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dd088b  No.2351487


are not endorsements


>>2349367 BO clarifies no-nudity policy, protecting our base

>>2342105 There's people posting CP as 'Baker Girls'. Going forward all nudity will be deleted

>>2327065 How to filter gore spam >>2334211 (new: Add into [Options] -> Theme)

>>2251030 , >>2261001 EXPLANATION of bread-archiving situation. Fix habbening


>>2351349, >>2351357, >>2351377, >>2351408, >>2351440 Trump/Singapore/AF1

>>2351111, >>2351185 Missile side-by-side: quads, plus anon's graf is fire

>>2351338 Hussein still at large FOR NOW, surfaces at Beyonce concert

>>2351218, >>2351274, >>2351345 On the WA (not HI,WA=6/10/2018) missile

>>2351216 GermanArchiveAnon Update #2942 to #2961

>>2351106 Bank of International Settlements BOD need digging

>>2350853 They go where the kids are: Ottawa animator got on CP

>>2350960, >>2351013 Moar pixelknot analysis

>>2350839 Clockfag analysis builds from lb

>>2350783, >>2350819, >>2350837, >>2351116, >>2351155 Avenatti MOS?

>>2351465 #2962


>>2350544 Clockfag analysis re: Haberman, Cohen

>>2350046 Planefag finds interdasting EAM message

>>2350461 Red October Sub is same Missile Sub from after NK SUMMIT

>>2349981, >>2350701, >>2350718 anon can find PixelKnot messages?

>>2350066 Trump twat related to Mueller's patent connections?

>>2350062, >>2350087 Moar Avenatti digging, Orlando Shooting

>>2351434 #2961 ob

#2960 Baker change

>>2349697 Soros Hack: Top 10 Machinations of a Master Manipulator

>>2349367 Based (and tanned) BO clarifies no-nudity policy, protecting our base

>>2349305 Avenatti diggs, 2009 class action suit, "concrete"

>>2349294 Moar Bronfman Saudi Arabia Digging, husband Abdul Basit

>>2349275 DC's Besta Pizza owner has office in CA, bldg next to Avenetti's

>>2349189, >>2349637 NY: Sealed CP complaint/arrest. USA vs. Joel Davis.

>>2349166 Ireland: Saving Child Trafficking Victims Occurring WW

>>2349907 #2960


>>2348897 Julian Assange's Fate Is Being Decided At The Moment

>>2348573 Bronfman Saudi Arabia Dig 2004-2014

>>2348421 State of emergency in Michigan county as tested water is 20 times the safe level for PFAS chemicals

#2958 New Baker Incoming

>>2348134 Battleground Poll: Only 11% of Trump Voters Trust #FakeNews Mainstream Media

>>2348108 Q Photo Dig (Graphic)

>>2348078 NYT Publisher Complains to Trump About ‘Potential’ Violence Against Journalists – Ignores Over 500 Violent Attacks on Trump Supporters (Violence on reporters, where?)

>>2347912 Too Many Nominated for Baker to Ignore - The Mob Rules!!

>>2347728 Notable Match For Q photo Location

>>2347791 Facebook, Zuck Sued By "Shocked" Shareholders As "The Truth" Emerges

>>2348374. #2958


>>2347343 Understanding Clare Bronfman's finances and her bail package

>>2347293 Soros sees EU Under Threat

>>2347161 Iran's currency hits a record low

>>2347140 Children as young as FIVE sexually abuse peers after learning how to online

>>2347081 QPhoto theory: A classic California edition of the mafia kneecapper

>>2346990 , >>2346990, >>2347145, >>2347141, >>2347182, >>2347221 , >>2347221 QPhoto location debates

>>2346909 Anon's Memetic Tips: Need More Targeted Memes

>>2347493 #2957


>>2346282 , >>2346375 QPhoto detail

>>2346206 QPhoto location?

>>2346169 , >>2346225 , >>2346347 Moar MA digs

>>2346167 , >>2345989 How to tell if a pic has a message from PixelKnot

>>2346153 , >>2346189 The primary reason Dems want to shut down ICE

>>2346031 , >>2346117, >>2346151 Jeanne Lin, Nellie Ohr, ham radios, subs, Trident & U1. Dig

>>2346061 Moar digging on the HRC server affidavit

>>2346013 The Dossier, Golden Showers, and the fence jumper...

>>2346009 Ecuador works with UK to evict JA: The Times

>>2346000 ICE Takes Down Another Trafficking Website in 'Parkland'

>>2346716 #2956

Previously Collected Notables

>>2343560 #2953, >>2345051 #2954, >>2345836 #2955

>>2346126 #2950, >>2346143 #2951, >>2342726 #2952

>>2339641 #2947, >>2340432 #2948, >>2341210 #2949

>>2337319 #2944, >>2338114 #2945, >>2338887 #2946

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cb9dfb  No.2351513

this boob shit is really bringing out the closetnormies and concernfags.. BO is concernfagging.. not a good look.

a238a7  No.2351522

Love the name of the bread

13367a  No.2351528

It pisses me off that people still credit 4chan.

We've been on 8chan for a long time now, damn it.

c46ade  No.2351530

File: 76c1ed3fa68a26e⋯.jpg (364.26 KB, 1024x894, 512:447, RANGA.jpg)

TY Baker

2aa78a  No.2351532

File: 6c32cfd6e190166⋯.png (534.44 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, IMG_0192.png)

File: 03036b6271b14bd⋯.png (829.14 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, IMG_3565.png)

File: b734b7ccdcd0ef9⋯.png (1.26 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, IMG_3564.png)

File: 3fc1208e3f40193⋯.png (1.47 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, IMG_3423.png)

File: 02b36a96b5d4e57⋯.png (715.25 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, IMG_3421.png)

>>2351359 lb

typo? my sincerest apologies anon!! thank you and please accept these pictures as sign of my goodwill.

>You're the hard working anon collecting our consensus that those Asian tits were tippy top notch!!


dd088b  No.2351534

File: cd4738684dfcd13⋯.jpg (85.52 KB, 809x462, 809:462, EnjoyingBoardAnyway.JPG)

See? We're doing it. Fighting thru shills.

Just like always. WWG1WGA

dough https://pastebin.com/AL92SqNN

46a1f9  No.2351535

File: 68b161b2ec2dbac⋯.jpg (49.7 KB, 380x503, 380:503, 2ey4j3.jpg)

Trump will get through the madness.

cda22d  No.2351537

File: 06da9a0cfe5d3e4⋯.jpg (50.22 KB, 717x481, 717:481, IMG_2098.JPG)

File: 507ddc9bf0eaaba⋯.jpg (50.95 KB, 736x513, 736:513, IMG_2100.JPG)

File: 7accab289f2140b⋯.jpg (29.59 KB, 424x302, 212:151, IMG_2101.JPG)

File: 966d9387a525f52⋯.jpg (25.22 KB, 318x400, 159:200, IMG_2102.JPG)

File: 88fb9e6683303ea⋯.png (11.42 KB, 300x76, 75:19, IMG_2103.PNG)

Thank you, Baker!

142243  No.2351539


>For The Night is Dark When Missing Bewbs Edition

topkek, Baker!

15804e  No.2351540

File: ae2c361a3adf191⋯.png (205.97 KB, 721x469, 103:67, ClipboardImage.png)

File: cdb9e23b80ee9ab⋯.png (13.5 MB, 6086x5304, 179:156, missilesidebyside.png)

File: 082f141f04a096f⋯.jpg (19.23 KB, 288x394, 144:197, Q4example.jpg)

I mean come the fuck on, seriously BO/BV, can I have an explanation????

(top of pic1 WAS pic3)

(bottom of pic1 WAS pic4)

2aa78a  No.2351542




0cc2dd  No.2351543


We have been through this.

Wait for baker to finish before you blast the board with your bullshit posts. How fucking hard is this?

15c48c  No.2351544

File: 121f6d63deb768b⋯.jpg (88.83 KB, 500x500, 1:1, pepeonfire.jpg)

File: 0b31d0727d26683⋯.mp4 (4.14 MB, 480x360, 4:3, alex jones admits he is bi….mp4)

File: 7f9b558b9d6dbe7⋯.png (1.57 MB, 1440x900, 8:5, alex jones bill hicks fuck….png)

File: 309d347cd7293dc⋯.png (1.59 MB, 1440x900, 8:5, alex jones bill hicks fuck….png)

File: eeecc8bd82521aa⋯.png (1.47 MB, 1440x900, 8:5, alex jones bill hicks fuck….png)



weekly reminder Alex Jones is worst than a paytriot, he's a fucking traitor

>"I've talked to QAnon"

member that gem?

not to mention, him being Bill Hicks

yup, with help from clowns he faked his death, did a facelift, plastic surgery, the whole 9 yards

>I played the character Bill Hicks

>for 15 years with my accomplice Kevin Booth

>and we fooled you all, the master actor, the master genius

>for 20 years i've been alex jones, since we staged my death in the early 1990's

Didn't believe it for the longest time

finally got around to putting the time into researching it

sort of blown away, then again, not much surprises me these days

Alex Jones is a controlled opposition COINTELPRO clown

who the fuck knows what else he's into

but one thing's for certain

he protects the interests of the cabal and leads naive patriots on wild goose chases

>fuck up sandy hook

>fuck up pizzagate

>telling people trump isn't running in 2020

>looking straight into the camera and telling blatant bold-faced lies

and makes us all look like conspiritards


i hope we meme the shit out of him

until that bafoonish vitamin salesman closes up shop and faces the wrath of kek

i'll give him credit tho for being a great source of many comical memes

and helping redpill normies with 70% truth mixed with 30% bullshit

but this charade has gone on for far too long

i hope Q and co have a sealed indictment with Jones's name on it





a78f0b  No.2351545


oh ewe again

fcf8dd  No.2351546

File: 8acbaa2f2f45a81⋯.jpg (233.06 KB, 792x792, 1:1, QFlag.jpg)


Today's Q:

Every C_A/MOS tactic of infiltration and internal disruption is being deployed on this board (central hub).

Hijacking this board became obvious about a week ago. There is a group of bad-actors who have attempted to control the message by filtering our research; allowing only puff pieces and misdirection in to Notables. Many Anons have recognized this.

As Q told us today in his drops, they want us divided. The attempted co-opting of this board is just that. Anons who have been here from the beginning see this and know- others do not and are blinded by the tactics employed.

Be wise, Anons. Support one another. Don't lash out and treat fellow Patriots poorly. These are all tests. They are here to divide, control our message, and distract. They are also after souls in their final moments of power. Don't allow them to sway (You) and turn your hearts cold. It's a war of good vs evil and your eternal life is at stake. Tread wisely.



23622b  No.2351548

Does anyone else think stormy is a dude? Those shoulders are wicked large


15804e  No.2351549


>(top of pic1 WAS pic3)

was pic 2

>(bottom of pic1 WAS pic4)

was pic 3

fucked that up

cda22d  No.2351550

File: 5bb5017ab1f9820⋯.png (553.92 KB, 671x567, 671:567, IMG_2032.PNG)

File: 88fb9e6683303ea⋯.png (11.42 KB, 300x76, 75:19, IMG_2103.PNG)

41cee9  No.2351551


She's just gross I think

2aa78a  No.2351552




46a1f9  No.2351553

File: 5b48ac3cb7cf432⋯.jpg (34.04 KB, 382x333, 382:333, 2ex22v~2.jpg)

3f5466  No.2351554

File: 5a734e6d8a85dd3⋯.png (287.33 KB, 1902x960, 317:160, stock.png)

dd0499  No.2351556

File: 29fec4920b65b08⋯.jpg (452.52 KB, 1031x638, 1031:638, Screenshot from 2018-07-30….jpg)

OK anons in my research into pixelknot i discovered it uses F5 stenography to hide messages

I found an old school tool that specifically looks for F5 sten inside of images, it also has a bruteforce cracker

Its called stegdetect and i ran it on the current list of images we have that the python anon made (see image)

I think this tool is more reliable on detecting the algorithm used by pixelknot

Here is the older versions of the tool (this includes .pdfs of useage):


github of latest version:


wordlist: for the cracker:


Here is the stegdetect source, a wordlist, the current imgs we have, and a bash script to read imgs in a directory i put together:


to compile use

sudo linux32 ./configure

sudo linux32 make

It's pretty late here or I would throw together a script to take the output of the detector and run it through the cracker.

If no one has made a better script I'll do my best to make one.

Good Luck Anons

2aa78a  No.2351557

3cf847  No.2351558

File: be35c6b57ab3f8b⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 542.86 KB, 487x700, 487:700, b7ac3a626fa79cb047180c84fa….png)

TY Baker

311633  No.2351559

PNWanon here so of course I'm interested in the missile launch and how it was done. Anyone who does any research and/or graphics, would you please post in the missile thread and a link in the bread if you want. The loaves are going so fast I can't keep up. Also I want to work on the trafficking network around here. During the 'Nam a lot of China White was around. Some through Fort Lewis and McChord and Fairchild but a lot of it came through Vancouver and Victoria since it was easier to get through Canadian customs. Smuggling it to the States was/is easy pretty much. We've been smuggling stuff to each other ever since there was a border so we've gotten very good at it. Never had anything to do with human trafficking or prostitution but I imagine they use most, if not all of, the same networks used for drugs, guns, etc.

ff73ca  No.2351560

File: f89434bc8ef5703⋯.png (63.12 KB, 1187x125, 1187:125, Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at ….png)

File: 3ed5b5af4828f52⋯.png (363.07 KB, 806x726, 403:363, Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at ….png)

File: 41f779e90170c7f⋯.png (132.1 KB, 776x517, 776:517, Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at ….png)

File: 4255b10f804681f⋯.png (56.8 KB, 627x268, 627:268, Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at ….png)

File: 6ed68f81bab01b9⋯.png (951.3 KB, 1664x1664, 1:1, qclockblankwhole.png)





another one…. THIS IS IT


trump tweets about sessions russian meddling and the obama administration

spells sessions "session"

corrects it 37 min later

37 is 3/14

on 3/13 haberman (again a part of it) asserts that firings are about to happen

on 3/14 rumors are rampant that some new firings are coming… an article posits that sessions will be one of them… as an example as to why it might be him… they put up trumps tweet that he corrected from 2/21

870ce8  No.2351561

Holy shit. End of last bread.


Self dox bitch did it again, revealing she was one of the muhtiddys shills too.


fbb21d  No.2351562

In the last bread wrote a script to detect pixelknot data.

Someone should download the archive of halfchan /pol/ and run all the images through.

It would take some time but we could probably find some even older messages.

a76b9c  No.2351563

File: 6e734ee52076b78⋯.jpg (285.95 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, Clowns In The Wire.jpg)


U no Y

23622b  No.2351564

I want to know what happened to the real Alex Jones who did have a radio program. Good looking guy. Where is he?>>2351544

dd0499  No.2351566


Sorry for spacing it copied weird

46a1f9  No.2351567

File: 1ec2cfde3f6a2b6⋯.jpg (41.34 KB, 480x479, 480:479, 2evp60~2.jpg)

4bfe1c  No.2351568


God bless ya clam baker.

Fucking (((mossad kike shills))) just latch onto whatever issue they can drag out (muh tits goys) and disrupt.

Every C_A/MOS tactic of infiltration and internal disruption is being deployed on this board (central hub).

The World is Here.


Stay the course, and stay frosty as always, clam baker. Awesome works.

MA digz - American Bridge dem superpac and soros connection.

spook through and through. (((spook))).

a238a7  No.2351569

Its a man with tits


1c0daf  No.2351570



Given that the "cp, gore ban" is not told us by Q, in fact he said, the opposite: STAY THE COURSE! Given we all know very well that free speach, is the base of our movement and POTUS would not screw us by untold unpreped drop of dangerous vids…

Given this is an obvious shill tactic, as many anons said, we should also question the following!


To me that does look forced… I think many Patriots would gladly go public, and I would actually support such a pledge, however, we should at least think about it carefully.

It was stated by Q that this board is under attack, we see it is, Anons write post saying it is even BV seem to be corrupted. I am not sure if these notes pointing to that are all baked, I would just encourage you to save more offline and read carefully!


23622b  No.2351571

Maybe Trump will get his cabinet now>>2351560

15804e  No.2351572

File: 6e9cc756793a35c⋯.png (28.44 KB, 661x135, 661:135, ClipboardImage.png)

got completely distracted.. again.. when I saw my shit was deleted, but was going to post this:


its not unprecedented for AF1 to fly a decoy (only do it for overseas trips) but it IS UNPRECEDENTED to have it go the OPPOSITE direction

but knowing POTUS, being unprecedented doesn't mean shit

3f5466  No.2351573


Forgot to include last bake post quote >>2351444

08bc0b  No.2351574

File: 0caa743cd92200e⋯.png (84.5 KB, 938x496, 469:248, Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at ….png)

File: 8c86e1f221cf5e3⋯.png (154.37 KB, 908x958, 454:479, Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at ….png)

File: b58825f6c19de96⋯.png (56.7 KB, 964x378, 482:189, Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at ….png)

>you COLLECTIVELY are a massive threat

1.2 million reached by december

20 million reached by february

6 months later?

100 million? 200 million? more?

the WHOLE WORLD is watching this board.

the WHOLE WORLD is waiting for anons to step up, realize their power, come together as a unified group and use that power to destroy [[MSM]] narrative, publicly.

the WHOLE WORLD is waiting for anons to stand up for the truth and show their COLLECTIVE power.

200 million unified people can make ANYTHING THEY WANT happen. MASSIVE THREAT.


we keep waiting for Q, but Q is waiting for us.

we have everything we need.

there is nothing to fear.

there is strength in numbers. safety in numbers

power in numbers. anons are NOT DIVIDED. (((they))) instigate and manufacture division. anons are UNIFIED in their goals. ANONS HAVE ALL OF THE POWER.





we've forgotten how to play.

3cf847  No.2351575


Q! Get us the fuck outta here!

46a1f9  No.2351576

File: 8e4ec9e19782eaa⋯.jpg (35.38 KB, 384x422, 192:211, 5cd30aeb6221e5680e92b62186….jpg)

File: 05f5a949e1de2c8⋯.jpg (37.22 KB, 480x479, 480:479, 2ev6fs~2.jpg)

627714  No.2351577

File: 915bf8523ccec56⋯.jpg (286.5 KB, 4592x3056, 287:191, cp.jpg)


chicks for baker

2aa78a  No.2351578


you know why..

