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File: 6268f09e9233453⋯.jpg (145.4 KB, 1795x1017, 1795:1017, # JPG.jpg)

b49d40  No.3006399

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Q Research supports attacking terrible ideas with better ones. We believe the use of violence only proves a bad argument. We are researchers who deal in open-source information and informed opinion. We neither need nor condone the use of violence in our work here.




Q Proofs & Welcome

Welcome to Q Research (README FIRST, THEN PROCEED TO LURK) https://8ch.net/qresearch/welcome.html

Q Plan to Save the World - Video introduction to the Q plan - https://youtu.be/3vw9N96E-aQ

Q - Killing The Mockingbird - (2nd in vid series): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80s5xuvzCtg

The Best of the Best Q Proofs >>1552095, >>>/qproofs/49 SEE FOR YOURSELF

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Q Clearance Archive: irc.qclearancearchive.net

Q's Latest Posts

Wednesday 9.12.18

>>>/patriotsfight/233 —————–—————- How do you demonstrate 'reasonable cause' to regulate and/or break up BIG TECH? ( Cap: >>2998384, >>2998394 )

>>>/patriotsfight/232 ———--------—————- Trump tweet re: Draining the swamp ( Cap: >>2995995 )

>>2995423 rt >>2995106, >>2995190 -----—– Military planning at its finest.

>>2994981 rt >>2994458 ———----------——– Main points of interest only.

>>>/patriotsfight/231 ———--------—————- "SEXUAL MISCONDUCT" ( Cap: >>2994452, >>2994465 )

>>>/patriotsfight/230 ———--------—————- AJ [TEMPLATE] WAS DESIGNED TO ATTACK/CENSOR 'QANON' [primary obj]. ( Cap: >>2994360, >>2994361 )

>>>/patriotsfight/229 ———--------—————- How do you inflict MAX PAIN / DAMAGE? ( Cap: >>2994005, >>2994031 )

Tuesday 9.11.18

>>>/patriotsfight/228 ———--------—————- It's hammer time ( Cap: >>2984597 )

>>>/patriotsfight/227 ———--------—————- TOGETHER we WIN. ( Cap: >>2984055, >>2984053 )

>>>/patriotsfight/226 ———--------—————- Another wave of attacks coming? ( Cap: >>2982152, >>2982168 )

>>>/patriotsfight/225 ———--------—————- Timing is everything. Enjoy the show ( Cap: >>2981825 )

>>>/patriotsfight/224 ———--------—————- Steele req non_extradition to U.S? ( Cap: >>2981754 )

>>>/patriotsfight/223 ———--------—————- Bruce Ohr [in effort to save Nellie Ohr] testifying against Rosenstein, Yates, Lynch, and Comey? ( Cap: >>2982107 )

>>>/patriotsfight/222 ———--------—————- Lisa Page testifying against Peter Strzok? ( Cap: >>2982096 )

>>>/patriotsfight/221 ———--------—————- James Baker testifying against Comey? ( Cap: >>2981672 )

>>>/patriotsfight/220 ———--------—————- Comey in communication w/ McCabe re: 'testimony' 'story'? ( Cap: >>2981649 )

>>>/patriotsfight/219 ———--------—————- King & Spalding hired [last week] to represent Sally Yates? ( Cap: >>2981621 )

>>>/patriotsfight/218 ———--------—————- [RR] req meeting w/ POTUS DECLINED ( Cap: >>2981591 )

>>>/patriotsfight/217 ———--------—————- Coming 'VERY SOON' to a theater near you ( Cap: >>2981124 )

>>>/patriotsfight/216 ———--------—————- Pope Francis Breitbart Article ( Caps: >>2980941, >>2980950 )

>>>/patriotsfight/215 ———--------—————- https://twitter.com/RepMarkMeadows/status/1039582215229857795 ( Caps: >>2980715, >>2980771 )

>>>/patriotsfight/214 ———--------—————- We Will Never FORGET! We Will Never FORGIVE! PATRIOT DAY ( Cap: >>2977922 )

Monday 09.10.18

Compiled here: >>2982713

Sunday 09.09.18

Compiled here: >>2979201

Saturday 09.08.18

Compiled here: >>2979191

Friday 09.07.18

Compiled here: >>2966475

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>>2322789, >>2323031 How To Quickly Spot A Clown

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are not endorsements


>>2954845, >>2955152 #DeclassifyFISA <----- MAKE THIS GO VIRAL <-----

>>2956097 Thread Specifically For DECLAS Memes


>>2829643, >>2829673 1986 U.S. District Court Dost test: No CP image guidelines

>>2993403 The OFFICIAL replacement for /r/greatawakening on VOAT (spread for the normies): https://voat.co/v/theawakening

>>2999802 Message from CM : New posting servers to help alleviate peak-time lag.

>>3001747 BV: New board for redditfugees >>>/patriotsawoken/


>>3006350 Would Q use the number 12?

>>3006287 'Shameful' John Kerry slammed for holding unsanctioned meetings with Iran officials

>>3006273 Info on AURA: Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy

>>3006226 Dem Senate Candidate fought for loophole protecting men visiting child prostitutes

>>3006128 - Manhattan DA's office drops more than 3,000 open marijuana cases

>>3005979 , >>3006011 Confirmation Michael Cohen is a white hat?

>>3005978 List of sponsors of Elton John's upcoming aids foundation gala

>>3005973 Amazon linked to C_A via Warrenton Training Center in Virginia

>>3006401 #3803


>>3005502 New SubReddit: /r/Qpatriotsfight

>>3005464 Statement by AG Sessions on the Election Security Executive Order

>>3005351 Article on death numbers from the Puerto Rico hurricane

>>3005346 Google is a 'threat to the Republic,' says Trump campaign manager

>>3005323 , >>3005330 , >>3005339 Fresh Sealed Indictments Graphics to share

>>3005253 QClock on The Storm and POTUS Tweets

>>3005055 #WalkAway Founder Banned From Facebook, just before planned march in DC

>>3004978 , >>3005261 , >>3005063 Fresh POTUS tweets

>>3005615 #3802

#3801 (Baker change)

>>3004706 HRC & Google created covert server to hide Benghazi emails from congress

>>3004622 New POTUS

>>3004739 German Catholic priests 'abused thousands of children'

>>3004393 Skripol Interview of suspects - Timeline dosent add up?

>>3004335 Britain’s “Big Brother,” program violated citizens privacy and free speech: EU Court

>>3004319 Facebook's Rosetta AI detects offensive memes

>>3004155 Gaps in observatory records of Sun activity

>>3004153 List of live webcams readying for Florence

>>3004152 Info on EMP: Electromagnetic Pulse Weaponry

>>3004141 , >>3004279 NEW LEAKED VIDEO: Google Leadership’s Dismayed Reaction to Trump Election

>>3004798 #3801


>>3003398 Explanation of skewed polls

>>3003409 'Catastrophic': EU Passes Copyright Directive Including Internet 'Link Tax' and 'Upload Filter'

>>3003421 Turkey's Latest Power Grab: A Naval Base In Cyprus?

>>3003431 Syrian Army Destroys Militant Fortifications And Observation Equipment In Northern Lattakia (Videos)

>>3003467 Fastest wind speed I found for Florence tonight at 3:10 a.m. EDT on 9/13 was 91 mph at 10 meters above ground

>>3004792 #3800

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34d92f  No.3006419

File: f1f65be8f369a81⋯.jpeg (60.17 KB, 620x349, 620:349, 719373D8-32A4-4809-B9EE-2….jpeg)

File: c7e9ec524eae2e1⋯.jpeg (153.25 KB, 587x768, 587:768, 48E2A1CA-BB17-4AB2-9144-1….jpeg)

File: 814d8641071cf5d⋯.png (3.59 MB, 1815x1587, 605:529, 958D78E6-0C86-40DE-AEED-C2….png)

Wash your own brain

b49d40  No.3006420

File: 06b89d5bd178196⋯.png (68.54 KB, 1024x600, 128:75, QWinningBigly.png)

#3804 Dough


4af1a6  No.3006429

File: 04d9eb74092a49d⋯.png (749.81 KB, 1106x1113, 158:159, TY Baker_05.png)

07a730  No.3006434

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

523aad  No.3006441



Colin McRoberts is a lawyer and Stratfor employee, and he was one of the main users involved in the banning of r/greatawakening.

We have an investigation / dox thread here:



0484d9  No.3006472

File: 5a20076937fff81⋯.png (4.48 MB, 1845x6424, 1845:6424, Issue 1.png)

Ohio Issue 1

$4.5 million for this campaign was raised by:

Mark Zuckerberg

Nicholas and Susan Pritzker

George Soros

Convert felony drug crimes to misdemeanors with no jail time.

Prohibit judges from sending people to prison if they violate probation.

Cut prison time for current offenders.

Allow convicted felons to petition for re-sentencing.


7e2d07  No.3006475

File: 25ccdad6b33f33b⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 351.82 KB, 343x260, 343:260, Tits or GTFO.gif)


d48918  No.3006478

File: 5688dc20fc6f7d9⋯.png (158.53 KB, 642x404, 321:202, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7ebcf407e98b1ef⋯.png (366.84 KB, 1391x310, 1391:310, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e9d46eeba67aba3⋯.png (374.55 KB, 1371x336, 457:112, ClipboardImage.png)

check this out


627030  No.3006479

File: c068f59bd0bf1c4⋯.jpg (219.22 KB, 655x714, 655:714, GAB_IMAGE_1536852319368.jpg)

e9b03d  No.3006480


>Are any real anons replying to the muhjew shills?

If you count mockery as replying, then yeah

>Why are they here?

To ensure that these retards don't manufacture a false consensus due to the tacit approval of their bullshit ;)

Good day.

9c6309  No.3006481

File: 1ba9e4fd0e15ee4⋯.jpg (421.2 KB, 722x463, 722:463, bolshevik murderers.jpg)

66 Million killed by Jewish Supremacists.

And that's just for starters…

If Germany was forced to pay, then Jewish wealth gets confiscated and redistributed to those whose lives, countries and communities were destroyed.

9be25b  No.3006482


sorry fer screaming, anons, but

so HIGH ENERGY aaaaand it's only going to get crazyer todayer

and don't feed da lame shills

34d92f  No.3006483

File: 8b780dfdb24d8ce⋯.jpg (32.48 KB, 226x400, 113:200, IMG_2235.JPG)

File: 61ef5c0a3ecdbd2⋯.jpg (159.55 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, IMG_2481.JPG)

File: 564987087b589c8⋯.jpg (691.12 KB, 2825x1716, 2825:1716, IMG_2669.JPG)

1911e7  No.3006484

File: 23d2d5f46f7e5dc⋯.png (118.44 KB, 1103x699, 1103:699, Wikiprobs.PNG)

Jimmy Wales having some funding issues now?

End of the 3rd q coming and WE NEED MONEY!!

Strings cut.

41b1e1  No.3006485

>>3006327 lb

“the bakers”....lol. Welcome newfag!!

242105  No.3006486

File: 23795c6f46e80d9⋯.jpg (86.79 KB, 839x839, 1:1, i4s0mvta4ol11.jpg)

Thank you, Baker!

37a7ec  No.3006487

Did Muh Dick shill get cut from the payroll?

53dc0b  No.3006488

File: 5f1984126837254⋯.png (32.96 KB, 528x294, 88:49, Capture.PNG)

NBC beginning to realize the hurricane and the storm are separate things….

a51414  No.3006489


Wait for the dough Ebot.

You know the fucking rules.

Great tits btw!

7f2507  No.3006490


Maybe less coffee for you, yeah?

No doxxies. No "we make them pay".

6d93be  No.3006491


You didn't know? The bakers are here to save us!

e9b03d  No.3006492


this was meant for this --> >>3006459 (lb)

[They] are going with grade school level attack vectors. Shill 101 level shit.

ca4310  No.3006493

File: 6f5c5ac51c4311d⋯.png (88.05 KB, 647x317, 647:317, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at ….png)

He mad.


523aad  No.3006494


fuck off faggot, go back to facebook

5343b0  No.3006495

File: 3579e06ba8b2481⋯.jpg (19.69 KB, 255x160, 51:32, c41fe8327d1cc9823b1ba54c11….jpg)


We don't dox here, you fucking newfag. Literally in our rules.

7e2d07  No.3006496

4f4651  No.3006497


just jimmy rustlin, kek

480dd7  No.3006498

File: 7b285f1d0999faa⋯.png (61.59 KB, 1021x617, 1021:617, ClipboardImage.png)


Is this apply to Reddit?

The Legal Rights of a Business to Ban a Person From Their Property

by Kay Bosworth; Updated June 26, 2018

A customer enters a fast-food establishment barefooted even though the sign says,“No shirt, no shoes, no service.” At the other extreme, a fired employee tries to enter his former office, threatening to get even with his ex-boss. These and similar situations can test the civil rights of individuals against the rights of property owners.

Civil Rights

There were times in United States history when restaurants and other businesses refused admittance to people because of their race or national origin. To do so now would violate the federal Civil Rights Act that guarantees all people the right to "full and equal enjoyment of the goods, services, facilities, privileges, advantages, and accommodations of any place of public accommodation, without discrimination or segregation on the ground of race, color, religion, or national origin." Those protections cover such private places as restaurants, hotels and motels, movie houses, theaters and sports arenas. Other protected classes include people with disabilities.

Property Owners' Rights

Private property is any property owned by private persons and not by the government or reserved for public use. Private property includes buildings and real estate as well as objects and intellectual property. People who own property have the right to manage it and control it. A store, for example, is private property. Offering merchandise for sale implies an invitation to enter, but the store owner is entitled to ban someone from coming in. The person could be a suspected shoplifter or a troublemaker, or he can be banned for any reason, as long as it is not based on bias against a federally protected class of people.

Violations of a Ban

State statutes describe “defiant trespass” as someone entering or staying in a place where he has been told not to enter or has been ordered to leave. The charge also applies when a person enters property where signs or fencing are designed to keep out intruders. A property owner can tell the individual in person, preferably with a witness, that he is banned, or notify him by certified letter with a copy sent to the local police department. Violating the banning order could result in a disorderly persons charge.

Rules and Policies

Businesses are within their rights to establish their own rules for admitting or banning people from the property. A company can protect an employee by banning an abusive ex-spouse or stalker from the workplace. The owner of a bar can forbid an obviously drunken or unruly patron from entering. Casino management can identify and ban a card-counter or a known cheater. In any such case where an individual is prevented from entering the property, the prohibition cannot be based on any of the classes protected by federal laws.

References (5)

Legal Information Institute: Prohibition Against Discrimination or Segregation in Places of Public Accommodation

USLegal: Discrimination in Places of Public Accommodation

Legal Information Institute: Private Property

TalkingRetail: Ban Someone From Your Store: Talking Retail’s How to Guide

PALawhelp.org: How to Keep Someone Off Your Property

About the Author

As a long-time newspaper reporter and staff writer, Kay Bosworth covered real estate development and business for publications in northern New Jersey. Her extensive career included serving as editor of a business education magazine for the McGraw-Hill Book Company. The Kentucky native earned a BA from Transylvania University in Lexington.


4edc51  No.3006499

File: 968e3e1a9698f63⋯.jpg (236.08 KB, 1241x737, 1241:737, _ _.jpg)

Thank you POTUS

Thank you Anons

Thank you Baker

Thank you Q

9f2e52  No.3006500

Kathy Griffin Whines About Her Failing Career, Don Jr. Levels Her With Epic Tweet

I can't get a Netflix special because I once had the audacity to share that a Netflix executive told me that because they had Chelsea Handler, they didn't need other women…

Meanwhile, Norm Macdonald has a Netflix talk show….

Double Standard? I think so… https://t.co/wNlKik14j0

— Kathy Griffin (@kathygriffin) September 11, 2018

In response to her pity party, Trump Jr. absolutely leveled her:

The reason you don’t have a Netflix special isn’t because you’re a woman, it’s because you’re not a good comedian. It’s really simple. https://t.co/SiVJaVZZLT

— Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) September 12, 2018


523aad  No.3006501

9ac831  No.3006502

File: 22a72845baee826⋯.jpg (135.31 KB, 1020x724, 255:181, IMG_20180618_152655.jpg)

8b7a4e  No.3006503

File: de1bb1bf7e74d51⋯.png (563.35 KB, 605x763, 605:763, water.png)

>>3006363 (lb)

right, nothing to see here


1911e7  No.3006504


Sounds like a man who will not be around much longer….say end of the month?

5449fb  No.3006505

File: 6d3c6bbfa30bae2⋯.png (22.77 KB, 156x88, 39:22, ClipboardImage.png)

Pretty sad when FEMA can't keep up with hurricane names…KEK!


FEMA's Brock Long mistakes Hurricane Florence for Hurricane Floyd in briefing


373d86  No.3006506

>>3006467 (pb)

hmm...............interdasting, anon. i can see how closing down a clown-run sub that was actually ruining normie perceptions of Q, to encourage a fresh new, non-clown sub creation could be possible. i wouldn't want to speculate on the probability of that, but it is certainly a possibility. and even if Q team didn't... it may indeed still work out to just that end. very curious indeed.

17ba61  No.3006507


good catch

e16b28  No.3006509

File: 621ddd3a161f72a⋯.png (23.64 KB, 245x47, 245:47, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at ….png)

File: 188d369d2641193⋯.png (138.35 KB, 755x578, 755:578, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at ….png)

eff99b  No.3006510


Spoopy megapic drops had Kathy Griffin in them.

Eminem video had her, too.

What's up with Kathy Griffin?

214969  No.3006511

File: 4d6db8471069b20⋯.jpg (16.94 KB, 306x371, 306:371, 3BE599AF00000578-4095014-i….jpg)


I've always wondered about these pins

9ac831  No.3006512

eb4e51  No.3006513



Too late, fuckers.

