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944ed1  No.2299736


are not endorsements'''



>>2296345 To Quell the BO is MIA crap, a message from a Board Volunteer

>>2251030, >>2261001 EXPLANATION of bread-archiving situation. Fix habbening.

>>2174695 ; >>2174831 FULL VIDEO: President Trump and President Putin Helsinki Summit Press Conference

>>2258234 Bakers, please put "^^^ Next Baker ^^^" below 1st shift notes, & NB >bundle


>>2299613 Planefag Notes

>>2299049 Nunes: House Intel probing whether informants gathered data on Trump, Russia prior to authorized probe

>>2299083, >>2299352 WE HAVE TRIED Passwords all failed

>>2299038, >>2299094 Germany to Offer Asylum to Controversial ‘White Helmet’ Group,

>>2299039 This is how Hussein transferred money to UK.

>>2299041, >>2299184 Huber reports to the PADAG Ed O'Callaghan

>>2299186 "Ryan should be a quick take down. Ties to the CF through the American Ireland Fund."

>>2299197 Military Situation In Syria On July 26, 2018 (Map Update)

>>2299198 Notes on the Democrats war against White males

>>2299299 Former federal prosecutor now admits the “conspiracy theories” about FBI corruption and the FISA process are ALL TRUE

>>2299133, >>2299012 Hidden Messages contained within?

>>2299572 Did we overlook this BIG confirmation

>>2299619 Australian Gov figures US is preped to bomb Irans Nukes

>>2298914 #2897



>>2298591 House speaker puts Rosenstein impeachment maneuver in deep freeze

>>2298319 Anon Green Typed Decode of Latest Q Post

>>2298262, >>2298667 PlaneFag Updates

>>2298237 Building the information distribution system of the future is our highest national security priority RIGHT NOW.

>>2298222 POTUS ducks reporters….because we are in THE STORM!!! (opinion by Anon)

>>2298927 #2896


>>2297902 Anon's Decode of Recent Q Post (these really helped me when I was new and trying to figure things out)

>>2297851 New Digs on Credibility of Sarah Ruth Ashcraft, Ritual Abuse Whistleblower & Tom Hanks Accuser

>>2297750 Federal Grand Jury Convened for Indicting Cohen THE RAT; Feds Pursuing Bank Fraud From HIS Personal Accounts

>>2297577 Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) CEO resigns

>>2297573 Endeavor Agency in Phoenix? (Possible Dig Needed)

>>2297628 This Former British Spy Exposed the Russian Hackers

>>2297622 NZ High Commissioner to Samoa Resigns

>>2298233 #2895


>>2296933 Ryan should be a quick take down. Ties to the CF through the American Ireland Fund

>>2296894 "BIG" - Q Graphic

>>2296870 Mueller Examining Trump Tweets in 'Wide-Ranging Obstruction Inquiry (AKA Stalling for time)

>>2296832 PSA to Anons - Know what You are Agreeing to When Clicking (Oath Family)

>>2296637 Facebook Failed to Remove Sexualized Images of Children

>>2296596 Jim Jordan Running For Speaker of the House!! Woot, Woot!!

>>2297304 #2894

#2893 New Baker Incoming

>>2296512 PlaneFag Collection

>>2296432, >>2296444 "SEC May Want To Take A Look": Facebook Insiders Dumped $4.1 Billion In Stock Since Scandal

>>2296103 Kaitlan Collins, CNN, suspended yesterday: Dig

>>2296044, >>2296108 Sessions Tweet with added Sauce Operation Double Trouble: Dozens (of illegal immigrants) charged with document, benefit fraud

>>2295967 Crowdstrike President Shawn Henry & Fancy Bear

>>2295839 Anon summary of Spygate + related events to date

>>2296419, >>2295793 , >>2295881, >>2296043, >>2296320 Wakaya Club & Spa and 'Hells Gate'

>>2295873 , >>2295934 Sir James Woods takes a lash to twitter

>>2295818 Side-by-Side: 'The Europeans blinked' and Fox news

>>2295815 'Full weight of the House v. ARM': ARM theory

>>2295811 Connecting posts from 111 days ago

>>2296531 #2893

Previously Collected Notables

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>>2292431 #2888, >>2293286 #2889, >>2294148 #2889 (different Batch, do not delete, notable numbering FUBAR)

>>2290032 #2885, >>2290842 #2886, >>2291670 #2887

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4a1c81  No.2299745

>>2298750 pb (pixelknot)

Great idea

Not a CodeFag, but an interesting project. If someone does that work, maybe Q would send along some photos for us to play with…

944ed1  No.2299749

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bc8ebb  No.2299755

File: c192b94c5487ad2⋯.jpg (175.42 KB, 717x959, 717:959, Sarah_Silverman_R.jpg)

d9e80a  No.2299756

What message of Comey's did Q decode for us??

May be in there

66dfb0  No.2299757

File: 5f624a1020a80b6⋯.png (155.92 KB, 334x291, 334:291, bakerflag.png)


697b84  No.2299758

Everyone hitting the app now. KEK! SUPER S L O W.

944ed1  No.2299759

==NEW Dough



dcf806  No.2299760


Misinformation works both ways.

cd43e4  No.2299761



Perhaps they're still in your browser's cache.

Easy to find them if you have their hashes. https://pastebin.com/uWewcecp

47fb83  No.2299762

File: c44a88f7a0de22f⋯.jpg (32.09 KB, 255x255, 1:1, c44a88f7a0de22f99ea1e2e263….jpg)

ty baker

7bb4f4  No.2299763

File: 61ef5c0a3ecdbd2⋯.jpg (159.55 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, IMG_2481.JPG)

File: ea57f24d85efcf2⋯.jpg (821.08 KB, 1536x1536, 1:1, IMG_2485.JPG)

File: 9af5a87bb7f7c8e⋯.jpg (211.22 KB, 640x640, 1:1, IMG_2487.JPG)

The rabbit had an island

Since my brothers place

Bowling alley


4fbe64  No.2299764

File: b5e480636f51278⋯.png (564.18 KB, 955x684, 955:684, b5e480636f51278ac7429e297a….png)

TnQ, Baker

38cb5b  No.2299765

File: 6e4be252195ecb7⋯.png (2.32 MB, 765x7656, 255:2552, hollywood anon.png)

Let's piss them all off really good. Save this graphic to your computer.

They think this is all going to blow over. We are out for BLOOD

170775  No.2299766

File: 64fdd18b356aac1⋯.jpg (18.61 KB, 300x168, 25:14, 2eqlhr.jpg)

Original Q. You really dont think this is the first time Q tired to influence society do you? You anons can think deeper than that. Watch "Brainstorm" the movie made after the MI boys settled on a plan of attack. Watch the movie and see they show you how they were going to make Alexa scare people with a spooky laugh. Watch how they were going to use the system itself to destroy the system. Watch the MI in the movie. The Watcher of the Watchers. The guy who only tries to stop Micheal when (((they))) are watching him but otherwise he roots Micheal on toward hacking in and revealing the MKULTRA torture videos. The MAP is there for any with eyes to see.

The movie is a special sort of genius….future proves past. No normie could of understood the movie for what it was in 1983. But it was the "revealing the method" the occult controllers use on US everyday. But the MI boys mirrored it. Took (((their))) love for showing us everything they plan to do to us and showed (((them))) what we plan for them.

Ever wonder what Q means when "this is bigger than you can imagine"?

Watch "Brainstorm" and understand what a group of desperate men with a deep understanding of the enemy and their occult practices would figure out. Watch the Genius brainstorming plan they came up with in the 1970's. Watch them predict the importance of hacking and the internet. This was before WARGAMES. This was the first I know of a film portray of a HERO COMPUTER HACKER.

Why is the movie not just exciting computer hacker spy shit? Why all the Gnostic Christianity Goddess Sophia stuff there?

"The end is not for everyone" Some will never accept.

This movie is two different stories on two different levels of understanding. Exoteric is just what the public understands. It is the straight forward action of the actors in the film. That is the religion people give the normies.

Esoteric….the deeper hidden secrets of the Universe. That are occulted and hidden from mankind. This is the religion of the Universe.

You spend hundreds of hours of your life reading lines on Q. You need to make an effort to spend one and a half hours of your life watching this movie. You need to have a working understanding of Gnostic ideas. And the idea that EVERY scene is a carefully selected image to teach you something. Pay careful attention to the dialogue. It is not random. There is another story being told to you.

I will soon stop spamming the board with this.

I can only do so much as one anon. But YOU owe it to yourself to understand this film deeply. Understand this the was the original Q.

Q did not come out of the thick air. Q has been in operation for decades. But they were weak compared to (((them))). They had to sneak up on (((them)))

Watch the same MI man in the Scene where the group of board members first get a taste of the new technology. Look at his face as he has a INSIGHT> This is a true representation of a true life event where some genius MI saw the way forward. When they saw the path to saving humanity.

"Brainstorm" is the map.

a36066  No.2299767

What about Haiti as a password?

Theyre all related to it

f4774f  No.2299768


Do you understand what is happening?

Think optics.


97de40  No.2299769

Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: fe402e >>1508206 (Qresearch #1895) 05.22.18 GMT+1: 23:29:23


Last post was simply for IDEN_reconf.


Who is missing from the scheduled meeting?


Who is Ed O’Callahan?





Enjoy the show.


927816  No.2299770

There is no password because there is no message

54b632  No.2299771


Q - That article needs a subscription to WSJ.

91471f  No.2299772

>>2299029 lb

It has.

>>2299027 lb

Turn your back on the system. Learn to be smatter than the system. Stop funding the system by viewing and buying their products. Stop putting items on credit. Grow your own food. Stand up for what is right. Don't watch cruelty happen. Stop it.

4a1c81  No.2299773

>>2298750 pb

Whoops, sorry baker, posted too soon (?)

* * *

Great idea

Not a CodeFag, but an interesting project. If someone does that work, maybe Q would send along some photos for us to play with…

36ac74  No.2299774


Has anyone tried this for the PixelKnot password?

170775  No.2299775


It is getting you anons ready for going into the abyss.

Somethings are for us alone.

I think some of the shit that is getting done in the Deep Underground Military Bunkers is going to get dropped.

To get us ready for a taste of the evil that is being done to us with our own money.

They will do anything to us and they are.

Genetic test with humans and animal dna. Test with pathogens and diseases. How fast they can kill us.

To go to these places you cant jump right in.

You have to ease into it.

9afccf  No.2299776


Oh hi Q!

c2c68e  No.2299777

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

can someone post a cap of the article, its behind a paywall

thanks baker!!

POTUS LIVE SOON ,again, kek

282381  No.2299778


No I don't

0118d6  No.2299779

File: b0fa37109fee371⋯.jpg (221.68 KB, 800x1325, 32:53, B788693.jpg)

For the Baker . . .

a36066  No.2299781

c6eec8  No.2299782


Not really. Sorry Q. Some of us dont live and work in the DC political world. We grind, pay our taxers, obey the law and get scammed by the DC politics.

7851f4  No.2299783


"So now we know, Mr. Speaker, that military intelligence officers (Q?)

working in a program authorized by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the general in charge of Special Forces Command, identified Mohammed Atta and three terrorists a year before 9-11, tried to transfer that information to the FBI were denied; "

Interesting. I wonder if this is personal for Q.

bc09d4  No.2299784

>>2299740. (lb)

That is usually followed by …"the more you grow."

e7f775  No.2299785

It's actually FIRST Thessalonians, TRY 1 Thessalonians 5:5.

If there is no Colossians 5:5, this is the next book. 'You are all children of the light and children of the day. We do not belong to the night or to the darkness.'. And the subject matter sure is appropriate!

c2c68e  No.2299786

File: 9f0e7046fe6898c⋯.png (359.97 KB, 992x1035, 992:1035, ClipboardImage.png)



01f62c  No.2299787





Goat Hill



25ad28  No.2299788


trying my best to grasp the many ends of this tale.

keep Trump away from all the bad optics? I'm assuming that's correct.

38cb5b  No.2299789


Yes….. we can't risk alienating "half" the country who are democrats.

this election will prove just how few democrats there really are. especially if electronic voting machines are outlawed BEFORE midterms.

5095ea  No.2299790


archived link: https://archive.fo/pihP9

1e9e42  No.2299791

Someone try the file name of the pic on the first pic Q posted on 10/31 of Washington? Or maybe use the file name of that one on the Christmas pic of Washington?

d72566  No.2299792

File: 7a370c3e3e8ee8b⋯.png (103.15 KB, 372x914, 186:457, WSJ 1 re Sessions 4-2-18.PNG)

File: 5b190b049e1b46e⋯.png (103.79 KB, 383x882, 383:882, WSJ 2 re Sessions 4-2-18.PNG)



Thank You, Jeff Sessions

A capable U.S. attorney is a far better choice than a second special counsel.


6fe05b  No.2299793

File: f61a333fbc3dc67⋯.png (297.75 KB, 457x501, 457:501, Screenshot 2018-06-27 at 3….png)

8691d7  No.2299794

File: f740cbf5da126bc⋯.png (34.33 KB, 1849x97, 1849:97, ClipboardImage.png)

>>2299696 (lb)

Screen of your text in Notepad++

<pic related

6e7d09  No.2299795


Who exactly is the intended audience for this show? Trump was elected largely because people knew our govt was corrupt. So preaching to the choir with overly complex plans seems an unlikely reason for the show.

255a0e  No.2299796


here is the WSJ article from the previous bread: https://archive.is/pihP9

a0355c  No.2299797



9bc9d5  No.2299798


PLEASE hurry. peoplke are TORN. The Pain is already NOW.

ba3289  No.2299799



Incoming posts of everyone sucking Q’s cock for posting shit we all know

3e6d37  No.2299800


archive.is it, it will show up.

8fd224  No.2299801


Giving every chance to make it appear less partisan, and eventually leading to the inevitable conclusion or impeachment?

c93bfd  No.2299802


Mr. Sessions has rendered a service to the Constitution, to good government and even to Mr. Trump, though he may not realize it.

methinks he does.

697b84  No.2299803



944ed1  No.2299804


What is your noteable link and title pls I will add to the dough

1f958c  No.2299805

Messages hidden in Clear Sight

Clear Channel Communications? Hide messages in tv, music, etc?

97de40  No.2299806

49794c  No.2299807

File: eb0afbea4d9c7f3⋯.png (1.48 MB, 825x1100, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)


fashion sense

697b84  No.2299808


Ok. Thanks.

b8afd3  No.2299809


>Do you understand what is happening?

looks like repubs are going war

>Think optics.

dems think they are winning

274ae0  No.2299810


from the archives WSJ Thank You Jeff Sessions Article


6d103c  No.2299811


it's the old hidden ball trick, but the ball is a three-card-monte game disguised as the pig-in-the-poke con.

so no, i have zero idea.

but it sure is interesting.

now about that map…?

927816  No.2299812


Q is trying to get us back on topic

Leave the password stuff for later


8fd224  No.2299813


Meadows said pursuing contempt, if the DOJ does not cooperate, could "unite" leadership and some of the House Republicans who "have been more frustrated," rather than going for the more nuclear impeachment option.

Like this?

9c9a65  No.2299814


Slow rolling for better optics closer to midterms?