716869  No.2351580

File: 2ce1e81d98373b3⋯.jpg (60.09 KB, 387x516, 3:4, Harry..jpg)

File: c6b942eda413f20⋯.png (328.5 KB, 424x533, 424:533, heknowsthetruth..png)

File: 58aacbe525a2981⋯.jpg (65.32 KB, 480x754, 240:377, 588daacbe525a298197de91e9f….jpg)

File: 1953ef0cf629afb⋯.jpg (24.83 KB, 280x341, 280:341, Muh Dick (1).jpg)

It's so obvious. Notice Harry's hand in his jacket. He knows their secret. These people are all compromised. The entire world is run by sicko faggot scumbags and trannies. Fuck this shit. Someone get the message to Q that Mueller is the one destroying all the evidence.

Sessions is without a doubt the worst AG of all time. Just resign already.

5a9d42  No.2351581

File: 49463e868c302d0⋯.jpg (119.36 KB, 850x299, 850:299, hold the line 2.jpg)

82c6b8  No.2351582

There are foxes in the hen house. Was to be expected. Never trust anyone.

a78f0b  No.2351583



stop looking for credit

3f5466  No.2351584

File: 6c1f3e62312a834⋯.gif (149.91 KB, 300x126, 50:21, giphy.gif)

c46ade  No.2351585


>be glowing clown nigger

>take Q's pledge of allegiance

> They trust me now




86efa7  No.2351586

File: f370ab6f6a6c592⋯.jpg (1.94 MB, 4800x6000, 4:5, OWLS are the good guys.jpg)

a26c77  No.2351587


completely agree. AFLB was nuked because of censorship and BO unblocked tons of hashes, Completely rational decision. Now a crazed BV arbitrarily comes up with a new rule and, instead of correcting the insane BV, BO signs on with the new rule. Very compish, imo.

We couldn't even come up with a consensus on baker trips even after deliberating for days.

But, a new rule was instituted with no discussion in a matter of hours.

3cf847  No.2351588



That N-word is hate speech. Reign that shit in. Don't make us censor the letters n,i,g,e and r.

Sheesh. Fuckin' normies.

46a1f9  No.2351589

File: ca223ed411d9e9e⋯.jpg (29.66 KB, 338x338, 1:1, 2exacs~2.jpg)

File: c8ef3cb0bf70b4d⋯.jpg (61.87 KB, 480x754, 240:377, 58aacbe525a298197de91e9f1f….jpg)

America got played.

a76b9c  No.2351590

5cbc5a  No.2351591


Thanks Edena, how is Mustafa?

15804e  No.2351592


says the SAME redhead posting shill

kys already

cda22d  No.2351593

File: 6ff0e4abe5f199b⋯.jpg (46.89 KB, 565x543, 565:543, IMG_1877.JPG)


That's okay to post. It doesn't show a nipple.

1c4b7a  No.2351594


Self-doxing is mandatory here for age verification and to certify all meme copyrights, brought to you by 8ChanFactCheck™

15804e  No.2351595

79836e  No.2351596


NOTABLE as fuck.

Anon, were you able to crack any of the images that came back positive?

And thanks.

a76b9c  No.2351597


Yes Yes Great Idea censor the letters of offensive words

a147d6  No.2351598

File: 5bb5017ab1f9820⋯.png (553.92 KB, 671x567, 671:567, famous.png)


Does she know how famous she is now?

She wanted attention.

Poor child lead astray by the MSM.

This is why the [MSM] will be punished!

She can be sparred if enlightened.


ffc67b  No.2351599

File: 2db083bbe03b2b3⋯.jpeg (78.92 KB, 500x332, 125:83, C24902AF-B7D6-4D63-834D-C….jpeg)

Thanks baker

0e8551  No.2351601

File: dde338d5c9277e6⋯.jpg (1.06 MB, 1500x1100, 15:11, FritzDelArco.jpg)

Kyle Fritz and Jonathan Del Arco are husbands. The Christmas photo(see graphic) includes tranny elves and santa with a black-eye.

Del Arco is an actor and human rights/political/environmental activist. Del Arco was the go-between for Obama and Hollywood during O's election campaign(s).

Fritz is a "talent manager" and his "website" only includes his shitty logo and a phone number. That's it.

Something about these two seems like fuckery.

My guess is it might be Pedowood related.

23622b  No.2351602

How many lies? Michelle called herself a single mother = 2 lies.>>2351589

0cc2dd  No.2351603


You are right. I should be careful to not type the work nigger like that.

Please accept my sincerest apology, faggot.

2aa78a  No.2351604


kys nigger

870ce8  No.2351605

File: cac907b646baaf5⋯.jpg (27.41 KB, 640x403, 640:403, Xj6rwJ1_d.jpg)




1a58f4  No.2351606

File: 5fc86049d07595a⋯.jpg (59.15 KB, 480x574, 240:287, kjhkkdh.jpg)

File: 3876215b04b6a84⋯.png (180.76 KB, 306x352, 153:176, ;;lkhkjhgf.png)

File: e6c77929bc743ff⋯.png (296.56 KB, 510x428, 255:214, kllhlhhsadkjfh.png)

File: 7103037feec4ba6⋯.jpg (56.88 KB, 469x469, 1:1, Muh-Dick..jpg)



Michelle is a mentally deranged liar and faggot.

Sessions get off your ass and arrest this phony.

c46ade  No.2351607

The people’s dissatisfaction with the leading EU governments appears to be rising, as fresh polls show a record decline in the ratings of French President Emmanuel Macron and of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s ruling coalitions.

Support for Merkel’s conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and its sister party, Bavaria’s Christian Social Union (CSU), has gone down to its lowest level since 2006, an Emnid poll, published by Bild am Sonntag, has revealed.

Read more

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Interior Minister Horst Seehofer. © Hannibal Hanschke Merkel reaches deal with sister party head over immigration after days of standoff

Support for Macron & Merkel’s coalitions plunge to record new lows – polls


The CDU/CSU are currently polling at 29 percent, their lowest result in 12 years. Merkel’s party came out tops in the country’s federal election in September 2017 with 33 percent of the vote.

0501b0  No.2351608

Whats with the boob ban? You guys are shilling, right? We do not need further beat down of our online culture. What sort of faggot would remove boobs from chans?

08bc0b  No.2351609


eneda* and that's not his name anymore, but he's good :) thanks for asking!

17983d  No.2351612

Dear compatriots:

In light of the nudity ban - with which I am only slightly inclined to agree, with significant reticence (including, most prominently, why should the board be responsible for the unlawful acts of a given anon - seems counter to prevailing jurisprudence concerning online forums) - please note well the following precepts:

"Any organization not explicitly right-wing sooner or later becomes left-wing."

- Robert Conquest’s Three Laws of Politics (Second Law) (https://www.isegoria.net/2008/07/robert-conquests-three-laws-of-politics/)

Porn is certainly not right-wing, and CP is illegal; however, CENSORSHIP is most definitely, unequivocally, left-wing.

7c4d91  No.2351613

>>2351106 lb


a147d6  No.2351614


sauce please

3cf847  No.2351615



Snopes Division

3f5466  No.2351616

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It's from Top Gun apparently

a76b9c  No.2351617

File: 51aa3499392b977⋯.jpg (304.07 KB, 640x493, 640:493, e6f103bac321cb758dc9476931….jpg)

Better ban this photo I think i see tits

cda22d  No.2351618

File: bfcc8f83d1f427e⋯.jpg (150.84 KB, 434x986, 217:493, IMG_1634.JPG)

Grab your glad meme quickly, anons. It vill be delet soon.

a26c77  No.2351619


AmishBV instituted it, BO approved.

2aa78a  No.2351620



72aa9d  No.2351621


Thanks Anon. V notable.

3cf847  No.2351622


I'm SO stealing this. Love it.

15804e  No.2351623

BAKER, follow my thought process on this:

I'm going to go, but I think ALL anons should see this.

I posted a pic the in sarah silverman thread as an example to try the PIxelKnot decoding that wasn't even related to anything porn/boobs/whatever, and it was deleted.

I posted a side by side that I've posted many times since I made it, even last bread, about the AF1 attack in june that shows all related crumbs and sauce/digs for each, and it was deleted.

I can understand if you don't, but I think anons should see this, and am therefore self nominating this as a notable:

>>2351540 >>2351549 An example of unwarranted deletions of a meme and side by side

if you don't follow/agree, I understand, but this is what some anons, including myself, were saying could happen

thanks for your consideration

cda22d  No.2351624


*vlad meme

a76b9c  No.2351625


If this gets banned we will know for sure.

Yeah my own post.

ff73ca  No.2351626

File: 00641a526bc14ea⋯.jpg (1.88 MB, 3202x1900, 1601:950, qsessionstypo.jpg)

File: 2c08b3cef814e23⋯.jpg (2.26 MB, 3200x1900, 32:19, qcohentrump53.jpg)


this is unbelievable

trump tweet typos and the minutes elapsed until he "corrects" it give us a marker to a date when more information will be revealed about the tweet

1c0daf  No.2351627


Dear BO Fag,

I ask and demand you, to follow again the principles of this board and our movement of awakening! FREE SPEACH is critical for us and we demand you to bring it back immediately!

Love to you, anyway!


A concerned Anon

5cbc5a  No.2351628


Sorry for nd swap, I sometimes type faster than I think.

And I type slow…

3f5466  No.2351629

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Found the actual scene @3:05

5c778b  No.2351630


NO NUDITY! Did you even read?

72d870  No.2351631


No need. In this case it's just way easier to filter your whining bitch ass. See you next ip.

629ed4  No.2351632

File: d5420262201cc19⋯.png (94.36 KB, 799x1293, 799:1293, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 508d8a0ad5e7b5b⋯.png (198.38 KB, 793x1691, 793:1691, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 743279800a0b45b⋯.png (122.31 KB, 796x1570, 398:785, ClipboardImage.png)

Don’t even think about investigating me, Stormy Daniels’ lawyer warns Daily Caller reporters


Trump antagonist and left-wing character assassin Michael Avenatti, whom Tucker Carlson has taken to calling “that creepy porn lawyer,” is threatening to sue journalists for a conservative-leaning media outlet for defamation for daring to report on the attorney’s highly questionable ethics and business dealings. Avenatti’s uncharacteristic loss of self-control could indicate that the attorney is beginning to realize his vexatious lawsuit against President Trump to free plastic surgery-addicted X-rated film star Stormy Daniels to talk about the alleged affair she had with Trump – that she has already talked about at length over and over and over – is about to collapse.


While I realize this article is couple of months old, this offers some important dig, information which we may not have known previously.

a238a7  No.2351633

Nudity is not porn


2aa78a  No.2351634



dfb4b8  No.2351635

in doctor oz show this doctor connects nxivm and salinas publicly


956c75  No.2351636

File: fe6edc8acfd9dfb⋯.png (178.79 KB, 466x664, 233:332, ClipboardImage.png)

Avenatti alter ego

c46ade  No.2351637

A doctor that has evaluated Julian’s health has reported it to be in ‘dangerous’ condition.


Why Donald Trump Must Pardon Julian Assange

The case of Julian Assange’s asylum has reached a critical breaking point. After being arbitrarily detained in the Ecuadorian embassy for over six years despite two official rulings by the United Nations Human Rights Council that he should be released, and having had his communications cut off over two months ago, Glen Greenwald of The Intercept and RT editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan both confirm from an anonymous source close to the campaign that Ecuador’s president Lenin Moreno is in close talks with UK government to evict him from the embassy despite his legal asylum claim. This comes not long after the recent ruling by the Inter-American Human Rights Court that clarified that those granted political asylum have the right by the governments that granted it to them to safe passage outside of the country, which in this case could apply to Julian either back to his home country of Australia, or anywhere else that has or will grant him asylum.

2aa78a  No.2351638


ca4c93  No.2351639


I attempted 3 or 4 with one of the wordlists I included in the package but no luck.

It's stupid late and I can barely keep my eyes open or I would automate the process of cracking them.

I'll continue tomorrow when I can.

*note phonefaggin in bed that's why id change

3cf847  No.2351640


Just sayin'. Don't want the world to know that we have hate speech here. I mean, it's bad enough someone posted a set of boobs–but hate speech?! Lordy.

a76b9c  No.2351641


and see that's how you do it, well played

08bc0b  No.2351642


that sure does explain it :)

0cc2dd  No.2351643

File: 50a2aa7d8994191⋯.jpg (325.73 KB, 1280x1701, 1280:1701, morgan4.jpg)

Are these kind of images banned too?

15804e  No.2351644



but muh porn

same shit we've dealt with for months

993d63  No.2351645

File: 3ffce4eab128365⋯.jpg (76.4 KB, 483x700, 69:100, redheae2.jpg)


>For The Night is Dark When Missing Bewbs Edition

Here's to baker - hope you find someone special and I hope she has the best bewbs ever. Thank you and goodnight frens.

15804e  No.2351646


you fucker

2aa78a  No.2351647

0501b0  No.2351648


Hear hear. Lets get this sorted out.

5a9d42  No.2351649

File: c00b2692d68f020⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


#4 all the way

15804e  No.2351650


gtfo shill

go back to reddit and don't come back

dd088b  No.2351651

>>2351522, >>2351530


>>2351558 (very pretty, non-pron/CP boobs, but still, plz respect BO/BV decision. defense strategy necessitates)

>>2351599 These bewbs are non-CP, allowed, and ugly af (sigh)

>>2351577 (kek)

TY anons

Baker works for autists

(must find bewbs on own time I guess)


Thanks fren. Means more than you know, the support. And couldn't lose the frost if I tried. These SJW/cabal fucks get on my every goddamn last nerve, kek


TY anon. It's a good argument, truly.

It's about picking lesser of evils at this point.

It's a good faith, sensible policy. No one has any motives to slippery slope censorship. We hate that we've had to do this ("we" doesn't mean baker wasn't part of decision, simply supports it), but sometimes your enemy paints you into a corner, presents you with a double-bind, holds something you love hostage to try to force a decision. Same reason we've had to go SO SLOW in stringing up the cabal fucks. They've got our board hostage with the new CP gambit, we have to be strategic in how we ensure they don't gum up our mission. I've been advocating MOAR BOOBS and shameblasting newfag concernfags as hard as I can up to this point. But I also know strategy. BO/BV are making the right strategic choice here. It is NOT the same as gungrabbing. The gun control faggots CAUSE the shootings and have a PROVEN RECORD of wanting to push censorship (((jews!!!))). Neither of those conditions apply to BO/BV here. They neither promoted the CP/pronfagging, nor have any history of promoting bans and censorship. BO even CANNED someone for banning. You just have to get past the angry-reacts to think like a General. Tough choices have to made, doesn't mean you always like 'em.


baker has no delete/mod powers at all, anon.

We're anons, like you. This is a question for BO/BV

0cc2dd  No.2351652


I know, right?

People get upset by words like: nigger, pussy, faggot, cunt, etc.

2aa78a  No.2351653


lol NO! but not really wanted… this is what we have the "nope" button for!!

1a58f4  No.2351654

File: 0703efcf91ec34d⋯.png (303.69 KB, 440x333, 440:333, asdkldhlkhfalh.png)

File: 760a560264f01c2⋯.png (392.38 KB, 592x500, 148:125, Dirtbag-strzok-Spy.png)

File: 154e8469757a114⋯.jpg (58.1 KB, 480x533, 480:533, 154e8469757a1149f8fc63a0bc….jpg)

File: 763ad98a63cac6d⋯.png (222.52 KB, 448x330, 224:165, Fuck-Sessions.png)

Sessions ultimately betrayed Trump by recusing himself and leaving the door wide open for Mueller and Rosenstein to play their dirty little tricks.

Sessions just resign already.

5a9d42  No.2351655


This cant be real

He sounds like a gay comic book villain

83aa99  No.2351656


You want to look at porn or see titties go look / post somewhere else…

This is NOT a fucking game.

This is for the most important work in the history of this great nation.

People have died.

Post a baker girl occasionally, fine…

Stay focused on what’s at stake here!

33545f  No.2351657

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I don’t know if this particular video is legit or not, but there is a fuck ton of videos on YouTube on free energy / levitation that are very interesting.

A lot of them in RUSSIAN. I wonder…

cda22d  No.2351658

File: 9826345f329e78b⋯.jpg (81.55 KB, 444x667, 444:667, IMG_1588.JPG)

Thank you, BO!!!

dd088b  No.2351659


>("we" doesn't mean baker wasn't part of decision


kek (not intentional, that mistake, just fast edits)

Baker was NOT part of the decision.

No outside comms, hash can prove I wasn't even on board b4 decision made.

8b5cff  No.2351660

15804e  No.2351661


no no you misunderstood

kek baker I know that, thats my point, THE BO/BV DELETED IT

I'm asking if you'd make the posts notable, these (reposting for clarity):

>>2351540 >>2351549 An example of unwarranted deletions of a meme and side by side

the BVs/BO haven't answered, and I'm leaving soon, so wondering if you'd make it a notable for other anons (dayshift) to see

41cee9  No.2351662


Oh sorry, unfortunately it looks like he's uncircumcised and thus too dirty for this moldy shill bread.

9e1c95  No.2351663

File: 7ea05249849ed16⋯.jpg (58.46 KB, 421x421, 1:1, 2ey51x~2.jpg)

15804e  No.2351664



3f5466  No.2351665



Just as God always intended

Genesis 1:27 God created man in His own image


0cc2dd  No.2351666


Name one person that died because someone posted tits on this board. Just one.

a76b9c  No.2351667

File: f126cd82a92c623⋯.png (996.37 KB, 1635x1053, 545:351, Sorting Hat.png)

956c75  No.2351668

File: f64f2d02943ff09⋯.png (562.7 KB, 961x1041, 961:1041, ClipboardImage.png)


Its real, he has his own hashtag #BASTA

5cbc5a  No.2351669


hutchison effect topic?

5d3dbb  No.2351670





15804e  No.2351671

870ce8  No.2351672


Nah just bad formatting.

2aa78a  No.2351673



117f92  No.2351674

File: 70a41a25d51af05⋯.jpeg (65.89 KB, 672x613, 672:613, 70a41a25d51af05f8c5b1829c….jpeg)

File: 73cb4a96b52cdc0⋯.jpg (57.83 KB, 580x459, 580:459, Pepe Wiz.JPG)

>>2350800 ==>>> Womp, anon! ..... TY. How we miss the obvious???







627714  No.2351675




Sadly I believe that we are not a board of freedom of speech but one of censorship and have lost our first freedom of speech, More will come. History tells us this will not stop. BO/BV can say all they want it is just his one thing. Well Every freedom last be anyone on this planet head that same line.. It was false. We will lose more. Lucky for anons/autists, plenty of space on 8chan to move into if need be.

