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File: ab20ceacfc3aab8⋯.png (8.73 KB, 255x143, 255:143, af4716b34464fb65200311d59b….png)

c2ed4f No.2376399

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.




Welcome to Q Research (README FIRST, THEN PROCEED TO LURK) https://8ch.net/qresearch/welcome.html

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Q's Latest Posts

Tuesday 07.31.18

>>2375029 ------------------------------------- How often does the Presidential motorcade honk upon request?

>>2373384 ————————————- [RR] exonerated Manafort FOR THE SAME CHARGES (8) years ago.

>>2367164 rt >>2367152 —————— Track last. JA offline cause.

>>2366811 ————————————- Joshua Schulte Unsealed Indictment

Monday 07.30.18

>>2363859 rt >>2363457 —————— You cannot fool a massive group of dedicated gold star researchers.

>>2363624 ————————————- Why won't they ask the obvious question?

>>2363111 rt >>2362968 —————— Feel proud Autists, Anons, and Patriots.

>>2362968 rt >>2362960 —————— Latest articles about Q

>>2362961 ————————————- Here we go.

>>2361144 ————————————- Right on schedule.

>>2360893 rt >>2360166 —————— U-Access KILLS

>>2359109 ————————————- dni.gov/files/documents/icotr/51117/2016_Cert_FISC_Memo_Opin_Order_Apr_2017.pdf

>>2355103 ————————————- Those you are taught to TRUST the most…..

>>2355012 ————————————- What happens when CA is in serious debt and lost priority aid from the FED gov

Sunday 07.29.18

>>2344054 ————————————- Bigger than you realize

>>2343381 rt >>2342903 —————— Avenatti tweet

>>2342748 rt >>2342716 —————— Who is the REAL Michael Avenatti?

>>2342642 rt >>2342603 —————— This is NOT A GAME

>>2342538 ————————————- Do you believe in coincidences?

>>2341115 rt >>2340923 —————— What a coincidence. [MSM]

>>2340833 rt >>2340789 —————— Message sent

>>2340661 ————————————- Offices of MA

>>2340517 ————————————- Foundation. Bottom to top

>>2339817 ————————————- Buckle up!

>>2339108 rt >>2338977 —————— C_A/MOS

>>2338977 ————————————- They do not want you asking questions

>>2338761 ————————————- Patriots are UNITED in their pursuit of common goals

>>2337810 ————————————- Listen VERY carefully.

Saturday 07.28.18

>>2326963 rt >>2326757 —————— Re: Something BIG is about to DROP

>>2326757 rt >>2326502 —————— HUMANITY IS AT STAKE

>>2326502 rt >>2326287 —————— FOUNDATION BUILT HUBER

>>2326290 rt >>2326190 —————— Re: 'Bottom, middle, top'

>>2325668 rt >>2325405 —————— Important marker

>>2325487 rt >>2325302 —————— The Circle

>>2325304 ————————————- Dark to LIGHT

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>>2322789, >>2323031 How To Quickly Spot A Clown

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are not endorsements


>>2349367, >>2351700 BO floats no-nudity policy, now under review

>>2327065 How to filter gore spam >>2334211 (new: Add into [Options] -> Theme)

>>2251030 , >>2261001 EXPLANATION of bread-archiving situation. Fix habbening

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>>2366140 Transcript of speech that got POTUS elected (!!!)


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>>2376213, >>2376311 Ecuador contacted the legal assistant appointed by the founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, in the process of seeking an exit to his asylum

>>2376330 Ready for the big drop?

>>2376357 The Book That Still Drives British Royals Mad Is Back

>>2375621 #2994


>>2375409 Ben Collins Reporter for NBC Just Twatted He Filmed a Segment for the Nightly News About Qanon

>>2375335 James Woods Twat About War on Masculinity

>>2375329 Alabama sheriff loses beach house paid for by prisoner's food

>>2375115 US Plans to Show No Evidence of Collusion with Russia at Manafort Trial

>>2374974 Canadian Business Analyst: Trudeau Intentionally Sinking Canadian Economy for Anti-Trump Political Benefit…

>>2374936, >>2374952, >>2374982, >>2375007, >>2375096, >>2375220, >>2375249, >>2375255, >>2375293, >>2375328, >>2375381, >>2375541 PlaneFag Reports

>>2375627 #2993


>>2374653 Judicial Watch: New Emails Reveal FBI Official Peter Strzok Insisted on Retaining Declassification and other Authorities for Mueller Special Counsel Assignment

>>2374518 RR was US District Attorney at the same time of the alleged crimes in the previously unsealed U1 indictment

>>2374468, >>2374640, >>2374760, >>2374778 PlaneFag Reports

>>2374296, >>2374571, Think I found the decision on this case. No RICO

>>2374264 Possible keys to Wikileaks insurance files [Death Swtich?]

>>2374166 Facebook finds 'sophisticated' efforts to disrupt US politics (muh russia)


>>2374189 >>2374382 Planefag update


>>2374210 Malaysia aviation chief resigns over MH370 investigation

>>2374286 Child Brides In Turkey

>>2374363 Russian Interference Isn’t Influencing US Elections—But Israel Definitely Is

>>2374296 >>2374372 On Manafort

>>2374867 #2992


>>2373393 PA pediatrician charged with abusing more than two dozen children

>>2373417 Calls for Chicago mayor Emanuel to resign

>>2373500 Bernie Sanders thanks Koch brothers for Medicare plan support

>>2373489 ; >>2373538 RR authorized Mueller for anything after the original Manafort trial

>>2373545 ; >>2373565 ; >>2373599 ; >>2373625 Planefag Report

>>2373549 ; >>2373775 ; >>2373846 Links to old Manafort court filings and selected portions

>>2373602 ; >>2373647 ; >>2373684 al-Qaeda still free to post on YT, Syrian War exposés removed

>>2373649 Article summarizing most recent Manafort court docs

>>2373662 Manafort, Davis, and an internet firm linked to NoName

>>2373812 On Manafort, plants, and the clowns that put them into Trump’s campaign (summary analysis)

>>2373830 QClock hypothesis re: [RR] and +++, ++, +

>>2373860 NXIVM case now up to 18 lawyers

>>2373997 Graham to announce “sanctions bill from hell” against Russia on Thursday

>>2374045 #2991

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3315ab No.2376432

Aereomexico plane crash in N. Mexico

c2ed4f No.2376434




6f1744 No.2376457


We are not supposed to ask the question.

Just chant "Q".

Make them ask the question.

1274a8 No.2376459

Q post #1646 on Jun 30 2018


Link to video in Q post:

"This video will get Donald Trump elected"


Patriots, everyone, go watch and SHARE!


0c1c79 No.2376479

Confirmed Chant "DO IT Q!"

fb300c No.2376480


YOU force the question!

The chant:

''WHO is Q? WE ARE Q!

e876bc No.2376485

File: 81dbb1ba5f9a4d5⋯.jpg (304.29 KB, 1374x1004, 687:502, Incompetent_Leadership.jpg)

The whole point is to break the Overton Window with a potent Consonantal Alliteration.




(Hey BO get your shit together and pin our Q Proofs thread ya dunce.)

f3d1c9 No.2376486

File: f5a8c662d34e599⋯.png (529.85 KB, 720x631, 720:631, Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at ….png)

File: 19c5d111de376a6⋯.png (163.41 KB, 672x557, 672:557, Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at ….png)

c0850c No.2376487

c539d6 No.2376488

File: c77f055a72972b1⋯.png (681.77 KB, 570x713, 570:713, ClipboardImage.png)

thanks baker!

Tminus 1 motherfuckin hour until TIPPY TOP CAMPAIGN POTUS

06c3b2 No.2376489


It dosn't matter as long as he answers it on camera

1ce024 No.2376490

File: b85befea7552419⋯.jpg (37.77 KB, 746x501, 746:501, POTUS ask the Q_2.JPG)

File: 3ae8834ed6de286⋯.jpg (37.1 KB, 746x502, 373:251, POTUS to Tampa 7 31 18_2.JPG)


1274a8 No.2376491



"We Must Fight - President Reagan"


67b18c No.2376492

File: 7ee5926db992d3f⋯.jpg (64.7 KB, 382x465, 382:465, 2f1w6p.jpg)

f80ea4 No.2376494

File: 38b30eb21a71160⋯.png (653.96 KB, 873x1106, 873:1106, Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at ….png)

UPDATE: The plane was carrying 97 passengers and 4 crew members, transportation secretary confirms. Details soon.


93c253 No.2376495


Plane flags!

Where was this flight coming from?

Where was it going too?

Where is JA?

a297d3 No.2376496


I have not seen this one yet. Thanks for the wallpaper!

b7ce28 No.2376497


6901b3 No.2376498

File: 69e6d0b53050a87⋯.png (578.06 KB, 666x741, 222:247, Legal Insurection re Corte….PNG)

File: b33e01d773ac635⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1030x699, 1030:699, Legal Insurection re Corte….PNG)


bda528 No.2376499

File: 88852f32fd6a8b0⋯.png (730.65 KB, 645x713, 645:713, 2018-07-31_17-59-58.png)


Did someone say "Ivanka"?

Going to be a great rally!


bf5f54 No.2376500

File: 3e9f32d5f3b40bd⋯.png (76.52 KB, 843x886, 843:886, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c36c8e38273e6ab⋯.png (83.61 KB, 854x895, 854:895, ClipboardImage.png)

IT BEGINS=> Mueller’s Prosecutors and Manafort’s Lawyers Go Head-to-Head in Blistering Opening Statements

The bank fraud and tax evasion trial for President Trump’s former campaign chair Paul Manafort began Tuesday morning in a federal court in Alexandria, VA.

Mueller’s prosecutors and Manafort’s legal team both came out swinging with blistering opening statements.


a17c36 No.2376501

The chant should be

Q-An-On! Q-An-On! Q-An-On!

c539d6 No.2376502

(left side) WWG1!

(right side) WWGA!!!

(left side) WWG1!

(right side) WWGA!!!

(left side) WWG1!

(right side) WWGA!!!

(left side) WWG1!

(right side) WWGA!!!

(left side) WWG1!

(right side) WWGA!!!

or vice versa of course

6b8b20 No.2376503

Chant Stuff… Right on Q!

Well, POTUS could easily work something into his speech where he ends up concluding "Right on cue" and possibly repeating it. Then, if he took a pause, anons could chant "Right on Q". This would have the added benefit of subtly conveying the message that it was time to "write on Q". It's time.

b4b5ac No.2376504








Happened while you were baking fren

80fe8b No.2376505

File: a107948231d8590⋯.jpeg (49.42 KB, 620x273, 620:273, 669A33C2-15E7-4868-98E0-9….jpeg)

File: 942a0f71ea53c93⋯.jpeg (33.61 KB, 360x256, 45:32, 1E212EF6-EA16-4E9B-8A79-A….jpeg)

File: fa6769f4b8df692⋯.jpeg (328.76 KB, 1501x1079, 1501:1079, 02D9F918-6FDC-4FB6-8AEE-6….jpeg)

File: 1215e91bbeea469⋯.jpeg (102.56 KB, 899x499, 899:499, 9E9D28E7-C8D4-4DF4-9982-B….jpeg)

File: e0b28576a77df8d⋯.jpeg (30.91 KB, 360x256, 45:32, 2FA4C8ED-5D65-4020-A2F6-4….jpeg)

93c253 No.2376506

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This one goes out to all the SHILLS!

b5891c No.2376507

File: 6ccd464d3272c53⋯.png (1.96 MB, 1200x920, 30:23, Boobies.png)

TY Baker

9d35c9 No.2376508

File: 161a44857fbb6e3⋯.jpg (592.8 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, Try harder msm.jpg)

437007 No.2376509

'Who is Q' is a shill campaign.

Q postings are plausible deniability first and foremost.

74b73a No.2376510

Plausible deniability


a17c36 No.2376511


She's so freaking hot, and I'm not attracted to blonds …

0a5acd No.2376512



80fe8b No.2376513


Ban all blue feet!

5319fc No.2376514

OAN news reporting the Trump's Make Our Farmers Great Again hats sold out online in less than 72 hours.

c539d6 No.2376515


thank you

they come out every rally

same shills that do the muh arrests, muh larp shit too

81d3cc No.2376516

File: 6c638920af68552⋯.png (336.85 KB, 1200x450, 8:3, ithink.png)

d60d50 No.2376517

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>>2376075 lb

Q mentioned brought up at 21:40 by 1st caller.

af966a No.2376518


thze biggest book burnings in history were conducted after the war.

the book you're referring to is named germany must perish. ilja ehrenburg? i think so..

i'm familiar with all that..the faggot that tries to bother me doesn't get my point..

c0850c No.2376519


You keep saying that, but Q keeps pressing for the question to be asked.

1274a8 No.2376520


POTUS = Smartest Leader out there!

Anyone got that Sun Tzu Leadership meme?

f80ea4 No.2376521

File: c0a10727626aa00⋯.png (662.43 KB, 895x963, 895:963, Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at ….png)


706b7e No.2376522

For drop "1776" imho it would be incredible to hear from Q+

fb300c No.2376523


And in the better painting, POTUS does not step on snek- he is standing on the head of snek tho.

c2ed4f No.2376524


Got it all done

548390 No.2376525


Why isn't anyone freaking out about her red shoes?

Anons need to be consistent.

4f94ec No.2376526


This is how you slide POTUS in real life.



bf5f54 No.2376527

File: 195e1678845518d⋯.png (274.94 KB, 752x862, 376:431, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 16db20ca6839f95⋯.png (81.21 KB, 770x724, 385:362, ClipboardImage.png)

File: aeb4c0bc0ed13bd⋯.png (97.57 KB, 751x850, 751:850, ClipboardImage.png)

File: be729488f25fa61⋯.png (99.02 KB, 758x825, 758:825, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 941eb05051cba27⋯.png (43.34 KB, 741x577, 741:577, ClipboardImage.png)

Two Pedophile Illegal Aliens Charged for Molesting Five, Eight, and Ten-Year-Old Children


0c1c79 No.2376528


Entire Q team is there ;)

ea8bea No.2376529


Those not clued in will be going "Dewitt queue??"

Keep it simple, if you want it to work, Q Q Q Q Q Q …

6901b3 No.2376530

File: 8e93ed3ffb1cef6⋯.png (557.68 KB, 659x709, 659:709, Eric re Tampa 7-31-18 3 03….PNG)

99616d No.2376531




better cropping

c539d6 No.2376532


> the question

<who is q

thats not what the question is

0a5acd No.2376533



You’re new.

4a8671 No.2376534

File: 1ff61c110d01c04⋯.jpg (30.52 KB, 500x656, 125:164, thankyou.jpg)

Elegant thanks to our bakers for their diligent work

fb762c No.2376535

Loud boos and chants of “CNN sucks!” erupted when Acosta stood to give a report from the rally. One protester held a “CNN Sucks” sign behind Acosta.

e876bc No.2376536



a17c36 No.2376537


Do you not read Q, shill? "#AskTheQ"


a5cb53 No.2376538


I doubt hers are made from human skin.

