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File: f1711524dc6d851⋯.jpg (8.71 KB, 255x143, 255:143, GENERAL.QresearchGeneral.jpg)

e64f9a  No.2799193

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Q Research supports attacking terrible ideas with better ones. We believe the use of violence only proves a bad argument. We are researchers who deal in open-source information and informed opinion. We neither need nor condone the use of violence in our work here.




Integrity, for in Truth lies Victory.

Q Proofs & Welcome

Welcome to Q Research (README FIRST, THEN PROCEED TO LURK) https://8ch.net/qresearch/welcome.html

Q Plan to Save the World - Video introduction to the Q plan - https://youtu.be/3vw9N96E-aQ

Q - Killing The Mockingbird - (2nd in vid series): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80s5xuvzCtg

The Best of the Best Q Proofs >>1552095, >>>/qproofs/49 SEE FOR YOURSELF

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Q's Latest Posts

Thursday 08.30.18

>>2798328 rt >>2798230 ------------------ "FAKE NEWS"

>>2798162 rt >>2798105 ------------------ (Some) things must remain BURIED.

>>2798106 rt >>2797853 ------------------ All for a conspiracy? Ask yourself, why

>>2797913 rt >>2797858 ------------------ Those who are attacked the most are the BIGGEST threat.

>>2797858 rt >>2797703 ------------------ Spooks are Spooked

>>2797703 ------------------------------------- 2 WaPo's: Notice Any Similarities?

Wednesday 08.29.18

>>2789791 rt >>2789612 ------------------ Pain.png

>>2789612 rt >>2789525 ------------------ Congratulations! (Video: >>2789935 )

>>2789382 ------------------------------------- Rep Louie Gohmert tweet (Link & Statement: >>2789461, >>2789423 )

>>2788780 ------------------------------------- Nothing to See Here (Video: >>2789219 )

>>2787658 ------------------------------------- Reconcile the stories

>>2786552 ------------------------------------- Shall we play a game?

>>2785418 ------------------------------------- [BO] Interview Dates

>>2784843 rt >>2784812 ------------------ Hannity YouTube Link

>>2784740 rt >>2784450 ------------------ Logical thinking!

>>2784281 rt >>2784197 ------------------ Notice those stated as “cooperating” are called before the House…

>>2784197 ------------------------------------- Do you notice a PATTERN?

>>2783836 ------------------------------------- Nothing to See Here. (GOOG “QAnon” yields 3.85M results)

>>2783126 rt >>2783116 ------------------ Error not intended. (re: missing “r” in “server” in >>2783065 )

>>2783065 rt >>2783014 ------------------ Think Server Access [granted]

>>2783014 ------------------------------------- (Articles on Chinese hacking and Nunes visiting UK)

>>2779677 rt >>2779165 ------------------ What if a paper-trail exists...

>>2779256 rt >>2779241 ------------------ Error made. Long Day

>>2779241 rt >>2779165 ------------------ 1 = 1? 1 = 0? Evidence of an ongoing investigation…..

>>2779165 rt >>2779059 ------------------ How might this OPEN THE DOOR to [WEINER] / [Huma] / [HRC]?

>>2779059 ------------------------------------- POTUS Tweet. BIG Statement. What's coming?

Tuesday 08.28.18

Compiled here: >>2783629

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Dealing with Clowns & Shills

>>2322789, >>2323031 How To Quickly Spot A Clown

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are not endorsements


>>2653167 BO's reminder to ignore shills

>>2462073 1986 U.S. District Court Dost test sets guidelines for No CP images

>>2327065 How to filter gore spam >>2334211 (new: Add into [Options] -> Theme)


>>2799045 Moar Investigating John McCain's Tragedy at Sea

>>2799184 #3537


>>2798132 Another guess re: [Snowden2]–SUV crash outside NSA

>>2798012, >>2798056 [Snowden2] Relevant Q drop? Shadow Brokers

>>2798065 Re: Q drop, what about this spook? Joshua Adam Schulte

>>2798348 #3535


>>2797080 A nomination & a 2nd: J-version of "What did you just fkn say about me?"

>>2797067 Scotland Resignation: Fmr 1st Minister Salmond leaving the Party bc the sex

>>2797047 Anon's take: chans are true open discourse, plebbit is Narcissist democracy

>>2797022 What's this? Pope Francis facing calls to resign over sex abuse scandals

>>2796989, >>2797010 Counterpunch in a bikini: Meet Tranny Khanny of London

>>2796973 Bannon: Big Tech's data should be seized and put in a "public trust."

>>2796947 Possible sanctions for the Russia-Armenia-Iran axis

>>2796917 Cali Man Charged with Making Violent Threats v. Boston Globe Employees

>>2796845 "Smokin' Joe" Biden: The Hill thinks Dems will run a white guy, pfft

>>2796835 LOL. Goog/Esquire: Shut it Down! QAnon destroys relationships!

>>2797574 #3534


>>2796619 Don't Unfollow me, Bro! Twitter tests personalized unfollow tips

>>2796193, >>2796592 Optics of DOJ&FBI no confidence setup for mil tribunals?

>>2796272 Moar Payseur: married into Beatty family, Harvard & C_A

>>2796115, >>2796517 Moar Morning Tidings from @DJT: "Nellie Ohr... Collusion!"

>>2796102 Breakdown: Dir. Of Nat'l Intel Tonya Ugoretz, directed CTIIC 2016

>>2796088, >>2796093 NM DA subpoena'd 94 phone records w/o Judge approval

>>2796084 Jim Jordon's Accuser of Covering of Sexual Misconduct is crank caller

>>2796065 Soros Tryin'a Get Voting Data from Michigan. Who dis punk think he is?

>>2796782 #3533


>>2795972 Q saying whoever took down helo pilot Green over Roth estate liquidated?

>>2795874 French TV Shocks - 12 Muslims Arrested For Kidnap, Torture, Rape Of Young Gir

>>2795562, >>2795565, >>2795742 Side-by-side: Q drop 1995 same yr. Dink song charted

>>2795484, >>2795521, >>2795524, >>2795924 Good Morning fr @DJT: (((CNN/NBC))) BTFO'd

>>2795515 Oh Snap! (((Roths))) Jr.: POTUS "conspiracy theorist," Jr. "White Nationalist"

>>2795409 Um. Duh: Sanctuary City Foreigners More Likely to Register Dem than Rep

>>2795340 Resignåtiøns in Nørwåy: Progress Party Ministers Solvik-Olsen and Søviknes

>>2795334 Two Trolls are better than One. James Woods and DJT Jr. Slam MSM Thot

>>2795315 Connecting 11.29.2017 Qdrop "Where is BO" with today's Ohr I'view list

>>2795309 Florida's Fork-tongued Rick Scott praises POTUS in Engl, slams in Espanol

>>2795286, >>2795300, >>2795308 Iran sweeping up "dozens of spies" incl an Israeli

>>2795260, >>2795282 Lewis Cass Payseur & America's founding (weak sauce tho)

>>2795289 Side-by-side Qdrop 1984 and Kanye's 1984 twat

>>2796005 #3532


>>2795117 NY: Gov. Cuomo Suspends Weinstein Investig'n AND gets $25k. Coincidence

>>2795023, >>2794994 Anon's Take on Why NBC Pushing China Hacking US Gov Emails

>>2795035 Someone already censored out the QAnon from Dink's Wiki. Press F.

>>2794796 Commie Cali Gov. Jerry Brown Pardons Anti-ICE Activist so No Deport

>>2794794, >>2794806 Left Says Trump's Presidency can be Annulled--can tables turn?

>>2794650 Kek: NY Dem-Socialist Julia Salazar Lied About Being Jewish Immigrant?

>>2794606 Grrrr: 3 Muslim Extremists from NM Compound Released on Technicality

>>2794579, >>2794848 NZ: FVEY allies want to censor porn & "violent extremists"

>>2794563, >>2794565 Mark Meadows & Andre celebrate US Economy's +4.2% 2nd Qtr

>>2794499 Chutzpah up to 11: Feinstein saying POTUS made Cohen do a felony

>>2796797 #3531

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e64f9a  No.2799241

File: 32d217a83f3eb32⋯.jpg (14.74 KB, 255x243, 85:81, TrumpHRCBarracudaFishFood.jpg)

Baker Requesting Handoff

dough https://pastebin.com/y6SYGBcJ

9a8150  No.2799242

Q we are not free if at the end of this we still do not know the truth. How can we come out of one dictatorship and trust we are not in another? If we can not get full disclosure you are asking us to TRUST you?

After all we have learned? Trust is not a thing we can give easily. Look where trust got us before. On the dinner plate.

Give up the goods. The World is safer with less lies and secrets.

ba7133  No.2799243

>>2799224 lb

Warmonger found

The full TRUTH can't come out until the WW assets are neutralised as well.

Revealing too early will kill the whole operation.

60b710  No.2799244

File: a126bc43bf88b91⋯.jpg (165.77 KB, 1200x1750, 24:35, 4rdobkzoo8j11.jpg)

TY, Baker!

06ee87  No.2799246

>>2799195 (lb)

Dont be purposely idiotic. People asking for full disclosure aren't talking about national security issues. Q knows exactly what we are asking for. Obviously, you dont.

e316c9  No.2799247

>>2798745 (lb)

Nope. [He did not depart on his own terms]>>2798745

f3cede  No.2799248

no answer is an answer too

if what i did was for nothing

that what the heck i'm doing here?

Q, i know you are aware of anons kent massacre dig

thank you for nothing, shill hellhole continues, i guess.

0fba19  No.2799249


ThanQ Baker

609f95  No.2799250

File: 8fbd1fbe5e92b8b⋯.jpg (27.08 KB, 255x239, 255:239, the frogs.jpg)

Thank you baker.

b4add9  No.2799251

File: 64c90402072fe59⋯.jpg (1.34 MB, 2560x1600, 8:5, IMG_098.jpg)

bdb2f4  No.2799252



19c592  No.2799253


Q preset the parameters

i do not ever remember consenting to them

you think anons will stop? really?

im thinking 90-10 people at this point

NAFTA was renegotiated. it was a bad deal

c3a54d  No.2799254


>Notice any similarities?

Yes, I do. Both links want money for me to read it. No can do.

ee4803  No.2799255

>>2797080 pb

Does anybody in NYC remember that old joke -

what's the difference between a schmuck and a schlmiel? I remember some Jewish co-workers laughing hysterically.

btw - schmuck and putz is Yiddish for benis.

bbfe37  No.2799256

File: 0768a5792721c54⋯.jpg (68.87 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, 1E00C99.jpg)

Boobs for the Baker!

Boobs for Victory!

af726e  No.2799257

Potential Notable Podcast for Narrative Flip

Attempts to link Unite the Right via influence campaign to basically every flavor of the "Alt-Right" and any anti-immigration / globalist movement. Jargon drops to sway normies.

Robert Evans of Cracked.com


e6bf87  No.2799258

Q just told us we are loser goy who can't handle truth


We will never be worthy of you or your Jewish overlords

bb9963  No.2799259

>>2798966 lb

Hello. Been watching you for almost a year now. And its taken all that time to consider even trusting you.

But one thing you all make very clear is the safety of humanity while trying to do it is what you are doing.

Thank You for knowing at this time humanity doesn't need all the disturbing details.

What we need to know is that there are disturbing details and these people need to be removed from our Society and we the people need to put the pressure on.

2dfb47  No.2799260

Watching John McCain.

Message Sent.

They are being MUCH more professional today.

Flag is on casket properly, burly guys are doing the work, and it is much more respectful than it was the first time.


7e3e98  No.2799261


Anyone “excluded” from micCAIN

- the Cain of “CAIN and Abel” FUNERAL

should feel HONORED.

Genesis 4:6-12

“The Lord said to CAIN ‘Why are you angry? Why is your face downcast? ... SIN is crouching at your door, it desires to have you...’

Then the Lord said ‘What have you done? Listen, your Brother’s blood cries out to me from the ground. Now you are under a curse...you are a RESTLESS wanderer.’ “

a73287  No.2799262

well at least he got that shit out the way…

33c959  No.2799263

>>2798966 lb

So apparently… we can't handle the truth.

b4add9  No.2799264

File: 73dd232575a5d41⋯.jpg (530.06 KB, 1200x1726, 600:863, IMG_092.jpg)

e316c9  No.2799265


Leave the email field BLANK.

7e450e  No.2799266

>>2798966 (pb)

Full truth is available to those who seek it. That's how we all got here.

354d6f  No.2799267

File: 6038c7707c6a0d5⋯.png (39.12 KB, 663x283, 663:283, DJTtwat-083018CNNisdone.png)


511735  No.2799268



f3e596  No.2799269

File: 2222f0f71151eb2⋯.webm (9.99 MB, 320x240, 4:3, JFK - The Speech That Kil….webm)

The very word "secrecy" is repugnant in a free and open society;

28d738  No.2799270

File: 4332287d60a7b3b⋯.png (758.73 KB, 674x883, 674:883, eaf1ed7d-024c-9e36-76ce-8b….png)

File: 741602dfbd57bd2⋯.jpg (339.89 KB, 882x731, 882:731, 741602dfbd57bd20c7c96db5f5….jpg)

On Breitbart Jan. 12, the day before the early morning Hawaii false flag missile attack:

Testimony: John McCain Associate Initiated Contact with Ex-Spy Steele to Obtain Trump Dossier

455edf  No.2799271


#2018 Will be GLORIOUS.


a73287  No.2799272

File: 7d955ae22b7ccb3⋯.jpg (24.71 KB, 474x237, 2:1, thBHOC23D1.jpg)

a75a6f  No.2799273

Since we all love JFK so much, and you guys pray to him everyday…

“The very word “secrecy” is repugnant in a free and open society” - JFK.

We the people demand full disclosure. If full disclosure would start a war, then you haven’t done the whole job. Tie up all the loose ends and disclose ALL.

f3cede  No.2799274

File: 5e281cf62948cdb⋯.png (218.21 KB, 736x377, 736:377, SFGHJ.PNG)

File: c09c4ae2bd8b578⋯.png (505.22 KB, 1166x671, 106:61, 4.PNG)

File: f6bbbd351677967⋯.jpg (30.08 KB, 249x407, 249:407, 53f5f053836e7fc3fa90619b2a….jpg)

File: fbb9470d92a8e8c⋯.png (787.6 KB, 1148x671, 1148:671, 9.PNG)

absolute for nothing

was für eine dumme scheiße

fick diesen mist doch

69b18e  No.2799275


You lied to us. You said no deals. Letting that piece of filth given a hero’s funeral in a huge blow to anons. My own mother got invited to go today to his funeral and she thinks it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Don’t do this to us Q. We need 100%

979f79  No.2799276

Was the WaPo Poll connected to Q's Google 'Qanon' search results crumb yesterday ?

d5f5f6  No.2799277


the fear mongering national security cover up shall continue. fear pushed by the elite to keep us disarmed mentally. you cannot expect anyone to trust anyone if this is the fucking plan. trust the lie. this is madness if you think we are going to let you people teach our children lies. this isn't over by any means.

8f6bb0  No.2799278

File: 9156506764d3497⋯.png (254.72 KB, 720x493, 720:493, 20180830_115722.png)

The Master

637eae  No.2799279

Sorry for previous rants Q.

We get what you mean now.

UK acts of war, etc. HOLLOW EARTH.

We will get full transparency but it must come in right order.

a7de34  No.2799280


Maybe Q is Jewish and you're so butthurt you can't deal with it. Wouldn't that be funny!!!!

Deal with it. Or leave

74c30e  No.2799281

File: 565baaf7330d877⋯.png (29.08 KB, 608x236, 152:59, AQ21.PNG)


CNN is working frantically to find their “source.” Look hard because it doesn’t exist. Whatever was left of CNN’s credibility is now gone!

b4c9c5  No.2799282

how could any REAL autist, anon, or lurker

actually talk about EXPOSING THE TRUTH

when a guy named RIchard Russell IRL

-takes off in a Q400 and does a barrell roll (links to Beverly Eckhart)

-flight path points to islands (links to strange research, 1 of many is Orca Island billionaire Oprah, Q even references these islands post RR IRL)

-there happens to be a senator RichardRussel (((a segragationist democrat))) getting attention after NoName execution


come on



really ?

can you handle the truth ?

340b82  No.2799283


Would be nice…Something that makes the MEDIA EXPLODE

89ce3d  No.2799284

Look at republicans that arnt seeking reelection.

They were given a choice. Step down or get exposed.

McStain had similar choice but at least he was executed.

Trumps preserving the Republican party somewhat.

ba7133  No.2799285

File: bea6cd5a910d2b3⋯.jpg (342.76 KB, 800x533, 800:533, dreamstime_s_45811326[1].jpg)


a87566  No.2799286

Don't forget it was McStain's aide who was contacting IRS to over-audit conservative groups

a4c95f  No.2799287

File: 32f8f2e34d2cca4⋯.jpg (1.8 MB, 1830x2991, 610:997, qpopeterriblemay.jpg)

File: e10b493b2832f4f⋯.png (31.52 KB, 748x152, 187:38, Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at ….png)

File: 2cd69b3f0217d50⋯.png (144.9 KB, 722x269, 722:269, Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at ….png)

File: 167440f6a72d2dc⋯.png (22.45 KB, 690x127, 690:127, Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at ….png)


september - may connections

september may romance = a relationship where one partner is significantly older than the other

labor day… may 1st or first monday in september

pope terrible may is actually a terrible september

e7ed77  No.2799288


Everything stated has meaning.

What is the significance of Nellie Ohr being fluent in Russian?

Is Russian a common language to learn?

Why might this language be studied?

What position might this language be useful?

The FARM requires select skill-sets.


7ccec8  No.2799289

apologies if already covered. Here we go again….

FBI arrests man who threatened Boston Globe reporters over editorial critical of Trump


601386  No.2799291

Q team,

Will lose some more anons in the coming weeks.

Some of us have been waiting for truths to drop since long before   Q came around and have been in hair trigger mode since last November.

If no public reveal is coming but just more info about hidden crimes that will not be prosecuted, then this would be a good time to step back.

90f416  No.2799292



368e99  No.2799293

>>2799202 (pb)

LARP is the wrong term. It's a zionist-data-science-psyop of the time-distraction, limited-hangout type.

aba27d  No.2799294

Truth above all. Fuck things remaining buried. If there is no truth nothing matters. Thall shalt not bear false witness. God wins right? Explain your reasons for hiding the truth to the mighty one cause it's just more fuckery to me

46e32e  No.2799295

No Name DID NOT DEPART ON HIS OWN TERMS. You anons that aren't shills and demanding something from Q need to take a cold shower. You shills demanding 100000000% truth need to find a new tactic.

It's not working.

894ab8  No.2799296

Anons, things must remain BURIED!

The US pop and anons as well, are not smart/rational enough to handle the full truth. Trust us to decide what truths to tell you, it's for your own good. We will tell the truth about some things and shine a light but on others we will let everyone continue believing the same lies they have for decades. Disclosure will not happen, we know what's good for you people. Trust us, you couldn't handle it.

Not a shill, but that's what it sounds like to me. I've heard it before.

4de81a  No.2799297


>fluent in Russian?


bbfe37  No.2799298


It wasn't a deal. It was a choice of punishments.

aefa23  No.2799299


>>2799203 (LB)




945c28  No.2799300


Long time clown

fca98c  No.2799301

>>2798923 (lb)


Vengeance belongs to the LORD (wholly, & He

always delivers.)

