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File: 649fc34523f4e25⋯.jpg (232.81 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, QResearch.jpg)

08a99d  No.5795828

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




Q Proofs & Welcome

Welcome to Q Research (README FIRST, THEN PROCEED TO LURK) https://8ch.net/qresearch/welcome.html

THE Q MOVEMENT IS ABOUT TRUMPING THE ESTABLISHMENT - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDFe_yKnRf4XM7W_sWbcxtw

Q: The Basics - An Introduction to Q and the Great Awakening

PDF: https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/3082784.html#3082809

PICS: https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/3082784.html#3082821

PDF & PICS Archive: >>>/comms/3196

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Q's Latest Posts

Wednesday 03.20.2019

>>5795457 ————————————–——– Sex_trafficking_is_real.

>>5794717 ————————————–——– "Q" Start A List.

>>5793286 rt >>5793235 ————————— THIS IS NOT A GAME. (Cap: >>5793272, vid: >>5793326 )

>>5793235 ————————————–——– (51) children burned alive enough to change narrative for day(s)? (Cap: >>5793320 )

>>5792657 ————————————–——– Logical thinking.

>>5792112 ————————————–——– Did both of HUSSEIN’s parents learn “RUSSIAN”?

>>5791828 ————————————–——– “THE CLINTON FOUNDATION” (Cap: >>5791858 ; additional context: >>5792059 )

>>5791208 ————————————–——– Number(s) do not always equate to days. (Cap: >>5791384 )

Monday 03.18.2019

>>5762016 ————————————–——– Listen carefully. (Cap: >>5762037 )

>>5760517 ————————————–——– 220px-Andrew_McCabe_official_portrait

>>5760511 ————————————–——– 220px-James_Comey_official_portrait

>>5760509 ————————————–——– 220px-John_Brennan_CIA_official_portrait

>>5760494 ————————————–——– 220px-Loretta_Lynch,_official_portrait

>>5760477 ————————————–——– Susan_Rice_official_portrait

>>5760463 ————————————–——– Sally_Q_Yates

>>5760434 ————————————–——– James_R_Clapper_official_portrait


>>5760125 ————————————–——– Who is the real intended target? (Cap: >>5760144 )

>>5760023 ————————————–——– Ammunition is hard to come by.

>>5759812 ————————————–——– So much effort to “KILL” a LARP. (Cap: >>5760272 )

>>5759709 ————————————–——– Let's Keep Playing…

Sunday 03.17.2019

Compiled here: >>5791939

Friday 03.15.2019

Compiled here: >>5760619

Thursday 03.14.2019

Compiled here: >>5742578

Wednesday 03.13.2019

Compiled here: >>5703840

Q's Private Board >>>/patriotsfight/ | Q's Trip-code: Q !!mG7VJxZNCI

Those still on the board --- https://8ch.net/qresearch/qposts.html

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Dealing with Clowns & Shills

>>2322789, >>2323031 How To Quickly Spot A Clown

08a99d  No.5795832


are not endorsements


>>5639699 MEME WAR! Q requests a meme campaign on POTUS's historic accomplishments

>>5687134 Strzok Transcript: Research so far

>>5644463, >>5646510 Baker Protocol: Do NOT Add Non-Tripcode posts from Q


>>5795118 3 ethics complaints against AOC

>>5795131 Pentagon Watchdog probe re: Boeing

>>5795147 Ukraine was the largest donating country to Clinton Foundation

>>5795282 Fact Sheet: U.S. Assistance to Ukraine

>>5795159 UNDERCOVER: Exposing NGO Smugglers in Greece

>>5795227 D's trying to buy votes. UBI testing in NJ city

>>5795331 Desperate House D's planning 2nd wave of doc requests to Trump associates

>>5795308 PapaD responds to Brennan on Twitter.

>>5795400 DJT: Great news from @Ford. Companies pouring back into USA!

>>5795435 Dossier-tied group sending DC journos daily "collusion" briefings

>>5795533 Bill Clinton pictured with multiple pedos, Tony Podesta, George Nader

>>5795555 DJT: Really beautiful to see!

>>5795603 ICE Most wanted Human trafficker

>>5795647 Mueller's convicted pedo star witness caught partying w/ WJC

>>5795760 Mueller's latest cooperator served prison time for Pedo conviction

>>5795787 #7413


>>5794365 State prosecutors said mulling Netanyahu criminal probe in submarine case

>>5794368 Clinton Foundation obtained by deception 25 million tax dollars

>>5794379 Scottish Prosecutors interview East German Stasi re: Lockerbie bombing

>>5794382 Sara Carter re: Clinton

>>5794386 Booker/Dawson "relationship"

>>5794416 Ukraine connection to the NZ SHOOTER video

>>5794440 Ukrainian Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko said he opened an investigation into alleged attempts by Ukrainians to interfere in the United States’ 2016 presidential election on behalf of Hillary Clinton

>>5794471 FBI joins investigation into Boeing 737 MAX

>>5794454 Gladio... DIG!

>>5794518 UBS tax evasion controversies

>>5794347 Notable assessment

>>5794554 Artist/Clintonite's Grandson dies of suicide

>>5794567 On Mueller's mystery case

>>5794580 Those U.S. Presidential candidates (@KamalaHarris, @SenSanders & @ewarren) calling for a return to the 2015 Iran nuclear deal should know they enjoy the support of @NIACouncil, the known & disgraced lobby group of the mullahs ruling #Iran.

>>5794616 Trump "unloads" on John McStain

>>5794655 Trump looked and sounded strong today

>>5794659 Officials in San Antonio, Texas, say that the Baptist Hospital Medical Center has been placed on lockdown due to a threat

>>5794660 Michelle Obama's former chief of staff Tina Tchen returns to Chicago

>>5794675 AOC quietly dropped from PAC leadership amid legal questions

>>5794695 Walmart's CTO Quits

>>5794712 Brazil gunmen shoot at convoy carrying nuclear fuel in Angra dos Reis

>>5794790 The 'LEAD-IN'


>>5794857 NEW DJT tweet

>>5794923 Merkel Is Destroying NATO, Not Trump

>>5794927 Q/POTUS 25 second delta

>>5794948 Convicted EX-DIA Officer Ron Hanson and 2 arrested EX-CIA officers Spyed Using Chinese Cell Phones (Huewai & Xanda)

>>5795006 #7412


Baker change


>>5793698 UBS Warns Q1 "One Of The Worst" In Recent History As IBanking Revenue Implodes

>>5793775 Senator Chuck Grassley sponsored a bill to allow cameras in all Federal Court room's

>>5793772 New Zealand to Broadcast Muslim Call to Prayer Friday as #HeadScarfforHarmony Campaign Urges Non-Muslim Women to Wear Hijab

>>5793808 Twitter Restricts Account of Julian Assange’s Mother

>>5793758 Cameras to be allowed in Federal Courtrooms

>>5793891 Who the Hell is Nellie Ohr???

>>5793897 Theranos Elizabeth Holmes Sold Certainty & Sex

>>5793901 Lawsuits coming?

>>5793964 The Podesta Group

>>5793658 See Obama's Operation Choke Point

>>5794006 California pulls National Guard from border to protect towns from fires

>>5794063 How President Trump Saved The Last Tank Plant In America

>>5794119 Is this how Facebook gets dragged into the college admissions mess?

>>5793930 Brexit: EU says short delay is possible if MPs back deal

>>5794150 Red Castle (Aviation) in Green Ohio?

>>5794171 FBI press releases

>>5794196 MSN Hit piece on QAnon alleged Mobster Slaying

>>5794220 #7411

Previously Collected Notables

>>5793494 #7410

>>5791207 #7407, >>5791930 #7408, >>5792684 #7409

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File: 67e878e73fee5cd⋯.jpg (1.24 MB, 2384x2188, 596:547, 67e878e73fee5cd47834e89867….jpg)



393e6f  No.5795860


Never Forget


This is a notable list i feel will help new pepes navigate, as well as keep topics on board.

#NeverForget #WWG1WGA #MAGA #QAnon #QArmy #Anon

>as of #7412

>>5794948 Convicted EX-DIA Officer Ron Hanson and 2 arrested EX-CIA officers Spyed Using Chinese Cell Phones (Huewai & Xanda)


>>5794675 AOC quietly dropped from PAC leadership amid legal questions

>>5794554 Artist/Clintonite's Grandson dies of suicide

>>5794416 Ukraine connection to the NZ SHOOTER video

>>5794368 Clinton Foundation obtained by deception 25 million tax dollars

>>5794171 FBI press releases

>>5794006 California pulls National Guard from border to protect towns from fires

>>5793901 Lawsuits coming?

>>5793775 Senator Chuck Grassley sponsored a bill to allow cameras in all Federal Court room's


>>5793095 CAIR Loses a Round in San Diego to MEF-Funded Lawsuit

>>5792489 Tapes exist related to Ukraine interference in US election (per recent Q)

>>5792064 Allison Mack in “active plea negotiations” to avoid NXIVM trial

>>5791546 Report on POTUS: “ISIS will be gone by tonight”

>>5791481 Parents win suit v. School district forcing CAIR propaganda on children

>>5791074 Direct Lending Investments dounder/ceo resigned amid an investigation by SEC

>>5790671 CNN Vid-Let people see Mueller report

>>5790574 WATCH THE WATER-Tomorrow morning 10AM EST Coast Guard gives it’s State of the Coast Guard Address

>>5790268 Google search experiment. screencap of algo auto fill of your typic is anti trump

>>5790009 PLANE FAILING Boeing 757 controls HACKED remotely while on the runway, officials reveal -pub Nov '18

>>5789847 Bus full of Italian children set on fire by Senegalese-born driver

>>5789775 DJTJr. trolling Crying Chuck, calls for vids of Schumer’s comments on NoName c.2008 (relevant material: >>5789825 ; >>5789851 )

>>5789612 Potential MSM comms: “calm”, “the storm”, and a dog name Mueller (re: Special Counsel) in puff piece

>>5789511 GOP introduces constitutional amendment to stop Dems from expanding Supreme Court

>>5789367 Boeing facing criminal probe of certification process after plane crashes

>>5788769 California appoints illegal alien to state post

>>5788605 Disney closes $71B acquisition of 21st Century Fox’s assets (clarifications: >>5788732 )

>>5788487 Teachers on leave after alleged link to punishing preschoolers by having them stand naked in closet

>>5788441 On Owls and March Madness, sponsored by Koch brothers

>>5788273 US Border Patrol catches 400 illegals in 5 minutes

>>5788018 Ohio capital sues to block amendment to state gun laws

>>5787780 EU fines GOOG $1.7b for abusing online ads market

>>5787576 New DJT on Kellyanne’s loser husband (loser’s response: >>5787642 )

>>5786953, >>5786965 How to get around a country's block of the Chans

>>5786823 Anon get shadowed after posting NZ events on twitter


>>5786112 seven people travel to an undisclosed location - Qpost 153 and 7 pics

>>5785699 Group of 170 Migrants Dug Under Arizona Border Fence

>>5785441 ‘He’s Not Going To Be Hauled Out In Handcuffs’: Trump-Fired Prosecutor Preet Bharara Says Mueller Won’t Arrest Trump

>>5784694 New Twitter Censorship Tactic

>>5784626 Olympic hopeful Hong Kong swimmer Kenneth To dies [unexpectedly] at 26

>>5783683 HHS chair calls out FB, YT, TWIT and Microsoft to explain spread of NZ video

>>5783168 FBI takedown of a group of DDoS-for-hire website helps drop attack levels globally

>>5783109 Congressman Advocates To Open Space Force Command Center In La.

>>5782587 Time traveler and elite cyber hacker turns 13 tomorrow

>>5782537 Has POTUS been outing C_A assets on Twitter via "CLOWN" insult?

>>5782061 Epstein victim says she wasn't among his youngest. TW:@yashar (Miami Herald)

>>5781801 Obama WH counsel faces possible prosecution in Mueller-initiated probe

>>5781413, >>5781714 BIG TECH CENSORSHIP: @prayingmedic Twitter SHUT DOWN

>>5781374 FLOTUS Tweet- DHS/HHS/Dept VA Briefing


ec1437  No.5795871



thread already exists!


ec1437  No.5795887


thread already got deleted… rly???

0e9893  No.5795889


Mueller might be our guy after all

ee89d5  No.5795896

File: 0558d037afa6f14⋯.png (189.52 KB, 400x355, 80:71, ClipboardImage.png)

53ac0b  No.5795897

File: 78b3c5adb8fa6fb⋯.jpg (120.37 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, IMG_20190320_161054.jpg)

File: a82ba4011b69bcd⋯.jpg (113.38 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, IMG_20190320_161059.jpg)

File: 1594e571a02b314⋯.jpg (166.33 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, IMG_20190320_161103.jpg)

Look how studly our VP is.

1c3f42  No.5795898

File: cf59731434151c4⋯.png (87.17 KB, 746x699, 746:699, Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at ….png)

File: 9de64f94e445538⋯.jpg (866.32 KB, 927x1257, 309:419, Dersh.jpg)

File: 73ee3b9bbad108b⋯.png (19.38 KB, 322x180, 161:90, Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at ….png)

That photo was from March 2018,


April 2018 Q says "Thank you Alan. Welcome Aboard".

e043cc  No.5795899

>>5795625 (lb)

hive mind


4711cd  No.5795900

File: e93ffdce1bb3acd⋯.jpg (305.51 KB, 1000x666, 500:333, 10001409349492jpg.jpg)

fedc29  No.5795901

Who are the attorney's involved in the Epstein case?



Who else?

29db89  No.5795902

File: deca101dcf277a1⋯.png (125.96 KB, 576x199, 576:199, obama-victims.png)

File: e75db2c982def0f⋯.png (396.14 KB, 1353x697, 33:17, obamacided.png)

any other direct obamacide vics?

291ab3  No.5795903

>>5795457 pb Q

2 attorneys representing a John Doe and J. Doe. The one for J. Doe is Kerrie Campbell. Very interesting career, please take a look.


11c55e  No.5795904

File: 06d5cd350929185⋯.jpg (115.88 KB, 1024x954, 512:477, JeffreyEpsteinDonaldTrumpB….jpg)

He knows everything

You can run but you can't hide

8ac49c  No.5795905

File: 8edcb6dd613cc53⋯.png (1.1 MB, 640x960, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png)


You're on a roll, Baker.

c12db9  No.5795906


Just expand the "Arkancide" list.

0a6fe6  No.5795907

File: 23822ecb17c1c48⋯.jpg (404.54 KB, 1000x1260, 50:63, Elv58.jpg)


Thank you, baker!

cfd743  No.5795908

the important pedos don't take the picture. they make the minor boy or girl do it.

4d2263  No.5795909

Man I have to say I am pretty damn pissed those bastards use the owl in their symbolism. I always loved that animal and now it is just ruined for me.

19d6d1  No.5795910





fake jew devils

(212) 490-0666

call now

8e9a16  No.5795911

>>5795882 lb

Sophies choice

You know

11c55e  No.5795912




5c4bcb  No.5795913

File: a0303f5b3644ce7⋯.jpeg (254.61 KB, 892x1348, 223:337, aaa.jpeg)


dd863f  No.5795914

2016-2019 hanging suicides of famous

August Ames (2017), Canadian pornographic actress and model, hanging, suffered from depression & died after backlash to controversial tweet.

Chester Bennington (2017), American singer and songwriter (Linkin Park), hanging, had struggled with drug abuse and depression

Anthony Bourdain (2018), American chef, author, and television personality, hanging

David Buckel (2018), American LGBT rights lawyer and environmental activist, self-immolation in Prospect Park, Brooklyn

Chris Cornell (2017), American musician, singer and songwriter (Soundgarden and Audioslave), hanging after performance.

Katelyn Nicole Davis (2016), American student, hanging, due to abuse, bullying, and depression

Mark Fisher (2017), critical theorist and cultural critic, hanging.[94] Fisher detailed his struggles with depression throughout his writing, especially in the pages of Capitalist Realism: Is There No Alternative?.

Keith Flint (2019), English vocalist and dancer most associated with The Prodigy,[98] hanging

Aaron Hernandez (2017), American football player and convicted murderer, died of suicide by hanging in his prison

Jo Min-ki (2018), South Korean actor, hanging

Jessica Starr (2018), American weather meteorologist, hanging after lasik surgery.

John Kivela (2017), American politician, hanging

Mike Thalassitis (2019), English-born Cypriot footballer and reality star personality for Love Island, hanging.

František Rajtoral (2017), Czech soccer player, hanging

John Rheinecker (2017) American Major League Baseball pitcher, hanging

Stevie Ryan (2017), American YouTube personality, suicide by hanging.

Mark Salling (2018), American actor, was facing jail time for child pornography, hanging

Carl Sargeant (2017), Welsh politician and former member of the Welsh Government. Sacked from Welsh Government after allegations of sexual harassment, hanging.

Scott Dozier (2019), American murderer on death row in Nevada after the 2002 murder of 22-year-old Jeremiah Miller, hanging

Oksana Shachko (2018), Ukrainian artist and activist, cofounder of FEMEN, hanging

Kate Spade (2018), American fashion designer, hanging

4711cd  No.5795915

File: 8960153b702b97f⋯.png (80.72 KB, 838x461, 838:461, Screenshot 2019-03-20_17-1….png)



2c8c8f  No.5795916

File: 83d934961d6cd99⋯.jpg (588.3 KB, 1300x955, 260:191, satcoms.jpg)

For a dig I'm working on, can anyone identify these types of small satellites?

a35fb1  No.5795917

File: 214fd297c49fbd3⋯.png (1.72 MB, 2096x1278, 1048:639, Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at ….png)

Re-posting from end of last bread…

Nick Lewin, attorney in article Q linked to

Note the names mentioned in his bio (pic related)

Mueller, Comey


b90ed0  No.5795918



I'm done making lists and digging. That ended when Q told me "days" doesn't mean "days"

8aba91  No.5795919


If Q said, "Thank you Alan. Welcome aboard."