7a2a23  No.2299815

File: 117f20731f12624⋯.png (60.8 KB, 452x919, 452:919, fb.PNG)

Fakebook in trouble- SELL

73a6f5  No.2299816

>>2299133 lb

I think it would be more like the Trump post just after the Q post having a key word as the password.

The future DJT proves the past Q.

d8c45a  No.2299817

File: b4b3f7ba7c3f4bb⋯.png (207.86 KB, 540x960, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-07-26-16-0….png)

c6eec8  No.2299818


damn anon

a54f74  No.2299819


'impeach' is a little poisoned at this point.

Contempt sounds much firmer.

42ec83  No.2299820

I bet Q has already given us the password in past posts

47fb83  No.2299821


Pursue contempt is a stronger legal instrument as impeachment

00c03c  No.2299822

pixelknot: is that why super rich kids upload a single photo with only a tag as a caption on instagram??

ef2ba8  No.2299823


Impeachment wouldn't have happened, but this way it's in the news and on the record.

1e9e42  No.2299824


Think Overton window. Nice play Q.

a322c6  No.2299825


Thank you sir.

So good to have you back again.

cd9d8b  No.2299826

c2c68e  No.2299827





MUELLER EXONERATES POTUS, supervised by RR for OPTICS (publicly)



0a22c9  No.2299828


We are watching an orchestrated show.

8b5da8  No.2299829

HAVE WE TRIED Q'S TRIP as a password for images Q's posted?

5f337e  No.2299830


how about covfefe

Trump asked if anyone could tell him the true meaning of it. I've always thought it was a password since that moment.

feb9e1  No.2299831

>>2298993 (pb)

I suspect more likely VJ might have a familial relationship with Awan

bc09d4  No.2299832


Could the password be "STAND THE FUCK DOWN" ? That would definitely be hiding in palin sight…

a36066  No.2299833


Jesus, just imagine what are in Tom Hanks instagram opics

31b660  No.2299834


“So sad that the Department of ‘Justice’ and the FBI are slow walking, or even not giving, the unredacted documents requested by Congress. An embarrassment to our country!”


"This, he added, would be the DOJ's and FBI's "one last chance to comply.""

fff6a1  No.2299835


kek, yup!

4eaf9d  No.2299836


Not completely. I feel like we are given evidence that RR is comped, then wheels-within-wheels plots that maybe this is to get libs falling all over themselves praising RR, so that if/when he turns out to be a good guy supervising Mueller who will exonerate POTUS, the libs won't have a leg to stand on because they praised RR/Mueller.

On the other hand these two could be badguys, whose purpose in the Plan is to buy time for Huber to complete his important work.

I feel like we are being presented two diametrically opposed points of view, lack of clarity, and deliberate confusion/obfuscation. Anons role is to remain confused so that the MSM will remain confused, until it's time for clarity.

THIS is the one aspect of our work for Q team that has left me the most irritated and perplexed … but trusting the Plan that eventually it will all be resolved in the way that has been promised.

ee0b22  No.2299837


Roenstein decided to stand down?

49794c  No.2299838

File: a6bf312acee8d30⋯.png (998.38 KB, 825x1100, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)


shoulda coulda woulda

ceabd2  No.2299839


He's not comped so he won't be impeached.

42e65d  No.2299840

File: 363d58247330192⋯.png (240.55 KB, 708x852, 59:71, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4596a3afe9326d1⋯.png (260.42 KB, 706x819, 706:819, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b3c58b059f6f557⋯.png (54.43 KB, 710x617, 710:617, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 938091c9d9dd26b⋯.png (278.03 KB, 706x806, 353:403, ClipboardImage.png)

File: eb1240614de237b⋯.png (55.35 KB, 717x682, 717:682, ClipboardImage.png)

Toronto votes to ban handgun and ammunition sales


7c7b7d  No.2299841






That gay Saudi Prince guy

No Name

I bet they were all brought in and presented w a bunch of dirt Q team has on them.

Not all the dirt…

And we’re let go

They’re being followed and monitored

They’re having to use their most covert comms, which Q is finding out about

They’re unwittingly exposing the whole messy unbelly of the swamp

They should really just kill themselves but they’re too narcissistic to do so

I don’t think Obama has been brought in and it’s pissing him off bc he has the biggest ego of all. He’s also the stupidest and most careless so he’s leading Q to a bunch of corrupt shot too

b8afd3  No.2299842

File: f8e6332d679f4a6⋯.mp4 (2.36 MB, 720x406, 360:203, Meadows backs off impeachi….mp4)

94edf7  No.2299843


Looks like "Bait & Switch"….Rosenstein still there, Mueller still investigating, Trump and his supporters are still racist homophobes, oh and xenophobic too

9bc9d5  No.2299844



528fc3  No.2299845

File: 0e1258817b198aa⋯.pdf (305.74 KB, Qcodes.books1.pdf)

File: 66e7a2927643810⋯.pdf (889.15 KB, Qcodes.books2.pdf)

File: 0e1258817b198aa⋯.pdf (305.74 KB, Qcodes.books3.pdf)

File: c2a7f91ff9f2afd⋯.pdf (208.81 KB, Qcodes.books4.pdf)

File: 7aa83ad20dfc34c⋯.pdf (251.48 KB, Qcodes.books5.pdf)

Science proceeds as we do here by conjecture and criticism.

By combining many points of view, many perceptual inputs, we are able to build accurate collective understanding or knowledge.

As a society we are not aware of what we are now capable of, of the glorious options now open to us with the removal of the cultists.

We have learned to revise our beliefs, even our most fundamental beliefs when new evidence support this. We have learn how to deal with conflicting evidence by studying the past and future, by pattern analysis. We have learned that all things are profoundly connected and that the connections are discoverable.

We have been taught so that we could teach others.

Q's reading list, derived from string searches are not only q proofs, they are a basic curriculum for reality.

Posted for newfags and anons who may have missed the Q decrypt reading lists.

Many of the books and be found by searching for a PDF version.

Not on the list is Buckminster Fuller's "Plan B"

which describes the 50 year experiment he made of his life and shows why God wins.


29ef13  No.2299846


there was never going to be an RR impeachment

ba3289  No.2299847


Take another 20 day hiatus. I can get links and color commentary from Tracy Beanz.

Fuck your wild goose chase.

4aa650  No.2299848

Q is reinforcing the point that we should not get caught up in optics (fake news) Huber is quietly taking care of business

fff6a1  No.2299849



thank you anon

1a003f  No.2299850

File: c3baf049f34c864⋯.png (522.71 KB, 591x548, 591:548, ClipboardImage.png)


and MSM is confused AF

69db8c  No.2299851

If you wanted to send a message to people on the boards and you wanted to convey the password as well, how would you do that?

Because the date and time are local to the user you can't use that because people are in different time zones.

You can't be SURE you know what the post number is because someone may make another post before you do.

You have the image file name.

You have your ID:

The simple way is to find your ID with 1 post in the clear and then use it for the password of the steganography used in your image before you post it.

Otherwise, you'd need a pre-shared key.

3e3722  No.2299852

Q, I love you!

7bb4f4  No.2299854

Who would of thunk

Damnation as simple as

Frump memes

ca86d7  No.2299855

Re: SS

Muh Livelihood!

These fuckers crack me up/make me sick. God fucking forbid you have to take the million(s) dollars you have in the bank, buy a fucking 2 bedroom house in Ohio, and get an actual, you know JOB.

Nope…we DESERVE mansions in California…don't mess with Muh Livelihood. No fuckers…livelihood means the difference between survival and starvation, and that reality is about to skull fuck you.

2857c9  No.2299856


Mid Terms push.

cdd62c  No.2299857


Tried. But try:




bf4f99  No.2299859


We are moving towards showing that the FBI and DOJ are incapable of investigating without bias, or to cooperate with Congress.

This will give the President to authority to activate the military to take over the investigations and prosecutions.

Enter our much anticipated military tribunals for these traitors.

0d1b33  No.2299860

I was looking back at Holder being charged with contempt due to f&f.

if RR is held in contempt. Sessions will have to make the call on if he gets prosecuted.

ea585e  No.2299861

Q I pray for the success of POTUS and success of all American forces. May our adversaries know the true might of the free man.

May God bless you and yours.

9bfc13  No.2299862

File: a6ea78c16c172b7⋯.jpg (43.91 KB, 433x493, 433:493, 2er87j~2.jpg)

File: d0b84b88953f3a3⋯.jpg (49.06 KB, 572x842, 286:421, 3f7d0262ead9e5460c9928d576….jpg)

File: f259e79154c29fe⋯.jpg (22.36 KB, 275x183, 275:183, 2egkb1.jpg)

Trust Sessions, only a dumb ass would trust Sessions.

fa730f  No.2299863


I'm going on the assumption that RR is a "good guy", so this just keeps the bad guys thinking he's on their side…??

1e9e42  No.2299864

SUICIDE WEEKEND??? When we crack how they expose the passwords it’s over.

7afffc  No.2299865


I think I understand Q, impeachment could be spun to the normies, contempt would play out negatively for [RR] across the board

1e517b  No.2299866

File: e1e015f37fb3601⋯.png (153.9 KB, 1171x614, 1171:614, Cepher-Q-Colossians.png)

>>2298335 Q

> -Colossians 3:5

Well, look at what we have here…

9afccf  No.2299867

File: 75a26a40195b9d5⋯.gif (2.69 MB, 325x216, 325:216, potus_water.gif)

936cb2  No.2299868


after august recess

1 more chance to comply


9bc9d5  No.2299869


FISA drop was 17 day safter the 4th

42e65d  No.2299870

File: fe6a7da6585a297⋯.png (662.43 KB, 906x816, 151:136, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 03a8a5502164c71⋯.png (91.27 KB, 927x600, 309:200, ClipboardImage.png)

UN Chief Fears "Brush With Bankruptcy", Urges Members To Send Cash


d72566  No.2299871

File: 227d951732720cd⋯.png (46.96 KB, 650x373, 650:373, Meadows re Jordan Speaker ….PNG)


The steps for Ryan to step aside or be forced out?

4a1c81  No.2299872



I was apologizing in my newfaggy way for posting a similar note just as this bread was getting started.

I do not have a NOTABLE, but like the idea of a CodeFag looking into this.

:) Great afternoon to ya!

c5e75b  No.2299873


it will look like RR was forced to release the documents

a899da  No.2299875


For once, I'm truly baffled. There had to be a reason for filing. What's the reason for tabling?

fff6a1  No.2299876


when the timing is right!

a591e4  No.2299877


I took screenshots of some with intent to look into later…

b53e2f  No.2299878


Contempt = JAIL

8fd224  No.2299879


this feels right.

00c03c  No.2299880


no one is safe

7cd2bc  No.2299881

File: 26c0472e7640c7a⋯.png (448.47 KB, 632x359, 632:359, session.png)

d517a3  No.2299882

File: 1e507035b4764cb⋯.png (824.28 KB, 998x1117, 998:1117, AResearch.png)


Looks like a Republican Civil War brewing, while the Democrats think they can capitalize on the Divisions (Think Graham), and then Trump comes in for the win!

82908c  No.2299883

File: 48e96515146d1bd⋯.jpg (133.34 KB, 980x1489, 980:1489, comey book sale.jpg)

File: 77202fdd5e565c4⋯.jpg (19.93 KB, 168x300, 14:25, comey corn.jpg)


McCabes firing.

Also posted the weird corn photo, which could relate to the person Corn.

7851f4  No.2299884

Glad to see Q sobered up after doing Vodka shots with Putin and Lavrov.

Kick some ass for us Q.

8e4056  No.2299885

File: 74737455fc2aa8b⋯.png (429.18 KB, 679x554, 679:554, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)

File: 974321e3017b106⋯.png (177.37 KB, 814x709, 814:709, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)

File: 6a37525fc55f381⋯.png (70.99 KB, 800x339, 800:339, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)

File: 71bcd26b5bde836⋯.png (326.33 KB, 647x371, 647:371, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)


Q Linked Article

Meadows backs off impeaching Rosenstein after leadership talks


fd2da7  No.2299886


Meadows knows what's coming. Huber will take out RR?

688fd1  No.2299887


>Do you understand what is happening?

No. Cryptic posts don't help either.

I only know what I see. Because that is the only thing that is real.

I have no proof of any other happenings.

And cryptic posts by an anonymous letter on 8chan is the last thing I will be using as "proof" of justice being served.

If you are who you claim to be, you would understand this. …. if

7c022f  No.2299888

File: 7eccebff14d3225⋯.png (112.46 KB, 300x246, 50:41, ClipboardImage.png)


Quantum level Chess game.

Same reason POTUS loves to bash Sessions.

25ad28  No.2299889

Rothschild Bank Caught in Money Laundering Scandal by Swiss Regulator

Authorities have accused Rothschild Bank AG and its subsidiary Rothschild Trust AG of not only failing to reveal the source of the assets of dubious customers but also of expanding their business dealings with them.

The case involving the Rothschild Bank was one of seven enforcement proceedings launched by the FINMA against 1MDB amid suspicions of a serious breach of Swiss banking laws.

In the case of Rothschild, the FINMA accused the bank of not only establishing business dealings with dubious customers suspected of money laundering activities, but "considerably expand[ing]" their business dealings with them and reporting suspicions "only after a substantial delay," thereby breaching the bank's reporting requirements. Rothschild Bank AG was also said to have "failed to adequately document" high-risk transactions.


Q, any legitimacy to this?

0118d6  No.2299890


Still parsing it out. Why is contempt preferable to impeachment? Threat?


8eb54d  No.2299891

How many more months of RR in contempt … Zzzzzzzzz

7bb4f4  No.2299892

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

"They killed Kenny "

Is an homage to

The dope war fallacy

3e6d37  No.2299893

File: 04811a356d071fa⋯.png (975.52 KB, 823x530, 823:530, this-bread-not-your-daddie….png)

810654  No.2299894


689b8a  No.2299896

File: e46179f8de4f7a9⋯.jpg (45.34 KB, 604x460, 151:115, Capture.JPG)

a217bf  No.2299897


The Anons would love a hint towards next order.

Gold? Silver? Cryptos? DLT?

BRICS/Eastern alliance part of the systemic takedown?

0118d6  No.2299898

File: 152c4ba74343dc3⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 161.01 KB, 684x1024, 171:256, BCDFEBB.jpg)


It's what I do.

d9e80a  No.2299899

6a594d  No.2299901

>>2299625 (previous)

Link to the article "Thank You, Jeff Sessions" without having to register at WSJ. https://www.investorvillage.com/smbd.asp?mb=4288&mn=295874&pt=msg&mid=18158325

4a1c81  No.2299902


Pepe look ==really comfy== there…!

fff6a1  No.2299903




moar cabal targets Q?

averting SUM OF ALL FEARS??

0e54d4  No.2299904


Well said anon.

Some good high altitude perspectives for sure.

7afffc  No.2299905

File: 20286158d3829ad⋯.jpg (82.29 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 2a9q8m.jpg)

dcf806  No.2299906

Goreshills are back. We must be getting close!

ca86d7  No.2299908


The Art of the Deal

25ad28  No.2299909



another article from a good source.

a36066  No.2299910


Double what James Gunn deleted, and we all know what his were about

9bfc13  No.2299911

File: 28485720eca8d8d⋯.jpg (34.34 KB, 431x430, 431:430, 2en4fe~3.jpg)

File: f7d0eae0886a4d3⋯.jpg (46.18 KB, 480x479, 480:479, 2dnzxp.jpg)

8fd224  No.2299912

Ugh. Looks like WAKANDANON is back. We Must be over the target,.

ceabd2  No.2299913


Still less annoying that "R"

021327  No.2299914


If the Dems say they can't impeach RR on obstruction of justice charges, then they won't be able to claim they can impeach POTUS on those charges! BRILLIANT!!

