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File: 6268f09e9233453⋯.jpg (145.4 KB, 1795x1017, 1795:1017, # JPG.jpg)

057f48 No.2321137

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.




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Friday 07.27.18

>>2314525 ————————————- Device Test C

>>2314508 ————————————- Device Test X

>>2314496 ————————————- Device Test E

>>2314492 ————————————- Device Test

>>2313074 ————————————- What are the odds?

>>2313022 ————————————- There is nothing more precious than our children.

>>2312711 ————————————- A message that nobody but who understands?

>>2312569 ————————————- The more you know.

>>2312081 ————————————- Specific reason for the reminder. Everything stated has a purpose.

>>2312021 rt >>2311980 —————— Given CoC process to launch what does this tell you? CLAS removal WASH minutes after.

>>2311972 rt >>2311906 —————— Specialized weapons package. CLAS-5.

>>2311890 rt >>2311869 —————— F-16s intercept.

>>2311837 ————————————- Unauthorized missile fired. Unauthorized emergency incoming missile threat activated Hawaii. POTUS AF1. POTUS re-routes.

>>2311245 rt >>2311235 —————— Gina Haspel - The CIA London Station is the main centre of the US Central Intelligence Agency in the UK.

>>2311237 ————————————- Repost of PS Testimony Crumb

>>2310964 ————————————- #QAnon Photo

>>2310904 ————————————- Warning to UK? Decipher re: last.[Redacted FISA].

>>2310720 ————————————- PS round 2. [Lead investigator HRC/Russia].

>>2310672 ————————————- Public awareness forces hand.

>>2310523 ————————————- Keep your promise. This is not a game.

>>2310449 ————————————- When does a bird sing?

>>2310166 ————————————- @Jack MZ Your hands are dirty

Thursday 07.26.18

>>2300028 ————————————- Facebook Investors Want to Strip Zuckerberg of Chairman Title

>>2299768 ————————————- Do you understand what is happening? Think optics.

>>2299625 ————————————- Thank You Jeff Sessions Article

>>2298508 rt >>2298430 —————— You'd be amazed how much is shared on /pol/

>>2298430 rt >>2298410 —————— How do you hide a message in clear sight?

>>2298388 rt >>2298369 —————— The face is never the author

>>2298335 ————————————- Because of these, the wrath of God is coming

>>2296993 ------------------------------------- What was the point of filing impeachment art if Ryan was going to reject?

Wednesday 07.25.18

>>2288772 ------------------------------------- Relevant Today. News Unlocks

>>2288325 rt >>2287764 ------------------- Something BIG is about to drop.

>>2287674 rt >>2287348 ------------------- What if the UK gov worked hand-in-hand w/ the Hussein admin to sabotage the 2016 election?

>>2287348 rt >>2287225 ------------------- When did No Name travel to the UK?

>>2287098 ------------------------------------- No name returning to headlines.

>>2287057 rt >>2286943, >>2286944 -- You’ll soon know why. (Facebook crash)

>>2286926 rt >>2286869 ------------------- If RR is dirty, Mueller is dirty.

>>2286778 ------------------------------------- https://mobile.twitter.com/RepMarkMeadows/status/1022255468461391872 ([RR] Articles of Impeachment)

>>2284570 ------------------------------------- EU BLINKED

>>2282104 rt >>2282049 ------------------- POWER WILL RETURN TO THE PEOPLE.

>>2282049 ------------------------------------- "That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People.. "

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are not endorsements'''



>>2296345 To Quell the BO is MIA crap, a message from a Board Volunteer

>>2251030, >>2261001 EXPLANATION of bread-archiving situation. Fix habbening.

>>2174695 ; >>2174831 FULL VIDEO: President Trump and President Putin Helsinki Summit Press Conference

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#2924 (New Baker)

>>2320912 New conspiracy theory claims AF1 was targeted by a missile strike

>>2320894 Lisa Page "is pissed"

>>2320835 What Does Google Know About You?

>>2320443 , >>2320749 QPost: EXC Dig

>>2320636 KimDotCom tweets about the Deep State

>>2320519 Bail raised to $1M for Hoover Dam bridge barricade suspect

>>2320485 Stego research and dig

>>2321134 #2924


>>2319693 National Security Agency Office of the Inspector General (NSA OIG) publicly released today its first unclassified version of its Report to Congress

>>2319687 Great Awakening MAGAnon Posts

>>2319760 H.R. 5515: John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2019

>>2319739 Anon notes on Qdrop "Who exposed the pedo network in hollywood?"

>>2319855, >>2319714 How to Block Gore/Trashclown

>>2319820, >>2319867 F-16 Launched Anti Ballistic Missile Tech

>>2321011 Leaked Google video: a disturbing concept to reshape humanity with data

>>2319916 Notes from VictimAnon

>>2319944 Fail: 9 Times Globalists Claimed Mass Immigration Is Necessary to Increase GDP

>>2319786 Anyone ever make any heads or tails of this email?

>>2320226 EQUITY ALERT: Rosen Law Firm Announces Filing of Securities Class Action Lawsuit Against Facebook, Inc. – FB

>>2320241 Here's a great article from Politico about Chinese Espionage

>>2319965 #2923


>>2318844, >>2318873, >>2318882, >>2318916, >>2319167 Planefag notes

>>2318830 Rep. Matt Gaetz Files Federal Election Commission Complaint Against Twitter

>>2318975, >>2319372 What happened with the sub and the missile?

>>2318998 ongoing talks between the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) and the Damascus government

>>2319092 Twitter Algorithm Buried Republicans For Something Totally Out Of Their Control

>>2319025 Anon found the original hi-res version of Q's #QAnon photo

>>2318892, >>2319120, >>2319229 Javascript notes for blocking trashclown posters

>>2319219 All clear at Trump Tower.

>>2319352 Clowns hijacking Q drops?

>>2319302 EnglishAnon reports in from the front

>>2319335 Was digging into Shirley MacLaine as hollwood anon mentioned she high priestess

>>2319425 RONAN IS OUR GUY

>>2318154 BOOM x4 server, x4 TEST

>>2319280 #2922


>>2318108, >>2318195, >>2318532, >>2318638 Planefag Reports

>>2318037 ICE Banned From Using Philadelphia Arrest Database

>>2318042 Obama administration approved $200G grant to group with Al Qaeda ties

>>2318127 [[[[Brennen]]]]] putting out a HIT order?

>>2318211 USMC/ Tweet Droppin in

>>2318216 Teachers’ Unions Plan to Become ‘More Political, Not Less Political’

>>2318226 Five Clues Don Jr.’s Trump Tower Meeting Was Set Up as Dem Dirty Trick

>>2318239 Hidden in Plain Sight: Down the Google Book Rabbit Hole w/ Q’s Trip Codes

>>2318240 member all the shoes found around the canadian waters that had feet in them?

>>2318576 Republicans Vote to Gut Enforcement, Increase Foreign Workers

>>2318564 Ann Coulter: Trump-Putin Hysteria Will Be ‘Nothing Compared’ to Trump Replacing Ruth Bader Ginsburg

>>2318618 Bomb squad called to TRUMP tower

>>2318681 SEC May Want To Take A Look": Facebook Insiders Dumped $4.1 Billion Weeks Ahead Of Record Crash

>>2318515 #2921

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>>2317120 #2920

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File: 7db980320132f9d⋯.png (240.38 KB, 500x499, 500:499, 7db980320132f9da3babd98d03….png)

#2925 Dough

30fe24 No.2321202

>>2321184 lb

Jews is not a race. Humans are a race. Jews are ideals and beliefs. Which happen to be sick and perverted not to mention horrifically violent.

e1563f No.2321203

File: ea1c737e93c1f7e⋯.jpg (70.78 KB, 700x500, 7:5, R WATCHER ANGEL.jpg)

File: d621081b8ddf075⋯.png (56.42 KB, 898x304, 449:152, POTUS TWEET 2012 PLANE CRA….PNG)

File: ea3a2bf802e7254⋯.png (22.55 KB, 669x188, 669:188, Q DROP TRUTH IN FRONT OF Y….PNG)

>>2321006 pb

Getting closer. Which Plane?

Look Closer. Amazing

6fa323 No.2321204

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

so keeps the lights on for the asshole factory?

seems they are having an after hours sausage party

9cc77c No.2321205


MSM reports of insiders dumping stock prior to massive slide, is reportedly triggering a SEC Investigation….

Won’t that be Peter Strzok’s Wife job?


19ed74 No.2321206

File: 6c17c70fcf4bb2d⋯.jpg (435.24 KB, 1600x1067, 1600:1067, 4.jpg)


9e4ccd No.2321207

File: cdcbbc206f718a8⋯.png (532.37 KB, 667x763, 667:763, DoD 7-27-18 9 pm PDT.PNG)

Today we remember the trailblazing #BuffaloSoldiers of the @USArmy.

a6debc No.2321208

File: ae4ef8cc18331b2⋯.jpg (73.12 KB, 876x752, 219:188, 4DCC23B.jpg)

Boobs for the Baker!

Boobs for Victory!

79370c No.2321209

File: 64b4356d5c829e2⋯.jpg (33.98 KB, 770x433, 770:433, 64b4356d5c829e27078c281d0b….jpg)

>>2320912 (pb)

I love how the article says that they called the Navy and the Navy said they had nothing to do with it…

… as if they'd admit it if they did.

And yeah, those lights people saw in the sky around Area 51… those are just "weather balloons"…

And the thing about it being a helicopter?

YOU CAN SEE THE FUCKING MISSILE on the goddamned end of the fire trail! And you can see that the flames are behind the lower clouds, indicating that the damn thing is way above the clouds at the peak of it… and the "running lights" of a helo don't LIGHT UP THE FUCKING CLOUDS AROUND IT that much…

So yeah, they're saying we're all conspiracy minded and crazy… but goddamn if they aren't gullible and lacking in critical thinking skills.

Reminds me of when the police do some shady shit and they're all like "Well, we investigated the incident and determined that nothing was done wrong." Uh huh… so you investigated yourselves and determined that you, yourselves, are not guilty… great! Okay, I guess we can just move on with our days now!


63ee5d No.2321210

File: ae58adfb34974e0⋯.png (100.08 KB, 603x408, 201:136, SHTF.png)

8a2bac No.2321211

File: d3de4c05af21122⋯.jpeg (45.65 KB, 249x600, 83:200, Patriots Fight.jpeg)

File: 99c6b5b50505f6e⋯.jpg (47.59 KB, 600x480, 5:4, pattonDMP.jpg)

File: b201182ca8673ac⋯.png (2.7 MB, 2000x1400, 10:7, TU.png)

4ced2d No.2321212


I repeat follow THE MONEY.


The top is the WORST.




e0862f No.2321213

File: ed408b7a88f3daf⋯.jpg (114.97 KB, 1095x852, 365:284, 2a.JPG)

File: 06b6e8c17994a51⋯.jpg (139.88 KB, 667x817, 667:817, 3.JPG)

File: 15034d9f552342e⋯.jpg (124.65 KB, 647x784, 647:784, 4.JPG)

President Donald J. Trump Announces Intent to Nominate Personnel to Key Administration Posts


dd8b7b No.2321214




















Jeremiah 29:11



_CONF_AW-CjF78-82(Z 00:00)_


Good Hunting!



Light will overcome d_a_rkness.

Light will expose darkne_s_s.

Light will _reveal_ darkness.

Light will defeat darkness.


bff6f9 No.2321215

File: da500283ddc468d⋯.jpg (8.74 KB, 529x354, 529:354, VIDEO-White-House-responds….jpg)


Same guy???

b2b7f7 No.2321216


because the jews are GOD's people the Hivites took the persona ..

Remember Satan will do anything to piss GOD off… The jews we see today are Hivtes …

b3f9ba No.2321217

File: 84c799e539d44bc⋯.png (295.17 KB, 811x504, 811:504, ClipboardImage.png)



NSA's OIG 2015 used Eagle on insignia

NSA's OIG 2018 used OWL on insignia

Message to the cabal!




b6b1fd No.2321218

File: 25365f351ecab47⋯.png (251.48 KB, 747x676, 747:676, ClipboardImage.png)


found the sub in that pic:


(for my side by side)

12d24b No.2321219


Not all of any religion or tace is all bad or good.. only God has to judge the difference. Maybe use the golden rule and you wont seem evil like a bigot..

dfb59e No.2321220

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

19ed74 No.2321221

File: b7b12100dcf0828⋯.jpg (134.16 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, 3.jpg)

8a2bac No.2321222

File: 476c6f53b58de97⋯.jpg (84.31 KB, 666x500, 333:250, rolledeyes.jpg)

e1563f No.2321223

ab50ee No.2321224

File: e1179af36f21730⋯.png (124.21 KB, 1006x560, 503:280, Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at ….png)

File: 42efd3dcf400a51⋯.jpg (45.87 KB, 768x522, 128:87, GettyImages-1005932430-768….jpg)

Why the UN flag was used to drape the remains of Korean War Veterans returning home


Fuck the UN even harder.

b2a03a No.2321225

File: 4fd80dcd3f404ff⋯.png (570.07 KB, 961x641, 961:641, 1532750516816.png)

57fef4 No.2321226

>>2321179 (lb)

These were separate events, According to Q, AF1 was targeted during the time of the NK summit, the Hawaii missile warning hasn't been claimed as anything more than a warning, real or not, intentional or not.

99bc19 No.2321227


I see, ok I'll look her up and try : ) tho now that the cult will read me writing this they may attempt to counteract that in various ways. They did that when I first realized I needed to FOIA myself and so I said I was going to call judicial watch! and then judicial watch ended up having a busy signal the whole day - but then I just figured out how to file one myself : ) either way, thanks for the advice

90021a No.2321228

>>2321166 last

They were jews.

Doesn't matter?


999ffb No.2321229

Notables - that TruePundit Article on Lisa Page in Notables is CRAP.

No one knows if she is "scorned" or "pissed".

We only know that she is being helpful during testimony.


2a96c6 No.2321230




a603cc No.2321231

Grassley Seeks Documents for Supreme Court Nomination

WASHINGTON – Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) today requested special access to documents related to Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s legal work in the White House, as the committee evaluates his nomination to the Supreme Court. In a letter to National Archives staff at the George W. Bush Presidential Library, Grassley sought all emails sent to or from Judge Kavanaugh during his time in the White House Counsel’s Office, all paper files maintained by Judge Kavanaugh in that position and all documents relating to his nomination to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. Grassley also made the following statement:

“For nearly two weeks, I’ve attempted to seek a good-faith agreement from the Ranking Member to jointly request documents relating to Judge Kavanaugh’s legal work in the White House. For nearly two weeks, I’ve found myself either waiting for a response to my proposals or faced with unprecedented and unreasonable counter-proposals.

“Even when I suggested that we jointly request documents that both sides want while continuing to negotiate other categories, the Ranking Member declined. The Minority rejected out of hand multiple accommodations that I’d offered to assist in targeting material they believe is relevant. Instead, they demanded that we expand the request to require a search of every email from every one of the hundreds of White House staffers who served alongside Judge Kavanaugh for nearly six years, to find records that merely mention his name.

“So today, on behalf of the committee, I submitted a request for documents related to Judge Kavanaugh’s time in the White House Counsel’s Office. I expect the production to be the largest ever in the Senate’s consideration of a Supreme Court nominee. In the meantime, I’m eager to review Judge Kavanaugh’s 307 judicial opinions, the hundreds of other opinions that he joined and the 6,168 pages he already provided to us, which are publicly available right now and will provide the greatest insight into his fitness for the high court. As I have said repeatedly, I am not going to put the American taxpayers on the hook for the Senate Democrats’ fishing expedition.”

Text of Chairman Grassley’s letter to the archivists at the Bush Library follows:



ed4055 No.2321232

File: 37cb6bc52ced5e5⋯.jpg (17.87 KB, 190x255, 38:51, Russian Bots Yankee.jpg)

I just heard Dem's are saying we are back

79b5fd No.2321233

>>2321063 (pb)

ever stop and consider Cochlear implants? Been putting those in peoples heads since the mid 80"s I believe…the man who invented them, Dr. John Kemink, was murdered and the court transcripts are spoopy to say the least………


Chester Posby court transcrpts…


96d21b No.2321234

File: ac531bed2e338d6⋯.png (23.17 KB, 1149x97, 1149:97, www_eastbaytimes_com_2018_….png)

Suspected Russian “honeypot” prostitutes targeting tech execs and VCs in an infamous Silicon Valley lounge provide a salacious illustration of the region’s spy problem — but much of the espionage here looks like business as usual, according to a new report.

The West Coast is seeing a “full-on epidemic of espionage” centered largely on Silicon Valley’s technology industry, the report said.


057f48 No.2321235


Gotcha this time anon. Added and cheers.

b6b1fd No.2321236

File: e8ea3fd72f9ed9a⋯.png (71.57 KB, 587x119, 587:119, ClipboardImage.png)



not saying this is the sub that actually fired, just IDEN the pic to its sauce

dc8411 No.2321237



btw looks like link to dough is missing


79370c No.2321238

File: 6be8501c0c70864⋯.jpg (125.08 KB, 999x666, 3:2, sub compare.jpg)

File: 24be879643fa8d7⋯.jpg (224.32 KB, 1280x919, 1280:919, 1280px-USS_Louisiana_(SSBN….jpg)

File: dbc20d6d7aa5e4c⋯.jpg (94.59 KB, 999x666, 3:2, dbc20d6d7aa5e4cbde931c380d….jpg)


Oh, I validated Q's pic as an Ohio class SSBN a long time ago… the day of the post in fact…

dfb59e No.2321240

File: 82b3faf4faee732⋯.jpg (242.39 KB, 1109x1479, 1109:1479, S__5988357.jpg)

Future proves past… I found Q's nephew or something.

Q is right about the way these are all tied together. Antifa, Pedos…. You see it too right???

171232 No.2321241

9e4ccd No.2321242

File: f581daccea19f5a⋯.png (775.72 KB, 661x658, 661:658, DoD 7-27-18 7 pm PDT.PNG)

File: 57e96de53ecd00e⋯.png (432.97 KB, 659x845, 659:845, RIMPAC 7-27-18 10 38 am PD….PNG)




I think the DoD is dropping hints

DoD also retweeted "weapon is away" earlier

I believe this could be

1. Related to Whidbey

2. Perhaps a hint at the code for a picture

[but mostly I think related to Whidbey]

4ce9ed No.2321243


looks like Voldeemart.

b3f9ba No.2321244

File: 5a2971673b89ae5⋯.png (293.97 KB, 794x504, 397:252, ClipboardImage.png)


For sure a message to the cabal! So subtle that only the cabal gets it.

I love when Q can send a message like that to ((((them))))!

90021a No.2321245


Friendly reminder…

That the jews killed Patton after he sent his wife letters about doubting the democrat plan of killing tens of millions of white people so that jews could rule our countries.

f54137 No.2321246

Shills are mixing it up now. Kanye has been tweeting today. Subject independence.