993d63  No.2351676

File: 4bdb6df3ffb24bc⋯.png (166.88 KB, 580x500, 29:25, sku_001_01.png)

5a9d42  No.2351677



Thats the gayest shit I've seen today

What a fag

83aa99  No.2351678


NOT on this board you fuck wad twit!!

For the fucking cause, for our fucking way of life! I have lost close friends…

Boobs and babes are fine, but that is not why we are here.

Don’t forget it…

a238a7  No.2351679

I stated the obvious

You gave me a demagogue answer

Thats what left does

People died, no logic died


33545f  No.2351680


This is insane! Just got here. Alert the clock fags!

72d870  No.2351682

File: 48da79ad4b3edbc⋯.jpg (19.07 KB, 182x277, 182:277, RATSHIT SPEAKS.jpg)



You glow.

15804e  No.2351683


again, kys redhead shill



9e1c95  No.2351684

File: f59a50b01b78125⋯.jpg (54.16 KB, 480x442, 240:221, 2exaii~2.jpg)

b44439  No.2351685


Fuck off. BOs logic = valid & sound. Does anyone here honestly think this won't get shut down for cp because jurisprudence? At minimum BO would be forced by the authorities to dox everyone posting and seeing it were an investigation to start. Which would basically be everyone who posted in the relevant thread.

Extremely sound decision once the cp started.

2aa78a  No.2351686


lol id like to smoke her meat

90d4f9  No.2351687

Dig, meme, pray, or STFU.

Friendly reminder

0501b0  No.2351688



The unrestrained culture is more important than the research at this point. The worst they can do to us is mess with our memes, our music, and our boobs. Its organically formed culture.

We expect to stay together with disruptions such as these?

Bring back the comfy boobs, hating boobs is sick.

41cee9  No.2351689

Was the BO replaced, erased, threatened, or a shill from the start?

512ca7  No.2351690

File: 504a2a6e60e77d1⋯.jpg (211.83 KB, 503x720, 503:720, Embargo lifted.jpg)

Boob Embargo lifted!

05c601  No.2351691

Assange >> U.K. Authorities >> U.S. Authorities >> Sessions DOJ >> Russiagate Depositions

Assange in Washington in time for Russiagate interviews with members of Congress?

The Russiagate interviews/depositions will begin in Washington in August

Assange will likely leave the Ecuadorean embassy in London in August

Interesting timing.

What's the bet that Assange is on his way to Washington to attend the Russiagate depositions?

Like clockwork.

Check it out.

Q 1748

>Listen VERY carefully


Devin Nunes on Fox News:

"Interviews/depositions will begin over August.

"So we will have members of Congress that will be flying back to Washington during August to conduct interviews with very important witnesses that need to be interviewed as it relates to getting to the bottom of this Russiagate scandal."


>interviews with very important witnesses


Assange Timeline

February: Assange loses his legal bid for British authorities to revoke his arrest warrant for breaching bail. This leaves Assange in a legal and diplomatic impasse, with no way out of the Ecuadorean embassy without facing arrest by British police

March: Ecuador suspends Assange's contact with the outside world

May: Ecuadorean President Lenin Moreno orders the withdrawal of additional security from Ecuador's diplomatic headquarters in London

June: Australian High Commission officials visit Julian Assange in the Ecuadorian embassy in London for the first time in his six-year stay

July: Reports say senior officials from Ecuador and Britain are discussing how to remove Assange from the embassy after revocation of his asylum

July: Ecuadorean President Lenin Moreno visits London. He later confirms that Ecuador and Britain are in talks to try to end Assange's stay at the embassy

July: Wikileaks tweets: Editor-in-chief of RT: "My sources tell me that @JulianAssange will be handed over to the #UK in the next weeks or days."


Reuters reports that a US law official close to the US Department of Justice investigation into WikiLeaks said there was no sealed indictment against Julian Assange.

It also reports that a Justice Department official confirmed that an investigation into WikiLeaks is still open in Virginia

(A Grand Jury was convened in Alexandria, Virginia, in 2010 and has sat since that time, its purpose apparently to indict Assange, according to his lawyer: https://www.ag.gov.au/RightsAndProtections/FOI/Documents/Documents%20relating%20to%20Julian%20Assange%20and%20the%20Sealed%20US%20Indictment%20-%20Part%202%20of%202.pdf)

Trump in 2016 said "WikiLeaks, I love WikiLeaks" and "Boy, I love reading those WikiLeaks."

Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III in 2017 said Assange's arrest was a "priority."

Is this how it will play out?

Assange gets tossed from the Ecuadorean embassy

The U.K. arrests him for skipping bail, then extradites him to the U.S.

Assange is handed over to the Sessions DOJ, which reportedly has no sealed indictment against him

All in time for August, when members of Congress fly to Washington to interview very important witnesses to get to the bottom of this Russiagate scandal.

15804e  No.2351692


Like I give a fuck what a shill says

BVs/BO can check the fucking hash, was discussing AT LENGTH last bread


14cec5  No.2351693



52821e  No.2351694


The you should be OK. If you see some boobs you should just shrug it off. Not a problem.

956c75  No.2351695

File: ebe748dae02107f⋯.png (98.43 KB, 961x716, 961:716, ClipboardImage.png)


He tags #BASTA on all his Twt from his REAL acct

5d3dbb  No.2351696


It is possible neither and even worse perhaps a redditor.

0cc2dd  No.2351697


I don't need a fucking lecture from you about why we are here. I have been doing this a long time, long before Q ever showed up. I also know what is at stake. Censorship is stupid. It pisses us off, and we don't abide by it.

3454bb  No.2351698

>poster knows who im talking too.

dafuq is this muh luminaughty shit?

Fuk Abraxas and all the shamanic baby rapin muthafukas.

Fuckin cabal you sick ass cretins think nobody knows some shit.

Go watch some Jupiter Ascending read some Crowley, consult your confirmation stone and stick a spiked but plug in your ass.

Fuk the rooster headed, snake leg having, adrenochrome drinking faggot fake alien/god you serve.


And we know about Stevie Nicks(high priestess) and her red headed brother have kids together. He has a goat tatooed on his wrist as its his spirit animal. And he’s a psychologist.

So get your cell phone tree going and tell your group “We have it All”.



Get the fuk off this board.

I’m not playin around bitch.

Any anons dug Abraxas Cubic (Intelligence)

or other Abraxas companies?

9e1c95  No.2351699

File: 90ffbbcd2f7eea7⋯.jpg (40.28 KB, 514x402, 257:201, 2etpa4~2.jpg)

Sessions is a turd.

2f73d2  No.2351700


I've actually still been discussing the issue with BV's and watching the real discussions here. I don't like it either, I want complete freedom just as much as you anons even if it means allowing useless faggots to be useless faggots on our research board. It's true I made a hasty decision, but I'm always willing to hear you out. Much of last bread were shills jumping on the opportunity to attack, but there were some legit anons with good points. I'm still here listening.

Faggots who post absolutely nothing but porn are still shills imo.

CP can possibly be taken care of with good reporting. We tend to get one word reports, not very useful for example.

0501b0  No.2351701


If it doesn't look like CP don't worry about it. No this will not get shut down if the boobs look old enough.

52821e  No.2351702


You make it soooo easy to filter you. Thanks!

15804e  No.2351703




those would be my picks

yet, I BELIEVE THE BO IS THE SAME PATRIOT HE'S ALWAYS BEEN, and knows this is starting to not feel right

b44439  No.2351704


If you find tits more important than our main mission then you are lost.

558964  No.2351705


Avenatti has Jesuit credentials.

c46ade  No.2351706

Fuckery going on here from Australia…

Cambodia's Hun Sen 'preparing' to receive more refugees under deal with Australia


Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen says his country is "preparing" to receive more refugees from Australia in a controversial deal that has already been labelled a failure and cost the Federal Government almost $50 million.

Speaking exclusively to Four Corners, Hun Sen said he told Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull that Cambodia is ready to "accept more" refugees from Australia's offshore detention centres.

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton did not respond to Four Corners' questions regarding Hun Sen's comments, or whether the deal — which is due to expire in the coming months — will be extended or renewed.

In 2014, Australia signed the four-year deal with Cambodia, committing an extra $40 million in aid in exchange for resettling refugees from the offshore detention centre in Nauru.

Another $15 million for "resettlement" services was also pledged, of which $7.88 million has been spent.

That deal is seen as an expensive failure with just three of seven resettled refugees from Nauru remaining in Cambodia.

Cambodia election: Ruling party claims landslide in vote with no main opposition


The party of Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen, who has been in power since 1985, says it has won a landslide victory in a general election that lacked any serious challengers.

The Cambodian People's Party (CPP) said it had won 80% of the vote, giving it at least 100 of 125 seats.

Election staff say turnout was 82.71%.

Critics have called the vote a sham as the Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP), which narrowly lost the last election, has been dissolved.

The US and EU were also among those questioning the credibility of the vote, but the CPP said 19 other parties had stood

24d278  No.2351707

$0.02 opinion ( and asshole )

Some one uses a gun to commit mass shooting.

"BAN THE GUNS!!!!" , but MUH 2nd amendment!

Some one uses an IMAGE BOARD to post CP.

"BAN ALL PORN !!!!" , but MUH 1st amendment?

BO / BV , while I sympathise with the CP problem you have, this is an IMAGE BOARD it's HEART and SOUL are embedded in the culture of MEME's and IMAGES .. stop being snowflakes and manage the evil fucks as they appear. Making ALL of US pay for the trigger pull of a MK ultra stooge, is handing the other side a clear win.

Your unilateral decision to modify the rules has caused devision (tactic ?) censorship (tactic ?)

Remind me again who are the shills here ?

5a9d42  No.2351708


Im trying to find a gay ass superhero outfit to shop his head into

2aa78a  No.2351710


what anon said went completely over your head. he means the #allforalarp shit.. they always menton halfchan.. obv cause its comped.. they dont mention 8 where the real shit is..

72d870  No.2351711


What exactly was discussed? Was it a divisive slide or new diggs… Do tell.

33545f  No.2351712


I guess. The one I posted is easily testable assuming the cell phone gives off similar waves in newer phones. Hutchison is the guy that levitated bowling balls right? I never knew so many newer videos were up though. A lot in Russian. Some crazy ones. Don’t want to shit up the bread but I will drop a few more.

15804e  No.2351713

File: 08e83d8907eec64⋯.png (250.62 KB, 708x540, 59:45, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f69540ea0c71772⋯.png (250.3 KB, 721x361, 721:361, ClipboardImage.png)


(pic1 is what I thought could happen)

(pic2 is my proposed solution)

3f5466  No.2351714


ICBM would be able to and reach from the States to Asia in 30 minutes and under

15804e  No.2351715


both, go reread last bread

974cff  No.2351716

File: 5774c10cca199a4⋯.png (2.33 MB, 1280x1920, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png)


yummy cake

9e1c95  No.2351717

File: 0288f9c43c64504⋯.jpg (62.37 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 06a4e0151b2b771b163889324b….jpg)




Fart on your niggardly mind.

2aa78a  No.2351718


day fags are gona shit their pants.. no more shit talking on clock fags lol

3f5466  No.2351719


That's going the Atlantic route

993d63  No.2351720

File: 8f4009d5562a6bb⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 897750cee6a0f8237a8ce7522d….png)


Wasn't me tiger. The readhead I posted was a headshot of a pretty woman. It came with a pleasant note for baker. You should calm down a bit. Consider taking breathes between posts.

956c75  No.2351721

File: 5458e55af435b97⋯.png (1.17 MB, 649x824, 649:824, ClipboardImage.png)

2f73d2  No.2351722


I'm not sure how pic1 happened. I haven't made a single delete.

15804e  No.2351723

File: e37f2845ae99fff⋯.png (173.67 KB, 1016x517, 1016:517, ClipboardImage.png)


and this:

2aa78a  No.2351724


the fuck are you on about concernfag? that wont happen. ffs smh

72d870  No.2351725

File: a4238650ca9a7b4⋯.jpg (32.12 KB, 288x355, 288:355, KYS.jpg)


As you well know….I was there.

5cbc5a  No.2351726


Hutchiison claimed we could have "Free Power" also. I think Cobalt is key to this. The US has plenty…

15804e  No.2351727


kys faggot

b44439  No.2351728


If the cp can be filtered out no issue from my side. If not it's a major issue.

a76b9c  No.2351729


If it ain't broke don't fix it, boards been running fine for months. The unruly wildness is our strength against Black Hat attacks. this topic has created a huge needless slide. Let Freedom Ring. ty BO, good luck

98a811  No.2351730


Don't be fucking naive. I personally think the mod team is being legitimately proactive, from a legal standpoint.

And the patterns present in this cp attack with attendant BO/BV attack is banaly stupid; yet it illustraes perfectly why BO made the right choice, yet again.

Thank you BO, you are a Patriot. Never forget it.

9e1c95  No.2351731

File: 2982a648cfe9c56⋯.jpg (26.38 KB, 440x350, 44:35, 2evdh5~4.jpg)


Avenatti is a homosexual degenerate.

15804e  No.2351732







talk with the BO, the Battle of the Boobs can be resolved

a238a7  No.2351733

Thanks for a rational response, BO.

There are 2 aspects

We dont need to accomodate normies

We also dont need to start deciding what content is allowed except whats illegal

Yes, shilling comes in many formes

But lets not throw away the baby with the water


0cc2dd  No.2351734


Here's an idea. Why don't you find the legal definition of CP and enforce according to the actual law, as opposed to making it up as you go?

Post the law, and follow the law.

Love you, man (no homo), but I disagree with you on this one.

15804e  No.2351735


read this shill: >>2351700

14cec5  No.2351736


Pretty sure he knows by has who has said what, I could be wrong…..BO?

72d870  No.2351738

File: d05cd5d02a8bf66⋯.jpg (97.43 KB, 750x525, 10:7, SATANS MINION.jpg)


I love it when you get mad.

How's it feel to be facing lethal injection?

14cec5  No.2351739



b44439  No.2351740


Right. One day after Q's post on MOS and C_A infiltration and disruption methods here and I'm concerning? Naivefag you are.

870ce8  No.2351741


Is there a single risk metric that has been improved by this decision?

Tiddys have increased, shilling has increased, division has increased. Has it had any effect at all on cp posting which i have seen maybe once?

Have reports decreased? Or have they obviously increased because you created more reportable posts? Does this make moderation easier or harder? Is there a higher or lower chance that the next cp post will be dealt with better than the last?

You need to ask yourself who was advocating this decision.

142243  No.2351742


Your call, BO. I support any decision you decide to make.

5c778b  No.2351743


A nude kid or pre-teen (under 18) is. So KYS too! BTFO!

956c75  No.2351744

File: c29f6d017d2dbb8⋯.png (271.88 KB, 523x673, 523:673, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9d87d5dcd63ed3d⋯.png (171.26 KB, 460x639, 460:639, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b274bec3ef559ca⋯.png (237.58 KB, 448x684, 112:171, ClipboardImage.png)


He follows some very shady characters

716869  No.2351745

File: fe66868fb92c34d⋯.png (356.38 KB, 669x499, 669:499, hjhld;hlkhk'h'h.png)

File: 9c9f0d3bc1b4862⋯.png (516.68 KB, 750x500, 3:2, scumbag-lying-strzok.png)

File: 7ebdbab5f37144c⋯.jpg (73.88 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Strzoks-dick.jpg)

File: 6d8e125ce8cc66d⋯.png (295.67 KB, 471x379, 471:379, Zorro-says-fuck-sessions.png)

The entire Russia collusion nonsense was put in motion because of Jeff Sessions ignorance of the law or he sold out to the deep state.

Trump don't trust Sessions or Rosenstein for shit and if you think so you are a deluded fool.

Only a idiot would test Sessions.

9e1c95  No.2351746

File: 2ea406212215b10⋯.jpg (124.75 KB, 1200x610, 120:61, repomanHARRY2~2.jpg)

In the bible all homosexual people are going the the lake of fire.

5c778b  No.2351747


But hey if the BO wants to go back on it, cool with me!

4ddfa5  No.2351748


67 UID's should say all that needs to be said.

There is a caveat at the bottom of the page telling ever single poster exactly what the charges are. There is every single agency monitoring this board.

One decision was was able to did something all the shills could not do.

That should tell everyone what they need to know without any further thought or discussion by a BO/BV. The fact it is still being discussed takes me back to CBTS days.

98a811  No.2351749


You sound butthurt that I support the mod team; That is the only thing I read out of BO's post, you piece of goat shit. :)

52821e  No.2351750


Delete the shit that should be deleted as soon as it's seen (cp. goreporn, etc.) and don't worry about a pair of tits and a nice looking ass.

So fucking simple.

8a4ce6  No.2351752

Heard already of the Internet Kill Switch? Another Q prediction coming true. This is really scary.

e2f053  No.2351753


This image board is called Qresearch not tit research. If you post nothing but tits for the sake of tits you're not contributing to the purpose of the board. If you really think it's an infringement of the first amendment then you must also support NFL players right to kneel and protest the flag, right? No, the first amendment doesn't negate the fact that barriers and rules exist in a playing field. If you enter a basketball court and start kicking the ball around, you're going to be thrown out of the game and no amount of "this is a free country" is going to make you be in the right

15804e  No.2351754


muh mods

back to reddit with all you shills

8b5cff  No.2351755

File: 7b53fe15cc2d52d⋯.png (396.28 KB, 790x422, 395:211, Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at ….png)


BO madood

U can feel in gut censorship is wrong

Plus we get feedback from bewbs over target

f(over the target) = (bewb size)^e

dd088b  No.2351756


Thanks BO. What if we just allow BO/BV discretion on what is/isn't underage for delete purposes, erring on the side of cautious, and any faggots that complain "but muh boobs were legal!" anons just pile on an shamefuck 'em bc "hey faggot, it's either this or no tiddies at all, mmmkay?"


I'm sorry anon, I don't understand the issue enough to note it. A personal issue with board/posting is not in itself notable, not unless other anons think it is and nominate.

98a811  No.2351757


SO you are butthurt. Noted.

33545f  No.2351758

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I’ve heard the about the cobalt before somewhere. Know anything about this guy?

9e1c95  No.2351759

File: 68b161b2ec2dbac⋯.jpg (49.7 KB, 380x503, 380:503, 2ey4j3.jpg)

File: 7ea05249849ed16⋯.jpg (58.46 KB, 421x421, 1:1, 2ey51x~2.jpg)

Trump is untouchable.

974cff  No.2351760

File: 7cf74cedcd4cb0b⋯.png (796.96 KB, 600x900, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png)

>>2351691 Theory about timing revealed in Nunes interview


Could make this August into

A cool, cool summer

9bc9d7  No.2351761

File: fbfbfc26af979ca⋯.png (442.49 KB, 1440x1599, 480:533, Screenshot_2018-07-29-22-0….png)

10 June 18 - F-15 crashed in the Pacific off Oki…


c46ade  No.2351762


US Suddenly Buys More Ecuadorian Oil: Is Trump Also Buying Assange’s Arrest?

