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8ac0cb  No.3281523

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Sunday 09.30.18

>>>/patriotsfight/311 ——————————— STAY TUNED AND WATCH! ( Cap: >>3267571 )

>>>/patriotsfight/310 ——————————— Define 'Subversion' ( Cap: >>3267228 )

Saturday 09.29.18

>>>/patriotsfight/309 ——————————— Splash1-X. ( Cap: >>3252120, >>3257016, >>3257245 )

>>>/patriotsfight/308 ——————————— HUMANITY IS AT STAKE. DROP THE MEMES. VOTE THEM ALL OUT. ( Cap: >>3252200 )

>>>/patriotsfight/307 ——————————— WE HAD THE VOTES. SWAMP FIGHTING BACK. ( Cap: >>3250449, >>3250471, >>3250575 )

Friday 09.28.18

>>>/patriotsfight/306 ——————————— POWER TO THE PEOPLE (Cap: >>3232679)

>>3226626 rt >>3225317 -————————– Graham questioning then [listen carefully]. Graham comments today.

>>>/patriotsfight/305 ——————————— Puzzle becoming more clear w/ each passing day? (Cap: >>3226042 )

>>3225606 rt >>3225498 -————————– Hive Mind

>>3225431 rt >>3225317 -————————– Have faith, Patriots.

>>3225317 ————————————–——– Did you see Sen. Graham's speech today?

>>3225116 rt >>3225050 -————————– Nothing gets past Anons!

>>3224970 rt >>3224849 -————————– Ready when you are

>>3224848 rt >>3224714 -————————– MIDTERM ELECTIONS>>> [Days Prior] 11.11

Thursday 09.27.18

>>3224714 rt >>3224486 -————————– RED OCTOBER>>> MIDTERM ELECTIONS

>>3224486 ————————————–——– Justice K Confiormation Goodbye,Mr. Rosenstein

>>>/patriotsfight/304 --------------------------------- Are you AWAKE? The TRUTH is right in front of you ( Cap: >>3223778 )

>>>/patriotsfight/303 --------------------------------- FALSE IN ONE THING. FALSE IN EVERYTHING ( Cap: >>3223011 )

>>>/patriotsfight/302 ——————————— Supreme Court Justice(s) to receive FULL TIME security detail(s) - (pending) (Cap: >>3222459 )

>>>/patriotsfight/301 rt /pf/300 -——————- [FEINSTEIN] THREAT TO MURKOWSKI? (Cap: >>3222056, >>3222062 )

>>>/patriotsfight/300 ——————————— EVIL BE GONE (Cap: >>3222112 )

>>>/patriotsfight/299 ——————————— Link to @CapUSA1 tweet (Cap: >>3219818, >>3219876 , >>3219963 )

>>3219565 rt >>3219273 -————————– You are correct

>>>/patriotsfight/298 ——————————— Welcome aboard, Judge K (Cap: >>3219268 )

>>>/patriotsfight/297 ——————————— FEINSTEIN (Cap: >>3219165, >>3219159 )

>>>/patriotsfight/296 ——————————— POTUS Tweet: "Senate must vote!" (Cap: >>3219147 )

Monday 09.24.18

>>>/patriotsfight/295 rt /pf/293 -——————- Did the IG recommend [RR] step down or be fired [speed]? (Cap: >>3198408, >>3198594 )

Sunday 09.23.18

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are not endorsements


>>2956097 Thread Specifically For DECLAS Memes <----- MAKE THIS GO VIRAL <-----

>>3199408, >>3199083 Stand with Judge Kavanaugh petition: Sign & show your support

>>3257753 Thread specifically for RED OCTOBER Memes for the MidTerms


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>>3280789, >>3280850 ATF responding after hundreds of guns stolen from UPS facility.

>>3280837 Jordan Peterson: Dangerous people are teaching our children.

>>3280839 Senior Republican Senate official: Investigation may be done by Tues.

>>3280865 Trump: Demos questioning Kav are not angels.

>>3280871 UK's Foreign Secretary angry for EU comparison to USSR.

>>3280868, >>3281098 Early NRA helped protect blacks from KKK mobs.

>>3280890 O'Rourke possibly flagged by FEC for foreign campaign contributions.

>>3280967 Trump Jr.: Swetnick had a restraining order filed against her by former boyfriend.

>>3281023 Major heroin dealer sentenced to 170 months in prison in New Jersey.

>>3281146, >>3281265, >>3281454 Red October/Iron Eagle = Russia Steel/China Iron?

>>3280963, >>3281149 Allentown explosions linked to Dr. Ford.

>>3281201 Scientific journal failed to disclose roles in review of glyphosate's cancer risks.

>>3281213 Gates Town Supervisor Mark Assini to resign, will take private sector job.

>>3281234 Pfizer CEO set to resign.

>>3281242 Obama endorses Ocasio-Cortez.

>>3280903 NFL spews more lame excuses.

>>3281401 Respectful two shirt strategy.

>>3281469 Southern Coos Hospital & Health Center CEO to resign.

>>3281279, >>3281310 Scott Adams (recently met with POTUS) stepson dies of apparent overdose.

>>3281499 #4156


>>3280092 Koreans removing mines from DMZ.

>>3280094 Comey’s security clearance revoked.

>>3280120 On steel, Feinstein, and Red October (analysis/speculation).

>>3280120 Anon ties together a theory with Red October, Feinstein and Steel.

>>3280245 Red October Memewar link for bulk download from image archive.

>>3280062 Anon reminds us to fight for our rights in cyberspace.

>>3280509 EU banks using money laundering to circumvent Iran/NK sanctions.

>>3280582 NFL feeling the heat for disrespecting our flag.

>>3280695 #4155


>>3279290 Jane Fonda calling for open rioting if Mueller is fired

>>3279327 Megan Kelly questions credibility of Avenatti-backed accuser

>>3279336 Repost of Red October clockfag material in light of steel discussion during live presser

>>3279363 ; >>3279367 ; >>3279673 POTUS going hard on Democrats, MSM in live presser

>>3279582 Minnesota Senate candidate calls on state to investigate Keith Ellison domestic abuse

>>3279765 Repost of C_A Red October Steel doc in light of presser discussion

>>3279901 Comey gunning for a public hearing with House Judiciary

>>3279972 New FL law makes it illegal to alert sexual predators about cp, abuse investigations

>>3279934 #4154

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b146ff  No.3281538

I'm not sure if it's true, but I read that a bunch of democrats and republicans of the establishment-type are guilty of horrendous sexual crimes and other unspeakable deeds. I think we need an FBI investigation of all of these accusations, regardless of the flimsy nature of the accusations. We need to call our congressmen and senators and demand FBI investigations based on the evidence produced here on qresearch…

17d9fd  No.3281554

Red October

October Revolution 1917

Look it up.

Not cool.

Starting Russian civil war which then sarted the "great" famine (Holodomor)

What if the commies will try this worldwide now and Q is alerting us to the fact?

I hope that's already been discussed.

I hope i'm making a fool outta myself!

8ac0cb  No.3281560



New Q post is missing from dough and has already been corrected. Cheers!

556423  No.3281591

but where do we buy the T-shirts? Q didn't provide his patreon account

291d84  No.3281607


Buy them from CHYNAH!

8e5ceb  No.3281608

File: 0844c0ed036e221⋯.jpeg (115.37 KB, 1242x753, 414:251, 5D7DCB61-592A-4BD7-B046-A….jpeg)

File: 90db84454c3c3cd⋯.jpeg (173.38 KB, 1242x996, 207:166, 2D7BBBAA-0673-4EB8-8343-1….jpeg)

File: ec44778ed2eb335⋯.jpeg (173.76 KB, 1242x1114, 621:557, E4D43566-6896-4C6C-BB80-C….jpeg)

File: 611b46c36d4d80d⋯.jpeg (99.97 KB, 1242x660, 207:110, 252E726A-69C6-462B-BF9D-D….jpeg)

File: 26abb2902f979c3⋯.jpeg (120.02 KB, 1242x714, 207:119, D89D9E2E-F96E-4090-A507-E….jpeg)

Holy shit.


Here’s two examples of tweet replies to the tweet Q just posted about. Both things are obviously not worthy of being deemed sensitive materials. They really are desperate af right now.

Here’s link for music video too - https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_01s4Mut2YQ&t=33s

4ba461  No.3281609

File: eea32a5d916c821⋯.jpeg (846.85 KB, 1242x1192, 621:596, F2C8F773-E411-421D-9D12-1….jpeg)

1426e2  No.3281610


Good thing I just bought food

cacd49  No.3281611

File: 25fd003c9ee8348⋯.jpg (144.78 KB, 297x433, 297:433, Trump mr october.jpg)

0e33c7  No.3281612


OK. Thanks for clarification. I'm keeping track of ppl saying the judge must recuse. Etc.....

00d88d  No.3281613

>>3281348 MORE DETAILS of the Band Q posted here called MAGIC SWORD. They are of an unknown identity, claim to be from Boise, and only have strange content in their online descriptions of themselves. Check this out.

"Gather my children, for storytelling is a tradition as old as your human race.

Witness the depths of the multi-realms and the unending struggle between the righteous Light and the all-consuming Darkness.  Behold as ageless legend becomes manifest through the strength of the Immortals and the brilliance of the ultimate weapon.  Try and begin to understand the magnitude of The Tale of the Magic Sword through sight, story, and song."


Their website has since been deleted, after Q put their song on this board. This is big indications here of something weird

74b72b  No.3281614


That's it. This board has gone full retard.

d3830b  No.3281615

File: ef42adf45ea5309⋯.png (83.19 KB, 638x538, 319:269, Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at ….png)

Still sauce digging, but TWO plane crashes supposedly at Brackett Field Airport in La Verne, CA today. 2nd one just a bit ago…

13e7f8  No.3281616

Battle of Shok Valley


8ceb6b  No.3281617

File: cc36776e24d13fb⋯.jpg (2.89 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 20181001_164739.jpg)

File: ed1f4d07a9821fb⋯.jpg (5.43 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 20181001_164726.jpg)

Found some creepy art today. This little boy is hanging on a wall between windows somewhere in Cologne Germany.

953c11  No.3281618

File: 52a37d0a48a7eda⋯.jpg (207.14 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, IMG_117.jpg)

b4048b  No.3281619

File: 3cca9b68b8e174c⋯.png (1.66 MB, 1264x707, 1264:707, abseofpowr.PNG)

File: c54fc89a142e6f9⋯.png (512.94 KB, 592x390, 296:195, incntrol.PNG)

File: 0916de3492f116e⋯.png (431.92 KB, 893x639, 893:639, incontrl.PNG)

File: 14ebf55f2d8c60c⋯.png (618.93 KB, 770x434, 55:31, withher.PNG)


try these

936c7f  No.3281620

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

WATCH: Flake’s Son Snaps; Drops N-Word & Points Gun At His Head in Bizarre Video of Simulated Suicide

Arizona is not sending up their best people.

Let’s take a step back to Jeff Flake’s apology to voters after his son snapped on the internet, using the N-word and waiving a pistol around during a simulated suicide.

Normally, the actions of Flake’s son Tanner would be off limits but the U.S. Senator has porpelled himself into the spotlight after his debacle last week and folks are starting to take a closer look at Flake.

That includes his parenting skills which rival his lousy skills as a lawmaker.

Let’s travel back to 2013.

You have to love the way the MSM spun this story into parenting today is really challenging so don’t blame Sen. Flake. Yeah, right.

Please don’t confuse this son with another son of Flake’s who killed 20 dogs.

There goes Father of the Year.


1e4384  No.3281621

File: 608d4f0411e158e⋯.jpg (155.01 KB, 1200x797, 1200:797, Sworn_To_Serve_USN.jpg)

America First!

The most precious posession

You have in the world

Is your own people.

And for this people

And for the sake of this people

We will struggle and fight

And never slacken,

And never tire,

Never lose courage

And never lose faith.

Fight, Fight, Fight

1774d2  No.3281622

File: af452d4545921d3⋯.jpg (153.04 KB, 1374x968, 687:484, Blum1.JPG)


Trusting you all to get this out however you see fit. Back in 2016 I was contacted by a man that offered me a large sum of money in order to come to an event. I was a single mother of 2 and did not realise what I was getting myself into. I was told that the event was prestigous and it was kid friendly. The man told me the event did not get the number of RSVP's they expected and needed the event to appear to be a success. They asked that I make sure my son wore a red bow tie and that my daughter wore a pretty dress. I didn't think much of it then. I just saw it as a chance to be an extra, if you will, at a party with kids.

When we arrived I was surprised to see so many men and women from the military and I was introduced to Richard Blumenthal and his wife. I took this picture on a make shift red carpet area and the kids went on to play. I was drawn away by some women, but kept an eye on my kids the best I could. Something didn't feel right. I saw Blumenthal squatting and talking to my son when I was dragged off to take more pictures with people I didn't know. After about an hour I was looking everywhere for my kids. I found my daughter holding a "quiet please" sign with some other girls and she said her brother had "gone with with Mr. B." It seemed like hours had passed, but within a few minutes my son came over to the table I was sitting at. He wasn't himself and I noticed he was no longer wearing his shoes. Someone had taken his brown dress shoes and put him in red dress shoes. Since September 12, 2016 my son has not spoken a single word. He was shattered by something that night. I called the man I spoke with on the phone about the event and he told me that nothing happened and if anything did happen, I signed an agreement that basically kept me quiet. I was livid. Thanks to Q and you anons I had a breakthrough with my son this past year. The red shoes was a the strangest thing about the night, but now I know what happened. Now I know what kind of evil lives in this world. Keep fighting! FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! Survivors like ME still exist in this world.

3b5155  No.3281623

File: 897a07901467f77⋯.jpg (23.47 KB, 260x312, 5:6, smart-games.jpg)

File: 8b842dc279cf921⋯.jpeg (54.78 KB, 580x300, 29:15, play-word-games.jpeg)


Each word possesses subtle meaning nuances and, as the ancient anagrammatists knew, rearranging the parts of a word to make a new word or phrase often produces new meanings that can be construed as having portentous implications, such as revealing the destiny of the bearer of a specific name. From the time of Moses onward, anagrams, for example, were thought to flesh out hidden meanings in names, as letters were perceived as sacred symbols. Although this may not be the case today in our more secular societies, we are still captivated by the same kind of “word magic.”












''Paronomasia, is a form of word play that exploits multiple meanings of a term, or of similar-sounding words, for an intended humorous or rhetorical effect. These ambiguities can arise from the intentional use of homophonic, homographic, metonymic, or figurative language.

Where do mathematicians go on weekends?

To a Möbius strip club!''

''Wordplay and Humor

Dirk Delabatita's definition of wordplay is dense but comprehensive:

Wordplay is the general name for the various textual phenomena in which structural features of the language(s) are exploited in order to bring about a communicatively significant confrontation of two (or more) linguistic structures with more or less similar forms and more or less different meanings. (Delabastita 1996: 128)

Semantically, several meanings are activated by identical or similar forms in a text. Formally, the definition includes homonymy (same sound and writing), homophony (same sound), homography (same writing) and paronymy (similar form). Textually, the author adds, a pun can be “horizontal” or “vertical” (Haussmann, explained by Delabastita 1996: 128). Harvard professor of economic history Neal Ferguson offers an example of a vertical pun: the title of a book chapter about America, “Chimerica”. As a chapter title, “Chimerica” is a vertical pun because various meanings are activated by one form (token) on the communicative axis. In one go, the token chimerica refers to China’s enormous stake in America’s economy and to the word

chimera. In hori-zontal puns, several identical or similar tokens appear in the chain of communication in order to activate various meanings: “How the US put US to shame” is Delabastita’s homographic example (129).''


''An ambigram is a word, art form or other symbolic representation whose elements retain meaning when viewed or interpreted from a different direction, perspective, or orientation.

The meaning of the ambigram may either change, or remain the same, when viewed or interpreted from different perspectives.

Douglas R. Hofstadter describes an ambigram as a "calligraphic design that manages to squeeze two different readings into the selfsame set of curves." Different ambigram artists (sometimes called ambigramists) may create completely different ambigrams from the same word or words, differing in both style and form.''



e12f15  No.3281624

>>3281401 (pb)

This is a bit of a conundrum.

It makes sense to wear outside as opposed to inside for the reasons this anon stated, plus MSM will NEVER show outside the rallies for obvious reasons.

However, if threats are called in saying it's someone in a "Q" shirt, it makes the USSS job more difficult.

Maybe, be anon and don't wear a Q shirt.

Just sayin

f93fe7  No.3281625

File: d59189d045d9510⋯.png (895.22 KB, 914x514, 457:257, ClipboardImage.png)

Girls can write Q on body then remove shirt once inside

b3540a  No.3281626

Lb post about red shoes

Can you pls provide more detail or any proof

Sound too high pitch

Why would you sign anything if harm was done?

a18303  No.3281627

>>3281550 (LB)

I'm sure you still have the shoes ... Shoes / Todays date or GTFO. Do not cry "I threw them out because of muh trauma"

ccf8c7  No.3281628

File: e2a9701bf4204ed⋯.jpg (26.41 KB, 494x171, 26:9, 1a.JPG)

74b72b  No.3281629


Understandable. The Tweets do help look for the appropriate sauce for sure.

776fa7  No.3281630

File: 999d186ac8a748d⋯.png (46.16 KB, 453x480, 151:160, Screenshot_2018-09-30-16-4….png)

File: 6265dada6f1c718⋯.jpg (28.25 KB, 320x239, 320:239, 2j5b8o~2.jpg)

b4048b  No.3281631

File: d95d7cca31bd258⋯.png (18.94 KB, 467x177, 467:177, ClipboardImage.png)


3c3901  No.3281632

File: 641187009ae1426⋯.png (349.84 KB, 493x395, 493:395, ClipboardImage.png)

be232f  No.3281633

File: 505b8fd25544fcd⋯.png (73.13 KB, 712x440, 89:55, 20181001_201245.png)


936c7f  No.3281634

US Sanctions over Beijing’s Purchase of Russia’s S-400 Missile Defense System, China Cancels Security Meeting with the US

The annual meeting between defense officials of both countries was scheduled for mid-October, a sign of heightened bilateral tensions.

In response to illegally imposed US sanctions on Beijing over its purchase of Russian SU-35 combat aircraft and S-400 missile defense systems,the deputy head of China’s Central Ministry Commission (CMC) summoned the US embassy’s acting military attache. He called US sanctions a breach of international rules and standards, a hegemonic action harming bilateral military relations.