23a6c0 No.2376539


I'm a local fag, any way to get in that court room you think?

b7ce28 No.2376540


Because MSM will never ask the question, or will be forced to lie again when asking …exposing trhem even more

c539d6 No.2376541

File: 806ff6f96347cc3⋯.gif (2.51 MB, 500x500, 1:1, pepepopcorn.gif)

93c253 No.2376542


Let us pray JA wasn't on it

14815e No.2376543

Future of encryption wrt quantum computing

Part 1 of 2


How the U.S. is Preparing for a Quantum Future

By John Breeden II


July 25, 2018

Not surprisingly, it's a complex issue.

For my previous column, I talked about the threat that future quantum computers pose for today’s government data, and how the United States is risking falling behind other countries in the development of quantum science. In turn, I received more comments via tweets, email and other social media platforms than with any other column I’ve written recently. This is clearly a topic that is on people’s minds, which is a good thing because we need to be aware of both the advantages of this emerging technology and also the potential pitfalls.

One of the groups that contacted me was the National Institute of Standards and Technology. The agency wanted to assure me that right now, as far as it is known, AES-256 should be enough to protect government data even as quantum computers evolve. NIST has been studying this issue, and released their findings in the NISTIR 8105 report. NIST’s paper breaks down cryptographic systems into two main types, the public key systems used to protect things like webpages, and the symmetric key systems, like AES, which protects much of the government’s data.

The paper states that “the construction of a large-scale quantum computer would render many of these public key cryptosystems insecure. In particular, this includes those based on the difficulty of integer factorization, such as RSA, as well as ones based on the hardness of the discrete log problem. In contrast, the impact on symmetric key systems will not be as drastic.”

The reason why symmetric key systems should remain secure is that it may not be possible to speed up tools like Grover’s algorithm used to crack encryption. The report specifies that, “We don’t know that Grover’s algorithm will ever be practically relevant, but if it is, doubling the key size will be sufficient to preserve security. Furthermore, it has been shown that an exponential speedup for search algorithms is impossible, suggesting that symmetric algorithms and hash functions should be usable in a quantum era.”

In other words, even if quantum computers are able to speed up the cracking process for symmetric encryption, doubling the size of the key is always an option to reset the playing field.

A public-sector scientist working on quantum computers also contacted me, and although he was not authorized to speak publicly on the subject, he said that it’s well-known among quantum scientists when encryption levels will be broken, as it’s based on the size of the quantum machine. “So far, quantum computers have not produced a dramatic change in the crypto situation,” he said. “However, when we get to 110-qbit machines, reading DES will be as easy as reading plain text. The 192-qbit machines will do the same thing to AES-128, and so on.”

Go to Part 2

3c43e0 No.2376544

File: 33c6003b7f4f496⋯.jpg (317.18 KB, 1202x1655, 1202:1655, IMG_20180707_001417.jpg)

File: 152018b5e1be072⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1022x627, 1022:627, Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at ….png)

File: dde7a4c4878ff1a⋯.jpg (46.85 KB, 385x385, 1:1, Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at ….jpg)

File: 34624d73fe5bce1⋯.jpg (728.04 KB, 1800x2500, 18:25, Who_is_Q_4.jpg)


We got this right before Great Falls as well. Everyone introducing 15 different, impossible to chant ideas, and then posts like THIS.

Knock it off. It's a RALLY. It's SUPPOSED to be about bringing the ENERGY UP. It's not The State Of The Union. Think Logically.



336b75 No.2376545


With you on that sista

0c1c79 No.2376546


#AskTheQ is not same as Who Is Q

340a0c No.2376547


ready the woodchipper

c0850c No.2376548


What is the question in your opinion?

4f94ec No.2376549

File: a8ae5789b4ed98e⋯.jpg (72.29 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, punisher.jpg)

Bring the heat against the MSM Tampa.

Show the world your energy!

9915f8 No.2376550

File: a6f620b5b986349⋯.jpeg (211.04 KB, 1240x820, 62:41, BDEFFF2F-3C50-44B6-B7C2-F….jpeg)

f3d1c9 No.2376551


I also like the call and response



fb300c No.2376552


McDill AFB is all there too, I'd bet.

They do fly-overs at all the Bucs games.

Right down the pike from there.

14815e No.2376553


Part 2 of 2

The other point that I made in my last column was that other countries like China were investing billions in quantum computers, and already seeing success like linking Beijing and Shanghai with an encrypted landline that uses quantum computers to generate encryption keys. I lamented the fact that the U.S. did not have anything like that, which put us behind in the increasingly important quantum encryption race.

It turns out that we won’t be behind for very long. A company called Quantum Xchange is gearing up to deploy what it says is this country’s first unbreakable quantum-safe encryption communication line in August. The first deployment will link financial companies on Wall Street in New York with their back-office databases, many of which are located in New Jersey. That is a relatively short distance, but the company has engineered a way for that kind of quantum-safe encryption to operate from coast to coast.

I interviewed Quantum Xchange President and CEO John Prisco about this new technology. It works by placing hardware boxes at both ends of the secure tunnel. The sending box shines a laser through a mirror, splattering photons in completely random patterns and generating an encryption key based on that data. The key is sent through a fiber network and must be unchanged when it reaches the box on the other end.

"Our photonic key is combined with the RSA key protecting the data being transmitted,” Prisco said. “And then we send our key through an optical fiber network. If anyone tries to snoop that data, the process of doing that will alter the key, and it can’t be unencrypted.” In that case, not only will the data be protected, but its owners will be alerted to a possible eavesdropping attempt.

Because the Quantum Xchange solution relies on sending photons over a fiber network, the process would normally be limited to a distance of about 60 miles. The company gets around this by using repeaters to span greater distances. So if data needs to be transmitted 120 miles, the base station would send its photonic key to a repeater which would decrypt it, generate a new key, and then send it on to the next repeater or to the final destination. And because the process uses light, there is very little delay regardless of distance traveled.

Quantum Xchange has filed for FIPS Level 3 certification and is currently getting ready to offer their quantum-proof encryption solution nationwide as a monthly service. Agencies that want to implement it would be able to generate as many photonic keys as needed as part of the service.

It’s nice to see that the U.S. is not sleeping at the wheel when it comes to encryption issues. Both government agencies and private companies are picking up the slack and planning ahead for a future when quantum computers are far more commonplace, which is especially important with that brave new world just over the horizon.

81d3cc No.2376554


they don't have emphaty, they cant feel others pain

93e75e No.2376555


No crimes have been broken by Q to require plausible deniability. It is all open source material.

7140e0 No.2376556


They go well with that stunning red powersuit, so?

08d453 No.2376557

File: a3a991a7099163b⋯.jpg (63.42 KB, 709x765, 709:765, 60880b7bfa313f0237e8b15b20….jpg)

>>2375795 lb

LOL kys

c539d6 No.2376558


ANYTHING but trying to IDEN Q


a39662 No.2376559


you're a shill for not putting (last bread) before that link faggot

99616d No.2376560

File: 7e103ee9e341c2a⋯.png (585.7 KB, 372x627, 124:209, dafuqobama.PNG)


forgot the image

7bb9bb No.2376561

The man behind him is the KEK on the hat or??

c539d6 No.2376562




d316df No.2376563

I imagine someone has already caught on to this.

Just in case though, there seems to be a Punisher image hidden in the Silverman image brought out with image filters.

Also what looks like a navy seal eagle image on the nose of the punisher skull.

Both images have significant meaning to this group of patriots.

I'll try and get it clearer image or maybe another anon with better PS skills can get a clearer image from the original.

Password may be Blackwater, Erik Prince or Frontier Resource Group

1a5304 No.2376564


>The agency wanted to assure me that right now, as far as it is known, AES-256 should be enough to protect government data even as quantum computers evolve.


bf5f54 No.2376565


Not likely, place will be stacked with all kind of reporters, black/white hats!

10f40d No.2376566

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Stumbled on this video..no affiliation

About Truth, Trump, Change over our PC bullshit culture war.

Anons will enjoy

01bdb7 No.2376567

File: 3e953d375b4df10⋯.jpg (33.8 KB, 680x695, 136:139, 3e953d375b4df10c73b22d42f7….jpg)

4f94ec No.2376568


We'll have to make up for it somehow.


afda8f No.2376569

File: c6af512bfb78de1⋯.jpg (6.49 KB, 254x255, 254:255, 1f6a876d89925f5a1d6065dcce….jpg)

c0850c No.2376570


I agree that the question is not about trying to identify Q. I think the question Q wants someone to ask is "Is Q legit?"

b99deb No.2376571

File: 81bd755cecaeb34⋯.jpg (240.7 KB, 1208x863, 1208:863, Villa Le Scale Anacapri Ca….JPG)

File: 6a94adeb4ddd7ce⋯.jpg (36.84 KB, 330x687, 110:229, baker boobs.jpg)

TY, Baker.

Here, take both.

1150ed No.2376572


Trips confirm

a17c36 No.2376573


You're an actual idiot.

f4b47e No.2376574



STFU about how to ask, or what to say.

It'll happen how it's supposed to happen.

ac2262 No.2376575

we got the nasty mocking shills on board today…. anons beware - real anons don't mock and belittle other anons… but shills do under the guise of being an "experienced anon"

d316df No.2376576

File: 6fd5cd3a354ea0e⋯.png (995.97 KB, 1930x1042, 965:521, punisher logo.png)


forgot image

I imagine someone has already caught on to this.

Just in case though, there seems to be a Punisher image hidden in the Silverman image brought out with image filters.

Also what looks like a navy seal eagle image on the nose of the punisher skull.

Both images have significant meaning to this group of patriots.

I'll try and get it clearer image or maybe another anon with better PS skills can get a clearer image from the original.

Password may be Blackwater, Erik Prince or Frontier Resource Group

a17c36 No.2376577


This is me not obeying, bitch.

1274a8 No.2376578


They are very plausible.

Go look for yourselves, don't let one bs MSM artikle do the research for you….doesn't take much time to know its true!

Look at e.g. Qanon.pub

54b2f0 No.2376579

deafanon here…any anons out there know a good source for the rally vid possibly with captions? I know live feed is a rare thing to have captions, but I have also seen the power that is Q and have had my requests answered in regards to such matters on vids that are not live feed. I know the tech is out there to produce live captioning and hoping someone has finally bypassed FCC or forced them to implement and incorporate it's use on live feed.

fb300c No.2376580


That's 111 victims


9ec677 No.2376581

File: 9aee6f3ab5003a3⋯.png (380.35 KB, 849x472, 849:472, Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at ….png)

This video, that NeonRevolt just put in his latest post is SO much fun to watch again. I'm crying laughing.

https: //youtu.be/jpyKuzoFW40

(https ://www.neonrevolt.com/2018/07/31/they-never-thought-she-would-lose-moan-qanon-greatawakening/)

f4b47e No.2376583


I just don't see it man

ac2262 No.2376584


good catch anon

b7ce28 No.2376585

File: abd12b5341e5cf7⋯.png (337.04 KB, 815x273, 815:273, shill-8ball.png)

51023e No.2376586




0c1c79 No.2376587


Lol don't worry, as soon as I said about the #AskTheQ and Who Is Q being different, the rats flooded me with (Yous)

7bb9bb No.2376588


111 hmmm

c01e9d No.2376589

File: a97e48005333b8b⋯.jpg (188.05 KB, 711x506, 711:506, dream_6ujit8ohltu.jpg)

File: 83b1b95d22c445a⋯.jpg (135.75 KB, 800x450, 16:9, dream_tb1om1pglzi.jpg)

File: a1f505902694aae⋯.jpg (279.07 KB, 735x489, 245:163, dream_gbsgxo3rh2w.jpg)

File: 8ffe87dd7498f3a⋯.jpg (241.89 KB, 534x674, 267:337, dream_90esk97fbgq.jpg)

10f40d No.2376590



b4b5ac No.2376591

File: d2fd8c1942debc9⋯.jpg (115.9 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 1412096746429-2.jpg)


What a boss.

81d3cc No.2376592


1150ed No.2376593

This guy speaking at the rally is kinda low energy

51fa37 No.2376594



You are correct!

Consistency is key

Let's see.

Red outfit!

Red Shoes!



777b90 No.2376595

File: bdde3dd00ae33dd⋯.jpg (364.31 KB, 832x832, 1:1, IMG_214.jpg)

3c43e0 No.2376596

File: 72112365d6a314e⋯.jpg (14.74 KB, 248x255, 248:255, KekTroopsReeeeeee.jpg)



^^^You sound like the MSM^^^

"ANYTHING but Confirmation of Q!!! Please!! Don't let POTUS work around the #FakeNews to reach his people and unite with them on every level. DON'T!!!!"


a39662 No.2376597

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


just click the "CC" button at the bottom, youtube autofills captions so they may be wrong, but its close enough

f9de0c No.2376598

Painting of Trump team 'Crossing the Swamp' touches off social media frenzy


f3d1c9 No.2376599


I don't like this photo because if this were real, BHO would be tarred and feathered. We are a nation who's sitting VP shot and killed the sitting Secretary of Treasury. Those men behind BHO would have made short work of him.

0c1c79 No.2376600


qmap.pub is better1

f4b47e No.2376601


great, cool.

don't really care.

just wanted to share my two cents.

POTUS and team have been planning this for years..you think they don't have someone picked out to ask the question at the perfect time and or perfect place?

875ff5 No.2376602

File: 7cfb9c960a67d26⋯.png (414.89 KB, 620x413, 620:413, pepe mask.png)

Q is not an individual, Q is a movement.

Q has a mascot, the mascot is Q.

4f94ec No.2376603


Anon I don't know for sure but I thought youtube had a machine captioning system .. I don't know if it works for live videos though.

Oh I see another anon just responded to you, yes the same idea.

It won't be perfect, but should be ok.

6b8b20 No.2376604


Ah, yes. "Germany must perish" was the correct title. The author was "American" (((Theodore Kaufmann))), not "Russian" (((Ilja Ehrenberg))). That's a different story, though they both appear to have been in favour of the same sort of thing.

Yeah, I am sure you get it. And the faggot doesn't. Well, the programming goes very deep. And the deeper it goes, the more pain it will take to clear it. It will all come out in time. All the best.

1113ca No.2376605

File: 32a402a5a2d9189⋯.png (1.93 MB, 2808x1416, 117:59, 7-31-18 Wikileaks Schulte.png)

d39bf6 No.2376606


You are a shill campaign.

56eec1 No.2376607

>>2376433 last

You said antifa intimidated the german people so they would support AH.

I showed direct data from book Communism in Germany that shows exact statistics on how they shot stabbed or bombed hundreds of NSDAP members.

So you lied.

You insinuated one thing while the exact opposite was the case. Which is what a lie is.

That was just one lie among many.

You don't deserve anymore attention.

c77eaa No.2376608


check your math, anon

c2ed4f No.2376609


It's an Honor to serve in the MEMEwar to help Q and the Team. Love you all no homo.

489c28 No.2376610

File: 06a953aea089c03⋯.png (456.69 KB, 808x424, 101:53, ClipboardImage.png)




hit em with this

74b73a No.2376611


What i meant if you chant QSA it sounds too close to be picked up by the normies

1a5304 No.2376612


This is propaganda.

Remember that you're always getting the monkey model with consumer encryption. Use the largest key sizes available and matryoshka layering if you want good security, and even then… remember the military is 42 years ahead of what they release to the public.

bb4895 No.2376613

File: 38f9905be6b2749⋯.jpg (45.81 KB, 604x377, 604:377, Capture.JPG)



‏ @POTUS_Schedule

2m2 minutes ago

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

17:30:22 #POTUS #AirForceOne #AF1 Arrival - Tampa, Florida (Tampa International Airport - KTPA)

17:45:15 #Motorcade Departure - en route Tampa Bay Technical High School


7140e0 No.2376614


Um no?

