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File: 4cb6c0aad05031c⋯.jpg (248.17 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, OP.jpg)

86f17d  No.5702224

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Q's Latest Posts

Friday 03.15.2019

>>>/patriotsfight/468 ——————————— (US Flag) (Cap: >>5700611 )

>>5693658 ————————————–——– Tomorrow is FRIDAY.

Thursday 03.14.2019

>>5691725 rt >>5691475 ————————— Not big enough to pull headlines/news away. Think days.

>>5691398 ————————————–——– Be vigilant at all times. (US, UK, FR, IT) See Something. Say Something (Cap: >>5691483 )

>>5690226 ————————————–——– "This is about to break wide open..." (Cap and Video: >>5690246, >>5690415)

>>5685756 ————————————–——– Very SAD to see GERMANY pulling the strings on the UK! Q+ (UK Bread)

>>5685837 ————————————–——– Stand strong, Patriots. The UNITED STATES is WITH YOU Q+ (UK bread)

>>5685074 ————————————–——– "Server config change." (Cap: >>5688088)

>>5684336 rt >>5684297 ————————— Disregard spelling error. On the move.

>>5684297 ————————————–——– TO SUMMARIZE THIS WEEK: RE: [D’s] PREP TO STEAL 2020 ELECTIONS

>>5684025 rt >>5684007 ————————— Good movie.

>>5683938 ————————————–——– Clear history/cookies to bypass all PAYWALLS. Read FREE. (Cap: >>5688121)

>>5683707 rt >>5683675 ————————— "Class A" shares. Fun, nonetheless.

>>5683562 rt >>5683535 ————————— Do you see "CI A?"

>>5683496 ————————————–——– Sometimes the TRUTH is right in front of you. (Cap: >>5688189)

>>5682585 ————————————–——– NELLIE OHR = C_A?

>>5682414 ————————————–——– What did we learn this week? (Cap: >>5686693)

>>5681798 ————————————–——– REMEMBER THIS IMPORTANT FACT

>>5681490 ————————————–——– Remember this important FACT (Cap: >>5686574)

>>5681131 rt >>5681048 ————————— AUTISTS SAVING THE WORLD

>>5681047 rt >>5680891 ————————— But, you already knew that from the drop

>>5680891 ————————————–——– PRESS CONF COMING?

>>5680490 ————————————–——– [RR] DEBRIEF COMPLETE

>>5680293 ————————————–——– A_TRAITOR'S_JUSTICE.png

>>5680288 rt >>5680242 ————————— Thank you for your service

>>5677755 ————————————–——– The End Is Near (Cap: >>5678032)

>>5677704 ————————————–——– Happy Hunting! (Cap: >>5678075)

Wednesday 03.13.2019

>>5670419 ————————————–——– "Facebook is my B*TCH." – re: NSA ACCESS (Cap: >>5670486)

>>5669977 rt >>5669639 ————————— The 'cleaning crew' is active.

>>5669520 ————————————–——– LifeLog problems?

>>5668328 ————————————–——– This is not just about sex trafficking [1].

>>5664805 ————————————–——– ALL THAT MATTERS IS POWER.

>>5662895 ————————————–——– Think LifeLog dump.

>>5660203 ————————————–——– Trolling is FUN! PANIC is GOOD. (Cap: >>5660254 )

>>5655015 rt >>5654980 ————————— Figure 3.1

>>5654980 ————————————–——– The Tarmac Meeting. Days Later…. (Cap: >>5655020 )

Tuesday 03.12.2019

Compiled here: >>5678083

Monday 03.11.2019

Compiled here: >>5677813

Q's Private Board >>>/patriotsfight/ | Q's Trip-code: Q !!mG7VJxZNCI

Those still on the board --- https://8ch.net/qresearch/qposts.html or >>>/comms/226

All Q's posts, archived at - qanon.app (qanon.pub) , qmap.pub , qanon.news , qposts.online

Dealing with Clowns & Shills

>>2322789, >>2323031 How To Quickly Spot A Clown

86f17d  No.5702239


are not endorsements


>>5687134 Strzok Transcript: Research so far

>>5639699 MEME WAR! Q requests a meme campaign on POTUS's historic accomplishments

>>5644463 , >>5646510 Baker Protocol: Do NOT Add Non-Tripcode posts from Q


>>5701501 Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity!

>>5701498 Senator for Qeensland uses teaching moment to warn about dangers of Islam

>>5701462 /lb Comey memo of conversation with Trump (again)

>>5701601 Another part of the manifesto that's been around for years.

>>5701670 Bomb cyclone aftermath threatens Nebraska nuclear plant (low risk)

>>5701578, >>5701742 17 Year secret: Intel Memo Warned Bush's Iraq Invasion To Create "Perfect Storm"

>>5701754 Lawmakers Request Documents From DOJ Regarding Weissmann: "Today"

>>5701816 Moar Facebook: WhatsApp co-founder accuses Mark Zuckerberg of trading privacy for revenue

>>5701803 Rising U.S. oil clout on show in Houston (Pompeo in attendance)

>>5701888 Pepe Samson goes all Hulk and smashes media (cartoon)

>>5701526, >>5701971 Even tho the flag file is tiny (thanks, PNG) may have data. Autists looking into it

>>5701931 Trump Deletes Tweet Promoting Breitbart After Interview Derided for Suggesting Violence

>>5701952 March Madness, Public will know soon (Q one year ago)

>>5701955 Do digits confirm world about to change? (coincidence related to NZ)

>>5701808 Proof-of-concept system finds Remote Access Trojans (RATS) worldwide

>>5702117 Graham has asked DOJ to provide any docs that refer to 25th amendment plot

>>5702172 #7292


>>5700744, >>5700763 Trump arrives at Pentagon at an ospishious 11:11

>>5700672, >>5700908 Note the new Q Post, American flag

>>5700925, >>5701157 The Whitehouse water fountain is green. Watch the water. Green means go.

>>5700761 Will Sommers, famous for Ping Pong, writes hit piece on 8ch

>>5700717, >>5700749, >>5700814, >>5701065 on odd timing of pol anthem being posted

>>5700875 Pres is at Pentagon for National Security meeting

>>5701137 Bruce Ohr Informed FBI Christopher Steele's Dossier Was Based on 'Hearsay'

>>5701101 Anon theory on Q referenced 'truth being in front of us,' picks up Enquirer today

>>5701168 New Mexico Compound Suspects Face New Conspiracy Charges

>>5701142 U.S. Army tweets "Apache"

>>5701160 A tunnel of Q. A massive tunnel of Q

>>5701357 #7291


>>5699955 On Will Sommer, MSM shill and clown extraordinaire, and the recent 8ch hit piece

>>5699963 ; >>5700140 ; >>5700208 NZ shooter manifesto and archived 8ch thread

>>5700020 ; >>5700054 Planefag Update

>>5700085 Moar on the Rise Fund, linked to cabalists and college bribery scandal

>>5700097 qmap.pub approaching 300k online

>>5700126 AOC kickbacks: PAC paid $300k to a company founded by PAC’s founder

>>5700192 On the fate of Sweden re: unchecked immigration and rape cases nationwide

>>5700198 SEC charges VW, former CEO with defrauding US investors

>>5700288 Statement by AG Barr on NZ

>>5700318 On CNN and the Charlottesville hoax

>>5700370 Jeb shilling for a Republican to run against POTUS in 2020

>>5700504 Pompeo denying visas to International Criminal Court staff

>>5700524 50+ police officers quit Antifa-controlled Portland, OR, police bureau

>>5700533 Pentagon: Air Force Gen. Tod Wolters to be next Supreme Allied Commander Europe

>>5700582 #7290


>>5699170 New DJT

>>5699179 OK senate passes measure saying there is not right to abortion

>>5699210 ; >>5699546 ; >>5699652 Mueller asking for 60-day postponement on filing report on Rick Gates

>>5699212 Mueller on Rick Gates “continu[ing] to cooperate” in investigations

>>5699345 Facebook exec’s departure letter contains red flag re: Zuckerberg’s impending new “privacy policy”

>>5699363 ; >>5699397 ; >>5699508 Narrative busters re: NZ killers manifesto (not a conservative, not a Christian, eco-fascist) spreading

>>5699536 Rep. Jordan: FISA court duped into issuing warrant

>>5699549 Planefag Updates

>>5699607 JW: 11 payments from FBI to Steele in 2016 as a “confidential human source”; HRC/DNC used FBI/taxdollars to pay for dossier

>>5699767 Pompeo meeting with POTUS at Pentagon for nat’l security meeting

>>5699827 #7289

Previously Collected Notables

>>5698293 #7287, >>5699065 #7288

>>5696005 #7284, >>5696804 #7285, >>5697563 #7286

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>>5691402 #7278, >>5692480 #7279, >>5693238 #7280

>>5689051 #7275, >>5689848 #7276, >>5690674 #7277

>>5686633 #7272, >>5687486 #7273, >>5688262 #7274

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478e72  No.5702241

File: 5a3f0ba4d5f4223⋯.png (769.98 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

Where you at ???

86f17d  No.5702242

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b9ea1c  No.5702244

I'm actually excited to recieve my new s10e today and finally put my Windows phone into storage.

What is the % chance that LifeLog code comes pre-installed on it?

dae147  No.5702245

File: 5ee1cdea26e4c5b⋯.jpg (107.87 KB, 549x727, 549:727, facide.jpg)

Get it fresh and warm, suicide watch remix

858886  No.5702246

File: 38491664e6ec179⋯.png (917.8 KB, 1903x951, 1903:951, azaz0909.png)


AZAZ0909 going to DC for the PANIC

69e955  No.5702247

>>5702164 (lb)

my hypothesis is that anons keep track of trump's twitter feed ever since that post, which is one of the primary means of communication, you fuckstick. also i'm not a kike

c20af6  No.5702248

File: 15fbdbbc06db8ec⋯.jpg (52.94 KB, 600x324, 50:27, 15fbdbbc06db8ec6be54a4f547….jpg)


de642b  No.5702249

POTUS just arrived at the Pentagon ~5 min ago.

Ass-kicking on the horizon?

5bb22a  No.5702250

File: 340205e626c37e7⋯.jpg (441.21 KB, 1080x1841, 1080:1841, Screenshot_20190315-130559….jpg)

Q, what's up with this EyeTheSpy guy? He's got 43k followers on Twitter.

94ce38  No.5702251

86f17d  No.5702252

Current dough


82723a  No.5702253

File: 4ae2259b66f7dcd⋯.png (993.03 KB, 764x829, 764:829, 089707893127643.png)

f79b72  No.5702254

File: 313db2b5745980c⋯.jpg (404.98 KB, 880x660, 4:3, qwall.jpg)

eb92cd  No.5702255

File: b6045a7b3d24b10⋯.png (285.32 KB, 599x583, 599:583, Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at ….png)

File: e151f741541983a⋯.mp4 (2.86 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 9xG-j3Kf_9K0V4h3.mp4)

>>5702158 (Q lb)


>Must watch video: Joint Chiefs Chairman says Google refuses to work with US military but provides “direct benefit” to China’s military

c9f1ce  No.5702256

>>5702205 (lb)

>>5702158 (lb)

Had a feeling that the Clowns were deeply embedded in China. Would explain why Xi Ping is so grateful.

POTUS is cleaning them out.

c7078c  No.5702257

File: 785c747a475a069⋯.png (47.89 KB, 1280x674, 640:337, ClipboardImage.png)

>>5701971 (lb)


f9cb96  No.5702258

File: 396daaf5e21f1f5⋯.jpg (20.85 KB, 474x315, 158:105, Shit the bed.jpg)

97ee11  No.5702259

File: c206f410beb442b⋯.jpg (3.91 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 57436257890__DE58BEEF-6558….JPG)

today in capcha

cc92ea  No.5702260

File: bb5757319da3c7d⋯.png (777.82 KB, 1080x1160, 27:29, b4b5cf04f40d8f5de3278e69eb….png)

bbaf30  No.5702261


He's fake!!! Q post 1177 cleared that up.

bee0fd  No.5702262

>>5702121 lb

In all honesty Q, nothing is really safe. No phone, no app, no computer, no social media site etc…

32b0ca  No.5702263



NUNES says Christopher Steele may not have

written everything in the DOSSIER.

Did FBI + Another add bits of their Own ??

FBI testified that Steele wrote it 100%

Maybe that is NOT TRUE !!


9701f0  No.5702264

File: 31129962eecbe0d⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1839x842, 1839:842, ClipboardImage.png)

How it this "guy" running for the Leader of the Free World, again?

d75888  No.5702265

File: cc51aa99c03bc6b⋯.jpg (35.65 KB, 506x500, 253:250, med_1533002601_image.jpg)













e8ac8d  No.5702266

File: e8de343348ff250⋯.png (92.86 KB, 616x351, 616:351, lifelog.png)

>>5702158 /pb

"'They never thought she would lose."'

So they didn't think they needed a contingency plan for the One World Government.

cbb3ce  No.5702268

>>5702158 (lb)

Already deleted FB…but still don't know how to get rid of it…if you know what i mean!!!

Need some industrial strength app the Deletes FB to where it is gone, never to come back to haunt us.

69a6f3  No.5702269


Man you never give up do you. He told you a year ago to fuck off.

aad130  No.5702270

File: 547d8fca2e280cd⋯.png (1.01 MB, 755x6722, 755:6722, Q5702121 Screenshot_2019-0….png)


>>5702121 Q LB

baker screencap article

Severe lag we're all facing

c99006  No.5702271

>>5702205 (LB Q)

They're working overtime to discredit everything we're trying to do via projection

df3a04  No.5702272

Pence at the Pentagon?

c52ec0  No.5702273

834db1  No.5702274

File: 9d388fab7c9fea8⋯.png (1.3 MB, 1200x1140, 20:19, 9d388fab7c9fea82a7a05d6d11….png)

69e955  No.5702275


did you get the new Q posts yet?

79db40  No.5702276

>>5702205 (pb)

(((They))) need WW3 now, NZ provocation to incite muslims WW

Division attempt.

Full armor of God.

f79b72  No.5702277

File: 34141a6292c9edb⋯.jpg (47.54 KB, 714x438, 119:73, trumplightson.jpg)

fcad7e  No.5702278

File: 4fd478742fcefa5⋯.jpeg (68.21 KB, 640x427, 640:427, 1A174F86-5E13-4B16-9020-6….jpeg)

File: b5707ed5b50ccd3⋯.jpeg (68.34 KB, 640x427, 640:427, BDF0F086-2E09-4403-B238-3….jpeg)

d3b66b  No.5702279

File: 52ef8a41e026aee⋯.jpg (66.04 KB, 740x317, 740:317, rg19.jpg)


I'm here if you want a break baker.

Thank you!

317127  No.5702280


Q Proof for you

Would love to know if I'm on the right track especially since it did not get posted in Notables LB.



c3fd88  No.5702281

File: 6ef95f321b9f5ff⋯.jpg (19.47 KB, 603x122, 603:122, QMAP.jpg)


Thank Q Baker!

800fb3  No.5702282

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

& this is for me and Liverpool family.

-block me more, criminal.-

f327b4  No.5702283


ATTN: Baker


Formatted and ready to serve up fresh:

>>5702205 ————————————–——– These people are sick & evil.

>>5702158 ————————————–——– Dark to LIGHT. (Cap: >>5702195 )

>>5702121 ————————————–——– Dark to LIGHT. (Cap: >>5702184 )

df3a04  No.5702284


When C_A is gone FB will be gone

2249f0  No.5702285


Kenye's got more.

27b793  No.5702286



Baker missing Q posts from last bread.

>>5702205 - These people are sick & evil.

>>5702158 - Dark to Light China

>>5702121 - Dark to Light Whatsapp

851cbd  No.5702287


That was Carl. He's new.

69a6f3  No.5702288


anon said early to use ROOTKING on andriod. Haven't checked it out yet, soooo

481ca4  No.5702289

File: d4f54d99e7b489b⋯.jpeg (438.85 KB, 1125x1751, 1125:1751, 251D403D-09B8-4B5D-AFB4-4….jpeg)

File: 04994dbad03b90c⋯.jpeg (237.68 KB, 1124x1641, 1124:1641, 7F41A004-BE59-460A-9C8E-4….jpeg)

File: 41c01494edf7728⋯.jpeg (438.4 KB, 1124x1818, 562:909, B6C45041-F70A-4AAC-ADFD-8….jpeg)

File: 262b37391642230⋯.jpeg (389.22 KB, 1125x1825, 45:73, A6AE037E-54E0-40C7-B476-5….jpeg)

Beto belonged to the oldest group of computer hackers in U.S. history the Cult of the Dead Cow


96830f  No.5702290

Sorry guys.. Last bread was a zinger so this gets re-pasta'd

Public service announcement for newer android custys.

The example is for google.app specifically, but it will also work with other bloatware, like facebook.app and twitter.app.

Because just disabling isn't enough. Permissions matter.

Disabling Google Assistant. All the way.

Some people I've talked about this to lately have noticed that their handsets were still picking up audio cues for ads etc, even though they had turned the Google assistant "off" on their phone. The idea of the comms companies being CIA comptrolled keeps coming up, so here's a re-pasta.

Turn off all your apps and reboot the phone. Once the phone is to the home screen:

Go to app permissions.

Stop the google.app (or facebook.app, or whtever app needs full denial) process.

Turn off all permissions listed in the google.app permissions section.

Disable Google.app.

Reboot the phone.

Enjoy not being monitored by Google.

<Why does this matter?

This is one of the ways [they] do not need facebook to monitor you. :)

Apple and Microsoft are no better. Same idea applies to those: Deny permissions first, and then disable the apps and reboot.

434e44  No.5702291

>>5702121 (Q/lb)

@Snowden also suggested changing to Signal.

