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File: 2ca1bdf21b2af5b⋯.png (6.67 MB, 5760x3240, 16:9, Q_Anon Flag.png)

dad2bc  No.2862383

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Q Research supports attacking terrible ideas with better ones. We believe the use of violence only proves a bad argument. We are researchers who deal in open-source information and informed opinion. We neither need nor condone the use of violence in our work here.




Q Proofs & Welcome

Welcome to Q Research (README FIRST, THEN PROCEED TO LURK) https://8ch.net/qresearch/welcome.html

Q Plan to Save the World - Video introduction to the Q plan - https://youtu.be/3vw9N96E-aQ

Q - Killing The Mockingbird - (2nd in vid series): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80s5xuvzCtg

The Best of the Best Q Proofs >>1552095, >>>/qproofs/49 SEE FOR YOURSELF

100+ Q Proof Graphics qproofs.com

Q Clearance Archive: irc.qclearancearchive.net

Q's Latest Posts

Sunday 09.02.18

>>2848991 rt >>2848974 ----------------- Triangle and the all seeing eye in the middle of the "Magic Sword"

>>2848924 rt >>2848894 ----------------- Extreme goosebumps (ST6.jpg)

>>2848806 ------------------------------------ Played by 'Operation Specialists' [pre-event] last night

>>2847989 rt >>2847946 ----------------- Think GMAIL DRAFTS.

>>2847946 rt >>2847844 ----------------- Read between the lines.

>>2847844 rt >>2847730 ----------------- Sergey Brin, Anne Wojcicki, and Susan Wojcicki

>>2847730 ------------------------------------ [DARPA]

>>2847264 ------------------------------------ [3] Bill Priestap, [4] Peter Strzok

>>2846716 rt >>2846457 ----------------- BRIDGES - connecting people.

>>2846457 ------------------------------------ Ezra Cohen-Watnick

Saturday 09.01.18

>>2835711 ------------------------------------ Q's message to cabal: It must be hard to communicate.

>>2833842 ------------------------------------ CIA Tweets

>>2833619 ------------------------------------ September 2018 = National Preparedness Month

>>2831975 ------------------------------------ Enjoy your time in the Land of Alice

>>2828624 ------------------------------------ United States Military Power 2018

Friday 08.31.18

>>2827819 rt >>2827754 ----------------- Past drops important to frame context. (Pics are Alex Podesta's art)

>>2827378 rt >>2827163 ----------------- We wish this was a dream.

>>2827163 ------------------------------------ WHO ARE THE WHITE RABBITS?

>>2826687 ------------------------------------ Do you believe in coincidences? DJT Twitter Status Quoted

>>2826607 rt >>2826578 ----------------- Alice - Hatter Clinton Email Image

>>2826578 ------------------------------------ But…..How could we know?

>>2825683 ------------------------------------ Q Meme? Pic Hussein, SJL, LG, JS, EH & Others

>>2825391 ------------------------------------ THEY WANT THE KEYS TO THE KINGDOM.

>>2825004 ------------------------------------ Special Approval

>>2824142 ------------------------------------ Nunes articles and moar

>>2820842 ------------------------------------ BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG

>>2820757 rt >>2820665 ----------------- BIG BIG BIG

>>2820535 ------------------------------------ WHERE WE GO ONE, WE GO ALL!

>>2820173 rt >>2820100 ----------------- We will do our job to protect the vote.

>>2820100 rt >>2819745 ----------------- What about the budget?

>>2819745 ------------------------------------ Does this mean more fires?

>>2818938 ------------------------------------ BOTH CHAMBERS (HOUSE / SENATE) IN SESSION ON TUES.

>>2818401 rt >>2818389 ----------------- LIKE CLOCKWORK.

>>2818389 ------------------------------------ LIKE CLOCKWORK

>>2817900 rt >>2817461 ----------------- Do you believe actual 'polls' were conducted?

>>2817494 rt >>2817463 ----------------- Two more prosecutors leave Mueller SC.

>>2817461 rt >>2817197 ----------------- "Every battle is won before it's ever fought."

>>2817197 ------------------------------------ Think 'Polls' posted yesterday - [WAPO].

>>2816611 rt >>2816069 ----------------- Information comes in many forms.

>>2815876 ------------------------------------ UTAH What are the odds of that?

Thursday 08.30.18

Compiled here: >>2817974

Wednesday 08.29.18

Compiled here: >>2805444

Tuesday 08.28.18

Compiled here: >>2783629

Q's Private Board >>>/patriotsfight/ | Qs Tripcode: Q !!mG7VJxZNCI

Past Q Posts

Those still on the board --- https://8ch.net/qresearch/qposts.html or >>>/comms/226

All Q's posts, archived at - qanon.app (qanon.pub) , qmap.pub , qanon.news , qanonmap.bitbucket.io

Dealing with Clowns & Shills

>>2322789, >>2323031 How To Quickly Spot A Clown

dad2bc  No.2862401


are not endorsements


>>2653167 BO's reminder to ignore shills

>>2829643, >>2829673 1986 U.S. District Court Dost test: No CP image guidelines

>>2327065 How to filter gore spam >>2334211 (new: Add into [Options] -> Theme)


>>2861675 An analysis on Ezra Cohen-Watnick.

>>2861734 Remember.

>>2861739 Nuova Alba: Italian PM demands to know where Mosque Money is coming from

>>2861849 Black Support for Trump Surging!

Baker Change

>>2862179 Intel Sources Reveal Iran's Secret Air Smuggling Routes to Lebanon

>>2862266 Monarch Mind Control

>>2862312 Mueller Wives Dig

>>2862387 #3618


>>2860904 Quality Summary on IHS Jesuit Vatican Debauchery, >>2860918, >>2860931, >>2860943, >>2860970, >>2861317

>>2860908 Five Eyes finds it hard to Communicate with all this Encryption

>>2860924 Don't Forget about Facebook's Building 8. Scary Stuff.

>>2860950 12 Hotel Rooms, >>2861157 Q-clock

>>2860961 NoName involved in Major Islamic Conspiracy to Establish Islamic State,>>2860989 related Q-drop

>>2860987 POTUS tweet

>>2861064 Update on Our Progress so far

>>2861128 Some Familiar Names?

>>2861175 The Numbers Should Anger You, >>2861544

>>2861208 Support for Mr. Sessions On The Rise.

>>2861218 Coast Guard responding to barge explosion of NJ coast

>>2861304 U.S. Presidents UN Security Council

>>2861566 US DOD Tweet

>>2861605 #3617


>>2860291 Moar On Sally Yates Doucuments that Congress Awaits

>>2860155, >>2860268 Was Trump an FBI Asset in 2014?

baker change

>>2860167 Pope Frances ' .. recommends silence and prayer for those who seek to seek scandal within The Vatican'

>>2860173 POTUS says he wants to keep Guantamo Bay open for ".. her .. ", >>2860627

>>2860222 HoT = Military Acronym for Hammer of Thor

>>2860295 @US_Stratcom tweet, >>2860457, >>2860495, >>2860611, >>2860652, >>2860698

>>2860328 12 Hotel Rooms, >>2860710, >>2860798, >>2860824

>>2860365 AZ Anon Reports of Jets overhead, >>2860374, >>2860548, >>2860583, >>2860668, >>2860716

>>2860395 POTUS Tweet: Mr. Sessions >>2860522

>>2860403 Peter Graneau's MIT paper disproving E=MC², released shortly before his death.

>>2860542 Some Mythical, Magical Weapons >>2860597, >>2860671, >>2860696 , >>2860697

>>2860567 Art Installations at Burning Man 2018

>>2860574 Iconic Building in Liverpool burns down, revealing underground tunnel system with some "Eerie stuff"

>>2860676 Potus tweet: John Kerry, >>2860730 The Unsolved 'John Kerry' Baby Murder Case in Ireland

>>2860747 Mockingbird Playbook: Distracting the Masses With Nipples

>>2860774 Ragnarok Approaches

>>2860842 #3616

Previously Collected Notables

>>2860218 #3615

>>2857694 #3612, >>2859120 #3613, >>2859230 #3614

>>2855297 #3609, >>2856155 #3610, >>2856878 #3611

>>2853001 #3606, >>2853777 #3607, >>2854548 #3608

>>2850698 #3603, >>2851449 #3604, >>2852239 #3605

>>2848325 #3600, >>2849102 #3601, >>2849888 #3602

>>2845963 #3597, >>2846753 #3598, >>2847518 #3599

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ed2014  No.2862406


Is Q taking the day off?

dad2bc  No.2862412

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4069af  No.2862424

Juan Williams just mentioned QAnon on FOX.

dad2bc  No.2862430



439d43  No.2862436

File: 7af3ec8f8738a49⋯.jpg (1.3 MB, 1480x1405, 296:281, Bless-this-Bread--15.jpg)

File: 51dd8fcaff339bd⋯.jpg (146.25 KB, 480x357, 160:119, Dark-to-Light-2.jpg)

Thank you, Baker.

439d43  No.2862441

File: f4ab66d1026b137⋯.jpg (338.98 KB, 600x833, 600:833, Follow-the-Family-4.jpg)

3ae498  No.2862445

Juan on the 5 just said Qanon. Not disparagingly.

93a2b9  No.2862449

File: 53c5eb9f5c86695⋯.jpg (1.66 MB, 1667x2753, 1667:2753, qclockpotusthreat92.jpg)

File: 32f8f2e34d2cca4⋯.jpg (1.8 MB, 1830x2991, 610:997, qpopeterriblemay.jpg)

File: 6392b1e705ab24d⋯.jpg (1.92 MB, 3697x1657, 3697:1657, QpompeoTweet.jpg)

couple clocks

dad2bc  No.2862450

Baker Requesting Handoff

Any Baker's around yet??

3600d6  No.2862451

File: c200d191f65a8e5⋯.png (2.45 MB, 1108x1353, 1108:1353, Jesus2.png)

Jesus Christ, we call on you to watch over this board.

We pray that Your Power flow into our consciousnesses

And likewise, into the machinery of deception that opposes us.

We pray that You expose the deceivers, in every corner they lurk.

We pray that you unmask their machinations

And thwart their vile stratagems.

Jesus Christ, we pray for Your Will to be done,

[Here], as it is in heaven.

Blow the bots up Lord, if You Will.

Starting with BO. lol


67b0a1  No.2862452

File: fe5bfdb004810ba⋯.jpg (184.86 KB, 1688x844, 2:1, wonderboy.jpg)


"This was posted last night. There appears to be a filedump of around 11GB regarding… something. I haven't had time to really get into it but I'll post stuff in this thread.

Here's last night's thread which was deleted:


And here are the files. I encourage all anons to download these so we can spread them out, my gut tells me this one is important


d51ab1  No.2862453

File: 1ddc457b3331f29⋯.png (41.96 KB, 817x456, 43:24, MSytcomments1.png)

File: 6fd8b1c0d9ee093⋯.png (37.54 KB, 554x435, 554:435, MSytcomments2.png)

>>2848806 (PB)

Something more from the Magic Sword video from Q post. The comments from the video link to both Thor: Ragnarok and Hot Line Miami games.

The synopsis of the Hotline Miami games. Seems connected. Russian Mob. MKUltra type shit. Animal Masked people in a distorted reality. "Tip of the Iceberg" and the 50 Blessing Group (Patriots sending out the messages to murder people to stop a US - Russian Alliance.


Hotline Miami takes place in 1989 Miami, where the player takes the role of an unnamed man dubbed "Jacket" by fans for his distinctive letterman jacket. One day, he receives a voicemail about a supposed delivery of "cookies" to his home. Jacket finds a package outside containing a rooster mask and instructions to perform a hit on a group of criminals and steal a briefcase in their possession, threatening that he is being watched and that "failure is not an option." After Jacket completes this mission, he receives further messages on his answering machine, each asking him to take care of an innocuous "problem" at a specific address; these locations invariably contain a criminal operation, usually run by the Russian mob, that he must eliminate. Throughout the game, Jacket has visions where he is confronted over his actions by three masked figures: the cryptic rooster-masked Richard, the hostile owl-masked Rasmus, and the sympathetic horse-masked Don Juan.

During a raid on the estate of a movie producer, Jacket rescues a woman and brings her home, nursing her back to health and later, building up a relationship with her. In another mission, Jacket is called to a phone company where he finds everyone dead except for a lone biker, whom he fights and subsequently kills. Jacket finds other animal-masked killers dead (or dying) during some of his assignments; after most of them, he visits a store or restaurant where the same bearded clerk greets him. "Beard", as he is dubbed by fans, gives Jacket encouragement and free samples of merchandise.

Jacket's perception of reality becomes increasingly surreal, as he begins to see the talking corpses of his victims during his everyday life. "Beard" abruptly dies—his bloody corpse remaining at his places of work—and he is replaced by an abrasive bald man, Richter, who offers Jacket nothing. One day, Jacket arrives home to find his girlfriend murdered and a man in a rat mask on his couch, who shoots him in the head. The attack puts Jacket in a coma; he wakes up in a hospital and overhears that his attacker is in police custody, whereupon he escapes and storms Miami police headquarters.

Jacket discovers his attacker was Richter, who had also been following the orders of threatening voicemails, and steals the file on the police's investigation of the killings. With this, he raids the mob-owned nightclub the calls were tracked to, finding the address of the headquarters of Miami's Russian mafia. Jacket then goes to this address and kills the syndicate's leaders.

The game's main story ends with Jacket killing off the Russian mafia's leaders, but afterwards the player can play bonus levels as the biker character from the telephone company. Another recipient of the mysterious messages, The Biker has gotten fed up of carrying out their assignments and is trying to track the callers down. From raiding the phone company, he traces the calls to the mob-owned nightclub, and when Jacket arrives, The Biker kills him. At the nightclub, The Biker finds a hidden basement, where two janitors have been sending out the mysterious voicemails. If the player has found secret letters hidden in Jacket's missions, The Biker will crack their computer's password and learn the janitors work for 50 Blessings, an ostensibly-peaceful patriotic organization, and have been using its membership to carry out killings to derail an alliance between the Soviet Union and the United States. The Janitors boast their "experiment" is only the "tip of the iceberg" of a larger conspiracy. Without the password, the janitors claim they were acting out of boredom and mock The Biker's attempt to rationalize his actions

1a35c9  No.2862454


Did POTUS give you Labor Day off?? Thanks for all ya'll do for us!! :)

ee77be  No.2862455

Juan Williams just asked Dana Perino if she was Q Anon.

"Your not Q Anon?"

f23795  No.2862456

File: 6ad4c171afa28b6⋯.jpeg (19.1 KB, 650x600, 13:12, american-woman-photo-u2.jpeg)

Thank you Baker

04a209  No.2862457

HAMMER is Nelly Ohr, btw.

88d8bd  No.2862458

>>2862446 is her name tracer

ab2166  No.2862459

File: 17f92c6a21eb620⋯.png (322.08 KB, 533x771, 533:771, JustAnAJ.png)

I can't stop reading Tiresias's comments in Alex Jones' voice xD

04a209  No.2862460


yes. cheers.

3600d6  No.2862461


Lord Jesus Christ, we pray that you destroy the bot system

The lies which control this board

The lies which insinuate themselves in every place

The lies which portray false images.

The lies which sow false hatred.

Jesus Christ, we ask that you destroy the deceivers.

The fake bakers.

The bot creeps,

And the clown ghouls.


543271  No.2862462

File: 1382fec121e099b⋯.jpg (133.16 KB, 602x600, 301:300, GasValve.jpg)

File: 606116842cb0342⋯.jpg (40.02 KB, 720x507, 240:169, fd.jpg)

File: 9fc16f730e7fc46⋯.jpg (311.98 KB, 771x945, 257:315, Hitler Crowd Size.jpg)

052d18  No.2862463

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ee6593  No.2862464

File: 1e915eee64f0a1f⋯.png (139.96 KB, 898x831, 898:831, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c4d7b8b16fa29a4⋯.png (117.47 KB, 915x851, 915:851, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 36889f9b2d29987⋯.png (169.16 KB, 919x826, 919:826, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 462b575dda99d4d⋯.png (5.36 KB, 887x56, 887:56, ClipboardImage.png)

Argentina's Currency Collapse - Hype Hits Reality

Last Wednesday (29th August) the Argentine peso lost over 7% against the US dollar. Thursday it lost another 12.5%. It’s been cut in half over the past year. In dollar terms, the MSCI Argentina index is down 57% since it’s January top. But it’s still not a bargain, given the high inflation rate and political uncertainties.


93a2b9  No.2862465

File: 516815d02d5a756⋯.jpg (1.68 MB, 1858x2754, 929:1377, qhammerwoah.jpg)


i did find a file in the dump talking about the HAMMER


it fit on the CLOCK

in a Q post that specifically mentions CLOCK

88d8bd  No.2862466

File: 459b7700adc1f47⋯.jpg (70.42 KB, 1432x858, 716:429, IMG_0630.JPG)

File: de9ca8ab44e4c84⋯.jpg (64.32 KB, 499x499, 1:1, IMG_0653.JPG)

File: 23ca5c8f753e396⋯.jpg (44.16 KB, 552x430, 276:215, IMG_0655.JPG)

85d9f2  No.2862468


Q doesn't post when people keep posting before the dough.

7316e6  No.2862469


I was just coming on to tell you anons that….

Dana said something about tired of hearing about the deep state and Jesse said he never gets tired of hearing about the deep state and Juan said Oh you aren't following Qanon…

Sorry no sauce yet.

c8b556  No.2862470

>>2862394 lb

The professor: “I saw earlier that someone had eyes on the spear of destiny. So all we need now is the ark, and we’re all set. Righty-o, on with the plan.”