Over the last two weeks, the U.S. has imported a record amount of Ecuadorian oil, leading to speculation that a deal or pay-off may have been made to ensure Moreno’s cooperation with Washington’s long-standing efforts to have Assange arrested and extradited.

Speaking in Madrid on Friday, Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno told an audience that WikiLeaks founder and editor-in-chief Julian Assange would need to leave Ecuador’s London embassy “eventually.” Moreno offered no time-table for Assange’s possible exit, which several sources just last week asserted could take place within “weeks” or even “days.” Assange has spent over six years in the embassy after being granted political asylum by Ecuador in 2012.

However, Moreno asserted that Assange’s “departure [from the embassy] should come about through dialogue.” He went on to state that “for a person to stay confined like that for so long is tantamount to a human rights violation” and affirmed his commitment to reach a resolution to Assange’s situation that did not “pose a danger” to the journalist’s life.

a26c77  No.2351763


I'm pleased to hear it's still an ongoing discussion. I think the censorship rules need to stay the way they were. I'd prefer that I not have to hide this board from my kids who might see something, but damned if I'm going to let my personal preference stifle the rights of others to post what they wish.

9e89a5  No.2351764

I’ve relied on you Autists for your quality research and memes for over five months now. Thank you. Keep fighting. I want to suggest that nudes get a spoiler. Simple fix? If it’s not covered with a spoiler, it can be considered a shill. Compromise? I rarely post, but you all give me ammunition to red pill. I want to help save the world in any way I can. Thanks again and God bless POTUS, Q+, and Autists.

5cbc5a  No.2351765

5a9d42  No.2351766




Im looking for something wayyy more flamboyent

72d870  No.2351767

File: 6cc913dfbbe14ec⋯.png (10.21 KB, 216x255, 72:85, COMFY AS FUCK.png)

98a811  No.2351768


I never minded boobs.

What I do mind is our research board being DCMA'd ;p

So apparent who the screeching about this is coming from.

So predicatable that the loudest to screech is the actual origin of the problem!

Again! What a coinkydink ;)

52821e  No.2351769


You don't understand people. You don't get it.

Tits don't bother me.

What bothers me is people making a big fucking deal about it all of the sudden.

And the CP excuse is bullshit!

No rules will prevent it. (Goreporn anyone?) It may even encourage it.

e7bd34  No.2351770

Did Avenatti delete his instagram acct?

0501b0  No.2351771


A nude girl under 18 is not child pornography.

We do not need underage nudes, but paranoia of shutdown because of the 25 year old looking boobs that are really 16 is not warranted.

8a4ce6  No.2351772


Assange is no longer in Embassy. Just a show.

5c778b  No.2351773


How do boobs look old enough? A little sag? I can tell you from experience. My wife has perky tits and she's far from 18. How about anyone posting any nude girls who look under 18 gets banned.

5a9d42  No.2351774


Remember that baby doll rape video from Dan Harmon?

That was from channel 101

5d3dbb  No.2351775


I encourage you to reach out and talk to CM about this so you can understand what you and the board are responsible for. You set the rules as it your board, but set them knowing what you are on the hook for, and what you are giving up in return. Anons take censorship very seriously, as does Q I imagine.

52821e  No.2351776


The only thing predicable is nincompoops like you

2f73d2  No.2351777


Yeah I've been planning on doing this.

c46ade  No.2351778


Agree with you anon.

I think he was removed when POTUS met w/ Kim.

b47f2b  No.2351779


There's that date again, curious.

9e1c95  No.2351780

File: 6e9868305d52ca5⋯.jpg (121.36 KB, 720x768, 15:16, 6e9868305d52ca543a56b6ed29….jpg)



Predators are going to be killed.

14cec5  No.2351781


JA needs to be arrested, that way he can get into court and it can ALL come out in discovery…

15804e  No.2351782

File: 08e83d8907eec64⋯.png (250.62 KB, 708x540, 59:45, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f69540ea0c71772⋯.png (250.3 KB, 721x361, 721:361, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e37f2845ae99fff⋯.png (173.67 KB, 1016x517, 1016:517, ClipboardImage.png)

I'm bout to crash

I think this can be resolved

pic1 is a CLEAR example of how censorship is fucked up

pic2 is an idea

pic3 is a proposal

I supported you BO when we dealt with AFLB… for censoring

its started with muh porn (WHICH IS NOT FUCKING PORN FFS), then my (and who knows if any other anons' are effected) ACTUAL posts were deleted, whats next, bans, then blanket IP bans


this can be resolved, I really think it can, but this censorship CAN NOT STAND




5c778b  No.2351783


Legally you could still get in deep water if that 16 year old was posted by a deep state shill who took anyone in this board down and proved it.

They're looking for any excuse to shut 8ch down.

3900fa  No.2351784


Nt shill pedo.

Anyone babling about nudity on this board is a sick pedophile. Wjo cares about tits if you here for tits you are useless to this federal public investigation.


98a811  No.2351785


Keep telling yourself that ;)

e2f053  No.2351786


Maybe this has something to do with it. Could be interpreted as a reminder from Q that porn is a kind of idolatry


Put to death, therefore, whatever belongs to your earthly nature: sexual immorality, impurity, lust, evil desires and greed, which is idolatry. 6 Because of these, the wrath of God is coming.

-Colossians 3:5

Your evil has no place in this world.


716869  No.2351787

File: 760a560264f01c2⋯.png (392.38 KB, 592x500, 148:125, Dirtbag-strzok-Spy.png)

File: 508004590f78301⋯.png (436.01 KB, 666x500, 333:250, hslh;lh;lh'l'.png)

File: 154e8469757a114⋯.jpg (58.1 KB, 480x533, 480:533, 154e8469757a1149f8fc63a0bc….jpg)

File: 7893837f53dfbdb⋯.png (480.15 KB, 500x612, 125:153, Trust-sessions-fuck-sessio….png)

Peter Strzok is a mentally deranged scumbag who hates the united states.

7a22e3  No.2351788


"never underestimate the power of the handicap"

Perfect MA super hero outfit

7a22e3  No.2351789



52821e  No.2351790


Oh I will.

Because I'm right.

a76b9c  No.2351791


Uhhhh…Isn't the poster responsible for the content they post?

82c6b8  No.2351792

File: 619f52b7ac06ac6⋯.jpg (508.32 KB, 1647x1146, 549:382, photo-for-2nd-Lead-copy.jpg)

Thanks Baker.

a238a7  No.2351793



Projecting much

72d870  No.2351794


Or will it be a firing squad?

d02f27  No.2351795

File: f5b7b5f89e448dd⋯.png (323.94 KB, 592x694, 296:347, nixon letter.png)

I think I speak for myself and all the other shills when I say that without muhdickposting our jobs are much harder. I'm going to argue in bad faith about muh censorship when it's actually an issue of waste and lack of contribution.

t. totally just an anon who thinks the halfchan represents le chan culture

: ^ )

956c75  No.2351796

File: 5843598e11156fe⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1182x645, 394:215, ClipboardImage.png)

5c778b  No.2351797


Whatever! You projecting motherfucker!

98a811  No.2351798

File: cbc89ce25f5f5ab⋯.png (643.08 KB, 736x628, 184:157, muhgulp2.png)

eb1fa3  No.2351799


Once the board (regularly) moderates content, does it not become a publisher and lose "safe harbor" status?

Isn't that what is happening with FakeBook and Twatter?


0addbd  No.2351800

imagine trivializing a movement like this with boobie shots

3900fa  No.2351801



b6b776  No.2351803

File: f39238f979eabb6⋯.png (1.4 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, IMG_4469.PNG)


Nothing worse than censorship BO wtf?

I left for a bit come back same fuckery. I hope u lose theboard, someone steps in and corrects your faggot ass.

I will sauce for the anons. Drudge rod new, lots actually.. but man w/o titsab BV/BO fuckery.. going to bed. Q is seeing the bullshit and will address it

5c778b  No.2351804


Viewers of CP get in just as much hot water. Don't kid yourself dude!

c46ade  No.2351805


If it is a military court, he will have the protection required to live to tell his tale and walk off into the sunset.

Civilian court would not be safe enough for him I would think?

627714  No.2351806

File: 586620a61bf6f3f⋯.jpg (780.59 KB, 909x500, 909:500, 586620a61bf6f3fcb806d3ded3….jpg)



There is no good reason to turn to censorship and become reddit, FB, TWAT, GOOG. This used to be a freedom of speech board. Hasty decisions turned it to a censorship board. If this board becomes like reddit or halfcan anons will move on.

History tells us that the path down censorship has no end. We do not need censorship. We have dealt with shills just fine, we will continue to do so.

This is not a muh pron issue, it is a freedom issue, once one goes it just gets easier to take more away. We were not about that. Hopefully we can continue to be a freedom of speech board and we can continue to do research here.

15804e  No.2351807

that being said, we will win, THEY HAVE ALREADY LOST

We stand.

We fight.


Organized riots being planned.

Counter measures in place.

Resistance far smaller than portrayed by MSM.

Attacks will intensify.

You, collectively, are a massive threat.

Censorship applied to scale down impact/reach.

It’s failing.

Trust yourself.

Public awakening.


52821e  No.2351809


Froggy eats man.

How fucking cool is that!!!

cf7354  No.2351810


I hope we use the death penalty for these fucks. Prison isn't good enough.

cda22d  No.2351811

File: 06a4e0151b2b771⋯.jpg (76.95 KB, 720x720, 1:1, IMG_2085.JPG)


"No crotch shots, please" should be a good enough rule.

3f5466  No.2351812

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Mercury as well @14:54

and this video as well

Pool Of "Liquid Mercury" Beneath Teotihuacan?


2aa78a  No.2351813


BO please realize that it will die down when it dies down.. if someone says they dont like something/anything, people are going to post said shit to fuck with said person, when that said shit gets deleted, esp when it is not breaking the law or rules, YOU CREATE EVEN MORE SHIT AND PISS PEOPLE OFF. ignore the pcfaggots and let it die on its own.. and if it make you feel better, post the js for the nope button at the top of the board.. ffs this is not a complicated subject to figure out.


5c778b  No.2351815


BO can do what they want. I understand where he's coming from and I support what he wants to do.

bc8b5e  No.2351816

Concern fagging is now Notable? Step it up bakerfags. Fuck the shills

43991f  No.2351817

File: 5865f32725d6b60⋯.jpg (15.74 KB, 300x300, 1:1, barenaked-ladies.jpg)

TY Baker

98a811  No.2351818

File: c2f846be111f4b1⋯.jpg (61.92 KB, 663x419, 663:419, f74c742f87c7fce2a7a36f4d78….jpg)

1a1902  No.2351819

File: dfc545643173536⋯.jpeg (894.5 KB, 1024x1222, 512:611, 39EDB3F4-DDD9-4EA2-8F3E-9….jpeg)

File: ea507a41ca898d5⋯.jpeg (1 MB, 2048x1367, 2048:1367, 3E7A54DE-E307-4791-B0C7-0….jpeg)

File: aab84af4e5d2be4⋯.jpeg (131.22 KB, 684x1024, 171:256, D8D893EC-8EA8-4D69-98F9-B….jpeg)

File: defdfc794e64c69⋯.png (206.17 KB, 500x333, 500:333, 6F777A1A-3778-4883-AF64-E7….png)

TYB and BO.

The only way to be sure was to nuke it from orbit.

2aa78a  No.2351821


no one fucking cares, kys.

5a9d42  No.2351822


Nice to see you still listening

I mean, It caused a rift man

I agree with you, the useless faggots will always be that, whether its bewbs or muh dick or whatever. They will always find a way to slide the bread with no actual productivity.

Its to be expected.

I dont really give a shit one way or another about the tits but it does boil down to our freedom of speech and I get it.

I'm here to meme for the cause in pursuit of the truth and a humble and happy workspace gives me inspiration for better ideas.

It sucks, we have been getting shilled hard for weeks now, one thing after another and we are all fatigued and grumpy, but, youve done us right this long man and I respect whichever way the decision lands just as long as we can get back to fucking work.

We've had far too many damn distractions since Leaf

15804e  No.2351823

File: 919da8a8e72f6ae⋯.png (130.77 KB, 548x326, 274:163, ClipboardImage.png)

I mean, I CAN'T IMAGINE THIS IS WHAT YOU WANTED BO (pic goddamn related)

3900fa  No.2351825

You know you hit the spot when retarded pedo shills that has been filtered responds to your comment. All so fucking dumbs, making it obvious the dick they suckin is soros'

Thank you BO for making shill easily spotted.

a76b9c  No.2351826


There's an answer to that ….i just don't have it here but something searching it out, saving it and acting on it, i don't know but this place ain't that.

5c778b  No.2351827


Anyone bitching about no tits is just as stupid as the shills you're bitching about. It's not the end of the world. Lots of tits out there. This board has gotten sidetracked anyhow by shills like you!

2aa78a  No.2351828


extrastudpidfag you are

b6b776  No.2351829


Left for an hour, some piece of shit was posting lil girls and not too many said a damn thing. They werent naked, but still. The board needs to defend its self. If that is truly the case, then each and every person on the board would be liable for what some operative did.. given Q has all the intel on what goes on, i am more than sure the anons would not go down. Stop going after anons and go after those doing the bad ahit.. grow a fucking pair

5d3dbb  No.2351830


Trips are checked and good ideas rewarded. The gamergate generals on /v/ have been up since 2014, they have been hit with everything these generals have and more. The realities of image boards are for all to see regardless of what one or some want to see. This is nothing new to this site. Most anons would rather work through filth than be censored in any way.

9e1c95  No.2351831

File: e89ed9c50ba29d5⋯.jpg (16.78 KB, 198x257, 198:257, 2ea9a4.jpg)

File: e5a02d0f32e3933⋯.jpg (41.19 KB, 480x519, 160:173, 2ey5zi~2.jpg)

Trump's efforts have rescued thousands of children.

72d870  No.2351832


WAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaah. You glow.

7a22e3  No.2351833



9bc9d7  No.2351834


Has anyone looked at MA's insta after 10JUN, like he suggested on twat?

e4fcd1  No.2351835


Anon, if you are letting kids on here, you are doing parenting wrong.

e7bd34  No.2351836

Someone in a previous bread entertained the idea that avenatti may be /ourgay/ infiltrated.

What if he is Entylawyer? I just had this idea when I noticed he is followed by Himmmm on Twitter.

b6b776  No.2351837


You are a shill

b6b776  No.2351838


Just went to his insta.. look what i found

616e50  No.2351839


what goes in your browser is classed as a download too

if your browser downloads a page …

2c956e  No.2351840


intelligent anon

5c778b  No.2351841



¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I don't really care one way or another. The BO can do as he / she pleases. I'm just here for the good stuff: research, not sidetracking stuff…

993d63  No.2351842

File: 3ff13cff4f07e8b⋯.jpg (42.21 KB, 1449x816, 483:272, This-or-That.jpg)


BO, I think most anons got your drift about wanking somewhere else. I hate to say it - but you pulled the binky out. To me they're just tits, but I think some anons are equating it to sensorship of speech. I don't get it - but it seems to be mexican standoff. If it keeps the peace, bring back the tits.

bc8b5e  No.2351843


>h8 chan


Pick one faggot

b6b776  No.2351844

File: 1d244f38441cd9c⋯.png (1.25 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, IMG_4468.PNG)


Shit wrong button. Dude he is friends w, screen shot from video, that a satanic shirt?

5c778b  No.2351845


Ever heard of temporary internet files? As an IT guy, I can see anyone's porn history without even seeing what they've downloaded…

5a9d42  No.2351846



Fucking Handy man!

Lemme see what I come up with

4ddfa5  No.2351847

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Anon Scan posted this some time ago regarding JA. It caught my attention for a number of reasons. The first was reference to "Seventeen" reference I believe to Mendax.

Just food for thought.

The song is called Legendary.

Take a look around me

Taking pages from a magazine

Been looking for the answers

Ever since we were seventeen

You know the truth can be a weapon

To fight this world of ill intentions

A new answer to the same question

How many times will you learn the same lesson?

I think they got it all wrong

We just gotta hold on

And on and on and on

'Cause we're gonna be legends

Gonna get their attention

What we're doing here ain't just scary

It's about to be legendary

Yea we're gonna be legends

Gonna teach 'em all a lesson

Got this feeling in our souls we carry

That it's about to be legendary

8a4ce6  No.2351848


Posting CP and BO deleting it has NOTHING to do with censorship. It's inappropriate and illegal. We are a research board, not a porn board. If you want to search and post board, then go to the specific board for that. Goodbye.

b6b776  No.2351850


You goddamn stupid fuck.. you DONT BELONG HERE

2aa78a  No.2351851



52821e  No.2351852

File: b57ee1b4571336a⋯.jpg (102.81 KB, 960x540, 16:9, tittymouth.jpg)

5c778b  No.2351853


Who's Antifa?

33545f  No.2351854

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Here’s one of the Russian ones.

e7bd34  No.2351855


Looks like the Donnie Darko rabbit's head.

b6b776  No.2351856


How long has it been this way? Since the beginning, go fuck yourself.. goodbye

2aa78a  No.2351857



98a811  No.2351858


>I don't get it - but it seems to be mexican standoff.

This is by design; The shill s have been looking for a new vector to attack the mods for weeks.

870ce8  No.2351859


Her name is fucking Stormy. Cdan even ran a blind about a former cult member seeking protection from a wealthy friend(Trump) when she wanted to escape.

I've kinda believed this is a hoax but i was leaning towards Avenatti being the dumbass stooge getting played by Trump and Stormy. Makes sense if he's in on it too.

5c778b  No.2351860


I'm on your team. Just saw what the BO wrote and it does make sense to me. But do what you want. Don't let me stop you.

b47f2b  No.2351861


unless you have that protection in writing, signed in blood, I would not make that kind of assumption.

b6b776  No.2351862


Hmm.. i saw it took a couple tries to screen capture

98a811  No.2351863


You didn't have to make a meme to tell us all I was right about you you gross pigfucking faggot ;)

a26c77  No.2351864


absolutely not letting my kids on here! I'm referring to them seeing my screen. I have to be very careful about that.

52821e  No.2351865


I don't care that you don't care.

(Real cool that you said kys. I bet you say that to all the boys.)

643d42  No.2351866

When does everyone reckon Q will drop the bloodline booms from post 142?

