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File: e2b14f338e5169e⋯.png (1.56 MB, 2169x1220, 2169:1220, StillThe1st.png)

735553  No.2556557

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Q Research supports attacking terrible ideas with better ones. We believe the use of force only proves a bad argument. We are researchers who deal in open-source information and informed opinion. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




Integrity, for in Truth lies Victory.

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Saturday 08.11.18

>>>/patriotsfight/141 ————————– Could a new Telecommunications Act be on the way ( Caps: >>2555256 )

>>>/patriotsfight/140 ————————– The World is WATCHING (Caps: >>2555067 )

>>>/patriotsfight/139 ————————– Discovery.

>>>/patriotsfight/138 ————————– FAKE NEWS Consolidation (Caps: >>2554744 )

Friday 08.10.18

>>>/patriotsfight/137 ————————– [Fish]ing is fun. These people are stupid. (Caps: >>2543440 )

>>>/patriotsfight/136 ————————– PACKET (Caps: >>2541594 )

>>>/patriotsfight/135 ————————– ROUTE T (Caps: >>2541586 )

>>>/patriotsfight/134 ————————– STAY STRONG. STAY TOGETHER. (Caps: >>2541362 )

>>>/patriotsfight/133 ————————– NEW TRIP CONFIRMED. (Caps: >>2541336 )

>>>/patriotsfight/132 ————————– We are under HEAVY attack.

>>>/patriotsfight/131 ————————– NOW THEY ALL LOSE. (Caps: >>2539428 ; >>2539489 )

>>>/patriotsfight/130 ————————– CA/NY notorious voter fraud. (Caps: >>2539422 )

>>2538955 rt >>2538860 ——————- Re_read drops re: Haiti.

>>>/patriotsfight/129 ————————– NEVER STOP PRAYING. (Cap: >>2538789 )

Thursday 08.09.18

>>>/patriotsfight/128 ————————– THE CLINTON FOUNDATION. (Caps: >>2532676 )

>>>/patriotsfight/127 rt 126 ————–— What assets (people) were placed (spy) in POTUS' campaign? (Caps: >>2532453 )

>>>/patriotsfight/126 ————————– [SPY OP] (Caps: >>2532138 )

>>2530456 rt >>2530206 ——————- Comfy? Previews are over. Showtime!

>>>/patriotsfight/125 ————————– [Past 24hrs - Nunes Attack] (Caps: >>2530193 )

Tuesday 08.07.18

>>>/patriotsfight/124 rt 122 ————–— Digest and understand. (Caps: >>2500174 )

Monday 08.06.18

>>>/patriotsfight/123 ————————– AMERICA IS BACK TO LEADING ( Caps: >>2487564 , >>2487807 )

>>>/patriotsfight/122 ————————– Think Foreign propaganda ( Cap: >>2486911 )

>>>/patriotsfight/121 ————————– Psychological Projection. Define Conspiracy ( Cap: >>2486904 )

>>>/patriotsfight/120 ————————– Important to understand prior to next ( Cap: >>2484502 )

Sunday 08.05.18

>>>/patriotsfight/119 ————————– Trip update confirmed ( Caps: >>2467918 , >>2467908 )

>>>/patriotsfight/118 ————————– Trip update ( Caps: >>2467918 , >>2467908 )

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>>2555828 NYPost article on Bill Maher @ Sex Party, >>2555865 Snctm

>>2555847 More Oopsies by Bill Maher, >>2555891 CDAN Blind Item, >>2555941 Starring in The Pedophile Defence League with John Legend

>>2555889 Reminder: France Passed A Law That States There Is No Legal Age of Consent For Children To Have Sex

>>2555903 Facebook Now Demands Home Address For Reasons

>>2555950 440 injured in clashes between anti-government protesters & riot police in Romania

>>2556022 Former Bunny Tweets: Hi, Bill! I remember you from Playboy Mansion, do you remember me?

>>2556030 Anon points out discrepancies in POTUS posts

>>2556141 Naggerbitching Bill Maher

>>2556177 Follow The White Rabbit ..

>>2556180 POTUS Tweets "his beautiful waifu, Nelly"

>>2556227 Ketron Island = Epstein Island v2?, >>2556387 ABC news story on plane crash

>>2556234 Trudeau, Bronfman, NXIVM..?

>>2556250 Some fast digs on Maher

>>2556354 Bill doesn't discriminate between Ages

>>2556374 World Bank takes piece of the Blockchain

>>2556405 Anti-Trusts from DoJ, >>2556439 21st DisneyFox, >>2556472 More Anti-Trust more DoJ

>>2556436 Co-op Bank Drain: Chief Member steps down

>>2556489 Bill Maher Playboy Interview

>>2556495 MZ Vacationing in North Idaho

>>2556537 #3225


>>2555163 Decode of Recent Q-post

--Baker Change---

>>2555261 Codemonkey's Food For Thought

>>2555446 Oopsies From Bill Maher, >>2555439

>>2555677 Pope Frances Rewrites Catholicism Because It Suits Him

>>2555762 #3224


>>2554545, >>2554554 Anons Smell Fuckery with Suicide Pilot BS Last Night

>>2554427 War Room Report & Great Graphic

>>2554409 Rothschild worried about new world economic order

>>2554394 So Comey Mccabe Strozk and Page are all CIA? POTUS Twat Decode!!

>>2554346 Prayerss Needed for Our Great Awakenings Graphics Fag

>>2554327, >>2554389, >>2554414 Planefag Reports

>>2554946 #3223

#3222 New Baker Incoming

>>2554034 Breaking 911 Twat, Chicago, IL 19 Shot at least 2 Fatally Yesterday

>>2553985 Highjacked Alaskan Plane - Full Video ~ With Audio Of Pilot.

>>2553941 Jim Jordan Twat - Bruce Ohr to Testify Before Congress 8/28

>>2553660, >>2553675, >>2553695, >>2553732, >>2553736 MSM & Fuckery Afoot, Trying to discredit Anons Qanon Believers (DIG ON KATE!!)

>>2553600 Connection Between POTUS Message Twat and MSM

>>2553596, >>2553703 PlaneFag Reports

>>2553561 Same guy who died of an overdose in Trump Tower recently was guy who texted to warn friend about Trump Tower fire which killed someone.

>>2553516, >>2553550, >>2553620 Unite the Right organizer Jason Kessler Spook? employed by CNN?

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b656f9  No.2556578


Trips don't lie

98b36b  No.2556583

File: 67c8ca450023089⋯.png (1.12 MB, 724x2238, 362:1119, ClipboardImage.png)

thanks baker


"Serious Incident" Unfolds As NATO Jet Accidentally Launches Secret Missile Near Russian Border


a07a90  No.2556585

File: ab3693fc5c43acd⋯.png (225.65 KB, 786x462, 131:77, MaherCalledOutByQ.png)

7627e2  No.2556586

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Alex Jones is Bill Hicks

51d546  No.2556587

File: b1f898e009311ea⋯.jpg (113.51 KB, 663x1024, 663:1024, love.jpg)

9fd1ce  No.2556588

File: 801d1822526e7a5⋯.png (23.09 KB, 484x317, 484:317, ClipboardImage.png)


The InfoWars website has been taken down==

a07a90  No.2556589

File: ce58a04a943dadb⋯.jpg (18.6 KB, 225x359, 225:359, Fags.jpg)



8ccc72  No.2556590


He's been using Twitter to keep the spotlight on the investigation. This entire "investigation" is about to blow up.

71742a  No.2556591

"They" are going to make BO sec-gen of the UN.

809c62  No.2556592

File: f5c461484d77bdc⋯.png (1.24 MB, 968x737, 88:67, Capture.PNG)

Probably nothing here. But looking at Ketron Island on Google Earth…found this silo-looking structure in the middle of the woods.

What is this?

b43f83  No.2556593

File: ea59d8f11e7ecd6⋯.png (1.76 MB, 1501x1083, 79:57, CORTEZAJ.png)

c6fa4a  No.2556594



hey baker, old resignation thread is full, please change the link to the new one: >>2556574

thank you

073abe  No.2556595

>>2556507 (pb)

We could use this as a "proof" that DJT is a liar as libtards love to say KEK

c811a6  No.2556596

File: b85b7561854f842⋯.jpg (47.8 KB, 551x394, 551:394, pretty.JPG)


Thanks Baker

98b36b  No.2556597

File: b8bf8a83ebec023⋯.png (44.17 KB, 409x224, 409:224, ClipboardImage.png)


51d546  No.2556598

File: a1411d70b9e3edf⋯.jpg (335.82 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ham.jpg)

File: a192184a2d54a31⋯.jpg (97.95 KB, 594x389, 594:389, cabbage.jpg)

ohr family dinner

ham and kimchi

2c644b  No.2556599

File: f513b119f6167c3⋯.jpeg (76.23 KB, 595x458, 595:458, 223ED7D8-1F2D-4C42-9E7B-1….jpeg)

23c053  No.2556600


New York Times – Barry Meier – new story on Clare Bronfman – The Journey of the ‘Sex Cult’ Heiress: From Reluctant Recruit to Criminal Defendant

Readers of Frank Report may not find much new in the story – but most, I think, will be delighted by the way Barry lays down his story about the heiress who destroyed the lives of many and now very likely destroyed herself – by following The Vanguard.


Yucatan.com reports on Catherine Oxenberg’s book: ‘Presumed plan of Carlos Salinas’

An actress named Catherine Oxenberg said that four children of Mexican ex-presidents are members of the Nxivm cult, which was accused of recruiting women as sex slaves, including one of Carlos Salinas de Gortari’s sons.



Emiliano Salinas ruminates on ‘Fortune’ on his blog

It could be summed up as “Mistakes, I made a few [hundred thousand] but maybe it’s a good thing, While Emiliano’s essay borders at times on word salad, it seems like Emiliano is really merely excusing himself for his decision to be a part of NXIVM/Executive Succeess Programs for years [and participate in its manifold criminal activities.].

By Emiliano Salinas

"I have always liked board games, especially Chess . I am passionate about strategy, to see how much progress can be made with logical and well thought decisions. I did not like Backgammon -the as much-much older game than Chess, by the way. It infuriated me that the dice did not come out as expected, and that would spoil the play I had prepared.

I said that I did not like to play games where success does not depend on your ability, but on the luck of the dice. Today, I see that life, curiously, is more like …………………………."


2001f9  No.2556601



>>2556227 (pb)

The island was owned by JC Morris, an insrance salesman from Alaska. In 1954, he joined a delegation to visit Eisenhower regarding statehood for Alaska.





ab4ca5  No.2556602

File: c6cc1f16cce31a6⋯.png (21.84 KB, 639x230, 639:230, ClipboardImage.png)



acead1  No.2556603

File: 540e8746c7c0a3d⋯.jpg (675.5 KB, 1192x1844, 298:461, obama biden glorified terr….jpg)

05d7b0  No.2556604



23c053  No.2556605



Needs more digging!

073abe  No.2556606

File: 8eeae13eac02dbe⋯.jpg (28.12 KB, 351x351, 1:1, absolutely_subversive.jpg)


>Our A.G. is scared stiff and Missing in Action

>scared stiff

866eaa  No.2556607


Or your connection sucks.

Or my connection sucks also…

Hol' up.

95471f  No.2556608

File: 3e0b470989d0b6b⋯.jpg (434.18 KB, 1915x685, 383:137, BSK265 11 Aug 18 1955.jpg)


BSK265 descending towards St. Louis, MO. Spoopy ATN flight left Cincinnati a short time ago, no call sign or tail number.

d37384  No.2556609

File: 59686afffaa2d72⋯.jpg (71.25 KB, 500x750, 2:3, Baker.jpg)

dad5a5  No.2556610

File: 2af72efd2962575⋯.png (83.29 KB, 660x243, 220:81, Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at ….png)

File: 283823bda8f0f11⋯.png (475.84 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at ….png)

File: 0c23ec54777f995⋯.png (47.26 KB, 716x161, 716:161, Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at ….png)

File: ccdf7c9e1f97935⋯.png (43.87 KB, 347x192, 347:192, Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at ….png)

File: d16e179e3e8da3a⋯.png (83.66 KB, 985x208, 985:208, Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at ….png)

So in 2010 (most recent report) 17 people living on the island.

Q400 plane= Q 4am (mockingbird)

Meaning of Ketron is "TRUE VICTORY"

Owner of the island Gary Lundgren and Trump have beef from a long time ago where Trump sued him for 75 million

Gary has been charged before with sexual harassment and he has also since ran off to Panama and no longer on Ketron.

Pilot name is Rich 29 years old…Seth would have been 29 now if he were still alive

Maybe this "barrel rolling plane" was remote controlled to this island to allow officials to have access to it. (it was privately owned)

Wonder what is really there….

49ee5a  No.2556611

File: f0609a07dabb603⋯.png (21.83 KB, 543x205, 543:205, 8-11-2018 bIKERS FOR TRUMP.PNG)

3b9fc3  No.2556612

File: 70de618beba4a46⋯.jpg (76.08 KB, 324x367, 324:367, mr rogers.jpg)


nice digits..

thanks for the


yo shills..

2001f9  No.2556613

File: d49ace8a3670cfb⋯.jpg (11.59 KB, 387x257, 387:257, Pizza_Man_(film).jpg)

I'll try this for a 3rd time…

I am looking for a Mr. or Mrs. Q. Anon. They ordered a pizza with sausage and anchovies.

The total comes to $15.23.

acead1  No.2556614

File: adec0d93fbea934⋯.png (406.08 KB, 702x448, 351:224, booms en route 2.png)

d23923  No.2556615

File: a3e16e13ff54808⋯.jpg (186.26 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, namerecall.jpg)

ec6ac2  No.2556616


i think this is the bakery homeboy Rich owned. the guy that stole the plane. shall we dig?

866eaa  No.2556617




b77cd5  No.2556618

>>2555951 (last)

He wasn't even at 10,000 feet above sea level, there was no oxygen deprivation. This scripted stuff, cover stories, are usually so obvious, like they want clueful people to know it's fake. 9/11 was the same way. Boxcutters?

147172  No.2556619


Nelly is a mans name, correct?

252fbd  No.2556621

File: d3128110324a058⋯.jpg (269.12 KB, 1000x1500, 2:3, d3128110324a058bdc6f862955….jpg)

Boobs for the Baker!

Boobs for Victory!

c2daf8  No.2556622

File: 163fe6ecc8ec003⋯.png (113.07 KB, 377x650, 29:50, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 391a04d6dd8831a⋯.png (380.61 KB, 1920x848, 120:53, ClipboardImage.png)

Anita Hill works for the law firm that made the WL-DNC-Russia suit website Q posted.




dd6c1e  No.2556623

File: 31c2b011cfe6213⋯.jpg (1.38 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, switzerland.jpg)


[+] Switzerland

c19ffd  No.2556624

File: e069a76c6beb68a⋯.jpg (85.26 KB, 1000x575, 40:23, PSX_20160801_141955.jpg)

What does it all mean anons?

2f35c0  No.2556625

File: 240d604d2918240⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1267x1268, 1267:1268, ClipboardImage.png)


Smiling at you

Bakers bring sunshine to life!

581534  No.2556626

File: e719c9787c2018d⋯.png (68.45 KB, 1628x240, 407:60, Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at ….png)

repost from last bread's crust

anons, too many coincidences here..

>worked at a bakery?

>wanted to be in the military

if they know where he worked, they have identified him

why hasn't his last name been released?


3e7e73  No.2556627

>>2556371 (lb)

>paying this much attention to Q shows they are really worried about Q

Yep. :)

fdc777  No.2556628

"Y" instead of "ie" for spelling of Nellie - something to do with this?

?? Is Nellie from a Y family?




22 Nov 2017 - 4:28:01 PM


Iran Deal.