Shills attack.

b2b7f7 No.2321248


OLD news… We already know

e561dc No.2321249

>>2320912 (lb)

I'm surprised nobody pointed out that a Rothschild wrote the article trying to discredit Q

332610 No.2321250


i wonder if a harpoon could be aimed at an airplane, tho.

79370c No.2321251


OH, wait, you're saying that the one Q posted was a cropped version of this one you're showing us here? As in, Q took it and modified it so it wouldn't show up in a reverse image search?

44b348 No.2321252

File: 9c9f0d3bc1b4862⋯.png (516.68 KB, 750x500, 3:2, scumbag-lying-strzok.png)

File: f259e79154c29fe⋯.jpg (22.36 KB, 275x183, 275:183, f259e79154c29fe6b9ece3ad3a….jpg)

File: a9c13f736701b63⋯.png (175.87 KB, 420x315, 4:3, the-scumbag-strzok.png)

File: 763ad98a63cac6d⋯.png (222.52 KB, 448x330, 224:165, Fuck-Sessions.png)

The entire Russia collusion nonsense was put in motion because of Jeff Sessions ignorance of the law or he sold out to the deep state.

Sessions resign already.

19ed74 No.2321253

File: 45c2312ba52288d⋯.jpg (380.37 KB, 1067x1600, 1067:1600, red1.jpg)

3b08d2 No.2321254

File: ffcb862c4507c41⋯.jpg (214.61 KB, 1629x557, 1629:557, Columbus OH 2018-07-28 03:….jpg)

File: ad5b83a66be9d5e⋯.jpg (332.8 KB, 1571x978, 1571:978, Columbus OH 2018-07-28 03:….jpg)

Planefag out.

f27f84 No.2321255

File: d068bc56e548b26⋯.png (13.91 KB, 672x377, 672:377, 29fe7f072881b7d199df5885ac….png)

>>2319786 pb and in NOTABLES



"Pan Am 103 pilots – the living survivors?"

Are not ALL survivors "LIVING"?

b3f9ba No.2321256


Thanks, baker! I was beginning to lose hope for the anons as well. Kek!

1fa604 No.2321257

File: b616d31a6affd08⋯.jpeg (49.68 KB, 750x588, 125:98, A582CABB-3387-454A-9F20-6….jpeg)

Whuz up Late Night Fags.

6b3507 No.2321258

Is anyone working on the Q Drop Images and Pixelknot? Is there a board for that?

e93523 No.2321259

File: d4b19dcef79fbfd⋯.png (53.9 KB, 183x275, 183:275, DROPFACE.PNG)

Ready for the drop!

b6b1fd No.2321260



we've known this for awhile

I'm just compiling info for a side by side, thought I'd share


no, there's multiple sauces with it, this is the stock one the the sites bought to use

the reverse image comes back to china hacking subs

12d24b No.2321261


I never said it does not matter.. God has a plan for all! Judging entire races or religions one way is evil.

f27f84 No.2321262



46fd4f No.2321263


Some anons are worshipping LP like she is our savior …..it's almost as cringy as dems blowing Mueller

e93523 No.2321265



check the catalog

6c6fec No.2321266


Was pointed out over a month ago when the article was originally posted here.

eb384c No.2321267


Chuch Grassley- deserves at least 20 medals when we are on the other side of this. The man is a cabal-busting MACHINE!!!

b6b1fd No.2321268



probably should've added the sauce:


c15507 No.2321269


nice badge ;]

54cf36 No.2321270


truepundit crap??!?!?!!

no fucking shit

truepundit is fucking dogshit

b7a044 No.2321271


some survivors passed away after surviving the crash

dd8b7b No.2321272

File: 42ddfa568c76ebb⋯.jpg (622.07 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 774203799df7f1c06eac0456af….jpg)

File: 16a4dbb5ae7ad51⋯.png (1.05 MB, 782x498, 391:249, SHIT!.PNG)

File: 11005600f559832⋯.png (683.57 KB, 647x407, 647:407, capcap.PNG)


>IDEN world leader.

>IDEN headline.


>IDEN US Dept.

f9366c No.2321273

File: 9e206f4e7145a97⋯.png (446.36 KB, 960x1200, 4:5, ChuckG.png)

File: 86e04a8437d6c73⋯.png (505.98 KB, 850x568, 425:284, hrappening.png)

dfb59e No.2321274


So is there a direct←—connection between Brennan and Koh, [Other than the obvious]?

452c63 No.2321275

File: f1a299b305d69bb⋯.jpg (202.08 KB, 1287x729, 143:81, Shareblue19July2018RussiaL….JPG)

File: 3fe8854dc984366⋯.jpg (231.72 KB, 1460x826, 730:413, ShareblueAgenda_Items.JPG)

File: 13dbe0b6c55c839⋯.png (4.79 MB, 1827x1365, 87:65, PedosLikeDogstoSleep.PNG)

File: ab4cc54ef7a928f⋯.jpg (80.55 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, HuberFullMoonComing.jpg)

File: 1251ba059b1019a⋯.jpg (13.27 KB, 185x272, 185:272, SlaveryConvincedCivilWar.jpg)

b7a044 No.2321276


the rest are still 'living'

6bcc21 No.2321277

File: dbe41ae5272d37e⋯.jpg (110.23 KB, 469x620, 469:620, dbe41ae5272d37e2098e087043….jpg)

3b76c8 No.2321278

What’s the deal with “muh dick” guy?

Bot? Shill? Anon?

Regardless, it’s a staple here now. I’ll never look at Harry the same again. Fucker. Kek.

I don’t understand the motivation? To slide the board?

287a9d No.2321279

File: 72c6e6f5c4cee9c⋯.gif (910.88 KB, 743x620, 743:620, tumblr_me7ey83T6P1rvcputo1….gif)

Thank you Baker.

6fa323 No.2321280

File: d17f920a7434979⋯.jpg (73.94 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, IMG_0417.JPG)

system of fags

79370c No.2321281

File: 2ea43afd2ce82d5⋯.jpg (729.13 KB, 2016x1512, 4:3, 1510005033971.jpg)


oh, right, now I remember.

It was the image of the Chinese LST ships that had no results in the reverse image search, because they were taken by Q when aboard AF1…

dd8b7b No.2321282


Um, a missile launched froma sub, huh…

44a479 No.2321283

e1563f No.2321284


Not that deep. IN PLAIN SIGHT.

999ffb No.2321285


Anons hated LP - then she puts on some makeup and heels, AND NOW THEY IDOLIZE HER.

"But, muh pretty Lisa"

b6b1fd No.2321286


a dumbass shill that can't meme and hates sessions and harry, and thinks the bakers were banning him for months

>I don’t understand the motivation?

I don't think we ever will

f9366c No.2321287


Вот, Ιικε γου

b2b7f7 No.2321288


Soros fired him

6b3507 No.2321289


Thanks anon, All I see is the Sarah Silverman Password Thread. Did I miss something?

19ed74 No.2321290


Sorry guys

12d24b No.2321291


Dont worship anyone. Treat everyone as they treat you. And try to start out on a good foot offering benefit of the doubt.

b8a8bf No.2321292

File: 58276d01c2cf27d⋯.jpg (27.69 KB, 620x413, 620:413, 1eirqg.jpg)


ha! only white ppl have to use their hands.


b6b1fd No.2321293


no, not even close

reread what I've posted

44b348 No.2321294

File: 8f13b7e6afea36c⋯.jpg (82.7 KB, 469x568, 469:568, 8f13b7e6afea36cbf98e686d98….jpg)

File: c70f35a5fdb971a⋯.jpg (19.05 KB, 275x183, 275:183, cd70f35a5fdb971a114aa40b2d….jpg)

File: 908e4e439d3f7f3⋯.png (302.53 KB, 470x467, 470:467, khhlkhlkhklh.png)

Trump don't trust Sessions or Rosenstein for shit and if you think so you are a deluded fool.

e0e9af No.2321295

File: f02f3f12293da5d⋯.jpg (9.42 KB, 393x128, 393:128, SUB_IDEN.jpg)


Holy Shit…found the sub!

99bc19 No.2321296


n't think there is any way to contact her. all the twitter Fiona's are clearly not her, and I've tried every variation of search attempting to find her and all I find are pieces about her. So, well, contact me on my twitter if you have some kind of contact address cause I don't think she has a way to contact her right now.

f54137 No.2321297


She may be the only one who has a shot at redemption.

057f48 No.2321298

File: 0b68895b56a5d2c⋯.jpg (105.35 KB, 508x508, 1:1, 0b68895b56a5d2cb81b37da609….jpg)




>>2321217 , >>2321214 NSA changes Eagle for Owl insignia on 2018 OIG report

19ed74 No.2321299

File: 03f255835be7f23⋯.png (170.42 KB, 400x300, 4:3, WTF.png)

ee7604 No.2321300

File: 40af68c84ef19f2⋯.jpeg (26.32 KB, 299x168, 299:168, ECF5728A-B018-4B10-8151-5….jpeg)

File: f2aa2832d9bfddb⋯.jpeg (59.9 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 3044A0D0-2C2C-483B-930B-C….jpeg)

File: 0cf9fc02a3e3365⋯.jpeg (150.4 KB, 1362x1024, 681:512, D81F007A-2340-4467-A870-1….jpeg)

File: f2306c02c08cea9⋯.jpeg (126.98 KB, 740x499, 740:499, D8751D21-7C16-4BC2-9F65-5….jpeg)

File: 89dd8e52f7e8e00⋯.jpeg (69.21 KB, 620x465, 4:3, CE913FB6-F3F0-4C8E-A3B5-4….jpeg)

dd8b7b No.2321301


Floating prisons.

321df5 No.2321302


Not Much, happliy lurking since other Bakers volunteered to Bake tonight.

Enjoyed a bit of downtime which will probably change tomorrow AM, when I wake to a Baker begging for relief - But maybe it won't happen, Right? One can hope!!

f9366c No.2321303


You need то get оսт.

c9c8fd No.2321304


If she made me a sandwich I wouldn't eat it.

452c63 No.2321306

File: 652e55554cc84a3⋯.jpg (49.55 KB, 615x346, 615:346, eb97064f064a93924eff6667c9….jpg)

6fa323 No.2321307

File: 5d76b3202dddbb1⋯.jpg (17.64 KB, 680x383, 680:383, b3n15.jpg)

notice how the idolars swing the politicians around like it s bemis

90021a No.2321308


Go talk to God and get back to me.

I have a feeling I am not going to hear back from you or God.

God is a racist you retard.

Otherwise he would have made everyone the same.

He didn't.

How does it feel to hold the biggest leftist communist value up as some sort of godly value?

You fuckers are so fucking brainwashed its stupid.

Are you assholes still watching TV every night?

Damn you fuckers are dumb.

f27f84 No.2321309


I just grabbed it from notables.

was in this bread

Q Research General #2923 Floods Edition Anonymous 07/27/18 (Fri) 20:45:54 ID: bb5fd1 No.2319502


1c7588 No.2321310


Not using pixelknot, using Steghide… anyone got a good dictionary to use? Used about 20 different ones and nothing yet.

The password seems to be a 64 character key because those are the ones being tried by the brute force attack.

1fa604 No.2321311

File: b72a43d4611a80d⋯.jpeg (27.96 KB, 218x231, 218:231, 95C1CA8B-CEF9-4292-9585-E….jpeg)


Thats just an amaaaazing quads of jaloobies!

Tig ol bitties

Dirty D’s

Fun Bags


Ta Ta’s


Tits and Get The Fuk Back In

287a9d No.2321312

File: aa027f2a1aeda08⋯.jpg (10.76 KB, 170x255, 2:3, babyfinger.jpg)

832bbe No.2321313


So….I seriously remember this being taken inside a tent last time. Rugs on ground, not grass. Walls behind w/ windows - not view of a yard or field…

… anyone else remember similar?

The rest is about right - can't swear that the book titles match, the newspapers match, tv screen, etc…

But the grass is definitely wrong to me…

9c231d No.2321314


She's a dangerous traitor

She is scum

46fd4f No.2321315


exactly…cringelords are making us look desperate

We don't need Lisa fucking Page

5045cd No.2321316

File: 89428f2ab429f23⋯.jpeg (9.35 KB, 255x167, 255:167, 48a72782325feb4c97ead809b….jpeg)

c00f97 No.2321317


enjoy the show

1fa604 No.2321318

3a56bc No.2321319

File: 75e36fa00da9ccb⋯.jpeg (13.38 KB, 225x225, 1:1, images.jpeg)

b4fad8 No.2321320



>>2320562 lb

Ty baker(s).

Backup baker lurking till AM if needed.

Apologies for misunderstanding re: taking last night off. Wish I'd'a czeched in, didn't mean to leave bakers short-handed. I think I said "tomorrow" and "friday" thinking they were the same thing mebbe? Anyway, glad it got covered, big ty to those who stepped up.

f9366c No.2321321


ТНе ьакегs аге моՏτΙγ/αΙΙ ΒοтՏ, FWIW

46fd4f No.2321322


Shut the fuck up

8a12ca No.2321323

File: efb003f26dfd779⋯.png (562.03 KB, 821x598, 821:598, Screenshot (281).png)

I may have found something, check this out

The bold 9003A next to the license plate is shopped or something because it overlaps

Can anybody make any sense of it?

12d24b No.2321324


I have a design for a floating city! One of Gods blessings!

b3f9ba No.2321325

File: 2c874e03b57bd08⋯.png (433.98 KB, 1115x513, 1115:513, ClipboardImage.png)


The key is pointing in a different direction.


Go Q!!!!!!!!!!

6fa323 No.2321326


sweater puppies


12d24b No.2321327


Make me?

1fa604 No.2321328


And straightened her hair.

79370c No.2321329



No, i thought the guy I was replying to was doing "research" on the class of sub and was trying to build a side-by-side showing the proof that it was an Ohio class SSBN, etc… so I was trying to tell HIM that we already know. :)

I had forgotten that there was that article about chinese hacks of our subs, with that as the stock photo they used for the article… it was Q's way of leading us to that article through reverse image search.

44b348 No.2321330

File: 3d0306b001edd31⋯.jpg (66.27 KB, 480x530, 48:53, 3d0306b001edd3198a7924613c….jpg)

File: 3e25ea38f59fa10⋯.png (375.71 KB, 750x500, 3:2, kkl;hajhjdljh.png)

File: fe66868fb92c34d⋯.png (356.38 KB, 669x499, 669:499, hjhld;hlkhk'h'h.png)

File: 03cfd03c0766246⋯.jpg (25.23 KB, 369x260, 369:260, 03cfd03c0766246b9657cd7997….jpg)




Only a idiot would test Sessions.

5c8375 No.2321331

File: 5f5578059622151⋯.jpeg (483.3 KB, 1200x478, 600:239, edba0c19278cdd15c7845c690….jpeg)


Why did Q post this badly edited screencap?

c00f97 No.2321332


any Nasimfags out there? gotta counter this uncalledfor LP shit

f3b3e6 No.2321333

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

blackbird9's Breakfast Club


6fa323 No.2321334

File: 6839962eba0a667⋯.gif (32.04 KB, 1442x561, 1442:561, tastebenis.GIF)

rememeber back in the day

when the were molesting your gun rights with faggot back packs

8a2bac No.2321335

File: bb07e6df451982a⋯.jpg (135.56 KB, 600x892, 150:223, DIG ON FOR VICTORY.jpg)

File: aaba58e5f85cd7d⋯.jpg (452.71 KB, 1200x1766, 600:883, Dig.jpg)

File: 5c41964d94c9a3d⋯.jpg (465.4 KB, 1200x1728, 25:36, Pepe Produce.jpg)

dd8b7b No.2321336

File: 0276bee9d2fdf71⋯.png (885.88 KB, 766x482, 383:241, capcap.PNG)


posted Aug 2017

393100 No.2321337

File: 21d6dc97607f4f9⋯.png (180.16 KB, 518x515, 518:515, Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at ….png)



This Q post had "laugh" in it. Roseanne does seem to know a lot about what goes on in hw.

321df5 No.2321338


That you CB?

46fd4f No.2321339


If you have to ask…it wouldn't be hard, biblefag

79370c No.2321340


I feel like we're talking past each other.

I assumed you were trying to go back and do the digging on the sub pics… and I had forgotten that those images brought us to that article about chinese hacking…

The fact was that the LST pic I posted was the one that had zero results in reverse image search… I was posting that one to remind you of that post… I was admitting I got my two different ship picture instances mixed up.

1fa604 No.2321341

File: 035de6f44076753⋯.jpeg (90.21 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 7E1BB11C-02E0-4C67-AC9F-F….jpeg)


Hey some time off well deserved BakerAnon.

5c8e14 No.2321342


What a boring person you are.

9eb3ba No.2321343

File: 59ec99213f9f41a⋯.jpeg (26.55 KB, 255x247, 255:247, 2B28EE68-B7AA-4F45-9532-8….jpeg)

Morse code?


I don’t know. I tired, kek.

cda10a No.2321345

File: 741602dfbd57bd2⋯.jpg (339.89 KB, 882x731, 882:731, 741602dfbd57bd20c7c96db5f5….jpg)

b8a8bf No.2321346

File: 7e632e3f77aea71⋯.jpg (696.92 KB, 1080x1899, 120:211, Screenshot_20180727-211925….jpg)

c00f97 No.2321347

File: 4e9b5613998061a⋯.gif (985.59 KB, 500x267, 500:267, 1.gif)

5045cd No.2321348

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a6debc No.2321349





beard pillows

2bae90 No.2321350

File: a8355b18b578f7e⋯.jpg (461.17 KB, 621x1104, 9:16, JPEG_20180727_211830.jpg)

Sorry if there's a more appropriate bread. Don't know who this guy is, but I thought his twat was interesting. Likely just observation like any Anon, but good observation.

https:// twitter.com/StormIsUponUs/status/1023028959330615297

5a3bca No.2321351


Agree. The number seems fake. It goes past the vertical beam. Looks like the top and bottom horizontal beams stick otpast the vertical one. In that case, the A is fucky!

f9366c No.2321352


Notice the paтτегпs of fаке роՏтιηg. Fаке вакегs αΙΜο$τ αΙΙ Ηανε τΗιՏ օνεгсоокеδ ՏτγΙе оf βΙαbbeгing.

4ce9ed No.2321353


focus on the comment by leesh_78

>I can't be the only one who sees the surprised Pinocchio.

It's the "O" face.

I have a feeling this is an inside pedo joke.

Sick fucks.

dd8b7b No.2321354

File: ced9a681bb1b623⋯.png (699.92 KB, 549x523, 549:523, Capture.PNG)

Look at the names of his books he posted in 2016!

