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File: e2444efd34004e9⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

8aa19b  No.4767112

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Welcome to Q Research (README FIRST, THEN PROCEED TO LURK) https://8ch.net/qresearch/welcome.html

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Q: The Basics - An Introduction to Q and the Great Awakening

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Q's Latest Posts

Sunday 1.13.19

>>4740419 ————————————–——– FAKE NEWS control over those who don't think for themselves limits exposure of TRUTH.

>>4739743 ————————————–——– Law governing removal of a sitting Congress(m/w)/Senator?

Friday 1.11.19

>>4708257 ————————————–——– If a woman is selected as the nominee

>>4707306 ————————————–——– Public access to intel?

>>4707199 ————————————–——– What senior US official is arriving in China?

>>4707080 ————————————–——– BOOM!

Monday 1.7.19

>>4644164 rt >>4644100 ————————— First time in more than 25 years? Morning, Patriot.

>>4644084 ————————————–——– What a coincidence. (Cap: >>4644154)

>>4643565 rt >>4643371 ————————— However, this is incomplete and missing the 3rd Tweet.

>>4643496 ————————————–——– With all of the success that our Country is having

>>4639875 ————————————–——– The hole is deep

Sunday 1.6.19

>>4639347 ————————————–——– Huber Activated - treachery revealed requires accountability

>>4636767 ————————————–——– A stone sits idle. The choice is yours. (Caps: >>4637162 )

>>4635153 rt >>4616371 ————————— Handler (Conductor) (Caps: >>4635308, >>4635399 )

>>4634536 ————————————–——– Get in line.

>>4633937 ————————————–——–- Refusal to provide coverage of successes.

>>4630322 ————————————–——– Money buys POWER

>>4628679 ————————————–——– Anons knew? (Cap and Video: >>4628761)

>>4628579 ————————————–——– Germany losing stranglehold on EU?

>>4628060 ————————————–——– Temps can be very dangerous to those who are targeted

>>4627556 ————————————–——– [RBG] The clock is ticking

Saturday 1.5.19

Compiled here: >>4652145

Saturday 12.22.18

Compiled here: >>4628830

Q's Private Board >>>/patriotsfight/ | Qs Trip-code: Q !!mG7VJxZNCI

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>>2322789, >>2323031 How To Quickly Spot A Clown

8aa19b  No.4767119


are not endorsements


>>4727722 Graphic guide to posting on 8chan

>>4727758 Reminder for (((newfags))): this is a free speech board

>>4687795 If you don't like it here there are plenty of other places to get Q's drops

>>4680938 , >>4681274 POTUS: "Call Congress, ask your reps to fund wall". Numbers. Call.


>>4766432 MCCABE TRIED TO CONTACT STEELE AFTER COMEY FIRING… was thwarted by Robert Mueller.

>>4766441 Barr May write report on Final Findings of Mueller Porbe. Stealth Bomber?

>>4766422, >>4766544, >>4766598 Who is THE HONORABLE ROBERT P. STORCH?

>>4766638, >>4766664, >>4766688 The FBI Poses the “National Security Threat”, Not Trump. Anons already knew this.

>>4766761, >>4766796 Brexit Vote Results. Mays deal is sunk.

>>4766925 MH Tweet: "Kushner is defacto Chief of Staff"

>>4766983, >>4767026 Moar RIF digs. Picture painted?

>>4766992 [RR] out and MSM reports Graphic. Noice.

>>4767105 #6083


>>4765589 Jordan and Meadows ask for US Atty John Durham Probe into James Baker...

>>4765598, >>4765637, >>4765639, >>4765780, >>4765797 Pi PIzza and BHO. Symbolism will be their downfall. LOTS of connections.

>>4765621 House bill removes liability protection from tech giants, forcing social media to pay for political discrimination

>>4765651 ECPAT Pedophilia normalization in overdrive. THESE PEOPLE ARE SICK!

>>4765757 Striking Los Angeles Teachers Bully, Threaten Substitutes Crossing Picket Line – Post Names of Subs

>>4765785 NOW: A federal judge in DC has *denied* motions for temporary restraining orders in litigation over the government shutdown.

>>4765801 Ex-top FBI lawyer subject of criminal media leak probe… BAKER. BOOM!

>>4765791 STAH Mom is an honarable pprofession. Here's why.

>>4766051 Prosecution Requests NXIVM Trial Be Delayed! Raniere’s attorney objects

>>4765769, >>4766016, >>4766040, >>4766052, >>4766216 Containment OP Complete? House Vacancies?

>>4765751, >>4766212, >>4765615, >>4766212 MOAR digs on RIF and why shutdown is good for this. Clean WH?

>>4766328 #6082


>>4764807 Monday HUBER testimony graphic. Time will tell.

>>4764818 Is the shutdown a setup to clean house by firing nonessential employees?

>>4764831 Democrats boycott White House border security meeting

>>4764828 Rod Rosenstein is exploring ways to make it easier to spy on journalists. How do you stop the LEAKS?

>>4764839 LUFTHANSA, GERMANY No Flights Due to Security Strike

>>4764992 NCCT: National Center for Compentency Testing per POTUS tweet caps. Interesting Coincidences.

>>4765012, >>4765023 Link to Baker testimony and Letter PDF. "Under investigation for leaks to the media". BOOM

>>4765044 Mark Robbins: attorney Trump just appointed to the OPM, will handle the Reduction in Personnel when the [30] furlough is up

>>4765081, >>4765161, >>4765173 Done in [30] Q drops.

>>4765102, >>4765305 Who is John Durham? IF you bake it he will crumb.

>>4765134 Live: Machete attacks break out in London. Hmmm

>>4765129, >>4765200 1000 hamberders. Master Troll? A lot of coincidences in POTUS tweets.

>>4765296 Gearbox CEO Accused Of Having "Underage Pornography" & Hosting "Peacock" Pedo Parties

>>4765541 #6081


>>4764120 Anon details Barr inauguration and PANIC in DC.

>>4764173, >>4764248 Chunck & Nancy, CNN?

>>4764320, >>4764326, >>4764339, Moar done in [30] theories from Anons. Interdasting.

>>4764255 POTUS tweet corrections with Graphic.

>>4764258, >>4764292 Watch CA: PG&E a part of the scam?

>>4764407 The 'Hot Dog Set Up' Graphic, how do you set a trap? Genius.

>>4764041, >>4764417, >>4764511, >>4764537 POTUS Tweets decode attempts. Time to FEED?

>>4764550, >>4764561 Reminder HUBER has to testify infront of Intel Com by 21st.

>>4764600 BNL News calls Mueller investigation Anti-Climatic.

>>4764756 #6080

Previously Collected Notables

>>4763986 #6079,

>>4761640 #6076, >>4762417 #6077, >>4763222 #6078

>>4759422 #6073, >>4760090 #6074, >>4760866 #6075

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4cabd2  No.4767130


2 for $5 at McDonald's won the budget again

8aa19b  No.4767137

File: fc71c9441d65543⋯.png (12.85 KB, 228x225, 76:75, fb909966bd3997b8b4e9f0015e….png)



=Ready when you are Evening Baker==

c4d39e  No.4767152

File: 1f16d70b51304f5⋯.png (596.08 KB, 1360x607, 1360:607, BTFOebot.png)




Handoff and New Baker Confirmed

thanks baker, will take it until a baker arrives

909089  No.4767153

File: 8fc9b1749a24372⋯.png (282.9 KB, 470x572, 235:286, AQ5.PNG)


Jordan lays it out

Former FBI Deputy Director Andy McCabe investigated for leaking to the media.

Former FBI General Counsel Jim Baker subject of investigation, same reason.

These guys are part of the team that launched the Trump-Russia probe.

80488a  No.4767154

File: 18898afe6533325⋯.png (774.27 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, shit.png)

ty baker

074614  No.4767155

File: eedfd9b81497700⋯.png (839.02 KB, 1022x597, 1022:597, x.PNG)

a wink for the baker .

33d4eb  No.4767156

>>4767115 lb

I’m not blaming all jews u fggot. Read my posts. I said most jews are good people… just not the subversive ones like u.

Its the leaders of Judaism that have misguided their people… its not the fault of the common jew.

566b22  No.4767157

>>4766640 (lb)

If you are not happy in life without using some drug, you need to change something about your life.

b9758d  No.4767158

File: 31dfce35526d172⋯.jpg (70.45 KB, 480x342, 80:57, 185262.jpg)

Nice work, baker.

4c3fea  No.4767159

File: 1bc692cd8edae3d⋯.jpg (33.87 KB, 385x716, 385:716, a7fc770b0936a1dc7d89853cc2….jpg)

Thank You Baker

4cabd2  No.4767160

File: a0ec8656e79424f⋯.jpg (38.47 KB, 360x285, 24:19, 6352D1DE-FDA8-4EB7-AB3C-7B….jpg)

a9a540  No.4767161

I miss u Q!

8aa19b  No.4767163

File: bc534fcba398ef3⋯.png (60.4 KB, 157x193, 157:193, LilBroomstick.png)


Awesome, thanks for the hand Baker.

Stay toasty my friend

Handoff confirmed, BO/BV advise

a3be17  No.4767164

File: 283bba86c747d61⋯.jpeg (58.41 KB, 850x350, 17:7, Obama and boyfriend.jpeg)


Is Zalmay Khalilzad too old to have been that friend of barry o's on the couch that Q wanted us to figure out? Or did I miss who it was?

72039e  No.4767165

File: d1f23a94745cf4d⋯.gif (3.8 MB, 640x424, 80:53, 67i2.gif)

Just a reminder that Cory Booker wrote a 1992 column detailing his non-consensual “groping” of a high school friend……..GROPEY McGROPER!!!


a9a540  No.4767166

File: 7aa581a96e4a247⋯.png (232.46 KB, 720x974, 360:487, Screenshot_20190115-135904….png)

0231b4  No.4767167

a4b1da  No.4767168

File: d7985dd338631cd⋯.png (681.23 KB, 666x680, 333:340, fedworknyt.PNG)

File: 7958e4e3a2de58e⋯.png (810.55 KB, 656x5342, 328:2671, FireShot Pro Screen Captur….png)

File: 19c337d20e09d6c⋯.pdf (183.25 KB, 2018-11913.pdf)

>>4767112 ty baker





see pdf…

DS niggers soon to be RIF-raff'd

b1ea45  No.4767170

>>4763303 (PB)

Not necessarily the same 1%. What if you were part of the 1% of the financially elite and realized that your abundance was dependent on Satan, not your own efforts … that you were never more than a disposable tool and never meant to survive even if Satan succeeded?

>>4765502 (PB)

I only go to church on Thursday morning. That's the day they give out the free groceries.

>>4765171 (PB)

I bought a straight razor for roughly $85 about 10 years ago. So … how many of those three blade toys do you expect to go through in the next 10 years? Maybe 500 at $2 each? You do the math. Takes me about 5 minutes extra and is a connect with my ancestors … a sense of masculine continuity. A half-dozen quick passes over the strop and I'm back to brand new again. Also, it doesn't make a difference how long I let it get between mowings because a straight razor NEVER clogs.