8e4f36  No.3006514


Not the actor

f65b72  No.3006515

File: f0e2d0e578cb7a1⋯.jpg (55.27 KB, 640x480, 4:3, mitch-mcconnell-donald-tru….jpg)


Not sure what too think about this Amon?

Ann Coulter: Trump Should ‘Lay Off’ Jeff Sessions and Go ‘Against Mitch McConnell’

Ann Coulter, author of “Resistance Is Futile!: How the Trump-Hating Left Lost Its Collective Mind,” called for President Donald Trump to “lay off” Attorney General Jeff Sessions and instead criticize Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY). She offered her remarks in a Tuesday interview with Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large Rebecca Mansour and special guest host Patrick Courrielche on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight.


035678  No.3006516


When it leads to MOS backed Stratfor agents it is research

a2c243  No.3006517

“Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.” – C.S. Lewis

db5ba8  No.3006518


Hope he gets his due!

If you are not with us, you are against us!


2ef3f4  No.3006519


Time to start a round of Morgan (No longer a) Freeman meme's.

a51414  No.3006520



Suicide Watch.


edd672  No.3006521


Shills hopped on this FAST, your on to something!!!




35d95a  No.3006522


Why TF is that even news?

e5b080  No.3006523

File: c1f2f3425df2661⋯.jpg (182.82 KB, 736x525, 736:525, slidefag.jpg)

>Anons are NOT DIVIDED


Keep calm & dig & meme.

IGNORE the shills. It's a waste of good crispy bread.

eef29e  No.3006524


the hurricane former known as florence, now identifies as floyd … you bastard :P

4b5c62  No.3006525

LOL Jeff Sessions looks like the most kind hearted southern gentlemen. Talks like it too. I can see why even confused democrats take a liking to him. It's hard not to.

a07d66  No.3006527

3006350 (lb)

Didn't Q say something about starting a fire to smoke them out?

540f54  No.3006528

File: cff4b3715f882f2⋯.png (603.34 KB, 925x1463, 925:1463, ClipboardImage.png)

>>3006160 (lb)

As part of immigration reform; revoking immigration status should have some emphasis.

Thwarting a duly elected President of the U.S. as an rich immigrant should get your assets seized, status revoked, and charges of Sedition.

Make Hemp Great Again.

34d92f  No.3006529

File: bb99722c36c3cfc⋯.jpg (556.68 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, IMG_3026.JPG)

(you) can't fight the fake creamy center

684fa0  No.3006530

File: f3a39b1ea7f63a7⋯.jpeg (136.34 KB, 618x412, 3:2, 72962DDB-7418-4B33-9DF7-4….jpeg)

c3366e  No.3006531

File: c5daa7a1b640019⋯.jpg (143.18 KB, 749x590, 749:590, iur (1).jpg)

34d92f  No.3006532

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

0036ef  No.3006533

Q, for what's left of sanity within us, CAN YOU PLEASE FUCK SHIT UP TODAY.

4-6% … Even if it's 20% we'll be better off without them anyways

5343b0  No.3006534



So follow that instead of publishing dox on every retarded lib.

b49d40  No.3006535

File: abe0fcea28221cb⋯.jpg (65.28 KB, 350x500, 7:10, abe0fcea28221cbac1247ce93f….jpg)

faa617  No.3006536

File: 56d68155fee2fb9⋯.png (457.21 KB, 660x826, 330:413, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at ….png)


Don't forget the claim that he abused his step-granddaughter. f'n pedo

300318  No.3006537


eBot stop jumping the gun.

Let the baker bake first asshat

7142d0  No.3006538


It's not a "catch"

It's a witty comment

8a1de0  No.3006539

File: d2663c80167546a⋯.jpg (19.86 KB, 275x183, 275:183, 2hulmj.jpg)

Osama Bin Laden lived in a cave fortress in the hills of Afghanistan, but somehow got away. Then he was hiding out in Tora Bora but somehow got away. Then he lived in Abottabad for years, taunting the most comprehensive intelligence dragnet employing the most sophisticated technology in the history of the world for 10 years, releasing video after video with complete impunity (and getting younger and younger as he did so), before finally being found in a daring SEAL team raid which wasn’t recorded on video, in which he didn’t resist or use his wife as a human shield, and in which these crack special forces operatives panicked and killed this unarmed man, supposedly the best source of intelligence about those dastardly terrorists on the planet. Then they dumped his body in the ocean before telling anyone about it. Then a couple dozen of that team’s members died in a helicopter crash

Its all bullshit and lies.

This mans story is just to cover the loose ends. Oh what a story he could tell us. Will he cooperate with Trump or will the Luciferians have to eliminate him? Tick tock

Not going to spam this all day just maybe once or twice more then I am done.

958b01  No.3006540


Hurricane categories get stronger as they go higher, but DEFCON class goes lower as the situation gets more secure

Definitely was talking about two storms in that tweet

9be25b  No.3006541

File: e8f809130123242⋯.png (468.17 KB, 735x551, 735:551, sessions grin 02.png)


no human can resist that smile

4b5c62  No.3006542


It is isreali mossad shit for brains jidf clowns posting all of that and the "don't divide or lock your doors at night otherwise you're racist" nonsense. Just keep an eye on each bread, and you'll see them over and over again. Plenty of links and memes and articles here with historical information for you to dig through and learn truths that, quite frankly, none of us are happy to report. This is a research board however and we report what we find, because this isn't google and we don't pretend to be able to choose what people see and do not see.

Unfortunately the Jewish Supremacist / Subversion issue, is one that you can see happening not only today but for almost 2000 years of history.

You won't dig two inches without running into it. So may as well not avoid it.

See the Jewish Question thread for more…i'm sure an anon will post a link to it any time now. Phone fagging.

They're scared to death of light being shined on this activities and are used to MSM covering it up for them. They cannot ban or shadow ban here or cry out to corrupt moderators. Cowards have no choice but to deal with it. A fire has been lit all around them and they're being smoked out. The public is learning the truth despite their weakest efforts to keep a lid on it. Enjoy the show.

900faf  No.3006543


misuse of resources

3f2e57  No.3006544

File: 16c049fd6e8ca80⋯.png (45.3 KB, 200x180, 10:9, ClipboardImage.png)

9ac831  No.3006545

File: efac34dad4a631a⋯.jpg (202.01 KB, 918x1165, 918:1165, IMG_20180901_200624.jpg)

9f2e52  No.3006546

"The 6 th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals which consists of a three-judge panel said: “the three demonstrators didn’t state a valid claim under state law and found Trump’s comments were protected by the First Amendment, since he “did not specifically advocate imminent lawless action.”


b50d8c  No.3006547


Probably a witch in with the Moloch crew, have we dug deep into her (bad visual, sorry, kek)

018329  No.3006548

EAM message heard this morning.

Broadcast Time:

12SEP2018, 0748Z






Sent By:


I hear "Sputnik21", but I'm open to other suggestions, as the poster on EAM Watch couldn't make it out.


7f2507  No.3006550

File: 6b756562cd40891⋯.jpg (17.74 KB, 226x255, 226:255, bearsharkmachinegun.jpg)

8e4f36  No.3006551


You’re talking about two completely different people.

a07d66  No.3006552



8797c9  No.3006553


So they are trying to say that the FISA warrant had nothing whatsoever to do with POTUS (then-candidate)?

f65b72  No.3006554



He is Lovely. Smooth Buttery Southernly Lovely.

17ba61  No.3006555


witty swifty kitty comment

eecaa4  No.3006556

File: 0560a2c3db33662⋯.jpg (56.44 KB, 845x468, 65:36, 10.jpg)

File: f87cbd33e8720d8⋯.gif (873.38 KB, 250x250, 1:1, f87.gif)

File: a660d35ea702422⋯.gif (1.08 MB, 312x176, 39:22, fig18.gif)

Go away SHILLS or I shall taunt you a second time

4b5c62  No.3006557

File: f4052b2b81c4ae7⋯.png (248.06 KB, 1024x763, 1024:763, 1024px-Expulsion_judios-en.png)

File: d14e9e6d005d204⋯.png (155.77 KB, 1794x493, 1794:493, GRUG.png)

File: 9d86bba68fb3500⋯.jpg (218.16 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, elonjoos.jpg)

File: f09b21248fc1959⋯.jpg (49.61 KB, 500x330, 50:33, WillTriggerJIDFshills1.jpg)

File: 78fcb7355008096⋯.jpg (116.87 KB, 720x634, 360:317, WillTriggerJIDFshills3.jpg)

5449fb  No.3006558

File: 611f6e3d89ae687⋯.jpg (11.91 KB, 258x245, 258:245, 611f6e3d89ae687c18a8fea054….jpg)

File: 718fdcd03c91f4d⋯.png (62.65 KB, 378x357, 18:17, 718fdcd03c91f4d0d6d53844ab….png)

41b1e1  No.3006559


Ebot got dressed I see. Was running around here naked this morn.

9f2e52  No.3006560


She sucks! Other than that, don't know, don't care.

c3366e  No.3006561

File: b81ceb8f88b0431⋯.jpg (44.95 KB, 300x209, 300:209, 300px-British_Burning_Wash….jpg)


The (Second) Storm that Saved Washington?


faa617  No.3006562


My apologies anon. Name kicked the memory into gear.

34d92f  No.3006563

File: e54e42811c27b8e⋯.jpg (192.4 KB, 993x804, 331:268, IMG_2886.JPG)

File: 5af8b0f479bb858⋯.jpg (276.77 KB, 756x1058, 378:529, IMG_2891.JPG)

File: a4f8c517d115f3b⋯.jpg (183.72 KB, 684x1168, 171:292, IMG_2899.JPG)

dcea85  No.3006564

>>3006305 (pb)

Awesome video. I'm in MI and saw one of those fireball type meteors (nothing like this one, holy smokes) There were two planes I was goncerned about when it happened! I actually looked up and went Whoa...WHOA..WHOAAA!

958b01  No.3006565





Can we get a planefag report on this??

ad28be  No.3006566

File: 8b4732325d4fd39⋯.jpeg (447.75 KB, 924x1301, 924:1301, B7621807-D019-4527-964C-B….jpeg)

Phonefaggin now,

Can we make a connection with this?

bb7acb  No.3006567

>>3006467 (lb)

>heresy to say it here but it must have crossed minds that Q team are behind the Reddit ban themselves

its only "heresy" here is demanding that anons accept your word for something without providing the necessary facts and/or rationale that would allow someone to come to that conclusion on our own.

So, explain why you believe "Q team are behind the Reddit ban"

c6fd82  No.3006568

When advertising drives communication what happens is that the standards of accuracy which prevail in the upstream controlling economic medium (advertising/marketing) are adopted by the dependent, carrier media.

Newspapers, TV the internet are all advertising dependent. "Standards and practices" in our entertainment industry where I work, are the standards of advertisers. Advertising is persuasion, and its standards of objectivity are extremely flexible. It's considered acceptable to omit vital information if it is contrary to the purpose of selling a product.

The standards of truth and the selective enhancements of marketing advocacy become the standards of communication adopted by the all media and set the course of our public discussions and interactions with each other. In the end what results is a distorted collective world view.

It doesn't have to be that way, but it is that way.

If we understand what circulates between us, what binds us together and pushes us apart, is information, we can begin to think about about ourselves as having two identities. One is as individuals with varying capacities and diverse cultural operating systems, the second our primary identity, which is collective.

It is not possible for a *single* human being to invent or create anything of value without the work of others. Everything we do, or use, or eat, or say, depends on the contributions or rests on the achievements of thousands others from Sumer to Palo Alto who have contributed new knowledge to the trans-generational store house of scientific knowledge, the collective memory which permits and defines civilization.

db6d69  No.3006569

File: cbfa5bc0f904587⋯.png (366.33 KB, 414x674, 207:337, florence rains.png)

Hurricane Florence

These are bands of moderate rain. Not even red bands. If you look at the storm on mainstream media they will show the entire storm as a red blob. Liars. Still trying to instill fear.

4b5c62  No.3006570


Whoever you are, I love you.



4201db  No.3006571


quit shitting the dough ya grunt

8e4f36  No.3006572


No worries, just want us to all stay on topic/target

efc6fe  No.3006573


Didn't you read the articles newfag?

We are all bakers, baking Q's crumbs….

Washington Post told me.

45aa96  No.3006574

File: 541396fbdec6eb5⋯.jpeg (572.45 KB, 750x886, 375:443, 475BB9E4-1B5F-46A6-8526-D….jpeg)

Does anyone else get twitter notifications for POTUS?

Do they often come up twice even though they are the exact same thing? Just different times?

7c654c  No.3006575


Good show so far. Really enjoying it so far.

479c11  No.3006576

File: 9a9a5ebf05920d2⋯.png (261.01 KB, 508x384, 127:96, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at ….png)

File: b174ab936e01643⋯.png (327.77 KB, 524x385, 524:385, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at ….png)

File: 65779ce769e6d3b⋯.png (219.15 KB, 333x379, 333:379, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at ….png)

File: f2d4e2d71121f68⋯.png (279.26 KB, 504x383, 504:383, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at ….png)

File: 210b3f1d7f681fe⋯.png (101.01 KB, 282x448, 141:224, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at ….png)

a2c243  No.3006578


Online forums like Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, etc. are not simply "private property" in the sense addressed here. They purport themselves to be neutral public forums, and in exchange for this designation, they receive important legal protections and immunities.

Look into Section 230 of the CDA.

7f2507  No.3006579

File: ebd90127e3c1654⋯.jpg (14.71 KB, 171x255, 57:85, kermit fucking ur mom.jpg)

34d92f  No.3006580

File: 7727834c691759e⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 61.7 KB, 600x556, 150:139, C167F753-FBA7-42FC-A81C-B….jpeg)

File: 5dfeed19cbe1081⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 62.23 KB, 884x299, 68:23, 48827560-71F7-45EC-A1D3-4….jpeg)

File: b58e68e7d7819b4⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 759.43 KB, 2048x1340, 512:335, IMG_2679.JPG)

I got some paperwork to stir up

Be black later anon

c481dc  No.3006581



Alex Jones works for Stratfor as well. the connections have been shown here over and over.






(all old bread - if it has not been deleted already)

1c46ea  No.3006582


sounds like horrible fucking advice, McConnell could kill every trump appointee and essentially end his first term beyond EOs, Ann is pretty comped

373d86  No.3006583


those southerners are some decadent fkrs. everything they eat is slathered in buttery greasy delicious goodness… so many manners per capita too. but fk with one of their little kids, and it's all over.. the whole town will take justice in the night kek

c3366e  No.3006584

File: 3d80beb6f04fd3b⋯.jpg (318.68 KB, 1292x1449, 1292:1449, 318b43b1aaab46b13871f7364f….jpg)

300318  No.3006585


They also were supported with PUBLIC MONEY from DARPA.

All of the sucessful social networks are PUBLIC/PRIVATE PARTENERSHIPS and fall under FIRST AMMENDMENT LAWS

e16b28  No.3006586

File: 096d0a1b104fcfd⋯.png (98.55 KB, 199x250, 199:250, Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at ….png)

9f7694  No.3006587

File: 7173950250e4f74⋯.png (74.76 KB, 1795x874, 1795:874, The_BRIDGE-The_LINK.png)

File: fe87ee076f14524⋯.png (232.15 KB, 768x431, 768:431, xJQJ33-768x431.jpg.pagespe….png)



>>544701 (Q)

still digging here


there are 7 parts and much sauce

well worth the read/time invested , be warned , it's pretty heavy , oldfags won't bat an eyelid , but still . . . pretty heavy

These people are EVIL

These people are SICK

>sauce for pic


41b1e1  No.3006588


POTUS can go Tuna fishin with me anytime.

He has mad bait skills.

664607  No.3006589

Anyone remember when Kerry formally announced there were no more borders? As an elite he is not tied to "sovereign" rules. Kek NOT!

0898ef  No.3006590


Except those same business then have a liability for what happens on their property.

The online social media sites have generally enjoyed a safe harbor of immunity because they don't directly control content.

If they want to control content, then say goodbye to immunity, fuckers.

2ef3f4  No.3006591

File: d7e66d617f55d88⋯.png (566.88 KB, 931x524, 931:524, 1536852445935.png)

France's Macron admits system of torture during Algeria war


6caa99  No.3006592

>>3006459 pb

>>2815685 lb

>>2941990 lb

>Anons are not divided.

>Anons are under attack.

>Recognize the difference.

>Trust the plan.


There is again a lot of shilling in here.

Currently much muhjew stuff, besides concernshilling, muh timing, muh habbenings, FE and other bs.

Please think for yourself if this is ok with Qs message.

A lot of cabal folks are from jewish families and also israel is involved in a certain way. That is no secret and was and is being digged on.

However, generally blaming all jews and using 'nose' images, saying 'kike' and 'goy' over and over, is not based on facts and just division shilling.

By that shills hide the fact that the leadership of every religion seems to be involved.

Many CEOs are involved. Many politicians, worldwide. Many advisers from thinktanks are involved. ...  Many are not jewish.

There are many 'real jews' like J Kushner, they are fine people who want freedom like us. Some of the cabal activities have used beeing jew as a shield/cover to hide their activities and blame others.

Also, sacrificing children to moloch, getting high on adrenochome and gay mason stuff is not a jew thing.

>>2990908 pb


>Melania and I wish all Jewish people Shana Tova and send our warmest greetings to those celebrating Rosh Hashanah and the start of the High Holy Days...

Simplifiying and dividing muhjew shilling is not working. Anons see it.


