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File: e1c02b43c5fc1b0⋯.jpg (493.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ze1c02b43c5fc1b06dad409388….jpg)

864af9  No.4831970

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Sunday 1.13.19

>>4740419 ————————————–——– FAKE NEWS control over those who don't think for themselves limits exposure of TRUTH.

>>4739743 ————————————–——– Law governing removal of a sitting Congress(m/w)/Senator?

Friday 1.11.19

>>4708257 ————————————–——– If a woman is selected as the nominee

>>4707306 ————————————–——– Public access to intel?

>>4707199 ————————————–——– What senior US official is arriving in China?

>>4707080 ————————————–——– BOOM!

Monday 1.7.19

>>4644164 rt >>4644100 ————————— First time in more than 25 years? Morning, Patriot.

>>4644084 ————————————–——– What a coincidence. (Cap: >>4644154)

>>4643565 rt >>4643371 ————————— However, this is incomplete and missing the 3rd Tweet.

>>4643496 ————————————–——– With all of the success that our Country is having

>>4639875 ————————————–——– The hole is deep

Sunday 1.6.19

Compiled here: >>4770751

Saturday 1.5.19

Compiled here: >>4652145

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are not endorsements


>>4727722 Graphic guide to posting on 8chan

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>>4687795 If you don't like it here there are plenty of other places to get Q's drops

>>4680938 , >>4681274 POTUS: "Call Congress, ask your reps to fund wall". Numbers to call

>>4821762 White House Changed Announcement to 4:00 pm EST. Links to Streams: >>4821954


>>4831316 [Trudeau] link to Wapo a Dead giveaway

>>4831323, >>4831363, >>4831365, >>4831529, >>4831659 Power Outage in LV

>>4831435 OPM Guidance for Shutdown Furlough from 2015

>>4831484, >>4831759 Study Nazism: Documentary on Hitler and the Third Reich

>>4831603, >>4831710, >>4831724, >>4831769 Large explosions rocks capital Damascus

>>4831638, >>4831680, >>4831754 Alexander Downer comments on Brexit and an AUS-UK trade deal

>>4831689 Soros is trying to co-opt the Yellow Vests by using them at the "Women's March"

>>4831738 Anon on 23&Me

>>4831897 Vehicle attack in Germany

>>4831939 Reminder Erdogan pledged a 'safe zone' in Northern Syria after talks with POTUS

>>4831963 #6167


>>4830524 MAGA1776 graphics

>>4830532 Anon on Sea to Shining Sea

>>4830654 Virginia Senator Openly Carrying Handgun to Deter Violent Protesters

>>4830776 Curious 23andMe twin results show why you should take DNA testing with a grain of salt

>>4830850 Dan Scavino tweets

>>4830973 Networks Give Roughly 15 Times More Coverage to Women’s March Than March for Life

>>4830985 1/22/18 crumbs

>>4831003 Anon on Trudeau's Carbon Tax proposals

>>4831010 POTUS instagram post

>>4831182 Report: Facebook's privacy lapses may result in record fine

>>4831206 #6166

#6165 Baker Change

>>4829762, >>4829850 Update on the Prince Philip car crash

>>4829777 Symbolism of the 'blessing hand'

>>4829960 Oculus co-founder Palmer Luckey is making a ‘virtual’ border wall with A.I.

>>4829998 Ukraine Nuclear facility incident, developing

>>4830100 Suspected Car Bomb Explosion in Londonderry

>>4830140, >>4830162 Video: Jeffery Toobin actually being honest on the CommieNewsNetwork

>>4830156 Lindsey Graham still attacking MbS

>>4830164 Cap of info on Lockheed Martin's "Space Fence"

>>4830204 Docs claim US trained UAE pilots for combat in Yemen

>>4830300 Kirsten Gillibrand Announces Presidential Candidacy – Fails To Mention Her NXIVM Connections

>>4830356 Amazon Shareholders Move to Stop Selling Facial Recognition Tech to Government Agencies

>>4830441 #6165


>>4828999 @DeptofDefense: Sailing together with our partners in the Pacific

>>4829057 Ex-MI anon's game theory about pressure on the deep state

>>4829089 Omaha Hospital Sued After Pediatric Surgeons Resign

>>4829004 America Has Been at War 93% of the Time, 222 out of 239 Years, Since 1776

>>4828989 Moar on Alabama Election Meddling

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864af9  No.4831976



Requesting Handoff

724941  No.4832023

File: 744962228d1818c⋯.jpg (14.97 KB, 191x156, 191:156, eNOUGH.jpg)

737426  No.4832024

File: 4236e764a1c5821⋯.png (617.24 KB, 1100x991, 1100:991, tyviking.png)

109e4e  No.4832025

The Greatest Timeline

6de6c3  No.4832026

File: 3349a3de1fb7e74⋯.png (141.69 KB, 300x248, 75:62, ClipboardImage.png)

File: be7929011c1b021⋯.png (297.12 KB, 410x330, 41:33, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9644ff625789b94⋯.png (821.05 KB, 623x640, 623:640, ClipboardImage.png)

Q is the Atlas; The Map.

7594ea  No.4832027

File: a4ad0e60ccd96b2⋯.png (302.48 KB, 604x490, 302:245, Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at ….png)

File: 0d41cf40c7cdc1f⋯.png (141.83 KB, 299x270, 299:270, Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at ….png)

File: 808c6da78c63b8c⋯.png (73.53 KB, 221x169, 17:13, Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at ….png)

File: 92695108b73f060⋯.png (103.27 KB, 299x173, 299:173, Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at ….png)


e57a2d  No.4832028

>>4832017 (pb)

have noticed many people who are finding digital news with articles that are old but are posted as new…..have to point it out to them the sources of the articles are dated long ago…..tends to be a wake-up call to most, others shrug it off…no matter what though, it surely seems like repeats are necessary……

109e4e  No.4832029


Undiscovered Stars Learned

4bb82d  No.4832030

Newbies getting Old May 2018 story confused with New Twin Bombings…Check ur references Newbies Kek

b0f921  No.4832031

File: fc3500befed6b19⋯.jpeg (45.11 KB, 675x600, 9:8, a909a-symbols2bof2ban2bal….jpeg)

>>4831994 (lb)

…It's the best I could find. Hope this helps.

7594ea  No.4832032

File: 401b9b1a26ce157⋯.png (73.94 KB, 264x171, 88:57, Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at ….png)

File: 3f6fdc29fa1ba46⋯.png (83.59 KB, 254x157, 254:157, Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at ….png)

9c441c  No.4832033

File: 056c31abee49f0f⋯.png (1.04 MB, 731x1372, 731:1372, boo_1.png)

109e4e  No.4832034



d699d8  No.4832035

>>4831998 lb

Repost since 751 - 750k metric tonnes of gold? I think that's more gold than what's been mined. Where you find this stuff?

dc822d  No.4832036

File: 404a3572dbb0eab⋯.jpg (79.57 KB, 561x700, 561:700, 1539193533267.jpg)

>>4831977 lb

Yep. Orthodox priests are expected to marry and have kids etc. Either way id like to see the Catholic Church be restored to Christ instead of demons like Francis.

724941  No.4832037

File: ae81e8ff44be113⋯.jpg (362.79 KB, 1200x1080, 10:9, TRUTH.jpg)

53a659  No.4832038

File: ba6ee0e92a45cac⋯.png (184.42 KB, 540x389, 540:389, comey swear.png)

Anyone have any theories as to why the special councils spokesperson discredited this most recent report but hasn't discredited some of the fake reporting in the past? Is this because the narrative they are going to run with is contradicted by this report? It seems ODD

2b1b34  No.4832039


Your claim is ridiculous. There are 1.2 billion Catholics in the world. If 98% of clergy were pervs, most Catholics would be victims. And since most Catholics are not sex abuse victims, your claim is false. Stop slandering good men who give their lives for their people.

d9920f  No.4832040

File: 8487c36280e1545⋯.jpg (162.16 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, nqrmephbhfb21.jpg)

Thank you, Baker!

f913bf  No.4832041


So what is Donna Brazilles involvement in that?

Thought she flipped

Maybe not.

9ab59d  No.4832042

File: f8ece55092fd6c2⋯.jpg (272.55 KB, 1242x2070, 3:5, BoDog.jpg)

Posted lb and think it's Notable:

>>4831865 pb

>Bo O. Bo O “Dog” Dead.

Boo is a term used by 'brothers' when they have a g/f on the side or someone special.

Another "DOG" as in NoName and GHWB is DEAD.

#44 time was up?

880e59  No.4832043


This the RBG connection sauce?

724941  No.4832044

File: aa5665b6fdc1368⋯.jpg (395.76 KB, 1137x843, 379:281, wATCHER.jpg)

d699d8  No.4832045


Maybe the investigation is finally over. Usually can't comment if still under investigation. Maybe telling us this.

153513  No.4832046




Same here. I think about the children & what those Luciferians have done to them, how many millions they've done unspeakable things to.

I can't sleep until I pass out asleep. Most times it's with my computer on & me in the middle of typing.

So many times the last thing I'll remember is typing or reading, and the next thing I know is I'm waking up. One time I fell asleep with my glasses on…and they somehow ended up in my mouth. I kid you not. 😂😂😂

3b6be4  No.4832047


mined by who when?

dc822d  No.4832048

File: 342767296579fa8⋯.jpg (219.74 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, 1536651744274.jpg)


Because Muller doesnt want Barr to crush his balls over leaks in a week or two.

b2d9cb  No.4832049

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

5445f6  No.4832050

File: bd1daf1563a1e81⋯.png (125.77 KB, 253x355, 253:355, ClipboardImage.png)

864af9  No.4832051


what do you mean?

the new bombing just happened

are you referring to the pics?

5445f6  No.4832052


this motherfucker is going to end up dead soon.


He will have a fight with an ex lover and stab or shoot her and then he will kill himself

that is how this happens

d699d8  No.4832053


Humans and since record keeping began, officially. Is it just "paper" gold?

880e59  No.4832054

File: f7fb377ddeeaba6⋯.jpeg (96.46 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 11E77B87-16B9-44F1-A433-A….jpeg)

7594ea  No.4832055

File: acaf501cccd3dc4⋯.png (46.95 KB, 160x141, 160:141, Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at ….png)

b31b13  No.4832056


It's about credibility.

eccd28  No.4832057


Was just going to do this, kek!

109e4e  No.4832058

File: 9071aae295a7c00⋯.jpeg (201.78 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, C5B59CD8-932A-4D82-8C1D-3….jpeg)


Think Football

6e003a  No.4832059

File: 11cc7121de49218⋯.jpg (1.12 MB, 1014x1250, 507:625, download (8).jpg)


Hello friend I am Here

hand off confirmed?

just eating dinner but I am sure I can keep up

c63e7e  No.4832060

File: 1a779f8d075cf5b⋯.jpg (29.83 KB, 474x582, 79:97, FeelsPepeSisyphus.jpg)

Ty baker!

>>4831738 lb

Was also this in notables re: 23 and Me's Data Sharing earlier today (pb):

>>4826021 pharmafag on 23 and me

eccd28  No.4832061


Dr. Mark Skidmore – Deep State Cover-Up of Missing $21 Trillion Deeply Disturbing

Published on Jan 19, 2019; 44:31.

Michigan State Economics Professor Mark Skidmore is being refused access to data that could explain $21 trillion in “missing money” from HUD and DOD. Now, the entire federal budget has been turned into a national security issue. There is literally no more public access to what the government spends your tax money on. Skidmore says, “Now, as of October 4th, we have effectively two sets of books. We have a set of books that can be manipulated and changed by a group of people that determine it’s a national security issue. They can alter the numbers and move things around within . . . or shift funding all the way to hide it. What we are going to do is produce a financial statement that is fake, and we will have no idea how much money was moved around, and we are all going to pretend we are going to have a real report. We will also have an actual report that will remain hidden. . . . It seems self-explanatory that if the government can’t track $21 trillion, there is something deeply wrong.”

766732  No.4832062

File: 12d8377e2364be5⋯.png (490.19 KB, 725x604, 725:604, ClipboardImage.png)


>If 98% of clergy were pervs, most Catholics would be victims. And since most Catholics are not sex abuse victims, your claim is false. Stop slandering good men who give their lives for their people.

1min dig

53a659  No.4832063


This could also be the result of a canary trap with the intel committee

265a08  No.4832064

>>4826032 pb

I think this shutdown process has something to do with game theory.

There are SO many aspects to this undertaking of Q and Trump. The cabal is tentacled into every aspect of every country.

I too came into this around the same time you did and have tried to read the drops but get caught up in researching them. As a result I appreciate the complexity of the situation, most probably not fully. SA has been freed from the grasp of the Queen of England. I don’t know exactly how or how she was using them. I just know it happened. The US is next on Trump/Q’s agenda and one doesn’t just wave a wand and fix it. One has to wade through that stinky old swamp sidestepping all sorts of nasty poopy things. This is not about Trump fighting the difficult Dems. This is about some elites in opulent castles in Europe and elsewhere trying to break Trump in half so they can continue the wholesale destruction of the now abandoned military arm of the Triumvirate (Vatican/London/DC) being the US, while building up the Asian contingent for exploitation and militarisation where actors of, and for, the cabal are already in place and sowing the ground. That wholesale abandonment is to bankrupt the US, deplete it’s military which Obama successfully started and which was to be completed by the Bitch and to flood the US with third world South Americans to drain resources even further and to flood the US with the cabals main money spinner (heroin, cocaine, fentanyl). And yes, the Queen of England peddles drugs.

Reading the crumbs will tell you little if you don’t research them and LEARN what’s going on. Unfortunately, it takes time and effort and if you work and have responsibilities it is almost impossible to do the research and I sympathise and empathise with you totally.

Further, the anon culture is one of exclusion and selfishness with outright contempt and rudeness thrown in for those that ask reasonable questions. This culture goes back as far as I have looked which is around early/mid 2016 BUT this is where Q chose to execute the keystone arm of its plan. One can only assume the choice is the most expeditious one available. It is uncensored so it has merit in that regard. It has crossed my mind that the chans are part of the US military. I read some much earlier 4chan drops once (which I haven’t been able to relocate) and the discussion was so clever and informed I didn’t understand much of it.

So don’t feel too lost about all this. While you’ve read all the drops, I’m up to about the 150 mark and I haven’t figured out half of them. I’ve read most of the post Kav drops but not investigated them. We’re all a little bit lost and I do wish anons would not be so rude to other anons but that’s the culture. All you and I can do is willingly offer up our findings/understandings for the greater cause and for consideration in other anons research.

Good luck.

Anon out.

b2d9cb  No.4832065

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


> motherfucker is going to end up dead soon

Is he doing something wrong???

I just learned about this last bread

3b0aa0  No.4832066


Me too, anon. I also think about the law enforcement officers who comb through the child abuse material that makes the arrests possible. Some days I hardly think of anything else. I have trouble with just the small fraction of details I've picked up along the way… I cannot imagine what it would do to someone to have to face it head on.

b83176  No.4832067

>>4831982 lb

Anyone notice the caption at the bottom of this picture? It says "FLOTUS boards flight in JUNE."

153513  No.4832068


Because it's time. It's part of the plan. Trump NEEDS to wake up normies to the idea that what they thought Mueller has been up to - based on MSM reports - is nowhere near base. It's all been lies. They need to know that now. It's time.

dc822d  No.4832069

File: 0cecf5083b7b1d7⋯.png (530.99 KB, 700x753, 700:753, 1547938139636.png)

Also thanks baker.

9ab59d  No.4832070

File: 8540f802969407b⋯.png (225.99 KB, 632x514, 316:257, boo.png)

File: 8b19ac589b64781⋯.jpg (11.85 KB, 750x308, 375:154, boo12.jpg)

From LB

>>4831668 pb

>Or they are threatening Barron again.

109e4e  No.4832071


The Connection is You

RGB is the Sauce


e57a2d  No.4832072


find other means of exhaustion…..Q isn't going anywhere, and you aren't alone. Learn to rely on others that are here…..learn to let go…..

You will find some knowledge easier to process and the task of finding it much easier on the mind. Nothing can be done about the past, they can't be helped…..no sense ever driving yourself to the edge on one thing each and every time…play a game, read a book, smoke a bowl and watch a few movies to exhaust yourself.

whatever it is YOU feel is for you….

5dcf81  No.4832073

>>4831985 lb

they just got a different book. it was the Quaran in Hebrew

100b17  No.4832074

File: e850de77955794f⋯.jpg (39.67 KB, 474x399, 158:133, crawling-through-the-deser….jpg)

3b0aa0  No.4832075


I think anon meant he was going to end up Arkancided/suicided for what he's revealing.

864af9  No.4832076


Handoff Confirmed

thanks again, really comfy right now and slow, you'd be fine


saw that earlier too

it's why I don't want to do it, but both my parents did it, so I essentially know mine

not doing that sheeit

04e7a7  No.4832077


I've seen that interview before.

She thinks Trump is just another swamp creature and is in league with the Bushes. She doesn't get it.

d699d8  No.4832078


MSM been like trust Mueller. Mueller got this. He is honest. Then Mueller reports Hillary/O'bama fuckery. MSM be like oh fug.

724941  No.4832079

File: b11a2fec5fb8f7b⋯.jpg (108.12 KB, 591x427, 591:427, iS.jpg)

c218b3  No.4832080


I agree. I wanted to a be a cop. I realized that child abuse is something that would haunt me. Car accident with a decapitation would be troubling but I woudl get over it. I cannot delve deep into pizzagate. It is like the topic taints my soul.

4bb82d  No.4832081



109e4e  No.4832082


This is bigger than you could ever imagine

Go Placidly Amid the Noise and Haste

Peace Out Anon

880e59  No.4832083


You are correct.

Nice catch.

2b1b34  No.4832084


this does not prove 98 percent are pervs; most of those accused are deceased and the records are from over a 50 year period;

compare the stats to other groups – congress, teachers, rabbis, pastors, coaches, etc.

c218b3  No.4832085


File photo.

801b40  No.4832086

File: 52afacfe4e62d17⋯.jpeg (831.71 KB, 1242x1107, 46:41, 9032A268-CAF7-4B97-B1E2-C….jpeg)

File: 3707d14fe7efec0⋯.jpeg (602.11 KB, 1242x1478, 621:739, AABA7409-1FCC-4A34-9551-2….jpeg)

So CNBC confirms Bozo is a Clown?

How is A 2 Z Streaming Viable?

