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File: 6268f09e9233453⋯.jpg (145.4 KB, 1795x1017, 1795:1017, 6268f09e92334537980b97daba….jpg)

f49eb9  No.3045620

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Q Research supports attacking terrible ideas with better ones. We believe the use of violence only proves a bad argument. We are researchers who deal in open-source information and informed opinion. We neither need nor condone the use of violence in our work here.




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Welcome to Q Research (README FIRST, THEN PROCEED TO LURK) https://8ch.net/qresearch/welcome.html

Q Plan to Save the World - Video introduction to the Q plan - https://youtu.be/3vw9N96E-aQ

Q - Killing The Mockingbird - (2nd in vid series): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80s5xuvzCtg

The Best of the Best Q Proofs >>1552095, >>>/qproofs/49 SEE FOR YOURSELF

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Q Clearance Archive: irc.qclearancearchive.net

Q's Latest Posts

Sunday 09.16.18

>>>/patriotsfight/242 —————–—————- No evidence of 'Collusion' PRIOR TO MUELLER appointment? ( Cap: >>3045535 , >>3045555 )

>>>/patriotsfight/241 —————–—————- Gen Flynn Accepts Award for Service to America ( Cap: >>3041559, >>3041593, >>3041572 )

>>>/patriotsfight/240 —————–—————- REMEMBER YOUR OATH ( Cap: >>3041479, Video linked to: >>3041427 )

Saturday 09.15.18

>>>/patriotsfight/239 ———--------—————- Executive Order 13526 Sec 1.7 ( Cap: >>3039075, >>3039107 )

>>>/patriotsfight/238 ———--------—————- PANIC IN DC ( Cap: >>3038562, >>3038592 )

>>>/patriotsfight/237 ———--------—————- TOGETHER WE WIN ( Cap: >>3037328, >>3037351 )

>>>/patriotsfight/236 ———--------—————- They want you DIVIDED ( Cap: >>3036106, >>3036129 )

>>>/patriotsfight/235 ———--------—————- DECLAS coming? CARPET BOMBS >>> MOAB ( Cap: >>3035467, >>3035477 )

>>>/patriotsfight/234 ———--------—————- https://twitter.com/realTRUMPERLAND/status/1037149645548347397 ( Cap: >>3034794, >>3034795, >>3034996 )

Wednesday 09.12.18

>>>/patriotsfight/233 --------------------------------- "PANIC IN DC" statements start a FIRE? ( Cap: >>2998384, >>2998394 )

>>>/patriotsfight/232 ———--------—————- Trump tweet re: Draining the swamp ( Cap: >>2995995 )

>>2995423 rt >>2995106, >>2995190 -----—– Military planning at its finest.

>>2994981 rt >>2994458 ———----------——– Main points of interest only.

>>>/patriotsfight/231 ———--------—————- "SEXUAL MISCONDUCT" ( Cap: >>2994452, >>2994465 )

>>>/patriotsfight/230 ———--------—————- AJ [TEMPLATE] WAS DESIGNED TO ATTACK/CENSOR 'QANON' [primary obj]. ( Cap: >>2994360, >>2994361 )

>>>/patriotsfight/229 ———--------—————- How do you inflict MAX PAIN / DAMAGE? ( Cap: >>2994005, >>2994031 )

Tuesday 09.11.18

Compiled here: >>3039134

Monday 09.10.18

Compiled here: >>2982713

Sunday 09.09.18

Compiled here: >>2979201

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f49eb9  No.3045624


are not endorsements


>>2954845, >>2955152 #DeclassifyFISA <----- MAKE THIS GO VIRAL <-----

>>2956097 Thread Specifically For DECLAS Memes


>>2829643, >>2829673 1986 U.S. District Court Dost test: No CP image guidelines

>>3023169 BO announces >>>/patriotsawoken/ as our SFW sister board

>>2993403 The OFFICIAL replacement for /r/greatawakening on VOAT (spread for the normies): https://voat.co/v/theawakening

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#3853 Baker Change

>>3044964 Digg into Bio-weapons history of DoD, DTRA, DARPA

>>3044965, >>3045202 Devin Nunes says House Intel will release Russia investigation deposition docs

>>3045035 HW "Red Carpet" Satanic Ritual Tomorrow (Emmy Awards. Yuck.)

>>3045045 Evelyn Rodriuez Murdered, recently met with POTUS in NY

>>3045087 POTUS Schedule Update

>>3045186 Manafort worked with the Podestas to smear Ukranian PM candidate by calling her anti Jewish

>>3045233, >>3045284 Planefag Report

>>3045339 Huckabee: Kerry Talking to Iranians 'Makes the Case' for First-Ever Logan Act Conviction

>>3045380 Moar Sauce: US Diplomats Involved In Trafficking Of Human Blood And Pathogens For Secret Military Program

>>3045388 Anne Hathaway denounces white privilege in award speech

>>3045400 Did the Obama Administration’s Abuse of Foreign-Intelligence Collection Start Before Trump?

>>3045414, >>3045538 New DJT

>>3045556 #3853


>>3044612 HW agent fired: Veteran Lit agent Spencer Baumgarten left in late November

>>3044685, >>3044788 Good morning from @DJT, incl side-by-side re: "Witch Hunt"

>>3044662 Nunes on Maria this morning: they leaked stories as basis for FISA

>>3044544 (((Those that Rule Over Us))) starting to show cracks in their armor

>>3044518 Greece: "Humanitarian Aid" Organization's People-Smuggling

>>3044497 London's foreign occupying "mayor" wants vote on Brexit until we answer right

>>3044438 Anti-Trumper Adm McRaven resigns from a Defense Department advisory board

>>3044421 CNN paints Don Jr. as next worst thing to POTUS, bc "just like him." Yasss.

>>3044099, >>3044118, >>3044311 VetAnon spurs convo on "Judeo-Christian" & the West

>>3044246 POTUS To Announce $200 Billion In New China Tariffs As Soon As Monday

>>3044876 #3852

#3851 Baker change

>>3043810 Lisa Page OpEd: FBI couldn’t prove Trump-Russia collusion b4 Mueller appt

>>3043923 Moar on the alleged defiler of graves at Tufts Law: Maia Brown-Jackson

>>3043725, >>3043782, >>3043921 EU trying to thward Iran Sanctions = NP's "wait it out?"

>>3043593, >>3043601, >>3043612, >>3043682 Moar on Bio-Weapons (DARPA crossed line?)

>>3043524, >>3043683 On the Qclock: Trump@war/Patriot Day

>>3043429, >>3043619 Moar on history textbooks' "missing chapters" & (((Apollo Global)))

>>3043396, >>3043522 James O'Keefe: "DS Unmasked" vid next week, per speech b4 Gen Flynn's

>>3043659, >>3043365 Russian-speaking Anon points us to JFK library's translations

>>3043479, >>3043459, >>3043508 Gen Flynn, Patrick Henry, & "The Great Awakening"

>>3043352 8/31 art: OIG Audit Results That You Never Knew Occurred

>>3043345 Secretive LLCs obscure Ukrainian foreign influence operation funding

>>3044072 #3851


>>3042584 Observation from Twatter: Gen. Flynn received award with exact same flag image Q posted last week

>>3042627, >>3042622, >>3042657, >>3042706, >>3042676 Re: Flynn book signing + another one + side by side

>>3042760 Reminder: Gen. Flynn has a defense fund set up to help cover legal costs

>>3042969 List of all bible verses/prayers Q has posted

>>3043133, >>3043136 General Flynn award acceptance speech transcribed

>>3043195 Lobbyists terminated federal registrations at accelerated rate after 2009 Hussein EO 13490

>>3043051 US diplomats involved in trafficking of human blood and pathogens for secret military program

>>3043199, >>3043222 OIG Audit Results including Fed + Mint audit

>>3043257 #3850

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File: 24a68ede42e37ad⋯.jpg (150.24 KB, 550x550, 1:1, f31689c76ccf81ef71dcd90e4a….jpg)

Dough #3854



efa151  No.3045686

File: 941a9a229eb4f65⋯.jpg (134.15 KB, 869x488, 869:488, LisaPageOath.jpg)

File: a57bd7ff445f572⋯.png (394.03 KB, 803x450, 803:450, Congressional Oath of Offi….png)

File: d4e71b708f4569f⋯.jpg (181.96 KB, 786x512, 393:256, PatriotForeignDomestic1.jpg)

File: a0a2f6c45282b28⋯.jpg (191.72 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, PatriotForeignDomestic2.jpg)

File: 6198a7927af7151⋯.jpg (203.8 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, PatriotForeignDomestic3.jpg)

Mind if I post some oath of office memes early, in response to Q?

932dc3  No.3045689

File: 8e11e1bc33f841f⋯.png (48.82 KB, 480x667, 480:667, Screenshot_2018-09-16-08-2….png)


73a6c0  No.3045698

File: 64e693b23ffe99e⋯.jpg (82.53 KB, 639x829, 639:829, 1a.JPG)

File: b73bd34a43b8aa6⋯.jpg (124.45 KB, 634x830, 317:415, 2.JPG)

>>3045600 (pb)

US Diplomats Involved In Trafficking Of Human Blood And Pathogens For Secret Military Program


Six babies have died from hospital superbug


3489d4  No.3045702


Re: Little more on 3 D's _ LF / Iran




47a30c  No.3045704

File: af5268f96ea0bd6⋯.png (538.78 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, DAC9D36D-D203-4122-B0D6-ED….png)

New Q

282af8  No.3045705

File: 8d1e3f3b2fde542⋯.png (90.21 KB, 766x734, 383:367, WARNING8CHN.png)

File: 49feed9e2ce4d9e⋯.jpg (19.79 KB, 255x238, 15:14, FlotusIgnoreTheShills.jpg)

File: c213371c891d36b⋯.png (71.89 KB, 550x1106, 275:553, 5prongslide.png)

File: 5f0945093f4c69e⋯.png (208.32 KB, 458x500, 229:250, HOWTOFILTER.png)


we had an especially annoying kind of shill earlier, Captin Big Red Text.

There are plenty of others as well, but please remember to not respond.

Check out these pics before posting.

Learn our comms, stay anon, and for the love of GOD please do not name or genderfag.

If FAGGOT RETARDS bug you, use the Filter feature. You don't have to use ID+, just use ID if you want to filter out the shill but not possibly other anons.


p.s. sorry for the copy pasta

& thanks baker for keepin it sunday afternoon comfy. Jazz band starts at 5 right?


52da54  No.3045707

Remember D[H]S insider from 2016/7?

Q. So, in the Intelligence community, how chaotic is the atmosphere now?

A. In my 34 years of Governmental service, I have never seen anything like it. It’s the bifurcation of the entire intelligence apparatus.

Q. It seems the intel community has it in for Trump – is this your feeling?

A. There are many Trump supporters within the FBI. The CIA, however, is against Trump because Trump threatens to ruin their game in the middle east.

Q. Can you elaborate?

A. CIA and Mossad work in tandem with British intel. The goal for the CIA was to replace Assad with a puppet and to topple Iran so we could access their oil. Israel works closely with it’s “sister”, Saudi Arabia, to help this dark cause.

Q. So it seems like the intel community has it in for Trump. How can he protect himself?

A. Trump has a tremendous opportunity here, but needs to circle wagons. The travel ban included 7 countries chosen by both Jared Kushner and Rudy. Why did it not include Saudi Arabia, or Pakistan, or Turkey or other countries that hate us? The seven nations mentioned were chosen by Israel, that’s why.

And the unspoken alliance of Israel and Saudi Arabia should be exposed. They are brother and sister.

Jared Kushner needs to be careful with what he says and to whom. But, the biggest thing Trump can do is expose PedoGate via Sessions.

Big names will go down hard, and it gets the blood suckers drained from the swamp. There are as many pedophiles on the Republican side as there is with democrats, but Trump is in a unique position to truly “clean up Dodge”, so to speak.

I can tell you that what is in Anthony Weiner’s hard drive, and what videos exist via Jeffery Epstein, WILL BRING massive arrests – in time. Trump’s legacy could be truly great if he was to purge the CIA, stop the extortion, prosecute the pedophiles and reinstate the death penalty for pedo’s convicted a second time. Pedogate is his path to greatness.

Q. How does Russia fit into all this?

A. The CIA and Israel are responsible for the creation of Isis. Isis was created specifically to weaken Iran and destabilize Syria. It worked for a while until Putin shored up Assad and bolstered Iranian Qud forces. The real reason you see such anti-Russian fever from both Schumer and McCain, Graham and Feinstein, is because the operation has blown up in our faces.

Q. Is Israel behind the anti Russian sentiment?

A. Yes. Israeli intelligence is furious with Trump, and will do anything to keep Trump from working with Putin. Understand that if Trump and Putin work together to defeat Isis, they are actually defeating a CIA/Mossad creation, and furthermore, Syria and Iran grow stronger, which the Saudis and the Israeli’s fear. Their goal was to divide Syria and ultimately destroy Iran’s regime. It is not just an oil grab, but a much bigger attempt at moving the chess pieces to allow Israel and Saudi Arabia to dominate the entire Middle East.

Q. So they demonize Putin and try to tarnish the Trump administration?

A. The Deep State is at war with both Trump and Putin. Understand that when Israeli intelligence hears “America first” from Trump, they go apeshit. Israel has bribed, extorted and intimidated our politicians for decades and suddenly this upstart billionaire threatens to ruin everything.

Q. You mention the word extort. Does that relate to Pizzagate?

A. PedoGate is only a modern term associated with a long history of Pedo-blackmail connected to both Israel and the Intel community. There is a full court press to stop PedoGate from being looked at because if people knew the true motives behind the pedophilia epidemic, they would do more than march on Washington. They could actually seed a revolution, with the spark coming from decent American parents who want to protect their kids. Our politicians are compromised. The senior analyst nicknamed “FBI Anon” alluded to this in his exchange with folks on 4chan and with you.

Q. What do you mean compromised?

A. Do you notice 2 central themes running through the MSM lately? Those themes are “Fear the Russians” and “#PizzaGate is fake news“. Both tropes come from the same place.

Q. Can you explain?

A. How do we exert power? Via fear. Do you ever wonder why both Democrats and Republicans fall all over themselves to kiss up to Israel? Odd, since Israel is the size of Rhode Island… The fact is, many of our politicians – on both sides – have been compromised by CIA and Mossad for years. It’s actually not admiration they are expressing for Israel, but fear. Notice Lindsay Graham and Chuck Schumer repeating the same salute when it comes to Israel. How does that even happen? The American people are finally seeing that there is no two-party system, but one big shadow Government pretending we have political dichotomy.

More questions+answers at ZH


499d38  No.3045708

File: 0c3435d222fcc36⋯.jpeg (16.78 KB, 255x170, 3:2, oathdomestic.jpeg)

File: 313979b34f53bfd⋯.jpeg (19.64 KB, 255x182, 255:182, oathdomestic2.jpeg)

f49eb9  No.3045709

Q's Latest Posts

Sunday 09.16.18

>>>/patriotsfight/243 —————–—————- Timestamp & Content. ( Cap: >>3045679 )

>>>/patriotsfight/242 —————–—————- No evidence of 'Collusion' PRIOR TO MUELLER appointment? ( Cap: >>3045535 , >>3045555 )

efa151  No.3045711

File: a2c4e98234a5515⋯.jpg (44.62 KB, 691x276, 691:276, 2018-09-16 16:40:43Z.jpg)

File: 970549044165e66⋯.jpg (104.94 KB, 792x450, 44:25, 2018-09-16 16:28:18Z.jpg)

932dc3  No.3045712

File: 25ab6343950a4a7⋯.jpg (122.36 KB, 693x900, 77:100, Nightshirt-693x900.jpg)

efd679  No.3045713

File: 5f599eb4b4fdd7d⋯.jpg (90.9 KB, 770x430, 77:43, PEAS.jpg)

93dc15  No.3045714

File: 802f25ce9258294⋯.png (7.55 KB, 496x204, 124:51, ClipboardImage.png)

874c2b  No.3045715

making the delta graphic now

thanks baker!

f2db1c  No.3045716

>>3045682 (lb)

This is why an individual should judge by the fruit, and discard cult of personality :)

282af8  No.3045717

File: e0b577254d70915⋯.png (29.3 KB, 729x295, 729:295, 916new.PNG)

93dc15  No.3045718



efa151  No.3045719

File: 3ac45ebaa28f12a⋯.jpg (209.57 KB, 934x1016, 467:508, 2018-09-16 16:43:48Z.jpg)

874c2b  No.3045720

anyone got a EDT version of POTUS' twatt???


929178  No.3045721

==Biowarfare Timeline Goldmine== found while researching Mycoplasma which has almost totally disabled me. This article has a ton of links to official documents and should be NOTABLE in my opinion. This info needs to be Spread! I have a ton more links on Mycoplasma which I could share later if I can muster up the energy. A lot of info on Plum Island and it's conection to the Evil we are fighting!



Mycoplasma is the real cause of so many ailments like Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Crohn's and Parkinson’s to name a few. Here's a couple links from my collection. http://www.whale.to/v/mycoplasma.html


c375fe  No.3045722


In the interview, Nunes said transcripts would be out within [2 weeks]

882251  No.3045723

Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 463ae0 No.884763 📁

Apr 3 2018 19:43:55 (EST)

Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 463ae0 No.884736 📁

Apr 3 2018 19:42:09 (EST)

Future proves past.

Several today.

[1 day]




Keep watching the news.





Coincidence another MSM narrative change upon release of damaging news?

People are waking up.

Trace the background of the shooter.

Focus on Father.