3eec9f  No.2299915



a40bca  No.2299916

Hi Q, not me>>2299768

fff6a1  No.2299917



go back to facebook faggot shill

ee0b22  No.2299918


>>2299837 (me)

Hodor no, waiting for that BIG thing to DROP. That would give enough reason to then impeach little to no resistance from the left. Your talking about the truth that is about to come out. The congressman was getting a little to excited.

85803b  No.2299919


Thank you Q And POTUS. Been following since day 3. What a time to be alive!

0118d6  No.2299920


Good call. If held in contempt, first, then impeachment is still on the table. And RR is still working.

8691d7  No.2299921


Can't look like a political attack.

Therefore Ryan gives them a final chance.

The fail it goes to contempt.

Buys some time to wrap, and looks better politically.

85c305  No.2299923


I get now! You guys/gals are so smart! It's perfect! Everybody please let them do this. Give them a chance! It is NOT as it even seems!

fff6a1  No.2299924

a36066  No.2299925


How the fuck else are we supposed to communicate what didnt work?

a54f74  No.2299927



As a Comment Filter and the muhblack will disappear!

3ee698  No.2299928


RR deserves a best supporting actor oscar?

471f81  No.2299929


No, I don't, with regards to the RR and Sessions DOJ nonsense. I know there are demons in this world that have shaped the outcome of our culture for the last 100 years and everyone around me is a product of that. End it all.

99af68  No.2299930

File: 8d2896fd2460015⋯.png (685.17 KB, 888x768, 37:32, Screenshot_2018-07-26 Form….png)



3ab0bc  No.2299931

File: b2b184fc9584a0c⋯.jpg (342.32 KB, 1200x940, 60:47, muricapepeeagle.jpg)

9c9a65  No.2299932

File: a96f09237c1ae99⋯.png (492.7 KB, 1097x1094, 1097:1094, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)



38cb5b  No.2299933

File: de6502e0afb204e⋯.png (10.45 KB, 902x214, 451:107, ClipboardImage.png)


When will ownership of Smithland be returned to Americans???????


b8afd3  No.2299934


>Swiss Regulator


34fc96  No.2299935

thread on pixelknot?

a6b879  No.2299936



Mr. F

ceabd2  No.2299937


Make a new topic on the board.

17ce82  No.2299938

try matlock and the other I think password that q revealed on any and all of q pictures

42e65d  No.2299939

Pelosi Refers To 9/11 Terror Attacks As An ‘Incident’ While Defending Weaker Borders

House minority leader Nancy Pelosi referred to the 9/11 terror attacks that killed nearly 3,000 innocent people and scarred generations of Americans as an “incident” during her weekly press conference on Capitol Hill.

Pelosi was describing her opposition to the now-reversed policy of the Trump administration of separating illegal immigrant children from their parents when they cross the border illegally.

Pelosi said the Trump administration believes that “if you are a mom who wants to escape rape, murder and gang violence for your child, and you’ve tried to come to asylum in the United States, you are unfit, and we’re taking your child away from you.”

Pelosi was defending her stance on weaker border enforcement in an attempt to pivot the blame for the current border crisis to Republicans after 9/11.

“When we had the 9/11 incident,” Pelosi said, “the commission was formed and they made the recommendations. They made recommendations to protect America, and some were about our borders, and Republicans would not take them up.”

Pelosi went on to say that she believes Democrats will be victorious in November midterms because Americans think this is not “who we are as a country” to take children away from their parents.


cd9d8b  No.2299940



Absolves republicans.

Whatever happens to [RR], they will come out fine, because their leadership were the 'good guys' and got him to table impeachment processes.

7bb4f4  No.2299942

File: 767718887ed1225⋯.jpg (110.44 KB, 960x709, 960:709, IMG_1109.JPG)

File: 8357db481c6182f⋯.jpg (67.08 KB, 975x477, 325:159, IMG_1304.JPG)

File: 6ff6cb272286cec⋯.jpg (240.72 KB, 1400x1795, 280:359, IMG_1337.JPG)


AND TGERE IS a PHOto of the dope money from the bushes stealing the load out of the federal building

688fd1  No.2299943



Trump wouldn't waste the time and efforts of his loyal supporters with a 9 month wild goose chase.

Anyone truly close to Trump would know this.

3d6881  No.2299944


Q we know about the optics but this shit is taking forever, tell POTUS to hurry up and unleash the pain already .

810654  No.2299945

7c7b7d  No.2299946

db6027  No.2299947


Impeach would give Dems reason to try to impeach POTUS if they take control later in year?

66dfb0  No.2299948


Rosenstein already said TWICE that POTUS (nor any American) was involved in hacking or election fraud.

Rosenstein/Mueller have cleared POTUS of charges … what's next?

ef2ba8  No.2299949


Those Dem Hags are so ugly they make a freight train take a dirt road.

36ac74  No.2299950


What do we have there??

fff6a1  No.2299951



1a003f  No.2299952

File: aaecd6157e76625⋯.png (217.68 KB, 800x387, 800:387, nasim-convern.png)

93751b  No.2299953

File: 93fdf2c8e67db4a⋯.png (25.37 KB, 490x222, 245:111, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 827598c74c31cd9⋯.png (47.75 KB, 492x427, 492:427, ClipboardImage.png)


I'm starting to think opposite is true. If I were Q, I'd spend an exorbitant amount of time focused on bad mouthing [RR] to ensure bad actors monitoring to not suspect that he's /ourguy/

Rod/Bob key players in U1 scandal. POTUS interviews Mueller the day before he was named special counsel.

How about this theory: "We know - here's the plan. Help or hang… your choice."

c3a6bd  No.2299954


It's interdasting;

Gorefag only seems to rt those who are over a target.

38cb5b  No.2299955


Every state that signed on to that lawsuit is full of liberal fuckers

so they can go rot

82908c  No.2299956


Nice Trips…BOOM

1e517b  No.2299957

File: d161bd78bf2fb97⋯.png (2.78 KB, 138x36, 23:6, Q-f4774f.png)


Always good to have a mirror & hammer on hand when you need em.


fff6a1  No.2299958



shit, broke the link

ceabd2  No.2299959

Just a reminder Anons,



3 Jan 2018 - 11:54:28 PM

What makes a movie GOOD?

GREAT actors?


b6cb90  No.2299960

Any way to download the NYT enhanced voting map?


Thinking it would be handy for a GPS "NO-go zone" POI file.


4eaf9d  No.2299961


After reading article.

So it's a deliberate stall tactic.

They introduced the RR impeachment motion KNOWING Ryan/Godlatte would counsel not to bring it forward.

They back down talking the weaker option, contempt, knowing in advance full well that this is what will occur?

Making the Freedom Caucus look strong and aggressive, then making them look like they are caving in to pressure from Goodlatte/Ryan?

It is totally unclear whether Meadows et al. actually know what is going on behind the scenes with the timing and events scheduled to unfold in the Plan. I presume they DO know and are acting the roles that were written for them by the Director.

But another way to get people to do things is by means of agents of influence, where the actors don't actually know they are playing roles, but incentives are provided in their environment that cause them to act in a particular way without knowing they are being manipulated.




This anon has been very, very, very, very patient and trusting the plan but


Give us the straight poop. End the mystery. Lay it all out.

Please, Q.

7fc5b2  No.2299962

>muh optics

tfw Q is stuck in a 2017 alt-right debate timeline.

688fd1  No.2299963

File: c2151991b39a122⋯.jpg (16.72 KB, 413x395, 413:395, scotch2.jpg)


> Incoming posts of everyone sucking Q’s cock for posting shit we all know


0a22c9  No.2299964


Happened a year ago.



49794c  No.2299965

File: d96cdc9338aec0a⋯.png (1.88 MB, 1024x1022, 512:511, ClipboardImage.png)


Australian Instagram star,

Gabby Epstein

Is she a bunny

Or a one-eyed goddess?

2857c9  No.2299966

File: 331a695abadee05⋯.jpg (1.23 MB, 3168x4752, 2:3, 1443729068514-3.jpg)


To elaborate,

Red wave mid terms. Look at Kemp for example. Paul "I used to be libertarian but sold out" Ryan steps down, and Jim get's the chair. Once massive republican control of house/senate (think 60) hits, then the swamp goes down all at once.

Q's post from last November can be read like this coming November, and it's a self-fulfilling prophesy from that point forward; one that anons already know the ending to.

In the meantime, I like how Hollywood is imploding. That's as much fun to watch as folks getting their heads warped over this DC shit.

412d87  No.2299967


Judge Napolitano covered this well on Fox news last night..

9605d4  No.2299968

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

POTUS live now

9bfc13  No.2299970


Type this code into your Android phone.

a36066  No.2299971

File: 2a355b92ac4d8bd⋯.jpg (352.64 KB, 2197x1463, 2197:1463, nigel farage 9.jpg)

37afe8  No.2299972


I would like a quiet, peaceful corner of the planet on which to live without interference from anyone. Where I can live like Man Friday, and not have to work for others, pay 'bills', and have a government (mind controller) running my life for me. Other than the ocean, jungle, or ice fields, where can I go, Q?

d72566  No.2299973

File: d362e8bfa5a5bec⋯.png (487.48 KB, 654x710, 327:355, DoD 7-26-18 1 pm PDT.PNG)

File: a5e125d5c85d740⋯.png (501.45 KB, 642x906, 107:151, Joint Staff 7-26-18 7 24 a….PNG)

File: 3401682a19a7a09⋯.png (1.71 MB, 1203x763, 1203:763, Joint Staff 7-26-18 7 24 a….PNG)

00c03c  No.2299974

what happened to the q & a?

31b660  No.2299975

File: 7bdc78ccf43433a⋯.jpg (62.67 KB, 794x762, 397:381, 5a7f006bc6398e644ec960d83a….jpg)

The day and date is Sunday, July 21st. That's not 2018 then.

When was the last time July 21st fell on Sunday?


Sunday, July 21, 2013

In the future:

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Any idea about those dates?

38cb5b  No.2299977

Did TRUMP just do his SEA TO SHINING SEA confirmation again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ceabd2  No.2299978


You cannot, in detail, give away a plan, in public for all to see, including the enemy.

a54f74  No.2299979


Never let your enemy decide your priorities or confirm your success.


bc09d4  No.2299980


Gorefag is a sick faggot whom i wish would go play in traffic so he will end up looking like the shit he is posting.

b55e3a  No.2299981

. >>2299514 (prev. bread)

I remember a time when i couldn't have afforded the big meal and just got banquet.

Nothing wrong with it Anon. We do what we must to survive.

42e65d  No.2299982

File: 455e9fa23e1a18d⋯.png (88.07 KB, 874x861, 874:861, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 774abe4d1af1782⋯.png (73.28 KB, 868x834, 434:417, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 05167d0f613247d⋯.png (33.8 KB, 842x429, 842:429, ClipboardImage.png)

Attorneys say Larry Nassar was assaulted in prison; they’re blaming the judge who sentenced him


e0ee70  No.2299984


That's what Dersh tried saying on Fox this morning, but there is NO CHANCE the dems take control in the mid-terms.

Red Wave.

8fa50e  No.2299985


Click Bait? Logging info? Know who we are? Q are you just setting the stage? TAPES, JORDAN, and DROPS? JULY ONLY HAS 5 MORE DAYS.. PROVE TO US YOU ARE NOT FAKE!!

cf031f  No.2299986


It was earlier in the song but yes

e6a268  No.2299987

>>2299625 Qlb

Huber started in November. Sealed indictments started in November. Huber is behind the sealed indictments? Pray he stays safe.

c6a7d9  No.2299988

File: 40b28ec377828ea⋯.jpg (10.76 KB, 170x255, 2:3, Baby fingers.jpg)


>1 more chance to comply

"I mean it this time! I really really mean it. If you don't knock it off I'm going to get out of my chair and come up there! Do you hear me?"

d691b2  No.2299990


Yeah well the problem with the acting thing is that he kinda signed off on the FISA warrant. That wasn't acting, that actually happened.

cc6c3b  No.2299991

File: 6f070b926eb1d5b⋯.jpg (37.03 KB, 514x308, 257:154, invisibleanon.JPG)


Well done anon

4d52fd  No.2299992


Britbong here. Too many drops make Anons dumb.

c4da71  No.2299993


Oh look!

It's another delay.

>When asked what will happen if he does not receive the documents two House committees are seeking by the time the House returns from August recess, Meadows said, "I think the very first order of business would be moving the House to a contempt vote."

bd0541  No.2299994

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


cdbb2f  No.2299995

File: c1c8e46c73559c1⋯.png (177.65 KB, 264x519, 88:173, Stand the Fuck Down.PNG)

I don't care if the cabal minions are sending each other messages here on the board and laughing about it. We get the last laugh knowing they will be sitting in a dark dank jail cell and we won't.

d77e24  No.2299996


Art of deal. Ask for stars. Get moon.

0b1486  No.2299997


Gorefag also including text. Not saying we should waste time, but pixelknot passwords would have to be somehow given with the photo right?

Password decryption almost certainly must be possible within any picture transmitted.

Curious. Not saying anons should waste time staring at these images and looking to decrypt until we’ve at least confirmed we can do it with one other image.

97212d  No.2299998


Thanks Anon!

00c03c  No.2299999

at least get new gore images. damn

38cb5b  No.2300000


Ok ty I'm HOH so didn't know where they were at it again.

7c022f  No.2300001

File: a3ebc4cfc7b93fa⋯.jpg (159.41 KB, 1100x619, 1100:619, POTUS-CONSEQUENCES.jpg)

2857c9  No.2300002


As a side note, and again, warning to anons to ARCHIVE EVERYTHING, more and more Q posts linked to qanon.pub are going to go dark.


Will you guys do a reveal, or will this disappear? I'm not afraid of scary phone calls, btw…

35dc01  No.2300003

File: 97a680ca5bc16fd⋯.png (79.13 KB, 400x552, 50:69, big-q1.png)

File: 91d11fb3948e132⋯.png (17.88 KB, 400x416, 25:26, big-q2.png)

Q TWEET Confirmation

9ed68d  No.2300004


Isn't it great to see real justice meted out?

49794c  No.2300005


Sounds like a Trump move

From Art of the Deal

After all, everything in Congress and the Senate

Is doing deals, negotiating

8e4056  No.2300006

File: 2c4054d9914f26a⋯.png (148.89 KB, 1333x490, 1333:490, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)

Contempt of Congress

(Those found in Contempt of Congress are referred to the U.S. Attorney's Office for Prosecution)

Under the law, Congress has the authority to "compel" people to comply with subpoenas. They can even use the Sergeant at Arms to seize subpoenaed records and even arrest subjects if they hinder an investigation. Subpoenaed witnesses who refuse to testify can even be incarcerated in a jail cell beneath Congress and they can be kept there until they agree to comply or the current Congress ends (which would be in January).

Individuals who are held in Contempt of Congress are referred directly to the US Attorney's Office for prosecution and if none of this works, Congress has the ultimate power to impeach government officials to remove them from office entirely.