Is streaming not commercialal viable without the C_A (taxpayers money)?



765e11  No.4832087


It's supposed to.

9ab59d  No.4832088

File: 857b880f6567b15⋯.jpg (99.84 KB, 1000x600, 5:3, SB.jpg)


>Think Football


POTUS need not attend- they've been talking about security- is this a plan?

pic related

d699d8  No.4832089


For keks: Anons want to speculate on how MSM would spin this?

109e4e  No.4832090


Divinely Inspired Anon

Words of Wisdom

dc822d  No.4832091


I think its safe to say its neither 2% or 98%.

724941  No.4832092

File: 09beb66d11ececd⋯.jpg (79.29 KB, 904x786, 452:393, POLITICS.jpg)

0c95d3  No.4832093

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Forever Young: My Friendship With John F. Kennedy, Jr.

8 hours of narration of the story of JFK Jr. written by his best friend since childhood. Nice to sit and listen

b2d9cb  No.4832094


Ok got it

my screaming about the FED has cost me so much my whole life

They convinced people that I was Crazy

and do not believe anything he says

They tried to pull me into a sting

I said NO

and they have hounded me ever since

5dcf81  No.4832095

File: 3c878c66899ce28⋯.jpg (125.13 KB, 757x524, 757:524, keks_in_president.jpg)

File: 1cc10f6fa580e4e⋯.png (308.86 KB, 531x512, 531:512, on_the_run_kek.png)

c218b3  No.4832096


Vudu has some free content, but most is pay to play.

3ccc73  No.4832097

File: c2434d7f34c36ee⋯.jpg (501.68 KB, 1873x1200, 1873:1200, PicsArt_01-20-12.56.06.jpg)

109e4e  No.4832098


The Game

Targeted Individuals

Is Real

864af9  No.4832099




damnit, just confirmed myself

story is new, all those pics are old (at least the ones that come up as having matches)

asked for sauce, the anon said the telegraph and figured it was from today

Baker, I'm going to fix the dough then repost it

3b0aa0  No.4832100


Good eye, anon. Also, if that's a photo of her boarding then where is her winter coat? It's snowing in DC.

eccd28  No.4832101

File: 582d97bbea52019⋯.webm (4.31 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Bernanke and Paul spar ov….webm)


Bernanke and Paul spar over gold.

b83176  No.4832102


Reports say that Baron is with her.


724941  No.4832103

File: a2977fe5997d983⋯.jpg (208.86 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, DOLL.jpg)

Who does it work for?

766732  No.4832104


>from over a 50 year period;

The Pennsylvania report represents a two-year investigation by a state grand jury, which reviewed more than 500,000 internal dioceses’ documents and reports that had not previously been made public; dozens of victims were also interviewed. The charges detailed in the report go back as far as 30 years, and implicate 300 priests in the abuse of more than 1,000 victims. (The report stresses that the actual number of victims and abusers in the state is probably much higher, given how common it is for victims to refuse to come forward.)

taken from


de0166  No.4832105


Fuck off with this shit. No one cares. You've been shitting the bread with this targeted individual bullshit for days now and i don't believe it for one second

4bb82d  No.4832106

SEE THIS IS WHAT PISSES ME OFF, YOU NEWBIES NEED TO LEARN TO RESEARCH…Yes there was another Bombing, your shit of interjecting with old stories gets others looking at old shit. Sigh…I'm done yelling …for now, now fuk ya.

c218b3  No.4832107


I know and that is why I made the active choice to not delve into such topics in depth. It really is enough for me to know these beasts are being rounded up.

109e4e  No.4832108


Those digits speak to me

Boo Hoo mean anything to You?

a98339  No.4832109


I used to work intake at DA office. My job was to process/assign reports. I'm still haunted by some of the shit I saw

864af9  No.4832110

#6167 (posted in #6168)

>>4831316 [Trudeau] link to Wapo a Dead giveaway

>>4831323, >>4831363, >>4831365, >>4831529, >>4831659 Power Outage in LV

>>4831435 OPM Guidance for Shutdown Furlough from 2015

>>4831484, >>4831759 Study Nazism: Documentary on Hitler and the Third Reich

>>4831603 Large explosions rocks capital Damascus

>>4831638, >>4831680, >>4831754 Alexander Downer comments on Brexit and an AUS-UK trade deal

>>4831689 Soros is trying to co-opt the Yellow Vests by using them at the "Women's March"

>>4831738 Anon on 23&Me

>>4831897 Vehicle attack in Germany

>>4831939 Reminder Erdogan pledged a 'safe zone' in Northern Syria after talks with POTUS

134977  No.4832111

File: e6e4604a5549df5⋯.jpg (92.76 KB, 750x500, 3:2, PatriotAnonsBattle.jpg)

Whatever happens, we're all in this ride together.

Even those who do not know.

May we all be Truly Free and Prosper without a Ruling Hand over us. (So many fail to understand what this simple line means)

Except the enemy. They know who they are and can die slow. [You] know what you've done.

/_\ … _

\ /


I've learned you can't track it all 24/7 and that good guys are taking them down WW. Live tracking here


Agreed with this anon. >>4832072

You'll only go mad if you make it your life.

Sometimes, taking a step back can recharge the batteries.

b2d9cb  No.4832112


Traumatized at China Lake Naval Ar Station


724941  No.4832113


MK-ULTRA they targeted individuals. don't believe it, read the documents.

e73fce  No.4832114

File: 242ca284a77a9f8⋯.png (993.63 KB, 740x616, 185:154, wardrmr.PNG)

buy Golds

5445f6  No.4832115



Remember the guy who did all the work on Presidential pardons under the obama administration and then ended up ded.

864af9  No.4832116



UPDATED DOUGH, please use this one:



c218b3  No.4832117


Good. Mom and son are safely out of DC.

153513  No.4832118


My God. I don't know how they keep it together. I think about that too. In fact, I think about the ones who have to WATCH videos of babies and children being raped. They have to watch it from start to finish & write a report with every single offense committed, the time clock on the video of beginning to end, the number of times. I had watched a documentary once that included one of these officer's briefing detectives. I can't even picture how they manage to cope seeing what they see and hearing the sounds of the children's screams for help. I would lose my sanity. Their screams would haunt me. I can't imagine ever being able to laugh again or enjoy myself again, because I would probably feel so guilty about it, or feel like I needed to be working instead so another child rapist could be taken off the street.

de0166  No.4832119


I don't care anymore. If it was true in your case you'd say you piece and then fuck off. But you keep repeating it

880e59  No.4832120


I still can’t determine if Barron was on that flight or not. Which may be irrelevant.

Barron is likely safer at the WH with his dad than Mar a lago.

I dont want to get all sinister on the 12 years old connection, however the overt threats to Barron on twatter last year are difficult to unremember.

So it might be a big ol nothingburger.

Threw it out there.

I did see that it was planefags that caught the flight with callsign.

3b0aa0  No.4832121


Me too, anon. The written details are hard enough. I don't know how law enforcement does it. God Bless each one of them. <3

1c201c  No.4832122

I look inside myself and see my heart is 'BLACK

I see my red door and I want it painted BLACK

7a0fe2  No.4832123

daaayuum….. Faggy Q leaves his followers in the dark…. what kind of "leader" does this……

Q….. come out an plaaaay………

109e4e  No.4832124


No doubt about IT.

Everything from Military to Motorcycle Clubs are involved. Believe that!

Technology is extremely sophisticated and used to seek and destroy. They didn’t even have to touch you and had complete plausible deniability because you could never prove it.

This Anon KNOWS

765e11  No.4832125

File: 631b27dcef46c71⋯.jpg (10.34 KB, 187x269, 187:269, old golds.jpg)


How very fitting.

b2d9cb  No.4832126


I have lived it

so many just refuse to believe

cross the cabal one time and you will learn

4bb82d  No.4832127

>>4832116 Maybe they used old pics, but it is a new bombing…https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/world/an-explosion-heard-in-the-vicinity-of-syria-s-damascus—state-tv-11145408

e57a2d  No.4832128


simple logic anon…..cant take care of others if you cant take care of yourself….acceptance is a very big part in all of this, and accepting what is past is necessary to deal with future…..this is why it's so hard for people to wake, they want to believe they have been awake enough the whole time to know the nefarious shit and agendas and conspiracies are all bullshit because they would have caught onto them otherwise. It is a fucked up game that has been played, but I am quite sure there are enough eyes and ears on this now for change to occur……some of us hold the capability to know and understand the human nature and can accept it…others refuse to accept it and believe monsters don't really exist within them…..and yet even others know and understand the monsters and embrace them as a way of life…..

without the first group mentioned there, all would be lost, and here we anons are…..surrounded by the last group and attempting to guide the way for those who stray from the middle group…

Have always said, this is the awake fighting the awake…the sleepers are up for grabs……but all will be involved in this

153513  No.4832129


Thank you Patriot friend!😘

c218b3  No.4832130


Bless you for doing it. I have seen my own share of haunting stuff but know my limits.

f0ac28  No.4832131

Normies are pretty low-information, esp. when compared to Anons. I had a normie aggressively assert that Trump hasnt built any part of the wall and he cant because he doesnt have the funds and he just wants him out of office. Big tv and movie watcher. Dont waste too much time trying to inform them. When Trump puts more info on muh tv, they will watch, just like they did The Apprentice. When he arrests and tries /them/ on muh tv, normies will eventually lap it up with glee. I mean, these people watch shitty sitcoms and cop shows every day. A real life death penalty trial, they will go crazy for it. Think OJ.

737426  No.4832132

File: 305d0804cc957d4⋯.jpg (34.02 KB, 480x480, 1:1, sail.jpg)

File: 3e18b63924b2f92⋯.jpeg (98.27 KB, 864x576, 3:2, polaris.jpeg)

File: b652d3bd1b31fc8⋯.png (58.23 KB, 750x500, 3:2, northstartime.png)

File: a6143f394b54ace⋯.png (264.93 KB, 1060x467, 1060:467, star.png)

864af9  No.4832133


yup, the pics were old, and this is a new bombing

thank you anon

de0166  No.4832134


Then kill yourself and they can't bother you anymore

>if i kill myself they win

They already won because you're sliding the board

b83176  No.4832135


Same, but you know it had to be something if Barron is gone during school. Out of character for a FLOTUS who didn't want to disturb his education while they were transitioning to the White House.

109e4e  No.4832136


No doubt. MK Ultra, Project Monarch, all brought to by CIA/ MI6

What do you think POTUS really means by a changing of the Old Gaurds? Multiple meanings Anon.

They are shitting there fucking pants.


Patriots in Control bitches

6de6c3  No.4832137


Q !UW.yye1fxo No.96

Feb 15 2018 15:02:33 (EST)


Read very carefully.

Unreleased [CLAS-HIGHEST]:

Ability to use frequencies [incoming sig]/modify/code/program over 'x' period [designate] mobile phone to 'control' target subject.

OP conducted/ORIG outside of US.

CAR control?


Statement by the driver?





Q Cares.

f0ac28  No.4832138


Francis was all happy with the muzzie Soetero, all glum with nominally Christian Trump. Hmmmm

134977  No.4832139

File: 1fe2a2119a4cfae⋯.jpg (178.99 KB, 976x723, 976:723, fdaec815ae574485ee5353a9ae….jpg)



Once the cabal goes down, the fun begins.

4bb82d  No.4832140

>>4832133 welcome Baker! I checked to make sure real story before posting, had no way to know about pics-all fkn news uses what pics they got, but is that one with the guy inspecting old too i suppose?. https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2019/01/syria-war-large-explosion-rocks-capital-damascus-190120065333662.html

7c7108  No.4832141


If you are religious prayer is helpful. I pray that God's angels swoop in and rescue these children. Maybe in the form of Navy Seals. Also, Kek on the glasses.

b83176  No.4832142

Honestly, somebody has to be out of his gourd to think about harming Barron. Trump will not be the "curl up and die" type of parent. He'll be more like "Screw the storm, we're having a Category 17 Hurricane named TRUMP!"

109e4e  No.4832143


Q is here to set the captives free. Power back to THE PEOPLE

5dcf81  No.4832144

dc7798  No.4832145

File: 16b2183b05329b3⋯.png (53.98 KB, 500x533, 500:533, grayons.png)

Anyone worried about 2020?

I hope Trump's reelection strategy isn't just to hide his accomplishments, psyop his base into thinking nothing is happening & the obama admin is effectively still in control, and then lose in 2020 so he'll be better positioned to MAGA

b2d9cb  No.4832146


>Then kill yourself and they can't bother you anymore

So I guess you lack empathy

100b17  No.4832147

Serious question: Is there an alternate Q Research forum? More concise, possibly even filtered, with bans aplenty to eliminate stupidity? Yes, I've advanced beyond this place. You know the popular meme with Trump holding a Reddit logo saying you have to go back? I'm looking for the place where the meme is of Trump holding an 8chan animated porn ad saying, "You don't belong here." A place where grown men and women are welcome.

724941  No.4832148

File: bd5dac3369fa6c5⋯.jpg (19.85 KB, 474x299, 474:299, download (44).jpg)


its not in my case, i've been posting cute animals, but keep saying fuck off and you'll be talking to yourself which may be what you really want. I've have read many government documents where they claim to target individuals. You realize the entire surveillance apparatus is designed to identify individuals right? because they have to charge individuals….what are you even saying?

Very negative attitude in some anons around here. Not fun. Not productive. Get warm, stay fuzzy.

3b0aa0  No.4832149

File: e559bbeb26697cc⋯.jpeg (37.31 KB, 400x400, 1:1, pepe crying.jpeg)

File: e275f6ec75eb5ac⋯.jpeg (595.96 KB, 1365x1214, 1365:1214, POTUS save the children.jpeg)


How long did you work in intake, anon?


I didn't even think about the guilt aspect.

The screams haunt me, too. I saw/heard the Podesta Fatherhood clip on youtube when Pizzagate hit… I didnt know what I was looking at so everything I heard was heightened. Then a few months ago an anon articulated and described what it was I was hearing and it broke my heart in two.

They have to hang. Every day I'm more convinced that this is the only thing that will wake the normies and innoculate the world against pedovore Satanists. Child protection is the unifying thing.

109e4e  No.4832150

What makes the World go round?

The Radio

6e003a  No.4832151

>>4832116 got it all good

98cf9d  No.4832152

File: 1edc723fd8fb958⋯.png (1.43 MB, 1500x1000, 3:2, they_were_mexicans.png)

There's the question, whether they stopped being and when.

18bf2a  No.4832153

File: 382cb0e30834aa2⋯.jpg (120.99 KB, 757x1024, 757:1024, 64577.jpg)

f0ac28  No.4832154


Ordinary Catholics have suffered the most from clergy child abuse. That's a basic fact.

Similar to how Americans suffered the most from Bushbama abuse, although the Libyans, Egyptians, Syrians, Afghanis and Iraqis might disagree.

c218b3  No.4832155


Recently I was tasked to compile evidence of a pedo male in their 30s using the net to prey on young girls. I am skilled like many here with research ability and resources. I gathered the info and passed it forward. What makes that okay is I was not seeing more than the text and some photos the pedo sent of himself. Gross mf'er. It is not what I normally do, but this was brought to me.

dbfb7d  No.4832156


I would say that the [MSM] is hiding his accomplishments. Problem is that is all the normies watch and listen to.

de0166  No.4832157


That doesn't make this your support group you fucking faggot

1c201c  No.4832158


You failed in life.

Q is here.

This place is good enough for Q. It's good enough for you.

Safespaces are corruptible.

You need to go back to reddit.

b0f921  No.4832159

File: f5c537092dfb29b⋯.jpg (7.67 KB, 193x261, 193:261, joint.jpg)


…Welcome to the internet.

b2d9cb  No.4832160


All old news for me

5dcf81  No.4832161


hang indeed. rid the world of their sickness

3b6be4  No.4832162


Thanks anon. My honest and from the heart Thank You.

724941  No.4832163


>you're sliding the board

says the guy telling people to kill themselves. maybe stop for the night.


seriously what is your problem? Keep your troubles to yourself

3b0aa0  No.4832164


How are they hounding you, anon?

737426  No.4832165

File: 7f883cdf5100472⋯.jpg (81.6 KB, 1271x960, 1271:960, goingthroughspace.jpg)

File: 5970e31b9f452eb⋯.png (50.91 KB, 985x173, 985:173, spenterprise.png)

File: fce828bf3283d11⋯.png (1.37 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, jees1.png)

4bb82d  No.4832166

File: d7c9b0f97a3d59f⋯.png (112.01 KB, 401x125, 401:125, ClipboardImage.png)


Yup, there's an old folks home in Mayrong with vacancies

109e4e  No.4832167


This is what Q is about

This is what FISA is about

This is what 5 Eyes is about

If you’ve missed that then you need to learn the comms nigga

a00e39  No.4832168

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Go Placidly Amid the Noise and Haste

dc7798  No.4832169



If there really is staggering amounts of corruption & no one's been publicly held accountable, I would call that hiding accomplishments.

de0166  No.4832170


You're just sliding the board.

>Ive read gov documents

Post what is relevant and then let anons decide if it's research worthy, stop just repeating sob stories, this isn't a support group

>you're being negative

You're new here or just another shill

>I contribute by posting pictures of cute animals

Kill yourself

5dcf81  No.4832171


its in many religions anon, baptist, methodist, muslim, jewish etc… catholics are the ones with the most bodies it looks like

18bf2a  No.4832172

File: fd86bd3ee277cfa⋯.jpg (31.16 KB, 500x340, 25:17, 646647.jpg)


fuck off then

c218b3  No.4832173


I have faith and do pray. Q asking us to pray was not a new concept for me. I pray for everyone. Some may think this odd, but I pray that people get everything they deserve in life.

3b6be4  No.4832174


no outside comms. plenty of of other places talking about Q crumbs, but here is where Q drops those crumbs.

dc7798  No.4832175


I agree that it's odd but so is OAN reporting that the Special Counsel is investigating a portrait of Jesus by Leonardo DaVinci

dee881  No.4832176

There is a turd in the punch bowl.


f0ac28  No.4832177


The reported numbers from my Dioceses and Universities are much lower, although it's all very bad. One of my Dioceses sold off a lot of useful real estate and shut many Churches to pay the victims. That hurt a lot of old school Catholics, including my family.

d322aa  No.4832178


I hate to agree with you on this but it’s true. They’ve been dumbed down by tv for decades. We all have family or friends like this. I don’t even bother trying to redpill them because it’s a total waste of my time.