Why is this relevant?

Re-read drops re: NK / Iran.

(Y) What does it mean to be covered in gold?

Which couple was photographed covered in gold?

The public release was a mistake.

Who released the picture?

Who has all the information?

(Y) What does it mean to be covered in gold?

Can you locate one other pic w/ Y head covered in gold?

What does this represent?




49bc25  No.2556629

File: 53c4ad62d86019b⋯.png (347.65 KB, 423x534, 141:178, Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at ….png)

b77cd5  No.2556630


I knew a woman named Nell. I think of it as a female name.

e10912  No.2556631


OK, try this stolen plane theory..

- Undercover FBI/similar planted as airport worker

- He takes plane

- Does barrel rolls to make sure people take vids

- Gets media coverage

- 2 MI planes tail for recon pics and protection

- He parachutes

- Plane crashes into island

- Now FBI/other agency crawls around the island

- They 'discover' pedo network

1dcd4c  No.2556632

Q, please throw us a bone and expose one of these late night talk show puppets….Their arrogance is unbearable. Please expose them. They are brainwashing so many people. They can not be allowed to get away with it…Bill Maher would be a great start. We know you must have the dirt on them all….Please give us something already..

ead792  No.2556633

Who owned the plane? Might give insight on whether it was our guys.

27f6dc  No.2556634

Is the AG in the Tweet referring to Loretta Lynch?

Scared stiff and in protective custody?

0a1deb  No.2556635

File: ae199f4171583c4⋯.png (39.13 KB, 720x520, 18:13, Screenshot_20180811-140022….png)

File: 429d7b5ccc46e9c⋯.png (295.19 KB, 720x805, 144:161, Screenshot_20180811-135918….png)

File: 0dfe486be94b7a9⋯.jpg (18.04 KB, 220x208, 55:52, 220px-FratPolice.jpg)


Chicago's police are run by/part of the "Fraternal Order of Police".

So Chicago cops are in a secret society?!?!?! Check out their logo! This is not good.

dc6ad9  No.2556636

>>2556415 last bread

Another temple?

866eaa  No.2556637




95946c  No.2556638


FWIW, Ann Coulter used to date Bill Maher. Wonder what she knows?

da8d19  No.2556639




Forbes, elites, celebs and big pharma stronghold.

8cea62  No.2556640

File: 0be8f563c051fd3⋯.jpg (66.27 KB, 411x500, 411:500, LkF-MaQnOxh3NUuR0mm0MXXK3e….jpg)

File: 94d7d567fe631c0⋯.png (205.6 KB, 344x589, 344:589, 3d9dabe3d36e6778a1f39d3c1d….png)

File: 8f3bf5ff5dd3bf8⋯.jpg (44.92 KB, 510x510, 1:1, 0fc3e093af372211b3bfdf6d92….jpg)

File: 040c79b320f702f⋯.png (791.98 KB, 475x578, 475:578, Mmbgh.PNG)

File: 5a52d597d05a532⋯.png (329.5 KB, 1329x927, 443:309, 5a52d597d05a53254d63cacfc1….png)


353dd6  No.2556641




Sara Carter said just last night that her sources tell her not until next year!!!!!

acead1  No.2556642

Like Peter Strzok when we first began looking into him, I can only find a handful of pictures of Woah Nellie Ohr.

Spook much?

9eeb9d  No.2556643


Verified account


3m3 minutes ago


Theeey’re heeere! The #Perseids meteor shower, caused by debris left behind by the Comet Swift-Tuttle, has begun streaking across the night sky and will peak on Sunday night, August 12. Get outside to watch or tune into our Facebook Live stream: https://go.nasa.gov/2OY27Dc

028809  No.2556644

>>2556563 - Last Thread.

My grandson told me about this Q fella.

So i'm here to bake with all you lovely bakers.

You might know my grand-son, Danny, he says he is here all the time and knows all of you guys. He quickly explained to me how this all works.

He said that his biggest dream is to be allowed to post Q, just once.

But apparently you are very closed about who is allowed to do that.

Can you guys please ask the highest ranking anon if he would reconsider letting Danny be Q, just once?

It would make him so happy.

9fd1ce  No.2556645


>The InfoWars website has been taken down


Working now

a92e3a  No.2556646

File: 3dbd95fc149ca02⋯.jpg (76.21 KB, 840x630, 4:3, 1534006548899.jpg)

Autists catch the message?

Think missile.

Do you believe in coincidences?


c72750  No.2556647

File: 33b7835eb4bfc1d⋯.png (101.42 KB, 299x168, 299:168, ClipboardImage.png)

e6c69e  No.2556648

File: 5b5c201cb7debb4⋯.png (190.69 KB, 720x1199, 720:1199, Capture _2018-08-11-15-01-….png)

POTUS just tweeted

Bikers are Fighters and Patriots

d71de2  No.2556649

File: 0f0e0828354c177⋯.png (819.36 KB, 1680x1122, 280:187, bMaher.png)

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.140 📁

Aug 11 2018 12:15:19 (EST)


Do you remember their names?

We do.

Who does Q remember?

Who has Bill forgotten?

Looking for these kids - from his own tweet.

bdea0e  No.2556650

File: 8f50d176631e309⋯.png (1.48 MB, 976x1484, 244:371, 2018-08-10_20-18-34.png)


Taking a wild guess here.

Any of these guys on the lifetime members list?


d37384  No.2556651


Can you imagine if Maher got exposed tomorrow? How much it would blow normies' minds?

49bd74  No.2556652

File: 3054ad4a180f6dc⋯.png (254.2 KB, 585x354, 195:118, Q40000ftBooms.png)


Nellie Ohr - He didn't spell it correctly…

da8d19  No.2556653

47ba33  No.2556654

File: 3ae64552b96a694⋯.jpg (914.36 KB, 2274x1080, 379:180, uncle.jpg)


"Alex Jones" uncle was a 32nd Degree Mason

b77cd5  No.2556655


Did we see him parachute?

84f633  No.2556656

Hotdogs and Matlock

Matlock is noted for his thrift and a fondness for hot dogs. In episode 158 ("The Diner"), hot dogs are revealed to have been his favorite dish since he was a young man. In contrast, after the series ended, his penchant for hot dogs was explained in the 1997 episode "Murder Two" of Joyce Burditt's Diagnosis: Murder. Matlock blames Dr. Mark Sloan (played by Dick Van Dyke) for recommending a disastrous investment in 8-track cartridges, in which he lost his savings of $5,000 in 1969, forcing him into wearing cheap suits and living on hot dogs. (wikipedia)

51d546  No.2556657

File: c5c8a5d3c2cdb47⋯.jpg (158.78 KB, 1200x851, 1200:851, BRONFMAN TURDEAU.jpg)

File: f66dc36c5da7927⋯.png (75.38 KB, 707x462, 101:66, AJ BRONFMAN.png)

File: 48201d6e30861c1⋯.jpg (69.1 KB, 618x420, 103:70, BRONFMAN NXIVM.jpg)





d19edd  No.2556658

File: 05dd44dbc2004f9⋯.webm (3.36 MB, 640x360, 16:9, go rick go.webm)

252fbd  No.2556659


We don't need to wait for Q. BM has been in Hollywood for decades. There is plenty of material here for us to work with.

98b36b  No.2556660



we were all over it last night

2dc86d  No.2556661

File: 7610caeefa296b9⋯.jpg (153.12 KB, 936x960, 39:40, 5e4dzdrpibux - Copy.jpg)

9eeb9d  No.2556662


yes! that is where the missile came from that targeted AF1!

163c75  No.2556663

File: 7d8c7f6d647da97⋯.png (269.76 KB, 473x534, 473:534, NELLIE DONLAD SAID IM BEA….png)

d4b5c0  No.2556664

File: 2a399df0aa5342f⋯.jpg (30.03 KB, 195x241, 195:241, haha.jpg)


Where's Alex today (KEK)

Where's LDR lately too?

Fish of a feather…

51e907  No.2556665

Turkish lawyers want US soldiers arrested for 'ties to coup movement'

Turkish lawyers are calling for US soldiers at Incirlik Air Base to be arrested, alleging they have ties to the movement behind the 2016 coup attempt. They want the base searched via warrants and flights leaving it to be halted.

As the political row between Ankara and Washington intensifies, the attorneys from the pro-government Association for Social Justice and Aid ask for the “arrest of the commanders of the US Air Force who are the superiors of the soldiers based at Incirlik and took a role in the failed coup attempt on July 15, 2016.”

The details of the demands have been outlined in court documents filed at the chief public prosecutor’s office in Adana, published online by the Stockholm Center for Freedom, a group of exiled Turkish journalists. 

The lawyers accuse the US military of attempting to destroy constitutional order through their activities with a movement led by Fethullah Gülen, who Ankara claims was behind the failed coup attempt on July 15, 2016.

“We want to arrest American soldiers for serious ties to FETO (Gülen movement) or in other words global American terror,” Muhammed Gömük, president of TayDer (Social Justice and Aid) told RT, adding that there are 12 “suspicious persons” implicated.

“We believe that all blames are true, absolutely, because we provided very strong evidence.”

Gömük said the investigation could spread to “lots of American officials,”including soldiers, embassy and consulate personnel. He went on to mention John Bass, the former US ambassador, claiming he had been “chatting with the coup team, according to a video record.”

In addition to their detention, the complaint seeks search and seizure warrants for the base, in order to gather evidence. It also seeks the halting of all outbound US flights from the base. Incirlik, an important staging base for combat operations against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS), is home to roughly 2,200 Americans, according to RealClear Defense. 

When asked by RT what kind of response it expected from Washington, Gömük said its reaction “is not important so much,” as Turkey does not respect the US.

Meanwhile, US European Command spokesman Mark Mackowiak told the Air Force Times that “any reports that US government or military personnel had any previous knowledge or involvement in a Turkey coup attempt are baseless and completely false.”

The petition comes after the US levied economic sanctions on Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu and Justice Minister Abdulhamit Gul for their roles in the detention of American pastor Andrew Brunson, who has been held since October 2016 on charges of belonging to a terrorist organization – allegations which the US and international human rights organizations say are false.

Tensions between the US and Turkey, both NATO members, have steadily worsened in recent years, partly surrounding Ankara’s crackdown following the failed coup attempt. The situation declined again in October 2017, when Turkey arrested a US consulate worker for alleged ties to Gülen. The two have also recently been at odds over Turkey’s purchase of Russian S-400s, with the US holding back on its delivery of F-35 jets to Turkey over the issue.


7011f1  No.2556666

File: fcc869f9678cb2e⋯.jpg (182.39 KB, 675x500, 27:20, yup.jpg)

7e6402  No.2556667

File: 963d69bf6af19bd⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1920x993, 640:331, info.png)


I got this. Note info bar at top…

0a1deb  No.2556668


Is that the space plane?

57d3f9  No.2556669



a07a90  No.2556670

028809  No.2556671


What message? fuck.

I was too busy trolling…

Well i learned that the hard way.

No more trolling for me…

2c644b  No.2556672


Turn all your shit off including the gateway hub for five minutes.

775540  No.2556673

File: 5601dbda5bfc34f⋯.jpg (231.73 KB, 1000x1405, 200:281, gay2.jpg)


please be real

c1c81b  No.2556674


Remind us again - what's an ATN flight?

e10912  No.2556675


Q400 plane= Q 4am (mockingbird)

Dude, Q Proof

71742a  No.2556676

9 months since Q first appeared.

The birth of a new global consciousness.

The birth of an awakening.

dde95f  No.2556677


Back on 6/26, drop 1591, there was some suggestion that the two MS13 assassins were actually killed before they could get Seth. Seth was supposedly killed by two govt. agents. Sorry, can't find sauce on this. Will keep looking.

073abe  No.2556678


Was the plane actually "a missile" that landed right where it was supposed to?

Or was it a test by the cabal so they know what happens if they steal a plane and try to get away with it?

acead1  No.2556679


Afternoon boss

Its still a little fuzzy but its coming together

Things are moving so damn fast today because youre kicking all the hornest nests!

84f633  No.2556680


"Citizen Soldiers"

49bc25  No.2556681


some are, no doubt.

252fbd  No.2556682


Kek. And nice digits. Quads.

027019  No.2556683

File: 7159d8fd94db841⋯.png (193.12 KB, 511x428, 511:428, ClipboardImage.png)

Hmmmm Anons my Almonds are getting activated here


Thomas Drake

> Thomas Drake is a former senior executive at the National Security Agency where he blew the whistle on massive multimillion dollar fraud, waste and abuse, the failure of 9/11,


f4f354  No.2556684

File: 43dd334e9107a89⋯.jpg (3.19 MB, 4512x4432, 282:277, Q Map Graphic 35.jpg)




Q Graphics all in GMT Update

Hi Baker, this post replaces >>2551998 Q Graphics all in GMT #35 seen here >>2556564

Please update the dough.

Godspeed Baker/s

23c053  No.2556685

File: affc04fdda43c47⋯.png (239.35 KB, 645x847, 645:847, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ce1fde329b91637⋯.png (19.85 KB, 631x363, 631:363, ClipboardImage.png)


NATO fails to inform Russia’s top brass on accidental missile launch over Estonia

August 08, 19:15

NATO has not informed Russia on the incident with the unauthorized launch of an air-to-air missile by a Spanish fighter jet over Estonia



da8d19  No.2556686



Q = 17 = population of island

400 = 0400 = 4AM

c2daf8  No.2556687

File: 0c9be52cad4b90d⋯.png (56.25 KB, 800x426, 400:213, ClipboardImage.png)


[4] min delta? For [4]00?

028809  No.2556688


I'm sorry, here → >>2556671

76a3f9  No.2556689

File: ddcffb2cfbcf5a9⋯.gif (484.69 KB, 300x161, 300:161, GxpN.gif)

>>2556373 (lb)

>>2556378 (lb)

>>2556227 (lb)

Population 17 on the wiki. lol

So. Im here:

fuckery on the island

white hats know, have to get to it 'legitimately'

remote controlled plane

Barrel roll (meant to catch people's attention, get people filming it, and wake up 4chan)

I played some video games (meant to make people take notice, point out game theory, and wake up 8chan)

FBI all over this island now.


<and will the anons please help us out and dig and meme it, so MSM doesn't bury it with their talk of a suicided by a barrel roll to the back of the head

d23923  No.2556690

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d37384  No.2556691


It was a warning from the bad actors aimed at you, was it not? Pff. They will fail.


252fbd  No.2556692


Don't try to dox Q. Big no no.

d7a530  No.2556693


she used to date Lynn de Rothschild's ex husband Stein also

she sleeps with the enemy a lot

4ce383  No.2556694

File: 5e8690fc3478210⋯.png (197.5 KB, 510x394, 255:197, KittyBoom2.png)

3df02b  No.2556695

File: 9d29f33c0d3a285⋯.png (986.13 KB, 1585x933, 1585:933, 9d29f33c0d3a285f5cd289abea….png)

4341e3  No.2556696


The Bill Hicks slider is the Same as the fl@t Earth slider

Same clown different day

05d7b0  No.2556697


I knew that the stolen plane by an "employee" was a cover. Just couldn't gather for what.

353dd6  No.2556698


Plane: Q400 = Q 4am talking points

Kriton Island…very sketchy.

b7614b  No.2556699

Q has been framing the fight for us. Started w Telecommunications act of 1996. Servers were set up at At&t and other telecomes to spy on US cotizens, i could have SWORE there were pics in Q-drops where they were pictures posted by Q of servers/server room/and or the doors of said rooms.

Was i imagining things? Didnt Q post these pics?

faec90  No.2556700


That’s BS. Infowars.com is still up. Works fine for me. “F” the clown shills.

ead792  No.2556701


We're all over it!

But them or us?

