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File: 649fc34523f4e25⋯.jpg (232.81 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, QResearch.jpg)

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Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Saturday 03.23.2019

>>5854029 ————————————–——– Why are [they] attempting to re-write our history?

>>5853603 rt >>5853578 ————————— you may start your attack run

>>5853545 rt >>5853322 ————————— FIRE AT WILL, COMMANDER.

>>5853176 ————————————–——– Meme: MY TURN…

>>5853115 ————————————–——– Meme: D's haven't been this mad since R's freed the slaves

>>5853007 ————————————–——– MAYday MAYday MAYday (Cap: >>5853118 )

>>5842693 ————————————–——– You are witnessing the collapse of the largest pre-planned & coordinated propaganda event in modern day history

>>5842648 rt >>5842610 ————————— MSM: their only defense is to play 'dumb'

>>5842541 rt >>5842272 ————————— Q on Fox News commentary on tweet from Q-related account

Friday 03.22.2019

>>5838347 ————————————–——– Nunes: "Unraveling of the biggest political scandal in American history." (Cap: >>5838390 )

>>5837376 ————————————–——– [They] thought it was coming last Friday. Ammunition spent.

>>5836740 rt >>5836660 -————————– DECLAS is a comin'!

>>5836480 rt >>5836393 -————————– The RULE OF LAW is being returned to our GREAT LAND.

>>5836164 rt >>5836091 -————————– Sanctions lift? Anons know? (Cap: >>5836244 )

>>5836091 ————————————–——– BLOCKADE REMOVED.

Wednesday 03.20.2019

Compiled here: >>5852541

Monday 03.18.2019

Compiled here: >>5802127

Sunday 03.17.2019

Compiled here: >>5791939

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are not endorsements


>>5644463, >>5646510 Baker Protocol: Do NOT Add Non-Tripcode posts from Q

>>5857423 BO on global notables


>>5862674 Mayday: UK PM may be facing plot to oust her (Reuters)

>>5862714, >>5862722 Seth Rich mentioned on Fox (Get a video anons!)

>>5862753 new @PapaD: Another scandal coming: Obama, C_A, Comey spying

>>5862757 @45_Schedule: AG Barr is back at the DoJ preparing to breif Congress

>>5862867, >>5862911 China central bank head says country to step up oversight of systemically important financial firms (Reuters)

>>5862851 MoCNNbird: REEEEEEEE (Anons knew) (CNN last night)

>>5862925 Ratcliffe (R-TX): Barr won't turn over classified material (WAExaminer)

>>5863000 "CBTS" Video repost. recently quoted by Q

>>5863049, >>5863295 TRAGEDY: Another Parkland Survivor becomes an hero (Miami Herald, CBS)

>>5863135 Nadler (D-NY): Trump can’t use executive privilege to ‘hide wrongdoing’ (WAExaminer)

>>5863185 @JamesWoods gloating shitpost last night, compilation of Mockingbird Clowns

>>5863199, >>5863312 Keen-eyed Anon applys autism to "Accidental" Q Meme Typo

>>5863195 Posts removed from /patriotsfight/? ANONS VERIFY! (WIP)

>>5863270 Storm in Mozambique death toll has risen above 750 (IOL.co.za)

>>5863335 #7500

#7499 Baker change

>>5861862 Only one Q post including phrase "Great Day", Q#2356

>>5861942 Anon suggests submitting ethics complaints v Congress swamp creatures

>>5862038, >>5862051 Dr Dre \m/ hand sign, bragged about daughter college. Cheating? (Hill)

>>5862039 Italian baby dies after botched home male genital mutilation (CTV) (AP)

>>5862050 Senior Denver Airport, DIA official put on investigatory leave (Denver Post)

>>5862072 @DJT MAGA marker delta: 1 week minus 2 hours, 2 minutes

>>5862146 Adam "Piece of" Schiff projecting (Axios)

>>5862179 10K Foreign Troops arrive in UK for ‘major exercise’ (Politicalite)

>>5862523 Anon: Who is the man in red? NZ video

>>5862545 #7499


>>5861392 The Mooch and his Ben Garrison.

>>5861529 Clintons, Branson and Co. using public-private projects to secure money and trafficking victims for their sick group of friends?

>>5861067 Author of controversial book re: South African Pedo ring will not back down

>>5861079 Rob Reiner joins Soros backing anti-Trump skunkworks

>>5861080 Belfast City Hospital on Lockdown - police surround the grounds

>>5861207 GAA update - Fire At Will #7476-#7497 (may not need this reminder - check dough)

>>5861162 SF Hallinan - safe harbor for undesireables

>>5861235 Reminder: US billionaires shipping bunkers to NZ (2018)

>>5861280, >>5861290 New PDJT

>>5861355 Bottom of the Barrel POTUS hit piece - Golf cheat

>>5861782 #7498

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fcd6e0  No.5863353

Barr stalls. FlQp quite. [DS] in control.

c977a8  No.5863358

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



7fa2a0  No.5863364

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Last week with the vote re: border security and the national emergency, the corrupt in Congress once again sold out the American people.

I am a DACA and I have made a video exposing how broken/corrupt the immigration system is. In the video I also expose a sharia law Muslim group already well established in America. The video is 40 minutes long. The expose of the Sharia law Muslim group starts at 25:39.

If I fall, know that it has been an honor to serve with you Anons. I have given Q what they need for 2020.


I have made a Twitter account @FightForAmerica if you would like to share my video on social media. WWG1WGA

34be01  No.5863380

The UK got so invested in stopping Trump because they were desperate to stop Brexit. They knew that if Farage ally Trump got in power, they would never get US support on overturning it.

Almost immediately after Mueller Report is finished, May is getting ousted.

The Pope is having a bad May.

The Pope is directly involved in recreating the old Roman Empire and Brexit was not part of the plan.

Those who are the loudest. Francis hypes up the refugee crisis and then hypocritically attacks Trump on building walls.

It's all connected. And this isn't even getting into the EVIL shit yet.

0e5136  No.5863392


Yup. One year delta.

024619  No.5863409

File: 519de8fc3301f48⋯.png (663.41 KB, 678x492, 113:82, John_Brown_-_Treason_broad….png)

So will (they) rewrite Bleeding Kansas too?

520479  No.5863410

File: 1f3182d33f0f03e⋯.jpg (101.72 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, doug.jpg)

fac769  No.5863411

File: dda8a8ff18c817d⋯.png (607.29 KB, 1019x647, 1019:647, Screenshot_20190323-152932….png)

c650dc  No.5863412

File: dab2e56b1370689⋯.jpg (116.6 KB, 750x437, 750:437, the storm.jpg)

Commence Firing.

3ecdd6  No.5863413

Toasty and tasty

5610f3  No.5863414

File: 5d7c869cc729f3b⋯.jpg (74.56 KB, 525x407, 525:407, dif panda.jpg)

5beeaf  No.5863415

File: 26dba9484081183⋯.jpg (66.58 KB, 570x760, 3:4, il_570xN.1708916306_13lr.jpg)

Thank You Baker

5610f3  No.5863416

File: 7c4780a37ea2430⋯.jpg (65.06 KB, 992x558, 16:9, china.jpg)

ee2857  No.5863417

File: f6601378bfa7f20⋯.png (63.63 KB, 600x600, 1:1, CRLvYeaUYAEtT9T.png)

5610f3  No.5863418

File: c62c5937ad390c7⋯.png (537.21 KB, 768x673, 768:673, crime chief.png)

ac09c1  No.5863419

File: 2485b8ac420dc7f⋯.jpeg (151.47 KB, 949x632, 949:632, BE0207A5-1E7A-453A-A97B-3….jpeg)

File: 632f6d4461a6ef5⋯.jpeg (208 KB, 788x605, 788:605, 0A449AA3-1C9C-4513-AC23-E….jpeg)

File: 359016016dbeff1⋯.jpeg (262.57 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 186D5258-3410-4174-A258-5….jpeg)

File: de1f995a31b1dfa⋯.jpeg (109.95 KB, 727x487, 727:487, 8AC95D12-71A7-47B0-BE67-B….jpeg)

File: 3a45dc6edc6de19⋯.jpeg (69.01 KB, 600x402, 100:67, 8394371A-D946-4551-BD1B-6….jpeg)

5610f3  No.5863420

File: c25e9b622b6b68f⋯.jpg (375.89 KB, 1024x1004, 256:251, AW crooked E.jpg)

798755  No.5863421

Mornin' Anons, do we have any idea when the big fat nothingburger bullet points will be out?

Haven't seen anything in notables.

7a1c49  No.5863422



Whoa! Did not know that meadows BFF shot herself in head!

That is sooo unusual for a female. And where'd she get a gun if her parents knew she had been depressed and diagnosed with PTSD???

929d41  No.5863423


kek, there is quite literally nothing that will not be spun by you people, is there?

id admire your tenacity, if it wasnt the result of being filmed having butt sex

eca926  No.5863424

File: ea11ab4f632dda7⋯.gif (1.5 MB, 800x600, 4:3, pepe fuck you too.gif)




don't shit the bread

ad42c0  No.5863425

File: 335671d087768f8⋯.jpg (671.11 KB, 1418x1000, 709:500, SmartSelect_20190223-20354….jpg)

File: e420ac8f1aa5cae⋯.jpg (481.7 KB, 1280x932, 320:233, SmartSelect_20190324-08285….jpg)

Q's Grill

Pedo drones

(Both solid stick figure drawings.)

9e915e  No.5863426


Double taps.

In your own time, Go On.







28587a  No.5863427

File: dc42bb65eb649a2⋯.jpg (36.27 KB, 968x645, 968:645, theresamay-0.jpg)

File: eb2fc2a6be05a55⋯.jpg (15.29 KB, 255x236, 255:236, EU.jpg)

File: f72254137887eb6⋯.png (10.96 KB, 255x255, 1:1, pepe_euburn.png)

A no-deal Brexit remains highly likely

Forecasting Brexit is still the same old mug’s game it always was. But the probability of a no-deal Brexit has risen dramatically since last week’s summit of European leaders.

That scenario can be avoided, for now, if Theresa May were to be ousted as prime minister. The EU would always accept a request for a further delay in such a situation. But it would still insist Britain organise European Parliament elections on May 23 — the UK cannot be allowed to undermine the legitimacy of the European Parliament while it is negotiating its way out. And a new leader would face the same problems in finding a way out of the current impasse. The EU will not renegotiate Mrs May’s withdrawal agreement.

If Mrs May manages to hang on in Downing Street for the next two weeks, she could force an exit without a deal if this is what she wants. Contrary to rumours and misunderstandings, the UK parliament has not taken no-deal off the table. Even though the date of departure has now been pushed from May 29 to April 12, no-deal Brexit remains the legal default. It would require legislation to overturn this fundamental problem.

This is why the failure of the cross-party amendments brought by senior backbenchers, including Dominic Grieve, a former attorney-general, and Yvette Cooper, a former Labour cabinet minister, mattered. They would have given the House of Commons control over the agenda in time to legislate.

MPs will attempt a similar power grab this week but remember: the European Council only deals with prime ministers, not backbench committees. A customs union with the EU is the most promising among the alternatives to Mrs May’s deal. It would only require modest changes to the political declaration — a few sentences deleted, a few sentences added. It can be done in a weekend. But there is a significant risk of the no-Brexit option finding a majority. Advocates for another referendum do not have a majority either. But they could be a blocking minority. If second referendum supporters refuse to accept a customs union as a compromise, all bets are off. So no-deal Brexit remains a plausible outcome. Even if Mrs May does not immediately endorse a no-deal exit, she could choose a limited compromise and revert to that default if the gambit fails.

What about the argument that a no-deal is unlikely because nobody wants it? For starters, we do not really know what Mrs May wants. I distrust reports that try to infer her wishes from comments gleaned from people around her: they do not know her mind either.

It is also hard to make judgments from revealed preferences. Apart from a repeatedly stated will to “deliver Brexit”, Mrs May has been inconsistent. Also remember that history is full of examples of unwanted catastrophes due to be diverted at the last minute — the first world war among them.

We can say for sure that the EU does not want a hard Brexit. But perhaps the more important insight is that EU leaders do not wish to be held responsible. In offering a short delay, they have accomplished this task. No one — not even I — would blame them for a messy Brexit.

But do not misjudge their patience. Angela Merkel is concerned about the campaign for the upcoming EU parliament elections being hijacked by Brexit. The German chancellor can live with no-deal on April 12 but not later. EU leaders agreed a very good compromise last week. I do not think they are going to extend any further unless Mrs May is replaced, or the UK agrees to hold elections or a referendum.

After all, how do accidents happen? Think of it in terms of ranking preferences. A no-deal Brexit may not be the first choice of the EU or the UK government but nor is it the worst outcome for either. For the EU, the worst outcome is being held hostage by Brexit. For Mrs May, it is what she sees as the failure to deliver Brexit.

Here, for example, is one scenario where nobody wants a no-deal Brexit but it happens nonetheless. This is not my forecast, merely one possibility that I find at least as plausible as any other.

Mrs May offers to resign after the UK leaves the EU, and survives the latest cabinet coup. She agrees to drop one of her red lines — her opposition to a customs union. But she maintains her opposition to freedom of movement, a second referendum and participation in EU parliament elections.

Second referendum supporters, their spines stiffened by Saturday’s march in London, are digging in and are refusing to compromise. This would square with my own observation that some of its core supporters hate the idea of a compromise more than they hate a no-deal Brexit. No option, including a customs union, achieves majority backing in the House of Commons. The prime minister goes back to the EU without a plan. And the EU27 refuses to grant a longer delay.

Voila. You have your hard Brexit.


9296a9  No.5863428

File: 1871e78c56857a4⋯.png (364.74 KB, 640x384, 5:3, ClipboardImage.png)

Тrump Removеѕ Мuslim Fеderal Јudge Fоr Тrying Тo Implеment Ѕharia Lаw In Аmeriсa

President Trump used an old perspective and an official demand to oust al Allalawaralahali-Smith from the seat, referring to net inconsiderateness of his commitments and wanton carelessness for the United States Constitution reports As American As Apple Pie.

Democrats can’t stop crying over this, ensuring since the game plan wasn’t Trump’s,

he can’t use the perspective to fire him. Trump responded that people constantly need him to think about the Office in these conditions. His single clarification was,



2918e0  No.5863429

File: b6d2eb745c4476c⋯.png (489.5 KB, 627x351, 209:117, potus storm.PNG)

Thank You, Baker

9a35e6  No.5863430

File: 2c0993f1c418c0a⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20190308-113738.png)

You guys realize that AG Barr is basically reading the official version of the Q drops right now

432c49  No.5863431

>>5863404 (lb)

let me know what you find plz

43b204  No.5863432

If you've ever been in the military then you know - a big part of being a soldier involves waiting around. Waiting and waiting and waiting to actually do what you've been trained to do. The troops get restless because they are bored. Their time is occupied with drills, drills and more drills. But the troops must wait for the perfect time to strike or all of that training is pointless!

We are in the Q army now and we must be patient for the plan to come together.

3870b2  No.5863433

File: 1e7672cf0fea396⋯.jpg (106.92 KB, 620x412, 155:103, hillarypanic.jpg)

File: 39a93e60fa0469b⋯.jpg (8.74 KB, 300x168, 25:14, poe.jpg)

972e28  No.5863434

File: 843c1cc11c058cc⋯.png (1.04 MB, 802x455, 802:455, Capture.PNG)

Re-posting by request

Romania breaks with EU to relocate its Israeli embassy to Jerusalem

Romania will move its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, Prime Minister Viorica Dancila announced at the AIPAC summit in Washington on Sunday, in a controversial move that goes against the rest of the European Union.

Speaking at the Israel lobby group American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s (AIPAC) conference, Dancila said Romania intends to relocate its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, which she referred to as Israel’s capital, in a move that follows the US’ controversial decision to do so last year.

.@VDancila_PM: "I am pleased to announce today, in front of this AIPAC audience…I as Prime Minster of Romania, and the government that I run, will move our embassy to Jerusalem, the capital of the State of Israel." #AIPAC2019

— AIPAC (@AIPAC) March 24, 2019

Most nations with diplomatic relations with Israel have their embassies in Tel Aviv, as, although Israel claims Jerusalem as its capital, it is not recognized as such by the international community. Palestinians want East Jerusalem as their future capital, and Israel has occupied East Jerusalem since the 1967 war, when it annexed the area from the rest of the West Bank.

Dancila is currently president of the Council of the European Union and the move is a marked departure from the position held by the rest of the EU. Romania, along with Hungary and the Czech Republic, reportedly blocked an EU resolution objecting to the US embassy move, which said Jerusalem should be capital of both Israel and Palestine.


3eacbf  No.5863435

File: ed08c7e64e088d1⋯.jpg (77.31 KB, 960x540, 16:9, treasonrope.jpg)

555f93  No.5863436


Thank you baker.

87b3ba  No.5863437

File: 4aacd98777a63c1⋯.jpg (124.9 KB, 1200x750, 8:5, q-battle-prayer.jpg)

God Bless My Fellow Patriots…

235932  No.5863438

Sit on the Mueller report… (((they))) still have the State Funerals waiting… plural. Let them keep firing in the dark .

fac769  No.5863439

File: 45602fb51fa0ad4⋯.jpg (73.11 KB, 709x485, 709:485, 2wqf5e_1.jpg)

Andrew Weissman is actually a skinny short fucker…

Mueller's buttboy guaranteed.

5610f3  No.5863440

File: fee9a8c2e6fe4a1⋯.jpg (45.36 KB, 648x369, 72:41, fat leonard.jpg)

File: bb04958f8b3cd1b⋯.jpg (48.83 KB, 634x533, 634:533, new.china.jpg)

File: b12a210e06d7239⋯.jpg (107.8 KB, 980x551, 980:551, ng.lap.seng.clinton.jpg)

File: 6c995acd4aa1003⋯.jpg (51.86 KB, 1050x550, 21:11, cefc.hongkong.jpg)

fat leonard



520479  No.5863441


It should fucking be, the people voted, the stupid cunt Traitor May was a remainer. Why the fuck was she in charge

afd0b4  No.5863442


ammunition spent.

