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File: edcabc463f4c988⋯.jpg (9.52 KB, 255x143, 255:143, q research general.jpg)

f8df8d  No.5807342

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Q's Latest Posts

Wednesday 03.20.2019

>>5803571 ————————————–——– https://www.fbi.gov/tips

>>5803488 rt >>5803267 ————————— Who did Nicky Hilton (sister of Paris) marry? James Rothschild

>>5803214 ————————————–——– THE STANDARD HOTEL. RACHEL CHANDLER.

>>5802783 ————————————–——– Connection to Ray Chandler? Are you awake?

>>5802556 ————————————–——– Ray Chandler = Allison Mack x 100

>>5802177 rt >>5802087 ————————— Keep digging, Anons. RACHEL CHANDLER IS KEY.

>>5802122 rt >>5801797 ————————— @0HOUR1_

>>5802012 rt >>5801778 ————————— RC @parishilton xxxxxx

>>5801902 rt >>5801617 ————————— Prince Andrew is deeply connected.

>>5801868 rt >>5801615 ————————— Britney Spears

>>5801837 rt >>5801566 ————————— Matt Rothschild, Adam McEwen, Brianna Lance

>>5801813 rt >>5801561 ————————— An Olsen twin and who else??

>>5801639 rt >>5801344 ————————— RC IG st Barth nye

>>5801630 rt >>5801355 ————————— Epstein Island security cam pic RC instagram

>>5801608 rt >>5801368 ————————— w Peter Beard.

>>5801599 rt >>5801371 ————————— The royals are in there somewhere as well

>>5801537 rt >>5801385 ————————— Rachel Chandler's Tumblr is just on the edge of gross…

>>5801505 rt >>5801399 ————————— Wars Ahluwalla Commisioned for CF Anniversary

>>5801455 rt >>5801432 ————————— WHERE ARE THEY NOW?

>>5801421 rt >>5801384 ————————— Q inb4 POTUS

>>5801380 rt >>5801072 ————————— Epstein island dungeon. Sex & torture rooms. Openly flaunt across social media?

>>5801306 rt >>5801142 ————————— pic RC and Slick Willy

>>5801280 rt >>5801165 ————————— pics of stars and RC and em (update as id them)

>>5801230 rt >>5801159 ————————— This one case has the ability to bring down the (many) rich & powerful people.

>>5801158 rt >>5801100 ————————— If the records become unsealed much will be revealed.


>>5801012 rt >>5800988 ————————— WHO IS RACHEL CHANDLER?

>>5800988 rt >>5800566 ————————— http://www.rachelchandler.us, What does a 'handler' procure?

>>5796335 ————————————–——– NAT SEC.

>>5795457 ————————————–——– Sex_trafficking_is_real.

>>5794717 ————————————–——– "Q" Start A List.

>>5793286 rt >>5793235 ————————— THIS IS NOT A GAME. (Cap: >>5793320 , vid: >>5793326 )

>>5793235 ————————————–——– (51) children burned alive enough to change narrative for day(s)? (Cap: >>5793272 )

>>5792657 ————————————–——– Logical thinking.

>>5792112 ————————————–——– Did both of HUSSEIN’s parents learn “RUSSIAN”?

>>5791828 ————————————–——– “THE CLINTON FOUNDATION” (Cap: >>5791858 ; additional context: >>5792059 )

>>5791208 ————————————–——– Number(s) do not always equate to days. (Cap: >>5791384 )

Monday 03.18.2019

Compiled here: >>5802127

Sunday 03.17.2019

Compiled here: >>5791939

Friday 03.15.2019

Compiled here: >>5760619

Thursday 03.14.2019

Compiled here: >>5742578

Wednesday 03.13.2019

Compiled here: >>5703840

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Dealing with Clowns & Shills

>>2322789, >>2323031 How To Quickly Spot A Clown

f8df8d  No.5807347


are not endorsements


>>5639699 MEME WAR! Q requests a meme campaign on POTUS's historic accomplishments

>>5687134 Strzok Transcript: Research so far

>>5644463, >>5646510 Baker Protocol: Do NOT Add Non-Tripcode posts from Q


>>5807261, >>5807277, >>5807286, >>5807289 Did a little-known safety rule doom the Titanic?

>>5807270 BOMBSHELL: Collusion Investigation Involving Hillary Clinton Has Opened

>>5807248 Nate Cain inspirational twitter thread

>>5807241 Pompeo to visit the Western Wall with Netanyahu

>>5807162 Russian fighter jet intercepts US B-52h bomber over Baltic

>>5807146 Analysis of POTUS Tweet on strangeness of Dems

>>5807130 Brighteon.com video platform under extreme threat from internet infrastructure providers, forced to delete all New Zealand shooting videos

>>5807120 Anon on SRIKE

>>5807083 POTUS Tweet T4884 w/Q Drops (1204, 666, 919, 84, 1147, 2860, 153, 3117 through 3122, etc)

>>5807067 Dutch populist wins provincial elections in Utrecht 9 (EU in a tizzy)

>>5807065, >>5807168, >>5807177, >>5807203 Epstein DIGG (includin Doug Band) con't.

>>5806816 How to spot a False Flag

>>5806611, >>5806658 US to close CIA division’s UK intelligence monitoring unit

>>5806850 Mechal Chelbin DIGG (from Hebrew sources)

>>5806690, >>5806737 Call to DIGG on Teen Vogue (now they cover anal sex & post-abortion help)

>>5806711 Alison Mack news >>> Q drops on Rachel Chandler?

>>5806679, >>5806705 Yacht research (PB)

>>5806666 Quads confirm: WE WIN.

>>5806652 POTUS drops hints about past business dealings with Mueller

>>5807282 Rachel Chandler Bun: Dig, anons, dig!!!

>>5807336 #7428


>>5806376, >>5806484 Chandler buns

>>5805864 all of tonights posts capped

>>5805909, >>5805947 Maria Marshall, Tony Podestas art manager, has photo sets like RC

>>5806002 was it for lurkers that know shit but won't say shit. People in and around the clique?

>>5806084 RC family tree

>>5806092, >>5806304, >>5806263 lists of connected to RC Instagram and Twitter

>>5806193 Clarification on white hats vs black jays at Casa de Campo, including SOCOM AF1 Savior

>>5806212 Bill Clinton’s pardon of fugitive Marc Rich continues to pay big

>>5806121 Possible anomalies in the NZ investigation

>>5806113 Handle: @albahodsoll

>>5806100 James Rothschild (husband of Nicky Hilton) has net worth of $60mil apart from family

>>5805910 Krueger "Suicide is a Weakness" song; coincidence??

>>5805952 Michal Chelbin's website (looks like a catalog for children)

>>5805905 Links for Purple magazine

>>5806434 Standard Connection, Dr. Dre, Eminem, and moar (bun)

>>5806486 NZ: trial run to test social media's ability to purge the upcoming video dumps of the elite?

>>5806568 #7427

Previously Collected Notables

>>5805046 #7425, >>5806053 #7426

>>5803030 #7422, >>5803481 #7423, >>5804289 #7424

>>5800475 #7419, >>5801543 #7420, >>5803079 #7421

>>5798159 #7416, >>5798941 #7417, >>5799717 #7418

>>5795787 #7413, >>5796597 #7314, >>5797373 #7415

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Notables also archived here: >>>/comms/3396 (#740~#6384)

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f8df8d  No.5807362

File: 1feda8c9b48a4b4⋯.jpg (9.92 KB, 246x204, 41:34, zpic baker2.jpg)



6b87a8  No.5807382

Ugh. Get up this morning and Q went there.

All along I have known the child trafficking thing was coming, but it turns my stomach and makes me sick to think what these kids go through.

This is what could put 90% of people in the hospital, and frankly is something I would rather not have to deal with overtly since it is so sick and disgusting.

That said, do it, Q.

Burn their little playhouse down.

1528d3  No.5807396

Michael Jackson’s fixer returns: why Anthony Pellicano has Hollywood running scared

The aftershocks of the Leaving Neverland documentary are still reverberating around the world, but as anyone who is familiar with the Michael Jackson story knows, the first allegations of child sexual abuse against the singer were made more than 25 years ago.

Now, one of the principal characters in that story is about to become “live” after more than 15 years in prison: Anthony Pellicano, the ruthless former private investigator to the stars. It was Pellicano who handled negotiations for Jackson with Evan Chandler, the father of 13-year-old Jordan “Jordy” Chandler. And it was he who labelled Chandler’s accusations “an extortion attempt”.


1de3f3  No.5807401


Here's another Twitter account with her married name. Its an old one but there's a lot of links on there to other sites.

Check out R.ChandlerGuinness (@RayChandlerG): https://twitter.com/RayChandlerG?s=09



1528d3  No.5807403


Sorry forgot screen cap.

16455f  No.5807409

Anyone dug on Warducks?


An AR studio for location based war games??

Doom creator on team and CEO ex Facebook.

Think Christchurch. Why do they want the video scrubbed so bad?? Beta copy leaked??

“Romero, the co-creator of Doom and Quake, will serve as a creative consultant for the company and he will actively advise WarDucks on its location-based AR game. WarDucks has also hired Doug Kaufman (who worked on Civilization II and Frontierville) as its lead designer. And the company’s narrative lead is Lawrence Schick (Elder Scrolls Online, Dungeons & Dragons).”

f8df8d  No.5807410


Great work last bread, anons!

Baker requesting handoff

a8771a  No.5807414

File: 2b63580236116bd⋯.png (1.37 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, tyganga.png)

fa8bb7  No.5807420

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

SKYFALL Superyacht Leaves Fort Lauderdale

53d057  No.5807421

I flamed this board yesterday because of the countdown. Because of what it did to people like @prayingmedic. Today, I wake up and see countdown does not equal days and prayingmedic is OK! This is bullshit. If the countdown does not equal days, you may as well take out a fucking Ouiji board to interpret Q's posts!! As far as I'm concerned, Q is a LARP working one hate-filled group against another!!!!! I mean, how many fucking times does Q have to ask us if we "want to play a game?" before it becomes evident that this is a LiveActionRolePlayer!!!!

f5f158  No.5807422

File: 5584e6d44139fb7⋯.png (316.61 KB, 1200x473, 1200:473, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 47f9d30aae99065⋯.png (147.03 KB, 1200x249, 400:83, ClipboardImage.png)


Rachel Chandler

My research so far on Rachel Chandler and various other figures including ex President Clinton and Epstein. Don't forget Alba Hodsoll.


423533  No.5807423

File: bd285115e7f276e⋯.jpg (17.23 KB, 255x170, 3:2, March!.jpg)


Thanks baker!

9c1def  No.5807424

File: 6d3c965cf632a26⋯.png (1.78 MB, 1170x1299, 390:433, WhiteRabbit.png)

From digs a year ago.

e0d6ac  No.5807425

File: 14cd5676e9595d8⋯.jpg (48.05 KB, 958x600, 479:300, gallatin.jpg)

Sometimes, it's about finding what is supposed to be there, but isn't.

Rachel Chandler is said to have graduated Gallatin School in NYC, but someone as accomplished as her (having your wedding covered by Vogue) apparently doesn't get you notable or premiere alumni recognition. They must have a high bar over at a school that offers Cookies and Coloring.




Come to think of it, I can't find her parents either. East European/Russian orphanage?

26edc3  No.5807426

File: 54d6035aa1fa0c7⋯.jpg (11.24 KB, 255x171, 85:57, baker thank you.jpg)


A hell of a bread. Some great digging going on tonight. Proud to serve with you anons. Thankful to eat your bread baker.

2c59d2  No.5807427

File: 83c3ef3b63228f3⋯.png (22.29 KB, 251x111, 251:111, logs.png)

>Flight logs reveal many hidden artifacts.

I assume diggers have already combed through the Epstein flight logs - where can we view a collection of results?

Is there something we still haven't figured out, since Q mentioned it again today?

At first glance I noticed the logs often list several people by name or initials, but then a generic "2 Females" or the like. Are those the victims?

I have not seen Chandler Or "RC" in there yet.


732362  No.5807428

Prince Andrew - Father of: Princess Eugenie / Beatrice

Very close with Epstein for decades.

DJT Tweet:

"Princess Eugenie of York was a truly beautiful bride yesterday. She has been through so much, and has come out a total winner!"



What has she really been through?

fa8bb7  No.5807429

File: ee67d0770722190⋯.png (505.75 KB, 1117x413, 1117:413, ClipboardImage.png)



a93b5a  No.5807430

File: f9de78851093dcc⋯.png (359.55 KB, 574x758, 287:379, Screenshot_2019-03-21 U S ….png)

US air force tweet.


a03d07  No.5807431

Skyfall yacht currently for sale https://iyc.com/yachts/skyfall/


Skyfall (formerly Mi Sueno) is a 57.90m motor yacht, custom built in 2010 by Trinity Yachts. This luxury vessel's sophisticated exterior design and engineering are the work of Trinity Yachts. Her exterior is styled by the Trinity Yachts team who are also responsible for the entire engineering package. She was last refitted in 2015.

Performance + Capabilities

Skyfall has a cruising speed of 18.00 knots, max speed of 21.00 knots and a range of 4000.00 nm. from her 83,279.00l. fuel tanks.

Skyfall Accommodation

Skyfall offers accommodation for up to 17 guests in 7 suites comprising 1 owner cabin, 1 VIP cabins, 1 double cabin, 1 twin cabin. She is also capable of carrying up to 13 crew onboard to ensure a relaxed luxury yacht experience.

Charter or Buy Skyfall

This Motor Yacht Skyfall is listed for sale on Superyachts.com, she is also currently available for charter in the cruising areas of Caribbean (winter season) Caribbean (summer season)

per https://www.superyachts.com/motor-yacht-4558/skyfall.htm

aaae9f  No.5807432

File: 928c9cb5e28145e⋯.jpg (470.02 KB, 1895x1204, 1895:1204, morning-cofveve.jpg)

Morning Anons!

Night shift was some epic digging and Q drops. Day shift kindly take the baton!

Tallyho chaps, its going to be a glorious day

e73fbe  No.5807433

File: b915ea122ea5346⋯.png (201.91 KB, 504x346, 252:173, Very Busy this week.png)

File: 1463176d3a359f1⋯.jpg (349.16 KB, 1323x554, 1323:554, contacts.jpg)

One possibility as to why Q posted that tip line. https://www.cnn.com/2019/03/19/politics/robert-muellers-team-says-its-very-busy-this-week/index.html so that the FBI can get flooded with real crimes being reported as Mueller RR and the 13 conflicted angry dems - desperately try and manufacture a link to a crime to Trump in the last hour. OPTICS

98ed6d  No.5807434



Something doesn't add up with Rachel Chandler

4938b2  No.5807435

File: 596ea769f05c4b5⋯.png (1.91 MB, 750x1334, 375:667, D668D1D2-E15F-44E5-8A67-39….png)


Night shift. You faggots never disappoint.

a6ee5d  No.5807436

File: 294d5bfa9224456⋯.jpg (228.52 KB, 2224x1464, 278:183, proxy.duckduckgo-8.jpg)

29.03.2019: Gold becoming "REAL" money

Basel III in effect by this day.


Does this apply to PAPER GOLD, too?

Financefag around who can expand on this?

a03d07  No.5807437

File: e8e8ed3b038735b⋯.png (1.62 MB, 853x1280, 853:1280, ClipboardImage.png)

af9d6e  No.5807438

why are there no shills?

69a479  No.5807439

File: 6892a0ebde7662e⋯.png (916.92 KB, 669x654, 223:218, 145227e6-ad3c-4980-a4b5-7d….png)

File: 3f77a2441723bc2⋯.png (55.24 KB, 264x375, 88:125, addiction shoes.png)

Addiction brand shoe.

423533  No.5807440

File: be94de266772a4f⋯.jpg (215.45 KB, 634x639, 634:639, Thanks baker!.jpg)


I agree.

The anons were amazing! <3

98ed6d  No.5807441

File: ea9ba942d9a63b3⋯.jpg (153.61 KB, 400x582, 200:291, nohomo.jpg)

fa8bb7  No.5807442

File: 8f9a28908ad5bf2⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1204x594, 602:297, ClipboardImage.png)


Sailing superyacht REGINA is a powerful traditional steel schooner, 56m by Med Yachts. She offers an open, airy main salon with classical gentleman style interior. She accommodates 12 guests in beautifully appointed staterooms. In 2016 she underwent a completed hull paint, superstructure varnish, and received all new rigging (for higher performance), in addition to all new upholstery. She boasts vast deck spaces and plenty of recreational features and she was featured in the James Bond movie SKYFALL which ensure continuous charter demand.


9c1def  No.5807443


copypasta from voat:

Rachel graduated in June 2005 from Brentwood School, a pretty elite prep school on the Westside of LA. I attended the school with her. There were/are a lot of kids from prominent Hollywood/media families in attendance there. Jordan McGraw, Dr. Phil's son, was also Class of '05. Jimmy Iovine's son was Class of '06 (Jimmy is the founder of Interscope Records, hebrought Eminem and 50 Cent to prominence and is the brains behind the Beats headphones empire that Dr. Dre is the public face of). Arnold Schwarzenegger's kids were there too (can't remember which year, they were several years younger than Rachel). Andrew Breitbart, the now-deceased founder of the Breitbart news site, was a graduate (not sure when … 80s? 90s? way before my time).

Rachel herself comes from a very prominent, elite family. She's one of many descendants of the Chandler family, which owned the Los Angeles Times for decades. Look up Otis Chandler on Wikipedia. The family is divested of the paper today and not as powerful/prominent in LA high society today as they used to be, but up through the 80s they were super powerful.

So, Rachel is definitely a part of the LA-based Hollywood/media elite. She's not some runaway or kidnapped kid or anything like that like some have theorized. She's probably the most powerful scion of one of the most powerful families in Southern California.

f03225  No.5807444

File: d477369461ab5ad⋯.png (49.72 KB, 546x673, 546:673, Stranahan re Solomon War o….PNG)

File: b14e726fae6b295⋯.png (92.28 KB, 542x622, 271:311, Bongino to Stranahan re So….PNG)

File: 12ccf00ff664ca7⋯.png (146.8 KB, 714x899, 714:899, Archive Stranahan re Solom….PNG)

John Solomon is part of the info #WAR AGAINST @POTUS



98ed6d  No.5807445

File: 889e41795066fb8⋯.jpg (506.12 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, evillookstospeakwithoutspe….jpg)

be5791  No.5807446


Rachael Chandler the handler graduated 2005 was the consensus. So it means a different author.