20 years.


e9e522  No.3045724

File: 8f4c7f728813f78⋯.png (56.06 KB, 776x443, 776:443, ClipboardImage.png)

93dc15  No.3045725



can you grad the Trump JR too

and the NUNES

im west coast as well

243d4d  No.3045727

China using Israel's Largest Port


b5753b  No.3045728

thanks boss needed some light here.

give her a shout out on the board please?

0e5e7e  No.3045729

File: 7ab67cf524b7167⋯.png (303.27 KB, 516x740, 129:185, Hill 1 re Kerry on Maher 9….PNG)

File: 2d39dcc48663e4a⋯.png (68.83 KB, 531x553, 531:553, Hill 2 re Kerry on Maher 9….PNG)


Bread 3853


John Kerry: Trump has ‘the insecurity of a teenage girl’


c2cf34  No.3045730

File: 036fb15e76fdb07⋯.jpeg (72.32 KB, 606x374, 303:187, 0A0ED31D-D2F5-4AA0-A47F-8….jpeg)

874c2b  No.3045731

File: 7c8ecdf4e2a5590⋯.jpg (9.85 KB, 210x161, 30:23, fukkensaved2.jpg)


thanks anon, need this

932dc3  No.3045732

File: 4597959337ada55⋯.jpg (56.51 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 2i2719~2.jpg)

e722ca  No.3045733

File: 3c35989437bdd8e⋯.png (55.44 KB, 1782x695, 1782:695, ClipboardImage.png)

Combined EDT Cap



47a30c  No.3045734


::::happy dance!::::

acf24b  No.3045735

1 minute delta

Q :24



6c3e7a  No.3045736



385977  No.3045737


House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes said Sunday that he plans to release transcripts of interviews with around 70 witnesses in the Trump-Russia probe within the next few weeks.

“We believe that the depositions that we took, I think for nearly about 70 people those need to be published, and they need to be published I think before the election,” Nunes said in an interview on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures.” (RELATED: House Intel Committee Releases Long-Awaited Report On Trump-Russia Collusion)

“By published I mean put out for the American people to review, so that they can see the work that we did and they can see all of the people that were interviewed by us, and there are answers to those questions. I think full transparency is in order here so I expect to make those available from our committee to the American public here in the next few weeks,” continued Nunes.

South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy, a member of the Intelligence panel, told The Hill Wednesday that the committee should release transcripts of interviews conducted during the investigation.

The committee conducted 73 witnesses as part of its investigation, which began its investigation in January 2017. Members of the Trump campaign, FBI officials, and various intelligence community officials from the Obama administration were all interviewed as part of the probe. Republicans on the committee released a 253-page report on April 27 which found no evidence of collusion between the campaign and Kremlin.

Nunes said that between 70 and 80 percent of the transcripts do not contain classified information. The remaining transcripts would have to be reviewed by the office of the director of national intelligence. Nunes said that review process “would only take a matter of days.”

Nunes and other House Republicans have also led a push to get President Donald Trump to declassify and release documents related to the FBI and Justice Department’s collusion investigation. Trump is expected to release portions of an FBI application for a spy warrant against former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.


47a30c  No.3045738


Lots of talk from a blow hard facing treason

efa151  No.3045739

BAKER notable?

>>3045707 Review D[H]S insider from 2016-7, now very relevant

1b4a0e  No.3045740


ha… more like reneGAYed.

8a8e98  No.3045741

Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: dcca2c No.616918

Mar 10 2018 16:55:31 (EST)

The creation of the internet and ‘connecting’ platforms is bringing about their downfall.

Failure to control.

MSM is dead.




Q said this?

Somebody please tell Q that the creation of the internet is bringing about the downfall of nation-states and the consolidation of power globally.

It is creating, literally, the end of Constitutional Republics and individual liberty.

It is paving the way for the reign of Antichrists.

FortheluvofPete, people. Open yer eyes.

17225c  No.3045742

File: add30a521776cb1⋯.png (400.96 KB, 890x553, 890:553, Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at ….png)

File: 285912b8ab7b15b⋯.png (100.33 KB, 295x256, 295:256, Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at ….png)

>>3045664 (lb)

The shills defend their asset.

YES. Out of the alleged hundreds to perhaps thousands, depending on the source, you would indeed expect to see tweets, social media posts from friends, schools, churches, teams, neighborhoods, local LEO


You believe that, you are the perfect product of media, and are in the EXACT mind state they desire of you.

If your own child was returned, what would you do? RAISE HELL about the connections, clear cover ups, conspiracy, etc on all platforms and in public, right? Yet, nothing. Logic wins.

NO ONE is being 'returned', just like you cannot return your already eaten steak, or Kate Spade shoes to the cow that was sacrificed for them. GRASP.

243d4d  No.3045743

Evidence of a 3000 yr. Old cult found by Archaeologists in Israel


323900  No.3045744

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

93dc15  No.3045745

File: 2def57e00dffea6⋯.png (48.24 KB, 985x222, 985:222, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e714e213c86b383⋯.png (113.63 KB, 508x212, 127:53, lucky bread.png)

ill be back in a sec frens, im goin to grab a lotto ticket or three

i rolled quads, trips, and hit 751 with new Q

feelin pretty lucky right now, love you guys,

no homo, hetero style, HOOAH

0e5e7e  No.3045746

File: 2a0b48c5cbb21f5⋯.png (362.33 KB, 654x741, 218:247, Mitchell re BB Manafort Pl….PNG)

File: f9948f958178d7b⋯.png (67.06 KB, 521x861, 521:861, BB 1 Nolte re Manaforte 9-….PNG)

File: 4e47eabc77d6753⋯.png (115.68 KB, 526x899, 526:899, BB 2 Nolte re Manaforte 9-….PNG)

File: ff389cde573031c⋯.png (249.05 KB, 491x893, 491:893, BB 3 Nolte re Manaforte 9-….PNG)

File: fea52cb0cb442e5⋯.png (101.08 KB, 529x683, 529:683, BB 4 Nolte re Manaforte 9-….PNG)


From Hill Article


"The former diplomat argued that Trump should be more worried about Manafort's plea deal with Mueller, which includes fully cooperating with the probe into Russian meddling in the 2016 election, instead of worrying about Kerry's conversations with Iranians."

Segue to Nolte Article

Nolte: Manafort Deal Looks Like Good News for Trump, Terrible News for Democrats


d38834  No.3045747

File: 53aa7906b460e7a⋯.jpeg (206.54 KB, 500x2062, 250:1031, 1AAC52E5-F43A-453C-8415-6….jpeg)


acf24b  No.3045748

Time to Panic is NOW!

499d38  No.3045749

File: b874da209c318a3⋯.jpg (53.48 KB, 500x590, 50:59, slowestcabalever.jpg)

80fcab  No.3045750

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

All enemies foreign and domestic.

Next comes the PAIN!

Let's go POTUS.

EO 13256 sec 1.7.

b5753b  No.3045751


SEC confirmation

3489d4  No.3045752



d0b655  No.3045753

File: 7a786e5852117d0⋯.png (124.1 KB, 326x250, 163:125, ClipboardImage.png)

47a30c  No.3045754

Good morning Q + and team! ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️ All around and thank you all!!!!


d79ae6  No.3045755

File: ee4f1bbe636cb44⋯.jpg (81.72 KB, 700x512, 175:128, Check'em.jpg)

b5753b  No.3045756

File: 4bda67bd05c0c41⋯.jpg (101.63 KB, 1461x762, 487:254, deepfakes.JPG)

932dc3  No.3045757

File: 15bb02409e740e9⋯.jpg (18.55 KB, 225x267, 75:89, 2i26po.jpg)

282af8  No.3045758

File: fae0a7f42ce85ac⋯.jpg (20.3 KB, 255x230, 51:46, helmetpepemoon.jpg)


KEK Patriots WIN!!!

95722d  No.3045759


calling all clock fags

1b4a0e  No.3045760

File: 21439ac203fada7⋯.png (1.11 MB, 829x663, 829:663, Quads.png)

File: f9158884b32a9ab⋯.png (13.04 KB, 776x371, 776:371, Trips.png)

File: 08bc3b2108147ec⋯.jpg (6.83 KB, 250x223, 250:223, PEPEThumbsUp.jpg)

a5ce35  No.3045762

Why is [PR] continuing to diss DJT? I thought he was free to make better decisions per Q.

499d38  No.3045763


KEK. It was a tongue-in-cheek meme. But I kek'ed

7af621  No.3045764

I just want to know if the comms r guud on my phone? Got to protect IP. I got the sowce 🦉

e722ca  No.3045765

File: 55ffe0c13e88950⋯.png (166.47 KB, 703x286, 703:286, ClipboardImage.png)

File: da0437aa1ec4958⋯.png (576.17 KB, 679x740, 679:740, ClipboardImage.png)


Yesterday it was 2 minute delta!

efa151  No.3045766

File: 10742610d6db997⋯.jpeg (176.26 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, Foreign Domestic3.jpeg)

File: fcab98da017bc88⋯.jpeg (524.08 KB, 1800x1350, 4:3, Foreign Domestic.jpeg)

File: 75cb3bd33607769⋯.jpg (162.81 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, PatriotForeignDomestic13.jpg)

File: 5eed94aaf2f9084⋯.jpg (190.66 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, PatriotForeignDomestic9.jpg)

File: b0d6c32a834a8b9⋯.jpg (203.42 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, PatriotForeignDomestic6.jpg)


Thanks! My old memes. We keep coming back to this theme because it's important!

We got domestic enemies out the yingyang, and at some point (soon!) the public needs to become aware of it.

d38834  No.3045767

efd679  No.3045768

File: 93ca83c788b2a6e⋯.jpg (55.88 KB, 590x381, 590:381, [renegade].jpg)

47a30c  No.3045769


Aye aye!

168295  No.3045770



Needs to happen soon…mailout ballots will be airborne shortly..

Daylight's Burning

385977  No.3045771


Tomorrow is the 17th day of the month…

1d7565  No.3045772




With these encryption keys, nothing in our digital lives is off

limits to the Clinton's and their conspirators

President Trump’s new executive order can be sabotaged

with these keys; alternatively, he can use the order to

prosecute these c



Many foreign powers have conspired with the SES and their

Queen’s Privy Council overlords since before 1993


b267aa  No.3045773

America by the numbers

Numbers 31:23 and anything else that can withstand fire must be put through the fire, and then it will be clean. But it must also be purified with the water of cleansing. And whatever cannot withstand fire must be put through that water.

44eb7a  No.3045774

File: f064e455d6fb91e⋯.png (1.61 MB, 1024x705, 1024:705, ClipboardImage.png)


>so how long have you been a faggot?

havent you heard the mockingbird talking points about this?

>born this way


932dc3  No.3045775

File: b25869692c5c16c⋯.jpg (12.47 KB, 198x233, 198:233, 2i26la~2.jpg)

f49eb9  No.3045776

File: feccfc18f17cc74⋯.jpg (128.41 KB, 600x600, 1:1, _p8mvzxs2zax.jpg)


Top kek!

Good luck anon!

0d1e24  No.3045777

>>>/patriotsfight/242 ——

When will we stop fucking talking about what we all already know and have something actually happen about it?

413ae8  No.3045778

File: ae847d12ef5bbc9⋯.png (23.66 KB, 469x164, 469:164, Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at ….png)

File: 7583fbab13079bf⋯.png (52.92 KB, 446x306, 223:153, Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at ….png)

I have been here since the start, 3 phases most proofs in the begining were for us,

cross patriots fight post with orig Q post

Future proves past enjoy the show

7 days from tomorrow arrests will occur 1 week of heavy carpet bombs of info

Follow the map


aa2828  No.3045779


Hey DerpState! Sunday is not over with yet, there is still plenty of time to make it a SUICIDE WEEKEND.

fa87c1  No.3045780

File: 31ffae3774d0c4b⋯.jpg (77.42 KB, 882x480, 147:80, IMG_4932.JPG)



adca58  No.3045781

File: 976a0b269099752⋯.png (143.73 KB, 600x400, 3:2, race card.png)

File: 7d3f649856b2c85⋯.jpg (74.01 KB, 582x382, 291:191, blood pat.jpg)

>>3045701 pb

WTF are you even talking about?

Kept from us since time began, are the foods we should be eating, all based on blood-type and the history of your ancestry.

It only makes sense that if your Haplo-group blood type came from a Mediterranean area, your body depends on fish products.

Central Europe or other inland areas, your diet would be more dependent on grains.

WTF is racist about that?



>>3045675 pb

Dang- wasn't aware it was tiny.


f1d5f6  No.3045782

File: 0deae0e8b2fc7bc⋯.jpg (64.22 KB, 444x505, 444:505, Hillbags.jpg)

f614e0  No.3045783

File: caba616979736fc⋯.jpeg (176.12 KB, 750x541, 750:541, 85D09615-364C-49E9-B588-3….jpeg)

0e5e7e  No.3045784

>>3045045 Evelyn Rodriuez Murdered, recently met with POTUS in NY


With that title I expected to see an article with something regarding charges against the driver


Fake News from the Baker


efa151  No.3045785

File: 1c33ae5ee4c9624⋯.jpg (229.65 KB, 640x428, 160:107, WeavePepeSatva3.jpg)


Kek Goodonya

168295  No.3045786

File: 03eb47eea134c26⋯.jpeg (46.9 KB, 570x587, 570:587, 2ca94bd0b931bf5f45904734b….jpeg)


Biggest Cabal Takedown…EVER!

80fcab  No.3045787


Agreed anon.

Shills or retards are doing the Southern Poverty Law Center's work.

Bill Binney is a hero.

G. Edward Griffin is one of the great exposers of the cabal.

Ron Paul restarted the freedom movement.

Lew Rockwell is a great educator making classical liberal thought available to everyone.

We must hold the line against these attacks.

413ae8  No.3045788



282af8  No.3045789

File: 2f17d58d3023384⋯.png (177.32 KB, 640x360, 16:9, digitslove.png)

317ab6  No.3045790

File: 3a32c9ac2f9f569⋯.jpg (46.49 KB, 468x421, 468:421, billhillobam.jpg)

aa2828  No.3045791


:15 Delta on those bad boys as well as the :01 between Q242 and POTUS Tweet

d0b655  No.3045792

071a7d  No.3045793

File: 58e1374e3d1fe66⋯.png (335.31 KB, 561x320, 561:320, dossier.png)

b11bc9  No.3045794

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Any Q Bards out there?

I've been 'hooked' on J.T. Wilde's WWG1WGA since I first listened 2 day s ago. I was wondering if there is a collection of Q tunes and where I might find it?

cca1b2  No.3045795

File: f1f6ac5c1c77af9⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1440x2392, 180:299, Capture _2018-09-16-11-53-….png)

I guess we are all a bunch of offensive racists now…..smh


932dc3  No.3045796

File: 6b86a3972feee0d⋯.jpg (46.32 KB, 480x534, 80:89, 2i26ub~2.jpg)

e722ca  No.3045797



Tomorrow is [0] then??? Pleease let it be kek!

80fcab  No.3045798

File: f216b79bae953b9⋯.png (213.49 KB, 400x400, 1:1, meme.good.job.retard.png)

86f6d6  No.3045799


I've always been a little suspicious of her, only because I understand that ANYONE who ISN'T compd would get banned from Twitter after they gained enough of a following.

I haven't heard anything specific about her being compd tho, could you give us the clip notes version?

I realize she's obviously Jewish, but that doesn't mean anything by itself. Jews are more likely to be pedophiles and MUCH more likely to be Satanic pedophiles, and as such one would not be surprised that a survivor was Jewish.

d79ae6  No.3045800

File: 2741e143bb194fe⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1122x480, 187:80, ClipboardImage.png)

adca58  No.3045801

File: 911df225c2e28c2⋯.jpg (11.32 KB, 255x182, 255:182, 1Ha.jpg)


Anon! Ya forgot the MOST important part!

The [kill box]!


b79ff9  No.3045802

File: 2c0fa240fcc3af6⋯.png (324.71 KB, 597x451, 597:451, Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at ….png)

File: 2a405a062912412⋯.png (214.57 KB, 932x597, 932:597, Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at ….png)

c375fe  No.3045803

File: f6e3259e3c5bfb5⋯.jpeg (696.52 KB, 1242x869, 1242:869, 75BA0387-695F-434B-92A4-6….jpeg)

File: ac0f8f4ff3ee263⋯.jpeg (793.61 KB, 1242x928, 621:464, D78FAA40-A425-4040-BF44-E….jpeg)

File: f9cf12929446ffd⋯.jpeg (866.43 KB, 1242x966, 9:7, 1903173D-A554-4D50-8892-4….jpeg)

File: 6df0244394521b5⋯.jpeg (697.83 KB, 1242x962, 621:481, E93886C4-6866-475E-892E-F….jpeg)

File: f046b372527968b⋯.jpeg (776.78 KB, 1242x971, 1242:971, F11EA64E-44B2-4D5A-B670-6….jpeg)


Something something something ….plants….water….agriculture…gardens…intel. ????? not. sure. what.

Yes, I know it’s his thing. And many of the major interviews on MB show in front of tractors. Harvesting (((their)))crops?

d198f3  No.3045804

File: 44e376998266856⋯.jpg (61.54 KB, 710x312, 355:156, brennan.JPG)

new Brennan tweet

553aa8  No.3045805

Terminal 4 at PHX closed.

According to @cynthiamckinney who is currently there.

