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File: d5055660dbbb0b7⋯.jpg (585.22 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, DoughImage.jpg)

f03c65  No.2921105

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Q Research supports attacking terrible ideas with better ones. We believe the use of violence only proves a bad argument. We are researchers who deal in open-source information and informed opinion. We neither need nor condone the use of violence in our work here.




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Q - Killing The Mockingbird - (2nd in vid series): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80s5xuvzCtg

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Q Clearance Archive: irc.qclearancearchive.net

Q's Latest Posts

Friday 09.07.18

>>2919757 ------------------------------------ Their attempts will FAIL.

Thursday 09.06.18

>>>/patriotsfight/197 ———--------—————- VIP Patriots! We see you. ( Capped: >>2910329, >>2910510 )

>>2909917 rt >>2909503 ———----------——– Follow the picture.

>>>/patriotsfight/196 ———--------—————- This is called 'PANIC'. ( Capped: >>2909771, >>2909813 )

>>2909418 rt >>2908723 ———----------——– Control & Divide.

>>2908527 rt >>2908303 ———----------——– There is a lot more to this than you realize.

>>>/patriotsfight/195 ———--------—————- WHAT ARE THEY AFRAID OF? ( Caps: >>2907952 )

>>2907565 rt >>2907383 ———----------——– HEADS UP

>>2906399 rt >>2904064 ———----------——– 1/Billion Coincidence?

>>2906216 rt >>2905624 ———----------——– Read between the lines.

Wednesday 09.05.18

>>>/patriotsfight/194 ———--------—————- We knew this day would come. ( Caps: >>2893000, >>2903953, >>2905126 )

>>>/patriotsfight/193 ———--------—————- "TREASON?" Q+ ( Caps: >>2892732, >>2903863 )

>>>/patriotsfight/192 ———--------—————- Military Law v. Criminal Law ( Caps & Video: >>2892069, >>2903858, >>2903496, >>2904197 )

>>>/patriotsfight/191 rt >>>/patriotsfight/190 -- Sara Carter on DECLAS ( Caps: >>2890006, >>2903810 )

>>>/patriotsfight/190 ———--------—————- Do you believe in coincidences? ( Caps: >>2888992, >>2903773 )

>>>/patriotsfight/189 ———--------—————- C_rsi subpoena ( Caps: >>2890241, >>2903757 )

>>>/patriotsfight/188 rt >>>/patriotsfight/99 - 2 sec Stream (Cap: >>2888158, >>2888225 (99's Cap))

>>2887813 ———-----------------------------——– PREDICTABLE FAKE NEWS

>>>/patriotsfight/187 rt >>>/patriotsfight/177 - Being Afraid (Caps: >>2887245, >>2903743 )

>>>/patriotsfight/186 ———--------—————- Money Talks (Caps: >>2887174, >>2903717 )

Tuesday 09.04.18

>>2881670 rt >>2881180 ———----------——– What are the odds of that? (Video link >>2881001)

>>>/patriotsfight/185 ———--------—————- Almost! ( Cap: >>2880853 )

>>>/patriotsfight/184 ———--------—————- A Week to Remember ( Cap: >>2880776 )

>>>/patriotsfight/183 ———--------—————- What are the odds? ( Cap: >>2884581 )

>>>/patriotsfight/182 ———--------—————- CLOCKWORK. ( Caps: >>2874615, >>2903670 )

>>>/patriotsfight/181 ———--------—————- Like Mother Like Daughter. ( Cap: >>2874466 )

>>>/patriotsfight/180 ———--------—————- Twitter and graphic post. ( Caps: >>2874312, >>2903650 )

>>>/patriotsfight/179 ———--------—————- Add to the list. ( Caps: >>2873755, >>2903637 )

>>>/patriotsfight/178 ———--------—————- John Kyl news. ( Caps: >>2873697, >>2903623 )

>>>/patriotsfight/177 ———--------—————- What’s at STAKE? ( Caps: >>2884588, >>2884668 )

Monday 09.03.18

Compiled here: >>2908626

Sunday 09.02.18

Compiled here: >>2874949

Saturday 09.01.18

Compiled here: >>2874931

Friday 08.31.18

Compiled here: >>2863818

Thursday 08.30.18

Compiled here: >>2817974

Wednesday 08.29.18

Compiled here: >>2805444

Tuesday 08.28.18

Compiled here: >>2783629

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f03c65  No.2921108


are not endorsements


>>2829643, >>2829673 1986 U.S. District Court Dost test: No CP image guidelines

>>2327065 How to filter gore spam >>2334211 (new: Add into [Options] -> Theme)


>>2883628 , >>2883698 , >>2889775, >>2900760, >>2900777 <-- MAKE THIS GO VIRAL <--


>>2920424 Clockfag updates: emergency alerts.

>>2920412 NBC investigates Kamala Harris on corruption suspicions.

>>2920443, >>2920492 Did Podesta signal an attack on "Brazil's Trump?"

>>2920481 Post Malone suffers a series of unfortunate events.

>>2920490 Anon digs on "flannelboi" protester ejected from Trump rally.

>>2920500, >>2920515 McConnell signals Cory Booker may face ethics probe over released documents.

>>2920539 Russia prepares for war games with 300,000 soldiers.

>>2920681 Iranian consulate in Basra torched by protesters.

>>2920698 Canadian spy service scrubs years of illegally retained communications.

>>2920747 GOP pulls out of agreement regarding hacked materials and the midterms.

>>2920983, >>2920657 Candace Owens reporting from Borward County, FL on ICE immigration center.

>>2921043 #3694


>>2919670, >>2919693 Corsi, CNN and Media Matters: the WWE of Controlled Opposition.

>>2919932 Oath CEO Tim Armstrong on his way out.

>>2919844 DOJ probing Wells Fargo Wholesale Banking Unit.

>>2919806 NFL Kickoff ratings down.

>>2919800 Campbell Soup's entire board looking at stepping down.

>>2919762 Antifa protests Nigel Farage in Australia.

>>2920036 Nike's favorability continues its decline.

>>2920087 Obama begins his midterm push for liberals.

>>2920142 Porn sites consider hosting Alex Jones.

>>2920130, >>2920152, >>2920173, >>2920159 Q drop and associated date "anomalies."

>>2920169 American Greeting Cards and Dem. Soc. Party logos.

>>2920289 #3693


>>2919455 Don't let 'em scare you: "Norovirus" made 600 school kids stay home in UT

>>2919441 Meet Cynthia Malkin, wife to Richard Blumenthal

>>2919204, >>2919204, >>2919270, >>2919334, >>2919418 Flanneboi's facial madness

>>2919122, >>2919361 Moar on flannelboi: dad is pathologist in Billings

>>2919035, >>2919042 2 tesla execs resign and stocks drop 9% after Musk tokes (Ah c'mon!)

>>2918969 Civic lesson: the 12th Amendment (Stars baker's spirit animal Andrew Jackson)

>>2918965 Cali lawyers v. Monsanto claim revealing documents re: affairs in Europe

>>2918912 Everything's coming up MOSSAD: Harvey Weinstein charged w/ black cube ties

>>2918886 The left believes violence against those w/different opinions is A-OK

>>2918879, >>2918890, >>2918893, >>2918934 Assassination attempt on “Trump Of Brazil”

>>2919674 #3692

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f03c65  No.2921136

File: 45ceccce0ed7f2f⋯.jpg (19.38 KB, 462x308, 3:2, rg17.jpg)



39e7b6  No.2921187

File: fdcd26665cb0d1f⋯.jpg (504.42 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, IMG_703.jpg)


5a7435  No.2921190

File: 392c585e954cc4f⋯.jpg (415.35 KB, 1200x801, 400:267, MicroChimp.jpg)

>>2919757 lb Q

Microchip → micro Chimp.

d4e0db  No.2921191

File: 8c9a4cc33145ab5⋯.jpg (311.51 KB, 1000x600, 5:3, trump-laughing[1].jpg)

POTUS listening to BO

ddeb39  No.2921192

File: daf4be41b805387⋯.png (423.23 KB, 627x353, 627:353, 9FA8.png)

File: 3a986480ff6c03d⋯.png (17.03 KB, 488x195, 488:195, 51D547DF.png)

235fe1  No.2921193


Exactly what I thought.

98b645  No.2921195

File: b847f6b922a3050⋯.png (100.5 KB, 837x556, 837:556, ClipboardImage.png)


a0acf6  No.2921196

File: a94b3657800378c⋯.png (52.85 KB, 518x661, 518:661, 23_Drugs_When_Victims_Rule….PNG)

>>2921019 (lb)

Do tell me more on how I am a CIA cunt because I expose israeli crime and jewish subversion :)


Jews act like a group, they get treated like a group, meaning that we need to terminate all jewish interest groups in the West. Criticizing jewish GROUP behavior is different from claiming that all jews are bad. Jews are going to have their GROUP power taken away from them, for all the right reasons.

If you want some individuals being named in the context of jewish subversion, have at it.

Read this:











7c4d25  No.2921197

File: 28088cf838e622f⋯.png (516.77 KB, 679x685, 679:685, AQ2.PNG)


L.A. Times, S.F. Chronicle: Kamala Harris ‘Failed Miserably’ at Brett Kavanaugh Hearing

06b913  No.2921198




Then use the link below to download our work!



Understand this is NOT a chat room, lurk for a few weeks AT LEAST before posting and MAKE SURE YOU HAVE READ OUR WORK, watch how the board operates, learn our comms, use discernment to evaluate who is friend or foe and learn how shills operate!



P.S. Anyone who has an issue with boobs needs to go learn the history of qresearch and what the legends who work here have done for YOU!

0091bb  No.2921199

I think EVEN now this is why (((they))) have to keep their plans secret. Because if the rank and file of the Masons. Even the Masons found out about their leadership they would hunt and kill them themselves.

Which is what is happening with the MI and Navy Intelligence and the Military as a whole. The Military as a group began passing around to each other that 9/11 and before that Iraq and before that Vietnam and before that Korea were fake wars to make money for Elitist families. And the Military planned this revolution for decades. We can not lose because it is world wide. Military men from all around the world have seen the videos of the elite of the world sacrificing and torturing and fucking kids. Infants even. And they have vowed blood oaths to the death they are coming for these niggers…..every one of them.

The normies figured it out. They were not as smart as they thought they were.

Games up.

c43ed7  No.2921200

And there it is. Going after political opponents. He’s getting in front of it.

93106d  No.2921201

File: 931853225daf2df⋯.png (628.9 KB, 940x528, 235:132, Screenshot_2018-09-07 MSNB….png)

File: 3bcfff9ea1401d5⋯.png (115.8 KB, 359x195, 359:195, Screenshot_2018-09-07 Q Re….png)


Do we know the names of these 3 clowns yet?

CNN/MSNBC seem to be advertising/using them as a message.

87addb  No.2921202


> Anyone who has an issue with boobs

guess what we found out last night, the muh porn faggot is the FEshill


2b21e7  No.2921203

>>2921124 pb

>the link from Q is for editing in chrome… prosebic just posted they were using ios

>Does it matter?

He and AJ are spooks, what do you think anon?

There has been so much proof! You saved the picture yourself? DOIT.

41f676  No.2921204

File: a1e9e2a578ef656⋯.jpg (19.48 KB, 182x280, 13:20, 9780812542967.jpg)

ca8b5e  No.2921205

planefag: VP update?

973af5  No.2921206

Can't stand him talking about my President. Got to change channel now. Had enough.

ca8e12  No.2921207

File: e6a9bc2d24bf354⋯.png (129.08 KB, 382x366, 191:183, irony.png)

b04d44  No.2921208


That is my biggest problem with waiting and dragging this on so long. It gives them every chance in the world to form a strategy, get out in front of it, and actually turn the tables with some of these 20 percenters that will have a hard time changing. This guy should not have a microphone in front of him.

fbaa35  No.2921209


no coincidences he is doing this today dubs confirm

5f2d77  No.2921210


Link in sauce was wrong. >>For Flannelboi…

2920490 (You) Anon digs on "flannelboi" protester ejected from Trump rally.

This is the correct link…


27007d  No.2921211

>>2921093 (pb)


Q's response was kinda low-IQ TBH. Doesn't mean phone browsers can't be fucked with.

f1bc4b  No.2921212

Q has always told us midterms were safe. So why does it feel like we are gonna get rolled in November? I don't think midterms are safe at all. We are more likely a few weeks away from full blown impeachment proceedings. POTUS seems worried too. Told Montana crowd if he gets impeached it will be our fault for not voting. Wtf?

06b913  No.2921213

File: b37db8cb57520e0⋯.png (230.14 KB, 915x699, 305:233, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8e0fbfdc1fd8723⋯.png (475.79 KB, 556x662, 278:331, ClipboardImage.png)

Chaos Erupts At Tesla: Stock Crashes, Bonds Implode After Heads Of Accounting, HR Quit


* * *

Easy come, easy go.

Just hours after Elon Musk appeared on a comedy podcast, where he smoked pot, demonstrated his flamethrower and mused philosophically, Tesla's chief accounting officer unexpectedly gave notice he’s resigning just one month into the job, citing the level of scrutiny on the electric-car maker.

"Since I joined Tesla on August 6th, the level of public attention placed on the company, as well as the pace within the company, have exceeded my expectations," Dave Morton, former CFO for hard-drive maker Seagate Technology said in a Tesla regulatory filing.

"This caused me to reconsider my future. I want to be clear that I believe strongly in Tesla, its mission, and its future prospects, and I have no disagreements with Tesla’s leadership or its financial reporting."

Morton's departure comes just months after the last Chief Accounting Officer, Eric Branderiz, resigned from Tesla back in March of this year. The company spent a couple of months looking to fill the position, which they finally did in August of this year with Morton.

But wait, there's more because not long after we reported that Gabrielle Toledano, the company’s chief people officer, said she was taking a leave of absence, she told Bloomberg News that she won’t be rejoining the company.

The stock plunged as much as 8.5% to $256 in pre-market trading, just shy of the 2018 lows of $252 hit in early April.


ee0cf5  No.2921214

File: ed9bfe8d2b7b56c⋯.jpg (36.84 KB, 500x470, 50:47, 2hf6bs~2.jpg)

File: 191d14f9dcd14b3⋯.jpg (55.06 KB, 480x449, 480:449, 2h94ml~2.jpg)

4b43ff  No.2921215

File: 89ad8bbca2b430f⋯.jpg (10.54 KB, 306x400, 153:200, Punisher.jpg)


>When we’re done he’ll claim Kenyan citizenship as a way to escape.


It'll be nice to see the next Q post after this Obama "speech".

91416b  No.2921216


was these the ones escorted out???

99a7f6  No.2921217


Keeps talking about D v. R, he’s definitely been reading Q.

8e61d7  No.2921218


Champaign, IN



7e055f  No.2921219

Hussein keeps saying it should not be Democrat or Republican!

That is one of Q's drops. It is not Rs or Ds.

He is trying to project that Trump is the evil cabal and he is the one that fought it. 8 years was not enough for him. He needs more time. What is he planning?

Nazis too!

91d93a  No.2921220

File: 6fcec6e2047006f⋯.png (3.22 MB, 2800x1700, 28:17, may.png)

b941f7  No.2921221

File: 543586c12bbc2b8⋯.jpg (34.04 KB, 400x387, 400:387, 3b3cf0574514c6750db86a7d9f….jpg)

970663  No.2921222

File: fb40b7001a65267⋯.png (435.34 KB, 650x367, 650:367, Obama speech 9-7-2018 8.PNG)

He's setting it up about the arrests coming. Obama even brought the Nazi card in. They are SCARED

87addb  No.2921223

File: 6f429d8ae054c04⋯.webm (8.41 MB, 640x360, 16:9, videoplayback.webm)



11b6ad  No.2921224


Yep he is reenergizing idiots. Its like reinforcing programming when people are about to slip out. Not good, imho

fbaa35  No.2921225

File: d223b2376e02bba⋯.gif (4.72 MB, 332x590, 166:295, InexperiencedPitifulConch-….gif)


8d572c  No.2921226

File: 13315d17d8fd76b⋯.jpeg (24.17 KB, 255x170, 3:2, Concernfag.jpeg)

c39190  No.2921227

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



98eced  No.2921228


Agree. Nauseating.

bb2385  No.2921229

File: 83371ec0f822cd9⋯.jpg (70.61 KB, 567x399, 27:19, 3473DA991.jpg)


Muh concern!

faaa8f  No.2921230


I never mentioned the Democrats because it is not relevant. So why did you?

What is relevant is Kavanaughs history working for the Bushes and his connection to Washington DC, Yale (Skull & Bones) and known corrupt individuals.

That is what I researched and wrote about.

a00f0f  No.2921231


They already have failed, Q. This has been nothing but a total joke on 8ch and reddit since they brought up chat logs.

d4e0db  No.2921232

Obama doesn't want people paid by foreign governments.

Can someone tell him about Hillary?