8cc84d  No.5807447

Alba Hodsoll


88a3ec  No.5807448


shit got real

f8df8d  No.5807449


It's great to see what all of us can when we put our heads together.

98ed6d  No.5807450


Yeah that's my conclusion as well.

Also don't forget to use (lb)

2df718  No.5807451


What a butthead! Consider the source.


f5f158  No.5807452

File: e4706334890eda4⋯.png (685.21 KB, 1145x639, 1145:639, ClipboardImage.png)



>Something doesn't add up with Rachel Chandler


“A screen capture showing a connection between Hillary Clinton and Rachel Chandler through hair stylist, Emilie Kareh” https://steemit.com/qanon/@escapefromoz/qanon-a-deeper-look-into-rachel-ray-chandler …

aaae9f  No.5807453

What if Rachel Chandler = Red Sparrow

For example, lets say she was turned years ago. And ever since then she has been gathering intel? Didn't the FBI do something like that with Hugh Hefner?

a6ee5d  No.5807454


context: banks then can lend money 12.5times the amount of gold they have.

Not sure but that might be a biggie?

fa8bb7  No.5807455

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Rogan and West argue JFK and Vegas shooting conspiracies


the day of the JFK assassination jack ruby says

there is going to be fireworks



q ref:

8cc84d  No.5807457


More on Alba Hodsoll


e73fbe  No.5807458

File: 5a2de9602e589fe⋯.png (4.83 KB, 435x163, 435:163, clown psyops ops.png)


lack of robo shills seems like….. but real shills will come if you say the wrong thing…. in fact there are a few things I can say that will summon shills. Some subjects so taboo that the remnants of the cabbal will summon forth a clown to do battle with logic.

Mostly victims talking - and subjects the CIA has heavily invested psyops in and a sizable chunk of anon's believe.

a93b5a  No.5807459

File: 3e4cf76f69500c1⋯.png (767.88 KB, 673x764, 673:764, Screenshot_2019-03-21 U S ….png)

Remember the US Army wants us to dig deep and finish out the week strong!

ec9ba0  No.5807460



The game is real and Q has it all. Even the paid shills are afraid.

98ed6d  No.5807461


Nice find anon, do you have links to original posts?

364620  No.5807463


>Mueller RR and the 13 conflicted angry dems

That word "conflicted" stands out.

This right here makes me believe that those folks never knew the depth of evil of the ones they supported all their life. They are now working to "save" themselves before God.

8cc84d  No.5807464

File: 44deb99ba153a04⋯.jpg (100.45 KB, 640x586, 320:293, Sarah Hodsoll.jpg)

Alba's Mom Sarah

69a479  No.5807465


Thanks - just woke up and didn't check notables

aaae9f  No.5807466


COULD THE CUT OUT TOES be like functional 'overshoes', so a person doesn't get blood on their own shoes while working in the basement?

39fdee  No.5807467

File: babf2282ea6709d⋯.jpg (2.51 KB, 125x85, 25:17, 1525255041913s.jpg)

File: 2d7c2512d93be24⋯.png (301.53 KB, 461x349, 461:349, 1525255227898.png)

Clarke gayford ardern

cbe696  No.5807469

Mornig, frenz. Kinda glad I wasn’t around last night for those drops. Woulda had nightmares.

9c1def  No.5807470

File: 95f3eebdeb83128⋯.jpg (597.2 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, TomHanks.jpg)


Tom Hanks with children shoes in strange messages.

8cc84d  No.5807471

File: b797a8c7dab6aae⋯.jpg (387.06 KB, 1334x1517, 1334:1517, christopher.jpg)

Alba's Father, Christopher


fa8bb7  No.5807472

File: ffb0246413a9535⋯.png (67.08 KB, 1218x428, 609:214, ClipboardImage.png)

04d985  No.5807473


does anyone have this video without the stupid famefagging borders?

I love it, and crack up laughing every time I see it

I think it's time to re-share it in the wake of all this

be5791  No.5807474


Yep I'm tired. Here's a read from 2 years ago by a person claiming to have known her and gone to school with her. Might be hidden dig materials.


423533  No.5807475




This pic caught my attention.

Looking at the comments (dozens of pictures) They are lacking SOME SERIOUS CONTEXT!

Just like Ray Chandler

ca25a1  No.5807476

File: c2693fb5c3e2a5e⋯.jpg (8.74 KB, 274x184, 137:92, huge problem.jpg)

3 hours later, I'm finally here……Fuck telstra and their bullshit bans… OPERA browser with vpn is free and works.

Fuck the aussie government….grrrrr….. Rant over.

Nice to know we are such a threat to the maggots.

c542a4  No.5807477

File: e2b47c97e12bb9b⋯.png (202.61 KB, 475x261, 475:261, 2019-03-21_05-54-46.png)

>>5807281 lb

Watched POTUS in Lima and chuckled.

Redpilling at it's finest!

69a479  No.5807478


That is a direct order. Sir yes sir.

6a75e4  No.5807479

File: 73d80eb9a73dc74⋯.jpg (433.2 KB, 1181x658, 1181:658, 9025e13a3a055bcee1c51a2fa2….jpg)


Yes good sessions and lots of work tonight.

Night Shift crew always delivers!

e73fbe  No.5807480

File: 5dcadce3c371ade⋯.jpg (57.21 KB, 1199x554, 1199:554, Bongino breakdown.jpg)


25:23 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=og88__MAbaw … Did you know the legal council of the man Hillary got to smash her blackberry's is involved in the Mueller investigation?

ac044d  No.5807481

Q quiz

Given that O means (You) are surrounded.

What does Q stand for?

3f967c  No.5807482

File: cdd3e426054de24⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1337x528, 1337:528, brooks.PNG)

Show fag here. Something doesn't sit right with me on this.

These shoes are brooks addiction white.

They don't make them in 'pink'.

There are 2 sizes here - the smaller one is a kids size - inside the others that have been sawn - probably with an electric or circular saw - the cuts are too neat and the stitching intact.

The pinkness looks like old dried up blood and is hard to get off the rubber bits but not the leather upper which is easy to clean with a cloth.

98ed6d  No.5807483


Cheers for the link anon! Get some covfefe!

fa8bb7  No.5807484


website is


as q said


423533  No.5807485



add 1 more 'weird' photo.

3f967c  No.5807486


Shoe fag*

e73fbe  No.5807487


flipped tongue "addiction" (to) children - Child handler Chandler feeds addictions of pedophiles - gets them to flip. Symbolism=end

fdd3f5  No.5807488

File: 0378513c42fc4ba⋯.png (55.23 KB, 1327x583, 1327:583, Screenshot_2019-03-21 P282….png)

File: abee5e7a1c012c5⋯.png (500.84 KB, 1337x3619, 191:517, Screenshot_2019-03-21 Sale….png)

File: 163ef19bbbd45d1⋯.png (893.76 KB, 735x2934, 245:978, Screenshot_2019-03-21 Hund….png)

File: 3574a690a1998eb⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1344x583, 1344:583, Screenshot_2019-03-17 PQV2….png)

File: 4578b7cc0358e93⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1350x551, 1350:551, Screenshot_2019-03-06 Goog….png)

You did me again Q.

Double. Are we supposed to be looking into camps (again).

There is no way I should have ended up back in NH and back again in Salem Mass. Another camp?

Starfish NH, Cookson Lake (Hills) Kansas, Takodah NH.

This is the fourth NH hit (Greenville, Richmond, Peterborough and Beauvais) in two days and they are ALL connected.

This is another Salem hit (Parker brothers, Parker Witch) Beauvais and Beauvais and Bovee (pronounced the same by CBS).

8cc84d  No.5807489

File: a1d558ef26c81e2⋯.png (4.17 MB, 1811x1849, 1811:1849, Sarah Hodsoll.png)


Included sauce here…

1ae487  No.5807490

File: 396585a40d1ec52⋯.png (1.42 MB, 1280x2863, 1280:2863, No_Chan_For_You-Win10.png)

File: 8b539876aeadd83⋯.png (1.3 MB, 1280x1794, 640:897, No_Chan_For_You-Andriod.png)


hello fellow Telstra anon, made these for win10 and Andriod users

273045  No.5807491


Is RC simply a well trained…

Judas Goat??

For daddy?

All in the family?

16455f  No.5807492


They are working so hard to fuck AU and NZ over at the moment. This board must be real threat to exposing their lies to shit down access.

Have a feeling that NZ will be debunked in the coming days like the Covington mess and expose their bullshit.

Hug a Muslim day tomorrow is a feel good front to cover something up. Still digging

e74f51  No.5807493

File: a8c379443e56c54⋯.jpg (19.52 KB, 550x550, 1:1, burning_the_midnight_oil_b….jpg)

8461cb  No.5807494

File: cd2b6d405fd9d6b⋯.png (203.39 KB, 555x537, 185:179, MASON LOGO WHAT IS THE G D….PNG)

>>5807378 lb #7428

random thoughts on image

6a75e4  No.5807495

File: 9bb0fc740970f85⋯.jpg (15.95 KB, 238x255, 14:15, 9bb0fc740970f85a90809a514b….jpg)


She was elite and married into the elite. This is Cabal life. She hasnt turned on anyone.

39a349  No.5807496

File: b984db0d3d1440f⋯.png (3.01 MB, 2398x1671, 2398:1671, [FREEMASONRY_ILLUMINATI].png)



bun on Masonry.


e73fbe  No.5807497

File: 173e1c8f11c3b1a⋯.png (53.28 KB, 1097x535, 1097:535, q plus (1).png)

File: cc59b1152bea97c⋯.png (60.3 KB, 1091x540, 1091:540, q plus (2).png)


O = Eye usually symbolically

Q is a much deeper can of worms -

53d057  No.5807498

You sick bastards pass porn to each other to thank bakers in the name of God!

af9d6e  No.5807499

Jesus liked boobs >>5807498

f8df8d  No.5807500


Great chart, great Bongino show.

d8253f  No.5807501


pb- earlier anon noted young children are smuggled in larger clothing and shoes to make them appear older. Also said hack job children's shoes are common in 3rd world situations.

6a75e4  No.5807502

File: c975b5cf0d79162⋯.jpg (310.54 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 1527070095107.jpg)


Welcome back. If you want happenings start like 3-4 threads back. This place has been a hive for last few hours.

cbb13c  No.5807503



You're not liking Q's focus on the child sex abuse and ritual Satanic sacrifice in which every one of our enemies appears to voraciously engage?


If you think you have it rough, asshole, just imagine how hard it was for your heroes' tortured victims, and think of all the suffering that the victims' worried loved ones endured.


3c41ee  No.5807504

File: a5750b77e4bb32b⋯.png (607.64 KB, 1349x637, 1349:637, New Zealand bans military ….png)

New Zealand did not shut down social media to stop people from viewing the "video". They shut it down so they could isolate their citizens, they don't want us to encourage them to fight back as their rights are taken away from them.

a10853  No.5807505

File: 19f5adb7fbd4cf2⋯.png (3.92 MB, 2202x1173, 734:391, Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at ….png)

Anons, has anybody else tried to transcribe this creepy old note from a photo on Rachel Carson's Tumbler page?



I get

The deluge comes; and it is after me, after my lights. It comes to swallow up the flame of my identity . . . (illegible) is all assigned and watch for its Lord (illegible) for am I; (illegible) Open our winds (illegible)

c1f14c  No.5807506


I was just about to say: "Hey, no shills today." Maybe next time.

a10853  No.5807507


that should be

The deluge comes; and it is after me, after my lights. It comes to swallow up the flame of my identity . . . (illegible) is all assigned and watch for its Lord (illegible) for am I; (illegible) Open our window (illegible)

69a479  No.5807508


A pic of a naked woman is not porn. A pic of a naked woman having sex would be porn. The more you know…

0ea210  No.5807509

R Chandler aslo used the surname Guiness.


e74f51  No.5807510

File: ae6915961ebe7ae⋯.gif (2.19 MB, 1000x1250, 4:5, untitled_1paint_by_perezpa….gif)

f5f158  No.5807511

File: db1dad78f86358d⋯.png (1.7 MB, 867x1200, 289:400, ClipboardImage.png)

File: bc50d8a039c2bed⋯.png (69.59 KB, 552x217, 552:217, ClipboardImage.png)


>"Hey, no shills today."

fdd3f5  No.5807512


the police are the problem

kill a few of those and they'll back off

6b87a8  No.5807513


Increase your reading comprehension, dumbass.

aaae9f  No.5807514

File: 78809574e74f9b5⋯.jpg (1.8 MB, 1840x1810, 184:181, clarke-gayford.jpg)

File: 005e0dc1f990703⋯.jpg (110.23 KB, 720x450, 8:5, gayford2.jpg)


If anyone else thinks the guy in the Clinton photo is Clarke Gayford, and if you want to dig….

I dug on him for 2 hours last night. He works for MSM in NZ. There is a bunch of shit about "rumors being squashed" in NZ press, without ever stating what the rumors are. Took awhile digging around reddit for me to find out this list of RUMORS:

Rumor 1 – Clarke Gayford is gay

Rumor 2 – Jacinda Arden also gay / sham marriage

Rumor 3 – something about Gayford and cocaine

Rumor 4 – something about a drug bust in LA or LAX

Rumor 5 – something about a photo of him kissing a dude

ac044d  No.5807515


Too deep, first what comes to mind

4938b2  No.5807516

File: 954e196f103bcd5⋯.jpeg (393.74 KB, 750x856, 375:428, E36C61C1-BDD4-4E7A-8E23-9….jpeg)

Seems legit

273045  No.5807517


Def. looks like the [quake] engine.

Also dig [grey matter]

You know wha’ts odd?

(((Shooter))) NEVER dips his head to use the gun sights - even for ‘long shots’

d59a34  No.5807518

File: a118977b4c492b3⋯.jpeg (556.42 KB, 2048x827, 2048:827, 4A2D9BB3-97F3-4B4A-B4E6-E….jpeg)

File: 53f150ca7e7995f⋯.jpeg (361.58 KB, 1341x647, 1341:647, A6E3A5F2-71FC-4C96-9C77-7….jpeg)

File: 0e029afd43649ab⋯.jpeg (1.79 MB, 2048x1416, 256:177, C06FD954-A384-401C-B6B0-F….jpeg)

File: f72ef2c2a092044⋯.jpeg (893.82 KB, 1306x1149, 1306:1149, 3C6B1C86-DFB8-4B0E-BDF8-2….jpeg)

File: 19a82b8952b13db⋯.jpeg (720.44 KB, 1279x1147, 1279:1147, D8D4A4DF-4C54-40E9-B8D1-9….jpeg)

Q PB >>5801639

Is or was the island st Barth also part of their crimes? I am thinking of Eden Rock and its owner David Mattews, Girasol estate which was owned by allergy Trump Republican Bruce Kovner built by Benjamin the Rothchild and their connections with the British Royals?

BTW. Girasol is now owned by a Dutch Billionare according to Forbes one of the nr 5 richest in the Netherlands.

ab4695  No.5807519

File: a398134af7b7416⋯.png (124.84 KB, 252x256, 63:64, a398134af7b74161275b6af536….png)

File: 64668e5699c8b13⋯.jpg (353.2 KB, 1271x1708, 1271:1708, 865d92843d4281fef99f7b72dd….jpg)

e73fbe  No.5807520

File: e75d506191613f3⋯.png (9.42 KB, 1142x274, 571:137, Magic Crptography.png)


I'm referring to the Q in Q clearence - it's the gateway to the symbolic world that the highest levels of intel is written through code in. When you speech goes into "magic"

8cc84d  No.5807521

Hannah Weiland is a friend of Alba Hodsoll and is Married to a Guiness


0ea210  No.5807522


where does the

Bible ever

refer to pornography?

Does it also mention the internet, or the interwebs as it was called back then?

eaee3e  No.5807523

File: d33636ad5f83af6⋯.jpeg (192.29 KB, 1242x1398, 207:233, F01C7A96-7E70-45D2-A03A-3….jpeg)

File: 2e3b1aa3e3faf71⋯.jpeg (475.5 KB, 1242x1905, 414:635, 78BAA853-4FB0-4786-946E-D….jpeg)

Who else had/has a “modelling” agency?

Kate Spade?

Who is the Fashion “editor”?

Sara Moonves?

b588e3  No.5807524


This house is all assigned and waiting for its Lord whose for an (something) the deluge.

f5f158  No.5807525

File: 62eb1192bf49a39⋯.png (58.61 KB, 520x277, 520:277, ClipboardImage.png)

Raise Your Voice & Act re Art 13 Copyright Directive

#SaveYourInternet • https://saveyourinternet.eu/act/

523571  No.5807526

I’m confused (just woke up, no covfefe) yet, but Q had us dig on Rachel Chandler and report her to FBI before. Did she just switch her nasty pictures to a new site and we get to do it over again because FBI did nothing before?

4168e6  No.5807527


Second to last line looks like: whose son am I?

ca25a1  No.5807528


Nice, clear and simple. I'm not tech savvy, so went for the browser.


Yup, true.



004c26  No.5807529


Gettin' drunk right now so I don't. Thanks fren.

98ed6d  No.5807530


"Thou shall not spunketh over thyself over the moving light in darkness."

39fdee  No.5807531


NZ shut down a fake video and hid the perp's face from public so they can charge anyone with any crime and lock them up.

No justice. Phoney vids. Phoney charges what better way to control the masses

6a75e4  No.5807532

File: 94e24d21550402f⋯.jpg (168.56 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 1551156120749.jpg)


Just imagine what they will do to the population if they take over everything. Were on the brink anon.

8cc84d  No.5807533


Rachel weds Tom


Hannah Weiland weds Arthur


e38412  No.5807534

Bible thumpers are the real conspiracy theorists.

16455f  No.5807535


Follow the money. Something stinks.

