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File: 2ca1bdf21b2af5b⋯.png (6.67 MB, 5760x3240, 16:9, Q_Anon Flag.png)

545ef6  No.3639650

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




Q Proofs & Welcome

Welcome to Q Research (README FIRST, THEN PROCEED TO LURK) https://8ch.net/qresearch/welcome.html

Storm Is Upon Us - YT Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDFe_yKnRf4XM7W_sWbcxtw

Recommended viewing chronologically, beginning with: Q - The Plan to Save the World - https://youtu.be/3vw9N96E-aQ

The Best of the Best Q Proofs >>1552095, >>>/qproofs/49 SEE FOR YOURSELF

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Q's Latest Posts

Tuesday 10.09.18

>>>/patriotsfight/373 ——————————— Statement release 10.9.18 [p_AUTHORITY1] (Cap: >>3417457 ; reminder re: /pf/175: >>3417530 )

>>3412993 rt >>3219413 -————————– Guangdong = Guangzhou = Shenzhen? (Cap: >>3563833 )

>>>/patriotsfight/372 ——————————— effort to combat CHINA's attempts to harm our farmers (Cap/txt: >>3412511, >>3412512 )

>>>/patriotsfight/371 rt /pf/297 -——————- AMERICA IS NO LONGER FOR SALE. (Cap: >>3412170 )

>>>/patriotsfight/370 ——————————— Coincidence the news today is focused on a resignation? (Caps: >>3408439 ; >>3408550 )

Monday 10.08.18

>>>/patriotsfight/369 ——————————— [Sally Yates] ( Cap: >>3403973 )

>>3398484 rt >>3398290 —————-———– Court order to preserve ALL data sent to GOOG? ( Cap: >>3400639 )

>>>/patriotsfight/368 ——————————— Graphic: DECLAS! ( Cap: >>3396370 )

>>>/patriotsfight/367 ——————————— Win-at-all-costs? ( Cap: >>3395933 )

>>>/patriotsfight/366 ——————————— Blasey Ford #WALKAWAY ( Cap: >>3395886 )

>>>/patriotsfight/365 rt /pf/357 -——————- Our voice is spreading. ( Cap: >>3395849 )

>>>/patriotsfight/364 ——————————— TomFitton/Status, Knowledge is power. ( Cap: >>3395849 )

>>>/patriotsfight/363 ——————————— [Next Up][RR], Locked & Loaded ( Cap/text: >>3395264, >>3395283 )

>>>/patriotsfight/362 rt /pf/306 -——————- Think 2/3rd Senate vote req to impeach [impossible]. ( Cap: >>3395092 )

>>>/patriotsfight/361 rt /pf/293 -——————- Anons knew POTUS would not be baited to FIRE ( Cap: >>3394395 )

>>>/patriotsfight/360 ——————————— NK will allow inspectors access to nuke sites ( Cap: >>3390086 )

Saturday 10.06.18 and Sunday 10.07.18

Compiled here: >>3444448

Friday 10.05.18

Compiled here: >>3408448

Q's Private Board >>>/patriotsfight/ | Qs Tripcode: Q !!mG7VJxZNCI

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Dealing with Clowns & Shills

>>2322789, >>2323031 How To Quickly Spot A Clown

545ef6  No.3639679


are not endorsements


>>3425883 Thread specifically for RED OCTOBER Memes for the MidTerms

>>3478991 and >>3522113 NPC Memes ----- & ----- >>3445122 Kanye Memes


>>3619933 CodeFag ArchiveAnon Creates Program for Archiving to Local Drive (New with notables!)

>>3572123 Q: The Basics - An Introduction to Q and the Great Awakening v.1.0

>>3447773 Vote.gov - register to vote online in many states

>>3466717 On the Hatch Act, the midterm elections, and the timing of arrests (analysis)

>>3507228 Video: "Q - We Are The Plan"; good red-pilling explanation


>>3639564 Moar GreensBurg PA Dig

>>3639559 How $21 Trillion in U.S. Tax Money Disappeared. “Full Scope Audit” of the Pentagon

>>3639528, >>3639551 Big DigSoros is involved in these companies- ties to Bush and ENERGY. THIS is why PDJT is so focused on energy.

>>3639412 What Does Israel Have against George Soros? Quite a Lot, Actually

>>3639407 Wall Unveiled as Caravan Advances North Through Mexico

>>3639266 George Papadopoulos Points the Finger at Victoria Nuland (Twat)

>>3639167 United States Attorney Mike Stuart Implements Election Day Program to Stop Fraud and Protect Voting Rights

>>3639153, >>3639171 With border open, Jordanians visit Syria for first time in years

>>3638965 Twat in Reference to Jewish Community Center FBI Training & Subsequent Attack

>>3639658 #4619


>>3638829 Hamas to Israel: $15 Million Each Month or Things Get Really Bad

>>3638642 Pipe Bomber Cesar Sayoc Voted for Obama

>>3638544 Restoring our Military Readiness

>>3638468 Gab Booted By Hosting Company After Synagogue Shooting

>>3638414, >>3638481 Jewish Groups Participating in FBI Training for Bombs, Shooter Drills

>>3638319, >>3638346 PlaneFag Reports

>>3638241, >>3638380, >>3638486 Moar Westmoreland PA Digs

>>3638263, >>3638377, >>3638397, >>3638407, >>3638415, >>3638422, >>3638441, >>3638465 Larry Ellison Digs

>>3638240 Look at the Clocks

>>3638861 #4618


>>3637404 Russia not charged with crimes in indictment, claims their lawyers

>>3637515 DOW still dropping

>>3637598 Trump cabinet exodus predicted by mockingbirds

Baker Change

>>3637501 NoName…IRS Targeting, Memo said his Commitee Said Investigate So Many it Becomes Crippling, or something close to that…

>>3637573, >>3637589 Bolsonaro looks set to win elections in bitterly divided Brazil

>>3637538, >>3637656, >>3637901, >>3637935, >>3637948, >>3638021, >>3638117 PlaneFag Reports

>>3637475, >>3637526 Sabrina Siddiqui & Related Digs

>>3637429 Facebook & Twatter Fuckery (Moar)

>>3637400, >>3637530, >>3637601 Happy Anniversary Greetings

>>3637876, >>3637965 Greensburg PA Dig, White Rabbit Cafe by Tunnel Street (Coincidence?)

>>3637896 Shots fired as Sri Lanka political crisis escalates

>>3638140 #4617


>>3636677, >>3636860 Rabbi Berkun digs and speculation; Tree of Life Synagogue (PA)

>>3636873, >>3636880, >>3636889, >>3636900, >>3637052 Billionaire's helo goes down in flames; significant?

>>3637325 #4616

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>>3634966 #4613, >>3635794 #4614, >>3636521 #4615

>>3632690 #4610, >>3633455 #4611, >>3634271 #4612

>>3630419 #4607, >>3631197 #4608, >>3632829 #4609

>>3628145 #4604, >>3628878 #4605, >>3629657 #4606

>>3625747 #4601, >>3626629 #4602, >>3627357 #4603

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545ef6  No.3639697

File: b0ac359b3c02bd9⋯.jpg (38.96 KB, 800x533, 800:533, Dough.jpg)



0eaa38  No.3639700

File: 74108d26f2d70f7⋯.png (764.19 KB, 696x445, 696:445, republic.PNG)

File: 0216a3308de673c⋯.png (775.63 KB, 509x683, 509:683, tweets.PNG)

File: 4b82887c601eb39⋯.png (732.16 KB, 677x448, 677:448, constitution.PNG)

File: 4e052664dd3a3de⋯.png (620.63 KB, 596x447, 4:3, complete.PNG)

File: 7ea4a887520a6f6⋯.png (1.06 MB, 890x495, 178:99, love.PNG)

d740fe  No.3639701

File: cdb96862786ea27⋯.jpg (52.08 KB, 512x427, 512:427, NPC_BS.jpg)

Good Day Patriots ! WWG1WGA ! Should be a interesting Month Ahead ! Stay Safe operators !

545ef6  No.3639702

Sorry for missing the Fresh Bread Post Fags

b8b5f1  No.3639703

File: 8987765383fba6e⋯.jpg (88.91 KB, 735x490, 3:2, 2l47r1.jpg)

80c84b  No.3639704


No worries.

You still doing well, Baker?

2bffe3  No.3639705

File: f01b7e9654a75c1⋯.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1222x1553, 1222:1553, 726C441A-F0CA-4947-83E7-5….jpeg)


dd91e8  No.3639706

File: f421b80992b4f84⋯.jpg (50.22 KB, 491x378, 491:378, iu (23).jpg)

File: 9193e98a52e60f2⋯.jpg (710.16 KB, 2090x1586, 1045:793, iu (25).jpg)

b8b5f1  No.3639707

File: 7ab01685df09086⋯.jpeg (84.96 KB, 640x754, 320:377, DqmGmp_XgAAj5qu.jpg-large.jpeg)

fd5ead  No.3639708

NEWS 10/28/2018

Prince Harry and Meghan welcomed to New Zealand for final leg of Pacific tour

WELLINGTON (Reuters) - Britain’s Prince Harry and wife Meghan were treated to a ceremonial welcome in New Zealand on Sunday where they arrived for the final leg of their Pacific tour, their first international royal tour since marrying in May.


a37e91  No.3639709

File: 43c1bdbed28dc1d⋯.jpg (108.47 KB, 674x960, 337:480, Dqn.jpg)

e7dfab  No.3639710

File: e06a5c6fa7ce8c0⋯.png (263.31 KB, 307x396, 307:396, ty-baker.png)


all good baker

ty for your service

e114e4  No.3639711

POTUS "They have to pay the price"




One shooter? They = cabal

5d9460  No.3639712

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Tree of Life

- Audiomachine

Life over Death…Love over Hate…Freedom over Oppression




557b14  No.3639713

Watch Obama in this video and tell me he isn’t finally losing it. President Trump has gotten in Obama’s Head so bad he’s become a babbling idiot trying to convince democrats of the lies he tells about him.


a3bb92  No.3639714

File: d969516142ed96a⋯.jpg (24.78 KB, 304x380, 4:5, f687ee3a3ad8ae08f284ab624b….jpg)


All good. Thanks for your hard work baker.

a37e91  No.3639715

File: e6d93ef75892303⋯.jpg (42.14 KB, 400x315, 80:63, James Brown 2.jpg)

41cb05  No.3639716

File: a6bea12968947b6⋯.jpg (148.71 KB, 1049x960, 1049:960, 1538683140455.jpg)


2bffe3  No.3639717

File: 209bed7c36d038d⋯.jpeg (54.98 KB, 700x467, 700:467, EDB75BBF-FAFD-4EB3-B519-6….jpeg)

5e1d39  No.3639718

File: 33ea1934802dc08⋯.png (913.74 KB, 801x573, 267:191, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 33ea1934802dc08⋯.png (913.74 KB, 801x573, 267:191, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 33ea1934802dc08⋯.png (913.74 KB, 801x573, 267:191, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 33ea1934802dc08⋯.png (913.74 KB, 801x573, 267:191, ClipboardImage.png)

fd5ead  No.3639719

NEWS 10/28/2018

Czechs celebrate centenary with largest military parade since communist era

PRAGUE (Reuters) - The Czech Republic marked 100 years since the creation of Czechoslovakia on Sunday with the biggest military parade in its post-communist history, highlighting a weekend of celebrations.

More than 4,000 military personnel took part in the event, which saw tanks and artillery roll down Evropska (European) Street, one of Prague’s main boulevards that once bore the name of Vladimir Lenin, founder of the Communist regime in Russia.


dd91e8  No.3639720

File: 197650c6e42cc9e⋯.jpg (219.22 KB, 1022x715, 1022:715, jamesb.jpg)

c31b2e  No.3639721


Ty Glorious Baker

711a92  No.3639722

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


( LB ) BILL COOPER , book review , The Ugly Truth About the A.D.L.

( Illuminati ties & destruction of National Sovereignty ) ADL are worst racists around. Use everyday Jews as cover.

fd5ead  No.3639723

NEWS 10/28/18

Brazil's right-wing Bolsonaro poised to win presidency as voting begins

BRASILIA (Reuters) - Brazilians began voting on Sunday in the most polarized election in decades as anger over corruption and crime were expected to carry Jair Bolsonaro to the presidency, marking a dramatic swing to the right in the world’s fourth-largest democracy.


58e27b  No.3639724

File: 68eae383f08e52b⋯.png (830.89 KB, 1236x1196, 309:299, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 883cdc6eee39c2d⋯.png (917.04 KB, 1186x1128, 593:564, ClipboardImage.png)

Give it rest WaPo. You are starting to sound like the guys who insist that the moon landings were fake.

5e1d39  No.3639725

File: 2058233bf124590⋯.png (1.36 MB, 834x960, 139:160, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2058233bf124590⋯.png (1.36 MB, 834x960, 139:160, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2058233bf124590⋯.png (1.36 MB, 834x960, 139:160, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2058233bf124590⋯.png (1.36 MB, 834x960, 139:160, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2058233bf124590⋯.png (1.36 MB, 834x960, 139:160, ClipboardImage.png)

35bc30  No.3639726

File: 3f441bdc1d998f2⋯.jpg (33.15 KB, 330x354, 55:59, Soros voter fraud.jpg)

File: 4977c14b32f4c99⋯.png (194.9 KB, 497x250, 497:250, SorosCaught.png)

File: fadbc1bd6e3f3f7⋯.jpg (36 KB, 449x328, 449:328, Soros tort.jpg)

File: a8dc73512c133f5⋯.jpg (76.53 KB, 506x337, 506:337, george-soros-create-antifa….jpg)

c0219e  No.3639727

File: 9ea1925beee88a9⋯.png (361.68 KB, 540x517, 540:517, pain.png)


Their Final Leg

44bb82  No.3639728

File: 16cae3037be9a1c⋯.png (372.06 KB, 1853x802, 1853:802, blexit.png)

File: c7a4a1b0e91ae1d⋯.jpg (60.1 KB, 1024x890, 512:445, blexit shirt.jpg)


>>3639598 lb

Yesterday Candace unveiled BLEXIT, the Black Exit from the Democrat Party. Logo designed by Kanye. She announced it in her BSOTU (Black State of the Union) speech during the Young Black Leadership Conference in DC


Candace speech


dd91e8  No.3639729

File: 37ad078211d66ba⋯.jpg (256.6 KB, 1076x1158, 538:579, iur (4).jpg)

5f135e  No.3639730

File: b244846d356e84a⋯.jpg (161.28 KB, 776x1280, 97:160, b244846d356e84a806cf5e2207….jpg)


Thank you Baker!

fd5ead  No.3639731

NEWS 10/28/2018

Iran's Khamenei calls for fight against enemy 'infiltration

(Reuters) - Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei called on Sunday for the stepping up of efforts to fight enemy “infiltration” in a speech to officials in charge of cyber defense, state television reported.

“In the face of the enemy’s complex practices, our civil defense should … confront infiltration through scientific, accurate, and up-to-date … action,” Ayatollah Khamenei told civil defense officials, who are in charge of areas including cyber defense.


5434a0  No.3639732

File: 52bcabd5e5ba15a⋯.jpg (155.4 KB, 649x648, 649:648, SKULLTRIX.jpg)

File: 81322d22f655dfd⋯.jpg (608.3 KB, 3140x2196, 785:549, JNB.jpg)

File: 6b260f5331e9f81⋯.jpg (15.77 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault (1).jpg)

File: c7086d72942d549⋯.jpg (83.48 KB, 643x381, 643:381, 0 INFO TERROR PEPEJ.jpg)

<<< triggered by the sweet sweet sound of (((your))) tears and the putrid smell of your fears kekitty kekistan

545ef6  No.3639733


Yeah, still doing OK - had to check my Baker girls to make sure the Anons still thought so…

That RBG scared the shit out of me, thought maybe I was fucking up, Kek

I will probably bake 1 or 2 more. Don't get to bake as much as I like these days…

ef8638  No.3639734

File: e7429fe29e3d071⋯.png (14.91 KB, 588x150, 98:25, ClipboardImage.png)

Tom Steyer

>running out of money

>eat him alive


e52ac1  No.3639735


He who has it does not show it.

