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ee8e8a  No.2298942


are not endorsements'''



>>2296345 To Quell the BO is MIA crap, a message from a Board Volunteer

>>2251030, >>2261001 EXPLANATION of bread-archiving situation. Fix habbening.

>>2174695 ; >>2174831 FULL VIDEO: President Trump and President Putin Helsinki Summit Press Conference

>>2258234 Bakers, please put "^^^ Next Baker ^^^" below 1st shift notes, & NB >bundle


>>2298591 House speaker puts Rosenstein impeachment maneuver in deep freeze

>>2298319 Anon Green Typed Decode of Latest Q Post

>>2298262, >>2298667 PlaneFag Updates

>>2298237 Building the information distribution system of the future is our highest national security priority RIGHT NOW.

>>2298222 POTUS ducks reporters….because we are in THE STORM!!! (opinion by Anon)

>>2298927 #2896


>>2297902 Anon's Decode of Recent Q Post (these really helped me when I was new and trying to figure things out)

>>2297851 New Digs on Credibility of Sarah Ruth Ashcraft, Ritual Abuse Whistleblower & Tom Hanks Accuser

>>2297750 Federal Grand Jury Convened for Indicting Cohen THE RAT; Feds Pursuing Bank Fraud From HIS Personal Accounts

>>2297577 Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) CEO resigns

>>2297573 Endeavor Agency in Phoenix? (Possible Dig Needed)

>>2297628 This Former British Spy Exposed the Russian Hackers

>>2297622 NZ High Commissioner to Samoa Resigns

>>2298233 #2895


>>2296933 Ryan should be a quick take down. Ties to the CF through the American Ireland Fund

>>2296894 "BIG" - Q Graphic

>>2296870 Mueller Examining Trump Tweets in 'Wide-Ranging Obstruction Inquiry (AKA Stalling for time)

>>2296832 PSA to Anons - Know what You are Agreeing to When Clicking (Oath Family)

>>2296637 Facebook Failed to Remove Sexualized Images of Children

>>2296596 Jim Jordan Running For Speaker of the House!! Woot, Woot!!

>>2297304 #2894

#2893 New Baker Incoming

>>2296512 PlaneFag Collection

>>2296432, >>2296444 "SEC May Want To Take A Look": Facebook Insiders Dumped $4.1 Billion In Stock Since Scandal

>>2296103 Kaitlan Collins, CNN, suspended yesterday: Dig

>>2296044, >>2296108 Sessions Tweet with added Sauce Operation Double Trouble: Dozens (of illegal immigrants) charged with document, benefit fraud

>>2295967 Crowdstrike President Shawn Henry & Fancy Bear

>>2295839 Anon summary of Spygate + related events to date

>>2296419, >>2295793 , >>2295881, >>2296043, >>2296320 Wakaya Club & Spa and 'Hells Gate'

>>2295873 , >>2295934 Sir James Woods takes a lash to twitter

>>2295818 Side-by-Side: 'The Europeans blinked' and Fox news

>>2295815 'Full weight of the House v. ARM': ARM theory

>>2295811 Connecting posts from 111 days ago

>>2296531 #2893


>>2296103 Kaitlan Collins, CNN, suspended yesterday: Dig

>>2295967 Crowdstrike President Shawn Henry & Fancy Bear

>>2295793 , >>2295881, 2296043 Wakaya Club & Spa and 'Hells Gate'

>>2295873 , >>2295934 Sir James Woods takes a lash to twitter

>>2295818 Side-by-Side: 'The Europeans blinked' and Fox news

>>2295815 'Full weight of the House v. ARM': ARM theory

>>2295811 Connecting posts from 111 days ago

>>2297253 #2892


>>2295499 POTUS ducks media, cites 'bad weather' as he leaves for Iowa

>>2295485 Planefags: Wakaya Island airport code is KAY

>>2295454 , >>2295470 Nasdaq and S&P fall as FB leads tech plunge

>>2295355 700 migrants attack Spanish town, some with flamethrowers

>>2295259 , >>2295309, >>2295343 Other Wakaya island owner, Barrick gold & Fiji water

>>2295241 , >>2295230 Link to the NXIVM court docs. Is the QStringer about these?

>>2295188 POTUS tweet: 'Twitter "SHADOW BANNING" prominent Republicans'

>>2295288 , >>2295319, >>2295364, >>2295677 Possible Wakaya tunnels, anomalies and 'watch the water'

>>2295082 , >>2295114, >>2295132, >>2295135, >>2295146, >>2295157 , Wakaya Island Dig cont.

>>2295001 , >>2295084, >>2295018, >>2295047, >>2295060, >>2295088 , Wakaya Island (NXIVM) Dig

>>2295017 'The Europeans Blinked': Fox News IG page, a Q Confirmation?

>>2295675 #2891

Previously Collected Notables

>>2294969 #2890

>>2292431 #2888, >>2293286 #2889, >>2294148 #2889 (different Batch, do not delete, notable numbering FUBAR)

>>2290032 #2885, >>2290842 #2886, >>2291670 #2887

>>2289113 #2882, >>2289087 #2883, >>2289251 #2884

>>2285311 #2879, >>xxxxxxx #2880, >>2289102 #2881

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ee8e8a  No.2298982



Baker Requesting Handoff

edc957  No.2298983


Shep smith is a traitor faggot mancunt

2c04de  No.2298984

>>2298903 (lb)

>>2298909 (lb)

>>2298926 (lb)

Try all the trip codes that Q and Assange have posted as the PixelKnot passowrds

2976c6  No.2298985

File: 6b5022df97523b7⋯.jpg (117.49 KB, 979x714, 979:714, baker23.JPG)


Right on time @751

64ece1  No.2298987

File: e6cda16878d5df4⋯.jpg (96.6 KB, 720x720, 1:1, photox_2203037.jpg)

File: 703b3f6d2466a85⋯.png (305.04 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20180726-140740.png)

File: 24b3c2ad04b80a4⋯.png (735.27 KB, 720x1144, 90:143, Screenshot_20180726-140231….png)

File: e3e2e4ab1fc34c1⋯.png (480.68 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20180726-140555.png)

File: 740add644705dd3⋯.png (201.68 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20180726-140626.png)


Mobile app.

Save this pic of Strzok to your phone.

Go to your downloads, click on the pic of Strzok and choose open with Pixel Knot.

Password is 'strzok'.

cd3b58  No.2298988


5f744b  No.2298989

possible passwords

trump tweets missing letters and/or numbers

01dbfa  No.2298990


Dear Mr. Brennan,

I understand that you are a political opponent of the current President of the United States. I understand that you are an American citizen, and you have the right to freedom of speech. I encourage you to utilize that right. I encourage you to speak your mind. I encourage you, as I do all Americans, to be heard.

I implore you, however to cease and desist from continuing to attempt to portray yourself in the public media as some sort of impartial critic concerned only with the fate of the republic. I beg you to stop attempting to portray yourself as some sort of wise, all-knowing intelligence professional with deep knowledge of national security issues and no political inclinations whatsoever.

None of this is true.

You were never a spy. You were never a case officer. You never ran operations or recruited sources or worked the streets abroad. You have no idea whatsoever of the true nature of the business of human intelligence. You have never been in harm’s way. You have never heard a shot fired in anger.


cc5edb  No.2298991

Has anyone tried "STAND THE FUCK DOWN" for the password for the SS pic?


d5cc79  No.2298992


HOW THE FUCK does he still have a job

be82e0  No.2298993

NOTABLE – see end for hypothetical to Q:

Q and Anons - I know we're missing something BIG with Awan Family / MB / BHO. If Occam's Razor holds true, the biggest idea I can imagine is a direct blood link between Imran family and BHO. This would give a family link inside the Blackberry Network to ensure:

1) the inbound opium traffic flows smoothly (Afghanistan->Pakistan->NATO TurkeyAFB->Belgium->WashDC) for sustained OxyContin supply to RustBelt & VetAffairs.

2) the outbound U.S. intel & counterintel flows smoothly (via DNC & Congressional Servers, Intel Committee briefings, SCIFs, FISA queries, etc..) to Pakistan and perhaps sold to other countries.

3) the control is maintained for any whistleblowers or general opposition (MS-13 contracts).

Using this family link assumption as a premise, consider the following coincidences and note that further digs are needed on family trees & name connections.

*** 1980/1981 is the timeframe that Imran was born and that BHO visited with new best friends’ families (Pakistani Karachi elite).

*** Imran has a daughter named “Ali Hasan” (see BHO friend “Ali Hasan Chandoo”)

*** Imran has a second wife named “Sumaira Shezadi SIDDIQUE” (see BHO friend “Sohale Siddiqi”)

*** Imran has a first wife who is also a cousin named “Hina Rashid Alvi”. Only notable in that it’s common to marry within family.

*** 1994 is when Imran “won” the visa lottery ticket. Noteable link to WJC/HRC.

*** 1997 is when Imran & family moved to USA.

*** 1998/1999 is when Imran attends Johns Hopkins University (one of the most prestigious & expensive in the country). Noteable M.O. with BHO & Ivy League.

*** 2007 is when Imran’s biological mother died in a car crash. Noteable due to timing with BHO campaign announcement for POTUS.

*!* Pakistani locals interviewed have stated that Imran would be accompanied by a Security Detail, and that Imran claimed to work in the White House with the power to change the president. Notable, but Security is understandable is you are the main middle man passing through stolen intel. The claim that he worked IN the White House is intriguing and the White House visitor logs (that BHO attempted to hide) show many AWAN visits at key times in 2015/2016.

To protect Q, I will pose two hypothetical to him/her:

#1) Q, would it be surprising to you if someone were to tell you that the AWAN family of Shahid Imran is directly related to the 44th POTUS?

#2) Q, would it be surprising to you if someone were to tell you that the AWAN family of Shahid Imran had direct familial relations with close confidants of the 44th POTUS?

a4bfa3  No.2298994

File: 98cfaab415c0b18⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1024x777, 1024:777, a858864e4739ad12c18a2a695c….png)

95a34d  No.2298995

Michelle Obama Penis Video


126bdb  No.2298996

File: cb0e6874bf1c1c3⋯.jpeg (359.47 KB, 1242x1059, 414:353, CB9630A5-0C0B-4806-A7E4-8….jpeg)

File: e977a6c54f560bd⋯.jpeg (783.05 KB, 1242x1840, 27:40, A79FC341-684B-457B-87C7-E….jpeg)




27 symbols

+ = and = 19

+++ = 57 (Current)

++ = 38 = Past

+ = 19 = 38 + 19

= Now

db71e2  No.2298997

>>2298853 (last)

Oh… shes using the fucking app??

Anyone have this app that can try it and type stand the fuck down and see how it looks?

cc054d  No.2298998

imagine how they must feel getting up in the morning thinking:

How do i bring Trump down?

How EVIL these people are..it's like thinking: how do i destroy the world?

this is so wrong! they want destroy THE WORLD.

37d5ce  No.2298999

>>2298899 (lb)

This. Many anons make the mistake of thinking everything is directed at us.

The entire Trump/Sessions kabuki for example. The movie is written for those not yet awake.

ee8e8a  No.2299000


Luck Anon - No Baker ever hits that on purpose,Kek

edc957  No.2299001


MBaker here I can bake for a few hrs

If Bo/BV allow of course

7cd862  No.2299002

TRY Jbppa

another example of comped BO/BVs on half too

caefb9  No.2299003


If you like porn, post it all around your display monitor, why do you have to put it here where other anons would prefer not to see it? The shills laugh every fucking time.

cc5edb  No.2299005


download this



b7bdf9  No.2299006

Damn I didn't know you could attach hidden messages to photos.


070327  No.2299007


64ece1  No.2299008



b25f99  No.2299009

>>2298335 Paid shills & sliders had better stand the F down. Q has been telling you all along that you are stupid, but you are too stupid to realize that you are stupid. Your attempts to distract or upset anons only have the self defeating effect of creating iron resolve to find you. "We're gonna raaaaaain on you, Warriors."

As to the rest of us, the quoted scripture is real and true and the best possible advice one could follow. Most are ruled by the belly & the groin…..that is the test…..those who overcome are those who will "gain the victory over the beast." The minority.

bcd8f2  No.2299010

Isaac Kappy (an actor) just dropped a periscope naming names of pedogate actors. Seth Green was his best friend.

https:// www.periscope.tv/w/1BdGYoVNlLoxX

9f23fd  No.2299011



f3c602  No.2299012

>>2298896 (lb)

>>2298508 (lb)



wow, if true than it is hiding comms in plain sight

86139b  No.2299013

File: 1946786863c9e19⋯.png (97.55 KB, 216x246, 36:41, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)

>>2298404 (lb)



Got it. Finally. Had to log into Apple and update all kinds of shit. But Got it. Now What?

7cd862  No.2299014


same shill from last bread

d5cc79  No.2299015


What were some other names?

3e2851  No.2299016





Some mention death…try em..

dust of death (do it with no spaces obviously)

dawn to dusk


37d5ce  No.2299017


They know the world will never forgive them for what they have done. The only way for them to find peace is to kill us all and start over.

fd6adb  No.2299018

File: 26c0472e7640c7a⋯.png (448.47 KB, 632x359, 632:359, session.png)

9d9853  No.2299019


doesn't work

274e95  No.2299020


You mean Michael Obama…. that's old news.

becce6  No.2299021

File: c7fc9f0f6ace938⋯.jpg (29.41 KB, 852x480, 71:40, 1.jpg)







b1fe23  No.2299022

>> 2208508


just get MSM to use a phrase or word enough times in there fake news

ce0c4d  No.2299023

Is anyone on the Q team filled with the Holy Spirit, and or in touch with anyone with the gift of prophecy? Are there any events in the scriptures that you feel are about to be fulfilled?

3ea535  No.2299024

File: 7955cae86a09f01⋯.jpg (740.27 KB, 548x1076, 137:269, kek is king.jpg)

8c6630  No.2299025

>>2298508 lb


site down just now



both great ideas imo … how to best make happen?

a5c6b1  No.2299027

Who Can Find The Solution/Answer That Frees Mankind?

056ba0  No.2299028


>Try all the trip codes that Q and Assange have posted as the PixelKnot passowrds

No. no logical.