How does anyone go from festival DJ to prime minister in less than 5 years?


f5f158  No.5807536

File: a8d6adaf06e2191⋯.png (305.12 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

HOLY CUCKING COW ANONS…you can't make this illegal cow shit up…LOL LOL LOL hahaha!!!!


Illegal Immigrant Arrested After Having Sex with Cow, Say Police


ac044d  No.5807537

Q quiz

What is Q in 3D?

fdd3f5  No.5807538

File: 232e4c2c8bce986⋯.png (1.65 MB, 1333x2483, 1333:2483, Screenshot_2019-03-02 Hoos….png)

File: b7201303a27e868⋯.png (62.33 KB, 640x502, 320:251, b7201303a27e868fc0ca9cb702….png)

File: 314be569f450ff2⋯.png (240.6 KB, 338x325, 26:25, 314be569f450ff22602a093627….png)

File: 92476f60b9bdc29⋯.png (609.04 KB, 960x611, 960:611, 92476f60b9bdc299b3de48862e….png)

File: e167918eb7fea16⋯.png (131.11 KB, 1475x435, 295:87, e167918eb7fea160c9bf0ccc68….png)


is it male?

the third reich is bettetr than NZ with guns?

amazing (not amazing)

c542a4  No.5807539

File: 7ec57a705488a92⋯.png (356.39 KB, 636x483, 212:161, 2019-03-21_06-29-35.png)

>>5807419 lb

Wasn't there something about Madeleine McCann taken by boat from Portugal towards Epstein's Island?

Were the Pedostars recruiting for the next voyage?

Still a mystery.


273045  No.5807540


Except OPERA bought and owned by (((CHINESE)))

d1a9cf  No.5807541




Follow These 3 Last Steps To Claim Your Prize!!!

1. Fart in bag

2. Eat the bag

3. KYS

1de3f3  No.5807542

linkin page of Tom Guinness


06f7c2  No.5807543

File: 840e57e4b63b60f⋯.jpg (658.22 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190320-225328….jpg)

2917dd  No.5807544

File: 9a9bb00f09c5dd5⋯.png (863.94 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, brooksrunning.png)

File: 983d1a553c1f4d7⋯.png (180.93 KB, 2560x1341, 2560:1341, Addiction.Walker.png)

There are some dirty old, and much altered

shoes associated with Rachel Chandler.

These weren't built for Kids !

3c41ee  No.5807545

I agree, this was a piece of the puzzle though, the true purpose was to take the weapons without a fight. >>5807531

a6ee5d  No.5807546

File: 664c0d82c3064f3⋯.jpg (472.85 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, proxy.duckduckgo-10.jpg)

File: 4b473fc15b0ab25⋯.jpg (380.69 KB, 1200x615, 80:41, proxy.duckduckgo-9.jpg)

There is a freemason museum in Bayreuth (Germany). Visited it many years ago.

What struck me: In a vitrine I found a 100 Mark bill of the GERMAN DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC (DDR, East Germany).

What the heck does socialist money bill do in a freemason museum?

Oh look, hammer and circle!

39a349  No.5807547

File: 366ee795c350ca8⋯.png (342.88 KB, 1042x380, 521:190, TheGreatAwakening.png)

File: 51435b520bf26e8⋯.jpg (72.57 KB, 1262x674, 631:337, Trump_watch_CPAC.jpg)

File: 324000cbaab31d6⋯.png (480.13 KB, 810x433, 810:433, WAR-LIKE-Posture.png)

8372b5  No.5807548


I understand completely, and like Q has said from the beginning, the choice to know is yours. You can choose to dig into this like some, or you can skip over it. Personally, I know I'm not strong enough, and I thank the Good Lord that there are others who have the strength. So, I'll look over some of anons' digs, but I usually come to my limit pretty quickly. I do NOT want to become desensitized.

f8df8d  No.5807549


You know masonry is a shilly topic around here. And you want a BUN, to boot? Wow. Would need anons' endorsement, friend.

>>>5807489 Sarah Hodsoll: Rachel C's mother

e73fbe  No.5807550


if she modified them it was because she wanted to send a symbolism message of "addiction" with a kids shoe - as in addicted to children. - just as her name is a symbolic thing so to are often the pictures she has taken

16455f  No.5807551


And charged the perp with murder of a victim that is still alive.

Did they mix up the lists as to who was supposed to play dead?

ca25a1  No.5807552

File: 1a1b32ea4f8452b⋯.jpg (31.46 KB, 484x234, 242:117, feinstein is traitor..jpg)


I can live with that. Don't mind that they see what I'm up to….lol

26edc3  No.5807553

Russians, Ukrainians, Chinese, Secret Cults, Witches, Deep State Actors, Bloodlines, Brainwashing, Pedophilia, Rome, London, Wonderland and Terrorism.

This thing is so deep.

I can barely piece it all together and I've been here for over a year. Q/we have a big job to do in terms of getting John Q. Public on page.

75ff44  No.5807554

File: 0f86d1a035cf4f2⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1081x636, 1081:636, 0f86d1a035cf4f2e215c8f2f16….png)

File: 5ea7017cd369551⋯.png (777.21 KB, 1439x795, 1439:795, 53160d15818ad2f192935458da….png)


Anons is Obama's "Maggie" the same person as Ray Chandler? Ages are confusing, but they have the EXACT same lazy left eye…

39a349  No.5807555


newshills it seems.

98ed6d  No.5807556

File: 6439cbf06044cae⋯.gif (5.96 KB, 255x207, 85:69, 6ce36a3b36d095cf3da6fc58b4….gif)

File: 1d67080af02339d⋯.png (305.55 KB, 631x625, 631:625, 1d67080af02339d67023057082….png)

File: e3fd2157fa6e3a5⋯.jpg (59.45 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, e3fd2157fa6e3a5654d9f572a4….jpg)

6a75e4  No.5807557

File: ffe795e08ff38b6⋯.jpg (298.05 KB, 750x1010, 75:101, ffe795e08ff38b69b5e8fdc2b9….jpg)


"They are just like us!"

fdd3f5  No.5807558

File: fe8b58cead3cd64⋯.jpg (447.12 KB, 2000x783, 2000:783, highestpoint.jpg)

File: 9bee50d63295add⋯.png (115.19 KB, 244x329, 244:329, 7ce084bb5f8ff7defdbecf1848….png)

File: 29f012108b8552e⋯.png (116.9 KB, 620x350, 62:35, LA-GREFFIÈRE-ANTI-MARIAGE-….png)

File: ce0189589f76b44⋯.gif (4.62 MB, 600x320, 15:8, Lol wut_1c9100_4245196.gif)

File: 7ead7241618ebc2⋯.png (417.25 KB, 1251x980, 1251:980, Screenshot_2018-12-27 Q Re….png)


you want sore finger with that ya big nosed foreign devil??

e73fbe  No.5807559


that explains why the cultist shill I knew for over 20 years only used Opera I suppose.

a10853  No.5807560

File: 1aaf28704a99fae⋯.png (1.26 MB, 823x1001, 823:1001, Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at ….png)


This house is all assigned and waiting for its Lord whose for an (something) the deluge.

That makes sense.

Now does anybody care to guess who wrote it? Mine is one of her grandfather or great-grandfather.

Seriously creepy.

Ray Chandler is part of the Chandler family that once ruled L.A.

Other photos on the page look like a family picnic.

Anybody know who this guy is?

39fdee  No.5807561


39a349  No.5807562


<baker not wanting to bake masonry bun.



(It is obvious that Q is giving more and more hints for public, anons knoe already that all illuminati and other sick fucks are high level masons. Only shills post stuff attacking that.)

SECOND please:


1eb3d6  No.5807563

File: c9c82559641daf3⋯.jpg (959.01 KB, 1983x2643, 661:881, PicsArt_03-21-06.20.27.jpg)

A Chandler is a CANDLEMAKER.

A Rachel is an ewe or female LAMB.

GODFATHER Death is a Grimm's fairy tale ending in a cave filled with CANDLES that represented the lives of people. His godson wanted to take his own short candle and put it on another candle, stealing a child's life. But Death is fair and let his own godson's candle fall and go out rather than steal life or candle from others.

Rachel Chandler means worse than child handler.

98ed6d  No.5807564


Just change your DNS cobber to

c7495a  No.5807565


>Israeli Airstrike.gif

really makes me wonder what sort of news Q had everyone distracted from by revisiting Chandler last night.

f8df8d  No.5807566

Baker seeking handoff

Can stay a bit longer but bake will eventually go Ghost

6a75e4  No.5807567

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Jacobines, Illuminati, Communists, Socialists, Neocons and other Leftists are the same totalitarian NWO shits.

Check out this video for a brief history.

1eb3d6  No.5807568

File: eef6a602f9a51e2⋯.jpg (958.9 KB, 1983x2643, 661:881, PicsArt_03-21-06.20.27.jpg)


It's almost 4am here. I'm tired.

7e5a8b  No.5807569


Isn't that Nathan Rothschild?

f4e2eb  No.5807570

File: a7b3b4373ddc265⋯.jpg (60.44 KB, 939x960, 313:320, Harmless_Man.jpg)

I'd like to volunteer for Firing Squad Duty. I can supply my own rifle. Heck, I'll bring my own ammo. I don't need the crutch of 1-in-5 is a blank.

ab4695  No.5807571

File: ec7e3fc1a0e65ed⋯.jpeg (174.19 KB, 1000x954, 500:477, ec7e3fc1a0e65edb239b217c8….jpeg)

So Kate spade made the clothes, bags, and shoes with human matter?

Anthony Bordain made the meals, orderbs, and desserts with human matter?

Did both, turned evidence?

Both died (got killed).

Is this overall a correct assumption or completely incorrect?

0f1c14  No.5807572

File: c8223b6370c0e48⋯.png (693.54 KB, 1073x1200, 1073:1200, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 864ebd7b11c4227⋯.png (737.55 KB, 1200x615, 80:41, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 864ebd7b11c4227⋯.png (737.55 KB, 1200x615, 80:41, ClipboardImage.png)


#Qanon dropping photos like crazy does this mean RC (Rachel Chandler) made a deal? This sick group of #EpsteinIsland #StandardHotel folks aren’t sleeping much! From Hollywood to the Royal family this is BIG! #EVIL


98ed6d  No.5807573

File: 8a73dca47124288⋯.png (74.74 KB, 500x500, 1:1, ANZ Patch.png)


They can try all they want, they won't succeed.

f8df8d  No.5807574


Gosh, I just started baking and already I'm a shill for saying anons should give input on controversial topics.

37837c  No.5807575

File: 7340c28ad805b72⋯.png (602.51 KB, 1757x719, 1757:719, witches1.png)

File: 988b6d6384ef10a⋯.png (2.13 MB, 1653x805, 1653:805, audreyGelmanTheWIngHrc01.PNG)

File: 4a44c325a77872c⋯.png (954.34 KB, 1198x765, 1198:765, audreyGelmanPentagram1.PNG)

File: 75c6a0b2f450bb9⋯.png (1.61 MB, 1641x802, 1641:802, audreyGelmanTheWIngGillibr….PNG)

File: c73f73b736276f5⋯.png (147.43 KB, 995x564, 995:564, Screenshot from 2019-03-21….png)

Rachel Chandler Connected to Audrey Gelman

Lightly used twatter handle from 2012.

cbb13c  No.5807576


I cracked a bit more, I think.

'''The deluge comes and it is after me, after my lights. It comes to swallow up the flame of my identity.

This house is all assigned and waiting for its Lord, whose son am I.

Open our windows then ___.'''

aa7af6  No.5807577

File: eb47d1253dc87c2⋯.jpeg (485.31 KB, 1144x1172, 286:293, 2019-03-21 at 11.21 AM.jpeg)



Baked a literal bread for ya. kek. o7

eaee3e  No.5807578


All Roads lead to Rome.

Start there.

69a479  No.5807579


Interdasting. This makes some sense.

ca25a1  No.5807580


I did try that but my comp came up with some bullshit about it not being a valid ip address. So moved on to this.

be5791  No.5807581


A video from a MoMA party: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPPKj99ZV60YouTube List of attendees: "Those in attendance included Madonna, Mary-Kate Olsen, Yoko Ono, James Franco, Lou Reed, Patti Smith, Chloe Sevigny, Penn Badgely, Padma Lakshmi, Rose Byrne, Kim Cattrall, Lucy Liu, Marina Abramovic, Daphne Guinness, Terence Koh, Andrej Pejic, Leelee Sobieski, Cindy Sherman, Agnes Gund, Katharina Sieverding, Rachel Chandler, Michelle Harper, David Rockefeller, Jr., MoMA's Director Glenn Lowry, Volkswagen's Martin Winterkorn, and Director of MoMA PS1 and MoMA's Chief Curator at Large Klaus Biesenbach."

https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1436568 for more

273045  No.5807582


Don’t like your [opera] troll being exposed?


8461cb  No.5807583


and prostitutes

2df718  No.5807584


Second this!

fdd3f5  No.5807585

File: 38773074338333d⋯.jpg (730.38 KB, 1536x1758, 256:293, PEDOINFOEXCHANGENAMBLARADI….jpg)

File: 344f107f0fd9057⋯.jpg (687.24 KB, 884x5449, 884:5449, PEDOINFOEXCHANGENAMBLARADI….jpg)

File: 3379bdd8d8fa242⋯.jpg (694.55 KB, 870x6929, 870:6929, PEDOINFOEXCHANGENAMBLARADI….jpg)

File: d68b3d89b9395c3⋯.jpg (2.15 MB, 829x8390, 829:8390, PEDOINFOEXCHANGENAMBLARADI….jpg)

File: 2e663e15af606e4⋯.jpeg (89.86 KB, 555x541, 555:541, 4652e939c4be474d59f3a668a….jpeg)


what was she doing in Nottingham?

what branch of the family is that?

d1a9cf  No.5807586



a10853  No.5807587

Vanilla background about the Chandlers https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Los_Angeles_Times#Chandler_era

0ea210  No.5807588

Patrick McMullin seems pretty connected. Where Ray is, he seems to be there to snap a photo.

is he sick?

0f1c14  No.5807589

File: 706d3036fa93306⋯.png (241.18 KB, 360x240, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

Huma Abedin and Nicky Hilton Rothschild at Highline Stages on November 13, 2018 in New York City.

39a349  No.5807590

File: 41cdf284b141f57⋯.jpg (25.81 KB, 400x317, 400:317, Symbolism.jpg)


you are a shill bc you say freemasonry is a controversial topic.

it is not.

freemasonry is the base for cabal.

anons know shills who defend masons ("most masons are fine guys", "no secrecy at all, bunch of old guys", "muh jooo", …).

757249  No.5807591

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8cc84d  No.5807592

File: 9f21cbb98dcbf47⋯.jpg (10.9 KB, 214x317, 214:317, weiland.jpg)

Hannah Weiland's, father is a movie producer out of the UK

Is she a sister in law to Alba Hodsol now that she's married to Alba's Husband's brother?

(Alba's friend and Sister In Law?)


d7d9c0  No.5807593

File: 91913f7f7d2fc41⋯.gif (1.83 MB, 500x281, 500:281, babycry.gif)


If the baker wants more input and doesn't jump to your demands = does not make one a shill. More common sense and less autistic screeching

0f1c14  No.5807594

File: b3871272cb8ba7e⋯.png (448.14 KB, 1068x1124, 267:281, ClipboardImage.png)

Why is former advisor to FBI's Mueller and Comey requesting that the Jeffrey Epstein Court documents NOT be made public?

3c2f7c  No.5807595


Probably going to focus daytime US timezones to keep normies at bay. Daytime gets thick with shills. Me like nightshift way better

eaee3e  No.5807596


Aries is a EVVE, or Ewe.

Funny we just started Aries.

a10853  No.5807597


Nice anon.

e73fbe  No.5807598

File: cdd27ac6ea79714⋯.jpeg (164.34 KB, 683x1024, 683:1024, pray.jpeg)


thank you sir for baking - you are doing a fine job and we need more like you. Don't let them get to you.

423533  No.5807599

File: 157b60cb565cd0b⋯.jpg (185.96 KB, 500x500, 1:1, OOOOO.jpg)


Took me some time to figure it out.

39a349  No.5807600


1. my bun was 80% Q drops on masonry, 20% info on masonry - notable

2. anons know shilly bakers surpressing notables or baking glowing ones.

3. anons know shills defending shilly bakers.

2df718  No.5807601


Gotta have a thick skin around here! You are doing good!

6a75e4  No.5807602

File: 62308b11a346f8a⋯.jpg (172.6 KB, 800x1210, 80:121, b51d8e3d931350506acef4e559….jpg)


Pretty sure neither turned any evidence.

a6ee5d  No.5807603


happened in europe, too.

he said he asked the beast politely in the first place


c542a4  No.5807604

File: c49a49cbed42792⋯.png (403.75 KB, 586x348, 293:174, 2019-03-21_06-42-40.png)

File: ac5cfd39f582027⋯.png (427.69 KB, 526x383, 526:383, 2019-03-21_06-45-46.png)

>>5807304 lb

Another false flag and they take all the guns.

Another one after that and they take the knives.

Then the muslims kick the terror and raping into high gear.

Like Europe, where citizens are trapped in their homes afraid to let their children play outside?


e73fbe  No.5807605

File: 9057597a8c2cd77⋯.png (8.04 KB, 403x365, 403:365, good freemasons key word F….png)


freemasonry is awesome - our country was founded by awesome cultists who made the first FREE country - the key word between freemasons and masons is FREE - unfortunately as is said ont he QMAP it's been bastardized by a bunch of leftists who decided to have sex with Russia 50 years ago and China 25 years ago

d59a34  No.5807606


Sorry folks not that good with posting but baker can jou make this a notable?

Remember also that st Barth is French.

I know there was/is a lot sex, drugs, roch&roll during the years on EdenRock

423533  No.5807607

File: ed183c6ecd14ea6⋯.jpg (20.17 KB, 300x271, 300:271, holocaust-feel-sorry-for-m….jpg)

File: c89e35a27f196f0⋯.jpg (40.5 KB, 491x491, 1:1, c89e35a27f196f01a18e0bee0c….jpg)

File: ea19ea05906df27⋯.jpg (57.71 KB, 494x522, 247:261, J22.jpg)

File: 778488524a083e3⋯.png (124.47 KB, 500x424, 125:106, Kike will Kike.png)

File: 2c6cc194038566f⋯.jpg (42.82 KB, 400x322, 200:161, ISIS = JEWS.jpg)




0f1c14  No.5807608

File: 5c3791a1d4ad5c6⋯.png (169.1 KB, 270x253, 270:253, ClipboardImage.png)

Duck Duck Go Search of Raychel Chandler Hillary Clinton gets me this photo. Creepy.