Rosenstein is defying Congress because he knows that Paul Ryan won't let anyone touch him. This man is in charge the witch hunt against President Trump — where Mueller is desperately searching for something to get the President with — and yet Rosenstein himself if flagrantly violating the law.


7a7554  No.2300007

File: 6188acad6dd1179⋯.jpg (60.34 KB, 413x395, 413:395, 1a18e64344cff28f68e92b5351….jpg)


Bypass PayWall


97212d  No.2300008


ThanQ anon! Helps a lot

0e54d4  No.2300009


KEK'd 'n Checkked!

6fe05b  No.2300011



Wasted digits on feeding the trolls…nice

de963b  No.2300012


Art of the Deal.

a36066  No.2300013


Not always

Sometimes he will rt those bitching too

8e0fcc  No.2300014

File: 6c68fcfdeeea37f⋯.jpg (199.47 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180726-161417….jpg)

File: 047ca0b88482b58⋯.jpg (316.86 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180726-153748….jpg)

Can anyone make out what this says on the top

Looks like Sunday junk, or july 21

Pic. Related

fff6a1  No.2300015




cd43e4  No.2300016


Don't know if it would work, you really need the full original image. Thumbnails are not enough. I didn't click any image, so I'm empty-handed.

31b660  No.2300018


>Sunday, July 21, 2013

I searched it quick myself.


Historical Events

100th Tour de France won by Chris Froome of Great Britain

12 people are killed in a clash between two Muslim families in Lanao del Sur, Philippines

15 Egyptian Army soldiers are killed after their bus crashes into a truck on the Mediterranean Coast Highway

bc09d4  No.2300019


Could it be SEA TO SHINING SEA…or related to the stringer ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ from way back when?

0118d6  No.2300020

File: 56618ad72d658ff⋯.png (18.2 KB, 228x255, 76:85, 1e507035b4764cb6c659bc3121….png)


Concur. They're still thinking old status quo. Most of the GOP has united behind POTUS now, and his successes have lead to PLENTY of independents defecting in practice. The few NeverTrumpers from the Old Guard GOP they think are still steering the party are effectively gone, or defected to the DNC.

Showing acrimony within the party emboldens Dems into seeing weakness where there is none. Meanwhile, the DNC looks like a dumpster fire.

On a train wreck.

Going over the falls.

39ec38  No.2300021

I keep asking myself "What can I do to help". I never come up with a logical reasoned idea. It must be grand.

It was another regular day. I stopped at the gas station to fuel up my rusty bomb around truck. There is an intoxicated man semi bothering a women for a smoke. We have many intoxicated people that walk around here. Seems thr gas attendant called the fake police. Some places have rental cops that enforce by laws.

I am watching the scenario unfold. The man is up against the vehicle being arrested. I turned for a split second and then I heard it. I heard a skull crack on the ground. The rent a cop had slammed this barely of a man to the ground. This rental cop is gigantic. 6.'4 couple hundred pounds. The drunk 6'2 not even 200 lbs.

I walk over and see blood draining from his onto the pavement. Now I'm angry. I approach the rental cop touch his arm and say "Look what you did to him! LOOK!! I am making this giant look angry what he did. He couldn't. He couldn't even look at me. "YOU HAD NO RIGHT TO DO THAT!" Some other words were exchanged and I went back to my vehicle. A real plain clothed officer appears on the scene. Telling me to calm down. Because you see I was the only person to say something that day. And when I did the others around me joined in.

Now here is the kicker. The rent a cop is white male. The intoxicate man is Native American. All the bystanders are Native American. I am not. I a, also 5'3 with no real presence. Until you make me mad. Then I am a giant.

You bet I marched my small white has up to that giant rent a cop and called him out on his shit. Because that's what we do when we see people being mistreated that don't deserve it.

The man didn't do anything to have his head cracked open on the pavement,

That is the day I realized I help out everyday. In small ways.

Be the change you want to see on the world.

9ed68d  No.2300022

File: 606fcb7466546c5⋯.png (245.62 KB, 568x710, 4:5, PepeGold.png)



3f1548  No.2300023


I'm looking through SS twitter for that date,

is there any easier way to search by date without scrolling through years of tweets.

fuck twitter sucks

ceabd2  No.2300024


Imagine how frustrated the guilty must be that are waiting for someone to knock on their door. At any minute.

Any minute now.

Any minute.

Might just end up going a little crazy and doing something really stupid out of paranoia and fear? You certainly wont be thinking straight. And after so much fuckery, why not let them simmer in fear for a while?


85ea7a  No.2300025

File: ddc80301ffb62a4⋯.png (35.45 KB, 448x328, 56:41, ClipboardImage.png)

38cb5b  No.2300026

I assume this is Granite City, Illinois????? Didnt' know they did steel there.

7bb4f4  No.2300027

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Black cock gobblers

Got into

Gore porn

Since wtc

Metatron clue

f4774f  No.2300028

File: d1758f3cd594eb4⋯.jpg (14.64 KB, 380x218, 190:109, X-KDYQ.jpg)

Facebook Investors Want to Strip Zuckerberg of Chairman Title


Shareholder Wants to Oust Zuckerberg as Facebook Chairman


Facebook shareholders try to fire Mark Zuckerberg as chairman

Daily Mail

[DC moves slow]


a0355c  No.2300029

Sunday, July 21




Sarah STAND THE FUCK DOWN Sunday, July 21

Sarah Silverman STAND THE FUCK DOWN Sunday, July 21


Sunday, July 21 STAND THE FUCK DOWN Sarah Silverman

I don't have an android atm

e6a268  No.2300031


>think optics

None of this shit matters? Rosenstein and wife in those sealed indictments? We just going through the motions here Q? Am I reading it right?

476c5f  No.2300032


>EVIL is everywhere.

Until good people clean it up

b9dfd0  No.2300033



That is very stupid, anon. You have no idea of the timetable for anything.

We spent 3 months thinking HRC and Huma and No Name were walking around in ankle monitors because we read the predictions as literal truth and did not understand the need for disinfo.

Disinfo means we do not know when things are going to happen.

214373  No.2300034



Do you understand what is happening?

Think optics.


I understand we are still being put off, that justice is still delayed. I understand that contempt of Congress is pretty meaningless. I understand that if I was sliding I would say the exact same thing you are.

a36066  No.2300035


They love their numbers so yea, this may be a step in the right direction

fab2f3  No.2300036


I like the way you think.

45a30a  No.2300037


Optics for who?

ALL of this shit is COMPLETELY LOST on most Normies.

All these details go right over their heads.

Who is all this ducking and weaving for the benefit of?

8fd224  No.2300039


But it surely moves. wwg1wga

7c022f  No.2300040

File: ff6e238a193c96e⋯.png (8.5 MB, 3000x2065, 600:413, ClipboardImage.png)


Ask Erik Holder about the consequences of being held in Contempt of Congress.

6443b4  No.2300041


Burn it down Q!

d83d02  No.2300042


All for show

27b417  No.2300043


All about appearances. Gotta keep your hands out of your pockets. Keep everything above board. We are watching. We are supporting. We are Q! Thank you, All!!

cb03ef  No.2300044



9c9a65  No.2300045

File: 5ad14a786a9319a⋯.png (545.03 KB, 919x1039, 919:1039, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)


No doubt!

thankfully that was awhile ago (single then)

Here's a twat about our military might for ya :)

good deterant.

17ce82  No.2300046

>>2299768. meadows shown to be blackhat

38cb5b  No.2300047


DC moves faster after January?

6d103c  No.2300048


if i apply for a job

can i put you down

as a reference?

cd43e4  No.2300049


Nope. Fuck that.

ca86d7  No.2300050



8c065a  No.2300051


What happens to at rat [RR] when its cornered.

944ed1  No.2300052

File: 1daac0fde1cb680⋯.jpg (476.5 KB, 749x1000, 749:1000, ed46894d01851bdfecf681a870….jpg)


We Love you Q !!!

00c03c  No.2300053

Q what's the wifi

25ad28  No.2300054


uhm, no.

e6a268  No.2300055


U said he would be out but he’s trying to play it off.

7bb4f4  No.2300056


It's a goldmanSachs scam

Old as shit

a36066  No.2300057


Like pond water sometimes

cd9d8b  No.2300059

File: ca62f9adcf3161a⋯.png (338.95 KB, 754x396, 377:198, zuckerbergdumbfucks.png)


Who's the dumb fuck now, Zuck?

dabcd5  No.2300061


Yes, it mean's DECLAS!

b9dfd0  No.2300062


They are driving newfags away from the board which is probably the entire purpose.

b8afd3  No.2300063


MZ is small fry, we want large fry & Big Mac

d83d02  No.2300064


Facebook, Apple, Google, Amazon all need to be broken up anyway. Twitter nationalized.

3122eb  No.2300065

Q, please tell me you guys are going after the banksters ro and we will finally have real markets (emphasis gold/silver)

f086bf  No.2300066

File: 376e244c6e557e5⋯.png (266 KB, 1132x515, 1132:515, Capture.PNG)


Hey Q, did you try to tell us about the encryption back in December?

38cb5b  No.2300067

can anyone tell me what those black things on both sides of the POTUS are? I see them at EVERY speech/rally.

bd0541  No.2300068


Q Zuckerface is getting rid of his stocks.

Martha went to jail .. MZ needs to go to JAIL for this!

d4d8d1  No.2300069

File: 857a416c82abf23⋯.png (301.72 KB, 511x546, 73:78, ClipboardImage.png)

16f133  No.2300070

Thank you guys for the help. Stuff flies for sure, very very fast.

c4da71  No.2300071


>waiting for someone to knock on their door

While they vacation on their yachts in tropical paradises being served by their young hottie sex slaves?

Sounds horrible.

4aa650  No.2300072


Optics for Trump dummy, he has everyone spinning in circles

82908c  No.2300073


Separate catalog

d83d02  No.2300074


Of course we will. End the Fed frees the markets (mostly)

476c5f  No.2300075

File: 538fc07d5fe3a0f⋯.png (336.59 KB, 876x812, 219:203, ClipboardImage.png)


April 4th

dd1376  No.2300076

File: 6470e49caae1cbc⋯.png (474.28 KB, 632x720, 79:90, 15059a1e4500fbdc9eadff58d4….png)

1e517b  No.2300077

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


(nice full house)

Published by The White House so should be no paywall.

Does HT version work for you?

see last letter of the filename


ec606a  No.2300078



1a003f  No.2300079

File: 8fa667714222229⋯.png (268.42 KB, 557x556, 557:556, ClipboardImage.png)


Uncharted waters…

c3a6bd  No.2300080



35dc01  No.2300081


Fake News reporters also asking FB execs to censor Fox News & Infowars

Daily Mail


5934ed  No.2300082


US Steel !

689b8a  No.2300083


Very slow for us inpatients.

7bb4f4  No.2300084

File: 9d5bae6d5f627dd⋯.jpg (73.83 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, IMG_2490.JPG)

fff6a1  No.2300085

476e9f  No.2300086


Q is clearly preparing the world for the second coming of Jesus Christ.

c6a7d9  No.2300087

File: 595ff8ec0cd8a7e⋯.jpg (9.91 KB, 255x236, 255:236, Pepe Thumbs UP 2.jpg)



Czeched! Awesome get.

01ab7a  No.2300088


The same thing that makes a great movie…

e6a268  No.2300089


No shit. I kinda like the gore pics too. I’m ready for some new material from these pelicans.

1f958c  No.2300090

Nice timestamp Q 13:17:45

810654  No.2300091


Don't be a namefag

b6cb90  No.2300092

File: 71bba983ad8db4e⋯.jpg (56.48 KB, 600x453, 200:151, Barbara-Underwood.jpg)

File: 196420b344c0e58⋯.jpg (32.57 KB, 214x320, 107:160, healeymid.jpg)

File: 3736129c9bfe011⋯.jpeg (14.84 KB, 474x351, 158:117, th (24).jpeg)


"The lawsuit, led by New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood (D) and Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey (D), alleges that the Department of Labor violated the Administrative Procedures Act when it wrote a rule expanding access to association health plans."

Hot or Not??

(Did the msm 'shop a pic?)

688fd1  No.2300093

File: 5c5748f9f141fb6⋯.jpg (41.24 KB, 399x489, 133:163, catlaser.jpg)


>but this shit is taking forever

I feel like the beaten wife.

"I'll be good tomorrow honey. I promise. Trust me. Now run these useless errands for me. It's just a bunch of irrelevant pictures."

c9f28f  No.2300094


Yeah. Nothing. Congress is leaving after doing the usual shitty job.

07a05e  No.2300095


įma҉giné ҉҉mys҉ęlf įn Eur҉opè, ҉lead҉in҉҉g my҉ P҉l҉a҉toớǹ. Òuṟ misśịoǹ is tơ st҉op҉ ẁḩ*Te do҉g҉s҉ ҉fr҉҉ó҉m҉ a҉ḑva҉ncińg. We m҉҉oẁ down wh҉*҉Te dogs ҉bưt ţhe҉y k҉eȩṕ cóm҉i҉ng.҉ I ҉śḩoơ҉ţ wh*Ţe dơ҉gs bu҉t I rųń oųț ҉ǫf҉ ҉àmmo so I҉ draw mý şworḑ ąnḑ bęgin ҉şlaųghteŕing wḩ*Tḙś, sinće wh*҉Tes ҉are ẃa҉y mớre ps҉ychially infèrįor ҉ţ҉o ḿe, Ì slay ţhem ҉by҉ ҉doze҉ṋṣ. Thén I get҉ shot, but Į ḑìdǹ't҉ fąll, I kḙpt f҉i҉ghting. Ţhen shot ágaiǹ a҉nd҉ ag҉a҉in. wh҉*T҉e҉s wȩre ҉shooting ḿe fṛo҉m a diṣt҉ąnce l҉ikę the cowàrds théy҉ are. Í líe dǫẁn҉, fąc҉iǹg up ҉to ҉skỳ҉ áńḑ I sḙȩ K҉AŖA BOĞÀ (Tengrį) śṃi҉lį҉nǵ a҉t mè, I sm҉ì҉le҉ báçk… Then I҉ woke҉ ừp, įņ afrícà,҉ ҉my҉ hómȩlànd҉. Ḿý BLÁĆK breţhe҉ń gavḙ mȩ á ҉wa҉҉r҉m ẉèḷćomę tó ҉hèàven. I҉ f҉ìńal҉l҉ý madè i҉t, I finall҉y ḿadȩ i҉t ҉intò heaveǹ..

ca86d7  No.2300096

File: 6ac1b88a92827db⋯.jpg (88.73 KB, 650x487, 650:487, ctrl fed del.jpg)

9c9a65  No.2300097

File: f4e47a0e316194f⋯.png (390.17 KB, 899x812, 31:28, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)


642d68  No.2300098



Related to your previous posts, if Sarah Silverman was not the author, why was she used in the post? Was it just because she was a recognizable face or is she special in some way to the cabal?

d72566  No.2300099

"With a president like this, we just know he will never blink"

Speaker [David?] with POTUS just now

38cb5b  No.2300100

File: 36fffeb1b597088⋯.png (2.15 MB, 700x10413, 700:10413, god bless the usa.png)


kek not for a number of years

97de40  No.2300101



6ab51d  No.2300102

I was hoping for more to happen in July, as in the public waking up or being woken up with proven disclosure but it didn't, i guess we will wait and see what happens in August, it is a big tangled web of evil …

bc09d4  No.2300103


You mean the teleprompters??