Why on earth would those be used by satanists as passwords?

9ae397  No.2299029


What if ,=e=, bot has been dropping gold all this time?

90024a  No.2299030

Who's got the original image SS posted

67b47e  No.2299031


first uppercase letters from CAP words in Silverman post



358ea8  No.2299032


also look for previous posts from that ID

c59276  No.2299033

potential passwords

OP filename

OP filename Cesar cypher

Q stringers

db71e2  No.2299034

is there a way to identify if a pic has a message?

01dbfa  No.2299035

File: 13181b2e5ba94a4⋯.png (9.29 KB, 764x101, 764:101, irancommentary_wordpress_c….png)

Recently, Iranian media reported the resignation of Central Bank Director General Mahmoud Ahmadi, a close friend of recently sacked Central Bank chief Valiollah Seif. Ahmadi had to this day resigned six times, only to be returned to his post time and again by Seif.

In a private gathering, a Central Bank exports office director, going by the name of “Samad K,” shed light on untold stories of why Iranian officials involved in the country’s economic and financial affairs suddenly resign.

Sources cite Mr. “Samad K.” referring to Ruhollah Rahmani, the Iranian-American official who in August 2016 was appointed as “Director-General of the Office of Innovation Affairs and Investment Support” in the Ministry of Communication. This assignment was based on orders from the “Deputy of Technology and Innovation,” sources say.


b66b70  No.2299036


Pixelknot gives me a "Can't be reached' message.

Excellent Autism!

For the slowfags, Pixelknot allows user to send coded messages hidden in pictures

b06ec5  No.2299037

File: c2a6b60e96b78ac⋯.png (2.35 MB, 926x886, 463:443, 1532314687669.png)



Half says this is the original - any way to check?

7284eb  No.2299038

File: 503c6346c2e1dc5⋯.png (572.63 KB, 834x903, 278:301, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 20ca9d6392d5f51⋯.png (262.16 KB, 847x628, 847:628, ClipboardImage.png)


UK, Germany, Israel, Jordan, US (Mid East), Canada, (France Australia not named yet in this OP)

Germany to Offer Asylum to Controversial ‘White Helmet’ Group, Outraged MPs Ask Why Not Julian Assange or Tommy Robinson?

Germany’s decision to take in members of the controversial group the White Helmets has sparked outrage among lawmakers, some of whom are now demanding to know why the government isn’t offering to take in Julian Assange or Tommy Robinson instead.


8d4d65  No.2299039

File: 1796e4afa22ace8⋯.png (35.41 KB, 593x337, 593:337, london$1.2B embassy.PNG)

This is how Hussein transferred money to UK.

Proves he was under (((their))) control.


And What is significance of 'peanuts'?

a4bfa3  No.2299040


Or STFD, Sarah, Silverman, Sarah Silverman, SARAH, SILVERMAN, SARAH SILVERMAN, password, p@ssword, PASSWORD

8070b6  No.2299041

Huber reports to the PADAG Ed O'Callaghan- the bearded guy that stands behind RR all the time? Thats why Q asked it several weeks ago- Who is Ed O 'Callaghan? And he reports to Brian Benczkowski who was just confirmed right before the Russia Summit.


8c6630  No.2299042


check that, it's back up. must have a temp overload on the server. kek

be1787  No.2299043

File: 395ae76468c04b4⋯.jpg (39.48 KB, 537x475, 537:475, Q weather radar 58203.JPG)


check it out…..on winnipeg radar in June


c97c73  No.2299044

Not concern fagging, but why are we being thrown in a different direction with July almost over and no big booms.

New Q posts are odd.

f2fd4b  No.2299045

>>2298335 (pb)

What this means is…They HAVE IT ALL. This will FREAK Them into a Serious PANIC

530a03  No.2299046

File: a9bab03cdc6d18a⋯.png (306.35 KB, 692x360, 173:90, ClipboardImage.png)


Hmmm interest use of "clear" instead of "plain" sight.

From post 1009… Tarmac Meeting Anyone?


56347f  No.2299047


No iOS or PC?

f3c602  No.2299048


Exactly. There are no coincidences and we are dealing with desperate agencies.

01dbfa  No.2299049

File: 5d59cbb15e968bb⋯.mp4 (4.54 MB, 720x406, 360:203, Nunes- House Intel probing….mp4)

Nunes: House Intel probing whether informants gathered data on Trump, Russia prior to authorized probe


7cd862  No.2299050


doesn't work

37d5ce  No.2299051



How many times have I jerked off to secret Cabal/MI messages?

10204d  No.2299052

File: c1c565acd4390cb⋯.png (249.1 KB, 992x881, 992:881, sarahsilverman.png)


1st time on 8chan from 4chan was this :

c59276  No.2299053


obvious slide is obvious

358ea8  No.2299054


KEK! I was thinking the same thing!

95a34d  No.2299055

File: 009ae57e7814202⋯.jpg (265.84 KB, 640x471, 640:471, IMG_2933.JPG)

b6bbfa  No.2299056

File: a10d45788293f93⋯.jpg (136.63 KB, 750x466, 375:233, judgement.jpg)


No time frame, but this feels appropriate. KEK!

f395d7  No.2299057

Has Sarah S ever responded to this photo/statement of her?

318606  No.2299058

File: 91129c8ca23f2ae⋯.png (6.63 MB, 1125x2001, 375:667, D76B0A22-5FB5-4ED9-9212-B5….png)

db71e2  No.2299059


I'm talking about a visual confirmation of how that app looks when it decodes a message

93c460  No.2299060

File: a556ad12935d64f⋯.png (205.72 KB, 500x416, 125:104, BombGag.png)

File: a039d4bc4a6c12f⋯.jpg (55.02 KB, 529x359, 529:359, a039d4bc4a6c12f3468b529adc….jpg)

File: c2862062900f84e⋯.png (242.65 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, DarkToLight.png)

File: c9ad74be407a196⋯.jpg (62.08 KB, 640x539, 640:539, ed7f9ce51d9222dd3c057fa956….jpg)

Damn. Shills, ConcernFags and DevisiveFags are out in force right now. For those of you asking "what plan are we following", if you truly don't know, you should not post a single word. Lurk moar. Or kys–whichever is easier for you.

4bf006  No.2299061

File: 024e93db3ba6596⋯.png (333.66 KB, 1264x708, 316:177, Capture.PNG)

Anons, how am I tracking here?

8023ff  No.2299062

>>2298232 lb



Never interrupt the enemy while they are making a mistake.

let them be confident we are bots.

let them continue to embarrass themselves with the public who know the truth.

let them fall into the dustbin of history.

75a99f  No.2299063

I can only make a new message I can't decode one of pixelknot

9b7df5  No.2299064

Wow. Just wow.

Q flips the script again.

This imageknot drop… Wow…

God Bless you Patriots!!

03d6a3  No.2299065

File: 13bc677c8628f32⋯.jpg (99.51 KB, 1024x578, 512:289, sarahsiverman.JPG)


da010f  No.2299066


Check out Mark Taylor's Trump prophecy.

ee8e8a  No.2299067


I could use a Break MB…

Usually when Q is posting Bakers are falling over each other trying to Bake.

My "regular" shift is fast approaching and I am still here covering the dayshift, Kek

Confirming handoff?


Here to monitor? Please

0c5156  No.2299068

File: 4c7e61ab86089c0⋯.jpg (83.59 KB, 671x827, 671:827, hannity.JPG)


7284eb  No.2299069

You want to explain this Q? Optics are bad!

National Disgrace=>AWOL AG Jeff Sessions DEFENDS Dirty Cop Rod Rosenstein After Impeachment Move


*Ugh* Paul Ryan Defends Rod Rosenstein – House Will Not Vote on Rosenstein Impeachment Today


7e2a87  No.2299070

>>2297539 (lb)

Well Italian Patriot, Italy and the rest of the member countries are the ones who voted to form the EU. So now we are forced to deal with the EU on trade deals. If you want direct deals with the USA you have to leave the EU like the UK (hopefully) has done.But Italy HAS taken the first step in doing that by electing a nationalist president. The best thing you can do in Italy is support him and his nationalist movement. Good luck Patriot

9200de  No.2299071


ones with or without a picture?

a84ef9  No.2299072


I think Q has a thing for degenerate pedowood jewesses

cc5edb  No.2299073


64ece1  No.2299074


Android app

056ba0  No.2299075

File: 3014aaa9daa3f6e⋯.jpeg (60.43 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 1F01E99B-C651-4022-86B4-7….jpeg)

Incoming attempts to derail and lead anons on wild goose chases. A sudden spike in downloads of Pixelknot, GGL is bond to take note. Don't listen to the banshees singing. Stay the course.

c37659  No.2299076


has anyone tried:


on the picture yet?

5ff61d  No.2299077

File: 4dee489d17b0b71⋯.png (433.53 KB, 1021x1010, 1021:1010, Untitled.png)

File: a701f5801bb41cb⋯.png (584.3 KB, 1021x1010, 1021:1010, MUELLER IS DEEP STATE IS E….png)

c56d07  No.2299079


I thought of this too, and didn't Q say no filtering or something to that effect.

a4b68b  No.2299080


Yes, anon said lb nothing

7f7e10  No.2299081

How do you hide a message in clear sight?

You put the message right out in the open for all eyes to see.

10204d  No.2299082

7cd862  No.2299083







a4bfa3  No.2299084


Need moar confirmations, could have been a shill derailing us

6efe90  No.2299085



d60e2f  No.2299086

(Bread #2896)


8 v SS, pot calls kettle. Yeah, it was just shills posting all that nasty shit. And then there's the nekkid women, petty ad hominems, and using all those pictures of total strangers to make fun of them, that will surely advance awareness.

3e2851  No.2299087



Some mention death…


bcd8f2  No.2299088


Hanks, Obama, Oprah, Schneider, spielberg, Kimmel, Colbert,

I mean, the dude went OFF. Said the Gunn thing flipped a switch.

He's begging them to SUE HIM so they can go to discovery

cc5edb  No.2299089


try "REAL"

b66b70  No.2299090


Baker Notable

Tried passwords, all failed.

9f23fd  No.2299091


It can likely be emulated on PC.

64ece1  No.2299092

File: c4f44ef36b01989⋯.png (365.73 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20180726-142234.png)

File: 703b3f6d2466a85⋯.png (305.04 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20180726-140740.png)

566860  No.2299093

and this is an IMAGE board -.-

7284eb  No.2299094

File: 4ae92631536ad81⋯.png (980.04 KB, 827x776, 827:776, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1354354dbfd4888⋯.png (160.75 KB, 823x502, 823:502, ClipboardImage.png)


White Helmets are terrorists, can choose surrender or death - Assad


a9cb84  No.2299095

File: 6bb62589a0a237b⋯.png (21.72 KB, 255x251, 255:251, 3bd0ca3f2053a61652f6454498….png)

Q i learnt Russian per the post

will i be using it shortly ?

9ae397  No.2299096


Take the dashes out of Q code

10204d  No.2299097

File: 50a25ca629a0555⋯.png (35.02 KB, 472x62, 236:31, Screenshot_2018-07-26 (3) ….png)


try yandex pic related

a4bfa3  No.2299098


Try the name of the woman in the picture in all forms (with and without capital letters)

863f44  No.2299099


Maybe we should dig into photos from MSM articles. CNN BUZZFEED HUFFPOST just a thought

751a1a  No.2299100

>>You have a front row seat.

>>Enjoy the show.


No Offense, but if the show has started, it looks a lot like all the other shows I've seen over the years…Was hoping for a new story/show…one were the guilty (in DC) go to jail…Not on TV

2c04de  No.2299101


Maybe the codes were intercepted by Q and Assange and they put them out there for all of us.

Don't be afraid to look at things from different angles…

OR are you one of THEM trying to lead us off the scent

Back to the panic room you go

cc5edb  No.2299102

File: fd51eec5062ff1d⋯.png (313.7 KB, 945x721, 135:103, ClipboardImage.png)


try these highlights

010f4f  No.2299103



95a34d  No.2299104

File: 466c71afa5b2aea⋯.jpg (45.26 KB, 600x450, 4:3, sarah_silverman_smile_back….jpg)

a28ec4  No.2299105


I can't get page to open

47b90e  No.2299106


Try nxivm

9b7df5  No.2299107


Yet another reason why I have never recommended using the filter mechanism. To be honest I never expected this.

But it's the whole reason why I have discouraged the filter. I despise blinders.

9d9853  No.2299108

come on Q. we need a little more on the pic than what you've given us. we've been working our asses off.

2df4b6  No.2299109

File: 74f89ed51417905⋯.png (347.44 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, orig.png)

File: 2eda53717b0cec2⋯.png (7.01 KB, 696x99, 232:33, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 57298b87e9a7dc6⋯.png (564.81 KB, 866x619, 866:619, orig article.png)

File: 517f3b2703a17c9⋯.png (324.58 KB, 971x458, 971:458, ClipboardImage.png)

pic1 Q article ← that is Marine One in photo (think Q proofs Marine One forthcoming

pic2 photo search string for anons to see

pic3 Original article

note - photos in both articles flag points one direction

pic4 -search results ← flag points in other direction ←entire photo is reversed

ive done this now in both GOOG and DDG


why mirror?

b66b70  No.2299110







45ef74  No.2299111

File: 563531b9fb28d3d⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1125x2001, 375:667, B37CD970-D28C-4BF8-AE7F-C1….png)

File: ec8f33c29735041⋯.png (1.59 MB, 1125x2001, 375:667, B0FC15E2-CA52-4451-9FEB-4C….png)

Q was this guy legit

070327  No.2299112


I like it Anon. Expect fuck all to come of it…muh patience and all

19fe8c  No.2299113

File: 001e579949490ec⋯.jpeg (37.69 KB, 480x593, 480:593, DjAMYqrWwAYuZIY.jpg-large.jpeg)

0c5156  No.2299114


What about the Flynn Jr. Pic of Wienstien and Clinton from his tweet with the weird text?

edc957  No.2299115



Il take the bake for you .

Enjoy your break .

b06ec5  No.2299116



try: "just leave the pedos alone you nazis"

2cd188  No.2299117


Have you tried Q's trip code? Maybe the message was for Q.