98b36b  No.2556702

File: e88fde23843228b⋯.png (5.59 MB, 3205x2794, 3205:2794, missilesidebysideX.png)



942f80  No.2556703

File: 48541d19b50306e⋯.png (3.52 MB, 1510x2328, 755:1164, 48541d19b50306ec55e163ad15….png)

File: be31be6b7ac1621⋯.jpeg (119.59 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, b97ec4e029c8cd76ff0e33b9e….jpeg)

2001f9  No.2556704


Investors who placed orders for securities, or purchased real estate, through Alaskan native Gary James Lundgren in Panama, did not know that he had a dark past in the United States, which they would have easily found in any due diligence investigation. Lundgren is engaged in the sale of securities from his offices in Panama, although neither he, nor any of his corporate entities, is licensed by Panama's SMV to engage in securities brokerage, a violation of Panama's securities laws.

The pollution case, which is styled "State of Washington, Department of Ecology vs. ==Gary Lundgren and Ketron Island Enterprises, Inc*.,"== involved Lundgren's sole ownership of a corporation (sewage treatment plant) that illegally discharged raw sewage into Puget Sound. The State agency found that his promises to remedy the pollution were not made in good faith, and ordered him to dismantle the facility, which he failed to do.


c72750  No.2556705

File: 2adf1e39591d04c⋯.png (440.14 KB, 710x664, 355:332, ClipboardImage.png)



61cd92  No.2556706


exactly!!…that normies don't see the humor in his tweets will never make any sense to me

95471f  No.2556708


ATN is one of the airlines that flies to Gitmo. The airline is Air Transport. This one left Andrews AFB to head to St. Louis, so it's worth noting.

acead1  No.2556709


I cant remember actually.

The only other name that comes to my mind right now is Matt Damon.

a07a90  No.2556710



IW is working just fine btw

0a1deb  No.2556711

File: 652d04008177204⋯.png (147.33 KB, 720x994, 360:497, Screenshot_20180811-140516….png)

It's this one that was jacked and crashed by an employee last night. He was suicidal. They played the audio from him talking to tower this morning on Fox

4341e3  No.2556712

File: 030d9e653b2363e⋯.jpg (48.66 KB, 503x562, 503:562, bill mar.JPG)

dc6ad9  No.2556713


They should just say its fireflies at this point.


235a71  No.2556714


WHOA, I'm a little flustered right now…

can someone explain?

Was the pilot RICH pointing us to dig on this island? Was the plane loaded with something? I'm so confused…nothing is as it seems..holy fuck balls.

b120e8  No.2556715



3b9fc3  No.2556716


is there actual video of dude getting onto the plane?

how do we know the voice of the pilot was really on the plane..

2dc86d  No.2556717

Did Bill Maher make that tweet to help Q? Regardless, it helps Q

163c75  No.2556718

File: 3cafae8529b62e8⋯.png (754.37 KB, 1280x846, 640:423, Screenshot_2018-08-11 Alex….png)



check your wires, reset modem, reset router, get rid of windows and install linux mint

b6ac9b  No.2556719


Maybe he was never on the plane. Remote controlled?

866eaa  No.2556720


No more than I believe that N119NA | AN911N was a "coincidence"

2e5f72  No.2556721

File: e10886eff3bfb21⋯.jpg (84.83 KB, 772x599, 772:599, 772px-grace1918photographe….jpg)


Praying !!

b42438  No.2556722


It was "guided"?

a92e3a  No.2556723









027019  No.2556724


Literally HEARD the missile

thought to myself … that doesn't sound like a jet engine

PNW Anon

ThankQ for protecting us

2001f9  No.2556725



Investors who placed orders for securities, or purchased real estate, through Alaskan native Gary James Lundgren in Panama, did not know that he had a dark past in the United States, which they would have easily found in any due diligence investigation. Lundgren is engaged in the sale of securities from his offices in Panama, although neither he, nor any of his corporate entities, is licensed by Panama's SMV to engage in securities brokerage, a violation of Panama's securities laws.

The pollution case, which is styled "State of Washington, Department of Ecology vs. Gary Lundgren and Ketron Island Enterprises, Inc*.," involved Lundgren's sole ownership of a corporation (sewage treatment plant) that illegally discharged raw sewage into Puget Sound. The State agency found that his promises to remedy the pollution were not made in good faith, and ordered him to dismantle the facility, which he failed to do.

a976a9  No.2556726


Nelly = Nel LIE

acead1  No.2556727

File: 2af83daf5a073a8⋯.jpg (66.65 KB, 680x365, 136:73, the russell hustle.jpg)


Those digits!

028809  No.2556728



Thanks ! I guess even trollers need a 2nd chance.

95471f  No.2556729

Correction. BSK 265 (Biscayne) is about to land at St. Louis. I'm tracking the ATN flight as it has no details.

3feccd  No.2556730



Do you think Q and Don sit down with a coffee and plan out the next few days shit posting on twitter, because it certainly feels that way.

It's not shit positing, it's laying a legal pathway but I bet they have a good laugh. And I'm sure Donald likes the baker boobies with his coffee.

I hope you Anon's realize history is being made, this is the biggest legal and political story in world history, and we get the boobs for free :-)

Your grandchildren will ask about the memes.

Good luck Q, God Bless

What a show!

4aba65  No.2556731


Yes Q did post server rooms

2a5491  No.2556732


No. I don't get it. Did Rich actually die?

Was he somewhere else when he was talking to ATC?

That was all so fucking sad.

57d3f9  No.2556733

File: bd061301c818327⋯.jpg (168.19 KB, 1836x966, 306:161, pepepopcorn.JPG)


I got my popcorn

49ee5a  No.2556734

File: be7504b4670716b⋯.png (64.15 KB, 735x895, 147:179, DNC.PNG)

DNC knows there is no way they could win this. They are just stalling.


1dcd4c  No.2556735







28b383  No.2556736

File: 9156bbf49dfc129⋯.png (200.86 KB, 1231x423, 1231:423, Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at ….png)



866eaa  No.2556737


All is emergency reset.

I'm talking count to 15, not just 10…

2c644b  No.2556738


Game on

353dd6  No.2556739


Imagine how he just happens to crash the plane on an island with a pop of 17 people and some very odd coincidences related to that island.

76a3f9  No.2556740



On it! said that last thread, Q.

This is where they CONTROLLED the missile from, though it was launched off Whidbey just a few klicks away.

Q, I'll also have your baby, no homo.

809c62  No.2556741

File: 69de0bcb0ca8e05⋯.png (606.75 KB, 473x465, 473:465, Capture3.PNG)



Top-down view

2001f9  No.2556742

File: 5a2e1794f45d096⋯.jpg (10.02 KB, 341x227, 341:227, autair.jpg)




b42438  No.2556743

File: d58108e0f34168f⋯.gif (1.67 MB, 450x250, 9:5, Metal ChiQ3 Pepe Trump (S2….gif)

b7614b  No.2556744

I welcome the attacks by shills and agencies.. cause if it were too easy, we would be complacent.. if everyone believed.. where would the angst and friction be that makes winning bigly that much better?



8b8fb2  No.2556745

File: bc8bbe80a39807f⋯.jpeg (11.18 KB, 255x205, 51:41, 3aaa49f2284f1839d367eb274….jpeg)


its 100% obvious that Bill Hicks is Alex Jones

252fbd  No.2556746


Q confirms. It's an op.

775540  No.2556747

27f6dc  No.2556748


The Ark of the Covenant was covered in gold if that helps.

027019  No.2556749



We called it a false false-flag.

Were we right?

2dc86d  No.2556750


Bring it on!!

d23923  No.2556751

File: 8b478a23b246503⋯.jpg (167.01 KB, 900x507, 300:169, Now comes the boom.jpg)

0a1deb  No.2556752

They said the guy didn't have a pilots liscense but he somehow could pull off all those manuevers.

05d7b0  No.2556753


We are at WAR. Not a game.

98b36b  No.2556754

File: aaa9a14a8b86d3a⋯.png (4.31 MB, 5189x2719, 5189:2719, allforalarp1sidebyside.png)

File: 8366fca74b34927⋯.png (3.56 MB, 4860x2983, 4860:2983, allforalarp4sidebyside.png)


samples 1 and 4


2dc86d  No.2556755

File: 9ce78f0bd364851⋯.png (69.01 KB, 692x503, 692:503, fejukgl.png)

This guy thinks he can beat POTUS in 2020

3d7850  No.2556756

File: 4e8ce052b61b3ad⋯.jpg (113.41 KB, 1305x803, 1305:803, 4e8ce052b61b3ad0447b6db51e….jpg)


well granpa I am happy you are here. He can call himself Q all he wants.

353dd6  No.2556757

be93f1  No.2556758

File: 2af2ee8c2cf249e⋯.jpg (112.69 KB, 671x870, 671:870, 6.JPG)

File: cca8d1cb8643be9⋯.jpg (77.23 KB, 679x490, 97:70, 7.JPG)

Feds want to seize Nxivm co-founder’s upstate home


c72750  No.2556759


welcome to 9 months ago

a07a90  No.2556760

>>2556610 Q400 digs into Ketron Island

Moar Notable

b7614b  No.2556761


KEK. Knew this was a YUGE developement past bread shills fu-Q!!!

f9e85e  No.2556762

File: 14a9e58795d5216⋯.png (116.35 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, 7AFF398B-DAB2-4210-85F5-7E….png)

Here they come BIll, right out of the woodwork. Should be an interesting week for you.

8cea62  No.2556763

File: 0b3cd06c691d3c5⋯.png (13.1 MB, 3030x7740, 101:258, Screenshot-2018-5-9 Iran 1….png)


U234 and U234 this way

ead792  No.2556764


Prayer warrior lawyer Anon. Praying for you constantly.

0a1deb  No.2556765

Nellie Ohr is cooperating, incase anons hadn't caught that from POTUS twat.

1dcd4c  No.2556766


It's always "NEXT WEEK"….Release the fucking Kraken already!!!

3e7e73  No.2556767

>>2556378 (lb)

You could be on to something.

23c053  No.2556768



We all know, or at least are starting to know, about the stop/fight 'the cabal part of this GREAT AWAKENING' But it goes a lot deeper than that.

To begin to address this in a manner which is digestible it is best to realize that the fight is not just one for OUR countries WW. We know they

want us divided but there is another often overlooked division, that is the division of the MIND, BODY and SOUL. They have used chemicals in our food supply to condition us to be compliant and to encourage illness. They use other chemicals and heavy metals in our water to dumb us down and cause disease of the mind, they use fluoride (among other things) to shut down our PINEAL GLAND thus shutting off our spiritual connections (SOUL).

Brothers and Sisters the other major part of this fight between GOOD v EVIL is in us ALL, it is in the HEARTS and MINDS of men and women.

If we all simply CHOSE to do the right thing evil would cease to exist in an instant.

The CHOICE is yours!

Peace over war

Right over wrong

Joy over fear

Others over self

Strength over violence

Light over dark

Good over evil

Cleanse your mind, body and soul so YOU can reconnect them for enlightenment!



b02fdc  No.2556769


All eyes on now.

Launch site revealed by search of the island. Kek!!

866eaa  No.2556770


What's the spacing count on these BOOMs?

Closer than last time?

8ccc72  No.2556771


LOL that's awesome.

d9547e  No.2556772

File: 82aedc4767a7506⋯.jpg (71.79 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 1MAGA:TED:CREEPY.jpg)

File: fd56d5153c6efae⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1187x794, 1187:794, 9MAGA:TED:LIEU:TRUMP'S:BAS….png)

File: b4c447f563b37b1⋯.png (205.43 KB, 259x323, 259:323, 4tedlieunevertrumper.png)

d4b5c0  No.2556773

File: 4d958a6314a952a⋯.jpg (29.37 KB, 195x241, 195:241, haha.jpg)

a912c0  No.2556774



214733  No.2556775

File: 649672eaf7bc641⋯.jpg (30.32 KB, 509x365, 509:365, clownjack.jpg)

b4c2ff  No.2556776

Q was he the one who pushed the button?

d9867a  No.2556777


The guy just looks like a subversive douche

ed22df  No.2556778


It was a message from the cabal it's why they chose a Q400 QQQQQQQQQ

57d3f9  No.2556779


Things look so small up here at 40,000 feet

c89937  No.2556780

Hi Q, off topic but I hope the recent destruction of the Turkish lira and the expulsion of the Clowns in Armenia, result in a change in guard of the US’s arrangement w Turkey. The Turkish people are a destructive people who fundamentally want a remmurgence of the Ottoman Empire. It is interesting to note, scholars have theorized the rise of the “Anti-Christ” to be from present day Turkey.

I hope POTUS noticed all the anti-American rhetoric from “Turkish-patriots” in reaction to the Tarrifs. It would also be interesting if Americans started realizing the relationship between Turkey and ISIS.

Armenia on the other hand, whose people were slaughtered and land stolen by Turkey, is a Christian nation filled with hard working and intelligent people who love America and Americans.

Turks have used their “strategic” location to bully the west for generations. They silence opposition and demand submission.

Maybe it’s also time to Make Constantinople Great Again. ;)

God Bless Q.

c93c16  No.2556781

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



c19ffd  No.2556782


Like playing a


d23923  No.2556783

File: 7b881ce583899ac⋯.jpg (57.82 KB, 497x536, 497:536, Moab Incoming.jpg)

502215  No.2556784

File: d45bf59e628ef5d⋯.jpg (153.83 KB, 1076x1076, 1:1, IMG_2622.JPG)

File: d3a23b8164bb987⋯.png (67.33 KB, 590x314, 295:157, IMG_2623.PNG)

File: 3ea392d0984fc6e⋯.png (1.73 MB, 1280x1083, 1280:1083, IMG_2624.PNG)

01d096  No.2556785

File: c40135758c319ad⋯.png (81.05 KB, 500x347, 500:347, abd3adafb090dbf659264912f3….png)

d7a530  No.2556787

File: 5f902d9e9db813a⋯.png (728.6 KB, 1366x1282, 683:641, 8-11-mirror-checkmate.png)


this post hits the minute mark on the clock for today

027019  No.2556788





the whole OP was a 'meme'

13b98c  No.2556789


And this Q?

https:// amp.thestate.com/news/nation-world/world/article216251520.html

28b383  No.2556790

ec6ac2  No.2556791

File: 4b6bca5c00d3210⋯.gif (2.51 MB, 500x500, 1:1, 4b6bca5c00d321022b2717eeef….gif)

b2f0c8  No.2556792


I own a print of this one. Got it at a thrift store for $4.00. KEK

d856be  No.2556793

File: 2e5252b98b09d0e⋯.png (375.21 KB, 747x676, 747:676, Rented Currency.png)


Do it Q!

b02fdc  No.2556794


Pilot was a hero.

Shits about to hit the fan!

27f6dc  No.2556795



Remember the black hat who can hack planes?


All remote controlled.

b120e8  No.2556796

File: 87c86c5eed76f9c⋯.jpg (72.05 KB, 840x630, 4:3, 3dbd95fc149ca026f6e3821596….jpg)


New Q post:

2018-08-11 4:03:15 PM ADT Q !!mG7VJxZNCI

ID: a92e3a

Autists catch the message?

Think missile.

Do you believe in coincidences?


DropMediaData(url=https://media.8ch.net/file_store/3dbd95fc149ca026f6e3821596fad2ff79f60f1e1f868eedcb4f170439482a3e.jpg, filename=1534006548899.jpg)

588997  No.2556797


Probably wouldn't blow anyone's mind too much.

Bill Maher has had shows that no one really watches - because he is a gross bottom feeder - for a long time.

78a98c  No.2556798

File: a71c5084fc08e25⋯.jpg (52.48 KB, 780x688, 195:172, 1428966993449.jpg)


muh feels during a fresh filter

55f0c1  No.2556799


Out of site come Monday Q?