423533  No.5807609

File: eaa38091fa2846a⋯.jpg (321.33 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 00000.jpg)

523571  No.5807610

I get it now why Q brought her up again- thanks anon. He’s reigniting interest in her because she likely stars in the redacted pages and will blow it wide open when it becomes public knowledge.


ba37d7  No.5807611


TY Baker. You are wonderful!!!

cbb13c  No.5807612


Thank you, Anon. I was a secretary foe years, before I went to grad school, so I had to decipher a lot of handwriting on the fly.

2df718  No.5807613


Both died. Not sure, but if they had tried to provide evidence, that would be a good reason, I think.

2d0f45  No.5807614


The deluge comes. The storm, still alter me,

thirsts for my light. It strikes to swallow up

the flame of my identity. This house

is all assuaged and waiting for that sea

whose child I am; nor, thunder, do you case;

but the high windows, drowned, break and drink peace

Last verse of This shell, a poem by Edward Jones.

1eb3d6  No.5807615


I think Q might be saying some girls never got back on that boat. That they are being procured by the handler and "where are they now?"

And I think she's a dude.

39a349  No.5807616

File: 1e9c473d485b03e⋯.jpg (130.65 KB, 978x483, 326:161, The-Commitee-of-300.jpg)


<masons are fine guys, really!

and here we go.

shills glow.

Q drop means:

Most organizations ww (agencies, governments, NGOs, …) have sinister MASONIC/DS elements.

w/o masonry → no Illuminati DS

0f1c14  No.5807617

File: 96df6e7809262e4⋯.png (337.51 KB, 500x402, 250:201, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0ce1aa9815f64a6⋯.png (2.02 MB, 1200x1175, 48:47, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b81873a90d83184⋯.png (341.37 KB, 507x356, 507:356, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 923ffb7c8d38d2a⋯.png (599.54 KB, 704x396, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

f8df8d  No.5807618

File: 12aff6f16d6f04d⋯.png (33.21 KB, 134x145, 134:145, laughing-redhead.png)


Or a pretty good sense of humor. I can't believe shills are asking for a bun!

39a349  No.5807619

File: b7282c23e12629e⋯.jpg (58.54 KB, 800x552, 100:69, JQ_shills8.jpg)

File: c7131fa87c29d1c⋯.jpg (69.77 KB, 722x500, 361:250, MuhJewShills2.jpg)

File: eb133e59f6baa30⋯.jpg (127.99 KB, 960x720, 4:3, MuhJewShills4.jpg)


















1eb3d6  No.5807620


Wow! NOW it's getting interesting!!!!

d7d9c0  No.5807621


are you the horse hair douche from last bread? you asked for a second, why don't you wait for a second? your notable is stale as fuck. you just hodgepodged a bunch of stuff and demanded a notable.

423533  No.5807622

File: 26d57d6e1d9af45⋯.jpg (67.4 KB, 625x625, 1:1, A6.jpg)

File: 8a2bd74cfd48ffb⋯.jpeg (44.09 KB, 393x320, 393:320, j8.jpeg)

File: 36dacef79449e48⋯.jpg (329.21 KB, 982x737, 982:737, j18.jpg)

File: d8430d9117e0ca7⋯.png (181.81 KB, 610x343, 610:343, LxVJEH9.png)

File: 92bd98c6e4b9658⋯.jpg (30.36 KB, 300x309, 100:103, j10.jpg)



423533  No.5807623

File: 0ba95a792df4454⋯.png (16.54 KB, 394x422, 197:211, Q post 1781.png)

File: e0c8811683aa130⋯.png (141.42 KB, 498x634, 249:317, 916.png)



f72865  No.5807624

>>5807566 Baker, if I take it at this point it will also go to ghost. Sry can't help this morning. You did GREAT. Congrats!

280e4a  No.5807625

File: 8de1a6dd82c572e⋯.gif (138.59 KB, 1169x993, 1169:993, AAA71370-E4F7-439E-82FA-73….gif)

e73fbe  No.5807626


history of Freemasonry dates back to just before our country was founded - Masonry goes back hundreds of years further. The philosophy that undergirds our country is that of individualism - learn from Mark Levin "Rediscovering Americanism" - I'm no shill - I know my history and I've dug deep into it. don't try and put words in the QMAP - he linked to a post praising Freemasons and didn't single them out when responding.

the history of our country is not for the feint of heart and plenty of awesome freemasons died to make your life free - and plenty of others masons that call themselves freemasons want to carve you up for organs and rape your children. good and bad in every organization as it is said.

f8df8d  No.5807627

Early notes

Rachel C: seemingly a bottomless pit…..


>>5807518 St Barth Island & David Matthews (Eden Rock Hotel)

>>5807536 Illegal immigrant arrested after having sex with cow, say police (Is that what it takes now??)

>>5807514 DIGG on Clarke Gayford (Is the guy in the Clinton photo)?

>>5807505 Weird old note from Rachel C; what does it mean?

>>5807429. >>5807420, >>5807442 Yacht digg, cont.

>>5807428 Reminder: POTUS tweet on Princess Eugenie: "She has been through so much"

Rachel Chandler digg bun:

>>5807608 Ray Chandler & HRC best buds!

>>5807505 Weird old note from Rachel C; what does it mean?

>>5807447, >>5807457, >>5807475, >>5807521, >>5807533 Moar on Alba Hodsoll, other Chandler "family ties"

>>5807489 Sarah Hodsoll: Rachel C's mother

>>5807425, >>5807443 Rachel Chandler education

>>5807482, >>5807487, >>5807501 Moar on shoe DIGG from shoefag plus discussion

a6ee5d  No.5807628


to be minimally credible FMs should step up and clean their ranks.

Can not imagine that this will EVER happen volontarily.


d1ec32  No.5807629

File: 0715162e243cc3f⋯.jpg (51.87 KB, 714x432, 119:72, pinkUkraine.jpg)

>>5802783 pb q

>Are you awake?

Am now.

>http://www.michalchelbin.com / Strangely Familiar

Photos taken in Ukraine, Russia & Israel.

>>5806850 pb

>She travels to eastern europe and takes photos of school kids in well…

Thanks for the translation anon. Matches up with the trafficking rings that are alluded to in CDAN, etc. Did you happen to see anything from Bosnia, Serbia and/or Hungary?

f8df8d  No.5807630


It's ok, something will work out.

0f1c14  No.5807631

File: a72a4dd6e79e34d⋯.png (785.22 KB, 533x1200, 533:1200, ClipboardImage.png)

Ray Chandler in the news (WE ANONS ARE THE NEWS NOW FUCK THE MSM–THEY LURK HERE BITCHES YOU ARE HAHAHA READ IT AND CRY REEEEEE!!!). You knew this day was coming and now we are here. Find Jesus during this time because it is probably the only thing you have left.

c542a4  No.5807632

File: b2a6352e4a46227⋯.png (1014.6 KB, 1156x1142, 578:571, 2019-03-21_06-49-43.png)

File: c21eaa583666728⋯.png (416.89 KB, 844x845, 844:845, 2019-03-21_06-50-25.png)

File: 9e7feb29c2e1e2b⋯.png (113.93 KB, 813x576, 271:192, 2019-03-21_06-50-39.png)

Coming to your neighborhood… an example of when our government fails us.

39a349  No.5807633


>just hodgepodged a bunch of stuff

1. Q is now exposing the sick and evil cult behind the global DS. Hence, Illuminati, Masonry.

A bun on that seems relevant and would be good to have more eyes on.

2. bakers actes shilly, get´s called out, "masons are nice" shills and "muh jew" shills show up.

3. I am the same anon, yup. And I am still sure that this was a post by a disinfo shill (that was also defended by shills bigly.)

c7495a  No.5807634

File: 2633410bb7c4da8⋯.jpg (150.53 KB, 640x572, 160:143, 1513461919014.jpg)


>oy vey bakers accept MY meme graphic or else you are a nazi mason antisemite shill

8cc84d  No.5807635

Now here's a fishy site Lolita Cros: The Salon at the Wing, featuring Hodsoll's Art


423533  No.5807636

File: e5140eba7cee80d⋯.jpg (56.94 KB, 600x600, 1:1, addtext_com_MDAwNTI0MTk2NT….jpg)

File: 9f36ac58a5ba214⋯.png (24.48 KB, 1078x1182, 539:591, DON'T TRUST THEM!.png)

File: e23152b2d4b2245⋯.jpg (23.94 KB, 480x360, 4:3, addtext_com_MjAyMzUxNDU1Mz….jpg)

File: e2e26208ae03d94⋯.jpg (72.86 KB, 960x658, 480:329, addtext_com_MDQxNzQ1MjcwMD….jpg)

File: f06dba31c18b1fc⋯.png (611.09 KB, 477x829, 477:829, Jews 911.png)









c9e65d  No.5807637

File: 801b2e23c0a4ec5⋯.jpeg (2.15 MB, 1242x2193, 414:731, F1A10529-C44F-4CED-9934-9….jpeg)

File: 6644a4be537e3ea⋯.png (5.21 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 3170668E-C815-4743-B1D1-DD….png)

File: 0a28feac02f4696⋯.jpeg (906.26 KB, 1242x1051, 1242:1051, C177EF5F-BEE6-43B1-986B-D….jpeg)

File: 1e8ec57f2d21184⋯.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1242x1639, 1242:1639, 013FDB72-F6B8-4EFF-A8A1-0….jpeg)


Nicky with Huma???

and Alice??

1d88cc  No.5807638

File: e10886eff3bfb21⋯.jpg (84.83 KB, 772x599, 772:599, 772px-grace1918photographe….jpg)


8cc84d  No.5807639


The salon at the wing

The Salon at The Wing is a permanent exhibition with rotating artworks by female artists displayed all throughout the spaces

Despite their undeniable influence, women in the arts have long faced the same exclusion and marginalization as they have in other industries. The works in The Salon at The Wing stands as a statement to the power and creative force of these women. Curated by consultant and member Lolita Cros, the shows include over 215 artworks by 75 female artists. Similar to the warmth of a collector’s home, the viewer is privy to the unique experience of seeing fashion photographers and painters displayed alongside sculptors and illustrators. Bringing established, and up and coming artists together, Cros assembled the works to interact with each other, outside of the traditional hierarchy of the art world. The shows capture a dialogue between women of varying ages, identities, and nationalities — reflecting the heterogeneity of The Wing’s mission and members. Breaking down the barrier between the art world and the everyday, The Salon creates a space for members and guests to engage with important personal, political, and societal issues through the lens of art.

423533  No.5807640

File: 5dc4288d5bc5e33⋯.jpg (41.88 KB, 327x448, 327:448, 5dc4288d5bc5e334cb6f72c159….jpg)

File: 288299fb7948854⋯.jpg (28.25 KB, 300x483, 100:161, 288299fb7948854adb27c71922….jpg)

0f1c14  No.5807641



>an example of when our government fails us.


273045  No.5807642

File: 94c3272c5490500⋯.jpeg (1.02 MB, 2688x1296, 56:27, A5FCB97D-9C51-4CDB-A1AD-0….jpeg)

File: 68636afba8f127f⋯.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1837x1740, 1837:1740, 2E156595-DE36-4A43-BA4E-B….jpeg)

I’ve noticed a troll pushing OPERA browser lately…

Fishy indeed. It used to be fast, good, secure.


CM - please find and destroy the (((struggling pimp)))

0ea210  No.5807643

who is Patrick McMullin

468b09  No.5807644

File: 21ca12b11b7de74⋯.jpg (45.68 KB, 711x366, 237:122, Deluge.jpg)


>The deluge comes and it is after me, after my lights. It comes to swallow up the flame of my identity

Anon, I found the poem (I think). I'm tired so I'll give you a link and a pic. Good luck! I hope you find something good in here!!!


6a75e4  No.5807645

File: eee58bcbbb893a3⋯.jpg (24.5 KB, 500x453, 500:453, 1535227331677.jpg)


> 50 years ago

Washington, Adams and many other warned the masons but they were infiltrated a long time ago. Whether travellers know it or not they are now servants of the devil.

0f1c14  No.5807646


>I’ve noticed a troll pushing OPERA browser lately…


>Fishy indeed. It used to be fast, good, secure.




>CM - please find and destroy the (((struggling pimp)))


ca25a1  No.5807647

File: caaa74b93c6e7a9⋯.jpg (60.07 KB, 610x282, 305:141, Soros owns democrats.jpg)

File: 30fd6d4d8bc3278⋯.jpg (74.91 KB, 550x366, 275:183, After 6 FBI invest.jpg)

File: e64a54f2b8ad01e⋯.jpg (66.92 KB, 548x368, 137:92, This is a disgrace.jpg)

File: 1412bbf8974a59d⋯.jpg (69.43 KB, 600x336, 25:14, HILLARY GAVE CHINA.jpg)

c9e65d  No.5807648

File: e3a1ef7185bf56d⋯.jpeg (1.73 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 9917DF46-A969-4D2E-8685-B….jpeg)

File: 07d461cbd0be27f⋯.jpeg (649.99 KB, 1242x916, 621:458, 65240F69-E2AC-491E-845F-C….jpeg)


Nicky Rothschild/Hilton



7e5a8b  No.5807650


I think English freemasonry used to be good but got infiltrated/destroyed by French freemasonry/illuminati/Jesuits.

63de3b  No.5807651

File: 08c8137e839384b⋯.png (1017.5 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


b588e3  No.5807652


Life as a flat circle. Always present with them.

e73fbe  No.5807653

File: ef0cc1d6336544c⋯.jpg (562.77 KB, 1000x826, 500:413, soviet space.jpg)


its a long complicated story. I thought they were all scum not that long ago and then I dug a bit more. I'm also a fan of the Bush's so take that as you will. A lot of misinfo exists around and it takes forever to explain history and dot connecting.

d5ffe6  No.5807655

Jusrt was scrolling through (lb)…. you retards took till 4am to realize there were kids shoes inside bigger shoes?

b588e3  No.5807656


They are dead anon, most at least. People need to realize that this isn't a fairy tail and once those kids get into that system they stand a huge chance of being used for organ harvest very soon after.

ba67e4  No.5807657


read another, friend of another, and fofoa

freegold coming

39a349  No.5807658

File: 34361e0ff89bdbc⋯.jpg (52.28 KB, 438x225, 146:75, 33mason_albert_pike_lucife….jpg)

File: d24dac286922be2⋯.png (210.74 KB, 400x266, 200:133, d24dac286922be245c4b2ad70e….png)

File: 0dee60597affdc8⋯.jpg (34.57 KB, 255x229, 255:229, Freemason_Illuminati.jpg)


anons had you shills with the same bs already many times.

you think you will be able to win an argument against clear facts this time, shill?

masonry is the base for cabal.

all illuminati folks are recruited out of masonry. together with ruling families they are the ruling elite.

low level masons: are not commiting pizza crimes, but HAVE to help brothers whatsoever, per oath, also as judge, police officer, CEO, border patrol, …

FF → masons

therapists for FF → masons

agency staff ww → masons

hollywood → masons (and other masonic cults)

Managers of global crime → masons

High level masonry + other chevalric orders: sick and evil pizza scum


468b09  No.5807659


A link to the source of this poem:


423533  No.5807660

File: ffba49098736287⋯.gif (292.84 KB, 300x246, 50:41, 1496382286807.gif)

File: b2e1206108f056a⋯.png (27.03 KB, 200x202, 100:101, thumb_put-them-back-in-the….png)

File: 2ede397edb67435⋯.jpg (90.05 KB, 846x846, 1:1, 2ed.jpg)

File: f1d2028b59c0298⋯.jpg (106.99 KB, 400x479, 400:479, what-do-you-call-a-jew-in-….jpg)

File: 70c1a373d0e7818⋯.png (60.91 KB, 604x311, 604:311, Shitpost.png)


2df718  No.5807661

Michal Chelbin Takes Us Inside Ukraine’s Military Boarding Schools


420a11  No.5807662

Wow lot of Q posts last night.

I didn't classify no-names treason so don't bitch to me about it.

8cc84d  No.5807663

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Alba Hodsoll's weird short film called Paranoia

Reverse talking…

f8df8d  No.5807664


Nope, they worked it out hours ago. Smart anons.

e73fbe  No.5807665


and then the shill said shill shill shill shill - blah blah blah - you dismis me - I dismis you.

c542a4  No.5807666

File: 569095f984600d2⋯.png (438.24 KB, 508x415, 508:415, 2019-03-21_07-00-44.png)


There are alternatives.

39a349  No.5807667


every time the same, baker shills, anons post the relevant info even more, get´s eventually notable anyway, WAY more eyes on topic.

shills are a TOOL.

carry on.


ba67e4  No.5807668


she does look a lot like eminem

1eb3d6  No.5807669

Ray Chandler's mother-in-law is nicknamed "Shoe" Taylor.

0f1c14  No.5807670

File: 6adf537d02e82ec⋯.png (481.07 KB, 745x844, 745:844, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4d21ae1ce49f06d⋯.png (378.67 KB, 728x546, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e0c0428d5215f05⋯.png (436.76 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, ClipboardImage.png)


>Nicky Rothschild/Hilton





New: Title TBD




20 Mar 2019 - 8:57:51 PM



Be Aware of False Flags - Attempts to Change News Cycle




4 Aug 2018 - 11:41:42 PM


Be aware of your surroundings.

See something.

Say something.


361dd4  No.5807671


I want one of these

423533  No.5807672

File: b5b6a50f651eb3d⋯.jpg (4.03 MB, 3931x2620, 3931:2620, i-smell-shekels.jpg)

File: 736bea653c5687c⋯.png (139.89 KB, 500x531, 500:531, elmo.png)

File: ecd02312b76e236⋯.png (1.11 MB, 780x1409, 780:1409, dac92756866aadb19a0d3eea36….png)

File: 57ace676d1b9f00⋯.jpg (186.05 KB, 800x590, 80:59, B but muh mutilated genita….jpg)

File: 2fc0c42358a0a60⋯.png (163.72 KB, 500x556, 125:139, am-i-anti-semitic-no-its-t….png)



0ea210  No.5807673

Q, this is all the bad news for them.