I'm a recovered addict and long on feels. i also have a MENSA level of IQ and ADD, so things can get chaotic upstairs. However, I did just fine as a single Dad of two sons (got custody of two boys in diapers while detoxing and working FT+) so we can handle it. Life does not come at anyone in neat bundles. If it does, you are in an incubator of some sort. You can ask God to take the load off you (I did!) but he probably won't. What is more likely is that he will give you the strength to shoulder the load.

>>4765008 (PB)

There's that moment when you get your "Member of Congress" lapel pin and you realize that the bullshit worked!>>4763316 (PB)

Look, unless you are willing to wrap some barbed wire around a baseball bat and address the problem properly, why are you cruising Instagram and why are you posting this shit here?

>>4763396 (PB)

I think we can dismiss with the white flag jokes for now.

4cabd2  No.4767171


Daily Shrimp menu

c7017e  No.4767172

File: fe86fd2d7654f0f⋯.jpg (53.8 KB, 1030x512, 515:256, simmple connection to yout….JPG)

>>4767109 lb

this is a simple conn to youtube

criminals traking us

nsa are virgins


4b2244  No.4767173

File: a13df744f859f1a⋯.jpg (42.37 KB, 559x432, 559:432, 82_main.jpg)

>>4766431 lb

>>4766463 lb

Calling out BS and Noting Notables with an occasional center cut spam meme once and a while is all I do here.

155398  No.4767174

File: d98488b693a2932⋯.png (160.72 KB, 613x768, 613:768, virginiaripoff.PNG)


909089  No.4767175

File: cf544f0382142a6⋯.png (29.36 KB, 583x226, 583:226, AQ6.PNG)

Terrible May

Can't sauce it b/c they deleted it.

992eae  No.4767176

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Dear Mrs. May…

09b3ec  No.4767177

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

5b210c  No.4767178

File: ff57b07847396aa⋯.jpg (1.88 MB, 2669x2155, 2669:2155, 20191eRBNCSNHB2.jpg)

File: 207fcf8e5ce535b⋯.jpg (1.9 MB, 2669x2155, 2669:2155, 20191dRBNCSNHB2.jpg)

File: b21ba0449c0e242⋯.jpg (1.89 MB, 2669x2155, 2669:2155, 20191cRBNCSNHB2.jpg)

File: 2fe8e157a8a3753⋯.jpg (1.88 MB, 2669x2155, 2669:2155, 20191bRBNCSNHB2.jpg)

File: 6736660bfeef1a7⋯.jpg (1.93 MB, 2669x2155, 2669:2155, 20191aRBNCSNHB2.jpg)

Q 2533

fe1e11  No.4767180

A red pill intel for the libs

A way for them to hear real q intel rather that mocking bird media

A tweetable….

The #qanon #Amazon #amazonechodot has been updated with new #QDrop 's

To enable Q on your alexa device just say "alexa enable qanon qresearch"

Ty @realDonaldTrump #MAGA #QPosts


a7a46a  No.4767181

>>4767133 lb

There are more than we know just in our own lives alone. We may not know exactly who they are, but they are there.

That is what is scary to me.

4cabd2  No.4767182

File: ace584471584773⋯.jpg (199.91 KB, 1422x800, 711:400, IMG_5136.JPG)

Mexican leather upholstery will never be so cheap

eb0868  No.4767183

File: f64a22fa6552215⋯.jpg (273.93 KB, 1100x880, 5:4, NotThisTimeBitches.jpg)

683e24  No.4767184

File: 9d1a1b6806ecff9⋯.jpg (7.65 KB, 250x241, 250:241, annoyed pepe.jpg)

this recycled QRBAKERs crap is really insulting.

it was stuped when you tried that junk this summer

it's still stoopid now


it all falls apart in seconds

to anyone who's fkn read the crumbs and/or has a basic knowledge of the Q timeline

ced0b7  No.4767185

Way to lose a good morning bread buzz.

1) lose the new bread link

2) argue with a paytriot who posts his own tweets.

Y'all be good. IRL calls.

bf0299  No.4767186

We’ve seen this copy pasta before. Nice try but you are waaay to stupid to be Q.


>>4767085 lb

This is quite hilarious

I love the smell of Deep State Panic

c7017e  No.4767187


you have all, but invade our privacy, in personal interest,m after destroyiong our privaci and right to live, with criminal intentions and hidden from the publick truth, and now come to me that you are saints??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


fc4a30  No.4767188

Really never felt good about Bolton. Now I really don't feelz good about Bolton:

"John Bolton Wants to Bomb Iran — and He May Get What He Wants"

Despite leaks to the press over the past few days from “rattled” but unnamed officials at the State Department and the Pentagon, Bolton is far from the only person close to Trump who is pushing a belligerent line on Iran. He has plenty of allies in the administration. As Vox reported on Monday, “Bolton has staffed up the NSC with people who share his views. Last week, he hired Richard Goldberg, a noted Iran hawk, to run the administration’s pressure campaign against the country…. So how do these hawks plan to get their war with Tehran? Bolton, in particular, seems keen on two lines of attack. The first relates to the nuclear issue. “We have little doubt that Iran’s leadership is still strategically committed to achieving deliverable nuclear weapons,” the national security adviser told fellow Iran-hater Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem earlier this month. There is, however, not a shred of evidence for Bolton’s claim; in fact, the U.S. intelligence community has flatly and repeatedly rejected it. “We do not know whether Iran will eventually decide to build nuclear weapons,” said Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, in his 2017 “Worldwide Threat Assessment of the US Intelligence Community.”

and so on.


83acc5  No.4767189

File: fe0f15a2e436038⋯.png (31.33 KB, 515x275, 103:55, Capture1.PNG)


second that. me thinks we have incoming soon

54c532  No.4767190


And he demanded a BJ from a gay man in a bathroom.


602f1d  No.4767191


Kick the bitch out. Let her go to Somalia and live w/Merkel since they love Immigrants so much.

642dd1  No.4767192


Theresa May Will Resign as UK Prime Minister Before Next General Election




12 Dec 2018 - 11:46:43 AM


'Tis the Season of Treason!







c494cf  No.4767193

File: 062c3efb9b577d8⋯.png (167.94 KB, 399x600, 133:200, 062c3efb9b577d8e7662389ca0….png)

545608  No.4767194


So I'm one of the bad Jews despite disagreeing with what the deep state has going on and voting to MAGA?

"I said most Christians are good people, just not those who follow the scriptures like you. It's the Church that has misguided Christians; it's not the fault of the masses." See how stupid that sounds?

7db244  No.4767195


Whats up with your comment about the soapbox?

c4d39e  No.4767197


thanks BV


thanks again

83acc5  No.4767198

what is with all the purple ties. WTF

279f93  No.4767199

Hey Anons, bit quiet here on the Brexit chatter don't cha think.

c14252  No.4767200

File: 0d56f0fde2e1bcc⋯.png (279.75 KB, 444x262, 222:131, may laughing.PNG)

909089  No.4767201

File: 1abbcb32391e80e⋯.png (56.89 KB, 591x460, 591:460, AQ7.PNG)




992eae  No.4767202

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8c81ac  No.4767203


The letter Q appears in about half the capchas.

ab0d9c  No.4767204


Again, I don't use razors, anyway.

5d76a7  No.4767205

66f003  No.4767206

File: 687d2007366047c⋯.png (326.91 KB, 481x480, 481:480, 687d2007366047cfacc8987d83….png)


NASA and space videos are convincing? KEK I'm pretty sure they make their CGI dogshit on purpose.

4cabd2  No.4767207



54c532  No.4767208


Yay! Now the clowns know you're a Q believer. Stock up on lube, you're about to get ass-raped.

a3ef33  No.4767209

File: 9dfc845289705b5⋯.png (32.14 KB, 654x504, 109:84, urban dictionary bookered ….png)

4cabd2  No.4767210


Drink specials

642dd1  No.4767211



May is neutralized.

MI6/SIS undergoing house cleaning.

Queen/monarchs seeking shelter.


These people are stupid.


bf0299  No.4767212

I think we blamed it on Beans last time KEK


5d76a7  No.4767213


>Stock up on lube, you're about to get ass-raped.

And you know what that's like.

90e9e0  No.4767214

File: a4e79fe0c0ef9d6⋯.png (605.49 KB, 1108x720, 277:180, edb2b2349645933.png)


Our girl loves the fresh baked bread…..

262249  No.4767215

File: 73ace35b481b26b⋯.jpg (1.21 MB, 2048x1564, 512:391, wallofjustice.jpg)

d730a5  No.4767216


Not going to happen. POTUS is using Bolton as the big stick.

4bf7ad  No.4767217

File: ca4683c70638b4e⋯.jpg (183.21 KB, 629x523, 629:523, Screen Shot 01-15-19 at 08….JPG)

Sad news from the Nestlé factory today. A night shift worker was crushed beneath a case of chocolate that fell 20 feet off the storage racking. He called for help repeatedly but every time he shouted "The Milky Bars are on me" his colleagues just cheered.

No more information at this time


ab5cf7  No.4767218


kys lady

371324  No.4767219

Mueller will NOT release report until he works for Barr. Period.

The report will be damning for the Democrats. They don't want to risk any narrative of interference from Whitaker.

Critical thinking!

So what is Whitaker doing right now?

fa5ce9  No.4767220

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

4cabd2  No.4767221

File: de572147d3b1762⋯.jpg (158.09 KB, 875x875, 1:1, IMG_5301.JPG)

Soup, Soap, Leather or Rope

5f757c  No.4767222

File: 812f19b09e8c827⋯.png (427.67 KB, 564x423, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

6a653a  No.4767223

File: 022cb5c789e6792⋯.png (215.01 KB, 1185x598, 1185:598, SteveKing_VPF.png)

Posting this again since it came near end of lb.

RE: Steve King - Here is perhaps (at least one reason) why the current smear campaign by GOP (RINO) and Dems (AKA DS) alike?

Look who is shown as a honorary member of VPF (Volontaires Pour la France), the organization lead by General Martinez that published the open letter to Macron prior to the signing of the Marrakech (Open EU Borders) Pact?!!!

Also note the other [American] honorary member of VPF. What do we know about her?

This is the summary of "Who We Are" on the home page, followed by my translation:

"Forts de ces expériences et de fondamentaux solides, les VPF ambitionnent de devenir un mouvement de large rassemblement, non électoral, capable, tout à la fois de promouvoir ses idées patriotiques, de préparer la nécessaire alternative au système"

"Strengthened by these experiences [referring to founding in 2015 due to concern over unfettered immigration and consequences thereof; the July 2017 ELNE affair; the Oct. 2017 split btwn VPF and AFO over those individuals refusing to adhere to VPF's strict respect for the law], VPF aims to become a broad electoral base movement capable of promoting the patriotic concept of preparing the necessary alternative to the current [political] system."


0417a6  No.4767224


Kek! Yuss

54c532  No.4767225


>May is neutralized.

Theresa May Will Resign as UK Prime Minister Before Next General Election




12 Dec 2018 - 11:46:43 AM


'Tis the Season of Treason!







