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File: af4716b34464fb6⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1st.png)

61d172 No.1714951

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.


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Tuesday 06.12.2018

>>1714862 rt >>1714785 ---- What a coincidence. 4 points / 4 booms.

>>1714793 rt >>1714675 ---- ES isn't sleeping well.

>>1714675 rt >>1714630 ---- [releasing] (3) generals removed the cabal's connections.

>>1714572 ----------------------- Would you believe Hussein tried to call Kim prior to the summit? He did not have his updated phone number.

>>>/patriotsfight/104 ----------- Dark to Light. 1:07 [Marker]. Do you believe in coincidences?

Monday 06.11.2018

>>1704083 rt >>1704039 ---- Patriot.

>>1704013 rt >>1703935 ---- What recent news came out re: SR/JA/WL lawsuit?

>>1703795 rt >>1703606 ---- What else might (23) refer to?

>>1703304 rt >>1702926 ---- They (you) will fail

>>1702026 rt >>1701934 ---- PUNISHER

>>1701934 rt >>1701838 ---- This statement should ring alarms.

>>1701838 ----------------------- #[[[RR]]]#

>>1700867 rt >>1700690 ---- Provides Timeframe. (Winter Wonderland, London)

>>1700371 ----------------------- London pics [prev]. Year determined?

>>1700175 ----------------------- EU sanctions (IRAN). Nothing to do w/ NUKES (cover_). Hussein pallets of cash. More coming. Got Popcorn?

>>1699928 rt >>1699813 ---- There will be many redactions on the IG report. Optics are meaningful. Political hit job narrative. Who appointed Huber?

>>1699764 rt >>1699750 ---- IG>Huber. You have more than you know.

>>1699714 ----------------------- What is Kim REALLY doing? The World is Safer. IRAN developments...

>>1699229 rt >>1699199 ---- Gardens by the Bay. See prev pic. Timestamp. Coincidence? Everything shown has meaning. You are watching a 'scripted' movie.

>>>/patriotsfight/103 ----------- Where Was Kim Tonight?

Sunday 06.10.2018

>>1694930 ----------------------- Stay vigilant and maintain situational awareness.

>>1694863 rt >>1694833 ---- Not necessarily from /ourguy/s…

>>1694816 ----------------------- Every single picture posted is ORIGINAL.

>>1694734 ----------------------- Track ALL suicides.

>>>/patriotsfight/102 ----------- Specx.png

>>>/patriotsfight/101 ----------- #FLY[RR]FLY#

>>1693998 ----------------------- Not POTUS.

>>>/patriotsfight/100 ----------- Start the Clock.

Sunday 06.03.2018


Tuesday 05.22.2018

>>1509322 ----------------------- Enjoy the show.

>>1508206 rt >>1508060 ---- Attacks will intensify [all sides].

>>>/patriotsfight/99 ------------ _AF1_5A_

>>1506866 rt >>1506817 ---- It’s happening.

>>1506815 rt >>1506500 ---- Avoid NSA data collection. It failed. (Re: Nellie Ohr)

>>>/patriotsfight/98 ------------ RAPID FIRE.

Monday 05.21.2018

>>1497716 ----------------------- Military OP. [Green]. General K [JFK]: RR<-WRAY->Rachel Brand(Panuccio/Pruitt)-Scheiderman. D5

Sunday 05.20.2018

>>>/patriotsfight/97 ------------ Q! Quotes Ephesians 6:10-18, – 1 Cor 13:4-13

>>>/patriotsfight/96 ------------ Those who are loudest…

>>1483388 ----------------------- We exposed the password [#91] on purpose [23]

>>1483187 ----------------------- The entire time See >>1483318

>>1483159 rt >>1483003 ---- ROT = Rotation

>>>/patriotsfight/95 ------------ US Flag

>>>/patriotsfight/94 ------------ WE ARE Q!

>>1482139 rt >>1482048 ---- TRUST the plan

>>>/patriotsfight/93 ------------ They are losing [all] control

>>>/patriotsfight/92 ------------ [6] surv [value targets]

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61d172 No.1714965


are not endorsements


>>1666554 BO Creates Static Welcome Pages For Newfags

>>1545457 No more bans announcement from BO


>>1714261 Genuine Advice for Whistleblowers

>>1714271 GermanArchiveAnon Update (2134-2155)

>>1714339 23: Carlyle Group connected to Booz Allen Hamilton

>>1714342 POTUS flight schedule (Safe Travels!)

>>1714424 Hearings going on about Election Interference (PS: Soros being targeted)

>>1714490 Repost because this is the best news: More Than 2,300 Suspected Online Child Sex Offenders Arrested During Operation “Broken Heart”

>>1714586 Rocketman Wikileaks Dig

>>1714590 Biden Confronted at Book Signing About Groping Women

>>1714642 Liddle Wikileaks Dig

>>1714733 Pentagon begins planning which South Korea exercises should be 'sped up, scaled back or suspended'

>>1714759 Two of Trump’s Fed nominees advance in Senate

>>1714810 Obama's Iran negotiator was 'taken aback' by one particular sight at Trump and Kim's meeting


>>1713512 Digging on NowC@mesTHEP@in—-23!!!, >>1713652, >>1713690 , >>1713961, >>1713970, >>1713993, >>1714010

>>1713522 [hussein] legalized fake news in 2012.

>>1713534 Hostage situation in Paris: False Flag? (Remember the FF forecast predicted by Q) >>1713599, >>1713814, >>1713913

>>1713543 Follow the Blood

>>1713552 Reminder: Liddle Bob De Niro is a big, fat LOSER

>>1713590 Spiritual Leader in India BhayyujiMaharaj commits suicide

>>1713602 NKSummit Movie and Transcript, >>1713051

>>1713653 Adrienne Elrod Dig (Connected to HRC/BC/CF/TP), >>1713603, >>1713629, >>1713736

>>1713779 How to influence a crowd, >>1713669

>>1713739 AirKek Updates, >>1713916, >>1714168

>>1713745 EU President Tusk fears dismantling of archaic NWO

>>1713767 Paradise Papers Refresher: UK defense sale to SA $10B in Kickbacks

>>1713771 Facebook Says it gave 'identical' Support to Trump V Clinton campaigns., >>1714151 More dirt on [MZ]

>>1713768 Anons Plausible theory: DNC Server is Key, missing 'IP' = intellectual property, >>1713686, >>1713786, >>1713665

>>1713846 POTUS calls to End Military Drills on Korean Peninsula

>>1713896 Bibi questioned in German Submarine investigation

>>1714013 Judicial watch uncovers hidden Strozk e-mails in Clinton/Lynch/Tarmac documents


>>1712724 Democrats are starting to support Trump

>>1712732 Airkeks: Planefag updates

>>1712743 Those who sing the loudest..

>>1712844 MSM weaves another sick narrative

>>1712947 Personally meaningful tweet by Pompeo

>>1712951 News on Syria & The Kurds

>>1712969 News on Chinese Hackers, >>1712997

>>1713004 Video shown to KJU @ Summit

>>1713051 POTUS movie for KIM - You are watching a movie - Enjoy the show

>>1713065 Pelosi twittering from six feet under.

>>1713158 Meghan Markle's Wax Robot makes appearance at Britain's got talent (weird stuff), >>1713228

>>1713171 new IG report (to be released on 14-6) will shed a lot of light.

>>1713270 "Anyone can make war, but only most courageous can make peace."

>>1713276 Kim Jong Un will start denuclearization 'virtually immediately,' Trump tells Fox News' Sean Hannity

>>1713280 Acosta caught bitching on hotmic, >>1713260

>>1713429 2300 suspected online child sex offenders arrested

>>1713437 New: OIG Memorandum


>>1711950 Boom. Federal court orders FOIA response from DOJ. Kadzic tipped off Podesta on Hillary emails.

>>1711987, >>1712347 Q proof graphic, Singapore hotels and pictures.

>>1712005 Full text of the Trump-Kim document.

>>1712060 Foreign leaders comment on Trump-Kim meeting. Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi.

>>1712074, >>1712253 Trump press conference. 25 hours awake so far. "Korean War will soon end."

>>1712083, >>1712097 Human rights were discussed at Trump-Kim meeting.

>>1712111 Missile launch or something in Washington State. Government denies.

>>1712162 Politico on Trump diplomacy

>>1712168 Otto Warmbier may have been an Israeli spy. North Korea sided with Palestinians.

>>1712209 Washington Times comments on G7 photo

>>1712320 "Anyone can make war, only the truly courageous can make peace" DJT 6/12/18

>>1712356, >>1712380 NSC meeting: Pakistan commits to work with FATF, world bodies

>>1712501 Rod Rosenstein speaks at the IEF

Best Of Bread >>311157

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61d172 No.1714987

File: cd5c6d117af3937⋯.jpg (2.58 MB, 1696x2136, 212:267, 1453194224259-3.jpg)



8675b2 No.1714989

EU Cabal? German Prince of Sachsen-Weimar-Eisenach dies falling from a horse in Northamptonshire… widow traveled there by train because of great fear to fly.

https:// www.express.de/news/promi-und-show/tragisches-unglueck-deutscher-prinz–41–stirbt-bei-reitunfall-30610194

eaaae0 No.1714996


>>1714928 rt >>1714826 —- CS, DJT tweet, and "MISSILE. MISSLE. FOX THREE. SPLASH."

efe5d0 No.1714997

File: 5982f929a60cb6a⋯.gif (2.78 MB, 354x163, 354:163, giphy.gif)



That's right.

5fbafd No.1714998

File: 1391af37ed9b6b1⋯.jpg (90.64 KB, 536x960, 67:120, DfgdxgtXcAAK-lv.jpg)

Q, is this legit?

0186b5 No.1714999


wow great graphic

confirmation would be great too

aa4b07 No.1715000

>>1714973 (lb)

My money's on that.

>>1714981 (lb)

It's not secret or sensational, just something so few people believe. Don't feed your ego by declaring it special. Soon Earth will earn its rightful place among the stars.

577d61 No.1715001

File: e9354e33762487d⋯.gif (185.46 KB, 256x256, 1:1, bakerbutt.gif)


7422c2 No.1715002

File: 492f7c4d89c17b9⋯.png (257.03 KB, 472x479, 472:479, pepe-boom-4.png)

8b34a4 No.1715003

File: 696283c268789c0⋯.png (626.04 KB, 967x560, 967:560, AQ2.png)

What's the story behind Otto Warmbier? Tragedy or Israeli spy?

a75674 No.1715004

Crowdstrike has been the only entity to examine the DNC server. They wouldn't let the FBI touch it even though they said it was hacked. Russia narrative comes almost completely from the CS analysis.

eaaae0 No.1715005

File: 852d2cc00204f79⋯.jpeg (55.64 KB, 480x640, 3:4, cplBUDX.jpeg)

Excellent work, Baker.

0186b5 No.1715006


^^^ Q, if you could address that'd be nice

ada973 No.1715007

File: 4c7cccd32adf79f⋯.png (172.5 KB, 1080x729, 40:27, Screenshot_20180612-170457….png)

Posted earlier. 4 booms.

cb2e84 No.1715008

File: 675ea8bad6f3cf1⋯.jpg (77.32 KB, 736x827, 736:827, IMG_1950.JPG)

Preterm murderer

Longest cia tax dodger

Smuggled kids and coke

Inelligable president

Hell spamming Satan and calling it a psyops is seditious and subversive

73e21e No.1715009


Trump 2020, Shake Things Up

ac59d0 No.1715010

File: de570d195651879⋯.png (237.97 KB, 1068x992, 267:248, 100.png)

i posted this in the last bread, not sure if this is important in any way. i was doing some searching on qanon. pub and found another post no 100. maybe you autists can connect some dots

ae40a1 No.1715011

File: f99165d732d6928⋯.png (25.45 KB, 393x108, 131:36, ! ! ! ! ! (You) 5;5_.png)


I remember that one, from Dec or so

a75674 No.1715012

File: d6adf7b2f497a87⋯.jpg (596.89 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, IMG_20180612_122409.jpg)

90e3d5 No.1715013


a8a740 No.1715014


I just want to say thank you .

Will we find out who (you) are ?

You are making history ,and I feel anons want to thank you.

Godspeed patriot.

Win win win.

cb2e84 No.1715015


Did your uncle touch you

3fdd24 No.1715016


Guys, look! A Faggot!

d19186 No.1715017

The video link from Q 104 is in Townhall article.

Didn't see in notables and if a re-post, my apologies



Great video.

What an amazing time we live in.

b388c3 No.1715018

who ever said this thank you for your acknowledgement last bread.

Incarnated ET's are normal humans, usually autists that know something's wrong with this world and it needs a thorough change. This is because they lived their past lives as extraterrestrials and came here - incarnated - to help Earth each in its own way.

also you will never guess what I was sent here for and that time hasn't come up yet and its a big surprise.

41202d No.1715019

File: 68f3540b886a7f5⋯.jpg (36.81 KB, 686x444, 343:222, ES-Flake-CUBA.jpg)

File: 68f3540b886a7f5⋯.jpg (36.81 KB, 686x444, 343:222, ES-Flake-CUBA.jpg)

>>1714793 (lb)


Maybe it'd ease his mind if he told the world what he talked about with the Cuban President.

Or with Cardinal Parolin for that matter.

(not that certain people don't already know)


kek, you beat me to it.

468627 No.1715020

File: 3fb46e79f510bc2⋯.png (209.3 KB, 878x675, 878:675, ClipboardImage.png)

CDANfag reporting for duty.

cb2e84 No.1715021


Was it a bad touch

74315d No.1715022


Where were you during Obama's years? We could've used you then, pity.

aa4b07 No.1715023


Hi Jeff!

>dat rooftop chill

4e9d0c No.1715024

File: 76938e6475d380d⋯.png (589.32 KB, 750x487, 750:487, IMG_1715.PNG)

Thank you, Baker.

73e21e No.1715025


Q is Dennis Rodman. 100%

ae8104 No.1715026

File: 65e36da929a4109⋯.jpg (475.17 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, wrongnumber.jpg)

838ba3 No.1715027

File: d186a7f2118e5e1⋯.jpg (172.46 KB, 740x486, 370:243, 99eaf58932504b098d9d23c007….jpg)

File: 77db3d8e82cd025⋯.jpg (138.77 KB, 369x540, 41:60, dream_arroowg1w53.jpg)

File: 3e9e47c963641ce⋯.jpg (168.31 KB, 735x490, 3:2, dream_6vn72herueo.jpg)

File: d05044b8bef3c56⋯.jpg (188.93 KB, 801x450, 89:50, ca4a63c718f2044e06de66bf7e….jpg)

I wonder…

Can the Regressives stop being so full of hate for just a moment long enough to realize that to achieve peace we're going to have to extend trust in both directions? Could they ever believe that Kim Jong Un really isn't his father and grandfather before him?

What on Earth is it going to take for them to have even a modicum of faith in Humanity?

a6a6e3 No.1715028

>>1714928 lb

future proves past

61d172 No.1715029

> > 1715021

Go home Biden, you're dead.

19a0f5 No.1715030

Button up Iran, Pakistan, and Israel, and all of Persia has Peace.

e85f51 No.1715031

Do NOT Idenify who Q is/are…safety risk Anons

08c46a No.1715032


Was known but couldn't break the chains the predictable could act.

When enough data was collected, the chord was severed.

How do catch a dangerous animal?

Learn it's predictable habits

Use that as bait

To lure into a trap

Spring Trap!

200520 No.1715033


Thx for showing up early - I don't have to worry about seeing another 20 stupid posts from you.

548266 No.1715034

File: a9872f16c836cb5⋯.png (70.57 KB, 688x244, 172:61, iran-next.png)


iran next. news before it happens>>1714966

ada973 No.1715035

File: 278c6ab29bff247⋯.png (93.77 KB, 1080x304, 135:38, Screenshot_20180612-230152….png)

Was this an attempt by the cabal?

aa4b07 No.1715037


5D ascension?