Just do it.

Any more of these images posted indicates you want it but don't have it.

Just do it.

a3bb92  No.3639736

File: a19b424df2c3068⋯.png (1.86 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

All this synagogue shooting talk is turning me into a muhjoo. Don't get me wrong, heart goes out to the victims, but the was MSM is framing it is just disgusting.

When will we be liberated from this damn race shilling programming?

fd5ead  No.3639737

NEWS 10/28/2018

Merkel's government braces for high-stakes state election

BERLIN (Reuters) - German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s ruling coalition faces its second test in as many weeks on Sunday as voters go to the polls in the western state of Hesse for a regional election that could torpedo the national government


0c5fb5  No.3639738

File: 4a440b82e3c4b1d⋯.jpg (54.01 KB, 561x468, 187:156, 2l5xkm~2.jpg)

File: 7a0204f251e25dd⋯.jpg (28.57 KB, 480x282, 80:47, 2l47fe~2.jpg)

5e1d39  No.3639739

File: 436d10ece98be48⋯.png (1.49 MB, 960x725, 192:145, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 436d10ece98be48⋯.png (1.49 MB, 960x725, 192:145, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 436d10ece98be48⋯.png (1.49 MB, 960x725, 192:145, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 436d10ece98be48⋯.png (1.49 MB, 960x725, 192:145, ClipboardImage.png)

5d9460  No.3639740

File: feaffb132e1836c⋯.png (46.18 KB, 520x332, 130:83, 59d8d2290875d694722d0798fb….png)

de6140  No.3639741

File: a06b7cbfe1f7308⋯.png (2.37 MB, 977x1504, 977:1504, 2018-10-28_12-57-59.png)

>>3639510 (last bread)

Behind every great man stands an even greater woman...

and a pretty good frog!


18c961  No.3639742

File: 52ef8a41e026aee⋯.jpg (66.04 KB, 740x317, 740:317, rg19.jpg)


Baker let me know when you'd like a break.

638e72  No.3639743

File: d721a977800309e⋯.jpeg (2.28 MB, 1375x1925, 5:7, DE877CDB-C6EA-4625-A489-9….jpeg)

Happy Anniversary Q

Thank you for your service

cd6623  No.3639744

>>3638970 (pb)

To paraphrase Michael Corleone:

"This one time…this one time" I'm going to speak on behalf of others…

To the world and everyone in it, please allow me to apologize for this embarrassment to the Jewish community, commonly referred to as Sarah Silverman.

She is utterly disgraceful, the only comedian I know that isn't funny (well, there's Schumer too), and everything she says and does makes my skin crawl. I apologize for this wretched skank from the bottom of my heart.

"Baruch HaShem"

ps: If I have any sympathy for her at all it's because I'm convinced that, even though she's a radical feminist and part of the lunatic left, she's mentally sick. Unfortunately where the one ends and the other begins is next to impossible to ever discern.

fd5ead  No.3639745

NEWS 10/28/2018 12:22pm

New U.S.-bound group of migrants leaves in San Salvador

SAN SALVADOR (Reuters) - A new group of migrants gathered and left from the capital of El Salvador on Sunday, headed for the United States after thousands of other Central Americans began similar journeys in recent weeks, angering U.S. President Donald Trump.

The group of more than 300 Salvadorans that left San Salvador on Sunday came together after thousands of Hondurans in mid-October left their country in a large group, becoming an international news story and a key issue in the U.S. congressional elections.

A second group of Hondurans was moving through Guatemala last week, and at one point numbered more than 1,000 people before beginning to fragment.


c1b2c6  No.3639746

File: 060e9104e4e31ec⋯.jpg (1.2 MB, 2443x4310, 2443:4310, 9ddc2db4af9f8d4eff4ad12915….jpg)

what is this?

557b14  No.3639747

The UN Wants to be Our World Government By 2030


e84cd4  No.3639748

File: a6bb981a7165913⋯.jpeg (477.8 KB, 1119x651, 373:217, 37AF7391-56F2-4CC0-B526-8….jpeg)

POTUS was asked if he’d turn his rhetoric down after the shooting in PA.

He said no, maybe I’ll turn it up.

I’d say he turned it up….pic related

Tear them all up Mr. President!!

308aea  No.3639749

File: 9df0faf62ae0532⋯.jpg (379.67 KB, 800x500, 8:5, Injecting MEMES 1.jpg)


great work anon…keep up the meme fight!

259ba6  No.3639750

It’s reasonable to believe that Cesar Sayoc fake bomb maker registered as a Republican so vote in the 2016 primaries. Many democrats announced intentions of doing this to vote for Trump since there was no way he could win.

Of course fake bomb faggot registered 3/6/2016 which was less than 29 days prior to the Republican primary. Combine this with him being a Bernie campaigner and voting for Obama (in notables as Facebook sauce).

b3ca8c  No.3639751

File: c65ae5162dd1e07⋯.jpeg (86.59 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 252D9343-243E-4CEB-A1AA-3….jpeg)

86ae53  No.3639752












a37e91  No.3639753

File: 472ea18909d010b⋯.mp4 (1.55 MB, 640x360, 16:9, JKwjTvA3ghgJu3xh.mp4)



80c84b  No.3639754



Hope you're getting all the kitchen time you like.

Will be out for a bit this afternoon, but will be on later this evening to bake if need be.

Lurking for now.

God bless, and keep kicking ass.

974b6a  No.3639755

File: 85b046270a82e97⋯.png (32.69 KB, 587x452, 587:452, ClipboardImage.png)

22ea13  No.3639756

File: cf105a6bc7aa000⋯.png (997.3 KB, 900x598, 450:299, ClipboardImage.png)


That clown Buckwheat only appeared in front of fewer than 500 people on Friday night in Milwaukee.

He is at North Division HS and the picture has 1/2 the gym blocked off with a curtain.

5e1d39  No.3639757


its a destination that we all are trying to reach.

b6e8ce  No.3639758

File: f8364d0fea7c985⋯.png (46.8 KB, 733x374, 733:374, Papa.png)

c51a05  No.3639759

File: 7e301cd7b68c6f8⋯.jpg (159.28 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, e358b3ff2db8477606ddedc408….jpg)

>>3639654 (lb)

Actually, I read this again, and I take this --> >>3639669 back. you're right ;p

Freemason =/= Satanic Freemason.

c0219e  No.3639760


>a regional election that could torpedo the national government

308aea  No.3639761

File: ee67be251474042⋯.jpg (35.61 KB, 600x451, 600:451, p17i1t7vc01th81fhv13pp1sk1….jpg)

a3bb92  No.3639762


Seems like every week a story hits saying Merkel is on the way out.

f694f0  No.3639763

File: 83e7e252e259730⋯.jpg (132.34 KB, 888x499, 888:499, wereallgonnadie.jpg)

File: a426b06eea6dd7a⋯.jpg (77.25 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 2acdcde8dd013782e2f8ab5cfc….jpg)

dd0e4f  No.3639764

File: 8180f2d46a6e2f1⋯.jpg (78.17 KB, 800x562, 400:281, too early.jpg)


What is that bright thing in the sky and why am I awake?

205d75  No.3639765


>When will we be liberated from this damn race shilling programming?

When the labels 'hate crime' or 'hate speech' quits being used.

5434a0  No.3639766

File: ecc2d708ed9259d⋯.jpg (77.07 KB, 662x415, 662:415, NPCjones1.jpg)

a738a2  No.3639767

File: 3d953f3ef804fc7⋯.jpg (21.43 KB, 300x168, 25:14, 2l5dc3.jpg)

File: dfb7569113f31a4⋯.jpg (13.88 KB, 183x255, 61:85, 2l5fkq.jpg)

File: a1a52a88597763b⋯.jpg (14.58 KB, 275x183, 275:183, 2l5fc5.jpg)

File: 533bf4b880337d5⋯.jpg (117.43 KB, 500x775, 20:31, 2l5ff2.jpg)


She cucks Ham-ass-face at every opportunity possible. I dont blame her. Dude is fugly.

5e1d39  No.3639768

File: cfc4d0ff8cd25fb⋯.png (1017.64 KB, 1078x515, 1078:515, ClipboardImage.png)

File: cfc4d0ff8cd25fb⋯.png (1017.64 KB, 1078x515, 1078:515, ClipboardImage.png)

File: cfc4d0ff8cd25fb⋯.png (1017.64 KB, 1078x515, 1078:515, ClipboardImage.png)

File: cfc4d0ff8cd25fb⋯.png (1017.64 KB, 1078x515, 1078:515, ClipboardImage.png)

d8d1a5  No.3639769

If that talk of Trump and the Great White Brotherhood got you interested in more info, you might want to watch this Russian film from 2004 about the forces of LIGHT battling the forces of EVIL. It's called "Night Watch". ANd it came out 4 years after Putin became President and started cleaning up the mess that the Cabal made under their puppet Yeltsin. Hey, isn't that like the USA? A Cabal puppet named Hussein makes a mess and along comes a "White" Knight named Trump to clean up the mess! Looking forward to what Putin and Trump have to say after their meeting in Paris.


35bc30  No.3639770

File: 54e0481b926004f⋯.jpg (37.68 KB, 449x328, 449:328, oba tort.jpg)

File: ce10955da6da4f4⋯.jpg (259.13 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Dank Memes.jpg)

File: a49bd13ef200fad⋯.jpg (93.53 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Geronimo want skull back.jpg)

bf7d1f  No.3639771



Are we getting too close? Is the fez starting to shake?

0c8bdf  No.3639772

File: 32b7a913f4998fd⋯.png (2.12 MB, 1072x888, 134:111, GV - Copy.PNG)

File: 294acd9c67b8038⋯.png (230.2 KB, 324x414, 18:23, spider - Copy.PNG)

I'd hit that!


Happy Anniversary Q!

ee1240  No.3639773


…the Dems will eat him alive!

bc36ce  No.3639774

File: 3b4739715c28c5f⋯.jpeg (348.26 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, 54CF0D53-154D-4E8A-8C7D-D….jpeg)


98d64f  No.3639775

File: b40b2e05040cf91⋯.png (555.75 KB, 625x445, 125:89, singing46.PNG)

File: 5524b3f08219ca6⋯.png (308.28 KB, 373x520, 373:520, singing1.PNG)


afd4db  No.3639776

File: 10cdb85e965966c⋯.jpg (100.89 KB, 1141x275, 1141:275, IMG_20181028_225033.jpg)

5434a0  No.3639777

File: 664e269765d1a51⋯.png (21.44 KB, 255x246, 85:82, 0 LAUGH.png)

File: 91317e4ccb39290⋯.png (14.61 KB, 255x253, 255:253, 0 POINT.png)

File: 0874c1f905ab911⋯.png (10.57 KB, 208x255, 208:255, 0 BAKER.png)

File: 3c995b7a88ab847⋯.jpg (12.1 KB, 255x212, 255:212, 0 FREN PEPE2.jpg)

File: 2b52120e8c0b940⋯.jpg (76.16 KB, 673x654, 673:654, 0 PEPE spice.jpg)

f115d4  No.3639778


Just speed watched MSNBC live coverage. it said "they" have shotguns @1;11 a guy delivering pizza to the cops, another guy riding his bike around and someone walking their dog. No aerial footage at all, doesn't look like some of the swat guys are even familiar with weapons. No ambulances are in a hurry. Some of the local cops look disgusted.

44bb82  No.3639779


An article on Candace Owens and Blexit.

When I uploaded my first video onto YouTube one year ago, I entitled it “Mom, Dad, I’m a Conservative.”

It was a two-minute satirical stab at the social exiling that many Americans face when they announce their conservatism to friends and family.

Soon thereafter I would discover that for black Americans, the punishment that awaits is far worse than any social exile: it is a full-court social lynching.

Search the name of any prominent black conservative and peruse the words written by liberal journalists:

Dr. Ben Carson is a “porch monkey”

Larry Elder is but an “Uncle Tom”

Kanye West is “in the sunken place”

Clarence Thomas is “a womanizer”

I have been branded a self-hating black, Nazi-sympathizer and rather astonishingly — a white supremacist.

The underlying sentiments are clear; black people are meant to think and act within the confines of what white liberals deem acceptable.

But while in the past the threat of slander has worked to lag the spreading of black conservatism, over this last year, I have observed something of the opposite effect.

In fact, what many have misdiagnosed as political tension between two ideologically disparate groups is actually something far greater, far more deep-rooted, and much more likely to alter the trajectory of this country as we know it.

Across America, black people are beginning to question political orthodoxy. We have been quietly building an ecosystem of free thinkers and at long last, the intellectual dam is breaking.

This unique moment will come to be known as BLEXIT: the black exit from the Democrat party.

For decades, the black community has been in an emotionally abusive relationship with the Democrat Party. Our fidelity to leftist politicians coupled with our false belief that a larger government might facilitate solutions, has led to the overall collapse of our families, neighborhoods, and incidentally, our futures.

BLEXIT is a national movement of minorities that have awakened to the truth. It is for those who have taken an objective look at our decades-long allegiance to the left and asked ourselves “what do we have to show for it?”

The media has betrayed our focus. They have learned the value of our untethered emotionality and have chosen to emphasize certain topics in an effort to suspend our rational thinking. This is why in 2016, the 16 unarmed black men shot and killed by police officers took headline-precedent over the approximate 330,000 black babies aborted each year.

This is why the topic of illegal alien children being separated at the border earned excessive coverage, while the 70% black single motherhood rate — a tragedy encouraged by our government welfare programs — is ignored.

The investment into our permanent state of outrage is opportune; it inspires a predictable outcome at the polls.

Until now.

Beyond anything else, BLEXIT is a chant of freedom. It is a chorus of voices from across the country whose hearts are exploding with the realization that we are more than the color of our skin.

We are also more than a voting bloc.

We are Americans first and foremost and we will work to piece back together our broken communities — absent overreaching government structures, absent hand-outs, and alongside our American brothers and sisters.

The tides are shifting. New leaders are emerging to help steer open minds into the uncharted possibilities of our futures.

We need all of America to join us in this fight. No matter your skin color, we need you to take up metaphorical arms against the Democrat party. First, visit our website, BLEXIT.com, where you will find the hard truths about the bigoted racism within the Democrat party. Second, spread the word. Your voice matters to those who are looking to make an “exit” from the bondage of the Democrat party. Finally, stand for truth. This battle will be one of the most consequential culture wars in American history. Your support is needed to allow us to arm the next generation with the facts they need to be free.

BLEXIT is our long-overdue renaissance — and there isn’t an article written from the depths of the hell that can stop it. VISIT BLEXIT

https:// www.breitbart.com/entertainment/2018/10/27/exclusive-blexit-in-my-own-words/

97517b  No.3639780


CDU 28 down 10% (lowest since 1966) (merkel)

SPD 20 down 11% (lowest ever?)

Greens 19 up 8%

AfD 12 up 8%

545ef6  No.3639781


Already in notables

de6140  No.3639782

File: b3f873f5c2fb2eb⋯.png (228.32 KB, 500x519, 500:519, 2018-10-28_13-19-19.png)

557b14  No.3639783

Illegal aliens already have their very own representatives in the House of Representatives.

Even if illegals they don’t actually vote illegally they are still being represented in the House because the census doesn’t ask about citizenship.

Districts are formed around populations. If illegals were thrown off of the census and not counted, districts would change dramatically making it harder for Democrats to hold seats.

For Democrats, illegals mean power. Take away illegals and you very directly take away power from them.

How the census is conducted MUST be changed!

They do have more representation than you or at least have taken representation away from you. It’s a zero sum game. What they illegally take has to come from you. They win, you lose.

Here is a post on Free Republic:

How Democrats use Illegals to cheat in House Representation

Let’s say a district had to have 10 units of people in it to make voting district. The RATs take 5 Blue units mix it wit 5 units of illegals and call it a district.

Red districts have fewer illegals so we have to have 10 Units of Red voters to make a district.