602f1d  No.4767226

File: 0a1559b80f1034a⋯.jpg (12.92 KB, 480x360, 4:3, pepe teeth.jpg)

File: c25160d3d64d246⋯.jpg (41.51 KB, 485x340, 97:68, booker.jpg)


kek…by Pepe…


ef2159  No.4767227

File: 0408c67dd84ad3b⋯.jpg (135.9 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefaul.jpg)


wooooo im in spaceee

fe1e11  No.4767228

File: c0dbf1380d5201a⋯.jpg (229.59 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20190115-151012….jpg)

A red pill intel for the libs

A way for them to hear real q intel rather that mocking bird media

A tweetable….

The #qanon #Amazon #amazonechodot has been updated with new #QDrop 's

To enable Q on your alexa device just say "alexa enable qanon qresearch"

Ty @realDonaldTrump #MAGA #QPosts


17aa2a  No.4767229

Luke Rosiak is getting pilloried on twat over his stupid stunt.

c494cf  No.4767230

File: 447576f9522e330⋯.jpg (93.55 KB, 598x1200, 299:600, b50b296cb23f7be410a6dc2299….jpg)

80c54d  No.4767231

File: 8f9ce73fdb2052d⋯.jpg (28.83 KB, 500x356, 125:89, haircut.jpg)

File: 738d553062618bf⋯.jpg (167.35 KB, 425x519, 425:519, next-time-we-fight-its-sid….jpg)

File: acc22d0accd4fc0⋯.jpeg (70.18 KB, 960x540, 16:9, obamawecanned.jpeg)

File: 29c8a5c504b4d8c⋯.jpg (62.58 KB, 604x439, 604:439, PUTIN ANGIE1.jpg)

10835a  No.4767232


they think they are special

c7c94b  No.4767233

I kinda feel like the plan is to see Barr not confirmed it would prove that the senate is comped, Barr made it last time 100%

that would give the lotus good grounds to pull the plug Optics test

cad496  No.4767235

File: b2bad57775d62d3⋯.jpg (15.54 KB, 474x350, 237:175, beanztinfoil.jpg)

909089  No.4767236


Looks Like Michelle Malkin….

Need eyes here== <==


a3ef33  No.4767237


She dances like a dying animal

7db244  No.4767238


Good hes a faggot and deserves it

91934d  No.4767239

File: 12e4dc529c661b5⋯.png (3.06 MB, 1920x1008, 40:21, ClipboardImage.png)

ab0d9c  No.4767240

Whistle Blowers….

Whatever happened to that Assange indictment, anyway?

All these loose ends that continue flapping in the fucking wind while suffer the inaction.

54c532  No.4767241


So Steve King sides with the patriotic French citizens/military/govt, now he's getting DS'd.

Makes sense.

5d76a7  No.4767242


May, Merkel, and Macron will all be gone soon.

074614  No.4767243

File: 6ccca3f7747eee4⋯.jpg (10.89 KB, 300x168, 25:14, h.jpg)


good , he threw away his credibility . fuck him .

268f14  No.4767244

File: 3d91ee86f42fc3f⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1000x804, 250:201, ClipboardImage.png)

fa5ce9  No.4767245


Night shift worker

Pray for anon

c7017e  No.4767246



Your head place is in my azz.

Low IQ.

c237b4  No.4767247

John Durham seems to be prosecutor of corruption FBI, CIA, MOB

Amid allegations that FBI informants James "Whitey" Bulger and Stephen "The Rifleman" Flemmi had corrupted their handlers, US Attorney General Janet Reno named Durham special prosecutor in 1999. He oversaw a task force of FBI agents brought in from other offices to investigate the Boston office's handling of informants. [6]

In 2002, Durham helped secure the conviction of retired FBI agent John J. Connolly Jr., who was sentenced to 10 years in prison on federal racketeering charges for protecting Bulger and Flemmi from prosecution and warning Bulger to flee just before the gangster's 1995 indictment. [6]

In 2008, John Durham was appointed by then-Attorney General Michael Mukasey to investigate the destruction of CIA videotapes of detainee interrogations. [7] [3] [4] On November 8, 2010, Durham closed the investigation without recommending any criminal charges be filed.

In 2009, Attorney General Eric Holder appointed Durham to lead the Justice Department's investigation of the legality of CIA's use of so-called " enhanced interrogation techniques ".


4dbb6e  No.4767249

File: 6c2e594285ccc7b⋯.jpg (93.64 KB, 498x480, 83:80, PrayGod.jpg)

602f1d  No.4767250



Or a white Man….Transvestigation?

c4d39e  No.4767251


>Mueller will NOT release report until he works for Barr. Period.


>The report will be damning for the Democrats. They don't want to risk any narrative of interference from Whitaker.

not sure, that's Huber's job

I think it will purely exonerate POTUS, maybe hint at what the D's, FBI, DOJ, Hussein's administration, etc did

unclear if Mueller and Huber have been sharing info

>So what is Whitaker doing right now?

imo, holding the line

could you imagine if RR got the acting AG position?


80488a  No.4767252

File: ce3661daec7e559⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1280x854, 640:427, screenieornohaben.png)


i was quoting adam shit :)

90e9e0  No.4767253


Nope Not MM

8c81ac  No.4767254


Stealth bomber?

c588c6  No.4767255

File: 28906d5fa639671⋯.png (251.56 KB, 504x490, 36:35, helpingcory.png)

17aa2a  No.4767256

File: 985afe84ed1ddbb⋯.png (69.27 KB, 470x313, 470:313, ClipboardImage.png)

Almost the 1 year delta on this

fc4a30  No.4767257


Thank you so much for replying. I read stuff and jump to wrong conclusions so often.

And I'm a regular reader of military strategy!

POTUS got me whipped on that.

10835a  No.4767258

File: bd22939e91f45f3⋯.jpg (83.98 KB, 500x330, 50:33, Da Nang Dickless.jpg)

f6b101  No.4767259

The only letters that were misspelled in hamberders was the “erd”. I looked this up. May need more digging, but would 1000 of these be gone in an hour mean anything?


ef2159  No.4767260

File: 3dadf5924e146d2⋯.jpg (705.29 KB, 1200x628, 300:157, 1537718656680.jpg)

File: aca3cfceb3302ff⋯.jpg (190.57 KB, 858x960, 143:160, Freemasons.jpg)

File: 25b4b71a3d43b27⋯.jpg (226.97 KB, 1202x737, 1202:737, mason-signs.jpg)

File: f2030e91acc99c0⋯.jpg (9.38 KB, 277x182, 277:182, download.jpg)

File: 3af2a78d8da8767⋯.jpg (49.73 KB, 400x294, 200:147, ff477-nasa-mason-signs.jpg)


wooooo infinite universe sun 93 million km away wwwooooowo

602f1d  No.4767261

File: 84104c378c7f38f⋯.jpg (79.8 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, grassley trust.jpg)

Grassley up

32fabd  No.4767262


he should have yelled "FIRE!" . nobody will come to help you if you yell CHOCOLATE!

c9751f  No.4767263

Grandpa Grassley asking about FARA! BOOM!

9fa443  No.4767264

File: b8e3b9f3547598b⋯.png (1.24 MB, 1524x1402, 762:701, 30 day furlougs lead rif s….png)

File: d9877625766c77b⋯.png (102.35 KB, 1688x608, 211:76, Screenshot 2019-01-15 14.1….png)

SES - Senior Executive Sevice - Down you go! Keystone

https:// aim4truth.org/2018/01/03/deep-state-shadow-government-revealed-senior-executive-service/?fbclid=IwAR1eDinf3llu2AqJRuHmmRmJjJZyJEs8HF4KP1AV-fCDdyxon_pFUetHbTA

5859c0  No.4767265

>>4766523 (lb)



69a4a6  No.4767266

File: 2480bbd258745ef⋯.png (793.28 KB, 1272x785, 1272:785, clemson911.png)

b9758d  No.4767267

5f757c  No.4767268

File: 75c967c3bba5ebd⋯.png (411 KB, 480x475, 96:95, ClipboardImage.png)


muh pale blue dot

91934d  No.4767269

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



a3e717  No.4767270

File: 9c64099f3d63b86⋯.jpg (570.89 KB, 2896x2896, 1:1, 20190115_141242.jpg)

WTF kind of rescue is this? No wonder Musk called them out.


4b2244  No.4767271

Am I the only one finding it odd #AlexJones is back on facebook etc?

Calling for a rallying cry "Use Hash tag Alex Jones" as the Batlte Cry.

He is patient Zero for Free Speech.

blah blah blah

909089  No.4767272



fc4a30  No.4767273


Hey, you know Carol Channing died earlier today, age 97.

ab0d9c  No.4767274

One of the hardest things of all this for me is:

"I'm not supposed to care about my self, desires, future, needs, or anything like that…

But I don't consider myself to be worthless, so it's hard not to."

90e9e0  No.4767275


Cecillia Carillo….OurGirl….

268f14  No.4767276


This is getting gay

my storm supplies are almost used up

10835a  No.4767277

File: d3c6616706ec496⋯.jpeg (100.99 KB, 800x531, 800:531, Vay Kay.jpeg)


Looks like a donut..

fa5ce9  No.4767278

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Dancing Queer

33d4eb  No.4767279


show me where in Christian scriptures it states anything like the verses below???

This is why jesus called them fake Jews - they have replaced the teachings of Moses with the ora traditions of men…. and fucked up oral traditions at that.

Go ahead and say this is just some rabbi’s opinion and I’ll ask u why did the leaders of Judaism not hang these rabbis? But instead they promoted them and included their fucked up opinions in their Holy Talmud



Yebhamoth 11b: Sexual intercourse with a girl is permitted if she is 3 years old”

Aboda Sarah 37a: If a gentile girl is 3 years of age, she can be violated (raped).

Book of Jore Dia 17: “A Jew should and MUST make a false oath when the Goyim asks if our books contain anything against them.”

Aboda Zara 26b: “Even the best of the gentiles should be killed.”

Sanhedrin 59a: “A goy (gentile) who pries into the law of Talmud is guilty of death”.

Hikkoth Akum X1: “Do not save gentile in danger of death”.

Tosefta. Aboda Zara B, 5 “If a goy kills a goy or a Jew, he is responsible but if a Jew kills a goy, he is NOT responsible”.

Schulchan Aruch, Choszen Hamiszpat 388: It is permitted to kill a Jewish denunciator everywhere. It is permitted to kill him even before he denounces”.

Schulchan Aruch, Choszen Hamiszpat 348: “All property of other nations belongs to Jewish nations, which, consequentially, is entitled to seize upon without any scruples”

Libbre David 37 - “If a Jew be called upon to explain any part of the Rabbinic books, he ought to only give a false explination. Whoever shall violate this law shall be put to death”

Scabhouth Hag 6d: “Jews may swear falsely by use of subterfuge wording”

Libbre David 37: To communicate anything to a gentile about our religious doctrines would be equal to the killing of all Jews, for if the Goyim knew what we teach about them, they would kill us openly

Sanhedrin 59a: “Murdering Goyim is like killing a wild animal”

Anons who wonder about the validity of posts like this should research the Disputation of Paris in 1240, also known as the trial of the Talmud. The church was represented by a highly respected former rabbi, Nicholas Donin, who had converted to Chrisitanity and knew the contents of the Talmud.