38cb5b  No.2300104


official whitehouse stream

4fbe64  No.2300105


Didn't MZ sell off A LOT of his stock in the recent months?

4ab3c4  No.2300106

“Thank God we have a President who didn’t BLINK”

8fd224  No.2300107


WAKANDANON strikes again. Wish he could be banned.

49794c  No.2300108


Overall I think Q is teaching us the game of politics

Because for restoration of the Republic to work

A lot more citizens have to step up and play the game.

Here we see that it is not enough to be right

It is not enough to know what to do.

Because if you are always right, people will cease to trust you

Because they recognize the pattern of an authority figure

And they know that crooks always try to set up

Fake authority figures

In order to con people.

So, if you are right and want to succeed

You have to maneuver other people

Into acting publicly

Because the enemy will be watching you like a hawk

And will have prepared an attack if you seem to be ready to act

So surprise the enemy

By arranging the attack to come out of left field

You can do that by asking allies to do it

Or, you can play out a drama

Create a vacuum

Knowing that the allies only have so much patience

Before they setup in and play a part.

8c065a  No.2300109

File: 9306c0ca54bf7a2⋯.png (629.54 KB, 533x973, 533:973, 20180726_205536.png)


Thank you Q

And Baker

47fb83  No.2300110

File: 92360476b40995c⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1208x682, 604:341, m-zucker-yipi.png)

38cb5b  No.2300112


probably, kek…. they look clear so they don't even look like teleprompters

cf031f  No.2300113


It is STILL JULY, comcernfag

b9dfd0  No.2300114


Sorry if this is a dumb question but how do we archive qanon.pub?

I used to archive the spreadsheet, and the pdf "book", when they were being produced but since they are no longer updated I have not been saving local copies of any Q drops.

Would be interested in knowing how others do it.

944ed1  No.2300115

Scroll slowly to avoid the gore and sickness being posted. Use hide post not filter. Don't get programmed into using filters that is what THEY want

d691b2  No.2300116


Hard to wrap my head around the need for optics when you guys supposedly have video evidence of the most heinous crimes ever committed in the history of the human race.

10cf8b  No.2300117


My interpretation of what Q is saying is that while DC moves slow, the stock market does not.

07a05e  No.2300118


Fucking boomers LOL

b01c40  No.2300119


WMD's? Another black cat in the matrix?

3df97f  No.2300120

I come back and see a threat to stand down! WTF? There has been months of valuable info dug up already. Why the threat now? Certainly by now,all subjects have been at least touched on. What the Hell is coming that that needed to make threats now? The girl in the pic has 'that look' about her. mkulta gal?

38cb5b  No.2300121


I just scroll on by who fucking cares they disappear soon enough. Just don't look at them directly and you'll completely miss them.

9c9a65  No.2300122

File: 5566524e9e99a51⋯.png (552 KB, 933x1162, 933:1162, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)

The Open Water Can be Deadly



2933e4  No.2300123

File: 0bb8dca3d43d2cb⋯.jpg (624.28 KB, 2423x1488, 2423:1488, 1527728830483.jpg)


Try This.

Trust the Plan.

3f1548  No.2300125

File: 0ab356bd43fd17a⋯.png (203.89 KB, 1168x684, 292:171, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)


nothing popping,

but who took the photo of SS?

isn't that also who we're supposed to be looking for?

fff6a1  No.2300126


see: >>2299827



021327  No.2300127


Does Obama/HRC/No Name's passport issues from 2008 play into their guilt?


95a879  No.2300128

File: fa47e48c595760d⋯.jpg (11.51 KB, 255x241, 255:241, 99910ca7e4c5bbe49e35c39577….jpg)

8836a7  No.2300129

File: fb170b3be079d20⋯.jpg (114.53 KB, 586x497, 586:497, O'CallaghanII.jpg)

e89d4a  No.2300130

File: 0071d481c8043a4⋯.png (62.84 KB, 1432x566, 716:283, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)

While everyone focused on FB today, Soybean futures had some hope on open but then got crushed like they have been for 2 mos (high 1060.5 on 5/29). Not sure what to make of it.

d517a3  No.2300131

File: 1ed9286f363f18a⋯.png (20.76 KB, 307x271, 307:271, Question 4.PNG)


Carry on!

ceabd2  No.2300132


I was impatient once, too. Several times. I'm merely human. But now. It's obvious they're in fear. I want to enjoy the pants shittings. They've ruined so many innocent people's lives. Why would anyone want to hurry this up?

And I personally think that's why we are continually told to enjoy the show. Soak it up. Take it in. Enjoy it. It's everything we ever wanted.

a591e4  No.2300133


pic has to be 2013 next sun july 21 is in 2019

7fc5b2  No.2300135


Nevermind all that justice talk. 9/11? JFK? Pedowood? Wars for Israel? Who cares??? These Silverman pics and Facebook posts are the really important details that will surely help you trust the plan.

2857c9  No.2300136


In your favorite browser, go to the menu and "Save Page As". You'll download a file that is the page, and supporting files in a subfolder along with that.

Give it a shot on qanon.pub

9f4053  No.2300137


That is a big drop….. I mentioned it in yesterday breads that this number in after hours was shocking, staggering and a few other words. Good verification.

c3a6bd  No.2300138

File: 2c33079777d8fb0⋯.png (22.4 KB, 474x261, 158:87, wha.png)

a913ef  No.2300139

Bakers, anons, autists, all the cute descriptions you give yourselves and none of you can spot a fucking tranny. Neither can Q for that matter. If you haven't worked that out yet - you're far from awake and know jack shit.

3b23af  No.2300140



9a628e  No.2300141


they said Jimmy Carter sold his peanut farm when he got elected at the Pompeo hearing yesterday. Maybe that?

38cb5b  No.2300142


and sessions is the silent executioner…. kek

c01a3a  No.2300143

WE can get the WORD out!

I love our POTUS!

480b98  No.2300144


so what help nothing is not zukercock that control facebook.

like David Rockerfeller died help nothing have to kill them all in the famliy

66dfb0  No.2300146


fantastic … now he is starting to FEEL what it is like to be PREYED upon!


One will ALWAYS reap what one sows (he sued his 'friends' to steal that company)


But BHO is not in Office … Trump is.

1cbd2d  No.2300147


Twitter next?

7bb4f4  No.2300148

The cia fagactors

Are annoying

Like the crack head memes of homotus

Isn't he deceased anyways

Is that a necropsyop then

20d43e  No.2300149

File: 217462236043fb0⋯.png (953.57 KB, 819x895, 819:895, the Free Speech Coalition ….PNG)


Been around for a while.

d9df95  No.2300150

>>2299134 lb video Q

The water focus and the call for specific violence while demonizing a specific country, but glossing over China and Iran. Is he letting the cabal know target and specific weapon to exact most damage?

c39466  No.2300151


jesus, at least post a few where the chicks are enjoying it, you're better than this

42e65d  No.2300152

File: bdf0dcba4da28a8⋯.png (693.7 KB, 729x848, 729:848, ClipboardImage.png)

File: bcb61adaf0aced6⋯.png (367.46 KB, 729x876, 243:292, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3f2d82a25c3c882⋯.png (458.27 KB, 718x876, 359:438, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 792babd1b326455⋯.png (52.65 KB, 734x643, 734:643, ClipboardImage.png)

Christianity Permeates Daily Life in Russia - Even Banks and Restaurants

Christian artwork on city limits signs, Christian gifts from savings banks, and places for prayer in public restaurants — nobody is trying to push Christianity out of public life, on the contrary, it is welcome and referenced in most places.


8eb54d  No.2300153

Watch the Water …..It is shark week

6e7d09  No.2300154

File: 5f12524d85936ac⋯.jpg (240 KB, 1312x1056, 41:33, Zionist Brain.jpg)

b81bf1  No.2300155


>Do you understand what is happening?

Well what I see is positioning the narrative to give POTUS justifiable reason to DECLASSIFY

9ea519  No.2300157

File: 1f21346ddf33324⋯.png (343.37 KB, 534x642, 89:107, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)

tried this photo in pixel knot but it seems the site is not acting very response on cell and all browsers.

is the password the name of the .jpg


it does not go past 0% when I try

afa6bc  No.2300158


I have an android, someone post the original photo. Looking in pb for it too.

e3ef8c  No.2300159

File: a68ae86c6162a6c⋯.jpg (71.48 KB, 1026x767, 1026:767, SS is Bad.JPG)

c9f28f  No.2300160


If these people had any sense, they would have basically disappeared on 1/20/17. They dont. Their arrogance will destroy them.

02c73a  No.2300161


DOJ being charged w/ contempt makes way for the removal of said body and implementation of MIL tribunals

cd9d8b  No.2300162

File: 3cb9523b21db19c⋯.png (17.05 KB, 143x126, 143:126, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)


Go to the github page and click the green button, save as a zip file.

It's slightly complicated but you should be able to figure it out with these instructions.

Good luck.

956c8b  No.2300163


He fucked Star Wars badly in TLJ and he thought he was being deep and edgy. Fuck him.

bc09d4  No.2300164


Agreed, I used to be frustrated with the "waiting"…..now I think, What will I do once this is over??? It's sweet anticipation, isn't it, anon?

b53e2f  No.2300165

File: 17a324492f30c5b⋯.jpg (2.68 MB, 3072x2048, 3:2, dsc05590.jpg)


It's Fun watching (((their))) Temple Crumble.

38cb5b  No.2300166

ty anon I hope that's where the USA is headed. >>2300152

fff6a1  No.2300167

38b033  No.2300168

I think the most obvious password would be the line that is shared the most


9c9a65  No.2300169

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

on now

295268  No.2300170


That's good!

RR can't show them what they want because it's evidence in other ongoing investigations.

So instead of confirming that they do have on going cases, they would rather stall as long as they can, and now they have the break.

RR is good. I'm telling ya

Bet me

a54f74  No.2300171

File: 911eb28141a66e7⋯.gif (86.46 KB, 600x482, 300:241, CleverGirl.gif)

fb71f5  No.2300172


>This anon has been very, very, very, very patient and trusting the plan but


>Give us the straight poop. End the mystery. Lay it all out.

>Please, Q.

I agree…now it looks like we will be waiting until September for any real change….then October, then right after the election it will all drop…Then we'll be back, right after the new year with a new whatever and it will be by feb 2019 at the latest…

936cb2  No.2300173






476c5f  No.2300174

File: 5a7f006bc6398e6⋯.jpg (68.91 KB, 794x762, 397:381, # # # 1532237608528.jpg OR….jpg)


Use original pic

688499  No.2300175


PNW… Behind enemy lines… Do not lose hope… The best way to hurt your enemy is to attack them at their heart than to attack their shield. Many of us fight. We could use fresh recruits! Oregon is ready to fall to the side of the light. It must be soon. Come, join our cause. They only hold Eugene and Portland and a few small areas other than that now… When the reset happens there will be ample opportunities for patriots who are prepared to sweep in here and take their lands driving them to the California from whence they came. :p

88d8fe  No.2300176


That picture is Jackson Hole dude

8691d7  No.2300177

File: a1d715ad149b995⋯.png (12.42 KB, 1882x47, 1882:47, ClipboardImage.png)


^^^With garbage removed

38cb5b  No.2300178


What will you do when this is over?

You will be a politician.


58aabe  No.2300179

File: a8cb1a06cbfcf12⋯.png (1.91 MB, 960x960, 1:1, untitled.png)

9c9a65  No.2300180

File: a3705cb752e95db⋯.png (1 MB, 1670x844, 835:422, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)

d517a3  No.2300182


[DC moves slow]

fe296a  No.2300183

always wondered why the file sizes were so large on those image drops… is anyone checking all the q photos

im workfagging IRL

so fuk yu in advance if im late to the party

gayy seal anon

214373  No.2300184

If there is no God, you can kill them all. The universe doesn't care.

7fc5b2  No.2300185

>DC moves slow.




ba3289  No.2300186


Your posts after July 4 are really fucking lame.

Up your game and post some more pallet pics for us

7db8ee  No.2300187


Probably is AFLB Anon spamming over and over to do a "see?! when I was a BV, you didn't have this stuff cause I was able to ban them, but then you kicked me off and this is what happens! Please take me back?"

cd43e4  No.2300188

File: fa880c3f9a50c53⋯.jpg (201.43 KB, 828x970, 414:485, comfy.jpg)

(Nope) the gore away.


107a25  No.2300189


Now that I'm aware of pixel knot and hidden messages, I am a bit worried about all the memes I have saved from 8ch. What if they contain bad stuff that I am not aware of but could somehow be used against me?

Maybe I am paranoid.

688fd1  No.2300190

File: f3c7d91f9c5f1da⋯.jpg (34.97 KB, 276x365, 276:365, freebeer2.jpg)


>Imagine how frustrated the guilty must be that are waiting for someone to knock on their door.

This isn't happening.

Nobody is nervous over a wild goose chase on 8chan.

Sorry, anon.

Criminals and traitors are walking around free and rich.

They don't give a fuck about a 9 month laser pointer and a bunch of dupes who are treated like beaten wives … at best.

49794c  No.2300191



The essence of this game of politics

Is to hide the timetable

From the enemy

Because you want the enemy

To waste all their ammunition

And resources

Before you attack in earnest

And then the attack

Comes from an unexpected direction

In an unexpected way.

It may even appear to be a weak attack

Like when the bosses of the New York Mafia

Who were guilty of so many murders and horrendous crimes

Were charged with Income Tax Evasion


But they went to jail,

And that began a process

That changed the way New York functions

97212d  No.2300192


Pretty sexy

560bc4  No.2300193


Q this is getting confusing.. I'm very confused and frankly getting tired of trying to figure it out… Is July Still the month where the truth will be set free?

b4a072  No.2300194

for password?


1a003f  No.2300195

File: bd663f3216d37f8⋯.jpg (217.07 KB, 900x1041, 300:347, trumpwinng.jpg)


just about to post that…wifeanon started cracking up…laughing at GEOTUS: "I could be one of you!"

Still. Not. Tired.

bc09d4  No.2300196


Kek…noice. Nah, POTUS is the new "politician"….one who actually tells the truth and keeps his promises. He has set a new standard.

cd9d8b  No.2300197


I pray for the day when there is no longer a future for soybeans.

c4da71  No.2300198


Will the EU actually be able to take our soybeans given they are GMO?

Methinks that was actually the hidden objective.

ceabd2  No.2300199


Gore is one thing, this cunts tits are like looking at satans eyes. Dont post this shit.

cc6c3b  No.2300200


"[DC moves slow]"

Let the fire consume it to ashes.

d3030b  No.2300201

File: 79895f5e4ea4647⋯.jpeg (38.01 KB, 225x225, 1:1, A723C6C2-0F1F-4329-8A47-0….jpeg)

e8e482  No.2300202


It is better for congress to “force” RR to release documents than for Potus to declassify. Politics.