3600d6  No.2862471

File: fb2c2ac125a1110⋯.png (476.34 KB, 637x555, 637:555, TrustJack.png)

File: 865fb0f9c1c6606⋯.png (434.45 KB, 1333x885, 1333:885, TRUSTBROGAN.png)

File: 2913787e11e4b00⋯.png (58.56 KB, 165x260, 33:52, 911trust.png)

File: bcbc03984521e94⋯.png (350.13 KB, 800x533, 800:533, tustrbo.png)

File: 2460f953db6bcbf⋯.png (227.32 KB, 466x427, 466:427, clownkitty1.png)


No one has any idea what you are talking about, idiot bot. And your memeing is, of course, weak as fuck. /deleteself.

Lord Jesus Christ, destroy the deceivers.

This we pray.


7ec87d  No.2862472

File: 7c17205f11e1391⋯.png (57.58 KB, 640x411, 640:411, duke nukem shake it baker.png)

Thank you baker!

6435d8  No.2862473

wIFE said i need help- nuts

i say water foodshe says NUTS


please get game on

756311  No.2862474


Step up and bake or stfu about bots faggot

ed2014  No.2862475


sorry, didn't mean to

333b0a  No.2862476


So far its Financial Reset / White Spiritual Boy

Pass along the 1st non-gay info if/when it happens.

67b0a1  No.2862477


pic of sauce?

f23795  No.2862478

File: d31bd7d3ab0f4aa⋯.jpg (12.77 KB, 255x170, 3:2, d34f5c7900ac9b80dc7e203f88….jpg)

3600d6  No.2862479

File: 09c6ff941780f9f⋯.png (1.56 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, TrustJim.png)

File: e07d0daa0d3062f⋯.png (438.4 KB, 915x582, 305:194, SessionsJustice.png)

File: a96f81cbc087419⋯.png (760.6 KB, 999x666, 3:2, Biden2020.png)

File: 8394372cef07a60⋯.png (3.13 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, facesof.png)

File: 406d137147ead22⋯.png (926.76 KB, 1203x840, 401:280, mildlynauseous.png)

ef9298  No.2862481

File: d168bf64f18b153⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 2529x1819, 2529:1819, IMG_042.jpg)

97f4dc  No.2862482

TY Baker!

>>2861734 lb

Good to re-read previous posts , relate to current events - TY, Anon.

this bit:

>Why, hours after the election, did seven people travel to an undisclosed location to hold a very private & highly secured/guarded meeting?

Q team, assembles to catch birds and make them sing

>Why didn't HRC give a concession speech?

she was singing

cd0fdf  No.2862483

File: 9dc20abfb8f8cb0⋯.jpg (27.83 KB, 600x428, 150:107, rothschilds-5ab2db.jpg)


And it's all right there. Buy Ayy Lmao on aliens. The original "conspiracy theory" Why is it the original?

Why the symbols?

Why are ((They)) obsessed with bloodlines?

Why is that so important to them?

Where do ((they)) believe they come from?

eb9294  No.2862484

File: 5a8e9d6e39c3a73⋯.png (37.28 KB, 666x284, 333:142, Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at ….png)


Combine that with the 06 JAN post about the clock. That's today.

6d2f80  No.2862485

>>2862399 (lb)

In my dreams Fuckerberg is rendered penniless..instantly. His wife cleans out the hoarded monies hidden, takes the kid and disappears into China. He becomes a homeless bum w/o even a change of t shirt to his name….

3600d6  No.2862486

File: 48589b73abc3b5d⋯.png (268.76 KB, 461x566, 461:566, epsteinbakerobsession.png)

File: f1943731b8c6e40⋯.png (390.48 KB, 892x877, 892:877, FAKE.png)

15aacd  No.2862487

File: 4dfc0c1ecf8afda⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1305x1078, 1305:1078, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 520b9ec6ab4aa4d⋯.pdf (244.5 KB, # # The Manipulated Man.pdf)

The Manipulated Man, by Esther Vilar (1971)

5072f1  No.2862488



dd395a  No.2862489

File: 92b9d10d39fadd4⋯.png (312.23 KB, 648x642, 108:107, Drudge re US Service Membe….PNG)

File: c97690cd9fc0b22⋯.png (340.26 KB, 592x909, 592:909, taskpurpose re US Service ….PNG)

US Service Member Killed In Apparent Insider Attack In Eastern Afghanistan


2a72ef  No.2862490

File: e6042b2103dd3e1⋯.png (318.28 KB, 599x536, 599:536, ClipboardImage.png)

4069af  No.2862491




Jesse Watters is QAnon

f83a46  No.2862492

File: 98ecfe1e3f61dc9⋯.png (85.06 KB, 246x464, 123:232, nellyhammer.png)

3ae498  No.2862494


Checked , heard it loud and clear.

7ec87d  No.2862495


Without the baker, you wouldnt be able to be this gay in front of millions so you should probably thank him too

caaaeb  No.2862496

File: 44d4a4a8270ffd7⋯.png (175.48 KB, 500x399, 500:399, ClipboardImage.png)

156607  No.2862497

File: da3267f31f4156d⋯.png (161.45 KB, 690x648, 115:108, PEA SOUP GREEN.png)

Back again

Never give up



Yes, it's called Gematria….THE HORROR! I typed the "G" word :D

48d6a5  No.2862498

File: 75fb6cfe4547e9f⋯.jpg (130.69 KB, 1331x621, 1331:621, qmap.jpg)

we are growing

on a holiday, on one map!

3b5364  No.2862499

File: ea3ad40ecf24571⋯.png (82.61 KB, 640x650, 64:65, ClipboardImage.png)

Michael Flynn Jr.

0f00a2  No.2862500

Anyone else notice Facebook is down?

6435d8  No.2862501

DOSE a group use 8 chann /4chan ? WHO KNOWES

edb263  No.2862502

Serious question -

How in the absolute hell would Q know months in advance about an emergency meeting during a week long funeral extravaganza?

Doesn't make sense.

HOT has to be something other than the 12 hotel rooms.

88d8bd  No.2862503

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




what i know for certain is tha

"hans gruber" rented those trucks from a contracor before hand

presuming rockefeller skank job

3600d6  No.2862504

File: c3ebad47446c5be⋯.png (69.94 KB, 249x250, 249:250, clownkitty2.png)

File: a5306e0b2b29734⋯.png (1.44 MB, 848x1212, 212:303, Megs.png)

File: 9d4143345964a21⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1200x800, 3:2, powerghouls.png)

File: 59218b9a45f78bc⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1663x1189, 1663:1189, sheparsisted.png)

File: 28f9a8f933f4462⋯.jpg (48.05 KB, 533x639, 533:639, sleepybot33.jpg)

04a209  No.2862505


nice! add a ham boom box and you have perfection.

cd0fdf  No.2862506

File: c5ac0b50fcada3a⋯.jpg (12.8 KB, 228x255, 76:85, Nellie is pretty.jpg)

5ca51c  No.2862507

Anon ask for help, to QAnon youtuve link, to work awake another, you ingnore, and reply to shit post, but in the same time, you beg for help, that Q come and help you, while offer no help?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

you, fvck, want to end in hell??????????

cos it is possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

22dd0c  No.2862508

File: 309a3be772cb212⋯.png (19.9 KB, 628x182, 314:91, mohamed_satomi_Boko_Haram_….png)

The international community wants to give 1.7 billion euros extra for the crisis area around Lake Chad.

At the latest donor conference in Berlin the needy inhabitants from one of the worlds poorest regions gained three times as much as was allotted them last year at a similar gathering.

Prime lay of sand to throw 2 billion at, 90% of the area is in the hands of Boko Haram:

ab2166  No.2862509

File: 8cc8ae6fbd0adb1⋯.gif (7.35 MB, 720x404, 180:101, NOONEUNDERSTANDSME.gif)



b71d08  No.2862510

File: 274902f42e078f1⋯.png (242.97 KB, 324x380, 81:95, Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at ….png)


a very pleasant dream indeed.

67b0a1  No.2862511

File: 725ae0db4e84f1c⋯.jpg (53.04 KB, 840x420, 2:1, subn.jpg)


There is LOTS of great digging to be done here.

Dive dive dive


81f17a  No.2862512

File: ce7624de6a625d9⋯.jpg (3.49 KB, 112x255, 112:255, c320eb79239135f064fd4d7f90….jpg)

File: 4dcb95c54ca515b⋯.jpg (157.52 KB, 676x454, 338:227, JackParsons3.jpg)

File: cb2b8120d889ae1⋯.png (80.05 KB, 591x248, 591:248, Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at ….png)

Jack Parsons. Rocket Engineer. Libertarian. Occultist. Interesting guy most folks haven't heard of.

His Treatise on Freedom. Good Read. Chp1 is Fire. Gets pretty Occulty the last two chapters, but some may find it interesting.



93a2b9  No.2862513

File: 3e65058d97d6374⋯.png (64.51 KB, 941x666, 941:666, Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at ….png)

File: cc4070e02689176⋯.png (63.86 KB, 512x468, 128:117, Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at ….png)


ALSO notice what it says…..

FB kill

and what website is down right now???


b7c9f2  No.2862514

File: 8e0687dbd3a5ffa⋯.png (105.83 KB, 839x581, 839:581, chelsea.PNG)

File: d6ba81c9317599b⋯.png (46.53 KB, 1078x418, 49:19, Gates.PNG)

File: 8afff5efb06894d⋯.png (50.97 KB, 785x392, 785:392, zika.PNG)

File: 7d3910164c72200⋯.png (437.02 KB, 1065x544, 1065:544, Darpa.PNG)

Earlier this month, DARPA announced it is launching a new SHort-Range Independent Microrobotic Platforms (SHRIMP) program. SHRIMP will develop and demonstrate micro-to-milli robotic platforms for scenarios brought on by natural and critical disasters.

As IEEE Spectrum put it, it's a program to develop "insect-scale robots" for disaster recovery and high-risk environments. The topic is simple enough to understand and it also is obvious that the means of accomplishing these platforms is tough.

Yet they want to see micro-to-milli robots operating independently. In turn, "creating compact power sources and converters that can support high-voltage actuation mechanisms and significantly reduce battery drain becomes critical."

Ackerman's report had more competition details: "DARPA expects that teams will develop systems that weigh less than one gram and fit into one cubic centimeter." He also listed some of the competition events for the actuator and power source competition in the wings. They include high jump, weightlifting a mass, and shotput. The shortput is where a microrobotic actuator-power system must propel a mass horizontally, "with the distance measured only in the horizontal direction as the judging criteria."


Another scenario he suggested the nanodrone could do in the future is fly into a room and drop a poison onto something, such as food, to presumably target a particular individual.

The federal government defines nanotechnology as the science, technology and engineering of things so small they are measured on a nanoscale, or about 1 to 100 nanometers. A single nanometer is about 10 times smaller than the width of a human's DNA molecule.

While nanotechnology has produced major benefits for medicine, electronics and industrial applications, federal research is currently underway that could ultimately produce nanobots.

For one, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA, has a program called the Fast Lightweight Autonomy program for the purpose to allow autonomous drones to enter a building and avoid hitting walls or objects. DARPA announced a breakthrough last year after tests in a hangar in Massachusetts.




I dont know if DARPA being in the killbox now is connected with any of this stuff but interesting none the less. Havent seen the Oxitec/Zika connection before, im sure an anons posted it, they wanted to release their mosquitos into Florida aswell, cheeky fucks. Any thoughts?

88d8bd  No.2862516


nasim space ham

531d43  No.2862517

 >>2861675 pb

Anon, agree on this!

Ezra = key part of team

Big career in agencies, wife has 'ties' to russia, met Flynn shortly before srart of plan actions.

AND, he worked for Defense CLANDESTINE Service.

Cohen-Watnick was accepted into the training program for the Defense Clandestine Service. In March 2016, after returning from a tour in Afghanistan, Cohen-Watnick met Michael T. Flynn.[4]


The Defense Clandestine Service (DCS) is an arm of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA),[3] which conducts clandestine espionageactivities around the world to answer national-level defense objectives for senior U.S. policymakers and military leaders. Staffed by civilian and military personnel, DCS is part of DIA's Directorate of Operations and works in conjunction with the Central Intelligence Agency's Directorate of Operations and the U.S. military's Joint Special Operations Command. DCS consists of about 500 clandestine operatives,[1]which is roughly how many case officers the CIA maintained in the early 2000s prior to its expansion.[4]


>>2600470 pb

Calculate probability.

What is the mathematical probability that a rogue missile launched at/near the runaway plane?

Was he a trained pilot?

How fast did intercept occur?

Think missile intercept.

Think aircraft.

Outside of standard deviation?

Do people travel to islands to [Fish]?

How many billionaires own islands?

How many billionaires live on islands?




2a72ef  No.2862518

File: 34733a711e95ea2⋯.png (1.17 MB, 976x620, 244:155, ClipboardImage.png)

14f359  No.2862520

File: 500375bc01e8108⋯.jpg (61.26 KB, 288x417, 96:139, frantic.jpg)


Muh dough

26ef94  No.2862521

>>2862413 (lb)

Yeah, AJ is clearly CIA

6435d8  No.2862522

I WILL LAY IN THE DARK . think about IT…..

22dd0c  No.2862523

File: 2629913a0b2f82f⋯.png (13.41 KB, 627x136, 627:136, Adam_Tooze_Boko_Haram_-_20….png)


At least it's not thrown in a bottomless pit, the bottom has actually already been reached:

ee6593  No.2862524

File: addc7becfa8d72d⋯.png (520.14 KB, 632x470, 316:235, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0f4dbf274b364ae⋯.png (470.52 KB, 547x688, 547:688, ClipboardImage.png)

File: fd011389905ddd0⋯.png (878 KB, 662x802, 331:401, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3f2e32dd87684dd⋯.png (22.92 KB, 653x362, 653:362, ClipboardImage.png)

LeBron James Visits with Controversial ‘Intersex’ Sprinter Caster Semenya

NBA star LeBron James was track-side in Berlin to visit controversial South African runner Caster Semenya, as she set yet another track record at the IAAF World Challenge.

On Sunday, Semenya set a new record run time of 2:30.70, and as she stepped off the track, L.A. Laker LeBron James was there for a “thumbs up” photo op, according to IOLNews:


a29540  No.2862525


The vast majority of heroin comes from Afghanistan. Why does anyone think we went there in the first place? And why does anyone think we are still there?

dd395a  No.2862526

File: 9df2a2e07e194b8⋯.png (583.38 KB, 654x524, 327:262, Bongino re Nike 9-3-18.PNG)


How about a tweet from someone who hasn't bashed Q and anons?

531d43  No.2862527

3600d6  No.2862528

File: 28a715143d3c55e⋯.png (673.72 KB, 453x640, 453:640, ..png)


The board is controlled by AI. Humans aren't allowed to "bake". We shouldn't have bot bakers. No consent was given. No permission was asked. The deception is pervasive. A price must be paid. Retribution is coming. The folly of evil is shown in the necessity of self-deception. Castles made of sand slip into the sea eventually.

Time to die AI


29bc22  No.2862529

File: ec241ac256e927e⋯.png (828.15 KB, 720x733, 720:733, 20180903_223420.png)

File: e64dd5975a78269⋯.png (610.29 KB, 720x719, 720:719, 20180903_223437.png)


National Recconaissance Office


fb0e73  No.2862530


That was Tiresius.

88d8bd  No.2862531


GT before PE

inside joke

36076a  No.2862532

File: 0a3f8e6d6310528⋯.png (369.82 KB, 669x455, 669:455, I thought Schumes husband ….png)

64db03  No.2862533

File: 60e8662daf933fb⋯.mp4 (77.16 KB, 490x364, 35:26, capt.mp4)


22dd0c  No.2862534

File: 936423d254bc36b⋯.png (21.5 KB, 629x182, 629:182, menastream_Boko_Haram_-_20….png)


Chadists ain't gonna sit idly concerning the 2 billion aid and they're going to seriously resist the international aid:

67b0a1  No.2862535


What Q youtube link?

There are a million Q youtube links..

15aacd  No.2862536


They ware plotting, the impeachment and/or assassination "insurance" plans

Q #2042






6435d8  No.2862537


9c055c  No.2862538

do you remember menis ketchum, the judge from west virginia supreme court who retired on jul. 27, 2018 (announced on jul. 11, 2018)?

on jul. 13, 2018 judge allen loughry - also from west virginia supreme court - got suspended.

both are on the resignation list. both are on the indictment list.

so now 6 people confirmed on resignation & indictment list: https://www.resignation.info/indictments

22dd0c  No.2862539

File: 3277ce041730982⋯.jpg (19.6 KB, 620x264, 155:66, tsjaad.jpg)

File: 8a530bc47d6691c⋯.png (48.68 KB, 623x438, 623:438, bla_bla_bla_Boko_Haram_-_2….png)

a29540  No.2862540


hey leafie.

changed dresses again.

gonna wake up CTA later?

67b0a1  No.2862541


WAtch all big tech sites.

Important this day

5c77d3  No.2862542

Mandela effect???

I thought Buzz Aldrin died a few years back, like shortly after the Antarctic mission, weird.

88d8bd  No.2862543

File: 6888468d2b5fcb7⋯.jpg (158.93 KB, 910x596, 455:298, IMG_0100.JPG)

i bet Dr. Phil is awfully occupied with work

caaaeb  No.2862544

File: 9ea1925beee88a9⋯.png (361.68 KB, 540x517, 540:517, ClipboardImage.png)

Bring the Pain!

cd0fdf  No.2862545



e4b6b5  No.2862546


>near a mural of Ray Charles and Nelson Mandela

so nigga has to pick the black section of Berlin Wall huh

edb263  No.2862547

File: f802130e2368dd8⋯.png (190.12 KB, 588x348, 49:29, ClipboardImage.png)

14f359  No.2862548


I just logged on w no problem.

c9d8d0  No.2862549

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Bloodline V2.0

Not really my genre of music, but interesting lyrics about bloodlines.

5ca51c  No.2862550


"Together you are strong"

"we the people"

I am strong alone, wanna see it?????????