3fdd24 No.1715038


Coming in here and bashing Trump will get you nowhere. It's like commenting Pro-Trump on Yahoo. Just leave.

455fe7 No.1715039

File: e54e1099c3e5eec⋯.png (181.59 KB, 582x267, 194:89, wrq.PNG)

a75674 No.1715040

Got any updates on Devin's demands for today? RR ain't even in the country so I take it he isn't going to turn them over on time.

89e421 No.1715041

File: 45bcc5d55941ae1⋯.jpg (227.99 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, IMG_2157.JPG)


baker you are amazing

catching 751 on a q bread like that


>6/11 and 12/22

those date stamps

and es, that fuck

36e8f5 No.1715042


Q post from lb missing?

417178 No.1715043



63c2d0 No.1715044



How long were they there. Regardless of who you work for, conspiring against the US Constitution and We the people is TREASON. They were clown agents. Hussein is going to GITMO too along with all the other treasonous scum. ES, Bezos, HRC, Hussein and all the others. Or should ES get a pass because Hussein asked him for help. Cmon anon…..

efe5d0 No.1715045


Where is this? DOJ?

fddc4d No.1715046

File: 27d0075fcbad1ac⋯.jpg (70.15 KB, 801x558, 89:62, Capture Intro.JPG)

File: 29d4134706a37c7⋯.jpg (59.68 KB, 500x630, 50:63, 29d4134706a37c7c0eb1208673….jpg)

POTUS said "Captures….. captures a lot"

referencing the Darkness to Light video…..

Gee….. capture ideas (yes) // capture perps (YES, YES)



eb8472 No.1715047


>Will we find out who (you) are ?

re-read crumbs.

it's in there.

cb2e84 No.1715048


You must be in sex cult

90e3d5 No.1715049


Thanks CDANfag!

6c74cb No.1715050

Q does the Missing [i] and missing [p] in POTUS' tweets confirm you have the IP address from Crowd Strike?

61d172 No.1715051


Yes, missed it.

Added, thanks to >>1714996

577d61 No.1715052


Iran next will lead to Israel

9bf69e No.1715053


Logan Act him ;)

7422c2 No.1715054

File: dac45f106c1676c⋯.png (570.08 KB, 794x633, 794:633, dark-light.png)

542399 No.1715055


Missing and "I" and "P" in POTUS tweet on 6/11. Missing IP?

aa4b07 No.1715056


If you say "pleiadians" it sends a few shills into overdrive and few cabalists into mass panic

76076e No.1715057

File: 3a045889df1ff6d⋯.png (398.94 KB, 584x452, 146:113, Screenshot-2018-6-12 Rosea….png)

Well played, Roseanne. We played.

36e8f5 No.1715058

a75674 No.1715059


Doj building. He is watching the parade for the Washington Capitals that won't the Stanley Cup.

cb2e84 No.1715060


Late fag

56ec68 No.1715061


No coincidences.

e85f51 No.1715062

700948 No.1715063


is this a real or shopped picture of Schmidty?

a75674 No.1715064

File: 111b143286124f4⋯.jpg (102.41 KB, 740x642, 370:321, ZomboMeme 12062018122326.jpg)

417178 No.1715065


Please Q come quick. the EU and UK needs saving. They are trying to sabotage Brexit. The few are controlling the many.

3b5679 No.1715066



3fdd24 No.1715067



577d61 No.1715068




b388c3 No.1715069


no not quite. ill give you a hint. why is there a staue of shiva at cern in switzterland would you believe he is a real entity that the cabal serve and that someone has to defeat him. guess whos job that is.

671706 No.1715070

File: 6cb1435df1f8ceb⋯.png (62.57 KB, 462x472, 231:236, 6cb1435df1f8ceb8146a36124b….png)

41202d No.1715071

File: c69153ddc6fcb48⋯.jpg (34.26 KB, 666x478, 333:239, Renegade-twirl.jpg)

>>1714572 (lb)

>He did not have his updated phone number.

kek, what a Loser.

maybe Renegade should take some "concrete" steps to update his little black book.

seems to be shrinking by the day…

73e21e No.1715072

File: 4fa2147edb21f1d⋯.jpg (98.37 KB, 890x501, 890:501, donald-trump-nobel-peace-p….jpg)


cb2e84 No.1715073

File: b5c24188a6a0286⋯.jpg (57.97 KB, 640x640, 1:1, IMG_1962.JPG)

If we prosecute him for all those murders

Soyboys won't have to mend Satan for hot pockets

9377c2 No.1715074

File: b6b4cb50041f931⋯.png (281.16 KB, 1012x1267, 1012:1267, boom tangent june 11th plu….png)


So, although June 11 overlapped in June 12, the 'Tangent' clock/timetable graphic was pretty much accurate?! >>1672220


>Technically US 11th = SING 12th, correct?

2d053e No.1715075

File: 8eb9cf9f23371ef⋯.png (253.93 KB, 856x480, 107:60, wunderbare.png)

89e421 No.1715076

File: cb56014cae7295b⋯.jpg (290.46 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, IMG_2153.JPG)

File: c0d097f4018e58d⋯.jpg (345.18 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, IMG_2154.JPG)

File: 01dbf4f5782c04c⋯.jpg (255.44 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, IMG_2155.JPG)

File: 082537306d34033⋯.jpg (237.68 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, IMG_2156.JPG)


really he actually is a snek

ada973 No.1715077

File: 2f8bc446772a57f⋯.png (131.5 KB, 1080x814, 540:407, Screenshot_20180612-230420….png)

My gut feeling says that this will not age very well.

6d978c No.1715078


BBEP BEEEP BEEEP! The number you are trying to reach has been disconnected!!

3fdd24 No.1715079


Please explain how US would be better with half dead cunt running the country aka Killery

d949d7 No.1715080


When the info is released [RR] no more.

When the info is released no more Russia investigation.

It will factually conclude the corrupt nature by which the entire false narrative was created all to 1) prevent the election of POTUS 2) delay/shelter/mask/hide all illegal activities by Hussein/others during past 8 years.

DOJ/FBI cleanse vital as primary.

Huber coming.

These people HATE America.


cb2e84 No.1715081


You wanna taste my butthole later ?

586497 No.1715082

So I take it that NK was Red October, and the Hawaii emergency alert was triggered by an actual missile launch from NK as an attempt by the black hats to start a nuclear war. POTUS didn't bite, of course and missile was shot down. The POTUS tweet links the two and now we understand.

That's my take on it.

36e8f5 No.1715083


If you can pull strings, how about getting Acosta's press pass pulled. I am embarrassed he represented our country in that historic meeting in Singapore.

838ba3 No.1715084

File: 190c59f069c9160⋯.png (367.74 KB, 907x673, 907:673, negative_x_records.png)


At least you're allowed to know!

All I have to work with is that I'm a Conduit for The Light and apparently I have to work within a cloud of not-knowing to be aware of understanding that blends intuition and experience for a kind of comprehension that if I comprehended might… break something… in fun ways… maybe… or something like that.

19a0f5 No.1715085


Prease weave a message.

5d4d44 No.1715086

9bb34c No.1715087

Q….what should the criminals do who are not so tainted that they warrant execution? I figure they could drive to the nearest Marine Base and calmly with hands up approach the guards and request to surrender their persons. Since FBI and local Cops are potentially dirty does this make sense?

Or should they just kill themselves? What a dilemma.

417178 No.1715088


info on sean hannity interview?

cb2e84 No.1715089

69e526 No.1715090

File: 723646f238e8961⋯.jpg (106.04 KB, 894x894, 1:1, 10.jpg)

For the Baker.

Superlative work!

718e82 No.1715091

File: 89510bcd9109ac1⋯.jpg (12.55 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 0bdc484ade10518b07d4027089….jpg)

MB. declare ?

a72820 No.1715092


submarine had missile to attack US (Hawaii).

missle was disarmed (missing I and P) by Kim (secretly)

Kim and Trump have had an alliance for a few years (via Rodman).

a6a6e3 No.1715093

269c13 No.1715094

File: 6e4051250503e15⋯.png (154.15 KB, 513x283, 513:283, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c088f798c4deab7⋯.png (117.49 KB, 570x332, 285:166, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a988f2a4464d716⋯.png (63.12 KB, 695x256, 695:256, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8a7ccbb62f2dce7⋯.png (88.37 KB, 208x366, 104:183, ClipboardImage.png)

Have to be related.

Same place the guys drew the dick in the sky..

3edbca No.1715095


You can't imagine how many well wishes and prayers I send your way, Anon. I have been going through this with a win since he was a teen, and I have some idea of how hard it is.

700948 No.1715096


I mustve missed these when they first came around. That vest kek

Thanks for the meme ammo!

34a822 No.1715097


Obama going down too unless he hides in Kenya

8675b2 No.1715098

a95d00 No.1715099


You just keep trying and trying to push this.


3c40e4 No.1715100

File: 51cc09182dcb152⋯.png (202.32 KB, 400x240, 5:3, ClipboardImage.png)

a6a6e3 No.1715101


i want one just like that one

838ba3 No.1715102

File: 5e48ba03e36f3dd⋯.jpg (340.3 KB, 508x710, 254:355, dream_q7i7u93c2qj.jpg)



6c74cb No.1715103

718e82 No.1715104

File: df3b458f39f60af⋯.png (2.32 KB, 191x255, 191:255, 0f67dd90ad5d89da65007d1ac0….png)


Muslim Brotherhood ?

0186b5 No.1715105






90e3d5 No.1715106


POTUS loaded for the killshot at the weekend anon.

Tariffs are the only thing feeding their life support.

We will have a leaders clear out after UK/EU involvement in schemes comes out shortly.

c84261 No.1715107


there will be war. they won't let their masters go down without a fight.

abaca3 No.1715108


Is the info release Thursday?

Or do we have to wait for further redactions to be removed for the real MOAB?

When will POTUS drop the DECLAS hammer?

518f65 No.1715109

Just in case it somehow hasn't been duly noted already, Q's most recent post featuring POTUS tweet that uses the term "missle" - that could be considered an authentication, as Q wrote "missle" months ago.

73e21e No.1715110


OK, now you're giving us some major hope porn

Thursday ETA? Mostly unredacted?

3edbca No.1715111


I meant to say "son" not win.

9b0269 No.1715112


Can you confirm if my last post on previous thread is correct regarding 23?

23 reference was to Uranium 23?

73b174 No.1715113


Are you trying to identify DJT with antichrist? There's only one "Prince of Peace" - Jesus Christ. Any pretenders to the title are, by definition, antichrist.

3a5738 No.1715114


Patriots have finally taken over.

aa40e5 No.1715115


Thanks for your duty Qman ^^7

ada973 No.1715116


Come Huber. We need 'JUSTICE'

27a775 No.1715117



d949d7 No.1715118


Think strategically.

Does Acosta's continued disrespectful and poor behavior hurt or help us in the future?



cb2e84 No.1715119


Does BV wanna taste it too

a8a740 No.1715120


Godbless you all, we are winning and I feel we're all connected in some way.

A big thank you to all of you, lets just enjoy the ride.

aa4b07 No.1715121


Shiva - hindu god, the destroyer (of darkness?). Ancient "gods" are usually egoistic entities that play god.

How are you going to defeat evil if not by leading&influencing others by example?

269c13 No.1715122


Q Whidbey Island rocket launch


6fe882 No.1715123

File: 7d1a6a635984b5d⋯.jpg (51.23 KB, 398x504, 199:252, MAGA:SLEEP:WELL.jpg)

Thank you Mr. President! I know you've been up for over 24 hours working hard on our behalf. I hope you get some rest on your birthday. We love and appreciate you. God bless Q Patriots, God bless President Donald J. Trump and God bless the United States of America. MAGA


886507 No.1715124

File: 8f5caefc2921595⋯.gif (459.01 KB, 500x289, 500:289, Popcorn.gif)

671706 No.1715125

File: 5241ae3a4079609⋯.jpg (290.21 KB, 2100x1400, 3:2, 5241ae3a4079609704daf146d8….jpg)

84a00e No.1715126

File: e726188e24bbd91⋯.jpg (208.2 KB, 744x1196, 186:299, Dark to light.jpg)

Q, the Summit was truly a beautiful thing to watch, knowing what we knew, thanks to Q team/POTUS!

God bless you all!

Dark to Light!

Please share our gratitude with POTUS!

3fdd24 No.1715127


Thank you for your work.

Any update on the scum sucker, Soros? More digging on the NFL needed? POTUS has gone after them lately.

36e8f5 No.1715128


What about today's deadline with Nunes? Will RR meet the deadline for the informant info even though he is out of country?

96493c No.1715129

Night crew here. I woke up early from a dream.

I could get this Q question out of my head. Even when dreaming I can't stop.

>Q !CbboFOtcZs Jun 11 2018 16:37:22 (EST)

>What else might (23) refer to?


I remembered this idiom in the dream

>23 skidoo

>23 skidoo (sometimes 23 skiddoo) is an American slang phrase popularized during the early 20th century. It generally refers to leaving quickly, being forced to leave quickly by someone else, or taking advantage of a propitious opportunity to leave, that is, "getting [out] while the getting's good."

577d61 No.1715130


And that is why Q & Co. should show them no quarter.

6c74cb No.1715131


Greatly Helps

cc7d29 No.1715132

File: 116d75802cbde17⋯.jpg (15.26 KB, 404x39, 404:39, Screen Shot 06-12-18 at 06….JPG)



3edbca No.1715133


For sure!

56ec68 No.1715134

File: fc6ab9ca5f417b2⋯.jpg (33.52 KB, 306x377, 306:377, trumpdigits.jpg)


Oh please do it Q.

5d4d44 No.1715135


i was just getting to work.

Saw that 1:07 marker and video line up.

"Out of darkness can come the light".


Thank you and your humble helpers.

What less would we know without (you).

a8b3b2 No.1715136


What have we here??

269c13 No.1715137


Alice in Wonderland.

The script?

96493c No.1715138


>I couldn't


1eeae1 No.1715139


Who is Carlos Slim and Lebron James?

eaaae0 No.1715140



Been using that phrase a lot recently…

Push them in and keep them there.

We appreciate everything you do for us, Q.

0b60e8 No.1715141

Who can the No Such Agency spy on?

From Adm Roger's mouth: https://youtu.be/EU5UCCVT4D0?t=7m25s

Is Hussein an American citizen?

cb2e84 No.1715142


Unprosecuted murdet needs to gtfo

34a822 No.1715143


good point, he is a sad, entitled excuse for a representation of media. he has already dug more than 6 ft deep, when will he be jumping in the hole?!

63ae43 No.1715144

File: 2e565484bb08dec⋯.png (864.54 KB, 1274x840, 91:60, Yall.png)

3d3fa1 No.1715145


Exactly, they are helping wake ppl up through their obvious hate and bias towards America doing well!!

6d978c No.1715146


Don't take his shovel away…offer the man a backhoe….seriously!!

2d053e No.1715147


I got a shovel to fill him in…

e72da9 No.1715148



I enjoy watching Sarah putting him in his place anyway

a6a6e3 No.1715149

File: 7b62ce579fc83d2⋯.gif (716.73 KB, 1226x815, 1226:815, boomboomgif.gif)

File: a4f370e3c4a6c23⋯.jpg (239.92 KB, 720x720, 1:1, TRUMPBOOM - Copy - Copy - ….jpg)

File: db9800a7c17f0f4⋯.jpg (211.22 KB, 968x681, 968:681, badabingbadaboom.jpg)

3c40e4 No.1715150


mirror glasses are significant, but what does it mean?

d9064a No.1715151

>>1714261 pb

We should have a Die in at Home Depot….


How many more must die?

671706 No.1715152

File: c95bb1546c37c2a⋯.jpg (39.42 KB, 640x480, 4:3, brennan asd.jpg)

564e45 No.1715153


7 sisters

548266 No.1715154

File: 1d86d35ed37e20b⋯.png (106.13 KB, 791x639, 791:639, 2017-nk-missile-count-lowe….png)

19a0f5 No.1715155

When will SS turn over Hussein travel docs I requested months ago under FOIA?