17c7f6  No.5863443

>>5863355 lb

In 30 years those will look worse than LLs

ac09c1  No.5863444

File: d38b4eef62a2819⋯.jpeg (86.6 KB, 792x446, 396:223, 8143A81D-CA2C-4054-BE92-A….jpeg)

f84614  No.5863445

File: 0862b8d37204d88⋯.jpg (108.97 KB, 692x526, 346:263, you'llfindout.jpg)

File: c63d8feb49fdd92⋯.png (4.67 MB, 2048x1564, 512:391, wallofjustice.png)

3c2bcc  No.5863446

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Bring it.

e4953a  No.5863447

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The man in red in the NZ shooter video reminds me strongly of this "experiment" a hypnotist guy in the UK does. Maybe its fake and gay but maybe not. I think the shooting is real and the whole "its cgi!" Is a distraction.

For what its worth this guys methodology of continued and reinforced hypnosis COULD be true. Just for your consideration.

The guy uses a woman in a polka dot dress to trigger the shooter…

dc8068  No.5863448

The Democrat know that everything can't be made public…so from their playbook the claim that everything should be made public and when it's not…they cry obstruction…OMG!!!…do they think we are that dumb..I'm not a LAWfag and I know they playbook…get ready for all the tears and projection and gaslighting!!!!

483c71  No.5863449

File: 9ea2d48f30da98d⋯.jpg (107.31 KB, 500x621, 500:621, 2wnl0k.jpg)

c7d9d4  No.5863450

>>5863224 /LB

Anon gets the feeling he is watched.

Yes I believe in FE, it's the most logical and no I do not have any answers no one has.

Just thinking logic and speaking my peace about all subjects, got a problem with that?

ad42c0  No.5863451

File: df39f2b160094e4⋯.jpg (49.6 KB, 800x400, 2:1, IMG_20180713_212051.jpg)

Fire away, President Trump!

8dacae  No.5863452

>>5862995 (lb)

I had never seen the comments about the giant sea creature, but it made me think of an off the cuff comment I made many months ago. I likened the entire Q phenomena to the novel The Illuminatus Conspiracy by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson, but without Leviathan, but then one of the cardinal points on the compass on Epstein's Pedo Island was tied into Leviathan.

5beeaf  No.5863453

File: c97ab96321881a0⋯.jpeg (129.75 KB, 1440x1064, 180:133, 1538831768.jpeg)

11333b  No.5863454


Certainly has my attention.

It seems so obvious but, at the same time it could be too obvious. So, yeah not sure.

Patience is a virtue … I guess lol.

83df81  No.5863455



235932  No.5863456


If thats the case. Patriots are in control of State-Funeral-audible-playbook, now.

e90790  No.5863457

File: d41b73483b76412⋯.jpg (192.18 KB, 500x681, 500:681, DiveJimDive.jpg)


5924d4  No.5863458


>The Pope is having a bad May.

Good one, anon. Interesting angle.

f6c45c  No.5863459


Hello amazing anons…so I was away on international travel in Brazil. Tried to phone fag to get q posts and read this board. Even with paying for extra data and using the local wi-fi there it took sometimes 6-8 refreshes to get Q's new posts and to refresh this board. Sometimes I would just get a blank screen but I was phonefagging in foreign country so not sure if my issue were fuckery… Glad to be back, will catch up on all the new habbenings later, gotta nap exhausted.. can never sleep on a plane.


1eb476  No.5863460

File: e8528980cabeb9f⋯.png (994.55 KB, 1290x1258, 645:629, Capture _2019-03-24-08-53-….png)

The whole city of San Bernardino involved with child trafficking? Pedo swirl or native american swirl on one of the city's logo.

b0189a  No.5863461

File: 4b4f0845f07031c⋯.jpg (11.85 KB, 200x255, 40:51, Orange Hippepe Tifp.jpg)

>>5849353 pb

>Theory: DJT has been carefully groomed for TGA for about 30 years!

We on this board are perhaps too used to the fact that the cabal/c_a control every big & bad happening.

Trump isn't a light side reflection of that, he's the one who has groomed the Patriots to implement HIS plan!

A man can't be groomed to be a genius and savior of his country, he needs loyal insiders to help but his character has to be inherent and correct to begin with.

e1fc67  No.5863462

>>5863332 pb

the new party-line talking point:

"the fact that nothing rose to the level of criminality that led to a prosecution of a prosecutable crime doesn't mean that there wasn't a crime"

"I'm asking you, ethically, morally, ORANGE MAN BAD?"

ddfe40  No.5863463

Twatter down right now?

49975e  No.5863464


well ill try. bout to hop in shower, and I never saved original video. Yea yea. I suck. But I may check it out today. Guy's video is interesting. And I remember when the video first came out we all thought he was talking to another team. At least I was.

ed307b  No.5863465


Dear diary…..

fac769  No.5863466

File: 1cfbeaf57580576⋯.jpg (51.61 KB, 473x445, 473:445, 2uxvwy_1.jpg)

3eacbf  No.5863467

File: 0239283301c909a⋯.jpg (103.73 KB, 960x540, 16:9, hehadnochoice.jpg)



7bd921  No.5863468

File: 9be178e2d71d884⋯.jpg (187.36 KB, 966x546, 23:13, Psalm23-4.jpg)

afd0b4  No.5863469


she was freaking.

e4953a  No.5863470

File: 5716d317e772127⋯.gif (517.26 KB, 245x150, 49:30, tumblr_inline_n03hszkukS1r….gif)


My thesis is that there is the potential that these "therapists" are using hypnosis to train their patients to be shooters. Likely it is the fact that pharma drugs help put patients into a hypnotic state is why the drugs are used!!!

3f0c4a  No.5863471


Strange…. you've just made me think that this is perhaps a signal to each other….

ac09c1  No.5863472

File: 7d009448786f71a⋯.jpeg (52.51 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 2089FFA5-F3B4-45FB-8B86-8….jpeg)

File: 939cb2ed6e84678⋯.jpeg (68.26 KB, 500x500, 1:1, D612A248-7564-49E2-A859-8….jpeg)

File: a525db88f0f7829⋯.jpeg (63.71 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 08F6CD35-A4A6-4264-ABFF-6….jpeg)

File: 7d0b25696ed0c7f⋯.jpeg (48.54 KB, 500x413, 500:413, DC117092-7845-499B-9F90-C….jpeg)

File: 3fd5af7e18add17⋯.jpeg (65.14 KB, 481x490, 481:490, 512797A1-BC80-4F92-A423-B….jpeg)

656491  No.5863474

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

3870b2  No.5863476

File: 1dff91570632f5d⋯.jpg (58.88 KB, 500x393, 500:393, kerry orange.jpg)

5610f3  No.5863477

File: 3031fe241179fd0⋯.jpg (205.15 KB, 989x556, 989:556, aw.jpg)


crooked aw fixed the crooked E

tried to save crooked H

add5e5  No.5863478


True story.

6df8b6  No.5863479

File: 045a9a41c03f505⋯.jpg (93.95 KB, 544x800, 17:25, 24555c209c894034e7e26a8580….jpg)


ddfe40  No.5863480


Nvm up again

a48de3  No.5863481

File: 35b736d256912e4⋯.png (218.96 KB, 290x678, 145:339, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8cca7bcaf822ce2⋯.png (559.52 KB, 640x682, 320:341, ClipboardImage.png)

Many Humas…

eca926  No.5863482

File: 33ea41b1dd7cbd3⋯.jpg (18.29 KB, 255x162, 85:54, canklestan 1.jpg)


yes but a finer meme subject and the most recognizable cankles does not exist


83df81  No.5863483

File: f90f5c990924193⋯.jpg (402.86 KB, 1000x1500, 2:3, notable.jpg)

ac09c1  No.5863484

File: 40f3f84fb36d62f⋯.jpeg (174.58 KB, 948x710, 474:355, 76D6083D-7E72-405A-97FF-7….jpeg)

File: 023c35ae2b75741⋯.jpeg (60.7 KB, 500x509, 500:509, 75D0B7AB-6743-464E-8A2C-3….jpeg)

File: 58189f4e4435803⋯.jpeg (304.69 KB, 1280x2023, 1280:2023, BAFBDCE1-0D19-4402-8132-F….jpeg)

File: 21fb6e488af4fea⋯.jpeg (61.6 KB, 500x500, 1:1, B432D5BA-934C-420B-A16D-A….jpeg)

File: 5f33c8c57e3162b⋯.jpeg (59.32 KB, 500x500, 1:1, D7A1F144-222F-4AF1-9E0B-2….jpeg)

e1fc67  No.5863485

File: 2f6bb2f45180ca0⋯.jpg (19.14 KB, 147x315, 7:15, infinity aware.jpg)

fac769  No.5863486

File: 9299bc84d1a849c⋯.jpg (92.25 KB, 500x619, 500:619, Nothing yet..jpg)

Q fizzled out bigly.

3c2bcc  No.5863487

File: 3dcded783b114e1⋯.jpeg (137.38 KB, 828x781, 828:781, 6093836E-FFDB-47B4-A96F-4….jpeg)

This is how this gonna work Democrats.

The exposure is coming, the revelations are coming and there is NOTHING you can do about it. The corruption and evil is to turn millions against you FOREVER.

You fucked up.

You got caught.

Pain is coming.

bc9bbd  No.5863488

File: c9c1ba027467199⋯.jpg (201.39 KB, 600x600, 1:1, c9c1ba027467199c0ea836f0e1….jpg)


Danke Baker

f84614  No.5863489

File: fa0f04e5d0c0bed⋯.png (276.94 KB, 1711x1536, 1711:1536, kimpain.png)

432c49  No.5863490

File: d07f23fa9c8e7fc⋯.png (239.12 KB, 490x326, 245:163, ClipboardImage.png)

a594b4  No.5863491

File: 197e846eb92294c⋯.png (207.15 KB, 489x280, 489:280, Unreal.png)

Dear God NZ…. it just gets better and better.

ac09c1  No.5863492

File: 6b93284133feb76⋯.jpeg (144.08 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, B89662BD-BA2D-430A-82CE-B….jpeg)

File: e1d631427541390⋯.jpeg (100.36 KB, 852x480, 71:40, E4A4FD68-771A-43C9-AB03-6….jpeg)

File: 305305fa572357a⋯.jpeg (73.19 KB, 603x414, 67:46, C6820FA9-BF67-4C3F-87AE-6….jpeg)

File: d2d4181a143b186⋯.jpeg (51.74 KB, 380x440, 19:22, 313FFD82-9F7F-49AA-BB72-A….jpeg)

File: e410f01cc34ac91⋯.jpeg (55.03 KB, 380x440, 19:22, 1A9BA884-A854-4BB4-BF71-F….jpeg)

3eacbf  No.5863493


Keep dreaming…

5610f3  No.5863494

File: 48cb1f36e320412⋯.jpg (28.04 KB, 400x322, 200:161, soi boi.jpg)

c32ccb  No.5863495

File: 86c4ebe6b0c6d73⋯.jpg (302.94 KB, 1600x1042, 800:521, STRONG_TOGETHER.jpg)

File: 5414e900ce91431⋯.jpg (135.3 KB, 1200x536, 150:67, Unity_notDivision.jpg)


Anons are attacked by muh jew shills again.

Since Q called them out yesterday they PANIC.

There are two kinds of muh jew shills.

1 - glowing ones using nose images and saying kike and rabbi in every post.

2 - blended in ones (repliying to concern shills) and using (((echos))) to create a "people vs jews" narrativ.

<DS wants the people divided

Don´t fall for it.


Look here → joooos, only joooos, every joooo

Do NOT look here → worldwide cabal, ruling families, Freemasons, other masonic orders, Killary+Hussein+Administration, China ,SA, Iran, global terrorism, thinktanks, political advisers, actors, musicians, judges, doctors, fake news reporters, …

If it is that simple like

<muh jooos

why do we even have a research board?

c977a8  No.5863496

File: 31ad9ff6c312916⋯.png (89.88 KB, 500x517, 500:517, Facebook-618e4a.png)


Notice the global re: global notables, and my global bread got baleeted.

Thanks very much for clarification. 5:5

28587a  No.5863497



Confusing to a YankFag not familiar with the British system.

17c7f6  No.5863498

How long before they thaw out RBG for a narrative change?

I don’t think it will be long.

83df81  No.5863499

File: c8017f475bf6cf2⋯.jpg (162.86 KB, 632x361, 632:361, last.jpg)

9e915e  No.5863500


Why are so many on here racists?

Complain about specifics in their character, sure, but so many "Jew" attacks is just plain wrong and divisive.

d1f215  No.5863501


Aaaaaaaanon, throw a bone and a link please? o7

998824  No.5863502

File: 14710426cae6c8c⋯.png (611.4 KB, 987x2557, 987:2557, Screenshot_2019-03-24 pat….png)

BAKER verification negative

>>>5863195 Posts removed from /patriotsfight/? ANONS VERIFY! (WIP)

f6c45c  No.5863503


One more thing, when I could read this board, there was no Reply option at the top of the bread…thought that was strange….

15423c  No.5863504

File: 0f4f683566ad234⋯.jpg (795.41 KB, 1920x1202, 960:601, pepe kreuzritter.jpg)

I always wondering, why it is so big to put Jerusalem as capital city of Israel… Now the Golan Hights.

As Q said, read the Bible. German version, Jesus, clouds, New Jerusalem…

This is bigger than Autists now… Maybe a higher reason for saving Israel for last?

Just thoughts!

3717df  No.5863505


Why are Parkland survivors "killing themselves" ?

c355c4  No.5863506


Shill tactic.

520479  No.5863507

File: 94e8eab7aa73d36⋯.jpg (113.72 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1.jpg)

File: 852785b1031a9e2⋯.jpg (60.15 KB, 707x515, 707:515, 2.jpg)

File: ffda53fdaf16c4b⋯.jpg (72.35 KB, 609x267, 203:89, 3.jpg)

17c7f6  No.5863508


welcome newfag

92643c  No.5863509

File: 22a052102543037⋯.jpeg (21.26 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 2CCF8018-3CB9-4706-B20E-7….jpeg)


What would newbies do without you?

Thank you hallmonitor

ee88c0  No.5863510


That photo of Barr is about 20 years old, anon.

7a1c49  No.5863511


You must be new.

b8c179  No.5863512

File: 6a8a15d562fa345⋯.jpg (48.33 KB, 590x350, 59:35, Pamela-Anderson-Julian-Ass….jpg)

File: 559d96c2d32dd6e⋯.jpg (124.75 KB, 728x455, 8:5, fbi-set-to-quiz-pamela-and….jpg)

File: dbd4a18e74283e6⋯.jpg (94.31 KB, 590x751, 590:751, Julian-Assange-Pamela-Ande….jpg)

File: ea554df5b911cdd⋯.jpg (248.36 KB, 1500x1907, 1500:1907, DcM2OrDV0AEbBxY.jpg)

File: 90c58dc2401f421⋯.jpg (81.09 KB, 450x600, 3:4, 20190324_170900 (1).jpg)

Batch P&A

83df81  No.5863513

File: 6e462dff422a89e⋯.gif (57.17 KB, 477x261, 53:29, DunkinEarth.GIF)

File: 67ff8a6de74d82e⋯.jpg (51.66 KB, 600x450, 4:3, retard-cartman.jpg)

afd0b4  No.5863514

File: 94381dd199c8992⋯.jpg (11.56 KB, 255x251, 255:251, WONDER.jpg)

any clockfags look at POTUS tweet- 1 min delta this morning?

bb4456  No.5863516

demora (spanish) means delay


9296a9  No.5863517

attacks on anons are real

shills will be shilling


5beeaf  No.5863518

File: 086568d6964b76f⋯.jpeg (114.4 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, 1553443663.jpeg)

092969  No.5863519


Bots Abroad

92643c  No.5863520



But worth checking once in a while

6b92c8  No.5863521



I'm trying to figure out if this is true news or not.

Anybody care to dig a bit deeper to verify?


d458f3  No.5863522

I have so many memes in my head, but I don't know how to create them. Where do I start?? Anyone?

dac557  No.5863523

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

fac769  No.5863524

File: b7376c7496b2910⋯.jpg (39.63 KB, 558x402, 93:67, 2vqpb8_1.jpg)



Nerd I'm not dreaming because Q hasn't got anything on the scoreboard yet.

a9c04f  No.5863525


Anon was with non-red pilled offspring (engineer) and got to talking about collapse of World Trade Buildings 1 & 2. Offspring said he talkie to some super engineer who said he worked with engineering group using ANSYS programing.

They came up with a ANSYS model which proved the failures were caused by the airplanes. Anon's not good a digging. Checked search engine, found something listing but 'page was removed'?

Are there any anons who are familiar with such a model? Any papers available? Any debunking: Any information on such a thing:

Anon would appreciate if there are anon/s available with information.

b8c179  No.5863526

File: 5797b18ba1562aa⋯.jpg (31.88 KB, 600x315, 40:21, 3289401492_1_2_kSUVxtvg.jpg)

File: c10c83e25a3bb5a⋯.jpg (25.97 KB, 317x430, 317:430, ip9he1np1g1yehni.jpg)


Batch P&KR

c7ef13  No.5863527


Tomorrow is my bet (if not today) and potus unveils gowdy as pick. Saw a potus jet going from sc to dc yesterday and wondered about that then.

49975e  No.5863528


[They] thought it was coming last Friday.

Ammunition spent.


Read the passage above and you should be able to figure out the whole purpose of Qanon. If you cant, sorry Im not the one dropping the ball.