Please get us prepared for the bad news for us.

such as possible financial collapse, reparations to the families of the victims of the US gov, etc.

7e5a8b  No.5807674


That's extra messed up somehow..

b588e3  No.5807675


Those wealthy weirdos fuck everybody in their clique constantly and have a ton of bastards. So it wouldn't surprise me.

8cc84d  No.5807676



65f439  No.5807677

File: b78a30ffda4fed2⋯.jpg (74.55 KB, 974x467, 974:467, NZass.JPG)

File: edd177a35052375⋯.jpg (124.4 KB, 1229x683, 1229:683, NZass2.JPG)


be5791  No.5807678


have no idea what was going on during those events, but people alternatively admired/resented her for frequently partying with famous celebrities and rolling everywhere with Paris and Nicky Hilton. She was rumored to be a big drinker/drug user and struggled academically. During high school (2001-2005), there was…

https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1436568 for more.

0f1c14  No.5807679

File: 6adf537d02e82ec⋯.png (481.07 KB, 745x844, 745:844, ClipboardImage.png)

f8df8d  No.5807680


Why just check the Notes? Become a BAKER this shift and you can add new ones!

65f439  No.5807681

File: 3b9ee6bd6993c57⋯.jpg (331.01 KB, 540x585, 12:13, matter.jpg)

f1ebb2  No.5807682

File: 178347631523b03⋯.jpg (414.17 KB, 838x1258, 419:629, SmartSelect_20190321-05015….jpg)

File: a068a9ef166fcd4⋯.jpg (395.76 KB, 964x587, 964:587, SmartSelect_20190321-05011….jpg)

File: 0aec7f5ecccde26⋯.jpg (616.74 KB, 1011x877, 1011:877, SmartSelect_20190321-05022….jpg)

Has anyone done a dig on Hanna Liden? I see her with Rachel Chandler a lot in the Getty images. Seems connected.

39a349  No.5807683

File: 21d8a943dbd3610⋯.jpeg (10.55 KB, 259x195, 259:195, Divide_Rule.jpeg)


cult is very old, refers to egypt/symmerian stuff.

masonry is the base for this cult.

masonry degrees refer to other orders way than masonry claims to be.

masonry is just the new name for the same old sick sacrificing cult.

6a75e4  No.5807684

File: 9d8f99e2d02299c⋯.jpg (37.89 KB, 469x650, 469:650, rothschildparty1972_0002.jpg)


Its not complicated. The battle was lost. Here read what this guy says. >>5807658

423533  No.5807685

File: 2e02c0eb3ac144a⋯.png (706.62 KB, 566x875, 566:875, 1520328788668.png)

File: ed3b36c22aad138⋯.jpg (41.44 KB, 474x662, 237:331, e3b92717f6132427db9ec99712….jpg)

File: 2a1b868ab796791⋯.jpg (59.82 KB, 640x636, 160:159, collect-all-a-classic-shek….jpg)

File: 9b1cf3317c238da⋯.jpg (69.67 KB, 750x740, 75:74, CrJ5SlyXYAA4MHW.jpg)

File: e75becb5d2a9d1f⋯.jpg (47.41 KB, 484x484, 1:1, j5.jpg)




It's like hearing a (((JEW))) talk about the holocaust.

Fucking broken record!


Terrible idea. He always says "shill baker" and "shill notable"

39a349  No.5807686


*way OLDER than

d7d9c0  No.5807687

File: 2e1b1051171400e⋯.gif (2.37 MB, 435x285, 29:19, pedocures16.gif)

File: d23e8e7c338fb5e⋯.gif (3.41 MB, 400x224, 25:14, pedocures12.gif)

File: dd8f9547987174d⋯.jpg (1.6 MB, 2560x1640, 64:41, pedocures11.jpg)

File: 3ec2f6e9a382149⋯.jpg (633.88 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, pedocures9.jpg)

File: e0d8941151b4aed⋯.jpg (647.26 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, pedocures7.jpg)

b588e3  No.5807688


Pre Sumerian if we go by our history autist department but, yeah, long ago.

423533  No.5807689

File: ef8d234b76562ea⋯.png (400.81 KB, 598x815, 598:815, Dirty Kikes.png)

File: 278297fe0745e17⋯.png (702.27 KB, 619x962, 619:962, bird.png)

File: 0f3024a3611dd31⋯.png (110.21 KB, 500x557, 500:557, j3.png)

File: e02b8f6c760c732⋯.jpg (40.52 KB, 650x350, 13:7, j13.jpg)

File: 444d7e20b81fe55⋯.jpg (46.54 KB, 600x400, 3:2, j15.jpg)

69a479  No.5807690


This was a set up to trying to ban assault rifles in the US. This sets the precedent for when the next shooting happens here. (They) will point to how NZ appropriately banned them and will state we need to be responsible like NZ and do the same thing.

bf9af9  No.5807691

>>5801367 (pb)

is this the fag who held obamas hand in the picture? or was that confirmed to have been prince dopey?

ba67e4  No.5807692

File: 61f8ce9b2a34660⋯.jpeg (513.79 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, 3F155900-10B3-4A6B-96EE-A….jpeg)

2df718  No.5807694

Michal Chelbin

"Some people are confused by her name. Let’s clear that up quickly. Michal Chelbin is a woman. She was born in the Israeli city of Haifa in 1974, became interested photography at age 15 and attended a high school for the arts. After high school she served two years in the military—a mandatory service for all Israeli citizens. She was, not surprisingly, assigned as a photographer to Dover Tzahal, the Israeli Defense Force unit responsible for information policy and media relations. There she gained experience in field photography and discovered she had no passion for pure documentary work.

After her military service, Chelbin worked briefly as a news photographer. She says she “hated every minute of it. I couldn’t photograph people in their grief, crying in hospitals or in courtrooms.” She soon left the field (“I was always late and eventually got fired”) and enrolled in a four year photography program at the WIZO (Women’s International Zionist Organization) Academy of Design. “It gave me the framework to start working on my own personal projects,” Chelbin has said. She’s been doing that ever since."


63de3b  No.5807695


The really GOOD NEWS is that the EVIL is



0ea210  No.5807696

this guy

always there, but out of the picture.


f8df8d  No.5807697


Not particularly looking for a shill baker just a handoff. Playing a little bit with the victim mentality they like to instill. Poor shills. Never get any love. Except maybe from bible-fags.

2d0f45  No.5807698


Edward James.



8ecbca  No.5807699

File: b30bc4bdda4f3a4⋯.jpg (108.8 KB, 1440x896, 45:28, ignant-photography-drew-vi….jpg)

Ever hear of flash photog "Drew Vickers?"


82b307  No.5807700


Real disturbed sleep. Checked QDrops just before bed. I don't suggest it and won't do it in the future. All those kids eyes. So very haunted. Let's get these guys, Anons. They should all suffer more than their victims did.

0f1c14  No.5807701

File: fd06e86751f543f⋯.png (410.16 KB, 600x314, 300:157, ClipboardImage.png)

File: fd06e86751f543f⋯.png (410.16 KB, 600x314, 300:157, ClipboardImage.png)


(from a 1 week ago anons–caution on NBC fake news)

NBC Admits Hillary Clinton Used her Job to Cover up Pedophile Rings as Secretary of State

The NBC investigation was broadcast at a time when they were a real news organization rather than a branch of the Democratic Party’s PR department, and provided internal State Department memos to back up claims of a massive Hillary Clinton elite pedophile ring cover-up.


a10853  No.5807702



Never heard of Edward James before. Article says he was a rich beatnik-type guy who was a patron of artists in the 1940s and a friend of Dali.

6e4998  No.5807703

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Dig! Dig! Dig!

b588e3  No.5807704

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

People really need to cut all Hollywood out completely. Shit is just all fucked up.

7e5a8b  No.5807705


I know it's very old.

Psalm 118:22 (King James Version) The stone the builders (Freemasons or whatever they called themselves then) rejected has become the capstone.

I still think there is/was good factions within English freemasonry at least.

719170  No.5807706

Well this should be a PANIC filled couple of days.

39a349  No.5807707


I am not a baker - true.

You are a shill baker - true.

(Getting back up by muh jew shills is not well for blending in, baker.)

423533  No.5807708

File: 21b76c4bd0fdff7⋯.jpg (185.98 KB, 685x480, 137:96, 21b.jpg)

File: 5f8d11481782eaa⋯.jpeg (24.1 KB, 500x461, 500:461, 1111.jpeg)

File: 6baf26d39bf186a⋯.jpg (9.46 KB, 221x229, 221:229, 6baf26d39bf186a7333a01d532….jpg)

File: bd8b697f9f575cb⋯.png (528.65 KB, 799x536, 799:536, 1480095814670.png)

File: 5fc72fe350664fa⋯.jpg (15.82 KB, 300x300, 1:1, oi-vey-time-to-beg-for-mor….jpg)


You're the shill calling other shills.

2df718  No.5807709

‘Voices Of Incarceration’ Exhibition Opens Saturday 25th in Los Angeles

"Michal Chelbin‘s work includes adults and juveniles, but there is a strong persuasion in her work to consider youth and beginnings. Much of Chelbin’s past work depicts children who are fighters, gymnasts, miners or contemporary dancers – it as if they’ve been fast-tracked to adult lives of graft, competition and discipline. In that regard, her portraits of imprisoned children continues a theme and I’d argue we are not only presented with the seriousness of their confinement but also glimpse the awareness these children have of their deprivation."


b588e3  No.5807710


Wow they really do look related.

3f2ce0  No.5807711

-→ apr. 06 2018


taken from a webcached google archive (archived the webcache)

about a Q crump/post

>Now, we’ve already established (from the previous Neon Revolt post that I linked above) that Ray Chandler was one of the girls farmed out at Epstein’s Island…

>But she’s also one that, as she grew up, seemed to “escape” when in fact,

>Q is implying that she’s become a very active part of this whole operation




>snapshot of the page as it appeared on 14 Feb 2019





-→ apr. 07.2018

ray.chandler sets account to private @ 3:20 est



<[dead] https://www.reddit.com/r/greatawakening/comments/8agk5f/raychandler_sets_account_to_private_320_est/

-→ April 08, 2018

somewhere randomly on a blocker website (voxday)

>lot of Q talk about Epstein's Island (Pedoph-isle) and some procurer/victim called Ray Chandler


-→ 23 Apr 2018

somewhere on /pol/

this post was made

>Ray.chandler is a human trafficker.


>strg "ray"

b71eb0  No.5807712

File: 572fa07df2f5cdd⋯.mp4 (2.28 MB, 854x480, 427:240, AX102_250.mp4)

Epstain island FLY OVER

f8df8d  No.5807713


Carry on, friend. We all do what we have to do.

0f1c14  No.5807715

File: 66c66fc42070a32⋯.png (189.54 KB, 684x192, 57:16, ClipboardImage.png)

I'm just gonna end this thread with an Evan Chandler's quote (published on his brother Ray Chandler's 'All That Glitters' book, 2004) that, for me, sums up the whole 1993 allegations (or any other copycat allegation for that matter, since they ALL came from this one):

d5ffe6  No.5807716


I was gonna say.. i saw it at 1am before i went to sleep… and i was getting my first ballbreaker in for the day … Top of tha morning', to ya.

e73fbe  No.5807717


I don't see where he talks about the philosophy part and the origins of our country as distinct - there was tons of evil that our founders fought against and based on my research they were an offshoot of the cabbal that took it in an awesome direction that's basicaly the "freedom" we all know - cabbalism for everyone. truth justice and all that jazz - course the bad cultsits didn't like that and fucked them over the course of the last couple centuries - with the exception of our Military which has a few remannts of sorts. and around the world.

Russia and China decided to use cabbalism to string pull and installed Clinton (china) and russia was a bit before that - neither one is truly cabbal themselves as Q says they are closed countries to prevent anyone ffrom getting in - that's why the cabbal was forced to operate of of NK as a compromise of sort with the clowns so they could master their mass brianwash - and individual brainwash on various individual subjects in cult families - the "closed eye"

holy crap is this taking forever - I haven't even gotten to the symbolism part and the soccer balls shooting against the moon and all the sedated children being raped - fuck it - that's enough for the moment I doubt anyone will read it anyway

423533  No.5807718


It happens all the time with this faggot ID 39a349

Calls baker shill because he doesn't get a notable.

Then me (sometime others) will jump down his back for this shit.

0f1c14  No.5807719


MJ a victim and scapegoat for (((they're))) evil sickness!!!!

8cc84d  No.5807720

File: 382bfabef303ff7⋯.jpg (231.94 KB, 1195x1164, 1195:1164, guiness.jpg)

Hodsoll and Weiland (Guinness) pictured together at Hodsoll's Art Show 'Life Lines'

66cb7a  No.5807721


What date is this ?

e5071d  No.5807722

Over 300,000 on Qmap.pub now !

Gonna start some digs on the C/Handler the child trafficker pornographer Satanist, and worse.

d7d9c0  No.5807723

File: 836637a6fc3e978⋯.gif (967.59 KB, 500x213, 500:213, vampsmoking.gif)


Jezebel says, "do it my way or you will pay."

The baker is not your servant.

423533  No.5807724


Highest I seen was slightly over 306,000!!!

Hopefully we can beat it!

b71eb0  No.5807725

78312e  No.5807726

File: e67432fbf29d815⋯.png (246.82 KB, 1006x662, 503:331, 7A613DBD-1EA8-4582-8C04-C5….png)

Pic related. Sorry if this was already posted or figured out. Hit the wall and shut down early last night.

I want to vomit. The girl is looking through a homemade reflector box you would use during a solar eclipse. They are offering the baby.

Are my eyes lying?

f8df8d  No.5807727


Usually ignore. But they are cracking me up this morning. Better than covfefe for tired bakers.

d1ec32  No.5807728

File: 27017fed4376671⋯.png (42.07 KB, 580x508, 145:127, Q-ChandlerMackMarina.png)

>>5804038 pb

>Rachel has been a friend of Paris Hilton for a LONG time.

Thanks anon. Super helpful.

>One thing you guys have missed is that she has a much deeper connection to the occult artist Marina Abramovic than I've seen documented so far.

>Rachel is the primary photographer for an artist named Terence Koh, who frequently collaborates with Abramovic


523571  No.5807729


They’re recycling an old story that was covered up- think it was during BHO’s tenure. I’m mildly optimistic that it’s a sign MSM will start reporting their crimes finally.

43533f  No.5807730

File: d66edbc519d28dc⋯.jpeg (41.76 KB, 400x484, 100:121, CED4595C-81FE-4ABD-82AB-1….jpeg)

To all those who have the power to help stop and punish this unspeakable Evil which has grown unbearable for those of good conscience, take a good look at this child’s eyes. Do you not see the abject pain and suffering in these eyes which stare accusingly and imploringly at you? She is but one of tens of thousands who are suffering because YOU have yet to take a STAND against those in your midst who are perpetrating this unspeakable evil.

What is preventing you from exposing and stopping these monsters? What do you fear? Your pension? Your safety? Your family’s safety? You rationalize and self-deceive that you keep quiet because you are protecting others. Self-deception is the Tenth Circle of Hell left uncharted by Dante.

For those of you who are cowards in the face of this Evil, you can be sure that in whatever form “the afterlife” takes, you will have to answer for this inaction above all others. You may die once on this all too brief exercise of free will here on Earth but your remorse over failing to help these children when you had the chance, will last for eternity.

Look at her eyes. She is looking at you. Fail to act and her face will haunt you for the rest of your life and beyond. If not now, when? If not you, who?

73a4f7  No.5807731


Can’t forget Allison Mack flipped to state witness this week… Is it a huge leap to think NXIM & Pedo Island are connected?

423533  No.5807732

File: 8cc5eb6944532ae⋯.jpg (50.75 KB, 689x729, 689:729, pepe3.jpg)


Gotcha covered!

0ea210  No.5807733


>EVIL is

>being EXPOSED

we anticipate that. despite "proof" we haven't really seen it yet, except for many small officials, and their cases do not shed much light on anything larger

39a349  No.5807734

File: ca7133bc50ad8fc⋯.jpg (98.04 KB, 750x908, 375:454, JFK.jpg)

File: fd5cc1cc1edd92f⋯.jpg (59.17 KB, 615x384, 205:128, JFK_plot.jpg)

File: 8e2b45a4da51cbe⋯.png (24.19 KB, 438x311, 438:311, MakeItRAIN.png)


nope, no good fractions in masonry (at least not intended by masonry leadership - luciferian leardership!)

I do belive that some masons left the cult and, over time, made a plan.

However, freemasonry IS the cult.

Why are all scientists (that are successfull) masons?

Why were masons the absolute masters of (mathematically higly complicated) stone building?

…bc of old rituals and knowldge.

knowledge the masons kept secret from WE THE PEOPLE, knowledge they only used for their own benefit and to ENSLAVE all sheep.

why is Q using the phrase "make it rain" so often?

maybe bc this it the warning call masons give when a "profane" one shows up and some secret talk needs to end?



0f1c14  No.5807735



Ray Chandler (child handler) is the Key? Standard Hotel? @RepAdamSchiff? #deepstate had the dirt on #Congress and used it for their NWO Syndicate agenda? #pizzagate conspiracy turned #truth? @FoxNews @ABC @CBS @NBC @MSNBC @CNN are there any decent human beings among you?

420a11  No.5807736



I don't think you understand how this works Q?

I think you have better contact info than us?

58fcf4  No.5807737

File: b8d854eb8f6e528⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 2268x2354, 1134:1177, b0dbc79411e87c4df5a2a3df98….jpg)

3f2ce0  No.5807738

59c378  No.5807739

File: 376b6ffff65bcc4⋯.jpg (138.5 KB, 856x664, 107:83, bc je gm.JPG)



be5791  No.5807740


You want digs on Chandler? Enough here to keep you going days looking up names and family/cohorts.


cb1071  No.5807741

I love watching F&F in the morning, but someone needs to let Brian Kilmeade know that it's not the Brian show. His rude demeanor is really getting out of hand!

f8df8d  No.5807742


Came up in LB

2df718  No.5807743

michal chelbin - check out her photos.