So 10 units of Blue voters + illegals = 2 districts

10 units of Red voters + no illegals = 1 district

This is why Trump wants citizenship on the Census. To make districts based on Eligible Voters not population

5e1d39  No.3639784

File: d321a8851ef3e68⋯.png (123.75 KB, 260x390, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d321a8851ef3e68⋯.png (123.75 KB, 260x390, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d321a8851ef3e68⋯.png (123.75 KB, 260x390, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d321a8851ef3e68⋯.png (123.75 KB, 260x390, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d321a8851ef3e68⋯.png (123.75 KB, 260x390, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png)

dd91e8  No.3639785

File: 537e1b50cb906c8⋯.jpg (3.02 MB, 5000x5000, 1:1, pzzleje.jpg)

45f1b0  No.3639786


No need to ever apologize when you're the one rolling up your sleeves and doing the heavy lifting, Patriot.

Sending love and prayers your way!

c51a05  No.3639787


I dunno, but the post does agree with my suspicion, now that I re-read it :)

Trump trained for this.

22ea13  No.3639788

File: 49eb324aef986ab⋯.png (67.48 KB, 733x374, 733:374, ClipboardImage.png)



A Buckwheat hold over.

bc36ce  No.3639789

File: 7ef2b52011aa90f⋯.jpeg (34.83 KB, 255x250, 51:50, 901EDDE4-02F3-44FF-A0E7-3….jpeg)

File: 06ed3a1198f26d0⋯.jpeg (28.95 KB, 255x192, 85:64, 474C75F3-B8E3-4C4F-8DB8-5….jpeg)

0b9914  No.3639790

Dude is falling apart


bc20c0  No.3639791

I really don't want to shit on the movement, but fuck if Blexit isn't one of the dumbest names I've ever heard. It gets stuck in your mouth, feels like word stroke. Then it's paired with the retarded logo that looks like a highschool photoshop project.

d8d1a5  No.3639792



Yep. We all gotta learn to read carefully and think carefully and study carefully because the Cabal has a big bag of mind fucks that they use on us, to make us distrust each other and create chaos and get us all fighting on the Cabal side when we think we are fighting against them.

2386c0  No.3639793

File: 94e4dfba87176d6⋯.jpg (13.54 KB, 220x204, 55:51, titor.jpg)

4048fe  No.3639794

File: 947faadf5138fd7⋯.png (732.51 KB, 738x491, 738:491, caravan1.png)

6d6e03  No.3639795

File: 1d171ab84c2ab13⋯.jpg (252 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpg)

80a3bd  No.3639796

File: c4e6a42af6fbcac⋯.jpeg (116.04 KB, 1080x810, 4:3, 1540747341.jpeg)

bc36ce  No.3639797

File: 368c6f289f45d7d⋯.jpeg (22.75 KB, 255x215, 51:43, FA3EDEE5-8869-4183-914E-5….jpeg)

c1b2c6  No.3639798


c0219e  No.3639799

>>3639745 New U.S.-bound group of migrants leaves in San Salvador


Illegals/border security is big midterm issue = #WalkAway, red-pill normies

0c8bdf  No.3639800

File: 57d40e4d338d8ff⋯.png (55.16 KB, 769x543, 769:543, ClipboardImage.png)

File: be4b2608d5f5bb8⋯.png (1.06 MB, 887x484, 887:484, ClipboardImage.png)

Any word from our Tropical Trump Frens?

7d3c73  No.3639801

Soros has been under surveillance for years. This caravan campaign, getting that many people, didn’t happen overnight.

Q has everything. Knew it was coming- immigration has been at the forefront of PDJT’s Presidency.

They saw the planning and were prepared.

b6e8ce  No.3639802


Yep indeed. And I love how George Papa is getting very generous with the info the past few weeks

0c5fb5  No.3639803

File: 291abdf044dd19d⋯.png (32.77 KB, 453x453, 1:1, Screenshot_2018-10-22-09-0….png)

e84cd4  No.3639804


What is he high on?

He looks and sounds like crazy got ahold of him.

45216c  No.3639805


They are getting ahead of the bigger story.

The Russian troll farms indicted by Mueller were likely paid for by Deripaska, Russian mob, and the clowns who were also behind NoNames Ukrainian adventures.

Same playbook used to manipulate their elections.

fa61e1  No.3639806


I hope he brings up Steyer's calls for nuclear war to stop Drumphf

50a211  No.3639807

File: 6626d98e6cd7251⋯.jpg (281.1 KB, 1883x1031, 1883:1031, _20181028_130631.JPG)

File: c486243ba6cb6b4⋯.jpg (384.83 KB, 1349x1903, 1349:1903, _20181028_131648.JPG)

Mandatory death sentences - through an express line

b6e8ce  No.3639808

I dont know how credible The Real Dark Judge is on twatter, but he keeps saying George Soros is dead and has been executed

a37e91  No.3639809

File: 03ff1489be93311⋯.png (425.34 KB, 1000x875, 8:7, Democrats Don't Mind Crime….png)

974b6a  No.3639810

File: 7b85683e14f5627⋯.png (199.12 KB, 785x494, 785:494, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 33c278754f53477⋯.png (1.02 MB, 742x658, 53:47, ClipboardImage.png)

c51a05  No.3639811


And they count on these things to trip people up. Shadilay!

ddc699  No.3639812

File: eb3599ace54cf5e⋯.png (101.78 KB, 627x571, 627:571, pepebolsonaro.png)


you're not wrong



an ally in brazil would be yuge for both countries

also, bolsonaro is needed for brazil

I've read it would've been a military coup if not for him (kind of like here actually)

5e1d39  No.3639813

File: edd1faa720cee63⋯.png (332.64 KB, 480x360, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: edd1faa720cee63⋯.png (332.64 KB, 480x360, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: edd1faa720cee63⋯.png (332.64 KB, 480x360, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: edd1faa720cee63⋯.png (332.64 KB, 480x360, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

29b04d  No.3639814


cool artist

a37e91  No.3639815

File: ebeef3a7ec9aa8d⋯.png (123.25 KB, 1000x863, 1000:863, El Salvador.png)

c0219e  No.3639816


"…crazed & stumbling lunatic who should be running out of money pretty soon."

7d3c73  No.3639817


See previous notable regarding BT Energy. Steyer is ALSO on that board.

ab1476  No.3639818


Those are mighty fine work!!!

Put up or stfu

7d6280  No.3639819

File: 05934481c824a3c⋯.png (930.26 KB, 698x816, 349:408, 43787850020782661207896429.png)

a37e91  No.3639820

File: 76372e4fac0443c⋯.png (64.59 KB, 1000x863, 1000:863, homocides.png)

File: cb33c03a5d9e5d4⋯.png (398.68 KB, 1000x863, 1000:863, Honduras.png)

2386c0  No.3639821

Steyer - Wacky (Whacked) - eat him alive.

66edb9  No.3639822

Speaking on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Mr. Peduto claimed: “I think we’re dealing with an irrational person who acted irrationally. And trying to create laws around that is not the way that we should govern.”

Instead, the mayor thought gun control laws should be toughened.

“I think the approach we need to be looking at is how we take the guns – which is the common denominator in every mass shooting in America – out of the hands of those that are looking to express hatred through murder.”

Just as in the aftermath of every recent mass shooting in the US mainland, the call for gun reform will once again dominate headlines in the coming days.

Meanwhile, the White House stated that the President planned to travel to Pittsburgh, but did not release specific details. Asked whether he believes Mr. Trump should meet with the families of the 11 victims, Mayor Peduto said: “That’s really up to the families themselves.”

5e1d39  No.3639823

File: d8fec2af51c1969⋯.png (784.63 KB, 888x499, 888:499, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d8fec2af51c1969⋯.png (784.63 KB, 888x499, 888:499, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d8fec2af51c1969⋯.png (784.63 KB, 888x499, 888:499, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d8fec2af51c1969⋯.png (784.63 KB, 888x499, 888:499, ClipboardImage.png)

5434a0  No.3639824

File: 3e8b37ec6a2e1e3⋯.jpg (122.35 KB, 1158x718, 579:359, INFO I'M YOUR.jpg)

File: 8ef1663e29c838d⋯.jpg (150.51 KB, 1168x740, 292:185, REMEMBER REMEMBER HORI GUY….jpg)

File: 8393fbb19846762⋯.jpg (103.29 KB, 804x532, 201:133, LARPME.jpg)

File: 78a9700c95f79ee⋯.jpg (239.19 KB, 1118x2005, 1118:2005, REMEMBER SPYGATE TREASON.jpg)

308aea  No.3639825

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

For Q , our soldier in harms way. my fellow keyboard patriots and our President….Thank you for your time and sacrifice.

I know one day soon we can all say "What a Wonderful World" again.

d8d1a5  No.3639826


It's echoing like he is in a big empty room shouting at himself. Even I could catch the Alinsky tactic of zeroing in on one tiny fact and blowing it all out of proportion. Is this what it feels like to be awake?

0eaa38  No.3639827

File: 623af19461e3c3c⋯.jpg (40.89 KB, 330x488, 165:244, 330px-Loretta_Sanchez_offi….jpg)


>Illegal aliens already have their very own representatives in the House of Representatives.

Yep, it's name is Loretta Sanchez

a738a2  No.3639828

File: 0ebfb600458e4c6⋯.jpg (66.35 KB, 700x435, 140:87, 2l5784.jpg)


Well, you fuck him then. Dude's face looks like ham. I am too scared to imagine how the rest looks like.

a37e91  No.3639829

File: 8615b48ab64f902⋯.jpg (151.44 KB, 741x955, 741:955, Patriotic NSA.jpg)

ee1240  No.3639830

File: 0cfadc595684442⋯.jpg (15.45 KB, 182x255, 182:255, gpk2e5a9465144f61d866affc1….jpg)

File: 624ecb7bb5b1808⋯.jpg (14.62 KB, 184x255, 184:255, gpk6f9c8bae287ebaede31ba34….jpg)

File: aa4a639d8c45e2c⋯.jpg (16.18 KB, 184x255, 184:255, gpkshumerf7668e78c68ad4f33….jpg)

File: 27eaa619a424227⋯.jpg (15.71 KB, 185x255, 37:51, gpkweiner932a619c4428b26de….jpg)

dd91e8  No.3639831

File: 8eb7964c24cb53d⋯.jpg (43.25 KB, 289x375, 289:375, hrcmssge.jpg)

df2d19  No.3639832

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Nuclear Energy is NOT What You Think

We've all seen the fear mongering - but what if nuclear energy isn't what we've all been told?

bc36ce  No.3639833

File: 38fd724125a035f⋯.jpeg (17.51 KB, 255x170, 3:2, 12052687-74DD-4C31-968D-7….jpeg)

File: c0027b8d1faca7d⋯.jpeg (29.21 KB, 255x190, 51:38, 37A78568-9E2F-4205-801E-F….jpeg)

66edb9  No.3639834

“You know, we’re going to be working together as we have. We’ve had good cooperation from the state and the governor. And, you know, this is a conservative synagogue, so the funerals will be very quickly.

52fab4  No.3639835

File: 840a3ec6883224c⋯.jpg (172.33 KB, 384x548, 96:137, soros-iran.jpg)

>>3638988 (lb)



Exactly what they're doing. Subliminally associating the 2 events in people's minds and attaching it to any & all criticism.

Wonder what Jews think of Soros collaborating with the Iranian regime.


5434a0  No.3639836


Pope whispered into my ear "its the jews" :D

c38002  No.3639837

Ebot is hungover from the BuzzFest yesterday in The Woodlands.

711a92  No.3639838

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

MSM is trotting out the A.D.L now , to paint everyone who supports Trump as anti semetic

Short clip related , Bill Cooper talks about A.D.L..

b9631d  No.3639839

File: 82adcc185aa11ab⋯.jpeg (131.4 KB, 640x836, 160:209, 7C4C0462-68D4-4279-9012-6….jpeg)

File: c1c9c65f4fa147e⋯.jpeg (139.85 KB, 640x865, 128:173, 17FACE22-6705-475C-BAD7-1….jpeg)

File: 289e90c6d0251a9⋯.jpeg (51.45 KB, 640x350, 64:35, BE8CC81B-9562-4172-8767-2….jpeg)

>>3639203 (lb)

Notice a common theme? When Ray Mabus was running for re-election in Mississippi, the campaign against him was save us from Mabus.

64b559  No.3639840

File: a82c66661b16ec0⋯.png (120.77 KB, 720x814, 360:407, Screenshot_20181028-122601….png)

This is not true! Toria Nuland was in touch with Steele but it had NOTHING to do with Papa's energy company!


e84cd4  No.3639841

File: ddf7286f78f0db2⋯.jpeg (690.82 KB, 816x983, 816:983, F5002CA6-C9C9-4DDA-AA39-D….jpeg)

Plenty of Venison this year.

Ya man.

pic not related

ddc699  No.3639842


what is I told you you're a faggot?

b184de  No.3639843

File: f72b21c174ae905⋯.png (645.83 KB, 790x548, 395:274, Elegant-Flotus.png)

Happy Anniversary Q.


Dark to Light.



35bc30  No.3639844

File: 3baff1c7973490f⋯.jpg (468.35 KB, 958x1200, 479:600, all memes.jpg)

8a6958  No.3639845

File: 1599990ca3e5268⋯.gif (998.76 KB, 500x374, 250:187, MfA5.gif)

e65420  No.3639846

>>3636158 (PB)

Q's Christmas message.

72EC7D9 EB8A 4987 8367 1190ACAD8F9F



1st line from Q

2nd line just number correspondance to alphabet.

3rd line complete mirror Numbers replace letters, letters replace numbers.

Anyone see anything?


DIHF= Document Information Handling Facility


HEFG is a typo, should be HCFG (as pointed out by a previous anon)

HCFG= Hierarchical Control Flow Graph

Hierarchical control flow graph models define a modeling paradigm for discrete event simulation modeling based upon hierarchical extensions to control flow graph models. Conceptually, models consist of a set of independent, encapsulated, concurrently operating model components where each component has its own thread of control and the components interact with each other solely via message passing. Two primary objectives for hierarchical control flow graph models are: (1) to facilitate model development by making it easier to develop, maintain, and reuse models and model elements and (2) to support the flexible and efficient execution of models. Hierarchical control flow graph models use two complementary types of hierarchical model specification structures, one to specify components and interconnections and the other to specify component behaviors.

Quick summary…Hierarchical Control Flow Graph is a simulation model where individual components are modeled independently and the interaction between individual components is done by message passing.

There are many articles on HCFG and someone with more expertise in this area of computer modelling will have to provide a better interpretation and how it relates to a "Documentation Information Handling System"



Going back to lurking

ddc699  No.3639847

8480b3  No.3639848


This is in the notables

0c5fb5  No.3639849

File: cc4857d88acf236⋯.jpg (16.43 KB, 300x180, 5:3, 2kzdcv.jpg)



Zuckerberg has one of the ugliest wives on the planet.

b69cef  No.3639850

File: 95ba83088aba5d5⋯.png (672.49 KB, 940x940, 1:1, united-against-hate.png)

a37e91  No.3639851

File: 0b08b478f337b3e⋯.jpg (56.69 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, teef.jpg)


I would assume meth - he had missing tooth recently

c38002  No.3639852



5e1d39  No.3639853



bc36ce  No.3639854

File: b1cff66fbaec5e1⋯.jpeg (26.99 KB, 255x190, 51:38, 449EAB26-5A80-4680-A701-B….jpeg)

File: 69ec878c20bacdb⋯.jpeg (228.64 KB, 602x597, 602:597, 7AF5868A-7424-4AB1-9A3E-E….jpeg)

7d6280  No.3639855

File: b630abc919b4303⋯.png (389.74 KB, 887x890, 887:890, 89273078163204764536621.png)

dd91e8  No.3639856

File: 6731d897181cae1⋯.jpg (938.52 KB, 1378x1688, 689:844, 020d4546d116f5377bd2ee1547….jpg)

afd4db  No.3639857

File: 16d12c422640d3b⋯.jpg (177.18 KB, 1178x1168, 589:584, IMG_20181028_225723.jpg)

You were warned

ce8c0d  No.3639858


I love that movie!

c51a05  No.3639859


i hear the cabal rewards failure with special reatment.

9a2764  No.3639860

File: 5856ddc0a500640⋯.png (1.03 MB, 823x745, 823:745, JDSOIAFUJDS.png)

afd4db  No.3639861

File: aa13d55c45a3737⋯.jpg (66.8 KB, 1144x390, 44:15, IMG_20181028_225650.jpg)


df2d19  No.3639862

doubt it would matter much, try it and see

2386c0  No.3639863

Kashyap Patel

A name to remember.