9d8250 No.2376615

Is it just me, or are they going after manafort to get no name first?

b7ce28 No.2376616

File: e6a976369d60ed4⋯.png (555.8 KB, 576x688, 36:43, e6a976369d60ed49ba89484fa4….png)

54b2f0 No.2376617


ty anon….wrong caps or no..decades of experience don't fail me kek…(((they))) made me….I'm loving this movement and being able to contribute to it.

8441c4 No.2376619

Are WE Watching Together ??

8a7f37 No.2376620

File: 9bb4aac205e0c3a⋯.jpg (89.27 KB, 630x630, 1:1, 1st recon.jpg)

Mexico plane crash

The Aeromexico jet went down shortly after taking off from Guadalupe Victoria International airport in Durango.

Flight AM2431 left Guadalupe Victoria International at 3.09pm local time (8.09pm GMT) headed for Mexico City, reports claim.



d39bf6 No.2376621


She's wearing a red outfit, you stupid narrow minded fuck.

336b75 No.2376622


Your recent response gave you away. Glad you shot to last bread you peeper. kys Qdoxx obsessed maggot

7b71de No.2376623

File: 19d1f5acaab3500⋯.png (4.21 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, RSB FL Rally Q.png)

File: 4db4427de2b0a08⋯.png (322.56 KB, 350x572, 175:286, 4db4427de2b0a08c8b574b4179….png)

Hi there, Q!

We're listening, watching….


f3d1c9 No.2376624

>>2376598 Yahoo news: POTUS 'crossing the swamp' painting touches off social media frenzy


1150ed No.2376625

File: f463b9e7838f096⋯.jpg (142.61 KB, 777x777, 1:1, d9d443f31cb2980394c54a67da….jpg)

325552 No.2376626


Trump is delivering a pre-rally speech at 6:10 EST on Workforce Development.



51fa37 No.2376627


Failed Math 101 did We?

It is


fb300c No.2376628

File: 6bc85f6e6885783⋯.jpg (11.66 KB, 255x135, 17:9, JA Q.jpg)


You're right, Anon.

My bad.

Wishful thinking and bad math got the best of me.

It's not JA tho (pic related)

0b878d No.2376630

File: 7686beffe0ad0f5⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.01 MB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_8818.PNG)

File: 6e9d31793841251⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 104.67 KB, 604x682, 302:341, IMG_8820.JPG)

Where We Boob 1 We Boob All! WWB1WBA!


Last day of July & POTUS Rally….I'm feeling excitement in the air!!

d316df No.2376631


Thanks anon, I guess I have more work to do or maybe I have just been staring at it to long.

Its faint.

Maybe it's nothing!

4adc90 No.2376632


good fucking luck with that

93e75e No.2376633


Catchy, but the acronym could be misconstrued. Queer United States? Not happening.

08d453 No.2376634

>>2376347 lb

<uses the echoes wrong again

LOL then enlighten us faggot!

db503e No.2376635


93c253 No.2376636

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This one goes out to all the spies among us

Stay out of BANKOK!

If you know what's good for joo

03f4d1 No.2376637

A $45,000 payment to an undisclosed law firm. A cash withdrawal for $14,000. Almost $90,000 sent to or from a Russian bank. These and other bank transactions totaling nearly $300,000, none of which have been made public, offer the first detailed look at how an accused foreign agent and a Republican operative financed what prosecutors say was a Russian campaign to influence American politics.

Anti-fraud investigators at Wells Fargo flagged the transactions — by Paul Erickson


489c28 No.2376638


that's a shill anon

c01e9d No.2376639

File: 45d345041369f42⋯.jpg (22.51 KB, 460x460, 1:1, 5dwp0xba38d11.jpg)

Shills be like…

b7ce28 No.2376640

File: 421f06612557fe9⋯.png (527.7 KB, 683x351, 683:351, cnn-4am-gagnews.png)


a39662 No.2376641


im not whatever anon you're talking about, but you if you're not a shill, you should lb that shit faggot. fucks with phonefags bigly

5a667f No.2376642

File: ac0b8205e903bd1⋯.png (86.33 KB, 937x440, 937:440, QanonQuake.png)

Holy Shitballs guise. I just did a serach on startpage for Quake Player models for Al gore and George W Bush.

Exact Search Terms:

Al Gore Jr. and George W. Bush player models for Political Arena Q3 Mod


Result of search in image.

3e3d7e No.2376643

File: 7de309d7d814d8a⋯.jpeg (772.58 KB, 1162x1042, 581:521, 89BE3489-3E29-4915-8048-D….jpeg)

af966a No.2376644


yes..since i'm german and it's all ahead of me in the worst possible area of the country i'm pretty much looking forward..true ehrenburg wrote that russian piece of shit that those soviet soldiers had in their pockets..kaufman..you're right.

take care and god bless.

d60d50 No.2376645

File: 7238381810c81dc⋯.jpg (29.16 KB, 640x519, 640:519, pepepondering.jpg)


>Is it just me, or are they going after manafort to get no name first?

well, now that you mention it…no. kek

4adc90 No.2376646


same reason they don't freak out about

the kaballah string she wears on her wrist

welcome to 1939

7b71de No.2376647

File: 93822d9f8a02c82⋯.jpg (26.78 KB, 596x604, 149:151, CPKoVM38.jpg)

File: fe5de7a739d0e37⋯.jpeg (8.32 KB, 320x240, 4:3, fe5de7a739d0e37b7e5f2a9e0….jpeg)

File: 23c338d4d69e49e⋯.jpg (14.3 KB, 420x236, 105:59, Bern Girl 5.jpg)

f5b31c No.2376648

File: ff53a0df7ea3837⋯.png (36.3 KB, 579x401, 579:401, Jews_did_not_practice_Usur….PNG)

>>2376287 (pb)

Interestingly, its an historical fact that in the old times jews didn't practiced Usury on each other.

fb300c No.2376649


Bet High School is PTEC- in St. Pete.

If any Anons wondering.

b99deb No.2376650



I mock everyone, get a grip.

In the contrary, shills are at low level.

You got mocked, so what??? Start a debate on this???

Don't be a fkin pussy.

c539d6 No.2376651


yes along those lines

but chanting is different from a reporter asking that

f3d1c9 No.2376652

File: 4c65ceb18a29e2d⋯.png (671.74 KB, 640x649, 640:649, Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at ….png)


dfdef9 No.2376653

File: b440159fe0a9e5f⋯.png (2.13 MB, 1351x832, 1351:832, ClipboardImage.png)

048950 No.2376654

File: b3b9502c3fac13d⋯.png (279.61 KB, 1419x946, 3:2, QThumbsUp.png)

548390 No.2376655

File: 5a5b703f1a6ece4⋯.png (6.79 KB, 255x196, 255:196, friendly pepe.png)


Yeah. Been her for a long time in Q years.

This type of inconsistency still bugs me.

Either it matters or it doesn't. Managing a list of exceptions is bad news.

However, just like there's an effort to reclaim the symbols, maybe it's a statement that it's time to reclaim the colors.

I like red. Have worn it all my life. Looks good on me. Have red shoes, as well. Not a pedo. And

>>2376638 - not a shill.

79d0db No.2376656

File: e18fde534a457ba⋯.jpg (83.86 KB, 859x447, 859:447, TunisianAF Colorado Z21122….jpg)

File: 06347cc84e216d5⋯.jpg (180.16 KB, 1458x709, 1458:709, TunisianAF 2018-07-31 22:1….jpg)

Tunisian AF N of Denver

Not on map.

Position via lat/long


a50cbc No.2376657

File: a18d51c3c4c5602⋯.png (599.32 KB, 663x581, 663:581, Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at ….png)

Noice! (Pic Rel)

08d453 No.2376658

>>2376138 lb

lol all it did was give accosta another platform to spew lies. no one confronted him and the amatuer producers missed half the fucking audio and then they have the balls to ask for money.. go ahead give them some. ill pass and find a new feed.

9915f8 No.2376659

File: 20a8d2810328c0a⋯.jpeg (245.87 KB, 1242x692, 621:346, DC922620-8ACB-4F95-AAEE-2….jpeg)

c3b8a2 No.2376660

File: a9f505456f214c3⋯.png (768.85 KB, 628x538, 314:269, Screenshot_10.png)


a52500 No.2376661

File: 0862703627c5fe6⋯.png (1.59 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Tampa_31_July_2018.png)

File: 5b5eb01a9c5f438⋯.png (1.59 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Tampa_31_July_2018WWG1WGA.png)

7bb9bb No.2376662


Alert on this plane Look who was on the plane. standby on this

ec7c41 No.2376663



I so much hope, this is just show and he's already safe or UK might be on Trump's side.

6eaa4b No.2376664

need PACER account to access>>2373681


are the attached pdf's you posted from the court case CHARGES (8) years ago?

pdf (264.93 KB, rr mueller manafort may 20….pdf) (h) (u)

pdf (265.6 KB, manafort 2.pdf) (h) (u)Manafort docs

079f7c No.2376665

File: 2f290e06fbac5be⋯.png (1.71 MB, 1142x1376, 571:688, tampabay.png)

We Are Q

We Are Q

We Are Q

Go Tampa

Make it Rain


5e4fef No.2376666

File: 28bf40656f5e200⋯.jpg (35.53 KB, 459x600, 153:200, 4ed60c65c1f55501c42e5667cf….jpg)

erry time cnn acuksta does a spot the place chants CNN SUCKS

rsbn pans teh camera just sayin..


012776 No.2376667

File: bb7687ee53febc0⋯.png (745.79 KB, 1298x884, 649:442, Barry Soetoro Andrew Basia….png)

File: 9c3e7bccb686836⋯.mp4 (5.66 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, videoplayback.mp4)

File: c7861b04765b136⋯.jpg (160.99 KB, 1200x677, 1200:677, DduzakAU8AAE1NH.jpg)

File: b7c62b3d9b8c649⋯.mp4 (712.21 KB, 640x360, 16:9, KB446778899_🇺🇸_on_Twitter_….mp4)

File: 9fb53ccdcf6d8cd⋯.png (191.31 KB, 859x727, 859:727, obamakenyanborn.png)


56eec1 No.2376668

File: e1bd9da6ff5fece⋯.jpg (91.47 KB, 747x374, 747:374, e1bd9da6ff5fece3fe4a43df4d….jpg)

File: 645aa4adae60967⋯.png (120.92 KB, 248x502, 124:251, 645aa4adae609670b4c7b8d9d5….png)

File: 685a05883e56f5b⋯.jpg (148.35 KB, 673x824, 673:824, 54d290ba80f5052af17ca7cfcd….jpg)


The burned pedo shit and tranny shit. Same as what we are fighting today.

d485f4 No.2376669

Egad I have got to pull myself away from this screen and do a ton of shit, but I keep desperately refreshing to see if 1776 drops. Fuck you clown fuckers for spiking the iOS Q app. Gah!

51fa37 No.2376670


fuck wrong pic

ima dik

call me sic

c539d6 No.2376671


why are you using hashtags on 8ch?

grow up newfag

79d0db No.2376672


Preferred stream for rally?

c539d6 No.2376673


no larps allowed

efbc9d No.2376674

File: d2e94e890977213⋯.png (988.27 KB, 882x467, 882:467, Capture2.PNG)

baker notable

Q signs at Tampa Rally

bb4895 No.2376675

I see Q people

336b75 No.2376676


It was an accident. Phonefag myself. Happens to me all day long and pisses me off too. Copy pasta’d b/c i missed that anon last bread. But that Qdoxxing shill …I am glad

14815e No.2376677

Trump Tampa rally TV coverage is Live Now!


Just below the video feed is an area where you can click one of three video feed

1 – RSBN TV (covers what's happening onstage)

2 – Fox 10 Phoenix (with other news, including Trump event ahead of rally)

3 – James Worley impromptu walks outside the venue live now

e628a6 No.2376679

File: 40ea54de2f6ecae⋯.jpeg (102.03 KB, 700x697, 700:697, 00A423EC-F85E-4AC0-8A9D-2….jpeg)

File: 77c19b1d29a1471⋯.jpeg (100.74 KB, 750x837, 250:279, 3E8876C6-AFE8-463D-AA86-A….jpeg)

Spergin faggots!

Maybe the girl in white will be at the rally.

93c253 No.2376680


clear your cookies and cache and redo it

079f7c No.2376681

File: b2bf04d49619191⋯.png (615.65 KB, 1022x676, 511:338, anonusescomputer.png)

972cf5 No.2376682


Where's her wedding ring?

0e512f No.2376683

File: 58730304601a01d⋯.png (131.72 KB, 584x423, 584:423, 2018-07-31_1513.png)

Great video in this tweet. MUST SEE!!


8441c4 No.2376684


You hearing QAnon chanting? Cause i am but on the TV.

b7ce28 No.2376685

File: cd1599ebcfa670b⋯.png (347.08 KB, 451x359, 451:359, seen-unseen.png)

968006 No.2376686

File: 108a7e0142a803f⋯.jpg (674.54 KB, 1002x1707, 334:569, Back to Exonerate.jpg)

Get ready to see some serious shit.

7bb9bb No.2376687


Do the man behinde speaker on the Rally have The Kek on the hat?

c539d6 No.2376688

File: 1bb2b616470c5a0⋯.png (183.5 KB, 500x411, 500:411, ClipboardImage.png)

cb908e No.2376689

File: 973da51a8ba2cc0⋯.jpg (236.14 KB, 1440x810, 16:9, whowhowhowhowho.jpg)

44e629 No.2376690

File: 1331c56dcfca003⋯.png (435.96 KB, 1166x881, 1166:881, ClipboardImage.png)


plausible deniability first and foremost.

41914f No.2376691


It is not the red shoes that are the issue. It is what the red shoes are made out of that is the problem.

Ivanka's red shoes are made out of cow leather.

f35ad0 No.2376692

Have we decided witch youtube channel were going to flood tonight to watch the rally?

6c22c4 No.2376693

By "forcing" it, Q may mean they will place people with Q signs directly behind POTUS during the live feed in Tampa. It will generate tons of conversation that the MSM will HAVE to face and answer.

af966a No.2376694

File: f68766c60f58449⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, hfdghd.png)

dude handing out redpills like candy.

d60d50 No.2376695

File: 2ae9995880e5253⋯.png (20.29 KB, 452x242, 226:121, ClipboardImage.png)


20 million reached…does anon remember the target (if there was one)? gotta be getting close..

0b878d No.2376696


You REALLY don't want anyone to ask POTUS "Who is Q" do you?

So what if they ask who is Q…that doesn't mean POTUS will say who Q is & if he did say who/what Q is…I THINK THAT WOULD BE THE POINT! The point is to get POTUS a question to acknowledge Q…however it is worded. So back off shill.

a85861 No.2376697

So Avenatti was the guy in HK? Fucking knew it! I had it him or Austan Golsbee, posted some meme's regarding it. Q if you read this, was the guy in the London pic's Toby Stephens? Since I am on a roll here. Ps. Glad you are alive, some thought you were dead. It would be absolutely fucking tragic if we were never to find out who this God sent patriot is. You will never be forgotten from herein forward. God bless you man.

d39bf6 No.2376698


I figured. Just staying in practice.