0d363c  No.2921233

File: 75e8ca4f2b4333f⋯.png (1.39 MB, 1851x1733, 1851:1733, missionbadge.png)



toast buttons - recent breads with post counts

green toast is still fresh, red toast is stale.

smarter comment fields - highlighted when bread is already full.

fast search filter - find all matching at the same time.

NEW - Q post notification when Q posts

Do not use user scripts blindly. Check them for shifty stuff.

May contain bugs, spiders, and arthropods.

License required in New Jersey.

Does not contain peanuts, but was written by a guy who eats peanuts.

Why is it in Nagoya, Japan, that you can find a vending machine

every 66 meters in any direction, and even in the middle of a rice

field without any visible means of power.


b64d7a  No.2921234


Poor Pepe.

4d81d2  No.2921235

File: 19fbcd7509cbe86⋯.jpg (667.57 KB, 750x1008, 125:168, 1529864184494.jpg)

11bbec  No.2921236

File: 10bab66b1dd9f99⋯.png (441.19 KB, 2560x2560, 1:1, Army Alt Alpha.png)

Someone please get this faggot off my TV. I feel ill like I did when he was potus. The lies slip through his lips like green pea soup. I just wish the head spinning was included

4856c9  No.2921237

>>2920522 (prev)

NOT already done.

IF it were already done, the shills would be unable to utter an inharmonious word.

What a day that will be ! !

af8dfc  No.2921238

File: 91a58ea0676f233⋯.jpg (71.51 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 2hfpuf.jpg)

File: 0aeb90e21ae573e⋯.jpg (34.37 KB, 480x320, 3:2, download.jpg)

af8dfc  No.2921239

File: 90648c17e2c3274⋯.jpg (30.29 KB, 600x400, 3:2, 2hfqbj.jpg)

1768bf  No.2921240

>>This shouldn’t be democratic or republican.. -BHO

Kek, he knows his party is gonzo.

>>Nazis are bad.. -BHO

HillDawg “hold my beer”

He looks so mad up there.

69c4d4  No.2921241

File: 402766ffdec4f13⋯.jpeg (269.2 KB, 1242x828, 3:2, 61EA1D85-4223-47EC-8DCC-C….jpeg)

11b6ad  No.2921242


Called hijacking the message

f03c65  No.2921243


Fixed, thank you.

fb45a0  No.2921244

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Both Mattis and Pompeo went to Pakistan and then India.

From Russia media.

f83e4e  No.2921245

File: 6b22f32619323f8⋯.jpg (144.69 KB, 800x420, 40:21, AJ_and MMA_fighter_Ted_ken….jpg)

File: 3bd00cf395f4280⋯.jpg (33.71 KB, 400x400, 1:1, AJ_body_guard.jpg)

>>2920858 (lb)

You want more confirmation MOS is on the board!

Ted Kennedy and AJ are friends

MOS buddies

Confirmation MOS is def on the board and pushing bullshit! AJ's body guards workout with this guy. Far right dude is one of his bodyguards.

e71bdd  No.2921246

>>2921063 lb

When the shit goes down someone better drive a builldozer over and knock those down in the chaos. I wish I lived nearby.

97c5c4  No.2921247

File: de912550bba52a3⋯.jpg (57.83 KB, 610x407, 610:407, president-obama-fishing.jpg)

"When reeling in a big fish, sometimes you've got to loosen the drag and let him run a bit." (pb)


a9144f  No.2921248

File: 66738ca74ccab51⋯.png (172.03 KB, 492x276, 41:23, i-am-spurious.png)

cff558  No.2921249

President Donald J Trumps obozo rebuttal is going to be an instant classic.

96c438  No.2921250


you are totally right…he's just laying out the groundwork for when/if he IS arrested or indicted…he can scream politics…and the media will echo as usual.

I'm trusting the plan…but I'm sure i dont know how this fits in…


0edbe8  No.2921251

HUSSEIN - "We're supposed to stand up to NAZI sympathizers, how hard can that be"

ANTIFA we are gonna fuck you up!!!

4856c9  No.2921252

File: d592e49b01c71b8⋯.jpg (138.01 KB, 852x500, 213:125, cbbs.jpg)

5f2d77  No.2921253


ThanQ Baker

f67a9d  No.2921254


Agree 100%! There is absolutely no reason for Hussein, Hillary, Huma, Podesta to be traveling and speaking freely. They should all be in an isolation cell in GITMO. Release the damn texts and FISA docs. It is time to take the fight public and stop arguing with microdick about the chans.

7e055f  No.2921255


he blew one of his lines too, when he said "that is why I am a democrat".

He had to pause and say, "that is why I believe in certain principles".

221bd1  No.2921256

File: fe593b63d50f114⋯.jpeg (781.19 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 216325E3-044B-45D7-9EAA-3….jpeg)

d4e0db  No.2921257

I'm taking a shot everytime he says "I".

I'm already more drunk than Elon Musk.

885806  No.2921258

>>2921149 pb

Had to deal with some fuckers like this during the hurricanes last year. The only way to win that day was to spend the 6 days leading up to it letting them (pretend) to control the situation preparing for one tight, calculated strike, closing in on all sides from all angles at the same time. One of them had some clown training. Best way to let these people hang themselves seems to just be letting them think they are smart and in control. And keeping the weapons away from them in the mean time.

"Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes!"

47a0f0  No.2921260


It's absolutely infuriating listening to him talk so much shit and spew so much deceit..


a9144f  No.2921262

DUMB under a manmade late = long-term water supply


360172  No.2921263

File: ecdc5a35bb6c791⋯.jpg (89.32 KB, 800x475, 32:19, Spartacus.jpg)

4e7ce6  No.2921264

>>2921069 (pb)


Don't do that, fren.

This is not a "R" vs. "D" thing.

5c054b  No.2921265

they are throttling the shit out of his speech lol there own medicine

bb2385  No.2921266


Analogy may not work well with a fly reel, but, yeah… kek

06b913  No.2921267

File: 25beab45e3e5354⋯.png (265.05 KB, 903x846, 301:282, ClipboardImage.png)

File: fff6b30e31b7902⋯.png (125.88 KB, 903x381, 301:127, ClipboardImage.png)

Stocks Plunge On Trump Shocker: Threatens China With Another $267BN In Tariffs

The Friday moment everyone has been waiting for, namely whether or not Trump would greenlight the next $200BN in China tariffs now that the comment period is over. Moments ago we got the answer when Trump, speaking to reporters on board of Air Force 1, just said that he is ready to impose another $267BN in China tariffs in addition to the $200 billion proposed that his administration is putting the final touches on. From Bloomberg:



This would mean that Trump would be taxing a grand total of $517BN in Chinese exports ($50BN + $200BN +$267BN). Putting China's trade surplus with the US in context, it was $375BN in 2018. It was not clear what tariff rate Trump had in mind for either the new $267BN or existing $200BN in tariffs.

The news comes one day after the Dept of Commerce announced that the US trade deficit with China hit an all time high $36.9 billion in July.



8e61d7  No.2921268


Smoke the spliff after each time he says We, and you'll also become highest anon.

98eced  No.2921269


I will say that the propaganda tactics are now much MOAR obvious now watching Hussein barf out everything Q warned us about. Perhaps the newly red-pilled will see the same. The deep state tactics ALWAYS backfire. Such idiots.

99944c  No.2921270

File: 01896f0be6e222b⋯.png (104.84 KB, 939x609, 313:203, Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at ….png)

In which Obama planted the seeds….if there’s vitriol and hate in this country….it’s because his administration created it.

Trump in the process of cleaning up his mess….#MAGA 🇺🇸Michael Flynn Jr 🇺🇸 added,


Obama: "This is not normal, these are extraordinary times, they're dangerous times"


f8a577  No.2921271


Hematologists work with blood. Also socialists use the rose as a symbol. Remember the slave garden metaphor? The socialist groups around the country are a hotbed of terrorists.

72465b  No.2921272

This limp dick soy drinking mother fucker just called all Trump supporters Nazi sympathizers.

I hope he hangs from the tallest tree

8d572c  No.2921273

File: 89f5185f266b2b1⋯.jpg (92.83 KB, 600x562, 300:281, Fishing Is Fun.jpg)

8adcd0  No.2921274

File: 6a710ba9390ad05⋯.jpg (17.35 KB, 253x255, 253:255, 5b864a89764b115bf8b3336b01….jpg)


I dont think the DECLAS will happen until after the confirmation hearings because of the despicable circus sideshow the Dems and the paid are putting on. I think the DECLAS will happen when there is no big news cycle competition.

9d95c0  No.2921275

File: 1484f4eae897904⋯.jpg (247.16 KB, 698x1000, 349:500, Obamas-Walking-In-The-Rain.jpg)

Can we arrest him at his own rally, Q?

This must his final battle cry.

221bd1  No.2921276

File: ac8cfb2d127f97d⋯.jpeg (98.99 KB, 657x493, 657:493, B51D1758-07AB-4D1D-8C31-D….jpeg)

f03c65  No.2921277


Democrats is interchangeable with Deep State just as the RINOs are (just like you pointed out).

You can argue semantics if you like but you're still avoiding my point that your research is redundant, doesn't point us in any direction that could lead us to new and useful information and as a rule if an anon harasses a baker more than a bread or two about getting into the notables they're either a narcissist, a shill or both.

f1bc4b  No.2921278



I expected that to be the response. Anons can keep mocking concernfags like me but what happens when POTUS gets impeached? What about when we lose midterms? We're going to regret not discussing this and developing a strategy. Use some critical thinking just this one time.

3b35fe  No.2921279

File: 02d692163954047⋯.jpg (53.97 KB, 249x203, 249:203, turin.jpg)

>>2921170 pb


Im receiving multiple calls from Turin, Italy.

I have NEVER made or received international calls before.

The caller does not speak but a tone is sent over the line. Not a fax tone but a single, high-pitched tone.

When cross-checking the number, I come up with this website that talks about a Basket of Products from Turin. VERY strange.

Comments? Any clues to send this way?


8e0ecf  No.2921280

File: d4675f5c55f0a39⋯.jpg (141.44 KB, 550x300, 11:6, 1169072540-bible-verse-on-….jpg)

069c57  No.2921281


> He’s getting in front of it.


5ee227  No.2921282


Getting radar fuckery. One minute he's flying the Colorado/Wyoming border and the next he's over Denver

dcf0c6  No.2921283


I had no idea Tim Kennedy worked out with those guys to be honest. My apologies.

d57ccd  No.2921284


Q must have nothing to stop him or you'd think they would. He is so full of shit, but the left believes everything he says.

cff558  No.2921285

Listing to Obama and his clapping seal audience makes me finally understand all the seal clubbing spam that was on this board.

81052e  No.2921286


they were all there to the end and surely anyone in the front row were invited guests.

885806  No.2921287


well this is just the best idea I've heard all day.

be RIGHT back.

970663  No.2921288

File: bafb6f674ec2088⋯.png (423.68 KB, 642x362, 321:181, Obama speech 9-7-2018 9.PNG)


d4e0db  No.2921289

"You never heard me threaten to shut them [Fox} down"

James Rosen: "Say what?"

a82856  No.2921290

File: ed0aedd0b0cbbfc⋯.png (40.92 KB, 475x374, 475:374, horrible.png)

Coincidence that we just discovered that Kamala means horrible in Finnish?

91416b  No.2921291


well that clears that up, ty anon!

06f6da  No.2921293

Did you hear that? Traffic?

"That won't work if we traffic in absolutes."

cf1376  No.2921294

File: 40e75199b1bb056⋯.png (162.97 KB, 477x432, 53:48, may-eid-mubarak.png)


Pepe is the hero we need

& The one we deserve

>tfw you'd put a gagball in May's mouth


b7e490  No.2921295


saw it happen, thought "Why would anyone LEAVE a MAGA Rally…?"

THESE can get that close to POTUS?

ca8b5e  No.2921296


Could be heading to a bunker. There is a bunker close to where POTUS will be… MINOT Air Force base!

e71bdd  No.2921297


Is that Gods way of saying "Trust the plan"?

9d95c0  No.2921298

File: 2b5d4fe4da3c2cb⋯.jpg (123.1 KB, 934x587, 934:587, Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at ….jpg)


Walk loudly and kiss a big fish

59754a  No.2921299

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

These [2] guys calmly discussing simulation.

50c337  No.2921300

File: afdd12764ee9e9f⋯.png (32.56 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 018696-glossy-black-icon-s….png)


Just press this button on your TV or remote, and poof! He's gone like magic…

069c57  No.2921301


>the left believes everything he says

ya think?

what if they whip out their superstar and it's not quite working as it did anymore?

91416b  No.2921302


i had 2 turn it off

ff5cb1  No.2921303

>>2920545 (last bread)

Headline to get the libs to watch!! GREAT job, Candace

b941f7  No.2921304


kamala immigration laws…kek

79503e  No.2921305

Why do I feel like Hussein is lighting a fuse and the BOOM! will soon follow?

97c5c4  No.2921306

File: 9c5af24cc592bea⋯.jpg (221.72 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, obama-fish.jpg)

ca8b5e  No.2921307



VP in CO, POTUS in ND.

Both Near Nuke bases/Bunkers

Both in Center of CONUS..Not on the coats..

06b913  No.2921308

File: 13da714367ed641⋯.png (688.87 KB, 723x744, 241:248, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 059924a1cc5168f⋯.png (259.17 KB, 909x622, 909:622, ClipboardImage.png)

File: efc83640a0561fc⋯.png (397.6 KB, 618x682, 309:341, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 573b3f8a690b938⋯.png (450.45 KB, 558x843, 186:281, ClipboardImage.png)

Shocking Footage Shows Iranian Consulate In Basra Exploding In Massive Blaze

update: Stunning footage has emerged of the Iranian consulate in Basra, Iraq burning after a mob of anti-Iran protesters stormed it near dusk on Friday.



44edb9  No.2921309

File: 761519554bea187⋯.png (126.75 KB, 692x921, 692:921, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c63c5b7290bc04e⋯.png (52.18 KB, 673x415, 673:415, ClipboardImage.png)



970663  No.2921310


I almost did myself

a6e51e  No.2921311

Someone please remind the Kenyan faggot that elections have consequences. In his case severe consequences.

edf87d  No.2921312


the entire bible is about trusting the plan.

99a7f6  No.2921313


Exactly. Doesn’t seem nearly as polished as he used to be. Guess fear and panic are really setting in.

4b43ff  No.2921314



Looks to me like the rogue compartments of C_A are being headquartered out of China now. China in the same position as NK was? Starting to really look like it.

bc469d  No.2921315



b61928  No.2921316

File: ac1f19bc3d4487a⋯.png (184.16 KB, 890x501, 890:501, ClipboardImage.png)


He never thought they would loose.

I wonder how much money was laundered between Tesla , Buckwheat, Clinton's and others???????

I am sure you have this for us Q??????

c07f42  No.2921317

File: 9ef0a010e1e6ef9⋯.png (321.86 KB, 533x771, 533:771, AJbotMOS.png)

File: fcc6cad0109512d⋯.jpg (118.14 KB, 1175x1126, 1175:1126, mossad.jpg)


Where there is no Guidance the people fall..

But in abundance of counselors there is victory..

Read it again. Slowly.

Counselors of 'critical thought'?

Know your Enemy. ; )

b64d7a  No.2921318

I'm thinking a lot of people are getting bored right about now. He's lost his mojo.

5ee227  No.2921319


POTUS will be close to Offuit this afternoon

74724a  No.2921320

Gonna try this again. I am working on developing memes that counter the narrative that Trump always misspeaks. The reason I am doing this is twofold. First, he often misspeaks as a way of providing coded information that when broken down/analyzed develop hidden themes. Second, when university enrolled family member asked me why all their college professors believe Trump is so inarticulate/bufoonish in speech - I felt a need to clarify the 3D level of chess Potus tweets at.

I am looking for instances where DJT's rude/inappropriate tweets have proven to be prescient and in fact, truth.

I need examples and if possible sources (I can source later if necessary) I am going to plaster flyers all over the campus.

4d81d2  No.2921321

Put your shoulder to the wheel, guys!

34c0a5  No.2921322

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

459205  No.2921323

Hussein won't get away with his treachery

Especially if Q has anything to say about it

Hussein should be very afraid right now

353f60  No.2921324


The cornstarch is making pepe sneeze

fbaa35  No.2921325

Is he running against Trump? kek

981d7c  No.2921326


"You'll die a hundred times, waiting for that rope." -Jess Harper, Laramie

5f2d77  No.2921327


I did!

64e54f  No.2921328


Need a meme with Hussein face pasted on dude knocked out by a jumping Asian carp in his boat

387cc9  No.2921329

I feel AJ has been infiltrated and compromised by Stone and Corsi. I never could stomach Stones face. He looks like the alien in human skin from MIB, it's uncomfortable.

He changed dramatically once those two became prevalent on his show. They are his 'sources'. At this point I don't know if it's complicit sabotage or tactical subversion by the enemy.

bb2385  No.2921330


Matthew 6:34 NKJV — “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble."