95722d  No.3045806

File: c504039d863a13d⋯.png (963.69 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, corrruption5.png)

b267aa  No.3045807

MA beach closed due to fatal shark attack

hasn't happened in decades

efa151  No.3045808

File: 915fcd56eeb0e70⋯.jpg (166.76 KB, 1440x1937, 1440:1937, SuicideWeekendChoices.JPG)

File: f29357965ddbdcb⋯.jpg (223.31 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, DoorknobScarfGiftSet.jpg)

File: a8508ae83748020⋯.jpg (31.61 KB, 210x240, 7:8, DeathByDoorKnob.jpg)

File: d69f2d67da1424c⋯.jpg (39.09 KB, 631x394, 631:394, Doorknob3.jpg)

File: 03442fba3dff58c⋯.jpg (155.77 KB, 800x1142, 400:571, the_doorknob_killer_strike….jpg)

071a7d  No.3045809

Delta 1 minute between Q and POTUS posts

The content of the Q post presumably matches the discussion on the Fox program

c375fe  No.3045810


Sorry i double-posted one.

499d38  No.3045811

File: 2aec828a197914e⋯.png (644.29 KB, 1736x1271, 56:41, pepe pointing.png)


Brennan playing role or suckered in or ???

553aa8  No.3045812

File: efb268f26feb7b5⋯.png (186.98 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, D44D652E-7778-4FE3-991B-4C….png)

File: 6477a4b4fcf1c98⋯.jpeg (144.97 KB, 750x628, 375:314, 8646D3C3-F2C6-46B4-AAF5-7….jpeg)

d79ae6  No.3045813



"unattended vehicle"

046ea6  No.3045814

File: 40d141328cbaec9⋯.jpeg (155.08 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 91B11DF5-1244-4311-A21A-F….jpeg)

b11bc9  No.3045815


Favorite line:

Our knowledge is power

They’re Running for the hills

if the law don’t gettem

Then (We the people) Will

b5753b  No.3045816


what would you call it, happy death?

932dc3  No.3045817

File: 7e1e7186ae4b3cd⋯.jpg (11.88 KB, 145x206, 145:206, downloadfile-5~2.jpg)



Only problem is nothing ever happens to the swamp rats.

adca58  No.3045818

File: c52fbf2b0bac66c⋯.jpg (28.71 KB, 800x618, 400:309, ex bag.jpg)



pic related

d38834  No.3045819



c20cb6  No.3045820

File: 3aa0f1c87d4fca3⋯.png (40.01 KB, 1516x356, 379:89, 74c1c260-ab65-406e-b701-e3….png)

What is the deal with Kellyanne's husband? Is he part of the show or just a piece of shit husband?


7b0006  No.3045821

File: 75756fe69654882⋯.png (148.48 KB, 1872x838, 936:419, [1]min DELTA-Q_POST-DJT_Tw….png)

d0b655  No.3045822

File: fffad15614b5834⋯.jpg (67.52 KB, 640x480, 4:3, jb2eaf5l.jpg)

I think we control his twitter, that dosen't sound like him and it is a good way to get the normies to accept what Mueller finds.


44eb7a  No.3045823


>most Americans have confidence in Bob Mueller & believe in legitimacy of investigation

that tweet isnt gonna age well when mueller exonerates POTUS kek.

b267aa  No.3045824


all should accept Muellers finding

this statement will come back to bite a few in the ass

95722d  No.3045825

File: 70d8049235c15f9⋯.png (518.88 KB, 750x594, 125:99, 70d8049235c15f903b4a522727….png)

64b113  No.3045826


The kek is strong with this one.

a340d4  No.3045828

File: 7c9a6cf886d7a80⋯.png (2.47 MB, 1664x1664, 1:1, carpetbombsdeltaconfirms.png)

Here is a past notable clock for the weekend crew (was visible in Q post link to a twitter anon). Emmy red carpet event incoming. Big drops today.

Did anyone catch the original DJT post at the first marker? I only see one so am assuming it was deleted and retweeted. 1 minute delta. Means habbenings.

Need to know any changes in the tweets (or what happened if my assumption is wrong).

aa2828  No.3045829


Brennanovich breaks his silence today. A little more soft spoken too. Not so aggro towards POTUS.

b267aa  No.3045830


someone trying to run…

e340eb  No.3045831


Awww shit. Brennan knows POTUS is innocent!

"Mueller result will be apolitical, regardless if party is guilty or innocent"

Fucken top KEK.

Yeahhhhh, he flipped. He knows.


49967e  No.3045832

File: aadfe52b1eee2d6⋯.jpg (41.92 KB, 600x300, 2:1, xdcf8ygi.jpg)

c375fe  No.3045833


Fake news from Baker what? There are NO CHARGES.

243d4d  No.3045834

The Saturday People not keeping the Sabbath holy by blowing "Iranian" stuff up


19b0fc  No.3045835

File: 4fde56b935804f9⋯.png (3.66 MB, 2000x2866, 1000:1433, 4fde56b935804f9cdb573a3242….png)

File: f0ae9d24d7a5c85⋯.jpg (108.47 KB, 966x930, 161:155, 1529224226874.jpg)

File: 1b59ff94e13472a⋯.jpg (145.14 KB, 1200x1068, 100:89, 1527830527821.jpg)

File: 5e7f88f651fc33a⋯.png (262.56 KB, 733x715, 733:715, 1525808399536.png)

168295  No.3045836

File: 0deae0e8b2fc7bc⋯.jpg (64.22 KB, 444x505, 444:505, HRC glasses.jpg)

File: a8fc58444823a0b⋯.jpg (136.12 KB, 800x990, 80:99, Eleanor-Roosevelt.jpg)


OMG…is she Eleanor Roosevelt's daughter? Oh, that's right ER was a L*s*i*n… KEK

1d6ef7  No.3045837

File: 3a1dd25535be27f⋯.png (210.31 KB, 845x392, 845:392, Scuba_ok.png)


Out of all agencies … Coast Guard should know better (pic related).

These guys …. still some democratic socialists in charge there?

adca58  No.3045838

File: 7e2fb4d7563ad44⋯.jpg (15.22 KB, 255x200, 51:40, Brenan.jpg)


This is tame for Brennen.

Anyone have the feeling that his tweets aren't controlled by him anymore?

efa151  No.3045839


You mean John Al-Brennan?

c375fe  No.3045840

d0b655  No.3045841

File: 40878f6cd7b9fdf⋯.jpg (19.33 KB, 255x231, 85:77, jb2e429l.jpg)

882251  No.3045842

File: 23e6dc4cd1b979e⋯.png (6.53 MB, 2645x5315, 529:1063, Military_Tribunals.png)

I don't know the sequence as to how the plan will play out but

I think I know the goal. I'll refer to the attached graphic and

some Q posts to try to get through this.

First look at the graphic Secret Military Tribunals and read the

section under HERE'S THE CHOICE YOU GET TO MAKE… Now let's look

at McCain, Q called the date and time 30 days prior. So I believe

McCain wasn't murdered or assassinated he was executed after he

was found guilty of Treason by a Secret Military Tribunal. And if

you believe the graphic (and I do) the top players have been tried

and sentenced as well (hostages). So what's Q team / POTUS's goal?

They have 50,000+ sealed indictments, they have the servers, they

have the contents of Weiner's laptop, they have it all….they can

drop the hammer anytime they want. So why not do it?

snippet of Q post:

Q !UW.yye1fxo No.17 📁

Jan 13 2018 23:16:59 (EST)



snippet of Q post:

Q !A6yxsPKia. ID: 32060e No.2538955 📁

Aug 10 2018 11:15:09 (EST)

At some point it will not be safe for them to walk down the street.



The people on this board have broke the conditioning….but we're

not 94 - 96% of the population. If they dropped the hammer on it all there would be chaos.

I think what we're seeing now is Q team / POTUS's plan to

break the conditioning on the rest of the population.

Relax, enjoy the show….This is the Great Awakening!

This seem right to anyone else?

fa87c1  No.3045843

File: b36145fe6a8bb11⋯.png (78.65 KB, 376x201, 376:201, IMG_2848.PNG)


Right! Thank you Anon. Have a gross upgrade to your meme…


499d38  No.3045844


I'm glad SOMEBODY gets my meme. TY.

/mumbles about patriots with no sense of humor/

c375fe  No.3045845


Yeah. She could use an upgrade.

5556e8  No.3045846



October ?

who knows

its very hard to pay attention when all you hear from Q the media and everyone and their mother is fisa fisa fisa

but nothing happens and its the same thing over and over again

56814f  No.3045847

File: d3b49548e3aeb21⋯.jpeg (49.6 KB, 473x449, 473:449, DF1B25A0-1D41-4DAF-A641-A….jpeg)

File: 324b5d42a3cf5ae⋯.jpeg (99.84 KB, 1024x742, 512:371, F09225D6-6D37-4385-B92A-D….jpeg)

File: 95ee915fab7133e⋯.jpeg (53.34 KB, 390x458, 195:229, F3146826-B83A-4C7E-8BFE-D….jpeg)

File: 967e75b2d3c1f1e⋯.jpeg (88.65 KB, 970x647, 970:647, F8B60E25-987F-4982-AAD4-A….jpeg)

932dc3  No.3045848

File: e4670e2edc23a1e⋯.png (69.9 KB, 480x683, 480:683, Screenshot_2018-09-15-10-3….png)



John Brennan is a top shelf fag bitch.

3489d4  No.3045849




86f6d6  No.3045850


No. Her show is actually supposed to be a commodities market related program, so such backgrounds would actually ALWAYS make sense, but especially now during harvest time.

A lot of people are thinking about the futures market on a Sunday because the regular market isn't open, and they are a good gauge of what the stock market will do when it opens Monday morning.

b79ff9  No.3045851

File: 2b45c4088d446e9⋯.png (404.67 KB, 815x604, 815:604, Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at ….png)

File: ad20ff3db82b530⋯.png (91.46 KB, 609x566, 609:566, Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at ….png)

File: 2af9c49011da1a6⋯.png (302.14 KB, 965x640, 193:128, Screen Shot 2018-09-08 at ….png)

d0b655  No.3045852

File: f2d09b318cfc69a⋯.jpg (70.03 KB, 638x413, 638:413, 28iuguig.jpg)

aa2828  No.3045853


Even better. Kek.


e1f153  No.3045854


I wasn't being obscure. Aliens and spaceships should clue you in re: reality. Seriously. Space Aliens...ummm...yup.

bb0759  No.3045855

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

774921  No.3045856

File: 31cee2775f29404⋯.png (693.7 KB, 1003x859, 1003:859, IMG_2320.PNG)

93dc15  No.3045857

File: 94df1fc9b4785cb⋯.png (2.74 MB, 1400x1400, 1:1, sfih.png)

meme away boys

hi res

874c2b  No.3045858

File: 0d7c6ee05f55590⋯.png (1.22 MB, 2799x1593, 311:177, 1delta.png)

874c2b  No.3045859


let me know if you find any errors

77be0b  No.3045860

File: ba73ecf5c058864⋯.png (312.2 KB, 666x573, 222:191, Screenshot_2018-09-16 PHX ….png)


looks like it was an abandoned car

ed97f9  No.3045861

File: bbb6767f4789158⋯.jpg (53.21 KB, 528x590, 264:295, Eagle close up.jpg)


Define 'Traitor'.

1. a person who betrays another, a cause, or any trust.

2. a person who commits treason by betraying his or her country.

I don't recall this as a topic of discussion before, so here goes.

Should we recognize different types of treason? Not all of the traitors are motivated by the same things.

Some are motivated by simple greed. Selling the country out for money.

Some are motivated by the lust for power, over people, institutions, and influence.

Some are motivated by doctrine, my imagined way of government is better than yours.

Some are motivated by religion, my religion has government as all or part of its function.

Some are motivated by simple blind, amorphous hatred of America for what ever reasons.

Most, I'm certain, have a combination of these motives.

Do we recognize that some treason is an honest expression of a desire to make a better world under (name your system)?

Should the same punishments apply equally to all of them?

c375fe  No.3045862


Wouldnt it be awesome if we got the docs today and it btfo any at all NFL ratings. I wish……

0e5e7e  No.3045863


>Fake news from Baker what? There are NO CHARGES.

But but but the title says she was murdered

Where is that anywhere in the articles posted?

It's NOT

It is a disservice to Evelyn's memory to be stating fallacies in regards to her until and unless proven

17225c  No.3045864



adca58  No.3045865


Re: RED Carpet Event

Just my gut but don't feel this will be a true MOAB moment.

Those that receive rewards will FAIL/BOMB, that's all.

It's hollyweird… it doesn't matter anyway, so don't get your heart set on something YUGE.

874c2b  No.3045866


e1f153  No.3045867

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


He's right you know…

Mr. Hilter

b5753b  No.3045868


what would you call death by vehicle?

better, what do courts typically call death by vehicle?


anything constructive about the notable, or are you the kind of cunt that just reads headlines?

b6a3aa  No.3045869


Barry Soetoro, anon.

f65062  No.3045870

File: abae63b4ebb3bc9⋯.png (441.47 KB, 560x800, 7:10, StrzokDad.png)

bfd7d4  No.3045871

Trump is the chief law enforcement officer of the country as well as the commander and chief officer of the armed forces, he knows it and is prepared to use all the powers of his office. Cabal shitting their pants.

17225c  No.3045872


Easy. No survivors.


938035  No.3045873


I won't shed a tear when she is executed for TREASON

919168  No.3045874


"This will be an Age of Peace and an Age of Truth. The process of cleansing is perhaps the single most liberating experience one can have while in the physical. The negativity will literally be burned out of those of you who persist through these times. Your innate will to survive will be what guides you and allows you to make the necessary internal adjustments to the ever increasing frequency shifts.

Those who will not allow for the release of the negativity will simply transition (die) as the physical body is consumed with harsh emotional energy surges from within. It will be as if they are burned out from within."

Which site is the #qanon one? i always see it but i'm clueless how to get there. God Bless

93dc15  No.3045875



anon if interested Don JR posted 15 minutes before Q at the :09 mark regarding same topic as Q

06e1b5  No.3045876

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Jams For Bread

This one goes out to all the new visitors to our humble solar system. Enjoy your stay!

p.s. You can take Hillary

75e1e2  No.3045877




Then use the link below to download our work!



Understand this is NOT a chat room, lurk for a few weeks MONTHS AT LEAST before posting and MAKE SURE YOU HAVE READ OUR WORK, watch how the board operates, learn our comms, use discernment to evaluate who is friend or foe and learn how shills operate!



P.S. Anyone who has an issue with boobs needs to go learn the history of qresearch and what the legends who work here have done for YOU! These are adult women.

We hunt pedophiles. Illegal content is posted by bad actors board mods remove and block but some ip hop, this is a constant battle as the powers that be do not want the TRUTH getting out.


Attacks on this post demonstrate the above line!

168295  No.3045878


Keys can and will be changed if comp'd. Relax.

9f8a55  No.3045879

File: 620ad499225f00a⋯.jpeg (10.59 KB, 254x255, 254:255, Pepecof.jpeg)


Who is/was the sperm donor?

Genetic experiment in a petri dish or someone had sex with ER?

d5f7df  No.3045880

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo 9/16/18 | Fox News September 16, 2018


75e1e2  No.3045881

Judicial Watch Files Ethics Complaint Against ‘Spartacus’ Cory Booker For Violating Senate Rules

The conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch has filed an ethics complaint against New Jersey Democrat Senator Cory Booker.

Last week, Booker violated rules of the U.S. Senate during confirmation hearings for Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Booker admitted his wrongdoing because he was trying to look like a hero for leftists. He said at the time that he would accept the consequences for doing so. Well, here you go Senator Spartacus.

CNS News reports:

Judicial Watch Files Ethics Complaint Against Sen. Cory Booker For Violating Senate Rules

The government watchdog group Judicial Watch delivered a letter on Wednesday to the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Ethics requesting that it investigate Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) for his “admitted violation [of] Senate rules by releasing confidential records through his social media accounts,” said the organization in a Sept. 12 press release.

In a Sept. 7 tweet, Sen. Booker said, “I broke committee rules by reading from ‘committee confidential’ docs.” Also, in a Sept. 9 Facebook post, Booker said, “And the classification of many documents as “Committee Confidential” is a sham… I willfully violate these sham rules. I fully accept any consequences that might arise from my actions including expulsion.”

The Democratic senator also opened a Dropbox account that is accessible to the public. It contains documents and is headed, “Booker Confidential – Kavanaugh Hearing Documents.”

“Senator Booker, in an absurd invocation of ‘Spartacus,’ explicitly invited his expulsion from the Senate in his egregious violation of the rules and contempt for the rule of law and the Constitution,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

“Will the Senate assert the rule of law in the Booker case or allow mob rule to be the new standard?” asked Fitton.

You can read the full complaint here.

Booker is likely to run for president in 2020. That’s one of the main reasons he and Kamala Harris of California made such fools of themselves last week, grandstanding for TV coverage.


efa151  No.3045882

File: 23a9aa5c104f69c⋯.jpg (81.11 KB, 549x363, 183:121, NeverThoughtSheWouldLoseBr….jpg)

File: 5243964d6e21c1f⋯.jpg (161.73 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, JPodestaAlien1.jpg)

File: 9439fb32993364e⋯.jpg (226.02 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, Jarrett-ObamaAliens.jpg)

File: 1a28e3801409ef6⋯.jpg (225.73 KB, 1152x707, 1152:707, HillBHOAliens1.jpg)

325c71  No.3045883

Devin Nunes to Maria:

POTUS has no choice - he must DECLAS before midterms.

Nunes releases committee interview transcripts soon.

He's the lead domino.

Some explosive statements are made known but will still need moar sauce.