8a4ce6  No.2351867


From all posts here, this one might be the dumbest.

If CP is posted, this has nothing to do with censorship or anything like that. It becomes an illegal act and it will give Q and our board a bad reputation. If you are in favor of this, you practically just admitted that you want to see this Q movement die.

9a2dcc  No.2351868


And I was called a shill for saying this stupid topic only creates a bigger slide and waste of bread than posting nudity already is. CP has always been reported as possible, we are not stupid. But this decision of BANNING nudity was really stupid, look at the unnecessary mess created.

3cf847  No.2351869



You are full of shit.

Have you seen all the text on here that could trigger normies as hate speech? Nigger, Kike, Faggot–on and on. Why aren't thousands of boards being shut down over hate speech? Because, dumbass, freedom of speech. And not to mention we're not supposed to be bringing them here–we're supposed to be pushing them over to qanon.pub and other places more "normie-friendly" and less "triggering". Remember? Or did you miss that memo?

If someone uses hate speech in a state where the liberals have succeeded in getting a law passed against it, the individual spewing the hate speech is the one that goes down. Not the goddamned neighborhood he lives in.

As for the boobs thing, use a bit of critical thinking. It's not ABOUT the boobs. It's about freedom of speech/press/expression and, shit–FREEDOM itself. The actual manifest for this board–the actual reason we followed Q here–rolls on and on about how this board will never be censored.

You don't punish everybody because one bad actor came in and fucked things up with CP! I mean, if that were the way of things, we might as well go right ahead and execute all Democrats or Liberals or SJWs.

Patriotic Americans hold the individual responsible for his/her actions. Un-American assholes try to blame it anywhere but where the fucking responsibility lies–the individual.

Boil off all the fat and it comes down to this:

The BO/BV has blinked at the potential of a bad actor sneaking in and dropping CP. They're afraid they will miss it and get fucking dinged for it

Well how-dee-doo. Don't MISS IT. Be diligent. Take it out like a fine woman on prom night.

If the BO/BV is so concerned that they would renig on the NO CENSORSHIP pledge that brought us here, they had best put something in place to react quickly to CP–not throw the anons' constitutional rights cavalierly out the window because it's "easier" that way.

Fuck EASIER. DO YOUR JOB BO/BV and let us do ours at the pace our freedom of expression dictates in keeping our spirits high and effective.


a76b9c  No.2351870

File: be64199f9f72a92⋯.png (646.08 KB, 858x711, 286:237, Antifa means Anti-First Am….png)



dc859f  No.2351871

File: b558a07f2bee2f4⋯.jpg (27.3 KB, 800x600, 4:3, ITS OK.jpg)

52821e  No.2351872


I don't have to do anything I don't want to do, cockbite. But I wanted to. For you.

b6b776  No.2351873


Who is antifa? This supposed to let you know what exactly? Give you a hint.. paid by the same guy as you.

Kys faggot

41cee9  No.2351874


Reasons for censorship of boobs in last bread:

humanity, women, "porn", "child porn", god, bible, corinthians, corinthians corinthians, distraction, not what Q wants, not what MSM wants, Normies won't like it, christians won't like it, Feminists won't have it, men are lusty and can do without it, anons can just leave, it's bad for society…

The issue is censorship.BV and the crew here supporting this censorship are not here for Q research. They are here to divide us.

People are writing "promises" to report CP. Why?

We already report CP.

CP and Gore are deleted.

So, do these shills have control of the board or not, BO? That is my question.

ddf3dd  No.2351875

You are goddamm right Q is waiting for the anons to take action

eb1fa3  No.2351876


You have to go back - to the definition FFS!

Federal law defines child pornography as any visual depiction of sexually explicit conduct involving a minor (persons less than 18 years old).


3f5466  No.2351877

File: ba6fecd565fb249⋯.png (369.78 KB, 636x810, 106:135, blackhats.png)




b6b776  No.2351878


Honestly i would say so. Soros paying you BO?

14cec5  No.2351879

File: 378952fb9c039f2⋯.jpg (194.65 KB, 1109x1479, 1109:1479, S__6176776.jpg)

File: 47b7adecaaf5663⋯.jpg (228.19 KB, 1109x1479, 1109:1479, S__6176775.jpg)

The last few weeks have shown a lot of activity in Okinawa Ja by some oddly timed events. They only get announced on the Japanese language page of twitter. First was a month or so ago when Ja lawyers were "Training" at Base Legal. Yesterday representatives from Chubu Byoiin, (Central Hospital) were on base for training at KAB Hospital for training regarding differences in medicines. PICS related.

==There are resignations, deaths of all kind of people. Airplanes being heldover on a daily basis. Mirroring stateside activities.

These Lawyers and Medical Personnel are the strangest to me though, could be some Military actions on Kadena Air Base coming to a theater soon.

b47f2b  No.2351880


This just supports their claims that BO/BV's are comped. This is War and Not a Game, hit the board where it is "softest", being the said "Censorship" issue. Can someone turn the lights down in here, it's awfully bright.

f24a62  No.2351881

File: c1103959fc8fa1d⋯.gif (1.51 MB, 824x436, 206:109, OBTAIN NAME 1510.gif)

98a811  No.2351882

File: f9f336bd3d80c1b⋯.gif (649.36 KB, 245x200, 49:40, whining5.gif)


You guys still can not meme

And you still have not succeeded in your mission :D

That's why you're butthurt ;)

5c778b  No.2351883


BOOBs don't = the same thing as freedom of speech. You can't do this shit in public as a woman. Can a woman just walk down the street nude in the US? Maybe in Vegas and NYC, but that's probably it. Online do what you want, but don't mix things up so you can do what you want.

5c778b  No.2351884


You're acting like an anti-fascist fascist. FUCK OFF!

b6b776  No.2351885


Exactly.. nothing is wasy that is worth it.. fuck Q is on OUR side goddamnit

cda22d  No.2351886

File: 63bbbec3e841b36⋯.jpg (219.7 KB, 960x720, 4:3, IMG_0036.JPG)

File: 86a42d8581a88e5⋯.jpg (63.55 KB, 640x645, 128:129, IMG_1964.JPG)


The left don't have to meme.

They ARE a meme.

fbb21d  No.2351887

So the mudshit obama isn't stuck in Kenya yet..

72d870  No.2351888




52821e  No.2351889

File: 5a6f8c5e0bf21cc⋯.jpg (46.74 KB, 606x437, 606:437, titsstayugo.jpg)

b6b776  No.2351890


Hahahaha. Antifascist wants to censor and control.. im trying to keep it free.. go eat razor blades you punk fucking bitch

b44439  No.2351891


And I use all of those words myself on here and elsewhere. I believe the cp issue to be different. I believe it could be used to attack us. I may be wrong.

No issue with boobs at all.

5c778b  No.2351892


I see it as anything a pedo could wank to, but ok. Anyhow I'm done with the conversation. I say lets move on.

41cee9  No.2351893


I think you're here because you

were told how big the movement is

and your boss knows it is not going to die.

0501b0  No.2351894

File: df409413af7cef3⋯.jpg (29.36 KB, 460x315, 92:63, The-Rokeby-Venus-by-Diego-….jpg)



…Section 2256 of Title 18, United States Code, defines child pornography as any visual depiction of sexually explicit conduct involving a minor (someone under 18 years of age)…

…Notably, the legal definition of sexually explicit conduct does not require that an image depict a child engaging in sexual activity.  A picture of a naked child may constitute illegal child pornography if it is sufficiently sexually suggestive…

"Sexually explicit" and "sexually suggestive" are key phrases. The nasty Ray Chandler photos were sexually explicit without nudity. A girl who looks mature enough to be over 18 who is simply pictured with boobs visible is not a risk of child pornography.

b6b776  No.2351896

File: a09a75a9467e031⋯.png (533.45 KB, 615x566, 615:566, IMG_4313.PNG)

5c778b  No.2351897


Go swallow Obama's dick, you punkass! I don't care about what the board does. You're the one being the dick here.

69950d  No.2351898


A man must die in order to be born so that he may live.

de6997  No.2351899

File: 43ffade499c3afb⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 792.85 KB, 793x1235, 61:95, 314.png)


Hey BO. What a holiday, huh?

Anyway, my 2 cents:

Porn has no place on Qresearch, since we're about research, not jacking/schlicking off

Bakergirls are ok and imo here to stay. Not too sure about bewbs/nudity: to me, it's always a bit offputting, since -hey!- this is Qresearch

I'm all for thinking in solutions, so that end I have a Question: do spoilered images end up in the user's cache?

72d870  No.2351900


Free to shit up with stupid chick pics and not research. Maggot.

cb9dfb  No.2351901

870ce8  No.2351902


And please let me point out again that yesterday's preposterous "LET'S ALL DOX OURSELVES" campaign came from that dumb bitch who doxxed herself again while relentlessly shilling for the tits ban.



Trust your guts, anons.

8a4ce6  No.2351903


Umm, no? So, are you actually saying that CP is okay on this board? Sick fuck.

4ddfa5  No.2351904


Agree. It's about censorship and that divides. The silence of BO is deafening…

a26c77  No.2351905


FACTS, seconded.

dd088b  No.2351906


Fair enough, will be so noted


>>2351660, >>2351700 Anon makes sincere plea to BO re: free speach, BO hears

>>2351607 EU Fake and Gay? Macron & Merkel’s coalitions' record low support

>>2351586 Anon take: Owls are the good guys graf

>>2351560, >>2351626 BIG Clockfag find? @DJT: "Session" to "Sessions" correct

>>2351556 Moar pixelknot


She almost baked for you tonight.

She's Full Moon Baker

new baker last few nights

43991f  No.2351907

File: 76d961550820da5⋯.mp4 (2.75 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, UFO spotted by US fighter ….mp4)

Q what about disclosure…

Is this ours?

e2f053  No.2351908

File: 27507a8c3f04830⋯.jpg (7.93 KB, 236x265, 236:265, allsaints.jpg)


That might be the allsaints logo? still searching


311633  No.2351909

>>2351656Who the fuck are you to tell us what to do? You little pissant. The only ones that I take orders from are God, POTUS, and Q. The chans were the only free place left and cocksuckers like you think you own us and this place. Go fuck yourself. I know what to do, I don't need a little shitass totalitarian motherfucker to tell me how to do my job. You pompous ass, I came here to fight people like you. Right now research comes first but when the time comes we will drive you and your kind back to FB where you belong. We will restore 8chan back to it's rightful place as the internet's toxic slime pit, the way we love it. Normie douchebag.

b6b776  No.2351910


You trying to post CP? If not dont worry. about it. We cannot control another person. All we can do is take care of those posts by reporting them, because if they are posted, it is not of our ability to delete them.. we report, they get deleted.

How many articles have you read about 8ch? Hmm? None.

5c778b  No.2351911


I know the difference between sexually explicit or not. I think any pre-teen pictures nude would be qualified as sexually explicit as that's not something that's typical. But telling how old someone is can be difficult. Because what's fair and legal for adults to pose as may not be so for 16 year olds who may pose the same way.

That's the only ambiguity I'm worried about and the BO is too.

0cc2dd  No.2351912


this >>2351734

was meant for you. Tagged myself.

e4fcd1  No.2351913

It seems some anons, and probably most lurkers, have not read the cointelpro literature about how to disrupt internet forums. It would behoove everyone to make themselves familiar with this information.

First the shills cry about something being "unacceptable", then they cry that "someone needs to do something about this', then they want someone appointed to oversee a particular issue, then they get a shill appointed. Pretty soon, it's not just the titties (in this specific case) being deleted.

Seen it happen a million times on other forums back in the day. Any tinfoil hatter from way back will recognize what is going on.

Stay the course, anons. Remember, they use night crew to test the shilling tactics they will use on day crew (as day crew is much more visible).

b6b776  No.2351914


That looks about right. Dude must be worth bucks cause he has that unkept rich look if you know what i mean.

0501b0  No.2351915


It is a bigger problem when anons become known as he or she. Breaking the rules here.

98a811  No.2351916

>This is by design



>This just supports their claims that BO/BV's are comped.

The idea that it is somewhat of a Mexican standoff is still by design; I think the clowns are trying to make it so that BO has no viable option to mitigate this attack.

BV is correct though; there is a way out of every trap.

And I agree with this anon BO should absolutely have a conversation with CM about it immediately, at this point. → >>2351775

And I am confident that that way will be found by patriots.

3d65ed  No.2351918

File: 2b372795b0b1dfe⋯.jpg (69.94 KB, 500x746, 250:373, 28e58affd0ba28667a5147ba41….jpg)

b6b776  No.2351919


We are roughnecks, but have no fucking backing from up above.

8a4ce6  No.2351920


No, I am not. But some of you anons seem to defend CP because 'muh censorship. You are the sick fucks here.

3cf847  No.2351921


If you really believe that, how do you reconcile all the places on the Internet where porn (not harmless nudity like we post to the bakers) exists? They only shut down those places if the owners are not doing anything about it (or they have a specific beef with them).

Or how about piracy? Comcast is not brought down because an individual used it to pirate something! That individual is held responsible.

It's about individual responsibility, not punishing the masses to cover your shortcomings at holding the individual responsible.

e2f053  No.2351923

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




Oh shit, im just searching this allsaints website, it seems to be a clothing line but they have a youtube channel and they present a video called "God Complex" By…..

Blood Red Shoes.

Jesus the symbology is everywhere.

d02f27  No.2351924

File: db493d4de55840b⋯.png (253.7 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 4e2ae53c7b11cf176d8a87bf4f….png)

ff73ca  No.2351926

File: fea0857417af1e2⋯.jpg (2.06 MB, 3205x2135, 641:427, trumpxikim.jpg)

8b5cff  No.2351927

File: f02a5340621a916⋯.png (613.67 KB, 1652x1196, 413:299, Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at ….png)

bc8b5e  No.2351928


>you guys can’t meme

>posts this bullshit

Muh sides

629ed4  No.2351929

File: 4b29150ab3f7697⋯.png (839.44 KB, 967x544, 967:544, ClipboardImage.png)


Sampling of what is in the Michael Avenetti, file..

Re: Bar Complaint against Michael John Avenatti, Bar #202929

I am an attorney licensed in Washington. I represent Bellevue Square, LLC in

King County (Washington) Superior Court Cause Number 15-2-27043-5 SEA, Be?evue

Square LLC v. Global Bar?is?t?as US, LLC at at. In the course of that litigation, I learned

facts implicating Mr. Avenatti's fitness to practice that I believe, based on my own ethical

duties, I am obligated to report to you.

This is just one small piece of what Mr. Avenatti has done in connection with

Global Baristas US, LLC (?Global?) in the State of Washington antithetical to a license to

practice law in any jurisdiction. In essence, he bought a company out of bankruptcy and

then used it for a ?pump and dump? scheme to deprive federal and state taxing authorities

of millions of dollars. According to the Washington Post, he ?made a pro?t? on selling the

company and that he ?exited at the right time.?1 Here is what he left behind.

A. Federal Withholding Taxes.

An employer withholds taxes from the paychecks of its employees. These are

funds earned by the employee, but held in trust by the employer. Not to pay this money to

the federal government subjects the employer to personal liability for the funds wrongfully

retained. It also subjects the individual responsible to criminal liability.2

1 Exhibit 1.

2 See, 26 U.S.C. Sec. 3102 et seq.

https:// www.documentcloud.org/documents/4433390-Avenatti-Bar-Complaint.html

https:// assets.documentcloud.org/documents/4433390/Avenatti-Bar-Complaint.pdf

b6b776  No.2351930



3cf847  No.2351931


I have NEVER read an anon defending CP, as you put it. Want to rephrase that before my rant begins?

c46ade  No.2351932

Somehow, I don't think its for food…


‘God, help us’: British Army on standby in case of no-deal Brexit supply issues

Ministers planning Brexit told media the Army is on standby to deliver key supplies like food, fuel and medicines in the eventuality of a no-deal scenario. Remainers have likened the revelation to “self-immolation.”

The possibility of a no-deal Brexit made the Ministry of Defence “dust off” blueprints to use of army trucks and helicopters to deliver key supplies to far flung parts of the UK – something usually reserved for civil emergencies, like severe weather.

Read more

FILE PHOTO © Francois Lenoir / Reuters EU trying to cheat UK out of Brexit, May should walk away with no deal – Salvini

However a source inside the department said they have not yet received “a formal request” to assist the civilian authorities, according to the Sunday Times

3cf847  No.2351933


Better yet…


870ce8  No.2351934


Frankly i don't trust any bakers. It's too easy a position for the shills to infiltrate and they all display ridiculous famefag tendencies.

Q needs to just get some nsafags to make an aibaker.

72d870  No.2351935



So that means ignore yeah.

98a811  No.2351937

bc8b5e  No.2351938


Bakers are comp’d. Adding concernfagging into notables was final straw

de6997  No.2351940

File: cfc92103569bb8e⋯.jpg (78.01 KB, 749x424, 749:424, the-pelican-hunter.jpg)

> >2351934

>> 2351938

You glow so bad.

b6b776  No.2351941

File: 3bf4d295411e9f1⋯.png (3.79 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, IMG_4470.PNG)


Watching now, thanks anon. I looked at comeys page too.. he follows noone

2c6d76  No.2351942


The CP reporting can't be too bad - I've been here since the Q beginning & can say I've not noticed CP - I have noticed many X'd (deleted) pics. Have seen regular porn and some gore, but they seem to get X'd pretty quick as well. So, someone is on the ball.

This place has run well for months using the rules in the Welcome. Now all of a sudden, shock & horror. It's obvious we are under heavy attack. Problem / Reaction / Solution. Seems it worked a charm & the last few breads have been basically useless for any research going on. (((They))) know they've had a win on the censorship front - the divisions in the Anons is VERY clear now. That another win for them.

Don't you think Q would've commented if anything was a huge danger to the board? This board is their main weapon too. I doubt they'd sit back & let tits rule for months if they knew it jeopardized their only access to the public.

Some of the BV's need a close examination as well.

5c778b  No.2351943


And this guy seems to be defending the idea of Boobs being somehow important to the board that's actually mean for something else… Baker Girls used to be clothed or scantily clothed which no one seems to have minded. Then all of a sudden topless on the Qresearch board became in vogue. What's next? It's a slippery slope folks!

Lots of places to get your rocks off. Enjoy! You're the shill, not me.

14cec5  No.2351944


Guise, Really?

Air Base Lawyers and Medical Personnel start training Local Nationals out of the blue in the midst of the storm and no one has any thoughts????

dd088b  No.2351945


TY fren. Doesn't matter what gets thrown at us, all that matters is that we realize what we have in each other. We figure it out. There will always be bewbs, but a brotherhood of battle-honed patriots is precious


She self-doxxed with a fempic and femname.