480599  No.5863529

File: 2d465bb11c76fd7⋯.jpg (53.91 KB, 882x851, 882:851, ncpepe.jpg)


Supreme court gonna hear the NC Gerrymandering case!

afd0b4  No.5863530

File: bc57ee6f48dc25a⋯.png (56.53 KB, 1219x589, 1219:589, parkland.png)


they are not.

they are just moving on to the next role.

9ee2fa  No.5863531

File: 120d0205604392f⋯.png (49.64 KB, 794x261, 794:261, ClipboardImage.png)

>>5862757 /lb

>>5862072 /lb

>>5862149 /pb

QPost # 1422 {Follow the PEN}


QPost # 2515 {Q, The LARP}


QPost # 3173 {POTUS “You’ll find out.”}



DJTtweet T-1422 {Rolling Thunder for USA}

>>5860935 /pb

AND the punches are still ROLLIN' {THUNDER}

Watching The BARR o7 days later, The Movie continues

>>5860880 /pb

>>5860900 /pb

>Barr drops the shit after the canned Sundat talks shows of MSM Disinfo

-> agree with above, say Evening after the can shows

THEN [25] Monday, Monday, who likes Mondays? clear enough for ya 5:5

moar here:

>>5860761 /pb

>>5860592 /pb

eca926  No.5863532

File: 09f21ad7f47084b⋯.jpg (128.31 KB, 863x500, 863:500, lurk moar.jpg)

84c839  No.5863533

File: f1727be967514c7⋯.png (459.6 KB, 1581x1197, 527:399, placeholder1.png)

File: e164cde2dad2b19⋯.png (133.95 KB, 455x846, 455:846, pickone.png)

File: b166d791c2bb315⋯.png (128.6 KB, 484x364, 121:91, Screenshot_2018-11-12_at_1….png)

Nothing deleted recently

6eed10  No.5863534

e1fc67  No.5863535



this interview is notable imho

94b9d1  No.5863536

File: f086924413c6d4c⋯.png (859.36 KB, 812x583, 812:583, rw5.PNG)


a48de3  No.5863537

File: c1233be34e5cdfa⋯.png (803.02 KB, 660x887, 660:887, ClipboardImage.png)

>>5863496 TY Baker

We are learning together

ac09c1  No.5863538

File: b71e24b445a2bc9⋯.jpeg (128.81 KB, 916x698, 458:349, D44944E5-6B80-4D1E-98BA-1….jpeg)

File: 2e7df2a91ae39ff⋯.jpeg (84.78 KB, 812x464, 7:4, D689FAA2-A418-4BA0-A568-0….jpeg)

File: 4c8fbda7a6cdbf7⋯.jpeg (90.33 KB, 737x491, 737:491, B5175F02-08F3-486F-B389-4….jpeg)

File: 3f466374317a590⋯.jpeg (43.99 KB, 250x347, 250:347, ECE51790-EEFE-4F5A-87F4-F….jpeg)

File: aef62540f55b019⋯.jpeg (147.8 KB, 993x570, 331:190, DC49E2E1-134D-40AF-98F9-F….jpeg)

92643c  No.5863539


Its dif for anons to accept that we are biproduct

ef995a  No.5863540

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

825cf5  No.5863541


If you think elites are allowing 'Brexit', you're naive.

Where is the declass of all the SIS activity setting up this years-long distraction of 'Russiagate'?

You think it's coming out, or being covered up?

Devin Nunes, on Friday:

"This was began…nothing more, nothing less than a Clinton-Obama operation with a bunch of dirty cops at the FBI and career Justice Department officials that were all a part of it."

Nothing more, nothing less.

9a2eaa  No.5863542


crack it open let em all fall out

e2ef57  No.5863543

File: 40418272349c1a5⋯.jpg (70.65 KB, 789x460, 789:460, robert-mueller.jpg)

After Mueller’s Exoneration of Trump, Full Disclosure

The FISA applications, the testimony in secret hearings, the scope memorandum — all of it.

The news that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has closed his investigation without recommending criminal charges against President Trump is a relief. It is not a surprise.

Nor is it a surprise that the news has Trump antagonists clamoring for full disclosure of the special counsel’s final report. Mind you, when skeptics of the Trump-Russia investigation asked what the criminal predicate for it was, and on what basis the Obama administration had decided to monitor the opposition party’s presidential campaign, we were admonished about the wages of disclosure — the compromise of precious defense secrets, of deep-cover intelligence sources and methods. Why, to ask for such information was to be an insurrectionist seeking to destroy the FBI, the Justice Department, and the rule of law itself. Now, though, it’s only the uncharged president of the United States at issue, so disclose away!

Well, if we’re going to have disclosure, fine. But let’s have full disclosure: Mueller’s report in addition to the FISA applications; the memoranda pertinent to the opening and continuation of the investigation; the testimony in secret hearings; the scope memorandum Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein issued on August 2, 2017, after failing to cite a crime when he appointed Mueller — let’s have all of it.

As far as the special counsel’s report goes, because of the way the regulations work (at least when the Justice Department deigns to follow them), we now have Mueller’s bottom line, but not his reasoning and the underlying facts. It is the opposite of the Trump opposition’s preferred Roger Stone and George Papadopoulos scenario, where Mueller’s team spins pages and pages of “Gee, sure seems like a lot of almost-collusion here” before you flip to the end and find that there’s no case — just a campaign hanger-on who lied to an investigator long after the imaginary espionage conspiracy occurred. At the moment, we just have Mueller’s conclusion: There is no basis to indict the president for a crime — not collusion, not obstruction, not false statements. The collusion-peddlers, who took great umbrage at the suggestion that “VERIFIED” FISA surveillance-warrant applications should be disclosed, now demand Mueller’s full report so they can get to the familiar work of obscuring the bottom line and spinning the spin.

As we’ve noted before, unlike Mueller, who needs a crime to indict, Congress does not need a crime to impeach. The media-Democrat alliance does not need a crime to inflate Mueller’s not-quite-so stories into treason. To keep this carnival rolling on for another year and a half, they just need fodder for the narrative — which is so predictably morphing from the collusion narrative to the impeachment narrative to the campaign narrative.

Since before Robert Mueller was appointed, I have been contending that there was no legal basis for the appointment of a special counsel because there was no evidence that the president had committed a crime. For nearly a year and a half, I’ve maintained that Mueller had nothing close to an actionable “collusion” case, that he had no prosecutable obstruction case, and that this exercise was an impeachment investigation geared more toward rendering Trump unelectable in 2020 than toward actually removing him from office.

This was not to dismiss Russia’s provocations (which Democrats spent most of the Obama years ignoring, and — when it comes to hacking — which Obama himself spent the 2016 campaign mostly ignoring). It was always essential that the FBI use its counterintelligence authorities for their proper purpose — to monitor and undermine foreign powers. It still is.

But investigations targeting Americans for violating the law have to be premised on crime. Even FISA, which allows a court to authorize spying on an American citizen suspected of being an agent of a foreign power, requires the Justice Department and the FBI to show probable cause that the American is knowingly engaged in clandestine activity on behalf of the foreign power — and that this clandestine activity is a probable violation of American criminal law. (See FISA, section 1801(b)(2) of Title 50, U.S. Code — the definition of “agent of a foreign power” that applies to American citizens.)

MORE https://www.nationalreview.com/2019/03/trump-russia-investigation-mueller-report-full-disclosure-documents-testimony/

2a8790  No.5863544

File: ad0018b5e71f0ea⋯.png (130.59 KB, 435x577, 435:577, Holy-Shit.png)

File: 0efa9b5e3019c21⋯.jpg (267.63 KB, 1200x990, 40:33, Turning-Water-to-Wine.jpg)

File: 609330e5c507081⋯.jpg (1.37 MB, 1800x5000, 9:25, Was-the-Catholic-Church-fo….jpg)

>>5862067 (pb)

>Weakminded sheeple worship muhSaviours which are the evil ayys (out of fear or hope), and are controlled.

>Swol mfkers are fearless and formulate belief systems based on goodness for others.

Holy shit, Anon. That is some deep doodoo we've stepped into here. But agree completely. It's like every religion on the planet started out as a mushroom cult. While high on DMT and Shrooms the satanic (human) priests then came into contact with hyper/inter dimensional hyper-intelligent aliens. Those aliens then channeled religious texts (scriptures) thru the priests as a means to enslave the sheeple of the world.

e1fc67  No.5863545


y'all are on fire this a.m.

a48de3  No.5863546

>>5863500 Define "racists"

520479  No.5863547

File: 368faa87b4f8d74⋯.png (173.61 KB, 450x192, 75:32, 1528707827937.png)

49975e  No.5863548


not for me. Im happy to do my part if it helps the kids. Plus the meta data we get out of all this is a gemstone. IM loving it.

fac769  No.5863549

File: 3bfad2a6d8ec773⋯.jpg (67.99 KB, 818x501, 818:501, downloadfile-17_1.jpg)



You are clearly a retard.

4e2e6f  No.5863551

File: 053df474c3ca81f⋯.jpg (46.37 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


FE is for retards. The truth is potato earth.

9e915e  No.5863552

Stand By for Action Stations.

Green On….


4e2706  No.5863553

File: 0a26269403cfd60⋯.jpg (47.81 KB, 600x338, 300:169, 2nsw5i.jpg)



First Time?

e1fc67  No.5863554


derp. and so is the photo of the guy standing next to him. derp. completely over your head, huh

6b92c8  No.5863555

File: 59b35ad60c16524⋯.jpg (170.1 KB, 743x722, 743:722, AboutQResearch.jpg)


Spend more time reading before posting ("lurk moar"). You will learn to discern which posts are repetitive shills attempting to discredit the board, and which posts are genuine anons contributing their precious time and energy to the movement.

Same with pornish posts when they occur.

5beeaf  No.5863556

File: 4991526bc7db0b2⋯.jpeg (145.81 KB, 1440x929, 1440:929, 1541028062.jpeg)

480599  No.5863557

File: 968171622777642⋯.jpg (66.15 KB, 922x519, 922:519, 1507950912502.jpg)


Important because this is another way liberals are trying to steal our elections from us, and it has massive implications for the rest of the country.

How they decide on this will affect districts in MANY more states.

b702f6  No.5863558

File: 06d19ffd9ce916b⋯.jpeg (17.27 KB, 255x238, 15:14, 09631626-3A52-4F6A-A3C9-1….jpeg)

225a23  No.5863559

File: 16fad7ac026e83e⋯.jpg (7.16 KB, 255x150, 17:10, b21af45bcc721b6401d354e7e4….jpg)


Kys faggot.

1e07a5  No.5863560

File: 6dd7a3f4d696ce2⋯.jpg (505.39 KB, 1219x1650, 1219:1650, AVOID TWITTER CENSORSHIP.jpg)

I consolidated the Twatter anti-censorship technique into one graphic for easier reference.

Also included a couple redpills b/c fuck (((them)))

972e28  No.5863561

File: 8c3c66cacd5179d⋯.png (78.33 KB, 707x568, 707:568, Capture.PNG)

92643c  No.5863562


Knowledge is power

Collective digging is fun

So far dont ser how helps the kids but hope so

43f09f  No.5863563

File: 688214c4f293c82⋯.png (143.77 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

Top GOP Judiciary Committee member:

"Trump 'proved right' on Mueller probe"

Meanwhile Nadler says DOJ is involved in Cover Up,

even as he acknowledged that Special Counsel Mueller

has apparently closed his investigation without indicting

a single American for illegally colluding with Russia.His Investigation

(The Witch Hunt) has cost the US taxpayers $25 Million !

547f3b  No.5863564

>>5863199 pb

>>5863312 pb

>Keen-eyed Anon applys autism to "Accidental" Q Meme Typo

Q probably didn’t create the meme. Historically, memes posted by Q come from the intarwebz.

Q reposted it. Then ACKs the misspelling to make sure we don’t obsess over it. Q has always ACK’ed misspellings that we’re accidental or don’t matter. Only un-ACK’ed misspellings mater.

c99ce6  No.5863565

File: 556ef0e66116203⋯.jpg (90.04 KB, 396x479, 396:479, you-must-be-jew-here.jpg)

1c5081  No.5863566

File: 62bfb2eecf95a44⋯.jpg (95.18 KB, 500x750, 2:3, Feminemily.jpg)

4baaad  No.5863567


Excellent analogy my fren !

c7ef13  No.5863568


Earth could still be round

Just waaaaaay bigger

We could be penned in at the top

e2ef57  No.5863569


Do you have any photo editing software? Photoshop?

If not you can even use "paint", where you can enter text on the photos…really easy.

e9f621  No.5863570

File: e7aa971eca311e3⋯.jpeg (285.86 KB, 730x720, 73:72, E921313C-D836-4675-866E-6….jpeg)

File: f1497cc8f3c788c⋯.jpeg (33.01 KB, 570x309, 190:103, D11FD613-A3A2-4BFA-9142-0….jpeg)

File: 57652bf98e0ba8a⋯.jpeg (39.3 KB, 729x425, 729:425, 1BBC2573-5E9C-42D5-A7CA-C….jpeg)

ee88c0  No.5863571


Yeah, fooled me. I thought you were a retard. Now it's clear that you are just another shillfag SLIDE.

547f3b  No.5863572

c32ccb  No.5863573

File: b7282c23e12629e⋯.jpg (58.54 KB, 800x552, 100:69, JQ_shills8.jpg)

File: c7131fa87c29d1c⋯.jpg (69.77 KB, 722x500, 361:250, MuhJewShills2.jpg)

File: eb133e59f6baa30⋯.jpg (127.99 KB, 960x720, 4:3, MuhJewShills4.jpg)

File: 2350a5c836d0c47⋯.jpg (70.91 KB, 750x375, 2:1, POTUS_nope_shills.jpg)

















fac769  No.5863574

File: 1627559007101da⋯.jpg (101.27 KB, 500x657, 500:657, 2w19cc_1.jpg)

File: 4c77598836933d4⋯.png (90.57 KB, 300x281, 300:281, 40c75352e700b437c6925520af….png)

7976ff  No.5863575

File: 184ce10e2d8e3ff⋯.jpg (24.74 KB, 275x237, 275:237, tire.jpg)

81fe56  No.5863576

>>5860847 pb

Oh, shit. This stuff in Argentina is going to bring down the Pope…

No idea that this shit is going on already…

235932  No.5863577


Dubs confirm.. Eminemily's departure soon.

efac6b  No.5863578

File: de3090161e2d347⋯.png (290.96 KB, 788x531, 788:531, ClipboardImage.png)


CNN front page article is showing MM!!

3acf7b  No.5863579

File: d0990cf109a42b7⋯.jpg (68.16 KB, 663x377, 51:29, HeeHawJuniorPapaD.JPG)

65a5eb  No.5863580

people are doing bad analysis and saying it's notable.

>>5863199 (pb)

the size is a rectangle, which you neglect. The ratio of pixels to pixel is the larger is 3.165 larger than the other.

the ratio of file sizes is 3.772

749p x 598p = 447902 pixels

1333p x 1065p = 1419645 pixels

the ratio of these = 3.1695

the larger has 3.1695 times the pixels of the smaller.

the ratio of file sizes:

332k/88k = 3.7727

68b67c  No.5863581

File: ad0018b5e71f0ea⋯.png (130.59 KB, 435x577, 435:577, holy shit.png)


Kek cheers anon

5beeaf  No.5863582

File: cd2bc3e65060764⋯.jpeg (147.41 KB, 1080x1124, 270:281, 1553444171.jpeg)

eca926  No.5863583

File: f3faad8aaa96616⋯.jpg (30.07 KB, 288x200, 36:25, Rome.jpg)


trips confirm

9a2eaa  No.5863584


he made 40 million of manaford alone

so didnt cost taxpayers fuck all actually made money

49975e  No.5863585


Well in the long run if all goes well Im hoping so. But like I say, this board is full of massive information. Ill be going back through all this shit for years to come.

c977a8  No.5863586


NICE tune, stealing it


10-4 Anon

Dough Updated

ef995a  No.5863587

We are an Irregular Army of Faggots and Niggers

9e915e  No.5863588

File: 589a7d24bad8cd8⋯.jpg (18.2 KB, 392x175, 56:25, UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_mini_3c6.jpg)


Who Dares Wins

bac60d  No.5863589


Very interesting video


I can agree with this

1e07a5  No.5863590


>Why are so many on here racists?

>Complain about specifics in their character, sure, but so many "Jew" attacks is just plain wrong and divisive.

Perhaps you should peruse the content here https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/5150400.html

and attempt to reconcile the facts presented.

Also, fucking KYS.

b5dcfa  No.5863591



dd06df  No.5863592


…But those pictures are not catholic, at least not roman catholic, I haven't seen such depictions my whole life….Maybe greek ? Maybe russian ?

3f0c4a  No.5863593


If you see someone being mean - likely they are a shill - anons are really nice - that's a great way to tell the difference

fea21e  No.5863594

File: 7942fa67b5fda58⋯.jpeg (125.82 KB, 550x366, 275:183, E021D8B8-054F-4DF1-9B7A-C….jpeg)

Ions are coming edition!

210a90  No.5863595

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Forward to 9 min 36 sec to see the birth of Justice Democrats

c32ccb  No.5863596

File: 8402124817b26d3⋯.png (102.46 KB, 384x1251, 128:417, Q2928_HUBER_PAIN.png)

File: d4201250b4de721⋯.png (303.14 KB, 377x932, 377:932, Q3107_1775_REVOLUTION.png)

5beeaf  No.5863597

File: 5f8d11481782eaa⋯.jpeg (24.1 KB, 500x461, 500:461, 2db.jpeg)

ed307b  No.5863598

File: 7a81ad8a91b3a6c⋯.png (127.66 KB, 510x346, 255:173, Screenshot 2019-03-24 at 1….png)


like this one

225a23  No.5863599

File: 6344f34b32c6a52⋯.jpg (191.02 KB, 851x960, 851:960, 54727383_2263544510527939_….jpg)

Daniel Scavino Jr at Mar-a-Lago this morning.