Cooperating witness. Flipped.

Hoo boy, I betcha he had plenty to say.

c61c84  No.5795920

File: bbff806672fa6c4⋯.jpg (82.72 KB, 800x449, 800:449, 0804-5371-8865-9426.jpg)



Great job and sincere thanks!

370b38  No.5795921

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN - Full documentary

(It's a video, click it.)




A lot of anons post the truth about the jews, they are not shills, and are trying to help awaken everyone to their evils. They call you "Goyim" (sheep/cattle), they steal from you from the second you are born, every aspect of your life is a jewish trick, they steal our children to rape and eat, they lied about the "Holocaust", they have been kicked out of every country they have ever been invited into, and they blew up the World Trade Center's just for starters. Pay attention to your fellow anons when they try to give you this information. Don't forget Judaism is a death cult, not a religion.


8f6233  No.5795922

File: 268a6f71631ec62⋯.png (34.77 KB, 168x216, 7:9, ClipboardImage.png)



All five people in both aircraft were killed including United States Senator John Heinz, the sole passenger of the Piper.

7d1dcc  No.5795923

File: e88c4d9607e1f55⋯.jpg (45.86 KB, 960x640, 3:2, flag.jpg)

The only way I can find the Android app is by clicking on the link on the qmap.pub. All searches in Google Play Store do not return this app.

08a99d  No.5795924


Oh, shit, forgot to write Baker change. will update bread.

cfe851  No.5795925

The attorney is……..AD…….behind the camera!

c4a546  No.5795926

File: dc1ef80a9a6a4ef⋯.png (213.06 KB, 410x251, 410:251, dc1ef80a9a6a4efd3a90d51563….png)

370b38  No.5795927

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Interview with rabbi Abraham Finkelstein

@ 39:54

"We steal between 100,000 to 300,000 children a year just here in this country, we drain their blood and we mix it with our passover bread and then we throw the bodies into the slaughter houses that we own, and we grind up all the bodies in the sausage and the hamburger, McDonalds is one of our favorite outlets. And the people, they eat it for breakfast, they eat their children for lunch, and uh, us jews we gotta do what we do."

Shills will call it a hoax like they do with everything they don't want you to look at, the statements made in the video check out and all you have to do is be paying attention to see it.

ebcb26  No.5795928


ResignationAnon offered to help with the lists

>>2714136 (off-bread)

12dc08  No.5795929

File: 5fc0d1d98fc1663⋯.png (290 KB, 887x768, 887:768, katie.png)

File: d7975f5a4cebc7d⋯.jpg (51.59 KB, 1064x311, 1064:311, katie.jpg)

File: 1651815210db12f⋯.png (85.06 KB, 1332x351, 148:39, katie 2.png)

PornHub Katie Fucks Up And Exposes Incest Porn

ec1437  No.5795930


where can i find this list?

758a72  No.5795931

File: dc5da18f46f3c56⋯.jpg (19.51 KB, 360x360, 1:1, 160908-clinton-trump-mn-10….jpg)

>>5795457 (lb)

Q, I love POTUS.

But if you can shed any light on POTUS past acquaintances, pic and Epstein related, would be appreciated.

Love POTUS and thanks for assisting anons on the Great Awakening.

1c3f42  No.5795932



1dfad1  No.5795933


I get your frustration, but what you still here then?

ef946b  No.5795934



Anons - when this is over - we need to petition & organize Patriots to demand that Trump be added to Mt. Rushmore!

For real! No other POTUS deserves it more. I would be willing to donate my money towards it. We can do a fundraiser if tax dollars can't be appropriated.

b66df1  No.5795936

Patriot Anons

I agree with the Anons that Alan Dershowitz would be the top choice behind the camera

Because Michael Avenatti would be one heck of a curve ball throwing the cabal / DS off their game

033b76  No.5795937

File: 01213cace5eac4d⋯.png (315.6 KB, 799x500, 799:500, nsds.png)

I bet there sure is alot of sex trafficking through Malaysia and Czech Rep.

I wonder who could of had a connection with them as a backchannel for BHO?

Quite the mystery.

Sure is tons of porn that comes out of CR too.

Boy, that Malaysian plane crash was weird wasn't it?

19d6d1  No.5795938












fake jew devils

(212) 490-0666

call now


ad1bda  No.5795939


TROLLS support Slavery

TROLLS support abortion of Humans

TROLLS support Communism

TROLLS support Fascism

TROLLS support the use of children as a sex toy …

TROLLS support Porn

TROLLS are against Families

effe12  No.5795941

>>5795807 lb

that's two brothers ganging up on one moooslim

fcfeea  No.5795942


could be site to site microwave com towers, maybe for network across the island

ee89d5  No.5795943

File: 8c06600f089f965⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

b829a9  No.5795944



Powell 'Throws In The Towel' On Growth & Inflation, Sees No More Rate-Hikes In 2019



Fed leaves rates unchanged, says economic growth has slowed form Q4, even as labor market still strong, job gains solid

As expected, the Fed will taper its balance-sheet rolloff, sees it ending by the of September

Fed signals no rate hike this year with one increase in 2020

11 officials for zero 2019 hikes, four for one hike

Fed says median funds rate 2.4% in 2019, 2.6% in 2020-2021

But, the median estimate for the neutral funds rate remains unchanged at 2.8%"


c12db9  No.5795945


Not Bad, Anon!

Speedy, too.


526d0f  No.5795946



I've noted this once in each of the previous breads, but it hasn't been corrected yet. Tweet caps are mismatched in the dough:

>>5794539 PB

370b38  No.5795947

File: 0fb783a93f0b09b⋯.jpg (169.53 KB, 610x406, 305:203, _disprove_it.jpg)

6ed5af  No.5795948

File: 81ac3b049933a48⋯.jpg (56.49 KB, 640x360, 16:9, maxresdefault285729-3.jpg)

>>5795609 (lb)

>Go to eceti ranch

19d6d1  No.5795949



64a4b4  No.5795950

File: 2ace845fe195715⋯.png (271.19 KB, 973x619, 973:619, 2ace845fe1957154f3e2a458d8….png)

File: 2ae5fc5246bc487⋯.png (3.87 MB, 1024x889, 1024:889, 29b84a7b70fffe80c8f70ba3a8….png)

File: 7e031a98beaab64⋯.png (412.75 KB, 1265x849, 1265:849, 30a59eddd5974bd2302f7fc494….png)

File: 2122bfa57958157⋯.jpg (933.09 KB, 960x829, 960:829, 2122bfa5795815793e272ddb14….jpg)



I can understand the need for disinformation for future event's and operations!

You say your always here so you know most of the question's that Anon's talk about.

There are some things that (((they))) know that no amount of digging can uncover.

So anything that you can tell us about these things can and will help us wake people up.


ced027  No.5795951


yep. He took the pic.

3638c7  No.5795952

File: 268a6f71631ec62⋯.png (34.77 KB, 168x216, 7:9, 268a6f71631ec62492cc3ddce7….png)

>>5795891 lb

7/10 plane crashes are targeted kills.

Who inherited the Heinz money after he died. How did John Kerry benefit?


Henry John Heinz III (October 23, 1938 – April 4, 1991) was an American businessman and politician from Pennsylvania. A Republican, Heinz served in the United States House of Representatives from 1971 to 1977, and in the United States Senate from 1977 until he was killed in a plane crash in Lower Merion Township, Pennsylvana, in 1991

1dfad1  No.5795954



b63cc2  No.5795955


>>>5794717 → LB Q





No they don't. I don't think they ever will. Even if this whole thing fell apart tomorrow they will never admit it was all just a troll for the lulz. They will claim the Deep State won or that Trump wasn't good enough or strong enough or Q wasn't good enough or strong enough or some such shit. They will still believe there's a cabal of satanic child eating Democrats. They will still believe that all this is real. They will just say the bad guys won. This is their drug and they are hooked completely and hopelessly.

b90ed0  No.5795956


>I get your frustration, but what you still here then?

Because someone has to stick around and push back on Q's bullshit. Otherwise, we really are a cult.

ec1437  No.5795957


guess who made this post and asks for help?

6e3ca2  No.5795958

just fucking pull it!!!!!!!!!!!! it would take one fucking question!!!!!!!!!


11c55e  No.5795959

File: 336ad91493270fa⋯.jpg (107.49 KB, 634x900, 317:450, 247D039E00000578-2906981-i….jpg)

Ghislaine Maxwell…..

…..is accused in court papers of procuring girls for her former boyfriend Jeffrey Epstein which she vehemently denies


8aba91  No.5795960

File: 251956cf764dde0⋯.jpg (129.83 KB, 634x972, 317:486, Muskgirlfriend.jpg)

Elon Musk is so, so crazy.


Elon Musk's girlfriend Grimes describes the Tesla boss as a 'super-interesting goddamn person' - as she reveals she's ditching her name and wants to be called 'c'

Grimes opened up about her year-long relationship with Tesla boss Elon Musk

The Canadian singer, 31, said in a WSJ interview that her 47-year-old boyfriend was a 'super interesting goddamn person'

The couple, who made their relationship public when they attended the 2018 MET Gala together, got together after exchanging messages on Twitter

Grimes said she wasn't prepared for the publicity their relationship generated

She was dragged into headlines when Musk was sued by the SEC for tweeting he was taking Tesla private for $420 a share

Grimes - who was born Claire Boucher - also revealed she is ditching her name and now wants to be called 'c'

32626c  No.5795961


Just getting caught up on Trump's speech today!

I was 100% mesmerized by his explanation on why he is not a fan of McStain.

I was loved that part of the speech…speaking about the dossier, Repeal and Replace, OUR FORGOTTEN VETS!

What a great part of that speech today!

I hope someone got that part of the speech and is spreading it!

8279de  No.5795962


Notables #7408

e692c9  No.5795963



How you kno dat?

758a72  No.5795964

File: 8ca8ba1f48ea37f⋯.jpg (115.11 KB, 847x589, 847:589, panic 1.jpg)


>Kate Spade (2018), American fashion designer, hanging

ebcb26  No.5795965



If you have a throwaway insta, send a req and archive

53ac0b  No.5795966

File: 2d55dc49e98ffb1⋯.png (99.7 KB, 720x733, 720:733, Screenshot_20190320-161831….png)

LOL, oopsies. :-) Sorry bout your testing site bruh.

2e424f  No.5795967

Gee, if Nader and Bannon are besties, odd there are no pics of them together.

5bf469  No.5795968

File: 0943aaa4121cefc⋯.jpg (57.72 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 113a9cdb1abac418baf0077ef9….jpg)


bfb61c  No.5795969

TY Baker. Fresh cup of coffee for ya.

291ab3  No.5795970

The second attorney is Nick Lewin representing John Doe. Well look here:

Nick Lewin represents individuals and institutions in criminal and regulatory enforcement actions, congressional investigations, and complex civil litigation. Nick co-founded the firm after serving for more than a decade as a federal prosecutor and senior FBI official — including as the Special Counsel to former FBI Directors Robert S. Mueller III and James B. Comey, and as Deputy Chief of the Criminal Division in the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York.

Full bio:


62d280  No.5795971

File: a97ebdd66c39faa⋯.jpg (5.3 MB, 4608x3456, 4:3, _0001_04.jpg)


closer of the framing up top right.

166554  No.5795972


Um, did you just intentionally describe the Jew?

If not, Lol.

58e2be  No.5795973

File: 3d9748928d13243⋯.jpeg (756.66 KB, 1125x2332, 1125:2332, 755BC627-DFF4-4C50-8726-C….jpeg)

File: aeacd0ca39ec582⋯.jpeg (91.12 KB, 467x530, 467:530, BAD90F3F-6D22-4ED0-A753-B….jpeg)

File: daa6b1adf5fbb66⋯.jpeg (169.17 KB, 980x1226, 490:613, D30CBAA1-B887-4322-BD46-A….jpeg)

File: cf18af1ceebaa42⋯.png (62.96 KB, 637x374, 637:374, 0FF3248F-D022-4B6A-9BC5-2F….png)

>>5791384 (pb Q post)

Some of us are here to just drop crumbs.

Who is punching our politicians?

Hollywood connection.


a914da  No.5795974

>>5795347 LB

Every time I read about this I find it so very odd that Hussein thought deeply enough about this incident to use the word "Depression" in his remarks about a suicide.

'He spent the first two years of my administration helping to engineer our response to the worst financial crisis in 80 years and to successfully prevent the chaos from spiraling into a second Great Depression,' Obama said.

e8d3db  No.5795975

File: b65b682716fe55c⋯.jpeg (66.68 KB, 750x445, 150:89, 2F304D5C-3CC5-4380-B52B-6….jpeg)


You can see shadow of photographer on Tony’s Chest. Maybe someone can get something from Tony’s sunglasses.

I’m gonna guess Skippy took the pic

d466c7  No.5795976

File: 97997119b510411⋯.png (1.5 MB, 1200x1127, 1200:1127, ClipboardImage.png)

Waris Ahluwalia

For our newfriends, learn about this guy.

He was one of the secret service agents on Bill's trips to the island.

Made quite a career for himself after.

19d6d1  No.5795977




ef946b  No.5795978


Yes - I knew bc of my prior SRA & trafficking research that Dersh was on board & participated. I always wondered if that's why he was such a fierce defender of Trump. He's like his biggest Democrat fan.

c12db9  No.5795979

File: 994aaeb27f59793⋯.png (29.53 KB, 603x238, 603:238, AQ2.PNG)


Cindy Yang, founder of a Florida spa named in a high-profile prostitution investigation, is rebutting reports that she sold access to President Trump

67c6ca  No.5795980

File: de0c2743cbcf830⋯.png (363.55 KB, 931x520, 931:520, Pepenado.png)

8f6233  No.5795981

File: 8742e624131fd35⋯.png (337.11 KB, 384x496, 24:31, ClipboardImage.png)



Teresa Heinz is the widow of former U.S. Senator John Heinz and the wife of John Kerry.

Heinz is Chair of the Heinz Endowments and the Heinz Family Philanthropies.

758a72  No.5795982


Good point.

32626c  No.5795983



4d2263  No.5795984



b829a9  No.5795985


That looks VERY VERY GAY.

homosexual orgy in epstein island?

jesus christ.

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 6174bb No.5668328 📁

Mar 13 2019 19:28:01 (EST)



This is not just about sex trafficking [1].

Will the rich & powerful influence the court to prevent the unsealing?


[1] - Sex Resort (non_temple_resort_only) > trafficked & drugged underage girls

[2] - Occult / Worship of Evil (temple) [CLAS 1-99]

Haiti >

Pray for the victims.


"Two mystery litigants citing privacy concerns are making a last-ditch bid to keep secret some details in a lawsuit stemming from wealthy financier Jeffrey Epstein’s history of paying underage girls for sex.

Just prior to a court-imposed deadline Tuesday, two anonymous individuals surfaced to object to the unsealing of a key lower-court ruling in the case, as well as various submissions by the parties.

Both people filed their complaints in the New York-based 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals, which is overseeing the case. The two people said they could face unwarranted speculation and embarrassment if the court makes public records from the suit, in which Virginia Giuffre, an alleged Epstein victim, accused longtime Epstein friend Ghislaine Maxwell of engaging in sex trafficking by facilitating his sexual encounters with teenage girls. Maxwell has denied the charges."

29417e  No.5795986


Ted Cruz!!

2c8c8f  No.5795987

File: 60e3681d6a3dce9⋯.jpg (13.65 KB, 500x500, 1:1, KU-80-microwave-communicat….jpg)



Believe they may be microwave communication satellite dishes… Now, who would want an isolated system like that? Could they beam to boats?


c61c84  No.5795988

File: 67f79b28e325906⋯.png (404.63 KB, 664x504, 83:63, CBPEPE.png)

ef946b  No.5795989


THAT DUDE!!??? HE looks like a Muzzie. Is he Sikh?

2699a7  No.5795990

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>>5794454 (PB) (Past NOTABLE Dig on it!)

Found full documentary on it on YT here


If you use the Chrome based browser "Torch" it has a built in media downloader and works well to download YT videos


758a72  No.5795991


Some more Democrat bullshit.

e3acea  No.5795992


Cameron, although he prefers dead pigs

8f6233  No.5795993

File: fb3e4e2079acbfd⋯.png (323.83 KB, 620x350, 62:35, ClipboardImage.png)


>widow of Senator John Heinz and the wife of John Kerry

76e7a2  No.5795994

File: 44dedf9f1580d38⋯.png (441.63 KB, 640x400, 8:5, ClipboardImage.png)

>>5795707 (lb) <<

Hmmm, ebot triggered.

Israeli businessman shoots down spy claims by Papadopoulos in Trump-Russia probe

After George Papadopoulos, the first Trump official to plead guilty in Mueller investigation, dragged him into the headlines, businessman Charles Tawil gives his side of the story

DUBAI — Israeli businessman Charles Tawil has adamantly rejected claims that he entrapped George Papadopoulos, the first Trump administration official to plead guilty in the Russia investigation, as absurd.

Tawil, whose kaleidoscopic business career has spanned Africa, the Mediterranean and the Persian Gulf, acknowledged giving $10,000 in cash to Papadopoulos on June 8, 2018. But he denied being a spy who bullied Papadopoulos into taking the money in a “terrifying’’ Tel Aviv hotel room, as Papadopoulos has claimed. In fact, Tawil said that the Trump campaign adviser, who is now pushing to delay serving his 14-day prison sentence, was “desperate” to keep working with him after the cash transaction that, according to Papadopoulos, ended their relationship.

Tawil’s once little-known name is now bound up with US Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation. He is referenced in an FBI sentencing memo as a foreign national whom Papadopoulos “believed was likely an intelligence officer of a foreign country (other than Russia).”


George Papadopoulos Twitter account


Follow Follow @GeorgePapa19


Questions that remain outstanding for congress that America needs answers to:

1) Who/when did Trump associates have FISAs issued on them?