6bda96  No.3006593

File: ac9a702479281af⋯.png (215.11 KB, 398x415, 398:415, everybody.PNG)

Maybe we need a get out the vote Meme campaign

Former Democrat Rep. Steve Israel Warns of Trump’s ‘November Surprise’

For months now, we’ve been subject to media talk about how Democrats are energized compared to Republicans, and are champing at the bit to impeach President Trump once they’re back in power. Democrat leadership isn’t exactly tamping down on this burning desire either.


dcea85  No.3006594

File: 524d5f880614116⋯.png (889.27 KB, 1347x536, 1347:536, texhijacksquawk.PNG)


Got a plane squawkin hijack

3e082f  No.3006595

File: 697aa2ac6d7bb2e⋯.png (393.99 KB, 535x946, 535:946, ClipboardImage.png)


What if the storm POTUS is talking about isnt the storm in the atlantic…

What if its a solar storm?

ad28be  No.3006596

>>3006566 18-6= 12 between the two Posts

f65b72  No.3006597

File: e274e2d28b4225b⋯.jpg (37.83 KB, 640x421, 640:421, 9321d3_justice-department-….jpg)

Jeff Sessions ‘Exploring Potential Investigation’ of Google, Facebook, Twitter

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is reportedly “exploring a potential investigation” of Big Tech social media companies such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

According to Bloomberg, Sessions will “be briefed on Sept. 25 by Republican state attorneys general who are already examining the firms’ practices,” and will “help Sessions decide if there’s a federal case to be made against companies such as Alphabet Inc.’s Google, Facebook Inc. and Twitter Inc. for violating consumer-protection or antitrust laws.”

“The Sept. 25 briefing will include the attorneys general from Alabama, Nebraska, Tennessee, Louisiana, and Texas,” they reported, adding that “a representative of the Justice Department’s antitrust division” will also be present.

Last month, President Trump criticized Big Tech companies for censoring conservatives and holding a political bias.

“I think that Google and Twitter and Facebook, they are really treading on very, very troubled territory and they have to be careful,” President Trump declared. “It is not fair to large portions of the population.”


5449fb  No.3006598


Then let's put a hole in that fucker's head and not worry about him anymore.

db5ba8  No.3006599


If 1/3rd of that is true, Then people will go to the hospital. Seems legit, but who really knows. Hope it makes headlines if true!

eecaa4  No.3006600

File: f630f35b9cd81a6⋯.jpg (77.57 KB, 640x853, 640:853, f630f35b9cd81a6534e7e1bb32….jpg)

File: 6f6fad3a0ac15db⋯.jpeg (92.71 KB, 960x800, 6:5, d5e6024be3e6c592c461b4645….jpeg)

File: a223258a014e5f0⋯.png (1.2 MB, 1015x567, 145:81, a223258a014e5f083e6b16332e….png)

File: 52d35a29a840aa6⋯.jpg (46.34 KB, 750x536, 375:268, 40914327_1428868870580479_….jpg)

File: 52ca174511991bc⋯.jpg (497.25 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, 8f0209777c0a637027e50bea60….jpg)

edd672  No.3006601


For real? Where is the current location?

8ca010  No.3006602

File: 54f63049fb1bc1f⋯.png (93.2 KB, 286x366, 143:183, ClipboardImage.png)


performing tonight

0484d9  No.3006603


Military plane?

de3ace  No.3006604


NO SWEETHEART ! It will get Stronger

4201db  No.3006605

File: 7626fb5d1f2d902⋯.png (885.36 KB, 758x563, 758:563, Screenshot_2018-09-13 Hurr….png)


It's the difference between Radar and Enhanced Infrared Satellite

5449fb  No.3006606


Sky event.

41b1e1  No.3006607


Someone send this to Morgan Freeman. I don’t twat.

9f2e52  No.3006608

Report: THIRTEEN Different Deep State FBI Agents Fed Information to ONE LIBERAL REPORTER (VIDEO)

"Rep. Jim Jordan: Remember Stuart when Michael Horowitz, the Inspector General, did his investigation he talked about the fact that one reporter had 13 different individuals at the FBI who were feeding him information. So, there was certainly a leak strategy going on. The most troubling aspect of all of this is that, remember Devin Nunes memo about what they took to the FISA Court. They cited media reports to buttress the dossier which we know wasn’t valid, wasn’t corroborated, wasn’t credible. But they used media reports to buttress the dossier. They were leaking information to the media that they were then using to buttress the document that they were using to then get the warrant to spy on the Trump campaign."


e9b03d  No.3006609


Ann is a rino. She is eating from the same trough all of the other comped rinos are.

2ef3f4  No.3006610

The Latest: Paul Ryan Rejects Trump's Claim Death Toll Wrong

WASHINGTON (AP) — THE Latest on President Donald Trump's claim that 3,000 people did not die because of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico last year (all times local):

11:20 a.m.

House Speaker Paul Ryan is rejecting President Donald Trump's assertion an official government death toll for last year's hurricane in Puerto Rico is wrong.

The Wisconsin Republican says he has "no reason to dispute" a study that found nearly 3,000 people on the island died from Hurricane Maria last year.

Trump on Thursday tweeted "3,000 people did not die" in Puerto Rico and called the death count a move by Democrats to make him look bad.

Ryan denies the figure reflects poorly on Trump, saying, "casualties don't make a person look bad."

Trump's tweets came as the Carolinas braced for Hurricane Florence, which could drench the homes of up to 10 million people.

The mayor of Puerto Rico's capital says Trump is "delusional, paranoid, and unhinged from any sense of reality."


11 a.m.

Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello says in a Facebook video post in Spanish that there should no more questions about the number of deaths from Hurricane Maria and the process used to arrive at that number.

He says, "the victims of Puerto Rico, and the people of Puerto Rico in general, do not deserve to be questioned about their pain." Rossello says, "It's not a time to fight, to have political noise, to use these things for the benefit of one party or another. It is time to remember all those who lost their lives. It is time to acknowledge their pain and the sacrifice that everyone has made in the name of recovery."

9be25b  No.3006611

File: bb66f1c77e1f536⋯.jpg (33.58 KB, 500x436, 125:109, BOTH.jpg)

715c07  No.3006612


Floats like a butterfly…

8797c9  No.3006613


Those are just pins for SS to allow closer access to POTUS, an IDEN of sorts, who can go past (inside) the tighter perimeter and who cannot.

This has been used for a long time.

ad5cf0  No.3006614


So true! Everytime i see a pic of Sessions I get a warm feeling im my heart that everything will be ok.

I would give nobody else the hammer.

9893fd  No.3006615

File: 288e399f1fe0c6b⋯.png (240.72 KB, 3382x662, 1691:331, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at ….png)

File: 465434635bb9c0d⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1566x1360, 783:680, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at ….png)

File: d0dfee8e3b0919d⋯.png (471.56 KB, 1340x1192, 335:298, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at ….png)


12 Decipels



twighlight zone Number 12 Looks just like you... spoopy KEK

2ef3f4  No.3006616


sauce https://www.usnews.com/news/politics/articles/2018-09-13/the-latest-puerto-rico-governor-affirms-maria-death-toll

88e921  No.3006617

File: 3e1354e90fa2e96⋯.png (7.7 MB, 1125x2436, 375:812, 3628B24E-1758-4C52-A7A1-2A….png)

958b01  No.3006618

File: 985a11dedcaf21d⋯.png (72.77 KB, 2570x362, 1285:181, qmpk.png)

Qmap.pub approaching 100,000 readers. John Brennan is sad. Kek.

edd672  No.3006619


Grids going down for arrests

10 days of darnkness

Don’t be afraid if the lights go out

97d8d7  No.3006620


Sun observatory that produces sharpest images of sun as well as multiple live feeds of the sun taken down. Gives the perfect excuse for an EMP.

3e082f  No.3006621


dailymail making this public could be dangerous

8cc834  No.3006622

File: c67674bdde10fb0⋯.jpg (35.86 KB, 554x276, 277:138, HammerTime1.jpg)

File: a971edf74c1a7a0⋯.jpg (101.33 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, HammerTime2.jpg)

File: 7b476f8f9287b0e⋯.jpg (129.37 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, HammerTime3.jpg)

File: f1086d72338f263⋯.jpg (122.89 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, HammerTime4.jpg)

4f4651  No.3006623

File: b7f9cbf239af292⋯.jpg (710.75 KB, 2048x1152, 16:9, rank.jpg)


nope, thats a special comm only for the highest ranking member of anomamous, you've been promoted soldier, congrats

de3ace  No.3006624

>>3006595 what if you are retarded?? well there is no IF there

1c46ea  No.3006625


every dog has his day anon

ca267e  No.3006626

File: ce18bbb84242e9f⋯.png (3.18 MB, 1762x1126, 881:563, VoteCountsThisTime.png)

File: bf0b395de06973d⋯.jpg (29.44 KB, 480x320, 3:2, VoteDNC.jpg)

f65b72  No.3006627


I agree, Mitch a target? Wounded tiger?

7931c6  No.3006628

How hard could it be to make a new platform like Reddit that is not deep state owned?

6bc46c  No.3006629


that entire business with the solar observatory is smelly fish

018329  No.3006630


Putnik21 was a Russian Satellite that fell back th earth as it didn't achieve orbit.

Venera 2MV-2 No.1 also known as Sputnik 21 in the West, was a Soviet spacecraft, which was launched in 1962 as part of the Venera programme, and was intended to make a flyby of Venus. Due to a problem with the rocket which launched it, it failed to leave low Earth orbit, and reentered the atmosphere a few days late

The designations Sputnik 25, and later Sputnik 21 were used by the United States Naval Space Command to identify the spacecraft in its Satellite Situation Summary documents, since the Soviet Union did not release the internal designations of its spacecraft at that time, and had not assigned it an official name due to its failure to depart geocentric orbit

Still digging on Sputnik21.

9f2e52  No.3006631


Paul Ryan, King Swamp Rat.

eef29e  No.3006632


In the eventuality of a reoccurance of a carrington event the only tech will be low tech I fully expect all those lithium batteries to burn the whole place down in the process. Better get your low-tech solutions ready while the gettings good.

479c11  No.3006633

>>3005978 (lb)











English speaking world's PEDOVORE ALL-STAR TEAM.

0898ef  No.3006634


Was it ever really a Cat 4?

Funny how it did an eyewall replacement just as people started to notice the lack of swell showing up in NC.

Then magically it became a Cat 2?

ecbe84  No.3006635

Anyone else notice Snowden twatting a ton today after weeks of silence…

0484d9  No.3006636


Anyone have something similar in their state?

Why are these 3 raising so much money for this in Ohio?

2cdbf9  No.3006637


I think they expected POTUS to hand them out personally.

8cc834  No.3006638

File: 6d1dd141f75f7c0⋯.jpg (127.02 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, PanicInDCMistakes.jpg)

File: be3c87bf59db9d6⋯.jpg (202.28 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, PanicInDCMistakes2.jpg)

File: 9cd267a20c5f136⋯.jpg (256.94 KB, 1050x591, 350:197, PanicInDCRatsEverywhere.jpg)

File: 8a421484994ed62⋯.png (816.38 KB, 800x422, 400:211, PanicInDCRatsSwim.png)

File: 790305175d98c47⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1200x635, 240:127, PANICinDC2.png)

86ce9f  No.3006639

File: 7cddbe8f4195ca9⋯.jpg (319.65 KB, 814x900, 407:450, pepesatva1.jpg)

>>3005994 LB


"But what is the sound of one shill whining?"

4b5c62  No.3006640


It was a great read so far. page 7 got a little too Philip K Dick for me with the gnostic sophia stuff BUT, we will see what else this person drops. Who am I to say what is or isn't true. If he is full of shit, it will show. The stuff reg the 'Demon Face' and FBCAN technology being used for live betting on mass casualty event's wasn't setting off my bullshit detector….

So much info coming out these days. A lot to process.

3c888f  No.3006641

File: 628023770f6d9e9⋯.jpeg (392.93 KB, 1200x878, 600:439, DD051005-50CE-430A-9317-D….jpeg)


Suicide watch

715c07  No.3006642


Imagine you're watching a chess match between two grand masters. The master playing black is pure evil. The master playing the white pieces is our hero.

You're the stupid fuck that–every single time our guy is trying to think about his move–jumps up from the audience and shrieks, "Faster! Move NOW! Do it! NOW!"


e9b03d  No.3006643


The turtle will do what the turtle needs to do to avoid being turtle soup. Right now the turtle is not in the position to be helping [them].

That is all.

9dabb4  No.3006644

File: e90bb1092c47233⋯.jpg (17.03 KB, 480x242, 240:121, tumblr_pevb619FBY1sftx66_5….jpg)

88e921  No.3006645

File: 793cbb06cfdbb49⋯.png (9.15 MB, 1125x2436, 375:812, 1B438026-2148-4E5E-AAA3-CA….png)

9ac831  No.3006646

File: 5ce21357828cbd6⋯.jpeg (153.44 KB, 1440x760, 36:19, 1535681284.jpeg)

be2e94  No.3006647

The # 12

appearing everywhere


Fun Fact…

Chinese built a calendar based on the 12 year cycle of Jupiter

4b5c62  No.3006648

File: 585714bcd85fcab⋯.jpg (12.95 KB, 255x234, 85:78, winning intensifies.jpg)

5449fb  No.3006649


Here we go with this shit again.

2ef3f4  No.3006650


3 days of pics, no words. Credible or not, you need to say something. Filtered.

9f2e52  No.3006651

File: 560849c5537f491⋯.png (450.99 KB, 600x583, 600:583, ClipboardImage.png)

Violent Leftist Released on Bail After Attempting to Murder GOP Candidate with Switchblade

"Fazeli made his first court appearance on September 11. He was released on $55,000 bail for attempting to murder the Republican candidate, KPIX-TV reports."


dcea85  No.3006652

File: e35471d5e5c0005⋯.png (77.01 KB, 922x518, 461:259, fredrickmaryland.PNG)


It's a TEX plane, I think those are training planes…lemme get a locale from google

8e4f36  No.3006654


Are you suggesting Trump/military would down the grid just for the purposes of arrests? This would be idiotic. For 10 days, thousands would die. Everyone sick relying on oxygen or other would perish. This would be horrible optics.

455a3d  No.3006655

Wife died on plane on 9/11

Now he is a Saudi agent for Saudi


3e082f  No.3006656


what Im thinking anon

36b0b1  No.3006657


Freeman misspelled HURRICANE

45bf91  No.3006659


isnt that guy a rapist?

edd672  No.3006660


Why do you have to tell someone they are filtered? It makes you feel self-important? That’s they give a fuck?

900faf  No.3006661


the zodiac (12 signs) predates written history and the "oldest" civilizations

it's antediluvian

de3ace  No.3006662

>>3006634 you fucking Retarded Every Strong Hurricane goes the Eyewall Replacement

45b4f8  No.3006663


That's not actor Morgan Freeman

864044  No.3006664

File: 9c9e0972f3006c5⋯.jpg (13.24 KB, 233x202, 233:202, gaggle.JPG)

I, Speaking as and to White Men

There is an opportunity right now to understand our privilege in the society

I will, take the opportunity to go through the Bias-Busting Training

I will, read about privilege

I will, read about the real history of oppression in our Country

I will, wacth the movie 13th(Either here at Google or at home on Netflix)

I will, discuss the issues I am passionate about over Thanksgiving Dinner

I will NOT, back down and laugh it off when I hear the voice of suppression through metaphors

I promise to do this

369374  No.3006665

File: fcb03b7f899def4⋯.png (312.69 KB, 372x380, 93:95, Screenshot_2018-09-13 book….png)

File: 921f79f902673f1⋯.png (225.11 KB, 372x380, 93:95, stormycrayons.png)



Stormy's New Book...did my best!

9ac831  No.3006666


I do love that winning intensifies meme.

5449fb  No.3006667



Right along with the martial law, and the military tribunals.

8e4f36  No.3006668


NOT I repeat NOT the actor. This guy is a nobody.

8cc834  No.3006669

File: 12306fc13b9bc96⋯.jpg (530.09 KB, 2100x1275, 28:17, RatsInDCDoJTangled.jpg)

File: e1b3c7e8a26060a⋯.jpg (65.59 KB, 613x356, 613:356, DCPanicRats487626606-17066….jpg)

File: 5b060e9713c2fd5⋯.jpg (227.42 KB, 800x565, 160:113, FISACorruptionrats_running….jpg)

File: b444ee949b30523⋯.jpg (88.45 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, EnjoyTheShow1.jpg)

018329  No.3006670


Havard built a trainer plane called the Texan that later gave it's name to the Raytheon Texan II

6bda96  No.3006671


that's why the justice system needs to be cleaned out before any big name arrests,they would all walk free

154577  No.3006672


Russian Meddling confirmed.

Call CNN

6534f2  No.3006673


It was at 70k yesterday right after plebbit went down. I’ve been watching it. Was at 85k an hour or so ago.

e1b61a  No.3006674



27 Apr 2018 - 8:40:01 PM

Focus only on the FBI [for now].

Jim Rybicki, chief of staff and senior counselor - FIRED.

James Baker, general counsel - FIRED.

Andrew McCabe, deputy director - FIRED.

James Comey, director - FIRED.

Bill Priestap, Head of Counterintelligence and Strzok’s boss - Cooperating witness [power removed].

Peter Strzok, Deputy Assistant Director of the Counterintelligence - cooperating witness [power removed].

Lisa Page, attorney with the FBI's Office of the General Counsel - cooperating witness [power removed].


Think about the above.

Only the above.

Get the picture?


88e921  No.3006675

File: 6447e3f7939ca85⋯.png (10.09 MB, 1125x2436, 375:812, D2A3F68F-E9EC-4688-8ED3-CB….png)

dcea85  No.3006676


Was Fredrick Maryland….pic posted forgot to tag you in it sorry!

They might just be training for hijacking

8ca010  No.3006677

File: 5026e7be5588148⋯.png (92.6 KB, 296x269, 296:269, img00000040.png)



b49d40  No.3006679

File: aad1ebdc66106a0⋯.jpg (366.6 KB, 800x1090, 80:109, aad1ebdc66106a0b964c5b07db….jpg)

8e4f36  No.3006680


Makes no sense whatsoever

8a1de0  No.3006681


They take our language patterns….they copy and paste their crap.