069c57  No.2921331





4e7ce6  No.2921332


So, a fax machine is calling you?

363dbe  No.2921333

File: 5591d04a6a64962⋯.jpg (117.9 KB, 821x499, 821:499, 2hfrlt.jpg)

File: 0ff415c198800ed⋯.jpg (56.74 KB, 800x548, 200:137, and-zen-ze.jpg)

b7e490  No.2921334

File: 8c5e32f989f61bc⋯.jpg (103.97 KB, 794x614, 397:307, POTUS rally expose 9 6 18.JPG)

File: c3510a110282171⋯.png (8.64 KB, 1991x43, 1991:43, ClipboardImage.png)



11b6ad  No.2921335


Right time for God to strike him

Upstairs there, can you here me?

You can do it

353f60  No.2921336


Read that as C BS'n

a10edd  No.2921337


Ha ha, fantastic.

Any anon out there know how to discord fag and can do a vid of an edit in iOS?

Lets roll this MOS clown.

8d572c  No.2921338

File: ced4ed2b28e4678⋯.jpg (43.21 KB, 600x388, 150:97, Higher Hill.jpg)

File: 7b1ee295f49668a⋯.jpg (43.44 KB, 600x388, 150:97, Hill Drunk.jpg)


97c5c4  No.2921339


Contingincies Accounted for

0091bb  No.2921340

Are the Rosicrucians a Talmudic Jewish Psyop from the early 1600's? As a clever Jewish trick to get naive and well meaning Christian men who were rightfully unhappy with the Divine Right of Kings and all that Tyranical shit?

Could the Jews have made the whole movement up out of thin air using the Talmud and the Kabballah as inspiration?

Is the whole Rosicrucian movement a trick to get the Christian Goy to work for the beniefit of Jews?

And that is all it is ?

A cult from the middle ages thought up as a way to make the Jews money and power and they wouldnt have to work at all for it?

5ee227  No.2921341


I'm guessing Rivet Joint is doing the radar fuckery. Also there are 2AWACS NW and SW of NORAD

069c57  No.2921342


keep going… eventually you'll be able to let go completely.

member his 1999 meltdown, for example (the russians!)

7e055f  No.2921343

Hussein losing black vote so is appealing to whites and evangelicals.

faaa8f  No.2921344


How can it be redundant when the common opinion here is that Kavanaugh is an excellent choice for SC and I argue for the opposite?

Common opinion: Kavanaugh is good.

My research: Kavanaugh is evil.

How is that redundant?

And how redundant is the opinion that the Trump administration is setting a trap for Kavanaugh (you know, the good guy) and the Bushes? I've never heard of it before.

You are full of shit.

efd570  No.2921345


a9144f  No.2921346

File: 23b4fcb16c30728⋯.png (270.93 KB, 574x331, 574:331, bho.png)

613f60  No.2921347

>>2920357 (lb)

The problem is not that fairy tales warn us that witches want to steal/eat kids. The problem is that (they) cheer on the witches.

ee0cf5  No.2921348

File: 400519f4f4f7a10⋯.jpg (58.15 KB, 500x473, 500:473, 2hcpru~2.jpg)

Hussein's speech is creepy.

cf1376  No.2921349

{The Crowd}




e71bdd  No.2921350


Already uglier than a Melon Husk

bf7e5b  No.2921351

Wow! BHO apparently has a BAD case of amnesia.

81052e  No.2921352


maybe they had to take a dump

d4e0db  No.2921353

Hussein going for the racist demo now.

b64d7a  No.2921354

Oooh, talking about immigrant children. Candace, are you hearing this????

360172  No.2921355

File: eec6d6302bc667d⋯.jpg (9.2 KB, 236x236, 1:1, 96b4c48139e60943ed141ca26f….jpg)

there it is….separating children at the borders from their mothers…!!!!

87addb  No.2921356


from my research, I doubt it

could be wrong though of course

8e61d7  No.2921357

File: 81756839af885e6⋯.jpg (97.92 KB, 875x658, 125:94, If only you knew-Musk.jpg)

7e055f  No.2921358

ok, what is 'common ground'?

2b21e7  No.2921359


>swing and miss?



4856c9  No.2921360


If you are arguing with microdick, shame on you.

He will drag you down to his/her/it's level and then beat you with experience.

560e76  No.2921361

worth visiting? https://theintercept.com/2017/01/31/hidden-loopholes-allow-fbi-agents-to-infiltrate-political-and-religious-groups/

05ab40  No.2921362

File: f3fea30707be67e⋯.gif (1.2 MB, 395x600, 79:120, flannel guy.gif)


not mine, but worth a re-post!

011b4b  No.2921363



I have never ever been able

to listen to this person speak,

and can not endure more than

a few seconds of his

nuero-linquistic sing-songy litty


So, if he says anything real . . .

then let me know please.

3b35fe  No.2921364


Not a fax.

Just a single tone about 20 secs after the call is picked up.

No voice. No comms, only silence then a single tone.

Just wondered if others are receiving calls from Turin/internat'l calls.

011310  No.2921365

File: dc0a6429a565df1⋯.png (467.42 KB, 575x1024, 575:1024, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0cc61557bf35274⋯.png (1.23 MB, 682x1024, 341:512, ClipboardImage.png)

6c851d  No.2921366

File: de0009c9452d408⋯.png (330.56 KB, 797x429, 797:429, ajmossad.png)

7e055f  No.2921367


on the ballfield??

another scalia shooting?

are these names of sleeper cells?

a5ae37  No.2921368

File: 7ec9334c647a640⋯.png (119.27 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_2018-09-07-17-5….png)


They're not giving up. Can anyone do this? (See pic)

1dca74  No.2921369


Very strange indeed, I find it odd that the site is in English. Could be an auto-dialer. The 1st couple of months at this, I received LOTS of autodialed calls, seemed as if they were well-timed intentional distractions. Had some MK-Ultra like distraction last night that kept me from watching the rally live (catching up now). The spooks are spooked like NEVER before, and are activating "Mr Smith Effect" sleeper cells left & right, up & down, front & back. The only way out at times, is within. They know that we know, and will NOT stop until they are dealt with. Attacks will only intensify, that's proven true online and offline.

ee0cf5  No.2921370

File: b5884a83c10fc58⋯.jpg (57.69 KB, 500x694, 250:347, 2hf6qx~2.jpg)

4dad82  No.2921371

Hurricane dog whistle = Trump Hates Puerto Ricans

e17d2a  No.2921372

File: 0156697d67eb749⋯.jpeg (547.92 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 6639B29B-A346-4389-998D-0….jpeg)

Self pompous pieces of dog shite

f84d48  No.2921373



Q meant to say - "Their attempts to sow discord will FAIL."

Then there is this - Don't be deceived. God is not mocked, for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap.

Good morning Q, I brought you coffee and leaves.

db5c4d  No.2921374


5c054b  No.2921375


sounds like a golf game applause

e3f3ef  No.2921376


Anorexia or Bulimia?

cff558  No.2921377

Common Ground = Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama

No thanks - No Deals!

87addb  No.2921378


91d93a  No.2921379

Did Obama just say GREAT AWAKENING????

fbaa35  No.2921380

This is unprecedented. No Former POTUS has EVER done this.

7e055f  No.2921381


c43ed7  No.2921382

Gah! Great awakening. Every now and then I think he’s behind our movement. Then I wake up.

bb98bf  No.2921383

Putting my anger to the side and learning Hussein's comms.

1768bf  No.2921384


Yes he fucking did!!!!

102c7e  No.2921385


I heard that. Unreal. Taking credit for it all.

bb2385  No.2921386


Nice graphic. Saved.

I about shit myself at that part of the speech last night.

06f6da  No.2921387

"Out of this political darkness, I see a great awakening."

5cdf7c  No.2921388


NK _ SpaceX.

99a7f6  No.2921389


You’ve got to be shitting me. And used darkness as well.

59754a  No.2921390

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Compared to, this guy, discussing the importance of wearing a lab coats when doing research.

82983c  No.2921391

Hussein: A Great Awakening

He is scared!!!!

06b913  No.2921392

File: ff0094aba286973⋯.png (149.17 KB, 489x370, 489:370, ClipboardImage.png)

File: cbc0fa9604f0f14⋯.png (42.49 KB, 829x456, 829:456, ClipboardImage.png)

File: fc2cd7c60a10f0b⋯.png (222.59 KB, 836x647, 836:647, ClipboardImage.png)

'Hope they come to their senses': Tehran summit ends with call for Idlib terrorists to lay down arms

Turkey seems to have prevailed during tripartite talks with Russia and Iran, convincing the other parties that a major offensive in Syria's Idlib governorate would not be the wisest move at the moment.

The situation in Syria was discussed in Tehran on Friday by Turkey's Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Russia's Vladimir Putin and Iran's Hassan Rouhani as part of the so-called "Astana process." The leaders of Iran and Turkey disagreed on what action should be taken in Syria's Idlib, the last major stronghold of armed groups in the country, which is dominated by hardcore jihadists.

All three nations agree that the threat of radical Islamists in Syria must be eliminated, but differ as to how this should be achieved. Rouhani advocated a strong-arm approach, claiming it would secure an end to major hostilities in the seven-year-old conflict.

"We have to realize that only the destruction of the terrorists, a military victory against them, can ensure stability and peace in the future in Syria and not only in that country," he said.

Erdogan reiterated his government's concern over the potential death toll of an offensive in highly populated Idlib, where an estimated 3.5 million people are currently living. Turkey, which borders the Syrian governorate, is also objecting to a major operation there because it would likely cause a major exodus of refugees across the border, with extremists potentially sneaking in with refugees.

"[The refugees] would have no other way to go but Turkey. But we have already accepted 3.5 million refugees. Turkey cannot take in more," said President Erdogan.

"Our goal is to resolve the situation in Idlib according to the spirit of the agreements we made in Astana," Erdogan added, warning that "mistakes in Idlib may derail the political process in Syria."


d4e0db  No.2921393

Hussein was the Seinfeld Presidency. All about nothing.

b64d7a  No.2921394

File: fa139c3470fce35⋯.png (23.95 KB, 665x324, 665:324, ClipboardImage.png)

Suck it, BO.

a10edd  No.2921395

File: b1853f68f3260eb⋯.png (35.34 KB, 673x415, 673:415, ClipboardImage.png)


Can a gab user here paste this image?

8c44a2  No.2921396

File: 06ddd675134480c⋯.png (30.81 KB, 460x174, 230:87, 06ddd675134480cb74d716cf88….png)

Hello Q. Inquiring Anons are eager to know if there will be a parade to remember? >>564368

d71891  No.2921397



Co-opting manipulator.

8b8014  No.2921398

File: 2d91eaa342162ed⋯.png (289.26 KB, 598x322, 13:7, 2018-09-07_12-52-59.png)

File: dda3c15525a37e4⋯.png (610.94 KB, 1371x584, 1371:584, 2018-09-07_12-54-44.png)

File: 120d9df8fe850ae⋯.png (216.42 KB, 1213x331, 1213:331, 2018-09-07_12-55-11.png)

File: 42b753ec8431d71⋯.png (781.3 KB, 1042x404, 521:202, 2018-09-07_12-57-23.png)


Probably crawled out from under a rock for a last ditch attempt to appeal to the black voters that staying with Democrats will be better for them in the long run.

Would like it if someone asked him if he has been gay his entire life?

Why did he feel the need to hide it from the American people?


11b6ad  No.2921399


Unfucking believable!!!

He is trying to steal the message

Next, he proclaims himself Q

1768bf  No.2921400


And even told us so.

This fucking timeline is EPIC.

1dca74  No.2921401


FUCK! I'm catching up on the rally, should I be watching BHO if he's dropping it all?

b7e490  No.2921402

0edbe8  No.2921403

Look at HUSSIENS eyes as he delivers this speech, he looks like he is crying.


It's happening…


235fe1  No.2921404


All for a LARP!!!

970663  No.2921405

File: 579f131fbd4a0e8⋯.png (415.4 KB, 662x367, 662:367, Obama speech 9-7-2018 10.PNG)

Hussein has pulled out every card there is while he continues to mix truths with lots and lots of lies.

7e055f  No.2921406



I think he was referring to anons when he said he had never seen so many people out there involved.

8e61d7  No.2921407

File: 570db5981324f48⋯.jpg (225.45 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Walking the Dog.jpg)


She's let her dog off the leash.

4545a9  No.2921408

File: 78df89444f18d7c⋯.png (208.43 KB, 460x441, 460:441, ClipboardImage.png)

5d2c86  No.2921409


They made a lot of money running drugs and coke. These people are stupid.

2b21e7  No.2921410



An anon PLEASE state exact words

4e7ce6  No.2921411


Jumping in a bit late and this caught my attention:

Kav. is evil?!?!

Don't need an explanation - just the sauce.

63849d  No.2921412


Out of the darkness.

I see a great awakening.


221bd1  No.2921413

Some of you hateful anons are absolutely clueless.

412d65  No.2921414

File: 74c9813d8b59071⋯.jpg (261.5 KB, 960x635, 192:127, IMG_1526495733397.jpg)


Remember when he freaked us out over on halfchan with this about ouf?

d4e0db  No.2921415


This. Hussein has the Crazy Eyes today.

e3f3ef  No.2921416

Abel Danger

Field McConnell and Kanye West fans:

What do you think?

1dca74  No.2921417


So BHO is trying to HIJACK now???

9d95c0  No.2921418

File: 0a9211edfc7018b⋯.jpg (46.7 KB, 280x280, 1:1, dna-1.jpg)

ALL religion is fuckery. ALL of it is designed to control people, create illusions, and line the pockets of the rich. The TRUTH can never be a commodity. Whatever the truth is, it is not found and marketed by religion.

All religions are involved in buying and selling humans- their souls, their freedom, their children.

c983c7  No.2921419

2+2= One Anon's Theory

Q mentions SCIF at McStain's funeral: implicated Bill C.

Huma (flipped) wore a wire, passes recording to Graham (flipped) at the after party under the watchful eyes of Generals Mattis and Kelly.

Graham then attempts to get Kavanaugh to follow his thinking regarding military courts vs civilian courts. Kavanaugh doesn't quite follow so Graham suggest he keep it in mind for the future, since he will get confirmed. Graham seemed out of character in a good way like he had been freed to be /ourguy/.

So what was on the recording was treason.

It was an OP. It was successful.

Another anon might find the pic of the hand-off, along with the clip of the exchange between Graham and Kavanaugh, and Q's post about the SCIF: "Foot the BILL"

4dad82  No.2921420

Whether the midterms are red or not, they are all going to fucking Gitmo. Just a matter of whether it's under Martial Law or not.

ee0cf5  No.2921421

File: 76c0565d86cfcce⋯.png (191.62 KB, 308x842, 154:421, 76c0565d86cfccee32e319a0b1….png)





Q knows Hussein is a pervert.

cf1376  No.2921422


Illuminate us, Oh Great One.

fb45a0  No.2921423


You didn't build that.

72459b  No.2921424

File: 8aee9a72981961f⋯.png (923.57 KB, 998x665, 998:665, ClipboardImage.png)

The Warm Blanket Of Anonymity

True servants of the people need not boast. This anonymous author does, so we know he is not.

September 6, 2018 By Ben Domenech

The New York Times’ decision to publish an anonymous op-ed from a resistance official inside the Trump administration has had its intended effect: total takeover of the conversation. Sorry, Bob Woodward. Senior White House officials are scrambling to deny authoring the piece. White House officials like Sarah Huckabee Sanders are calling for the author to fess up and resign. And surprisingly enough, people like David Frum agree – maintaining that holding this view while continuing to work for the president is a Constitutional Crisis.

I have a more restrained view, because this whole thing strikes me as an exercise in fart-sniffing that is patently ridiculous. This op-ed is designed to set up a post-November “I AM IRON MAN” moment where the individual – whose importance within the government is probably significant, but whose name ID is probably next to nil (otherwise a public resignation would, you know, send a message) – unveils themselves before the eyes of the people and reaps the media tour benefits of the Sally Yates who have prepared the way.


387cc9  No.2921425


I've stopped listening to him since his Syria meltdown and Q attacks.

It's still sad to see. Hopefully he repents and corrects his path.

b7e490  No.2921426


let's look for TRANSCRIPT when speech is over.

a1c847  No.2921427

Anyone got a link to Obummer??

5cdf7c  No.2921428


>The situation in Syria was discussed in Tehran on Friday by Turkey's Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Russia's Vladimir Putin and Iran's Hassan Rouhani as part of the so-called "Astana process."

What are the chances they also talked about Rouhani's transition out of power in Iran?

faaa8f  No.2921429





Like to hear your opinion.

87addb  No.2921430



muh hate speech

d57ccd  No.2921431


He's trying to start a race war and taking credit for Trumps economy. Left unchecked, he will raise billions of dollars for the left and motivate the liberals. Q, you better stop him

3b35fe  No.2921432

File: 97974f54b35a05b⋯.jpg (13.66 KB, 255x247, 255:247, cymbal.jpg)


Your tv 'logo'… it's not only a crude "G" but is also reminicent of the rod and ring, yes?