90024a  No.2299118


Can someone post original image so I can grab it

Also, I found a nickname for her: Big S

010f4f  No.2299119


or put the actual code on that youtube video

d5cc79  No.2299120


I mean .. im down till the end .. but honestly.. this show sucks lol

64ece1  No.2299121

What was Q's last released tripcode password?

edc957  No.2299122



d767ee  No.2299123

File: 28358d4af3b1a24⋯.png (507.3 KB, 723x1154, 723:1154, DeadWomanWalking.png)

c59276  No.2299124

try p@ssw0rd


37d5ce  No.2299125

File: 2e4dcf9617f6008⋯.png (36.12 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 4a6f6039247309f3c559f05753….png)

7cd862  No.2299126



didn't work


FFS theres like 100


9d9853  No.2299127


You are shittin g up the board.

4ace17  No.2299128

I think we have been overlooking a potentially even bigger area of depravity and child exploitation directly in the heart of weirdo ville (Bay Area). Notice how many SV douche bags came out of the woodwork to defend the pedo shit? Wonder why, an example:


731001  No.2299129



This poster has a history of good bakes.

4bc8cb  No.2299131



voter fraud report WHEN!

90024a  No.2299132


I'd start with a rockyou dictionary attack first…

67b47e  No.2299133


wait a second fags

What if…

Q is indirectly telling us that we should be looking at HIS posted pics with this app??

'you have more than you know'

'you have it all'

just tossing pasta at the wall

cc054d  No.2299134

File: 15ec21184491b6d⋯.mp4 (14.32 MB, 1280x716, 320:179, coats threat.mp4)


direct comms?

9b7df5  No.2299135


I don't have a device capable of loading the app :(

58dd8b  No.2299136

Sounds like the SS photo was shopped for plausible deniability

b5f17f  No.2299137




cc054d  No.2299138


yandex is just a russian filehost

4bc8cb  No.2299139

Q Please tell us when the voter fraud report is coming out?

a4b68b  No.2299140


It needs to be programmed, too many combinations to do manually

fe8bec  No.2299141

File: b6d0aef7850d7d9⋯.png (919.34 KB, 1024x754, 512:377, look.png)


Digits confirm.

cc5edb  No.2299142


did you try "*REAL*" or "REAL"

f395d7  No.2299143


The password will probably be something like FUCKTRUMP

df4954  No.2299144

File: d8aea413c0149ea⋯.png (15.14 KB, 169x214, 169:214, screenshotAtUploadCC_15326….png)

On the website it is OPEN SOURCE.

Project on github.

If the software they are using to 'hide' their messages is opensource, then the good guys have already altered the software and nothing has been hidden.

I think that is the message from Q today.

We have it all

9b7df5  No.2299145


Yes. I'm pissed my phone is too potatoey to do this stuff.

c59276  No.2299146


i think this too

there was a stegfag a few breads ago , i'm sure he's onto it

091b28  No.2299147

>>2298769 last

What Anon said.

>>2298686 last

We used to call that Kill The Man With The Ball.


The English games all have different rules and rules make the game. Ive played most of the games on both sides of the pond. >>2298878

Im not a fan of excuses. Only actions make things happen, excuses or accomplishments, take your pick .>>2298938

The world will know in July. THAT SIMPLY HAS NOT HAPPENED TO DATE PERIOD 5 DAYS LEFT. >>2298946

An impeachment proceeding didnt start. So winning!>>2298970

Jocks are no dumber than the rest of the populace, possibly smarter in general about winning/losing/rules etc.>>2298981

b5f17f  No.2299148


Shit, no dash!

5f744b  No.2299149


pa55word etc

8c6630  No.2299150

a few anons were trying some steganography experiment on some Q pics back when the Apple pics were released but got bullied into silence.

maybe at least now, they'll be able to practice in peace.

010f4f  No.2299151

come on ,what about the youtube video it leads you too. use it, FEDWANTSWAR

89e914  No.2299152


dont just talk about it, be about it.

MAGA app in the google play store now.

com.app.totherepublic in the google play search bar gets you there

iphone soon after- help build the user base and own social media

9d9853  No.2299153

Ok, I don't think Q is trying to get us to decoe the message. HE's letting us know that these people hide messages in pictures EASILY

274e95  No.2299154


why do you think the house intel chief is now talking about eliminating all electronic voting machines?


92c922  No.2299155

Try the dates for the password, since that's what was wrong in the image. The 21st was Saturday not Sunday like it says in the image, so that could've been a clue

777a38  No.2299156

File: 3b4946f2d6d8261⋯.gif (3.2 MB, 720x404, 180:101, 3b4946f2d6d8261cd3779f9127….gif)

POTUS should get yuge reception

in granite city…steel!!!

4ff68b  No.2299157


This was something Anons thought of about 2000 breads ago. Couldn't come up with shit

b5ad25  No.2299158

File: b530b4d2b70f4f8⋯.jpg (44.3 KB, 680x477, 680:477, FB_IMG_1531388568498.jpg)



Why P intervention now?

Sheen shift- event?

That's why guidance=now?

358ea8  No.2299159


all pics dropped by Q need to gone thru. this should keep us busy for a while!

b06ec5  No.2299160

File: 30d4d9e08d1121b⋯.png (108.56 KB, 1719x258, 573:86, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)

maybe something brennan said?

884cb5  No.2299161


She should get a matching pair, those are fucked.

1b36ef  No.2299162


This guy

3e2851  No.2299163

That also means Q's pics have hidden comms. Who has the talent to crack that?

cc5edb  No.2299164

File: 7647fc29bc599a2⋯.png (78.34 KB, 1342x984, 671:492, YOUTUBENOFIND1.png)

File: dcc0f5eb1b2235a⋯.png (79.35 KB, 982x282, 491:141, YOUTUBENOFIND2.png)


Fake and Gay

07bc12  No.2299165



'PROJECTION' once again.


318606  No.2299166

Password is GiantBoobs

bee160  No.2299167


try "wwg1wga"

525f0e  No.2299168


Have you tried the file name of

- the original picture

- the various formats of Q's posted picture (h) (u) and default

fe8bec  No.2299169


>We have it all

3278dd  No.2299170

File: 681dd74eb9e1a68⋯.png (137.73 KB, 517x590, 517:590, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)

Another forgotten (((pedo))) Neil Diamond

a4b68b  No.2299171


Nope just exhausted options, nothing was meaningful.

ab77c0  No.2299172

More phone harassment.

ee8e8a  No.2299173

File: b2a2b214cfe601d⋯.jpg (8.95 KB, 255x174, 85:58, HandoffConfirmed.jpg)





All yours MB


I will be lurking in and out - if my phone starts going off because of Q posts,I will come back and help if needed.

Thanks for the break

Thank You BV

9d9853  No.2299174


type it into a google search you faggot

c59276  No.2299175

>>2298508 (Q)

guess we know one of the real reasons Q came to /pol/ now

3ea535  No.2299176



Mirth is King

c37659  No.2299177

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

f2f809  No.2299178



How about this for the password?


873b90  No.2299179


I have wondered if the Q team is doing much facepalming back in HQ.

771ba9  No.2299180

File: db441a12fb2bb29⋯.jpg (88.3 KB, 415x311, 415:311, jesuspaiditall.jpg)

a49f90  No.2299181

File: 2e11ecb88404077⋯.png (192.55 KB, 716x429, 716:429, 2bdfd8ba26bb899e666de9a440….png)

So Gen Flynn is now following Ashcraft…..

805f2d  No.2299182

>>2298335 (prev. bread)

Well, if this is true, there are a whole lot of us(me included) who are going to be burning in hell. No matter what we think.

64ece1  No.2299183

File: 39829151a220e70⋯.png (93.85 KB, 720x693, 80:77, 5f1c6880ea79c416a37637515a….png)

PSWD: 4517

8070b6  No.2299184

File: a6fc9ead6422252⋯.png (133.12 KB, 559x310, 559:310, ocallaghan.PNG)


My point is, Huber "works" with the IG, can communicate with the AG and RR, but he doesn't REPORT to RR.

cc5edb  No.2299185


It was done AFTER Q's post faggot

373a06  No.2299186

File: aa69958f7259821⋯.png (3.61 MB, 945x1334, 945:1334, Clinton Foundation and Ten….png)

File: 34240490a825b7a⋯.png (2.69 MB, 816x1152, 17:24, Clinton Foundation and Ten….png)

File: a843c47e935960d⋯.png (2.69 MB, 816x1152, 17:24, Clinton Foundation and Ten….png)

File: 89e1b8f6625f129⋯.png (2.69 MB, 816x1152, 17:24, Clinton Foundation and Ten….png)

Re: >>2296933 [#2894]

"Ryan should be a quick take down. Ties to the CF through the American Ireland Fund."

Clinton Foundation and Teneo document (November, 2011) lists American Ireland Fund in addition to many others. Gold in them thar hills!


c56d07  No.2299187


You are right- no more filtering. Ignore. I'm lazy so I only do it about half the time anyway.

056ba0  No.2299188

File: a282c766b765a9e⋯.png (171.07 KB, 820x393, 820:393, ClipboardImage.png)



>No filters.

is the exact quote. As in NO CENSORSHIP. As in information can flow freely here. (Free information). Context matters.

No filters was not an instruction from Q. "Filters" wasn't about the 8 filter feature being used or not. Expand your thinking.

964863  No.2299189

I am gone 2 hrs and I feel like I have missed the world turn.. feck!

7cd862  No.2299190

a5b21d  No.2299191

Goldman Sachs

Goreporn proxies

Metatron clue

925807  No.2299192

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

President Trump Delivers Remarks on Trade

0d2bc0  No.2299193

You'd be amazed how much is shared on /pol/.

Data exchange.

86139b  No.2299194

File: a67b55b8f3fecd7⋯.png (33.45 KB, 912x216, 38:9, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)

File: d08d5b0ba39d6a4⋯.png (97.77 KB, 838x268, 419:134, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)


It won't open no matter what app I try with. Just makes an extra copy.

8d8247  No.2299195

File: 14e769eeff31a2f⋯.png (601.58 KB, 655x631, 655:631, General Neller 7-26-18 12 ….PNG)

File: 0d9036075143273⋯.png (970.55 KB, 1087x656, 1087:656, General Neller 7-26-18 12 ….PNG)

d5cc79  No.2299196




7284eb  No.2299197

File: 6440a2bbb279004⋯.png (1.2 MB, 748x791, 748:791, ClipboardImage.png)

Military Situation In Syria On July 26, 2018 (Map Update)


4ace17  No.2299198

The libtards are upset about their OWN tactics being used against them are they? How quick they forget how many "white men" were destroyed due to their antics:


I wonder how many young white men live on the west coast and are unable to get employment due to the left making it a crime to hire them. I would be willing to bet the list is massive because they made "white men" a bad thing.

cc5edb  No.2299200


video is fake and gay

777a38  No.2299201

File: e5f42393dc31fd9⋯.jpg (47.45 KB, 788x460, 197:115, 1d2061fdd2c39ff39672d10d11….jpg)

f2f809  No.2299203


I wonder if the password is somehow hidden in the text.

ab77c0  No.2299204


The central algorithm filters.

884cb5  No.2299205


Could mean anything. Shit, I follow soros.

a4bfa3  No.2299206


Q told the face is never the author

Maybe the face is the password

Try Sarah, Silverman, Sarah Silverman, SARAH, SILVERMAN, SARAH SILVERMAN

or face, FACE, the face, THE FACE, theface,

4c7cc9  No.2299207


Thought the same thing!

Remember his workstation with the little "be cool" lights on the mic?

4bf006  No.2299208


The term 'Twitter phone' is the key. I think Q team has had one all along.

60d4ef  No.2299209


Aren't most Q pics apple and this app is android?

7cd862  No.2299210


yes, in the post you replied to said it didn't work


didn't work

373a06  No.2299211

File: b9360d476b0a2f6⋯.png (2.69 MB, 816x1152, 17:24, Clinton Foundation and Ten….png)

File: ab729707e79f706⋯.png (2.69 MB, 816x1152, 17:24, Clinton Foundation and Ten….png)

File: ca1223ea15cc593⋯.png (2.69 MB, 816x1152, 17:24, Clinton Foundation and Ten….png)

File: 05fd3476d93694b⋯.png (2.69 MB, 816x1152, 17:24, Clinton Foundation and Ten….png)


Re: >>2296933 [#2894]

"Ryan should be a quick take down. Ties to the CF through the American Ireland Fund."

Clinton Foundation and Teneo document (November, 2011) lists American Ireland Fund in addition to many others. Gold in them thar hills!


9d9853  No.2299212



599535  No.2299213

Just seen the Pixelknot post.

Would be pretty epic trolling if Q has dropped that just to have the shills scanning /pol caching random pics searching for hidden messages, takes the heat off the other boards and the incessant shilling of threads, look here, look there, it's behind you etc.

There will be a random origami sub hiding the messages lol

f51aa8  No.2299214

>>2298335 (prev bread)


2c04de  No.2299215


Pedos can't hide photo messages on 8ch… on 4ch, yes

That's why Q had to switch over here

8d4d65  No.2299216


wwg1wga?? tried this?????

be1787  No.2299217

File: 395ae76468c04b4⋯.jpg (39.48 KB, 537x475, 537:475, Q weather radar 58203.JPG)

File: 5cfe5b6a5d4c7a6⋯.jpg (12.27 KB, 395x79, 5:1, Capture.JPG)




Grand Forks AFB

Global Hawk (long range reconaissance drone) base

Zip code 58203


ec4773  No.2299218

File: 817eb6630523d7d⋯.png (505.57 KB, 1024x403, 1024:403, nodmnd.png)

File: d18fa3b211833f7⋯.png (635.07 KB, 938x567, 134:81, cwthg.png)

File: 0cc5d7120ec2b95⋯.png (668.51 KB, 987x527, 987:527, cansor.png)



>HOW THE FUCK does he still have a job

a5b21d  No.2299219

File: bcd6816d6c66c60⋯.jpg (161.28 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, IMG_2264.JPG)

File: df66bd84320c372⋯.jpg (428.7 KB, 1344x742, 96:53, IMG_2449.JPG)

File: e193115e23cdd8c⋯.jpg (50.43 KB, 450x450, 1:1, IMG_2450.JPG)

Have some superlative sphincter symbols

For your crack head

2544b9  No.2299220


>>>2298686 last

>We used to call that Kill The Man With The Ball.