86ae53  No.3639864


Jews first

Jews last

Jews Jews Jews

Always jews

50a211  No.3639865

File: 7bbbde195b7a8ea⋯.jpg (100.53 KB, 953x1132, 953:1132, _20181027_185350.JPG)

ddc699  No.3639866


you got banned for spamming them like you are now dumbass

5e1d39  No.3639867


And he has to pay to date her..with her money

98d64f  No.3639868

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


berth days are funny things

think door, captive, island, water, umbrella?


557b14  No.3639869

Watch: Obama Told Dem Candidate It’s Always ‘Party BEFORE Country’


44bb82  No.3639870

File: 8f69704f72f66c3⋯.mp4 (4.34 MB, 720x720, 1:1, Blacks support President.mp4)

What Have You Got To Lose?

afd4db  No.3639871

File: ea01652587a9342⋯.jpg (96.68 KB, 1054x1501, 1054:1501, IMG_20181028_172251.jpg)

File: fe41d0982d262b3⋯.jpg (221.92 KB, 1125x1894, 1125:1894, IMG_20181028_172249.jpg)

Think logically.

5434a0  No.3639872

File: e91323296e21fa1⋯.jpeg (8.15 KB, 255x169, 255:169, jfk 1.jpeg)

File: a838ae2d2b5153b⋯.png (17.12 KB, 203x253, 203:253, jfkjr1.png)

e84cd4  No.3639873


I like FLOTUS better with her current hair color.

0c5fb5  No.3639874

File: 396fce9f459b665⋯.png (47.93 KB, 480x429, 160:143, Screenshot_2018-10-27-11-3….png)

cf653c  No.3639875

Hoover burned documents from the Hunters lounge

pulled from the fire docs on - Dept of War

Majestic 12

Magic - 1954 highest clearance

In docs MJ-1 and JFK - silence JFK

Magic is the Shadow Government

Open source

Magic Sword -

https ://soundcloud.com/magic-sword

The sword of Truth is in open source

God Wins

80a3bd  No.3639876

File: cfaded12d9528eb⋯.jpg (9.64 KB, 161x200, 161:200, Youre doing gods work _236….jpg)

5f135e  No.3639877

File: 6c01563cb9f2510⋯.jpg (285.81 KB, 1024x1008, 64:63, Dblw.jpg)

aca9ad  No.3639878

>>3639501 (lb)

>interdasting that he used the word "shellacked" too, isn't it? Not a common word, sounds hebrew-ish.

sounds a lot like shekels...

>>3639632 (lb)

hasn't there been a murder livestreamed on FuckBook before

c1b2c6  No.3639879

wow, this board is just shitposting!?

e007ab  No.3639880

>>3626016 pb

This post from yesterday really hit me. We are incredible. Do you ever read the original 4ch research board? Not anything like now.

I've been wondering how we could be the new media, when we don't have actual reporters stationed everywhere - sending info to a central location. Well, that was ultimo dumb.

We do. We ARE everywhere. We do have a place to congregate.

Centralized, Clown media really isn't needed. We could use some trained writers to disseminate reports in a form normies can kek.

But look where we've come from. Sorry, this is a bit sentimental and nostalgic. I just never thought we'd all be part of chanding history!

Q stopping by or not, we march on. And pray and meme. God bless you all.

Love, no homo or hetero! Just a proud patriot.

c0219e  No.3639881




These are excellent

18c961  No.3639882


He sounds shook.

8a6958  No.3639883

File: 1080f8125da88ed⋯.gif (635.43 KB, 500x315, 100:63, thebigsleep3-111415.gif)


I'll try to remind myself to


9a2764  No.3639884


whats wrong with shitposting?

e84cd4  No.3639885





a3bb92  No.3639886


Remember back during the 08 election that dude said he smoked crack with Obama and Obama asked if he could give the guy a blow job or maybe it was the other away around. Either way, I found that story so ridiculous back in the day. Flash forward ten years later, thinking that guy was telling the truth.

Lay off the pipe Barry.

64b559  No.3639887

File: 6f7ee2187b04aec⋯.png (128.1 KB, 720x875, 144:175, Screenshot_20181028-123033….png)


Papa wants to be the main character of this movie. But he is a very very minor character!

b9ee72  No.3639888


Love this man. POTUS is pure truth.

7e1baf  No.3639889


I've seen lots of stories from Texas about Dem shenanigans.

Have not seen much being done about it though.

bc36ce  No.3639890

File: 92c8e6b9af71f49⋯.jpeg (32.05 KB, 255x232, 255:232, 8DCE2E11-2FC1-40F5-8417-1….jpeg)

80a3bd  No.3639891


A classic.

18c961  No.3639892

File: 7dcec58cca0070b⋯.jpg (40.38 KB, 349x314, 349:314, pepechef2.jpg)


Doing an awesome job baker. Want a break?

1910db  No.3639893


Definitely old enough.

5b62f3  No.3639894


This is definitely worth a watch. Shows how nuclear power is controlled by the energy cartels and why.

64b559  No.3639895


The liberal comments are calling this hate speech, as they call him a fat orange bastard out of the other side of their mouths.

b69cef  No.3639896

File: a4492b556412099⋯.png (479.48 KB, 886x1158, 443:579, netanyahu-soros.png)

d1dc33  No.3639897



It is a synthesis of existing data.

275e92  No.3639898


Beef jerky.

738285  No.3639899


Shitposting is how we get where we are as a world the past few years

601186  No.3639900

>>3639713 He has always been a blithering idiot, from day one. Doesn't have an original thought in his pervy head, and never did. Honest opinion after watching that short clip–he is terrified of the justice juggernaut steaming straight at him. His voice is even cracking. Even the facade of being a real, normal person is melting away, leaving a petrified & resentful demon frozen in the headlights. It's coming. We know it and he knows it.

c51a05  No.3639901


Yeah, that's actually true.

Without doxing too much, this anon deals with the public at demographic specific events in blue country.

This meme is essentially correct.

D's are never happy, even in public; They're usually the ones bitching loudly about the shitty latte they just got.

The R's just don't leave a tip and find better coffee houses, and talk about those.

18c961  No.3639902


Gotcha baker, disregard below.


37013f  No.3639903

File: da232279b907713⋯.jpg (160.22 KB, 780x520, 3:2, 181019-F-ZF730-0172.JPG)

File: 3fcebfc89844a71⋯.png (431.05 KB, 661x760, 661:760, da53f7f998717af47445ac667b….png)

File: e70fd577aeed3e4⋯.jpeg (152.77 KB, 1242x826, 621:413, 02d39f940501316a7946017cd….jpeg)

File: bdee966bbfb0935⋯.jpg (103.78 KB, 568x319, 568:319, 20181028_085734.jpg)

Something is going on and they are prepping.



Armed and Ready: Ramstein receives largest ammo shipment in years.

5e4296  No.3639904


Wow, Bumbutt is falling apart he's so afraid

86ae53  No.3639905


Wow I love Jews now wow

218662  No.3639906

File: 48ee6e8c074e571⋯.png (97.21 KB, 265x191, 265:191, ClipboardImage.png)

Happy Anny Q

0b3bb5  No.3639907

File: f96999e8c6f3047⋯.png (1.57 MB, 1056x4301, 96:391, FireShot Screen Capture #2….png)

good thread on PA and the drills..


b04558  No.3639908

File: 16f23ac5cf897a0⋯.jpg (106.04 KB, 640x480, 4:3, IMG_6545.JPG)

c0219e  No.3639909

>>3639745, >>3639809, >>3639815, >>3639820

New U.S.-bound group of migrants leaves in San Salvador + Homicide Stats

updated notable

0c5fb5  No.3639910

File: 0e54ee5322a9e94⋯.jpg (61.52 KB, 736x394, 368:197, 2l3g5j~2.jpg)

653df5  No.3639911


He is sooo fucked.

5e1d39  No.3639912

File: cc3805a0acab560⋯.png (1.3 MB, 800x1200, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png)

5f135e  No.3639913

File: 9a5732d17281f0b⋯.jpg (17.74 KB, 583x495, 53:45, download (1).jpg)


Shitpost Special

bc36ce  No.3639914

File: 7361bbd6a80f2b2⋯.jpeg (46.5 KB, 238x255, 14:15, 27F18FFC-98FF-40A0-AB15-2….jpeg)

ee1240  No.3639915

File: 81729da4e9365ab⋯.png (53.91 KB, 1349x605, 1349:605, Screenshot_2018-10-28 Q.png)

Happy Anniversary

Thorsday Nov 1 2018 is exactly '369 Tesla days from the start.

b9ee72  No.3639916



ce8c0d  No.3639917

Yeah no accident Yelp has roots in SF.


b2bb90  No.3639918

File: 1812bfd39eb087a⋯.mp4 (519.7 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, _Large (1).mp4)

File: 22ed013b05187db⋯.jpg (81.26 KB, 800x468, 200:117, 22ed013b05187db19a22503e07….jpg)

Newfags the world is full of shills

Shills are NPCs who sell their souls.

Anons investigate subversion extortion and murder; serious crimes committed by powerful people in positions of high trust.

Shills attempt to impede those investigations.

Do NOT reply to shills.

truth earns trust and trust enables Unity

Shills lies and labels the opposite.

Do NOT engage shills. Do not be trigger by their crave base behavior, by their low born expressions of contempt for others, think mirror and do NOT reply to shills.

Shills are the low IQ minions of the servants of the puppets when they are not actual chat bots programmed with the soppy invective to trigger newfags.

Do NOT reply to shills or bark back at dogs.


557b14  No.3639919


Anon can you please archive this too:

Obama Told Dem Candidate It’s Always ‘Party BEFORE Country’


c51a05  No.3639920


and lots of ammo for target practice.

58e27b  No.3639921

File: 36dc51de09d0e47⋯.png (996.25 KB, 1230x784, 615:392, ClipboardImage.png)

Hey George - since you or your minion monitor here a special word for you.

What if all your life's work, planning and intricate global moves come crashing down before you depart this world? What if after you pass away all that you sacrificed for and believed is completely irrelevant in the course of history. What if you will be remembered as fondly as Hitler is?

Your legacy will be similar to those who bloomed for a few years and then faded into obscurity to become a cautionary tale in future generations.

George, all the millions of lives that you ruined in the pursuit of your obsession cry out for justice.

308aea  No.3639922


Yet …..Both the name and the symbol were memorable enough to talk about without any pictures.

a738a2  No.3639923

File: d57deface08d7ef⋯.jpg (93.38 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 2l5z09.jpg)

File: 3d953f3ef804fc7⋯.jpg (21.43 KB, 300x168, 25:14, 2l5dc3.jpg)


Oh yeah, she totally looks happy. She couldnt fake even for the camera.


e84cd4  No.3639924


you really are nuts!

go clean the house and take ur meds.

how many times have you re-buried toots?

210b41  No.3639925

File: f7fdf89474cbbf1⋯.png (1.1 MB, 682x778, 341:389, ClipboardImage.png)


Winner meme, with my twist on it

fa82a9  No.3639926


Many of our ancestors came to this land and eeked out a meager living shitposting–and, in doing so, made this the greatest country on earth.

2bffe3  No.3639927

File: ae76edf8ab6c2c2⋯.png (422.77 KB, 624x416, 3:2, 11A30E60-D7E3-4A63-BFFE-5B….png)


Hope you shitty little wife beater racecucks enjoy the last weekend of normalcy you'll ever have.

Look at you, thumping your flabbly chests, thinking you've won a big victory, your puny dicks hard for the first time in YEARS to something other than your shameful stash of Blacked.com porn.

Listen to me, and listen good:

Holy SHIT.

You have no idea the HELL that's coming.

We will not forget this.

We will camp out at the polls and scream bloody murder when old white people get close enough to cast their ballots.

We will get our Big Blue Wave and it will fucking drown you.

We will start impeaching damn near everything. And I mean EVERYTHING.

Every Jesusfreak. Every libertarian. Every mealy-mouthed cunt like Jeff Flake who pretends to be decent and then becomes a fly by night rape apologist when it's time to fucking count.

We will fuck shit up. ALL the shitty stupid shit White America cherishes.

We will set it on fire and spit and shit and piss on it in front of you.

And then we will go full Stalin and throw every sexist freak with social anxiety into a literal dungeon if they've ever so much as posted the word "roastie" online.

I'm not fucking kidding.

You…you think this bomber fuckshit is only making skinhead assholes more radical and racist? Fuck you.

Seriously, FUCK YOU.

It is making every single Democrat under 35 have a burning, killer urge to go full Stalin on all your asses.

It is making us hate the First Amendment a thousand times more than the Second.

We will take your guns. We will gag your speech. We will kick your balls. We will unironically use your fat white heteronormie white asses as fucking footrests for pink haired commissars with hella cool frames, and then we'll make sure every new white boy shit into this world gets a prescription for estrogen as soon as they're a month old.



bc36ce  No.3639928

File: ca0af86163b503c⋯.jpeg (26.96 KB, 255x190, 51:38, 70547D25-7EE8-47DE-A194-1….jpeg)

738285  No.3639929


That looks tasty

0c5fb5  No.3639930

File: e66fdf38a12ce9c⋯.jpg (34.44 KB, 429x301, 429:301, 2k5ilh~2.jpg)




Ewww that is Hawaiian shit food.

308aea  No.3639931

File: 51597792140c3fd⋯.png (44.21 KB, 168x185, 168:185, golden-sticker.png)

98d64f  No.3639932

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


some folks fish on berth days


ddc699  No.3639933


stop watching blacked pron and go back to reddit

2386c0  No.3639934

Did you know that no single object has been misinterpreted as a 'flying saucer' more often than the planet Venus?

c0219e  No.3639935


POTUS signal to anons? Be Loud? Launch the Steyer information (Walnut sauce, BT Energy, etc)?

5e1d39  No.3639936


i dont know wtf the deal with toots is.. those posts do not make any sense to me

0c8bdf  No.3639937


It's a party day dude! One Year!!

4048fe  No.3639938

File: 7ada67db7f479de⋯.gif (10.11 KB, 255x247, 255:247, NPC-shaking.gif)

ee1240  No.3639939

File: 8dd10f6a8652bbd⋯.jpg (22.47 KB, 255x254, 255:254, puthshdsoi.jpg)

58e27b  No.3639940



>Papa wants to be the main character of this movie. But he is a very very minor character!

Prove he is lying smart boy!

308aea  No.3639941

File: b1527d25db2989f⋯.jpg (106.41 KB, 469x495, 469:495, i think i shit posted.jpg)

a738a2  No.3639942


You cannot handle the truth! Do you think attractive women like to fuck unattractive men?

263474  No.3639943

File: ee921e2ee368ae8⋯.jpg (1.05 MB, 1536x2429, 1536:2429, blexit.jpg)

0c8bdf  No.3639944



cf653c  No.3639945


1 The Beginning

2 Sword Of Truth

3 The Way Home

4 Kill Them All

5 In The Face Of Evil

c38002  No.3639946


You mean like you lost the SENATE in 2014, the WHITE HOUSE in 2016, you're gonna take it all back next week? Oh, honey…..

0eaa38  No.3639947

File: 784230222e8fc31⋯.png (54.4 KB, 432x658, 216:329, bear.png)

c1b2c6  No.3639948

top kek

b04558  No.3639949

File: 7fb4dd892c5d2d8⋯.gif (730.02 KB, 320x180, 16:9, IMG_4099.GIF)





0c5fb5  No.3639950

File: 29f5a8cc6a0ba2f⋯.mp4 (207.8 KB, 358x372, 179:186, yigsstarhouse_DoOva7ZUwAAj….mp4)

Happy Halloween…

98d64f  No.3639951

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


others go presto…..

Bilbo 111 and Frodo 33 that's 144 right….

who got the ring?


50a211  No.3639952

File: b125de101df1404⋯.jpg (365.75 KB, 1440x2018, 720:1009, _20181028_123600.JPG)

d1dc33  No.3639953


Love wins, fool.

I will turn all of you to the light with logic, truth, and love.