59754a  No.2921433

don't wait for a savior, or a messiah…

5764af  No.2921434


"We do not need a Messiah"

50c337  No.2921435

File: 8fe5fbf92734e23⋯.jpeg (399.28 KB, 1920x1009, 1920:1009, Flag.jpeg)







This shit is funny as fuck!

Hope Bummer is wearing his brown boxers…

235fe1  No.2921436

Maybe Hussein will claim he is Q. Projectception.

e3f3ef  No.2921437

File: b530134ba63ba20⋯.png (67.09 KB, 423x406, 423:406, 2018-09-07_1156.png)


forgot the pic, duh.

46e6c7  No.2921438


He said we don’t denounce nazis or racists.

7bc180  No.2921439

File: 2514ad50205b0a8⋯.png (129.02 KB, 415x676, 415:676, Q 1955 C Fairbanks.PNG)

File: 8964cdd6c3d638a⋯.png (31.5 KB, 414x550, 207:275, Q 2101 Guccifer 2.0.PNG)

File: 0697a8a65fc3c31⋯.png (82.89 KB, 701x549, 701:549, CFairbanks Sputnik.PNG)

File: af00580ff7b1c87⋯.png (186.45 KB, 1160x510, 116:51, CFairbanks BLP.PNG)

File: 1160c951c920a0b⋯.png (712.23 KB, 604x610, 302:305, 1 Posobiec AJ Kavanugh Hea….PNG)

I think Cassandra Fairbanks needs more digging.

I have a lot of information that I am going to post, but it is organized / I Hope….

1. Q mentioned Guccifer today / IMO, that seemed unusual /Fairbanks has a history with Guccifer

2. Q linked to a Fairbanks tweet previosuly regarding Antifa / odd to me given the other choices available to support his comment

3. Q has linked often to Gateway Pundit, which IMO is clickbait and they just copy info from others and aren't really news or journalism /

Fairbanks works for GP

4. Fairbanks is very close to Posobiec/Stone/Cernovich and others / see pic of Kavanaugh hearing

5. Also, she worked with Lee Stranahan at Sputnik News

6. She is a common person to many we have looked into / but she, IMO has not fully been looked into

7. Fairbanks is obsessed / I mean OBSESSED in an unhealthy way, with Julian Assange





06b913  No.2921440

File: ac9a9d147796b01⋯.png (916.41 KB, 814x489, 814:489, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 85eb43131de85f3⋯.png (333.97 KB, 844x826, 422:413, ClipboardImage.png)

Refugees or ISIS fighters? Cypriot authorities fear the worst after finding incriminating photos

Cypriot authorities suspect that ISIS fighters posing as refugees may have entered their country, a local daily reported, amid appeals to the EU to help with an influx of asylum seekers overloading the small island nation.

During a random check on asylum seekers’ mobile phones at the country’s refugee processing center, Cypriot authorities found saved photos of ‘refugees’ posing with weapons and dressed in Islamic State (formerly ISIS/ISIL) regalia, Cypriot newspaper “Politis” reported. The newspaper obtained two photographs, both showing men dressed in black holding AK-47s. One of the men is seen raising his index finger – a popular “salute” among Islamic State fighters and other jihadists. The refugees in question reportedly came from Dara province, which was liberated by the Syrian army in July.

The photos are currently being examined by the country’s security services and the suspected Islamic State members are being closely monitored, the paper said.

READ MORE: Asylum seeker gets 8yrs+ for brutal murder of teen in Germany

The discovery of the troubling photographs coincides with an official appeal to the EU for more help with migrants, with the small island nation warning it will be unable to cope if the influx of asylum seekers continues unabated. Cyprus has become a popular destination for asylum seekers, who reach the island by crossing into Turkey from Syria, and then embarking from the Turkish coast.

The country had received 4,022 asylum requests in the first eight months of 2018, which was 55% more than for the same period last year, according to Cypriot Interior Minister Constantinos Petrides.


b7e490  No.2921441


NEVER listened…EVER.

cannot o it.

2347f9  No.2921442

File: 36f7c7c85eea613⋯.png (736.71 KB, 750x449, 750:449, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 73a7e270e883d98⋯.png (604.56 KB, 464x583, 464:583, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8fbdefc2ecb9562⋯.png (108.16 KB, 403x264, 403:264, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5b50dc1931e1b39⋯.png (382.48 KB, 578x540, 289:270, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9c854431607d5da⋯.png (948.11 KB, 750x499, 750:499, ClipboardImage.png)



The chains …. Maybe she really likes chains? Maybe its a cabal thing ..?

82983c  No.2921443


Also noticed he has looked like he might cry several times. He’s pleading. GITMO inc.

Remember Hussein, NoName was put to death. KeK is coming for you.

6c851d  No.2921444

File: be640f5deff2d86⋯.jpg (96.12 KB, 960x840, 8:7, be640f5deff2d860060e867fee….jpg)

2b21e7  No.2921445

Link to hussein pleaae.

6a4bcc  No.2921446


Refers to us as Nazis, then said we shouldn't call each other names.

d4e0db  No.2921447


If you look closely, you can see Valerie's hand up Hussein's back today.

63cc86  No.2921448

obama still has it. He makes me vomit better than anyone.

11b6ad  No.2921449


Whats up with weraring these huge chain necklaces?

e3f3ef  No.2921450

File: 8cb304fa7309fe6⋯.png (394.53 KB, 635x435, 127:87, 2018-09-07_1032.png)


This shirt is on Kanye's Twitter

3ad4e2  No.2921451

Actually, I am very pleased things have come this far with Q and the Anon Red Wave, but I am pretty sure things will not progress too much farther unless we see either:

1. The redacted pages of FISA 1 or 4 come out

2. Arrests that are visible to the public commence

NOT THAT I AM ANGRY with the long walk from last October, but between now and the election, we only have so much time to redpill.

There is some balance that Q and POTUS know together that will be in time for the elections, too late for the Uniparty Cabal to react, and in time to have allowed AG and USATTY to do their maximum dig

I think we should have an ANON POOL FOR D DAY!!!!

Covering from Today to Election Day, with 3 pools

1. FISA Release Day - Anons Rejoice!

2. Arrests in the News Day - Some Biggies!

3. Final Cleanup at FBI/DOJ Day - I think it will be the same day for some reason!

I have 3 US Bucks that I can put on those days

Anyone smart can figure out how to create a chart for bets and Anons to put in a password that is unbreakable so bets can be paid off.

Oh yeah, I am NOT that smart!

Anyhow, it's just a way to gamble and guess, and that is at least some fun while we wait!

b848a5  No.2921452

Interesting wierd live Obama talk now.

are you listening?

363dbe  No.2921453

File: 2c438d076857ca3⋯.jpg (86.86 KB, 728x500, 182:125, 2gdgfh.jpg)

970663  No.2921454



412d65  No.2921455


Sorry…. 4chan shout out.

235fe1  No.2921456



7bc180  No.2921457

File: 6068324f4a5afab⋯.png (226.82 KB, 735x600, 49:40, CFairbanks NWO Wiki.PNG)

File: 284ed3d7ebb5cc6⋯.png (401.84 KB, 494x797, 494:797, lawcrime 1 re CF Troll 6-7….PNG)

File: d4c219c3a607576⋯.png (100.06 KB, 491x773, 491:773, lawcrime 2 re CF Troll 6-7….PNG)

File: 63efa0c8b5ce211⋯.png (509.34 KB, 482x790, 241:395, lawcrime 3 re CF Troll 6-7….PNG)

File: 0be71819e04579f⋯.png (51.29 KB, 489x407, 489:407, lawcrime 4 re CF Troll 6-7….PNG)


Federal Judge Tosses Defamation Lawsuit by Pro-Trump Journalist, Saying She ‘Trolled the Web’




cf1376  No.2921458


BDSM is like blood to these people

87addb  No.2921459

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

06f6da  No.2921460


Link to Hussein


5764af  No.2921461

the biggest threat to our democracy doesn't just come from Donald Trump…..per Obama

ee0cf5  No.2921462

File: f630f35b9cd81a6⋯.jpg (77.57 KB, 640x853, 640:853, hp1g20bg6qk11.jpg)

God Bless Donald and Melania

8e61d7  No.2921463

File: 24ff33529063ca7⋯.png (138.9 KB, 478x776, 239:388, Screenshot_2018-09-07 Q.png)


That'll end well for him, surely.

72459b  No.2921464

File: f16375457995fb3⋯.png (159.09 KB, 1318x712, 659:356, no-oh-wait-q1.png)

96c438  No.2921465

If the BLUE WAVE was such a sure thing…would he need to come out with such a protracted projection-laden speach about how its all gonna be ok, just elect dems?

I dont think so…

fc3aa9  No.2921466

File: 67ecaf4185e4b2f⋯.jpg (29.99 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 6x4o8ohw4ydy.jpg)


Why exactly ar you on the QRESEARCH board??? GTFO

5ee227  No.2921467

E-6B Mercury and 135S Cobra Ball out of Offuit and headed in a Minot direction

973af5  No.2921468

The biggest threat is your fucking wiretapping.

0fe68e  No.2921469

File: 951880e690bd446⋯.jpeg (261.89 KB, 750x740, 75:74, 278D1965-8205-484E-87BD-C….jpeg)

b0bb49  No.2921470


>Do we know the names of these 3 clowns yet?

Go back to prior breads, not going to dox.

459205  No.2921471

Hussein is causing division and is attempting to incite violence.

WTF is going on? This guy should have been in GITMO months ago.

9d95c0  No.2921472


There are so many politicians who wear chains around their necks, I suspect its a sign they are owned and controlled. Think dogs.

b048f1  No.2921473


Let me know if you find her porn videos…

4856c9  No.2921474


Yes, we remember. In the cellar . . .

So is she is saying Obamalamadingdog made the economy so bad that ANYBODY could have made such improvements?

3b35fe  No.2921475

File: f900fc88709abfa⋯.jpg (29.95 KB, 474x359, 474:359, MikeyO.jpg)


And we know (You) have your facts wrong.

PLZ stop using that faggot on the couch. Your newfag is showing.

Lurk moar.

06b913  No.2921476

File: 340ac5c63bb651e⋯.png (803 KB, 855x513, 5:3, ClipboardImage.png)

Democratic senators introduce legislation to legalize medical marijuana for veterans

Democratic Sens. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) and Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii) introduced legislation that would make it legal for military veterans to use medical marijuana.

The Veterans Medical Marijuana Safe Harbor Act filed on Wednesday would also allow Department of Veterans Affairs physicians to prescribe the drug “as a less harmful alternative to opioids in treating veterans.”

“States with medical cannabis have a 24.8 percent lower mean annual opioid overdose mortality rate compared with States without medical cannabis laws,” the bill reads.

If passed, medical cannabis would become legal under federal law for veterans to “use, possess, or transport medical marijuana in accordance with the laws of the State in which the use, possession, or transport occurs,” according to the bill.

The bill would also require the VA to conduct research on “the effects of medical marijuana on veterans in pain” and the relationship between the use of cannabis and its effect on reducing opioid abuse among veterans.

What about the cost of research?

The bill calls for $10 million to be allocated to the VA for research on the effects of the cannabis on veterans’ pain and $5 million for research on the effect on reducing opioid abuse among veterans.

The VA would have two years to complete the studies from the time the bill becomes law.

What else?

Thirty-one states, along with the District of Columbia, have passed laws allowing comprehensive medical marijuana use.

An additional 15 states allow the use of cannabidiol, or CBD, derived from hemp or cannabis but the extracts must contain zero to very low levels of THC, according to the National Conference of State Legislature.

Marijuana remains illegal under federal laws and is classified as a Schedule 1 substance under the Controlled Substance Act.

Research has been limited due to the prohibition of the drug.



81052e  No.2921477


how do (you) know what Q meant to say?

87addb  No.2921478

File: 32c2a13c47e5443⋯.png (319.88 KB, 594x371, 594:371, ClipboardImage.png)

b848a5  No.2921479

Obama just said this is a great awakening time.

7bc180  No.2921480

File: e74049ea5a7837e⋯.png (314.89 KB, 451x772, 451:772, Yahoo 1 re Sputnik 10-13-1….PNG)

File: 43f5d2d98096604⋯.png (108.77 KB, 445x810, 89:162, Yahoo 2 re Sputnik 10-13-1….PNG)

File: b5399b12e590760⋯.png (181.95 KB, 445x704, 445:704, Yahoo 3 re Sputnik 10-13-1….PNG)

File: 297b6a7fd8ff393⋯.png (117.55 KB, 453x809, 453:809, Yahoo 4 re Sputnik 10-13-1….PNG)


This article is a long train wreck / but it does have info that I think we need eyes on / sort out the facts now that we have a better

understanding of happenings / there is good info amid the very dry too long of a story

FBI document cache sheds light on inner workings of Russia’s U.S. news (and propaganda) network


Snip 11 - things start getting good about here

The packet of information Fionda provided to the Justice Department focused on two Sputnik employees: Cassandra Fairbanks and Lee Stranahan.

Fairbanks / Stranahan / Stone / Assange / Flynn Jr / Seth Rich / Hannity / NoName all referenced in article

"Stranahan came to Sputnik in April. He previously had worked at the conservative website Breitbart, under Trump’s former campaign guru and

adviser Steve Bannon. The month before he joined Sputnik, Stranahan sent out a tweet boasting that he was the one who “introduced” former

Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone to Guccifer 2.0, the hacker who obtained emails from the Democratic National Committee that were

published by WikiLeaks."


Yahoo Article 1/4

2b21e7  No.2921481



Thanks anons.

72459b  No.2921482

File: f6d784a7b8a25b6⋯.png (352.37 KB, 970x483, 970:483, concernedpope.png)

0edbe8  No.2921483


If he says WWG1WGA I am literally going to PARTY!!!

Will be the best Q confirmation ever - from the ENEMY kek!

8d572c  No.2921484

File: 10cffef1579f64a⋯.jpg (72.4 KB, 600x342, 100:57, shithole.jpg)

Hussein has lost a ton of weight & no longer has shoulder pads. Head to body ratio.

69d5de  No.2921485


Wow, the Cypriot authorities are just now suspecting this?

7bc180  No.2921486

File: b15962231b886fe⋯.png (102.52 KB, 526x774, 263:387, Yahoo 5 re Sputnik 10-13-1….PNG)

File: 49d29ab51b7f5ed⋯.png (53.87 KB, 517x700, 517:700, Yahoo 6 re Sputnik 10-13-1….PNG)

File: 3d7d040703cd285⋯.png (103.99 KB, 450x762, 75:127, Yahoo 7 re Sputnik 10-13-1….PNG)

File: 577623d7985eb67⋯.png (102.35 KB, 474x811, 474:811, Yahoo 8 re Sputnik 10-13-1….PNG)

1dca74  No.2921487

File: 9c5dfb5fde4c6a1⋯.png (61.8 KB, 635x303, 635:303, My twitter has become so p….png)

9fa18e  No.2921488

Did you "enjoy the show" last night?

Turned out it was all about a kid in a flannel shirt making faces. Literally all anyone remembers.


91d93a  No.2921489

File: bf41dc4173546ea⋯.png (2.69 MB, 2100x1275, 28:17, BOOKOBAMA!.png)

399c1e  No.2921490

File: 46b7f7ceb52e666⋯.png (55.28 KB, 475x374, 475:374, 1_POTUS_Kamala.png)


There's a meme for that.

3f5307  No.2921491

HUSSEIN is evil, but Q has never said Obama was not a victim. My mind is still on the fence on him. I believe he is guilty of treason. Intent is what matters. Time will tell. Regardless of his intent, he must pay for his crimes against our nation. Whether he is a villain or victim or both, time will tell.

6c851d  No.2921493

File: fdd8ef3befd3012⋯.png (394.62 KB, 650x555, 130:111, 920a49dce839b55e043abc3cb4….png)

7bc180  No.2921494

File: b679c8b6dfca930⋯.png (111.09 KB, 518x746, 259:373, Yahoo 9 re Sputnik 10-13-1….PNG)

File: cb622771a2ffe38⋯.png (118.91 KB, 445x808, 445:808, Yahoo 10 re Sputnik 10-13-….PNG)

File: 30913fba535c240⋯.png (75.68 KB, 524x765, 524:765, Yahoo 11 re Sputnik 10-13-….PNG)

File: 363942947bce27c⋯.png (124.71 KB, 532x813, 532:813, Yahoo 12 re Sputnik 10-13-….PNG)

969a2e  No.2921495

File: bcfbd9d7dd6a8e5⋯.png (61.06 KB, 400x240, 5:3, 8BB0CF0A-4815-4FD6-94DB-0C….png)






a1c847  No.2921496



TY Anon.

NEVER seen him fumble lines like this. He's scared. He's not the same guy.