100b17  No.4832179


Q is a group of military dudes, paid to attempt a new form of social engineering. Lots of carrots on sticks tossed out before the flotsam of humanity who show indications of understanding life beyond what the media spews. Their handle on reality, however, is questionable. Not to say there aren't legitimate points raised by Q group. Those points need to be discussed, but not here.

a00e39  No.4832180

File: 67669346eb22997⋯.gif (178.88 KB, 241x210, 241:210, 08d.gif)


>I've advanced beyond this place.

You're here forever and don't realize it yet.

18bf2a  No.4832181

File: bd92f8ba496f3bd⋯.jpg (52.21 KB, 600x454, 300:227, 8578458.jpg)

de0166  No.4832182


Good, it's about time you realized the catholic church doesn't care about you. Your local priest may not have diddled you as a child, but he's still the shephed watching the flock and making sure you suckers get fleeced

864af9  No.4832183

File: ed1069b40239aac⋯.png (210.84 KB, 527x540, 527:540, ClipboardImage.png)


>A place where grown men and women are welcome.


or get an ad blocker dumbass

dbfb7d  No.4832184


Why isn't the media covering this trial at all? https://www.govinfo.gov/content/pkg/USCOURTS-nyed-1_18-cr-00204/pdf/USCOURTS-nyed-1_18-cr-00204-1.pdf?fbclid=IwAR3l5q-Zs9QQDIgbnwm6Z9YTTGEem9oIKthVhbDKGmHNOGxZSyjLIspqZvA

153513  No.4832185



NICE graphics!

880e59  No.4832186


I thought about the arrest of the guy trying to trade his car for a T.O.W, or whatever ordinance it was, however that was a sting.

Hard to be sure what’s real and what isn’t.

Sometimes I have to go on my gut when there is a lack of verifiable intel.

Or better yet, Kek, realize I am a nobody and better trained minds and people are on it.

1c201c  No.4832187


Then go somewhere else to discuss those points.

We're not stopping you.

You still failed in life though. Regardless of what you do now.

f0ac28  No.4832188


Trump's a fool if he thinks he can play nice with these hardened criminals.

3b0aa0  No.4832189


You're looking for a bubble, anon.

If you want pure Q stuff just focus on Q drops.

724941  No.4832190

File: 32913034621f041⋯.jpg (194.73 KB, 1026x700, 513:350, dNc.jpg)

864af9  No.4832191

File: 323be8475ac7ccd⋯.png (223.01 KB, 528x541, 528:541, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 75e8fef99345ee4⋯.png (654.75 KB, 1098x1125, 122:125, goback3.png)

File: e487e54c3f3873e⋯.png (651.9 KB, 1098x1125, 122:125, gobackr.png)

File: 2ce8d5f7c785204⋯.png (256.71 KB, 800x820, 40:41, gobackvoat.png)

File: f2a358a4e59b114⋯.jpg (226.54 KB, 800x820, 40:41, gobackassad.jpg)


>You know the popular meme with Trump holding a Reddit logo saying you have to go back?

and there's a lot of variations of that meme, but you knew that because of you're bigly lurking to the point where you're """advanced beyond this place"""

did you post the semanticists post?!

3b6be4  No.4832192


when did record keeping begin - before the Spaniards went in search of the City of Gold?

880e59  No.4832193

File: fbe8d258ba6c462⋯.jpeg (23.92 KB, 255x247, 255:247, EBF704FF-655F-436F-BDD3-D….jpeg)


Great point.

f0ac28  No.4832194


I view that result as extremely unlikely. Q has indicated Mueller is /their/ hedge and protection.

109e4e  No.4832195

Extreme Authority lurks and posts here

No Fear Anons

b2e722  No.4832196

File: 16ec4d3ae0f1e5a⋯.png (39.26 KB, 982x760, 491:380, Flower of Life.png)

File: c00f90dfe9d5767⋯.jpg (12.7 KB, 269x188, 269:188, mandelandjulia.jpg)

File: dbfd7baf77b6254⋯.png (1.28 MB, 866x838, 433:419, lenstomandelbrot.png)

Unified Field Theory

e57a2d  No.4832197


pretty damn sure magnetic and electromagnets are involved but would need tidal lock properties, much like the moon is tidally locked on Earth, Earth would require tidal lock on the sun. Have taken some of this theory for a few rides but not exactly a topic for here and now.

Quite sure density and magnetics are subjects which they hide a lot of truth…..my own theory….1 actually causes the other, I.E. distance from core mag material relative to density of matter…

3b0aa0  No.4832198


I don't think that's odd, anon. I also pray in the same manner.

d322aa  No.4832199


What is it you would have Q do different anon?

134977  No.4832200

File: b3074e80d9a313d⋯.gif (3.04 MB, 590x633, 590:633, pok.gif)


No problem, anon.


Thanks, can't take credit for that one though.

766732  No.4832201


don´t you know their new strategy is to be so fucking appealing to normies that we use emoji´s and talk about taking a shit every morning

beeing attention whoring femfags luring weak normies (wich we have here now) into chit chatting about their favourite food

funniest shit is theese normies think we are the shills see post >4832190

dc7798  No.4832202

File: 66364f592b1a754⋯.png (338.87 KB, 800x380, 40:19, he-didnt-declass.png)

a00e39  No.4832203


I get targeted by mosquitos. The little bastards are relentless.

f0ac28  No.4832204


It's a masonic speciality.

100b17  No.4832205


Too much red text. You shall be filtered.

864af9  No.4832206


thanks baker, heading out


seems like it, they all seem to be old (some didn't come back to a match)

81a621  No.4832207

File: fa9b38c085b91f1⋯.png (170.04 KB, 1128x590, 564:295, 711QAnonJFKJRstuff.png)

b6afff  No.4832208

File: 8fb35e78418e228⋯.png (97.33 KB, 1072x748, 268:187, fkbook.png)

66e108  No.4832209

File: 653c9474a7a1421⋯.png (343.99 KB, 980x549, 980:549, ClipboardImage.png)

de0166  No.4832210


Yes their shills make good punching bags.

880e59  No.4832211

109e4e  No.4832212


M Theory

Is Real

f0ac28  No.4832213


Boo is real though, I'm familiar with him. He was fb famous.

ce3ae2  No.4832214


The good shills left for better jobs already

864af9  No.4832215

File: ed95a53ff6a061b⋯.jpg (411.65 KB, 904x1129, 904:1129, butthurtreportlong.jpg)



You are an incredible example of someone who needs to go back.

Your safe space isn't here.

Please fill out this, the long form for your extreme butthurt, then go to your safe space.

b2d9cb  No.4832216


not talking about it here

would not want to slide the board

just thought I finally found a place where people like me that had the same experiences would hear me

guess too many still think this is only crazy people talk

but that is how they have forced so many to sit down and shut up or we will make sure that no one will hire you

my last job they made up a lie to fire me

I know there are others here that know

dc7798  No.4832217


unfortunately some are but they're saying it probably won't even START until much later this year. hard to cover something that technically hasn't legally happened, amirite?

f0ac28  No.4832218


Great tune.

c218b3  No.4832219


I told one evil person I would pray they get everything they deserve in life. They gave me the most awkward look because when one is evil, that everything deserved twists a bit differently.

e57a2d  No.4832220

Ever think "repeats are necessary" is referring to repeats of pictures used for cunfusion factor while those whos pictures are recycled mainstream are "elsewhere"

Makes sense to me.

4bb82d  No.4832221



Thanks Baker, guess they thot they needed a visual for their fuckn telegraph. But then one bombing looks like another now-a-days. But see that MSM is finally getting up to speed and covering the story as well. Just know, we got it first , like that means a shit. You work too hard. Much appreciated!

153513  No.4832222


Trump would annihilate them.

864af9  No.4832223

File: 00801498e0e4a0f⋯.jpg (19.51 KB, 255x255, 1:1, sleep.jpg)

see you later anons

880e59  No.4832224




Saw a pic AC had him on the show.

That’s why this shit is frustrating sometimes.

I dont GAF better safe than sorry.

Explore all angles.

c63e7e  No.4832225

File: 8d06d5572f40e35⋯.png (7.6 KB, 414x422, 207:211, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 42fb1e34c80c6ea⋯.png (19.15 KB, 436x596, 109:149, ClipboardImage.png)

>>4831759 lb

>Do not twist Q's drops for your own warped beliefs.

I didn't twist Q's words, I quoted them to mean exactly their explicit meaning: "study Nazism,"

-ism meaning the entire ideology & events surrounding "Nazi" phenomena, which is short for National Socialism, a polito/economic means of organizing society. Nothing twisted in that.

>for your own warped beliefs

I listed a bunch of facts which can be researched and verified, and provided a compendium source for anons to see for themselves, that is not mere "beliefs."

You, on the other hand, list a bunch of rando associations of Nazi's with propaganda techniques and Muslims, provide no coherent narrative or sauce for your claims.

Take this last claim:

>Yes, there was even a moslem SS unit (Himmler inspected them. Photos taken, films of concentration camps by US Veterans.

What are you saying with this fact, even if it's true? I also said that Hitler wasn't exclusionary to only Germans, but had Jews working with him. He had members of many other nations, ethnicities and even faiths working with him. The "Axis powers," aka nations allied w/Hitler against Bolshevik expansion were numerous and world-wide, not just the 3 big meanies we're taught about.

It sounds like you're trying to use the logical fallacy of guilt by association. Hitler was associated with Moslems, therefore Mustache Man Bad. Other than that little twist to the standard cabal narrative, everything is the exact slander we've always been taught.

And what the fuck kind of bullshit is this?

>The Nazis used women to Out-populate other races. The Third Reich's aggressive population policy encouraged women to bear as many "Aryan" children as possible.

How else do you have healthy replacement population as a nation but for women to have babies? How is that "using women?" kek.

Italy, Hungary, Russia and many other nations have begun to reinstitute incentives for young couples to have kids, all as a means to combat the plummeting of our birth rate due to Marxist programming and financial insecurity. Same was happening in Weimar Germany when Hitler came into power.

>The NAZIS set fire to 1,004 paintings and sculptures and 3,825 watercolours, drawings and prints in the courtyard of the Berlin Fire Department

These were works of total smut pornography and subversive texts, shoved down the throats of a people by a hostile foreign people bent on destroying the German, Christian culture. Removal of these materials wasn't done to the people, they were 'glad' for it. They wanted this imposed filth out of their lives and away from their children. Would anyone here really and truly cry salty tears if children's books such as "My Two Dads" were thrown in the GTFO heap?

>Nazi officials used extensive propaganda, carefully crafted to appeal when necessary to more general national, economic, and social goals.

Yeah, it's called advocating for yourself and what you think is right. Oooooh, sounds scary.

>Armenian Holocaust, was the Ottoman government's systematic extermination & genocide of 1.5 million Armenians

I'm sorry, where's Hitler's responsibility in this?

Everything about this Muh Nazi's narrative is an upside down pile of lies, along with all the other lies we've been told, and the people are waking to it. But good on ya for trying. Hey, you made notables on the back of my genuine and truthful contribution, bc we fair and balanced. And that's fine, cuz the truth's on our side.

c218b3  No.4832226


Quads. It is true.

153513  No.4832227


😁😁😁 Kek.

bff448  No.4832228

File: e6d9c893567d655⋯.png (10.72 KB, 646x349, 646:349, Not just Jews were experim….png)



Who Hitler and the Nazis experimented on other than the Jews…

The victims of unethical human experiments and coerced research under National Socialism

The occurrence of unethical research provides insight into the structure of Nazi medical research. The project traced how Nazi coercive research began in the context of eugenic research in the mid-1930s. After numbers of experiments dipped in 1940 due to military call-up of medical researchers, the research rapidly intensified both in terms of numbers of experiments and victims, and in terms of severity for victims. This can be seen from 1942 with the notorious and often fatal experiments on low pressure, exposure to freezing temperatures, and infectious diseases when research could be taken to the point of death. Pharmacological experiments on therapies for tetanus, typhus and typhoid were spurred by the realisation that Allied military medical research on infectious diseases was outstripping German military medical expertise. From November 1942 racial priorities came increasingly to the fore, as exemplified by Schumann's X-ray sterilisation experiments on Jews in Auschwitz.

Victims were a highly international group. The above table (Table 1) shows numbers of nationalities, using nationality as in 1938. The table indicates the distribution of nationalities. The largest national group, that of Polish victims, includes both Roman Catholics and Jews. There were high numbers of German and Austrian victims, in part as a result of the experiments and dissections that accompanied the killing of psychiatric patients. While there were other large groups, there are also smaller national groups, as Swiss, British and Irish, all highly remarkable in how their citizens became caught up in the experimentation. We find victims include a Swiss conscientious objector used for malaria experiments at Dachau, and British commandos captured in Norway used for amphetamine and high performance experiments on the shoe track at Sachsenhausen, and subsequently executed.

There has been no full evaluation of the numbers of victims of Nazi research, who the victims were, and of the frequency and types of experiments and research. This paper gives the first results of a comprehensive evidence-based evaluation of the different categories of victims. Human experiments were more extensive than often assumed with a minimum of 15,754 documented victims. Experiments rapidly increased from 1942, reaching a high point in 1943. The experiments remained at a high level of intensity despite imminent German defeat in 1945.

There has been no full evaluation of the numbers of victims of Nazi research, who the victims were, and of the frequency and types of experiments and research. The one partial estimate is restricted to experiments cited at the Nuremberg Medical Trial. This paper gives the first results of a comprehensive evidence-based evaluation of the different categories of victims. In 1945 liberated prisoners from German concentration camps began to collect evidence of the experiments.

The scientific intelligence officer John Thompson then pointed out not only that 90% of all medical research under National Socialism was criminal, but also the need to evaluate all criminal experiments under National Socialism, and not just those whose perpetrators were available for arrest and prosecution


737426  No.4832229

File: af76e7d427fd00c⋯.png (920.5 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, synthesis.png)

File: caa2be16aec4f5c⋯.png (775.18 KB, 1235x647, 1235:647, savemeagain.png)



their model and presumptions dont stand up to their own criteria of wat is scientific, its a satantic religion

100b17  No.4832230


You are not welcome among adults. Leave my presence.

de0166  No.4832231


I think it's the same group of shills who keep pushing anons with an emotional angle

"Trump isnt doing anything"

"Q team is comped"

"The plan is taking too long"

"we need to take to the streets with violence"

"I'm sad because the plan is failing"

"Help I'm being gang stalked"

d322aa  No.4832232


Anon had one line of red, which is fine, no need to filter. You didn’t answer my question though.

3b0aa0  No.4832233


It's just a feeling, but I'm not worried in the least about 2020. Methinks it's going to be the true election, in the sense that there shall be no question that he is the nation's choice for POTUS.

He won with MSM against him and I think the MSM landscape is already changing. It will probably be more spread out (citizen journalism on the rise) so the mainstream news media will have to change their tune if they're going to stick around.

a25e28  No.4832234

EBG had prostrate cancer … is this one of the options that is being thrown around behind the scenes as a diagnosis?

100b17  No.4832235


Do what they promised, for one. Bring actual pain.

b2d9cb  No.4832236

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


AETHEREAL - The Battle for Heaven and Earth (Biblical Cosmology Documentary)


04e7a7  No.4832237


>The good shills left for better jobs already

The only explanation that makes sense.

e57a2d  No.4832238


science has it's place in our necessities of advancement

it's documentaries and findings belong with the species though, not the select few. Quite sure the truth in the right hands would keep at bay the wrong hands much like the wrong hands have for so long been wrapped around the truth.

2c9bbd  No.4832239

File: 8e8e7e853f10432⋯.png (3.95 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 12A49313-6E97-4C74-ADAB-C4….png)

File: a0b0f6e6ae8ff0f⋯.png (467.14 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 8C686FAB-988D-4A2B-A724-C6….png)

File: aad7778addbe1dd⋯.png (473.04 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, D7ED70D2-768C-48AD-ABE3-D0….png)

File: 5576b6bd5ed3790⋯.png (446.47 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 87CAB631-2C75-4905-99F2-D6….png)

File: c668d0f3b86b93a⋯.png (508.29 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, A134908C-5C07-42BD-A4A8-FC….png)

Maybe how NSA figured out about the “dropbox” being used (google drafts)..

Petreaus’ affair with Broadwell was more than likely how.

You anons need to read this whole story, brings you back to that time. Michael Hastings getting killed by bomb in his car, and his wife coldy saying there was no conspiracy surrounding his death.


dc7798  No.4832240

b2e722  No.4832241

File: fe2e7306856cd21⋯.jpg (23.1 KB, 310x163, 310:163, quarkgluonplasma.jpg)


Thanks i will research this

M Theory.

a25e28  No.4832242


had prostrate cancer … is this one of the options that is being thrown around behind the scenes as a diagnosis?

Typo it should be RBG not EBG.

dc822d  No.4832243

File: 410b408302a8bd1⋯.gif (993.79 KB, 315x315, 1:1, autistsmile31882009461.gif)


You want to fight against people who torture children and peel their faces off before slitting their throats and drinking blood, but youre afraid of a few Tel Aviv shills and some mean words?

53a659  No.4832244

File: 6641dcf3faaf737⋯.jpg (65.43 KB, 500x493, 500:493, logo-nsoc.jpg)

Q Group same section of the NSA Snowden tried to oust as coming after him after revelation of PRISM. Not sure if public beforehand. Snowden was a CIA op, how much was he paid?

Q: Associate Directorate for Security and Counterintelligence (ADS&CI)

Q0: Staff

Q05: Security Operations Center (SOC)

Q07: NSA Counterintelligence Center (NSACC)

Q09: Security Support Staff

Q1: Office of Physical Security

Q123: ?

Q2: Office of Personnel Security

Q223: Counterintelligence Awareness

Q3: Investigations Division

Q31: ?

Q311: Counterintelligence Investigations

Q312: Compromise Investigations Branch

Q5: Office of Security

Q509: Security Policy Staff

Q51: Physical Security Division

Q52: Field Security Division


Q56: Security Awareness

Q57: Polygraph

Q7: Counterintelligence

QJ: Joint Program Security Office

3b6be4  No.4832245


cancer from laying down?

bff448  No.4832246



Anthony Acevedo thumbs through the worn, yellowed pages of his diary emblazoned with the words "A Wartime Log" on its cover.