2) Is the $10,000 Charles Tawil gave me part of an FBI/CIA entrapment operation?

3) Which western intel did Mifsud work for?

4) Downer too

5:51 PM - 20 Nov 2018

PHOTO ON LEFT: George Papadopoulos (right) with Charles Tawil's son, at Crowne Plaza Hotel in Tel Aviv, June 8, 2017

8279de  No.5795995


Married 2 different Senators. What are the odds?

a8771a  No.5795996

>>5794717 (pb)

>...took his own life over the weekend,' a statement from his family reads."

It is curious that they will choose the weekend, not a regular Mon-Fri.

ced027  No.5795997


the money went to jonny's lovely bride

19d6d1  No.5795998















fake jew devils

(212) 490-0666

call now



814c5b  No.5795999

File: e0418508b15a50e⋯.png (113.02 KB, 719x771, 719:771, 1517871140581.png)

File: 5424bdf846a6969⋯.jpg (96.65 KB, 903x645, 7:5, 1506367181479.jpg)


>TROLLS support Slavery


659c46  No.5796000


Beautiful dress.

Where are all the little Haitian flowergirls?

08f525  No.5796001

File: c84334107f0998b⋯.png (627.86 KB, 763x394, 763:394, M 515 - Copy.png)

File: e5b38cde50a7296⋯.jpg (176.85 KB, 939x672, 313:224, Dershowitz Secret Email….jpg)

467216  No.5796002

File: 89512dfe0bcc3ac⋯.jpeg (100.29 KB, 1280x704, 20:11, DEEF30FA-3570-42B7-9AC6-8….jpeg)


delicious this bread is

thank you baker i must

ef946b  No.5796003


No! It looks like faggot Justin Trudeau.

ee89d5  No.5796004

File: 7a8342f4e5356d4⋯.png (99.47 KB, 700x405, 140:81, ClipboardImage.png)

Social media campaign for clean drinking water launches at Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting

What do President Bill Clinton, Morgan Freeman, Justin Bieber, Scarlett Johannson and Ozzy Osbourne have in common? They are among the people using their social media channels to encourage their followers to support the Flash Flood for Good campaign.

Flash Flood for Good is a three-day social media call to action to raise awareness and funds for children to receive clean water, a Clinton Global Initiative Commitment to Action. Participants are encouraged to donate $10 — either online or through a mobile device — to provide clean drinking water to a child for a year.

I wonder how much of this money actually went to clean water for kids?

8e9a16  No.5796005



He doesnt like swimming pools comon

1c3f42  No.5796006

File: 8355f325ef912cc⋯.png (57.74 KB, 636x365, 636:365, Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at ….png)

George Nader is a pedophile piece of shit.

08a99d  No.5796007

File: 90a58ffd6b9fdd4⋯.jpg (22.82 KB, 426x426, 1:1, thumbnail.jpg)

396998  No.5796008


rub and tug is now "a high-profile prostitution investigation". spin, spin and spin somemore

13fa22  No.5796009

The pic of Clinton et. al in the ocean…

They are on ecstasy/MDMA

737e6e  No.5796010

File: aeb28de96561279⋯.png (413.27 KB, 740x411, 740:411, John Solomon Interviews Uk….png)

Top Ukrainian justice official says US ambassador gave him a do not prosecute list

Ukrainian Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko told Hill.TV's John Solomon in an interview that aired Wednesday that U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch gave him a do not prosecute list during their first meeting.

"Unfortunately, from the first meeting with the U.S. ambassador in Kiev, [Yovanovitch] gave me a list of people whom we should not prosecute," Lutsenko, who took his post in 2016, told Hill.TV last week…

…Lutsenko also said that he has not received funds amounting to nearly $4 million that the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine was supposed to allocate to his office, saying that "the situation was actually rather strange" and pointing to the fact that the funds were designated, but "never received."


6f3ef4  No.5796011


Looks like Anthony Weiner

d466c7  No.5796012

File: 748e75d640ff618⋯.png (82.18 KB, 308x483, 44:69, ClipboardImage.png)

b90ed0  No.5796013

Hey Q, I guess Justice for Seth Rich is out of style now huh?

67c6ca  No.5796014

File: fc06425cf1f24fb⋯.jpg (54.93 KB, 699x499, 699:499, nike dump.jpg)


194a8a  No.5796015


shadow on chest is from old bald white guy with back to camera

ef946b  No.5796016


Dudes - it's Justin Trudeau. Take a close look at his posture & profile.

79a9fb  No.5796017

File: bb746cdcb175f1a⋯.png (55.61 KB, 648x622, 324:311, BC-DR.png)

>>5795457 lb

>>5795595 lb

>During Trump’s transition to the White House, Bill Clinton was at a lavish resort in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic with Nader. That was BEFORE the Mueller investigation. You do the math.

>Clinton is seen here kicking back at a beach day in Jan. 2017 in Palmilla, Bayahibe, an exclusive haven of warm waters and refuge, near the so-called Paso de Catuano, very close to Isla Saona. This resort is only in accessible by private boat.

BC was also in Punta Cana in Feb 2018 with Ranieri & Bunster. Came in through Mexico. Assuming the date supplied in TP is correct, must be a yearly jaunt.


92287d  No.5796018



i suspect this is correct - direct microwave link to provide anything from tv, internet, controls, etc. from the receiving point (an actual satellite dish) to the rest of the island. These usually point directly at one another, hence why these dont face the sky.

f0b1a3  No.5796019


Anon said last bread:

Ricardo Cheaz, Bill Clinton, George Nader, José Calzada, Rolando Gonzalez Bunster

a4b1b1  No.5796020

>with microsoft , intel, google,and facebook all being involved in spying for the american goverment

,how does Trump get to condem China and their state security apparatus since they bought it from the aformentioned american companies with the american goverments bleessings.

19d6d1  No.5796021

File: e03679850b9affe⋯.jpg (130.27 KB, 564x846, 2:3, IMG_0040.JPG)


e692c9  No.5796022



fccf15  No.5796023

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Victoria's Secret – She is a Man

Victoria Secret Models are Transgender!


They use estrogen, are often castrated and have facial feminization surgery.

c08d82  No.5796024


I think Q wants us to look at Kerrie Campbell, the attorney who intervened on behalf of the two non-parties who are objecting to the unsealing of the MSJ exhibits.

Her litigation history is not criminal. She's made political donations to what I think is a lawyer PAC in California (Golden State PAC). Her twitter doesn't reveal much re: political affiliation or contact w/ politicians.

2b78ec  No.5796025


I've suspected for some time that Trump had to make a deal too.

8c5d44  No.5796026

>>5794717 (lb)

>start a list

Poast a proof

67c6ca  No.5796027

File: ccf733d72f465aa⋯.jpg (10.42 KB, 223x226, 223:226, John Kerry Ketchup boy.jpg)

ad1bda  No.5796028

Jessie Smollett = Jew

Kamila Harris = Jew

Rosanne = Jew

So on and on and on

Do you really believe they are Jews or as GOD said those who say are jews and are not ….

Use you fucking head … They are no more jewish then I am …. AND I"M NOT ……..

Really have to wake up to the fact ….

effe12  No.5796029

Juan Williams caught red handed being sexist plays it off by doing a #metoo moment and telling his sexy co-hos he thought she was saying booty-thang.

You can't make this shit up - for realz nigger

4fb83a  No.5796030


5 GHz network links.

ef946b  No.5796032


Definitely not Weiner. He's got pubic hair on the top of his head.😂😂😂😂

8e9a16  No.5796033



I would know before jerking

32626c  No.5796034

File: f34325c4d9c9726⋯.png (445.22 KB, 494x430, 247:215, Screenshot_65.png)


Claire Bear!

55a3c4  No.5796035


Would be nice to see that come full circle.

"Super-lawyer and Clinton and Epstein pal Dershowitz recently testified in circuit court in Broward County, Florida. Transcripts of his testimony reveal that Clinton administration FBI chief Louis Freeh has been called in to run interference. Freeh served as FBI director from 1993 to 2001, during almost the entirety of the Clinton presidency.

"Freeh is representing Dershowitz , who recently has been at the center of civil claims involving allegations that he had sex with underage women on Epstein’s private plane and at parties on Epstein’s private island, including at times when Clinton also was on the island.


b5a3a9  No.5796036


Rope is an amazing invention. Civilization would be impossible without it.

a9381f  No.5796037


she kind of looks manly too

834d7d  No.5796038

File: b9663ff87e88129⋯.jpg (111.13 KB, 1140x488, 285:122, Barack-Obama-and-advisers-….jpg)


Pedo's lawyer on the left!

ee861e  No.5796039

The other attorney delaying unsealing the epstein case is associated with times up which has ties to hollywood.


The other anonymous brief came from Washington-based attorney Kerrie Campbell, who handles gender equality cases and is affiliated with the Time’s Up movement to combat sexual harassment.


Here's How The Time's Up Legal Defense Fund Actually Works

March 11, 20188:16 AM ET

Heard on Weekend Edition Sunday

Elizabeth Blair 2018 square




Actresses Ashley Judd (from left), Annabella Sciorra and Salma Hayek spoke about the Time's Up initiative at the 2018 Oscars ceremony.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

In a small conference room in Washington, D.C., a handful of lawyers and paralegals — most of them in their 20s — process applications coming in to the Time's Up Legal Defense Fund.

Hollywood Women Launch Initiative To Stop Sexual Harassment


Hollywood Women Launch Initiative To Stop Sexual Harassment

Actress Ashley Judd's #MeToo Moment Was Driven By A 'Commitment' To Her Younger Self


Actress Ashley Judd's #MeToo Moment Was Driven By A 'Commitment' To Her Younger Self

Hollywood has put its muscle behind the Time's Up campaign to fight sexual harassment and discrimination. One of its goals is to help defray the legal costs for women who've been sexually harassed. (Reese Witherspoon, Shonda Rhimes and Oprah Winfrey are among those who've donated hundreds of thousands of dollars.)

The Time's Up Legal Defense Fund has reached $21 million, and more than 1,800 women from across the country have asked for help. The fund is being handled by the National Women's Law Center, and it works kind of like a matchmaking service that pairs alleged victims with local attorneys.

One of the women who requested help works at a grocery store in Seattle. (For privacy reasons, she asked that we not use her name.) She says that for months, she was harassed by a man who worked for a vendor; it started with unwanted compliments and requests to go out.

"And it finally escalated to the point where he was putting his hands on me," she says. "And at that point in time, I became fearful. I was panicky. Even if I thought I saw him, I was getting nervous at work, unable to do my job."

Her sister told her about the Time's Up Legal Defense Fund. She got on the website, filled out a form and hit send. Within a week, she received the names of three attorneys. She ended up retaining Natalie Teravainen. "We talked for a long time about her story, and I just knew right away that we should pursue this," Teravainen says.

Article continues after sponsor message

Time's Up Leader Tina Tchen To Head Recording Academy's Diversity Task Force


Time's Up Leader Tina Tchen To Head Recording Academy's Diversity Task Force

At The Golden Globes, Not Just Another Red Carpet


At The Golden Globes, Not Just Another Red Carpet

And here's where the money comes in: One of the things that often keeps women from taking action is the cost of an attorney, but Time's Up allows attorneys like Teravainen to apply for funding and potentially defray that cost.

Fatima Goss Graves is president and CEO of the National Women's Law Center. She says some lawyers have offered to take on cases pro bono or at reduced rates, but "not everyone can afford to do so, and that's when the fund itself comes in to help entice more attorneys to join with us here."

Stanford law professor Deborah Rhode says, "This is an area of enormous need." She has been involved with a similar hotline for women and says they're "drowning" in calls. When it comes to Time's Up, Rhode believes getting enough lawyers and vetting them will be a challenge.

"Most complainants don't have the resources to pay for a lawyer, and most lawyers will only take cases if they generate substantial damages and are relatively easy to prove. And especially for low-wage workers, that's rarely the case."

So far, more than 500 attorneys have offered their services to Time's Up. Rhode says that this is a huge undertaking and that monitoring the fund's effectiveness is just as important as getting enough lawyers for it.

"How do we do it right?" Rhodes wonders. "We won't find that out unless we try to do it."

Fatima Goss Graves admits the Legal Defense Fund is still a work in progress — "like building the plane while it's flying."Hollywood has put its muscle behind the Time's Up campaign to fight sexual harassment and discrimination. One of its goals is to help defray the legal costs for women who've been sexually harassed. (Reese Witherspoon, Shonda Rhimes and Oprah Winfrey are among those who've donated hundreds of thousands of dollars.)

ee89d5  No.5796040


The benis Knows

8d1558  No.5796041


Shills shilling here on this. Really Wiener? Idiots.

e8d3db  No.5796042


Look again.

You can see hand holding camera and head.

You can even see the lense cap dangling.

Old fat dude it’s too low

67c6ca  No.5796043


now we know what the video link was all about last night

fcfeea  No.5796044

File: ab3d2255e18496a⋯.png (368.85 KB, 500x375, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


not ryan, cleared out shadows and adjusted levels

8f6233  No.5796045

File: 4f3affb0be6e6b5⋯.png (742.94 KB, 980x552, 245:138, ClipboardImage.png)

19d6d1  No.5796046

File: 6d7c14a4c1d49d7⋯.jpg (3.32 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, IMG_0190.JPG)


eceea6  No.5796047

File: 3f8e08a1a9743e0⋯.png (30.88 KB, 590x210, 59:21, hope.png)


08f525  No.5796048

File: d64ac7a2e2a9d0f⋯.jpg (85.58 KB, 737x316, 737:316, Breaking911 on Twitter N….jpg)

4d2263  No.5796049


So our goal is now before us. Save the cheerleader… save the world.

ecf0c0  No.5796050

File: 5627aa1cae91f3f⋯.png (1.19 MB, 2915x1876, 2915:1876, GOODvsEVIL_REVOLUTION.png)

>>>5795457 lb ————————————–——– Sex_trafficking_is_real.

>>5791828 lb ————————————–——– “THE CLINTON FOUNDATION”

DECLAS will destroy their last stand [SCHUMER, PELOSI].

FISA will be the start and prepare public for ]HUBER[.

fe2168  No.5796051

>>5795692 (pb)

>Meghan-the-Whore Markel was introduced to Harry by an Iraqi jew.

that's the story…but it's NOT the truth. That was the cover story. This was a plot from a long time ago and has been perfectly executed.

How long ago?

the name of Meghan's blog=the Tig. The name of Harry and William's nanny? Tiggy.

This involves soho house, Epstein, and many many other things and I'm sorta laughing a bit because who knew a bunch of raciss normie black women would be better detectives than autists.

FACT Markle was "introduced" to Harry the first time when she was still dating Cory the chef at an event Cory was catering. It was all a set up. Cory didn't know of course. It gets darker and dirtier from there on out. Harry is thick as two planks and was easy to manipulate with a bit of "mothering".

William knew straight off and tried to get Harry to slow the fuck down. But the lad has a lot of anger and hate over what was done to his mom..and he handed that shit on a platter right to markle. The fam now has a few dangerous choices. Expose her and make utter fools of themselves (she claimed to be pregnant, plus blackmail to get the wedding FAST) she wasn't and isn't but their hands were tied.

This shit is going to be interesting. She wrote that stupid WE day speech that humiliated Harry…he's thick…he went along with it. Now he's got all of them up shit creek. There won't be any Philip car accidents in her future. If she continues…what the fuck do you think her broken chains dress was all about on the Commonwealth day?

I can't believe people are missing this. If the brit royal fam goes, UK is finished.

The funny part is that it's angry black women investigating her that are putting all the pieces together.

117333  No.5796052


or is Lil Kim fulfilling promises to free NK?

e3acea  No.5796053

guesses so far





LETS MAKE A LIST and compare anons..

8279de  No.5796054

File: 3079ea974171b20⋯.jpg (37 KB, 386x400, 193:200, nomnomnom.JPG)



194a8a  No.5796055


Look again… that is a hand and arm hold a can of something (beer)

b35b32  No.5796056

File: 352849a15ddae0a⋯.jpeg (276.47 KB, 750x860, 75:86, C19D5CE4-ED0B-453D-815F-9….jpeg)

U.S. Attorney Marie Villafaña

19d6d1  No.5796057

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

2c8c8f  No.5796058



I've noticed these things in other strange places… if any anons have advice on what I should do let me know. If I know what frequency they're transmitting at, can't I access whatever is being passed? Not that I would, but these things seem suspicious as fuck to me. Seems like an attempt at HAM radio type shit.

1c3f42  No.5796060

File: 951e3f29bd21011⋯.jpg (171.39 KB, 1200x1259, 1200:1259, 1865_Traitors.jpg)

File: 6ad625fa6b1e192⋯.jpg (179.77 KB, 1024x832, 16:13, 1865Justice.jpg)

File: faca90fcb6e34e7⋯.jpg (636.71 KB, 1260x1188, 35:33, 1865Justice2.jpg)


A traitors justice

27f35c  No.5796061


4d2263  No.5796062


Is she related to Ann Coulter?

b829a9  No.5796063


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: a22a92 No.4243710 📁

Dec 10 2018 15:20:23 (EST)

The plan to have the FED raise rates [steep incline beginning Mar 2019] in an effort to 'kill' the economy prior to 2020 P_elec is known and planned for.

Structure change coming?


363791  No.5796065

File: e235190c5f096ea⋯.png (95.12 KB, 200x283, 200:283, ClipboardImage.png)

>>5795637 lb

>>5792112 Q

21 2 4


Pic related.



Understanding By Design Framework.


The Understanding by Design framework (UbD™ framework) offers a planing process and structure to guide curriculum, assessment, and instruction. Its two key ideas are contained in the title: 1) focus on teaching and assessing for understanding and learning transfer, and 2) design curriculum “backward” from those ends.

The UbD framework is based on seven key tenets:

1. Learning is enhanced when teachers think purposefully about curricular planning. The UbD framework helps this process without offering a rigid process or prescriptive recipe.