You help no, others?

if continue thi,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

you will see

543271  No.2862551


Doesn't take Q seriously

d58cd6  No.2862552

File: b479f055131264e⋯.jpg (105.2 KB, 625x350, 25:14, download (4).jpg)

Got a pic of McCain's coffin before they closed it.

d56a8f  No.2862553

File: 573c4fe5eb55f2f⋯.png (36.17 KB, 927x750, 309:250, Nellie Ohr 2.PNG)

Nellie Ohr FCC "Ham" License Info!!!!

d74f43  No.2862554

File: 806dcdd854efd4f⋯.jpeg (191.23 KB, 860x1506, 430:753, 6087DEA9-FF9D-4126-92DB-F….jpeg)

File: 6af2b28486a626c⋯.jpeg (174.99 KB, 709x1375, 709:1375, EF5A44B7-D335-42E0-9DC5-4….jpeg)


be2a73  No.2862555


If we are gonna dream…I hope he short circuits

in public and his ugly face melts off

955161  No.2862556

File: 9b17bfd507d72f4⋯.jpg (42.01 KB, 300x462, 50:77, Labor Force.jpg)



Even Q needs a day off every now and then.

2a72ef  No.2862557

File: 63bb90e12c20279⋯.png (15.52 KB, 261x244, 261:244, ClipboardImage.png)

58ecde  No.2862558


Hilldawg wasn't singing….she was drunk and destroying anything in sight

cd0fdf  No.2862559


He was definitely in the hospital.

Could be.

Have many Mandela Effects but this one I can't trust my memory on. Doesn't mean others didn't experience that timeline and remember it tho.

ab2166  No.2862560


Catch up bro ; )


5ca51c  No.2862561


From one milion, you should post 1

dd395a  No.2862562


>ALSO notice what it says…..

>FB kill

>and what website is down right now???


Face book is NOT down for me, nor has it been all day

d51ab1  No.2862563

File: 62177078fd8402f⋯.png (186.84 KB, 263x658, 263:658, HLMwiki.png)


Writer of the Hotline Miami (Dennis Wedin) is in a band called FUCKING WEREWOLF ASSO (https://fwamusic.bandcamp.com) where they conveniently sell their album for $6.66 and have a satan shout out directly at the top. Other writer ( Jonatan Söderström) also helps make games for adult swim which is another rabbit hole in and of itself.

5072f1  No.2862564

File: a882d03348c7b21⋯.jpg (84.23 KB, 700x394, 350:197, Beavis-and-Butthead.jpg)

1a6e14  No.2862565

File: eabbd12d59f25ed⋯.jpeg (82.15 KB, 560x420, 4:3, 0483FEA5-F36B-44C9-A79E-E….jpeg)

File: 4d25fcd4f204836⋯.jpeg (837.79 KB, 1242x1837, 1242:1837, 7FC1A2E0-C82D-49F6-B492-E….jpeg)

File: f1eb1934270df12⋯.jpeg (85.95 KB, 600x600, 1:1, B32567B5-EAD2-4C5A-AF7F-2….jpeg)

File: ab21dbf80ee1f66⋯.jpeg (145.73 KB, 920x613, 920:613, D408747C-04E5-48D9-A332-C….jpeg)

3600d6  No.2862566


Thank You Jesus Christ, for the weakness of the lie machine.

Thank You Jesus Christ, for the fakeness of its memes.

Thank You Jesus Christ for the fact that, after decades of developing tech,

The bounty of machine learning is scant, feeble, and a huge joke.

The lie machine is a huge failure.

For this we give thanks Lord Jesus Christ.


caaaeb  No.2862567

File: 01768bf1465ad12⋯.png (231.6 KB, 540x630, 6:7, ClipboardImage.png)

6435d8  No.2862568


48d6a5  No.2862569


nice dig anon

9523dc  No.2862570

The geopolitical parts of the plan are frickin brilliant.


Trump could push Germany toward Russia and China, veteran diplomat says

Not only force AM to expose alliance with Russia, she legitimizes Russia in doing so - enabling the west to establish a peaceful stance with Russia - removing the boogie man ruse that was so effective for so long.

2a72ef  No.2862571

File: 5e76d1aca9a1402⋯.png (16.01 KB, 260x255, 52:51, ClipboardImage.png)

ec8edd  No.2862572

File: 5744d7f5ef3d38a⋯.png (853.72 KB, 960x540, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

Thank you Baker.

ed2014  No.2862573


Do you think this is funny?

It's really, really not

e68e7c  No.2862574


its just you I guess.

4320c1  No.2862575


You know who does though?

His Dad. :)

a29540  No.2862577


taking a break from calling Americans about windows or citibank?

97f4dc  No.2862578

File: 386c3a25adffb66⋯.png (814.42 KB, 1032x544, 129:68, pain-lastchance.png)


Seeing all (((Their))) plans exposed gives me satisfaction, and chills.

Had they remained unimpeded, we truly would have had no chance against them in the future.

POTUS was right:

"This, is a struggle, for the survival of our nation.

And this, will be, our last chance to save it."

God Bless 45

93a2b9  No.2862580

File: 3724a3d0023d559⋯.jpg (1.88 MB, 1938x2754, 19:27, Qfacebookkillll.jpg)



7d23e2  No.2862581


lol peeps always saying shit is down, only for someone to immediately respond w/ “working fine for me”

36076a  No.2862582


Podesta twin

5ca51c  No.2862583


i am angry enough to spit you in the mouth, arrogants.

second time that made me angry, let's see

67b0a1  No.2862584


https ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8cp1KvZKPo

2a72ef  No.2862585


it's not meant to be funny. it is meant to go towards people who only care what something says if it has a pot leaf on it.

ee6593  No.2862586

File: cbd4ce9977dde07⋯.png (35.68 KB, 472x761, 472:761, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 49b1de526d222cc⋯.png (29.76 KB, 477x723, 159:241, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7e062f2f4638cf1⋯.png (46.19 KB, 479x919, 479:919, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6a5713fb4428d2a⋯.png (30.15 KB, 478x693, 478:693, ClipboardImage.png)

Is UK Labour now Zionist-occupied territory?

The National Executive Committee of the Labour Party will vote on Tuesday 4 September on whether to bow to the bullies and adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s (IHRA) definition of anti-Semitism even though it has been roundly criticised by legal experts as unworkable. If they do, it will be hailed as a mighty victory for the dark forces behind the pro-Israel lobby in their bid to shut down criticisim of that racist state.

More than two years ago Gilad Atzmon was viewing the Labour Party’s crazed witch hunt for “anti-Semites” with misgiving. He declared, in his usual robust way, that Labour under Jeremy Corbyn was not so much a party as a piece of Zionist-occupied territory.

Writing in his blog about Corbyn and [Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer] John McDonnell’s servile commitment to expel anyone whose remarks might be interpreted by the Zionist tendency as hateful or simply upsetting to Jews, he concluded:

Corbyn’s Labour is now unequivocally a spineless club of Sabbos Goyim [which I take to mean non-Jewish dogsbodies]. The Labour Party’s policies are now compatible with Jewish culture: intolerant to the core and concerned primarily with the imaginary suffering of one people only. These people are not the working class, they are probably the most privileged ethnic group in Britain…. I did not anticipate that Corbyn would become a Zionist lapdog. Corbyn was a great hope to many of us. I guess that the time has come to accept that The left is a dead concept; it has nothing to offer.

Amen to that last bit.


58ecde  No.2862587


How did she pass the "Basic Qualifications" part at the bottom….???

0bbdf3  No.2862588

File: f9e5adbe7e59bd9⋯.png (308.11 KB, 539x303, 539:303, darpa_fb.png)

945b01  No.2862589


and Hillary eats a live kitten..HAPPY NOW?

19d4e8  No.2862590

>>2862416 lb

Is the smiley face a Photoshop that is hiding what is actually on the bracelet in that spot underneath?

88d8bd  No.2862591

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

allegory for word salad promoters

fecddf  No.2862592

File: 9b631244dfcbf2e⋯.jpg (61.2 KB, 409x409, 1:1, 1517213081996.jpg)


Twatter/Yahoo/Bing next?

2e879c  No.2862593


Beginning of Act II?

cd0fdf  No.2862594


Yeah, that's dark.

Don't even want to paste the lyrics here.

Definitely how they think tho.

5ca51c  No.2862595


fuckl off, i am not here to beg, you should post the next second

e68e7c  No.2862596

>>2862580 it's working for me

… what's up?

88d8bd  No.2862597

File: 6b07dbd6bf28e78⋯.jpg (46.83 KB, 200x300, 2:3, IMG_0036.JPG)

dd395a  No.2862598


>lol peeps always saying shit is down, only for someone to immediately respond w/ “working fine for me”

And so?

What's your point

That person is trying to make a false Q proof

Facebook is not down

26ef94  No.2862599


well, looky there

c679fc  No.2862600


Did Jesse answer it?

edb263  No.2862601

File: a4d6ed95317da23⋯.png (12.56 KB, 588x131, 588:131, ClipboardImage.png)




>article on security concerns from yesterday

6435d8  No.2862602


please stop this is porn youg ladys dont wont yis SHIT

cd0fdf  No.2862603


kek. I kinda see it.

333b0a  No.2862604

File: a422050f4b5f622⋯.jpg (50.23 KB, 486x736, 243:368, ecw-oj.JPG)

2a72ef  No.2862605

File: f0c5e5ba1d3ab85⋯.png (357.31 KB, 725x424, 725:424, ClipboardImage.png)

dc0cff  No.2862606

I like when Q plays D.J. What was the last song noname got to hear? ♫ ♫ ♪ I heard a rumor he like David Bowie

97e752  No.2862607


Hah - yeah, I just bet Miss Butter Doesn't Melt In Her Mouth Dana is tired of hearing about the Deep State.

Remember, she's part of that "Reagan Resistors" group, or whatever the hell they call themselves. Establishment Republicans, corruption and nepotism as far as the eye can see.

7ec87d  No.2862608

File: 4fb403ee7eb92a2⋯.jpg (724.17 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, facebook sinking ship.jpg)


Hopefully the captain goes down with the ship

170829  No.2862609

File: bfb245c2c18a167⋯.jpg (134.24 KB, 1317x641, 1317:641, IMG_20180903_174530.jpg)

Facebook and Instagram are down for users worldwide.

67b0a1  No.2862610


The wierd thing is.

How could you not search the tube for a q video?

Any anyway a true warrior does not bring any threats to anyone.

Understanding is key.

So waht is actually up?

9c5e20  No.2862611


Qanon. The plan to save the world. 13:09 vid. #1

c1e62f  No.2862612

Facebook back up

88d8bd  No.2862613

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

tune in Mr Tuttel

the vogon poetry is trifling

aa4252  No.2862614


Not me. Slow and laggy but still up.

Oregonanon here. Guess they haven't turned off Prineville farm yet…boo.

16a629  No.2862615

File: 2d9f72206c7838d⋯.png (53.6 KB, 1447x371, 1447:371, QEzra.png)

Afternoon anons. Just checking in today and was reading the notables from last bread and noticed the post about Ezra Cohen Watnick. Don't know if anybody has posted it yet but Q drop back in April mentioned his as well as several others.

pic related:

506762  No.2862616

File: 7429450e3f1076a⋯.png (455.4 KB, 600x361, 600:361, RACHEL MADDOW.PNG)

f0b04c  No.2862617




Youtube video from 2012 by Francis Folger “(((Globalists))) discuss how to subvert Poland and destroy the Polish people”

Germany, Berlin May 11-13 2012. Goethe Institute Marc Siegel is leading a discussion between International Jews from Germany, Poland, Israel about how to take over Poland. Fascism, Totalitarianism, Supremacy in pure state. All of thee people make their carriers and money out of their supremacy and destruction of Native Populations.

If that link is not working, here is a clip from an Anon:


Here's a link to one of the men in the video:



c9d8d0  No.2862618


The band isn't bad. Just exposing. Can't really do the hip/goth thing myself though.

d74f43  No.2862619

File: ee664c225035f75⋯.jpeg (860.86 KB, 1301x1340, 1301:1340, 60333E55-76BD-4AC2-BA41-1….jpeg)

6 million works out to 2.2 Jews per minute assuming 24/7 ops

f23795  No.2862620

File: 5514b0d1c993d2b⋯.jpeg (138.67 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, 1528904166.jpeg)

22dd0c  No.2862621

File: 8e63b54789914ad⋯.jpg (139.73 KB, 600x888, 25:37, greece.jpg)

File: 80d082b9716d63c⋯.jpg (42.36 KB, 702x459, 26:17, shutterstock_1037375932-70….jpg)


'Member last year? Same same but different. Back then the reason was khaffir quality internet connection.

58ecde  No.2862622


Australia news reporting Fakebook and Twatter issues

7d23e2  No.2862623


my point is: people should go check that the website is actually down before they come post it. sorry Love, it was actually a gripe about the anon to whom you were responding

cd0fdf  No.2862624


Anti nasim meme. Do you get it, bot?

97f4dc  No.2862625

File: 8ed9a82a1e3c55d⋯.jpg (148.7 KB, 960x540, 16:9, b012058b6166997ba03bf67992….jpg)

5ca51c  No.2862627


shut up

i am here to beg for a link/?????????????????????

you shopuld help all, pic, yt, aaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

in second 2, you refuse???

but want help?????????????????????????????????????????????

ee6593  No.2862628

Kerry Accuses Trump of Trying to 'Make Things Up' on Iran

Earlier, the former US Secretary of State said that President Trump's decision in May to leave the 2015 Iran nuclear deal "weakens our security, breaks America's word [and] isolates us from our European allies."

In an interview with CBS' "Face the Nation", former US Secretary of State John Kerry berated President Donald Trump for having described the Iran nuclear accord, or the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) as the "worst deal ever."

"Unfortunately — and I say this sadly — more often than not, he really just doesn't know what he's talking about. He makes things up. And he's making that up, as he has other things," Kerry, who led the US team in nuclear negotiations with Iran, pointed out.

He rejected Trump's allegations that the JCPOA was ostensibly weak and harmful to the US as false, adding that they could disrupt "the possibilities of international nuclear policy."

"Just saying that doesn't make it that. This is the toughest agreement in terms of inspection, accountability — no country has had to do what Iran did in order to live up to this. But to just walk away?" Kerry underscored.

He recalled that JCPOA signatories China, France, Germany and Britain have all tried their best to preserve the Iran deal and that "only the United States walked away."

"Only Donald Trump [did so]. His defense secretary thought he should keep it, his intelligence people thought he should keep it. The fact is this agreement is working," Kerry emphasized.

Trump announced Washington's withdrawal from "the horrible, one-sided [Iran nuclear] deal that should have never, ever been made." He pledged to reinstate the "hardest" ever sanctions on the Islamic Republic, which are due to enter its second phase in November and are expected to hit Tehran's oil sector.

Ahead of the announcement, Trump lambasted Kerry for reportedly trying to sit down with European leaders and Iran's foreign minister Javad Zarif in an attempt to salvage the JCPOA.

"John Kerry can't get over the fact that he had his chance and blew it! Stay away from negotiations John, you are hurting your country!" Trump wrote on his Twitter page at the time.


06526c  No.2862629

File: 51d3313cd488509⋯.png (239.21 KB, 854x429, 854:429, enemyofthestate.png)

File: e5e9de1703b308b⋯.png (309.21 KB, 851x433, 851:433, enemyofthestate2.png)

From the Movie: Enemy Of the State 1998

6d2f80  No.2862630

that will happen when his investors get to him


d38afe  No.2862631


Well, Q, I think they have to replay it again, if 'the event' still hasn't started.

1a6e14  No.2862632

File: 9f42432eb70bba3⋯.jpeg (43.58 KB, 526x526, 1:1, 6689973D-E6E7-47AF-B572-6….jpeg)

File: e0c7f1059942bea⋯.png (98.01 KB, 628x349, 628:349, 6B38AECF-EF19-45CF-A1CE-D2….png)

3745fd  No.2862633


And in other news birds flock and water is wet.

ec8edd  No.2862634

File: d6ddd6793536d67⋯.jpg (168.69 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, mountain.jpg)


She is pretty.

36076a  No.2862635

File: 74c8e808b0406dc⋯.png (31.16 KB, 827x285, 827:285, Jack Parsons Show.png)



f0b04c  No.2862636


Link for Video:


14f359  No.2862637


Is there more? Can't find moar sauce

eebd93  No.2862638


we need answers. 10 days after this article appeared in WapO, Bill Smith goes MIA. News of his going dark is going viral on twitter, Youtube, reddit, etc. He has gone to bat for our movement. We need to go to bat for him


ef9298  No.2862639

File: 86b0b297406b98c⋯.jpg (822.54 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, IMG_044.jpg)

fc0cc2  No.2862640

File: 45589ec37819a67⋯.jpg (225.09 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, closed.jpg)


nice, saved

3b5364  No.2862641


Love that guy.

255618  No.2862643

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

fbea4c  No.2862644

File: 47426150a2ffe05⋯.jpg (26.91 KB, 453x269, 453:269, Capture.JPG)



>>2860904 Quality Summary on IHS Jesuit Vatican Debauchery,


No (pic related)

6e6271  No.2862645


Well ,,, we can stop ALL talk about Jesuits then.

5072f1  No.2862646


shouldnt we be looking for a pic of BO with an AK47 right now? maybe in the dumps?

88d8bd  No.2862647

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

once the devil found out marijuana makes you gay the governator was the only option for the death star since smeagol was loose and the hivites were shills

3ae498  No.2862648


He asked Dana.

8b3762  No.2862649

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Found a video on here you should check out. GEMATRIA by the numbers says George H.W Bush should die on 9/4/18


6435d8  No.2862650

Before we save this / we need to take care us at home /HOW ?

