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All things pony, but 20% cooler!
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Original, Non-functional Rules Page: https://8ch.net/pone/rules.html - Original, Non-functional Spoiler Script Page: https://8ch.net/pone/spoilerscript.html

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1 - Follow the global rule here of 8kun.

2 - Thread posts must be related to My Little Pony in some way (or shows and such that are very similar to My Little Pony, such as Filly Funtasia). Replies may divert from this, but keep it to a minimum.

3 - Generals and cross board content are allowed but keep it to a maximum of one thread per topic at any given time.

4 - You can post NSFW material but it has to be drawn (or 3d but no irl), you must SPOILER it, and it must only be featured in its own thread. (No extreme fetish posts such as vomit, piss, scat. Sorry, we want people to actually visit.)

5 - No NSFL unless it's drawn (or SFM or…but no photos or IRL things). Pony abuse art and the like are allowed as long as they're spoilered. Might need its own thread too.

6 - By clicking a spoilered picture (or expanding all images) you state that you are over the age of 18.

7 - Names and tripcodes are only allowed when contributing stylistic content relevant to a thread's topic.

8 - Reported content violating the rules will be removed. All NSFW material will be spoilered and in their own threads.

9 - Ban evading is NOT allowed. Doing so will increase your ban length at the discretion of the board volunteers.

10 - Users who consistently break rules to the detriment of others and fail to respond to warnings will be banned as appropriate.

11 - No promotion of content of which is not MLP related or cartoon pony related. If it is MLP related or cartoon pony related, go ahead, but keep it to a minimum.

No Volunteers at this time; that may change

(when G6 is mid-arc, maybe…)

Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof - text, media, or otherwise - do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration.
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