Most of the trial focused on allegations regarding Talmudic teachings on Jesus and Mary (although other topics were discussed). When Donin asked the rabbis present if the Talmud, in fact, taught Jesus Christ was burning in a cauldron of excrement in Gehenna, one rabbi responded, "there were many men named Jesus who claimed to be the messiah. Is every Louis in France king?" I believe they call that, "Chutzpah."

The rabbis eventually went silent and refused to answer Donins allegations. The Talmud was deemed heretical and thousands of copies were burned. In the years following the trial, tens of thousands of jews converted to Christianity.

This was not the only time the Talmud was put on trial, but it is the most easily researched.


3c2070  No.4767280

File: f09589b2bd180c9⋯.jpg (103.94 KB, 790x444, 395:222, 57335177c46188fa378b45a7.jpg)

Tests find rat and human DNA in US hamburgers


c7017e  No.4767281


I have to consider that, since I'm not a lady that you protect, like mrs clinton, bush.

I apologies.

54c532  No.4767282

File: f4c2282402faa6d⋯.png (635.58 KB, 1180x1030, 118:103, Screen Shot 2019-01-15 at ….png)


Video clip for anons who missed testimony.

b3c8bd  No.4767283

File: f60e784474a5350⋯.png (150.22 KB, 355x294, 355:294, 2019-01-15_15-13-23.png)

602f1d  No.4767284

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

bce03e  No.4767285

File: 9f8b4ac4e319efe⋯.jpg (170.25 KB, 812x398, 406:199, 2ivolm.jpg)

Barr, don't let your grandson eat whatever she just gave him.

011e94  No.4767286

Feinstein….. passing down something..candy?

03c86f  No.4767287

File: d5f61b964fdf2af⋯.jpeg (453.76 KB, 750x1075, 30:43, EFD2CCB4-6051-4612-9D05-C….jpeg)

John Wetteland, a former Dodgers pitcher and a World Series MVP with the New York Yankees, has been charged in Texas with continuous sex abuse of a child under age 14


288009  No.4767288

>>4766925 (lb)

>MH Tweet: "Kushner is defacto Chief of Staff"

>>4765839 (pb)


Looks like there's a concerted attack on Mulvaney. Could be some truth to this article after all.

>>4763501 (pb)


9ee48c  No.4767289

File: 8da61ae05907395⋯.png (150.79 KB, 1010x732, 505:366, Bonginooooo.png)

909089  No.4767290


CRUSHED: Theresa May’s Brexit Deal Defeated by Record-Breaking Margin in Parliament

Members of Parliament have thrown out Theresa May’s contentious Withdrawal Agreement with the European Union in the long-awaited “meaningful vote” on the deal.

The Prime Minister’s Brexit deal was crushed by a historic margin of 202 in favour to 432 against, paving the way for a vote of no-confidence in the Government by the Opposition, which Mrs May told MPs she would make time for on Wednesday, January 16th.

363e92  No.4767291


Probably to stop them freaking out while they were being rescued?

cb2a00  No.4767292

the head witch is giving out candy

holy shit kid don't eat that

bf0299  No.4767294



085fd6  No.4767295




66f003  No.4767296

File: 640d11ce66dd6b6⋯.jpg (73.31 KB, 640x629, 640:629, 640d11ce66dd6b64df80ed9ed0….jpg)


I know, just poking fun at the quote :)

642dd1  No.4767297

Graham replace Grassley as chairman.

Why, because Graham wants his shot at getting a big hit on the cabal.

All of these place holders are not only working for Trump and fit into the plan, but I bet they all have been treated badly by the cabal and want their chance at taking it on.

Trump has to have tons of pols and other people who have been 'used and abused' by the cabal and want their chance to get even.

8dfbd4  No.4767298


b9e1ea  No.4767299

File: 2d97b0bd6bdeadf⋯.png (429.33 KB, 632x462, 316:231, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 26f3c757717fadf⋯.png (141 KB, 222x362, 111:181, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4e00a3528ab29b7⋯.png (79.66 KB, 207x217, 207:217, ClipboardImage.png)

Maybe nothing…don't know..

Maggie Nixon

Mariah Sunshine Coogan grandmother is Linda Haberstock

Maggie Haberman

stock man..

One article noted that Obama was approaching a buffet on Martha’s vineyard, and while considering what to take asked Maggie Nixon, “What do you like Maggie?” to which Maggie replied, “I like horses!,” making everyone laugh


Berder roughly translates (old english) to "of the same family"

c9751f  No.4767300


Yeah watch the hearing

50ede5  No.4767301

File: f060f2eb57e4cbc⋯.png (324.53 KB, 621x465, 207:155, dddddsswwwsd.png)

>>4766766 lb


ef2159  No.4767302



woowooo almost drown during a spaaacewalk woooo

b9758d  No.4767303

File: 57022e80e13907e⋯.png (225.55 KB, 469x710, 469:710, 57022e80e13907ea2c9d67462c….png)

Tanks, anon. Have some bewbs for payment.

7db244  No.4767304

The Talmud is a vile book

992eae  No.4767305

File: fe64e77b18a5c0b⋯.jpg (96.01 KB, 261x320, 261:320, Beanztache.jpg)

262249  No.4767306


Do we really think there are enough cows in the world to supply the fast food demand?

8452a6  No.4767307

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Here's the Fox link. Fuck the Amazon post

f9126f  No.4767308

Life as a contractor is fun

big jew companies in the west have utterly mastered the art of ripping us off through various loopholes and get away with it

a7a46a  No.4767309


Key word is "claims".

268f14  No.4767310


You know its real because it looks so fake

cb2a00  No.4767311


Bongino's selling 23andme DNA kits on his podcasts now.

very disappointing

ef2159  No.4767312

File: 94803041fef2f39⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1200x800, 3:2, 1547014560618.png)

927680  No.4767313

thanks for the antidote chemtrails Mr President. Another glorious day being sprayed in America whilst the Jewish media contribute to promote violence against whites and your show is a clusterfuck. You have NO EXCUSE for not shutting the media's white hate down.


do we even exist to you?

4bcfa0  No.4767314


Just gave Barr CANDY?!?!

Oh snap!!


edc1c4  No.4767315


My thoughts too!

c237b4  No.4767316


I do not know.

7db244  No.4767317


It would certainly appear so…

602f1d  No.4767318



It's all starting to make sense now. Take the boys down to a remote, difficult to access cave for fucking and maybe sacrifice…maybe they got in over their heads…or just a cover story.

9b67b0  No.4767319

File: 311b527c1b45fb2⋯.jpg (71.68 KB, 704x396, 16:9, Shutdown21.jpg)

Trump hasn't vetoed a continuing spending resolution yet.

He said he would, but one has yet to reach his desk.

Chuck and Nancy, this shutdown's on YOU

a3ef33  No.4767320


Remember Sawman jumped all over this

33ee1e  No.4767321

File: ef954c5a5c06d43⋯.jpg (24.66 KB, 550x330, 5:3, GettyImages-959183314-550x….jpg)

Fuckin' Feinstein Just Bribed

Barr's Grandson!

You deserve a Care Package Little one!

Sick Bitch!

ef3970  No.4767322

just tuned back in…what did Barr just say about gun control?

927680  No.4767323


77D chess anon.

909089  No.4767324

Don'tcha hate when you accidentally close the tab???


Farage: MPs Engaged in ‘Betrayal of Greatest Democratic Exercise in Our History’

Brexit campaigner Nigel Farage has said that the political class ignoring the will of the people is a “complete betrayal of the greatest democratic exercise in the history of our nation.”

545608  No.4767325


Oh. My. Fucking. God. Who the fuck cares about bullshit writings from thousands of years ago? It's 2019. I live my life based on today, not what some people wrote thousands of years ago.

I don't see Jews fucking 3 year olds or putting gentiles to death for researching Jewish books because if that were the case, YOU'D BE ON A FUCKING HIT LIST. Know why you're not? Because no one follows this shit.

a7a46a  No.4767326



f20f7a  No.4767327


>May, Merkel, and Macron will all be gone soon.

I wonder if TPTP told Macron hang in there in order to not affect the Brexit negotiations. Can't have it look like plebes on the streets may be effective. If May goes down Macron may just pack it in.

3c2070  No.4767328

File: 951aaa04cad1604⋯.jpg (247.58 KB, 653x367, 653:367, 1ASA01_Sh104_tk01_0035.jpg)

268f14  No.4767329

8452a6  No.4767330

File: 0021dca2c718a69⋯.jpg (528.16 KB, 630x830, 63:83, 1536912046732.jpg)



4b2244  No.4767331


Bet Q is one of them..

Ya think!

8c81ac  No.4767332


I'd make her take the first bite and wait 20 minutes.

642dd1  No.4767333


and then they were kept from their families. ..and then all but one was put into a monastery for a month or so for training.

You do know that Richard Blum, Diane's husband is bestie with the Dalai lama of the branding ring.

Some These monks traffick in children.

65ebe8  No.4767335




Andrew Jackson firing of non essential federal government employees

bf0299  No.4767336

What. I thought she was long gone. I remember her dying?


c4d39e  No.4767337

File: a8784e8d2174ba7⋯.jpg (9.11 KB, 268x188, 67:47, pepecig.jpg)


>Who the fuck cares about bullshit writings from thousands of years ago?

a lot of people

c0f97c  No.4767338

File: 26d3dad7c6c1885⋯.png (45.54 KB, 472x174, 236:87, Screen Shot 2019-01-15 at ….png)


muh barr


whodis creep?

d8385e  No.4767339


Hey Baker potential notable was missed last bread

NSA OIG report released


Apologies to anon who originally posted, was busy digging into it and didn’t tag your post as notable.

83acc5  No.4767340


meme TM on the seinfeld scene of elaine in the dancing episode. Funny shat there.

602f1d  No.4767341


You're right…clicked on the first one that came up..my bad….but hey, I haven't bought one item from Bezos in probably 2 years.

909089  No.4767342


EU Cracks: Eurozone Prez Admits EU Can ‘Change Course’ on Brexit Deal

Mario Centeno said Tuesday that if the British parliament rejects the agreement struck with the European Union by Prime Minister Theresa May, “we will be able to change course.”

He tells Portuguese television channel S.I.C. that “we can always look again at the issues,” but did not elaborate.

5d76a7  No.4767343

File: 1fa9b59a4d5a8fe⋯.jpg (56.82 KB, 575x329, 575:329, purdybean.jpg)

78d028  No.4767344

My condolences to anyone that can't see Barr is one fat ass deep state douche. You're either insane or dumb as a rock.

8dfbd4  No.4767345

So Barr and Feinstein are going to take the guns!