1f18a8 No.2376699

File: 7f7238b09db9253⋯.png (863.95 KB, 849x628, 849:628, swamp painting.PNG)


In case anyone wanted to read the article, love this painting WWG1WGA

fde217 No.2376700


She is pure elegance. Not many left like her.

7140e0 No.2376701

File: bc9430bf8116044⋯.jpg (10.58 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)

b99deb No.2376702



Looks like you're new, and have no idea what a real shills attack is……

stay w/ us, and don't cry for any shit.

Especially when here are veterans that saw shit things.

3c43e0 No.2376703

File: 0d1d6759c0a6a64⋯.jpg (144.12 KB, 577x624, 577:624, 0d1d6759c0a6a64c07c66620fe….jpg)


This is a fact. REAL Anons will rip your ass for posting bad info, or for being a traitor, or other shit, but Real Anons know what is at stake and we realize ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL.

Anons tend to be sensitive and not like confrontation. Shills know this. (((they))) ALWAYS belittle and make it PERSONAL.

Don't fall for it. Filter if need be and DRIVE ON!!

437007 No.2376704


Brilliant. Kek.

06b004 No.2376705

File: 64bcfb486645624⋯.png (1.49 MB, 750x1334, 375:667, 31AF5F80-08AE-47F6-A8DF-39….png)

Rally supplies in hand, may watch from outside since it’s not too smokey yet.

We need prayers in WA State too, they’ve been doing their best to burn us down too!

WWG1WGA 🇺🇸🇺🇸

a52500 No.2376706

File: 75e82bdc57e54cb⋯.png (1.79 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Tampa_31_July_2018WWG1WGA.png)

01bdb7 No.2376707

File: 6c9d125c319ad21⋯.jpg (6.33 KB, 232x217, 232:217, 6c9d125c319ad219832d52c114….jpg)



c3b8a2 No.2376708


777b90 No.2376709

File: 182335187cd6649⋯.jpg (302.65 KB, 736x735, 736:735, IMG_218.jpg)

1e24c9 No.2376710

File: 7526e29ffcff3cd⋯.jpeg (118.42 KB, 1061x748, 1061:748, 3606FA24-AC47-4407-A301-F….jpeg)



ec7c41 No.2376711

Any link live rally?

190fe8 No.2376712


Popcorn is ready.

67b18c No.2376713

File: 09580d8fef0976a⋯.png (65.68 KB, 1266x500, 633:250, Screenshot-2018-6-8 Q Rese….png)


hurry fag read this….

3a5702 No.2376714


Why is Priestap getting approval from the "7th floor"? I thought that was in the State Department. Does the FBI have a 7th floor of clowns also

93c253 No.2376715


She's been trying to free herself up for me I think

I tell her I'm taken and stuff.

But she just won't stop calling.

And I be like…look just ctfu cause this just won't work baby girl. So yeah…it's a prob

f3d1c9 No.2376716

RSBN zoomed right in to our Q sign anon in front.

c539d6 No.2376717


>So Avenatti was the guy in HK?

anons have suggested that, but I still am not convinced on who it is, no matter the who is suggested

93e75e No.2376718


No proof of any crime can be seen in any Q posts. No plausible deniability necessary. Open source material.

c60a07 No.2376719


Since when?

2a1a32 No.2376720

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Ivanka is live

f35ad0 No.2376721

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

RSBN stream

a39662 No.2376722

File: 203d1d09f597111⋯.jpg (132.63 KB, 555x648, 185:216, 203d1d09f597111fdf291bdb93….jpg)


Daym right anon!

ca14c0 No.2376723

File: 3cef480e86378bd⋯.png (199.53 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Gold Star Research checker.png)

File: 289c8b6c2a5936a⋯.png (253.46 KB, 500x500, 1:1, You get a Gold Star Checke….png)

File: 4511aca75b7eb67⋯.jpg (43.49 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 2f0i16 (2).jpg)

File: 76cd2e35fc6a76d⋯.png (197.58 KB, 500x500, 1:1, No deals Hillary checker.png)

I made some new digit/trip/post checkers last night. I shared them really late like 2 or 3 am. so reposting them.

The first 2 are gold star ones.

The 3rd one is a blank no deals portal to Hell, kek, and you can put whoever's head you want in it, or their entire body( if it looked like it was floating would be funny)

I did some of Obama, Clinton, Comey, Podesta, No name. But they would work for hollywood, media, @Jack, ZuckerFucker , Rothschilds, kek

Blank can be used for many, lmao

d3c04c No.2376724


They did. Both depts did .. I think both are gone.

b7ce28 No.2376725

File: 0294dcbd5bbd858⋯.png (514.77 KB, 516x613, 516:613, wall-use-front-door.png)

ec7c41 No.2376726


You can read my mind. Wow.

325552 No.2376727




26096a No.2376728


And white nail polish to top off the irony.

Classic. Lovely. Tonight is going to be nuts.

d39bf6 No.2376729


Most buildings higher then 8 floors have a 7th floor.

9915f8 No.2376730

File: bae329cd7a94c97⋯.jpeg (250.61 KB, 696x1035, 232:345, D3FFC7AA-16B4-44D9-92CE-A….jpeg)

3e3d7e No.2376731


80 people injured. No deaths

7cc16f No.2376732

File: 2c568d1b1332628⋯.png (570.33 KB, 658x678, 329:339, Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at ….png)

File: aa4f91ac1b2956e⋯.png (104.35 KB, 692x492, 173:123, Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at ….png)




ca14c0 No.2376733

File: 1e2a7e27f5e8639⋯.png (196.78 KB, 500x500, 1:1, No Deals Adam Schiff Check….png)

File: a3edaf0a6e8d4e3⋯.png (197.56 KB, 500x500, 1:1, No Deals Brennen checker.png)

File: 5a227898e267091⋯.png (198.94 KB, 500x500, 1:1, No Deals Chuck.png)

File: ef244b740483d99⋯.png (196.18 KB, 500x500, 1:1, No Deals Comey.png)

c539d6 No.2376734


thank you, didn't realize there was a pre-rally event

79d0db No.2376735

File: 0ee34fb5fb6d994⋯.jpg (95.26 KB, 1000x760, 25:19, Shadilay.jpg)

File: d5a85a47c3e2d10⋯.jpg (194.33 KB, 1200x963, 400:321, PopcornTime.jpg)


I'm feeling it.


bf5f54 No.2376736

File: 6626fbc26e9b6db⋯.png (39.67 KB, 665x760, 7:8, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 70e52d75d7ebcac⋯.png (45.73 KB, 599x801, 599:801, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9e81f02787cb0b9⋯.png (49.09 KB, 598x896, 299:448, ClipboardImage.png)

File: cb850c038bea9f2⋯.png (46.81 KB, 666x908, 333:454, ClipboardImage.png)

Peter Thiel On Backing Trump: The Establishment 'Glosses Over' All The Problems In Our Society


4b600f No.2376737

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

f80ea4 No.2376738

File: 55f285776b1569a⋯.png (838.9 KB, 1582x915, 1582:915, Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at ….png)


Awesome catch!

I didn't notice it off the bat!

dde088 No.2376739


Greetings from Bellingham, anon

fb300c No.2376741


DOIT! Tampa!

BUC"N PROUD of (You)!


Pirate STRONG!

2f969e No.2376742



(Your basil might need some water) ;)

548390 No.2376744


That's fabulous news.

Hopefully it can be sauced soon.

c01e9d No.2376745

File: 7113d1f43bc1661⋯.jpg (195.82 KB, 536x536, 1:1, dream_si8v3sziebq.jpg)


a85861 No.2376746


Who gives a fuck what you think. I am asking Q for confirmation. You can't confirm your own shit.

b6d4cb No.2376747

So school starts in about a month or so.

If trusting the plan means sending in our kids as fodder for Derp State false flag shootings they can stick their plan up their ass.

You have a strong enough public support. I'm hoping the time is within the next month.

We don't have Blackwater and the Secret Service protecting our children.

e628a6 No.2376748

File: 2ff09749a7dba05⋯.jpeg (67.96 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 6A535E35-D893-44AA-AB48-D….jpeg)

File: cc033cd0212b930⋯.jpeg (35.85 KB, 300x300, 1:1, FF52BFD9-6DDD-462F-80BF-0….jpeg)



0e512f No.2376749



81cbd0 No.2376750


what does all these girls with wedgies mean?

56eec1 No.2376751


Samuel (((Untermeyer))) was a bigtime advisor and cabal member. He set up Schofield bible. He also wrote a new york times op ed claiming the holohoax was hapenning…

In 1935.

Fucking liars.

777b90 No.2376752

File: 9e918b751533c76⋯.jpg (148.16 KB, 736x925, 736:925, IMG_256.jpg)

c2ed4f No.2376753


4dead5 No.2376754

July done. Q didn't happen.

Burns, doesn't it? That awful feeling that you were so easily duped.

06b004 No.2376755


KEK! That's why I was out there… thanks for the green thumb tho!

ca14c0 No.2376758

File: 60b8ec5aba75f32⋯.png (201.72 KB, 500x500, 1:1, No Deals Kerry.png)

File: 4682abc42a1e572⋯.png (198.38 KB, 500x500, 1:1, No Deals McStain Checker.png)

File: 4345019cb7b9cdd⋯.png (199.13 KB, 500x500, 1:1, No Deals Obama Checker.png)

File: 60b8ec5aba75f32⋯.png (201.72 KB, 500x500, 1:1, No Deals Kerry.png)

File: 4682abc42a1e572⋯.png (198.38 KB, 500x500, 1:1, No Deals McStain Checker.png)

325552 No.2376759



c539d6 No.2376760


>Fucking knew it!

902006 No.2376761

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1a5u0wFpE0

a50cbc No.2376762

File: 7b71d25b3dab63e⋯.png (698.13 KB, 713x807, 713:807, Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at ….png)

QQQ Pic Rel

1ce024 No.2376763

File: 55404d9623da6f6⋯.jpg (106.23 KB, 1018x491, 1018:491, Tampa Rally Q.JPG)

Team Q'

Mad Hatter Anon

3a5702 No.2376764

File: 697d131f89d1552⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1230x1631, 1230:1631, Screenshot_2018-07-31 Gork….png)


found this


93c253 No.2376765

ca14c0 No.2376766


sorry, it was being wierd, did not mean to post 2 mcstains, kek

4b600f No.2376767

7b71de No.2376769

File: 5bb7f8357910603⋯.jpg (1.29 MB, 1400x932, 350:233, crossing-the-swamp-frames.jpg)

File: dc520bbb8d42784⋯.png (312.27 KB, 633x352, 633:352, dc520bbb8d4278450f3b8c4044….png)









54b2f0 No.2376770


yep ty very much…..

06b004 No.2376771


Greeting anon, Spokane here!

db268e No.2376773

Next Q drop is # 1776. Hope it's a BOOM!!!

4dead5 No.2376774

This should all come crashing down in the next 10 days or so.

It's going to be terribly painful for you all. Hilarious to the rest of us.

5e4fef No.2376775

File: dccb6902aebcb36⋯.jpg (10.57 KB, 255x201, 85:67, dccb6902aebcb36253faa5d688….jpg)


it means you're home, son

b832be No.2376776

File: 415479011ce6621⋯.jpg (286.5 KB, 1505x2048, 1505:2048, watered.jpg)


No Basil left behind

93c253 No.2376777

>>2376720 Praise the Lord

190fe8 No.2376778


Thanks for the link! Baker. Maybe think about having this post as a notable for next few breads.

b7ce28 No.2376779

File: 422ca2abe257269⋯.png (130.14 KB, 600x388, 150:97, 422ca2abe257269f0f1764b48a….png)

14749f No.2376780

File: cf597cea7b15d99⋯.png (285.83 KB, 400x593, 400:593, blech.png)

>>2376230 lb

8a7f37 No.2376781


"Officially there are no figures of injured or deceased," wrote Jose Rosas Aispuro wrote on Twitter.

Local media said witnesses described seeing survivors walk away from the wreckage.

The Embraer E190, which has a capacity of 100 passengers, was flying from Durango to Mexico City, according to the airline.


03f4d1 No.2376782

Federal judge issues temporary restraining order stopping release of downloadable blueprints for 3D-printed guns


3f07b0 No.2376783



UPDATE: There are injuries but no fatalities, governor says.

7bb9bb No.2376784

Trump live https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEjiOdP9HTY

325552 No.2376785

File: be9cb580ced6619⋯.png (518.76 KB, 967x714, 967:714, Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at ….png)



d4df53 No.2376786

No deaths apparently

ABC News

‏Verified account @ABC

JUST IN: Durango governor confirms there were no deaths in crash of Aeromexico Flight 2431 to Mexico City.


0ccae7 No.2376787

File: 6ddbd2e777c90ee⋯.png (786.18 KB, 1125x2436, 375:812, 84FE4541-93E0-4C3A-A764-5E….png)

File: 09d7f75e8e303c5⋯.jpeg (721.31 KB, 1109x757, 1109:757, 17FDB6AE-079C-4C50-A276-F….jpeg)

Bank fraud case v. Manafort 2005. Enjoy some tits with it anons


f1b5ed No.2376788

File: efab9c7166b0f8d⋯.jpg (78.55 KB, 677x568, 677:568, Qsign.JPG)

where we go 1 we go all in the shape of a Q sign at the rally

a85861 No.2376789


Away and play with your boyfriends dirty dildo you glowing arsewipe of a clown.

a6b592 No.2376790

File: 8df6f93c6b058d4⋯.png (308.01 KB, 598x709, 598:709, clintons_are_pedos.png)

c539d6 No.2376791

File: 51dcef8dfb88bc1⋯.gif (1.39 MB, 275x252, 275:252, shia.gif)

bd29e1 No.2376792


digits to be respected

"Q" is a nickname given to a 'person' who has a 'clearance' at a 'level' above top secret


d2f6cb No.2376793



1e2614 No.2376794

File: 02e2238e2191126⋯.jpg (23.58 KB, 255x251, 255:251, 02e2238e2191126fe2043be060….jpg)


oh man, that's funny. thanks for that.

572697 No.2376796


That works.

79d0db No.2376797

File: e13cbe4f3d04276⋯.jpg (6.32 KB, 322x145, 322:145, 2018-07-31 22:21:02Z.jpg)


You sure?

7cc16f No.2376798

File: ed65d74cfe98bf5⋯.jpg (120.75 KB, 508x508, 1:1, Rare copy.jpg)


Eastern WA here, you're right, rain & prayers pls!

048950 No.2376799


Did anyone aboard verify a birth certificate recently?

67b18c No.2376800


Matt Gaetz did the pointer finger on the arm, hand shake with POTUS

c60a07 No.2376801


Bank fraud and tits.

It's like a match made in heaven.

80fe8b No.2376802


Nice anon!

ec7c41 No.2376803

File: 06c112023f46165⋯.jpg (215.75 KB, 1000x811, 1000:811, DbqrotnVQAExbOu.jpg large.jpg)


5a667f No.2376804


I've never been to that site. Cleared all cache earlier too. Try the search yourself.