We just take part as instruments of humanity,

to deliver the Punishment where able.

e46fe9  No.2799302


Who gives a fuck when you admit that you're not going to tell us the truth anyway?

3d4c9b  No.2799303

File: c02598ef7926df7⋯.png (20.23 KB, 658x643, 658:643, excellence in shitposting ….png)

63c3a0  No.2799304


\thanks boss

9c7114  No.2799305

File: fc44f9dc0bcd3fd⋯.jpg (9.31 KB, 181x255, 181:255, flotusprayer.jpg)



d3ae88  No.2799306

>>2799088 (pb)

State secrets must remain secret.

McStain was in charge of appropriating the military on the Armed (Self) Services committee.

How those dollars were spent and who got it are now buried.

4567a7  No.2799307

File: 7c352ea94267725⋯.jpg (26.69 KB, 255x218, 255:218, nowfagsnow.JPG)

>>2798998 (lb)

>We're with you, Q. Shills pushing 100% full disclosure or "Violence" are not anons that speak for the board.

100% THIS^

Matters of NAT SEC

should NOT be divulged before being declassified at the proper time.

A bunch of CLOWN @Snowdens on the board today, and sliding the board FAST

>>2799246 See above. I still mean what I say. Mixed in with anons who genuienly want to know NOW, are shills pushing the "Q is a larp" for not telling us everything NOW. All of them need to get over themselves

91e453  No.2799308


Why did POTUS halt the release of the Kennedy papers? Are we waiting for others to die?

How many irreplaceable men must we replace before we can know our own history?

98e1bf  No.2799309


Repetition is the most basic form of mind control. Why should we trust "the plan"? Why should we trust that Q is not a psyop?

e64f9a  No.2799310

BV Are you Able to Bake?

I've been baking 12 hrs, I'm exhausted

>>2799249, >>2799250, >>2799244, >>2799256

Ty anons. Ooh, more Q. Here we go.

e96134  No.2799311

who is really pushing reality tv distractions from the real global issues that threaten all humanity.

who is quietly advancing transhumanist agenda, agenda 2030, and the greater israel project while you are all researching the puppet show in DC?





0fba19  No.2799312


To spy!

1f6981  No.2799313


>We will get full transparency but it must come in right order.

how many times must it be stated.

we all get one chance at this.

Never, in our history, has this been attempted.

Patience isn’t always easy.

But vital to get right.

ba7133  No.2799314


Spooks would be fluent in it. Especially those who may have lived in the Cold War era.

a75a6f  No.2799315


Choices sound like a deal to me

f0a99c  No.2799316

>>2798966 prev

Q....But I thought the choice to know would be ours? We MUST know WHO did WHAT and HOW they managed to pull it off so this shit NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN. ANYTHING LESS IS UNACCEPTABLE.

3982a6  No.2799317

File: 48e784becfea3e1⋯.jpg (539.77 KB, 1180x915, 236:183, remember.jpg)

Some things should remain buried . I can see why.

64d202  No.2799318

File: 24ad861ca853b65⋯.png (165.83 KB, 1211x357, 173:51, Screenshot 2018-08-30 at 1….png)

Re: Dink/Green Mind - connected to Kent State Massacre

According to the Kent State Truth Tribunal, the truth is that the FBI caused the massacre as part

of its then-secret COINTELPRO anti-war activism program. Though there was no massacre, the

rest of this theory may be true: the FBI may have been on the scene, assisting with the hoax as


If the FBI hoaxed the massacre, we can simply read mainstream conspiracy theory as fact, except

for the part about the killings being real. In an article titled “Uncovering the Kent State CoverUp”

for Counterpunch, Laurel all but admits that the massacre itself was a hoax:

In 2010, compelling forensic evidence emerged showing that the Federal Bureau of

Investigation (FBI) and the Counter Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO) were the lead

agencies in managing Kent State government operations…

At Kent State… the US federal government, the state of Ohio, and the Ohio National

Guard (ONG) executed their plans to silence antiwar protest in America…

…the US government took complete control of the narrative in the press and ensuing


…The result of these efforts has been a very complicated government cover-up that has

remained intact for more than forty years.1

How refreshingly candid! Of course they are implying that government agencies conspired to

massacre, when the truth is that they conspired to hoax a massacre. But otherwise, we can read

this stuff straight.

According to Dr. Elaine Wellin, an eyewitness to the many events at Kent State leading

up to and including May 4th, there were uniformed and plain-clothes officers potentially

involved in managing the burning of the ROTC building. Wellin was in close proximity

to the building just prior to the burning and saw a person with a walkie-talkie about three

feet from her telling someone on the other end of the communication that they should not

send down the fire truck as the ROTC building was not on fire yet.

Ok, so the burning of the ROTC building—the pretext for calling in the National Guard at Kent

State - was done, without subterfuge, by government agents, with the intention of manufacturing

a crisis. That’s what I would expect in a hoax. Thanks, Laurel!

only days after the Kent State massacre, every weapon that was fired was destroyed, and

all other weapons used at Kent State were gathered by top ONG officers, placed with

other weapons and shipped to Europe for use by North Atlantic Treaty Organization

(NATO), so no weapons used at Kent could be traced.

The above would make sense only if the weapons were never fired. Since there was no dispute

over the number or nature of rounds fired by the National Guard from either side of the conflict,

there’d be no reason to destroy the weapons if the weapons had actually been fired as claimed.

Using the playbook from the Huston Plan, which refers to protesting students as the

“New Left,” the US government employed provocateurs, staged incidents, and enlisted

political leaders…

Here she says the government staged incidents at Kent State. But she doesn’t say how much was

staged, which leaves open the possibility that the entire massacre was staged. That’s what I call


A quick search of “COINTELPRO Kent State” yielded the following useful information about

the leadup to the hoax:

But the Cleveland field office … had continually monitored the campus, as well as all

those in North Ohio, under its COINTELPRO (“Counterintelligence Program: Internal

Security: Disruption of the New Left”). …

…the Bureau went to the Portage County Prosecutor’s Office on March 24, 1970, to

obtain fresh profiles of Howard Emmer, Colin Neiburger, Edward O. Erickson, and

Jeff Powell, the four SDS leaders arrested at Music and Speech the previous year, who

were due to be released on April 29 – the day before Nixon announced the Cambodia

invasion. [five days before the massacre]

On the SDS page at Wikipedia, we find:

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (mainly through its secret COINTELPRO) and other

law enforcement agencies were often exposed as having spies and informers in the


We can simplify this considerably: the SDS, supposedly a national student organization, was

actually run by the FBI through its secret COINTELPRO program. I encourage you to read the

entire SDS Wikipedia page, look away, and then try to summarize what principles SDS stood for,

and what actions it took during its existence. It looks like an ever-shifting incomprehensible

mess of petty political infighting to me. You have to wonder if that was intentional. [It was.]

- from The Kent State Massacre Never Happened

by Anon

637eae  No.2799319



b39248  No.2799320


>Nellie Ohr being fluent in Russian

Nellie Ohr is a RUSSIAN SPY

301b53  No.2799321

File: bd3758f9f2ac2cf⋯.png (831.72 KB, 643x785, 643:785, BoardJesus.png)

File: 8394372cef07a60⋯.png (3.13 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, facesof.png)

File: 406d137147ead22⋯.png (926.76 KB, 1203x840, 401:280, mildlynauseous.png)

File: 9d4143345964a21⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1200x800, 3:2, powerghouls.png)

Jesus Christ, we call on You

We ask that Your Will be done

We ask that the deceivers be exposed

Many are the attacks of the fakers

Insidious the methods

Hidden, the hand of hatred

Shine Your Light Lord Jesus Christ

And blind the eyes of the deceivers

Open the gates of truth where now

Only darkness swirls

We pray that Your Will be done [here]

And everywhere that life struggles towards light.


368e99  No.2799322


Yes, it is a common language to learn. Patriotanon here who was interested in geopolitics, took Russian classes in uni. Doesn't make me a farm(er)

60b710  No.2799323

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ee7cab  No.2799324

Part the Dirac Sea

Or Walk the Planck

bdb2f4  No.2799325



3df76a  No.2799326

File: f8215992336078f⋯.jpg (224.32 KB, 588x548, 147:137, f8215992336078f3b35348a872….jpg)



5889a6  No.2799327

Thank you baker ‍


Always told my children one quote that I’ve had all of my life.

Patience is a virtue learned. It is not a birthright

e316c9  No.2799328

File: 5f3558563decc1d⋯.png (10.95 KB, 463x178, 463:178, Q (43).png)



Need a few red pills for family, friends, and others?

Read the #Memo.

Release coming.

Final clearance underway.

Make sure to learn Russian.


06ee87  No.2799329


Calling everyone shills asking for Truth is not even checkers level understanding. Go practice your chess skills and come back when all this makes more sense and you can tell the difference between shills and trueanons.

f3cede  No.2799330

ganz ehrlich

if this is a larp, it is the biggest derail in human history who needs to get fucked

if this is real, it is actually a threat, no criminals are V& and a fucked up NSA/CIA three letter agency is played here

fuck this shit, fuck the dig's, fuck everything.

f2ad94  No.2799331


I spy with my little eye…

d02f4c  No.2799332


Missing most recent Q again…

1f6981  No.2799333


Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: ee2415 No.97639 📁

Jan 19 2018 17:42:56 (EST)

Need a few red pills for family, friends, and others?

Read the #Memo.

Release coming.

Final clearance underway.

Make sure to learn Russian.


9d8569  No.2799334

0fba19  No.2799335

115327  No.2799336

Why was Palin not invited??

9a8150  No.2799337


Trust got us a Zionist World where they are killing our kids and eating them. Fuck trust is insane after all we have learned. We need the facts we dont need more trust.

2dfb47  No.2799338

File: 2a467b6b7b420ee⋯.jpg (20.78 KB, 283x320, 283:320, 2a467b6b7b420ee0cf8965274f….jpg)






f2ad94  No.2799339


I spy with my little eye…

1b5381  No.2799340

File: 8711730b3a983c1⋯.jpg (54.59 KB, 500x674, 250:337, 2gusv2~2.jpg)

File: 3e3727a7bfe0c31⋯.png (45.57 KB, 480x598, 240:299, Screenshot_2018-08-30-09-3….png)

Q is full of shit!!, now Q is protecting McCain's slaughter of Christian's in the middle east and in the Ukraine.

Q is a LARP faggot.

7f3755  No.2799341

File: 5639925a433a1bc⋯.jpg (960.12 KB, 1920x1202, 960:601, pepe trust the plan 4.jpg)

>>2798966 lb

Morning boss

As much as I would love it all right now, I am with you and the team and the decisions you're making for the reasons you're making them


d5f5f6  No.2799342


FBI covers up Boston Bombing. Please support the FBI. FBI covers up Edgar Madison Welch through their D.C. Arkansas Special Agent. Please trust the FBI.

714f0f  No.2799343


Nellie Ohr is a Russian agent

b823cc  No.2799344

File: d79976c6dff0922⋯.jpeg (126.63 KB, 1440x821, 1440:821, 1532025829.jpeg)

Muh workfag productivity is shot today ..

bbfe37  No.2799345


Intelligence and counterintelligence. The Ham radio was particularly telling – real Cold War style!

The question is, which Russians was she working with?

28d738  No.2799346


no, CIA spook. along with several other wifes of prominent government agents.

7b9f06  No.2799347

File: 14b037458d565df⋯.png (421.18 KB, 660x385, 12:7, ClipboardImage.png)


The 'farm'

71fd78  No.2799348


… i learn russian

66c40e  No.2799349


for all those freaking out about No Name, give it a break! Most of the world is still asleep. Can't just drop on everyone that these people are working hard to take our country down. They are being eased into it, soon the sheeple will look to know more. Its like weight loss… takes time to put it on, time to take it off

d3ae88  No.2799350


Double Agent

f59a8b  No.2799351



Q team, I really hope the situation is under control. It looks like one of their last attempt to provoke a world war.

They are attempting another FF in Syria involving 40 kidnapped children.

Deep State + French gov + UK

Tell me some good guys are going to put a big STOP to this one...

My wife originates from Syria and we are getting so desperate to watch such FF.

e6bf87  No.2799352




f3cede  No.2799353

Q team, you just lost a good digger.

90f416  No.2799354

File: c18862cc49178e0⋯.jpg (30.27 KB, 600x445, 120:89, boobs_131967405869.jpg)


11279a  No.2799355

File: b274869cf0fdd87⋯.jpg (77.51 KB, 481x487, 481:487, iu.jpg)

90817b  No.2799356

File: b81486ff7e649e0⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1800x1800, 1:1, B44DF89C-CC12-4CBA-A953-23….png)

acff8a  No.2799357

File: fc0337f067049ae⋯.jpg (93.08 KB, 564x640, 141:160, 8a1dfb10b16bfb24cf8b59386b….jpg)

46e32e  No.2799358


Because Russia has (had?) the same problems we've had with secret intel groups working with CEOs and politicians to cook up cabal plans.

Can't have a One World Government without some coordination!

945c28  No.2799359

Bruce Ohr and Nellie Ohr are a CIA couple. Married for cover only. Nellie Russian spy and longtime clown

f3e596  No.2799360



listen to this speach

We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it.


d02f4c  No.2799361

File: 6b3fa73d832f98b⋯.gif (201.4 KB, 660x780, 11:13, 6b3fa73d832f98b2b2932b853e….gif)


>>2798966 lb

It's hard on average anons to swallow Q, I understand the "why" of it, many here are only looking for instant gratification, a reset that will give transparency but they don't fully-comprehend the danger of information. It'd be like suddenly standing on the ocean floor, the pressure would crush them.

9cd9c7  No.2799362



This no name paradox isn't going to go away.

Will the truth be revealed in the future?

14949c  No.2799363


You best pay attention


0cd1b8  No.2799364


When can ,we the public see the pain of those traitors?

Big weekend ?

fca98c  No.2799365

File: 0b55e8fa8fd47c4⋯.jpg (104.68 KB, 467x700, 467:700, 40475445_10214796550079649….jpg)





Vengeance belongs to the LORD (wholly, & He

always delivers.)

>We just take part as instruments of humanity,

to deliver the Punishment where able.

e079dd  No.2799366

File: 148e86ffcd6db45⋯.jpg (18.17 KB, 220x324, 55:81, 220px-Animal_Farm_-_1st_ed….jpg)

ec0ef3  No.2799367



I get the feeling the last 2+ days Q posts bombardment was for a few reasons.

1) Because he likes us.

2) To test our stamina both day & night for when the SHTF.

3) To help build our stamina for when the SHTF.

4) To troll the enemy.

5) To assess the level of outreach into the internet that this movement has during a time of rapid info intake/output. As a way to help judge the effectiveness of this unit vs msm etc. when shit starts flying 24/7. That's why he/she sent us a crumb about the qanon Google search.

*I think it's time to gear up boys. Prepare.

9e025a  No.2799368

File: 073ce7eb20e4d9a⋯.png (7.88 KB, 456x164, 114:41, Russian.png)

d76a8a  No.2799369


You need to clarify your McCain statement or else you'll have severe division in this movement

6e5f67  No.2799370


Military grade honor.

Would make a great meme.

(Not Memefag)

6ba2d3  No.2799371

>>2798966 LB LB

would the public understand them trying to start a war?


they have seen it already in movies

YES they would understand

how can you not see that?

tell the truth please

496b1f  No.2799372


Russian is comparably difficult for an English speaker to learn. It would only make sense if the person lived in Russia or communicated with a Russian speaker on a regular basis

ba7133  No.2799373


Q *is* a psyop. Everything about Q is psychological preparation for the Great Awakening. The mirror is that usually psyops are used to decieve, Q is here to reveal.

cfdaca  No.2799374

The plan is not complete. The plan is still in play. Trust the plan. Someone write a book "The Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth! So help US God!"

look we still need to finish making America great. but we all have to remember they're still the rest of the world out there that needs help. So many more deep states that need to be cleaned out. Now is not the time.

51938a  No.2799375

Buried truths are exactly what will destroy the republic. Full transparency is a lie if some truths remain buried.

3ddc2a  No.2799376

File: 84013addecc7b91⋯.png (639.36 KB, 632x760, 79:95, Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at ….png)

59a031  No.2799377

>>2798793 lb

I agree!!!

>>2798966 Q lb


You know best Q!!!

We've trusted your judgment this far, I'm trusting you on this!

World is connected AND it would harm our ability to advance!

88aa67  No.2799378

File: 1027595b3a37854⋯.gif (2.4 MB, 480x480, 1:1, 8B3CA172-AF90-4003-9221-35….gif)

Open your minds Anons.

In order to see a better future you have to become it.

Remove doubt, impatience and fear.

Believe and have hope.

46e32e  No.2799379

File: 53cdab8083fc074⋯.png (622.52 KB, 564x564, 1:1, 53cdab8083fc074ae5a4431e9b….png)



340b82  No.2799380

File: 0e9e8ec2fbb1014⋯.png (108.01 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 8ChanPostFTpng.png)

74c30e  No.2799381

File: 1e507035b4764cb⋯.png (824.28 KB, 998x1117, 998:1117, AResearch.png)


So unless Nellie was our Double-Agent, I think she may have been a plant by someone. Who? Rogue Nation?

1f9e03  No.2799382


Can you confirm a major sex trafficking hub in Youngstown Ohio involving the catholic church, GM, Ford, and ALCOA?

26aa6d  No.2799383

File: 90e905f2db89201⋯.jpg (282.44 KB, 1189x607, 1189:607, Q drop 08302018_2.jpg)

PlatformPros, please get this graphic to your followers, thank you.

bbfe37  No.2799384


Tell that to Kunta Kinte.

63c3a0  No.2799385

File: a43c5818c64a27c⋯.jpg (82.89 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, noruskies.jpg)

d2a494  No.2799386


Good point and theory.

I am still deciphering (Some)

c3e5ba  No.2799387


Simple put, because this thing is not over. You think we've won, we haven't. We are an insurgency. we don't control the narrative. the DS has contingencies (fail-safes). Too much danger.

d987fe  No.2799388

File: 215aa494dce5cf5⋯.png (3.94 MB, 2626x3194, 1313:1597, BANT.png)

File: 55f3bb8ed9295ca⋯.png (92.09 KB, 738x222, 123:37, everytactic.png)

File: 59218b9a45f78bc⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1663x1189, 1663:1189, sheparsisted.png)

File: c9dfc2e6eb870f6⋯.png (27.14 KB, 1439x153, 1439:153, uhhhguys.png)

8chan = fake news

Bot BO = fake news

8 million fake "thanQ baker" posts = fake news

Bots = fake news

BVs = fake news

ee7cab  No.2799389



The plan is in THE LEGAL TRUST



It's referencing the cabal.

7f3755  No.2799390



Spies everywhere.

7e450e  No.2799391


Don't be ridiculous. Anons know by now that this is the only place some truths are revealed. General public won't believe some things ever. Who cares?

85ff3d  No.2799392


We've got both Ohr's in hot water!!

49efa3  No.2799393

HAHA, BURIED =32= The Dog

Also (Some) buried = confirmation

33c959  No.2799394


Cyka Blyat

Do It Q!