91934d  No.4767346

File: 74f7d91d90de6f1⋯.png (147.23 KB, 252x263, 252:263, ClipboardImage.png)

10835a  No.4767347

File: 69eca9b522f93be⋯.jpg (26.52 KB, 800x419, 800:419, CG steel glare.jpg)

5f757c  No.4767348

File: 49dfd3d297471ed⋯.png (197.48 KB, 466x228, 233:114, ClipboardImage.png)

011e94  No.4767349

That same space alien lady is behind Feinstein’s left shoulder

c7017e  No.4767350

Traitors are keeping the truth hidden for the public.

In orther to manipulate them..

c0f97c  No.4767351


you prefer the bullshit writings of today.

b9e1ea  No.4767352

279f93  No.4767353


Didn't he say "Yeah ok Pedo Guy"

a3e717  No.4767354


Then why tell an elaborate lie?

e95bf6  No.4767355

So stage had to be set to RIF the demacratic socialist infiltrators (ie. Drain The Swamp).

The first round of budgeting was bait. They took it.

Dems try to squirm out of it - "No deals."

senior admin officials purge

admin prepped for tribunals while dems eat each other

dems turn on each other and try to save themselves


death penalty for pedos/killers

harsh penalties for other traitors

4c3fea  No.4767356

File: 8c614674bf7e587⋯.jpg (99.35 KB, 1407x637, 201:91, IMG_20180612_070607.jpg)

992eae  No.4767357

File: cdaca29f65546fc⋯.png (278.38 KB, 619x399, 619:399, ClipboardImage.png)


Is she doing Robert de Niro?

267437  No.4767358


Need to get one and swab my dog's mouth and send it in! :-)

a3ef33  No.4767359

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Speaking of Thailand, this has been making its rounds on YT.

Your guess is as good as mine.

4b2244  No.4767360


kek kek kek kek


1b22c6  No.4767361


Shill or tard

Neither is a good look fag

fe8372  No.4767362

File: ac5c143a1d175e1⋯.png (1.2 MB, 955x717, 955:717, spacelibs.PNG)



717ebb  No.4767363

UK PARLIAMENT decisively Throws Out

Prime Minister Theresa May's BREXIT Deal.

432 votes Against Only 202 For

DEEP STATE in Retreat

fc4a30  No.4767364


You’re thinking of RBG. kek

a7a46a  No.4767365

03c86f  No.4767366

File: 2ec9115840791bd⋯.jpeg (361.03 KB, 750x1012, 375:506, 11DB812F-D0C4-4166-9481-3….jpeg)

File: a5251ddc66058fe⋯.jpeg (94.5 KB, 759x431, 759:431, 4325A814-9CC0-4B42-99B0-7….jpeg)

WHOA! Interesting. Just a random decision, or getting ready for a “new normal”

Second lady going back to work.

ef2159  No.4767367

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


who's thirsty? let me get some cgi water in



c4d39e  No.4767368

Notables so far


>>4767175, >>4767192, >>4767201, >>4767211, >>4767290 Moar on May being btfo'd

>>4767188, >>4767216 John Bolton Wants to Bomb Iran

>>4767287 Former MLB pitcher charged with "continuous sex abuse of a child under age 14"

>>4767339 NSA OIG report released

Perpetual Handoff™ in effect


110cfd  No.4767369

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Good interview with Indra Nooyi day (or two) after 2016 election

I'd heard she was a never-Trumper, but went back to the original source (this interview) and that doesn't appear to be the case

WASHINGTON — The White House is considering Indra K. Nooyi, the former chief executive officer of PepsiCo, for the position of World Bank president, according to several people familiar with the process.

cb2a00  No.4767370

File: 4a6f50559fd09bb⋯.jpeg (111.34 KB, 980x742, 70:53, 1546352976.jpeg)

90e9e0  No.4767372

File: 7c6cc42c18ac0cd⋯.jpg (36.46 KB, 634x451, 634:451, 4653CC3B00000578-0-image-a….jpg)

File: b62fb49085afc11⋯.jpg (40.57 KB, 399x385, 57:55, 2l6j72.jpg)

efa9ce  No.4767373

>>4767149 (lb)

So you are saying they kidnapped Cal's mother?

33d4eb  No.4767374


u sure got triggered.

u dont see jews fucking 3 year olds? wtf u think pedowood is??

Why does Q tell us to read our bible? wtf u even doing here faggot?

oh thats right, ur a shill.

Luke 12:4 - they will have to kill me to keep me from exposing their subversive ways.

7d4830  No.4767375


May was a trojan horse from the get go.

the brexit deal May negotiated was a poison pill. it removed the UKs representation in the EU, for little it was worth, and made the UK an indentured servant for however long the EU wanted.

now its a scramble. ANYTHING is possible. and the knives are out as every one jockeys for position.

a3ef33  No.4767376


I was thinking the same thing because nobody dances that bad but Elaine kek

8c81ac  No.4767377

602f1d  No.4767378


If by "rescued" you mean fucked in the ass…yes.

642dd1  No.4767379


not seeing their families upon being rescued ought to have been a huge clue, no matter what crap the experts said.

you would not have kept me from grabbing my kid and taking him home.

d91963  No.4767380


KEK. Thought the same

bce03e  No.4767381


Dance moves like a giraffe with an ass itch.

a2d84e  No.4767382


And the RATS - except Hirono - are obviously behaving WAY above their usual intentions, the swords are still hanging over their heads

4bf7ad  No.4767383

File: 5bf85d0bb5d09c6⋯.jpg (597.52 KB, 1052x891, 1052:891, Screen Shot 01-15-19 at 08….JPG)

File: 4c4fbf557529c14⋯.jpg (355.8 KB, 1052x510, 526:255, Screen Shot 01-15-19 at 08….JPG)

German FM Maas says if Parliament rejects May’s Brexit deal, there could be new talks with the EU

Published time: 15 Jan, 2019 11:07 Edited time: 15 Jan, 2019 12:45


3378af  No.4767384


Problem solution. They create a problem and they plan on how to make money off of it. They pre position things to make money off any crisis they cause.

Who are we to quibble how a Jew makes his shekels.

c7017e  No.4767385

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

262249  No.4767386

Soccer/Boys/Trafficking/Caves/Border/Buddhist Monks


5d76a7  No.4767387


>ANYTHING is possible. and the knives are out as every one jockeys for position.

As Muslims run through the streets of London…

33d4eb  No.4767388

File: 288926124927075⋯.jpeg (117.9 KB, 956x670, 478:335, 94E061EE-8AB2-48DC-A2D1-E….jpeg)

File: a962022dc62d2c9⋯.jpeg (125.99 KB, 720x663, 240:221, 10D22487-95AF-4D86-A025-3….jpeg)

File: dbba1269b16e842⋯.jpeg (470.9 KB, 1185x1325, 237:265, 6F20703D-36D2-4EB1-8DE3-F….jpeg)

File: 4ea52d1c43cc3d7⋯.jpeg (339.5 KB, 820x1446, 410:723, 8D9F91DB-70FC-422C-8C9B-5….jpeg)

File: b71793de59a106b⋯.jpeg (610.63 KB, 1000x2891, 1000:2891, 9CA060F4-8F9A-425F-9D67-4….jpeg)


oh u prefer pics? Ok. enjoy these. let me know what u think of them.

b9e1ea  No.4767389

File: 8d5e60b3e934539⋯.png (45.36 KB, 628x437, 628:437, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 35f9cdcce7a1d28⋯.jpg (81.51 KB, 707x500, 707:500, FakeJewLeonBlack.jpg)

File: b46c6387fedd4c9⋯.jpg (176.41 KB, 940x548, 235:137, KushnerGroup.jpg)

File: 600f0310445d960⋯.jpg (62.9 KB, 616x432, 77:54, YesJewIsrael.JPG)


Leon Black does….

Sheriff Israel does…

Jared Kushner does…

909089  No.4767390

Mueller still supoena-ing Corsi


Robert Mueller has zeroed in on at least three new witnesses associated with a conservative commentator connected to former Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone, signaling that investigators remain focused on the activities of Stone and his associates despite the continued public silence on a matter long thought to be close to resolution.

And Corsi's stepson Andrew Stettner,

717ebb  No.4767391


British Pound strengthens after the vote !

Says It All . . .

c0f97c  No.4767392


will BHO ever be brought to justice (in this life)?

eb0868  No.4767393


Talking heads video…'letting the days go by'.

1e39f9  No.4767394

File: 0732a4aff45a157⋯.png (906.71 KB, 949x714, 949:714, ClipboardImage.png)

It is Tuesday btw.

20bb52  No.4767395

File: 7a91957dd42b13f⋯.jpg (246.96 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, IMG-20190115-WA0000.jpg)

baaa3e  No.4767396

File: d039585e4f9dfc3⋯.jpg (330.87 KB, 3456x2592, 4:3, buffy.jpg)

363e92  No.4767397


You must be panicking there in D.C.

You really don't want this guy, do you?

a7a46a  No.4767398


Sometimes it hard to tell what with all the reddits here. They will jump on any ridiculous thing you can think of to post. Kek

4bf7ad  No.4767399

File: ac29458b912a5be⋯.jpg (223.93 KB, 1240x697, 1240:697, 5c3dabf5fc7e93d91a8b457a.JPG)

May & Merkel send their love….

8c81ac  No.4767400

DiFi practically begging Barr for quick release of Mueller's report!


76cdc3  No.4767402

File: 2b56156c6317919⋯.png (552.4 KB, 847x370, 847:370, BOOKBLOW.png)

File: 74065b3616e9f6a⋯.png (521.89 KB, 858x450, 143:75, bookbush.png)

File: ce674ec167d26c0⋯.png (49.54 KB, 170x255, 2:3, bookbert.png)

262249  No.4767403

b9e1ea  No.4767404




011e94  No.4767405

75eae4  No.4767406

File: 713ff6063353e5c⋯.png (42.52 KB, 639x337, 639:337, JWoods re Armed 1-15-19.PNG)


927680  No.4767407


no anon, that would be this show on the hill.

tha'ts a betrayal.

e95bf6  No.4767408


elon knowing was obvious

he gave them a huge middle finger on that rogan podcast >>4767294

17a283  No.4767409

File: bcf361eef60afaa⋯.jpeg (22.02 KB, 255x215, 51:43, 5968951C-0E29-414F-9973-C….jpeg)

File: 3b92eba433fb9bf⋯.gif (971.17 KB, 322x425, 322:425, CF6314B1-143D-4081-8734-3A….gif)

6c8adc  No.4767410

Type exactly this, JFKJr.Live into a new Tweet.

Watch what link appears.

Have toilet paper handy.

df6366  No.4767411

File: aa4ce6cd76bc9e5⋯.png (799.89 KB, 1000x807, 1000:807, Screen Shot 2019-01-15 at ….png)

POTUS Trump says in the interview with Judge Jeanine Pirro that the New York Times article was the "MOST INSULTING ARTICLE I'VE EVER HAD WRITTEN " Can other Anons Verify this . May be A message to Anons . Or am I hearing shit ???

Fast forward to the ! minute ## second Mark .


c4d39e  No.4767412



909089  No.4767413

File: 665687d5d353a41⋯.png (38.22 KB, 584x303, 584:303, AQ8.PNG)


Pompeo calls out Iran

683e24  No.4767414

File: 99c3783a8ed6348⋯.png (431.8 KB, 888x500, 222:125, OldBobCriesAtCloud.png)

90e9e0  No.4767415

Watching the Barr confirmation, seems the Dem senators are treating this guy like an old friend… Should that be concerning? Swamp creature?