I hope they are getting some well deserved r&r.

377685  No.5863600


Patent the drone!

ef995a  No.5863601

We are shooting stars and we can't be stopped

614459  No.5863602

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This is interesting….

watching the dominoes fall starting with the tiniest 'tile' causing the fall of all well placed tiles up to as large as empire state building

SerialBrain2: BIG BIG BIG HAPPENINGS within the next 21 days. It’s really beautiful to see!

f84614  No.5863603

File: 665ecf7209cd65b⋯.png (424.87 KB, 515x820, 103:164, kekmeister.png)

3e504f  No.5863604


>Double taps.

>In your own time, Go On.

The El Presidente is better training.


618639  No.5863605

File: 55dd98566d7bcbe⋯.jpg (142.42 KB, 859x680, 859:680, groundZeroHeat.jpg)


even IF structural failures were responsible for the collapse, I don't think the model can account for the heat left over in the pile of rubble. friction from falling rubble didn't cause THAT much heat

b8c179  No.5863606

File: 5bd34a1660c8a34⋯.jpg (79.5 KB, 768x576, 4:3, 20190324_171504 (1).jpg)

File: 5c9d4adb1ae9c62⋯.jpg (87.85 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 20190324_171524 (1).jpg)

File: 2b1d49f5425b651⋯.jpg (105.64 KB, 585x780, 3:4, 20190324_171541 (1).jpg)


Batch KR&HRC

e1fc67  No.5863608

File: 77f38cc52d38d57⋯.jpg (6.57 KB, 279x180, 31:20, index.jpg)


now read this

it's OK to be racist. i also get to like what / who i want. it's called FREEDOM,

you should try it.

825cf5  No.5863609


Absurd. Who do we think we're talking about? There's no shortage of pressures and provocations elites can bring to bear.

"Ammunition spent"? Seriously?

01a988  No.5863610


It's a shill tactic. Learn how to identify them on the board. (It's a useful skill in real life as well.)

P.S. welcome, newfag

e4953a  No.5863611

File: e68ee47abf985e2⋯.jpg (20.54 KB, 240x240, 1:1, e68ee47abf985e2f046219d3f8….jpg)




Recommend for notables.

Pharma induces hypnotic state for "programming" and "training."

Man in red in NZ video may have been "trigger," along with music.

63cd4e  No.5863612

File: b40f50f502c615e⋯.png (70.37 KB, 646x419, 646:419, Screenshot 2019-03-24_12-1….png)

File: 48c17f7ba1f23c1⋯.png (85.2 KB, 966x118, 483:59, Screenshot 2019-03-24_12-1….png)


17c7f6  No.5863613

But the wall. They forget about it?

0047b2  No.5863614

File: a54f6ca5580f422⋯.jpeg (41.22 KB, 414x232, 207:116, C5A82896-29E1-4C5F-84FB-F….jpeg)

8fcca1  No.5863615


93% of the Worlds population is “Racist” yet it is only one demographic that is attacked for it, real and imaginary.

Until the World’s Racism is addressed, all 7 billion people plus, all hyperbolic condemnations of it is meaningless and empty

84e0f6  No.5863616

File: 8475c475ca54965⋯.png (211.72 KB, 341x503, 341:503, 2019-03-24_12-16-26.png)


>The guy uses a woman in a polka dot dress to trigger the shooter…

5610f3  No.5863618

File: 94b5356c0b4a5f6⋯.png (108.37 KB, 932x549, 932:549, NYT pedo chief.png)

File: 05d5f9f09f25bde⋯.jpg (106.03 KB, 634x524, 317:262, NYT.jpg)

File: 1422d6cab963fba⋯.jpg (127.42 KB, 950x633, 950:633, luvvies.jpg)

File: ccded6dbcb04d02⋯.png (94 KB, 896x518, 64:37, clegg royal pedos.png)


mark thompson covered for savile

queen's pedo frens clegg running fukbook

1e07a5  No.5863619


>My thesis is that there is the potential that these "therapists" are using hypnosis to train their patients to be shooters. Likely it is the fact that pharma drugs help put patients into a hypnotic state is why the drugs are used!!!

Please go research MK Ultra for a couple days, and then come back here.

Don't post anything else until you've done this.

Alternately, fucking KYS.

68b67c  No.5863620


The key is to criticize the Israeli Government not the Jewish people. There are issues which need to be addressed. Particularly the Israeli Government's meddling in other countries affairs through their Lobbies. Trump is already addressing these issues albeit subtly.

c32ccb  No.5863621

File: 64bf902103c1fc1⋯.png (82.2 KB, 255x191, 255:191, JQ_shills11.jpg.png)

28587a  No.5863622


Classic custom cars - FUN!

c99ce6  No.5863623

File: 26f89c765a13027⋯.jpg (36.24 KB, 500x614, 250:307, 4te56r57ru8r6y.jpg)


Don't believe everything you see on TV.

d70dc5  No.5863624


Hey Dipshit

The federal law explicitly banning the use of the presidential seal for commercial reasons says "whoever knowingly displays any printed or other likeness of the great seal of the United States … for the purpose of conveying, or in a manner reasonably calculated to convey, a false impression of sponsorship or approval

275222  No.5863625


Top kek

c7d9d4  No.5863626

FE makes you realise the possibility of living in the matrix….Do you really think you know jackshit?

What is reality? what you see/touch taste or what you feel.

Retards save the planet….badge on my chest fren.

375150  No.5863627

File: 50bbd80b07e2d9f⋯.jpg (298.45 KB, 1109x675, 1109:675, trump good morning.jpg)

File: 266d85e9264fea5⋯.jpg (114.66 KB, 1400x787, 1400:787, gettyimages-148116349-mr_o….jpg)

POTUS is hitting the links while D.C. is panicking.

Love it. Thank you sir, and a have a great day.

a5fbc3  No.5863628

gotta love how they all expected POTUS to utterly roast them on twitter,

writing article after article about his mysterious silence…

and when he finally does tweet…

"Good Morning, Have A Great Day!"

825cf5  No.5863630


Shills trying to be divisive.

Just ignore morons here like you would on the street.

72d96d  No.5863631


Spent as much as possible. The timeline has to move along at some point. Deadlines.

d9a3eb  No.5863632

World News Tonight

‏Verified account @ABCWorldNews

12m12 minutes ago

ON THE MOVE: Attorney General William Barr departed his home Sunday morning to head to the Department of Justice, where he is expected to release his first summary of Special counsel Robert Mueller's findings, according to people familiar with the process. https://abcn.ws/2TreatB

5924d4  No.5863633


Newcomers and media note carefully.

Anons are not haters.

Anons are here to oppose [haters].

480599  No.5863634


We're so close to getting the FISA stuff happening anons. The public is really beginning to wake up to the FISA Abuse. People will get in trouble for this.

e1fc67  No.5863635


you really don't know who the other guy is, do you

ed307b  No.5863636


John McCain….HERO

Just once I'd like to see someone explain this theory

17c7f6  No.5863637

File: 9e4d4052591ef61⋯.jpeg (673.88 KB, 884x1063, 884:1063, 66CAAFA0-85BB-4CAD-A88E-0….jpeg)

f84614  No.5863638


On the move!

4e2e6f  No.5863639


Good thing this isint a commercial reason then brock.

c7ef13  No.5863642


Gotta be on the back 9 by now. Who is he paying golf with today?

Looking forward to updates

263b7c  No.5863644

Webrtc leaks and remote fonts are prol conspiring with Amazon primes cookies and cloud flare for the valley of eve Apple

ec3ae9  No.5863645

File: a055940be2feada⋯.jpeg (160.2 KB, 844x667, 844:667, D9E2E40F-ADDF-4F64-B9F1-6….jpeg)


Your tactics don’t work here.

c32ccb  No.5863646

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Nano-thermite took down the WTC?


a5fbc3  No.5863647



we do hate spammers who meme children though.

that just ain't right.

bc9bbd  No.5863648


Q Said Track Suicides

Anon linked to /lb article on 2nd parkland shooting survivor committing suicide.

Do anons think this counts and should be tracked? Also where's the official tracking list/spreadsheet, can anon provide? thanks.

5610f3  No.5863649

File: 3710c004b9efd33⋯.jpg (29.62 KB, 474x248, 237:124, pedoriffic.jpg)

why are british pedos running fukbook?

480599  No.5863650


Really look at the comments on that article. So many patriots.

ea0c61  No.5863651

File: ed4c17edb451276⋯.png (656.3 KB, 1009x554, 1009:554, danscavjr.png)


They never rest.

83867b  No.5863652

Seen asked before, but never an explanation:

Why do .jpg files show up when hovering on a link, but .jpeg file don't? It is very annoying. Would it be that difficult to remedy? .png files work.

c7479e  No.5863653

File: d5edda1c1532bec⋯.png (10.65 KB, 381x206, 381:206, ClipboardImage.png)

HAG Day.

This could be code for they are going to arrest hillary today.

afd0b4  No.5863654

File: 65b8ad95d8ab9b9⋯.png (44.94 KB, 618x426, 103:71, ClipboardImage.png)


Do you even Q?

d70dc5  No.5863655


Lurk More

6dc1dd  No.5863656

File: 2d78fb6123fa947⋯.png (19.31 KB, 721x336, 103:48, unavailable.PNG)


Video unavailable in Canada - anyone have a copy they can post?

'Maybe it's the calm before the storm'

078ca4  No.5863657


Count them all

63cd4e  No.5863658

2 Parkland survivor suicides within days

520479  No.5863659

File: 625a53559bbbc3b⋯.jpg (64.83 KB, 460x460, 1:1, 1530684216471.jpg)

f84614  No.5863660

File: baebdc70103ac96⋯.png (291.22 KB, 483x417, 161:139, prepare.png)

28587a  No.5863661


Am prolly an idiot but never noticed the mirror in HRC's portrait before…

c32ccb  No.5863662



hate = shill.

43565c  No.5863663

File: fd9cf50513ef109⋯.jpg (80.06 KB, 480x617, 480:617, surpisedboop.jpg)


amazing graphics

fac769  No.5863664

File: 3ad4ab08519b418⋯.png (545.16 KB, 1015x763, 145:109, Screenshot_20190323-130826….png)

File: 7e7b0fbca7916d3⋯.png (724.39 KB, 1011x820, 1011:820, Screenshot_20190323-125247….png)

Weiner is back to texting Dick pics again…

32bfab  No.5863665

File: e893f2e790becdb⋯.jpg (72.66 KB, 632x500, 158:125, 23loip.jpg)

Let the real witch hunt begin!

263b7c  No.5863666

free jew haircuts

(212) 490-0666

call now

43b204  No.5863667


She died of an unusual illness.

Not common.

Makes me wonder, knowing what we now know about H-wood

d9a3eb  No.5863668


Yep! Caught my eye! Had to post it!

e4953a  No.5863669

File: 1329e61a28a84a1⋯.jpeg (9.71 KB, 231x255, 77:85, e2ebf04bd0144a447d468e518….jpeg)


How do you know what I know about MK?

I'm bringing the shills out. Pharma doesn't like when we talk about the hypnotic state their drugs induce…

Is a hypnotic state exploitable? Is it easier to exploit someone who IS or ISN'T in a hypnotic state.

c977a8  No.5863670

File: 6b1be41fea770c0⋯.jpg (36.32 KB, 655x527, 655:527, notables.jpg)


>>5863529 SCOTUS to review arguments over Gerrymandering in NC (Raleigh N&O)

>>5863462, >>5863332(pb) REEEEEing on (De)Face The Nation

>>5863632 AG Barr headed to DoJ, expected to release summary of Mueller findings (ABC)

3acf7b  No.5863671

File: 1114db1fab9a632⋯.jpg (39.93 KB, 591x422, 591:422, HeeHawDumbass.JPG)

ff3bc8  No.5863672


Put an asterisk by the kids’ names. should be tracked.

04477e  No.5863673

File: b54660293594b6b⋯.jpeg (93.61 KB, 928x523, 928:523, 52B66862-D63E-4457-BF0B-1….jpeg)

File: c625589b2772d94⋯.jpeg (870.7 KB, 1125x1503, 125:167, A2268780-5DD8-4344-9898-4….jpeg)

432c49  No.5863674


Who will be the first big name suicide? I'd love to see a Brennan or a Comey but they are probably too chicken shit.

5610f3  No.5863675

File: db85631fe0133e2⋯.jpg (69.03 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, pedo man boi.jpg)

why is a royal pedo cover upper running the NYT?

c32ccb  No.5863676

File: 7dc1bc97090daf1⋯.jpg (110.88 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, MuhJewShills1.jpg)

File: fecfdfc25eab5ac⋯.jpg (57.08 KB, 620x400, 31:20, MuhJewShills5.jpg)

2918e0  No.5863677


when looking at cabal/deep state

jews appear to be represented at a much higher rate compared to their actual numbers

of course, not all jews are involved

28587a  No.5863678



Mirror, mirror on the wall….

6dc1dd  No.5863679


Forgot (lb)

1e07a5  No.5863680


>Do NOT look here → worldwide cabal, ruling families, Freemasons, other masonic orders, Killary+Hussein+Administration, China ,SA, Iran, global terrorism, thinktanks, political advisers, actors, musicians, judges, doctors, fake news reporters, …

These are 80-90% Jews, and Shabbos Goyim make up the rest.


d9a3eb  No.5863681

JW Watch

‏ @JW_Watch

1h1 hour ago

Rod Rosenstein has arrived at DOJ.

Barr arrived shortly before.

9296a9  No.5863682

scouting abuse hotline



f53e94  No.5863683

File: 6d005da1edfd990⋯.jpg (136.65 KB, 710x922, 355:461, 6d005da1edfd99061b052db573….jpg)


Doesn't look commercial to me?

43b204  No.5863684

fea21e  No.5863685

File: 68169389eb56357⋯.jpeg (29.12 KB, 220x304, 55:76, 6E0A5EF2-E320-458F-B5C0-A….jpeg)

File: 1185d4061ddcfa9⋯.jpeg (671.56 KB, 1600x1600, 1:1, AF442E0D-6B59-4A87-B157-B….jpeg)

58e0f4  No.5863686


>Almost immediately after Mueller Report is finished, May is getting ousted.

They've been letting the cabal think for 2.5 years that Trump would be removed any day / week / month now. Trump has been playing a role. Acting weak, vulnerable.

This has all been simply to avoid Plan Z, in the interest of preservation of life.

No matter what, the military holds the ultimate power. No way were they going to lose. Plan Z - worst case scenario. Avoided by great actors.

dc8068  No.5863687

Adam Schiff better have proof…If not that would mean that anyone can file a assumption as fact to file a claim against anyone!!..if so, I'm going to file a claim the he allegedly molested a boy at his hotel sometime in his life..

a5fbc3  No.5863688


yeah, those, exactly.

it's amazing how little you realize they work against everything you claim to be for.

it's pathetic.

480599  No.5863689


So we may actually get some real info on the report today?

972e28  No.5863690

File: 30df8fa29e7877a⋯.png (558.1 KB, 803x390, 803:390, Capture.PNG)

Kind of a stretch but Sky event…. silly I know

Viking Sky cruise ship safely arrives at Norwegian port after engine disaster

Viking Sky cruise ship arrives at the port of Molde, Norway. AFP / NTB SCANPIX / Svein Ove Ekornesvaag

A luxury cruise ship that was left floating due to engine failure and nearly crashed into the rocks in rough waters has safely arrived in the port of Molde on the west coast on Norway, with over 900 people on board.

The Viking Sky was towed to safety by two tugs, with one sailing in front of the vessel and another behind it.

Llego el primero y estamos a salvo intentando llegar a la costa pronto.#vikingskypic.twitter.com/hOVpVhHEhZ

— Victor Gonzalez (@VictorM25245226) March 24, 2019

The luxury cruise ship, which set sail with almost 1,400 passengers and crew aboard, sent out an SOS signal on Saturday. It was drifting in rough waters near a rocky coast after all its engines stopped working.

The Viking Sky cruise ship is safely at port https://t.co/zdpmebHfus

— Sherry Wetzel Zellers (@sherryazellers) March 24, 2019

At some point, it approached the land at the distance of just 100 meters, with passengers posting dramatic photos. But the crew was eventually able to start one of the engines and avoid the crash.

"If they had run aground we would have faced a major disaster," Hans Vik, the heads of the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre for southern Norway, told TV2.


a594b4  No.5863691


The cop wearing the yabba dabba hood and being pushed by the NZ media all over the place is actually a fucking DP anal porn star going by that name. /pol/ found it (of course).

So in other words either NZ employs a DP porn star cop OR she is acting.

d9a3eb  No.5863692

Marissa Parra

‏Verified account @MarParNews

2h2 hours ago

Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein arriving at DOJ, joining AG Bill Bar and Ed O’Callaghan who arrived earlier

Who is Ed?

eca926  No.5863693

File: 89065e11f47c63c⋯.jpg (110.52 KB, 800x800, 1:1, JD jail.jpg)

Turkish watchdogs to probe JP Morgan after lira plunge

ISTANBUL (Reuters) - Turkey’s banking watchdog said it had launched an investigation into JP Morgan and other banks over complaints it received after the lira plunged more than 4 percent and the main share index fell sharply on Friday.

The BDDK watchdog said on Saturday it received complaints that a report JP Morgan published on Friday hurt the reputation of Turkish banks and caused volatility in financial markets. The necessary “administrative and judicial processes” would be followed, it said.

The Capital Markets Board of Turkey (SPK) also said it had launched a probe after receiving complaints that a JP Morgan report was “misleading” and caused speculation on the Istanbul bourse.

A JP Morgan spokesman for the region declined to comment.

The Turkish lira tumbled more than 4 per cent against the U.S. dollar on Friday, its biggest one-day fall since a currency crisis took hold in August, raising concerns that Turks are buying more foreign cash as ties with Washington deteriorate.