3fdd24 No.1715156


Give them all the rope they want.

838ba3 No.1715157

File: 1e6da6f88fc0341⋯.jpg (305.17 KB, 949x633, 949:633, dream_scomfrx8ytq.jpg)


I'm surprised no one respectfully smacked him while everyone else quietly listened as adults.

Whatever it takes to ruin the moments, right?

But hey…

With today's technology… we can erase his voice from history.

ef7abd No.1715158

File: fe12ea12e4a5773⋯.jpg (215.78 KB, 2400x3000, 4:5, McEwan's-Champion-Ale-A.jpg)


Fucking KEK!!!!



56ec68 No.1715159

Is Horowitz and Huber's investigation the biggest legal investigation of all time?

7422c2 No.1715160

File: a925806eab4cadb⋯.png (353.63 KB, 485x478, 485:478, hillbag-russia-tin-foil.png)

File: dc7da871a207118⋯.png (973.55 KB, 819x611, 63:47, russia-nurse-room.png)

File: 1984b10ce9c21a6⋯.png (817.67 KB, 713x513, 713:513, russian-bot-as-owl.png)

File: 694bf75372af00b⋯.png (357.62 KB, 767x686, 767:686, hillbag-russia.png)

a75674 No.1715161



a6a6e3 No.1715162


why do they hate us?

cf15fa No.1715163

File: baecadfa213660f⋯.jpg (844.01 KB, 1147x760, 1147:760, Hussein_Caught_Again.jpg)

6fe882 No.1715164

File: 8fc852dff41c545⋯.png (1.24 MB, 1440x798, 240:133, MAGA:OBAMA:STEEL:.png)

8f0ad9 No.1715165

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Then give them enough rope to hang themselves. KEK!

417178 No.1715166


I am from the UK and completely support POTUS. He will visit the UK on July Friday 13th. And when he comes i want him to occupy our country and make it an American State. Our leaders are hopless

73e21e No.1715167


It's a meme, relax. Our words can't change Christ.

90e7ca No.1715168

Q - the Pope is coming to my country soon - will his visit go ahead?

700948 No.1715169

Not having to listen to them spew the Russian diarrhea narrative would be wonderful.

Big things on the horizon.

I'm ready

ab983c No.1715170

File: dfd44a9f5f9c92d⋯.jpg (444.65 KB, 1575x787, 1575:787, T785 12 Jun 18 0840.jpg)

File: b62f9cf65a1cc9f⋯.jpg (373.13 KB, 1565x647, 1565:647, T785 Lugano 12 Jun 18 0855.jpg)

File: f4b17b2458dbacd⋯.jpg (682.97 KB, 1745x865, 349:173, T785 A7HHM 12 Jun 18 1220.jpg)

File: d80c943a435d80a⋯.jpg (434.99 KB, 1721x879, 1721:879, T785 Luxembourg 12 Jun 18 ….jpg)

File: e2ba6ffb73f09fd⋯.jpg (434.48 KB, 1619x607, 1619:607, T785 12 Jun 18 1440.jpg)

Planefag Report

2 June 2018 - The Spoop Is Out There Edition

First. I'll start with the Swiss, to ease you into the spoopy stuiff. Took off from Bern/Belp, went to Lugano, then to Luxembourg, then home for tea. Not related to money at all, no siree. A6HMM (Almiri flight) had to stop at Geneva (visiting the bank?) before heading home.

40b0a1 No.1715171

File: 22e2cbedc7bc28f⋯.gif (1.08 MB, 344x293, 344:293, Esn6dXv.gif)


They certainly are great at digging their own graves.

36e8f5 No.1715172


Which is why I've never called for their removal in the past. Very useful idiots. But on the world stage, that video byte will go down in history with his stupid voice making a mockery of us.

61d172 No.1715173


might be connected?

>>1713896 Bibi questioned in German Submarine investigation

cbe4bb No.1715174

Q. MSM imploding all on their own! We need Hussein's neck on a rope. All if them must go. Bring on the military tribunals! TY for this plan. It is outstanding. Biden needs to go too.

de8810 No.1715175


This was my thinking too, leave Acosta exactly where he is - he's doing our job for us!


386067 No.1715176

File: 88a9314ad5bc590⋯.png (801.65 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, Qpic128.png)


Thank you Q can't wait for the Booms to strike… Go get'em

0aa863 No.1715177


Brennan concocted the whole tale with WH approval. Can't wait for CS to get theirs too

27a775 No.1715178


It helps, actually. It shows the blatant bias.

Has POTUS seen the hot mic clip of Acosta yet?


4cb859 No.1715179

File: 1e818eb905e47bb⋯.jpg (333.96 KB, 997x955, 997:955, wrsasg.jpg)

>>1714810 (Previous Bread)

Meet Wendy Sherman.

Wendy R. Sherman is Senior Counselor at Albright Stonebridge Group, where she brings decades of experience in business, government, international affairs, and politics to help ASG clients gain understanding of geopolitical developments, navigate international markets, and constructively address policy challenges around the world. Ambassador Sherman is also Senior Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs.

Ambassador Sherman rejoined ASG after her distinguished service as Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs at the U.S. Department of State. In this global role, she oversaw the bureaus for Africa, East Asia and the Pacific, Europe and Eurasia, the Near East, South and Central Asia, the Western Hemisphere, and International Organizations. ==She also led the U.S. negotiating team and was a central player in reaching a successful conclusion of the Iran nuclear agreement. In recognition of her diplomatic accomplishments, she was awarded the National Security Medal by President Barack Obama.==

Prior to her most recent service at the State Department, Ambassador Sherman was Vice Chair of the Albright Stonebridge Group, having helped to found and grow the firm for a decade.

Ambassador Sherman previously served as Counselor for the State Department (1997-2001), as well as ==Special Advisor to President Clinton and Policy Coordinator on North Korea. In that role, she worked as a close advisor to then Secretary of State Madeleine Albright on every major foreign policy and national security issue, and also managed numerous special assignments including negotiations on nuclear non-proliferation.==

From 1993–1996, Ambassador Sherman served as Assistant Secretary for Legislative Affairs under Secretary of State Warren Christopher.

Earlier in her career, she managed Senator Barbara Mikulski's first successful campaign for the U.S. Senate and served as Director of EMILY’s List.

Ambassador Sherman served as Chair of the Board of Directors of Oxfam America and was also on the U.S. Department of Defense’s Defense Policy Board, a group tasked with providing the Secretary of Defense with independent, informed advice and opinion, concerning matters of defense policy. In 2008, she was appointed by Congressional Leadership to serve on the Commission on the Prevention of Weapons of Mass Destruction, Proliferation and Terrorism. She is a member of the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Aspen Strategy Group. Ambassador Sherman is a frequent commentator and analyst for both international and domestic media.

She attended Smith College and received a B.A. cum laude from Boston University and a master’s degree in Social Work, Phi Kappa Phi, from the University of Maryland.

sauce: https://www.albrightstonebridge.com/team/wendy-r-sherman

84a00e No.1715180


>These people HATE America.



6c74cb No.1715181


wish Sarah would call him out while also giving a shout out to the boards…another tippy top? Would be a great kek to the anons!

76076e No.1715182


Doh! Do you really mean that?

c065f0 No.1715183


Did they try to 187 POTUS ?

0bc6b8 No.1715184

File: 23af79162412564⋯.jpg (17.94 KB, 550x367, 550:367, red scarf.jpg)


Getting desperate, Lynn?

Remember, you still have an OUT...

4a382a No.1715185





a75674 No.1715186

Seriously though, Acosta is a dumb ass.

9377c2 No.1715187


Hahaha, (((you))) are having a pretty bad day today, haven't you.

cb2e84 No.1715188

File: 75f8ee58dfce70f⋯.jpg (52.68 KB, 640x920, 16:23, IMG_2260.JPG)

Tax dodger

Coke dealer

Kid smuggler

cia body double

Unprosecuted murderer


417178 No.1715189

640c9e No.1715190


Vlad Putin said the investigation would disappear as soon as the truth came out.

He knows.

abaca3 No.1715191


The filtering of any negative criticism is creating a feedback loop where it seems like they are a prevailing cultural force.

In reality the have to filter harder and harder because their bullshit is wearing thinner and thinner on the majority.

ec2343 No.1715192

File: 1819396d9d32aeb⋯.png (1.1 MB, 740x1270, 74:127, obamacucked.png)

b77201 No.1715193

File: b5e31723f74ea17⋯.gif (3.52 MB, 720x423, 80:47, 20180612_103901.gif)

867eb0 No.1715194

"When you are weak appear strong to your enemy, when you are strong appear weak to your enemy"

Q helps us understand this masterfully.

aa4b07 No.1715195

File: 1f0053adce2fb1a⋯.jpg (121.96 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, DZfYe5JXUAA415N.jpg)

90e3d5 No.1715196


Almost there anon.

That's nearly all of 7 years caught up.

73b174 No.1715197



Here, here!

"Thine own mouth condemneth thee, and not I: yea, thine own lips testify against thee."

Job 15:6

69798e No.1715198

>>1714862 (lb)

POW remains..

are we gonna find out McNoName isn't actually McNoName maybe?

ae40a1 No.1715199


All shills (MSM, online, etc) are digging their own graves. LET THEM

d9064a No.1715200



When do we (you) spill the Truth about Sandy Hook?



How will people ever believe all this bullshit til they see some cold harsh truth and depth of the LIES we've been fed?

078c36 No.1715201

Thank you, Q.

Thank you, POTUS and congratulations!

So very proud of you for what you've accomplished, so far, knowing there is plenty more to come.

Stay safe and protected. Speedy recovery to our FLOTUS.

God bless.

3fdd24 No.1715202


So does Obama. What's your point?

0186b5 No.1715204

File: 49017441460c358⋯.png (78.86 KB, 1447x741, 1447:741, breakMSM.png)




f15770 No.1715205



Im pretty sure we all know…

Ak47 "Red White Blue.. Spray"

b7f296 No.1715206

Why isn't media (ie SC or JS) reporting on the 35k sealed indictments? Have they been told to stay away from that for ops-sec? Are most of them actual criminal indictments?

a8a740 No.1715207




548266 No.1715208

File: 07fb23adb355bf5⋯.png (253.88 KB, 1005x485, 201:97, WHO-IS-THE-WHITE-BISHOP.png)


guess you just answered my question. C. Huber

a8b3b2 No.1715209


So ES is Schneiderman then?

f1f6bd No.1715210


Not sure he would appreciate the Hollywood accounting, and his movies not making any money. And not sure that Hollywood accountants want anything to do with his level of "accountability".

ae40a1 No.1715211

929603 No.1715212


Are they setting the stage for digging up remains, which will end up not just being POW/MIA, but also thousands (millions?) of children and other people the cabal has abused/sacrificed in their wonderland over the last sixty years?

b82526 No.1715213


start a war

838ba3 No.1715214

File: 5c4c6b4b6347994⋯.png (572.24 KB, 907x584, 907:584, mirror5.png)


Interdasting…. how 'bout this one?

43d119 No.1715215


Declas EO coming?

a72820 No.1715216



ada973 No.1715217

File: 17c94ccf8e0c42b⋯.png (670.82 KB, 1080x1094, 540:547, Screenshot_20180612-230956….png)

7f4913 No.1715218

File: e7ff44f8767118a⋯.png (6.79 MB, 2208x1242, 16:9, BC9F75B0-AC0D-4833-93A1-CF….png)


That face when you’re MSM & Dennis Rodman calls out Obama for never answering his pleas to help resolve the NK issue.

0186b5 No.1715219


NO ES = Eric Schmidt

3a5738 No.1715220

Why do they hate America so much?

Why do they want to implement socialism?

ca2d8e No.1715221


hillary, hussein, merkel, macron and trudeau look to be cornered, and schools are out for summer, so more FF wars against innocent school children

e0f627 No.1715222

File: 7f4b72179998a2e⋯.png (188.77 KB, 528x593, 528:593, kihjkj.PNG)



Stoped? instead of stopped?




God bless.

19a0f5 No.1715223


>Why isn't media (ie SC or JS) reporting on the 35k sealed indictments?

Because there are roughly 35k MSM journalists.


c47752 No.1715224


HI Q! Who did Kim want to say hi to in POTUS' limo?

577d61 No.1715225


These people are STUPID

0aa863 No.1715226


[Alperovitch] [Kurtz] [ Henry]???

Will ever testify in congress?

cb2e84 No.1715227

How many can we leave at an abandoned oil platform ?

b10983 No.1715228


WWIII was initially scheduled to start on 11/26/2016.

Illuminati numbering bullcrap, something to do with 2300.

c065f0 No.1715229


Wondering what part of the 60/40?

ab983c No.1715230

File: 08831c707ac8baf⋯.jpg (591.42 KB, 1815x831, 605:277, ZJTHC Duke75 12 Jun 18 094….jpg)

File: 712cc0cc4d4dc18⋯.jpg (209.76 KB, 1422x639, 158:71, ZJTHC 12 Jun 18 1400.jpg)

File: 7551736e0b1b708⋯.jpg (254.43 KB, 1587x643, 1587:643, ZJTHC 2RNWL 12 Jun 18 1500.jpg)

File: 3743d70643909b1⋯.jpg (379.16 KB, 1701x945, 9:5, ZJTHC Southampton 12 Jun 1….jpg)

File: a8ca1ac77e7c457⋯.jpg (131.31 KB, 1735x669, 1735:669, 2TGBT 12 Jun 18 1540.jpg)

Part 2

Not quite 2-reg planes, but we're getting there. These two ZJ-reg planes are registered in Jersey. 2-RNWL makes it's first appearance.

73e21e No.1715231


This. Exactly.

Cicero "Any man is liable to err, only a fool persists in error."

b388c3 No.1715232


it will all be revealed very soon and shiva is no god but an evil entity trying to enslave all of man kind. would you also believe that the earth really is hollow and that's shivas domain. why do you think on the illuminati card game they have a card that sais flat earthers are onto something because they believe the earth is hollow too. the fact they also believe the earth is flat does irrepairable damage to their reputation on the subject and muddies the waters so everyone writes off the hollow earth theory as false because of the source of where it comes from and that's flat earthers.

69e526 No.1715233

File: ff850df62fb01bc⋯.jpg (179 KB, 1280x1403, 1280:1403, red.jpg)


I know you're probably a LARP, but DJT does seem to have settled in nicely. He looked in complete control yesterday (today). Maybe things will actually start HAPPENING more frequently now.

a75674 No.1715234

IG Report comes out heavily redacted.

POTUS DECLAS by executive pen.

All the info comes out.

HRC and BHO admin+RR, #2, JC, etc. all implicated.

Horowitz refers charges.

Huber prosecutes.

One big mop up.

c49554 No.1715235


Q and POTUS know what's best for our country and the world. I fully trust their decisions. HAPPY BIRTHDAY POTUS!!!!

06bf54 No.1715236

554c7e No.1715237


Lol Kenya doesn't want him either

269c13 No.1715238

File: 529900afdf773bc⋯.jpg (27.48 KB, 569x332, 569:332, BillShroud.JPG)


how's Bill?

bfd5fc No.1715239


all excellent but slow

can they please have a group-party-suicide?

i'm too old to wait longer for the light

1a6f62 No.1715240

File: f4c6d1c1bfd7b83⋯.png (459.3 KB, 640x427, 640:427, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 06ff706f7e4b738⋯.png (6.15 KB, 444x121, 444:121, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f2eb15c0ab41e5b⋯.png (47.2 KB, 673x813, 673:813, ClipboardImage.png)

Report: North Korea Shakes Up Military Leadership Ahead of Trump-Kim Summit

North Korea reportedly removed three top military officials from their posts just eight days ahead of the summit meeting between dictator Kim Jong-un and U.S. President Donald Trump.