Look we know okay. Get right with God if your dirty. Start today. Pray. Ask for forgiveness. And stop fucking sinning right now. Your going to have to work that shit off in the next life dude.

This life your pretty much done if your dirty. But maybe if you know some real big secret you can trade it to Trump for the right to breathe a little longer. Go ahead and try.

Call the Marines and ask.

c3366e  No.3006682

File: cc8133470a1eafc⋯.jpg (110.64 KB, 670x388, 335:194, 9690b30b0a7ca19f534e1f53bc….jpg)

2ef3f4  No.3006683



5449fb  No.3006684

edd672  No.3006685


Q has alluded to it multiple times. Select locations for select times. Hospitals have back up generators.

eecaa4  No.3006686

File: f3cd923ac4eb390⋯.gif (976.8 KB, 500x381, 500:381, scaled_full_dd3b201075f13e….gif)

Making this go Viral…another awesome Anon posted it and the shill heads exploded…Pass it on!

This whole Israeli spy house here in the US needs to be decimated…cease to exist in the USA! TICK TOCK…..Mossad here in the USA

REDDIT Great Awakening was a Threat to them.



Colin McRoberts is a lawyer and Stratfor employee, and he was one of the main users involved in the banning of r/greatawakening.

We have an investigation / dox thread here:



d1d543  No.3006687

File: 6940f4cb9dca83d⋯.jpeg (91.74 KB, 749x976, 749:976, 7090FF51-B6D3-4B1E-819F-9….jpeg)

File: 3cc96f0efd67b80⋯.jpeg (111.96 KB, 566x487, 566:487, 1B8D46D8-13E6-4EFE-AEEB-1….jpeg)

File: 86e2515a2476989⋯.png (591.29 KB, 968x704, 11:8, C70030D1-DB1E-44AF-BDD5-92….png)




But double meanings, yes

Also: another “pardon” story I came across in my gollegtion yesterday

8cc834  No.3006688

File: cf02d985bb565a3⋯.jpg (110.09 KB, 581x1101, 581:1101, R7.jpg)


Yes the TEX are trainers (flight training for military pilots). Their location and quantity and movements are not considered very significant by planefags.

97cc84  No.3006689

Mockingbird media burning books. Death counts in Oct. '17 are very low.

10/09/2017 05:01 pm ET

"Death Toll Hits 39"


October 10, 2017 / 9:57 AM

"death toll rises by four to 43"


Oct 10, 2017 8:21 PM EDT

"Puerto Rico death toll rises to 45"


October 24, 2017, 3:36

"death toll from Hurricane Maria increases to 51"


Tue 3 Oct 2017 21.58 EDT

Last modified on Tue 11 Sep 2018 09.31 EDT

"more than doubles to 34"


715c07  No.3006690


He's a master baiter.

adc330  No.3006691

File: dceab69965852f4⋯.png (318.19 KB, 624x800, 39:50, twitter_com_drawandstrike_….png)

File: de0eadceef9125e⋯.png (68.74 KB, 613x721, 613:721, twitter_com_drawandstrike_….png)

File: e15f6ed364177d8⋯.png (318.17 KB, 609x1109, 609:1109, twitter_com_drawandstrike_….png)

File: d4ec069a7d53149⋯.png (62.04 KB, 623x643, 623:643, twitter_com_drawandstrike_….png)

File: 1bc4f28a4d421cf⋯.png (297.62 KB, 609x1045, 609:1045, twitter_com_drawandstrike_….png)


0b8f45  No.3006692


Producers of The Creepy Line have released a trailer on YouTube, and added a description: “An eye-opening documentary, The Creepy Line reveals the stunning degree to which society is manipulated by Google and Facebook and blows the lid off the remarkably subtle – hence powerful – manner in which they do it. The Creepy Line is a title taken from the words of former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, when during a 2010 interview he explained Google’s code of conduct: ‘The Google policy on a lot of things is to get right up to the creepy line and not cross it.’ However, as Dr. Robert Epstein explains in the film, ‘Google crosses the creepy line every day.’ Containing interviews with Jordan B. Peterson, Peter Schweizer, and others, The Creepy Line offers an explosive look at the meddling and intervening done by Google and Facebook on their supposedly “neutral platforms.”

ca4310  No.3006693

File: 0a55ab759cd6beb⋯.jpg (175.44 KB, 640x529, 640:529, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-….jpg)

Google's pathetic response to their Internal Video

"Nothing was said at that meeting, or any other meeting, to suggest that any political bias ever influences the way we build or operate our products," Google's statement continues. "


018329  No.3006694

The Sputnik21 message went out at 0748Z today, that is 0848 GMT. It's currently 1645 GMT. so the message is eight hours old.

8ca010  No.3006695

File: 01c7c32d3545ed9⋯.png (2.23 MB, 1638x930, 273:155, 8bc7e9c0965ff4976aca8991ec….png)

File: 19d703e7c4ce1e4⋯.png (3.18 MB, 1239x981, 413:327, pool-table.PNG)

File: 33c56bce9c3e193⋯.png (2.85 MB, 1277x1015, 1277:1015, driveway.PNG)


yesterday there were photos of inside osama bin laden's brother's house

4b5c62  No.3006696


>everything they eat is slathered in buttery greasy delicious goodness…


reading my mind, anon. reading my mind. I stopped calling him Sessions long ago. I call him "Country Breakfast"

7f2507  No.3006697


paper tiger

f65b72  No.3006698

File: 29a8a1c9753f0b1⋯.jpg (70.36 KB, 650x433, 650:433, common-snapping-turtle-wit….jpg)


Some Turtles are Chef's.

The enemy has a seat at the table in war. Best to be prepared for their meals, and act accordingly.

9f2e52  No.3006699

WAYNE ALLYN ROOT: Obama vs Trump- A Personal Story

I told the audience when Obama became president, I was worth just under $10 million. By the time Obama left office, I was worth close to zero.

Do you think that’s a coincidence? It just so happened that my entire life, I was always able to snap my fingers and earn a big income and build successful businesses. But with Obama as president, I suddenly forgot how to make money?

And it must be pure coincidence that the same thing happened to almost every small business owner I know. I guess we all forgot how to make money under Obama. We all got dumb under Obama.

"And now that Trump is president, we’re suddenly all smart again. Things are rolling for me again. The same goes for every small business owner I know. I guess it’s a coincidence we all suddenly remembered how to make money again?"


edd672  No.3006700


That’s what they were doing during 9/11

4fc6a9  No.3006701










373d86  No.3006702


lmao. "biscuits and gravy" here

480dd7  No.3006703


>Section 230 of the CDA


Unless the Congress do something, I assume it is going to be a long fight? Reddit said "banned for inciting violence". That's right of private company. I guess the freedom of expression is something to argue about. Interesting how all these will play out.

018329  No.3006704


Maybe a trainee got disoriented and wanted a radar fix to navigate by.

dcea85  No.3006705


I get the feeling these big ass photos are puzzle pieces. They're nice and detailed.

Has pixanon spoke yet?

0b8f45  No.3006706


Antitrust crusaders have built up serious momentum in Washington, but so far, it’s all been theory and talk. Groups like Open Markets have made a strong case that big companies (especially big tech companies) are distorting the market to drive out competitors. We need a new standard for monopolies, they argue, one that focuses less on consumer harm and more on the skewed incentives produced by a company the size of Facebook or Google.

Someday soon, those ideas will be put to the test, probably against one of a handful of companies. For anti-monopolists, it’s a chance to reshape tech into something more democratic and less destructive. It’s just a question of which company makes the best target.

To that end, here’s the case against four of the movement’s biggest targets, and what they might look like if they came out on the losing end. (Note: Apple was too much of a conventional retailer to make the list, but if you’re wondering what an antitrust lawsuit against Cupertino might look like, this is a pretty good place to start.)

8772f4  No.3006707

File: 745a25de74987a2⋯.jpg (56.3 KB, 430x508, 215:254, bush2.jpg)

File: a2a4ee52578277c⋯.jpg (31.42 KB, 295x442, 295:442, hrc.jpg)

>>3006459 (pb

3002206 (pb

Arrogant assumptions are totally wrong.

Supposedly "I will have to deal with".....

No I won't

shill language

Check your assumptions.

I love Jews.

(And I pity "muh jew" /Jew - haters.

Jew haters are ignorant hicks [bigoted haters] or shills.)

And they also are boring since they won't stop repeating their scriptl

Maybe George Bush and Hillary Clinton have some Hebrew ancestors?

So what? retards. They aren't Jews.

POTUS daughter and son-in-law are real Jews. They attend Synagogue ,etc. they are religious Jews. That does not make them bad people. Stop pretending

"Jews" is not a monolithic group - The Neo-cons are not religious Jews, so stop conflating categories.

7931c6  No.3006708


I ain't clicking that shit so you can get my IP

eef29e  No.3006710


internet bill of rights, mayhaps be a cure.

2b84f5  No.3006711

File: 8b6c8c417f96e9e⋯.gif (10.97 MB, 1004x410, 502:205, 20180821T000000anim72.gif)

so Q why are your team let evil destroy life of millions by useing the weather warfear whit chemtrails geoengineering NEXRAD HAARP EISCAT EMF MW VLF LASERS and DEW?

why not take out the storm Florens but see they zaaappppp away Issac storm right now hmmm


900faf  No.3006712


>This whole Israeli spy house here in the US needs to be decimated…cease to exist in the USA!

not disagreeing about that

but my motivation for seeing that happen is NOT the banning of a subreddit

it goes back to things like 9/11 and other massive crimes

6534f2  No.3006713


Kek. BO ran a hash the other day. See >>2980434 (pb). I guess they got tired of big girls and Sesame Street.

d99f95  No.3006714

File: b8a6a97acd7f456⋯.png (408.73 KB, 618x412, 3:2, MORGAN.png)

e1b61a  No.3006715


Jeff Sessions Directing Housecleaning at FBI & DOJ


3 Sep 2018 - 5:01:25 PM




James Comey, Director – FIRED

Andrew McCabe, Deputy Director - FIRED

Jim Rybicki, Chief of Staff and Senior Counselor – FIRED

James Baker, General Counsel – FIRED

Bill Priestap, Director of Counterintelligence (Strzok’s boss) – Cooperating witness [power removed]

Peter Strzok, Deputy Assistant Director of Counterintelligence – FIRED

Lisa Page, Office of General Counsel – FIRED/FORCED

Mike Kortan, Assistant Director for Public Affairs – FIRED

Josh Campbell, Special Assistant to Comey – FIRED

Michael Steinbach -

John Glacalone -

Randy Coleman -

Trisha Anderson -

Kevin Clinesmith -

Tashina Gauhar -

Sally Moyer -


David Laufman, Chief of the Justice Department’s Counterintelligence and Export Control Section [NAT SEC - HRC email invest] - FIRED/FORCE

John Carlin, Assistant Attorney General – Head of DOJ’s National Security Division - FIRED/FORCED

Sally Yates, Deputy Attorney General & Acting Attorney General - FIRED

Mary McCord, Acting Assistant Attorney General – Acting Head of DOJ’s National Security Division - FIRED/FORCED

Bruce Ohr, Associate Deputy Attorney General – Demoted 2x - cooperating witness [power removed] - TERMINATION IMMINENT

Rachel Brand, Associate Attorney General – No. 3 official behind Deputy AG Rosenstein - FIRED/FORCED

Nothing to See Here.




eef29e  No.3006717


in a pigs eye

9be25b  No.3006718


and you don't find it odd to be thrown that bone today?

0484d9  No.3006719


4plebs? lol

Someone already has it here………

d1d543  No.3006720


13 Angry Democrats

37a7ec  No.3006721

File: a0caa2600e10b10⋯.jpg (129.39 KB, 704x1199, 64:109, DK7u1FGUIAAjtz4.jpg)

8a0485  No.3006722



8797c9  No.3006723




>Maybe we need a get out the vote Meme campaign


db6d69  No.3006725


Right. IMO, they choose this red image because it looks frightening.

1c46ea  No.3006726


if Mitch wanted to fuck over Trump he would have done it way earlier then now, he is playing ball, his god damn wife is in the cabinet. Ann knows this, she is controlled opposition, she never thought trump would actually win, she abandoned him extremely quick

5343b0  No.3006727


Take it to voat faggots. You're lucky BO is napping.

4fc6a9  No.3006728


you are retarded

3e082f  No.3006729


No, It may be an inevitable event.

7931c6  No.3006730


Those that scream the loudest. I wonder what he did…

a07d66  No.3006731


FF weather alert (WW).

Q, June 11

a140b3  No.3006732


Hahaha perfect

eb4e51  No.3006733


Shill trying to make it look like ourguys would do something of this sort and harm innocents in the process


9ac831  No.3006734

File: bb547c9bd7db0f5⋯.jpeg (61.94 KB, 1100x732, 275:183, 1527704134.jpeg)

0b8f45  No.3006735

File: 99f7054c0d13fa6⋯.jpg (179.64 KB, 899x1600, 899:1600, 1536812611041.jpg)

9f2e52  No.3006736

Lying German press made up story that ‘neo-Nazis’ were hunting migrants

"Antifa showed up and blocked the march, a clear violation of German law, but the police did not attempt to move the crowd, and the march had to be broken up later on.

Although the solemn reasons for the march, the event took place peacefully despite the tensions. Many individuals decided to stay in defiance of what they perceived as yet another failure by the state to defend their rights and security as a people. There were, however, reports of separate violent incidents by the police later on.

A video was also posted online in which a local man can be seen chasing another man, who appears to be a migrant, for roughly 3 seconds, while yelling slurs at him.

This, coupled with interviews by Antifa members, were used by the media to turn the event into what the national and even international media called, the “Chemnitz Hunt” on migrants."


45b4f8  No.3006737


Now sun baked PCB water

eef29e  No.3006739


verily, good sir or madam.

fec122  No.3006740


Not. The. Actor.

Look at the twatter handle, Anon. Different Freeman.

9f2e52  No.3006741


Yep. Exactly.

e6b3ec  No.3006742

File: 34bba0d0a01845a⋯.jpg (113.55 KB, 640x868, 160:217, gmLp9T0pOhGlAl8uJER5f08UrT….jpg)


>Please do not try to recall the countless other systemic abuses we've adopted company-wide towards conservatives

780a56  No.3006743

File: 46cb3d07bdb544c⋯.png (67.87 KB, 440x974, 220:487, 440px-Neith.svg.png)

File: a8c67a15936848e⋯.jpg (823.17 KB, 2560x1875, 512:375, 2560px-Arte_romana,_triade….jpg)

File: 6133b3c0005c0fc⋯.jpg (54.01 KB, 766x512, 383:256, IMG-20180906-WA0012.jpg)

File: a43a87a446b99c9⋯.jpg (133.79 KB, 768x768, 1:1, west point.jpg)


ae46fa  No.3006744

Active shooter drill in PA today.

Bethel Park HS

Article came out yesterday

Says blanks will be used to get students "exposed" to the sound of gun shots.

Was this in a past bread that I missed?


6c67c2  No.3006746


Pyramid is their symbol

Upside down is ours ? Fuck if i know

8ca010  No.3006747



399df7  No.3006748

File: 35a94c4cfd54598⋯.jpg (48.59 KB, 960x720, 4:3, Jeff Meme.jpg)

Post last edited at

dcea85  No.3006749


keepin my eyes on for the moment…I see a B52 up too..wait two over Denison Tex

f65b72  No.3006750


We are in agreeance, Amon.

84f3b9  No.3006751

File: c2ba5a64be6df98⋯.png (294.66 KB, 1301x778, 1301:778, ClipboardImage.png)

Funny how Puerto Rico has been on the news…now this planefag sees a DOJ transport leaving….any guess who's on it? KEK

e9b03d  No.3006752


Yeah that water's been boiled inside plastic for a year. It's all got to be contaminated with the plastic itself at this point.. The sun attacks plastic..

eecaa4  No.3006753


Tis only but a scratch!!! Lol! Love right back at you, Patriot!!!

811282  No.3006754



>Q has alluded to it multiple times. Select locations for select times. Hospitals have back up generators.

Sure they do, and sometimes those generators even work. But make no mistake, a majority of the patients in a hospital are too weak to live under normal modern day conditions. There will be casualties like in any war.

36b0b1  No.3006755


I know…its still funny. All that and can't spellcheck

d99f95  No.3006756

File: fa5d44e9fe1fcc1⋯.png (1.03 MB, 704x1199, 64:109, PR MAYOR.png)

aa6e8c  No.3006757

File: 82d9dbe9c0243d7⋯.jpg (84.94 KB, 784x1024, 49:64, Dm_CWk8W4AEMedc.jpg)

Still too expensive.

035678  No.3006758


Never fill in email when posting John, all can see, including bad actors

7dbc47  No.3006759

File: 19b01e7b6bed7e4⋯.png (1.63 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 10FF3BEE-114C-4241-A749-24….png)

SC live web cam from earth cams app

a0767b  No.3006760

File: fc59a77001f7c3f⋯.png (427.37 KB, 765x511, 765:511, ClipboardImage.png)


Enjoy the show

8b7a4e  No.3006761

dcea85  No.3006762

Hmmm Hound in CA

1e455c  No.3006763

File: f52d74e3dc0cb3a⋯.jpg (65.67 KB, 675x403, 675:403, thARA118TM.jpg)

File: 76989da99354587⋯.jpg (1.82 KB, 85x64, 85:64, BBNffDu.jpg)

funny how every news channel is about a CAT 2 hurricane .. anything not to cover the FISA stories…smh..

d1d543  No.3006764


That one is Avalon Bay, Catalina Island, CA. Directly across from port of LB and Newport Beach (Avanatti offices) for context. Also where Natalie Wood went swimming permanently.