4f66b7  No.2921497


Anybody can be a baker. Also, many speculations, not facts, made it to the bread. The research was good. I think it should be in the notable. We don't know if Trump is setting up a trap. We got a lot of speculations. I hope we can all come together by January 2019. We will definitely know if Q is fake or not by then.

7bc180  No.2921498

File: de14a5b83f16972⋯.png (120.2 KB, 523x802, 523:802, Yahoo 13 re Sputnik 10-13-….PNG)

File: c16b401db1219ed⋯.png (96.47 KB, 515x815, 103:163, Yahoo 14 re Sputnik 10-13-….PNG)

File: 540f5a894a0a3be⋯.png (92.1 KB, 453x811, 453:811, Yahoo 15 re Sputnik 10-13-….PNG)

File: a9371e7cb591026⋯.png (106.98 KB, 522x810, 29:45, Yahoo 16 re Sputnik 10-13-….PNG)

018ce5  No.2921499

What about K. Harris fake police force?

e589af  No.2921500

Does Q group control him now ?

We know he lawyerd up.

What else do we know?

6c851d  No.2921502

File: b185a7ecd3cfcb7⋯.jpg (84.85 KB, 860x474, 430:237, deb0460a669e1b0c422ee59bd6….jpg)

7e055f  No.2921503

please save me!!!!! - hussein

af8dfc  No.2921504


BAM I love her!!

06b913  No.2921505


Are just now comfortable to do so publicly Anon. Strings cut.

af7c02  No.2921506


He has several stops today to do roundtable discussions with campaign fund people.

check twat status at POTUS Schedule for information in the future.


165690  No.2921507


This is going to be so entertaining,to watch and horrible

When the world finds out what these people have done

The horrible part will be the pain for the people

The good part will be the pain for the elite

af8dfc  No.2921508

fucking piece of shit traitor to this great country

ee0cf5  No.2921510

File: 4f7377d082d36b2⋯.jpg (49.9 KB, 500x672, 125:168, 2hfcbw~2.jpg)

File: 191d14f9dcd14b3⋯.jpg (55.06 KB, 480x449, 480:449, 2h94ml~2.jpg)




a1c847  No.2921511

File: a0fa824d4166d72⋯.png (80.2 KB, 254x404, 127:202, 171717green.png)


My favorite tweet and/or Q post. Sums it all up. KeK!!

81052e  No.2921512


It may be his "farewell address"

d68c4c  No.2921513

File: 3bbdda3a01dbff1⋯.jpg (51.04 KB, 598x587, 598:587, 1536337764-1.jpg)

File: e9e817f4ebcf73b⋯.jpeg (78.14 KB, 602x915, 602:915, 1536336558-1.jpeg)

File: 6684ad7f9cbfeb1⋯.jpeg (257 KB, 1236x820, 309:205, 1536336558.jpeg)


2 Qs from the last loaf

- Is the 6 symbol of man / satan / death for them, or for us?….

- Is the caped crusader same gal w/ Treas Sec? Who? Relevance?

3f36f6  No.2921514

File: 8f7503d4de636a3⋯.png (223.9 KB, 488x368, 61:46, screenshotAtUploadCC_15363….png)


Good thread on twitter has a lot of info.


f03c65  No.2921515


>Common opinion: Kavanaugh is good.

>My research: Kavanaugh is evil.


>- Brett Kavanaugh is Deep State.

>- The Trump administration is setting up a trap.

>- The Bushes are a prime target.

>- Popcorn needed.

Now you're misrepresenting your own "research."

0a4a7f  No.2921516

BO is positively ==LIMP==

a00f0f  No.2921517

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Re-posting more organized version from the late night bread. A few thought it was notable but baker ultimately decided not to include. Whether or not this is a direct match time will tell but this is absolutely relevant to the discussion.

1. Alex Jones and info wars (common knowledge here) have ties to all things Jewish and Zionist.

2. Infowars employees are known to be associated with Time Warner (see embedded video)

3. Q posted this:

>>2909418 (Q lb)

>[Free Speech Systems LLC]

[ ]>>>[Free Speech Systems LLC]

^^^ 12 spaces ?

Please notice spaces are included here.

WARNER MEDIA would fit in there very, very nicely. It is 12 characters long including the space

[WARNER MEDIA]>>>[Free Speech Systems LLC]

This fits in a number of different ways, hence I am reposting it. Time Warner is jewish ran through and through. Here is some more information on Alex Jones isreali connections for those who still haven't seen it:



b7e490  No.2921518

File: e90da2c6c538d7b⋯.jpg (18.15 KB, 524x104, 131:26, breaking hussein lies.JPG)

Isn't he the one who said recovery could never happen?

What a delusional puppet.


4320cc  No.2921519

File: cf40e469bc36889⋯.jpg (70.92 KB, 896x974, 448:487, Sterrzok876cc7af86f7308bde….jpg)



Treasure these moments of madness. These freaks are an endangered species.

c96869  No.2921520

September 7, 2018 9:24 am

Canadian economy loses more than 51K jobs in August

WATCH: Statistics Canada reported Friday that the jobless rate hit six per cent in August, up from 5.8 per cent the month before.

- A A +

The Canadian economy lost 51,600 net jobs in August in a decrease that drove up the unemployment rate and essentially wiped out the big gain in July.

Statistics Canada’s labour force survey says the jobless rate hit six per cent in August, up from 5.8 per cent in July.

Economists had expected an increase of 5,000 jobs for the month and the unemployment rate to be 5.9 per cent,

The employment drop last month was fuelled by a loss of 92,000 part-time positions — but on the positive side, the number of full-time jobs rose by 40,400.

August decline followed a comparable net increase of 54,100 positions in July.

Ontario experienced the biggest decrease of the provinces by far with a loss of 80,100 jobs – almost all of which were part-time positions.

WATCH: What is a trade war? How does it work? And how will it impact Canadian consumers?

Trudeau sets date to apologize for ‘absolute moral failure’ of turning away Jewish refugees

Trudeau sets date to apologize for ‘absolute moral failure’ of turning away Jewish refugees

A 25% auto tariff from Donald Trump could send Ontario into recession: economists

A 25% auto tariff from Donald Trump could send Ontario into recession: economists


9d95c0  No.2921521

File: ac51ecf19a01a14⋯.jpg (118.92 KB, 930x588, 155:98, Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at ….jpg)


Starting to look like this guy

f15c17  No.2921522



Home field advantage (Illinois)

It seems there are few places he feels safe in the CONUS

3f78ff  No.2921523

File: 7296dd448e562f5⋯.jpeg (73.03 KB, 653x565, 653:565, BDEA563D-1A73-46E1-8214-8….jpeg)

Looks like Q hurt Microdick’s feewings

5cdf7c  No.2921524

File: 6414cedec642745⋯.png (452.7 KB, 395x494, 395:494, 1b102f4e-e164-0f26-9f77-14….png)

b848a5  No.2921525

ok. again about 5 minutes ago he said this is a great awakening time. This is not the old Obama.

7e055f  No.2921526

parkland ??

4bec49  No.2921527

File: 216ac90d2b2291c⋯.png (709.91 KB, 993x621, 331:207, ClipboardImage.png)


72459b  No.2921528

File: 49cc43cb250d054⋯.png (453.79 KB, 970x483, 970:483, itwasvjpope.png)

af8dfc  No.2921529

When SpyGate full disclosure comes out. Half of democrats wont care. They will just think its funny. They will be mad it didnt work. When Hussein just brought up the resistance in the Trump admin, it got applause

5c054b  No.2921530

File: 3f026e8bf1f58ff⋯.png (113.12 KB, 410x241, 410:241, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)

ya he done fucked up now


8e61d7  No.2921531

File: f416242cc6d2c8f⋯.gif (1.23 MB, 250x250, 1:1, 1513037070926.gif)

Is there actually a crowd there, or just an overly excessive laugh/clap track?

b04d44  No.2921532


I have no doubt that "it" is coming. Just beyond frustrating to hear that POS spew his shit to a bunch of willing sheep. My dog left the room when he came on. I stayed to watch and talk back. I think the dog is smarter than me but still not sure.

0edbe8  No.2921533


Can't tear myself away, I am literally going to piss in a bottle in a minute so I don't miss anything live - this is the best Friday ever


06b913  No.2921534

Putin hopes terrorists in Idlib will wisen up and lay down arms

"We believe that an agreement will be reached and our call for a truce in the Idlib zone will be heard," Putin stressed after the Tehran summit between Russia, Iran and Turkey. "We hope that the representatives of terrorist organizations will wisen up, stop putting up resistance and lay down their arms," he said.

Putin noted "all our agreements on Syria have been always based on the fact that we seek and will continue seeking reconciliation among all conflicting sides and we have always omitted terrorist organizations."

The Russian leader stressed that it’s important to bear in mind that many civilians reside in Idlib. Earlier, Russia and other countries made efforts enabling terrorists to move to Idlib from other Syrian provinces, even with small arms. He noted that there are many heavy armaments in Idlib. Militants from different groups create drones and get spare parts to manufacture these drones to use them for their aims, Putin added.

Clashes also occur inside the Idlib zone. "We cannot help but worry about all this, of course, and because of the fact that terrorists use civilians as shields like they always do," Putin said.

According to the Russian leader, this regularly occurs, and the events in Raqqa, which was captured by the US-backed forces, serve as an example. "We heard then that terrorists who use civilians as shields are to blame for the deaths among the civilians," the president said.

The Russian and Syrian military has always sought to ensure the exit of the civilian population, Putin noted, thanking Turkey and Iran for coordination on this issue.



4d81d2  No.2921535


10 year old body - 70 year old face.


bf7e5b  No.2921536


Was thinking the exact same thing, at the exact same time as your post. TY.

d33f77  No.2921537


Ironically, (((they))) built the internet to be able to control people 24/7.

Instead, it will be what helps set us free.

d4e0db  No.2921538

He's a sad little man. Trump decimated his legacy in a few months.

360172  No.2921539

File: d2cc54c1f3a9ada⋯.jpg (7.35 KB, 189x266, 27:38, download (3).jpg)

9d95c0  No.2921540

File: 1764427b21ba008⋯.jpg (76.1 KB, 594x384, 99:64, iu (1).jpg)

f15c17  No.2921541


I saw the caped crusader and added the $ pic.

I don't know if it is her but they sure favor each other.

af8dfc  No.2921542


I cant even look at him any more

a00f0f  No.2921543

File: bed503faba5f136⋯.jpg (40.04 KB, 1138x106, 569:53, Warner Media Mass Media.JPG)

File: 5a94066dc02b311⋯.jpg (61.21 KB, 570x345, 38:23, The Deal.JPG)

File: 29de9b0d24c77ae⋯.jpg (42.21 KB, 827x271, 827:271, WarnerJewsZionist.JPG)

File: 2bcf2620775486b⋯.jpg (1003.78 KB, 500x426, 250:213, illuminati-agents-jones-kh….jpg)


Re-posting more organized version from the late night bread. A few thought it was notable but baker ultimately decided not to include. Whether or not this is a direct match time will tell but this is absolutely relevant to the discussion.

1. Alex Jones and info wars (common knowledge here) have ties to all things Jewish and Zionist.

2. Infowars employees are known to be associated with Time Warner (see embedded video)

3. Q posted this:

>>2909418 (Q lb)

>[Free Speech Systems LLC]

[ ]>>>[Free Speech Systems LLC]

^^^ 12 spaces ?

Please notice spaces are included here.

WARNER MEDIA would fit in there very, very nicely. It is 12 characters long including the space

[WARNER MEDIA]>>>[Free Speech Systems LLC]

This fits in a number of different ways, hence I am reposting it. Time Warner is jewish ran through and through. Here is some more information on Alex Jones isreali connections for those who still haven't seen it:



EDIT: sorry for repost. Images did not embed originally. Please link to version with images if you include. Thank you.

4545a9  No.2921545


6 means behind you

death from your 6

06b913  No.2921546


Corker: ‘Who Wouldn’t’ Write Anonymous NYT Op-Ed Against Trump?

Thursday Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) told CNN it would be hard to find out “who wouldn’t have written” The New York Times anonymous op-ed critical of President Donald Trump.

Cooker said, “I didn’t look at it as new news. I mean, anyone who’s had any dealings over there knows that this is the reality that we’re living in. So I think a lot’s been made out of nothing. I think the biggest issue they’re going to have is figuring out who wouldn’t have written a letter like that.”


6d29fc  No.2921547


Just as I suspected BHO even walks with the bitch walk.

969a2e  No.2921548

File: 6c593ff1fb38add⋯.jpeg (50.24 KB, 383x353, 383:353, EF19EA11-A61D-4A20-AC7E-8….jpeg)



8b8014  No.2921549

File: b3773bce15642db⋯.png (487.22 KB, 495x466, 495:466, 2018-09-07_13-06-06.png)

File: 1d91dcb9e3b62e7⋯.png (307.33 KB, 638x358, 319:179, 2018-09-07_13-06-43.png)

File: 0b1bd775a4d0046⋯.png (652.84 KB, 724x580, 181:145, 2018-09-07_13-07-25.png)

File: 66372521636bbe2⋯.png (155.63 KB, 397x332, 397:332, 2018-09-07_13-07-54.png)


Another one that's crawled out from under the same rock as Hussein.

They are going down and they know it.

Go to the hardware store and buy some hemp rope and get used to the feel of it against your neck!

The sheit behind the storm!


6c851d  No.2921550

File: 4a2f25410a9f8fd⋯.png (410.49 KB, 800x533, 800:533, satanic-pedophiles-because….png)

4320cc  No.2921551


He looks like someone got their Skyrim mod order fucked up.

8e61d7  No.2921552


HAHAHA fox spliced in some crowd footage seconds after posting this kek… 'cmon, zoom out and show the crowd WITH obongo.

b04d44  No.2921553


Just being complicit with the Hilldog ballyhoo is enough to stretch the neck a few inches.

b64d7a  No.2921554

I think he could talk all day.

360172  No.2921555


is this real or shopped? That body looks like a child! Bahahaa

ca8b5e  No.2921556


Interesting..weve been talking about how close POTUS is to that base right now

69d5de  No.2921557


Makes sense, but haven't seen any sauce about this.

d4e0db  No.2921558

Revenge is all that drives this petty little man now.

4d81d2  No.2921559

99a7f6  No.2921560

Anyone else hoping for an EPIC response out of Q after this? I’d even be happy for just a few shots across the bow. Kek.

a1c847  No.2921561

File: d9e0fbf51a3809b⋯.jpg (125.06 KB, 1252x952, 313:238, sdf67g5sdf87g798ds0g798dfg….jpg)

File: b91fff7cc51f6a2⋯.jpg (113.19 KB, 1252x952, 313:238, sdf789g6sdf897hg5fd987.jpg)

He is whiny and desperate sounding. The smugness is gone.

f9e075  No.2921562


he is so repulsive. I can't even listen to his voice. Everything about him is a deception, a lie, and a festering corruption

he turns my stomach

fbaa35  No.2921563


If that was his post, why does the screenshot not have a (you)? that's all he would need to prove himself. what a faggot

b64d7a  No.2921564


Qualifier-because he laaahhvves his own voice.

c5fc38  No.2921565





Billy Sol Estes (of LBJ fame) had a brother Dr. John L. Estes. Kavanaugh evidently has a father-in-law named Dr. John Estes. Both from Texas. I'm still digging.

3f5307  No.2921566



e3f3ef  No.2921567


Lawfag here. Article is garbage. Defamation against a "public figure" is almost impossible under the NYT v. Sullivan standard. You have to literally prove they knew what they were saying was Bullshit at the time they said it. There are lesser cases (non Scotus) that allow for damages under purposeful avoidance of the truth (interviewing 10 people then quoting the only one who said what you wanted to hear) but these have not been reviewed by SCOTUS.

Having a defamation case dismissed when you are a public figure is a nothing burger. If they can make you into a public figure, "You get nothing, there it is, black and white, plain as day, you lose, good day sir.

ee0cf5  No.2921568

File: cae6f5467f83636⋯.gif (46.49 KB, 354x334, 177:167, 81430533.gif)

Hussein just said we are in dark times now.

87addb  No.2921569


you do know UIDs change every thread right?

that 'challenge' shows MicroDick has never been on the chans

its hilarious!

0091bb  No.2921570


There is a theory out there that I heard that as a part of going all in on the Luciferian movement that to be allowed to clime to positions of real power you have to allow yourself to be infected with a deadly virus like HIV or something similar and they will give the the drugs to easily counter act the disease if you continue to do exactly as the leadership wants.

It must be kind of hard to organize a group of shitheads whose top trait is to look out for old number one first and always no matter what oaths you swear to. Your in a cult of thieves and kid rapist. You would steal from your own mother. I assume keeping these idiots all working for the same common goals you need some prod.

Dying of a nasty disease that was self inflicted is just one of their many ways to control each other.

Like herding cats or something.

853a32  No.2921571

File: 05338447dbf8595⋯.gif (501.57 KB, 475x338, 475:338, 05338447dbf8595b0bf9a83e7c….gif)


IDs change on a thread to thread basis. Not knowing that simple fact, just shows this faggot isn't even a frequent chan user ffs

3a9cfb  No.2921572


Challenge accepted.