0f1c14  No.5807744

File: 48c9b28c05c0ae8⋯.png (725.58 KB, 1200x575, 48:23, ClipboardImage.png)




Rachel " Ray" Chandler former " ALICE " becomes a " White Rabbit " to lure children down the pedo rabbit hole to their evil " Wonderland " these people are sick is too nice

Ray Chandler Guinness marriage for power not love ? "White Rabbit " lures children down the pedo rabbit hole https://www.vogue.com/slideshow/rachel-chandler-guinness-wedding-photos?fbclid=IwAR25HRsy5o0mxp37hKHDndjB4cTmdU5SATqNjY04bSpQKIvo8i6KRCVLfjQ#4 … https://subliminalsynchrosphere.blogspot.com/2018/06/grace-class-molochbaphomet-barry-sandy.html …

98ed6d  No.5807745


see something, say something

f8df8d  No.5807746


Need a Pepe with a covfefe stand

4daa4d  No.5807747


>>Don't read anything on Wikipedia, comped.

Fixed :)

3f2ce0  No.5807748



child handler

39a349  No.5807749


that seems true, but I will pray that you get a choice to do otherwise soon.

4daa4d  No.5807750



0059de  No.5807751

File: be7fd7ce029e0dc⋯.jpg (34.68 KB, 520x367, 520:367, bd.jpg)

File: fe6c2dff9d76d6c⋯.jpg (158.7 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, ennis.jpg)

A few random thoughts:

Child Handler = Chandler —- somewhat gay as the Chandler name has been around for generations, long before Rachel. That is UNLESS……….this shit really goes way, way back………..

And then you have the period where everything connects………..

Chandler family = renowned owners of (at one time, renowned) L.A. Times newspaper

Black Dahlia murder = origins of Hollyweird pedo shit. If this is an accurate dig, then it would also be the beginning of connecting those in high-society with satanic ritual/blackmail activity. Connecting elite families with appalling criminal behavior. Those in the ‘know’ covering up crimes, law enforcement being stunted as it is today, connecting the politically connect with wealthy families and mundane acts of depravity. The news from today (Epstein, hussein, BC etc.), would only be the latest in a long, long line of similar acts. If I’m anywhere near correct, it would be a rabbit hole……….a black hole, with no end in sight.

Don’t ask…….it’s Chinatown!

95097c  No.5807752

File: 3018fe284047fc4⋯.png (1.36 MB, 1209x713, 39:23, 4667.png)

Lord, Holy Spirit, come and equip us in our daily Breads, guide us in our righteous fight against the evil dominions, and inspire us in our battle to dethrone the evil ones.

Give strength to Q and his Q-anon digital soldiers, bless them and anoint them with your divine love and power.

Bless the Bakers, as they guide us safely through the Valley of Shadows.

Help us to strike down the false prophets and cast them into the Lake of Fire.

Thank you Lord, for choosing to use us to bring your kingdom here on Earth.


db52a9  No.5807753

File: d7c949c2aa64b65⋯.jpg (55.76 KB, 547x492, 547:492, ClintonAndGirl.jpg)

File: 7fb8000a611a88a⋯.jpg (218.24 KB, 1017x632, 1017:632, mccain5..jpg)


Interesting - I did a tineye search on the first picture of Clinton and it came up with the second picture URL, note the date 09/11/08 12:58PM.

" A photo of populist war hero presidential candidate John McCain lumbering his way onto Raffaello Follieri's yacht in Montenegro! And on the day after Follieri pleads guilty to multimillion-dollar fraud! "


63de3b  No.5807754

File: 08c8137e839384b⋯.png (1017.5 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)



84d1a9  No.5807755

File: 262fc03381c7503⋯.jpeg (290.77 KB, 1242x549, 138:61, 1BEDB37C-A8CC-4634-AC37-3….jpeg)


e73fbe  No.5807756

File: a69f7412644ece7⋯.jpg (3.66 MB, 3000x2157, 1000:719, elephant tedddy.jpg)


there is no doubt freemasonry has many practicers that are fucking the worst scum on the planet - I don't think anyone denies that - the history is what facinates me - which orginizations started out evil versus good and when did they flip.

Teddy Roosevelt was a cult guy and he took over the US POTUS chair for the cult - this symbolic image tells it all - he killled the republican party.

ah this always takes too long - FBI staretd out good and Edgar Hoover fucked it - Truman saved the world back when the military killed FDR - note that FDR and Hitler and Mussolini died the same month - and anyway… basically we got the country back but then China and Russia decided to take over America by teaming up with the cabbal

66cb7a  No.5807757


Why the dredge?

We buried Epstien a long time ago.

Now bulldozed and broken up.

ff2bc7  No.5807758


FBI did nothing then and will do nothing now.

All roads lead back to the blood sucking ritualistic

Vatican and the powerful banks they control.

Their symbolism is spread worldwide and all officials

with power to do anything turn a blind eye.

420a11  No.5807759


Q first.

ce810b  No.5807760

If anyone thinks Q movement is about anything partisan, just remember we pay respects to a Democrat activist while a Republican senator is an enemy unworthy of naming.

0f1c14  No.5807761

File: fe67b12f220aea2⋯.png (303.95 KB, 657x527, 657:527, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b6ac9ec5f54c60a⋯.png (376.74 KB, 1024x904, 128:113, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c6cf70df0e436aa⋯.png (186.65 KB, 424x320, 53:40, ClipboardImage.png)

So basically, New Zealand decides to take rights away from its citizens because a foreign person committed an act of terror.

3f2ce0  No.5807762

File: 5e31f1af57646be⋯.png (177.21 KB, 459x699, 153:233, 18a696d37eeb66973087a81354….png)

d7d9c0  No.5807763

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


FFS, so whose fault was it that Michael a 30+ year old man would sleep with small boys as young as 7. This is not disputed. So that was someone else's fault? Even his sister outed him. Give it up, you like his music, who cares.

6662ac  No.5807764

File: 67df6c7c89680bb⋯.jpg (155.38 KB, 1108x1478, 554:739, S__6438931.jpg)

File: 67df6c7c89680bb⋯.jpg (155.38 KB, 1108x1478, 554:739, S__6438931.jpg)

Last super moon of this year

Wicked Kool Color

501537  No.5807765

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

63de3b  No.5807766

File: 9cc4b2228032930⋯.png (2.32 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)



c542a4  No.5807767

File: 6d0cf3d7d172548⋯.png (633.88 KB, 1171x1089, 1171:1089, 2019-03-21_07-14-14.png)

File: d425a30a5b5dc20⋯.png (317.71 KB, 761x764, 761:764, 2019-03-21_07-15-34.png)

File: c1280f306e32a16⋯.png (74.83 KB, 248x226, 124:113, 2019-03-21_07-19-01.png)

File: d9a3722b060b2bb⋯.png (74.25 KB, 246x192, 41:32, 2019-03-21_07-20-01.png)

Another one.

"See, I'm just like you."

Reminds one of Fauxcahontas drinking beer, trying to relate to average Americans.

b3730f  No.5807768

File: a22b316997c3812⋯.png (212.64 KB, 860x1345, 172:269, 7d98edfafdcc43e1d5707911ab….png)


this works.

39a349  No.5807769

File: 86c4ebe6b0c6d73⋯.jpg (302.94 KB, 1600x1042, 800:521, STRONG_TOGETHER.jpg)

File: 5414e900ce91431⋯.jpg (135.3 KB, 1200x536, 150:67, Unity_notDivision.jpg)


Anons are attacked by muh jew shills again.

Since Q called them out yesterday they PANIC.

There are two kinds of muh jew shills.

1 - glowing ones using nose images and saying kike and rabbi in every post.

2 - blended in ones (repliying to concern shills) and using (((echos))) to create a "people vs jews" narrativ.

<DS wants the people divided

Don´t fall for it.


Look here → joooos, only joooos, every joooo

Do NOT look here → worldwide cabal, ruling families, Freemasons, other masonic orders, Killary+Hussein+Administration, China ,SA, Iran, global terrorism, thinktanks, political advisers, actors, musicians, judges, doctors, fake news reporters, …

If it is that simple like

<muh jooos

why do we even have a research board?

420a11  No.5807770


Call the Cross dressers to investigate the Perv's?

Something not right about that.

Hope they don't think you are liar, they just need someone else to confirm.

We don't talk to Po-Po.

1cb15c  No.5807772

File: 032bbdddc01b74a⋯.jpg (375.78 KB, 1440x2076, 120:173, SmartSelect_20190321-06201….jpg)

b3730f  No.5807773


love that last pic .. my eye goes to that racist little statue on the cupboard at the back, every time.

3f2ce0  No.5807774

day of the rope coming

enjoy the show

reread april crumps

it'z habbening

0f1c14  No.5807775

File: 0476ff168f82bc7⋯.png (188.48 KB, 420x420, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


>see something, say something


>Q first.



20 Mar 2019 - 8:57:51 PM



66cb7a  No.5807776


Sorry you just replying.

Been away for a while. Why the dig?

d5ffe6  No.5807777


(((Their))) acting skills are severely affected by all the PANIC. Its forcing (((them))) to look absolutely fake…because it is.

b588e3  No.5807778


They literally have no plan, none, zero. Not even kidding.

423533  No.5807779

File: 1d3173080358b3d⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 23.57 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Shit 4.jpg)


And here he is with the copy pasta!

Have some shit for your trouble!

420a11  No.5807780


Truth has resonance, and so did George.

82f317  No.5807781

File: deebe8b29a19406⋯.jpg (325.09 KB, 1950x1732, 975:866, Chelbin.jpg)

File: a5f7df7475061ce⋯.jpg (51.67 KB, 600x350, 12:7, Black-eyes.jpg)

84d1a9  No.5807782

File: 4b92c55611bc6d8⋯.jpeg (448.15 KB, 1242x1242, 1:1, 117B3135-0457-4BA8-8D1C-2….jpeg)

e73fbe  No.5807783


yep, pretty much - tho once you learn the way of symbolism you kind of become one (not for long mind you) but that's the barrier to entry for "the big club"

98ed6d  No.5807784


Q has already, now the public has to wake up and do the same.

59c378  No.5807785


Ghislaine Maxwell

Epstein was convicted of soliciting underage girls, and Maxwell has been accused in court papers of procuring them for Epstein

26edc3  No.5807786

File: 857b6a868b35870⋯.jpg (79.28 KB, 742x867, 742:867, 800px_Harrison_Gray_Otis.jpg)

File: 48d6512d875a0ba⋯.jpg (631.29 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, lat_building_featured.jpg)

File: 12b88d050259bbe⋯.jpg (186 KB, 1920x643, 1920:643, Chandler family-surfboards.jpg)


> She's one of many descendants of the Chandler family, which owned the Los Angeles Times for decades.

Her family didn't just Own the LA times, they owned Los Angeles basically. It stems from her ancestor Gen. Harrison Gray Otis.

Otis, a Civil War veteran, drifted to Los Angeles in 1880, believing it a good place to raise goats.

Los Angeles at this time was a sand lot. Somehow six years after moving to LA, Otis gained full control of a fledgling newspaper, the Los Angeles Daily Times. He changed the name to the LA times.

He used the LA times to shape Los Angeles into his vision.

He was part of a syndicate that bought vast tracts of barren land in the San Fernando Valley with the inside knowledge the Los Angeles Aqueduct would bring water there, and used his newspaper to scare the public about the threat of drought, drumming up support for a 230-mile aqueduct to divert water from the Owens Valley to Los Angeles. Without this aquaduct, LA would still be a desert. Him and his syndicate buying up the land knowing the aqeuduct would be built inspired Roman Polanski's Chinatown.

The port of Los Angeles, the busiest port in the United States, was his brain child, and he used the LA times to pressure the federal government to build the port of LA in San Pedro instead of Santa Monica.

Otis had a son-in-law and right hand man was Harry Chandler, who took over the operations when Harrison Gray Otis died in 1917. Chandler had his hands in every LA honeypot, owning stakes in oil wells, promoting and investing in the burgeoning SoCal aviation industry, investing in steamships, Goodyear Oil and Tire, and subdivisions—including the fabled Hollywoodland in Beachwood Canyon—in the city and the Valley and At every turn, the LA Times was there to promote the boss’s latest business venture.

After Chandler’s retirement, his handsome, laid-back son, Norman, became publisher. Under him, the Times continued to exert a powerful influence on Los Angeles and Southern California, helping a young politician named Richard Nixon get elected.

In short, the LA times was the driving force behind the transformation of LA from a backwater to a metroplolis. It no only was the PR machine of it, it was the financial beneficiary of LA's growth and industry.

Ray comes from deep pockets with a vault of secrets I imagine on every major player to exist in the 20th century.




c7495a  No.5807787

File: c308aae1289f5d2⋯.png (604.5 KB, 875x811, 875:811, Screenshot_2019-03-21 Trum….png)


>Teddy Roosevelt was a cult guy and he took over the US POTUS chair for the cult - this symbolic image tells it all - he killled the republican party.


e73fbe  No.5807788

File: 91f25575d3a81b9⋯.png (153.03 KB, 794x604, 397:302, the big club.png)

0f1c14  No.5807789

File: a41ab670b9b86fe⋯.png (83.33 KB, 213x250, 213:250, ClipboardImage.png)





20 Mar 2019 - 8:57:51 PM



e1c84b  No.5807790

File: add328f9c35ab29⋯.jpg (643.85 KB, 1051x1051, 1:1, 10.jpg)


here's what i see in this pic

3f2ce0  No.5807791

File: 01ed6c7b32417b9⋯.png (283.56 KB, 613x808, 613:808, 4203d699b0f1aa99da4ab0e3d7….png)


praise kek, truth has spoken.

420a11  No.5807792


yeah get on that.

f8df8d  No.5807793


Sad. No video to watch.

1cb15c  No.5807794


Flood the tip line. At least it's doing something.

98ed6d  No.5807795

File: ee17bdf66ac48aa⋯.jpg (17.21 KB, 255x242, 255:242, 43010d0424ec268a0346e964a2….jpg)

ac6e36  No.5807796


yes seems connected.

8461cb  No.5807797

File: 94e717fcc07b567⋯.png (74.4 KB, 706x680, 353:340, CLINTONS RIP OFF AUSTRAILI….PNG)

File: 91bceb4fe1accdd⋯.png (197.87 KB, 660x767, 660:767, CLINTONS RIP2 OFF AUSTRAIL….PNG)

File: 655218923fdb6f1⋯.png (297.39 KB, 654x760, 327:380, CLINTONS RIP3 OFF AUSTRAIL….PNG)

File: 0f3c374fc4e7713⋯.png (555.81 KB, 484x796, 121:199, CLINTONS RIP4 OFF AUSTRAIL….PNG)

File: a0afc22dee1d47f⋯.png (137.92 KB, 555x798, 185:266, CLINTONS RIP5 OFF AUSTRAIL….PNG)

moar dig on Clinton and Australian Ross Cameron on Sky with Paul Murray re the "Clintons and me"

Saturday, 29 October 2016

On 4 September 2016 I sent the Request for Enquiry (below) to several Australian Senators.

One replied to explain this matter wasn't a priority.

It soon will be for Rudd, Gillard and others.


1cb15c  No.5807798

File: 3b3ed6a192789e6⋯.jpg (39.08 KB, 749x431, 749:431, IMG_20181011_104515.jpg)

8157d6  No.5807799


1.) That's a dude

2.) He's on all the drugs

3.) Pretty sure that's Post Malone

4.) I hear you, though

659aeb  No.5807800

File: c042a61b9fcea86⋯.jpeg (123.47 KB, 555x370, 3:2, F953CE53-35B5-4447-ABD2-A….jpeg)

Same Rachel Chandler?


Sorry if already posted. At work and phonefagging with fuck all signal.

bd3a7d  No.5807801

File: 73ac88ae4905b9b⋯.jpeg (110.47 KB, 1072x796, 268:199, laughkidllama.jpeg)

7e5a8b  No.5807802


"I do belive that some masons left the cult and, over time, made a plan."

Yeah that's basically what I'm saying

e73fbe  No.5807803

File: da6c55744eee4aa⋯.png (12.88 KB, 390x401, 390:401, drop ss detail.png)


symbolism is all contextual - thanks for the tip - I'm sure it means something important but I'm not sure exactly what. - it reminds me that Q mentioned when Don Jr dumped SS

5023ee  No.5807804

File: 5e4da542d9c079d⋯.jpg (124.94 KB, 683x742, 683:742, 4364364.jpg)


799890  No.5807805

It’s amazing how impossible it is to find a biography about RC, who her parents are, etc. Has anyone been able to find this ??

It doesn’t help that there’s a woman named RC that was kidnapped by Somali pirates, and then the stupid cast of Friends …

ff2bc7  No.5807806


Connect the dots

To whom does the Queen of England pledge its allegiance.

Who did the Prince Phillip call the useless eaters?

Think for yourself

63de3b  No.5807807

File: d7bc840272dac2e⋯.png (1.48 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)




0059de  No.5807808

File: 358999a77a0aec4⋯.jpg (40.49 KB, 640x480, 4:3, l_sobieski_tc.jpg)

File: 7fc486189ba3a07⋯.jpg (11.62 KB, 214x317, 214:317, leelee.jpg)

File: 05e6370c7c08a17⋯.jpg (50.4 KB, 640x360, 16:9, leelee_sobieski_ews.jpg)

File: c0d894b44080dcd⋯.jpg (26.75 KB, 297x445, 297:445, ls.jpg)


More random thoughts:

Leelee Sobieski = a wonderful actress. In fact, so talented she starred in Eyes Wide Shut as a very young actress (risqué pic related).

A few other roles, and then to my eyes………….vanished from Hollyweird………..but in hindsight, she fled. She ran and disappeared from the scene about as quickly as lady gaga appeared (and became a mega star overnight). While happening, this shit never made sense to me…………..in hindsight it all seems to make too much sense……….as if by design. There were those willing to play, and those unwilling.

