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d077ec  No.2300428


are not endorsements'''



>>2296345 To Quell the BO is MIA crap, a message from a Board Volunteer

>>2251030, >>2261001 EXPLANATION of bread-archiving situation. Fix habbening.

>>2174695 ; >>2174831 FULL VIDEO: President Trump and President Putin Helsinki Summit Press Conference

>>2258234 Bakers, please put "^^^ Next Baker ^^^" below 1st shift notes, & NB >bundle


>>2299786 Meadows backs off impeachment Q linked article

>>2299840 Toronto votes to ban handgun and ammunition sales

>>2299870 UN Chief Fears "Brush With Bankruptcy", Urges Members To Send Cash

>>2299885 Q linked article

>>2299889 Rothschild Bank Caught in Money Laundering Scandal by Swiss Regulator (Legit?)

>>2299930 -hillary-clinton-employee-arrested-on-treason-charges/

>>2299933 When will ownership of Smithland be returned to Americans?

>>2299939 Pelosi Refers To 9/11 Terror Attacks As An ‘Incident’ While Defending Weaker Borders

>>2299973 DOD JCS tweets

>>2299982 Attorneys say Larry Nassar was assaulted in prison; they’re blaming the judge who sentenced him

>>2300003 Q TWEET Confirmation

>>2300006 Contempt of Congress

>>2300081 Fake News reporters also asking FB execs to censor Fox News & Infowars Daily Mail

>>2300122 NAVY seals tweet


>>2300152 Christianity Permeates Daily Life in Russia - Even Banks and Restaurants

>>2300389 WH tweet on House Intel comitee

>>2299705 #2898


>>2299613 Planefag Notes

>>2299049 Nunes: House Intel probing whether informants gathered data on Trump, Russia prior to authorized probe

>>2299083, >>2299352 WE HAVE TRIED Passwords all failed

>>2299038, >>2299094 Germany to Offer Asylum to Controversial ‘White Helmet’ Group,

>>2299039 This is how Hussein transferred money to UK.

>>2299041, >>2299184 Huber reports to the PADAG Ed O'Callaghan

>>2299186 "Ryan should be a quick take down. Ties to the CF through the American Ireland Fund."

>>2299197 Military Situation In Syria On July 26, 2018 (Map Update)

>>2299198 Notes on the Democrats war against White males

>>2299299 Former federal prosecutor now admits the “conspiracy theories” about FBI corruption and the FISA process are ALL TRUE

>>2299133, >>2299012 Hidden Messages contained within?

>>2299572 Did we overlook this BIG confirmation

>>2299619 Australian Gov figures US is preped to bomb Irans Nukes

>>2298914 #2897



>>2298591 House speaker puts Rosenstein impeachment maneuver in deep freeze

>>2298319 Anon Green Typed Decode of Latest Q Post

>>2298262, >>2298667 PlaneFag Updates

>>2298237 Building the information distribution system of the future is our highest national security priority RIGHT NOW.

>>2298222 POTUS ducks reporters….because we are in THE STORM!!! (opinion by Anon)

>>2298927 #2896


>>2297902 Anon's Decode of Recent Q Post (these really helped me when I was new and trying to figure things out)

>>2297851 New Digs on Credibility of Sarah Ruth Ashcraft, Ritual Abuse Whistleblower & Tom Hanks Accuser

>>2297750 Federal Grand Jury Convened for Indicting Cohen THE RAT; Feds Pursuing Bank Fraud From HIS Personal Accounts

>>2297577 Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) CEO resigns

>>2297573 Endeavor Agency in Phoenix? (Possible Dig Needed)

>>2297628 This Former British Spy Exposed the Russian Hackers

>>2297622 NZ High Commissioner to Samoa Resigns

>>2298233 #2895


>>2296933 Ryan should be a quick take down. Ties to the CF through the American Ireland Fund

>>2296894 "BIG" - Q Graphic

>>2296870 Mueller Examining Trump Tweets in 'Wide-Ranging Obstruction Inquiry (AKA Stalling for time)

>>2296832 PSA to Anons - Know what You are Agreeing to When Clicking (Oath Family)

>>2296637 Facebook Failed to Remove Sexualized Images of Children

>>2296596 Jim Jordan Running For Speaker of the House!! Woot, Woot!!

>>2297304 #2894

Previously Collected Notables

>>2296531 #2893

>>2294969 #2890, >>2295675 #2891, >>2297253 #2892

>>2292431 #2888, >>2293286 #2889, >>2294148 #2889 (different Batch, do not delete, notable numbering FUBAR)

>>2290032 #2885, >>2290842 #2886, >>2291670 #2887

>>2289113 #2882, >>2289087 #2883, >>2289251 #2884

>>2285311 #2879, >>xxxxxxx #2880, >>2289102 #2881

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d077ec  No.2300439

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cb29ed  No.2300451

What a pleasant day!

d077ec  No.2300466

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Thank You President Trump and Qteam!!!

This Breads for you !

d077ec  No.2300480

NEW DOUGH https://pastebin.com/n5EszwJ9

Good Luck Anon's

d07dd9  No.2300494

File: be53625c66f0da6⋯.png (630.93 KB, 855x415, 171:83, Screenshot_2018-07-26 Judg….png)

Great news

Judge Orders Fusion GPS To Reveal Dossier Details In BuzzFeed Lawsuit

https:// dailycaller.com/2018/07/26/fusion-gps-dossier-buzzfeed-lawsuit/

b061a8  No.2300537









not going to be able to participate right now, gotta go soon, but do the digging there to keep it mostly out of general


683e26  No.2300548

File: 4fbe132a5841c61⋯.png (44.65 KB, 505x470, 101:94, FB Chart 6 months.png)

taking a look at the last 6 months of FB stock ticker,

it looks like the last 4 months were a pump & dump.

fd3c49  No.2300549

So it's been considered that POTUS himself is an autist, right?

06e03a  No.2300553



‏ @POTUS_Schedule

10m10 minutes ago

Thursday, 26 July 2018 (CDT)

14:23:18 #POTUS #AirForceOne #AF1 Arrival - St. Louis, Missouri (St. Louis Lambert International Airport - KSTL)

14:33:14 #Motorcade Departure - en route Granite City, IL

15:04:55 Arrival - Granite City Works Hot Strip Mill


88c9ae  No.2300554

File: 3eb0935a291810d⋯.gif (459.99 KB, 400x225, 16:9, 3eb0935a291810dec93b06a32a….gif)

ty baker

d40dd1  No.2300559

75feb3  No.2300560

File: 18b8edaeb538ca3⋯.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1125x1084, 1125:1084, FB76AF63-E3C4-41B4-9BD0-A….jpeg)

0238ee  No.2300561

Bless this bread with tasty crumbs.

Shills can go eat a bullet.

d077ec  No.2300562


I will post to the noteables I see you have been asking me . I did not know what you wanted . Now I do …

Do this next time



04d36b  No.2300563

File: c9f6076c180385b⋯.png (369.02 KB, 894x828, 149:138, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2e182e3d3914c22⋯.png (10.64 KB, 885x140, 177:28, ClipboardImage.png)


US Preparing To Bomb Iran's Nuclear Capabilities As Soon As Next Month: Report


81b69e  No.2300564

File: 2e4187d0be315c6⋯.gif (3.29 MB, 720x404, 180:101, 4e12c88f6d83bb658df8ff16b1….gif)

b061a8  No.2300565



61d4e8  No.2300566


THIS is why I can't get custody of my child from a mother who abuses and theirs to kill herself for the 3 time. They can track ME down over a false statement made by my baby mama yet can't find a woman who texts photos of herself with a handful of pills waiting to end her life. #MeToo my ass. I'm terrified CPS will throw my child into the trafficking ring. I've only seen my kid a total of 37 days out of 5 YEARS. I'm being extorted and threatened to send gift cards and clothes for HER or my son is harmed. FBI won't help in Commiefornia. I'm seriously scared for my kid! Q! HELP!

986e04  No.2300567


These breads

There are no more noble lies

Merely selfish petty liars

3c1614  No.2300568

Thank you BO

a88cdf  No.2300569

BO announces working on board cleanup

AFLB suddenly appears, totally ass blasted.

Do you believe in cohencidences?

329aac  No.2300570

File: e029d2f62747e68⋯.jpg (763.27 KB, 1829x1535, 1829:1535, BO_Lied.jpg)

Like a bitch.

6704ee  No.2300572



5be6b6  No.2300573


Anons, remember ??


47371b  No.2300575


I can't my cpu doesn't have the right app to use it.

it's 111 day theory tho just lemme know.

one tried said it was 0% stuck


d40dd1  No.2300577


Now go find other stocks that rose in the same way over the same time period.


04d36b  No.2300579


TY shit has been nasty af while you've been away!

5fae60  No.2300580


What if the password is the password Q intentionally posted a while back. Remember? We all thought it was his password to his trip but…what if it was for this the whole time? Then we WOULD have more than we know and have it all. We just missed it

Anyone ????

872b23  No.2300581

Sinclair, TV station owners under scrutiny from DOJ for advertising practices: Report

Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc., Tribune Media Co., and other independent TV station owners are under scrutiny from the Department of Justice to determine if they broke antitrust laws and drove up local television advertising prices, a new report says.

The investigation is looking at whether the television station owners worked together when their ad sales team discussed their performance among each other. This could have resulted in increased television commercial prices, the Wall Street Journal reports. “It is our policy not to comment on a potential investigation,” a Sinclair spokesperson said, according to the Wall Street Journal. “It is our understanding that this is not specific to Sinclair, but focuses on the larger broadcast industry.”

A Tribune spokesperson reportedly refused to provide a comment. The potential antitrust violation was unearthed by the government as a part of Sinclair’s potential acquisition of Tribune. Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai and other commissioners voted to send the issue to an administrative law judge. It’s uncertain when the probe was launched and if the companies will be penalized.

https:// www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/sinclair-tv-station-owners-under-scrutiny-from-doj-for-advertising-practices-report

5be6b6  No.2300582


Can you delete the R threads please, including that one BV that seemed to have cooperated with him? Q confirmed R is a LARP.

35c954  No.2300583

File: 9fbe5411444454c⋯.png (357.19 KB, 940x636, 235:159, 2018-07-26_1346.png)

3fb361  No.2300584

File: 5e073f2bba88a49⋯.jpg (143.81 KB, 1358x532, 97:38, Nunes Voting.jpg)

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) called for a ban on electronic voting systems


75feb3  No.2300586

File: d6e412a8a54739f⋯.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1125x1333, 1125:1333, B0EE790B-6171-4944-99D8-D….jpeg)

276b7a  No.2300587

I'm starting to think that Huber is related to the HOT stringer from forever ago.

249fa5  No.2300588

File: 5e2c5653faa96ec⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1289x780, 1289:780, jack1.png)

30b0e6  No.2300589


Thank you and please enjoy your well deserved vacation, BO!

b061a8  No.2300591


I don't I asked for it to be notable, maybe other anons

but saw people asking questions, others not wanting it in general, so decided to make a thread

do what you think is best baker, thanks!

d31095  No.2300592

File: 935e82ee6c4d560⋯.jpg (21.75 KB, 231x218, 231:218, IMG_1885.JPG)

93a7bb  No.2300593

4f7b84  No.2300594

>>2299768 What it looks like is that stalling moves are being made in the public show so that the timing & pace of the major revelations will be most brutally destructive to the opposition going into the midterm election (and afterward). But important progress both great and small is occurring behind the curtain as we speak.

986e04  No.2300595

File: 50e9af0d18b60ef⋯.jpg (27.41 KB, 1131x707, 1131:707, IMG_2491.JPG)

04afc5  No.2300596


Thank you! Now take a break!!

b061a8  No.2300597


>I don't

I don't think

7e1520  No.2300598

Q will you add to the story of Israel and when the correction will occur?

81b69e  No.2300599

File: 857c454fd25c001⋯.jpg (13.23 KB, 255x244, 255:244, madgenius.jpg)


That's KING of the AUTISTS, to you!

5be6b6  No.2300600

File: 33881be79e872c7⋯.png (10.84 KB, 1822x169, 1822:169, 0a3f897f652a8a4c080253d89d….png)


Anons, remember ??

Q said it a while ago.


329aac  No.2300601


Something goes wrong.

AFLB gets blamed.

Do you believe in coincidences?

I kicked the shit out of our shills and I get removed. Grok on that.

7d3405  No.2300602



1fd2d2  No.2300604


Good. How long will that take…..

7496cb  No.2300607

File: 28ba87bccd40fb4⋯.jpg (998.3 KB, 3599x1951, 3599:1951, JEFF.jpg)

524b7c  No.2300608

INCOMING Q POST: Foxnews tweet announcing Ohio and Florida have been called for Trump

9068b9  No.2300609



BO/BV using sigil magic to keep R on /qresearch/.

R cannot move on without deletion of old R "proof" breads.

BO/BV refuse to delete because they need R's powers to subvert this board.

I casted a spell on BV last night >>2293763 >>2293784

But couldn't break the spell BO had over old R "proof" breads.

[9] R "proof" breads kept on /qresearch/ for a specific purpose.



0afb6a  No.2300610

Still hoping to get someone’s attention


36d91f  No.2300611

>>2300028 (last Q)

Hey Q, can you please ask us to stop with the password wild goose chase. I am sure that was not the intention of that series of posts. We're going down a rabbit hole.

0238ee  No.2300612


Fuck off, I'm chillin for a bit.


Keep crying, bitch.

d7ec6a  No.2300613

File: 83b539c2b0d7675⋯.png (81.91 KB, 720x585, 16:13, Screenshot_20180726-154825….png)

22b2af  No.2300614

File: 28e6d3956950cd6⋯.png (337.27 KB, 659x743, 659:743, Drudge re FB 7-26-18.PNG)

File: 3cdcae89c045fbc⋯.png (608.41 KB, 865x800, 173:160, Drudge re FB 7-26-18 pic.PNG)

4bb0e1  No.2300615

File: 3256f0ea384c99f⋯.jpg (139.72 KB, 900x900, 1:1, IMG_1978.JPG)

File: 5535d2a83ecc054⋯.jpg (112.26 KB, 900x900, 1:1, IMG_1977.JPG)

Would someone with ability please put some decent crosshairs on this cunt? Thx

a539d1  No.2300616


Cute maga girl

9068b9  No.2300617

dc3617  No.2300618

File: 4b8a05dbbd7ed76⋯.png (717.56 KB, 702x658, 351:329, 4b8a05dbbd7ed76277682278d0….png)

7a8c65  No.2300619


When i think Mirror, i think columnar transposition ciphers. data bank of shared key words between Q and DJT twitter deltas, stringers, img file names, etc..

a891e8  No.2300620

>>2300293 lb

Maybe it's podesta's password


169263  No.2300622

File: 537a008bf482b54⋯.png (61.81 KB, 851x327, 851:327, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)


04d36b  No.2300623

File: a5235b977e224fd⋯.png (1013.68 KB, 829x812, 829:812, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 79b626d30a8b8e0⋯.png (239.1 KB, 837x742, 837:742, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2dd4ddb20765b61⋯.png (214.39 KB, 829x508, 829:508, ClipboardImage.png)

Trump’s got mother of all migraines coming on; ISIS is back in Iraq


d077ec  No.2300624


YOU are important . I added it to the notes just in case late night Anons want to checkem foo!

a145d9  No.2300625


Something loop connected…. netflix maybe?

59bc46  No.2300626

File: 79221f5fc8ac458⋯.jpg (98.26 KB, 801x877, 801:877, 2a.JPG)

File: 2823a6b6ca09769⋯.jpg (141.57 KB, 813x810, 271:270, 3.JPG)

Former Armenian President, Robert Kocharian Indicted for March 2008 Deadly Crackdown


75feb3  No.2300627

File: 5e72c54a8687a61⋯.jpeg (744.21 KB, 624x1095, 208:365, 12AF8738-3E0D-4F6A-AC16-E….jpeg)

dc37e8  No.2300628


can i feed that bullet to them? M855 means they won't come back.

4edec0  No.2300629

File: 2811ecc865c0d1d⋯.jpeg (170.57 KB, 750x472, 375:236, 52A8A40D-11F2-4251-B878-8….jpeg)


b061a8  No.2300630




2. many anons have been saying (including me tbh) that the Rlarp shill threads should be deleted, to avoid further any attempts at discrediting; compiled these last night:








daa8fd  No.2300632


Well no shit..kek

329aac  No.2300633

File: 0804045b35e9fbc⋯.jpg (72.08 KB, 640x705, 128:141, shruggirl_.jpg)


Do you see any tears? ; )

You lied. That's just a fact now.