Beijing recalled naval commander Shen Jinlong. He was participating in the 23rd International Seapower Symposium – co-hosted by the US Chief of Naval Operations and the White House at the US Naval War College in Newport, RI.

According to Chinese media, Beijing demands that the US “immediately redress its wrongs and withdraw related sanctions.” Huang said China’s military reserves the right to take further countermeasures.

Its National Defense Ministry spokesperson Wu Qian said

“(w)e demand the US side immediately correct its wrongdoing and withdraw the so-called sanctions. Otherwise, the US side must bear the consequences caused by this act.”

On Friday, China’s Vice Foreign Minister Zheng Zeguang summoned US Ambassador Terry Branstad, demanding the rollback of unacceptable Trump regime actions.

In his Friday General Assembly address, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi expressed strong support for multilateralism, criticizing US policies, saying:

“What we see today is that international rules and multilateral mechanisms are under attack, and the international landscape is filled with uncertainties and destabilizing factors,” adding:

“China’s answer is clear-cut. All along, China has upheld the international order and pursued multilateralism.”

Addressing Trump’s hostile General Assembly address, he stressed that “(m)ultilateralism is under fire precisely when we need it most.” It’s vital in dealing with geopolitical challenges.

He warned that Beijing won’t be blackmailed on trade. In his UN address, Trump shamefully accused China of meddling in US November midterm elections, citing no evidence because there is none.

Yi stressed four principles:

replacing confrontation with mutual cooperation on all major issues;

upholding international rules, norms and standards, especially honoring international treaties, conventions, and other agreements;

upholding, defending and preserving fairness and justice in international affairs; and

working together to deliver real results, according to UN Charter and World Trade Organization principles.

Yi stressed that China pursues peaceful, cooperative development. He called for denuclearizing the Korean peninsula, along with fully observing and implementing the JCPOA Iran nuclear deal.

Beijing will continue defending its sovereign rights and interests, he said. It “will open still wider to the world.”

Yi claimed his country’s Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation is “the largest platform for international cooperation.”

It calls for over $1 trillion in longterm investment. Chairman of China’s largest construction machinery manufacturer XCMG said

“One Belt, One Road makes our internationalization strategy like a tiger with wings added.”

It conflicts with Trump’s America First agenda, including Pompeo’s Indo-Pacific Economic Vision, announced in July to compete with China regionally.

Bilateral relations are greatly strained politically, economically and militarily, notably over Trump’s trade war.

Washington demands all other countries bend to its will, a hostile agenda risking greater war than already.

Its provocative military buildup close to Sino/Russian borders could lead to devastating confrontation. Catastrophic nuclear war is possible by accident or design.

Washington’s hell bent rage for unchallenged dominance is the greatest threat to world peace.

A Final Comment

US war secretary Mattis cancelled a China trip scheduled for later this month to meet with his counterpart General Wei Fenghe, a further sign of strained relations.

Late Sunday, an unnamed US official said the trip is off. The State Department, along with China’s defense and foreign ministries issued no comments. Nor did the US embassy in Beijing.


15e599  No.3281635



c60d0c  No.3281636

File: 410843dbf1c78f5⋯.png (715.77 KB, 1710x1076, 855:538, Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at ….png)

Can anyone see this ? I have posted multiple times.

It is huge! Wolfe is play dress up doctor.


8ce59f  No.3281637

File: 0364fa4184be7e2⋯.png (180.87 KB, 888x321, 296:107, mosexoffenders.PNG)

File: 101bec711ebe935⋯.png (59.47 KB, 837x595, 837:595, jacksonco mo sex.PNG)




340e5c  No.3281638


Poor kid what did they do to him

c9615e  No.3281639

File: e84f9bdfa0225cf⋯.jpeg (716.63 KB, 1242x2688, 207:448, 9779A538-5258-4088-9963-E….jpeg)

Baker- notable.

Feinstein’s husband is RICHARD BLUM. He is a huge investor in China. STEEL.

They have since the 90’s. This is why her interest in China /Steel trade is high $$!


3478ad  No.3281640

>>3281550 (pb)

This could be a FF to smear us, so you should make a police report about this, and then get back to us if they feel it is appropriate.

49fe03  No.3281641

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Kill 'em all let God sort 'em out

3f8028  No.3281642


I lived 2 miles from Brackett in Claremont, CA for 20 years.

NO FATALITIES in that entire period at that airport. 1 happened in the foothills just below Mt. Baldy in 1989, but it was clear of the field.

I smell somethin' fishy!

a0a9ed  No.3281643

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

May abundance, prosperity and happiness flow to all you patriots.

f93fe7  No.3281644


Wow is that legit?

0256da  No.3281645

File: 50f9c579f2f55bd⋯.png (8.19 KB, 501x181, 501:181, ClipboardImage.png)


PDT cap

ccf8c7  No.3281646

File: 74935c12345de2e⋯.jpg (63.21 KB, 601x453, 601:453, 1a.JPG)

File: ed6a5c843e27780⋯.jpg (52.69 KB, 588x451, 588:451, 2.JPG)

29d1ec  No.3281647

>>3281550 LAST BREAD

We are not the FBI

Contact the FBI and have them look into it.

Hopefully you filed a police report in your local jurisdiction.

fd443c  No.3281648


is it not.

c44737  No.3281649

File: a1beb257e771448⋯.jpeg (1.79 MB, 1125x2222, 1125:2222, AAF60A36-91C2-450F-9397-E….jpeg)

File: c2d1b7d2bbafbdf⋯.jpeg (35.53 KB, 595x842, 595:842, C5CA7DB7-BF50-43A5-A402-2….jpeg)

File: 15d9184b6ba2b13⋯.gif (62.04 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 579D9CA5-CAF1-4CCF-8BAF-CE….gif)



73e108  No.3281650


Any photos of red shoes? Any photos of Blumenthal at the party? Anything else to corroborate your story?

506d52  No.3281651



Q = outside

no Qs inside.


37eea1  No.3281652

False narrative "Old D party is now new R party" line no longer swallowed.


nothing but projection

Based Q strikes again

8ce59f  No.3281653

File: f5d81aa1778d644⋯.png (45.38 KB, 932x395, 932:395, blum pedo.PNG)


I THINK her husband, Blum, is a pedophile.

717fe4  No.3281654

>>3280877 lb

If he's alive, he went to ground for a reason. Quit trying to dox him. Y'all are painting a target on his back, you dumb fucks. Now this guy and that lady are at risk whoever they are. The enemy is here with us you stupid motherfuckers.

f29c43  No.3281655

When one shirt is not enough..

TWO becomes the solution.

Is Q asking us to make more people awakened ie redpilled, bring them together, all wear Q shirts @ rally?

Or is Q asking for two shirts one above other to get through SS?

936c7f  No.3281656

File: 65358d7db917a99⋯.png (483.85 KB, 638x478, 319:239, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 57e15c44ac1f435⋯.png (338.13 KB, 509x487, 509:487, ClipboardImage.png)

Actress Ellen Barkin: Trump Should Be ‘Removed… Not Just from Office’

Actress Ellen Barkin took to Twitter on Monday and suggested that it wouldn’t be enough to remove President Donald Trump from office.

“this man should be removed…and not just from office,” Ellen Barkin said of President Trump. The Animal Kingdom star was reacting to a video that showed President Trump demanding that CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins ask questions about the newly minted trade deal between the U.S., Mexico, and Canada.

President Trump insisted that Collins ask “a question about trade.” The CNN reporter repeatedly attempted to ask a question about Judge Brett Kavanaugh. President Trump later answered Collins’s Kavanaugh question. When she later attempted to ask a third question related to Judge Kavanaugh, President Trump moved on, telling her “you’ve really had enough.”

Barkin’s tweet about President Trump comes just days after she declared that she’s only interested in being around “like-minded thinkers” after the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to advance the confirmation of the Supreme Court nominee.

“Dear scum of the earth,” Barkin’s tweet began. “In case sum haven’t noticed, i am not looking to make any new friends right now,” she wrote. “i don’t care what you think, not now. let me rest. leave me alone with like-minded thinkers until i can see again.”

In 2012, Barkin made light of the untimely death of Andrew Breitbart. The actress also suggested that Breitbart’s supporters are “evil assholes.”


79a5b3  No.3281657

File: fc57bfa8649b2e4⋯.jpg (37.79 KB, 657x527, 657:527, fc57bfa8649b2e40296f3e280e….jpg)

Kek, I brought up how the emergency alert would trigger liberals to my normie boss. She said she didn't really understand what they were saying but people on Facebook were talking about it having something to do with Deep State and Q.

I grabbed my jaw off the floor and said.."They are talking about Q on facebook?"

Yeah, lots of people….

I said "Interesting" and walked away.

Its happening Frens.

6b6a61  No.3281658

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Trump Rally 10/01/18 Johnson City, TN

d01654  No.3281659

new PP post

d01654  No.3281660


sorry PF post

528d91  No.3281661

>>3281409 (pb)

>That’s not the cursive “Q” I was taught back when they taught writing.

Common Core is a fucking nightmare and has been slowing infiltrating institutions for decades.

Read more old books, Anon.

197f1a  No.3281663


Exactly…..how dumb can folks be?

7aa56c  No.3281664

File: 773f43786053e92⋯.jpg (445.52 KB, 1196x1200, 299:300, 1538104687-1.jpg)

File: ddcf1bc651bfe62⋯.jpg (87.22 KB, 812x395, 812:395, 1538104378.jpg)

File: b3afc7f6016c71f⋯.jpg (33.29 KB, 334x249, 334:249, 1538310201.jpg)

File: ec892f36d561636⋯.png (504.38 KB, 605x757, 605:757, 86b75a3eb957fb9e0fedd0b942….png)

37eea1  No.3281665

File: d2e0d91765ca4c0⋯.jpg (334.44 KB, 1061x1576, 1061:1576, pepekekking3.jpg)



I had a witty thing to say

kek fren

9d9690  No.3281666

File: 1b5032b8419086b⋯.jpg (28.17 KB, 570x428, 285:214, Motorboating.jpg)

69fbd6  No.3281668

new PF

3e7716  No.3281669

File: d53ce50b62ebf66⋯.png (372.57 KB, 402x448, 201:224, ClipboardImage.png)

'Hero' assassin-stopping Kate Mazz had a very similar design on her Q shirt


aaa057  No.3281670

File: be9dc778c064821⋯.png (592.39 KB, 855x449, 855:449, ClipboardImage.png)

8131f4  No.3281671


This is a Children of Fallen Patriots event.


Also, a photo album from that evening.


74b72b  No.3281672


Why are we supposed to care about what movie stars think? They remember lines to scripts they didn't write and play pretend, making money for it. And their opinion is supposed to be valued why? Because they live in a fantasy land they come down from and pass off hidden again as empathy?

8d6b6b  No.3281673

Schumer: Trump 'deserves praise' for work to fix Mexico, Canada trade deal


776fa7  No.3281674



Jeff Flake balls is not worth the cost of security…

74c41e  No.3281675


Wouldn’t exactly make for a Glorious 2019, would it, bread shitter?

I just called attention to the RussRev in last bread to note the dates. Under Russia’s old calendar, the Rev officially started on Oct 25…thus…Red October.

But…you adjust for our current calendar that puts the date at Nov 7th. That day after midterm election. The day we wake up to the BIG, YUGE WIN.

ef4350  No.3281676

File: 233f9df683139a8⋯.png (243.88 KB, 504x326, 252:163, whr8.png)

File: 3bdaf49f92e3f53⋯.png (583.06 KB, 504x506, 252:253, whr9.png)

File: cd0e5071c05be05⋯.png (385.92 KB, 504x463, 504:463, whr10.png)

72d1c5  No.3281677

File: b48837cc7ec33ae⋯.jpg (131.3 KB, 800x572, 200:143, 5D3_2681 David and Cynthia….jpg)




a0a9ed  No.3281678

163bcb  No.3281679

2 planes down in 1 day ?

Odds ?


153432  No.3281680

File: 3bbdc326f8dc774⋯.png (6.41 KB, 612x104, 153:26, 76298d9c-5f47-dd8c-1978-2d….png)


pic related a few breads ago

49fe03  No.3281681

File: d3e79aff3d4005b⋯.jpeg (138.34 KB, 960x821, 960:821, BADA0EFE-BCA6-4469-BB48-D….jpeg)

File: 6a5d965e1c63d84⋯.jpeg (43.29 KB, 500x321, 500:321, 1FBDA20C-D6A7-4A72-8E45-F….jpeg)



It’s time to learn the TRUTH.

Why are D’s inspiring activist groups to remove history re: slavery?

Why are history books painting a different picture than before?

Why are teachers following a new false script?

“Republicans are racists.”

Learn the term ‘Projection’.

Why are they threatened?

MSM has you brainwashed.

They want you controlled.

They want you enslaved.

They want you divided.

They want you dependent!

What has the D party done for the black pop?

What has the R party done for the black pop?

What has POTUS done in 1 year?

What is the net worth of black leaders today?

Why does Pelosi mention MLK 74% of the time during weekly addresses?

MLK was a conservative.

Learn the TRUTH.

Re_read drops re: slave grip of black pop.

Why do we look at skin color?




APART, we are weak.



589f6b  No.3281682


Assassin stopping?

Sauce pl0x

eb413a  No.3281683


Chris Evans stars in The Cuckening II : New Jew Boogaloo

d01654  No.3281684


i rushed … i tripped …

0208d9  No.3281685

File: 1c8dfc6c15813a4⋯.png (2.05 MB, 2208x1242, 16:9, 8B08EBC2-D756-4192-8567-68….png)

Speaking of history:

74b72b  No.3281686


anger*, not again

e78b4b  No.3281687

File: b213e27b0859a05⋯.png (97.16 KB, 960x293, 960:293, WalkawayFromTheHateAlpha.png)

File: 9d572b413864f57⋯.png (121.36 KB, 960x293, 960:293, WalkawayFromTheHateAlpha2.png)

File: fffc500fc126fbc⋯.png (139.29 KB, 913x220, 83:20, WalkawayFromTheHateAlpha3.png)

>>3281252 lb

291d84  No.3281688

File: b4227f569a1c7fc⋯.png (85.18 KB, 1022x384, 511:192, Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at ….png)

If I were the Dems, I'd want to erase my history too. Tearing down monuments etc.

29d586  No.3281689

File: 744ca6aa6611319⋯.png (7.79 MB, 1125x2436, 375:812, F66A3922-6E51-4A44-A4AD-52….png)

936c7f  No.3281690

File: 738f31d973215d6⋯.png (128.1 KB, 511x349, 511:349, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7861271a489ac16⋯.png (11.6 KB, 495x200, 99:40, ClipboardImage.png)

Sen. Brian Schatz Says It’s a Crime to Lie Before the Senate – Implicates Christine Blasey Ford

Like Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono, her male equivalent senator, Brian Schatz, continues to bring great embarrassment to the Aloha State.

Sen. Schatz, like his fellow Democrats, has spent the past two weeks conjuring up plenty of pointless and paranoid objections to the confirmation of Brett Kavnaaugh to the Supreme Court. It’s truly a sight to be seen, as Democrats aren’t even trying to hide the fact that they’re only acting this hysterically to delay Kavanaugh’s confirmation indefinitely. Whether or not Christine Blasey Ford is actually a victim is secondary to them.

Take the case of the FBI investigation of Kavanaugh Democrats have been demanding. Did anyone in their right mind actually think an FBI investigation would shut them up? Of course not. The second an FBI investigation (which would be pointless) was approved, the narrative changed from “we need an FBI investigation” to “even if the FBI exonerates Kavanaugh, it doesn’t matter.”

See this example from ultra-liberal Senator Chris Murphy.

Sen.Schatz, meanwhile, accidentally made the case that Ford could face legal penalties for her testimony. “Lying to the Senate is illegal. That’s all for now,” he wrote in a tweet. He followed that up with another: “Sorry. One more thing. It’s not like it’s ‘technically illegal’ or something. It’s legit illegal. With penalties and such. OK that’s it.”

Take a look:

He was trying to take a dig at Kavanaugh, but, seemingly, couldn’t find a single example where Kavanaugh was untruthful in his testimony. Ford’s testimony, on the other hand, was full of contradictions. She had a number of inconsistencies during her remarks.

Here is a quick summary:

When Was the Party?

In a text to The Washington Post, Ford claimed the assault happened in the “mid 1980s”

Ford told Dianne Feinstein in her July letter that the assault happened in the “early 1980s”

By September 16th, Ford narrowed down her timeframe to the “summer of 1982”

Who Heard Who?

In her letter to Feinstein, Ford says she heard Brett Kavanaugh and Mark Judge talking to other party-goers after the assault, as she hid in the bathroom. In her Senate testimony, she says she couldn’t hear them downstairs.

How Many Party-goers?

Ford’s claim under oath that there were “4 boys and a couple of girls” at the party contradicts prior accounts from Ford and her lawyers. In her letter to Feinstein, Ford claimed that there were “four others” present. She also told The Washington Post that there were “four boys at the party”

A Fear of Flying

Ford’s lawyers cited a fear of flying as an excuse for delaying Ford’s testimony. Under oath, Ford testified that she flies all the time as part of her work with an Australian consulting firm, to visit family on the East coast, and to visit Hawaii. She also flew to the hearing.

Who Attended the Party with Ford?

Ford says she attended the party with friend Leland Keyser, who Ford apparently left alone in the house she was assaulted in. Keyser has no recollection of the party or any assault. We’re also supposed to believe that Keyser didn’t follow up with Ford as to why she suddenly disappeared from the party, and that the alleged attempted assault was never mentioned to Keyser.

Ford blamed Keyser’s refutation of her claims by stating that “she [Keyser] has health problems and needs to be taken care of.” Something tells me we wouldn’t be hearing about Keyser’s supposed health problems if she corroborated Ford’s account.

All these inconsistencies aren’t necessarily lies – if Ford’s memory truly is faulty. But if that’s the case, why believe her on details regarding the assault, given that everything else she remembers is so inconsistent with reality?


0011ae  No.3281691

see alot of QQQQQQ shirts on the way to Rally on live RSBN

0d6595  No.3281692

File: f3e1f19e379d051⋯.jpeg (16.39 KB, 255x158, 255:158, 788A8764-4ECD-4B32-993F-0….jpeg)

Why is a herion dealer getting sentenced notable?