5c04ac  No.2556800


I knew something was odd about that whole situation. Felt bad for the pilot, he sounded out of his mind.

ae8ed6  No.2556801

073abe  No.2556802


>Just a broken guy, got a few screws loose I guess. Never really knew it until now.

>Never really knew it until now.

b7614b  No.2556803


Kek! Yep! "Suicidal" pilot.. yeah fucking right! Same area as before?? Listen the tactic of shills and gov agencies are to detract from things we know to be true. Shills were just saying it was not important.. move on.. fu-Q! Shills!!!

027019  No.2556804


PNW anon here still

GF heard a BOOM yesterday

Wasn't normal

she mentioned it

Q confirmed


2f35c0  No.2556805


Let's not forget that NXIVM is the heart of a huge criminal conspiracy network

Where sex slaves is only a small part of the puzzle

Serious corruption in Arizona law enforcement

Collusion between US politicians. Mexican politicians, and the drug cartels.

Much more than Eric Holder

Here is a one page summary of one person's dig into this network of crime


acead1  No.2556806

File: 8eb9bb02d02a181⋯.png (907.82 KB, 1315x722, 1315:722, enjoy the show 3.png)


Cant wait!

We have been preparing for this and its finally here

What a ride

866eaa  No.2556807


Smoke em if ya got 'em!

95471f  No.2556808

File: df94bfc737fdbfd⋯.jpg (352.57 KB, 1021x921, 1021:921, BSK265 11 Aug 18 2010.jpg)

BSK 265 on final approach into St. Louis Lambert. MO.

28997f  No.2556809


Time to go to Washington in the millions and END ALL THIS!!

c06534  No.2556810


on the 17th? Friday?

51e907  No.2556811


Dude. Amazing. You posted the Comey one yesterday.

Notable Anons.

b651d2  No.2556812


Flown remotely? Like other planes flown into the ground lately?

479e3b  No.2556813


Fly By Wire

Stunts for Attention

Attention to Crash on Island

Island now crawling with FBI

What's on that Island????

a976a9  No.2556814

File: 84919f9451a05dc⋯.gif (409.45 KB, 840x488, 105:61, dancing pepe.gif)

28b383  No.2556815

File: 890083a06d21b5e⋯.jpg (54.93 KB, 800x450, 16:9, Do_A_Barrel.jpg)



The White Rabbit


'Do a barrel roll'

a912c0  No.2556816


Down They Go!

b02fdc  No.2556817


Pretty good pilot for someone not a pilot.

He hit the target. No coincidences.

e10912  No.2556818


We don't know if the Q400 plane actually crashed, do we?

Maybe one of the fighter jets fired a missile??

c018e6  No.2556819

File: 9605beab38c5b7f⋯.png (3.13 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, Trident Q Alpha.png)

>>2556471 lb

Absolutely. I do not like being re-designated after being in my spot so long. I earned my place there through dedication. I guess that is no longer recognized.

d9547e  No.2556820

File: 3b5bc8d7a8df20d⋯.png (491.13 KB, 825x581, 825:581, PocahontasAirlines.png)

File: 04b25038a3ef64d⋯.png (1.7 MB, 1440x749, 1440:749, POCAHONTAS:DNA:MOONBAT.png)

File: 42b76881d395aab⋯.jpg (140.86 KB, 949x960, 949:960, Elizabeth'sTruck.jpg)

We, the People DEMAND a DNA test PRONTO, TONTO! God bless America. MAGA


a07a90  No.2556821


Stormy before gravity got a hold of 'em. Not bad.

0230f4  No.2556822

File: 199dff9ab1e9abf⋯.jpg (20.47 KB, 275x344, 275:344, Peace-Is-The-Prize.jpg)


(((They))) will be JUDGED


Malachi 2:10

Do we not all have one father? Has not one God created us? Why do we deal treacherously each against his brother so as to profane the covenant of our fathers?

Psalm 133:1

Behold, how good and how pleasant it is For brothers to dwell together in unity!

John 3

20 For everyone who does evil hates the light and avoids it, so that his deeds may not be exposed. 21 But anyone who lives by the truth comes to the light, so that his works may be shown to be accomplished by God. ∞

2dc86d  No.2556823

So we can now assume it wasnt just a regular old tarmac worker that stole the plane. It was either MK Ultra victim, or blackhat

b4c2ff  No.2556824

Q when will all these clowns be eradicated?

027019  No.2556825




b6ac9b  No.2556826



c2daf8  No.2556827

File: fb8b908a5d82aa7⋯.png (20.08 KB, 1074x330, 179:55, ClipboardImage.png)


Look like anything to anyone?

c72750  No.2556828

File: 173d488a1787fe0⋯.png (61.34 KB, 500x347, 500:347, ClipboardImage.png)

df948c  No.2556829

File: 137023d07aff0f9⋯.jpeg (16.98 KB, 316x234, 158:117, 17.jpeg)

>>2556227 (lb)


Wonder who lives at

10101 Morris Blvd,

Steilacoom, WA 98388

Just changed hands in 2015. Seems to be the largest structure on the island.

235a71  No.2556831

acead1  No.2556832


Sounds like Remote control to me

And the F15 pilots chatted with him like they were having lunch together

The whole thing smelled like cabal shit since the story broke

2f35c0  No.2556833

File: 031edc5998be126⋯.png (1.34 MB, 990x1410, 33:47, ClipboardImage.png)


Oh my goodness


What are you getting up to

In the kitchen

When the baking is done???

e2b3df  No.2556834


LOL who here doesn't know that Bill Hicks and Alex Jones are the same person?

ead792  No.2556835


Two jets flying toward each other?

78a98c  No.2556836

File: 15a5755d3530409⋯.png (38 KB, 1024x991, 1024:991, Untitled.png)


reg numbers for horizon air attached

bombardier aerospace

is canadian

bombardier aerospace

oregon group invester

near washington is incident (thinkin missle)

e7cf5c  No.2556837


IG report next week?!

57d3f9  No.2556838

File: 2d005aae25c28de⋯.png (241.89 KB, 608x500, 152:125, moab.png)

a976a9  No.2556839

File: da28ed42a21bd41⋯.jpg (9.98 KB, 255x194, 255:194, pepe magnified.jpg)

b02fdc  No.2556840


The busy little island no one knew about…until now.

c5f7c7  No.2556841

File: 85b4e1c9a96fe11⋯.jpg (14.69 KB, 255x225, 17:15, pepe talking.jpg)

>>2556525 (Lb)

well we just witnessed how you can steal a plane

with ease. rockets launching, 757 in little rock,

conservative speech silenced. the Fuckers are planning some shit.

could be some White Hat fuckery to shed light on that island though.

interested. you don't see the plain crash, could have landed and a rocket was fired.? anyways the Planefags got some work to do.

912473  No.2556842


that is Imho an above ground fresh water silo, you see them a lot in the nw, not sure of the reason i can speculate

8aecd4  No.2556843


Praying on it Q

c811a6  No.2556844


-MKA Ultra'd (did anyone actually see him board?)

-Remote Controlled Aircraft

-Strikes Targeted Hit

588997  No.2556845



Gold stars for you, Anon.


866eaa  No.2556846


Oh my golly, you're right…

1da1ff  No.2556847

>>2556646 sorry posting about it after the fact makes it more Larpy

da8d19  No.2556848




Do a barrel roll

into gaggle.

a35c70  No.2556849

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



I'll just leave these here.

23b05f  No.2556850


Same part of the country the missile was launched from. Seattle. Same CLAS-tech that splashed missile used on Q400?

0411cc  No.2556852

Morning laugh


fdc777  No.2556853


Meant …Is Nelly associated/connected with the Y?

"Can you find an owl / Y there?"


bb66ce  No.2556854



2dc86d  No.2556855

File: 1bb13fcb2f36536⋯.png (357.7 KB, 563x557, 563:557, 93a80f3ada0a062f487c69f143….png)

19ae8f  No.2556856

File: 6c185a75d071d7f⋯.jpg (267.49 KB, 1700x2200, 17:22, To Whom It May Concern 8-7….jpg)

File: 90d76c10267ee7a⋯.jpg (301.25 KB, 1700x2200, 17:22, To Whom It May Concern 8-7….jpg)

File: 6547d7bafeba35b⋯.jpg (313.01 KB, 1700x2200, 17:22, To Whom It May Concern 8-7….jpg)

File: 6b3a97cf8b84540⋯.jpg (319.04 KB, 1700x2200, 17:22, To Whom It May Concern 8-7….jpg)

File: c3a1e2cac325a80⋯.jpg (150.75 KB, 1700x2200, 17:22, To Whom It May Concern 8-7….jpg)

d37384  No.2556857



What I meant was more in terms of instant karma, Maher mocks Q, Q ends Maher.

That would be a BOOM. It would give the sedated masses something to think about.

c19ffd  No.2556858

File: da6dfd4d04258fd⋯.jpg (218.13 KB, 1000x1480, 25:37, cast.jpg)


Almost like Nasim at Youtube


acead1  No.2556859

File: 9988799d46dd8f4⋯.jpg (94.04 KB, 560x372, 140:93, anons gold hollywood star ….jpg)


For everybody!

027019  No.2556860


I think plane is cover story for another shot down missile

353dd6  No.2556861


Is next week REALLY next week or 3 more months from now?

a9d872  No.2556862

So bad guys stole the plane and we shot it down?


01d096  No.2556863

File: 44ed4e83e2677cf⋯.jpg (90.04 KB, 207x306, 23:34, pepe-butterfly.jpg)

b02fdc  No.2556864


Q keeps rolling as the weak shills keep trolling.

3e7e73  No.2556865

File: 03038790035628c⋯.jpg (42.91 KB, 474x304, 237:152, police.jpg)


It's not just Chicago.

Is freemasonry and police a RICO violation?

78a98c  No.2556866



no Q400 matching news reports to Horizon Air

there is 4004 though and 4044 not owned by Horizon air


05d7b0  No.2556867

File: 5574dc09a2c3b47⋯.jpg (75.72 KB, 1440x810, 16:9, 354165463541.jpg)

File: 8a0194522037e62⋯.jpg (57.06 KB, 444x601, 444:601, 65416546451.JPG)




b2f0c8  No.2556868


Your post is very eat-a-dicky

beeed4  No.2556869

88da6f  No.2556870


Q is back on QResearch after a lengthy string of drops on PF


a84fe4  No.2556871


(((they))) were sending a message….look what we can do. they were trolling and it's not going to work.

19ae8f  No.2556872

File: fac479db58a38ce⋯.jpg (309.08 KB, 1700x2200, 17:22, To Whom It May Concern 8-7….jpg)

File: f1b9612725050e1⋯.jpg (460.77 KB, 1700x2200, 17:22, To Whom It May Concern 8-7….jpg)

File: 473331a5a427e69⋯.jpg (414.99 KB, 1700x2200, 17:22, To Whom It May Concern 8-7….jpg)

File: 46304679e8b981f⋯.jpg (352.74 KB, 1700x2200, 17:22, To Whom It May Concern 8-7….jpg)

File: e4cb155435d5070⋯.jpg (69.96 KB, 1700x2200, 17:22, To Whom It May Concern 8-7….jpg)

d9867a  No.2556873


This is fairly basic knowledge for most people here, but yes there is a fraternal order of police. Many police are also masons

8eedea  No.2556874


I recently read an article from a Q supporter suggesting that anons and those who associate themselves with Q, are not "Conspiracy Theorists". I'm afraid I'll have to disagree. On the contrary, we are indeed theorizing that there is a conspiracy. However, there is nothing illegal, unethical, or unusual about doing so. There's no question that evil people often conspire. That’s not a mystery. It's the nature of man. Theorizing about a conspiracy is what a court room does. It theorizes that a crime has been committed. If enough evidence is presented and cannot be disproved, a verdict is drawn, and sometimes a sentence is declared. The special council is theorizing that the POTUS has been conspiring. The problem is, no evidence has been presented to even be disproved. So you see, the "idea" that there is something inherently wrong with 'theorizing that a conspiracy has taken place', is foolishness. Look at the hypocritical media… aren’t they theorizing that we Q followers are conspiring? There’s another name for ‘Conspiracy Theory’ … it’s called, ‘due diligence’.

d4b5c0  No.2556875


Is the message painted on the side of the plane?

fb3edd  No.2556876


>was remote controlled

was thinking the same… maybe even if bad actor inside, some form of override? or overriding an override?

if these fuckers are using tech and hardware to drop planes and choppers you think we'd have some to do the opposite.

c72750  No.2556877

File: c7457ef04e231db⋯.png (305.68 KB, 1115x413, 1115:413, ClipboardImage.png)





b7614b  No.2556878

File: 003d1068ec5f042⋯.jpg (84.41 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, IMG_4872.JPG)


Antiaircraft gun this time

4341e3  No.2556879


9625fd  No.2556880


Any planefag reports?? Thanks for the update Q, showing us the light has changed our lives forever as The People, God Bless

ead792  No.2556881


The plane puzzle was fun, Q. Thank you for that. It's been a tough 10 months!

b0fbd2  No.2556882

File: d9bffd6e7a08990⋯.jpeg (278.59 KB, 640x637, 640:637, 837CA222-D10F-48DB-A7C0-F….jpeg)

File: 3cfaacd4f1a02ed⋯.png (201.5 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, 5F70BC6E-CF10-4600-A1AC-02….png)

c2daf8  No.2556883

File: 4ecd1ae96cfc832⋯.png (454.22 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b18703a76864cfc⋯.png (6.28 KB, 436x142, 218:71, ClipboardImage.png)


Oh shit, anon, you may have just won.

8b7a5e  No.2556884


EVERYTHING happening out of Washington State.

And CA inciting tensions with SA this week.

Trudeau, what you up to?

e75878  No.2556885


> I earned my place there through dedication

i guess you could say that… i put it in during my baking days, thought it a shame that we had plenty workthreads and archivethreads that weren't referenced anywhere but the catalog (and it being not so easily navigated). Yours obviously had its legit place there.

i regret not asking for BO to pin Newsweak/GreatAwakening anon's thread, too, shame that one was archived

735553  No.2556886

Nice work!


bb66ce  No.2556887

File: db55a7a75d6ee28⋯.png (1020.52 KB, 746x723, 746:723, Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at ….png)


Here we go!!

07b058  No.2556888

File: e5a83d60f0e5734⋯.png (227.46 KB, 500x280, 25:14, names.png)

a73f0e  No.2556889


pretty much convinced NJ is sitting over the portal to hell and the entrance is Princeton.

df50fc  No.2556890



We called this a FF !! Hmmmm… Let's shine some light on these criminals Q.

Trusting the Plan!!


da8d19  No.2556891


muh Alaska Air.

c1c81b  No.2556892


Thanks, PlaneFag. Have the PGA Golf tourney on in the background. Noticed it's in STL so your post caught my attention.

b4c2ff  No.2556893

Q is it time for us to take down the British via all out war… i mean its been a while since we taught these redcoats not to mess with our country

2001f9  No.2556894




163c75  No.2556895

File: 975082770be0ee1⋯.png (397.76 KB, 769x686, 769:686, redditbeats8ch.png)


go back to Reddit

28b383  No.2556896

File: 7e133e35d7a66fc⋯.png (37.35 KB, 938x138, 469:69, Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at ….png)


it does now.