368e99  No.2799395

File: 70744f7598e7592⋯.png (154.85 KB, 500x610, 50:61, religion-is-like-crack-if-….png)

2dfb47  No.2799396

File: 221e1e57c9d4989⋯.png (121.18 KB, 652x515, 652:515, sign language fuck you.png)

5536d9  No.2799397


>Make sure to learn Russian.

*Connections intensifying*

340b82  No.2799398

File: 4f3b142e60a92b1⋯.png (166.24 KB, 640x432, 40:27, FireHose.png)

e079dd  No.2799399


Oh shoosh. We got it out last bread. No more.

a03786  No.2799400

>>2798879 lb

there are some things classified, if released, would have detrimental effect on national security

b11fd4  No.2799401

File: 5f1274091b11ed5⋯.jpg (85.89 KB, 600x350, 12:7, 1535210504816.jpg)


"What you have to understand, John, is that sometimes there are forces and events too big, too powerful, with so much at stake for other people or institutions, that you cannot do anything about them, no matter how evil or wrong they are and no matter how dedicated or sincere you are or how much evidence you have. This is simply one of the hard facts of life you have to face."

~ Former CIA director, Cercle member and Opus Dei sympathizer William Colby giving advice to his friend Senator John DeCamp, urging him to cease his investigation into the Franklin child abuse affair and to write a book about his experiences ('The Franklin Coverup', 2nd edition, foreword).

One of the most important reasons for speculation about a network has been Michel Nihoul. This person had been arrested on August 16 after the investigators of Bourlet and Connerotte found out that on August 10, one day after Lelievre and Dutroux had kidnapped Laetitia, Nihoul had supplied Lelievre, free of charge, with 1,000 XTC pills. The original investigators immediately suspected that these pills served as a payment for the kidnapping of Laetitia, suspicions which were only fueled when Nihoul was unable to provide an alibi for August 8 , the day when at least 8 witnesses claim to have seen Nihoul in Bertrix at and around the location where Laetitia would be kidnapped the next day. Additionally, some of these witnesses claimed to have seen Nihoul in the presence of Dutroux (or his van), who was carrying out an initial surveillance that day. Both Dutroux's wife Michele Martin and Michel Lelievre specified that Dutroux, at least in some cases, kidnapped girls according to specific wishes of clients. Martin stated that one of these clients was Michel Nihoul.

"I look at him [inspector De Baets], and I really want to believe him, but somewhere, I know that I will never make it. The people I have known are too powerful, too influential, too untouchable. I realize that; the investigators not yet."

~ Victim-witness Regina Louf (X1) from Belgium describes her thoughts when she first began to testify in secret in September 1996 (1998, 'Zwijgen is voor Daders,' p. 203).

"Imagine, everywhere you hear that story about a blackmail dossier in which organizations of the extreme right are in the possession of pictures and videos on which a number of prominent people in and around Brussels have sex with young girls; minors it is said. The existence of this dossier has always been vehemently denied. Until it was proven that testimonies and videos of this affair indeed were in the possession of the police services. An officer of the judicial police (Marnette, H.G.) denied the existence of these videos, while afterwards this person's superior admitted that they did exist, that they were kept with the judicial police in Brussels, but that they were completely worthless. Strange, because this stuff needs to be deposited with the registrar and not be kept in the possession of some police service. Subsequently, examining magistrate Jean-Marie Schlicker confirms that this dossier does indeed exist, but that he wishes not to give any testimonies about it. The at first non-existing dossier turns out to exist. The videos without substance then turn out to be interesting enough after all to be handed over to the examining magistrate tasked with the investigation into the Gang of Nijvel. But this person subsequently is afraid to testify about that! What do you think that has been going on here?"

ba7133  No.2799402


Don't let the door hit ya on the way out.

If you're such a good digger but can't see his logic, then fuck off.

e75ebb  No.2799403


people digging connections between corrupt government and public officials is a time distraction for autists is bad in what way? Oh, because you'd rather them stop digging and go back to video games. Sure thing, retard.

5889a6  No.2799404


C-a asset to spy

14949c  No.2799405


Shes a kike…probably a Trotskyite

you fucking retard

873782  No.2799406

File: 114961d99f92f5d⋯.png (74.56 KB, 800x546, 400:273, Screenshot_2018-08-30 Dona….png)

cc7e85  No.2799407

File: a86deea968df2d2⋯.jpg (357.31 KB, 1128x750, 188:125, breakinchains.jpg)

>>2798162 lbQ

some things, yes i agree but only things like military ops. the rest needs exposed so this never happens again.

20% hidden sounds great to me.

d2a494  No.2799408


>>2798105 (You)

>>2798183 >>2798191 >>2798203 >>2798209 >>2798210 >>2798214 >>2798216 >>2798221 >>2798224 >>2798227 >>2798229 >>2798233 >>2798234 >>2798235 >>2798236 >>2798239 >>2798241 >>2798243 >>2798246 >>2798247 >>2798250 >>2798251 >>2798257 >>2798258 >>2798261 >>2798262 >>2798267 >>2798268 >>2798269 >>2798270 >>2798282 >>2798290 >>2798293 >>2798300 >>2798304 >>2798307 >>2798311 >>2798319 >>2798323 >>2798324 >>2798325 >>2798326 >>2798327 >>2798333 >>2798334 >>2798343 >>2798345 >>2798349 >>2798352 >>2798357 >>2798360 >>2798363 >>2798364 >>2798365 >>2798369 >>2798373 >>2798375 >>2798382 >>2798394 >>2798396 >>2798399

As I said Q I understand to a point but as I mentioned if those 990 (2002-2018) returns for Hillbilly and McStain foundations just happen to appear in a separate bread on the board by some weird coincidence and maybe published by Lois Lerner it would be a big help to Anon's to uncovering (SOME) of the links to the truth while leading them down different rabbit holes and then people with a half of brain in this country can connect the dots themselves.

Thus the republic in still safely intact and the truth be told. It becomes just another far fetched conspiracy theory by us misfit toys of QANONLAND.

Lois Lerner would have access to those returns because she was involved in approving or disapproving those types of non profits back in the Buckwheat days.

Think of it as her patriotic duty to come back for a day and help the cause. Maybe a deal to do for her to keep her pension?

92c47a  No.2799409


Honored that you would reply to my post.

I have been here since your first post on 4chan and have been your biggest proponent, to the point of being called batshit crazy by family members! They do not see the TRUTH. It's frustrating to know that BAD people get sent off into that goodnight with Patriotic send offs!

My faith in JESUS is my rock. I hope you and your team abide by the same! I have faith in your plan and have trusted since I became aware of it. But, the TRUTH needs to be exposed! Please give as much as possible while still protecting the REPUBLIC!

Thanks again for all that you and your team are doing! God bless you all!

9c7114  No.2799410

File: 2fddb1957baa530⋯.jpg (9.83 KB, 255x133, 255:133, prayerwarrior1.jpg)

File: a63fcc9e7162eb1⋯.jpg (7.94 KB, 255x128, 255:128, prayerwarrior2.jpg)

File: 979ff0e0d0631d5⋯.jpg (13.13 KB, 255x179, 255:179, putinitoutthere.jpg)

44fa70  No.2799411




19 Jan 2018 - 3:42:56 PM

Need a few red pills for family, friends, and others?

Read the #Memo.

Release coming.

Final clearance underway.

Make sure to learn Russian.


8627c5  No.2799412

'nuff said, Nellie was a CIA Operative.

e6a189  No.2799413


>Nazism emphasized German nationalism, including both irredentism and expansionism.

Most of /us/ simply support the "nationalist" aspect here.

In Mein Kampf, Hitler stated that Lebensraum (Expulsion, not extermination) would be acquired in Eastern Europe, especially Russia.

>From 1921 to 1922, Hitler evoked rhetoric of both the achievement of Lebensraum involving the acceptance of a territorially reduced Russia as well as supporting Russian nationals in overthrowing the Bolshevik government and establishing a new Russian government.

Unless you have something good to say about Bolshevism, (You) support this.

>Policy for Lebensraum planned mass expansion of Germany's borders to eastwards of the Ural Mountains.[125][126] Hitler planned for the "surplus" Russian population living west of the Urals to be deported to the east of the Urals.

No different than what we are doing/ have done with Mexicans/Mexico.

>The Nazis described Jews as being a racially mixed group of primarily Near Eastern and Oriental racial types.[146] Because such racial groups were concentrated outside Europe, the Nazis claimed that Jews were "racially alien" to all European peoples and that they did not have deep racial roots in Europe.[146]

Do peoples from different cultural "roots" and backgrounds present the threat of a "culture-clash" if migrating in large numbers? Ask Germany, France and Sweden...

>Günther emphasized Jews' Near Eastern racial heritage.[147] Günther identified the mass conversion of the Khazars to Judaism in the 8th century as creating the two major branches of the Jewish people, those of primarily Near Eastern racial heritage became the Ashkenazi Jews (that he called Eastern Jews) while those of primarily Oriental racial heritage became the Sephardi Jews (that he called Southern Jews).[148] Günther claimed that the Near Eastern type was composed of commercially spirited and artful traders, that the type held strong psychological manipulation skills which aided them in trade.[147] He claimed that the Near Eastern race had been "bred not so much for the conquest and exploitation of nature as it had been for the conquest and exploitation of people".[147] Günther believed that European peoples had a racially motivated aversion to peoples of Near Eastern racial origin and their traits, and as evidence of this he showed multiple examples of depictions of satanic figures with Near Eastern physiognomies in European art.

85% of "Jews" in Israel have ZERO ties to ancient Hebrew DNA. And an overwhelming majority of these Ashkenazi-diaspora rats, are Turkic-Khazars, whether they know it or not. And, they practice Baal-worship, whether they know it or not.

>Hitler declared that racial conflict against Jews was necessary in order to save Germany from suffering under them and he dismissed concerns that the conflict with them was inhumane and unjust:

>"We may be inhumane, but if we rescue Germany we have achieved the greatest deed in the world. We may work injustice, but if we rescue Germany then we have removed the greatest injustice in the world. We may be immoral, but if our people is rescued we have opened the way for morality."[157]

What was Hitler thinking? Everyone knows the Jews are known for being trustworthy and non-disturbing/subversive to nations! .../s

>Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels frequently employed antisemitic rhetoric to underline this view: "The Jew is the enemy and the destroyer of the purity of blood, the conscious destroyer of our race."

Who is pushing that "DIE-versity" agenda again? Who masquerades as "white" while the degrade themselves and their race? You know (((who)))... YouTube "Barbera Lerner Spectre".

>Nazism rejected the Marxist concept of class conflict, and it praised both German capitalists and German workers as essential to the Volksgemeinschaft. Hitler said that “the capitalists have worked their way to the top through their capacity, and as the basis of this selection, which again only proves their higher race, they have a right to lead.”

Those who claim "Nazis are socialists", ignorant to the ideologies of the NSDAP and not understanding the stark distinction drawn between National-Socialism and Marxian-Socialism, make fools of themselves, constantly. This statement FROM THE HORSES MOUTH, hopefully, leaves them BTFO.

f3cede  No.2799414

>dig about massive false flag

>kent massacre

>Q steps in

>just post random shit

>tells anons that they cant handle the full truth

fuck this shit

e29a1c  No.2799415

File: 93fa00538254109⋯.jpg (87.44 KB, 1273x476, 1273:476, Wake up anons.JPG)

File: 291b39070e8dcd2⋯.jpg (8.94 KB, 186x271, 186:271, images (6).jpg)



Q, get your ass out here and resolve this. I’m calling you out as a LARP. Come at me. Remaining silent while anons are jumping ship is an admission of LARP. Been here since OCT fighting for you EVERY step of the way until Hillary leaving the country.






The LARP is researching POTUS schedule and making cryptic comments too vague to be believed one way or another.

Here’ s an example:Q says stuff like: "Watch the water", "Watch the news". "Disinfo is necessary" Trust the Plan” and “Boom” Then Q will posts numbers and letters that make no sense to manipulate us into thinking it is a code.Q tells us to "build the map" Where is it? Best case scenario: Q accidently let anons believe something that wasn’t true and neglected to correct us. Worst case scenario: Q is purposefully telling us things that are not true. Either disinfo is necessary or Q is a larping liar Not to mention the stuff that Q HAS claimed never came true.Boot theory debunked, Atlanta airport debunked. John Legend and Tiegen debunked, Huma indicted debunked, Podesta indicted debunked Hillary arrested debunked, Snowden changing sides debunked "Trump should be shot!" debunked. Loop Capital? GANNETT? The list goes on…Wake up anons

<<The best way to debunk Q is to read Q's posts.>>

Q is a brilliant strategy to get free high quality pro Trump memes, research and social media support for free.

<<Corporations pay millions for the combined work we do for free>>

At least Q brought us together. We should continue to dig and find a way to save our country.

Just don’t be afraid of using critical thinking and common sense.

I know you’ve seen this, Q.

Did you hear me?

Your anons are leaving.

I’m calling you out as a fake.

▶Anonymous 03/16/18 (Fri) 11:08:59 30861d No.685806>>685852


The only thing I disagree with here is "At least Q brought us together". I don't find this true, just look at the responses to your comment. You're not yelling at people on this board, you're looking out for them, yet they'll ridicule you for not thinking exactly like them. (Yet they claim normies are brain washed).

What happened to critical thinking? To add to your issues, I will add my own. Q has stated "we see all, we hear all" yet many lives have been lost in false flags, just as recently as yesterday (supposedly).

Q claims, "this is not a game", then asks, if "you'd like to play a game". I feel like we have been playing one already.

"Enjoy the show, we are winning". Loss of innocents lives is winning and a show I should be enjoying? If they knew about this bridge, why not prevent it? Or the trains that crashed a few months ago, or the powder that got sent to Don Jr, etc.

People completely ignore all the wrong and put a HUGE spotlight on the one vague, generalization that could be explained as a Q prediction (or 100 other things) and that's what they grasp to and attack you like a vicious bear, hungry and starving, if you even Question things. You can be polite to the users, polite about Q, but the minute you question this all, look out, Cult Q will be on your ass in a heartbeat.

I also find it pretty pathetic a lot of these guys dish bullshit and then hide behind a filtered button the minute they get done saying what they need to.

8ch really is starting to seem like a group of high schoolers, unemployed pill poppers and all-knowing information givers. AKA, complete bullshit.

Anonymous 03/16/18 (Fri) 11:12:34 30861d No.685840>>685868 >>685973 >>685976 >>685989


…Also, don't forget the Memo was supposed to change EVERYTHING. Obama was supposed to be caught spying, Hillary, too. So much was supposed to come from the Memo.

And then BOOM!!!!! Nothing.

Now it's the IG report, new hype, new hope and after it's release, same old shit. Q will mention something new and these a.d.d types will run where pointed toward, never once looking back at the pile of bullshit they've been run through.

Anonymous 03/16/18 (Fri) 11:24:10 469017 No.685973>>685989


You're so right. The memo was suppose to bring about yuge changes. RR gone, Sessions in-recused, end to Mueller, charges filed against the FB criminals, on and on.

What a joke that was. So, now we are suppose to believe that something might actually happen when the OIG report comes out? If the general public knows of the crimes committed by the 7th floor, you know damn good and well the Congress/DOJ know about it. Yet, every single one of them are still employed!!!! Including McCabe. Yet a lowly sailor took a pic of a submarine console and was immediately thrown in the brig. Yeah, sure there is equal justice under the law.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.


Critical Thinking Anons

79714d  No.2799416


So in other words, Nellie is a Clown.


588d2e  No.2799417


Double agent?

511735  No.2799418



(SOME )=(Clowns/US former heads of state)

Q burn all spys all together!

e46fe9  No.2799419


>Don't question anything

>Just keeping suck Q's dick.

great plan faggot, totally worth trusting.

d13e62  No.2799420


Midterms coming fast. We need an October Surprise, Q.

26aa6d  No.2799421

File: 67ebf02f18ef1c6⋯.jpg (327.7 KB, 1104x1402, 552:701, payoffs by year.jpg)

thank you. PlatformPros, please get this graphic to your followers,

bbfe37  No.2799422



428b9d  No.2799423


Agreed! No more bullshit cabalistic lies!! What are we fighting for - moar of the same?! No lies or no moar trust!!

368e99  No.2799424


Don't worry anon. When I kick off my 2020 POTUS run, I'll make a new board, and only the best diggers will be there.

ad3971  No.2799425

File: 5c5e88bb686977f⋯.jpg (64.95 KB, 640x650, 64:65, 5c5.jpg)



*Sits down*


That doesn't mean I have to like it.

Or tolerate it indefinitely.

2727ba  No.2799426


Why don't we just agree to let The Plan play out? When the war is won we can have this "debate". The important thing is not to disclose info which would only hurt the advancement of what's going on now. It was already explained that some things must remain hidden - for the GOOD of the world. Trust - and let's just WIN THIS WAR…ASAP!!

894ab8  No.2799427


No. Clown Agent. Collusion Bruce's handler.

ef3858  No.2799428


This is not a game. We need to trust the plan. We are seeing results EVERY SINGLE DAY. I think at this point Q, POTUS, and the Patriots serving with them have earned my trust. It would be foolish to broadcast all the details and plans on a public board that is accessed by so many people. Our desire to know the details cannot take over logical thinking.

We will know the details in the future when we read it in our kids history books. For now we need to do our jobs and spread the truth and take care of our brothers and sisters during the storm.

490116  No.2799429

File: 49dbce68a1b6df5⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1092x1390, 546:695, ClipboardImage.png)

a73287  No.2799430

File: 05a30ad8149166c⋯.jpg (32.3 KB, 474x463, 474:463, thWEGRUHRB.jpg)

4027c6  No.2799431


So she was the true russian spy

7b2bce  No.2799432

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.



vid related.

575404  No.2799433


Pick one of the peripheral bad guys

One whose exposure won't hurt the plan

Light him on fire with a drop or two

f49d35  No.2799434

spooks are spooked now.


1f07e2  No.2799435

File: ea51f5e9954a0da⋯.jpg (278.81 KB, 1992x1286, 996:643, putinpeace1.JPG)

e81da8  No.2799436


Goodbye Q, fellow Autists & Anons.


The 'Republic' = Government = Mind Control

Govern - to control

Ment(e)- from latin mens- the mind

Preservation of THAT is preservation of SLAVERY. Remaining PROPERTY.

If All is NOT revealed, you and your team are no better than the SECRET SOCIETIES, institutions and GOVERNMENTS that keep us currently in bondage. Thus what you did here was craft a global honey pot to identify what 'they' see as threats, of course…

Journey well.

496b1f  No.2799437


hey man, you gotta cut that cat off.

609f95  No.2799438

File: 20918969aa1d743⋯.jpg (125.79 KB, 1188x610, 594:305, THEY DIDN'T.jpg)

26aa6d  No.2799439

File: 405035d06ff3331⋯.jpg (319.94 KB, 1111x959, 1111:959, noname not a hero.jpg)

thank you. PlatformPros, to your followers, please get this graphic

bbfe37  No.2799440



acff8a  No.2799441

File: e7d59cd7d8ef706⋯.gif (1.6 MB, 500x281, 500:281, IndeliblePlasticItaliangre….gif)


Do you need a Bucket?

Was it that Waffer thin MINT?