04b484  No.5702292

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>Trump at Pentagon Edition



this selfish hateful ignorant human is NOT trying to help, but pick and push buttons hoping to fluster patriots, triggering us to say something out of character that the enemy can use against us.



wanna see muh 7 (you)'s from Q?

wanna see muh autographed WHITE PEPE HAT from Brad Parscale?

wanna see muh facebook? /DCRHAMBY

wanna see muh WINNING DANCE?

wanna see how we CONTROL THE NARRATIVE?





>quote that too


f79b72  No.5702293

File: 4257c8cdd4aa712⋯.jpg (257.12 KB, 772x1254, 386:627, exfos.jpg)


f9cb96  No.5702294

File: 350794507c59834⋯.jpg (18.55 KB, 249x255, 83:85, POTUS MAGA HAT.jpg)



>>5702222 lb

quads of truth

864e62  No.5702295

File: 7f0baa4627305ab⋯.jpg (119.48 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, AlGoreXGA01.jpg)

White skin privilege.

058a63  No.5702296

File: 69d69d25a24b6d9⋯.png (78.41 KB, 2386x342, 1193:171, Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at ….png)

We are almost at 300K!

d75888  No.5702297


Fuck Carl that fucking faggot!

81e68a  No.5702298

File: c0645b9cefa8b63⋯.png (26.54 KB, 619x134, 619:134, Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at ….png)

Q referencing Cult of the Dead Cow?

>>5702205 (Q lb)

>>5702111 (lb)


0b7265  No.5702299

File: fa7853a950d77f4⋯.png (267.18 KB, 799x500, 799:500, nssb.png)

People are so fucking impatient, jfc.

ETS is a faggot, blocked by them a long time ago.

098f3e  No.5702300

File: f8f9ce588250a5e⋯.jpg (225.23 KB, 1285x734, 1285:734, QNN SNOWDEN.JPG)

4b57df  No.5702301


CIA/Google being outed as traitors.

ec36cc  No.5702302

File: 378edc42c470023⋯.jpg (278.88 KB, 1296x744, 54:31, the-hrc-dnc-hack.jpg)

So who Pwned the DNC’s and HRC’s email servers? The Russians? Romanians? Or was it just your run of the mill IT/DBA/Developer/SysAdmin/Staffer with an axe to grind?


To find out more, check out the post by William Binney and Larry Johnson.


Here is a little illustration that helps focus some of their points and expand on others:

af14cc  No.5702303

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN - Full documentary

(It's a video, click it.)




A lot of anons post the truth about the jews, they are not shills, and are trying to help awaken everyone to their evils. They call you "Goyim" (sheep/cattle), they steal from you from the second you are born, every aspect of your life is a jewish trick, they steal our children to rape and eat, they lied about the "Holocaust", they have been kicked out of every country they have ever been invited into, and they blew up the World Trade Center's just for starters. Pay attention to your fellow anons when they try to give you this information. Don't forget Judaism is a death cult, not a religion.


6e0ac0  No.5702304


So Rob is another

clown fuck

af14cc  No.5702305

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Interview with rabbi Abraham Finkelstein

@ 39:54

"We steal between 100,000 to 300,000 children a year just here in this country, we drain their blood and we mix it with our passover bread and then we throw the bodies into the slaughter houses that we own, and we grind up all the bodies in the sausage and the hamburger, McDonalds is one of our favorite outlets. And the people, they eat it for breakfast, they eat their children for lunch, and uh, us jews we gotta do what we do."

Shills will call it a hoax like they do with everything they don't want you to look at, the statements made in the video check out and all you have to do is be paying attention to see it.

0d0a80  No.5702306

File: 79a530944b73a9f⋯.png (318.22 KB, 562x576, 281:288, ClipboardImage.png)

>>5702205 (Qlb)


5a1051  No.5702307

File: b4b95f895532023⋯.png (260.46 KB, 914x1252, 457:626, AQ22.png)

It never is a coincidence.

800fb3  No.5702308


Sorry Bayern, I apologise for winning.

11ae5c  No.5702309

File: b895f29360b70ea⋯.jpg (170.58 KB, 979x789, 979:789, D1rTTUkWoAAmHdd.jpg)

File: 7ca4dd2a24818f4⋯.jpg (162.6 KB, 906x795, 302:265, D1rVu_BX4AMCSFn.jpg)

File: ef428540879fd16⋯.jpg (143.81 KB, 871x803, 871:803, D1rV2qrXQAA0sV1.jpg)

File: 3698e43c7838c8d⋯.jpg (142.76 KB, 1107x780, 369:260, D1rV7U1WsAAVhaX.jpg)


ac87fa  No.5702310

Anyone have photos of Ethiopian plane with scorch marks! Doesn’t appear the plane burned at all.

79db40  No.5702311


How does a foreigner get military style weapons in a country with reasonably strict gun laws?????????

Multiple shooters now it's a lone shooter????


4a386c  No.5702312

File: 536a6ab4f73544f⋯.jpg (27.64 KB, 800x275, 32:11, HEART_logo_v4-2.jpg)

Posting again.

I know the watch points to 3/14 but multiple meanings are supposed to exist.

Q dropped the "Follow the watch" drop in January, and anons have said it's an IWC watch.

POTUS told everyone to lookup 1888 and somebody said drops are being missed.

Has anyone smarter than me looked into the International Council of Women, formed in 1888?

Indecently the 55th international women's conference was held in Los Angeles in Feb. Interesting artwork they have.

a229ad  No.5702313

File: 2388a823fe0f11b⋯.jpeg (119.67 KB, 750x695, 150:139, ED9B07DC-7EF3-41D9-9DAD-9….jpeg)

Almost at 300,000 unique page views in 24 hours!

A month ago it hit 150,000. That’s a two-fold increase in 30 days.

7f4acf  No.5702314

File: 2c51e3baa132416⋯.jpeg (16.32 KB, 255x193, 255:193, 01160A9B-59FD-4A0C-BD32-B….jpeg)

37a6ae  No.5702315

File: b3a0d2ace03e1e9⋯.jpeg (709.14 KB, 1576x2098, 788:1049, 48E419E6-D301-44CF-AAFF-2….jpeg)

745cfd  No.5702316

File: ffdf17a263fcf25⋯.jpg (74.5 KB, 445x226, 445:226, downloadfile-62.jpg)

Q said the bottom will fall out of the Democratic party when FISA declassification happens…

Q Pull It!!

94ce38  No.5702317


Yes lets pause our research because baker is slow…

3914ce  No.5702318

File: 4e7c1d49d8698df⋯.png (389.88 KB, 571x500, 571:500, ClipboardImage.png)

8c3331  No.5702319

File: 272c41048201499⋯.jpg (336.1 KB, 683x683, 1:1, 272c41048201499fdbaa0dc028….jpg)


TY Baker!!!

>>5701920 (lb)

Top notch!

864e62  No.5702320

File: e3a73d61f57d67e⋯.jpg (181.56 KB, 768x998, 384:499, Barack_ObamaXGA01.jpg)

More privilege.

48c7ab  No.5702321

>>5702205 (lb)

Still very sad they would kill innocents in order to push a narrative.

f8603e  No.5702322

These people are so sick that when the normies pull them from their bunkers and caves, it will be morally justified and in Gods eyes these insidious people worship and commit evil.

We were taught to fight this.

2249f0  No.5702324


And that's 300k of us obsessed Q followers, we are likely only 10% of the movement

86f17d  No.5702325


got it thank you

6f1239  No.5702326

So what are you guys going to do once /8chan/ gets shut down?

ddf9d9  No.5702327

File: 7f3ebcf8b758a90⋯.jpg (87.47 KB, 714x500, 357:250, bern mail.jpg)

File: 2fb1841a666e1a0⋯.jpg (92.29 KB, 500x696, 125:174, SC Mueller.jpg)

c3fd88  No.5702328


Anon we are now at 299,670!

cda9ed  No.5702329


Getting a life.

77c593  No.5702330

These are the fun days!!!!

When justice turns ironic.

Next court date in JS FF hoax….. lol

Glandian entered the plea on his behalf. Smollett’s next court date was scheduled for April 17, according to the Associated Press.


9b0b9c  No.5702331

File: f3b0594cbdabdf1⋯.png (864.05 KB, 924x667, 924:667, loverlycouple.png)

Corey Booker is looking tres electable!

5d0b98  No.5702332

File: 468eebb8c2a746e⋯.jpeg (179.68 KB, 1000x781, 1000:781, B0FBBBA0-42C7-49D6-8E72-6….jpeg)

d75888  No.5702333


Rules are rules!

Not posting nothing useful anyway….just shit as usual FAGGOT!!!

44fe70  No.5702334

File: 8eb907c2ee5593e⋯.jpg (1.96 MB, 3935x2811, 3935:2811, 170602-D-PB383-4097.JPG)

File: d6c35768f85d23f⋯.jpg (56.79 KB, 825x477, 275:159, 170216-D-PB383-004.JPG)

File: 3a2be485729e8c6⋯.jpeg (155.51 KB, 980x551, 980:551, 08336d56-d583-11e7-93d7-6….jpeg)

He knows what's really going on!

79db40  No.5702335

File: ae05631b53e16e0⋯.png (572.79 KB, 827x854, 827:854, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 427274b95a6c9de⋯.png (557.81 KB, 772x690, 386:345, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4f55a05db796965⋯.png (590.29 KB, 734x778, 367:389, ClipboardImage.png)

A NEW MEDIA LOW! Daily Mail Blames Trump For NZ Terror Attack on US Page — BUT NOT on UK Page!


The Daily Mail blamed President Trump for the New Zealand terror attack on their US home page.

But they omitted the non-existent “Trump connection” on their UK page.


f9cb96  No.5702336


then step up and quit bitching

59cec0  No.5702337

8 chan was mentioned

8 chan was mentioned

8 chan was mentioned

8 chan was mentioned

Facebook live streamed it


learn to play the game instead of being played, you fucking retards

c3fd88  No.5702338


Probably go back to reddit

071414  No.5702339





04b484  No.5702340

File: 08da0bf295229a7⋯.jpg (59.47 KB, 787x572, 787:572, checkmate.JPG)


oop i forgot to say (/pb) on dat nigga.

forgive me, for i have sinned.

ef8d06  No.5702341

File: ae5a0bafc341c0a⋯.jpg (42.96 KB, 585x960, 39:64, teigan pedo.jpg)

File: 16d23b8a9aa77e8⋯.png (2.32 MB, 1273x1740, 1273:1740, seaworld pedo.png)

File: b9ddf7d916f0dee⋯.jpg (155.25 KB, 1200x1361, 1200:1361, alefantis pedo pizza comet.jpg)

File: 10001eb7160305d⋯.png (610.98 KB, 1022x558, 511:279, pedo pizza gate.png)

File: 3363c5bc385f24f⋯.jpg (191.35 KB, 809x960, 809:960, pedomap.jpg)

sick and evil

94ce38  No.5702342


Then i will no longer have reason to live.

Suicide will be the only option i suppose.

97ee11  No.5702343


somethine-something-something upper volta breeding colony


81e68a  No.5702344

File: a8822eab701eb2d⋯.png (20.54 KB, 255x255, 1:1, dat pepe.png)

So if GOOG (Eric Schmidt) is China and was North Korea,

And FB is CIA aligned with ??? (not Soros - short interest)

and AMZN is CIA aligned with ???

And TWTR is HRC/Al Aweed/Wonderland.

Have we figured out which cabal colonies align to which corporations for human control?

61f66d  No.5702345


Referencing the shooting is my guess.

058a63  No.5702346

File: 0517a6e389648a5⋯.png (830.09 KB, 1176x1348, 294:337, Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at ….png)

Haven't seen this posted yet, so apologies if it is a repost. Austrailian Senator Fraser Anning issued a statement regarding the mosque attack in New Zealand. Twitter has since deleted the post, but Anning is still posting. Screw PC, this man speaks the truth!

2315a2  No.5702347

call me crazy or IT ignorant, but after spending a few hours researching NZ last night,

today all my files are rearranged.

ALL the date of last access sequences are different

ALL the settings are changed from detail to large icon

tell me this is some auto-majik IT thing and not clowns in the wire

858886  No.5702348

File: 1f33653532cfc4d⋯.png (720.32 KB, 1893x794, 1893:794, GTMO.png)

GTMO is on the board but I cant find the fucker

c106c0  No.5702349


‏ @Breaking911

2m2 minutes ago

ALERT: President Trump to issue statement from the Oval Office at 3:30 ET - White House

e2a169  No.5702350

Should I spend tonight on here? Think anythings gonna happen? Any Trump speeches/rallies for me to watch tonight?

c20af6  No.5702351

File: 55eef359a814d18⋯.jpg (64.07 KB, 510x382, 255:191, 55eef359a814d1882d06ead411….jpg)

42bc1e  No.5702352

should we delete instagram too?

156c7d  No.5702353

File: 390a2d7a8ba6e94⋯.png (81.65 KB, 643x649, 643:649, jp1.PNG)

John Podesta

Verified account


Mar 13

Ran along the Yarra River in Melbourne Australia. Felt good to breathe the fresh air.


Podesta told Cabal on March, that he set up the operation.

Trump will be gone

we will all be breathing fresh air soon. It will feel good.

27b793  No.5702354


Lawmakers Request Documents From DOJ Regarding Top Special Counsel Prosecutor

In a letter sent to Attorney General William Barr on March 1, the lawmakers have asked the Justice Department to provide all information about “actions taken or not taken” by Weissmann and Ahmad after they met with Ohr.

“This development raises questions about the impartiality and independence of Weissmann and Ahmad as senior members of the Special Counsel investigation,” the letter states. “We write to determine what steps both Weissmann and Ahmad took to apprise Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III and the Justice Department of their contacts with Ohr and the substance of those meetings before their assignment to the Special Counsel’s office.”


ac16ea  No.5702355


looks like pdf encryption file sorta like some the file found on the C_A kids game web link Brennan & snowden were communicating thru… https://media.8ch.net/file_store/a96af82759f55dd81c234436023e64c3c6d94af9f81dc9db7b0f1857897393a3.png

4b57df  No.5702356


NZ prime minister receives a thank you for your hospitality present from Podesta & friends – mass casualty shooting.

3ff0ce  No.5702357

>>5701803 (lb)

Venezuela should blow up a Texas refinery or two and then try to overthrow the Capitalist lackey Trump :)

(It’s a bit sarcastic but just imagine if other countries used our logic against us. We would be 18th century).

b2b8dc  No.5702358



Fuck you and your IDs

86f17d  No.5702359


it's been in notables before

ddf9d9  No.5702360


i don't waste much time on hypothetical thot problems

f9cb96  No.5702361

File: 607db3e0d904879⋯.jpg (45.86 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Slider.jpg)

c3b859  No.5702362

Why did an Australian commit his violence in NZ?

If the Aussie shooter attacked a mosque in Australia, they'd have to admit their strict gun laws didn't work. Not only is NZ a cabal strong-hold, the attack could NOT have occurred in Australia.

e8ac8d  No.5702363

File: cd2d6f069c1e09f⋯.jpg (22.57 KB, 751x134, 751:134, LBQ.JPG)


Cap of latebread Q (pb)

e0a831  No.5702364


Because waiting an extra 3 minutes is gonna do what?

9bb70d  No.5702365

We got this, Q!

4efb4b  No.5702366

File: 7c0586af3903dd5⋯.mp4 (8.85 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, LF9Eh-WXBcRzQuFs.mp4)

a369ad  No.5702367

File: c9b5242b48b46b1⋯.jpg (572.23 KB, 1563x1800, 521:600, 00000000000000000.jpg)

>>5702205 pb Q

is Q referring to this coincidence ?

48c7ab  No.5702368

File: 2a48ac5a69ce98f⋯.jpg (87.62 KB, 959x714, 137:102, morgan freeman.jpg)


Anon has a point. Facebook's hands are way bloodier than ours in this. This is how we destroy the narrative.

745cfd  No.5702369

File: 319086b45ff2eaf⋯.jpeg (70.49 KB, 900x469, 900:469, 1cb3e9e790c70278ad172774a….jpeg)





Very talented webmaster I love that site.

69a6f3  No.5702370


That's when he will veto the bill to end the National Emergency.

595e91  No.5702371

File: 4c6f6dd59e1ef54⋯.jpg (493.88 KB, 2560x2560, 1:1, 4c6f6dd59e1ef545eda7258c57….jpg)

File: de4276ddc9212f6⋯.jpg (801.97 KB, 2560x2560, 1:1, Baker_Monster_Q.jpg)

File: e0fb8f5cdf28ca3⋯.jpg (15.72 KB, 255x241, 255:241, e0fb8f5cdf28ca335607d6ab53….jpg)

File: 178acfd423bc728⋯.png (829.71 KB, 2560x2560, 1:1, POW_MIA_Q_Alt_Alpha.png)


Make sure you got your Mittens and Apron on, it's Hot in Kitchen fren.

Semper Fi

9701f0  No.5702372


098f3e  No.5702373

File: 03ac5ec5d49ac03⋯.jpg (223.95 KB, 1284x735, 428:245, QNN Q SEES ALL REPORT.JPG)

c423b4  No.5702374

File: d08599ba605b068⋯.png (1.47 MB, 1125x2436, 375:812, 5E9F0767-3BE4-47BD-A4E1-42….png)

BIG BIG if true.

11ae5c  No.5702375


Signal is comped by clowns. Don't try that shit.

1f01eb  No.5702376

File: 54fac03e7a70f68⋯.jpg (46.5 KB, 474x649, 474:649, thJB24WS5C.jpg)


back to basics.

86f17d  No.5702377


it's in last bread notables

69e955  No.5702378


that was a good read. a dose of pure honesty is such a refreshing change of pace

4e12c3  No.5702379

>>5702205 (lb)

My blood has never stopped boiling, Q. Ready to fire evidence at the masses.

