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Banner Thread

Dump your Infinity chan banners and all and hope the BO picks them up.

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1 - Follow the global rule here of 8kun.

2 - Thread posts must be related to My Little Pony in some way (or shows and such that are very similar to My Little Pony, such as Filly Funtasia). Replies may divert from this, but keep it to a minimum.

3 - Generals and cross board content are allowed but keep it to a maximum of one thread per topic at any given time.

4 - You can post NSFW material but it has to be drawn (or 3d but no irl), you must SPOILER it, and it must only be featured in its own thread. (No extreme fetish posts such as vomit, piss, scat. Sorry, we want people to actually visit.)

5 - No NSFL unless it's drawn (or 3d but no irl). Pony abuse art and the like are allowed as long as they're spoilered. Doesn't need to have its own thread, but still must be spoilered.

6 - By clicking a spoilered picture (or expanding all images) you state that you are over the age of 18.

7 - Names and tripcodes are only allowed when contributing stylistic content relevant to a thread's topic.

8 - Reported content violating the rules will be removed. All NSFW material will be spoilered and in their own threads.

9 - Ban evading is NOT allowed. Doing so will increase your ban length at the discretion of the board volunteers.

10 - Users who consistently break rules to the detriment of others and fail to respond to warnings will be banned as appropriate.

11 - No promotion of content of which is not MLP related or cartoon pony related. If it is MLP related or cartoon pony related, go ahead, but keep it to a minimum.

List of Volunteers

Just me, the nameless Board Owner. Use the Meta Thread if you want to apply for, or get your position back.

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Webm thread

The last one was tragically killed, so instead of posting in the dead thread it would probably be for the best just to make this one.

Also, post old .webm's, the oldest you got

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sleepycat is a BRONY INCLUSIVE site!!! FREE THINKERS and AMERICANS unite!

go to https sleepycat _ chat now for the full 'murican experience now! You are at liberty to say anything you please. So hop on in and give it a try! It won't hurt you know ;) ;) ;).( ° ʖ °)

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WEBM thread

Old one is in the catalog but is autosaging. We have a music & music video thread, but if it's a visual gag about stupid show ponies using TF2 or you want to share your archive of DWK or Silverquill, use this thread.

Nostalgia is good too. What's the oldest .webm in your pony folder?

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Fuck you guys are boring.

Nothing to talk about since the show ended.

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lmao just die already


EDIT: BO wants an image for that first-post look.

You're welcome…?

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G5 Containment

your local chapter of SCP foundation here.

This is the mlp:tng containment thread.

//bounds suddenly in circles//


Personally I wonder if it couldn't be that this is actually running concurrently with g4, which is happening on the new continent. These three cities we see are actually the old world, and the great war is known in the new world (g4) as the first Hearthswarming.

G5 are the descendants of the ponies that never emigrating to the new world.

(also need a tng posting flag, obviously)

(edit: also needs all the images again, obvously)

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Fun? Fun! (fun.)


Sorta. It's actually the day before as I write this but … it's a slow board, y'know?

I've deleted a couple of the old, dumb threads to make room in case someone wants to save an as-yet-unsaved thread from … years ago.

Still, I'm planning on segueing into NaNoWriMo

EDIT this thread needs images, if'n it's gonna be gettin' traffic

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The fourth is here!

//for certain values of "here"

Try not to blow anything up, okay?

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Since the old thread is auto-saging, let's have a new one.

Fucking hell this place is dead. Post in this thread every time you visit /pone/.

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>Something seems … amiss

//BO not-so-stealth edited this amiss post to re-up the image for a week.

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/pone/ is dead for ever. Press F to pay respects

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These images should stay around long enough to celebrate your preferred solstice miracle

Let's Sing!

> On the first day of Hearths warming

> My Board Owner gave to me:

< A rock.

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Share your anthro waifu /pone/

My belleza absoluta waifu is Sunset Shimmer!

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Floor bored is best pone

Ever listen to yo nigga that sounded so wack, you thought he must be smokin' crack?

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And, we're back. No I'm not him I'm somebody else. But I think we're back and that means

1) you can post

2) but I might beat you.

No, serious, go about your day.

I'm not about to try and replace all the busted-images but for the nonce we have an image server again. The box for TOR posting is checked but I'm not sure the underlying code knows we've been "upgraded" to V.3 addresses.

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Shit damn it you niggers let the writefag thread die while I was gone. Guess I'll just have to start a new one so I can dump this lengthy greentext I wrote while I was away.

>if you have a story, post it

>if you have an idea, write it

>if you don't have an idea, try pics related

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My Massive Pony

For ponies in situations where size matters. Too big or too small for the world around them.

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Fallout Equestria

For the uninitiated https://www.fimfiction.net/story/119190/fallout-equestria

Do you like it? Do you not like it? Opinions on it? Favorite side fic?

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Let's bring /pone/cast back… haha… unless you gay?

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Are you guys still alive?

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I can't draw

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Chciałbym zaimpregnować fluttershy.