69c4d4  No.2921573

File: 611b0f08be12d89⋯.jpeg (308.41 KB, 1242x828, 3:2, 15398BB5-EB1B-4F6A-B271-8….jpeg)

87addb  No.2921574

ANONS, is this a reliable sauce (for a graphic):


8f3d40  No.2921575

uh they brought one of the school shooter victims into the kavanaugh case

af8dfc  No.2921576


And his charisma and ability to fool so many people is just sick

a9144f  No.2921577

File: 78bd80fe22d76f5⋯.png (191 KB, 456x262, 228:131, i_see.png)

1dca74  No.2921578


>Pain comes in many different forms.

This is the SCARED Obama, sent out by his handlers since nothing else seems to be working. This is PANIC MODE Obama.

b7e490  No.2921579

File: 1bb879a9868a59c⋯.jpg (34 KB, 530x369, 530:369, hussein pledge.JPG)

was this ever explained?

6c851d  No.2921580


Good. Seemed like he was going to be smug right up until the needle goes in.. The fucker.

6dfe34  No.2921581

File: edda444fc7b7453⋯.jpeg (1.49 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, FDCBD182-266A-45D5-AA40-F….jpeg)

What the hell is going on here? People are pissed off at me because I told them Hussein and many deep state actors were already arrested. What’s the play here??? How do we explain this to Q skeptics?

cf1376  No.2921582



lol, exactly my thoughts

what a fag

he might be referring to the IP though

91416b  No.2921583


only like 900 tickets was available to only staff and students

b848a5  No.2921584

This is our guys constructing the framework for Obama's talk..

It was not so bad and dividing.

faaa8f  No.2921585


>We don't know if Trump is setting up a trap. We got a lot of speculations.

And it will stay that way if research is buried.

96bbba  No.2921586


>If they can make you into a public figure, "You get nothing, there it is, black and white, plain as day, you lose, good day sir.

Yeppers - this ain't the UK

f67a9d  No.2921587


Enough talk. It is time for things to happen, publicly. These people should not be allowed to walk free right now. The fact Hussein is on TV talking tells me the "plan" isn't working.

466c37  No.2921588


You didn’t notice that POTUS walked out at exactly 9:11 eastern time?

970663  No.2921589

File: 6e1bfcf2491842e⋯.png (406.22 KB, 644x361, 644:361, Obama speech 9-7-2018 12.PNG)

Obama says 'History shows the power of fear'. Sure does, this whole speech is showing the fear all of them are feeling right now. They are all scared to death and they should be.

8b2077  No.2921590


that aint his flag

0a4a7f  No.2921591

<iframe width="1479" height="557" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/lkOBu06JWTE" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

885806  No.2921592


looks like the walk he had on the white house lawn at the veryyy beginning.

How the hell did we even make it through 8 years of this dipshit?

4f66b7  No.2921593


Don't care.

165690  No.2921594


Not excusing any horrific crimes but would you feel different if some of these people were kidnapped kids who were brainwashed ?

Or were tortured from birth

8d572c  No.2921595

File: ef364ed75355ace⋯.jpg (2.01 MB, 2000x1324, 500:331, wendy.jpg)

360172  No.2921596

File: 3579a3323b4d752⋯.jpg (30.43 KB, 414x508, 207:254, 3579a3323b4d752003c5b6166e….jpg)


"in for a world of hurt"……

I am sure Q is shaking in their shoes right now.

What time was this posted? I am ready for the 72 hour countdown…..

b062f6  No.2921597

Obama just referred that the protesters in Fergusen were KKK with or without their hoods on. POS

b1e249  No.2921598

Watching Obama right now is what FEAR looks like…

d71891  No.2921599



5ee227  No.2921600


AF2 NW of Denver, if that can be believed if Rivet Joint is throwing out electronic warfare

1dca74  No.2921601


I think it's coming. Especially since BHO just wrapped up, Q incoming in 5, 4, 3, 2,…

af8dfc  No.2921602


Think outside the box. It needs to appear as if nothing is wrong and business as usual.

a9144f  No.2921603

So does this mean Nazis are good ?

8d497d  No.2921604


Kavanaughs wife, Ashley Estes is from Abilene. Her father was adopted by the Dr.

I grew up with one of Billie Sols grandsons. Sol used to buy us Skol vodka when we were in high school so we could load it up in a big swig and sneak our drinks into the high school football games.

105195  No.2921605

File: a4fd75dc298df50⋯.jpg (119.47 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, a4fd75dc298df50bea355e6831….jpg)


we explain to them that you are a fucking idiot and not a fortune teller

d4e0db  No.2921606


>was this ever explained?

Yes, Hussein grew up going to Mosque in Indonesia

ca8e12  No.2921607


have to break the cycle anon

069c57  No.2921608


>My dog left the room when he came on. I stayed to watch and talk back. I think the dog is smarter than me but still not sure.

kek'd hard at that - you and your dog are good, hang in there

ee0cf5  No.2921609

File: ca61ed7ff08f18f⋯.jpg (47.72 KB, 480x479, 480:479, 2h6zwr~2.jpg)

64e54f  No.2921610

Hussein Just played the gender card

Gun control propaganda card

Played white nationalist card

SKERRRED shitless

Recycling Hope & change 4 times

Poverty & disease never wiped out?

What a fukken tool

06b913  No.2921611

File: 307d65fe86825e5⋯.png (39.42 KB, 820x816, 205:204, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 04bb3508263d9b8⋯.png (36.29 KB, 827x805, 827:805, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0793d4626f4eccb⋯.png (597.92 KB, 832x893, 832:893, ClipboardImage.png)

Gov’t Experiment Exposed that Kills Thousands of Kittens to Research Parasite Linked to Mind Control

A recent lawsuit against the USDA is seeking the details of a decades-long experiment to study a parasite in kittens that can literally influence human behavior.

Beltsville, MD — Rep. Mike Bishop, a Republican representing Michigan’s 8th District, exposed a program in May, as TFTP reported, that he calls “secretive and problematic” within the U.S. Department of Agriculture in which thousands of kittens are being incinerated in Maryland. Now, four months later, a lawsuit is claiming the USDA is blocking the release of information on the death of these kittens.

The lawsuit, filed by the watchdog group, White Coat Waste Project, says the government-funded Animal Parasitic Disease Lab in Beltsville, Maryland, has euthanized thousands of healthy kittens after putting them through experiments related to food-borne illnesses in humans.

“They kept this project a secret for virtually 50 years and have been fighting tooth and nail [not] to release details about it. We are not going to let them go dark again,” said Justin Goodman, the White Coat Waste Project’s vice president.

According to the USDA, the breeding and subsequent mass killing of kittens is essential to understanding and combating a dangerous parasite. However, citing inhumane procedures and wasted taxpayer funds, min May Bishop called for an official investigation into the program.

Bishop sent a letter to Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue citing his and other’s concerns on how the kitten are being used in the program.

The secret experiments were initially brought to light after a Freedom of Information Act request was filed by White Coat Waste Project.


efd570  No.2921612


Stop talking. I learned that a few months ago. Declass may not happen until October.

0edbe8  No.2921613

Look at the way he walked off stage - he is a broken man


6dfe34  No.2921614

Obama said “we don’t need the Messiah.”

f03c65  No.2921615


>>2921267 Stocks take a hit after Trump announces intention on Chinese tariffs.

>>2921543 Anon digs on Info Wars. Possibly controlled by Time Warner?

>>2921546 Corker: ‘Who Wouldn’t’ Write Anonymous NYT Op-Ed Against Trump?

Any anons have more notable suggestions?

7bc180  No.2921616



>Lawfag here. Article is garbage. Defamation against a "public figure" is almost impossible under the NYT v. Sullivan standard.

The article describes what she did / how is that garbage?

It seems the stunt she tried, like her, is the garbage

f15c17  No.2921617


You can continue to change the messenger in attempt to make people believe your bullshit.

The thing is WE AIN'T BUYING IT

bb2385  No.2921618


I think MI might have a little present for microfag.

fb45a0  No.2921619


Looked like 300 people at Obama's speech.

4ec549  No.2921620


Excellent work, Toastmaster.

This is fantastic.

Thank you very much.

God bless you and keep up the excellent work.

e589af  No.2921621

Something happened.

POTUS stopped saying ISIS and is now saying terriorists.

There is something to it, i can feel it.

He almost said ISIS last night and quickly caught himself and changed it to terriorists.

Make a mental note.

fbaa35  No.2921622


>I told them Hussein and many deep state actors were already arrested.

Why would you do that? Q never said that. don't lame Q for your presumptuousness

1dca74  No.2921623

BHO's "speech":

Pain comes in many different forms.

faaa8f  No.2921624


Thank you!

I did some digging in the Estes family but did not include it. Too much to research.

The Kavanaugh family is not as exciting, but the Estes — OH BOY!

b941f7  No.2921625

File: cc07fe963ceba04⋯.jpg (44.12 KB, 650x461, 650:461, strong dick!.jpg)

069c57  No.2921626


>I told them Hussein and many deep state actors were already arrested.

yeah it's probably better for everyone you stop explaining things.

enjoy the show, from far back. please

34db5e  No.2921627


Trump is breaking the Dragon goods cartel.

87addb  No.2921628


then he still has no clue

he said ID not IP

ID = UID → changes every bread

its laughable

f15c17  No.2921629

Who misses the Obama phony whisper talk for emphasis?


4d81d2  No.2921630


I'm betting all invite only, and they had to fork over $100,000 and their first born to get in.

bf7e5b  No.2921631


I caught that too.

e35e69  No.2921632

File: fae9673eabd9b84⋯.png (2.19 MB, 1984x1132, 496:283, ISRAEL!!!!!!.png)

853a32  No.2921633


IP isn't visible for the layman to know either way and Q can't post in a dead halfchan thread lol. He's frankly a fucking idiot.

06b913  No.2921634

96bbba  No.2921635


How about someone stepping forward with what they think the specific trap even is?

Otherwise, it's just the usual gibs me muh notable routine.

885806  No.2921636


keep him in the spotlight. we want this asshole Clinton bush and all the other corrupt fuckers on the forefront of peoples minds.

how many times has 9/11 been brought up in the confirmation hearings?

caab12  No.2921637

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The NAZIS will be met with fire, fury, and frankly power.

e4a2b4  No.2921638

File: 979d985eefa22e3⋯.png (7.01 KB, 365x363, 365:363, ClipboardImage.png)


>The Canadian economy lost 51, 600 net jobs in August.

and it begins. Canada will be no moar. the worse our economy is the harder it will be for POTUS to MAGA the American economy.

c57dde  No.2921639

File: cc2426a4092d775⋯.jpg (126.43 KB, 933x544, 933:544, H.jpg)

39e7b6  No.2921640

File: b5ca4f6b249700d⋯.jpg (76.75 KB, 500x500, 1:1, IMG_013.jpg)

69d5de  No.2921641


Can you point to any Q post that says that? If not, then why did you spread disinfo?

50c337  No.2921642


He was never a man… He's fake and gay.

d4e0db  No.2921643


Does anyone have pics of Hussein's 'crowd'??

1dca74  No.2921644


Maybe you shouldn't tell people things that yo have no evidence of.

Also, think, "catch & release" so that they can keep digging their own graves

459205  No.2921645


Someone talking serious shit in front of thousands of cheering supporters doesn't really sound like someone who's scared shitless…

f9e075  No.2921646


a fact that I will never understand

How can people not see him for who he is?

Some sort of mass hypnosis or something

b1e249  No.2921648


Exactly. He knows that, but normies dont and that's what he's going to try to capitalize on

ee0cf5  No.2921649

File: ed9bfe8d2b7b56c⋯.jpg (36.84 KB, 500x470, 50:47, 2hf6bs~2.jpg)

File: 650e5a91f6e5bc9⋯.jpeg (154.26 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, ff9d6b576905b621a3ffd81f3….jpeg)

File: 491c65024d7a89c⋯.jpg (32.64 KB, 377x377, 1:1, 2he124~2.jpg)

f67a9d  No.2921650


There is a difference in keeping them in the spotlight and letting them rally their useful idiots.

a00f0f  No.2921651

File: 43511e773c9278b⋯.jpg (69.17 KB, 777x437, 777:437, PICARD.jpg)



could they possibly be

this retarded????

Did these guys make some kind of deal with Q to come out and make opposition look like complete idiots?? They have done Qanon nothing but favors with these weak attacks. It has caused nothing but laughter around here. I know they are stupid, but are they really THIS stupid??

0d77e6  No.2921652



makes you long for the days when all you thought was gay, married to a tranny, and born in nigeria.

f03c65  No.2921653


Obama disgusts me more and more each day. He told us how a recovery would be impossible and when Trump and team pulls it off he takes credit?

The worst.

0b5715  No.2921654


See Wiki. pages on unethical human testing in US on prison pop. and general populations. — Lots of MK Ultra / Naomi links.

f15c17  No.2921655


It might imply the change in focus from Islamic terrorists to terrorists of another ideology.

What say you?

8d497d  No.2921656


the father-in-law is not a doctor. he was adopted by the doctor.

0d0a8a  No.2921657


hhmmm that pic.

tells me they have either started having sex, or are about to.

b062f6  No.2921658

File: 3231619b720e47f⋯.jpg (35.89 KB, 490x321, 490:321, greasy.jpg)

Listening to Obama

0a4a7f  No.2921659

lol @ BO using the word "hope"! You can see how deflated he is.

705fbb  No.2921660


2 days ago. Clock is running

e35e69  No.2921661

File: ef58ea19e58d25a⋯.png (183.12 KB, 1072x348, 268:87, eagle.png)


u tell me who really won and who is really good

gotta go back before time

5ee227  No.2921662


VP schedule says he's headed to Vegas today

64e54f  No.2921663


(You) need to read between the lines or turn off your tv Fucko

1dca74  No.2921664


Define 'Narcissist'.

A person who has an excessive interest in or admiration of themselves: narcissists who think the world revolves around them | narcissists preening themselves in front of the mirror

'Narcissists' are renowned for using 'psychological projection' to blame other people, even when it is entirely apparent that they are the ones in the wrong.

3900a4  No.2921665

File: 7fc48951b3a1389⋯.jpg (203.27 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, sam_hyde.jpg)


works well with another script i'm using.


263692  No.2921666


sorry newfag to clockfaggery here

Can we see in the future via the clock?

Can we see 9/11 2018 on the clock?

06b913  No.2921667

File: f5fc5e5404c92b8⋯.png (963.84 KB, 806x423, 806:423, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 462242071c0a759⋯.png (44.34 KB, 823x894, 823:894, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3166326eeeb296b⋯.png (62.25 KB, 837x875, 837:875, ClipboardImage.png)

File: de3a07c478989d4⋯.png (608.66 KB, 833x751, 833:751, ClipboardImage.png)

Nestle Says Requirement to Report Use of Slave Labor Would Cost Consumers More Money

A new anti-slavery bill requiring companies to investigate and report on their supply chains to prevent modern slavery will lead to consumers paying more, according to Nestle.


1768bf  No.2921668


Lethargic, sad, confused, belittled.

It’s all in his eyes and body language.

cff558  No.2921669


You call that serious?

7a4628  No.2921670

File: b32ada83a5139d3⋯.png (118.01 KB, 645x735, 43:49, Screenshot (344).png)

Come on Q. Get your fake ass in gear and prove this guy wrong.

96bbba  No.2921671

File: 56abd251d09230d⋯.jpg (38.58 KB, 484x317, 484:317, Booker-Harris.JPG)

9afc4e  No.2921672


Our only hope.

f9e075  No.2921673


Obama is and has always been a LAZY puppet

If he's in action, it's because he's scared or he's being forced.

acc503  No.2921674

File: 611bf2d53bd7584⋯.jpg (3.42 MB, 3450x3450, 1:1, BO.jpg)

It has been months since I've posted this one.

4c3ab6  No.2921675

File: 98299f07b89db64⋯.jpg (6.6 KB, 300x168, 25:14, listen up.jpg)



7bc180  No.2921676


>Let me know if you find her porn videos…

Bread 3590

Someone posted what looks like screen shots from a video

I could not care less of a video / but rather is Fairbanks a clown or Mossad asset

8dbc86  No.2921677


After what?

Graham reinforced with Kavanaugh we are still in a state of war. War against Terrorists.

72459b  No.2921678

File: 5c4dacec19ece33⋯.gif (1.45 MB, 640x480, 4:3, wtf.gif)

5764af  No.2921679


catch and release

ever hear of paying your bail to await a trial?

a9144f  No.2921680


yeah was wondering about that

So does this mean Louis XIV was good ?


e4a2b4  No.2921681

File: 2249ac935d9a644⋯.png (699.96 KB, 850x559, 850:559, ClipboardImage.png)


Humperdoo is best messiah. kek

4f66b7  No.2921682

File: 7f6fa29faa879bf⋯.png (118.2 KB, 776x190, 388:95, ClipboardImage.png)

File: dff69d41224de6b⋯.png (211.63 KB, 825x770, 15:14, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6865a957448b3e1⋯.png (922.52 KB, 898x707, 898:707, ClipboardImage.png)

Jason Hairston, Ex-NFL Player and Trump Jr. Hunting Partner, Dead at 47

Jason Hairston, a former NFL player and hunting partner of Donald Trump Jr., died at 47.

