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File: 6268f09e9233453⋯.jpg (145.4 KB, 1795x1017, 1795:1017, # JPG.jpg)

c926f6  No.4839610

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Sunday 1.13.19

>>4740419 ————————————–——– FAKE NEWS control over those who don't think for themselves limits exposure of TRUTH.

>>4739743 ————————————–——– Law governing removal of a sitting Congress(m/w)/Senator?

Friday 1.11.19

>>4708257 ————————————–——– If a woman is selected as the nominee

>>4707306 ————————————–——– Public access to intel?

>>4707199 ————————————–——– What senior US official is arriving in China?

>>4707080 ————————————–——– BOOM!

Monday 1.7.19

Compiled here: >>4834899

Sunday 1.6.19

Compiled here: >>4770751

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c926f6  No.4839614


are not endorsements


>>4837717 Thread for the steganographic analysis of Q's images and videos

>>4837679 , >>4837484, >>4837427 Using Stenography to reveal code embedded in Q pics, vids, & posts

>>4680938 , >>4681274 POTUS: "Call Congress, ask your reps to fund wall". Numbers to call


>>4839451 Why Washington is Courting Hanoi in Vain

>>4839252 All POTUS' tweets mentioning 'election'

>>4839165 POTUS on a rt storm

>>4839098 , >>4839145, >>4839231, >>4839199, >>4839220 Covington connected to 'native' Warren?

>>4839104 , >>4839482 Enlarged WH bucket, or is it a trash can, re 'cleaning house?'

>>4839094 BLEXIT Live with Candace Owens, Larry Elder & others

>>4839031 , >>4839115, >>4839210, >>4839229, >>4839562 Covington HS Updates

>>4838946 Article on FLOTUS on the two year inauguration anniversary

>>4838979 , >>4839102 Moar on the Mysterious Posts co-ords

>>4839053 , >>4839075 Eyes On Hanoi Dig: Human Trafficking in Vietnam

>>4838987 , >>4839457, >>4839180, >>4839396 Eyes On Hanoi: John Kerry, Pelosi & HRC in Hanoi

>>4838978 Graphic on David Margola, Yoda and the 'Thank you David' POTUS tweet

>>4839598 #6177


>>4838775 Dem Sen rejects Trump’s plan even though he recently supported similar plan

>>4838623 New POTUS_Schedule re POTUS' call with Erdogan

>>4838490 , >>4838584, >>4838657 Hanoi: Eyes On

>>4838422 Missed it? Judge Janine's epic opening statement from yesterday

>>4838365 Q posts from 1 year ago (plus 2 days) connect to POTUS tweets?

>>4838349 Ambrosia: the startup harvesting the blood of the young. Dig

>>4838320 , >>4838352, >>4838462, >>4838468, >>4838668, >>4838442 Mysterious posts: Decodes

>>4838259 , >>4838325, >>4838329, >>4838615, >>4838664, >>4838578 Covington Catholic HS Updates

>>4838234 , >>4838255, >>4838508 Moar Farm. Co-ords: Ocean City, MD Muni-Airport and GITMO

>>4838231 , >>4838292, >>4838805 The bucket in the WH window. Leaks?

>>4838213 CNN taps Valerie Jarrett's daughter to cover Trump DOJ

>>4838206 Is there another reason Nancy doesn't want a recess?

>>4838833 #6176

#6175 Baker change

>>4837947 Biden's Son & the Case Against a Ukrainian Oligarch

>>4837879 Big Haiti connection: Jim Yong Kim founded nonprofit "Partners in Health"

>>4837748 Hive mind or moar?

>>4837740 Doc: Nunes to Sessions: FBI may have violated criminal statutes in Carter Page FISA application

>>4837723 Apologies to Covington catholic students flood twitter

>>4837717 Thread for the steganographic analysis of Q's images and videos

>>4837679 , >>4837484, >>4837427 Using Stenography to reveal code embedded in Q pics, vids, & posts

>>4837639 Gilets Jaunes riots: Update from Montpellier

>>4837631 Dems who pushed BuzzFeed report silent

>>4837586 New POTUS tweet re cold weather

>>4837577 Article: Lisa Page said to have given lawmakers eye-opening testimony

>>4837527 , >>4837587 POTUS Retweet Storm: Side x Side

>>4837512 A Convenient Killing of US Troops in Syria

>>4837463 Pence: North Korea taken no 'concrete steps

>>4837457 , >>4837477, >>4837531 Farm digs continued

>>4837428 BuzzFeed’s report disputed By Mueller, but Schiff going to investigate anyway

>>4838056 #6175

Previously Collected Notables

>>4835756 #6172, >>4836570 #6173, >>4837369 #6174

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c926f6  No.4839631

File: 793bc2a779f9ea1⋯.png (378 KB, 648x732, 54:61, #BloodMoonNS.png)

#6178 Dough


Any bakers like to bake?

Just shout

075704  No.4839671

File: 46e4cafa0233906⋯.gif (1.75 MB, 400x398, 200:199, super-wolf-blood-moon.gif)

File: 8f70ef649f48344⋯.jpg (600.2 KB, 582x900, 97:150, SWBM_small.jpg)


I know not every anon is a newagefag, but global peace meditations dont hurt anybody!

There is a big one planned for the upcoming Super Wolf Blood Moon. Find out more about it here: http://2012portal.blogspot.com/2019/01/return-of-light-meditation-final-update.html

and here is a link to the PRECISE time we should all be thinking our most positive, loving thoughts: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=RETURN+OF+LIGHT&iso=20190121T001111&p1=179

Victory to the LIGHT!


e59a45  No.4839679

trash can window



11 Jun 2018 - 12:09:57 PM

London pics [prev].

Year determined?



Find the markers [street/surroundings updates]




You have a choice.

SIS 'good' agents.

The time is now.

Contact window(s) [GOOD]



5febcc  No.4839684

“Owning guns is not a right, if it were a right it would be in the constitution.”

-Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

c4a3f2  No.4839685

Thank you baker

0bb9e9  No.4839686


Why not noted?

>>4839512, >>4839486, >>4839441, >>4839438 (pb) Israeli Warplanes Carries Out New Airstrikes On Damascus, And Syrian Army Retaliates

51289c  No.4839697

File: 659031d993f4e7c⋯.png (17.13 KB, 1234x340, 617:170, QMirrorAnsweryesA.png)

Q answered yes to the JFK Jr. question. It is a MIRROR.



SEE the IDs, then fill in the blanks…

1. Odds of cc occupying spaces 5 and 6 on both randomly-generated IDs:_______

2. Odds of interrogator's randomly-generated id adding up to 23 (PAIN/JFK Jr.):_____

3. Odds of Q's randomly-generated id adding up to 17: _____

4. Odds of a flipped question/answer matching Q's THINK MIRROR:_____

5. Odds of 2 of the above happening together:_____

6. Odds of 3 of the above happening together:_____

7. Odds of 4 of the above happening together:______

How many coincidences before mathematically impossible? -Q

Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 07b0b9 No.2263683 📁

Jul 24 2018 11:51:59 (EST)

Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 07b0b9 No.2263659 📁

Jul 24 2018 11:50:26 (EST)




Now do you understand why mirrors and disinformation is necessary?

Logical thinking.



d7b6fa  No.4839698

File: 3fc1b053233796a⋯.png (1.71 MB, 1530x1435, 306:287, ClipboardImage.png)

e59a45  No.4839699


that is one way to start a debate

426f4a  No.4839700


just kill them by lethal injection anon

89cff7  No.4839701

The SOTU Tump should make

Great satire from Zerohedge….

A Satirical Dream: Trump's 2019 State Of The Union Address

Mr. Speaker, Mr. Vice President, Members of Congress, the First Lady of the United States, and my fellow Americans:

It’s been another year since your president has stood before you to, once again, deliver yet another State of the Union address.

Tonight, however, will not be the standard fare. Instead of half-truths and false optimism, I am going to set aside all that in order to say what I believe is true.

Dear citizens, we now stand a crossroads and we must choose. We must choose if we are to move forward and deal with the real problems facing our nation, or to progress as a country of corruption; whether to return to our roots as an honorable republic – a nation of laws, or to continue our decline into lawlessness and the abyss.

Slightly more than two years ago, I was elected by patriotic Americans to make our nation great again. Through the votes of those Americans, we defeated a corrupt globalist puppet who has served at the whim of a global banking elite set on world domination.

Former President Dwight Eisenhower warned of an ever growing military industrial complex and John F. Kennedy identified secret societies operating as a “system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations” and in ways that were “repugnant in a free and open society”.

There is a quote often attributed to one of our nation’s founders and earliest presidents, Thomas Jefferson, which states:

Banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, banks and corporations will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.

And another quote most commonly attributed to a founding father of international finance, Mayer Amschel Rothschild, who said:

Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws

Now, whether or not these exact quotes were, in fact, said by these men, they still reflect certain truths throughout history.

In our own nation, what began over one century ago, with the establishment of the Federal Reserve in 1913, through the dishonest weights and measures of Fractional Reserve Banking, has decimated the purchasing power of our currency, and through exponentially-grown debt has, indeed, enslaved our nation’s children on the land of our ancestors.

Moreover, by means of banker subsidized wars around the world and a sinister agenda of global conquest through what is known as the Hegelian Dialectic, sovereign nation states are now held hostage by a small but powerful cabal in control of the Bank of International Settlements.

These banking elites are beholden only to themselves as they seek to establish what they have called a New World Order.

Since the assassination of John F. Kennedy and followed by the Nixon Shock that removed America’s currency from the gold standard, thus began the decline of our nation’s manufacturing base, as military engagements were openly, and covertly, executed around the globe.

Furthermore, over the past four decades, our educational system was subverted in order to dumb down our citizenry, and governmental welfare programs were expanded until now, today, the majority of American citizens have been lulled into a contented slumber via phony prosperity, faux money, fake news and an arbitrarily immoral code of political correctness.

Through the financial acquisition and consolidation of the nation’s media outlets and entertainment venues, and via the steady barrage of consistent and hypnotic electronic programming, the globalists have hypnotized a majority of American voters to abandon their vigilance to our founding principles; and our borders.

Affirmation of rights derived from natural law, honesty, morality, self-reliance, equality of opportunity, fiscal responsibility, and limited government has now, through the degrading indoctrination of Cultural Marxism, been subordinated to counterfeit concerns over bathroom rights, skin color, and genitalia.


c4db4e  No.4839702

>>4839396 LB

This is obvious satire should not be in notables.

66f449  No.4839703

>>4839680 (baker, lb)

thanks baker, and these are a new round and the Syrians are attack back

one of the only times I can think of the Syrians have done this

5e91a9  No.4839704

>>4839408 lb

I wonder if there is a KEYSTONE in the arch?

f9aa65  No.4839705

File: 6c475dae719e276⋯.jpeg (46.83 KB, 474x710, 237:355, D7DB198A-DA5E-4713-A502-5….jpeg)



3319ff  No.4839706

File: e1dd564874ff0c9⋯.jpg (115.82 KB, 600x721, 600:721, sexy-woman-rifle.jpg)

Thank You Baker.

66f449  No.4839707


die painfully

6fbd6f  No.4839708

File: a05f36adfd38e41⋯.png (282.34 KB, 780x714, 130:119, Screenshot_2019-01-20 4 re….png)

3e6487  No.4839709


The division shilling takes a new turn…

c926f6  No.4839710

2f1839  No.4839711

I think I know why Ringling Bros. folded up shop…

All their employees went to work for Congress!!!

ecc330  No.4839712

File: 619ff226a4dc9f3⋯.png (158.66 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 619ff226a4dc9f308afdf2fcb2….png)

Here's Q.

Take it, spread it, make money from it.

ffs who cares

c400c8  No.4839713

>>4839499 lb

>>4839695 lb

>muh reading comprehension.


ca58c9  No.4839714

File: 8afa6499c9bc21d⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1184x1418, 592:709, ClipboardImage.png)

JW hand-delivered a letter to the chair + the co-chair of the House's Office of Congressional Ethics calling for an investigation into whether Congresswoman Maxine Waters violated House ethics rules by encouraging violence against Trump Cabinet members.

51289c  No.4839716

File: 0f48afc3f62430a⋯.jpg (40.62 KB, 439x468, 439:468, jfkfusca.jpg)

b1e439  No.4839717

File: 24072eb4cefbaac⋯.png (156.88 KB, 656x527, 656:527, POTUS Schedule 1-20-19 4 1….PNG)

5e91a9  No.4839718


She Dun Wong hun? Ho Lee Fuk,. I think there is something wong with this article.

6fbd6f  No.4839719

>>4839708 ←-

What the actual fuck baker?

Shit is from 2015

89cff7  No.4839720


Before the globalists can destroy America, they must first eradicate our identity. And, this, my fellow Americans, goes to the very heart of our current gridlock in our nation’s capital which has resulted in our longest government shutdown in history.

Can a nation exist without borders? The answer to that question is, of course, “no”; because borders are necessary to geographically separate ideologically disparate countries of separate peoples and from each respective nation’s code of laws, economic system, and currency.

But you see, this is not in the best interest of the global financial elite who desire one world order. If one looks to history they will see how slavery is rooted in economics, and this, dear citizens, is what they, who would be our rulers, desire.

Whether delivered by crony capitalism, communism, collectivism, leftism, socialism, or by any other name, it’s always the same: An elite few who deceive the useful idiots within any population with promises of utopia and equality; yet always resulting in a short-lived wicked paradise for those select few and, invariably, delivered by means of poverty, death, and despair.

I stand before you tonight, not as a politician, but as your president; a former international businessman envisioning a multilateral world of sovereign nations cooperating through fair trade and mutual respect for law and order. I seek to reestablish American liberty, her traditions of innovation and excellence; a beautiful city, shining.

But, my political opponents – those who favor globalism, seek only power and control through centralization, regulations, and unjust laws designed to stifle individual achievement, autonomy, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Today, my fellow Americans, the wall on our southern border is a line in the sand between those who stand with me and those who desire global hegemony. For, you see, out of the chaos of a world in turmoil, the international elite seek to establish order.

One world under them. A world without borders.

Senator Chuck Schumer has recently stated that a wall won’t work while lamenting my proposed $5.7 billion of taxpayer funds. He also called me a liar because I have said Mexico will pay for the wall. So I ask you, my fellow Americans, do you believe Chuck actually cares about your money?

If he did, he would realize that Mexico will pay for the wall by keeping their citizens in their own country instead of on America’s welfare rolls.

Besides, if Senator Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, the Democrats, and their globalist handlers, truly believed a great big, glorious wall on our southern border wouldn’t work, they’d allow me to build it. Then, if it was ineffective, they could use the failure against me in 2020. But that’s not happening. Do you know why? It’s because they all know a wall will work in assuring America’s sovereignty. That’s why.

The Bible’s First book of Kings, in chapter three, tells of two prostitutes who recently birthed children. When one woman’s baby died, she stole the other mother’s child. When the matter was taken up with King Solomon, he instructed the women to cut the sole surviving baby in half. Of course, the child’s real mother spoke up first to prevent that madness. In so doing, Solomon knew it was the real mother who spoke first and who had the child’s best interests at heart.

This story speaks to motives and to honor.

I seek to protect America’s borders in order to secure the future of America’s children. Yet, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, other Democrats, and their globalist handlers, are willing to sacrifice the United States, and her progeny, for the sake of playing politics and power games.

And what do I mean when I say these politicians are serving their globalist “handlers”? Well, follow the money; and where the money is, there is power.

In the aftermath of September 11, 2001, and the passing of the Patriot Act, the Global Technocrats have ceaselessly constructed an online framework of gatedoors and checkpoints ranging from facial recognition software, social media censorship, and a dystopian panopticon of total surveillance.

Even as whistleblowers like Edward Snowden revealed the violations of American’s Fourth Amendment rights as, over the same period of time, law enforcement agencies were militarized all across this land.

Just as technological breakthroughs in computing and the proliferation of “smart” communication and entertainment devices gave rise to government spying, it was not a very large leap of understanding to see how easy it would be too blackmail and control not only citizens, but government administrators, politicians, officials, and even judges around the globe:


3319ff  No.4839721

File: 1b980bc48622a38⋯.jpeg (197.47 KB, 1080x1441, 1080:1441, 1b980bc48622a388569fe0864….jpeg)

0bdc1b  No.4839722


Q, team,

Can we have a lil morale boost? Potus tweet or re-tweet with wwg1wga?

If it wont effect the plan. Im guessing a liddle heat wont mess with things right now.


313f3c  No.4839723

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.











3801bc  No.4839724

>>4839499 pb

lot of people call themselves "Donald Trump" on twitter.

Some are Trump Haters.

that's all it is.

32a311  No.4839725

File: d62bd43655b9b0e⋯.jpg (71.35 KB, 720x352, 45:22, Dod0BesU8AIQH56.jpg large.jpg)

>>4839667 (lb)

The way he disrespected the drum makes me think he's either a Native who doesn't respect or care for his people & their ways OR he's just a Latino/Hispanic pretending to be a Native. Either way, what he did was WRONG.

c18b19  No.4839726

File: ac2b45baf58e68d⋯.jpg (195.99 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakening411.jpg)

File: 02892b86fb3d990⋯.jpg (243.11 KB, 1025x591, 1025:591, GreatAwakening501.jpg)

File: ac2ad7a50ff0cf5⋯.jpg (189.62 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakening502.jpg)

File: 126aee729ef31fe⋯.jpg (235.67 KB, 1025x512, 1025:512, GreatAwakening503.jpg)

File: 8990305b5a65538⋯.jpg (196.38 KB, 1026x512, 513:256, GreatAwakening504.jpg)

511b8f  No.4839727


On it.

Profits go to Qmap.pub until it becomes a nationally funded/hosted treasure and doesn't need the pennies I'd be sending.

5c0ddb  No.4839728

File: d0fbdb5d3b6cb2a⋯.webm (3.29 MB, 640x360, 16:9, hspeech.webm)

File: 04b1c2435d3ba8c⋯.webm (3.96 MB, 640x360, 16:9, HoxT.webm)

File: f97503c052f56d4⋯.png (163.56 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 1b6f77dbdcad4f350c7242b39d….png)

File: 524daffc24afb13⋯.jpg (150.27 KB, 534x712, 3:4, 635651261524001864-AP-B03-….jpg)

3bc550  No.4839729

File: 2bff472c2f99454⋯.png (74.34 KB, 462x571, 462:571, ClipboardImage.png)

She seems to be of the Classical Liberalism persuasion. I'm guessing there's many more who think like her.

e94fa3  No.4839730


payseurs are not jews - unless you loons want to claim King Louis and the morivingian line was all jew - Kek

After the ‘revolutionaries’ executed King Louis XVI (Ramses-Piso-Bush) and Queen Marie Antoinette (Ramses-Piso-Bush), her son, Crown Prince Louis, still a toddler, was placed under house arrest at the Paris Temple. Two years later he was smuggled out in a laundry basket by his doctor, Dr Naudin. The retarded nephew of the Marquis de Jarjayes was substituted and he died in 1795. The prince was secretly taken to the Vendee Palace and given sanctuary by Prince Conde. He was later moved to a fortress on the River Rhine where he lived under the name of Baron de Richemont.