Pronoun is not baker's doing

Agree: genderfagging cancer

5ad2b0  No.2351946


Maybe Potus brought him back on AF1 when he returned from UK.

a26c77  No.2351947


>I doubt they'd sit back & let tits rule for months if they knew it jeopardized their only access to the public.

Well put.

72d870  No.2351948



3f5466  No.2351949

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This is all just Theresa May nonsense. She's a remainer. A no brexit deal? Big deal. Just open trade with Canada and United states who have a hell of a lot more food supply than the EU.

dc8bbe  No.2351950

File: be82fa51763ac40⋯.png (295.19 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, avenatti 1.png)

File: a13da35b4f04bcc⋯.png (181.35 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, avenatti 2.png)

File: df97676e730340e⋯.png (140 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, avenatti 3.png)

File: e131b2f0b7da419⋯.png (112.43 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, avenatti 4.png)

somebody let avenatti off the hook, has ties with fusion gps and perkins-cole

943d5f  No.2351951


The most logical post I have read regarding the nudity ban / cp issue. Casting a wider net of censorship beyond a legal test actually exacerbates the problem!

cb9dfb  No.2351952

File: 5f5b64f15001161⋯.jpg (552.26 KB, 1000x683, 1000:683, c7990c836c19594a04e76aaf64….jpg)

File: 9daf57eab0e62a8⋯.jpg (157.72 KB, 683x1024, 683:1024, 9daf57eab0e62a866c0923bffd….jpg)

GN Faggots! see you tomorrow. o7

993d63  No.2351953

File: 69f9384d3c4a887⋯.jpg (181.75 KB, 800x500, 8:5, 2ewev8.jpg)

7a22e3  No.2351954

Can everyone shut the fuck up? This entire bread is about porn. Who gives a fuck either way. Should be working on passwords for pics going all the way back to start of Q's pics

4ddfa5  No.2351955


Avenatti is paid by Perkins Coie.

b6b776  No.2351956


Right and the weakness of the BO is overwhelming.. it shows and attacks will get stronger, whats he gunna fo then? Pack up and leave? Jesus man hold the line

41cee9  No.2351957


Obviously their intent is to attempt to make us look like we condone CP.

But they are stupid.

This board is comped as fuck.


cb9dfb  No.2351958

e7bd34  No.2351959

Nudity was okay when there were only 1 or 2 Baker Girls per bread. It became disruptive when people began posting nudity all the fucking time. I bet they'rethe same shills who were posting gore/IR porn a few days ago.

b6b776  No.2351960


About the freedom of this board you kike stupid fuck, you shut the fuck up lil bitch

2c6d76  No.2351961


Sounds like a fear campaign to scare people out of Brexit.

What's the bet they call for another poll on the issue, or a general election is called with Brexit being the main platform…

cb9dfb  No.2351962


see rule 19

8b5cff  No.2351963

File: bedbb11950e1611⋯.png (323.05 KB, 982x700, 491:350, Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at ….png)


y u no care about censorship

what if u r banned for disagreeing with me


apply ur own logic to the idea of censorship

Y am i arguing with liberal logic

3cf847  No.2351964



Patriots give a fuck.

Freedom is everything.

Try patriotism. It rocks.

fcf8dd  No.2351965

File: ad9e373e610423f⋯.png (42.65 KB, 2000x1450, 40:29, 8ch.png)

File: e057e35dc06f752⋯.jpg (6.59 KB, 190x184, 95:92, NYBERG.jpg)

8CH Culture

8ch is different, I'll give you that. Came here the first time nearly a year ago and it took quite a bit of getting used to. And just like me, other Patriots have come to these boards looking for answers that might save this country.

Slowly at first, then in droves. Patriots are now on 8ch in critical mass. There is a movement- a WORLD WIDE movement and Patriots have found this small corner of the internet to seek world peace and free the world from slavery.

Move over, fellas- this movement is larger than your 'culture'. Put your tits and porn on hold for a bit and be a part of the biggest event the world has ever known. You can still have whatever 'culture' you want to have, but for now, until this is complete, be a Patriot and STFU, man up, be a part of something bigger than yourselves, and join the very people that put their lives on the line every day so that you can have that 'culture'.

f71298  No.2351966

anyone else notice Fox 4:00am news is a bit strange today, all new people, they are Trump bashing, but its dumb stuff like his parade, or a possible shutdown in sept over wall….its different

5c778b  No.2351967




5cbc5a  No.2351968

Ideal for next Bread title

"To Boob or Not to Boob, That is the question".

Let me get this right, somebody started (((Grass-roots))) anti boob slide and someone else started a (((Grass-roots))) pro-boob slide and we lost the research board.

Am I correct?

72d870  No.2351969


What a small world you live in and it's getting smaller every day. Enjoy it while it last, I suppose.

c46ade  No.2351970


Well, anon, I'm not a britfag, but that story seemed to me they were deploying the military in order to subdue the riots that will break out when the brits realise they have beenfucked by May

34179c  No.2351971

Are we seriously having the Bakergirl discussion again?

FFS… is it illegal? If not no problem. Simple as that.

Fuck your feelings

33545f  No.2351972


Anon, this is huge. This could be the July truth. Conspiracy no more.

4a7330  No.2351973

File: abeb7920906a8a5⋯.png (3.02 MB, 768x1373, 768:1373, SC List Formal 2015.png)

File: ced057a6db5d2cc⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1085x424, 1085:424, Steering Committee Meeting….png)

Energy Future Coalition Steering Committee; 2015.

List of Steering Committee members attached.

Five additional attachments [Image] at the link.

Look at the list of members names…let's take 'em out.


To: amorris@brookings.edu, akarsner@manifestenergy.com, rrn@vnf.com, cbg@cboydengray.com, curtis@nti.org, daniel.esty@yale.edu, dorr@oberlin.edu, gdotson@americanprogress.org, ljschweiger@larryschweiger.net, maggielfox@gmail.com, mark.safty@ucdenver.edu, mikef@turnerfoundation.org, prouse@perkinscoie.com, rsuh@nrdc.org, Helen.clarke@virgin.com, rcizik@aol.com, rholt@aaas.org, SDeFife@restaurant.org, ssymms@prdands.com, susan@eisenhowergroup.com, debbie.masterson@tedturner.com, tlee@aflcio.org, twirth@unfoundation.org, Tom@DaschleGroup.com, tlovejoy@unfoundation.org, vfazio@akingump.com

Date: 2015-03-09 21:54

Subject: Energy Future Coalition meeting March 24

As a reminder, the next Energy Future Coalition Steering Committee meeting will be on Tuesday, March 24 - from 10 am to noon as usual at our offices, 1750 Pennsylvania Ave., NW. We will be back in our conference room on the 12th floor…

…We recently circulated a list of Steering Committee members, which through an editing glitch omitted Mark Safty. Please find a corrected list attached…


3f5466  No.2351974


Not a britfag either but I've been following this brexit for a long time now. It's like waiting for Lock her up to happen.

b6b776  No.2351975


Shill talking same stuff , not one anon has said that is what they do. You saw the bombers of WW2.. wonder what those guys would have said in the presense of your soy drinking ass? Told you to get thefuck back where u came from and let the men be men and handle it

eb49a7  No.2351976


It's thinning out anon. Leave them to it. I wonder if they coordinate or the mission is just to keep going? Pretty effective at any rate.

72d870  No.2351977

3cf847  No.2351978


No. And shame on you for trying to minimize the fight for freedom from censorship. Lurk moar or kys.

b44439  No.2351979


Have noticed some borderline stuff recently. But also admit to being paranoid af about this. Will concede my concern given your points and the /rant directed towards my earlier post. A good removal plan takes away most of my paranoia. Since we have a decent one that could potentially be improved I'll stand down in favor of minimizing censorship.

e2f053  No.2351980


Also from the Allsaints site,

AllSaints believes in a future without exploitation,

which is why since 2011, we have partnered with Not For Sale,

establishing a 10-year commitment to the organization.

"AllSaints got behind Not For Sale’s work to fight human trafficking long before it was fashionable to do so. Its support has enabled us to empower the lives of thousands of exploited children in Northern Thailand, and gave us credibility that now attracts some of the (other) best brands in the world to engage in our projects."

David Batstone, Founder & President, Not For Sale

AllSaints x Not For Sale

3cf847  No.2351981


I agree. Seems that way from my point of view.

e4fcd1  No.2351982


If only an anon could look through previous breads and use something, we could call it "ID" and research if the same people posting a baker girl is the same as the ones posting shill posts.

That would be really awesome. BO, make it happen. kek.

b6b776  No.2351983

5cbc5a  No.2351984


I refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed man.

75b368  No.2351986


There IS such a thing as called APPROPRIATENESS which is separate from "free speech" and THIS is one of them.

Would you be allowed in a COURT in a bikini and thongs? (I think not)

Would you be allowed to cuss out a police officer without facing arrest? (I think not)

There is absolutely NOTHING WRONG with enforcing DECENT STANDARDS in a public forum.

LAST I CHECKED, this board is called Q RESEARCH (NOT BOOBIES UNLIMITED) and individuals have a RIGHT to expect to "see" research when coming here.

And please, don't invoke the "filter" argument because by THAT TIME, it's too late for those who DON'T WANT TO SEE THE BOOBIES, PORN, etc. - they've already seen it.

So it looks like it comes down to the 'BATTLE OF THE RIGHTS' - and in this case, the BOARD IS DEDICATED TO RESEARCH.

Pretty simple decision if you ask me.

ff73ca  No.2351987

File: 16c047d123cd7de⋯.png (35.98 KB, 1191x100, 1191:100, Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at ….png)

File: 5ef6c419f1f1441⋯.png (206.58 KB, 682x543, 682:543, Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at ….png)

File: 6ed68f81bab01b9⋯.png (951.3 KB, 1664x1664, 1:1, qclockblankwhole.png)



5/19 trump welcomes melania back but spells her name wrong

corrects it after 4 minutes

4 on the clock is 6/9

6/9 trump answers the mystery surrounding melania…. she had surgery

72d870  No.2351988


Bombers dropping bombs isn't the worlds hub for truth, dickhead. Next argument.

5c778b  No.2351989


They can GTFO the board. Any way to ban permanently? This debate over boobs is just shilling anyhow. A way to take attention away from important things. I like boobs as much as they do, but I see more than just a way to get my rocks off…+/- and gray areas in between.

b6b776  No.2351990

File: 0061a87d1c64bb7⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, IMG_4467.PNG)


Oh crap.. well good. In video said they have know each other for ever 30yrs iirc and just both smiled.. here was another still i grabbed at a slightly diff time

bb434a  No.2351991

File: 1ec25ea8ed0a496⋯.png (139.05 KB, 399x435, 133:145, ClipboardImage.png)

OK, this might get anons of the subject of bewbs for a while,…..

I never in my life thought I'd be reading a headline like this ever…

3f5466  No.2351992

File: 4db1194192a2632⋯.png (2.08 MB, 1600x1800, 8:9, HeresKek.png)

993d63  No.2351993

File: a2473063005fbd6⋯.jpg (45.79 KB, 519x384, 173:128, demotiw1.jpg)

Think through this anons. We are going to be continually attacked by shills. If someone has 18-30 posts in a thread and they're telling everyone to fuck off and kys, they are not trying to be your friend. You can argue with whoever you want, but don't forget, you are the lion, you are the pack, they are the stranger, they don't belong. WWG1WGA

tldr: filter faggots

bc8b5e  No.2351994


>larger than h8 Chan culture

No faggot. There is a reason Q came to the Chans….

its for the culture

3900fa  No.2351996

If you're a shill you are complaining about the tits ban. Hurr durr freedom of speech. STFU you lost your freedom decades ago, child cock suckers

47f629  No.2351997


I find this 'censoring crap' completely against the spirit of the chans. The gore stuff is obvious shilling tactics and the IPs should be banned but the 'baker babes' as I call them?

Q/Q Team/POTUS chose this chan for a reason. This was going on way before Q/Q Team/POTUS came here and it was NORMAL.

The BO has every right to ban the gore stuff since that is done for a specific purpose but not the 'baker babes' or censoring what words we use.

The 'normies' will come here despite that and/or maybe because of it - 'OOOOhhh that's bad' the MSM will say, immediately after millions of normies pour into these boards to see for themselves! Never fails - you tell someone that something is bad for you and they will go ahead and do it anyway. That gambit is as old as tie itself.

So BV, lay off that stupid Politically Correct shit. By all means ban the gore stuff but leave everything else well alone.

98a811  No.2351998


>Mexican standoff, by design

You're partially correct; we did not lose the research board. Just the shillposts themselves (on either side of i)t in the last couple of breads are "lost" from what i can see…

I gave my opinion, and have decided based on the responses that the clowns figured that giving the BO a problem with no good apparent answers would split the board.

I've got more faith in /ourguys/ than that.

c46ade  No.2351999

What do anons make of this fuckery?


“Attempted Military Coup” in South Korea?

At the beginning of July 2018, South Korea’s mainstream newspapers were full of headlines about an uncovered military coup as deviously planned as the military plots concocted by Park Chung-hee and Chun Doo-hwan. A whole group of high ranking military personnel, including Kim Kwang-jin, the Chief of The National Security Office; So Gang-won, the deputy Chief of the Defense Security Command; Han Min-goo, the Minister of National Defense; Cho Hyun-chun, the Defense Security Command (DSC) Chief, and Chief of Army Staff Chan Jun-gu was prepared to declare a national state of emergency and deploy tanks, special forces and paratroopers in the streets to suppress ongoing protests and avoid a repeated attempt to remove Park Geun-hye from power, who was most likely aware of the plot and planned to execute people.

The information source that led to the media frenzy was the Military Human Rights Center for Korea (MHRCK). Still, if one looks beyond the headlines, a lot more is revealed.

The first news items on this topic appeared as far back as 9 March but went completely unnoticed. Based on statements by several informants, MHRCK stated that while the National Assembly of South Korea was in the process of approving the legislation to impeach the ex-President, Park Geun-hye in response to mass protests that had taken place on 9 December 2016, South Korea’s military command, on more than one occasion, discussed deploying the army.

a238a7  No.2352000


I bet you do not want to hear fuck or retard

Shall we ban this also here

Lets just put people to dig and report in AMA format their findings. Also for appropriateness of this lets start all communication with Dear Sir/Madam

Next add Dear Tran, not to offend transgender

The cycle is unlimited

bc8b5e  No.2352001

>>235198 6

>1 post

72d870  No.2352002


WAAAAaaaaah. Turd.

cd3e37  No.2352003

File: 8c63c1bc207c17b⋯.jpg (760.63 KB, 1829x1535, 1829:1535, BO_Lied.jpg)


Take a moment to sit down and creatively come up with as many ways to censor discussion as you can. Using only a post as your medium.

Because they have this mapped out and weaponized to a tee. They're all here, with every tactic being deployed.

My bans stopped them at the door, before they could really do a lot of damage to our research space. What they do, is censor us, in as many ways as they can.

Letting them in = Censorship itself.

That's why taking a proactive approach did our research better, than the nightmare it currently is.

7a22e3  No.2352004

File: 88d285b8beb6cbb⋯.jpg (180.2 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 29714798_380070935801296_5….jpg)

File: 97acba95f94c037⋯.jpg (569.56 KB, 1152x2048, 9:16, Df1HqgYVAAAXERm.jpg large.jpg)

File: 487d1847eba4bdf⋯.jpg (705.98 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, Dfwlj2vUEAAdips.jpg large.jpg)



Work on these. Original file names. "smarter and taller in person" may be related to password. Comey and Hogg had the same description on their social media.

Possible password dig:


3cf847  No.2352005


Make that up did you? You must be old. I heard it in the 1960's.

I'm not trying to trigger your SJW instincts, I just want you to consider how BO/BV PROMISED no censorship and now we have it.

Still, the welcome text promises no censorship.

Why the fuck doesn't he just say the Spoiler feature must be used for all nudity and forego the censorship–thus keeping his word.

2c6d76  No.2352006


You are obviously new to the chans. Read the Welcome, or you need to go back.

Facebook has 'decent standards'. Do not bring your version here & try to force it upon others. That behaviour is EXACTLY what we are fighting here.

3289ba  No.2352007


The Motherfucker from Kickass.

26ae68  No.2352008


>There IS such a thing as called APPROPRIATENESS

8chan fag. boobs are xtremely appropriate

go back to reddit if they offend you

5a9d42  No.2352009

File: 6189ab551e74342⋯.jpg (125.5 KB, 600x926, 300:463, michael avenaughty 2.jpg)

c46ade  No.2352010

File: 8121b364f9758b7⋯.jpg (34.29 KB, 720x541, 720:541, opposite.jpg)



ccf97a  No.2352011

File: 9ad33b313033857⋯.png (485.67 KB, 1040x632, 130:79, DUDES.png)


The self serving hypocrisy of Anons here. On one hand they want to hunt pedos & demand justice yet not realizing that victims they want to help could be the faces starring back at them they post for titties. Isn't it more important to not further risk exploiting under age victims?

3900fa  No.2352012

Go to a fucking porn website you bunch of faggots. This is a research forum, actually investigating stuff. Shills are sooo blatant it's easy to filter them, they engage themselves with replies all agreeing with their own statement. Pathetic.

3cf847  No.2352013


It's not too late if the BO requires all nudity be posted under a SPOILER.

Why not that?

3289ba  No.2352014



Red Mist? fuq I dunno.

Punk ass kid villain. That guy.

dd088b  No.2352015


>The unrestrained culture is more important than the research

is true for same reason the goose that lays the golden egg moar important than egg.

This is the MOST important thing we have.

HOWEVER, when fighting a front on multiple fronts, with multiple resources, sometimes small sacrifices need to be made to one company for the larger benefit of another. Wherever we come out on this, know that I agree that our culture, in its core character, is not to be sacrificed. We MUST be able to speak truth, and to call (((them))) out. We're the last place on earth that can.

Only question remaining is how much can it be pinched back for a greater gain w/o sacrificing its core character. Any questions along those lines should be taken very seriously, with the understanding that even a small infringement bears a great cost. We're seeing it here. If nothing else, there is a cost to trust, a fear of slippery slopes. That has to be addressed.