3ba144  No.5863694

File: 9e4b959036369ef⋯.png (395.89 KB, 800x465, 160:93, ClipboardImage.png)


agreed. although one never truly is waiting. Always be praying.

43f09f  No.5863695


. . . POTUS = Masterclass !

fac769  No.5863696

File: 879e94b80d1bc36⋯.jpg (55.66 KB, 500x386, 250:193, downloadfile-19.jpg)

File: 0681270d886fd45⋯.jpg (67.4 KB, 488x704, 61:88, downloadfile-14_1.jpg)

File: 756ce6289d1e769⋯.jpg (102.78 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, downloadfile-5.jpg)

f6c45c  No.5863697


No anon, Bolsonaro was here with POTUS and I was there, and there is an element in Brazil right now portraying Bolsonaro exactly as they tried to protray and destroy POTUS…I could neither post nor sometimes even get updated Q posts and breads….I don't know just wondering if (they) are trying it again in Brazil…..

8901c7  No.5863698

Q Post 3173

Children used as shields (manufactured crimes of perjury)?


Fare at whom? Will? William? Bill? Bill who?

Fire, not aim, not ready-aim-fire? What is will? Human agency. Autonomy - think for yourself. Free will. Fire at this?

Open fire, terms of engagement, target rich environment? (What did NZ shooter say in vid about targets?) (Did shooter arrive after accomplices? Was his job to mop-up – set ablaze, set fire to?)





The "Immortal crawl"?




Note the NZ connection.

In Māori mythology, as in other Polynesian traditions, Māui is a culture hero and a trickster, famous for his exploits and cleverness.

His last trick, which led to his death, involved the Goddess Hine-nui-te-pō. While attempting to make mankind immortal by changing into a worm, Māui entered her vagina, intent on leaving through her mouth while she slept. He was, however, crushed by the obsidian teeth in her vagina.

Hine-Titama began to wonder who her father was. Finally when she did find out that Tāne was her father she was disgusted and ashamed of who she was, she committed suicide and became goddess of the underworld. This was the first instance of suicide inside of Māori mythology.

The Origin Myth

The offspring of Tū (humankind) increased and multiplied and did not know death until the generation of Māui-tikitiki.

Māui is the son of Taranga, the wife of Makeatutara. He has a miraculous birth – his mother threw her premature infant into the sea wrapped in a tress of hair from her topknot (tikitiki) – hence Māui is known as Māui-tikitiki-a-Taranga. Ocean spirits find and wrap the child in seaweed. His divine ancestor, Tama-nui-te-rā (or Rangi) then takes the child and nourishes him to adolescence.

Note the abortion connection. Note the destruction of young life. Note the survival aspects of the story.

ac09c1  No.5863699

File: d564c8327a0fcea⋯.jpeg (98.13 KB, 620x412, 155:103, 86062A25-6014-4A40-9164-1….jpeg)

File: 215d2bdea16554e⋯.jpeg (67.45 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 4513F243-5272-4FC0-90D3-7….jpeg)

File: 7987614b7f08910⋯.jpeg (61.56 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 4D008DFC-CB71-4937-B05B-3….jpeg)

File: ee0c09605bd1686⋯.jpeg (503.34 KB, 2122x1412, 1061:706, 4F03DF1B-85D9-433C-A364-B….jpeg)

File: b71e24b445a2bc9⋯.jpeg (128.81 KB, 916x698, 458:349, DE81503D-EE56-4F1F-B894-A….jpeg)


imgflip.com phonefag exclusively

1e07a5  No.5863700

File: 71d56326094e7aa⋯.jpeg (37.3 KB, 600x453, 200:151, ANTISEMITISM 01.jpeg)

File: 2f45d4ef2425eb8⋯.png (27.08 KB, 600x600, 1:1, ANTISEMITISM 001.png)

File: 34f62cdd31e1d0e⋯.jpeg (75.48 KB, 720x720, 1:1, ANTISEMITISM 02.jpeg)

File: d7cc12850a3d654⋯.png (354.27 KB, 934x730, 467:365, ANTISEMITISM 03.png)

File: 7dafc3408550b84⋯.jpg (94.15 KB, 733x554, 733:554, ANTISEMITISM - KISSENGER.jpg)

6de5d8  No.5863701

File: 207d51c7d4edda6⋯.jpg (93.29 KB, 1117x1769, 1117:1769, getsattention.jpg)

File: 8dbfeaf5d543e57⋯.jpg (29.77 KB, 255x255, 1:1, Orig. pb. RICH.jpg)

File: 4d004bc6e532837⋯.jpg (135.26 KB, 750x593, 750:593, RICHSunday.jpg)



I am reposting this, cuz I havn't seen it noted.

anon (pb), made the FIRST connection..(pants & shirt)

SECOND connection is the names : Seth RICH

& Robbie RITCHie (aka. Kid Rock).


65a5eb  No.5863702

no way to see it without logging in?


2a8790  No.5863703

File: e0c0fe2102dd5a8⋯.jpg (271.71 KB, 1000x1879, 1000:1879, Stealth-Boimbers.jpg)

File: 1c84217098f520d⋯.jpg (550.76 KB, 1200x3000, 2:5, Lt-Robert-Mueller.jpg)

File: 8ed7bea162e22b7⋯.png (99.98 KB, 905x1440, 181:288, RR&Mueller.png)


The Mueller Report was worth every penny of that $25mm. We haven't seen Mueller's report yet, but imagine that Mueller (once a Marine…) was reactivated by Trump (via Court Marshal EO) . Trump could then insert Mueller into Military Intelligence and Q-Team. It makes sense that every one of those original 17(Q appointed) Angry Democrats was FISA'd up by Mueller to gather additional intelligence on all outside DS actors that were attempting to illegally influence Mueller's investigations.

72d96d  No.5863704



825cf5  No.5863705



The implication was that some advantage was gained. Doesn't make sense. They can go all day, all year.

Of course, I also think (at least the SIS-related collusion aspect of) declassification should have come previously. I don't buy the 'everyone will forget' line. You put it out, push for investigations, and reference it as new information comes to light.

What we see just happens to look like it being buried.

c7d9d4  No.5863706


Could be everything anon, new times are coming also new science and new truth.

Just keep asking questions.

5beeaf  No.5863707


Always the fixation with little boys.

b0189a  No.5863708


taking Jlm and Golan off the table so a peace deal can maybe get done. just accepting reality, also Jlm won't be nuked so safer for our embassy staff.

now lets recognize that Crimea is part of Russia

04477e  No.5863709


Dan the MAN!

5610f3  No.5863710

File: 94b5356c0b4a5f6⋯.png (108.37 KB, 932x549, 932:549, NYT pedo chief.png)

File: 45244d94b2dedc2⋯.jpg (48.65 KB, 546x342, 91:57, NYT S.jpg)

File: a697562bd39cd32⋯.png (155.24 KB, 1160x598, 580:299, NYT n.png)

62ec6d  No.5863711


Clinton/Gore and the Chinese "monks".

d92fd3  No.5863712

File: be34a3eea4f720a⋯.jpeg (125.15 KB, 736x805, 32:35, 149D6C88-766C-41FF-96FA-0….jpeg)

092969  No.5863713



21+2+4 = TODAY…. 3/24


375150  No.5863714

File: 449cad3c7fda2ac⋯.gif (628.35 KB, 498x280, 249:140, tenor.gif)


When Q said track suicides, Q meant track suicides.

This counts.

83867b  No.5863715


Thought she had breast cancer?

afd0b4  No.5863716


no kids anon

235932  No.5863717


WHOAAAA!!!!! ANON!!! Epic catch!!!

d9a3eb  No.5863718


Ed O'Callaghan

United States Acting Principal Associate Deputy Attorney General


Edward O'Callaghan is an American Republican lawyer, former co-chief of the terrorism and national security unit of the U.S. Attorney's office for the Southern District of New York, who resigned from the US Attorney's Office in July 2008 to join John McCain's presidential campaign. Wikipedia

Party: Republican Party

Office: United States Acting Principal Associate Deputy Attorney General since 2018

e1fc67  No.5863719

File: d791a43980d1a3e⋯.jpg (76.16 KB, 771x487, 771:487, Hive Love.JPG)

c99ce6  No.5863720

File: ba26620a3fdd896⋯.gif (236.15 KB, 363x250, 363:250, 1484423401188.gif)


←- gif related

63cd4e  No.5863721

File: 8aa0d8f20fd041a⋯.png (596.61 KB, 635x607, 635:607, Screenshot 2019-03-24_12-2….png)


ef995a  No.5863722

File: 3b5d6ea1c5a8570⋯.jpg (80.4 KB, 500x657, 500:657, 2wtv6p.jpg)

0eb208  No.5863723


KEK every time I saw this pic in the bread yesterday (which was A LOT) I would say out loud "DO A FLIP FAGGOT!"!

68b67c  No.5863724

Shill team are so bloody obvious today like no-one can see their new tactics. Yawn.

432c49  No.5863725


maybe Robert Ritchie is our white hat RR.

83df81  No.5863726

File: c8017f475bf6cf2⋯.jpg (162.86 KB, 632x361, 632:361, last.jpg)

1e07a5  No.5863727


>Q Post 3173

>Children used as shields (manufactured crimes of perjury)?


>Fare at whom? Will? William? Bill? Bill who?

>Fire, not aim, not ready-aim-fire? What is will? Human agency. Autonomy - think for yourself. Free will. Fire at this?

>Open fire, terms of engagement, target rich environment? (What did NZ shooter say in vid about targets?) (Did shooter arrive after accomplices? Was his job to mop-up – set ablaze, set fire to?)






>The "Immortal crawl"?




>Note the NZ connection.

>In Māori mythology, as in other Polynesian traditions, Māui is a culture hero and a trickster, famous for his exploits and cleverness.

>His last trick, which led to his death, involved the Goddess Hine-nui-te-pō. While attempting to make mankind immortal by changing into a worm, Māui entered her vagina, intent on leaving through her mouth while she slept. He was, however, crushed by the obsidian teeth in her vagina.

>Hine-Titama began to wonder who her father was. Finally when she did find out that Tāne was her father she was disgusted and ashamed of who she was, she committed suicide and became goddess of the underworld. This was the first instance of suicide inside of Māori mythology.

>The Origin Myth

>The offspring of Tū (humankind) increased and multiplied and did not know death until the generation of Māui-tikitiki.

>Māui is the son of Taranga, the wife of Makeatutara. He has a miraculous birth – his mother threw her premature infant into the sea wrapped in a tress of hair from her topknot (tikitiki) – hence Māui is known as Māui-tikitiki-a-Taranga. Ocean spirits find and wrap the child in seaweed. His divine ancestor, Tama-nui-te-rā (or Rangi) then takes the child and nourishes him to adolescence.

>Note the abortion connection. Note the destruction of young life. Note the survival aspects of the story.

Holy crap, that is one fucked-up creation myth.

43b204  No.5863728

1c5081  No.5863729


High Ranking Anon post

b76788  No.5863730

So POTUS was on Bartiromo this morning saying he's asked his lawyers and they don't know anything about a SDNY investigation. He says it's "fake news". Will Barr destroy that narrative today?

afd0b4  No.5863731

File: 6cf822797ae61b6⋯.jpg (16.24 KB, 300x225, 4:3, lords prayer.jpg)

PRAYING for our POTUS this morning.

263b7c  No.5863732


Show me on the ham where trump touched (you)

9e915e  No.5863733





fac769  No.5863734

File: 9337c173e964b1d⋯.mp4 (773.57 KB, 320x320, 1:1, 1553366158-3.mp4)

File: 8cec0997801288a⋯.jpg (38.03 KB, 500x498, 250:249, Nigga Please.jpg)

5beeaf  No.5863735

File: 2d2cdd232666654⋯.jpeg (205.86 KB, 1080x1095, 72:73, 1553253492.jpeg)

File: 5df4f568364dafc⋯.jpeg (169.81 KB, 1080x1095, 72:73, 1552518957.jpeg)


729b8c  No.5863736


native american swirl has the same symbology as the pedo swirl. They are the predecessors of today's modern day savage barbaric pagan cannibalism steeped in Satanism - very tribal - highly susceptible people.

Look to those who have left those practices, they will confirm that it is the same actions. It is rampant wherever these homosexual deviants take it to the next level. Remember what Satan says to his slaves – the smell of young boys is strong about you, REMEMBER who it is you serve!

Bring the ds cabal down

Yes talking about you pOS SCHITTT

c7479e  No.5863737

File: e417589296c97e6⋯.png (95.63 KB, 388x191, 388:191, ClipboardImage.png)


My mechanic told me I need a new transmission on this old car I have.

The hivemind in this place is spoopy.

375150  No.5863738


This guy goes to church?

This guy has a soul?

235932  No.5863739

Connection to Pam Anderson also… indirectly/directly.

17c7f6  No.5863740


I know it’s wrong to want this “thing” to just die but I’m human and I really, really hope she does.

Wonder if a salty down under would spit her out?

263b7c  No.5863741


Show me on the ham where trump touched (you)

e2ef57  No.5863742

File: 58bde7a1b9efead⋯.jpg (568.56 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, fItqMBsiN3.jpg)

Dachin announces closure of Ruby Tuesday franchise

Ruby Tuesday has closed its doors after serving T&T for 16 years.

In a statement, franchise holder Dachin Group confirmed the closure and thanked customers for their loyalty and support over the years.

The company also teased the launch of a new local restaurant brand which it promised will "usher in a new and exciting dining experience featuring a variety of tastes from around the world."

Below is the full statement from Dachin Group of Companies:

On Sunday 24th March, 2019, after 16 years in operation, our Ruby Tuesday franchise in Trinidad and Tobago closed its doors, bringing the curtain down on an amazing success story shared and enjoyed with the people of T&T.

Your support and loyalty over the years has made our experience as incredible as it was, and for that, we sincerely thank you.

Now, the Dachin Group of Companies looks forward to sharing the start of a new chapter with you in the form of our latest venture, as we raise the curtain on our very own local restaurant brand, which will very soon usher in a new and exciting dining experience featuring a variety of tastes from around the world.

We hope that you'll join us in this new venture so that it can grow to enjoy the same level of loyalty and support. Once again, thank you. Now, we can't wait to launch and put the world at your table.


8901c7  No.5863743


What is the myth of Bill C's "creation"?

F*up, too.

c7ef13  No.5863744


Why else the sideways rocket launches

>Expand your thinking

Has me longing for new maps to explore

Get us out there please to q and potus

e1fc67  No.5863745



hey, msm - keep reporting on tha


angle, willyaplz?

263b7c  No.5863746


Show me on the ham where trump touched (you)

f84614  No.5863747

File: b572a33b903b414⋯.jpg (69.79 KB, 474x632, 3:4, bw.jpg)


972e28  No.5863748

75bbf9  No.5863749

File: bb16ef9892173e6⋯.png (239.92 KB, 550x549, 550:549, Mueller nothing burger.png)

coped a pic

d9a3eb  No.5863750

Why is Sandra and Bill working on Fox News today??

They know something coming today!!

9e915e  No.5863751







2fea96  No.5863752


No table?

ac09c1  No.5863753

File: 023c35ae2b75741⋯.jpeg (60.7 KB, 500x509, 500:509, E5C54251-9C4A-4943-8DAE-5….jpeg)

File: 58189f4e4435803⋯.jpeg (304.69 KB, 1280x2023, 1280:2023, A72D4042-046E-421F-BCBE-1….jpeg)

File: d329e3227531800⋯.jpeg (71.84 KB, 500x516, 125:129, 41382A95-24D3-448E-9CA0-7….jpeg)

File: 3fd5af7e18add17⋯.jpeg (65.14 KB, 481x490, 481:490, 73297026-88AD-441F-B48D-A….jpeg)

File: 2a4e0cbbe959b3c⋯.jpeg (69.76 KB, 481x490, 481:490, 24CDFA86-4A20-4A78-8A47-1….jpeg)

0e2e30  No.5863754

File: b9e96e17e0bd91f⋯.png (334.18 KB, 585x427, 585:427, 55.png)

39bef9  No.5863755

File: c09d1424c81d54a⋯.jpeg (87.49 KB, 747x737, 747:737, F1698578-40E0-45CB-8BCB-C….jpeg)


>>5862921 (lb)


>>5863168 (lb)

>This study is funded by multiple Pharmaceutical companies and organizations. Plus establishment universities and foundations.

Expand Your Thinking

You are correct to point out the conflicts of interest inherent in such research and its use as propaganda. As a neurosciencefag, this is a complicated subject with evidence on both sides of the issue. For example, there is actually evidence that suggests that cannabis is used as a mood stabilizer (self medicated) in people diagnosed with bipolar disorder and it’s abrupt discontinuation causing acute manic episodes with psychosis. However, that’s not to say that there is no increased risk of psychotic symptoms associated with cannabis use in vulnerable populations. There are valid justifiable concerns about chronic irresponsible use of cannabis during adolescence, but this is true of all psychoactive drugs including nicotine and psychiatric medications, the latter of which are increasing being used in “supposed” at risk populations for later psychosis. This is very dangerous trend that does NOT receive the same degree of scrutiny as the cannabis issue.

Thus, my argument is NOT to simply dismiss what appears on the surface to be ONLY propaganda, but use it to point out the hypocrisy of these institutions in trying to prop up their false dichotomy between “their approved” drugs as “good” and all others as “bad”

afd0b4  No.5863756


a little creepy anon

e90790  No.5863757

File: e7106f28f10c972⋯.jpg (141.17 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 4e180fde89db8c3f51869da262….jpg)

File: cef5357c2771a3c⋯.jpg (302.85 KB, 719x500, 719:500, 0bda538772e6011aaf7dfcee58….jpg)

File: b5cdc9ada9db469⋯.jpg (221.14 KB, 537x670, 537:670, ee55a6ff89b215f236b2a4d1c2….jpg)

File: 4e64c468fe0b071⋯.jpg (107.33 KB, 473x500, 473:500, a590dbdd254763238b559c1ead….jpg)

ef995a  No.5863758


We meme and we pray and we wait for the signal

825cf5  No.5863759


I fvcking hate that 'KYS' bs all the eleven year-olds post here.