He arrived in England in February 1804 with the former royal paymaster of France, George Payseur, and was protected by King George III, the monarch at the time of the American War of Independence. The Prince changed his name again to Daniel Payseur while George Payseur became George Bayshore. King George III gave the prince, now Daniel Payseur, a ship and awarded George Bayshore 600 acres of land in North Carolina. When they arrived in America they were given help by the Boddie family, who were related to the British monarchy.

oh but there IS a jew named payseur - i saw it on twitter so it must be them

36e122  No.4839731

thinking about the 3 6 9 order.

tesla was an electric engineer.

3 6 9 are all found in a delta wiring diagram.

it creates a triangle of on-off poles to make an electric motor spin.

if you reverse one, any one of the three poles 3 6 9

the motor reverses.

maybe that was the key to reversing time, switch a pole.

f3fb8f  No.4839732

File: 1a4ca7f758ea46a⋯.png (148.58 KB, 235x334, 235:334, 1a4ca7f758ea46a4ba8af2a11e….png)


thank you baker…..good job!

c926f6  No.4839733


True, thanks for the heads up anon. I'll remove it.


If it's a fresh round, I'll add.

86673d  No.4839734

File: bde6a3325200021⋯.png (398 KB, 780x772, 195:193, erdegon.PNG)


Trump, Erdogan discuss Syria, boosting U.S.-Turkish trade: White House

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. and Turkish presidents agreed to keep pursuing a negotiated settlement for northeastern Syria that meets both countries’ security needs, as well as their mutual interest in expanding U.S.-Turkish trade, the White House said on Sunday.

In a phone call, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan expressed condolences for the death of four U.S. citizens in Manbij, Syria, in a suicide bombing on Wednesday claimed by the Islamic State militant group, while U.S. President Donald Trump stressed “the importance of defeating terrorist elements” in Syria, White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said in a readout of the call.

Reporting by Arshad Mohammed; Editing by Peter Cooney

Our Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.


Erdogan: Turkey is ready to take over Syria's Manbij

ISTANBUL (Reuters) - Turkey is ready to take over security in Syria’s Manbij, President Tayyip Erdogan told U.S. President Donald Trump in a telephone call on Sunday, the Turkish presidency said in a statement.

Erdogan said an attack that left four Americans dead last week in Manbij was an act of provocation aimed at affecting Trump’s decision last month to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria.


Trump, Erdogan discuss Syria, boosting U.S.-Turkish trade: White House

Trump, Erdogan discuss Syria, boosting U.S.-Turkish trade: White House

The attack occurred nearly a month after Trump confounded his own national security team with the surprise decision on Dec. 19 to withdraw all 2,000 U.S. troops from Syria, declaring Islamic State had been defeated there.

Islamic State claimed responsibility for Wednesday’s attack.

Manbij is controlled by U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a militia allied to the U.S.-backed Kurdish YPG, which last month invited Syrian President Bashar al-Assad into the area around the town to forestall a potential Turkish assault.

Ankara deems the YPG terrorists linked to the Kurdish PKK movement that has waged a decades-long insurgency on Turkish soil.

Erdogan and Trump agreed to accelerate and continue discussions between their chiefs of staff regarding a safe zone in the area, the statement said.

Last week, Trump suggested in a tweet creating a safe zone, without elaborating. The SDF said on Wednesday it was ready to help create the safe zone, as fears grow that the U.S. withdrawal will give Turkey the opportunity to mount a new assault.

Turkey wants the safe zone to be cleared of the Kurdish group.

“We said we won’t let you be here,” Prime Minister Fuat Oktay told broadcaster CNN Turk earlier on Sunday, addressing the PKK. “When we are talking about a safe zone, we talk about one in Turkey’s control.”

(same link)


6f58ca  No.4839735


Glad to hear it! I pray POTUS stays safe tomorrow.

45e7dd  No.4839736

>>4839668 lb

perspective is clouding your vision

5f0516  No.4839737

File: 61d1a97e3a389bb⋯.png (86.49 KB, 234x215, 234:215, mmgay.png)


and/or physically gifted.

fe9f94  No.4839738

File: 32fad2060b95556⋯.png (125.54 KB, 1000x764, 250:191, herewego.jpeg.png)

File: 509c6b29dd966db⋯.jpg (11.89 KB, 255x217, 255:217, howtofilterfornewfagsIDonl….jpg)

File: ebd8ba63b6ff905⋯.jpg (78.49 KB, 500x513, 500:513, logicfrens.jpg)





stay anon, no genderfagging, and youll figure it out after a few breads of watching.

b1e439  No.4839739

File: a08960563fcf2a0⋯.png (539.11 KB, 655x690, 131:138, USMC 1-19-20 5 am PST.PNG)

File: 91fd706e0d6b075⋯.png (2.18 MB, 1337x662, 1337:662, USMC 1-19-20 5 am PST pic.PNG)

Take a Load Off


b22909  No.4839740

File: 78e19904c9f7083⋯.jpg (71.33 KB, 1080x1095, 72:73, e31b1a6.jpg)

d86585  No.4839741

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Hate this show and normally wouldn’t share this, but I think anons will appreciate the humor. Skit about millennials on a game show but boomers keep coming in and taking their prize money. Actually funny

89cff7  No.4839742


Is it any wonder why border laws are not enforced throughout the wealthy “democratic” nations of the world? Or why U.S. politicians pass legislation against the will of those who voted for them? Or why Chief Justice John Roberts passed the unconstitutional Obamacare mandate by calling it a tax?

Dear citizens, I now fully understand Senator Chuck Schumer’s warning to me in his MSNBC interview on January 3rd, 2017 when he said:

Let me tell you, you take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday to get back at you.

Today’s modern manifestation of George Orwell’s INGSOC party, led by loyal uniparty U.S. Democrats and Neocon Republicans, have sought to control private lives, consolidate power, and restrict personal freedoms by weaponizing healthcare, welfare, FISA Courts, illegal immigration, anti-gun initiatives, and they’ve even made Vladimir Putin into a modern day incarnation of Orwell’s imaginary and infamous scapegoat, Emmanuel Goldstein.

Today, the same people who have accused me of being homophobic, xenophobic, and islamophobic – have embraced a fraudulent special counsel investigation by which they now see imaginary Russians hiding in the shadows of every corner.

From the time I announced my candidacy for President of the United States, I was ridiculed by the political establishment, Hollywood, and the Corporate Mainstream Media. When it appeared that I could win, the U.S. Intelligence Agencies, under President Obama, spied on my campaign and set up members of my team for a grand scheme of entrapment arranged by former CIA Director, and perjurist, John Brennan; even as corrupt high-ranking officials in the FBI, like James Comey, arranged for Hillary Clinton’s crimes to be swept under the political rug.

This phony Russian election hacking narrative then, in turn, provided cover for the Elite Powerbrokers to censor the free internet, allowed Barrack Obama to sign into law a “Countering Disinformation And Propaganda Act”, let former National Security Advisor Susan Rice feloniously unmask officials in my administration, and forced my newly –appointed National Security Advisor, Mike Flynn, to resign; even as my new Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, was intimidated into recusing himself from the Russia investigation.

Sessions’ recusal, of course, led to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to appoint his former FBI co-conspirator, Robert Mueller, to investigate me.


592c27  No.4839743


He aged HORRIBLY then. My God. Was he literally hiding under a bridge?

8996c2  No.4839744

"Was Hitler a puppet?

Who was his handler?

What was the purpose?

What was the real purpose of the war? " -Q

36e122  No.4839745

File: 39e00c0c82330f6⋯.png (11.62 KB, 185x255, 37:51, flotus.png)

thanks baker.

53d36f  No.4839746

File: 40de96001729233⋯.png (425.01 KB, 559x470, 559:470, 2018-12-20_22-21-03 copy.png)

cf65dd  No.4839747


>London pics [prev].

Some discussion a bread or two back about renewing the search for imbedded messages in Q's and other drops. Has anyone ever remarked on why their images are gigantic? Many more megapixels necessary, unless there are details that require that resolution or there's more data than image data.

b3e455  No.4839748

File: 5e2b4c228393f32⋯.gif (1.69 MB, 250x250, 1:1, 5e2b4c228393f320375cdae47e….gif)



Need more text!

89cff7  No.4839749


Over the last two years of my administration, the Russia investigation has dominated the headlines of media corporations owned by international financial elite, and comprising ninety percent of all news media outlets throughout our nation.

We now know today the phony Russian dossier was fake opposition research paid for by Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential Campaign.

Still, two years later, the investigation continues. And consider what has occurred over the last two years: Every time news stories broke regarding what has become known as Spygate, Crossfire Hurricane, FISA Abuse, Fusion GPS, or the phony Russian Dossier – Mueller and Rosenstein would, in response, indict innocent Russians who would never see the inside of a courtroom, arrest my private attorney, or indict someone else affiliated with me like Carter Page, Paul Manafort, General Flynn, and others.

On February 16, 2018 Mueller and Rosenstein charged thirteen Russian nationals and three Russian groups for meddling in U.S. elections. In that press conference, Rosenstein said the indictment contained NO allegations of collusion by members of my campaign or my administration. Rosenstein also assured the nation there was NO “determination that elections were influenced as a result of Russian activities”.

But, two days later, when conservative radio talk show host, Rush Limbaugh, appeared on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, on February 18, 2018, and conflated the Russian Investigation with President Obama’sspying on my campaign, what happened next?

Two days after that, special counsel Mueller charged the son-in-law of a Russian oligarch who was an acquaintance of someone who once did business with someone who once chaired my campaign for a few months.

Innuendo, accusations, headlines and sound bites. Move, countermove. Punch and counter punch.

On April 3rd, 2018 reports of an August 2017 memo surfaced in the media showing illegal collusion between Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and Special Counsel Robert Mueller. The violation of special counsel law was in Rosenstein’s intentionally vague court filing with no specifics of facts to be investigated. In essence, the memo revealed Rosenstein gave Mueller a blank check to investigate me illegally, and endlessly. At the time, there were those in the media calling for both Rosenstein and Mueller to terminate the investigation.

So what happened next?

Less than a week later, in a manner unprecedented in all of American history, the FBI raided the office and residence a sitting president’s personal attorney.


29a7ef  No.4839750

Anons, really, I am shocked about the Media more then I ever thought I could be!

This is unbeliveble to far!

They really put the lives of this children in absolute danger!

Really, I trust the Plan, I growing more patience, then I ever thought I could have but now, it has to be over for them! It is really enough now!

And to you all! It is amazing to witness your work! All this real things (TRUHT!) are happen, cause of (YOU)! You bring the News to wake up the normis!

If you where not here, the Media narrative would be the Truht! Imagine that!

Guys, I am so proud to lurk here with you and to realize every fucking day (EVERY FUCKING DAY!) how important you are to win this fight!

You are the real shit!

Please Mr. President, make a tweet about this fuckery with the Native Actor! Because this is really tooooooo far for everybody with a brain!

Now I go out and watch the Moon!

c89fb0  No.4839751


So called natives are really Asian

86673d  No.4839752

File: 67c64cf259f7585⋯.png (505.18 KB, 772x758, 386:379, erdegon and Trump.PNG)


related image

afc20a  No.4839753

File: b6156bd852e9e27⋯.png (78.65 KB, 451x445, 451:445, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 477c86538320ed1⋯.png (1.43 MB, 1121x635, 1121:635, ClipboardImage.png)

>>4839330 lb

Does this have anything to do with Q post re official in China?

c926f6  No.4839754


Posted in #6178

>>4839451 Why Washington is Courting Hanoi in Vain

>>4839252 All POTUS' tweets mentioning 'election'

>>4839165 POTUS on a rt storm

>>4839098 , >>4839145, >>4839231, >>4839199, >>4839220 Covington connected to 'native' Warren?

>>4839104 , >>4839482 Enlarged WH bucket, or is it a trash can, re 'cleaning house?'

>>4839094 BLEXIT Live with Candace Owens, Larry Elder & others

>>4839031 , >>4839115, >>4839210, >>4839229, >>4839562 Covington HS Updates

>>4838946 Article on FLOTUS on the two year inauguration anniversary

>>4838979 , >>4839102 Moar on the Mysterious Posts co-ords

>>4839053 , >>4839075 Eyes On Hanoi Dig: Human Trafficking in Vietnam

>>4838987 , >>4839457, >>4839180 Eyes On Hanoi: John Kerry & HRC in Hanoi

>>4838978 Graphic on David Margola, Yoda and the 'Thank you David' POTUS tweet

>>4839512, >>4839486, >>4839441, >>4839438 Israel Carry Out New Airstrikes On Damascus

b22909  No.4839755

File: 3282cc4b7e2b1a7⋯.jpg (286.86 KB, 2048x1365, 2048:1365, # (4).jpg)

0bb9e9  No.4839756


Where??? Not in last 3 notes buns

Strikes started 40 minutes ago and only just stopped

f3fb8f  No.4839757

File: 3579a3323b4d752⋯.jpg (30.43 KB, 414x508, 207:254, 3579a3323b4d752003c5b6166e….jpg)

>>4839489 (lb)

My kid did the same thing when he was about 9. Somehow charged up all kinds of fees for Playstation games (he didn't know any better….well maybe he did, but) yeah, he wracked up about $500 on my charge card, that I had protected with passwords.

When I called Microsoft they blamed PS games. When I called PS, they blamed Microsoft.

Since the stuff was already downloaded, I had no choice but to eat it and pay it. I was beyond pissed.

We still nag him about it to this day (he's 16 now)


I saw something about lawsuits? But it was a pb and I didn't want to go back atm. Will have to look into this.

3801bc  No.4839758


Not a spider web. It's a Sun image.

27532c  No.4839759

File: fef9587363f7c43⋯.jpg (130.3 KB, 1120x861, 160:123, alex.jpg)

89cff7  No.4839760


On June 7th, 2018 a top senate intelligence staffer was charged in a leak case where a New York Times reporter’s records were seized. The very next day, in another vain attempt to add marginal credibility to his floundering quest, Special Counsel Robert Mueller filed a fresh witness tampering indictment against my former campaign chair Paul Manafort and Russian citizen Konstantin Kilimnik.

Innuendo, accusations, headlines and sound bites. Move, countermove. Punch and counter punch.

That same month, after the release of Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report on Hillary Clinton’s e-mail investigation, five FBI officials were revealed to have colluded against me but none of their illicit actions were said to have been politically motivated. This, even though one of the agents exclaimed “viva le resistance” after my election win. That agent was later hired by special counsel Robert Mueller.

On the same day the Inspector General’s report was released, New York’s attorney general sued the Donald J. Trump Foundation, myself, and others, in order to dissolve the foundation for “persistent illegal conduct” over more than a decade.

Innuendo, accusations, headlines and sound bites. Move, countermove. Punch and counter punch.

Also the very next day after the FBI’s “den of thieves” were revealed in the IG Report, my former Campaign Chair, Paul Manafort, had his house arrest revoked and was sentenced to prison for alleged witness tampering.

Innuendo, accusations, headlines and sound bites. Move, countermove. Punch and counter punch.

And on it goes; even after it was revealed that U.S. Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein, abused the power of his office by threatening to subpoena the calls and texts of Congress in order to obstruct the Legislative Branch’s constitutionally mandated oversight of the DOJ and FBI.

In July of 2018, in an effort to divert publicity away from the Capitol Hill testimony of disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok, and to subvert my efforts toward peace with Russia, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced the Mueller Investigation’s single indictment of Twelve Russian intelligence officers for alleged election hacking in 2016.

Innuendo, accusations, headlines and sound bites. Move, countermove. Punch and counter punch.

Even though by August of 2018, it had become clear Obama’s former CIA Director John Brennan was the mastermind behind Spygate and many more media outlets were reporting it was Hillary Clinton and U.S. intelligence officials who colluded with Russians and others to entrap me.

Even though a former FBI agent who “is ashamed of what the FBI has become” found it “absolutely preposterous” that Deputy Director Rod Rosenstein was still in his position knowing that he signed off on the final FISA application to spy on me; especially in light of my then Attorney General having to recuse himself from the case.

So I ask you tonight, my fellow Americans:

Why is Hillary Clinton’s payment to Fusion GPS not under investigation by Mueller and Rosenstein?

Why has the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice downplayed, and even covered-up, Mrs. Clinton’s illegal use of private servers when she was President Obama’s Secretary of State, and the obstruction of justice involved with her illegally deleted e-mails?


51289c  No.4839761

File: 4838b3cccd9c0e3⋯.jpg (76.26 KB, 1024x612, 256:153, DjiNH2SV4AABYZy.jpg)

26b81c  No.4839762


She really said that? Tastes better with sauce

b862d1  No.4839763

File: 813bf3bb305eb54⋯.jpg (85.71 KB, 721x500, 721:500, Night Shift Yet.jpg)

>>4839617 (LB)

Remember riding in the back of station wagons with the window down? Kek

075704  No.4839764


supposedly base 3 math unlocks all sorts of possibilities our base 10 cannot. its been suppressed. idk tho, not a mathfag. look up Pete Peterson.

b430ea  No.4839765

File: 863ab7cf2c06c73⋯.png (729.99 KB, 600x633, 200:211, BTFO4GOOD.PNG)

45e7dd  No.4839766


got to love the game board

must reinforce duality

5f0516  No.4839767

File: f24114f53fd59b0⋯.png (1.05 MB, 736x609, 736:609, adolflaugh.png)


>"Was Hitler a puppet?


89cff7  No.4839768


Why hasn’t former President Obama, former Secretary State Hillary Clinton, former FBI director Robert Mueller and former attorney general Eric Holder been called into account yet regarding the Uranium One scandal? Why? Especially when it involved the sale of a large percentage of America’s uranium deposits to Russia, the same country for which these same criminals have accused me of collusion.

It is because they believe themselves to be above the law.

These same criminals who created ISIS to destabilize the middle-east and create a mass migration crisis designed to destabilize the western nations of the northern hemisphere. All of these criminals are puppets on strings pulled by those now creating anarchy so as to sift the nations into a New World Order.

The elite bankers have sown seeds of economic chaos, including the subprime mortgage crisis a decade ago, only to be bailed out; which, in effect, transferred their debts onto the backs of the American taxpayers. Debts, I might add, which were incurred as result of these same banker’s malicious malfeasance and greed.

My dear citizens, it is also these same bankers who plan to become the founding fathers of the new and improved centralized and cashless world system.

This is why we’ve seen eight Federal Reserve interest rate hikes since my election in 2016.

The International Financial elite WANT the American economy to collapse. In fact, they NEED it to collapse, because out of chaos comes order.

This also explains why the globalists are now lusting after the guns of law-abiding American citizens.

My fellow Americans, the globalists cannot allow you to defend yourselves against the tyranny of the state. It’s because this would inhibit their plans of establishing their New World Technocracy.