Analysts see the shakeup as an effort to demonstrate Kim’s mastery over hardline elements in his military and send a positive signal to the United States.

According to South Korea’s Yonhap News, the entire military high command has effectively been replaced:

No Kwang-chol, first vice minister of the Ministry of People’s Armed Forces, replaced Pak Yong-sik as defense chief, while Ri Myong-su, chief of the KPA’s general staff, was replaced by his deputy, Ri Yong-gil, according to the source.

These changes are in addition to Army Gen. Kim Su-gil’s replacement of Kim Jong-gak as director of the General Political Bureau of the Korean People’s Army. The replacement was confirmed in a North Korean state media report last month.

Earlier in the day, a Japanese newspaper carried a similar report.

“The North appears to have brought in new figures amid the changes in inter-Korean relations and the situation on the Korean Peninsula as the previous officials lacked flexibility in thinking,” the source said. “In particular, No Kwang-chol has been classified as a moderate person.”

Another intelligence source speculated to Yonhap that North Korea is swapping out older officers for younger models, signaling a generational shift away from senior officials who might have difficulty reconciling themselves to denuclearization and greater openness to South Korea and the West.

http:// www.breitbart.com/national-security/2018/06/04/north-korea-shakes-up-military-leadership-ahead-of-trump-kim-summit/

abaca3 No.1715241


Right after the redacted IG report.

The outrage from those redactions will give POTUS the opening to follow up on his threat to use Presidential authority to step in.

84a00e No.1715242



Ya hear THAT, Jimbo!

Keep on digging because American Patriots can't wait to fill it in and cover your ass for good!

0186b5 No.1715243



e85f51 No.1715244


PRolly D. Rodman

fe25f5 No.1715245


>These people HATE America.

Hated when Hussein tried to reinvent us saying, “That’s not who we are.” You’re not who we are (Eccl 10:2, Jn 10:10).

7422c2 No.1715246

File: bd9de8e72b8fd80⋯.png (711.22 KB, 529x683, 529:683, acosta-jim-hat.png)

File: 4986ce45802b3a3⋯.png (713.94 KB, 456x638, 228:319, jim-acosta-speaking-bad.png)

File: 3b379f04d12df02⋯.png (908.42 KB, 723x687, 241:229, cnn-kanye-figure-out.png)

File: e5a4d631838c099⋯.png (1.61 MB, 1060x665, 212:133, potus-flotus-cnn.png)

74315d No.1715247


Because some people just want to watch the world burn.

700948 No.1715248

File: 9c54ce25fcbcf0f⋯.jpg (64.64 KB, 552x376, 69:47, 2c3f41.jpg)


He is a real piece of work, boss

7a0c3b No.1715249


That's what I like most about Q. It's the GAME! LETthem dig their graves by themselves.

The most kindest form to kill ya enemy.

e49215 No.1715250


The muh Russia narrative was the reverse engineering of a crime as an attempt to cover up real crimes.

27a775 No.1715251


Here's hoping anon!

ca2d8e No.1715252


no more FF wars against innocent school children, that is

242aee No.1715253

Liberals hate America bcz they believe in a failed political ideology. [Socialism/communism.] Some are stupid and some are evil.

Liberalism is a mental disease.

76076e No.1715254


The only country gay enough to take him is France.

f15770 No.1715255


You said it was going to be heavily redacted and changed and things removed. "When info is realease, as another Anon asked, is that now or after the EO and declas?

455fe7 No.1715256

File: 979ccd964c32119⋯.png (724.39 KB, 991x950, 991:950, oig2.PNG)

File: 23878dbff9ce4b8⋯.png (182.74 KB, 1007x846, 1007:846, oig1.PNG)


Q is this OIG report talking about psychiatric patients being a national security threat?

fddc4d No.1715257

File: 420eaea6c86367e⋯.png (569.9 KB, 695x479, 695:479, 420eaea6c86367e294f2d0dcc1….png)

File: c8e33b3cc2a6812⋯.jpg (45.36 KB, 852x480, 71:40, 1.jpg)

File: 3b92a730d2e4fba⋯.png (998.78 KB, 962x655, 962:655, 3b92a730d2e4fbaa431731d034….png)

File: 6019af9a2668417⋯.png (434.81 KB, 463x644, 463:644, 6019af9a26684173c344f19b86….png)

File: e99b04e5bcf211c⋯.jpg (83.08 KB, 636x960, 53:80, Dfal0BwUEAAygXq.jpg)


Thank you for guiding us along the Light, Q!

82248e No.1715258


I know you guys are tired, but please rest fast and DO IT! This is GLORIOUS!!

cb2e84 No.1715259

File: 0d4a63f746a1995⋯.jpg (50.89 KB, 421x510, 421:510, IMG_2200.JPG)

Cause if you break the illusion they will look like sacks of death again

269c13 No.1715260

File: db3569e91a9da4f⋯.jpg (37.65 KB, 486x377, 486:377, MonkeyGinger.JPG)


Ginger clown

f151f8 No.1715261


Abandoned oil platform what are you 13? If thats the truth tie a concrete block to your ankle and jump off…!

4d32b4 No.1715262


God Bless you Q, POTUS, and Patriots.

Love you all!

a4604c No.1715263


Anyone who isn't enthusiastic about this timeline is either incredibly stupid/dense (to give them a very slim and undeserved benefit of the doubt), or in most cases actively working for the Dark side and against the Light.

Those enemy agents are easy to pick out because they try to sow fear, uncertainty, and doubt. Confusion agents, it's not working.

73e21e No.1715264


Sarah is the Greatest Press Scty in history

cfd1e7 No.1715265



When will the rest of the cabal/MSM members start to be exposed. I simply can't stand Mika & Joe, yet I sometimes tune in to see what utter garbage they are saying. They all double down rather than see the light.

b7d273 No.1715266


Which info?

Where does the info live right now?

7c3480 No.1715267

>>1714928 (pb Q)

[I]ridium satellite constellation was supposed to provide guidance for missiles? Triton D5 launched from submarine?

a72820 No.1715268


ACOSTA looks scared these days.

6586a2 No.1715269

File: 00dc9f0217205d9⋯.png (137.91 KB, 1115x968, 1115:968, image.png)

078c36 No.1715270

File: 98ed2fc4e7c17c1⋯.png (61.19 KB, 264x298, 132:149, ClipboardImage.png)



Anyone decode the missing, "p" in POTUS tweet?

e17505 No.1715271


It will be a day to remember

caa756 No.1715272


ES_GOOG gave cabal comms to NK, cooperating through those fired generals who must have been paid clowns.

56ec68 No.1715273


Don't talk to bots

671706 No.1715274

File: f90b4c65b3596f4⋯.jpg (9.25 KB, 255x220, 51:44, 0ede9f4d5e75e704618575d8ff….jpg)

ec2343 No.1715275


When the media's collusion is finally proven everything will make sense. Remember, the media is just as guilty in this witch hunt.

People will start to go back over all of the hysterics coming from the MSM. For most people, this will be a light bulb moment.

63c2d0 No.1715276


says former.

b70227 No.1715277

File: 6b4f4ee1cf05cc7⋯.jpg (333.99 KB, 1098x1468, 549:734, !Awakening10.jpg)

8b34a4 No.1715278

File: b1049241a9f3be2⋯.png (567.43 KB, 690x310, 69:31, AQ59.PNG)


So Otto's Spying information was what was in the envelope Trump got from Kim?

838ba3 No.1715279

File: 1a8a18bc175e2e3⋯.jpg (562.96 KB, 481x677, 481:677, ISeeEverythingYouDidThere.jpg)


Also… 7 years you say…

Quite the timing.

63ae43 No.1715280

File: fda3dcf37151e70⋯.png (106.71 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, PostDetectorSM.png)



68564a No.1715281



Q, weigh in on Tucson, CEMEX, VOP, etc !!!

7422c2 No.1715282

File: 1c7048a6100d761⋯.jpg (874.59 KB, 2544x4000, 159:250, max-laugh-pepe.jpg)

ae40a1 No.1715283

File: 24dcbc1ea41e9de⋯.png (123.6 KB, 1923x239, 1923:239, ClipboardImage.png)


read what Q replied to

7c3480 No.1715284



c84261 No.1715285


puts the target on larger venues even more

a8b3b2 No.1715286


If RR is bad, then Meuller is bad. Or is this disinfo that was necessary?

269c13 No.1715287


Did he murder his wife.

Where is she?

Why did he take Huma to press dinner?

Guys creepy.

b230dc No.1715288


"Never interrupt your enemy when he's making a mistake"

b82526 No.1715289


you're me

eb8472 No.1715290



awesommmme… couldn't say how many times i've said that about Corsi & Co… purdy gud feeling finding oneself in such agreement w Q, have to admit

cc6351 No.1715291

Twatter is hiding my Q posts.

34a822 No.1715292


a mother was the perfect choice for the job, to handle all of the Acosta and April types

9b0269 No.1715293


Did you read my post last thread?

I think it's Uranium-23. I explained it all.

Not sure if correct but makes sense. Uranium, w gold silve & coal.

Why they're shutting coal mines. They want to take over and find uranium

ada973 No.1715294

4d32b4 No.1715295

File: 718fdcd03c91f4d⋯.png (62.65 KB, 378x357, 18:17, d0af813f11302601afad70c1bc….png)

5fbafd No.1715296


Pretty pathetic of her to use his own foundation to speak for how awesome he is.

Q had a good laugh, why? Because Q saw right through her.

3c40e4 No.1715297


one is invisble

69e526 No.1715298

File: ceea51d0af0aa1e⋯.jpg (270.08 KB, 1038x1560, 173:260, 10a.jpg)


I agree. They're fucking themselves in real time for the whole world to see.

0186b5 No.1715299

File: 0e98e4e9b74dd11⋯.png (591.09 KB, 696x485, 696:485, ClipboardImage.png)

671706 No.1715300


I am you.

ab983c No.1715301

File: c0584f21bf5e4d0⋯.jpg (440.99 KB, 1707x775, 1707:775, 2RNWL ZJTHC 12 Jun 18 1430.jpg)

File: 455023ff60394a8⋯.jpg (240.77 KB, 1741x945, 1741:945, 2RNWL 12 Jun 18 1515.jpg)

File: c3be8f2569c9ede⋯.jpg (387.47 KB, 1631x683, 1631:683, 2RNWL 12 Jun 18 1155.jpg)

File: bb51a39a94eee83⋯.jpg (350.79 KB, 1587x651, 529:217, 2RNWL 12 Jun 18 1205.jpg)

File: 30086a3de15d313⋯.jpg (225.82 KB, 1721x691, 1721:691, 2RNWL Pula 12 Jun 18 1210.jpg)

Part 3

2-RNWL went to Pula, then back to Southamption,m then on to Jersey. I coul;dn't tell where 2-RNWL came from before it reached Pula in Croatia.

61d172 No.1715302

>>1715012 Jeff's Beau Regard



7c1795 No.1715303

Ok. So BOOMS are done this week. Back to trusting the plan.

1eeae1 No.1715304

File: f87fba42264dc55⋯.gif (1.83 MB, 920x613, 920:613, accosted.gif)

19a0f5 No.1715305

File: d330d800b167011⋯.jpg (104.73 KB, 500x746, 250:373, EO13526.jpg)

File: ed50e824d1f0fff⋯.png (10.34 KB, 513x135, 19:5, ApplicationFrameHost_2018-….png)

A heavily redacted IG report would probably violate Hussein's EO 13526.

Sec. 1.7. Classification Prohibitions and Limitations. (a) In no case shall

information be classified, continue to be maintained as classified, or fail

to be declassified in order to:

(1) conceal violations of law, inefficiency, or administrative error;

(2) prevent embarrassment to a person, organization, or agency…

577d61 No.1715306

File: fee5973783452ee⋯.png (249.99 KB, 521x369, 521:369, trustUS.png)

a75674 No.1715307


RR & Mueller were working for us bc of the leverage we have over them. RR decided to break from the deal and turn on POTUS. That's a big no-no.

cc7d29 No.1715308


Happy Birthday DJT from the UK

8f0ad9 No.1715309

File: 5fdee9fc7b35fc6⋯.png (2.46 MB, 1132x1232, 283:308, chris-cornell-chk.png)


TOP KEK!…my favorite from MagcoverAnon.

c065f0 No.1715310


Looks like they took part in it !

They definitely rigged the debates.

CNN had that comedien hold the sever head.

Are they part of the 16yr plan?

Wondering about the EO ?

Promoting Shakespeare killing potus?

promoting Madonna and CNN promoting Antifa violence in Chicago

929603 No.1715311

File: f38ee2f0321a8df⋯.png (491.7 KB, 866x706, 433:353, pompeo.png)


Sorry–image not added.

Are they setting the stage for digging up remains, which will end up not just being POW/MIA, but also thousands (millions?) of children and other people the cabal has abused/sacrificed in their wonderland over the last sixty years?

a6a6e3 No.1715312


agree, could not of chose a better person for the job

36e8f5 No.1715313

aa4b07 No.1715314


Earth has underground bases and higher dimensional cities. I wouldn't push this too hard here, though.

867eb0 No.1715315


missing "i" in missile and "p", working theories for "ip" are intellectual property re: china and ZTE (think phones, private comss), or IP address of the DNC/Hillary server

b23f10 No.1715316

File: 5a3bf1689dfc314⋯.png (913.56 KB, 980x668, 245:167, wrongnumber.png)

417178 No.1715317


Its either loose our independence to the EU and its globalist take over threatening freedom of thought and forcing islam on us…..

Or POTUS. The Saviour of the Free world

caa756 No.1715318


Acuckster definitely helps us, he's so obviously silly. POTUS calls on him so often because it's such an easy BTFO.

0bc6b8 No.1715319


amazing work

ec2343 No.1715320

Q, any updates on stopping the v2k (voices) and other technologies the Deep State has? I remember you guys were working on it behind the scenes. Thank you for everything you guys are doing!

abaca3 No.1715321


Don't underestimate the power of cognitive dissonance.

Otherwise intelligent and even good people may have been gaslit their whole lives, causing them to become attached to that reality.

The resistance they put up is always the strongest right before they break, like stretching out a rubber band.

There will be some (6-8%) that won't ever break, but many will snap and reset somewhere closer to center.

84a00e No.1715322


Q, did [RR] go to Canada to ask for soy-boy Trudeau's help? That punk can't keep his eyebrows GLUED in place! How's he going to "help"?! lmao Backstabbing Trudeau can always claim "POTUS "browbeat him"!" ahahaha

90e3d5 No.1715323


And the student surpasses the master.

The student becomes the master.

I never was good with colours.

Well done anon.

Victory is yours.

Next step?

bacef2 No.1715324

File: 5c000bcd4d5d643⋯.gif (90.16 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1b1b47cfe35100043792080c84….gif)


here we are

sitting on the ice

all around the hole

cfd1e7 No.1715325


We are nothing more to them than food to slaughter.

ef7abd No.1715326

File: e6d3b4ab8592424⋯.jpg (2.11 MB, 3000x2412, 250:201, Carlos-Slim-High-Quality-W….jpg)

File: 989331d139bb52e⋯.jpg (20.94 KB, 249x261, 83:87, 28100a.jpg)

c065f0 No.1715327


News bought and paid for by whom ?

a72820 No.1715328


I saw that.

who/what was in that Limo?

b7d273 No.1715329


ca2d8e No.1715330


deep state mockingbirds to be charged/prosecuted for sedition and treason, then jailed/executed

4d32b4 No.1715331



a8b3b2 No.1715332


Thank you, Anon. That's what I thought.

d9064a No.1715333

File: 6ebd1cfad4cc89c⋯.jpg (121.1 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, doorknob death.jpg)



Muh Neck

a75674 No.1715334

Q, I hate to leave when you're here but I have to be productive elsewhere today. We appreciate everything you guys do! Stay safe, God bless!