90f416  No.2799442


whats that plan again I would like to know,,, no really

06ee87  No.2799443

File: c5ac0b50fcada3a⋯.jpg (12.8 KB, 228x255, 76:85, Nellie is pretty.jpg)

d987fe  No.2799444

File: 083b39b855f014b⋯.png (542.95 KB, 788x788, 1:1, dwarfs.png)

File: e5d62e97b9efefe⋯.png (618.32 KB, 518x735, 74:105, ThreadJesus.png)


The era of hating God is over, toxic bot. Out you go now. Bye.

c12a83  No.2799445

File: 1d86a6ae83ce94d⋯.jpg (55.89 KB, 293x282, 293:282, killyourself.jpg)

601386  No.2799446


Just a point, as campaign season is about to kick off this is not the smartest time to throw cold water on the volunteers.

It actually would be the ideal time to make something happen in the real world to say "the Storm has begun and we are all part of it."

Here are some more cryptic clues is not exactly the same thing.

But, Q has limitations we all understand. I am simply relating some facts.

a17c09  No.2799447

File: 80131352c3f8206⋯.gif (2.52 MB, 480x266, 240:133, mcstain.gif)

>No Name is getting honors and celebrations for his heroism

>Normies will always see him as fat little cherub Saint

>Can't divulge TRUTH until later, and it will hand waived as "lies bismerching the dead"

340406  No.2799448

File: 9a56c8df9a9f100⋯.png (95.24 KB, 280x189, 40:27, ClipboardImage.png)

0863f8  No.2799449


Only reason to know Russian is to work in intel.

1b5381  No.2799450

File: c5079f8d5ee9d2a⋯.jpg (27.23 KB, 384x384, 1:1, 2gvxl1~2.jpg)

File: 8f4eb01a8da019c⋯.jpg (46.63 KB, 500x358, 250:179, 2gsw88~2.jpg)

File: 3e3727a7bfe0c31⋯.png (45.57 KB, 480x598, 240:299, Screenshot_2018-08-30-09-3….png)

Q is full of shit!!, now Q is protecting McCain's slaughter of Christian's in the middle east and in the Ukraine….


Q is a LARP faggot.

Q trust's Sessions balls bouncing off his chin.

2dfb47  No.2799451

File: b4a94cb90d273f8⋯.png (206.04 KB, 500x388, 125:97, ClipboardImage.png)


>>Don't question anything

when the fuck did I say that?

69b18e  No.2799452

>>2799298 Sounds like a deal to me.

1f6981  No.2799453






f3cede  No.2799454


>his logic

letting this board derail into a shill hellhole?

yeah, great work, mabye the clown baker will agree with you

a75a6f  No.2799455

You’ve got to give us more than “to preserve the republic”. The republic is how we got into the fucking mess. The most important thing is preserving human life. Of course nobody wants war.

Who would be at war with whom if 100% disclosure happened? I’ve been reading the comments and it’s quite clear that your 60/40 isn’t sitting well with us.

So I’ll say it again.

“The very word “secrecy” is repugnant in a free and open society” - JFK

Help us out.

4d257e  No.2799456


You weren’t that good.

a0bb8f  No.2799458

Nellie Ohr was required to learn Russian in order to maintain comms & to allow back room deals between FSB & CIA…..plain and simple.

258e1e  No.2799459

repost from >>2798977 lb




Monkey Cage Analysis

New poll: the QAnon conspiracy movement is very unpopular

4 things to know about the QAnon conspiracy theory

By Joseph Uscinski and

Casey Klofstad

August 30 at 5:00 AM

The QAnon conspiracy theory has surged into mainstream news these past weeks. Several “Q” supporters wore T-shirts and held signs at a recent Trump rally in Florida. Last week, a prominent promoter of the QAnon theory had his photo taken with President Trump in the White House.

If you haven’t heard of the QAnon theory, you’re not alone. We just conducted a new poll of Floridians and found that a large fraction didn’t have any opinion of the QAnon movement. And among those who did, it was strikingly unpopular.

What is QAnon?

“Q” is supposedly a high-ranking official in the Energy Department with a high-level security clearance. “Q,” the theory goes, is working for Trump and against the supposed “deep state.”

“Q” provides clues to online followers who then attempt to piece together those clues to figure out when Hillary Clinton and her ilk will be arrested for sex trafficking and a host of other unspeakable crimes. There are now many versions of the theory, almost as if it were fan fiction, as it has been passed around and expanded upon in social media.

Many people don’t have an opinion of QAnon

Because Florida is where Q supporters made their presence known at the Trump rally, we surveyed 2,085 Floridians from Aug. 8 to 21 after the news coverage of this rally but before news coverage of the QAnon promoter’s White House visit. Our survey was administered online by Qualtrics and was representative of Florida adults in terms of gender, age, and income. The poll’s questionnaire is here.

In this poll, respondents rated various political figures and organizations on a “feeling thermometer” that ranges from 0 to 100, where higher scores represent more positive views. If a respondent didn’t know one of the names or organizations we provided, they were asked to skip it. This list included the “QAnon movement.” We did not attempt to define this term, preferring to see whether and how people rated it on its own.

Over 40 percent did not rate the QAnon movement at all. Twice as many as skipped rating Fidel Castro or Sen. Bill Nelson, and more than three times as many as skipped rating Trump or Clinton. This shows that despite media coverage of QAnon, a large fraction of people likely have not heard enough about it to have an opinion.

Views of QAnon are very unfavorable

873782  No.2799460

File: a20adc41149587c⋯.png (19.83 KB, 735x137, 735:137, Screenshot_2018-08-30 Dona….png)

File: 9e251ba47226cf5⋯.png (639.09 KB, 720x944, 45:59, steele dossier unamed sour….png)

File: 3b901669fc36f0a⋯.png (214.71 KB, 805x719, 805:719, steele dossier unamed sour….png)

there are no "sources"

d987fe  No.2799461

File: feb9228214ff4bb⋯.png (64.95 KB, 400x400, 1:1, SOON.png)


YOU have no plan. You get to spin helplessly in place, and then die.

0fba19  No.2799462



4567a7  No.2799463


And gaining more every day. Next…

d5f5f6  No.2799464


dude you people are just not getting it are you? saturation point has been reached.

not everyone is on-line. even if they are they don't know where to go.

14f732  No.2799465

File: dc4c6e994d8256f⋯.png (55.13 KB, 245x279, 245:279, Screenshot 2018-08-30 at 1….png)






368e99  No.2799466

Q, give use some redmeat on the zionists asap.

2878a1  No.2799467


I agree

This bitch (the U.S.) needs to be burnt down

By preserving the Republic, you are preserving a false idol that millions place their faith in over God.

If Q Team was truly a godly bunch, then they would destroy the whore of babylon known as the United States

Kind of makes me suspicious about Q...

258e1e  No.2799468





Among those who did have an opinion, most were unfavorable toward the QAnon movement. The average score on the feeling thermometer was just above 20. This is a very negative rating, and about half of what the other political figures in the figure below enjoy. In fact, the only person in our comparison to do worse than the QAnon movement, although not by much, is Fidel Castro. (This is Florida, where people danced in the streets to celebrate the dictator’s demise.)

Interestingly, both Democrats and Republicans had unfavorable feeling thermometer ratings of QAnon; the average among Democrats was 22 and the average among Republicans was 27 (including independents who lean toward a party as partisans). Support for QAnon was similar to Castro, who had low ratings among both parties. By contrast, Republicans and Democrats differed strongly in their opinions of Trump, Clinton, Rubio, Nelson and Scott.

A better predictor of support for QAnon is whether people are prone to conspiracy thinking generally. We asked respondents whether they agreed or disagreed with these statements: “Much of our lives are being controlled by plots hatched in secret places,” “Even though we live in a democracy, a few people will always run things anyway,” “The people who really ‘run’ the country are not known to the voters,” and “Big events like wars, the recent recession, and the outcomes of elections are controlled by small groups of people who are working in secret against the rest of us.”

Unsurprisingly, perhaps, responses to these questions were strongly correlated with positive views of QAnon, regardless of the survey respondent’s partisan leanings. If we combine these four questions into a single summary measure of conspiracy thinking, a person with the lowest level of conspiracy thinking rated QAnon less than 10, on average. A person with the highest level of conspiracy thinking rated QAnon about 40 — which is still less than favorable but clearly much higher.

It is possible, of course, that opinions might look different outside of Florida. But nevertheless, we suspect that these basic findings would hold. In short, the QAnon movement appears neither well-known nor well-liked by Floridians in either party. Those who support QAnon most strongly are people for whom conspiracies lurk behind every corner.

Joseph E. Uscinski and Casey Klofstad are associate professors of political science in the University of Miami’s College of Arts & Sciences.

340b82  No.2799469

File: bab4a162c5979d1⋯.png (110.01 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, PostDetectorFR.png)

5b48e7  No.2799470


Nellie is a Clown

That has been obvious from the beginning.

Bruce is potentially one also.

And Strzok.

Who else is a C_A embed into the FBI/DOJ?

59a031  No.2799471

File: a72c71259ae9e80⋯.png (156.06 KB, 446x481, 446:481, ClipboardImage.png)



The warmonger no name mcstain, that's who!!

e46fe9  No.2799472


Twice in a row you post "shut up".

same thing. You're fucking brainwashed.

14949c  No.2799473


There is plenty of shit from the past that can be revealed….Q is just scared we will start hanging evangelikikes that get in our way

13ebb9  No.2799474

For fucks sake, SOME of what McCain did will eventually come to light, at least for normies… in time.

It wont be now, of course, Q wants this done as peacefully as possible… telling normies now would just lead to mass civil unrest, no true Patriot anons want that.

And, shills are trying their hardest kek… try harder MOSSAD!

ee7cab  No.2799475


I'm glad you asked!

It's either LUCIS TRUST

or something to do with Payseur's TRUST

c12a83  No.2799476

File: fdfecdd66d98e28⋯.jpg (137.2 KB, 478x469, 478:469, woahnellie.jpg)

0e2842  No.2799477



I understand perfectly Q. To protect citizens worldwide from WAR, serves the greater good. Thank you for all your hard work. I try to do my part as well, it is small in comparison to you and the hardworking POTUS & Administration, plus Anons (the true journalists of our time). It is an honor Sir.


bbfe37  No.2799478


THIS. Q is a total psyop. That doesn't make it invalid.

6ba2d3  No.2799479


Q is NOT hiding the truth from us

they already told us everything

Q is hiding the truth from the public for the reasons stated

I myself disagree

I believe the public would FULLY understand a false flag to startt a war

that has been conditioned in the pop culture and will not be a shock

do not understand how Q can miss that but must assume there is more data we do not know

very frustrating indeed

fa4d29  No.2799480


Right? "Oh no, we're not popular!"

Show of hands...who came here to get popular?

Bezos, who was probably the picked-on kid in the cafeteria, has become the high school bully. How juvenile and sad.

e64f9a  No.2799481

Q's Latest Posts

Thursday 08.30.18

>>2799288 ------------------------------------- The FARM requires select skill-sets.

>>2798966 rt >>2798428 ------------------ We believe in FULL TRANSPARENCY.

>>2798328 rt >>2798230 ------------------ "FAKE NEWS"

>>2798162 rt >>2798105 ------------------ (Some) things must remain BURIED.

>>2798106 rt >>2797853 ------------------ All for a conspiracy? Ask yourself, why

>>2797913 rt >>2797858 ------------------ Those who are attacked the most are the BIGGEST threat.

>>2797858 rt >>2797703 ------------------ Spooks are Spooked

>>2797703 ------------------------------------- 2 WaPo's: Notice Any Similarities?

e29a1c  No.2799482

Someone get the licence plate of no-name's family members. Get the ID off Cindy no-names personal plane. Follow these fuckers.

e316c9  No.2799483


>Is Russian a common language to learn?

>Why might this language be studied?

>What position might this language be useful?

* Russian is spoken and understood in all the ex-USSR countries.

* Russian grammar is close to other Slavic languages like Ukrainian, Belorussian, Czech and even Polish. (hmmm..does that mean FLOTUS helps)

* Once you master the morphology of the Russian language, you are able to generate infinite number of non-existing words that any native speaker of Russian will understand.

* If you master the Russian language so that you can feel nuances of vocabularies and style, you'll discover the true translation.

b96515  No.2799484


No, it just makes you a faggot.

Ruskie a common language lulz

99dc23  No.2799485

File: 94d69ae4b27fa01⋯.jpg (63.41 KB, 543x616, 543:616, 17two.JPG)



nellie was trained from birth

need to dig on lineage

b4afc3  No.2799486


Intel receiving and interactions with certain Russian groups. Spy, organizer, and Cabal "go to". Were her original intentions pure? No. The Farm. Data collector.

340b82  No.2799487


This is Qresearch NOT Jewresearch…GTFO

714f0f  No.2799488

File: 04138849d0e7f91⋯.png (15.68 KB, 255x240, 17:16, 9a7d59dafd803f71e9a116e96c….png)

5b74c4  No.2799489

>>2799202 (lb)

Why are you still here?

My guess is you're being paid to be and you're paid by the post judging by the diarrhea spewing forth from you.

My advice to you is to run back to the fetid, fever swamps of the globalist totalitarian left and go play with your fellow swamp critters. Your time is running out, enjoy what little time you have left.

Door. Ass. Bang.

258e1e  No.2799490

can't archive this, apparently get one page and that's it w/o sub...

repost from >>2799205 lb



The Plum Line Opinion

Trump’s historic unpopularity is a big, important story

President Trump (Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post)

By Greg Sargent

Opinion writer

April 24


A new Gallup poll has some folks excitedly tweeting that President Trump’s reelection chances are similar to those of Barack Obama and Bill Clinton before him — both of whom, you may recall, did get reelected — but the more important story is what Gallup concludes about the depths of Trump’s historic unpopularity.

The poll finds that a solid majority — 59 percent — of Americans say Trump does not deserve to be reelected, vs. only 37 percent who say he does. But Gallup’s headline blares: “Trump’s Re-Elect Figures Similar to Those of Obama, Clinton.” And it’s true, as Gallup says, that these numbers are “essentially identical” to those of Clinton and Obama “at the time of the 1994 and 2010 midterm elections, respectively.”

But that comparison takes the current moment, which comes a little more than six months before the 2018 midterm elections, and compares it to the Obama and Clinton polling at around the time of Election Day. And, as Gallup notes, those numbers for Obama and Clinton led to truly huge midterm losses:

Clinton and Obama both saw their party suffer huge losses in their first midterm elections, when fewer than four in 10 voters thought they deserved re-election. In 1994, Democrats lost 53 seats in the House, and in 2010, they lost 63 seats.

If we take these Gallup numbers seriously, if Trump is still hovering at such a low reelection number this fall, then we may see Republicans sustain large midterm losses this time around (though for various structural reasons, such as gerrymandering, they might not be as large). As Nate Silver has suggested, Trump’s approval ratings appear to be remarkably steady through all kinds of news events, suggesting he may well still be mired in similar doldrums this fall.

What’s more, as Gallup reminds us today, if you look at Trump’s approval ratings, as opposed to the reelect numbers, those have steadily been worse than those of his recent predecessors — by sizable margins, in fact. So not only is Trump on track to face large midterm losses — he is also substantially less popular than those predecessors.

It is just way too early to say whether Trump is likely to get reelected, as Jonathan Bernstein explains. He could very well rise in popularity; or he might not; or he could fall further. But the depth of Trump’s current unpopularity is an important story beyond what it says about Trump’s political fortunes.

Because Trump has blown through so many norms, the question of whether the American public is rejecting him is a momentous one. Trump has embraced overt racism, xenophobia and authoritarianism, in the form of regular racial provocations, assaults on our institutions and the rule of law, and an unprecedented level of self-dealing that basically constitutes a big middle finger to the country. He has married all this to orthodox GOP economic priorities — indeed, as Brian Beutler says, the three pillars of Trump-era conservatism are self-enriching plutocracy, racism and authoritarianism.

Opinion | What a presidential president would have said about Mueller's indictments

If that is so, then it is notable that majorities are rejecting all of those things. Obamacare repeal crashed and burned. The tax law passed, but it remains deeply unpopular. Majorities disapproved of Trump’s response to white supremacist violence in Charlottesville. Majorities sided with the “dreamers” against Trump and majorities reject Trump’s border wall and many of his demagogic arguments about immigration (though in fairness the polling is mixed on the thinly veiled Muslim ban). Majorities trust the news media, not Trump, to tell them the truth. Big majorities still want Trump to release his tax returns. Large majorities support special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s investigation of both potential collusion with Russia, dismissing Trump’s claims of a “witch hunt,” and of Trump’s finances. The public has sided with the investigation and the rule of law, and against Trump.

b39248  No.2799491


"These include Nellie Ohr’s study in the USSR in 1989; her fluency in Russian and Ph.D. in Russian history in 1990; a 2010 CIA affiliation"

She's either a CIA asset or a Russian spy.

4567a7  No.2799492

File: c5cbea4ae104c70⋯.jpg (13.18 KB, 250x255, 50:51, Board Baby I Want it NOW.jpg)

Spoiled entitled bucking brats who can't stand to be told NO.

(Some) of you are sounding REALLY liberal right now, are they rubbing off on you?

368e99  No.2799493


The warmongers Bolton and Kissinger, who Trump hired…

ah damn, can't reconcile… sucks to be Q

2dfb47  No.2799494









That this board has WW reach. There are MILLIONS OF PEOPLE who get the same fucking information that you are getting.

why the hell do you demand MSM JUSTICE that WILL NEVER COME?

MSM will DIE before they give us JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!

2e8596  No.2799495

File: 05f0f31301e478b⋯.png (568.73 KB, 499x499, 1:1, enlightened pepe.png)

We had a special visitor a couple of breads ago.

We are so spoiled, anons. To think that we don't even consider the importance of Ohr's testimony or the absolute certainty that every email including highly classified documents were headed to China in real time a BOOM means that we are rotten to the core.

How about a moment to say thanks to those working so hard to make this change happen?

This anon says thank you to the team, the military, and POTUS. May your work be blessed.

ad3971  No.2799496

File: dc5fff1287191c9⋯.jpg (192.28 KB, 553x936, 553:936, dc5.jpg)



My fucking nigga!


cbe4d9  No.2799497


Don't change the subject… What really happened to McCain? You can't claim he didn't go out on his own terms with no sauce dude.

b96073  No.2799498

File: fafa3cd84fef07f⋯.jpeg (83.73 KB, 500x506, 250:253, D19F8C45-3619-458A-A1D5-4….jpeg)

File: 8412ea3608b02cb⋯.jpeg (1.52 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, BE8DB312-6013-421A-9F55-8….jpeg)


Id like to add if I may the SJW are on the prowl here now too. Especially on night shift.

Like a dumb ass I allowed myself to get caught up in the DivisionFaggotry and I like women, now I find myself defending extreme positions and feeling foolish.

They are passionate I’ll give them that.

I’m not doing it anymore though.

Femnazis are destroying this countries fabric. They dont see it and wont until its too late, even then they wont own up to it.

Healthy relationships between men/women are an essential part of a successful society.

Its not even Q stuff to begin with.

I can see now why the anons are so adamant about leaving gender out of the posts.

And i’m a faggot for getting caught up in it. Now my attitude sucks.

Gonna take some time and spend it around women that arent bitches and get my thinking straight.

Its like the NM compound shit letting those POS off or pedo assholes getting probation.

This shit is darkening my soul after 10 months.

For those that still have thier faculties intact I salute you.