2. The UbD framework helps focus curriculum and teaching on the development and deepening of student understanding and transfer of learning (i.e., the ability to effectively use content knowledge and skill).

3. Understanding is revealed when students autonomously make sense of and transfer their learning through authentic performance. Six facets of understanding – the capacity to explain, interpret, apply, shift perspective, empathize, and self-assess – can serve as indicators of understanding.

4. Effective curriculum is planned backward from long-term, desired results through a three-stage design process (Desired Results, Evidence, and Learning Plan). This process helps avoid the common problems of treating the textbook as the curriculum rather than a resource, and activity-oriented teaching in which no clear priorities and purposes are apparent.

5. Teachers are coaches of understanding, not mere purveyors of content knowledge, skill, or activity. They focus on ensuring that learning happens, not just teaching (and assuming that what was taught was learned); they always aim and check for successful meaning making and transfer by the learner.

6. Regularly reviewing units and curriculum against design standards enhances curricular quality and effectiveness, and provides engaging and professional discussions.

7. The UbD framework reflects a continual improvement approach to student achievement and teacher craft. The results of our designs – student performance – inform needed adjustments in curriculum as well as instruction so that student learning is maximized. The Understanding by Design framework is guided by the confluence of evidence from two streams – theoretical research in cognitive psychology, and results of student achievement studies. A summary of the key research that undergirds UbD framework can be found at www.ascd.org under Research A Topic

764dd7  No.5796066

File: a8885061c54fabd⋯.jpg (28.29 KB, 592x275, 592:275, drunkaoc.JPG)

Not sure if already posted here, but figured you might find this interesting


76e7a2  No.5796067

File: cb3215cc178da26⋯.png (387.04 KB, 602x868, 43:62, ClipboardImage.png)

e043cc  No.5796068


located searchable pdf of epstein flight manifesto


834d7d  No.5796069

File: b9663ff87e88129⋯.jpg (111.13 KB, 1140x488, 285:122, Barack-Obama-and-advisers-….jpg)

c080ee  No.5796070

File: 4129334850992cb⋯.jpg (61.81 KB, 859x470, 859:470, hillboat.JPG)

>>5795457 LB


release the cures, bruh.

814c5b  No.5796072

File: 41b56b7fff715e8⋯.png (933.53 KB, 1160x629, 1160:629, ClipboardImage.png)

ee861e  No.5796073


bashar al assad? syrian president cant link pic

19d6d1  No.5796074

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

dd863f  No.5796075

WiMax >>5795916

dbd2e7  No.5796076

File: 4a9b462fb8cdea6⋯.jpeg (201 KB, 799x797, 799:797, Screenshot_2019-03-20-17-….jpeg)

ef946b  No.5796077


No. I don't think he'd ever be caught up with that. Ever. I'm not saying he's perfect - but he's NOT a pedophile.

And IF he EVER did have a weak moment & sleep with someone just less than 18 - the Deep State would have had that on loop video broadcasting 24/7

a9381f  No.5796078

All joo shills can produce your fucking DNA profile. You don't need to go through the corparate DNA stealing websites….. fucking throw down some real cash and go get a private one. Prove your fucking DNA is joo free before going on and on and on about. Guarantee 99% of your joo shills are in fact more than 50% joo

526d0f  No.5796079

File: a1c8a305f8497cb⋯.png (358.49 KB, 639x803, 639:803, ClipboardImage.png)



681761  No.5796080

Hey Q, given your numerical emphasis, I'm sure you're way ahead of this, but FYI, 2020 vote happens on November 3, 2020–the same day as Mercury Retrograde turns direct. We know what happened in 2000 in the same alignment (albeit the choice was between a bag of shit and sack of turds). Given POTUS is a Gemini, he feels Mercury Retrogrades more than the other signs. May be astrological bs and cabal fake shit, but wanted to highlight nonetheless so precautions may be taken.

fcfeea  No.5796081


the straight bars top is cell antenna's but the round dish part would be the same kind of deal as image.

291ab3  No.5796082

Anyone Help Dig?

I’m still workfagging. There are 2 attorneys that represent to clients trying to keep the documents sealed. Both have very interesting connections. Did Muller or comet take the pic? Are one or both there? Look at bio links at my two previous posts. All kinda of DS links with these two.



19d6d1  No.5796083

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



fccf15  No.5796084

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Cameron Diaz has an adonis belt. Bradley Cooper is a lady. They are born into the cult and are gender bender forced into transgenderism.

Mirrored MrE Bradley Cooper and Cameron Diaz are Transsexuals

Why is hollywood so angry?


696b5b  No.5796085


>Ricardo Cheaz, Bill Clinton, George Nader, José Calzada, Rolando Gonzalez Bunster

These are the old guys in the pic.

This guy is much younger.

Not Weiner.

Not Cameron.

Not Ryan.

c16d1b  No.5796086


Gotta arrest Hillary first

13fa22  No.5796087


Yep explains all the NK chatter that suddenly appeared… Something got taken out.

b829a9  No.5796088


goodbye to 15 minutes of fame for muslims.


0fdcc3  No.5796089

File: 9c025959944e519⋯.jpeg (912.67 KB, 1242x1767, 414:589, 7241097E-655F-4D49-9A30-D….jpeg)



That’s not Epstein Island. Different clown playground (offshoot). Shiny and Sweet. Apocalypse Now.

Q knows what I mean. Rest should dig. Don’t want to end up dead.

159fd9  No.5796090

File: b2a322e5593145d⋯.png (21.21 KB, 585x335, 117:67, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 76308aca66044a5⋯.png (301.59 KB, 422x612, 211:306, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1d531efda87a4fb⋯.png (1.29 MB, 1484x980, 53:35, ClipboardImage.png)


LeRoi Moore died in 2008 in an "accident". He was working with Chester and Chris to make a movie outing Hollywood pedophilia but he made the mistake of talking to David Geffen about it.

f83d74  No.5796091

File: 6446f94d279f5fc⋯.jpeg (2.2 MB, 2048x2411, 2048:2411, 97250FC8-20CA-49BD-B945-4….jpeg)

Q… you did it. The 3rd will happen. #Excellent

3638c7  No.5796092

File: d6ebd2ea662be45⋯.jpg (625.57 KB, 1080x2117, 1080:2117, 20190320_172655.jpg)


421dc1  No.5796093

File: db8c85f831b28b0⋯.jpg (219.14 KB, 449x524, 449:524, Free-Thought-Free-Will-QR^….jpg)

File: f4e285c478009fe⋯.jpg (243.22 KB, 449x524, 449:524, Free-Thought-Saves-QR^X.jpg)

File: 7ceab19835db92d⋯.jpg (230.87 KB, 449x524, 449:524, Full-Control-QR^X.jpg)

File: 2c7d829a9d81080⋯.jpg (586.58 KB, 1380x524, 345:131, Liberty-Shift-Justice-Comi….jpg)

File: e5631c2cdc008b1⋯.jpg (601.05 KB, 1380x524, 345:131, Liberty-Shift-Love-Rejoice….jpg)

fedc29  No.5796094

File: f25c3d5170c6702⋯.png (53.94 KB, 796x609, 796:609, ep-3.png)

File: cebac11b3c15a44⋯.png (50.4 KB, 736x503, 736:503, ep-2.png)

File: a4b81c079844163⋯.png (33.48 KB, 757x369, 757:369, ep-1.png)

Any Lawfags want to take a look at the Epstein documents from Cernovich's filing to unseal?

“The truth is that Ms. Maxwell and Mr. Epstein sexually trafficked her to their well-connected friends, both in this country and elsewhere,” called a woman a “lynchpin in international sexual trafficking organization.”

Well-connected friends…


19d6d1  No.5796095

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

08f525  No.5796096

File: 64a7df2a371f845⋯.gif (236.17 KB, 640x372, 160:93, pepe gif 10 dance.gif)



153b93  No.5796097


Shit I thought she was Q.

0a6fe6  No.5796098

File: 48fe65d2cbb3d7b⋯.png (175.97 KB, 2296x406, 164:29, 7j9s.png)


Apparently Theresa is "roman catholic" but I doubt it since her mother's maiden name was Thierstein. Family connections to Russia. Henry John unintentionally married a witch.

4d2263  No.5796099


If memory serves from my Mothers endless prattling many years ago, isn't Mercury going retro always a bad thing?

c39403  No.5796100


Stranahan doesn't look clownish at all, does he?

11c55e  No.5796101

File: 4687dd6855384b5⋯.jpg (15.02 KB, 968x80, 121:10, pacer_banner.jpg)


883ff0  No.5796102

>>5795457 (lb) That image sickened me the first time I saw it, and every time since. Just look at those worthless, fat SOBs all arrogant & full of themselves. Thought they were bulletproof forever, that neither man's law or God's law could touch them, that none of their crimes would be addressed, that their victims would soundlessly shriek forever, with no justice. Wrong on both counts.

f160d0  No.5796103


It was Trump that booted Epstein out of Mar-A-Lago. Trump didn't want that shit going on around him.

e3acea  No.5796104


Too old? Bubba already looks half dead.

6f3ef4  No.5796105

File: b1198505fd0d987⋯.jpg (4.87 KB, 300x168, 25:14, images.jpg)


Still looks like a Weiner.

1c3f42  No.5796106


He's talking shit to the deep state about how quickly he beat their Muslim goon squad.

ec1437  No.5796107

Albania president: Ready to resign to solve political crisis

"The Albanian president said Wednesday he would be ready to resign from his post — or even to kill himself — if it would help resolve his country's political crisis."


2e96af  No.5796108

This is not a game

>constantly makes it a game and only cares about how far the psyop spreads

This is why anyone with a brain knows youre fucking worthless Q

291ab3  No.5796109


Crap. *two clients / *Comey take

c941cd  No.5796110

ced027  No.5796111


closer to Cruz it appears to me. he always was a lil chum boy.

9f54c6  No.5796112

File: 7d8ce227bf1ef8b⋯.mp4 (4 MB, 640x360, 16:9, CNN misleads on height of ….mp4)

CNN deceives on Texas border wall

Show only 5-feet tall, cute little house gate portion of wall - camera never shows 20 foot drop on other side, reinforced with concrete.

ce730a  No.5796113

File: 790856189c6a9d8⋯.png (733.64 KB, 1075x451, 1075:451, Robert-Mueller%u2019s-Star….png)

>>5795457 (Q Post)

Robert Mueller's Star Witness

[George Nader]

Also another picture from the same serie..can anybody recognize the guy on the left side of the picture?

1d1217  No.5796114



7050b7  No.5796115

File: 2ac2f9c6c1933d1⋯.png (592.63 KB, 800x450, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

5a82c0  No.5796116

File: 5972259554a1e7a⋯.jpg (172.53 KB, 888x499, 888:499, weiner-huma.jpg)

a9381f  No.5796117


because stupid fucking idiots spend more time being shills and hiding behind their fake facade then actually understanding DNA … just go watch all the videos of people being shocked to realize the very people they usually are talking shit on is actually part of their DNA profile as well… but muh strong duh'lusions and muh knowledge I picked up on by controlled opposition

29c3f1  No.5796118

>>5795457 Q




c39403  No.5796119


Getting ahead of the story.

19d6d1  No.5796120

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ced027  No.5796121


chub not chum

2e424f  No.5796122


They're whats for dinner!

ce730a  No.5796123

File: 9850f4e9b3f07c2⋯.jpg (45.74 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 2gsjgnRrABUyYUsWagFgqh3yCT….jpg)


Forgot the picture

33cb23  No.5796124

>>5795475 (PB)

My 15th impression after waynes world - Looks like the Voice Box has been switched.

Sound-blaster Gold Card Fitted.

Result - Normal Humans wil never …….

03d106  No.5796125


I thought so at first but weiners schnoz looks way bigger

0804a2  No.5796126

File: 86d7d8ade2169bb⋯.jpeg (258.61 KB, 1323x1195, 1323:1195, FC2F73C7-C5A8-4E9F-BB10-D….jpeg)

The Death Note has begun.

5a82c0  No.5796127

File: f5a5d1a18850316⋯.jpg (118.24 KB, 806x457, 806:457, PAIN 2.jpg)

2e96af  No.5796128





19d6d1  No.5796129

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

f51545  No.5796130


> demand that Trump be added to Mt. Rushmore!


40bcad  No.5796131

File: 02296946b6156d2⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1546x977, 1546:977, nader pedo w clntn.png)

2c8c8f  No.5796132


So the big takeaway here is that they have internet connectivity in the underground part of the island. More likely they're beaming out to others than beaming in?

I guess this confirms there is a lot underground, but not too much more intel than that. Unless they have servers underground…

659c46  No.5796133

File: df70f813ea41835⋯.jpg (483.54 KB, 2834x1859, 218:143, dougbandprofile.jpg)

effe12  No.5796135


Plane fags can find this spot - right?

55a3c4  No.5796136

File: 3ba9ffbd2358c49⋯.png (1.65 MB, 1024x760, 128:95, ClipboardImage.png)



"A witness who is cooperating in the special counsel investigation, George Nader, has connections to both the Persian Gulf states and Russia and may have information that links two important strands of the inquiry together, interviews and records show.

"Mr. Nader’s ties to the United Arab Emirates are well documented — he is an adviser to its leader — but the extent of his links to Russia had not been previously disclosed.

Mr. Nader’s dealings with Russia date at least to 2012, when he helped broker a controversial $4.2 billion deal for the government of Iraq to buy Russian weapons.

Earlier that year, Mr. Nader also attended the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, an invitation-only conference organized by senior officials close to Mr. Putin that Russia presents as its answer to the World Economic Forum held annually in Davos, Switzerland. Mr. Nader is on a list of participants from 2012.


d275a3  No.5796138


ABC this afternoon reported on this by first saying that President Trump was waving around a classified map on television.

19d6d1  No.5796139

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c2b010  No.5796140



370b38  No.5796141

File: 1c31cbdb16ba7a1⋯.jpg (106.23 KB, 634x708, 317:354, lil_tony_weiner.jpg)

681761  No.5796142


Mercury is a troubling aspect most so on the days of turning retrograde and days of turning direct. It creates breakdowns in processes, communication, chaos and confusion, especially with electronics and machines (the whole hanging chad from Florida in 2000). I imagine the vote is safe, but Q needs all the eye they can get.

c941cd  No.5796143


Stop trying to find his dick, and you might be able to see the pic, ahole.

d4a05a  No.5796145

File: 9de1f0859922166⋯.jpg (291.41 KB, 1000x562, 500:281, gregcraig.jpg)

I've heard Former Clinton ATTORNEY Greg Craig's name being thrown around a lot lately.


4711cd  No.5796146

File: b54ea8641123866⋯.jpg (32.8 KB, 780x520, 3:2, usa-trade-nafta-mexico.jpg)

File: f3ab466144df4d3⋯.jpg (4.69 KB, 284x177, 284:177, index.jpg)

File: 696df70fb610ebf⋯.jpg (56.47 KB, 750x445, 150:89, 696df70f234b610ebf20b3ffb6….jpg)

File: 28ac02455a426be⋯.jpg (42.53 KB, 500x375, 4:3, i0000z3r_13l8elijpg.jpg)

is this Jose Calzada…

do you see him in these pictures?

40b8ea  No.5796147

File: ecdf15f3244cb6f⋯.png (793.73 KB, 840x880, 21:22, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3323d7e1dd4fe3d⋯.png (1.29 MB, 855x766, 855:766, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ce596573ea93068⋯.png (483.15 KB, 841x879, 841:879, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 93c5c7706f3f4cf⋯.png (1019.23 KB, 848x810, 424:405, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d9705856978d988⋯.png (944.26 KB, 844x864, 211:216, ClipboardImage.png)

Was UK paying White Helmets to produce Syria ‘chemical weapon’ PR as cover for Jaish Al Islam?

As controversy rages over the alleged April 2018 Douma “chemical weapon attacks” that signaled the end of Jaish Al Islam’s occupation, life in the Syrian city gradually returns to peace and stability.

The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons’ (OPCW) interim report and final report have thrown the Western media community into disarray. Already scrambling to salvage their loss of face after the “no sarin” conclusions were drawn by the OPCW in July 2018, they are now trying to convert an inconclusive OPCW report into a definitive claim regarding chlorine use, in order to reassert their declining narrative supremacy.

A “chemical weapon” narrative that has effectively sustained the criminalization of the Syrian government and thus the continued unlawful aggression, direct and through Takfiri proxies, by the US coalition against Syria.

“Reasonable grounds that the use of a toxic chemical as a weapon took place” is transformed into “OPCW confirms chlorine gas used in attack on Douma by Syrian government” by the state media revisionists across the Western media echo chambers.


2e96af  No.5796148


Lol controlled opposition calling controlled opposition controlled opposition

Now thats funny

1c3f42  No.5796149

File: 3c480db54171f6c⋯.png (2.31 MB, 1000x1682, 500:841, Clinton_EpsteinIsland.png)

19d6d1  No.5796150

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

11c55e  No.5796151


…What is an incinerator?

4b2c04  No.5796152

File: 7b60853159db9af⋯.png (614.12 KB, 690x749, 690:749, Q3131.png)


If pedo George Nader took the Pic, then His attorney is:

Kathy Ruemmler

Obama's White House Counsel!

(read fixer)

He was a cooperating witness for Mueller, btw.

8e9a16  No.5796153


f01a71  No.5796154


Come on, ask flying spagh. monster

659c46  No.5796155

19d6d1  No.5796157

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

0565b8  No.5796158


If he's waving it around it's no longer classified, he is THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!

ef946b  No.5796159


>) Good point, but we know in the Franklin Cover-up Scandal they hired a full time photographer named Rusty Nelson to go around & take pics

c2b010  No.5796160



3638c7  No.5796161

File: 3f3c2e5ac249019⋯.jpg (508.66 KB, 1440x2516, 360:629, 20190320_173002.jpg)


Kek! This tiny dot.