It's a catalog of deaths and atrocities he says were carried out on U.S. soldiers held by Nazis at a slave labor camp during World War II – a largely forgotten legacy of the war.

He was one of 350 U.S. soldiers held at Berga an der Elster, a satellite camp of the Nazis' notorious Buchenwald concentration camp. The soldiers, working 12-hour days, were used by the German army to dig tunnels and hide equipment in the final weeks of the war.

Less than half of the soldiers survived their captivity and a subsequent death march, he says.

About 90 Jewish soldiers and another 260 U.S. soldiers deemed "undesirables" – those who "looked like Jews" – were selected. Acevedo, who is not Jewish, was among them.

The U.S. prisoners, Acevedo says, were given 100 grams of bread per week made of redwood sawdust, ground glass and barley. Soup was made from cats and rats, he says. Eating dandelion leaves was considered a "gourmet meal."

If soldiers tried to escape, they would be shot and killed. If they were captured alive, they would be executed with gunshots to their foreheads, Acevedo says. Wooden bullets, he says, were used to shatter the inside of their brains.

"Prisoners were being murdered and tortured by the Nazis. Many of our men died, and I tried keeping track of who they were and how they died."

The soldiers were forced to sleep naked, two to a bunk, with no blankets. As the days and weeks progressed, his diary catalogs it all. The names, prisoner numbers and causes of death are listed by the dozens in his diary. He felt it was his duty as a medic to keep track of everyone.

"I'm glad I did it," he says.

As a medic, he says, he heard of other more horrific atrocities committed by the Nazis at camps around them. "We heard about experiments that they were doing – peeling the skins of people, humans, political prisoners, making lampshades."

He says they began a death march of 217 miles (349 kilometers) that would last three weeks.

More than 300 U.S. soldiers were alive at the start of the march, he says; about 165 were left by the end, when they were finally liberated.

Lines of political prisoners in front of them during the march caught the full brunt of angry Nazi soldiers.

"We saw massacres of people being slaughtered off the highway. Women, children," he says. "You could see people of all ages, hanging on barbed wire."

Acevedo's story is one that was never supposed to be told. "We had to sign an affidavit … [saying] we never went through what we went through. We weren't supposed to say a word," he says.

The U.S. Army Center of Military History provided CNN a copy of the document signed by soldiers at the camp before they were sent back home. "You must be particularly on your guard with persons representing the press," it says. "You must give no account of your experience in books, newspapers, periodicals, or in broadcasts or in lectures."

The document ends with: "I understand that disclosure to anyone else will make me liable to disciplinary action."

The information was kept secret "to protect escape and evasion techniques and the names of personnel who helped POW escapees," said Frank Shirer, the chief archivist at the U.S. Army Center for Military History.

Acevedo sees it differently. For a soldier who survived one of the worst atrocities of mankind, the military's reaction is still painful to accept.


c218b3  No.4832248


This anon gets it. Things really are changing, but not without a fight and the Buzz fake sourced article is a sign they are out of ammo.

724941  No.4832249


Its because you don't understand why things grow, or the power of the group. You think its a few smart smart people that do big things. The rare few with original ideas drag tons of faceless ideologues along with them enticed along by an idea or ideal.

By communicating in an open and approachable fashion an idea is able to be spread faster to more people and make more of an impact.

Tell me poster. Why do I want less people researching leads here? Why do I want less people exposed to idea critical of Government and the Media that are shared here? This makes no sense, it is illogical if you share my motives. Which makes me think you don't share my motives unless of course you are acting irrationally. Plenty of people do.

045230  No.4832250

File: 0d347403d911cd8⋯.png (162.68 KB, 500x654, 250:327, ohjew6.png)


This fucking jew…

3b0aa0  No.4832251


Okay, anon. Thanks for being here and I wish you continued strength.

737426  No.4832252

File: 8be8c992d8e6f53⋯.jpg (419.38 KB, 1500x805, 300:161, cognitivediss.jpg)


>science has it's place in our necessities of advancement

science have already defined wat "advancement" is, see.. lost from step 0

f0ac28  No.4832253

>>4832135 God forbid something happening to Barron or any of Trump's family, but if it did, Trump would make the putting down of the Spartacus rebellion look like a casual skirmish.

1b922b  No.4832254

>>4830973 (lb)

Doesn't having the "Weemons March" this weekend, tend to marginalize the MLK Holiday Remembrance? I thought BLM. Guess only when they want their votes!

MLK was supposedly a conservative. Not sure how that reconciles with the claim that he was meeting with members of the Communist Party. Possiby just J. Edgar wanting an excuse to wiretap him, but I don't think Hoover worried much about niceties like warrants. And, he was probably involved with the JFK and MLK assassinations, at the very least helping with the cover-ups!

100b17  No.4832255


"Failed at life" Nice defensive (mirror) tactic. I can do this all day, but wish to not waste my time anymore. Need actual contact with actual adults.

6e003a  No.4832256


(you) need to put (LB) on these links anon

like this

>>4831759 (LB)

or this

>>4831484 (PB)

3b0aa0  No.4832257

File: 26fa0c4a9054710⋯.png (76.53 KB, 236x213, 236:213, pepe kekfefe.png)

9ab59d  No.4832258

File: 38eda96957f8d73⋯.jpg (44.83 KB, 500x500, 1:1, crossfire.jpg)

765e11  No.4832259

File: c3a798bb7687b9c⋯.jpg (8.77 KB, 221x228, 221:228, eeeediot.jpg)


Only men have PROSTATES.

3b6be4  No.4832260


cancer from laying down, or in an organ that dosent exist in females?

a00e39  No.4832261



Nice source, they're always honest.

Is this the best you can do?

b2d9cb  No.4832262


Thank You Anon


153513  No.4832263


That's a keeper!😂

1b922b  No.4832264


I guess clown niggers don't count as adults. KeK

a25e28  No.4832265


Sorry Prostate Cancer.

b04cb2  No.4832266

File: 11931cb050b14b6⋯.jpg (380.95 KB, 753x861, 251:287, #0.Chan Archive Service.jpg)

GAA Update

"Spaceship janitor"Edition

Hello Nightshift,

I added #6148 to #6167 and updated the checksums.



6148-6167.zip MD5: be3555a0745a3fafbf762b1956a2d5b7


6148-6167.html.zip MD5: d03998be5ddd54b198b5a22bd43597d9

The archive now contains 6175 breads.


c218b3  No.4832267



Prayer is great that way. I meant it in earnest.

100b17  No.4832268


No bubble required. I'm just a very resourceful, quick learner. I like bullet points. Endless drivel and whacky yucks are not my thing.

d322aa  No.4832269

File: b27bea99b2309a6⋯.jpeg (66.12 KB, 424x650, 212:325, A6A397A8-A40E-4E48-A2B0-4….jpeg)


Either you’re an impatient and annoying patriot or you’re an annoying shill. Either way you should stop posting and get a spa treatment or some other shit to calm yourself the fuck down.

a25e28  No.4832270


Exactly. Only MEN have prostates. Which means she was a he.

b2d9cb  No.4832271


Thank You for all you do

765e11  No.4832272

File: 4306773fbd3e4fc⋯.jpg (6.84 KB, 273x185, 273:185, prostate.jpg)

4bb82d  No.4832273

>>4832266 Right ON, Thank You Baker!

737426  No.4832274

File: 2e1daf9ad2f3da9⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1200x810, 40:27, nights.png)

b83176  No.4832275


No, that would be prostrate cancer (no such thing). Prostate would be a male internal organ.

9ab59d  No.4832276

File: 70da67efad7670e⋯.jpg (13.55 KB, 255x188, 255:188, RBG twin.jpg)

File: 81bbec0d37981ab⋯.png (684.29 KB, 691x838, 691:838, RBGlk.png)

766732  No.4832277

File: 085dbec83cdb81b⋯.png (199.34 KB, 567x567, 1:1, Collector_png.png)



really appreciate your work

a00e39  No.4832278


Did you archive the bread where I said the N word!?

b2e722  No.4832279

File: d1c9fe27e002e8c⋯.png (9.89 KB, 272x185, 272:185, colortrinity field.png)

File: cd5b95f9630ce0e⋯.png (24.57 KB, 810x516, 135:86, Pn_scatter_quarks.png)

File: d98d6aecc287822⋯.png (539.07 KB, 1288x765, 1288:765, d569470da34a15c08fabae6e97….png)

File: 83ca2e49b74de3c⋯.jpg (8.23 KB, 227x222, 227:222, higgs.jpg)


are you talking about color field and shift and the creation of the Higgs boson that creates gravity by the breaking of the symmetry of the field?

de0166  No.4832280

File: 5bc25dcbce3a0f4⋯.png (39.9 KB, 625x626, 625:626, 5bc.png)


>I don't want to waste my advice

>I don't respect you because you are children and I'm an adult

>I will keep asking children I don't respect for advice

>I will not see the fallacy in my statements

>I'm not a shill really.

100b17  No.4832281


You're not here for answers. This is social media. Yucky yuck, boobs, yucky yucks. Children.

f0ac28  No.4832282


1. Build the Wall.

2. Lock /them/ up.

3. Purge the vote fraud.

b2d9cb  No.4832283


Predator Drone

b04cb2  No.4832284


When you said the N word on /qresearch/ it's archived. Kek.

3b0aa0  No.4832285

File: ea6f751ed3646c4⋯.jpg (19.48 KB, 480x480, 1:1, humerus.jpg)


I know you do, anon. It's just the truth of the matter of your anecdote is very amusing and causes keks.

a00e39  No.4832286


Dang. I'm immortally racist.

That's kind of badass.

2c9bbd  No.4832287


I was waiting for someone to hacka drone and take Hussein out. I was hoping for it all the time.

109e4e  No.4832288

What makes a kernel POP?





f0ac28  No.4832289


Join your local chapter of No M'am.

762d22  No.4832290

I’m an oldfag who was 19 when the two assasination attempts were made on President Ford during his trip to California in 1975. One of the would be assasins was Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme, a member of the Manson family. I always thought it must be more than a coincidence that she was a part of the Manson family and figured that Manson must be connected to some powerful people who wanted to send a message/warning to Ford.

100b17  No.4832291


lol with the defensive shill charge. 8chan dope smokers, sigh…

dc7798  No.4832292


kek, that is fucked up

2c9bbd  No.4832293


Fuck off alcoholic kike nigger.

e89ee1  No.4832294


Why don't you create one for all of your friends who have advanced beyond this place?

765e11  No.4832295

File: 0a01559a8d2cabe⋯.jpg (44.79 KB, 625x475, 25:19, ME.jpg)


I have no words…….

109e4e  No.4832296


3b0aa0  No.4832297


Focus on your strengths and research, anon. Then come here to make drops.

f0ac28  No.4832298


Top Shelf Kek.

Not effecting justice against known criminals is itself the crime of miscarriage of justice and neglect of the office and oath.

dc7798  No.4832299


i hope it happens

737426  No.4832300

File: 4fffcf060d5ebd2⋯.png (161.37 KB, 597x265, 597:265, mindlaunch.png)

File: 169671f8da57cbc⋯.png (161.95 KB, 597x265, 597:265, passover.png)

a00e39  No.4832301


I've got one…

b83176  No.4832302


He would get lonely.

a25e28  No.4832303


Her husband was gay. Another Hussein/Michael couple. With these elites this is not the exception … it's the rule word has it.

724941  No.4832304

File: 4301caf43c9f1a0⋯.jpg (274.55 KB, 1141x783, 1141:783, ap.jpg)

04e7a7  No.4832305


>with bans aplenty to eliminate stupidity?

Who would implement the bans?

If you try to create a walled garden where you are safe from the shills you will be become lulled into a false sense of security. Remember that the people we are fighting have perfected the art of infiltration to the extend that they have nearly or effectively taken control of all western spy agencies. The only reasons why this place cannot be controlled is because it is innately chaotic and because there is absolutely no trust. And the last of trust means that everyone is constantly evaluating everyone and everything critically and suspiciously. This dynamic is why Q chose the chans for this operation. Having to sift through the 95% bullshit is an unfortunate side effect of the chaos that makes us uncontrollable. It's an acceptable price to save the nation.

dc7798  No.4832306


true, but what the hell happened with no name? the status quo must not prevail if there's any hope for 2020. if you know what i'm sayin'

153513  No.4832307


Ha! If that's Hollyweird produced I can almost guarantee you've heard it before. ALL of it before.

b2d9cb  No.4832308

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

President Trump and the New World Disorder


f0ac28  No.4832309


Flat Earth is one thing, it's flat chicks I dont like.

9ab59d  No.4832310

File: 9f81f8728caa1a8⋯.jpg (69.87 KB, 660x440, 3:2, manson1.jpg)

File: efc57a01299b6f0⋯.jpg (40.29 KB, 547x660, 547:660, manson2.jpg)



pics related

d322aa  No.4832311


You think you’re so advanced but in reality you’re just not ready for this place Sunshine. If you need to manually filter because you can’t filter the garbage with your brain, your just not ready to be posting here. You’re not advanced enough to know why Q chose this place to begin with. Only time can teach you that.

153513  No.4832312


How many times is this clown going to ask the exact same question? I think it's a bot.

b2e722  No.4832313

File: 0fb5faedb8687ec⋯.png (382.66 KB, 800x833, 800:833, Calabi_yau_formatted.svg.png)

"However, nongravitational forces are described within the framework of quantum mechanics, a radically different formalism for describing physical phenomena based on probability.[a] A quantum theory of gravity is needed in order to reconcile general relativity with the principles of quantum mechanics"


I may just be a dumb redneck but it seems kinda simple to me. ALL MATTER IS MOVING OVER THE SPEED OF LIGHT RELATIVE TO YOUR OBSERVER. All objects moving at the speed of light, or greater, relative to the observer will be simply observed as light if perceived at distance from the observer; but if perceived as close to the observer will be perceived as solid objects.

04e7a7  No.4832314


*extent *loss

Damn typos. One change that might not hurt is the ability to edit recent posts.

109e4e  No.4832315

For all of those that have suffered at the hand of the Old Gaurd…

Know this…

They are the only Ones that will feel the final pluck of the string

The last Hummm

The End

737426  No.4832316

File: 20626fd35f40daa⋯.jpg (20.23 KB, 677x380, 677:380, flattie.jpg)

4bb82d  No.4832317


before the Manson trials they brought those girls to our church, they had their heads shaved..I thought they had lice. Nice baptist Church, safe haven for them murdering bitches, and the guidance councelors sexually assaulted us girls at camp, ages 10-14.

100b17  No.4832318


No, they don't.

a00e39  No.4832319


That's it!

I said I was fixin to bout to say the N word, now I'm going to say it and NO ONE CAN STOP ME!


b6afff  No.4832320

File: d6ad48a10430d7e⋯.png (113.92 KB, 1083x763, 1083:763, CNN.png)

880e59  No.4832321


Are you calling yourself the flotsam of humanity?

The truly brilliant minds that have been, or are here, were selected and have/will likely go on to new lives and new careers.

The fact you have not been chosen should tell you something.

Seems that the pompous, bloviating, self-righteous arrogant prick positions are filled.

Me I’m just here to serve my country, such as Im able…

Maybe shitpost a little, bring a smile if I can.

No delusions of granduer for me.

724941  No.4832322


they tried this. They banned a lot of real people. Twitter outreach plummeted. People left. It needs to be chaotic and free to work.

dbfb7d  No.4832323


Yeah I really do not care what shape the Earth is or isn't. Lets get rid of the corrupt evil fucks and argue about the shape or not later.

c218b3  No.4832324


I used to work in hwood. I stopped when I realized the perverted rumors were true.

8610aa  No.4832325


Low quality blue lagoon Brooke Shields

4bb82d  No.4832326

>>4832319 Nancy Nancy Nancy<the bad fukn N word.

f0ac28  No.4832327


I'm an expert on the Church, you aren't. Your opinion matters naught to me.

de0166  No.4832328

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Manson should serve as an example to the deep state shills who come here. Guy never even killed anyone and they locked him up for life. I'm guessing he was as much a deep state victim as anyone else, the only difference is he worked for them first.

dc7798  No.4832329


very well said there anon

109e4e  No.4832330


Time travel Anon

153513  No.4832331


I think this is a bot post too. Saw exact same response a couple breads ago.

10e7aa  No.4832332


I'm prepared for a exiting day

Drop the hammer

Let them feel the pain


dbfb7d  No.4832333

File: 0f936492197fcd4⋯.png (181.1 KB, 500x570, 50:57, LionBraggarts.png)

257a2b  No.4832334



A well built morningstar brings PAIN .. kek

109e4e  No.4832335



a00e39  No.4832336



724941  No.4832337


yep call it out.

b2e722  No.4832338

File: a66a1baac8d3468⋯.jpg (12.19 KB, 255x169, 255:169, b40ffb334029b10167a7b4ac05….jpg)


You pointing out a problem in my theory or just pointing out that we all jump through time all the 'time'.

765e11  No.4832339

File: fddcce1ce761837⋯.png (12.83 KB, 255x195, 17:13, 4a22a1fe8fead1850f3223802a….png)

100b17  No.4832340


You don't seem to understand, buddy anon. I'm so ready for next level. I was beyond here before I arrived. Sorry, can't dox, but if you only knew… I still want high level intel and discussion, but this isn't the place (anymore). Seriously, is there a closed forum?

3aaff6  No.4832341

File: fb327bb7afecbb2⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 604.29 KB, 354x354, 1:1, bewbpushups.gif)



shills are unknowingly here with purpose, they offer feedback for measuring how desperate they are becoming…

Free speech is far less damaging than censorship.

Exercise free speech like pic related!

9ab59d  No.4832342

File: d5b678f1be3e986⋯.jpg (17.34 KB, 225x359, 225:359, fags.jpg)

2c9bbd  No.4832343

File: deddcbf47d40157⋯.png (525.93 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, E7EEC8D4-84A5-480E-95E2-DC….png)

File: 7569ce44644aee3⋯.png (637.67 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, E6449BBD-9804-4567-B0F3-C4….png)


Moar on the email chain and communications that lead to Petreaus and Broadwell’s affair.. which made Petreaus quit.

Think the affair may have been coverup, and something was going down that wasnt supposed to be known about. You had crowdstrike brought up, FBI, Petreaus and the cover for Benghazi. Was this “affair” really them running cover for the Benghazi gun running and they said affair just to shut down the possible (whats habbening now) interwoven agencies and people working outside of their official space of operations to conceal what they weredoing? Why Michael Hastings was killed?