POTUS gets both congressional & public (us) support to DECLAS

f65062  No.3045884

File: e5e0defcf03fe82⋯.jpg (27.58 KB, 442x285, 442:285, Halper.JPG)

File: 81f29580f2ebc56⋯.jpg (63.09 KB, 434x437, 434:437, HanksYacht.jpg)

File: 7adb1228f8c0dda⋯.jpg (38.24 KB, 523x349, 523:349, HillaryEvil.JPG)

File: 76303889c1a7038⋯.jpg (172.33 KB, 896x567, 128:81, Hummingbird.jpg)

932dc3  No.3045885

File: bd80666271b63af⋯.gif (440.15 KB, 300x300, 1:1, downloadfile-4.gif)

6b8536  No.3045886

Trump's September Surprise is a Doozy

American Intelligence Media

American Intelligence Media






c375fe  No.3045887


Run over with a car = murder. (Though she didnt die on scene) Run over AT the gravesite/memorial. ON anniversary of daughter’s murder with machete.

There are no charges against the driver and multiple witnesses. Odd for you to focus on baker re: that.

19b0fc  No.3045888

File: 5eac2a646f36d62⋯.jpg (51.52 KB, 1407x277, 1407:277, Gitmod.jpg)

File: 4557491b40c7978⋯.jpg (13.01 KB, 568x174, 284:87, CCC.jpg)

File: 21db9b883a69d15⋯.jpg (41.66 KB, 400x315, 80:63, 1733eccfe3d11a2526d67ce3e0….jpg)

TFW you predict McCain's death and he goes and dies a couple hours later.

874c2b  No.3045889

File: f443334ceb318c8⋯.png (1.23 MB, 2799x1593, 311:177, 1delta.png)

made the tweet bigger

499d38  No.3045890

File: ff4783b80020a3c⋯.jpeg (8.44 KB, 255x166, 255:166, pepewtflaser.jpeg)

adca58  No.3045891


Meme Maker!

Can we get a LICE CHECK on that bowing Renegade?

a8dbf6  No.3045892

I just put all drops with "[1]" in it together.

Maybe someone can find something.


86f6d6  No.3045893


Q does keep saying "carpet bomb" lately.

d0b655  No.3045894

File: 51d71bbd311881f⋯.png (18.65 KB, 255x253, 255:253, emdec49ed108d0118aa2594979….png)


nice….trips, and your prediction.

f65062  No.3045895

File: 848c59e21ae5fe3⋯.jpg (28.27 KB, 514x382, 257:191, EpsteinIslandPicIII.JPG)

File: a56f34c932aef98⋯.jpg (31.51 KB, 477x505, 477:505, EpsteinPicIV.JPG)

File: 2045ba6fb79f357⋯.jpg (66.78 KB, 898x578, 449:289, EpsteinTunnel.JPG)

File: 5db780aa50730e1⋯.jpg (206.87 KB, 859x757, 859:757, Evergreen.jpg)

b79ff9  No.3045896

File: 91878fe1f96a4e5⋯.png (571.69 KB, 875x698, 875:698, Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at ….png)

File: 02caa6e70ed0d17⋯.png (620.95 KB, 1386x1046, 693:523, Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at ….png)

c375fe  No.3045897


I am not disputing Baker. I was questioning the anon that WAS.

75e1e2  No.3045898

File: de5d7c798f49f71⋯.png (144.47 KB, 501x293, 501:293, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7492d5e8506ab6c⋯.png (95.82 KB, 917x855, 917:855, ClipboardImage.png)

Browder-Gate Broadens - EU Threatens Cyprus With 'Article 7' Over Russian Assistance

It’s been quite a week for Article 7 of the Lisbon Treaty. First Hungary and now Cyprus. And all because of some guy named Bill Browder?

Despite numerous warnings and obstacles, Cyprus continues to assist Russia in investigating the finances of Bill Browder. This has resulted in letters of warning to Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades as well as lawsuits by Browder citing the investigation violates his human rights.

Like everything else in this world, just ask Browder.

Last fall Browder and 17 MEP’s launched a two-pronged assault on Cyprus to end their assisting Russia’s investigation into Browder. Browder with the lawsuit. The MEP’s with a letter of warning.

The lawsuit has failed, however. The Nicosia District Court handed down a ruling recently which allowed for Browder to sue for damages to his reputation but not putting an injunction on the investigation.

More than a month ago the Nicosia District Court said that the cooperation with Russia in its politically motivated probe would violate the human rights of Bill Browder and his associate Ivan Cherkasov and the two would have good prospects in claiming damages from the government. Still, the court rejected Browder’s application for an order preventing Cypriot authorities from cooperating with Russia in its proceedings against him on the grounds that any damage would not be irreparable.

And this is where this gets interesting.

Because now in light of this ruling the stakes have been raised. Four of those original 17 MEP’s, many of whom are on the infamous “Soros List” as being in the pay of Open Society Foundation, sent a more serious letter of warning to Anastasaides threatening Cyprus with censure via Article 7 of the Lisbon Treaty for not upholding the European Union’s standards on human rights.

Now this is a dangerous escalation in service of an investigation into someone who, agree or not, Russia has a legitimate interest in pursuing. Dismissing all of Russia’s concerns about Browder as ‘politically motivated’ is pure grandstanding. It carries no weight of law and stinks of a far deeper and more serious corruption.

Because if Browder was as pure as the driven snow as he presents himself to the world then he would have no issue whatsoever in Cyprus opening up his books to Russia and put his question of guilt to rest once and for all.

The ruling from the court stated that Cypriot officials are not barred from helping Russia get to the bottom of Browder’s web of offshore accounts, all of which, according to Russian lawyer Natalya Veselnitskaya, run through Cyprus.

From RT last year:

“He [Browder] is afraid of the Russian probe that has conclusive evidence of his financial crimes and proof that his theory of Magnitsky’s death is an absolute fake. That’s why Browder is ready to stage any provocation,” Veselnitskaya said. She went on to say that the investor’s decision to intervene was particularly “influenced by the fact that the entire network of offshore companies that make up his organized criminal group is located on the territory of Cyprus.”

The incident that Veselnitskaya was referring to took place in late October 2017. At that time, 17 members of the European Parliament appealed to Cypriot President Nikos Anastasiades in an open letter, in which they called on him to stop assisting Russia in its investigation against Browder.

Remember, Veselnitskaya was the woman who met with Donald Trump Jr. during the 2016 campaign. She was adamant she had information that was pertinent to them. The Mueller probe and the media tried to spin that meeting as her giving Trump access to Hillary Clinton’s e-mails.

But what she was really trying to give them was the low-down on Browder, the Magnitsky Act and the whole rotten, sordid history of him, Edmund Safra of Republic National Bank and the raping of Russia by them and others in the 1990’s.

And to show Trump that the Magnitsky Act was built on a lie and the sanctions against Russia should be lifted because of this.

Some of this I covered in an earlier article.


282af8  No.3045899

File: cf452300c7af2bc⋯.png (497.08 KB, 572x657, 572:657, FlotusPepeSunnies.png)

427c00  No.3045900

Carolina anons.

any of you get video of Niggers Looting in the neighborhoods?

We, know it's happening. Someone out there get some clips & post.

Good Day!

95722d  No.3045901

File: fc0be9f6786733e⋯.png (51.05 KB, 1375x405, 275:81, alerts.png)


c56e26  No.3045902

File: 16d75099ffc6526⋯.jpeg (731.05 KB, 1254x1070, 627:535, DE8384A1-323D-42EF-8873-4….jpeg)


John Brennan murdered a key witness to his tampering with Obama birth records in government computer systems.

0e5e7e  No.3045903


>Run over with a car = murder. (



And then more no

I hope you are not in the legal field

Oh, with a comment that stupid, not likely

>> Odd for you to focus on baker re: that.

It'd be nice if the Board didn't look like CNN with FAKE fucking headlines in Notables

86f6d6  No.3045904

So you guys give us the Delta, and the Tweet and Q Drop, but nothign else?

Isn't it supposed to correspond with another post?

eb1f27  No.3045905


They're all standing outside the door as if they are checking their reciepts for the correct price and loyalty points they earned.

d5f7df  No.3045906


Renegade fits perfectly…

168295  No.3045907

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


They're running for the hills made me think of this amazing piece..

"I Know These Hills" (Hatfields & McCoys Theme) by Kevin Costner & Modern West (feat. Sara Beck)

b5753b  No.3045908


since when are notables endorsements?

75e1e2  No.3045909

California Leads Nation In Poverty But Governor Jerry Brown Launching State Satellite To Monitor Global Warming

Yesterday, we noted that California now leads the nation in poverty. Where is Governor Jerry Brown placing his priorities? On fighting global warming, naturally. Like many progressives, the far left governor is obsessed with climate change and is planning to launch a satellite to monitor the situation.

The Daily Caller has the story:


California Gov. Jerry Brown announced Friday night at the end of a climate summit that the Golden State will launch a satellite into space at some point to monitor the scope of man-made global warming.

Brown has long had to live down the nickname “Moonbeam” after he pushed in the 1970s for California to occupy space. The Democratic governor is now accepting the moniker and pressing forward on a plan to send satellites into orbit to track pollutants.

“With science still under attack and the climate threat growing, we’re launching our own damn satellite,” Brown said in prepared remarks. “This groundbreaking initiative will help governments, businesses and landowners pinpoint — and stop — destructive emissions with unprecedented precision, on a scale that’s never been done before.”

Friday’s Global Climate Action Summit — and President Donald Trump’s nearly two year-long mission to drastically cut Obama-era environmental regulations – likely the rejuvenated Brown’s desire to catapult California to space.

The thousands of people living in homeless camps in Los Angeles and other places throughout the state will probably be very relieved to know Governor Brown is focused like a laser on the big problems.


NOTE: IMO this is a communications satellite, they are scrambling. PANIC

874c2b  No.3045910


>you guys

>give us

this might be for you: >>>/patriotsawoken/

5db43b  No.3045911


+Content match re: Nunes interview

It will become even more apparent going forward.


046ea6  No.3045913


I bet they just hate judicial watch…of course Booker is King Moran. Spartacus is gonna rise from the dead and bitch slap his stupid ass.

b79ff9  No.3045914

File: 51ccdc7b3a2259b⋯.png (743.8 KB, 1452x1228, 363:307, Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at ….png)

f65062  No.3045915

File: 23ea56547d82442⋯.jpg (31.95 KB, 374x380, 187:190, AngryCat.JPG)

d0b655  No.3045916

File: 5fc2bb9a5e8b991⋯.jpg (10.93 KB, 213x255, 71:85, oktobewhitebradpittswgduyf….jpg)

4fd67c  No.3045917


good lord are you a flat earf person?

space is a satanic lie? the only thing that exists is God and you and the rest are demons?

i have no idea what youre trying to say and no longer care, take your petulant little-girl syntax back to plebbit or speak like an adult

f11b51  No.3045918


>Cabal shitting their pants.

Meanwhile in reality, this >>3045694 is what the cabal is really up to, registering millions of illegals, dead people, etc. to vote publicly and officially in your face and Trump says absolutely nothing while "Q" claims the elections are secure.

d79ae6  No.3045920

File: 856bbe5e53530a9⋯.jpeg (306.07 KB, 550x526, 275:263, enjoy the show.jpeg)



282af8  No.3045921

File: cafaaea7ae8ede9⋯.jpg (17.42 KB, 255x255, 1:1, trusttheplanstayontarget.jpg)

af97bf  No.3045923

File: 027ee8acf13dcc0⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1090x812, 545:406, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0ffe66880d72c8a⋯.png (511.4 KB, 1497x882, 499:294, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8887f4a1ad26fc5⋯.jpg (396.75 KB, 1805x903, 1805:903, QANON_FLAG proof.jpg)

Q post freedom flag (9/8/2018)



111 days delta from previous flag (5/20/2018)

For God & Country.png


111 days delta from previous flag (1/29/2018)



111 days delta (x6) after Veteran's Day 2016 (11/11/2016)

111 days delta (x6) before July 5th 2020 (day of rest after we celebrate our independence? Reelection year)

same flag appears Flynn's speech 9/15/2018 (delta +7 o7)



quote from Flynn's speech:

Service to America requires us, today and tomorrow, to stand together as champions of freedom and soldiers of liberty who are on the right side of history. Anything less cannot be tolerated if our country is to survive.

pics related

874c2b  No.3045924

d0b655  No.3045925

File: a8128190181253f⋯.jpg (24.31 KB, 255x254, 255:254, putdfjdhkld.jpg)



adca58  No.3045926

File: 1edc4a4c66c195c⋯.gif (977.04 KB, 500x381, 500:381, noose gif.gif)


Sadly, that's just one soul Brennen took.

Not the first nor the last.

d5f7df  No.3045927

b5753b  No.3045928


we love future proves past

b267aa  No.3045929


thank you Q!~

95722d  No.3045930


good morning/afternoon Q

ba3c9b  No.3045931


This is so notable that the entire thing should be at the top of every bread.

75e1e2  No.3045932


911 digits Q interesting!

046ea6  No.3045933

File: 01fa3aaed7b23c3⋯.jpeg (47.71 KB, 578x373, 578:373, 3E6482A0-31BA-4CC1-9E79-C….jpeg)


Kek confirms

0e5e7e  No.3045934


>since when are notables endorsements?

They are not

But if they are misleading or not close to accurate why even have them?

There is not one word about Evelyn Rodriguez being murdered.

Complete and total opinion by the baker

Looks bad

668894  No.3045935




eb1f27  No.3045936

With all the new Q posts it seems as if this is the week to tell all my red pills in progress that "This IS the week"?

Just to be all depressed by next Friday that nothing happened all week except some conservative was attacked and all the demon rat criminals are still walking free.

Is that this week?

7c4f20  No.3045937


Setting the stage

919168  No.3045938



stay safe and god bless

fa87c1  No.3045939

File: 04b20334004b53a⋯.jpg (42.34 KB, 480x360, 4:3, IMG_4948.JPG)

f49eb9  No.3045940

Early Notable Call

Anything missed?


>>3045707 Review D[H]S insider from 2016-7, now very relevant

>>3045804 New Brennan tweet

>>3045881 Judicial Watch Files Ethics Complaint Against ‘Spartacus’ Cory Booker For Violating Senate Rules

>>3045889 [1] Delta between Q and Trump Graphic

>>3045898 Browder-Gate Broadens - EU Threatens Cyprus With 'Article 7' Over Russian Assistance

>>3045909 California Leads Nation In Poverty But Governor Jerry Brown Launching State Satellite To Monitor Global Warming

Q's Latest Posts

Sunday 09.16.18

>>3045911 rt >>3045858 ———----------——– +Content match re: Nunes interview, It will become even more apparent going forward.

>>>/patriotsfight/243 —————–—————- Timestamp & Content. ( Cap: >>3045679 )

>>>/patriotsfight/242 —————–—————- No evidence of 'Collusion' PRIOR TO MUELLER appointment? ( Cap: >>3045535 , >>3045555 )

b5753b  No.3045941


thats 45 911

c47d55  No.3045942

File: 61fd878206e92e7⋯.jpg (41.02 KB, 400x266, 200:133, addo-01.jpg)

The Bogomils of the Lord grind slow but they grind exceeding fine.

>>3045458 (PB)

Very easy for NSA to know exactly how that shill network is organized.

Saves anons analysing a perpetual eceleb mousefight in a garbage can.

white/black/gray hats?

Based on their "ideas?" Not possible.

Based on TXT message email instructions and $ transfers? Trivial.

5db43b  No.3045943




9e3317  No.3045944

File: a0aee00ae789e44⋯.jpg (3.85 MB, 2976x3968, 3:4, sharia_blu.jpg)


listen faggot, let me break this down for you.

>The shills defend their asset.

i'm no shill, you never answered my question that if she is 'controlled' then what is her endgame?

>YES. Out of the alleged hundreds to perhaps thousands, depending on the source, you would indeed expect to see tweets, social media posts from friends, schools, churches, teams, neighborhoods, local LEO


do you fucking understand the psychological impact that human trafficking or abuse has on a person? They suffer from severe depression, anxiety, PTSD to name a few. They also live in constant fear of being returned to their captors. Logic says that they wouldn't want parties, celebrations or anything that would draw more attention to them because it would only make the psychological trauma worse. Not too mention it could also potentially make them a target by announcing their location. They are scarred for life and live in fear constantly.

>You believe that, you are the perfect product of media, and are in the EXACT mind state they desire of you.


>NO ONE is being 'returned', just like you cannot return your already eaten steak, or Kate Spade shoes to the cow that was sacrificed for them. GRASP.

i'm not quite sure if you are saying that human trafficking doesn't exist or that the victims are all eaten so nobody gets to go home. regardless, you're still a fucking brainlet.

c2baeb  No.3045945


What part of "planning" you didn't get, moron?

Stop shitting the bread with non-sense

You can't launch a satellite over night

95722d  No.3045946


+ is POTUS?

c57acf  No.3045947

File: b8b7967c2ca85c1⋯.jpeg (65.5 KB, 600x401, 600:401, download.jpeg)

A Quiet Place

While not a perfect movie

Is an allegory for red-pilling your family to the surveillance state of the cabal

And using technology to defeat them

As Gen Flynn said in Q's latest post

We fight not because we hate our enemy

We fight because we love this country

We love freedom and liberty

And because we are always only one generation away from tyranny

86f6d6  No.3045948



Wow, can't believe the push back I'm getting for a sincere question. The way I understood the Delta thing was that those 2 things correspond with another post Q was intending to highlight.