Are we just aggradating any news we see.

Poppy fields in Afghanistan getting bombed is notable.

Heroin dealers have always been sentenced under every administration.

Just using this as an example.

Alot of relevant notables fall off too quick becuz now its notable if grandmas hemmoroids cleared up.

I mean do it still yer satisfied if thats whats up.

Jes saying.

33ad73  No.3281694


In the early 20th century, the difference between these two calendars was 13 days, so the Julian (also called Old Style) dates October 24–25 correspond to the Gregorian dates November 6–7.

And of course November 6 would be election day this year….

0e4869  No.3281695


Listen to Petty’s music, it is good. But don’t use his words to ascribe to political causes he probably wouldn’t agree with. I don’t think he was a ‘Trump guy.’ You could poison their meme potential. Effective memes depend on a core of truth.

ef4350  No.3281696

File: 16e1e7784d4e244⋯.png (338.52 KB, 504x326, 252:163, whr1.png)

File: 977e446e3b0d40f⋯.png (389.23 KB, 504x326, 252:163, whr2.png)

File: 543cfd2ee145937⋯.png (306.04 KB, 504x326, 252:163, whr4.png)

37eea1  No.3281697


they're different shirts anon

both Q's

74c41e  No.3281698



Will da gentile fiddle on da roof?

Sounds wonderful.

69fbd6  No.3281699

File: d6435bfc1f4bc38⋯.png (24.32 KB, 496x183, 496:183, ClipboardImage.png)


7248c7  No.3281700

>>3281437 (LB)

Agree it is aggravating but NO to facism. Just find decent ppl and make the Constitution work as intended.

37eea1  No.3281701

File: 3775566b9315d1e⋯.png (192.87 KB, 590x359, 590:359, ClipboardImage.png)


exactly the crumb I though of, and the earlier one

6235ca  No.3281702

we have to understand that Q word the one shirt two shirt thing the way he did for a reason. it clearly isn't clearly saying one in and two out or visa versa. it must be confusing for a reason. if Q wants to clear this up, Q will absolutely do so. the only other outcome will be BOTH happening. maybe this is intentional.

people wearing their Q shirts outside will not be at risk inside and people wearing their Q shirt inside will not have been identified and called in from outside. best of both world?

c9615e  No.3281703


I’ve been diggin on that but nothing concrete yet. They are using the US and her government positions to pad their bank account(s). Currently, Blum is making $$$ off the CA bullet train (costs just increased) as well as his real estate investments that she signed bills that benefit them financially.

5152cc  No.3281704

File: d0ce0c5e81f5c3a⋯.png (419.84 KB, 1626x913, 1626:913, 1538420227.png)

>>3281380 l.b.

Same here. Fantastic idea for a petition.

Shame that it only got 45 signers, but i know 2 that would have signed if had known.

Maybe something to try again at some point?

0208d9  No.3281705


Will the large arrests happen before November elections, or after?

839923  No.3281706


I found this…Cannot Confirm if RB was there yet.


Looks like Sep 12, 2016 - Children Of Fallen Patriots 8th Annual Gala in Riverside, CT. Could be legit?

ef4350  No.3281708

File: 3ff7969372b5f0d⋯.png (290.01 KB, 504x326, 252:163, whr5.png)

File: 35b5d7deb7ef33f⋯.png (345.17 KB, 504x326, 252:163, whr6.png)

File: 3bcc0c287ee724b⋯.png (444.21 KB, 504x326, 252:163, whr7.png)

ff1a75  No.3281709

>>3281550 (lb) in regards to Gala with little boy and Blumenthal

Found sauce: 8th Annual Children of Fallen Patriot Foundation Gala. Blumenthal (and other prominent figures) photog. Note, same couple shown in same outfits.

https:// fairfieldcountylook.com/parties/children-of-the-fall-patriots-annual-gala/

74c41e  No.3281710


Your bewbs are not Notable.

Les see dem nips

8d6b6b  No.3281711

File: f1e493bfa3c633c⋯.mp4 (265 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Mike on Twitter- 'Lindsey ….mp4)

Lindsey Graham telling CNN, "If you don't like me working with President Trump to make the world a better place, I don't give a shit"

93b347  No.3281712


Feeling much more comfy reading/analyzing The Federalist Papers now.

Finished commentary on those papers concerning dangers from foreign force and influence.

Future absolutely proving past, both IRL and here.

Q, please keep up the excellent work.

291d84  No.3281713

File: ec5428bc043a49a⋯.png (346.83 KB, 1150x948, 575:474, Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at ….png)

File: c962ad9f8318cb0⋯.png (314.17 KB, 440x500, 22:25, Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at ….png)

File: 23d63b5da598280⋯.png (41.47 KB, 158x180, 79:90, Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at ….png)

936c7f  No.3281714

File: d609d7f7ff135c9⋯.png (760.34 KB, 636x458, 318:229, ClipboardImage.png)

EU Loyalist Grieve Calls for ‘Polite Rebellion’ Against Brexit, National Unity Govt to Hold Second Referendum

Tory europhile Dominic Grieve has called for a “polite rebellion” if Theresa May presses on with Brexit, suggesting a national unity government should deliver a second EU referendum.

The former Attorney-General, who serves as the ad hoc leader of a group of EU loyalist rebels which has already voted against the Government to defeat aspects of the legislation to deliver Brexit in Parliament, declared that “the time has come for a polite rebellion by pragmatic Conservatives” in a Sunday Telegraph article.

The Beaconsfield MP said he hoped that the Prime Minister would “come to see the benefit” of holding a so-called ‘People’s Vote’– or ‘Losers’ Vote’, according to Brexit supporters — on Brexit, but warned that “if she insists on pressing on, I for one cannot allow short-term party considerations to override the national interest”.

Unlike many EU loyalists, who claim that the purpose of a ‘People’s Vote’ would be merely to give the public a say on the final terms of Britain’s exit from the European Union, Grieve cheerfully admits that he “would of course argue that we need to change our national position”.

“We should choose to return to our union with twenty-seven like-minded European partners, whose values we share from centuries of interconnection and whose futures are intimately bound up with our own,” he adds, for the avoidance of doubt.

The idea of a cross-party ‘national unity’ government to thwart the public’s 2016 vote to Leave the European Union has previously been floated by fellow Tory europhile Anna Soubry, who in July 2018 told the BBC: “I personally would abandon the Labour frontbench and I would reach beyond it, and I would encompass Plaid Cymru, the SNP and other sensible, pragmatic people who believe in putting this country’s interests first and foremost.”

Soubry’s statement raised eyebrows, as the Scottish National Party and Plaid Cymru are, in fact, left-wing separatist parties which wish to break Scotland and Wales off from the United Kingdom as nominally independent EU member-states, and can therefore hardly be said to “believe in putting [the] country’s interests first”.

Her constituency of Broxtowe voted Leave in the 2016 referendum, and she is now complaining that local party members wish to deselect her for another candidate.


fb07c5  No.3281715

File: c3df9e4a5711d76⋯.jpg (14.23 KB, 242x255, 242:255, 0cf8659d80339fa05275ad64f1….jpg)

ff1a75  No.3281716

File: 212ed112b912db5⋯.jpg (236.67 KB, 700x500, 7:5, 5D3_2681-David-and-Cynthia….jpg)



bd2e7a  No.3281717

File: 091334f8e894ed8⋯.png (758.63 KB, 1061x730, 1061:730, 10-1-18 Inferior Steel.png)

>>3281503 (prev)

>Feinstein's hubby invests in China steel co

Today POTUS confirmed Q post from March 6

43ff62  No.3281718

Q what is your favorite tshirt design?

37eea1  No.3281719

this is one of POTUS best days as President

we haven't even had the rally yet

God Bless President Trump

2e70bc  No.3281720

File: a376d4180105efa⋯.jpg (92.32 KB, 759x475, 759:475, 34d8a60031cf7fd71261c965a9….jpg)

File: e4cd62a6e3ae020⋯.jpg (169.52 KB, 735x490, 3:2, e1d234e6ff3736c257e06b54b3….jpg)

d20b33  No.3281721

File: 67fcf5a08275a13⋯.png (784.52 KB, 1388x1118, 694:559, september-2018-habbenings.png)

Kavanaugh keeps calendars

So do we

September Habbenings

3478ad  No.3281722


The soy grimace strikes again.

8d6b6b  No.3281723


Chris Evans loves prison slave labour

74b72b  No.3281724


Oh, I have my moments for sure kek.

9dc390  No.3281725


Can see your post

Don't see your point

Can you elaborate why this is huge?

506d52  No.3281726


what happened in recent rallies?

there's your answer.

Q outside = fine.

Q inside = you outside.

ef4350  No.3281727

File: ad214223aea28af⋯.png (242.44 KB, 576x372, 48:31, reckoning11.png)

37eea1  No.3281728


love those anon

insta-notable'd it last night, and was nominated also

great work

1e4384  No.3281729


You are making a fool out of yourself

People think that the October Revolution

Was a Communist Revolution

Because the Communists came to power

AFTER the revolution had overthrown the Tsar

And fired up the people.

But the events of October 1917

In Sankt Peterburg Russia

That overthrew the Rule of the Tsar

And the Government of the Tsar's Duma

Were carried out by the FACTORY WORKERS

And the SOLDIERS of the city.

Not Peasants. Just the Workers and the Soldiers

Later on, the Communists, in accord with their ideology

Brought the peasants into the revolution

Kicking and screaming, because peasants

It turns out

Are NATURALLY conservative people.

Nevertheless, it was the combined might

Of the Military and the Workers in Manufacturing

Who created the Red October in 1917

And we expect them to do it again this year

As the red wave builds up to

The Red Tsunami of November

Restoring the Constitution and the Rule of the People.

Look around.

Who goes to Trump rallys

Who does Trump visit

Who surrounds Trump

It is always factory workers and military

Trump is the BLUE COLLAR billionaire

If people would ignore stupid books about fire and fury

And look at the guy's history

Starting at the New York Military Academy

It makes perfect sense

8c7b50  No.3281730


Too little too late, Chuck.

Your goose is cooked.

79a5b3  No.3281731


Logic would dictate after

7eba4a  No.3281732

5d144d  No.3281733

Notice that Trump is wearing RED TIE during the Congressional Medal of Honor this afternoon.


3c3901  No.3281734

File: 3bca8dd50514f66⋯.png (204.03 KB, 800x500, 8:5, ClipboardImage.png)

b2aa85  No.3281735

File: 119a83689f5050f⋯.png (503.91 KB, 975x402, 325:134, TrumpWins.PNG)

File: dcc3d0de530ec5b⋯.png (419.94 KB, 504x370, 252:185, Capture.PNG)

Trump is Awesome.

BOOM! Trump TORCHES Another Liberal Reporter at Trade Presser


ff1a75  No.3281736


Sauce to exact pic out anonmom friend posted


49fe03  No.3281737

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



35da09  No.3281738


You can be loud and be heard and be high energy without a Q upon you! Just show up and support your candidates! Speak up for your ideas and share the sauce!

8c7b50  No.3281739


What balls?

cdd928  No.3281740


da fuck is this?

3478ad  No.3281741




Suspected child abuse is a matter for the police.

17a2e3  No.3281742

File: 6891729f40abd9c⋯.png (38.13 KB, 648x631, 648:631, ClipboardImage.png)

Get around the Q shirt ban issue creatively?

Any Anons have other ideas?

a0bf13  No.3281743

Twitter is active as fuck today you guys, things are definitely heating up.

7bb838  No.3281744

Right now Trump's awarding highest military honor to former Green Beret MEDIC, Ronald J. Shurer, who treated team mates under fire for 5 hours. The Congressional Medal of Honor. The men he saved are all there. Ron is now battling lung cancer. damn it.

32abe2  No.3281745

File: 43c4d2d3e70e077⋯.jpg (17.25 KB, 255x255, 1:1, Blacks Democrats Republics….jpg)

File: 46846bc2308ce2b⋯.jpg (17.35 KB, 255x185, 51:37, Blacks MLK Was a Conservat….jpg)

File: cd38cc1d4c0474d⋯.jpg (76.78 KB, 736x716, 184:179, Blacks Racism Liberals.jpg)

0208d9  No.3281746


Logic and Q’s answer can be different

89f970  No.3281747

File: 4d332e1fb478dde⋯.png (98.27 KB, 632x506, 316:253, Chris Evans on Twitter T….png)

File: 837db987744420e⋯.png (65.79 KB, 636x452, 159:113, Katrina Pierson on Twitter….png)

File: 541c912153bf7ba⋯.png (15.67 KB, 501x176, 501:176, patriotsfight Future C….png)


37eea1  No.3281748

ANONS, the Tampa rally was special, it can't (and due to threats likely won't) be recreated

wear your shirts outside, and if the USSS, FOR YOUR SAFTEY, says to take it off, comply

Thank the USSS while doing it too

9d9690  No.3281749

File: 651be3e575778cd⋯.jpg (77.3 KB, 736x728, 92:91, Hakone.jpg)

72d1c5  No.3281750

a0a9ed  No.3281751


doesn't he always wear red? Maybe he should dye his hair red too to highlight the redness of this month.

bd2e7a  No.3281752

>>3281550 (prev)

>I was introduced to Richard Blumenthal and his wife.

Anon, you should write to Sen. Grassley so that "sick, evil bastard" can be investigated!

b9af54  No.3281753


Wait, they left in a U-Haul and no one can track that???

3478ad  No.3281754

a2f6a0  No.3281755


Yes, he always wears red

37eea1  No.3281756



he's got all kinds of colored ties

but noted

de2c60  No.3281757


I missed August calendar, anyone got it handy?

3d26f3  No.3281758


He was hunted by the same people we are fighting today

a2f6a0  No.3281759

Q, are we still waiting on the sky event?

982691  No.3281760


TY, for posting this.

This isn't art.

This is sick.

8d4a0a  No.3281761

File: 41f58a7654e5241⋯.jpg (1007.16 KB, 960x1436, 240:359, liberal edition.jpg)

0208d9  No.3281762


Will there be a currency reset?

d25062  No.3281763

File: 60b35618e675742⋯.jpg (1.11 MB, 2560x2108, 640:527, 1537588382715.jpg)

File: 552efc8cd7b91e5⋯.jpg (550.89 KB, 900x901, 900:901, 1538192747194.jpg)

37eea1  No.3281764


that blatantly false anon

do I really need to get pics?

8d6b6b  No.3281765


Instead of Q shirts, start wearing 17 shirts.

128ee3  No.3281766

File: 0760244e951b970⋯.png (28.67 KB, 732x383, 732:383, Screenshot_2018-10-01 Unit….png)


which one matters?

a0a9ed  No.3281767

15e599  No.3281768

File: e5d3902d40d11ba⋯.png (191.82 KB, 640x853, 640:853, Pepina alpha.png)


Ladies, please take note of this advice.

de9798  No.3281769

936c7f  No.3281770

File: 491bbc0635a7d4f⋯.png (468.06 KB, 500x476, 125:119, ClipboardImage.png)


BBC publishes video showing 6-year-olds being made to write gay love letters to promote diversity

The BBC’s Radio Manchester shared a video on the organization’s Facebook page in September that’s making the rounds and going viral.

What’s the video all about?

The video features 6-year-olds writing letters from one male story character to another male story character, imploring him to marry the other.

Featuring pupils from Bewsey Lodge Primary School — which is in Warrington, in England’s Cheshire region — the video shows children pen a note from “Prince Henry” to his servant “Thomas.”

The students’ teacher, Sarah Hopson, told the BBC what was happening in the video — which, at the time of this writing, has been viewed more than 180,000 times.

“This class of 6-year-olds is learning about gay marriage. In this fairy tale, the prince wants to marry his [male] servant. And the children are writing a love letter,” Hopson said.

She noted that she believes it’s important for children to learn about gay marriage at such a young age because those same children would “go out into that world and find this diversity around them, and they’ll find that out at a young age as well.”

“[T]he more [children] can be accepting at this age, you’re not going to face it further on, because the children will be accepting now and will be accepting this diversity around them,” she added.

According to Bewsey Lodge Primary School’s website, the school teaches “PSHE,” which stands for “Personal, Social, and Health Education.” Under the PSHE umbrella, topics like transgenderism, sexuality, and relationships are discussed. PSHE is taught from nursery age to year 6. Additionally, the school has “non-gender-specific” uniforms.

You can read more about the program here.

Anything else?

In June, the school received an award and became the first school in the region to win a LGBT+ award.

According to the Warrington Guardian, the school received the “Educate and Celebrate” Best Practice Gold Award.

The award was for tackling “homophobic, biphobic, and transphobic bullying in schools,” according to the outlet.


a18303  No.3281771



Not one shot of Blumenthal. I doubt a photographer would miss the opportunity to get one pic of him even if candid..

ece1fe  No.3281772


>Chris Evans

It frustrates me when talk of "reading books" and "knowing history" is brought into it, because the mainstream view is painfully, woefully, toweringly bereft of any kind of context in historical knowledge, and knowledge of political history. The presumption of intellectual superiority is among the emptiest of mainstream dogmas.

c2f954  No.3281773


a2f6a0  No.3281774


correction, he wears red most of the time. sorry

37eea1  No.3281775


good idea, or other Q related things

89a7e1  No.3281776

File: 28b9dd975793479⋯.png (547.94 KB, 781x604, 781:604, badyearbook.PNG)


No. Stop, please just stop.


Can an Anon post an EST time zone screen capture of 312. If original time is 10:01 it is a mirror proof for today.

0b222f  No.3281777

File: 2d7df27a5b51447⋯.jpg (13.9 KB, 255x170, 3:2, POTUSlooksUpToWoundedVets.jpg)


POTUS was so genuine when he put the medal on. He truly loves his people, and goodness. Triggered my allergies tbh.

49fe03  No.3281778

File: 8c2bdda345fd06c⋯.jpeg (27.1 KB, 559x462, 559:462, Dob2gfbVAAMb2lr.jpg-large.jpeg)

File: 9fbf6c88796eb5c⋯.png (505.26 KB, 785x663, 785:663, Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at ….png)

File: 7dfb71bae1e8753⋯.png (496.4 KB, 558x661, 558:661, Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at ….png)

File: 880c7d96dd8b5c4⋯.png (290.85 KB, 604x726, 302:363, Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at ….png)

>James Murren



0f1510  No.3281779


If true, then this guy would be a serial abuser, using men to find kids for him. The white hats know and he'll be gone, imho, THIS MONTH.