008df8  No.3006765

File: df64b05b35cdd86⋯.png (46.55 KB, 590x254, 295:127, Screenshot_2018-09-13_16-5….png)

File: a3421def5895327⋯.png (37.59 KB, 592x270, 296:135, Screenshot_2018-09-13_16-5….png)



b15dfc  No.3006766



Several sun oberservatories around the world taken down.

Livestreams of the sun taken down.

What are they hiding from us?

And then they state it's because of a looming radiation burst from the sun. But actually the sun reaches its eleven year period minimum of activity. That does not match.

48f719  No.3006767

I wonder if 'watch the water' meant that it was known the cabal would take advantage of hurricane season by purposely making them stronger, and that would be countered by technology able to reduce their strength.

480dd7  No.3006768


Amen to that or something else. I am not into making more laws. Monopoly is the problem. Let consumers decide, but we have no other options if we only have one choice pick from. Either way, it is going to be a tough ride.

029311  No.3006769

File: 12f2d9a953de9db⋯.png (1.73 MB, 1984x1776, 124:111, 1984 Proof Quote.png)


Please throw all substantial facts down the memory hole, thank you!

1911e7  No.3006770


For years the Saudis have come to catalina. Always as a vacation and dressed as we would.

See MBS being taken out of Tropicana during LV event.

The harbormaster ALWAYS let the big boats in before the line to get a berth. Even if you called first they would let them in line ahead of you.

They also never seemed to have to send request for passage. No radio traffic but go ahead and cut in line and the rest of us have to wait for another hour while your water mansion is parked. Sorry….seen it a million times.

c1a030  No.3006771


If a business/platform/app/site runs out of storage space and deletes my stupid comments/photos, that's: 'Censorship', violation of 1st Amend rights, or their right to do business w/out Big Brother interference?

Should Big Brother and Big Government have the authority to force businesses/platforms/apps/sites to store data eternally?

9be25b  No.3006773


<cheaper than turlet paper

>Still too expensive

7c2fc8  No.3006774

File: f4f0cdff889b51b⋯.png (7.42 KB, 272x271, 272:271, ClipboardImage.png)


"J" is the director, not the actor. Not that the actor is clean, IMHO.

3f2e57  No.3006775



BETHEL PARK, Pa. - Active shooter training will be conducted Thursday at Bethel Park High School, and students will be exposed to the sound of gunfire, according to a letter to parents.

The A.L.I.C.E. Drill, conducted by school police and a trained A.L.I.C.E. team, will be a scenario including an alleged shooter in the school.

A.L.I.C.E. stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuate.

During the drill, police will fire blanks in hallways to expose everyone to the sound of gunfire in the building. The blanks will not be fired at anyone.

d1d543  No.3006776


Who nuked the damn thread!

9a54c3  No.3006777


Q, if you know this asshole is still fucking babies and you are doing nothing about it… well, we are going to have an unpleasant conversation.

8cc834  No.3006778


I took a quick look at some of the images captured there. In-your-face, blatantly pedo.

Archived the thread


here → http://archive.is/eJxTd

and downloaded.

Maybe a few anons can also archive that thread.

eef29e  No.3006779


Just look at china as the prototype of whats to come assuming things stay steady on the course we're on … sigh.

e9b03d  No.3006780


This anon gets it.

Not claiming anything too spoopy just yet, personally… But [they] absolutely are covering something up.

37a7ec  No.3006782


haha nice!

64424a  No.3006783

File: 3d5e8fc2cb5e202⋯.jpg (123.05 KB, 540x793, 540:793, IMG_20180913_173051_047.JPG)

File: 497e1de71e951b8⋯.jpg (45.08 KB, 540x853, 540:853, IMG_20180913_173414_685.JPG)

NYT hitpiece against german alt media after protests against migrant stabbing


There where other propaganda hitpieces against the protests too

So THE new york times hits german alt media ("little" chanels with 50000 viewers) … afraid much? I smell fear!!!

the "sauce" ray serrato named in the article comes with a nice partnerlist (europian councel on foreign relations, soros and all the globalist left foundations)


i got the feeling that chemnitz will really be the breaking point to redpill german sheep… the lying and defamation is hilarious. they opened pandoras box with… how handy come the new cencorshiplaws from the eu (lead by a german)

latest published police reports lead to the conclusions that the "mob" was even antifa…. as usual.

Q please help this country… its a genocide against german people!!!!

People are slaughtered and raped daily!

8cc834  No.3006784


I would assume there's a competent flight instructor in every trainer plane.

6c67c2  No.3006785


That would be where most anons draw the line

If theres people in hollywood doing,this shit and nothing can be done to them then what the fuck

eecaa4  No.3006786

File: 2b820a44f37cf14⋯.jpeg (54.22 KB, 800x441, 800:441, french-taunters.jpeg)

File: 1db0728b0777b6d⋯.gif (4.48 MB, 500x288, 125:72, WhoppingSinfulAsianlion-si….gif)


I say, let's hurl a non-edible cow at them, bags of trash, cow dung, etc catapult style…at the SHILLS!

2ef3f4  No.3006787

File: 3c858a0dc043ee7⋯.jpg (35.54 KB, 800x400, 2:1, d1c2966c023742e35962b50c43….jpg)

You'd think this was something debunking QAnon

We gotta dig on this.









Hole in Sun's atmosphere amps up Northern Lights


7e2d07  No.3006788


Mayor of San Juan

650693  No.3006789

File: 95f114fd0b656f5⋯.png (428.64 KB, 1110x1080, 37:36, ags.png)

The people briefing Sessions on social media giants are pic related. Anything we should know about them?

f65b72  No.3006791

Donald Trump's hurricane tweets show he can always go lower

Chris Cillizza (Certified Faggot)

Analysis by Chris Cillizza, CNN Editor-at-large

Updated 1513 GMT (2313 HKT) September 13, 2018

(CNN)On Thursday morning, Donald Trump tweeted:

"3000 people did not die in the two hurricanes that hit Puerto Rico. When I left the Island, AFTER the storm had hit, they had anywhere from 6 to 18 deaths. As time went by it did not go up by much. Then, a long time later, they started to report really large numbers, like 3000. This was done by the Democrats in order to make me look as bad as possible when I was successfully raising Billions of Dollars to help rebuild Puerto Rico. If a person died for any reason, like old age, just add them onto the list. Bad politics. I love Puerto Rico!"

So … the President of the United States is suggesting that the Puerto Rican government – either in cahoots with or under pressure from Democrats – inflated the death toll of Hurricane Maria solely in order to make him look bad.


008df8  No.3006792

File: 3c3ec32ee062573⋯.mp4 (8.86 MB, 702x398, 351:199, PatriotsFight.mp4)

Patriots Fight

dcea85  No.3006793


I never used to get burned by the sun, my spanish blood shows in summer. I get blistered now. I stay in the shade. Something is odd about the sun.

37a7ec  No.3006794

File: 74067a4ad56e789⋯.jpg (72.91 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 22089613-10155817513283854….jpg)

eef29e  No.3006795


any sauce on those closed observatories? You can still get the raw data from the satellites, at least as claimed by ben davidson of suspicious observers.

1911e7  No.3006796


two lunar transits in one night? Help me with that one.

4fc6a9  No.3006797

File: a48b23cfb69e299⋯.png (776.6 KB, 1025x653, 1025:653, 1536824636298.png)


isnt it a notable? just look at the fucking symbolism

5b6050  No.3006798

File: 463517847c7c73d⋯.png (342.41 KB, 680x397, 680:397, Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at ….png)



b02e77  No.3006799


6 to 18

6 + 18 = 24

[24] appears 2 times in Q drops

FB outages today?


Shadowbans lifted [24]?


Twitter rec 24D.





6c2039  No.3006800


CNN had a twat using the same language as David Rothschild "without evidence" about a different person. I think they are communicating with each other again.

CNN Twat:

A House Republican, without evidence, suggests new texts show misconduct of former FBI officials https://cnn.it/2CIlMVH

fe411e  No.3006801

File: 1d5f7066fc84ff7⋯.jpeg (217.18 KB, 1125x1010, 225:202, 5E5E659A-5881-406C-B899-9….jpeg)

Received this text message…Apparently, they are mailing ballots to democrats. They have the wrong number, as they addressed me by a name that is not me.

424226  No.3006802


english isn't your strong suit is it ?

9bfac7  No.3006803


\Planet/ X bitches

6ac10c  No.3006804


Could we use it for ICE water?

eef29e  No.3006805


as i undestand it the satellites orbit got eclipsed once by earth and once by the moon.

3f2e57  No.3006806


I'd play that map

88e921  No.3006807

File: 7280c43d9310ddd⋯.png (12.08 MB, 1125x2436, 375:812, 38637E88-2F97-43A4-BB19-F2….png)

fec122  No.3006808


I lived in that area as a kid for a few years.

The local govs and teamsters were bullshit then and they are still today.

And yeah, way to waste millions of bottles of water. No one should even consider touching that water to their lips. For real.

84f3b9  No.3006809



ad7c74  No.3006810

File: aca42a525978561⋯.jpg (183.83 KB, 615x462, 205:154, wtf-015-07102014.jpg)


I like the way you're thinking…

dcea85  No.3006811


The sun is a Matrix. I told spouseanon this, he told me he'll stop me from watching those movies if I don't stop.

But what if?

314248  No.3006812


"and your paper towels."

What am I missing with that comment?

64424a  No.3006813


fucked up first thauce


de3ace  No.3006814


>>3006767 SO Yewah that is why the "CABAL" had it weaken from cat 5 to now cat 2 You fucking Tinfoil Retard

2b84f5  No.3006815


and thats you problem wtf are you here fore SHEEP

go back to china

2ef3f4  No.3006816

File: d05a2e180cb019a⋯.png (177.29 KB, 836x674, 418:337, d05a2e180cb019a6a8dd5a71e6….png)

5449fb  No.3006817



Haven't been reading the crumbs apparently, have you, or you would know how this is all going to go down.

So, either your a shill, or a CIAfaggot, or a really LOW IQ'ed individual.

da2279  No.3006818


(((They))) are caught leaking incorrect (FAKE) information (NEWS) to WaPa & NyT.

Same ‘correction’ needed to be made to both articles.

The FISA was for CP, but (((they’ve))) been caught red handed trying to cover (((their))) tracks.

>These people are stupid.

7dbc47  No.3006819


Earth cams app has several coastal live cams app is free….

b15dfc  No.3006820


I am looking forward to the cover up story.



7142d0  No.3006821


Los Vagas?

84f3b9  No.3006822

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Space Weather news…..sun seems fine as per this dude. Been listening to him for years. No reason to think he's been Compted.

9be25b  No.3006823



so much habbenings and confirmations converging



c3366e  No.3006824


Feel like I have to gather enough supplies for the extended family, since no one believes me anymore when I tell them to prepare. And we have to prepare ourselves for the fact that we'll probably have one or two family members in the 4-6 %…

008df8  No.3006825


I'll upload them if you like anon. Just finished doing all the quake-live maps for Quake 3. The complete mappack is nearly 600MB.

d99f95  No.3006826


Las Vegas.

Long Beach

Los Angeles

what up anon?

242a9a  No.3006827

File: 78b61c165af521d⋯.png (92.04 KB, 243x227, 243:227, capt.png)

8cc834  No.3006828

File: 2f218002de4fd4a⋯.png (655.17 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8f1f6dd061591d5⋯.png (320.37 KB, 943x608, 943:608, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 57ae373c978091b⋯.png (2.38 MB, 2417x3174, 2417:3174, ClipboardImage.png)


pic 3

Daniel Johnson artist instagram


And this - pic 1, 2

Looks like halfchan is actively investigating.

I'm not digging into this, but hope a digger will pursue it.

6bda96  No.3006829

File: 2e4c7df3df3c46c⋯.png (324.49 KB, 729x572, 729:572, FKgoogle.PNG)

There are alternatives,switch and help put google out of business

13 Alternative Search Engines That Find What Google Can’t


6caa99  No.3006830

>>3006459 pb











>>2815685 lb

>>2941990 lb

>>2989385 lb

>>2989370 lb

Don't let shills divide you.

This is

good vs evil,

humanity vs cabal.


>Every C_A/MOS tactic of infiltration and internal disruption is being deployed on this board (central hub).

>The World is Here.


>This movement is bigger than anyone can possibly imagine.

>Peace through strength.


3e082f  No.3006831

10 days. Darkness

If the power goes out

Sky event


Nationwide test of emergency sept 20

Sept POTUS declares preparedness month

7c1d12  No.3006833

File: f5ae3bc6cc2e3ac⋯.jpg (11.93 KB, 255x164, 255:164, nothingtoseeheresouthpark.jpg)


these people are stupid KEK

715c07  No.3006834


I reported this and asked the BO to remove this posting to protect the newfag.

eef29e  No.3006835



i know that one y'all said others in the world were also closed … which ones? aka where's the sauce

9b6308  No.3006836

File: 7c2ac12e6c3216f⋯.jpeg (856.59 KB, 1125x1809, 125:201, 0FBB530D-DC32-41C3-A39C-2….jpeg)

Hell ya. Thank you programmeranons!

4146a0  No.3006837

Goldman Sachs is naming Stephen Scherr as CFO and John Waldron as COO and president - bloomberg

c06de7  No.3006838


Went there ealrier…all pictures will not LOAD

8ca010  No.3006839

File: aee8944c51aa43c⋯.png (132.71 KB, 398x273, 398:273, img00031720.png)





9be25b  No.3006840

File: eac0883a08aaa47⋯.png (2.95 MB, 2222x3333, 2:3, Q_Darnkess-Darkness.png)

45bf91  No.3006841


pretty certain a dig on that guy could come up dirty….as the pay to play as a player in hollywierd/long beach is a thing

c3366e  No.3006842

File: 9bdf8e187cd9551⋯.jpg (2.63 MB, 3922x2964, 1961:1482, iu (15).jpg)

1c46ea  No.3006843


since when can a hurricane kill you 5 months later? what a load of horseshit lmao

eecf33  No.3006844

File: b279dbb8590be39⋯.png (244.08 KB, 620x393, 620:393, PodestaBehindBars.png)

Hey anons,

Just had some thoughts I wanted to be sure to share. With the revelation that Facebook is building a new AI to read & filter memes, and knowing that the Clowns can't control memes I think it's important that we start focusing on creating memes that utilize NO TEXT AT ALL. The AI Facebook is working on is designed to read & interpret text on the images, but robots can't interpret images themselves or the concepts and themes they convey.

Focus on IMAGE ONLY memes, no text. This will be essential to win the next stage of the meme war.

88e921  No.3006845

File: e0594c571468a70⋯.png (10.8 MB, 1125x2436, 375:812, 333D9736-983B-4938-8E4B-E2….png)

48f719  No.3006846


I didn't say that you dirtbag minion. It is clear what I meant.

715c07  No.3006847


Should have printed them using absorbent paper and shipped all unsold copies to Puerto Rico.

30e999  No.3006848

File: 8319eae28da86e0⋯.png (625 KB, 2320x1644, 580:411, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 554bb91fc90aebb⋯.png (79.42 KB, 692x419, 692:419, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f5455b17252274f⋯.png (124.42 KB, 696x544, 87:68, ClipboardImage.png)

Q 2170

"PANIC IN DC" statements start a FIRE?

Twelve moves ahead.

Suicide watch.


See Fire Hawks (all old bread)

>>2961700 >>2962257

>>2962277 >>2962330 >>2962500

Once the phenom is understood, the raptors can become the prey. Natural behavior draws them to frontlines of wildfires (controlled?) and this creates target rich environment.

Use their predating behavior as a predictive factor in mapping the terrain? Mysterious no more.

Does the analogy spark revisits to the Q Posts about what is a map?

Declas = Casdel = Scaled = Decals

Deciphering the firehawks. Using their instincts to turn predator into prey.

The Hunters become the Hunted?


Can you name each of the last three major storms? >>2963673

What is the name of each of the current major storms? >>2963995

Can you predict the name of each of the next five major storms?


The horizon is ahead, yes, to the sides, yes, and circles behind, yes?

Map the terrain, politically, legally, socially? We have more than we know, eyes fully opened?

Does a bird sing when it spreads fire? >>2964009

Where is it most quiet during a Cat 5? >>2963499


Allspeed, Anons

ae46fa  No.3006849

File: 47412df4ea5c96a⋯.jpg (19.05 KB, 316x400, 79:100, 47412df4ea5c96a9c9525fdb5a….jpg)


Baker this is Notable AF

Thanks for making this more presentable

Anon being a true bro

369374  No.3006850

File: d58f8460ed86187⋯.png (666.8 KB, 898x509, 898:509, Screenshot_2018-09-13 Q Re….png)

8cc834  No.3006851



My conclusion this morning: Likely some kind of SpaceForce-type activity occurring in near earth orbit or where it could easily be observed as the spaceships transit the sun. Military activity in space, /ourguys/ need for it not to be seen/noticed by the public. Closure of observatories, although suspicious, will not arouse nearly as much suspicion as what would be seen if the observatories remained open.

It's on, anons. It's on.

80e490  No.3006852

Something different: I just realised, that 5G-Technology will go live in Switzerland till end of 2018!

Anons, Q - what can we do against this? They simply adjust the minimum values ​​and / or change the information so that it looks as if 5G is more harmless than 4G. What happens next? WHO will also adjust the minimums…. WTF!

adc330  No.3006853

File: 6d72d1574c04f08⋯.png (1015.96 KB, 704x1199, 64:109, PR MAYOR.png)

5c0efe  No.3006854

12 steps…

12 months…

12 weeks…

12 days…

12 in Gitmo….

dd45fc  No.3006855


alex jones works for a living

has a big house

sells vitamins

commies still trying to bring down jones

we're still waiting for proof commies

0898ef  No.3006856

File: 7979dc63bbb0e8c⋯.png (90.83 KB, 690x220, 69:22, ClipboardImage.png)

From the Puerto Rico report.