1b0c93 No.1715335

Something biblical Q?

36e8f5 No.1715336


Excellent find anon. That makes me feel a whole lot better

b10983 No.1715337



Q I agree with this anon. We all get it that Obama/HRC/Dems and the like were screwing this country over but we need to really let the light shine. We all know this goes way back and includes bad actors posing as Republicans as well as Democrats. I'm sick and tired of seeing 90 year old grandmothers being frisked at the airport by emboldened TSA agents because of a fake terrorist attack(9/11) that has us living in a surveillance state equivalent to Orwells 1984.

b34621 No.1715338


Great insight Q, like you need to be told that, LOL. Yes, they ARE digging their own graves.

Fun week coming up.

God Bless.

7422c2 No.1715339

File: e542bb32ff23a1e⋯.png (388.4 KB, 364x501, 364:501, acosta-he-broke-me.png)

b82526 No.1715340

File: b002e66791f5b56⋯.png (175.69 KB, 1485x799, 1485:799, trending.PNG)


the roseanne effect.

08c46a No.1715341



Lock receiver to rear

4 Bullets loaded in Mag

Insert Mag

Release slide lock

Weapon Loaded

Ready to Fire


When it goes off, it's pretty bright

Dark to Light

ab983c No.1715342

File: 8258c1f328d2aed⋯.jpg (446.57 KB, 1721x789, 1721:789, 2GOLF 12 Jun 18 0740.jpg)

File: 46afc696d18a6ab⋯.jpg (566.14 KB, 1707x859, 1707:859, 2GOLF 12 Jun 18 0825.jpg)

File: 585d35db92c8f39⋯.jpg (352.38 KB, 1595x753, 1595:753, 2CLEV 12 Jun 18 1345.jpg)

File: 79dcfb8506c9aac⋯.jpg (129.4 KB, 899x417, 899:417, 2CLEV 11 Jun 18 Oxford.jpg)

File: a8ca1ac77e7c457⋯.jpg (131.31 KB, 1735x669, 1735:669, 2TGBT 12 Jun 18 1540.jpg)

Part 4

2-GOLF was about, along with two planes I've not seen before; 2-CLEV and 2-TGBT. They are using more and more of these 2-planes.

eaaae0 No.1715343


As long as Sarah Sanders gets to pull the lever and make 'em hang.

56ec68 No.1715344

File: d6221a1b9539ad5⋯.jpg (51.6 KB, 478x369, 478:369, obamalol.jpg)

From reddit

2d053e No.1715345


spelled backwards is "depots".

love gettin muh help from the hombres at the home depots.

e70ff0 No.1715346

File: c500d3becb0213a⋯.png (2.88 MB, 1176x639, 392:213, eyebrows.png)

e78145 No.1715347


Hi Q,

I went over the Acosta's Twatter page and he was getting ripped by all sides, people were not happy with his behavior.

Thanks for all you do and God Bless your team and POTUS

89e421 No.1715348

File: 186ba916936f62a⋯.jpeg (384.89 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, 79A1789B-5F29-430B-9E37-D….jpeg)


i figure he as tripping balls at burning man

with some new tech in those goggles

plus q knows what else

i can only imagine the worst

76076e No.1715349


Are you kidding me? She is playing Soros and getting people to dig on his foundation.

Think about it.

cb2e84 No.1715350


This superlative Satan worship is dull

I'm gonna fart in the bathtub and let the psychophantdbmolest your hotpocketbprivledges o not chans . You will see a unprosecuted murder spread his infomercial bout a gestapi plan to seize your realestate . Like sixty years in the making. There is racism pedoraptors cocaine trump Lynn shillary and presidents that were really gross . Enjoy those hotpockets Forbes Satan at frumps mega meme whatehouse for 10.95/hr

aa40e5 No.1715351


yes, that comes later

3fdd24 No.1715352


Doesn't make sense to me if the world is full of fake news, why be excited a bunch of sheep jumped online to read about how great these people are on fake MSM?

838ba3 No.1715353

File: dd34f0b1a022ae9⋯.jpg (172.42 KB, 533x478, 533:478, IAmBestKoreaNow.jpg)

a8a740 No.1715354


when they make the movie .

Any chance of a part ?

I'm ok at acting, but don't mind been an extra ,KEK

4a382a No.1715355

File: dde723867021727⋯.jpg (45.07 KB, 617x309, 617:309, kudlow.jpg)

so was that heart attack that Kudlow had an attempted hit?

8c935c No.1715356

File: 159d74a1b32952e⋯.jpeg (73.98 KB, 465x419, 465:419, DarktoLight.jpeg)

File: 653118d0f0fb4ee⋯.jpeg (72.21 KB, 536x275, 536:275, Nov9DJTtweet.jpeg)

File: 14a829d1edeffdf⋯.jpeg (92.93 KB, 525x498, 175:166, DJT Nov 8 2017tweet.jpeg)

For Newbies:

First Q reference of "Dark to Light" was on Nov 11 2017. This happened a long time ago.

Likely, he met Xi and Kim in the Forbidden City on Nov 8, 2017.

https:// www.cnn.com/2017/11/09/asia/donald-trump-china-xi-jinping/index.html

https:// www.aol.com/article/news/2017/11/08/president-trump-melania-trump-welcomed-by-chinas-xi-at-forbidden-city/23270568/

b82526 No.1715357


exactly, time zones

2b9e59 No.1715358

File: faf3cb703ee944e⋯.png (547.92 KB, 1087x1200, 1087:1200, ClipboardImage.png)


Stoped = missing P=?

61d172 No.1715359


nice paragraphing !

thanks, patriot

73b174 No.1715360


KJU was as much at the power of his generals as pre-Trump presidents have been at the mercy of the global cabal/puppeteers

.DJT has giv)en KJU the confidence/power/something(? to allow him to break free from his own cabal/deep state generals and set hos own course.

566e75 No.1715361


We're just going to watch them occasionally eat their own as the slaves commit blunders, and their masters respond. The Cabal has been trying to clean house & tie up loose ends. The masters are waking up to the fact that Trump has usurped control and continues to rise in power. Dreams of China supplanting the US as world super power have been shattered. If you are in this for retribution, public hangings (KEK), you're really on the fringe. This will NEVER happen. What will happen is America will continue to become a country-sized Trump Tower. This is Trump's country, soon-to-be Trump's world and he will only accept the best as his own. It's very good for the world, and especially us.

9e2113 No.1715362

Sorry to slide,

Does anyone remember which qpost is the one that mentions that you would get a confirmation via multiple platforms?

7aec21 No.1715363

File: 539da58965187af⋯.jpg (67.24 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Oonphone.jpg)

5fbafd No.1715364

File: ee8240e04088d00⋯.jpg (54.55 KB, 634x387, 634:387, 29262DC700000578-3100950-i….jpg)



63c2d0 No.1715365


Still blown away by the complexity and precision of this whole operation. God Bless DJT, Family,Patriots and Q Team.

3c40e4 No.1715366


of course the Earth is hollow, at least partially

e70ff0 No.1715367


i dunno everyone wears goggles at burning man, imagine getting sand in your eye during heavy acid trip and trying to get it out

efe5d0 No.1715368


Is this at Burning Man, or some shit?

c3e82b No.1715369

Reminder of group meditation and prayer starting at the top of the next hour

However, Q is also here and that shit's cash

For Light, Love, God, and Us All.

f557fe No.1715370



Imagine being this naive about how the (((tribe))) operates

9928d2 No.1715371


Damn straight! They'll show everyone their colors. Acosta=MW=DeNiro, etc

3fdd24 No.1715372


I'm losing my job soon, I can use a role. I'll do whatever the task commands.

73e21e No.1715373


Secret double agent planted by Team Q, to discredit the Left. The proof is that nobody could really be that stupid.

31bac1 No.1715374


"Jim Lies" – he came up to me at a casino in Vegas back during the October debate and was acting really strange Nice to me, but had no idea how to play Blackjack. Ever since then I felt strongly that Acosta was a white hat playing the role of a black hat. We have controlled opposition too.

36d008 No.1715375


We LOVE America and the World.


577d61 No.1715376


and a missing "I"

Whatcould it mean???

Missile stopped ?

ae40a1 No.1715377


>We all have a part to play.

You're already in it

7ecc1c No.1715378


>Those who are loudest…

..are the worst…!

I stood up all night to watch the meeting Potus/Kim

Was a pleasure to watch! :))

Just would like to know, if Kim really is responsible for the terror in North Korea?


And how much of the evil stories is true?

("executions with dogs"…)

Or are the CLOWNS in charge here?

7422c2 No.1715379

File: 268a263c08d64df⋯.png (159.55 KB, 498x345, 166:115, well-known-clowns-acosta.png)

69e526 No.1715380

File: bbb8cf299dbd509⋯.png (135.91 KB, 498x321, 166:107, antique pepe.png)

a56660 No.1715381

Question for Q on Federal Reserve

As you point out in an earlier post going back to November that the Fed is privately owned and not on US govt property. Over the years Fed chairmen (chairpersons!) have rejected the notion of a governmental audit.

As a financefag I know enough about the Fed as their role as the fiscal arm of the US treasury . They have always held around 10-15% of each govt bond auction on their balance sheet. The recent QE ballooned their balance sheet into the 4 trillion range. The interest earned on those bonds is supposed to be remitted to the Treasury after deduction of the Fed's operating expenses. Except without an audit how does anyone know how much that's supposed to be.

On each trillion dollars of balance sheet even a modest 2% is $20 billion in interest. I've "heard" that some of that interest income is used to fund black ops around the globe (and as a byproduct does not have to appear in any congressional budget requests on the part of any of the clandestine three letter agencies). Any thoughts on the lack of transparency?

b388c3 No.1715382


yea i know what you mean its just im trying to let everyone know im here and that the end of the cabal is near. We don't have too much longer to wait either. im sure if you are an ET you feel the energy in the air.

89e421 No.1715383



egregious resume

0186b5 No.1715384



d93029 No.1715385

File: 222151e6ab8ee50⋯.mp4 (2.36 MB, 476x268, 119:67, Hahahah.mp4)

>Hussein tried to call NK

>had the old number

>mfw one of the punishments for treason is hanging

1ca5f3 No.1715386

File: a9cbf968f161708⋯.png (2.5 MB, 1865x1059, 1865:1059, TimeBandits1.png)

File: 2cb297091e85a88⋯.png (2.47 MB, 1867x1046, 1867:1046, TimeBandits2.png)

File: c7d5742837d57d8⋯.png (2.65 MB, 1868x1047, 1868:1047, TimeBandits3.png)

File: 3c40c4769ccfb18⋯.png (2.56 MB, 1869x1047, 623:349, TimeBandits4.png)

File: 084c9276d28a61f⋯.png (2.02 MB, 1775x1062, 1775:1062, TimeBandits5.png)


Time Bandits have been forced to return the map, yet some of them keep playing the game.

hidden fortress of darkness ←> NK

CNN is 100% bandit filth

None of them can stop'a the TIME

d9064a No.1715387


I know…it's a pethetic police state. Metal detectors & Frisking at sporting events/concerts. I fucking hate airports now. TSA agents are scum. I know they're just doing their job, but their mindset is that you are a criminal until proven otherwise.

84a00e No.1715388



Think Q meant the "blackout" not posting for 11 days, Anon.

838ba3 No.1715389

File: 2fbe983d27fb5bb⋯.jpg (270.23 KB, 1012x758, 506:379, soviet_pony_china_spetsnaz….jpg)


Your words humble me.

I am but a simple meme farmer.

Fishing for some extra tendies.

For to feed the nerds.

cb2e84 No.1715390

A rothschild butchered dozens of children for a bath, that is how hogg is stuck here . Nasi is a pedostain remainder .

ec2343 No.1715392

dda2b9 No.1715393


BOOM will not be the word for this event.

i suspect it will be the sound of the left "gasping", followed by "panic", followed by "denial"…. and god willing, reality acceptance… 3 out 4 is an excellent start.

ae40a1 No.1715394


I think you missed the part where Q said

>These people are STUPID

089a1d No.1715395


ACOSTA is sinking the CNN ship even faster than it would if he was removed!

34a822 No.1715396


wouldn't that be the kicker!

(doubtful, but would make a great movie)


6586a2 No.1715397


The time we were talking about the party at the Mar-a-logo.

Time ago…

c84261 No.1715398


i know plenty of people that stupid, zombiefied by social media, a technology overdose if you will.

577d61 No.1715399

8f9f60 No.1715400


Rodman's story is fascinating. After graduating High School, he was working as a janitor. Then he grew a foot and was able to play basketball. Almost like God had a hand in it.

869c07 No.1715401

File: ac4f9278162ad0f⋯.png (58.52 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, BHO_mastercard_priceless.png)

61d172 No.1715402


There are weapons that can cause a heart attack, so it's likely.

05c000 No.1715403


There are more people in the USA, that are sick of the MSM, and corrupt politicians. MSM only pushes their negative agenda, and more people than you know are tired of this shit. Day after day attacks on POTUS. We the people are PISSED, and now have our eyes wide open, thanks to Q! Keep up the good fight. Screw these corrupt globalists!!

76076e No.1715404


I see it differently, anon. If you reread the twat. then go to the website, you will see how it plays.

c065f0 No.1715405


Sure seems that the wikileak emails that the MSM was trying to overturn the presidency.

Rigged debates?

Who paid them to do overturn the Presidency ?

Also CBS should pay a fine for having de niro curse on tv.

56ec68 No.1715406

File: 75684b67260c67c⋯.jpg (17.96 KB, 440x138, 220:69, cnnjim.jpg)


Interesting theory. But remember, these people are two-faced sickos.

b82526 No.1715407


do you know how to make a side by side?

8f0ad9 No.1715408


dating myself, but I remember seeing that in the theaters. kek

3c40e4 No.1715409



dialated pupils

ab983c No.1715410

File: a60ab8052033690⋯.jpg (527.42 KB, 1717x777, 1717:777, GAF671 12 Jun 18 0740.jpg)

File: 8e1bb226bb44e91⋯.jpg (582.52 KB, 1675x771, 1675:771, Duke75 12 Jun 18 0920.jpg)

File: b6ff24caf311754⋯.jpg (383.49 KB, 1611x609, 537:203, 2LIVE 12 Jun 18 0925.jpg)

File: dfa74a12fe98aaf⋯.jpg (479.42 KB, 1663x691, 1663:691, 2LIVE 2GOLF 12 Jun 18 0945.jpg)

File: 382640c14da6ef2⋯.jpg (209.09 KB, 1217x883, 1217:883, MGMKM 12 Jun 18 Pula.jpg)

Part 5

Some of the various other planes that attracted my attention because unusual.

31bac1 No.1715411


Same Q I'm ready, lets go! :)

3e9883 No.1715412


The sooner the better.

I think the ANON's are finally going to get to enjoy their collective pain.

a8b3b2 No.1715413


Sounds reasonable to me. Especially considering the Bundy Ranch fiasco was all about the BLM stealing their land for the uranium it holds.

dda2b9 No.1715414


he's perfect… he writes his own jokes… best left to do what he does best

417178 No.1715415


"It will be over by Christmas"

671706 No.1715416


got time for some group meditation? kek

7422c2 No.1715417

File: 43df32da25346b7⋯.png (514.53 KB, 637x417, 637:417, acosta-corrupt-payed-milli….png)

a72820 No.1715418

Being a jerk to POTUS.

Being called out by Q.


cb2e84 No.1715419

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

PEDOraptors in the kitchen

08c46a No.1715420

They are ALLOWING him to continue

IMO It's a pattern with the team

Let the dig watching continue!

700948 No.1715421


Top fucking kek!

You gave me an idea but it would be biting your style.

Pawn Stars next, dude

9a85b9 No.1715422


missing I.P.

awan's server stolen from evidence?