Get your son therapy, and most importantly, prayer to heal him.

37eea1  No.3281780


kek, understood

he does wear red a lot

3478ad  No.3281781


This smells, anons.

>>3281741 >>3281640

9d0bf0  No.3281782


LOL. Goodbye Rosenstein. Very soon. I mean, after the elections. I think. Folks, wake the hell up. Well, you will on 10/3 anyway

0208d9  No.3281783


Proof please.

Need Q to answer that.

e78b4b  No.3281784

>>3281656 Some, as they get older, handle it very well and don't lose any mental power. Others (hi, Ellen!) become old & publicly stupid simultaneously, the bitterness at seeing their psycho world collapse becoming unbearable to their weak bodies, minds & souls.

74c41e  No.3281785


If I were a (((juice)))…I’d want the last name Schatz.

And I would be King Shillord.

He is making a go of it here. I’m impressed.

b'nai brith is gonna cancel his parking pass

b0e9e1  No.3281786


Wow. When has Q ever mentioned debt reset?

Get a job. Pay your bills.

79a5b3  No.3281787


Not to speak for Q but that's a lot to jam into October and would probably necessitate martial law and pushing back elections indefinitely. It might happen depending on how sure the Red Wave is.

7695a6  No.3281788

File: 7504b06b12b24a0⋯.jpg (81.88 KB, 756x499, 756:499, IMG_20181002_005651.jpg)

File: bc30a31ac4de270⋯.png (109.64 KB, 1080x1276, 270:319, Screenshot_20181002-005325….png)

File: 9bf77f908b6f60d⋯.png (197.21 KB, 1080x1366, 540:683, Screenshot_20181002-005244….png)

64bfca  No.3281789


Bad Fuel ???

eb413a  No.3281790

Is a pipe cleaner good for itching hemorrhoids ?

8bcc87  No.3281791

File: d6cd39cce635c5e⋯.png (34.73 KB, 653x318, 653:318, Gutfeld re Evans 10-1-18.PNG)

Regarding Q's latest

I saw this tweet a few mins ago


3d9610  No.3281792

Slavery? 0.8% of Americans owned slaves. Depending on year, 40-70% of Jewish families owned slaves. Lincolns General Ulysses S. Grant(later President) even expelled many Jews because of these antics.

8c7b50  No.3281793

File: 3882bb3a14d446b⋯.jpg (44.9 KB, 618x297, 206:99, BM 10.1.18.jpg)

fcb31b  No.3281794

>>3280071 pb

>>Based Kanye Alert

The ORIGINAL 13th Amendment was referred to as the Titles of Nobility Amendment. 1871 US (DC only) constitution (not original 1787 constitution) swapped it out and made us slaves instead of (((them))) being bound as servants. Or, so they thought.




5152cc  No.3281795

File: 5731dd10687dffe⋯.png (150.12 KB, 367x227, 367:227, KQ.png)

>>3281006 (lb)



Not insinuating anything about today's VIPs

- sure they're nice people & true patriots -

but their shirts reminded me of this one.

Likely just a coincidence.

a2f6a0  No.3281796


oh boy anon wake up, the financial structure we have now DOES NOT WORK!! MOAR RESEARCH for you

ccf8c7  No.3281797

File: 91e3ad857138781⋯.jpg (220.65 KB, 1004x928, 251:232, 1a.JPG)

File: 406eb42a3592c67⋯.jpg (125.35 KB, 674x912, 337:456, 2.JPG)

File: cded057d7c0f523⋯.jpg (30.69 KB, 601x124, 601:124, 2a.JPG)

Georgetown professor says white GOP senators ‘deserve miserable deaths’ after Kavanaugh hearing


d20b33  No.3281798

File: 22c490b222f3566⋯.png (1.52 MB, 2421x1685, 2421:1685, august-2018-habbenings.png)


here you go anon

64bfca  No.3281799


Or Water in the Fuel

0ff535  No.3281800

File: 7ca7d9761d61db1⋯.png (49.25 KB, 1132x420, 283:105, Selection_529.png)

File: d4c7b1d172edc59⋯.png (224.97 KB, 532x389, 532:389, Selection_528.png)


>>3281550 (lb)

The photo anon claimed to have taken is found on this page.

The Date of the event was NOVEMBER, 12 2016.


2d0fdb  No.3281801

When one shirt is not enough..

TWO becomes the solution.


Two dots and then one to end, a continuation of the countdown?

32abe2  No.3281802


Thank you anon, beautiful job. I will use these alot.

a0a9ed  No.3281803



Just the beginning.

6235ca  No.3281804


maybe, but we can't be so sure. the ss serves at the pleasure of the potus and could easily have been given new instructions

37eea1  No.3281805

File: 4da0209256d85f1⋯.png (8.35 MB, 5197x4434, 5197:4434, justiceKsidebyside.png)

Side by side on Justice K

the side by side of him being confirmed will be easy to make, once it happens

the "investigation" will exonerate Justice K

and we had AND have the votes

God Bless Justice K

10393d  No.3281806

File: 1d7514bbf8a5af6⋯.png (1.25 MB, 1024x1150, 512:575, petersonnn.png)

File: e334ad1e936ac2b⋯.png (589.55 KB, 2143x1569, 2143:1569, jordanpetersonnnn.png)

more Peterson info

fuck em all

936c7f  No.3281807

Washington Newspaper Retracts Explosive Op-Ed on Slain DNC Staffer Seth Rich

The conservative Washington Times newspaper retracted on Sunday an explosive opinion piece published in March alleging a cover-up in the case of slain Democratic National Committee (DNC) staffer Seth Rich.

The timing of Rich's murder — July 10, 2016 — and the publishing of emails written by the upper echelons of the DNC later in the month by DC Leaks and WikiLeaks, fueled conspiracy theories that Rich was killed for having leaked the information.

The Washington Times op-ed, published on March 1, is now the second piece of reporting to be retracted by a mainstream conservative media company on the Seth Rich case. Fox News retracted a story on May 23, 2017. For that piece, they sourced from "independent investigator" Rod Wheeler, who was actually a paid Fox News contributor. The network had previously — all the way back in 2007 — issued a correction after Wheeler claimed on "The O'Reilly Factor" that underground lesbian gangs with pink guns were raping young girls and committing crimes all over the country.

The Washington Times piece — which is no longer available on their website but still accessible in part, unsurprisingly, on InfoWars and in full via the Internet Archive — proclaimed that Rich was "clearly" not "a victim of robbery," as police say he was.

It also connected Rich's murder to another crime committed the same day in another part of the city, which the op-ed claimed was in the "vicinity": the theft of guns and ammunition from an FBI agent's car. The op-ed posed such questions as: "was the FBI gun used to shoot Seth Rich?"

But the majority of the article's claims are not mentioned in the paper's statement on their retraction. That's potentially because the news organization only took back the op-ed after settling on undisclosed terms with Seth Rich's brother, Aaron Rich.

The claims withdrawn include that the Rich brothers downloaded the DNC emails and were paid by WikiLeaks after they handed the messages over to the organization, as well as that law enforcement has not interviewed Aaron.

Of the first charge, the newspaper said they no longer have "any basis to believe any part of that statement to be true." Of the latter, they now understand "that law enforcement officials have interviewed" Aaron Rich.

"The Washington Times apologizes to Mr. Rich and his family," the paper wrote.


74c41e  No.3281808



Watch it. Continually.

ayy lmao coming any day now

Want to know the date? Buy my book.

ff1a75  No.3281809

a0bf13  No.3281810

Bill Mitchell

Verified account


34s34 seconds ago


"Actress Jane Fonda said that people should “get in the streets” and “shut down” the United States if President Trump fired Robert Mueller during a panel in New York City this week."

This is the definition of #SeditiousConspiracy and could get you 20 years.

01dee1  No.3281811

File: 39af7182e55de54⋯.png (484.62 KB, 1800x1200, 3:2, just-sayin.png)

c60d0c  No.3281812

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It is Wolfe Blitzer in a costume!

3478ad  No.3281813



ce5702  No.3281814


Awesome kek

cacd49  No.3281815

File: cf9e2396949dc8f⋯.jpg (203.1 KB, 420x420, 1:1, lindsey graham good movie.jpg)


HAHA. I've never seen this one before. Too great.

7bb838  No.3281816


yes he does. here, have a tissue.

49fe03  No.3281817

File: 42b0face005304c⋯.png (259.9 KB, 570x737, 570:737, Sealed Indictments Septemb….png)

File: c60f32158dd1409⋯.png (345.42 KB, 1137x737, 1137:737, HeatMap_September Update.png)

❌56,190 SEALED ⚖️ 🗝️


17h17 hours ago

8ceb6b  No.3281818


I know this is sick. Forgotten to put ART in "". This scares me everytime I pass it. And I'm glad that my kids are far away from this shit.

0e4869  No.3281819


Fascism was a specific system. It shouldn’t be used just to denote an authoritarian government in general. That being said we do need something strictly American I agree on that note. But how about we punish breeches of constitutional prerogatives harshly? Reverse the elastic clause interpretation. If the document doesn’t give permission explicitly then government stays the fuck out of it. And rewrite state constitutions to reflect this philosophy as well. And the next system has to explicitly favor white European survival and exceptionalism. Because I got a tough redpill for you, only whites give a rat’s ass about constitutions and what not.

17a2e3  No.3281820

File: 6b077b1585ef55e⋯.png (149.86 KB, 887x626, 887:626, ClipboardImage.png)

8c7b50  No.3281821



There an old folks home down the street from me.

They LOL all the time.

About anything.

7aa56c  No.3281822

File: 1131e246add5839⋯.png (56.19 KB, 635x376, 635:376, Q314.png)

NEW Q 314

74b72b  No.3281823


Holy shit. So everyone loses their homes, jobs and saved finances? A reset would mean just that you know?

9d0bf0  No.3281824

If anything happens to Trump, just remember it was an act. He'll join Melania in Antarctica with the rest of the cabal while we undergo human pruning.

b2aa85  No.3281826


She seemed to push the all I really what is a hug from him to much. maybe she can get one from someone for Christmas

69f98d  No.3281827

File: ae44e18f0da40bb⋯.jpg (52.96 KB, 600x338, 300:169, 777.jpg)



35da09  No.3281828


or America related things…

0ff535  No.3281829


See here for Nov date of event, and anon's photo online.


3d26f3  No.3281830


What are you saying here?

89a7e1  No.3281831

File: a1e42ae240cad98⋯.png (1.51 MB, 1692x1692, 1:1, QHIGH5ClockFagsQFam.png)

Redid this one.

Will update with time stamp confirmation.

9d9690  No.3281832

File: 892f1ebe9860764⋯.jpg (16.69 KB, 640x706, 320:353, Hitler and Bert.jpg)


Creature from Jekyll Island is a good start.

0256da  No.3281833

File: 78ee7bd9ce1b3fb⋯.png (40.35 KB, 451x311, 451:311, ClipboardImage.png)


PDT cap

8bcc87  No.3281834

File: ba294089512ccbb⋯.png (25.17 KB, 642x241, 642:241, Jr RT Mossad 2 10-1-18.PNG)

Jr sure is RT'ing Mossad often

Likely will cost votes for the candidates that he supports via America First PAC

ffbfc4  No.3281835


How the hell does POTUS maintain this schedule. Hie energy level is insane at his age.

3e7716  No.3281836

936c7f  No.3281837

File: fadc256c7cfb03b⋯.png (255.15 KB, 598x332, 299:166, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5cff75c8af5bfc2⋯.png (185.1 KB, 576x493, 576:493, ClipboardImage.png)

Georgetown Professor Says White GOP Senators Deserve ‘Miserable Deaths’ – Calls For Their Corpses to be Castrated and Fed to Pigs

Dr. Carol Christine Fair, an associate professor in the Security Studies Program at Georgetown said white GOP Senators deserve to die miserable deaths “while feminists laugh as they take their last gasps.”

This wasn’t enough for Dr. Fair, she said once the white Republican Senators die miserable deaths, their corpses should be castrated and fed to pigs. (screenshot below in case of deletion)

Last week, Christine Fair went on a profanity-laced tirade against Kavanaugh, calling him a “rapist” and “perjurer.” She described the Republican party as a “f*cking death cult” and “filthy swine.”

CHRISTINE FAIR TWEETED: “Look at thus (sic) chorus of entitled white men justifying a serial rapist’s arrogated entitlement,” she wrote. “All of them deserve miserable deaths while feminists laugh as they take their last gasps. Bonus: we castrate their corpses and feed them to swine? Yes.”

Dr. Fair said this in response to Senator Lindsey Graham blasting Democrats for the biggest political sham he’s ever seen.

God forbid a Republican sticks up for Kavanaugh against the evil Democrat lies.

Dr. Christine Fair’s tweet is still posted to Twitter; she is still employed at Georgetown.

This isn’t the first time Dr. Fair has used her Twitter account to post vile, profanity-laced tirades towards people with whom she disagrees with.

Shortly after the 2016 election, Dr. Fair attacked one of her friends, a Muslim woman who admitted to voting for Donald Trump.

Dr. Christine Ford went into an unbelievable foul-mouthed meltdown that lasted 31 days after a Muslim ex-colleague said she voted for Donald Trump, reported the Daily Mail.

And she still has a job…

Gab, an alternative to Twitter, reported Dr. Christine Fair’s tweet, and as expected, Twitter responded to the report stating she did not violate Twitter’s guidelines.

To put this into context, James Woods was locked out of his Twitter account for posting a funny meme.


33ad73  No.3281838


Watching black people wake up is the joy of 2018.

74b72b  No.3281839


Q has a book? I mean, if you're gonna shill, try and make it believable.

a0a9ed  No.3281840



Q !UW.yye1fxo No.105 📁

Feb 18 2018 20:57:51 (EST)

"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

:Protect 6/14-46

:Protect 6/14-46


8d4a0a  No.3281841

File: fd779acd8540992⋯.jpg (1.12 MB, 2000x2667, 2000:2667, crimsonpain.jpg)

File: 59df03ed6ec2ff9⋯.jpg (832.74 KB, 2000x2667, 2000:2667, whitepain.jpg)

File: 58a232985e41e6a⋯.jpg (961.5 KB, 2000x2667, 2000:2667, bluesteelpain.jpg)

a2f6a0  No.3281842


NO, a restructuring is a better option.

ad07bd  No.3281843


Better check the fuel before flight. Lowest common denominator.

f978b3  No.3281844

File: 4dd381cedbabed9⋯.png (226.18 KB, 594x1012, 27:46, ClipboardImage.png)


b6a075  No.3281845

The next move for Snow Fake might be to resign after the FBI investigation.. have to think about that.

8ce6f6  No.3281846


Anon's saying they're a brain dead shill.

74b72b  No.3281847


Looks like a playstation vita in the poket

4add5c  No.3281848

File: 0c804e7d6bf0d2b⋯.jpg (64.71 KB, 1024x700, 256:175, 378F7549-A3B3-4BBD-97EB-07….jpg)

File: 93938bbabdb25a4⋯.jpg (8.2 KB, 255x142, 255:142, 298a849e9d6c7bdad8d8c18d5c….jpg)


If You Don't Like Me Working With President Trump To Make The World A Better Place…I Don't Give A Shit.

This needs to be a theme for MAGA Nation or something. AWESOME!!


41de32  No.3281849

>>3280789 pb

Incoming false flag. All strings have been cut including weapons. Their only option now is to steal shipped guns.

37eea1  No.3281850

File: f0025eebe5f8ff7⋯.png (444.39 KB, 640x1365, 128:273, ClipboardImage.png)

just page 1

from the 29th to today

8eac35  No.3281851

File: c2702ac511b84f3⋯.jpg (24.37 KB, 306x430, 153:215, c2702ac511b84f38244895e595….jpg)



>False narrative "Old D party is now new R party" line no longer swallowed.

So we've managed to successfully un-meme the old "party swap" narrative among the general populace? Interesting, imagine how many other long-standing narratives and falsehoods our memes can overpower…

936c7f  No.3281852


Here We Go… SIXTH Kavanaugh Accuser Surfaces with Anonymous Letter that Included No Return Address

A sixth woman stepped forward.. sort of… and accused Judge Brett Kavanaugh of brutal rape.

The anonymous accuser said Brett Kavanaugh brutally raped her and smacked her around.

The letter did not give a name or a return address.

Democrats are hoping the FBI will question this latest victim.

The Daily Mail reported:

An anonymous woman accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of repeatedly raping her while they were both teenagers, it emerged Monday.

Kavanaugh, she says, lifted her sweater and bra and digitally penetrated her, and then violently raped her ‘several times’ along with a friend who followed suit – before striking her and saying no one would believe her if she talked publicly about it.

‘Be a good girl,’ she claims Kavanaugh told her.

It’s the third such claim – and by far the most aggressive one – to reach the Senate Judiciary Committee without a name attached, and without citing the place or time of an allegation.

The allegation was made last week and Kavanaugh was questioned about it before the dramatic Senate hearings on Thursday.

Kavanaugh forcefully denied during a conference call with committee staff that he took part in any attack like what the Jane Doe claimed or had any knowledge of it.


2e70bc  No.3281853

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

In case anyone needs some eye bleach…

3d26f3  No.3281854


If you think this was the plan, what would be the point of Trump and his admin working tirelessly for progress for the last 2 years?

b0e9e1  No.3281855


I know all about it. I have posted many sauces on it. That doesn't mean it will be fixed. There is an old saying. Wish in one hand, shit in the other. See which fills up 1st. The problem with Q is that many believe the unbelievable will happen. In other words, Q is making many have hopes higher than achievable. You will be let down anon.

74b72b  No.3281856


Ok, I get accept that.

3cbf35  No.3281857

File: 5f7209899821f83⋯.jpeg (337.23 KB, 1242x771, 414:257, 1E185F27-4CA7-47F4-869A-E….jpeg)

Another plane crash

74b72b  No.3281858

49fe03  No.3281859

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

9d9690  No.3281860


No. Research in catalog about finance.

It can't be a Mad Max scenario…well it can but having that play out is not going to work. This is on a monumental scale.

3e416c  No.3281861


Are you gonna copypasta this next bread too?