>"How not to Die


>The Surge


1d6a58 No.2321355

File: bf85bd7e6772fca⋯.jpg (120.37 KB, 1336x524, 334:131, purity.jpg)

c9c8fd No.2321356

File: da3f79c7b641443⋯.jpg (33.78 KB, 350x240, 35:24, 130114natalie-wood1.jpg)


Not Nasime, Natalie

306fe3 No.2321357

File: bb4842e49c4be44⋯.png (250.24 KB, 544x317, 544:317, molochwood.png)

452c63 No.2321358

File: 312f182e0d1cdd2⋯.jpg (167.83 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, AmericaWasSoldOut.jpg)

File: 8461dd7a916fe74⋯.png (1.12 MB, 659x585, 659:585, 4.png)

File: 8d5b881387a8e1e⋯.png (32.32 KB, 682x303, 682:303, 414.png)

File: aa704530bfe22cc⋯.png (4.73 KB, 453x98, 453:98, 163.png)

File: 9a345851092336c⋯.png (11.8 KB, 453x261, 151:87, 459.png)

221225 No.2321359


That's a pic from Tom Hanks' Twitter account. Yes, THAT Tom Hanks

e93523 No.2321360


I thought that's what you meant.

No one has solved yet.

Just a bunch of schills in here

6fa323 No.2321361

File: 717debdff40c1c2⋯.png (127.12 KB, 500x566, 250:283, download.png)

scorceh earth


suck the whole island clean of life

prol cheated on his taxes for it too

with the sex slave laboreres at his water plant

5a3bca No.2321362

Stop shitting up the bread with your bullshit, please


79370c No.2321363

File: 40913f0ebb9ed97⋯.jpg (174.77 KB, 1280x888, 160:111, Type_072A-class_LST_911_Ti….jpg)


Nope… Type 72 A class LST… Chinese "Landing Ship, Tank"

06d387 No.2321364


Isaac Kappy could be an undiscovered star

3b76c8 No.2321365


I know you are but what am I?

6fa323 No.2321366



go use a toilet

that's no fart

b4f6c9 No.2321367


Hang on…. why is this a good thing? The owl is often used as symbol of "bad guys", egg bohemian grove…… can somebody please explain why this is a "message to the cabal" to a newbie?

d2e5ec No.2321368

Hello fellow 🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸

1fa604 No.2321369



Hoo Hoo’s

90021a No.2321370


You got it backwards friend.

You want a bed time story.

The world is much more exciting and dangerous than that.

You might want to think good and hard about killing yourself also.

How dare you think I would take your faggoty half effort post and think it would effect me.

Go fuck yourself traitor. Cuck. Faggot.

dc8411 No.2321371



baker, do you mind posting the new dough link so i can get next bread ready for baking?

1c7588 No.2321372

File: b0bda860e5acdd1⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1920x1614, 320:269, MoonWater.png)

70ba61 No.2321373

File: 7691654d7c9321b⋯.jpg (105.41 KB, 508x782, 254:391, 1532727354252.jpg)

File: 43130d3937f5caf⋯.jpg (155.73 KB, 613x847, 613:847, 1532740318527.jpg)

File: eb68c0c691c0881⋯.jpg (108.85 KB, 975x435, 65:29, 1532733006275.jpg)

File: afe941a2fe40af7⋯.png (190.43 KB, 960x317, 960:317, 7a26fc427e4b4e6d81b997d9b9….png)

I am in this area and need some people to talk with me about this.

5045cd No.2321374

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

2a96c6 No.2321375

File: 0846eb217d68080⋯.jpg (42.4 KB, 500x270, 50:27, stanley-ann-dunham-soetoro….jpg)



306fe3 No.2321376

File: 523652d383d4c8d⋯.png (218.98 KB, 502x292, 251:146, hollywood_blank.png)

for those about to meme


232ef5 No.2321377

File: 47022c7a4de70ca⋯.png (980.88 KB, 794x778, 397:389, guy.jph.png)

File: 0c2fa4b7874b6a6⋯.jpg (308.81 KB, 1433x1074, 1433:1074, mdjr.jpg)

Okay, a possible scenario just for fun – apologies if this has already been discussed in bread I missed.

This guy looks unusually focused and intent, also intelligent and interesting. How fun it would be if he's part of the Q team and waiting for just the right framing to snap the photo and somehow make it available to Politico. The protector seems to be watching him more than RM.

Related: I’ve always assumed RM is bigtime white hat, as are many others playing their roles in this battle to break through illusions and restore righteousness to our world. Wouldn't be surprised if he's helped to orchestrate it all.

cda10a No.2321378

e0e9af No.2321379

File: 11ecf6077bec9d2⋯.jpg (2.92 KB, 300x168, 25:14, pennywise.jpg)


Hey Georgie…come closer and let Tom give you your shoe back.

2bae90 No.2321380


I know…..look at the tweet.

057f48 No.2321381


Hey baker, good to see you but ugh, I feel bad now. My int went down when I left the bake Thurs am and I just got back on a couple of hours ago. I'm really sorry, as I said I'd be around to cover you. Didn't realise you'd been off. I'm sorry, and hope all went okay last night.

We've a new baker to bake the next thread I believe, I said I'd spot, but if you'd like to, that's fine here. Just let me know. Hope you'd a good rest.

19ed74 No.2321382

File: 40576da031a1504⋯.png (880.96 KB, 1197x742, 171:106, Capture.PNG)

8a12ca No.2321383



There is something else weird on his account, he has lots of pictures of him standing next to old beat up cars and the caption on all of them says something like "bought a new car! Hanx"

But they are pieces of shit.

Look for yourselves


941229 No.2321384

File: 3472cab759d76c1⋯.jpg (320.47 KB, 806x1390, 403:695, seagrams-bail-1.jpg)

File: e6216104a5ad92e⋯.png (117.89 KB, 806x1461, 806:1461, seagrams-bail-2.png)

Family of Seagram’s heiress in sex cult case pays her $100M bond

Seagram’s liquor heiress Clare Bronfman wept in court Friday as family members signed on to pay her whopping $100 million bond, so she can stay out of jail while awaiting trial for her role in an upstate sex-slave cult.


f9366c No.2321385

File: 28f9a8f933f4462⋯.jpg (48.05 KB, 533x639, 533:639, sleepybot33.jpg)


Sомевотту is gωυмру :(

db6e2e No.2321386


Not a chance that is a helicopter

Is likely a missile.

What kind of missile could this be? Searched pics and nothing I could find resembled. Most had much thicker exhaust trail. Most missiles launched from subs have huge exhaust at point of surface from water. If we knew what missile type this was we could narrow in on delivery mechanism and vehicle. Looks like launched during cloudy day so cover from satellites

20e7a8 No.2321387


What are the odds?

Michael Avenatti and Robert Mueller!

130be7 No.2321388


Can you provide a pic of that SS and the plane crash PLEASE!

b6b1fd No.2321389



I'm doing a side by side on the WHOLE incident

the sub in the pic Q posted is a Ohio class sub

that reverse image takes you to articles about "chinese" hacking

gotta lot to do to bring this SBS together

3bb2d4 No.2321390

Pan Am 103 passenger & crew list


Some passengers of note for their listed occupations:

Bennett, Lawrence Ray, pharmaceutical chemist, 41 years, born 05.11.47, Chelsea, Michigan, American, seat number 15J

Bernstein, Michael Stuart, lawyer, U.S. Dept. of Justice, Office of Special Investigation, 36 years, born 03.07.52, Bethesda, Maryland, American, seat number 47D

Carlsson, Bernt Wilmar, diplomat, 50 years, born 21.11.38, New York, New York, Swedish, seat number 17H

Daniels, William, Alan, research chemist, 40 years, born 28.03.48, Belle Mead, New Jersey, American, seat number 9H

Kingham, Jay Joseph, pharmaceuticals executive, 44 years, born 03.03.44, Potomac, Maryland, American, seat number 5B

Kulukundis, Minas Christopher, ship brokerage director, 38 years, born 17.12.50, London, England, British, seat number 51K

O'Connor, Daniel Emmett, U.S. diplomatic service, 31 years, born 22.09.57, Dorchester, Massachusetts, American, seat number 25H

Rattan, Garima, computer programmer, 29 years, born 15.07.59, Warren, Michigan, American, seat number 23D

Sigal, Irving Stanley, research biologist, 35 years, born 23.05.53, Pennington, New Jersey, American, seat number 13B

Walker, Thomas Edwin, electronics specialist, 47 years, born 11.12.41, Quincy, Massachusetts, American, seat number 16A

dfb59e No.2321391


Real history….

Buffalo Crackers…..

Red Hared Rhastahs…

a6debc No.2321392

File: 46ddd2c384dc9f5⋯.jpg (239.48 KB, 1024x681, 1024:681, 17F2694.jpg)



Have some boobs.

481c04 No.2321393


Think about it as the Eagle and Owl have swapped places. Before they where targeting the eagle, now they are targeting the owl. Before they where against us, now we are against them.

4ce9ed No.2321394

File: 065b5034017f769⋯.png (197.4 KB, 1237x652, 1237:652, ClipboardImage.png)





6fa323 No.2321395


fun bags


9cc77c No.2321396


China blocks Facebook

68860e No.2321397


Kinda strange. WTF is Hanx up to?

79370c No.2321398


Yeah, was talking with a Navyfag about 3 breads ago, and we seemed to come to the agreement that it could not have been one of the US subs that fired, but it had to have been a ballistic missile launch of some sort… possibly from another sub that was NOT controlled by the USA…

4b6849 No.2321399

File: 16e91642401b49e⋯.png (13.23 KB, 120x103, 120:103, 3rd_Battalion_3rd_Marines_….png)

File: c523850b3d2312e⋯.jpg (78.34 KB, 762x800, 381:400, 3rd_Battalion_3rd_Marines_….jpg)

~for the marineanons~ thanks brothers

thanks brothers i love you no homo

and yes im sloshed


5a3bca No.2321400


Good evening

830747 No.2321401


Owls are night hunters?

dd8b7b No.2321402

File: dbae03b58e7a355⋯.png (522.85 KB, 434x491, 434:491, Capture.PNG)

The Great Surge

>Saudi Purge

The Rise and Fall of Nations

>Regime Change

The Only Game in Town

>This is not a game

How Not to Die

>Mercenaries at the Ritz

Book by Xi Jinping

>China Trade War


Taken 2016!

1fa604 No.2321403


Havent seen Alladickinface In a while.

Wonder what that faggots been upto.

321df5 No.2321404


Same <3

99bc19 No.2321405

File: 17b32c0ca3de9a7⋯.png (14.43 KB, 152x153, 152:153, AJ Alex Jones is an asshol….png)


hmm… watching it now, it links to a bunch of pro corsi stuff, which we know is bunk… well, I'll give this a fair shake

c00f97 No.2321406


Prosecutor? The bald guy? That's Don Jr.'s SS

b8a8bf No.2321407

File: 43d2af6258f5b0f⋯.jpg (156.91 KB, 540x1228, 135:307, 27072018092328.jpg)

ee7604 No.2321408

File: 5ea7b11083889f0⋯.jpeg (180.06 KB, 1120x808, 140:101, C9183815-A48B-45C5-BEBF-7….jpeg)

File: f804602ac4d2c7d⋯.jpeg (84.01 KB, 693x500, 693:500, F5BB769E-F0FC-4D9D-90D4-E….jpeg)

File: 3a21a2691474b59⋯.jpeg (130.62 KB, 1033x500, 1033:500, 6F95A1FE-4FD1-4D5D-A3A2-3….jpeg)

File: a8c1bc2620ae764⋯.jpeg (180.4 KB, 1120x808, 140:101, B9B43099-7024-4274-8918-5….jpeg)

12d24b No.2321409


We cant all be leaders of nations and we can not all clean toilets. We can not all be the same or life would be boring. The differences are what make this all real, and in the reality of that we have equality in the purpose of our intent.. no matter if leader or toilets cleaner.. Do you like clean toilets? I do and respect the one that cleans the mess.. Maybe you need to open your eyes to the entire plan. Evil people are evil and can only be punished or judged with earthly and heavenly justice which is part of the plan that provides lessons and something to do on this place we call home..

79370c No.2321411


Right… I'm saying that I know and understand what you're doing… I've been saying that for like 4 responses now… I was admitting my own fault in getting two different Q drops confused.

3b76c8 No.2321412


It’s a bot.

a75a92 No.2321413

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

In the long history of the world, only a few generations have been granted the role of defending freedom in its hour of maximum danger.

I do not shrink from this responsibility - I welcome it. I do not believe that any of us would exchange places with any other people or any other generation.

The energy, the faith, the devotion which we bring to this endeavor will light our country and all who serve it – and the glow from that fire can truly light the world.

And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country.

My fellow citizens of the world: ask not what America will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man.

Finally, whether you are citizens of America or citizens of the world, ask of us the same high standards of strength and sacrifice which we ask of you. With a good conscience our only sure reward, with history the final judge of our deeds, let us go forth to lead the land we love, asking His blessing and His help, but knowing that here on earth God's work must truly be our own.


I'm here to serve - What can I do for you today my country, my countrymen/women, my citizens of the world, my anons…

c0607c No.2321414


Reminds me of the character, ROOT, from Person of Interest.

22e974 No.2321415

File: 79e12354f67f978⋯.png (1.72 MB, 1500x845, 300:169, 79e12354f67f9789a7b37f5dd3….png)


Who needs bewbs when you've got muffins?

6fa323 No.2321416


smells like cabbage

2bae90 No.2321417


Can I edit my post somehow? I wanted to add a Tom Hanks header, but accidentally posted early.

It is weird when you know what we know. Totally seems coded.

0eea94 No.2321418


The chins appear to be very different. Fuddy's is much more "squared" than Dunham's. Looks like Dunham's comes to a point, like David the Hogg's does. They both butt ugly. IMHO.

44b348 No.2321419

File: 3b214b5b3ea4771⋯.png (476.38 KB, 728x500, 182:125, al;jhlhdlkh'd.png)

File: f259e79154c29fe⋯.jpg (22.36 KB, 275x183, 275:183, f259e79154c29fe6b9ece3ad3a….jpg)

File: 7ebdbab5f37144c⋯.jpg (73.88 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Strzoks-dick.jpg)

The entire Russia collusion nonsense was put in motion because of Jeff Sessions ignorance of the law or he sold out to the deep state.

Sessions betrayed Trump and allowed Mueller and Rosenstein to make every attempt to impeach Trump.

Only a idiot would trust Sessions.

f27f84 No.2321420


>The bold 9003A

Is that a password for some account ?

057f48 No.2321421

Early notables update

So we can see where we're digging….

Any missed just let me know.


>>2321384 Bronfman wept in court as family paid $100mm bond

>>2321272 , >>>>2321336 Interdasting US Dept logo on TV screen in Al Waleed's photo

>>2321238 , 2321260, >>2321268, >>2321281 Ohio Class SSBN sub IDEN from QPost: recap

>>2321255 Further digging on Pan Am 103 and HRC email

>>2321217 , >>2321214 NSA changes Eagle for Owl insignia on 2018 OIG report

>>2321213 POTUS Announces Intent to Nominate for Key Admin Posts

>>2321207 Today we remember the trailblazing #BuffaloSoldiers

1c7588 No.2321422


Used to live in the area. Would have had to been off the coast of oak harbor. Which is about 60 miles from the sub base, and right off the coast of whidbey air base.

6fa323 No.2321423

File: 4ebaed3e63cea3f⋯.jpg (843.97 KB, 1591x2429, 1591:2429, 901c8f373b2c749203babae835….jpg)

who knew

ponychan held it all together

79370c No.2321424


No… Donald J Trump Jr and Muller.

5a3bca No.2321425


Quite possible Anon. I feel like I've been looking DEEEEPLY into everything for the past 9+ months now. Kek. I see shit everywhere. Kek. I Might be going nuts and whatnot

057f48 No.2321426



>>2321384 Bronfman wept in court as family paid $100mm bond

>>2321272 , >>2321336 Interdasting US Dept logo on TV screen in Al Waleed's photo

>>2321238 , >>2321260, >>2321268, >>2321281 Ohio Class SSBN sub IDEN from QPost: recap

>>2321255 Further digging on Pan Am 103 and HRC email

>>2321217 , >>2321214 NSA changes Eagle for Owl insignia on 2018 OIG report

>>2321213 POTUS Announces Intent to Nominate for Key Admin Posts

>>2321207 Today we remember the trailblazing #BuffaloSoldiers

332610 No.2321427

File: 8d9d4f9c9421523⋯.png (83.27 KB, 632x750, 316:375, ClipboardImage.png)


looking for chain of command.

the non-nuke chain is very short.



starts with the TSC?

TSC (authorized to call a strike)

Flag Officer (in charge of fleet)

Fire Controlman (presses button on the sub)

If i read this correctly, the general order is TSC (could be washington DC?) to fleet command (could be that navy base in washington) and directly to the triggerman.

if moments after, WASH removed…either the TSC or Flag Officer might have been the originator of the order.


2a96c6 No.2321428


Red Sparrow

68860e No.2321429


Just create a new one and link to your original.

4d1e20 No.2321430

File: 0e522d1824a395c⋯.png (825.16 KB, 684x605, 684:605, Fuck UN.png)


More indoctrination/conditioning!

dd8b7b No.2321431

File: e0754db3dfc1d91⋯.jpg (113.41 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, CIRCLE OF TRUST.jpg)


Trying to work his way back into the circle of trust.

a17603 No.2321432

File: 6c2c2ecc95dcac4⋯.jpg (69.73 KB, 680x471, 680:471, tay tay comfy.jpg)


thank you bae ker

8a2bac No.2321433

File: e5af5c2f158e771⋯.jpg (84.52 KB, 766x948, 383:474, JFK NSA Poster.jpg)

84da5e No.2321434


Was wondering if you can add the stormbreaker missile article towards the end of the last bread.


b2b7f7 No.2321435


>I guess I'm a dummy…

PS.. 44k indictments .. Yea he's doing noffin'

664ede No.2321436


i could snack on that.. jealous of pepe..

dff37f No.2321437

you got 4 days left in July, Q. better start rolling out some pain

e5d37a No.2321438


You suspect JC has something to do with this missing student?

I can go a couple of ways here.

Can you offer up your suspicions and maybe we can offer something of value,

057f48 No.2321439

New Baker, are you around?

Are you still up for baking the next?

12d24b No.2321440

File: d4b90c11d3620dc⋯.jpeg (2.57 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 43F03081-6285-43CA-AE74-A….jpeg)


I have nothing to prove I am undeated with hundreds of fights defending myself.. sounds like you do..

5a3bca No.2321441

Maybe to unlock that pic


90021a No.2321442


Small sample size example…

The vast majority of sexual predators are jews.

Reconcile with that.

b442cf No.2321443

File: 1f3af1570f67b7a⋯.png (314.84 KB, 650x500, 13:10, 15d36e3a3dee0aceccd72bd776….png)

ed4055 No.2321444

File: f126cd82a92c623⋯.png (996.37 KB, 1635x1053, 545:351, Sorting Hat.png)

1fa604 No.2321445

File: 2600876e743dfa1⋯.jpeg (19.15 KB, 255x183, 85:61, FB6E18B8-F5CF-4FA9-9D7A-B….jpeg)


This bitch is how they are attracting the youth.

TBH the Lefty-fags are doing a better job of looking forward.

Golden gen is dying out. Boomer fags gettin up there.

Repubs need to work harder to win hearts and minds of our youth.

2a96c6 No.2321446

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The owls are not what they seem.