16bb49  No.2799499


"The WORLD is connected. (SOME) things would irreparably harm our ability to advance. Q"

Think anon: The Deep State is a many-headed beast. Q is the underdog. DS has wider connections than Q. But Q has heart & vengeance & righteousness and this powers the Plan to destroy the evil manipulators. Good always triumphs over evil.

Everything will be revealed through cascading developments. The Plan took 3 years to formulate, and you can bet it gets tweaked as and when necessary.

fa6396  No.2799500


Some of the shit Q posts and methods use remind me of masons

Does that mean Q is a mason?


Possible they are the best for learning

If this is a psyop we are all already dead

All you can really do is try and believe or just go back to fucking around with entertainment and work until we all die

258e1e  No.2799501




Writing at Vox this week, Dylan Matthews noted that liberals and Democrats yearning for a decisive end to the Trump presidency that cleanses the country of its stain — such as impeachment — are likely to be disappointed. Instead we face a long, hard slog. But I would add an important nuance: Liberals and Dems across the country are responding to Trumpism with politics and organizing. It’s plausible that Trump’s racism and assaults on the rule of law are being widely understood as threats to the country, prompting high turnout and electoral organizing, even among normally less active voters and swing voters, that may be driven by a desire to reinvigorate our democracy against Trump’s degradation of it.

We don’t talk enough about the deep and widespread public rejection of Trumpism and what it means for the country and its future. Because so many of us got it wrong in 2016, a kind of defensive posture has set in that has rendered us reluctant to speculate on the meaning of polls indicating this rejection. By all means, caution is always in order when interpreting polling data. At the same time, this should not blind us to what is right there in plain sight at the end of our noses.

9efa5b  No.2799502


>October surprise

Hunt for the RED OCTOBER surprise

dc2dc2  No.2799503

File: 3acb4d34eee73de⋯.jpg (132.25 KB, 750x500, 3:2, rgbakerbadge.jpg)


I can bake. Confirming handoff?

945c28  No.2799504

File: 926a3fe1b775061⋯.jpg (75.98 KB, 1100x500, 11:5, 2gw2mg.jpg)

e29a1c  No.2799505



1958bf  No.2799506


Maybe they made "a deal" with NoName and his family.

He can "go out as a hero"… and have his funeral.

(no matter if he is really dead or not!)

And Trump looks stupid not being invited to the funeral.

(but in fact happy that he does not have to go there! :))))

- guess, even THAT was part of the deal.

Guess Trump did not want to go there and so NoName HAD to say, he does not want him at the funeral…

(which was rather unusual…)

Guess the truth about his role in ISIS might get revealed soon.

People know it already. Alt Media is full of it!

So, when Mockingbird dies, it will be public knowledge!

90f416  No.2799507


is was being sarcastic about the plan,,,,, I know it may refer to something called the Georgia guide stones,,,, or it may in fact be the counter intel Eisenhower set up U CHOOSE what the plane is !!!!!!

1b2d9f  No.2799508

Nelly Ohr is a clown spy..

She got a ham radio license..

..and the mysterious numbers stations went active again..


1b5381  No.2799509

File: 3e3727a7bfe0c31⋯.png (45.57 KB, 480x598, 240:299, Screenshot_2018-08-30-09-3….png)

File: e20af129f0df979⋯.jpg (52.96 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 2gqr69~2.jpg)

Q is full of shit!!, now Q is protecting McCain's slaughter of Christian's in the middle east and in the Ukraine.

Q is a LARP faggot.

d987fe  No.2799510

File: db2aa3c6568f9e2⋯.png (378.97 KB, 658x492, 329:246, hapbpening.png)

File: 8e0aa8e81edc68d⋯.png (638.5 KB, 1300x688, 325:172, JusticeTrump.png)


Patriots understand.

e6bf87  No.2799511

Q The Art of the Cover Up

f49d35  No.2799512


just like clockwork

16340c  No.2799513


The Dons trollin I love It! KEK! Wouldn't it be wonderful to get some real poll numbers out about Trump and Q? Between the FAKE NEWS broken record and the forced No Name circus it's like watching a spoiled rich kid lose his car. Is this really the emotional maturity we've been dealing with?

d5a36c  No.2799514


Why learn Russian? So she can purposely misinterpret conversations.

13ebb9  No.2799515


Kill yourself you anarcho commie piece of shit

6ba2d3  No.2799516


no anon

Q just posted the reason and highlighted it

says public will not understand

i disagree with that

fcf66d  No.2799517


communicate with russain assets..discern russian intelligence..

maybe the info they got was completely made up by (((them))) alone..no russian sources at all

i think she wrote her dissertation or sme shit about forced collectivization in soviet russia..i think she liked it..

this forced collectivization lead to HOLODOMOR and killed MILLIONS..

340406  No.2799518

File: b7e2cdc56155a3c⋯.png (456.95 KB, 640x360, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

aef471  No.2799519

File: 1076452384381f6⋯.jpg (6.79 KB, 256x127, 256:127, coin.jpg)


Read her many but short essays on the taking back of a true republic from the corporation. I may get this slightly wrong and sometimes the people we begin to trust turn out to be double or triple agents but basically she says that Sam Adams are forefather was in charge of delegating a trust for the Republic and the successors and her husband is the living heir. I think the Q researchers should dig deep into her work. She wants what many of us want, full disclosure and the original republic.

3ddc2a  No.2799520

File: b0ceada10a3fbc0⋯.jpg (12.6 KB, 255x146, 255:146, 4464668a8e3b3b842d26babdfd….jpg)

File: 5e51304388749ad⋯.png (311 KB, 674x572, 337:286, Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at ….png)

e29a1c  No.2799521

File: 7f8c05f2c7e1c9b⋯.jpg (9.16 KB, 241x209, 241:209, download (4).jpg)


Q is playing for the wrong team. God wins.

a80606  No.2799523

File: 2e37c6d26d35932⋯.jpg (6.65 MB, 4000x2773, 4000:2773, phishexposed2b.jpg)

symbolism will be their downfall?

98e1bf  No.2799524


Is this all real? Damn I knew there was more to this.

701ca6  No.2799525

Friendly reminder to Anon's thinking about a career in Q related activities, IT, Law, or negotiation.

Study Russian and Chinese, if you can be fluent in both and read and write in addition to English, you dictate your own career path and can work anywhere in the world.

2dfb47  No.2799526


No I'm not. You just don't seem to realize the WW effect and the WW awakening that is happening.

301b53  No.2799527


Are you human?

a75a6f  No.2799528


Oh for fuck’s sake. Looks like I’m going to have to sneak a camera into some of my Masonic events so you idiots can see that the internet rumors are bullshit. If Q is a mason, it doesn’t fucking matter.

601386  No.2799529


The plan is you will look like a moron if you try to tell anyone about any of this. It is all secret shit.

8308e3  No.2799530

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

490116  No.2799531

File: f040bd4b8624b8a⋯.png (515.52 KB, 1090x1202, 545:601, ClipboardImage.png)

"Q told us in Feb "…if certain intel is released it would cause a WW/mass suffering." "

>To preserve the Republic- (Some) things must remain BURIED.

That being said, the only conclusion that I can make is that No Name committed treasonous act/s the would have led to nuclear war. See definition of top sec.

e29a1c  No.2799532

File: 91f008e2a3f0f09⋯.jpg (111.51 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, nothing-is-covered-up-that….jpg)

6e4226  No.2799533

The C_A has many jobs requiring many skill sets. They recruit people with different backgrounds, but linguistics is a really good way to move up the line in getting a job there. Russian speakers were useful for many things - translators, radio intercept officers, OC and NOC positions. Back in the day, radio operators who were hams were recruited and had to pass a Morse Code proficiency test in addition to a lot of written exams and deep background check.

Nellie's ham license is too recent. I had asked an anon who lives near her to find pictures of her house to see what kind of antennas she had. I was trying to understand if she had HF radio gear and was thus able to use it to talk overseas.

This would enable her to speak with Steele as I believe he also speaks Russian. Certainly MI6 has Russian speakers.

At present, we have surmised that she's used DMR radios in the 2m/440 ham bands. What we don't know is about HF.

I hear Russian on the ham bands infrequently, but it is there. Most hams - even foreign hams, speak some English. Most of our Morse is in English.

Perhaps Q could drop us a crumb to know if she was subject to a HF intercept. That would really expand our thinking.

e64f9a  No.2799534


Awesome, thanks man.

Handoff Confirmed

updated dough: (no notes yet, was doing Q drops):




875531  No.2799535


Yes, its TIME for the Spiritual Awakening! Please, PRAY with me!!


c85ed8  No.2799536


If the BO will allow me to Bake I can

I see your struggling. I am completely capable to help .

368e99  No.2799537

File: 78fc5f078f77f22⋯.png (357.8 KB, 561x390, 187:130, crickets.png)

511735  No.2799538



c79f79  No.2799539

File: 663f1604204ee3c⋯.jpeg (277.25 KB, 1125x1627, 1125:1627, 2834144B-8075-4D92-8DD3-5….jpeg)

File: 31c05b9af00af14⋯.jpeg (614.37 KB, 1125x1895, 225:379, BC92ACE7-3410-45BD-A93E-B….jpeg)




c12a83  No.2799540

File: 84b58ffc9b06120⋯.jpg (13.72 KB, 250x277, 250:277, donthurtbert.jpg)

bbfe37  No.2799541


I'm guessing that she was working with anti-Putin Russians who were attempting to orchestrate a coup. Part of the cabal's plan to install their puppet and proceed to WWIII in the ensuing chaos. When Putin killed the Russians behind the coup plot (see the number of Russian diplomats who died under mysterious or suspicious circumstances right after the election for a probably list of plotters), Nellie was left without a client.

16bb49  No.2799542

File: 51a07544e9b3b61⋯.jpg (59.19 KB, 503x434, 503:434, 2gqga0.jpg)

b96515  No.2799543


>you'll have severe division in this movement

I take it you went to WaPo poll making class

11279a  No.2799544


If any truth is buried, then you cannot determine whether you are receiving 20% from 80%, can you. Truth has a Gatekeeper, and Q is letting us know that it always will. Power is not with the people, the power is the energy of People, which is being used and directed by the gatekeeper.

008b23  No.2799545


Don't let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya.

Lose 1 Gain 10000.


d987fe  No.2799546


Yup, 100%

2dfb47  No.2799547


>Q is just scared we will start hanging evangelikikes that get in our way

It's not time to start doing that.

Soon, it will.

"IT will not be safe for them to walk down the street"

a00783  No.2799548


I would at least like to know, will this be in new history books once it’s not a matter of national security.

90f416  No.2799549

Zionists = Babylon cult worshipers

9a8150  No.2799550

File: 5e365bcbd9e1bcd⋯.jpg (7.08 KB, 255x254, 255:254, 60e9b6e31f52cfd504770dc9ce….jpg)

File: 6cb1e1b186aa0e0⋯.png (8.37 KB, 225x224, 225:224, images.png)

File: e92ef97fc746e34⋯.jpg (41.22 KB, 750x400, 15:8, ISIS-is-working-on-Mossad-….jpg)

File: ce209c4e0fead49⋯.jpg (209.11 KB, 922x966, 461:483, herzl_greater_israel.jpg)


Does this work for you?

8f6bb0  No.2799551

This bread is



77e33f  No.2799552

File: b42f9c36a88f740⋯.jpg (210.55 KB, 1000x800, 5:4, lesstalkmoredig.jpg)

ac825f  No.2799553


Can't wait for all this to drop. You are a blessing sent from God, Q.

acff8a  No.2799554

File: 26041bcb703d4b6⋯.jpg (45.62 KB, 700x401, 700:401, 1_9_2018_beltway-people-ja….jpg)


Ladies & Gentlemen

Please Welcome Direct From the Belly of the


I Bring you all

James "FUCKING" Woods!


25ba5d  No.2799555

>>2798162 (p/b)

This is the first time Q has given me reason to doubt the plan. The Republic will not be preserved by building/rebuilding it on lies or by burying the truth.

You're wrong, Q.

17e4ca  No.2799556


To those who forgot or lurking:



>U.S. military reservation in York County near Williamsburg, Virginia. Officially referred to as an Armed Forces Experimental Training Activity (AFETA) under the authority of the Department of Defense, Camp Peary hosts a covert CIA training facility known as "The Farm", which is used to train officers of the CIA's Directorate of Operations, as well as those of the DIA's Defense Clandestine Service,[1] among other intelligence entities. Camp Peary has a sister facility, "The Point", located in Hertford, North Carolina.

e29a1c  No.2799557

File: 8be513d348d8076⋯.jpg (153.39 KB, 960x720, 4:3, There is nothing concealed….jpg)


You are either on God's team or you will spend eternity in hell.

2569af  No.2799558

>>2799281 1 min delta to Q post?

52f354  No.2799559


To preserve the Republic-

(Some) things must remain BURIED.


HUGE, but respectful, DISAGREEMENT.

Buried things take root and grow again.

Weeds need to be pulled out by the roots.

Laid out in the sun for *all* to see.

Allowed to bake until withered and dry.

Only then will they crumble and blow away.

Gone for good.

Those in power will always have the comfortable excuse of hiding the truth to "preserve the republic".

You know most of us can handle the truth. You know that those you feel need coddling and protection will reproduce — their heirs being even more weak-minded and requiring even more coddling and protection. You spare the next generation nothing by burying the current reality.

More so, future generations are doomed to relive the things left buried. To preserve the FUTURE Republic, shine a light in EVERY dark corner so all can see and are aware of the mold, rot, and cockroaches that are a danger to the Republic.

The history books being written TODAY are the history books future generations will rely on to spare themselves from OUR mistakes. So get this all documented completely and accurately for the children of tomorrow.

Nothing hidden. Because if you spare the rod today, you spoil the children tomorrow.

e46fe9  No.2799560



apparently only 40% awakened, at best.

but don't question that! trust the plan!

if only you took Q's cock out of your ass for a minute.

5889a6  No.2799561

5b74c4  No.2799562


Stick to your day job as Hillary's colostomy bag changer. It's all you're good at.

c85ed8  No.2799563

File: 60ab98af4d47088⋯.gif (649.04 KB, 1660x1323, 1660:1323, 60ab98af4d47088b8b406d6afe….gif)


Every Q post is glorious

5b48e7  No.2799564


>Nellie is a Clown

>Strzok is a Clown

Both working for Brennan

Along with Halper, Mifsud, Steele, etc in coordination with MI6

ef9dfa  No.2799565

File: d68edd95ec6c828⋯.png (188.84 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20180830-123115.png)

340b82  No.2799566

File: f8f27b0bb18b5aa⋯.png (205.62 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, PostDetectorFranken.png)

7278e5  No.2799567

File: d78d8ea6c781342⋯.png (13.79 KB, 417x138, 139:46, ClipboardImage.png)


Quite bitching and try to solve his CLUE…

(Some) things must remain BURIED

e29a1c  No.2799568

File: 10da800a718305e⋯.jpg (14.91 KB, 225x225, 1:1, images (7).jpg)

284fbc  No.2799569

File: efe3ef5c18f89af⋯.jpg (24.19 KB, 832x570, 416:285, f u.jpg)

e6bf87  No.2799570

Building a Republic on a Foundation of lies is stupid

Q the cover up is bull shit

8308e3  No.2799571

File: 7c3bcbca854ba1f⋯.png (153.63 KB, 520x333, 520:333, jqp_1.png)

46e32e  No.2799572

File: 9bc98be481e071d⋯.jpg (85.36 KB, 640x960, 2:3, 99d463b3c0d054dd6b4fa8ca8f….jpg)





>Matters of NAT SEC

>should NOT be divulged before being declassified at the proper time.




>Some things must remain classified to the very end

9c7114  No.2799573


Nellies Maiden name is Nellie Hauke

Digging now

1e144c  No.2799574

File: 9eea4708d03dcdf⋯.png (16.02 KB, 556x252, 139:63, ClipboardImage.png)

Highlighted portion of pic…

Answer: Child trafficking?

Answer: Being the "in between" for secret deals?

dc2dc2  No.2799575

It's all good, thank you baker! Get some rest. WWG1WGA

6e4226  No.2799576


WRONG faggot.

The Farm is the CIA training center in Warrenton, VA.

9d38f8  No.2799577



His dad was a traitor and Mcstain was a traitor. F that.

465e62  No.2799578

File: 7a37ed93006b41f⋯.jpg (186.94 KB, 487x650, 487:650, Punisher.jpg)


Bring the pain Q.

d05db0  No.2799579

File: 1469b0d2987e629⋯.jpg (1.22 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, Paper Trail Q Alt.jpg)

Follow the paper trial to the money. It's always about the $

2dfb47  No.2799580


>We had a special visitor a couple of breads ago.

what post #'s was that? Thanks.

637eae  No.2799581

File: b1f49c8daa1827c⋯.jpg (30.11 KB, 527x386, 527:386, 9ea0olei.jpg)


Top Kek!!!


Please don't leave.

I was angry too.

It is not about us not getting full disclosure, it is about the right order.

Perhaps it was phrased badly to include a double (meaning).

Some things (o)ught to remain buried.

e29a1c  No.2799582

File: 3c559f31a73db21⋯.png (12.19 KB, 259x194, 259:194, images (2).png)

a75a6f  No.2799583


No it isn’t. You do realize that us anons too do “Trust the Plan” are also human, and think for ourselves? If we went along with every single thing Q told us, we would be mindless drones.


90f416  No.2799584

isreal is also asreal and a NAME KNOWN TO BE SATURN

dc2dc2  No.2799585


Beep boop.

5889a6  No.2799586


I wonder how long after he’s in the ground before someone damages his gravesite

cfdaca  No.2799587


It doesn't all have to be revealed now. In due time. Even God didn't create the world in one day. I hear it took like 7 days. Will be a concernfag somewheres else.

875531  No.2799588


Everything WILL be released, just not all at once, or at the same time. The PUBLIC obviously isnt ready yet, for FULL disclosure on no name. Perhaps the future will allow for filling in some of these blanks, in fact Im sure of it.


aef471  No.2799589

File: 9c17d40f9d901e2⋯.jpg (6.83 KB, 260x194, 130:97, 911 van.jpg)

This van was pulled over on 9/11/2001 and there is recorded audio by the cops…. this shows people knew ahead of time and wanted us to know it too…

340406  No.2799590

File: 9a7c5e29d57b784⋯.png (93.49 KB, 280x300, 14:15, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9f22dd2d4182fcc⋯.png (1.88 MB, 1098x785, 1098:785, ClipboardImage.png)

609f95  No.2799591

File: dc88fb1cbee2ccb⋯.jpg (39.96 KB, 411x276, 137:92, WOEFUL.jpg)

91f2a5  No.2799592

I still trust the plan. Public just needs to know the gist of things, not necessarily all the gory details (unless they choose to). They have the same choices of knowing as we do. I wish I didn’t know some of those gory details. I would still trust the plan if I didn’t know, because it is obvious that Trump and his team are working to stop it, and THAT is the most important to me.

51490c  No.2799593


and now we know why they had such a hard time carrying the casket. Not just McCain in that coffin.

2dfb47  No.2799594


NVM it was POTUS. Thanks for the reminder.

ef9dfa  No.2799595

File: 2a8370299816b73⋯.png (224.87 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20180830-130328.png)

354d6f  No.2799596


or if you're a teacher, translator, tour guide, interpreter, ambassador….

e63a02  No.2799597


But the thing is : Why ? How BIG it is to make a ww/mass suffering ?