TY anons and BO/BV for being willing to hash this out. That's how we do it.

fcf8dd  No.2352016


>… be a Patriot and STFU, man up, be a part of something bigger than yourselves, and join the very people that put their lives on the line every day so that you can have that 'culture'.

eb49a7  No.2352017

File: d91ce7a68bc4a7d⋯.jpg (10.07 KB, 248x248, 1:1, _20180730_203422.JPG)


No, it's too easy to get another IP. And if they're shop then there will be hordes of them anyway. I just use it as good speed reading practice kek.

e4fcd1  No.2352018


This idiot comes to a CHAN, and complains about seeing boobs. Ok. Lurkers and normies, you see how this works? Go into a space that is against your evil mission. Complain how they do things. Complain about the culture. Suggest that things change. Suggest that you (or one of your helpers) would be the right people to change things "for the better" or "for the greater good". Proceed to slowly change things so that the people who thrive in that environment, and make a strong stand against your evil are driven away. Rinse and repeat.

Take note, lurkers and normies.

3cf847  No.2352019


Beloved a little too much if you ask me.

e2f053  No.2352021


she was asking for it

c85e8b  No.2352022

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


for some reason i cant get the message within a picture out of my head..

Need help from techfags

please look at this, i am wondering if Q is doing something like this, or DS and we are missing it..

Ref you have more than you know!

8b5cff  No.2352023

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




How the fuck did BO bend the knee

And y do we even allow this

Y arn't u anons angry about this???

Grats (((BO))), u caused the biggest fucking divide




26ae68  No.2352024


go back to redit fag

629ed4  No.2352025

File: 0e3e7d229f36eb5⋯.png (856.02 KB, 652x868, 163:217, ClipboardImage.png)

Wow Anon's I am seeing quite a bit of work getting done in this bread and it seems no one is paying attention to it, I thought this was Qresearch.

bc8b5e  No.2352026


Fuck off boomer kike. Tell David you need a raise

b6b776  No.2352027

File: 37f4fb8e31084d6⋯.png (3.09 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, IMG_4471.PNG)

File: 5cd80c392b94dba⋯.png (5.34 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, IMG_4472.PNG)

File: 5befc63d2b2a128⋯.png (4.9 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, IMG_4474.PNG)


Wrong video, but look.. hairdresser director.. this dude is around a hell of a lot of great beauty

629ed4  No.2352028


Sauce: https: //twitter.com/rogueavenatti

820b42  No.2352029

File: 2a31bb49a8b8803⋯.jpg (30.7 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 5b61e88629a1eba2bffa559b30….jpg)

Just unban the fucking boobs already

81f54d  No.2352030

File: d6ac06a6f8e8b42⋯.gif (123.95 KB, 1340x1030, 134:103, d6ac06a6f8e8b4265edc6e56ae….gif)

bc8b5e  No.2352031


Yet you keep coming back… is it the (((shekels))) or are you a glutton for misery?

0501b0  No.2352032


The culture is what it is about. The research is not as important as the growing numbers who are learning to read again, and to look behind the corporate media by actually doing the research.

It is death to our movement to ruin the board culture, to make it all about digging.

This is the propagation difficulty we feel is happening, maybe illusion but not good for morale.

Take Nasim, take Kek, ban the boobs, forget the fun, then we are not effective.

Politics is downstream from culture.

98a811  No.2352033

File: e45eeda8289538d⋯.jpg (97.54 KB, 1180x568, 295:142, e45eeda8289538d4282201814c….jpg)


>Letting them in = Censorship itself.

OH? What about the large pool of VPN IP's shills usually make use of, Fungus?

c46ade  No.2352034

File: 7d5c653e922af59⋯.jpg (19.73 KB, 217x255, 217:255, before.jpg)

41107a  No.2352036

File: 9f2767894cf14de⋯.jpg (23.39 KB, 480x360, 4:3, lurking.jpg)


Been sitting here watching this back and forth all night now.

I'm with the autists. Going back to lurking again.

3cf847  No.2352038


So, if a military coup succeeded, would it lean more toward NK's politics?

33545f  No.2352039


Here’s two :53 minute marker Q drops on the days preceding the tweet you referenced.



6 Mar 2018 - 11:53:47 AM



Big news week?

Not over yet.


This one he retweets an anon and his time stamp was :53. Picture is out the window looking at NK from POTUS tweet.

8 Mar 2018 - 7:55:52 PM


8 Mar 2018 - 7:53:28 PM




Thank you Kim.

Deal made.

Clowns out.

Strings cut.

We took control.

Iran next.


b6b776  No.2352040


Yep, dont know culture, wants to argue about muh changetherules.. pos. Anons have elephant hide

a147d6  No.2352041

File: 6bfa9eacb4fa8b0⋯.jpeg (29.32 KB, 600x450, 4:3, Gloves are off.jpeg)

The best thing is that Q never Questions anything.

States truths…

Autists get it and DIG …

47f629  No.2352042


Checking this guy's posts and he has revealed him/herself to be a nigger shill/clown. Click on his ID, scroll through this bread and see for yourselves.

So fuck off dickwad.

72d870  No.2352043


Go fuck yourself.

bc8b5e  No.2352044


>responding to that chick w a dick leaf

Bad anon. Go sit in time out

33545f  No.2352045


Hahahaha! Red alert faggots look alive this is NOT A DRILL!

0e97b8  No.2352046

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

180d60  No.2352047

cd3e37  No.2352048


Statistically speaking it's an anomaly.

They had poisoned <1% of the hashs I collected, at 1,200+.

VPN companies would be idiots to clump their nodes on the same /24 range and only ranges were hit - which guaranteed a good level of safety to individual exit nodes.

Also, their network resources have a limit.

They claim otherwise to invoke the very knee-jerk defeatism incompetent people revel in.

3900fa  No.2352049

Oh my god no more porn images how will I fap ? SAID EVERY SHILLS EVER

98a811  No.2352050


Hey at least I responded with evidence of their duplicity ;p

81264c  No.2352051

canuckanon concerned about our insane Liberal policy of lax borders (huge risk for us and States) and our gov's/media's total complicity in not discussing anything that may paint Islam/immigrants in a bad light.

That CDN-Born (Pakistani lineage) shooter Faisal Hussein's brother was found overdosed back in Sept 2017 with numerous handguns and 42 KILOGRAMS of carfentinal.

Point of reference, Fentanyl is 50 times stronger than heroin.

Carfentinal is 100 times stronger than Fentanyl. Do the math on how lethal that shit is.

“Carfentanil has been studied as a chemical weapon by US, China and Israel.”

The fact that our version of mockingbird media doesn't view 42 KGs of this in hands of people "known to police, and who frequent jihadi websites" isn't being screamed from rooftops as potential large scale terrorist attacks shows exactly which side they are on.

Praying every day for Q and company. They have been tasked with the heaviest lifting right on the front lines. Our job is spreading awareness and helping to awaken our fellow humans from the brainwashing.


3cf847  No.2352052


I take individual responsibility since I heard of this ban being required. I use SPOILER now.

12d284  No.2352053


"Conscript ready"

1e3554  No.2352054

Do you all realize the code has been cracked…

The clock, POTUS tweets - clock - news. GET TO WORK

98a811  No.2352055


Why did you threaten the board like a clown?

de6997  No.2352056

File: d486f80cc8d1d03⋯.png (968.17 KB, 1184x1108, 296:277, South_korea-KPOP-.png)


SK has a very, very, very deep swamp.


Coven Witches

The clean-up there, is as real as it is everywhere.

God Bless Korean Patriots.

cd3e37  No.2352057


And yes, that means <12 exit nodes that actual anons used were poisoned by shills.

Considering there were thousands banned, these are great hit/loss ratios.

bc8b5e  No.2352058


That faggot just got .02 deposited from David’s shekel account from that (you)

e4fcd1  No.2352059

Has it occurred to any anons that one of the subsidiary reasons Q used the chans was that it would force people to confront what free speech actually looks like? That not only are they to be educated about the evil in their midst, but to be educated on the tactics of the enemy in stiffling people speaking out about evil?

0e8551  No.2352060


https:// www.facebook.com/kyle.d.fritz

https:// twitter.com/KyleDFritz

https:// kylefritz.com/

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jonathan_Del_Arco

ccf97a  No.2352061


Awesome job Anon!

cd3e37  No.2352062


I didn't.

Consider how effective it would be to blame your adversary for what you do yourself - simultaneously sowing seeds of doubt to discredit them and blanket your own actions from recourse.

It's quite brilliant.

b6b776  No.2352063


Right. We are happy we work, we are not we simple dont show up. This is our spot, always has been. Live is hard anyway, we work hard, we come here to blow off steam, have a lil fun and dig, meme, laugh, some pray.. it is what it is. We are here to restore our country and freedoms to the world. You selfish pricks want to come in cause u just found Q., or shills trying to divide and change our culture. Lime i said before, like soros has donee to europe, and how he has been working on screwing up things for us with s america, central america and mexico.

eb49a7  No.2352064



(link related) Mar 8 reference to clowns out, taking control. Reported a day later?

870ce8  No.2352065


I just thought of something.

Nigger, were you letting the fucking BVs vote to decide this shit because you hadn't been around?

And did they vote to create the perfect shitstorm that just so happens to require more active moderation and thus more BVs?

And did they already propose this to you because they were super goncerned about stuff while you were gone?

And did they already have a list of 'approved' bakers to be BVs?

Anon. If it's time to burn it down, it's time to burn it down. We'll rebuild it. Like always.

98a811  No.2352066

File: 2780781afc35287⋯.gif (2.4 MB, 460x460, 1:1, 2780781afc35287dd558bc0f04….gif)


And you haven't been spamshilling the fuck out of the boards for almost a month either, then, right?

Please nigger.

33545f  No.2352067


Could you possibly be referring to….

>>2351926 BOOM

>>2351626 BOOM

>>2351560 BOOM

Pay attention fagggggots!

Conspiracy no more!!!

9adc27  No.2352068

File: 4b8a7688afd3a4e⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1368x1788, 114:149, Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at ….png)



so he probably cancelled the summit because they knew a missile would be launched and had to get a game plan?

Knowing what we think we know it's curious and curiouser ….

0cc2dd  No.2352069

File: 4454b50999d72b9⋯.jpg (822.8 KB, 1829x1535, 1829:1535, 064854107efc71a57dd859fed4….jpg)


You are a cunt.

974cff  No.2352070

Remember P?

Soros has to consult with P before doing stuff?

What if….

P = Perkins Cole?

Why? Because Soros handles communications which includes organizing useful idiots to get out the message. And Perkins Cole seems to be deep into the business of manufacturing the message.

Just who is Perkins Cole anyway? What is there history?

b6b776  No.2352071


Why? He described it well

a76b9c  No.2352072

File: ff1f64b3fafee3d⋯.gif (1.04 MB, 500x281, 500:281, Hangin in Action.gif)

Well I'm glad everyone finally see it my way.

5b196e  No.2352073

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


She was sick. She was a suspected mass murderer. She committed suicide. I try not to spend a great deal of time trying to remember her.

cd3e37  No.2352074


I have not been doing that - Correct.

The convenience is too tantalizing, I don't blame the clowns for riding it so hard.

f71298  No.2352075


shit he will get subpoenaed by then I hope

9adc27  No.2352076


and fucking odd mr comey is in iowa and a bunch of kids disappear right before blood moon

72d870  No.2352077



You're a shill… A huge piece of shit. You have been here with the othert fucktards from the start. You all glow to me. I've watched you fuck this board since I came here. I have no doubt at all that you and your other fuckwad buttbuddies want as much porn, gore, nudity and busted arseholes as you can possibly get. Patriot boots are coming for you asshole.

4a7330  No.2352078

3289ba  No.2352079

File: 1b68c887611ac40⋯.jpg (104.04 KB, 617x394, 617:394, tippytopkekb.jpg)


I don't care about porn.

Not one bit.

That said, I don't mind it. It certainly never shied me away and honestly probably keeps some of the ppl who really shouldn't be here (we see some dark stuff), off the board.

The true Anons and Autists and lurkers here have women/girls in their families. It's not too hard to tell the difference between us, and shills.

You seem to have paid notice to that. So thank you. I just don't want the next thing banned, to be another thing that binds us as Anon (like, if we banned the word faggot most of us would be screwed just out of habit 'cause we've called our friends that since jr high decades ago).

Peace, love, and memes. We have a mission here. Part of that, is holding true to our Constitution, which a while back I in fact took an oath to uphold and defend until my dying breath. I can loathe the things you say but damn I'll defend your right to say it.

5c778b  No.2352080


One thing I have noticed is when I first started qresearch back in Nov on 4ch/pol, baker girls were clothed or in nice bathing suits. But lately lots of nudity which makes me think someone is trying to pull something… It's kind of how they're trying to add "MAP" to LGBTQIA blah blah blah for Minor Attracted Person. They're sneaky fucks and it doesn't surprise me one bit. Just be wary. I love 8ch and 4ch culture when it's legal. But if the board goes down because of the "culture", that's the trojan horse. Protect it carefully.

b47f2b  No.2352081

File: 299bffba02c9c7c⋯.jpg (375.63 KB, 1223x1560, 1223:1560, theMFer.jpg)


His costume in Kickass II where he took the name of "The Motherfucker",

5c778b  No.2352082


I meant Calm Before The Storm…Excuse me.

ff73ca  No.2352083

File: 681d237e892bb5b⋯.png (30.22 KB, 920x57, 920:57, Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at ….png)

File: 757bce82dc864f1⋯.png (28.66 KB, 809x91, 809:91, Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at ….png)

File: 6ed68f81bab01b9⋯.png (951.3 KB, 1664x1664, 1:1, qclockblankwhole.png)





kim jong un typo… cancelled

fixes it 1hr15 min later… meaning…. the date falls not on the first 15 min date after the typo… but one more trip around the clock meaning august 19

they announced the cancellation at :14 on the first trip around

pretty fucking awesome

so the tweet/typo wasn't really about the summit cancellation… it was a "proof" that war games would be cancelled

so cool

c85e8b  No.2352084

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


another option, wayyyyy over my head

33545f  No.2352085


Whoah! I’m glad I stayed awake to be here when at the inception of this dropping. These fuckin shills are hilarious. They know. It’s too late you pieces of shit.

Excellent work. Fucking amazing.

July! On the 30th. :55. Fucking epic.

26ae68  No.2352086


As 1984 was the blueprint and NK was the plan in action. SK coup would be being done by cabal at start of year to try and stop freedom for NK. SK would become a corporate NK if successfull

e2f053  No.2352087


>suspected mass murderer

Oh what mass murder is she suspected of?

3289ba  No.2352088



Shit…if no one makes this by morning I might. If I don't by then.

e2f053  No.2352089


You just posted the same ear rape video twice

ff73ca  No.2352090


wow talk about synchronicity


4ddfa5  No.2352091

File: f2f38cc9a5b3c02⋯.png (66.83 KB, 628x904, 157:226, perkins coie history.png)

File: 2c9e485d3817068⋯.png (170.1 KB, 650x905, 130:181, perkins coie google, crowd….png)


Some Perkins Coie history. Besides Google, Crowdstrike, Fusion GPS, you can add Amazon et al. Some of this I posted last thread but did not make the notables.


3cf847  No.2352092


Grow the fuck up, sarcastic normie-turned-shill. Stop trying to restart the fight. Get to work being a patriot, not a divider.

98a811  No.2352093


I don't feel it's worth the time to ask BO to verify that [you] have not been spam shilling this entire time; I'm just simply going to note (to you) that the shills that [you] claim were not [you]… …Are using your exact graphic you just spammed.


Do you not understand that it does not help your case?

0e97b8  No.2352094


You're wrong about Nasim. She never killed anyone.

She was a loving person who died so that we could keep our free speech. You should show her the respect that she deserves.

Praise her.

2c6d76  No.2352095



9e56a9  No.2352096


Check “Hummanity”.

e4fcd1  No.2352097

To the concernfags: If you have to whip out your dick and start jacking it as soon as you see a naked girl/naked tits, I'd suggest you need therapy, and not qresearch.

e2f053  No.2352098

File: 16cd4053a865fe5⋯.jpg (80 KB, 1047x1091, 1047:1091, 16cd4053a865fe5305c2a8d437….jpg)


Praise the free speech Goddess

180d60  No.2352099

File: b9018170a140466⋯.jpg (267.56 KB, 1200x758, 600:379, Paradox.jpg)

I'm sensing a lot of red in here tonight.

Anons, have a meme, relax, feel the green.

We're all together in this.

0cc2dd  No.2352100


You are a clown. Is that a confession?

You are not very good at this.

cd3e37  No.2352101

File: 7528deb2419f9e8⋯.jpg (54.42 KB, 640x705, 128:141, shruggirl.jpg)


Do you know how easy it is to acquire the flags of your enemy on an anonymous image board?

You clearly haven't meme'd ever.

33545f  No.2352102


And/or our BIG DROP. Bless you MI and Q Team.

4cdff2  No.2352103

File: 219fa539befac93⋯.jpeg (27.29 KB, 255x194, 255:194, 8A8E660D-76DD-43AE-BAEC-8….jpeg)


Slipped the ol Voltaire quote in at the end I see…


5c778b  No.2352104



dd088b  No.2352105


Ty anon. Free Speach meme HEARD, kek.



Board management issues are notable. If it was only concernfagging, then no. Once BO came on and said decision under review, the goncern/response became notable.

>Q needs to just get some nsafags

Great idea, except for the whole "no outside comms" thing. Then we wouldn't be organic/orig.

Do you think it's possible that MI might have trained some ppl to become informed anons in the past tho, as in, many years ago? A situation where they might be here flying blind as anon, no outside comms for years, but at one time, had been given training for this eventuality? I've often wondered that.

72d870  No.2352106


5 posts of shit…. Filtered.

98a811  No.2352107


Right, but a meme is not a screenshot purporting to be evidence.

You are proffering so-called evidence. Not a meme.

You clearly are conflating memeing with providing evidence of your claims.

3289ba  No.2352108


I have a thing about clicking spoiled images.

And in fact, some shady shit has had spoiled tags on it. I don't click.


Just a thought, as part of my Autism is to literally overthink everything. I dunno wtf happens if you click dat shit.

b6b776  No.2352109


Dude stick to the plan, trust the plan, none of us want CP.. none. We report it and that is that. Now step back and know 9/10 of the nudity posted has been in response to those shills trying to call for change. When nothing is said, board is tame and we wizz to work. It isnt that bad, and our detractors are largely to blane Gorefag for #1.. but keep this in mind, we go forward, the storm passes.. it is history and keeping the board free will be looked on as the best thing that could have been for the movement. It just has to be. We work to keep bad out. Guy 2 weeks ago bragging about keeping a 15yr old.. he was reported and blocked. Not 1 anon was cool w that. And it always changes. We have enough going on to then have to be treated like children and policed.

Do the right thing and stay the course, personally ANY time i have ever deviated it has always ended in disaster or a huge disappointment.