0488eb No.2376805

File: 0570d97f9dcd254⋯.png (252.93 KB, 466x466, 1:1, 0570d97f9dcd254dd7f7fe43d2….png)

b7fc31 No.2376806

File: 276b6da10a3a0a3⋯.jpg (364.13 KB, 2100x1620, 35:27, 1776.jpg)

f4b47e No.2376807


WAIT, what? Didn't it just read that 100 people died?

d05bc6 No.2376808

Trying to ban 3d printed guns is going to hurt the Democrats with lefty geeks

I love it… they are killing themselves

6b8b20 No.2376810


Indeed, The double standard identified here in relation to usury permeates much of the Judaic legal code. This is why "Jewish morality" is an oxymoron. Because Jewish law doesn't satisfy the requirement of universalizability that is generally seen as a key characteristic of true ethical thinking. As Israel Shahak exposed in his very important work "Jewish History, Jewish Religion: Teh Weight of Three Thousand years", there are many things that Jews are allowed to do to non-Jews that they are not permitted to do to each other. In the end, it seems to me that the core of Jewish "moral" thinking is can be reduced to one question: Is it good for the Jews? Thus they developed a tribal way of thinking that permits them to lie, cheat, exploit and kill non-Jews without moral qualms. This is precisely what Jesus was trying to warn against when he talked of how the pharisees were teaching one to love one's neighbour (i.e. fellow tribesperson) and hate the enemy (i.e. the non-Jew). He was calling out the pharisees for the abhorrent discrimination between Jews and non-Jews that those Babylonian-influenced ("Jews who are not Jews"?) vipers were promoting. That was partly why they strove so hard to have him killed.

0ccae7 No.2376811


The tits inspired my digging

c539d6 No.2376812


are you being serious?

or just saying its something that is a notable thing for the #1776 crumb is next

f80ea4 No.2376813

File: e287dd0d43dd354⋯.jpg (15.18 KB, 162x312, 27:52, download-1.jpg)



7140e0 No.2376814

File: c3aafb8bda51e74⋯.jpg (77.43 KB, 956x439, 956:439, 33B3385000000578-3567163-i….jpg)

93c253 No.2376815


Ok…school is cool now more Ivanka

875ff5 No.2376816

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c60a07 No.2376817


You have got to share your methodology with others!

c8df8e No.2376819



Anons look at this anons ID number

Can they be forced, or are they random?

Horrible ID [4dead5]

Horrible statement

26096a No.2376820


I act like an asshole on here every few breads.

On purpose.

None should be taken seriously.

You dun act like yourself on here.

Be a dick.

Blend in.

WWG1WGA, as mighty faggot frogs.

54f92d No.2376821

0d059c No.2376822

Sending patriotic vibes to all Anons worldwide.

Excited for the rally and Q's next post. 1776!!

c2ed4f No.2376823

File: c5df3ee6305c067⋯.jpg (10 KB, 255x143, 255:143, c7f8043a16298ff6d9a3aca4df….jpg)

d2f6cb No.2376824


>just saying its something that is a notable thing for the #1776 crumb is next

yes, this. _IF_ a MOAB is incoming, and we haven't thought about this # then YES its NOTABLE. i dunno what it is, but cmon NO COINCIDENCES

f4b47e No.2376825


whoa…that's not cool man.

ac2262 No.2376826

File: c219af689e48c31⋯.png (203.26 KB, 1024x514, 512:257, 1aa_TFYM_When_you_know_the….png)

437007 No.2376827

L Trump speaking

b37887 No.2376828


Would he be offline - because he would be easily traceable if he were online?

Is this the Vault 7 reference recently?

51023e No.2376830


Random. yet, is God's will really random?

b7ce28 No.2376831

File: fe4317552360e19⋯.png (328.89 KB, 528x512, 33:32, god-america-bless-trump.png)

483f17 No.2376832

File: b4848436db015ed⋯.jpg (53.18 KB, 885x516, 295:172, temp.jpg)


You see her more with Eric than with Jr. Maybe they were just closer growing up which happens. We've all seen it.

777b90 No.2376833

File: 8f8b10907954345⋯.jpg (252.31 KB, 683x910, 683:910, IMG_227.jpg)

80fe8b No.2376834




Pretty sure

3f07b0 No.2376836

File: 12d64590d47d3b8⋯.jpg (123.79 KB, 638x569, 638:569, BirthCert.jpg)

7cc16f No.2376837


Spot any Q signs or shirts?

54f92d No.2376838


Wrong, shill!!

06b004 No.2376839


It's scary anon.

We do need rain, no lightening though please!

-SpokAnon (see what I did there? kek)

d4df53 No.2376840


No, it said that was the amount of people on the plane.

People are saying a lot are well enough to be walking away from the crash.

but the report of no deaths is the Governors statement. Not sure if he's shady or not. I mean, Mexico so who knows

548390 No.2376841


Incredible observation.

Can be confirmed when using a tripcode, I think, but don't see it?

Need and OLDFAG with 8ch knowledge to confirm.

c539d6 No.2376842


WTF, pretty sure they're random

and thats a shill too, NEVER SEEN THAT UID personally

08d453 No.2376843

>>2376194 LB

>I LOVE how much pushback "WhoIsQ" gets everytime it gets brought up. I've been bringing it up for 6-7 weeks now, well before Great Falls, and it ALWAYS brings SUPER heavy and MEAN responses. Very personal, very unkind, VERY UnPatriotic.


the point is to reach the normies

the point is about getting Q msm to confront the movement

the point is to ask potus about Q





from the crowd...

over and over will send the message..

shills gon shills.. and thats cool cause this tactic makes em easy to spot!


cue the MUH SLIDE shills....

fb762c No.2376844



ca14c0 No.2376845

File: 7f837750e0f0972⋯.jpg (52.22 KB, 698x608, 349:304, oven-cq31afqvuaapp6a.jpg)

9915f8 No.2376846

File: 1fd9f070efbdbd0⋯.jpeg (195.16 KB, 1088x816, 4:3, 8937A294-7219-4939-9770-9….jpeg)

437007 No.2376847

I just realized that Hillary is NOT our President

6901b3 No.2376848

File: 9c801849fd7f92e⋯.png (648.88 KB, 653x842, 653:842, POTUS Schedule 7-31-18 3 0….PNG)

File: 7480df3a7a99f53⋯.png (28.93 KB, 648x239, 648:239, POTUS Schedule 7-31-18 3 2….PNG)

ac2262 No.2376849

File: c3665ea47e773c7⋯.png (312.54 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Q_CRUMB_2018_JAN_14-Rats_e….png)

92f66b No.2376850


This crap should be all over the "federalized media". I guess to them, freedom of the press means free to refuse to report the REAL NEWS.

3e3d7e No.2376852


Really with the rolling rock? Kek.

81d3cc No.2376853


4adc90 No.2376854



0e512f No.2376855


Yes, I'm watching POTUS speak right now.


572697 No.2376857


WTF good will asking anyone "Who is Q?" do? If the person knows they'll deny it.

People are so obsessed with confirming that Q is real. Anyone paying attention and thinking logically knows Q is a front for a DJT insider. It's obvious, already.

People need to know that there is hope. That events are transpiring in the background that the MSM is not covering.




Join us.

Those anons in TPA had it right.

God Bless.


7cc16f No.2376858



very clever ;)

01bdb7 No.2376859

File: 616efcf270f952e⋯.png (25.92 KB, 713x611, 713:611, 616efcf270f952e212ba69cf84….png)


I'd forgotten about this one.

a6b592 No.2376860

Booming economy

fdf948 No.2376861

File: 89edd9c29941213⋯.jpeg (50.67 KB, 362x524, 181:262, 2CCA9337-726D-46B3-9E27-2….jpeg)

File: cdbaef57da7d1ec⋯.jpeg (40.31 KB, 407x252, 407:252, C9F42818-BA1F-4015-BC50-6….jpeg)

We are Q!

ac2262 No.2376862


he sounds tired… and he rarely flat out reads when he speaks to crowds…. definitely reading today with a little bit of elaborating

f35ad0 No.2376863


I've seen 000000 before. It's random.

ca14c0 No.2376864

File: be7d114fcd21d4b⋯.png (148.65 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Trump WWG1WGA checker.png)

44e629 No.2376865


Weren't al Q's id's and tripcodes traceable to books?

So can be selected maybe?

f80ea4 No.2376866

File: a6779c039ac2146⋯.png (49.29 KB, 787x882, 787:882, Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at ….png)


wouldn't hurt!

b7ce28 No.2376867

File: 99cbb105de40712⋯.png (593.2 KB, 614x407, 614:407, hillbag-berry.png)

6c7c41 No.2376868


>It's obvious, already.

not too many newfags here

its hilarious

c2ed4f No.2376869

Hobart mixer +yeast, flour, salt, water ,egg. wat else


>>2376597 Rally Live Stream

>>2376656, PlaneFag Reports

>>2376494, >>2376620 Mexico Plane crash UPDATE: The plane was carrying 97 passengers and 4 crew members, transportation secretary confirms.

>>2376500 Manafort digs and sauces

>>2376521 Q Team Landed !

>>2376527 (News) Two Pedophile Illegal Aliens Charged for Molesting Five, Eight, and Ten-Year-Old Children

>>2376544 Who Are Q ?

>>2376543, >>2376553 Future of encryption with quantum computing

>>2376605 JA digs and notes

>>2376613 Biggy on the road

>>2376598, >>2376769 Yahoo news: POTUS 'crossing the swamp' painting touches off social media frenzy

>>2376674, >>2376675, >>2376762, >>2376763 Anons plus Qsigns at rally

>>2376736 Peter Thiel On Backing Trump: The Establishment 'Glosses Over' All The Problems In Our Society

>>2376764 SB says 7th floor views TRUMP as Enemy

>>2376773 Next Q drop is # 1776. Hope it's a BOOM!!

51023e No.2376871



Is the UID of someone using TOR

7cc16f No.2376872



Lionel voice: "Oven-mitt fashionista"

8d9dd6 No.2376873


Nice digs & boobs anon!!!


1f18a8 No.2376874

File: be4f1ee8a29a269⋯.png (502.28 KB, 620x524, 155:131, stfu.PNG)

06b004 No.2376875

File: 9ac44c1b3e03d43⋯.jpg (32.46 KB, 550x550, 1:1, PepeHatTip.jpg)

fdf948 No.2376876

File: 6f294c62dd4a2ad⋯.jpeg (914.92 KB, 1125x1114, 1125:1114, CDD73729-F798-4F03-A308-7….jpeg)


We are Q peeps Q posted.

b99deb No.2376877


Looks like she took all the sand….

Is that beach ok, after she stand on?

There is any sand on that beacy anymore???

Imagine, if kim will do the same, on other beach.

In 4 days, entire planet beaches will run off sand……

048950 No.2376878

File: 5a718388e076465⋯.jpg (80.16 KB, 500x632, 125:158, 2d5oj7.jpg)

197567 No.2376879

File: 219c9a9cfbc3c1e⋯.png (438.55 KB, 638x632, 319:316, Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at ….png)

File: 0e79860fb7ea0c7⋯.png (339.54 KB, 568x315, 568:315, Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at ….png)


"CNN Sucks"

"CNN Sucks"

"CNN Sucks"

e876bc No.2376880




The whole point is to break the Overton Window with a potent Consonantal Alliteration.

3e3d7e No.2376881


Source is RT. Trying to make dinner so I’m limited

0c1c79 No.2376882

Laura speech sounds like something big coming.

894600 No.2376883


10fd0f No.2376884

File: b4e98938bee79ca⋯.jpg (74.77 KB, 800x532, 200:133, Jim quetion on Q.jpg)

File: 33939e79be6d9e5⋯.jpg (117.94 KB, 768x432, 16:9, Swamp crossing.jpg)

File: ad6bee7cf9cabbd⋯.jpg (113.1 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, honk black vehicle.jpg)

File: 21f84b65a06462f⋯.jpg (110.02 KB, 995x524, 995:524, Thank you POTUS.jpg)

File: c5def9df33e4353⋯.jpg (58.88 KB, 620x404, 155:101, no name thumbs down.jpg)

If we have the server, how can we lose?

Already won?

Now, chaos control?

As little victims as possible?

Who helps awake gently?

anons decipher, others help share, bakers

make the blessed bread, shills help us try

harder, shills let us know over the target,

thank you shills but no (you)s, some PRAY

for Q and POTUS, working together?

Feels like America.

3be3a2 No.2376885


Keep telling yourself that.

437007 No.2376886

Lara needs to Tits or GTFO

f35ad0 No.2376888


No shit? good to know

0ccae7 No.2376889



ThanQ and we know Q will be most appreciative

ca14c0 No.2376890


I made that series of memes, inspired by the anon who made the bubblewrap meme, KEK

f05a0c No.2376891



737685 No.2376892

File: 098e7b6d9672bf5⋯.jpg (240.25 KB, 670x961, 670:961, AndHowItEnds.jpg)

6901b3 No.2376893

File: 46615f85e4a3c1c⋯.png (340.17 KB, 648x626, 324:313, WH re POTUS LIVE 7-31-18.PNG)


6c7c41 No.2376894


really, everything else is good, but really????:

>>2376544 Who Are Q ?

>>2376773 Next Q drop is # 1776. Hope it's a BOOM!!

b7ce28 No.2376895

File: 9ae8e97c9ebf3b1⋯.png (1.05 MB, 883x493, 883:493, chang-mind-nk-trump.png)

b99deb No.2376896


54b2f0 No.2376897

TOP KEK……Laura Trump.."we'll call it..guts.." new word for BALLS

7cc16f No.2376898


Good, good! MOAR

51023e No.2376899

File: f9158884b32a9ab⋯.png (13.04 KB, 776x371, 776:371, ! ! ! Trips.png)



e4f058 No.2376900

File: 9cac1b65ea927e3⋯.jpg (179.97 KB, 805x684, 805:684, majorhunt.JPG)


Ready for the BIG DROP

3c43e0 No.2376901



God Bless You Anon

a17c36 No.2376902


Oh man, this is amazing. I'm sharing the shit out of this.

51fa37 No.2376903

File: 9c1d9b8bfedbe3a⋯.jpg (208.18 KB, 1005x614, 1005:614, jd7ZANGvTy-6Y8VywAmBSL3tG_….jpg)


We, are Q People!


1274a8 No.2376904


Trips never lie. THANK YOU.




Everyone, don' t listen to fake [MSM] and shills, research and THINK for yourselves.


3be3a2 No.2376905


Last gasp of a desperate clown that maybe hacked the ID. It won't work.

f1b5ed No.2376906




We all saw the same thing but you all were quicker than me. Way to be on top of it anons!


67b18c No.2376907

b7ce28 No.2376908


I shared that one massive amount of times and places, great work anon

ec7c41 No.2376909

Hey, anons. Got a question.

Why does qanonposts.com say that Q only posted 1767 posts, while qmap.pub says 1775?

29b5fe No.2376910

Q. suffering anon here. Any timeline on shutting down MK ultra. All about the plan. I get it. Would be great if we could get back to some clarity.

7cc16f No.2376911


We know, Jimmy, why do you think we've been working hard and losing our minds since 2015!

d4df53 No.2376912

6 figures!? And only 23? Fuuuuck

ccf481 No.2376913

File: eeea5746a33deca⋯.jpeg (53.11 KB, 640x416, 20:13, 89D2C039-4289-4435-8092-7….jpeg)

Please release the deadman key

37fe0f No.2376915

What's up with the pursed lipped constant frown woman with the flag t-shirt & camera?

f80ea4 No.2376916

File: 797acc9284f8bd4⋯.png (680.45 KB, 1273x665, 67:35, Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at ….png)

6 figures!