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itt /hume/

Greetings, fellow mares. What do you think of the new and upcoming human movie that is up and coming? How do you like the cast lineup and the special guests? Will we see the return of longtime heroes like Andrew Jackson to go up against current season villians like George Soros? I for one, am certainly excited to see it. Even though it is a cartoon for little colts, my special somepony and I will be going to the cinema to see it in glorious 16 mm film, because as you know, that is currently the most advanced technology us ponies have.

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Hasbro Investor Event: G5 Revealed

I knew that board was pretty dead, but I’m honestly surprised that none of you faggots even showed for such a historic occasion, if only to mourn G4.

I won’t post any spoilers in here in terms of images, for those that want to remain unspoiled (I planned to avoid it, but was fucked through YouTube thumbnails), I ask that everyone do the same, for those adamant on waiting to see their first glimpse of G5 when the film actually comes out.

And yes, I did lazily copy paste all the rest of this thread from /mlp/. At least I proactive enough to actually make a thread.

Since the investor event is just going to be streamed on Vimeo, figured it might be >fun to have a watch party on ye olde cytube, so here you go.

Was also thinking of streaming an hour of old pony videos before the investor event starts, so feel free to post pony videos you'd like to see (got a couple in mind already). Also feel free to suggest potential emotes and discuss anything else stream related.

Another thread will be posted Thursday morning before the old pony vidoes start.

Hope to see you there! Or not, it's understandable.

>when should I be there?

Feb. 25th at 10am ET (New York/Florida time), an hour earlier for pony videos

>where it gonna be at?


>wait what's all this stuff about g5?


see this post >>36584846 → # and >>36590973 → # to catch up

also some good info in this thread >>36581356 → #

>what if I just want to watch it by myself?



>I just came to post that you're a fag

truly honored

other stuff

>official link


>potential toy info might be released early/tomorrow here


>time in your timezone




also, thank you to whoever amalgamated any of this information together in other threads, truly underappreciated

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New Year's bros. Haha remember that pony show we all used to unironically watch? Lol yeah that was wild.

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My wife Rarity is so cute

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what the fuck is even that?!

what the fuck is even that?!

why did they did this?

did they like cute ponies or did they don't like cute ponies?

I cannot handle this existing, its so annoying.

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Gonna cry?

Gonna piss your pants maybe?

Maybe…..Shit and cum?

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Unexplored Regions

Anon In Equestria. And The Unexplored Regions of The West, Semi Colonised by Wild Bat Ponies And Fantastical Monsters

(Full title did not fit in the subject field, and AIEATUROTWSCBWBPAFM does not roll of the tongue as well)

Writefag here. Kinda fell off the chan wagon after 8chan /pone/ died, but after some contemplation I've decided I want to write another story. I know this board is dead but so is AIE on 4chan, so I figure why not contribute some OC?

The story is a lose continuation of the Red CYOA from 8chan, but with at a different time at a different place, with different characters. It requires no previous knowledge and is made to be a standalone.

Excuse the quality, and breach of tradition. This time around It's no CYOA, It's more a way for me to squirt whatever's in my head on a canvas, without blowing my brains out.

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>tfw no pony overlords to sexually enslave you

R: 14 / I: 22 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

>when the show is over but you just won't quit

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

Quick go to /b there's no time to esplain

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Why the fuck isn't there any mlp fursuit porn

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Plush Thread Request II

Can we have this out? Also post your plushies


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Expanding the userbase

Alright we survived the goddamn nuclear holocaust so let's talk about how to bring back out users. Having

>20 users

Is a bit shit.

Also since I been gone what the fuck Jim? I know you gotta protect your booty hole from the big bad gubmn't but damn this is a bit cucked no?

Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof - text, media, or otherwise - do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration.

Okay this is cucked

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Why did it turn out to be true that bronies are pedophiles? I mean everyone here has always liked fillies and lolis

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Does anyone still have the constitution we made from around 2015? Also, general old times thread.

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Retro Pony Thread?

Retro Pone?

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Octavia with Octavia in Octavia.

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Aye, Y'all know you can post new threads, right?

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Applejack Appreciation General

Pls post the cutest of apples

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Limestone is the alpha mare that all us beta-males need in our lives.

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Sup, bitches

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Sole developer of the long disbanded MLPVN project here. I got a Christmas gift for you all in 8 days. Util then, I'll just do an informal AMA. And because I'm a true arutist, the grill 6 will be participating such as pic related.

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Fucking hell this place is dead. Post in this thread every time you visit /pone/, you permalurking niggers.

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Music Thread: Electric Scootaloo

The last one was lost and with the Webm thread there is half the demand covered, but why the fuck no

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Based Brony Thread

What are some reactions you've gotten from people that know that you like MLP?

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My Little Pony: The Manga 2

My Little Pony: The Manga volume 2.

>inb4 Electric Boogaloo

The first one was breedy gud, Lets hope this one is too

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Luftkrieg's CYOA Vol. I

I finally decided to make my own CYOA thread. I was inspired by the Red thread on here. So kudos to the anon who runs that thread.