61f66d  No.5702381

Q serious question. Many of us want to delete that but given the current way of the world it is absolutely impossible to run for any position to better a local/greater area without the use of them. I would absolutely love to not use any of them but until we get competition to use then we must or else we pretty much auto lose due to not reaching people.

79db40  No.5702382

File: 422a1624bb93658⋯.png (38.82 KB, 849x423, 283:141, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e8b84c3e6f2f2a2⋯.png (9.3 KB, 835x101, 835:101, ClipboardImage.png)

'Change your course!': Pompeo threatens ICC over US war crimes probe

In an effort to threaten everyone into not investigating US or Israeli war crimes in the International Criminal Court, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says anyone involved in such probes will lose their visa and may be sanctioned.

The Washington war hawk said that action had to be taken because any investigation into alleged war crimes and torture committed by the United States would be a threat to US rule of law. Visas will be pulled or denied for anyone who has been involved in or even requested an ICC investigation of “any US personnel.”

The ICC is currently mulling over a request to investigate possible war crimes committed by the US in Afghanistan in the course of the nearly 20-year conflict which has left over 100,000 Afghans dead. The international court prosecutor’s office says it has “reasonable basis” to believe that “war crimes and crimes against humanity” were, and continue to be, committed by foreign government forces in Afghanistan.

Pompeo openly stated that the action was intended to get the court to drop the potential investigation, and that Washington was ready to further increase the pressure if they don’t do as he says.

“We are prepared to take additional steps, including economic sanctions, if the ICC does not change course,” he said.


434e44  No.5702383


Nellie Ohr wrote part.

5a1051  No.5702384


Workfagging or else i'd Meme it properly. Maybe someone else can pick it up?

cda9ed  No.5702385


Is he talking about Google helping the Chinese military, or is he talking about NZ?

f327b4  No.5702386


Is the data going anywhere?

Are you that desperate to get noticed?

Will it absolutely kill you to wait two seconds to post





Even if you did have something meaningful to contribute, it can wait until the Baker can properly assess it.

When you find that info, please share it.

Until then, STFU and lurk moar.

c7078c  No.5702387


Is it possible that the changes made to EO by POTUS just >>now<<

relate to FB/GOOG as signified by Q






POTUS does change to EO concerning sick people. Q posts about FB/GOOG????

d48b8f  No.5702388

File: 003a85cd025037c⋯.jpg (430.33 KB, 1800x900, 2:1, Beto Cult.jpg)

BetoThePedo and Goat-Head Crossdresser is really a piece of work. Fantasies of killing children & sex with satan? Now we know why the D's love him so much.

4efb4b  No.5702389

File: c329af623bd6237⋯.png (6.61 KB, 463x55, 463:55, ClipboardImage.png)

Congrats on the big numbers Q… remember that qmap is one of about a doze scrapers - not to mention all of the youtube videos, pop culture, and direct traffic to 8ch.


3a7e12  No.5702390

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

PIR Ides of March

ccf0b5  No.5702391


Is that callsign ANON?

a4cb00  No.5702392



+ pics of weapons posted beforehand on twitter

c99006  No.5702393

File: 967237e09976319⋯.png (7.66 KB, 383x42, 383:42, QMAP 3-15-2019 1-18-39 PM.png)

f54fc4  No.5702394

>>5702146 (PB)

Is it not worth postin on half chan and seeing end result? Sometimes there's some full on diggers on there. Although the site is comped and thread may get del.

81e68a  No.5702395


If Beta boy is going down this early, you can guarantee it's coming from (((them))) and not us.

a83733  No.5702396

File: e68a9b9382c39a5⋯.png (832.84 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, C74A0D70-F6CE-4216-9180-E1….png)


1e37e1  No.5702397

File: 3092885a19a7bdb⋯.png (145.1 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20190315-132034.png)


745cfd  No.5702398

File: b7db21d534f0dcb⋯.jpg (69.12 KB, 618x410, 309:205, downloadfile-54.jpg)

Amy Berman Jackson is so ugly she makes ugly Roger Stone look like Burt Reynolds.

dca3a2  No.5702399


Nellie Ohr wrote some too.

59cec0  No.5702400

Facebook the choice of live streaming for terrorist

wake up niggers

d75888  No.5702401

File: 06cd822673adb12⋯.jpg (30.17 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)


>Fantasies of killing children & sex with satan?

aad130  No.5702402


Wow so very true! This has to be spread far and wide. Truth, Dark to LIGHT!


>>5702346 Australian senator statement condemns violence but explains the truth about Islam and dark purpose behind forced migration

156c7d  No.5702403


Well all of FIVEYES WAS UK.

But POTUS just told us that Germany pulls the strings on UK.

So, who pulls Germany's strings?

ef8d06  No.5702405

File: 028d08ba311665f⋯.png (7.24 KB, 542x137, 542:137, Screenshot_2019-03-15 Q Re….png)


better cap MST

aa3255  No.5702406

File: c7690338ca8d280⋯.png (252.98 KB, 952x735, 136:105, beto is sick.png)

69a6f3  No.5702407


This man knows everything.

a57b9d  No.5702408

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

March 6. 2019 Rachel Maddow ragecast tying Trump to Gambino crime family.

94ce38  No.5702409


I wasn't bitching the red-text faggot was.


Yes. As long as rules makes sense.

>Not posting nothing useful anyway

Not useful to you perhaps.


>Because waiting an extra 3 minutes is gonna do what?

Waste 3 minutes.

<FUCK 3 Captchas?? Wtf?

f79b72  No.5702410

File: 3341cd07d518861⋯.jpg (41.69 KB, 297x246, 99:82, 3f649767c337a80c849d421161….jpg)

df77c9  No.5702411

Which one of you faggots has the link for the New Zealand shooting video?

434e44  No.5702412

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

We're here, sun is here!

QMap 300,109 Online

0d0a80  No.5702413

File: 6678663cc10fb86⋯.png (81.76 KB, 213x236, 213:236, ClipboardImage.png)

ac16ea  No.5702414


to push the small arms treaty that JFK signed as huge FU to those fighting the cult??

ab5ed5  No.5702415

So iPhone and Android phones are comped. I've run tons of different flavors of Android like CyanogenMod, PAC-MAN, Pariniod Android, ASOP, etc… Are all of these comped as well since they relay back to Google and others? Is there nothing to secure our devices?

098f3e  No.5702416

File: 50bb2a8905ace97⋯.jpg (192.88 KB, 1284x734, 642:367, QNN FACEBOOK.JPG)

11b2aa  No.5702417


Do you think they could green screen a video like that to make it different from the way it actually happened

not saying people didn't die but saying the video is altered to make it a random dude shooting it up

4526f7  No.5702418


first picture, look at the symbol of the 6th person who liked, pedo spiral.

the rest too is more than obvious.

ab2d14  No.5702419


who wrote the manifesto?

the clowns?


who ALLOWED the livestream to go on for 16:55 minutes? ain't that odd?

a229ad  No.5702420


This is why anons will win. We have the best and the brightest. Dudes ON IT and created a beautiful website.

a9b8bc  No.5702421

DaNang Dick chimes in…POTUS rhetoric responsible for mosque shootings.

86cafc  No.5702422

File: 812a3d617f69f92⋯.jpg (1.04 MB, 1203x1655, 1203:1655, SmartSelect_20190221-18324….jpg)

c99006  No.5702423


I don't half, so I don't know. Comped is comped, IMO.

ec36cc  No.5702424

File: 975abb99667b623⋯.png (48.83 KB, 442x504, 221:252, qanon_pub__q=my fell#34.png)

File: 553969063cb941f⋯.png (35.97 KB, 444x427, 444:427, qanon_pub__q=my fell#35.png)

File: 9d33084255cf595⋯.png (8.91 KB, 442x106, 221:53, qanon_pub__q=my fell#55.png)

My Fellow Americans

97ee11  No.5702425

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

42bc1e  No.5702427

ok my facebook is gone!

I deleted my main one a last year! Opened a very inactive one just to watch quick vids of breaking news. Facebook No More!!

62e2b7  No.5702429


joo is faster to type than luciferian

c2b928  No.5702431

File: c5725f96b232d8b⋯.mp4 (12.06 MB, 1048x584, 131:73, 42773b27898d265ab3898d7fc0….mp4)

ba5a6c  No.5702432

File: c3395c1251e4444⋯.png (90.64 KB, 961x655, 961:655, ClipboardImage.png)


Most likely this

59cec0  No.5702433


don't do notables aye

c7078c  No.5702434


feed TOOTS some e.Catnip???

fe0aa3  No.5702435


you got the link for that? Helps the baker.

26560e  No.5702436

>>5702158 (pb)



Boycott Google and all its products.

a14863  No.5702438


Q is talking about the cabal tactics of false flags to divert attention from the issues that matter for public and citizens at large.

This is never a coincidence.

2acb5a  No.5702439

File: 3731acf51fce638⋯.png (22.19 KB, 433x270, 433:270, 21.png)

File: 4326d42fb4ad541⋯.png (34.38 KB, 436x339, 436:339, 21two.png)

T -4 and shit has happened yet. Fuck you QLARP. Oh wait, there was ONE thing. The first UNSEALED INDICTMENT that was supposed to bring UNITY was more charges on PAUL MANAFORT. Fuck you again Q. You are no wheres close to being an insider. You don't know shit except how to post MSM news. Lost your inside contacts? Yeah right, LARP.

b9ea1c  No.5702440


I find him to be an extremely entertaining read. His posts lift my spirits all the time…whether fake or not

96830f  No.5702441


PS- if you want to prevent google from seeing your call logs, deny the "call logs" permission in Google Play services.

f9cb96  No.5702442

File: fd1f7ced6af5192⋯.jpg (10.22 KB, 178x255, 178:255, wut.jpg)

wut da fuq is up with captcha today?

5x in an hour

90d672  No.5702443

File: 110c7f00210e858⋯.jpg (9.98 KB, 234x250, 117:125, gamer_pepe.jpg)


Notable. A reminder and this was dropped before Q and was what led us all to start reading Q the minute he dropped. FBI Anon, there was also CIA anon, Senate Anon and Mega Anon. We should take a new look at all those posts again to see what is coming to fruition and what is not.

3ff0ce  No.5702444


Maybe The Molesta is out of prison and wired for sound to track others? IDK

I still have to pay millions of dollars for health care and I have no job so even if the rats are all free and planting nukes and bio weapons everywhere I will welcome the end either way.

964777  No.5702445


My guess is that ActBlue or a subsidiary of ActBlue wrote that drivel

44fe70  No.5702446

File: 2f04aff26266ab0⋯.jpg (975.89 KB, 1413x1966, 1413:1966, SmartSelect_20190315-13121….jpg)

File: fdd287e01459103⋯.jpg (707.04 KB, 1397x1012, 127:92, SmartSelect_20190315-13123….jpg)

File: e32897000400eb2⋯.jpg (456.93 KB, 1409x1029, 1409:1029, SmartSelect_20190315-13125….jpg)

File: 916c2072fc68860⋯.jpg (577.19 KB, 1425x796, 1425:796, SmartSelect_20190315-13131….jpg)


Is it just me or is there something odd about this tweet.

The @US7thFleet flagship #USSBlueRidge and embarked #US7thFleet staff have arrived in #Manila ahead of a cooperative deployment alongside our Philippine Navy counterparts - https://t.co/xQscqAZoha #NavyPartnerships https://t.co/dJPTTaLGm5


a09b55  No.5702447


at 3:30


dd0a7c  No.5702448


BEFORE EVERYONE FREAKS OUT ABOUT THIS….it’s almost certainly going to be a condemnation of the NZ attack

9701f0  No.5702449


Guessing further south…

461b6a  No.5702450

the board is too quiet. you can almost hear a needle drop in here. it's a bit eery, but it's the sound of silence just seconds before it starts.

df77c9  No.5702451


Thank you, anon.

3431d2  No.5702452

File: c6e70d0d7bb7bd8⋯.gif (4.59 MB, 500x282, 250:141, Super Saiyan.gif)

885705  No.5702453

File: 7b89538e8e5ab65⋯.png (206.35 KB, 480x368, 30:23, 7b89538e8e5ab65fb7cf5cd53d….png)

79db40  No.5702454

File: ba19ae4190f594a⋯.png (653.83 KB, 700x457, 700:457, ClipboardImage.png)

Weapon suppliers of Bataclan-terrorists arrested in Amsterdam

Dutch police arrested two men in Amsterdam that were involved in the terror attacks in Paris in 2015. Two men of the age of 29 and 31 years old are under investigation because of weapons that were used by IS terrorists.

Members of a jihadist terror cell were visiting the Netherlands in 2015 to collect weapons such as Kalashnikovs and explosives. The suspects, the two arrested men, may be involved in the delivery of those arms, writes Algemeen Dagblad.

The police that formed an international team of Dutch, Belgian and French investigators, suspect that with these weapons, IS committed attacks in Paris. The attacks at the Stade de France, various cafes and in the Bataclan concert hall killed 129 and more than 350 were wounded.

One of the suspects was released om Thursday, because of health issues. This prevents him from being put in a cell. He is still considered a suspect. The other suspect is only allowed to have contact with his lawyer.

House searches were also carried out at home with the arrested men. In addition, computers, documents, other data carriers and mobile phones were seized.


3a2c3f  No.5702455



e8ac8d  No.5702456

File: 3f4bb877d9483e4⋯.png (608.97 KB, 643x718, 643:718, TrueDat-canibalcabal.png)



I would think Q is saying 'in general, there are no coincidences with the EVIL cabal'

35cb85  No.5702457


The only way for us to to delete FB is with your help Q

098f3e  No.5702458

File: c9954938ea6a775⋯.jpg (224.2 KB, 1284x735, 428:245, QNN SERVER.JPG)

a4cb00  No.5702459

File: 61f864aec570949⋯.png (76.55 KB, 250x241, 250:241, pepe whelmed.png)

>breads flying

>Q posting

>all sorts of habbenings

<guess i'll post some Golden Oldies videos

d75888  No.5702460


>Not useful to you perhaps.

Go ahead! Read every post in this bread before the dough come out!


Nothing that couldn't have waited a couple of seconds.


4d7411  No.5702461


Given what we know about how the Left feels about children, this will just create more Beto fever, sadly.

f79b72  No.5702462

File: 7e7e5595cda4853⋯.jpg (277.47 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, trustresearch1.jpg)

60cb14  No.5702463

File: 8cb992d96d2ff7e⋯.png (13.05 KB, 720x173, 720:173, Screenshot_2019-03-15-12-2….png)

53035e  No.5702464

Those who do not use their brains

Are no better off than those who have no brains

These people are beasts of burden and steaks on the table

By choice and consent

745cfd  No.5702465

File: 032ae55937ec1f5⋯.jpg (61.51 KB, 500x499, 500:499, 2vxnhe_1_1.jpg)

Melania Trump is the best.

Best wishes FLOTUS.

b2a4ab  No.5702466

It would be really good if Trump started posting or retweeting what Q says. I think that would force them to ask the question for sure.

0b7265  No.5702467


That was the Old Guard's bs tactics.

We've got our own oil now, have had it but has been purposely suppressed and/or halted.

Our Country was literally being sold out from under us and we were all to die in the END.

I just wish the fuckers would release the free energy tech already and end the whole thing.

97ee11  No.5702468

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a9113f  No.5702469


not wrong.

61f66d  No.5702470


Well last time this happened I said to myself this would be the one and it wasn't So this time I am going to say it will just be about a message of hope in the wake of the NZ issue. That way I reverse jinx. So everybody hope that it isn't anything and it will turn out to be something.

94ce38  No.5702471




Thanks i'm rather proud of it.

Do you absolutely have to act like a child because I didn't wait?

595e91  No.5702472




bee0fd  No.5702473


We care more about the character of a person than their looks around here

bda937  No.5702474

5a1051  No.5702475


New Zealanders in the bread with us.

9701f0  No.5702476


Whatcha runnin' from, Skippy?

ef8d06  No.5702477



good catch anon


lurk MOAR newfag

6188e2  No.5702478

File: 020430c1db5fe24⋯.png (71.66 KB, 643x649, 643:649, 390a2d7a8ba6e945ec32eb799b….png)

File: a2f332aafcf658b⋯.jpg (381.28 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190315-122146….jpg)

File: c31e54d07331202⋯.jpg (338.85 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190315-122155….jpg)

>>5701975 lb



44fe70  No.5702479

File: 8fb288e7920bea5⋯.jpg (24.19 KB, 255x159, 85:53, e5de6aae4105e28bea14dad7f8….jpg)


They are going to busy testifying. Bring the PAIN Q!

3ff0ce  No.5702480


Wilcox’s did an article on Mega Anon, so I bet he has some quotes and dates.

041398  No.5702481


Related to 'Hacker' movie crumbs?

4171f6  No.5702482

File: d0d62c938bddf1b⋯.png (268.97 KB, 546x1049, 546:1049, brei.png)


I checked and it is gone.

Mar 14, 2019 10:05:36 PM Breitbart News Network https://t.co/HdGfwuASWC via @BreitbartNews [Twitter for iPhone]


90492c  No.5702483

File: c6c6c3f1ef29d78⋯.png (113.48 KB, 361x297, 361:297, 2019-03-15_13-20-53.png)

>>5702160 lb

Wonder how many vetoes he will have to sign in the next two years?

62e2b7  No.5702484

851cbd  No.5702485


Sounds like they're preparing for action in the SCS.

9701f0  No.5702486


Yeah, lots of nervous sheep hereabouts.

4fea71  No.5702487


I think the same thing when I hear that traitors name. At least WNBJM sucks as a pin.

3cf404  No.5702488


Is NZ part of five eyes?