In his 1991 book, “Behold a Pale Horse”, former United States Naval Intelligence Briefing Team member William Cooper warned of a secret initiative by our Central Intelligence Agency. In this sinister plan, described by Cooper near three decades ago, a project called “Orion” was revealed whereby drugs and hypnosis were to be used on mental patients coerced into shooting children in schools. The plan was to inflame the antigun lobby and cause middle class Americans to beg their government “protectors” into obliterating the 2nd Amendment.


d99268  No.4839769

>>4839601 (lb)

as i hate to say it (bc personal exp) but love is the key to that

meaning we have to get them out of that shit, the current generation was breed into this and had no choice

560e80  No.4839770

File: e26335452324967⋯.jpeg (109.81 KB, 1024x556, 256:139, _01-20-07.28.18.JPEG)

3319ff  No.4839771

File: a19515083cd3289⋯.jpg (251.02 KB, 1440x1440, 1:1, 2019-01-13_15.16.26.jpg)

File: 18812550e2125e3⋯.jpg (311.24 KB, 1440x1440, 1:1, 2019-01-13_15.13.54.jpg)

63aca3  No.4839772


no. surely she didnt really say that

89cff7  No.4839773

And, look what’s happened since that time. So many school shootings; and always occurring in similar ways.

First, there is some sort of an active drill, either scheduled or ongoing, and then shots are fired.

Within hours, the murderer is reported to be extremely troubled, if not insane, under psychiatric care and on psychotropic drugs, as several people claim they all “saw it coming”, or, in some instances, saying they are completely surprised that the person they knew could massacre so many.

Next, prophetic postings placed prior on social media by the shooter are revealed. Of course, these are never discovered until it’s too late. Most commonly, an AR-type or similar semi-automatic will have been used with the necessary large-capacity magazines. This is because both semi-automatics and large-capacity magazines are highly coveted targets in the sites of the politicians and globalists hiding behind their own armed security on Capitol Hill and at the United Nations.

And finally, we all know what happens next: The political establishment types like Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and others, all circle like methamphetamine -addled chickens clucking about “doing something” so “it never happens again”.

My fellow Americans, don’t be fooled. This has happened according to plan and right on schedule.

In the aftermath of the Sandyhook shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, President Obama issued 23 executive actions and proposed 19 legislative actions. After the Virginia Tech shooting new rules were passed that allowed the Social Security Administration to provide information to the gun background check system of people with “mental disabilities”. After Vegas and Parkland, it was bump-stocks.

Do you see a pattern?

But even more sinister is how the captive media will use these types of crisis events to change the national conversation away from the Democratic Party embarrassments that perform poorly in focus group polling and in the media.

For example, immediately prior to the midterm elections last fall, Brett Kavanuagh’s Supreme Court nomination process revealed the Democrats as lying rats and fools. That was when the captive media quickly switched channels to show the slow-motion Latin American invasion. But when that backfired as well, what happened next? An anti-semitic white nationalist shot up a synagogue in Pittsburgh and a Republican, with “Make America Great Again” stickers on his white van, was arrested for mailing explosive devices to my most prominent political opponents.


Well, my point is that many Americans today are very gullible. And predictable too. Or at least the loony liberals who swallow ersatz pretense more vigorously than starving vegans ingurgitating Tofurky on Thanksgiving.

So what happened next? Of course, the Democrats won the House and here we are now with the longest government shutdown in American history.

Certainly, these insane loons would have had much more difficulty winning if not for the never-ending propaganda spewed forth by the captive media, the bias of Google searches, and the censorship of social media platforms.

But you see, my dear Americans, it’s no different than the way the Russian election-hacking lies have been propagandized over the real collusion of Spygate, Crossfire Hurricane, and FISA abuse. The captive crony capitalist corporations ceaselessly shill their divisive deception around the world twice while the truth ties its shoes and gets slandered as fake news.

But in spite of all that, I am still here representing those who voted for me; and, even, those who didn’t vote for me.


b3e455  No.4839774


Sorry SNL not funny for decades so FO!

b1e439  No.4839775

File: c296975bf82b7a4⋯.png (298.74 KB, 636x663, 212:221, Army 1-20-19 12 pm PST.PNG)

File: 815132983db6731⋯.mp4 (2.13 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Video Army 1-20-19 12 pm P….mp4)

Have you ever flown or rode in a Black Hawk?


ad0dcc  No.4839776

No Safe Places > Rising S

38.419154° N, 77.955344° W

38.125648° N, 78.285727° W

35.782650° N, 79.074148° W

39.266623° N, 77.706792° W

43.1778° N, 103.9151° W

51289c  No.4839777

File: 5de122caed3ef34⋯.jpg (2.1 MB, 3021x4028, 3:4, c76ba55e0.jpg)

c400c8  No.4839778

6f1b14  No.4839779

File: f1fa596a8514332⋯.jpg (122.47 KB, 600x888, 25:37, Baker.jpg)

File: 4c6cf5305e17d68⋯.jpg (189.91 KB, 592x900, 148:225, Baker 5.jpg)

File: fe7da7adc082c77⋯.jpg (436.02 KB, 1000x1414, 500:707, Baker 7.jpg)

File: fe8e6f15f010773⋯.jpg (20.18 KB, 183x275, 183:275, Baker 10.jpg)

File: 784c6cd5f4ef7fa⋯.jpg (64.74 KB, 465x697, 465:697, Baker 12.jpg)


ThanQ Baker.

ee4ce9  No.4839780

File: 4e9cdfd38abb27d⋯.jpg (932.53 KB, 1848x1893, 616:631, 1545784177770_Screen Shot ….jpg)

Me too Baker ty.



Like your meme a lot !

45e7dd  No.4839781


everyone is a puppet

who is pulling your string?

89cff7  No.4839782


This is why on Saturday, January 19, 2019 I announced my BRIDGE Act which included two offers to the Democrats in exchange for the $5.7 billion in funds for a border wall. First, I proposed an extension of DACA protections for Dreamers, who were brought to the U.S. illegally as children, and, secondly, I offered to extend the legal status of Temporary Protected Status holders.

Dear citizens, as you know, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said this was not a good faith effort on my part.

So, in turn, I ask you, my fellow Americans: What are they offering? What have they brought to the negotiation table in good faith?

Nothing. Only more of the same.

As I stand before you now, in this majestic chamber, speaking on your behalf, addressing your concerns, your hopes, and your dreams – know that your nation is at a crossroads.

Since becoming your president, we’ve rapidly and radically changed the federal judiciary including two, soon to be three, new Supreme Court justices. We’ve passed tax reform, repealed the individual mandate, and made progress in deregulation in spite of congressional gridlock. We’ve cut government waste, defeated ISIS, and withdrew from the horrible and unfair Paris Climate Accord.

Over the last year alone, in 2018, we’ve replaced NAFTA with the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Trade Deal, ended Obama’s terrible Iran Nuclear agreement, confronted China, increased minority jobs, raised middle class wages, and achieved record oil production.

I have gone forward with a courageous vision and an honorable mission: To make America great again for all Americans.

With the help of those in the United States Senate, we’ve appointed judges who’ll interpret the Constitution as it was written, and we’ve added more circuit court judges than anyone believed possible.

I’ve defended our Second Amendment and have acted to protect religious liberties.

I’ve made real efforts toward immigration reform – towards ending chain migration and the visa lottery. And, now, I’m standing strong against the globalist powerbrokers who seek to deny patriotic Americans their wall; a more-than-symbolic line in the sand against southern invaders seeking to make the Democratic Party, and also Islam, great again.

Yes, ranchers have found Islamic prayer rugs on our southern border. This means while TSA agents are fondling your children at airport security gates, men with backpacks are entering this country unchecked, at the invitation of Democratic Party leaders like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.

We need a wall on our southern border and, yes, it is a matter of national security.

So, my fellow Americans, I stand here, on your behalf, against those escaping their own shithole countries, in order to turn America into a shithole country like the ones they just left behind.

I stand against a Mainstream Media spewing enough shameless propaganda to cause George Orwell to blush in his grave.

I stand against Democrats and Neocon Republicans, alike, who daily lick the boots of their elite globalist masters while governing against the will of liberty-loving Americans.

I stand against those who are coming for your guns.

I stand against those who would kill your children, as well as other children around the world, in order to consign America to the ash heap of history; and for no other reasons than to satisfy their insatiable greed and lust for power.

I stand for the peace and harmony of the world’s sovereign nations.


8996c2  No.4839783

"Was Hitler a puppet?

Who was his handler?

What was the purpose?

What was the real purpose of the war?

What age was GS?

What is the Soros family history?

What has occurred since the fall of N Germany?

Who is A. Merkel?

What is A. Merkel’s family history?

Follow the bloodline."

744d34  No.4839784

File: 81ec71cb6a32d8e⋯.jpeg (80.21 KB, 663x500, 663:500, 9C7FE2F2-EF81-4947-9163-A….jpeg)

9abe33  No.4839785



FFS, post a paragraph and a link and be done.

835ad8  No.4839786

>>4839554 lb

>>4839574 lb

>>4839588 lb

Monetary damages must be certain and provable. I dont see a case here. The cause

of action is Defamation, not libel. Not sure is a cause of action for 'libel" even exists.

Defamation laws protect the reputations of individuals and other entities (such as businesses) from untrue and damaging statements. Libel refers to statements that can be seen (typically written and published), while slander occurs when a defamatory statement is spoken or otherwise audible (such as a radio broadcast). To prove either type of defamation, plaintiffs must prove the following four elements:

First, the plaintiff must prove that the defendant made a false and defamatory statement concerning the plaintiff.

Second, the plaintiff must prove that the defendant made an unprivileged publication to a third party.

Third, the plaintiff must prove that the publisher acted at least negligently in publishing the communication.

Fourth, in some cases, the plaintiff must prove special damages.

d99268  No.4839787


as meditation is intention, we are already "meditating" with you,

try spreading it to other boards

this board is alread "meditating" with you

cf65dd  No.4839788


You and Pence just hunker down in separate places tomorrow chief. We don't want a "President Pelosi". They're going to have to try it. They are running out of options.

89cff7  No.4839789


Winning will not be easy. On the contrary, it will be hard. Very hard.

To be sure, it will soon become even more difficult because it’s always darkest before the dawn.

Let the sunlight shine into the dark. Right now, in this very moment, I am authorizing the release to the general public, all FBI and DoJ documentation having to do with the Russian investigation.

Let all of those on earth see how the bankers nearly stole the world.

My Fellow Americans: It’s not over. We’re just getting started.

Be assured the globalists will crash America’s economy prior to the next presidential election in 2020. They will blame my trade policies and tax reforms. But it will be the result of Fed tightening. It’s always the Fed. It’s always the bankers.

America will never be defined by the greed of international financiers, corporate oligarchs, servile politicians, or a slavish media.

You know who you are. Stay proud. Stay in the fight.

We will not lose.

By God almighty, we will not fail.

Thank you, and God bless America.



b9c6ce  No.4839790

>>4839562 (lb)

Sauce pls

b22909  No.4839791

File: b9cbe713703fe0c⋯.jpg (49.97 KB, 480x360, 4:3, IMG_20181006_184055.jpg)

Release the FISA.

3f9c93  No.4839792


Proof that wrestling is homo.

5f0516  No.4839793

File: e3d0906685a4358⋯.jpg (14.27 KB, 324x214, 162:107, bookowski.jpg)


hehe..not you.

360021  No.4839794

File: 6ca303a8b7ce039⋯.jpg (16.61 KB, 474x336, 79:56, sake.jpg)

>>4839672 pb

>Fort Christ's sake, baker

FFS Anon! It's called satire.

Considering all the crap stories of today alone, this is well-deserved.

Sake's on me.

Enjoy! Cheers!


[sometimes Anons are allowed to have fun]

36e9e1  No.4839795


lb- she was on twitch a couple hours ago; no one notice; baker ignored

Syria is more important to anons here than grooming next generation of damaged recruits who want to kill us

8996c2  No.4839796

"Angela Dorothea Kasner.

Daughter of a Pastor?

Name of FATHER?

History of FATHER?

Hitler youth (member).

Haircut today vs THEN (A).


US Intelligence post war controlled who?

The ‘Mission’

Who is Angela Hitler?

Relationship to Adolf?

How were children named in Germany during this period?

First or middle.

Family tree.





Risk of ‘conspiracy’ label the deeper we go.

Truth will shock the WORLD.


6410b8  No.4839797

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

67ae35  No.4839798


This donkey-faced bitch is as dumb as a sticky doorknob.

190b4c  No.4839799

File: ccf57b013f9690c⋯.png (17.54 KB, 590x225, 118:45, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2bb4f28b3c08214⋯.png (331.52 KB, 588x548, 147:137, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 49fc10680321ce3⋯.png (15.73 KB, 589x167, 589:167, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 19b04f8c9564228⋯.png (12.24 KB, 591x114, 197:38, ClipboardImage.png)



0bb9e9  No.4839800

File: 0baee30042fd269⋯.png (43.92 KB, 585x447, 195:149, ClipboardImage.png)

1d0be7  No.4839801

File: faa94c0a8a8150d⋯.png (119.24 KB, 999x779, 999:779, IQ_All_Countries.png)

Worldwide IQ by Country


dcbf70  No.4839802

File: fad5d7524c47842⋯.png (2.28 MB, 1665x878, 1665:878, ClipboardImage.png)



Happy 2nd Birthday Mr President …

c4a3f2  No.4839803


Really??? Dang! Just got done with your other one! Ok off to dig up the addresses! Umphhhhh… slugging away with my coffee

92fa23  No.4839804

File: 375b1c1376e2e12⋯.jpg (21.48 KB, 198x299, 198:299, 10-29-10-vn-02.jpg)

>>4839305 (all lb)


She was there in 2000 and twice in 2010.


>Adoptions too…


Yikes. Hillmonster went to Hanoi less than a month after that handover. Wearing gold.



32a311  No.4839805

File: 8261a6f06bf228a⋯.jpg (2.31 MB, 4447x2500, 4447:2500, 728538.jpg)

File: 2d744cf4a6d00c7⋯.jpg (38.84 KB, 480x470, 48:47, 17352069_10211931719264609….jpg)

File: bf2f8ba2ceb32c1⋯.jpg (86.95 KB, 500x500, 1:1, it is all connected.jpg)


Been awaiting this transition for a loooong time!

I'll be there!

592c27  No.4839806



"I'm just a Gen X'er, I just sit on the side lines and watch the world burn"


Yeah we do

8996c2  No.4839807

Help POTUS twts by retwting, thank you.

51289c  No.4839808

File: 92885deaf1523ef⋯.jpg (50.27 KB, 597x680, 597:680, DpufYpQW0AEKbfB.jpg)

ca58c9  No.4839809

File: b71b0ba85bf751a⋯.png (618.49 KB, 1234x1238, 617:619, ClipboardImage.png)

DNC game plan from the WaPo.

0bb9e9  No.4839810

File: 06b1c7217419ebc⋯.png (113.11 KB, 527x315, 527:315, ClipboardImage.png)


eed499  No.4839811

File: 376645bbe2e67a9⋯.png (15.8 KB, 398x280, 199:140, b790a25f-6cbf-4f6f-90ca-e9….png)


This was the article an anon posted


REVEALED: Facebook 'deliberately duped' children into racking up bills into the thousands playing online games - even referring to them as 'whales'

I think this is perfect for a class action lawsuit

c45b5d  No.4839812

Who else is thinking Patriots 4th quarter.

They win this game and win the SB in 4th quarter.

Futures proves past. Humm…we all thought it was last year and we were wrong.

910a78  No.4839813

The work has begun.

God be with us.


66648d  No.4839814

File: 84112a3f3cad849⋯.jpg (50.58 KB, 960x682, 480:341, cortezgun.jpg)

835ad8  No.4839815



7856fa  No.4839816

File: b6c4908c91cf931⋯.jpg (45.18 KB, 579x298, 579:298, Screenshot 2019-01-20_19-3….jpg)


e641b5  No.4839817

File: 4e357884f4d2db5⋯.png (91.87 KB, 917x286, 917:286, Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at ….png)



re: arresting traitor senators/reps:

constitution says YES, ARREST THE TRAITORS even if they're in session:

nknight on Nov 14, 2011

Article 1 of the US Constitution:

"[Senators and Representatives] shall in all Cases, except Treason, Felony and Breach of the Peace, be privileged from Arrest during their Attendance at the Session of their respective Houses, and in going to and returning from the same; and for any Speech or Debate in either House, they shall not be questioned in any other Place."

This passage has an incredibly long and complex history behind it and implicates ancient rights and privileges beyond its literal text dating back to the earliest days of Parliament that are too complex to describe in detail here, but people need to realize that it does exist, it exists for a reason, and it has implications for attempts to restrict "insider trading" by members of Congress.

Even bribery statutes can come into conflict with the Congressional privilege, and some prosecutions that probably should be brought never will be because it becomes such a close call in court.

This particular problem can and should be fixed, probably by requiring a blind trust, but people need to realize that such legislation is getting into an area that's much more complex than simply "they shouldn't personally profit from their privileged position" – few would argue with the principle, but all should be cautious that we don't end up with laws that risk partisan prosecutions for legitimate political activity."


3801bc  No.4839818

File: fe0762f56142b10⋯.mp4 (681.43 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, pelosispeechfart.mp4)

I remember some "talking head" newscasters breaking down like this.

At the time we speculated their mind control conditioning went haywire?


d99268  No.4839819


>disrespected the drum

care to elaborate ? how did he do that ?

not beeing sarcastic

63aca3  No.4839821

966098  No.4839822

File: 5cd4aba9c624564⋯.jpeg (238.23 KB, 1242x1748, 27:38, 8B07DD1B-F644-4B59-8A13-8….jpeg)



ur right. theyre fake jews that worship thr babylonian God Ra… thus the eye in the attached.

511b8f  No.4839823

strokes muh dick


Don't want any complaints later on, and everyone will be free to use 'em. ;)

190b4c  No.4839824

File: a0f946f61d89dbd⋯.png (43.16 KB, 638x318, 319:159, ClipboardImage.png)





9fe2f0  No.4839825

File: d6bad2d17c4f474⋯.png (715.18 KB, 767x796, 767:796, 1548025359740.png)

Hollywood producer Jack Morrissey commenting on MAGA kids


Archive: http://archive.fo/l2cym

Spread, don't report ;p

511b8f  No.4839826

File: 54caef88e81ec26⋯.jpg (555.91 KB, 1192x825, 1192:825, ImQArtFagNow.jpg)


pic might help…

939a11  No.4839827

>>4839210 LB

Shared this on twitter with @RealJamesWoods Hope it spreads.

313f3c  No.4839828

File: a418c559982c9be⋯.jpeg (759.61 KB, 2194x2601, 2194:2601, 4AA7ADAE-BECF-4E89-9F0A-F….jpeg)

File: cbc04f46c02c06c⋯.jpeg (1.7 MB, 2749x2448, 2749:2448, 9E9289CB-BE01-4592-A35F-0….jpeg)

File: e47c162b614cdac⋯.jpeg (483.36 KB, 1968x1680, 41:35, 1AB12CB8-C96B-4C1A-B5E6-D….jpeg)

WE would not have gotten this far without (you)!

The darkness of our passed will no longer haunt OUR VICTORIOUS FUTURE TOGETHER!