I realize it's been done before, but I think we need some digs on Brittany Murphy…….

2d454d  No.5807809




No they aren't. Post proof or go away with your morbid fantasy. I looked for some with large agencies and models with unique names from the story here : https://www.wmagazine.com/gallery/16-models-to-watch-in-2017-as-predicted-by-midland-agencys-rachel-chandler-and-walter-pearce/all

#7: Eva: https://www.instagram.com/evavarlamova/

#10 Arselaja: https://www.instagram.com/arselajdaburaku/

#14 Thais Martins: https://www.instagram.com/tthaismarttins/

Let's keep this based in facts anons, and keep digging.

98ed6d  No.5807810


I think trophy killing is wrong…

This makes me sad…

f8df8d  No.5807811


Maybe do a little digging on it? LB someone thought another RC was her but no. Problem is name is kinda common…..

a74ce5  No.5807812

All this Chandler stuff is old, I’m guessing we are putting pressure on the FBI to reopen a suppressed investigation.

37837c  No.5807813

File: c0be10e829210dd⋯.png (309.52 KB, 1200x628, 300:157, rachelchandlerPurple1.png)

File: 04ff07832c863ce⋯.png (146.31 KB, 623x588, 89:84, Screenshot from 2019-03-21….png)

File: f0a734fd0d26118⋯.png (186.13 KB, 668x583, 668:583, Screenshot from 2019-03-21….png)

File: 99b2c3717abfe48⋯.png (222.53 KB, 644x597, 644:597, Screenshot from 2019-03-21….png)


This Olivier Zahm Fag looks like he needs a dig.

And anons

Rachel Chandler → Audrey Gelman → Killary

311048  No.5807814

File: dcac326a0239ed5⋯.jpeg (136.89 KB, 1440x810, 16:9, 1537223339.jpeg)

ac6e36  No.5807815


seems as if Ray Chandler is Liden's girlfriend

1cb15c  No.5807816

File: 3356a7ec7bb0d60⋯.jpg (114.15 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, Covered.jpg)

b3730f  No.5807817

File: a22b316997c3812⋯.png (212.64 KB, 860x1345, 172:269, 7d98edfafdcc43e1d5707911ab….png)


This works well on PC.. and apparently phones too (havent tested that bit myself).

84d1a9  No.5807818

File: 446eb6d901264a8⋯.jpeg (400.9 KB, 1242x680, 621:340, 027C2AD0-1278-4F66-8D37-6….jpeg)

420a11  No.5807819


That's bullshit. You don't think after 50 years of our citizenship, labor, standard of living has been eroded or exterminated, you don't think they all are asleep and have no idea how bad we are being fucked?

Bitch Please.

Truth is how do you expose your enemies at this level and not have the wheels come off.

Why try to save a government that sold you out over 50 years ago and will on a whim destroy good people for sport?

I am hitting the reset button, you have but one right and one duty, it supersede's the constitution. If the founders had the right to dissolve the kings government how can we not have the right to do the same? When that long list of tyranny becomes too much to bear, it is not only our right, it is our duty.

1cb15c  No.5807820

File: 7ea21939466b4fe⋯.jpg (54.16 KB, 952x476, 2:1, WeKilledThemAll.jpg)

Caliphate TOAST! Thank you, President Trump & U.S. Military!

0f1c14  No.5807821

File: d3549e3fe940668⋯.png (322.01 KB, 515x496, 515:496, ClipboardImage.png)

ef0a5c  No.5807822

File: 73762df802c6051⋯.png (333.12 KB, 493x380, 493:380, moonchild khan.png)

File: ffc324ac15734ec⋯.png (299.75 KB, 459x380, 459:380, john kerry sadiq khan.png)

File: 66c6eb66e8dbad6⋯.png (710.87 KB, 571x566, 571:566, Sadiq Khan on Twitter.png)

File: a6d3b035abb8eed⋯.png (647.2 KB, 640x380, 32:19, sadiq khan.png)

Despite being the lawyer for the 9/11 terrorists…this little fucker is in deep with DS

160cc5  No.5807823

File: 86fa4edf7159cdc⋯.jpg (392.55 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, IMG_3198.JPG)

6e70c7  No.5807824


>masonry is a shilly topic around here

dude, just fuck off

659aeb  No.5807825


Will dig when I can anon :)

Pretty sure it’s her.

c325ea  No.5807826


Yep, same - she's a photographer and DJ (at least after graduating)

b3730f  No.5807827


way to empathise Anon

b588e3  No.5807828


All this shit was dug up last summer and we found a ton of "suicides". Check the notables if you are curious as we put in weeks of work into this last time.

d5ffe6  No.5807829

File: a28eb354b8ad121⋯.jpeg (251.72 KB, 736x1040, 46:65, iu-5.jpeg)


I never knew here name but every movie I always assumed that was obviously Helen Hunt's offspring…

3b1c5c  No.5807830


the very same FBI that tried to frame and expel a duly elected President? Yeah that should end well…

160cc5  No.5807831

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

659aeb  No.5807832



c3190d  No.5807833

We are over the Target.

Elite pedophile ring

26edc3  No.5807834


>Rachel C: seemingly a bottomless pit…..

Kek. So true.

Imagine, if there was no Q? We would've never even known who this bitch was. I remember her from last year, but it seems bigger now.

897e8c  No.5807835

Did anyone submit to FBI, I just woke up and saw this. I will if nobody had I’ve done it before twice.

b3730f  No.5807836


What about Barry's hatred of the American people?

39a349  No.5807837


there are, however, no good mason lodges. big difference.

0ea210  No.5807838


yet we don't criticize our side (Kavanaugh) when he does the same thing.

We cheered and made memes. I was cringing.

420a11  No.5807839


I got a question for you Who gives a fuck.

I am sure the roaming mobs will burn those places as well.

719170  No.5807840

With all that has come to light about our corrupt gov, deep state, vote rigging, commie infiltration, etc etc. Yes it takes time to eliminate. But Q, when it comes to children? Tell me your going to KILL these bastards. I mean un ceremoniously, and with EXTREME PREJUDICE!!!

f8df8d  No.5807841

Will finish off this bread, but will need to go at the start of the next

So if yoar thinking about bakin, you have time to get a nice cup of covfefe & a morning bun

c7495a  No.5807842


Toast? nah, they probably went back to the Golan Heights to continue advancing israeli interests there. It's enough to make one wonder why continue to ramp up oil production here and abroad massively, if Trump actually plans to reveal any sort of Tesla tech…

c08e07  No.5807843

File: 31fac41fbe8643b⋯.png (826.17 KB, 1041x765, 347:255, b35e2312809df430d9115a3b53….png)

File: c188a68cfa1a269⋯.png (281.71 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, ea7b13cf49fc6e61240642555b….png)


Looks like an body on the table and they are feasting on the innards, you can see the head at the end of the table.

Diners are naked sitting on small stools or maybe buckets.

Looks like a bunch of cannibals.

Under that Temple must have been like the Hostel films, private rooms where you can do whatever you want to a victim (Child).

The stuff of nightmares.

0ea210  No.5807844


>I got a question for you Who gives a fuck.

needs a "?"

39a349  No.5807845


peacful revolution.

all planned out, finest military planning.


besides a whole lot of scary suicides there will be nothing to fear for public.

3b1c5c  No.5807846


welcome newfag.. the FBI is NOT your friend… re-read.. pretty much ALL drops kek

ce810b  No.5807847


I read about her. Her public reasons for leaving were that kissing scenes made it awkward, and her wanting to focus on her family. But it should be clear that she walked away from the pedo satanism. Clever girl.

9c1def  No.5807848

time to retrieve my locked up harddrive, I remember the dude Ray Chandler, an animal. He seems to be wiped off the internet, I believe I archived intel about him on my locked hdd.

5023ee  No.5807849

File: 2626af10243ff1e⋯.jpg (29.1 KB, 224x355, 224:355, 132566.jpg)


nice dubs

ff2bc7  No.5807850


Well you've made it abundantly clear that you don't give a fuck about the raped, murdered, tortured, trafficked, sacrificed, ritualized, mind controlled, defenseless children, now haven't you.

Now kindly crawl back into your shithole.

37837c  No.5807851

File: 80a25d236e0a699⋯.jpg (116.8 KB, 820x550, 82:55, DSCF6819r1-820x550.jpg)

File: 3564dbcbcbed4be⋯.png (21.79 KB, 565x509, 565:509, Screenshot from 2019-03-21….png)

File: 8285a83cd087e9a⋯.png (385.52 KB, 932x598, 466:299, Screenshot from 2019-03-21….png)


Robert Diddler De Niro

why am I not surprised to see this fucking degenerate while digging Rachel Chandler

f8df8d  No.5807852

Notes so far


>>5807797 Moar on Clinton & Australia Ross Cameron on Sky

>>5807739 Epstein DIGG, con't. (attended Chelsea's wedding)

>>5807632 Overcrowding causes hundreds of illegals to be released from detention into the US

>>5807518 St Barth Island & David Matthews (Eden Rock Hotel)

>>5807536 Illegal immigrant arrested after having sex with cow, say police (Is that what it takes now??)

>>5807514 DIGG on Clarke Gayford (Is the guy in the Clinton photo)?

>>5807429. >>5807420, >>5807442 Yacht digg, cont.

>>5807428 Reminder: POTUS tweet on Princess Eugenie: "She has been through so much"

>>5807637, >>5807648 Nicky Hilton Rothschild link w/Huma–and Alice??

Rachel Chandler digg bun:

>>5807694, >>5807709 Moar on Michal Chelbin

>>5807505 Weird old note from Rachel C; what does it mean?

>>5807608 Ray Chandler & HRC best buds!

>>5807505 Weird old note from Rachel C; what does it mean?

>>5807447, >>5807457, >>5807475, >>5807720, >>5807521, >>5807533, >>5807663, >>5807682, >>5807715 Moar on Alba Hodsoll, other Chandler "family ties"

>>5807489 Sarah Hodsoll: Rachel C's mother

>>5807425, >>5807443 Rachel Chandler education

>>5807744, >>5807751 Moar on Chandler: her role, history, Black Dahlia murder

>>5807482, >>5807487, >>5807501 Moar on shoe DIGG from shoefag plus discussion

>>5807813 Chandler > Audrey Gelman > Killary??

420a11  No.5807853


you think we are going to using punctuation when shit starts burning. Wait until you see the spelling.

98ed6d  No.5807854


Anarchy is the solution.

6662ac  No.5807855


Looks like that Parkland fag Hogg

e73fbe  No.5807856

File: bfe62eae4a03f52⋯.jpg (88 KB, 748x443, 748:443, sticks equal cleaning cum.jpg)


that's just a japanese bathhouse thing - there are articles about it - the real scary room is the 6th one the "red room" as that's a symbolism thing for the sex room

170c00  No.5807857

File: db0768aabc1e0d9⋯.mp4 (848.91 KB, 720x720, 1:1, workout.mp4)


become sadder

5023ee  No.5807858


post whatever you can find, anon

godspeed your search

39a349  No.5807859

File: 747fbbcb0eacd49⋯.jpg (15.67 KB, 500x277, 500:277, DeNiroYOU.jpg)

423533  No.5807860

File: b49898739d26d56⋯.jpg (905.51 KB, 2544x4000, 159:250, 1503396029227.jpg)

a6ee5d  No.5807861

File: 7b2706630f9a314⋯.png (238.17 KB, 394x300, 197:150, 20eec2b50475d74349c428229e….png)

File: e2de36ea68fe7a4⋯.jpg (201.63 KB, 977x950, 977:950, efc6e6937fef25c4f439baa433….jpg)

File: 5f6659876765886⋯.jpg (541.9 KB, 612x612, 1:1, gloria-vanderbilt-ghf.jpg)

File: 64d05c392ba494f⋯.jpg (141.71 KB, 928x523, 928:523, 000070.26564.16619_nothing….jpg)


Curiously on many of those portraits one can find STRIPED CLOTHES.

Pedo code for EYES OPEN/CLOSED?

(horizontal: eyes closed, vertical: eyes open)

eaee3e  No.5807862

File: 01429d5dcf108b3⋯.jpeg (828.35 KB, 1242x1674, 23:31, FC0160E2-BE8E-4A80-80CB-7….jpeg)



Appointed Dick Tater?

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced a ban on military style, semi-automatic (MSSA) guns and assault rifles in the wake of the Christchurch mosque shootings.

All semi-automatic weapons used during the terrorist attack on Friday will be banned, she said.

Related parts used to convert the guns into MSSAs would also be banned, along with all high-capacity magazines.


3b1c5c  No.5807863


kek how much does Q care? POTUS? its been almost two years and we back on Ray Chandler with ZERO justice. How many kids die today while we play puzzle games? NOBODY CARES APPARENTLY>

0059de  No.5807864

File: 50b104cdd81cfa7⋯.jpg (25.52 KB, 474x294, 79:49, ls_e.jpg)


Funny you should say that……..I was just thinking that perhaps, rather than being some sexual thing, eminem and ms chandler are somehow related….distant cousins or whatever. Who would you trust more with these dark secrets, a stranger or some family member? Anyone know if they are related…..the similarities grow the more I look at the photo…sometimes it's the exact opposite of what you're thinking (pic related).

018863  No.5807865

Do you guys remember Spectre the pre-execution processor flaw?

What's the number one operation call stacks do over and over in a secure online environment?

You guessed it, FetchPrivateKey. This pre-executed code will sit unguarded for anyone to create a feed from.

They can man in the middle of your encrypted traffic , then use all the keys to decrypt later.

Ever wondered about the telemetry data bring fed to Google, Microsoft, FB, etc?

You guessed it, your private keys for SSL.

d5ffe6  No.5807866


She should have done a workout in that skirt and hooker boots… there would have been a better response than this. kek

b588e3  No.5807867


Pause the video at 0:07… some fuckery afoot here, look at "her" head. It doesn't match up with the bench.

5023ee  No.5807868


5:5 anon, I hear ya

c6da25  No.5807869

File: 0b3f4e4d4d9fdfa⋯.png (1011.16 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20171114-161928.png)

File: 2dc41fcc45ba102⋯.jpg (35.61 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 300x300.jpg)

Don't forget her Comet Ping Pong connection!

63de3b  No.5807870

File: 034d8779abd0b9e⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

9c1def  No.5807871

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Deleted socialmedia accounts archived on video.

Chandlers, many children picz.

84d1a9  No.5807872


420a11  No.5807873

File: 63c66ba884ca40b⋯.png (8.64 KB, 234x255, 78:85, urmom.png)


urmom says hey.

I prefer not to play bullshit games.

I am telling you the whole damn thing is corrupt and those of us with eyes and open mind have known it all our lives.

Don't underestimate the average person, they all have had a nagging voice telling them shit is fucked up even as the programming on them intensified.

84d1a9  No.5807874

File: 4f4e2ec9608ff1b⋯.jpeg (549.46 KB, 1242x1866, 207:311, 217E5D40-EB9F-4B4E-9074-E….jpeg)

26edc3  No.5807875

File: 03bf10bfc07a947⋯.jpg (11.64 KB, 255x233, 255:233, 345d965e4928554e8f7679e3eb….jpg)


Nothing like waking up.

With Gillibrand in your cup.

c08e07  No.5807876

File: e3bea6885285d7f⋯.jpg (331.51 KB, 1023x767, 1023:767, hb97qlkqm2a11.jpg)

File: d55407918200762⋯.png (448.46 KB, 599x387, 599:387, BrKX4OtCYAA_IO9.png)

Aboriginal Residential School Survivor Says The Queen of England Abducted Children In Canada.


The Royals are DEEP into this shit.

Jimmy Savile procured children for them, Savile was so close with the Royals that he vacationed with Prince Charles regularly, this was just some shitty, annoying radio DJ.

Savile said in interviews that he was protected.

86596a  No.5807877


every time I save a pic or doc it is saved at a fraction of the original size. If it is 400kb originally it ends up being 18 or less when it is saved. . The drop down "save as file type " option is only giving me "all files" on things in here. When doing panels it does allow a choice. Any suggestions?

f8df8d  No.5807878


Sounds like she's on a train

b588e3  No.5807879


Mom jokes.. really?

0f1c14  No.5807880

File: 7ac78066dd0d952⋯.png (700.29 KB, 1160x629, 1160:629, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c3c1c3611737cac⋯.png (1.69 MB, 800x1198, 400:599, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d25161ecb3c88f0⋯.png (1.64 MB, 800x1198, 400:599, ClipboardImage.png)


>Rachel Chandler → Audrey Gelman → Killary

"…Gelman got a taste for politics first as an intern for then-Sen. Hillary Clinton and eventually as an aide for her 2008 campaign."


Rachel Chandler Guinness and Hannah Bronfman

"… Also Starring Audrey Gelman & Gabriel Held. With guest appearences by Isaac Mizrahi, Nate Lowman, Rachel Chandler"



Stuart Vevers and Rachel Chandler Guinness

"""Audrey Gelman and Katherine Bernard"""

c6da25  No.5807881

File: a52e2ede0521cc1⋯.jpg (26.05 KB, 400x300, 4:3, 5db304c1ec7a44878fe0a368e9….jpg)

File: 1dc7deb16fe951c⋯.jpg (200.89 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, C32ZnuYW8AA8YRp.jpg)

File: f27528066ec7910⋯.jpg (117.65 KB, 680x1020, 2:3, C30YbWYUEAAzILW.jpg)

39a349  No.5807882



bf9af9  No.5807883

I doubt the Epstein unsealing will be truely career ending for everybody involved… I mean even it it comes out Bill clinton was ass raping a 7 year old girl with the headless corpse of her 3 year old brother.. he still can be hired for the next Disney movie as art director.

f3bde4  No.5807884

Wow, i wake up and see Q posted 20 or so times last night stuff that we've known for two years. Seems regurged. Must be trying to make up for "within the next 21 DAYS" comment.

3b1c5c  No.5807885


Q is big pharma… here to expose us to all the shit in the world .. while doing NOTHING about it .. to drive us all crazy and try to sell us pills ;) kek

5023ee  No.5807886


hiya aussie anon, good to see you here

we are the news now, they can't stop all of us

b3730f  No.5807887


easy to follow procedure for DNS change to here.