94ce38  No.5702489


Are you still going on about this?

And you are accusing me of shitting the bread…?

0d0a80  No.5702490


don't forget johnanon who predicted las vegas

0eb8db  No.5702491


Over 300k now

fe0aa3  No.5702492

File: 00dbdc919f6df05⋯.jpg (51.63 KB, 550x700, 11:14, Rocket_powered_cat.jpg)



A former Senate aide charged with doxxing Republican senators and extorting a witness comes from an elite family with ties to Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the top Democrat on the Judiciary Committee.

Prosecutors signaled Tuesday that they might give the aide, Jackson Cosko, a plea deal that would prevent the facts of the case from ever being learned publicly.

During Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s September 2018 confirmation hearing, Cosko — a former IT aide who once managed Democratic New Hampshire Sen. Maggie Hassan’s office computer accounts — allegedly posted to Wikipedia the home addresses of Republican senators who supported the Supreme Court justice.

44e21f  No.5702493


invasion of some SA country?

800fb3  No.5702494

Porto, I wanted Man City, but you're the "luckiest" one.

Fight for the win!

God Bless you!

f9cb96  No.5702495

File: 5000a9d788c0a5d⋯.jpg (24.53 KB, 215x255, 43:51, pepe praise kek.jpg)

098f3e  No.5702496

File: c7872a5adcb8c07⋯.jpg (200.28 KB, 1284x735, 428:245, QNN NK.JPG)

c7078c  No.5702497

TODAY is deadline from Congress to POTUS (just now on Fox) concerning private conversation between POTUS and Putin in Helsinki (et al) last year.

The soccer ball in play?

dd0a7c  No.5702498


>Is he talking about Google helping the Chinese military, or is he talking about NZ?


e2a169  No.5702499

President Donald J. Trump Announces Judicial Nominees

Today, President Donald J. Trump announced his intent to nominate judicial nominees as follows:

Ada E. Brown of Texas, to serve as District Judge on the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas.

Ada Brown is a Justice on Texas’ Fifth Court of Appeals. Before joining the appellate court in 2013, Justice Brown practiced at McKool Smith in Dallas, Texas, where her practice focused on commercial litigation and patent infringement matters. She also served as a judge on the Dallas County Criminal Court and as a prosecutor in the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office. Justice Brown has served as Commissioner for the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education and as Commissioner for the Texas Department of Public Safety. Justice Brown received her J.D. from Emory University School of Law and her B.A., manga cum laude, from Spelman College.

David John Novak of Virginia, to serve as District Judge on the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia.

David Novak is a Magistrate Judge on the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia. Judge Novak also serves as an Adjunct Professor at both the University of Richmond School of Law and the William & Mary Law School, where he teaches a course on national security law. Before being selected as a Magistrate Judge in 2012, Judge Novak served 18 years as an Assistant U.S. Attorney in the Eastern District of Virginia, including as Chief of the Criminal Division and as Senior Litigation Counsel. Before joining that office, Judge Novak held several other positions within the Department of Justice, including serving as an Assistant U.S. Attorney in the Southern District of Texas and as a Trial Attorney in the Criminal Division. Judge Novak received his J.D. from Villanova University School of Law and his B.A., manga cum laude, from St. Vincent College.


79db40  No.5702500


One video I watched yesterday had no sound but as he was in the hallway there were mussel flashes still going in the other room.

cef077  No.5702501

a14863  No.5702502


Strzok: Defended Affair, Said Mueller Never Questioned Him On Bias and Revealed A DOJ Deal With FBI

Investigators with the committee and lawmakers also questioned Strzok on the FBI’s decision to open the investigation into Clinton’s use of a private server to send classified emails at headquarters instead of the Washington Field Office.

“So why would this matter or this case have been opened up by FBI headquarters as the office of origin, for lack of a better term, and not opened up at the Washington field office,” the investigator asked Strzok.

The issue is important because GOP lawmakers have been trying to ascertain why the Clinton investigation was moved to the headquarters and run by a select group of people. For example, lawmakers on the House Judiciary Committee attended a closed door briefing with FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe on Dec. 21, 2017. In the briefing bureau officials confirmed that the investigation was overseen by a small group in Washington headquarters rather the normal process of conducting the investigation at the field offices. For example, the Clinton email server in question was based in New York.

Clinton’s case was known as “a special” which is the FBI’s way of describing when a case is controlled by hierarchy.

Strzok is asked by investigators “we’ve entertained some questions and tried to figure out what the term means that has been associated with this particular investigation, a “special” a “headquarters special.” What is that designation as assigned to an investigation that the FBI is doing?”

Strzok says he thinks the term “special” is a statement that was used in previous, earlier bureau times.”

In describing the special, he said “that it was something where a task force would be created, my recollection is, that there was frequently with a special a particular costing and administrative process would be set up so that resources could be tracked and funded as part of supporting that special.”

Strzok said he didn’t know exactly who made the decision to move the Clinton investigation to Washington D.C. headquarters.

“I don’t know, because I was not present when it occurred,” said Strzok. “My understanding is that decision was made by senior executives at the FBI, certainly at and likely above (then) Assistant Director (Randy) Coleman’s level.”

Strzok’s then asked how common is it for an investigation to be moved to FBI headquarters.

“In the normal course of business, would a case have been opened up at the Washington Field Office as the office of origin,” the investigator asks.

Strzok admits that the “ordinary course of business is that cases are opened up out of field offices and run and supervised there.”

But says he’s “aware of circumstances where cases are opened and have been opened and run out of FBI headquarters.”

“It’s not the typical case, but this was not the first, in my experience,” he says.

Clinton Classified Emails

As for Clinton’s classified emails, Strzok is asked if the “spillage of potentially classified information, this is where that particular investigation or any potential criminal violations that went with that, that those matters would be investigated?”

Strzok said, “well, we don’t investigate spills of classified information. That’s typically an administrative process if followed. For any potentially criminal matters involving classified information that is typically within the arena of the Counterintelligence Division.”

a78e07  No.5702503

9701f0  No.5702504


Would Q be using something commercially available?

90d672  No.5702505


to be expected. He has to. But the media just pissed off pol so i fully expect the truth to be revealed in the later hours of the day. they found and ISIS training camp and Shia LePoofs flag based on video coordinates and buildings. They will expose the truth of this too.

d48b8f  No.5702506



071414  No.5702507

ab5ed5  No.5702508

File: 88900e251f35fc9⋯.png (6.18 KB, 591x98, 591:98, ClipboardImage.png)


9b0b9c  No.5702509


What does the 'it' refer to?

9bb70d  No.5702510



0e1b87  No.5702511

File: 2fb4b62b0b649c3⋯.png (56.77 KB, 982x422, 491:211, Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at ….png)

QMap.pub is now 300,109


d75888  No.5702512


You started.

I was just doing my job warning the new fags to not shit in the bread.

fe0aa3  No.5702514


RBG is ded…

a9113f  No.5702515

Congrats qmap!

300,109 Online

69a6f3  No.5702516


He will be bringing the pain

c3692b  No.5702517

File: 6d3ae7ddf1d0024⋯.jpeg (12.81 KB, 255x170, 3:2, D20A64A3-6694-49F0-BF85-F….jpeg)

Q, is Mueller a White Hat or still a Black Hat?

That’s all I want to know.

Depending your answer, I can figure out the rest.

745cfd  No.5702518

File: 559ab96541c4159⋯.jpg (37.14 KB, 500x596, 125:149, 2vshgs_1.jpg)



Newfag stfu moron.

94ce38  No.5702519


>You started.


eb92cd  No.5702520

File: 181f4918924577b⋯.jpg (2.28 MB, 3000x3000, 1:1, typical-democrat.jpg)

8eb0d9  No.5702521

File: 5bc2a02a2fbf120⋯.png (272.66 KB, 588x339, 196:113, Screenshot_2019-03-15 Josh….png)

The Daily Caller

‏Verified account @DailyCaller

18s18 seconds ago

Judge Unseals Portions Of Christopher Steele’s Deposition In Dossier Lawsuit https://trib.al/VOwheO2


1538bc  No.5702522

Q, why does it seem as though the president has lost his power?

Things have been suspicious since the midterms.

How could we let Bolton and pompeo screw up so badly in Vietnam?

Why would Rand Paul stand with the dems on the emergency at the border?

Why is POTUS telling breitbart that libs better watch their ass or the bikers are gonna get ‘em.

Why are we regime changing Venezuela so obviously?

If patriots are in control and we are to trust the plan, what sense does all these actions make?

>>5702205 pb

86cafc  No.5702523

File: aa1671cc294de65⋯.png (2.22 MB, 1600x1064, 200:133, Trump_Tower.png)

Destroy the enemy and bring in the New World, Q & Q+!

97ee11  No.5702524


i was gonna write "see the sun again" so i typed "sheltered from the sun" into the goog, and i got this:


c7078c  No.5702525

File: b09881a1f6bb368⋯.png (1.69 KB, 162x25, 162:25, ClipboardImage.png)



Congrat - keep those REDPILLS coming!

317127  No.5702526


Hive mind at work all morning here

The 4-6% will never wake up and they are here.

96830f  No.5702527

File: 0767df6da6d53dc⋯.png (24.65 KB, 647x187, 647:187, personal_responsibility.png)

93ce20  No.5702528


Between the chins claiming Taiwan and building their stupid fake islands so they can control those shipping lanes, it's really just a matter of time

Sucks that even with the cabal gone, we still have to deal with man's propensity for acting like an asshole

0b7265  No.5702529

File: 3ea9be97f8a6f31⋯.png (27.17 KB, 465x482, 465:482, Screenshot_2019-03-15 Qmap….png)

d75888  No.5702530


Yes you did!

Fuck off with this BS out of here!


fe0aa3  No.5702531


read the crumbs. you will get your answer.

434e44  No.5702532


Roll over and do your Mom again?

5a1051  No.5702533


Won't be long until they have their own breads.

Wish them luck.


Yes. You know about the recent Podesta visit to NZ, right?

e9e50f  No.5702534




f9cb96  No.5702535

File: 1947a2355afaa44⋯.jpg (89.45 KB, 481x481, 1:1, Pepe vision.jpg)



wrong. as far away from NZ as you can get. People use other's work anon

04b484  No.5702536

File: 73ecc2d829b1ef1⋯.jpg (122 KB, 1286x874, 643:437, 3am NZ.JPG)

File: 96d9b7c5e0fc45b⋯.jpg (64.22 KB, 1203x582, 401:194, boom.JPG)

File: 44ee3eb258c247f⋯.jpg (59.73 KB, 634x478, 317:239, 5566777.JPG)

File: 514d17b53bb75e1⋯.jpg (62.86 KB, 485x688, 485:688, could be nothin.JPG)

File: 9fe4fb8338ccd59⋯.jpg (97.48 KB, 578x714, 17:21, strategic nonsense.JPG)

the enemy is losing control, and they know it.

they will try desperately to use symbolism to send threats/warnings to each other… but as you see.



…we simply forgot how to play.


e0a831  No.5702537


And growing.

300,460 now

a9481f  No.5702538


Got dibs on Johnny Podesta the Molesta - evil as Lori Laughlin

887857  No.5702539



This guy was a LARP. He basically rehashed the original FBI Anon posts. The original FBI Anon did two AMAs.

ef8d06  No.5702540

File: 354658b27996c44⋯.png (333.68 KB, 803x897, 803:897, Screenshot_2019-02-16 Muel….png)

File: fe5de6437163d87⋯.png (110.09 KB, 587x569, 587:569, mueller virus.png)

File: dbf2b5ebe729c5c⋯.jpg (46.22 KB, 474x667, 474:667, podesta tweet mueller.jpg)

File: b2912af2017c258⋯.png (208.56 KB, 940x885, 188:177, hrc mueller pdf.png)

File: e6b8a9d480f2f19⋯.png (355.88 KB, 500x527, 500:527, mueller u1.png)

3ff0ce  No.5702541



Did’t Mega Anon post on the half chan? Wonder if I can find.

6f8736  No.5702542

File: 01e11d05b1c2377⋯.png (8.13 KB, 726x105, 242:35, ClipboardImage.png)


And growing!

a14863  No.5702543



Finally, another milestone.

do any of the MSM have seen anything like this?


97ee11  No.5702544


give that man a cigar

3914ce  No.5702545

File: 72f4693ab503c3f⋯.png (470.17 KB, 500x531, 500:531, ClipboardImage.png)

0e1b87  No.5702546


QMap.pub is now 300,109


655570  No.5702547

File: f3a7c88bccfccf3⋯.jpeg (301.73 KB, 2393x1344, 2393:1344, 111b7e2982fe0157bcda52512….jpeg)

>>5702131 (lb) Thanks a lot! I think you may have been the one giving the great criticism and tips. I really appreciate them and try to incorporate.

>>5702319 Thank you for watching! Trying to do the board proud.

c3fd88  No.5702548

File: db805ebed18f8e1⋯.jpg (10.19 KB, 469x86, 469:86, criticalmass1.jpg)


ee32e3  No.5702549

File: 3ae77d32cae4267⋯.png (7.51 KB, 511x56, 73:8, ClipboardImage.png)

1538bc  No.5702550


Fucking liar 299

6f8736  No.5702551

File: 89e71ec8550e8fe⋯.png (1023.72 KB, 1067x986, 1067:986, ClipboardImage.png)

510240  No.5702552

File: 39a8ae22e54c608⋯.jpg (10.14 KB, 327x68, 327:68, 300460.JPG)



I'm really impressed with QMAP. Works fast, even under load, and provides Q drops within minutes.

I'm actually curious how it works to capture all of Q's tripcodes, even in other breads.

048689  No.5702553

File: 52716ae84ae2d61⋯.png (144.23 KB, 526x740, 263:370, ClipboardImage.png)

I just noticed this (pic related).

Remember when Q kept dropping "11:11" and we thought that was the parade date?

It was the date of entering the Final Phase!

The placeholders told us what is coming.

Today, the flag signaled "It's GO time!"

Beer at the Parade, Patriots!

a4b12b  No.5702554


You need to go back to Q post 1 and read them all or STFU.

90d672  No.5702555


how do you trap a rat. you put out cheese. they might have all been secretly pardoned by Obama, but they still had to cover up some massive crimes. don't you put the fox in charge of the hen house when you want to catch him in the act so you can get justice?

efb4d0  No.5702556

File: c8866c13ff554a2⋯.jpg (66.1 KB, 1407x530, 1407:530, missing q posts.JPG)

Where are these posts in the bread????

a14863  No.5702557

File: f97c12561938845⋯.png (13.61 KB, 443x65, 443:65, Screenshot 2019-03-15 at 1….png)

9bb70d  No.5702558



c52ec0  No.5702559

File: 967575d0364300e⋯.png (125.76 KB, 800x975, 32:39, Elvis-Pepe.png)


Robert Mueller = 13 Letters

Rod Rosenstein = 13 Letters

Stealth Bomber = 13 Letters

Tactical Nukes = 13 Letters

Mueller Report = 13 Letters


86cafc  No.5702561

File: 112b8938a959a68⋯.jpg (77.45 KB, 700x400, 7:4, FlynnPissed.jpg)

a369ad  No.5702562



^ got it

disregard the GAZA/NZ meme

not accurate

887857  No.5702563


No. Meganon was on Reddit. There should be an archive of her posts. She dropped off after she said she figured out JA was Q. She was likely disinfo.

398fdd  No.5702564


94ce38  No.5702565


>Yes you did!

I know I did. How old are you?

Is this kindergarden?

Grow the fuck up faggot.

96830f  No.5702566



hive activated

8eb0d9  No.5702567

File: 0096b6932f2e7f1⋯.png (222.26 KB, 588x504, 7:6, Screenshot_2019-03-15 Josh….png)


‏ @zerohedge

53m53 minutes ago

Kept Secret For 17 Years: Intel Memo Warned Bush's Iraq Invasion To Create "Perfect Storm"


0ff6c6  No.5702568


Just say the words Q I'll unpublish QGA.

I Love you.

a9113f  No.5702569


Watch CA

Watch the water

0e115e  No.5702570

Already seeing calls to shutter the entirety of 8chan…

'Cept no one's mentioning that he livestreamed on fakebook.

They gonna try and shut that down, too?

f9cb96  No.5702571

File: 0078d7665c4807b⋯.jpg (36.48 KB, 474x327, 158:109, fireworks.jpg)

bd6358  No.5702572

File: 1f81de23d17273a⋯.jpeg (55.27 KB, 833x270, 833:270, 880CDCEC-5C07-4662-BE98-6….jpeg)



800fb3  No.5702573


Is like you'll fix this world is it???

Also, if all double agents will be exposed, what will happen???

Also, who the fvck are you???????

You want to know more?

What makes you so special???

bee0fd  No.5702574


>Yes. You know about the recent Podesta visit to NZ, right?

Hillary has been out of the country as well. Going to have to dig how many events occur when they are.

44e21f  No.5702575


video link will be posted later today

48c7ab  No.5702576

File: 30470bf3d519c35⋯.jpg (68.76 KB, 646x452, 323:226, general milley.jpg)


When does Milley go up for his Senate interview?

5d3668  No.5702577


Man whatever bro, speak the fucking truth or just stop posting. You let on too many people while letting mother fucking criminals roam free.

You and your fucking crew are just as criminals for hiding all this shit as they are. Fucking horse shit nonsense, we all fucking know this.


9701f0  No.5702578


My thoughts exactly. GHIDRA add-on?

35cb85  No.5702579


300k, Patriots Respect Patriots

e2a169  No.5702580


Is this a record?

f59baa  No.5702581


Very nice.

ab2d14  No.5702582


what was that military-type marching music at the start of the video? German?

and notice how after the rampage the Hellfire song begins as he opens the door?

stranger than fiction…

69a6f3  No.5702583


Already been annouced he is vetoing the bill Congress passed.