5e1d39  No.3639954


Unfortunately my body starts to become increasingly intolerant of food such as spam.. wish i could have more of it!

275e92  No.3639955

File: 00ddcbfb1c2b0d1⋯.jpg (134.45 KB, 864x576, 3:2, triggershakenonstop.jpg)

a37e91  No.3639956

File: 1d9bdb710b91d72⋯.mp4 (5.18 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Elissa Slotkin_ Obama 'kno….mp4)

aca9ad  No.3639957

File: db2a77248fab9cc⋯.png (136.12 KB, 490x505, 98:101, ClipboardImage.png)




nom nom nom

Tom make good lunch

58e27b  No.3639958

2386c0  No.3639959

File: b9847e81b91758d⋯.jpg (6.46 KB, 300x168, 25:14, liberty beta male.jpg)


Easy…we just have to eliminate attractive, strong men so they will fuck us.

5e1d39  No.3639961


im assuming this post is refering to the general condition of qresearch right now.

ee5b5c  No.3639962


Concerning JFK Jr = Vincent Fusca possibility:

Google translate renders "Vincet Fusca" from Latin as "Overcome the Dark"…

64b559  No.3639963

File: f2a5073e5709f02⋯.png (1.67 MB, 1359x1019, 1359:1019, f2a5073e5709f0299c40d26fed….png)


We are already 74,000


Votes ahead in early voting in Florida alone.

Good luck, you're going to need it.

8c8acb  No.3639964

Anyone else theorize Q's first post was one year in advance?

b2b7cf  No.3639965


Wow, he really needs to lose that pipe.

He is losing it.

bc36ce  No.3639966


Brilliant KeK

2386c0  No.3639967


Dark/Swarthy Conqueror, or Conqueror of the Dark.

Either one fits.

31a6ba  No.3639968

File: 1c6e19075cc030a⋯.jpeg (89.55 KB, 784x500, 196:125, AEC350D0-5D60-4B56-86D7-E….jpeg)

a3bb92  No.3639969

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Found Obama's crack smoking cock sucking buddy.

Larry Sinclair.

c31b2e  No.3639970


A bit racist !


481c6c  No.3639971


The 3rd

98d64f  No.3639972

File: d20d798915189a0⋯.png (125.67 KB, 172x320, 43:80, eric trump.PNG)

File: ec99cd39626cf9c⋯.png (204.01 KB, 326x328, 163:164, straw10.PNG)

File: dbed28488ae9854⋯.png (456.81 KB, 494x331, 494:331, ruler.PNG)

0c5fb5  No.3639974

File: 0d17875ec690588⋯.jpg (95.77 KB, 634x878, 317:439, downloadfile-6.jpg)

File: f35a2fc7948a156⋯.jpg (58.16 KB, 748x392, 187:98, downloadfile-5.jpg)

File: cc4857d88acf236⋯.jpg (16.43 KB, 300x180, 5:3, 2kzdcv.jpg)

275e92  No.3639975


Yeah, like about 10,000 times.

6d6e03  No.3639976

File: fbbec21f6b6400e⋯.jpg (103.27 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, Starbacon.jpg)

8a6958  No.3639977

File: 5ac3766c76f5eff⋯.gif (1015.54 KB, 245x191, 245:191, Upperclass-Twit-of-the-Yea….gif)


A complete & Utter


64b559  No.3639978


No one is after his energy company. If they wanted to crush them theoly wouldn't have to involve him in the Trump campaign to do it. Toria Nuland is bff's with HRC. They would crush him easily without anybody even knowing his name without having to compromise the FBI over it.

308aea  No.3639979

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d1dc33  No.3639980

File: 693b030f1158605⋯.jpeg (96.3 KB, 367x582, 367:582, 6C982696-F36D-4F6A-AB31-A….jpeg)

c51a05  No.3639981

File: c2fc239dd8d0367⋯.png (17.58 KB, 255x199, 255:199, very_triggered_NPC.png)

c743bb  No.3639982

File: c48516d7b3396f0⋯.jpg (56.61 KB, 391x477, 391:477, shit.jpg)

a738a2  No.3639983


This exactly what (((they))) do. The old, ugly and perverted that is why Trump and Putin Xi and Merkel want never ending wars.

To take the warriors, the real men out.

6785de  No.3639984

File: 405c45def69abb1⋯.png (536.91 KB, 439x825, 439:825, beautiful.png)


Boo Who

4aaba9  No.3639985


ddc699  No.3639986

File: 8b4a08e4a58966a⋯.png (345.95 KB, 800x820, 40:41, ClipboardImage.png)




your brainlets must be microscopic

45216c  No.3639987


I don't believe PapaD is the innocent energy consultant he claims.

Why did he lie to the FBI?

Why was he so fixated on trying to get the campaign to meet with Russians?

He was a willing part of this plot, until he got wise or someone offered him a deal.

Same with Page… and probably Manafort too.

8c8acb  No.3639988


Figured, I've been absent the last couple months so I gotta catch up.

5cd0bb  No.3639989


Was hoping to get POTUS Templar 5'x5' or 6"x6", oh vell..

64b559  No.3639990



50a211  No.3639991

File: 7e0da194e1cdc5c⋯.jpg (206.27 KB, 1374x1407, 458:469, _20181028_125130.JPG)

37013f  No.3639992

File: 604ee5c8fdb7c58⋯.png (3.16 MB, 1740x775, 348:155, 604ee5c8fdb7c585786319a9ff….png)

File: 85d730eb74dcfd0⋯.jpg (1 MB, 1428x2338, 102:167, 20181028_124337.jpg)


They are even telegraphing moves. We've been told of tanks in Poland now more tanks in Germany.

bc20c0  No.3639993


Fair point, everyone knows the Ford Pinto because it's shit. At the same time everyone knows the Mustang because it's not, and I just wish Blexit was a Mustang. I do think you're on to something though. POTUS doesn't make mistakes even when he has toilet paper on his shoe.

d8d1a5  No.3639994

File: 5890b3d4a2bdbea⋯.png (828.29 KB, 1450x1266, 725:633, blexitcolor.png)


I like this.

It ties us in with the movements to leave the EU

Which is dominated by the Cabal

And it is a creative use of English

Which has always enabled poets

And rappers

I don't know if they realize it

But this also echoes the Russian language

Which leaves out the word "is"

And Russian culture

In which poetry is for every one

And even macho men write poems and speak them out

At a dinner with friends.

Creativity is what will save America

Nothing less.

1584e8  No.3639995


Freemason =/= Satanic Freemason.

True but they are all climbing (descending) the same Luciferian ladder

210b41  No.3639996

File: 715a54427c8f224⋯.png (568.52 KB, 587x535, 587:535, ClipboardImage.png)

275e92  No.3639997


No problem. Didn't mean to come across so sarcastic. This place does that to you after awhile.

32ae66  No.3639998

File: 1caeec6d807957e⋯.jpeg (191.44 KB, 1290x1274, 645:637, 602CCB75-8330-41C2-81AC-9….jpeg)

Any photofags here today? Multiple layers to this and I don’t have the tools. Used web based and the “Anonymous” is obvious. What else is hidden here?

2a5496  No.3639999

Could the military parade be what will be seen at the boarder when the caravan arrives there?

b2bb90  No.3640000

File: 8ff23cc9a107f3b⋯.jpg (176.53 KB, 836x1146, 418:573, od01.jpg)

File: 766d543182dbbdb⋯.jpg (202.91 KB, 893x1182, 893:1182, od02a.jpg)

File: 8c0b117c079d5d3⋯.jpg (183.36 KB, 891x1184, 891:1184, od02b.jpg)

File: b5ed2af04fdfdc4⋯.jpg (198.82 KB, 905x1215, 181:243, od03a.jpg)

File: 4d3802836d621d4⋯.jpg (212.2 KB, 905x1215, 181:243, od03b.jpg)


a37e91  No.3640001

File: a4b4a1044387f82⋯.jpg (24.6 KB, 323x483, 323:483, Akhmatova1927.jpg)

58e27b  No.3640002


>Why did he lie to the FBI?

How do you know that he lied? Because the FBI said so?

Do you know how the evidence and interview system works for the FBI?

It is extremely easy for a corrupt FBI agent to set anyone up - including you. It is their word against yours. No tape just handwritten notes from the agent.

8c8acb  No.3640003

Boom Boom Boom Boom!

c38002  No.3640004

That Liberal just confirmed that the RATS have completely lost the Libertarians.

8c8acb  No.3640005


Bring it on already

dc5a9f  No.3640006

File: b226205b3811ba9⋯.png (356.41 KB, 834x784, 417:392, Screen Shot 2018-10-27 at ….png)

File: 7f88521f5f59c49⋯.png (308.82 KB, 1077x819, 359:273, Screen Shot 2018-10-27 at ….png)

5d9460  No.3640007

File: acdbe8051bbd9ac⋯.jpg (53.75 KB, 612x344, 153:86, caravan.jpg)

File: 102078e5b371db7⋯.jpg (38.56 KB, 304x320, 19:20, exlax.jpg)

File: 412d5d015426587⋯.jpg (75.22 KB, 672x416, 21:13, aerial resupply.jpg)


Marching is hard work…we should help.

601186  No.3640008


>>3639779 Candace Owens and "BLEXIT": Black exit from Dem Party

3d6312  No.3640009

File: 8d22bee479c59fd⋯.png (100.02 KB, 736x418, 368:209, trumpdelta102.png)

File: ef7a9a00adb86b8⋯.png (104.81 KB, 748x476, 11:7, trumpdelta101.png)

File: 0ac8c76eb37849f⋯.png (333.29 KB, 1195x540, 239:108, MEME TATICS.png)



2 tweet, 10 min delta

20 min - 13:53 = 13:33

13:33 on q research

Can someone confirm trump tweet are 13:53 EST and 14:03 EST?? looks like we LIVE

a37e91  No.3640010

File: 36d0b36af8ef145⋯.png (35.18 KB, 500x473, 500:473, Mariachi.png)

e4672b  No.3640011


"Running out of money soon" - because the justice department will be confiscating it due to the involvement with human trafficking

b2bb90  No.3640012

File: 7a90592d8211408⋯.jpg (112.56 KB, 500x640, 25:32, phoebe_thumb3.jpg)

0c8bdf  No.3640013

File: 68a0c2fd231f5cd⋯.png (146.98 KB, 306x276, 51:46, BN - Copy.PNG)

File: af442104c608c3d⋯.png (531.99 KB, 803x538, 803:538, BO - Copy.PNG)

File: bc31fc2b22b55d1⋯.png (675.88 KB, 693x445, 693:445, CJ - Copy.png)

File: a645b535660ed27⋯.png (713.07 KB, 1062x513, 118:57, AN - Copy.PNG)

Dumping my "old school" stuff - for the party.

ok old school is like a few months ago.. :)

7d3c73  No.3640014

File: a43afa8ac16137d⋯.png (926.29 KB, 1242x2688, 207:448, 4F6A39E3-4F87-4C02-A77A-56….png)

File: bb836f6d4aec5b2⋯.png (880.47 KB, 1242x2688, 207:448, E0478E2A-3D3B-4305-8EC9-DF….png)

File: dc420ede50207c1⋯.png (873.81 KB, 1242x2688, 207:448, C9342E6D-71DB-4E14-B323-EF….png)

Looks like Tom Steyer’s ties to FL/PA/MASS states coincidence to violence? Donors in key swing states also had violence.


29c55c  No.3640015

File: f5c174d734c4755⋯.png (34.98 KB, 955x128, 955:128, Some sites date Oct. 28th ….png)

File: 384abb273eb3519⋯.jpg (8.29 KB, 236x177, 4:3, ca9d28c9b4f79701fe594dc576….jpg)

File: 86d7c61c0e783e5⋯.jpg (9.98 KB, 214x236, 107:118, 86d1b2421c72d99b72fb484cda….jpg)

Cabalistic “Tree of Life” and JonBenet Ramsey Murder on 12/25/1996

6 yr old JonBenet Ramsey Murder: Satanic Ritual Sacrifice

JonBenet was murdered on Christmas Eve and Josef Mengele created a sacrificial ritual for this date called "The Last Bulb of the Christmas Tree".

Mengele's pseudonym, Greenbaum, means green tree and relates to the…..

Cabalistic “Tree of Life”.

Any Connection to the “Tree of life” Synagogue, Victims or probabal targets????

Inner message to fellow Cabal?

Who were the most likely targets and their links to the Cabal, satantic pedo rituals, mind control, Project MONARCH, Umbrella of MKULTRA.

Access Graphics

Wm. Morris Agency

Iran Contra


Lockheed Martin

Haddon, Morgan & Foreman, the law firm Colo..,

Alex Hunter, Boulder's district attorney

The name "JonBenet" is very similar to an Illuminati term for the Devil - "Jonbet".

Excellent articles below…judge for yourself after reading several. Case dropped to protect the pedo parasites and gov.



Vote Republican on Nov. 6th For The Children so they don't have the same fate as poor JonBenet Ramsey.

dc5a9f  No.3640016

File: 2eaf31e611107f1⋯.png (35.83 KB, 526x479, 526:479, 2eaf31e611107f117710375c04….png)



d8d1a5  No.3640017


The ladder of knowledge is NOT Luciferian.

When it is unveiled in the light

You can look around and see it more clearly

Than when it is unveiled in the dark

Those who work in the light do not need a Light Bringer (Lucifer)

Because they have God

f694f0  No.3640018

File: b98b4084e8cb3f5⋯.jpg (14.63 KB, 255x192, 85:64, 711d3448959bf8a6ad2365b153….jpg)

they will eat him irl imo



7ee543  No.3640019


I guess he lost is public image management team? What's up with the moldly bread head?

5e2590  No.3640020


Hmmm… halloween holidays are approaching. Will Meghan unfortunately lose the baby? (I hate to be callus, but….)

b9ee72  No.3640021

File: b483e088e8f8934⋯.png (435.1 KB, 593x323, 593:323, ClipboardImage.png)

Janelle Monáe urges fans to vote against those supporting the 'Abuser of Power in Chief'

Lyndsey Parker 12 hours ago

Performing on the main stage Saturday at the Voodoo Music + Arts Experience at New Orleans’ City Park, Grammy-nominated funky diva Janelle Monáe begged fans to vote on Nov. 6 — and more specifically, to “vote for somebody that wants to see this country work for all of us and not just some of us.”


275e92  No.3640022


One thing I know as a JFK research fag is that the FBI is corrupt. Fucking joke.

44bb82  No.3640023




98d64f  No.3640024

File: 2a43ce4c2cb0296⋯.png (66.74 KB, 259x252, 37:36, tic.PNG)

File: 65319700febb10d⋯.png (838.95 KB, 656x590, 328:295, tic2.PNG)


he said lunatic nice

5f135e  No.3640025

File: 9747f5102b56801⋯.jpg (35.58 KB, 700x700, 1:1, download (2).jpg)


I bet he does!

282209  No.3640026

File: 52a690db3a1401b⋯.jpg (7.26 KB, 200x265, 40:53, whysoserious.jpg)

>>3639250 pb

Why so Serious?

b8f8a8  No.3640027

>>3638904 (*) pb (*)>>3639650

open task manger (if running windows) and watch the throughput on your internet. go to a few sites, then try to post or even hover here.

obvious throttling. now try it at Twitter. :-) [took me almost 15 minutes to type this] other browsers and sites work just fine and dandy.

cf653c  No.3640028

File: 61fe4b9b6c2e0a1⋯.jpg (37.08 KB, 342x480, 57:80, DZrBveWVQAAGeV_.jpg)

275e92  No.3640029

File: 62cfe75a42eb531⋯.jpg (122.63 KB, 1056x545, 1056:545, mrfreeze.jpg)

f682c2  No.3640030

"Negro" shilling increasing.

Next mass shooting against a black church?

Look how the Jewshill was at it last week.

Stay safe, anons.

0eaa38  No.3640031

File: df3933405970219⋯.png (13.26 KB, 688x164, 172:41, deniro2.PNG)

c51a05  No.3640032

File: d705957dc1502a3⋯.jpg (249.03 KB, 960x916, 240:229, 34bdf2215922e7c21bc37674be….jpg)


>True but [proceeds to disagree anyway]…

Keep telling yourself that.