Take your own advice, shill.

04477e  No.5863760


Mueller becomes 'the tourist' kek

1e07a5  No.5863761

File: af2a0c7f7783546⋯.png (29.42 KB, 741x568, 741:568, PEPE THOUGHTFUL.png)


I don't understand the #916 reference anon, plz elaborate

802f93  No.5863762

File: b7db55a5d9e8129⋯.png (364.09 KB, 605x571, 605:571, USMC 3-23-19 5 am PDT.PNG)

File: 4270fa0759292cc⋯.png (2.13 MB, 1464x732, 2:1, USMC 3-23-19 5 am PDT pic.PNG)

File: ce172e982eb1a63⋯.png (473.99 KB, 601x574, 601:574, USMC 3-23-19 5 pm PDT.PNG)

File: 87ee494bd448e10⋯.png (2.87 MB, 1489x744, 1489:744, USMC 3-23-19 5 pm PDT pic.PNG)


Pumpin' Lead



Squad Up


d92fd3  No.5863763

File: bb653791a877c57⋯.jpeg (213.13 KB, 1104x1615, 1104:1615, 898FE78B-14AD-4822-9B3E-1….jpeg)

263b7c  No.5863764


Show me on the ham where trump touched (you)

7644c0  No.5863765

177b6f  No.5863766

File: 8abe2464dbcf2c4⋯.png (198.7 KB, 901x287, 901:287, raisehell.PNG)

84e0f6  No.5863767

File: 55c9ca63947b6c5⋯.png (1.83 MB, 1982x990, 991:495, 2019-03-24_12-28-01.png)

6dc1dd  No.5863768


Looks like utube is blocking it in Canada - must be a good one

275222  No.5863769


Nice ass and autism

f84614  No.5863770

File: 1401345ae6563d5⋯.png (1.3 MB, 937x846, 937:846, 67b57aa9ec626199e605ca018c….png)

68b67c  No.5863771


Yup. Cat's for example can wait for hours without moving just to wait for the perfect opportunity to strike. Patience is a virtue. DS jumped the gun last weekend, no patience KEK.

63cd4e  No.5863772

File: ef1b04db2a2a14c⋯.mp4 (4.46 MB, 640x360, 16:9, gaxuMgtoqWQfMges.mp4)

AG William Barr arrives at the Department of Justice.


ac09c1  No.5863773


…baby steps…

263b7c  No.5863774


Show me on the ham where trump touched (you)

7bd921  No.5863775

File: 283659457c2135a⋯.jpeg (56.13 KB, 852x478, 426:239, SHHHgfdgdrfsgrffgbhdf.jpeg)

8a93a7  No.5863776

wow Twitter is NOW a MAGA place!!

dd06df  No.5863777

File: 46fef2c52a2ea5d⋯.jpg (149.49 KB, 800x800, 1:1, gggggfe.jpg)



David Icke

d458f3  No.5863778


No, just factory standard editing. I don't want to just add words to pics, so photoshop I should get?

f84614  No.5863779

File: 23efb85e324705e⋯.png (938.91 KB, 1260x840, 3:2, barr.png)

2689ef  No.5863780

good morning Anons

802f93  No.5863781

File: 1cb23008527a2ef⋯.png (353.84 KB, 603x563, 603:563, USMC 3-24-19 5 am PDT.PNG)

File: 1026bd6a51d360e⋯.png (2.24 MB, 1489x742, 1489:742, USMC 3-24-19 5 am PDT pic.PNG)

Sitting Guard with the Setting Sun


6b92c8  No.5863782

File: 051ed8975b16551⋯.jpeg (88.57 KB, 626x418, 313:209, MemewarsSoldierDigitalMil….jpeg)


Yes we do.


4a1e40  No.5863783

Q, can this anon have the best birthday present ever today? Barr's summary findings is the only thing on my list!

92643c  No.5863784




c977a8  No.5863785

File: 6b1be41fea770c0⋯.jpg (36.32 KB, 655x527, 655:527, notables.jpg)


>>5863529 SCOTUS to review arguments over Gerrymandering in NC (Raleigh N&O)

>>5863462, >>5863332(pb) REEEEEing on (De)Face The Nation

>>5863632 AG Barr headed to DoJ, expected to release summary of Mueller findings (ABC)

>>5863432 Vet Anon: Hurry Up And Wait™!

>>5863701 Qincidence? Seth Rich, Robbie "Kid Rock" RITCHie, USA Pants!

>>5863762 @USMC markers? Pumpin' Lead, Squad Up

c7479e  No.5863786


>it promised will "usher in a new and exciting dining experience featuring a variety of tastes from around the world."

That doesn't sound good.

81c52b  No.5863787

File: fe6ecc20001b65c⋯.png (781.56 KB, 781x615, 781:615, gitmo.png)

ac09c1  No.5863788



a9c04f  No.5863789



Thank you anons.

f03f60  No.5863790

Any anons report anything to the fbi tip line provided in the Q drop? I have been compiling a huge list of shit I found on twitter and it is clearly related to sex trafficking. It is so out in the open that some "women" were made available less than 22 hours ago and included telephone numbers and bank accounts to transfer funds to. I want to submit this info but how can I possibly trust the same fucks involved in treason at the highest levels?

263b7c  No.5863791


Show me on the ham where trump touched (you)

225a23  No.5863792

File: 0c63a8f37290ff6⋯.jpg (79.24 KB, 960x556, 240:139, 53090662_2250652048483852_….jpg)

c7ef13  No.5863793

6b92c8  No.5863794

File: 7dcec58cca0070b⋯.jpg (40.38 KB, 349x314, 349:314, Hot.jpg)

2f830c  No.5863796

File: ec61efcdd47d701⋯.png (157.05 KB, 500x401, 500:401, ClipboardImage.png)

d9a3eb  No.5863797

Sandra and Bill would not be working on Sunday, if something wasn't going to happen today

d458f3  No.5863798


Working on it!

d92fd3  No.5863799

File: f7ffe315c03a1cd⋯.jpeg (93.89 KB, 734x878, 367:439, 446ABC66-4B86-4472-B317-8….jpeg)

1e07a5  No.5863800

File: 8f4057f0687fe25⋯.jpg (7.33 KB, 255x175, 51:35, PEPE hug.jpg)



I hope you realize how appreciated and loved you are for your work anon

618639  No.5863801

File: b20320e55bb27ea⋯.jpg (15.43 KB, 351x300, 117:100, seismic.jpg)


my thoughts are along the lines of

for WTC1 & WTC2 a combination of nano-thermite at strategic structural locations and a davy crocket sized nuclear demolition device in the lowest basement level to make a hole for it all to fall into

972e28  No.5863802

File: 868dc61b3646e4b⋯.png (535.48 KB, 959x361, 959:361, Capture.PNG)

May Calls Emergency Closed-Door Brexit Meeting in UK Country House - Source

LONDON (Sputnik) - UK Prime Minister Theresa May is holding an emergency meeting at her Chequers country residence to discuss the Brexit crisis, a source close to the situation told Sputnik.

According to the source, the meeting will be conducted in a closed format and will be attended by a few ministers and a few members of the May's Conservative party.

UK media outlets have said that among those in attendance will be UK Deputy Prime Minister David Lidington, Environment Secretary Michael Gove and Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay.



Journalist on Brexit : Departing EU on WTO Rules Is 'Extremely Unlikely'

This comes after earlier in the day, the Sunday Times reported that May's cabinet was plotting to oust the prime minister and replace her with Deputy Prime Minister David Lidington amid growing tensions in the UK government over the uncertainty of an unsettled Brexit deal.


ee88c0  No.5863803


Don't hold back. See something/Say something. It can't hurt.

6cef2b  No.5863804

File: 07d48c594b0be5a⋯.jpg (2.95 MB, 1349x8534, 1349:8534, Screenshot_2019-01-17 ‘Thi….jpg)

File: 1a7a90d88dac798⋯.png (1.57 MB, 638x3760, 319:1880, Screenshot_2019-01-17 'Thi….png)

File: 765289e6adb12ac⋯.png (611.07 KB, 648x3003, 216:1001, Screenshot_2019-01-17 'Thi….png)

File: 2df4f3743314a80⋯.mp4 (6.46 MB, 480x270, 16:9, 'This is where MH370 crash….mp4)

File: 61a1c528e0ae6fb⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1344x583, 1344:583, Screenshot_2019-03-24 Goog….png)

>>5859942 (pb)

>>5860066 (pb)

>>5860150 (pb)

>>5860173 (pb)

had to flop. exhausted. okay so

the first I see 40,000ft though is of course

the road to devil's mountain from ET [in the ELA pic I did ET shows up at the bottom in a way he really doesn't in the regular picture, thus confirming?]

a mushroom cloud the blast point is the top

of the head-dress of an oriental-looking man

on a throne or taking a dump / the vanishing point (quite). It also appears to be a re-presentation of a native American totem pole (or what I am supposed to think is one); there are faces both human and animal, at least one hawk or eagle or owl (depending on how you choose to de-limit the space) I suppose.

no idea where the original came from. or what the point is. perhaps its just another mcguffin.

i suppose if i was going to try a totemistic(?) emblematic (Alciato, Quarles) approach I might ask:

does the composer WANT me to think of the obvious or not? do they want me to think of Dreyfus affair actors in ET that also did some chumming off a certain EYEsland (I love Narraganset Quint and we do need a bigger boat) how do you make the hunter come to you you let him hunt you if you have the courage to be the prey, devils, "mountain" oo-er missus, e.t.-mason hand signals and musical [lucifer-pan] code n tones, mussorgsky, night on a bare mountain witches Salem-HRC (cheat'em n rat) kiev gate Kirch strait the jq always Q haplogroup Y-head stuff other Y groups Ukraine UK Khazaria with Chinese hintings man?

ayyy tone!

cheat'em n rat q trip decodes this stuff is making me crazy

keep running

in the ELA adjusted picture you can see if you choose to (aside from the obvious) a crucifixion scene, mirrored and distorted (the lower reflection) with man (Comey) looking on and the doubling and mirroring indicative of mans response to the cross (left and right goats and sheep) and gives a horizontal mirroring to the vertical mirroring of the Crucifixion thereby forming another "cross" but this one inverted (Comey is standing on the hands of the inverted cross, so if you flipped the picture upside down Comey is now hanging upside down like the hanging man lol from the cross beams where the hands would be nailed in if you see what I mean).

If you look at the top (unreflected, original, whatever you call it) corpus on the cross, you can see the five wounds of Christ hinted at - the hands are obvious, you can see where the feet would be, one can imagine the dark outline of the face caused by the crown of thorns and the dark blotches in the center are meant to suggest the after death spear / lance and thus the composer is expecting me to think of the bloods and water and thus the mirrored scene / road below also does duty suggesting the outflow of grace to the whole world first to the House of Israel (see the house) then to the rest of the world and there is Comey / Adam with his free will yes or no so I guess at the moment of Jesus' death a BOMB did go off BOOM!

????? All in my mind. INFJ nightmare.

QTRIP Patriots Fight!

!2jsTvXXmXs = 33117 = 6 (Pangkal Pinang, Indonesia) [Obama / $$$ / Boeing / LION!!! Air plane crashes / Rothschilds also see MH370/ Patent theft / HRC cheatem n rat QRS]

I don't understand this below.

>>5860175 (pb)

>>5860186 (pb)

what was the message supposed to be sent, and to whom?

what is this MEANT to communicate? WHO is the target?

what DOES it communicate? Confused.

bc9bbd  No.5863805

File: ec7a255c951dbda⋯.jpg (678.35 KB, 1440x764, 360:191, ec7a255c951dbda60b0cff7512….jpg)





Thanks anons. Is there a list/spreedsheet link where the tracking is taking place? If so can one of you provide?

263b7c  No.5863806


Show me on the ham where trump touched (you)

bf0266  No.5863807

File: d174b3458d64b8c⋯.png (870.67 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, license plate.png)

File: 2e05497c30f6fff⋯.mp4 (5.62 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Magically disappearing car….mp4)

File: 924bd1560daea32⋯.mp4 (8.41 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, 64dkhP3HzNmTrhCP.mp4)

>>5862523 /pb

Went thru no tables

This vid is kinda crappy–only shows about half a dozen still frames from the NZ thing, and asserts that no CGI was used

I completely disagree, but whatever

BUT, have anons dug into this license plate? Anyone able to make out what it says?

This is the car that left the scene shortly after the event went down

Not sure if it's been dug into or not

bac60d  No.5863808


weird flex

43b204  No.5863809

File: b6c95f1bc5b1b07⋯.jpeg (41.32 KB, 474x396, 79:66, image.jpeg)

df9762  No.5863810


so Rothshields are manipulating themselfs ? seems legit

e1fc67  No.5863811

File: af2303c1abbe750⋯.jpg (353.72 KB, 1600x1067, 1600:1067, 0001 ft.jpg)


need a space between 5863332 & pb for hover to work


ac09c1  No.5863812

File: eef0c94b86cfa10⋯.jpeg (119.44 KB, 620x388, 155:97, D5913152-306C-49C3-BD0E-F….jpeg)

File: 3018a4ce15a9d2d⋯.jpeg (23.4 KB, 255x143, 255:143, E96EFD21-5440-499B-9B97-7….jpeg)

File: fe115b308d98f6b⋯.jpeg (169.4 KB, 748x997, 748:997, D6ED10BA-B4AD-4398-9034-4….jpeg)

File: 763638721e23109⋯.jpeg (1008.12 KB, 2302x1536, 1151:768, EFF45159-0EE9-416A-BEFD-0….jpeg)

File: 5d4381e3d522e56⋯.jpeg (254.82 KB, 1499x1000, 1499:1000, 55762DA4-9DBB-4F93-84E9-F….jpeg)


My favorite so far

I’ve not skills for that


2fea96  No.5863813

File: 53a68b954ebd838⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1024x714, 512:357, Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at ….png)

7348b3  No.5863814


Spin Spin Sugar

83df81  No.5863815

File: 499bfa670be7835⋯.png (127.86 KB, 437x554, 437:554, 916.png)

68b67c  No.5863816

e2ef57  No.5863817

File: 5c24d7599029e39⋯.jpg (9.4 KB, 251x201, 251:201, images (11).jpg)

c7ef13  No.5863818


Dont forget about judy wood

825cf5  No.5863819


You seem like a nice person, anon, so I'm not criticizing you or you comment when I note anecdotally that all the patience precludes any meaningful engagement like, say, yellow vests spreading here.

f84614  No.5863820

File: d82e0e359addc3f⋯.jpg (97.37 KB, 640x960, 2:3, weareshouts.jpg)

File: cc2322a38b859ed⋯.png (50.33 KB, 720x480, 3:2, wearethenewsnow1.png)

5beeaf  No.5863821


God Bless Anon

c977a8  No.5863822

File: bca99b72535511e⋯.png (60.16 KB, 758x631, 758:631, 1538002081377.png)

263b7c  No.5863823

File: f9b0216b3cefd54⋯.jpg (159.95 KB, 1088x1168, 68:73, IMG_6638.JPG)

375150  No.5863824

File: 13f1e78cd89fbd5⋯.jpg (118.65 KB, 800x561, 800:561, Eyes on.jpg)



Been here too long to not understand General Q, if you will.

Q said fire at will.

Last time Q said that, anons thought it was Declass related, but we ended up in a battle for Judge K. One of our greatest victories to date.

Once again, Q said fire at will. Don't know what the target is exactly, Mueller report maybe? But anons stay alert. Q has said we're firing, keep your powder dry and eyes on.

769edd  No.5863825

anyone need help digging on anyone in particular?

825cf5  No.5863826



**your comment

377685  No.5863827


I saw this and just sat back and waited for you to get lit up, if you lurked here more than 2 minutes, you would’ve known that’s walking into a fuckin wasps nest. Good luck with your arguement, evidence is in their favor. Lurk moar.

0ed272  No.5863828

File: fcd1d584484b9f8⋯.png (4.07 MB, 2281x1468, 2281:1468, usmcIG321.PNG)


From the other day. I knew something was up, felt it. Day of or after a raid?

BTW Recon USMC is not under SOCOM but has similar capabilities/training; under direct control of executive.

ee88c0  No.5863829



After I saw Dr. Judy Wood's look at 9/11, I stopped seeking further. She nailed it.

1e07a5  No.5863830


>Turkish watchdogs to probe JP Morgan after lira plunge

Looks NOTABLE to this anon

84c839  No.5863831

File: 98fc9e590c31ce0⋯.png (212.21 KB, 567x587, 567:587, Image 4.png)

File: 2e73e3ef96f76bd⋯.mp4 (4.98 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Liddle Adam Schiff says it….mp4)

What a douche bag! Liddle Adam Tick TOCK!


2689ef  No.5863832

File: d429f0390816275⋯.png (29.53 KB, 1979x159, 1979:159, Screenshot_2019-03-24 Q Re….png)

anyone else notice how posts pic related

32bfab  No.5863833


I suspect consensus cracking going on with this post, no way is this notable, FFS

6eed10  No.5863834

File: f53427c8c89d214⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 355.72 KB, 252x197, 252:197, 64EB9584-73DB-4DA5-AC1A-3B….gif)

File: 890ebf0c2b9aebe⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 3.03 MB, 480x302, 240:151, D0EA8896-E84B-43AA-B226-8A….gif)

File: 9a347f9b99b61b5⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 740.97 KB, 320x240, 4:3, 40451768-FF3E-439C-B4C8-0F….gif)


Free speech board.

I can post the most vile, offensive, disgusting racist filth and you may be my guest to view it.

6a1d39  No.5863835


What you put up is the absolute base level of what is done. May be great for Voat or Reddit, but here we assume the majority alright know levels beyond this.