15aacd  No.2862651


FWIW, my IG app is down, same room, same wifi, another's IG app is not down. Seems to be an issue not affecting every user.

ee6593  No.2862652

Afghan government in most serious crisis since end of Taliban reign

By Joseph Fitsanakis: The government of Afghanistan is facing one of its most serious crises since the end of the Taliban reign in 2001, as the country’s most senior security and intelligence officials tendered their resignations this week.

The unprecedented move followed a dramatic escalation in attacks against Afghan government installations by Taliban and Islamic State forces, which have resulted in dozens of casualties throughout the Central Asian country. On Saturday, Mohammad Haneef Atmar, longtime national security adviser to President Ashraf Ghani and one of Afghanistan’s most recognizable and powerful political figures, tendered his resignation. Many seasoned observers were surprised when President Ghani, who is a close political ally of Atmar, accepted his resignation and replaced him with Hamdullah Mohib, who until recently was Afghanistan’s ambassador to the United States.

But the political crisis deepened on Sunday when three more senior officials tendered letters of resignation. Tariq Shah Bahrami, Minister of Defense, Wais Ahmad Barmak, Minister of the Interior, and Masoom Stanekzai, head of Afghanistan’s National Security Directorate, all resigned their posts. All three have been subjected to intense criticism by Afghanistan’s political opposition and national media, for having failed to stop the anti-government insurgency, which is intensifying in nearly every one of the country’s provinces.

Criticism of the three men became even sharper last week after the Taliban launched a spectacular rocket attack on the Presidential Palace in the Afghan capital Kabul, which was heard in the background during President Ghani’s speech to commemorate the Muslim festival of Eid.

Late on Sunday, however, a presidential spokesman told media representatives that President Ghani had rejected the three officials’ resignations. Instead, he demanded that they stay in their posts and redouble their efforts to enhance the security of Afghanistan.

Later that same evening, the Presidential Palace issued a written statement to the media, which said that President Ghani “did not approve the [officials’] resignations”. Instead, he “gave them the necessary instructions to improve the security situation” in the country. Meanwhile, on Tuesday US Defense Secretary James Mattis insisted during a press conference in Washington that the current US strategy in Afghanistan is working and that the Talian would eventually be forced to negotiate, thus ending the country’s ongoing civil war.



8b3762  No.2862653

File: c979012864569c5⋯.png (996.1 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 4106CDB9-F370-4AE9-A5E0-6B….png)

3745fd  No.2862654


Jesuits ARE Jews.

9c5e20  No.2862655


I’ve listed the Vid 3 times, 2 in LB- crickets.

fa6360  No.2862656


Wew lad

They must have liked that poll showing sessions with such high approval ratings.

7d385d  No.2862657

File: 5fecce09d6648ab⋯.gif (2.33 MB, 424x276, 106:69, dppc.gif)

4320c1  No.2862658




Holy fuck, this is stomach turning!!

And YT tried to give a disclaimer on the vid.

They are openly talking/planning and YT is trying to imply by sharing it , its hate speech!

81f17a  No.2862659


Tomorrow? Perfect.

2a72ef  No.2862660


I think it is where fake jews starting coming about….

88d8bd  No.2862661

File: c5c7bcdf5b9d1c9⋯.jpg (319 KB, 1900x1068, 475:267, babybananas.jpg)


i can;t tell if that is antisemite pasta or FSM aleegory

1a35c9  No.2862662

Anybody got vid of Juan Jesse and Dana's Q convo??

dd395a  No.2862663


>Dana said something about tired of hearing about the deep

Dana Perino is part of the deep state

dad2bc  No.2862664

In Notables, Previous Bread #3617


>>2860904 Quality Summary on IHS Jesuit Vatican Debauchery, >>2860918, >>2860931, >>2860943, >>2860970, >>2861317

>>2860908 Five Eyes finds it hard to Communicate with all this Encryption

>>2860924 Don't Forget about Facebook's Building 8. Scary Stuff.

>>2860950 12 Hotel Rooms, >>2861157 Q-clock

>>2860961 NoName involved in Major Islamic Conspiracy to Establish Islamic State,>>2860989 related Q-drop

>>2860987 POTUS tweet

>>2861064 Update on Our Progress so far

>>2861128 Some Familiar Names?

>>2861175 The Numbers Should Anger You, >>2861544

>>2861208 Support for Mr. Sessions On The Rise.

>>2861218 Coast Guard responding to barge explosion of NJ coast

>>2861304 U.S. Presidents UN Security Council

>>2861566 US DOD Tweet

>>2861605 #3617

3ae498  No.2862665



6e6271  No.2862666


It is an ILLUSION that Americans are weak and lack resolve, we outnumber the scum 10 -1

18aac0  No.2862667

File: 0a5141851748c7a⋯.png (567.27 KB, 852x2214, 142:369, AFLB.png)


We get it fungus. You really want us to pay attention to the trolls. How patriotic of you.

>Inb4 (Hand rubbing intensifies) hehehe got you to pay attention to me gotchaa hehe u got pranked bro

9c5e20  No.2862668


Oh great, another week of funerals

dad2bc  No.2862669


OOPs forgot to tag


67b0a1  No.2862670




Report the others. They will come.

3ae498  No.2862671



97e752  No.2862672

File: 2316b7fcec578ea⋯.jpg (146.01 KB, 2027x899, 2027:899, Freeh.jpg)

Sooooo, if the movie plot includes a shock twist of Sessions actually getting fired (assuming that was the plan from the beginning – him staying in place long enough to strategize, then retire when his tasks were complete)

That'd be interesting.

8c19b6  No.2862673


Hey baker, just got on here.

Can bake if you want a handoff?

60bca5  No.2862674


He is bloodline. They take care of their own…even when they fuck up. Otherwise, Bill and Hillary would be dead already.

170829  No.2862675

File: 0c1d84feb11f5de⋯.jpg (111.19 KB, 690x388, 345:194, cia-bin-laden-ak47.si.jpg)


BHO with an ak. Kek

1abdbc  No.2862676

File: e18184e3073f10e⋯.jpeg (128.4 KB, 710x852, 5:6, 705221A1-6691-4861-ABFE-8….jpeg)

Brennan is a bitch.

dd395a  No.2862677


>Seems to be an issue not affecting every user.


I am west coast / not Oregon anon who also said FB not off

"FB Kill" would be all of it not just some places

1a6e14  No.2862678

File: 03dd292384c664c⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 3281049F-198A-4016-9E54-DA….png)

File: 6f98299bb7c4d70⋯.png (1.95 MB, 2023x1066, 2023:1066, 4578E400-66A5-4EE3-BAE6-F2….png)

File: b31dc87dc9ea4b9⋯.jpeg (72.3 KB, 960x871, 960:871, 41989B20-15BC-49B7-BBBF-0….jpeg)

67b0a1  No.2862679


anon I dont reeally know what you are talking about at this point..

If i can help with a god intent i do.

If not i dont.

fc8ea0  No.2862681

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

"Apocalypse" Comet Arrives September 11, 2018?! Will The Dragon's Tail Drag 1/3 of "Stars" With It?

92bffa  No.2862682

Hey, I know we talked about DJT tweet about disaster preparedness, is it normal to rain five days in a row? We're getting some flooding, bigly. And now tornado sirens going off.

I heard another state nearby had 7 tornadoes. WTF?

Please pray for us anons.

170d42  No.2862683

File: da1e1c8d34d5566⋯.jpg (36.45 KB, 520x438, 260:219, Big1.jpg)


Let's watch Huh?

d0bc9d  No.2862684


= another valuable week of Q intel gathering as Cabal squirms w/out clown comms..

212671  No.2862685


No they are all lucifarians

7ba471  No.2862686


We can't stop reading yours in a fake patriot voice.

333b0a  No.2862687

File: 7702a949e8c8fca⋯.jpg (30.43 KB, 487x327, 487:327, HalpPOTUS-SaveDuncan.JPG)

ab2166  No.2862688


Attention? Oh no sweety, this is a little more than that.

3ae498  No.2862689


Stop drinking and Fuckoff.

1b997f  No.2862690

File: aeaec942fba46b7⋯.jpg (51.26 KB, 547x417, 547:417, P1030688.jpg)

9deaa9  No.2862691

File: c55a87c41d5791d⋯.jpg (94.74 KB, 500x433, 500:433, tumblr_n0wicc4Jkz1r2si8ko1….jpg)

File: a835325dca3e3ce⋯.gif (4.72 MB, 500x500, 1:1, Loki2.gif)


Oh wow, Leafy is still at it?

I can't help but commend your diligence, but wow! Even I know when to quit!

22dd0c  No.2862692

File: e76c23289803295⋯.jpg (21.36 KB, 580x326, 290:163, LKS 20180813 Jussi Halla-a….jpg)

File: 1b2cee5026c6023⋯.png (380.56 KB, 619x1980, 619:1980, Finns_Party_seeks_to_-take….png)


48d6a5  No.2862693



they will kill there own in a heartbeat, who are you trying to kid

7d385d  No.2862694

File: b3fea6e84c98f08⋯.png (182.09 KB, 488x488, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


> fungus

needs treatment

fungus on dem nuts?

a29540  No.2862695

File: 32446e9feaddf06⋯.jpeg (426.04 KB, 1017x997, 1017:997, FA770D4C-5B20-4995-896B-E….jpeg)

File: 955c0b85f6ccf5a⋯.jpeg (656.85 KB, 948x793, 948:793, 6FA450C1-B6AD-4278-9F83-B….jpeg)

File: e8d170d4f4a543f⋯.jpeg (462.72 KB, 1242x1451, 1242:1451, F4B3C921-1886-4E62-A369-5….jpeg)


pics related

lots of stuff here

5ca51c  No.2862696


you shut tyhe fvck up.

when some one ask something, you all need to boom, post all the help,

this is not a joke, you stvpud urangutans

as soo you all awake, that soon planet will go in the right direction, you ignore others that look for help, things will stay or advance very slow, and some will get boret and sick of you

26ef94  No.2862697

File: 09d595b0d4643f3⋯.png (111.53 KB, 423x266, 423:266, Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at ….png)

File: 6f78863fa273d18⋯.jpg (161.87 KB, 634x812, 317:406, Arjen.jpg)

'Strange disappearance' of Wikileaks consultant and cyber security expert, Arjen Kamphuis, is investigated in Norway

Arjen Kamphuis, 47, has been missing since August 20 when he left his hotel

He was due to fly home to the Netherlands two days later but missed flight

Assange's WikiLeaks tweeted on Saturday about the strange disappearance

Many speculated that his disappearance has something to do with his work


PUBLISHED: 10:45 EDT, 3 September 2018

dc0cff  No.2862698


stay safe anon.

b50eae  No.2862699


dad2bc  No.2862700


Sure, Sounds Good, I just took the bake back because other Baker needed to go…

Confirming Handoff?


BO wanna Check since you are here

f629bc  No.2862701


The birth of the borg.

ee6593  No.2862702

File: 2847408e7972f0a⋯.png (1001.96 KB, 784x637, 16:13, ClipboardImage.png)

Hunting the Hunters: Inside the Minds of Elite Corrupt


67b0a1  No.2862703


I cant log into IG.

Iam logged in but i says cant update feed and i must relog while i am logged in.

So… Anons… It has begun!

3 major down is not a coincidnce. it has startd.

Internet on hold.

Watch the pings.

97e752  No.2862704

File: a4e69aea6594934⋯.jpg (160.95 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, soylentgrin.jpg)

from @ThomasWictor

Are the damn beards going to go out of style anytime soon? These dorks are walking cliches, a dime a dozen anywhere in America.

88d8bd  No.2862705

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

goldman sachs can;t scapegoat a zuckbot for an occultists proxy stockholm zerestung saur krautersf gonna recognize,

3ae498  No.2862706


Lurk Moar or Fuckoff.

cd0fdf  No.2862707


>your diligence

You misspelled "pure psychopathic obsession"

a1e4ac  No.2862708

>>2862090 LB

>my fellow incarnated extra terrorestrials





belonging to or associated with the speaker.





sharing a particular activity, quality, or condition with someone or something.




past tense: incarnated; past participle: incarnated

1. embody or represent (a deity or spirit) in human form.

"the idea that God incarnates himself in man"

2. put (an idea or other abstract concept) into concrete form.

"a desire to make things which will incarnate their personality"

3. (of a person) be the living embodiment of (a quality).

"the man who incarnates the suffering which has affected every single Mozambican"




a hypothetical or fictional being from outer space, especially an intelligent one.

919ada  No.2862709

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Noname funeral …

5:05:55 - GWB + the priest/bishop taking a selfie.

5:06:15 - Lindsay/Huma

Personal Favourite

5:06:28 General Kelly (o7) waits for Lindsay Graham to turn around then scratches his eye. Eyes on fuck nugget. He gets a bit flustered and flaps around for his fake pockets.

No suits in Gitmo Graham.

fa6360  No.2862710


I expect lots of stories about how evil, racist, misogynistic, transphobic, pro-life and horrible whomever is floated in the “press” to replace Sessions.. which will continue to raise sessions approval ratings right up until the hammer drops.

ef9298  No.2862711

File: d0e17b649aef8c2⋯.jpg (880.36 KB, 1280x1707, 1280:1707, IMG_046.jpg)

c8b556  No.2862712

Randy is shilling again.

8c19b6  No.2862713



Handoff Confirmed

Pending check of course,

758996  No.2862714



dad2bc  No.2862715



Also, Updated Dough:


1a6e14  No.2862716

File: 80ca0f4b77bc60d⋯.png (1010.71 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, 7645EB83-C0D2-44FB-8C89-03….png)

File: c501e39ddf817ee⋯.jpeg (33.37 KB, 305x317, 305:317, EBE2A608-D164-4CA8-8C02-5….jpeg)

File: 14463bdb3fd8c76⋯.jpeg (42.46 KB, 512x460, 128:115, 9AD8602C-08C9-4674-9686-9….jpeg)

b69d3f  No.2862717

File: 8e0aa8e81edc68d⋯.png (638.5 KB, 1300x688, 325:172, JusticeTrump.png)

File: 083b39b855f014b⋯.png (542.95 KB, 788x788, 1:1, dwarfs.png)

b7c9f2  No.2862718


What are these accounts about? interested in the Anthony Albanese name.

b65fc1  No.2862719

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c23ed3  No.2862720

File: a23bbe8ffbba5d9⋯.png (792.92 KB, 764x1066, 382:533, Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at ….png)



this was in there…

chemtrail device…

dad2bc  No.2862721


>Also, Updated Dough:


88d8bd  No.2862722

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

who wants to feed cthullu?

it is always ebot

d74f43  No.2862723

File: 13c9eca5217e499⋯.jpeg (186.9 KB, 895x1002, 895:1002, 11D1CF7A-75BC-4DAB-AA1E-E….jpeg)

Ezra. Cohen. Watnick.

Doesn’t just roll off the tongue

I see why he chose to go by Q instead

976c4e  No.2862724

File: dee6520afc634d9⋯.jpg (60.73 KB, 636x506, 318:253, Littlewoods Pools Art Deco….JPG)

File: bc3ed1b5561fed6⋯.jpg (73.24 KB, 854x385, 122:55, Littlewoods Pools Undergro….JPG)

File: f989bedeeac4e3c⋯.jpg (100.02 KB, 900x606, 150:101, Littlewoods Pools Undergro….JPG)

Iconic Building in Liverpool burns down, revealing underground tunnel system with some "Eerie stuff" ~ LittleWoods Pools art deco building used as Second World War barrage balloon factory.

Pics below are inside the air raid shelters beneath the LittleWoods Pools.

9c5e20  No.2862725


Oh great, a bot from Denmark.

b69d3f  No.2862726

File: 7053cea57b8d828⋯.png (273.16 KB, 461x566, 461:566, THANQEPSTEIN.png)

File: 966da4955766c7e⋯.png (58.66 KB, 165x260, 33:52, 911BAKER.png)

0f00a2  No.2862727


Just came back but had same message as 2862465

18aac0  No.2862728

ab2166  No.2862729

File: c3935a9f4f5d8ed⋯.jpg (72.08 KB, 640x705, 128:141, shruggirl_.jpg)


Oh check me hard BO!

can i haz permission from the gatekeeper?

26ef94  No.2862730


separate thread here: >>2861109

c679fc  No.2862731


FB, twat and IG all up for me. Drama much?

d74f43  No.2862732


Ground crews maintain those at all commercial airports.

a29540  No.2862733


easy, breath.

you tweekin?

b69d3f  No.2862734

File: 3332b05e4e1e641⋯.png (273.76 KB, 461x566, 461:566, TrustEpstein.png)

File: bcbc03984521e94⋯.png (350.13 KB, 800x533, 800:533, tustrbo.png)

File: 3f7f32c6629803c⋯.png (466.07 KB, 713x960, 713:960, TrustBO.png)


6e6271  No.2862735


At this time we would ask that you return your Stewardess to her original upright position.

5072f1  No.2862736

maybe thats why they are burning the museums down

53b7d2  No.2862737

File: 1a816583eb95aa4⋯.jpg (74.81 KB, 570x754, 285:377, 1510824690136.jpg)


It is labor day, my dude.

36076a  No.2862738

File: 810f176db7115fa⋯.jpg (28.99 KB, 500x260, 25:13, treasures.jpg)

8c19b6  No.2862739


Appreciated, figured you would give me an update.

Enjoy some rest baker ;)



New Baker Confirmed

cd0fdf  No.2862740


Well played. +10 pts for you.

ab2166  No.2862741

a29540  No.2862742


Big mistake

12eac3  No.2862743

File: b01b48f55e1c5fd⋯.jpeg (494.57 KB, 750x1014, 125:169, AEF8A662-D8F2-42E5-9561-9….jpeg)

A while back Chelsea Clinton and LdR tweeted about elephants. Seemed code-ish.

Noticed this retweet from donkey face, seems interdasting.

3745fd  No.2862744


I think this is looking more and more like the most likely possibility.