"That's a lot of money" POTUS

f5b31c No.2376917

File: 16b9e80121eecd4⋯.jpg (303.03 KB, 749x1001, 107:143, Apu_Fren_Doing_All.jpg)


Needs moar pepe faces on the boat, lolz

d05bc6 No.2376919


Who is "us"

a50cbc No.2376920

File: 18c653fe80f1902⋯.png (463.39 KB, 1012x506, 2:1, AcostaQuote.png)

8d9dd6 No.2376922


Another fake one….

e876bc No.2376923


You're all worth Fighting for.


c2ed4f No.2376924

File: 1a026e5ff91adba⋯.jpeg (21.79 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 1ab0c7e0f0c1fa01dc99f82c1….jpeg)


>>>2376544 Who Are Q ? I removed this one . Il leave the other because Anon requested it plus its a big drop for us chekkers ! .

20f6a4 No.2376925



Ids here are usually hex color codes. Yours is very soft green.


44e629 No.2376926

Anons we have to try and contact a guestspeaker at the rally…..

to #AskTheQ !!!

6c7c41 No.2376927



thats been sketchy from the start

never use it (popups/malware)

qmap/pub or qanon.pub have the same posts

01bdb7 No.2376928

File: cdb9e23b80ee9ab⋯.png (13.5 MB, 6086x5304, 179:156, cdb9e23b80ee9ab49f736052a9….png)


Only if they're niggerfaggots, Anon.

7cc16f No.2376929

File: eabdd0d20814ebc⋯.jpg (105.01 KB, 496x363, 496:363, Q American.jpg)



Easy to read & clever! Well done Q Patriots!

061b1b No.2376930


Any other sauce on that

178690 No.2376931

Q- Is "The Plan" going to save California too?

b7ce28 No.2376932

File: 7761532bc6ea824⋯.png (868.61 KB, 683x681, 683:681, fight-win-2.png)

08d453 No.2376933

>>2376114 lb

>>2376229 lb

>>2376145 lb

oh i know that is why i keep pushing the question.. that was a reply to a dumbass shill that made no sense in his reply..





6c7c41 No.2376934


I guess baker, its always up to you, but kek we know the next one is #1776

a bread or two ago was half about that!!

ab15f3 No.2376935

Another Q sign then.

14815e No.2376936


More Trump Tampa rally live TV coverage at


0c1c79 No.2376937


qmap.pub has lots of good shit, left hand side bar.

875ff5 No.2376938

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Dershowitz: MSNBC panel was ‘trying to stretch the law’ to target Trump

81cbd0 No.2376939

File: b9b7491f8fda208⋯.png (102.93 KB, 405x377, 405:377, 36678955_10216229665884845….png)

22bed8 No.2376940


Kid is 23 yr old, a welder, making over 6 figures/yr!!!!!!

80fe8b No.2376941


Hell no!

Hopefully not

3f07b0 No.2376942

File: 39966a2dcd3ba69⋯.png (371.51 KB, 541x523, 541:523, ClipboardImage.png)




0ccae7 No.2376943


Go look at fedsdatacenter.com to see fed employee salaries for past 3 years

572697 No.2376944

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I will literally pee my pants if they play Shadilay.

58e98a No.2376945


Sauce that morsel for me please.

0e512f No.2376947


I use https://qntmpkts.keybase.pub/ or https://qmap.pub/ (includes POTUS tweets).

738ffe No.2376948

File: c3657375a26a521⋯.png (510.15 KB, 625x694, 625:694, DWvet1.png)

What if POTUS rallies are based off the most Q support/high IQ anons, like qlockanons

MAGA 1776 Q soon

ca14c0 No.2376949



i see 1775 posts on there.

ac2262 No.2376950

File: f9f5fc282cce95f⋯.png (653.61 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, CNN_elephant_In_room.png)

548390 No.2376951

File: 9fea372479775d5⋯.png (364.92 KB, 940x561, 940:561, Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at ….png)


1775 from


6c7c41 No.2376952


ya like that huh?! ;)


I agree

I personally use qanon.pub for side by sides, but qmap.pub for other stuff

485447 No.2376953

Post 1776 will be in Bread 3000

67b18c No.2376955


over 6 figures would be 7 figures… SMH

f69e00 No.2376956

777b90 No.2376957

File: daf966a61ac617d⋯.jpg (253.68 KB, 608x785, 608:785, IMG_231.jpg)

0ccae7 No.2376958


Crane ops make $400k in nyc.. why force everyone through college when there are good blue collar jobs to compete for..

b7ce28 No.2376959

File: e08c66f8f59f1cf⋯.png (161.2 KB, 435x480, 29:32, corsi-reversed-psych.png)

3a334b No.2376960


so many wooses, must be shills

fdf948 No.2376961

File: 4dd7b0ff99b1c0b⋯.png (963.32 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, 92CC4CE3-2B8B-44A2-ADD4-02….png)

anons standing at the READY.

a50cbc No.2376962

File: e5df9f65620d58e⋯.png (463.28 KB, 1012x506, 2:1, AcostaQuote.png)


Oops typo fixed. Guess I'm not a bot. (Pic)

7cc16f No.2376963



I love this so much. CIANN deserves all the hate.

061b1b No.2376964


Ive been telling every single person who is looking to make mroe money or just looking for work…BECOME A WELDER!! They can bank and after a few can buy their own welder and work for themselves

ac2262 No.2376965

File: f8845b98c62ee28⋯.png (705.55 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Acosta_elephant_qanon.png)

f6329d No.2376966


media distraction FF. Ignore it.

d39bf6 No.2376967

91fd72 No.2376968


Mueller. Jesus. 2005.

bb4895 No.2376969

File: e56b190b6892213⋯.jpg (109.49 KB, 1061x497, 1061:497, Capture.JPG)

10fd0f No.2376970

File: 52642f953f31a82⋯.jpg (91.62 KB, 730x445, 146:89, Q drop 07312018_5.jpg)

File: 8edbcee879aff11⋯.jpg (90 KB, 715x503, 715:503, exonerated manafort 8 year….jpg)

File: 6b20257f0a0a99d⋯.jpg (55.51 KB, 640x361, 640:361, Q drop 07312018_4.jpg)

File: 2c9ca50ee24776e⋯.jpg (89.16 KB, 698x483, 698:483, Trump words.jpg)

File: 55d64b1ec0395dd⋯.jpg (245.31 KB, 1024x922, 512:461, Flag for POTUS.jpg)

evil stuck between rock and hard place?

If Q is a larp, then we are all just peaceful fools,

on a conspiracy trip, which is legal in America.

If Q real, then all said is real.

Worst of 2 evils, Q is real, so must discredit.

And followers too.

Either way. lose still.

Only one move left.


d05bc6 No.2376971


Feel the self inflicted Burn

c4ea9a No.2376972

File: e8085d5c5cf6901⋯.png (536.93 KB, 690x752, 345:376, e8085d5c5cf69013f3b676cd72….png)

80fe8b No.2376973



Federal law enforced!

f80ea4 No.2376974

File: 4f945a07093b577⋯.jpg (9.64 KB, 225x225, 1:1, images-2.jpg)

f5b31c No.2376975



This is why judaism IS a supremacist ideology which WILL be banned fomr the West along with islam.

Great posts, thanks!

af1a97 No.2376976


Not sure if this was already posted on here during the past two days. RGB next?

3f07b0 No.2376977

File: e81b006bc7fe2f7⋯.jpg (42.52 KB, 505x303, 5:3, 1776.JPG)

c2ed4f No.2376978


Hope they are banned and Jesuits kicked the fk out of the USA.

ca14c0 No.2376979



sorry i was talking about qanon.pub has1775, i thought thats what you were talking about, misread

f80ea4 No.2376980

File: ecf9845188cd6a0⋯.png (410.7 KB, 617x664, 617:664, Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at ….png)

7cc16f No.2376981

File: bbf5cc842c8083e⋯.png (279.68 KB, 444x495, 148:165, Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at ….png)

81cbd0 No.2376982

File: cd6baec96cde97e⋯.jpeg (184.05 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, 1_m2TxftKgufz3i_CvdybVJg.jpeg)

1e2614 No.2376983

david is so lucky gah

061b1b No.2376985


hopefully its not just a post with another anon's link haha

ac2262 No.2376986

File: bc327fd35677808⋯.png (491.28 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Q_Anon_NBC-elephant_in_roo….png)

File: 7288e89518b0f6f⋯.png (496.81 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, QAnon-nbc_elephant_in_room.png)

572697 No.2376987


If you don't like GOOG try Yandex.


f6329d No.2376988


Sarsour should have been deported for falsifying data on her papers.

ccf481 No.2376989




b99deb No.2376990

this huy is so emotional that almost cry, and he started

d4df53 No.2376991


She go the pen! That lucky B

6c7c41 No.2376992


I know, thats a mirror for qanon.pub

the qanonposts one is sketchy imo

3bf6e2 No.2376993


I would like to buy a welder and start building things. Have done woodworking but metalworking is what's dying out.

489c28 No.2376994


News Flash!

Fox is still part of the Mockingbird Media.

Don't be fooled.

4e9898 No.2376995

File: adee725466d783d⋯.jpg (127.96 KB, 903x746, 903:746, butthole.JPG)

Is that 1/2 gay?

875ff5 No.2376996

File: 45ff27faf9da255⋯.png (9.35 KB, 521x99, 521:99, www_startribune_com_pay-ga….png)

U.S. workers saw their annual wages and benefits rise in the second quarter at the fastest pace in nearly a decade, a sign that the low unemployment rate is forcing employers to raise pay to attract and keep workers.

Pay and benefits for all U.S. workers increased 2.8 percent in the April-June quarter from a year earlier, the most since the third quarter of 2008. Total compensation for private industry workers — which excludes state and local employees — rose 2.9 percent, the best since the second quarter of 2008.

The unemployment rate is near an 18-year low of 4 percent, leaving employers scrambling to find the workers they need. There are more open jobs than there are unemployed workers, according to government data, for the first time since records began in 2000.


7b71de No.2376997

File: d6436e7ca90f6ce⋯.png (475.46 KB, 1203x802, 3:2, d6436e7ca90f6ce5a47ac013e7….png)

d39bf6 No.2376998


Judaism for Jews.

Christianity for normal people.

ae394a No.2376999

Some girl on RSBN just said something about a guy donating money and said The Great Awakening. Anybody else catch that?

6c7c41 No.2377000



a3eb40 No.2377001

File: eeda659ba444975⋯.jpg (652.12 KB, 1595x887, 1595:887, Screen Shot 07-31-18 at 11….JPG)

An Aeromexico passenger plane with over 100 people on board has crashed after taking off from the Guadalupe Victoria International Airport near the city of Durango, Mexico.

Eighty people have been injured in the crash, the Durango state civil protection spokesman has said. The state governor says none were killed. According to the Mexican transport minister, the plane had 97 passengers and four crew members on board.


a5f2e6 No.2377002

File: ded2682a56a4125⋯.jpg (819.91 KB, 1288x966, 4:3, 9daf700ba258871d3cf641d6c0….jpg)

51fa37 No.2377003


kek from space!

c2ed4f No.2377004

File: 37533374bd4f4d9⋯.png (5.88 KB, 245x255, 49:51, 5b5b8cb354539e620ffea2bffe….png)

d61a98 No.2377005

POTUS jsut gave a pen to two young people at his work force development speech after he signed….

The people have the power…

08d453 No.2377006


bro pass me what you are smoking, i could probably eat corsi!

5d6344 No.2377007


Judaism is the catholic church.

modern day.

a6b592 No.2377008

File: fa7777a038582f9⋯.mp4 (5.57 MB, 480x480, 1:1, 8PF0KJyWVxrSjl2J.mp4)

More Iran protests.

From yesterday.


b7ce28 No.2377009

File: 8dd0699279a8297⋯.png (639.2 KB, 511x506, 511:506, win-in-end.png)

af1a97 No.2377010


Typed too fast! RBG!

f6329d No.2377011


Context anon- red outfit, red pants red shoes. Why all the stilettos though-ouch. But also GOP color is RED. As in RED wave.

1a8c0a No.2377013

It’s almost Rally time …..

3bf6e2 No.2377014


someone holding up a Q poster

7f3c47 No.2377015

July 2018 — the month Q crushed our hopes.

1e2614 No.2377016


T-Minus ~25 minutes!


0e512f No.2377017

Pres. Trump rally in Tampa

7 p.m. EDT (3 unique feeds)


6c7c41 No.2377018



ec7c41 No.2377019




I found out why. Seems like "qanonposts.com" has the first Q posts missing, that's why the counter starts at 8 at bottom.

51023e No.2377020


>Follow the PEN.

b5d162 No.2377021


This guy "gets it"

You might be thinking, “But the media is painting Q Anon as a hoax!” Yes, that’s true. But in the act of doing so, awareness is spreading. From a psychological basis, getting ideas into the mind is what’s most important insofar as spreading awareness, whether or not someone believes them is immaterial. They might dismiss the idea of a Deep State conspiracy, but they know it exists now, and that’s what’s important. And still others are taking the Q information seriously, they’re going down the rabbit hole and exploring all the research topics fully. So from a pragmatic perspective, the Q information is effective in what it’s claiming to do. It is actually helping wake people up to corruption and this is essential for the people to actually work toward solving the problems of this world.

His article is worth the read if you are a "thinker" rather than a "feeler"

79d0db No.2377023


It's working now for me. Was a temporary error I suppose. ThankQ!

c2ed4f No.2377024

>>2377007 This is insane . They run the Jesuits , wow mind blown .

c01e9d No.2377025

File: be475c57b0b8a1a⋯.jpg (300.48 KB, 711x506, 711:506, dream_jygcal96782.jpg)

File: eba722da3f26e2d⋯.jpg (165.72 KB, 492x733, 492:733, dream_32vl54ty1yd.jpg)

File: dedd5e06c4534ef⋯.jpg (223.5 KB, 620x413, 620:413, dream_krvdhrhf0l3.jpg)

File: 3831bd7b2d15373⋯.jpg (199.04 KB, 600x388, 150:97, dream_6l7tib2muwa.jpg)

01c795 No.2377026

"SAP Software, A great friend of mine runs it now." WTF, a shout to Q team running these programs? WWG1WGA.

7140e0 No.2377027


Fuck yeah kike

d61a98 No.2377028


Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 2b8bd6 No.2363111 📁

Jul 30 2018 20:26:24 (EST)

Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 2b8bd6 No.2362968 📁

Jul 30 2018 20:19:04 (EST)



Feel proud Autists, Anons, and Patriots.

You did this!

You are taking back control.

You have the power.

Stay the course.


6c7c41 No.2377029


next time you're taking brock's dick up your ass, tell him anons said kys

then kys

a3eb40 No.2377030

File: a51a1a0d3576cf0⋯.jpg (373.74 KB, 1041x881, 1041:881, Screen Shot 07-31-18 at 11….JPG)

A three-man crew of Russian journalists was killed in the Central African Republic, with colleagues saying they were shooting a film about mercenaries in the country. Local police say they may have fallen victim to a robbery.