44fe70  No.5702584

File: 7c0ed3580c22540⋯.jpg (987.45 KB, 1426x2322, 713:1161, SmartSelect_20190315-13270….jpg)

An illegal alien bit off an ICE agents finger tip.


864e62  No.5702585


>Why would Rand Paul stand with the dems on the emergency at the border?

Because Rand Paul is naive.And also wrong. He wants to be a Constitutional purist, but doesn't understand that Trump IS acting Constitutionally.

0d0a80  No.5702586


>RBG is ded

i'm guessing thots n prayers for NZ

optics an whatnot

79db40  No.5702587

File: eb59aaecf912207⋯.png (42.45 KB, 762x494, 381:247, ClipboardImage.png)

US Military Doctrine: Nuclear Weapons, Cyber Attacks, Fifth Columns

On March 14, US Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan and Gen. Joseph Dunford, the Joint Chiefs of Staff chair, testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee on President Donald Trump’s 2020 defense budget request.

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff came out with several important remarks regarding the current US military doctrine and its expected actions in the event of conflict with some “adversary”.

Dunford warned against changing the current US military policy which allows the country to be the first to use nuclear weapons during a possible conflict. The general emphasized that he “absolutely” believes that “the current policy is the right policy”.

“I wouldn’t make any decisions to simplify an adversary’s decision-making calculus. I can also imagine a few situations where we wouldn’t want to remove that option from the president”, he stressed.

Dunford added that cyber weapons will unlikely replace nuclear forces, but stressed that the US should be ready to carry out offensive cyber operations. Describing the need for cybyer operations, he mentioned China and Russia as well as cyber attacks allegedly conducted by these two states as the reason behind this need.

These remarks come in crouse of the newly appearing US miltiary doctrine, which actively employs nuclear threats, cyber attacks and ‘fifth columns’ in order to contain and defeat supposed US ‘adversaries’. This doctrine was in details described by the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russia General Valeriy Gerasimov earlier in March.

“Pentagon started to develop a qualitatively new strategy of military operations which has already been dubbed the “Trojan horse”.

It amounts to active use of the “protest potential of a potential fifth column” in the interests of destabilizing situation while simultaneously precision-guided munition (PGM) strikes are launched at key targets,” General Gerasimov sated describing a part of it.

Most likely, this new US doctrine is currently being employed in Venezuela. However, in the event of conflict with Russia the success of this strategy of agression will hardly be possible without the employment of nuclear forces, at least precision tactical nuclear strikes.

This is the real reason of Dunford’s remarks in favor of the first-strike nuclear policy. The rest is mostly a formal justification for such an approach. Speculations that Russia may employ tactical nuclear weapons in some conflict in order to achieve a victory before the intervention of US or NATO forces are ridiculous. There are two main reasons:

The political and military doctrine of Russia does not include such provisions. The Russian leadership does not have levers to conduct such a step.

All possible local conflicts in which Russia may participate in the coming decades could appear in regions near Russian borders only. These are Ukraine, Belarus, the Caucasus and Central Asia. If one supposes that Russia is ready to use nuclear weapons in these regions, the same person should believe that Russia is ready to strike with nuclear weapons itself. This seems too much even for the “bloody Putin regime”.


299f47  No.5702588


flag pic is 29.11 KB ;)

3442de  No.5702589

File: c0c1d1de0e4067e⋯.png (109.61 KB, 491x482, 491:482, nothingburg.png)

The cabal has never been more desperate. Stay strong anons.

4b57df  No.5702590


True – some large egos at play in the Dem list of candidates. Will HRC be a VP candidate?

44fe70  No.5702591

File: 57eba0e400ac31c⋯.png (360.62 KB, 573x585, 191:195, 57eba0e400ac31cc1dc3512f88….png)

3a2c3f  No.5702592


Because border agency isn't building the wall lmao

69b369  No.5702593

File: d6778cde58e8581⋯.png (37.68 KB, 563x206, 563:206, Screenshot 2019-03-15_13-2….png)


62e2b7  No.5702594


Dont confuse greenbacks with white skin, it just makes you look silly.

9bb70d  No.5702595


1538bc  No.5702596


You need to fuck of and die nigger

4ffc13  No.5702597


Graphics are OK, Physics too but the setting is quite bit dull. NPC AI is meh… waiting for patch or ISIS DLC…

86f17d  No.5702598


thanks gotem

d8108a  No.5702599

Interdasting note on U.S. passenger Matt Vecere who was on Ethiopia Flight

2nd pic of him - look at the piece of paper hanging on the cubicle. Remember anons, he went down on that flight, has ties to Haiti (think Epstein) and the Mexican border. Strange references - Ref. to pregnancy, 9/11, Haiti, NO2 (think fertilizer), downward sloping graph, etc…


Also, need some direction re: posting images. Drag/drop = yes, but how to scrub metadata if necessary? TYIA

7343ea  No.5702600


Mega anon discredited herself when she claimed Q was a Larp by some kids who were intercepting Trump’s tweets.

“There is only Q”

da3772  No.5702601


Wait for POTUS to text us. Like we were told. "…like PEAS and Carrots…"

b1957f  No.5702602

File: e373c8874f20480⋯.png (505.88 KB, 864x497, 864:497, Capture.PNG)

Seems Q has them all Running Scared…

Kamala Harris calls for federal moratorium on executions

Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., speaks during an event in St. George, S.C., on Saturday, March 9, 2019. Harris is spending two days in South Carolina, home of the first southern presidential primary in 2020, spending time with voters in rural and coastal areas. (AP Photo/Meg Kinnard)

WASHINGTON (AP) — Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris said Thursday that there should be a federal moratorium on executions.

The senator from California discussed the matter on National Public Radio, a day after Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom of California granted reprieves to 737 death row inmates and signed an executive order placing a moratorium on executions.

Harris was asked if there should be “a federal equivalent” to Newsom’s order.

She said, “Yes, I think that there should be.”

Asked if no one would be executed if Harris was president of the United States, she responded, “Correct, correct.”


5a1051  No.5702603

File: ce019ea1aaf30f2⋯.png (3.2 KB, 355x49, 355:49, AQ3.PNG)


Lighter version.

745cfd  No.5702604

File: f64868dac9fa340⋯.jpg (43.84 KB, 700x393, 700:393, ap_0210020541_wide-b0fab26….jpg)

File: a74ed6256412ac0⋯.jpg (65.98 KB, 500x551, 500:551, 2vw0ze_1_1.jpg)

These two goofball Choads will be

in Leavenworth protective custody one at….

93a4e9  No.5702605

Could help but notice 3:14 on the watch and the WH fountain is GREEN (watch the water). If QClock countdown theory is correct then today and tomorrow POTUS delivers on the MAGa promise

b7f4c7  No.5702606

File: 525750357c9b665⋯.png (46.2 KB, 759x234, 253:78, Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at ….png)

Hogan Gidley confirms the veto ceremony will happen at 330 in the Oval Office



9701f0  No.5702607


Or pics of her feet.

61f66d  No.5702608


>"…probably going for a run"

- Random, out of place. How would he know and what would it matter to report this. Out of place, definitely code.


See messages leading up to Scalia. "Run" and "Ran" must have two meanings. Given the timing, the event right after, the places that the killer traveled, the location and the two specific people, it's a go code.

3b6052  No.5702609


Imagine it being him this whole time lol.

69e955  No.5702610


>he livestreamed on fakebook.

>They gonna try and shut that down, too?

there's no need. fac3book has always been under control

3cf404  No.5702611


I went right by this island in a boat

74cab7  No.5702612

File: be80a60bebd03d2⋯.png (325.42 KB, 1113x321, 371:107, MegAnon 10-16-17d.png)

File: b9e1db6a68e33d3⋯.png (361.21 KB, 1100x349, 1100:349, MegAnon 10-16-17c.png)

File: f349cf8a5227e44⋯.png (371.28 KB, 1091x418, 1091:418, MegAnon 10-16-17b.png)

File: 9b3fe961c4ef596⋯.png (670.54 KB, 1200x446, 600:223, MegAnon 10-16-17.png)

3ff0ce  No.5702613


Don’t forget Herr Mueller was in on 911.

a14863  No.5702614

File: 2a19547d8d3053f⋯.png (57.99 KB, 759x262, 759:262, Screenshot 2019-03-15 at 1….png)


5d3668  No.5702615


itll be nothing like always, always fucking nothing but a let down.

c7078c  No.5702616

File: 9e513d73e0cff72⋯.png (146.66 KB, 574x549, 574:549, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1ccf95c9d05850b⋯.png (303.97 KB, 599x827, 599:827, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f7a238d574ff21c⋯.png (395.08 KB, 591x778, 591:778, ClipboardImage.png)


Peter Strzok, the FBI agent who led “Operation Crossfire Hurricane” designed to bring down President Trump, was an undercover CIA agent planted in the bureau by CIA director John Brennan.

The FBI has no such position as "Section Chief Counterespianage Section", but CIA does.

1000 pieces.

42bc1e  No.5702617


I wonder if potus will delete his.

008549  No.5702618


Mega started on 4chan. Famefagged on Reddit

ab5ed5  No.5702619


They'll be pushing rabies vaccines on ICE agents soon

79db40  No.5702620

File: de66555fd5e147d⋯.png (490.91 KB, 905x506, 905:506, ClipboardImage.png)

9bb70d  No.5702621


3:42 PM

3b461d  No.5702622

File: b05d1ab0c58e789⋯.png (147.67 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 41_ergebnis.png)

Re: Beto hacking, writing sick creep shit, being a fuckin evil moron.



This story drops

Imagine what else they have about these cunts

2249f0  No.5702623


Can I have a gay version?

c2b928  No.5702624



hopefully new expansion adds planned parenthood buildings

86f17d  No.5702625


she was working at a different level. disinfo is necessary. she later changed here mind, famously. keep up….

c44198  No.5702626

The big boom will be the arrest of the CEO of google. I highly doubt we will witness any of the deep state arrests, we'll be lucky if we even see one article….We are in the fight of our lives and I think people are getting their hopes up Mueller still hasn't released his report. In order for President Trump to release the FISA he has to be cleared.

e8ac8d  No.5702627



All mega anon posts:



9701f0  No.5702628


New Zealand. Where the men are men, and the sheep are scared.

f79b72  No.5702629

File: 0e456c3964be575⋯.jpg (470.21 KB, 1408x788, 352:197, watchwater.jpg)


Compromised spillway?

1538bc  No.5702630


Sounds fancy, like James Bond.

But unrealistic

92f4a6  No.5702631


Replacing vehicle barrier and fence that doesn’t stop people from walking in with a 30 foot wall is new wall. And replacing anything that doesn’t work with something that does is new wall. Obviously where existing barriers are, the greatest issues exist. Or they wouldn’t have been put there. Makes sense to fortify existing and then move on, KYS

3cf404  No.5702632


Zoom out

651f21  No.5702633

File: c05bd25bc93f2cd⋯.jpeg (164.2 KB, 798x846, 133:141, DF1AB02F-4E13-49DD-97C8-A….jpeg)

81cf73  No.5702634

I think we're getting close to a tipping point. My Twatter traffic is up despite the new shadowban. My Q-post thread rollups are now showing lots of likes and RTs like they did before the shadowbanning.

96830f  No.5702635


>but how to scrub metadata if necessary? TYIA

if you generate the images, always scrub exif or use something less brandable like png

d53a91  No.5702636

Hey Q, do you think you could mention to POTUS to think about making usury illegal? It's the key to the whole central bank thing. When time permits of course. Thanks. He probably already knows but it never hurts to ask.

9bb70d  No.5702637

File: 51435b520bf26e8⋯.jpg (72.57 KB, 1262x674, 631:337, TRUMP CHECKS WATCH AT CPAC.jpg)

It's happening time!

8ef5a2  No.5702638

File: 6377b3c2c9751d9⋯.png (7.07 KB, 640x279, 640:279, rgb.png)

>>>5702158 (pb)

>Q - What's up with [RBG]? Issuing rulings yet hasn't been seen in months?

8eb0d9  No.5702639

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

LIVE: State Department URGENT Press Briefing on Venezuela

44fe70  No.5702640


Dunford’s term doesn’t end until Oct. 1, and Milley’s tenure as Army chief of staff is supposed to run through August 2019.

Trump said the date of transition is “to be determined.”


b2a4ab  No.5702641


Sadly, this is true.

Trump is trying to bullshit his base.

bee0fd  No.5702642

File: 5bea1c92223fa45⋯.jpg (84.62 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, JA.jpg)


Jim is ready!

3b461d  No.5702643


*run for presidency of course..

864e62  No.5702644


>Why is POTUS telling breitbart that libs better watch their ass or the bikers are gonna get ‘em.

Trump is just countering the AntiFA bullies.

The Left controls AntiFA and they imagine that Trump controls bikers.

97ee11  No.5702645

File: ad4c5f27b0cddfc⋯.png (92.75 KB, 259x194, 259:194, Messages Image(2335222850).png)


where is Larry?

510240  No.5702646

File: 1e6a226c5dd1ad5⋯.jpg (9.75 KB, 304x60, 76:15, 300844.JPG)



058a63  No.5702647

File: 0d795cc70a265b5⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1204x1038, 602:519, Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at ….png)

This is his most recent tweet…MOAR truth!

e8ac8d  No.5702648

File: bbeca25e89c39aa⋯.jpg (97.73 KB, 1664x346, 832:173, nzfirearmsregs.JPG)


How does an Aussie get that many restricted weapons in NZ?

Mossad, that's how.

c7078c  No.5702649

File: ae85cea5608f913⋯.png (320.95 KB, 650x749, 650:749, ClipboardImage.png)



Judge Unseals Portions Of Christopher Steele’s Deposition In Dossier Lawsuit

March 15th, 2019

Christopher Steele speaks to reporters in London. (YouTube screen shot/CBS News)

A federal court unsealed 43 pages Thursday of a deposition that former British spy Christopher Steele gave as part of a lawsuit over his infamous anti-Trump dossier.

To the disappointment of many observers, the full deposition was not unsealed in Thursday’s motion. Instead, portions of Steele’s interview, which he gave in London on July 13, 2018, were unsealed in separate court filings submitted in the lawsuit.

d3169e  No.5702650


What is the website to get this info? Just curious.

ec1da6  No.5702651


I just wish they wouldn't all show up en masse and shit all over the bread.

b1f05b  No.5702652

File: 600a96c43ebb04f⋯.jpg (517.15 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Mueller16.jpg)

File: 3484763c8aa6a9d⋯.png (47.59 KB, 375x279, 125:93, Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at ….png)


3ff0ce  No.5702653



Good read on Assange

dca3a2  No.5702654

9701f0  No.5702655


That their wicked deeds match their wicked hearts.

38d739  No.5702656



cda9ed  No.5702657


I guess, he'll state that he vetoes the decision made about the border.

And he'll explain, why the situation indeed is an emergency and that he talked with people in the Pentagon about the border.

62e2b7  No.5702658


I am sure the joint chiefs knew that. Speaking of the pentagon and the joint chiefs…why is the military not keeping American airspace safe from those who chemtrail the public? Mayyyybe, the joint chiefs and the C-A are on the same side.

ebc2a4  No.5702659

File: 624e78c48df8d5e⋯.jpeg (177.22 KB, 1741x689, 1741:689, E85E4808-B915-4881-870C-8….jpeg)


Pixel Knot??

At work breakfaggin.

47b98d  No.5702660


Amazing. Instant rebuttals from C_A to the informed. Unfortunate for them we know what this is about.

745cfd  No.5702661

File: 1627559007101da⋯.jpg (101.27 KB, 500x657, 500:657, 2w19cc_1.jpg)

bee0fd  No.5702662


If I was casting a movie villain, he would fit the bill perfectly.

3bba29  No.5702663

File: 12543e8190bce11⋯.jpg (67.73 KB, 1186x597, 1186:597, 300843.jpg)

04b484  No.5702665

File: 495d09bd69b1e39⋯.jpg (21 KB, 434x579, 434:579, bradparscale.jpg)


im a LARP with a REAL NAME with a, HONEST tangible testimony.

mega anon got jealous when we took all the clout..

mega anon got confused when we didn't even want the attention [opposite of her strategy]

PEPE has the 7 stones, and mega anon is just another LARP. deal with it.

I will sign her book for her if she is nice though.



5d0b98  No.5702666



0e115e  No.5702667


it was a rhetorical question.

It's like how they went after Gab.

Trumped up targeted bullshit that ignores the cabal owned sites they also used.

48c7ab  No.5702668

File: 00b840362b685b6⋯.png (484.74 KB, 525x486, 175:162, 00b840362b685b6aab7e6b79d7….png)


My fellow Americans…

Hillary's a criminal and she's on her way to gitmo.

4ffc13  No.5702669


Hmm maybe developer will publish a map editor.

018a01  No.5702670


hmmm… not in Gitmo. Seems healthy and happy.

786267  No.5702671


On March 15, National Kansas Day recognizes The Sunflower State. Magnificent herds of bison, elk, mule deer and antelope roamed the vast open plains populated by Cherokee, Osage, Pawnee and many other tribes. The region became a part of the United States with the Louisiana Purchase in 1803.

ab5ed5  No.5702672



86f17d  No.5702673

baker will need handoff soon

nows your chance

ece03d  No.5702674

File: 2f5f3f1584ef1c9⋯.png (2.53 KB, 310x163, 310:163, Freedom.png)

File: f768deaef22da97⋯.png (29.11 KB, 1280x674, 640:337, Freedom_Justice_.png)


it's a different file

df77c9  No.5702675


What are those?

e6fe4a  No.5702676



Judge Unseals Portions Of Christopher Steele’s Deposition In Dossier Lawsuit

March 15th, 2019

A federal court unsealed 43 pages Thursday of a deposition that former British spy Christopher Steele gave as part of a lawsuit over his infamous anti-Trump dossier.