We hold these truths to be SELF EVIDENT that all men are created EQUAL




#kekforce #wwg1wga


70b8f0  No.4839829

File: 6246022002a1d82⋯.png (215.41 KB, 1243x982, 1243:982, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 73ce7f98372932e⋯.png (60.33 KB, 838x1157, 838:1157, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 76fbc6ce1a003be⋯.png (96.62 KB, 706x2306, 353:1153, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b3d0362abf2c704⋯.png (73.61 KB, 767x1723, 767:1723, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7e2ada2b5b32385⋯.png (41.01 KB, 758x999, 758:999, ClipboardImage.png)

Hanoi Lists of P.O.W.'s Are Made Public by U.S.


Very interesting information NOT listed in this piece…NO NAME…Is NOT on this list anywhere!!!


ca58c9  No.4839830

File: 40acf9acfcbadb4⋯.png (697.51 KB, 1228x1288, 307:322, ClipboardImage.png)

Sheryl and Facebook trying to ruin another country.

ba4f83  No.4839831

>>4839798 The Kings have always had FOOLS/Jesters

7856fa  No.4839832

File: 913cc7c61d6c5b7⋯.jpg (33.5 KB, 577x284, 577:284, Screenshot 2019-01-20_19-3….jpg)

File: 1bdce3d584bf163⋯.jpg (75.26 KB, 598x502, 299:251, Screenshot 2019-01-20_19-3….jpg)

File: 14e80a38f15f9af⋯.jpg (295.65 KB, 1280x2176, 10:17, screencapture-ktvb-article….jpg)




4d95ec  No.4839833


Israel bombs Iranian targets near Damascus as border tensions rocket

IDF warns Syria not to intervene, hours after regime fires missile at Israel in apparent retaliation for daylight attack near capital; army shutters Mount Hermon ski resort

Israeli forces bombed targets belonging to Iran inside Syria early Monday morning, the Israel Defense Forces said in a statement, as tensions on the northern border continued to skyrocket.

The IDF said at 1:30 a.m. it was “striking Iranian Quds targets in Syrian territory,” and warned Syrian forces not to intervene.

“The IDF warns the Syrian Armed Forces against attempting to harm Israeli territory or forces,” the army said in a statement.

Syria’s state-run SANA news outlet claimed its air defenses had shot down a number of “hostile targets.”

Video posted online appeared to show at least one missile being intercepted.

It claimed the strikes had come from the direction of Lebanese airspace and said explosion were heard near Damascus.

9b7cc1  No.4839834


can bake

can take it now or if you can make it to the next dough ill be there

up to you baker senpai

b1e439  No.4839835

File: 077db6952b744e1⋯.png (368.64 KB, 670x711, 670:711, Army 1-20-19 3 pm PST.PNG)

File: 2360100b68a3a30⋯.mp4 (5.02 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Video Army 1-20-19 3 pm PS….mp4)

File: 345458c1568c144⋯.png (245.22 KB, 647x394, 647:394, Army 1-20-19 3 pm PST pic.PNG)


Current Soldiers, what's your MOS?


c926f6  No.4839836


>>4835756 #6172, late afternoon ET -

>>4835210 , >>4835231 Syria repels IDF air raid on intl airport south of Damascus

8730c4  No.4839837

File: 489cf21644331fb⋯.png (48.91 KB, 598x295, 598:295, AQ21.PNG)

Potus Tweet


62c952  No.4839838

File: ad4e3570f14fbbf⋯.jpg (76.53 KB, 579x615, 193:205, rectangles.JPG)

3c9e0d  No.4839839


Watched it last night and laughed my ass off

Forgot to post it. I liked the first boomer

who worked for 15 yrs and retired with 8 million dollars

f3fb8f  No.4839840

File: 5f822d455475522⋯.jpg (784.15 KB, 2112x1191, 704:397, 5f822d455475522c13216d47e9….jpg)


I have been on here ALL weekend….and havev been posting about and following the story.

I did read somewhere that the guy was an actor, and this was all a set up by MSM to make MAGA look bad (and Catholics).

The more I read, and observed, I am convinced the entire thing was set up, by both sides.

I mean all of the kids had those hats on and if you watch the kid's face, it almost looks like he is trying not to laugh (not in a cocky way as is being portrayed) but in a "kid trying to act that is not trained" kinda way.

This was meant to start a big thing, I BELIEVE, to make MSM LOOK BAD again!

To show once again (to the normies) that the MSM CANNOT be trusted.

There are so many tweets condemning the kid like he is a murderous monster! He didn't DO anything!

Then the real story came out, and now all of these "blue checkmarks" are posting apologies. (again to show dumb normies that they are complete phonies).

*watching a movie*

d99268  No.4839841


yes, thx for evolving!

c6d3a5  No.4839842

File: 710f9adfa727d2a⋯.png (1.63 MB, 1817x944, 1817:944, Coords.png)

36e122  No.4839843

File: 8b852bbeef8820b⋯.jpg (7.81 KB, 176x255, 176:255, 3525c4fa38eb601a7545502f59….jpg)

Q when will we see the fruits of our labor?

Happy blood moon.

de4ac1  No.4839844

File: e40ba62185e3341⋯.png (207.02 KB, 1040x572, 20:11, 012119 Hitachi CEO pouting.PNG)

Hitachi chief's remarks on nuclear industry spark debate

On Jan. 1, Hiroaki Nakanishi, chairman of the Japan Business Federation (Keidanren), held press interviews on the outlook of the business community and, at one point, the discussion turned to nuclear energy.

Nakanishi is also the chairman of Hitachi Ltd., a major supplier of nuclear technology, and he said that the commercial possibilities for nuclear energy in Japan, for both “clients,” meaning power companies, and “vendors,” meaning plant manufacturers such as Hitachi, were increasingly limited. If clients can’t make a profit, then neither can vendors, and that will continue to be the case as long as the public is opposed to nuclear energy. The industry can’t force nuclear power on the citizens of a democracy.

Major media were presumably represented at the interviews, but only one outlet, All-Nippon News Network (ANN), reported Nakanishi’s nuclear-related comments. Jan. 1 was a newspaper holiday, which means that no newspapers were published on Jan. 2, but there was still no other mention of his remarks on Jan. 3. On Jan. 5, journalist Hajime Takano commented on this lack of interest to former Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama on the latter’s web channel for his East Asian Community Institute. The head of Hitachi, a key company in nuclear technology, had said that the business of nuclear energy is impossible without public support. Since nuclear energy is national policy, the ramifications are huge, Takano said, and yet no other major media had covered the remarks or ANN’s report. Were they afraid of upsetting the government?

As Takano pointed out, the Tokyo Shimbun, which as a regional newspaper doesn’t qualify as “major media” and tends to question the government’s nuclear policy, did mention Nakanishi’s remarks on its front page on Jan. 5, suggesting that the Hitachi chairman was no longer aligned with the administration on nuclear energy. Almost eight years after the disaster at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant, no nuclear plants in eastern Japan have resumed operation and, without an economic rationale for nuclear power, the policy is pointless.

But the Tokyo Shimbun also reported that Nakanishi said Japan does not have the right environment for renewable energy. This qualification seemed to imply that nuclear power was still preferable, but only if the public could be persuaded to accept it. So while part of Nakanishi’s remarks might give the impression that Japan’s nuclear power industry is throwing in the towel, they need to be contextualized within the larger picture of Hitachi’s business.

rest at link


e94fa3  No.4839845


enuf already

presidential speech writer you aint

5e91a9  No.4839846


Pretty much all of this is spot on. Behold A Pale Horse is a MUST READ for anyone here. It is free and even can be found on Jewtube.

8996c2  No.4839847

File: 1049e522b8175cf⋯.jpg (27.77 KB, 617x385, 617:385, eye nvidia.jpg)

60abd6  No.4839848

File: 1804a24bda81d74⋯.jpg (1.9 MB, 4500x2291, 4500:2291, 1804a24bda81d747d747768a73….jpg)


>Specifically, successful encoding of novel information is associated with increased theta oscillations (3-8Hz) and theta coupled gamma activity (40-120Hz), and a decrease in alpha oscillations (8-12Hz). However, given the correlative nature of neurophysiological recordings, the causal role of neuronal rhythms in human memory encoding is still unclear. Here, we experimentally enhance the formation of novel memories by a visual brain stimulation at an individually adjusted theta frequency, in contrast to the stimulation at an individual alpha frequency. Critically, the memory entrainment effect by the theta stimulation was not explained by theta power per se, but was driven by visually evoked theta-gamma coupling in wide spread cortical networks

d45d4d  No.4839849

File: ed261f75906534d⋯.jpg (83.64 KB, 640x400, 8:5, AP_19020481251616-640x400.jpg)

Remains of Holocaust victims found at UK museum finally brought to burial

‘We have been given the privilege to show you dignity here at your funeral,’ Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis says of the unidentified Auschwitz victims, 5 adults and one child

….They had been given to the museum, along with other items from the Auschwitz concentration camp, by an anonymous donor in 1997.

anonymous donor

because that's entirely credible

just look at these little fuckers, they are not us

Sauce for full article.


ec29c8  No.4839850

File: 6c1bdab933ae41b⋯.jpg (134.93 KB, 718x586, 359:293, floor2-new.jpg)

>>4839649 (lb)

Kek, that's the west side of the residence anon. The west wing is quite a way to the, er, west, of that image and doesn't have the round and pointy things over the window.


(not relevant, but the link is broken on the site, this one works)

10541e  No.4839851


>38.419154° N, 77.955344° W

52 29, Stevensburg, VA 22701

C29V+MV Culpeper, Virginia

38.125648° N, 78.285727° W

036000000011A0, Rivanna, VA

4PG7+7P Southwind Estates, Rivanna, VA

35.782650° N, 79.074148° W

1199 Big Hole Rd, Pittsboro, NC 27312

QWMG+38 Fearrington, North Carolina

39.266623° N, 77.706792° W

12330-12332 White Rock Rd, Purcellville, VA 20132

778V+J7 Neersville, Virginia

43.1778° N, 103.9151° W

Unnamed Road,, Edgemont, SD 57735

53HM+4X Provo, South Dakota

f84a56  No.4839852

File: 02e8ce73b807ac3⋯.jpeg (76.04 KB, 653x499, 653:499, 178FD03D-A89F-4528-A262-1….jpeg)

9fe2f0  No.4839853


Its fake news. Kids and families are filing lawsuit.

5e91a9  No.4839854


GOt to fly down the Grand canyon in one. Never forget seeing the sparks of dust on the blade tips in the NVG's I threw up a lot.

d57549  No.4839855


That happened to me and my child. I refused to pay,

and told them they had broken the law by entering into a contract with a child.

Didn't have to pay.

8730c4  No.4839856



26b81c  No.4839857


All seeing eye pedo symbol

5f0516  No.4839858

File: 3ba1d0d1ab5c794⋯.jpg (112.34 KB, 346x500, 173:250, 5329025804_c5770781cb.jpg)

1e6f6f  No.4839859


Bannon sorry Barron still trying to figure out when he cang et his sports betting book from this year to take back to 2066 with him

f3fb8f  No.4839860


yes I know

3801bc  No.4839861



It was used to taunt someone.


It's a sacred Drum and not meant for that.

Just a guess.

f9aa65  No.4839862

File: b25a4d705536529⋯.jpeg (168.41 KB, 1104x1599, 368:533, 42EDE2C1-0587-4431-968E-9….jpeg)

0866c3  No.4839863


Holy shit….what a fukking prick

6fbd6f  No.4839864

File: fee05255483d277⋯.jpg (406.43 KB, 1440x786, 240:131, Screenshot_2019-01-20 38°2….jpg)

File: 8db77252765838b⋯.jpg (403.79 KB, 1440x786, 240:131, Screenshot_2019-01-20 38°2….jpg)

File: 64bafa4097c95b8⋯.jpg (400.22 KB, 1440x786, 240:131, Screenshot_2019-01-20 38°2….jpg)

File: d676c14418ac90a⋯.jpg (446.83 KB, 1440x786, 240:131, Screenshot_2019-01-20 38°2….jpg)

File: 853023932864861⋯.jpg (316.73 KB, 1440x786, 240:131, Screenshot_2019-01-20 38°2….jpg)

6410b8  No.4839865

File: c14131bbe60440a⋯.png (1.6 MB, 959x854, 137:122, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3990429b77f508d⋯.png (2.32 MB, 1203x956, 1203:956, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2708fd63646e3a8⋯.png (1.89 MB, 1066x1102, 533:551, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a1d0577744d0162⋯.png (1.57 MB, 974x897, 974:897, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f9600055aeb9255⋯.png (4.55 MB, 1698x1470, 283:245, ClipboardImage.png)


>No Safe Places > Rising S

cf65dd  No.4839866

File: 9ea808777c3a3cd⋯.jpg (49.47 KB, 700x525, 4:3, Marines Salute.jpg)

File: 249000857c998de⋯.jpg (344.53 KB, 1242x1779, 414:593, Marines Semper Fi.jpg)



Hey, that was my reserve unit back when it was with 4 MarDiv! There were some salty SOB's from WWII and Korea in that unit that took us pale kids under their wings. JFC they knew some tricks that would curl your hair. Our Company Gunny was (behind his back) called "Brick Jaw", because it looked just like what it sound. It was rumored he had had the M5 mechanical jaw implanted.

c4a3f2  No.4839867

File: 6cfc4bfcd982285⋯.png (172.11 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, B28AD8DB-5A98-4BF7-AF6D-25….png)

File: 46b77ff2092444b⋯.png (4.55 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 1DE14B6A-167E-4EE0-9B0D-F6….png)


1. 38.419154° N, 77.955344° W

a5fa66  No.4839868

File: 23bc2961e1284d9⋯.jpg (111.59 KB, 750x698, 375:349, slide.jpg)

63aca3  No.4839869

c84555  No.4839870


she looks like a prisoner

5e91a9  No.4839871


I am a useless faggot and do not know where the hell all of the GPS coordinates are coming from lately? can I get a TLDR on them?

ba4f83  No.4839872

File: d8ed18da33e48ce⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1000x1000, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


Light to Dark!

b5dbbf  No.4839873

File: 1493ae2745ab8cf⋯.jpg (41.46 KB, 588x437, 588:437, 1493ae2745ab8cf71f7f8241ab….jpg)

I thought I would share with my fellow peeps what my offspringanon just came home with…

A first year college vocabulary test…here are some of the 120 words in the test…


















Welcome to the dumbing down of Americas youth…

bc065e  No.4839874


"global" may be a tip on what those meditations are for. Exactly who started those global meditations in the first place… you are not awake if you have fallen for that creepy new age theosophist matraya bullshit

d86585  No.4839875


Damn. Didn’t even notice that

835ad8  No.4839876


Her voice literally hurts my ears.

d97437  No.4839877

File: 829f9a8a3d665d7⋯.png (286.42 KB, 403x584, 403:584, cia22.PNG)

190b4c  No.4839878

File: 40d101edc6e27f1⋯.png (358.23 KB, 587x416, 587:416, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c647047334f604f⋯.png (38.38 KB, 594x234, 33:13, ClipboardImage.png)



POTUS RT Storm #3

5f0516  No.4839879

File: 08c2ea548aa7735⋯.png (17.66 KB, 800x540, 40:27, the-verge_owler_20170323_1….png)

f2282e  No.4839880

File: e4a8bd668fc674a⋯.jpg (159.87 KB, 584x378, 292:189, 2019-01-20_16-36-08.jpg)

File: afac2df66fca735⋯.jpg (58.22 KB, 479x368, 479:368, 2019-01-20_16-36-31.jpg)

File: 43e4673ed487dc9⋯.jpg (178.14 KB, 475x459, 475:459, 2019-01-20_16-36-50.jpg)

File: 3a52739a97ab5e0⋯.jpg (274.8 KB, 522x519, 174:173, 2019-01-20_16-37-06.jpg)

File: cae584ec9716703⋯.jpg (123.68 KB, 510x390, 17:13, 2019-01-20_16-37-23.jpg)

f9aa65  No.4839881


Niceeeeeee 👍👍

63aca3  No.4839882


he has made his acct private already

c4a3f2  No.4839883


At least I got street view last time

62c952  No.4839884

File: 8ff59732c490f95⋯.jpg (15.95 KB, 329x267, 329:267, idjrside.JPG)

45e7dd  No.4839885


Complete Cooper MP3 Collection



66f449  No.4839886



thanks baker, it's notable that Syria attacked back, they've been saying they would but hadn't yet

c84555  No.4839887


let me murder you because you appear to make fun of a minority of the month member

f2282e  No.4839888

File: 4b882e18b8ab656⋯.jpg (241.38 KB, 521x494, 521:494, 2019-01-20_16-40-32.jpg)

File: e4db26956992b5c⋯.jpg (236.48 KB, 601x337, 601:337, 2019-01-20_16-40-12.jpg)

File: 86f5a930b8b7a35⋯.jpg (60.78 KB, 347x492, 347:492, 2019-01-20_09-39-30.jpg)

982824  No.4839889

File: a494a3acd76c6cf⋯.jpeg (21.59 KB, 300x225, 4:3, this.jpeg)


r-larp spelled sideways is orpal Jr.

6f1b14  No.4839890

File: 06097df866084b1⋯.jpg (242.17 KB, 1200x1459, 1200:1459, Tom King1.jpg)

File: 2ab04c4c9c99753⋯.png (398.6 KB, 600x300, 2:1, Tom King2.png)



>perspective is clouding your vision

Perhaps yours is, fren.

Tom King ex C_A.

Eye love a good coincidence!

Here's an MK Ultra stare, for (You)…

<“There Are No Strings On Me” - Ultron

c4a3f2  No.4839891


Me either

0bb9e9  No.4839892

File: ef653994b09a6e4⋯.png (492.21 KB, 538x519, 538:519, ClipboardImage.png)

8730c4  No.4839893

File: 5ba73b385fda560⋯.png (124.86 KB, 326x326, 1:1, AQ CallA.png)

Hey guise.

(((they))) coordinated this probably 24 hours in advance.

Only took a few hours to go viral.

Think we exposed this story as a fraud in less time?

835185  No.4839894


Lots of patriotic Sperm is the only thing that will wake her up.

b3e455  No.4839895

File: 58470a926f2b31a⋯.jpg (181.28 KB, 798x991, 798:991, 58470a926f2b31ad97bfeb024e….jpg)

e94fa3  No.4839896


so you believe this clown is a member of the family that controls the world

and here he is for all to see with his jew paraphenalia and his name all plastered on it

you got no almonds fren

ba4f83  No.4839897

File: 67e7db12496a011⋯.png (437.12 KB, 474x364, 237:182, ClipboardImage.png)


Not a very good one either!

f3fb8f  No.4839898


>even referring to them as 'whales'

wow, what!!!???

Thank you anon. I will definitely be looking to get in on this if I see something happen with it.

And not for the money…….only to screw them hard…

de4ac1  No.4839899

File: 68057ff303e2cca⋯.jpg (83.74 KB, 992x678, 496:339, Blood Moon 2017.jpg)

from 2017

ecf8ef  No.4839900

File: bc359d0108b5cc6⋯.jpg (23.84 KB, 480x472, 60:59, bc359d0108b5cc6002c40d4f36….jpg)


It`s the faggot again.