9ecb50  No.2300634

This whole process is going slowly because it can't appear partisan to the American people.

An added benefit is that Zuckerberg is getting a bad public image (optics) and FB is imploding from private sector pressure.

72ae43  No.2300636

File: 2574183c2ef870b⋯.jpg (74.17 KB, 960x640, 3:2, dyke1.jpg)


At least someone is doing their goddam job.

Fuck Sessions.

9636b2  No.2300637


Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID: 7cfe10 No.38467 📁

Dec 5 2017 16:01:30 (EST)

Key - unlocks the door of all doors (info)

Stone - the force / strength capable of yielding power to act on info



02c375  No.2300638

File: 3ffa38e6acb17dc⋯.jpg (11.53 KB, 194x259, 194:259, 3ffa38e6acb17dc969c4f869e1….jpg)


Fuccckkkkk…..my dna is in the database!

Fucking boomer dad!

7d3405  No.2300639


give it a break


R complainers = R shills

81b69e  No.2300640


Must be a typo.

986e04  No.2300641

Mr walrus

Cynical trannyshilling pedogarch

Your ways are numbered

6eb9bc  No.2300643

File: 31a1c70e5fb3275⋯.png (84.51 KB, 760x765, 152:153, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)

Anons, be aware that this app can't be used to decode an image that was not sent to you via the app itself.

You'll need a second program for that (F5 application).

cf9dcd  No.2300644


added to the dedicated thread for you Anon:


so it won't get passed over.

88c9ae  No.2300645

File: d1f76a83424c4b3⋯.png (178.72 KB, 238x472, 119:236, holliday pepe.png)


Happy holliday BO anon, enjoy

a539d1  No.2300647

b061a8  No.2300648


o7, gotcha baker! (rest unrelated)



efd7b8  No.2300649

File: 13bbe3840ccb6ff⋯.jpg (36.31 KB, 600x518, 300:259, 13bbe3840ccb6ff8ebfd7db4c5….jpg)





Yes goys, Paul Ryan just shot down Rottenstein's impeachment, but it's all part of the plan. Just trust us!


249fa5  No.2300650

File: 4c8d42f4f3aac2f⋯.png (609.65 KB, 1200x523, 1200:523, ck1.png)

Went looking for puns on cain and found a black eye on the first one

a88cdf  No.2300651



never stop posting.

Your retarded rage fits are some of the most entertaining faggotry here.

stay mad.

04d36b  No.2300652

File: 3fd576983dbca36⋯.png (453.45 KB, 624x816, 13:17, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4ea6f88084e1bbd⋯.png (169.54 KB, 653x849, 653:849, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e65afde7042eee2⋯.png (169.06 KB, 634x711, 634:711, ClipboardImage.png)

Mike Pence condemns anti-Jewish attacks in Europe

Addressing religious freedom conference, US vice president bemoans French and German Jews being warned not to display their religion in public


250782  No.2300653

File: 3946eaf82bc8990⋯.png (78.63 KB, 1080x693, 120:77, 5eed50e5.png)


022b3d  No.2300654

File: 7bdc78ccf43433a⋯.jpg (62.67 KB, 794x762, 397:381, 5a7f006bc6398e644ec960d83a….jpg)

Day on phone: Sunday, July 21st

Dates where July 21st fell on a Sunday:



0afb6a  No.2300655

Dig into this guy anons. Why did they REMOVE DISNEY FROM HIS WIKIPEDIA



9b46b0  No.2300656

File: f4e9cbd659b5802⋯.jpg (146.57 KB, 926x801, 926:801, 832529856.jpg)

Immigration drives up house prices

House prices create debt

Debt creates growth

EU Britain is a failed economy


169263  No.2300657

File: 0c35335135104c2⋯.png (99.08 KB, 704x811, 704:811, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)

File: 0e0f7cef6eb8dc5⋯.png (118.38 KB, 1088x822, 544:411, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)

facebook stock - am pm

72ae43  No.2300660

fe9d02  No.2300661

File: 7208788b4b2b224⋯.jpeg (84.15 KB, 474x711, 2:3, saintmichaelwar.jpeg)


>The face is never the author.

Anons should keep this in mind when fighting (((shills))). We need to zero in on who exactly these fuckers are, not what they are pretending to be. Could be an iranian muzzy pretending to be a jew, could be a jew pretending to be catholic concern fag, could be useful idiot pretending to be both, etc.

importance is what the message is.

Either way, FUCK the (((kike shills))) and black hats.

We know our enemies, and Q gave us a relatively obvious hint: focus on the content.

872b23  No.2300662

Mueller team scrutinizing Trump tweets in obstruction investigation: Report

Special counsel Robert Mueller is examining some of President Trump’s tweets to determine whether the president attempted to obstruct justice in his investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Mueller is looking at Trump’s tweets about Attorney General Jeff Sessions and former FBI Director James Comey, three sources told the New York Times. Mueller wants to question Trump about his tweets, the publication reported Thursday. Some of Trump’s tweets about the men came as he was pressuring them in private about Mueller’s investigation into whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia. In a wide-ranging investigation, Mueller is examining Trump’s conversations with Comey and Sessions, as well as other top administration officials, about the Russia probe; misleading White House statements; public attacks on key witnesses; and possible pardon offers made to potential witnesses, the report said.

Mueller would need credible witnesses and evidence showing Trump had criminal intent to make a strong case that the president obstructed justice. Trump’s lawyers have argued Trump’s actions are not obstruction, and that he is merely defending himself against a “witch hunt.” Some of his lawyers have privately said, however, that they’re concerned Mueller is building an obstruction case.

One of Trump’s lawyers, Rudy Giuliani, brushed off Mueller’s examination of the tweets as desperation. “If you’re going to obstruct justice, you do it quietly and secretly, not in public,” he told the Times.

https:// www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/mueller-team-scrutinizing-trump-tweets-in-obstruction-investigation-report

8e5f9c  No.2300663

File: 0879b6b3395cfb8⋯.jpg (11.47 KB, 255x255, 1:1, pepeblanket.jpg)


Thank you sir…

986e04  No.2300664

Sinners proclaiming the selves saints at the bottom of hell where corpses reanimate ~avicii

5e976e  No.2300665

File: c4d663391762581⋯.jpg (54.59 KB, 1440x497, 1440:497, Screenshot_20180726-123737….jpg)

When you SEE it

249fa5  No.2300666

File: 06f13094eec515b⋯.png (690.61 KB, 1115x669, 5:3, streep.png)

is this weird?

32d590  No.2300667

File: 8cc60b5ada34b01⋯.png (3.5 MB, 1817x999, 1817:999, dolla.png)

File: dfe01ea55eaac1a⋯.png (100.14 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 8e30cbd794282dae6494f8e148….png)


there is only potato

b061a8  No.2300668


kys Rlarp




75feb3  No.2300669

File: 25333497b8f07d9⋯.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1125x1323, 125:147, A3D028C2-0EC0-484F-B49F-9….jpeg)

22b2af  No.2300670


Just what the QAnon movement doesn't need

Some psycho vigilante shooting something or someone up like pizzagate


a88cdf  No.2300671


LOL every time you post it's nothing but tears.

dc37e8  No.2300672


Remember no names stupid beach boys rendition?

cdcd60  No.2300674

File: 555cebf0679191f⋯.jpg (215.59 KB, 1024x653, 1024:653, FINAL POOL MEME Z.jpg)

a539d1  No.2300675


We see your fucking tears every fuking bread you stupid projection shill.

Doesn't even matter what you're selling. You are a pattern.

9068b9  No.2300676


AFLB is a fat SJW slag

Who wasted her parents' money on an art degree for manga

524b7c  No.2300677


How in the fuck is that breaking news? This shit has been known for awhile now

dff2fd  No.2300678


23andMe Is Sharing Its 5 Million Clients' Genetic Data with Drug Giant GlaxoSmithKline


23andMe Is Sharing Its 5 Million Clients' Genetic Data with Drug Giant GlaxoSmithKline

Credit: Shutterstock

Popular genetics-testing company 23andMe is partnering with drug giant GlaxoSmithKline to use people's DNA to develop medical treatments, the company announced in a blog post yesterday (July 25).

During the four-year collaboration, the London-based GlaxoSmithKline will use 23andMe's genetic database to zero in on possible targets and treatments for human disease.

"The goal of the collaboration is to gather insights and discover novel drug targets driving disease progression and develop therapies," GlaxoSmithKline said in yesterday's statement, where it also reported it was investing $300 million in 23andMe. [How Do DNA Ancestry Tests Really Work?]

It's not yet clear which conditions will be investigated during the collaboration, but one example showed how the collaboration might work: the two companies' previous collaboration on the gene LRRK2, which is linked to some cases of Parkinson's disease, Forbes reported.

Only about 10,000 of the 1 million Americans with Parkinson's disease have the disease because of LRRK2. So, GlaxoSmithKline has to test about 100 Parkinson's patients to find just one potential candidate. However, 23andMe has already provided 250 Parkinson's patients who have agreed to be re-contacted for GlaxoSmithKline's clinical trials, which may help the pharmaceutical company develop the drug much faster, Forbes reported.

However, not everybody is on board with 23andMe's new partnership. If a person's DNA is used in research, that person should be compensated, said Peter Pitts, president of the Center for Medicine in the Public Interest.

"Are they going to offer rebates to people who opt in, so their customers aren’t paying for the privilege of 23andMe working with a for-profit company in a for-profit research project?" Pitts said to NBC.

In addition, even though 23andMe gets the consent of its customers to use their genetic data, it's unlikley that most people are aware of this.

https:// www.engadget.com/2018/07/26/gsk-23andme-dna-database-drug-development/

b326ea  No.2300679


Get outta here man

Go enjoy the rest of your R&R

Its been foul in your absence but we can hold this shit down until you officially return

ea44a1  No.2300680

File: 61015d1ae97543f⋯.png (171.02 KB, 524x495, 524:495, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5c1760a64993c71⋯.png (79.26 KB, 524x493, 524:493, ClipboardImage.png)

File: aa9f40f24040d9d⋯.png (86.57 KB, 525x519, 175:173, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1e5bea219671b01⋯.png (138.12 KB, 543x536, 543:536, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4797d4e54aec7b4⋯.png (46.95 KB, 529x351, 529:351, ClipboardImage.png)


542efa  No.2300682


Article on NZ clearances of clowns- merit?


76077b  No.2300683

Captain, sensors indicate ebot is disguising its Bloch spheres by projecting to cap-cyclide coordinates. Modifying phaser modulation now…

63b365  No.2300684


and fb stock still dropping after hours

9636b2  No.2300685

Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID: b+CmIEaI No.150569779 📁

Nov 23 2017 01:14:06 (EST)

Anonymous ID: hPg9HcUL No.150569615 📁

Nov 23 2017 01:12:34 (EST)



One more key word, please. Please.


Clowns In America.


2f89c7  No.2300686

Youtube is censoring POTUS

Doing cut outs , screen pauses with

Youtube logo.

One day we will see all the censoring gone.

That day we'll know we have finally made it

we finally won

34ac06  No.2300687

For the password

What about the titles of the books BHO gave out as summer reading?

986e04  No.2300688

Another asshole dogpile

Go figure

Must be convictions

9777e9  No.2300689


Why is this fucker still wasting taxpayer money on this shit?

da13ce  No.2300690


We get the law does not apply the "THEM", just us.


9068b9  No.2300691


Make no mistake.

BO will not delete R "proof" threads.

He has gathered them for a specific reason.

Coming soon to a theater near you.


169263  No.2300692

File: 8bbb6ca23694573⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1317x1252, 1317:1252, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)

Hernández agreed with the school district that “high school students do not have a fundamental privacy right to not share school restrooms, lockers, and showers with transgender students whose biological sex is different than theirs.” They might feel threatened that a transgender student might see them in a state of undress, but that does not rise to a constitutional claim. “To hold otherwise would sweepingly expand the right to privacy beyond what any court has recognized,” he wrote.


3b2e7b  No.2300693

File: 8a60c62b0d225ec⋯.jpg (26.87 KB, 255x254, 255:254, 2dytdkytdlu.jpg)

72ae43  No.2300694

File: c2151991b39a122⋯.jpg (16.72 KB, 413x395, 413:395, scotch2.jpg)


… blurry picture of bald man to follow for confirmation.

88c9ae  No.2300695

File: 621fad489d1dea7⋯.jpg (12.44 KB, 302x167, 302:167, 621fad489d1dea73791128ea74….jpg)


trips 6's confirms, its weird

81b69e  No.2300696

File: 2d1b48711868615⋯.png (27.16 KB, 552x561, 184:187, grokoff.png)



Fuck you very much for namefagging!




Gordian Knot?

a1c68e  No.2300697

File: 4882c11e8b84006⋯.jpg (50.8 KB, 889x500, 889:500, TwitterMayday.jpg)


Jack is going down…

a88cdf  No.2300698


>Some psycho vigilante

dude, pol already figured out that guy was a LARP. He had an imdb page or some shit, a paid actor.

04d36b  No.2300699

File: 5a002813b5595bc⋯.png (463.63 KB, 838x883, 838:883, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ce393259d0e6b4e⋯.png (36.09 KB, 814x360, 407:180, ClipboardImage.png)

Christian Pastor: Facebook Censors Bible Verse “John 3:16” and “The Resurrection of Jesus Christ”

Popular Christian Pastor Steven Andrew says Facebook has shadow-banned and censored his Bible verse posts.


bbb74d  No.2300700

File: 02ae933a943dbf9⋯.jpg (87.11 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, ZuckFuck.jpg)

16cbc4  No.2300701

File: 90c7f91b1d64903⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.04 MB, 800x1200, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png)

Here is an Irish porn star

Who is the only woman

Who has ever done

A pearl necklace for me

Lovely girl

Now takes guests

In North London

19a16a  No.2300702

File: f02f0b256f4397d⋯.jpg (158.2 KB, 500x759, 500:759, Vertigo-Comics-Spider-Jeru….jpg)



Gas yourself you jidf faggot or do research only two options you have and you contiually spam the bread with your fucking hurt feels.

Leave our shores you faketriot.

d077ec  No.2300703

File: 8287d66b697002e⋯.gif (18.73 KB, 260x249, 260:249, 8287d66b697002e93e9058be8d….gif)

File: 382358ccb8e376d⋯.png (176.82 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 382358ccb8e376d7bff76bf635….png)

ea44a1  No.2300704


thunderstormdolphin skin?

uh…yes please!

4d892e  No.2300705


genius, ego, germophobe, can't be emotionally manipulated, can't be brainwashed, can play the long game, 4d chess, love the game, win just to win, love freedom, hate lies?

oh yeah oh my lord yes

169263  No.2300708

File: fb85278877211dc⋯.png (151.73 KB, 908x572, 227:143, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)


Judge Orders Fusion GPS To Reveal Dossier Details In BuzzFeed Lawsuit


d813c4  No.2300709

>>2300613 >>2300678 DNA 23andMe Sharing 5M Client DNA with Drug Giant.


ea44a1  No.2300710


anon he is the Autist in Chief where the fuck have you been???

75feb3  No.2300711

File: 6d4701f05552abb⋯.jpeg (871.25 KB, 1125x1361, 1125:1361, EB8029BF-0F83-450B-8C47-3….jpeg)

Last one for now, just boosting morale with pleasant images to make up for gorefag shit

8e5f9c  No.2300712


Now why would a huge company like that want 5 million DNA profiles?


a8e065  No.2300713


BO "chilling" on /qrg/ while on vacation speaks loads

thanQ BO for all you do

5be6b6  No.2300714


Hello, BO. Could you delete the R Larp topics?

28d33e  No.2300716

File: 8bceb6a9ecb7e28⋯.png (230.41 KB, 708x361, 708:361, Password.png)

b326ea  No.2300717


Sophies Choice…


Yeah thats not strange at all kek

9068b9  No.2300718






Comms on the board.

BV and team desperately want BO to go away.

Would be very bad optics with R around.

BO is in R's pocket.




16cbc4  No.2300719

File: 94a166d18d52a49⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 857.32 KB, 687x1000, 687:1000, ClipboardImage.png)

The variety found in nature

Is really quite amazing

22b2af  No.2300720


Bread 2893


Drug giant Glaxo teams up with DNA testing company 23andMe


34ac06  No.2300721



I like that!!!!!

Will start using. Thanks BV

72ae43  No.2300722


>Fuccckkkkk…..my dna is in the database!

Sounds like your dad "trusted the plan" when some anonymous drug company hit him up for his DNA …..

fe9d02  No.2300724


What we call 'autists', is what REAL people with will means.