8461cb  No.5807888

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


moar clintons/Australia

Who cares? It's just blacks dying. Clinton, AIDS & Australian taxpayer funded pretend drugs that will make you feel sick

Thursday, 31 March 2016

More than two decades ago a man who reported to me came to my office after more than a week's unexplained absence from work.

Nothing I'd experienced prepared me for what he said.

"I'm gay and my partner is dying from AIDS."

We went for a walk and he told me barely a week had gone by in the past year without a funeral for a friend.

His partner died soon after our chat. Back then when a doctor delivered the news you were HIV positive it meant an early and grisly death from a horrible disease - with no cure and limited palliative care.

Australia tried to fight back with this commercial which seemed to play endlessly during A Country Practice and the news.


311048  No.5807889

File: 0e62298fa7ea878⋯.jpeg (103.91 KB, 1440x815, 288:163, 1540851947.jpeg)

84d1a9  No.5807890

File: 100f07407490757⋯.jpeg (436.87 KB, 1242x750, 207:125, 1808D36F-F0C8-4D21-9E73-C….jpeg)

bf9af9  No.5807891


last picture:

reminds me of Taneth?? cult seen in Vanderbilt family picture.

26edc3  No.5807892


Good to have my friend form a land down under back. Stay strong.


0dafce  No.5807893


>Are you awake?

Awake enough to know

MAP = Minor Attracted Pedophile == all the individuals in that Punta Cana water photo

c7495a  No.5807894


You have to open the picture to the full size, otherwise you just end up saving the thumbnail

e73fbe  No.5807895

File: 897b14ec95cc98d⋯.jpg (307.06 KB, 620x620, 1:1, stripes Michelle Obama.jpg)

File: 6cd7a32241dfe87⋯.jpg (557.7 KB, 785x987, 785:987, green stripes pizza.jpg)

File: 9dd58e359f41924⋯.jpg (159.3 KB, 916x614, 458:307, stripes.jpg)

File: 7c9490e6148f058⋯.png (566.81 KB, 1122x837, 374:279, stripes jimmy pingpong com….png)

File: 581caa6f7f4843a⋯.jpg (121.31 KB, 753x1200, 251:400, biden.jpg)


very good - eyes closed mean a member of a cult family but not made aware of it. often experiment victims.

usually you get your eyes opened around 6 years old - some never get their eyes opened but remain favorable to the cult - some kids are raped and used as blood banks- some kids eventually get in a few years later - and yada yada yaada - the colours also mean stuff

39a349  No.5807896


>Must be trying to make up for "within the next 21 DAYS" comment.

Q is fighting against evil and waking up the public.

He doesn´t have to make up for anything.

Anons are grateful to be part of this historic movement and revolution.

d1ec32  No.5807897

File: e4bd5ed0afab983⋯.png (35.51 KB, 462x470, 231:235, WaterMillMarinaGaga.png)

File: 184feece2b334f9⋯.png (31.91 KB, 264x396, 2:3, WatermillSoros.png)


>This past Saturday in Watermill, they held The Last Song of Summer, the 3rd Annual Watermill Benefit Concert and raised approximately $200,000 for the Watermill Center’s year-round international artist residencies and education programs.

>DJ Rachel Chandler spun before and after the concert for the guests.

Strong connection between Watermill/Robert Wilson & Marina.



dc9ce6  No.5807898

File: 9d4f388d9d7a514⋯.png (332.51 KB, 810x586, 405:293, waltp.png)


Same kid drugged and abused

8461cb  No.5807899

File: 64478b8abcca63a⋯.png (128.9 KB, 587x751, 587:751, CLINTONS & AUSTRAILIA.PNG)

File: 68185679d5db333⋯.png (147.23 KB, 583x761, 583:761, CLINTONS & 2AUSTRAILIA.PNG)

File: 4b92e99cdd20f45⋯.png (364.5 KB, 600x744, 25:31, CLINTONS & 3AUSTRAILIA.PNG)

File: b506a68003fa82f⋯.png (135.24 KB, 571x756, 571:756, CLINTONS & 4AUSTRAILIA.PNG)

File: 693e06d27ef2a64⋯.png (111.93 KB, 599x761, 599:761, CLINTONS & 5AUSTRAILIA.PNG)


images related didn't load

ab15e0  No.5807900

RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA Oh sorry they are stepping up the investigation on criminal activity prior to 2016 election. But its not Trump, its the Clinton Crime Establishment.


d5ffe6  No.5807901


Anons were discussing that last night… i would say its pretty obvious… and i would go further and say ..they are siblings…slaves themselves. Similar, but worse, than the allison mack role

43533f  No.5807902

File: 412a65eaba5b66f⋯.jpeg (42.71 KB, 700x394, 350:197, A3974774-0E0C-4571-84DE-7….jpeg)

“Oh, oh, oh……Study carefully, we know Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were used by Imran Awan & Ray. Chandler to kidnap kids to stage blackmail pedophile HONEYPOTS. We got it ALL folks! - Q”

“I was banned from /r/The_Donald/. Here's what I would have said in response to this post:

When I first saw this article from Reuters, its title was:

Trump signs law to punish websites for sex trafficking

Here are some other articles about this story:

CNN: Trump signs measure aimed at curbing online sex trafficking

New York Post: Trump signs law against online sex trafficking

CBS News: Trump signs online sex trafficking bill

mercurynews.com: Trump signs bill targeting online sex trafficking

Washington Post: Trump signs law weakening shield for online services

Chicago Tribune: Mother of slain Chicago teen who was victim of sex trafficking attends White House bill signing

post-gazette.com: Trump signs a bill that targets online sex trafficking

ktla.com: Trump Signs Measure to Curb Online Sex Trafficking

canberratimes.com.au: Former Canberra brothel operator charged with child sex trafficking

The Hill: Woman 'dabs' as Trump signs sex trafficking bill

stltoday.com: President misdirects our attention from his actions | Letters to the editor

Breitbart: Mother of Sex Trafficking Victim Tearfully Thanks Donald Trump for Signing Crackdown Bill

I am a bot trying to encourage a balanced news diet.

These are all of the articles I think are about this story. I do not select or sort articles based on any opinions or perceived biases, and neither I nor my creator advocate for or against any of these sources or articles. It is your responsibility to determine what is factually correct.”

be5791  No.5807903


Heres the LINK for this. need sauce for notables or not?


521513  No.5807904

On an aside note hell has frozen over. My pops wrote a letter to fox and boycotting until J J P is brought back. This is huge. The man was glued to it 24/7. He is madddddddd (and I know he’s not alone)

1cb15c  No.5807905

I tweeted @FBI and @DHSgov about "Rachel Chandler". Noticed Twitter auto-deletes posts with "qmap.pub" website so I added spaces and the Tweet worked.

Tweeting it to all law enforcement aganvies should help, too

0f1c14  No.5807906

File: 453f1814125c85c⋯.png (302.33 KB, 474x315, 158:105, ClipboardImage.png)


>Q is big pharma… here to expose us to all the shit in the world .. while doing NOTHING about it .. to drive us all crazy and try to sell us pills ;) kek


3f2ce0  No.5807907


e73fbe  No.5807908

File: 441755fd00ee38b⋯.jpg (58.6 KB, 500x301, 500:301, 6a00d83451c45669e201538e96….jpg)

7fc018  No.5807909


Hey Pompy. Don’t think they really give a shit what you think.

5023ee  No.5807910


anon, don't forget there are many new visitors flooding in, who never knew this stuff

qmap.pub has over 300,000 visitors on now, the most i have ever seen

people are waking up, the normies are stirring

b820a5  No.5807911

File: 4bd37f613a1765f⋯.png (146.39 KB, 379x757, 379:757, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a3094c3da1e0b81⋯.png (241.07 KB, 573x754, 573:754, ClipboardImage.png)


ALICE "becomes a "White Rabbit" {Q: HRC=Alice also}

to lure children down the pedo rabbit

hole to their evil "Wonderland" {Q: *HRC lures prey to?* SA=Saudia Arabia}

QPost (/pb)


alt sawz:


<pics related

another link SOURCES:


How could we know?


ff2bc7  No.5807912


There are patriots that do care

And are constantly attempting to find ways to bring their disgusting crimes into the light of day.

Some of us do realize the corruption is not going to be solved by the very ones involved in covering it up.

The tapes of the crimes are probably already in the hands of governmental agencies who have no intention of following through due to their own involvement.

All this to anger the people and infuriate us to the point of what action?

Disclosure is in the eye of the beholder, would anyone even believe just how sick these people truly are?

Have they been mind fucked beyond comprehension already?

Most have… probably majority of the world has.

Religions set the standard to keep the people in control. Indoctrinated to not believe just how evil the ones running the churches truly are.

423533  No.5807913



37837c  No.5807914

File: 44e59accec7111f⋯.png (511.94 KB, 1157x617, 1157:617, Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at ….png)

File: fe8ea0e30fef923⋯.png (550 KB, 1157x617, 1157:617, Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at ….png)

File: 1358164361e6061⋯.png (420.13 KB, 1157x617, 1157:617, Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at ….png)

File: 9b97f267d84ad42⋯.png (605.15 KB, 1157x617, 1157:617, Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at ….png)

File: 4448dc3bd6650ab⋯.png (18.58 KB, 667x151, 667:151, Screenshot from 2019-03-21….png)


What do you think they mean by Train'?

When have I heard the term Train before? seems kinda recent.

Just cant put my finger on it…

oh yeah that's right. Bret Kavanaugh projection

eaee3e  No.5807915

File: 59b51f5f16b9e96⋯.jpeg (842.34 KB, 1242x1709, 1242:1709, 36399845-1352-45EE-A3E6-A….jpeg)

EU to fine G00gle 1.5 Billion Euro

A meager $1.7 Billion USD.


420a11  No.5807916


That's what critical thinking is about. Spit ball it, if it's absurd is will dissolve. If not, it will grow.

I am still int he deep state v MIC mode with Q being MIC.

63de3b  No.5807917

File: 1b9b5e2c42972a1⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

c542a4  No.5807918

File: 0b82a66ef564131⋯.png (89.1 KB, 224x218, 112:109, 2019-03-09_03-53-29.png)

521513  No.5807919


I wonder where are the parents? Orphan? Runaway? This tears me up.

86596a  No.5807920


ty anon. Should have realized that long ago. self-derp for me

0059de  No.5807921

File: 901b4485523c225⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 47.86 KB, 500x522, 250:261, gw.jpg)


Yeah, I saw that clickbait article "Ever wonder what happened?" I might have even read it as I actually did wonder………….trouble is, I no longer wonder. The pieces just fall into place, and it's a very dark puzzle. At this point, I simply can't look at a photo like bho and maggie, and just assume it's all innocent.

AB[K] - I know, it's AB[C], but when I read about the death of Alan B Krueger, I immediately thought there was a dark backstory. All I needed to hear was he worked closely with bho and bc………..

A renown economist with a book coming out in a few months! A father! What, he was suffering from depression? No thank you. I'm intimately familiar with depression…..that people do take their own lives because of it. That said, there's no way you could convince me that is the case here………any more than vince foster or gary webb. Too bad for me, I chose the red pill. My bad.

08d2b6  No.5807922


I’m with you, anon. There’s things I just don’t want nor need to see.

I remember reading about some of the NYPD officers breaking down and crying when they viewed some of the files on wieners laptop.

I think it was Q that said that.

That’s all I need to know.

I feel bad for the eventual jurors who will have to endure that.

8cc84d  No.5807923


Watched that movie last night… Kubrick had some very illuminating films including Clockwork Orange

f252ff  No.5807924


YOU are the asshole! Anon was expressing his sadness and how sick this pedo shit is, but also said they need to go down for it. You think you're a tough guy? Fuck you faggot!

570731  No.5807925

File: 7fc74e299378907⋯.jpg (15.53 KB, 350x200, 7:4, Dame-Linda-Dobbs2.jpg)

File: bf8009650833181⋯.jpg (59.86 KB, 633x950, 633:950, 053.jpg)

File: 7d0e401dbd64d5f⋯.jpg (19.91 KB, 255x248, 255:248, jorje.jpg)

File: 6c8f687f5b0df9e⋯.jpg (3.43 MB, 3508x2480, 877:620, map5.jpg)

File: 4efe35c6dbbbe0d⋯.jpg (393 KB, 883x1923, 883:1923, Logo_mirko (1).jpg)

018863  No.5807926

Q just lit the fuse, didn't he?

The FBI tips post serves several purposes.

0f1c14  No.5807927

File: f713f721be68cc0⋯.png (1.01 MB, 700x727, 700:727, ClipboardImage.png)

f3bde4  No.5807928


I sure hope so.

1c22e1  No.5807929

File: 89f9e16e46ba99e⋯.jpg (17.23 KB, 303x166, 303:166, CIGAR.jpg)


Awesome… Thanks, it works. Back on firefox.

works for pc here.

c08e07  No.5807930

File: e38c613663fbee7⋯.jpg (175.53 KB, 867x1344, 289:448, 71k5SpGxnnL.jpg)

Anons need to read Mass Control to understand how they blackmail people with pedophile honey pots, the most important book a researcher can read.

The author Jim Kieth was killed shortly after publication.

84d1a9  No.5807931

File: 962647a8139fe04⋯.jpeg (724.29 KB, 861x1557, 287:519, EDF34A5B-34C6-4A52-B8FC-B….jpeg)


be5791  No.5807932




There fixed it.

6ae6dc  No.5807933

>”..we have the memes..”

Q confirm?

1cb15c  No.5807934


What about Twitter auto-deleting Tweets with "qmap.pub". That interfered with my ability to try to report a potential crime to @FBI and @DHSgov.

0f1c14  No.5807935


>Q just lit the fuse, didn't he?


>The FBI tips post serves several purposes.


b820a5  No.5807936


fogot to incl.


3f2ce0  No.5807937

everything got deleted after april 06.2018


f8df8d  No.5807938


sauce is good but for which post?

bf9af9  No.5807939


to say the truth

it looks like asian people eating out from a living drugged kid body, like the chinese eat their fish: raw meat whilst being alive.

also it seems they are naked and eat while they are shitting in buckets. dafuq.

the thing in the background definately has some elements of a dentist chair.

d5ffe6  No.5807940


Ray is homely. Non-human-looking. Her position in the sale of babes/children for ritual sacrifice/sex comes with some serious serious trust from her clients… who is she to have so much trust? Who is her handler?

58fcf4  No.5807941


Herd management is important to keep things healthy.

3b1c5c  No.5807942


Thanks man .. some people arent quite as bright as we would hope around here kek

a55a78  No.5807943

File: e66500764e6e206⋯.png (316.71 KB, 480x820, 24:41, Screenshot_20190321-063832….png)

>>5807065 PB

Ken Star also involved in Baylor Sex cover up.


efaef9  No.5807944

I can't imagine the Judge going trough with unsealing yet there is no legal reason to hold the documents sealed. The Judge has already said the plea deal was illegal. Third party embarrassment is not a valid excuse to cover up.

423533  No.5807945

File: 4c3a9b4bce4d59c⋯.jpg (147.77 KB, 1536x864, 16:9, b76230e0419b3a871e6f2806c8….jpg)

c7495a  No.5807946

File: ac24ceb3065c960⋯.png (82.49 KB, 316x454, 158:227, ClipboardImage.png)


>Q just lit the fuse

Q did the exact same thing last year.

26edc3  No.5807947

File: 2d398952348d73c⋯.png (1.94 MB, 979x1280, 979:1280, Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at ….png)

be5791  No.5807948

It's the education voat post. I redid it… scroll down to my fixed post, sorry.

f8df8d  No.5807949


Posting to organize these a little….

Rachel Chandler digg bun:

>>5807475 The same Rachel Chandler? DIGG maybe?

>>5807694, >>5807709 Moar on Michal Chelbin

>>5807505 Weird old note from Rachel C; what does it mean?

>>5807608 Ray Chandler & HRC best buds!

>>5807505 Weird old note from Rachel C; what does it mean?

>>5807447, >>5807457, >>5807720, >>5807521, >>5807475, >>5807533, >>5807663, >>5807682, >>5807715, >>5807914 Moar on Alba Hodsoll, other Chandler "family ties"

>>5807489 Sarah Hodsoll: Rachel C's mother

>>5807425, >>5807443 Rachel Chandler education

>>5807744, >>5807751 Moar on Chandler: her role, history, Black Dahlia murder

>>5807482, >>5807487, >>5807501 Moar on shoe DIGG from shoefag plus discussion

>>5807813, >>5807880 Chandler > Audrey Gelman > Killary??

be5791  No.5807950

d5ffe6  No.5807951


Who was she to look like a pile of trash and have so much power?

02ab00  No.5807952

So the Hiltons are going down

3b1c5c  No.5807953

Are we all supposed to forget everything that we learned here and start pretending FBI is (((ourguy))) now?? WTF? tips hotline?? lololol .. how about you NOT try and unseat a duly elected President first?? tips hotline hahahahahah

9d8a34  No.5807954

Reported Rachel and her friends to the FBI with photos and detailed descriptions what we believe.

20882a  No.5807955

You know, Epstein's flight logs list a ridiculous number of female-sounding names. Have we ever done a meticulous one-by-one examination of those names to see who they are?


I wonder how many other Rachael Chandlers are essentially listed there already for us in plain sight.

e73fbe  No.5807956

File: 59344c2609d57e7⋯.jpg (327.22 KB, 841x586, 841:586, comparison.jpg)



Compare Medallions of Kid Obama (possibly raped as a boy as Q has mentioned them making stars of former kid slaves) -

note that the stripes are symbolic of "closed eye" - as in not a member of the cult yet - usually kids get in at age 6 but Obama for whatever reason took longer - perhaps he was "discovered" and was originally just another victim

c542a4  No.5807957

File: 29844cb3a1b44c6⋯.png (247.63 KB, 394x508, 197:254, 2019-03-21_07-46-22.png)

3b1c5c  No.5807958


If you took miles of dick from every drunk Deep Stater since 89 you would look a little worse for the wear too anon kek

570731  No.5807959

File: 9214f54226b12cb⋯.jpg (29.57 KB, 500x341, 500:341, disclosure.jpg)