10541e  No.4839901


That's ridiculous.

I could do all of those back in the fourth fucking grade.

(approx 1970)

9088a3  No.4839902

File: e4acf2c00ae67ad⋯.jpg (138.04 KB, 408x528, 17:22, SheBaab loves to frolic & ….JPG)

File: 19bf7cd3f55e8b2⋯.jpg (199.21 KB, 576x384, 3:2, Meet Miss Cyclops at goat ….JPG)

File: 3041b5a2c12489d⋯.jpg (26.08 KB, 634x357, 634:357, 406D5C3100000578-4514288-i….jpg)

File: 70f89cf5846c286⋯.jpg (18.69 KB, 480x331, 480:331, 841031.jpg)

File: dba3d491e691d3b⋯.jpg (120.63 KB, 450x373, 450:373, 54309606.jpg)


Miss Cyclops is perfect for you…go away and fap awhile

c400c8  No.4839903

File: 3f2be1fa26e9aea⋯.png (69.96 KB, 800x608, 25:19, doorknobbeforeafter.png)

c4a3f2  No.4839904


That last one looks like a water treatment area

c6381d  No.4839905



Seems like she really didn't say that.

Unless I see the actual quote with sauce & date, I'll go with gunbuyersclub stating that she didn't say that:


835ad8  No.4839906


The last impeachment bill introduced by dummy racist Al Green garnered 66 votes.

5e91a9  No.4839907

File: 3d3fb086a4dba31⋯.png (1.48 MB, 970x775, 194:155, ATT.png)


Massive ATT logo in the parking lot.

682a34  No.4839908

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The Gilets Jaunes Yellow Vests movement has spread across France. It's everywhere! Even in small towns and rural areas, the people are fed up!

This was just filmed in Montpellier. It was like a war!

a5fa66  No.4839909


A lot of people also retweeted bullshit to call out those who originally tweeted it.

0bb9e9  No.4839910

File: 145bd5ee4bc969c⋯.png (297.44 KB, 602x491, 602:491, ClipboardImage.png)

f2282e  No.4839911

File: 92a2b2d9fdfc928⋯.jpg (444.77 KB, 520x769, 520:769, 2019-01-20_16-39-37.jpg)

File: 7ca606bc5c04acd⋯.jpg (400.79 KB, 521x715, 521:715, 2019-01-20_16-37-52.jpg)

File: ba4a430d9ac26a5⋯.jpg (379.54 KB, 522x782, 261:391, 2019-01-20_16-38-26.jpg)

File: e5c48b04f3ce6ce⋯.jpg (268.63 KB, 521x521, 1:1, 2019-01-20_16-38-50.jpg)

File: c4b6067ce472843⋯.jpg (299.3 KB, 515x638, 515:638, 2019-01-20_16-39-14.jpg)

9fe2f0  No.4839912

File: d13ed663570cf14⋯.jpg (173.32 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1523259268854.jpg)


It doesnt matter. Everything has been archived already. Like Q says "These people are sick!".


25a044  No.4839913


The creator of QMAP.pub is an absolute legend.

ec29c8  No.4839914


Double plus good anon.

6fbd6f  No.4839915


Ammo bunkers

b27170  No.4839916

>>4839031 (lb)

This should be addressed for the violence that it is! We need to decisively put down our Domestic Enemies!

0866c3  No.4839917


Setting the stage I see

c4a3f2  No.4839918

c84555  No.4839919


don't play with crazy cortez fire anon, you will only get burned

c926f6  No.4839920


Nb would be great, I'll post you up in the dough.

Thanks, baker

0bb9e9  No.4839921


They needed to change the news cycle after Mueller torpedoed the buzzfeed BS

ecf8ef  No.4839922


My mind reading skills are null. What are you saying?

d86585  No.4839923


We sent our first college kid to community college while she gets her shit together. She has a major Maga dude as a history professor. Her final essay last semester was so complex and intellectual in its outline that I was kinda flummoxed. We were pleasantly surprised…she is really getting challenged

28d041  No.4839924

File: 18539e0641fc472⋯.jpg (1.4 MB, 2155x3949, 2155:3949, IMG_3188.JPG)

Sorry for the slide Anons, but my fur baby Anon turned 17 yrs old (in human years) today! She has been by my side for 17 years & has always been there for me.

My sweet girl is Q today! Kek!

44a8d5  No.4839925

File: ef7829a239d4830⋯.jpg (118.24 KB, 796x799, 796:799, Capture.JPG)

El Paso Sector Border Patrol officials report that at least 2,500 migrants illegally crossed the border along a small section of the New Mexico Border. The migrants crossed the border this fiscal year as part of large groups of Central American families and unaccompanied minors near the Antelope Wells Port of Entry.


1e6f6f  No.4839926


ATT Buildings

de4ac1  No.4839927

File: 9fa97083687cb38⋯.jpg (17.57 KB, 255x174, 85:58, FLOTUS.jpg)

63aca3  No.4839928



f2282e  No.4839929

File: 8d4df26072d1d56⋯.jpg (140.52 KB, 498x311, 498:311, 2019-01-16_15-37-52.jpg)

File: 1b8edfee2da1400⋯.jpg (61 KB, 254x249, 254:249, 2019-01-19_10-06-54.jpg)

File: 30eb64704be9e57⋯.jpg (186.69 KB, 301x446, 301:446, 2019-01-16_09-10-37.jpg)

File: f575f3bb7506f43⋯.jpg (210.4 KB, 501x305, 501:305, 2019-01-16_08-49-13.jpg)

File: 03426d6dfbf8240⋯.jpg (186.02 KB, 477x359, 477:359, 2019-01-14_20-48-29.jpg)

ba4f83  No.4839930

File: 0d8df2bfadc7a2a⋯.png (1.47 MB, 1463x1000, 1463:1000, ClipboardImage.png)


Smoken HOT!

3801bc  No.4839931

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.



"Valley Chick"

Not even up-dated

Loves the clothes.

d04b38  No.4839932


That was spot on! Top KEK!

5f0516  No.4839933

File: a1b712ce77048ab⋯.jpg (103.84 KB, 940x529, 940:529, American_Psycho-Full-Image….jpg)


>Here's an MK Ultra stare, for (You)…

966098  No.4839934


att dumbs?? wtf??

d22baa  No.4839935

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b1e439  No.4839936

File: 9b117a41ca87c2e⋯.png (57.39 KB, 653x326, 653:326, POTUS 1-20-19 4 37 am PST.PNG)

File: cf615e38719056b⋯.png (546.73 KB, 657x548, 657:548, POTUS 1-20-19 4 37 am PST….PNG)

File: 867364a998b7087⋯.png (72.52 KB, 756x606, 126:101, ktvb re sen risch 1-20-19.PNG)

New POTUS Tweet



Sen. Risch to head Senate Foreign Relations Committee


6176ea  No.4839937

This has to be false. Has to be >>4839814

c400c8  No.4839938


Anon is referring to the Catholic school vs Indian bullshit.

835ad8  No.4839939


I freaking love blondes.

096f5e  No.4839940


Hmm why would you replace all the real crazy shit OC says with fake and gay…

de4ac1  No.4839941

File: 1be35f812637c51⋯.jpg (51.36 KB, 832x960, 13:15, Vive le france Take it bac….jpg)

d86585  No.4839942


Surprisingly funny. I like the boomer stereotypes!

26b81c  No.4839943


Yep, and yep

69d75f  No.4839944

File: 0df70587c8ea2dd⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1039x593, 1039:593, ClipboardImage.png)

The greatest show on turf.

Remember that?

A fuking debacle…

37745b  No.4839945


Godspeed to your little fellow, Anon.

89cff7  No.4839946


Glad somebody has some brains….

fd7d01  No.4839947

File: 62e8fead2518b4f⋯.jpg (379.01 KB, 1440x786, 240:131, ATT.jpg)

6fbd6f  No.4839948



AHA Ammo Holding Area


41c3e7  No.4839949

File: 38f384e3f448dc3⋯.png (31.72 KB, 574x207, 574:207, Screenshot.png)

For WH window trashcanfags. 20 gallon Brute can from Adams-Burch foodservice.

682a34  No.4839950

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

And in Rennes! Raining tear gas!

Viva Les Gilets Jaunes, Macron Demission!

f9aa65  No.4839951

File: cfc9be8ae52524f⋯.jpeg (67.79 KB, 474x740, 237:370, 758BA4DF-662B-4EB5-B564-3….jpeg)





190b4c  No.4839952

File: 98a0c58364ce742⋯.png (22.16 KB, 638x315, 638:315, ClipboardImage.png)



835ad8  No.4839953

File: 30bc6a609f88e4d⋯.jpg (145.54 KB, 750x941, 750:941, monicaontable.jpg)

0866c3  No.4839954


All those people climbing over each other and not a single one has 1 nice thing to say about her???

5e91a9  No.4839955


Hey ! I have been to that area near Edgemont SD. Grew up out that way and know the area well. Edgemont used to be an old WW2 ammo dump or something similar. Int he 90s it was basically all mothballed. Nearly nothing going on when I was there. Teenagers would go out there to smoke pot and get laid.

966098  No.4839956


The american Payseur is the son of Marie Antoinette… theyre jews u faggot. lurq moar.

66648d  No.4839957

File: 06144ba14a87ae9⋯.jpg (42.48 KB, 792x792, 1:1, cortezms13.jpg)


>This has to be false. Has to be


8730c4  No.4839958


That whatever the Deep State comes up with, False Flags, Fake Narratives what have you. We and the woke news people we have here, can counter act anything that's thrown at us?

6410b8  No.4839959

File: f9600055aeb9255⋯.png (4.55 MB, 1698x1470, 283:245, ClipboardImage.png)


Yeah that was my thought as well

5f0516  No.4839960

File: f90b4c65b3596f4⋯.jpg (9.25 KB, 255x220, 51:44, 0ede9f4d5e75e704618575d8ff….jpg)

9fe2f0  No.4839961

File: 535e6e7c22ea01e⋯.jpg (171.2 KB, 864x1105, 864:1105, 1538978535941.jpg)


Theres an additional archive with replies as well.


9b7cc1  No.4839962

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


ill be there

gotta change first

c89fb0  No.4839963

They have lost their fucking minds beyond salvation. >>4839825

81b9b3  No.4839964


Pretty good except I doubt Trump would praise Snowden, when we know he was a clown and helped the Cabal.

74b658  No.4839965

File: 7ec30dc6d65171b⋯.jpeg (313.61 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, 1190C3E3-DEBE-45A3-B7D0-2….jpeg)

048876  No.4839966

File: bb68dc8c8122ddf⋯.jpeg (190.75 KB, 1120x1163, 1120:1163, CEFC6F9B-4ECF-4AF4-AFC6-6….jpeg)

d86585  No.4839967


Whatcha got here, fren?

982824  No.4839968

File: 1024a6fd31e7df4⋯.jpg (82.45 KB, 476x710, 238:355, silly cones .jpg)


fixed: augmented the nips as well

c4a3f2  No.4839969


Now that’s interesting

a998bf  No.4839970

File: 20d08f687a1085b⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1588x878, 794:439, Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at ….png)

b1e439  No.4839971


>I freaking love blondes.

Yeah, but, his surgeon did a really bad job on his bewbs though

cf65dd  No.4839972


Every one in this batch has disturbed soil surfaces or obvious spoils piles. Where'd that $21 Trillion go?

e5d063  No.4839973


yet she has more money and power than you. Reconcile.

ba4f83  No.4839974

File: a48acc70c5050d6⋯.png (598.41 KB, 578x860, 289:430, ClipboardImage.png)


Sometimes Less Is MOAR!

89cff7  No.4839975

File: 9119a81fd14daf1⋯.jpg (51.26 KB, 540x359, 540:359, 2l6inw.jpg)

190b4c  No.4839976

File: 9d949d919884f49⋯.png (52.55 KB, 640x350, 64:35, ClipboardImage.png)




6410b8  No.4839977

File: c934bdc089a6ba6⋯.png (4.25 MB, 1313x1678, 1313:1678, ClipboardImage.png)


Meant to paste zoomed out, it is huge..

15-20 miles across guess

744d34  No.4839978

File: 844acced2c88dd0⋯.jpeg (21.8 KB, 300x225, 4:3, F097EF95-D4F2-452A-863C-D….jpeg)



511b8f  No.4839979


God Blessed right they are.

I don't have money to support them, but if I do good design work, I can.

I sell my other, non-Q, stuff to hopefully pay rent one day. It's a process to get everything printable since they were originally made to be online thingies.

0bb9e9  No.4839980

Judge demolishes leftist theory that climate change is to blame for deadly California wildfires

After the media decimated Trump for dismissing the theory

As massive wildfires ravaged dense areas of California last autumn, progressives and liberals alike placed blame for the tragedy on climate change.

National Geographic said: "Climate change is making California's fires bigger."

The Los Angeles Times declared: "Bigger wildfires. Worsening droughts. More disease. How Climate change is battering California."

The Washington Post dedicated an entire story to debunking claims made by President Donald Trump in which he blamed "forest mismanagement" for the deadly fires. That's false, the Post declared, identifying climate change as the fire antagonist.

But a California judge vehemently disagrees — and on Friday, he issued a ruling explaining why climate change is not to blame.

What did the judge say?

U.S. District Court Judge William Alsup ruled last Thursday that California utility company Pacific Gas and Electric was "the single most recurring cause" that contributed to devastating wildfires that burned millions of acres and led to the deaths of dozens of California residents.

According to NBC News, Alsup wrote in a scathing opinion:

The Court tentatively finds that the single most recurring cause of the large 2017 and 2018 wildfires attributable to PG&E's equipment has been the susceptibility of PG&E's distribution lines to trees or limbs falling onto them during high-wind events.

The power conductors are almost always uninsulated. When the conductors are pushed together by falling trees or limbs, electrical sparks drop into the vegetation below. During the wildfire season when the vegetation is dry, these electrical sparks pose an extreme danger of igniting a wildfire.

Scott McLean, deputy chief of communication for the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, told NBC the state determined PG&E was liable for 12 of 17 wildfires during the 2017 season, but has yet to rule on last year's fires, including the Camp Fire, which killed 88.

PG&E has reportedly acknowledged its equipment may have played a role in the historic fire. Meanwhile, the utility company plans to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy as liabilities related to the Camp Fire could exceed $30 billion, the Sacramento Bee reported.

How did PG&E respond?

"We are committed to complying with all rules and regulations that apply to our work, while working together with our state and community partners and across all sectors and disciplines to develop comprehensive, long-term safety solutions for the future," a company spokesman said, according to the Bee.


835ad8  No.4839981

File: 2d95bd5fe808e74⋯.jpg (58.05 KB, 640x640, 1:1, monicapoint.jpg)

63aca3  No.4839982





Hi Covington parents — they’re now digging into your children’s homework files. Once you retain attorneys, and that’s only a matter of time, I’m offering my services up to 15 hours a week to help with discovery requests if need be, free of charge. Will open my DMs for this.

3c9e0d  No.4839983

File: ed53db1120aabef⋯.png (84.46 KB, 500x285, 100:57, ed53db1120aabef8095409dec5….png)

0866c3  No.4839984


Where's our JamesWoodsAnnouncer Anon???

We need you!

ba4f83  No.4839985

File: 77323fd1c52e4a5⋯.png (719.74 KB, 696x465, 232:155, ClipboardImage.png)


I Love Your Sauce!

f9aa65  No.4839986



0bb9e9  No.4839987

b1e439  No.4839988


>"President Pelosi". They're going to have to try it. They are running out of options.

Why say shit like this unless you need to have a visit by USSS

313f3c  No.4839989

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

835ad8  No.4839990


Happy Birthday, QDawg.

63d579  No.4839991


Bomb Syria you kike fuckers.

Russia is ready for you. Israel will become a fucking parking lot….

2f1839  No.4839992

File: 23393cbb2c1587c⋯.jpg (199.71 KB, 1204x798, 86:57, #1 two copters.JPG)

File: 3a8fb95221f13da⋯.jpg (240.08 KB, 1205x799, 1205:799, #2 what symbol is that.JPG)

File: 6823ea2bb0ba573⋯.jpg (177.12 KB, 1197x800, 1197:800, #3 ATT Project Office.JPG)

File: ab5da1b381af543⋯.jpg (228.44 KB, 1186x799, 1186:799, #4.JPG)

File: b881f0d6084b6e2⋯.jpg (162.73 KB, 1201x802, 1201:802, #5 WTF is this. bunkers..JPG)

1. I noticed 2 helicopters, money man?

2. Not familiar with this symbol.

3. ATT Project Office.

4. No clue, Missile site? noticed 4 square vents on the corners.

c4a3f2  No.4839993


Wowsers!!! Is that all the ammo the govt bought under BHO?

de4ac1  No.4839994

File: a2cc82ab5e9040e⋯.jpg (141.19 KB, 800x505, 160:101, Waterfall.jpg)

8730c4  No.4839995

File: 7085140d779b9a9⋯.png (25.53 KB, 613x296, 613:296, AQ1.PNG)

Thanks, James!

POTUS thanks James Woods.CST


b5651c  No.4839996

File: 646da28bf45c527⋯.png (123.7 KB, 1252x592, 313:148, Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at ….png)

File: d13f871d64fa366⋯.png (658.9 KB, 1246x1464, 623:732, Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at ….png)





152f27  No.4839997

File: dd8e6b344cbc742⋯.jpg (54.81 KB, 420x481, 420:481, rs_1024x759-160718193925-1….jpg)

File: 92e4a73e4e4a3c3⋯.jpg (136.05 KB, 1165x704, 1165:704, iu (8).jpg)

6410b8  No.4839998

File: 845d005e1fe085c⋯.png (7.69 MB, 2259x1772, 2259:1772, ClipboardImage.png)


Good guess

6fbd6f  No.4839999

File: 722ec690a6d6324⋯.png (20.62 KB, 632x395, 8:5, Screenshot_2019-01-20 43 1….png)


just got this when searching again

ca58c9  No.4840000

File: c77fa5de3634100⋯.png (783.33 KB, 1228x1010, 614:505, ClipboardImage.png)

Bring it Maxine.

Let's impeach people just because we do not like them and want to use impeachment as means to perform as soft coup attempt.

What is next Maxine? Investigate people for crimes until we find a crime? Oh wait - the FBI has already done that under the corrupt and dirty Comey.

By the way, be careful what you wish for Maxine. It is not as if you do not have any skeletons in. the closet. Exactly how did you become a millionaire on a politicians's pay?

c400c8  No.4840001

File: bd9f5a578cc1c5b⋯.png (57.54 KB, 750x751, 750:751, fee11a5dafdfb1ed9e99288f56….png)


That's not a dog, it's a rat.

Kill it.

36e9e1  No.4840002

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

baker, pls note:

2f1839  No.4840003


#5 what the hell are these, are they bunkers. there are a shitload of them…are people hiding in there?