8072ff  No.2300726


An anon tested it earlier by posting an image here and another anon confirmed it worked

7a8c65  No.2300728

File: 604d0072d79effd⋯.png (1.04 MB, 902x748, 41:34, couldbenothing.PNG)


we have a thread for shit like this? I drove by it a few months ago, posted here a few times. Shallow dig nothing yet.

20bf55  No.2300729

File: 52adf4855e96737⋯.jpg (924.49 KB, 1247x938, 1247:938, chair-shot.jpg)

One thing that has been confirmed on here many time is the fact that the cabal communicate with each other in open sight through the use of symbolisim.

An anon posted the shot of POTUS sitting in Churchhills chair earlier today. That phot always looke odd to me. It's not the type of pose I'd expect POUTS to employ.

It also reminded me that one of the symbols used NK - Clinton Watch the Water photo related to the seating arrangements. There was also the Huissen official portrait, which Anons shows was full of symbolisim.

My question is what message was POUTS sending the cabal in that photo?

d813c4  No.2300730


So, did the Black Hats just use SS photo as a cover to send out their dark message?

8167ac  No.2300731


give us one more good one

985e65  No.2300732


I am guessing an extra set of 000 in there.

a42cb1  No.2300734


Yeah. Agreed.

I hope the executive branch, and Q team, have considered The People will only tarry so long before they clean pedowood themselves.

65e4ed  No.2300735

File: e0d3939790d7452⋯.jpg (128.56 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 37841914_10155637321347267….jpg)

File: d42a48789417861⋯.jpg (157.97 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 37773964_10155637321297267….jpg)

File: d27a3265f347266⋯.jpg (8.48 KB, 200x212, 50:53, 22450175_1566959936714444_….jpg)

File: 7e4876beccb3593⋯.jpg (106.19 KB, 750x756, 125:126, 22491644_1566959546714483_….jpg)

DEW in Greece same that happend in CA USA.

this people are evil and sick

81b69e  No.2300736

File: 42f6849ae59013d⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 727.6 KB, 3000x2000, 3:2, muhnips.png)

9e250b  No.2300737



It's Trump's communications platform to the masses.

872b23  No.2300738


Sound like he didn't get a flip from Manafort, like he was hoping for, so now it's about latching on to what ever he can get his hands on.

bb40d6  No.2300739

File: a3a91ea7964d3fe⋯.jpg (94.28 KB, 466x397, 466:397, 0000TRUNMPkekahahahrabbit.jpg)

72ae43  No.2300740



"I'm from the government and I'm here to help."

39a10f  No.2300741

File: e1d5dce6e148e46⋯.jpg (71.75 KB, 1440x497, 1440:497, knot.jpg)

3b2e7b  No.2300742

File: f74a3962b008ce1⋯.jpg (13 KB, 213x255, 71:85, pepetrumphug.jpg)

fe9d02  No.2300743



use your brains, never mind autism. 2+2.

a9de7e  No.2300744


Evil Corp

b8a2c6  No.2300745

>>2300280 (prev bread)

This looks worthy of more digging, let's find out who the 3 victims that didn't survive were.

Good find.

ea44a1  No.2300746


as part of a balanced breakfast!

afb91c  No.2300747

File: e560f259784b254⋯.jpg (13.41 KB, 657x1238, 657:1238, 5-f9422c5d20.jpg)

File: e560f259784b254⋯.jpg (13.41 KB, 657x1238, 657:1238, 6-a279c89491.jpg)

>>2300520 (PB)

>g Revelations 2:9 and 3:9

Tomorrow July 27'th is a tippy top festival day and requires (female) human sacrifice.

Grand Climax for the Lucies, isn't it?

Good day to raid Bel Air. (byname of lucyfur )

a539d1  No.2300748

File: 99c3f3648444e0a⋯.jpg (113.27 KB, 640x426, 320:213, 4018520054_f823e31bfe_z.jpg)


Sup. This is yours. We don't want it.

22b2af  No.2300749


Dude, someone wants a Q with cross hairs of Silverman

Absolutely ridiculous

329aac  No.2300750

File: f59e2ce2edf1664⋯.gif (448.58 KB, 444x258, 74:43, DO_YOU_GET_IT.gif)

File: f171ddd75d95c6f⋯.jpg (72.05 KB, 640x705, 128:141, shruggirl_.jpg)


Aww there's the broken one.

"Always accuse your victim (or your adversary) of what you yourself are doing."


524b7c  No.2300751


13e22a  No.2300752


they'll control your dna

and your $$$$ through crypto currency

social credits

if you don't comply

no food for you

while monitoring your dna for compliance

for your "mental" illnesses

did you take your drug today like a good goy

no work for you

no food for you

9068b9  No.2300753

f0fa51  No.2300754

Some new BAN on twitter?


Anyone else? I passed the QDF ban check.

75feb3  No.2300755

File: 06f0656b67a9a92⋯.jpeg (889.36 KB, 916x1113, 916:1113, CC757A61-3125-4CA6-AE88-E….jpeg)


Here you go

afb91c  No.2300756


That's weird. Blocked image. (to self)

72a1a6  No.2300757

File: 5e2951e263fd653⋯.jpeg (105.37 KB, 1021x1010, 1021:1010, 1DF26509-09AE-43CD-AF38-6….jpeg)

0238ee  No.2300758


What are you high on, dude?

I allowed an R research thread. I also greenlighted an FE thread, a Pro-Nazi-thread, and that one guy "Thoth" thats a million years old and keeps emailing me with his bullshit (I dunno someone impersonating him lol). Sadly many of those guys choose not to make their own threads but spam the General breads.

This is a place to study, and learn. I'm not gonna stop you, unless you bring your unrelated shit in the generals. Simple as that.

I am thankful that "R" stayed out of Q general. Why are you so threatened? This is Q Research, If R is here to threaten Q's presence, he can go fuck off in his own little corner and bitch for all I care.

When does deleting counter-intel actually stop them? For fucks sakes, they're on a payroll.

72ae43  No.2300759

File: c11bbd2da3480ff⋯.png (510.49 KB, 1030x577, 1030:577, assholeseal.png)


just getting around to this now, are they?

At this rate, the crooks will be rooted out byt the time Barron retires ….

What a fucking joke.

Tree of Liberty.

9bf4e6  No.2300760


Will someone please fix the stonework.

Poor girl is going to stub her toe.

9385df  No.2300761

File: 3df353ca8315612⋯.jpeg (215.9 KB, 500x750, 2:3, 93.jpeg)

cf9dcd  No.2300762

File: 8054077f1e234d2⋯.jpg (24.68 KB, 500x329, 500:329, POTUS farmers you.JPG)

9068b9  No.2300763

Make no mistake.

R triggers shills.


5be6b6  No.2300764


No one will help you, you fucking piece shit ass larp R.

a539d1  No.2300765


Yep, you and your clown buddies do it all the time, LongCon.

e28485  No.2300766

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Space Station is unmanned.


DC moves slow so the corrupt can cover up the corrupt. I thought we would be past that with Trump.

9b46b0  No.2300767

File: f23e9ea6c9256ae⋯.jpg (86.65 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 9767497597.jpg)

25d059  No.2300770

File: 082f141f04a096f⋯.jpg (19.23 KB, 288x394, 144:197, 082f141f04a096f99710988188….jpg)


can confirm this works with password


case sensitive


b5bc6d  No.2300771


No shock but they need to be stopped. Glaxo needs to be gone too.

f0fa51  No.2300772


That's all design … from the genes, who knows what variations GOD has placed in there, as yet un-expressed.

9777e9  No.2300773


fucking red text for no fucking reason…

6d3c5a  No.2300775

File: dad4c4d644d5f67⋯.jpg (918.73 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180726-155435….jpg)

File: a9a83b71ed1a5b1⋯.jpg (690.77 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180726-155850….jpg)

To anon on SarahSilver image.date is most likely Sunday, July 21 2013. App launched 2013


fe9d02  No.2300776


How the fuck is this leaf bitch always on time to disrupt digs and/or efforts by anons during Q drops?

Why is this canuck bitch such a beta ass cuck?

Oi, learn your place and scram you fucking has been.

d2f287  No.2300777

so is mueller a white hat or black hat? do we have any consensus on this i've been away from the board all day

72ae43  No.2300778


Don't need any wild goose chases.

if it's something worth digging then do it yourself and report back.

40c34b  No.2300779


You'd think, considering the libs are so intent on banning straws they'd perhaps stop grasping at them, but you'd be wrong.

75feb3  No.2300780

ef0845  No.2300781



Post screen shots of results?

65e4ed  No.2300783

9068b9  No.2300784


>When does deleting counter-intel actually stop them?

counter-intel necessary for MSM optics.

BV knows this.


65d837  No.2300785

File: 413ca39a7fd5444⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 155.35 KB, 1261x1891, 1261:1891, F9E3A35 (1).jpg)


Boobs for the BO.

Now go drink a daquari.

5be6b6  No.2300786


I agree. If R continues spamming in here, I guess you should delete the R threads. I am sick of this shit also. Of course, I can just filter him. But really… every fucking bread there's that R larper. My goodness.

afb91c  No.2300787

File: b4c3180a6410765⋯.jpg (137.8 KB, 1155x1558, 1155:1558, LucyfurInJuly.JPG)


This is the missing image for the luciferian festival post earlier.

8167ac  No.2300788


hes a faggot hat

63b365  No.2300789


>Bel Air. (byname of lucyfur )

if true interesting

fd3c49  No.2300790





Checked. Just making sure.

9068b9  No.2300791

Make no mistake.

There is only one BV.


44cb0d  No.2300792

Anyone tried running the senators on their phones from the State of the Union… Thru pixelknot yet

81b69e  No.2300793


It got a ewe from ewe, didn't it?

It served its purpose.

196b5f  No.2300794

File: 7b4c3a7f6f24df5⋯.png (89.94 KB, 720x788, 180:197, 20180726_215701.png)


What if YOU are in possession of the

Master Password / algorithm

For Pixelknot.

Game changer

ecb854  No.2300795


Urban Dictionary

""Sophie's Choice" is centered on a scene in Auschwitz where Sophie has just arrived with her ten-year old son and her seven-year old daughter and a sadistic doctor, presumably Doctor Mengele, tells her that she can only bring one of her children; one will be allowed to live while the other is to be killed."

c5fa16  No.2300796

File: 03993ce2e0544bb⋯.jpg (118.89 KB, 872x688, 109:86, handeye.jpg)


I also noticed this image in the Disney movie Princess and the Frog. It's on the tarot cards that shadowman uses.

a88cdf  No.2300797

File: 64bd7aa39c57ea3⋯.jpg (54.59 KB, 417x560, 417:560, 560.jpg)


You're crying on 8ch like a newfag about something so benign, meanwhile they're still out there selling t-shirts with Trump being hanged. Get some fucking perspective faggot.

72a1a6  No.2300799

File: 79895f5e4ea4647⋯.jpeg (38.01 KB, 225x225, 1:1, A672540D-1E3F-4B3B-B378-4….jpeg)

fe9d02  No.2300800


At least thoth is genuine about his delusions.


it's near 50/50 now.

5be6b6  No.2300801


Go suck a dick. BO just called you out also. Your pocket is still empty… I mean full of semen.

be7025  No.2300803

File: 7c599cd15272aab⋯.png (291.8 KB, 784x476, 28:17, Q..png)

File: 26e77a5500e3354⋯.png (187.64 KB, 476x466, 238:233, Kekology.png)

2ac61a  No.2300804

File: cff9ec641e4bf5c⋯.jpg (300.6 KB, 1080x1077, 360:359, Screenshot_20180726-155900….jpg)

File: c93902e5121067a⋯.jpg (542.92 KB, 1080x1556, 270:389, Screenshot_20180726-155810….jpg)

File: 8da643eb28f2d6d⋯.jpg (185.35 KB, 1080x1394, 540:697, Screenshot_20180726-155821….jpg)

File: c6c0c680aecfee6⋯.jpg (466.59 KB, 1080x1466, 540:733, Screenshot_20180726-155923….jpg)



Interesting. Haven't seen this before. Who is the mystery congress person?

e28485  No.2300805

File: 93e7d7c0b09cc8d⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1191x921, 397:307, Bobama Love.png)


Bobby is Obama's mistress.

16c750  No.2300806



a539d1  No.2300807


> For fucks sakes, they're on a payroll.


f4e6d3  No.2300809


Want to put an end to this gender bullshit? Pass a federal law requiring a separate restroom for every gender. These liberal fucks will freak out if they have to actually pay money for the gender freaks and will drop all attempts to push them on everyone.

44507b  No.2300810


God bless you for all you've given to the cause, BO.

Most of us get it!

56dadb  No.2300811

>>2299768 ____Do you understand what is happening? Think optics.

Was the [RR] "impeachment art" just for show/optics to actually hold [RR] in contempt of Congress and Sessions will now unrecuse himself and give Congress all the docs [RR] has been holding out on that shows how corrupt FBI/DOJ/IC was under Hussein? All the info on who was involved in trying to rig the 2016 election for crooked HRC so "they" could continue with their 16 yr plan to destroy America??

5bf50b  No.2300812


It’s a given that it is compromised.

Anything on Android is full of security holes.

aadc17  No.2300813

After months of shock and awe on these boards.

Just simply HIDE IMAGE!

Why didn't I do that a LOOONGG time ago?

df2269  No.2300814

File: 0f41b4f7cc81a63⋯.png (206.04 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Q-Colossians.png)

File: 94e095d389e4a75⋯.png (150.86 KB, 1134x576, 63:32, Cabala-Cipher.png)

File: 187fa6b7fe38519⋯.png (321.73 KB, 1235x888, 1235:888, Colossians-Cabala.png)




It gets better. Doesn't SS have an 'eclectic' spiritual practice?

6cc150  No.2300815



81b69e  No.2300816

File: 1d4bb05bd023542⋯.png (35.07 KB, 641x530, 641:530, pepe_glasses.png)

2a9992  No.2300817

Q #189 - "Their need for symbolism will be their downfall." Death = Azrael

34ac06  No.2300818




is my new favorite word!!!


Thank you brother for the meme. Fucken saved!

72ae43  No.2300819


>Mueller team scrutinizing Trump tweets in obstruction investigation: Report

Mueller is going to try and make his own law.

And he's going to get by with it.

Thanks Jeff Sessions …. you stupid fuck.

b061a8  No.2300820


>If R is here to threaten Q's presence

that is what the Rlarp shill is here to do

we've been dealing with a yuge amount of shilling the past few days

I vote to delete their threads so we don't let disinfo spread FROM THIS BOARD

if they spread it elsewhere, I don't care

see: >>2300630

compiled the threads

0c9372  No.2300823

File: 21776d2680c9903⋯.png (155.86 KB, 1364x810, 682:405, Q-guardianknot.png)

File: d4a89308d6ab7ff⋯.jpg (275.12 KB, 1232x501, 1232:501, black space.jpg)

Ding ding ding!

5be6b6  No.2300824



8ddb4b  No.2300825



its called vacation for a reason.

we got dis. when you getting back to home base? _ff

b061a8  No.2300826


did you really read the crumbs from today and come to that conclusion?

19a16a  No.2300827

File: f69e81ea098e2bc⋯.png (94.35 KB, 329x230, 329:230, 1372685405-jonathan2.png)


We have no master you subversive nigger

Post last edited at

f0fa51  No.2300828


They'll just switch to something else if Q confirms that.

But I think the NSA has the master, for any app…

61d4e8  No.2300829

File: 0e6ef4ca2c6cb2e⋯.gif (567.03 KB, 498x258, 83:43, niggakek.gif)


Whitney Houston: Crackhead

Lamar Odom: Crackhead

Demi Lavoto: Just give her a chance, she's sick.

72a1a6  No.2300830

File: 3817825cbf74675⋯.jpeg (117.99 KB, 820x519, 820:519, A08B59EB-13D0-491E-AD97-9….jpeg)

File: dd1cc21551473c4⋯.jpeg (110.92 KB, 820x519, 820:519, E3B0D810-57BB-4148-BDAD-A….jpeg)

File: af4fe43739f9a74⋯.jpeg (57.37 KB, 360x360, 1:1, DF7A4873-1F99-4AE3-BFD1-4….jpeg)

File: 8160ffab3c6254a⋯.jpeg (53.46 KB, 360x360, 1:1, 71899961-430F-4126-86A8-F….jpeg)

1f8f0c  No.2300831


>watch the sell-off/liquidity events

this is what watch the water means, right?

df2269  No.2300832

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


>links l.b.