28a0dc  No.5702677


210209  No.5702678

File: 396f44f964677ad⋯.png (1.39 MB, 2777x1046, 2777:1046, AZAZ09O9_20190315.png)

Our Anon plane is booking it towards the team…

483kts /41000ft so they are close to their ceiling and lead foot active!

756981  No.5702679


This is actually a good thing for us. The military would have access to many people's information.

2db1d5  No.5702680

File: f26a5b57ad79ff8⋯.png (258.74 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20190315-133127.png)


Yarra is: A river red gum

102f14  No.5702681


Peso symbols. Hmmm… definitely worth a dig

9701f0  No.5702682

File: 15f5c11443e7391⋯.png (475 KB, 800x450, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

4b57df  No.5702683


She is a dangerous totalitarian psychopath based on her campaign speeches.

0e1b87  No.5702684


300,844 now

4c1553  No.5702685

Feels good!


8ef5a2  No.5702686


veto announcement

0e115e  No.5702687


check it for hidden info!

894e83  No.5702688


no fucking doubt…. Hilldawg gonna get in to save her ass from prosecution?

e9e50f  No.5702689



>are getting their hopes up Mueller still hasn't released his report. In order for President Trump to release the FISA he has to be cleared.

what's the fucking crime faggot


b1711a  No.5702690

Anything you can do to feed them their own degeneracy right back to them, make them realize how close they are to the abyss, and what it looks like when they stare into it… what else can you do if they won't listen to reason?

1c33d2  No.5702691


what are the two statues on the temple?

52a145  No.5702692

f327b4  No.5702693


Holy fuck, that is pathetic.

Doing something stupid is one thing.

Defending it like a whiny snowflaking cuck is another.

You do not belong here.

Fuck off.

eda004  No.5702694


It can be said that the ideas propagate here because there's no censorship of "hate speech."

You guys underestimate the power of spin.

I don't think anything will happen to 8chan, but don't underestimate the media.

156c7d  No.5702695





4b57df  No.5702696


both share pervy fantasies

864e62  No.5702697


>Why are we regime changing Venezuela so obviously?

For criminy sakes, moron. Give the people of Venezuela some credit. They're doing what they can to make their own regime change.

Stop swallowing Commie propaganda.

f79b72  No.5702698


Mossad likes to rile up their mercenary subsets, don't they

317127  No.5702699


Got rid of TV 16 years ago.

Deleted Fascistbook and Twitter 4 months ago

It took weeks to individually delete every single item ever posted.

As we say in the South, they can Kiss my Grits.

Not that it matters really, other than I just do not want to support their forums and mind infiltration tactics.

If you go to the grocery store, as soon as you get home they send you an advertisement of what you just bought.

c15c45  No.5702700


>keep up….

Get a clue, faggot.

Total POS that one was.

Way too sensitive + Muh Victimhood useless ramblings.

Always arguing with anyone that criticized her bs.

Compare/Contrast to FBIAnon V1.0. (who may/may not have been legit but at least played the part right)

48c7ab  No.5702701

File: 062c3efb9b577d8⋯.png (167.94 KB, 399x600, 133:200, 062c3efb9b577d8e7662389ca0….png)

4171f6  No.5702702


left flag has a lighter blue.

60cb14  No.5702703

File: a42233a3094acad⋯.png (57.63 KB, 720x408, 30:17, Screenshot_2019-03-15-12-3….png)


96830f  No.5702704

File: a717dd45b7d3c93⋯.png (340.56 KB, 700x463, 700:463, 5a05b1c662e272c0142befca40….png)

8eb0d9  No.5702705

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

LIVE: President Donald Trump URGENT Speech on VETO over National Security

0b7265  No.5702706

File: 45761eb031ffe9f⋯.png (23.73 KB, 705x228, 235:76, witchhunt.png)

I got a better idea.

Let's end jewish supremacy throughout the world.

They've stirred shit up enough to where it's gotten as bad as it is.

Time for them to be put in timeout.

No moar aid for Isreal.

End Dual Citizenship in ALL public offices.

0e9fda  No.5702707


The idiot holding the sign looks like an insult to Islam. Please go ahead Islam, he insulted you by looking like an asshole.

90d672  No.5702708


I remember the AMA's but if this was a LARP then why is so much of it actual truth? he is not wrong about Benghazi, SAPs Servers or the Clinton Foundation. Too soft on Hillary in my own opinion. the sooner that bitch is dangling from the end of the noose the better.

631e64  No.5702709

File: 3c81078bb65977e⋯.jpg (171.47 KB, 521x504, 521:504, toots3.jpg)


toots was/is not human…

0a4417  No.5702710

File: b54936a0f00d87b⋯.jpg (24.8 KB, 1220x146, 610:73, Capture.JPG)

e8ac8d  No.5702711

File: 1e5eec2ca063ebe⋯.png (842.74 KB, 1300x839, 1300:839, 13baktuns.png)




Facebook admits to sharing YOUR information to:

Netflix, Spotify, Amazon, Yahoo, Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, BlackBerry, AOL, UPS, Hinge and more

Facebook Disclosure Documents - link broken in article, here are the links to the documents:

Witness Statement: https://docs.house.gov/meetings/IF/IF00/20180411/108090/HHRG-115-IF00-Wstate-ZuckerbergM-20180411.pdf

Witness Invitation: https://docs.house.gov/meetings/IF/IF00/20180411/108090/HHRG-115-IF00-Wstate-ZuckerbergM-20180411-SD001.pdf

Questions for the Record: https://docs.house.gov/meetings/IF/IF00/20180411/108090/HHRG-115-IF00-Wstate-ZuckerbergM-20180411-SD002.pdf

Questions for the Record Response: https://docs.house.gov/meetings/IF/IF00/20180411/108090/HHRG-115-IF00-Wstate-ZuckerbergM-20180411.pdf

Truth in Testimony and CV: https://docs.house.gov/meetings/IF/IF00/20180411/108090/HHRG-115-IF00-TTF-ZuckerbergM-20180411.pdf

f9cb96  No.5702712

File: 5eea7e31e7cd8ca⋯.jpg (86.25 KB, 577x432, 577:432, convoy 5X5.jpg)


ty thought it was finally giving it up..pc

3bba29  No.5702713

File: 9a765da266e8ea8⋯.jpg (31.57 KB, 1324x500, 331:125, Qmap031519.jpg)

1d0e3e  No.5702714

File: 98c212ca970d9b5⋯.jpg (222.91 KB, 1200x1378, 600:689, Rosaria.Dawson.Cory.Booker.jpg)

d3a736  No.5702715

This is a massive sign that the DOJ has been cleaned up. I can't wait until the Awans are properly charged. Should be SOON


5620fe  No.5702716

File: 8d75a5807842609⋯.jpg (240.14 KB, 500x620, 25:31, d0i7xW3.jpg)

baker, pls include in next bread.

Q post




3ff0ce  No.5702717


Kek. We have free energy and free healthcare ($200k devices already built using sound to heal)

69a6f3  No.5702718


I don't want Dunsford to go

53c710  No.5702719

File: 0b3de9d6ccadf15⋯.png (516.9 KB, 586x795, 586:795, 2e202091e8105cee3189cfd946….png)

35f84c  No.5702720

Do you think James Comes will cry in prison?

79db40  No.5702721

File: fbbe38cacdf6aac⋯.png (50.29 KB, 650x865, 130:173, ClipboardImage.png)

Kabul Accuses U.S. Peace Envoy of ‘Delegitimizing’ Afghan Govt, ‘Elevating’ Taliban

The National Security Adviser of Afghanistan on Thursday accused U.S. President Donald Trump’s envoy in charge of peace negotiations with the Taliban of “delegitimizing” and “weakening” the Kabul government during the talks to serve his ambitions of one day running the war-ravaged country.

An official from the U.S. Department of State (DOS) — which oversees the office of U.S. reconciliation envoy Zalmay Khalilzad — denied the assertions by Hamdullah Mohib, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s national security adviser who served as ambassador to Washington.

“Mr. Mohib’s comments are inaccurate and unhelpful, and we will be responding to them privately,” a State Department official told the Daily Beast on condition of anonymity.

“His comments do not in any way reflect the high level of U.S.-Afghan coordination on all matters involving peace in Afghanistan,” the official added.

Despite U.S. insistence that Kabul leads and owns the ongoing talks to end the more than 17-year-old conflict — America’s most extended — the Taliban continues to refuse to allow the Afghan government to participate.

Both sides have claimed “progress” in the wake of the longest round of U.S.-Taliban discussions to date, which ended this week. However, it appears Kabul is not happy about being left out.

Referring to Khalilzad, Mohib told reporters on Thursday, “The reason he is delegitimizing the Afghan government and weakening it, and at the same time elevating the Taliban can only have one approach. It’s definitely not for peace. He is not reconciling, he’s alienating.”

The top Afghan official added:

We think either Ambassador Khalilzad doesn’t know how to negotiate and there may be other reasons behind what he’s doing. But what he’s doing is not getting a deal that would result in peace in Afghanistan.

Knowing Ambassador Khalilzad’s own personal history, he has ambitions in Afghanistan. He wanted to run for president twice… people in government think perhaps all this talk is to create a caretaker government of which he will then become the Viceroy.

He suggested Khalilzad is not doing his job as Trump’s envoy, noting, “I don’t think the president has instructed to delegitimize the Afghan government. I don’t think the president has instructed to disrespect the Afghan people.”

Instead of convincing the Taliban to engage Kabul during the five times the two sides have officially met since last fall, Khalilzad has sidelined the Afghan government, Mohib complained.

He said Khalilzad has failed to give the Taliban a reason to invite Kabul into the talks as the terrorist group prepares “for a full-on spring offensive” against the U.S.-backed Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF). Taliban jihadis have intensified attacks during peace negotiations.

Despite tens of billions of dollars in American funding devoted to its development, the ANDSF — which includes police and army units — continues to struggle against the Taliban.


ece03d  No.5702722


Re: steganography there can be nothing. it's pixel perfect color wise.

Anons were looking at seemingly additional binary data at the end of the file. I'm not familiar with the format

c2a954  No.5702723

File: 6ae596118ed8666⋯.jpg (21.58 KB, 278x210, 139:105, and.jpg)

38d739  No.5702724



HOUSTonian ebot is

b2a4ab  No.5702725


You say its not an accident, it never is.

Do you know who did it?

0e115e  No.5702726


oh good, i can stop with the constant checking


The Latest: Trump to veto measure terminating border order

ac4595  No.5702727

File: 249a21619221f2b⋯.jpg (117.34 KB, 593x607, 593:607, 249a21619221f2b33d231f3d6f….jpg)


A bit late to the bread but, ThankQ New Baker. Doing great, keep it up!

35f84c  No.5702728


*Comey of course.

11b2aa  No.5702729



File size is much bigger on the justice flag

1e2010  No.5702730

File: 9c60632c1c9dfcd⋯.jpg (71.8 KB, 695x441, 695:441, IMG_0811.jpg)

File: 2687a948d345992⋯.jpg (73.76 KB, 693x594, 7:6, IMG_0817.jpg)

There was a [1.45] (PDJT 45 and #1 POTUS ever) delta between POTUS tweet and Q's Freedom Flag drop!!


#Freedom #Justice

e9e50f  No.5702731


listen to don lemons show from lastnite

they were setting potus up big time

0a4417  No.5702732

File: 7d1ef6fcfaefa70⋯.jpg (19.05 KB, 1011x114, 337:38, Capture.JPG)

c3692b  No.5702733

File: 67323b096376920⋯.jpeg (148.12 KB, 1200x673, 1200:673, EEB7DAFA-29A9-472B-9991-8….jpeg)


Maybe reduced charges? For cooperating?


There’s enough ambiguity, it could go either way.


Define leverage.

a9113f  No.5702734

File: 96377ada0c5db5f⋯.jpg (78.62 KB, 750x688, 375:344, 96377ada0c5db5f7ccdf2035f5….jpg)

864e62  No.5702736


Try to have two thoughts in your mind at the same time. Having one thought makes you look simple.

42bc1e  No.5702737


Yes anon!

3bba29  No.5702738

File: 97b9a5dd18bec33⋯.jpg (4.83 KB, 285x127, 285:127, 301132.jpg)

745cfd  No.5702739

File: e3d3ccf290acd6f⋯.jpg (48.41 KB, 700x639, 700:639, D1hj4XOXgAAutg0.jpg)

Democrats Deep State may use Bioweapons to cause mass panic so they can escape..

They have Bioweapons that will kill you in 30 seconds…

You see something say something.

f9cb96  No.5702740

File: 62ff2379fb926b4⋯.jpg (899.14 KB, 1634x900, 817:450, Pepe force one.jpg)


ty for update

90d672  No.5702741

File: cab1c1d2f907e82⋯.png (64.02 KB, 800x800, 1:1, Pepe_blunt.png)

48c7ab  No.5702742


Thanks anon.


3cf404  No.5702743


Google as well

7fab98  No.5702744


No one ever expects the Swiss

9701f0  No.5702745


You know what they say, "Harris". One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter.

041398  No.5702746


Notice the Black Sun Cult symbol / Satanic + Nazi

44fe70  No.5702747


me either but I have a feeling he will need to focus on the Mil Tribunals as a witness

86f17d  No.5702748

Current Notables bun


>>5702349 President Trump to issue statement from the Oval Office at 3:30 ET - White House

>>5702309, >>5702443, >>5702612 FBIAnon original re-post, with oldfags citing the old days

>>5702289 Wait, wut? Reuters reporting Beto belonged to famous computer hackers group

>>5702616 FBI has no such position as "Section Chief Counterespianage Section", but CIA does.

>>5702521 Judge Unseals Portions Of Christopher Steele’s Deposition In Dossier Lawsuit

>>5702711 Faceboook admits to sharing your information to (long list provided)

nominate em frens

0a4417  No.5702749


YES! thanks.

3431d2  No.5702750


Not necessarily. Working with != full access to systems. Fucking normies.

d8108a  No.5702751


If img copied and saved - metadata?

79db40  No.5702752

File: 18cb7be3c0683f9⋯.png (543.2 KB, 642x831, 214:277, ClipboardImage.png)

Sen. Lindsey Graham Calls for a Special Counsel to Investigate FBI, DOJ

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) took to the Senate Floor on March 14 to call for the appointment of a new special counsel to investigate possible misconduct by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the FBI.

Graham made the remarks in response to a Democrat-backed resolution that passed in the House unanimously earlier in the day, which calls for any final report in special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation to be made public. The South Carolina senator said the resolution should be amended before it is considered in the Senate.

He summarized his proposed changes in a tweet on March 14, requesting that the “House-passed Mueller resolution should be amended to include [the] appointment of a Special Counsel to:

*) Investigate alleged misconduct around the handling of the Clinton email investigation.

*) Investigate the abuse of the FISA warrant process against Mr. Carter Page.”

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant allows for some of the most invasive surveillance methods on someone suspected of spying with or for a foreign government.

“Was there two systems of justice in 2016? One for the Democratic candidate and one for the Republican candidate?” Graham said during his Senate address. “Where the Republican candidate’s campaign had a FISA warrant issued against someone associated with it based on a document that was known to be unreliable [and] politically charged on four different occasions.”

He continued, “This should bother every American and rather than me telling you whether it happened or not why don’t we appoint a Mueller-like figure to look at how the Clinton email investigation ended up the way it did and what the tarmac meeting was all about between Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton.”


dd39eb  No.5702753


I thought the feet proved to be Beanz

0e1b87  No.5702754

File: a297bf11af3ff1a⋯.png (23.17 KB, 726x208, 363:104, Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at ….png)



97ee11  No.5702755


i'd have more respect for bob, but less respect for ebot? so i'm torn

b1957f  No.5702756


She probably would pick AOC/Hillary as VP

f597ea  No.5702757

File: fe6b3e86c4dcc83⋯.png (491.89 KB, 642x368, 321:184, Reckoning.png)

434e44  No.5702758


The point is to force Congress to get rid of the Executive power that allows this.

Suspect FISA courts will go the same way.

4b57df  No.5702759



050bcf  No.5702761

File: 4dd0ab7476b34f8⋯.png (45.09 KB, 996x244, 249:61, Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at ….png)


Nah…it's been around since 1/21/18. First post I could find using it in pic.

922353  No.5702762

File: 8b56db6b4d345ae⋯.jpeg (518.78 KB, 1500x1018, 750:509, 60FCACC6-A480-449F-89FF-A….jpeg)

f79b72  No.5702763

File: ea04ef4a99dc32e⋯.jpg (28.11 KB, 600x315, 40:21, what?.jpg)

44fe70  No.5702764


my pleasure patriot

94ce38  No.5702765


>You do not belong here.

I apologize. I did not know i was overstepping the holy opinion of the Highest Ranking Anon.

Will 10 cane whips be a sufficient punishment for me?

You bitches are whining because i posted


before dough. But what you see is me whining?


Did I ruin the movement. Did we lose the war because of my actions?

I am forever sorry…

12cba5  No.5702766

If the situation in South America so dire that millions of people chose to uproot and travel thousands of miles, over dangerous terrain, with dangerous people, just to escape; Why arent those with money and an education making the trek?

Why arent we getting millions of wealthy members of these nations?

What about the middle east?

One of the wealthiest regions in the world.

(We) are told they are refugees.

Where are the wealthy refugees?


Ask yourself why.

Think logically.

The same people telling you we don't need a border

Are the same ones telling you that you are responsible for taking care of everyone but your own.

They say your responsible for others and they will take care of you.

They never do.

These are the same people who allowed other nations to steal from us through tariff imbalance.