912473  No.2556897


Ketron island

51d546  No.2556898

File: a0aa8141dbace49⋯.jpg (22.38 KB, 400x292, 100:73, Hans Stüwe - Cagliostro (….jpg)

File: 8638854abef4778⋯.jpg (18.57 KB, 474x315, 158:105, bavaria.jpg)

File: 71674e2f5880be4⋯.jpg (128.39 KB, 1200x964, 300:241, iz.jpg)

File: b285a95a34611aa⋯.jpg (270.87 KB, 1300x694, 650:347, him.jpg)

171647  No.2556899


Will we be able to decalcify our pineal glands and reconnect to source/God?

b43f83  No.2556901

File: 261e6df4bc6ad88⋯.png (301.61 KB, 1271x861, 31:21, ClipboardImage.png)


Public GIS for Pierce County here:


1da1ff  No.2556902


Mind if I don't hold my breath

942f80  No.2556903

File: be31be6b7ac1621⋯.jpeg (119.59 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, b97ec4e029c8cd76ff0e33b9e….jpeg)

File: b77ae807ef1428e⋯.jpg (55.63 KB, 600x500, 6:5, b732196c53a8c9eff17410d547….jpg)

9625fd  No.2556904


Uh I think that's what we call a notable round here, brilliant theory

57d3f9  No.2556905



13b98c  No.2556906

File: d59ad3face9c087⋯.png (23.43 KB, 819x1024, 819:1024, Greek_uc_sigma.svg.png)

ec6ac2  No.2556907

File: 457c54f96844241⋯.gif (1.12 MB, 320x289, 320:289, 457c54f96844241093a1d6500d….gif)


looks like a tiny missile silo

866eaa  No.2556908


A title box?

The "gun" from an earlier boom post?

b02fdc  No.2556909

Q marks the spot.

952693  No.2556910


any baggage on Q400

d9547e  No.2556911

File: 52b66818fa97a4f⋯.png (892.63 KB, 1440x789, 480:263, 1MAGA:ADAM:$7.8MM.png)

File: 17f7ae0ccb69961⋯.png (385.82 KB, 576x591, 192:197, 5Symbolism will be Liddle ….png)

File: 2acdca599a75e99⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1173x800, 1173:800, 1AdamSchiffMemeWithMemo.png)

de38a7  No.2556912

File: 1de810b1154dc15⋯.jpg (61.79 KB, 500x599, 500:599, 2fpaic~2.jpg)

File: fc77811e9db0d6f⋯.jpg (46.14 KB, 500x346, 250:173, 2fpdy5~2.jpg)

5124ed  No.2556913



51d546  No.2556914

File: 94f87b4b5e5ee91⋯.jpg (32 KB, 650x450, 13:9, leaf.jpg)

File: cf0a126b7a655af⋯.jpg (502.53 KB, 1242x810, 23:15, m.strong.jpg)

File: 26a54c3cf4abdfe⋯.jpg (19.29 KB, 320x240, 4:3, Maurice_Strong_s_unprecede….jpg)

File: 5ee429a5d97488b⋯.jpg (334.06 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, anthony.jpg)

2001f9  No.2556915

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




a07a90  No.2556916

File: 8c073bb9e250888⋯.jpg (58.45 KB, 654x498, 109:83, CoinkyDink2.jpg)


>He parachutes


More like the RC car that tried to ram the presidential motorcade.

1. He killed himself and all else coincidence. (no coincidences)

2. Cabal MKultra plus airplane controlled. (video game experience, kek)

3. Your theory, but he was never on the plane.

c1c81b  No.2556917



If it's spoopy you know Fungus is somehow connected.

8f5720  No.2556918

File: 8175b2759066984⋯.png (312.76 KB, 402x408, 67:68, dustyrhodes.PNG)

File: d26e5f4ba0b2f30⋯.png (12.41 KB, 80x80, 1:1, jeffreyboyd.png)

do these guys look like they could be same person?

2f35c0  No.2556919

File: 542d037e8c6d037⋯.jpg (151.46 KB, 725x1007, 725:1007, Critical_Thinking.jpg)


The ones that think critically

The ones that do not jump to conclusions

The ones that understand

How a clan can concentrate wealth

Over generations

First cousin marriage

Incestuous breeding practices

Genetic similaritiies

In all members of the bloodline

The ones who understand that similarity

Between two people should raise suspicion

That they are cousins in the same incestuous clan

Of the Illuminati

The ones who are not STUPID like you

3e7e73  No.2556920

File: 4198617542f471a⋯.jpg (11.68 KB, 474x324, 79:54, q.jpg)


I did.



cdca3f  No.2556921


They did say it was taken from the maintenance hanger.

42731e  No.2556922


Ben Afflecks charity.

DIGs 10-20 breads ago.

Connects to Clinton Foundation, UN, Jewish World Watch, Diamond mining, human trafficking, etc…

Congo, Sudan, Chad region…

df50fc  No.2556923


Q400 They were going to blame "Q"Anon for the FF.

163c75  No.2556924


reread breads we already covered this

942f80  No.2556925

File: 0cac7b28a91bcbb⋯.jpg (730 KB, 1872x2664, 26:37, 03baa8258b9d9c05ce1eab5416….jpg)

File: be31be6b7ac1621⋯.jpeg (119.59 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, b97ec4e029c8cd76ff0e33b9e….jpeg)

6723e1  No.2556926

File: 21744674947e1ff⋯.png (2.32 MB, 1295x625, 259:125, capture_300_11082018_12101….png)

Meetup canceled my Q-Anon account!!!

027019  No.2556927


it isn't that they are the same person

its that they both have weak minds

face = mind

both broken

so they look similar, and also, off, to you…

775540  No.2556928

File: 41a3037c97a4c65⋯.gif (2.25 MB, 350x243, 350:243, WTF.gif)


arent those typically underground tho?

48d239  No.2556929


The audio from "pilot" was obviously a staged conversation. Not realistic at all.

7323ea  No.2556930

File: 3a8e96b83bd74ee⋯.png (372.27 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1529396860.png)

588997  No.2556931


And what I meant was that no one pays attention to Maher.

"If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, did it really make a sound" and all that.

Or maybe it's totally "BOOM".

2749ac  No.2556932

File: 12931df443a0ce4⋯.jpg (27.24 KB, 255x255, 1:1, a91dcb5409ac74ab189e619208….jpg)


never knew that.

thank you.

cdca3f  No.2556933

Was it wired for remote?

d6f327  No.2556934

File: 90dcf3238d37d08⋯.png (271.19 KB, 544x530, 272:265, Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at ….png)

File: d1f0535e1e303df⋯.png (24.82 KB, 495x219, 165:73, Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at ….png)

File: b9337c544be65a6⋯.png (102.24 KB, 1233x539, 1233:539, Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at ….png)

da8d19  No.2556935



My grandfather used to work for ATT back in the day.

Always had spoopy stories about habbenings in Chester and Whippany.

Also used to scare me by telling me that the two above were second-strike nuke targets.

0b9ecd  No.2556936


Were (((they))) using a Q400 to pull a FF? Or was a Q400 guided to intercept missile?

2f35c0  No.2556937

File: 4f97347bddf099d⋯.png (1.41 MB, 990x896, 495:448, ClipboardImage.png)


Maybe you are looking at the wrong thing

Q said to look behind you

Reflect on this

548a13  No.2556938

File: 8c527c8c6f2a6d5⋯.jpg (53.89 KB, 255x205, 51:41, 8c527c8c6f2a6d55846416306b….jpg)

c5f7c7  No.2556939


Plane shot down?

MSM is trying to make cense of it.

that dont fly with this Anon.

d9547e  No.2556940

File: c93adeea393cbb7⋯.png (924.15 KB, 1428x796, 357:199, 0WeHaveTheServer[S]. Q.png)

File: f692f92e894cd98⋯.jpg (76.35 KB, 524x520, 131:130, 9MAD:DOG:MATTIS.jpg)

File: f7fbfa2886e8073⋯.png (776.65 KB, 1276x796, 319:199, 9MAGAfaceFAH-Q:Zuckerberg.png)

5bbb5f  No.2556941



An airline employee took off in a stolen plane at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on Friday night in an episode that frustrated stranded travelers, riveted witnesses and ended with the plane crashing about 30 miles from the airport, the authorities said.

The man, a 29-year-old who acted alone, was thought to be suicidal, said officials in Pierce County, where the plane crashed. No one else was believed to be on the 76-seat plane or injured on the ground.

“An airline employee conducted an unauthorized takeoff without passengers at Sea-Tac,” the airport said in a tweet. “Aircraft has crashed in south Puget Sound. Normal operations at Sea-Tac Airport have resumed.”

Alaska Airlines said in a statement that it believed that the person who took the plane was a ground service agent employed by Horizon Air, a subsidiary. The takeoff occurred around 8 p.m. and involved a turboprop, a Q400, flying for Horizon. The flight appeared to last just under an hour.

The employee would have needed the proper clearance from the Transportation Security Administration to gain access to the plane, said Alan J. Stolzer, dean of the College of Aviation at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Fla.

“There’s not an ignition switch with a key,” he said. “Once someone accesses the airplane and accesses the flight deck, they’re going to be able to operate the airplane. It won’t be the case all the time that the airplane will be secured because people have to access it in order to maintain it.”

In general, airport security is tightly controlled, and this episode will probably prompt additional measures, he added.

It obviously happens very, very rarely,” he said. “It’s a rogue employee. I think passengers should feel safe.”

Early Saturday morning, Horizon’s chief operating officer, Constance von Muehlen, said in a video statement that “our hearts are with the family of the individual aboard as well as all our Alaska Air and Horizon Air employees.”

The stolen plane crashed on Ketron Island, southwest of the airport, and a local television station showed a wooded area in flames that it called a debris field.

Sheriff Paul Pastor of Pierce County told The Associated Press that the man flying the plane “did something foolish and may well have paid with his life.”

The county sheriff’s office said in a tweet: “We know who he is. No others involved.” It added that it was not a terrorist episode, and that two F-15 fighter jets had responded within minutes of the theft.

Sheriff Pastor told The Seattle Times that the flight was “a joy ride gone terribly wrong,” and videos recorded by onlookers on the ground show the plane diving, looping and rolling over Puget Sound at sunset.

On Saturday morning, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House press secretary, said in a statement that President Trump was monitoring the situation. “Federal authorities are assisting with the ongoing investigation, which is being led by local authorities,” the statement said. “We commend the interagency response effort for their swift action and protection of public safety.”

Gov. Jay Inslee of Washington State tweeted late Friday that there were still “a lot of unknowns” about the tragedy. But he thanked the Air National Guard from Washington and Oregon for quickly sending the jets.

“The responding fighter pilots flew alongside the aircraft and were ready to do whatever was needed to protect us, but in the end the man flying the stolen plane crashed,” Mr. Inslee said.

Air traffic controllers communicated with the pilot to try to help him land safely, the Federal Aviation Administration said in a statement.

The Seattle airport was brought to a standstill for part of Friday evening. On one Alaska Airlines flight from Portland, Ore., passengers were stuck on the tarmac after landing and informed by the pilot that there had been an issue with another plane at the airport, and that gates were backed up with 40 planes waiting.

According to the Port of Seattle, which operates the airport, Sea-Tac hosts more than 30 airlines with nonstop service to more than 90 domestic destinations, and almost 30 cities abroad. The F.A.A. ranked it the ninth-busiest airport in the United States for passenger traffic in 2017.

1da1ff  No.2556942


well he attracted Stormy & she is real good at somethings?

23c053  No.2556943

File: f71e8014a19d3ae⋯.png (960.85 KB, 602x854, 43:61, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 93cc121b0f78cc9⋯.png (323.33 KB, 664x330, 332:165, ClipboardImage.png)


Syrian artists turn “tunnels of death” near Damascus into creative works of art



Syrian Army Captures 15 New Areas In Northern Al-Suwayda


Syrian Army Liberates 6 Hills And Settlements In Northern Al-Suwayda From ISIS (Video, Photos)


National flag fluttering over Inkhel city in Daraa countryside ahead of restoring state institutions



Syrian Air Defense Forces Destroy ‘Hostile Target’ Near Damascus: Media


US-led Coalition Drops Leaflets Calling On Civilians To Leave ISIS’ Pocket In Southeastern Deir Ezzor


Two drones launched by terrorists destroyed over Hmeimim air base


581534  No.2556944


wow fuck them.

307fd4  No.2556945


what was the last FLIGHT NUMBER of this plane?

95471f  No.2556946

File: 9f290612e88581e⋯.jpg (547.91 KB, 1919x953, 1919:953, ATN Fliight 11 Aug 18 2015.jpg)

"I'll take Little Rock for $500, Alex".

6cb6d5  No.2556947

File: 44f8d5d078ecaa0⋯.png (518.52 KB, 1217x560, 1217:560, ClipboardImage.png)

d9867a  No.2556948


Autist Airlines. Nice. My life is now more complete

2001f9  No.2556949

File: 44a8e177db540f0⋯.jpg (77.25 KB, 784x416, 49:26, KETRON2015.JPG)




Is it this home?


51d546  No.2556950

File: f4471a259578071⋯.png (32.67 KB, 690x614, 345:307, 6 sigma.png)


6 sigma event

d37384  No.2556951


>And what I meant was that no one pays attention to Maher.

KEK. I have to agree with you there.

942f80  No.2556952

File: 8aac6fb298f316d⋯.jpg (56.22 KB, 632x600, 79:75, 8aac6fb298f316d5989f8c1541….jpg)

File: 1168be720ab3865⋯.jpg (55.31 KB, 704x528, 4:3, 181bf58263e3d6eb7dc15f4d43….jpg)

File: be31be6b7ac1621⋯.jpeg (119.59 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, b97ec4e029c8cd76ff0e33b9e….jpeg)

ec6ac2  No.2556953


well who knows how far it goes underground, we might only see 1/4 of it

b4c2ff  No.2556954

Q how is JB allowed to be on TV talking all this bullshit.. forget about the mass arrests but this Sob needs to be jailed right now

f9d784  No.2556955


Hey Q, I have come to the conclusion that there was no pilot in that plane or "employee". My question was it (them) or us doing the remote action this time?

dc6ef8  No.2556956


Evil rules and enslaves through deception and division. Evil cannot win against a united humanity.

They want you DIVIDED.









This movement challenges their ‘forced’ narrative.

This movement challenges people to not simply trust what is being reported.

Research for yourself.

Think for yourself.

Trust yourself.

This movement is not about one person or a group of people.


You are witnessing a FULL PANIC ATTACK by the FAKE NEWS MEDIA & COVERT ALT MEDIA AFFILIATES (foreign gov’t).

They cannot contain or defeat what they do not understand.

Is any of this normal?

Think sealed indictments count.

Think resignations of CEOs.

Think resignations of Senators.

Think resignations of Congress.

Think termination of sr FBI…

Think termination of sr DOJ…


Attacks will only intensify.

Logical thinking.

Ask yourself a simple question – WHY????


WHY????? Because it is the way they controlled and enslaved humanity.

We the People have the power to save our world by uniting humanity.

World Peace.

We love you President Trump!

We love the military and all the World Patriots!

3a87f9  No.2556957

Save the Geometry Save the World.

2f35c0  No.2556958

File: cafa500a325f48a⋯.png (1.39 MB, 990x821, 990:821, ClipboardImage.png)


Q also said to watch the water

Sometimes you need a mirror

Sometimes you are not as smart as you think you are

4ee9bb  No.2556959

>>2556646 LE ready to enter Ketron immediately after the explosion, whether it was Q400 or an air/ground missile. Whether the explosion targeted a specific site on the island for destruction or whether just to provide an excuse for LE to enter. Love it!! The hounds are baying again in this house; first time since Snowden/Hong Kong.

4341e3  No.2556961


Was the agent responsible for the missile launch trying to run?

bb66ce  No.2556962



There's NO way some regular guy at a major airport just "steals" a plane. We were talking about this on nightshift. And then a barrel roll??