78d028  No.4767416


Wake up nigger. He just sat there and tossed our 2nd Amendment into the shredder. Back off the Qool-aid. You've lost all reason.

baaa3e  No.4767417

don't torture us…

2495eb  No.4767418

File: 5b593439111d2ca⋯.gif (987.04 KB, 500x300, 5:3, GenRipper.gif)


About fuckin' time.

f6b101  No.4767419

I posted earlier. Posting again with copy.

DJT tweet today with hamberder only misspelled the “erd”. I looked up “erd” and came across this. Would 1,000s of these “relationship databases” being gone in an hour mean info on us or the RIF employee files?

Definition - What does Entity-Relationship Diagram (ERD) mean?

An entity-relationship diagram (ERD) is a data modeling technique that graphically illustrates an information system’s entities and the relationships between those entities. An ERD is a conceptual and representational model of data used to represent the entity framework infrastructure.

The elements of an ERD are:




Steps involved in creating an ERD include:

Identifying and defining the entities

Determining all interactions between the entities

Analyzing the nature of interactions/determining the cardinality of the relationships

Creating the ERD

Techopedia explains Entity-Relationship Diagram (ERD)

An entity-relationship diagram (ERD) is crucial to creating a good database design. It is used as a high-level logical data model, which is useful in developing a conceptual design for databases.

An entity is a real-world item or concept that exists on its own. Entities are equivalent to database tables in a relational database, with each row of the table representing an instance of that entity.

An attribute of an entity is a particular property that describes the entity. A relationship is the association that describes the interaction between entities. Cardinality, in the context of ERD, is the number of instances of one entity that can, or must, be associated with each instance of another entity. In general, there may be one-to-one, one-to-many, or many-to-many relationships.

For example, let us consider two real-world entities, an employee and his department. An employee has attributes such as an employee number, name, department number, etc. Similarly, department number and name can be defined as attributes of a department. A department can interact with many employees, but an employee can belong to only one department, hence there can be a one-to-many relationship, defined between department and employee.

In the actual database, the employee table will have department number as a foreign key, referencing from department table, to enforce the relationship.

268f14  No.4767420



you could land a job with Nasa

bf0299  No.4767421

Ugh, evil witch, poisons kid…





Mandala effect? I thought she died in 90’s or 2000’s early

e95bf6  No.4767422


We talked an awful lot about this last night.

We also talked a lot about the Y/Owl head symbolism and how it relates to the bloodlines.

the shills fucking hated it.

1b22c6  No.4767423

Feinstein doesn't want to be waterboarded in GITMO

0417a6  No.4767424


>Europe and Middle East



363e92  No.4767425

Regarding the RIF process, anons should read up on the tenure part… long serving members can be moved into positions that are already held by less senior members… this would enable Trump to eliminate every. single. one of Obama's hires across the government.

Including SES.

03c86f  No.4767426

Feinstein sure is concerned about interrogation and torture.

a7a46a  No.4767427



This is unsubstantiated bullshit.

eb0868  No.4767428

File: 16964e47ccbf274⋯.png (244.01 KB, 517x380, 517:380, Screenshot_2019-01-15 once….png)

80488a  No.4767429

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


kek, here is an interesting about what could be done ten yrs back in live vid editing, around 6 min mark

4c3fea  No.4767430

File: e4fb2bc81b980f2⋯.jpg (54.75 KB, 500x500, 1:1, image_2.jpg)

91bab7  No.4767431

File: 6cf9a0ba0382d7e⋯.png (87.36 KB, 640x438, 320:219, ClipboardImage.png)

86beff  No.4767432


What do you expect from a psyop about nothing.

Everybody is doing something, we'll do nothing.

What did you do today? that is your psyop's right there.

Check the Q post on Salsa, it's killer.

e95bf6  No.4767433


please source. i'd love to see it also

0dd8e3  No.4767434


Feinstein asking about waterboarding

And torture

Wonder why?

Barr: torture is never lawful

She seems relieved

df6366  No.4767435


Fast forward to 1 Minute 33 Second mark *

eb456b  No.4767436

Why is difi asking about waterboarding, interrogation, and torture? SHE SCURED?

Why did she just say no name?

edc1c4  No.4767437


I just texted that to spouseanon

5859c0  No.4767438

File: 76987f848cf92b2⋯.png (207.96 KB, 399x639, 133:213, AJ Traitor Pawn.png)


Patient Zero?


Infomercial cancer is not contagious.

10835a  No.4767439

File: d4878973229a856⋯.gif (3.26 MB, 432x252, 12:7, Glow and Mow.gif)

eb0868  No.4767441

File: 1607f1692e0c8c8⋯.jpg (267.53 KB, 1100x880, 5:4, DoYouWantADoOver.jpg)

288009  No.4767442

File: e1b9ed81908f489⋯.jpg (64.37 KB, 634x630, 317:315, deborah-harry-at-the-moca-….jpg)

>>4766022 (pb)

>Lauren Hutton worked as a Playboy Bunny..


So did Debbie Harry.


The future platinum-haired lead singer of Blondie worked her bunny ears at New York City's Playboy Club from 1968 to '73

f97569  No.4767443

>>4766702 (pb)

Ain't my book.

7db244  No.4767444

Anybody heard anything about why all the Ds really went to Puerto Rico with a bunch of lobbyists…

78d028  No.4767445


He could have saved time and just said "Yes to whatever you want" as soon as she opened her commie pie hole.

3378af  No.4767446



Yeah. They did. Kept her for a day. No one ever charged. No reason ever given. The press just stopped talking about it very fast.

A message was sent. Cal was working with Second Mile. He could of been innocent and thought he was doing good. Maybe they got wind he was learning the truth and they knew Ripken had such a high profile he could cause trouble. But the word down here in Maryland is the kidnapping story stinks. Something is was very wrong about it.

8452a6  No.4767447

File: 650e263b89c9180⋯.jpg (28.61 KB, 359x480, 359:480, fceb79da843e839abd461e1bf7….jpg)

File: 59c873effdba586⋯.png (225.21 KB, 502x446, 251:223, c13628a3a6810a256db8c03783….png)

262249  No.4767448

File: f1b1d2dcd23f63a⋯.jpg (80.49 KB, 487x630, 487:630, iu (2).jpg)

bece66  No.4767449

File: fb902c9e7cee9a6⋯.png (330.09 KB, 540x667, 540:667, ClipboardImage.png)

642dd1  No.4767450

Is difi worried about being waterboarded?

did they 'question' noname or hw?

363e92  No.4767451


Thus proving my point.

You people glow so fucking bright I need to wear sunglasses…

ef2159  No.4767452

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


wooo spaaaace, come here don't go flying around

fa5ce9  No.4767453

File: 897143b2f089787⋯.png (134.5 KB, 480x360, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

a7a46a  No.4767454


She said no name because he came out against water boarding.

BTW, we are no longer waterboarding people.

b9e1ea  No.4767455

File: a577c0f1f859fd8⋯.png (275.52 KB, 436x353, 436:353, ClipboardImage.png)

File: cd736c9aedf20dc⋯.png (294.33 KB, 582x430, 291:215, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9392152bb546aa3⋯.png (42.17 KB, 277x537, 277:537, ClipboardImage.png)

717ebb  No.4767456



432 VOTES AGAINST Juncker's Deal


What is there to talk about


BREXIT will end up as a No Deal = WTO rules.

4cabd2  No.4767457

File: 0a3167f45e2a84e⋯.jpg (88.93 KB, 604x659, 604:659, IMG_5343.JPG)

Mexican leather upholstery will never be so cheap

Great workmanship

Great value

d91963  No.4767459


I’m in Europe and don’t feel threatened by it

bb8546  No.4767460

File: fafb4f34d3905e9⋯.jpg (83.22 KB, 585x477, 65:53, Screenshot 2019-01-15_15-2….jpg)

4d6d00  No.4767461


BHO is a face card. Of course he’s going to get served. You don’t think Obama’s trotting out there to remind Americans how much we hate him on his OWN, do you?

1e39f9  No.4767462

File: a8d0737eb213c75⋯.png (439.16 KB, 750x600, 5:4, ClipboardImage.png)

3c2070  No.4767463

This eerily perfect circle of ice is floating in a Maine river


c9751f  No.4767464


There is a good possibility Barr used to be /theirguy/. After all, he WAS GHWB's AG. They might still think he is /theirguy/

1d70de  No.4767465


Yeah, well, I've had a gun to my head a couple of times, James, and I never felt my life was over. To be frank, they were two moments of clarity, serenity and calmness with nary a thought that my life was over.

a9a540  No.4767466

File: 1697a3470acaa9e⋯.png (115.57 KB, 716x839, 716:839, Screenshot_20190115-142810….png)

3378af  No.4767467


Someday your going to know how wrong you are about Kushner. But your not supposed to know now or the trick does not work as well. So keep talking shit about him. It does him a service.

268f14  No.4767468


to bad there is a taco shortage

4d6d00  No.4767469




eb456b  No.4767470


she said "no name" under her breath…

She's scured!

ef2159  No.4767472


I'm more threatened about macron and merkel than fucking iran or nuke boy from koreia

4b2244  No.4767473


My point was.. He is back on there.

He is controlled opposition or they would have never let him back on.

642dd1  No.4767474


DS making its final stand in PAKISTAND?

8a72fb  No.4767475

File: ec292e4bb402afb⋯.gif (801.08 KB, 320x180, 16:9, 68568328.gif)


I agree. This exactly the sort of thing Bolton is there for - not to bomb Iran, but, rather, to credibly put the idea out there that it's possible.

104cf5  No.4767476


Sounds like a smart plan….what if the kids freaked underwater and started pulling at airlines or ropes….both would be killed

66f003  No.4767477


Huh…you're right. POTUS has all the cards, including theirs. Long been suspected a lot of the left and MSM insanity is artificially generated and POTUS rarely misspeaks if ever.

c07607  No.4767478

File: c137367bd138cc2⋯.jpg (95.66 KB, 490x1008, 35:72, tranny-hulk.jpg)

c9751f  No.4767479


Im surprised she even answered at all

75eae4  No.4767480

File: d39bc0a99601951⋯.png (523.18 KB, 656x564, 164:141, Gaetz re Bolling Cap Hill ….PNG)


fa5ce9  No.4767481

File: 863a5d3bb6a1c9d⋯.png (160.16 KB, 400x300, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

4d6d00  No.4767482


Chelsea Clinton responding to PG questions on the twat!

c9751f  No.4767483

Any word yet on the BREXIT vote?

279f93  No.4767484

Boris Johnson talked about the deep state live tonight.

81c9c7  No.4767485

File: 56fe51d434a02bd⋯.png (17.57 KB, 593x220, 593:220, Screenshot_2019-01-15 Urba….png)

642dd1  No.4767486


I Heard her say his name.