If it were true, I'd tell you to put "reposting from last bread" in a repeated post


Since you are a discredit shill

I won't.

c2f954  No.3281862


she'll probably get raise and commendation from georgetown and she'll be new sweetheart for deep state mockingbird msm

528d91  No.3281863


>Girls can write Q on body

… couldn't anyone? glowfag

f88fcb  No.3281864


I'm near there. Can confirm

0d6595  No.3281865

File: d19f72ccb8d9e9f⋯.jpeg (372.36 KB, 750x1240, 75:124, 742604E5-D550-4DF0-81B5-A….jpeg)

Goats want the Pee

I really think this is relevant.

Doesnt Q reference Goats?

Umm i think this is totally notable.

If I dont get any nibbles I’ll Ip hop and comment on my faggot ass post and say notable.

C’mon baker help a fag out.

This is what P is

Mountain goats at Olympic National Park in Washington have developed such a taste for human urine and sweat that they’re starting to cause problems. And now, wildlife officials are having them airlifted out of the park and away from areas where humans roam and pee.

bd2e7a  No.3281866

File: 7c704ebc826c27b⋯.png (360.84 KB, 632x650, 316:325, fuck canada.png)

Fuck Canada!

They should worry more about that POS Trudeau turning their country into a 3rd world shithole instead of the fucking lies DemonRats are spreading about our SCOTUS pick!

b3d924  No.3281867

File: 20fe2ee326042c2⋯.jpg (66 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Kavanaugh-Awoken.jpg)

ad07bd  No.3281868


Worth fighting for, but mostly over.

799804  No.3281869

69f98d  No.3281870

File: 7e89e9d69da1c12⋯.png (112.81 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, DNC.png)

b3540a  No.3281871


And in a trash can it goes

37eea1  No.3281872

File: 94d0ad35d7c65f7⋯.png (117.42 KB, 1135x294, 1135:294, ClipboardImage.png)


just saw that too, moar sauce:


f978b3  No.3281873



0208d9  No.3281874


Thank you Anon.


Thank you Anon

936c7f  No.3281875

White House Expands Scope Of Kavanaugh Investigation: Question Everybody.

On Monday, the White House reportedly authorized the FBI to expand their investigation into whether Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted a female high school classmate, allowing the agency to question individuals not originally on the FBI's list.

Over the weekend, President Donald Trump reiterated, on Twitter, that the White House did not plan to issue any direction to the FBI or limit the FBI's investigation in any way. The New York Times reports that the White House followed up on the President's declaration by issuing a blanket approval for the FBI to expand the scope of their investigation, though it's not clear the FBI had requested any authorizations.

The White House's only request was that the FBI close its investigation by Friday.

The FBI has already spoken with four named individuals, and it plans on investigating clams made by both Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, who testified in Congress last week that she believes a drunken Kavanaugh pinned her to a bed and pawed at her clothing during a party when the pair were both in their teens, and Deborah Ramirez, who says Kavanaugh exposed himself to her at a college party. The FBI is not, reportedly, investigating allegations made by Julie Swetnick, who penned an affidavit accusing Kavanaugh and his childhood friend Mark Judge of running a de facto "gang rape" ring in high school.

During a Monday morning press conference on his revised NAFTA agreement, the President, asked about Kavanaugh, said only that, "I think the FBI should do what they have to do to get to the answer." He later added that the ongoing back-and-forth in the Senate has been "unfair" to the Supreme Court nominee, but that he was following directions from the Senate.

Initial rumors surrounding the investigation speculated that the FBI could be done with its seventh background check on Kavanaugh as soon as Monday evening.


96f6f1  No.3281876

File: 59137b754fe72ee⋯.png (499.46 KB, 798x1200, 133:200, Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at ….png)

Yale turns on Kavanaugh

Jesuits turn on Kavanaugh

69f98d  No.3281877

File: d288377d5ee484f⋯.jpg (111.79 KB, 500x274, 250:137, nbc going down.jpg)

File: 756ec15d24f790f⋯.png (162.73 KB, 505x702, 505:702, poop-nbc.png)

be03d6  No.3281878

File: 716f6361550c144⋯.png (141 KB, 587x498, 587:498, ChrisEvans.png)


Lol @ Chris Evans (pic is an example).

Don't know what it is, maybe they never should have done away with the good old job of cinema projectionist …

Can't help but thinking that there must be more than just the 5 (or 10 or whatever number Q mentioned previously) percent of people who will never learn & understand, no matter how much truth is brought to light …

64bfca  No.3281879


Preflight your airplane and sump your tanks !!!

473e11  No.3281880

Been talking with a CID buddy of mine about all of stuff discussed here and have no idea if he posts or lurks here. When I mentioned that "red october" was a recurring theme, he said something interesting: He thought it might be a count down / go code in disguise and the exact number would be known only to those doing the op. He said he had a similar situation when he worked as a contractor and was providing intel for Rangers / Spec detachments hunting an HVT in Iraq. "Spring Daisies" was their count down and the times it was mentioned and length between determined when they struck. Never thought of it in this context and figured I would put it out here since it was an interesting possibility.

74b72b  No.3281881


Saving the world has to give off high levels of adrenaline.

3e416c  No.3281882



that's not Chrissy blasey

but then you know that


45e6a3  No.3281883

File: e4ff6641eab7bf0⋯.jpeg (65.96 KB, 678x381, 226:127, 8AD74E53-FA4D-41F5-A66F-0….jpeg)

74b72b  No.3281884


7695a6  No.3281885


How many plane crashes?

1. With help from locals and the US Navy, thirty five passengers and twelve crew members survived a plane’s crash landing in a Micronesian archipelago lagoon.


Authorities say three people died during a plane crash in a remote area of southwest Idaho.

The cause of Sunday morning plane crash remains unknown. The plane went down between Reynolds Creek and Silver City in the Owyhee Mountains.

eb413a  No.3281886

This is the enemy boys, look closely


936c7f  No.3281887

Missouri - SJW Mom Sues School As Son Didn’t Make Soccer Team

A male junior high school student didn’t make the cut for his school’s soccer team in Missouri. His mom wouldn’t have it, going to battle to make sure her son gets to play by filing a federal case against the school.

The unidentified boy is a junior at Ladue Horton Watkins High School, located at the most affluent section of St. Louis. His mom claimed in the suit that the coach discriminated against her son. The suit further argued that since the boy played on the junior varsity team last year, then he’s good enough to play again this school year.

Court papers reveal that the coach, Dave Aronberg, tried to defend his decision for the boy’s non-inclusion in the team, with an email explanation. The email read in part: “(He) was right on the bubble of making the team this year and has some impressive attributes. However, there were few holes in his game including technical ability and game decision making that put him behind a number of kids.

The family in the suit argued that both age and sex discrimination are at play with the school’s decision over the snub on their son. They particularly cited that the same rules applied to the boys' team do not apply to the girls' team.

The family lawyer said: “Female juniors get to play on the female junior varsity team, but male juniors don’t get to play on the male junior varsity or J.V..”

The school is contending, however, that players who failed to make it to the varsity team cannot simply go back to J.V., because they want to give younger students a chance to develop their skills, too, by having the slots in the team.

The coach also claimed in a courtroom testimony that seven juniors who were cut from the varsity team were deemed not good enough to play J.V. ball.

The family has another contention. They also specified in the suit that the junior varsity squad only has 18 active players, compared to the usual 25. That means, they say, that even if their boy wasn’t “good enough” to be a starter, he should still be in the team given the number of slots available.

The lawyer also cited player performance ratings from other coaches that show the boy being “better “ than some of the players who made varsity, ranking 19th of the 36 hopefuls.

The suit is pushing for the boy to be placed back on the J.V. team. A much-anticipated decision by both parties is scheduled to be announced on Monday.

It is not sure how the boy feels about the whole fiasco - if he agrees with his mom’s and family’s efforts to take the cudgels for him, or he’d rather quietly work on his soccer skills to make sure that when the next chance comes, he’ll be so good no team will ever reject him.




0a4b64  No.3281888

File: 561171f3aaaaad2⋯.jpg (137.39 KB, 1200x628, 300:157, blum001.jpg)


Fake and Gay.

29d1ec  No.3281890


And could be considered the shot heard round the world…


(Schoolhouse Rock-Shot heard 'round the world)

b3540a  No.3281891


Now i like him

3d26f3  No.3281892


Now we KNOW he's on the right side

74c41e  No.3281893

File: aa97638112ee5e3⋯.jpeg (27.41 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 386DBC70-BAF5-4B75-B0F4-E….jpeg)


Sure has, partner!

Gotta find your new comfy here somehow, though.

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.

Abe Lincoln said that and I believe him

69fbd6  No.3281894


probably not eating the crap we are forced to eat :)

bd2e7a  No.3281896


>Fuck Canada!

I meant…

FFFFFFFuck Canada!

340e5c  No.3281897


How come feminists all look like crazy cat ladies ?

69f98d  No.3281898

File: 3a45c7c142070d3⋯.png (129.9 KB, 600x533, 600:533, 3a45c7c142070d3dd6954d5f96….png)

bcdfd2  No.3281899

New Qew up!


c80b82  No.3281900


Yea we have far better evidence of Clinton Foundation trafficking than they do of Kavanuagh sexual assault.

c60d0c  No.3281901

5152cc  No.3281902

File: 2190ddddbaaaa66⋯.png (217.11 KB, 696x408, 29:17, ignorant-intellect.png)


attempting the anti-intellectual argument again.

hubris is a bitch.

153432  No.3281903


Someone needs to take Maxine's postage stamps away.

a0a9ed  No.3281904



Awakening level intensifies

547bf1  No.3281905


How many have there been?

3478ad  No.3281906


>Halifax Chronically Horrid

No surprise here.

d3830b  No.3281907

File: ee34b63e8c2dcb6⋯.png (207.76 KB, 2326x1142, 1163:571, Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at ….png)

I'm counting (including the one just now) 14 Accidents & 3 Fatalities since 9/29. So says the FAA:


528d91  No.3281908


>Y'all are painting a target on his back, you dumb fucks. Now this guy and that lady are at risk whoever they are.

Yeah, because we all here told him to show up at a rally, in a privileged seat, and then we told THE CAMERA TO STOP PANNING AND HOLD HIM IN FRAME.

omfg we're all such dumb fucks, you're right glowfag

49fe03  No.3281909

File: 17555a9453f717f⋯.jpeg (11.99 KB, 228x221, 228:221, PEPE_RED.jpeg)


eac5d5  No.3281910

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e0b67f  No.3281911


Is that you, Lord Rothschild?

d01654  No.3281912


training the next generation of the alphabet mafia , this needs to stop

f88fcb  No.3281913

There's a cafe near the runway in LaVerne. Same employees for years. I'll pop in over the next few days and see if I hear any rumors.

c80b82  No.3281914

Live fox news RN

Cotton calling for leaking investigation. Diane Feinstein and her staff is going to face an investigation of why they leaked that. She's been victimized by the democrats.

a2f6a0  No.3281915



6a8a83  No.3281916


Looks like a threat to flake

Same mind control they use on the school shooters?

ccadb7  No.3281917

In the previous bread there was a notable regarding Iron Eagle that prompted me to search my archives for a late night exchange I had back in April with an anon I thought to be a Q Team member/helper. It might be nothing, but the anon confirmed my theory on the meaning of Iron Eagle. Though I recognize that there are often multiple meanings of these terms I wanted to offer this exchange in case it is, in fact, the correct interpretation:

Anonymous (You) 04/29/18 (Sun) 23:08:52 a1928c No.1244181>>1244210 >>1244248 >>1244378


So Iron Eagle is a shell corporation set up by Renegade to receive the twice yearly $250 Billion "payments to Iran" that were added to the Iran Deal in a secret side agreement? And the coalition op with Jordan and other allies is to take down the cabal and Iranian bases and assets in Syria before moving into Iran to free the Iranian people from the CIA, cabal and Mullahs?

Anonymous 04/29/18 (Sun) 23:20:45 2c242e No.1244378

>>1244181 (You)


Semper Fi

936c7f  No.3281918

File: e81c2679fa68026⋯.png (1.04 MB, 838x532, 419:266, ClipboardImage.png)

College students don’t need cash at Rhode Island coffee shop. Their personal data will do just fine.

Shiru Cafe near Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, distinguishes itself in at least two unusual ways.

First, it serves only college students or professors — IDs are required.

“We definitely have some people that walk in off the street that are a little confused and a little taken aback when we can’t sell them any coffee,” Sarah Ferris, assistant manager, told National Public Radio.

Second, if college students don’t want to pay cash, they can get free coffee — all they have to do is turn over their personal information, the outlet said.

In exchange for some java, tea, or juice, NPR said all students have to do on an online form is punch in their:


Dates of birth

Phone numbers

Email addresses


Professional interests

And by releasing that info, the outlet said students open the door for corporate sponsors — which pay the cafe to reach customers through logos, apps, digital ads, signs, and surveys — to send them company information.

Even baristas get into the act.

“We have specially trained staff members who give students additional information about our sponsors while they enjoy their coffee,” Shiru’s website indicates.

The website adds that customers can order their drinks “from their personal page on the SHIRU CAFE® website where sponsor company information will be displayed.”

Shiru’s ‘mission’

Shiru, which originated in Japan, explains on its website that “through a free drink we try to give students some information” from sponsor companies in order to broaden their “choices” regarding their future careers. Those sponsor companies “can have desired information projected on screens, which are tactfully arranged in our stores,” the site notes, adding that companies also “can interact with students” at special Shiru events during which companies can “learn about studentsʼ academic interests and students’ start-ups.”

Corporate sponsors have included Microsoft, Nissan, and Suzuki, NPR said.

But Alex Inoue, Shiru Cafe’s general manager, told the outlet the cafe doesn’t give out data on specific students but rather general, aggregate data such as student majors and expected graduation years.

The Providence shop is the only Shiru Cafe operating in the U.S., NPR said, but the franchise hopes to open up more locations near Amherst College, Harvard, Yale, and Princeton.


Two Brown students in a letter to the campus paper called for a Shiru boycott last December over some sponsor companies’ principles:

According to The Herald’s article about the Shiru Cafe, “last year, 40 percent of JP Morgan Japan’s new hires were Shiru Cafe patrons.” This statistic is alarming, given that JP Morgan engaged in deceitful financial practices which likely contributed [to] the 2008 financial crisis and then became the only large financial institution to make a profit during the crisis.

‘Does not seem so risky to me’

Nina Wolff Landau, a junior at Brown, told NPR the information Shiru collects is easy to find online: “Maybe I should have been more apprehensive, but everyone has your information at this point anyway. To give out my name and email and what I study does not seem so risky to me.”


62d94a  No.3281919


3478ad  No.3281920


With or without anthrax?

8260ea  No.3281921

File: b19052ce6e28b72⋯.png (8.78 KB, 548x221, 548:221, ClipboardImage.png)

So it sounds to me like Q is saying wear a shirt OVER your Q shirt! Sweet!

e9c3e2  No.3281922

File: 3543410f8362831⋯.jpeg (973.02 KB, 1424x950, 712:475, FD556ACB-B7CA-42C1-8C5C-E….jpeg)

File: 24681505a3cb54b⋯.jpeg (74.15 KB, 590x316, 295:158, 14E7BDD2-51D9-4D0A-8FCE-0….jpeg)

File: ce847149ee96dc1⋯.jpeg (96.51 KB, 604x461, 604:461, 03DAC181-D44C-465F-9E0C-E….jpeg)

A simple search shows that they have a smaller flag. Q is right, these people are stupid!

33ad73  No.3281923


Demonrats killed the 1957 Civil Rights Act and filibustered (Al Gore's dad) the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

3b5155  No.3281924

File: 1a6af9a0f2e334d⋯.png (52.82 KB, 350x1259, 350:1259, j-barlow-death.png)

John Barlow dig

Who would want to kill John Barlow?

What benefit would John Barlows death provide?

When was John Barlow murdered?

Did John Barlow survive a murder attempt only to succumb to its lingering effects eventually?

Washington Post:

Meet the man whose utopian vision for the Internet conquered, and then warped, Silicon Valley

By Jacob Silverman

"To understand where this cyber-libertarian ideology came from, you have to understand the influence of “A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace,” one of the strangest artifacts of the ’90s, and its singular author, John Perry Barlow. Perhaps more than any other, it’s his philosophy — which melded countercultural utopianism, a rancher’s skepticism toward government and a futurist’s faith in the virtual world — that shaped the industry.

“A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace” was an utterly serious document for a deliriously optimistic era

Barlow’s 846-word text, published online in February 1996, begins with a bold rebuke of traditional sovereign powers: “Governments of the Industrial World, you weary giants of flesh and steel, I come from Cyberspace, the new home of Mind. On behalf of the future, I ask you of the past to leave us alone. You are not welcome among us. You have no sovereignty where we gather.” He then explains how cyberspace is a place of ultimate freedom, where conventional laws don’t apply.

When Eric Schmidt describes the Internet, however misguidedly, as “the world’s largest ungoverned space” in his book “The New Digital Age,” he is borrowing Barlow’s rhetoric. When tech mogul Peter Thiel writes, in “The Education of a Libertarian,” that he founded PayPal to create a currency free from government control and that “by starting a new Internet business, an entrepreneur may create a new world,” it’s impossible not to hear Barlovian echoes. (That grandiose attitude is so common now that HBO has a comedy, “Silicon Valley,” dedicated to mocking it.)"


The above article was published on March 20, 2015

Barlow suffered a near-fatal heart attack on May 27, 2015. He later reported that he was recovering.

John Perry Barlow - 187 post name [DROP]

187 = murder

post = Washington Post

Barlovian = name [DROP]

Q suggests John Barlow was murdered for his ability to influence through his activities in the Freedom of the Press Foundation. The Washington Post article highlights Barlow's ability to influence wealthy technocapitalists towards his idealistic goals.


You are now a liability.

Freedom of the Press Foundation (FPF) is a non-profit organization founded in 2012 to fund and support free speech and freedom of the press.

Its mission includes "promoting and funding aggressive, public-interest journalism focused on exposing mismanagement, corruption, and law-breaking in government

If wealthy people support Barlow's idealistic goals then they might help support the Freedom of the Press Foundation's goals, "promoting and funding aggressive, public-interest journalism focused on exposing mismanagement, corruption, and law-breaking in government."

Edward Snowden has moved in to the position which was vacant due to Barlow's death. Q is stating Edward Snowden is identified as a liability by the same individuals who caused John Barlow's 187.