69d75f  No.4840004

File: 449d87b701ec486⋯.png (687.98 KB, 999x559, 999:559, ClipboardImage.png)


have fun

835ad8  No.4840005


You'll get over that. In about 30 seconds.

152f27  No.4840006

File: bc94ab837e2cd4f⋯.jpg (39.29 KB, 307x337, 307:337, nancytrumpsaidno.jpg)

e94fa3  No.4840007


you fuckups will say anything to keep your fake narrative alive

>Marie Antoinette

At Versailles, Louis, the French dauphin, marries Marie Antoinette, the daughter of Austrian Archduchess Maria Theresa and Holy Roman Emperor Francis I

92fa23  No.4840008

File: 281785ab2387cc1⋯.jpg (24.84 KB, 836x336, 209:84, WH-garbage-can.jpg)

File: 16d90cd49249c38⋯.jpg (208.08 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 086876014136.jpg)

>>4839482 lb

Regardless of you being a bully about it, still think it's white fren.

Agree with you it's one of Rubbermaid type commercial trash can jobbers.

How about we call the WH and settle it?

0bb9e9  No.4840009

File: e25b10da09279d5⋯.png (60.48 KB, 671x923, 671:923, ClipboardImage.png)

Catholic Diocese Rushed to Judge Covington Students

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Covington rushed to condemn a group of Catholic students sporting MAGA hats at the March for Life whom the media accused of mocking and harassing a Native American man. But the story was fake news.

Video footage belies reports that the students from Covington Catholic High School “taunted” and “harassed” Nathan Phillips, who was present in Washington, DC, for the first Indigenous Peoples March on Friday.

Jesuit-run America magazine claimed that a small group of Native American drummers had been “surrounded by a much larger band of teenagers,” an allegation repeated by other media outlets.

In point of fact, however, video footage shows the Native Americans confronting the youths, and Mr. Phillips begins playing his drum just inches from the face of one of the boys, who simply smiles at him.

The New York Times went so far as to allege that the boys had “mobbed” a Native elder, which is unsustainable in the face of video footage showing the man approaching the boys, who are stationary.

This version of the story was circulated by the Guardian, CNN, ABC, NBC, the Daily Beast, Slate, and many more.


6410b8  No.4840010



86673d  No.4840011

File: e464fa127b3ef4a⋯.png (98.88 KB, 639x904, 639:904, TWEETS RECATHOLIC VOYS.PNG)

File: c38786704b7b6ab⋯.jpg (104.46 KB, 640x279, 640:279, maga-hat-teens-native-amer….jpg)

HATE HOAX: Native American Activist Approached Chanting Covington Catholic Teens, Got In Their Face

Native American man told media that teen "just blocked my way and wouldn't allow me to retreat."

Chris Menahan


Jan. 19, 2019

The viral Twitter posts claiming a group of Covington Catholic teenagers aggressively "surrounded" a Native American man on Friday and "mocked," "harassed" and "threatened" him is officially the biggest hate hoax of 2019.

An out-of-context video showing one teenager standing still and smiling (with other students around him singing a school chant) while Native American activist Nathan Phillips bangs a drum and chants in his face went viral on Twitter on Saturday, quickly amassing over 5 million views.

The story was picked up by hundreds of news outlets – without a hint of skepticism – who portrayed the kids as evil racists.

***"They were in the process of attacking these four black individuals," Phillip told The Detroit Free Press. "I was there and I was witnessing all of this … As this kept on going on and escalating, it just got to a point where you do something or you walk away, you know? You see something that is wrong and you're faced with that choice of right or wrong."

"There was that moment when I realized I've put myself between beast and prey," Phillips said. "These young men were beastly and these old black individuals was their prey, and I stood in between them and so they needed their pounds of flesh and they were looking at me for that."

As the Free Press reports: "Phillips said he recalled 'the looks in these young men's faces … I mean, if you go back and look at the lynchings that was done (in America) …and you'd see the faces on the people … The glee and the hatred in their faces, that's what these faces looked like.'"

Phillips told CNN he feared the teens may "rip him apart" and "spring" on him:

Newly released video shows it was Phillips who approached the teenagers as they were happily chanting their school's various anthems on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial while getting ready to leave after the March For Life rally finished.



190b4c  No.4840012

File: 2de54cf28f20f86⋯.png (361.18 KB, 586x486, 293:243, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7fee2c85fa43582⋯.png (262.78 KB, 590x444, 295:222, ClipboardImage.png)


592c27  No.4840013


That whole skit was true. About all sides. And if anyone didn't think so all they have to do is read the youtube comments. Millennial are their own worst nightmare & yet they just can't see it.

And yes, the boomers "just won't die!" lol

5f0516  No.4840014

File: 0fe5e321a8bff02⋯.png (1009.54 KB, 1602x897, 534:299, 0fe5e321a8bff024c6ac93f30e….png)

e44922  No.4840015

File: dd187f763063fdb⋯.jpg (8.72 KB, 225x224, 225:224, images.jpg)

de4ac1  No.4840016

File: 25a888df8bbb4d5⋯.jpg (1.09 MB, 5616x3444, 468:287, Blondie.jpg)

f5b9ce  No.4840017

File: 896cc880c0941fc⋯.jpg (28.49 KB, 260x336, 65:84, 51AY30NDWPL._SX258_BO1,204….jpg)


F to the L is what I spelled. Its a ZAZZER.




SEE the LIDs, then cap the bottles…

1. Odds of odd being even instead of odd:____

2. Your pulse randomly generated by a pulse generator (URSTUPID/NOTSTUPID):____

3. I saved 15% on this answer:____

4. Odds of events being odd instead of even:____

5. Hello AI, you're not AI, you're just I, I am U, U are me, we're a happy family: ____

6. Sometimes it burns when you pee:____

7. Odds of 7 eating 9? 7 EIGHT 9:____

How many retarded shills before Dr. Suess kills the shills from his grave?

The cat in the hat






Now do you shill to shill a mirror a zill? if not, should you shill?

taxical thinking.



89cff7  No.4840018

File: 5121bd35ceaab91⋯.jpg (23.58 KB, 450x300, 3:2, 2llpae.jpg)

835ad8  No.4840019

File: 5c38dcc43d30da8⋯.jpg (165.69 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, monicakitchentable.jpg)

47390a  No.4840020

If not the whole thing, how about WWG and the number 1 somwhere.

Morale boost Q, do it for the vetanons!!

Cmon potus!!!

e35843  No.4840021


Is there something going on underground? Lots of parking space

c4a3f2  No.4840022

Vivios xpoint shelter??? Middle of screen…


744d34  No.4840023

593574  No.4840024


Aww, man. I was hoping for the declas MOAB which would follow.

3819f0  No.4840025


Spoopy deja vu from these

Those are missile silos.

72e910  No.4840026

Found the Bad Moon Rising video linked to WL Vault 7 leak. Starts with FULL RED MOON. Interesting all the way through.


6410b8  No.4840027

File: 53a215a8da5d337⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1765x1533, 1765:1533, ClipboardImage.png)

2f1839  No.4840028


Underground servers?

b0ef87  No.4840029


God bless you anon.

b1e439  No.4840030




Thanks James!

LOVE it!

Great shout out for James who does so much on social media to spread all the good POTUS does

6fbd6f  No.4840031


Vivos xPoint is located near the Black Hills area of South Dakota, just south of the City of Edgemont. This former Army Munitions Depot, with 575 hardened concrete military bunkers, is being transformed into the largest survival shelter community on Earth

360021  No.4840032



Our Education System is broken

10541e  No.4840033


Rich people survival bunkers.

468617  No.4840034

File: 01bc1366b6f8af3⋯.png (163.5 KB, 427x343, 61:49, TG_Joe_Pointer.png)

478719  No.4840035

File: 22fb19d40508eb1⋯.png (614.81 KB, 735x727, 735:727, kemosabe.png)

c926f6  No.4840036

File: e60c9de86cd06f2⋯.jpg (158.73 KB, 600x600, 1:1, e60c9de86cd06f2862a409f75a….jpg)



c4a3f2  No.4840037

File: 0f5f7ca47b88034⋯.png (460.99 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 0B72F3D7-48A8-4B68-80B8-B5….png)

f59349  No.4840038

File: 8cbc7efc876e2e5⋯.png (96.8 KB, 212x292, 53:73, iht.png)

523399  No.4840039


hope this is not just wishful thinking

449373  No.4840040

File: ff6d1de90d8300b⋯.png (1.71 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, Baker Frog Q Alpha.png)


Awesome as always!

5e91a9  No.4840041


Base 3 is.. Roman Numerals. Never heard of this shit.

966098  No.4840042

File: 288926124927075⋯.jpeg (117.9 KB, 956x670, 478:335, D850778E-1DDE-4C27-B270-F….jpeg)

File: df124d95a7d341a⋯.jpeg (51.87 KB, 720x558, 40:31, F8E1C950-166B-4AF6-9F6A-D….jpeg)

File: ccfb4542e2fe38a⋯.jpeg (154.28 KB, 952x676, 238:169, CB39C8DB-0F40-4CBB-9D54-4….jpeg)

File: 4d8d27c3310492b⋯.jpeg (219.96 KB, 640x1162, 320:581, 92ABBF5C-84E3-4C3C-8B69-C….jpeg)

File: b71793de59a106b⋯.jpeg (610.63 KB, 1000x2891, 1000:2891, F77E5CD4-0557-46AE-A740-8….jpeg)


Bohemian jews. fuck off already mossad.

86673d  No.4840043

File: 81db9b6663ad9ec⋯.jpg (29.21 KB, 700x394, 350:197, 17005269_303[1].jpg)

File: c8dcef6f8293fe7⋯.jpg (33.73 KB, 700x394, 350:197, 47160508_401[1].jpg)

File: 12ffe541f022f83⋯.jpg (62.86 KB, 700x394, 350:197, 47160528_303[1].jpg)

German mayor slams all-male charity event for refusing to invite her

Bremen's Eiswette charity event refused to invite Bremen's substitute mayor because she is a woman. The president of the men's club said "even the pope wouldn't have been invited if he were a woman."

Men attend the Eiswettefest charity dinner in Bremen, Germany (picture-alliance/dpa/M. Assanimoghaddam)

An all-male club in the northern city-state of Bremen caused a stir over the weekend when it left a major name off its invite list for a charity event — because she was a woman.

Karoline Linnert, who is the finance senator and one of the city's mayors, was not invited to take part in Bremen's annual "Eiswette" ("ice bet") even though she is the designated representative for Bremen's primary mayor, Senate President Carsten Sieling.

Sieling couldn't attend the event on Saturday because he was in Poland attending the funeral of Pawel Adamowicz, the recently murdered mayor of Gdansk.

"The gentlemen of the Eiswette place great emphasis on etiquette. But protocol suddenly doesn't play a role any more when — horror of horrors — the official substitute for the [male] mayor of Bremen is actually the [female] mayor of Bremen," Linnert wrote on Facebook on Friday.

Bremen mayor Karoline Linnert (picture-alliance/dpa/C. Jaspersen)

Karoline Linnert criticized the club for discriminating against women "under the guise of tradition"

Since 1829, the men's club in charge of the Eiswette takes bets in January on whether or not the local Weser River has frozen or not.

The event culminates in a charity dinner which collects money to donate to the German Maritime Search and Rescue Association (DGzRS).

All-men club dismisses 'gender-gaga'

Federal ministers and diplomats are among the hundreds of attendees at the dinner, who are required to be dressed in smoking jackets.

"We're celebrating 100 years of women's suffrage in Germany — and the Eiswette still believes it is right to exclude women under the guise of tradition," Linnert wrote.

Bremen's interior senator, Ulrich Mäurer, declined to attend the event in solidarity with Linnert.

Prior to Saturday's charity event, the president of the club dismissed criticism over the decision.

"We are a gentlemen's club and don't participate in this gender-gaga," club head Patrick Wendisch told the German daily Bild.

"Even the pope wouldn't have been invited if he were a woman," he added.


3801bc  No.4840044


eye don' look right.

what is that? sclopimine

5bd615  No.4840045

File: 3ce71f01ec72436⋯.jpg (959.29 KB, 900x1040, 45:52, eb7b6aab1db6ae7e46958da10b….jpg)

f3fb8f  No.4840046

File: 9f367f70f671d59⋯.png (53.83 KB, 630x342, 35:19, potusflotus.png)

he's on fire again, retweeting…

love this one. He is so right.

Happy Anniversary POTUS & FLOTUS!


afc20a  No.4840047

File: ed2a5a82f93ce1c⋯.png (426.11 KB, 614x548, 307:274, ClipboardImage.png)


The traiters were front and center!

a998bf  No.4840048


Just your average hollyweird spirit cook.

152f27  No.4840049

File: a05c87b726210e0⋯.jpg (105.66 KB, 640x480, 4:3, wolfbloodmoon.jpg)

c4a3f2  No.4840050

File: c5a9928d3c1a2bc⋯.png (1.52 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, AB4610D2-907A-4C7C-B0B5-84….png)



9088a3  No.4840051

File: 92ea3b8bb913b75⋯.jpg (126.59 KB, 408x528, 17:22, Need these and my deep div….JPG)

File: d1dd039c4b4e8f6⋯.jpg (21.94 KB, 476x360, 119:90, 975c59692943cb30e51f293bf0….jpg)

File: 4ede6fc78d02009⋯.jpg (207.55 KB, 576x384, 3:2, desperate shills just shil….jpg)

File: 948d0649fd51686⋯.jpg (96.4 KB, 408x528, 17:22, low testosterone pussy shi….JPG)

File: ae2e0cb73291d6d⋯.jpg (75.39 KB, 528x408, 22:17, brains are awesome, wish s….JPG)

fd7d01  No.4840052

File: fd2e731e861ea55⋯.jpg (388.75 KB, 1440x786, 240:131, ATT Bunker.jpg)

File: 0f4b9e7926a46fc⋯.jpg (845.63 KB, 1542x798, 257:133, Screen Shot 01-21-19 at 12….JPG)


ATT Project Office

Underground launch silos?

Underground Bunker / control room?

532b7c  No.4840053

File: 99d328ebd7390b4⋯.png (586.8 KB, 1140x1060, 57:53, RBG.png)

0866c3  No.4840054

File: c6f15be620c264b⋯.jpg (31.64 KB, 550x293, 550:293, 70cbb3531e78e10a2a0858a97a….jpg)

f9aa65  No.4840056

File: 15075064fdff6e8⋯.jpeg (160.86 KB, 1024x1365, 1024:1365, 3261E382-0F49-4BC4-839D-D….jpeg)

de4ac1  No.4840057


I love that picture. Strength.

They can suck it for the reason you mention.

25a044  No.4840058


Is anyone else shocked that he did speak against that story? He didn’t need to say anything. Very very interesting stuff.

592c27  No.4840059


The Symbol is the AT&T symbol

eed499  No.4840060

File: 0a95b175ab5a2e5⋯.png (759.58 KB, 1220x687, 1220:687, dbc6a797-8691-4462-ae09-63….png)



2ff6ba  No.4840061

File: 43ca7c29c539651⋯.jpeg (170.86 KB, 736x1102, 368:551, 164A2B10-AFE4-4F2E-BF13-E….jpeg)


Dayum will somebody feed that girl.

She hungry

017eb8  No.4840062

File: 6afd37266387b59⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1167x579, 389:193, ClipboardImage.png)


like the helicopters at this location

f50549  No.4840063


I agree, but we also have anons here who want political opponents dead, or theh relish the thought of someone dead because of a different view. Then they hypocritically call themselves Christians.

Kek. They don't even see it.

560e80  No.4840064


FLOTUS is outstanding!

835ad8  No.4840065


MAGA material.

773281  No.4840066

File: cf7ecc0d4ffdcc4⋯.png (635.35 KB, 815x640, 163:128, 1C45E6FF-0A34-4011-A8D5-CB….png)

Anon thank you for making this!

313f3c  No.4840067

File: 8712a1bb5a09f39⋯.jpg (11.39 KB, 191x255, 191:255, melania.jpg)

File: edca731ce596c14⋯.png (19.19 KB, 254x255, 254:255, bebest.png)

6fbd6f  No.4840068


two white objects could be AC units for massive underground data center

282dd3  No.4840069

File: 6184b723ea31a55⋯.jpeg (338.71 KB, 1187x991, 1187:991, C0978769-A017-463E-89A6-D….jpeg)

At first I dismissed the whole ET connections…

But I strongly encourage ya’ll to expand your thinking. There is something strange about where we are headed. New physics.

c84555  No.4840070


The Payseurs likely stole the name to claim the glory of the monarchs of France that they joyfully helped murder. A bunch of criminal wannabes.

b3e455  No.4840071

File: 212d183065fb22e⋯.png (15.15 KB, 255x210, 17:14, 5b6583a8d609d1a7f73c39f3e1….png)






Fucking retard convention tonight?

4aac76  No.4840072

File: a54430daa2c7266⋯.jpg (265.44 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ns2.jpg)


blood moon night shift

even tho its cloudy, womp

0971be  No.4840073


Very interesting since he claimed to be a POW for 5 years and wrote about it in 1973.


89cff7  No.4840074

File: 680f6fa6ddb6e7e⋯.jpg (125.79 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 2k4p7f.jpg)

835ad8  No.4840075


Traitors? Off with their heads!

1500bc  No.4840076

File: b93afda5d107b5f⋯.jpg (21.61 KB, 306x193, 306:193, caeavan.JPG)


This is beautiful, love it!

Dem's fell for the trap, love that too!

f5b9ce  No.4840077


stop crack

smoke free

your brain

drugs on

313f3c  No.4840078

File: e6a7ce2f21f376b⋯.png (590.74 KB, 2000x1827, 2000:1827, northamericanaerospacedefe….png)

017eb8  No.4840079

File: aa87ed642be5999⋯.png (964.53 KB, 1075x590, 215:118, ClipboardImage.png)



a5fa66  No.4840080


Are these where "the bodies are buried?"

2ff6ba  No.4840081

File: 265202516ee9e66⋯.png (628.59 KB, 737x695, 737:695, A7A9AAC5-E4A5-4C5D-B4C5-E7….png)

1500bc  No.4840082


These people are STUPID…

592c27  No.4840083


So all the pictures have something to do with AT&T?Internet shit

9f88fb  No.4840084

File: 455aa536fe24fcb⋯.jpg (79.32 KB, 292x219, 4:3, smiley.jpg)

THE SMILEY-FACE KILLERS: a Serial-Killer Gang Murdering Young White Men Across the U.S

>“They’re targeting the best of the best smart, athletic, popular, college-age white men, who went out drinking and never came home. These kids are the best students. They’re the best athletes and they come from the best families.”


>Opinions?? I suspect of antifa/jews. They're the only ones with the skills, organization and support from the system to get away with it. What do you think?

Pol's thoughts were that it's either

>Feminist/Antifa following jew orders

>Fags hunting fags pizzagate style(if the victims are gay)

>Police Lodge

Regardless of what it turns out to be, the cops and coroners are part of this shit and as the vid shows this has been going on for a long time. what other legit ritual murder cases has there been? This far every county where the ritual murders/smiley drownings have been going on have hosted a Fraternal Order of Police Lodge in it and the cops/coroners have ruled hundreds of homicides as accidents.

afc20a  No.4840085

File: deb15c5eb47a62a⋯.png (53.58 KB, 625x651, 625:651, ClipboardImage.png)

Well, you gotta love this!