72f2ca  No.5796162

Saw this here on the board, a few min. ago. POTUS has it up also. Which came first?


9d014e  No.5796163

File: abb2a06b5d5cf34⋯.png (104.33 KB, 755x623, 755:623, rum3.png)

File: cae21b0037bf86b⋯.png (457.6 KB, 752x738, 376:369, rum2.png)

File: 12f3be283331ec8⋯.png (861.47 KB, 757x730, 757:730, rum1.png)

Speaking of a Epstein island pool party. Check out this party from this Pedo Billionaire.



If you Anons have money invested in Bitcoin Cash(not bitcoin0 I would fucking sell that shit quick

79a9fb  No.5796165


Correction : Frank Ranieri not in 2017 photo.

>Ricardo Cheaz, Bill Clinton, George Nader, José Calzada, Rolando Gonzalez Bunster


08f525  No.5796166

File: 5be8edb612b83ef⋯.gif (3.93 MB, 480x640, 3:4, Trump thumbs up 6h5l46.gif)

dbd2e7  No.5796167


The Chief Communications Officer for Fox News?

8d5a08  No.5796168

Q did it again -_-

Body gives out… have to sleep…

Q posts for about the length of the nap.

1c3f42  No.5796169

File: 55deceb9fd3a457⋯.gif (1.05 MB, 485x268, 485:268, Salute_Patriot.gif)

19d6d1  No.5796170

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

0fdcc3  No.5796171


Don’t need planefag. Follow clues. Open source.

67c6ca  No.5796172


no expectations here fren but I'm ready


ef946b  No.5796173



7d05de  No.5796174

File: 2005862aee4d03e⋯.png (408.84 KB, 640x642, 320:321, ClipboardImage.png)

Fuck Muslims

29db89  No.5796175

File: 5a0394eb50e1f5e⋯.png (461.82 KB, 753x533, 753:533, tp-article.png)

it would be Secret Service that took that pic

Bill hasnt been able to escape them for years now

e3acea  No.5796176



Wiener (chin looks wrong)


Ted cruz (too old?)

Cameron (too old?)


Anyone else?

4711cd  No.5796177

File: 696df70fb610ebf⋯.jpg (56.47 KB, 750x445, 150:89, 696df70f234b610ebf20b3ffb6….jpg)

File: 28ac02455a426be⋯.jpg (42.53 KB, 500x375, 4:3, i0000z3r_13l8elijpg.jpg)


BUNSTER is taking the second picture

what about the 1st pic

Bunster is pictured in there

so who is that guy….

doesn't completely look like Jose Calzada

2d92f0  No.5796178

Is anyone else having trouble launching qanon.pub lately? It won't load for me on my phone anymore. Maybe another app?

5bf469  No.5796180

File: ecd5113f4e5012c⋯.jpg (301.51 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, download.jpg)


First of all…that is NOT Cruz!!

Looks like Cameron.

a9542c  No.5796181

File: 135ac97f55dcffe⋯.png (668.27 KB, 666x500, 333:250, ClipboardImage.png)

ebcb26  No.5796182


Nice dig anon!

2e96af  No.5796183


Lol please be real

I bet Q is a tranny too

67c6ca  No.5796185

>>5796147 Was UK paying White Helmets to produce Syria ‘chemical weapon’ PR as cover for Jaish Al Islam?


32626c  No.5796186

File: 76b536a131cfbd3⋯.png (179.92 KB, 354x497, 354:497, Qrco.png)



Al "Q" aim!

1984cf  No.5796187

File: a2b92a6b2903785⋯.png (549.29 KB, 621x746, 621:746, Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at ….png)


Was just watching the show 'Billions' last night and thought the same about this thing..

b829a9  No.5796188


Francis Ford Coppola?

martin sheen?


"The other anonymous brief came from Washington-based attorney Kerrie Campbell, who handles gender equality cases and is affiliated with the Time’s Up movement to combat sexual harassment. Campbell requested that the brief submitted on behalf of a “J. Doe” be put under seal, but said in legal papers that the client is “objecting to public disclosure of specific content pertaining to Doe to protect compelling personal privacy interests.”"

1c3f42  No.5796189



I hope that piece of shit swings.

a8771a  No.5796190


Logical thinking.

13fa22  No.5796191



2b78ec  No.5796192


I didn't suspect he was a pedophile. I just suspect that he had to make a deal.


We will probably never know.

But maybe it's not so important - he does a very good and quite dangerous job.

dbd2e7  No.5796193

4711cd  No.5796194


>Kathy Ruemmler

George Nader is in that pic

e8d3db  No.5796196


Think you’re right, although I think it’s the Jabroni to the left of Bill holding up the beer.

Maybe a reflection in the water? Can’t really look it over while phonefaggin

834d7d  No.5796197

File: b9663ff87e88129⋯.jpg (111.13 KB, 1140x488, 285:122, Barack-Obama-and-advisers-….jpg)


Blonde lady!

90229f  No.5796198

File: 059e4a1e5ec63ca⋯.png (287.98 KB, 593x497, 593:497, Fitton RT Cernoslime re Ep….PNG)

File: 6910113267385bc⋯.png (289.15 KB, 594x549, 66:61, Cernoslime re Epstein Reco….PNG)

>>5795457 [Q lb]


>Drop #3050

>[Will the rich & powerful influence the court to prevent the unsealing?]

>Follow the ATTORNEY.

>Who took the pic?

>Who was located behind the camera?



Tom Fitton previously retweeted regarding Cernovich [an attorney] and the Epstein records

Bread 7377 [pb]


Fitton RT a few mins ago


26f6d0  No.5796199

File: aca303753c666b2⋯.jpg (75.82 KB, 650x669, 650:669, c7e4fdb33328e50e0c2513a587….jpg)

27d51f  No.5796200


>We all have been there. >

Are they saying they ran train on her in her hotel room. That would help her join the Me Too group now that she is being kicked off other committees..

659c46  No.5796201


Doug Band?

ced027  No.5796202



never heard of him. I thought the dude that caused the problems with chelsea was the one who went into hiding and people thought he was dead. I can't remember his name. Well, learned something today. Thanks

29c3f1  No.5796204


-slow but better than qmap

-never worked on phone for me

a2b340  No.5796205

File: 8f3ab1ea6fd99da⋯.png (67.43 KB, 819x520, 63:40, 911.png)


b2331e  No.5796206

File: d90d07e7b70649c⋯.jpg (3.24 MB, 3080x3195, 616:639, d90d07e7b70649cb854c6e73cc….jpg)

>>5795546 (Pb)

Anon asked for more from this decoder dude? I have more of him somwhre…

cfd743  No.5796207

File: 5a9548a4ac7b41c⋯.png (872.67 KB, 768x776, 96:97, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 990b5288c1e0228⋯.png (630.44 KB, 859x799, 859:799, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e68bcca2506c02b⋯.png (263.64 KB, 473x627, 43:57, ClipboardImage.png)

fedc29  No.5796208


Here a Cernovich thread on Epstein lawsuit.

This Jeffrey Epstein lawsuit is really odd and getting weirder every day, so I'm going to go into the weeds for a minute. This will either be interesting or tedious, but mostly should be interesting!

First, the latest article on the lawsuit



Re: the Epstein case

Lawsuits filed in federal court are public records.

Some sensitive information can be redacted, but case filings and other matters are public record.

In the Epstein case, every legal filing was TOP SECRET.

This is what records looked like.


Anyhow, the Epstein case shouldn't have ever been sealed.

I sued on behalf of Cerno Media to get the records.

It was supposed to be a simple case involving access to public records.

Every lawyer is laughing at me right now. "No such thing as an easy case."

The Miami Herald sued for the Epstein records.

The federal judge ruled against them.

The Miami Herald appealed, and their appeal was consolidated (combined for efficiency) with my appeal.

Full thread here: https://twitter.com/Cernovich/status/1108442285371318272

9f54c6  No.5796209

File: 507ee6d40391bba⋯.png (222.07 KB, 599x634, 599:634, twitter_com_cain_nate_stat….png)

Navy Ready to ‘Burn the Boats’ with 2021 Laser Installation on a Destroyer



814c5b  No.5796210

File: 2ab3450798fbc6a⋯.png (22.29 KB, 743x98, 743:98, suicidenote.png)

b3342b  No.5796211


No disagreements that Hollywood is a sick place, but pouring over still photographs like this is complete lunacy. You could put any man's photographs in a variety of poses through the same rigor and make the same case. People have different body shapes, some men have more effeminate features, some women have narrower hips than others.

Once a person becomes convinced because of their own disposition towards the idea, you could show them a picture of an apple and banana and they would swear to you it was the same fruit.

If all the people who spent hours dissecting these photos would do real investigative work, maybe we can find evidence of actual operations through eyewitnesses or other public records, school classmates, etc…

1ae8b1  No.5796212

Im looking for some advice…going to the MI Grand Rapids MAGA Rally,,,,never been to one, and dont know what to expect..not a fan of crowns unfortunatley…but I do know, to get there very very early.

Anyone been to one with any tips?

a95acc  No.5796213

File: e9dd8252914d209⋯.png (374.03 KB, 716x1021, 716:1021, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d25edab60a98141⋯.png (255.97 KB, 1123x546, 1123:546, ClipboardImage.png)


fe2168  No.5796215

>>5795686 (pb)


>I suggest you dig deeper

>DNA results were not even accepted by orthodox church

I suggest you catch up

>Fresh genetic tests on bones of Russia's last tsar and his family murdered a century ago have confirmed their authenticity, investigators said Monday.

>The tests could be a step towards the Russian Orthodox Church finally recognising the bones and burying them with full rites.

>Genetic tests ordered by the Church—which disputed earlier results—"confirmed the remains found belonged to the former Emperor Nicholas II, his family members and members of their entourage," said the Investigative Committee, which probes serious crime and has been roped in to resolve the long-running debate.

>The tests involved exhuming Nicholas's father Alexander III, proving "they are father and son," investigators said.

The Orthodox Church said it would consider the findings and praised the way the investigation was going.

>The (((JEWISH))) Bolsheviks shot the abdicated tsar, his German-born wife and their five children along with their servants and doctor on the night from July 16 to 17, 1918, as they were living under guard in the Urals city of Sverdlovsk, now Yekaterinburg.

>The killers then hastily buried the remains, first discovered in 1979.


Minds work better when they're OPEN. Old bloodline conspiracy shit spoon fed to you for years about Baby eating lizard royal people is blinding you. By the time you wake the fuck up it will all be over.

7050b7  No.5796216

File: b82e726cf30a09c⋯.png (1.66 MB, 1200x630, 40:21, ClipboardImage.png)

ce730a  No.5796217


Thanks !

I checked the flight list and Doug Band travels often together with Bill on the Lolita Express.

67c6ca  No.5796218

File: 387cae7e808bfdc⋯.jpg (21.45 KB, 600x315, 40:21, POTUS and Mario 1.jpg)


smack doze bitches up

19d6d1  No.5796219

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

fcddf3  No.5796220

Mystery parties seek secrecy in Jeffrey Epstein-related suit

The two said they could face embarrassment if the court makes public records from the suit, which accused a longtime Epstein friend of engaging in sex trafficking.

Two mystery litigants citing privacy concerns are making a last-ditch bid to keep secret some details in a lawsuit stemming from wealthy financier Jeffrey Epstein’s history of paying underage girls for sex.

Just prior to a court-imposed deadline Tuesday, two anonymous individuals surfaced to object to the unsealing of a key lower-court ruling in the case, as well as various submissions by the parties.

Moar at sauce:


$1,000 says Q knows exactly who these two people are… and anons probably have a pretty damn good idea.

3638c7  No.5796222

File: 093ac2742d93183⋯.jpg (970.7 KB, 1421x2012, 1421:2012, SmartSelect_20190320-17330….jpg)

"Quality of life…." for our soldiers! Heck YEAH!


8aba91  No.5796223

File: c15b03c81d6309b⋯.png (246.74 KB, 1052x823, 1052:823, Screenshot (380).png)

File: afa46633ea85e5f⋯.png (240.12 KB, 1051x733, 1051:733, Screenshot (381).png)

File: 87df4e49f7d482c⋯.png (265.53 KB, 1032x789, 344:263, Screenshot (382).png)

File: 615ceb25661a304⋯.png (200.31 KB, 1051x598, 1051:598, Screenshot (383).png)


Great dig!

Maybe we should start another list

I mean, lists

Seriously going to need spreadsheets in days to come.

Pics big-time related

5b8b33  No.5796224

File: 1af6b611a639af9⋯.jpeg (95.71 KB, 1864x1332, 466:333, 0A0988D8-CE03-49CC-9940-4….jpeg)

Just noticed that the letter Q in sign language is quite an easy gesture.

May become useful in some circumstances.


923161  No.5796225

File: e2d6c098e642bd6⋯.jpg (104.23 KB, 620x388, 155:97, b_1905357b.jpg)

File: febc87924b81934⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 4096x2730, 2048:1365, David_Cameron_and_Barack_O….jpg)

File: c68062c59894f58⋯.jpg (215.55 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, Leaders Commence G8 Summit….jpg)

File: 68bef19bc803d53⋯.jpeg (62.84 KB, 624x351, 16:9, image_update_4cae6a026749….jpeg)

0d030a  No.5796226


Dude on the right looks like tony podesta

2e96af  No.5796227

Also nobody else finds it funny q gave brian fucking cates a you


421dc1  No.5796228

File: 39c354d0136a0b5⋯.jpg (221.17 KB, 449x524, 449:524, Fresh-Thought-QR^X.jpg)

File: 5454016389d5344⋯.jpg (233.62 KB, 449x524, 449:524, Martial-Arts-of-the-Mind-Q….jpg)

File: 9a2d1c86baddb35⋯.jpg (568.7 KB, 1380x524, 345:131, Moar=Better-Meme-Corps.jpg)

f5e9fd  No.5796229

File: d52cfa63bc1061a⋯.jpg (980.04 KB, 1080x2105, 216:421, 20190320_213210.jpg)

It's a Big Club and You Ain't in It"! - George Carlin

Damning photos were recently leaked showing the behind the scenes nature of the political elite and the facade that is the two-party paradigm. The photos show Bill Clinton partying with a rather unscrupulous individual at an elite island resort in Punta Cana who is tied to both the Clintons, President Donald Trump-and pedophilia.

As the political blowhards attempt to claim there is a difference between the left and the right, the truth is far different. While they may act like they hate each other in public, behind closed doors, the majority of politicians rub elbows and agree on what really matters to them, pleasing their corporate masters and expanding the empire.

The man in the photograph below proves this notion as he was a regular visitor to the White House and former associate of White House adviser and presidential son-in-law Jared Kushner. His name is George Nader.

Nader, a Lebanese-American businessman who has recently been in the news because of his current cooperation with special counsel Robert Mueller, is also an adviser to the United Arab Emirates-who wields massive influence over American politics.

Nader is getting press right now due to his involvement in a meeting in the Seychelles between Blackwater founder Erik Prince and Kirill Dmitriev, CEO of the Russian Direct Investment Fund. Dmitriev, whose role in the UAE-brokered meeting was revealed by The Intercept last November, had been appointed by Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2011 to administer the state-run sovereign wealth fund, according to the Intercept.

But Nader's ties to back-channel intelligence deals is only the tip of the iceberg for this man. Highlighting the nature of his reach and power, in the 1980s, Nader was found with a cache of child pornography-only to have the charges thrown out and the records disappeared.

As the Atlantic reported last week, Nader was indicted in 1985 on charges of importing to the United States obscene material, including photos of nude boys "engaged in a variety of sexual acts," according to publicly available court records.


ca73af  No.5796230



fd6d23  No.5796231

File: 67af074000ef249⋯.png (51.12 KB, 141x181, 141:181, WhoIsThis.png)


Does this help?

c941cd  No.5796232


How about NZ.

ebaef5  No.5796233

>>5795457 Q lb

>>>Acosta has denied any wrongdoing and has said the deal was a reasonable move by his office in light of the available evidence and other considerations.

Yeah, it's those "other considerations" we are wondering about

ef946b  No.5796234


But we worry ourselves to grave about anyone getting blaming a Muslim when a Muslim does a terrorist act. We're reminded they're "lone wolves".

AND when a (FF) White person commits terrorist attack against Muslims …. all we're told is how "targeted" and "unsafe" the Muslims feel & how it's our duty to support them….while we're reminded of just how many White Nazi supremacists there are in the world & how FAR-RIGHT WING TERROR is escalating bc of Trump's racist rhetoric.😡😡😡

8e9a16  No.5796235


3d21f2  No.5796236


That was my first impression

dbd2e7  No.5796237

ee2a31  No.5796238

File: cd9558f6c702a4a⋯.jpeg (304.37 KB, 1200x1800, 2:3, 158668D1-4094-4786-B5CD-7….jpeg)


Tall too

7f4bae  No.5796239

File: 0944867a6218c8f⋯.jpg (314.31 KB, 1653x2048, 1653:2048, 0944867a6218c8f6b45c5ca943….jpg)

8d5a08  No.5796241


Anthoney Weiner!


cfe851  No.5796242


That was my guess as well

e8d3db  No.5796243


Dude that may be Ted.

19d6d1  No.5796244

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

32626c  No.5796245

File: 2afbc07d512c057⋯.png (443.21 KB, 393x601, 393:601, Screenshot_66.png)

9dff3f  No.5796246


guy on left

Comey's Brother?

5bf469  No.5796247

File: c93d4406a374d1a⋯.png (1.35 MB, 662x805, 662:805, cam.PNG)

Rolando Gonzalez Bunster trades places with THIS GUY in the pic. I think it's David Cameron…

51b8f2  No.5796248

File: 08d76bfb6955444⋯.jpg (39.98 KB, 800x491, 800:491, 7THJTEP6WVFWLEVJHQGGFZ7DTU.jpg)

File: bfd2851e19a7c97⋯.png (176.65 KB, 813x679, 813:679, Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at ….png)

File: 22bdf6411d66497⋯.png (110.96 KB, 816x447, 272:149, Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at ….png)

Anonymous figures argue against disclosure of Jeffrey Epstein case

Dershowitz has wanted the court docs UNSEALED.