>individuals who align with the same political party

6561b7  No.3006857


Me thinks that in any real conflict, tubby here will indeed back down.

edd672  No.3006858


I’ve done the same anon. Hope I won’t need it, but if we don’t look out for our families/communities, who will? The government? Big business? Kekek

3f2e57  No.3006859


Thx, but I dunno if I can use em. I just hit quakelive every now and then. Don't even have it installed any more. You and I have spoken before. Pretty sure we're the only Quake players here.

dcea85  No.3006860


Can't even lie I love the Devils Rejects movies…there's a new one comin out. I know, evil. Thing is Rob Zombie used to be a carnie from birth. He knows a lot, I wonder if he's an ourguy showing us the horror of it all.

d99f95  No.3006861

f7b531  No.3006862

File: 32823ebb5054f4b⋯.png (42.23 KB, 429x314, 429:314, meterClowns3-4.png)

9dd076  No.3006863



It doesn't even look like him.

Different hairline around the head.

Different height.

Pot belly.

Way too baggy jeans for Podesta.

May well be a sadistic establishment, but that aint Podesta in the pic!

9b6308  No.3006864


They're not that far into it yet. More important is to keep FRESH memes and not recycle images. That's what they know how to shut down now.

eef29e  No.3006865


You're article only states that the webcams were shutdown not the observatories.

c481dc  No.3006866


Very well stated, anon. Excellent ideas put forth very articulately. Nice to see here.

84f3b9  No.3006867


But how would you explain ALL the amateur astronomers and Colleges/Universities that have big tellies pointed up in the sky?

Wouldn't they see something as well???

9ef069  No.3006868


3e082f  No.3006869


also dark to light..

If the lights go out…mass arrests…lights go back on..big reveal of what happened during the darkness..

timing is everything..Inevitable event coming.

The storm.

Prepardness month

sky event

solar facility taken over by fbi

fbi called to review their oaths by Q

POTUS - biggest storm ever

1911e7  No.3006870

he makes some subtle digs at the missing data or how the raw data is changed for public consumption. Ben is legit IMO.


41b1e1  No.3006871

File: a2d06653757ec38⋯.jpeg (1.53 MB, 1242x1885, 1242:1885, CCA953CF-0320-4A6E-BC35-E….jpeg)

8ca010  No.3006872

File: fff1cb71e4a6a21⋯.png (3.71 MB, 1416x1074, 236:179, rolls.PNG)

File: eedfceb5f5dfec3⋯.png (3.55 MB, 1397x1056, 127:96, rolls2.PNG)

d5badd  No.3006873

File: db39e53a2fcb887⋯.jpg (98.08 KB, 500x851, 500:851, 2huxri.jpg)

eecf33  No.3006874


Agreed, gotta keep em fresh.

008df8  No.3006875


His twatter is defo for communicating with his deep state cohorts. He gets very little likes, shares, retweets or whatever they are called kek.

e9b03d  No.3006876


>It's on, anons. It's on.

It's not the disclosure [they] intended for us.

Thank God. God bless the Patriots.

eb4e51  No.3006877


You are gonna hang, Rothschild.

018329  No.3006878

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

SKYBIRD was a code name used in the film WarGames.

2:36 into this clip.

de3ace  No.3006879


YOu have No motherfucking idea what you are talking about, 1st thing to do when you find yourself in a hole s stop digging. & STFU, STFD & GTFU

dcea85  No.3006880


My shoutout to the programmers. Thank you guys, I know you work hard, probably have eyeballs that are mostly sore. I tried programming in HS but never continued. It's very tedious work. WE SALUTE YOU! YES WE DO.

359b7d  No.3006881

File: cc1b418aed83765⋯.jpg (38.64 KB, 430x287, 430:287, cc1b418aed837655417360dea8….jpg)


Yep, oh and look; Jonesfags are here, still:


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 58bc71 No.2601101 📁

Aug 14 2018 17:46:46 (EST)

Ex 1.1


/ \

(Alt + US Media) (US Politicians)

/ \


Those who scream the loudest….

Find the connections.



Marching to the same beat?


Logical thinking.


Mossad is the source. Jones is a piper for the cabal, advertising their plans. Now, their plans have been disrupted. Jones doesn't really have a purpose any more.

Faceberg and Twitter FF against Jones to give him validity to fool people back into following his clickbait shit. Not working anymore.

f65b72  No.3006882


Uluru, or Ayers Rock, is a massive sandstone monolith in the heart of the Northern Territory’s arid "Red Centre". The nearest large town is Alice Springs, 450km away. Uluru is sacred to indigenous Australians and is thought to have started forming around 550 million years ago. It’s within Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, which also includes the 36 red-rock domes of the Kata Tjuta (colloquially “The Olgas”) formation.

Welcome to the gap Anon.


03b9ef  No.3006883


Wonder when we can get the rest of the sauce for this,

9f7694  No.3006884



>If 1/3rd of that is true, Then people will go to the hospital.



>got a little too Philip K Dick for me with the gnostic sophia stuff


>The stuff reg the 'Demon Face' and FBCAN technology being used for live betting on mass casualty event's wasn't setting off my bullshit detector

thinking Las Vegas harvest festival

008df8  No.3006885


No worries buddy, it's still the best game around IMO. Keep fraggin' :)

37a7ec  No.3006886

File: d11f663f38ab417⋯.jpg (126.82 KB, 491x845, 491:845, db39e53a2fcb887c8b530ba198….jpg)

fec122  No.3006887


I'm still not burning, but I can keep a tan going just fucking around outside and being still for like 15 minutes or so a few times a week.

Which is pretty uh…..impressive.

I dunno a lot of my lineage but thank fuck for whatever's in my farther off family tree.

Everyone I know is hiding tf indoors. But then again I live at very high elevation.

dcea85  No.3006888


He works for FEARPORN

de3ace  No.3006889

>>3006869 the lights in your head have never gone on

921755  No.3006890

File: 351dd7132ab5bd9⋯.gif (1.41 MB, 338x137, 338:137, podestaeatschildren.gif)


Does anyone know if this Rosetta AI can read a .gif?

7e2d07  No.3006891


Just lit the faggot up on Twatter. Kek

41b1e1  No.3006892

File: 2bf8d35aeb751c7⋯.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1242x1477, 1242:1477, 7DAF7844-3830-4EE1-8713-6….jpeg)

84f3b9  No.3006893

Sure I totally agree, but this observatory has been closed for days, no? A missing set of data wouldn't explain a closure like this.

My Guess- Something totally unrelated to the solar system…betting on some kind of illegal ops…


9a54c3  No.3006894


>It doesn't even look like him.

It does

>Different hairline around the head.

No, not really

>Different height.

Based on what comparison or metric?

>Pot belly.

I don't see it

>Way too baggy jeans for Podesta.

You know what is in Podesta's closet?

>May well be a sadistic establishment, but that aint Podesta in the pic!

Illogical conclusion

My conclusion: you are in damage control mode and trying to explain away this picture of a baby fucker. KYS shill.

48f719  No.3006895


Wow- you sure told me. I'll ignore your orders, thanks.

4fc6a9  No.3006896


go back to reddit or click the pic u fucking nigger

06906f  No.3006897

File: 20676a8344b9cc4⋯.png (769.29 KB, 922x563, 922:563, antifag.png)


okay antifag chill out, you know what really happened

e9b03d  No.3006898


Hurr, durr, that's how we learned they are literally occluding the scopes with a visual ostruction

9ef069  No.3006899

File: 9efd96257f6c9e4⋯.jpg (89.88 KB, 618x613, 618:613, fc.jpg)

4fc6a9  No.3006901

6ac10c  No.3006902

File: 2ee5bfd717eccaa⋯.png (450.63 KB, 640x360, 16:9, IMG_2301.PNG)

File: 952f24fbb846aed⋯.png (3.61 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, IMG_2306.PNG)

Popcorn shortage > hurricane

806637  No.3006903

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

3e082f  No.3006904


welcome to the right brandon haha

ec186f  No.3006905

File: 806d01e10e50d87⋯.png (32.77 KB, 873x381, 291:127, WIKILEAKSAEXPATRIATE.PNG)

File: 3c4838af2e8b2da⋯.png (25.49 KB, 670x282, 335:141, EXPATRIATEDEFN.PNG)

Was reading old article about the arrests of the corrupt Saudi Princes and discovered that there was a cable in Wikileaks about the wealth of Saudi’s royalty.

> “WikiLeaks cables have detailed the huge monthly stipends that every Saudi royal receives as well as various money-making schemes some have used to finance lavish lifestyles.


Also, this

> The November 1996 cable — entitled “Saudi Royal Wealth: Where do they get all that money?” — provides an extraordinarily detailed picture of how the royal patronage system works. It’s the sort of overview that would have been useful required reading for years in the U.S. State department.


here is the wiki link to cable https://wikileaks.org/plusd/cables/96RIYADH4784_a.html

The Huffington post article has a good summary of the cable. I found the following of interest because it shows how few of the royal family are actually ‘businessmen’, how most of their money and businesses are outside SA, and how they have a large influx of foreigners into SA. I think all three of these are connected to human trafficking. The kids are brought in as workers, legally.

>The confiscation of land extends to businesses as well, the cable notes. A prominent and wealthy Saudi businessman told the embassy that one reason rich Saudis keep so much money outside the country was to lessen the risk of ‘royal expropriation.’”

>Finally, royals kept the money flowing by sponsoring the residence permits of foreign workers and then requiring them to pay a monthly “fee” of between $30 and $150. “It is common for a prince to sponsor a hundred or more foreigners,” the 1996 cable says.


>The U.S. diplomats behind the cable note wryly that despite all the money that has been given to Saudi royals over the years there is not “a significant number of super-rich princes … In the end,” the cable states, Saudi’s “royals still seem more adept at squandering than accumulating wealth.”

In current news, this article shows how since MbS took control, the number of what the wikileaks cable calls expatriates are in DECLINE.


eecf33  No.3006906

File: 4802e0b0dcef82b⋯.gif (1.98 MB, 400x385, 80:77, WhiteMale.gif)


Great question

41a252  No.3006907

Folks, dropping all pretense. If you don't know the significance of the red heifer, I suggest you read. If this heifer be the one, I suggest you make ready for He is coming. So to be blunt, if you've never received the Saving Grace of Jesus Christ, I advise that you get on your face before God and ask Him to reconcile your soul and repent (which literally means to turn your flesh from your own way, and go His way) and confess that Jesus is Lord because He is coming. Whether you do or not, is no skin off my back, but you will be responsible for the outcome, one way or the other. All the prophecies given regarding His Coming have mostly been filled, save a few and this is one.



9153ef  No.3006908


Hammering the gavel? That doesn't really jive unless a judge is extremely angry.

a0767b  No.3006909


Get in line faggot, you're not the only one being censored.

9f7694  No.3006910


it's meant to be coming soon , i've got it bookmarked and will be checking regularly

900faf  No.3006911

File: 7e4553be12d525e⋯.png (58.47 KB, 225x225, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


>I love Jews

thats a good goy

758e21  No.3006912

File: 932eecb6409d4fc⋯.png (1.48 MB, 1280x1024, 5:4, Florence_HIJ.png)

e5a281  No.3006913


holy shit, fuck off sjw shill!

84f3b9  No.3006914


IF that's the case- it would have to be MASSIVE and visible from down here at night…..SMH

8cc834  No.3006915

File: 44d3b052cb45c95⋯.png (880.43 KB, 1734x1271, 1734:1271, Point2.png)


Memes with NO TEXT AT ALL.

Yes, why not. We can try it.

806637  No.3006916

File: 12af64ad383de19⋯.png (570.26 KB, 610x610, 1:1, fightthewicked1.png)

88e921  No.3006917

File: 2f8abe0aeab2591⋯.png (10.07 MB, 1125x2436, 375:812, 9DF655E0-A3D6-4A8E-AE0E-21….png)

7931c6  No.3006918


If you donate 5 shekels he will show you his scar.

dcea85  No.3006919


>but I can keep a tan going just fucking around outside and being still for like 15 minutes or so a few times a week

DItto, and I lose a tan just as quickly

b49d40  No.3006920

Early Notables

Here's what we've got so far. Let me know…

>>>>3006775 School shooter drill, students to be exposed to the sound of gunfire

>>3006610 , >>3006791, >>3006765 Responses to POTUS PR death toll tweets

>>3006787 Articles on the Solar Observatory evacuation

>>3006693 Google's response to their internal video leak

>>3006689 Articles on the P Rico hurricane death count: In Oct '17 very low

>>3006618 Qmap.pub approaching 100,000 readers online

>>3006597 Sessions ‘Exploring Potential Investigation’ of Google, Facebook, Twitter

>>3006503 Are millions of water bottles for Maria survivors still on the runway?

>>3006488 NBC begin to realize the hurricane and the storm are separate things…

>>3006472 Ohio 'Issue 1': Supported by Zuckerberg, Soros & The Pritzkers

008df8  No.3006921

File: eb8b44e69fd868d⋯.png (79.68 KB, 596x574, 298:287, Screenshot_2018-09-13_17-0….png)


Yup. He never likes to admit that he is responsible for Puerto Rico's financial problems ;)

de3ace  No.3006922

>>3006895 just trying to help you look less like a fucking retard, But No good deed, goes unpunished

504864  No.3006923

File: 0a5f01abd3324e9⋯.jpg (24.51 KB, 300x250, 6:5, EAGLEPOWERS.jpg)

8ca010  No.3006924

File: d3b085954fe4376⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1090x630, 109:63, ClipboardImage.png)

b49d40  No.3006925



>>3006775 School shooter drill, students to be exposed to the sound of gunfire

1c46ea  No.3006926


are you retarded?

eb4e51  No.3006927


They may have been getting ready for project Bluebeam and use it to scare the masses, but OURGUYS stopped this from happening.

Thats my thinking.

4d2f04  No.3006928


Imagine being such a small brained nigger that you still cry about shills after 10 months, thinking that your crying does anything but make them shill harder.

So fucking stupid.

670605  No.3006929

File: 23ef56976fa98eb⋯.jpg (108.19 KB, 1001x645, 1001:645, GOTOJAIL.jpg)

3f2e57  No.3006930


It's all ball bearings these days;.

if (!you.InHighSchool) {
try {
you.LearnJava = true;
} catch (FocusException ex) {
throw new JobException(ex.message);

bde515  No.3006931

File: 949473f105a6818⋯.jpg (135.63 KB, 768x771, 256:257, 1a.JPG)

Convicted Cook Cty, IL Judgehttp://www.abajournal.com/news/article/illinois_judge_convicted_of_fraud_kept_promise_to_resign_state_high_court_s Resigns

f4834c  No.3006932


Gamma Rays 5D

504864  No.3006933

File: c19315ee80380db⋯.jpg (36.87 KB, 600x400, 3:2, @JACK.jpg)

5b6050  No.3006934

File: 70f9d3cdbf2761a⋯.png (1021.01 KB, 910x1149, 910:1149, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at ….png)

File: b96c366b0fa1888⋯.png (1.8 MB, 1552x872, 194:109, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at ….png)

File: b5d9e71e410ea50⋯.png (2.05 MB, 1543x868, 1543:868, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at ….png)

715c07  No.3006935

I kept asking myself how POTUS could declas the FISA warrant while retaining good optics.

The ONLY thing that makes sense to this Anon is that they're sitting on the Strzok/Page texts discussing [187] plan to assassinate POTUS.

Once that shit comes out, NO ONE could possibly blame POTUS for immediately declassifying the warrant.

Defense to pure, unfettered offense.



b49d40  No.3006936


Dammit, correction:

>>3006775 School shooter drill, students to be exposed to the sound of gunfire

3e082f  No.3006937

Observatory webcams are going down





wtf is going on?!

0898ef  No.3006938

File: 71ba97c7e86aa38⋯.png (209.23 KB, 520x727, 520:727, ClipboardImage.png)

File: cf28f757f654bb6⋯.png (115.02 KB, 521x371, 521:371, ClipboardImage.png)

Puerto Rico report summary

I read it so you don't have to…

Basically says that they subtracted the reported deaths from their statistical estimate of what deaths should have been.

A large part of this estimate was further adjusted from average death rates because there was a huge migration after the storm, so they 'tweaked' the death rates to standardize the numbers.

Given the number is 3000 deaths, with a population of 3 million and a migration adjustment of 300,000… even a 1% error in the migration number could account for ALL the difference in the deaths.

eecf33  No.3006940

File: 3da6b8d7a59c1a9⋯.jpg (67.5 KB, 634x347, 634:347, WW1 soldiers.jpg)


Exactly! Glad you're in the trenches with us.

c481dc  No.3006942


I posted the proof, dumbass. You didn't really want to see the proof or you would have gone and read all the articles/connections and you wouldn't have made this RETARDED shill post. But of course, your only POINT for being here is these retarded SHILL posts. We see you, we know what you are. You fool no one.

9ac831  No.3006943

File: d2e0a47010302f7⋯.jpeg (84.05 KB, 1440x957, 480:319, 1530313997.jpeg)

900faf  No.3006944


>muh optics

8797c9  No.3006945


Yes, I know, but I was pointing out what their admission actually is:

>FISA warrant for Page AFTER he was no longer with the campaign


88e921  No.3006946

File: 074d18f20b56494⋯.png (9.52 MB, 1125x2436, 375:812, 51DA4511-B07C-48C8-A195-D8….png)

9b6308  No.3006947


Java? Kek! That's so clown 90s code.

d5badd  No.3006948

File: 71482ca9adc009a⋯.jpg (75.49 KB, 1200x600, 2:1, 7A2LIXMM3FGF7H4VTCX5TMFCHE.JPG)

035678  No.3006949

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


We target fake MAGA's. Mike Cernovic is a new one on the radar.