9d32bb  No.4840086





67ae35  No.4840087


It is said, "He who laughs last, laughs best." There is another maxim, "Slow and steady wins the race."

8730c4  No.4840088

File: 1aabc5c16ce26fe⋯.png (231.93 KB, 330x355, 66:71, Question 6.PNG)


He isn't just Tweeting these out "just because".

There's something else here. I FEEL it.

Thanking James Woods and his wife, wait. I think more are coming.

No sauce just a gut feeling.

f322ce  No.4840089


>Rising S

Rising Sun


Morning sun brings heat.

Full moon coming.

Undiscovered stars learned.

Missions forward.


f1a69d  No.4840090

File: 5b2a9c2addda17d⋯.jpg (201.97 KB, 1300x895, 260:179, image-329.jpg)


thank you for your service Anon.

e71889  No.4840091

File: 3ea88e8d5135880⋯.pdf (379.2 KB, MUFON_THE_INSIDE_TRUTH1 (1….pdf)

MUFON has been taken over by a SJW

b1e439  No.4840092

File: 0bd1beebe59ae61⋯.png (66.85 KB, 657x363, 219:121, POTUS 1-20-19 4 50 pm PST.PNG)

File: 6cc4a8e8ffd8778⋯.png (722.32 KB, 670x734, 335:367, FLOTUS 1-20-19 9 45 am PS….PNG)

File: 36ff8de9a3e1651⋯.png (1.23 MB, 883x695, 883:695, FLOTUS 1-20-19 9 45 am PS….PNG)

A truly great First Lady who doesn’t get the credit she deserves!



0866c3  No.4840093


Yep…I have a strong feeling that she is going to have a good summer.

6fbd6f  No.4840094


not the first and last from what i can tell. still looking up info on them.

c7186b  No.4840095


WWG1WGA Patriot!!!!!

8edfac  No.4840096

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The Media got it wrong

017eb8  No.4840097

File: fb771515849ed68⋯.png (264.01 KB, 626x587, 626:587, ClipboardImage.png)



360021  No.4840098



3e6487  No.4840100


Looks like a future suburbia apocalypse.

152f27  No.4840101

File: fe9764feb48805f⋯.jpg (228.91 KB, 1120x932, 280:233, watchca.jpg)


Had to get my photo last night!

9cd312  No.4840102


Needs a pedi anon

6410b8  No.4840103

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c84555  No.4840104


most serial killers are satanists/luciferians

c4a3f2  No.4840105

f58bd3  No.4840106

File: 43580be18fd4cd9⋯.jpg (106.94 KB, 500x624, 125:156, 43580be18fd4cd9507b96741d8….jpg)

1500bc  No.4840107

Birds sing when the light comes. This is the answer Q was asking for.

2ff6ba  No.4840108

File: 6e2778988967ad7⋯.jpeg (32.73 KB, 300x431, 300:431, 9F277F83-3CAD-4A17-ADA5-9….jpeg)

272109  No.4840109

File: 0b4d68b7d7d5bf9⋯.jpg (77.75 KB, 645x400, 129:80, nn.jpg)

Remember: war/conflict zones are FOOD supply locations for cannibals & pedovores

67ae35  No.4840110


inb4 some anon freaks out, "It's fucking gray!"

b73276  No.4840111

File: 0a9af6717848509⋯.gif (275.6 KB, 384x296, 48:37, 0a9af67178485091ed6f1f8a3b….gif)

481d29  No.4840112


in New Orleans?

House of the rising Sun?

e44922  No.4840113


He closed his account to private the faggot

152f27  No.4840114

File: b7ea2fe63b1cbbf⋯.jpg (82.79 KB, 632x499, 632:499, gingerpop.jpg)



45e7dd  No.4840115


yea I prefer to expose those pulling strings

not a handler myself

6410b8  No.4840116

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b1e763  No.4840117


IIRC (from self-directed studies in UCC / torts as a bored teenager who spent his summers at the UofM law library in Dearborn, MI and NOT as a lawfag licensed to practice law) consideration, in the sense of a physical exchange, is not a necessary element of a contract. Offer. Acceptance. Performance. That's it. And yes, those three words conceal one hell of a lot of complexity!

He proposed a meeting. She signaled her acceptance of that when she countered with a date and time. He accepted that. As of that moment, a contract existed.

It is now up to her to perform on the accepted counter offer. Ignorance of whether she was entering into a contract or not is no excuse for failure to perform. She is an adult engaged in the management of that venue and is therefore presumed to have knowledge of the legalities thereof and competent to enter into contracts concerning it. If she had any doubts as to what to do, the House of Representatives is crawling with attorneys competent to advise her either "off the cuff" or formally. At this point, President Trump can forgive the contract outright. He can forgive it contingent on some negotiated alternative of equal or superior value in his eyes or he can demand performance of the original contract. There is also an offer on the table from North Carolina to deliver the talk from their chambers.

Please to note, too, that Article 2, section 3 of the Constitution gives him FAR more authority in the matter than Pelosi possesses. If he says she's fked, she's fked.

>>4834673 (PB)

This project has been percolating for some 30 years or so. Eminent domain WILL be necessary as the mechanism by which landowners are compensated and title transferred. This is the proper use of eminent domain and not a legal problem. There are EPA and other waivers in place already. As far as blueprints … where have you been the past year or so?

>>4834681 (PB)

He just told you to fuck yourself and you are too dumb to even realize it. So sad.

>>4834836 (PB)

Come on baby, light my fire

Try to set the night on fiiiiire!

>>4834982 (PB)

What is MORE important than the defense of the nation from foreign invasion?

>>4834889 (PB)

I never served. So, from that vantage point: fuck you. You do NOT get to criticize people who have put their lives on the line in support of a genuine conviction. I never wore the uniform but have done that a couple times with real-world die-alone ramifications. If you aren't willing to step out like that, go have another soy-latte with your tatted up, glazed-eye, fuzzy thinking liberal friends. If a man is unwilling to back his words with his life, he is not worthy of the title.

>>4834477 (PB)

No. In their world, facts are whatever they want them to be. Our job is to see to it that their world of delusion does not survive.

d04b38  No.4840118

File: 0b9dcdeb76da75d⋯.jpg (10.34 KB, 255x236, 255:236, 0b9dcdeb76da75d2ae6de2f185….jpg)

f50549  No.4840119


I said for having differening opinions, not treasonous deeds.

c400c8  No.4840120


So, clowns took over a clown psyop?

Got it, thanks.

988b9f  No.4840121


Brings heat…

ecf8ef  No.4840122

File: 5052c6c92fb5ac5⋯.jpg (12.42 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 9c49441e8de87b9f6e5f75adc7….jpg)


">>4839783>"Was Hitler a puppet?

>Who was his handler?

>What was the purpose?

"The Anglo-American ruling circles, in order to take the initiative in their own hands, waited for France to get caught up in a venturing adventure and to prove its inability to solve the problem. US Secretary of State Hughes pointed out: “It is necessary to wait for Europe to mature in order to accept the American proposal.”

The new project was developed in the depths of “JP Morgan & Co.” under the instruction of the head of the Bank of England, Montagu Norman. At the core of his ideas was representative of the “Dresdner Bank” Hjalmar Schacht, who formulated it in March 1922 at the suggestion of John Foster Dulles (future Secretary of state in the Cabinet of President Eisenhower) and legal adviser to President W. Wilson at the Paris peace conference. Dulles gave this note to the chief Trustee “JP Morgan & Co.”, and then JP Morgan recommended that H. Schacht, M. Norman, and the last of the Weimar rulers. In December, 1923, H. Schacht would become Manager of the Reichsbank and was instrumental in bringing together the Anglo-American and German financial circles.

In the summer of 1924, the project known as the “Dawes plan” (named after the Chairman of the Committee of experts who created it – American banker and Director of one of the banks of the Morgan group), was adopted at the London conference. He called for halving the reparations and solved the question about the sources of their coverage. However, the main task was to ensure favorable conditions for US investment, which was only possible with stabilization of the German Mark.

To this end, the plan gave Germany a large loan of $200 million, half of which was accounted for by JP Morgan. While the Anglo-American banks gained control not only over the transfer of German payments, but also for the budget, the system of monetary circulation and to a large extent the credit system of the country. By August 1924, the old German Mark was replaced by a new, stabilized financial situation in Germany, and, as the researcher G.D Preparta wrote, the Weimar Republic was prepared for “the most picturesque economic aid in history, followed by the most bitter harvest in world history” — “an unstoppable flood of American blood poured into the financial veins of Germany.”


eb0c13  No.4840123

File: 78e68f56893add9⋯.jpg (470.26 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, water.jpg)


got a meme for that…

ecc330  No.4840124

File: b7d588773dd6115⋯.jpg (140.07 KB, 1839x1440, 613:480, _20190120_191329.JPG)

56798b  No.4840125

Re those mystery drips OD hvt= high value target, OD= operational directive, GS=government citizen

017eb8  No.4840126

File: 570996b57932f5c⋯.png (529.91 KB, 633x586, 633:586, ClipboardImage.png)


crossroads bunkish, nice curves

c4a3f2  No.4840127



4aac76  No.4840128


good thinking, i should have planned moar

67ae35  No.4840129


Wrong tag. Fuck it Arrrg, phonefagging.

25a044  No.4840130


Ummm… Canada has soldiers in Afghanistan

449373  No.4840131

File: 4dcfb2ef42bd288⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1800x2500, 18:25, Gold Party Q Alpha.png)


Happy Birthday!

b9c6ce  No.4840132

Posted by [1ws74a]

>>4839210 (lb)

>>4839464 (lb)

>>4839562 (lb)

>>4839597 (lb)

Un-Sauced last bread.

74b658  No.4840133

File: 93d7a18d9016732⋯.jpeg (386.51 KB, 1054x1568, 527:784, CDB91542-0669-4FD2-B5E9-C….jpeg)


Some sins are hard for man on earth to forgive.

a5fa66  No.4840134





Possible CoordinatesAnon dropping locations of underground survival bunkers.

82f926  No.4840135


Aw..cutie. Happy bday!

5bd615  No.4840136

File: 182e747ad0bc960⋯.png (87.87 KB, 864x474, 144:79, Screenshot_2019-01-20 east….png)

4aac76  No.4840137


hate to say it

but, hawt

9f88fb  No.4840138

File: 6ac772617bee917⋯.png (257.47 KB, 583x498, 583:498, jake.png)

Is the tide slowly turning on this story?

Even Jake Tapper, head of the Fake News Media, is now correcting the coverage


db84fa  No.4840139

File: 30c4a7294733f49⋯.png (53.54 KB, 313x572, 313:572, Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at ….png)

SKY event

de4ac1  No.4840140

File: 0be8e88491fa858⋯.jpg (24.59 KB, 280x394, 140:197, all good.jpg)


in ca and disappointed that last night's sky is not tonight. All good anyway

c4a3f2  No.4840141



9cd312  No.4840142


Whadaya thin Mad Max looks like without her wigs? Not a meme anon but someone puleez make a meme of her with no wig.

1dc73e  No.4840143

File: 650b00ae90e25a6⋯.png (57.64 KB, 992x489, 992:489, ff_averted.png)

Did anyone already make a connection between the "FF__averted" post on Thursday (pic related) and the mysterious posts today?

"We See You!"

e59a45  No.4840144

File: dfdfdcc210062bb⋯.png (133 KB, 717x658, 717:658, stay at home.PNG)

stay at home = try staying in hour house??

b1e439  No.4840145

File: f22b9969b521158⋯.png (431.14 KB, 652x694, 326:347, USMC 1-20-19 5 pm PST.PNG)

File: 8a71273ca50b4ba⋯.png (1.65 MB, 1334x662, 667:331, USMC 1-20-19 5 pm PST pic.PNG)

Led Mountain


b3e455  No.4840146


Just playing retards idiots!

5bd615  No.4840147


They should still sue his ass.

2ff6ba  No.4840148

File: 131fc44b5fef406⋯.jpeg (48.39 KB, 406x800, 203:400, 7520E891-F2B5-4C9A-8EFE-C….jpeg)

eed499  No.4840149


more likely you fell for a larp

f9aa65  No.4840150

File: 3a78a0e90b54ac4⋯.jpeg (113.07 KB, 499x750, 499:750, 921C0293-6B8C-43EE-9853-7….jpeg)

f50549  No.4840151


Most serial killers are just evil fucks.

The only serial killer I know of who was a satanist is Richard Ramirez, the Night Stalker.

Do you have sauce for the others?

400bd5  No.4840152


Never stick your dick in crazy.

9f88fb  No.4840153

File: f3b72b095cb357d⋯.png (17.95 KB, 1378x95, 1378:95, shit.PNG)


>blood wolf super moon tonight


592c27  No.4840154


WTF is wrong with her face?!

360021  No.4840155

File: dec050d8cebe6d1⋯.jpg (19.21 KB, 541x626, 541:626, racist.JPG)



OMG! POTUS' garbage is racist!

66f449  No.4840156

File: 9f022c1c86fbddf⋯.gif (196.11 KB, 406x392, 29:28, 82e7e62244df3834fe4c837ebf….gif)

c18b19  No.4840157


The AT&T Project Office in Pittsboro, NC is interesting. See that road that curves around at the top right then disappears? Does it go down into the ground per the picture in the upper left corner?

d5a141  No.4840158


Tonto was the Indian, dummy. Kemosabe was the cowboy.

b3e455  No.4840159


Fucking Thank You!

988b9f  No.4840160


(((THEY))) are dropping in the bucket(WH window).

3e6487  No.4840161


The parking spaces are a clue as to how many people work there.

e44922  No.4840162

File: 5b9d4188fa5b981⋯.jpg (6.85 KB, 255x175, 51:35, 804886bcdeafb66fd1deb18e0a….jpg)

cf65dd  No.4840163


It's an honor to serve. The older I get, the more I appreciate the opportunity and the memories.

c4db4e  No.4840164


No sauce, but I believe most if not all serial killers have been MK'd.

86673d  No.4840165

File: 02876b092b8c06e⋯.jpg (70.47 KB, 624x351, 16:9, _105256163_68befd03-d218-4….jpg)

File: 5ba8c1c5cf7ee27⋯.jpg (55.45 KB, 624x351, 16:9, _105233329_finlay976[1].jpg)

File: c283c3fd0a0cc6e⋯.jpg (24.2 KB, 660x371, 660:371, _105257598_gettyimages-102….jpg)

Stonewall 100: MI5 and law firm among 'best LGBT employers'

By Michael Baggs

Image copyrightGETTY IMAGES

MI5, a law firm, a fire brigade and the Welsh government are among the best LGBT employers in the UK, according to Stonewall.

Solicitors Pinsent Masons is number one in a list of the top 100 companies for 2019, says the LGBT charity.

Several universities, the British Army, Lloyds Bank and homeless charity St Mungo's also feature.

Stonewall says LGBT-inclusive employers play a "crucial role in changing society".

Its executive director Darren Towers says Pinsent Mansons is "leading the way, championing lesbian, gay, bi and trans equality in the workplace".

"They know that helping staff feel that they can bring their full selves to work doesn't just make a huge difference to individual team members - it makes real business sense too."

'You're happier, you stay longer'

Image copyrightFINLAY FRASER

Image caption

Lawyer Finlay Fraser works for Pinsent Masons

Stonewall says the law firm topped the list because of its inclusive policies, attitudes towards transgender staff and visitors, and involvement in campaigns - including marriage equality in Northern Ireland.

"When you are able to bring your whole self to work, you are more productive, you're happier and you stay longer," says 27-year-old lawyer Finlay Fraser, who's LGBT and works at Pinsent Masons.

"A goal for me is to be as authentic as I can be and I definitely feel like I am where I work."

Finlay believes the reason the company is number one is because of its diverse workforce and the support and understanding it has for its staff.

"A person who is LGBT and BAME is going to have a different experience than someone who is white and LGBT," he says.

"This company does a lot of work recognising that those two groups will have different experiences.

"It creates an environment where employees from diverse backgrounds want to work."

'We've got rainbow flags flying'


Image caption

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service came fourth last year but have now jumped to third

As well as Pinsent Masons, the other companies which make the top five are Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service, MI5, the National Assembly for Wales and law firm Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner.

Cheshire's fire brigade - which is third - was recognised for its support networks and the work it does with LGBT people in the community.

"There are a lot of factors, particularly among older LGBT people that in theory put them at more risk of fire," says Mark Shone, who works in community safety.

"They're more likely to live alone, perhaps have mental health issues, more likely to be affected by substance misuse and they're all factors that make you at risk of fire.

"We've done a lot of work to trying to map where those people are and engage them in community safety."

Does the pride flag need black and brown stripes?

Being the butt of gay jokes made me ill

Overwatch's LGBT characters are 'educating' gamers

A 2018 survey by Stonewall found that more than a third of LGBT staff had hidden they were LGBT at work for fear of discrimination.

Darren Towers adds: "We know that people perform better when they can be themselves. They are more productive, creative and overall, morale is better.

"This is the kind of workforce employers should want and it happens when people are in a workplace where they feel supported and included."

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Manchester Pride: Does the rainbow flag need black and brown stripes?

14 January 2019

LGBT mental health: 'Being the butt of gay jokes made me ill'

8 November 2018

Stonewall names Welsh Assembly as top LGBT employer

31 January 2018

Stonewall 100: Being LGBT in the workplace


I apologize I don't mean to insult any individual but there are few world issues today that make me rage more than this flaming fagot movement the NWO Globalists started feeding into society, soy, vaccinations that make women infertile in their attempt to de populate ….and we have to have flaming fagots waving their naked painted bodies and rude attachments, their fuck you in our face attitude PISSES ME OFF TO NO END, FUCKING BASTARDS HAVE BROUGHT DEPREAVITY TO THE MOST INTIMATE, SACRED SHARED THING BETWEEN



70b8f0  No.4840166


He's also be vouched for by many..I believe the larger question here, is who was he..really and who did he really work for?

9f88fb  No.4840167

File: ca4873f70575a53⋯.png (73.89 KB, 573x402, 191:134, mancy.png)



Could you imagine? I mean for fuck sake, this is a very bold comment to make. I think Trump knows that the Dems are willing to allow him to use just enough "force" to launch a coup or some kind of civil disruption.

Start prepping your family and stock up on supplies.