These are the same people who pay millions to get thier children into schools they couldn't attend on merit.

These are the same ones telling you to get a degree if you want you be wealthier and then charge you more than you can repay while you can't find a job in your field.

These are the same people screaming that we are the racists while the segregate us in every facet of life.

Apply for insurance, or school, or a license, or file Your taxes. Etc…….

What is your sex?

What isyour race?

They tell (YOU) you're a racists while segregating you and giving you certain benefits based on the color of your skin.

They say we are the fascists yet they have built entire platforms with the sole purpose of suppressing your voice while over inflating the opposition.

You have never been free.

Always controlled.

We have lived in the dark for far too many lifetimes.

The light of truth will shine and you shall be freed from your chains.

Fear no more for their power is derived from yours.

As they lose their grip on your soul

Your power shall be restored.

Your cup shallbe so full it runneth over.

The people of the world are united and your dominion over these people has ran its course.

We see (((you)))

We are aware of your lies.

The shadows will hide you no longer.

A giant has awoken.

9701f0  No.5702767

File: 15f5c11443e7391⋯.png (475 KB, 800x450, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 15f5c11443e7391⋯.png (475 KB, 800x450, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

b5862a  No.5702768

File: 687293b97f0a396⋯.png (48.55 KB, 577x289, 577:289, ClipboardImage.png)


efb4d0  No.5702769

File: 8e716f706324c2a⋯.jpg (41.11 KB, 1797x122, 1797:122, Q post 02.JPG)

File: 4f4f47f49fb18bb⋯.jpg (29.81 KB, 1617x103, 1617:103, Q post 04.JPG)

File: 9fbe3b14d8a3664⋯.jpg (18.65 KB, 621x116, 621:116, Q post 06.JPG)

Baker…….missing Q posts from the last bread.

f4d3b7  No.5702770


b1f05b  No.5702771

File: 34cb54221eeb73d⋯.jpg (511.99 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Mueller17.jpg)

e7f9c2  No.5702773

Can someone provide a link to that Snapchat video of the two gunmen at the Mosque in NZ? ThankQ

018a01  No.5702774


No, because he's not going to prison. He's free free free and knows he always will be.

f597ea  No.5702775

March 15, 2019

Russian Intelligence Alarmed As To Why New Zealand Massacre Shooter Visited British Spy Headquarters

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers


4b57df  No.5702776



0b7265  No.5702777


Working to save himself comes across as he's only avoiding the death penalty for treason.

Selling uranium to Russia is treason.

Anyone on "our" (US) side who was involved in that deal committed treason.

6e0ac0  No.5702778

File: 1c2ca46002b3b89⋯.jpg (145.92 KB, 500x624, 125:156, 2w4m9j.jpg)

Take a gander at

this horseshit.

Comment section is

Pure HATE.

I think you know what

to do….Shadilay


9bb70d  No.5702779

Q posted:

These people are sick & evil.

It is not a coincidence.

It never is.


after POTUS got back to the WH from the Pentagon meeting Are we sure we know what he is referring to?

c7078c  No.5702780






79db40  No.5702781

File: c74fdb148ee8dfc⋯.png (56.59 KB, 754x900, 377:450, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0347ef084afa16e⋯.png (645.92 KB, 705x341, 705:341, ClipboardImage.png)

Total corruption: Government regulators relied on industry-funded herbicide studies to declare glyphosate safe

When the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced a designation of “safe and effective” with regards to Monsanto’s infamously controversial Roundup (glyphosate-based) herbicide, in direct contradiction to opposing findings by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) that identified glyphosate as a “probable human carcinogen,” the pro-chemical lobby quickly declared itself the victor in this heated and ongoing debate. But what the public was never told is that the EPA relied largely on industry-funded pseudoscience in giving its stamp of approval for glyphosate, while IARC carefully considered legitimate, peer-reviewed scientific studies before ultimately concluding and declaring that Roundup more than likely causes cancer.

As reported by Colin Todhunter of Off-Guardian.org (and republished by CounterPunch.org), these disparate findings between the EPA and IARC have continued to fuel an ongoing battle by independent activists against Big Agrochemical, particularly in Europe where Dr. Charles M. Benbrook published a study baring the full truth about the corruption within the EPA that led the industry-compromised agency to make a patently false declaration about the alleged safety and effectiveness of Roundup and glyphosate.

As revealed by Dr. Benbrook in his paper, the EPA’s consortium of “evidence” proving the safety and effectiveness of glyphosate was mostly derived from the very corporations that profit from its sale. IARC, on the other hand, looked at real published science that wasn’t tainted by the chemical industry, and that simply evaluated glyphosate from a neutral perspective.

“EPA and IARC reached diametrically opposed conclusions on glyphosate genotoxicity for three primary reasons,” Dr. Benbrook explains in his paper, these three reasons, verbatim, being:

• “(1) in the core tables compiled by EPA and IARC, the EPA relied mostly on registrant-commissioned, unpublished regulatory studies, 99% of which were negative, while IARC relied mostly on peer-reviewed studies of which 70% were positive (83 of 118).”

• (2) “EPA’s evaluation was largely based on data from studies on technical glyphosate, whereas IARC’s review placed heavy weight on the results of formulated GBH and AMPA assays.”

• (3) “EPA’s evaluation was focused on typical, general population dietary exposures assuming legal, food-crop uses, and did not take into account, nor address generally higher occupational exposures and risks. IARC’s assessment encompassed data from typical dietary, occupational, and elevated exposure scenarios.”

For more related news on glyphosate and Roundup, be sure to check out Glyphosate.news and Roundup.news.


c3b859  No.5702782

File: 6774c048c3a31ec⋯.pdf (1.84 MB, FBIAnon AMA transcript 1-7.pdf)


FBI Anon Transcript

cda9ed  No.5702783


>So, who pulls Germany's strings?

Q might know, who pulls the strings.

But he doesn't tell us.

I wonder why.

Not very great-awakening, if the people being still kept in the dark.

e58130  No.5702784


Look into Mudge from CdC and you will find a darpa and google connection

434e44  No.5702785


KEK! Went above 25K in September during the Kavanaugh hearings.

bb904b  No.5702786

File: 3138597aedf620e⋯.jpg (638 KB, 1080x1168, 135:146, Screenshot_20190314-225623….jpg)

Q says heart attacks can be deadly…

And I did some research on CIA heartattacks and I find they have a gun to give heart attacks, WTF has our tax $ been doing??

c3692b  No.5702787

File: d356ed67f1dfc7e⋯.jpeg (142.48 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 71D50F98-FE6C-4CA7-B1B4-D….jpeg)

File: 96343be0179d879⋯.jpeg (239.44 KB, 1453x894, 1453:894, 75E75326-10DD-4112-9D60-4….jpeg)

File: ec42a6332123ea1⋯.jpeg (245.16 KB, 1453x894, 1453:894, C6FACDC8-3478-418E-87DC-3….jpeg)

File: 5d7c95eb715135e⋯.jpeg (322.51 KB, 1480x1088, 185:136, 69212E93-3C4A-4F7A-90BE-3….jpeg)

e6fe4a  No.5702788



anyone else notice

90492c  No.5702789

File: 40c75352e700b43⋯.png (118.21 KB, 300x281, 300:281, 2019-03-15_13-38-14.png)

42bc1e  No.5702790

301, 132 qmap

da62f9  No.5702791

File: f78e65d3abace16⋯.png (27.04 KB, 1911x175, 273:25, Capture.PNG)

c3b859  No.5702792


& link if preferred: https://www.mediafire.com/file/fm612w2pis7bw3p/FBIAnon+AMA+transcript+1-7.pdf

aad130  No.5702793

>>5700370 (pb) One would think that Jeb! would have learned to keep his mouth shut and just watch POTUS save the world. But no. Like others, he seethes as he sees the much better man driving his enemies before him.

57d3ca  No.5702794


here's some anecdotal evidence: I spend hours a day here since 11/2017 and have never been to that site. So count me as one.

c44198  No.5702795


A federal court unsealed 43 pages Thursday of a deposition that former British spy Christopher Steele gave as part of a lawsuit over his infamous anti-Trump dossier.

To the disappointment of many observers, the full deposition was not unsealed in Thursday’s motion. Instead, portions of Steele’s interview, which he gave in London on July 13, 2018, were unsealed in separate court filings submitted in the lawsuit.

Steele’s full deposition totaled 145 pages. The portions published Thursday focus mainly on questions about the dossier’s claims about Aleksej Gubarev, a tech executive who Steele alleges took part in the hacking of Democrats’ computer systems.

Gubarev has vehemently denied the claim and sued Steele and BuzzFeed News, which published the dossier on Jan. 10, 2017.

U.S. District Court Judge Ursula Ungaro, who handled the lawsuit, ordered a slew of previously sealed documents to be made public Thursday. Ungaro dismissed the lawsuit on Dec. 19 but did not weigh in on whether the dossier’s claims about Gubarev were accurate.

It is unclear whether Steele’s entire deposition will be released. A source familiar with Steele’s interview tempered expectations of any bombshells in the document, saying that Steele avoided going into detail about his efforts to create the dossier and his sources.

A deposition given by former State Department official David Kramer was perhaps the most enlightening document contained in the dump.

Kramer, a longtime associate of late Arizona Sen. John McCain, was BuzzFeed’s source for the dossier. Kramer shared the dossier with at least 11 other reporters, including CNN’s Carl Bernstein. (RELATED: John McCain Associate Gave Dossier To A Dozen Reporters)

Kramer obtained the dossier in late November 2016 after visiting Steele in London. Steele acknowledged that Kramer and McCain were picked as conduits to pass the dossier to then-FBI Director James Comey. McCain met with Comey on Dec. 9, 2016 and provided all of the dossier’s memos that had been written up to that point.

“I think they felt a senior Republican was better to be the recipient of this rather than a Democrat because if it were a Democrat, I think that the view was that it would have been dismissed as a political attack,” Kramer said in the deposition when asked why Steele and his business partners at Fusion GPS wanted McCain to meet with Comey.


6e0ac0  No.5702796

File: ae44e18f0da40bb⋯.jpg (52.96 KB, 600x338, 300:169, ae44e18f0da40bbe69ca38ae6d….jpg)

745cfd  No.5702797

File: b2e409b9263e7a5⋯.jpg (47.96 KB, 419x505, 419:505, downloadfile-46_1.jpg)



I support Lyndsey Graham 100%

9701f0  No.5702798


Yeah, they're literally the only people on earth who could do that. Great call.

1538bc  No.5702799


Could potus be out of options?

If so, would patriot anons take to the streets armed to the teeth to take our country back if Q and POTUS said there’s no other way?

I highly doubt it. That is the last resort.

I know in my heart that no matter how badly this country needs a political cleansing, it will never be done by patriot anons.

The people don’t have the same desperation that our forefathers had. Americans live comfortable lives and would never sacrifice that for anything.

They are soft compared to early Americans who were literally trying to survive.

The idea that our American people would step up and take this country back is delusional.

Sorry, facts are facts.

1cafb5  No.5702800

Bad week for the "elite" and the "narrative shift"


38d739  No.5702801

File: 1e3d080cd3fd3ee⋯.jpeg (321.12 KB, 640x778, 320:389, 0C0C7B27-D033-44A8-8D28-B….jpeg)

78bada  No.5702802



Imagine that

3cf404  No.5702804


That explains everything

887857  No.5702805

File: efa4ed24acefdeb⋯.png (931.43 KB, 1526x1844, 763:922, call-signs.png)

Yesterday: Air Force Call Sign Q - Army Call Sign Anon

Posted this last night but many missed. Yesterday there was an Air Force C5 Galaxy with call sign Q and an Army UC-35A with the call sign ANON.


Nothing to see here. Just two random call signs logged today…

USAF C5 Galaxy - Q

US Army UC-35A - ANON


6:11 PM - 14 Mar 2019


cc20fe  No.5702806


Symbolism will be their downfall

The Korean Armistice (state of war, no peace agreement) is a pivotal symbol "Cessation of Hostilities" (or just the beginning?)

1956 - US abrogates paragraph 13(d) of the Armistice - brings nukes into South Korea and points them everywhere

1961 Eisenhower warns us of the Military Industrial Complex

1963 Kennedy assassinated - "they" grabbed the agencies they needed to operate

The Korean theater provided media-free environment for [them] to operate

1975 UN pushes for peace talks. US prefers to pressure China to "contain" (maintain status quo)

Clowns control paranoia level in "evil countries" - causing Saber Rattling….every damn Christmas (AD folks know)

Axis of Evil (Bush speech) was the roadmap for where they would operate out of - far away from US stoking fires worldwide

Clowns probably gave NK the tech to make nukes via Clinton Admin leaks of CLASSIFIED Nuke Triggers (keep tensions high)

The war machine sends funds to the operations (State, DoD, USAID, ABCs)

War on Terror = more terror (GWOT Medal Battle Stars take on a whole new meaning)

War on Drugs = more drugs (Border Patrol agents set up to fail)

War on Poverty = more poverty (dumb down the masses with MTV and government cheese)

War on AIDS???

Operation Mockingbird controls the opinions of the masses (left and right) Media is Platform for actors to put on their show for the people, manipulate them, control them, rile them up, cool them down, entertain the with sports.

KJU probably wants to keep the nukes the clowns gave him. Who wouldn't? (Trump WalkAway probably planned, timing is everything)

Good guyswill use extant Declaration of War with North Korea against them - no peace deal has been signed (yet)

Ex_parte_Quirin gives us Military Tribunals (during state of declared war) - No right to Habeas Corpus "[c]itizenship in the United States of an enemy belligerent does not relieve him from the consequences of a belligerency which is unlawful because in violation of the law of war.

Cabal committed War Crimes against US, ergo, Tribunals - Death penalty for many

GITMO - Obvious choice. Recent upgrades. These "people" will be biggest flight risk ever. Worst of worst.

President Donald Trump proclaimed 27 July as National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day. This will be significant.

The entire cabal is a LARP - played on a stage too big for most to see - "40,000 ft view"

27b793  No.5702807

File: b4a365e06c8b706⋯.jpg (123.76 KB, 1024x794, 512:397, D1t3ffkWsAIp7_h.jpg)


c98110  No.5702808


Way to go, Lindsey!

additional sauce:


42bc1e  No.5702809


Jinx anon!

cc56ab  No.5702810

301k+ on qmap


Also, everyone is talking about deleting facebook.

Here’s a question, is there any way to manipulate your data that is being sent to make it worthless?

Is that illegal in any form to do so?

I was thinking create an app that manipulated the data these apps take in to render the programs ineffective.

Not some kind of massive DDOS or DNS attack, just changing the information the apps steal and send to lifelog/FB.

f79b72  No.5702811

File: 6a08447ca528ecd⋯.jpg (228.33 KB, 1511x813, 1511:813, thesepeoplearesick.jpg)

ab5ed5  No.5702812


Thx fren

f9cb96  No.5702813

File: 0fdc85981bf9708⋯.jpg (13.11 KB, 255x173, 255:173, Pepe news Special ops MF.jpg)

File: a34cbd83efd00ff⋯.jpg (55 KB, 626x400, 313:200, VP много смеха.jpg)

Russia's Aeroflot will cancel Boeing 737 Max order if safety issue not solved: CEO

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia's national flag carrier Aeroflot will cancel its order of 20 Boeing 737 Max planes unless Boeing is able to guarantee the plane's safety after Sunday's deadly crash in Ethiopia by November, Aeroflot CEO Vitaly Savelyev said on Friday.

Aeroflot has ordered 20 Boeing 737 Max planes for its low cost subsidiary Pobeda and Boeing is scheduled to begin delivering the planes as soon as November this year.

"If there isn't a 100 percent guarantee that the machine is safe then no one will take it," Savelyev said.

"Deliveries for Pobeda were due to be no earlier than November 2019. Either Boeing resolves the safety problem with the 737 Max by that time or we will order a different plane," he said.

The Russian government has proposed that Pobeda limit itself to the 20 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft on order and buy Russian-made planes in future, the Vedomosti business daily reported on Friday.

69a6f3  No.5702814


Possibly. Turning the page on something that won't be easy to give up after 1.5 yrs, so far.

0e1b87  No.5702815

018a01  No.5702816


tell us something we don't know, Q. Tell us something that you haven't told us these last two years. Arrests or STFU.

c7078c  No.5702817


POTUS modified EO concerning sick people.

Q posts about GOOG FB and sick people

just a thought

79db40  No.5702818

File: c7ff83ca448eaf5⋯.png (442.22 KB, 1132x536, 283:134, ClipboardImage.png)


Q called it

cd1146  No.5702819

File: 9b83c11681f5ea0⋯.png (72.33 KB, 621x289, 621:289, ClipboardImage.png)


you know


11b2aa  No.5702820

File: 839ce1442c7126f⋯.png (1.33 MB, 1200x1200, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3e7085d39ff5b29⋯.png (582.77 KB, 877x1024, 877:1024, ClipboardImage.png)

e93903  No.5702821


Their day of reckoning can’t come fast enough.

3bba29  No.5702822

File: e8ec1590d861fbf⋯.jpg (45.1 KB, 500x372, 125:93, tumblr_nj8bb5TKYs1u2qrtko1….jpg)


>No one ever expects the

885705  No.5702823


Welcome to last year anon.

There's video during the Church commission hearings

bee0fd  No.5702824


Everything will be revealed when this is all over. Right now this is not a game. Some things must be kept quiet.

96830f  No.5702825


>if you generate the images…

if you create or modify the image, be on guard is all I'm saying.

PS- the shills are pissed. Third captcha I've filled out this mrning.

eb92cd  No.5702826

File: 01508cd9c471d86⋯.jpg (424.79 KB, 700x1178, 350:589, might-be-a-stretch.jpg)

This might be a stretch, but I noticed this connection.