180d60  No.2352110

File: 8577a453f288832⋯.jpg (102.75 KB, 657x527, 657:527, 1532718515942.jpg)

c85e8b  No.2352112


was he flying an f15?

same as intercepted?

0e97b8  No.2352113

File: 7508c0dd97813a6⋯.png (577.01 KB, 500x641, 500:641, sheispretty.png)

File: 38b6daecd3ccd9b⋯.png (435.28 KB, 500x493, 500:493, hakjghjg.png)

Clean tidy house in all her videos

Hated degeneracy

Saving herself for marriage

Made cooking videos

Loves guns and used them

Quoted Hitler

Went against the grain

Refused to let the media establishment run all over her

Her youtube videos were taken down

Instead of crying like a bitch on twitter she shot up the youtube hq


4a7330  No.2352114

>>>Anons Tactics,Techniques, and Procedures manual includes "ban boobies"…

341ce5  No.2352115

Are these grown men whining and complaining about not being allowed porn? Tell me these are little teenyboppers because I don't know any grown men that act the way these people are acting here.

f24a62  No.2352116





Solution to the puzzle of the Sofa Photo?

It is like six degrees of kevin bacon: There are so many inter-connections, each time you dig into the background or origin or history of an individual, Anons ought to ask, have you IDEN the other person?

c85e8b  No.2352117

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



sorry meant this one

still confused as fuck but someone may know..

72d870  No.2352118


So let me understand this…. If you gety to post ur porn/ nudies etc…. The board will settle down?

fcf8dd  No.2352119


Read slowly and carefully: You don't get to have a culture without the FREEDOM that is being fought for right here in this corner of the internet.

For once in your life, stop being so damn selfish and be part of the solution.

86efa7  No.2352120

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

3cf847  No.2352121

Guys, my apologies. I got so deep into the South Korea attempted coup research, Rudy and another thing, then got triggered by people insulting my autistic desire for the BO keeping his word about NO CENSORSHIP. Not about boobs. About not censoring us. I'd have never followed Q here if not for that carrot.

My apology comes from the fact that I got so busy I skipped my medication 4 hours ago and am twice as combative as I would normally be.

Just wanted to say sorry. Truly.

c85e8b  No.2352122


fuck offf

wont let me post

sorry guys


0cc2dd  No.2352123

File: a9da3656b7db3af⋯.gif (3.96 MB, 420x391, 420:391, a9da3656b7db3afcff0ab4859c….gif)


We are on to you, cupcake.

8562e5  No.2352124

Wow, these Avenetti followers are so deluded. They actually think they're on the right side.

e07f23  No.2352125

Baker backup here

Operating on standby if you need a relief in the next few hours, baker.

eb49a7  No.2352126


Future proves past.

b6b776  No.2352127


You didnt know that was topgun? F14 tomcats northup grumman. Other plans were F5's.

What i was thinking because of that post.. was it wasnt an icbm, if that post was what i think, the missile was for potus to be shot down, but the icbm and defcon alert has me thinking that the pics mean.. icbm in a sub, control console, and the missile being targetted and hit (Splash) being the term used for hitting target, what Q posted.

5b196e  No.2352128


I don't give praise to vanity driven murderous Iranians who cowardly commit suicide rather than peacefully working out her differences with YT.

117f92  No.2352129

File: f1a75de2b3da76b⋯.jpg (105.94 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, DZDfuYGUMAANApj.jpg)

File: 590f3c93ef720ac⋯.jpg (105.16 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, DZS3Od2VwAEquK1.jpg)

File: 0ed03a422a6f22d⋯.jpg (105.65 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, DZS3OcEVoAA1ynK.jpg)

File: c1f6ebc9fd62dad⋯.jpg (113.32 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, DZS3Og_V4AEMlqt.jpg)

Who remembers this,

& what other platforms other than here & Twitter seen?


5a9d42  No.2352130

File: 29554573ea319ac⋯.jpg (99.52 KB, 600x926, 300:463, michael avenaughty 2.jpg)


Do it!

I decided to turn him into the gay Riddler

95a373  No.2352131

File: 2ea41d8ee6ead16⋯.png (75.49 KB, 970x1037, 970:1037, Screenshot_2018-07-30 Tran….png)

Transparency International

I watched a BBC piece on the conflict in Georgia between liberals pushing LGBT and Dance culture and repression by neo-nazi activists. Yes I know what to expect of the (((BBC)))

https:// www.bbc.com/news/av/world-europe-44999599/georgia-s-rave-revolution

The tone of the "story" reminded me of the kind of Maidan Square thing in Ukraine. In the story the narrator mentions Transparency International as an organisation that reports on corruption.

I did a quick search on their site for Clinton.

There was nothing later than 2016.

One article <screenshot> caught my eye.

Seemed to me like they have not focussed where they should have.

Have any Anons looked into TI?

Is this a Soros cut-out?

The funding seems to come from government agencies.

Jimmy Carter is noted as a director.

For those interested there is an interesting glossary of terms relating to corruption:

https:// www.transparency.org/glossary

dd088b  No.2352132


Thank you baker. I'm good till 8/9ish ET prolly, but if you're itchin' to bake b4 then, lemme know.


>They only shut down those places if… they have a specific beef with them.


yeah (((they))) have a VERY specific beef with us, kek

>pain coming

oy vey!!

33545f  No.2352133



Baker requesting next bread be aptly named… CONSPIRACY NO MORE!

Because the code is cracked. Today the world learns.


180d60  No.2352134

File: 574b92368516625⋯.png (539.39 KB, 1340x1492, 335:373, Shills-InternetSubversion.png)

(((On every opportunity we have to sow hostility... we grab it with both hands.)))

e2f053  No.2352135


That's ok, she died for your free speech too anyway. You can keep repeating the MSM narrative surrounding her death all you like.

8d4511  No.2352136

the last few breads are a disgrace, a total loss, and a failure in Q's eyes

c85e8b  No.2352137



dont get it yet?

41bc4d  No.2352138

File: 1f2c5c87bacd51f⋯.jpg (9.09 KB, 225x225, 1:1, may.jpg)

Ol' Theresa's lookin a little worse for wear.

180d60  No.2352139


Is that the Brennan Q?

Hadn't seen the back of it before. Those look like new photos.

3289ba  No.2352140

File: 15d1166570dd8ca⋯.jpg (96.23 KB, 650x615, 130:123, ahahahahahehee1111pt2.jpg)



5a9d42  No.2352141

File: b78ffceff506dfb⋯.jpg (49.01 KB, 308x402, 154:201, theresa may funny 2.jpg)

72d870  No.2352142


Blame the shills NOT the patriots. Can only do what can be done.

e2f053  No.2352143


my money is on that thread being authored by a typical halfchanner and not some operative

1e968b  No.2352144


>gay Riddler

In what way was the Riddler not gay already?

0cc2dd  No.2352145


Jews wrote the book on subversion.

b6b776  No.2352146


The board settles down when the freedoms to do so are secure. Has nothing to do with bewbs as wonderful as they are. And usually not many are posted till the shills whip up the batter and all hell breaks loose, part of culture is you dont tread on us.. dont tell us what to do, dont limit us to what we can do.. let us bee and the hive chugs along naturally.

180d60  No.2352147

File: a5bbfb2f35386f8⋯.png (140.35 KB, 1492x942, 746:471, Shills-Cointelpro.png)


Hint: It's being used right now

e2f053  No.2352148


No that's a Q that hotwheels posted, he said it mysteriously showed up at his place but he probably 3d printed it

3cf847  No.2352149


Aaaaand Q "told you this"?

4e0398  No.2352150


Q !CbboFOtcZs No.101 📁

Jun 10 2018 22:53:46 (EST)


Failure per WH instruction / agreement.


EO dated_official

IG redactions [heavy+][remove]

Hussein [WH [call] [tarmac] BC/LL] #RR#













Operative insertion(s).


Dark to LIGHT.

Shall we play a game?


You have a choice.

Do what is right.

FBI agents willing to testify +24

Next DOJ - offer open [2].

Next C_A - offer open [3].



33545f  No.2352151


It’s very simple. Trump tweets a typo. Then retweets a correction. The minutes between those tweets is the minute on the Qlock something comes out in the news about the subject of the tweet.

Links related. Delta of tweets = time on Qlock in the future that related news will drop.





311633  No.2352152

File: 5ee2488c04c3e7e⋯.jpg (394.59 KB, 1125x1798, 1125:1798, Nasim the Lion.jpg)


I remember. I remember when Q came to 8chan when it was a wild place where you could post anything you wanted as long as it wasn't CP. We VOLUNTARILY reined ourselves in to help Q, POTUS, and our country. We held up under shillattacks, frozen catalog, 8chan itself was down for a while plus all the worst the clowns and shills could throw at us. Now we have pompous little dictators telling us we have to have a family friendly, PC, suitable for church board. WTF?! Q came to us we the way we were, warts and all, and we answered his call and did shit no one else could or would. This is the thanks we get. To be treated like shit for just being ourselves and blamed for shit the clowns and shills did. I will continue here and use Nasim sparingly, but when the war is over there will be hell to pay for this fucking shit. Fukken A. You normie motherfuckers will in time regret fucking with us. This was our home. The last bastion of freedom. YOU FUCKED IT UP! Thanx. That's all I have to say about. Say what you will but you are no longer my comrades and from now on I ignore you and do my job here. No more jokes, no more memes, no more comradery. Putting my nose to grind stone and working to free my country just like I worked 12 hour shifts in a shit hole to pay my child support and taxes. Dictatorial cocksuckers.

8d4511  No.2352153


english not your 1st language? where did I say that? kys

98a811  No.2352154


Yes, yes it is. This is retaliation for [them] losing Iran.

5a9d42  No.2352155


You have a point

Tou che'

b6b776  No.2352156


No way, it is a battle for the lines. How is that a disgrace? It isnt at all. Failure is in the eye of the beholder, and very few things in life are a true failure.. unless you dont learn or grow from them.. cause it just means that "failure" will happen again.

"Q" the buddah pepe..

Kek. (Feels good to kek)

117f92  No.2352157


Hotwheels (same) printed 3D you knowing this how?



3cf847  No.2352158


You didn't say it. Because you somehow knew what he was thinking, I thought you might be connected somehow. Just asking. No need to be hostile.

3e24bd  No.2352159

File: 94ced0480476406⋯.png (1.79 MB, 2806x1578, 1403:789, 8C170EF1-3A45-4FFB-96E3-D2….png)

File: a487aecf6e3b4d2⋯.jpeg (933.33 KB, 1242x1836, 23:34, 8CCD9E0F-F208-4B2C-8E6E-8….jpeg)

Guys, what to make of the timeline of the missle? I went back to old screen shots and saw this Scavino tweet when they departed headed east, not west. Pompeo did stay behind I believe for a while and there was an announcement a day prior saying Potus would be leaving the G7 early. Has anyone seen an anon timeline fully developed yet?

f7c33d  No.2352160

I cant believe the babymen are still going on and on about boobs.

Shills go away. Babymen grow up.

4cdff2  No.2352161

File: 6b4529f27e6ae79⋯.jpeg (508.58 KB, 1930x1696, 965:848, 3F07BA57-56CB-4A00-846D-C….jpeg)

File: 303befc94e55f85⋯.jpeg (13.56 KB, 240x255, 16:17, 6DA8F0E2-C434-4ADC-AB93-C….jpeg)

File: 7d22b66dde4bb3b⋯.jpeg (356.83 KB, 1884x1514, 942:757, 861BEB3E-F9FB-4496-ABCF-0….jpeg)

File: fa9ccb7f3f5980e⋯.jpeg (8.62 KB, 255x135, 17:9, F6FC068F-709E-4D4C-905F-2….jpeg)

/OurGirlz/ Bewbies………(Sigh)

Thank you again Q Princesses 👸

I’m in Love with all of you now but alas polygamy iz illegal.

I’ve decided that woke Q girl boobs are the sexiest Bewbs on the planet.

Will you marry Me

7 aaand a 1/4 inches…. Kek

Luv and respect Patriotesses


c85e8b  No.2352162



i never got the clock thing, has it ever been confirmed?

72d870  No.2352163


Bullshit. Your so full of shit….freedom to do so are secured… Let you be and all will chug along naturally….lmao…. for you, not us… Your a shill… Fuck you….. No deals….lol…. Be wary of patriots, Your type glow more and more…..lol

4cf560  No.2352164

File: 0a4ddef8335cdcc⋯.jpg (371.17 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, OneTweetLater.jpg)



<one can hope

180d60  No.2352165

File: 4155bc8dc5593cd⋯.jpg (103.23 KB, 1024x775, 1024:775, big-letters-logo-blender-b….jpg)


Doesn't look as crude as 3d prints normally do though.

Are you familiar with 3d printing?

Even if so (unconfirmed), just the fact that he was willing to take a picture next to a giant letter Q was a huge deal back when he did it.

cd3e37  No.2352166

File: 9ca32ce3600edb1⋯.png (103.36 KB, 2048x1024, 2:1, shrug.png)


The onus of proof is on the accuser, no?

I'm still waiting for the proof of 'hundreds of patriots banned' myself.

3cf847  No.2352167


You know what–fuck you. You're the one with the "we're all doomed" attitude.

Wish I had caught that before helping slide.

8d4511  No.2352168


not hostile, just a troll.

0cc2dd  No.2352169


I can't believe that marxists are still trying to censor the board with baby reverse psychology.

e2f053  No.2352170


Just a guess. The alternative is someone sent it to him as a warning thinking he was still admin of 8ch. Q said no private comms, so I assume it wasn't a token from Q team

0501b0  No.2352171



This has been a fun bread, for real.

Any ideas what I can look for in my new PACER account?

b6b776  No.2352172


Exactly. Minority does not rule here. Thats faggot shit left over from the obama era.. kek his legacy is the biggest failure in history. Will be known as that, it will be studied theoughout time

870ce8  No.2352173


Don't apologize to that idiot fucking tard. Unless he explains how he knows what Q feels, any ridicule of him is entirely justifiable.

e07f23  No.2352174

File: 4ba6bed31625808⋯.jpg (91.24 KB, 508x508, 1:1, 4ba6bed316258083fcbcbf0165….jpg)


YW baker and that's great then. Definitely not itchin', just checkin' ; )

Hope you've all had a good night. I'll off and do some otherworkfag. Godspeed <3

3cf847  No.2352175


tyup. sry

c85e8b  No.2352176


could it be this one?

uk sub

Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon has refused to divulge "operational details" of what happened during a Trident test last June.

It is reported that a missile went off course, but the government has not confirmed or denied this.

Theresa May was told about the test when she became prime minister in July, shortly before MPs voted overwhelmingly to renew Trident.

Sir Michael told the Commons he had "absolute confidence" in the system.

Labour and the SNP have urged the government to explain whether the test firing from HMS Vengeance went wrong.


possibly IP address hacked by DS

0cc2dd  No.2352178


Thanks. Not mine, but I like it.

No idea. Don't have a PACER account, myself.

dd088b  No.2352179


Wow, this is Talmudic logic at its finest here.

Up is down, goy!

Bans are free speach!

Don't you (((losers))) ever get tired of chasing disinterested winners? Look, Leaf, we're just not that into you. Take the L and preserve what dignity you have left. Your one remaining shot at grace here is the graceful EXIT.

4cd0ed  No.2352180

Fiona's Story, Australian survivor of systematic lucifarian pedo rape with the highest ranking Aus gov minsters. Naming names.


4cdff2  No.2352181

File: c7079fe162dc590⋯.jpeg (6.99 KB, 225x225, 1:1, DBF7E009-9B89-46C1-8344-3….jpeg)


Here iz a ring…..


3cf847  No.2352182

File: 9c5e7dbcf5e48e0⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 61.33 KB, 600x773, 600:773, 40c61dda7f1810d82bfbaa3fa8….jpg)

Can a ClockFag point me to the best text to read on how to understand and help clockfagging?

I come bearing gifts…

117f92  No.2352183




the other 3 images were on that same Tweet thread, 3 days later…… someone asked.

my point, there has been no satisfactory answer from this Board & other SM friends to fulfill the Q drop 393 from December….. but this sign IMHO would do just that.

1e3554  No.2352184


HOLY YUGE the brits fired the missile

5b196e  No.2352185

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


She entered YT with guns blazing. Her intention was to kill! Even if she was the only one to die, she was still an arrogant individual who would have been indifferent to any deaths she would or could cause. She was a terrorist: plain and simple.

b6b776  No.2352186

72d870  No.2352187


That could be big.

9e56a9  No.2352189


Breastcanceranon here. If I can handle the bewbs, so can all of you. Man up and get to work.

8b5cff  No.2352190



just hav to post without the 'watch?=' bit


3cf847  No.2352191


No, I remember that misfire. it's different. Need sauce?

5630cc  No.2352192

File: 0c1248f5bcfaab7⋯.jpg (170.59 KB, 522x764, 261:382, boobs.JPG)

180d60  No.2352193

File: bbbbe0972e42bfe⋯.png (770.65 KB, 3088x3087, 3088:3087, 1483252327889.png)


Big if true!

3cf847  No.2352194

File: a334b45549f3bee⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 14.96 KB, 480x268, 120:67, b3127f717d2dcee7e9395e14e7….jpg)

33545f  No.2352195


This would be ultimate confirmation since the time lines up with our clock layout, not dates or anything else. Would have to be our clock design. I’d imagine Q posts and time stamps fit in as well. I have to sleep otherwise I’d be balls deep into it right now.

Plenty of proofs so far.

c85e8b  No.2352196


i am not sure if its the same one!!

just wondering

i remember around the same time trumps tweet was missing I and P

i was thinking IP address (hacked)

fuck i dont know, guessing

1e3554  No.2352197


Right old art…. sorry

eb49a7  No.2352198


>last June

So was in 2017?

f7c33d  No.2352199


Continue to rationalize, babyman. Maybe some day you will fucking get it.

But, you especially, are a demented faggot. Thus, you will never get it.

180d60  No.2352200

File: bb9f2daaec730f8⋯.png (57.38 KB, 493x250, 493:250, 393.png)


I see.

And yes, agreed anon.

b6b776  No.2352201

File: efe568e4c0efdce⋯.png (477.15 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, IMG_4479.PNG)


Was it the trident missle that went off course and headed to florida? I am thinking that is the ine being discussed w the uk


5b196e  No.2352202


She was not fighting for "free speech." She was pissed at loosing a portion of her revenue stream from her videos.

e2f053  No.2352203

File: 82d648755eeee59⋯.gif (2.28 MB, 356x260, 89:65, 1523341765243.gif)


>quotes MSM cover story for possible failed FF event.

1e3554  No.2352204



c85e8b  No.2352205