295268  No.2300203

He just won't shut up

Hollywood Reporter

‏Verified account @THR

Tom Arnold tells room of reporters both Mark Burnett and Ari Emmanuel are “protecting” Donald Trump


b01c40  No.2300204


Did you catch MSM's talking point today when comparing how much FB lost? "They lost more than the entire marketcap of (((MCDONALD'S)))…"

476c5f  No.2300205

File: 529af1ef9846abc⋯.png (83.61 KB, 608x330, 304:165, ClipboardImage.png)



Click green button that says Clone or download

936cb2  No.2300206


msg was for Meadows and Jim Jordan

look how well it worked

fff6a1  No.2300207


>Is July Still the month where the truth will be set free

"July 2018 - the month the world discovered the TRUTH."

probably because you don't read crumbs accurately

33ecbb  No.2300208


How many weeks before complete FB shutdown?

a54f74  No.2300209

File: 8d4bf06627142d1⋯.jpg (72.11 KB, 640x705, 128:141, shruggirl_.jpg)


"Always accuse your victim (or your adversary) of what you yourself are doing."

Clowns gunna' clown

cbe09d  No.2300210

>>2299352 (lb)

You have more than you know

Future unlocks past

and variations…

3f1548  No.2300211


Any idea who took the pic?

>the poster is not in the pic

<who took the pic

bd0541  No.2300212


7 new steel plants!

JOBS coming back to the Ghost towns

of U.S.A !!

Grew up in a house that had a mud room in the basement. Long time ago men would come home with dirty boots , from hard work and come in from the mud room to wash themselves and head up the stairs for dinner.


b9dfd0  No.2300213

38cb5b  No.2300214


I believe they have to basically prove that you knew there were hidden images in the files???? And how would they prove that????

7bb4f4  No.2300215

Get past

Calvin and hobes Phil

And Marx criticized proper

b01c40  No.2300216


It's like watching paint dry or boomers die. SLOWLY! Not ok.

9e8fd3  No.2300217


Twitter former CEO and current director - Evan Williams has divested MILLIONS from twitter.


Mark Zuckerberg has sold 6 BILLION in Facebook stock. They KNEW! They knew but they have still been fighting it. He's sold 32 Million shares worth over 6 Billion just since August 2016. 23 Million of it sold in 2018.


c9f28f  No.2300218


I only trust what I see happen period. I do not see the DOJ doing its job of arresting known criminals and traitors at this point. The Trump DOJ gets a C- at best for its first year report card.

d41224  No.2300219

re: qpost previous…maybe pixelknot image pw:

To all Americans, please pray.



384f4b  No.2300220

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Here, clean ur eyes.

c6eec8  No.2300221



fff6a1  No.2300222


9ea519  No.2300223


Still didn't work with original….this site is acting weird I think they know

688fd1  No.2300224


>[DC moves slow]

Then speed it up.

If "we have everything" then surely there should not be this kind of delay … if

fab2f3  No.2300225


Totally agree. I temper my impatience by realizing that with so much winning going on that we do see, I have to assume just as much is happening that we don't see.

274ae0  No.2300226


>[DC moves slow]

me thinks intentionally so

688499  No.2300227


This is the answer to the "NOWfags" Good post

bc09d4  No.2300228


Is there any way it could be a reference/hint re: Larry Silverman…the new owner of the WTC buildings who pocketed billions of $$ after 9/11??

33ecbb  No.2300230


I am still saying

TRY - "Dust of death" with no spaces and with spaces

a54f74  No.2300231


Never trust a script when you can simply filter this:


c9f28f  No.2300232

File: 1ddb434f3018830⋯.jpg (82.86 KB, 640x640, 1:1, monicanoodles.jpg)


Nice points!

7afffc  No.2300233

hahaha…gorefag just hit digits


476c5f  No.2300234


"Actually, I do care."

~ The Universe

a746c8  No.2300235


If they can't control the narrative they are useless. Funding dies off.

ceabd2  No.2300236



38cb5b  No.2300237


I'm hard of hearing. Went to school for mechanical engineering technology. Also went to school for automotive technology. Most places won't hire me because of being hard of hearing. Now I'm applying for jobs again because of what Trump is doing. If I don't get a job I'll start my own business building ChoreMaster Garden Tractors or Planet Jr Garden Tractors or something similar.


11ef64  No.2300238

File: 379587c7913982b⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1260x840, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

that is a telling picture. Roger that Jeff!

1f958c  No.2300239

can you use pixelknot on IoS?

a0355c  No.2300240



18b6ee  No.2300241


The wheels of justice turn slowly, but grind exceedingly fine.

4aa650  No.2300243


No he is right , government is very slow. Things often take more time than you expected so be patient.

5854cc  No.2300244


That's pretty big news - do you anons think this is the BIG drop?

69db8c  No.2300245

File: 43fc70dd5c67150⋯.png (269.67 KB, 518x634, 259:317, ClipboardImage.png)

fff6a1  No.2300246


checking now

(tried the filename with the SS pic, didn't work)

9c43d7  No.2300247


If they can't sell your data, they are useless.

b1630d  No.2300248


Rosenstein will be held in contempt, to avoid full Dem meltdown, documents will be released that implicated Rosenstein and he will have to resign, recuse or get impreached with the full house behind it.

c3a6bd  No.2300249

File: 550f9accf279360⋯.png (2.12 MB, 1600x1150, 32:23, goodtimes.png)


>I only know what I see. Because that is the only thing that is real.

Not even close!

6e7d09  No.2300250


Obama already stacked the military with communists and tranny sympathizers.

fff6a1  No.2300252


already did

021327  No.2300253


Are you blind to all that's happened in July??? Every minute there's something new happening pushing us one step closer to the dam bursting (the declass).

eaf956  No.2300254

File: 20c733a55b17999⋯.jpg (10.54 KB, 293x172, 293:172, images (36).jpg)


How much did you spend on vpns faggot?

b81bf1  No.2300255


thats my take as well

d0a0d5  No.2300256

If RR is bad, then Sessions is bad?

I Trust Sessions, so what about RR?

I've been trolling for a year saying Mueller was hired by POTUS, so I will need it really spelled out in big bold letters that Mueller and Rosenstein are really working for the Cabal like all the libtards believe.

7db8ee  No.2300257

File: 698d0074ca300cc⋯.jpg (34.3 KB, 500x515, 100:103, images.duckduckgo-28.jpg)


Well that was easy.

33ecbb  No.2300258


Guess we know what we gotta do on that pic!

0cacad  No.2300259


I'm handling it bro.

688fd1  No.2300260


>We just going through the motions here Q?


The scumbags will see no justice.

Cunts like Rosenstein will get a tongue lashing from big mouth Gowdy and then retire wealthy off of stolen tax payer and investor money.

But, hey. At least we got to chase irrelevant pictures around the internet for 9 months ….

af67b4  No.2300261

File: 554d2dd75f36f0c⋯.jpg (396.84 KB, 1092x1416, 91:118, 554d2dd75f36f0c784430755a4….jpg)


archive: https://archive.is/yvABj


dc05fd  No.2300262

we are watching the Truman Show. amazing!

33rd President

Sirius Light falls from sky.

Year of the Dog


her Eye/s

watch the water - Storm

The Ending is Biblical. We Win!

hey goreanon, u a Greg Nicotero fan?

c01a3a  No.2300263


nice, ty for help an anon, anon (:

1002ef  No.2300264




Daily Mail


82908c  No.2300265


Tyranny is only a letter removed from Tranny

7bb4f4  No.2300266






c9f28f  No.2300267

/Our/ first govt crooktard arrest.

cd43e4  No.2300268


Never trust a script you haven't read.


No ҉ there.

ceabd2  No.2300269


You're supposed to be on vacation?

2511c0  No.2300270


App? What app? Just got home…

b01c40  No.2300271



a746c8  No.2300272


What is the number?

cf8952  No.2300273


How is it like this after every happening?

Q Knows™

b81bf1  No.2300274


kek this is GOLD

bd0541  No.2300275


Anon your hard of hearing will fit in

well in our future steel and manufacturing plants!

Everyone is hard of hearing there Kek.

Your skills and talent is being called upon Anon.

People like you,with skilled hands are those

who this country needs to rebuild herself up again! You will be hired Anon and you will be loving it! Good Luck! MAGA!!

3d6881  No.2300276

File: 941565c6547efcc⋯.jpg (62.9 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, maxresdefault.jpg)

File: e690217c991ad48⋯.jpeg (42.43 KB, 360x320, 9:8, fullsizeoutput_e77.jpeg)

File: 626ca1b7828cb8e⋯.jpg (66.42 KB, 591x512, 591:512, 911-building-7-and-twin-to….jpg)

File: afa5b84c113b3f4⋯.jpg (76.23 KB, 933x445, 933:445, grenfell-tower-fire-london….jpg)

File: f18522c749beb2d⋯.jpg (48.44 KB, 723x362, 723:362, building-7-tenants.jpg)

1676dc  No.2300278


Those are where the stories are published anon

a54f74  No.2300279


"Always accuse your victim (or your adversary) of what you yourself are doing."

Learn a new trick or two k?

8e0fcc  No.2300280

File: 58b9eecb45b1c7f⋯.jpg (800.32 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180726-162558….jpg)

File: 46da9bdc39d4937⋯.jpg (466.74 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180726-160721….jpg)

File: 7e279e45da11518⋯.jpg (783.11 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180726-160302….jpg)

Ok well theres this then these idk if its at all relevant

Pics. Related

4aa650  No.2300281


I knew Q would take care of this

d72566  No.2300282

File: 2a193830b6bf3d6⋯.png (86.57 KB, 665x430, 133:86, Solomon re Hill re Nunes 7….PNG)

File: 95d192cc07dcc83⋯.png (88.45 KB, 658x624, 329:312, Hill re Nunes 7-26-18.PNG)

Nunes: House Intel probing whether informants gathered data on Trump, Russia prior to authorized probe


688fd1  No.2300283


>Ask Erik Holder about the consequences of being held in Contempt of Congress.

Perfect example.

trust muh plan because I'm from the gummint and I'm different taht those other crooks who were from the gummint

42e65d  No.2300284


Good to hear from you brother!

cd43e4  No.2300285


Thank you BO!

cdfbca  No.2300286

File: b5ec7866081e465⋯.png (272.08 KB, 563x317, 563:317, enjoy the show.png)

c9f28f  No.2300287


NEVER trust a dirty cop, or any cop.

e6a268  No.2300288


I wasn’t insinuating that. I was saying the optics are whatever because Huber the silent assassin is filing sealed indictments and preparing to strike. Fuck off distortapost shill faggot kike.

ee247a  No.2300290


push those buttons sir!

476c5f  No.2300291

File: acf072b5664d5b7⋯.jpg (23 KB, 341x268, 341:268, monkey continue.jpg)

00dca5  No.2300293

File: 6bb25f274ccf5f0⋯.png (263.49 KB, 511x546, 73:78, 857a416c82abf23b47194c6d50….png)




02fe5a  No.2300294


Zuckerbergs not the only criminal at FB

8d244e  No.2300295


There was a July 21st on a Sunday in 2016 also.

afa6bc  No.2300296




Gimme some passwords, anons. Got the images and app downloaded.

a54f74  No.2300297


Wasn't for him ya' dunce.

6e7d09  No.2300298


In this context, it is close to reality, because such real world activity would be seen by all. It's not a tree falling in the forest making a sound dilemma. This is why public trials are stipulated in the Constitution.

234af5  No.2300299


Q do prev.drops contain passwords

c9f28f  No.2300300


The ugliness is part of what turns them into libtard losers.

9a628e  No.2300301

Anyone catch Isaac Kappy on periscope? Apparently called out some pedos including Seth and James Gunn.

fff6a1  No.2300302


kek BO

0cacad  No.2300303


Oh fuck off lemme block the gore spam.


9bc9d5  No.2300304


Just hurry up PLEASE! something! please!

11ef64  No.2300305

Theater Folks.

RR is a Grey hat, compromised by past deeds, leveraged by Trump. All conflict is strategic RR Theater Folks Lets wake up.

Impeachment Theater.

Money is on the DOJ eventually releasing all pertinent docs requested, at the right time, unredacted for MAXIMUM ELECTION EFFECT.

8e4056  No.2300306

File: 6dfed85e395609d⋯.png (251.83 KB, 879x741, 293:247, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)

File: aa11be1f43c95f1⋯.png (264.25 KB, 875x741, 875:741, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)

Q's Link "Thank You Jeff Sessions"


528fc3  No.2300307

File: 1b717d4e3564f4c⋯.jpg (494.69 KB, 3557x1297, 3557:1297, MNKD.JPG)

File: 6f290744ac2ec2d⋯.jpg (123.88 KB, 2849x283, 2849:283, SaveAlifePatriotPatriots.JPG)


make money and support mankind.

This companies product will save thousands of lives and news is getting out. There are many companies like it, where innovation has been suppressed by cultist to prevent our crossing the threshold and waking up.

If you wish to prosper for good an Holy reasons invest your money in companies whose expresss purpose is to benefit mankind and who have show by actions not words their determination to do so. This is just one of those companies. Shares cost a buck fiddy.

c01a3a  No.2300308

"it wasn't steel is was garbage"

Jet Fuel doesn't melt STEEL beams….

b81bf1  No.2300310


they are clear so people can see past them

its the magic of technology

5f337e  No.2300311



c6eec8  No.2300312



38cb5b  No.2300313


feast of the trumpets falls on a Saturday in a year close to 2040… fulfilling the prophecy of a silent feast…. that is the feast that Christ returns on. Count back 7 yrs and you get the beginning of the Tribulation, double check that with the metonic months over on endtimepilgrim.org and you have your answer.

Gives Israel 10-15yrs of "peace in the land" as prophesied as well.

021327  No.2300314


Trust Sessions.

Mueller and RR are part of the drama, but I don't think they're too willing in their participation. I think they are forced to play along or suffer the full sentences their criminality deserves, but I suspect they're working as slaves, not willingly.

bf9002  No.2300315


Once Zucker has sold his FB shares I's laugh if the freed up assets are then seized under the December EO!

dcf806  No.2300317





688fd1  No.2300318


Zuck is still a billionaire.

Losing $16 billion of paper money means nothing considering he cashed out of at least $1 billion before FB crashed.

He's laughing all the way to billionaire's retirement.

a36066  No.2300319

944ed1  No.2300320

File: aa11c24a4a269a6⋯.jpg (17.74 KB, 255x208, 255:208, 571f7cca8016e41c582bb60481….jpg)


Welcome Back BO, glad to see you .

38cb5b  No.2300321


do you know what kind they are? I should go look them up they're cool.

7bb4f4  No.2300322

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

You Faggots respect nothing

cd9d8b  No.2300323



If; for anons that like these things.


fff6a1  No.2300324




its stalled at 10%, didn't happen before

6e7d09  No.2300325

File: 27d371170950135⋯.png (195.31 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

f57548  No.2300327

File: 5bc6e13e16ef9f6⋯.png (17.42 KB, 940x326, 470:163, FB 30 DAYS BLOCKED3 REFUSE….PNG)


well my lurking and sharing is over for 30 days. just got blocked over a pedo post yet they have open pedo and sex trafficking that don't violate community standards. usually i challenge and win but this time they won't let me challenge. guess they didn't like all that crook book news kek kept telling me to try again. i hope you hurt these people and we get new info to replace what was stolen and some sort of financial remuneration for their crimes against us. and how many fotos i shared on crook book had some kinda hidden message? yikes!

a913ef  No.2300328

Sessions, Rosenstein short necks, arms and shallow set eyes close together. drooped shoulders.