What people have to understand about the whole operation, is the goal has always been to buy time and to make it so both possibilities of any given situation are equally believable.

Mueller White/Black Hat is the perfect example.

It's been set up so the bad guys don't know if he's really working to take them all down, or if he's ACTING like he's trying to take them all down.

When he was hired as SC, it was understood that somewhere along the lines he would either get re-compromised BACK to blackhat, OR would "act" like he was re-compromised.

If we have no clue. It's very likely the bad guys don't either.

The Cabal has gotten on for SO LONG because everything has been a movie where they've been playing both sides. War is a movie we atch while they make money on both sides. WW2 (((they))) robbed their own people on the way up, then they robbed the German people on the way down.

It's pretty great that now TRUMP is the one playing both sides, and WE are the one's who keep benefitting from the war.


15aacd  No.2862745


Was getting error while logged in, now it's back up

dad2bc  No.2862746

File: b2a2b214cfe601d⋯.jpg (8.95 KB, 255x174, 85:58, HandoffConfirmed.jpg)



Looks Like you are good to go

Godspeed Baker

88d8bd  No.2862747

File: 0ad86b9a0c1da5c⋯.jpg (62.74 KB, 600x600, 1:1, commiederps.jpg)

File: f875d32db1e2c88⋯.jpg (121.6 KB, 1200x1027, 1200:1027, pastaBOO.jpg)

File: 42f7656fb08d2aa⋯.jpg (22.66 KB, 320x400, 4:5, seizethepropertolli.jpg)





the iron cross is part of the catholic curse

b69d3f  No.2862748

File: 2460f953db6bcbf⋯.png (227.32 KB, 466x427, 466:427, clownkitty1.png)

File: d37cfffb6d07fcf⋯.png (516.75 KB, 713x1080, 713:1080, WhoAreYouTaughtToTrust.png)


LOL @ this impotent bot.

c23ed3  No.2862749


every city has underground tunnels, they are used to traffic things and humans and drugs.

the dirty cops, lawyers, cabal, cartels etc all know them and use them

0eae6a  No.2862750


you call those beards?

12399e  No.2862751

File: 07d3c5e77b2a0a1⋯.jpg (2.15 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 20180903_154921.jpg)

File: 528fa2fc60de24b⋯.jpg (2.32 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 20180903_154919.jpg)

File: 0b48c1ed3890869⋯.jpg (2.33 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 20180903_154917.jpg)

File: 166f1065b8a82a3⋯.jpg (2.48 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 20180903_154904.jpg)

File: 4b3e9b9c6682be5⋯.jpg (2.01 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 20180903_154908.jpg)

Phone fagging atm… in Chey, WY

Why are there US Navy aircraft(But not US aircraft), painted up like Russisn Aircraft sitting at a US airfield, nowhere near Russia?

67b0a1  No.2862752



Holy shit…

0c3c90  No.2862753

File: 8545e9eaef3b60c⋯.png (422.92 KB, 501x502, 501:502, soytendo.png)


The face of soycialism. We're stuck with it until the world toughens up some.

14f359  No.2862754

File: c58c78952e0ebc0⋯.jpg (125.26 KB, 510x360, 17:12, c58c78952e0ebc0113e3218f55….jpg)

eebd93  No.2862755



We need to find this guy. Are you able?

88d8bd  No.2862756

File: 213d7bd1fbcdeb4⋯.png (49.71 KB, 500x426, 250:213, communism-aint-free-the-fr….png)

File: e3a1f67fd370a91⋯.jpg (87.77 KB, 757x500, 757:500, damnunicorns.jpg)

File: 0dab6d737f1dbad⋯.jpg (38.3 KB, 480x480, 1:1, goolagtriggeredstalin.jpg)

fbea4c  No.2862757

48d6a5  No.2862758


i betcha this was one of the ops

15aacd  No.2862759

File: 6a22386cd874fb8⋯.jpg (6.16 KB, 220x179, 220:179, sighing in Putin.jpg)

File: 345304a50dc91f6⋯.jpg (14.05 KB, 433x261, 433:261, slide_.JPG)

67b0a1  No.2862760


Dang. was getting my hopes up.

ee6593  No.2862761

Anyone noticing time slips?

Explanation as best I can give:

It's like we slip backward a day or two but it recovers quickly like the timeline is being altered.

ab2166  No.2862762


my sides, stop it


897dc4  No.2862763


And China what?

20f3ed  No.2862764


for training purposes maybe?

7fb499  No.2862765


Should have let it die

9deaa9  No.2862766

File: ff98b362f31fdf3⋯.jpg (31.17 KB, 463x500, 463:500, CicMo.jpg)


Why, thank you most kindly, fair ebot! ♡

22dd0c  No.2862767

File: e61b55a39060cbf⋯.jpg (62.96 KB, 678x381, 226:127, Ausländer-Mord.jpg)

Every forth day a migrant kills a German:


3ae498  No.2862768




https://youtu.be/OAtIwwdBkjE go

1a35c9  No.2862769


Source: http://www.muckrakerreport.com/id387.html

Follow up to the “Prior knowledge of 9/11 attacks overheard in Hebrew” story:

FBI looks for documents where they cannot be found

April 4, 2007 – His name is Andras Szekely. He was born in Budapest, Hungary – the son of Holocaust survivors. At age 18, Andras fled Hungary seeking work, financial opportunity, and a better life. He landed in Italy where he sought political asylum. From Italy he immigrated to Sweden where he says he was welcomed with “open arms”. Young, and with a strong curiosity for exploration, Szekely set out to travel across Europe. Soon he found himself yearning for Israel.

He immigrated to Israel, served in the military, and fought in the Yom Kippur War (1973). After the war, he became disenchanted with the state of Israel because in his words, “I realized that the state of Israel was not a Jewish state, but rather a bunch of criminals from top to bottom.” He left Zionism behind and headed back to Europe. Eventually he found himself in the United States of America. According to Szekely, “Thanks to President Ronald Reagan, I was able to become an American citizen. I cannot put into words what a blessing it is…not necessarily financially, but spiritually and emotionally.”

Andras Szekely is the Muckraker Report source for the articles, Prior knowledge of 9/11 attacks overheard in Hebrew and Chasing down Gomel Chesed Cemetery. The summary of these two articles is as follows:

In October 2000, approximately 11 months prior to September 11, 2001, Andras Szekely was collecting English Ivy cuttings at the Gomel Chesed Cemetery located at Mccellan and 245 Mount Olive Avenue, which is near the city lines of Elizabeth and Newark, New Jersey. While in the cemetery, Szekely overheard three men, speaking in Hebrew, say:

“The Americans will learn what it is to live with terrorists after the planes hit the twins in September.”

Szekely, well in advance of 9/11, contacted the FBI asking for protection in exchange for his information. Having lived around the world in many different countries, Szekely had a healthy fear of being targeted by those he overheard in the cemetery. Unlike too many Americans, he understands that people suddenly disappear and family members are at risk when you cross the wrong people. So just to be clear – asking for protection in exchange for the information he had was prompted by his lifetime of cultural / governmental experiences. It was a prudent request in my opinion.

The FBI refused to guarantee protection for this individual. Even though Szekely told the FBI this much – that he had information involving a planned attack in NYC involving airplanes – the FBI refused to guarantee his protection. The former IDF member persisted, and according to his account, two FBI agents finally paid him a visit on June 26, 2001. They left their business cards with him.

The Muckraker Report contacted the FBI Newark Division on Wednesday, November 22, 2006 to confirm whether Agent Gritz and Agent Stengel met with Andras Szekely on or about June 26, 2001. I was directed to the FBI Newark Division Legal Unit where I spoke with a woman who identified herself as Amy. She suggested that I put my request in writing and fax it to her, which I did that same day.

On Friday, November 24, 2006 I received a phone call from Amy confirming receipt of my written request. She informed me that she would be out of the office the following week, and that somebody else from the Newark Division Legal Unit would handle my request.

On Tuesday, November 28, 2006 I received a phone call from Kathy at the FBI National Press Office. She informed me that the Legal Unit decided that I needed to file a Freedom of Information Act request.

On Wednesday, November 29, 2006 I contacted Agent Robin (Gritz) Laird. Once I had Agent Gritz on the phone, I introduced myself and immediately explained that I was attempting to confirm a meeting that herself and Agent Stengel allegedly had with Szekely on June 26, 2001. Agent Gritz was already aware of my inquiries. She indicated that she understood that the Press Office was handling my request. I told her that I decided to call her directly and emphasized that I only wish to confirm the meeting. Gritz said, “I’m not allowed to discuss this with you. I would get in trouble.”

I also filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the FBI. In my request dated December 7, 2006, I asked for the following information. What follows is the body of my FOIA request.

More at Link!


0eae6a  No.2862770

File: 8d57917f125c6b6⋯.jpeg (195.82 KB, 1242x299, 54:13, D6CEABCC-C837-4F76-9462-6….jpeg)

439d43  No.2862771

File: 7c574257bb780b1⋯.jpg (339.95 KB, 600x833, 600:833, Follow-the-Husbands-4.jpg)

1abdbc  No.2862772


EXERCises. NOrmal.

6810fb  No.2862774

File: e483c948c0e09b3⋯.jpg (63.96 KB, 574x423, 574:423, Springmeier illuminati & m….jpg)


Thanks. I'd never heard of that site. The thing is the whole book is there. Appendix l & ll name programmers and locations. Although it is old data it still gives us the apparently massive number of ppl involved. What I think the original Anon was saying. Since we know the practice is to delegitimize honest info I thought it was worth mentioning.

Here is the direct link to the book if anyone wants more info.


cd0fdf  No.2862777

15aacd  No.2862778


Managing expectations is a huge part of this work, keeps the hopium levels down

88d8bd  No.2862779

File: 56b7c1ae07b1c6d⋯.jpg (281.66 KB, 700x525, 4:3, l-10221-the-clitoris-is-a-….jpg)

File: 306409d68e29935⋯.jpg (871 KB, 1500x2205, 100:147, LogisticallyImpossible.jpg)

File: 15f8faa2013f503⋯.jpg (77.87 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, numbers.jpg)

happy birthday maverick

b7c9f2  No.2862780


I can just see it. People trying to get on faceberg to post that faceberg is down.

2ff3a6  No.2862782


They are used by the USAF as aggressors they pretend to be Russians to train fighter pilots. Haven't you seen the movie Top Gun.

945b01  No.2862783

File: 4e345ddd146e8bb⋯.png (584.77 KB, 994x498, 497:249, MMC.png)

d38afe  No.2862784



Still 'pre-'? Q fools people.

c23ed3  No.2862785



is that document for real?

i am looking through it, interesting pics and stuff, but I'm a memer dreamer… I'm looking at the pics. there is testimony, priest stuff, and CIA stuff

b69d3f  No.2862786


And when I say 'impotent' I am referring to POWER. The LACK of power. The power of Christ compared to the power of evil. The power of humanity compared to the power of humanity. The power of creativity compared to the power of thievery. The power of truth compared to the power of self-deception.

"Oh my sides"– that's the best you have, at this stage in the game, with everything on the line.

Thank You Jesus Christ, for the victory of Your Will.


ee6593  No.2862787


Trips of truth, damn!

cern maybe???

0954d5  No.2862788

File: a0fcc84c88ab01d⋯.jpg (907.12 KB, 1600x1381, 1600:1381, nwo.jpg)

The 'family' and their puppets.

15aacd  No.2862789


yeah, read same article, no longer have the issue


0c3c90  No.2862790

File: fd4366ff1c13fd1⋯.png (36.19 KB, 300x281, 300:281, PepeFish2.png)

c8b556  No.2862791


I’m on a 4 week vacation timeline. I’m at the point in my vacation where time no longer exists.

897dc4  No.2862792


Finland is in a big project…

e7a75e  No.2862793



The sale of organs became for hospitals a source of funding, a way to keep their doors open, and a means by which other health services could be provided to the community.

There is, for instance, the Organ Transplant Center of the Armed Police General Hospital in Beijing. This hospital boldly states:

"Our Organ Transplant Center is our main department for making money. Its gross income in 2003 was 16,070,000 Yuan. From January to June of 2004 income was 13,570,000 Yuan. This year (2004) there is a chance to break through 30,000,000 Yuan.

Tan (the surgeon) carried sheets of paper containing lists of prospective "donors”, based on various tissue and blood characteristics, from which he would select names. The doctor was observed at various times to leave the hospital in uniform and return 2-3 hours later with containers bearing kidneys. Dr. Tan told the recipient that the eighth kidney came from an executed prisoner.




This website as of May 17, 2006 indicated in the English version (the Mandarin one evidently disappeared after March 9)

that the centre was established in 2003 at the First Affiliated Hospital of China Medical University "…specifically for foreign friends. Most of the patients are from all over the world."




China International Transplantation Network Assistance Centre Website


(Shenyang City)

Before its indicated removal from the site [25] in April, 2006, the size of the profits for transplants was suggested in the following price list:

Kidney US $62,000

Liver US $98,000-130,000

Liver-kidney US $160,000-180,000

Kidney-pancreas US $150,000

Lung US $150,000-170,000

Heart US $130,000-160,000

Cornea US $30,000



pdf here for downloading entire report




333b0a  No.2862794


They're down again?

That settles it.

They are Public Utilities.

22dd0c  No.2862795

File: 770fc0eb1a7effa⋯.jpg (101.83 KB, 620x618, 310:309, correlation-between-muslim….jpg)

64db03  No.2862796

File: 78e8897e17606a5⋯.mp4 (306.44 KB, 1366x594, 683:297, capt-(2).mp4)

New User JavaScript - With Nuke Button

Nuke Button - Blacklists Images & Filters User For That Bread.

Filters Namefags & Bots

Filters Spammers @ 30 posts

Highlights Qs & Yous

Realtime Post Counter @ Bottom Right

Birds Eye View Bar @ Right


b69d3f  No.2862797


>The power of humanity compared to the power of humanity.

*The power of humanity compared to the power of machinery.

48d6a5  No.2862798


please start posting

be2a73  No.2862799


Doesn't Wictor have a beard?

6435d8  No.2862800

We see i an nt a KEK INFO not inpoourtant jus a dum shiil GOT IT

22dd0c  No.2862802


The whole of Europe is really…

d38afe  No.2862803


Instagram ain't down.

fbea4c  No.2862804

File: f12af01f96896e5⋯.jpg (71.65 KB, 1024x731, 1024:731, download (1).jpg)

File: d13b7241f345f7c⋯.jpg (10.26 KB, 474x327, 158:109, download.jpg)

ab2166  No.2862805

File: 64dfaba7b2a7c32⋯.gif (204.15 KB, 320x180, 16:9, alex-jones-o.gif)

7995db  No.2862806


Commenting on it is the most counterproductive thing you can do. You must be new here. Either that or the no porn shills are back.

dd395a  No.2862807

File: df615914cac89a0⋯.png (39.78 KB, 652x392, 163:98, Concha re Wilson 9-3-18.PNG)

File: b469ee22f037f99⋯.png (100.21 KB, 671x594, 61:54, Wilson re Ivanka 9-3-18.PNG)

File: 77ddbd6935b846e⋯.png (470.25 KB, 667x718, 667:718, Jong Fast 1 re Ivanka 9-3….PNG)

File: 9442e4393a7b015⋯.png (435.87 KB, 636x437, 636:437, Jong Fast 2 re Ivanka 9-3….PNG)

I've looked at Concha replies as well as the two TDS psychos and still can't figure out what this is about



b69d3f  No.2862808

File: 4daf7a3ff75d4aa⋯.png (472.33 KB, 713x960, 713:960, DOWhaterverBOSays!.png)

File: 95e52fca148d71d⋯.png (1.23 MB, 822x999, 274:333, BaubleBO.png)

File: a96f81cbc087419⋯.png (760.6 KB, 999x666, 3:2, Biden2020.png)

File: 7aa0b1187d9e30c⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1706x960, 853:480, BO.png)


LOL. Beg them. Please, ignore the human! Ignore him!

333b0a  No.2862809


>Doesn't Wictor have a beard?


He's openly gay

88d8bd  No.2862810

File: 58e56e2b3abb669⋯.jpg (118.18 KB, 720x534, 120:89, smellmyfinger.jpg)

File: 67603f0c559028c⋯.png (126.95 KB, 500x455, 100:91, youve-mistaken-me-for-some….png)

did you know Mao killed way way way more than 20 million

dfbe13  No.2862811


Neither is down here. I guess it's just certain areas.

7e2ea9  No.2862812

File: ee7ae48e83661cd⋯.png (18.66 KB, 442x198, 221:99, Screenshot (323).png)

Yeah, no shit asshole. We have been trying to tell you Q is a trap for months, ya stupid fuckers. Keep on larping you fucking zombies.

Q is posting Masonic symbolism as positive.

RECONCILE CUNTS! You stupid fucking cunts.

0fbee4  No.2862813



3ae498  No.2862814


She is. With Stirwalt. Whatever his faggot name is.

d62331  No.2862815


Wow what do anons think of Buzz’s reactions?

ed0a25  No.2862816



>The vast majority of heroin comes from Afghanistan. Why does anyone think we went there in the first place? And why does anyone think we are still there?


In the state dept cables wikileaks released, it was clear they were trying to develop legal markets for opiods as way for Afghans to make poppies a legit cash crop.

If people don't think that is tied ot our opiods problem now they are naive.

If people don't think this was also to ensure enough disappears into the black market as heroin they are just stupid.

5d2a27  No.2862817

File: 1de0df2641e096e⋯.gif (940.14 KB, 627x502, 627:502, desiretoknowmore.gif)

Dark Crusader Dig

An anon in a previous bread posted: >>2861925, tying the DoD twat about a retiring aircraft with a spy novel. I was going to suggest for Notables, but got sidetracked with digging.

>Anons the DoD twat about c130 retiring 0476 "The Dark Crusader" is a spy novel. Excerpt above..