I was a military brat living all over the US (and Europe) and it always called it Smear The Queer everywhere we lived.

3278dd  No.2299221

File: f1422f094e5418b⋯.png (30.16 KB, 492x127, 492:127, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)

68680a  No.2299222


how do we know this is a 'safe' app for our devices, comms, & personal info???

751a1a  No.2299223


the plot changes are sooooooo slow you almost don't notice that anything has changed

126bdb  No.2299224

File: 100bddc75975024⋯.jpeg (1.55 MB, 2528x3160, 4:5, F8BB354A-51E9-4315-9620-2….jpeg)

File: 8de57561097097d⋯.jpeg (351.45 KB, 1242x1883, 1242:1883, C1695348-0A95-4006-9240-B….jpeg)


+ = ampersand = and

A = 1, B = 2, C = 3 etc.

and = 19

+++ = and x 3 = 57

57 = JFK JR’s current age

++ = and x 2 = 38

On July 16, 1999 JFK JR was 38

+ = 19

19 = 7/16/99 to 7/16/18, 19 years

Coincidence that JFK JR’s plane N529JK is in the air on 7/17/18?

My Flightradar24 app only goes back 7 days so it could be significant to find out earlier flight.


“There are no coincidences.” - Q

84ef33  No.2299225

File: 3b0a6f2fd40f507⋯.png (61.33 KB, 1185x903, 395:301, ClipboardImage.png)

MOAR censorship

(pic related)

9b7df5  No.2299226


>This was something Anons thought of about 2000 breads ago.

Witnessed. Can confirm.

8bc7b4  No.2299227


Hidden in plane sight. Place the message in gory and or disgusting photos. Put a lot of these photos on 8chan so that people close their eyes and speed through, even missing posts before and after. Anyone with a steel heart can look thru them with ease and get the secret message.

edc957  No.2299228


I got it , thanks BV and ThanQ baker .

56347f  No.2299230

2cd188  No.2299231

Try this as the password:

Q !CbboFOtcZs

47b90e  No.2299232

File: de7416256b14d14⋯.png (407.28 KB, 622x340, 311:170, rg32.PNG)

I'm looking through the source code trying to see if one could modify it slightly so that you can run a dictionary against a picture.

a95a1b  No.2299233

So was the BIG drop that Facebook missed its earnings? That can't be it, right?

f3c602  No.2299234





e20397  No.2299235


Eh, I'd hit it.

Hatefuck, of course.

010f4f  No.2299236


try this


from this youtube


c56d07  No.2299237


We are at a war.

Guess we can't shy away from gore.

7cd862  No.2299238


>>2299206 (tried a bunch)

didn't work

4cfc17  No.2299239


okra has been twisted fuck from day 1, but goes around pontificating

19fe8c  No.2299240


He's the Asshole we needed, whether or not we deserved Him.

Better than all the cucks before him.

18fa35  No.2299241

File: 39dd8d1c209c7ab⋯.png (483.12 KB, 750x563, 750:563, 5a0cb0723dbef4db018b643e-7….png)

watch the water

Fiji islands? Wakaya?

964863  No.2299242


Oh.. so she is R.. that bitch!

becce6  No.2299243

File: a7511d0e5ceb0a6⋯.png (56.74 KB, 1287x636, 429:212, a7511d0e5ceb0a6af924a5e7ee….png)



can you explain this?

b06ec5  No.2299244


there's this vid. from Isaac Kappy, mentioned on half:


90024a  No.2299245

File: fc6138766cc9c07⋯.jpg (64.84 KB, 900x900, 1:1, angry_pepe.jpg)


9b7df5  No.2299246


>"Filters" wasn't about the 8 filter feature being used or not. Expand your thinking.

Exactly this.

3e2851  No.2299247



last string should be tried on all recent photos from Q

4ff68b  No.2299248


I bet. Kek

But I'd rather go through all the stupid scenarios and potentially unlucking something big, than giving up and finding nothing

8d8247  No.2299249


The DoD retweeted General Neller

7284eb  No.2299250

Eyewitnesses report explosion outside US embassy in Beijing

Witnesses say there has been a large explosion at the US embassy building in Beijing, China, with videos and pictures posted to social media showing a large cloud of smoke and what appear to be police vehicles surrounding the area.

Beijing police said the blast was caused by a small homemade explosive device, detonated by a 26-year-old man who hurt only himself.

It comes amid a number of conflicting reports, and after Chinese state media described the incident as "an attempt at self-immolation" and that a woman was in police custody.

A witness told Reuters a Chinese police car appeared to have been damaged in the incident.


c3059d  No.2299251

you know how all the U.S. military twitters have been sharing photos lately with various hashtags, I wonder if they have messages in them?

cc5edb  No.2299252

File: 5a7f006bc6398e6⋯.jpg (68.91 KB, 794x762, 397:381, ss1.jpg)

7cd862  No.2299253


didn't work

056ba0  No.2299254

File: 1fb700da4ab0b3e⋯.png (351.96 KB, 900x916, 225:229, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a5b958c715e755e⋯.png (175.9 KB, 880x398, 440:199, ClipboardImage.png)


If you like your paranoia, you can keep your paranoia. To yourself.

Try them, and get back to us on how that works out for you. No, really, go ahead. I could be wrong. Let's see if I am.


>The central algorithm filters.

Precisely anon.

5e7372  No.2299255


The password is “Muh Dick”

64ece1  No.2299256

File: 8aba03a45485394⋯.png (608.24 KB, 720x1034, 360:517, Screenshot_20180726-143158….png)

4c9cf6  No.2299257


let's not forget to mirror any attempts

a5b21d  No.2299258

Rage pr0n

Is from the insecure


8c6630  No.2299259


if it's comms back & forth with the cabal, can't be too challenging or they won't be able to figure it out.

that Q string from yesterday w/ or w/o a simple cipher maybe?


e150d7  No.2299260


DO YOU KNOW Daniel?\



you will NOT find personal info on Daniel…

Noah? well that's easy..



easy idiot..

i'll be STRAIGHT






3e2851  No.2299261



or mirror and stringers now are for pics at the beginning and old stringers are for pics now…. that would make more sense

edc957  No.2299262


How the FUCK do you know what Q meant ?

fe8bec  No.2299263


Why not GO to halfchan yourself and grab the picrelated?!

FFS, don't be a goddamned lazyfaggot!

cad9ac  No.2299264

>>2298843 (LB)

This app uses F5 Steg if somebody want's to try it out.


8d8247  No.2299265


I mean Marines. My bad sorry

572796  No.2299266

File: ccc966e107bfd6d⋯.png (10.48 KB, 248x362, 124:181, QPage.2.PNG)

File: c6342b6069cc864⋯.png (422.65 KB, 737x745, 737:745, QPage.PNG)



google searched image name under books

6ae91f  No.2299267

File: 5653db29d2cafd4⋯.png (24.31 KB, 562x258, 281:129, ~pwd.PNG)

Maybe this?

95a34d  No.2299268

File: 7aa5f3d2d409a44⋯.jpg (18.09 KB, 640x360, 16:9, cbsn-fusion-pentagon-unvei….jpg)


cc5edb  No.2299269

Ive never wanted an android phone more than now haha

4c9cf6  No.2299270


oh… the old super tiny password trick again.

ac01a6  No.2299271

File: 384e5c1c857b00f⋯.png (237.89 KB, 511x642, 511:642, Screenshot_2018-07-26 An O….png)


Q, please let the hammer fall on CPS/FamilyCourt soon.

8d4d65  No.2299272





1b36ef  No.2299273

Any of you autists dig into the bible for keys?

010f4f  No.2299274

from sea to shining sea maybe??

any of you looking to other pics from Q?

c5637a  No.2299275

File: 6eb1e15d6317918⋯.jpg (176.13 KB, 1209x1238, 1209:1238, DjDW3abXcAEBGaH.jpg)

Pedo push plan.

Seems legit.

863f44  No.2299276


stand the fuck down

s t f d

shut the front door


873b90  No.2299277


8chan is the worst place on the internet to do this. Except for all the others.

0743f2  No.2299278

File: 4ea3f5c03e52fc8⋯.png (29.98 KB, 420x660, 7:11, ClipboardImage.png)

Seems unnecessarily complex to your average working Joe who don't even have time to reflect on Q drops. So these supposedly complex drama moves aren't for their understanding. They aren't for the benefit of white hats behind the scenes because a simpler, more straightforward would also yield the desired end result. They won't flush out black hats because their crimes are know to them and white hats. The media will always lie and twist anything, so they won't report honestly about Trump's labyrinth to incriminate the cabal. What is all this for?

The majority of Americans know their crimes, but for some reason we have to go through Sessions knows this, but he says that, and RR is on a team, but who's, and Mueller is a Marine and met with Trump, and so on to eternity until people are so gaslighted that they no longer know right from wrong actions committed by those in our govt. What should be clearly wrong on its face is merely a ploy to out someone else. It's simple! But also unnecessarily complex, unless Q has an agenda other than draining the swamp.

867ab7  No.2299279


Password = keystone?

Something from early Q - one of the movie names? Godfather, Alice, Red October, etc?

a4fbac  No.2299280

Anybody try Colossians 3:5? That was the start to these posts. Think first mission impossible movie

e74045  No.2299281


Think mirror???

b66b70  No.2299282



==Failed Password==

64ece1  No.2299283


23b736  No.2299284

File: 88559cf5591b2b4⋯.jpg (8.47 KB, 224x280, 4:5, Templeton_Peck.jpg)


The face is never the author

f3c602  No.2299285


I was thinking more like this anon:


Yet there are double meaning in q posts so who knows

8d4d65  No.2299286



let that sink in

627361  No.2299287


What better place to hide something than somewhere nobody wants to look.

I'm still filtering gore.

You guys can have fun with all the busy work. I will enjoy the result.

6b2127  No.2299288

I really hope all these corrupt scumbags enjoy their summer recess…… They really look worried ( Sarc)…… Trust the Plan …can’t arrest them on vacation that wouldn’t be nice

c59276  No.2299289


do you have two thumbs and a brain?

if you want it sooo bad , go and get it

d6f6ac  No.2299290

>>2298388 Q lb. Re Silverman muh date is wrong..

Look at a field of wheat with a tree in it.

Scream photoshop, therefore there is no credibility to the post is as if you screamed there is a tree in the field therefore the field of wheat is a hoax.

056ba0  No.2299291


>The choice has always been yours.

Individual choice. 100% up to us what we choose to see or not see here. Q telling us to filter would be in opposition to that freedom of choice. See gore, filter gore, the choice has always been yours.

a5b21d  No.2299292

The old way

Whoomp the pedo

And don't talk about


IS it crack head rage from the cia demons

1b36ef  No.2299293

Colossians 3:5 run that up the flagpole

a225b9  No.2299294

I'm not trying to distract from the board but Ivanka mentioned #WorkforceDevelopment so I'm wondering WHEN will we be able to find jobs that are more than just entry level WITH training on hand or schooling to do just that and know you'll get a job with your training. I have no skills for work other than creative artsy bullshit but I want something technical or helping veterans/less fortunate people.


Have you tried using the numbers in the date for the password?

d5cc79  No.2299295


They will call me a concernedfaggotshill…

… but who spends a year in a chan k hole and doesnt at least want to see SOME tangible results… im tired of carring the flag out here in the real world and getting called a Nazi for it…

If Q is here to HELP us .. then give us some shit we can use in the real world to PROVE to these sheep…

otherwise.. USING LOGIC… i fear we may be the sheep…

concernfaggottrollshillclown out

777a38  No.2299296


password..is "R"

5c886e  No.2299297



What's the password of the picture?

64ece1  No.2299298

Q just gave us a lot of homework!

We got a lot of pics to try!

7284eb  No.2299299

File: 202dfd8b72facd6⋯.png (379.91 KB, 606x429, 202:143, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b41327a174d930b⋯.png (450.87 KB, 654x908, 327:454, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 752b2f6907e82cd⋯.png (480.33 KB, 680x904, 85:113, ClipboardImage.png)

Former federal prosecutor now admits the “conspiracy theories” about FBI corruption and the FISA process are ALL TRUE

One of the Left’s go-to tactics when it is trying to discredit conservatives — especially pro-Trump conservatives — is to call them “conspiracy theorists.”

So it took something big, like the “Spygate” scandal and the intentional tanking of the Hillary Clinton classified email investigation, to finally convince many Americans that the “crazies” on the Right weren’t so crazy after all.

One of them is Andrew McCarthy, a former federal prosecutor who specialized in national security cases during his time with the government.

McCarthy has been fairly critical of many aspects of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into alleged “collusion” between the 2016 Trump campaign and Mother Russia. That said, he’s mostly been a defender of the system — the same federal judicial system in which he was a participant for a number of years. Like retiring Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., also a former federal prosecutor, it was difficult for McCarthy to actually believe that the Justice Department he once served under as well as the FBI could ever become so politicized they would allow themselves to be utilized as pawns against a presidential candidate.

One of the processes that McCarthy believed in was the manner in which the FBI and Justice Department obtained FISA court warrants to spy on one-time Trump campaign advisor Carter Page.

Earlier this year after majority Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee released a memo stating that the FBI and DoJ likely mislead the FISA court in obtaining those warrants — a memo that was eventually confirmed by Sens. Charles Grassley and Lindsey Graham of the Senate Judiciary Committee — McCarthy began to have his doubts. (Related: McCarthy: Mueller’s probe has gone far outside Justice Dept. standards.)