“We are shocked and saddened to announce the tragic passing of KUIU founder Jason Hairston,” his hunting company, KUIU, wrote on Twitter on Sept. 5. “His legacy lives on in KUIU’s spirit of relentless innovation.”

he company later said on its website that he “took his own life.”

“He is survived by his wife Kirstyn and 2 children,” KUIU said. “The family has requested that donations be made to support CTE-related research at the Boston University Concussion Legacy Foundation in lieu of sending flowers.”

Hairston told CNBC in 2016 that he was suffering from Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), which is a brain disease that is often found in athletes, namely football players.

“I played linebacker, and the way I played the game, I led with my head. I played the way they tell us not to play now,” Hairston told the outlet. “I have all the symptoms of CTE.”

Hairston played football for University of California, Davis, and later played professionally for the San Francisco 49ers. He retired in 1996.

Hairston had uploaded several photos of his outings with the younger Trump, Fox News reported. Hairston and his family went to the White House in December 2017.

More: https://www.theepochtimes.com/jason-hairston-ex-nfl-player-and-trump-jr-hunting-partner-dead-at-47_2654807.html

cff558  No.2921683

File: 7ef25c3985a5386⋯.png (839.06 KB, 702x543, 234:181, CB - Copy.PNG)

We need some Q to eye-ear bleach us after that Obama mess

79503e  No.2921684


Learn to ask open-ended questions.

Stop acting like you know moar than others.

Play dumb.

Let others "sell" themselves.

NEVER make predictions.

d68c4c  No.2921685

File: db5559b30974606⋯.jpg (87.63 KB, 700x437, 700:437, melania-trump-white-house-….jpg)


Simply masterful, anon.

5764af  No.2921686


because ISIS has been defeated

7e055f  No.2921687




4545a9  No.2921688

File: 555c16fc5be0397⋯.png (106.14 KB, 423x523, 423:523, ClipboardImage.png)

8f3d40  No.2921689

fucking school shooter victim can fuck off,

obviously i feel for her as she is being used by dems to get what they want


c2a475  No.2921690

File: 9954e7ff79fce75⋯.png (874.19 KB, 735x772, 735:772, ClipboardImage.png)

This bix nood just said she was in Shoah History class when the shooter came into Parkland.

353f60  No.2921691


I see nothing of necessity on Nestle's list.

A non-essential company of insignificance.

af8dfc  No.2921692


on his defense, great speaker, so much charisma, and appeals to peoples emotions

6e5822  No.2921693

That kid behind POTUS yesterday clearly has mental issues. His face had it written all over him. There was something "off" about all 3 of them. The longer haired one with a hat seemed the most reluctant to be a pest, but still was one.

I was glued to him. And then the obvious couple that had never been on tv to replace the final two. Kek. That lady looked so nervously happy. I liked that for the fact you can see they were real people. Not stands in's like the first two.

Anyone notice the burnette has been photoed before?

Odd night. The venue seemed winded and unenergetic. The whole night felt off compared to previous rally's. Even POTUS seemed off. A lot going on to contain in public eye.

cf53af  No.2921694


ben fulford is here anons

you have to go back ben

f67a9d  No.2921695


"NEVER make predictions" - Tell that to Q…

faaa8f  No.2921696


My research was primary on Kavanaugh and the fact that he has relations with the swamp.

Have you not thought about why DOJ appointed the equivalent of 100 full-time lawyers for weeks to review Kavanaugh SC nomination? That feels strange if they think he is a good candidate. Perhaps they want to introduce Kavanaughs documents as evidence, something they can do under the cover of reviewing him for SC.

ee0cf5  No.2921697

File: 1294ca3edcf8f96⋯.jpg (91.15 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 9c2bdbc601353437999f0b0264….jpg)

File: d93c6d4bdc1266a⋯.jpg (45.65 KB, 432x392, 54:49, 2h13l8~2.jpg)

b250d5  No.2921698

ha shout out to the anon from the night crew who posted that pic of elon smoking a joint with joe rogan right after it aired lmao kek i thought it was a photoshop and thought nothing of it, kept scrolling. watching cnbc now and they are talking about it and how its a big deal some bs talking about whether he is suitable or capable to continue running the company.. i love how we get news here before the rest. elon the homie. i love you fags! o7

263692  No.2921699


in Goethe's Faust, the Devil is a black poodle.

d4e0db  No.2921700

I'm guessing there were a few hundred people there. Probably 200 old white professors, and 200 media people - all cheering and orgasming.

0a4a7f  No.2921701


Not a great speaker at all. Perfectly mediocre.

cf1376  No.2921702


That's why they are moving in the Water Market.

06b913  No.2921703

Report: Wait Until You See How Many Google Employees Donated to Democrats

Americans are rightly concerned that Big Tech companies in Silicon Valley have an outsized influence over the news and opinions we see on social media platforms and in Google searches. The fact that most of these platforms originate in some of the most liberal strongholds in the country — Mountain View, San Francisco, and Menlo Park, California — raises questions about whether they’re either intentionally or subconsciously putting their oversized thumbs on the scales to promote points of view they agree with and hide views they find odious or dangerous. A study released today from GovPredict shows that more than 90 percent of political donations by Alphabet employees went to Democrats. This news will only amplify fears that everything we read, see, and hear is being controlled by tech industry employees with a left-wing political bent.

In the first of a series of articles examining the political preferences of major American companies, GovPredict looked at the political donations of employees at Alphabet — the parent company of Google and many of its subsidiaries, including YouTube, Nest, Google Ventures, Calico, Adsense, Google Ventures, and Verily. The analysis used Federal Election Commission (FEC) data on contributions to federal candidates and causes.

“The question is simple: what are the political preferences of Alphabet employees, as revealed by their political giving histories, and how have these preferences evolved over time?” GovPredict explained in the report.

“Our analysts and machines first had to identify the variants of employer name that Alphabet employees used when filing election contributions,” GovPredict said. “The final list had 233 variants, including ‘Google Ventures,’ ‘Nest Labs,’ ‘Nest at Google,’ ‘Verily (Google Life Sciences),’ and the like.” The researchers also had to categorize as either Democrat or Republican “the 1,105 unique committees to which Alphabet employees have contributed over the past decade and a half.”– READ MORE

Internet giant Google is declining to answer a series of questions from Congress about its rumored efforts to launch a Chinese-government approved censored search engine, fueling ongoing concerns about the company’s efforts to partner with repressive regimes known to conduct cyber espionage operations against the United States.

Google has informed a cadre of top senators that it will not answer detailed questions about the potential launch of a new search engine in China that has come under congressional scrutiny due to the Chinese regime’s routine censorship of content.

Google informed a bipartisan team of senators—including Sens. Tom Cotton (R., Ark.), Marco Rubio (R., Fla.), Robert Menendez (D., N.J.), and Cory Gardner (R., Colo.)—that it is not in a position to answer a series of questions about the company’s rumored plans, according to a copy of Google’s correspondence with the lawmakers obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

The secrecy surrounding a possible Google-run search engine in China comes as the company declined a request by the Senate Intelligence Committee to testify Wednesday about foreign election meddling and other issues surrounding illicit cyber operations on social media sites. Google declined to make its top CEO, Larry Page, available for the hearing, though leaders from Facebook and Twitter are scheduled to appear. – READ MORE


Alphabet’s Political Contributions


3900a4  No.2921704

File: f3d0cc9844cbf65⋯.jpg (78.66 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, soy_kill.jpg)


listen you mentally retarded faggot, nobody believes this shit.

you lost.

87addb  No.2921705


a00f0f  No.2921706

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Officer "You work for Time Warner Cable???"

f9e075  No.2921707


I had to mute it when she said "we were presenting our HATE projects"

God help our schools

59754a  No.2921708

File: 1b4cae9da5f5a8f⋯.png (630.7 KB, 820x500, 41:25, ClipboardImage.png)

e4a2b4  No.2921709


microdick has proven himself wrong, we dont need confirmations. normies will figure it out or they wont but Q isnt gonna convince them if they arent already on board.

0a4a7f  No.2921710


Why wouldn't you be?

a5ae37  No.2921711

a9144f  No.2921712

File: eded5b37e2922b5⋯.jpeg (16.8 KB, 255x247, 255:247, pepe-happy.jpeg)

353f60  No.2921713



069c57  No.2921714


das rite.

Q themselves corrected their use of the term(s), way back

06b913  No.2921715




6c851d  No.2921716


>"NEVER make predictions" - Tell that to Q…

making predictions != calling your shots because there aren't any predictions required, kekek

853a32  No.2921717


Or Bruce Ohr lol

91d93a  No.2921718

File: 934d44ff5bc9368⋯.png (2.35 MB, 2100x1275, 28:17, CARD PLAYER.png)

8f3d40  No.2921719

fucking black bix is playing the full victim card to support the dem agenda

57e8b6  No.2921720

if the NYT anon didnt piss off potus, lying Barry should send him over the top! expect a rage

412d65  No.2921721


Mark Taylor said the day is coming when BHO will be on national television confessing to all of his treasonous crimes, but that it will be a stammering, stuttering, mumbled mess and people watching will be amazed. "THIS?! This is the man that nearly destroyed us??"

4b43ff  No.2921722

File: ebc893967ca9e61⋯.png (935.64 KB, 1000x1500, 2:3, 1510144523087.png)





OK, so let me get this straight:

Stranahan = Sputnik = Mossad.

Because we all know exactly who Guccifer 2.0 was. A fake persona created to cover for the Seth Rich murder.

This makes WAY MORE SENSE NOW. Stranahan isn't part of the plan at ALL. He's a fucking Mossad agent. Just like Fairbanks. Just like Loomer, Posobiec, AJ; ALL OF THEM.

87addb  No.2921723


kek true

but BO for Ohr is used in context well

466c37  No.2921724


They flavor their drinks with baby parts and are stealing millions of gallons of water for nearly no money while stating that water is not a human right. No significance at all.

2b21e7  No.2921725

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Trump on possible government shutdown over border wall


4c3ab6  No.2921726


Throw some quotes around it for more effectiveness .

e35e69  No.2921727

ca8e12  No.2921728


this keeps the focus on the crime instead of one specific named front group or tentacle… they use many names

d4e0db  No.2921729

Hussein has now set a precedent so that that Trump can hold rallies after 2024

fb45a0  No.2921730

File: 137f74c403f38d7⋯.png (267.3 KB, 749x794, 749:794, Obama's_visit_22,611_stude….png)

59754a  No.2921731

File: 67c9c54312bd6f2⋯.png (673.49 KB, 907x499, 907:499, ClipboardImage.png)

069c57  No.2921732


> "THIS?! This is the man that nearly destroyed us??"


just a deflated doll that used to be a better actor

b64d7a  No.2921733


I will consider this insight for future posts.

29709b  No.2921734

File: c0948d933554c03⋯.jpg (1.7 MB, 765x7073, 765:7073, Screenshot_20180907-121235….jpg)

File: a2ab3398edebde2⋯.jpg (118.09 KB, 874x495, 874:495, Screenshot_20180907-121728….jpg)

File: 1f8fd11bf9914a5⋯.png (166.36 KB, 3000x3000, 1:1, 1529702503684.png)

File: 242218583999a16⋯.jpg (67.51 KB, 720x530, 72:53, d2fe7e21-53d1-4ce6-a526-94….jpg)






>sumtimez ye git the elmo

<sommətimez the ulmo get (yü).


7a4628  No.2921735

File: 655d2ae6b3b30ac⋯.png (12.76 KB, 439x156, 439:156, Screenshot (345).png)


You sure about that Q? You better make peace with Microchip or your larp is over and all the money will dry up, paytriot.

0a4a7f  No.2921736


BO = Barack Obama = Bruce Ohr = Board Owner = ???

Don't you see how it works? All part of the same chain of evil.

2b21e7  No.2921737

6dfe34  No.2921738





It’s well established that many deep state actors have been arrested and working for “the show.” There’s also dueling “scripts” for control of the narrative. The point is, whether Hussein is already arrested or soon to be, Q skeptics are angry and feel lied to because they believe he never will be. And what does that mean for No Names funeral? Why does he get to die a hero?

39e7b6  No.2921739

File: c5376eb5552550c⋯.jpg (303.66 KB, 736x735, 736:735, IMG_028.jpg)

125193  No.2921740

ex R larpers be like: thank God for Montana rally, gets to use my audience deduction skills

so you doxxed the young lad

what you choose to do next will decide what side of this battle you are on

biblefags know whats up

a9144f  No.2921741

File: 114869e5edb4b18⋯.png (190.13 KB, 455x261, 455:261, i-see-.png)


>with quotes

344464  No.2921742

Fat Al Sharpton was the superior version


87addb  No.2921743


I doubt you should be here

5f2d77  No.2921744


Hellz yeah!

8f3d40  No.2921745

she isnt crying, i call rehearsal

0091bb  No.2921746


It brings up questions of free will. Did these idiots ever have free will or were they destroyed and put back together as basically a human meat puppet?

At some point even victims have to exercise their disernment powers and fight the programming.

Like the lady who went to the CIA headquarters with a gun in a bag but couldnt speak to the guard and ended up writing notes to the CIA guard her surrender. She was likely MKultra and sent there to create some false flag drama and she fought it as best she could.

Even victims have to fight. With everything they have.

Maybe this means we spare their lives and isolate them and give them mental help?

Could be.

4856c9  No.2921747

File: 03bff873b5f4385⋯.jpg (120.98 KB, 795x499, 795:499, spwg.jpg)

File: 2a1705f14ab4b56⋯.jpg (133.26 KB, 795x499, 795:499, spwg2.jpg)

File: 65c69402ec194f4⋯.jpg (127.34 KB, 795x499, 795:499, spwg3.jpg)

4dad82  No.2921748

File: 6d461b4db8494f3⋯.jpg (313.13 KB, 1179x623, 1179:623, trust.jpg)

I'll just leave this here.

But it will be in the next bread, too.

8d497d  No.2921749

File: b8c90c20a7a7774⋯.png (276.76 KB, 1350x604, 675:302, jackFOUSTmatlock.png)


you should check out Ambassador Jack Matlock's middle name. It's Bavarian.

116d99  No.2921750


Kabala Harris

353f60  No.2921751

Need a transcript of BHO speech when available.

Cannot listen to him - like hearing demons screeching.

5f9e09  No.2921752

File: 1472742d5430a2f⋯.jpg (52.83 KB, 1128x478, 564:239, domesticsintro.jpg)


Hmm, I wonder what they're trying to tell us with this one?

Hey, you cabal fuckheads, show us your true colors!

Don't be a tease, fucking do it already!!

69d5de  No.2921753


Cause here BO means Board Owner. Hussein means Barak Obama.

fbaa35  No.2921754


He'll be nearly 80 by then, it would be remarkable if he still did rallies.

853a32  No.2921755

File: ad9286af2e19c22⋯.jpeg (190.05 KB, 800x600, 4:3, DEUS VULT.jpeg)

[ 0a4a7f ]


0a4a7f  No.2921756


Make an argument then. Can you? The equivalences I suggested appear to bear out.

5b947c  No.2921757


look how beet red the second guy is as he leaves

e445e8  No.2921758


"No we don't need to find out if we are benefiting from modern slavery (read: prove to you that we don't). It's for your own good.

Just trust us, we know best."

93106d  No.2921759




981d7c  No.2921760


Did she just say she doesn't like Deputies with handguns?

e9b704  No.2921762

File: d22f2a6cd4cf102⋯.jpeg (673.06 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, D5DC9481-605A-4891-B421-7….jpeg)

>>2918836 (pb)

>cbs: qanon followers are crazy

Crazy like a fox

4c3ab6  No.2921763

File: b5e72197c79090b⋯.jpg (22.99 KB, 397x380, 397:380, thank you good sir.jpg)

7bc180  No.2921764



After reading that article, as dry as it was, a lot began to make much more sense

>He's a fucking Mossad agent. Just like Fairbanks. Just like Loomer, Posobiec, AJ; ALL OF THEM.

It does seem that might be so

8f3d40  No.2921765

I honestly would shove my fist through the evil bastards using this poor black girl as their pawn

96bbba  No.2921766


>Have you not thought about why DOJ appointed the equivalent of 100 full-time lawyers for weeks to review Kavanaugh SC nomination?

No - total swamp move since he's the Justice that cements the 5-4 advantage. If POTUS issued any orders to do that then I'm open to consideration.

>That feels strange if they think he is a good candidate. Perhaps they want to introduce Kavanaughs documents as evidence, something they can do under the cover of reviewing him for SC.