And Ghislane Maxwell has wanted the court docs SEALED.


843d70  No.5796250


where the hell is "Tony"??? thats NOT Tony Podesta

402431  No.5796251


Rice sits like a man…

ef946b  No.5796252


No - it absolutely was NOT a reasonable move. Do we have the plea agreement? If not I can go look for it. I read it probably over a year ago - it was a SWEETHEART deal.

764dd7  No.5796253


Q is Kira

1af532  No.5796254

File: 8523cfc5c0dc5e0⋯.jpg (47 KB, 500x667, 500:667, 1.jpg)

ee89d5  No.5796255


Mystery parties seek secrecy in Jeffrey Epstein-related suit

The two said they could face embarrassment if the court makes public records from the suit, which accused a longtime Epstein friend of engaging in sex trafficking.

29c3f1  No.5796256

File: 7e395857fb17951⋯.png (495.77 KB, 888x444, 2:1, Podesta_YogiBearCONFIRMED.png)


trannies everywhere/ludicrous side-by-sides = overused disinfo tactics

0d030a  No.5796257


Too skinny for Ted Cruz

9d014e  No.5796258


Think Canada

8f6233  No.5796260


neck too short

4711cd  No.5796261

File: 40967394ab09b61⋯.png (1.52 MB, 1648x548, 412:137, Screenshot 2019-03-20_17-3….png)

who is the guy in the box?

c941cd  No.5796262


You just know 1 of them is Bill Clinton.

ef946b  No.5796263


And dresses like one

659c46  No.5796264

40b8ea  No.5796265

File: fac15beec7e2b15⋯.png (581.63 KB, 687x829, 687:829, ClipboardImage.png)

File: de5a375edcae39f⋯.png (44.37 KB, 699x791, 699:791, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7a10482175e431a⋯.png (40.4 KB, 691x814, 691:814, ClipboardImage.png)

File: cd436e27db0830b⋯.png (40.25 KB, 710x709, 710:709, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5c12c0bda4be151⋯.png (16.49 KB, 685x265, 137:53, ClipboardImage.png)

Billionaire Pervert Jeffrey Epstein and His Famous Friends: A Primer



9f54c6  No.5796266

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Stephen Colbert is Wrong on “Horrible” Trump

de399f  No.5796267

File: ef6963273cd2b3c⋯.png (456.66 KB, 702x469, 702:469, Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at ….png)

>>5795457 ————————————–——– Sex_trafficking_is_real.

Alright FOCUS, who are these guys, anons?… Let's get at it.

0a6fe6  No.5796268

File: fd4a09ea3b80a81⋯.png (2.32 MB, 2010x1282, 1005:641, 7j9u.png)


Dumbest thing posted yet. Narrator suffers from self-esteem issues and sounds envious of the models looks. Sad.

dbd2e7  No.5796269


All his info is 100% correct and doesn't leave out names like Bill Browder!

02ff67  No.5796270


>>Communists and the Cibbil rights movement

>>Highlander Folk School TN

>>"Hammer and Hoe" communists in AL


3b1a49  No.5796271

File: a85f76e8f8e8a12⋯.jpg (439.58 KB, 1589x890, 1589:890, JGLEConnection.jpg)

b829a9  No.5796272


that's how POTUS and people know who these fucks are.

Patriots have been gathering intelligence and information for YEARS.


ANNIHILATION of the enemy = goal.


29c3f1  No.5796273

File: 40bbc2566d95bc5⋯.png (509.42 KB, 1271x537, 1271:537, Jordystraction.png)

File: 28f111fae7c25fd⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1903x931, 1903:931, JordySage.png)


not that fucker again

b7b810  No.5796274


This looks interesting…

4d2263  No.5796275

You know… I actually think that man next to Clinton looks like Frank Cali.

881e23  No.5796276

File: 0b2dc8c41eae441⋯.png (1.58 MB, 1244x1161, 1244:1161, 7245698198743570534.png)

File: 1fa36b8b06b810f⋯.png (173.83 KB, 1696x867, 1696:867, 893908732164389.png)

File: ee8c5d3c0ad6c0f⋯.png (1.42 MB, 1085x962, 1085:962, 098649804968262354612.png)

File: f8f565946602894⋯.png (84.97 KB, 1220x990, 122:99, 43879856001632643.png)

c61c84  No.5796277

File: f1d5124177b74d1⋯.jpg (1.8 MB, 3500x2316, 875:579, CAMERONrtx24kj9.jpg)

File: 57ae94bd400e792⋯.jpg (65.38 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, Macron-ap.jpg)

File: 4612492054e11ec⋯.jpg (399.82 KB, 2000x1000, 2:1, WEINER-facebook.jpg)

File: 3c8b78c2e6c6135⋯.jpg (439.38 KB, 1000x765, 200:153, TRUDEAU347301317.jpg)


All right-side profile pics of listed

7050b7  No.5796278

File: ac1d56f4368f3a9⋯.png (842.62 KB, 720x720, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

0fdcc3  No.5796280





Caribbean. Paramount. Follow other clues.

55a3c4  No.5796281

File: ddb055f3ffdfda1⋯.png (530.84 KB, 500x431, 500:431, ClipboardImage.png)


Ricardo Cheaz, Bill Clinton, George Nader, José Calzada, Rolando Gonzalez Bunster


ef946b  No.5796282


Whyyyyyy is everyone ignoring me on this??

Does no one think it's Justin Trudeau? Anyone else think it's him or no?

fa45ba  No.5796283

File: 69ae06d48199e29⋯.pdf (622.4 KB, dlscrib.com_jeffrey-epstei….pdf)

e8d3db  No.5796284


Wasn’t always a fat fuck

e1eeb9  No.5796286

File: eda4e821ec3cc95⋯.png (475.57 KB, 810x455, 162:91, 16e04c162727aa83065dc4dbae….png)



94f5a5  No.5796289


Ear shape is wrong

659c46  No.5796290

1c3f42  No.5796291

File: f411afdf6a38faf⋯.png (524.71 KB, 784x847, 112:121, Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at ….png)







Clinton is seen here kicking back at a beach day in Jan. 2017 in Palmilla, Bayahibe, an exclusive haven of warm waters and refuge, near the so-called Paso de Catuano, very close to Isla Saona. This resort is only in accessible by private boat.

25baa9  No.5796292


Comfy shoes… water, maybe a sammich. Carry very little

213dba  No.5796293


Think rock concert minus disorderliness. Wear comfortable clothing. Take only what you absolutely need in your pockets; such as water bottle. Be prepared to leave umbrellas outside at gate; be prepared to stand long time in line. Use bathroom prior to getting in line. Have fun!

a95acc  No.5796294

File: 9d7ae0a8d777133⋯.png (559.29 KB, 868x1406, 434:703, ClipboardImage.png)


MMMM MM, look at the time stamp on this article.22nd

6f3ef4  No.5796295


yeah I see the nose doesn't line up just right

19d6d1  No.5796296











7eaa83  No.5796297

File: be614f413f3a125⋯.png (60.51 KB, 1005x633, 335:211, ClipboardImage.png)

Cross script request when viewing the Politico article.


From politico.

To Facebook.


55da47  No.5796298

Where and when exactly was the picture taken? Who has real estate in that area? If Epstein took the pic, did he fly? Is there a log? Is this the location of Island #2.

90d4ef  No.5796299


Not Tony its José Calzada,

8e9a16  No.5796300

File: 40d283745b9c1e9⋯.jpeg (75.98 KB, 1540x800, 77:40, 7AB59A3C-6A10-4897-AA65-E….jpeg)




213dba  No.5796301

>>5795457 (LB)

What's Epstein up to now in New Mexico?

4f5db8  No.5796302

File: 644e1b1b0ae3ada⋯.png (421.69 KB, 565x517, 565:517, 1.png)

a97d12  No.5796303

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

6c21b2  No.5796304


It looks like the tv personality guy. stephen something or other.

5bf469  No.5796305


NO……..IT IS - Ricardo Cheaz, Bill Clinton, George Nader, Jose Calzada, and Rolando Gonzalez Bunster pictured.

b829a9  No.5796306



baker, notable

Follow the nader attorney: Kathy Ruemmler

e8d3db  No.5796307


It sure is

ef946b  No.5796308


You guys seen the video of her "plane crash death". When she's wading in the water & then it looks like a scuba diver grabs her & pulls her under

08a99d  No.5796309

File: 6b1be41fea770c0⋯.jpg (36.32 KB, 655x527, 655:527, 1520294131029.jpg)


>>5795914 2016-2019 hanging suicides of notable people

>>5795944 Powell throws in the Towel: No more rate-hikes in 2019

>>5795966 Earthquake NK near test site

>>5796079 DJT: ISIS caliph*te then and now

>>5796094 Epstein documents from Cernovich's filing to unseal

>>5796152 George Nader attorney is Kathy Ruemmler. she was BHO's WH counsel.

>>5796281 Pool party: Ricardo Cheaz, Bill Clinton, George Nader, José Calzada, Rolando Gonzalez Bunster

1c3f42  No.5796310

File: 78d938fd536130a⋯.png (1.57 MB, 1105x910, 17:14, Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at ….png)

Palmilla, Bayahibe

b7b810  No.5796311


Shadow is from the photographer

c941cd  No.5796312


Can't see any markings on the boat behind them.

764dd7  No.5796313

Maybe when Q posted [-21] he was referring to 21 savage being deported from the US

f9294c  No.5796314

see next post for the rest:

Valuable information for DIGGERS.

KEEP this info for your searching purposes.

From Corey's Dig's.

She does excellent work:



Care to do some digging of your own? Just click on the headers below, and Dig In! If you are looking for specific documents that have been released, you may find them in The File Drawer.


A Listing of Participants:This is an amazing list, organized in a very efficient manner, of individuals with possible involvement or affiliation in Trump Surveillance, Steele Dossier and/or the Russia Narrative.

ADS-B Exchange:ADSBexchange.com is a co-op of ADS-B/Mode S/MLAT feeders from around the world, and the world’s largest source of unfiltered flight data.

Analyze ID:Website owner reverse look up tool. Find all of their websites that linked to Adsense, Google Analytics, Amazon Affiliate, Email, Addthis, Sharethis, Clickbank Affiliate, Commission Junction Affiliate, Doubleclick, Linkshare Affiliate, Facebook App, IP, Name Server, Registrar, Amazon Product, Clickbank Product, Commission Junction Product and Linkshare Product.

Archive.li : ARCHIVE EVERYTHING! Archive.li is a time capsule for web pages! It takes a ‘snapshot’ of a webpage that will always be online even if the original page disappears. It saves a text and a graphical copy of the page for better accuracy and provides a short and reliable link to an unalterable record of any web page. If you are digging and come across a critical article, copy and paste it into archive.is so that it will remain accessible to everyone, even if the source removes it from their own website.

Background Search Database: This is the background search database I use when doing research. It gives you the ability to search public records containing background checks, civil judgements, police records, social media, photos, contact information, and much more! It’s in a very clean format, and you can download pdf’s of each report. Consumer information that is collected through their site, is shared with third parties for marketing, fulfillment, or any other purposes. Because I found their site to be very helpful with my research, I have chosen to partner with them, and therefore will receive a small fee for anyone who chooses to subscribe to their service. I will only promote services or products that I personally use. If you are interested, check them out here!

4711cd  No.5796315

File: b54ea8641123866⋯.jpg (32.8 KB, 780x520, 3:2, usa-trade-nafta-mexico.jpg)


this jose?

758a72  No.5796316


The way I see it.

The President seems to be some form of an elite, because of his blood relation to Hillary, supposedly. Never Verified for myself. But it's been "reported."

Let's suppose it is true and they are related. Let's suppose the Most Royal Candidate theory, the theory every POTUS except Van Buren is a descendent from King John of England is true. That would mean on some level our current POTUS is part of the club.

Now throwing a curveball. Trump worked undercover with the FBI to take down the mob in Atlantic City.

Combining his history of doing undercover work to take down criminal syndicates, it may be possible, a big if, I admit, our dear President knows all these criminals from his former life because he was undercover and accepted by them because of his bloodline. Meaning he didn't have to participate in criminal activity to prove he was cool, because DNA already gave him the thumbs up to be a close friend of the Cabal.

76e7a2  No.5796317

File: dfecbfe5220743c⋯.png (733.19 KB, 1024x430, 512:215, ClipboardImage.png)

Robert Mueller’s Star Witness Against Trump Caught Partying With Bill Clinton

May 21, 2018

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has come under some hot water recently for his investigation into the Trump campaign and alleged collusion with Russia.

He’s had federal judges blatantly accusing him of lying to get what he wants, he’s indicted a Russian company that didn’t exist and now his new star witness has been caught cosying up to the Clinton’s

Former president Bill Clinton to be exact.

Special counsel Robert Mueller has been getting the help of George Nader, a Lebanese-American businessman with ties to Arab royalty in his investigation into alleged foreign influence in the Trump presidential campaign, Mueller’s team is looking into the possibility of a back channel between the Kremlin and the Trump transition team.

George Nader testified to the Mueller grand jury.

Mr Nader is a direct adviser to the de facto ruler of the United Arab Emirates, the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al-Nahyan of Abu Dhabi.


51b8f2  No.5796318


It's Dominic Republic.

291ab3  No.5796319

>>5796039 see my posts here as well since we're tracking the same.



f2babd  No.5796320

File: 307a8254d86b763⋯.png (86.37 KB, 1142x777, 1142:777, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 25f319b8e90a8db⋯.png (220.39 KB, 1055x712, 1055:712, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ff237d221505559⋯.png (1.38 MB, 973x858, 973:858, ClipboardImage.png)



Probably one of these:

f48d5b  No.5796321


> I have more of him somwhre…

Please post them! I think this anon is under rated. He puts a shit ton of thought and work into these, I don't want them to memory hole. tia

de399f  No.5796322

File: d744ebe123fa0b1⋯.png (116.05 KB, 800x379, 800:379, Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at ….png)



19d6d1  No.5796323

e40193  No.5796324


Yes ^^^^^ this.

Rummler (Obama's fixer) is working with Mueller representing Nader (a cooperating "informant"). Bongino says Nader helped set up the Eric Prince meetings.

e1eeb9  No.5796325

File: f383a7870b1ebad⋯.jpg (87.69 KB, 902x636, 451:318, 377e02393b77509d764a3254ed….jpg)


4711cd  No.5796326

File: 3566710d323b7d2⋯.png (64.97 KB, 671x273, 671:273, Screenshot 2019-03-20_17-1….png)

d2fa29  No.5796327

Did not see this in notables…so don't yell at me for not checking ;)

URL Blocking - newest ploy to block anti-Cabal & conservative sites.

I imagine 8chan will be right on top of this list.


f9294c  No.5796328



Big Pharma Violation Tracker: This is a terrific violation tracker on pharmaceutical company violations, with a fairly detailed breakdown of manufacturer, brand, dates, fines, specific product, and actual violation.

Bush, George W. :Chronological list by location/date of George Bush’s travel schedule during his presidency.

California Registry of Charitable Trusts

Search for information and documentation within the Registry’s database related to charities, charity fundraising professionals, and raffle registrants.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) : They claim: “As the nation’s health protection agency, CDC saves lives and protects people from health, safety, and security threats.” I full-heartedly disagree based on prior research. Nonetheless, it is a good site to see what they are up to, who they are in bed with, and what’s coming down the pike.

Charities NYS: The New York Attorney General’s one-stop resource for charitable organizations, fundraisers, grantmakers and members of the public.

C.I.A. Reading Room: Central Intelligence Agency’s Freedom of Information Act Electronic Reading Room. An excellent source for declassified information that they don’t tell you has been declassified. Wink wink.

C.I.A. World Factbook: The World Factbook provides information on the history, people, government, economy, energy, geography, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues for 267 world entities. The Reference tab includes: maps of the major world regions, as well as Flags of the World, a Physical Map of the World, a Political Map of the World, a World Oceans map, and a Standard Time Zones of the World map.

Clinton, Bill : Chronological list by location/date of Bill Clinton’s travel during his presidency.

802b4c  No.5796329


Hairline of shadow matches OBWG

d528b1  No.5796330

File: 3a3761304b95cdd⋯.jpg (244.61 KB, 675x825, 9:11, Anthony_Weiner,_official_p….jpg)





de399f  No.5796331


Atta boy, thanks anon…

b7b810  No.5796332



f38116  No.5796333


#2 is a transmitter, housed with a generator room. Note the smoke stacks in black.

May have been used to send/recieve to/from underground activities.

Spitballing - (rape/torture/kill/dining/tutorials)

#3 Is probably providing communication service to the whole island.

4d2263  No.5796334


So at the end of the day BC truly is the Yellow King. Fuck… that is an old theory but really makes me wonder now.

d72635  No.5796335


[Nick Lewin]

>Mueller connection?

>Comey connection?



1d1217  No.5796336


Belize? Fucking spit it out faggot.

19d6d1  No.5796337

1c3f42  No.5796338


Suck my dick you clown faggot

f9294c  No.5796339


continued more:

Clinton Death List : This is a list of Clinton associates, prepared by CBS Las Vegas, whom have died that had “the goods” on the Clintons – many of whom were in the process of coming forward. In addition, 12 of the Clinton bodyguards died. Note: This is an incomplete list.

Clinton Foundations (50) : A list of the numerous Clinton foundations, LLCs, LTDs, SAs, and shell companies.

Clinton, Hillary : Chronological list by location/date of Hillary Clinton’s travel during her time as Secretary of State.

Collusion Timeline : This is a pretty thorough timeline Sharyl Attkisson put together that may be helpful in your research.