9ea06b  No.3006950


Decided to move on after the not being abLe to explain youtube financially benefitting from hosting copyrighted material…


ae46fa  No.3006951


Could picture anon possibly be talking/sending a message to the deep

– Just a theory

All the images I've checked are originals

Like Qs images

Possibly they have been taken from a phone and hacked and now the hacked images are being posted here to show the people that originally took the photos that their phones have been hacked

4201db  No.3006952


Phony establishment of Israel doesn't count.

Phony red heifer from artificial insemination doesn't either.

d8f705  No.3006953


Keep a sharp watch on it.

Good catch!

0ea699  No.3006954


Pyramid structure is elite at the top and people at the bottom. Trump flipped that to People at the top.

eecf33  No.3006956


There's one of these commie statues in downtown Seattle too

008df8  No.3006957


That's very naughty anon kek.

1ee92c  No.3006958


Long john shillver.

e9b03d  No.3006959


Actually there have been partial grabs of MASSIVE flares… during the times that the scopes were being occluded. Only one or two frames slipped through…

Same as the SOP for when NASA becomes alerted to something appearing on a cam feed that is not convenient. The pattern is fucking obvious as fuck.

So you can eat shit.

3f2e57  No.3006960


KEK Ya like that?

I coulda gone with pascal.

7f2507  No.3006961

9be25b  No.3006962

File: 8bce6aa22b06c3f⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1111x741, 1111:741, Q_BiteCrumbs_20180122_Care….png)


>I kept asking myself how POTUS could declas the FISA warrant while retaining good optics.

reluctantly/after massive, ongoing, relentless pressure

>The ONLY thing that makes sense to this Anon is that they're sitting on the Strzok/Page texts discussing [187] plan to assassinate POTUS.

we've known that for months, now. slow roll

0484d9  No.3006963


It appears that 3 billionaires trying to influence a bill in a state where they don’t reside (Soros, Zuckerberg, Pritzker). This will increase the vote population for the left in a state that is usually important to POTUS election.

Anyone seen something similar in their state? Bueller, Bueller……

9153ef  No.3006964

File: f991f70b92a9b27⋯.jpg (26.34 KB, 653x417, 653:417, sun-aurora.png.653x0_q80_c….jpg)



Well there's this massive coronal hole. Those tend to cause us problems. Pic related.


37a7ec  No.3006965


Yes good theory. Another theory is he just wants congress to start requesting it like crazy so it floods the daily headlines

2ef3f4  No.3006966

Did we ever cover this here?

Outback Steakhouse Denies Satanic Cult Conspiracy Theory

It wouldn't be present-day America without at least one whopper conspiracy theory whirring around social media until it finally vanishes up what must be the voluminous orifice of the internet. The current winner comes from a tweet that suggests the Outback Steakhouse chain may be dabbling in the occult.

It's ingenious, actually. A Twitter user connected the locations of Outback on the maps of several U.S. cities, and what do you know? They formed pentagrams, the five-sided stars associated with Wicca, Illuminati, Satanism, Freemasonry and the occult in general.

What's up with that, Twitter user @eatmyesthetics wondered in a tweet that showed the pattern on maps from New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore and the Bay Area in San Francisco. Other Twitter users tweeted their own maps of metro areas in New Jersey, Arizona, Indianapolis, Georgia and other states, building a damning circumstantial case against Outback.

Wtf is Outback Steakhouse planning pic.twitter.com/l1CSafkdOK

— balenci-who? aga (@eatmyaesthetics) July 27, 2017

Though the current rage, the conspiracy theory isn't new, according to the website knowyourmeme.com.

Bloomin' Brands, the company that owns Outback, waded into the machinations with its own plot twist, a picture of the signature Bloomin' Onion appetizer plopped right on a large section of Florida, where the company is headquartered. "If the Bloomin' Onion is evil," Outback tweeted, "then we don't want to be nice."


6c59f9  No.3006967

File: b4eea201bcf8360⋯.gif (3.77 MB, 408x206, 204:103, sending energy.gif)

File: 50262268be560c5⋯.gif (489.05 KB, 400x300, 4:3, sending energy 3.gif)

File: 12d4e6095eea404⋯.jpg (25.7 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1509711655061.jpg)

START a storm

41b1e1  No.3006969


Thanks! I’ve read that. My peeps there now

300318  No.3006970

Podesta on 4chan is a TRAP do not engage!!!

Think about it, there is no way the Podesta's are going to open themselves up after PIZZAGATE discoveries

504864  No.3006971

File: ddd3963ec40f1b3⋯.jpg (14.47 KB, 218x218, 1:1, MADEAHRC.jpg)

e9b03d  No.3006972


nothing to see here. kek.

ba398e  No.3006973

File: e1e48eeabc633b5⋯.jpeg (22.58 KB, 474x474, 1:1, download.jpeg)

7931c6  No.3006974

File: 68f279b0ac5e84d⋯.jpg (34.03 KB, 600x400, 3:2, roth.jpg)

5449fb  No.3006977


This is how they managed to get the death count up to 3000.

After the hurricane hit, water went bad, and this much water just sitting there could have prevented such a higher number of deaths.

35d95a  No.3006978


t are not equipped for observing the sun

eecf33  No.3006979

File: 7e7c58fc87887a7⋯.jpg (450.04 KB, 973x892, 973:892, Podesta_Skippy.jpg)

2ef3f4  No.3006980




504864  No.3006982

File: e6c0b7a344c94b4⋯.jpg (38.7 KB, 500x500, 1:1, NOBALLS.jpg)

e1b61a  No.3006983

File: 076261fbb289a7c⋯.jpeg (945.09 KB, 2290x1322, 1145:661, grandcanyon.jpeg)

Trump-backed bill to repair national parks advances in the House


f65b72  No.3006984


Hope your pees are safe, locals can be frisky but it's an amazing place.

7ec603  No.3006985


Good stuff. Thanks. Why the fuss for LARP?

b6826d  No.3006986


I’m hearing that the Chinese may have installed equipment to spy on the White Sands missile range

64424a  No.3006987

File: fe31bb119f22fac⋯.png (22.13 KB, 171x295, 171:295, images (1).png)

df5def  No.3006988


wait thats a retweet.. 15 minute delta???

b15dfc  No.3006989


Now that you say it… those where the observatories to me.

a0767b  No.3006990

File: 3a1684cbbad0d3b⋯.png (374.95 KB, 480x640, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)


Didn't know you could make out so much clerity from a picture that looks like it was taken with a potato.

6caa99  No.3006991



WHY are [YOU] here on Q RESEARCH?

Obviously not to help research on the Q crumbs.

Instead you offend anons and post the same muhjew stuff over and over, every damn bread.

Do you think your 'facts' are helping?

Are they ever in notables?

Do real anons reply?

Why are [YOU] here?

>Anons are not divided.

>Anons are under attack.

>Recognize the difference.

>Trust the plan.










504864  No.3006992

File: f27ad362af6a03c⋯.jpg (47.3 KB, 526x440, 263:220, SUICIDEWATCH.jpg)

8ca010  No.3006993


Jonathan Borofsky, Hammering Man at 3,110,527, 1988, 1-3/4" thick COR-TEN steel with motorized aluminum arm. Collection Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, Gift of Matthew and Iris Strauss.


df5def  No.3006995


not a retweet but a tweet and a delete and re tweet of the deleted tweet 15 minute delta

9ac831  No.3006996

File: 4c93b0ae09bb72f⋯.png (38.67 KB, 317x511, 317:511, 6a06496d7d6c31da92f57af011….png)

6c59f9  No.3006997



pb notable >>3005253

QClock on The Storm and POTUS Tweets

7611ca  No.3006998


Yes he does. Everyone has to always ask themselves if the person they're listening to is offering solutions or feeding fear. I'm wondering when Qanon and the Space Force is going to announce the space elevator as a 21st century infrastructure project financed by a system of public credit like we did under Hamilton in the old days.


7ec603  No.3006999


Saying Stratfor did it is doxxing?

eef29e  No.3007000

File: 45bcd10e9a96393⋯.gif (10.5 MB, 412x224, 103:56, xl 18.gif)

http://www.gadgetify.com/xl18-flame-thrower/ nice shtf toy

eecf33  No.3007001

File: bdbac3b24c159df⋯.jpg (56.17 KB, 1100x618, 550:309, snek.jpg)

7fca2b  No.3007002

File: 7e2e3076fc6a406⋯.jpg (16.91 KB, 225x225, 1:1, download-1.jpg)

84f3b9  No.3007003

Yes, I know about it. We also know that it takes 2-3 days for a coronal event to reach earth… I still don't buy it's solar related. And if it was a solar event…these are unpredictable, and would effect the entire planet. I'd prefer to remain on the fence with this one…this anon isn't buying any fuckery just yet.


bde515  No.3007004

File: dd22eb9d6a6bbad⋯.jpg (159.03 KB, 1159x869, 1159:869, 1a.JPG)

File: 20ad978fb560c1a⋯.jpg (165.01 KB, 701x859, 701:859, 2.JPG)

File: bee9e8a58f9f1cc⋯.jpg (163.36 KB, 709x854, 709:854, 2a.JPG)

File: 08cda68d20b5815⋯.jpg (88.76 KB, 702x433, 702:433, 6.JPG)

Bishop Bransfield resignation accepted by Pope


a51414  No.3007005


All. The. Time.

921755  No.3007006

File: 915fcd56eeb0e70⋯.jpg (166.76 KB, 1440x1937, 1440:1937, suicideweekend.JPG)

1ee92c  No.3007007



5449fb  No.3007008


Only if they're pointed at us when that CME happens.

Otherwise it's missing us and going a completely different direction to hit us.

9effa0  No.3007009

File: f5d49ebf6aa30b6⋯.png (74.68 KB, 645x729, 215:243, 12A206D9-ECD5-4DF5-8955-55….png)

6c59f9  No.3007010

File: 894af6a0f38a323⋯.png (3.96 KB, 561x118, 561:118, amen brother Q.png)

File: fa6727378f612cc⋯.png (2.39 KB, 568x64, 71:8, weze qangs and sheit.png)

4acaf9  No.3007011


Ive been saying to myself and a few others since the day the 'insurance policy' text came out, that that policy was to assassinate him.

504864  No.3007012

File: 5abea8e2e856036⋯.jpg (53.66 KB, 500x500, 1:1, APORKLIPS.jpg)

0898ef  No.3007013


>They may have been getting ready for project Bluebeam and use it to scare the masses, but OURGUYS stopped this from happening.

This is also my guess.

505c6b  No.3007015

File: 0a005db7cd26fc8⋯.png (630.08 KB, 1597x850, 1597:850, zzzxcdoj.PNG)

DOJ/CON AIR Puerto Rico this is the 3rd i have caught in the last couple months .

369374  No.3007016

File: a471c4fa846e890⋯.png (13.16 KB, 590x102, 295:51, Screenshot_2018-09-13 gay ….png)


You're in the wrong place.

03b55d  No.3007017


well now it's certain. fucker is a cabal piece of shit

9dd86b  No.3007018

File: 43e83247cb8ddbd⋯.png (305.86 KB, 297x452, 297:452, trump-vegas.png)

dd45fc  No.3007019


am thinking it's more about using them as

coordinating communications with satellites

and spy centers

silly anons

df5def  No.3007020

File: 3766e017c4d7086⋯.png (81.84 KB, 892x520, 223:130, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at ….png)

bde515  No.3007023

File: 142163a5b9a3a2b⋯.jpg (124.81 KB, 657x754, 657:754, 1a.JPG)

Panpages CEO, independent director resign after shareholders boot chairman and director


9dd076  No.3007024

8772f4  No.3007025

File: f96a22974bb7761⋯.jpg (54.92 KB, 442x439, 442:439, deadpool.jpg)


Trying to bait for violence-talk

Wait til the shill partner starts talking violence

That what they need and desire to frame us for.

10 - 9 - 8 - 7 - 6

Because that will give them their fabricated "reasons" for suppression.

They do the same routine over and over.

When you name what they are doing their "mirror" power is lost.

Name it.

7c1d12  No.3007026



8ca010  No.3007028

File: c11030620398028⋯.png (2.44 MB, 1376x1014, 688:507, ClipboardImage.png)


torry pines

San Diego, CA

df5def  No.3007029

File: bd7c6c897e3d322⋯.png (37.51 KB, 892x218, 446:109, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at ….png)

File: c4fb600ca2b098f⋯.png (82.54 KB, 1122x234, 187:39, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at ….png)

trump tweets today :59:

mirror :29: on clock

HRC asked for deal

2ef3f4  No.3007030


Plausible for sure. Good thinking.

900faf  No.3007031

File: 3de60e58ace2137⋯.png (231.48 KB, 597x777, 199:259, ClipboardImage.png)

Not a huge RDS fan, but when he's right…he's right

06906f  No.3007032


Hahaha do they really think anyone is going to believe that?


This will not age well for Google….

48f719  No.3007034


Says the lowlife shill who thinks we won't notice the use of 'sweetheart' 500 times. You totally suck at this. We all know who you are.

2b84f5  No.3007035


go back to china see it on mimic you sheep

502eeb  No.3007036



504864  No.3007037

File: 591513ddbadb83a⋯.jpg (46.66 KB, 599x464, 599:464, HRCLOWLIFE.jpg)

9385e2  No.3007038

Hey Q, any chance we can get some common sense beat into the warmongers' heads? I mean, let's think about things for a second:

President Trump announces he wants to pull US forces out of Syria, BOOM, "Assad" gasses some civilians. We send in some rockets.

A year later, President Trump announces he wants to pull US forces out of Syria, BOOM, more gassing of civilians. We again send in some rockets.

President Trump sets up meeting with President Putin, a former British-Russian double agent gets poisoned with "military grade nerve agent." Except this military grade nerve agent doesn't even kill the target. And then it comes out that this "soviet" recipe is manufactured down the road from where it was used.

So naturally the "ebil Russians" decided to assassinate a spy, that they had in prison for a few years BTW, on British soil, using a nerve agent, that didn't even kill the target! And we're supposed to believe this shit?

So now, despite ZERO actual evidence put forth by the Brits that it was actually Russia that did this, WE are supposed to sanction Russia. Economic sanctions, might I remind you, are considered an act of war. So we're supposed to dive into WW3 over some British asset that Russia didn't even kill?

Help me out here, how does ANY of this bullshit make sense? I'd like to think there is some kind of plan behind this, but I'm having a hard time getting past all the NEOCON anti-Russian smell of it all.

504864  No.3007039

File: 24fc68a70ee39de⋯.jpg (53.13 KB, 500x510, 50:51, HRCBITCH.jpg)

b15dfc  No.3007041


DuckDuck the following:

"alex jones stratfor wikileaks"

Read. Understand.


7308e3  No.3007042

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Just because.

ca267e  No.3007043

File: fdbd78a92bf67a2⋯.jpg (105.17 KB, 1080x759, 360:253, FBIreality2.jpg)


Here it comes, another organized shooting to be blamed on some crazy kid.

Always on the same day as live fire drills.

Killing kids for political gain.

30e999  No.3007045

File: 4dad5287d739d2f⋯.png (1.54 MB, 1607x1187, 1607:1187, ClipboardImage.png)


Yes, however, think "You're fired", as well.

da2279  No.3007046


Thanks to BigImageAnon we connected those dots two days ago. He gave one pic of her hollyweird star and one of Carr Theater.

There has to be more to those photos than just random drops.

Guess if OBL’s brother’s property pops up in the front lines soon that’ll be confirmation.

f65b72  No.3007048

Join Our Team

Stratfor is headquartered in Austin, Texas. In addition, we have relationships in geopolitically significant areas around the world. The only openings we have at this time are listed below; please follow the instructions to our applicant page online. We are unable to respond to individual questions regarding job opportunities due to the high volume of applications.

Positions Available:

- Account Executive, Enterprise Sales

- Analyst (Global Military and Other Specializations)

- Director, Public Relations (Fags)

- Front-End Web/Drupal Developer (Nerds)

- Subscriber and Member Services Retention Specialist (Salesforce fags)

- Account Executive, Enterprise Sales (Door knockers fags).

Stratfor Overview

Stratfor is a geopolitical intelligence and advisory firm. Founded on the principle that transformative world events are not random, but are in fact predictable, Stratfor analyses and forecasts reveal the underlying significance and future implications of emerging developments. Globally engaged individuals, professionals, Fortune 500 companies, universities and organizations across an array of industries turn to Stratfor for accurate, actionable geopolitical intelligence and analysis that helps them make sense of an increasingly complex world.

Job Description

The Account Executive is a sales-focused role, designed to develop and grow Stratfor’s business. The Enterprise Sales Account Executive will support executives and/or other managers at target companies responsible for global strategy, security, and research. The Account Executive will work with Stratfor’s Enterprise Sales department leadership and business development team, along with Stratfor’s product teams, to identify and prioritize potential clients, develop engagement strategies, establish and develop relationships with key clients, develop a sales pipeline and translate developmental discussions about our offerings into increased revenues.


To apply

Please forward resumes to applications@stratfor.com with the job title in the subject line.


e1b61a  No.3007049

File: 251d299090137ff⋯.jpeg (128.98 KB, 800x1265, 160:253, boomtimes.jpeg)

File: a7522303fa39dd0⋯.jpeg (121.06 KB, 800x1312, 25:41, boomhappy.jpeg)

File: 01d80c082994a2f⋯.jpeg (145.74 KB, 800x1175, 32:47, boomocc.jpeg)

Boom times: 72% blue collar are ‘optimistic about future,’ 67% ‘happy’


d1d543  No.3007051


Thats what Ive been thinking… they either snatched someone’s device (or data) of they are showing some DS asset they’ve been being followed. But who knows…. fun and mysterious for sure.

c481dc  No.3007053


This image should not be as ominous as it is - but it is VERY ominous.