009d7d  No.3045949

File: 47bf0550957b762⋯.jpg (84.64 KB, 723x482, 3:2, aimclown.jpg)

148fb3  No.3045950


The sharing of the testimonies will be

the start to the snowball rolling.

It will give more reason to share FISA etc.

9f6ef9  No.3045951

File: 7ffe5fd060ae22b⋯.png (46.45 KB, 425x617, 425:617, AceOfPepe.PNG)


Infinity trips on the re-post of your 10/10 recon & prediction skillset adds lots to your score Anon.

Kek has a score filled future for you.


d79ae6  No.3045952

File: 94b2f914da84687⋯.jpg (209.55 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Never Forget.jpg)

44eb7a  No.3045953

File: 43f5be933b8ba45⋯.png (244.03 KB, 600x599, 600:599, ClipboardImage.png)


AIM and anyone associated with them have 0 credibility IMO. many anons feel the same. regardless of what it is i dont think you'll get too far sharing any of their content here anon. fair warning.

f49eb9  No.3045954


Since Q replied to the first graphic:

>>3045858, >>3045889 [1] Delta between Q and Trump Graphic

a340d4  No.3045955


May be symbolic reference. Wondered if some notables may be absent due to unrelated criminal charges.

I chose the comedians but there are lots of names that could be caught up in criminal activities.

Trying to watch Bill Maher from Friday as opposition research but it hard to do. A traitor is starting right now….

b5753b  No.3045956


will never forget what they did/do to our families

427c00  No.3045957

File: 0227f0de1456eea⋯.jpg (14.15 KB, 640x360, 16:9, crop-640x360-000.jpg)

499d38  No.3045958


Promise? And when? Before mid-terms?

519252  No.3045959

File: 611884ba3310940⋯.png (171.1 KB, 888x468, 74:39, FREEEEEDOM.png)




874c2b  No.3045960

File: 4ff95d4b3a72234⋯.png (1.93 MB, 3440x1431, 3440:1431, CommsSidebyside2.png)


fuck off

533078  No.3045961

File: d36c57c50dac2fd⋯.jpg (207.92 KB, 581x778, 581:778, PRAY_.JPG)


Gotcha boss. Thanks for all you do. Saying prayers !!

ef3dc6  No.3045962

File: 6b30b0c21a776a5⋯.jpg (114.47 KB, 900x630, 10:7, abramovic after.jpg)

File: 46f7adb45db1350⋯.jpg (469.74 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, abramovic before.jpg)

File: 42a692ae407665a⋯.png (16.53 KB, 682x190, 341:95, abramovic Rhythm 0.PNG)


Marina Abramovic, a Yugoslav performance artist, who is also known as the “grandmother of performance art,” did a daring act when she stood as a puppet in front of public for six hours and let people do whatever they wanted to. The performance which is famously known as “Rhythm 0” was aimed at testing the relationship between performer and audience. But, it turned out to be a horrific experience for Abramovic as she felt raped.

During the performance which was conducted for six hours between 8 PM and 2 AM, Abramovic had placed 72 objects on a table and allowed people to use them on her body as desired. While some of the objects would give pleasure, other could be used to inflict pain. The objects included rose, feather, honey, a whip, olive oil, scissors, a scalpel, a blade, a gun and a single bullet. People were allowed to use this stuff on Abramovic’s body. She wanted to test how aggressive a human can turn into when free from social consequences. To her dismay, at the end of the Abramovic was undressed and groped. Her blouse was opened exposing her breasts. There were acts of violence and sexual harassment. There were cuts on her neck made by audience members, and her clothes were cut off her body. A man used razor to make a cut on neck. Blades were used to make cut on her clothes and body, her body was stripped and attacked from almost all corners.

In her own words, she explains that the performance showed them that how fast a person can hurt you under favorable circumstances and it also showed that how easy it is to dehumanize a person who does not fight and does not want to defend themself.

“This work reveals something terrible about humanity. It shows how fast a person can hurt you under favorable circumstances. It shows how easy it is to dehumanize a person who does not fight, who does not defend himself. It shows that if he provides the stage, the majority of ‘normal’ people, apparently can become truly violent,” said Abramovic.


7912b3  No.3045963

File: 324fe2430807d7b⋯.jpg (106.43 KB, 702x465, 234:155, nocollusion81618.jpg)


874c2b  No.3045964


I know, thats beat, fixed it up a bit


d66ee6  No.3045965


Thank You Q Team for all !!

75e1e2  No.3045966

c1fa68  No.3045967


"Sunspot Solar Observatory in Sunspot, New Mexico" - is it connected to "Holloman Air Force Base"?

f552c1  No.3045968


Thank you Q. Comfy Sunday bread today. Getting ready for the big week.

b267aa  No.3045969


instant tears~

efd679  No.3045970

File: 24b4de86762e4ce⋯.jpg (55.96 KB, 590x381, 590:381, [renegade].jpg)


Shit..Thanks Anon…How embarrassing….Fixed

aa2828  No.3045971

File: a8f88f75c730d34⋯.jpg (263.57 KB, 1200x1191, 400:397, Nunez AS Cap Police.jpg)

f7ef8b  No.3045972

d5f7df  No.3045973





Thank you anon.

Agree 100%.

9f766c  No.3045974


Happy Sunday there Q.

Interesting post number - 911.

d38834  No.3045975

File: 083422589f411b1⋯.jpeg (248.02 KB, 500x2382, 250:1191, 1A7DDEDB-A0DA-4532-A66E-0….jpeg)


ThanQ anon


d1cd39  No.3045976


when POTUS posts 10 mins apart check board 10 mins before often times there will be an interesting poster with exactly 10 posts.

282af8  No.3045977

File: b82454e8c2dcbdc⋯.png (211.35 KB, 1502x1498, 751:749, 911PaybacksABitch.png)



1d06a7  No.3045978

File: e1e81988a69a6a7⋯.jpg (30.53 KB, 349x349, 1:1, e1e81988a69a6a776acd178a60….jpg)

6b8536  No.3045979


LISTEN TO video right now and they are saying HILLARY RUNS THE FBI


d0b655  No.3045980

File: ebd95b71c104e63⋯.jpg (24.7 KB, 255x254, 255:254, qpwwnf2howpx.jpg)



d5615a  No.3045981


Hi Q <3

7912b3  No.3045982

File: 60ce8c759d9d9ce⋯.jpg (249.52 KB, 720x576, 5:4, damnmark.jpg)



c2cf34  No.3045983

File: 0a25dccee4dc225⋯.jpeg (85.98 KB, 749x499, 749:499, D23FEBA2-C377-4B2A-AE41-3….jpeg)

f11b51  No.3045984

File: 2d9434e07052079⋯.png (511.86 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 18-09-16-13-13-12.png)


How are the elections secure if Democrats are printing public official documents for illegals to register to vote all over the country? Answer this.

42c919  No.3045985



Can you clear up the TRUTHER faggots that say NO PLANES hit the towers and no PLANE crashed in PA

506b05  No.3045986



FORGIVENESS precisely presupposes JUSTICE and stands or falls with it!!!!

aa28d6  No.3045987


I love your delta graphics anon.

Honored to have been featured in the last one!


6b8536  No.3045988







a340d4  No.3045989

File: 8a840c08f8e7535⋯.jpg (46.44 KB, 375x500, 3:4, 2e0s6i.jpg)


Congratulations Delta ClockFag. Q confirmed!!

046ea6  No.3045990

File: 8d81f47567e0043⋯.png (263.6 KB, 582x471, 194:157, FCA89319-547F-4CE6-B32C-D5….png)

19b0fc  No.3045991

File: 4580384ebfcc02a⋯.jpg (287.84 KB, 777x777, 1:1, 4580384ebfcc02af0b22bbed31….jpg)

File: 5af4dd52ff1afac⋯.png (279.6 KB, 494x496, 247:248, 5af4dd52ff1afacaaaf10ef3da….png)

File: 34bba0d0a01845a⋯.jpg (113.55 KB, 640x868, 160:217, gmLp9T0pOhGlAl8uJER5f08UrT….jpg)

File: ef3a4452bb65cc7⋯.jpg (47.56 KB, 750x684, 125:114, ef3a4452bb65cc7bd565b3931c….jpg)


The cabal are going mad because Hillary lost. It's only made their overarching plans more apparent.

Keep up the good work, this is incredibly entertaining to those of us who are paying attention.

427c00  No.3045992

File: 3fc6d5bc775cc1d⋯.jpg (22.88 KB, 800x451, 800:451, president-donald-trump-off….jpg)


For Them!


f11b51  No.3045993

File: 60ac7923652dc73⋯.png (514.2 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 18-09-16-13-14-26.png)

"Elections are secure"

c0aca4  No.3045994

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Coverage of the looting during Hurricane Florence in Wilmington, North Carolina

e3b476  No.3045995


Will the World know THE TRUTH?

d73d68  No.3045996

new video from Alice on twitter:


holy shit KEK

874c2b  No.3045997


Sunspot Solar Observatory "security situation" is a foreign spy op on the air force base and missile range??

95722d  No.3045998

File: 1c924db134fb335⋯.png (576.34 KB, 640x624, 40:39, CLOCKFAGROCK.png)

81f30b  No.3045999


>Which site is the #qanon one? i always see it but i'm clueless how to get there. God Bless

You're already here, anon.

086b4a  No.3046000



7912b3  No.3046001

Yo Q



d198f3  No.3046002

File: c16cc7e064fa3cc⋯.jpg (71.3 KB, 1200x332, 300:83, method.JPG)

Q can you confirm my theory?

6b8536  No.3046003


The choice will be theirs

7e80cc  No.3046004

File: 3901ae1dbeae632⋯.png (271.47 KB, 1521x1074, 507:358, 53443892827427012616928163….png)

09c5d9  No.3046005

D. Bellow

775959  No.3046006

File: fc02acf7caf029c⋯.jpeg (78.54 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 15A5EA74-88F3-46C7-A660-7….jpeg)

56e605  No.3046007


>Watch CA

874c2b  No.3046008


kek not a clockfag, just make the graphic!


you got the request fullfilled!

668894  No.3046009

File: fb4d1c079e3cc38⋯.jpg (66.4 KB, 638x279, 638:279, QArmy_Label.jpg)

4fd67c  No.3046010

File: ab9dce9680942a4⋯.jpg (59.53 KB, 735x573, 245:191, wwg1wga.jpg)


never forgotten

love to ya'll

acf24b  No.3046011

File: a2290d7b1e61238⋯.png (463.02 KB, 1721x955, 1721:955, Q-Clock sept16 HAPPY SUNDA….png)



On the Q-Clock



Iran cash.

1b4a0e  No.3046012


Hopefully those just get "filed" in the proper bin before tallying.

d6fedf  No.3046013


There is safety in numbers…spill the sawce.

9f766c  No.3046014


Please bring Justice to them Q. For all they have done.

d41f1d  No.3046015

File: b0e9c6eb9fc24fd⋯.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1242x1229, 1242:1229, 0CCC8778-F1C3-4352-9FE9-2….jpeg)

148fb3  No.3046016

File: 7f9c504b274bddf⋯.jpg (66 KB, 841x446, 841:446, Oh what do we have here.JPG)

File: ff6f98ed2164d2a⋯.jpg (41.16 KB, 573x339, 191:113, Whats up.JPG)

Reports that its not a partial closed but fully closed



b4a0e7  No.3046017

File: fbcead2c675c213⋯.jpg (137.11 KB, 736x552, 4:3, fife.jpg)


You and Trump have done a nice job tying up the Mueller investigation.

The 'hunters become the hunted' indeed.

2362f8  No.3046018


KEK I know this baker girl. She is cool as a jewel. And pro POTUS. Unless a doppleganger.

c2baeb  No.3046019


We will never forget them

Release everything

7912b3  No.3046020

681961  No.3046021

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

2adc79  No.3046022

Tbh Jeff Sessions scares me….he looks so innocent…so pure…..like a Church Boy….but inside? Thor

1d28ba  No.3046023


Hi Q, Anything on the Drug War and MKULTRA Program coming up?

282af8  No.3046024


Welcome Newfag! please check out these pics on the post I've put below, very exciting times!



c56e26  No.3046025


Browder is a psychopath and a murderer. Watch the Magnitsky Act: Behind the scenes, a terrific documentary exposing Browder’s lies. Browder is trying to scrub it off the webz but it is worth the effort.

d38834  No.3046026

File: 0a546119bb33236⋯.jpeg (106.79 KB, 500x660, 25:33, 8DA712B8-BB1C-4594-9652-B….jpeg)

5db43b  No.3046027


Buckle up.

Memes at the ready.



Do you believe in coincidences?




b0033d  No.3046028



The World changed - even in little Denmark. Our sons went to war for the first time since WW2 - people got afraid - their game wored!! NO MORE - PAIN COMING

75e1e2  No.3046030

File: 17c87e4f67cf02e⋯.png (421.32 KB, 828x657, 92:73, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2c9a13eb72b350d⋯.png (448.31 KB, 507x582, 169:194, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 62ad26f730ae88f⋯.png (674.72 KB, 754x888, 377:444, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1f128250220b180⋯.png (26.69 KB, 835x194, 835:194, ClipboardImage.png)

Outrage on Twitter as Bannon appears at Economist fest, voices support for Orban & Salvini

New York activists have vented their anger at Steve Bannon, who appeared in a live debate set up by The Economist – a couple of weeks after the New Yorker abruptly withdrew his invitation to their own event.

Sporadic protests broke out on Saturday at the Open Future festival as Steve Bannon was interviewed via video link by Zanny Minton Beddoes, editor-in-chief of The Economist, which set up the event. The former Trump adviser has received an avalanche of criticism both offline and in social media.

As Bannon addressed the audience, protesters gathered around The Economist’s New York office, holding banners that read: “No platform for white supremacy!” and “Shame The Economist.”

Meanwhile, Bannon carried on with the interview, hailing prime-minister of Hungary Viktor Orban and Interior minister of Italy Matteo Salvini, the leader of the anti-immigration Lega Nord.

Salvini rose to power on the back of anti-Muslim and Euroskeptic sentiments in Italy’s wealthy north, while Orban is famous for resisting Brussels’ “open-door” policy for refugees.


4c8e31  No.3046031


Just bought more popcorn!

f65062  No.3046032

File: 9dcb21252adbc95⋯.jpg (41.41 KB, 397x351, 397:351, Q911.jpg)

86f6d6  No.3046033


So did we find the interesting post yet is what i'm asking.

fad2df  No.3046034


Does is really matter? The effect is the same.

I think he is just playing a role, like most in this movie we are watch.

a340d4  No.3046035

File: 366c6f2fad4f69c⋯.jpg (93.09 KB, 500x723, 500:723, 2ddh8u.jpg)



The ClockFags

d38834  No.3046036


ThanQ Patriots

19b0fc  No.3046037

File: 49898624261737f⋯.jpg (63.33 KB, 680x462, 340:231, Psalm133.jpg)


Checked and kek'd.

aa2828  No.3046038


Each DECLAS interview released is another carpet bomb breadcrumb leaving a trail to the MOAB.

6b8536  No.3046039

File: c14af3365354a3a⋯.png (53.84 KB, 708x537, 236:179, Q NEWS SEPT 16.PNG)


efd679  No.3046040

File: d94dc6147cfc2b3⋯.jpg (57.85 KB, 483x354, 161:118, lice.jpg)

668894  No.3046041

Q Looks like a lot of BOOMS incoming?

9f766c  No.3046042


We Stand at the Ready and With You Q!

93dc15  No.3046043

File: 8d633d080eaeaca⋯.png (81.96 KB, 942x962, 471:481, ClipboardImage.png)

b5753b  No.3046044


kek fact check

d79ae6  No.3046045


They will try to censor our memes!

519252  No.3046046

File: 51fdacdef4af0b1⋯.png (463.47 KB, 777x777, 1:1, DEATH.png)

File: 083afa5b96ad0ad⋯.jpg (86.86 KB, 512x768, 2:3, KEK MLECH.jpg)

File: f52971bc7b8304f⋯.jpg (161.46 KB, 444x444, 1:1, KEK vs MOLCH.jpg)

File: 113637f3dccc44d⋯.jpg (113.25 KB, 750x700, 15:14, KEKKMM.jpg)

File: 0c0a97aa9f8a4ee⋯.png (276.32 KB, 406x318, 203:159, KM.png)





so pumped

7912b3  No.3046047

File: d819e4137164c9e⋯.jpg (859.03 KB, 1842x1036, 921:518, special place.jpg)

8d83d2  No.3046048


506b05  No.3046049




775959  No.3046050


Saddle up Patriots!!

09a19f  No.3046051

File: c8cd05f55768220⋯.png (236.9 KB, 500x319, 500:319, ballsout.png)

874c2b  No.3046052


Thread Specifically For DECLAS and FISA Memes >>2956097

Memes29: >>2946736

Side by Sides: >>93735

1b4a0e  No.3046053

File: 07675b5661e44a2⋯.png (107.4 KB, 607x604, 607:604, KekistaniMemeCorps.PNG)


Reporting! Couldn't be more with you Q.

b5753b  No.3046054



already habbenin uk

282af8  No.3046055

File: 29cdee69672decc⋯.jpg (18.19 KB, 235x255, 47:51, mememagic.jpg)


o7 ThankQ

499d38  No.3046056




Don't tease us Q.

I hope NOW means right now.

(Don't make me get a dictionary on you)


b267aa  No.3046057


yes, for them~

0ce3ae  No.3046058


Q, are you or your team looking forward to becoming more apparent… or do you just want the whole thing to stay on the down low? What can we do to help… quote your drops with or without naming the Q team as a source?