68680a  No.2299300


can someone shop this onto her phone???….

and say "Q broke me"

67c590  No.2299301

Password will have something to do with the inaccurate date

82ba6f  No.2299303


I also spend suspicious amounts of time in the bathroom… reading Q posts or listening to War Drummer. I love those drums!!

cc5edb  No.2299304

Maybe Q put something in the picture of the screen shot he posted…

edc957  No.2299305


He's spent the entire show speculating if Trump can get in trouble almost as if it is a fantasy of his. FUCK YOU SHEP

e54fbf  No.2299306

I've got no time to dig right now, but reminder, Q "accidentally" disclosed his password a while back.

b06ec5  No.2299307

File: f5fb44456b0cfa6⋯.png (165.02 KB, 1429x732, 1429:732, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)

File: 5a7f006bc6398e6⋯.jpg (68.91 KB, 794x762, 397:381, 1532313946688-1.jpg)

2e7181  No.2299308

anons are gonna get it done, in the meantime, I have been sitting on this theory quite long enough…..the chans were chosen to use process of elimination to seek perpetrators of JA assassination/kidnapping because deadman's switch was triggered and JA's team was actively sought. Of course, good guys knew this based on JA's team communicating with them and handing over what was necessary to bring about the true patriot movement here on the chans which they used to maintain the illusion that the contents of the server were not leaked "yet"….of course the server was never here in the chans, but the bad guys didn't know that. Any and all resources of the bad guys was placed right here on the chans to be found out and traced to points of origin.

I wonder if my presumption of a bot being a human was correct…..the bot holds the code….

Amazing how syncronicity works beyond capabilities…..the frustration I have endured not being able to say anything all these months and not being able to check for myself if my theories were correct without knowing who to trust to ask outright is alleviated. I do believe with the previous information dropped, it is safe now to say they have the server and used it to catch the remainder of DS operatives by seting up a trap via server access routs, which they changed after receiving the server themselves. I figured it to be military related as for who they trusted. The message HAD to be delivered so as to both, catch those left who needed to be caught AND to try to alleviate the fallout from the server being made public, which it will via deadman's switch…no stopping the public from finding out….it was set up that way and WILL see the light of day in a manner which will enlighten the whole world to it's contents…..forgive an anon…it is quite exciting to finally be able to breathe a bit. All of this is speculation, mind you. But seeing as even without the technical knowhow I was able to conclude in November a possibility which is all but proven to be true, I have faith in myself that my own abilities to see shit where there is nothing to see are more often then not showing more truth than when something to see is actually shown. Cheers anons…I have a feeling this board is going to literally save the fucking world from eating itself alive.

b6bbfa  No.2299309



Isn't the author's name BV/Jbppa?

010f4f  No.2299310


edc957  No.2299311


E-BUTT !!!

869bc8  No.2299312

File: 6625727a4e7fa2f⋯.jpeg (46.65 KB, 400x439, 400:439, 393E6C0F-41A7-4A10-92A8-8….jpeg)

056ba0  No.2299313


Reading comprehension.

f51aa8  No.2299314


Colossians 3:5

Put to death, therefore, whatever belongs to your earthly nature: sexual immorality, impurity, lust, evil desires and greed, which is idolatry.

a225b9  No.2299315


Scholarships would help too. Being a single parent with a lot of baggage financially is stressful.

d5cc79  No.2299316


… meanwhile these dumb fucks are all trying to hack some android photo editing app lolol .. fuck meeeeeeee

93c460  No.2299317

Those of you playing the Steganography game with PixelKnot, ImageKnot–whatever–take it to an isolated steganography thread and when/if you hit paydirt, bring it back here.

You're shitting up the bread with all you guessing.

Anyone agree?

4c8a8e  No.2299318


Smart anon is smart.

a5b21d  No.2299319


Mile marker 11 us85

03d6a3  No.2299320


Perhaps Trump is engaging Germany to a direct voice in what "she" does s a country. Germany is a focal point in this fabricated "refugee crisis" and have some more direct presence there is better over all than one in those EU member states who are also caught up in this charade. I am truly sorry he hasn't or can't at this juncture deal more broadly with other EU states without it being over blown by the MSM and those globalist maggots who stand to profit the most from this pathetic invasion of third world "immigrants"

318606  No.2299321

File: c510e6acc84362c⋯.png (6.87 MB, 1125x2001, 375:667, C368AF52-87D4-4490-B950-14….png)

9b2322  No.2299322

Keystone unlocks map

c337e4  No.2299323


couple hundred bucks - hire an online coder - prolly smart dude from India - he'll crank out the app in a couple days that will cycle through a lisy of images and a given list of passwords, and or integrate open source password guessing code as well.

a49f90  No.2299324

Dunno…..he is pretty selective


b66b70  No.2299325


Chill, you got /QResearch on it.

070327  No.2299326


I tried. Everyone is content too think I’m a shill just because I’m reminding everyone Q made a bold prediction with ZERO indication it was only an ETA. If we don’t call Q out on this shit, we are exactly the same as the sheeple normies.


fe8bec  No.2299327

8d4d65  No.2299329




df514e  No.2299330

File: 8b1c9403d0653a0⋯.png (588.2 KB, 886x684, 443:342, KEK!.png)

9d9853  No.2299331


yes, it's ridiculous. none of these passwords are going to work and i think q isn't so stupid to send us all on a scavenger hunt for a password. i think he is simply telling us that they put codes in their pictures.

4c74d9  No.2299332

Jeesh.. they're probably all passing messages on Instagram

9423c0  No.2299333

>>2298788 lb

>>2298508 lb (Q)


5f744b  No.2299334


ding ding ding

a462c4  No.2299335

Email from GAB lol

subject: President Trump Acknowledges Twitter's Shadowbanning, Here Is How It Works


This morning President Trump acknowledged what we have all known for a long time: Twitter is shadowbanning users and targeting one side of the political spectrum. Gab broke this story earlier this week and explained how Twitter's "QFD" shadowban works. We also caught the attention of Congressman Matt Gaetz when we helped expose that his account was being hidden from Twitter search results.

Learn what Twitter's Quality Filter Shadowban is:

See Twitter's Shadowban in action on the President's Tweets:

Please join us on Gab and break free from the chains of Silicon Valley censorship.

Click here to login to your account →

Thanks and remember to speak freely!

video links



f24671  No.2299336

File: 2ee9991e741d0e7⋯.gif (2.82 MB, 480x366, 80:61, drowning homer.gif)


I would imagine they feel a bit like this anon

a5b21d  No.2299337


Lord of the flies

Had a map

f2f809  No.2299338


try 'author'

4c74d9  No.2299339


Try Feckless Cunt…

8d4d65  No.2299340



provides access

6b2127  No.2299341

At the end of July we will know ….If Q is full of shit

091b28  No.2299342

File: 376ab9b8911a0c0⋯.jpg (63.57 KB, 715x468, 55:36, mandy i dotnthink qresearc….jpg)


Rulesfaggots bite.

9b7df5  No.2299343



To go a little further:

Q has said the choice (to know) will be ours (people can choose to filter content they don't like; they WILL miss important shit by doing this)

Q has said no filters (the site software itself does not filter content- individuals do, by choice)

My statement stands. The filter is just something to coddle weak minds.

c37659  No.2299344


Got better things to do anon?

Go do them.

041991  No.2299345

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Are you that reporter who asked the russian bots for comment? LOL

358ea8  No.2299346


did someone download the latest Q post with the shopped Silverman photo and try SSHGQQ as the PW.

I have it downloaded and still stuck at 10% fetching you message.

c59276  No.2299347


thinking same

c56d07  No.2299348


Those awake see.

Those asleep blind.

a4bfa3  No.2299349

File: 8c6ffc5f274cdce⋯.png (66.78 KB, 637x159, 637:159, gematria-code.png)


Try this number sequence, shutthefuckdown in cabal used gematria system


b66b70  No.2299350


Has anyone tried, The Key or Keystone?

a4b68b  No.2299351

We need a 200 lb hacker sitting in a basement or smth

7cd862  No.2299352





















Variations of Sarah Silverman




9d9853  No.2299353


im about to, my nigga. just here until i can't be here any more. you guys are my 'anon' fam

8d4d65  No.2299354

what is a legend

126bdb  No.2299355

File: 19de65f795bff57⋯.jpeg (359.75 KB, 1242x1578, 207:263, 0D32272F-725D-4111-B6BD-0….jpeg)










Yan777 happens to a photographer of JFK JR’s plane.

The message you see with your eyes in not the hidden message.

d5cc79  No.2299356




3b496a  No.2299357

So when does anyone suggest trying a bruteforce application to get the password?

64ece1  No.2299358


884cb5  No.2299359


Eh, he follows 19.2k people. Bound to be plenty of shit bags in there he keeps an eye on.

ec4773  No.2299360


Don't give Mockingbird Faux the ratings, anon(s). On One America News, they were actually reporting on the Seagrams Heiress and even had shots of Allison Mack, the sickening-looking branding scar … on their screen, reporting on it all!

4e6ab1  No.2299361



e74045  No.2299362


MAP is the key?

a8a869  No.2299363



3e2851  No.2299364

File: 57d68dd7d103b82⋯.jpg (126.54 KB, 1242x810, 23:15, LeftEye.jpg)


Someone try "mirror" on this photo

7cd862  No.2299365

056ba0  No.2299366


There's the opportunity to use one's confirmation bias too. IT helps plausible deniability, so, I don't fuss over it. I do have a problem with the lack of reading comprehension when the context makes it plain. Occam's razor.

Everything Q posts isn't a riddle to solve, that's what our MSM opposition claims to keep people off of the trail.. I can't fall for it when plain launguage is there for all to see. Especially when other crumbs provide enough context for comprehension.

c0ba63  No.2299367



He's posted so many seemingly useless photos.

I've always said there's a message embed but good luck on decodes.

Same with movies.

b06ec5  No.2299368

File: cf06b892cb75720⋯.png (663.06 KB, 908x803, 908:803, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)

Don't know if this is anything more than going after the working man :(


010f4f  No.2299369

try 1981030

261b89  No.2299370


NowComesthePainin -23?

8d4d65  No.2299371


1b36ef  No.2299372



7cd862  No.2299373


and btw, spaces are irrelevant, they don't show up as a character in the password

8d8247  No.2299374

File: 6502cbc041373a4⋯.png (1.09 MB, 639x821, 639:821, Nigel 7-26-18.PNG)

318606  No.2299375


1b36ef  No.2299376

follow the pen?

3e2851  No.2299377



Bullshit. The Team is getting all the products with human flesh in them off the shelves.

beebf7  No.2299378


>Sleepy Ben


68680a  No.2299379







choices & consequences —- Goodbye, sarah.

9b2322  No.2299380


Keyword search "unlocks"

Q has stated repeatedly, "News unlocks map"

Can passwords be correlated to news headlines released on key days using timestamps for image drops?

4dd383  No.2299381


You mean like this?

From awhile back. FB owns Oculus.


Seattle police arrested Oculus’ Head of Computer Vision Dov Katz on December 23rd in a sting operation in which a police officer posed as a 15-year-old girl. Katz allegedly arrived at an Embassy Suites in Tukwila, Washington with $600 after agreeing in texts messages to pay $300 for sex without a condom.

Katz told police he was there to rescue the girl.

47b90e  No.2299382


Anon is right though. If we simply doing stuff simply for the sake of doing it we will just spin our wheels.

There has to be clues about where to look or else without some type of automation like a brute force attack we're not going to get close to all of the possible combinations.

ccf4a8  No.2299383

Come on Q. Give us a hint

4000d7  No.2299384

File: 195f670e11c1b74⋯.jpg (166.82 KB, 901x1200, 901:1200, ashton_kutcher_cia_mug.jpg)

I'm having a hard time finding the mug that Ashton is drinking from. The closest image I can find is from a blog of a CIA employee. Does this mean Ashton is CIA?

The blog:


Note the golden rim on top and golden stripe at the bottom.

0906d9  No.2299385

File: 93c8ff7729347ca⋯.png (175.52 KB, 473x264, 43:24, obama-moslim-yt.png)


4c8a8e  No.2299386


Anddd…. what about the COMEY PICS!! Weird ones where he’s all alone in the woods?

a5b21d  No.2299387

Walrus josh got dannalingus pedo'd by his aunt

Pre tree accident , soros

Prol motive

Cause deantonio

Covered for a lot of it

8b5819  No.2299388


"Welcome to Q Research (README FIRST, THEN PROCEED TO LURK) https://8ch.net/qresearch/welcome.html"

5f744b  No.2299389

a4bfa3  No.2299390


Or with spaces in between

6767 765 6633 4241

0743f2  No.2299391


Anons who say "expand your thinking" tend to be unable to expand their own thinking.

93c460  No.2299392



Take it to another thread.

Can you imagine all the attempts at passwords NOT pushing bread off the table?!

10204d  No.2299393

Try sundayjuly21 ??

b66b70  No.2299394


Baker Notable. Failed Passwords.

Please try,





These people are stupid, remember?

947b1c  No.2299395



091b28  No.2299396


You can MAGA with her.

f51aa8  No.2299397

Try "Colossians3:5" for password or "Colossians 3:5"

Not the verse but the actual "Colossians3:5" . Lots of ppl use scriptures references as passwords because there are so many variations.

2966b9  No.2299398


That's not her hand. It's someone else's. PLAIN.

da5ead  No.2299399


Remember back when Sarah Silverman was "dating" Jimmy Kimmel she made a video called, "I'm Fucking Matt Damon"?

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=vYU7xSMPCHw

Maybe she picked a password related to Matt Damon, Jimmy Kimmel, or other things related to them. Or related to the bad names she called Anons in her post with the pic .

5026f6  No.2299400

PixelKnot is an image stego app with old school F5 steganography.

I wonder if this would work -> https://desudesutalk.github.io/f5stegojs/

Any anon willing to test compatibility by encoding a message with PixelKnot and decoding with f5stegojs?

e54fbf  No.2299401


Don't forget the exclamation points!!!


c56d07  No.2299403


KEY spreads the TRUTH.

5c886e  No.2299404


As it's a message by the cabal, I doubt that he knows himself. He only knew what tool was used on the pic.

4ace17  No.2299405


Nice get there by Nigel, atta boy.

a462c4  No.2299406

File: 414031a1fa080a1⋯.png (3.4 MB, 1194x7023, 398:2341, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d7bbd53e5d447ed⋯.png (56.67 KB, 760x279, 760:279, ClipboardImage.png)


7284eb  No.2299407

Vandals Set Betsy DeVos’s $40 Million Yacht Adrift from Ohio Dock

Vandals reportedly untied Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’s $40 million yacht from its docking station early Sunday morning at a northern Ohio marina, setting the vessel adrift.