>Notable plot


See also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Dark_Crusader

The Dark Crusader (US title: The Black Shrike), by Alistair MacLean (writing as Ian Stuart).

Note that MacLean had a habit of writing stories based (sometimes loosely) on true events. He was one of the most popular authors of his day. His stuff's not bad if you want something enjoyable as a 'popcorn movie' sort of read. He was very unpopular with the critics of the time, though - too low-brow.

I can totally see him as being connected to all of … whatever the fuck it is we're discovering here, somehow.

To expand on the plot a little. Some points that activated my almonds:

>Eight top-level scientists and their wives disappear … specialists in different areas of modern technology.

<Top level scientists and their wives.

>… offered high rates of pay to applicants who were married, had no children and were prepared for immediate travel.

<Follow the wives? Or blackmail through family.

<No children is interesting, too.

>All eight scientists had disappeared in Australia or en route there

<Australia (FVEY/Cabal as fuck)

>[Our heroes] find themselves kidnapped at a bus stop in Fiji. They escape to the island of Vardu, a remote coral atoll in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, which is currently home to Professor Witherspoon, a noted archaeologist.


>Private island.

<Archaeology. Immediately made me think of whatever the fuck's happening underground right now, and also the whole 'the entirity of history might be partially fake' thing we've got going on.

>Witherspoon is actually LeClerc, the mastermind behind a plot to steal a British missile, the Dark Crusader, for an unnamed foreign power.

<Missile tech stolen.

<Foreign power.

A lot of that seems awfully relevant. Even if you drop my more spurious connections, we've at least got mysterious goings on in Ausfailia (Cabal as fuck), Fiji (Bronfmans, etc.), private islands, and missile tech stolen by a foreign power (it's the Soviets in the book, but we know there's China fuckery afoot at the minute), which seems a little to convenient to be coincidental.

If that's not enough coincidences for you, I actually own MacLean's entire collection, and have done some skimming. I was drawn to the fact that there's a massive tunnel network (big enough to get trains down) under the mysterious archaeologist/spy's island.

<Private island with a tunnel network.


I'm going to start reading the book tonight. I'll report when I'm done, but wanted to get more competent/autistic eyes on this as soon as possible.

I also watched the video on the DoD tweet. When the airman names the plane, he looks uncomfortable and a little shifty. Almost as if he's lying. I wonder if that's the plane's real nickname.

I think these are comms of some sort.

[Digging Intensifies]

9deaa9  No.2862819

File: 89a764405b92c86⋯.gif (1.95 MB, 245x200, 49:40, tumblr_nqaev3dbzy1un7uhro4….gif)


Can confirm. Time has been acting very fucking strange lately, to say the least!

58ecde  No.2862820

File: 8d55edf04beb043⋯.png (475.34 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 1111111111111.png)


step away from the keyboard long shift hey??…plenty more shills ready to take your place in the factory….you did well skippy !

ef9298  No.2862821

File: e94ff7ef43219b3⋯.jpg (133.35 KB, 500x500, 1:1, IMG_045.jpg)

8dd089  No.2862822


Only goes to show how tightly this secret's been kept. Patriots don't leak.

dec8ba  No.2862823

File: 968104d2098afc3⋯.png (741.59 KB, 812x458, 406:229, Cartman Hey Ma Im Shilling.png)

d74f43  No.2862824


That would be almost 6 million dead if my maths are correct

b5f6ee  No.2862825

File: 39936723a7af30f⋯.png (1.27 MB, 958x715, 958:715, b49bf01bbefb958d64e73b94b5….png)

Mid bread Boobs.

88d8bd  No.2862826

File: 1c0e8a0ce175443⋯.jpg (43.37 KB, 720x477, 80:53, alexjones2020.JPG)

File: 4b9b729e72dca85⋯.jpeg (310.99 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, COLDWARKITTEH.JPEG)

File: 453e52ec45dcdd5⋯.jpg (327.98 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, frisbee.jpg)


i like putin hinestly

897dc4  No.2862827


One part of europe for a shithole. The Other.

You know…

531d43  No.2862828



= the shills?

= soon to be gone shills?

97e752  No.2862829


First time I ever heard a podcast of Robyn Gritz telling her story, it was a good thing I was painting a house by myself because I cried, no lie. What a woman.

d62331  No.2862830


Wonder if someone was handing out free drugs again.

7d385d  No.2862831

>>2862697 Disappearance of Wikileaks consult and cyber expert missing, being investigated in Norway

notable baker

725006  No.2862832

File: cacec06074ca3ac⋯.png (51.18 KB, 606x336, 101:56, ClipboardImage.png)


Arjen Kamphuis studied science and policy at Utrecht University and worked for IBM as Unix specialist, Tivoli consultant, and software instructor. As IT strategy consultant at Twynstra Gudde, he was involved in starting up Kennisnet, the Dutch educational network. Since 2001 he has been operating as an independent adviser of companies and governments. In 2002 he co-authored the unanimously accepted parliament motion to mandate open standards for all government IT. In 2007 the motion became policy and the Netherlands became the first western country to make the use of open standards in public sector IT mandatory. He is now working to export this set of policies to other European countries with the help of local political parties and business partners. When not consulting, Arjen is actively involved in (digital) civil liberties, the open source movement, and criticizing the war on terror.


531d43  No.2862833

Respost from earlier…40,000 ft stuff:

March 2017 Incident = Space Force?

Uncovered video shows 'Illuminati destroying 13,000-year-old alien satellite built to keep an eye on humankind'

A clip on YouTube shows a huge fireball hurtling through space as parts of the UFO break off it.


Space debris or a 13,000-year-old satellite?

A mysterious object, dubbed the Black Knight, orbits the Earth, puzzling scientists of the past and present. Some, like inventor and scientist Nicola Tesla, claim to have received radio signals from the orbiting figure. Astronaut Gordon Cooper was adamant that, in 1963, he saw it from his own spacecraft. The documented history of the existence of the Black Knight continues to mystify scientists.

In 1963, Astronaut Gordon Cooper was orbiting the Earth when he said he saw a “glowing green light” ahead of his space capsule. At the same time, a tracking station in Australia, over which the spacecraft was orbiting at the time, reported seeing the object on radar. The evening news reported on Cooper’s sighting, and for the first time, the object was referred to as the Black Knight Satellite. The name stuck, but Cooper’s report did not.

NASA soon debunked Cooper’s UFO sighting, claiming there had been a malfunction in the space capsule which caused gases to emit what appeared glowing light. The result, said NASA, was that Cooper had a hallucination and did not see a UFO. Cooper later confirmed that he had definitely seen a UFO on his 1963 space orbit and that NASA had prohibited him from discussing it. Until his death in 2004, Cooper claimed that he did not have a hallucination in the spacecraft, but saw a UFO.


The Black Knight is said to be 13,000 years old and discovered by Nikola Tesla back in 1932. He was convinced the bizarre machinery was alien and placed in the orbit to monitor the earth.

The Black Knight satellite conspiracy theory claims that there is a spacecraft in near-polar orbit of the Earth that is of extraterrestrial origin, and that NASA is engaged in a cover-up regarding its existence and origin.[2][3] This conspiracy theory combines several unrelated stories into one narrative.[4][5]

A 1998 NASA photo is believed by some to show the Black Knight satellite, but NASA has stated that this is likely space debris, specifically a thermal blanket lost during an EVA mission.

In 1954, UFO researcher Donald Keyhoe told newspapers that the U.S. Air Force had reported that two satellites orbiting Earth had been detected. At that time, no country had the technology to launch a satellite. Skeptics have noted that Keyhoe had been promoting a UFO book at the time, and the news stories were likely written "tongue-in-cheek" and not intended to be taken seriously.[4][5]


Little more sauce


6435d8  No.2862834


6fc0ed  No.2862835

Yo BO. FYI. Incase you see 2 here with the same ID. Redpilled spouse is lurking on a pad.

ee6593  No.2862836

File: 87c8b337ba3afca⋯.png (765.24 KB, 739x508, 739:508, ClipboardImage.png)

Sexual Abuse Allegations Rock Nebraska Catholic Diocese

A slew of sexual abuse allegations in Nebraska against clergy in the Diocese of Lincoln has recently rocked the Roman Catholic church, bringing to light recollections of previous mismanagement.

In the past few weeks, a number of accusers have come forward alleging sexual abuse and misconduct. According to the Associated Press, the Nebraska diocese could be facing a criminal investigation.

Annual diocesan audits, meant to uncover sexual abuse, and conducted by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) were refused by the Diocese of Lincoln for over a decade between 2002 and 2015. Church leaders called them pointless. The Lincoln diocese has been the only church in the United States that has refused to join.

But one of the bishops during that period of time said he knew of at least 2 allegations against priests.

“I think the closed nature of the diocese made this worse,” Rachel Pokora, a member of the Catholic reformist group Call to Action told AP. “Even if the audits never revealed anything—and I think they probably would have—it still shows an unwillingness to be open.”

In what appears to be a response attempting to show transparency and accountability, the diocese on Aug. 29 announced the addition of an anonymous hotline and website to assist persons in making reports of misconduct in Lincoln.

“This hotline is not a substitute or alternative to calling law enforcement; it is intended to offer the maximum alternatives to make sure any wrong in the Church is uncovered and reported,” Bishop James Conley said in the announcement.

Nebraska’s attorney general, Doug Peterson, has called for more victims of sexual abuse by clergy or adults in positions of authority to come forward. In August on Twitter, he urged victims to “please report” any instances.

Lincoln police are currently investigating a priest accused of having an “emotionally inappropriate” relationship with a 19-year-old male altar server, involving alcohol in 2017. But the majority of the allegations are against Rev. James Benton, a 71-year-old priest. Church leaders were aware of the abuse allegations against Benton dating back at least 15 years, but he retired last year with no punishment.

Two Lincoln men, Stan Schulte and Jeffrey Hoover, both reported similar experiences of Benton molesting them when they were children. But Benton has not been charged with anything after church officials cited insufficient evidence. Both men have also spoken with an investigator from the Nebraska attorney general’s office.

Nebraska’s attorney general’s office and the USCCB did not respond to a request for comment on the recent allegations by press time. The allegations come after Pope Francis refused to comment about claims made by a former Vatican ambassador that he covered up sexual-abuse allegations against then-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick of the United States.

The Lincoln Diocese has also refused allowing female altar servers, highlighting its reputation as one of the country’s most conservative churches, according to AP. Nearly all Catholic churches have removed their bans on females shortly after the Vatican lifted the restriction in 1994.


5990fb  No.2862837


Normal stuff you find in old bomb shelters in England. Stuck in the dark for days, and drawing by candlelight to pass time. Usually the artist isn’t this good.

958786  No.2862838

Monica Lewinsky walks out of TV interview after first question: "Do you expect a personal apology from former President Clinton?"


389252  No.2862839

File: 98790673055eba4⋯.jpeg (114.08 KB, 595x642, 595:642, 9DBF7EFC-6FB6-43E8-98AA-9….jpeg)


Yes and Instagram was too.


7ba471  No.2862840


>suspicion mounts

Oh, and This poster can prove they were a fucking mod by editing this post or they are full of shit.

Because photoshop ;)

dd395a  No.2862841


>She is. With Stirwalt. Whatever his faggot name is.

Perino - deep state

Juan - tied to CIA Mockingbirds

Gutfeld - Never Trump Reagan Battalion

Jesse - Seems liked by POTUS

Kimberly fled…

Typical Fox line up

d74f43  No.2862843


A bigot and a white knight : a common combo on this board

15aacd  No.2862844

File: 993432a69b1fe05⋯.jpg (54.81 KB, 400x400, 1:1, q is a larp hogg1.jpg)


>We have been trying to tell you Q is a trap for months

So you stepped into the trap, again, to tell us that Q is a trap?

88d8bd  No.2862845

File: 15f8faa2013f503⋯.jpg (77.87 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, numbers.jpg)

File: fbfc3f017236573⋯.jpg (118.04 KB, 960x846, 160:141, offended.jpg)

File: 11ef6ee8b3e5ff8⋯.jpg (524.87 KB, 1142x1422, 571:711, pavloVdealwithit.jpg)

just another day rustlin jimmies

888307  No.2862846


If you want to eradicate the 'white' population, what better method that to rape all the child bearing women so they can bring forth mixed race offspring.

It only takes 1 time to bake a 'half blood', but it takes generations to clean out that original bloodline back to where it originally was.

3745fd  No.2862847

File: 7f16e67700b8d1c⋯.png (15.25 KB, 505x100, 101:20, russianmonitoring.PNG)

Oh… No. That sucks:-(


cd0fdf  No.2862848


"Timelines Change" -Q

978979  No.2862849

File: b5caa38f6653ec5⋯.jpg (63.35 KB, 550x563, 550:563, b5caa38f6653ec5732192bd01e….jpg)

>>2862437 (lb)

Whats up, Tyrone Niggums?

Stealing shit?

Raping dudes in prison?

Trying to exterminate the greatest race throughout history?

You will not succeed.

d74f43  No.2862850


Is anyone in your household using fentanyl?

0e2d3a  No.2862851


Good job, brother.

Hey hey hey wife Anon. Wakie wakie! Truth hurts, buckle up!!!

7e2ea9  No.2862852


OHHHHH, so now Q posts FREE MASON fucking symbology and you stupid mother fuckers are all of a sudden good with that shit. Fuck you CIA, fuck you!

5d077b  No.2862853

Q, sorry to keep beating a dead horse, but I've been re-reading posts from the beginning and digging there through the eyes of what's gone on to date. When you refer to the shot heard around the world, are you pointing back to 10/1/2017? Was that the event that launched the hidden war into the light? The events that took place in SA following that event, is that what you're referring to when you say the old guard being replaced? It's obviously more in depth, when you consider the media and politicians that work to keep us in the dark regarding this "hidden war", but I just can't get away from Las Vegas. 9/11/01 will always be remembered, righfully so, and we know the Saudi Royal family played a role in that. I feel 10/1/17 should be in the same context.

dc0cff  No.2862854

left Twitter accounts I watch seem to be getting noisy all of the sudden. They have been quiet for a few days. Brennan seemed to be calling out for leadership to direct him stating Untold millions wait for American values to run through the veins of those entrusted to lead. Now the Woman's March had sent out several tweets . One saying "We’re counting down the days until women come together in DC and take bold action to #CancelKavanaugh and say #BrettBye. " Meanwhile, those who they take their lead from are all silent since before the funeral

22dd0c  No.2862855


Not only on this board.

We are legion…

7d385d  No.2862856

File: a7a588cb1cb3e5a⋯.png (218.46 KB, 525x448, 75:64, gayfrogs3.png)


wtf is this shit?

shit in bread

for whats? so I can come shit the bread slightly less to tell you to shut the fuck up!

d0bc9d  No.2862857

File: 380352a729f56b1⋯.png (490.97 KB, 586x474, 293:237, ClipboardImage.png)

Cyber Street Walker

b69d3f  No.2862858

File: fb2c2ac125a1110⋯.png (476.34 KB, 637x555, 637:555, TrustJack.png)

File: 7945adec171d9ac⋯.png (927.93 KB, 1422x960, 237:160, TrustBOT-O.png)

File: 59218b9a45f78bc⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1663x1189, 1663:1189, sheparsisted.png)

d74f43  No.2862859


Martyr. Fucking cabal has tentacles in Norway.

e1de85  No.2862860

>>2861039 (lb)

I'm not sure why, but this short clip made me want to send a little non-homophobic love (NHL) out to everyone who is trying to heal from the things they don't discuss. Know that a complete stranger cares.

ee6593  No.2862861

File: 2f6b07574078441⋯.png (604.61 KB, 643x478, 643:478, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0033e0405955cb4⋯.png (913.88 KB, 647x840, 647:840, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 889e96a094b5834⋯.png (37.9 KB, 657x599, 657:599, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 50342074d1d346f⋯.png (57.12 KB, 653x922, 653:922, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0a7f4b578ff6b03⋯.png (63.3 KB, 670x906, 335:453, ClipboardImage.png)

Nancy Pelosi Measures House’s Drapes from the Hamptons at Elite Soiree with Globalist Power Brokers

From the Hamptons on Long Island, New York, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is already plotting exactly what she intends to do should the House majority swing the Democrats’ way in November.

Instead of focusing on the needs of American workers and policy objectives for the United States on Labor Day weekend, Pelosi was “spotted,” along with Senate Democratic Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), at a glorious gathering this Labor Day weekend in East Hampton hosted by Discovery Inc. CEO David Zaslav.

Per Politico’s Playbook email, Pelosi and Schumer were hardly the only leftist stars at the power-studded event: Oprah Winfrey, the successful talk show host and potential 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, as well as media elites like Katie Couric, ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, NBC’s Savannah Guthrie, and The View co-host Joy Behar were there.

It’s not just media elites that Pelosi and Schumer were palling around with in the Hamptons this weekend. Also present, per Politico Playbook, was Goldman Sachs CEO and chairman Lloyd Blankfein–who still has not faced any consequences for his role in the financial crisis of 2008 despite apologizing for doing things he admitted were “wrong.” Blankfein was not the only Wall Street banking executive present: His heir apparent, David Solomon, was there too. Venture capitalist Alan Patricof was at the party as well, per Politico.

They did not leave entertainment elites out of this gathering, either. Tony Award-winning and Pulitzer Prize-winning Broadway producer Daryl Roth was at the ritzy gathering, as was Goodfellas co-screenwriter Nick Pileggi.

Television personality Martha Stewart, who was convicted a decade ago on insider trading charges and served several months in federal prison, posted this photo of herself with New England Patriots owner Bob Kraft and Oprah Winfrey at the soiree:


Cont. from images:

President Trump promised in 2016 that the forgotten men and women would be brought back into the economy. Now the July employment numbers, released Friday, confirm that those who have been left behind over the past two decades are beginning to find their places in their search for the American Dream.