90e3d5 No.1715423


If I ever meet Assange, I owe him an apology for some serious shit posting 7 years ago+.

b79411 No.1715424


Anons don't care about the slavery we're in. They took coked up on hopium to give a fuck. SAD!

bedfd8 No.1715426

If Acosta is a paid shill, when exposed it will hurt the cabal all the more.


61d172 No.1715427

ef7abd No.1715428

File: a602db58360e9e0⋯.jpg (75.2 KB, 620x413, 620:413, Vq4.jpg)

1a6f62 No.1715429

File: 4a081dba5f6f781⋯.png (840.59 KB, 780x490, 78:49, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c13ecbefe496832⋯.png (3.86 KB, 444x105, 148:35, ClipboardImage.png)

Google and Cuba close to finalizing agreement to expand internet access on the island

Washington, D.C.

Google is close to reaching an agreement with the Cuban government to expand internet access on the island, Republican Sen. Jeff Flake told el Nuevo Herald.

“Yes, I think they are closer,” Flake said after he returned to Washington this week from a trip to Havana with Google's former Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt, as well as Brett Perlmutter and Susanna Kohly, Google's executives in charge of relations with Cuba.

The group met Monday with Miguel Díaz-Canel, the island's recently appointed new leader, who showed interest in working with Google to increase internet access and connecting Cuba to a new submarine cable, a source knowledgeable about the conversations told el Nuevo Herald.

Google has invested in several submarine cables to expand connectivity and its services around the world. Flake said the Cuban government has “planned” for an increase in access.

Díaz-Canel, recently named president of the Council of State, has spoken publicly about the need to expand internet services on the island, and mentioned it in the meeting with the U.S. visitors.

Díaz-Canel “spoke about education on the island, the internet and what they are doing, but he also acknowledges the need for increased connectivity. That was clear,” said Flake, an Arizona Republican.

“Something that was significant was that [Díaz-Canel and Schmidt] speak different languages but they both … speak engineering,” said the senator.

Photographs of the meeting show a relaxed and smiling Díaz-Canel in his first encounter with U.S. politicians and business leaders since he succeeded Raúl Castro in April. The U.S. visitors also met with officials from the Ministries of Communications and Foreign Relations.

Google offered to expand the island's connectivity through wireless technology in 2015, but the plan was rejected by the Castro government because of concerns over using U.S. technology. Cuba largely connects to the internet through a submarine cable from Venezuela, but speeds and quality are poor even though the government's ETECSA telecommunications monopoly charges high fees for the access.

Google continued to push despite the initial rejection, but reduced the scale of its projects. It established a cybercafe, and in 2017 Perlmutter negotiated an agreement to store Google content on servers on the island, allowing for faster service on popular websites such as YouTube.

Increased access to the internet is one of the main demands of Cuban youths. But an agreement with a U.S. company to improve connectivity would be a test for the Díaz-Canel administration and his power to make decisions is likely to upset hard-line government leaders like Ramiro Valdés and José Ramón Machado Ventura. They hold key posts in the government and ruling Communist Party even though they are nearly 90 years old.

On the U.S. side, the main concerns could focus on censorship by the Cuban government, which tries to tightly control the internet content that Cubans can access. The agreement for establishing the Google Global Cache servers in Cuba has a “freedom of expression” clause in which ETECSA promises not to restrict the content. Additionally, the content is encrypted.

Some Google services, such as Project Shield, are not available on the island because of the U.S. embargo, despite broad exceptions for the telecommunications sector. Schmidt said at a news conference in Havana that he shares Flake's opposition to the embargo. The senator has submitted several bills in Congress to eliminate the embargo and end all restrictions on travel to Cuba.

http:// amp.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/world/americas/cuba/article212660549.html

f557fe No.1715430


Of course you do…limited hangouts always push just enough truth to spin you in the wrong direction

61d172 No.1715431

3c40e4 No.1715432


that could be said for all liberals

548266 No.1715433

File: 556fc62fb9e0a6c⋯.png (21.8 KB, 1121x507, 1121:507, stoped-wiki.png)

stoped appears 479 times in wikileaks

a8a740 No.1715435


World Cup starts Thursday

will there be fireworks?

269c13 No.1715436

File: 19ac59acca4f0bd⋯.jpg (177.16 KB, 737x615, 737:615, Key.jpg)


Guarded by Blackwater.

aa4b07 No.1715437


>They are using more and more of these 2-planes.

Thank you for the update. And they land at strange, seemingly unimportant locations. Interesting, why?

9a85b9 No.1715438



73e21e No.1715439


kek. Do not ruin the orignal green patina or it will be worthless.

89e421 No.1715440


I just noticed the owl hat on es at burning man

efe5d0 No.1715441

File: 079fc66b4c7812b⋯.png (630.78 KB, 1902x625, 1902:625, Air Chine.png)

Air China coming from BC

700948 No.1715442

File: 19699e9b1e32472⋯.jpg (370.88 KB, 1480x868, 370:217, planfags see everything.jpg)


We love our planefags

2b9e59 No.1715444



36e8f5 No.1715445


search the word "platform" in


1eeae1 No.1715446

File: cfacc5d03c0d42f⋯.jpg (135.34 KB, 666x500, 333:250, grave digger.jpg)

3fdd24 No.1715447


If we have control, they shouldn't be allowed to do this kind of shit?

5d4d44 No.1715448

File: 5178bb0197ce4c7⋯.jpg (151.76 KB, 1038x798, 173:133, Q thread 06122018.jpg)


b79411 No.1715449


Not sure. But I do know there will be kilos of Hopium for the blind followers on the chan.

beb180 No.1715450

I think if Q is talking about it without riddles, then we have a done deal

Questions to Q, is JA free? SR in June as predicted???

e320e7 No.1715451

File: 6176a1234041938⋯.jpg (67.75 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, IMG_20180612_232418.jpg)


Assurance. TRUST.

cee5f0 No.1715452


What is this?

34a822 No.1715453


seriously sweet meme

76076e No.1715454


Did you even do what I suggested? If not, we have nothing left to talk about.

ab983c No.1715455

File: a60ab8052033690⋯.jpg (527.42 KB, 1717x777, 1717:777, GAF671 12 Jun 18 0740.jpg)

File: 8e1bb226bb44e91⋯.jpg (582.52 KB, 1675x771, 1675:771, Duke75 12 Jun 18 0920.jpg)

File: b6ff24caf311754⋯.jpg (383.49 KB, 1611x609, 537:203, 2LIVE 12 Jun 18 0925.jpg)

File: dfa74a12fe98aaf⋯.jpg (479.42 KB, 1663x691, 1663:691, 2LIVE 2GOLF 12 Jun 18 0945.jpg)

File: 5cd8c8d0a7ad737⋯.jpg (520.84 KB, 1713x709, 1713:709, Atila04 12 Jun 18 0920.jpg)

Part 6

2-RBTS, a flight log for the M-GMKM flight and a smattering of various planes including one that intrigues me - Atila04.

3e9883 No.1715456


Maybe after 11-11-18 we could realease the unredacted JFK files on 11-22-18 instead of waiting for a few more years.

Thinking of it as adding frosting to the perp cake.

e78145 No.1715457



7422c2 No.1715458

File: 25710eaada7a55e⋯.png (539.05 KB, 796x412, 199:103, acost-crying-mean-to-him.png)

b10983 No.1715459


The last line of your post proves the last line of your post. Let that sink in…slowly.

b34621 No.1715460


Well then: AMFs!


Can't come soon enough.

96493c No.1715461


Yeah that too. I was thinking in terms of people such as Q's new post now about RR which followed my post not too long after.


RR (and the rest) is going to be 23 skidoo'd

06bf54 No.1715462

Josh Caplan

‏ @joshdcaplan

Indicted ex-Senate Intelligence Committee veteran James Wolfe's first appearance in D.C. federal court is rescheduled from today to Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. EST. - @BritainEakin

476680 No.1715463


The server is in NK. This is why ES can't sleep well.

89e421 No.1715464

>>1715076 (owl hat on ES at burning man)


fixed the link, sry

20e8b7 No.1715465


Ty Q!

"What has to happen before civilian trials can occur?"

Purge/Clean DOJ/FBI/Courts

Ty ty ty!

7ecc1c No.1715466


yes - and how about internet freedom?

IBOR and net neutrality?

I see the internet censored more and more!

Because off a terrorism the Cabal created themselves!

In Europe and Germany now that ridiculous DSGVO-law!

Freedom for the internet…!

3b5679 No.1715468


Missing 'i" in missile and Missing "p" in stopped

Could POTUS be directing us to to those words?


f557fe No.1715469


Fine by me…now take your STAR worship back to Twatter

c065f0 No.1715470


Hussein Iran peace plan pay the MSM any money

for promoting his plan ?

0c89e8 No.1715471


You got Huber as much protection as POTUS, I hope. Don't let them suicide him.

b82526 No.1715472


no, i think we've pretty well established nothing was really in the envelop (it was a prop to send a message) but that the info that china was strongarming NK (and any other intel) was verbal

ad7413 No.1715473


Good Point. Will JA being making an appearance soon?

417178 No.1715474


England Fans are being told by their own Police that they should not bring their county's FLAG.

Apparently its too colonialist

55b7ef No.1715475


Thanks CDANfag - keep us updated with the commenters' consensus on the blind item's identities.

Also, if you have easy access to previous CDAN threads, maybe a good idea to go back and scrnsht The Church BI's and other relevant entries to share over here. Could be some helpful synergy.

c84261 No.1715476







Positive ID

a3ad04 No.1715477

Any thoughts on when we see the unredacted version of the IG report? Redacted on 12th, POTUS immediately executes EO and we see immediately we r delayed?

867eb0 No.1715478


this rings truest to me, good find anon

bacef2 No.1715479


Yes. We have been separated for too long.

I had been so low that I wanted to go home.

Now it seems that home is coming to me.

The rejuvenation is much needed.

We must refill.

73b174 No.1715480


Think you're onto something, anon….

90e3d5 No.1715481


Introducing the colours is genius.

Sometimes genius is only obvious after the fact, revealed in its elegance or simplicity.

Will be on board later.

Thanks anon.

6d0537 No.1715482



So fucken funny 😂

ae8104 No.1715483



9e2113 No.1715484


I did that I can't find it? i thought it was platform too…

3d74b8 No.1715485


Thank you for truth. The truth sets us free. The world is being set free. Can't wait until MSM is no more.

cb2e84 No.1715486

Pay sairon

d9064a No.1715487

File: 6c30d3afaee884d⋯.jpg (118.87 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, portrait pepes aa.jpg)

File: 0a1559b80f1034a⋯.jpg (12.92 KB, 480x360, 4:3, pepe teeth.jpg)

File: 3213b838f26d9b2⋯.jpg (163.31 KB, 1198x800, 599:400, trump oval burn.jpg)



The art is spreading around the globe

76076e No.1715488


Hey. asshole. No star worship going on here. I am neither Jewish or star struck.

Keep your bigotries to yourself.

b82526 No.1715490


Or : never interrupt your enemy when they are making a mistake. Was that Sun Tzu?

a6a6e3 No.1715491


when my girl was here from canada

she was going through netfix and couldnt believe the stuff they dont have and vise versa

9a85b9 No.1715492

File: a4b369b5a2ffcea⋯.jpg (131.57 KB, 887x770, 887:770, 23dunk.jpg)

still want to know if this logo means anything.

548266 No.1715493


that has been posted perhaps 100 times since the tweet. why would Q need to repost and ask?

[i] iridium from previous. they can't guide the missles

[p] perhaps plutonium gone.. so even if they launched them, they couldn't do jack shit anyways

90e3d5 No.1715494


For everything else, there's MasterCard

4f49d4 No.1715495

File: 4e99d974896897f⋯.jpg (124.87 KB, 676x807, 676:807, aadefenceCapture.JPG)

File: 78c1420930b3ac2⋯.jpg (83.14 KB, 410x600, 41:60, asacrif7.jpg)

File: 2bd00d6d25e3293⋯.jpg (14.35 KB, 255x207, 85:69, mattis.jpg)

08c46a No.1715496



Useful idiot comes to mind…

82248e No.1715497


POTUS handled the media perfectly this morning. Acosta made a fool of himself. Kek!

5fbafd No.1715498

May 11 2016 Ri Yong-Gil is promoted

May 27 2016 - Obama goes to Japan



36e8f5 No.1715499

Has anyone figured out the 1:07 marker yet?

3c40e4 No.1715500

File: 711e92e8041e1f2⋯.png (1.49 MB, 1440x1080, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


This is important. And when can we stop using this satan paper?

1c07e1 No.1715501


Regarding Post #1714928, which shows POTUS "misspelling" the word "stopped":

I don't know the meaning of the misspelled "missle" but the word "stoped" could be Q saying that NK's underground missile and nuclear development sites have been excavated (mined for data and records) in order to collect evidence of the C_A's bad actors in NK. I think this is what is going to be causing Hussein's and ES's sleepless nights hereon. And yes, I believe, but am still shocked, that Hussein actually tried to contact Kim before the Summit.

869c07 No.1715502

File: af868b8ce31e911⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1346x846, 673:423, Uncle_Jim_Acosta_muh_job.png)


Uncle Jim Acosta - "but muh job"

https:// www.captiongenerator.com/936012/Hitler-vs-Q-and-his-Anon-Army

aa4b07 No.1715503



Confirming this. You can FEEL it, brothers.

63c2d0 No.1715504


Brought this up earlier as well anon,got no traction. But the secret extranet the cabal used was in NK or at least crumbs indicated that. And they would have that now. And they would legally be allowed to use info unlike NSA gathering.

f557fe No.1715505


Dont cry bitchmade soyman…now run along

89e6d1 No.1715506

"missle stoped"

seems pretty clear.

missile stopped… we will be fine, POTUS

805ddd No.1715507

File: d909b229449ae49⋯.jpg (29.24 KB, 500x373, 500:373, night.jpg)



a8a740 No.1715508


Well I'm putting my 8ft by 4ft flag out of my window in 10 minutes and if any police come they are gonna get told to fuck off .KEK

8b34a4 No.1715509

File: b07f074e71a428b⋯.png (46.7 KB, 599x329, 599:329, AQ62.PNG)


Acosta might be removed after all.

671706 No.1715510

File: 67050f8ce59fd2c⋯.jpg (58.33 KB, 630x630, 1:1, 67050f8ce59fd2c8de2d9a3292….jpg)

9377c2 No.1715511


That was exactly my thought when an anon brought up the same question earlier today…

e320e7 No.1715512

File: 430e717814184a6⋯.png (16.47 KB, 226x255, 226:255, 98ed2fc4e7c17c1bda4417d9d8….png)

Missing [I] in missile. Missing [P] in stopped.

Vatican controlled NoKo?

718e82 No.1715513


the video link , @ 1;07 darkness to light .

4a24a6 No.1715514

File: 486e3cba61948ef⋯.jpg (68.03 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, DZfD7gdVoAAv2-E.jpg)

File: 0bce7115c05de53⋯.jpg (14.33 KB, 800x800, 1:1, condor-4x4-round-shovel-an….jpg)


How FUN!!!


b0c0d4 No.1715515

File: fe00a6ff7ba4e65⋯.png (2.26 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, keepdigging.png)

ab983c No.1715516

File: 064ca65624c2d41⋯.jpg (222.87 KB, 1560x630, 52:21, MC1463 12 Jun 18 1440.jpg)

File: 5e8b9362ac826f3⋯.jpg (99.02 KB, 566x558, 283:279, Red Arrow.jpg)

File: 516f04a45d74f87⋯.png (211.98 KB, 634x490, 317:245, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b70ef1d1d004aa3⋯.png (205.09 KB, 634x357, 634:357, ClipboardImage.png)

Part 7

Finally, another US 'MC' flight that has no other identifiers. ADS-B went down for me about 1600 GMT and was down for about 15 minutes.