153513  No.4832344


I'm sorry you went through that.

724941  No.4832345


There are many. make your own if you want one, people will join. The meat will still be happening here.

4bb82d  No.4832346

>>4832340 Geezus get on the fkn catalogue and find a home, all this bitching is making me wanna cut your face or something. just saying KEKE

2c9bbd  No.4832347

File: 2388631085a17a0⋯.png (5.53 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 7BE36979-D15F-4CF6-80A9-3A….png)

File: 55cf663ae9acda9⋯.jpeg (122.31 KB, 620x620, 1:1, E26FBAF0-4F7F-4D42-B356-1….jpeg)

de0166  No.4832348


Except walls work. Legal ports of entry are a filter. Although I'm not for banning anyone on 8chan

2a3490  No.4832349


Filtering me doesn't work.

Filtering anyone who has been online more than a day doesn't work.

YQure're welcome, faggot.

b2d9cb  No.4832350


Entice, coerce or otherwise manipulate

If you tell them no, they do not like that

and will make your life a living hell

9ab59d  No.4832351

File: 92ed4f17970d4c5⋯.jpg (353.18 KB, 1600x1000, 8:5, EXPhum.jpg)


>is there a closed forum?


100b17  No.4832352


Thank you, kind anon with a straight answer.

c218b3  No.4832353


anon, just go to the posts then. I can't dox either, due to my job especially. No one would believe it anyway, so for all intent and purpose, this is my job as it is for all anons here.

dc7798  No.4832354


i'd like to see a simulation of the night sky over time like in pic1

153513  No.4832355


Great point. I always thought that explanation sounded fishy - like they would really care that much about an affair. But at the time I also figured it was most probably that he really really pissed off the wrong person & this was his payback.

737426  No.4832356

File: 19cc66151359676⋯.png (439.25 KB, 1200x506, 600:253, churchgoer.png)

File: 2cb1765f30b7c67⋯.gif (1.11 MB, 482x482, 1:1, merrygoaround.gif)


the shape is no end goal in itself, the end goal is to understand the system that created and manages our perception of reality

de0166  No.4832357


>Ive been researching before this board existed

>check out my big brain

>I can't find my way around the internet, halp.

2a3490  No.4832358


Then examine the nature of your dreams.

100b17  No.4832359


Look, a nobody nothing pussy.

109e4e  No.4832360

File: 207c03762cb8392⋯.png (431.23 KB, 1242x2688, 207:448, 71A18F61-C894-4A24-9A7B-04….png)

We aren’t going for BROKE


1c201c  No.4832361


> I can do this all day,

My point proven.

You should try and get out sometimes. Meet new people, maybe even get laid (if you arenot too hideous)

d322aa  No.4832362

File: 53ca7bfdf2d9bae⋯.jpeg (937.93 KB, 2000x2667, 2000:2667, 9060FE2F-EC02-406C-AECA-E….jpeg)


No, now you want to dox us. Go start your own safespace forum and leave this place for good.

49c2d1  No.4832363

File: 7278618afc51b3a⋯.png (2.81 MB, 2328x1541, 2328:1541, Mexican_Cession.png)

File: e15253f74c39efd⋯.jpg (123.81 KB, 1400x616, 25:11, USA_Territorial_Growth_185….jpg)

>>4831759 (PB)

Antonio de Padua María Severino López de Santa Anna y Pérez de Lebrón

9 x president of Mexico, and not in the Mezkin school books, why?

Treaty of Guadaloupe Hidalgo unpopular with beaner patrician aristos who like Santa Anna are globalist, narco scum and skin-suit-sporting, Santa Muerte cargo cultists y cannibals.

Nine times president, Santa Anna dies in Staten Island, cheated out of the last of his stolen Mex gold by good ol' US con men, SA imported chicle and may be credited with inventing "chicklets" the first chewing gum, eternally associated with America and Americans. Chewing gum is is, like California, a Mexican invention.

Santa Anna tried to sell to his chewing gum to Americans, and to America, but died before gum was widely accepted.

2a3490  No.4832364


>calling people pussies while whining about being mature

Nigger u best b trollollolloling

153513  No.4832365



If you were high level intel in your previous life, then you've got the fucking skills to go find that place for yourself. You wouldn't be whining on here like a bitch repeating yourself over & over begging us for help,


Go ahead and doxx yourself so we can laugh at your ass. Dumb fuck. Boo. Hoo. I'm a really high level intel guy who needs some really high intel content…can you please help me mommy?

f0ac28  No.4832366


It MUST, or Trump will have no credibility in 2020.

100b17  No.4832367


Who says the internet is the only place where things happen, where people do things that matter and make a difference?

2c9bbd  No.4832368


There was an email also, where he said he would make him pay or getting him back..

But all throughout those 2 articles.. it is the time period and shows what was going on. Remember Holder was running Fast and Furious, Hillary and Amb Stevens were running Weapons to FSA (which NoName was pictured with). Al Nusra, ISIS, ISIL, Al Qaeda, FSA, Syrian Opposition Group.. all the same, just different name. Helps in searches too

3b0aa0  No.4832369


In my humble opinion, this post is notable.

765e11  No.4832370



Perhaps you should try another time of day. Nightshift can be a bit Laissez Faire, Run What Ya Brung most of the time. Especially on weekends.

04e7a7  No.4832371


> I still want high level intel and discussion

It's still here. It's just diluted.

2a3490  No.4832372


I trust you.

724941  No.4832373

File: 625d7ece3652f6c⋯.jpg (56.61 KB, 469x343, 67:49, stay.jpg)

100b17  No.4832374


Excellent 8chaning there, lil sparky.

b2e722  No.4832375

File: 1b9c584a400e650⋯.jpg (9.62 KB, 240x167, 240:167, stwarp.jpg)

"All objects moving at the speed of light relative to the observer will be simply observed as light if perceived at distance from the observer; but if perceived as close to the observer will be perceived as solid objects."

This is the simple definition. It does get more complex as time is variable on velocity and so is gravity. Then gravity is variable on mass and velocity can just be seen as the gravity hole you are falling down. Thus both gravity and relative velocity are dependent upon mass. There appear to be no constants.

ce3ae2  No.4832376


I posted this a little over a month ago.. Fuck it, here it is again:

One of the reasons the board is the way it is, is partially a test, and partially a filter,.

If you can't see past the insults and the content that offends you, in your mission to get to the facts and the truth, what good are you here?

We want strong minds that trust themselves. Anything else has other channels, that are een supported by this mod team, here.

Use those resources; this is the front lines, which is perhaps unsuitable for you.

If you can't even keep yourself the fuck together over images and text on a screen, what good are you to us, in reall life, where shit get real, fast?

We would not want you getting shot on the front lines, either.

Think about it.

9ab59d  No.4832377



Operators standing by.


100b17  No.4832378


Look, another 8chan dope smoker.

c218b3  No.4832379


Um, I am not the one who was sage posting.

b2e722  No.4832380


opps wrong copy pasta

three spatial dimensions and one time dimension. In this framework, the phenomenon of gravity is viewed as a consequence of the geometry of spacetime

724941  No.4832381

File: a447eb1f9ef4da1⋯.jpg (69.1 KB, 500x500, 1:1, dope.jpg)


green leader reporting in.

2c9bbd  No.4832382


Correction, Amb Stevens was in charge of consulate in Benghazi. I am not sure he liked what was going on, told Hillary so, then in the weeks leading to 9/11 Benghazi, she lessened his security detail and then got the FSA to “protect” him. They killed him.

dc7798  No.4832383

it's funny how chill this place is on night shift. what does that say about the day shift crowd? must be something about the night shifters that tends toward better discussion and FAR less chaos

d9920f  No.4832384

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Turn it up, anons. Turn it up loud.

4bb82d  No.4832385

File: 905609fd1975b96⋯.png (68.98 KB, 300x168, 25:14, ClipboardImage.png)


In real life, with friends…Goggle that, maybe you will learn how to make one.

2a3490  No.4832386


Day shift need to chill the fuck out.

100b17  No.4832387


lol at social media guy with mean skull photo.

765e11  No.4832388


There are some seriously uptight motherfuckers on day shift.

2c9bbd  No.4832389


Dude just leave. Otherwise u r a shill. Ur asshole isnt needed here.

3b0aa0  No.4832390

File: 368b58b0ca9ff3d⋯.jpeg (353.64 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, niteq.jpeg)


Man, if there was just ONE line that could be overheard by the normies everywhere, it's what this anon said.

f0ac28  No.4832391


The Lion of Judah. Some of these Anons think they are Church scholars, but all theyve done is read a handful of news articles. The Church will outlast all.

98cf9d  No.4832392

It manufactures rules and evidence that serve itself.

724941  No.4832393

File: 43bd76f6e2ca757⋯.jpg (1.17 MB, 3948x2568, 329:214, friends.jpg)


yeah real life is where things happen. but here we can watch and talk about it. we can put the pieces together and expose darkness.

Look at these great friends having dinner! A model we should strive for.

31ea9a  No.4832394

Phonefagging can't sauce but looks like we have our 4 BOOMS

Ireland - car bomb

France - gas line explosion

Mexico - Gas leak explosion

Kenya - bomb explosion / terror attack

c63e7e  No.4832395


Anecdotal, personal testimony.

There are so many of these that have been proven false.

I don't know about this particular one, but this kind of witness testimony wouldn't be enough to convict someone in a court of law without accompanying objective material evidence. It sounds convincing, as all good stories do. It's filled with imagery and emotional appeal, things people can relate to, their fears and resentments.

But that doesn't make it true.

For every one of these personal accounts there are hundreds of cross-referenced, corroborating official docs that say otherwise. The Germans were meticulous record-keepers, but it's not just their records it's all manner of agencies, vendors, etc.

And for far too many of these personal accounts, evidence can be found of some ulterior motive to telling the tale in the way the cabal wants it told – financial or otherwise.

It's called fake news. We're hip to it now.

2c9bbd  No.4832396


Agreed w other anons, too uptight and shill pop to anons is fucking through the roof.

Night is same old shit. Dont post porn shills, bible thumper shills.. you name it.

f0ac28  No.4832397


He's a turd, but he also got screwed, as Trump said. He pissed somebody off. The Bushies it appears.

a25e28  No.4832398

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Friday, 18 January 2019


Mark Steele from Gateshead in Newcastle, Mark's background is an expert in weapon systems, an inventor of weapon systems. Mark shares that 5G in the UK leads back to China, Chinese war weapon technology being installed in the UK. He says that Lloyd Brokers won't even insure 5G or "Smart Meters". WiFi is also uninsurable, and Israel won't allow WiFi in schools in Israel due to the damage this technology can cause.

In this presentation Mark shares that 5G is "illegal", and does not submit to any international standards. In it he describes all of the health issues in Gateshead associated with 5G technology.

This is the biggest health risk to humanity since the invention of microwave ovens and mobile phones, a global catastrophe in the making due to the energy war against humanity.

Gateshead council have been trying to stop Mark Steele from sharing the truth, the point of the sword of truth is to prick the conscience of those that are sleeping.


c218b3  No.4832399


Far right looks like the fagbook robot next to the 44.

153513  No.4832400

That post was meant to be for >>4832354

9ab59d  No.4832401

File: f532529cfae63e5⋯.png (280.76 KB, 613x679, 613:679, pope ben.png)


>The Church will outlast all.

pffffffffffft There's that Catholic shit we talked about

b2e722  No.4832402

File: 3d589e905cf4652⋯.jpg (22.67 KB, 284x177, 284:177, mandelbrotout.jpg)

Compactification (physics)

At the limit where the size of the compact dimension goes to zero, no fields depend on this extra dimension, and the theory is dimensionally reduced.

This is fractal based and how fractal geometry fits into physics and/or string theory.

3aaff6  No.4832403

File: e279fe3c73c4f77⋯.jpg (226.29 KB, 796x1061, 796:1061, 14things.jpg)

724941  No.4832404


it is!

49c2d1  No.4832405


who is the creep in the blue shirt raising his glass and making eye contact with bathhouse barry?

f0ac28  No.4832406


Namefaggot filtering works great.

b2d9cb  No.4832407

File: bbdbe9094753830⋯.jpg (1.19 MB, 1950x1369, 1950:1369, S Masons- GM Pike, Albert-….jpg)


It got very bad after I post on Facebook about this

4bb82d  No.4832408


Amen Anon, I was meaning for crabby to make her a friend. Have one of those (Sunday Dinners) every other Sunday, so yup, got balance here.

b4a4de  No.4832409


>look at all these cucks

de0166  No.4832410

File: a0da3da4b5f0516⋯.jpg (300.75 KB, 1600x1066, 800:533, a.jpg)


>The Church will outlast all.

This is exactly how a leashed mind thinks.

e249ec  No.4832411

File: 03a5b3ba703f5e5⋯.png (514.51 KB, 897x503, 897:503, colbert.png)

File: e37b2284cb047cb⋯.png (177.28 KB, 683x479, 683:479, CODESCOLOR.png)

File: 0087e6fbc91213c⋯.png (343.39 KB, 587x596, 587:596, travolta.png)

File: 9934cbb63be194d⋯.jpg (38.78 KB, 300x298, 150:149, merkel-illuminati-300x298.jpg)

737426  No.4832412

File: ce3661daec7e559⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1280x854, 640:427, screenieornohaben.png)


well, there is a chain of causality, originating from us as spirit souls, eternal servants of god all the way down. we are referring to the system that operationally manage our perceptions in our day to day life.

its perception management and the objective of psychological operations, a psyop basically

science is one of the areas the puppets dingeling in the front of our eyes dont fight over, theres no usa/russia/china conflict regarding us coming from apes, they are also agreeing on the space hoax, the nuke bomb hoax and the rest of the components that are the fundament of their perception management operation

801b40  No.4832413

File: 39411a1f0103201⋯.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1242x1818, 69:101, D42815B9-93E1-4268-9B24-B….jpeg)

Boo Who?





2a3490  No.4832414


I don't really have anything to say but I want you to know I love you.

1a1dab  No.4832415


Elizabeth Christ vs. Queen Elizabeth in a fist fight who wins?

Also any digs on the “10th generation” reference in POTUS speech today?

81a621  No.4832417

File: 5f8cab486c2f09a⋯.png (29.45 KB, 718x197, 718:197, 18744.png)

File: b56d42210c35a72⋯.png (350.76 KB, 1672x888, 209:111, PomeranianBreedOrigins.png)

File: 7938dac6d205897⋯.png (166.8 KB, 560x616, 10:11, Super Bowl 53 LIII 23.png)





P@in to half of 88? 44. three eights is also 24… two fours. All kinds of Obummer coded possibilities being thrown around… just wonder when… past or future when.

4bb82d  No.4832418

>>4832394 You forgetting twin Bomb in Syria This morning Anon.

dc7798  No.4832419

724941  No.4832420


I believe they are pushing Albert Pike to make WW3 seem inevitable.

f0ac28  No.4832421


Stevens apparently went off the reservation.

6c9f06  No.4832422

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I liked Sammy's take on it.

2a3490  No.4832423

File: a345099a44a73c6⋯.jpg (141.06 KB, 540x657, 60:73, 1463253.jpg)


You're living within a dream.

It is not a metaphor or an allusion.

b6afff  No.4832424

File: d89ef8d0a9f5509⋯.png (190.51 KB, 1055x747, 1055:747, Hollywood.png)

d322aa  No.4832425


I thought I was your buddy fuckface? You try to blend in but it’s impossible.

9ab59d  No.4832426

File: 196ab54604edf6a⋯.png (38.88 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 5Gd.png)

File: a5cd1e64b7e9633⋯.jpg (95.44 KB, 900x600, 3:2, 5Gh.jpg)


5G and YOU

Why are Anons silent?

Have you been indoctrinated to want this? It will be awesome to add moar speed to your deVICEs and ya just gotta have it?

As previously noted, 5G will NOT be available in IsRaEl. Ask yourself why.

Then ask yourself why TF we aren't asking questions and demanding this NOT be allowed to poison us and our children!



This is the real threat. All the shiny policy fights are a distraction while they put 5G in place. Once installed across the country, we will DIE. Winning?

f0ac28  No.4832427


Simple fact. The Caesars tried to extinguish the Church, as have many states since. States you've never even heard of.

724941  No.4832428


keep it up

c218b3  No.4832429


I spoke with a now retired State Dpt worker who knew Amb Stevens well. She blames Hillary for his death. Said Amb Stevens was a decent man. fwiw anyway.

858cd5  No.4832430

They need to be drawn and quartered or dragged through the streets until dead


b2d9cb  No.4832431


It was their plan

hope it does not happen

I pray


765e11  No.4832432


The funny thing is, with what I have been observing WW makes me want to think that instead of that world War they have been wanting so badly, they are going to wind up with several Civil wars going simultaneously instead.

Either way, they win because they play both sides of any conflict.

737426  No.4832433

File: fe1d1a533de350d⋯.png (747.81 KB, 1280x853, 1280:853, going.png)


yes, but ull have to put it in context or ur statement provide nu useful information

f0ac28  No.4832434


The Nazis and Soviets are basically gone, yet the Church lives.

4bb82d  No.4832435

>>4832411 Was reading UN agenda for this weeks meeting in Brussels and in their talking points, "What is Blue"….was referring to computer tech, education, and shit around the world to advance their Agenda.

724941  No.4832436


>Simple fact.

"The Caesars" also founded the church under Constantine. Take a broader view.

e7ede5  No.4832437

File: 64eee202956e217⋯.jpeg (640.9 KB, 640x644, 160:161, D4AE7468-CA3D-4863-85B0-0….jpeg)

78339a  No.4832438

File: a4801aa310941ff⋯.png (960.66 KB, 711x2391, 237:797, Screenshot-2018-5-25 Peopl….png)

File: 45f3f31278b1458⋯.png (261.6 KB, 1293x1659, 431:553, Screenshot_2018-07-05 Q Re….png)

File: e9cee1cea5d5d0d⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1275x861, 425:287, Screenshot_2018-07-02 Q Re….png)


here you go anon

fa79da  No.4832439

File: eae88ea63814bd0⋯.jpeg (197.46 KB, 1125x909, 125:101, 35BB0A5E-A524-4734-AE36-8….jpeg)

Salvini and Bolsonaro take down a communist.