58e27b  No.3640033

File: 21145c5d4f20a30⋯.png (236.17 KB, 1214x610, 607:305, ClipboardImage.png)

Believer anons - let us pray for the quick recovery of this brave officer.

Heroes all!

d570e1  No.3640034

File: 4a22a1fe8fead18⋯.png (273.25 KB, 517x396, 47:36, 1537020735547.png)


looks to me like a screencap of sorts

4048fe  No.3640035

File: 17c3c11660f2171⋯.png (318.39 KB, 500x359, 500:359, 4-6.png)

b2b7cf  No.3640036


That is a fucked up picture.

3c04f3  No.3640037

File: eb05edff2f5b5c6⋯.jpg (31.1 KB, 474x310, 237:155, Kosovo 1999.jpg)

File: 6c825412f06c1ec⋯.jpg (12.15 KB, 300x180, 5:3, Pentagon kosovo.jpg)

>>3638544 pb



When that attack when off in 1999 spouseanon and I were at a famous racetrack west of Paris for the 24hrs.

I still recall being in the car and hearing the news that bubba launched cruise missles. Scared the shit out of us.

Four days later Bubba and entourage show up at a restaurant across the street from the flat we rented.

Location was Ille De Notre Dame as we had just had some very famous desert from a local glacier. If you've been you know where I am referencing.

0b9914  No.3640038

File: 2eb0350bc916162⋯.jpeg (298.71 KB, 1240x1101, 1240:1101, 47ACB5F7-0D40-4958-AE39-0….jpeg)

Is the VIP post anon was talking about earlier?

f694f0  No.3640039

File: a2e79ebdbfdbf0e⋯.png (297.04 KB, 441x373, 441:373, sheboofed.png)


she boofed

601186  No.3640040

File: 8e2021f4c66ec9d⋯.jpg (59.7 KB, 770x450, 77:45, LaughingPOTUS-FLOTUS.jpg)


Oh, dear! Oh my, my, my!!

275e92  No.3640041


And then that whole thing, including extension, is four inches.

0eaa38  No.3640042


I believe so, It was a high quality post.

b5c96b  No.3640043

File: fe2e2e1084de1a4⋯.jpg (355.28 KB, 2049x1655, 2049:1655, Message.jpg)

ee5b5c  No.3640044


I love the smell of satire in the morning.

72f047  No.3640045

HRC extradition already in motion effective yesterday with several countries in case of cross border run. Passport approved to be flagged effective 10/30 @ 12:01am. Expect massive riots organized in defiance and others fleeing the US to occur. US M’s will conduct the operation while NG activated. Proof check: Locate a NG member and ask if activated for duty 10/30 across most major cities.

75599f  No.3640046


What's the name of the bloke behind him who looked like he had his hand up MZ's ass the whole time?

68f8b6  No.3640047

File: 038bc2e1e9b3562⋯.jpg (148.02 KB, 955x714, 955:714, blocks_your_path.jpg)


fuck off you copypasta faggot.

ce8c0d  No.3640048


Luv ya too!

481c6c  No.3640049

File: 51309cd18c22e32⋯.jpg (560.3 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20181028-124930….jpg)


cc6e95  No.3640050

File: d235cc9b7c9f56d⋯.jpg (99.71 KB, 554x482, 277:241, shutterstock_252141802-554….jpg)

Hammmer Time?

c0219e  No.3640051


Who's baby is it?

275e92  No.3640052


A boofer.

2107cf  No.3640053

>>3639694 pb

upcoming FEMA drills


62d23d  No.3640054

Just kill Lynn with a hammer already

d719f4  No.3640055

File: 0c3797853cd6f3e⋯.jpeg (27.64 KB, 240x240, 1:1, E1CF2225-5FBA-4FD8-BDBC-1….jpeg)


Eat a dick you little bitch

071621  No.3640056


You glow.

b6e8ce  No.3640057


Ive thought for months that he was foreshadowing a year in advance. That happens this week

d8d1a5  No.3640058

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Hey Walter, why are you turning green?

5e2590  No.3640059


the video sounded a bit hollow…. lol emptE

0c8bdf  No.3640060

File: c2102bb4fd3eacb⋯.png (525.94 KB, 800x420, 40:21, post001 - Copy.png)

c38002  No.3640061


how was buzzfest… party with any luminaries?

0eaa38  No.3640062

File: 14e70fe53736aa9⋯.jpg (45.81 KB, 960x960, 1:1, DqWcNR2W4AAqYkY.jpg)

cf653c  No.3640063


6 Only Way In

7 Reflection

e84cd4  No.3640064

File: 77cd1bb4fb21c36⋯.jpeg (971.13 KB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 90B942ED-A30F-434A-8C8A-8….jpeg)

My second son in-law is now red-pilled!

Asked me for a MAGA hat.

Finially…..it was a gring with this one.

Totally on board now!

Maybe I’ll win the signed one that’s on POTUS desk…

Yes, he said post it!

b9ee72  No.3640065


Papadop. Pissed.

50a211  No.3640066

File: 220730bd91369e3⋯.jpg (186.17 KB, 1977x1040, 1977:1040, _20181022_210348.JPG)

fe9320  No.3640067



made notables yesterday but IMO worth TWO notables!

481c6c  No.3640068

File: 37462ea49c6afab⋯.jpg (925.19 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20181028-125134….jpg)

File: f355355fbb3439e⋯.jpg (714.18 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20181028-125144….jpg)

File: fa779a6cd29ea9b⋯.jpg (567.42 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20181028-125151….jpg)

File: 0dd3081b4d98d82⋯.jpg (615.05 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20181028-125159….jpg)


6d6e03  No.3640069

File: 2add784cedc81a0⋯.jpg (76.76 KB, 1865x1024, 1865:1024, spiraledbacon.jpg)



Have same bacon

45216c  No.3640070


True, that is also a possibility.

But I'm making an assumption that he lied according to the official storyline he was supposed to tell as an actor in the play, for his spook paymasters.

Only later did he realize he was being setup.

b2bb90  No.3640071

File: 00a20f1ddc94fad⋯.jpg (267.51 KB, 828x1464, 69:122, 1d6d52ffca00f553d6b6b8c0bd….jpg)

The six legacy media companies have not just being lying to us they are running psyops 24 / 7 on normies and programming them for self destruction.

481c6c  No.3640072


Cant say I blame him

7d2bef  No.3640073

File: 1c93229c136b54a⋯.png (418.14 KB, 482x479, 482:479, pepe bd.png)

711a92  No.3640074

CPRC: Racist Mass Public Shooting at Louisville (KY) Kroger stopped by concealed handgun permit holder :: 10/26/2018

The national media has picked up on this story because the killer, George Bush, is racist. But they are ignoring the fact that a white civilian with a concealed handgun permit stopped the attack. Both the people murdered at the Koger — Maurice Stallard, 69, and Vickie Jones, 67 — were black. Bush had apparently tried to carry out an attack at a black church before choosing to shoot up the Kroger. Apparently he was trying to kill as many blacks as possible, and many more could have been killed if not for the concealed handgun permit holder. When confronted by the concealed handgun permit holder, Bush is said to have told the permit holder: “Don’t shoot me. I won’t shoot you. Whites don’t shoot whites.” Immediately after exchanging shots with the permit holder, Bush left the grocery store parking lot.On Wednesday afternoon, according to the New York Times, Bush apparently first went to a black church:Billy Williams, the church administrator, said eight to 10 people were inside the church when Mr. Bush arrived after a midweek service. A church member in the parking lot grew alarmed when she saw him aggressively pulling on the historic church’s front doors. Mr. Bush drove away after less than 10 minutes. . . .The Louisville Courier Journal reports that after Bush had visited the church:


df2d19  No.3640075

File: 2ede09a752eab71⋯.jpg (204.57 KB, 800x473, 800:473, cbts great awakening.jpg)


we did the bad man touch you?

ce8c0d  No.3640076

File: 48c0049329860fe⋯.jpeg (36.42 KB, 282x358, 141:179, D9E31B1B-6A91-4ED9-9F0C-6….jpeg)

275e92  No.3640077


Democrats: the party of murder, mayhem, and lawlessness.

3c04f3  No.3640078

File: 3f14d4425da2641⋯.jpg (95.76 KB, 1092x674, 546:337, Columbia U spent what.JPG)

College endowment funds at work



"The report's major findings include a lack of diversity in the senior leadership of academic departments and centers; insufficient transparency about how important decisions are made; and unclear policies and decision-making processes,” according to an announcement by the university.

“There also was evidence of differences in workload and salary among women and underrepresented minorities and the persistent problem of harassment and discrimination.”

52fab4  No.3640079

File: 3ac0a0e0ed0feb3⋯.jpg (98.41 KB, 899x544, 899:544, wackyTS-blackeye.jpg)


Wacky think he has protection from high places and has the black eye to show for it.

37013f  No.3640080

File: bd070ed57f79e91⋯.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1242x1643, 1242:1643, 0BEBE8BF-477C-44DB-B31E-E….jpeg)

Need a Halloween costume idea? KEK

f9ce82  No.3640081

I just accidentally said "interdasting" to my extremely normie wife and she looked at me like I was drunk.

5e1d39  No.3640082

RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - October 28, 2018

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks received from several sources which may or may not accurate. Other confirmed sources may also be included in this overview.)

The transition to the new Quantum Financial System (QFS) began at the start of October.

All members of the Cabal and those involved have been blocked from redeeming Zimbabwe Bond Notes through quantum algorithms.

Specific nations that are not conforming to GESARA compliance are being blocked from the QFS and have been given notice.

The old fiat financial system is dying and any nation's government that chooses to be left behind will face total collapse.

The transition is imminently approaching at full speed.

Once the old fiat financial system takes its last dying breath via a collapse, public chaos will be unavoidable.

Efforts to minimize collateral damage as much as possible will be taken.

The private currency redemption event (RV) will begin once the collapse occurs.

All redemption transactions will be processed through the QFS.

Source: Operation Disclosure


1584e8  No.3640083


"party before country always"

Idiots should be executed.

b2bb90  No.3640084

File: 811b5179a525f01⋯.jpg (118.59 KB, 1024x915, 1024:915, 1509357832429m.jpg)


282209  No.3640085

File: 8416a606500f311⋯.jpg (62.4 KB, 600x461, 600:461, planeshapedhole.jpg)

No understatement.


97a956  No.3640086


False. Morton's sells iodized salt....our bodies can't use it properly. We need real iodine as from sea salt or old sea beds or kelp, etc.

308aea  No.3640087

File: 4a153d5db5219aa⋯.jpg (44.36 KB, 600x304, 75:38, Review_131_Photo_4_-_The_D….jpg)


you haven't miss much!

31a6ba  No.3640088

File: b0253b237f1cb33⋯.jpeg (38.55 KB, 368x600, 46:75, 1285A0A5-0E75-4631-AB79-3….jpeg)


Take a long bath. You stink.

f682c2  No.3640089


Kek. Happens to me at least once a day now.

50a211  No.3640090

File: 9feb8c92f252353⋯.jpg (104.14 KB, 1347x1336, 1347:1336, _20181013_172642.JPG)


and saggy bewbs

cf653c  No.3640091

a913a1  No.3640092

"Happy Birthday Q? Wow is that odd, then again it was actually "birthed" and in turn birthed a moment known as the great awakening.

Certainly worthy of a moment of self reflection. This is not about "what has really changed (sarc/tone) but "how much have I changed?" Q drops, digging, sharing, talking Q, fighting back and so on has fully expanded my own perspective in ways that cannot be quantified or measured.

to all from lurkers to Q team, from provocateurs to warriors, from dark to light."

Posted by crankyoldman on ATS

f694f0  No.3640093

File: 68012aeccb620d9⋯.jpg (49.27 KB, 500x500, 1:1, whenyourmanneverkeepstheli….jpg)

f115d4  No.3640094


Thanx reddit space guy. Well, you are wrong, you will be pretty embarrassed come the first of the year, you lost and now throw a tantrum. Ha. Adrenochrome withdrawals are a bitch

0c5fb5  No.3640095

File: af92474ab40671f⋯.jpg (114.75 KB, 500x594, 250:297, 2hq3ss~7.jpg)

4048fe  No.3640096

e377a5  No.3640097

Don't worry so much about the walking caravan. They tried to cross from Chiapas state into Oaxaca state and have been stopped by Mexican authorities, still in far southern Mexico, and required to register. That will at least slow them down for a while.



Some of them gave up in Huixtla and were returned to Honduras, and a few accepted papers to stay in Mexico while asylum claims there are processed. According to one of the comments, Mexican citizens sometimes have to wait a long time to get these same papers in their own country.


But unknown numbers of women and children, including pregnant women looking to deliver their babies in the United States, are being shipped express to the US border. (Both human trafficking and an attempted violation of our national sovereignty.) Here is one truckload that was stopped about 100 or 150 miles short of the US border.


2107cf  No.3640098

b04558  No.3640099

File: 7b746d52417f90b⋯.jpg (116.88 KB, 540x540, 1:1, IMG_6551.JPG)

d8d1a5  No.3640100

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Night Watch

04db6f  No.3640101

File: b77eba2d5d762aa⋯.png (445.8 KB, 590x816, 295:408, ClipboardImage.png)

I'm not getting a good feeling about this…



c743bb  No.3640102

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Tesla numbers indicate you are a genius..

0c8bdf  No.3640103

5e1d39  No.3640104



7c3c1b  No.3640105






this. Look at his hair. that is the biggest fuck it i dont care anymore sign ever. what about his spitting image?

dc5a9f  No.3640106

File: eb3753324e3b1a0⋯.png (1.5 MB, 1025x1022, 1025:1022, Screen Shot 2018-10-28 at ….png)

7ee543  No.3640107

File: e16e52cbc4bb449⋯.jpg (120.8 KB, 352x425, 352:425, (You)rVoteCounts.jpg)

File: c7c9c8c0538f099⋯.jpg (35.95 KB, 451x503, 451:503, RedOctober.jpg)

File: 99ed6ab29e09579⋯.jpg (320 KB, 573x587, 573:587, QanonForeverWeGoOn.jpg)

File: 2603b586848bddc⋯.jpg (48.76 KB, 379x301, 379:301, Pain11six4nine11.jpg)

File: 673850803f777fc⋯.jpg (78.87 KB, 956x618, 478:309, StormbringerS.jpg)

b2b7cf  No.3640108

7d2bef  No.3640109


I almost Kek'd at my sister.

c51a05  No.3640110

File: 0adc5f56cfd8707⋯.jpg (109.22 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 0adc5f56cfd8707a4710d4641c….jpg)

0c8bdf  No.3640111


Hip Hip hoary! Q!

2a75a8  No.3640112

>>3625614 (PB)

I am not here to defend Jews ... but neither am I here to attack them. They mean nothing to me and I intend that they should continue to mean nothing to me.

And thus, you are filtered.

>>3625722 (PB)

Nothing. That shit was all moved last month.

>>3625739 (PB)

Link to source?

>>3625777 (PB)

Cernovich got the graypeople to display his banner without looking at what it said.

>>3625818 (PB)

Like Oswald?

>>3625219 (PB)

Q did not tell you to follow him. Q told you to follow the facts. If you follow Q, you are just another Gray People waiting to be told what to think.


Not stupid -- outflanked. We fully understood that there would be countermoves and, from the start, that we would take some casualties. Go back far enough in the Q posts and you will see acknowledgments of losses of operators. The cabal is not stupid ... but they are not invincible, either. It's just that, until now, they've never been opposed by a force equal to the conflict.

BTW, what makes you think that Q is NOT here?

b2bb90  No.3640113

File: 82a09de5b2f54ff⋯.jpg (117.35 KB, 1024x644, 256:161, 1509359728464m.jpg)

Do NOT reply to HILDAWG's

3c04f3  No.3640114

File: 6d279420c1fd96f⋯.jpg (50.67 KB, 370x500, 37:50, B and B.jpg)

5e4296  No.3640116

File: 7e3d8ea7fea8298⋯.png (278.93 KB, 570x580, 57:58, FB Censorship.PNG)

Facebook Censorship Of Alternative Media "Just The Beginning," Warns Top Neocon Insider


282209  No.3640117

File: fed718b7b25fb97⋯.png (464.02 KB, 1022x512, 511:256, collusionsidebyside.png)


Because of President Donald Trump and the people who back him, the plot was un-wound. Then Papa got off the hook, off the gag order and now he can tell the truth about how he was set-up too.

cf74a8  No.3640118


It's all good just don't call her a nigger faggot. At least not to her face anyway.