Crew members of the 163-foot yacht named “Seaquest” knew something was amiss early Sunday morning when they noticed the vessel floating in the Huron Boat Basin unattached to a dock, the Toledo Blade reported.

Word of the vandalism reached the boat’s captain, who called the Huron Police Department at 6 a.m. on Sunday.

The captain and his crew eventually regained control of the yacht, but not before it sustained $5,000 to $10,000 in damage from striking the dock, according to a police report.

Investigators are searching surveillance video to narrow down who may have set the yacht loose from the dock. The yacht has enough cabin space to accommodate 12 guests and 12 crew members. “Seaquest” is one of the ten boats owned by the DeVos family.

DeVos was in northern Ohio this month touring a career center and a correctional facility, but it is unclear why the yacht was docked in Huron.


3e2851  No.2299408



I was breaking Kelly's chops yesterday.. her left eye looked a little spoopy and got my ears perked up…

be7c3f  No.2299409

Blacksheep anon again:

How smart is your opposition?

"What we used as blackmail will be used against our assets in court"

"We must reduce sentences for pedophilia related crimes".

"Start with normalizing child sex".

Can't start there, too drastic.

"Start normalizing other deviant behavior, like crossdressing first"

This is how sophisticated the game is.

84ec57  No.2299410


Try Keystone

f24671  No.2299411



Sounds like we have a lot of different names for the same game, how about we unify it with a universal new title:-



4c9cf6  No.2299412


f3c602  No.2299413




Sarah silverman



Try playing with capital letters and with @ insread of a et

7cd862  No.2299414



didn't work


fuckoff faggot, I didn't even ask to try moar, just was listing those we did try

4c8a8e  No.2299415

Also Q signatures. Snow White, Alice, etc.

1b36ef  No.2299416


I mean how many times has Q quoted the bible?

070327  No.2299417


I hope Q enjoys watching us all run around like retards trying to unlock some bullshit that doesn’t exist

Maybe he’ll send us some new pallet pics too

c37659  No.2299418


What was the innaccurate date?

Cross-reference with SS tweets on day of date?

75a99f  No.2299419

File: 6057849dc8bb364⋯.jpg (33.84 KB, 920x595, 184:119, 920x920.jpg)


Yes the owner of Fiji Water sold 80% of the island to Bromfman

4c7cc9  No.2299420


Has anybody tried the capital words in the original post?




b6bbfa  No.2299422

File: f7c27f60dadf698⋯.jpg (366.93 KB, 746x1000, 373:500, revenge_of_the_nerds_2.jpg)


>If we don’t call Q out on this shit, we are exactly the same as the sheeple normies.

Think for yourself, trust yourself, and remember that everything could possibly have a double meaning and may not be meant for us…2² = 4 permutations (minimum). -O-O-

beebf7  No.2299423


KAC always looks a little haggard. To imply shes part of the cabal tho, that's retarded.

1b36ef  No.2299424

Why are trips allowed? Whitelist.

78faf2  No.2299425

23b736  No.2299426


5ara 5ilverman?

8d4d65  No.2299427

Sun 29 Oct 2017 12:47:18 No.147109593

Follow the money, it’s the key.

follow the money!!!!!

edc957  No.2299428

So far :


>>2299049 Nunes: House Intel probing whether informants gathered data on Trump, Russia prior to authorized probe

>>2299083, >>2299352 WE HAVE TRIED Passwords all failed

>>2299038, >>2299094 Germany to Offer Asylum to Controversial ‘White Helmet’ Group,

>>2299039 This is how Hussein transferred money to UK.

>>2299041, >>2299184 Huber reports to the PADAG Ed O'Callaghan

>>2299186 "Ryan should be a quick take down. Ties to the CF through the American Ireland Fund."

>>2299197 Military Situation In Syria On July 26, 2018 (Map Update)

>>2299198 Notes on the Democrats war against White males

>>2299299 Former federal prosecutor now admits the “conspiracy theories” about FBI corruption and the FISA process are ALL TRUE

92ff27  No.2299429

File: f5d34e78bc3529c⋯.jpg (19.98 KB, 255x199, 255:199, DJTinHelicopterHat.jpg)


pic from 6/15 of POTUS in cap that says Presidential Helicopter Squad. trying to add this here

ed4dc7  No.2299430

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Sure would be nice to catch him with his own


01e82e  No.2299431


Fox News is comp'd

d119f7  No.2299432


Thought about this too but I was afraid the pics and movies were some type of MKultra programming

267c64  No.2299434


I keep checking it and it's still down.

Can someone post what was in the link??

2cd188  No.2299435


Does seem legit, habbening now.

47b90e  No.2299436

Anons, I think Q is talking to the Black Hats again.

"Hey we know you're sending messages via images."

If he was pointing to us to do something he would have most likely given us more to go on.

4b5311  No.2299437


Anons, I am not gonna lie: I have been off the board since yesterday afternoon and I just got done reading all of Q's most recent drops…but THIS PHOTO creeped me out…because the face in it looks almost exactly like me. I thought I was looking back at my own photo until I read it closer. It kind of messes with my head that someone involved (in some form or fashion) with that post shares a disturbing likeness to me….not cool.

472a04  No.2299438


Sloanon… Why does the ending message "Once we win…" have a 2:02 time stamp and the "50% fetching your message" have a 2:07? Seems a bit backwards, like the image was created, then decoded.

Where did the original pic come from?

df514e  No.2299439



93c460  No.2299440


You are on of may listing passwords. Imagine how out of control this could get.



318606  No.2299441

File: d3cbbf670565410⋯.png (221.14 KB, 571x446, 571:446, A68C1A21-3B6A-4460-9C39-F5….png)


I would like that, Pepe Mr T confirms

091b28  No.2299442


Okrah has always struck me as completely full of shit, just not serious at all.

a5b21d  No.2299443

"Keystone" is a part of a stone bridge, of which none were built in bout a hundred years

The necro weirdos built a harp from the hamstrings of ww2 and gave it a shifty nickname and stashed it at a museum

c337e4  No.2299444


could just go to the darkWeb and pick-up a copy of the hack for pixleKnot

8c6630  No.2299445

File: 2134c1fdd53fea0⋯.png (26.49 KB, 1034x115, 1034:115, Q.0502.ApplePix.png)


not my recollection. maybe memory is faulty.

the archives back then will contain what was tried already regardless of reason.

010f4f  No.2299446

try wizardofoz

40c701  No.2299447

is pixelknot even a real app? will not work…

edc957  No.2299448

Shep Smith stuiking up for CNN .

056ba0  No.2299449


Consider those of us who archive offline. When presenting breads offline, presentation matters. Filter gets used after bread is done to keep only what's relevant, rarely does this anon filter in real time unless i know something like an AFLB slide is irrelevant. The gore, i chuckle at it.

Why did i start this practice? Super Bowl Sunday. No fucking way was i gonna archive gay porn on my hard drive.

Having said that, filter is good for those with weaker minds until they get stronger. Individual freedom.


Generalizations are lazy. This generalization included.

158c78  No.2299450


Strange how all the Different Foods being pulled

All have Salmonella.

Could be (Our Guys) are pulling the POISON off

the Shelf Claiming Salmonella.

Probably much WORSE!

Hang On Anons!

0d2bc0  No.2299451


Don't give them your (you) when She(e)pdick is on

091b28  No.2299452



f24671  No.2299453

File: 02d48177cdf98a1⋯.jpg (207.92 KB, 970x545, 194:109, Hackers.jpg)

b66b70  No.2299455


Worth a shot!


3b496a  No.2299456





didn't work either

7cd862  No.2299457

THE PASSWORDS ARE IN FACT CASE SENSITIVE, which is fucking horrible for this

867ab7  No.2299458


More ideas:





CZTA68-KDHG-[ t]









e70ead  No.2299459


try all passwords backwards as well. Think mirror.

2d598b  No.2299460

Can someone encode a message in an image with Pixelknot, then post it here with the password so we can try to decode it using other steno apps to determine if you MUST use Pixelknot, or if we can use Pictograph on iPhone to unlock?

5c886e  No.2299461


Are you fucking kidding me? Please learn what bruteforce actually means. If the password had a length of like 20 chars already, you can sit and wait a long, long time until it will ever get the right password. Maybe until the end of your life.

58dd8b  No.2299462

File: c4014defcd7a323⋯.png (512.27 KB, 552x585, 184:195, secret.png)

23b736  No.2299463


follow the money $arah $ilverman

47b90e  No.2299464


Also, that's assuming they even used pixelknot. They could have used a program that uses a different stenography algorithm.

b06ec5  No.2299465


try John Podesta's password….

6efe90  No.2299466

File: 7ff6ee213210622⋯.jpg (2.05 MB, 2344x2736, 293:342, 1510424203295.jpg)


f2f809  No.2299467

password ideas:







0743f2  No.2299468


Love notes to Q, baker praises,and bots shit up the bread more than anything. But we're such Q lapdogs that praising Q and "digging" on Q posts is all we're meant to do.

9b2322  No.2299469


The image on that post has a VERY interesting filename, wouldn't you say?

Does it remind you of something?

60d4ef  No.2299470


that could apply if the map in this instance is Minor Attracted Person which time wise is relevant with this pedo push recently.

7cd862  No.2299471


go to reddit

964863  No.2299473

File: e5b93431ae9fc37⋯.png (2.2 MB, 2284x1272, 571:318, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)

Don't forget YahooNews.. those fucks are straight up Chinese Communists


318606  No.2299474

Trying to crack the password is a waste of time, that’s a job for NSA and Q

070327  No.2299475


I’d hoped I’d never see the day when we beat Liberals in the mental gymnastics Olympics.

Today is the day.

091b28  No.2299476


There's a SiliconValleyAnon coming out with a book on the area, supposedly much satanism etc.

e74045  No.2299477

2e7181  No.2299478

could an anon tell me how many spaces there are for the password?

4c7cc9  No.2299479


Do people really still eat this shit?

091b28  No.2299480


And corresponding action NOW!

60d4ef  No.2299481




9200de  No.2299482

can someone who has the app

make a hidden message of their own

and post it giving people the key

so that other people can see a working example

a2f854  No.2299483

What about Flynn’s “Twitter mistake” code?

947b1c  No.2299484

1d84c3  No.2299485


Working just fine for me

47b90e  No.2299486


My thoughts also.

b66b70  No.2299487

File: 53420f474bb6d62⋯.jpg (140.16 KB, 565x565, 1:1, A Dig1.jpg)


Logging Failed passwords

Tell me what you've tried

cc5edb  No.2299488

Q posts alot of photos from iphone or iphone photos so you can probably explode those from the searching

8c5359  No.2299489

File: e2e9c2147efde7b⋯.jpg (172.21 KB, 600x1081, 600:1081, Anon.jpg)


0Hour, you need to go eat a bag of dicks & get a job or something.

Why are you here all day & all you do is bitch. Did you get yelled at on Twitter that's why you can't freak out there anymore?

So you come here cause you're a whiny little bitch?

Yeah, 0Hour is a whiny little bitch

daced9  No.2299490


The word between the stars is REAL

c0ba63  No.2299491

File: 1142864da055abc⋯.jpg (37.04 KB, 632x383, 632:383, guillotine-464077213.jpg)


Dear Antifa/Shill person

Most will be locked up and or dead sooner than that.

#runthefuckaway as fast as you can

Every move, every cell, every call, every plan, every dollar they have, is being watched and recorded.

Run away and maybe you can still get away clean. There are others there from GOV already doing this job. If you are not one of them. You should run away or you could get caught up in a RICO bust of epic scale.

c97c73  No.2299492

Anyone try 'Q' as the password?

627361  No.2299493


I have learned one thing about you. You know much more than you people think you do.

But our last conversation, there is more going on than even you are aware of.

4c7cc9  No.2299494


Big pimpin

0906d9  No.2299495

File: 687ebb9b74d5a65⋯.mp4 (9.03 MB, 640x360, 16:9, How Twitter's Shadowban Wo….mp4)


58dd8b  No.2299496


Not sure he expected us to crack them, just saying they use it for comms.

But the SS post was a different technique – a photoshop for deniability.

010f4f  No.2299497

8c6630  No.2299498

File: 9734f92cb9fbf09⋯.png (1.01 MB, 955x2380, 191:476, pixelknot_guardianproject.….png)


here ya go

e20397  No.2299499


lmao. A more appropriate headline is "Plenty of presidents lie. But we were only ever interested in challenging Trump"

bee160  No.2299500

Q braah, can you give us an example where they use hidden messages in pictures?

8a5206  No.2299501

Did anyone try "it was her turn"?

091b28  No.2299502

File: f3c7d91f9c5f1da⋯.jpg (34.97 KB, 276x365, 276:365, free beer q.jpg)


Same time as always! En-joy!

67c590  No.2299503

Someone with the app should monitor /pol/ for image drops and not concentrate so much on the silver man pic

23b736  No.2299504

Who specifically was she defending the author key to password?

126bdb  No.2299505

File: ca1a6d2c8ef3494⋯.jpeg (224.39 KB, 1242x1840, 27:40, 5C9004D2-5732-404B-A488-4….jpeg)


Or we’re not even close to reading the message correctly.

& = 27 symbols not 26


There are over 1700 Q drops with God knows how many hidden messages in each drop.

Enough to keep us busy for 10 years.

“How do you hide a message in clear sight?” - Q

a4fbac  No.2299506

Not a real verse but try Colossians 5:5

8d8247  No.2299507


Q, is this your intent?

10204d  No.2299508


try Sunday,July21

f25807  No.2299509


What about any pics uploaded by DJT or the military? There are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many.

72f85f  No.2299510

File: 129b0bd47effc66⋯.jpg (536.06 KB, 1830x1860, 61:62, QMakeItRainFireBorder.jpg)

I love watching you all dig and decipher. I envy that skill but I was chosen for a different path. So I get to sit back, lurk, be amazed and do my art. I love to learn, It's like a drug to me, so watching amazing anons preform feats of brain power unlike any I have ever witnessed it's like watching a concert that never ends. Thrilled, astounded, awed and respected all of you. MAGA On…

8d4d65  No.2299511

Sun 29 Oct 2017 12:47:18 No.147109593

Follow the money, it’s the key.