>Another thing is that recordings of the tower talking to him showed up FAST. Where are the recordings of the Tower telling him to stop?? Where any video of security trying to stop him. No way.


e92baf  No.2556963

File: b7fe4087aebfddd⋯.jpg (12.28 KB, 255x251, 255:251, Darpa Drones.jpg)

>>2556531 (lb)

>The future's so bright…


Not so science fiction anymore.


Watch it again. Think about it.


07b058  No.2556964

Why did it take MSM an hour to report the crash?

f69233  No.2556965

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

7011f1  No.2556966

File: 2eab895682bd487⋯.jpg (251.49 KB, 1192x850, 596:425, daniel.jpg)

ec6ac2  No.2556967


also its an island so they might not have gone that far down

3b9fc3  No.2556968


did anyone actually see RICH get onto the plane?

how do we know RICH was on that plane?

maybe no one was on it.

maybe plane was remote controlled..

how did 911 hijackers pull off those moves too..

remote controlled??

02ccaa  No.2556969

Q, was the guy who stole the Q400 plane ex-military and/or an MKULTRA subject? What were his true intentions? What was the target?

775540  No.2556970


oh good point

d04d6e  No.2556971

New Q

▶Q !!mG7VJxZNCI 08/11/18 (Sat) 13:23:43 No.141




[BC set the stage]


Could a new Telecommunications Act be on the way?


c018e6  No.2556972

File: 5e8fbe46e5ffdf9⋯.jpg (2.19 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, Autist Q.jpg)


I requested weeks ago GA Anons' thread be put back up. We have both dedicated our art to QAnons for free. I would appreciate if BO/BV put us back in our respective places. Being usurped by a new threads that are obscure is kind of off-putting

6cb6d5  No.2556973

Q400 water bomber:


27f6dc  No.2556974

File: d577a32d8202276⋯.jpg (294.94 KB, 640x820, 32:41, Screenshot_20180811-202103….jpg)

c3abce  No.2556975


Read that Prince Charles is the head of the Cult of Hell and is covert leader of Hells Angels cant find Sauce il dig it up

323a95  No.2556976


should be PROUD PIPES as well

5b96ed  No.2556977


A missile took it down? not a suicide????? fake news?

679e74  No.2556978

File: cc118e701ccc3f0⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1299x709, 1299:709, PYRAMID OF WINNING.PNG)

4f169d  No.2556979


pretty sure it was us

we will light a fire to flush them out..

a92e3a  No.2556980

How do you prevent the public release of incriminating acts that would forever strip their power away?

How do you BIND the hands of POTUS?

Two-Pronged SITU.

>>Test strength of midterms through private analysis (win/loss ratio)

>>Analysis below key metric w/o chance for recovery - START A WAR.

Think missile(s) accidentally fired.

Against WHO?

Relationships are VERY IMPORTANT.



05d7b0  No.2556981


How many unprecedented news stories have we seen?

Mathematically impossible.

51d546  No.2556983

File: c25e9b622b6b68f⋯.jpg (375.89 KB, 1024x1004, 256:251, AW crooked E.jpg)

File: 41b8dfcfa1055ff⋯.jpg (33.12 KB, 400x289, 400:289, pug winokur ENRON HARVARD.jpg)

File: c7a6cab058274c6⋯.jpg (75.9 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, harrow.HARVARD.jpg)

File: 986acf8e42ed4c0⋯.jpg (96.54 KB, 885x516, 295:172, adam weissmann.jpg)

323a95  No.2556984

2001f9  No.2556985


444d1f  No.2556986

File: 6cf277fad196c77⋯.jpg (111.53 KB, 1025x512, 1025:512, hodgmanohr2.jpg)


>>>2556180 (pb)

>>>2556529 (pb)

>>>2556538 (pb)

>>>2556541 (pb)

>This is how I see it and I may be wrong [kek] :

>(Often laughter is accompanied by truth that you are afraid others will not accept.?)

>I think the "Nellie Ohr"'s picture ID is a disguise.

>If you've seen her in other pics; for instance with Hogg of Fl -(and there is a connection there through a charity), she looks different.

>Does it seem possible C_A spies could be good at disguises?

>We'll find out when she gets called in for questioning.

>(~The oracle~ says that POTUS compliments these women on their looks for "ExcruCIAtion" to torment or put to pain.)

>I found out some scholars trace the meaning of the name of the hero "Odyssus" - to be "give Pain" "to cause to suffer] ~[to the enemies.]

>The Hero in that story wins; is recognized finally by his family [first the dog] and throws out all the moochers who have collected in the home.

>I am suspicious about how closely "Ohr" resembles "Hodgman"

>I wonder if they are from the same "batch" of DNA? Too coincidental. Or is it just those particular images of them?

>And Hodgman is attractive in some images, isn't she?

>We say how photos can be inconsistent viewing the transformation of "Page" for the Congressional hearing from the early [surprise] tabloid photos..


Some people haven't done their studies. 'Critical thinking" plus evidence will show Hicks was a fake death'

581534  No.2556987


holy notable

55ed61  No.2556988


ATCfag checking in. I have yet to look into this. And i have seen fuckery. I'm highly interested in the hows of everything. work in a tower.

d7a530  No.2556989


new 2 hours ago anon

observes reddit spacing


23c053  No.2556990

File: 1a58915b363604a⋯.png (1.03 MB, 763x870, 763:870, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5751d95cb0a08a8⋯.png (34.78 KB, 774x642, 129:107, ClipboardImage.png)


Qanon: Man Arrested for Threatening to Kill Trump Was A Believer: Report

Jeffrey Gardner Boyd, the man charged with allegedly threatening to kill President Donald Trump and members of his family, repeatedly spoke about the QAnon conspiracy theory prior to his arrest according to a report.

Pennsylvania State Police arrested the 55 year old from Tulsa, Oklahoma, on July 31 in Berwick, Columbia County. Officers discovered a loaded handgun and ammunition in his truck, ABC16 reported. He was charged with four counts of making terrorist threats with intent to terrorize another, according to court documents seen by Tulsa World, after he allegedly threatened to kill the President, as well as his daughter Ivanka, son Donald Trump Jr., and son-in-law Jared Kushner. Boyd, who is being held on a $1 million bail, pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Days before Trump addressed a rally in Pennsylvania in early August, Boyd allegedly drove from Tulsa, uninvited, to meet a woman he spoke to on Twitter, Tulsa World reported citing Pennsylvania State Police.

He was convinced unknown agents were holding the woman, identified only as Kate, who tweets about QAnon, hostage, according to The Daily Beast.


b120e8  No.2556991


Q in both reg

942f80  No.2556992

File: 0c30b51f6550db9⋯.png (113.58 KB, 405x481, 405:481, 1ab86e3198c1638a6161d1aa77….png)

File: be31be6b7ac1621⋯.jpeg (119.59 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, b97ec4e029c8cd76ff0e33b9e….jpeg)

File: fa9994251e78bc1⋯.jpg (106.44 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, f01e824ec4012682b8aef76c90….jpg)

b7614b  No.2556993


Q was this the person who launched the missile? Was he the one who was manning the Launch Control Center.. the one who twisted the key and fired the missile?

58a827  No.2556994



ec9e69  No.2556996



27f6dc  No.2556997




The UK was set up?

e10912  No.2556998

If you read the text of the plane guy he doesn't sound SUICIDAL.


b42438  No.2556999





In law, the situs of property is where the property is treated as being located for legal purposes. This may be important when determining which laws apply to the property, since the situs of an object determines the lex situs, that is, the law applicable in the jurisdiction where the object is located, which may differ from the lex fori, the law applicable in the jurisdiction where a legal action is brought.

84f633  No.2557000

So the man "flying" the plane was literally a a white hat "playing a video game", controlling the plane remotely, and this operation was a white hat interception of a False Flag, and a Laser pointer to the Island…?

027019  No.2557001

de38a7  No.2557002

File: 55e84095216d21f⋯.jpg (60.08 KB, 500x568, 125:142, 2fpemk~2.jpg)

File: d65f1a3ec81d581⋯.jpg (25.04 KB, 487x363, 487:363, 8483a60951524584d88d66d84c….jpg)

Trump is always kind to black people with hidden agendas.

99d65a  No.2557003


The world is highly connected! Evil everywhere! Like Cancer!

e75878  No.2557004


yeah, the whole story makes no sense… can't say i cracked it yet, though, far from it

>>2556980 hm, this helps

2423c2  No.2557005

What if there were no pilot at all?

Maybe it was remote controlled. Maybe sound clips were doctored.

Maybe it was a false flag to distract?

Maybe the plane was loaded with important papers that got destroyed?

3e7e73  No.2557006


Bill likes them underage.

57d3f9  No.2557007


POTUS cannot be bound, can he?

Relationship …. same state. Someone in Washington has a lot of control?

6723e1  No.2557008


Tbh, I never scheduled one meeting. Maybe that's why I was canceled…

c19ffd  No.2557009


Listen to "Rich" he is having a good time paying a "Video Game".


2be782  No.2557010


There are only about 17 people living on that island. Then the plane had a Q on it.

Direct threat to the Q team?

(I’m guessing at this point)

bb66ce  No.2557011


They KNOW they are going to lose the mid-terms, badly, and then it's over for them.

>>>Their entire future depends on winning majority in the House<<<


307fd4  No.2557012

File: feb3a5aef00e22c⋯.jpg (188.92 KB, 1918x1080, 959:540, 14.JPG)


Insanity. I am comfy no longer.

b43f83  No.2557013

File: 78f5a799a854256⋯.png (274.45 KB, 741x870, 247:290, ClipboardImage.png)

da8d19  No.2557014


>Against WHO?

Russia, Russia, Russia!

252fbd  No.2557015


Tensions high between SA and Canada.

Tensions high between US and PRC.

Either could have been a missile target that would have resulted in war.

0ecc52  No.2557016

File: 82763fa5ccad700⋯.jpg (102.9 KB, 814x415, 814:415, PATHETIC LOSER.jpg)

318f74  No.2557017

File: 6188acad6dd1179⋯.jpeg (60.34 KB, 413x395, 413:395, 6188acad6dd1179b631ea6774….jpeg)


Top Kek Anon!

1dcd4c  No.2557018


Can someone please explain to me what this plane crash story is about….I just read that the island it crashed in has a population of 17 people (wtf)….Its a Q 400 plane (weird)….Was this whole thing a sign from Q…I thought it had no relation unti now…What's going on?

07b058  No.2557019


They accidentally triggered an MK ?

549499  No.2557020


Anons!! NextGen=Tom Steyer!

See #nextgen

dd6f82  No.2557021


There is prior bread discussing remotely controlling aircraft… discussed at length right after the missile launch.

323a95  No.2557022


Try harder lame media

b6cf53  No.2557023


We're having a ball, Q

a07a90  No.2557024


Thanks for filling in the blanks.

8f5720  No.2557025


was there anyone actually in the plane?

Is it necessary?

23c053  No.2557026


Got it ThanQ.

Missiles Nato fired at Russia on Aug 8.

809c62  No.2557027


So these false flags are evidence that the cabal is not feeling too good about the midterms…!

05d7b0  No.2557028


Leverage global relationships (fake war) to prevent stripping of power.

Against US (WE THE PEOPLE) whom have the power.

Thank Q

d37384  No.2557029


Hmmkay, they want to start a war. We are already at war. We must crush them. Patriots will follow you to the end. Was it not 4% that fought the American Revolutionary War? Just sayin'.

f69233  No.2557030

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8ccc72  No.2557031

Sure seems like the Pierce County area is a major node of the Deep State.

252fbd  No.2557032


Also a possibility.

bc1589  No.2557033


CABAL SAYING: "we can still remote control airplanes"


2b3c3c  No.2557034

File: 383d1e88722fc1e⋯.jpg (28.97 KB, 267x146, 267:146, remote.jpg)

ec6ac2  No.2557035

File: d82d4641346c439⋯.jpg (54.82 KB, 634x723, 634:723, 1533608783787.jpg)

75309f  No.2557036

File: 3bef9f03a984a02⋯.png (187.11 KB, 500x361, 500:361, ClipboardImage.png)

Missile fired towards Russia


90d4f4  No.2557037


A Marquee on an old movie theater?

49bc25  No.2557038


Just love Norman Rockwell.

51e907  No.2557039

File: 5ff586cc4722819⋯.jpg (168.06 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 2469603658bfa3ec69ab319e76….jpg)


If you would enjoy doing so, could you please Q this.

c5f7c7  No.2557040


We cant have this.

A warning in Helsinki,

Now this.

whats next?

False Flag?

69f719  No.2557041

File: 0a159c9dd96360b⋯.gif (534.82 KB, 640x636, 160:159, 0a159c9dd96360bcbbf80ea970….gif)




Hope so, this movement was needing some booms to come to light, hard to connect digs while under constant shill fire. Hope you guys are staying safe, hate to hear when anybody dies but hate to hear of patriots dying even moar.


Recent missile fired at Russian border? Gaza situation?

3a87f9  No.2557042

File: 5eca33ab38fdd47⋯.png (100.53 KB, 1280x949, 1280:949, imaginaryreflection.png)


why is there an anomaly in a simple 100 unit deviation of an Einstein Tensor on space time?

100 (not 90) and 50.73?

171647  No.2557043


"Watch the water." – Q

Will they stop fluoridating our drinking water and replace with a decalcification chemical for our pineal glands?????

c19ffd  No.2557044



d3c016  No.2557045


I just looked that up. Weather camera was pointing the other direction. Had a theory that these two events were somehow connected and the missile was launched from this island.

If everything checks out, the missile couldn't have been launched from here but it could have been shot down here.

Just a theory.

679e74  No.2557046



4ee9bb  No.2557047

>>2556980 Target of missile 1 or missile 2 Q Team or a specific member?

9625fd  No.2557048


Planefag report???!! that sounds like a daym notable

775540  No.2557049


the nato jet that fired a missile at russia?

2f35c0  No.2557050


He was not just a regular guy!!!

He plays video games.

Don't you get it?

He never knew before

That he had a screw loose

By the way, stealing a plane is easy

Everyone on the ground at an airport

Is a professional and licensed pilot

They are wide awake

They are watching their surroundings in 3 dimensions

And they are in contant comms with Air traffic control

And all the other planes on the ground and in the air

When some guy drives a plane out of line

A professional lets him past

Because a professional takes care of his own plane

Same thing up in the air

If you see a plane where one should not be

Then you avoid it

This was simple to do

23271c  No.2557051

File: abc06f21d5df415⋯.png (555.04 KB, 487x635, 487:635, abc06f21d5df415d2ca79c7944….png)


Thanks for keeping us all safe, Q.

Drop a MOAB on their asses.

02ccaa  No.2557052

Q, do we need need to dig to establish the connections asap. Please watch this video. Obama/DNC ISIS and terrorism connections to New Mexico Terror Camp where kids were being taught to shoot up schools. https://www.facebook.com/stfnews/videos/1922962351114199/

d7a530  No.2557053


west coast, so i am assuming NZ and.or AUS as the target.. but cant overlook Japan

35a60e  No.2557054


They do not want Kim or Putin sharing information with POTUS. Think of the Pelosi video where she admits being in NK. They want to force POTUS to retaliate or risk looking like he colluding with dictators.

c06534  No.2557055

File: 890cc5181e10473⋯.png (267.26 KB, 920x685, 184:137, ClipboardImage.png)



f537e1  No.2557056


DEW ? ? ?

bb66ce  No.2557057

File: 52a6cb227e7fd41⋯.png (76.28 KB, 1524x383, 1524:383, Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at ….png)

For DC…HollyWood…#FakeNews…ALL of them, it comes down to this.


76a3f9  No.2557058


remotely controlled

0411cc  No.2557059


AJ bot back again shitin up the Bread

da8d19  No.2557060


Love how CNN words that shit, like they'd ever tell the truth or any part of the truth.