Why yes she does.


22b2af  No.2300833


Not crying

Just not some brain dead fucking child who can't see the bigger picture and see what is at stake and realize that acting like a buffoon does not help

9068b9  No.2300834



BV/BO will not delete R "proof" breads.

BV+BO+R coordinated to bring counter-intel to /qresearch/.

R would disappear forever if BO deleted R "proof" breads.

BO needs R's powers on the board and refuses to do so.


249fa5  No.2300835


the movie is about choosing which kid to keep

6cc150  No.2300836


If someone can practice crack this one knowing the passcode

Maybe the same crack technique can be used on real coded photos

b061a8  No.2300837



subversion is all that coordinated shill tactic is about

5be6b6  No.2300838



Hahahahaha. R just got BTFO.

10a35f  No.2300839




5a2008  No.2300840

File: 0e8818a5c932db6⋯.jpg (89.02 KB, 640x480, 4:3, IMG_544.jpg)

9777e9  No.2300841


To busy making a fuss over it to look and see what all can be done here.

65d837  No.2300842


I wonder how many Hollywood celebs had big positions in FB? I'm guessing lots.


820aa1  No.2300844

File: da7595a589910e6⋯.png (56.63 KB, 1170x1283, 1170:1283, Screenshot_2018-07-26 JitP….png)

Been looking at gardian project somewhere there could be an archive a copy of every image sent to gardian project .Im no developerfag but its led me here pic need url for archive??may be on the wrong path dunno

9068b9  No.2300845


Last night was the most scared you've ever been in your life, BV.


524a64  No.2300846

File: 0c66e0264f48238⋯.jpg (104.31 KB, 1600x1049, 1600:1049, 0c66e0264f48238fce07f9c64f….jpg)



Tying loose posts on Roths banking

for FinanceFags to have a dig….





1d13e5  No.2300847


so sorry Anon, I pray for you and your child. I have been through this with a grandchild, we went to court and took possession of her, loudly and made a scene when they took her from her dad (for no reason, the mom was on drugs and not being responsible). They were going to giver her to this couple we did not know and they had a major creep factor.

Texas here, second to California in the losing of kids through the system. It was a total nightmare. get a good lawyer is all i can tell you… but we look back and see how close we were to a disaster and our baby getting molested or forever lost.

72ae43  No.2300848


Because nobody is stopping him.

0177c2  No.2300849


Damn dude… Right in the feels… CPS/family court judge is unlawfully attempting to steal my child from me as well. Our child's attorney has disturbing connections to NXIVM members and is the head of Buffalo Children's Legal. My child is being abused by her mother and the mother's new (((husband))). I have made reports to the court, police, FBI, the White House, you name it… no one helps, man.

The only advice I can give is DOCUMENT EVERYTHING. Get yourself a phone with a good camera with tons of storage space.

It's looking like the only way to expose these scum-bags is to go public with the evidence. I did this before and was unlawfully charged with neglect as a result (for exposing the abuse they were doing NOTHING about for years, and even enabling).

Currently, I have evidence that all my accusers have lied in court, unlawfully accused me, and protected the actual criminal wrongdoer. This makes them all an accessory to a criminal act. So, now they are just stalling and delaying, not wanting to rule on the case, and are essentially holding my child hostage (in a now known child abuser's home, based on my damning evidence). They are currently offering me my usual time back with my child, if I accept a finding of neglect… Told them to go fuck themselves.

We have to stand up for our civil-rights, fren. No one else will. Not even your attorney.

Can't stress enough, DOCUMENT EVERYTHING.

e28485  No.2300850


Propaganda at its finest.

169263  No.2300851


we want ebery one to know the satisfaction of a paycheck

Made in America

It's not just a slogan - it's a way of life!

Made in America

Made in the USA

we're proud again

16c750  No.2300853


the movie was closer to a true story

a539d1  No.2300854


What if all the "locks" are "protected" like this?

1014a8  No.2300855

File: b6afcfa9994e697⋯.jpg (44.82 KB, 386x456, 193:228, b6afcfa9994e6973486af24e0c….jpg)

File: 4d1cdb5fd6aec19⋯.jpg (106.38 KB, 967x544, 967:544, itsatrap.jpg)

d40dd1  No.2300856


The algorithm is known.

That's not necessary.

What's necessary is to brute force

0ed9d4  No.2300857


119 trillion? Or is that 119 gorillion?

81740f  No.2300858


You're positioning the administration and the Republicans as adversarial towards both Sessions and RR to cast shade on Mueller.

When Mueller, Huber and RR go after Clinton the optics are more palatable to those not really paying attention.

Now it looks legit and tensions ease off rather than the civil war immediate arrests of the pedo freaks and power addicts would have caused.

2f89c7  No.2300859



I'm tearing up man, we just want to have a good paying job, keep our families together , fed and happy. The Cabal tried to destroy everything that we hold dear! No more!


a539d1  No.2300860


>It's not just a slogan - it's a way of life!

Fuck yeah!

169263  No.2300861


remember that word


America is back!


d077ec  No.2300862


Great Speech really good

4f381a  No.2300863

File: ad870691dc5722d⋯.jpg (436.72 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Hollywood Down LNCB2.jpg)

34ac06  No.2300864


Wow! That's you? You're so fucken talented! Making mememagicanon right here. I love your work!

25d059  No.2300865

File: a39f78c616bcb0d⋯.png (556.77 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20180726-170137.png)

File: 6ac6a8cf008902d⋯.png (491.65 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20180726-170155.png)

File: 1eb1d31ba2357d9⋯.png (604.17 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20180726-170159.png)

File: acad5411886939f⋯.png (94.52 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20180726-170239.png)

5f9dc2  No.2300866

File: 3ec62f827d5ef69⋯.jpg (17.11 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 6d91f74bbc7daaca785014aebf….jpg)


You'd think that you guys would be better at your job considering we send you more than $3 billion in "aid" each year. Enjoy being a subversive kike while you can.

f0fa51  No.2300867

Verizon is down, east coast…

9bf4e6  No.2300868


wish i was one of those ladders

72ae43  No.2300869

File: e1c44eccc771dda⋯.jpg (79.65 KB, 800x992, 25:31, butt2.jpg)


Thanks anon.

Thank you Baker.

daa8fd  No.2300870


Prestige world wide wide wide.

7496cb  No.2300871

File: 2eaa93c75495a22⋯.jpg (142.93 KB, 786x866, 393:433, CROSS.jpg)

8ddb4b  No.2300872


is this faggot still crying?

yo R. Q said your a bitch.

just passing the message. _ff

dox deez.

0177c2  No.2300873


OMG… This describes Buffalo, NY to a T.

9777e9  No.2300875


I know!

Normally by now congress would be up in arms about the amount of money being spent on this shit.

3fb361  No.2300876

File: 0cb6a452f40f448⋯.png (498.26 KB, 2560x2560, 1:1, Man of Steel Q Alpha.png)

Man of Steel Q Alpha .png Only File

e28485  No.2300880


Liberals don't pay money. It grows on trees for them.

169263  No.2300881

the destiny of our nation is found inour two hands

we all share the same home

salute the same great American flag

and we are all made by the same almighty God

I will never stop fighting for you

you are rebuilding our nation

reclaiming our dreams and making America great again!

72a1a6  No.2300882

File: 351367f781e73f1⋯.jpeg (35.75 KB, 220x275, 4:5, E0C1570D-149E-4CAA-AA6C-9….jpeg)

File: 3817825cbf74675⋯.jpeg (117.99 KB, 820x519, 820:519, F92CA01F-A998-43DF-842C-8….jpeg)

File: 37af3dab1464310⋯.jpeg (103.65 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 2856533C-7190-4FD7-931C-B….jpeg)

File: d8412431ee3b044⋯.jpeg (56 KB, 416x458, 208:229, 9828B4FB-527D-456F-A58C-E….jpeg)

File: 348505470037fea⋯.jpeg (56.54 KB, 416x458, 208:229, E7C7C160-D9CE-4667-A1CD-3….jpeg)

c5fa16  No.2300883


I'd love to see Q comment on these.


de26f8  No.2300884


>may be on the wrong path


This is just for getting access to their source code libraries.

The images never go through Guardian.

d0ab15  No.2300885

Trump's walk of fame star vandalized by 24 year old Clay Austin.


df2269  No.2300886

File: 0bb8dca3d43d2cb⋯.jpg (624.28 KB, 2423x1488, 2423:1488, 1532636575.jpg)

>>2300123 l.b.

Elegant & uplifting, thanks.

Deserves to go viral.


22b2af  No.2300887

File: 5af3f0ccb6762ef⋯.png (160.76 KB, 652x855, 652:855, CNBC re FB Stock Loss 7-26….PNG)




ef0845  No.2300888



d077ec  No.2300889

[[[Juan Williams]]] comes on TV goes off .

d40dd1  No.2300890

6cc150  No.2300891


thanks for posting the progression pics

4f381a  No.2300892

File: c192b94c5487ad2⋯.jpg (175.42 KB, 717x959, 717:959, Sarah_Silverman_R.jpg)

c5fa16  No.2300893

HRC croaks tomorrow

76de51  No.2300894




widespread respect and admiration felt for someone or something on the basis of a perception of their achievements or quality.

"he experienced a tremendous increase in prestige following his victory"

synonyms: status, standing, stature, reputation, repute, regard, fame, note, renown, honor, esteem, celebrity, importance, prominence, influence, eminence; More

denoting something that arouses respect or admiration.

modifier noun: prestige

"prestige wines"

4bd69a  No.2300895


Finally some good looking boobs

72a1a6  No.2300896



Nice work

9bf4e6  No.2300897


PRESTIGE is password. ALL CAPS

5be6b6  No.2300898


That really was a BIG drop.

524b7c  No.2300899






3 P’s…..Q proof??!??!!

169263  No.2300900

File: f5c746f5b633027⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1540x827, 1540:827, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)

God Bless POTUS

61d4e8  No.2300901



46be4f  No.2300902

File: 8006d39a29b0982⋯.gif (40.04 KB, 480x480, 1:1, images.duckduckgo.gif)

34ac06  No.2300903


Everyone knows that's 19 bahjillion! Duhhh.

Kek ( fuck…maybe that's fafillion? Igk anymore.)

cb751b  No.2300904


Cant you just write the password to that pic on a piece of paper… get 3 phones… and reflect the picture through 2 phones… Does a reflection break NAT SEC laws?

65d837  No.2300905


Scheduling as asskicking?

aadc17  No.2300906


I really really dislike this woman.

Long before Q

Just never thought she had any talent

Never funny

She was always just a lewd lunatic.

How does that get on TV?

I always figured she was connected via fam

9068b9  No.2300907


Comms on the board.

Meant for anons.

Why "Trust the clam"

Anons unhappy with certain baker?

Learn the comms autists.



63b365  No.2300909

Just saw this ….. cool.


329aac  No.2300910


It's interesting that the jidf accusations come out around the same time the broken BV is watching.

Not always, but, it's almost like the clowns are propping up the egos of the mods they have mapped out.


196b5f  No.2300911



Helped to create


He had a backdoor Master Password / algorithm…

Pixelknot was then sold to (((them)))

On the premise that it was indeed a secure platform to communicate.

@Snowdon then leverage with the Master Password.

He used that Leverage for secure passage to Russia.


1f8f0c  No.2300912


slow motion BOOM

5519ba  No.2300913

File: 582a7642ea99320⋯.jpg (3 MB, 4000x3000, 4:3, img_0482.jpg)

Where's the server?

dfe67a  No.2300914

File: 3751e6bc0a7abb3⋯.png (22.48 KB, 555x304, 555:304, Q - Message in clear sight.png)

File: 71b0f9aed2c9d7a⋯.jpg (71.18 KB, 400x658, 200:329, Temperance 1.jpg)

File: 556ab312cff9b69⋯.gif (124.6 KB, 500x362, 250:181, Judgment 4.gif)

File: d1265dbee93cd9f⋯.jpg (103.46 KB, 622x410, 311:205, Judgment xx.jpg)


Love the newest booms.

Anons have been handed (((Fool Cards))) for claiming you were comped.

Many connections made.

>They tried to direct us to different channels.

This is truth.

Connections from the past are bridging the gap in the present.

Certain equations may never be revealed, and I'm wise enough to know that now.

Forgiveness… it's very powerful.

It's easy to throw Anons under the bus when Temperance is not "Present".

Thankfully Temperance and Judgment are Cards in your deck.

True Temperance.

Our mistakes are our own greatest teachers.

>Time reveals all…

88c9ae  No.2300915

File: 50353460c80c6e6⋯.png (260.84 KB, 406x406, 1:1, clam-trust-worried2.png)

5be6b6  No.2300916


Aaannnd you are


276b7a  No.2300917


WOW….nice find, anon!

9777e9  No.2300918

a539d1  No.2300920


This sounds very plausible.

820aa1  No.2300921


did you see an anon last bread they do take a copy its in their terms

2fa80e  No.2300922

File: c65f43cfc98225d⋯.jpg (82.35 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, BIGGUN.jpg)

72ae43  No.2300923


>black hat

1014a8  No.2300924

File: c05b5fabb8e9f49⋯.jpg (118.92 KB, 908x597, 908:597, honk-for-q-maga-sign.jpg)

File: 20b3f0175635f88⋯.jpg (75.53 KB, 800x600, 4:3, stay-focused-stay-clam.jpg)

5a2008  No.2300925

File: 966d51e8c86f9c0⋯.jpg (447.94 KB, 1170x780, 3:2, IMG_581.jpg)

6d3c5a  No.2300926

File: 36ddf847b6eb4e6⋯.jpg (570.53 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180726-160522….jpg)

File: 8062472b944662d⋯.jpg (382.68 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180726-160613….jpg)

File: 1b2e2818e14478e⋯.jpg (456.83 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180726-160858….jpg)

File: 479bbd95f316743⋯.jpg (511.89 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180726-160909….jpg)

File: f958d6a724dab39⋯.jpg (475.52 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180726-160917….jpg)



a88cdf  No.2300927

File: 833a5b1fa86c9b1⋯.jpg (19.73 KB, 255x173, 255:173, ce8133981d9285238ae4fbc87b….jpg)


>broken BV

no sorry, Leaf clown was already disposed of.

keep crying about it though, it's hilarious.

8e8970  No.2300928


Saved, Thank you LetterQanon

fe9d02  No.2300929


>broken BV

This level of (((projection))), tell tale sign of a brainwashed kiddy whose thoughts are not their own.

Feelin real sorry for our canuck bros putting up with shame of trudeau and beiber.

34ac06  No.2300930


Hell yeah!!!!

Kek. Love the Pepe!!!!

8ddb4b  No.2300931


911 anon has an analysis worth reading…

if Q would confirm this muh dick would git hard.

169263  No.2300932

File: 022b4d224b66caf⋯.png (404.77 KB, 904x818, 452:409, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)

After years of shutdowns and cutbacks, today the blast furnace here in Granite City is blazing bright


76077b  No.2300933


Anon, tweak your AO to get rid of the parallax error.

0ed9d4  No.2300935

File: 8e0a792eab255f5⋯.png (971.96 KB, 295x640, 59:128, 6.png)

Sorry if already mentioned, and probably reaching, but:

Q linked to guardian project.info/apps/pixelknot/ about hidden messages in pics.

Possible link to this previous Q post with pic, filename Guardian_P.png ?

>Guardian of the Pope.



5be6b6  No.2300936

I am sure Pixelknot will be used for future comms by Q.

0fc605  No.2300937

File: 3f3a9d348463e77⋯.jpg (195.54 KB, 508x710, 254:355, dream_0e702vf4sst.jpg)

Good ol' fashioned Q Strom, eh lads?

9068b9  No.2300938


BO gone missing?

Too hot for him around R?

Back to vacation?

How did [5] anons know that BO was on vacation?

Was this told to autists?

Outside comms?


e28485  No.2300939


So we "win" witht he 9th Circuit 2nd Amend ruling, but we lose this one. Today on the news, coffee is healthy to drink, tomorrow's news, coffee can be dangerous to your health. Meanwhile, we keep slaving away to the elites and their fed dollar while they don't care about the 2nd Amend or drinking coffee.

ef0845  No.2300940


You serious? We just confirmed that Q photos definitely do have encoded messages. Huge, mate.

8f950d  No.2300941

Q, when Hillary "collapsed" on 911 in 2016, is she being taken into custody? Is that a stunner of some kind applied behind her?