Also, what about the people who wants the 100% true ?

13ebb9  No.2799598


kys mossad

06ee87  No.2799599


Ok. Who or what is buried?

This back to the underground tunnels reference from earlier?

368e99  No.2799600

File: 024f68aa47f2ba2⋯.jpg (59.22 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 34b8bed3952d0acaa2bea869d8….jpg)

65e3bb  No.2799601


Ambassador Jack Foust Matlock was fluent in Russian also. Another Farmer I suppose.

17e4ca  No.2799602


Source or gtfo

d7483a  No.2799603



f3e596  No.2799604

File: 5821123272770be⋯.png (229.46 KB, 1302x588, 31:14, shills.png)


> that aren't shills

we're all shills here faggot

even (you) just for different sides

Q just dropped a stinker and it's gonna cause waves

secrecy is repugnant

There may be good reasons

WHO gets to decide that???

894ab8  No.2799605


Nellie (HAM radio enthusiast) is Clown Agent.

Strozk is a Clown Agent.

Collusion Bruce is comped, Nellie is his handler. This makes much more sense from their relationship, his temperament, etc

e64f9a  No.2799606


>I see your struggling. I am completely capable to help.

Thanks man, I just gave it to this baker,


but I appreciate your willingness to help. I don't know if we have a mod on right now

875531  No.2799607

Oh yeah, dont forget to PRAY, and make sure your OWN soul is where it needs to be!

PRAY with me…


e46fe9  No.2799608


>Building a Republic

That's lie #1 right there.

There wasn't ever a Republic, and they certainly aren't building toward one either.

Knowledge is power.

If only certain people have the knowledge, they are the elites.

The people don't have that knowledge, and Trump calls them "Super Elite"

What a fucking joke.

3ddc2a  No.2799609


and/or he was involved in WW atrocities so vile, it could start world war 3 if exposed?

Trafficking of all kinds

Gas attacks on civilians

Dirty deals for $ at the expense of innocent life


Tried to murder POTUS and family?

340b82  No.2799610

File: 791a68e77d79204⋯.png (112.59 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, PostDetectorGF.png)

911455  No.2799611

Is Russia (Putin) actually a white hat in this game?

33c959  No.2799612

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Bury it then.

7278e5  No.2799613


Solve the Clue

(Some) things must remain BURIED

Everything has meaning!

c8543b  No.2799614

Lot of peoples are talking about extraterrestrial and alien.

I think it is very bad for QAnon Movement.

ff8ca5  No.2799615



Currently, Law and Order does not exist in this Country. If it isn't VISIBLY restored, all of this is for nothing. It's tearing The Country apart by the seams and we appear to be moving closer to open war each and every day. Sooner or later people will take the law into their own hands. It would be MUCH better if The Gov't does it. If the cabal takes a majority on Nov 6 then a Counter-insurgency (against this "Silent Coup") will most likely begin on Nov 7. It's never going to be business and elections as usual ever again. I can't be the only person who thinks this.

6e4226  No.2799616


Some of us have personal knowledge and experience.

90f416  No.2799617


I know both plans my friend aint sarcasm great ?

284fbc  No.2799618


Dink : Dual income no kids ??? CIA family model.

07715c  No.2799619


follow the WIVES!

301b53  No.2799620


Not a valid answer. Why do you think you are being asked? Do you think this is a game? Are you here for funsies?

Are you human or not?

bbfe37  No.2799622



78a83e  No.2799623


Hmmm, bias all over ur face. You're gonna be sad in the future. Big news coming

bb9963  No.2799624

368e99  No.2799625


From the same JIDF that cries anytime someone mentions Israel.

d3ae88  No.2799626

File: 5e3823e3f54bb9f⋯.png (283.08 KB, 1366x5066, 683:2533, www_bloomberg_com_research….png)

Rit Capital Partners Plc

BOARD MEMBERS AFFILIATED WITH Nathaniel Charles Rothschild


9ca405  No.2799627


keep digging anon, you aren't even close

aef471  No.2799628

File: 3e74500f856d376⋯.jpg (22.13 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1480488_10202155237937609_….jpg)

File: 53aab2a5628ce96⋯.jpg (84.1 KB, 480x640, 3:4, untitledattachment00055.jpg)

File: 49a0b67a9611243⋯.jpg (74.12 KB, 846x600, 141:100, clinton profiteers.jpg)

7f3755  No.2799629

File: f5f7075ce5d6383⋯.jpg (1.1 MB, 1920x1486, 960:743, the deeper we go.jpg)


And he keeps using the word DEEPER as well

e6bf87  No.2799630




d88ba2  No.2799633

File: 2a4c951a8dedab7⋯.png (38.73 KB, 1009x548, 1009:548, sowing discord.png)


You are on his board, leave or quit the nonsense

8f6bb0  No.2799634


Remember when it used to be


Oh, how soon we forget!

340406  No.2799635

File: 3e884d1848f58e0⋯.png (987.6 KB, 1024x709, 1024:709, ClipboardImage.png)

77e33f  No.2799636

Fluent Russian on a ham radio. Wonder who was listening?

6e4226  No.2799638


dc2dc2  No.2799639


Hey I was going to bake a couple if you want to take over from there? I'll be here most of the day so it's not a big deal if I bake now or later.

acff8a  No.2799640

File: 0708842a5aea923⋯.jpg (36.89 KB, 360x368, 45:46, donaldtrump02rejpg.jpg)


It's good to have DOUBTS.

Once again though, where were YOU

on 10/26/17 ?

What have YOU Seen?

What Have YOU Done?

What Will YOU Do?

Keep doing your JOB here!

We are



945c28  No.2799641


No anon, the farm is the CIA recruitment and training center

22b25d  No.2799642



254e6a  No.2799643


ie..Nellie Orh was a plant working for FBI/CIA at Fusion….nice, and was paid well

d987fe  No.2799644

File: eb568b367996ba2⋯.png (8.47 MB, 2608x3281, 2608:3281, curtain.png)

bbfe37  No.2799646


Another "Impatient Patriot Pussy".

66acde  No.2799647

File: 6ae8c1069199318⋯.png (174.55 KB, 735x441, 5:3, FreeMasonStarless.png)

File: c67a1c54454362b⋯.png (182.08 KB, 811x485, 811:485, FreeMasonThree.png)

File: 4ba278c38024783⋯.png (732.93 KB, 750x632, 375:316, FreeMason.png)

File: d8156dd3037f081⋯.png (824.85 KB, 716x574, 358:287, FreeMason2.png)

File: ba23d4c21e01fa8⋯.png (515.5 KB, 603x489, 201:163, FreeMason3.png)

e46fe9  No.2799648


That's the only great awakening that's happening here, tbh.

11279a  No.2799649

File: 3cd87394a099a0a⋯.jpg (27.58 KB, 297x199, 297:199, 9443f8c784a04e02d0e21b7eaa….jpg)

File: b274869cf0fdd87⋯.jpg (77.51 KB, 481x487, 481:487, iu.jpg)

e6a189  No.2799650

File: 4ae68c123e42eca⋯.png (26.2 KB, 469x125, 469:125, Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at ….png)

File: 1401bd350982876⋯.png (116.85 KB, 377x377, 1:1, Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at ….png)

Dear Q,




919548  No.2799651

File: e001cd47dcdb02a⋯.png (9.42 KB, 447x284, 447:284, ClipboardImage.png)


Lest we forget.

fcf66d  No.2799652


it's not just about anons..it's about the whole world..fuck kent massacre..these people are trying to kil US ALL.

999a4b  No.2799653

File: 337c2ff46a277ad⋯.png (803.22 KB, 950x616, 475:308, 2018-08-30_12-55-41.png)



Don't follow POTUS much, do ya'?

Could it be, gender aside, that they are both idiots?

Powerful women are empowered around him.

By the way, how are you enjoying your grooming gangs?

As far as your thinking, it stinks with the rot that you hold steadfastly to.

Anyone who speaks Truth is attacked viciously.

Ask Jesus about that.

Consider moving out of your mother's basement and get a real perspective of the world is like today!


ef9dfa  No.2799654

File: d750e35e20d1f60⋯.png (193.4 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20180830-123419.png)

cc7e85  No.2799655


agree - revelation… to reveal

let no rock be unturned

we need truth - all of it

God Wins! we win!

7278e5  No.2799656


What are (Some) "things" BURIED that would "save the Republic"

b96515  No.2799657


So tell us, Trotsky.

What % of the world speaks Russian?

What % speaks English or Spanish?

Which of the above would be considered common?

d7483a  No.2799658


428b9d  No.2799659


If no public reveal, QTeam efforts will last less than one generation. All will be lost.

11279a  No.2799660

File: 01a51a0fecddee2⋯.jpg (42.38 KB, 387x247, 387:247, P1030943.jpg)

90f416  No.2799661


I don't care what people think of me I care about truth and truth has its own legs to stand on

2dfb47  No.2799662


Of course.

Putin and Orthodox Russia are working with Trump and Christian American to slay the demons.

65ee3a  No.2799663


JFKs body

aef471  No.2799664

File: dd511e066fe1a15⋯.jpg (61.6 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1546290_1381851462078681_7….jpg)

File: 467993b8051361c⋯.jpg (49.79 KB, 651x720, 217:240, 1551515_1382180878712406_9….jpg)

File: d9292a2dfdf1462⋯.jpg (39.91 KB, 526x526, 1:1, 1654327_10152254756801178_….jpg)

File: f25b0f74dadb586⋯.jpg (30.63 KB, 540x354, 90:59, c.jpg)

19c592  No.2799665

File: 5373836164ecc88⋯.png (2.48 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, you-spell-fucked-with-an-f….png)

bbfe37  No.2799666


More like the true C_A spy in the DOJ.

431b4a  No.2799667


Pickle farm!

a75a6f  No.2799668


Yes I do remember. Answer this question.

If 100% disclosure would lead to war, are we actually safe?

20c750  No.2799669

Anonymous (You) 08/30/18 (Thu) 12:41:49 1397f3 (1) No.2798864

"It sure would be nice to see the truth come out on McStain."


To preserve the Republic-

(Some) things must remain BURIED.


Might this mean that turncoat mcstain has turned on hussein and killary. Now needs to be in witness protection with fake death?

Not my theory, just trying to interpret Q.

e51fd5  No.2799670

File: 8a1bfd68d89de38⋯.png (440.44 KB, 453x673, 453:673, ohr-qpost-2000.png)

340b82  No.2799671

File: 82b0bfb2338ee5d⋯.png (112.45 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, PostDetectorOBB.png)

3339f4  No.2799672

lb replies


That's actually a crime of fraud.


Tough lessons and extremely valuable. >>2798586

You cant preserve a Republic that was extinguished 150 years ago and murdered again 100 years ago.

1e5ec1  No.2799673

File: d1ef0c157c0ec53⋯.jpg (39.71 KB, 606x479, 606:479, cia twit f_languages.JPG)



a7de34  No.2799674



I just love that you're but hurt. Q made my day! And you too. Why don't you cry a lil, it might help

511735  No.2799675


diplomats from other embassys! co ordination.

a73287  No.2799676

File: f1af91a0d5e5992⋯.jpg (28.35 KB, 474x363, 158:121, thC364DO8F.jpg)

74c30e  No.2799677


Precisely. she was most likely there to destabilize the loyal Russian patriots and to keep up the Cold War fallacy. Remember JFK, Reagan and now Trump. THEY need a boogieman. "If it's nor NorKo, then Iran..oops no. Maybe Russia…dammit He met with Putin". Follow me?

ef9dfa  No.2799678

File: 4ab682725802ead⋯.png (254.63 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20180830-125224.png)

16f609  No.2799679


Q and POTUS…….I trust you. I truly do. I understand somethings must remain buried. I’m good with that. But I’m worried about my family, especially my children. Particularly one who is away at college. I want to get him home if all hell is going to break loose. How will we know?

c3e5ba  No.2799680



I prefer the term "innovative public relations strategy to counter the lies and spin of the deepstate narrative"

some anons just don't understand this. Q will reveal what is tactically sound to reveal. When we have a total victory, when the great awakening comes there will be many sauces to hear from. The story will be told.

Anons pushing for more disclosure: many of you don't understand that is a threat to operation security of the plan.

Making no mistakes is what establishes the certainty of victory, for it means conquering an enemy that is already defeated. -Sun Tzu

The victorious strategist only seeks battle after the victory has been won, whereas he who is destined to defeat first fights and afterwards looks for victory. -sun tzu

The clever combatant imposes his will on the enemy, but does not allow the enemy’s will to be imposed on him.

– Sun Tzu

In making tactical dispositions, the highest pitch you can attain is to conceal them.

– Sun Tzu

This is not a GAME!

b823cc  No.2799681

File: 3dcd5795a8c9795⋯.jpg (76.96 KB, 828x966, 6:7, badass_alien_by_mad_jules-….jpg)

5b74c4  No.2799682


Is that you, Oliver?

You are aware of the fact that you will have the honor of hanging out with your bosses David, John and George…literally.

17e4ca  No.2799683



54dc44  No.2799684

File: cc118e701ccc3f0⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1299x709, 1299:709, PYRAMID OF WINNING.PNG)

1af101  No.2799685

File: b6e6c374e4278c8⋯.jpg (88.35 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Shillquake.jpg)



>Dig on what shills don't want us to dig on.

Dubs confirm! Keep digging!

13ebb9  No.2799687


try harder mossad

7f3755  No.2799688


That really gets my imagination racing!

88aa67  No.2799689

File: b25300a687e62c8⋯.png (470.58 KB, 570x570, 1:1, 560745C3-16D4-4EA7-BE07-96….png)

20c750  No.2799690


OOps. Didn't mean to you you.

cfdaca  No.2799691


Buckle up buttercup. Let the plan play out. Then if you still have some concern fagging to do, do it after the plan.

5309f8  No.2799692

Hey Q what is going on Ireland because the govt are hell bent on destroying the economy?

78a83e  No.2799693


No, stop ur emotions and think.

Israel is a big player , if not the biggest.

You must cut the body up in pieces before the

head so that it doesnt just grow back.

As hard as it is this is worth having patience

for. Patience Anon…

Btw fuck u for being a dick to Q.

911455  No.2799694


If Putin/Russia is a white hat in the game, and if Nellie Ohr is fluent in Russian language, is she a white hat too? Whose side is she on?

94f516  No.2799695

Legit concerns about the amount of truth revealed:

Q says about 40% will be revealed to the public and that only about 4-6% of the population is forever lost. How deep will 40% be? The 1984/globalization plan is common knowledge to anyone even slightly redpilled, and pedo/human trafficking shit is just scratching the surface of the depraved acts (((they))) are involved in. Will all that be exposed? Will the tangled web and systemic operations of the cabal be revealed so the public isn't just left to believe it was a few deeply corrupt individuals?

I want the Republic to remain strong and healthy for as long as possible so my future children or grandchildren aren't caught up in a fight like this in just a couple generations. I want government to be regarded as something dangerous if not kept in check. I want Communism to FINALLY be banished to the dustbin of history, reviled as deeply as Nazism currently is and only believed in by a lunatic fringe (and Satanism, for that matter). Will the 40% that gets dropped on the public be enough to achieve that?

Not trying to concernfag, legitimately interested in a having a discussion about this.

1f6981  No.2799696

File: 53d91f4267a1464⋯.png (468.35 KB, 775x569, 775:569, CIA_Careers&Internships.png)

aef471  No.2799697

File: 0c76deacdd0dd99⋯.jpg (47.16 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 303484_405585289463655_690….jpg)

File: 4b5c780eb4ac549⋯.jpg (51.93 KB, 556x410, 278:205, 11964_423684384396857_1034….jpg)

2dfb47  No.2799699


At least you have a functioning brain anon.

Logic says tahat we can get FULL DISCLOSURE through other anons.

Logic does NOT say that Q needs to give us FULL DISCLOSURE.

Watch the anons!!!!!!!!!!!

17e90c  No.2799700



43cc0f  No.2799701

Correction to incomplete quote at: >>2788201

“Don’t let the noise of others opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already

know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” ~ Steve Jobs

197840  No.2799702

File: dde95912fcd56e1⋯.png (450.69 KB, 651x863, 651:863, ClipboardImage.png)


And they want to name a new NATO building after him ,,

Tom Tugendhat, a member of the Conservative party in the UK parliament, wrote NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg that “very few people embodied the values that NATO is built on in the way Sen. John McCain III did.”

Tugendhat added: “There can be no more fitting tribute to his career and the values that Sen. McCain espoused — but also no better message for NATO to send at this time of global tension — than to name its new headquarters building after the American statesman.”

NATO rep Oana Lungescu told CNN that the request from Tugendhat, chairman of the foreign affairs committee, “will be considered carefully.”


Fuck you Tom Tugendhat

9d38f8  No.2799703


Ok we totally understand that all these people are c_a. World needs truth about McStain.

4567a7  No.2799704


6. All of the above

The "strength test" in March, we didn't do so well (Not ready). Aside from a few impatient anons & shills backing them up, I'd say we're doing just fine now. MSM thought they could shut us down in a month, except, the Streisand Effect. This coordinated wave [#3] i think they'll try to counteract that effect, will be a beast, IMO.

c85ed8  No.2799705


I am available as needed as long as Im allowed and checked in.

12a3b7  No.2799706


you were never a good nigger.

b55ef8  No.2799707

’’’The CIA and the Media: 50 Facts the World Needs to Know’’’


Sauce is included in each point

’’’Points 1-36’’’ covers early years

’’’Point 37’’’ was actually posted by >>2789275 bread #3524 and that info covers up to the 70’s and includes The Church Committee

’’’Point 38’’’ – interesting tidbit re CIA blowing off reporter looking for George W Bush as well as George HW Bush ties with CIA as early as 1953

(sauce - Russ Baker, Family of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty, America’s Invisible Government, and the Hidden History of the Last Fifty Years, New York: Bloomsbury Press, 2009)

’’’Point 39’’’ - Operation Gladio, the well-documented collaboration between Western spy agencies, including the CIA, and NATO involving coordinated terrorist shootings and bombings of civilian targets throughout Europe from the late 1960s through the 1980s, has been effectively expunged from major mainstream news outlets (especially US).

’’’Point 40’’’ - 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City

’’’Point 41’’’ - Gary Webb’s “Dark Alliance” series in the San Jose Mercury News chronicling the Agency’s involvement in drug trafficking and the CIA’s response

’’’Point 42’’’ - Gary Webb died of two .38 caliber gunshot wounds to the head

’’’Point 43’’’ - Journalists who receive “exclusive” information and access to the corridors of power are typically the most subservient to officialdom and often have intelligence ties. Those granted such access understand that they must likewise uphold government-sanctioned narratives.

’’’Point 44’’’ - The CIA actively promotes a desirable public image of its history and function by advising the production of Hollywood vehicles

’’’Point 45’’’ - Former CIA case officer Robert David Steele states that CIA manipulation of news media is “worse” in the 2010s than in the late 1970s when Bernstein wrote “The CIA and the Media.” “The sad thing is that the CIA is very able to manipulate [the media] and it has financial arrangements with media, with Congress, with all others. But the other half of that coin is that the media is lazy.” James Tracy interview with Robert David Steele, August 2, 2014

podcast https://checkinitout.com/2014/08/02/interview-12-robert-david-steele/

’’’Point 46’’’ blurb about Anderson Cooper and his great uncle, William Henry Vanderbilt III

’’’Point 47’’’ Veteran German journalist Udo Ulfkotte, author of the 2014 book Gekaufte Journalisten (Bought Journalists) revealed how under the threat of job termination he was routinely compelled to publish articles written by intelligence agents using his byline.