Congress – Legislation : Want to see what your congressman/congresswoman is up to, being as they often try to sneak Bills through? This is a terrific searchable database of current Bills, Lists, and Legislation.

Corporation Wiki : A basic corporation search that shows names, addresses, and other connected companies.

Department of Justice (DOJ) : Keep current with press releases detailing investigations, indictments, policies, news releases that you don’t often hear about on MSM.

Or, dig into their archives to review old documents, including those from prior administrations.

Drugwatch : This is a great site if you need to research pharmaceutical manufacturers, their medications, lawsuits, and recalls.

Executive Orders : I maintain a page on here with a list and links to all Executive Orders.

FBI Press Releases : Keep current on investigations, arrests, and announcements. You can also review testimony to ongoing cases as well as videos, speeches and other topics.

FBI Vault : The Vault is the new FOIA Library, containing 6,700 documents and other media that have been scanned from paper into digital copies so you can read them in the comfort of your home or office.

Federal Procurement Data System : The Federal Procurement Report data can be used for geographical analysis, market analysis, and analysis of the impact of the congressional and presidential initiatives in socio-economic areas such as small business. The data is also a reliable basis for measuring and assessing the impact of Federal acquisition policy and management improvement. Type “contracts” in the search bar and you can search a multitude of federal contracts.

FlightRadar24 : If you are trying to track a specific plane, or the activity of planes in a specific area, this is a real time site for doing so worldwide. It allows you to click on a plane and get additional information.

Global Incident Map : Real time global map tracking human trafficking incidents and news, amber alerts, forest fires, disease outbreaks, HAZMAT situations, gang activity, border security, Presidential threat, terrorism events, drug interdictions, non-terror aviation incidents, food/medicine incidents.

GovTrack : A handy way to see bills that are coming up, as well as trending bills, and the ability to search all bills by category.

ICANN WHOIS : ICANN’s WHOIS Lookup gives you the ability to lookup any generic domain, such as “icann.org” to find out the registered domain holder.

International Consortium of Investigative Journalists : A conglomerate of leaks from The Panama Papers and Paradise Papers with investigations by journalists into West Africa leaks, China, the U.S. and more.

Just The Real News : Your place for unfiltered Government documents, releases, and statements, searchable by category.

LittleSis : LittleSis is a free database of who-knows-who at the heights of business and government.

Lobbying Disclosure (Office of The Clerk) : The Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995, as amended by the Honest Leadership and Open Government Act of 2007, requires all active registrants to file quarterly activity reports with the Clerk of the U.S. House of Representatives and Secretary of the U.S. Senate. Side Note: This is a good starting point, though we know they use all sorts of shenanigans to evade or mislead when filing such documents.

National Archives : This site is a goldmine! It offers the complete archives of Obama, Bush II, and Clinton’s administrations, as well as a wealth of other searchable documents. One example is the online databases of passenger arrival records and immigrants dating back to the early 1800s.

Newspapers.com : Online newspaper archive with 10,400+ newspapers from the 1700s–2000s. They add additional pages monthly.

Obama, Barack : Chronological list by location/date of Obama’s travel schedule during his presidency.

Offshore Leaks Database : This ICIJ database contains information on more than 785,000 offshore entities that are part of the Panama Papers, the Offshore Leaks, the Bahamas Leaks and the Paradise Papers investigations. The data covers nearly 80 years up to 2016 and links to people and companies in more than 200 countries and territories.

881e23  No.5796340



53769d  No.5796341


Trudeau like Weiner is pretty buff not manbodded

f2babd  No.5796342


Palmilla, Bayahibe

dd863f  No.5796343

hello Q


32626c  No.5796344

File: f6191f0ff58a63d⋯.png (864.65 KB, 846x930, 141:155, Screenshot_67.png)


>Palmilla, Bayahibe


2b17d4  No.5796345

”ISIS gone by tonight”-Trump


e1eeb9  No.5796346

File: f5426b27d59557a⋯.png (204.33 KB, 480x359, 480:359, dc1f107c1bed5b7636755dd847….png)


8279de  No.5796347


Why everyone saying no habbenings? Not paying attention?

3f3664  No.5796348

Get it, Q>>5796335

80c94d  No.5796349


Hey Q Godspeed patriots

0565b8  No.5796350

File: 7ea21939466b4fe⋯.jpg (54.16 KB, 952x476, 2:1, WeKilledThemAll.jpg)

b3342b  No.5796351


You won't get yelled at for not reading the notables, but you might get yelled at for going to Infowars.

363791  No.5796352

File: fe02f1ad4746371⋯.png (29.01 KB, 474x264, 79:44, payattention.png)

7eaa83  No.5796353


How much you wanna bet one of those anon litigation is Dershowitz trying to cover his ass. Fucking sicko.

c4a546  No.5796354


Hair texture and line doesn't match; especially around the nape.

0fdcc3  No.5796355


Great find. They’re not telling you everything about location. Fear of death (or worse) is real.

29db89  No.5796356

File: 29afc21a9f1fce8⋯.jpg (60.14 KB, 500x375, 4:3, i0000z3r-13l8elijpg.jpg)

File: c0f69ab19b2df3a⋯.jpg (366.29 KB, 1500x1125, 4:3, 300x.jpg)


original off True pundit

mabe someone can blow her up a bit

83aad7  No.5796357



90d4ef  No.5796358


I think it Anthony Weiner

29c3f1  No.5796359




370b38  No.5796360

File: 0ae0b5d0fac1018⋯.jpg (146.99 KB, 612x336, 51:28, seems_jewy.jpg)


>[Nick Lewin]

64a4b4  No.5796361

File: b02ee653a057c3c⋯.png (690.81 KB, 1099x492, 1099:492, Untd.png)


>5796044>>5796072 >>5796073 >>5796105 >>5796180 >>5796238 >>5796264

e1eeb9  No.5796363

File: 129ca3252f263f2⋯.png (1.28 MB, 920x1386, 460:693, 50b67916e2cb952c87b550786e….png)




fa45ba  No.5796364


how much are they paying you? asking for a friend

b829a9  No.5796365



you folks got a link to this chatter?

7d05de  No.5796367

File: 395f84b4d450f88⋯.png (405.37 KB, 640x835, 128:167, ClipboardImage.png)

a34311  No.5796368


Was that on TV today?

He was on NZ TV last week, about NZ being a "juicy target" then that shooting happened.

19d6d1  No.5796369



b3342b  No.5796370


These are the kind of posts I love.

f38116  No.5796371


Where is the envelope he got at the Bush Funeral?

f48d5b  No.5796372

AMBER Alert: Lic / IA909DG, Idaho. 2018 Silver Nissan Sentr, possibly in Hermiston, OR

66026c  No.5796373


this isn't "Blade Runner", mate

get a grip

43685d  No.5796374


Scare 'em, team

55a3c4  No.5796375

File: d04783bd6f40892⋯.png (517.83 KB, 469x609, 67:87, zoom on tedalike.png)

4ed126  No.5796376

File: bfe2d1e745b6fc3⋯.jpg (56.95 KB, 674x358, 337:179, Capture2.JPG)

>>5795457 QPB

Patriots in control! Unless an attorney representing cabal members wants docs kept sealed. Then there's not much Patriots can do


b68c0e  No.5796377

>Muller’s Convicted Pedophile Star Witness Is Caught Partying on Vacation With Bill Clinton


b767f8  No.5796378


Why not just leak something juicy and be done with it? Beat them at their own game.

40b8ea  No.5796379


kitchen here stinks atm!

b829a9  No.5796380

b7b810  No.5796381



Patriots baking.

0fdcc3  No.5796382


Actual point of origin not named. Scary.

ebaef5  No.5796383


Then they partially win.

It's the ancient esoteric symbol of wisdom, why?

19d6d1  No.5796384










29fbd9  No.5796385

File: 47b0035e7a1721d⋯.jpg (5.62 MB, 2635x1800, 527:360, Troiani-ConcordBridge.jpg)

764dd7  No.5796386


Can you give us some more historical drops (like abt the Titanic and Hitler and other stuff) so we can research?

8c4897  No.5796387

File: 930c6194be22099⋯.gif (6.63 MB, 555x833, 555:833, ReeeeecordIt.1.2.gif)

File: 77f0e0d47731b0d⋯.gif (2.44 MB, 777x1166, 777:1166, ReeeeecordIt.2.2.gif)



The days of justice that we have long yearned for are almost upon us. I, a humble meme farmer, ask that you record your own reactions to these precious moments as well as the reeeeeactions of others. Do this so we can help make sure this kind of injustice never happens again. Together, we will create a raw collection of the expressions of freedom, truth and justice. We will provide countless examples of the awakening of minds.

These moments will ring truth throughout space and time. Future generations will see how disillusioned and complacent people can become as well as the joy of those who were able and willing to overcome the darkness.


ee861e  No.5796388


ears seem wrong

75711e  No.5796389

File: 6e02db6ee0a827a⋯.jpg (11.47 KB, 340x270, 34:27, 3-Percenter.jpg)

Justice must be served. WE can get it done.

7279c2  No.5796390

Just chatting to a mate about tonights bus incident. He commented on just how calm that guy who was filming from his car was. Despite children running away in obvious terror from whatever is going on, he seems to sit there totally relaxed with his arm on the window chilling out. No attempt to help or escape….strange?

8d5a08  No.5796391


Shit… now I keep flipping between Weiner and Erdogan… kek

484957  No.5796392

File: ecd2547c14f97ec⋯.png (652.67 KB, 956x585, 956:585, ClipboardImage.png)


Face lightened and image doubled

2e96af  No.5796393


aa2166  No.5796394

File: 63fcae28db4b538⋯.png (302.2 KB, 459x282, 153:94, DJT.PNG)

e1eeb9  No.5796395

File: d5e5021ae659d58⋯.png (1.64 MB, 2000x1000, 2:1, e645046a104518688456bb8165….png)





7eaa83  No.5796396


Definitely TONY PODESTA in that image

d2fa29  No.5796397


Sorry-lol, I have never even seen infowars before..clicked a link and it took me there.

26f6d0  No.5796398

File: 274b4f36a4d8165⋯.png (224.98 KB, 941x718, 941:718, 274b4f36a4d81651efb273a70f….png)


Chek't trips.

They never cared about "Quality of life" when it was overwhelming majority whites defending this great nation. Now they move in more minorities and care about quality of life. This is fucked up.

f2babd  No.5796399


so will the judge be a pussy or a patriot?

1c3f42  No.5796400


It's George Nader retard

d339b7  No.5796401


29c3f1  No.5796402

File: e5ca6b90f846963⋯.png (869.47 KB, 825x460, 165:92, YODAAApe_expand.PNG)

File: 59e3a4911659c4b⋯.png (888.48 KB, 820x460, 41:23, YODAAApe_focus.PNG)

File: 949876d1bf29595⋯.png (887.5 KB, 820x459, 820:459, YODAAApe_relevant.PNG)

File: accbf4f39273f7c⋯.png (887.48 KB, 827x466, 827:466, YODAAApe_re-read.PNG)

File: 039df16696d8540⋯.png (890.46 KB, 823x464, 823:464, YODAAApe_themap.PNG)

43685d  No.5796403

1c3f42  No.5796404


Wrong pedo lol

19d6d1  No.5796405

File: efae4d34ed056fe⋯.jpg (69.87 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, IMG_0185.JPG)


90d4ef  No.5796406





Link to pic with ids

fedc29  No.5796407

File: 568854e7a26be7c⋯.png (962.72 KB, 1086x1028, 543:514, nader.png)

2e96af  No.5796408

File: c390731844e35b0⋯.jpg (307.84 KB, 1750x1239, 250:177, obr2129.jpg)


The pleaidians will save us Q

729658  No.5796409

File: b459cb0183b8ae5⋯.jpeg (823.87 KB, 1125x1864, 1125:1864, E75E758A-E82D-4AB0-A29A-E….jpeg)

File: 6448e5dcd521627⋯.jpeg (276.69 KB, 1125x632, 1125:632, A375D657-67F2-4245-B117-E….jpeg)


Boies??? Really?

f9e6f6  No.5796410


Weiner is skinnier than that

4ed126  No.5796411


Unless, assassination attempts were BULLSHIT.

d528b1  No.5796412

40b8ea  No.5796413

File: 4963cd831b13474⋯.png (24.04 KB, 814x379, 814:379, ClipboardImage.png)


Shit baker

ee89d5  No.5796414

File: cbd29fe147d1246⋯.png (570.78 KB, 1160x773, 1160:773, ClipboardImage.png)

08a99d  No.5796415

File: 8fb78f695b28c99⋯.jpg (28.71 KB, 421x421, 1:1, carcosa.jpg)

90d4ef  No.5796416



b3342b  No.5796417



5bf469  No.5796418

File: b17a8504faa3a20⋯.jpg (167.48 KB, 1160x629, 1160:629, download (2).jpg)


Don't be dumb.

370b38  No.5796419

File: dbbc9b8faba01c3⋯.jpeg (126 KB, 1440x812, 360:203, damnurite.jpeg)



969fe9  No.5796420

File: 9e5a7234c5607fe⋯.jpg (3.11 MB, 3703x2304, 3703:2304, 26227c5a6f38273c8305eaf782….jpg)


Dig request for more of this super autist sumbitch'

s decodes? Please.

>>5795546 (PB)



e1eeb9  No.5796421


67c6ca  No.5796422

File: 43613e40e498b16⋯.jpg (68.3 KB, 621x349, 621:349, Insider trading top activi….jpg)

File: 5d91d4b260c2af5⋯.jpg (104.18 KB, 640x480, 4:3, kellogg dump.jpg)

File: c0a6a54c81f4e0c⋯.jpg (56.55 KB, 640x390, 64:39, oracle dump.jpg)

The bigger fish are starting to sell


c08d9f  No.5796423

File: e791ff5b439f320⋯.jpg (325.01 KB, 1214x1239, 1214:1239, HowButtHurt.jpg)

92a843  No.5796424

File: da74696d78eae31⋯.png (973.3 KB, 1440x798, 240:133, Q Proof "These people ….png)

File: 9cc887b7e95a445⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1440x799, 1440:799, 2 Killed in Antactica d….png)

File: d5af1b632488b4a⋯.png (577.6 KB, 1125x741, 375:247, Q Proof 1776.png)

File: 67f112afa838a58⋯.png (1.97 MB, 1440x794, 720:397, Jackie Robinson, Roy Ca….png)

File: 32e883deda6a892⋯.png (736.82 KB, 1440x797, 1440:797, 812 Evansville QProof.png)

3f3664  No.5796425

It would be nice to trot the pedos out first, then frog march the traitors.

834d7d  No.5796426

File: 4821f2dcc01b8ee⋯.jpg (793.04 KB, 1400x2100, 2:3, Kathy.jpg)

aa2166  No.5796427

File: a71210753045e75⋯.png (391.5 KB, 460x411, 460:411, Capture44353.PNG)

513fbc  No.5796428


Q said to "START" a list… not to expand one…

cfe851  No.5796429

It is NOT Cruz!

76e7a2  No.5796430

File: 572b1a897748b6f⋯.png (2.64 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


Why Was George Nader Allowed Into the White House?

The political operative was accused of importing photographs of nude boys “engaged in a variety of sexual acts.” The 1985 charges were dismissed after key evidence was thrown out.

A political operative who frequented the White House in the early days of President Trump’s administration, George Nader, was indicted in 1985 on charges of importing to the United States obscene material, including photos of nude boys “engaged in a variety of sexual acts,” according to publicly available court records. Nader pleaded not guilty, and the charges against him were ultimately dismissed several months after evidence seized from Nader’s home was thrown out on procedural grounds. “Mr. Nader vigorously denies the allegations now, as he did then,” a lawyer representing Nader said.

The charges filed against Nader in 1985 have not been publicly reported. But they were also not a secret. One source, who requested anonymity for fear of retribution, described wanting to warn a former boss, a top Arab official, to “keep his kids away from Nader,” who would pay occasional visits to the official’s D.C. residence earlier this decade. “I was told about the charges by a friend of his,” this person said. “But I never obtained the docket so I couldn’t prove it. It wasn’t a well-kept secret, though.”


United States v Nader, 621 F. Supp. 1076 (1985)

The defendant is charged in a two count indictment with using or causing use of the mails for the mailing, carriage and delivery of obscene material, (18 U.S.C. § 1461), importation of obscene material into the United States (18 U.S.C. § 1462), and aiding and *1078 abetting (18 U.S.C. § 2). The case is now before the Court on one part of the defendant's motion to suppress evidence.

e31182  No.5796431

We have given you so, so much information. We have given you names, places, colors, signals, signs, identifiers of every area of relevant interest. What will it take to open your eyes to the world in front of you? There are NO coincidences. It is so much bigger than anything you guys are seeing. These people operate in broad daylight. Wearing neon signs, with absolutely no regard for who sees them. In fact, they want the attention. So…


b3342b  No.5796432


He's Yale. Skull and Bones?

826e09  No.5796433



Nick Lewin represents individuals and institutions in criminal and regulatory enforcement actions, congressional investigations, and complex civil litigation. Nick co-founded the firm after serving for more than a decade as a federal prosecutor and senior FBI official — including as the Special Counsel to former FBI Directors Robert S. Mueller III and James B. Comey, and as Deputy Chief of the Criminal Division in the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York.

Nick is among the most accomplished national security prosecutors in the United States. He served as trial counsel in United States of America v. Usama bin Laden et al., and conducted many of the most significant international terrorism jury trials since 9/11, including:

The senior-most al Qaeda leader prosecuted in any court, Usama bin Laden’s son-in-law (U.S. v. Sulaiman Abu Ghayth);

The founding al Qaeda member who led its terrorist training camp in Afghanistan and its cell in East Africa (U.S. v. Khalid al Fawwaz); and

The only former Guantánamo Bay and CIA black site detainee to be transferred to federal court, where he was tried for his role in the August 7, 1998 bombings of the U.S. Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania (U.S. v. Ahmad Ghailani).