Also, did any Planefags catch the news item about a possible missile launch from Whidbey Island?

eb8472 No.1715517


not sure if y'anticlocks are more pathetic than the antinasims. i guess it's a draw (and/or you're the same sad anons)

1c07e1 No.1715518


I don't know the meaning of "missle" but the word "stoped" could be Q saying that the underground missile and nuclear development sites have been excavated (mined for data and records) in order to collect the evidence of the C_A's bad actors in NK. I think this is what is going to be causing Hussein's and ES's sleepless nights hereon.

c065f0 No.1715519



Russia investigation over what will the MSM report on ? Does this depend on + ++ +++ giving them money to report what they want ?

Interesting times.

63ae43 No.1715520

File: e82e4132c80c9d7⋯.png (113.44 KB, 279x424, 279:424, Hurts.png)

15d7be No.1715521

File: 376d9dce7c8f410⋯.jpg (151.44 KB, 735x490, 3:2, trump-kim-summit.jpg)

61d172 No.1715522



Was just about to say.. Planefags are the best!

6b66f3 No.1715523


Darkness to Light. It's been reference multiple times by Q.

d640f6 No.1715524


New Q post No. 100. Another thing that stands out in PA post 100 is the capitalized words:


7422c2 No.1715525

File: 63d9891e25c444c⋯.png (993.57 KB, 866x485, 866:485, acosta-fake-q1.png)

96493c No.1715526


I say keep him on. He's doing more to discredit msm journalism than we ever could.

45e2c7 No.1715527

File: 0f947fba3db3b8a⋯.jpg (51.15 KB, 600x600, 1:1, she_can_do_both_6.jpg)

a72820 No.1715528



5fbafd No.1715529


I want to believe

Except Roseanne isn't actually very smart

a9e119 No.1715530



bd0232 No.1715531


[RR] no more could mean that he is no longer in the target box. Double meanings people!

249ceb No.1715532


Thank you Q for bringing the LIGHT!

b388c3 No.1715533

i find it hilarious that shills still keep saying hopium even though trump has done some very groundbreaking things like what he did with north korea for instance. when is the last time a president went and shook hands with a north korean leader.

the answer is never and not only that but kim has agreed to disarm his nukes.

these shills keep pushing this hopium narrative when everything for the arrests to take place has not happened yet and wont happen till everything is in place. i would imagine once the doj and fbi are cleaned then it can begin and that looks to be very soon.

b82526 No.1715534


even though this is just his WH press corps credentials, about dang time. He can still opinionate all he wants on CNN and twatter

3bd15f No.1715535


very notable-IF not already posted-I didn't see it

http:// www.investmentwatchblog.com/trey-gowdy-finds-out-hillary-clinton-refused-to-be-interviewed-by-inspector-general/

During a congressional hearing looking into the Hillary Clinton email investigation, Congressman Trey Gowdy finds out from the Inspector General of the State Department that Hillary Clinton declined to be interviewed by him.

e70ff0 No.1715536



thinkmirror no i | ion

20e8b7 No.1715537



Jim @Acosta should immediately have his press credentials suspended. He is an absolute disgrace!

6:48 AM - 12 Jun 2018

Jimmie is ONLY going to push HARDER.

What a loser (Acosta)

bacef2 No.1715538


I give to you all my love and intent, that you may find the beauty and inspiration that is needed to change this world.

f151f8 No.1715539

File: d8811217cf12cea⋯.jpg (101.62 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, skyevents.jpg)


This guy says it was a medevac helo on a camera with long exposure… to me it looks like the meteor that hit Michigan..

3d27c4 No.1715540

File: 60bbe26f5541b8e⋯.png (489.29 KB, 978x588, 163:98, Kim call.png)

eb8472 No.1715541



someone school that dude on Q, ffs

6fdc88 No.1715542

File: 861842e1ccf2927⋯.jpg (92.28 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 2c3gbu.jpg)

73e21e No.1715543


hmmm, Trump campaign and Q on 2 different PLANs?

fddc4d No.1715544

File: 08c479469b93f48⋯.jpeg (152.22 KB, 1440x1157, 1440:1157, 08c479469b93f4850317fb529….jpeg)


Wait till we find out who's been talking to us!

45e2c7 No.1715545

File: bdbae6229bc3733⋯.jpg (56.9 KB, 600x600, 1:1, she_can_do_both_3.jpg)

90e3d5 No.1715547


That deserves a Kek from Q.


7422c2 No.1715548

File: a773499c1422d29⋯.png (555.27 KB, 801x416, 801:416, acosta-cry-baby.png)

20e8b7 No.1715549


went from no EYES to EYES

a6a6e3 No.1715550

1a6f62 No.1715551


I think it has been done already, Do you remember Jeff Flake, being loud a few weeks ago? I believe this is why.

89e421 No.1715552

File: e4561e5c77c8332⋯.jpg (494.56 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, IMG_4962.JPG)

File: 0198186d8cb5851⋯.jpeg (389.47 KB, 1054x1568, 527:784, fullsizeoutput_1e3d.jpeg)



the day of the rope approaches

f151f8 No.1715553


Let's Talk About That Mysterious 'Rocket Launch Over Whidbey Island' Photo


b79411 No.1715554


Exactly. I don't give a shit what Q is doing since s/he goes out of their way to ignore issues about that FED we're all feeling. Why should I give a fuck about MSM being a cunt when every person on earth in enslaved by (((them)))? They shill for what? MONEY. So change the fucking MONEY. Simple.

ab983c No.1715555

1eeae1 No.1715556

File: 62ed99a82f98861⋯.jpg (83.99 KB, 600x800, 3:4, eric-on-twitter.jpg)


Not an owl hat. It's your standard steampunk attire for BM. See the closeup.

838ba3 No.1715557

File: b174787910f6037⋯.jpg (1.28 MB, 894x1180, 447:590, AssangeyWarhaul.jpg)


Just for you! ;)

5fbafd No.1715558


May 11 2016 - Ri Yong-Gil is promoted

May 27 2016 - Obama goes to Japan



6fdc88 No.1715559


This really happened on June 10th?

ae40a1 No.1715560

File: fb386baec951d0e⋯.png (17.41 KB, 262x72, 131:36, ! ! ! ! ! (You) 5_5.png)


Double dubs confirm that the shills are doubly fucked

73b174 No.1715561


A bit like HRC/BO using 5eyes to spy on US citizens (DJT) …

Keep plugging it, anon. Bet you're right about ES - my gut says so as do my truth antennae.

76076e No.1715562

File: ee5fc8c6c917b0e⋯.jpg (20.91 KB, 480x461, 480:461, shortbus.jpg)

417178 No.1715563

File: d72ca74961f77dc⋯.jpg (126.65 KB, 1423x853, 1423:853, flag.jpg)


I mean actually in Russia

1ca5f3 No.1715564

File: 032afff0ae99765⋯.png (40.84 KB, 640x480, 4:3, EatYourBrainWhileYouThink.png)


dome earth

34a822 No.1715565

The IP has what CS tried to hide

(we have everything)

b9695e No.1715566

Please excuse my language BUT!

After reading Q's posts, for today. I sincerely hope that

soros, clinton and pobama are shitting bricks about now.

f975dc No.1715567

File: cefba2b917baa35⋯.jpg (31.41 KB, 931x524, 931:524, 1528721635044[1].jpg)

Kylie Jenner removes all photos of daughter Stormi's face from Instagram


b7f296 No.1715568


I noticed Fox had Bill Richardson on yesterday prior to summit as well. I imagine he's got to be nervous about what's happening in NoKo as well, seeing as how he was escort for ES visit there.

f82348 No.1715569


They can afford to be that stupid. It's our shaved "patriotic" jarheads and thin blue rope who do all the killing for them, and who will continue to do all the killing for them in the name of freedom and safety.

cfd1e7 No.1715570


I think you are wrong about retribution: many people are looking for that. Not just to punish for the sake of punishment, but to prove WE ARE ALL SUBJECT TO THE LAW.

Furthermore, I can't think of many people in history who deserve it more.

468627 No.1715571





So far consensus is Carlos Slim.

Athlete could be M Jordan (seems unlikely) - who are the most cabal former athletes we have going?

Actor could be Wilmer Valtrex Vakderama

Just a thought, could enty be extending the meaning of exotic food? On the heels of Bourdain, could people be on the menu?

657886 No.1715572


IP = Intellectual Property?

f151f8 No.1715573


it was June 11 at like 4 am, meme is wrong

45e2c7 No.1715574

File: 975b114eabb8759⋯.jpg (79.79 KB, 600x600, 1:1, she_can_do_both_1.jpg)

269c13 No.1715575

File: 32ce41bc9f2d997⋯.png (247.23 KB, 582x323, 582:323, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3744f26657695c1⋯.png (324.36 KB, 572x313, 572:313, ClipboardImage.png)


Maybe the secret slave gardens.

0186b5 No.1715576

File: d1b2fa8bef530bd⋯.png (2.75 MB, 6154x1831, 6154:1831, nocoincidencesidebyside.png)

side by side proof of Q's drops to KJU summit

kinda long huh?

lemme know if edits are needed

taking a smoke break

5da260 No.1715577

Hi Q,

Congratulations to you and your team on the excellent job in NK.

Question- is Iran already [done]? In much the same way NK was already done and this was just the movie playing out?

36e8f5 No.1715578


this one anon?

Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 5ed198 No.129526 📁

Dec 19 2017 22:22:19 (EST)

Board owner, mods, and other patriots:

Sincere thanks for all that you do.

You are true heroes.

Long overdue - my apologies.

There will be a day (within the next few months) that a scary but safe personalized message finds its way to you on multiple platforms recognizing your contributions.

We thank you for your service.



61d172 No.1715579


That's a moth, if i ever saw one.

The moth is the night butterfly.

These people thrive on symbolic attire


holy quads..

added to the bake, as always. thank you, planefag!

700948 No.1715580


Kinda digging the hat, tbh

9da50b No.1715581

Q, I knew you were for real the minute I saw your first post Oct 28, 2017 as you began this momentous riddling epic. You are stern, factual, disciplined, skilled, sober, mostly ego-less. You have an eerie aura. Some sort of time travel is involved. You have gradually warmed up to this misfit band of autists. I am so proud now to be an autist. Miracle. Praying for you every day.

eb8472 No.1715582


Thursday should be… interesting.

(read, CRAZY)

>>1715567 little late for that

4d32b4 No.1715583




>Confirming this. You can FEEL it, brothers.

Indeed! And it is glorious!!

f67e61 No.1715584


Heh. Wouldn’t break my heart

b82526 No.1715585


We want justice. not revenge.

1a6f62 No.1715586


No doubt, he also, understood, you can't move forward until you stop walking backward. These generals would have had him continue the backward path.

ee67bb No.1715587


Brilliant Sir!

73e21e No.1715588

Maybe Parscale is running psyop for Q to make CNN/Acosta double down on dumbness

Likely scenario

55b7ef No.1715589

File: 2a6536f66cf4737⋯.jpg (161.72 KB, 620x428, 155:107, Only good shill is a dead ….jpg)

To all paid shills: Walk away. This is serious.

386067 No.1715590


Did [RR] Flip and make Deal to save himself.

ad7413 No.1715591


Well a better signal will make the Obama's Netflix show from Gitmo clearer.

20e8b7 No.1715592


No no no

Look at clouds

Clouds in WA WA are FLAT

so that camera / lence is tilted up

this is a falsefalse flag

90e3d5 No.1715593


Right back at you anon.

Let's always think BIGGER and help anons make this world better.

The next generation need our help.

God bless all anons, especially those still suffering both inside and outside the rooms.

855ef0 No.1715594

File: 8dd2cf23c31d5d6⋯.png (221.64 KB, 792x571, 792:571, OBUMMERwrongnumber.png)

Too funny! Meme fodder for sure. haha

45e2c7 No.1715595

File: bf7bc940f1e2b4b⋯.jpg (64.79 KB, 600x600, 1:1, she_can_do_both_2.jpg)

5d4d44 No.1715596


If CS is Crowd Strike.

Crowd Strike is a company.

A certain type of company.

IP is a company?

If CS is Chuck,

IP might be person also?

Love you anons.

e320e7 No.1715597

File: 111e591f7013e45⋯.jpg (25.48 KB, 295x379, 295:379, IMG_20180612_233308.jpg)

No name shitstain.

c5a966 No.1715598


Why would they fly over NK if they met Kim in the Forbidden City?

9928d2 No.1715599


Cuba is a hot topic we're not talking about.

Flake, ES, and who else was in Cuba this past week?

7422c2 No.1715600

File: d40660c43c7c933⋯.png (137.08 KB, 498x352, 249:176, nk-mission-accomplished.png)

391a9d No.1715601

File: 3326417fc27453a⋯.jpg (127.42 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 20180610035615.jpg)



e26c6a No.1715602


So would it be good to bet on 'NO' here or will Rosenstein still have a job at the end of June?


a8a740 No.1715603


I know anon, but some mom in uk got told to take down the England flag because it was deemed offensive to non uk residents.

a4604c No.1715604

>>1715118 "Let them all DIG THEIR OWN GRAVES." Those are some very sweet words. Metaphorically, but also in the flesh. While the crowd laughs with gladness as the glorious future shimmers along the horizon.

63c2d0 No.1715605


I think she wants someone to post link to Soros interview where he admits to enjoying helping Nazis so people see it. She has a boat load of followers.

c065f0 No.1715606


Anderson cooper was sweating and looked nervous talking about peace in NK. and POTUS

577d61 No.1715607

File: fb0f7ec5e0eaa9b⋯.png (89 KB, 552x649, 552:649, trumpfinger.png)

b388c3 No.1715608


Yes its gonna be awsome when my seals finaly come off.

468627 No.1715609


I smell a Hussein being connected here

9e2113 No.1715610



I really hate being a fucking sperg that can't do my own work but i swear I was trying

ab983c No.1715611


Could be key (read: important) players that want to meet discreetly but not be seen.

Example: David Cameron and the spoopy planes seen around Oxford - coincidence?

Pity that they stick out like a sore thumb and us Planefags are all over them like a rash.

There were also a few Medevac helos over Washington/Bethesda that I caught last night. Did anything come from those helos?

ae40a1 No.1715612


Even stupid people are entitled to the protection of the Constitution. Life, Liberty, & the pursuit of stupidity

1eeae1 No.1715613


they are always a lot of fun the wear.


paisley design.

1a6f62 No.1715614


I mentioned yesterday, we should give them the shovels, lets see how far they go! IMO, They'll never get back out!

b973ae No.1715615

File: b5c416baafe6323⋯.jpg (5.21 KB, 299x168, 299:168, images-5 (6).jpg)

a8b3b2 No.1715616


Up to speed. Thank you. Fucking multiple meanings hurts ma brain.

ae40a1 No.1715617


Plus, they get popular & paid well to be stupid, that helps

b6fd4e No.1715618

File: 7a54fad8fbf6ba2⋯.png (96.43 KB, 194x259, 194:259, ClipboardImage.png)

Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Babylon Hanging Gardens

eb8472 No.1715619

File: cd8c71742daebc1⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1111x1111, 1:1, Q_message.png)

15d7be No.1715620


She's a professional actor. She can make everyone believe she's dumber than she really is.

9e2113 No.1715621


(I meant to say thank you, thank you you're great)

838ba3 No.1715622

File: b6abec4a764da9e⋯.png (241.45 KB, 1024x1057, 1024:1057, poker_will_make_america_gr….png)

File: 0164d54630da8ba⋯.png (445.19 KB, 600x773, 600:773, 5oul_on_d_splay___super_ra….png)

File: 521d281e7dc3639⋯.png (454.58 KB, 926x1024, 463:512, 521d281e7dc3639f1b9e5c87b9….png)

File: a951f25454d75e9⋯.jpg (1.14 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, rainbow_dash_salute_wallpa….jpg)


OMG I love this timeline!

e320e7 No.1715623

File: e19d34c6a19609a⋯.jpg (49.6 KB, 646x650, 323:325, IMG_20180612_233631.jpg)

Thank you.