8797c9  No.3007054



Why not both?

9c598e  No.3007055

File: 20d81ede6719730⋯.jpeg (11.09 KB, 197x300, 197:300, th.jpeg)

Like… Becoming a woman? Fucking tranny

6bda96  No.3007056


hopefully they will go on the buddy plan

3f2e57  No.3007057


>Thats what Ive been thinking…

Me too

e9b03d  No.3007058


aka the sauce is all over old bread from yesterday.

Go read them, the bakers didn't see fit to post them as notable.

504864  No.3007059

File: bf6708e41af9f44⋯.jpg (46.13 KB, 620x372, 5:3, HRCBride.jpg)

f630f4  No.3007060


I think they have tried this a few times

There have been a few times where msm mass pushed aliens

Biblical rapture etc

Odd stuff

b23648  No.3007061

I decided to try to toss some red pills my sister's way today. It took a lot of courage to try and I was immediately insulted by her suggesting that I wasn't well informed. OMG I hate the MSM and I hate the Dems so much right now. My sister, sadly is a victim of the propaganda and likely thinks that her favorite news sources are gospel. I have more things to say to her but I don't want to ruin our relationship.

This is the same sister who said if you vote for Mitt Romney you must hate me because Obama gave me healthcare. She likes Planned Parenthood too because of women's health (and she's gone there for checkups before).

It breaks my heart because she's not dumb, she's just surrounded by people who all think that way.

eecf33  No.3007062


I often wonder if BigImageAnon is a bot just posting random large file images filling up the bread and lagging it down. I like your analysis better haha

7f2507  No.3007063


Why does it bother you?

41b1e1  No.3007064

File: 97b50c131c05693⋯.jpeg (440.28 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, CEE2090E-842D-49D2-B427-B….jpeg)

504864  No.3007065

File: a64284087f3bb56⋯.jpg (32.89 KB, 500x300, 5:3, HRCML.jpg)

f7b531  No.3007067

File: daa8e6cdaac7525⋯.png (1.57 MB, 1600x1000, 8:5, hillary-clinton1.png)

5e285e  No.3007068

File: 97b20d46a9f3894⋯.jpg (65.2 KB, 893x596, 893:596, ass.jpg)

The "insurance policy" had Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, etc.

The final stage was assassination of POTUS.

Normies will not care about Plan A, Plan B or Plan C. But when they are SHOWN through DECLAS that the final last ditch effort of the DS was to be ASSASSINATION – and then it is juxtaposed with JFK – they will finally get it and rise up with pitchforks and torches.

Leaving aside the children for now, which many normies might not even be able to process, this has to be the initial end game.

0898ef  No.3007069


>Ive been saying to myself and a few others since the day the 'insurance policy' text came out, that that policy was to assassinate him.

The insurance policy seemed more like just the evidence trail to frame him.

But I wonder if they will refer to the 'sister agency' again in the context of assassination.

My guess is that it will be passed off as a 'joke' so not by itself hugely incriminating.

3e082f  No.3007070

File: 53f55d924b09d5b⋯.png (50.85 KB, 786x373, 786:373, ClipboardImage.png)

Getting a feeling something BIG is going to happen soon

3f2e57  No.3007071


Just stick with FISA/FBI/DOJ. It's what's in the news now and you can explain what's going on beforehand.

e9b03d  No.3007072

File: 6e5da075f404e3e⋯.png (581.78 KB, 717x719, 717:719, bloodtherapy_gross.png)

f630f4  No.3007073


Always ask yourself this

For example steve quayle

He makes alot of interesting points

But hes all doom and gloom

9be25b  No.3007074


we've seen the tactic before.

"spoopy" pics posted and reposted, no comments (for moar MYSTERY), long drawn-out process going on over breads and breads and days and days.

big yawn.

504864  No.3007075

File: 073641fcda6dcfb⋯.jpg (23.73 KB, 412x343, 412:343, SESSIONSCANARY.jpg)

9ac819  No.3007076

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e1a19e  No.3007077


really ? you know who I am ! I am out in the MIddle of fucking Nowhere & you know who I am Junior? Oh I see your retarded Brain thinks I am Cabal ? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT

a140b3  No.3007078


It's not

2eb5cd  No.3007079


Right there with you anon. Same scenario with me. They’ll learn eventually.

6caa99  No.3007080

b72958  No.3007081

File: e68b15de0d36436⋯.png (1.62 MB, 1080x1920, 9:16, ClipboardImage.png)


>all seeing eye


>'we love kids'

fuck you podesta, the day of the rope is coming.

369374  No.3007082

File: a9d4072f9505ef3⋯.jpg (84.88 KB, 571x380, 571:380, ffslolcatsdogswow.jpg)



…new place you should try.

018329  No.3007083

Could the 'Skybird' message, together with the observatories going down signal some sort of fake missile launch false flag event, a b#it like simulating The Day After or WarGames?

Could observatories possibly be used as projectors? That sounds stupid even to me, but stranger things have happened since last October..

3e082f  No.3007084



eecf33  No.3007085

File: a0da3da4b5f0516⋯.jpg (300.75 KB, 1600x1066, 800:533, snek4.jpg)

File: 0cf6aa1915a93f2⋯.jpg (242.68 KB, 750x500, 3:2, Snek3.jpg)

File: 340dca8d4afdec6⋯.jpg (85.34 KB, 600x450, 4:3, snek2.jpg)


How would you know if Satanists took over the Vatican?

5b6050  No.3007086

File: 4f830aa47204a3d⋯.png (369.27 KB, 929x811, 929:811, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at ….png)

File: fa682d34b8b6a74⋯.png (481.59 KB, 1540x345, 308:69, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at ….png)

File: 7057f0cb613fac4⋯.png (489.03 KB, 1551x381, 517:127, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at ….png)


Interesting that both the WaPo and NYT reports on the Carter Page FISA contained the same error. WaPo on the left; NYT on the right

cfd0c7  No.3007087

File: ac8eb8bb1c19446⋯.png (442.07 KB, 925x632, 925:632, ClipboardImage.png)

Puerto Rican mayor, two other gov officials arrested on corruption charges


e1b61a  No.3007088

File: 5f3bba47bdfe117⋯.jpeg (553.25 KB, 2290x1322, 1145:661, femachief.jpeg)

FEMA chief Brock Long under investigation for use of government cars

FEMA Administrator Brock Long is under investigation by the inspector general for the Department of Homeland Security over his use of government vehicles while traveling to North Carolina from Washington, according to a new report.

The inspector general is scrutinizing whether taxpayers inappropriately paid for his travel back home to Hickory, N.C., on the weekends, Politico reported Thursday.

Long used a staff driver for the six-hour drives and his aides stayed in a hotel at taxpayer expense, an official told the news outlet. The department’s watchdog became interested in his travel after a government vehicle was involved an in accident.

Long and his boss, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen have also clashed over his travel habits. She brought up the issue of his absences from the office due to his long commutes with him in recent months, the report said.

“We’ll continue to fully cooperate with any investigation that goes on and own up to any mistakes and push forward and keep going,” Long said during a FEMA briefing Thursday morning.

“I would never intentionally run a program incorrectly,“ he added. “Doing something unethical is not part of my DNA and it is not part of my track record in my whole entire career. We will work with the OIG.”


b23648  No.3007089


I would but I decided to talk to her a little about Google because this is something she has a big stake in (I won't go into why). She dismissed the idea of censorship being a thing (that's what the ill informed comment came about from) and went on to argue about how it's a private company and blah blah blah.

I replied to her that I was aware they are a private company duh. I love how easily people presume to know what you know once you dare speak ill of one of their sacred cows.

f65b72  No.3007090


As all gnomes are vegetarian (except the Arctic gnomes, who can't find plants and eat meat from the Arctic fox's meat supply), the Bushman or African jungle gnome doesn't use the bow and arrow to hunt. They use it for picking berries in high bushes they can't reach.

Discover ideas about African Jungle

As all gnomes are vegetarian (except the Arctic gnomes, who can't find plants and eat meat from the Arctic fox's meat supply), the Bushman or African jungle gnome doesn't use the bow and arrow to hunt. They use it for picking berries in high bushes they can't reach.

446b76  No.3007091


On 28 July 2008, President George W. Bush approved the execution of Former United States Army Private Ronald A. Gray, who had been convicted in April 1988 of multiple murders and rapes. A month later, Secretary of the Army Pete Geren set an execution date of 10 December 2008 and ordered that Gray be put to death by lethal injection at the Federal Correctional Complex, Terre Haute. The military publicly released Gray's execution date on 20 November 2008. On 26 November, however, Gray was granted a stay of execution by federal judge Rogers.[2] In December 2016, a Kansas federal judge lifted Gray's stay, moving Gray one step closer to becoming the U.S. military's first death sentence carried out since 1961.[3]

That should say: "John McCain in 2018 was the first to be executed by the american military court since 1961"

3f2e57  No.3007092


4am talking points.

a140b3  No.3007093


Real good Ryan. Felt compelled to surface and make this very important statement did you? Fucking RAT.

5343b0  No.3007094


No, going after the reddit mods is, looks like more distraction bait faggotry. These assholes WANT retaliation from us ffs, all just to give them an excuse to axe this board. We're supposed to be strengthening our defenses right now and pushing awareness on social media, so what good is pursuing it going to get us? It's not something anons can halt from happening, that's gotta happen from Q's end and I trust it already is.

2ef3f4  No.3007095

File: 783e6fc2e99274a⋯.jpg (26.37 KB, 815x458, 815:458, iznikone.jpg)


Ancient Church Hidden Beneath a Lake Could Be Hiding Another Secret

Back in 2014, Mustafa Şahin couldn't believe what was staring back at him on aerial photographs when government surveyors showed him: Evidence of ancient ruins he had been searching the shore of Turkey's Lake Iznik for years to find.

But they weren't along the shore. Instead, what Şahin was being shown was that the lake itself was hiding the ancient church he was looking to find.

"When I first saw the images of the lake, I was quite surprised to see a church structure that clearly," Şahin, the head of archaeology at Bursa Uludağ University, told Live Science. "I was doing field surveys in Iznik [since 2006], and I hadn't discovered such a magnificent structure like that."

“I did not believe my eyes when I saw it under the helicopter,” Şahin told the Archaeological Institute of America. “I thought to myself, ‘How did nobody notice these ruins before?’”

(MORE: New Crack Found at San Francisco's Tilting and Sinking Millennium Tower)

The remains of the sunken church lie about 10 feet below the surface of Lake Iznik and about 160 feet from the shoreline.

The church was built on the shore in A.D. 390, and archaeologists think an earthquake was the cause of its destruction in A.D. 740. The remains would then sink below the lake's surface, forgotten until its rediscovery in 2014.

But Şahin's long-lost find has archaeologists believing that there could be yet another treasure beneath the surface in the form of a pagan temple beneath the church.

Fragments of an ancient lamp and early coins found at the site point toward an even earlier structure predating the church.

Şahin believes that the church could have been built on top of a temple to Apollo. Records connect the Roman emperor Commodus to the building of a matching temple at Iznik, then known as Nicea, outside city walls.

"Could this temple have been underneath the basilica remains?" Şahin questions.

The church is scheduled to become an underwater archaeological museum, according to Turkey's Hurriyet Daily News. If plans are approved, construction could begin as early as this year and open in 2019, Şahin said.

6c2039  No.3007096


I think you are on to something. I just wish they would get on with it already. Enough waiting…

41b1e1  No.3007097


And people wonder why places like Chicago is so screwed up

3e082f  No.3007098


Help me autists..

So many Q posts about this…

darkness, space force, satellites going down, eyes in the skies, blind, blackouts, emergency nationwide alerts, calm before the storm, preparedness month, defcon,

373d86  No.3007099

File: cd23851bb03c817⋯.png (347.23 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


3ca635  No.3007100

File: 7f178ec6de7c862⋯.jpg (79.54 KB, 487x485, 487:485, PT-Declas.JPG)

da2279  No.3007101


Just a bit on his first few posts.

I can go see if I can find the bread with the screenshot of IP history BO pulled for us.

It was Tue afternoon, IIRC.

b49d40  No.3007102

File: 9c90b15d5ba9d77⋯.png (379.51 KB, 480x593, 480:593, 9c90b15d5ba9d776f3cbe8bf34….png)





8ca010  No.3007103

File: ce738efc5d74673⋯.png (136.21 KB, 285x453, 95:151, img00052971.png)




think about it, they kill greatawakening and then place a bullshit pizzagate picture on the chans


8a1de0  No.3007104


My wife has had long talks with a very observant Jew. It does not matter what a Jew thinks about God or if they follow the rules of Torah Jewdom. They will always take you back. Your a Jew no matter what if you mom was a Jew.

It is why Israel is so fucking shitty about going back into the genetics to decide if they will let you marry. If not enough Jew is in you your not a Jew and you have to fly to Cyprus to get married.

Jew really at this time in history is not a religion. Its an ethnic crime group that has a decent origin story that they actually get the normie Jews to believe because the elite Jews need plausible deninablity. You need normie Jews to cry and look all innocent when bad shit goes down because lots of those Jews actually are innocent. Nothing more than the bottom rung of Jewdom…just a little above the Goy.

If a normie Jew stars showing promise and seems to not have a human conscience then they get promoted…..how high they go is up to their ability to not give a fuck about anyone and take their orders.

35d95a  No.3007105


Astrofag here, check out this Amateur Astronomy site, look for recently acquired pictures of the sun for anomalies. Oddly, most recent pictures of the sun appear to have been posted by the same guy. I check this site a lot, but don't normally check out solar pictures.

3f2e57  No.3007106


I hear you anon. I've met the same resistance with my fam. I've discovered that not mentioning Q at all, and just talking about what I know on topics in the news has been more effective for me.


8772f4  No.3007107

File: 3c5b3e0cd096024⋯.jpg (32.73 KB, 640x538, 320:269, noseout.jpg)


This shill tactic goes back to 9/11

I guess they've brought them out of retirement.

Or dusted off some old manuals.

"lying with pixels"

They pretend to be blind and are loud and forceful enough with it that they hope

1. no one looks for themselves.

2. they frighten the sheeples enough with their bluster and fake credentials that enough people never gather to make a consensus.

3. Peeps back away out of fear, false modesty [ maybe I'm wrong - even when they are not] 4.It's enough often just to sow doubt.

"Everybody believes" blah blah or "nobody will believe you" so the vulnerable and isolated individual "goes along to get along"

And doesn't believe their own eyes.

"Those with the fake "conviction" are hard to rebut unless you call them "liar" - and people feel such a judgment is a very big step.

Most people balk at such an accusation because they don't understand the scale and the audacity of the lying which is going on.

369374  No.3007108



505c6b  No.3007109

373d86  No.3007110

File: 7475c633d26ac4f⋯.png (221.41 KB, 850x400, 17:8, ClipboardImage.png)

bcdd6b  No.3007112

File: 567c21c64217e1f⋯.png (40.12 KB, 809x400, 809:400, 3000.PNG)

TRUMP pushing 3000?

018329  No.3007113


EMP attack, a bit like WarGames or The Day After, or even Threads.

Threads scares me even today, it was scarily realistic.

5449fb  No.3007114


M-O-O-N, dat spells moon.

7c1d12  No.3007115

Was the BinLaden house in CA the one with the tunnels?

0462e6  No.3007116


Hate to say it, but the UK is not acting like an ally. John Kerry is acting like a leader of the deep state. They are all cashing checks of the trust and Goodwill earned and paid for by our forefathers.

292078  No.3007117

File: b46a872292c31f8⋯.png (434.01 KB, 782x598, 17:13, MOONSPYGATE.png)

8ca010  No.3007118

File: 5234db6aceffa30⋯.png (87.83 KB, 290x148, 145:74, ClipboardImage.png)


big pic anon posted a bunch of gnomes on 9/11

f7b531  No.3007119

File: d7b53f2bdd598ce⋯.jpg (12.96 KB, 280x210, 4:3, brak.jpg)


I think of Brak when I see that ceiling

7142d0  No.3007120

File: ef3d256846c8199⋯.jpg (69.32 KB, 1920x960, 2:1, Norm-Macdonald.jpg)


Looks like some commie gobbledygook

7931c6  No.3007121

File: a4a156cf28d72ad⋯.png (307.03 KB, 817x814, 817:814, 105.PNG)

They can control the weather but we can as well?

b49d40  No.3007122

Last Notables Call

>>3007004 Bishop Bransfield's resignation accepted by Pope

>>3006775 School shooter drill, students to be exposed to the sound of gunfire

>>3006610 , >>3006791, >>3006765 Responses to POTUS PR death toll tweets

>>3006787 Report & articles on the Solar Observatory evacuation

>>3006693 Google's response to their internal video leak

>>3006938 , >>3006689 Report & articles on the P Rico count: In Oct '17 very low

>>3006618 Qmap.pub approaching 100,000 readers online

>>3006597 Sessions ‘Exploring Potential Investigation’ of Google, Facebook, Twitter

>>3006503 Are millions of water bottles for Maria survivors still on the runway?

>>3006488 NBC begin to realize the hurricane and the storm are separate things…

>>3006472 Ohio 'Issue 1': Supported by Zuckerberg, Soros & The Pritzkers

04bdaf  No.3007123

File: 481ec7f7a7b5625⋯.png (450.38 KB, 883x466, 883:466, SoAEW8-nSr-ZQizXKz-6NOKDjO….png)

5449fb  No.3007124


That was quick, anon! KEK!

214969  No.3007125

dd45fc  No.3007126


looked it up

still not seeing it

why "overthink"


understand posobiec and cernavitch

not getting it with jones

if I'm wrong I'll admit

stand behind ops exist

9be25b  No.3007127


>Help me autists.