25d4c2  No.2557061


>Think missile(s) accidentally fired.

>Against WHO?

>Relationships are VERY IMPORTANT.


Does this have to do with the NATO plane firing a missile at Russian forces?

6fd031  No.2557062


great video. a little long but worth it.

3a87f9  No.2557063

4341e3  No.2557064


mid terms were their last best chance

if they can't win that….

then chaos is their best bet

4d2a2d  No.2557065

Wasnt a missle from france or something accidentally launched in eastern europe last week, I read something about it.

024f47  No.2557066

File: 61282e840748d98⋯.jpeg (243.12 KB, 1191x987, 397:329, CB84DB04-AA60-4B50-A14E-A….jpeg)

File: 4c05d76b18989b9⋯.jpeg (243.62 KB, 1218x1184, 609:592, DBDA3BF9-BAF1-4242-BF9E-7….jpeg)

File: f04a4f8ef1a5ae9⋯.jpeg (286.97 KB, 1207x1467, 1207:1467, E2E922D2-EF3F-408A-94C2-6….jpeg)

That Playboy Bunny that called out Bill Maher is a fellow Pede & a Q follower.

a976a9  No.2557067


Jay Parker a SRA survivor who speaks about the satanic pedophile cult in Arden, DE says in one of his talks that his mother (a generational satanist) told him that any town that ends in –ton was establshed by satanists; dates back to ATON.

2b5159  No.2557068

File: faa7bf217d16285⋯.jpg (722.71 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180811-142431….jpg)

File: b5a578674b51c3c⋯.jpg (639.32 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180811-142446….jpg)



51d546  No.2557069

File: da3429181fae77e⋯.jpg (85.14 KB, 620x372, 5:3, msg.jpg)

File: c6052b151e53c8d⋯.jpg (32.77 KB, 474x291, 158:97, my.filmz.jpg)

File: 568b6377eff26b4⋯.jpg (380.85 KB, 3000x1688, 375:211, pedo.king.jpg)

File: db2498561cbfc71⋯.jpg (1.86 MB, 4992x3328, 3:2, 311.jpg)

File: 510bd57290ce82d⋯.jpg (112.51 KB, 390x276, 65:46, sr.be.jpg)

163c75  No.2557070


own the media

9900ba  No.2557071

>>2556495 (lb)

>Why is he vacationing like everything is perfectly normal?


Do you honestly believe that guy is anything but a figurehead?

2be782  No.2557072


You start a war ….

866eaa  No.2557073


>How do you prevent the public release of incriminating acts that would forever strip their power away?

You don't. You just mock and downplay it and try to convince everyone it's nonsense.

>How do you BIND the hands of POTUS?

Paul Vixie… Alfabank.

>Two-Pronged SITU.

A fork in the road, you say…

>>>Test strength of midterms through private analysis (win/loss ratio)

There's no way in hell Ohio was legitimately that close.

>>>Analysis below key metric w/o chance for recovery - START A WAR.

Resorting to force is proof of a bad argument.

>Think missile(s) accidentally fired.

"Accidentally". Might as well say "coincidentally".

>Against WHO?

Why against the World Health Organization?

>Relationships are VERY IMPORTANT.

You scratch my back…


"sendmail", but then we're back to Paul Vixie.



323a95  No.2557074


I wonder how long before they claim he was a Qanon

3a87f9  No.2557075

File: 819ef164d166b1f⋯.png (82.26 KB, 1280x947, 1280:947, geometryoftensor4Ddeviatio….png)

2001f9  No.2557076

File: ce2e46acf7a94d8⋯.png (198.99 KB, 299x757, 299:757, dncserver.png)

2a6cca  No.2557077

File: d05c48c8860ecf5⋯.jpg (126.64 KB, 394x403, 394:403, g small blank.jpg)

23c053  No.2557078




3e7e73  No.2557079


Think remote control and staged conversation with ATC.

07b058  No.2557081


They either have to win the House or start a nuclear war

9c0f21  No.2557082

File: 003aea902794e7a⋯.png (316.67 KB, 585x573, 195:191, ClipboardImage.png)



b4c2ff  No.2557083

One more reason the globalists need to be eradicated. Send in the Marines this is bullshit

b1ebb9  No.2557084


No Accidents.

No Coincidences.


2f35c0  No.2557085


How do you know they are not cousins

In an incestuous clan?

502215  No.2557086

File: 21d35f92dfec406⋯.png (1.6 MB, 1280x1083, 1280:1083, IMG_2585.PNG)

File: b8c247ebf44d769⋯.png (1.67 MB, 1280x1083, 1280:1083, IMG_2586.PNG)

File: fb6dc51a7add72d⋯.png (652.52 KB, 1280x1083, 1280:1083, IMG_2587.PNG)

866eaa  No.2557087


What Q is getting at


4ee9bb  No.2557088


Who is starting a war against whom?

/deepstate/ starting what kind of a war?

Open source indicia/evidence of the war?

The information war is blatant.

Is Q speaking of the information war only? Or a 'hot war'.

Missile(s) suggests 'hot war' → physical kinetic objects flung at targets.

da8d19  No.2557089


Not the planes.

The People!

f6c6db  No.2557090

c19ffd  No.2557091


What guy, you mean "Rich"?

He was sitting at a console flying that plane like a champ.


Too bad the GOODGUYS took over

76a3f9  No.2557092

File: d853da21180b56d⋯.jpg (557.71 KB, 800x4200, 4:21, 6be99f69267344e04c58a56054….jpg)

File: 727a3a875470b4a⋯.png (2.49 MB, 1920x3709, 1920:3709, 727a3a875470b4a1ae4e8b6a06….png)

File: 4860ef6172a2647⋯.jpg (1.69 MB, 1920x2220, 32:37, 4860ef6172a26477c96249138e….jpg)


No, the missile fired against POTUS, launched off whidbey island

b7614b  No.2557093


Plane was diversion for another missile launch.. Russia or China destination for sure, but w such a thin veil of why?? Wouldnt the red phones ring and questions asked while in air? Wouldnt target know this was deepstate and know where they needed to assert their force? Is anyone in the target destination country going ro upp the fight againat the deepstate w us?

8b7a5e  No.2557094


What is important is that if comics can ridicule anti pedophiles, it normalizes the conversation when it is exposed.

Minor Attracted Person my ass! Even murderers know these guys are the lowest of the low

87e1dd  No.2557095


War scare with CHINA

would cause Dems to say Trump is causing war with

a country we have worked with for years.

The scare is CHINA FF war

d43f6c  No.2557096




a07a90  No.2557097



0797fe  No.2557100


What is SITU?

6f85de  No.2557101


Those evil sons of bitches were going to kill innocent people and blame it on Q using this plane as a missile.

Q, if you're reading this: PUBLIC HANGINGS

2a3cb1  No.2557102

File: 6a3c83bf764b44b⋯.jpg (57.36 KB, 931x524, 931:524, 1528722815663.jpg)


Justin "Eyebrows" Trudeau KNEW about the missile. "Special place in hell."

252fbd  No.2557103


Kate appears to be /ourgirl/. Can we get some boobs up in here?

8ff8a1  No.2557104


So -

Drone to strike out missile launch site?

I'm slowfagging it today…

Not stolen, intentionally crashed?

2dd466  No.2557105

File: 2ecd9c34b2dbdce⋯.png (1.33 MB, 1692x1692, 1:1, misslered.png)


Confirmed on the Q Clock.

3ab9c9  No.2557106


I believe we need to WIN before the Mid Terms to Prevent skullduggery!

PULL the Trigger!

5bbb5f  No.2557107

File: 812a37b5f272d7c⋯.png (180.42 KB, 992x1044, 248:261, 5a6c23836eefa36ee4f868b18e….png)

2b5159  No.2557108

File: 1ee55ed9edbd94d⋯.jpg (450.19 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180811-142622….jpg)

File: 72c6388dbe79f03⋯.jpg (1.05 MB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180811-142632….jpg)


29539a  No.2557109


They know they can't win, war is shooting war is their only option !!! A war takes away WACO… Like Dance party !!!

05f0d0  No.2557110

File: 60491c01dc80efc⋯.png (521.35 KB, 1000x562, 500:281, BM RT.png)

File: 811449f1c3e0bb7⋯.png (155.88 KB, 411x231, 137:77, BM Logo.png)

File: 595560a934c688a⋯.png (251.34 KB, 329x442, 329:442, BM Head.png)

File: 12f622365842ea9⋯.png (172.25 KB, 500x267, 500:267, BM Logo SNCTM.png)

c1c81b  No.2557111


If that's the layman version I sure don't want to see the legal one.

b120e8  No.2557112


Alright. I'm convinced. Q is a time traveller.

c018e6  No.2557113

File: 5fdd5bca0b9c80b⋯.png (589.16 KB, 2560x2560, 1:1, Capricorn Q Alpha.png)


Awesome, Will do Anon

6723e1  No.2557114


Digging on Meetup…

be93f1  No.2557115

File: 0867a3ae40789fb⋯.jpg (156.7 KB, 733x675, 733:675, 6.JPG)



a30775  No.2557116


Saw the story at https: //theaviationist.com/2018/08/11/f-15cs-intercept-stolen-dash-8-airliner-out-of-seattle-tacoma-airport-before-crash/ this morning – i'm no SB, but the official story was completely bogus. Doing that kind of maneuvering in a commercial turboprop is not the kind of things a maintenance worker could pull off. Back in the day, Robert A. (Bob) Hoover would do such things in a Rockwell Commander, but keeping the load within limits is not the work of a one time crazy.

d9547e  No.2557117

File: e37b9ef663d81f5⋯.jpg (48.69 KB, 283x424, 283:424, Prayer:POTUS:AMEN.jpg)

File: 8e4cda3672f45da⋯.jpg (56.35 KB, 780x440, 39:22, BestPresidentEver.jpg)

File: b32c03cd7ec84e8⋯.jpg (125.04 KB, 799x500, 799:500, Prayer:USSS.jpg)

God bless President Donald J. Trump and God bless the United States of America. MAGA


2f35c0  No.2557118


Then you will adore

David Dubnitskiy

A Ukrainian photographer

27f6dc  No.2557119


Because we don't have the correct understanding of callibrating the metric tensor locally and we don't understand how to apply the Copernican Principle correctly.

353dd6  No.2557120



2b5159  No.2557121

File: 007f6655e309ecf⋯.jpg (554.03 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180811-141109….jpg)

e2e785  No.2557122


You can source non-fluoridated water and decalcify yourself. It sucks, I know.

5005c7  No.2557123

File: b12efb371f9ae6d⋯.png (435.85 KB, 1270x646, 635:323, Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at ….png)


Missile accidentally fired re: NATO / Russia 2 days ago?


308393  No.2557124

File: 73aa27859d8ed18⋯.png (1.28 MB, 978x536, 489:268, HIJACK Q 400 PARKLAND.PNG)


Wouldn't be surprised if he'd been heading to PARKLAND to make a statement (but got taken out while over less-populated area)???

588997  No.2557125

Good night (for me), Anons.

Hope tomorrow morning yields some interesting reading.

Good digs go very well with coffee and toast, you know?


b42438  No.2557126




Small Integrated Transmitter Unit

256db0  No.2557127


Also Q400.com redirects to https://commercialaircraft.bombardier.com/en/fleet-solutions/q-series

78b43e  No.2557128

File: ea1764641e8c352⋯.png (70.35 KB, 585x411, 195:137, ClipboardImage.png)

8aecd4  No.2557129


Its habbening!

25d4c2  No.2557130


I think that is old news though and Q is talking about newer events.

6cb6d5  No.2557131


Divide and conquer

Missile against america,

blamed on NK

that way we would have to bomb NK and destroy the evidence

3b9fc3  No.2557132


or this

Boeing Honeywell Uninterruptible Autopilot


c5f7c7  No.2557133

Wow. last bread i called on the planefags to get work.

Boss came in with a message.

Good, Good.

40b3e4  No.2557134



6723e1  No.2557135

9b7621  No.2557136

File: b0fa936565f974a⋯.png (740.83 KB, 1360x1024, 85:64, ddddddddddd.PNG)

e92baf  No.2557137


>Think missile(s) accidentally fired.

>Against WHO?

>Relationships are VERY IMPORTANT.


One missile fired against the territory of the United States. Epic fail.

Try again, missile fired FROM the United States.

Against who? Relationships matter. China? Russia? Israel?

If it was an ICBM, who, if struck, would cause the most retaliatory damage to the advantage of the cabal?

acead1  No.2557138

File: b64f3a357d648b6⋯.jpg (100.26 KB, 636x440, 159:110, now comes the pain q.jpg)


They arent getting out of this

Not this time

9110d2  No.2557140


>Relationships are VERY IMPORTANT.

POTUS always empasizes importance of relationships with Russia/Putin, KJU/NK, May/UK etc.

0411cc  No.2557141


Good luck with that.

He wont step a foot on our base.

Don't get Stupid Fool

444d1f  No.2557142

messed up on the post; re-posting

>>2556180 (pb)

>>2556529 (pb)

>>2556538 (pb)

>>2556541 (pb)

This is how I see it and I may be wrong [kek] :

(Often laughter is accompanied by truth that you are afraid others will not accept.?)

I think the "Nellie Ohr"'s picture ID is a disguise.

If you've seen her in other pics; for instance with Hogg of Fl -(and there is a connection there through a charity), she looks different.

Does it seem possible C_A spies could be good at disguises?

We'll find out when she gets called in for questioning.

(~The oracle~ says that POTUS compliments these women on their looks for "ExcruCIAtion" to torment or put to pain.)

I found out some scholars trace the meaning of the name of the hero "Odyssus" - to be "give Pain" "to cause to suffer] ~[to the enemies.]

The Hero in that story wins; is recognized finally by his family [first the dog] and throws out all the moochers who have collected in the home.

I am suspicious about how closely "Ohr" resembles "Hodgman"

I wonder if they are from the same "batch" of DNA? Too coincidental. Or is it just those particular images of them?

And Hodgman is attractive in some images, isn't she?

We say how photos can be inconsistent viewing the transformation of "Page" for the Congressional hearing from the early [surprise] tabloid photo

Image comparison "' Hodgman vs. Ohr" here


02ccaa  No.2557143

Q, why aren't Conservatives who are big Trump donors using thier money to promote the #WalkAway movement. We should be seeing Radio/TV commercials and print ads to encourage Dems to leave the party. The videos make a great emotional appeal. Aren't we missing a big opportunity in the push to the midterms.

b42438  No.2557144


for real, yo


f4f354  No.2557145

File: ec6be9220523bc1⋯.jpg (3.86 MB, 4512x4432, 282:277, Q Map Graphic 35.jpg)




Q Graphics all in GMT Update

Hi Baker, this post replaces >>2551998 Q Graphics all in GMT #35 seen here >>2556564

Please update the dough.

'''N.B. Includes latest Q drops in this bread.

Godspeed Baker/s

49bc25  No.2557146

Blockchain Internet might be the thing, kids.

76a3f9  No.2557147


the 6'4" linebacker shoulder Kate? No I prefer my chromosomes in pairs

48d239  No.2557148


They can't risk Nov. election as things stand. Must change the metric or they lose bigly!

679e74  No.2557149


ROCK their world, Q!

c41970  No.2557150

File: f03755434d856ad⋯.jpg (58.33 KB, 601x420, 601:420, memereadall coments.jpg)

Theres no way the story checks out the way the media says it does.

How did he close the door behind him?

Plane was remotely hijacked by our guys .. those chose a Q plane for a reason .. barrel roll?? WHy? to show its a game and reinforces remote control theory. Crashes into/ near Pedo Island (Epstein v. 2.0) . our guys gotta go in to "investigate"

c2daf8  No.2557151

File: a6aa401c1df79ab⋯.png (109.48 KB, 1920x848, 120:53, ClipboardImage.png)


Ty, anon. I have my moments, kek.