Could make up for some of the junk at teh end of the IDAT section of the Freedom_Justice.png, might just added on to make the file the right size.

6847dd  No.5702827

File: 78e3b97e7d2668e⋯.png (339.2 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

Qmap.pub tops 300k users online.

3914ce  No.5702828


Who'd be fool enough to pair up with her? That's like asking to be suicided.

Oh, wait. This is Dims we're talkin' about. There's plenty of fools to go around…

9701f0  No.5702829


"Small time crooked beat cop needed."

a83733  No.5702830

File: 8ef1ce204e8219c⋯.png (727.78 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 03076AFE-7829-4DE6-9CD4-D6….png)

File: 429e2b522dc8baa⋯.png (87.75 KB, 812x614, 406:307, 3B6C0DE7-788F-4E8B-B671-FA….png)

57d3ca  No.5702831


re-read crumbs

da62f9  No.5702832


Yeah, but I brought the pix.


434e44  No.5702833


Damn, that girl is fine!

e65ada  No.5702835


oh boy… poor choice of words from her.. as she follows the narrative.. Just another bitch jewess now…the guy was not a white fucking supremacist

156c7d  No.5702836

File: 410cfc3882e25bf⋯.png (288.45 KB, 587x466, 587:466, jpa.PNG)

File: 1ec0d58e6f02bfc⋯.png (285.58 KB, 634x449, 634:449, jpb.PNG)

File: 60984a976affcb8⋯.png (288.52 KB, 662x463, 662:463, jpc.PNG)

John Podesta really disliked Trump's pick for WORLD BANK.

3 twats in 2 days


c15c45  No.5702837



Nobody fails quite like you ProjectionFaggots.

Same time tomorrow for moar futile faggotry?

See you then!

f9cb96  No.5702838



captcha is ridiculous now. almost every post

8e30df  No.5702839

The Ides of March is here, Q.

It would be nice if some debts were settled today.

ac4595  No.5702840


thanks fren

c40deb  No.5702841

File: 3d2e5cf45f8570e⋯.jpeg (521.21 KB, 1241x1568, 1241:1568, 87EEE1B1-6057-4427-B414-A….jpeg)

File: bcb4d667514cb4b⋯.jpeg (149.46 KB, 999x666, 3:2, E22EEFC6-2970-4265-B36C-6….jpeg)

File: 520ef4baa3f9b99⋯.jpeg (230.72 KB, 1165x690, 233:138, C755E66E-294F-4470-BD96-F….jpeg)

File: 788cc0142ab2fd2⋯.jpeg (237.18 KB, 1242x626, 621:313, 948F903F-4B37-4516-978D-5….jpeg)

File: e0e40ef440a7d20⋯.jpeg (220.84 KB, 1242x1620, 23:30, A951644D-C5D5-443D-8E8E-A….jpeg)


Democrats' newest presidential candidate's past as a teenage hacker who posted bizarre fiction about killing children is revealed

Beto O'Rourke was member of hacker group called Cult of the Dead Cow and called himself Psychedelic Warlord, he will admit in a new book

He posted on 'bulletin boards' - primitive equivalents of websites - and has left some of his writing intact

One story when he was 15 described running over two children in the street and said: 'I just sat in a daze, sweet visions filling my head.'

fe0aa3  No.5702842

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Mike Pompeo Interview.




There are three more vids. Mike is getting around today.

e8ac8d  No.5702843

File: d8bc57e90aea63d⋯.png (671.18 KB, 1166x684, 583:342, 2nd.png)

File: 2a4018fade404a1⋯.jpg (148.94 KB, 1305x810, 29:18, NL.JPG)

File: 4728086b8febc0f⋯.png (876.13 KB, 1480x875, 296:175, NoelLeemingProximity.png)

File: a2438cd9b1f1027⋯.jpg (59.39 KB, 492x886, 246:443, post.JPG)


Posted this lb but the bread is flying so reposting.

In the MP4 of the two guys (jpg below) you can read the name Noel Leemings on the sandwich board in foreground.

Tracked that down and map related of locations. The guys in the MP4 vid (2) are blocks away.

Who are they? Is the mp4 vid confirmed at same time as shooting?

c44198  No.5702844


Mental issues? Go play on the freeway….You're not worthy

7343ea  No.5702845


This was hashed out months ago on this board months ago. As nice as it sounds, it’s disinfo and based on the assertion that “section chief” is a CIA title and not an FBI one. This is not so which could determine with just a modicum of research:


Strzok has been identified as a section chief numerous times, and he may have been identified as such in the IG report. I say *may* because I’d have to go back and check. This doesn’t mean he is not a clown, but that document doesn’t prove anything.

f79b72  No.5702846

File: 463365f14146efb⋯.jpg (219.03 KB, 922x644, 461:322, swissupside.jpg)

1d0e3e  No.5702847



New Zealand. Denouncing violence, etc.

252082  No.5702848


You should get some rest, you look like shit

eda004  No.5702849

Northern California skies have remnants of yesterday's chemtrail bombing haze, but there aren't any trails in the sky today, not even contrails.

94ce38  No.5702850


I fill out three catcha's per post.

756981  No.5702851


A good portion of our military is comped. Just look at that shithead General Kelly.

ddf9d9  No.5702852

File: 1264afb2c18087f⋯.jpg (136.38 KB, 832x277, 832:277, red bishop 22.jpg)


when Wikipedia thinks that the most notable thing that the Chancellor that has presided over reunified Germany for the last 14 years and is considered to be the de facto head of the European Union is

"became a physicist"

there has been some severe editing, to put it mildly. possibly even some "un-publishing".

I learned to play chess with a set that had red & black pieces, and i think D5 was the insurance policy - Red Kasner = White Bishop?

9bb70d  No.5702853


Germany is doing a pipeline with Russia. That what the problem is. They are asking us to pay all the funding for NATO to "protect them from Russia" but then they go and do a business deal with their supposed adversary.

fa3282  No.5702854

Do you Q calling out the theory from notable 570110 in his most recent post “Not a coincidence?”…. Or am I getting cocky? Lmk. No direct reply but the bread was full

c7078c  No.5702855

File: da66f3e34ee0b25⋯.png (9.74 KB, 461x121, 461:121, ClipboardImage.png)


c3692b  No.5702856



There’s no question Mueller is a bad actor. It’s just that, I thought he was a bad actor on a leash.

IF - and this a big IF - Mueller is investigating (or at least containing) the swamp in anyway, then surely this will be considered when tribunals start.

3ff0ce  No.5702857




But then at the end she claimed Q was legit and went silent.

Either way, look what she had to say. Everyone calls everyone else an AIc|ashillmuhjoo, so just saying Q is muh doesn’t matter to me. Definitely has some good thoughts on JA. Especially since some Anons tracked down the Ecuadorian embassy personnel shuffle and the US Federal plane going from Equador to Florida then a plane headed to Gitmo.

4c1553  No.5702858


True. I use https://qposts.online/ myself.

887857  No.5702859


I believe this is Notable AF

9588b8  No.5702860

For Friday keks.

I'd always assumed that when Q writes C_A he means 'lacking in intelligence'.

I was doing some work with the IT 'CIA' security model today (Confidentiality / Integrity / Availability) and realised that if this is written C_A it would mean 'lacking in integrity'.

Noice double-meaning Q.

cc92ea  No.5702861

File: 3b7e0aa1fdd3d52⋯.png (1 MB, 721x7430, 721:7430, Screenshot_2019-03-15 Unit….png)

File: 3e85bedaa9b8076⋯.png (671.22 KB, 819x7213, 819:7213, Screenshot_2019-03-15 Exec….png)

File: ce71ecae6035ade⋯.jpg (1.39 MB, 1327x4394, 1327:4394, Screenshot_2019-03-15 Gamb….jpg)

File: a63a2098a6ac6e3⋯.png (274.3 KB, 1327x1482, 1327:1482, Screenshot_2019-03-15 Braz….png)

see the discrepancy?

the missing man is the spook. i thought then and I think now

its a gag we were meant to pick up on. no coincidences.

each person represents a facet of the problem. characterize each one.

5 Q Trips Patriots Fight decoded leads to 5 numbers which lead to a 6th and 7th and ALL have immediately verifiable significance. The non-patriots fight Q Trip active 3.15.18 I just decoded earlier and that has direct immediate significance using the same method as other trips.


each Q trip decode [see night shift breads last three weeks] leads to a place that is representative - an emblem - of the problem in distinct ways, e.g. Ada Oklahomo, Syria Va.

no coincidences.

745cfd  No.5702862

File: e879b49eab1bc5a⋯.jpg (51.07 KB, 500x382, 250:191, 2w4cq6_1.jpg)

Hurry up Q Pull It …

73bc6d  No.5702863

Why Nsa could't prevent the attack in NZ? A message for TURKEY? WHOSE?? RUSSIA

74cab7  No.5702864


yes, it is a beautiful day!

6502b3  No.5702865

File: 109e5c089a7455f⋯.png (31.23 KB, 1280x674, 640:337, flag-original-actual-png.png)

File: 292fba7f8333c13⋯.png (23.86 KB, 1280x674, 640:337, flag.png)


Heres the funny thing!

I did a tineye search for the original flag

It was REALLY hard to find an actual png. there were shit tons of SVG's that were named svg.png which were NOT VALID

I finally found a png many pages deep. Linked to /r/MURICA

And LO and BEHOLD! THe images are different. Not sure if there is some message hidden in the diff.

TinEye page


I have attached the two images. Flag-original is the one i found on tineye.

Anons and autists, what do you think?

b429ed  No.5702866

File: 11c57512b4c5e2d⋯.jpg (33.36 KB, 1152x648, 16:9, 300K.jpg)

Over 300K

First time I've seen that.

f79b72  No.5702867


Was hoping Harris was with us

1911f9  No.5702868


You project like a Drive In screen.

834db1  No.5702869

One day there will be no government to control its people.

The people will no longer be controlled by the image of the beast, numbers, money, or tech.

The people will wonder in the wilderness, they will leave their homes.

They will leave their rules.

They will be freed like caged birds.

There will be nothing to stop it.

Mark yourself for the expanse.

Mark your mind for the escape.


The earth is so huge, stretched out and expanding.

All peoples will no longer believe in your governments like they believed in false gods and false plans.

All means of control will fail.

All means of control will be foiled.

Freedom will ring!

Liberty will be real!

Fascism will be wiped out forever.

The people will never go back to fed control, state control, or religious control.

Humans have had enough.

It's time to take our destiny in our own hands.

No more registrations.

No more paper lies.

Who can own the earth?

Who can own your mind?

0295c4  No.5702870

File: eff775a38af4eeb⋯.png (515.91 KB, 439x567, 439:567, pepe169.PNG)



3ff0ce  No.5702871

File: fa80b36ecdf0b1c⋯.jpeg (217.35 KB, 2293x1020, 2293:1020, 404898E5-38F8-4743-ADEB-2….jpeg)

86f17d  No.5702872



>>5702349 President Trump to issue statement from the Oval Office at 3:30 ET - White House

>>5702309, >>5702443, >>5702612, >>5702782 FBIAnon original re-post, with oldfags citing the old days

>>5702289 Wait, wut? Reuters reporting Beto belonged to famous computer hackers group

>>5702616 FBI has no such position as "Section Chief Counterespianage Section", but CIA does.

>>5702521 Judge Unseals Portions Of Christopher Steele’s Deposition In Dossier Lawsuit

>>5702711 Faceboook admits to sharing your information to (long list provided)

>>5702346 Australian senator condemns violence but explains truths about dark purpose behind forced migration

>>5702781 Government regulators relied on industry-funded herbicide studies to declare glyphosate safe

>>5702781 (Sorcha Faal) Russian Intelligence Alarmed Why Shooter Visited British Spy Headquarters

>>5702715 Feds charge 5 from New Mexico compound where 11 children found

baker looking for handoff next bread

cc56ab  No.5702873


I think the DS was looking at executing some kind of massive attack, hence the Q warnings, Trumps NS briefing at the pentagon.

They are up to some shit, and I think Q was letting us know whatever their plan was was just sick and demented.


c3b859  No.5702874

a9113f  No.5702875

File: c2a4583f2094d8c⋯.png (2.79 MB, 1573x1090, 1573:1090, moneylaund.png)

March 13, 2019

Here is a look at the life of Eric Schmidt, former executive chairman of Alphabet, the parent company of Google.


Birth date: April 27, 1955

Birth place: Washington, DC

Birth name: Eric Emerson Schmidt

Father: Wilson Schmidt, a professor

Mother: Ellie Schmidt

Marriage: Wendy Boyle (1980-present)

Children: Sophie and Alison

Education: Princeton University, B.S., 1976; University of California, Berkeley, M.S, 1979 and Ph.D., 1982

Other Facts:

Was a member of President Barack Obama’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology.

In 2015, Schmidt received compensation worth $8.04 million from Alphabet.

Serves on the board of directors at the Broad Institute and the board of trustees at the Mayo Clinic.


1983-1997 – Works for Sun Microsystems, Inc.

February 1994-March 1997 – Serves as chief technology officer for Sun Microsystems, Inc.

April 7, 1997-2001 – CEO of Novell, Inc.

March 2001 – Is named chairman of Google.

August 2001-April 2011 – Serves as Google CEO. Schmidt receives a $100 million package as outgoing CEO, which marks the first stock-based compensation that he has received since he took over as Google’s CEO in 2001.

2006 – With his wife Wendy, establishes the Schmidt Family Foundation to promote sustainability through environmental preservation and education.

2007 – Inducted into the American Academy of Arts and Sciences as a fellow.

2010 – Co-founds venture capital firm Innovation Endeavours.

April 4, 2011-October 2015 – Executive chairman of the board of directors at Google.

January 7-10, 2013 – Schmidt travels to North Korea with former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson on what is described as a humanitarian mission.

February 4, 2014 – Google reveals that Schmidt will receive $106 million in bonuses based on the search giant’s 2013 performance.

May 4, 2014 – Publishes “The New Digital Age: Transforming Nations, Businesses, and Our Lives,” with Jared Cohen.

September 23, 2014 – Publishes “How Google Works,” with Jonathon Rosenberg.

August 10, 2015 – Google announces a corporate restructuring, forming an umbrella company called Alphabet and naming a new CEO to the core business of Google. Schmidt will become Alphabet’s executive chairman.

October 2015-December 2017 – Executive chairman of the board of directors of Alphabet.

March 2, 2016 – Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter announces that Schmidt is being appointed head of a new Defense Innovation Advisory Board, in an effort by the Pentagon to better address and enhance technology within the Department of Defense.

December 21, 2017 – It is announced that Schmidt is stepping aside as executive chairman of Alphabet. He will remain on the board and continue to serve as a technical adviser.

February 5, 2018 – The Massachusetts Institute of Technology announces that Schmidt will join MIT as a visiting innovation fellow for one year.

January 2019 – Schmidt is selected as chair of the 15-member National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence.

March 5, 2019 – Schmidt is ranked No. 101 on Forbes’ annual list of billionaires, with a net worth of $12.9 billion at the time the list was published


ac16ea  No.5702876


hi glowworm the happening for you will not matter to the rest of the world, I pray for any minor children involved in your life. The long arm of the Law the obummer cult had tied up it is loose and coming for sick evil bastards like you enjoy your cell mates loven' asswipe and fuck off already!

ab5ed5  No.5702877


learn to crop. thx

2882ba  No.5702878

File: 7ab693a7a310330⋯.png (42.21 KB, 636x361, 636:361, ClipboardImage.png)



909e4b  No.5702879

Dear Q,

This is a serious inquiry and I hope it isn't deleted. I am talking to someone claiming to be JFK Jr. I verified that this individual is in DC. Is this deep state or is JFK Jr really going to reveal himself soon? I technically should not be talking to strangers, but my curiosity got the best of me. Thoughts?

97ee11  No.5702880


simpsons did it: season 30 episode 16 [i.e. last sunday]


Marge Simpson and Homer Simpson are going out for a mandatory drug meeting, so they hire Shauna Chalmers as a babysitter, but Jimbo Jones snuck in too. At the Springfield Suites, Superintendent Chalmers and Principal Skinner presents the meeting. When they get bored, they sneak out, and find the Springfield Wedding EXPO.

Meanwhile at home, the kids are watching a scary movie. When Shauna and Jimbo start kissing, Lisa Simpson, Bart Simpson, and Maggie Simpson take a stroll out and go to Flanders' House at Ned Flanders' invitation.

Homer and Marge go on and present the keynote speach, impersonating Dr. and Mrs. Hefferman, the people they're impersonating at the EXPO. They then return home to find the party that Shauna and Jimbo organized and kick them out.

Homer picks Marge up and try to take her upstairs. Suddenly at the top, Homer's back snaps and they fell down. At the hospital, Homer finds out he developed a hernia. Back at home, side effects of the medication he's taking makes him hallucinate his hernia named Wallace is talking to him. While at Springfield Physical Therapy, Marge gets trained by Nigel that takes her to learn kite surfing.

Homer keeps having fun and transgressing on eating with Wallace the Hernia, refusing to go to the beach with Marge. He keeps refusing going with Marge, so Lisa asks Shauna and Jimbo for advice and find out the solution on finding something they both like doing.

The kids take him to the beach and when he notices how Chief Wiggum with his fat breaks his bike, he decides to join Marge on kite surfing. They find themselves stuck on a wind farm and reconcile.

At the Springfield Police Station, Marge finds out from Chief Wiggum that Nigel is a Russian spy named Dimitri Nigelovonovitch as government agents come in. He even asked if Marge has ever wondered why Homer's physical therapist is interested in his work. At the Power Plant, Nigel asks for Homer to take him to the reactor core to get some pictures. When Homer doesn't understand his pronunciation of