69a4a6  No.4767487

File: b1057d8ddb38203⋯.png (535.69 KB, 1002x575, 1002:575, Screenshot from 2019-01-15….png)

File: 5975b6ec75b5afb⋯.jpg (130.26 KB, 928x613, 928:613, k4ZRHyc.jpg)

File: 18bfaadc13c5f4f⋯.jpg (53.79 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 3iFrimUl.jpg)

File: bc7245d486e0854⋯.png (287.38 KB, 603x451, 603:451, Screenshot from 2018-11-11….png)

File: e3a0e1d5a915807⋯.png (786.16 KB, 906x648, 151:108, Screenshot from 2018-11-11….png)

>>4765797 PB

Great. Another fucking degenerate donut shop. Of course this one is "all about the children"

d91963  No.4767488



10835a  No.4767489

File: e3ba82537596b7a⋯.jpg (48.19 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, Pump up the volume.jpg)


Volume 214,194,815

Avg. Volume 378,235,483


Volume 1,418,456,081

Avg. Volume 2,458,965,161


Volume 1,702,069,263

Avg. Volume 4,070,021,612

These are still well below average and earlier it looked as if they would improve but it is slightly better than last 6 sessions…just.

4cabd2  No.4767490

Must of been something in that peurto rican koolaid


545608  No.4767491



ef2159  No.4767492


"my dad now goes the vegan route" haha hope he is eating salad upside down after 4 solid hours of torture you bitch

d5ee60  No.4767493

File: 804fea33baf7d36⋯.png (546.15 KB, 1024x455, 1024:455, praying medic.png)

File: 38c7afccf3a4d66⋯.png (251.64 KB, 567x608, 567:608, Image 15.png)

The Pickle PAYtriot blocked me for asking him to talk about a few Mossad Qdrops and for him to clear up his Pickle decode KEK

Fucking GOOF

8dfbd4  No.4767494

Cornyn and Barr are talking about taking guns away from people using false flags as evidence for their arguments for keeping guns out of the hands of mentally ill people.

c588c6  No.4767495


It's all fun and games till one of those ewok troll monkey's attacks the first person that gets too close.

992eae  No.4767497

File: 3274975484bd64e⋯.jpg (59.71 KB, 701x261, 701:261, MayNiro.jpg)

c3e5f3  No.4767498

Terrifying IoT Search Engine Lets You Spy On Strangers’ Webcams

Think of the millions of devices with video feeds—maybe the baby monitor perched over your kid’s crib or a security camera looking out over your back porch. A new feature on the most popular search engine for the Internet of Things just made it a lot easier to find such feeds. And it’s even creepier than you can imagine.

Shodan is a website that scans the internet for publicly accessible devices and captures their IP addresses—creating a searchable index that includes everything from in-home surveillance cameras to traffic lights to fetal heart monitors to power switches for hospitals. Essentially any of the so-called Internet of Things that doesn’t have a password is up for grabs, and that’s more devices than you’d think.


Programmer John Matherly developed the site in 2009 when he was a teenager, and he originally thought his pet project would help large tech companies see who was using their devices. But now the site is mostly used by hackers and researchers. Until recently, Shodan was used almost exclusively within the cybersecurity community, because searches require a general understanding of technical language. But a new feature has made it easier for anyone to peek people’s home surveillance devices. The new channel includes screen grabs of security camera feeds along with their location.

As Ars Technica reports, these webcams show feeds from sensitive locations like schools, banks, marijuana plantations, labs and babies’ rooms. Shodan members who pay the $49 monthly fee can search the full feed at images.shodan.io. A Vocativ search of some of the most recently added images shows offices, school, porches and the interior of people’s homes. Accompanying each of these grabs is a pinned map that shows the location of the device capturing that footage.

The site also offers free memberships that allow anyone to search through thousands of webcams. Most of these devices require a password to view the feed (Shodan users have written a few articles about the most-used passwords so that others can easily hack feeds), but unfortunately many people don’t set up password authentication on their devices. Such cameras are easily accessed through Shodan, and many of them can even be controlled by Shodan users.

So, if you value your puppies or personal privacy, set up a password on all your connected devices. (Or better yet, unplug those stupid fucking webcams!)



262249  No.4767499


Is BC off kids?

bb8546  No.4767500

File: 79e3e2569235840⋯.jpg (104.01 KB, 590x755, 118:151, Screenshot 2019-01-15_15-3….jpg)


4cabd2  No.4767501


Not yet

927680  No.4767502

File: dd9203c1ab5b4f1⋯.jpg (69.03 KB, 798x445, 798:445, jewish-white-genocide-kaha….jpg)

File: 9c1e88f379b0425⋯.jpeg (74.72 KB, 494x612, 247:306, 8b34e1ec4667999c865250274….jpeg)

File: 29dd56b8b3c74ee⋯.png (56.72 KB, 637x436, 637:436, youcis-tweet-4.png)

File: f4d71801ec584c8⋯.jpg (159.9 KB, 736x920, 4:5, 68055c36dc749de7ab2b582ea2….jpg)

File: c42a2664e52e1aa⋯.jpg (50.93 KB, 500x384, 125:96, preserve-your-bloodline.jpg)


no deals.

member when you believed that?

well they have betrayed us. it only took them…two years. look at them sucking niggwer jew dick over "white nationalism".

civic nationalism is jew propaganda

0417a6  No.4767503



>Vegan route


c9751f  No.4767504

Another Anon mentioned this, and it's worth repeating. The Senators (Dems specifically) are NOT being hostile at all to Barr. They are being rather soft on him, and treating him like an old friend.

25c81f  No.4767505

File: 979536ee63a6aa3⋯.gif (4.79 MB, 416x311, 416:311, dennis.gif)

456e27  No.4767507

Kristen Gillibrand expected to enter 2020 race later this evening per CNN

80488a  No.4767508

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Paradise # 64 ~ Inner View w/ Cal Fire Fighter and Paradise Victim Mike

5 min old from paradise

1d70de  No.4767509



Can confirm,

4bcfa0  No.4767510

File: ab90bfe62b41f88⋯.png (1.62 MB, 1359x764, 1359:764, Screenshot-2019-1-15 (12) ….png)


Go back.. she is just after Grassley…


bb351b  No.4767511


not sure he ever was into kids. He always seemed to like the bimbo types

fc4a30  No.4767512


Yes but… Pompeo is kind of backing the animosity of Bolton:

"Pompeo’s Anti-Iran Tour Faces Obstacles of a Fractious Middle East

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia — In a barnstorming tour that took him to eight countries in one week, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo burned with one central message: “The need to counter the greatest threat of all in the Middle East, the Iranian regime and its campaigns of terrorism and destruction,” as he put it in Cairo on Thursday."

https://www.nytimes.com/2019/01/14/world/middleeast/pompeo-iran-middle-east-coalition.html 20 hrs ago, sry NYT sauce

c07607  No.4767513


Who the hell says "cheese pizza?" I've never met or heard anyone refer to pizza as anything more than simply, pizza.

279f93  No.4767514


That's the agenda, fool others into fake dangers to ignore the ones right at HOME.

fbd23e  No.4767515

File: 8714d8baf10b8a9⋯.jpg (95.08 KB, 800x564, 200:141, Untitled.jpg)

09b3ec  No.4767516

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c9751f  No.4767517


This gets confusing. So it means BREXIT wont happen now, and UK stays part of the EU? Or May's BREXIT terms got rejected, meaning full exit of EU still the plan?

b37bec  No.4767518


Former FBI general counsel James Baker is subject of a criminal leak investigation. News contained in letter from Jim Jordan to US Attorney in Connecticut.


7d4830  No.4767519


well, arent you special

whats your point?

4cabd2  No.4767520

Must of been something in that peurto rican koolaid


Damn Mormon shrooms

eb456b  No.4767521


Is BC in a vegetative state? Code for what?

d6dd31  No.4767522

that's weird. i have been seeing 333 all the time for the past 3 or 4 years and post 333 was on the catalog.

a4b1da  No.4767523


kek. fukken saved.

df6366  No.4767524


Confirmed POTUS wrote Article on himself in the New York times .

33d4eb  No.4767525

File: 6a26de833d1c948⋯.jpeg (886.98 KB, 1242x1653, 414:551, 2BC2ADC7-B4A1-4248-ABE9-6….jpeg)

030afe  No.4767526

1da363  No.4767527



Thank you for handing me reasons why I refuse to have any.

The phones and tablets are bad enough

a7a46a  No.4767528


Those women were not bimbos, asshole.

c4d39e  No.4767529


no, I've heard they'll just leave without any deal about how they leave

they'll just 'say fuck you we're out'

a54b2e  No.4767530

File: 192a92bdc4207b2⋯.jpg (70.94 KB, 591x593, 591:593, David-Frodsham-Arizona-Fos….jpg)

File: 8471097517d7dc6⋯.png (205.91 KB, 914x703, 914:703, ClipboardImage.png)

Arizona Foster Care System Revealed as Pedophile Ring: Former Foster Child Tortured for Years Sues for $15 Million.

More, horrific, reading here.


bb8546  No.4767531

File: 8ebdc5e3c6a00ae⋯.jpg (25.67 KB, 580x175, 116:35, Screenshot 2019-01-15_15-3….jpg)

279f93  No.4767532


Wow okay, well looks like my feeling on that guy was right after-all.

c07607  No.4767533

602f1d  No.4767534


Trump needs to declass the fake shootings

Douchebag dems don't understand mentally ill or bad people will get guns illegally or use other means…you can't legislate to save lives.

Of course it's all just a ruse to disarm Americans and bring in socialism in the long run…but don't see that happening.

bb351b  No.4767535


she knows what she is doing. shes trolling. Why? Because fuck all has been to done rid the planet of the clinton stain.

d6dd31  No.4767536


when i pulled it up.

4d6d00  No.4767537

“Thankfully and hilariously share all of their thoughts aloud” doesn’t even make sense in the context she is speaking.

She is sending signals.


b9758d  No.4767538


BC humping vegetables now?

11577c  No.4767539


>Your guess is as good as mine.

All you had to do was read…

This was the bizarre moment tourists were confronted with a family of ewok-like troll monkeys playing music on a Thai island. The creatures were seen sheltering under the rocks in Railay Bay in Krabi, Thailand, as bemused holidaymakers passed by a longboat and others in kayaks. A hypnotic cacophonic ritual was playing across the water. However, despite the almost alien-like appearance, the monkeys were actually performance actors and the sound was coming from travelling vocalist Tori Wranes who had staged the bizarre scene with local acting group Thailand Biennale. Video: Jemayel Khawaja.

ef3970  No.4767540

>>4767465 Same here!

927680  No.4767541


they are acting anon. so they say. they are all

liars so who knows? there is not a SINGLE elected official who would fail the entrance exam for Hell.

c9751f  No.4767542


Nice! Cant wait for the confidence vote and resignation by May :D

d49dfb  No.4767543

Wanna see something sick?

Go to http://www.cometpinball.com (I know, just like Comet Ping Pong)

Scroll down the left to the link for the 904 Pinball Zine

When you click on that scroll down to the Atlantic Powder Coating link

When you click on that scroll down to the video and watch it

Notice the oven and the little toddler at the end of the video? I wonder what really goes on in the powder coat oven?