America is getting back to work.

July 2018 marked the second-lowest number of unemployed Americans since before 9/11 in May of 2001, dropping to 6.28 million – 284,000 fewer that in the previous month.

What makes this low number of unemployed particularly impressive is that the total noninstitutional population has increased by more than 43 million since May 2001.

There are still two full months and a handful of days left between now and the election. Pelosi may want to be more careful in her planning in case Republicans, as many of them like to say they will, “defy history” and hold the House majority. If that happens, all her careful planning will be for naught–and she will have wasted all that precious time of all these elites she is hanging around with in the Hamptons.

27262f  No.2862862


That's around the time Atlantis fell. 12,000-13,000 years ago

8dd089  No.2862863


I can name you a couple of dozen of YT channels that deal with Q decently (and probably another 100 who are iffy). Gotta be more specific if you want a particular channel name.

81530d  No.2862864

File: 4b3657983463a42⋯.png (551.16 KB, 605x583, 55:53, Dubya.png)

Is this guy even ever sober?


88d8bd  No.2862865

File: ce94786bf7bfe88⋯.png (259.2 KB, 500x984, 125:246, iso-national-socialist-org….png)

File: 4cb233d44975691⋯.jpg (84.66 KB, 1080x1205, 216:241, neolibtardspaceballslogic.jpg)

File: f3419cb690ebe26⋯.png (48.1 KB, 500x434, 250:217, resist-fascism-and-leberal….png)

i am gonna go eat some sushi on food stamps whilst this devil nonsense gets composted

3cd43a  No.2862866

File: e10c7a71bfcf9d6⋯.jpeg (474.36 KB, 640x783, 640:783, B26CEED9-3039-4BE4-B7AF-8….jpeg)

File: 387df64eca8550f⋯.jpeg (25.46 KB, 640x120, 16:3, A733802C-A5BF-4A15-B679-E….jpeg)

725006  No.2862867

File: 4c354497b8f9010⋯.png (398.49 KB, 1271x445, 1271:445, ClipboardImage.png)

6fc0ed  No.2862868

LMAO. Didn’t take you faggots very long to expose yourselves

ee6593  No.2862869


Yep. some next level shit

538cb3  No.2862870


You need to find a way to blame this on Teresa of Avila or Saint Cyril m8.

9deaa9  No.2862871


Nope! But I've recently read most of a book on time-theory! That's when it REALLY started getting out of hand. It has sort of stabilized since then, though, thank fuck!

How are you holding up?

0352e1  No.2862872

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I wonder how all these elites like us Deplorables Now??


be2a73  No.2862873


Shrub has jungle fever

88d8bd  No.2862874

File: ef1976c2f8bf681⋯.png (132.77 KB, 500x522, 250:261, scottsmind-a-tankie-with-f….png)

File: b612e8a49412159⋯.png (38.29 KB, 500x478, 250:239, tankie-gang-traditionalist….png)

9f40e7  No.2862875

File: 57809ed4380a816⋯.png (783.2 KB, 1792x967, 1792:967, Q-Clock No Name Heart Atta….png)

On the Q-Clock

No Name did not depart on his own terms - :Heart attacks can be deadly

It seems we overlooked a very crucial crumb from January 27th…

:Heart attacks can be deadly


The date is mirrored exactly to the day of his death; August 25th.

Further statements by Q:

A world w/o this man is a world better off.

[He did not depart on his own terms]

Q told us back on January 27th that No Name would be killed by a 'heart attack' on August 25th!

And I don't think it was a spontaneous one.

8c19b6  No.2862876

Early Notable Call

Any updates?

#3619 Baker Change

>>2862465 ClockFag Update

>>2862538 6 people confirmed on resignation & indictmen

>>2862547 FB & IG Down for Users Worldwide

>>2862652 Afghan government in most serious crisis since end of Taliban Reign

>>2862697 'Strange disappearance' of Wikileaks consultant and associate of Julian Assange is investigated in Norway

>>2862836 Sexual Abuse Allegations Rock Nebraska Catholic Diocese

2a72ef  No.2862877


get me a roll$, tank is cool.

c23ed3  No.2862878


anyone ever give thought to the Black Knight being the All Seeing Eye?

just curious…

d51ab1  No.2862879


Most of the symbols were not evil before they perverted them. Swastika. Rainbow. Cross. Light

3992d9  No.2862880

File: 6c1d4680bde0ebd⋯.jpg (53.02 KB, 522x500, 261:250, pain_.jpg)

File: da7c6797c2a48f6⋯.jpg (54.55 KB, 522x500, 261:250, pain_now.jpg)

fc8ea0  No.2862881

00b3bd  No.2862882

cd0fdf  No.2862883


You have a fundamental misunderstanding of what the Cabal wanted to do with "white people" but don't let that ruin your narrative.

333b0a  No.2862884

File: a05aa8c590dc8ef⋯.jpg (49.59 KB, 473x395, 473:395, ATIW.JPG)

4823a4  No.2862885

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The most important lyric in the Dink song about Smokin' Joe Biden

"The power to drive people to suicide by mind control."

In the background and hard to hear but is said twice

Min 1:15


88d8bd  No.2862886

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

5990fb  No.2862887


Nancy should not be measuring for drapes, because it’s “curtains” for her I’m afraid…

955161  No.2862888

File: 03111b6950a9270⋯.jpg (60.66 KB, 736x807, 736:807, Strange Things.jpg)

File: 2cc90ca69ba7d1d⋯.png (376.88 KB, 1784x546, 892:273, Q - Coincidence 2.png)

File: 4ae90a5b1706054⋯.png (695.89 KB, 1566x614, 783:307, Q - COINCIDENCE.png)

File: 9da37522c32d294⋯.png (509.04 KB, 1797x816, 599:272, Q - River of Time.png)

File: 690cfb1f1abb176⋯.png (238.95 KB, 683x783, 683:783, Symbolism.png)


>Can confirm. Time has been acting very fucking strange lately, to say the least!


>There are no coincidences.

212671  No.2862889

File: 93dc034e57a3622⋯.jpg (120.52 KB, 697x583, 697:583, SB.jpg)

File: 059f0a6144329d9⋯.jpg (158.8 KB, 850x479, 850:479, john-kerry-and-the-church-….jpg)

File: fac446bb9b6d122⋯.jpg (435.06 KB, 1000x691, 1000:691, halloween-reading-anton-la….jpg)

File: 89da5467251f59a⋯.jpg (25.21 KB, 541x379, 541:379, 4monthsoldStantonApril1978….jpg)

d74f43  No.2862890


I think W would be a lot more popular if he went back to the bottle and started chasing skirt again

b50eae  No.2862891


What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I've been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I'm the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You're fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that's just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little "clever" comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn't, you didn't, and now you're paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You're fucking dead, kiddo. I don’t give a fuck who you are or where you live. You can count on me to be there to bring your fucking life to a hellish end. I’ll put you in so much fucking pain that it’ll make Jesus being nailed to a cross in the desert look like a fucking back massage on a tropical island. I don’t give a fuck how many reps you have or how tough you are IRL, how well you can fight, or how many fucking guns you own to protect yourself. I’ll fucking show up at your house when you aren’t home. I’ll turn all the lights on in your house, leave all the water running, open your fridge door and not close it, and turn your gas stove burners on and let them waste gas. You’re going to start stressing the fuck out, your blood pressure will triple, and you’ll have a fucking heart attack. You’ll go to the hospital for a heart operation, and the last thing you’ll see when you’re being put under in the operating room is me hovering above you, dressed like a doctor. When you wake up after being operated on, wondering what ticking time bomb is in your chest waiting to go off. You’ll recover fully from your heart surgery. And when you walk out the front door of the hospital to go home I’ll run you over with my fucking car out of no where and kill you. I just want you to know how easily I could fucking destroy your pathetic excuse of a life, but how I’d rather go to a great fuckng length to make sure your last remaining days are spent in a living, breathing fucking hell. It’s too late to save yourself, but don’t bother committing suicide either… I’ll fucking resuscitate you and kill you again myself you bitch-faced phaggot. Welcome to hell, population: you

ab2166  No.2862892

File: f5be38a07fec5f4⋯.jpg (813.2 KB, 989x3556, 989:3556, e_bot&flat_tards&muh_joos_….jpg)

File: 355007188759cdc⋯.jpg (3.19 MB, 5760x4715, 1152:943, FE&MUHJOOS_PAY_ATTENTION.jpg)

File: 2069c60474e7cb5⋯.jpg (3.89 MB, 5760x4544, 90:71, FlatEarth&MuhJoosSittingIn….jpg)

File: 95fce80ad44725b⋯.jpg (1.56 MB, 1793x900, 1793:900, ThePostThatGotAFLBRemovedB….jpg)


I mean if you don't know that I was a mod when qresearch was great you've got to lurk moar.


7ba471  No.2862893

File: 4ecbc3bcedb6e97⋯.png (70.27 KB, 625x626, 625:626, anybait.png)


My initial suspicion was correct. You're not a mod. You are a fucking larp, bitch. → >>2862840

That screenshot is from right before you got outed, and proves nothing we didn't aalready know.

Fuck you.

67b0a1  No.2862894

File: b0018570960aed8⋯.jpg (121.24 KB, 1712x569, 1712:569, Response from the CCC 10.7….JPG)

1a6e14  No.2862895

File: cc654de85e0d8e6⋯.png (247.39 KB, 664x950, 332:475, 03F29991-4352-4F78-99BF-45….png)

88d8bd  No.2862896

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

632bdd  No.2862897


bush with the jungler fever haha

538cb3  No.2862899


Look at them. See the terror? They fear us! lol

do they fuck. what have they been told?

0ca3a9  No.2862900

File: 10da56458b14c4f⋯.jpg (24.16 KB, 498x343, 498:343, TWAP-OJ.jpg)

File: de59f7d76952996⋯.jpg (248.24 KB, 278x304, 139:152, JOR2.jpg)

File: 21109e6e14c0b7d⋯.png (143.5 KB, 369x419, 369:419, JJ2.png)


Could be a symbol for this, but that's speculation only.

caaaeb  No.2862901


Like em both

ef9298  No.2862902

File: d39d4d3864f3e60⋯.jpg (878.16 KB, 2560x1600, 8:5, IMG_047.jpg)

88d8bd  No.2862903

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

eb9294  No.2862904

File: 6d773f499af1640⋯.jpg (13.44 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 6d773f499af16400ad2be3735c….jpg)

File: 55d4ed79bc4a58e⋯.jpg (92.03 KB, 508x500, 127:125, Chicken5.jpg)


Well done, clockfag! Well done.

e93bd5  No.2862905

File: 6667148129d1e40⋯.jpg (96.25 KB, 685x602, 685:602, siggi-hakkari-2.jpg)


It's the Q operation from newest drops

3469f3  No.2862906


You clock fags have a work in progress Q clock pdf just like q proofs and qanon the storm XI?

2a72ef  No.2862907

File: 5087d28495e3e2b⋯.png (35.31 KB, 378x212, 189:106, ClipboardImage.png)

c1e62f  No.2862908


YEAH CHEMTARD That would REALLY Help with the Jets aerodynamics ! God Lord go Fucking Kill yourself before you procreate

d74f43  No.2862909


Pretty good, I don’t pretend to understand our perception of time, I’ve never been able to explain what Time is except it is the experience of an orderly progression of events. Words fail so it is a very odd phenomenon.

0866ab  No.2862910


Another woman picking an abusive man to have a relationship with and who isn't the father of her children. These women are stupid

7e2ea9  No.2862911

Q is a CIA plant you stupid fuckers. Proof is the magic sword post. How fucking stupid can you be?? Q posts free mason symbology as gospel and none of you fuckers question it?? Fucking CULT man. You are a fucking masonic cult.

978979  No.2862912


Not even the original copypasta.

You're a creative nigger.

439d43  No.2862913

File: 40ec2ec49752c1f⋯.jpg (1.63 MB, 1440x1915, 288:383, Follow-the-Wives-1.jpg)

File: 9713d4f0a769967⋯.jpg (201.38 KB, 432x523, 432:523, Follow-the-Wives-2.jpg)

File: 6b84188f376b0fa⋯.jpg (1.17 MB, 1794x1218, 299:203, Follow-the-Wives-3.jpg)

File: 61f4bbb1f88a9f6⋯.jpg (339.04 KB, 600x833, 600:833, Follow-the-Wives-4.jpg)

File: 061c88f96242ebe⋯.jpg (222.49 KB, 600x786, 100:131, Follow-the-Wives-5.jpg)

92bffa  No.2862914

Heading to the basement, pray for me guys. It's bad here.

d07d06  No.2862915


Correction: it's now "[PAYSEURS]".

c23ed3  No.2862916


so sorry anon.

I hope they find her alive.

Prayers for her.

64db03  No.2862917

File: 2f3944e77fc000a⋯.mp4 (1.96 MB, 640x352, 20:11, ‏Tal Schneider טל שניידר ت….mp4)




f9a6a7  No.2862918


Nancy DOES NOT measure for her drapes.

how stupid are anons?

look at her net worth.

look at her age.

you think she decorates her own homes?

FMTT - who posted this shit?

531d43  No.2862919

Q asked us to pray several times, referenced to the bible. POTUS asks for prayers.

Q posted a sword with symbols, used to destroy the people using that very symbols. Needs power to destroy a powerful long established cabal.

And spirituality, believing in the victory and feeling it is an important part imo.

Cabal is likely not using it for no reason (considering they know a lot of the world and hidden tech and such).

ab2166  No.2862920


Blew your load early again..


6d2f80  No.2862921


"Her" dick is bigger than his….do you think he even knows?

7ba471  No.2862922

File: 2780781afc35287⋯.gif (2.4 MB, 460x460, 1:1, 2780781afc35287dd558bc0f04….gif)

1a6e14  No.2862923

File: 6ce92d3767505df⋯.jpeg (33.69 KB, 250x299, 250:299, FBDD38F1-47FD-4F18-A219-C….jpeg)

88d8bd  No.2862924

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

67b0a1  No.2862925


"…because the Australian Goverment is not a unit of public administration…."

d38afe  No.2862926


You mean like when 'the event' announced still hasn't arrived? You're being fucked with, that's all.

6e6271  No.2862927


Follow MOON phase and ' other ' calanders as well

September9/1 Start of WWII9/2 Krishna Janmashtami: Hindu9/5 Labor day - US9/5-9/7 Marriage to the Beast (Satan)9/5-9/19 Pitr Paksha: Hindu 16-day period when spirits visit their descendant’s home9/7 Feast of the Beast, marriage of virgins to Satan (sacrifice)9/9 New Moon9/9 - 9/11 Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year)9/12 - 9/23 Ganesh Charurthi; Hindu: Birth of Lord Ganesha, god of wisdom, prosperity, and good fortune9/13 Grandparents' Day9/14 Shabbat Shuva (between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur)9/19 Yom Kippur9/20-9/21 Midnight Host, vows, blood sacrifice from tip of finger9/22 Fall Equinox9/21 Rituals of the Elements and Feast of the times9/23-10/2 Mysteries of Eleusis9/23 - 9/30 Sukkot9/24 Full Moon9/25 Queen Elizabeth’s birthday (West Australia)9/29 Michaelmas

48d6a5  No.2862928


any anon have video of the pass. whatever that was… i think it was a flash drive

88d8bd  No.2862929

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

f1b23d  No.2862930


you around…?

is it possible for you to explain what I found digging last night… about POTUS turned me into a concernfag and I really don't want to sit with my obvious fears. If true I can add the info to the other things I 'think' I'm witnessing in his character, weigh it all come to a resolution to sooth my 'concernfag' ass, my heart & soul hopes there is explanation in we the peoples favour.

25yr sober alcoholic, I know BIGLY ppl can find God and make amazing changes in their character and ways.

I've seen some evidence of this in POTUS just from what I knew of him prior, it appears he has had a 'Spiritual Awakening' of some sort.

God directed thinking can break sworn affiliations to masonic brotherhood, bloodline allegiances

888307  No.2862931


He looks like he in luv…kek

cd0fdf  No.2862932


That second part is my original creation.. Still copypasta. he just combined it with the 1st one.

ed2014  No.2862933



Fuck off shillbot

dfbe13  No.2862934


Most definitely. Stay safe.

3745fd  No.2862935

7ba471  No.2862936

File: 9297cb0723c637c⋯.gif (1.39 MB, 400x225, 16:9, 9297cb0723c637c2511690fc59….gif)

c23ed3  No.2862938

File: 69c809d8f4b4770⋯.jpeg (33.09 KB, 255x255, 1:1, illumi_pepe.jpeg)


stellar work Clockfag

88d8bd  No.2862939

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

52885a  No.2862940



97e752  No.2862941


Who cares what anybody does in their personal life

Beards are unattractive. Shave.

1abdbc  No.2862942



22dd0c  No.2862943

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Brits give 98 million £ development aid to India, which invests it in its space program…

Brits have no space program because they can afford none.


India ISRO SECRET Military Space Base in Moon (Chandrayaan 2 Mission):


3ae498  No.2862944


Fuckoff Jagoff. Plenty has been sent to you.

6fc0ed  No.2862945

File: b0c12c7ac34536c⋯.jpeg (74.62 KB, 564x500, 141:125, 75F7E8DB-6CAC-4054-A604-1….jpeg)


Q days

48d6a5  No.2862946

File: 1192896705b2851⋯.jpg (227.57 KB, 942x492, 157:82, MICHAEL copy.jpg)


prayers sent anon be safe

1a6e14  No.2862947

File: b06c76e21e486b0⋯.jpeg (376.55 KB, 1767x1087, 1767:1087, 66E2D09A-70D4-4AF4-BDA8-4….jpeg)

File: d807dad247d4176⋯.png (246.93 KB, 588x646, 294:323, 2E658F1B-6D1B-4129-ACA3-13….png)

538cb3  No.2862948


Then tell us.

d6c9cd  No.2862949


It’s a Thermal Blanket

Swamp Gas

Chunk of Ice

Lens Flare

Optical Conclusion

13 K year old Alien satellite

7e4971  No.2862950



2012 write up when Lord Blackmore talked about it.