Nick also helped lead the investigations into: the theft and leak of highly-classified information regarding CIA cyber-operations; the September 2016 bombings in New York and New Jersey; and the apprehension and prosecution of one of the FBI’s most-wanted terrorists, who was captured abroad in a coordinated operation conducted by U.S. Special Operations Forces. In 2009, Nick served as one of the original members of the interagency Guantánamo Review Task Force, which was established by President Obama to assess, among other things, which Guantánamo Bay detainees could be prosecuted in an Article III court.

As a federal prosecutor, Nick also led the investigations of a wide array of highly sensitive cases involving espionage, counterintelligence, the Foreign Agents Registration Act, sanctions violations, international bank fraud, money laundering, violent crime and cybercrime. These included the successful prosecutions of a private banker involved in an international bank fraud, and one of the first national-security cyber cases brought in the Southern District of New York. As Deputy Chief of the Criminal Division, Nick participated in a variety of criminal and national security investigations, and served as the U.S. Attorney’s Office’s coordinator for international and cross-border investigations.

Nick has tried a dozen federal jury trials, and has briefed and argued numerous appeals in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.

Nick also served as the Special Counsel for former FBI Directors Robert S. Mueller, III and James B. Comey. In that capacity, Nick acted as each Director’s national security advisor on policy, strategic, and operational issues. He regularly represented the FBI at senior-level White House National Security Council meetings, and prepared the Director, Attorney General and other senior FBI and Justice Department executives for testimony before Congress.

Nick has received awards and recognitions from foreign governments as well as from various agencies in the U.S. government, including: the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Director of National Intelligence, the Central Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency, the Department of Defense’s Joint Special Operations Command, and multiple awards from the Department of Justice, including twice winning the Director’s Award for superior litigation, as well as the Attorney General’s Distinguished Service Award — the Justice Department’s second-highest honor.

Nick has lectured at a variety of universities and law schools, including the United States Military Academy at West Point, NYU School of Law and Columbia Law School, and served as an Adjunct Professor of Law at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, where he taught a seminar of Federal Criminal Litigation.

Prior to joining the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Nick practiced at Lankler Siffert & Wohl LLP, where he represented clients in civil and criminal litigation, including obtaining summary judgment in favor of a consortium of major banks in litigation regarding a $2 billion credit facility.

Nick served as a law clerk to the Honorable Dennis Jacobs, Chief Judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, and the Honorable Charles S. Haight, Jr., Senior U.S. District Judge for the Southern District of New York. Prior to law school, Nick was selected as a Presidential Management Fellow, and worked in the U.S. Department of Justice, and as an Associate Director of the White House Domestic Policy Council.

526d0f  No.5796434

File: bfc981f0003a9e5⋯.pdf (633.04 KB, giuffrelewinamicus031919.pdf)



Attached PDF

eeeaf1  No.5796435

File: 14e69917428fc17⋯.png (40.74 KB, 861x148, 861:148, Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at ….png)


Nick Lewin connection to Mueller and Comey.

He used to be both of their Special Counsel when they were directors of the FBI

8279de  No.5796436


Chill, anon. First, it's a good thing. Doesn't matter who's watch it's on. Second, recruitment getting tougher. Better living conditions and better pay will help get better recruits. Don't make this about different teams, it's one team and one goal.

1c3f42  No.5796437



Could be Weiner. He did not get sentenced until September of 2017 and this photo is from January 2017.

90d4ef  No.5796438



d339b7  No.5796439


19d6d1  No.5796440

4d2263  No.5796441

For many years, long before Q or FBIAnon showed up, back in the old days it was long theorized that Australia and NZ were in some way a hub or base central for these groups as the massive majority of shills and issues on the forums came out of those two areas. Anyone who used half chan knows what I am talking about as every single damn one came from that area it seemed.

Ever since the recent discovery of those statues near Christ Church and the other connected oddities it has me really thinking about it again and if NZ is, basically, a larger version of Epstein isle and the true center for them.

814c5b  No.5796442

File: bdba0888c529963⋯.jpg (139.98 KB, 957x669, 319:223, JR1.jpg)

File: 900aa8faf7dd75f⋯.jpg (137.68 KB, 957x669, 319:223, JR2.jpg)

File: 0bc7dcf7044297d⋯.jpg (135.6 KB, 957x669, 319:223, JR3.jpg)

File: afd1e97c012161e⋯.jpg (138.78 KB, 957x669, 319:223, JR4.jpg)

File: d782aec74773e43⋯.jpg (161.02 KB, 634x816, 317:408, HALLELUJER The SavioR is h….jpg)




b29f71  No.5796443



2e96af  No.5796444

Freddie reeks of cia

Must be one of Qs buddies

0fdcc3  No.5796445


Fear of death (and worse). Location of photo has been ID’d by anons. Q probably wants us to find point of origin of boat.

b767f8  No.5796446

"Keep Americans from doing something on their own while America gets destroyed from within"

The Plan

5c4bcb  No.5796447

This is an interesting "Farewell to England" list of Islamic accomplishments in that country that I thought might give you a better understanding of the insidiousness of Hijrah; that's the takeover of a nation without going to war.

Don't think for a moment that Kiwi land is not a target or that there are no Kiwi cities where Islamic and Sharia victories and takeovers have already occurred. It's time for border control, or start planning for a very big goodbye New Zealand party! Here's what has already happened to England within a few years of opening their borders without entry control:

How the British have passively succumbed the Muslim invasion:

Mayor of London … Muslim

Mayor of Birmingham … Muslim

Mayor of Leeds … Muslim

Mayor of Blackburn … Muslim

Mayor of Sheffield … Muslim

Mayor of Oxford … Muslim

Mayor of Luton …. Muslim

Mayor of Oldham … Muslim

Mayor of Rochdale … Muslim

All of the following achieved by just 4 Million Muslims out of the 66 Million population:

Over 3,000 Muslim Mosques

Over 130 Muslim Sharia Courts

Over 50 Muslim Sharia Councils

Muslims Only No-Go Areas across the UK

Muslim Women … 78% don't work and are on free Benefits / Housing

Muslim Men … 63% Don't work and are on free Benefits / Housing

Muslim Families … 6-8 children planning to go on free Benefits / Housing

All UK Schools are serving Halal meat !

And we can't decide on an immigration policy other than to let more muslims in.

One of the ways to combat this is to keep circulating such information around our nation to inform the uninformed who mainly only listen and read the Left leaning US Radio/TV and Newspapers.

e1eeb9  No.5796448




659c46  No.5796449


Shills seemed to just evaporate.

b4daae  No.5796450


Try looking at Arkencide victims

de399f  No.5796451

File: 98ccd481a78b772⋯.png (392.04 KB, 697x629, 41:37, Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at ….png)


Alright anons, now who's the CAMERA GUY?

HRC? Dershowitz? Obama? Richard Branson? One of the Podesta brothers? WHO?


If you Google "Alex Podesta", whom is ONE of something like THIRTY KIDS Podestas parents ADOPTED, you will find the "WHITE RABBIT" alright… Maybe not the one Q was referring to, but you'll see what I mean.

Did I mention BRIAN Podesta, works for the International Center For Missing And Exploited Children? (ICMEC)

f9294c  No.5796452

All three posts will be the entire list to keep for digging. Good info when you need to find something and it might be at one of these places. Keep for your digs:




7f4bae  No.5796453

File: be627b1edce7636⋯.jpg (250.09 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, CzGA-iFVQAAAjCm.jpg)

Don't forget me cause I's small and murder Canadians. G-U-I-S-T-R-A, F-R-A-N-K.

ef946b  No.5796454

File: 7345a645ccc736f⋯.png (2.26 MB, 1564x1086, 782:543, EpsteinCaseBiggestPlayers.png)

Court weighs unsealing records that could reveal new details of Jeffrey Epstein sex abuse

Read more here: https://www.miamiherald.com/news/politics-government/article227184299.html

Is THIS the case we're supposed to follow the attorneys on? Or something else?

484957  No.5796455

File: 2f1a4dfdcd916b5⋯.png (213.37 KB, 954x637, 954:637, ClipboardImage.png)



923161  No.5796456

File: ee8ce8eaccb4193⋯.jpg (177.5 KB, 1265x950, 253:190, 43798_3.jpg)

bfb61c  No.5796457

758a72  No.5796458


The shill argument to this is POTUS flew on Epstein's plane. From what I could find, it is true he flew on Epstein's plane, but he flew continental and not to the island. Just a heads up, shills and the left love to throw out, "BUT HE FLEW ON THE PLANE."

Again don't have the sauce, research it, but it looked continental U.S. when he flew from what I can remember. Not the island.

19d6d1  No.5796459

4ed126  No.5796460

File: fe44521d9e3252d⋯.jpg (51.96 KB, 703x463, 703:463, Captggure.JPG)


START a fucking list for what??? Q won't be confirming any fucking list you create, so it's all wild guesses.

Drink your ovaltine.

aa2166  No.5796461

File: ae7d7c1353478ba⋯.png (284.11 KB, 459x291, 153:97, Busted.PNG)

29db89  No.5796462

File: b45cf9344044afe⋯.png (426.33 KB, 1200x513, 400:171, ClipboardImage.png)


Andrew Weissman?

2e96af  No.5796463

1af532  No.5796464

File: 8523cfc5c0dc5e0⋯.jpg (47 KB, 500x667, 500:667, 1.jpg)

90d4ef  No.5796465



67c6ca  No.5796466


disregard the oracle one. It's bigger. correct panel coming

25baa9  No.5796467

File: 9d513db1adb80e2⋯.jpg (277.28 KB, 1079x615, 1079:615, Screenshot_20190320-164427….jpg)

c0bfef  No.5796468

File: 9861861074ce033⋯.png (8.9 KB, 794x92, 397:46, epsdig6.PNG)

File: d0efe35581099f5⋯.png (43.11 KB, 801x425, 801:425, epsdig5.PNG)

File: c938f58298dcfcc⋯.png (269.44 KB, 1223x615, 1223:615, epsdig4.PNG)

File: 39efee54d106e9f⋯.png (23.56 KB, 648x178, 324:89, eipsdig3.PNG)

File: d1822973221c8cf⋯.png (56.4 KB, 615x709, 615:709, epsdig1.PNG)

>5795457 (pb)

>Follow the ATTORNEY.

Perhaps the attorney we are looking for is this one, representing "longtime Epstein friend Ghislaine Maxwell".

From Q's the Politico link, we get this court document (pic related):


Which leads us to this law firm representing Maxwell: https://www.hmflaw.com/

They work out of a mansion just down the street from the governors mansion but much bigger.

Looking at the bios at the name partners, this one may be of particular interest: https://www.hmflaw.com/attorney-harold-haddon.html

Although this guy supposedly specializes in white collar criminal defense and complex civil litigation, this he defended the dad of Jonbenet Ramsey and a catholic priest. (pic related)

d339b7  No.5796469



b829a9  No.5796470



Nick Lewin: clown attorney?

79a9fb  No.5796471

File: f47d3dd9c8ff031⋯.png (87.48 KB, 768x447, 256:149, 24996d4bb3117db09109247795….png)


Coincidence he tweets that out right after giving NoName another smackdown in the speech in Ohio?

08f525  No.5796472

File: 010978d68d56018⋯.png (3.76 MB, 1903x4704, 1903:4704, politico.com-Mysterypartie….png)


https:// www.politico.com/story/2019/03/20/jeffrey-epstein-related-lawsuit-1229908

7050b7  No.5796473

File: 252e091e1706140⋯.png (247.53 KB, 571x226, 571:226, ClipboardImage.png)

484957  No.5796474


Q said "the Attorney"

He has to be an attorney (?)

8a5bac  No.5796475

File: 29f9c4d0215e762⋯.png (436.27 KB, 524x496, 131:124, Nader3.png)

File: 39a9493ea58146d⋯.png (330.99 KB, 501x374, 501:374, Nader2.png)

File: 33f6daadffc5efc⋯.png (471.24 KB, 583x624, 583:624, Nader1.png)

e31182  No.5796476

File: ed17c100c9066fc⋯.png (338.59 KB, 452x446, 226:223, 1548979900.png)

e32a9c  No.5796477


Weiner Laptop

So, I wonder if the AWAN Brothers said "not playing" by dropping that LAPTOP?

We have it all….

e1eeb9  No.5796478

File: ec892070c312f40⋯.png (265.47 KB, 800x551, 800:551, 01233d378e5d7701ae1316d0be….png)


faab2f  No.5796479


because literally hitler white supremacy ebil nahtzees or something.

4d2263  No.5796480


That's the thing though anon, for those of us who love history and have really delved into it goes back much further than the Greek connection to wisdom. Truthfully it doesn't ruin it for me but it just is aggravating because, like you, I always saw it as a symbol of wisdom but they just polluted it. For the time being at least.

af4b45  No.5796481


Nick Lewin represents individuals and institutions in criminal and regulatory enforcement actions, congressional investigations, and complex civil litigation. Nick co-founded the firm after serving for more than a decade as a federal prosecutor and senior FBI official — including as the Special Counsel to former FBI Directors Robert S. Mueller III and James B. Comey, and as Deputy Chief of the Criminal Division in the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York.

f9a8e4  No.5796482


looks like david cameron with saggy titties, but as other anon said he fucks dead pigs.

de399f  No.5796483

THERES OUR (((GUY))), on the far left ( think).

Who are these two lurking in the back? The 3 new people in the picture are much younger, it seems.

166554  No.5796484


It should surprise no one that Jews are degenerates.

They invented and control the porn industry.

The movie industry.


0fdcc3  No.5796485


Find the marina

bb8f5c  No.5796486

File: 06a1bf2b4bb6032⋯.png (404.12 KB, 1344x588, 16:7, Screenshot_2019-03-15 34°4….png)

File: 95e7c22732a35b1⋯.png (355.02 KB, 1344x588, 16:7, Screenshot_2019-03-17 PQV2….png)

File: 45a0d9180055e5e⋯.png (1.58 MB, 1344x583, 1344:583, Screenshot_2019-03-17 PQV2….png)

File: 37b41aa25c0238b⋯.png (1.3 MB, 1344x583, 1344:583, Screenshot_2019-03-17 PQV2….png)

File: e0b25667342da50⋯.png (1.75 MB, 1300x1086, 650:543, Screenshot_2019-03-20 trum….png)

cheat'em n rat witch hunt

b68c0e  No.5796487

File: 0ed60b1214b7a05⋯.png (704.57 KB, 833x838, 833:838, Screenshot 2019-03-20 um 2….png)


not on the foto Q posted

af56fe  No.5796488


lawfag here

in case anons did not know the doc Q posted is an attempt to persuade the Judge not to continue his cinditional order to disclose

judge entered to "show cause why the info shold not be public" and lewin tried to intervene as an outside party to give such cause

who does lewin represent?

who is paying?

2e96af  No.5796489

Hey Q when is potus going to tell the world that hes a megajew

8279de  No.5796490


And NZ PM wants non-muslim women to wear a hijab on Friday. Why would any thinking woman ever do that? Because women do so well under sharia? Brainwashing is full-tilt.

f0b1a3  No.5796491

File: 29cc3a03e3b9c52⋯.jpg (31.71 KB, 286x412, 143:206, c0f69ab19b2df3a0fddce3ca7c….jpg)


He has a very pointy chin

7f4bae  No.5796492

File: 58c7a53ef333e94⋯.png (392.81 KB, 1232x910, 88:65, ClipboardImage.png)

Anything to this? Would not be surprised if earthworm sanctioned a hit.


aeeb70  No.5796493

File: b9503d29b13be44⋯.png (362.59 KB, 583x543, 583:543, ayre 1.png)

File: f682b0650d08502⋯.png (335.91 KB, 591x487, 591:487, ayre 2.png)


odd things to say

834d7d  No.5796494

File: 993a1153508328e⋯.jpg (809.52 KB, 1400x2100, 2:3, Kathy.jpg)

d339b7  No.5796495



25baa9  No.5796496

File: 087dc0c276b30a8⋯.jpg (247.07 KB, 1079x1002, 1079:1002, Screenshot_20190320-164448….jpg)

fcddf3  No.5796497


Thursday, April 14, 2016

Manhattan U.S. Attorney Announces Arrest Of Chinese National For Illegally Attempting To Export High-Grade Carbon Fiber To China


8d5a08  No.5796498


Paul Ryan?

159fd9  No.5796499

File: f6a6e26ec4f3702⋯.png (2.23 KB, 368x221, 368:221, ClipboardImage.png)


We're still at Roman Numeral II. The Tea Party protests were controlled opposition. Epic LARP. A false flag of the heart.

b35b32  No.5796500

File: f1d13290573489a⋯.jpeg (99.47 KB, 750x239, 750:239, 445CC052-3EE6-4E8D-8DB8-D….jpeg)



I did say that on the last bread

4ed126  No.5796501


Q also said HISTORIC happening in 21 days. So what the fuck difference does it make anything he says? You don't know if it's BS or real.

fccf15  No.5796502


Women do not have an adonis belt. Human anatomy reveals the gender of an individual regardless of makeup, poses, clothing, hormones or plastic surgery. We are being deceived by the "elites" on a daily basis.

19d6d1  No.5796503

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

81de78  No.5796504

6548f3  No.5796505


(((They))) can lie cheat, break the law…

WE can not . Good vs Evil. You can’t win over evil by being evil.

Patience. I know, it’s fucking hard!

0a6fe6  No.5796506


Such a strange incident. Hospitalized at the end of June due to the ATV accident. Re-hospitalized a few weeks later from complications. Died from "pneumonia" a month later.

fe701d  No.5796507

File: b080a839ce43ad4⋯.png (42.84 KB, 626x360, 313:180, 0cf371_b4c36e9d99d8427585f….png)

File: 8fcbba5deff9a7d⋯.jpg (50.35 KB, 626x509, 626:509, PenceRyan.jpg)