06e1b5  No.3046059


Helioscope? What happen

d38834  No.3046060

File: d8a1eef38c04a83⋯.jpeg (243.03 KB, 637x1858, 637:1858, 5286EC93-AFF0-41C5-A6E0-A….jpeg)

File: cece568420fab50⋯.jpeg (154.13 KB, 597x1018, 597:1018, 36D00E50-17C9-4EE6-AC4A-1….jpeg)

File: 083422589f411b1⋯.jpeg (248.02 KB, 500x2382, 250:1191, C7043CE6-4E3D-43FC-B481-A….jpeg)

File: 5cd6540c6ea0faa⋯.jpeg (245.74 KB, 637x1751, 637:1751, DC169B96-1878-4FC7-96C1-3….jpeg)

File: 0a546119bb33236⋯.jpeg (106.79 KB, 500x660, 25:33, FF6DC54C-0C06-43E6-B45E-5….jpeg)

2e4d61  No.3046061


73a6c0  No.3046062


Can we do it safely? Was banned this week… just regenerating reach now. @jack is an asshole of epic proportions.

d0b655  No.3046063

File: c8222f61b1133a2⋯.jpg (21.19 KB, 255x241, 255:241, qfgjo2gtjhi.jpg)

75e1e2  No.3046064


They can't stop P2P no matter what they censor!

We are ready!



f12234  No.3046065

Hussein was too stupid, who was really calling the shots?

d273a5  No.3046066

I trust the Plan!! WWG1WGA!!

95722d  No.3046067

File: fa30d2317379ccb⋯.png (1.48 MB, 842x1191, 842:1191, QUIET.png)

77be0b  No.3046068

File: 807e0c18843c4a7⋯.png (28.82 KB, 452x436, 113:109, Article-13-Thoth.png)


Article 13 already in effect in EU.

69f480  No.3046069


They are scared of memes that influence our collective mind against them.

75e1e2  No.3046070

c56e26  No.3046071


Jesus teaches to turn the other cheek as you take an eye for an eye.

181760  No.3046072

File: 184423b44111375⋯.png (15.36 KB, 680x594, 340:297, article-13-frog.png)

d1cd39  No.3046073


I don't see any POTUS tweets 10 mins apart recently.

there is one at 5:08 and 5:38 you could check 4:38 CT yesterday but kind of doubt that.

ed6136  No.3046074


Question everything

Question everyone

Quest for truth

Query the public

Queue the truths

Queue the structure

Quill of the Constitution

Quantity of indictments

Quiet Sessions

Quick tribunals

Queen is dead

Quantum reality

b4a0e7  No.3046075


We don't dox Q

1b4a0e  No.3046076

498177  No.3046077


When are we getting rid of sleepers on our side?

d73d68  No.3046078

File: 0b773c6958510a6⋯.jpg (72.21 KB, 546x499, 546:499, Do you want a storm.jpg)

9f766c  No.3046079


Pretty sure he wasn't Anon. He was a puppet who was controlled by the Puppet masters.

aa2828  No.3046080

File: 9482faac2489266⋯.jpg (302.43 KB, 1024x733, 1024:733, 9482faac2489266492b5f6f57f….jpg)

File: f4c9431267ee890⋯.jpg (52.1 KB, 543x491, 543:491, f4c9431267ee890b87d038539f….jpg)

File: 028ecff3dfbe0c2⋯.jpeg (29.58 KB, 198x254, 99:127, 028ecff3dfbe0c2746d6ffd3e….jpeg)

File: 14ee9745b51087e⋯.jpeg (68.69 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 14ee9745b51087e895dc00f37….jpeg)

File: 76200c3fb95fc6b⋯.jpeg (179.89 KB, 1036x1139, 1036:1139, 76200c3fb95fc6b7994cd08b9….jpeg)

78173e  No.3046081

File: 9d5715c85b3795d⋯.jpg (865.17 KB, 1800x1360, 45:34, 43 mirror of 07.jpg)


ThankQ. Have a clock, Q.

62f391  No.3046082




Flynn and Patrick Henry even look alike.

Imagine that. Do you believe in coincidences?

bdc361  No.3046083

File: 3ca76a339014df0⋯.jpg (510.34 KB, 1759x993, 1759:993, Q2179 PROOF.jpg)


>+Content match re: Nunes interview

>It will become even more apparent going forward.


bb0759  No.3046084

File: 87cc403bada8db4⋯.png (345.17 KB, 491x388, 491:388, BigPepe17.png)


when they fear memes, they have already lost

8ec06c  No.3046085

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



d5615a  No.3046086


ThanQ for your bravery

2adc79  No.3046087


> fact-checking memes

Bring in the Joos!

f7ef8b  No.3046088


I can’t belive the fate of the world rests with memes

For it is written…

93dc15  No.3046089


“We believe that the depositions that we took, I think for nearly about 70 people those need to be published, and they need to be published I think before the election,” Nunes said in an interview on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures.”

bc3743  No.3046091

File: 7b62ce579fc83d2⋯.gif (716.73 KB, 1226x815, 1226:815, boomboomgif.gif)


Gotta love the Q Booms!!!

d38834  No.3046092


Three out of five

Bottom three


c2baeb  No.3046093



+ (by itself) is Soros

Signature "Q+" we believe to POTUS

I think here it simply means "plus Content" (extra, etc), literal

fa87c1  No.3046094

File: 11e7b8f2b7905ea⋯.jpg (65.81 KB, 720x480, 3:2, IMG_3531.JPG)

0ce3ae  No.3046095



Put your spurs and shitkickers on.

Let's ride.

398aac  No.3046096

File: 006d20115d546da⋯.jpg (111.03 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 2hn54p.jpg)

f49eb9  No.3046097

Notes so far



>>3045707 Review D[H]S insider from 2016-7, now very relevant

>>3045804 New Brennan tweet

>>3045881 Judicial Watch Files Ethics Complaint Against ‘Spartacus’ Cory Booker For Violating Senate Rules

>>3045858, >>3045889 [1] Delta between Q and Trump Graphic

>>3045898 Browder-Gate Broadens - EU Threatens Cyprus With 'Article 7' Over Russian Assistance

>>3045909 California Leads Nation In Poverty But Governor Jerry Brown Launching State Satellite To Monitor Global Warming

>>3046011 Qlockfag Update: On the Q-Clock

>>3046016 Terminal 4 at Pheonix Sky Harbour Airport partially closed/fully closed due to unattended vehicle

>>3046039 Israeli Security Forces Extract Bus Full of Soldiers That Entered Palestinian Refugee Camp

Q's Latest Posts

Sunday 09.16.18

>>3046027 rt >>3045943 ———----------——– Buckle up. THE TIME IS NOW.

>>3045943 rt >>3045932 ———----------——– FOR THEM!

>>3045911 rt >>3045858 ———----------——– +Content match re: Nunes interview, It will become even more apparent going forward.

>>>/patriotsfight/243 —————–—————- Timestamp & Content. ( Cap: >>3045679 )

d1cd39  No.3046098


It doesn't rest with memes. It rests with changing the hearts and minds of the people.

8da815  No.3046099

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The Book of Enoch - Section IV - The Dream Visions

eb1f27  No.3046100


Q has said it so many times it doesn't do it for me any more. I need some cuddling too. Not just wham bam see you next week and tell me you love me again.

d0b655  No.3046101

File: b20b1d8c9fa2614⋯.jpeg (22.32 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 383673158e382ea4c359c4a91….jpeg)

148fb3  No.3046102




d52ab5  No.3046103

as long as Trump doesn't keep dragging this FISA thing out. People are getting fed up! We need to see action now. November isn't that far away…. You could lose Patriots.

d498ce  No.3046104




37a91d  No.3046105

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

William Cooper predicts 9-11 on June 28, 2001.

Says OBL is our clowns ' creation '

CNN interviews Bin-Laden 3 weeks before attack, making CNN a CO-CONSPIRATOR since they did nothing to report his hideout to FBI - Interpol , ect. ( First 3 minutes say it all. )

b267aa  No.3046106


what is your favorite meme Q?

lay it on us and we will spread it ww


668894  No.3046107

File: 30893e0e0210e21⋯.png (335.75 KB, 888x484, 222:121, Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at ….png)

bc3743  No.3046108

File: 823c16f4d351d19⋯.jpg (964.26 KB, 2560x2560, 1:1, MichaelQ.jpg)

a37ef2  No.3046109


Thanks for your great and courageous work - Q team.

I know that first the power base of evil in America must be destroyed before Europe can be helped.

I hope you are already preparing the stage in the background. As a German I am afraid that a civil war will soon break out in our country. merkel and her vassals will try everything to achieve this and then to put out a coup d'état.

Please don't forget us, I don't think we have much time left…

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

42c90d  No.3046110






he needs to stfu


nothing to clear up, no wreckage = no planes

and a Raytheon missile hit the pentagon

77be0b  No.3046111

File: 691e0deae6198b5⋯.png (72.35 KB, 925x650, 37:26, Screenshot_2018-09-16 Face….png)

File: 9e86f54313eecbb⋯.png (1.2 MB, 1707x8155, 1707:8155, Screenshot_2018-09-16 Face….png)


Also, Article screencaps.

d71cdd  No.3046112

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/l9rceGucelU" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe> Seven Seagal telling us the truth about the world we live in, I think he is part of the good guys.

d38834  No.3046113


He went to Jarrets! Kekekekk

c47d55  No.3046114

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Willm Dafoe in

"The Life and Death of Marina Abrahmovic."

56e605  No.3046116


Sometimes a + is just a +.


9f766c  No.3046117


Who is Frank?

f552c1  No.3046119

File: 38ae830e6bc9791⋯.png (11.98 KB, 255x255, 1:1, pepeoperator.png)


Meme war is real.

046ea6  No.3046120

File: 2a784f9edc61308⋯.jpeg (85.58 KB, 960x890, 96:89, 7597A19A-654E-4FB4-A64B-9….jpeg)

b267aa  No.3046121


the words of the prophet are written on the subway walls….

1b4a0e  No.3046122

Almighty Father, strong to save,

Whose arm hath bound the restless wave,

Who bidd'st the mighty ocean deep

Its own appointed limits keep:

O hear us when we cry to thee

For those in peril on the sea.

O Christ, the Lord of hill and plain

O'er which our traffic runs amain

By mountain pass or valley low;

Wherever, Lord, thy brethren go,

Protect them by thy guarding hand

From every peril on the land.

O Spirit, whom the Father sent

To spread abroad the firmament;

O Wind of heaven, by thy might

Save all who dare the eagle's flight,

And keep them by thy watchful care

From every peril in the air.

O Trinity of love and power,

Our brethren shield in danger's hour;

From rock and tempest, fire and foe,

Protect them whereso'er they go,

Thus evermore shall rise to thee

Glad praise from air and land and sea.

987ceb  No.3046123


I think the "carpet bomb" reference was a prediction that the red carpet event would 'bomb' in that it will get shit ratings because fewer and fewer people are interested in the fake shit.

e3b476  No.3046124


Aye aye Sir!

81f30b  No.3046125

File: e8dcd7321c93899⋯.png (597.34 KB, 478x680, 239:340, hh6svjebval11.png)


Q seemed to like this one quite a bit.

0e5e7e  No.3046126


Already in Notables 3851

5ad920  No.3046127

File: 9fbac1b3c9bdc36⋯.jpeg (174.29 KB, 1158x580, 579:290, BBABEE70-5EAF-4F23-BC51-E….jpeg)


Fact check this.

f11b51  No.3046129

File: 91c48784bc420b5⋯.jpg (43.41 KB, 636x915, 212:305, 1531176784017.jpg)




>next week

>this week


>are you ready?

>enjoy the show

nothing happens

668894  No.3046130

File: a082f6a41bb1ecd⋯.png (243.72 KB, 401x737, 401:737, Screen Shot 2018-08-26 at ….png)

QArmy! Memes away!

c31d4c  No.3046131


Any chance you can lift Twitter restrictions on us Patriots who are currently sidelined by the twatter cops? I still have 6 days left on my sentence and I want to pull my weight in this op.

bc3743  No.3046132

File: cb91319dd2f2d3e⋯.jpg (412.8 KB, 840x794, 420:397, ACDCq3.jpg)

File: db9800a7c17f0f4⋯.jpg (211.22 KB, 968x681, 968:681, badabingbadaboom.jpg)


now playing at the Q lounge

we got the BOOMS!

181760  No.3046133

File: 2bbf5e198050ff1⋯.png (959.79 KB, 847x636, 847:636, guns-brits-facebook-jail.png)

File: 823b7aeeb3e77fe⋯.png (1.67 MB, 1305x615, 87:41, fb-censored.png)

File: e7e306e52f40e9d⋯.png (322.83 KB, 535x397, 535:397, fb-fix-zuck.png)

File: e6d873237634e2b⋯.jpeg (116.18 KB, 1080x655, 216:131, fb-troubles.jpeg)

b5753b  No.3046134

File: b989e2b55cc6476⋯.jpg (172.67 KB, 1470x837, 490:279, truedeception.jpg)


have them fact check this boss

64b113  No.3046136



NOW as in TODAY, Q?

254765  No.3046137


Long time lurker - LOVE LOVE LOVE when recap of NOTABLES post is put in NOTABLES…..


93dc15  No.3046138

File: 7397da8d197291f⋯.png (300.22 KB, 587x603, 587:603, ClipboardImage.png)



this tweet?

:35 stamp 50 delta to potus?

f65062  No.3046139

File: 4e0b8c5b8ef924a⋯.jpg (82.53 KB, 647x369, 647:369, ServerHouseOfCards.jpg)

427c00  No.3046140

File: 42cde7b5cc9a2f5⋯.jpg (156.14 KB, 1200x844, 300:211, Dh5s54EUwAAQtL4.jpg)


FIGHT til the END!


Til We, WIN!

9e3317  No.3046141

File: 5d65abe28efab32⋯.jpg (43.72 KB, 456x433, 456:433, they_know_its_bad.jpg)

86f6d6  No.3046142


I've lost so many friends 2 Fentanyl laced heroin from China.

I've been clean for a couple years, and the Trump phenomenon has been a huge part of the motivation. There are a lot of degenerates on Methadone but there's a lot of Trump supporters there too. Busiest at 5 AM cuz they all have jobs. Lotsa dudes in Carhardts and plenty of guys with only 1 leg. So when I say they've been victims of the Cabal as well, I mean good genuine Americans too.

2adc79  No.3046143

File: 0c79b4e94e6d563⋯.jpeg (151.64 KB, 750x1100, 15:22, E9BBD757-86FA-43A8-B286-6….jpeg)

Sounds painful.

632170  No.3046144


This is BIIIIG!! They are taking his assets. BOOM

938035  No.3046145



57b5d1  No.3046146


Once to every man and nation, comes the moment to decide,

In the strife of truth with falsehood, for the good or evil side;

Some great cause, some great decision, offering each the bloom or blight,

And the choice goes by forever, ’twixt that darkness and that light.

Then to side with truth is noble, when we share her wretched crust,

Ere her cause bring fame and profit, and ’tis prosperous to be just;

Then it is the brave man chooses while the coward stands aside,

Till the multitude make virtue of the faith they had denied.

By the light of burning martyrs, Christ, Thy bleeding feet we track,

Toiling up new Calv’ries ever with the cross that turns not back;

New occasions teach new duties, time makes ancient good uncouth,

They must upward still and onward, who would keep abreast of truth.

Though the cause of evil prosper, yet the truth alone is strong;

Though her portion be the scaffold, and upon the throne be wrong;

Yet that scaffold sways the future, and behind the dim unknown,

Standeth God within the shadow, keeping watch above His own.

506b05  No.3046147




413ae8  No.3046148


you tossing us those +++ to show us you are human it would crush the bots if you verify it

06e1b5  No.3046149


Seems more like she was forced to do this by Q


e3b476  No.3046150


Pleiadian craft

62f391  No.3046151



>>1420554 – Biblefags vs Unleavened Bread #2

we are on bread #3


75e1e2  No.3046152

File: 6fddaa03a883773⋯.png (228.49 KB, 467x303, 467:303, ClipboardImage.png)

fa87c1  No.3046153

File: 5bf728d719a93e8⋯.jpg (106.65 KB, 640x517, 640:517, IMG_0459.JPG)

File: 5bf728d719a93e8⋯.jpg (106.65 KB, 640x517, 640:517, IMG_0459.JPG)

0ce3ae  No.3046154

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Kick Some Shit.

30fb7d  No.3046155

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d217f1  No.3046156


or as in 111 days if that theory is correct

19b0fc  No.3046157

File: 45c7e77c4b71790⋯.jpg (257.97 KB, 960x940, 48:47, 7e5f51700602f2261c85f96a4c….jpg)

File: a91f2e6444c4a55⋯.jpg (170.2 KB, 620x887, 620:887, 911Eckert.jpg)

File: 2d8d76cb1bba263⋯.jpg (67.05 KB, 1881x299, 1881:299, Trump911Redpill.jpg)

File: c9880b1178cb536⋯.png (299.87 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, c9880b1178cb53698bffef3af8….png)

File: 72a0f70b7e331ad⋯.jpg (551.4 KB, 1254x1076, 627:538, 3a79ceffd11b5aa39134586e5c….jpg)

Funny how Bill says Hillary "Worked like a demon" and not "worked her tail off" or something without negative connotation.

He knows, she's evil even by his rapist standards.

32c866  No.3046158


Momma says Hillary is honery because she has two sets of eye bags holding up all those Brows.

on a different note.