This is not the introduction site. This is the one for anons who have been digging at this for years. Lurk moar before getting upset that someone called you out for essentially wasting bread.

e4953a  No.5863836

File: 4695f9ba96ca410⋯.gif (1.54 MB, 480x264, 20:11, 1551038799745.gif)



Furthering this theory (notice shills saying "you believe…"), theory, anons…

The shooters likely all have anxiety disorders, or disorders that necessitate the types of psychotropic drugs that induce "hypnotic" states, which make them vulnerable and exploitable.

"Mood stabilizers," anti-psychotics, any drug that might seem to be a "downer," should be highly suspect.

Relevant to the NZ shooter therapist, there was a report where he sexually assaulted a girl that he had on so many drugs that she became a "zombie."

Sorry for lack of source at the moment, as this is just me trying to get it out so we can have more anons digging.

Watch the tone of shill response. Pharma shills are probably some of the highest paid I'd bet haha!

bf0266  No.5863837

File: f77b63b45caaace⋯.mp4 (12.37 MB, 854x480, 427:240, 1552840532d86a6-480.mp4)

File: 5e62c0ca3bdddc0⋯.png (1.88 MB, 1350x1567, 1350:1567, ANON SHARES MORE NZ FALSE ….png)

2689ef  No.5863838


*how many

01a988  No.5863839


>how can I possibly trust the same fucks involved in treason at the highest levels?

The rank and file FBI is filled with good guys. Report what you found, stop whining and just do it.

2fea96  No.5863841


Question is, what's their game plan for when there is no impeachment?

They can't just be saying this if they plan to hit a wall at some point.

8901c7  No.5863842



Don't know if this was the intended message of Anon, but here something to considerably consider:



Attorney General William P. Barr Delivers Remarks at the Cabinet Chair Ceremony for Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Washington, DC ~ Thursday, March 21, 2019

I’m a bit of an interloper here today. I know from when I was presented with my chair that this is a special occasion between you (Jeff) and the outstanding team you assembled and led as Attorney General. This is really all about your team—your official family—expressing their appreciation and affection for you as a man and as their leader.

Now, you and I are older teammates, Jeff—from when we worked together in the H.W. Bush Administration—you as U.S. Attorney in the Southern District of Alabama.

I wanted to take this opportunity to salute you, Jeff—to express my admiration and affection for you, as well as my gratitude to you for all you have done for law enforcement and our justice system—both here at the Department and as a United States Senator.

I am a direct beneficiary of your stewardship as the 84th Attorney General of the United States. You left me two very special gifts.

First, you and the President assembled an exceptional leadership team here at the Department—both at Main Justice and the U.S. Attorneys throughout the country. I take great pride and pleasure in working with them. You also launched an assault on fraud against our senior citizens, as well as, starting an initiative to attack industrial espionage by the Chinese.

Second, you set an agenda and priorities that are just what our country needs. You have put in place effective and comprehensive initiatives to address violent crime; to combat drug trafficking, especially opioids; to take on human trafficking; and to strengthen immigration enforcement.

I felt a little sheepish at my first Attorney General's Advisory Committee (AGAC) meeting when I could not think of anything really new or bold to say about my priorities. All I could really say is that Jeff’s priorities are my priorities. Full speed ahead.

It is an honor for me, and for all of us to continue your work at the Department. I salute you, Jeff. God bless you.

cd0cd6  No.5863843


You report it. Several years ago i got into a underage site and found names,credit cards and addresses, reported it but have no idea whatever happened,,, it went down fast tho

5610f3  No.5863844

File: 8ad06f4f4efa876⋯.png (87.86 KB, 1200x622, 600:311, lil piggy.png)


he neglected the arm shoulder

83867b  No.5863845


Good thing that guy was keeping count as he went so the numbers would add up right. FFS.

c7ef13  No.5863846


Caroline Wells Chandler

AND norfolk chandlers

And their old coast guard station on eastern shore va

6dc1dd  No.5863847


Here's one that works


72d96d  No.5863848


There is only one Commander.

f84614  No.5863849


Funny how no one says a word when other groups are mocked or criticized on here- just the Jews.

177b6f  No.5863850

File: 056a126c6a661b1⋯.png (165.2 KB, 409x450, 409:450, levin.PNG)

43b204  No.5863851


Praise the Lord

And pass the ammunition!

e90790  No.5863852

I wonder if, in the future, models are going to put "baker girl" on their resumes…

1ce7fa  No.5863853

File: 0adb5d4ce52cbd2⋯.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1033x1605, 1033:1605, D9787E68-1058-4F9D-8FAC-3….jpeg)

File: 766e207efb1e776⋯.jpeg (2.12 MB, 1189x1664, 1189:1664, 902D217A-D130-4F56-8C50-8….jpeg)

File: 68a5ac510076b46⋯.jpeg (952.8 KB, 1242x1937, 1242:1937, 699061F1-E33C-4270-AC88-3….jpeg)

Where to begin?

The shirt, skirt, hat, boots, or poor kid standing in line behind him.

If authorities can’t locate Joe Cool then retraining may be necessary.

ee0a65  No.5863855

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




Meanwhile, back in Paris, I was embarrassed, babe

A westbound airline took her away, yeah

Was way past midnight, they caught the last flight, ohh

And now we're strangers, and I really don't know what to say

I'm afraid now, I'm gonna phone the bait now

He may be the master, but he really gonna pay, yeahhhh!

Well, uh, took out my lady, they must be craaaaazy!!!

I'd toe the line now but, ah, but he really gonna pay - yeah, yeah!

Forever forever and ever and ever and a day, yeah

Forever forever and ever and ever and a day, ooh-ooo

Well, I'm gonna find him, then I'm gonna remind him

He may be the bloody master but not one of his fate… FATE… FATE!!!

He lied to the agent, he lied, he lied when he got his paycheque, his salary, yeah

When I find him, he really gonna pay

Uh, gonna give him, give him some of that

Action, action, read all about it

Yeah, yeah!

Action, for slander, read all about it

If you can read, look at this, ha!

Action, action, read all about it

I'm not gonna talk to your face, you got

Action, for slander, read all about it

Oh, stick him in ground, six feet down

Action, action, read all about it

Front page news, Bill

Action, for slander, ha, read all about it

Oh, that's something wild, huh?

Action, action, read all about it


Action, action, read all about it

2c2705  No.5863856

File: 909eead61c882ad⋯.jpg (324.33 KB, 1080x886, 540:443, Screenshot_20190324-163107….jpg)

Is MayDay the opposite? Day of May?

Meeting Mogg and Johnson to tell them the "Plan"? Hard Brexit, working with Trump, keeping the EU off the scent, Yellowhammer drops tomorrow?

Pic related.

84e0f6  No.5863857

File: cda23a9e27f406f⋯.png (181.29 KB, 350x426, 175:213, 2019-03-24_12-33-05.png)

28587a  No.5863858


notable if accurate

177b6f  No.5863859

File: 406c74cc1f82fde⋯.png (142.27 KB, 447x427, 447:427, now.PNG)

c99ce6  No.5863860


The Rothschilds are not actually Jews.

9296a9  No.5863861

21 x 2 x 4 = 168

1 x 6 x 8 = 48

4 x 8 = 32

3 x 2 = 6

6 = six more mathematical guesses



c7ef13  No.5863862


CEDAR island

f84614  No.5863863

File: de8706413e5942e⋯.jpg (68.72 KB, 461x346, 461:346, DSCN0178.jpg)

fea21e  No.5863864

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

You’re welcome anons

520479  No.5863865


Want the full thing??

ef995a  No.5863866

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

2fea96  No.5863867


Nobody sees this guy unless he wants to be found.

e4953a  No.5863868

File: 65d6e5b4a02be10⋯.jpg (12.84 KB, 351x428, 351:428, 1552923925485.jpg)




Hahaha anons do you see the flack I draw?

83867b  No.5863869


Just download for free inkscape and gimp.

8901c7  No.5863870


In a nutshell, that's the bones of the plan that Sessions assembled for the current stage led by Barr?

Allspeed Anons.

275222  No.5863871


Top kek

a594b4  No.5863872

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

210a90  No.5863873


ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) – Dozens of Islamic State fighters continue to surrender to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) following the extremist group’s territorial defeat in Syria, a spokesperson for the Kurdish-led forces said on Sunday.

According to AFP, dozens of people, mostly men, were seen leaving tunnels and encampments in the Syrian village of Baghouz, where the Islamic State suffered its final defeat.

“They are ISIS fighters who came out of tunnels and surrendered today,” SDF spokesperson Jiaker Amed was quoted as saying by AFP.

“Some others could still be hiding inside,” he added.

Following a prolonged military offensive on the extremist group’s last remaining pocket of territory in war-torn Syria, the US-backed SDF announced victory over the Islamic State on Saturday.

12d828  No.5863874

File: 7313f9d9d8d546c⋯.jpg (52.18 KB, 727x499, 727:499, gfy.jpg)


do you work for bayer or pfizer?

4cca5c  No.5863875


Quit fucking whining.

It's called free speech.


Real anons do exactly that…


…while also noticing particular affiliations of persons, and the patterns those group identifiers present. That is not the same as randomly attacking someone on the basis of being a member of that group. To accuse us of that is just to spout Marxist brainwashing, something the chans left behind years ago. You're not going to shame us out of telling the truth. We notice and post about patterns wherever and however we want, including using "offensive" memes. That's the point. Political satire is meant to provoke.

Yes, shills also post that kind of content inanely to muddy the issue, but like anons said, if you watch long enough you'll see those patterns too. Meanwhile, don't go shooting your mouth off about shit you don't understand. Post relevant content, and lurk.

eca926  No.5863876


would argue that this has taught non-military people the same skill albeit without the circumstance of losing your life. much different ball o wax that.

63cd4e  No.5863877


he doesn't look like he slept well last night

275222  No.5863878


Bring it

763d2c  No.5863879

File: ff1bf10a51a53ff⋯.jpg (100.58 KB, 1000x626, 500:313, ca ira.jpg)

Maybe a French Anon can update

972e28  No.5863880

File: ae71dc15b01f74e⋯.png (772.38 KB, 706x456, 353:228, Capture.PNG)

Swedish journalist suspended from Facebook for mentioning Tommy Robinson, and stating that we should accept others’ opinions even if we don’t agree with them

Independent journalist and freedom fighter Katerina Janouch wrote a short introduction for an article in her own online magazine “Katerina Magasin”.

The article, written by another Swedish writer – Madeleine Rönnqvist Lilja, is about the British freedom fighter Tommy Robinson.

In her text, Katerina wrote: “Defending freedom of expression when you agree is a breeze, but if we are to have any freedom of speech worth mentioning, it must also be defended when it is challenged and not all agree.”

She then pointed out that it “may be your turn next”.

And Swedish Facebook took Katerina at her word and suspended her.

Their actions cannot be interpreted in any other way than as a clear signal against freedom of expression – and in particular against the idea that we should accept the views of others even if we disagree with them.


825cf5  No.5863881


They can 'jump the gun' every week. They have endless "ammunition".

Your comment is naive.

2918e0  No.5863882

File: ac002d9fd362df0⋯.png (16.7 KB, 798x221, 798:221, 2nd parkland suicide.PNG)

A second Parkland shooting survivor has killed himself, Coral Springs police confirmed on Sunday.

Investigators told the Miami Herald that a current Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student died in “an apparent suicide” on Saturday night.

Police are still investigating.

Though police could not confirm the age of the student, Coral Springs police spokesman Tyler Reik said the student was a juvenile. Sources say the student was a male sophomore. His name has not been released.


df9762  No.5863883


they are reptilians god, how did i miss that ?

15352e  No.5863884


Ninth Circle Child Sacrifice Cult.

Jimmy Saville used to go to childrens hospitals and rape kids in their rooms.

Cancer ward…

Let that shit sink in.

afd0b4  No.5863885

File: 357ba37268ce4e8⋯.png (86.19 KB, 756x723, 252:241, epstien.png)

File: 40cdb3342fac019⋯.png (658.17 KB, 1664x602, 832:301, Holburt.png)

File: 37dc04e5c003e72⋯.png (849.8 KB, 1278x767, 1278:767, Kristina.png)

File: 37dc04e5c003e72⋯.png (849.8 KB, 1278x767, 1278:767, Kristina.png)


still trying to find little Alyssa Rain.

Her Daddy is dead, and her Aunt Kristina is a prostitute in Florida!

3c2bcc  No.5863886

File: 31280468df503cd⋯.jpeg (133.88 KB, 828x980, 207:245, 3ADF89B0-0E2F-42AB-99AF-C….jpeg)

File: 0a9033cfee0208f⋯.jpeg (201.8 KB, 828x1219, 36:53, 667E4A76-39BA-4E77-8FE9-4….jpeg)

File: e3aa7d8f417a27a⋯.jpeg (93.38 KB, 828x980, 207:245, AE70CCA9-D761-4B61-AF11-B….jpeg)

File: 76de59154bd52f4⋯.jpeg (203.43 KB, 828x1577, 828:1577, 05F30E98-6843-4E1D-8135-A….jpeg)

No more of these abominations, humanity is taking the planet back from these…….things.

893711  No.5863887


Since when is Jewishness a “race”?

17c7f6  No.5863888


Won’t be much longer before those are in her armpits when she lays down.

b8c179  No.5863889

File: df3a254e3ec04a4⋯.jpg (254.53 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, IMG_20190324_162027.jpg)

File: 38a5a5424148254⋯.jpg (61.87 KB, 534x356, 3:2, 20190324_173521 (1).jpg)

File: 42016a92ca6e640⋯.jpg (55.62 KB, 620x418, 310:209, GettyImages-1051898122-620….jpg)

File: 6efad07715c19ae⋯.jpg (979.02 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 20190324_173003.jpg)



6a1d39  No.5863890


Agree 100%

84e0f6  No.5863891

File: d318a79d49d939e⋯.png (66 KB, 283x225, 283:225, 2018-11-13_23-31-40.png)


Another backroom deal?

Politics at its finest.

5beeaf  No.5863892

File: c4123ad0a298d49⋯.jpeg (106.06 KB, 1080x614, 540:307, 1552421242.jpeg)

f53e94  No.5863893


> according to people familiar with the process

That is a classic fake news line.

dc8068  No.5863894


Everytime I see this video I think of Call of Duty..same POV view of weapon..same graphics..with today graphics/green screen…I really do believe thats what they did.

5cfecb  No.5863895


chandler realty…

72cd63  No.5863896

File: 91b0d3a718f993d⋯.jpeg (166.7 KB, 922x669, 922:669, F7E83FC9-4677-4E21-90D1-1….jpeg)


Schiffy lookin BAD.

0e2e30  No.5863897

File: 9077616721edd7f⋯.jpeg (116.36 KB, 1440x945, 32:21, Memes.jpeg)

55d654  No.5863898

File: ee950cd18f776fd⋯.jpg (559.91 KB, 1000x1778, 500:889, 20190316_165420.jpg)

How are (you) not getting it, MEME means MEME! Think double meaning, it is a verbe. Let me back up a lil, Q is very limited at what he can tell us to do cause we already look like a Christian cult, we cant have a leader that orders us what to do.

bf0266  No.5863899


My best guess is:



Might as well post it if you got it. p2 file I got is kinda corrupted.

4e2706  No.5863900

File: c2e05d722dded85⋯.jpg (512.56 KB, 3576x2492, 894:623, 74002780.jpg)

d5c7c6  No.5863901

Just a thought here:

Most (not all, but most) of us here don't particularly need any more proof of Q being real and being an actual insider directed by POTUS. But if the house demands for the Mueller full report and evidence ends up acutally being what we'd all like to hope it is (evidence that breaks the back of the Dem/HRC collusion against POTUS and NOT evidence that can be used against POTUS) then that will 100% definitively prove the Q insider theory.


This could get good…

ac09c1  No.5863902

File: 85763b6b9908338⋯.jpeg (49.62 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 68241310-888D-499D-AFC1-5….jpeg)

File: 0965df01f3c1db6⋯.jpeg (60.44 KB, 500x500, 1:1, A61502F4-6A83-495E-ACC6-7….jpeg)

File: fdeebfef202e47d⋯.jpeg (47.44 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 6800B7AF-C9D4-4E70-A9B6-6….jpeg)

File: cc4d64ea010c695⋯.jpeg (53.05 KB, 500x500, 1:1, C112ACDC-1E63-4C14-BD70-2….jpeg)

File: 7d009448786f71a⋯.jpeg (52.51 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 68E238F4-9042-4EB5-9192-A….jpeg)


watched gaffed kekked

LOST soul AS

5610f3  No.5863903

File: cb44d1f120895f8⋯.jpg (39.96 KB, 491x263, 491:263, otto jews.jpg)

File: d532c72f9e50679⋯.jpg (63.7 KB, 380x255, 76:51, santa synagogue.jpg)

File: 562705ac2439390⋯.jpg (388.69 KB, 960x720, 4:3, j1.jpg)

File: 6ef48c8e4cf5e57⋯.png (368 KB, 913x516, 913:516, soros albania puppet.png)

ff69d7  No.5863904


They are shills and post the exact same things every bread. Literally thousands of times, the same things. Use search at qresear.ch and you can see. Those here all the time know this and ignore it. It’s just [them] trying to create the narrative. Q always says together we are strong, divided you are weak. Never anything about mah joos is endorsed by Q.

802f93  No.5863905

File: d5812625ce1d76e⋯.png (392.72 KB, 603x631, 603:631, Army 3-24-19 6 05 am PDT.PNG)

File: 347401e34dc7b4f⋯.png (1.44 MB, 1141x758, 1141:758, Army 3-24-19 6 05 am PDT p….PNG)

A Soldier's preferred method of travel is the UH-60 Black Hawk. What's yours?