So what the gist of this CYOA? Well you you see as in the title, we are gonna have an adventure with Luftkrieg. You anons get to choose where she should go and what to do. Basically all the normal CYOA needs. I never done one myself,.so this will be an experience for me. I'll write a little intro.

>It was a calm morning for Luftkrieg. No one was up and she had a day to herself.

>She gets out of her bed and heads over to her small radio, maybe she'll catch what's going on in Germaneia.

>Luftkrieg being mindful of her surroundings, puts on a small pair of headphones so she doesn't wake up anyone.

>She dials a bit before she could find a proper channel to listen into.

>There was some static but it was something.

>"There are some reports of some timberwolves in the area, keep out of the woods for a least 48 hours. If you are at a camp, stay inside the camp grounds."

"Timberwolves, this far in? Interesting." the little filly says to herself.

>She takes off the headphones for now and heads downstairs.

>She gets in the kitchen and looks for something to eat.

>She gets some cereal and pours herself some of that. She still a little tired from getting up so she gonna eat the cereal dry.

>After a few minutes, she gets done her food. She heads back inside to get her Hoolfer Youth Scout uniform on.

>There's an important meeting that will happen later today, so she can prepare herself for it.

>What's next?

I also have to go to bed now, as I decide to post this now instead of earlier because of work and shit.

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Some green for you fags

>be Anon

>You finally finish your homemade portal from stuff you bought at a local BestBuy and teleported to Equestria, the land of small rainbow horses.

>Just like in every greentext you've read (and written), a kind pony picks you up from the outskirts of some random city and helps you with not dying from starvation.

>She doesn't have much herself, but as a past NEET you don't need a lot of food to live anyway.

>A travelling pony and an autistic human, what a pair.

>Except, both don't know anything about living with another living being, especially when it's just as self-centered as they are.

>Day 14 of living with Trixie, road from Fillydelphia to the central parts of Equestria.

>You release the pen from your deadly grip, and shake the strain pain from your hand.

>Never got enough practice with writing back at home.

>All you did with a pen back then was draw horse puss–

>Knock knock

>Oh, Trixie has waken up.

>Is it morning already?

>You could swear you sat down to add your second week in Equestria to your diary at just about 11 P.M, if not earlier.


>Why did you even start a diary, again?


>Oh, right

"Yeah, yeah, wait, wait, wait."

>Your legs are going to kill you…

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Has anyone sucked cock while wearing or even came on the MLP masks yet? looks like it would be fun to do

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Wassup guys, I used to be brony years back and I love mlp but it just makes me feel embarrassed thinking naughty tings about the ponies. Wat do?

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Sweetie's about to do the brain freeze challenge, like her sister did.

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Twi thread


R: 258 / I: 106 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

What fanfiction are you currently readan you autistic fuck?

Any recommendations?

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Princess Celestia is a tyrant and should be killed.

This absolute shit pony must fucking die to liberate Equestria from her tyranny. It must happen, Nightmare willing.

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Waifu Thread

Hearts And Hooves Edition

Post poner waifus

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Depression General Doubles as the Drinking thread

Alright you depressed faggots discuss being depressed faggots here.

>Spend 36 hours in bed

>Eat nothing


>Order pizza

>Buy a little alcohol

>Doesn't take much to feel it after barely eating for a while

>Get nice buzz

>Sit around looking at ponies and listening to ponyfag music

>Go out at night wandering around half hoping to be killed by a zigger for serveral hours at a time

That was in the past, now I just shitpost.

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Making Ponies Real

How badly do you want your pony gf, anon? What would you do to feel her fluffy tail in your hand? To brush her mane? To hold her in your arms? Our multidisciplinary team of robowaifu technicians is here to help. Robots can take any shape you desire, anon. With your help we can bring your waifu into reality.

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Anthro Thread

For anthro related pones

no plantigrade anthros please

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404 No porn here...

Guys, my dick is hard. Let's make a temporary fap thread while all the good threads are down.

Let's give it all we got.

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As per the wish of the last thread >>>291303 we shall continue stay creative and pursue our artistic ventures, together.

This might be my last draw thread. Let's make it a good one.

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Twilight Sparkle will not return for G5

I am not disappointed by this at all. If it means that Tara "Ire of the Israeli" Strong isn't voicing Twilight Sparkle, that's good. If it means that Hasbro gave up on rewriting the Mane 6 into something that probably would've looked like the Bionicle reboot, that's also good.

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can some tell me why do people like my little pony because i really want to kown

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It's VALENTINES DAY nigger. A day for spending quality time with your special somepony and reminding them why you love them. In honor of that, what did you do today? What are you going to do today? What are you going to do tonight? ;P Me, I cooked us a romantic dinner and we watched a couple movies. We're gonna snuggle for a while and then get to the mane event of the evening. But enough about me. How are y'all celebrating this most amorous of days?