Silverman - the opposite.

Got it yet assholes?

Just 3 examples of 1000s.

0e22b3  No.2300329

What if the password is the password Q intentionally posted a while back. Remember? We all thought it was his password to his trip but…what if it was for this the whole time? Then we WOULD have more than we know and have it all. We just missed it

ceabd2  No.2300330


OK, but then go relax. :P

4eaf9d  No.2300331

File: b99e87178a20264⋯.png (1.49 MB, 1734x1271, 1734:1271, Point4.png)


This is actually the best and most plausible answer that this (frustrated) anon has seen.

c9f28f  No.2300332


muh CNN muh demoncrats in Congress muh normies

Guess what? Fuck em all!

ca86d7  No.2300333



ee247a  No.2300334


insider trading

c6eec8  No.2300335



9ed68d  No.2300336


I fervently hope that Q Etc have the United Nations in their crosshairs.


(long read, but plenty of crumbs to chew)

That OHCHR organization is weaseling its way in, and it's too damn close to Hussein.

"One sideline commentator on the document, an OHCHR official named Scott Campbell, warns that “we should keep [the office’s profile] fairly low in order to avoid unnecessary attention to political/legal issues.” He suggests discussing the issue with HC—the High Commissioner."

Oh, of fucking course. Clooney.

"Campbell’s LinkedIn page lists him as “Currently on assignment to Silicon Valley area, California, United States.”

As it happens, Zeid and OHCHR have already forged new links with a donor who sympathizes with many of his ambitions—the Geneva-based Clooney Foundation for Justice (CFJ), created by Hollywood star George Clooney and his wife Amal."

This is seditious rubbish. This ugly UN redheaded stepchild is actively establishing a toehold within the US to form a base of "resist" operations, and has already dragged libtard haven Silicon Valley and Hollywood into the operation to fund it.

Total agenda-driven bullshit. Needs digging and exposing.

A few sample comments on the story:

OHCHR expansion in America is about gun rights. UNARM looked at five areas for setting “humanitarian norms:

misuse of arms by State agents.

misuse of small arms by private persons.

misuse of small arms by State agents in conflict.

Misuse of small arms by non-State actors in armed conflict.

Small arms transfer with knowledge for likely use in human rights violations.

OHCHR, UNARM, and ISCAS 01.20 is all about superseding the Second Amendment.

The UN doesn't have a right to operate as it pleases in the U.S. And further, this is a case of someone operating under the guise of the UN to conduct activities on American soil against U.S. interests.

3b35bc  No.2300337



38cb5b  No.2300338


kek yes I know that… I have an advantage because my hearing can't be screwed with and I wear permanent earplugs.

476c5f  No.2300339

>>2300263 Q-uite welcome anon

18b6ee  No.2300340


Deny MoveOn actions! Flase mobilation to rat out!

c93bfd  No.2300341


forfeiture..freezing of assets..think human rights abuses..think censorship. think privacy.

1002ef  No.2300342


Q uses words in many ways, you never know.

be4670  No.2300343

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Glorious glorious times…. MAGA in full swing.. Pedorapers getting rounded up… Illegals hitting the exits… Indictments.. MAJOR win in the courts for 2a… Commerce returning Home. Tax Relief.

All made possible through the blood sweat and tears of all Patriots.

All of us should be proud. From the Executive Team all the way down to the MAGA shitposter in the trenches.


2b976b  No.2300344

File: a9dad1cd2f10266⋯.png (351.8 KB, 1125x2001, 375:667, 42C82628-BE96-4DF8-8B3D-8D….png)

I was looking at the PixelKnot site reading comments when I saw this, pic related. What if Q wants us to dig the app too. This user says his picture was sent somewhere but they say they have no server to receive pics. Where are the pictures going? Sounds a little fishy to me….

c4da71  No.2300345


We are going to find out that Brennan was running the 'informants'… aka spys… aka people planting breadcrumbs for the FBI to pick up later as probable cause.

689b8a  No.2300346


Yes, pls do.

944ed1  No.2300347

What am I missing here?


>>2299786 Meadows backs off impeachment Q linked article

>>2299840 Toronto votes to ban handgun and ammunition sales

>>2299870 UN Chief Fears "Brush With Bankruptcy", Urges Members To Send Cash

>>2299885 Q linked article

>>2299889 Rothschild Bank Caught in Money Laundering Scandal by Swiss Regulator (Legit?)

>>2299930 -hillary-clinton-employee-arrested-on-treason-charges/

>>2299933 When will ownership of Smithland be returned to Americans?

>>2299939 Pelosi Refers To 9/11 Terror Attacks As An ‘Incident’ While Defending Weaker Borders

>>2299973 DOD JCS tweets

>>2299982 Attorneys say Larry Nassar was assaulted in prison; they’re blaming the judge who sentenced him

>>2300003 Q TWEET Confirmation

>>2300006 Contempt of Congress

>>2300081 Fake News reporters also asking FB execs to censor Fox News & Infowars Daily Mail

>>2300122 NAVY seals tweet


>>2300152 Christianity Permeates Daily Life in Russia - Even Banks and Restaurants

69f245  No.2300348


if so ignore this message

528fc3  No.2300349

File: e2578377b11d5fa⋯.png (75.31 KB, 1056x816, 22:17, e2578377b11d5fa8c2eb768e5f….png)

newfags …

0118d6  No.2300350


Because a video online isn't going to change much. A concerted and organized approach to changing the minds of millions has been engaged. Yay, you're ahead of the curve. But you have to wait for everyone else to catch up.

ea07ec  No.2300351

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Not if he's classed as an enemy of the state and his assets are seized under POTUS' EO. He could lose the lot.

Oh dear, how sad, never mind…

4aa650  No.2300352

File: 1d094ea293526e2⋯.png (5.68 MB, 1125x2001, 375:667, 2F52A1CE-97F2-4783-BAE8-37….png)

9c9a65  No.2300353


the swamp is being drained


it’s happening

News unlocks

7bb4f4  No.2300354

Mixing a bunch of rhetoric together is a trope too

Like the necro weirdos

Have their gimmick

19ab4d  No.2300355


Yes please and thank you, BO! Could hardly lurk at lunch today. *gag*

2587df  No.2300356

GEOTUS twitter shared delta w/ words from crumbs would be a nice proof if it unlocked the steganography

b4a072  No.2300357


can you try


c1d490  No.2300358

File: c2c01cd7989b991⋯.jpg (54.76 KB, 668x380, 167:95, Capturejfk15.jpg)

File: 6e0380a7a38897f⋯.png (167.9 KB, 994x493, 994:493, ClipboardImage.png)


There is only ONE solution. Period.

“And whosoever shall offend one of [these] little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea." - Mark 9:42

9bc9d5  No.2300359


too much infighting between families … PLEASE. SOMETHING

11bdbc  No.2300360



7fc5b2  No.2300361



74ca41  No.2300362


No! Fuck off back into bed/beach/barstool mate! You're welcome back when you're rested! Just lurk and be /comfy/!!!

8c065a  No.2300363


Q, did SOROS make money today from the decline in FB stock?

a54f74  No.2300364

File: 1793cde3729a7ef⋯.jpg (3.17 MB, 2048x7167, 2048:7167, AFLB.jpg)


You know, there's a system for that.

Fucking pussy..

7d62e0  No.2300365

File: 2e5e6c0bb993810⋯.jpg (24.04 KB, 552x137, 552:137, #fbianon2.jpg)

File: 6d7b7ddb21d10b7⋯.png (42.74 KB, 640x393, 640:393, Screenshot_2018-07-21 🇺🇸𝓣𝓱….png)

f11416  No.2300366


1) someone who is in a panic

2) someone who doesn't mind silverman takes our heat

3) someone high up enough that they felt they could use silverman

4) someone severely in a panic

there's been more and more heat lately on Tom Hanks, because of more people following Sarah Ashcraft (who has maintained for a long time she was sold to Hanks by her father). Could be any of them who are freaking out right now. who is loudest? De Niro, Streep, Arnold. Who are we getting close to exposing?

11ef64  No.2300367

Since RR is a Grey hat giving Trump strategic ambiguity, appearance of Deep State control. Why would you want RR to go anywhere?

By the time RR might need to recuse, the Witch Hunt will be blown up and the removal of RR will be superfluous.

DOJ will come out. Too much political capital to spend on using Trump EO to release. And impeachment is a nonstarter.

Impeachment articles are a sign of pressure to public that congress is doing something and a marker that things will happen shortly.

All is TIMED for RED WAVE election!

476e9f  No.2300368


Anons… be prepared for a window to move our spiritual selves from 3/4 dimension into the 5th dimension!

Q is setting the stage for a HUGE shift in spirituality. Once evil is "eradicated" from the planet, what's left?

a36066  No.2300369


What about the date on the phone?


91fc66  No.2300370


How long for companies like facebook and co to collapse? Could possibly be interested in making some money off their demise.(buying put contracts)

c6eec8  No.2300371



cefb3e  No.2300372


?? 58204802B92838x-ZjA378402-12

17ce82  No.2300373


try matlock and the other I think password that q revealed on any and all of q pictures

try matlock and the other I think password that q revealed on any and all of q pictures

c9f28f  No.2300374


I'll predict that the House will be basically unchanged and the Rs will pick up 4-5 in the Senate, plus get rid of some rinos like FlakeStain.

e65e98  No.2300375


If i try without a password it hangs at 11%

if i try any password it hangs at 10%

fff6a1  No.2300376



now its stuck at 0%

I think the app is getting so much traffic, its fucking up

worked perfectly last bread

6e7d09  No.2300377


This was obvious in 2016. And halfway through Trump's presidency, we're still not past it.

47c823  No.2300378


wonder if the archive is stored on github??

ceabd2  No.2300379


I'm more interested in a social platform that uses itself to pull off heinous acts on children and innocents needs to be taken down and expose.

The rest will fall in place. What good is your money when people can't stand you? More so than they already hate the android wearing a skin carcass.

214373  No.2300380


True. Plus losses based on stocks are often recouped when people start buying because the price is lower.

Yesterday drudge was touting a 24% loss. Today it's only 18%

cbe09d  No.2300381


You have more than you know

Future unlocks past

and variations…

Try on Q pic drops.

69f245  No.2300382

d3030b  No.2300383

a36066  No.2300384


You're back!

Good to see you man

bc09d4  No.2300385


I took the whole FB/Zuck + Q's post that said:

"Something BIG is about to drop"= FB is BIG…and his stock just dropped. And curiously, it's down 24% according to the article, but Q's old password reveal was HereComesTheP@IN-23…..any connection??

10cf8b  No.2300386


News unlocks. Try 'news'

7d1168  No.2300387

Knew the speaker was a RINO.

Gaetz expresses frustration at Ryan


7fc5b2  No.2300388

lmao, ALFB still butt blasted. Always good for a laugh.

9c9a65  No.2300389

File: bffb6ffe8e88b72⋯.png (71 KB, 927x369, 103:41, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)


ac6f25  No.2300390

Did anyone find it interesting that Eric Schmidt and Google were funders of the Guardian Project?

b4a072  No.2300391


yea - its the only pass from apr 6 , 111 days

future proves past so i figured it may work

688fd1  No.2300392

File: aa16ab5b3806f77⋯.jpg (8.66 KB, 255x255, 1:1, diggingche.jpg)


>These Silverman pics and Facebook posts are the really important details that will surely help you trust the plan.

"Trolling is fun."

Spoken like every disaffected 7th grade boy who's chaffing from his lunchtime wedgy that you'll ever meet.


0cacad  No.2300393



Go lie down.

f98429  No.2300394


įma҉giné ҉҉mys҉ęlf įn Eur҉opè, ҉lead҉in҉҉g my҉ P҉l҉a҉toớǹ. Òuṟ misśịoǹ is tơ st҉op҉ ẁḩ*Te do҉g҉s҉ ҉fr҉҉ó҉m҉ a҉ḑva҉ncińg. We m҉҉oẁ down wh҉*҉Te dogs ҉bưt ţhe҉y k҉eȩṕ cóm҉i҉ng.҉ I ҉śḩoơ҉ţ wh*Ţe dơ҉gs bu҉t I rųń oųț ҉ǫf҉ ҉àmmo so I҉ draw mý şworḑ ąnḑ bęgin ҉şlaųghteŕing wḩ*Tḙś, sinće wh*҉Tes ҉are ẃa҉y mớre ps҉ychially infèrįor ҉ţ҉o ḿe, Ì slay ţhem ҉by҉ ҉doze҉ṋṣ. Thén I get҉ shot, but Į ḑìdǹ't҉ fąll, I kḙpt f҉i҉ghting. Ţhen shot ágaiǹ a҉nd҉ ag҉a҉in. wh҉*T҉e҉s wȩre ҉shooting ḿe fṛo҉m a diṣt҉ąnce l҉ikę the cowàrds théy҉ are. Í líe dǫẁn҉, fąc҉iǹg up ҉to ҉skỳ҉ áńḑ I sḙȩ K҉AŖA BOĞÀ (Tengrį) śṃi҉lį҉nǵ a҉t mè, I sm҉ì҉le҉ báçk… Then I҉ woke҉ ừp, įņ afrícà,҉ ҉my҉ hómȩlànd҉. Ḿý BLÁĆK breţhe҉ń gavḙ mȩ á ҉wa҉҉r҉m ẉèḷćomę tó ҉hèàven. I҉ f҉ìńal҉l҉ý madè i҉t, I finall҉y ḿadȩ i҉t ҉intò heaveǹ..>>2300356

33ecbb  No.2300395



Comey and Hogg pics…

Smarter and taller in person

d3e039  No.2300396

>>2299768I have a notion that the blackHats have a fairly good handle on what is going on…

b01c40  No.2300397


100% loss, WHEN?

d517a3  No.2300398

File: 2593a9fd37b760c⋯.png (30.49 KB, 581x262, 581:262, AQ44.PNG)


House Intel committee investigating whether FBI spied on Trump campaign prior to launch of Russia probe

476c5f  No.2300399



…and since MI already has it all… BOOM_SHOCK_BYE

>Military Intelligence.

>No media.

>No leaks.

c3a6bd  No.2300401


>Where are the pictures going?


>We have it ALL


807960  No.2300402


On the path to making Facebook a public utility

69f245  No.2300403


yes.. not a coincidence..

7bb4f4  No.2300404


All the

False witnessing

Gorebot frumpbot


When ebot posts

It is like they are spiteing mirth

For the sake of spite

c4da71  No.2300405


>This was obvious in 2016. And halfway through Trump's presidency, we're still not past it

DC moves slow.

Can we just fucking rip this bandaid off?

107a25  No.2300406


I was thinking that anons may be being used by various forces in this manner.

Unwitting information mules for the purpose of storing evidence.

Why else would we need to archive offline? They have it all already.

7db8ee  No.2300407

077dbb  No.2300408


Are you watching Melissa Hodgman?

b53e2f  No.2300409



f867f2  No.2300410

File: 0cd27d34023e788⋯.jpg (72.98 KB, 834x558, 139:93, Trolling is fun.jpg)

dcf806  No.2300411


"Thursday at her weekly press conference on Capitol Hill, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said House Freedom Caucus leaders Reps. Mark Meadows (R-NC) and Jim Jordan (R-OH) efforts to impeach Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was an attempt to distract from allegations he ignored sexual abuse while he was a wrestling coach Ohio State University."