481c6c  No.3640119

File: 24168e3eb2788cb⋯.jpg (760.75 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20181028-125719….jpg)

File: b88746d29a7c4e3⋯.jpg (463.24 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20181028-125754….jpg)

ef5e41  No.3640120


Ahhh the memories!

275e92  No.3640121


>BTW, what makes you think that Q is NOT here?

Q is here. He has eyes on with everything we do.

Of that, I am 100% sure.

e54831  No.3640122


Love u fags. We are part of history. The fun is about to begin.


d4b81c  No.3640123

File: 4ffc32562257240⋯.png (308.52 KB, 562x379, 562:379, Screenshot (1628).png)

Adam Weishaupt (code-name Spartacus)

Proofs of a Conspiracy Against all the Religions and Governments of Europe

"The great strength of our Order lies in its concealment; let it never appear in any place in its own name, but always covered by another name, and another occupation".

"Of all the means I know to lead men, the most effectual is a concealed mystery. The hankering of the mind is irresistible;" Adam Weishaupt (code-name Spartacus)


c51a05  No.3640124


>(PB)… Filtered… in same sentence…

um. The UIDs change every bread, dumbass.

1584e8  No.3640125

File: 8cb00bbc155ab83⋯.jpg (274.1 KB, 926x579, 926:579, High IQ Tesla.jpg)


u saw wut i did…yes

308aea  No.3640126

File: bdc93c856ae4372⋯.jpg (81.62 KB, 597x775, 597:775, adventure.JPG)

File: d9c6b49591a7cf0⋯.png (692.2 KB, 1235x475, 13:5, panic-pacific-cbt.png)



d8d1a5  No.3640127

File: 6c5d06b66dfd32d⋯.png (703.1 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

5e1d39  No.3640128



b2bb90  No.3640129

File: b74aa17901a067b⋯.jpg (86.55 KB, 1024x639, 1024:639, 1509357533365m.jpg)

Hildawg's in


(They never quit!)

6e1f16  No.3640130

Q IS here.. for the plan is just lurkfaggin.

Q, POTUS, and Patriots hey we are holding it down!

bc36ce  No.3640131

File: a2a8eeb071c5536⋯.jpeg (31.51 KB, 219x255, 73:85, 2B95E9D5-ABD6-4089-BE4A-8….jpeg)

de6140  No.3640132

File: 806519970c3593e⋯.png (261.65 KB, 504x364, 18:13, 2018-10-28_13-56-55.png)

File: bc80614f775696d⋯.png (850.3 KB, 1097x923, 1097:923, 2018-10-28_13-53-14.png)




dc5a9f  No.3640133

File: 4ba1f10a488cbd3⋯.png (1.28 MB, 744x926, 372:463, Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at ….png)


Love you too, Fren, nohomo!

481c6c  No.3640134


Free to talk, and he is going to town!

ef5e41  No.3640135


Will they really make it that far? kek

0eaa38  No.3640136

File: 98a14aa5b9fcca2⋯.png (486.74 KB, 848x551, 848:551, deniro.PNG)



Supposedly associated with Miramax films. I receive that reply to my meme (pic related) after I went to bed.

I don't think Ima call him, he has a potty mouth kek

e91443  No.3640137


why are you morans replying to this?

Don't reply to this type of OBVIOUS bait.

308aea  No.3640138

File: 3e977f2b62bac80⋯.jpg (264.34 KB, 1024x424, 128:53, Stay Golden.jpg)

ef8638  No.3640139

File: 91d8cdf46f45a88⋯.jpg (82.45 KB, 506x500, 253:250, digits.jpg)

33100d  No.3640140


"turning me into a mujoo."

"liberated from this damn race shilling programming?"

You need to fucking liberate yourself, jackwagon. Make up your own gotdam mind.

8c8acb  No.3640141

File: fb044bcbcfcc120⋯.jpg (74.56 KB, 500x575, 20:23, 2l60rm.jpg)

2a75a8  No.3640142


Why is she still extremely normie? Aren't you having ANY conversations with her?

5e2590  No.3640143


well… wouldn't that be convenient ?

c743bb  No.3640144



3c04f3  No.3640145

File: 69bcc5137ad0be5⋯.png (74.5 KB, 631x390, 631:390, Ski Pepe.png)

80a3bd  No.3640146

File: 2d3ec95f95d7e3f⋯.jpeg (595.87 KB, 1440x1074, 240:179, 1539686409.jpeg)

b8f8a8  No.3640147

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>>3639266 (pb)

SHE was the one handing out THE BREAD

1005e2  No.3640148

File: cafaf8e9dee7e7f⋯.jpg (331.56 KB, 1511x761, 1511:761, trojan horse army vs malno….jpg)


impoverish malnourished refugees..


Trojan army…

very similar rhetoric to what is currently happening in Europe

5e4296  No.3640149


Don't they realize they are given tons of rope to hang themselves? FB, Twitter, Google are all going to go down

cf74a8  No.3640150


Is it ok to even talk about the plan? There is some confusion that hasn't been cleared up.

0c5fb5  No.3640151

File: 7ee2d74340f90ca⋯.jpg (74.01 KB, 600x597, 200:199, Obama-pot2.jpg)

File: 0855d234ad17d04⋯.jpg (16.91 KB, 240x184, 30:23, 2l2uqg.jpg)

Highway to hell.

b2bb90  No.3640152

File: 1ca2cce7084439d⋯.gif (1.23 MB, 269x202, 269:202, 1509484980842.gif)

c51a05  No.3640153

b8b5f1  No.3640154

File: b551de15c0f34e7⋯.jpg (94.86 KB, 1067x1185, 1067:1185, ysxwf10rrwu11.jpg)

bc20c0  No.3640155


>guys don't reply to bait

>replies to bait

b8f8a8  No.3640156

481c6c  No.3640157

File: 4bd9ce0fc37479e⋯.jpg (605.64 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20181026-011337….jpg)

File: 09a728e78a39f1e⋯.jpg (545.8 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20181026-002017….jpg)

Re-reading crumbs from beginning. Fpund the day I knew I was all in.

And the 3rd

ac6db6  No.3640158


yup, i come to this board regularly to get my news

stopped watching and reading all mockingbird msm

hoping midterms will be dagger in heart of mockingbird msm

if midterms red then will be further example of mockingbird msm not representing the people of America, but only their cabal/deep state allies

if midterms blue then chaos ensues

b7853a  No.3640159


Before there was Q there was only shitposting. Mind you, this helped significantly with getting Donald Trump elected.

b2bb90  No.3640160


sounds pretty quantum fine.

dd91e8  No.3640161

File: 88324aadf71cafb⋯.jpg (87.6 KB, 494x494, 1:1, iu (1).jpg)

Why do most people demand hard evidence for reality, except when it comes to matters of religion? It's fun to speculate but I don't understand the tendency for people to think they know the Truth about god and religion. Why not think of God as symbolic of (positive) energy- Energy can be creative or destructive- we create God in our own image- we are good; our "god" is good. We resist destructive energy- life strives for balance. The Energy is within and without…

We all have individual and subjective definitions of god- but we are still waiting on sauce.

'Think for yourself'

'If you are religious, pray'

'God Wins/Good Wins'

The red line is between good and evil; god and satan; creation and destruction. It's all the same thing- whatever it is. It should be easy to unify if we unite on the side of good, rather than opinions/definitions of god.

b04558  No.3640162

File: 115c2a9db17c32d⋯.jpg (225.97 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, IMG_5894.JPG)


AMEN brother

380edf  No.3640163


Don't worry Anon. I slipped and called our neighbors faggots the other day in front if the hubs. It's all good.

80a3bd  No.3640164

File: df458b425afe0d3⋯.jpeg (80.88 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 1538329675.jpeg)

c51a05  No.3640165



that slope that a perky missile boob has is quite glorious :)

d8d1a5  No.3640166



They are fucked now.

Nobody is going to see this small group as part of a caravan of migrants

When the news is filled with stories about the big group far to the south.

These ones will just find themselves stuck in a traffic jam to a border crossing that is closed.

308aea  No.3640167

File: 49bc770203c553a⋯.jpg (164.77 KB, 340x500, 17:25, paint picture.jpg)

5cd0bb  No.3640168


Hey Brennan, next time use your own photo, Pedo man just doesn't measure up to your rant!

2d1dd4  No.3640169


I love our Pleiadians friends

dc5a9f  No.3640170

File: d5b402cfb0c3dd5⋯.png (938.25 KB, 1100x1090, 110:109, Screen Shot 2018-10-28 at ….png)


Good find, Anon!


Nuland was in Kiev, along with EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, to try to talk to the government and the opposition to work out a solution to the crisis.

The U.S. Embassy in Kiev told CBS News that Nuland met Wednesday morning with Yanukovych and was planning to deliver a statement outside the Presidential Administration building.

Photos posted on Twitter showed Nuland shaking hands with security personnel and there were many reports that she had helped distribute food to the protesters.



3d6312  No.3640171

File: 37fac5071eca16b⋯.png (1.56 MB, 1296x618, 216:103, Beacon Hill.png)

any Americans is your highway 376 popular

9c3c25  No.3640172

File: c9f80c49ba1ee49⋯.jpeg (1.24 MB, 2048x1156, 512:289, 2DB9CA1A-14C2-46CC-B5FC-4….jpeg)

If the previous long stretches without Q posts was to prepare us for this blackout period it worked. Each one was easier to deal with. I don’t feel much concern that Q has gone silent for this long.

1005e2  No.3640173


GAB is about FREE SPEECH..

notice the ATTACKS on GAB..

481c6c  No.3640174


Your President needs your help…

34bd4c  No.3640175

File: 9b699f79da3d638⋯.png (109.09 KB, 625x577, 625:577, ClipboardImage.png)


df2d19  No.3640176


posts that make you say, WHAT?

it was Podesta retard

ad00d6  No.3640177

File: d471390cbd3636a⋯.jpg (255.05 KB, 1280x1489, 1280:1489, DNC~PELOSINancy~TakenOutOf….jpg)



This meme is taking out of context what Nanxy Pelosi said. Like she's going to go on C-SPAN and describe Democratic dirty tactics. She was saying this is what Republicans do. Material has been posted out of context here before. It's either just low-life political behavior, or it's intentionally designed to cast the board in a negative light. Either way it can turn around and bite the forum on the ass.

The wrap up smear in context

Some posters have edited Pelosi responding to a reporter's question, to take her comments out of context, and question if she is advocating a way to smear Trump, regarding Russia. In fact, neither the question, nor her entire response had anything to do with Russia, or Trump.


5e2590  No.3640178


NOT good…. definitely not good. would be a shame if one of their circuit boards failed again, huh? Hmmmm…

b5c96b  No.3640179


Woohoo Welcome Son n Law!! Looks good in that hat! #MAGA

I got one friend, I have been working on for about 10 mths now, he is thinking of voting Repub for midterms. Getting close, just waiting for the final!

308aea  No.3640180

File: bee7d549451dcab⋯.jpg (298.52 KB, 600x500, 6:5, Injecting MEMES 2.jpg)

b04558  No.3640181

File: 895cc8fa2853944⋯.jpg (171.26 KB, 912x1140, 4:5, IMG_4823.JPG)

32ae66  No.3640182

cf74a8  No.3640183


There is a lot if truth in shit posting. If you pay attention to a Trump rally you will see the power of shit posting in a real world example.

If teachers you remember from high school that made a difference would be labeled as a shit poster on this board.

52fab4  No.3640184

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Yup, dude's looking toe up.

Way worse than his last pre-election push.

>if if if if if if if if…

ce8c0d  No.3640185

File: 9c5548ca2c30f94⋯.jpeg (158.93 KB, 700x866, 350:433, 0D3BA23E-D3BF-4CCE-9CFC-B….jpeg)

Spouse and I flipped a coin. Today’s my turn kek

5e2590  No.3640186


Done it!!! at work, no less.

bc36ce  No.3640187

File: b1cff66fbaec5e1⋯.jpeg (26.99 KB, 255x190, 51:38, 30C4F919-8C28-43B7-9BE3-1….jpeg)

Seven seconds away

b8f8a8  No.3640188


Biden Ukraine stock; Gazprom in Afghanistan. fucking finally. been lighting my hair on fire for quite some time now.

b1c32b  No.3640189


Government dispensed punishment for thoughts is completely un American. Trump better not be serious about his statements on that or I will no longer support him. And I'm 100% serious on this not a bot or division shill. In America I'm allowed to hate whoever the hell I want.

80a3bd  No.3640190

File: 72de829d9e33f1a⋯.jpeg (154.24 KB, 1440x802, 720:401, 1524094802.jpeg)

33100d  No.3640191


This is pitting Israel as a victim. GOES AGAINST THE SHILL NARRATIVE DOESN'T IT?


308aea  No.3640192

File: abed2d8132ae730⋯.jpg (338.4 KB, 600x471, 200:157, cave.jpg)

5e2590  No.3640193

File: 3b781bc38adb80f⋯.jpg (28.81 KB, 747x515, 747:515, 3b781bc38adb80f31dfb409c5c….jpg)


Much love to you Anon… Look at ALL we've accomplished through our organized chaos. It's glorious!!

cf653c  No.3640194


Future proves past

ef5e41  No.3640195

File: 96bde2f234a0b53⋯.jpg (160.96 KB, 1200x538, 600:269, golden ticket 4.jpg)

One year ago today, we took up arms and became a part of history.

Ever since, its been twists, turns, ancient knowledge and laughs.

This has been an experience unlike any other.

Thank you all for the great times and good memories.

I love you all no homo

aca9ad  No.3640196

File: a3ef9a9e3b6f5e8⋯.png (144.48 KB, 490x505, 98:101, ClipboardImage.png)

c743bb  No.3640197



275e92  No.3640198

File: 86f4424a3a4f192⋯.jpg (23.37 KB, 240x320, 3:4, podestapanties.jpg)

9d04f7  No.3640199

File: 6f1ff677e70f923⋯.png (9.3 KB, 211x239, 211:239, images-2.png)

a37e91  No.3640200

File: 300d6d72edb8ae5⋯.png (213.77 KB, 600x640, 15:16, st michael pointer.png)

545ef6  No.3640201


Ha, I can top this… When I was in line for the Houston Trump Rally - I saw a guy wearing a Q shirt, I blurted out "My Nigga"

Black cop came over and threatened to put me in jail for Public Intoxication (I had one of those tiny bottles of wine that comes in the 4 pack in my hand, left over from the night before, so I stuck it in my jacket pocket).

He mean mugged me all day (as that is how long I was at the beginning of the line, 10 feet from him.

I really wanted to explain to him that it was not a racial slur at all, but he would never have believed me.

2bffe3  No.3640202

File: 4406cd21d49388f⋯.jpeg (45.79 KB, 500x750, 2:3, 0B4A2467-E9CC-4482-A68F-2….jpeg)


Torpedo tits is also known as Ester, photographed by a guy named Dawson.

This Jewess has the most outstanding rack of all time.

Her high energy boobs will instantly leaven the most flaccid breads.

7f14be  No.3640203

I was told there would be cake.

c38002  No.3640204


what are you on about, anon, cme coming or something?

3c04f3  No.3640205


This is good intel.

ICan't vouch for this source but it's not the only place with virtually the same description of the coming system.

34bd4c  No.3640206

File: 0697dc84f2f9ccf⋯.png (125.83 KB, 314x523, 314:523, ClipboardImage.png)

new picture?

579a0f  No.3640207

Detroit Funeral Home, Dead Babies, Huma Family Home, Clintons, Organ Harvesting Biz Chicago & Dearborn Muslims……

Anons there was a killer thread on my feed on Twit

Page jumped and disappeared

Can't find it now

Anyone know who had it?

dc5a9f  No.3640208

File: d727251b8083184⋯.png (727.44 KB, 979x761, 979:761, Screen Shot 2018-10-28 at ….png)


even MOAR:


Leaked audio reveals embarrassing U.S. exchange on Ukraine, EU

Nuland is heard telling U.S. Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt that she doesn’t think Vitaly Klitschko, the boxer-turned-politician who is a main opposition leader, should be in a new government.