329aac  No.2300942



Just look at this scripted clownfaggotry!


a539d1  No.2300943


>I-I am worried

>sit down bitch


cb751b  No.2300944

Comeys stupid Kayak pic when he was at West Point…pic of the Hudson

PW might be Hudson

Could be answers in his tweet

72ae43  No.2300945

File: 46c37bdc47534c6⋯.jpg (42.09 KB, 500x739, 500:739, vintage2.jpg)


Nice tits but she looks like every JAP cunt I went to school with.

← would rather have smily tits.

6d3c5a  No.2300946


Door of all doors

63b365  No.2300947


30% anon 30%

8167ac  No.2300948


nice! someone try "Personal" as the pass

9068b9  No.2300949


Autists learning their comms.

They are SCARED.


88c9ae  No.2300950

File: a0f018a615ebabe⋯.png (213.05 KB, 587x418, 587:418, clam-trust-q2.png)

5be6b6  No.2300952


From where is original pic from?

cf9dcd  No.2300953




Congress Has a Way of Making Witnesses Speak: Its Own Jail

DEC. 4, 2007

If the Justice Department refuses to enforce the subpoenas, as seems likely, Congress will have to decide whether to do so. Washington lawyers are dusting off an old but apparently sturdy doctrine called ((( “inherent contempt”))) that gives Congress the power to bring the recalcitrant witnesses in — by force, if necessary.

This is where inherent contempt comes in. From the Republic’s earliest days, Congress has had the right to hold recalcitrant witnesses in contempt — and even imprison them — all by itself. In 1795, shortly after the Constitution was ratified, the House ordered its (((sergeant at arms))) to arrest and detain two men accused of trying to bribe members of Congress. The House held a trial and convicted one of them.


1d13e5  No.2300955


given what we know about Cemex… and their locations all over the world, is Concrete code for shipment of humans? human trafficking through the lands that they lease or own, and for sacrifices/etc?

42dfa8  No.2300956

File: 94834fad1c42f6d⋯.png (104.7 KB, 659x1058, 659:1058, 238930_germanfonzie_hang-i….png)


That Cat Bounced HARD!

MZ bye!

d077ec  No.2300957

Gonna be a fat bread Anon's sorry . Too much good work going on . Winning !



>>2300563 US Preparing To Bomb Iran's Nuclear Capabilities As Soon As Next Month: Report

>>2300584 House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) called for a ban on electronic voting systems

>>2300623 Trump’s got mother of all migraines coming on; ISIS is back in Iraq

>>2300626 Former Armenian President, Robert Kocharian Indicted for March 2008 Deadly Crackdown

>>2300657 facebook stock - am pm

>>2300662 Mueller team scrutinizing Trump tweets in obstruction investigation: Report

>>2300699 Christian Pastor: Facebook Censors Bible Verse “John 3:16” and “The Resurrection of Jesus Christ”

>>2300729 Anon: My question is what message was POUTS sending the cabal in that photo?

>>2300730 So, did the Black Hats just use SS photo as a cover to send out their dark message?

>>2300747, >>2300787 Tomorrow July 27 Grand Climax for the Luciferians

>>2300775, >>2300814 Sara Silverman digs and notes

>>2300794 Anon Questions if Q has the keys to the whole joint

>>2300804 Who is the mystery congress person?

>>2300823 Anon Notes on Qdrop

>>2300865 Progression pics

>>2300885 Trump's walk of fame star vandalized by 24 year old [Clay Austin]

>>2300914 Anon notes about the "fool" card and Q's drop

>>2300665, >>2300926 Pixelknot Hidden Messages

0238ee  No.2300958


Ugh he's/she's actually the cringiest one. I don't understand the mentality of it, but I think they believe what they're saying.

Sorry Thoth, you're fuckin weird.


My nigga.


>R would disappear forever if BO deleted R "proof" breads.

No it wouldn't. They would come back and scream louder just like some former BV used to do with the FE-fags.

You realize anyone can make a thread right?

4f381a  No.2300959


when looking for it, said based on F5 algorithm.. not sure what that is exactly..

4459c0  No.2300961

8167ac  No.2300963

File: 2ec4d0976aa8992⋯.jpg (13.42 KB, 380x218, 190:109, d1758f3cd594eb47a6b301788a….jpg)


Ive tried to ask anons to run this picture to no avail.. its the first and only picture since the pixle drop

34ac06  No.2300964


Or it's always been used!

de26f8  No.2300965


>did you see an anon last bread they do take a copy its in their terms

Ahh… so the CIA/NSA also gets the picture AND the password used.

I guess we DO have everything?

16cbc4  No.2300967

File: 0e80c6d72a4fcd1⋯.png (872.18 KB, 650x1809, 650:1809, ClipboardImage.png)


Hot, hot. hot

81b69e  No.2300968

File: 735fb0630abfcb3⋯.png (5.23 MB, 5389x3598, 5389:3598, 04a3683a325a202b2db115b4c8….png)

5f9dc2  No.2300970


So how will (((they))) punish you for losing your position on the mod team? Will they kill your dad like they did with McMaster's dad? Is that why you're acting so desperate?

d077ec  No.2300971


Glad to see you I was worried buddy .

9068b9  No.2300972


Right on Q.


No spoilers?


a5f305  No.2300973

(Bread #2898)


I would think the "You have it all" statement includes any passwords, and would have to date from when that was posted going back to the beginning.

fe9d02  No.2300975


Jesus christ this kid needs to be put away for his own good.


Time to revisit all Q pic drops in connection with today.

What messages did Q have for [[[them]]]?

0177c2  No.2300976


Does she really tho?

cb751b  No.2300978




ea44a1  No.2300979


damn. did you just post a pic from your vacation, newfag?

44cb0d  No.2300980


Q doesnt do outside comms you fucking douche canoe… BO/BV does… If your so enlightened go start your own fucking board .. Thats what we did now fucking of leaf

ef0845  No.2300982


My bad. Didn't realize it wasn't a Q image. You right.

10a35f  No.2300983


I feel like I'm living in a dream! All my prayers for this country that I love are getting answered!!! Thank you God for this man who was not afraid to stand against evil and say enough is enough!!!

19a16a  No.2300984

File: 1e5f1cb5d4dd0f7⋯.png (86.65 KB, 246x326, 123:163, Blank _e668a12f1efb27c024f….png)


The moderation logs are public you fucking [R]etard

ea44a1  No.2300985


stop answering him…i think anons answering him is more annoying

56dadb  No.2300986

File: 5d6fb3ba60bdb9f⋯.png (368.58 KB, 586x632, 293:316, ClipboardImage.png)


"Hillary's immigration plan"

lmfao What an idiot!

YOU LOST, you crooked whore!

a539d1  No.2300987


would nuzzle on those 10/10

3af290  No.2300988


well said BO.

6cc150  No.2300990


Just when you think it's one hat ….it's the other hat

I think it's purposely been vague from the start.

and the only reason it would need to be vague

is that hes a white hat.

But for that to be so there has to be some

real smoke and mirrors double agenty stuff that we've been witnessing

I don't know anon. Grab the popcorn and wait and see

0238ee  No.2300991


You know. I used to fucking hate you.

I take that back.

You've been a solid patriot, and a pretty cool guy in general.

0177c2  No.2300992


Crawl in a dryer with some lemons and barb-wire, faggot.

d0ab15  No.2300993




b061a8  No.2300994


>R would disappear forever if BO deleted R "proof" breads.

kek, take him up on his challenge

5a2008  No.2300995

File: 7391e5a28e05230⋯.jpg (378.45 KB, 1280x835, 256:167, IMG_577.jpg)

76077b  No.2300996


Try "Rothschild"

943656  No.2300997


report this

0f113e  No.2300998

File: ac2076b6978693c⋯.png (170.76 KB, 638x594, 29:27, ClipboardImage.png)


Timestamp in PT

872b23  No.2300999

America’s Adversaries Are Weaponizing Information, NSA Director Warns

U.S. needs a whole-of-government effort to counter foreign influence and cyber attacks

Foreign adversaries have stepped up the use of information warfare to control populations since 2011 and the operations are one of the new threats in the digital age, according to the director of the National Security Agency. Army Gen. Paul Nakasone, who heads both NSA and Cyber Command, said in remarks last week that both the military and the nation as a whole are taking steps to counter foreign information warfare and to use information operations against adversaries.

The Arab Spring uprisings that began in April 2011 were fueled by social media and the internet and led to the unseating of several governments throughout the Middle East and North Africa. "We looked at this as an indicator of how powerful a free and open internet can be in the world, and we looked at this from that lens," Nakasone said in remarks to a security conference in Aspen, Colorado. "But I would also say that our adversaries looked at it from a completely different lens: As an existential threat to their existence." Both Russia and China stepped up internal internet controls and other internal security measures after the Arab Spring aimed at blocking the spread of pro-democracy revolutions to their nations. And so what have you seen since then, I would say, is the weaponization of information," Nakasone said. "The idea of being able to control a populace with disinformation." "I think that is an incredibly important trend that we're starting to see," he said. Both states are "operating below the threshold of war," he said.

Russia's recent information warfare operations have involved the use of hard and soft power, such as the so-called "little green men" in Russian military uniforms without official insignia deployed to help take over Ukraine's Crimea and combined with aggressive disinformation operations to support the eventual annexation. Another example was Russia's cyber-enabled intelligence operation to influence the 2016 presidential election by hacking political organizations' networks and posting stolen emails and documents online. China, for its part, has taken steps to curtail access to free and open U.S. social media outlets inside China, such as Facebook and Twitter. Beijing also is engaged in large-scale government-backed influence operations on Chinese social media outlets such as WeChat and Weibo. The Chinese government, for example, controls a group called 50 Cent Army, thousands of Chinese internet influence agents and trolls who are said to be paid the equivalent of $.50 for each online message posted. China also deployed online technology capable of controlling search engine results so that, for example, a search entry for Tiananmen, the main Beijing square, will not return results on the 1989 government crackdown on unarmed, pro-democracy protesters in the square by Chinese military forces.

Asked if the United States is prepared to wage information warfare against the kind of activities used by Russia against Ukraine and the American election, Nakasone said the military has begun incorporating information warfare into its tactical training. "We've recognized the importance of hybrid warfare within our Army, within our Marine Corps on the ground," he said. "We've already started to take action to train at places like the National Training Center that incorporates the idea of information warfare with a ground combat element." The training shows the military recognizes the importance of incorporating information operations with traditional military operations.

https:// freebeacon.com/national-security/americas-adversaries-weaponizing-information-nsa-director-warns/

5be6b6  No.2301000



Please post Q post to original picture. Thank you.

454d7d  No.2301001

No one wants to see your sickle cell dick…..

as for the gore……you're a sick bastard!


9068b9  No.2301004


Locked "proof" threads full of fake C_A "research" provides good optics for MSM.

R cannot scream louder than R is screaming right now.

Delete the threads.

Or at least label them LARP.

Or R will be here forever.


4edec0  No.2301005

File: 7b39122f6dcdf88⋯.jpeg (326.19 KB, 750x889, 750:889, B5908495-E9CD-455A-85D6-E….jpeg)


820aa1  No.2301006

File: dc36edc961c501c⋯.png (306.32 KB, 1125x2001, 375:667, a9dad1cd2f102661342e2403e7….png)

8c557a  No.2301007


Is this for 2020? Good to know he'll have at least 2 swing states locked up.

169263  No.2301008

File: b6442825216d9fb⋯.png (672.04 KB, 880x1157, 880:1157, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)


1014a8  No.2301009

File: 1e9a9b58b1d7cfa⋯.jpg (201.19 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 5aefb68239ac9a7128fc3f3586….jpg)

9777e9  No.2301010


…and the message was?

34ac06  No.2301011



I just has a thought. Why was/ is Q posting in patriotsfight and earlier , when he can and does post here in breads?

What if the passwords come from there?

e167c6  No.2301012

>>2300955 I ended up thinking it was code to call in Cemex for clean-up. fill in tunnels, grind up bodies and mix in cement, build new tunnels, ect

524b7c  No.2301013


>Q doesnt do outside comms you fucking douche canoe

He barely does INSIDE comms as it is.

d077ec  No.2301014


Yep mutual. I gain trust more each day. Keep up the good work . .Glad to serve the cause with you and all Patriots for President Trump.

d813c4  No.2301015


Because anons like you fucking reply.

b5bc6d  No.2301016


ESPECIALLY not an attorney who has a allegiance to Bar, City of London. The entire law field needs to be completely redone. No Bar.

bb40d6  No.2301017

05cf3f  No.2301018

File: 0dc4ec3a6ad711d⋯.png (4.29 KB, 708x22, 354:11, ryan.PNG)

I'm guessing this is part of the plan and Q confirm since Q said he was not going to support it.

8dfd69  No.2301020

HRC new fb CEO?

88c9ae  No.2301022

File: 78205eb5176f6a5⋯.png (452.51 KB, 565x324, 565:324, clam-on.png)

65d837  No.2301023

File: 4e3918aa2c3f4e1⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 490.83 KB, 695x989, 695:989, E5B745C.jpg)

76364c  No.2301024


These guys are only here to waste time.

56dadb  No.2301027

File: fd60f8252cb9935⋯.png (269 KB, 625x625, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

Burn it down, Lis! ;-)

487433  No.2301028


Say BO, you going to do anything about pics of dudes eating shit out of other dudes asses…

59bc46  No.2301029

File: 0cf7844cb0fb711⋯.jpg (146.92 KB, 1077x832, 1077:832, 2a.JPG)

File: 933eea0217d5981⋯.jpg (130.98 KB, 820x648, 205:162, 3.JPG)

Facebook Investors Want to Strip Zuckerberg of Chairman Title


dc3617  No.2301030

File: 21ad313a6e18b26⋯.png (72.36 KB, 253x254, 253:254, Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at ….png)


BO is acting like a homo again.

9636b2  No.2301031


Yes, it does

de26f8  No.2301032


>America’s Adversaries Are Weaponizing Information


>counter foreign influence

Wrong enemies

Russia and China have nothing on the traitors and willing comrades within our own shores.

454d7d  No.2301033


Board Owner

Can you ban the black dick and gore guy?

e17c3e  No.2301034

File: 73fa75109a3a2a7⋯.png (502.6 KB, 549x549, 1:1, Rut Roh.png)

dfe67a  No.2301035

File: bb6f9602ffa51e5⋯.png (95.71 KB, 500x335, 100:67, Yoda Hate.png)

File: e782e918af3f229⋯.jpg (59.2 KB, 600x750, 4:5, Choices.jpg)

File: 872e7d7a701b065⋯.jpg (91.12 KB, 500x575, 20:23, Yoda Hate 2.jpg)

7d525c  No.2301036


Johnny, Johnny, johnnyjohnnyjohhny poopoopants.

f0fa51  No.2301037

Phone service outage East Coast

fe9d02  No.2301039


Q bboFOtcZs ID: f4774f No.2299768 📁

Jul 26 2018 15:02:24 (EST)


Do you understand what is happening?

Think optics.


4f381a  No.2301040

File: 8280de35f6bbf6f⋯.png (362.49 KB, 1734x1332, 289:222, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)

File: e05d829c7b817c9⋯.png (374.21 KB, 1772x1428, 443:357, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)

File: 1bb0ec62e748712⋯.png (513.85 KB, 1854x1416, 309:236, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)

This is where Hivemind really comes into play. I remember seeing this back after Sept11.. they were trying to say "terrorists" were hiding info in pictures..

63b365  No.2301041


No because he'd just jump ip's

why ban someone with 5000+ ip's at their disposal

1014a8  No.2301042

File: 47201c73d710ec1⋯.jpg (609.18 KB, 927x849, 309:283, 5aefb68239ac9a7128fc3f3586….jpg)

13e22a  No.2301044


>Congress Has a Way of Making Witnesses Speak: Its Own Jail

>DEC. 4, 2007

>If the Justice Department refuses to enforce the subpoenas, as seems likely, Congress will have to decide whether to do so. Washington lawyers are dusting off an old but apparently sturdy doctrine called ((( “inherent contempt”))) that gives Congress the power to bring the recalcitrant witnesses in — by force, if necessary.

>This is where inherent contempt comes in. From the Republic’s earliest days, Congress has had the right to hold recalcitrant witnesses in contempt — and even imprison them — all by itself. In 1795, shortly after the Constitution was ratified, the House ordered its (((sergeant at arms))) to arrest and detain two men accused of trying to bribe members of Congress. The House held a trial and convicted one of them.

4fd4aa  No.2301045


So now he's getting mocked for not being as big of a billionaire as he was lollol

cb751b  No.2301046


first time i ever did since outing him/it

872b23  No.2301047


Agreed, what was interesting to me was, who is saying it.