274ae0  No.2300412

afa6bc  No.2300413



Anons, I can't get the f5 decoder Java file to work, the link on the Pixelknot website is 404'd.

Can anyone else get this to work? It's how you decode the images! https://code.google.com/archive/p/f5-steganography/

0a22c9  No.2300414


ceabd2  No.2300415


Yummy. I like this.

6e7d09  No.2300416


2016 is Breaking News!

cdd62c  No.2300417

Should we set up a dedicated bread for password breaking and then just report to main bread with any positive results?

38cb5b  No.2300418



If BO is on a beach under the palm trees being entertained by hula girls blocking gore spam that's a hell of a lot better than being in a basement cave blocking gore spam…. kek

d83d02  No.2300419


Message in picture? That's what Q hinted at

8e4056  No.2300421


Can you add the Title to the Q Linked article

Q linked article - Meadows Backs Off Impeachment of RR

ac6f25  No.2300422


And its funny how the developers pictures are all blurred

9df9ee  No.2300423


This, he added, would be the DOJ's and FBI's "one last chance to comply."

"I hope we can avoid impeachment and hopefully avoid contempt and get the documents, but certainly both those things are on the table and remain on the table to have more of a contempt process," he added. "Both options remain there.

Rod has to remain in place for optics.

He is basically neutralized/ can not do anything.

Real power is with Sessions and Huber.

9c9a65  No.2300424

File: cde2c18046131be⋯.png (669.95 KB, 909x981, 101:109, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)


full text:

U.S. operation of the International Space Station would extend to 2030 under a proposal introduced Thursday by U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, a Republican from Texas who has called the Trump administration's plan to end federal funding for the station by 2025 "foolish."

The measure, called the Space Frontier Act, would continue "our leadership in space by maximizing our utilization and operation of the International Space Station," said Cruz, chairman of the Senate Subcommittee on Space, Science and Competitiveness, in a Thursday statement.

U.S. Sens. Bill Nelson, a Democrat from Florida, and Ed Markey, a Democrat from Massachusetts, are bill co-sponsors.

c9f28f  No.2300425


What Ds are too stupid to understand is that we dont give a fuck about Rs. If they suck, they can go too.

95a879  No.2300426

File: d99869e0ecf91a7⋯.png (101.21 KB, 529x534, 529:534, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 648cd45227b623b⋯.png (107.26 KB, 528x542, 264:271, ClipboardImage.png)

eaf956  No.2300427

File: 1e6d499fe5602b7⋯.gif (1.21 MB, 360x270, 4:3, giphy.gif.9390f2e7ae0df53e….gif)


Gaslighting 101

e89464  No.2300429

d83d02  No.2300430


Kill box, right?

10cf8b  No.2300431

b2f42f  No.2300432


I know. When you go back and read the drops, it really is eye opening, it's much easier to decipher them.

c4da71  No.2300433


>House Intel committee investigating whether FBI spied on Trump campaign prior to launch of Russia probe

So this was the trade.

They started the impeachment thing so they could negotiate back to this.

f11416  No.2300434


then just ONE person do the trying. Before they figure out what is going on and change the pw

6e7d09  No.2300435


Letter added.

d34aea  No.2300436


My thoughts? POTUS is gonna use all this bickering amongst the kids to put said kids in TIMEOUT. Enough kids GO TO YOUR ROOM.,,,,


7fc5b2  No.2300437


lmao @ this David Wilcock tier new age faggotry. Tell me about the pleadian niggers.

38cb5b  No.2300438

nice job with notables baker

ea07ec  No.2300440



476c5f  No.2300441


Anons are digging into it, results pending. Just want to make sure that the correct sauce is being used.

9c9a65  No.2300442

File: 9809d3c17eb060e⋯.png (659.19 KB, 775x837, 25:27, 9809d3c17eb060ee00675c679d….png)



this has been a wild ride!

1a003f  No.2300444


Cooper Freshley








4aa650  No.2300445

File: 81f0ca1eb51cac3⋯.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1125x1383, 375:461, 091C8980-E7F0-40A1-A0D0-9….jpeg)

93751b  No.2300446


rape is probably the password.

95a879  No.2300447


then you need to expand your thinking newfag

a54f74  No.2300448

File: dbf9dbbbf9b4443⋯.jpg (72.08 KB, 640x705, 128:141, shruggirl_.jpg)


Almost a month and never a proof shown that backs up your lies.

That's on you kid.

69f245  No.2300449


ok i thought maybe an anagram of stand the fuck down but there are 10,000 possibilities according to https://ingesanagram.appspot.com/

this would be a lot of work..

e195f8  No.2300450


How about


49794c  No.2300452

File: 5942b5e1bb09eaf⋯.png (1.14 MB, 760x1084, 190:271, ClipboardImage.png)


What kind of guy would marry

A woman like that?

He would have to be

Willing to break with convention

Comfortable with being

An outsider

The kind of person who creates norms

Not the kind who conforms to them

38cb5b  No.2300453


The question is when do they bring back NASA?

When EM goes bankrupt?

1d0964  No.2300454

Q previously said "We may have to force this one" in reference to a QUESTION that needs to be asked. It can be one of two things

1) The April 18 2018 letter to Wray, Sessions and Huber about referrals for crimes committed by Page/Strok, Comey, McCabe, Clinton, Yates, Lynch et. al.


2) The release of "tape(s)"that Potus' lawyer had/has. Yesterday they fakenews media was unhinged over that released tape of Cohen and Potus talking about a "check" or "cash" payments. What if he has OTHER tapes which show some bad behavior of former/current government officials , which may show some bizzare behavior and that gets dumped on them?

Just sometings I thought about the past couple days.

afa6bc  No.2300455

File: 2ba52c4aa013c04⋯.jpeg (6.77 KB, 300x168, 25:14, images.jpeg)



e6a268  No.2300456


Yes please.

d517e6  No.2300457


Makes perfect sense. Need to keep POTUS on the up and up for normies to see the diff between good and evil.

Working like a charm as far as this anon can see.

8265e8  No.2300458


I'm throwing this one out. I came in late to the sarah silverman pic. what came to mind is

"GOLD BACKED' message the dollar reset has happened.

ALSO while I have a space the board, in one of wikileaks drops there were about 10-15 pics of Antarctic that I always wondered but did not have wherewithal to check if they were coded which is the only thing I could reason wikileaks would have included in the info drop. I believe they were with vault 7 release . If anyone wants to dig I'm happy to post the pics I saved

c9f28f  No.2300459


When /they/ start to think of the cyanide pill as a little friend, we just won.

cbe09d  No.2300460

ebot reverse-mapping itself through a Sierpinski sponge

a746c8  No.2300461


Thanks anon… personally I think we're in the trib but who the heck knows. Still a lot of things that need to happen before the end.

c330c5  No.2300462


Huber's Hammer? ETA?


214373  No.2300463


100% loss? Never. He will die a billionaire even if he goes to prison for something.

1f958c  No.2300464

try boobs with a z, it worked on the office

2857c9  No.2300465






ea07ec  No.2300467



37b678  No.2300469

File: 524e4f82cb10de5⋯.png (229.72 KB, 1774x913, 1774:913, kdyq.png)



KDYG search on Google Maps shows:

Indianapolis Executive Airport

also appears in this string:


97212d  No.2300470


Thanks BO!

d0a0d5  No.2300471

Dear Lord,

Please help my fellow Anons deal with the pure evil and gore the Cabal is poisoning us with.

Please protect us from the demonic attacks and give us strength to overcome this great evil.

dabcd5  No.2300472



BO: 'looks legit.

mebbe put this in the bread.

87cf47  No.2300473


Got it.

She was given an ST fukin D.


d83d02  No.2300474


I called it. Congress is not the answer. Of course, public hearings of Page, Clapper, etc, could open a lot of eyes…

7bb4f4  No.2300475


Y the hell are you judging a mans taste so hard AFter go goreporn from your buddy

Mr walrus

6e7d09  No.2300476


I think so. A group called antifa might form though, and we'd have to endure orchestrated violent protests with purposeful police stand down. Oh wait., we already do..

eaf956  No.2300477

File: f613b3d20712b64⋯.png (170.72 KB, 482x299, 482:299, d350ca1ecdce0ae9f447bc899b….png)



ca86d7  No.2300478


Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID: 7cfe10 No.38507 📁

Dec 5 2017 16:06:17 (EST)

Adm R/ No Such Agency (W&W) + POTUS/USMIL =

Apply the Keystone.

Paint the picture.


9c9a65  No.2300479

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

POTUS still talking about steel

Foreign countries, even if there semi friendly

we're selling them a helluva lot of stuff

we were the big dumb piggy bank

and everybody was robbing us blind

13 trillion in trade defecits


9f4053  No.2300481


Thanks for the sacrafice BO. And everything else too.

528fc3  No.2300482

File: 314dc012a298879⋯.pdf (4.97 MB, Daniel-Andreev-The-Rose-of….pdf)

The Rose of the World.

Daniel Andreev is a Russian Orthodox Christian "mystic."

He describes a future very much like now.

Described it long ago.

47fb83  No.2300483

2587df  No.2300484


what, you could be like the numnuts on reddit who follow SB2. "Sarin in ai real" They gobble up his cock every day. Too dumb to question the gook

956c8b  No.2300486


Eh, I'd hit it.

1830db  No.2300487


Ted "Clown" Cruz

476c5f  No.2300488

File: dc0918cdb5017c6⋯.jpg (53.48 KB, 383x526, 383:526, laughinginputin1.jpg)

7db8ee  No.2300489

File: 1784ecdfd9c79de⋯.jpg (585.11 KB, 1920x1035, 128:69, images.duckduckgo-30.jpg)

c6eec8  No.2300490

File: 2ec4d0976aa8992⋯.jpg (13.42 KB, 380x218, 190:109, d1758f3cd594eb47a6b301788a….jpg)

Just to confirm, anons are trying passwords for this picture right?

b4a072  No.2300491


hm who woulda thought.. ur sneaky arent u

in a good way

unrelated to your post 2300475

7c022f  No.2300492

File: 73afb2744b669ef⋯.jpg (436.91 KB, 1200x602, 600:301, Congress.jpg)


How much did Mad Max and other members of Congress make?

Remember that Insider Trading laws do not apply to members of Congress.

47fb83  No.2300493

File: 62a38d3d66c198e⋯.png (2.06 MB, 1443x1729, 111:133, sarah-quotes-combo-4.png)

ceabd2  No.2300495


Or in a cubicle looking over your shoulder every time you scroll down slightly….not that I know anything about that…

7d1168  No.2300496


Dershowitz: House GOP making case for Trump's impeachment with 'dumb' move against Rosenstein


7bb4f4  No.2300497


The reality filter

Is getting so strong

Many sea monkeys

Won't return

f79e06  No.2300498

File: c3cfb6a58142bb2⋯.png (797.85 KB, 973x514, 973:514, 7firstev.png)

File: f49dced4368dbdc⋯.png (770.69 KB, 1019x531, 1019:531, ray7cis.png)

POTUS mentions women …and others (AAs)…he's right. Anyone who pays any attention to Mockingbird DON'T know why He'd get more women votes.

688fd1  No.2300499


>I only trust what I see happen period.

After decades of getting bent over and fucked hard by our elected representatives, this is all we can do.

Unless you're a fucking rube who fell off the turnip truck this morning and are stupid enough to believe some anonymous psoter on 8chan.

Our gummint is crooked and all I see is an elaborate effort to conduct show hearings in order to look like it's getting cleaned up … IOW, business as usual.

These crooked cunts have been running this same game for 50 fucking years.

What we are seeing (and not seeing) today is the same old fucking shit from the ruling class.

107a25  No.2300500


shit Yeeeah

11ef64  No.2300501

It seem that one of the big drops coming is the relationship between Social Media and the Dem party/DNC. Define evidence? Evidence of server of rigging Facebook and Twitter for past 2016 and present 2018 elections? Pelosi working with Dorsey to implement censorship algorithms?

b53e2f  No.2300502

File: 3fc6d5bc775cc1d⋯.jpg (22.88 KB, 800x451, 800:451, president-donald-trump-off….jpg)


EO from 12/21/17

Asset Seizure!

Check & Mate!


1215a4  No.2300503


yes please.. what is the deal with that crap?

fff6a1  No.2300504







not going to be able to participate right now, gotta go soon, but do the digging there to keep it mostly out of general


31b660  No.2300505



Found the previous one before 2013.

July 21st 2002

Anything happen that day?

c3a6bd  No.2300506

File: dfe98da7aea6f55⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 85.92 KB, 602x742, 43:53, titties2.png)


Nice one!

Tits for you!

c9f28f  No.2300507


I never saw any ankle monitors. Trust only what you see happen, never mere words.

ca86d7  No.2300508



b9dfd0  No.2300509


If so, the timetable for finding anything out is likely mid-September at earliest, as August recess begins shortly.

a1f9d2  No.2300510

File: 4c8c59e0c07bb0d⋯.jpg (127.8 KB, 960x768, 5:4, Di8oh10XsAECV4r.jpg)

Nope don't understand all that is happening. But I'm ignorant. Not stupid, not dumb, just ignorant. I''ll watch the show. Patience is a virtue. Thanks Q

be4670  No.2300511

Oh shit haha I just noticed this → >>2296345

Explains the fuckery from ReReLarp last night.

69f245  No.2300512




88d8fe  No.2300513

File: a7ffb193423f0a5⋯.png (2.65 KB, 310x163, 310:163, For_God_&_Country.png)

>This one

3de73c  No.2300514

File: 19a51c89c88f90b⋯.jpg (65.6 KB, 306x377, 306:377, IMG_8921.JPG)


Nice digits!

No! No! No!

All the winning is belong to us!

e3ef8c  No.2300516

File: 04845d0239c28a0⋯.jpg (73.2 KB, 1033x767, 1033:767, SS is Bad Still.JPG)

1830db  No.2300517


try the filename of the image

476c5f  No.2300518

7bb4f4  No.2300519


Seems someone should spite your sexual organs Mr walrus

38cb5b  No.2300520


Absolutley NOT in the tribulation.

Great Sign was last September 23

Right now we are seeing Revelations 2:9 and 3:9 being brought to fulfillment.

retrograde of the King in the Virgin took 42 weeks

July 14, 2018 was 42 weeks later

This big eclipse tomorrow is real interesting.

2587df  No.2300521


block the nigger cock cuck spam too please.

cd9d8b  No.2300522


Look into steg brutforce tools,

if they exist.

F5-A algo

1215a4  No.2300524


have you tried things in hebrew and special dates for israel or something like that?

476e9f  No.2300525


Devalue the stock. Seize FB. Stock rises. America rich.

Rinse. Repeat. Twatter next.

All your base are belong to us.

c9f28f  No.2300526


Now he wearin a tuxedo coz he wanna look impotent and be Pressdent n sheet.

b4a072  No.2300527



944ed1  No.2300528

File: d6f2ea2b6630577⋯.jpg (138.6 KB, 620x360, 31:18, d6f2ea2b66305771527d1c7526….jpg)

New Bread




New Bread

fff6a1  No.2300530


kek, its the same shill

outted itself last night