’’’Point 48’’’ In 1999 the CIA established In-Q-Tel, a venture capital firm seeking to “identify and invest in companies developing cutting-edge information technologies that serve United States national security interests.” The firm has exercised financial relationships with internet platforms Americans use on a routine basis, including Google and Facebook.

’’’Point 49’’’At a 2012 conference held by In-Q-Tel CIA Director David Patraeus declared that the rapidly-developing “internet of things” and “smart home” will provide the CIA with the ability to spy on any US citizen should they become a “person of interest’ to the spy community,” Spencer Ackerman, “CIA Chief: We’ll Spy on You Through Your Dishwasher,” Wired, March 15, 2012.

’’’Point 50’’’ In the summer of 2014 a $600 million computing cloud developed by Amazon Web Services for the CIA began servicing all 17 federal agencies comprising the intelligence community.

9e565d  No.2799708

Russia kicked bankers out after Vlad took power.

They suffered bigtime during the 90's but they have since recovered enough to be a country again.

Bankers hate them.


Russia is still really the only (china close 2nd) big enough boy on the block to beat the US in a conflict.

2 Birds one stone.

Russia vs USA, bankers don't care who 'wins' because they do. USA and Russia both destroyed.

Russia is the 'historical enemy' of the US,it makes it very easy to get the masses to go with it for the ''long haul."

That is why bad actors learn Russian.

Can't have an English accented Russian attacking your outpost now can you.

2878a1  No.2799709


I'm a Christian

You are a godless nationalist piece of shit

American is the new Whore of Babylon

And any American not man enough to admit that is a cowardly piece of shit

We have allowed the rest of the world to fuck us in the ass for decades for money

That is the definition of a whore

We have also promoted globalization, which is basically a plan to build a new modern tower of babal


The United States = the Great Whore of Babylon

You don't agree

Challenge it with logic

Otherwise, take your misguided patriotism and shove it

258e1e  No.2799710

fc6c4b  No.2799711

Q should find somewhere new to post. The wretched and worthless people here almost make the cabal seem preferable. Anonymity turns people into shit stains.

ef9dfa  No.2799712

File: 4a65c3778d77f55⋯.png (180.16 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20180830-124734.png)

74f435  No.2799713


Can't wait for a free world without the deep state.


Q, please Don't stop until they are all eradicated.

43cc0f  No.2799714

As nightfall does not come all at once, neither does oppression. In both instances, there is a twilight when everything remains seemingly unchanged. And it is in such twilight that we all must be aware of change in the air however slight, lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness. ~ Justice William O. Douglas

340406  No.2799715


He is the most hated next to Trump so there is a clue

e6bf87  No.2799716


Q is openly telling you it's a cover up.

You're a sheep

455edf  No.2799717


I had to rewind to see if i heard his name wrong.

John Q Public.

dc2dc2  No.2799718

Anons I need some notables for this bread, trying to play catch up.

06ee87  No.2799719

And for the record, you'll have to forgive some of anons who got red pilled without Q and have seen every single person/org/movement screw them over in some way and being a cabal front.

So yeah, if we don't "Trust the Plan" its because we've never seen a Plan that's actually worked.

THAT IS WHY anons want some time of proof.

Cuz the last 2000+ years of history..

So I'll be the skeptical concernfag and you can be the sheeple.

7f3755  No.2799720

File: e9ab1a4bf9a12d2⋯.jpg (59.11 KB, 960x720, 4:3, the thing 4.jpg)

bb9963  No.2799721


Where do You think it's pointing too? Lol.

43cc0f  No.2799722

"If you don't read the newspaper, you are uninformed; if you do read the newspaper, you are misinformed." ~ Mark Twain

ebcdcc  No.2799723


The question is on whose orders did no name act. He was low level.

a5665b  No.2799724

Thank you bakers, that wheelchair guy who run 8chan, BO, BV and Q. This place is so open you can drop in and call Q a nigger and no one will do anything to you about it. The BO does not ban you and Q does not even put you on secret kill list. Very nice place I try not to abuse this freedom unlike other places the openness makes me more likely to contribute.

Keep up the good work patriots!

8aa464  No.2799725


no please don't go

368e99  No.2799726

File: d99eab6950e365a⋯.jpg (31.4 KB, 368x480, 23:30, thescream_l.jpg)

bbfe37  No.2799727


Not. Time. Yet.

Jesus, you people are dim, sometimes.

The Overton window has shifted, but not enough. Deal with it. Or work harder. But premature execution isn't going to do us any favors, especially to placate a few whiny Day Shifters who are getting impatient.

816215  No.2799728


Clowns have to multilingual to work on the farm.

a77fae  No.2799729

Just a thought. Anyone else think that judge setting super low bail and dropping charges against the adults at the NM terrorist compound is a setup to prove that the court system is compromised to kick off the court martial?

465e62  No.2799730

File: 8d907c78734261a⋯.jpg (44.4 KB, 720x696, 30:29, freedom seeds.jpg)


Safety is a relative term. Freedom can be nasty business.

There is no guarantee of safety written in the Constitution.

Got 2A?

It's called personal responsibility.

2569af  No.2799731

File: 519a111c8f4b5a6⋯.png (190.39 KB, 266x408, 133:204, ClipboardImage.png)


>To preserve the Republic

Two bands of brothers in blue

The American Civil War was fought in the middle of the nineteenth century between a common English speaking people who were often literate to a standard unknown to previous generations. Most of the participants-on both sides-were deeply committed to their respective causes and were fiercely proud of the units in which they served by virtue of their close connections to their own states, counties and towns. Nothing could be more guaranteed to provide posterity-in a time before technological communication-with a plethora of books chronicling the event from every perspective. Histories of Civil War units abound as do personal accounts. The subjects of this book concern the activities of companies of men-the most intimate of military histories. They have been brought together because of their comparatively short lengths and for reasons of good value. Nevertheless, those interested in the conflict from a Union perspective and those especially interested in the doings of the forces from Rhode Island and Minnesota will find much to engage them within these pages. Available in soft cover and hard cover with dust jacket

8f6bb0  No.2799732


If 100% isn't disclosed, then yes we're safe. Your reasoning is circular, basically begging for war/disaster under the guise of "we the people". You're being selfish actually!

b55baf  No.2799733


So, she's a CIA asset…so they could keep track of what the DOJ was doing through Bruce?

f36381  No.2799734

Q we really need some truth on McCain. I was telling people all about how shady he is and now everyone thinks I'm crazy! If this is what happens when we try to wake people it's not good. How am I supposed to go back and talk about other stuff now that they think I'm crazy?

3339f4  No.2799735

When the Steele Dossier/FISA fraud all comes out, Stain will be right at the head of it, along with Brennan and Soetero. It was one of Stain's "bipartisan" actions with his "friends across the aisle." There will be little plausible denial he knew it was fake when he delivered it to the FBI. I hope Trump targets him right then and opens the floodgates of truth and justice to flow down like a mighty river…

89ce3d  No.2799736

Rumors that McStain converted to judism or Islam

Maybe they buried him with a pig

17e4ca  No.2799737



>Camp Peary hosts a covert CIA training facility known as "The Farm", which is used to train officers of the CIA's Directorate of Operations, as well as those of the DIA's Defense Clandestine Service,

457af3  No.2799738


that would open some eyes.

64d202  No.2799740

File: b4cd108c70ecde7⋯.png (126.01 KB, 717x309, 239:103, Screenshot 2018-08-30 at 1….png)


see >>2799318 for more FBI coverup/FF. Q is trying to show us…

43cc0f  No.2799741

Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart . . .

Who looks outside, dreams,

Who looks inside, awakens.

~ Carl Jung

ef9dfa  No.2799743

File: d71db94f34f2ba6⋯.png (223.08 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20180830-123858.png)

35410a  No.2799744

File: e36756ee2bd3148⋯.png (2.82 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 44E3F688-C6FC-4158-9F50-1D….png)

File: ad58d9af487a403⋯.jpeg (84.19 KB, 700x387, 700:387, DC69DB90-078D-4154-8A51-2….jpeg)

File: cf7eb11ddcdd79c⋯.jpeg (91.78 KB, 700x392, 25:14, D35BA18C-5FDA-4F54-A3E9-2….jpeg)

File: ad58d9af487a403⋯.jpeg (84.19 KB, 700x387, 700:387, 2AAF4E16-E637-42E0-A3BD-8….jpeg)

File: 103d30f492f94dc⋯.jpeg (86.57 KB, 700x378, 50:27, 525EC55C-F17A-4DD2-B4FB-E….jpeg)

0cd1b8  No.2799745

FARM -acronyms

Fuel Armament Rockets Missiles (attack helicopter inventory mnemonic)

Facilities for Antenna and RCS Measurement

Foundation for Agricultural and Rural Management

Frame Acceptance and Reporting Mechanism

Farmington Wild and Scenic River (US National Park Service)

a7de34  No.2799746


This is Qresearch, not Anon research. Maybe you should leave! Like…GTFO

5889a6  No.2799747


Now think on that… why would nato do that? Cause noname was a traitor and for NWO… that just shows the truth right there… or maybe I think way too far out of the box….

90f416  No.2799748


that's the most stupid statement ever bro WTF just give up then and switch im sure they need people now since they are getting fucked up by trump but will u work for free they are having money troubles as that trump exec order is hard at work

258e1e  No.2799749

File: 9021c7ee87b797a⋯.jpg (54.66 KB, 960x832, 15:13, 8chan-feel-sad-remember-4.….jpg)


this time with related pic

b4d8e8  No.2799750

Thank you Q, team and Potus for guarding and maintaining the world's population for all of us. We are globally connected, that is a fact. You have a hard and heavy task, forgive those who do not yet understand. It’s not about me,I, or you: it is about us all. WWG1WGA

9e565d  No.2799751


Oh holy no!

you said the forbidden words!!!



OFF with your HEAD!


4567a7  No.2799752


Nah, shit stains were shit stains to begin with. Anonymity just lets' them shit freely w/o repercussions (or so they believe there's no repercussions)

a73287  No.2799753

if Q every wanted plausible deniability , well he got it today..

43cc0f  No.2799754

Never let formal education get in the way of your learning. -Mark Twain

c1a759  No.2799755


Same thought went through my head.

8aa464  No.2799756


same boat except I believe.. at least you have to admit this is anomaly

6fbea5  No.2799757


Has anyone ever seen the movie Ghostwriter?

Basically, it's about how the wife of the Prime Minister of the UK is a total beta male. The CIA, spotting an opp, inserted an asset into his life. That asset became his wife, who basically ran the UK by whispering in her worthless husband's ear.

I'm thinking that's Nellie and Lisa Barsoomian in a nutshell.

bbfe37  No.2799758


Never go full retard.

e4648d  No.2799759



there's no way to prove that faggot

e46fe9  No.2799760

Pretending to get rid of deep state.

Trading one group of elites for another.

Trusting the plan.

Enjoying the show.

aef471  No.2799761

File: e652a63fe4126fe⋯.jpg (24.83 KB, 496x338, 248:169, 421475_355438267811691_186….jpg)

File: 968a310fa83cef5⋯.jpg (43.76 KB, 666x375, 222:125, unnamed.jpg)

File: f1dd76bff38f55b⋯.jpg (393 KB, 713x825, 713:825, Cop cartoon.jpg)

File: 7c6fa30343680a4⋯.jpg (43.71 KB, 720x360, 2:1, 538684_406316092723908_120….jpg)

8308e3  No.2799762


Yeah I noticed it too. So I had to rain a memedrop..


9a8150  No.2799763

I dont know why Q would post today at all if he was going to post this shit.

If your going to hide shit dont rattle the cage by telling us again your hiding shit for our own good. KEK.

Q has to be fucking with us for a reason I dont quite get yet.

3c78f0  No.2799764


Is the true history documented somewhere, or does it die when no name, poppy, etc meet their demise?

115327  No.2799766


728167  No.2799767


No Anon… CIA Farm… Camp Perry in VA

9d38f8  No.2799768


Songbird better have sung Beethoven's 5th or this is totally BS.

6aa83e  No.2799769

I watched the viewing for as long as I could stomach it yesterday (about 5 min) and saw a ton of retired military who were saluting as they walked through. Obviously they respected his service and most likely had no idea of what that a-hole was a part of and giving their honest respect to a fellow soldier. If truth comes out now , during his memorial, we would lose a LOT of good people who would simply not believe that he was instrumental in shooting a nuclear missile to get the country into a war to serve his own interests. These are the people we NEED to keep on our side. They have a respect for the flag, the institutions, and the country that is more deeply ingrained than the normal person on here and we will have to have their support when the times comes. He is gone and will no longer be an issue but my blood is just as hot as you all's about the absolute bullshit being thrown his way. Truth will out but not today.

3339f4  No.2799770

File: 07747b67509d59d⋯.jpg (64.4 KB, 640x423, 640:423, pepe cnn slaughters farmer….jpg)

File: 479f0c0d337b4e5⋯.jpg (91 KB, 640x700, 32:35, pepe youtube prisoner.jpg)

File: 7900215a847cdf4⋯.jpg (57.31 KB, 630x833, 90:119, pepe wintersoldiers.jpg)

File: 4c285c1e35c6e09⋯.jpg (57.03 KB, 640x483, 640:483, pepe captures antifa.jpg)

22cba1  No.2799771

File: ad9ce5f7a006023⋯.png (191.89 KB, 301x304, 301:304, Screenshot_2018-08-30 the ….png)

bb9963  No.2799772


Russia is target NUMBER ONE.

The wars will tell you so.

The question should be


Being that Russia is the number one target. Don't you think it would benefit the enemy to speak the language.

43cc0f  No.2799773

"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."

-Arthur Schopenhauer

bbfe37  No.2799774


Expand your thinking.

9e565d  No.2799775


The "Farm"

CIA training center.

always has been, always will be.

354d6f  No.2799776


Apparently WE is THEY

and anons are the PEOPLE, the filthy masses still unworthy of the TRUTH…

we need better reasons for hiding noname's demise. WHERE IS THE BODY?

a73287  No.2799777

Langley is also FBI HQ isn't it?

9c7114  No.2799778

File: 97d87eac652824e⋯.jpg (140.98 KB, 478x640, 239:320, whoanellie.JPG)

whoa Nellie…


3e009c  No.2799780

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

do u believe in x-men?:)

in one of the movies, they travel in time hehe

3ddc2a  No.2799781

File: a64875948a170e9⋯.png (74.93 KB, 428x427, 428:427, Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at ….png)

File: 09543c585e8b8ca⋯.gif (1.58 MB, 480x268, 120:67, giphy.gif)


Could it be?

a75a6f  No.2799782


Exactly! That’s why I’m saying roll the fucking dice. There’s plenty of us to defend the republic.

ef9dfa  No.2799783

File: 482e82229d45d9c⋯.png (205.86 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20180830-125820.png)

dc2dc2  No.2799784


Sounds good, thank you baker.

43cc0f  No.2799785

Faith is an oasis in the heart that cannot be reached with the caravan of thinking.

— Kahlil Gibran

c64b28  No.2799786

File: 891c04fb1bde416⋯.jpg (107.97 KB, 441x570, 147:190, 891c04fb1bde416fa93dd373b1….jpg)


Dang!! Workfag checking in for lunch!!

Looks like a shill picnic up in here!!

Lite up the barbie Anons! Throw some shills on the barbie

b4add9  No.2799787

File: 9b800b6aa03b589⋯.jpg (519.1 KB, 1080x1095, 72:73, IMG_091.jpg)

340406  No.2799788

File: 6eb1df10665de16⋯.png (1.72 MB, 1200x800, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

b55baf  No.2799789


Not necessarily. I worked with a Math teacher who had a degree in Russian, just because she liked the language.

f54d7b  No.2799790


Fucking pisses me off that they're going let people think No Name really Died instead of Exposing McStain for what he is and showing that he was brought to Justice and  turn the whole thing around on the media for reporting that he died when they didn't know for sure.

it's stupid Petty bullshit that needs to be brought out not fucking buried

We stick our necks out to expose the shit and made to look like loons and then we get shit on for doing so

SAD Day for America a fucking traitor gets to continue being remembered as a "HERO" while the people that has been here since the beginning of this get shit on!

You know what else would irreparably harm us?  If masses of people leave the movement because they realize nothing is going to be exposed.

90f416  No.2799791


6ba2d3  No.2799792


IMO a "republic" worth saving has no secrets

easy for me to say

i am not in charge

22b25d  No.2799793


is that a brand? what a retard. its not even good kek.

ef3858  No.2799795


Is this the newest shill tactic? The "Even know there are operators in harm's way, you must announce the details of their operation on a public platform so I can feel better" shill?

Around 4% are lost forever. In the US alone that would be 13 MILLION people. By all means, let's get them to go ape shit on the streets. So we now have endangered operators, caused mass chaos in the streets, and freaked out the normies because of the chaos. Say goodbye to your 401K because the global markets would shit the bed. For fucks sake, think logically.

d5f5f6  No.2799796

File: fee421d8954d4fe⋯.png (581.7 KB, 590x584, 295:292, 2a9v.png)


I cannot peddle the official story about this man. There is no way you can expect us to continue to inform folks about trafficking and pedophilia and family courts only to have the rug pulled out again? the failure to publicly deal with antifa and their headliners getting off repeatedly, along with Rand Paul's attitude at his trial, put a target on our backs after 30 months of attacks imo.

I've already stopped my usual chit chat with folks. I cannot take the risk of informing them about anything only to find that what I have told with limited knowledge habbens to fall within the 60% of stuff subject to official suppression. I'm trying to figure out what my approach should be. I'm not sure.

77e33f  No.2799797


I always thought "the Farm" was Langley

e46fe9  No.2799798


>Q has to be fucking with us for a reason I dont quite get yet.

not realizing the whole point of this jewish psyop.

16bb49  No.2799799

File: c311d8377b037d1⋯.jpg (54.96 KB, 503x434, 503:434, 2gqgwq.jpg)

Gave up long ago, especially after the first Bush got elected POTUS, on believing anyone would make a genuine concerted effort to correct all the blatant abuse & misuse of power throughout the world. Q woke up a patriotism in me that I never had before – and justifiably so. An ex-director of the C-I-Fucking-Ay for Prez of the US????

Thank you, Q. You guys are an unexpected light in the darkness. I wish there was more I could do than just make memes. WWG1 WGA

e6a189  No.2799800

File: 1401bd350982876⋯.png (116.85 KB, 377x377, 1:1, Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at ….png)

368e99  No.2799801

Trust no one.

a5665b  No.2799802


Some disclosures will activate other bad actors. Even some countries have lines in sand on disclosure that will trigger wars. Safety of Americans must be secured first!

6e4226  No.2799803


NO ASSHOLE. The Farm is the CIA Training Center in Warrenton, VA.

Don't you think there are some patriots among former clowns?

43cc0f  No.2799804

Anyone who doesn't take truth seriously in small matters cannot be trusted in large ones either.