9cc77c No.2321447


The “screech owl” in the Bible is a reference to Lilith from Judaic history / mythology

8c8371 No.2321448

Blood moon or July 27th was fucking horseshit. You're losing your credibility 8chan. Lame ass faggots trying to predict shit with colorful lines and "proofs"

Jesus Christ, lads. What the fuck is wrong with you guys?

130be7 No.2321449


If I was Jim Davis, I'd sue him for every dime he had.

06d387 No.2321450


For anyone that has interest: I highly recommend reading The Book of The Law by Crowley because it is a very powerful elite's dictation of the world elite's laws. Everything we are seeing with Pedowood and Satanic practice follows that code.

"Every man is a star"

b3f9ba No.2321451


>can somebody please explain why this is a "message to the cabal" to a newbie?

This Q post:

Dec 5 2017 16:06:17

Adm R/ No Such Agency (W&W) + POTUS/USMIL =

Apply the Keystone.

Paint the picture.


The changing of the insignia is a subtle sign…

Jul 24 2018 13:28:41

You are witnessing/watching the systematic destruction of the OLD GUARD.



dc8411 No.2321452


this notable?

>>2321325 Hunters Become the Hunted: 2018 NSA OIG seal key pointing in opposite direction

also baker, i might've misunderstood– i thought i was baking #2926? don't know if i'll be awake to bake the one after that, depending on how fast it goes..i'm ok with just lurking and digging too :)

6fa323 No.2321453

File: 887e4ddaf46bf6f⋯.png (165.49 KB, 601x600, 601:600, looooooooooooooool.png)

File: 659e91522e2574b⋯.jpg (85.62 KB, 1600x990, 160:99, male_unicorn_1680x1050.jpg)

File: 100cb009de78d09⋯.jpg (1.79 MB, 2560x1600, 8:5, Obeywallpaper.jpg)

830747 No.2321454


That is, DARK to LIGHT though changing from a day hunter to a night hunter is kind of the other way around kek

12d24b No.2321455


How do you know? Seems to be on your mind..

ce806c No.2321456

File: 0c293a19ec255c9⋯.jpg (115.1 KB, 858x527, 858:527, Seawolf Arms.JPG)

File: 22e1d2790a21eb1⋯.jpg (86.55 KB, 780x585, 4:3, US_Navy_091117-N-6720T-373….jpg)




Anons, we're not saying the Seawolf Class USS Jimmy Carter was responsible for the AF-1 attack June 10, are we? Have NavyFags chimed in??

The Seawolf subs (only 3) are secret attack vessels w/o no vertical missile launch capability. The Carter, however, has additional features (see attached).

So unless the Navy has a classified platform to launch a vertically flying missile shot horizontally from one of it's 8 tubes, the attack could not have come from the USS Jimmy Carter.

Q referenced Unauth missile launches, but not Nuclear per se regarding June's attack. These boats are, however, nuclear powered.







3b76c8 No.2321457


You in a motel 8 there? Kek

3bb2d4 No.2321458

What really happened on Flight 103?


5c8e14 No.2321459


Some thing's are worth responding too, you throw pearls before swine, much better that you save your talent for those who would appreciate it. Leave the stupid responses for the boring to do.

Was it really that important much feels?

b6b1fd No.2321460


>>2321238 , >>2321260 (You), >>2321268 (You), >>2321281 Ohio Class SSBN sub IDEN from

should be this:

>>2321238 , >>2321260 , >>2321268 Ohio Class SSBN sub IDEN from Qpost: Recap

that last one is of a chinese ship and unrelated, anon said: I was admitting I got my two different ship picture instances mixed up.

c9c8fd No.2321461


Which leads me to ask that if it wasn't one of ours that lit it off, why wasn't it hunted down and sunk?

BTW, my brother was stationed up there way back when bands had Big hair.

2bae90 No.2321462

Possible TOM HANKS insta/tweet of live child trafficking?


6fa323 No.2321463


maybe its constipation

971bfb No.2321464


Hi Alan. What is your Twitter handle again?

b6b1fd No.2321465


no Ohio Class

I was just digging on the whole thing and that came up

46fd4f No.2321466


You look like you are 5'1" and someone is fucking you up the ass

6bcc21 No.2321467

Remember the Trump administration’s infrastructure plan? The one that promised America job-boosting projects for gleaming highways and bridges? Well, so far the Trump-branded New Deal has fallen by the wayside; the job-creation program of year one involved boasting about employment rates that have little to do with his policies, deregulating federal agencies, and saber rattling about trade wars with China. But now he’s poised to follow his monstrous tax cuts with a stimulus plan that will actually fork over more public assets to corporate executives.

The draft outline of the zombie infrastructure program has resurfaced again with a leak to Axios—and confirms what many feared: The White House hopes to privatize areas of government at a discount, opening up more public services to abuse at the hands of corporations. Trump plans to expand private-activity bonds for infrastructure construction, “to benefit the public,” with a definition of “public benefit” that’s more solid-gold toilet than Hoover Dam. Exhibit A is the plan to expand private management of our waterways, including efforts to mitigate pollution and environmental harm that tends to result from the same private-sector control. In other words, laundering public money to help corporate America break stuff and then buy it. There’s a heavy focus on funding privately managed road and bridge projects, and goodies like highway-rest-stop commercialization and encouraging private leasing of infrastructure.

But Trump’s agenda goes well beyond the “shovel ready” bridge-and-tunnel infrastructure initiatives of the past. The resources of a federal environmental stewardship program that was previously off-limits to corporations will also be handed over: The Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) will be open for business for private firms to both manage and repair water infrastructure at taxpayer’s expense. In addition, a credit scheme under the Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act would provide more opportunity to private investors, by eliminating existing requirements that WIFIA funds be used for “Community Water Systems.”

These provisions could open the floodgates to private-financing schemes for critical environmental infrastructure projects, including estuary-conservation programs, wastewater-treatment systems, management of long-term industrial pollution, and energy-efficiency initiatives. (Currently, Drinking Water revolving funds are available for private providers, though lawmakers have sought to also limit funds to community systems).

Taylor Billings of Corporate Accountability warns that funneling CWSRF money into privately owned wastewater systems “would mean turning over even more of our vital public funds,” so that “more money would go toward systems that are run in the interest of profit (i.e., run by corporations), not in the interest of people.” The law seems written by industry—in fact, Billings pointed out that the National Association of Water Companies spent $125,000 in the first quarter of 2017 lobbying on state water-fund issues.

According to Corporate Accountability, “cities will be in a position where they must prop up their crumbling water infrastructure as a money-making scheme in order to compete for much-needed funding.” Privateers have long battled for control over state water infrastructure; the industry has actually seen massive backlash against such privatization projects in many cities in recent years. Trump’s plan would link water systems to his pro-business agenda: the evaluation plan for new projects focuses “70 percent of the selection criteria…on the applicant’s ability to show it will get new, non-federal revenue,” with just five percent “based on actual economic and social benefit.” With a cost split that literally ensures business profit exceeds taxpayer benefit, the 20 percent share that would be picked up by cities and states would become dependent on Washington’s contractor of choice.


2a96c6 No.2321468

File: aaa2991aa3e2b25⋯.jpg (193.08 KB, 800x450, 16:9, US-Navy-seals.jpg)

89a50a No.2321469



His hands aren’t real. Is that what you’re referring to?

1fa604 No.2321470

File: 1a5b21de9b6e8e9⋯.jpeg (60.35 KB, 429x628, 429:628, 243C50F4-577D-4ADA-BBF8-0….jpeg)



I see.

I mean I guess he is famalam to them.

Still I haven’t forgot Vegas.

221225 No.2321471


Either the items in the images mean something, there's something hidden in the images, or THanks is just weird.

ed4055 No.2321472


Short fat dudes huh

1c7588 No.2321473


I think it might have been ours (china hacking as an excuse) but actually rogue mil. WA is very very liberal.

70ba61 No.2321474

File: a68bc91c2e83f84⋯.jpg (263.08 KB, 1239x773, 1239:773, 1532731363785.jpg)


I'm saying that's a creepy fucking JC tweet and there are more photo's in my original post you glossed over without referencing in your response

b4fad8 No.2321475


Welcome New Baker, thanks for manning the oven!!


Was tryin'a not namefag to cut back on drama, but yeah, the content/timing of what I just posted is a pretty gud IDEN, kek. This P&L?

Wow, got so many Q drops and breads to catch up on… a berry good problem to have.


No worries at all, baker. I felt bad too, but these things happen. I knew whatever went down it was all done in good faith. Bakers stepped up, got a new one last night, too. [cheers audibly]

>I said I'd spot, but if you'd like to, that's fine

Whatever you need. I'm still behind on habbenings tbh, would prefer to come on a bit later to spot/bake.

14afc8 No.2321476


Kappy is a PAYtriot…He asked his followers to donate…over a hundred grand. No.


My thoughts on the owl….Think mirror.

6bcc21 No.2321477

Trump’s pro-privatization, anti-regulatory ethos could expand private involvement in cleaning up after failed past public-private contracts, including those that precipitated Flint’s water crisis. The lead-poisoned city remains devastated by long-term public-health damage and ongoing uncertainty around the future remediation plans. With fresh reports of lead-contaminated schools in Flint, and ongoing litigation against private contractors, there’s no sign that the “solution” won’t bring more of the same toxic privatization. The city even explored new contracting possibilities with the French firm Veolia, one of the original contractors that failed in an oversight audit. Veolia is known around the worldfor privatization projects marred byenvironmental hazards and collapsed financing schemes.

Of course it’s critical that industry be held accountable for failures, but using public funds to support fixes for those privatization failures threatens a moral hazard and systematic violation of the “polluter pay” principle that should drive environmental and health protections. On top of bringing further industry-driven environmental and health risks, privatization paves the way for labor and consumer abuses in public services.

Expanding corporatization of water ties into other plans to encourage private contracting in constructing new inland-waterway projects and “deauthoriz[ing] certain federal civil works projects.” Trump’s recent appointment of a coal baron to help run the nation’s premier public water utility, the Tennessee Valley Authority, signals that both cleaning up past mistakes and building up new systems will be for the benefit of corporate shareholders and not residents or the environment.

There’s nothing wrong with helping corporations clean our water systems, if not solely for the same profit motives that drive privatization and deregulation in the first place. Once the federal government’s main allegiance is to multinationals, it shifts its responsibility and oversight to the free market. Then protecting the infrastructure that supports both the public and private sector, and protects the health and safety of waterways means chasing corporate money to fill gaps left by massive government disinvestment. Within those funding gaps lies the threat of undermining wages and unions for civil-service workers, dismantling safety projections, and fueling inequitable rates. Corporate Accountability has documentedhow a partnership with Veolia in Gladewater, Texas, saw numerous violations of federal clean-water standards. In another privatization failure, brown water spewed from United Water–managed pipes in Atlanta. A collapsed Veolia contract in Indianapolis triggered a lawsuit charging massive over-billing for about a quarter-million residents, workforce wage cuts, and federal investigation into a scandal over “falsified water quality reports.”

Indiana’s privatization crusade is directly tied to Trump, in fact; as reported in a Newsweek investigation last year, former Indiana governors Mike Pence and Mitch Daniels were involved in scandal-soaked privatization deals that led to numerous failed and botched plans for construction and toll services on the state’s deteriorating highways. The country’s past experiences with water privatization portend that the administration’s eagerness to flush private investors with federal cash and sell out waterways will turn Trump’s toxic trickle-down economics into a torrent of murky water in our pipelines.


e0862f No.2321478

File: 4e3f437e30cd790⋯.jpg (168.71 KB, 1901x706, 1901:706, 2a.JPG)

Alexandria Minerals Announces Stock Option Grants and Resignation of Director


e7e9f8 No.2321479


Cabal FIRST..

a6debc No.2321480


Then why are you still here?

b6b1fd No.2321481


anon, they'd kill you with their hands tied behind their backs

3b76c8 No.2321482


You are right. Absolutely nothing could have possibly been prevented.

So shit happens it’s “why does Q allow this”

Nothing happens it’s “bs prediction”

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

12d24b No.2321483


Something like that.. I gave my ideas to the whitehouse and am a refugee in Canada. Everyone thinks they are trumps ideas.. gahaha

44b348 No.2321484

File: babac9161600dd8⋯.jpg (62.18 KB, 530x333, 530:333, babaac9161600dd8d6110eed67….jpg)

File: c70f35a5fdb971a⋯.jpg (19.05 KB, 275x183, 275:183, cd70f35a5fdb971a114aa40b2d….jpg)

File: 760a560264f01c2⋯.png (392.38 KB, 592x500, 148:125, Dirtbag-strzok-Spy.png)

File: 763ad98a63cac6d⋯.png (222.52 KB, 448x330, 224:165, Fuck-Sessions.png)




Trump don't trust Sessions or Rosenstein for shit and if you think so you are a deluded fool.

3bb2d4 No.2321485


There's nothing wrong with us.

There is everything wrong with you, shill.

Fortunately we won't have to put up with your ilk for much longer. The ash heap of history is calling you. Prepare to be buried by it.


90021a No.2321486


Pearls before swine

Your the swine

Yes talent yes

You are brainwashed yes

You are bad at this

So you are basically an anti racist that thinks Trump is not a racist and blah blah blah

Okay got it! Enjoy the dwindling years you have left boomer

130be7 No.2321488


All sortsa folk have subs, believe it or not.

Pepsi does!

b6b1fd No.2321489



kek what are you even talking about

dd8b7b No.2321491

Where did the shills go?

ee7604 No.2321492


Jordan as speaker and youngest reputable republican…good start

But you’re correct we need youthful non self serving public servants.

b049a5 No.2321493


When Rogers turned over command, this was now active. It will be important in the coming months.

Cyber Command to Become Unified Combatant Command

President Donald Trump announced Friday he plans to make U.S. Cyber Command a unified combatant command on par with U.S. Central Command and other similar independent units in the military that report directly to the secretary of defense.

The move would end the so-called "dual hat" arrangement in which Cyber Command is part of the National Security Agency under Navy Adm. Mike Rogers.

"The elevation of United States Cyber Command demonstrates our increased resolve against cyberspace threats and will help reassure our allies and partners and deter our adversaries," Trump said in a statement.


b6b1fd No.2321494


>You're losing your credibility 8chan

and since when is our ONE board all of 8ch?

f54137 No.2321495



8a1b5c No.2321496


Yeah, my God, another 20 or 30 years and the young people might actually start voting. We'd better get ready now. (Face palm)

1c7588 No.2321497


busy doing their cultist crap.

6fa323 No.2321498

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

057f48 No.2321499


Added anon. Interdasting.


Definitely notable I think, added. Yes, that's what I meant. This is #2925, and you'd like to bake #2926 this next one, right? If so, I'm good with that, if you'd like to get ready. Let me know if I'm misunderstanding though.

0a350b No.2321500

File: 8e0a792eab255f5⋯.png (971.96 KB, 295x640, 59:128, 1838f83e4c45ca4aefb517cd48….png)


Q !4pRcUA0lBE ID: 610b24 No.1449784

May 17 2018 19:15:27 (EST)

Guardian of the Pope.



b6b1fd No.2321501

File: fb7f56daf491fb6⋯.jpg (969.96 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, pepenightcrew2.jpg)


welcome :)

79370c No.2321502



AF1 was nowhere near Washington State when the attack happened.

AF1 was attacked by something else…

This vertical launch of a nuke was a different attack, that was thwarted by the F-16s that shot down the ballistic missile.

AF1 is known to have advanced countermeasures against SAM and AAM attacks…

So again… 2 separate events?

2305f7 No.2321503


End of shift.

8a2bac No.2321504

File: a9f52eb7cae8407⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1156x908, 289:227, z.png)


90031 is a zip code in Los Angeles if A=1



90021a No.2321505



Les Moonves?

Shall we list them?

Jews are liars.

Case in point.

c9c8fd No.2321506


Trust me, I am VERY aware of that fact.

I live here and just got back from a visit behind enemy lines in San Francisco North. I believe it used to be called Seattle.

4ced2d No.2321507






10 points for Gryffindor !


3b76c8 No.2321509


It’s like dirt diggler

12d24b No.2321510


That is what comes to your mind? Freudian slip maybe there?

2a96c6 No.2321511

File: e203d392ef84ef4⋯.jpg (140.07 KB, 998x882, 499:441, e203d392ef84ef472b3ccde4b1….jpg)


Reminds me of the way Coates' name is on this.

54cf36 No.2321512

File: 77dfc7fbe602d07⋯.png (157.84 KB, 1205x436, 1205:436, Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at ….png)

fuck thomaspaine/truepundit sauceless assertions about lisa paige

this asshole is DEFINITELY saying "if i go down i'm taking you fucks down with me"


d36a6e No.2321513

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


only way I know to contact her is by writing a message under one of her articles on her web site. As I said, she only just came back out of hiding. She used to have a twitter and a facebook but I don't know if she still use them. Well I just looked and it seems she's posting on facebook again.

you can find her here though:




and I'm posting her documentary too

a8690d No.2321514

File: b5db2a923f60046⋯.png (286.6 KB, 828x633, 276:211, We'reAllMadHere.png)

File: acecd3172110325⋯.png (356.19 KB, 864x773, 864:773, VeniVidiVici.png)

File: 7dc61e51229096f⋯.png (161.75 KB, 609x548, 609:548, UseIt.png)

File: f67b8ac8d1e2290⋯.jpg (23.32 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, UseImagination.jpg)

File: b27f247099ebc21⋯.png (154.46 KB, 372x360, 31:30, FlyYouFools.png)

9f95cd No.2321515


Ok, fun. That guy is the one taking the photo.

2bae90 No.2321516


I've followed Hanks on Insta since before Q. He usually posts images of single lost gloves, and shoes. Puts a funny caption with it.This particular one is one of his most recent, and the first I can recall that had a caption as elaborate as this tbh. I thought the whole schtick was really funny, but now we have to look for sick shit hiding in plain sight. Have to ask the question.

dd8b7b No.2321517

So spouse just pointed out that Don Jr has his own jet, why is he flying commercial out of Reagan?

dc8411 No.2321518


yep, sounds good– i don't see the dough link tho



6fa323 No.2321519

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

99bc19 No.2321520

File: 1940febd6ebbb4f⋯.jpg (724 KB, 1600x391, 1600:391, 6 Obama Books.jpg)


Reminds me of Obama's coded book set he gave before in that tweet. https://twitter.com/BarackObama/status/1017766186296193024

Titles of Books…

Book 1: Things Fall Apart

Book 2: A Grain of wheat

Book 3: Long Walk to Freedom

Book 4: Americanah

Book 5: The Return

Book 6: The World As It Is

Book 1: Things Fall Apart -

Obama says of it: This novel paints a picture of traditional society wrestling with the arrival of foreign influence.

Me: Yes, things certainly have fallen apart for the plants.

Book 2: A Grain of wheat-

Obama says of it: A chronicle of the events leading up to Kenyas independence, and a compelling story.

Me: This is the only place I can go with as bad as things are, my life has been quite a story. I'm free of the Cabal now and finally going home

Book 3: Long Walk to Freedom

Obama: This memoir traces the arc of his life from a small village, to his long imprisonment, to his ascension to President, and global icon

Me: He is trying to say he was never bad but just imprisoned by the Cabal, so don't put me in jail Mr. Trump!