404c4e  No.4832440

File: 140ba323f10bce9⋯.jpg (194.78 KB, 491x463, 491:463, [4808].jpg)

765e11  No.4832441


Buy some fucking tin foil.

910cdd  No.4832442

File: 7bc588929211944⋯.png (331.58 KB, 944x556, 236:139, 7bc5889292119448f86f62eaec….png)

b2e722  No.4832443

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

"In general, the term duality refers to a situation where two seemingly different physical systems turn out to be equivalent in a nontrivial way. If two theories are related by a duality, it means that one theory can be transformed in some way so that it ends up looking just like the other theory. The two theories are then said to be dual to one another under the transformation. Put differently, the two theories are mathematically different descriptions of the same phenomena"




31ea9a  No.4832444

Sounds like we need to roll out 5G in Israel alone

b2d9cb  No.4832445


and kill a lot of useless eaters

they do not respect life

f0ac28  No.4832446


Where's the muzzie truck bomber when you need him?

c63e7e  No.4832447


>but both my parents did it, so I essentially know mine

I'm a little jelly tbh. I'd really like to have mine done but it's not worth the risk. And I already have a pretty good idea of my ancestry. I'm a Euro mutt as most Americans are, but my ancestral countries are all super nationalist which I find hilarious. Apple didn't far from that tree now did it?


Ty NWB, hope you have a nice shift fren

766732  No.4832448

File: 886d984b8e49098⋯.png (121.95 KB, 819x2016, 13:32, ClipboardImage.png)


<As previously noted, 5G will NOT be available in IsRaEl. Ask yourself why.


724941  No.4832449


we are living out that dinner right now.

f0ac28  No.4832450


Maybe John Chambers.

744649  No.4832451

File: 6e7985513bc710b⋯.png (490.83 KB, 1273x430, 1273:430, netanyahu son meme.png)


Remember this? :DDD

ce3ae2  No.4832453


Good thing anons are leaderless by design, and Q is an information source by design, then.

Good day.

0c95d3  No.4832454

File: de6f9dea4b1c80a⋯.jpg (47.14 KB, 660x330, 2:1, n[1].jpg)

Amounts of narcotic Hashish and Captagon seized in Homs countryside

20 January 2019

Related Articles

Authorities seize weapons and munitions left by terrorists in Daraa countryside

24 December 2018

Civilian killed by landmine left behind by Daesh in Homs countryside

19 December 2018

Recon drone, weapons and shells left behind by terrorists found in Daraa

18 December 2018

Homs, SANA_ The competent authorities on Sunday seized more than 100,000 Captagon pills and quantities of narcotic Hashish in a farm in Homs Western countryside, SANA reporter said.


3aaff6  No.4832455


Why waste the expense - we pay for everything there and trump may damage a few things there soon enough…

b2d9cb  No.4832457




f0ac28  No.4832458


When Q mentioned masons, the board lost it for days, all kinds of spoopy shit happened.

dc7798  No.4832459


when are we going to find out what that sculpture is all about?

724941  No.4832460


right answer great attitude. have a gold star anon

9ab59d  No.4832461

File: 9ff274d06cb61aa⋯.jpg (16.38 KB, 255x191, 255:191, Qcookies.jpg)


Good work, Anon

b2e722  No.4832462

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

random 369 video found

b2d9cb  No.4832463


Yea I saw

4bb82d  No.4832464

>>4832430 means same thing, Dragged and hung, Drawn and quartered. KEK

f0ac28  No.4832465


Boo is well known around SF. He's real. FB Famous.

fb856d  No.4832466


so if i hold my hands just like travolta my hair will grow back?

(presses fingertips together)

(mumbles "i got chills, they're l'ectrifyin")

de0166  No.4832467

File: d23ea000309c116⋯.jpg (105.46 KB, 335x500, 67:100, 2298923482_a11a803a63.jpg)

File: 4f5b052061a106e⋯.jpg (45.63 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Vatican_obelisk.jpg)

File: 7525fc89fea6582⋯.jpg (186.19 KB, 700x1061, 700:1061, mj.jpg)


Yeah that's why constantine "Converted" and remade christianity into a neo paganism. All the household gods became household saints and you're still worshipping the holy trinity of isis, horus and osiris. Why do roman catholics pray to Mary? because she's Isis

31ea9a  No.4832468


Think Guinea Pig

b2d9cb  No.4832469

President Trump and the New World Disorder


f0ac28  No.4832470


Um, I have two degrees in Latin. I could teach a course in this subject. I used to tutor it in fact to undergraduates.

81a621  No.4832471



Boo dog's name

o=15th letter (1+5=6) two o's is two sixes = 12

B=2… B(2)oo(12)… is "two twelves"… which is 24… "two fours"… #44… Barack Obama.


0c95d3  No.4832472



he military court in Jaffa has sentenced two IDF soldiers to 14 months in prison on Sunday morning after admitting that they had looted NIS 1,600 from Palestinians crossing at the Qalandiya checkpoint near Jerusalem.

They also admitted to committing indecent acts against a Palestinian woman and a European tourist who passed though the checkpoint.

Jerusalem Post Breaking News



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Breaking news

Breaking news. (photo credit: JPOST STAFF)

The military court in Jaffa has sentenced two IDF soldiers to 14 months in prison on Sunday morning after admitting that they had looted NIS 1,600 from Palestinians crossing at the Qalandiya checkpoint near Jerusalem.

They also admitted to committing indecent acts against a Palestinian woman and a European tourist who passed though the checkpoint.

Recommended videosPowered by AnyClip

Huaweis CEO Calls Trump Great President


Huaweis CEO Calls Trump Great President

Phone Carriers Still Selling Real-Time Location Data

Facebook To Spend $300 Million On News

Ex-Qualcomm CEO Jacobs Says Time Isnt Right for Takeover Bid

Israeli start-up launches worlds first tree intelligence network, January 16, 2019 (Courtesy)

Wall Street Is At A Four-week High

Apple Must Cut iPhone Price by 20% in China, Ives Says

The soldiers said that they had ordered the Palestinian woman and the tourist, in two separate incidents, to undress them unnecessarily. Their conviction was accepted as part of a plea bargain with them, subject to the approval of the military court.


f0ac28  No.4832473


Constantine actually did quite a bit of Christian-killing prior to his conversion. It was considered part of the job before him.

2d7eaf  No.4832474

File: 28e432ae3ec54bc⋯.png (155.86 KB, 1056x1104, 22:23, ClipboardImage.png)


Statement by the Press Secretary

Issued on: January 19, 2018



Senate Democrats own the Schumer Shutdown. Tonight, they put politics above our national security, military families, vulnerable children, and our country’s ability to serve all Americans. We will not negotiate the status of unlawful immigrants while Democrats hold our lawful citizens hostage over their reckless demands. This is the behavior of obstructionist losers, not legislators. When Democrats start paying our armed forces and first responders we will reopen negotiations on immigration reform. During this politically manufactured Schumer Shutdown, the President and his Administration will fight for and protect the American people.



1b922b  No.4832475

>>4829057 (pb)

But, butt, muh arrests have to happen on muh schedule! (Mindset of the shit posters on here.) Good analysis, anon!

78339a  No.4832476

File: ce7a976cc4fede8⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1836x822, 306:137, ce7a976cc4fede8fa42aa64ae3….png)

I think I know why Ben Shapiro was chosen way back to speak at the March For Life.

They plan well in advance.

The Jews are going to characterize the womens march as full of "left-wing"

anti-semites even though a huge %age of these women are, in fact, kikes. jew tricks.

So Ben The White Genociding Zionist Christ killing kike lawyer and Christian hater, gets invited by some moran or a subversive, to make a play (or fools) for the Christian so when things get tough the silly ignorant Christians will come out and defend the kikes.

I took his baby Hitler gag as a threat.

Our masters announce they will let us live.

If we back down.???

Whatever someone has some explaining to do about why that Zionist who is one step from a rope would even have the balls to show his face somewhere like that.

f0ac28  No.4832477


I'm seriously considering moving to Italy. They're ruthless and will "MIGA" faster .

0c95d3  No.4832478

2 killed, 22 injured in large fire at French ski resort


French officials say two people have been killed and 22 others injured in a large blaze that broke out in the French ski resort of Courchevel.

According to authorities in the Savoie region, the blaze started at 4:30 a.m. local time on Sunday in a building housing seasonal workers located in the heart of the Alpine town.

The Savoie prefecture says 70 firefighters were involved to put the fire under control.

Among the injured, four have been seriously wounded. The fire also forced 60 people to be evacuated from the building.

The cause of the fire and the identity of the victims were not immediately known.


Terrible… my prayer go out.

a7534c  No.4832479

File: cdecfa6f0ba8820⋯.jpg (101.64 KB, 398x507, 398:507, maybe.jpg)

724941  No.4832480


then you have no excuse, I feel sorry for your former undergraduates and I'm glad you are not currently teaching. But thanks for telling me you're an expert on an anonymous forum!

9ab59d  No.4832481


would cost about 2 billion shekles

Gonna have to wait on moar sauce, Anon.

Cohen's lips are moving.

49c2d1  No.4832482


TY anon

it is John Chambers

the entity brought in to run Cisco systems

when routers caught on

now, unless you're on DOD networks, you router belongs to JC and many of his cult friends.

4bb82d  No.4832483

>>4832459 Think they used for movie set of with Al pacino the devil…eyes wide open mybe….take off of Dante's hells gate, or Rodin's.

f0ac28  No.4832484


Send the hash, burn the rest.

0c95d3  No.4832485

Child sexual abuse and exploitation: 10 things a new study found

2019-01-20 11:39

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) recently released a report on child sexual abuse and exploitation, based on a study of the approach which 40 countries took to such offences.

South Africa was one of the countries included in the study. It ranked 15th out of 40 for its measures to protect children against sexual abuse and exploitation, according to an index the EIU developed.

READ: SA ranks 15th out of 40 countries for anti-sexual abuse measures

The study also made other observations on the scourge of abuse around the world.

Here are 10 things that emerged from the report, titled Out of the Shadows.

1) Just over half (21) of the 40 countries analysed have legal protections for boys within their child rape laws.

2) Sexual abuse is happening everywhere, regardless of a country's socio-economic status or its citizens' quality of life.

3) Sexual abuse is increasingly enabled by the internet but at the same time, an experimental internet program is "crawling" the web to find abusive and exploitative images of children to have them reported and removed.

4) Children with disabilities, those displaced through trafficking or forced migration, those living in care institutions and those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender can be especially vulnerable.

5) At household and community level, chaotic lifestyles resulting from neglect, alcohol and substance abuse are linked to most forms of violence against and among children.

6) The absence of protective relationships and environments are factors that are often predictive of sexual violence against children across cultures.

7) Education (from pre-school upwards) for children and after-school programmes can have a shielding effect, but the increased mobility to school and back raises the risk of sexual abuse.

8) Patriarchal family structures and the association of manhood with heterosexual prowess are linked to violence against women and children.

9) Engaging in sexual activity in front of a child is banned in only 19 of the 40 countries.

10) Social stigmas associated with sexual violence against boys discourage formal reporting and are exacerbated by "macho" masculine norms, homophobia and fears of being viewed as feminine, vulnerable or helpless. Boys must also be taught the language of how to report sexual abuse.


c6fac9  No.4832486

File: d2ad4e6c6d98cb1⋯.png (20.25 KB, 538x297, 538:297, salvini bulldozer.png)



Salvini is the man.

b2e722  No.4832487

File: 698535468989465⋯.png (79.8 KB, 1280x927, 1280:927, eventhoriziondimensionfold….png)

Listening to the 3 6 9 video and it does hit hard on the numerology fag stuff.

724941  No.4832488


yes organized religion has nothing to do with religion. I'm well aware its a way to direct power.

f0ac28  No.4832489


Wasnt that one of the tripcode or board changes?

4bb82d  No.4832490

>>4832483 eyes wide shut

f0ac28  No.4832491


Well, you sure aren't. Try community college though, you might be able to make it.

9ab59d  No.4832492

File: eb959bbef339e4f⋯.jpg (30.22 KB, 600x494, 300:247, toshiba.jpg)


>Buy some fucking tin foil.

That'd be very helpful for those of you that will carry your pon around in your pockets.

858cd5  No.4832493


I think this is what you are lookin for


af0597  No.4832494


Again consider the vastness of space.

Tremendous distances…

If you red the bible, you would know the Son of Man is announced for our time, that he will come like a thief, talk distinctly this time a teach us about the rules of the universe made by God, and how he's making it.

He's been the first anon autist, i say autist because you need this type of intelligence, which questions everything.

Welcome to God's Kingdom anons. Here's the manuscript : the book of life of the lamb.

(I can guaranty, the same spirit inhabits Q, POTUS, (you) : the rich and humble Holy Spirit)

The second part is just breath taking, worth your time, high ranking autists and spacefags, sciencefags…


78339a  No.4832495

File: 4fba72e7029cdae⋯.pdf (52.63 KB, Clinton Emails (1).pdf)

File: 82d205d0f760d40⋯.png (117.67 KB, 612x630, 34:35, 5c89a6f337e7ec959b9f95ed2a….png)


We have your back POTUS.

We are an existential threat to their existence.

We mean it and they know it.

YOU'RE FIRED!!!! That's an effective utterance now get out no coats!

737426  No.4832496

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a prayer to the godess of learning, saraswati

f0ac28  No.4832497


I dont care for stupid, poorly-informed opinions on important subjects. Stick to Spongebob or something you actually know and understand, it's better for everybody.

b2d9cb  No.4832498


Had someone with a picture of mason compass

threaten me here said he would download CP to my computer

04e7a7  No.4832499


>organized religion has nothing to do with religion.


organized religion has nothing to do with faith.

Faith == internal beliefs.

Religion == external (usually repetitive) practices.

9ab59d  No.4832500


>organized religion has nothing to do with religion.

AMEN! (pun intended)

75ba8b  No.4832501

File: 27abe82faa20199⋯.mp4 (2.38 MB, 816x460, 204:115, ha, gay.mp4)

2d7eaf  No.4832502

File: adb3f599d81d655⋯.png (172.29 KB, 454x379, 454:379, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a6e1dbaf0033fbb⋯.png (79.87 KB, 1060x655, 212:131, ClipboardImage.png)

766732  No.4832503

File: 1df2e2699d474a0⋯.png (631.39 KB, 950x1198, 475:599, ClipboardImage.png)

more sauce needed

british mp´s trying to chance laws to prevent brexit

a7534c  No.4832504

File: 24a03f6b8b04119⋯.jpg (36.28 KB, 320x320, 1:1, red.jpg)

858cd5  No.4832505



b2d9cb  No.4832506

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The Minds of Men | Official Documentary by Aaron & Melissa Dykes

f0ac28  No.4832507

Gawd, these womens' march speakers are dumber than rocks. Occasional-Cortex is literally painful to hear.

f0ac28  No.4832508


I despise namefaggots, I usually ban any that start popping up often. If you cant be Anon, bleh.

84ac28  No.4832509


You don’t seem to understand this is the neverending rabbit hole. It never stops, you never reach the bottom and walk out, BUDDY.

75ba8b  No.4832510

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Nigel will be talking about this issue at 11:00 GMT

bff448  No.4832511


Are you some kind of skin head shill, hamas, cair, hezbollah,isis muzzie camel piss drinking brotherhood shill???

724941  No.4832512


will anonymous people on an image respect me if I complete community college? I'm not sure what you're getting at.


why are you scared of dissenting voices? How is that "better for everyone"? Better for you maybe. its strange you are attacking me like this. You said

>Caesar couldn't break religion therefore you can't

I said

>Caesar made religion therefore man can unmake it

I stand by that opinion. Religion will fall into a river of blood of its own making under the weight of its web of lies, only a matter of transparency. Most do not see or want to confront the net or the river.

2c9bbd  No.4832513



Agreed on both, good guy, and didnt want to be transfering weapons to “rebels”

e89ee1  No.4832514


Fagbook on his right and Podesta on his left.

d322aa  No.4832515

File: 009e68705f09247⋯.jpeg (1.12 MB, 2000x2667, 2000:2667, 4BDD72F0-1FE8-4D1B-B8E3-3….jpeg)


You over stayed your welcome buddy.

b2d9cb  No.4832516


very close to that time YES

49c2d1  No.4832517

File: 083fa98f3e8a54b⋯.png (515.81 KB, 650x872, 325:436, Locust.png)


>Captagon s

On 26 October 2015, a member of the Saudi royal family, Prince Abdel Mohsen Bin Walid Bin Abdulaziz, and four others were detained in Beirut on charges of drug trafficking after airport security discovered two tons of Captagon (fenethylline) pills and some cocaine on a private jet scheduled to depart for the Saudi capital of Riyadh.[17][18][19]


1efd88  No.4832518


HOOAH anon.


6e003a  No.4832519

what we got friends


>>4832027, >>4832032 Mexico'S Former President Enrique Pena Nieto 'Took $100m Bribe From El Chapo

>>4832049, >>4832061 Dr. Mark Skidmore – Deep State Cover-Up of Missing $21 Trillion Deeply Disturbing

>>4832266 GAA Update Spaceship Janitor Edition

>>4832439 Left-Wing Italian Guerrilla On The Run For Three Decades Over Murder Convictions Is Arrested

>>4832474, >>4832495 Senate Democrats Own The Schumer Shutdown, They Put Politics Above Our National Security

>>4832478 French Officials Say Two People Have Been Killed And 22 Others Injured In A Large Blaze


3b0aa0  No.4832520


It does look like Podesta but it's Steve Jobs.

fa79da  No.4832521

File: a5e5d6094ecd593⋯.jpeg (154.5 KB, 500x678, 250:339, 5A4AF0F7-8B2B-43AE-B778-9….jpeg)


Have you tried Excel?

a710df  No.4832522

File: c9cfa706f999ac9⋯.png (127.49 KB, 651x311, 651:311, ClipboardImage.png)


You could fuck off to Patriot News on YT and discord and listen to the pilpul of Mossad shills and kike boomers.

Although It sounds like you came from there in the first place.

411c04  No.4832523


It is not, anon.

I do think the current diagnosis is pneumonia, though. Not an uncommon problem for folks who've had lobectomies OR folks who are not young and have been in the hospital recently.

b2d9cb  No.4832524


I think they may be using demons to force suicides????

de0166  No.4832526


Wow, did they piss in your cereal or something

7dae96  No.4832527


Good read anon ty

6de6c3  No.4832528

File: 844269f5d7baa7e⋯.jpg (132.49 KB, 746x500, 373:250, vatican archives.jpg)


>Religion will fall into a river of blood of its own making under the weight of its web of lies, only a matter of transparency.