16cbc4  No.2301049


Why would anybody do that???

It would shut her up.

Patriots don't want her to shut up

We want her to make even more outrageous statements

And post even more outrageous pedo photos

And loudly defend people like Harvey Weinstein and Allison Mack

Because patriots know

That the louder she squawks

The more Dems will #WalkAway

And ultimately Trump's team will win

By the historically largest landslide ever

In the 2020 elections.

Who would want to stop that???


Clowns would not want that,

Would they.

So that is who you work for.

Might as well give up now

And find honest work

25d059  No.2301050




image & password from previous anon's TEST post.

>>2299542 (pb)

446566  No.2301051


R is god

R is life

R is the biggest nigger fag here.

None will beat R


169263  No.2301052

(((They))) are attacking Kavanaugh's wife.

NTK Network obtained documents that show the two news organizations each made "requests under the Maryland Public Information Act (PIA) seeking e-mails that Ashley Kavanaugh, the wife of President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, sent as town manager of The Village of Chevy Chase Section 5."

The documents show that the Associated Press requested "all emails sent or received" by Ashley Kavanaugh’s Village of Chevy Chase email address, while The New York Times only requested emails that contained certain keywords, including "liberal," "abortion," "gay," and "gun."

"This list of terms that The New York Times requested reads like it was constructed in order to manufacture a hit piece on the wife of Trump’s Supreme Court nominee," NTK Network reported. "These documents appear to show that The New York Times is most interested in echoing liberal attack lines in the battle over Judge Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination, going so far as to target the nominee’s wife."


2fa80e  No.2301053


the investors are slow to see the picture, and picture has been painted for awhile.

59bc46  No.2301054

File: ebc538d2c74998b⋯.jpg (159.24 KB, 832x951, 832:951, 2a.JPG)

File: eedaf15c93eb6d9⋯.jpg (45.37 KB, 820x303, 820:303, 3.JPG)



81b69e  No.2301055


No sauce?

Not even a narrowing down of which company?


9068b9  No.2301056


Who are [4] other anons who immediately knew that BO was "supposed to be on vacation"?

Outside comms?




Remember who your master is, BV.


329aac  No.2301057

File: 7c144035b63ab9d⋯.jpg (72.09 KB, 640x705, 128:141, shruggirl_.jpg)


There it is folks.


Right BO? That is your MO after-all. ; )

88c9ae  No.2301058

File: d4f84704eba0268⋯.png (830.6 KB, 817x497, 817:497, clam-storm-q2.png)

487433  No.2301059

File: ec5c89f80cb4444⋯.png (636.28 KB, 669x779, 669:779, ClipboardImage.png)

91cb76  No.2301062

File: 7e29b93c3408d19⋯.png (41 KB, 1002x358, 501:179, ClipboardImage.png)


I am just guessing here… but why contempt. Are there any lawfags to make more sense of this?

Contempt of Congress is different to contempt of court.


Instead of rejecting a witness’s Fifth amendment assertion, a committee could instead seek an immunity order, thereby

requiring the witness to testify.

Under such an order, a witness is required to testify, however, consistent with the Fifth Amendment’s protections, the compelled testimony, and any evidence derived from that testimony, may not be used against the witness “in any respect” in a subsequent criminal prosecution, except one for perjury, false statement, or contempt relating to the testimony. While the witness may still be convicted of a crime based on other evidence “

wholly independent of the compelled testimony

,” the existence of immunized testimony can take such prosecutions more challenging. Given this risk, a committee must carefully balance its need for the witness’s testimony against the possibility that immunized testimony could jeopardize the success of future criminal prosecutions.



cbc2f3  No.2301064

File: 55f7053b9627511⋯.png (301.26 KB, 503x551, 503:551, ClipboardImage.png)


>>2300958 "Amun and Thoth" are mentioned in that Rothschild AMA…ancient Egyptian deities that I suspect (((they))) DO take very seriously.

f0fa51  No.2301066


Jesus do I have to do everything? I already said what company…look around

1f8f0c  No.2301067


why do the ALL have these eyes?? dont tell me its from reaching or exhaustion… this is different

8167ac  No.2301068

446566  No.2301069


just ignore them or leave. they want you to hate it and they want you to filter and they want to be banned. it all takes away usable vpn ips. scroll on or walk on

fe9d02  No.2301070


Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: f4774f No.2300028 📁

Jul 26 2018 15:17:45 (EST)

Facebook Investors Want to Strip Zuckerberg of Chairman Title


Shareholder Wants to Oust Zuckerberg as Facebook Chairman


Facebook shareholders try to fire Mark Zuckerberg as chairman

Daily Mail

[DC moves slow]


ex-seal guy from 2013 suggested that as long as they could just drag about 200 people in DC out into the streets and shoot them in the back of the head, most of our problems will be fixed.

I certainly hope that 200 or so individuals will be neutralized by the end of this year…

44abaf  No.2301071


That look like Trump Tower Vegas to me !

1014a8  No.2301072

File: 481be38e34deb07⋯.jpg (55.12 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 481be38e34deb0797bf90102fd….jpg)

32b494  No.2301073


Right, because spouses always share the same opinions. Idiots.

9068b9  No.2301074


No spoilers.

Enjoy the show.


524b7c  No.2301075


>These guys are only here to waste time.

Q just got a bunch of people to start frantically downloading apps and entering non-existent passwords over a phoshopped picture of Sara Silverman.

One of those tactics accomplished more time wasting than the other.

a9de7e  No.2301076

File: 9e8fd63e283c258⋯.gif (970.68 KB, 500x490, 50:49, American_Psycho-bale-oooh.gif)

6115c0  No.2301077

File: fb880048df28df9⋯.png (247.59 KB, 788x482, 394:241, pepeunited.png)

145a6b  No.2301078


>sigil magic

kek, could you teach us some of that stuff when you return?

didn't realize you were on vaca. will help to clean up the mess so you can enjoy some R&R in peace.

22b2af  No.2301079

File: afe522a1c53b116⋯.png (760.36 KB, 659x772, 659:772, Gidley re POTUS Illinois S….PNG)

File: 3c4834f9d3ad2a8⋯.png (2.02 MB, 1066x796, 533:398, Gidley re POTUS Illinois S….PNG)


Look at the numbers on either side of the flag

a539d1  No.2301080


> but, it's almost like the clowns are propping up the egos of the mods

The recent mod team shakeup illustrates this quite well. AFuckingLarp illustrated that quite well by giving up personal info on BV.

And [They] are tracking more than just the mods.

They are tracking bakers

They are tracking anons that observe and document their tactics

They are tracking anons that make themselves targets by pushing back

This isn't a game. Certain individuals know exactly what I am talking about ;)

8bd64b  No.2301081


This forces the docs req'd by the House to either be submitted or they will vote to find RR in contempt [as early as] 9/5/18 when they return from the August recess.

>if RR gets found in contempt, the impeachment option will be much juicier and easier to process. Check.

<if RR turns over the docs, we all learn the truth. Check.

JJ is looking to move up into the Speaker position. He should have a louder voice between now and the 11/12 House Election.

>don't forget, midterms are 11/6. everyone is gonna be leading up to that date

Moves are being made. RR is in check right now. We'll see what his strings pull him to do.



f68c58  No.2301082

File: 964fbc675c1941a⋯.jpeg (46.97 KB, 320x320, 1:1, A6D4A74B-16E8-40A0-9DBB-F….jpeg)

:) you faggots prepped?

c5fa16  No.2301084


>President Donald Trump nominated Rosenstein to serve as Deputy Attorney General for the United States Department of Justice on February 1, 2017.[30][31] He was one of the 46 United States Attorneys ordered on March 10, 2017 to resign by Attorney General Jeff Sessions; Trump declined his resignation.[32] Rosenstein was confirmed by the Senate on April 25, 2017, by a vote of 94–6.[33][34]


this pretty much speaks for itself imo.

The 6 no votes for RR as follows:

>The senators voting against Rosenstein’s confirmation Tuesday were all Democrats: Cory Booker (N.J.), Kirsten Gillibrand (N.Y.), Kamala D. Harris (Calif.), Catherine Cortez Masto (Nev.), Elizabeth Warren (Mass.) and Richard Blumenthal (Conn.).


88c9ae  No.2301086

File: 710cdfcb0373225⋯.png (777.97 KB, 664x492, 166:123, clam-storm.png)

329aac  No.2301087


Statistically impossible.

They only poisoned <1% of the 1,200+ hashs I saw.

0704b1  No.2301088

File: 99b9e4c29c16818⋯.jpg (98.82 KB, 613x391, 613:391, #PapaJohn.jpg)

John Schnatter Sues Papa John's, Calls Reports Over His Use Of N-Word 'False'


Chris Otts

‏Verified account @christopherotts

30m30 minutes ago

Full statement from Schnatter on the lawsuit against @PapaJohns. This really escalates things. Wonder if next move is board announcing special shareholders mtg to try to remove him (pic related)


#Louisville #Kentucky #PapaJohn #Resignations

02c375  No.2301089



You thinking something on the horizon?

3b2e7b  No.2301090

File: 92a05e475a6aa94⋯.jpg (7.74 KB, 183x255, 61:85, pepeqgolden.jpg)


17 = Q

4d892e  No.2301091

lol nice


9bf4e6  No.2301092


yes. and 2024

de26f8  No.2301093


Classic non-denial

We have no interest [but the CIA/NSA does] in the photos and no server or account [managed by us] that receives a copy of the image [but we do get the password].

Holes big enough to drive a Utah data center through.

Besides, they only need a copy of the password… NSA would already have image sent.

72a1a6  No.2301094

File: bd95e68fee0a5e6⋯.jpeg (37.8 KB, 456x300, 38:25, 973F5A02-B47E-4F58-AF8D-2….jpeg)

File: be7ef0b6b9c44fa⋯.jpeg (82.76 KB, 807x426, 269:142, 76686C44-2671-4EED-BEC3-F….jpeg)

File: 0baa18b430a0dff⋯.jpeg (49.11 KB, 346x457, 346:457, 4A6EF0A1-0583-43B7-BC31-4….jpeg)

File: 64f22a2de22ab34⋯.jpeg (80.45 KB, 846x497, 846:497, 79A528CE-47CC-406A-83CA-9….jpeg)

File: e63fc5f885c5124⋯.jpeg (52.39 KB, 476x546, 34:39, D69FBBA6-3658-49FE-B3AA-8….jpeg)

9068b9  No.2301095



Coming soon to a theater near you.


81b69e  No.2301096

File: 8a85561cd660574⋯.png (210.94 KB, 500x406, 250:203, 7a62f69b49fece8e0ceaeab7c6….png)


>I'm a special little snowflake and get triggered b/c anon missed my post in a sea of posts.

>I'm also a yuge homo for posting a one-liner without providing sauce!

dfe67a  No.2301097

File: ccaadec4585b5e6⋯.jpeg (125.48 KB, 640x640, 1:1, Ra.jpeg)


Of course (((they))) do.

No wonder certain messages have been attacked relentlessly.

I guess…

>Time reveals all…

d7e785  No.2301098

anons got a technical question - my image library has become absolutely enormous with screenshots it’s difficult to find something I saved. Does anyone know of an application that searches for text embedded in an image, and searches an entire library of images for that text?

5be6b6  No.2301099


But I doubt it was Q's intention. He never directly said: Go decode Sarah Silverman's image. He just posted a link to pixelknot, a tool which allows you to hide messages in an image. It could "imply" that there might me something in it, but it could also mean something entirely different.

c06a79  No.2301100


What a powerful and inspiring speech from POTUS…crowd was on fire!

169263  No.2301101

File: 6dc80f329b2a83f⋯.png (261.29 KB, 1125x812, 1125:812, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)

File: 13413e8c6e03435⋯.png (157.54 KB, 1035x1262, 1035:1262, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)



63b365  No.2301102




And that doesn't look planned either, kek.

afb91c  No.2301103


If they kill HRC ritually she reincarnates, or repossess - or so ye cultist believe.

de26f8  No.2301104



And they would never lie, right?

72a1a6  No.2301105

File: 7dc9026300b2394⋯.jpeg (99.78 KB, 885x516, 295:172, 4F467A84-299B-4E13-9F29-E….jpeg)

4459c0  No.2301106


That's not a Q original photo though AND Q didn't say HE hid messages in HIS photos..

He said it's amazing how much info is shared on pol, hinting that (((they))) are passing messages this way.

Expand your thinking ffs.

8e5f9c  No.2301107


So THAT'S what the R stands for … thanks for clearing that up for me BV

329aac  No.2301108


Cold Hard Facts are fucking rare these days, apparently.

1014a8  No.2301109

File: 990d7fc43402db6⋯.jpg (43.48 KB, 389x536, 389:536, im-perfectly-clam-clamer-t….jpg)

f0fa51  No.2301110


AT & T as well

42dfa8  No.2301111


Aye Lass!

72ae43  No.2301112


So a "low ranking" billionaire.

Well, we really showed his ass a thing or two ….

I bet Zuck will think twice about spying on Americans now …..


Rich and free. Modern justice. What a fucking joke.

56dadb  No.2301113


>but why contempt

maybe just Sessions will unrecuse himself from the case?

446566  No.2301114


no you're right they're here to contribute. my bad

383d70  No.2301116

File: b3a1ca2e280b3d8⋯.jpg (18.49 KB, 508x234, 254:117, wikikitties.jpg)

>>2299930 (lb)

The headline is a bit sensational as it wasn't technically treason, but the case may be worthy of similar almond activation.

In attempting to verify the headline, I found this link from the DoJ about the case: https:// www.justice.gov/opa/pr/state-department-employee-arrested-and-charged-concealing-extensive-contacts-foreign-agents via which you can read the court docs relevant to the case.

Instead of treason, she was charged under 18 USC 1001 (state official falsifying docs/lying) and 18 USC 1512 (witness tampering).

What stirred my walnuts was in the aforementioned DOJ link, it speaks of illicit gifts Claiborne received, which reminded me of a strange link I saw a while ago from Wikileaks (see pic) in which they gave Hillary and Trump some cryptokitties (digital cats) and cited a specific code section about how they need to handle the receipt - 5 USC 7432, which is a civil violation with a penalty of $5k plus the value of the gifts.

Since this was so specific and weird (the WL tweet), I wondered what it was for. Then I went back and read it.

Before I get into what it said, note that the current charges are brought in DC. Per 18 USC 1512:

>A prosecution under this section…may be brought in the district in which the official proceeding (whether or not pending or about to be instituted) was intended to be affected or in the district in which the conduct constituting the alleged offense occurred

Remember when Q talked about using juries in DC and how hopeless that would be?

In the code section from the WL tweet pictured and mentioned above, the prosecution can be done in any district court.

>The Attorney General may bring a civil action in any district court of the United States against any employee who knowingly solicits or accepts a gift from a foreign government not consented to by this section or who fails to deposit or report such gift as required by this section.

Pehaps this will be used to allow for discovery to happen anywhere they want as they can charge anywhere.

Perhaps lawfags can better comment.

c5fa16  No.2301117


I bet that dog ate a lot of peanut butter.

65e4ed  No.2301118


mean WW

872b23  No.2301119

Former McCaskill Campaign Spokesman Is Now Spokesman for Husband’s Investment Company

Longtime Dem operative handled questions on company's government housing investments

Sen. Claire McCaskill (D., Mo.) has worked to distance her political career from her husband's investment career, especially when it's negatively spotlighted in the press, but her husband’s investment company now employs McCaskill's former campaign spokesman to handle its press.

The wealth of McCaskill's husband, Joseph Shepard, has long caused political problems for the senator, most recently on Tuesday when the Kansas City Star reported that his businesses had received $131 million in federal subsidies since McCaskill took office in 2007. Last month the report was that Shepard had millions of dollars invested in a hedge fund using offshore tax havens. McCaskill has responded to stories on Shepard's investments by saying she has no involvement in them, but in an apparent effort to mitigate damage to McCaskill's reelection effort, Shepard's company Sugar Creek has brought in the political consultant who helped McCaskill first get elected to the Senate in 2006 to handle its damage control efforts.

Tony Wyche is president of Soapbox, a public relations and political consulting company based in Missouri that still lists McCaskill as its top political client. His LinkedIn résumé shows a long track record of work in Democratic politics, including two-year stints as communications director for the Missouri Democratic Party and deputy press secretary for the Democratic National Committee. His company was paid $44,500 by McCaskill's 2006 campaign, throughout which he was quoted as her spokesman. Wyche was first quoted as a spokesman for Shepard's company in May. He is quoted throughout Tuesday's report on the federal subsidies received by Shepard's companies. Soapbox did not respond to an inquiry on the terms of its work with Sugar Creek. The McCaskill campaign also did not respond to an inquiry into whether it worked with Wyche on the response he provided to the Kansas City Star.