The three men have been named as journalist Orhan Dzhemal, director Aleksandr Rastorguyev, and cameraman Kirill Radchenko. Dzhemal was a well-known war correspondent, who had been wounded while reporting from Syria, while Rastorguyev had been awarded multiple prizes for his documentaries. The Russian foreign ministry said that press documents in their names have been found, while relatives of the dead have told the media that they have identified them from photographs taken after their deaths, and an investigation has been opened into the incident in Moscow.


061b1b No.2377031


looks like black friday

0ccae7 No.2377032


Follow the pen.. do we have a list of everyone he’s given a pen to? Name, industry, expertise, number of pens for type of signing

83885e No.2377033


Good news!

The shills spirits are ==[Crushed]==

1e24c9 No.2377034

File: fa6628b26642012⋯.png (266.32 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, E9E7D097-77FA-4490-B6F5-35….png)

File: 11174de3a581da0⋯.png (228.06 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 7BF738A6-9AFA-4144-9130-2B….png)

Trump challenges the FED


604af7 No.2377035

File: 5cc51255f667349⋯.jpg (76.9 KB, 1248x1284, 104:107, ce500c1e2768205aad2376749c….jpg)


howso? honestly asking a single poster question to an anon just like me…right faggot?

5153bd No.2377036

New avenue…the instructions to decode are in the original message. Google, Yandex, iqdb, WAIT (what anime is this, https://whatanime.ga). What do they have in common? Reverse image search. Use the Silverman image to reverse search. Now what pictures? Is it given right in the image number? IMG_382. Third pic Google, eighth pic Yandex, 2nd pic iqdb. What info from these three pics? Hit a wall, run with it.

f69e00 No.2377037


all religions are based on the same truth and then subsequent fuckery.

why do must most still call god he?

Daddy complex

God is ALL (and once we try and name or define, is not that either.)

I love you anons

lets do this.

08d453 No.2377038

lol wrong person




6c7c41 No.2377039



79d0db No.2377040


Teleprompter will be better

7cc16f No.2377041

File: b3516ab798656ae⋯.jpg (112.47 KB, 508x508, 1:1, checked copy.jpg)

3c43e0 No.2377042

RSBN talking about Q!!!!

ae394a No.2377043

Holy shit RSBN is really going for it!

c4ea9a No.2377044


…and the Q folks

9bb313 No.2377045


Face Palm. The accounting needs of the movement are so great.

20f6a4 No.2377046


If allegations of state gov. starting the fires are true, you CA citizens need to vote the arsonists out of office.

f3d1c9 No.2377047

RSBN: announcer is saying thank you to Q supporters and WWG1WGA… then said we will find more Q shirts.

dbcdb5 No.2377048

Oh shit! Openly talking about Q!

9d8250 No.2377049


With fire

d4df53 No.2377050

File: 18b199a93467a83⋯.jpeg (13.3 KB, 218x324, 109:162, 844c702d16828eb16b237f2d2….jpeg)

WHERE IS SEXPOT STEPHEN MILLER?! I haven't seen him in live pictures for a while now.


d39bf6 No.2377051


YOUR hopes, you poor little snowflake.


3f07b0 No.2377052

File: 9b664aa2d8de0be⋯.jpg (29.17 KB, 491x310, 491:310, Power.JPG)

f35ad0 No.2377053


They're looking for the Q shirts.

a6b592 No.2377054

File: d003ec621375791⋯.mp4 (395.21 KB, 350x640, 35:64, a7Fn_4UmIL17iILN.mp4)

7bb9bb No.2377055


0c1c79 No.2377056


f5b31c No.2377057

File: 25f145bdc6a822b⋯.png (652.45 KB, 653x1024, 653:1024, 1_Jew_Circumcision_2_Traum….png)

File: 389fa33e3ac1c33⋯.jpg (1.07 MB, 1048x1570, 524:785, Circumcision_Effect_on_fem….jpg)

File: 46e45300313e2dc⋯.jpg (709.45 KB, 1288x2080, 161:260, Circumsision_Business.jpg)

File: b29d68e0e8caa09⋯.png (33.1 KB, 624x225, 208:75, z.PNG)

File: 920db3f652df1d0⋯.jpg (30.46 KB, 402x203, 402:203, zf1524ba4277c4173bd099af2f….jpg)


Lol, choke on the facts:

Let us now learn a little about jewish culture and history so you can understand why judaism IS a supremacist ideology

From the book “When Victims Rule” (link to book: https://archive.is/1IEWq ):

“    In order to understand the present and prospects for the future, something must be understood about the past. Jews claim their origins to a seminal patriarch, Abraham, in the land of Ur (today part of Iraq) 4,000 years ago. Abraham was not a farmer or village member of a settled community. He was likely one of the "wandering" tribes of his time, a citizenship less, "outsider" social class known as the "Apiru," or "Habiru" (Hebrews) who were scattered across a wide area of the Middle East, from Syria to Egypt. [ANDERSON, p. 33] According to traditional Jewish religious belief, God is reputed to have singled out 75-year old Abraham among all people on earth and struck an arrangement with him, providing his progeny the consummate family inheritance:  "If Abraham will follow the commandments of God, then He, in His turn, will make the descendants of Abraham His Chosen People and place them under His protection … God at this time stipulates only one commandment, and makes only one promise." [DIMONT, p. 29] The initial agreement, by modern standards, seems extraordinarily peculiar. God's commandment was that all males by the eighth day of birth must have the foreskin of their penises cut off, a painfully literal branding of Jewish distinction around the male procreative organ:


                    "God … said to Abraham … You shall circumcise the flesh of

                    the foreskin and that shall be the Covenant between Me

                    and you."    GENESIS:  17:9-13

         With this physical marking, notes Barnet Litvinoff, “no male child born of Jewish parentage is ever allowed to forget he is a Jew … it reminds him of the doctrine of the chosen people.” [LITVINOFF, p. 5] "As a sign of this sacred bond, of being special seed, Chosen," note Herbert Russcol and Margarlit Banai, "The Lord of the Universe commands Abraham" to circumcize "every man child among you." And as the Torah states it: "I will establish my covenant between Me and thee and thy seed after thee in their generations for an everlasting covenant." [RUSSCOL/BANAI, 1970, p. 173] Is this alleged commandment by God to the Abrahamic "seed" in Jewish tradition not racial?


          "Circumcision," says Lawrence Hoffman, "has thus remained the sine qua non of Jewish identity throughout time. Jews came to believe that it warded off danger, and even saved Jews from damnation, that the sign of circumcision was tantamount to carrying God's ineffable name carved in the flesh, that it was a means of attaining mystical unity with the creator, and that it brought about visionary experience." [HOFFMAN, p. 11] It also symbolized, on the male genitals, special attention to the genetic continuance of the progeny of Abraham, that – if they obeyed the laws and demands of God – they would someday be as "numerous as the stars.""

>Problems with the above facts:


Circumcision is scientifically proven to cause permanent brain damage in children (pic related 1);


Its a form of non-consentual religious branding;


Its a barbaric form of child abuse via male genital mutilation; and


The first reason it is done in the first place is to remind the jewish children that they are "God's chosen", which incites the jews to adopt a supremacist mindset toward the goyim/catle, who according to judaism are implicitly inferior due to not being jews, and thus, not part of the ones who were "chosen by God".

Important note


For those that say that ”most science today is fraud”, in order to implicitly downplay the relevance of the studies about circumcision causing permanent brain damage in children I say this:

Go grab the test I am referring to and disprove it using the scientific method then if you want to solidify what you're trying to imply.

Extreme pain in children scars alters their brain structure (aka: brain damage), circumcision does that to children.


For those that say that “As a very acomplished person, I see no problem with the process of circumcision because I am a very acomplished person”, I say this:

Doesn't mean the damage isn't there.

Doens't make the process of circumcision any less barbaric.

Doesn't make judaism any less of an idological threat to the West.


You could just be lying. Try to not use anecdotes next time, try to use verifiable facts :)

1150ed No.2377058

File: f9f9244adb4477b⋯.jpg (93.74 KB, 518x464, 259:232, IMG_0397.jpg)

f05a0c No.2377059

If the Jew is busted,, will they have to work for a living like the rest of us? Like manual labor?

f3d1c9 No.2377060




c01e9d No.2377061

File: 860e5e1016e55fb⋯.jpg (818.86 KB, 2098x810, 1049:405, MillerTensoFine.jpg)



ec7c41 No.2377062

ed11cf No.2377063

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Link to the Tampa Rally Live Stream


<original link below


fce8d2 No.2377064

File: 47a431ada28b9bb⋯.jpeg (130.41 KB, 800x600, 4:3, the jesuit pope.jpeg)

File: 1e262ff9596fe6c⋯.png (177.09 KB, 543x375, 181:125, jesuit oath.png)

5260b2 No.2377065

File: 3a49a3a17499585⋯.jpeg (34.92 KB, 640x506, 320:253, 3a49a3a17499585bbc8fc16cd….jpeg)

Just reporting -

chemtrailing live and in your face from Natick (at least) all the way into Boston this afternoon. whyyyyyyyyyyy????????

b7ce28 No.2377066

File: d1f76a83424c4b3⋯.png (178.72 KB, 238x472, 119:236, holliday pepe.png)



b99deb No.2377067

word out w/ anons.

c60a07 No.2377068

File: 07f9fd09005c90e⋯.png (553.13 KB, 702x395, 702:395, expel_002.png)

Until we deal with the jews, we will never solve our problems.

←- It's the only way.

7140e0 No.2377069



d39bf6 No.2377070

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

572697 No.2377071


Please provide sauce for how Consonantal Alliteration breaks the Overton Window.

How does Consonantal Alliteration shift the conversation beyond the frame created by the mockingbird media?

Where is the consonantal alliteration in WHO IS Q?

Help me out.

WE ARE Q is better. It shows that we are united. That WWG1WGA. That there is a movement. It redirects attention from an external entity to a group of people convinced of where they are going.

Talk to me.

d61a98 No.2377072


Was half asleep but David is a pipe welder making more than 6 figures and the girl was a President of something….


485447 No.2377073






894600 No.2377074




What did niggerfaggot satanists infiltrating PNW military infrastructure mean by that?where would the cabal launch from if not [semi-]friendly waters?

a3eb40 No.2377075

File: cc2b4ec81dd7270⋯.jpg (567.22 KB, 1057x851, 1057:851, Screen Shot 07-31-18 at 11….JPG)

In 2002, whistleblower and former MI6 agent David Shayler accused the British intelligence services of sponsoring the LIFG to assassinate Gaddafi. The LIFG were allegedly given $160,000 for a failed assassination attempt in February 1996, a claim the UK government has denied.

Many LIFG members, seeking sanctuary from Gaddafi, were given refuge by Britain with a significant number settling in Manchester, where Salman was born.


68cfc1 No.2377077


If that helps you sleep at night

0c1c79 No.2377078


Expel them WW

6c7c41 No.2377079


thank you sincerely, you helped me throughout the campaign BIGLY

keep it up, keep spreading Q and the Great Awakening


83885e No.2377080

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

f5b31c No.2377081


The Church needs a big big purge.


Organized Christian religion can be a very useful asset in stabilizing the West, after it gets purged and cleaned up. That being said, you don't need the Church to be a Christian.

7cc16f No.2377082



Anon needs a cold shower

ec7c41 No.2377083



Thx, anon.

d4df53 No.2377084


He's so awesome. I bet he is a lady killer too. I need pictures of him moving & talking. IT'S BEEN SO LONG

2c6668 No.2377085

File: 30e6f7e8f53f564⋯.png (849.94 KB, 1392x700, 348:175, GGTW.png)

Gregg Gutfeld had a great Idea: Terrorist Week

During Terrorist Week (instead of Shark Week) the show would focus on real life terrorists and the evils they bring. This would help promote awareness leading to more solutions for these type of problems.

He sounded like he was joking, but I think this is a brilliant idea and should be supported.

Could somebody with Twitter send this to GG and encourage him to pursue this idea?


a5a9e2 No.2377086

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Stupid liberal protesters linking POTUS to communism… Do any of them have brains?

44e629 No.2377087




51fa37 No.2377088

File: 347555c8a829e04⋯.jpg (104.46 KB, 1242x1211, 1242:1211, k3sgrxmk4b2z.jpg)


Is July Done?

Bye ID: 4dead5



b7ce28 No.2377089

RSBN just went pro Q

118cd2 No.2377091

File: 251ea182e18297f⋯.jpg (21.55 KB, 341x413, 341:413, wrecking-ball.jpg)


(((them))) and their cryptic crap…

Little do (((they))) know…they are doomed.

POTUS (on the other hand) is SURROUND BY ANGELIC HOSTS…I've literally seen it…and those Hosts are busy, busy, busy…

DJT….a divinely appointed…..

93c253 No.2377092


Mr. Miller you've been warned several times.

Further self promotion may result in a written warning, and up to including being put in a corner

f80ea4 No.2377093

File: d0562a2ec7e175f⋯.png (487.97 KB, 1020x632, 255:158, Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at ….png)


Roger that

ac2262 No.2377094

File: 82f19a3e084307d⋯.png (951.21 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, next_question_v2.png)

c86e6a No.2377095


check em!

9.9 if not a perfect 10

3bf6e2 No.2377096

7,200 people watching RSBN

f3d1c9 No.2377097


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gPy72pS1aI Minus 4 minutes. Guy in white suit talking about donating!! quick!!!!!!


b01e54 No.2377098


Im not a twitter fag but how about this..

Send this to ALL the reporters along with the Q who is #.

#be the 1.

As in be the reporter to ASK about Q.


061b1b No.2377099


its my prefered viewing service for these!.. 7,100 people watching just heard about Q..if they havent already

ec7c41 No.2377100

Push more… Push as much as you can. Push Q to the top, until it reaches the media. Push it harder…

c2ed4f No.2377101


Terrorists never used to get TV coverage to encourage them more. Member those days?

ea8bea No.2377102


Might want to lose the brackets first.

93c253 No.2377103


oh shit

a50cbc No.2377104


Agreed anon! But at least I can watch SOME on Fox without loosing my lunch EVERY time.

7bd9f4 No.2377105

File: c69442008f9f9b2⋯.pdf (244.21 KB, Memo.pdf)


b81fd0 No.2377106


Barron, "I got this one"

Trump, "You castled too early…kek"

8a7f37 No.2377107

File: 8212d4c42c71b81⋯.png (424.42 KB, 736x549, 736:549, 1529188261725.png)

Mexico plane crash

aircraft made an emergency landing

Shortly after taking off, the plane made an emergency landing about six miles (10 km) from the airport, Alejandro Cardoza, a spokesman for the state's civil protection agency, said on local television.

Governor Jose Rosas Aispuro said on local television that the plane was bound for Mexico City.

"The plane was taking off," said Rosas Aispuro, adding that witnesses told him there was "a bang" and then without warning the plane was on the ground.


El Financiero reports that an initial working theory is that the plane collided with something that caused the crash. While Reuters reports that some passengers were seen walking from the scene of the crash to a nearby highway.

I suspect that from these reports that the aircraft suffered a birdstrike or major engine failure just after take-off & crew made an emergency landing in scrubland

I think it was probably a situation like Capt Chesley Sullenberger landing in the Hudson river.

a6b592 No.2377108

File: eb3e0c1418b04a3⋯.mp4 (667.09 KB, 326x180, 163:90, bRnWLK0DgGA-5rGw.mp4)

5153bd No.2377109


Just noticed WAIT, https://whatanime.ga, has a flip image search… Think mirror.