If some group could just go ahead and crack open them vatican walls and dig through the catacombs for the spells and recipes used to craft the papal bulls from child skins, and all the communications with ET, sure would hasten the process.

dbfb7d  No.4832529


Nice logo only showing the left eye.

1efd88  No.4832530


Do a quick scroll of this faggot shill.

WATCH their tactics.

So bad at their jobs.

bff448  No.4832531

File: 8340b3168539d7e⋯.jpg (35.25 KB, 627x375, 209:125, 209.jpg)



You can take your theory of Hitler being some Hero or Victim of the Jew and stick it!

On the subject of pseudo-medical experiments conducted in diverse Nazi camps. There has been considerable confusion over the various types of illicit activities practiced by SS doctors and orderlies, who for example did their medical training by carrying out surgery on prisoners. no consistency in the way they have been treated. . It will not be a full picture of all the types of experiments and criminal acts perpetrated by Nazi physicians, pharmacists and orderlies; neither will it cover the full list of camps and sub-camps, nor even of the prisons in which the Nazis conducted their experiments.

Pseudo-medical experiments were conducted in many camps and on a wide scale.

Women had cancer tissue implanted in the uterus for experimental purposes (Grzywo-Dąbrowska and Grzywo-Dąbrowski, 1946). A variety of surgical operations was carried out on no medical indications at all, just for practice, in other words for no experimental purpose either. For instance, limb amputations were done on patients suffering from ulcers. Other operations done on no grounds were laparotomies, hernia operations, the extraction of nerves, muscles, and bones. Labor was induced in pregnant women for no reason.

Experiments were conducted involving infectious diseases such as typhus, tuberculosis, malaria, and phlegmon (Fejkiel, 1955). Healthy individuals were artificially infected with injections of the blood of persons suffering from typhus….certain unspecified anti-typhus vaccines were tested.

Still other experiments included the administration of acrichine to induce jaundice, the making of plaster-casts of women’s sex organs, the application of electric shocks and other pseudo-medical experiments on which there have been relatively few publications so far.

The horrifying facts revealed during the Nazi doctors’ trial in the American Military Tribunal in Nuremberg in 1947 (Mikulski, 1967) and the Japanese doctors’ trial in the Soviet Military Tribunal at Khabarovsk (1949) shocked world opinion. Vast numbers of victims, mercilessness, cruelty and criminality motivated by the lowest impulses – such were the lengths to which the experimenters went.

Ravensbrück ~Biological experiments were carried out on human guinea pigs, chiefly Polish women, but also women of other nationalities, including mentally ill women (Klimek, 1968). Experimental operations were done only on healthy, well-built young women who were political prisoners….

Operations done to examine the effects of surgical infections (by pus-forming microorganisms, usually Staphylococcus aureus, malignant oedema, gas gangrene, or tetanus germs) injected into the calf muscles or inserted into an open wound. The experiments were done to test the therapeutic properties of sulphonamide drugs and other medications, which were put into the infected wound. The blood vessels at both ends of the wound were constricted to prevent blood flow, which was to simulate the prevalent conditions in battlefield wounds. This was also why the infection was aggravated by having broken glass, sawdust, and pieces of fabric rubbed into the wound.

Later, when the women started to resist, operations were done forcibly. SS-men gagged victims’ mouths and held their legs down, and the operations were carried out in dreadfully…

The extreme attitude adopted by German doctors on biological experiments was an outcome of the Nazi principle that doctors had an absolute right to conduct experiments on prisoners whenever such experiments were justified by scientific or national interests. Hence they were permitted to carry out experiments without the subject’s consent, and even against his will, since according to Nazi law a doctor’s first duty was to his country.


7c7108  No.4832533


Yep! MSM has been hyping up Mueller for the last two years so when he starts revealing stuff, normies will have to listen.

e89ee1  No.4832534


Upon further review, you are correct. Well I sure as shit hope Podesta gets the rope before he dies of AIDS/pancreatic cancer.

78339a  No.4832535


thats very convincing (((mr hislop)))

thats some jack chick jew comped level stuff

post hoc ergo propter hoc

49c2d1  No.4832536

File: 50faa4fb199c1be⋯.jpg (343.23 KB, 1280x860, 64:43, tumblr_oz0akiBOBM1wa84xco1….jpg)


I am satan's shill. I believe nothing, I will say anything. I have no values, friends or family I will not sell into bondage forever for food and for feathers. Dollars will buy me. What can not spend I will burn in an ashtray or shove up my ass but I must have dollars. Give me specie. I am satan's shill. I demoralize myself. When I finish the blow I take five xanax footballs and pass out on rental furniture. Asleep, I dream I'm awake. I am satan's shill. My stridulations are filtered. My mockery, my despair, my anguish, like my coming and my going, pass ever unnoticed. I am satan's shill. One day I will vanish like the knot in a shoelace. I am satan's shill. A petty criminal, a peeping Tom, a canvas for others tattoos, a repeater, an NPC.

c6fac9  No.4832537


If she's still alive, she's certainly cursing them for forcing her to maintain a pulse at all costs by this point.

b2d9cb  No.4832538


I guess i am a shill now??

just an old man

with a lifetime of experience

4bb82d  No.4832539

File: 300989503c8bfa4⋯.png (409.37 KB, 640x400, 8:5, ClipboardImage.png)

US-led coalition bombs Syrian mosque being used by IS

The Times of Israel-Jan 17, 2019

The US-led coalition fighting the Islamic State group destroyed a command center housed in a Syrian mosque on Thursday, officials said.

US Bombs, Destroys a Mosque in Syria's Safafiyah

Antiwar.com-Jan 18, 2019

At Least 20 Civilians Killed by US-Led Coalition Strike in Deir Ez-Zor …

Sputnik International-Jan 18, 2019 Care to try your hand at what is fake news and what is not?

1efd88  No.4832540

Patriots never redtext or trip-paren.

It is known.

WATCH their tactics.

eae7e4  No.4832541

Don't Jew Bash

f0ac28  No.4832542


You're just a poorly-informed bore. Go read a book. Try St. Ignatius of Antioch, that will help.


78339a  No.4832543


Is the holocaust a hoax anon?

724941  No.4832544


>Further, the anon culture is one of exclusion and selfishness with outright contempt and rudeness thrown in for those that ask reasonable questions. This culture goes back as far as I have looked which is around early/mid 2016 BUT this is where Q chose to execute the keystone arm of its plan. One can only assume the choice is the most expeditious one available. It is uncensored so it has merit in that regard.

It has crossed my mind that the chans are part of the US military.

Its easier for a computer to identify 'significant' when copy paste is practiced and encouraged as it is on the chans. the 'yous' system is also conducive to scraping.

eae7e4  No.4832545

File: 92a03f9ab955814⋯.jpeg (66.88 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 54545.jpeg)

fb856d  No.4832546


the archives will be informative, no doubt.

but the actions of those alive at the vatican are going to be what takes them down.

b31b13  No.4832547


There is beauty in chaos.

Look at the universe.

Out of all that is,

We are lucky.

Consider the vastness of space.

Life is quite persistent.

So are the challenges to survive.

Taking advantage of what is available,

Is necessary to plan and advance,

In these chaotic deceptions.

The truth, and life always win.

b04cb2  No.4832548


I'm german and trying to recap the facts i am aware of so please don't jump on me when i get something wrong here.

POTUS offered the D's nearly everything they wanted before.

But they rejected his offer five minutes before the actual speech.

So they obviously don't care about the shutdown.

As far as i understand there are two options now.

1. RIF

2. National Emergency

If POTUS would call out a national emergency, normies and the MSM would say he is abusing his power.

If he relies on the RIF that would have some positive aspects.

First: He would stick to the law and does what the constitution has planed for this case.

So actually nobody can blame POTUS of wrongdoing because he strictly follows the law.

Second: By clearing the government of unessential or underperforming branches he could drain the swamp at a speed we would have never thought to be possible.

Am i getting something wrong here?

695fd4  No.4832549


>Nice logo only showing the left eye.

Well spotted fren.

Wojcicki-approved paytriot joos.

Livestreaming 24/7 on a joo-run platform so you just know they're comp'd.

1efd88  No.4832550

Patriots always use carriage return on quote response.

It is known.

WATCH their tactics.

411c04  No.4832551




You should probably throw all of your devices into the ocean and change your identity.

f0ac28  No.4832552


Might happen at some point. The Church has seen worse times than this, although many Catholics seem to think Francis is a kind of Obama. First unpopular Pope I've seen. I know I've never warmed to him. Benedict is prob the real Pope.

695fd4  No.4832553


>Wow, did they piss in your cereal or something

Are they sucking your cock or something?

2d7eaf  No.4832554

eae7e4  No.4832555

Don't Jew Bash me bro

f0ac28  No.4832556


More like IF.

134977  No.4832557

File: 4f128000285f62a⋯.png (849.09 KB, 988x953, 988:953, 180b3b0ad51a0ae1d51950025f….png)


spaceship janitor edition…top fukken kek.

bff448  No.4832558

The board sure is infested with the lowest IQ fucktard shills tonight!

Which only means that they are shitting in their shorts…

6e003a  No.4832559


thank you missed that removed

411c04  No.4832560


No. Kidding.

6c9f06  No.4832561


Great pick. I luv the HU band.

c63e7e  No.4832562

File: 7a2cadeb003967f⋯.png (47.49 KB, 828x589, 828:589, ClipboardImage.png)


Yeah we all know about the Muh Experiments Muh Atrocity stories.

But who's telling the stories?

Your nih.gov sauce,

National Institutes of Health?

You mean the Medical Establishment in bed with Rockefellers and Roths?

I'm sure they're as trustworthy as CNN

>>4832246, >>4832261

How do we know that a government agency in bed with the Roths isn't just giving us a bunch of fake news?

b2d9cb  No.4832563

eae7e4  No.4832564

File: 27a027abda39454⋯.jpg (45.72 KB, 500x500, 1:1, gdgdfgfg.jpg)

f0ac28  No.4832565


Yeah, red text seems a pointless bother, although Freddy can be mildly amusing. Wasnt red text called Pelicaning before?

78339a  No.4832566

File: 445e00292da5ab5⋯.jpg (13.42 KB, 246x205, 6:5, images.jpg)


< filtered, with bans aplenty to eliminate stupidity

< I've advanced beyond this place

< grown men and women

rabbi, you know you all have the same smell, right?

3b0aa0  No.4832567


KEK. Especially "stridulations"

724941  No.4832568


I've already read the ramblings of your saint "professor". please talk down to someone else there is no one to impress here for you to impress.

Can religion be unmade by man? you still haven't addressed the question I initially raised and we both know why.

e89ee1  No.4832569

File: 5817877221a8f5d⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1226x818, 613:409, 731s.png)

File: 950312ddfbad536⋯.png (987.17 KB, 1154x740, 577:370, 731t.png)

I wonder how much money Omaze launders throughout the year?

7c7108  No.4832570


Mueller is working to save his our treasonous life. He will do as he is told.

f0ac28  No.4832571


Diversity is a weakness, Meathead. Unity is strength.

d322aa  No.4832572


And now you are ABUSING the baker with your incessant posting. We have no respect for your opinion.

eae7e4  No.4832573

Mueller is puckering

8c55ce  No.4832574


wouldnt it behave the same way as an atom?

as behind so in front or some shit


4bb82d  No.4832575


2017…where's the money??Published: Dec. 11, 2017


Contact(s): Mark Skidmore , Andy Henion

Earlier this year, a Michigan State University economist, working with graduate students and a former government official, found $21 trillion in unauthorized spending in the departments of Defense and Housing and Urban Development for the years 1998-2015.

The work of Mark Skidmore and his team, which included digging into government websites and repeated queries to U.S. agencies that went unanswered, coincided with the Office of Inspector General, at one point, disabling the links to all key documents showing the unsupported spending. (Luckily, the researchers downloaded and stored the documents.)

Now, the Department of Defense has announced it will conduct the first department-wide, independent financial audit in its history (read the Dec. 7 announcement here).

1efd88  No.4832576

File: 58aba54358bb76a⋯.jpg (96.88 KB, 500x626, 250:313, hailkek.jpg)

I hear you calling.

Calling to me.

Queen of battle!

Mighty Infantry!

0c95d3  No.4832578

File: c5ced19e142dab6⋯.png (1 MB, 668x905, 668:905, elchapo.PNG)

Inside Mexico’s drug gangs who force members to eat the hearts of their victims

Inside the history of cannibalism in Mexican drug cartels, where teen enforcers are fed crack before feasting on the organs of their victims.

Mexico’s drug gangs are believed to be responsible for around 150,000 deaths that involve some of the most appalling torture and depravity imaginable.

But some barbaric factions of the gangs are believed to have even turned cannibal and actually eaten parts of their rivals.

And in a particularly twisted initiation ritual, young members of the Jalisco New Generation cartel were forced to eat the hearts of murder victims.

Local prosecutors claimed two teenagers, aged 16 and 17, remained unrepentant after they were drugged with crack then forced to eat human flesh by senior cartel bosses.

A similar event took place in 2015 when hopefuls of La Familia Michoacana were forced to eat their rivals after torturing them and cutting them up while alive.

Below we take a look at some of the main gangs that have terrorised Mexico since the inception of the state’s war on the cartels in 2006.


Heriberto Lazcano fed victims to lions and tigers — then ate the flesh from their buttocks.

Heriberto Lazcano fed victims to lions and tigers — then ate the flesh from their buttocks.Source:The Sun

A Mexican cop makes his way through a massive cannabis field.

A Mexican cop makes his way through a massive cannabis field.Source:The Sun

Los Zetas cocaine kingpin Heriberto Lazcano, who was killed in a shootout with Mexican Marines in 2012, was notorious for feeding victims to the lions and tigers he kept on his ranch.

But it was his practice of eating human flesh that thrust him into international headlines two years ago.

A reporter who spent time with him told El Blog del Narco, “After sentencing him (the victim) to death, he orders him to bathe, and even to shave his whole body and let him de-stress for two or three hours, even better sometimes he gave them a bottle of whisky to relax, then he ordered a very quick death so there is no adrenaline in the meat to prevent it getting bitter or hard.”

He would then devour the man’s buttock flesh in tamales after it had been cooked in lemon and served on toast.

The Los Zetas is considered one of the most dangerous of the cartels and has dealt in drug trafficking since its inception in 1999.

At this time it only operated as a wing of the Gulf Cartel but officially formed as a stand-alone rival group in 2010.

In 2017, a former leader of the gang, Marciano “Chano” Millan Vasquez, was jailed in San Antonio for 29 killings in Mexico while working for the group.

The most horrific was the brutal chopping to pieces of a six-year-old girl in front of her parents — a crime he believed would make them “remember him”.


04e7a7  No.4832579


That 53 miles of shelves, not 53 square miles.

The Vatican Secret Archives are actually open to researchers. Have been since the late 1800s. You can apply for access:


f0ac28  No.4832580



You're obviously not an educated or well-informed person. Read moar. You've never even heard of St. Ignatius of Antioch, never mind read any of his works. You're also an apparent liar, which is unsurprising.

6e003a  No.4832581



78339a  No.4832582

File: 2df63a348cef623⋯.jpg (410.64 KB, 1257x1524, 419:508, Screenshot_2019-01-19 Q Re….jpg)

File: 7b7504cb00100d0⋯.jpg (1.16 MB, 830x3132, 415:1566, Screenshot_2019-01-19 Q Re….jpg)

File: 4c8226b0729f754⋯.jpg (520.64 KB, 1085x2066, 1085:2066, Screenshot_2019-01-19 Q Re….jpg)

File: 96a09df5e787a00⋯.jpg (1.17 MB, 1349x3814, 1349:3814, Screenshot_2019-01-19 Mala….jpg)


no you haven't. you haven't read a thing.

are you ready for the oven? women and children first. you have brought this on yourselves.

bff448  No.4832583

File: 375f667eea0d088⋯.jpg (317.34 KB, 1024x690, 512:345, 375f667eea0d088bcf414eece9….jpg)

File: 8fda2cd6fa5c739⋯.jpg (170.91 KB, 576x384, 3:2, [[[ SOON ]]].JPG)

File: f8f30e047275a13⋯.jpg (54.68 KB, 720x717, 240:239, 92a84c862f20d07044981710ba….jpg)

File: e902c5d7ba1c2ad⋯.jpg (71.29 KB, 408x528, 17:22, shills eating glue.JPG)

File: 67533a614edaf13⋯.jpg (165.4 KB, 576x384, 3:2, goat fucking jew hating sh….JPG)

f0ac28  No.4832584


We'll see. Not much sauce on that. A Q post, but that's not much credibility anymore really.

0c95d3  No.4832585

Bomb in Syria's Afrin kills three: witnesses


ISTANBUL (Reuters) - A bomb in the northwest Syrian town of Afrin killed three civilians and wounded nine on a public bus, several witnesses told Reuters on Sunday.

The blast came on the anniversary of Operation Olive Branch, an air and ground assault launched by Turkey in 2018 on the mainly-Kurdish Afrin to drive out the Syrian Kurdish YPG, which it sees as an extension of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) that has waged an insurgency on Turkish soil since 1984.

No group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

It follows a blast on Wednesday in Manbij, a northern Syrian town controlled by a militia allied with U.S.-backed Kurdish forces, claimed by Islamic State, which killed two U.S. troops and two civilians working for the U.S. military.

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan announced last month that his army would launch an operation against the YPG east of the Euphrates. U.S. President Donald Trump later announced a decision to pull out of Syria, alarming allied Kurdish leaders who run much of the north.

The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), an umbrella group dominated by the YPG and Washington’s main Syrian partner in the fight against Islamic State, controls territory in northeast and eastern Syria, which makes up about a quarter of the country.

The U.S. decision to leave Syria led the Kurdish leaders to urge Russia and its ally Damascus to send forces to shield the border from the threat of the Turkish offensive.

Turkey’s state-owned Anadolu Agency said two bombs hit Afrin’s city center, one exploding on a bus and the second in a garbage container.

(This story corrects source from Reuters witnesses to witnesses in first paragraph.)