2f830c  No.5863907

File: e176230664e0a7b⋯.png (450.25 KB, 600x467, 600:467, ClipboardImage.png)

ad42c0  No.5863908

File: 4d8d130f21baf46⋯.jpg (63.38 KB, 640x392, 80:49, Plopter.jpg)



bc9bbd  No.5863909

File: f363a66f9a61e0d⋯.jpg (135.74 KB, 889x500, 889:500, f363a66f9a61e0def037e7550c….jpg)


quality post, thanks fren. took a long time to get used to the waiting/anticipation, still jumpy on occasion, but much more comfy with the process these days. well said.

5f1aff  No.5863910

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




6a1d39  No.5863911


Just cover, nothing real.

Hell, even the Clinton's went to "church" while in office.

c977a8  No.5863912

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Try this…


520479  No.5863913

File: 76dd5b44230d505⋯.png (1.67 MB, 1307x1285, 1307:1285, 76dd5b44230d505933616ab8ee….png)

File: 490d5563e95a708⋯.jpg (50.67 KB, 490x638, 245:319, 1529144695021.jpg)

File: 50cb06e70a07878⋯.jpg (87.91 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 1529152577507.jpg)

File: 6024eb411345479⋯.png (1.8 MB, 1440x1896, 60:79, 1529810292934.png)

File: b58e675ae0b166e⋯.jpg (94.59 KB, 717x1024, 717:1024, 1528189310393.jpg)

43f09f  No.5863914

File: 535d6f857809375⋯.png (189.46 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


eca926  No.5863915

>>5863905 US Army Tweet- preferred method of travel is the UH-60 Black Hawk. What's yours?


972e28  No.5863916

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Alice Cooper Elected

846e01  No.5863917


Have you no idea where you are?

Go read the newbie primer.

Lurk moar. Post less.

e90790  No.5863918


If I replay with "DMT", do you think a black hawk will show up, or just a black uniform?

974867  No.5863919


Does Brazil have centralized banking like the Fed Reserve? Who's behind it? Well, well, well.

83df81  No.5863920

File: 7bb48236ad3b13c⋯.jpg (7.77 KB, 225x225, 1:1, capobv.jpg)

3ba144  No.5863921

File: 6b5529084e36b69⋯.png (242.99 KB, 462x452, 231:226, ClipboardImage.png)


You are not alone anon. The layers of truth will be peeled. Defense of lies cannot continue forever.

5beeaf  No.5863922

File: 29374daa824bb8e⋯.jpeg (331.34 KB, 1440x912, 30:19, 1551369333.jpeg)

File: 3b1f66f212d8b04⋯.png (106.82 KB, 300x483, 100:161, 8beaf1747602f509fcc1276e19….png)

480599  No.5863923



Source on that + normies waking up in the comments.

5610f3  No.5863924

File: 639a930b4e4e159⋯.jpg (42.82 KB, 707x532, 101:76, ac h369.jpg)

File: 3684111f5cf8d05⋯.jpg (32.24 KB, 640x360, 16:9, vesco.jpg)

File: bf45133516b9b1f⋯.jpg (120.47 KB, 988x661, 988:661, rolling.stone.jpg)

63c3b9  No.5863925

File: 1ab3a6e94295a51⋯.jpg (90.35 KB, 510x500, 51:50, 2wramw.jpg)

File: 5288a374a91f643⋯.jpeg (229.88 KB, 951x972, 317:324, bq-5c.jpeg)

File: 8dbe4b57622cbed⋯.jpg (59.37 KB, 597x418, 597:418, fggft5rt4.jpg)

File: 654af9afc8d7e52⋯.jpg (78.75 KB, 749x499, 749:499, 2wr87y.jpg)

3d17a4  No.5863926



68b67c  No.5863927


looking through your previous posts I can see that you are nothing more than a cunt. You can kindly go fuck yourself like the cunt that you are.

3acf7b  No.5863928

File: c626ae898edf2e1⋯.jpg (71.35 KB, 663x377, 51:29, HeeHawJuniorKushner.jpg)

291b24  No.5863929


FISC is a rubber stamp court. It needs to be ended.

c977a8  No.5863930


need link fam

263b7c  No.5863931


Show me on the ham where trump touched (you)

c2eb66  No.5863932

File: d5c432f4f27a764⋯.png (384.06 KB, 506x360, 253:180, suicide.PNG)


210a90  No.5863933


“Well, I don’t know,” Nadler said. “First of all, we don’t know what indictments are forthcoming from other investigations that have been spun out by the special prosecutor to the Southern District of New York or the Eastern District of Virginia.”

Nadler went on to add that “Obviously, we know there was some collusion. We know the president’s son and campaign manager were involved in a meeting with the Russians to receive stolen — what they thought was to receive stolen information — information stolen by the Russians from the Democratic National Committee as part of the Russian government’s attempt to help Trump in the election. That’s the way the e-mail inviting them to the meeting put it.”

“But none of what you just said has risen to the level of criminal indictment by the special counsel,” Bash noted.

“No, it hasn’t,” Nadler said, but added “As far as we know. But we know there was collusion. Why there’s been no indictments, we don’t know.”

225a23  No.5863934

File: 95b950a98ba89ce⋯.jpg (32.56 KB, 615x409, 615:409, 23rwtye6twe4twe5t.jpg)

ef8cd2  No.5863935


If traveling via SPACE FORCE is an option, I would take that.

f84614  No.5863936

File: 432dc0e9a7c8d93⋯.jpg (115.86 KB, 650x450, 13:9, dejavu.jpg)

Anyone watch the Phillip K. Dicks Electric Dreams series? Like Black Mirror- it's drops disturbing clues… there's even a cyborg named Alice.

12d828  No.5863937

File: 4885d414ee07f1b⋯.png (1.99 MB, 1600x1200, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


>If you've ever been in the military

15352e  No.5863938

It's true. The rothschilds are not actually Jews.

They are actually garbage. 100% pure genuine original bloodline garbage.

Legend has it they were actually conceived in Lucifers asshole.

Can't confirm.

e1fc67  No.5863939


and they always



use so much text

846e01  No.5863940


This observation is true and implies that the jews have skin much less thick that that of a semi-dried grape.

84207c  No.5863941


need better sauce

f9a5a3  No.5863942



480599  No.5863943

File: 93e8676d3a21f6c⋯.gif (556.57 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1523455033108.gif)


Amazing how quickly people who know too much (((commit suicide)))

dcd36e  No.5863944

File: 338a70c13f53647⋯.png (1.53 MB, 1831x730, 1831:730, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 43cde4957805aaa⋯.png (1.24 MB, 1672x648, 209:81, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7d51be8b6fe4166⋯.png (1.4 MB, 1887x823, 1887:823, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 12ec006f047a9b1⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1635x826, 1635:826, ClipboardImage.png)

Reposting for visibility. Was in notables I think Thursday morning but I wanted to get more eyes on as I think I've found a "locus".

Anons I've found something EVIL re: RC

Q posted that pic with a bunch of models asking where they were now. Decided to do some digging and went to the page that hosted the article.


Did a quick DDG search for the first one: Rai, Midland. As most of you probably know, Midland is a Chandler Agency.


Then clicked on the little casting button on the right side


Shit's about to get fucking weird. Clicked on the seemingly out of place M+A Group button at the top right.


https://www.maworldgroup.com/ (DIG IN HERE)

Lots of weird fucking videos. One caught my eye, the "Self Portrait" video of a girl eating pizza.

(NOTE: The following chain is the ONLY chain I've followed, I wanted to get this out and get you faggots digging ASAP. Trust me, this is worth your time.)


Okay so the videos are pretty fucking weird right?? Come eat with me September 20 2018? Not sure what that's about but I have a few guesses, couldn't find anything about an event September 20 so far…

Here's where it gets really bad. Photographers for the video:

Sharna Osborne

http://sharnaosborne.com/ (LOOK AT THIS)


Illuminati symbolism, videos of dudes feeling up little girls, one riding… Pics related (SHELL VIDEO around half way point on page, a little above). Something's here anons.

Danielle Emerson:



Same models/pics? (last 2 images)

What is this anons? This is the only chain I've followed. I'd recommend starting with https://www.maworldgroup.com/ and digging for yourself. Like I said, I've only looked into the ONE video and it led me to this shit.

I'm pretty sure the "models" on some of the "Fashion sites" you will no doubt find (ex. https://lesgirlslesboys.com/uk/ from the SHELL video in the pic) are for sale instead of the clothing items. Just a theory. Need eyes on this, busy next few days but I'll do what I can.

cd0cd6  No.5863945

File: 4c04c3b4d54ad0b⋯.jpg (32.49 KB, 458x342, 229:171, Capture.JPG)


This is nothing, i guess, but it was an interesting first hit.

eca926  No.5863946

File: 44a969bfa0a45aa⋯.jpg (97.08 KB, 960x540, 16:9, BIBI gone.jpg)

c99ce6  No.5863947


Brazil Central Bank controlled by the Roths according to Q.

>Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID:gO/UntOB Sat 11 Nov 2017 23:31:13 No.149063400


>Brazil: Central Bank of Brazil

84e0f6  No.5863948

File: 195280143d1a330⋯.png (75.21 KB, 198x250, 99:125, 2019-01-01_20-58-01.png)


>No more of these abominations


c7479e  No.5863949



df9762  No.5863950


i confirm it

but got no sauce

e90790  No.5863951

File: 6b77a507e57eeaf⋯.jpeg (40.64 KB, 750x553, 750:553, D2cBpv4U0AAJzJM.jpeg)

c7d9d4  No.5863952

File: 5fd4d8c0b373311⋯.jpg (60.88 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1539145610048.jpg)

6b92c8  No.5863953

File: a3bf8df41b604ac⋯.jpg (74.55 KB, 800x576, 25:18, HotKitchen.jpg)

291b24  No.5863954


What did these fuckers know and/or how much were they paid to act.

55d654  No.5863955

File: 18409fa2a62786f⋯.jpg (606.42 KB, 1000x1778, 500:889, 20190324_174014.jpg)

File: ea56b8e7b887a99⋯.jpg (344.64 KB, 1000x1778, 500:889, If youre too lazy to do it….jpg)



c2eb66  No.5863956


Same story as the previous suicide, they say it was survivors guilt.

Suicide weekend.

Notable if not posted yet.

db8773  No.5863957

File: abf8f8d7a53d987⋯.jpg (320.21 KB, 606x938, 303:469, AC_case_against_cultural_a….jpg)

43b204  No.5863958


True, but when we're young; and I'm talking 40 years ago for myself, we want to "do" something. We want to "see" some action. And we think we're invincible until reality hits us in the face. Patience, I believe, is a virtue that ripens with age.

3ba144  No.5863959

File: 732e74e0d94faa3⋯.png (517.6 KB, 599x454, 599:454, ClipboardImage.png)


If you think we are living on a curvaceous terrain, you are wrong irrespective of the stated radius of the earth. Star reflections could never be symmetric otherwise.

8901c7  No.5863960


Obsidian teeth?

See the obsidian portal


See Camille Paglia


In her book Sexual Personae (1991), Camille Paglia wrote: "The toothed vagina is no sexist hallucination: every penis is made less in every vagina, just as mankind, male and female, is devoured by mother nature."

What is obsidian? Volcanic origin.


Birth by fire? Trial by fire.


e9f621  No.5863961

File: 05049afc823a3c6⋯.jpeg (13.85 KB, 255x166, 255:166, AEE5D3C3-8A83-41BB-9FF0-A….jpeg)

File: e19a64ee248995e⋯.jpeg (117.46 KB, 702x459, 26:17, C516E179-8B15-4690-B89C-C….jpeg)

File: 67e4fe8de72d5c8⋯.jpeg (566.45 KB, 976x1296, 61:81, 724E8D36-2212-4EF6-AF44-8….jpeg)

File: a0a710ec894587a⋯.jpeg (136.38 KB, 1000x636, 250:159, 5FEF0AFD-3BD5-446D-A509-D….jpeg)

File: 3080b65b6995122⋯.jpeg (664.92 KB, 1200x1168, 75:73, 2E3AF8D7-B16C-494F-ADBB-D….jpeg)

68b67c  No.5863962


wondering why this hasn't been picked up as

==notable== yet.

My money is on Q bringing this up.

4e2706  No.5863963

File: f1e9d3029026555⋯.gif (1.51 MB, 720x404, 180:101, giphy.gif)


Eyes are a touch Red This Morning!

Try this!

Liddle Schitt!

95d18c  No.5863964



cf8686  No.5863965

Last bread, there was discussion about the unusual 11-11-18 earthquake, and the wider context of other geological anomalies in the area of Mayotte, partly fueled by a new Popular Mechanics article supporting the concept of underwater volcanic activity. The 11-11 event remains interesting because Q appeared to reference the earthquake in 2527, but no one has a solid understanding of what actually happened there. However, the event is the subject of speculation, with connections suggested to everything from the Schumann Resonance to Cthulu.

The intent of this post is to help drive potential questions.

Core facts we know about the event:

* The earthquake had an exotic seismic signature, low amplitude waves (about 1/17 Hertz) and recorded worldwide. At the time, scientists were quoted as saying that the event was extremely unusual, nothing like it seen before.

* The earthquake origin was about 15 miles from Mayotte, an island in the Indian Ocean, which (unusually) is a Department of France (the equivalent of a US state). France has five overseas departments outside of the core contiguous nation-state in Europe.

* Q stated in advance that 11-11 would be significant, and after the event (in an oblique sense that could be incorrect) Q appeared to point towards this earthquake as the important event on that date. If this is a correct interpretation of Q2527, then this earthquake was part of the Plan.

* There are other geological anomalies in the region. For example, within the past month, there was a study reported about substantial quantities of quartzite found on another an island (within 100 miles, part of the nation of Comoros) that geologically should not exist on a volcanic island.

We have no idea what the event on 11-11 was, and this may be a "future proves past" situation where we lack the necessary information to even speculate in the correct direction. But to spark ideas, people focus on some other previous concepts:

* It is widely believed that the cabal operates DUMBs (underground military bases), including underwater. Therefore a major underwater event connected to the Plan, especially within 15 miles of an obscure island associated with the EU, could be reasonably speculated to relate to a DUMB at that location. An earthquake at a DUMB would likely relate to either the use of exotic technology, or the destruction of the base using exotic technology.

(This is not inconsistent with scientific claims of volcanic activity. Tech might induce volcanic activity, or the volcano story could be a smokescreen postulating a natural explanation.)

* Because the earthquake waves were at a very low frequency (using that term descriptively, the frequency band called VLF is actually of higher frequency), there is speculation connecting 11-11 to any other phenomenon involving low frequency waves. This includes submarine communications and the Schumann Resonance. Such speculation is based on casting a net for anything else that vibrates at similar frequencies, and while interesting, should lead to research trying to connect the specific concepts. (For example, Schumann Resonance is based on reflections in the ionosphere, why/how could this have any connection to waves in the earth?)

* Cthulu and deep-sea monster speculation is based on the idea that the cabal might have alien or exotic lifeform life or resources hidden in DUMBs. If trying to speculate about possible cabal tech or resources that could cause a big earthquake from a DUMB, this is a place people go. Again, would be most interesting if connected to specific other research about what this life/tech might be.

* Effects. Was the primary effect local (such as destroying a DUMB that had worldwide implications because it became unavailable to cabal) or global (the worldwide shaking doing something elsewhere to materials or people)? Local effects easy to understand - something like unleashing a volcano can destroy something there. But for the global option, what exactly can a wave like this accomplish at a distance?

Would be nice to see deeper research looking for solid connections between 11-11 and what might have been there or what the shaking might have affected … more than just "this is kinda like that" spitballing … but personally I think this is a "future proves past" situation and we're missing key information to make the connections.

275222  No.5863966


What kind of a faggot are you?

263b7c  No.5863967

Maybe radio 1867328852 is an Amazon prime cookie stalker

825cf5  No.5863968


Nice idea, but not changing anything, other than placating supposedly 'disaffected' constituencies which, not long ago, were mobilizing on the streets.

Also nice that so many have been herded into believing they comprehend the machinations behind the scenes, as if most have even the slightest comprehension of history.

All this quoting of establishment media and pols as 'on our side' really exposes just how slow people are today.

If they are, that's fantastic (Fox isn't, FYI), but it's no cause to become sycophantic.

Circumspection is prudent.

5610f3  No.5863969

File: ccded6dbcb04d02⋯.png (94 KB, 896x518, 64:37, clegg royal pedos.png)

File: 26463be64e67f37⋯.jpg (49.41 KB, 590x350, 59:35, pawn.jpg)

File: db85631fe0133e2⋯.jpg (69.03 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, pedo man boi.jpg)

File: b4dafcc5d4a63e6⋯.jpg (33.78 KB, 468x325, 36:25, miriam.jpg)

57d8a4  No.5863970


NOT REAL NEWS: President has not fired Muslim federal judge

May 31, 2018


f9a5a3  No.5863971



b8c179  No.5863972

File: 1b4abcd2c114348⋯.jpg (478.23 KB, 1620x1080, 3:2, 20190324_174123_s.jpg)

File: f611e9a7090079b⋯.jpg (427.6 KB, 1400x869, 1400:869, 20190324_174142_s.jpg)

File: bbb516c0bde3766⋯.jpg (94.62 KB, 658x510, 329:255, 20190324_174221_s.jpg)

File: 870d177e4fd4543⋯.jpg (177.96 KB, 720x812, 180:203, 20190324_174246_s.jpg)


KR Batch

75e2ac  No.5863973


pretty cool, thanks for posting, finally some interesting content here, its been a while

15352e  No.5863974


That's the gayest fucking post I've ever seen on the internet.

You win.

729b8c  No.5863975


I'll go ahead and give FULL VALIDATION AND CONFIRMATION on your remote viewing legend conclusion.

Additionally, there is conclusionary testiculary anecdotal evidence from images on the web, and from those who have been around them and can confirm they SMELL AND LOOK LIKE SHIT ALL TIME