36e8f5 No.1715624


Aware that has been stated many times. I just don't know how 1:07 came to mean that term.

3dc7a6 No.1715625



1ca5f3 No.1715626

File: 191e72766d18279⋯.png (45.63 KB, 640x480, 4:3, EatYourBrainWhileYouThink-….png)



6f47f4 No.1715627


Was Mr. Sessions' trip to Croatia successful? Felt a little bit safer with his visit here.

Please help us out with a lead to dig on our pres, especially her US part of the career. I think I get it why Mr. Trump doesn't like Mrs Flirty, but not much info except rumors and guesses.

WW is patiently waiting for help and learning a lot and fast from US patriots.


5fbafd No.1715628


Well, if she's part of the plan that could be interesting. Get VJ and GS name in the limelight right before the IG report

I'm open minded, it does seem FUCKING WEIRD she'd turn around like that.. Either she's a shill or threatened or doing some epic trolling

84a00e No.1715629


>Has anyone figured out the 1:07 marker yet?

Look → >>1715126

d9064a No.1715630


Be careful who you follow. Don't trust actors.

9928d2 No.1715631


At age 11, Acosta's father arrived as a refugee from Cuba three weeks prior to the Cuban Missile Crisis and was raised in Virginia

Source: Wikipedia

1a6f62 No.1715632


Brb, and we will know for sure, digging it!

a97f9c No.1715633

>>1713699 lb

Jupiter's mass is 2.5 times that of all the other planets in the Solar System combined—this is so massive that its barycenter with the Sun lies beyond the Sun's surface at 1.068 solar radii from the Sun's center. … Jupiter would need to be about 75 times more massive to fuse hydrogen and become a star.

Jupiter is much larger than Earth and considerably less dense: its volume is that of about 1,321 Earths, but it is only 318 times as massive. Jupiter's radius is about 1/10 the radius of the Sun, and its mass is 0.001 times the mass of the Sun, so the densities of the two bodies are similar.

b10983 No.1715634




You want real change real quick? If everybody went on strike at once we could shut it all down and I mean in a hurry. The PEOPLE do hold all of the power because we have to actively participate in the charade. Get up, go to work, barely get ahead, spend massive amounts of time occupied with mundane bullshit while the 1% of 1% sit back and laugh. We are playing their game by their rules. If we all stop playing the game at once by standing up and walking away then the entire system would crash hard and fast. A real RESET!

2d053e No.1715635


Oh fuck, Bronies are here.

43d119 No.1715636


I came

69e526 No.1715637

File: 5dcc5d2f7d6a762⋯.jpeg (110.5 KB, 1024x575, 1024:575, geotus.jpeg)


Thoughtful post.

But this isn't about revenge, I want justice. What you described would be amazing but with our +$20,000,000,000,000 debt, I seriously doubt China can be stopped without a war at this point. If his team can take down the NWO without major violence, GEOTUS will unironically become the greatest leader in world history. That's how stacked the odds are against him.

What a timeline!

7aec21 No.1715638


I like this explanation

1c07e1 No.1715639


I don't know the meaning of "missle" but the word "stoped" could be Q saying that the underground missile and nuclear development sites have been excavated (mined for data and records) in order to collect the evidence of the C_A's bad actors in NK. I think this is what is going to be causing Hussein's and ES's sleepless nights hereon.

e320e7 No.1715640




Loud and clear.

89e421 No.1715641


looking at the sequence

it showed the lab


the dunk

I think it was saying nk has been involved in

human genetic experiments

furthermore, in context, it would appear rodman was somehow involved

assuming as a test subject or…

in the end of the video

nk can have their babies back

thanks to god

eb8472 No.1715642


Where we go one we go all, but we will never not laugh at bronies, dude. Sorry.

63c2d0 No.1715643

Maybe I and P or IP missing was that the IP addresses did not exist because it was secret server/extranet in NK.

34a822 No.1715644


I think the IP is more literal, and the data (emails) can be traced back with the IP… as I said we have it all

you can destroy something tangible, but not data that goes up up and away into the digital atmosphere

76076e No.1715645


If I'm not mistaken, she has. Not sure. I'll check. It's been awhile.

Not sure why you would say she's not very smart, but I guess we are all entitled to our opinion.

5fbafd No.1715646


Trump does that too, he's very smart but purposely acts simple because he knows it's more effective.

What makes a good movie?

0186b5 No.1715647

File: a3a785670d1c6c8⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1500x785, 300:157, PSTVTP3.png)

417178 No.1715648


If they told me to take mine down. I would put more up.

Then if they persisted i would put up a flag of POTUS, and QANON, and TOMMY ROBINSON… so when its reported people will get led down the rabbit hole

838ba3 No.1715649

File: e4c6fc828f49b30⋯.png (515.74 KB, 900x563, 900:563, derpy_just_derped_your_win….png)


I just get excited whenever Senpai acknowledges me.

455fe7 No.1715650

File: 9c313539251699a⋯.png (238.42 KB, 440x261, 440:261, realize.PNG)

36e8f5 No.1715651



LOL…no worries anon. Happy to help.

b973ae No.1715652


Oh good grief the white house advertisment for the sumitt said it at the 1:07 mark

9928d2 No.1715653


Bro Hoof!

d949d7 No.1715654

File: 9fe3b9f6e61b689⋯.png (1.56 MB, 591x1280, 591:1280, Alaska_Vols_G7_SING.png)

fddc4d No.1715655

File: fcce3148dd7e565⋯.jpg (965.58 KB, 1242x1674, 23:31, fcce3148dd7e5650ef58ea0812….jpg)

ab983c No.1715656

File: 16ad2caf78b5178⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1200x895, 240:179, ClipboardImage.png)


Yet another Eurocopter, not too dissimilar to the Eurocopter UH-72 Lakota. Coincidence?

5fbafd No.1715657


Only thing I dont like about this is that the US flag is backwards

63c2d0 No.1715658


Wasnt me anon. I think she is pretty intelligent.

eb8472 No.1715659



40,00ft. anons go WILD

838ba3 No.1715660

File: ac108b27f8b1a03⋯.png (39.57 KB, 436x438, 218:219, EbolaDaaash.png)


My Bruddah!

96493c No.1715661


Alaska, Hmmmm.

73e21e No.1715662

File: 942be9988ef7cf6⋯.jpg (35.94 KB, 960x540, 16:9, screamingprotester[1].jpg)

Help. I turn on CNN and this is all I see.

b9695e No.1715663


aaww. how quaint,. is this a rothy then?

45e2c7 No.1715664

Nice view Q!

577d61 No.1715665


Coming home Q

56ec68 No.1715666


How's the Pacific?

468627 No.1715667


ad7413 No.1715668


Because the video Q posted says "from the darkness comes the light" at the 1:07 minute marker.

805ddd No.1715669


God Bless Q!

0186b5 No.1715670





a8a740 No.1715671


Who ever it is , I hope it's explosive.

Patriots are winning.

da9dd7 No.1715672

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The NASA EOSDIS Window is very interesting. Still learning it.

f151f8 No.1715673



ae8104 No.1715674


Have a safe trip boss.

e0f627 No.1715675

File: 044792d41fbdde4⋯.jpg (68.25 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 0amc5ht9vk7z.jpg)



Welcome home Q! God bless.

7422c2 No.1715676

File: 8ba0acea4dee3b2⋯.png (117.85 KB, 494x304, 13:8, cnn-nk-breaking-meme.png)

468627 No.1715677



76076e No.1715678


Sorry, anon.

fa6bdb No.1715679


God bless you!

5fbafd No.1715680


How was Hawaii?

838ba3 No.1715681


Nippin or Nippon?

08fb07 No.1715682


On the way back home?

d9064a No.1715683


Beautiful sunny LIGHT day on the East Coast. Welcome back.

0186b5 No.1715684

417178 No.1715685



9928d2 No.1715686


Suspicious Much?

27a775 No.1715687


Be safe!

eaaae0 No.1715688


Nice view, Q!

Good shot!

abaca3 No.1715689

File: 29529aee5dfe4e0⋯.jpg (69.84 KB, 1106x1348, 553:674, 29529aee5dfe4e0f6458c8eb7b….jpg)

3d3fa1 No.1715690


Alaska .. Coming home or was this headed there? , Safe trip POTUS and Q team

b10983 No.1715691


Clear view. Unround.

ab983c No.1715692

File: 5534d0f59d3d9d1⋯.png (4.05 MB, 2048x1365, 2048:1365, ClipboardImage.png)

EC-135 from the area of the missile launch.

a80b0c No.1715693


I agree, but I'm more concerned with the public's confusion in all this and their ability to vote. My neighbors, retirement age NYers are against Trump simply because they view him as a hotheaded gloryhound millionaire. If I appeal to the common denominator of evil Hillary not being elected, they don't care much. If I cite the downfall of ISIS, which was funded by Hussein and Hitlary, they agree, but it still doesn't sway them. They think I'm a conspiracy theorist also. So, you know (hands open and head to the sky) fuuuuuuck! I'm still hoping info more serious than election Watergate-type info gets released to wake these people up.

577d61 No.1715694

File: 407c247495b9a0c⋯.png (43.84 KB, 835x431, 835:431, cap'tobvious.png)

84a00e No.1715695




1ca5f3 No.1715696

File: 2ddad5583f45c1d⋯.png (52.73 KB, 636x476, 159:119, Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at ….png)




426fe5 No.1715697


Alaska Volcanos?

3c40e4 No.1715698


maybe if the brainwashing is suddenly erased

3e9883 No.1715699

File: ae9d7ffb9dc472f⋯.png (773.46 KB, 854x479, 854:479, ClipboardImage.png)


Bill Richardson has been in the news lately enlightening us with his lack of knowledge.

Is he going to be having a bad day soon?

96493c No.1715700


When I first saw the image I thought Antarctica. That would have made my day.

709c85 No.1715701

File: 4690367247231d0⋯.jpeg (140.81 KB, 1440x959, 1440:959, 1528827037.jpeg)

6fdc88 No.1715702


What are you checking? 2 of the same numbers next to each other? Really?

73e21e No.1715703

File: 5c8b1f022117fe1⋯.jpg (176.9 KB, 1024x574, 512:287, 4561756595_ccb9a66bbe_b[1].jpg)


Alaska Air Guard?

b9695e No.1715704


Q can be thanked right now. you don't need to know who Q is.

468627 No.1715705


Anyone have AF1?


386067 No.1715706


Roger That 5X5

Fly High.

Tracking good.

Be Safe

e70ff0 No.1715707



ahhh thanks desu

151446 No.1715708



Annandale is only a 20 minute drive to McLean.

We know what goes on there.

e0f627 No.1715709

File: e1f5a7e5a37e3ff⋯.png (138.88 KB, 498x321, 166:107, e1f5a7e5a37e3ffce0dfa27a3f….png)




Wait is Q coming or going?

God bless.

5fbafd No.1715710


Vols is french for Flight

So this was the flight from G7 to Singapore

Is that normal to go over Alaska?

f557fe No.1715711


Planefags…where is AF1?

0186b5 No.1715712




I saw that article, she's saying people are threatening the baby because they say its ugly or something

idk some instafag shit

a8a740 No.1715713


What a view Q

how was the inflight meal ?

Hear there good with a scotch .

34a822 No.1715714


looks like 3 pyramids

69cd7b No.1715715

File: bcfe45728ff632f⋯.png (313.11 KB, 944x309, 944:309, Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at ….png)


POTUS ain't flying over Alaska from what I can tell guys.

700948 No.1715717


At first I thought it was Antarctica, and then I clicked it. Ya got me. Make it back safe, boss

145456 No.1715718

File: 3cb6a49974ec10b⋯.jpg (848.93 KB, 1920x1920, 1:1, inCollage_20180612_1310496….jpg)

What is this red thing in the sky in Q's new post?!

794d2b No.1715719

File: 795f2c08319b40d⋯.jpg (166.83 KB, 1024x712, 128:89, ZomboMeme 08062018082015.jpg)

15d7be No.1715720


Same speck on the lens?

89e421 No.1715721



keep going!!

6d978c No.1715722


Enjoy the flight Q! Please tell POTUS I send my best wishes and gratitude!

Thank You both

1a6f62 No.1715723

File: 3380949c8f63dff⋯.png (377.4 KB, 658x387, 658:387, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 788fc61a1b072d7⋯.png (51.37 KB, 681x837, 227:279, ClipboardImage.png)

In sign of tougher policy shift, Trump appoints Cuba 'hardliner' to lead Radio and TV Martí

President Donald Trump appointed Miami’s former mayor and self-described Cuba “hardliner” Tomás Regalado to run Radio and TV Martí, a sign that tougher U.S. policies could be in store for the island regime and its Latin American allies.

Regalado’s appointment to lead the U.S.-funded broadcast network, which counters Cuba’s state-run media, follows months of advocacy by Miami’s four Cuban-American Republican members of Congress, and it helps solidify Sen. Marco Rubio’s role as a key player in the Trump administration’s Latin America policy.

Rubio (R-Fla.), who recommended Regalado for the post and worked closely with the administration on recent Venezuela sanctions, had joined with Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart (R-Fla.) in shaping Trump’s 2017 rollback of former President Barack Obama’s rapprochement with Cuba’s government, a policy announced in Miami when Regalado — a significant voice of Cuban exiles for decades — was mayor.

“This is a message to the Cuban government, it’s appointing a hardliner because I am hardliner regarding Cuba. I don’t believe in doing steps just to hope that there will be change in Cuba for the better, for democracy,” Regalado told POLITICO.

“The White House understands Cuba is a priority and that the Cuban government will see this as a reaffirmation that there is a different policy toward Cuba coming from the Trump administration,” Regalado said.

Regalado's first day leading the Office of Cuba Broadcasting was Tuesday, he said. A ceremony designating his appointment is scheduled for 12:30 p.m. Wednesday in Washington.

Regalado said the need for the U.S. to confront Cuba is clearer than ever because the island’s government has a close relationship with the dictatorship in Venezuela and has ties to Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega, whose country is experiencing violent unrest.

Rubio, Diaz-Balart and Reps. Carlos Curbelo and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, both Florida Republicans, “seem to be optimistic that they can advance stronger policies” concerning Cuba and its allies, Regalado said. He said the president’s focus recently has been on nuclear disarmament issues in North Korea and Iran.

“I feel very strongly that after the situation in North Korea and in Iran, there’s going to be more attention paid to Cuba because Cuba is part of the crisis in Venezuela and the crisis in Nicaragua,” Regaldo said. “I feel that there’s eventually going to be more sanctions and more implementation of the sanctions the president announced in Miami.”

In tapping Regalado for the post, Trump also signaled his support for Miami’s old-guard Cuban exile community, where support for the president is high. Regalado’s son, Tomás Regalado Jr., works for Radio and TV Martí.

https:// www.politico.com/states/florida/story/2018/06/06/in-sign-of-tougher-policy-shift-trump-appoints-cuba-hardliner-to-lead-radio-and-tv-marti-452075

76076e No.1715724


I would have to say that she has had threats made regarding her kid.

0186b5 No.1715725


from canada over alaska to the pacific

not a planefag but makes sense

d1ef68 No.1715726


By Jove, I think he's got it!

838ba3 No.1715727


Wait… Alaska?

Putin and Capt. Eyebrow are there…ish…

4d32b4 No.1715729


Future proves past.

84a00e No.1715731

File: 7074d134662e3a9⋯.png (122.61 KB, 632x892, 158:223, Pakistan.png)


Q, Pakistan after Iran?

a72820 No.1715732


the earth looks flat.

0186b5 No.1715733


FFS anon scroll up or look at the pic name

abaca3 No.1715734


And that those two numbers happened to be the subject of the post.

Middling IQ.

b973ae No.1715735

File: 486222cad2fa52c⋯.png (111.69 KB, 798x534, 133:89, Studio_20180612_121506.png)

What are we looking at?

b82526 No.1715736

No, the numbers of the slats in the railing. 5 and 5