Book 4: Americanah

Obama: raising universal questions of race and belonging, the overseas experience for the African diaspora, and the search for identity and a home

Me: He is saying I've got nowhere else to go and am totally fucked. Ok, yes, I'm from Kenya, you got me!

Book 5: The Return

Obama: a graceful guide through Libyas history with the authors dogged quest to find his father who disappeared in Gaddafis prisons.

Me: He is saying I'll come back to America, and I'll help the good guys. I'll be the guide you need! The people trust me!

Book 6: The World As It Is

Obama: It’s true,

Me: Read all the titles together and "I'm fucked, but I can help you and you can use me. Just don't put me in jail. I didn't have a choice and I'm a global icon. I recognize we lost, you win, this is the world as it is.

dfb59e No.2321521


I'm not a weapon fag but, maayyyyyyybeeeeee,

Q is saying that The Jimmy Carter has a Specialized Weapons Package……..

"Disinformation is necessary".

He doesn't actually say the F-16 shot it down….

He says F-16's intercepted/Specialized weapon System shot it down…

Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: e05330 No.2312021 📁

Jul 27 2018 12:23:20 (EST)

Anonymous ID: 44144a No.2311980 📁

Jul 27 2018 12:21:38 (EST)


>Who has authority to launch a missle?

Q said unauthorized, so…


Given CoC process to launch what does this tell you?

CLAS removal WASH minutes after.



Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: e05330 No.2311972 📁

Jul 27 2018 12:21:16 (EST)

Anonymous ID: da73f8 No.2311906 📁

Jul 27 2018 12:18:30 (EST)


An F16 can shoot a missile out of the air?


Specialized weapons package.




Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: e05330 No.2311890 📁

Jul 27 2018 12:17:30 (EST)

Anonymous ID: 64e0b2 No.2311869 📁

Jul 27 2018 12:16:22 (EST)


Where did the missle go? Blown up in sky?


F-16s intercept.


f54137 No.2321523


Its also a zip code you do not want to live in.

63a1f9 No.2321524

File: 5156f360887f6e5⋯.png (116.9 KB, 682x607, 682:607, Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at ….png)

File: 33607d8f5c5c0d7⋯.png (46.04 KB, 641x137, 641:137, Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at ….png)



This twitter account is super high quality stuff.

Thanks for the link.

ed4055 No.2321525

File: 683d1619c608df6⋯.jpg (332.24 KB, 833x615, 833:615, Punisher Team.jpg)


Not me and my boys

6fa323 No.2321526


gonna grab some mcdonalds

3b76c8 No.2321527


JR making your wife great again of what?

b6b1fd No.2321528

File: 06138f3950b71cd⋯.jpg (348.14 KB, 1238x1238, 1:1, navysealtwatt.jpg)

f54137 No.2321529


Show the data that the vast majority of sexual predators are jewish.

ce806c No.2321530

File: 1dd3ed2d281555a⋯.jpg (7.27 KB, 237x175, 237:175, th (4).jpg)

File: 58fa374cd6fa7d8⋯.jpg (9.07 KB, 474x134, 237:67, th (5).jpg)

File: 58fa374cd6fa7d8⋯.jpg (9.07 KB, 474x134, 237:67, th (5).jpg)



Correct as far as ballistic missile launches — Ohio class it would be.

Plus Q included a pic, Post 1479.

5a3bca No.2321531


Bad asssss

90021a No.2321532


This board has an extensive list of the jews implicated. Hang around jew or half jew.

America First is clearly not your priority.

Jews First is your priority.

Thankfully that is all being exposed the more you jew talk. So keep talking in arenas you are not in control of.

Because your control depends on monopolies and arenas you fully control. Once that is not in play anymore?

Trouble for jew. Because the truth is all that matters.

Go fuck yourself you satanic christ killing kikes.

de3206 No.2321533


ones boot is untied

79370c No.2321534

File: 8f6be3cc96a1466⋯.png (3.6 MB, 1765x832, 1765:832, Aleutians.PNG)

File: 7d12e7cb811001e⋯.png (112.31 KB, 586x694, 293:347, great circle route.PNG)

File: e19c1b0d6a9df88⋯.png (158.38 KB, 586x694, 293:347, great circle route2.PNG)


Furthermore… remember the pic posted of the Aleutians? That's along Alaska's western chain of islands… the flight path the president took, from the G7, to Singapore… well, the most direct route would have taken him over the north pole and Russia… (pic attached)

tut tut, can't have that, can we?

The alternate great circle route would have gone over most of northern canada, and straight down the Aleutian islands…and would have not even come close to the northern border of the USA along Washington/Idaho/Montana, etc…

See pics attached…

Conclusion: AF1 was nowhere near Bangor or this missile launch, the flight path was nowhere near it… thus two separate events?

(BTW: I posted all of this at the time of those Q drops, and no one paid attention to me)

971bfb No.2321535


She answers FB messages.

1fa604 No.2321536

File: e1fc65489bce0af⋯.jpeg (18.49 KB, 225x225, 1:1, C84E69CC-B829-4912-8B35-4….jpeg)


I mean there is only so much you can do with boobess.

But its so much fun.

Now I like sushi 🍣 too tho.

When I get through my face and goatee look like a glazed donut.

Flick the bean

Play with the man in the boat


Toungue twister

Make little circles till she starts speaking in toungue’s

Bearded clam

Fur 🌮

Mmmmm mmmm

9e4ccd No.2321537



Something is up with the picture

RM sitting where there is a picture of a mirrored image of calm of water behind him

Jr pretending to be on his phone 10 feet away

Both claiming they didn't know the other was there [not even possible]

My speculation from earlier today….

Arizona [BC and LL] / Reporter tipped off

[Was Sherman tipped off? He took the 2nd pic on the plane as well]

This is apparently a remote gate at DCA for an American flight en route to a small county airport in NY

After consideration I believe

1. Jr is trolling Mueller


2. Q is trolling the MSM

If Q is trolling that means Mueller has to be working for POTUS

And I have long since been suspect of Mueller [and RR] and thought they were dirty

bbd974 No.2321538

File: 4373e11b8ce88eb⋯.png (162.67 KB, 1214x165, 1214:165, ClipboardImage.png)


I've just been reading about owls…


ed4055 No.2321539




68860e No.2321540


That is dang funny.

dd8b7b No.2321541

I hate subs. They scare the shit out of me.

9675a5 No.2321542


fuuuuck lmao

130be7 No.2321543

File: 1c571dc09ad4f00⋯.png (10.22 KB, 493x319, 17:11, siri pyr.png)

From the dawn of civilization to modern times, from remote tribes of Africa to the great capitals of the modern world, Sirius was – and still is – seen as a life-giver. Despite the disparity between cultures and epochs, the same mysterious attributes are given to the dog star, which can lead us to ask: how can all these definitions synchronize so perfectly? Is there a common source to these myths about Sirius? The dog star is invariably associated with divinity and is regarded as a source of knowledge and power. These connections are particularly evident when one examines the teachings and the symbolism of secret societies, who have always taught about a mystical link with this particular celestial body. Is there a secret link between human evolution and Sirius? Unlocking this secret would mean unlocking one of humanity’s greatest mysteries.

b6b1fd No.2321544


my first post in the bread has the stock photo link to the USS Kentucky (Ohio Class)

not saying it was that sub, just that it was a sub based in WASH, there are 8 Ohio Class there

0eea94 No.2321545


You need some sauce with that claim. You are so wrong about that. Read about the Catholic priests & bishops, yet? Idiot.

90021a No.2321546



You go look it up.

Fuck you. How about that jew?

999ffb No.2321547



This was already in Notables and the more reliable source said she paid $50M and put her home as collateral for the remainder.

a17603 No.2321549


chekked, kekd, and kaka

f27f84 No.2321550


Didn't Obama go back to HI before the 2008 election to pull the plug and way good bye to his dying Mom?

12d24b No.2321551


Cool mask

c0607c No.2321552

File: 6a70c549f94ebf6⋯.png (254.42 KB, 960x960, 1:1, sftweet.png)

5045cd No.2321553

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

very telling video of the corporate music system

d378b8 No.2321554

Hello Q,

We are having a discussion on how to search for therapists.

Can you drop a hint please?

Legal name change or change of identity?

More likely to work in private practice or for an institution or university?

0a90f3 No.2321555


That's some clean gear.

Almost like it just came out of the Amazon boxes.

ce806c No.2321556

File: dbc20d6d7aa5e4c⋯.jpg (94.59 KB, 999x666, 3:2, dbc20d6d7aa5e4cbde931c380d….jpg)


I got the wrong Q pic…..

ee7604 No.2321557

de3206 No.2321558

File: bccc7a1c41fbb8c⋯.png (1.76 MB, 1148x567, 164:81, ClipboardImage.png)




63a1f9 No.2321559

File: c3cb2dfeefc7513⋯.png (56.06 KB, 225x225, 1:1, pencecution.png)

99bc19 No.2321560


ok thanks…. i see some red flags but i'll give it a chance.

1c7588 No.2321561


The range of our missiles makes it kind of a moot point.

However, everyone ignored me about the crashed F16 near Japan and if it was related.

4d1e20 No.2321562

File: 1b77ea8be9b82d0⋯.png (1.19 MB, 827x660, 827:660, Rail Gun LST.png)

221225 No.2321563

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

90021a No.2321564


yeah those catholic retards can go fuck themselves and burn in ovens along with the jew hollywood producers and directors

2a96c6 No.2321565


Randy Quaid?

c9c8fd No.2321566


All out of bubblegum.

79b5fd No.2321568


not familliar…the patient seemed MKU'd and the mention of the other doctor supposedly involved had no real first and last name

287a9d No.2321569


A Trump government wouldn't dump enough FANG stock at once and cause a 21% drop.

Irresponsible. And Trump wouldn't cause that kind of drop.

Trump wouldn't tank them.

FANG stocks are owned by every mutual fund in America.

Fund managers likely figured out what was up with FB and TWTR and dumped their holdings at earnings when there is a ton of volume traded.

51038c No.2321570


>Be DJT Jr.

>Wish they had green text on twitter

>Posts green text story anyway


130be7 No.2321571

File: 003c67feb3b75c9⋯.jpg (261.16 KB, 721x1121, 721:1121, McRib.jpg)

It's almost time for McD's to put McRib back on the menu!

b8a8bf No.2321572

File: 66254e2b018f517⋯.jpg (26.87 KB, 394x358, 197:179, POTUS toast china 2017.jpg)

057f48 No.2321573


Roger, appreciate this anon, and the easy cut n paste. Cheers and changed.


Thanks anon, new baker will be baking the next I believe.

>these things happen

Thanks for your good words, still feel bad and that I let you down.. however, new baker? Sweet. And another today, the one that's about to bake. Noice. I can stick around then and let you catch up until later. A lot to catch up on. kek


Didn't see this post, apols, and for missing the dough link!

Dough: https://pastebin.com/dPs0eNSE

9675a5 No.2321574

File: 86e057015b539dc⋯.jpg (29.49 KB, 284x300, 71:75, meadors.jpg)


Remove implants, be best.

b3f9ba No.2321575

File: 1912ed8c6d59417⋯.png (290.16 KB, 494x467, 494:467, ClipboardImage.png)


>My thoughts on the owl….Think mirror.

My thoughts as well and plays right into the Hunters become the Hunted.

The key is interesting…it is either a W WWG1WGA? or a lightning bolt? signifies power??

79370c No.2321576

File: f60e66aa80a0ded⋯.png (1.27 MB, 591x1280, 591:1280, 9fe3b9f6e61b689a2624f18b95….png)


Q's pic of the Aleutian Islands…

ed4055 No.2321577


Yeah we had to pull all the orange tips off

999ffb No.2321578


Can you please take out that Lisa Page notable from last bread?

ee92e3 No.2321579


So there is no need to keep them around since they aint special?

b6b1fd No.2321580


I like that one!

(credit is to the anon that made the NavySealFag twatt, didn't do that, but fukken saved immediately)

e0e9af No.2321581


Ewen Cameron

5045cd No.2321582


Not Q but each state has licensing agencies, also boards of accreditation, js

f3ed8b No.2321583

>>2319760 (last)

The provision against transferring Gitmo detainees to the USA sounds like what kept Obama from closing Gitmo. Obama wanted to use it but prevent his successors from having it, but Congress stopped that by not letting him transfer all the remaining prisoners out, and I think it's a good thing.

I dislike McCain, but there's nothing wrong here.

ce806c No.2321584


Noice. I see you now.

f54137 No.2321585


I knew you didnt have any, because there is no such data.

You're a sick vile motherfucker, Adolf.

dfb59e No.2321586

0eea94 No.2321587


Catholic, Jew, Republican, Democrat; hell ANYONE that touches a child wrong needs to burn for damn sure!

830747 No.2321588


Have you not seen Inception? Just saying. Just because you have your own jet doesn't mean it can always fly. Could be maintenance, or being cleaned, etc.

63a1f9 No.2321589


Who sold?

79370c No.2321590


Oooh, good memory Anon!

That's possibly notable… if F16s took out a threat to AF1, it could have happened near Japan there (see the orange route on my map above, pic #3)… goes right over Japan…

9e4ccd No.2321591


Which base?

There are several in Puget Sound

There are also numerous subs in in Puget Sound and Hood Canal

dd8b7b No.2321592


Wizards and Warlocks

12d24b No.2321593

File: 4b87f67f1e6312b⋯.jpeg (305.78 KB, 1116x1572, 93:131, B19BE8F8-2814-4D58-AE8D-9….jpeg)


Lol thats a good one..

79b5fd No.2321594


Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID: 8GzG+UJ9 No.150166904

Nov 20 2017 02:29:00 (EST)

What is a key?

What is a key used for?

What is a guard?

What is a guard used for?

Who unlocked the door of all doors?

Was it pre-planned?

Do you believe in coincidences?

What is information?

Who controls the release of information?


Who disseminates information?

What is the MSM?

Who controls the MSM?

Who really controls the MSM?

Why are we made to believe the MSM are the only credible news sources?

Who controls the MSM?

Who really controls the MSM?

Why are we made to believe the MSM are the only credible news sources?

Why is this relevant?

Why are non MSM platforms cast as conspiracy and/or non-credible?

Why are non MSM platforms cast as conspiracy and/or non-credible?

What happens when an entity and/or individual accumulates power?

Define corruption.

Wealth = power.

Power = influence.

Influence = control.

Rinse and repeat.

What power of influence was recently discovered (specifically re: 2016 election)?

How much power of influence does Twitter, FB, Reddit, etc. have in influencing the minds of people?

Has the stranglehold of the MSM been diminished?

What is open source?

What has become blatantly obvious since the election of POTUS?

Why would they allow this (visibility) to occur?

Were they not prepared to counter?

What miscalculation occurred?

What opposite impact did this generate?

How did POTUS recognize and invert?

What happens when an entity and/or individual accumulates power?

Define corruption.

Define censorship.

Define ‘controlled’ censorship.

What action is Twitter taking effective mid-Dec?

What is the purpose of this action?

Possible test to understand public / gov’t response?

830747 No.2321595


Laser probably.

4ced2d No.2321596








2a96c6 No.2321597



Eagle is day shift

Owl is night shift.

d36a6e No.2321598


thanks that's good to know

I only just realized she's back on facebook

I was just relieved she was safe after a year of being missing

221225 No.2321601

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Washington Post says the Deep State exists!

But don't worry! They're all good guys!

*Roll to disbelieve*

dc8411 No.2321602


which bread was this in, anon? if you can confirm and/or provide better sauce, i'll remove it


no worries, thanks!

cfab56 No.2321603


cfab56 No.2321604


c57edc No.2321605

Board comped?

9f95cd No.2321606


a6debc No.2321607

File: 30a6bd878674c5e⋯.jpg (274.73 KB, 894x1307, 894:1307, 01AB770.jpg)


fc82a0 No.2321608

Anyone else unable to post and receive "OK" popup?

43ff45 No.2321609


2c4013 No.2321610


guys i think this page is a stealth antifa page organizing for a portland pt2

dfb59e No.2321611

What was that???

ec93fc No.2321612

File: f13571b48408124⋯.gif (1.62 MB, 490x337, 490:337, B7294BBB-0E1F-45A8-BAA2-CD….gif)

Test, test, boobies, test, test

f91c9f No.2321614


a6debc No.2321616

File: 8b332095d5768f2⋯.jpg (184.86 KB, 600x1067, 600:1067, 0F778C6.jpg)


Boob test confirmed!

1c35b0 No.2321617

File: 9cfbc860b25df80⋯.jpg (487.67 KB, 1200x554, 600:277, attacks.jpg)

c15507 No.2321618

File: c9b4e0d1f49b142⋯.jpg (86.68 KB, 400x521, 400:521, 0000MAGAmadmaxineKEK.jpg)


Back in business.

Whole of 8 was BOOM.

Back bitches.

cfab56 No.2321619

File: cf4fe7bf635e6a2⋯.jpg (11.97 KB, 236x236, 1:1, 074e3a41e1acdea1fb2d1c27d3….jpg)

Something funky happened, I messaged Code Monkey, he has not replied, so not sure what happened. Glad it's back,, i hate it when the board is FUCKY

cecd49 No.2321620

part of the tests Q did?

0f9f4b No.2321621

BV, I just created a thread that needs to be deleted. It is how I got the captcha to come up for me.

6f071e No.2321622

Wtf happened..

Just got off work

1c7588 No.2321623

all of 8chan was frozen. Never seen that before.

dfb59e No.2321624


Those aren't sustainable boobies but nice to see

38eb3b No.2321625

File: eb68c0c691c0881⋯.jpg (108.85 KB, 975x435, 65:29, satanic holy days.jpg)




8d98d3 No.2321626

that was brutal…

c15507 No.2321627



All of 8Chan was down for me. Entire website, not just one board.

f9b9ee No.2321628

File: 9bd136f0bb01a9c⋯.png (591.51 KB, 2480x1160, 62:29, Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at ….png)

File: fc0786a9c30f4f1⋯.png (541.47 KB, 2444x922, 1222:461, Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at ….png)

File: 3a829f5450b9267⋯.png (57.45 KB, 1922x222, 961:111, Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at ….png)

>>2319786 (last bread question about what Hillary email about PanAm 105 pilots alive was)

Here's part of the riddle

Olympia J Snowe sounds the alarm on congress members using an illegal airstrip to land on cyprus.. did so using civilian passports and not state dept passports. Not sure when this email was..

it is Richard HOTES.. stupid cunt HRC can't spell..

Sean Penn thanks him for reading his poem at an event. HOTES has the HOTES Foundation.. part of the HAITI relief effort..



Lucy Koh is who I think she is referring to.. and looking over, the cockpit looks to be pretty intact. I think Hillary was just fucking stupid, and some rumor was going around about pilots living.. so she was like "gotta ask Koh"..

my take on this. Everyone died, 259 on plane including crew, 11 on the ground. Blew up at 31,000 feet due to semtex plastic explosive that was in a tape recorder (walkman).. not sure how they knew that, the debris field was 850 miles big.. not sure if wide or just a circle or what, they said 850 miles was the debris field.