~ Albert Einstein

d84e6d  No.2799805










And the rest of you disgruntled children, please start every anti-Q post with:

"Fuck you Q" _ it makes filtering for the rest of us easier. If you are fed up - bye & fuck off

9d38f8  No.2799806


^^^^^^^ cmon anons. This is anon 101.

6309d5  No.2799807

File: 160a6fef4d0a22d⋯.jpg (7.39 MB, 3024x3187, 3024:3187, 20180830_131646.jpg)

File: 70b20a92fa2738c⋯.jpg (5.71 MB, 3024x2948, 756:737, 20180830_131513.jpg)

The more I look into the death of Ron Brown and the Chinagate stuff during the Clinton years, the more the server and 'hacking' make sense. The chinese probably set up the servers. Oh my word, and Feinstein and the Nuc Sub hacking…

78a83e  No.2799808


You're too emotional and jumping

to conclusions that its about "Israel"

Q has already told us it was being saved

for last. Not a sheep, I am well aware of the Talmud evil and those who truly control us.

I thirst for the exposure of (((them))) all, but

I can sit back and see the steps being set to get there. Emotions get in the way sometime Anon.

115327  No.2799809


North Korea 'ramps up manufacture of illegal drugs' amid sanctions

Sanctions are taking their toll on the North Korean regime, which has allegedly resumed the production of narcotics to earn the hard currency required to advance its nuclear and missile programs. Julian Ryall reports.

Droge Methamphetamin Crystal Meth (imago/blickwinkel)

With the latest round of international sanctions making it increasingly difficult for the North Korean regime to obtain the hard currency that it requires to fund its nuclear and missile development programs, reports have emerged from the isolated state that it is once again stepping up the production of illegal narcotics, both for export and for its domestic market.

Quoting its network of covert contributors within North Korea, who communicate via mobile phone, the Seoul-based DailyNK news site has reported that state-run trading companies have begun to produce and sell illicit drugs.

Sources within North Korea say that companies have been "ordered to earn foreign currency" and, as legal means of doing so have been curtailed by the United Nations' export bans, "are turning to drug manufacturing on an industrial scale."


0b1f08  No.2799810

Q why isn't Hussein present or speaking at No Names funeral?

2878a1  No.2799811


This is Democrat mindset

Lemme guess, you have homosexual tendencies?

Daddy issues too?

ef9dfa  No.2799812

File: 07c7f5edc956831⋯.png (219.17 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20180830-125535.png)

e316c9  No.2799813

File: 500726940e46fc3⋯.gif (2.84 MB, 480x270, 16:9, mj.gif)


> this would be a good time to step back.

Funny. Expand your thinking.

You WIN some. You LOSE some.

If you step back…be sure to do it in style.

We'll be here when you return.

7e3e98  No.2799814


BUDDHA said:

“The TRUTH is what is useful.”

For the Neophyte (new seeker) or concrete thinker such a statement is confusing. However the more sophisticated mind realizes that for the majority - the Truth is abstract, meaning “Your Truth” is dependent upon your perception and development.

At age 18 years you believed you knew the Truth. By age 30 years you realized that while you understood some things that your views and opinions were limited. By age 70 years your Truth of 18 or of 30 years was much greater.

THE TRUTH evolves as we evolve and as our perception broadens and deepens; we see more Truth. We see that Truth can be a paradox and not just a beacon. Wisdom knows there is always more Truth to know.

WISDOM is Truth known from a variety of perspectives, like a clear Crystal we can view it from many angles. Truth then is not just the view through the Crystal but the many faceted Crystal itself.

c85ed8  No.2799815


A shill filled mortar hit a few hrs ago , they spread out .

43cc0f  No.2799816

“You can count the seeds in an apple, but you can't count the apples in a seed. When you teach, you never know how many lives you will influence… you are teaching for eternity”

Karen Jensen

a75a6f  No.2799818


War with WHO? I’ll shut up about it if Q could at least explain WHY the information would lead to war.

88665e  No.2799819


I have a feeling he is under house arrest for the remaining time he has.

I use to post, no clintons, no bushs, now I want to add no mc cancer faces.

1e144c  No.2799820



58c36c  No.2799821


MAYBE. Unless we deem it too scary.


46e32e  No.2799822

File: 47055e3497c025c⋯.gif (1.26 MB, 600x401, 600:401, Cry Moar Faget.gif)








Anons obviously don't understand the process of tempering/hardening. No Name didn't depart on his own terms. Good enough for me. Shills and some Anons want to see a mutilated dead body. I personally got enough gore from Avenatti's shenanigans (thanks, Guido, for stopping all that!).

No Name's dead. Mission/Plan continues. Greatness everyday. The story is literally unfolding in front of our eyes, and you wanna bitch and moan about a dead body of a traitor? ==Y'all mother fuckers need: ==


to take a walk

7278e5  No.2799823


Jesus! (not Jeshua)

Just meditate for fucks sake…quiet your "monkey brain" and all will be revealed to you…your quote has nothing to do with Q

368e99  No.2799824


This is why I view masons the same as Israeli duel citizens.

How can we know their oath to the constitution is true when they have other oaths, sometimes secret, sometimes secret blood oaths? We can't.

e6a189  No.2799825


That's called a deal.

eb341b  No.2799826


The significance is that communism was trying to take over the world.

Why do you think leftists look more like Karl Marx these days?

Why is Hollyweird so fucked up? Was McCarthy right? Vilified and reputation destroyed.

History books changed. Religion used to take over the world.

493386  No.2799827



a7de34  No.2799828


Shills are Crying! And it's funny as shit. Join the party and laugh with us..

Btw, how is brotheranon?

43cc0f  No.2799829

“You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.” Albert Einstein

465e62  No.2799830



What is it that Farmers do?

They GROW things.


9c7114  No.2799831

File: 80dfe1979c57895⋯.jpg (139.2 KB, 465x621, 155:207, NellieOhr1.JPG)

File: 5b3c322615e9bc2⋯.jpg (103.76 KB, 478x515, 478:515, NellieOhr2.JPG)


more from same source above

e64f9a  No.2799832



If you can, can you fix my quick copy-pasta of the one notable from lb to remove HIS NAME and replace with "No Name?"


189a4f  No.2799833


Good stuff, Anon.

aef471  No.2799834

File: b8d3a37ab66f1da⋯.jpg (14.68 KB, 452x333, 452:333, 404831_358416607513857_187….jpg)

File: 604cc756297c8c9⋯.jpg (35.77 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 523328_406038826084968_656….jpg)

File: 48fc7ea3b8a5637⋯.jpg (84.11 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 602019_398191866977200_169….jpg)

File: df9d90f755f4bdc⋯.jpg (22 KB, 670x419, 670:419, 535241_409333242422193_153….jpg)

0fba19  No.2799835


best response all day!

d3ae88  No.2799836

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Roger Waters: ‘Ever seen anything so obviously scripted as doc about White Helmets?’

c3e5ba  No.2799837


If we had a country filled with adults we would have awoken a long time ago and taken out these bastards.

At best only 3% are aware, of those maybe 10% are willing to take any risk at all to do something about it. Of that perhaps only 10% have real grit and some talent to be effective.

That leaves: 97% of the population helpless fools

3% adults (with 0.003% of total population true warriors)

You bet all your memes this population doesn't need to know everything, especially the details of the winning strategy, the 0.003% actually fighting this are using to win it, as they just begin to make their move.

But stay in the inactive 3% of awake but ineffective people and keep bitching at others to risk everything your way and not theirs.

d987fe  No.2799838


It's a bot.

e8e87f  No.2799839


One World. Govt has to Infiltrate every Country thus Learn every Language

368e99  No.2799840



ef9dfa  No.2799841

File: 6f76e166358c24d⋯.png (203.83 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20180830-130731.png)

428b9d  No.2799843


Fuck you! I’ve waited decades already. This is our ONE chance!

5a0c4b  No.2799844


Which makes her perfect to be involved in the Ukraine campaign.

89ce3d  No.2799845


Not his funeral

6fbea5  No.2799846

File: d41da7d8c357aeb⋯.png (157.98 KB, 1348x854, 674:427, Capture.PNG)


Ghostwriter plot

9f1def  No.2799847

File: d4ddf577d781614⋯.png (335.27 KB, 620x464, 155:116, comfort zone.png)


I think NOT.

Who are you to decide what's GOOD or BAD?

Who are you to decide?

You need to re-read crumbs.

-You're also a very "open" mind person-

fca98c  No.2799848

File: 54349c91b06631f⋯.jpg (28.41 KB, 579x292, 579:292, Red Oct Lost Sub.JPG)

File: 3eb0d12217dba8e⋯.jpg (19.65 KB, 420x300, 7:5, 1ab02bf8e0a67c972737e03c7c….jpg)


"The Show" within the show….

— one of the best flicks on many levels.

9d38f8  No.2799849


No truth puts us in the bullseye. smh

a73287  No.2799850

P OWNS the C_IA… enough said.

51a725  No.2799851



1497716 Who do you TRUST?

1497716 TRUST (name).

1482139 TRUST the plan.







893904 Trust the plan.



.587467 Do you TRUST SESSIONS?

455 TRUST.







180606 TRUST Adm R.

97753 TRUST.



148761 TRUST WRAY.

.146058 TRUST.

511735  No.2799852


timetravel ! think fast!

88aa67  No.2799853

File: 272cda8e8d7f640⋯.jpeg (82.63 KB, 450x338, 225:169, 98B59377-DAF3-4759-8515-8….jpeg)



07715c  No.2799854



The Farm mentioned in Podesta/WIkileaks (https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/39175)

Q, is this the same Farm?

11279a  No.2799855

File: 9e8372282d397ff⋯.jpg (258.77 KB, 861x933, 287:311, 3706.jpg)

43cc0f  No.2799856

"I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that."

– Martin Luther King, Jr.

6ba2d3  No.2799857


hey anon i am 100% behind your reasoning

so why doesnt Q just say "when the time is right"?

ed1b76  No.2799858

File: 6d5bf6e6019e2ac⋯.jpg (86.18 KB, 300x300, 1:1, john-mccain-family-stops-c….jpg)

They are who we thought they were


a80606  No.2799859

File: 458f652350a56d3⋯.png (194.96 KB, 681x477, 227:159, jest.png)

9347ad  No.2799860


and what language was Nellie Ohr using when operating that ham radio?

8f6bb0  No.2799861

McCain is closed casket Cuz his head was lobbed off with a guillotine

1a0285  No.2799862


It just shows how good of an arms salesman he was.

Evidence of how many and who also profited from his war-mongering dealings.

Even though he's dead now (?) the narrative must live on to keep the cash cow fed!

bbfe37  No.2799863


Today we're serving the Impatient Patriot Concern Pussies and the Divisionfag shills, with a delicious side of Kent State Massacre.


e81da8  No.2799864


Call me whatever you wish. Anyone not pushing for full disclosure of everything is NOT representative of TRUTH, nor anything/anyone I wish to be a part of.

MT aka SA

2dfb47  No.2799865


>Some disclosures will activate other bad actors. Even some countries have lines in sand on disclosure that will trigger wars. Safety of Americans must be secured first!

Like Congress must be cleaned out and they must work with POTUS to secure the country!!!!!

d987fe  No.2799866


Good to see. Getting woke, I hope, and not limiited hanging out…

aba27d  No.2799867

Oh well I suppose truth doesn't matter. With all the crop failures hard red wheat dying in the i. The fields I suppose it won't matter when people Are eating their dogs.

3c78f0  No.2799868


I'm seeing the key word as BURIED, to me confirms no name is not in that coffin.

a03786  No.2799869


TRUTH will NEVER be reported by deep state mockingbird msm

those expecting it to be are delusional

deep state mockingbird msm are part of cabal treasonous/seditious operation

TRUTH will only be revealed by us, members of The Great Awakening

20c750  No.2799870


Agreed. He needs to suffer.

e316c9  No.2799871


noice collection!

5b48e7  No.2799872


wtf would they use bitly?

Twitter already shortens URLs under the covers, and doesn't count it against characters.

e6a189  No.2799873


Looks like a gaddamn mental-health patient… Ain't nobody scared of that faggot 'round here.

7278e5  No.2799874


Solve Q's riddle

I wasn't asking Q for the info

a5665b  No.2799875


Casket is empty he is in GITMO

22cba1  No.2799876



a concern troll is always perfectly happy to trade someone else's demoralization for his own narcissistic rush.

bbfe37  No.2799877


Again, explain to me how you would even know if it was the truth? The whole truth?

115327  No.2799878


North Korea's Got a Big Crystal Meth Problem

By Nathan A Thompson

April 25, 2014 | 10:50 am

This article originally appeared on VICE UK.

North Korean meth is the bomb — at least, according to US officials who tested two batches last year. The packages of sharp, ice-like crystals measured 98 percent and 96 percent for purity respectively. According to an indictment against the suppliers, who were arrested in 2013, the drug was so pure that "people in New York, they went crazy… the places that we put it in the States, New York… Boston, all these places, I mean, they went crazy."

According to a new report by Dr. Sheena Chestnut Greitens, an assistant professor of political science at the University of Missouri, the North Korean government has used drug manufacture and a host of other nefarious activities to raise funds since the 1970s. The regime defaulted on its international loans in 1976 and Greitens describes how that same year "a dozen members of North Korea's diplomatic corps, including the North Korean Ambassador to Norway, [were] ejected… for smuggling illicit goods" including "4,000 bottles of booze (mostly Polish vodka) and 140,000 cigarettes" in Sweden, and "400 bottles of liquor, 4.5 million cigarettes and 147 kilos of hashish in Denmark."

North Korea cooks up a nuclear surprise. Read more here.

After the collapse of the USSR, North Korea lost its communist financers and that, combined with tough sanctions and disastrous policy decisions, resulted in the famine of the 1990s where an estimated one million people died. Factories were not operating and fishermen starved in the harbor, as they had no oil to power their boats. Desperate to survive, the Kim regime forced community farms to cultivate opium poppies and demanded as much as 60 kilograms of raw opium per harvest. "We should be growing grain, not poppies," said one defector quoted in Dr. Greitens' report. "But the instruction from the central government was that if we grow poppies we can sell the product for ten times as much to buy grain."

After the famine ended in the 2000s, North Korean factories began to produce a more modern type of drug: methamphetamine. "Officials from North Korea's various security agencies were reportedly involved in guarding the plants and factories," writes Greitens. Within the factories, real-life Walter Whites were hired to school local chemists in the art of synthesizing pure, potent meth crystals. "Experts were brought in to advise on production."

A line of crystal meth or "bangdu" in Chinese (Image via Flickr)

North Korean meth and heroin was highly prized on the black market and Triad and Yakuza gangs were lining up to distribute the drugs across China, Japan and the US, according to Greitens. "The gangs would pick up packages of drugs dropped at sea… Drugs were also transported by train (and other methods) across North Korea's northern border into China."

But why rely on desperate gangsters when you have a host of agents stationed legally inside target nations with diplomatic immunity? Indeed, North Korean embassy staff continued to be thrown out of their host nations on various charges. As well as drugs, North Korean officials have been caught smuggling such things as rhino horns and ivory, 500,000cigarettes and counterfeit $100 bills so convincing that US treasury officials dubbed them "super notes."

"Given the variety of products involved in these incidents and the repeated presence of North Korean diplomats in them, these incidents appear to be primarily the result of a 'self-financing' policy," writes Greitens, "by which embassies are expected to finance their own operations, and contribute money back to the regime in Pyongyang."

North Korean defectors in the South struggle to be Korean in a whole new way. Read more here.

More at link!

457af3  No.2799879


good question anon.

3ddc2a  No.2799881


I think that's why Q said, keep it on the down low with the Normans.

My Special snowflake sib knows my other sib and I follow Q,

she saw the FakeNews articles on Q

now we're wackjobs

I don't give a shite

340b82  No.2799882

File: 639526864a70c55⋯.png (109.56 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, PostDetectorBH.png)

ef9dfa  No.2799883

File: a16f1c27231b090⋯.png (637.45 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20180830-122745.png)

17e4ca  No.2799884



Here we DO NOT WORSHIP puppets, occult orders under the vatican authority and David Brocks balls.

e51fd5  No.2799885

File: 6add0a71556a9b5⋯.png (530.28 KB, 628x349, 628:349, ohr-commie-a1.png)

44fa70  No.2799886

So you want the President to say that NoName provided chemical weapons and cash (US taxpayer money) to ISIS to kill civilians and our own soldiers - while representing the US government as a Senator?

What WW ramifications would that have?

Peace is the prize.

2dfb47  No.2799887


thank you anon I've been fighting these shills all bread

43cc0f  No.2799888

"We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of the dream

Wandering by lone sea breakers, and sitting by desolate streams

World losers and world forsakers, for whom the pale moon gleams

Yet we are movers and the shakers of the world forever it seems"

-Arthur O'Shaunessey

e75ebb  No.2799889


So when are you going to post your SSN and credit card numbers anon?

77e33f  No.2799890

VPNCOCKNIGGERANON out. Good day, and remember to use the "Shill-Away".

1f6981  No.2799891


native tracking options

354d6f  No.2799892

File: 9a38e309e30d81b⋯.jpg (123.99 KB, 472x1014, 236:507, 1534923478.jpg)

465e62  No.2799894



368e99  No.2799895

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Meh, I'm more of the mind of, DOOM MARINE, RIP AND TEAR UNTIL IT IS DONE

3735b3  No.2799896


I don't think he is either. Why the closed casket? I have other digger frenz in other places feel the same.

5acbf4  No.2799897

File: 5760095770a44be⋯.png (260.56 KB, 499x499, 1:1, aarrrgh pepe.png)

No Names casket always being closed is rather kekalicious.

9d38f8  No.2799899


Been talking about red babies for 10 months. This is news? FFS

Of course they are commies!!

07715c  No.2799900




Yes. Follow the fucking wives. Anyone who listens to Abel Danger knows that the wives at comped as $1 gas station sushi. Cheney/David Cameron Wives for example.

f20970  No.2799901


Whoa so she's a full blown clown?

945c28  No.2799903


My thoughts too. Like just say "more will be revealed in time" or something

6ba2d3  No.2799904


the anons already know the whole truth

the public is being kept in the dark not us

its tactical and strategic

i dont like it but its easy for me to say

im not responsible for the consequences of an error

a59453  No.2799906


1a0285  No.2799907


NAH! Closed because it's EMPTY!

Enjoy the show!

fc6c4b  No.2799908

What's the point to bringing the cabal down? Another one will just take it's place. As long as humans exist this is just going to be one big shit-show.

6fbea5  No.2799909


Essentially, women like Nellie and Barsoomian never loved their husbands. They were CIA plants meant to influence policy through their husbands.

43cc0f  No.2799910

"Community will be the guru of the future." -Thich Nhat Hanh

ce09ea  No.2799911

File: 585da090fc25710⋯.png (6.44 KB, 484x150, 242:75, Q.png)
















e6a189  No.2799912


Fox Moulder knew best…


4567a7  No.2799913

File: 2294c441511153d⋯.gif (3.74 MB, 347x244, 347:244, images.duckduckgo.gif)

← Watching the board flip the fuck out today

Then wondering if night crew would have taken this news better in real time

d84e6d  No.2799914


How many have died over the centuries in worse and much oppressive situations?

YOU'VE WAITED Decades - you poor pussy

b823cc  No.2799915

File: 5a3bc0f69298e5c⋯.jpeg (101.31 KB, 1440x816, 30:17,