“So I don’t think Klitsch (Klitschko) should go into the government,” she said in the recording, which appeared to describe events that occurred in late January. “I don’t think it’s necessary. I don’t think it’s a good idea.”

Separately on Thursday, a senior Kremlin aide accused the United States of arming Ukrainian “rebels” and warned Russia could intervene to maintain the security of its neighbor.

U.S. officials, while declining to confirm the recording’s contents, did not dispute its authenticity.


There was no immediate comment from Moscow, but the recording clearly plays into Russian accusations that the West is meddling in Ukraine. Russia sees Ukraine as being within its sphere of influence and has offered the cash-strapped Kiev a $15 billion bailout to keep it in its orbit.

Protests began when Yanukovich spurned an EU trade agreement last year in pursuit of closer ties with Russia. Protesters have since taken over public buildings and staged mass rallies, sometimes clashing violently with police, in the capital Kiev and other cities.



b8b5f1  No.3640209

File: dd964bb1855073c⋯.jpg (61.82 KB, 640x572, 160:143, 44849550_1281770488629257_….jpg)

ef5e41  No.3640210


Back to the basement for you!

1005e2  No.3640211



Q's job is done…

enjoy the show..

re-read crumbs..

we have more than we know..

bc36ce  No.3640212

File: 2eb2731a923df2c⋯.jpeg (34.99 KB, 255x254, 255:254, 40A80AD0-E3C3-4671-A258-3….jpeg)

We Parade still

64e0a2  No.3640213


Maybe Q posting is the greatest shitposting of all time. Shitposting works. More shitposting.

fa7173  No.3640214


Same, it's like training a puppy. Leave it alone a short time, return, leave longer, return, and eventually it learns you'll always come home.

e2497c  No.3640215

Merkel's party suffers losses in Hesse elections as right-wing AfD enters parliament - exit polls

The Eurosceptic Alternative for Germany (AfD) party has gained seats in Hesse and now holds parliamentary seats in every single German state, according to exit polls. Meanwhile, Merkel's CDU has seen party support plummet.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democratic Union (CDU) suffered an electoral shock, winning only 28 percent. The results were quite a disappointment for the CDU candidate and Ministers-President of Hesse, Volker Bouffier, a Merkel man who has stuck with her through thick and thin.

The CDU result marks a huge drop from the 38.3 percent won by the party during Hesse's last election in 2013.

The AfD, meanwhile, gained 12 percent of the votes. The party's parliamentary leader, Alice Weidel, took to Twitter to celebrate its success.

"We are the People's Party!" she wrote, noting that the AfD is now "firmly anchored" in the German parliament and is "here to stay."


c51a05  No.3640216


yeah. the non-combative people have been lied into thinking they are walking to salvation. Those are the ones that are shoved in front of the cameras. They've been led into a trap.

I strongly suspect that POTUS understands the gravity of this; The countermeasures will reflect the Patriots' desire to not harm innocents to get cabal.

Eyes on, [they've] already tried to knock us off track with the bomb shit.

b8f8a8  No.3640217


wtf r u talking about

b8b5f1  No.3640218

File: ad5da8735f4e12d⋯.jpg (42.19 KB, 640x685, 128:137, 44132129_2092156361099903_….jpg)

5e4296  No.3640219


I know. This just helps taking down Twitter, FB and Goggle easier. Q told us all of us would probably go down with 8Chan being the last.

e91443  No.3640220

File: eee1eec88c25e19⋯.png (15.95 KB, 460x334, 230:167, ClipboardImage.png)


Well I can't show people how fucking dense they are being without linking it back.

Also interestingly, as its Q's bday today I was re reading some of the old crumbs. 1st ever Q (BQ7V3bcW), he quotes another ID - gb953qGI ← Who was that? … POTUS? … did he let Barron post it? That would be cool.

Also 11 min delta between quoted + Q post

97517b  No.3640221

File: 97e373f5a0bea18⋯.jpg (336.1 KB, 866x512, 433:256, spoopy.jpg)

481c6c  No.3640222


Walks in the woods….

Ya, with shovels to bury her dead

bc36ce  No.3640224


Trust the plan Anon

a3bb92  No.3640225


Kek. The internet never fails to entertain.

545ef6  No.3640226

==Notables Thus Far==>>3639965 Hussein Losing it (Video) Delicious!!

>>3639745, >>3639809, >>3639815, >>3639820 New U.S.-bound group of migrants leaves in San Salvador

>>3639737, >>3640215 Merkel's government braces for high-stakes state election

>>3639728, >>3639779 Yesterday Candace Owens unveiled BLEXIT, the Black Exit from the Democrat Party. Logo designed by Kanye.

>>3639719 Czechs celebrate centenary with largest military parade since communist era

Please let me know if anything missed

9f070a  No.3640227

File: 000a10bf5d1b132⋯.png (435.94 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

Even with Q not posting; the clowns had a "Script" & Patsy prepped, set up & ready-to-go. Waiting in reserve to do the synagogue shooting.

All they needed was the "Opportunity".

Not to Frame Q & this board per se, but POTUS himself.

Check This Out:

*Operation: Framing DJT & MAGA*

(Houston, TX Rally)


"Really, we're not supposed to use that word, You know what I am? I'm a nationalist, O.K.? I'm a nationalist. Nationalist! Use that word! Use that word!"

(MSM Articles Before synagogue shooting)

CBS News: (October 24, 2018, 12:37 PM)

It wasn't the first time Mr. Trump has embraced the "nationalist" label. But to some commentators on the left, the president's phrasing indicated that he was not-so-subtly proclaiming himself a "white nationalist." That's a term that can be defined a couple of different ways, but is typically used to describe racists who believe only people of European heritage can be called "real" Americans.

Politico: (10/22/2018 09:39 PM EDT)

But it has also been associated with the “alt-right” movement, which is broadly supportive of the president’s agenda but has occasionally been accused of harboring white supremacist tendencies. And the latter label, which can imply a more economically connected world of multinational alliances, is sometimes employed by racist commentators on the internet in a conspiratorial sense as a euphemism for Jewish people.

(Notice how they threw the Jew thing in there)

1: Rally was Mon. 22nd

2: High Energy, Pumped Up Rally: They were waiting for the "Magic Word"


3: Immediately they "Imprinted" their "Spin" of "WHITE Nationalism" onto his quote. Mockingbird MSM narrative push.

4: They had the rest of the week to organize the Op.

5: Sat 27th - Activated the "Primed" asset. to do the shooting (you know they have every flavor of MK'd "Manchurian" just waiting to be activated)

They didn't need Q Posts or Anon Posts:

* They been saying, "Trump Inspires White Nationalism" since 2016.

* They were just waiting for the "Opportune" situation & sound-bite.

* After the shooting MSM & Social Media now saturated with the, "See I told ya so" sound bites.


Hollywood Blames Trump and His Supporters for Synagogue Shooting: ‘This sh*t Is On YOU. IT’S YOUR FAULT’

- Another Textbook Op by the clowns.

Thinking Logically: They probably have a myriad of scenarios "Primed & Prepped", just waiting; Then the one fits the bill is activated.




308aea  No.3640228

File: b9efbef592ec2b1⋯.jpg (194.15 KB, 800x600, 4:3, shit post.jpg)


did someone say……

7f14be  No.3640229


Punch and pie?

b2bb90  No.3640230

File: 5be3366247aa842⋯.jpg (97.85 KB, 1280x892, 320:223, 1509030854317.jpg)

64b559  No.3640231


Looks like the photo you would put on the front of a funeral announcement.

9c3c25  No.3640232



Maybe not…

63253e  No.3640233

File: 42ce91d5b1ab398⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1000x664, 125:83, ClipboardImage.png)

34bd4c  No.3640234

File: b245a55f5ad5385⋯.png (323.6 KB, 1382x417, 1382:417, ClipboardImage.png)

message in the picture to Blexit?

653df5  No.3640235

File: d62286b7d82655e⋯.jpg (218.38 KB, 1240x1101, 1240:1101, 2eb0350bc916162126e5ba4d5b….jpg)


Image should have proofs highlighted so as not to be overlooked.

380edf  No.3640236


Lol. Must be a Texas thing, my nig.

ef5e41  No.3640237

File: 42d5392928591b0⋯.jpg (312.81 KB, 1600x1600, 1:1, bring back the gallows q.jpg)


You're done.

Lets just get this over with, shall we?

54d292  No.3640238


I remember that bread. Q post or no Q post this place is always comfy.

579a0f  No.3640239


Also massive bust in MI with the 123 kids found in human trafficking was tied in.

Paki Muslim Kidney Dr assets frozen by US Treasury was also in the ring.

All sourced… Making me crazy that I can't find it!

3c04f3  No.3640240


Almonds went off when it shut down originally


481c6c  No.3640241



b03ecf  No.3640243


>Thinking Logically: They probably have a myriad of scenarios "Primed & Prepped", just waiting; Then the one fits the bill is activated.

praying they fail

5a9bdd  No.3640244

File: f9db157a5a33717⋯.jpeg (332.79 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, 2ABB0390-A328-4612-9EFA-A….jpeg)

Happy Q Day anons!

50a211  No.3640245

File: 72274f521e6a370⋯.jpg (248.97 KB, 1440x1685, 288:337, _20181027_174442.JPG)

bc36ce  No.3640246

File: c7bac1a10aa79fe⋯.jpeg (32.7 KB, 237x245, 237:245, 4FC0738F-DB0F-464F-B477-D….jpeg)

ef5e41  No.3640247



Yeah sure, its in the break room around corner

b5c96b  No.3640248


Christmas time is coming, going to have to get another one plus a backup!! KEK!

308aea  No.3640249

File: 63331ea17d8020c⋯.jpeg (52.46 KB, 480x300, 8:5, TELEMMGLPICT000169650817_….jpeg)

64b559  No.3640250


Victoria Nuland is quite the rabbit hole. There is A LOT on Nuland and it is not hard to find. She is a very close associate with Hillary in bringing regime changes all over the place.

4fe7d2  No.3640251

File: 9bb91b66498e86e⋯.png (64.62 KB, 2038x158, 1019:79, NG1.png)

c38002  No.3640252


It's workin' so far, anon

fd5ead  No.3640253


NEWS 10/28/2018

Iran's Khamenei calls for fight against enemy 'infiltration

(Reuters) - Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei called on Sunday for the stepping up of efforts to fight enemy “infiltration” in a speech to officials in charge of cyber defense, state television reported.

“In the face of the enemy’s complex practices, our civil defense should … confront infiltration through scientific, accurate, and up-to-date … action,” Ayatollah Khamenei told civil defense officials, who are in charge of areas including cyber defense.


282209  No.3640254

File: aab3abff911a108⋯.jpg (92.99 KB, 1077x603, 359:201, baphometspectrum.jpg)


364, one moar day and it's a full year?

Reminds me of how little time I have left to prepare.

Right, before we hated Russians we were supposed to hate Germans and French?

What happened to the English? I thought they were our first enemy.

Is it funny or not funny when you find it it was all managed by the same sick crew?


This ^^^

78fac9  No.3640255

Fixing link >>3639965

1f8dc8  No.3640256

File: d7d7e327092c78d⋯.jpg (28.86 KB, 342x445, 342:445, TrumpQ.jpg)

3c04f3  No.3640257

File: f0fb56e60cd3c60⋯.png (780.77 KB, 1027x691, 1027:691, Gitmo.png)

f5c84d  No.3640258

File: d2ab5c67d23180f⋯.jpg (476.5 KB, 809x1280, 809:1280, DeNiro-Shorty.jpg)

32ae66  No.3640259

78fac9  No.3640260


Link to BHO >>3639753

b184de  No.3640261

File: 6aa3c1b7d24c8ca⋯.png (260.68 KB, 675x714, 225:238, Enjoy the show. Expect a l….png)



God Bless.

de6140  No.3640262

File: 80d00c85cd5d8b0⋯.png (1.2 MB, 1017x607, 1017:607, 2018-10-28_09-06-52.png)


Go away!

15f0bd  No.3640263

File: a846418f455d7f5⋯.png (122.4 KB, 324x533, 324:533, Screenshot_2018-10-28 Q Re….png)


fixed it for you…

dd91e8  No.3640264

File: 168202216589b48⋯.jpg (238.36 KB, 904x692, 226:173, DSCN0390 (1).jpg)

File: 4222d26e9a27dfc⋯.jpg (252.41 KB, 720x1012, 180:253, awakenbrain.jpg)

bc36ce  No.3640265

File: f8c0ebb3a21b74d⋯.jpeg (169.09 KB, 1080x1066, 540:533, E52CAE1E-4C63-4218-BD30-1….jpeg)

c743bb  No.3640266

File: 7b9bdf28441169b⋯.jpg (254.91 KB, 525x298, 525:298, about yay long.jpg)


not much would scare you after this.

3c04f3  No.3640267

32ae66 (3)

Nice try

29c55c  No.3640268

File: a19ed1dd72a15bf⋯.jpg (135.09 KB, 576x384, 3:2, death pen pedo.JPG)

File: 28c76afc84f11c0⋯.jpg (28.87 KB, 576x384, 3:2, 40198860_10211877323154052….jpg)

File: 3947cf114fab6b5⋯.png (63.31 KB, 500x479, 500:479, rot in hell pedo parasite.png)

File: b91e3545cbf65fe⋯.jpeg (57.39 KB, 860x962, 430:481, pedo douchebag pile of sh….jpeg)

File: 6ecca90d1b34014⋯.jpg (90.05 KB, 693x720, 77:80, Pedo Parasite has 4 childr….jpg)

Death Penalty for Sick Parasite Pedos like Tom Steyer

80a3bd  No.3640269

File: ad76fefcd848f63⋯.jpeg (154.28 KB, 1440x812, 360:203, 1538916391.jpeg)

481c6c  No.3640270

File: 2477f79d6d85160⋯.jpg (601.59 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20181028-131146….jpg)

d68538  No.3640271

File: 41d3ddb7ca09ab1⋯.jpg (677.75 KB, 1100x1471, 1100:1471, !Awakening12.jpg)

ef5e41  No.3640272

File: 11afa7ef5eca206⋯.jpg (417.16 KB, 1135x1339, 1135:1339, the child hunter.jpg)

File: 92fec3d9ecc16dc⋯.jpg (291.53 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, dirty grandpa3.jpg)

File: 5214897879165e5⋯.jpg (157.15 KB, 666x818, 333:409, Raging bullshitter2.jpg)

dc5a9f  No.3640273





If you accidentally use Anonspeak in front of Normies:

You're probably an Anon

9f070a  No.3640274


>>Thinking Logically: They probably have a myriad of scenarios "Primed & Prepped", just waiting; Then the one fits the bill is activated.

>praying they fail

I am Completely with you.

Also praying.

Just stating the difficulty of rooting out this deeply embedded cancer.

579a0f  No.3640275

Source had Rahm stepping down because DOJ is in hot pursuit of busting up trafficking, organ harvesting ring. That's why Sessions really stepping in to Chicago PD affairs.

Makes sense that is why they filled MI with Muzzies. Close to Chi town. Targeting blacks for shooting …harvesting in Detroit.

5f135e  No.3640276

File: a2ef57f500cbe78⋯.png (17.52 KB, 595x274, 595:274, Capture.PNG)

b7853a  No.3640277

File: ebc6301263b9434⋯.png (164.49 KB, 321x309, 107:103, 0025c6215d8e59350034f0bd21….png)


Shit posts are not shitposts.

Shitposts are surgical poetic strikes,

a stroke of genius or madness,

that leave your adversary in a wake of chaos.

52fab4  No.3640278

File: b73d3781025da07⋯.jpg (75.38 KB, 510x510, 1:1, ReinesAnon.jpg)


Hi Philip. How's your crystal ball?

dc5a9f  No.3640279

0c5fb5  No.3640280

File: 05e58087a63233a⋯.jpg (37.96 KB, 500x421, 500:421, 2l61gw~2.jpg)