Other Unanswered Questions:

Whose crimes are threatened to be exposed by John Barlows activities?

Was John Barlow's relationship with Dick Cheney part of the motive that led to his death?

Was the heart related death of Barlow's girlfriend Cynthia Horner a botched first attempt to murder John Barlow?

John Barlow was engaged to Cynthia Horner, a doctor whom he met in 1993 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco while she was attending a psychiatry conference and Barlow was participating in a Steve Jobs comedy roast at a convention for the NeXT Computer. Cynthia Horner died unexpectedly in 1994 while asleep on a flight from Los Angeles to New York City, days before her 30th birthday, from a heart arrhythmia apparently caused by an undetected viral myocarditis.

Who adapted Jacob Silverman's book for the Washington Post article?

Jacob Silverman is the author of “Terms of Service: Social Media and the Price of Constant Connection,” from which this article is adapted.

Is the Washington Post article a HIT piece or coincidence?

37eea1  No.3281925

>>3281907 14 Accidents & 3 Fatalities since 9/29


good dig anon, was looking for that kind of sauce

7695a6  No.3281926


7bb838  No.3281927

very much missing James Woods tweets. Was he banned for eternity?

3c3901  No.3281928

0e33c7  No.3281929

New from Margo Cleveland. Ford new how to do self-hypnosis and taught it.


41de32  No.3281930


Prepare for "Sky Is Falling


7498ca  No.3281932


Other way around, so that you can TAKE OFF your Q shirt to get in.

74c41e  No.3281933


He is Pretty

6e661c  No.3281934

(Bread #4156)


The exact same thing can be said about the barrage of soft- to hard-core porn here. It's a distortion of reality, it impacts on how people behave in the real world. There's no way to justify it, it calls into question what the real agenda is here.

e04acb  No.3281935

File: e093188b12a2a79⋯.jpeg (353.45 KB, 1125x1066, 1125:1066, 235D9EAD-5407-42E5-A393-6….jpeg)


a18303  No.3281936

File: 53b859a126e0a4c⋯.png (1.83 MB, 2100x1275, 28:17, HITYMMNIRO.png)

37eea1  No.3281937

File: 4b2ca015a993ea3⋯.png (4.03 MB, 2620x2018, 1310:1009, AlertBAHWpic.png)

Q, CONFIRM 787-9 United BusinessFirst class?

(pic related)

13e7f8  No.3281938

Mitch mcconnell speaking on the floor

8c7b50  No.3281939


>Q is right, these people are stupid!

And their business is imploding as a result.

9d9690  No.3281940

File: 27955138c070441⋯.jpg (10.28 KB, 186x255, 62:85, VP.jpg)

cf5760  No.3281941




Well, it is the show me state.

a04cf0  No.3281942

File: 57e81a26f105070⋯.jpg (67.76 KB, 500x627, 500:627, POTUS.jpg)

8d4a0a  No.3281943

File: 28066be16f8b396⋯.jpg (406.77 KB, 1179x1179, 1:1, trump pepe.jpg)


Looks like we have some digging to do.

Have a POTUS/Pepe

086d75  No.3281944

Meet Counterintuitive Victim Behavior Expert Dr. Veronique Valliere

For the past five years, the United States Army has employed counterintuitive victim behavior experts at a cost to taxpayers of roughly $2,000.00 per day to testify why complaining witnesses act illogically. One of the premiere experts the US Army employs is Dr. Veronique Valliere, a forensic psychologist from Pennsylvania. She has testified in approximately forty to fifty Courts-martial over the past few years…


89f970  No.3281945

File: 136201c05d45f8e⋯.png (91.19 KB, 542x467, 542:467, New Q314.png)


a04cf0  No.3281946

File: 9419423112e68aa⋯.jpg (38.3 KB, 606x395, 606:395, PHONE&PEN.jpg)

0e4869  No.3281947


Concern yourself with waking up your own. European whites are only 7% or so of the worlds population. Blacks seeing the light is great and all, but you need to reprioritize and care about your kin. Not for some supremacist reason either, but because the leftists are actively trying to snuff us out for good and have openly admitted as such. It’s time to get strong and not just promote our right to exist but to aggressively assert said right.

8ac0cb  No.3281948


>Standard deviation?

More than 2 that's for sure.

29d1ec  No.3281949

File: 11d6d3374f9ccb2⋯.jpg (33.72 KB, 447x311, 447:311, q314.jpg)

New Q

cacd49  No.3281950


>How many plane crashes since post?

A plane crash in Owyhee County left three people dead Sunday. - https://www.kivitv.com/news/3-people-and-1-dog-dead-in-plane-crash-in-owyhee-county-mountains

An airplane crashed on a runway at the Somerset County airport on Sunday afternoon - https://pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/2018/09/30/somerset-county-airport-plane-crash/

Kern Valley Airport was shut down for several hours on Sunday after a plane crashed and burst into flames. - https://abc30.com/kernville-airport-shut-down-for-several-hours-after-plane-crash/4379843/

A South Pacific airline announced Monday that a passenger died when a plane crashed into a Pacific lagoon in Micronesia last week. - https://www.cbsnews.com/news/air-niugini-1-dead-chuuk-island-plane-crash-pacific-lagoon-short-of-runway/

A pilot has minor injuries from a small plane crashed into Utah Lake Saturday afternoon. -


032e37  No.3281951

File: 49bc18081fc2f83⋯.jpg (321.82 KB, 764x420, 191:105, Inkedonstellar_c83808d84ab….jpg)

File: 8f426e739c1c410⋯.jpg (1012.12 KB, 1310x598, 655:299, RRInkedRRd7c05d53e227d9d0f….jpg)


Take a gander at these "Youngstown Rally" images………and

R iddle me this:

✔= JFK Jr


Nice touch with the "RUBY" all caps…..Kek !!!

& Congratulations on raiding Langely a while back…..Kek !!!

Infiltration everywhere….here…there…………..

a04cf0  No.3281952

File: 3e3e24aeb4dd001⋯.jpg (94.43 KB, 750x500, 3:2, Q.jpg)

e78b4b  No.3281953

File: 9462c7acc97fd7e⋯.jpg (200.64 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, RedOctoberWalkawayBlood.jpg)

File: ac1bb44176e6a30⋯.jpg (972.84 KB, 2232x1872, 31:26, RedOctoberWalkawaypaid_pro….jpg)

File: fb28d7ce800dd8f⋯.jpg (130.45 KB, 528x735, 176:245, RedOctoberWalkawayProtestV….jpg)

File: 646363b36064782⋯.jpeg (559.17 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, RedOctoberWorldAboutToCha….jpeg)

File: 780edd3bc9e5377⋯.jpeg (125.81 KB, 612x370, 306:185, RedOctoberWorldAboutToCha….jpeg)


We'll be putting most of our memes in the Red October Memewar bread >>3257753. Just a few samples here.

506d52  No.3281954


> an interesting possibility.

Anonymous ID: v3eCc2tY No.148022342 Nov 5 2017 00:12:48 (EST)

My signatures all reference upcoming events about to drop if this hasn't been caught on.

Snow White

Godfather III


41de32  No.3281955


What a wack job she is

412aff  No.3281956

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


a04cf0  No.3281957

File: 960c41c8843d9a7⋯.jpg (76.09 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, TREASONOUSBITCH.jpg)

163bcb  No.3281958



37eea1  No.3281959


gtfo shill, stop with your fucking bullshit already

f8d4b4  No.3281960

File: 926afbdb9361d43⋯.png (808.15 KB, 1356x783, 452:261, Screenshot_16.png)


Probably already posted, but I will post again.

United Airlines Extends Dreamliner Bet With $2.5 Billion Order

4af67d  No.3281962

File: fb9d6ba1600f983⋯.png (725.69 KB, 600x722, 300:361, fb9d6ba1600f98300ebacaa394….png)

b072f6  No.3281963


There's definitely something to the goat thing.

There have been quite a few random weird articles out lately.

And let's not forget the goat projected on the Hoover dam awhile back.

ccf8c7  No.3281964


3 that I know of first hand…



a04cf0  No.3281966

File: 3e5899e1576d0e4⋯.jpg (48.95 KB, 500x500, 1:1, TREASONTRIBUNAL.jpg)

74b72b  No.3281967


when did the first pilot pic drop from Q? A military plane went down late last week as well.

29d1ec  No.3281968

MITCH MCCONNELL speaking on the senate floor, Fox news. Update on Kavanaugh investigation

b0e9e1  No.3281969


Funny. Next you will demand Q show us aliens.

Or give us the cure for cancer. Or say the earth is flat. Or tell us ufos are angels demons and nephilem. Or lock up the pedo satan worshipping cabal. Or arrest muh anyone.

b2aa85  No.3281970

File: 67721306509afff⋯.png (733.28 KB, 620x466, 310:233, Capture.PNG)

65 US ‘journalists’ had a private group dinner with Hillary Clinton’s team and John Podesta

Several top journalists and TV news anchors RSVPed “yes” to attend a private, off-the-record gathering at the New York home of Joel Benenson, the chief campaign strategist for Hillary Clinton, two days before she announced her candidacy in 2015, according to emails Wikileaks has published from John Podesta’s purported accounts.

The “broader universe of New York reporters” includes several top news anchors for network and cable channels, many of whom are listed as a “yes” for the appearance:

From ABC: Cecilia Vega, David Muir, Diane Sawyer (who could only stay for 30 minutes), and George Stephanopoulos.

From CBS News: Norah O’Donnell.

From CNN: Brianna Keilar, Gloria Borger, John Berman, and Kate Bolduan.

From MSNBC: Alex Wagner and Rachel Maddow (“TRYING”).

From NBC: Savannah Guthrie


d25062  No.3281971

File: b0238c16f72caf5⋯.jpg (14.72 KB, 213x255, 71:85, fe2bb973b69c589ab6ea2b99fc….jpg)

42d1a1  No.3281972

File: d4bfe059531ae3a⋯.jpeg (184.16 KB, 750x1024, 375:512, 4605EB65-B38B-4EE9-A52B-7….jpeg)

File: 17b813705946e13⋯.jpeg (368.15 KB, 1334x750, 667:375, 674C03DB-40C7-470D-9FBC-F….jpeg)

new Q

ada0c7  No.3281973

File: 26ad81f0064bb0b⋯.png (418.13 KB, 599x743, 599:743, BenMadeMeDoIt.png)

32abe2  No.3281974

File: 9d572b413864f57⋯.png (121.36 KB, 960x293, 960:293, 9d572b413864f57834f036e2b9….png)

File: a27800fea54f651⋯.png (501.9 KB, 1021x821, 1021:821, a27800fea54f651731aeceb5e5….png)


This is where we use these memes - people like this.

586353  No.3281975


Two planes having major issues let along crashing at the same airport in the same country on the same day is absolute lunacy as it is.

8ce6f6  No.3281976


BOOM! I knew those dirty Jesuits were gonna do this.

8c7b50  No.3281977


And then Democrats did the "Nigger Pivot" when LBJ said they would have niggers voting for them for the next 200 years.

a04cf0  No.3281978

File: c5fa4a32c09a84d⋯.jpg (40.55 KB, 640x356, 160:89, FATLADYSINGS.jpg)

3a0031  No.3281979

File: 075961aea5b43cd⋯.jpg (87.9 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 3. Visual Flight Rules Vis….jpg)

Has this been mentioned?

Vincent Fusca Ruby = VFR

Visual flight rules (VFR) are a set of regulations under which a pilot operates an aircraft in weather conditions generally clear enough to allow the pilot to see where the aircraft is going. Specifically, the weather must be better than basic VFR weather minima, i.e. in visual meteorological conditions (VMC), as specified in the rules of the relevant aviation authority. The pilot must be able to operate the aircraft with visual reference to the ground, and by visually avoiding obstructions and other aircraft.

If the weather is less than VMC, pilots are required to use instrument flight rules, and operation of the aircraft will primarily be through referencing the instruments rather than visual reference. In a control zone, a VFR flight may obtain a clearance from air traffic control to operate as Special VFR.

Special VFR >> Vincent Fusca Ruby (Ruby, i've heard that name)

41aa66  No.3281980


Q, is [someone important] going down with a plane tomorrow [:29]?

fb07c5  No.3281981

File: 27ac61ca3fdfb9f⋯.jpg (8.34 KB, 276x182, 138:91, 27ac61ca3fdfb9f80ba7bb38e2….jpg)


Nice sophistry. I guess it runs in your blood

69fbd6  No.3281982


i hear there was hundreds with him …..

3c3901  No.3281983


red october


a04cf0  No.3281984

File: e6504e998d478a8⋯.jpg (44.05 KB, 514x311, 514:311, CRIMINALS.jpg)

3478ad  No.3281985


You need a cock in your mouth.

5823fa  No.3281986


are they extracting Chelsea Handler?

18df14  No.3281987


Call for the vote today Mitch.

9b01dd  No.3281988

File: d09aacdf23c72a9⋯.png (509.87 KB, 980x534, 490:267, red-october-2.png)

File: 0a8edc42f58a239⋯.png (506.82 KB, 980x534, 490:267, red-october-3.png)

File: e9277066c56a86f⋯.png (505.91 KB, 980x534, 490:267, red-october-1.png)

412aff  No.3281989

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



8eea70  No.3281990


ala Michael Stipe (no homo)

b595c9  No.3281991

387926  No.3281992

File: 2360b9915bf4521⋯.jpg (809.31 KB, 1236x1832, 309:458, lechers.jpg)

3280622 pb

>>3280675 pb

The porn could be coming from shills

That's the price of having an open board.

If you want something else, go make it.

It won't be as secure as this.

If you write anything important they will take you down, google will suppress your site; and if you really do well they will kill you.

I think the anti-porn fag is a shill

Lechers are gross. I'm not " into" online fappers.

Truly boring - compared to reality.

But it is what it is, A barrier for normies?

Something truly inconsequential considering what our goals are?

8bcc87  No.3281993

File: 9410cbdf9c43247⋯.png (349.39 KB, 645x664, 645:664, Senate Judiciary re Swetni….PNG)


a04cf0  No.3281994

File: da0a4078c41568a⋯.jpg (56.08 KB, 800x500, 8:5, LOST.jpg)

540650  No.3281995

>>3277733 (lb)

> Not-my-flag at Packers game.

NFL football just died, in 2018

62d94a  No.3281996


48f150  No.3281997



We made it public.

Operation closed and cleaned.

Coincidence post drop?

Coincidence No Name [exact 30]?

Coincidence Sen. Graham activated?

In the end, you will be 'shocked' to learn what you've 'essentially' witnessed.

Think NYC bomber 'fireworks' hours prior.



b3540a  No.3281998


You just need to pee in a pool, she ll show up

5bc171  No.3281999


holy shit



153432  No.3282000



Brett "Beer, JD" Kavanaugh

89f970  No.3282001

File: 4d02a5165418a0a⋯.png (465.16 KB, 1663x1745, 1663:1745, Recent plane crashes.png)


Standard Deviation? And that is just the first page of results… what is going on?

37eea1  No.3282002


stfu shill

take your fucking shit to reddit, where they won't do anything about your faggotry

5652c7  No.3282003

File: 6bcc3f8dd2584ac⋯.png (205.39 KB, 1070x509, 1070:509, stop 6.png)


Frens- memefags & twitterfags- Patriots in California are manning the barricades against more deep-blue-state liberal tax grabs with Prop. 6, while CA. govt. forces are pouring big money into killing this initiative. Prop 6 STOPs a new state GAS TAX that hits working families to the tune of more than $700 per year in NEW TAXES! $52 Billion over 10 years! It's war on the middle class. Let's help them push back against this cash grab. YES ON PROP 6!

Can we help them to get some traffic to their vid? they think they NEED money for TV time. Let's show them who the current media powerhouse really is.

UPDATE: The prior alert a few days ago got 12,000 hits on jutube, which is good, but not nearly enough. Sure it’s a limited target, but CA does have a lot of patriots who need to see and share this info.

Thx frens!

https ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwXJmDiXWdg

https ://gastaxrepeal.org

b78c68  No.3282004


so is this more or less? It looks like it didn't change

a04cf0  No.3282005

File: 0a5f01abd3324e9⋯.jpg (24.51 KB, 300x250, 6:5, EAGLEPOWERS.jpg)

e04acb  No.3282006

File: c92629b3419b934⋯.jpeg (137.52 KB, 1125x344, 1125:344, C02156FE-7398-422C-B76C-A….jpeg)

(((you))) are a shill

f8d4b4  No.3282007



7695a6  No.3282008

BEAUFORT, S.C. – A military plane crashed in coastal South Carolina on Friday, authorities said. The Marine Corps said the pilot of the single-seat aircraft ejected safely.

The Beaufort County Sheriff's Office said the crash was reported about 11:45 a.m. near the Grays Hill community. The plane was an F-35B. CBS News national security correspondent David Martin reports that this marks the first crash of the U.S. military's newest and most expensive aircraft. On Thursday, the Marines announced the aircraft's first use in combat in Afghanistan.

3478ad  No.3282009


The Hare Krishnas give out free food too.

This concept ain't new.

8c7b50  No.3282010


It almost takes a superhuman effort to restrain yourself anymore in the wake of these relentless onslaughts.

a0a9ed  No.3282011


Q is powerful.

973e5d  No.3282012


_Patriots Fight_ instead of a Q

925166  No.3282013

File: 8cbbf957fe91844⋯.jpeg (57.78 KB, 750x522, 125:87, 93176AF2-0B05-44A6-AFDA-F….jpeg)

1426e2  No.3282014


Is Kavanaugh getting confirmed today?

bc432d  No.3282015

File: ee16c5a0c59d51e⋯.jpg (1.98 MB, 4526x5756, 2263:2878, stamp out the deep state.jpg)

412aff  No.3282016

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



ce5702  No.3282017

a04cf0  No.3282018

File: e0277a7763c8035⋯.jpg (52.26 KB, 780x439, 780:439, AMERICANPIE.jpg)

fcb31b  No.3282019



IMF/World Bank is broke, been going around trying to strong arm every country they can to stay in the system. According to this sauce, the Manna World Holding Trust controls all funds now. Get ready for a pretty big rabbit hole!

Thomas Williams talks about history of Manna World Holding Trust & also confirms Kim is Ms. Manna: https://hooktube.com/watch?v=JN4ab-_iiyM





4add5c  No.3282020



936c7f  No.3282021


Not free

b78c68  No.3282022


Deep state/Mossad fighting back??