81d3cc No.2377110


2900 on yt

6809e1 No.2377111


Give it up, Stephen

ec7c41 No.2377112


Trips confirm!

01bdb7 No.2377113

File: 958fa3adfa72143⋯.jpg (88.45 KB, 1272x688, 159:86, ObamaNXIVM.jpg)

Taken from /r/GA

f5b31c No.2377114


They will just plunder Latin America and Asia after we deal with them in the West.

ab172f No.2377115

Kelly to stay on as Chief of Staff through 2020. MSM rumors prove false again.

968006 No.2377116

File: cbb7c89a008a73a⋯.jpg (175.7 KB, 1100x619, 1100:619, 180717122630-08-rod-rosens….jpg)

3bf6e2 No.2377117

watching NBC news to see if they mention Q

They really prattled on about the damn missiles

6c7c41 No.2377118

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

0c1c79 No.2377119

Anyone else use Yandex? any good?

2c6668 No.2377120

File: 543a8541ca6eefa⋯.jpg (180.57 KB, 1432x875, 1432:875, Gerbilgate.jpg)


I don't use them the way others do.

All your brackets are belong to me.

08d453 No.2377121


was posted here days ago…

6c7c41 No.2377122


If tomorrow all the things were gone

I worked for all my life

And I had to start again

With just my children and my wife

I thank my lucky stars

To be living here today

'Cause the flag still stands for freedom

And they can't take that away

And I'm proud to be an American

Where at least I know I'm free

And I won't forget the men who died

Who gave that right to me

And I'd gladly stand up next to you

And defend Her still today

'Cause there ain't no doubt

I love this land

God Bless the U.S.A.

From the lakes of Minnesota

To the hills of Tennessee

Across the plains of Texas

From sea to shining sea

From Detroit down to Houston

And New York to L.A.

Where's pride in every American heart

And it's time we stand and say

That I'm proud to be an American

Where at least I know I'm free

And I won't forget the men who died

Who gave that right to me

And I'd gladly stand up next to you

And defend Her still today

'Cause there ain't no doubt

I love this land

God Bless the U.S.A.

And I'm proud to be an American

Where at least I know I'm free

And I won't forget the men who died

Who gave that right to me

And I'd gladly stand up next to you

And defend Her still today

'Cause there ain't no doubt

I love this land

God Bless the U.S.A.

3bf6e2 No.2377123

File: f9895d8e36c0bdc⋯.png (304.04 KB, 777x370, 21:10, ClipboardImage.png)

7bd9f4 No.2377124

File: d961b155aed996a⋯.jpg (80.28 KB, 816x472, 102:59, motion to dismiss TAC.jpg)


Let's try that again


3844c4 No.2377125


I tell my boys:

"I didn't let them mutilate you.

You're welcome"

7cc16f No.2377126

File: cbcb95f16d66005⋯.jpg (248.25 KB, 898x1200, 449:600, Manchester.jpg)

PUBLISHED: 17:30 EDT, 30 July 2018 (yesterday)


a6b592 No.2377127

File: c89ff0e7960fd45⋯.mp4 (265.44 KB, 256x480, 8:15, QKaT_ADkW3gCd9fo.mp4)

e6fd18 No.2377128


Yeah!!!! I almost spit my dinner out of my mouth had to run to the feed and and do double take….exciting times anons….!!!!!

a3e2ee No.2377129

File: cd6fb4985002f68⋯.png (241.93 KB, 673x681, 673:681, boner-pepe.png)


You wish motherfucker.

You're going down.

Karma's a bitch.

5319fc No.2377130


Good connection.

6901b3 No.2377131

File: a563b1e4628735e⋯.png (41.72 KB, 659x389, 659:389, SDavis re AP 3DGuns 7-31-1….PNG)

File: 5d16c207b8c270b⋯.png (883.26 KB, 959x640, 959:640, KOMO 1 re AP 3DGuns 7-31-1….PNG)

File: 87f94a9526dc742⋯.png (60.41 KB, 588x903, 28:43, KOMO 2 re AP 3DGuns 7-31-1….PNG)

File: 448bf9a0f898b65⋯.png (64.28 KB, 595x912, 595:912, KOMO 3 re AP 3DGuns 7-31-1….PNG)

File: c2347a2e757730f⋯.png (7.41 KB, 632x120, 79:15, KOMO 4 re AP 3DGuns 7-31-1….PNG)

Federal judge in Seattle blocks release of 3D-printed gun plans


10fd0f No.2377132

File: 859e3ff0d11a265⋯.jpg (246.3 KB, 711x506, 711:506, Show some respect.jpg)

4f2e8b No.2377133


Please keep our president safe tonight. Please give him courage and clarity and integrity in his thoughts and words. Please strike a dagger to the heart of evil tonight and give righteousness the victory!

ccf481 No.2377134

OK. standby for JA Asylum / Ecuador Sauce.

2e62e6 No.2377135


I tell mine

I'm sorry~

facc3b No.2377136

File: 2eb817ac3904f0a⋯.png (524.31 KB, 916x768, 229:192, khg.png)

This happened live on the trump tv network. Looks like something went down?!!? Covering the Trump rally.

c86e6a No.2377137



seriously anons

b2da9f No.2377138


you'll get nothing and like it

178690 No.2377139


I think LA and SanFran are where the demonrats perfected their vote cheating.

California is a great military state with lots of vets and bases farmers also are very conservative. If the plan crushes all the demonrats California will turn and be the greatest state AGAIN.

c0a79d No.2377140

File: 4c49422a6050a7b⋯.jpg (47.72 KB, 760x505, 152:101, Syria-civil-war_galleryful….jpg)



536eab No.2377141

File: 0e277afb28464d4⋯.png (993.07 KB, 1240x1041, 1240:1041, McCain Institute - Ashton ….png)

McCain Institute's "Human Trafficking Advisory Council" includes one Hollywood Expert.

118cd2 No.2377142


John Kelly was on here several months ago…made two posts about how (((they))) murdered his son.

John Kelly gets a FRONT SEAT…a well deserved FRONT SEAT!!

894600 No.2377143


Speaking of betrayal when will news drop about European/US elite taking money personally from mooslum countries in exchange for accepting the mass importation of their most undesireables?

6c7c41 No.2377144



lurk moar faggots

6b8b20 No.2377145


Work sets you free

b7ce28 No.2377146

File: afcc54989b08ad3⋯.png (668.28 KB, 710x446, 355:223, ty-baker-pickle.png)

79d0db No.2377147

>>2377133 Seconded with a hearty Amen.

ba5693 No.2377148

Windex clean the windows so we can all see clearly.

Permindex dirties them up again.

6c7c41 No.2377149


holy fuck i member that

did you cap it?

i didn't

51fa37 No.2377150

File: 578f68d6cce6c32⋯.jpg (17.94 KB, 360x360, 1:1, raf,360x360,075,t,fafafa-c….jpg)


U forgot something!

4b8709 No.2377151


Elizabeth Warren?

ae394a No.2377152


Arbeit macht frei

489c28 No.2377153

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Think Shell.

1e2614 No.2377154

File: 41ab413df496de3⋯.png (258.55 KB, 415x416, 415:416, v happy pepe (high def).png)

Is there a list of upcoming Trump rallies? I'm having a hard time finding that.

I want to go to one.

518302 No.2377156

Look at those poor protesting sleeping shilly souls outside the rally…. I feel bad for them. I hope they get to wake up and feel this.

f5b31c No.2377157


Lol, funny because its true, they should really thank you for that.


You got jewed, it happens. I got jewed into pursuing a lot of degenerate behavior before I started to truly wake up to all the subversion going on.

6c7c41 No.2377158

File: b6fdf15ef53e7d7⋯.png (388.01 KB, 760x445, 152:89, ClipboardImage.png)


d4df53 No.2377159


If he only knew how much he is loved though. He needs to get on Twitter so I can publicly proclaim my love.

This Presidency has turned me into a Administration Groupie.

7cc16f No.2377160


Good question for Merkel.

e628a6 No.2377161

File: 2888df369a081be⋯.jpeg (226.42 KB, 2304x1296, 16:9, F2A30108-CBE7-4EFD-8933-6….jpeg)

File: d5b6d27a64fa28c⋯.jpeg (186.98 KB, 1470x828, 245:138, A38D0F83-EDB7-44E2-B97B-9….jpeg)

Potus crosses the Swamp

f3d1c9 No.2377162











a52500 No.2377163


That's the idiot who blew noname a kiss during the Senate hearing.

94eeed No.2377164

File: 449c346fe0eb0b5⋯.png (701.2 KB, 527x581, 527:581, St00pid MSM.png)

Stupid MSM reporter making ridiculous faces tonight while pretending to report "news" to America. This was just one of many overly exaggerated examples.

1e2614 No.2377166


thank you for posting these.


c60a07 No.2377167


Don't feel bad. They are being well paid.

a17c36 No.2377169


What's RSBN?

9d8250 No.2377171


Can I come too?

136aac No.2377172




Following Following @findtruthQ



90 minute countdown!!

2:40 PM - 31 Jul 2018

6c7c41 No.2377173




… and autists, kek

738ffe No.2377174

File: 6e62d416e80b7ce⋯.jpg (211.7 KB, 638x565, 638:565, ENJOYTHESHOW.jpg)

File: 172b1b79f0c3214⋯.jpg (316.94 KB, 989x2634, 989:2634, [[RR]]bill.jpg)

File: 0ec71aa9fe60bb4⋯.jpg (248.29 KB, 1156x702, 578:351, [[RR]]IGREPORT.jpg)

File: bc067f55ddc80d3⋯.jpg (56.55 KB, 650x461, 650:461, RRProblemsComeyLetter.jpg)

2377015 <- Qrumb #17 relevant for this shill

LOL, enjoying the show

[RR] has made some goofy mistakes huh? Clearing the Plant years before POTUS even ran

7cc16f No.2377175

File: ea1e2627b3f3b0a⋯.png (345.98 KB, 611x374, 611:374, Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at ….png)

Keep it up, Anon!!!

d39bf6 No.2377176


Got that "I'm gagging on a cock" look.

93c253 No.2377177

I feel a disturbance in the force

01bdb7 No.2377178

File: d01a376db6e7819⋯.jpg (239.73 KB, 3030x767, 3030:767, ASSATTEMPTSBS1.jpg)


"Crashing down"

Nice try Brennan.

500168 No.2377179

File: b11589bfdf6efde⋯.jpg (65.03 KB, 576x605, 576:605, reality.jpg)

File: 003cba2e289a6fc⋯.jpg (35.78 KB, 600x600, 1:1, SunTzu.jpg)


Good points. I would ask-

Did the millions of people who knew there was something wrong with the official story of JFK assassination give up & never think about it again when the clowns made up the term "conspiracy theory" to besmirch their character?

Of course not, there are thousands of books on the subject!

The SEED was planted during the campaign

>FAKE news

It was watered by POTUS and us, repeatedly

That seed grew, even if they don't realize it yet.

The ground is very fertile - media trust is at an ALL TIME LOW

c3b8a2 No.2377180

File: 6d7916ae52e1ed6⋯.png (674.64 KB, 695x807, 695:807, Screenshot_12.png)

FoxNews bois

d05bc6 No.2377182


the plans are already on the net

how they going to stop it

Dems are so stupid

8b1382 No.2377183


it's times like these we can be thankful we are all anon.

it will pass.

83885e No.2377184



31e8ca No.2377185


That's footage from Durango, Mex air crash

7140e0 No.2377187


Right Side Broadcasting Network

0c1c79 No.2377188

AskTheQ = Ask POTUS

f05a0c No.2377190


Wave it proudly anon!

14749f No.2377191

File: dc71048b1560f82⋯.jpg (77.99 KB, 500x676, 125:169, no room uncle sam.jpg)

File: 0c247e38b821543⋯.jpg (50.49 KB, 300x446, 150:223, no_room.jpg)

c0a79d No.2377192

File: d87bec61955ef0a⋯.png (364.54 KB, 636x496, 159:124, Guy_Verhofstadt_gaat_inter….png)


could this European nightmare only disappear…

featured political turd is one of the compromised pushers of the European downfall through totalitarianism.

4f94ec No.2377193


They get announced one at a time (as far as I am aware).

That might change for elections!

5a3b49 No.2377194


3a5702 No.2377195

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Right Side Broadcasting Network LIVE

bac0d2 No.2377196

>>2375312 (PB)

What is the NAME of the book?

f3d1c9 No.2377197


Right Side Broadcasting Network.

Streaming POTUS rally. They are reading Q hashtags from donators right now.

a6b592 No.2377198


No worries, theres a few more, but these were the more 'exciting' ones.

f80ea4 No.2377199

donation from Q -A- non!!!!

who else heard that?

682f96 No.2377200

we are Q signs just spotted

fill OLD bread first newfags

(if you ever see 2)

qanon just got a shout out by broadcaster

im watching RSBN

6c7c41 No.2377201

FFS thank god the chans aren't YT chats…

7a8975 No.2377202

File: d2f68c3e6fa1e1f⋯.jpg (246.44 KB, 1129x677, 1129:677, d2f68c3e6fa1e1f7f1985bfbca….jpg)

14749f No.2377203

File: 68d65b1f36bcc51⋯.png (635.47 KB, 600x767, 600:767, FP.png)

File: 545e5da1b9f502f⋯.png (455.05 KB, 654x600, 109:100, Free.png)

File: f34975e0c7381a7⋯.jpg (194.42 KB, 735x770, 21:22, Freedom.jpg)

File: 886c1f6502405ed⋯.png (441.6 KB, 654x600, 109:100, Press.png)

485447 No.2377204


Nice, anon!

d60d50 No.2377205

File: e9989af637015b5⋯.jpg (16.65 KB, 221x251, 221:251, warrenalphaflip.jpg)

1d5ece No.2377206


You artificially biased your own expectations on this. Don't put this on Q.

51023e No.2377207

File: 22ec2a1f6d55fc6⋯.jpg (18.59 KB, 345x190, 69:38, ! ! ! ! ! 5-x-5-loud-and-c….jpg)

5a3b49 No.2377208


Case 1:11-cv-02794-KMW

Can you locate the orig court docs?


f5b31c No.2377209

File: 2d9e8a4e61c6ae8⋯.png (1.73 MB, 1750x2280, 175:228, 1500_Rabbis.png)

File: c66a10f4b8f834f⋯.jpg (339.45 KB, 1488x932, 372:233, Iceland.jpg)

File: 1247bbb0ffd8bd2⋯.png (421.32 KB, 967x784, 967:784, Jews_Advocate_Demographic_….png)

File: 5d673ebdf6fc187⋯.jpg (1.83 MB, 2486x3062, 1243:1531, Jews_Push_For_Muslim_Migra….jpg)

File: a2a021e1288b478⋯.jpg (47.95 KB, 551x316, 551:316, Rabbi_Supports_Islamizatio….jpg)


And when are we going to start charging rabbis and priests with subversion for all their efforts into normalizing said support of "refugee" influx?

6c7c41 No.2377211


she said the message the donator wrote, and had #Qanon in it

kek, not a donation from Q

d4df53 No.2377212


He's a Gold Star Family

5d6344 No.2377215