>>2556906 (Pic related? Guy said he learned to shoot from a video game or something?)



>>2557037 (Enjoy the show, kek?)

Good thoughts, everyone!

e2e785  No.2557152


Ready for the show Q.

3bfbc8  No.2557153



Is this 'stolen' plane remotely controlled by clowns/cabal meant as a message to Q as well as intended to be used for falseflag event framing Q followers and diverting news away from potential exposure of their key players and agenda?

4ee9bb  No.2557154



What is a Y chromosome?

Makes a person biologically male.

What's a Y-head?

A person who has experienced MK-Ultra satanist style multiple personality disassociation with implanted conditioning.


05f0d0  No.2557155

File: 24c109263bbf92a⋯.jpg (2.93 MB, 2814x3899, 402:557, Archangel_Michael_by_Nikol….jpg)

d37384  No.2557156

File: e1b9bd00fc622c9⋯.jpeg (97.73 KB, 260x194, 130:97, hesrightyouknow2.jpeg)

3b9fc3  No.2557157


The Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot is a system designed to take control of a commercial aircraft away from the pilot or flight crew in the event of a hijacking.[1] If implemented, the system would allow the craft to automatically guide itself to a landing at a designated airstrip.[2] The "uninterruptible" autopilot would be activated either by pilots, by onboard sensors, or remotely via radio or satellite links by government agencies, if terrorists attempt to gain control of a flight deck.[2]

d4b5c0  No.2557158


Insert Mossad Motto Here…

2a5491  No.2557159


Oh, I thought it was one of ours.

NATO did it. I'm sure it was an "accident"

71742a  No.2557160



5b96ed  No.2557161


https:// nypost.com/2018/08/08/nato-fighter-jet-loses-secret-missile-near-russian-border/

Nato fired ?

1af929  No.2557162


The pilot was maintenance guy, knew how to do loop do doos, but asked for help on how to turn on air condition and pressurize the cabin ???

b02fdc  No.2557163

File: 5066558baa59b18⋯.png (177.39 KB, 295x640, 59:128, ClipboardImage.png)

Remember this pic ?

3a87f9  No.2557164

File: 13bca42c91837e2⋯.png (89.65 KB, 1280x944, 80:59, 100degreearea.png)


Hmm? well expand What I get in basic geometry above the sub 4D line is on anomaly below that it appears to shift the tensors and have more effect.

1b39b4  No.2557165

File: bef97ef54707a82⋯.png (2.24 MB, 1874x941, 1874:941, ClipboardImage.png)

Doing a bit of a dig on Ketron Island. Anyone have any ideas what this is off the pier? It looks like more than just a power station

444d1f  No.2557166


It might ruin it if seen to be promoted by Trump supporters.

Too self-serving

bc1589  No.2557167


Think of the Pelosi video where she admits being in NK

got a link to that?

b4c2ff  No.2557168

At this point they have attempted to assassinate our President over 100 times.. They all need 2 bullets to the back of the head in the middle of the night… no need for trials or tribunals

fc34ee  No.2557169


Two different "owners" are listed for that address with the assessors database.

1) Nicole E. Pham

2) ELearn llc

28b383  No.2557170


G says (earlier post, beforeQ):

>white squall = Bell

>what does the ring in a bell symbolize




>there symbolism will be there downfall




912473  No.2557171


I know fucking thing crashed in my back yard and I'm making fun of Cock Tugging Anon all morning

1ad5fb  No.2557172


Only the last two weeks matter.

The later the bad news comes the better for the red wave.

I want it all and I want it know, but the DNC always shoots their load way to early. Let’s not do the same

feb4f4  No.2557173


Q, will a boom involve ROC visit to US?

7fd08c  No.2557174


You want decalcification chemicals in your water instead? what the fuck do you think your bones are made of?

b5a868  No.2557175




51d546  No.2557176


he wants a golden shower

be93f1  No.2557177

File: 1782b0213f7c0bc⋯.jpg (59.39 KB, 459x631, 459:631, 6.JPG)


Relative of pilot?

6483e8  No.2557178


Link to pb with some Bill Maher drops including this gem:

>Just days after David Bowie’s recent death, someone dug up an old interview with a retired groupie named Lori Maddox, where she said she lost her virginity to Bowie when she was 15, ... If there’s a victim here, it’s the poor guy who had to fuck Lori Maddox next. How do you follow David Bowie in a kimono?


dfb2e8  No.2557179

THIS DAY IS EPIC!!!!!!!!!!



Q, whoever was cast as Rich the suicidal airplane mechanic did an outstanding job. Video games > barrel rolls! LMFAO! What a day!

866eaa  No.2557180





353dd6  No.2557181


Please stop playing these cat and mouse games. Stop hiding the docs that prove the collusion. Start pushing back on the violence against Americans.

Enough is enough.

2c644b  No.2557182


They were paid cash?

e38002  No.2557183


Something BIG is about to drop

All we got was a Bill Maher video

ec6ac2  No.2557184

File: a6eea06f4e0d1fe⋯.gif (658.91 KB, 271x223, 271:223, a6eea06f4e0d1febfa528df0fe….gif)


>loop do doos

a07a90  No.2557185


No Not Judas Fehgels Jibber Jabber.

I actually kind of like him except when he is dissin POTUS.

76a3f9  No.2557186



someone's firing missiles who shouldn't be

163c75  No.2557187


ghost image of the ferry

dc6ad9  No.2557188



"I will take we need to recheck the manifests of every single suspicious travel accident ever for infinity…..ALEX"

ab97b6  No.2557189

File: 5b12a4bce646600⋯.jpg (16.5 KB, 255x128, 255:128, Board Pain Now Comes Pain.jpg)

The Stage has been set for months……….

I think Potus is setting the table today with his tweets!

0797fe  No.2557190


Thanks Anon

27f6dc  No.2557191


Uranium One.

The real reason SA are not happy?

07b058  No.2557192


Could be

2dd466  No.2557193


A lot is two words.

Hate to grammar fag but please don't make us look like retards.

Is a good meme and would be usable if no error.

323d56  No.2557194

File: d2dcb4fde688ba3⋯.jpg (366.61 KB, 691x991, 691:991, o7.jpg)


Red [white] Blue

3aae14  No.2557195


and the guy who crashed the plane was born in FL and moved to AK as a child???

1f3ea5  No.2557196

ukanon here. Not sure if this has been posted already, if so, apologies.


Explosion at Salisbury military hardware factory leaves one dead

7 hours ago

Image caption The explosion happened on Friday afternoon at the military hardware plant

One person has been killed and another seriously injured in an explosion at a military hardware factory.

A fire broke out in a building where flares are made at the Chemring Countermeasures plant in High Post, Salisbury, on Friday evening.

Wiltshire Police said a 29-year-old man from Southampton died at the scene and a second man was taken to hospital.

A spokesman said the fire had been contained and there was no risk to people living in the local area.

Wiltshire Police said the man's family had been informed but formal identification had not yet taken place.

The force said the second man, a 26-year-old from Pewsey, Wiltshire, was in a serious but stable condition at Salisbury District Hospital.

Earlier, police said an initial fire on the site, which makes flares, chaff, and decoys for use on aircraft and ships, had been extinguished.

Cordon in place

The company said manufacturing operations there had been suspended until further notice.

Chemring Group business director Andy Hogben said: "The site was immediately evacuated and the incident brought under control. Chemring has launched an investigation into the cause.

"The thoughts and support of Chemring Group are with the families at this time."

Wiltshire Police and the Health and Safety Executive are conducting an investigation into the cause of the explosion.

Six fire crews, the ambulance service and police all attended the blaze at about 17:00 BST.

Det Insp Simon Pope said: "We are working closely with the Health and Safety Executive on this investigation to determine the cause of the explosion and our inquiries will be continuing at the site today.

"A cordon remains in place at the site while investigators carry out their enquiries.

"We would like to reassure the public that this incident was contained as soon as possible and there is no risk to those living in the local area."

d443bf  No.2557197

Has that Q flight path being reported last night been confirmed by the planefags?

492eec  No.2557198



DOES THIS PLANE INCIDENT FROM LAST NIGHT have ANY relation to the recent happenings between Saudi Arabia and Canada? Part of a bigger plot that was foiled last night?

6f85de  No.2557199


The sons of bitches were going to kill innocent people and frame Q.

Q, if you're reading this: PUBLIC HANGINGS

9b7621  No.2557200


you know that's a halfchan scam right?

549499  No.2557201

File: 705f4c2fc7aa447⋯.jpeg (870.86 KB, 1242x2005, 1242:2005, 2931FD8E-86D9-449E-955A-1….jpeg)

File: 9e9f22c95918947⋯.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1242x2051, 1242:2051, 1D624896-77B2-4C39-B4C1-1….jpeg)

File: bb4b4b5029b93e3⋯.jpeg (630.79 KB, 1242x850, 621:425, 89857F2C-1B4C-4D20-8102-1….jpeg)


tom steyer nextgen


e13485  No.2557202

File: e3e1e281631db0d⋯.jpeg (127.49 KB, 750x725, 30:29, popckorn comfy pepe.jpeg)

File: ca89ba994e9c5d3⋯.png (2.48 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, popckorn q.png)

File: 0f9076d892142f6⋯.png (543.11 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, popckorn Q answers.png)

File: 2c50580c3a3a81f⋯.png (610.29 KB, 750x1245, 50:83, pepe resurection qomfy roo….png)

Sir, currently Qomfy but without a mission. I am MIA and all my assets were stolen. Running on fumes. Waiting for a mission. Requesting extraction.

Pledge complete unyielding alliance to the highest values of the constitution, and offer my life and memes. Waiting for a new team.

6cb6d5  No.2557203


Fire a missile at Russia

forcing Russia to go to war with USA

809c62  No.2557204


Yes…I see people are already confusing this with the attack on AF1. Two separate incidents.

02f81a  No.2557205


The missile accidentally fired over Estonia

3a87f9  No.2557206

File: 12e84f7e090d0f8⋯.png (138.63 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, sub4d.png)

323a95  No.2557207

File: 1fea1fdb223d3c0⋯.webm (1.54 MB, 700x720, 35:36, barrel roll.webm)

4341e3  No.2557208


SITU is situation?

02ccaa  No.2557209

Q, you have been alluding to the fact that we can attack the MSM FakeNews with Anti-trade and possibly a Class-Action lawsuits. Who is coordinating this effort? Where do we sign up? Why is this so slow moving? We know the MSM gets the 4am talking points. How do we take action?

df948c  No.2557210




Looks to be. Yes. Taxpayer is listed as Nicole "E" Pham. But documents anon posted list Nicole "R" Pham. Phonefagging so hard to dig.

18407c  No.2557211

File: 2f423a5fa38a830⋯.png (1.41 MB, 1259x1737, 1259:1737, it_is_happening.png)


Each BOOM brings us forward, advances the troops to a new position.

214733  No.2557212

File: 9f08897897f83f3⋯.gif (1.79 MB, 720x480, 3:2, trudy eyebrow.gif)


"Special place" indeed for this narcissistic evil nitwit.

a73f0e  No.2557213


well that's comforting…not. ill look into that thank you!

8ccc72  No.2557214


The Dems lost the Black/Latino stranglehold. Democrats are losing their moderates with their socialist push. They've decided the midterms are a loss and now they're desperate.

4f169d  No.2557215


wang dang loop do doodles

0aea46  No.2557216



5005c7  No.2557217

Confused today.

How was Q involved in the Alaskan Airlines hijacking? Shot down by a missile perhaps?

Also, what is SITU? Last Q drop makes it seem we are NOT in control of the situation.

7fd08c  No.2557218

File: 405a1ce8287e6ab⋯.jpeg (290.49 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpeg)


Ok, here's the cockpit. The lever for doing loop de loos is easy to find, it's right in the cock..pit… now

find me the air conditioner and cabin pressurization buttons

while flying at 2000 feet and trying not to crash into the houses below.

8dc99d  No.2557219


Nice meme but, maybe "crumbs" before you "post", would fit better, anon.

d43f6c  No.2557220



ee68a2  No.2557221

d3c016  No.2557222

It's still extremely dangerous out there. Q just alluded to as much. Unfortunately for (Them) they're getting their hands tied right up right now so there isn't all that much that they can do to start WW3.

Russia seems to be cooperating with the USA behind the scenes… as well as SA. Once you understand that there are TWO United States of America's… .the one that belongs to the people and the one that belongs to (them). The one that "belongs to the people" has always been the puppet for the one that "belongs to them". We finally got a POTUS that cares more about the people than he cares about them.

POTUS is breaking the back of the Petrodollar by destroying the Deep State with tarriffs and sanctions.

Once you follow the trails you start to realize how masterful everything is.

51e907  No.2557223


Most appreciated! Tyvm.

743510  No.2557224

Same plane picture here.


23271c  No.2557225

File: b654725d4fa2273⋯.png (380.43 KB, 600x703, 600:703, b654725d4fa227346929b6918b….png)

File: 0d683a6a223f878⋯.jpg (521.85 KB, 987x788, 987:788, 0d683a6a223f8781e58ed4c0a5….jpg)


I feel like war was on the table in MULTIPLE scenarios regarding Hillary.

Thank God we have someone competent in charge for once.

2a5491  No.2557226



This whole, "Waiting until closer to Mid-Terms" shit is infuriating!

If it is all bad as it's implied, then that should be enough to shut the Dems out. AND have the truth finally made public.


da8d19  No.2557227

File: 735fb0630abfcb3⋯.png (5.23 MB, 5389x3598, 5389:3598, 1b08bd5897cb4aa6e093372cc2….png)

07b058  No.2557228



b1ebb9  No.2557229

File: 7f50506b551fb08⋯.jpg (46.27 KB, 630x630, 1:1, 1814655_1.jpg)


Many anons here very patient,

we understand the Plan, Q.

Thanks for always showing us the love, & taking care of /ourguys/.

2018 is glorious indeed!

48d239  No.2557230


How do you BIND the hands of POTUS?

Tie Q to POTUS and FF's.

d443bf  No.2557231

File: 63a9dbbd2748490⋯.jpg (605.1 KB, 1340x2153, 1340:2153, 1b37de7d-ad66-410c-9d12-a1….jpg)

809c62  No.2557232



Connection between Nextgen and Tom Steyer.

866eaa  No.2557233



You there.

Look into Paul Vixie, please.


Alfabank… he's how it happened.

BIND and sendmail as well as "spamblocker/blackholing"…

It's deep.

Up your alley?

027019  No.2557234



How why where?

Is that a vixie quote?

6cb6d5  No.2557235


Please God let it be a chemtrail weather modification factory

I know it's asking too much

the FAKE weather in NY is making me sick and destroying California

23c053  No.2557236



de38a7  No.2557237

File: d26553a532fa699⋯.jpg (50.56 KB, 500x586, 250:293, 2fpar0~2.jpg)

File: fc77811e9db0d6f⋯.jpg (46.14 KB, 500x346, 250:173, 2fpdy5~2.jpg)


138bc8  No.2557238

File: a2ed8b20cc6cbcb⋯.jpg (90.32 KB, 639x618, 213:206, 0b652b4704b33e2d8c7c53bc96….jpg)


Next Week can suck a dick. Do it already.

84f633  No.2557239

1955 Famous Seattle Barrel Roll


952693  No.2557240



18407c  No.2557241

File: 81d92bae69afb69⋯.png (2.91 MB, 722x4226, 361:2113, questions.png)



d6f327  No.2557242

File: 0ded002873023dc⋯.jpg (1.65 MB, 3148x2053, 3148:2053, q400planeclock.jpg)