0d6595  No.3282024

File: 0eb267a84cb199f⋯.jpeg (21.19 KB, 255x170, 3:2, A875FE40-2427-451F-905C-2….jpeg)

File: ba97b55b5b77d3b⋯.gif (167.35 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 71FD0469-78B0-4544-B8C2-45….gif)


Kek anon Kek…

3478ad  No.3282025


You need a cock in yours too.

ece1fe  No.3282026

File: dda56c8539f31ef⋯.png (312.36 KB, 1001x976, 1001:976, kittensandpuppies.png)

4ba461  No.3282027

plane crashes since Q post (not exhaustive list)

https://www.ktvb.com/mobile/article/news/local/sheriff-3-dead-in-owyhee-county-plane-crash/277-599623912 Owyhee County, Idaho

https://kutv.com/news/local/pilot-injured-after-small-plane-crashes-in-utah-lake “Utah Lake saturday afternoon”

https://abc7.com/1-dead-1-injured-in-la-verne-small-plane-crash/4379756/ La Verne, CA

https://pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/2018/09/30/somerset-county-airport-plane-crash/ Somersett County, PA - weird .. plane landed upside down

https://www.turnto23.com/news/local-news/plane-crashes-at-kernville-airport-no-reported-injuries KernvilLe, CA

b3540a  No.3282028


Hours prior

Let it sink

8d4a0a  No.3282029

File: e7ddf997bcc3b62⋯.jpg (528.63 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, mattistribunal.jpg)

8c7b50  No.3282030


…and your vibrating butt plug.

586353  No.3282031


Very MSM like….that'll grab normie eyes very easily. Great job!

a04cf0  No.3282032

File: 54220fff261da91⋯.jpg (36.16 KB, 400x601, 400:601, POPE.jpg)

69f98d  No.3282033

File: ad9944d3cb6be2f⋯.jpg (456.53 KB, 800x936, 100:117, Michael.jpg)

0208d9  No.3282034


Thank you Anon. I appreciate it Patriot.

b072f6  No.3282035


RE: Plane Crashed

There is no way there should be anywhere near this many plane crashes. Period.

I'm a pilotfag, and any competent pilot should be able to pitch for best glide and dead stick a landing no problem.

I believe the same tech that can modify the weather is being used to remove all lift from an aircraft.



b0e9e1  No.3282036


We shouldn't be too shocked Q. We have more than we know.

89494c  No.3282037

File: 28abf040322ad58⋯.png (27.61 KB, 425x241, 425:241, ClipboardImage.png)


Q, can you confirm JFK jr is DEAD (rip) and the Trump supporter from PA is NOT HIM?

Shills use this to discredit and subvert Q and the Great Awakening

they didn't listen last time (pic)

547bf1  No.3282038


Time traveling Q at it again. There's no other explanation. Lets kick some more ass Q.

17a2e3  No.3282039

File: 190cf8bdff162b1⋯.png (18.22 KB, 462x121, 42:11, ClipboardImage.png)

planefags-file name?

9b01dd  No.3282040

File: ea545644f6c2e9e⋯.png (357.29 KB, 1000x527, 1000:527, decfisa2.png)

File: af8ec9c314eb361⋯.png (386.05 KB, 1000x527, 1000:527, decfisa3.png)

File: b18d1aab481bc5b⋯.png (434.02 KB, 1000x527, 1000:527, decfisa5.png)

File: 19546ec5ba91583⋯.png (630.34 KB, 1896x1000, 237:125, decfisa.png)

File: 1cb5103b8fbdae7⋯.png (374.08 KB, 1000x527, 1000:527, decfisa6.png)

ada0c7  No.3282041


Identical bastages

586353  No.3282042


Word…. I mean….shit.

81a0a2  No.3282043


ty anon.

540650  No.3282044


This is pure evil. Many of us are past shock, with all due respect, sir.


eb413a  No.3282045


Swetnick is among the worst last names on its own, before you consider it is Jewish

8d4a0a  No.3282046

File: df3974fcb279814⋯.jpg (3.14 MB, 1200x1443, 400:481, trumpjazz.jpg)

File: 655503e5168ac9a⋯.jpg (3.09 MB, 1200x1443, 400:481, trumpjazzintensifies.jpg)

33ad73  No.3282047


Kind of like the offset LMNOP or LMNOP_ shirt idea

b3d924  No.3282048


Q – please remember that the best immunity our republic can have for the future is full disclosure of just how bad things have gotten in the past!

a2f6a0  No.3282049

Mitch McConnell is killin' it!!!

6f0072  No.3282050

File: fc0ae66994d128e⋯.jpg (157.07 KB, 1024x614, 512:307, new_york_regiment_of_the_r….jpg)

Thank Q! >>3281997

f8d4b4  No.3282051

File: 9efc8be60fa2b2e⋯.png (483.21 KB, 588x439, 588:439, SPLASH.png)


Dreamliner 2.5 Billion Dollar deal, United?

Related to pic posted?


8131f4  No.3282052


Honestly, nothing will shock me.

b78c68  No.3282053


so what does it mean?

fb07c5  No.3282054

File: 03439430d1a4d3f⋯.jpg (36.02 KB, 240x237, 80:79, IMG_0270.JPG)

a0a9ed  No.3282055



Beware of disinfo.

a04cf0  No.3282057

File: fc2a06ae9eedbb0⋯.jpg (54.78 KB, 746x500, 373:250, WEINERSHILL.jpg)

b3540a  No.3282058



Chech or ukranian

cacd49  No.3282059


Wow this person is psycho.

8cc64f  No.3282060

File: 97b431682d4b178⋯.jpg (65.96 KB, 609x608, 609:608, doitq018.JPG)


Thanks for being here Q

Give POTUS a fist bump for us.

982691  No.3282061

42d1a1  No.3282062

File: 0093faf72558955⋯.jpeg (405.06 KB, 750x1182, 125:197, 464FC458-FE52-4F86-ABBE-2….jpeg)

weakened steel?

047a40  No.3282063

File: 169380c8bf1400a⋯.gif (362.56 KB, 535x535, 1:1, 169.gif)

b8c732  No.3282064

File: 572e2bfce2f72fd⋯.jpg (46.33 KB, 500x548, 125:137, let-that-sink-in-meme.jpg)

1e4384  No.3282065


As I reflected on this scene

And watched the raindrops

Splashing in the pool of water outside

And causing a mist to rise

While the water in the sheltered pool

Under the eves was still and glassy,

I noticed on this side of the window glass

And indoor pool

Reflecting the mist from outside the glass


I heard the sound of one hand clapping

And it was a distinctive sound and I recognized immediately

The hand that clapped against the infinite

It was Donald J. Trump

And he was sending me a message

The most important message I had ever received

In my entire life

The short sharp message entered my consciousness directly

As I heard his voice shouting at me

Wake up!!!

It's time to go to work!

And so it was, and so I shall.

8ac0cb  No.3282066


There have been quite a few more than 2 standard deviations worth that's for sure.

032e37  No.3282067



hello Q

d3b62b  No.3282068


so…when does the shit hit the fan?

74c41e  No.3282069


Just remember

Chris Evans has had more wad in his mouth than 20 Ho’s in China Town to get his gay little job.

I’m thinking my IT gig is fine. Don’t wanna be famous. Don’t like the benis.

2f8316  No.3282070


Have we been visited by outer space aliens?

ea3126  No.3282071


It would be truly something if anything could still shock me in this day and age… nevertheless… DO IT Q!

4af67d  No.3282072

File: 8684ff21cf4dc5a⋯.jpeg (74.83 KB, 640x577, 640:577, 8684ff21cf4dc5a64e7c2a446….jpeg)

6f0072  No.3282073

Q, is JA safe?

5bd4d0  No.3282074

File: ef7687f4fda384d⋯.png (634.37 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 1200px-Seal_of_the_United_….png)

c80b82  No.3282075


Paul Gharron involved in haiti (former Kate Spade CEO) textile/apparel used for logistics?

4eeccf  No.3282076



Respect to Qteam and Potus for guiding our country through thee mine filled waters. We live in a critical tie in the history of our planet - MAGA and MEGA Patriots!

f88fcb  No.3282077


I'm not a pilotfag, but take a look at Brackett. They teach there and it seems pretty open to me. County fairgrounds across street, open fields, calm winds.

5f83b3  No.3282078


gateway pundit should not have even published this shit.

it's equivalent to "i heard somebody say xxx on the subway"

4ba461  No.3282079


Anons let’s compile an exhaustive master list

89a7e1  No.3282080



Message recieved today. On the Clock.

The ClockFags.

baaa0b  No.3282081

What is said in the background at 2:07? Anyone can enhance audio??


33ad73  No.3282082


Chris Evans saying Kanye can't speak to the black experience?

74b72b  No.3282083


Those that do not learn from the past are doomed to repeating it.

7695a6  No.3282084





Plane crash. Standard deviation, More than mean? Less than mean?

e169e5  No.3282085


CABAL hit squad removed with extreme prejudice?

5152cc  No.3282086

File: a108ab23eff4a45⋯.jpg (98.39 KB, 1023x634, 1023:634, DemoKKKrats.jpg)


The Democrats --

Gaslighting everyone since 1854.

e02cc6  No.3282087

File: 0eb50bd3f7d4752⋯.mp4 (747.55 KB, 640x360, 16:9, PDJT Comedian in Chief.mp4)

President Donald J. Trump….Comedian in Chief


169ca4  No.3282088

File: 942145c154a2686⋯.jpg (427.1 KB, 1919x817, 101:43, AZAZ0909s 1 Oct 18 2045.jpg)

The AZAZ0909 flight to Portsmouth is returning to Davison AAF. There is a second AZAZ0909 flight headed West from Davison.

acf181  No.3282089


So Snowden flipped on C_A after his stint in Russia? Double-double agent?

8330ce  No.3282090

File: 49e64ca25fc2dc3⋯.jpg (213.01 KB, 1564x950, 782:475, NYC bomber..jpg)

32abe2  No.3282091

Q - it would be great if POTUS could talk about the Democrats being "The Party of Hate" at Rally


8d6b6b  No.3282092

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Antifa Origin Exposed: Spawn of Russian Communism

4add5c  No.3282093

File: 173933969382b7b⋯.jpg (1.32 MB, 2620x3745, 524:749, 20180928_221204.jpg)


People who are saying nothing is happening have NO idea what we face and how well we're doing. NONE.

I guess having a dad and a few friends who got arrested during multiple-location takedowns has me feeling very comfortable. The bottom falls out VERY soon.

e169e5  No.3282094


CABAL hit squad removed with extreme prejudice?

bcdfd2  No.3282095


Q do you guys know about what's going on at Phoenix Children's Hospital?

Why are they kidnapping kids to force them into trials?

Asking for a momanon who's autist is in danger as we speak!

8bcc87  No.3282096


I wouldn't vote for anyone endorsed by Mossad associates

Simple as that

Nice try though

b072f6  No.3282097


It means you should fly if you're targeted.

163bcb  No.3282098


Q - is Allentown Pennsylvania car bombing signifigant ?

69fbd6  No.3282099

crap 502s are back

ece1fe  No.3282100

File: e808649426f5c3d⋯.jpg (1.28 MB, 1248x1000, 156:125, It-is-the-Lords-doing.jpg)

File: 8e2b98facca7952⋯.gif (1.61 MB, 320x240, 4:3, RARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGG.gif)

073197  No.3282101

File: ff2dbf2b142f43a⋯.jpg (90.57 KB, 940x490, 94:49, tucker-carlson-f-4.jpg)

Watching on RSBN… is TN hillbilly county?


ee4bec  No.3282102

File: fbf9e7cf85cee23⋯.jpg (34.89 KB, 501x500, 501:500, fbf9e7cf85cee2375abf79b201….jpg)


We have a winner

41aa66  No.3282103


How much more like Graham are freed from under No Name's thumb?

a0bf13  No.3282104


Fuck Chris Evans, yeezy is smarter than he looks. I keep getting this nagging suspicion he's secretly a Q supporter.

96ff89  No.3282105

So how many of the recent 'suicides/murders' were actually folks being moved into protective custody?

7aa56c  No.3282106


>In the end, you will be 'shocked' to learn what you've 'essentially' witnessed.

omg just gets deeper Q

what have we witnessed?

30b73e  No.3282107

File: 1858f756477eaad⋯.jpeg (143.37 KB, 633x727, 633:727, A19E446B-2BE7-48E5-99B9-0….jpeg)

b78c68  No.3282108


He puts on tights and plays make believe for a living. No credibility at all.

5f83b3  No.3282109


jesuits bestowed a badge of honor.

they just thought it was a smear.

7498ca  No.3282110

File: 368af23ef72f91d⋯.png (754.82 KB, 1986x1168, 993:584, ClipboardImage.png)


This one wasn't easy

7bb838  No.3282111


"If you listen closely Mr. President, you can hear the goal posts moving"……Mitch McConnell

1bed8a  No.3282113


Jesus Christ, they're not gonna push back elections, much less indefinitely.

Imagine the "optics."

10bf2b  No.3282114


Ford should down for perjury……..

ca70bf  No.3282115

File: 1192896705b2851⋯.jpg (227.57 KB, 942x492, 157:82, MICHAEL (2).jpg)


he must be confirmed now..

b072f6  No.3282116



506d52  No.3282117


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: f71ada No.2773384 Aug 28 2018 18:18:29 (EST)

Anonymous ID: 9fae1c No.2773150 Aug 28 2018 18:10:24 (EST)




Do you remember that our enemies are also monitoring this board?

See above, reflect, use logic.


fca4ea  No.3282118



Are any of these creatures salvageable?

Capable of repentance?

c36206  No.3282119


Planet X emp waves. Planes are predicted to fall out of the skies.

69f98d  No.3282120


Yes - Johnson City is Appalachia. Lots of Brit and Ulster-Scots heritage in area.

d01654  No.3282121

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


i guess

153432  No.3282122


>So how many of the recent 'suicides/murders' were actually folks being moved into protective custody?

Do you consider July 10, 2016 to be recent?

0d6595  No.3282123

File: 219fa539befac93⋯.jpeg (27.29 KB, 255x194, 255:194, F1CCE92C-3704-4B62-9A04-E….jpeg)

File: b09cff53d05c30c⋯.jpeg (28.31 KB, 255x205, 51:41, 5EE8B1E4-46BA-4810-B092-C….jpeg)

49fe03  No.3282124

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b09479  No.3282125


I’m afraid we are the aliens.

f8fec4  No.3282126

What the plan for syria because that's topic the fake maga will use to divide the base

eb920a  No.3282127

File: 2f66cf69b60ea75⋯.png (108.17 KB, 901x315, 901:315, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a822d7fe3191ccf⋯.png (341.29 KB, 614x1014, 307:507, ClipboardImage.png)

And looky what we have here, anons!





> tfw

everyone knows ur a clown

047a40  No.3282128


its good people county. hollywood has destroed your brain

d3b62b  No.3282129


we are not alone.


are we being observed?

8ceb6b  No.3282131


But the thing about it that scares me most: No one intrested this sick "art"

3d26f3  No.3282132

7/10 airplane crashes not accidental- was this a commercial plane ref or all aircraft?

10393d  No.3282133



1e4384  No.3282134


Oh my gish!

How did you know?

He looked so normal…

032e37  No.3282135

File: 8f426e739c1c410⋯.jpg (1012.12 KB, 1310x598, 655:299, RRR.jpg)

File: 8f4538221f9e0f3⋯.jpg (54.35 KB, 764x421, 764:421, RRRR.jpg)

File: 49bc18081fc2f83⋯.jpg (321.82 KB, 764x420, 191:105, RR.jpg)

3f055c  No.3282136

New Q PF

fd443c  No.3282137


Define "in the end…" like when we die….

06d7e4  No.3282138

File: a03352be46e92c7⋯.png (1.38 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, America Strong Q Alt Alpha.png)

It seems to me Republicans have been set free since No names death.

McConnell has balls now

Grassley has balls now

Graham has balls now


41de32  No.3282139

File: af3caf50b13c241⋯.png (3.89 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, PresidentTrumpPresentsRedO….png)


If they haven't redeemed themselves by now, I doubt it.

a0bf13  No.3282140

Lindsey Lohan, is she setting the precedent for future Hollywood arrests re: trafficking? She seems a little desperate.

8c9f6b  No.3282141


Nice job.

bc432d  No.3282142

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

[Currently LIVE] Senate Floor Debates: Judge Kavanaugh

541b28  No.3282143


Speaking of History, how long will the barbarians be allowed to continue to destroy cultural history?


99dc56  No.3282144


Q, PLEASE help us FIND missing researcher Bill Smith!

e50762  No.3282145

hmm didnt Q say heart attacks can be deadly John Perry Barlow died of one

33ad73  No.3282146


Dude, it's insane at any age. The man is unreal.

f8fec4  No.3282147

Do you have anything on ireland because the government is going to destroy the country and the media is controlled by one man called DOB and the state broadcaster and the whole country is brainwashed

aaa057  No.3282148

File: 6fd0222ac9f05ed⋯.png (16.51 KB, 502x126, 251:63, ClipboardImage.png)


Debate on the Senate floor is in progress.


7695a6  No.3282149

File: 72a03a0d4c0d60a⋯.jpg (13.77 KB, 461x114, 461:114, IMG_20181002_012117.jpg)



Q, was this POTUS in the very first thread back on halfchan?

Saying this by looking at - this style of writing.

3c3901  No.3282150



No Name got the chair?

c471c6  No.3282151

File: 2f07d3dc08a2a67⋯.png (3.39 MB, 3515x5625, 703:1125, BDT.png)

1b5cc1  No.3282152


A little more breakdown on China, Blum, Investments…


8bcc87  No.3282153

File: 6b975ab66d2cb4f⋯.png (101.28 KB, 643x491, 643:491, Senate Judiciary re Hill D….PNG)

File: b428dfee624dfa1⋯.png (261.19 KB, 449x577, 449:577, Hill 1 re SHS re Dems Ford….PNG)

File: ef2110152bd4a7f⋯.png (228.74 KB, 446x670, 223:335, Hill 2 re SHS re Dems Ford….PNG)

Sarah Sanders accuses Dems of exploiting Ford, Kavanaugh



887e42  No.3282154


Flake doesn't. But he's also on the way out.

e31e35  No.3282155

File: 3f7e8f66181cad3⋯.png (1.04 MB, 764x995, 764:995, IMG_2760.PNG)


How many.

b3540a  No.3282156


Anon after 2 min its not new

b2aa85  No.3282157

File: 64cd970680840eb⋯.jpg (81.76 KB, 559x340, 559:340, DeepStateDownImage2.jpg)

ce513b  No.3282158


purposely weak steel! enemy combatant / espionage

10393d  No.3282159


COME ON MAN 30 MORE SECONDS WOULDA BEEN THE :58: kek is that coming Q or are we atleast in the right direction> still waiting on djt tweet… thats the way right?