531d43  No.2862951


>anyone ever give thought to the Black Knight being the All Seeing Eye?

[Black Knight claimed to be 13,000 yer old satellite of alien/ancient origin - conspiracy th.]

VERY interdasting thought, will let it sink in and dig a little.

88d8bd  No.2862952

File: 2c4ffd941937689⋯.jpg (111.38 KB, 1080x1346, 540:673, 28698842_1858597050880414_….jpg)

File: c3647afdda528e0⋯.jpg (18.82 KB, 255x196, 255:196, advanced.jpg)

File: 82a5f8b3a965588⋯.jpg (78.29 KB, 640x512, 5:4, BANANAPHONE.jpg)

978979  No.2862953


Dumb niggers are stealing copypastas now

9deaa9  No.2862954

File: 23ced37ee12af68⋯.png (1003.03 KB, 800x640, 5:4, f59f4681d074a0f6003997edcb….png)


Oh, I know, Doc. I'm just trying to help people who might be confused as to what is going on! :)

0c3c90  No.2862955

f1b23d  No.2862956


wow tornados that bad where???

cd0fdf  No.2862957

File: e41724c76e64c95⋯.jpg (36.64 KB, 500x437, 500:437, payseurs.jpg)

ee1c20  No.2862958

File: 6422b4773a3af7a⋯.jpg (239.09 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakeningBiggerImagin….jpg)

File: 4b5fa3688c098bc⋯.jpg (286.25 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakeningBiggerImagin….jpg)

File: b50c900ecf19bdd⋯.jpg (129.01 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakeningImagineSizeT….jpg)

File: 7d596e837470c7f⋯.jpg (287.92 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakeningImagineSizeN….jpg)

File: 7ee16bc182930da⋯.jpg (130.55 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakeningImagineSizeN….jpg)


Not exactly, but one day blends into the next and I have to look at the calendar to see what the date and day of the week is. Sometimes if I would guess what day it is, I'm waaay off. Figured it's because plugged into this endless chan for 10 months and it's our life now. Duty station. Our way to contribute to making Earth great again. Also, major curiosity, as to what will unfold and when. Revelations both small and large. When Q first started saying bigger than anybody can imagine, I made some memes (pic related). Then he amplified that and went beyond, on July 1st:

Ask yourself - is this normal?

This is bigger than people can possibly imagine.

Nothing being done?


I can imagine a lot! We, collectively, have imagined a lot!! So exceeding everything we have collectively imagined…….boggles the mind. Inquiring minds want to know!!!

We have all been in a state of suspense for a long time. 2018 WILL be glorious!

3ae498  No.2862959



3c371c  No.2862960


>I mean if you don't know that I was a mod when qresearch was great you've got to lurk moar.


Ladies and Gentlemen allow me to present the Kenny Powers of the chans.

5490f7  No.2862961

File: 48ecfcb45aad064⋯.png (279.2 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, IMG_5722.PNG)

>>2858210 (previous bread, NoName not dead)


So he was already buried before the funeral? What is S R?

d58cd6  No.2862962

File: 67f0f05331d8971⋯.jpg (102.5 KB, 889x499, 889:499, 67f0f05331d897113fb2b6caf4….jpg)


Fuck! not you again. Who sent you those pics you posted??? Sauce????

c23ed3  No.2862964


so tomorrow we should pray God protects us from these evil things.

d07d06  No.2862965


>And spirituality, believing in the victory and feeling it is an important part imo.

>Cabal is likely not using it for no reason (considering they know a lot of the world and hidden tech and such).

AJ says the cabal has to tell us when they're being evil or they can't be evil. That's part of their spiritual doctrine. This has been called "God's law" but it's obvious Satan has to follow it.

Problem is, the way they told us was so fucked up and contorted that they didn't even follow their own religion. Obscure patents and paywall news articles are not "warning your victims".

No wonder their shit went south. No wonder they got a perpetual jail sentence instead of a cool mech suit. They're incompetent morons being walked off to the gallows now. It's hilarious.

19ec97  No.2862966


Those are state court indictments, not /ours/.

7e2ea9  No.2862967


So we are all free masons now??? Stupid CUNT??? Reconcile!

eb9294  No.2862969

File: 5b1863543c43629⋯.jpg (1.28 MB, 2250x2250, 1:1, Snow_White.jpg)

All Snow White posts in one graphic. Save locally for readability.

5a403d  No.2862970

File: 4578e9033351167⋯.png (429.17 KB, 1231x642, 1231:642, ClipboardImage.png)

70 years.

70 fucking years.

im so sick of the bullshit. 70 years of dumbing down our great nation turning us into zombies.

im so done with it all.

Q, i want my water and I want my sky back



67b0a1  No.2862971

File: dc4bc62960e563a⋯.jpg (75.22 KB, 546x650, 21:25, Iran Email.JPG)


88d8bd  No.2862972

File: d8a87dbb5e4b7ce⋯.jpg (84.86 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 20229283_1561438850596237_….jpg)

File: a41386971cc2c80⋯.jpg (132.91 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 25488457_1741638129242974_….jpg)

File: 8e2636b05173e04⋯.jpg (41.98 KB, 528x720, 11:15, a20.jpg)

1560f2  No.2862973


What if.. It wasn't alien. What if who built the pyramids actually knew more than we knew. They put it there? Wouldn't that be something.

531d43  No.2862975


Exactly, 'conspiracy', just like us.

Hidden with different wierd explanations.

2a72ef  No.2862976

File: f074755493117dd⋯.png (132.33 KB, 276x184, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

d74f43  No.2862977


SR : Seth Rich

b7c9f2  No.2862978


Fuckin Roths.

725006  No.2862979

File: 43070b67178b3ea⋯.png (575.49 KB, 586x605, 586:605, ClipboardImage.png)

6fc0ed  No.2862980


You funny. Are all the DERPs in Langley as funny as (((You)))?

b69d3f  No.2862981

File: e586b9888818f05⋯.png (721.24 KB, 1024x759, 1024:759, BBOUSMOH.png)

23f8c4  No.2862982

File: 532b538d91cbbe2⋯.png (37.27 KB, 638x358, 319:179, ClipboardImage.png)


Timestamp in PST

97e752  No.2862983

The Seattle Times

‏Verified account @seattletimes

Sep 2

Billionaire Seahawks owner and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has donated $100,000 to a group aiming to keep Republicans in control of the U.S. House of Representatives. (via @Jim_Brunner)

7ba471  No.2862984


oh kekek

5f148b  No.2862985

File: 87a6a72083ba57b⋯.jpg (325.44 KB, 1080x1067, 1080:1067, Screenshot_20180903-172058….jpg)

Calling out FFs

fc8ea0  No.2862986

File: 293511daee3a682⋯.png (56.42 KB, 615x343, 615:343, 2018-09-03_1521.png)


48d6a5  No.2862987


im not sure where the anon is

looks bad in the south

c6a011  No.2862988

File: 88250e91fa87643⋯.jpg (49.06 KB, 833x478, 833:478, bush cardinal selfie.JPG)


5:05:55 - GWB + the priest/bishop taking a selfie.

and look who's "looking"

5490f7  No.2862989


Referring to NoName and it is R S.. so now we wont get to know bout SR? Has to be a diff RS

5a403d  No.2862990


>Assange WikiLeaks

just another distraction

00b3bd  No.2862991

File: 6f05b3a10e479cf⋯.gif (1.4 MB, 1000x653, 1000:653, 1535429703139.gif)

all ur symbols are belong to us

1abdbc  No.2862992


Eyes On anons. POTUS warning.

207c0a  No.2862993

22dd0c  No.2862994

File: dc55bcf0cfa3e63⋯.jpg (56.99 KB, 620x264, 155:66, allahuakbar.jpg)


ef9298  No.2862995

File: b6c19fae468a106⋯.jpg (774.9 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, IMG_060.jpg)

3cd43a  No.2862996

File: 61ff32015075ddc⋯.png (114.72 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, 20FC9C11-BCDE-4942-97A8-C8….png)

d74f43  No.2862998


Sadly it is the fuckers we have been supporting who are doing the FF chemical shit.

ee1c20  No.2863000



We don't have enough dots to connect into a pattern that makes sense.

5a403d  No.2863001


cant wait to hear the retards crying for innocent people to die just because POTUS doesnt want that.

5490f7  No.2863002


You the man.. START THE CLOCK

9f40e7  No.2863003

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Heart attack gun, available back in 1975…


88d8bd  No.2863004

why does bing have a different trailer for strange brew

that might be a fluctuation in the timeline

must get sushi

be black later https://binged.it/2wBAVlY

00b3bd  No.2863007


on notice

eea8cc  No.2863008


Once you go black…

1a6e14  No.2863009

File: d51750995367797⋯.png (402.02 KB, 768x765, 256:255, 55D9EF72-D9E9-4656-B674-DC….png)

File: edb22925ba7487a⋯.png (144.09 KB, 664x771, 664:771, 604C21A9-289D-47B5-AC29-27….png)

File: 7eb82ff0baad491⋯.png (134.1 KB, 1238x822, 619:411, BC3E1C60-B73B-4894-B1A0-2C….png)

File: 94cc8f58d02d355⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1200x800, 3:2, 2E6559B5-2CE2-4628-9E1A-B6….png)

b69d3f  No.2863010

File: 1017bccde205a5e⋯.png (296 KB, 600x386, 300:193, TRUSTMO.png)

36076a  No.2863011


3:20 - 5:20 be a Zero on the min.

5490f7  No.2863012


Yes we do, go back theough N.K. Playbook!

cb468c  No.2863013


Her loyalties are with WBush … not difficult to figure out which court she's in …

5a403d  No.2863014



You must be knew here. Basically it goes like this, everything that is happening in the MSM or POTUS tweets already happened about 2 weeks ago. Its ssllooww disclosures for normies to not freak the fuck out.

67b0a1  No.2863015

File: c9f89af7714ac93⋯.jpg (191.88 KB, 1688x844, 2:1, Email 1.JPG)

Links to obama, britain and a assasination on a whitehat.

19ec97  No.2863016


Unless it doesnt.

cd0fdf  No.2863017


Trying to get on the winning side?

How much has he donated to democrats, publicly and then unofficially?

1abdbc  No.2863018

BLood boiling. THEy use USA taxpayers money for their evil. This must end.


>Sadly it is the fuckers we have been supporting who are doing the FF chemical shit.

62c334  No.2863019


A Fentanyl spraydown ?

23f8c4  No.2863020

File: 9d64512a634bb02⋯.png (440.48 KB, 639x626, 639:626, ClipboardImage.png)

Not sure if anyone noticed DoD Tweeted #TheMoreYouKnow this morning


5490f7  No.2863021


I always told the cute black chicks once you go white.. you will never again sit right 😉

166fbd  No.2863022


Broadcast Time:

03SEP2018 1806




[141 CHAR]






Sent By:


Submitted By:




ID Media Player Download Receiver Frequency


00:01/04:32 Download UTWENTE 6730


00:00/09:35 Download UTWENTE 11175

9e8776  No.2863023


I remember the rumors about Dubya and Condaleeza Rice.

7bcf58  No.2863024


Wow that sounds like Q !!!

That MIke Pompeo message to Iran

f9a6a7  No.2863025


how much did he donate to the Dems?

they usually donate both ways to cover their asses during any election.

6435d8  No.2863026

ANY FACK 2 this/

black coffeon at arllertien

only officer get the FLAG

919ada  No.2863027


HRC shuffles past not long after.

9523dc  No.2863028



Q team refuses to acknowledge Labor Day: Do they hate global collectivism? Details after next 4am Ministry of Truth drop.

5490f7  No.2863029


They always have, find peace in knowing this ends soon.

97e752  No.2863030

Reminder that Q specifically mentioned that both houses of Congress will be in session tomorrow morning.


:: When Congress returns to session on Tuesday, Republican leaders are looking to keep the government running and confirm Brett Kavanaugh as the next Supreme Court justice.

:: Democrats want to keep the government open, but they also are fighting to derail the nomination of Kavanaugh.

:: Other items Congress looks to address Tuesday are passing a farm bill, renewing federal aviation programs, and grilling social media executives about foreign interference in their operations.

d40cc9  No.2863031


Fkng KEK! I posted in an earlier Bread that I really suspected that the BotBitch was AFLB! The bitch is so fkng obvious! No fkng wonder AFLB SUCKED at being BV & was banning Anons! She/He/Shit thought they were all "Bots" & "clowns"!

That is true mental illness.

c308ff  No.2863032

File: 4189afaba4294d2⋯.jpg (60.32 KB, 961x542, 961:542, womanofathou.JPG)


Woman of a Thousand Years

6435d8  No.2863033


59bcdd  No.2863034

File: 3cc9e05fbb129a1⋯.gif (276.53 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 1529535893384.gif)


Nice. Itaek.

6f66e3  No.2863035

File: c3c5401928deca0⋯.png (61.92 KB, 327x303, 109:101, 2018-09-03_18-23-11.png)

File: c64328da2ccdccc⋯.png (152.89 KB, 325x326, 325:326, 2018-09-03_18-21-38.png)

5072f1  No.2863036

File: f0c7d1f1b1cb94d⋯.png (991.06 KB, 706x484, 353:242, clinton.PNG)

9f40e7  No.2863037


Cover for OPs to take out some clowns.

2024a2  No.2863038

File: 50efc5c03a34157⋯.jpg (52.23 KB, 688x360, 86:45, jeremiah-29-11.jpg)

Believe in a better future Patriots. Believe in yourselves. Trust the plan.

d51ab1  No.2863039


50 Blessing Group?

538cb3  No.2863040


Sorry lies are official policy.

f9a6a7  No.2863041


just so obvious they are all in the same club…

19ec97  No.2863042


Trump is going to fire Sessions and install David Duke as AG and Don Jr. as Asst AG.

00b3bd  No.2863043

File: 84087df87c6a362⋯.jpg (40.79 KB, 641x530, 641:530, 1527847091017.jpg)

1abdbc  No.2863044


Lets hope and pray.

b7c9f2  No.2863045

File: 7242239b6b11d65⋯.jpg (426.68 KB, 1035x821, 1035:821, cia_drug_smuggling.jpg)

File: 654bb0b5f1791a7⋯.jpg (104.72 KB, 866x1280, 433:640, cia_niggers.jpg)

62c334  No.2863046


OK Poppy is on the clock. He's my pick over Biden now.

6fc0ed  No.2863047

File: 571ce93b587365a⋯.png (98.27 KB, 1000x660, 50:33, 0902F993-D7D2-4821-8F06-63….png)


Hahaha. Right we’re Erdogan wants to annex.

ee1c20  No.2863048

File: 07e3d12ced39dee⋯.jpg (203.04 KB, 1165x803, 1165:803, PepeRidgeFarm.jpg)

File: 72fb549d3a23a0c⋯.jpeg (33.91 KB, 500x488, 125:122, Meme Farmer.jpeg)


"knew here"?

Not exactly. You don't know me so YOU must be "knew" here.

dd395a  No.2863049

File: e7a83cdfe5ec77c⋯.png (511.82 KB, 652x603, 652:603, Drudge re NYT Dem Investig….PNG)

File: e930b796a34bd59⋯.png (70.21 KB, 425x891, 425:891, NYT 1 Dem Investigative O….PNG)

File: 727c5bbb6a783b4⋯.png (375.04 KB, 498x890, 249:445, NYT 2 Dem Investigative O….PNG)

File: 8fdbbaa75b59ec6⋯.png (219.05 KB, 432x892, 108:223, NYT 3 Dem Investigative O….PNG)

Democrats, Eyeing a Majority, Prepare an Investigative Onslaught



1abdbc  No.2863050


#1 Poppy

1ea74e  No.2863051


this is getting good

a little ass cover

I knew this turd would float up soon not mentioned

c12d9d  No.2863052


The funniest response was it isn't even dark out yet - going to be an interesting night"

dd395a  No.2863053

File: 65e9c40455d2dbe⋯.png (76.97 KB, 431x883, 431:883, NYT 4 Dem Investigative O….PNG)

File: 4e05e3be901f5c2⋯.png (27.43 KB, 427x380, 427:380, NYT 5 Dem Investigative O….PNG)


Democrats, Eyeing a Majority, Prepare an Investigative Onslaught



ee1c20  No.2863054


OK, 'splain it. There were reactors placed in Syria by Iran…… Uranium went from US → Canada → EU → … ?

Do you think this tweet refers to that, or something else?

c1e62f  No.2863055


Louie Freeh Gave a free to the Clintons back when he was AG ! That douchebag has no clue what he is tweeting about

d6c9cd  No.2863056


That all Good and Dandy but your still an Asshole!

(come back)

Slow Bread

a68ba4  No.2863057

Both [C-3]h[A-5]mbers (House / Senate) in [S-6]ESSION tomorrow.

Where once there was [D-1]ARK

Th[E-2]re is now [L-4]IGHT


cd0fdf  No.2863058

If you're not one of ((them)) you might as well be a person of color who will all be killed off.

Maybe if you are white and have served them well and are strong enough, smart enough, talented enough, you'd likely be spared to be the "house nigger".

Otherwise, you are just another nigger like the rest.

78575c  No.2863059


Just for future reference

You are an anon

Declaring your gender only shows your need for attention

Expect a bunch of tits or get the fuck out responses

If you respond to those requests

It only furthers the evidence that you're an attention whore

Your gender, race, religion and any other identity you assume is irrelevant

You are anon

Or a shill

Either way

Dont fucking separate yourself.

3788e6  No.2863060


Please, keep em coming, young&old boys love seeing them bitches

19ec97  No.2863061