That's a big stretch. One of the most important nominees in ages was put there just to get evidence?

9d95c0  No.2921767

File: 9c53f5774b2c39e⋯.jpg (121.26 KB, 629x768, 629:768, Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at ….jpg)

353f60  No.2921768


His programming is getting rusty.

Time for a trip to Thailand

069c57  No.2921769


yup, the color change is impressive

clearest unintentional admission of fuckery of all nite

d4e0db  No.2921770

File: db52b92c06fca42⋯.jpg (238.44 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault[1].jpg)


Obama crowd was 1300 LOL

Trump has more people than that waiting outside to go to the PortaPotties at his rallies

4545a9  No.2921771

File: 6d6478a44002e78⋯.png (500.72 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

87addb  No.2921772


JC = James Comey = James Clapper

you stupid fucking newfag

I don't think you can actually be that ignorant

are you really being serious?

ddeb39  No.2921773

Because ISIS stands for Israeli Secret Intelligence Service.

0a4a7f  No.2921774


(Cause here BO means [Board Owner].) = (Hussein means [Barak Obama.])


360172  No.2921775

File: 7235878e276853c⋯.png (231.42 KB, 643x537, 643:537, 7235878e276853c952714a1059….png)

53abcb  No.2921776

WTF is going on @ Kavanaugh hearing ?

What is this BS

8dbc86  No.2921777

Both VP and POTUS super close to nuke bunkers right now

6c851d  No.2921778


..Which is fun, because Ivanka would be a hotty of a POTUS

513d07  No.2921779


microphallus is a


4545a9  No.2921780

6c0fd3  No.2921781

File: 8f5fa3b409ee19b⋯.jpg (144.64 KB, 640x526, 320:263, blogger-image--1303919747.jpg)



Hollywood demonization of our constitution and self responsibility. They paint us Patriots as murderous lawless psychopaths.

A psy ops campaign for sure.

ee0cf5  No.2921782

File: f630f35b9cd81a6⋯.jpg (77.57 KB, 640x853, 640:853, hp1g20bg6qk11.jpg)

File: dba08f297294b4a⋯.jpg (19.11 KB, 197x255, 197:255, Dmb4vDWUcAA1Ykj.jpg)

0a4a7f  No.2921783


You're proving my point. Clapper and Comey are likewise part of the same nexus of evil. That's why we're here.

8d572c  No.2921784


If true, Bill Clinton surely one of them.

1d5ff3  No.2921785


do not want

caab12  No.2921787


Bruce Ohr was also mentioned as BO lately by Q

5c054b  No.2921788

closed session today >>2921776

387cc9  No.2921789


Something about to drop? HAMMER TIME

44edb9  No.2921790

With Discord…

Do you have an account, and can you login and see your feed from, for example, an app and then in the browser? Like you do your twitter feed?

69d5de  No.2921792


Wrong target?

ec7afc  No.2921793

File: 057aefd37537951⋯.png (2 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, F74E95EB-008D-4EB3-9704-AF….png)

File: 189fc4cadbecfec⋯.png (794.77 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 122A5D79-1832-49DA-B523-BA….png)

File: 83bc7f441655c68⋯.png (2.62 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 390D3132-14D5-4AFA-BF8F-D2….png)

File: 332bb641c10402e⋯.png (330.7 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 1DDDB22A-0E25-4B48-981B-14….png)


Boston Police Captains Son sentenced to 20 years for ISIS inspired terror plot.


b250d5  No.2921794


possibly notable.. need more anons to confirm

5db345  No.2921795

Watch a class struggle between ASSange{l}s conjecture bots and cia fluffers of a orange painted corpse in polyester. It a trillionaire macabre roadkill for spectacle necromancy for narcosadists and butt fuck iTunes

e35e69  No.2921796


Wait didn't Trump say new slogan is

Keep America Great?

was he eluding to this?

or were they eluding to him?

885806  No.2921797

File: a3f6f3669d0c55e⋯.jpg (402.03 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, IMG_20180907_132140.jpg)

File: 4f4e52ae5057829⋯.jpg (557.46 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, IMG_20180907_132149.jpg)

File: 9b9f2eb7dba3521⋯.jpg (642.62 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, IMG_20180907_132201.jpg)

File: f72d0fbb7a8fab2⋯.jpg (382.61 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, IMG_20180907_132217.jpg)

File: 7225951abbb7b0c⋯.jpg (506.89 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, IMG_20180907_132231.jpg)


Low numbers, low energy.

63849d  No.2921798


WOAH calling out the people who had the audacity to watch and listen as Ex R supporters, that's BS.

I was concerned for POTUS, my intentions were pure. And for all we know, they could've been planning something nefarious.

I was not only able to listen to the speech, but use skills of observation.

The point, I think, was to show us chan users that we are heard in real time, by Q and the team.

Could've all been set up for us to pay attention to that, to test us. You don't know and we won't know unless Q confirms.

Those people could've been acting, or a real threat, or we jumped the gun. I don't think we jumped the gun, however.

8d572c  No.2921799

File: edca8006e00d3bc⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1278x850, 639:425, 16c10c8511a6de829d9c10a666….png)

File: a18bfebe492769b⋯.jpg (75.79 KB, 800x449, 800:449, a18bfebe492769bf18032ba4fe….jpg)

File: 7dd177126c95b66⋯.jpg (164.27 KB, 1200x799, 1200:799, nice dress.jpg)

File: 9575b31a5041a1e⋯.jpg (128.88 KB, 1862x1048, 931:524, wh.jpg)

Obama palate-cleaner.

f03c65  No.2921800


>>2921267 Stocks take a hit after Trump announces intention on Chinese tariffs.

>>2921543 Anon digs on Info Wars. Possibly controlled by Time Warner?

>>2921546 Corker: ‘Who Wouldn’t’ Write Anonymous NYT Op-Ed Against Trump?

>>2921611 USDA seeking details of "mind control" parasite research.

>>2921527 Wikileaks security researcher disappears.

>>2921392 Tehran summit ends with call for Idlib terrorists to lay down arms.

>>2921534 Putin hopes terrorists in Idlib will wisen up and lay down arms.

>>2921703 DNC political donations of Google employees.

>>2921667 Nestle says requirement to report use of slave labor would cost consumers more money.

353559  No.2921801


"Those jobs are never coming back. BTW if they somehow do, that was all me."

05ab40  No.2921802


BOOKER is a cry baby

069c57  No.2921803


yup it's almost like we have to use context and think and read between the lines - ohwait

e4a2b4  No.2921804


barak obama = BHO

bruse ohr = BO

6a4bcc  No.2921805


I remember reading an article in a scientific magazine (don't remember which one) more than 5 years ago about that parasite. Worried about how it would affect a human. The parasite literally controls the host to what it needs, even if it will kill the host in the process. Scary shit.

7bc180  No.2921806

File: 4eafa4f42e345c2⋯.png (30.84 KB, 639x264, 213:88, MMeadows re Zero 9-7-18.PNG)


e17d2a  No.2921807

File: d3df3d6399409dc⋯.jpeg (543.61 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, B8845053-90BB-4090-B863-8….jpeg)

And NOW we know who’s sending the sick planes into America..

af7c02  No.2921808

Hussein on the deadpool list yet?

353f60  No.2921809


20 years…


4320cc  No.2921810

File: 9aa0390d358439c⋯.jpg (53.63 KB, 362x362, 1:1, pepesip.jpg)


Uh oh he's got a blue check mark! Q's in big trouble now! alt+f4 lads, it's officially over.

2c8e7e  No.2921811


make this a global notable so people will have something retarded to laugh at

6499a9  No.2921812

OMG that display of histrionics of the anti- gun black chick needs an oscar.

bbbb muh brown and black ppl are more at risk for gun violence…wah…

bbbbut the stupid identity politics crowd lacks crime stats. These people are stupid, with an agenda.

If parkland was a set up as Q implies, how was that travesty allowed into a supreme court confirmation?

d8e8be  No.2921813

File: a3d9e89d1ff5aeb⋯.png (481.44 KB, 720x536, 90:67, 20180907_121639.png)

File: cac3cbcd31e8866⋯.png (639.6 KB, 720x697, 720:697, 20180907_121656.png)

File: 0ed8da099796f45⋯.png (481.98 KB, 720x732, 60:61, 20180907_121752.png)

File: dcc7bc2e5800f64⋯.png (1.01 MB, 720x1121, 720:1121, 20180907_121838.png)

File: 47255dbfdd7f68b⋯.png (1.2 MB, 720x1119, 240:373, 20180907_121806.png)

6c851d  No.2921814


We'll have to judge her by her fruits.

It is what it is; we can't have satanic pedophiles at the levers of power ever again either way, that's for certain.

069c57  No.2921815


classy compliment/burn

4545a9  No.2921816

File: b97447f7af7da4a⋯.png (143.83 KB, 473x548, 473:548, ClipboardImage.png)


free high quality choking

8e61d7  No.2921817

File: 0861b389acc9baa⋯.png (86.17 KB, 1521x244, 1521:244, Screenshot_2018-08-30 pol….png)


Well, when the Kent state slide came through last week, did some digging in the archives and found this little ditty quoted about the participation rates of subversive groups like the SDS and the Weathermen of the '60's and '70's


05ab40  No.2921818

they just lost audio at the kav hearing

99944c  No.2921819

File: 2382a37efa468d1⋯.png (275.72 KB, 974x601, 974:601, Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at ….png)

File: 27dcf38d7d6f64a⋯.png (561.35 KB, 879x533, 879:533, Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at ….png)

459205  No.2921820

Hussein said building walls around America can't stop terrorism or disease

This is a direct threat being made against the US

This traitor shouldn't be allowed to remain free to give paid speeches

0a4a7f  No.2921821

GB = George Bush

GO = George Orwell

GS = George Soros


GGG = BO = Bruce Ohr = Barack Obama = [Board owner] = ???

5db345  No.2921822


Occasionally the pecker of some treasonous sailor gets wheeled out to impress everyone . Then it's back to the orange zombie branding






d4e0db  No.2921823


Think about that. Obama was terrified that he COULD NOT FILL an arena larger than 1300.

So he is forced to go to his home state, at a liberal college, and fill with college kids.

d84c4b  No.2921824

File: 1613d30b6074568⋯.png (884.11 KB, 668x890, 334:445, IMG_2282.PNG)


Almost. What does that last word mean?


59754a  No.2921825

File: 7eec9934e6cb2c3⋯.png (336.48 KB, 640x360, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


c96869  No.2921826

File: 0fc96327037159c⋯.jpg (19.78 KB, 342x256, 171:128, organized-crime-israel1[1].jpg)

File: 1e53b638514a3d2⋯.png (65.81 KB, 542x912, 271:456, Q ISRAEL WHITE SLAVERY THE….PNG)

Israel Hebrew website says that the total annual profits garnered from white slavery in Israel have reached the US $1 Billion Dollar mark. (2005)

10,000 Eastern European and Russian girls are lured to Israel each year and enslaved as prostitutes.

Over the past decade, about 100,000 women have been trafficked into Israel in what Keidar calls “modern slavery”.

Leviticus 25:44-46 (New American Standard Bible)

44 – As for your male and female slaves whom you may have—you may acquire male and female slaves from the pagan nations that are around you.

46 – You may even bequeath them to your sons after you, to receive as a possession; you can use them as permanent slaves. But in respect to your [b]countrymen, the sons of Israel, you shall not rule with severity over one another.

Slavery is Legal to the Jewish People. A right granted to them by GOD!

And they take their Religion very seriously!

IF you Google: WORLD WHITE SLAVE TRADE CENTERED IN ISRAEL = About 13,600,000 results

IF you Google: Jews and the white slave trade = About 7,030,000 results

IF you Google: Jews and the black slave trade = About 9,100,000 results

These people are Professional Slavers, and they have been doing it a long time. And it doesn’t matter if you are black or white.

They are Equal Opportunity Slavers 🙂

The only reason you don’t know about it, is because they control all mass media.

Time to wake up.

VIDEOS in article

Sex Slavery in Israel

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EOZB4WrSRPM (9:47)

Abolish Slavery - Human Trafficking Exposed



885806  No.2921827

File: 6904e152482429c⋯.jpg (705.83 KB, 3000x2250, 4:3, IMG_20180907_132620.jpg)

f03c65  No.2921828


>>2921267 Stocks take a hit after Trump announces intention on Chinese tariffs.

>>2921543 Anon digs on Info Wars. Possibly controlled by Time Warner?

>>2921546 Corker: ‘Who Wouldn’t’ Write Anonymous NYT Op-Ed Against Trump?

>>2921611 USDA seeking details of "mind control" parasite research.

>>2921527 Wikileaks security researcher disappears.

>>2921392 Tehran summit ends with call for Idlib terrorists to lay down arms.

>>2921534 Putin hopes terrorists in Idlib will wisen up and lay down arms.

>>2921703 DNC political donations of Google employees.

>>2921667 Nestle says requirement to report use of slave labor would cost consumers more money.

>>2921793 Boston Police Captains Son sentenced to 20 years for ISIS inspired terror plot.

8f3d40  No.2921830


booker reeeed to loud

0a4a7f  No.2921831


it means 'unastan?'

441d0f  No.2921832

WTF Q? everytime we think we are out, they pull us back in. WWIII or Civil War, seems to be your options:


The radical departure from Trump's prior outspokenness against militarily pursuing Syrian regime change, both on the campaign trail and during his first year in the White House, reportedly involves "a new strategy for an indefinitely extended military, diplomatic and economic effort there, according to senior State Department officials".

069c57  No.2921834

oh, it woke up…


+click regex

353f60  No.2921835



Our local theater is about that big.

Small town.


539323  No.2921836

File: 307c2423c79186d⋯.jpg (8.58 KB, 254x255, 254:255, Jesus1.jpg)

c07f42  No.2921837

File: 582998418ee1148⋯.jpg (2.22 MB, 2079x7357, 297:1051, Qproof_Airplane_shot.jpg)

File: 061c8be1adf4fdb⋯.jpg (74.57 KB, 640x705, 128:141, shruggirl_datshadow.jpg)


You're a few months behind sweety~

449d02  No.2921838



>Melon Husk

Read that as Elon Musk. Damn dyslexia haha

4c3ab6  No.2921839

File: fd4e41a02b02861⋯.jpg (100.22 KB, 400x382, 200:191, madmenkek.jpg)

c96869  No.2921840



WORLD WIDE WHITE SLAVE TRADE CENTERED IN ISRAEL: Post “BLACKLISTED” Or “Buried” By GOOGLE [RE-POST] Modern Day Slavers – “Their God Granted Right?!”


For some reason we can’t find this post Online anywhere? Under our name or under it’s posted title. It was ranking near the top of the listing at number 2 or 3 spot. Hmm.

Maybe it will show up later 🙂

In the mean time, here is a re-post. It’s quite a good posting, actually.

ISRAEL – NOT SO COOL FACTS: Every American Should Know

heading from article

99944c  No.2921842

File: ae70506c8e1ec21⋯.png (371.76 KB, 574x575, 574:575, Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at ….png)


just sayin'

2b21e7  No.2921843


They call themselves IS now…

ISIS = Islamic State in Irak and Syria

IS = Islamic State (claming to be bigger than irak and syria)

31844d  No.2921845


>Research Parasite Linked to Mind Control

Neuroscienistfag here

If this is true about secret research with this parasite, Toxoplasmosis Gondi, this is scary as fuck! this parasite has been demonstrated to alter human psychology. it increases the risk of suicide and there’s currently no effective way to kill it in situ.

I’ve often thought this would be a great story from the science fiction point of view. Such a parasite being sent from an advanced ET civilization in order to alter human behavior on earth.

6a4bcc  No.2921846


Is that why Ebola is considered the next major threat?? It was created in the lab - are they now going to unleash it??

11b6ad  No.2921847



7bc180  No.2921848

File: 011540f3eb87825⋯.png (572.69 KB, 623x585, 623:585, DoD 9-7-18 3 05 am PDT.PNG)

69d5de  No.2921849

‘Pussy Hat’ Design Withdrawn After Activists Insist Some Women Have Penises

"An Irish woman has withdrawn the “pussy hat” knitting pattern which she had posted online as a service to fellow female protesters preparing for President Trump’s visit to Ireland in November: woke activists had pointed out to her that some women have penises, not vaginas.

I won't be making pussy hats. I'm deleting the pattern I posted. I am really sorry for upsetting people, I've read, listened and learned and while it was not intentional it was thoughtless. I will make some hats with yellow roses instead."

— Katherine Nolan (@DoChara) September 2, 2018


6c851d  No.2921851

File: bd2af21c3f9dddd⋯.jpg (58.2 KB, 638x682, 29:31, bd2af21c3f9dddd26f56622f5c….jpg)

5f9e09  No.2921852

File: c3d8524e1059424⋯.png (208.11 KB, 814x330, 37:15, WellShit.png)


Link doesn't point to that franchise, (It points to The Domestics), but I get what you're saying.

<On a side note; WTF?!