Wyche's social media activity indicates he remains engaged with politics and is especially invested in McCaskill's reelection effort. On Twitter, Wyche often retweets both McCaskill and her campaign account. He regularly criticizes her Republican opponent Josh Hawley and celebrated a recent critique of Hawley by McCaskill's current communications director as "brutal." Wyche argued in his statement to the Kansas City Star that Shepard is actually less involved in government housing investments than he was before he met McCaskill in 2001. He would not provide details on precisely how much Shepard had earned from his investments since McCaskill became a senator in 2007. The Kansas City Star reported that Shepard earned between $365,374 and $1,118,158 from investments in housing projects that receive federal subsidies. Based on earlier press reports and disclosures, the investments have earned him between $5,026,118 and $22,269263 since 2007.

https:// freebeacon.com/politics/former-mccaskill-campaign-spokesman-now-spokesman-husbands-investment-company/

13e22a  No.2301120


> I remember seeing this back after Sept11.. they were trying to say "terrorists" were hiding info in pictures..


d2f287  No.2301121

File: 46cead1d413d9a6⋯.png (45.27 KB, 954x256, 477:128, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)


thanks for the honest answer, anon

wasn't sure whether the anti-mueller article Q linked was the "clickbait" he was referring to at the end of the post..


anons, did anyone read the whole thing? it's 50 pages

if not, i can read and see if there's anything worth digging, i have some time now

34ac06  No.2301122


Always! But just because you said that, I'll get another box of amo and some ramen. Might feel like ramen, and don't have that in our bugout bags or at home. .kek

Thanx for looking out

02c375  No.2301123

File: a8a1cf016e3c3bb⋯.jpg (12.16 KB, 255x239, 255:239, 68cf2baf68f3df7a9e2d413c9a….jpg)

dfe67a  No.2301124

File: b3430e78751983e⋯.png (149.93 KB, 635x432, 635:432, Horus - Priory of Sion.png)


>Sigil Magic

Where are things best hidden?

In plain sight.

88c9ae  No.2301125

File: 2e50cad1b328878⋯.png (46.07 KB, 496x507, 496:507, clam-fight-q1.png)

0238ee  No.2301126


Ah fuck you got me AFLB.

I'm not gonna ban 300 subnets to make sure this one guy stop posting blacked pics.

I guess he won right?

Tell me.

Where is he right now?

524b7c  No.2301127


>Can you ban the black dick and gore guy?

No we can’t do that! They might contain muh keystone password!!

72ae43  No.2301128


Stzrok's micro dick didn't do it for her.

And now she's gotta look like a dirty whore in public.

Hell hath no fury …..

ce2c4a  No.2301129

File: 743aa3e989b1aae⋯.jpg (36.82 KB, 297x475, 297:475, MV5BMTIwNzY5ODAwOF5BMl5Ban….jpg)


Actually I think it was a few days after this post I upgraded my Big Stop Caliber to 45ACP.

I don't want to have to shoot these niggers more than once, wastes time and ammo.

Clowns better know, you think I don't use a VPN because I give a fuck about you Niggers?

The answer is NO, I could kill all 6000+ of your kind and then…

Sit down for a nice bowl of cornflakes and then go to sleep.

When you destroyed me in 2007 you signed a death warrant for your whole organization, Automated Defense Mechanism. Mark It!

5a2008  No.2301130

File: 541db5e0897f437⋯.jpg (128.3 KB, 467x700, 467:700, IMG_571.jpg)

a30d5a  No.2301131


Community Rating= BULLISH.. lulz It's going down

169263  No.2301132

File: 92e9616d0338540⋯.png (273.55 KB, 905x864, 905:864, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)

Space news



celestialfags heads up…

e7620b  No.2301133

File: a5eabc4d083a6d5⋯.jpg (1.21 MB, 2695x1321, 2695:1321, 20180726 mirror of 2018080….jpg)

File: b80de95217aa105⋯.jpg (250.68 KB, 962x1008, 481:504, 20180803 mirror of 2018072….jpg)

File: db8d8b4e27cc346⋯.jpg (169.75 KB, 1339x372, 1339:372, 20180727 mirror of 2018080….jpg)

File: ec6d38fd0ed221b⋯.jpg (665.22 KB, 1797x1262, 1797:1262, 20180802 mirror of 2018072….jpg)

Clockfag Update

Re-read qrumbs. Mirrors are based on the 5:25 line division of the clock that goes from :25 across to :55.

Today's Q Clock

Pic 1

/_\Council on Foreign Relations/_\

[19] immediates [no longer with us]

MI6/SIS undergoing house cleaning.

Have you learned how to read the message?

Stop taking the sleeping pill.

Wizards & [WAR]locks.

These people are really DUMB.


"Bring them to heel"

Today's Q Clock Mirror

Pic 2

Forced reaction.

One of many vehicles.

Force projection.

Night [2]

Tomorrow's Q Clock

Pic 3

https:// www.nationalreview.com/2018/03/russia-collusion-real-story-hillary-clinton-dnc-fbi-media/

Tomorrow's Q Clock Mirror

Pic 4



MZ to step down as Chairman.


Good luck.










a539d1  No.2301137


..And for clarity, That was directed at you. Not to you about others.

b7172c  No.2301138

File: b9f5f957f0b604e⋯.png (172.62 KB, 396x385, 36:35, P&LPantiesAwesomeShit!!.png)



I wouldn't be able to stay away either BO…

Everything is going Ok, we have had some hurdles - but I am sure everything will be fine.

Q is back with a vengeance and we are holing down the fort.

Somebody made me a new Pepe too :)

I hope you are enjoying yourself.

fe9d02  No.2301139


fucking kike/black hat shills ramping up efforts in the wake of 'twitter war' to fan flames of actual war tensions:

US Preparing To Bomb Iran's Nuclear Capabilities As Soon As Next Month: Report


"As the White House convenes a policy meeting on Iran Thursday involving senior Pentagon officials and cabinet advisers under national security adviser John Bolton, and after a week of intense saber-rattling by President Donald Trump and his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani, a new bombshell report by Australia's ABC says the White House is drawing up plans to strike Iran's alleged nuclear facilities as early as next month.

Senior figures in the Australia's Turnbull government have told the ABC they believe the US is prepared to bomb Iran's nuclear capability. The bombing could be as early as next month. —ABC report

Crucially, Australia is part of the so-called "Five Eyes" global intelligence partners which includes the US, UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, and plays in a key role in hosting top-secret facilities that guide American spy satellites.

According to the breaking report, ABC [Australian Broadcasting Corporation] has learned the following based on statements of key senior defense and intelligence officials:

Senior Government figures have told the ABC they believe the Trump administration is prepared to bomb Iran

They say Australian defence facilities would likely play a role in identifying possible targets

But another senior source, in security, emphasizes there is a difference between providing intelligence and "active targeting""

Fveye? We know the clowns still access the Fveye for intel theft.

Or coordinated disinfo to send direct message?

02c375  No.2301140


Whats the feeling here?

63b365  No.2301141


how coincidental dust storm

9bf4e6  No.2301142


she needs to find a good tailor.

46be4f  No.2301143

File: 2e493150f20c46c⋯.jpg (17.1 KB, 500x327, 500:327, images.duckduckgo-29.jpg)

File: 32d36ee07161e02⋯.jpg (131.71 KB, 1200x627, 400:209, 2014/05/23/19/IggyPopShru.….jpg)

6704ee  No.2301144

File: a125dd03bd257ff⋯.png (89.9 KB, 360x254, 180:127, gotem.png)


>Where is he right now?


cbc2f3  No.2301145

File: 39a808604afb3e8⋯.jpg (22.04 KB, 197x255, 197:255, pepetime.jpg)

1a3bef  No.2301146


>>2300069 (PB) By George I think (s)he's got it! Release the Code Crackin'!

df2269  No.2301147


thanks anon. great idea.

let's see what can be accomplished before you get back.

9068b9  No.2301148


Make no mistake.

Goreshill works with BO.

How is BO so sure goreshill will not return after 7 posts?

Critical thinking.


4aad58  No.2301149


Hidden wars… Sounds relevant. kek

59bc46  No.2301152

File: 139b30d4543c8c8⋯.jpg (57.69 KB, 623x574, 89:82, 2a.JPG)

These Investors Control 3 Billion of Facebook Stock and Want to Take Zuckerberg Down


7c0a7a  No.2301153

File: 1933212f7f1d0f2⋯.png (598.41 KB, 1270x760, 127:76, ClipboardImage.png)

Thank You, Jeff Sessions

A capable U.S. attorney is a far better choice than a second special counsel.

By William McGurn

April 2, 2018 6:30 p.m. ET

What does Jeff Sessions have to do to get a nice tweet from his boss?

On Thursday the attorney general released a letter informing Congress that he’d asked Utah-based U.S. Attorney John Huber to investigate lawmakers’ complaints about the Justice Department and the FBI. Turns out Mr. Huber has been working on this investigation, in concert with the Justice Department’s inspector general, since November. The news of Mr. Huber’s appointment came two days after a statement from FBI Director Christopher Wray confirming a similar…


I can't get past the paywall, anyone have the full text?


329aac  No.2301154


No, you're right, you won't do a damned thing like the coward you are. You won't put in the time and effort to map out the subnets they use, you won't care about the quality of our research space, and most of all you're too afraid of making mistakes and growing from them.

Sad life.

c5fa16  No.2301156


such bullshit.

73e276  No.2301157


What it means is they have it all. Gotta put on the show through legalities to make public. Am i warm Q?

a88cdf  No.2301158


Yes. here you go: https://archive.fo/pihP9

5a2008  No.2301159

File: 64cc6db78324d79⋯.jpg (628.06 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, IMG_595.jpg)

5be6b6  No.2301160


Umm, do you have any understanding of how the Internet actually works? He could go on a non-stop ban bandwagon, and black dick and gore anon would come up again and again with another IP.

Just filter. There's a way to completely block it, by going into Options (on the top, filters and add "BestGore.com|BLACK" as Content "comment"

56dadb  No.2301161

Melania Trump Had A SAVAGE Response To New York Times Report She's Not Allowed To Watch CNN

The First Lady's spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, responded pointedly to reporters asking her to confirm reports that Melania and other family members aren't allowed to watch the network.

"Seems kind of silly to worry about what channel she watches on TV (any channel she wants btw) or if she heard some recording on the news," Grisham wrote in an email.

She added that reporters should be focused on the First Lady's task at hand: caring for children with neonatal abstinence syndrome. On Tuesday, Melania visited a hospital in Nashville, Tennessee that is caring for children born addicted to opioid drugs, as part of her "Be Best" campaign, which seeks to help children and young adults affected by the American opioid crisis.


d077ec  No.2301162

Muh Noteables (extended edition)


>>2301132 Spacefag Reports

>>2301133 Clockfag Update


>>2300563 US Preparing To Bomb Iran's Nuclear Capabilities As Soon As Next Month: Report

>>2300584 House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) called for a ban on electronic voting systems

>>2300623 Trump’s got mother of all migraines coming on; ISIS is back in Iraq

>>2300626 Former Armenian President, Robert Kocharian Indicted for March 2008 Deadly Crackdown

>>2300657 facebook stock - am pm

>>2300662 Mueller team scrutinizing Trump tweets in obstruction investigation: Report

>>2300699 Christian Pastor: Facebook Censors Bible Verse “John 3:16” and “The Resurrection of Jesus Christ”

>>2300729 Anon: My question is what message was POUTS sending the cabal in that photo?

>>2300730 So, did the Black Hats just use SS photo as a cover to send out their dark message?

>>2300747, >>2300787 Tomorrow July 27 Grand Climax for the Luciferians

>>2300775, >>2300814 Sara Silverman digs and notes

>>2300794 Anon Questions if Q has the keys to the whole joint

>>2300804 Who is the mystery congress person?

>>2300823 Anon Notes on Qdrop

>>2300865 Progression pics

>>2300885 Trump's walk of fame star vandalized by 24 year old [Clay Austin]

>>2300914 Anon notes about the "fool" card and Q's drop

>>2300665, >>2300926 Pixelknot Hidden Messages

>>2300998, >>2301005 POTUS tweet PM

>>2300999 America’s Adversaries Are Weaponizing Information, NSA Director Warns

>>2301040 Hidden clues ?

>>2301052 Ashley Kavanaugh, the wife of President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh under attack

>>2300811, >>2301062 Was the [RR] "impeachment art" just for show/optics

>>2301079 Look at the numbers on either side of the flag

>>2301101 East coast phone service down

>>2301116 Notes on Q drop and wikileaks by Anon

>>2301040 This is where Hivemind really comes into play.

>>2301139 US Preparing To Bomb Iran's Nuclear Capabilities As Soon As Next Month: Report

>>2300069 (PB) By George I think (s)he's got it! Release the Code Crackin'!

a539d1  No.2301163


Are you retarded? The bans don't mean shit Mr. CriticalTrannyAsshole.

4572f9  No.2301164

File: 4b360176f5e472b⋯.jpg (10.93 KB, 225x225, 1:1, pepe - red pill.jpg)

File: 94b0e0d28d535c3⋯.jpg (37.6 KB, 446x307, 446:307, Q CAPTCHA 7-26-2018.jpg)

So who is combing through the pics Q has posted? Who is using that software to scan these pictures and enter


to unlock?

Or was it from a news article picture? News unlocks and Q said relevant today. Scroll through media pics from articles from yesterday to find a code to unlock.

Do we have an autist on this? I have been forced to be away from the chans for over 12 hours and feel so behind lol. fak. Please halp.

Q, do you like this idea? kek CAPTCHA

255888  No.2301165

File: 62bd17a81553be2⋯.png (275 KB, 707x361, 707:361, ClipboardImage.png)


weird how mars keeps getting more ice on it

7e041e  No.2301166


"Full Weight of the House"


Along party lines???

Big difference in optics…

385cff  No.2301167

File: 0727c80e18b1d08⋯.gif (513.14 KB, 898x752, 449:376, 20180725_195913.gif)

1014a8  No.2301168

File: 444979e479ba1d2⋯.jpg (58.05 KB, 464x600, 58:75, clam-before-the-storm.jpg)

5cb890  No.2301169

File: 5760095770a44be⋯.png (260.56 KB, 499x499, 1:1, PepePirate.png)


All of a sudden I'm on Team Lisa Page.

Hell hath no fury, assholes.

No prisoners, Lisa!

63b365  No.2301171


yeah they don't mean shit

they only piss off newfags who figure out how to get back on here anyway.


d2f287  No.2301172

File: f5933951e143b39⋯.jpg (7.93 KB, 171x294, 57:98, download.jpg)


this is how you create a sigil: write a sentence in the present tense for what you want to achieve/experience

example: i travel the world with my hot girlfriend

erase all the vowels and extra consonants

combine the letters into a shape, "artistically"

make it symmetrical and erase unnecessary lines.. the shape doesn't have to look like its constituent letters

put the sigil anywhere and everywhere so that your subconscious mind will pick it up and work on it.. i think it's bullshit but that's just my opinion

pic related

7e041e  No.2301173


She's doxed…facial recognition software

57cb75  No.2301174


Enemy of my enemy is a friend, kek

fe9d02  No.2301175


legalities + public perception and emotions regarding the subject.

If you don't think Q team and POTUS are VERY CAREFULLY watching non-chan comms and platforms + all sources of info to determine the degree of public thoughts and atmosphere, you are gravely mistaken.

WE are the conduit for truth and information dissemination.

But drops are not meant just for us. ALL platforms.

Autists are EVERYWHERE.

9068b9  No.2301176

How did R know BO would show up at the appointed time?

BO thought he was safe to show himself after no R posts all morning.

Why did [5] anons immediately tell him to leave?


KEK willed it.


ce2c4a  No.2301177

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Mark It clown Fags. Voodoo Child ! ! !

75dd49  No.2301179

File: 6ec2a1b784e68e8⋯.jpg (34.69 KB, 1200x794, 600:397, 6ec2a1b784e68e89cee90f0e98….jpg)

5f49ce  No.2301180

I knew things could be embedded in images but I didn't expect it to be as easy as this silly app. does that mean tons of photos all over the internet are littered with these embeds? is there a way to see and search for the messages first instead of the photos?