BTW that java deal to get rid of gore fucking locked me out of the board.. FYI I could not see any new posts.

cfab56 No.2321629



sorry just saw i had caps on, kek

52bc97 No.2321630

cecd49 No.2321631


I could pull up the board (s), scroll but not post - did a restart, clear etc. no go - but good now

221225 No.2321632

The absolute fuck happened?!

fc82a0 No.2321634


Net was paused?

e46490 No.2321635

File: 8eed3783cfb7635⋯.jpg (43.14 KB, 600x600, 1:1, shillsareweak5.jpg)


"Becoming vegan" wtf.

I guess the 'upside down beating' by /ourguys/ with eric prince did its job right.

They turned the raghead into a homosexual vegan jew.

That's what I call getting results.

52bc97 No.2321636


>attacks will intensify

this ^ happened

02fed0 No.2321637

File: 1527a2b62163d73⋯.jpg (139.51 KB, 645x558, 215:186, _ob7g0o3ycku.jpg)

Well that was interdasting..

9f95cd No.2321638

Hardware update?

63a1f9 No.2321639

File: caa61687a1041cf⋯.jpg (10.03 KB, 425x319, 425:319, 31USGbapRGL._SX425_.jpg)




221225 No.2321640


Annoyingly so

0687fb No.2321641


Codemonkey twatted that the database crashed

14d6f6 No.2321642

File: 2101cb96aa04b4d⋯.jpg (59.3 KB, 850x455, 170:91, gore4.jpg)

File: 348e864eaff6256⋯.jpg (945.2 KB, 1500x1904, 375:476, gore3.jpg)

File: 2ef02739d17dbc0⋯.jpg (168.2 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, gore2.jpg)

File: 4b0cbd0be446dd9⋯.jpg (793.46 KB, 1400x787, 1400:787, gore1.jpg)

The black man is the epitome of masculinity…

79b5fd No.2321643


I remembered this post and when you think about the old gaurd being in the news lately…it clicked….

The graphic is your key.

Let's pause and say hello to the rogue intelligence agencies currently monitoring these threads.

Was the money worth it?



e68cd8 No.2321644

File: 3d513d4c2398dd6⋯.jpg (17.96 KB, 220x271, 220:271, 18ugtd.jpg)

c0aeb5 No.2321645

File: 078e276769e60f4⋯.gif (713.3 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 078e276769e60f40cc57c29d1c….gif)

We are back!

f91c9f No.2321646

File: 52ad12de26afa22⋯.png (2.09 KB, 371x36, 371:36, freeze.PNG)

[39]0 = 13 x 3

[13]0 = 13 x 1

1[26] = 13 x 2

Any numerologyfags have any input?

d181cc No.2321647






c57edc No.2321648

File: 884d7e2770e6bca⋯.png (4.34 MB, 3292x2188, 823:547, US_2-Cabal_0.png)


Read the lower right corner of related pic for timing. D5 launch 1 hr 26 min before POTUS lands in Singapore.

bff6f9 No.2321649


Put spoilers on that gore spam! lol

c8614c No.2321650


The article was authored by Mike Rothschild, whose specialty is debunking conspiracy theories. What a joke!

63a1f9 No.2321651

e5d37a No.2321652


cecd49 No.2321653


12 (3) 13 (4) 9


dfb59e No.2321654



Not Gore

1fe87b No.2321655

f9b9ee No.2321656


Ah so wasn't gore deal.. feck need to go redo it again.

f9b9ee No.2321659



1c35b0 No.2321661


It was (YOUR) fault!!!!

(kidding, interesting vid)

Democracy Dies in Darkness

All Hail the Deep State!

63a1f9 No.2321662

File: 20c6830e13f88cb⋯.png (183.71 KB, 755x743, 755:743, Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at ….png)

Guys while the site was down I found a really cool article about the eclipse.

Pretty sure it's a clown website, but the article is good anyways.

Check it out if you want.


d181cc No.2321663


plz put this list before bread as one of hte resources

that weay we can check it off as we solve each one

13-15th_Amendments.jpg : f5[1.911241](***)

2-11-18_passenger_list_of_downed_plane_-_highlighting_target.jpg : f5[1.269581](***)

3-04_Q_posts_DOD_Chain_Of_Command_graphic.jpg : f5[0.252858](**)

321_RR.jpg : f5[1.362607](***)

4_from_GA_1-08-18_NO_PRIVATE_COMMS.jpg : f5[1.968341](***)

556042_F C-27_BA-4_AE6-8_D70-_EDA7_B194_E680.jpg : f5[0.697610](***)

5_B9489_D2-1763-4_A2_E-_B314-9_CBDE30_EC339.jpg : f5[0.575092](***)

6-14-18_IG_Report_altered.jpg : f5[0.924524](***)

705183_panic_mode.jpg : f5[1.441766](***)

7e8cdbebade8310bc1b95ce8ebd9a0a441142d5db0cba85d99e5c077a03285d5.jpg : f5[1.697646](***)

8fd_J30_HUSl_N4r0ul9_TZFw_SUIWF3_Tx_Uw1_Dyg_Fctj_Rw_A.jpg : f5[3.017617](***)

Abe_Lincoln_quote_People_are_rightful_masters.jpg : f5[2.706151](***)

A_Cooper_Gannet.jpg : f5[0.469908](***)

AF1_5_A_2.jpg : f5[0.386503](**)

alkd839_people_with_Chairman_Mao.jpg : f5[2.076473](***)

apache-snowden_-fpf-_secure_drop.jpg : f5[0.595371](***)

APP-060518-_POTUS.jpg : f5[4.532603](***)

Bachmann_defends_her_witch_hunt_-1.jpg : f5[0.474148](***)

Bachmann_defends_her_witch_hunt_-2.jpg : f5[0.856066](***)

B_Obama_-_closeup_of_hand_holding.jpg : f5[0.297065](**)

BREAKING911_tweet_GOP_Rep_Blake_Farenthold_to_resign.jpg : f5[2.437910](***)

c7829_soros_rockefeller_maggie_thatcher_ted_turner.jpg : f5[1.461451](***)

CBS_News_-_Thunderbird_4th_crash_of_US_Military_aircraft_crash_i.jpg : f5[0.430704](***)

Daily_Caller_-_Hamas_co-founder_2.jpg : f5[0.708170](***)

Db_Mqig_AU8_AADwt_A.jpg : f5[0.805167](***)

DJT_JR_TWEET_-_CONGRATS_DEMOCRATS.jpg : f5[1.520972](***)

DOJ_indictment_Medhat_El_Amir.jpg : f5[1.142882](***)

Donald_Trump_Tweet.jpg : f5[2.333794](***)

DRUDGE_HEADLINE_-_Iran_Nukes_CIA.jpg : f5[0.338076](**)

Drudge_report_-_Mc_Masters_father_AP_tweet_nurse_arrested_-_Q_po.jpg : f5[0.947551](***)

EFF_article_John_Perry_Barlow_2.jpg : f5[1.457920](***)

EFF_article_John_Perry_Barlow_3.jpg : f5[0.648911](***)

EFF_article_John_Perry_Barlow_43.jpg : f5[1.139336](***)

EM_tweet_Nuclear_alien_UFO_from_NK.jpg : f5[0.666151](***)

fake_email_from_Q_Screen_Shot_2017-12-13_at_121.03_PM.jpg : f5[1.040513](***)

fake_Q_post.jpg : f5[2.400323](***)

Form_1649_false_imprisonment.jpg : f5[0.600003](***)

Gina_Haspell_CIA_career_timeline.jpg : f5[0.980607](***)

Goebbels_and_bishops_doing_Roman_salute.jpg : f5[2.612961](***)

green_door_patch.jpg : f5[0.292171](**)

Hillary_Clinton_with_Evelyn_de_Rothschild.jpg : f5[0.307034](**)

Hillary_Clinton_with_George_Soros.jpg : f5[0.286761](**)

how_to_read_Qs_posts.jpg : f5[0.856277](***)

image.jpg : f5[1.527253](***)

jdeos.jpg : f5[0.298635](**)

3887bb No.2321664

File: 3920ba83cb1c3b4⋯.jpg (18.26 KB, 300x168, 25:14, 2eew63.jpg)

cfab56 No.2321665

File: e4d3c493dddb5c3⋯.png (83.45 KB, 413x260, 413:260, obama gave money to AL Qae….png)

Was trying to post this earlier, when the board went all fucky, kek

REVEALED: Obama administration gave $200,000 to Al Qaeda group and continued with payment 'even AFTER learning it was a designated terror organization'

In March 2014 the Obama Administration approved a $200,000 grant to the Islamic Relief Agency (ISRA) based in Sudan with ties to Osama bin Laden

A decade earlier, the ISRA was designated as a terror-financing organization

The grant was part of a sum awarded to evangelical charity World Vision for humanitarian work in Sudan

Soon afterwards the government told the charity to end transactions with ISRA

The charity then asked the government to pay the ISRA 'monies owed for work performed'

The Obama administration authorized a 'one-time transfer of $125,000 to ISRA'

The Obama administration approved a $200,000 grant to a group affiliated with Al Qaeda, a conservative think tank announced this week.

Although Obama's presidency targeted Al Qaeda and brought the demise of its leader Osama bin Laden, the government still provided a grant in 2014 that provided funds to the Islamic Relief Agency (ISRA), which is based in Sudan and affiliated with the terror group.

Not only did the government provide the grant, it also knew the ISRA was designated as a terror-financing organization a decade earlier in October 2004 for ties to bin Laden.

The grant was exposed by the Middle East Forum as reported by the National Review.

https:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6001403/Obama-administration-approved-200-000-grant-group-linked-Al-Qaeda.html

1c7588 No.2321666



that's manbearpig

f9b9ee No.2321667

Blood moon and those bastards are out doing blood moon fuckery

d181cc No.2321668



part 2

John_Mc_Cain_with_Moustafa.jpg : f5[1.173613](***)

John_Mc_Cain_with_terrorists.jpg : f5[0.583236](***)

k_T4_H8_Kfh_Pope_Francis_kissing_jewish_mans_hand.jpg : f5[0.945781](***)

Markers.jpg : f5[0.313099](**)

mccabecnn.jpg : f5[0.614334](***)

merkel_signature_hand_posture.jpg : f5[0.378188](**)

MFlynn_JR_tweet_RE_Weiner_s_laptop_contents.jpg : f5[2.382338](***)

Mockingbirds_praising_NK.jpg : f5[0.481760](***)

Nancy_Pelosi_with_Bashar_Al_Assad.jpg : f5[2.148155](***)

NBC_news_tweet_-_interview_Loretta_Lynch.jpg : f5[0.402558](***)

necklace.jpg : f5[0.368149](**)

no_2_done1.jpg : f5[1.366156](***)

Now_Comes_THEPain061118.jpg : f5[1.291573](***)

NSA_traffic_cam_shots_combined_enhanced_panorama.jpg : f5[0.419835](***)

NYT_article_Weddings_-_Melissa_Schiff_Robert_D_Soros.jpg : f5[0.870385](***)

obama_speaking.jpg : f5[0.469927](***)

obama_with_post_american_world_book.jpg : f5[0.330760](**)

PAIN.jpg : f5[0.866578](***)

Pampeo_-_parody_twitter_acct_Rolling_Stones_lyrics.jpg : f5[1.333535](***)

partial_screenshot_of_Q_post_1215294_April_27_2018.jpg : f5[1.263138](***)

Pentagon_Kills_Life_Log_Project.jpg : f5[1.651827](***)

pope.jpg : f5[0.459195](***)

POTUS_MEME_-_When_I_m_done_Obama.jpg : f5[0.340230](**)

POTUS_notepad_Q_post_inset.jpg : f5[0.277495](**)

POTUS_speaking_at_capitol_on_Mall.jpg : f5[1.086504](***)

POTUS_tweet_11-11-18_Obama_ring.jpg : f5[1.041891](***)

POTUS_tweet_6-17-18_advice_to_D_s_-_bipartisan_Border_Safety_S.jpg : f5[0.797628](***)

POTUS_tweet_6-17-18_P_Stzrok_sick_loser.jpg : f5[1.034576](***)

POTUS_tweet_-_Doug_Jones_-_Julian_Assange_responds.jpg : f5[1.269420](***)

POTUS_tweet_Rus_China_currency_devaluation.jpg : f5[1.078666](***)

POTUS_tweet_Schiff_tweet_Q_post.jpg : f5[0.960994](***)

POTUS_tweets_-_KJU_2nd_A.jpg : f5[1.268643](***)

POTUS_tweet_trolling_re_meeting_with_KJU_6-11-18.jpg : f5[1.177651](***)

Q_comp_correct_01-21-2018_4of4.jpg : f5[0.282564](**)

Q_comp_correct_01.24.2018_4of4b.jpg : f5[0.252171](**)

Q_comp_correct_02.16.2018_5of5_STRIKE_PKG_B-7_V_edition.jpg : negative

Q_comp_correct_5_2018-02-05_2018-02-08.jpg : f5[0.312041](**)

Q_comp_correct_5_2018-02-05_2018-02-09.jpg : f5[0.304990](**)

QFF.jpg : f5[0.779376](***)

Qmap_2018-02-07_2018-02-14_PAY_THE_PRICE.jpg : f5[0.281162](**)

Qmap_2018-02-15_2018-02-16_WARNING_UK.jpg : f5[0.314431](**)

Qmap_2018-02-15_2018-02-18_FOR_GOD_COUNTRY.jpg : f5[0.343394](**)

Qmap_2018-02-15_2018-02-18_Thoughts_of_current_POTUS.jpg : f5[0.362931](**)

Qmap_6_2018-02-07_2018-02-14_PAY_THE_PRICE.jpg : f5[0.281162](**)

Qmap_6_2018-02-07_2018-02-14_SEPT_7_1776_Edition.jpg : f5[0.289412](**)

Qmap_graphic_2018-02-15_2018-02-22_DISTRACTION.jpg : f5[0.364056](**)

Qmap_graphic_2018-04-02_2018-04-04_POTUS_will_be_up_all_night.jpg : f5[0.276250](**)

Qmap_graphic_2018-04-03_2018-04-07_Open_the_door.jpg : f5[0.307516](**)

Qmap_graphic_2018-04-07_2018-04-09_Read_carefully.jpg : f5[0.342189](**)

Qmap_graphic_2018-04-07_Patriots_stand_together_Q_2018-04-07_00.jpg : f5[0.322557](**)

Qmap_graphic_2018-04-10_2018-04-16_The_WHERE-_The_WHY.jpg : f5[0.284040](**)

Q_post_1105041_April_19_2018_REF_RUDY_GIULIANI.jpg : f5[0.911063](***)

Q_post_1432932_05_16_18.jpg : f5[1.084277](***)

Q_post_1434153_05_16_18.jpg : f5[1.430394](***)

Q_post_147167304_10-29-17_from_4chan.jpg : f5[0.563497](***)

Q_POST_148746_FROM_12_22_17.jpg : f5[1.071454](***)

Q_POST_1714572_FROM_JUNE_12_2018.jpg : f5[1.222737](***)

Q_POST_1723475_6-12-18.jpg : f5[1.086041](***)

Q_POST_1723475_RT_FROM_JUNE_12_2018.jpg : f5[1.086041](***)

Q_post_2-21_phase_2.jpg : f5[0.821680](***)

Q_post_283394_Feb_06_2018.jpg : f5[1.540739](***)

Q_post_40_from_1-19-2018.jpg : f5[2.040849](***)

Q_post_51_1-21-18_then_deleted.jpg : f5[0.679161](***)

Q_post_544060_March_3_2018.jpg : f5[3.427799](***)

Q_POST_64_FROM_5-4-18_QUOTING_PRIOR_Q_POST_1218147_FROM_4-2.jpg : f5[0.422085](***)

Q_post_78.jpg : f5[1.444556](***)

Q_POST_80_FROM_5-14-18_ON_MSM_ARTICLES_CONSPIRACY.jpg : f5[0.691403](***)

Q_post_comp_re_Erik_Prince_double_agent_NYPD_Wiener_laptop.jpg : f5[0.836823](***)

Q_post_Mc_Kenzie_stmts_B-19.jpg : f5[0.993260](***)

this list is not conclusive

e5d37a No.2321669


What happened???

359522 No.2321670

Q what just happened

5c8e14 No.2321671


I thought it was down for good, feels good that were still winning.

c15507 No.2321672

File: 0f86d2795022a57⋯.jpg (63.27 KB, 480x425, 96:85, 0e0eb7dba711af38b569d3dd63….jpg)


Fuck 'em with a splintered bat lubed with bear mace. Ok wow that was graphic.

cda10a No.2321673

File: 3dd82942fce80e5⋯.png (601.88 KB, 556x418, 278:209, 5487b360-7540-48b1-26f0-c5….png)

0c74a1 No.2321674

"Failed to load https://sys.8ch.net/liveposting.php: No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. Origin 'https://8ch.net' is therefore not allowed access. The response had HTTP status code 400."

I guess some blackhats got access to this server ? What else could it be ?

38eb3b No.2321675



d181cc No.2321676



part 3

Q_posts_5_up_to_2-22-18.jpg : f5[0.281162](**)

Rep_Ron_De_Santis_tweet.jpg : f5[0.344276](**)

roseanne_barr_article_compilation.jpg : f5[0.568499](***)

Sara_Carter_-_DOJ_Strzok_Page_txts_release.jpg : f5[0.880938](***)

Sara_Carter_-_timing_of_missing_FBI_texts_to_Congress.jpg : f5[1.124040](***)

screenshot_of_no_tripcode_ability_on_cbts_12-15-17.jpg : f5[0.348933](**)

SCREENSHOT_OF_Q_POST_1739490_FROM_6-13-18.jpg : f5[1.122415](***)

screenshot_of_Q_post_64_Patriots_Fight.jpg : f5[0.774057](***)

screenshot_of_Q_post_74037_-_special_place_for_GS.jpg : f5[0.562658](***)

Sen_Robt_Byrd_and_HRC.jpg : f5[0.316477](**)

Seth_Abramson_tweet_1-30_firing_of_RR.jpg : f5[1.179709](***)

side-by-side_-_Punisher_Dept_of_State_Kenya_trip.jpg : f5[0.682616](***)

side-by-side_re_P_Stzrok_testify_to_Congress_cooperating_witnes.jpg : f5[0.539655](***)

signal_5_5_read.jpg : f5[0.731864](***)

Soccer_Mouaz_Moustafa.jpg : f5[0.689016](***)

ss_of_1218147_qresearch_04_27_18.jpg : f5[0.331006](**)

SS_of_Q_post_70.jpg : f5[3.622667](***)

ss_Q_post_-_reached_est_1.2mm.jpg : f5[0.755073](***)

tweet_-_IG_1.2m_documents.jpg : f5[0.599447](***)

Uhuru_Kenyatta_tweet.jpg : f5[0.296938](**)

Unknown_-_storm_coming_warning_road_sign.jpg : f5[0.572653](***)

updated_compilation_of_Qs_posts_11-30_-_be_here_tomorrow.jpg : f5[0.255336](**)

warlocks.jpg : f5[0.975890](***)

not conclusive this list is, plz feel free to double check

fc82a0 No.2321677


Could also be gravitational fluctuation caused reverse electron flow.