The following national or international SAPs, unless otherwise noted, are identified in 32 CFR 154.17:

Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI), national intelligence information concerning sources and methods which is protected by control systems defined by the Director of National Intelligence. Note that SCI markings are separate from those of other SAPs.

Single Integrated Operational Plan-Extremely Sensitive Information (SIOP-ESI, replaced by NC2-ESI), the national plan for nuclear war. Note that SIOP-ESI was listed among non-IC dissemination control markings on classified documents, not with other SAPs.

Presidential support activities

Nuclear Weapon Personnel Reliability Program

Chemical Personnel Reliability Program[17]

Access to North Atlantic Treaty Organization classified information at the staff level


From Barry's EO..


Only place I see mention of Secretary of State who would be head of DoS.

(f) The Secretary of State shall determine when the United States should commence negotiations with the appropriate officials of a foreign government or international organization of governments to modify any treaty or international agreement that requires the classification of information contained in records affected by this section for a period longer than 25 years from the date of its creation, unless the treaty or international agreement pertains to information that may otherwise remain classified beyond 25 years under this section.

listing of interesting markings…


"Popppy" Elint 1962

but if HillBrow had SAP on her server other than SCI

Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI), national intelligence information concerning sources and methods which is protected by control systems defined by the Director of National Intelligence. Note that SCI markings are separate from those of other SAPs

How did she get it there?

Brennan likely I would propose and with the help of Google to set things up as a drop for her to then distribute as point, pay to play for the foundation makes the fiat.

claimed for hiding email



d73d68  No.3046159


I don't know whats wrong with me. Every time I read "fact-checking memes" the voice in my head interprets it as "actively try to cover up for criminals"

It's like there is some kind of auto translator that has been installed in my brain

987ceb  No.3046160


Delicious. ThankQ.

668894  No.3046161

File: 1fd10eff250ef40⋯.jpg (3.72 MB, 1500x2284, 375:571, image (1).jpg)

Armor of god. chek. Memes at the ready

b4a0e7  No.3046162

File: 40801ffadef4ee1⋯.png (496.77 KB, 610x402, 305:201, scum.png)

9bdc70  No.3046163

File: 05f844180b3e6ee⋯.jpg (131.3 KB, 689x750, 689:750, 05f844180b3e6ee5f78d4c040c….jpg)

E.Riordan confirms crumb.




Good job with that eraser, ER didn't see that one coming………


We are everywhere.

For humanity, I understand. But, make sure there is a way, not today, and that doesn't violate State Secrets (concepts/ideas/generalizations) that "those who chose" can find the truth, no matter how deep & dark, this rabbit hole goes………

Disinfo and moves/countermoves, it's not hard to see the game now, but it makes interesting research, and when a memory pops up from years ago………EPIPHANY!

The "I wish I never knew this" Device. What is it (Epiphany)?? It looks like some Egyptian chakra tool, I remember researching before. That was powerful, but this new one, what ever it is, seems to be on another level. Evil level???? What is so bad that a Q Grouper wish he never knew………

WWG1WGA, and I'm following Q!

4db517  No.3046164

New Poll: GOP Rep. Kevin Cramer Leads Heidi Heitkamp in North Dakota Senate Race

By Alexandra DeSanctis

September 14, 2018 11:10 AM

A Fox News poll this week found that Republican congressman Kevin Cramer leads incumbent Democratic senator Heidi Heitkamp by four percentage points in the North Dakota Senate race, 48–44 percent.

The survey of 701 likely voters is the first poll of the race since mid June, just after the North Dakota primary. That poll, conducted by Mason-Dixon, also found Cramer leading Heitkamp 48 to 44 percent.

The Fox News poll, which was conducted from September 8–11, found that 8 percent of voters say they remain undecided, while 15 percent say they might change their mind on their candidate selection before November.

Perhaps most interesting, the poll shows that one-third of voters who said they might change their mind before the election said they’d be less likely to vote for Heitkamp if she opposes the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court later this month.

Meanwhile, Heitkamp has a 7-point edge among female respondents, and Cramer has a 15-point advantage among men. White evangelical Christians chose Cramer over Heitkamp by a whopping margin of 30 percentage points, and voters prioritizing the economy picked the Republican by an even larger 36-point margin.


1b4a0e  No.3046165

File: 91a457e33e49477⋯.png (135.81 KB, 900x622, 450:311, HammerTime.png)


Anons with this, we need to figure out HOW they are going to filter memes. File name? Can they bot a bot that can read picture text? Facial recognition to spot memes about protected individuals? Our memes are going to need to get very sophisticated.

42c90d  No.3046166

Hey Q can you drop us a little crumb in regards to the "gas fires" in Andover?

My guess is something to do with Raytheon and/or the fact that the area is a hotbed of occultism and secret societies..or BOTH?

C'mon Q!

4fd67c  No.3046167

File: 474b7ed5dd9c3ba⋯.jpg (257.88 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, threat.jpg)

a6a29b  No.3046168

File: be3811c2fad5d37⋯.png (935.79 KB, 726x685, 726:685, barrylice.PNG)

fad2df  No.3046169


Truly evil.

75e1e2  No.3046170

File: 7f70f54f5a3ac38⋯.png (12.81 KB, 490x183, 490:183, ClipboardImage.png)

‘Played Like A Fiddle’ — President Trump Slams Republican Leadership For Border Security Inaction

President Trump on Saturday tweeted his frustration with Republican leadership’s inaction on border security, blaming it on Democrats playing them “like a fiddle.”

“When will Republican leadership learn that they are being played like a fiddle by the Democrats on Border Security and Building the Wall?” Trump tweeted. “Without Borders, we don’t have a country. With Open Borders, which the Democrats want, we have nothing but crime! Finish the Wall!”

Trump’s tweet was likely a reaction to months of frustration with Congressional inaction on key administration initiatives like increased border security and a border wall. Just last week, the president indicated he would be willing to consider other ways to build the wall, like using the military. (RELATED: ANN COULTER TO THOSE WHO SAY TRUMP LACKS AUTHORITY TO BUILD WALL — ‘PULL OUT YOUR POCKET CONSTITUTION’)

“We have two options,” the president told Daily Mail last week. “We have military, we have homeland security.”

While Trump indicated he would prefer to fund wall “the old-fashioned way — get it from Congress,” he said he would be willing to use “other options if I have to.”


c47d55  No.3046171

f49eb9  No.3046172


Dough updated:

>>2969698 – Biblefags vs Unleavened Bread #3 Thread #2 >>1420554

0e5e7e  No.3046174

File: 4463104c8b344d8⋯.png (71.73 KB, 731x581, 731:581, MW FB to Fact Check Memes ….PNG)



93dc15  No.3046175

File: 578fc838b2c1987⋯.png (299.63 KB, 581x587, 581:587, ClipboardImage.png)


i think its this

note im on the west coast

78173e  No.3046176

File: ec53d3a57f60e97⋯.jpg (515.05 KB, 1346x1350, 673:675, 44 mirror of 06.jpg)


I used that in tomorrow's clock, anon. Nice to see the original back in rotation. o7

83b444  No.3046177


Have memes gone too far?

9f766c  No.3046178


Could it be as simple as they (FB, Twatter, etc.) are going to use humans to filter them out?

812936  No.3046180


AntiChrist's have been around since before Christ. The internet allows patriots around the world to spread the truth around the world. The Republic is already dead but we're restoring it through Q and the internet. The web can be used for good or bad. We need an IBoR to get control of it. The reign of the AntiChrists is in full swing. Q and the People (with God) are bringing them down. Relax and have Faith. Without the internet this wouldn't be happening. It allows direct comm's with Patriots all around the world so we can unite and bring about the Promised Day. God is in control. Relax. btw if you're a shill/clown go fuck yourself.

49b233  No.3046181


praying constantly ~ redpilling becoming increasingly difficult and tiring ~ leaving one behind is not acceptable ~ remind self to PRAY CONSTANTLY!



77be0b  No.3046182


Facebook announced Thursday that it would use a machine-learning model to identify potentially inaccurate photo and video content and then send those items to human fact-checkers for review. "Many of our third-party fact-checking partners have expertise evaluating photos and videos and are trained in visual verification techniques, such as reverse image searching and analyzing image metadata, like when and where the photo or video was taken," the company said. Facebook is looking for content that is manipulated, fabricated, or out of context, among other things.


a655f5  No.3046183


Buckle up…didn't I hear Gen. Flynn say that in his speech? Hmmm…

Buckled up, sir. Ready for incoming resistance in the great meme war!

5349c5  No.3046184

File: 04cca0a176950ba⋯.png (448.6 KB, 707x417, 707:417, husseincouchfriend.PNG)


Is Cyrus Amir-Mokri Hussein's couch friend?

ce5967  No.3046185

File: 67771a1757f0766⋯.jpg (225.18 KB, 755x795, 151:159, Gitmo 16 Sep 18.jpg)

File: 02e0bde51583c83⋯.jpg (135.98 KB, 566x558, 283:279, Red Arrow.jpg)

Heads up Planefags

It looks like we have another new airline serving Guantanamo Bay - National Air Cargo, airline flight prefix NCR.

I'll add it to Planefagging 101.

9c0a46  No.3046186

File: 5aab8e35e3dd005⋯.png (453.9 KB, 1186x1596, 593:798, 5aab8e35e3dd005dba195d7037….png)

File: 7ac8d1ec890b842⋯.png (1.6 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, 7ac8d1ec890b842f56ed7624e8….png)

b5753b  No.3046187

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

987ceb  No.3046188


It may go viral - 64K subscriptions and 91K views so far.

19b0fc  No.3046189

File: 28141fc5278fb98⋯.jpg (29.84 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 28141fc5278fb98e3e95e2b2f2….jpg)


[P] is the chair for the Master, no?

The Master, being "Satan", would be calling the shots and the 13 family bloodlines carry out his work, right?

ff101a  No.3046190

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This will change the history of the PLANET

This launched on September 8th from San Francisco

Please take the time to watch the videos!

c56e26  No.3046191


Kek. Sadly our chaperones on the Left seem to believe this, probably for political expediency.

1b4a0e  No.3046192

File: ec20ae572ebb651⋯.jpg (20.94 KB, 254x190, 127:95, HRCPicklePoint.jpg)

30639d  No.3046193

File: 8e85df139c49751⋯.png (968.8 KB, 1280x631, 1280:631, bitchboy.png)

9f8a55  No.3046194

File: a565ecbabf4fc82⋯.jpg (17.88 KB, 219x255, 73:85, 5X5 JK.jpg)


None of them are of own free will. NFW.

All part of this.

874c2b  No.3046195

File: 4a2b950aeaff1ac⋯.png (2.55 MB, 4173x1763, 4173:1763, 1deltaX.png)


added the an excerpt from the Nunes interview


168295  No.3046196

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.



Written by Chris Isaak

- Arrangement by Ursine Vulpine

- (feat) Annaca

Something about DECLAS just reminds me of this…

498177  No.3046197

Where would one go to learn how to real comms?

45d60b  No.3046198


There are 57 ISLAMIC STATES - that is where Obuma got that.

976083  No.3046199


The greatest day in history September 17, 1787 the final draft of the constitution was signed! GOD BLESS THE USA!! THANK YOU Q, POTUS AND EVERY TRUE PATRIOT


2adc79  No.3046200

File: babee147870f985⋯.jpeg (204.45 KB, 750x963, 250:321, 65D270F9-8CED-4645-AC43-1….jpeg)

Is there ANY political scheme that doesn’t involve an Israeli?

f65062  No.3046201

File: ec613a864034797⋯.png (266.92 KB, 603x626, 603:626, ClipboardImage.png)


a340d4  No.3046202

File: 783fcab7f41a7a5⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1077x1077, 1:1, clockwinders.PNG)


Consider yourself an Honorary ClockFag.

874c2b  No.3046203


looking great baker

great bakin'

adca58  No.3046204


^^^THIS is how POTUS is CRUSHING them!

Cabalists are betting on PUTS knowing that POTUS or indictments are bringing some companies to heel, but POTUS is hedging with good news and delayed info that will cause all PUTS to lose and the coffers of the company that's under attack will net-gain. I can only imagine that these same companies are under asset forfeiture/frozen accounts and all FUTURES investment, confiscated.

b0033d  No.3046205


>>3045911 (Q lb)

30 - Done in 30 = Flynn

45 = POTUS

911 = FOR THEM

c0c435  No.3046206

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Time to kick some demon ASS!

75e1e2  No.3046207

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says conservatives ‘feel silenced’ at his heavily liberal company

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said right-leaning staffers at his social media company don’t feel comfortable expressing their views because of the predominately liberal work environment.

What did he say?

“We have a lot of conservative-leaning folks in the company as well, and to be honest, they don’t feel safe to express their opinions at the company,” Dorsey said in an interview published Friday by Recode.

“They do feel silenced by just the general swirl of what they perceive to be the broader percentage of leanings within the company, and I don’t think that’s fair or right,” he added. “We should make sure that everyone feels safe to express themselves within the company, no matter where they come from and what their background is. I mean, my dad was a Republican.”

Dorsey made his comments to Jay Rosen, a Twitter user and journalism professor at New York University. Rosen recorded the conversation with Dorsey and Recode aired it as a podcast and transcribed it.

Twitter stands accused of “shadow-banning” conservative voices, which means their posts are not prominently displayed on the social media platform. Dorsey has denied the practice.

“Twitter does not use political ideology to make any decisions, whether related to ranking content on our service or how we enforce our rules,” Dorsey said in a prepared statement to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce. “We believe strongly in being impartial, and we strive to enforce our rules impartially.”

But his comments in the Recode interview indicate there could be reasons for conservatives to feel concerned.

“I think it’s more and more important to at least clarify what our own bias leans towards, and just express it… I’d rather know what someone biases to rather than try to interpret through their actions,” Dorsey said in the interview.

What is Dorsey doing?

Dorsey said he is working on reaching out and listening to conservatives:

Well, first and foremost, at least I personally have not tended to have conversations with many people in a more conservative end of the spectrum or right end of the spectrum, so goal number one was to say that we’re here, be present, and see the folks who I personally haven’t talked to, and as an organization, we tend not to naturally lean towards, and I don’t know if there are any fundamentally different learnings that are different from the conversations that we have with folks who are more on the left end of the spectrum, more of the liberal end of the spectrum or libertarian end of the spectrum, wherever that lies.

Dorsey said a group of conservatives he spoke with had many questions about how decisions are made, “how the algorithms work, a lot of questions around timeline ranking, and that changed three years ago. It was the first time we really applied machine learning to where people spent the majority of their time within the service, and some confusion about that.”

He also said there was “a question” about why there hasn’t been “a lot of conversations with people on the more conservative end of the spectrum in the past.”

Rosen followed up by asking whether conservatives he talked to accused Twitter of bias.

“The people we talked to didn’t really accuse us of shadow banning their voices,” Dorsey said.

“They asked questions as to whether a bias within the company would translate into the service and into actions, but it was all questions rooted in, ‘I follow this person. Why am I not seeing their tweets in my timeline?’ The majority of the questions I got about shadow banning and bias were either on Twitter or within the Congressional hearing,” he explained.


580727  No.3046208


im thinking: file size, dimensions, file type, file name

if we can build a site that can randomize these simple items we might get a good leg up.

a randomizer with imagemagick backend?

519252  No.3046209

File: e2a0f8b3e0719e4⋯.png (800.45 KB, 888x506, 444:253, DoNotFeedPelican.png)


anons, if you weren't around when AIM originally completely embarrassed themselves, just know they're not worth your time.

low-level spammers of weak antiQ crap

094469  No.3046210


I think he said buckle down, but I can't guarantee that.

09c5d9  No.3046212


CNN interviews Bin-Laden 3 weeks before attack, making CNN a CO-CONSPIRATOR since they did nothing to report his hideout to FBI - Interpol , ect.

7ee80d  No.3046213

File: 798ee7eb3b96609⋯.png (9.27 KB, 510x340, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

This link was covered in a previous bread:


Regarding pentagon Bio-warfare experimentation in the country of Georgia.

But wait!

Check out Georgia's flag!

Links to "Red Cross"?

I know it seems that Q has mentioned Red Cross only with respect to the organization, but it seems awfully "coincidental" that the Georgian flag is made up of 5 red crosses, and seems to be a center for bioweapon research.

This needs some digging!

c0c435  No.3046214

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The Spiritual Awakening, lets put these EVIL monsters back where they came from!

3489d4  No.3046215




The Question:

Recently I heard a radio journalist mention that there are 57 Islamic states. Is that true? And if so, which countries are Islamic states?

The Answer:

That exact question has been on our minds as well. We did some research and found a group called the Organization of the Islamic Conference. The OIC has 57 member states. The majority religion in these states is not necessarily Islam, but leaders in these countries believe it is necessary to ". . . speak with one voice to safeguard the interests and secure the progress and well-being of their peoples and of all Muslims in the world."

4fd67c  No.3046216

File: 3715da7edd31146⋯.jpg (325.22 KB, 1394x871, 1394:871, watchthechange.jpg)

efa151  No.3046217

>>3046027 Bring it on, FB pudwhackers. You will find us a worthy opponent & more.

caeafc  No.3046218


Thank you Q…. Godspeed to all!

ff101a  No.3046219

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This will change the history of the PLANET

This launched on September 8th from San Francisco

Please take the time to watch the videos!

56e605  No.3046220



Has either of you READ the articles? It's laid out pretty clearly.

>Our memes are going to need to get very sophisticated.

This i agree with.

