC84-7….jpeg)

File: e5094c0e1071236⋯.png (291.51 KB, 627x375, 209:125, 3B88EF00-86EA-4A74-9EC4-4F….png)

File: cefb575df7cbff9⋯.jpeg (55.58 KB, 860x707, 860:707, 52D9C743-1349-43ED-96B9-9….jpeg)

File: e018efba18f5b38⋯.jpeg (165.27 KB, 1000x773, 1000:773, 903CBB36-3FD6-45C0-8C44-0….jpeg)

Allies are enemies.

Enemies are allies.

Governments I think. Great people all over the world with really evil people in charge of their nations.

We have Senators representing the Israeli government working with Chinese spies voting on who gets to be on the US Supreme Court. So don’t think I’m judging. Our Congress is messed up.

bd1f5d  No.3121285


Oh… What ever happened to 'what you see is what you get'

b762a3  No.3121286


Nice. Near Clouds rest?

74549a  No.3121287


What do they need to share if you already have everything?

ca849c  No.3121288

File: 843061faa76d81e⋯.gif (19.43 KB, 400x559, 400:559, Zodiac-340[1].gif)


BREAKING: In a true Spartacus moment, Ted Cruz defies the DOJ and releases the FISA documents in full, unredacted.

bf3dd3  No.3121289

File: da65ca8188de15b⋯.jpeg (8.3 KB, 254x255, 254:255, covfefepepe.jpeg)


>Imagine the information being shared NOW out of FEAR.


aa05cf  No.3121290


It indicates MULTIPLE allies called to request non-release.

Totally appropriate.

1fb173  No.3121291

File: 950cfde3f911fb1⋯.png (843.22 KB, 1230x746, 615:373, Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at ….png)


TY, Q!

3ecc8b  No.3121292


>anons knew


This gets the foreign governments involvement out in public.. Tricky Tricky..

MSM caught off guard? No counter points haha. BOOM!

089128  No.3121293

File: 574b9f00d31063a⋯.jpeg (619.34 KB, 760x1052, 190:263, TRUMPtaotd.jpeg)


If (((they))) just keep hanging themselves then POTUS won't have to!

e99b33  No.3121294




The German Anons are with you!

18d03b  No.3121295


Anons KNEW!!

Let her fly Q. Open that can of whoop @ss!!!

d8f62d  No.3121296


I had never thought of that. Do you think he is part of Q team? He claimed to be military…I will have to muddle on that thought.

Do you have any sauce on his staying here?

621726  No.3121297



f762cd  No.3121298

File: efc16fadf0fab7b⋯.jpeg (80.9 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, D6C9E1A1-E8E7-4A33-B153-8….jpeg)

e82c73  No.3121299

File: 3c7a1d79783f5b2⋯.jpg (80.43 KB, 640x432, 40:27, waiting.jpg)

8e8a40  No.3121301

File: bc896a9a46b2173⋯.png (748.05 KB, 1742x1024, 871:512, ClipboardImage.png)

668c50  No.3121302



Whose the FISH Q? [RR]. [FVEY]


171bb2  No.3121303

File: 9d1a350be26d1ab⋯.png (717.47 KB, 733x591, 733:591, fishing-fun-pepe.png)

54e9d9  No.3121304


I'd rather wait longer and catch more fish.

Big operation.

3f9d02  No.3121305

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


>A bunch of CEOs resign and are charged with nothing.

Are you saying this because the corporate news isn't broadcasting anything about it?

Have you verified that "no charges (arrests) have happened"?

Because the revolution… Will not be televised.

1bdd30  No.3121306

Anyone catch this? Sauce?

https: //heavy.com/news/2018/09/christine-blasey-ford-pga-golfers-tour/

741f2f  No.3121307

File: aeeb465660f8477⋯.jpg (64.95 KB, 468x446, 234:223, d7f8c340fbbcf3590b70a4599d….jpg)

bd1f5d  No.3121308


Now I gotta go invest in camping gear…

339271  No.3121309

File: cffbdc19747ffb4⋯.png (66.48 KB, 625x626, 625:626, thisisbait.png)


I love you guys.

6df5c3  No.3121310


pic messages of brown undies… from down under!

348500  No.3121311


I'm tired of all this "imagining"

cc2423  No.3121312

File: f3635f7ad08f0a5⋯.png (1.54 MB, 685x919, 685:919, Untitled picture.png)

Foreigners colluding to influence an election

Beto es puto

08fcee  No.3121313

File: 5f05b179f8b7d00⋯.jpg (134.76 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, ct17zOF.jpg)



6c2c94  No.3121314



Absolute nothing.

Where is Hillary, Bill, Brennan, Clapper?

McCain the great hero?

Nice try.