411c04  No.4832586

File: 5a88863579923bd⋯.png (56.25 KB, 300x168, 25:14, ClipboardImage.png)



84ac28  No.4832587


You like things easy? Ah, don’t we all? There’s no use crying about it tho. How about you try to make the world a better place instead?

You could start a thread about how to streamline posts or something? I have thought about an editing thread to lure the R shill.

If you’re so super evolved, can you compete with the AI here? Try, I wanna see how that goes.

78339a  No.4832588


oh dear.



833ae4  No.4832589

File: 788fdb561d5a464⋯.jpeg (21.14 KB, 467x315, 467:315, images (4).jpeg)


This slide again…

Trying to bait the intellectuals into some roundabout argument/pseudo-discussion on a topic that:

A ) has nothing to do with Qresearch

B ) has nothing to do with any space related Q content

C) has nothing to do with any physics that Q quite literally hasn't even gone close too.

This gets posted like once every month and has been around since like June lst year. Anyone thinking of putting any effort into a reply to this guy should save it for digging.

f0ac28  No.4832590


You're not even a good (You), never mind a "We." Dummies dont impress anybody. Lurk moar.

a7534c  No.4832591

File: 24813b6af27b106⋯.jpg (125.14 KB, 640x430, 64:43, shillz.jpg)

f0ac28  No.4832592


The Drunken Puckerer?

b2e722  No.4832593

File: 060d8035b6b5ccb⋯.jpeg (111.95 KB, 600x538, 300:269, 060d8035b6b5ccb7078160d95….jpeg)

i did my part to find the next great scientific thinker. have a nice day

78339a  No.4832595

File: bef754a15ffeb5a⋯.png (948.06 KB, 1268x1069, 1268:1069, Screenshot_2019-01-19 Q Re….png)

File: 7f04fdee281da9a⋯.png (184.04 KB, 586x606, 293:303, ZionistShapiroOccasional87.png)

File: 0c5e96863a2fa9c⋯.jpg (92.29 KB, 620x768, 155:192, 0c5e96863a2fa9c45129a08b02….jpg)

File: 3e3d834ee4ebaf1⋯.jpeg (90.2 KB, 487x750, 487:750, 3e3d834ee4ebaf1c88b80b90e….jpeg)

File: 8d249c5cf2ef9fd⋯.jpg (325.43 KB, 1410x1706, 705:853, 5b66546d19cde.jpg)

1efd88  No.4832596

File: 92e9f8a72de9c88⋯.jpg (75.38 KB, 500x623, 500:623, queenofbattle.jpg)

HALO HALO Infantry.

Queen of battle follow me.

An airborne rangers life for me.

Oh nothing in this world is free.

697e4d  No.4832597

File: 29011a95e15311e⋯.jpg (96.04 KB, 400x400, 1:1, hes-alive.jpg)


That is exactly what happened with the Buzzfeed article. It's like telling a lie because you know the only person that can contradict you is a mute. But surprise, Muller speaks.

b04cb2  No.4832598

b2e722  No.4832599

File: fd285cc61572d4d⋯.jpg (28.92 KB, 255x255, 1:1, f2bde820177800257d1ae0d7c0….jpg)


because you can't think that deep just means you are not the one to change the world - that is all it does not mean you are bad or that I am - It just means you and I are not on the same thought plain.

d322aa  No.4832600

File: a02b2260aeec28d⋯.jpeg (97.52 KB, 516x712, 129:178, 99CBA742-0609-4560-A66B-6….jpeg)


I know people like you. You sound just like my liberal douche bag brother-in-law. Is that you Comey?

c63e7e  No.4832601


Do you any sauce for this that references evidence besides anecdotal, personal testimony either of so-called victims that stood to gain financially in reparations or from so-called torturers whose confessions were actually extracted via real, documented torture?

>Pseudo-medical experiments were conducted in many camps and on a wide scale. The Nazis deliberately destroyed the records of these activities, hence the research which is being done today is based on the surviving remnants of the documentary evidence, the statements made by the organisers of these experiments, the testimonials given by victims and their medical examinations.

How do they know records were deliberately destroyed? The fact that none exist? There are no records that I ate an entire box of tide pods either. Does that mean I did and destroyed the records I did it?

>the testimonials given by victims and their medical examinations.

None of this is actual evidence. It is witness testimony that is spurious given the means in which it's collected.

ce5938  No.4832602

File: 57aa2ccebf76977⋯.jpg (195.92 KB, 565x599, 565:599, IMG_526.jpg)

patriots remember!

78339a  No.4832603

File: 4091e8e0cb1b906⋯.png (587.35 KB, 646x850, 19:25, Screenshot_2019-01-20 pol….png)

File: e71a6e321c5a67b⋯.png (131.92 KB, 1023x453, 341:151, shapirotwitter0.png)

File: ab2c2917fa538ca⋯.png (138.88 KB, 618x434, 309:217, i.png)

File: d837bb9b56df982⋯.jpg (224.35 KB, 1492x1741, 1492:1741, d837bb9b56df9823802c1e0c0a….jpg)

File: a871901fc9d9dd3⋯.jpeg (124.88 KB, 1045x1242, 1045:1242, 06723192414dab9b19b3b51fb….jpeg)

c6fac9  No.4832604

File: 485de925674e25f⋯.png (24.57 KB, 957x177, 319:59, front hole.png)


If you want to properly thank the baker, you need to show some front hole. Like this.

4bb82d  No.4832605

>>4832061 just taking a gander found this…Information Security: Controls for Removing Sensitive Data from Select Media Devices Prior to Disposal Were Effective


OIG-17-1: Nov 2, 2016

This is a publication by GAO's Inspector General that concerns internal GAO operations. Our audit objective was to assess GAO's compliance with its policies and procedures regarding media sanitization, and to determine whether laptops and BlackBerrys ready for disposal were appropriately sanitized. …

pdf icon Highlights (PDF, 1 page) pdf icon View Report (PDF, 14 pages) PROPERLY SANITZED…this is in thenAudit info, cant find anything about numbers, but this is telltale

724941  No.4832606


still dodging not surprising. I did read his work when I filmed a Russian orthodox monastic order who was all about him. Why does pedigree mean so much too you? I haven't revealed my field of study or attainment in it because I don't need to, and I realize that we are communicating on an anonymous forum so it wouldn't matter what I said. My ideas must speak, and you sir are not putting forward ideas. You attack with ad hominen and appeal to some sort of scholarly authority you have on the subject. Ignorant of the waters you swim in.

Can religion be unmade by man? Answer scholar. if you believe it can't you are irrational. Its rational to think men can destroy want they build. There is good evidence for that. If you believe man can unmake religion, you are still irrational and a liar besides because you previously claimed not even "The Caesars" could take down the church. So there you have it. You are not to be trusted.

6e003a  No.4832607

Last Call


>>4832027, >>4832032 Mexico'S Former President Enrique Pena Nieto 'Took $100m Bribe From El Chapo

>>4832049, >>4832061 Dr. Mark Skidmore – Deep State Cover-Up of Missing $21 Trillion Deeply Disturbing

>>4832266 GAA Update Spaceship Janitor Edition

>>4832439 Left-Wing Italian Guerrilla On The Run For Three Decades Over Murder Convictions Is Arrested

>>4832478 French Officials Say Two People Have Been Killed And 22 Others Injured In A Large Blaze

>>4832578 Inside Mexico’s Drug Gangs Who Force Members To Eat The Hearts Of Their Victims

>>4832585 Bomb In Syria'S Afrin Kills Three: Witnesses

Get in before it is baked Anons

bff448  No.4832608


Ignorance must be bliss…please by all means tell the rest of us what it feels like. Another clueless millennial!

Heaven help us! Stop, your making my brain cry.

2c9bbd  No.4832609

File: 91f8d2b9a3907c7⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 473E0D2C-1F88-4166-B9E6-EB….png)


Nice ass!

So this is good news. Just a confirmation General Rogers was WELL AWARE of what was going in back to 2012. Q may not have been going over things yet to plan “the Great Awakening”.. but he and I am sure others knew something needed to be done, and quickly there after got it i to motion.

His report on Huawei and ZTE back in 2012. PDF, 60 pages long.


737426  No.4832610

File: e55e7968e40d46f⋯.png (1002.86 KB, 1280x574, 640:287, deeper.png)


todays science has nothing to do with deep thinking, its robotic people running a satantic program in their minds and too stupid to realize it

d322aa  No.4832611


Are you talking to yourself?

78339a  No.4832612

File: 3df0f966d9c3336⋯.jpg (49.58 KB, 461x328, 461:328, 2-a.jpg)

File: d7c0da9cf6fcd6b⋯.jpg (91.07 KB, 677x625, 677:625, 6a592a0802a87278cd156de910….jpg)

File: 6afd049a23447da⋯.png (271.99 KB, 704x1250, 352:625, Screenshot_2019-01-18 Ben ….png)

File: 779033a22bb873e⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 1349x3359, 1349:3359, Screenshot_2019-01-18 You ….jpg)

File: f351c1ca5dd67fe⋯.jpg (453.05 KB, 1272x1476, 106:123, Screenshot_2019-01-20 Q Re….jpg)

very clever kikes

nice try

not going to work

bff448  No.4832613


you're making my brain cry.

1efd88  No.4832614


I'm calling the queen of battle.

You aren't even in the game.

724941  No.4832615


I'd feel less crazy if I were

2c9bbd  No.4832616


Sorry, Admiral Rogers*

ce5938  No.4832617

File: 2ad0005fc1d4196⋯.jpg (298.5 KB, 1280x852, 320:213, IMG_753.jpg)

patriots remember!!

c63e7e  No.4832618

>>4832531, >>4832228, >>4832246



This creep shilling against Hilter/WWII redpills is actually toiletboi.


b2e722  No.4832619

File: 3745dc493f22b2b⋯.png (159.67 KB, 945x496, 945:496, cubefrac.png)


That is not you or I.

Damn been outside so long where is that box.

64aaf1  No.4832620

File: 962a528ae65f9ca⋯.jpg (56.43 KB, 709x338, 709:338, pray4.jpg)

File: f2795eacb54384c⋯.jpg (127.35 KB, 995x645, 199:129, pray5.jpg)

File: f37a8766d4a1c15⋯.jpg (93.55 KB, 1024x522, 512:261, pray3.jpg)

File: 7b879cdf683a9d5⋯.jpg (207.28 KB, 1024x680, 128:85, pray2.jpg)

File: 0a9b716542913b5⋯.jpg (243.64 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, pray1.jpg)

84ac28  No.4832621

File: 971bc55f12dbff5⋯.png (171.47 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, F3846D20-5B66-43FF-BCCF-AA….png)

7c7108  No.4832622


Old is gold!

64aaf1  No.4832623

File: a0976573677f35e⋯.jpg (121.87 KB, 1024x578, 512:289, Buzzfeed2.jpg)

File: 86b89ccd8ade592⋯.jpg (199.39 KB, 1024x767, 1024:767, Buzzfeed1.jpg)

4a2f62  No.4832624


This is just creepy.

1efd88  No.4832625


We don't pull a child's images into our war.

Patriots have etiquette decorum and respect.

Please leave our circle.

737426  No.4832626

File: 031ff743a0292cd⋯.png (637.06 KB, 1768x702, 68:27, doublethink.png)

78339a  No.4832627

File: 8d249c5cf2ef9fd⋯.jpg (325.43 KB, 1410x1706, 705:853, 5b66546d19cde.jpg)

File: 19f6a60e090fb02⋯.jpg (95.12 KB, 950x605, 190:121, Oberlin-Joy-Karega1.jpg)

File: 7ea5ac42270eca7⋯.png (126.32 KB, 500x586, 250:293, 7ea5ac42270eca743ef9d42047….png)

File: ad17029df391110⋯.jpg (8.59 KB, 283x178, 283:178, indddex.jpg)

File: 584d72489f8d4b0⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1079x1395, 1079:1395, 1273344aac56dfdb4fd2beda9d….png)

30cbbb  No.4832628

File: fe40fefc5dd6324⋯.gif (1.78 MB, 500x683, 500:683, 1547954744003.gif)

cae99c  No.4832629

File: e275f6ec75eb5ac⋯.jpg (595.96 KB, 1365x1214, 1365:1214, keep on smiling.jpg)

64aaf1  No.4832630

File: da5ca77283c1eb0⋯.jpg (162.91 KB, 1024x601, 1024:601, nancy4.jpg)

File: c0ac64d5a945adf⋯.jpg (134.35 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, nancy3.jpg)

File: 2a8af407da0775b⋯.jpg (172.78 KB, 1024x667, 1024:667, nancy2.jpg)

File: 36a05b175a5269c⋯.jpg (140.54 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, nancy1.jpg)

8c55ce  No.4832631



69211b  No.4832632


I am probably not the most informed of anons, however, I think your analysis is very good for someone not American and frankly better than a lot of "normies" who are. I think you have captured a lot that is correct about the situation. There are a couple of wrinkles to the situation here that interest and concern me. For one an attempt to initiate a coup against the President seems to be a possibility. If both Trump and Pence were removed somehow then Nancy Pelosi would assume the Presidency. A heavily suppressed site called Natural News reported on this very recently and some very worrisome tweets suggesting this threat were apparently made by Donna Brazile. I have no doubt that very large swaths of our Federal government need to be done away with as they are unconstitutional and serve a destructive agenda. I like the idea of an RIF, and federal workers taking the hint may save themselves some distress. However, the sealed indictments here are nearly 70,000 and each may represent more than one individual. The chaos that could ensue if arrests are not handled wisely could be very bad indeed. That is my way of suggesting that some sort of declaration of a state of emergency or even, martial law may happen, I think. If Trump used a national emergency to address the border all sorts of Dominos could begin to fall. I hope other anon will correct or add any better information to my limited analysis.

b2e722  No.4832633

File: c636b9364da1632⋯.jpg (23.65 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 58061aa4a3bcb9bf5d72a00e22….jpg)


Bitch I don't think about cabal and good vs evil - I just follow unified field and the divine plan

64aaf1  No.4832634

File: 2de416073a339ed⋯.jpg (221.11 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, nancy7.jpg)

File: c1e8605b5f9d017⋯.jpg (164.75 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, nancy6.jpg)

File: a71e631e24d472f⋯.jpg (151.01 KB, 1024x599, 1024:599, nancy5.jpg)

950fd8  No.4832635

Nancy and her „big donors“ in wine country

„Cave“ graecos dona ferentes

Beware of Greeks bearing gifts

8c55ce  No.4832636

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



b2d9cb  No.4832637


The Minds of Men | Official Documentary by Aaron & Melissa Dykes


d322aa  No.4832638

File: 69ec4efda6a067e⋯.gif (1.02 MB, 376x376, 1:1, 1AAF0BEF-C475-49BE-BD72-9D….gif)


Good times ahead.

bff448  No.4832639


Can you not read?

The horrifying facts revealed during the Nazi doctors’ trial in the American Military Tribunal in Nuremberg in 1947 (Mikulski, 1967) and the Japanese doctors’ trial in the Soviet Military Tribunal at Khabarovsk (1949) shocked world opinion.

Do you know what foot notes are and how to find them?

Must be another low IQ millennial or camel piss drinking goat humping hamas, cair moslem brother hood or skin head shill.

Any one who paints all Jews as evil are total fucktards, skin heads or muzzies.

(yes Jews have a significant amount of corrupt & evil) per population…but equal to moslems.)

737426  No.4832640

File: e3e331c723c06f4⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1280x800, 8:5, saveme.png)


go to space

78339a  No.4832641

File: 71b00e38b6faef4⋯.png (243.85 KB, 622x601, 622:601, 71b00e38b6faef43245f7bca19….png)

File: 9db6356762931db⋯.png (512.07 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, 9db6356762931db94ae71ce638….png)

File: 6e17c1827297933⋯.png (288.18 KB, 1260x725, 252:145, KikeFear0.png)

File: 889234790477f61⋯.png (770.01 KB, 1052x1067, 1052:1067, 889234790477f610fee49ba3d2….png)

File: e35ea3e8027b381⋯.jpg (133.42 KB, 536x381, 536:381, e35ea3e8027b381cb920f4ae70….jpg)

4a2f62  No.4832642


Case in point.

f0ac28  No.4832643


I'm a Constitutional Conservative. You're just not too bright.

724941  No.4832644


As an aside need to shift the QANON hashtag. It is being used to corner accounts on social media. QANON has already jumped the shark, it has crossed into public awareness. Subtle pointing will get your viewer base/ twitter mob here. even links to media articles will be used to prune audience/outreach.

1efd88  No.4832645

5 image posters are shills.

Every. Fucking. Time.

It is known. WATCH.

64aaf1  No.4832646

File: b5c2ba5737120f0⋯.jpg (51.16 KB, 313x475, 313:475, KamalaHarrisBookBlackmail.jpg)

File: ca59cad7b1acdd6⋯.jpg (55.64 KB, 313x475, 313:475, KamalaHarrisBookSmear.jpg)

c6fac9  No.4832647


I wonder whose idea the "CODEL PELOSI" tag was. That was brilliant. I heard reporters today saying that they didn't know about congressional delegation before they put out the luggage. Now everyone knows.

d322aa  No.4832648


You can call yourself whatever you like but you’re still annoying as fuck.

30cbbb  No.4832649

File: 963e6a6310df204⋯.png (961.95 KB, 1348x2760, 337:690, prop.png)

File: 131dd99f479c054⋯.jpg (269.92 KB, 542x1099, 542:1099, 1508117087367.jpg)

File: 84df73db8d975a5⋯.png (533.71 KB, 720x720, 1:1, chosen.png)

File: 4fd9f82eb420558⋯.jpg (297.66 KB, 1516x810, 758:405, Loxism.jpg)

b2e722  No.4832650

File: 9c31548d4990836⋯.png (933.63 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, lie8f.png)

cae99c  No.4832651


thx reddit spaceanon

get fucked

b2d9cb  No.4832652



b2e722  No.4832653


old news

4bb82d  No.4832654

>>4832061 ONE HELL OF AN INTERESTING READ https://www.grassley.senate.gov/news/news-releases/grassley-clean-audit-opinions-pentagon-remain-elusive?fbclid=IwAR1H1x5-GPudx9NDV0liQwSciHsM_cApGB-uzqzREsv5ia3xrBjzQiY2oP0#.XERUN5fT_XA.facebook

78339a  No.4832655

File: 404cacaf49e4991⋯.jpg (125.95 KB, 700x623, 100:89, 27fa2a5e40ba084e4fcec25410….jpg)