Personally, I suggest spices as a form of bartering. Stockpile rare spices and save them. 10 years after the great implosion of America, you can use them for barter.

c18b19  No.4840168

File: 6dc4a2ccca4dfc6⋯.png (255.35 KB, 624x501, 208:167, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b620896cd578055⋯.png (1.06 MB, 952x964, 238:241, ClipboardImage.png)


the trash can is fucking GRAY not white.

de4ac1  No.4840169

File: b1d209f5f35c38c⋯.jpg (13.76 KB, 288x234, 16:13, Maxine Waters.jpg)

8d3963  No.4840170

630 E Summit St, Lead, SD 57754

dd15bf  No.4840171


Nathan Philips is a hang around the fort injun that we first nations people call rent-a-injun that liberals pounce on in a New York minute. Every thing he did is against our culture, beliefs and tradition. He's a prairie shill who sells himself to the highest bidder. When they get a taste of the camera lens, they get addicted to horse shit fame. Bad path and bad medicine.

abacad  No.4840172

File: 1ec66fc638e1a7b⋯.png (500.93 KB, 660x400, 33:20, ClipboardImage.png)

File: cde8615f1475128⋯.png (1.54 MB, 900x1200, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b405226c0390ca7⋯.png (602 KB, 850x446, 425:223, ClipboardImage.png)

>>4838987 (pb) John Kerry in Hanoi last Friday Jan 18th.

So John Kerry:

* Went to Vietnam 15 Jan 2017 - Right before DJT inauguration.

* Tried to have a secret mtg with Iranians in Paris last year - Got caught.

* Now in Hanoi, Vietnam 18 Jan 2018.


John "Lurch" Kerry

Doing clean up work in [Old Guard] sites, with [Old Guard] contacts?




c84555  No.4840173


the evidence of the satanism at the crime scenes is usually covered up by the authorities and media

7856fa  No.4840174

File: 9c6131496f16819⋯.mp4 (1.7 MB, 640x360, 16:9, MD4pLUpU-rTNd5PB.mp4)

File: db1edd32c945e23⋯.jpg (84.86 KB, 586x663, 586:663, Screenshot 2019-01-20_20-0….jpg)


272109  No.4840175

File: 826155efb3a02e8⋯.png (182.26 KB, 500x522, 250:261, bey.png)

c4a3f2  No.4840176

That was fun.. throw some more coordinates

f04c01  No.4840177

File: 158d8de6620756a⋯.png (74.5 KB, 620x426, 310:213, Screenshot-2019-1-20 Urban….png)

File: 4085002e06fae20⋯.png (256.57 KB, 515x547, 515:547, 8ef2dc4c677e403e3ccfaa4cd3….png)

File: 36ad330b93974fd⋯.png (46.8 KB, 620x426, 310:213, Screenshot-2019-1-20 Urban….png)

File: cf318a9d7b16b5d⋯.png (24.12 KB, 456x272, 57:34, Screenshot-2019-1-20 meani….png)

2f1839  No.4840178


Illegal invasion force staying there?

e94fa3  No.4840179


praise jesus as he praised oral law

Do not be anxious, saying, “What shall we eat?” or “What shall we drink?”—Matthew 6:31 Whoever has a piece of bread in his basket and says, “What shall I eat tomorrow?” belongs only to them who are little in faith.—R. Eliezer, died 117 A.D., Sotah 48b

The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.—Matthew 9.37 The day is short, and the work is much; and the workmen are indolent, but the reward is much; and the Master of the House is insistent.—R. Tarfon, 120 A.D., Aboth 2:15

Freely you receive, freely give.—Matthew 10:8 Just as I teach gratuituously, so you should teach gratuitously.—R. Judah, 299 A.D., Bekoroth 29a

c18b19  No.4840180


I just really don't give a shit anymore.

Not worth arguing over.

1500bc  No.4840181

File: dc07a079f3b81e8⋯.png (2.1 MB, 1363x1115, 1363:1115, ClipboardImage.png)

From PB today.

7bc044  No.4840182


My IQ just dropped 45 points.

426f4a  No.4840183


>I apologize I don't mean to insult any individual

I enjoy burning your flag, you should look at where it's made anon. It's made in China.

835ad8  No.4840184


I feel blue.

2ff6ba  No.4840186

File: 5bd107696ffb5b1⋯.jpeg (54.11 KB, 569x800, 569:800, 1C9ECBAF-3F59-4520-A054-7….jpeg)


Good point.

f50549  No.4840187


You dont need to MK evil.

0e25ac  No.4840188

File: 9790d4befe9e248⋯.png (98.91 KB, 640x470, 64:47, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 64cbd5accc263cb⋯.png (124.91 KB, 1118x520, 43:20, ClipboardImage.png)


de4ac1  No.4840189

File: 3ef43d631701157⋯.gif (1.63 MB, 320x180, 16:9, Did not read.gif)

41c3e7  No.4840190

File: d764619cd6af0ae⋯.jpg (190.24 KB, 952x964, 238:241, d764619cd6af0ae2a867137527….jpg)


TriMark Adams-Burch - TriMark USA

Whatever color - it's sitting in the WH window.

Coincidence? - or something to dig"

see <<4839949

eedb99  No.4840191



Good to know.

Need to tell my Bernie bot son.

8844f4  No.4840192

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The Constitution is the Solution: Enumerated vs. Unlimited Power

There are many things we accept today which are clearly unconstitutional.

How do we reverse the unconstitutional legislation?

RBG should've been impeached when she publicly stated to breaking her oath to the constitution. She looked to International law, not the Constitution when dealing with her cases.

8996c2  No.4840193

"So Hitler was a puppet of the controlling families of the NWO?" -Qmap.pub

74b658  No.4840194

File: ea6ffd37790700f⋯.jpeg (251.6 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, DC075F10-6F1A-4622-96A8-8….jpeg)

abacad  No.4840195


* Now in Hanoi, Vietnam 18 Jan 2018. ← 2019

oops, new year.

b3e455  No.4840196

6176ea  No.4840197

Catch up, sheesh >>4840172

0c4864  No.4840198

File: 6a948caf8d85b1d⋯.jpg (47.38 KB, 467x364, 467:364, MuhDib.jpg)


Derp spice must flowwww

89e484  No.4840199

File: 04ed340bfaaf006⋯.jpeg (146.33 KB, 1200x806, 600:403, plane04ed340bfaaf006.jpeg)

431257  No.4840200


Most nights, unfortunately.

86673d  No.4840201

Wealth inequality growing due to tax system, fueling global anger: Oxfam report

Tax systems that put a high burden on the poor mean public services are underfunded, stretching the gap between rich and poor and fueling global public anger, Winnie Byanyima, executive director of Oxfam International, said on Monday.

READ MORE: Rise of income inequality in Canada ‘almost exclusive’ to major cities: study

The Nairobi-headquarted charity said in a report that a new billionaire was created every two days last year, just as the poorest half of the world’s population saw their wealth decline by 11 per cent.

The report, released on Monday as political and business leaders gather for the annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, said governments are increasingly underfunding public services and failing to clamp down on tax dodging.

“Poor people suffer twice from being deprived of basic services and also paying a higher burden of taxation,” Byanyima said in an interview.

WATCH: Trudeau empathizes with G20 protesters over economic inequality

(Video in document)

Billionaire fortunes increased by 12 per cent last year, or $2.5 billion a day, while the 3.8 billion poorest people saw their wealth drop $500 million every day, Byanyima added.

The charity said tax rates for the rich and corporations had been cut in recent decades. And when governments fail to tax the wealthy, they pass the tax burden on to poor people through consumer levies like value-added tax, Byanyima said.

“An indirect tax like that, that taxes salt, sugar or soap, the basics that people need … then poor people pay relatively more out of their income than rich people,” she said.


c926f6  No.4840202

Notables So Far

Let me know of anything. TY.

>>4840172 Moar on John Kerry in Hanoi: Doing clean up work in [Old Guard] sites?

>>4840009 , >>4840011 Covington HS Updates

>>4839980 Judge demolishes theory that climate change is to blame for California wildfires

>>4839976 POTUS tweet: FLOTUS doesn't get the credit she deserves

>>4839952 , >>4839996 POTUS rt's Sir James Woods: "Thanks James"

>>4839829 Hanoi Lists of P.O.W.'s Are Made Public by US, no mention of NoName

>>4839832 Fresh POTUS tweet re Senator Risch to head SFRC

>>4839817 The Constitution re: arresting traitor senators/reps

>>4839799 , >>4839878, >>4840012 POTUS' rt Storms II & III

>>4839915 , >>4839977, >>4839999, >>4840097, >>4840103 Mysterious Post: Ammo bunkers?

>>4839867 , >>4839907, >>4839992, >>4840052, >>4840062 New mysterious post: 'No Safe Places' Cont.

>>4839776 , >>4839851, >>4839864, >>4839926, >>4839865, >>4840027 New mysterious post: 'No Safe Places'

>>4839734 Trump, Erdogan discuss Syria, boosting U.S.-Turkish trade: White House

>>4839717 New POTUS_Schedule for Monday

a5fa66  No.4840203

File: e31f2ffe4b214a2⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1282x1458, 641:729, fakenewsbullshit.png)

Worried about lawsuits?


45e7dd  No.4840205

social engineers

entice, coerce and otherwise


be a blessing

and not a curse

62c952  No.4840206


What about New Guinea?

Then again, drop a few of them in the jungle there and see how long they last . . . .

3b1219  No.4840207


got ma telescope and a clear sky tonight. some of the best views of the moon I've ever seen

86673d  No.4840208

Filipino Muslims vote in referendum on autonomous region

By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS MANILA, Philippines — Jan 20, 2019, 7:59 PM ET


Muslims in the southern Philippines voted Monday in a referendum on a new autonomous region that seeks to end nearly half a century of unrest, in what their leaders are touting as the best alternative to a new wave of Islamic State group-inspired militants.

The vote caps a tumultuous peace effort by the government in Manila and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, the main rebel group, to seal a deal that was signed in 2014 but languished in the Philippine Congress until it was finally approved last year. Bloodshed including the siege of Marawi city by IS-linked militants and other bombings and attacks in the south threatened to derail it.

Al Haj Murad Ebrahim, chairman of the Moro rebels, has repeatedly said that the creation of a viable Muslim autonomous region is the best antidote to about half a dozen smaller IS-linked radical groups that remain a threat in Mindanao, the homeland of minority Muslims in the largely Roman Catholic nation.

"We can roughly conclude that all these splinter groups are a result of the frustration with the peace process," Murad said in July, when President Rodrigo Duterte signed the legislation creating the new region, called Bangsamoro.

Under the deal, the rebels gave up their goal of an independent state in exchange for broad autonomy, although they originally wanted a federal unit with more powers. Their 30,000 to 40,000 fighters are to be demobilized. Murad has appealed to the international community to contribute to a trust fund to be used to finance the insurgents' transition from decades of waging one of Asia's longest rebellions.

Centuries of conquest — first by Spanish and American colonial forces that had ruled the Philippine archipelago followed by Filipino Christian settlers — have gradually turned Muslims into a minority group in Mindanao, triggering conflict over land, resources and sharing of political power. Uprisings seeking self-rule have been brutally suppressed, feeding more resentment. Insecurity is fueled by proliferation of weapons and armed groups that have resorted to ransom kidnappings and extortion for survival, such as the brutal Abu Sayyaf, which is not part of any peace process.

Bangsamoro replaces an existing poverty-wracked autonomous region with a larger, better-funded and more powerful entity. An annual grant, estimated at $1.3 billion, is to be set aside to bolster development.

Western governments have welcomed the autonomy pact. They worry that small numbers of IS-linked militants from the Middle East and Southeast Asia could forge an alliance with Filipino insurgents and turn the south into a breeding ground for extremists.

In 2017, Philippine troops backed by U.S. and Australian surveillance aircraft routed the militants who occupied Marawi for five months in battles that left more than 1,200 people, mostly Islamic fighters, dead and the mosque-studded city in ruins. Overall, the conflict has left about 150,000 people dead over several decades and stunted development in the resource-rich but underdeveloped southern region that is the country's poorest.

The Commission on Elections said it has printed 2.1 million ballots for the plebiscite. Results are expected no later than Jan. 26. If the measure is approved, a second referendum on Feb. 6 will ask residents of Lanao del Norte province and seven towns in North Cotabato province with a sizeable Muslim population to decide whether they want to join the new region as well.

Possible pitfalls include petitions to the Supreme Court to strike down the autonomy deal.


360021  No.4840209


New here?

The green text is indicative of Anon making fun of the post you are correcting.


78f648  No.4840210

File: 197334de3f2fd55⋯.png (176.38 KB, 416x448, 13:14, foundit.png)

a5fa66  No.4840211


Socialism=higher taxes on poor/middle class=larger wealth discrepancy.


e94fa3  No.4840212



it was the opposite

payseur was the name of their paymaster the prince took to hide

the real payseur got 600 acres in NC for his trouble

e44922  No.4840213

File: 5065687735ed38e⋯.jpeg (7.06 KB, 255x187, 15:11, c8d78f13bc20607466a550708….jpeg)

f3fb8f  No.4840214

File: 593f27dcd5c7784⋯.jpeg (28.14 KB, 474x427, 474:427, 593f27dcd5c77847d5bae445e….jpeg)


I feel it too.

He doesn't do ANYTHING for no reason. There is something behind all of these retweets…..

remember his haters also follow him on twat, but probably don't follow a lot of those other accounts. He is proving he has so much support, and shoving it in their faces..

He retweeted a bunch this afternoon too. I was looking at the timestamps….very telling.

Haven't looked at these latest ones yet, but I am SURE we anons will find something.

And yes, something big is coming….I have felt it all day

d99268  No.4840215


wtf are thoose ?

the fucking left can´t fucking meme, or even state who they are adressing!

5edc64  No.4840216


Definitely interested in seeing Russia/Syria hit Israel hard.

2d03aa  No.4840217


DUMB entrances? Are they hunkering down?

Time to figure out who owns these plots?

f9186a  No.4840218

File: 2e46e3fba4f7a3e⋯.png (703.76 KB, 1868x751, 1868:751, 42cd75cb9a4.png)

41c3e7  No.4840219

fba097  No.4840220

File: a7ffb193423f0a5⋯.png (2.65 KB, 310x163, 310:163, a7ffb193423f0a5573ceeefe7c….png)


Im calling fake news on this global.

I think qmap.pub pulls the raw image file. Im looking at the hex and I dont see the same values as what is posted.

Freedom.png pulled from the github storage for anons to cross check.

>research for yourself

For now, I call bullshit.

36e9e1  No.4840221

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Cortez on Twitch fundraising for LBGT minors.

2ff6ba  No.4840222

File: d8046cd4c70123c⋯.jpeg (53.75 KB, 500x500, 1:1, A716E25E-6296-444E-BFAE-A….jpeg)


Sounds like a few of my exes when they havin their “monthly” visitor….

250f2c  No.4840223


You can stop now, it's confirmed that Fusca is a rock solid 5.5 inches shorter than JFK was and pictures of his dead wife have surfaced. JFK jr is not Fusca.

9f88fb  No.4840224

File: b014614807c3967⋯.jpg (117.78 KB, 829x831, 829:831, amber podesta.jpg)


Please god just end it. Kill us all.



86673d  No.4840225

File: e20a9a4f2c5ceba⋯.jpg (178.42 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 694940094001_5991282040001….jpg)

Thousands of caravan migrants request temporary asylum in Mexico; some try returning to US

Thousands of Central American migrants, many of them from Honduras, are taking Mexico up on its offer of temporary asylum and work visas.

Mexican immigration officials said Sunday that 3,691 people associated with various migrant caravans have registered for temporary status in the country, and the number is expected to grow as more people arrive at the border with Guatemala.

Meanwhile, local officials in the southern town of Huixtla provided several buses to transport some of the more than 2,000 migrants on the next stage of their journey towards Tijuana. Others weren’t so lucky and pressed on in blistering 90-degree heat.


Mexico has promised to allow migrants through the border crossing as long as they are orderly, and the country's new government has agreed to house third-country asylum-seekers while their claims are heard in the United States. The caravan is estimated to contain 1,800 people, including about 100 from El Salvador.


One migrant from Honduras told Fox News on Sunday that he was in the first caravan that reached the U.S.-Mexico border last October. The man said he made it to San Diego illegally, was caught and deported.

Another migrant named “Alex,” who previously received protection under the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy, told Fox News he grew up in Indiana after being brought to the U.S. from El Salvador as an infant. Alex said he received a letter nine months ago, after he turned 18, informing him that his DACA status was expiring and that he had 24 days to return to El Salvador or face prosecution.


Alex told Fox News he did’t know what to do as he watched the ongoing battle over immigration policy play out in Washington.

“I just want to get back to the life I had," he said. "It's all I know."

Also Sunday, a second caravan set out in the morning from San Pedro Sula, Honduras, the same location from which the current caravan originated last week. Local reports said that caravan had more than 1,000 people in it.

The second caravan's departure coincided with calls for a week-long national strike in Honduras to protest the policies of the country's president, Juan Orlando Hernandez.


835ad8  No.4840226



Too much gubment cheese.

fba097  No.4840227




6fbd6f  No.4840228


it would appear so.

d57549  No.4840229


This is Fantastic!!!!!!!!

I hope they just keep it up. They are destroying themselves and it's wonderful to watch.

Great red-pills for the sheep.

afc20a  No.4840230



74b658  No.4840231

File: 1ab0c7e0f0c1fa0⋯.jpeg (676.17 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, C96C58DB-C8E2-413B-8641-C….jpeg)


I just keep waiting for pic related

70b8f0  No.4840232


Someone dived into the trash (file 13) and got it all,,,Excellent Dig Anon!

21887d  No.4840233


Those who know can't sleep. Q Research results are not easy for the body to process.

da0348  No.4840234


Monitoring facilites??

Likely backbone interconnects.

Warning them they are being monitored?

c18b19  No.4840235


>"New here?"

>"New here?"

>"New here?"

> "New here?"

Fuck you. I have spent over 30,000 hours on this chan since 11/17.

0e25ac  No.4840236

File: 5650c1b458627d3⋯.png (99.57 KB, 640x517, 640:517, ClipboardImage.png)

8d3963  No.4840237


ec29c8  No.4840238


Good to see Australians might think they're on that list.


8730c4  No.4840239

File: ed82665959ab4e9⋯.jpg (25.7 KB, 515x400, 103:80, Question 5.jpg)

f322ce  No.4840240



7478ee  No.4840241


Tell kids what they shouldn't do? That always works!

f50549  No.4840242


He's a shill, anon. Don't engage.

a5fa66  No.4840243


>A first year college vocabulary test

Holy shit.

This is grade school work.

39d3ba  No.4840244

File: 4efbb9b93048455⋯.jpg (133.68 KB, 815x640, 163:128, POTUS & FLOTUS .jpg)

Just a thought; we’ve had IT and now DJT post this - ‘stay inside’ That to me looks like a clock; with the big hand and little hand pointing to midnight

And if it is that’s midnight on the seal of the president of the US; Sunrise; (Flynn Sunset) is this pointing to giving Executive back to the people?

See they are making it say President ‘to’ Not ‘of’ the US - see?

MT covering ‘T’ and DJT covering ‘o’

45e7dd  No.4840245

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

74b658  No.4840246

File: 71dd7d511e750be⋯.png (4.33 MB, 2510x2510, 1:1, 9972A58E-DE0C-4A54-B868-A8….png)


Confirmed af!

de4ac1  No.4840247

File: ba808100f85b561⋯.jpg (2.53 MB, 5472x3648, 3:2, Blood Moon 2017 SD.jpg)