30b73e  No.3282160

File: 05461111befad7a⋯.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1125x1219, 1125:1219, 47E9F7ED-4D0A-4868-9250-9….jpeg)

Patriot boobs in control

96ff89  No.3282161


Was also wondering about Anthony Bourdain and others more recently.

Yes, I feel like SR didn't die that night/morning.

eeb863  No.3282162


Thank you again for the ET disclosure, I can't wait to hear more after the USA is freed.

33ad73  No.3282163



41aa66  No.3282164


>In the end, you will be 'shocked' to learn what you've 'essentially' witnessed.

I guess you're talking about assassination attempts on POTUS?

AF1, Marine 1?

8c7b50  No.3282165


>She seems a little desperate.

Well, she's certainly stupid as a rock.

b6a075  No.3282166


Hussein and Bill Ayers

Weather Underground Lives. Period.

5a05d9  No.3282167


I'm assuming special treatment / technology of some sort. Or it could be just DNA.

fba914  No.3282168

File: b1b3d0d722f4e07⋯.jpg (7.71 KB, 420x236, 105:59, 0929comet[1].jpg)


Prepare for your death, Earthlings

4add5c  No.3282169

File: 0b955c50a28fa76⋯.png (1.72 MB, 1672x758, 836:379, 0b955c50a28fa76cabae9eaddd….png)


I doubt Q is suggesting that we try to sneak around the USSS. Makes no sense. IF there are threats against POTUS from idiots CLAIMING to be with Q, why would he ask us to try and sneak in??

a04cf0  No.3282170


8ac0cb  No.3282171

File: b402ae7c53f45af⋯.png (70.48 KB, 848x391, 848:391, ClipboardImage.png)

3dad37  No.3282172

File: ab3c598c4b1066f⋯.jpeg (129.08 KB, 750x684, 125:114, response.jpeg)

fb07c5  No.3282173

File: b0ed946710089fb⋯.jpeg (100.23 KB, 501x585, 167:195, fullsizeoutput_e15.jpeg)


Sure thing, (((anon)))

128ee3  No.3282174

File: 9ae519155a72321⋯.jpg (130.52 KB, 519x519, 1:1, turtlewe will have a vote.jpg)


929703  No.3282175


We ever going to get anything on whats going on at Area 51?

153432  No.3282176

File: 030b889cd70dfee⋯.png (24.35 KB, 643x225, 643:225, 8807c0ec-329a-cd1e-d170-52….png)

3f055c  No.3282177

New Q PF 3 314

79a5b3  No.3282178


Logic would dictate that they would probably go with the elections.

fcb31b  No.3282179


Also, the IMF/World Bank (Bank and the Fund) were funded by the infiltrated communists stealing our gold and giving to (((them))). I, man, claim the wrong of trespass and want our funds back with interest and penalties!

Declaration of Cause and Necessity to Abolish:


"The United States went "Bankrupt" in 1933 and was declared so by President Roosevelt by Executive Orders 6073, 6102, 6111 and by Executive Order 6260 on March 9, 1933 (See: Senate Report 93-549, pgs. 187 & 594), under the "Trading with The Enemy Act" (Sixty-Fifth Congress, Sess. I, Chs. 105, 106, October 5, 1917), and as codified at 12 U.S.C.A. 95a.

The several States of the Union pledged the faith and credit thereof to the aid of the National Government, and formed numerous socialist committees, such as the "Council Of State Governments", "Social Security Administration" etc., to purportedly deal with the economic "Emergency." These Organizations operated under the "Declaration of INTERdependence" of January 22, 1937, and published some of their activities in "The Book of the States." The 1937 edition of the Book of the States openly declared that the people engaged in such activities as the Farming/Husbandry Industry had been reduced to mere feudal "Tenants" on their Land. Book Of The States, 1937, pg. 155. This of course was compounded by such activities as price fixing wheat and grains 7 U.S.C.A. 1332, quota regulations 7 U.S.C.A. 1371, and livestock products 7 U.S.C.A. 1903, which have been consistently below the costs of production, interest on loans and inflation of the paper "Bills of Credit", leaving the food producers and others in a state of peonage and involuntary servitude, constituting the taking of private property, for the benefit and use of others, without just compensation.

NOTE: The Council Of State governments has now been absorbed into such things as the "National Conference Of Commissioners On Uniform State Laws", whose Headquarters Office is located at 676 North St. Clair Street, Suite 1700, Chicago, Illinois 60611, and "all" being "members of the Bar", and operating under a different "Constitution and By Laws", far distant from the depositories of the public Records, has promulgated, lobbied for, passed, adjudicated and ordered the implementation and execution of their purported "Uniform" and "Model" Acts and pretended statutory provisions, to "help implement international treaties of the United States or where world uniformity would be desirable."

On April 25, 1938, the Supreme Court overturned the standing precedents of the prior 150 years concerning "common law," in the Federal Government.

The members and association of the Bar thereafter formed committees, granted themselves special privileges, immunities and franchises, and held meetings concerning the Judicial procedures, and further, to amend laws "to conform to a trend of judicial decisions or to accomplish similar objectives", including hodgepodging the jurisdictions of Law and Equity together, which is known today as "One Form Of Action." (See: Constitution And By Laws, Article 3, Section 3.3(c), 1990-91 Reference Book, supra, see also, Colorado Methods of Practice, West Pub., Vol. 4, pgs. 2-3, Authors Comments.)

The United States thereafter entered the Second World War during which time the "League of Nations" was reinstituted under pretense of the "United Nations" (See: 22 U.S.C.A. 287 et. seq.), and the "Bank For International Settlements" reinstituted under pretense of the "Bretton Woods Agreement" (See: 60 Stat. 1401, 22 U.S.C.A. 286 et. seq.) as the "International Monetary Fund" (The Fund) and the International Bank For Reconstruction And Development" (The Bank).

It is important to take cognizance of the fact that NO Constitutional Amendment was ever obtained to FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE, amend, abridge or abolish the Constitutional mandates, provisions or prohibitions, but due to internal and external diversions surrounding the Viet Nam War etc., the usurpation and breach went basically unchallenged and unnoticed by the general public at large, who became "a wealthy man's cannon fodder or cheap source of SLAVE LABOR." (See: Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars, TM-SW7905.1, pgs. 6, 7, 8, 9, 12, 13 & 56). Congress was clearly delegated the Power and Authority to regulate and maintain the true and inherent "value" of the Coin within the scope and purview of Article I, Section 8, Clauses 5 & 6 and Article I, Section 10, Clause 1, of the ordained Constitution (1787), and further, under a corresponding duty and obligation to maintain said gold and silver Coin and Foreign Coin at and within the necessary and proper "equal weights and measures" clause (See also: Bible, Deuteronomy, Chapter 25, verses 13 thru 16, Proverbs, Chapter 16, verse 11, Public Law 97-289, 96 Stat. 1211).

605848  No.3282180


340e5c  No.3282181

File: 6d983a4a79331ea⋯.jpg (180.18 KB, 709x765, 709:765, daveysuicide.jpg)

Hey whoever

Is running the mk ultra beam /demons

Can you turn it up its getting boring again

I know you have budget cutbacks but you guys gotta step it up

f8fec4  No.3282182

File: 51f3f56a3195a20⋯.jpg (276.67 KB, 1199x1136, 1199:1136, Neocons.jpg)

I hope these people except Deshowitz are brought to justice because they caused alot of death and destruction.

69f98d  No.3282183

File: 9f5d4b3ba68a396⋯.png (53.43 KB, 371x181, 371:181, GItmo.png)

File: d7eebb749bb7ce2⋯.png (50.55 KB, 400x400, 1:1, The Gitmo Channel.png)

43ff62  No.3282184


Are these CGI's? How bout ELA on this shit??

7498ca  No.3282185

File: 5b4f83baa0e761b⋯.png (235.58 KB, 332x591, 332:591, ! ! ! ! ! 5;5 browns-jim-b….png)

d01654  No.3282186



Hons: @RepGoodlatte thank you for the honor and invitation to come testify before congress. I look forward to doing so as soon as possible.

3:28 AM - 2 Oct 2018"

ea17ea  No.3282187


Keep taking the Cabal down Q and Q+!

3d26f3  No.3282188

File: a50e830fddc1478⋯.jpg (127 KB, 592x600, 74:75, Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at ….jpg)

4a822f  No.3282189



3c3901  No.3282190

File: 3fb38261e26a1e6⋯.png (643.24 KB, 750x500, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 343ac7239e7ea1b⋯.png (393.71 KB, 500x413, 500:413, ClipboardImage.png)

File: fb5519d16095661⋯.png (212.18 KB, 889x500, 889:500, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b2871a309f2d80c⋯.png (80.2 KB, 300x216, 25:18, ClipboardImage.png)

d7a4a6  No.3282191

File: ff56b9e562ff7de⋯.jpeg (71.95 KB, 722x479, 722:479, image.jpeg)

File: d510515c669a58b⋯.jpeg (104.9 KB, 500x484, 125:121, image.jpeg)

17ad3d  No.3282192

File: fbb77abb1721544⋯.jpeg (168.2 KB, 1226x1716, 613:858, 88411d02e1d3f33c857e57c31….jpeg)

File: 0af3e224853a144⋯.jpeg (62.13 KB, 1257x858, 419:286, 592450d1a026befce86a25347….jpeg)


You guys shot down their sub launched SM6 with some kind of badass tech…since the inbound is scooting at Mach 3+.

Noticed the TFC you gave is for the 26th in NYC.


Nice work, to the overwatch crew. Glad Q+ actual is safe and sound and Q & Co. too!

89494c  No.3282193



can you stop newfag?

9343be  No.3282194

File: b82d157f45dcdf3⋯.png (60.49 KB, 510x332, 255:166, b82d157f45dcdf388632345f32….png)

70ccc8  No.3282195

File: 75181c1cf89db1c⋯.jpg (20.52 KB, 325x369, 325:369, frog-prince.jpg)

Hi Anons

I'm from the future and have been selected to send you a little message.

(we can do that now but it's crazy expensive)

Everybody wants to say thank you to all you gold star patriots of the Infi-chan.

It's really Glorious now and we owe a large part of that to (YOU)

If I told you how many babies were saved because of Kavanaugh

or how many children were freed from horrible and depraved suffering

because of all you've done, you wouldn't be able to stop crying.

We love you all (I was told to say "NO HOMO" whatever that means)

Thanks again


Space Force is now accepting aliens

fba914  No.3282197


This is how you know the Q Psyop is run by Valerie Jarrett

3478ad  No.3282198

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>In the end, you will be 'shocked' to learn what you've 'essentially' witnessed.

Like Captain Renault?

7695a6  No.3282199

File: 4604a97786c793c⋯.jpg (130.19 KB, 877x1185, 877:1185, IMG_20181002_012315.jpg)


Tuned for the great awakening, watching the Red Oct.

b2554b  No.3282200

I just wondered the same thing


937908  No.3282201

So "Captain America" is compromised as fuck. Did they seriously prop this SJW fuckface up as him on purpose? That's what I'm gathering by the recent Q post.

69f98d  No.3282202

File: b064f226c4b3142⋯.jpg (130.34 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, DF China.jpg)

c3093f  No.3282203

>>3281003 lb

wear TWO shirts, take the TOP one OFF.

5bc171  No.3282204


yea i really think they give him stuff

look into 'Q96' im thinking its something like that

0ebcbd  No.3282205


NoName was the defacto head of the DS.

His state funeral proves it.

That he could control others is evidence of the power he had.

We witnessed the demise and feting of the "king".

34aa1a  No.3282206

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I cant wait to kick some demon ass!


b78c68  No.3282207


Why is John Cusak mentioned? I thought he was Deep State

acf181  No.3282208



Could you imagine a rally where they have to mass evacuate 1000+ patriots wearing a Q shirt underneath another shirt? The cameras couldn't ignore that. Neither could the media.

93b347  No.3282209


>Think NYC bomber 'fireworks' hours prior.

Will never forget that for as long as I live.

Same thing is happening to the Dems/cabalists.

They expect to be rewarded for their evil.

Instead they get their dicks blasted off.

The fireworks are already in place, but they have no clue.

2018 will indeed be glorious.

547bf1  No.3282210



cacd49  No.3282211



Be careful what you wish for…

8c7b50  No.3282212


Or at least allow an artist to make courtroom-style sketches.

69ced3  No.3282213


you have 14 posts

0f1510  No.3282214


Logic would dictate BEFORE so we don't have these issues for 2 more years. HELLO

89494c  No.3282215


you're back shill?

gtfo already

5152cc  No.3282216

File: e5e4f5c6d4ae632⋯.png (48.84 KB, 727x387, 727:387, Q952-The_LINK.[JPB].png)

74b72b  No.3282217


From all of us here at the chans, let me say, KYS

33ad73  No.3282218


You've got a U Haul full of stolen guns headed your way. Stay frosty.

49fe03  No.3282219

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b2554b  No.3282220

Shep Smith sure has been gone a while, hasn't he?

ea3126  No.3282221


>Think NYC bomber 'fireworks' hours prior.

This part just started tingling something in my brain… we need to revisit that day.

6fa219  No.3282222

File: 590a3cf7cad8158⋯.png (732 B, 183x61, 3:1, ClipboardImage.png)


no shit stupid.go back to paytriots soapbox yt chat where you belong. this place isnt for you.

973e5d  No.3282223

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This was inside the thread of one of Q's twitter references…

Found it more interesting than the drop.

6fc024  No.3282224

File: 0868147263d5507⋯.jpg (38.6 KB, 800x561, 800:561, AX064_4F9D_9-Nat-Rothschil….jpg)

52bb1d  No.3282225


Crush 'em Q!

5ff470  No.3282226


Calm down Irish-Anon.

All Europe suffers under the cabal.

However, the center of their power is in America.

That's why this dirt has to be disposed of there first.

Then comes Europe.

Hold on!


34aa1a  No.3282227

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


There is no way out of this!

5a05d9  No.3282228


Eyes in the sky.


/ _ \

fb07c5  No.3282229


To clarify, this would mean Langley Air Force Base, not CIA headquarters. And not sure why it's important. Raptors are always leaving there

210580  No.3282230

File: b72fdafdce13a4e⋯.png (98.26 KB, 544x498, 272:249, ClipboardImage.png)

540650  No.3282231



They could actually get trank rounds with the lethal injection in them…

So they can still get shot while upholding the legalistic letter of the marshal death pen rule..

Because these [traitors] love being legalistic. Fuckers deserve a rope and lead in their pockets.

86bbed  No.3282232


sorta, we became aliens because of the aliens that came. why do y'all think we are so much smarter than everything else?

4443b1  No.3282233


Yea, that's classy. Lib faggot.

eeb863  No.3282234


ET topic is full of fearmongering and quackery, more news at 11

Basic thing that anons need to know is that there is a big positive ET federation out there that is helping us.

ca6fc9  No.3282235


Given the ATF incident in the last bread, this tells me the following:

1. False Flag incoming (obvious).

2. This is similar to the set up for the attempted Super Bowl FF last January.

3. There are going to be LOTS of culprits in this given that many guns.

4. They’re aiming for a massacre on par with Vegas FF.

ed7dd5  No.3282236


Sounds like all the chess pieces are in place, and ready to go.

dfa3b3  No.3282237

File: c5df53caa1dc36b⋯.jpg (76.75 KB, 785x432, 785:432, raptors.jpg)

49fe03  No.3282238

File: 861694a8ce3cf79⋯.jpg (65.56 KB, 500x625, 4:5, 550bde5ea02725ce4a134348a3….jpg)


7d27b9  No.3282239

File: a3fdef73e704a09⋯.jpeg (81.69 KB, 1180x842, 590:421, 7ADC5182-F6E2-425E-8532-E….jpeg)

File: a58d23122e0fd5b⋯.jpeg (146.11 KB, 1056x1200, 22:25, 5CB36C41-2EA9-428A-B3EA-5….jpeg)



The Plan is working flawlessly. Sun Tzu would be proud!


at dawn (dark to light); caged birds sing when the cover is removed (dark to light); Shining LIGHT on a person’s DARK deeds will get them to talk and expose others.

Darkness to Light

Footage taken by security cameras from an American owned company, Boulder AI, depicting our beautiful flag surviving Hurricane Florence.

#WeThe People are surviving and uniting to take back America!


God bless President Trump, our military, our white hats and our world patriots.

#WeThe People are uniting

#WWG1WGA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

314f96  No.3282240

File: 131829d4ae4d847⋯.png (53.75 KB, 1506x582, 251:97, SENATE QUORUM RULES.png)

I was looking at the Committee on the Judiciary Rules, and I found something interesting regarding the quorum rules.

As can be seen in the attached screenshot, and also found at https://www.judiciary.senate.gov/about/rules, it seems that the rules require that 9 members, including 2 MEMBERS from the minority party, must be present to constitute a quorum for the purposes of transacting business. Thus, in order for the committee to have sent Kavanaugh to a full senate vote, they would have needed at least 2 democrats to be present to constitute a quorum. Without two democrats, the vote could not take place.

Does this explain Flake's actions? Is this why the democrats were caught off guard when they realized that Grassley had called for a vote to send Kavanaugh to a full senate vote?

Remember, a lot of the democrats had stated that they would not attend the committee's vote. If none had showed up, the committee would not have had the 2 minority members necessary to conduct business under the committee's quorum rules.

Was Flake used to push Kavanaugh out of the committee and to a full Senate vote?

d7a4a6  No.3282241

Everything is inverted.

Congress has been derelict in their duty to legislate for decades BUT the committees meant to investigate have become conduits of the enemy.

34aa1a  No.3282242

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



d3b62b  No.3282243


i believe we have been created in the image of those aliens by those aliens. they probably do this in history and research class, in order to find out more about their own evolution.

605848  No.3282245



Fuck off faggot , go suck a dick