5c886e  No.2299512

Sunday, July 21th


July 21th


47b90e  No.2299513


1. You're going to shit up the bread.

2. If I were a Black Hat I'd throw a bunch of passwords at you that were never tried. We're anon remember.

b06ec5  No.2299514



When you're broke and hungry :(

be7c3f  No.2299515

You guys are focused on a particular app.

The app that is actually used pretends to be something else and

uses a unique implementation.

f3c602  No.2299516


Please check the notables in the following link baker. These are too good to be missing.


thanks baker

5026f6  No.2299517


Thanks anon. Yes the password could be embedded with that in the text in the image.

daced9  No.2299518



4bf006  No.2299519

File: 6c626d0b7b8e80a⋯.png (4.96 KB, 390x83, 390:83, Capture.PNG)


"Note the pictures we post are ALL originals.

Think about what that means."

7284eb  No.2299520

File: e74e51ef6d68f9e⋯.png (615.22 KB, 738x678, 123:113, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 61c234bc4f3ce8b⋯.png (70.23 KB, 739x914, 739:914, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 179df2ea7a39ae5⋯.png (731.87 KB, 762x871, 762:871, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0c162c4537d78f7⋯.png (495.14 KB, 744x921, 248:307, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ef7eb25d256c43e⋯.png (616.96 KB, 746x924, 373:462, ClipboardImage.png)

Israel deepens trade ties with China, causing potential danger to the U.S.


Cont.from images:

“The Pentagon is increasingly worried that artificial intelligence capabilities acquired by Chinese firms through civilian investments or licensing deals could find their way into a new generation of Chinese weapons that would threaten American troops and American allies.

“The Pentagon is also worried that Israel could become a back door through which China could acquire capabilities that it could not get in the US due to regulatory scrutiny.

“I suspect that this will place some limits on the extent and magnitude of the emerging Israel-China relationship. The Pentagon is worried that Israeli-Chinese deals could cause artificial intelligence capabilities to find their way into a new generation of Chinese weapons that would threaten American troops and American allies. If an American pilot were ever shot down by a Chinese missile powered by Israeli technology, it would be a real problem for the Israeli government.”

The Israeli government declined to comment on these security and defence sector issues.

4ed916  No.2299521

File: 8882b296ed0b0a6⋯.jpg (37.87 KB, 370x438, 185:219, 1279.JPG)


what about the auth Q mentioned in this message

771ba9  No.2299522

File: 978712e9a360c6e⋯.png (218.25 KB, 449x344, 449:344, angels-poster2.png)


a5b21d  No.2299524

All that spurious trespassing of communications


8c5359  No.2299525


What was that weird little symbol on all the posts? And anons said you can use that to filter.? I never did it because I have no idea what or how that symbol is the way it is.

9b2322  No.2299526

a4b68b  No.2299527


Exit data

910ec7  No.2299528

File: a6ea78c16c172b7⋯.jpg (43.91 KB, 433x493, 433:493, 2er87j~2.jpg)

Q said trust Sessions, Q and Sessions are both full of shit.

bee160  No.2299529


we all have our parts in this. some decipher and some make art

b66b70  No.2299530


Fair point.

a94c62  No.2299531


File Name for July 4th Drop


File Names for July 1st Drops





File Names For June 30th Drops



4bf006  No.2299532


"How do you hide a message in clear sight?"

10204d  No.2299533


he quit using it after it was mentioned

0743f2  No.2299534


No, generalizations are very often accurate and a means of organizing and interpreting the sensory input from around us. There may even be exceptions to the generalization, but the it's more likely that the generalization is the truth in a specific instance. For example, I might generalize that a person from Colorado snow skies, instead of surfs, for recreation.

2c04de  No.2299535


Try all the random shit Comey Holder Brennan etc tweet out

Holder with His Country Honor Duty shit

4ff68b  No.2299536


I'll join you, Anon

869bc8  No.2299537

File: b4d0eea66b125de⋯.jpeg (147.7 KB, 651x438, 217:146, C14B94DE-B978-4B4F-AB21-4….jpeg)

File: d531c2faf87fe75⋯.jpeg (141.7 KB, 859x784, 859:784, 99DC232D-1C04-4EF8-809B-B….jpeg)

9b2322  No.2299538

4bf3ee  No.2299539


News unlocks.

4c7cc9  No.2299541


More like flapjacks

7cd862  No.2299542



PASSWORD: trusttheplan

download the PixelKnot app on android

open the pic WITH THE APP


070327  No.2299543


Q is too busy trying to concoct his next bullshit distraction post

41c851  No.2299544


Has anyone tried pixelknot on the Silverman pic?

2e7181  No.2299545


we all hold keys to this….untiy anon, unity.

7284eb  No.2299546

File: 9db7512d1a072f6⋯.png (553.59 KB, 945x814, 945:814, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1cf9f34295bed4d⋯.png (9.78 KB, 947x174, 947:174, ClipboardImage.png)

BANK OF AMERICA Customers Find Safety Deposit Boxes Vanished; No Explanations


f2f809  No.2299547

File: 8b0ee605ab33957⋯.png (412.92 KB, 798x672, 19:16, clenchedfistdescription.png)

File: 1be4f21fbc27447⋯.png (315.53 KB, 532x459, 532:459, oswaldfoust(fist).png)

File: b8c90c20a7a7774⋯.png (276.76 KB, 1350x604, 675:302, jackFOUSTmatlock.png)

beebf7  No.2299548

File: 5a0ada9f8ac9cd9⋯.jpg (301.34 KB, 659x1116, 659:1116, traitor GOP.jpg)


Zero peeps from anyone aside from Coulter.



b9314e  No.2299549


Try this pic with password Rockwell - Norman Rockwell pic in corner is not a Saturday Morning Post cover.

c56d07  No.2299550

Key - unlocks the door of all doors (info)

Stone - the force / strength capable of yielding power to act on info


KEY spreads TRUTH

password is Key+Stone?

f51aa8  No.2299551

3e2851  No.2299552


and the gnome

627361  No.2299553

>>2299501 try

Jeremiah 29:11

8070b6  No.2299554

The more you know

edc957  No.2299555


There was a request to add extra noteables after the bake. I added them as requested to the dough and archives .

4ace17  No.2299556


I believe it. Can't even imagine how much pedo and weird shit happens there.

a5b21d  No.2299557


You mean lazurues is ass wipe honkey

Or that he Is a pinnacle of discontent

Toss that salad danny

85093c  No.2299558


Did you try p@ssw0rd

b6bbfa  No.2299559

File: 421fcf948f85dc0⋯.png (562.41 KB, 801x526, 801:526, ClipboardImage.png)

917078  No.2299560

>>2298890 pb>>2299255


No women/no children.. Just animals.



091b28  No.2299561


Cal is so fucked, we need serious federal intervention. I'm WAY behind enemy lines. These commies gotta go. Deport and clean out the voting rolls, pull federal funding, fucking DO IT!

4c7cc9  No.2299562





a83d82  No.2299563


>I hope Q enjoys watching us all run around like retards trying to unlock some bullshit that doesn’t exist

uuuuummmm. That's pretty much what Q always does.

Pictures of: old guy's ear, 3 pallets in a 3/4 empty transport truck, JetBlue planes flying over the south bay, Apple store somewhere in Asia, picture of a picture of AF1 interior ….

This whole project is a wild goose chase.

318606  No.2299564

File: ec43d343104d018⋯.png (5.08 MB, 1125x2001, 375:667, B5241232-A6A5-4CD5-A77B-D7….png)

f24671  No.2299565


I'd say the intent is to break all of them, that's why he chose us!

a49f90  No.2299566

Major donors to the Guardian project

Eric Schmidt


5c886e  No.2299567

Anons listen, codefag and cryptofag here

The problem is, that no matter which picture (even an unencrypted one) asks you for a password. Even leaving the field blank still would say there's a password, even if there is none.

So, either the picture does not have a password, which would be a "NULL" string (no idea how to pass it to Pixelknot, except someone takes the source code, modifies it and recompiles it to allow a NULL string by parsing a codeword like \\NULL. Or the picture has a password, but we do not know it yet.

58fcdc  No.2299568



561ade  No.2299569

File: 6e672700d50a734⋯.jpg (115.04 KB, 1000x600, 5:3, laughtrump.jpg)

File: d4a9957bbb5d03f⋯.jpg (384.28 KB, 1200x878, 600:439, laughdel.jpg)

File: 8570f013eb72b5f⋯.jpeg (60.27 KB, 800x448, 25:14, laughkim.jpeg)

Been out for a spin around the block on my motor kikle..

Did I miss anything?

b68676  No.2299570

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

President Trump just landed should be on soon live feed

https://youtu.be/ fwb4YXzN4Kk

a4b68b  No.2299571

Q, if we are on a wrong pass could you pls confirm to save time and effort

b1095d  No.2299572

File: 599d9601635fd49⋯.png (110.54 KB, 819x552, 273:184, big-q.png)


Did we overlook this BIG confirmation

26 minute Delta

a5b21d  No.2299573

Imf did a militant female subplot


Distracted hobbit politics

091b28  No.2299574


Those who have been destroying the white man for decades through /their/ faggotry and communism?


2d598b  No.2299575

File: 9a1f226d95f57a2⋯.png (627.34 KB, 794x762, 397:381, EA04B057-75AD-435E-8E8D-00….png)

Password: 1532237608528

Try with Pixelknot. Encoded with Pictograph for iOS.

041991  No.2299576



158c78  No.2299577

File: 0aa190583713196⋯.jpg (35.36 KB, 768x384, 2:1, miller-gettyimages-8256529….jpg)


S. Miller has his Eyes on the Ball.


917078  No.2299578


yeah.>Comey's corn pic

070327  No.2299579


Has anyone tried: N@wC@mestheSOYBEANS—-23!

58dd8b  No.2299580

pixelknot is an example of what is called Steganography

>Steganography is the practice of concealing a file, message, image, or video within another file, message, image, or video. The word steganography combines the Greek words steganos, meaning "covered, concealed, or protected", and graphein meaning "writing".

9200de  No.2299581


Someone please try this picture with this password

and post the results

2976c6  No.2299582

010f4f  No.2299583

what if something israel jew related.. like dates or stuff in hebrew

ec4773  No.2299584

File: 597ed4f4157e403⋯.png (759.18 KB, 977x512, 977:512, darebts.png)


Project Veritas blew the lid off this back in January. Got them on film explaining HOW they did it. All of Mockingbird ignored it. Now that POTUS has mentioned it, will corrupt msm finally be forced to?

03d6a3  No.2299585

File: 2f872f379296f15⋯.jpg (179.37 KB, 1024x542, 512:271, sasbrey.JPG)


Take that dunky

9f23fd  No.2299586

Rather than attempting to brute force…


947b1c  No.2299587

do we even believe Q knows the password, or is just trying to get us to understand their coms?

i think if Q wanted us to crack this he would make it moar obvious and not eat all the bread.

E Bott might know the password

219660  No.2299588


The date in the photo is wrong. That may be a clue.

92c922  No.2299589



Staying at 0% like all others for me. How long is it supposed to take?

318606  No.2299590


964863  No.2299591

File: c1f3c025e58df40⋯.jpg (809.91 KB, 2560x1920, 4:3, IMG_0453.JPG)

I had this on my ipad from the weekend.. this is HW insider from 4chan from last weekend

7cd862  No.2299592

b1095d  No.2299593


With Q referencing screenshot of Stock/Trading to boot

2e7181  No.2299594

should one hold a key, who does one trust…….this game is not a game.

4bf006  No.2299595


I've been workfagging. Has anyone tried dropping one of Q's pics into the app?

"Every single picture posted is ORIGINAL.

Pulled/Wiped or Taken.

Think about what that means."

a5b21d  No.2299596


BROUGHT the hivites

7284eb  No.2299598

File: be0217b9307bf8d⋯.png (54.95 KB, 660x670, 66:67, ClipboardImage.png)

File: bc772971953a5a2⋯.png (923.44 KB, 638x832, 319:416, ClipboardImage.png)

PICTURED: Joe Biden's glamorous niece wins sweetheart plea deal and avoids jail after she faced felony charges for a $100,000 credit card scam


7cd862  No.2299599


works fast for me personally

58dd8b  No.2299600

What are the cabal's favorite passwords?

cc054d  No.2299601

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

last 10mins

b66b70  No.2299602


Anyone try this?


041991  No.2299603





a4fbac  No.2299604

The next book after Colossians is very interesting. Try it.

Thessalonians 5:5. 'You are all children of light and children of the day. We do not belong to the Night or to the darkness.'

ed4dc7  No.2299605

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Pompeo grilling HRC Jan 27, 2015

18fa35  No.2299606

how do you hide a message in clear sight?


4c7cc9  No.2299607


Same here anon!

But mixing it up a bit from time to time really gets my adrenaline going

f2fd4b  No.2299608

3278dd  No.2299609

File: 92f7361dc470fc4⋯.png (202.88 KB, 493x382, 493:382, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)

File: 8a0272cd96ea390⋯.png (195.92 KB, 501x384, 167:128, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)

All the world is a stage…


2531ba  No.2299610

File: 616efcf270f952e⋯.png (25.92 KB, 713x611, 713:611, 1526340820844.png)






This'll never get old

4c74d9  No.2299611


Neanderthal World Order.. kek

091b28  No.2299612


There was no set playing field or goals in ours, you just killed the man with the ball, took the ball, and got killed in turn.

b25f99  No.2299613

File: cf02d985bb565a3⋯.jpg (110.09 KB, 581x1101, 581:1101, R7.jpg)

R7 calling Red Arrow.

The website


where you looked up the Blackhawk's ICAO

is trouble. My browser cannot navigate to the home page either from the URL you provided or just pasting a constructed URL; and while hanging on the child page, my CPU goes into overload consuming an inordinate amount of memory. Something fucky about that website. I bookmarked it anyway; thankQ. Maybe it's a geographical problem as I'm located in USA and you're … where you are.

Anyway, back to it.



cc5edb  No.2299614


the saying is plain sight not clear sight..maybe something to it

a83d82  No.2299615


It bothers her enough to act all indignant.