19a16a  No.2301182

File: e6daddd79bc1ea0⋯.jpg (140.55 KB, 2048x1357, 2048:1357, e6daddd79bc1ea0a90eba2857f….jpg)


Got him kek

385cff  No.2301183

File: c475a600b8fb3ab⋯.gif (609.7 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 20180725_121311.gif)


üņþ çнект


>Æňœň is rite you know

df2269  No.2301184

File: 14087e498071713⋯.jpg (16.71 KB, 170x311, 170:311, 18moonmarseilles.jpg)


All the better to "Fool" us with ;)

diggin the tarot…pls feel free to continue

524a64  No.2301185

File: b0a6a44dd5fea8c⋯.jpg (94.86 KB, 869x657, 869:657, Clairborne Treason.JPG)

File: ea8db63c69e854c⋯.jpg (89.96 KB, 750x408, 125:68, Clairborne Treason 2.JPG)



Is There a Blackout on Claiborne Traitor?

She was arrested & indictment unsealed last year for crimes during the Kerry State Dept…..

so why is there no information since???






d077ec  No.2301187


Those guise are weird

88c9ae  No.2301188

File: a192c051e620a24⋯.png (97.95 KB, 445x330, 89:66, clam-dunk.png)

dccf66  No.2301189

Do any anons think that David Lynch is part of the cabal?

5b93a6  No.2301190

might be worth it to run the Skippy hands picture through pixel knot

329aac  No.2301191


Why yes, I do know that the resources individuals have are limited and that they can be mapped out so they can be dealt with in the most efficient way.

But that requires… what's that called again…


446566  No.2301192


We all work with BO

We're only here to fuck with R

There's 1 real person here and the rest are bots.

All hail his highness, robot king fag R


62891e  No.2301193

Q, any idea what happened to Maj. Gen. John Rossi? His suicide seems to be very suspicious.

General is most senior Army officer to kill self:

https ://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2016/10/28/army-generals-death-ruled-suicide/92880986/

Army says 2-star general committed suicide on Alabama base:

http ://www.foxnews.com/us/2016/10/29/army-says-2-star-general-committed-suicide-on-alabama-base.html

Seems like he got high enough for certain doors to open for him, and he declined to participate.

5a2008  No.2301194

File: 239871e98339a3d⋯.jpg (210.44 KB, 640x810, 64:81, IMG_591.jpg)

d077ec  No.2301195


Please save any noteables for next bread .

72ae43  No.2301197

File: a54ae36a8ad49b1⋯.png (1.66 MB, 1024x1223, 1024:1223, grannymacron.png)


>I doubt it was Q's intention.

Every picture is a wild goose chase.

Of course it was his intention for anons to go off on typical anon tangents.

This has been happening with every picture for the last 9 months.

If it wasn't his intention he could have ended the wild goose chases at any time.

He didn't.

Send anons on meaningless wild goose chases around the internet for shit that means absolutely nothing?

Is this how Trump treats his loyal supporters?

Not the Trump I know, it isn't.

dfe67a  No.2301198


If there's one thing YOU taught me, it's to forgive Fools who attack you.

Let them speak their evil.

Let them shroud themselves in darkness.

The Light can see through the veil.

(((They))) dig their own graves… and they are DEEP.

I pray for their souls…


>Time reveals all…

7e041e  No.2301199


1 Bullet = 25 cent solution

abbc15  No.2301200


Wang dang! Going down?

db8c65  No.2301201

File: 8a0b46367995e19⋯.jpg (104.05 KB, 650x982, 325:491, 15cec863cd9980c9c17cc78114….jpg)

Headology by Granny Weatherwax.

Whilst people are believing in the up and down of the seesaw.

Q is telling us POTUS is the middle part.

47371b  No.2301202



1d7dd8  No.2301203


Has anybody bothered to do the passwords backwards?

9068b9  No.2301204


How does BO know that the goreshill will not hop IPs?

Critical thinking.


cb751b  No.2301205

5b93a6  No.2301206


No. I suspect he was offered during Dune and declined, which is why Dune was torpedoed and he never went through a major studio for financing again.

4aad58  No.2301207


Alex Jones posting sigils on Twitter about a year back was hilarious. He kept posting for the evil in this world to be destroyed…

I don't think he meant himself. XD

It's just another form of prayer. But like all prayers, you have to be careful of what you ask for. You have to be specific in some cases or else the moral implications of what happens are on your soul.

Best not to mess with those unless you know exactly what you are doing.

a539d1  No.2301208

File: f0472a8676287ff⋯.jpg (71.89 KB, 792x800, 99:100, fungus-infested-bread.jpg)

57cb75  No.2301210


Yes, especially in twinpeaks agent submits to cabal. Long and beautiful journey ends at finding the evil but not defeating it

66c1fa  No.2301211


software? app? where?

b67957  No.2301212

I've been away form the board most of the day, what the hell did I miss in regards to Sarah Silverman?

8c557a  No.2301214


So, basically, boys are allowed in the girls locker room?

46be4f  No.2301215

File: 2e493150f20c46c⋯.jpg (17.1 KB, 500x327, 500:327, images.duckduckgo-29.jpg)


Honestly, I saw about the same amount of shilling before you got knocked off your coveted pedestal as a BV as afterwards. You overestimate your impact.

f68c58  No.2301216


I haven’t shaved or cut my hair since the end of Qctober. I’ll be the bum looking guy sitting on the curb. Packing.

0ed9d4  No.2301217


Signal has a backdoor too.

0238ee  No.2301218


Last time some faggot posted implying they had superior critical thinking (CTA) they posted that Q was in custody.

They were wrong.


No "lad" I will not let this board become Twitter. We will let the shills "Seeds of doubt sharpen our resolve". Oh wait a second I'm quoting you!


Because my job is to watch the board.

446566  No.2301219


Rrr rrrrr rrr

Rrrrr rr rrrrr rrr?

Rrrrr rrrrrrrrr


1d13e5  No.2301221

File: 379a85a41380061⋯.png (639.85 KB, 934x868, 467:434, Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at ….png)

File: b9e26f70b9fc89f⋯.png (76.65 KB, 1792x306, 896:153, Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at ….png)


could be, i also thought that they could easily haul a lot of kids/women in those trucks…

i found this a few days ago… talk about a direct corridor from Mexico / Texas and then do the border patrol go here?…


a539d1  No.2301222

File: 21e9729ce2ec521⋯.jpg (95.59 KB, 480x320, 3:2, 42-249399431.jpg)

72a1a6  No.2301223

File: 18f6de797be8077⋯.jpeg (61.22 KB, 396x385, 36:35, 81DE3980-B425-4032-AA4C-E….jpeg)

4e0a5d  No.2301224

File: f96b7ef7d5bcf59⋯.png (475.77 KB, 1121x1063, 1121:1063, drpong4.png)


fff496  No.2301225


What is warmth?

Think mirror

Think GAY

Think PLAN

Plan GAY?


cb751b  No.2301227



The Keyholder

eeb912  No.2301228


You left out Comey and Brennan

c48ba7  No.2301229

Have any anons tried mirroring image filenames as a password?

513949  No.2301230

File: 903a2d4c2280b08⋯.jpg (987.62 KB, 1023x1633, 1023:1633, Q POST 1712 7-26-18 STFD.jpg)

>>2298335 From dark to light… image lightened in PShop

1c72a2  No.2301231


Fuck off, dickhead

afb91c  No.2301232


Anon is wise as a serpent


probably not. He's a Buddhist committed to a kind of cosmic neutrality..

He also has a family and they have him by the chakras.

He's done many good things but IDK for sure.

59bc46  No.2301234

File: 9431d721d70533e⋯.jpg (85.76 KB, 1080x517, 1080:517, 2a.JPG)

File: 9aba0230362b8e1⋯.jpg (90.52 KB, 1036x875, 148:125, 3.JPG)






81b69e  No.2301235



db8c65  No.2301236

File: 5f576bbd7c9f379⋯.jpg (19.69 KB, 388x272, 97:68, b990be3f302779a7d64a636673….jpg)

Dark to light in a nutshell.

Seeing people as 'things'

bb40d6  No.2301237


Uh….I live in the mountains. Shit is weird in the sky, but I don't know enough to get technical with it.

I'm not sliding I swear, but has anyone seen Mars PULSING?? Not even slightly, and I swear it's moved right before my eyes.


But according to NASA 'facts,' I'm clearly seeing shit. Still open to me just seeing shit, but it's getting spooky. I've always looked at the sky. It's weird af out there, Anons.

4aad58  No.2301238


Hodor Hodor, Hodor hodor?


Hodor Hodor.

Hodor; Hodor!


72ae43  No.2301240


>According to the breaking report, ABC [Australian Broadcasting Corporation] has learned

IOW … we just made up some shit to make Trump look like a war-monger.

a539d1  No.2301241


> Oh wait a second I'm quoting you!

kek… Witnessed

b326ea  No.2301242


Fuck, its everywhere

72a1a6  No.2301243



d16b1f  No.2301245

File: 08d81b9d522ab5a⋯.jpeg (175.26 KB, 640x980, 32:49, 329E3B97-4749-4D4B-B7AD-C….jpeg)

File: 0938c7558b5d767⋯.jpeg (159.23 KB, 1125x1140, 75:76, E7336831-D2BE-48CA-83C8-7….jpeg)

Been digging into the cannibal club in Cali, connected to MZ wife!

3b2e7b  No.2301246

File: 665f057ddf9391e⋯.png (559.55 KB, 946x749, 946:749, Screenshot_2018-07-26 Scie….png)


Scientists have just published a new study which has confirmed that the first known liquid water has been found on Mars, with a lake lurking 0.93 miles beneath the ice cap at the red planet’s south pole and extending 12.4 miles in length

https:// www.inquisitr.com/5001589/scientists-have-just-confirmed-the-phenomenal-discovery-of-a-liquid-water-lake-on-the-south-pole-of-mars/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+google%2FyDYq+%28The+Inquisitr+-+News%29

dc6edd  No.2301247


I saw the same thing, but thought to myself, there's no way. I thought it must have been my eyes playing tricks on me.

34ac06  No.2301248

the feeling is ,that you should always be ready!

Prepping is done when things are going well, and shit is cheap. And not when shit hits the fan!

–Be ready for at least 3 months! You must have everything you will need in case you can't leave your house. Hav that at your house

– bugout bags. One bag per each family member. Food for at least 3 days. First aid, fire starter, rope, batteries, water filtration and water, change of clothes, knife and so on. Ready at the door just in case you need to leave ASAP. You don't want to packing when you need to be on the move.

It's a military thing.

Give yourself and your family a chance!

If something happens, you're prepared. If nothing happens…well, you've got extra shit for when tough times roll around again.

Be ready


cbc2f3  No.2301249

File: 9d513cf35b3f311⋯.jpg (456.95 KB, 600x600, 1:1, peperar3.jpg)


The other interesting thing in that Roth-AMA was that cat's reverence for Nikola Tesla…which, in context of Thoth, would seem to suggest some sort of "interdimensionality".

Just what you were looking for, eh BO…big dose of esotericism. kek

1014a8  No.2301250

File: 5316b491c3db8a9⋯.jpg (30.05 KB, 611x314, 611:314, 5316b491c3db8a90aeb7e26378….jpg)

a539d1  No.2301251


This is a replay of Syria… And NK.. kek :)

9bfef8  No.2301253

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

dfe67a  No.2301254

File: 6d73b162ecbf85a⋯.jpg (30.02 KB, 300x518, 150:259, Wheel of Fortune 1.jpg)


We are all a deck of Cards in this life, Anon.

Choose our Cards wisely, we must.

Certain (Decks) must be left alone for the (Time) being.

Certain synchronicity goes beyond all explanation.

>The more unrealistic it all becomes…

8b4ae3  No.2301256

File: d45e8a713c7d35a⋯.png (548.63 KB, 901x889, 901:889, d45e8a713c7d35a87c1b9d63f5….png)



This is a great anime, really hoping these two get back together at the end of this season.

4572f9  No.2301257





47371b  No.2301259





72a1a6  No.2301261

File: 7dc9026300b2394⋯.jpeg (99.78 KB, 885x516, 295:172, 175151D4-8762-4F20-8FE5-F….jpeg)

File: 124befbd3fa2add⋯.jpeg (25.37 KB, 171x255, 57:85, 874019E4-C2C8-40CB-B774-9….jpeg)

fe9d02  No.2301262


#1. Stop replying to some retard R that was more or less over with before JIDF and black hat cunts dragged it out to derail and start a VERY stupid kiddy level shill slide

#2. This AFLB is thoroughyl broken like HRC and comey. Ignore.

#3. Nigga you need to enjoy your vacation.


DIG on the Q crumbs just now. ALL of them.



d813c4  No.2301263


And THERE is your SS Password folks.

SS most beloved dog died. "Duck 'Doug' Silverman"

3b2e7b  No.2301264

File: 46762145ffa95a8⋯.jpg (51.76 KB, 738x554, 369:277, bbdo;iwyhf[gf[.jpg)

3e2c4a  No.2301265

File: 11ab7e9cafddcd4⋯.png (933.06 KB, 723x1154, 723:1154, ClipboardImage.png)


>You'd be amazed how much is shared on /pol/.

>Data exchange.



Someone on /pol/ was saying there was a name hidden in the silverman picture. Did you guys find it or need me to go back and look?

5b93a6  No.2301266

could NSA code breaker tweets have relevant close to this password hunt?

22b2af  No.2301267


So, imagine, the crew that placed the flag was told to put the 7 and 10 on either side…

"But why"…

"Oh, just do it…"

446566  No.2301268

File: 059ba5874c66fc8⋯.gif (22.28 KB, 625x604, 625:604, 1.gif)

47371b  No.2301269


need mac mirror, u have?

d2f287  No.2301270


absolutely planned.. it could've covered one of the numbers.. why was it exactly in between them? no coincidences

5b93a6  No.2301271



7e62c4  No.2301273


highly likely

4fd4aa  No.2301274


China has their tentacles in everything. Right down to giving a CEO a bride. Easy way to get everyones personal data lol.

0ed9d4  No.2301276


Stego has been around for a looooong time.

329aac  No.2301277


There's your muhcensorship again.

Take a second to list how many ways a group of shills could censor our research. That, is real censorship. Cleaning that up, isn't, but the fact I have to explain this to you is telling above all..

5f49ce  No.2301278


not wrong

b0ceae  No.2301279

File: 155ce3d0c7e021f⋯.png (921.48 KB, 919x582, 919:582, Q FAKE STORY ABOUT POTUS O….PNG)


There was this the other day I strongly emphasized it was bs that POTUS would NEVER do this unless absolutely needed and he would be letting us, We The People know about it and why




88c9ae  No.2301280

File: fd36444297c36cb⋯.png (250.14 KB, 495x370, 99:74, clam-digging-fest.png)

872b23  No.2301281

Pa. Dem Criticized Ruling to Uphold Laws Protecting Sexually Abused Children

Scott Wallace was also opposed to efforts to fund police, mandate minimum sentences for sexual harassment

A far-left candidate running for Congress in Pennsylvania has criticized a Supreme Court ruling that upheld laws meant to protect sexually abused children and opposed efforts to fund police and mandate minimum sentences for sexual harassment while serving as legislative director for a prominent criminal defense attorneys group.

Scott Wallace, the Democrat who is challenging incumbent Republican Brian Fitzpatrick in Pennsylvania's first congressional district, is the grandson of former vice president Henry Wallace and inherited a fortune after his grandfather's company was sold in the 1990s. Wallace spent years running the Wallace Global Fund, his family's foundation created in 1995, which has disbursed millions to radical left-wing groups while devoting no funds to organizations or groups located in the district he is seeking to represent.

Prior to Wallace's involvement with the fund, which dates back to at least 1995 when he was listed as a "Director" on its board, Wallace was the legislative director for the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers for seven years from the mid-1980s to the early 1990s. As Wallace was acting as the legislative director with the criminal defense organization, which is based in Washington, D.C., he argued that there is no such thing as victim conduct being off limits. During the trial of Matthew Solomon for the murder of his wife, Lisa, Matthew's lawyer Jeffrey Waller raised questions during the trial about Lisa's temper and said that she "liked to go to bars." Wallace, responding to concerns about the rights of victims, said that there is "no such thing as victim conduct being off limits," according to a quote from a New York Times article in 1988. Matthew Solomon was found guilty of strangling Lisa Solomon and stuffing her body in a garbage bag before dumping it outside of their apartment complex. Solomon was sentenced to 18-years-to-life and was denied parole for the seventh time in 2017.

Later, in 1990, Wallace criticized a Supreme Court ruling that upheld laws allowing children who were sexually abused to be