Flux capacitor required to resolve. Great Scot!

ea40f8 No.2321679

oh yes, Mr. Pay me for Climate change, tried to rape a hotel maid because he felt entitled.

60f62b No.2321681


d181cc No.2321682


file under steganography working list

gonna go look at moon

ec93fc No.2321683


IDK, was researching missile launches, then I woke up after passing out drunk and shit myself, had to go to half chan to find out not a damn happening was going on, threw down a few nasty black pills & came back… posted boobies; happy

1fe87b No.2321684

File: 90c12df3645aee6⋯.jpg (29.47 KB, 400x264, 50:33, judge smails.jpg)

The Trump DOJ must not be doing its job, because I've been out killing libtards again. Tip: You can kill them now by bombarding them with articles on one demoncrat arrest after another.

Tell the Keebler Elf to come the fuck outta the kitchen already. These people are scum.

c15507 No.2321686


Or basic, 3x130.

e68cd8 No.2321687


Nothing as usual. 27th came and went with no boom. Blood moon and all. Nada.

1fe87b No.2321689


Hopefully, Trump will deliver a special gift to these fucktards.

bbd974 No.2321690

File: 2b486b2d2460f70⋯.jpg (98.17 KB, 666x500, 333:250, pepetrek.jpg)



lotsa green in that photo. o_O

e5d37a No.2321691


ROFL…Right in the middle of the most epic reply ever … fizzle. I think I had the theory of everything all laid out. Was on my last paragraph and poof.

109d71 No.2321692

File: 10ae86dc8fc3ca5⋯.png (298.33 KB, 295x640, 59:128, DOJNUNESRELEASE.png)


Every image is unlikely to be necessary.

Check for image file size and type.

In particular, the images where there are black bars at the top and bottom are useful for the technique.

For example:

1c7588 No.2321693


What's with the f5[#](***) ?

b391ed No.2321694

File: 56df638ec92b89d⋯.jpg (10.97 KB, 255x199, 255:199, bfcfe45c54718f8cdc15cf3d45….jpg)

tfw they ban u from twitter so u gotta spread the word on runescape

fc82a0 No.2321695


Not all are bad:

Symbolic meanings for the owl are:

Intuition, ability to see what others do not see

The presence of the owl announces change

Capacity to see beyond deceit and masks


The traditional meaning of the owl spirit animal is the announcer of death, most likely symbolic like a life transition, change

sauce: https://www.spiritanimal.info/owl-spirit-animal/

I use owl carvings to protect my blueberries.

Don't jump at every shadow, question investigate and determine before making a statement.

1fe87b No.2321696


Where is he hiding? His Kenya stay was supposed to be only 2 days a week ago.

f3b15a No.2321697

File: f5095c5b6965c24⋯.jpg (458.5 KB, 2290x1322, 1145:661, 5a81de8904d4cb316337e5c41c….jpg)

Funky weird accident leading to injury or someone sending a message via a very visible injury + stitches.

b4fad8 No.2321698

>>2321573, >>2321604, >>2321639

====Hey Bakers, BV====

Had been F5'ing here and trying Ebake.

Made an Ebake b4 return this bread active.

Only posted OP, then this msg:


If no BV to delete, mebbe next baker just wants to complete bake on this thread? Up to you. Sorry to create mess. Glad we're back.

109d71 No.2321699

File: 0c4b9468b5f7d42⋯.png (3.68 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 6DFDBBEE-D30A-4C6D-BB2E-A4….png)


This one is a much larger file:

3cebd6 No.2321700

Tried to post when the Great Freeze happened so this may not even be relevant now, but here goes.

I wish I could be more helpful but my sub experience is with the older Benjamin Franklin Class ballistic missile subs back in the mid to late 80's and I was a nuke in engineering not a Missile Tech. I do know that to launch a missile certain things had to happen. Most you can prob guess. Coded message received, verified by CO/XO and nuke weapons officer. Battle Stations Missile was sounded (means entire crew was awake and stationed somewhere). A certain depth was attained and hovering maneuvers to maintain. Outer doors opened then missile launched. So you see this action would necessarily involve the entire crew. The only way a missile could have been fired from our subs would be with everyone in the chain (top (DC) to bottom(crew)) knowing and approving the action.

634fdf No.2321701


Holy shit man…thats fucking crazy!

e5d37a No.2321702

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Just got back … anything interesting happen?

109d71 No.2321703


Plus, aren't POTUS and FLOTUS in the process of reclaiming the symbols?

Butterflies on dresses at recent meeting come to mind.

1fe87b No.2321704


The Owl in ancient Greece symbolized wisdom and the goddess of wisdom Athena, patroness of Athens.

6c6fec No.2321705


May wanna keep tabs on any notables in case this baker went to catch some sleep or something, if there ain't a response soon.

178c5c No.2321706


Someone dropped during the event that someone had gotten in with an ipod that contained software necessary to hack a launch.

ec93fc No.2321707



c0aeb5 No.2321708

File: b6d98167664a2dc⋯.jpg (118.41 KB, 722x315, 722:315, 1526867876884.jpg)

Attention Anons

There is a bunker on ENDCHAN if this situation happens again or anything like it.


It was created by a BV


Could you make this a global?

51ebae No.2321709

File: d6c58ff818745d6⋯.jpg (18.22 KB, 197x289, 197:289, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche.jpg)

Publishing Anon here…even our buttoned-up, high-brow industry is feeling the heat…NAMASTE

Buddhist Author Apologizes for Misconduct, Publishers React

Author Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, a leading figure in Tibetan Buddhism, has stepped back from his role as head of the global network of meditation centers, Shambhala International, amid accusations of sexual misconduct. A report from the New York Times on July 11 indicated Sakyong Mipham is taking leave following allegations of harassment and abuse from at least three women that date back to 2002.


Apology Letter


1c7588 No.2321710


But if it comes as a confirmed order from (DC) the rest fall suite. Fake command is all it takes. Leaked info of codes. Who's been fired recently that would know this?

98f608 No.2321711

File: 9859f6e97d8c6ee⋯.jpeg (141.49 KB, 628x638, 314:319, 68776331-5CBA-49C3-893E-3….jpeg)

Night Crew got any info on this crumb?

Sorry I’m latte

Welcome back Q

c57edc No.2321712


If you are talking about the Hawaii missile alarm incident, maybe a Japan-based F-16 loaded with an 'improved NCADE' or ASAT could have been pushed beyond it's climb limits by a pilot trying to maximize the weapon's reach, but hard to say without knowing where the ICBM was launched from. For the Puget Sound ICBM launch, Japan would simply be too far of a reach for an air-launched weapon.

e5d37a No.2321713


What if you were just doing a drill…or thought you were doing a drill. How would that have ended without a missile going off? What if the crew thought they were in a drill, but at the last minute the C followed through. Is it possible the commander was rogue

9f95cd No.2321714

Shills left?

109d71 No.2321715


Q indicated that Clas removal took place right away. Check for news on June 10?

bbd974 No.2321716

File: a74b04e40b45834⋯.png (34.2 KB, 584x304, 73:38, twp.PNG)

File: 6ec7d68614f8737⋯.png (100.03 KB, 585x502, 585:502, twp0.PNG)

Here's the latest from TWP (pics related):

Hollywood Names:

Seth Green

James Gunn

Dan Scheinder

Steven Spielberg

Tom Hanks

Steven Colbert

Jimmy Kimmel

Barack Obama

Kevin Spacey

Kathy Griffin

Oprah Winfrey

Shawn Carter

Beyonce Knowles

Anthony Kiedis

John Legend

Chrissy Teigen

Jim Carrey

Steven Tyler

Ben Affleck

Stephen Collins

Will Ferrell

Aliaune Damala Badara Thiam (Akon)

Marshall Matthers III

Jeffrey Jones

Victor Salva

Marc Collins Rector

Charlie Sheen

Tyler Grasham

Madonna Ciccone

Katheryn Hudson

Gwen Stefani

Stefani Germanotta

James Franco

Will Smith

Justin Roiland

John Cusack

Anderson Cooper

Demi Moore

Brian Affleck

Meryl Streep

Wanda Sykes

Chelsea Handler

Michelle Wolf

Jake Tapper

Chris Cuomo

David Yarovesky

5045cd No.2321717


Sorry, saw it had updated info, but I didn't watch it that isn't any good. I hate Corsi. I think the OP added the correct one and some other links. Candy Girl aka Fiona has a blogsite.

452c63 No.2321718

File: 8b1536817b14445⋯.png (67.3 KB, 1901x636, 1901:636, 8b1536817b144452062f924021….png)

File: dbf19cf973142c7⋯.png (442.13 KB, 1520x1261, 1520:1261, 04a0decfd4a23cbe5ac459f346….png)

File: 2edf2be733d5f4f⋯.png (47.16 KB, 1202x330, 601:165, 2edf2be733d5f4f47a59cd4309….png)

File: a8f1b38e36260ba⋯.png (101.13 KB, 1437x785, 1437:785, 207582b46052d9741d9253bf0d….png)

File: 2bc5a25f4779619⋯.png (505.01 KB, 1772x1484, 443:371, 85c24da25fde05fb048d2ecfb9….png)

betrayed again

just like the 100-0 vote on the jew paid for anti-semitic awareness act.

f9b9ee No.2321719

dug on the picture stenography and some of what they do is use the last bits of color and slightly change it. Not sure it can be seen by the eye.. says nearly invisible..

Dug on the F16 and Clas_5.. didn't get much, did see a shit ton of cool armament though.

1c35b0 No.2321720


Created by a current BV, or a former [BV]?

e5d37a No.2321722



>It was created by a BV

It's a 404

fc82a0 No.2321723


Yes I recall that post. Their symbols will be their downfall.


Owl has many symbolic meanings.

My friend that died in HS said his totem spirit was the owl. When I knelt at his grave prayed and kissed it I felt a chill and looked up as an owl flew over. Everything has meaning, not everything is evil because evil also uses it.

d181cc No.2321724


>Blood moon

wasnt a moon in the sky

8a12ca No.2321725

And we're back

Like, whoa

b4fad8 No.2321726


Roger. Got these in the dough:


Is there a baker in the kitchen?

Plz respond. TY. If so, when bake,

just complete the Ebake I started:




OP already done, just add notables and the other 2 posts.

Sorry for that, fog of war and such.

If no baker, I can take it.


999ffb No.2321727

Wow….. what happened tonight? I went and watched a bunch of #WalkAway videos while we were down and boy they are really moving. Many people in tears about how they were lied to.

I encourage others to watch some. It gives you an idea of WHAT woke them up.

3502a5 No.2321728

File: babac9161600dd8⋯.jpg (62.18 KB, 530x333, 530:333, babaac9161600dd8d6110eed67….jpg)

File: 8f13b7e6afea36c⋯.jpg (82.7 KB, 469x568, 469:568, 8f13b7e6afea36cbf98e686d98….jpg)

File: f259e79154c29fe⋯.jpg (22.36 KB, 275x183, 275:183, f259e79154c29fe6b9ece3ad3a….jpg)

File: 03cfd03c0766246⋯.jpg (25.23 KB, 369x260, 369:260, 03cfd03c0766246b9657cd7997….jpg)

Jeff Sessions betrayed Trump and allowed Mueller and Rosenstein to make every attempt to impeach Trump.

Sessions just resign already.

c9c8fd No.2321729

File: d14d50773391bb4⋯.jpg (7.22 KB, 257x196, 257:196, Estop.jpg)

OK, which one of you leaned up against the E-Stop button?

Come on, fess up.

b444c6 No.2321730


Owls are common predators to bald eagles, knocking them from their nests in the dark of night, often stealing their young to consume much like predators to our children.

By replacing the bald eagle with an owl, this shows how the deep state was targeting USA citizens. The owl signifies change in target. Interesting is the sky blue background; the owl, once a nighttime hunter, hunts in the light of day, from dark to light, exposing crimes for all to see. The owl is no longer protecting evil. The storm lightning bolt is a nice touch on the key and shows us exactly who they are working for. The storm will bring us security. Symbolism will be their downfall indeed.

This is a huge symbol. It would be impossible to use the coincidence defense against it. The emblem reads: "Oversight, Integrity, Independence, Transparency." Finally, words with meaning.

This is really happening. I almost can't believe the NSA's OIG has this specific symbol. Wake me up. Is this a dream? This is really a symbol for We, the People. We have been heard. 5:5

79b5fd No.2321731


Red October event….makes one go hmmmm.

c66fee No.2321732

File: 9ace73025a7afd9⋯.jpg (3.96 MB, 2550x2550, 1:1, regression.jpg)

These people are sick

Harvey Weinstein and others have been trying to cover up SRA and pedophilia/incest for decades, their methods also come in the form of cinema and foundations made up of comped mental health professionals. pic related

98f608 No.2321733


Hamilton Beach..

How many times do I have to get the same damn Hamilton Beach blender or crock pot each Xmas


1fe87b No.2321734


Yes, we cannot allow symbols tobe pre-empted for evil purposes. Most symbols have a positive connotation, like the ancient swastika for a salient example. It needs to be reclaimed.

3d4bf5 No.2321735

877902 No.2321736




If you look at the coffee table.. those arent actual newspapers. They are print-outs… this babyfucker gets "the paper" before it hits the press/printers…

probably his shoes are made from human skin, as well

1c7588 No.2321737


Aleutian islands are the halfway point between Japan and Puget sound. Same amount of time for F16's to scramble from all 3 locations. Unless the F16's were already standing by as escorts.

3cebd6 No.2321738


We used to drill this action all the time. Announcement stated "Man battle stations missile for WSRT (weapons system readiness test). All actions just short of launch were performed.

b4fad8 No.2321739


Me. I made this one:

Q Research General #2926: After the Board-Freeze Ebake






d181cc No.2321741

File: fd75dc9f3bff00b⋯.png (544.97 KB, 1877x879, 1877:879, perth.png)

uhh guys how can the moon be in australia and here at same time…..

2c4013 No.2321742


i dont see that on his twitter


65386e No.2321743

File: dc9dff30955b21d⋯.jpg (31.61 KB, 892x574, 446:287, swastika.jpg)



ec93fc No.2321744


Don Jr, flying casual, didndonuffin.

Mueller, chillaxin, waitin for storm…

d48383 No.2321745

File: c647e0befe69f8c⋯.jpg (39.71 KB, 1100x619, 1100:619, 150417120219-tilfah-super-….jpg)


Could Hani Abd al-Tilfah al-tikriti, director of Saddam Hussein's Special Security Organization be KoH in the email?

I ask because he was the King of Hearts in the Iraqi Most Wanted deck of 52.  Wikipedia and some sources list him in custody in June 2004 while others list him as at large. 

Considering the attached card has no picture of him, how the fuck would they know?


1fe87b No.2321746

When is Horowitz's next report expected? I couldnt find that today.

d181cc No.2321747

File: 9e28c9ef8d8048f⋯.png (383.39 KB, 1758x858, 293:143, is.png)

1c7588 No.2321748


and upside down too, imagine that. kek

d181cc No.2321749


and in isreal apparently

359522 No.2321751


The odds that Trump Jr. and Mueller would coincidentally be on the same commercial flight are zero.

fe7c66 No.2321752

File: 4aae262ac4413e5⋯.png (533.45 KB, 1059x898, 1059:898, 068D24BE-8CC1-4585-838C-B8….png)

f9b9ee No.2321753

File: 866ae2c5588f26b⋯.jpeg (172.16 KB, 634x820, 317:410, iu-11.jpeg)


reminds me of this, harry reids black eye:

65386e No.2321754

File: 63d9f0a41f333d3⋯.png (134.04 KB, 490x390, 49:39, kikesymbols.png)

←- Very evil symbols.

They put them on your food, and you pay for it.

fc82a0 No.2321755


Absolutely. Another meaning to their symbols being their downfall.

When Good takes their symbolism for positive use, they lose power.

0f541d No.2321756

File: 0c2fa4b7874b6a6⋯.jpg (308.81 KB, 1433x1074, 1433:1074, x.jpg)

Device test C=3

Device test E=5

Device Test X =X

35X that was the gate that Mueller and Trump Jr. spotted at.

1fe87b No.2321757

File: c551ce129dbe99c⋯.jpg (9.27 KB, 225x225, 1:1, pepe nazi finger.jpg)


Stay positive.

c9c8fd No.2321758


Can't blame you for trying to figure something out to get around the problem FFS.

If all of 8Chan was froze then I'd say you did good at that!

d181cc No.2321759

File: ebc59ee7e79e939⋯.png (276.87 KB, 1739x600, 1739:600, ws.png)

blood moon seen from everywhere… impossible unless… not gonna say it

3502a5 No.2321760

File: 8f13b7e6afea36c⋯.jpg (82.7 KB, 469x568, 469:568, 8f13b7e6afea36cbf98e686d98….jpg)

File: f259e79154c29fe⋯.jpg (22.36 KB, 275x183, 275:183, f259e79154c29fe6b9ece3ad3a….jpg)

File: 760a560264f01c2⋯.png (392.38 KB, 592x500, 148:125, Dirtbag-strzok-Spy.png)

Sessions ultimately betrayed Trump by recusing himself and leaving the door wide open for Mueller and Rosenstein to play their dirty little tricks.

Sessions just resign already.

e5d37a No.2321762


Sorry it works. looks good

5ba5d0 No.2321763


Agreed, but that doesn't mean the crew are guilty. They are given orders from elsewhere and are not concerned with geopolitical problems. Their job is to defend the nation, they have no idea as to what is or has occurred off of the ship, and they don't evaluate what they are told unless they have absolute proof. Someone above broke trust.

65386e No.2321764

File: a9da3656b7db3af⋯.gif (3.96 MB, 420x391, 420:391, a9da3656b7db3afcff0ab4859c….gif)

f3b15a No.2321765


That's clearly from a punch or a strike delivered by the hand to the eye area, not the brow.

Stiches on the brow requires either a very strong blow or punch (causing a lot of visible swelling and internal bleeding) or a different instrument which seems to me a more likely case.

8a12ca No.2321766


ThanQ for the list

ec93fc No.2321767


Please tell, can’t watch. I hate chick flix, prefer action movies or thrillers.

Any of them romcoms? I might be able to stomach that…

c799bc No.2321768


You wont do it! KEK

5a6fa9 No.2321769


wow even lady gaga

1c7588 No.2321770


I got hit with a golf club on my eyebrow once, it was not fun.

0687fb No.2321771


Is this not him?