She's guilty or complicit.

a1a675  No.2299616

Has anybody practiced using the knot yet before trying to immediately open the SS pic? A few anons need to practice what will work and what won't work so we are not running in circles. Phone fagging right now because I'm working and just saw the drop.

010f4f  No.2299617

yes… pizza and pedo code anyone try???

58fcdc  No.2299618

Anyone try Pixelknot with Tom Hanks' twitter pics?

7cd862  No.2299619





e74045  No.2299620


And today’s??


72f85f  No.2299621

File: 157b22298507455⋯.jpg (1.08 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, Wonderful Day Q.jpg)


I agree and am very happy to have the position I do as an artist but my art is nothing compared to the minds here. Brilliance at it's finest. History unraveling before my eyes. We are history in the making and it's mindblowing sometimes. For me it is routine being here everyday that sometimes you get too comfy and forget kinda that this is magic. Hive minds, Connectivity to people we don't know and don't need to know because …… it just is.

It's Beautiful

091b28  No.2299622


Tell her jokes are funny and she isnt.

8b5819  No.2299623


A Nu World Order


4b5311  No.2299624


Oh shit, could the password hiding in plain sight be : STAND THE FUCK DOWN. ??

551c8a  No.2299625



a5b21d  No.2299626




Eagle claw

16cf14  No.2299627

File: 0f557ee02068a73⋯.png (43.58 KB, 639x267, 213:89, 20180726_205107.png)

I have no idea what's what at the moment…but as regards the password. What about ;

b433a6  No.2299628

Did you try "They never thought she would lose" ?

a462c4  No.2299629


indeed, love the picture lol.

adc0a4  No.2299630


964863  No.2299631


sounds too much like dogknot.. given she licked a dogs butt.. gross

070327  No.2299632


I know. I’m just sick of this fucking bullshit.


ae0e45  No.2299634







all possibles, trying to download and setup android emulator now to try a few for the hell of it in between digging and working.

23b736  No.2299635


Nov 20 2017 03:36:59 (EST)

XXX !a22Tubbaks ID: uCpJZ72M No.150170782 📁

Nov 20 2017 03:27:48 (EST)




All posts are connected.

Graphic is key.

31b366  No.2299636

Anons, if the Silverman photo is a shop, find the original, compare original to shop byte by byte to extract changed data, extracted data is encrypted probably. This is a simple ass program to write (pixelknot) I've written quieta few encryption apps that write days to the redundant data

a4bfa3  No.2299637

File: 069189bf7baf294⋯.png (71.7 KB, 637x159, 637:159, gematria-code2.png)


Decoded ones in ancient gematria, sometimes mirrored

a84ef9  No.2299638

tfw the password is:


b6bbfa  No.2299639

File: 55efe62c642dd42⋯.png (109.89 KB, 623x366, 623:366, ClipboardImage.png)





Fuckin' hivemind, man.


4b8e0c  No.2299640


try p@ssword

358ea8  No.2299641


hello sir

4b5311  No.2299642


Hello again Q…

cc5edb  No.2299643


can you give us some more direction with this password stuff?


274e95  No.2299644


Connected???????? and all gorefag's pics have been deleted!!!!!!!!! Amazing.

561ade  No.2299645

File: fccab3196e3e26e⋯.jpg (370.74 KB, 2400x1350, 16:9, laughMnuchfun.jpg)

File: 10b9ebd447e9cf2⋯.jpg (15.36 KB, 500x336, 125:84, laughtheo.jpg)

File: d56b0a1084e9699⋯.jpg (112.12 KB, 800x593, 800:593, laughingpepe.jpg)



daced9  No.2299646


Thank you.

6cfab0  No.2299647



Behind a pay wall

3b496a  No.2299648


>Thank You, Jeff Sessions

33540c  No.2299649


try and ebot post with his namefag details.

4c74d9  No.2299650


Whats her IG handle? These people are stupid… maybe its simple code handle/handle backwards

274e95  No.2299651


Thank YOU sir!

b66b70  No.2299652




964863  No.2299653


got my shovel..

6efe90  No.2299654


jews are what remain of the neanderthal race.

they've been trying to re-create their race for a while now.

its why they kept pushing jew/redhead couples in hollywood for a long time.

redheads/gingers have a large amount of neanderthal genes, also the reason gingers have no soul, or at least didnt until more recently.

267c64  No.2299655



0743f2  No.2299656


Must be easy insider theft. The locks on those boxes aren't very sophisticated, and the employee who should have watched as the box was being put away must have been distracted and didn't see that the customer didn't actually put the box back in the wall, but must have stuck it in a backpack. No records exist as to the boxes' inventories, so no one can prove anything is missing and no insurance claims can be made. Let's just blame it on inflation.

a84ef9  No.2299657


Thanks for the link to the paywall, but I'm tired of giving you jews money, so no thanks.

becce6  No.2299658


Nice digits.

Ok. I baked that bread & collected those notables. I'm not too happy with it: keep track on who's posting those: it were all posts of one single anon, from one single website. Try to avoid that.

1b7c78  No.2299659



a4b68b  No.2299660


Dated April 2nd

b1095d  No.2299661


We don't have WSJ subscription like Q do.

Thank you Q

7284eb  No.2299662




18fa35  No.2299663

Messages in Clear sight have any connection with Clear Channel?

8a5206  No.2299664


Someone summarize it, I ain't giving WSJ money.

e46651  No.2299665


Under Cover Huber

d39f2e  No.2299666

File: f41a8fcfda2b211⋯.jpg (45.16 KB, 498x313, 498:313, 1528942747.jpg)

d7fa55  No.2299667


Messages hidden in plain sight (ugly as it was)??

091b28  No.2299668


Add APS too.

964863  No.2299669


The MSM is hiding info behind paywalls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2976c6  No.2299670


Well that's a bit notable…

937d4a  No.2299671


Sure thats a female?

eac618  No.2299672




Jason Bourne

884cb5  No.2299673

File: bb292455d5ffdca⋯.jpg (55.81 KB, 587x420, 587:420, fb2.JPG)

FB stock drop biggest in history.


c37659  No.2299674


>subscription required

>accept cookies

anyone got an archive link?

8f0bbf  No.2299675

try matlock and the other I think password that q revealed on any and all of q pictures

try matlock and the other I think password that q revealed on any and all of q pictures

440063  No.2299676

File: 1cc99c9afe1b8d4⋯.jpg (221.97 KB, 1024x579, 1024:579, 1532589631150.jpg)

9b2322  No.2299677

ed4dc7  No.2299678

File: d8c765055ed88c4⋯.jpg (68.04 KB, 1080x412, 270:103, Great Awakening_7.jpg)

File: 525d909437344df⋯.jpg (136.41 KB, 582x601, 582:601, Trump Tweet 07262018_5.jpg)

File: 146b56e3bda4ba6⋯.jpg (59.78 KB, 635x324, 635:324, Ukraine KYIV by Russia Pol….jpg)

File: e7f9eddf4ef9364⋯.jpg (107.17 KB, 490x611, 490:611, Q drop 07252018_8.jpg)

File: d8c765055ed88c4⋯.jpg (68.04 KB, 1080x412, 270:103, Great Awakening_7.jpg)

2966b9  No.2299679

Watch the news

Hidden in clear sight

6b2127  No.2299680

I overheard Nancy Pelosi inviting Paul Ryan to her beach house on The Cayman Islands for the recess…… Trust the Plan

d5b281  No.2299681

Just spitballing here, but could "Stand The Fuck Down" be related to HRC and Benghazi?

4e6ab1  No.2299682

e17905  No.2299683


are they deleted?

777a38  No.2299684



What does Jeff Sessions have to do to get a nice tweet from his boss?

On Thursday the attorney general released a letter informing Congress that he’d asked Utah-based U.S. Attorney John Huber to investigate lawmakers’ complaints about the Justice Department and the FBI. Turns out Mr. Huber has been working on this investigation, in concert with the Justice Department’s inspector general, since November

d37951  No.2299685





4c7cc9  No.2299686

070327  No.2299687


Q is now just a fucking link aggregator

4bf3ee  No.2299688


Enough is visible in that article to cement that Sessions is moving along nicely.

274e95  No.2299689

File: fec4bdc9e4523b9⋯.png (120.3 KB, 735x3725, 147:745, ClipboardImage.png)


snapshot of Q article from archive.is

2976c6  No.2299690

File: c8087c62ec7f670⋯.jpg (204.44 KB, 1314x1184, 657:592, sessionswhitehat.JPG)

78faf2  No.2299691



you think this is some sort of game?

you think this is some sort of game

That's all I have to say.

That's all I have to say

or even the entire post if there's no character limit

also they typed thing instead of think.. could be autocorrect but on a keyboard aren't very close

f51aa8  No.2299692


Thank you, Attorney General, sir.

cb7523  No.2299693


Muchas Gracias!

37df5d  No.2299694

How about the UID hash value at the top of the post in which the picture was contained?

5026f6  No.2299695


I was wondering about that. I don't have a steel heart, I wrote this https://pastebin.com/D6H681Sq

I collected md5 hashes of the gore, easy to fetch them. https://pastebin.com/uWewcecp


b06ec5  No.2299696


sample of what came out:


what the fuck is this if anything?

f3c602  No.2299697


I agree yet q has surprised us many times before with the double meanings. I am simply saying that it is a low probability scenario but is possible.

e75b3d  No.2299698


Look more closely. There have been results.

c37659  No.2299699


gods work anon, ty

274e95  No.2299700


yes bv has been chasing him down deleting all the pictures

f0144e  No.2299701

Q tell us how to do all

f0c267  No.2299702

can someone post ALL of Q's pictures. I can crack em

84577f  No.2299703


TY, anon

f25807  No.2299704



4c8a8e  No.2299706

I knew Q was teaching us their comms. When we crack how they expose their passwords they are fucked. We have so many pics backed up.

947b1c  No.2299707


SS = R tard

84ec57  No.2299708


Love it. Coming from WSJ it sounds less fringe to the normies than from Breitbart (I like Breitbart too).

e75b3d  No.2299709

File: baee4ef84756a6a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 150.7 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, B8691F6.jpg)

Belated boobs for the Baker!

4c7cc9  No.2299710

File: fbda9db177e357e⋯.jpg (455.49 KB, 1000x665, 200:133, battlestar galactica salut….jpg)


Thank you Jeff Sessions

And thank you Q

09cf83  No.2299711


on which picture?

Q-364 "you have it all"

only said it once.

the fuck cares what the silverman picture says, if anything? wasn't for us, from us, or to us.

News unlocks the map

the map is the key

i believe that the original "map" is stegged and contains passwords or urls for the real shit.

layers within layers.

using that pixelknot program did no good for me, but i did learn that the shortest password it'll allow is 4 characters.

N e w s

but i don't have the original file.

womp womp.

627361  No.2299712


Try Bitch

7284eb  No.2299713


Same shit GORE black porn guy was posting

440063  No.2299714





75a99f  No.2299715


>when you're broke and hungry

Learn to cook ffs

c0fb88  No.2299716


something Droped they know they are going to be exposed last wind here, remember Facebook RR, media, its all tied together gigs up

5026f6  No.2299717


Garbage means you have the wrong password.

b25f99  No.2299718


Has anybody thought about the unusual timestamps that POTUS_Schedule includes in their tweets? It is literally impossible to time travel down to the exact second; to the minutes and seconds appear to be data.

I know some think POTUS_Schedule isn't official but I logged it along with DOD, Marines, Bolton, Press Secretary and a number of other URLs with a notation these were provided by Q and we should track them all. I keep my list of RSS feeds in a spreadsheet and sometimes add notes as to why I'm adding or deleting them. I can't find the Q post telling us to follow all these official twitter accounts but my recollection is that I added POTUS_Schedule at the same time as the others.

Think about it.

It's an android app so I will not be testing possible passwords but maybe someone else can…

a5b21d  No.2299719




b1095d  No.2299720


Q is Drudge 2.0

a4bfa3  No.2299721

File: 98beb5ea5058d4a⋯.gif (560.81 KB, 625x626, 625:626, 98b.gif)



becce6  No.2299722


MZ & PC are traitors who deserve to be hanged for their transgressions.

f395d7  No.2299723

I was here when the SS photo happened, but dropped interest when it was said to be shopped.

Can someone give a rundown please:

~ What is shopped? Her photo, or the phone message, or?

Couldn't the black hats have just used her photo as a distraction to just

send a direct message to us to shut it the fuck down?

Black Hat message to us using SS photo without her knowledge?

1c5917  No.2299724



08958e  No.2299725

File: f9ee8228c0c30db⋯.jpg (7.06 KB, 250x223, 250:223, right_on.jpg)



9200de  No.2299726

File: 478313827f4e673⋯.png (113.01 KB, 854x610, 7:5, paywall.png)



4b5311  No.2299727


Ooh….could be, anon.

0743f2  No.2299728


Next week. Sessions said that RR said that Sessions said that Huber said that the server is redacted until Congress requests that the DOJ unredact it, which will be processed through a hearing where Sessions will say that RR says that Horowitz says that we are on a carousel.

4cee39  No.2299729

This is what I would try first tbh…

e05465  No.2299730

Password: Donald

f24671  No.2299731


I have to ask why you are here if you are sick of this bullshit, unemployment is low, surely you can find more fulfilling employment with better benefits than shilling?

8c5359  No.2299732


Did you see one of the complaints on it?

There is a comment that says:

"Can you clarify a statement, "I discovered that the app also forwards a copy of the image to the developer?"


1fe074  No.2299733

File: 26fdc582dbbd742⋯.jpg (18.59 KB, 500x500, 1:1, ayy_pepe.jpg)


>ayyy lmao

92ff27  No.2299734


Money & power. In Answers to drop 140, 11/11, that's the explanation for Keystone

3278dd  No.2299735





all in todays news…


a5b21d  No.2299737



c97c73  No.2299738

4-10-20 combo/password

4c7cc9  No.2299739


Funny, first she was smug about it, now shes starting to break a little

You can lick all the dog's assholes in hell bitch

f2b542  No.2299740

Q has said it twice recently-

"the more you know"

8b5819 &nb