506b05  No.3046221


>Buckle up…didn't I hear Gen. Flynn say that in his speech? Hmmm…

He said buckle down

499d38  No.3046222


This ^^^

93dc15  No.3046223

File: 989ca3d4fffd5d9⋯.png (23.25 KB, 980x243, 980:243, ClipboardImage.png)


on it today with KeK

911 digits confirm on :11 stamp then 5 minute delta boom

b267aa  No.3046224


Jack did the right thing~

40ac7a  No.3046225

Better get on GAB or MEWE

c0c435  No.3046226

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The Spiritual Awakening. We are READY to do our part in this Spiritual War.

b79ff9  No.3046227

File: 66225b2e1574c16⋯.jpg (105.35 KB, 1122x510, 11:5, 66225b2e1574c16fb4f773616f….jpg)

File: 73fec196d4cf350⋯.png (662.67 KB, 1380x779, 1380:779, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at ….png)

File: 6f2f7bc18df62b9⋯.png (913.13 KB, 1160x741, 1160:741, Screen Shot 2018-09-15 at ….png)

e3b476  No.3046228


Wow, this is awesome. I hope it performs as expected!

adca58  No.3046229



Bet ya see that one make the rounds!


fa87c1  No.3046230

File: b9082d5ba65b2a7⋯.jpg (69.87 KB, 720x695, 144:139, IMG_4515.JPG)


It's not that they've gone too far… it's that they're too affective and the algorithms can't read them so they get past the filter.

143555  No.3046231

I was thinking today, that we have come full circle on Q research. Starting last October/early November we were looking at posts about Mike Rogers and General Flynn.

Today we watched videos about them.

Might be a sign it's all coming out.

09c5d9  No.3046232


you again?

running on empty these days huh

c2cf34  No.3046233

File: bf7a1425312a4a9⋯.gif (4.75 MB, 498x282, 83:47, CA409576-403A-4696-ACFC-E3….gif)

FaceBooks meme staff thanks you.

2adc79  No.3046234


Kill yourself, Jack you SOAB.

With your ISIS recruiting, child porn posting, network.

f7f04b  No.3046235

Projecting much?


317ab6  No.3046236

File: 54f5fcadef7e5a9⋯.png (487.41 KB, 473x704, 43:64, ClipboardImage.png)

9f766c  No.3046237


I did Anon. Do you really think they are going to tell the truth? Do you think the news will report the truth? I don't.

09c5d9  No.3046238


^^^^^^^^^^^ understand this!

ed7b11  No.3046239


Q, your mastery playing with time space digits blows my mind. You are some sort of supernatural creature. May God bless your endeavors with 100% victory.

046ea6  No.3046240

Dream I had last night.

I was suiting up for battle and took my place amoung a lot of anons. We had a force field around us , protecting us from them. They were blasting the force field with fire. We were pushing the force field towards them and they were loosing ground big time.

What happened next was interesting. They were using all their power on the fire and because of that, they didn’t have enough power to keep their masks on. Their faces were a mask. The faces started falling off revealing the hideousness of who they really are. They were freaking out trying to keep the masks on and fight us. They lost.

Fight Fight Fight!!!

They don’t have the power to fight us and keep up the illusions they have presented to the people. The phrase ,wolf is sheeps clothing, will take on a whole new meaning as these were pretty much demonic/inter dimensional beings pretending to be humans.

75e1e2  No.3046241

Nunes predicts Dems, media will be ‘frightened’ if unredacted Carter Page FISA warrants are released

Amid a renewed push to release the full, unredacted FISA warrant applications against former Trump campaign aide Carter Page, House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) warns that Democrats and the mainstream media will be “frightened” by what Americans will see.

The Justice Department released mostly redacted versions of four FISA applications against Page in July. The unredacted portions showed the FBI heavily relied on the infamous Christopher Steele intelligence dossier, which contains unverified and salacious information about President Donald Trump. The FBI had maintained they mostly relied on intelligence separate of the dossier.

What did Nunes say?

Speaking at a dinner hosted by the Center for Security Policy last Thursday, Nunes argued the complete unredacted FISA applications should be released. That’s the only way Americans will see the truth, he said.

After the Justice Department released the initial applications on July 21, Democrats and mainstream media pundits argued “the really bad stuff about the Trump campaign was buried in the redactions,” Nunes said, according to the Washington Free Beacon.

“And I said, you know what, you might be right. We should declassify the whole thing,” he said at the dinner. Unfortunately, those who claimed incriminating evidence is buried behind the redactions went “silent” after Nunes’ challenge.

“And you know why? Because I think they’re going to be frightened by what you see,” Nunes said.

Still, Nunes predicted that no matter what facts the unredacted FISA application bring to light, Democrats and the mainstream media will downplay their significant or ignore them altogether.

According to the Free Beacon, Nunes expressed hope that Trump will approve additional declassification of the FISA applications in the coming weeks. If he does, Nunes said the details contained in them will have an impact on the midterm elections.

“It’s not just going to be economic growth and running on the economy,” he said. “It’s also going to be about what the other side did to play dirty, to dirty up a campaign—but not do it through campaign tactics, but do it by corrupting the FBI and the DOJ.”

The Daily Caller News Foundation reported that the declassified FISA applications will be damning for the FBI not only because of the information contained in them, but also because of information the FBI excluded from them.


a2c814  No.3046242


Let it be so!

adca58  No.3046244


Oye! That pic there- looks like a spider til ya turn it upside down, then it becomes baphomet.

acf24b  No.3046245

File: f322c17c030844a⋯.png (1.38 MB, 1865x1083, 1865:1083, Q-Clock sept16 HRC - NOW I….png)


On the Q-Clock


9f9f57  No.3046246

File: 66f3b1603e2c699⋯.png (3.1 MB, 1370x589, 1370:589, Busta Rhymes - extinction ….png)


Was looking into this earlier and I guess I'll post since 9/11 came up again.

Never saw it posted on here before.

1998 - Busta Rhymes releases album Extinction Level Event

Album cover depicts NYC, right where the Twin Towers would be, exploding

One of the songs on the album was "Against All Odds"



Flipmode squad

Here to drop bombs

Against all odds

Still remain gods

Grip your arm

We always come hard

The world is ours

Call a national guard

(Last verse)

Yo, what you want from us

Now visualize more of us

Stay toting under my given flavor from nauticas

Destroy every arch rival or any challenger

Make you remember this day

Nigga mark it on your calendar

I'm showing you something

You ain't saying nothing

My niggas make noise

Like a bunch of volcanoes erupting

None of y'all niggas really wanna war

The type of nigga to crash my plane in your building

In the name of the law

You can't really tell whether he's saying "in the name of the law" or "in the name of allah"


499d38  No.3046247



90fa9d  No.3046248


Should we tell all the good people watching the day & time?

Red carpet rollout?

Think logically.

The world is watching.


51051a  No.3046249


God Bless (you) anon.

b267aa  No.3046250


looks like a frog to me

d38834  No.3046251

File: 81d248c1c9a6c13⋯.jpeg (224.06 KB, 500x2100, 5:21, 50FD4122-05AE-4088-A1B4-8….jpeg)

93dc15  No.3046252

File: 894af6a0f38a323⋯.png (3.96 KB, 561x118, 561:118, amen brother Q.png)

caeafc  No.3046253


Standing by Sir… give us the GO!!!


109c58  No.3046254

File: a5b92335bcc2b15⋯.jpg (106.29 KB, 550x550, 1:1, Qqqqq.jpg)


The best of the best!


273177  No.3046255







77be0b  No.3046256

File: a940fbb73bc373e⋯.jpg (281.15 KB, 1024x986, 512:493, 1512530179514.jpg)


Then some excerpts from the other (Wired) article:

Rosetta works by combining optical character recognition (OCR) technology with other machine learning techniques to process text found in photos and videos. First, it uses OCR to identify where the text is located in a meme or video.

Once Rosetta knows where the words are, Facebook uses a neural network that can transcribe the text and understand its meaning. It then can feed that text through other systems, like one that checks whether the meme is about an already-debunked viral hoax.

Rosetta can analyze images that include text in many forms, such as photos of protest signs, restaurant menus, storefronts, and more. Viswanath Sivakumar, a software engineer at Facebook who works on Rosetta, said in an email that the tool works well both for identifying text in a landscape, like on a street sign, and also for memes—but that the latter is more challenging

The researchers were able to easily evade WeChat’s filters by changing an image’s properties, like the coloring or the way it was oriented. While Facebook’s Rosetta is more sophisticated, it likely isn’t perfect either; the system may be tripped up by hard-to-read text, or warped fonts. All image recognition algorithms are also still potentially susceptible to adversarial examples, slightly altered images that look the same to humans but cause an AI to go haywire.

But those promising numbers don’t mean AI systems like Rosetta are a perfect solution, especially when it comes to more nuanced forms of expression. Unlike a restaurant menu, it can be hard to parse the meaning of a meme without knowing the context of where it was posted. That's why there are whole websites dedicated to explaining them. Memes often depict inside jokes, or are highly specific to a certain online subculture. And AI still isn’t capable of understanding a meme or video in the same way that a person would. For now, Facebook will still need to to rely on human moderators to make decisions about whether a meme should be taken down.

09c5d9  No.3046257


so many things to see in this pic….wow

3ba316  No.3046258


What does "probable guilt" mean as a matter of investigation findings and actual law?

"Probable cause" to charge someone is what a Special Counsel may find and then refer to the House, if the SC finds such against POTUS.

"Probable guilt" is a loaded term, fabricated to further brainwash the leftard base.

The left just makes up words and phrases to match their narrative.

d38834  No.3046259



14731e  No.3046260

is it possible that a traitors spouse would not know of crime?

0ce3ae  No.3046261

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Feel Froggy.

ba3c9b  No.3046262


The Logan Act has not been enforced because those who would enforce it are guilty of having violated it.

b44dc7  No.3046263


>>>Facebook's AI Can Analyze Memes, but Can It Understand Them?

aka FB using OCR to pull text from memes then xref with a dictionary of 'select' words they do not like. get creative with wording to bypass muh FB AI

499d38  No.3046264


You're late. Already had anon on a few months back saying Busta wanted to expose Cabal and was scared of coming out. Never heard back from him tho.

b537ed  No.3046265


I think I finally actually get it. when Q said " you have more than you know " he meant it in a literal sense.

Anons pay attention to "who says what " and has always said same. This is so huge….

it's no wonder people need to be spoon fed for so long. God save the Republic.

506b05  No.3046266

File: 4144ba91ac6e2e1⋯.png (146.95 KB, 486x532, 243:266, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e635514b68d97fc⋯.png (23.87 KB, 487x216, 487:216, ClipboardImage.png)






FORGIVENESS precisely presupposes JUSTICE and stands or falls with it!

06e1b5  No.3046267

File: cf7c0f24e1b7b52⋯.jpg (11.95 KB, 255x189, 85:63, thestand.jpg)

Don't Fear The Reaper

Matthew 13:24-30


Who exactly are "The Reapers" mentioned by Jesus.

Angels? Why would he need an allegory to explain an already very well known concept.

75e1e2  No.3046268

File: c9f572d046f3d3d⋯.png (141.29 KB, 259x299, 259:299, ClipboardImage.png)

aa2828  No.3046270


So Fakebook is taking it upon themselves to become the Snopes of memes. Interdasting. Methinks they still yield too much credibility amongst normies. We need to meme that away from them.

b267aa  No.3046271



d217f1  No.3046273


Technically yes.

Likely? no.

37a91d  No.3046274

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Council on Foreign Relations - They run the press and the propaganda.

C.F.R. , Richard Stengal , Joan Donavan are the meme and thought police

C.F.R. is ' The Eye of Sauron ' nothing less.

bc3743  No.3046275

File: a8f8429873acbba⋯.jpg (258.44 KB, 640x480, 4:3, leadersha.jpg)

a8dbf6  No.3046276

File: e251486475308c9⋯.png (272.44 KB, 1111x933, 1111:933, happysunday.png)

Happy Sunday on mirror date.

Bet there is more to find.

efa151  No.3046277

File: f667e5fba7fa308⋯.jpg (87.33 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, Memes29.jpg)

File: 61be07ccc8db336⋯.jpg (89.24 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, Memes30.jpg)

File: 7a2e39216a436e1⋯.jpg (672.76 KB, 2146x2443, 2146:2443, MemeAmmo.jpg)


Memes30 has been baked and anons already started using it, but let's fill Memes29 >>2946736 first. It contains many FISACorruption memes but is a repository for all memes.

Memefarmer is trying to keep up with archiving everything posted in the general Memes breads Memes29 >>2946736

Memes30 etc. and doing a bit of harvesting from the general breads as well, physical condition permitting.

The bigly archive is here →



27,000+ memes and infographs (File names contain searchable keywords.)

and the 3000+ most recent memes will be found in its 2018-2H sub folder. You can download entire folders from Mega (right click on what you want to download) or you can download single images just like you can here.

If you download a heap of memes to your local storage, you will be able to search for memes by the keywords in their filenames, like Memefarmer does.

It's nice to have a large ammo depot of targeted content!



Through tempest, storm,

And darkest night,

Anons don't rest

'Til things are right.


fa87c1  No.3046278

File: d0daa546ae182e7⋯.jpg (76.34 KB, 540x494, 270:247, IMG_4975.JPG)



I just see a drunk, asked chick! Rorschach was a genius!

a7b0a8  No.3046279

File: d9c6e228032a9ec⋯.jpg (80.49 KB, 500x625, 4:5, IMG_6092.JPG)

0e5e7e  No.3046280

File: 7c7b5c82b827071⋯.png (95.55 KB, 407x836, 37:76, Wired 1 re FB A I 9-14-18.PNG)

File: 7e520763dac23a0⋯.png (100.8 KB, 368x831, 368:831, Wired 2 re FB A I 9-14-18.PNG)

File: bf4164f9cecd7c3⋯.png (94.22 KB, 405x799, 405:799, Wired 3 re FB A I 9-14-18.PNG)

File: 9f39438651ce38e⋯.png (89.89 KB, 373x746, 1:2, Wired 4 re FB A I 9-14-18.PNG)



7b0006  No.3046281

File: 9b72ef31facee01⋯.jpg (3.02 MB, 4992x4404, 416:367, Q_PROOF-FREEDOM-jpg_with Q….jpg)

File: b70017eceb1a000⋯.jpg (1.09 MB, 2508x2224, 627:556, Q_PROOF-FREEDOM-jpg_with Q….jpg)

77be0b  No.3046282


yup, mis-spellings, lteter reararnegment, obscure fonts, etc

75e1e2  No.3046283

File: 59d789381dc4350⋯.png (263.94 KB, 695x359, 695:359, ClipboardImage.png)

meme batter

19b0fc  No.3046284

File: ed757b952776b18⋯.jpg (524.33 KB, 1800x1200, 3:2, ed757b952776b18a2fe8c82c93….jpg)

File: f0a3b7a977df3a1⋯.jpg (77.82 KB, 576x1024, 9:16, f0a3b7a977df3a1d61ae4b19c0….jpg)

File: f321b18ea5e8524⋯.gif (6.34 MB, 7200x11250, 16:25, ddd97149b08c9cad18fdbd63a2….gif)


This is honestly what I expected out of Hillary if she had won. Scary to see that I wasn't wrong.

Absolute madness.

519252  No.3046285


WHO are the judges? they never say

fa87c1  No.3046286

File: f6378fca7a54de2⋯.jpg (33.85 KB, 600x167, 600:167, IMG_1086.JPG)



56e605  No.3046287


The truth, no. Hinting enough to tell us what we need to do to get around the (Rosetta) filters, yes.

The biggest hint: optical character recognition (OCR) will be used. Last I checked, OCR isn't always very accurate. So it could go really wrong for FB. By CARPET BOMBING memes, both Rosetta AND the human readers will be overwhelmed.

9f9f57  No.3046288


Kek, yep I'm aware.

I do also remember him saying that he said that they're kept in the dark.

Maybe (some of them) don't even know what they're doing, they just do what they're told?

bf2647  No.3046289

Q, stop with the damn foreplay and fu@k the deep state already!!!!!!! Been teasing this release the documents shit for months now. DO IT!

987ceb  No.3046290


Be careful. This is AIM of infamous clown faggotry. I mean…I cannot overstate the deep level of clown faggotry present in AIM. It is its own category of faggotry.

d6fedf  No.3046291


Country folk respect God and Country, no need to steal, if you ask then people share. It's a southern thing.

2adc79  No.3046292


No… partners in crime. Marry for power or criminal activity. No one is safe. The humiliation/pain/charge they will receive will be big enough to carry on till their grandchildren’s deaths.

They should be pissing their pants.

c0238f  No.3046293


Time to bring out the dynamite and take the house down.

14731e  No.3046294

2adc79  No.3046295


168295  No.3046296

File: 1caf735bf1f8b01⋯.jpg (137.46 KB, 580x500, 29:25, Q Let the Dogs Out.jpg)


Unleash the Hounds!

9c669f  No.3046297


Just like Europe

Memes will be banned, at least Ours will be.

45d60b  No.3046298


Q - Which meme topics do you want us to push right now?

God bless.

f12234  No.3046299

Jerry C. Jones


519315  No.3046300


lost in translation or a jewish ploy to make you docile..he meant turn their cheek with a heavy ass punch,not to take it…"I come with fire,sword and war"

094469  No.3046301


It has been attempted a few times in history, all unsuccessful. It hasn't been "enforced" in recent times because it is likely unconstitutional and already covered by treason/sedition statues if it rises to the level of anything serious.

987ceb  No.3046302


The guy talking about encryption keys on the internet is just WRONG. He doesn't know WTF he's talking about.

b41017  No.3046303


Agree. If this were sex, it were the worse sex ever.

938035  No.3046304