1fe87b No.2321772

File: d8c51b940b1b26e⋯.jpg (132.81 KB, 599x399, 599:399, pepe nazi oven.jpg)


Look what happened to the gore faggots.

ed4055 No.2321773

File: bdc619e0bc52916⋯.jpg (217.51 KB, 883x502, 883:502, Commies or Stupid.jpg)

e5d37a No.2321774


Sorry it was blue in my timeline

cda10a No.2321775

File: 8cae9eee24e0b39⋯.jpg (197.86 KB, 1046x959, 1046:959, 5c18a7_5719989.jpg)

File: 8a6632a3b5edd3d⋯.jpg (84.06 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 8a6632a3b5edd3d773ac268976….jpg)

File: cc9ee4f81272a99⋯.jpg (308.66 KB, 650x495, 130:99, TrumpConcaveEarth.jpg)

65386e No.2321776

File: 8fc4a6eddc6f816⋯.png (229.91 KB, 407x523, 407:523, 1532227140512.png)


Did they get the Grabber solution?

cecd49 No.2321777


Anon - truthfully worried that SS pic is about the missing kids now.

b4fad8 No.2321778


Have seen the documentary, believe 100% she's legit. I think she posted awhile back on here directly on one of my nights. Put up a bunch of her drawings, then used "me" pronoun when describing something that should have been "her," as in "raped me." I asked whether it was an error or was poster claiming first-hand knowledge, and poster didn't respond. I knew her stuff had been posted a week or two earlier and didn't want to repeat (we all get sensitive about notables integrity), but I regretted leaving out of notes it muchly after. The "me" meant something, I'm sure of it. -baker

d181cc No.2321779


unless the earth isnt a globe its a …. a….


inb4 ____

452c63 No.2321780




8e85a6 No.2321781


> unless they have absolute proof. Someone above broke trust

If it were up to me everyone on that sub would be out of the Navy. If there was no proof, they could get an honorable discharge, but they would be gone. The rest could hang. The risks are too great for a "second chance."

1c7588 No.2321782


Seth Rogan's gotta be on that list if James Franco is… they do EVERYTHING together it seems.

86d84a No.2321783

File: 22bf9afb819e828⋯.jpg (206.08 KB, 1333x1031, 1333:1031, RomperRoom.jpg)

c57edc No.2321784


4 AM Tang Soo Do practice got rowdy.

cda10a No.2321785



9f95cd No.2321786


Why would Q post that after we knew about the photo and the gate?

fa4dfc No.2321787


Just a note on the pic.


This is also an anti cancer drug out of patent.

Switches on cell mitochondria so cancer cells commit suicide.

e5d37a No.2321788


They were at the same waiting gate for buses that shuttle them to their flights. They could of taken different flights if this is the case.

d181cc No.2321789



oh i know im tryin to redpill the rest, it was genuis of trump to somehow get them to say it on the wrong dayy

df6da7 No.2321790



Im with anon. Raped boy by Biden, arms, throat looking like male.

ed4055 No.2321791

File: 5a52d597d05a532⋯.png (329.5 KB, 1329x927, 443:309, Reaction Reason.png)

cfab56 No.2321792


I believe Ashton Kutcher was mentioned as well( he was married to Demi, who is on the list)

d181cc No.2321793

you gotta see the tube theory that was posted yesterday

3cebd6 No.2321794


This may be true and just remember: They don't call it the Silent Service for nuthin.

9f95cd No.2321795


So is 35X the password code for that photo?

86d84a No.2321796

File: 3a2fe106c3f0b06⋯.jpg (1.84 KB, 125x83, 125:83, 1532227838461s.jpg)


dont forget dudes eating shit out of other dudes asses

1c7588 No.2321797

I thought EXC

was for Execute command or order or operation.

3d4bf5 No.2321798


This is one of the better memes this board has generated

130be7 No.2321799


Good answer!

98d611 No.2321800

File: 34b46128eb02a15⋯.png (492.29 KB, 1200x578, 600:289, cnn-syria-missle-strikes.png)


Couldn't have been a missle goy. Looks nothing like pic related missile strikes on Syria

cfab56 No.2321801


you fogot Deniro too, kek

86d84a No.2321802


thank you very much…

874236 No.2321803

File: 9a4c0c0147f4604⋯.png (85.67 KB, 601x328, 601:328, Q choice to know .png)

What do you think Q means by "The choice to know will ultimately be yours." ?

38eb3b No.2321804

bbd974 No.2321805

File: b721c1fded853a9⋯.png (71.39 KB, 380x376, 95:94, ClipboardImage.png)


are those paint-ball guns?

fde314 No.2321806


Interesting read about a SEC commissioner dissenting on the Bitcoin ETF decision. Suggests SEC is playing gatekeeper on innovation and trying to regulate the underlying asset of the ETF rather than just the ETF which is the extent of their mandate. Furthermore, the decision seems to set a precedent that may backfire because of how other commodity ETFs are structured and their underlying markets are manipulated. It sets a precedent that the SEC is now saying it has approved the underlying asset for those currently in the market and if/when a bitcoin ETF comes to the market, the approval of the ETF would mean essentially that the SEC is approving of Bitcoin.

Sounds like they just fucked themselves in the ass. By blocking one underlying asset, they're now responsible for all of the others! STUPID!!!

359522 No.2321807


directed energy weapon?

e46490 No.2321808


choice to face reality and understand it.

Understand that comms are not always geared towards just autists.

ed4055 No.2321809


They really are that stupid

b4fad8 No.2321810


DiscerningAnon is Discerning


Confirm (pretty good face-recognizer here)>>2321744

452c63 No.2321811

File: e0dcde1c12c19cb⋯.jpg (17.28 KB, 278x181, 278:181, CorsiAskMonica$1pt2M.jpg)

File: d59f838971c5061⋯.jpeg (132.75 KB, 480x360, 4:3, CorsiBS.jpeg)

File: b06a9b0dcb66295⋯.jpg (87.18 KB, 640x960, 2:3, CorsiSellingSoul.jpg)

File: 1d9cdc0d6395f7f⋯.jpg (40.75 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, 3.jpg)

File: f0c65a1f59c59a8⋯.jpg (91.55 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, 2245c3e0342f4ed76a42f47053….jpg)


86d84a No.2321812


how much can a person tolerate what is going to be exposed, Probably not pretty

bbd974 No.2321813

File: 577682c327219be⋯.png (44.61 KB, 580x269, 580:269, ClipboardImage.png)


actually, that name is still on Twitter…pinned.

359522 No.2321814


whatever the truth is (text, pictures, video) will not be publicly screened. instead, we will have to enter a password or code somewhere to willingly acknowledge that what we are about to see is pure evil and to know truth we must choose to look it dead in the eye.

cfab56 No.2321815

File: 0ef329a96e89442⋯.png (142.63 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Popcorn enjoy the show tri….png)

for all the trials and executions, etc,,

anons are going to have to join a popcorn of the month club, KEK

86d84a No.2321816

File: 3bd398859a2ef6d⋯.jpg (69.12 KB, 1243x840, 1243:840, beekernight.jpg)

f8faf6 No.2321817

File: 6e80ef9bdf6974e⋯.png (335.65 KB, 546x547, 546:547, 180728-074124-GMT-twitter-….png)

SRA related


Burnet County boys home raided following allegations of abuse, human trafficking: Officials … pic.twitter.com/HdU47f68e2


877902 No.2321818



We have to disseminate the info about the really bad stuff (baby eating, etc) out into public domain and get it into the consciousness of others. We are all connected.

3cebd6 No.2321819


Do you really want those assigned the task of defending the country against a nuclear attack (through a threat of counter attack) being afraid of following orders? Like was stated above, when you are underway you don't know what or when political winds are blowing or changing.

d6144d No.2321820

File: 8673066fe660977⋯.png (554.78 KB, 620x414, 310:207, ClipboardImage (4).png)

Sara Ruth Ashcraft has been going ham on twatter

For OOTL anons, she claims to be an SRA survivor, and that Tom Hanks paid her father to rape her

Also talks about CSF draining… related to the adrenochrome shit

Hard to imagine/believe at first, but now Michael Flynn is following her on twatter, and well, you can make up your own minds


359522 No.2321821


To be fair, it's always our choice to know.

b4fad8 No.2321822


I DM'd him re: problem.

And DM'd him when we were back up.

Same with email BO/BV.


So hey, am I baking?? Need to know asap!"


65386e No.2321823

File: 40cd28903658968⋯.png (223.05 KB, 484x481, 484:481, awoljeffy007.png)

0ae4ac No.2321824

File: 286178a5b9c00b1⋯.png (933.44 KB, 957x528, 29:16, creepscm.png)

File: 3a04bf58437a909⋯.png (626.07 KB, 1019x557, 1019:557, gonzloid7.png)


Funny how the UK paper, a "tabloid", reports on US scoops more in a week than corrupt US media does in months/a year/if ever.

9f95cd No.2321825


Studies with human subjects were first published in 2010, confirming DCA to be effective for treating glioblastoma (a type of brain cancer)

And it can't be a patent, because its so simple, so the drug companies withhold it.

c9c8fd No.2321826


Ours is not to question why, ours is but to do or die.

6f071e No.2321827

File: 977d27e759e99bc⋯.jpg (445.25 KB, 2814x1616, 1407:808, 579c4d9a79c8119601409b31ce….jpg)


0 delta POTUS and Q

63a1f9 No.2321828



It's a very interesting article, and sets the stage for them to accept the next ETF. Which is the one the market was waiting for anyways, the CBOE ETC listed on the SolidX exchange ( i believe).

I don't know if they will actually approve it, or when it will come if they do, but things seem to be playing out properly.

No one was expecting Winklevii ETF to be approved though.

bbd974 No.2321829

File: 46922b6aac901ae⋯.jpg (35.33 KB, 491x356, 491:356, whoopinotamused.jpg)

38f77f No.2321830

File: 4b6466f573cd8f5⋯.png (797.63 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f55b5ff0494c588⋯.png (765.84 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)



Does everyone remember back in January

How we dug and learned that the CIA

Operates its own Ohio Class nuclear missile subs?

The Secret Navy behind the Ballistic Missile Attack on Hawaii


That URL has a lot of the dig and sources for the permission to buy and operate them

278f68 No.2321831

File: 4cbe00a0531b083⋯.jpg (302.95 KB, 1200x1800, 2:3, rocket.jpg)

2f4b36 No.2321832




Produced by Heavy Load


Being raised in peace

With freedom as a right

Taught to believe that good

Was stronger than evil

There was no need for arms

'Cause freedom was supreme

Having one law for all

Living in equilibrium

I am stronger than evil

I'm gonna change my world

They came down at night

With fire in their eyes

Killing and taking it all

Their gold and their lives

Night was light with fire

And dawn was dark with smoke

From the ashes I rose

Condemning them all

I am stronger than evil

I'm gonna change my world

In my fathers blood

At last I understood

That life is not for free

For freedom you must fight

I will claim my right

With arms in my hand

I'm gonna fight the world

In my power

I am stronger than evil

I'm gonna change my world

130be7 No.2321833

File: 676973f9025d055⋯.png (93.12 KB, 219x207, 73:69, whoop.png)


Whoopi's first gig; GUYANA.

65386e No.2321834

File: b944601aa9ef382⋯.png (487.88 KB, 750x500, 3:2, Jeffycakes2.png)

e5d37a No.2321835


An Explainer of 35X, the Terrible Airport Gate Where Donald Trump Jr. and Robert Mueller Were Both Spotted

Everyone who's ever been there knows it's the worst airport gate ever.


It’s hard to think of anything more awkward than Robert Mueller and Donald Trump Jr. waiting for flights at the same gate in Reagan National Airport, as Politico captured in a wondrous photo this morning. But the real kicker for anyone who’s ever flown out of DCA is that the almost-encounter occurred at Gate 35X.

For those not in the know, Gate 35X in Terminal C is widely considered one of the worst airport gates ever, anywhere, of all time. We hear the Gates of Hell are quite lovely in comparison. You see, 35X isn’t a proper gate but an inhumane cattle-herding pen with an escalator that takes you to a bus terminal that takes you to your remotely parked airplane. Even DCA itself calls 35X “infamously congested” with 6,000 passengers making their way through each day. It’s basically one gate serving as an entire concourse. And if you were going to have an awkward run-in, of course it would be there.

The good news is that airport officials are building a new 14-gate concourse that will replace 35X’s horrid bussing system. The bad news: it’s not slated to open until 2021. In the meantime, take a look at just how much people hate 35X:

https:/ /www.washingtonian.com/2018/07/27/an-explainer-of-35x-the-terrible-airport-gate-where-donald-trump-jr-and-robert-mueller-were-both-spotted/

cfab56 No.2321836


One more thing i thought of. With 40,000 plus indictments. There will be atleast a dozen trials a day on tv,,, how will we be able to watch all of them, kek ( maybe assign a couple of anons to each trial, and have them make a summary video ( best clips), of all the good parts, and highlights, LOL)

63a1f9 No.2321837



Also that isnt the only other one they will have to consider this year, so expect more rejections with more dissents and public outcry until they finally let one through (if they do).



My main concern is on bitcoin vs bitcoin cash. I think that bitcoin core is a dead end road

but idk what that means for markets like this.

5045cd No.2321839

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Want a good laugh anons?

1fe87b No.2321840


You may be able to see what you see, but most cannot. Cognitive dissonance.

c799bc No.2321841

I dont know the plan, and I am not concerned. I in fact trust the plan……Its just taking too fucking long. Everyday more kids killed and raped. We catch some….but thats not good enough. I dont care how hard it is. WORK HARDER. I dont care how much power they have, if you have it all, then you wield the power.

The only reason why someone wouldnt move on it now, is if they were gaining something from them being out. Why arent they moving in on them publicly.

1) The public isnt "ready" which is absolutely retarded. It has never been up to you what we are ready for. This is part of the major problem

(Government knows what is best for you, even though they don't)

2) They want the news headlines to simply smear opposition for political purposes and they will never be charged with crimes. Even though its all true.

3) I am completely wrong (wouldnt be the first time) And some Master chess move is being played. Which is out of my paygrade as a retard. And the goal is to frustrate the opposition which in turn frustrates the base. Because we want JUSTICE. Which no one can blame us for.

fef676 No.2321842

why did the board freeze?

86d84a No.2321843

File: 714e968792164d8⋯.jpg (936.65 KB, 1185x1333, 1185:1333, Q Proofs.jpg)

1c35b0 No.2321844

File: 4eda289cc2834d8⋯.jpg (509.59 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, Corsi2.jpg)


Amazed to see how degraded that image is getting…. A lot of saves… much wow…..

The artifacting is real. Here is the 1st generation…

3d4bf5 No.2321845


Drank a slurpee too fast

c15507 No.2321846


Gotta be a whoops….right?

359522 No.2321847


Maybe it was Q and team purposeful freezing/injecting something into the board.

Haven't noticed any gore-fags lately. Could just be the time of night though.

452c63 No.2321848

File: 6cc2d605408920b⋯.png (1.28 MB, 2988x2068, 747:517, 6cc2d605408920b5145676f287….png)

File: 8b1536817b14445⋯.png (67.3 KB, 1901x636, 1901:636, 8b1536817b144452062f924021….png)

File: b758968b0309822⋯.jpg (159.84 KB, 1080x1066, 540:533, GunControlTruth.jpg)

betrayed again

just like the 100-0 vote on the jew paid for anti-semitic awareness act.

and the jews all want our guns but who commits the crimes?

jews, blacks and hispanics

109d71 No.2321849

File: 47391bd4224eee6⋯.png (30.44 KB, 450x154, 225:77, Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at ….png)

File: 99a00ec608e7224⋯.png (29.69 KB, 455x150, 91:30, Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at ….png)

Think we are looking for only one password.

d181cc No.2321850


its not just a matter of choosing i dont htink

you have to make a choice to research and dig and find stuff, there wont just be a let me see it link to click i think for some of the stuff you're gonna have to dl insurance files, do the steg yourself, things like that

38f77f No.2321851


It means that if you tell anybody about the human sacrifice, the blood drinking, maybe even the cannibalism, then you will be shunned by the community. And Trump will not come to your rescue. POTUS is not going to go beyond calling them evil, using euphemisms like sexual abuse, and calling them crooks, embezzlers, traitors and liars.

If you understood how to red pill, this is not a problem, because you ALLOW people to learn what they want, at their own speed. You do NOT shove your lurid details down their throat.


f3b15a No.2321852


That should not be possible. Why would the US Navy just give up one of their Ohio submarines to the CIA, a civilian agency.

3502a5 No.2321853

File: 6dc265607d33421⋯.png (452.39 KB, 572x500, 143:125, jhhkljghakjlkjg.png)

File: 9c9f0d3bc1b4862⋯.png (516.68 KB, 750x500, 3:2, scumbag-lying-strzok.png)

File: fe66868fb92c34d⋯.png (356.38 KB, 669x499, 669:499, hjhld;hlkhk'h'h.png)

File: 763ad98a63cac6d⋯.png (222.52 KB, 448x330, 224:165, Fuck-Sessions.png)

The entire Russia collusion nonsense was put in motion because of Jeff Sessions ignorance of the law or he sold out to the deep state.

Jeff Sessions betrayed Trump and allowed Mueller and Rosenstein to make every attempt to impeach Trump.

Sessions just resign already.

fef676 No.2321854

re the missile

is Q saying the DS tried to shook down AF1?

98d611 No.2321855

File: 3242c12783912a9⋯.jpg (114.86 KB, 900x644, 225:161, heli.jpg)


Cool helicopter picture you have there, much like pic related

14d6f6 No.2321856

File: 94a7335124c2553⋯.jpg (20.73 KB, 400x300, 4:3, al-gore-tipper-kiss_400.jpg)



Too much gore

1fe87b No.2321857


Corsi is doing a good job, I listen to his broadcast often on yt.

d181cc No.2321858


exactly… unless somehow all msm gets captain midnighted

86d84a No.2321859


sleeping it off,

870172 No.2321860


Tell me more and I'll fix it. Any error in the JS console?

452c63 No.2321861


you fucking glow

79b5fd No.2321862

How about this…Cochlear Implant coupled with the processor to allow the patient to "hear" but also has a wireless trans/rec. If I had the technical knowhow, would I be able to effectively retrieve data and use it somehow? Not a tech anon…wondering the possibilities and hoping to open some eyes to the posts I put above that only got a response comparing the information on the Dr.s murder and the court transcrpts…..

d181cc No.2321863


thats neat but not same as what you replied to

1fe87b No.2321864


Pretty good twatter if you can avoid being banned I cant.

fef676 No.2321865


Key = passwords

Stone = Masons

Pics with masonry symbols hold the messages?

452c63 No.2321866


you fucking glow

38f77f No.2321867


Red pilling is all about presenting people with the choice to unveil things for themselves, and then allowing them to go as deep as they are ready to go.

Socratic method

Ask questions

Think of Lieutenant Columbo playing the fool.

Can you play the fool? The confused person who doesn't understand and just cannot figure it out on their own? Who is helpless?

109d71 No.2321868

File: e366e52f5cbdfe6⋯.png (38.04 KB, 451x212, 451:212, Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at ….png)


Oh, and map provides the key.

98d611 No.2321869


No shit retard

87c1f2 No.2321870

File: c92548372e597c8⋯.jpg (747.75 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, IMG_645.jpg)