Sick, demonic people

d3d3dc  No.4767544

File: 22aee2a6220d6a2⋯.png (148.29 KB, 736x810, 368:405, ClipboardImage.png)

As the endgame approaches, its important to remember that there are multiple teams - and individuals - out to save their own skin.

Or just create lots of confusion with smokescreens, disinfo, and finger pointing.

How many of these people were really working for Brennan, laundering fake facts through a wide audience of unwitting intermediaries to produce a sense of overwhelming evidence?

But everything always seems to lead back to the same few people - Deripaska, Browder, Brennan, and Hillary.

cea566  No.4767545

What is DRAGON FISA ??

See GeorgePapa19 tweet, all I see is it is related to Crossfire Hurricane. I don't see in notables if it's been covered here

011e94  No.4767546


The uptown area can get a little weird sometimes but not sure Glam Doll is wrapped up in anything nefarious. I could be wrong. Their schitck is 50s style dressed women behind the counter which is hilarious because I think they’re either lesbians or militant fems, both of which are incongruent with the typical 50s pinup women. Kek.

a3e717  No.4767547


Then why lie about it?

bf0299  No.4767548




Well it’s just interesting but the witch hunt has begun. This is only going to get uglier. Kind of prefer to Let courts or legal experts to handle, not willing to hunt them down. But interesting she responds.

cad496  No.4767549

Leahy sounds really drunk…more so than usual.

fbd23e  No.4767550

File: eb6c68555a9c4c5⋯.jpg (93.88 KB, 800x564, 200:141, mact.jpg)

c9751f  No.4767551


Still no Dems will vote for Barr next month

642dd1  No.4767552

I wish they would keep hitting CHINA CHINA CHINA and put cam on DIFI

262249  No.4767553


I think was her poor attempt at humor over the word "aloud"

279f93  No.4767554


Basically Mays brexit was BRINO (Brexit In Name Only) the people of the UK want NO DEAL (leave the EU 100%) rather than a Bad Deal or Fake Deal.

fa5ce9  No.4767555



Every big country has it´s Keystone



Middle East=Israhell -Turkey




b67b85  No.4767556

File: 49fe1c71b67b9f5⋯.jpg (48.94 KB, 504x750, 84:125, yggdrasil.jpg)

>>4760183 pb


"Y" for Yggdrasil;

Good catch

4cabd2  No.4767557

File: 681aa1704ef19ce⋯.jpg (795.28 KB, 1440x1074, 240:179, IMG_5307.JPG)

File: d6a5fdb395534b9⋯.jpg (784.77 KB, 1440x1074, 240:179, IMG_5313.JPG)

The gigantopithicus cycle of protein the cia created will feed millions

Better trade

And better than fexas prawn farming

c4d39e  No.4767558


but I'm not a brit, so could be wrong

honestly, not sure many know what's going to happen, it's just not going to happen like May and globalists wanted

5840ef  No.4767559


Sick Fucking Goblin Shit Pedo

75eae4  No.4767560


>The Pickle PAYtriot blocked me for asking him to talk about a few Mossad Qdrops and for him to clear up his Pickle decode KEK


Interesting that he doen't address why there was false/modified Q information in his video

And then blocks you?

Didn't he talk shit about Gorka for blocking him?

c4d39e  No.4767561

Notables so far


>>4767175, >>4767192, >>4767201, >>4767211, >>4767290, >>4767500 Moar on May being btfo'd

>>4767188, >>4767216 John Bolton Wants to Bomb Iran

>>4767287 Former MLB pitcher charged with "continuous sex abuse of a child under age 14"

>>4767339 NSA OIG report released

>>4767390 Mueller still supoena-ing Corsi

>>4767518 Former FBI general counsel James Baker is subject of a criminal leak investigation

Perpetual Handoff™ in effect


1b22c6  No.4767562



That's a shitty combo

Beer and milk go better together than those 2

268f14  No.4767563

File: 1b57b6aad0f3b3d⋯.png (4.08 MB, 2000x1131, 2000:1131, ClipboardImage.png)

600f63  No.4767564


Old Bread,

With that, and the Executive Order for firing federal employees after 30 days, which I believe is also on the 21st, does that mean there may be fireworks next week?!

e79aac  No.4767565

Sen. Leahy from Vermouth is plastered

602f1d  No.4767566

File: d4bb3e493c21a2f⋯.jpg (75.08 KB, 769x386, 769:386, ohrs traitors.jpg)


Bruce is gonna get it in the Back Channel in prison

fda07b  No.4767567

File: 78b95aca19c8e48⋯.jpg (66.96 KB, 600x600, 1:1, PepeSlowYourRoll.jpg)


>>4763936 (pb)

>Women SHOULD get back in the kitchen…it's destroying the family dynamic. The whole "women's movement" was started by Rockefeller because as long as women were in the home, they weren't able to tax them. Get them out working and you can collect an income tax from them, too..

FemAnons make Pepe say HMMMMM…

b9758d  No.4767568

File: 394b8b30c27b1b6⋯.jpg (86.21 KB, 826x775, 826:775, f7ee887025af3695f0ea43a033….jpg)


Lookin' good, baker.

a2d84e  No.4767569


Yours is comin', BITCH

545608  No.4767570


Q is worldwide. It's not about religion or race. The people who focus on religion or race want us divided, like the deep state. If you can't see that the world is changing for EVERYONE, then maybe YOU are the shill.

642dd1  No.4767571


he didn't need to tell her. she knew.

She was in on it,or she would not have gone to Trump's attorney to 'warn' him

5d76a7  No.4767572


We need a scorched-earth policy here for pedos.

No ifs, ands or buts.

fa5ce9  No.4767573

File: be11fe6a922aeea⋯.png (257.35 KB, 1242x1300, 621:650, ClipboardImage.png)

f95dd3  No.4767574


Those were his words, but don’t forget that he speaks in a disjointed way at times. During normal conversations, you have to follow his train of thought more than his literal words. I don’t read much into his words unless it’s clear that they’re emphasized.

4cabd2  No.4767575

And now lunchmeat will sneak up on us and prostlicyzing evangelicaly grovel things about walls and foreigners money

54c532  No.4767576


Were they taking those kids into the caves for some sort of ritual? They weren't supposed to be there.

717ebb  No.4767577


The Ice appears to be ROTATING which has

resulted in a circular central piece because the

edges have melted as it rotates.

8c81ac  No.4767578


I posted that.

No sauce, but my almonds are tingling as POTUS seems to be setting the stage for some "rapid fire" events leading up to his SOTU address on the 29th.

b9e1ea  No.4767579

File: 152c0bcb6371b4d⋯.jpg (27.9 KB, 469x265, 469:265, Kushner666.JPG)

File: fd0d259056f0fd7⋯.jpg (34.21 KB, 360x322, 180:161, KushnerOmen.jpg)

File: 9017e8dad06cbea⋯.jpg (43.55 KB, 595x315, 17:9, KushnerPaul.JPG)

File: ac5cbaed0bf4fa1⋯.png (125.81 KB, 975x504, 325:168, ClipboardImage.png)


Until that day comes, he a kike piece of shit snake to me..

10835a  No.4767580

File: d744219db112c0a⋯.jpg (56.13 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Next democrat running.jpg)

17a283  No.4767581


I know I know…

But she is kinda sexy…


d76381  No.4767582


Bill Clinton is a stroked out vegetable at a hospital someplace in Virginia.

602f1d  No.4767583

File: be0424a1850023d⋯.jpg (82.41 KB, 655x450, 131:90, top kek nigel.jpg)

File: 8eed3783cfb7635⋯.jpg (43.14 KB, 600x600, 1:1, laughing cheetas.jpg)

File: 2b4507bba77c4c6⋯.jpg (31.55 KB, 500x333, 500:333, laughing nigel.jpg)

9b651c  No.4767584


calling it 01/20/2019

48fa6b  No.4767585

File: fadcc8b45cbc4e4⋯.jpg (291.3 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, watero2ddd.jpg)

1e39f9  No.4767586

File: 1ef4cd182c54521⋯.png (500.9 KB, 1120x920, 28:23, ClipboardImage.png)

683e24  No.4767587


>"my dad now goes the vegan route"

as in

mr Hubbell is food for worms

4c3fea  No.4767588

File: f38b3d9b4cf3745⋯.jpeg (197.33 KB, 1440x1150, 144:115, 1528647438.jpeg)

e95bf6  No.4767589


transportation, likely

3c2070  No.4767590

MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle implies Trump is blackmailing Lindsey Graham over ‘something pretty extreme


545608  No.4767591


What are you calling?

50ede5  No.4767592


Evil bitch

991c70  No.4767593


Was thinking of that Q post anon when I heard the news. Great times we are in. If they don't agree to a no deal brexit the yellow jackets will be on the streets. The royals et al are in big trouble.

d91963  No.4767594

File: e4ae35a2db0f8a6⋯.jpeg (46.67 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 88B085B9-FE01-43C4-881D-9….jpeg)

363e92  No.4767595


The guy was already AG once… kinda hard not to be soft on him, given that…

5d76a7  No.4767596


>But she is kinda sexy…

To you.

4cabd2  No.4767597


Borderwal gaytriot Abra-ham is kosher and ambivalent

4d6d00  No.4767598

File: 2b04b0926a382bd⋯.jpeg (270.05 KB, 1098x753, 366:251, 8486080E-52BA-45F2-9C95-8….jpeg)


There’s a meme for that

7ee2fe  No.4767599

File: e29145dcd581036⋯.png (229.7 KB, 477x489, 159:163, Immigrants_say_America_nee….PNG)

File: 3ccfef9bba226f0⋯.png (7.32 KB, 470x129, 470:129, Immigrants_say_America_nee….PNG)

File: 01454f8e6de88e1⋯.png (478.22 KB, 440x617, 440:617, Immigrants_say_America_nee….PNG)

File: be41a49f8448069⋯.png (11.65 KB, 1243x114, 1243:114, How_to_fix_demographic_pro….PNG)

File: 7ffef6a4eb6220d⋯.png (347.08 KB, 993x600, 331:200, How_to_fix_demographic_pro….PNG)

c9751f  No.4767600

Wow, talking about U1 and Huber now

ea2a9f  No.4767601

File: 233b4d1f32cba04⋯.jpeg (412.35 KB, 1125x1858, 1125:1858, EDA86955-1464-45DB-B17F-E….jpeg)

Interesting twitter thread play-by-play on El Chapo trial going on in Brooklyn


0417a6  No.4767602

>U1 pretty well debunked

You fuckin' wish, faggot

eb456b  No.4767603


another state funeral on hold for the perfect time?

7d4830  No.4767604


1) May has to negotiate a new deal

2) if she cant UK leaves in march and uses boilerplate WTO agreements which will hurt many UK business and send the leftists howling

3) leftists might try a no confidence vote tomorrow and try and take over gov: agenda not to leave

4) tories block leftists and take over from May and try to make their own deal.

b5ca5f  No.4767605

nothing has been dubunked you delusional cocksucker Leahy

9b651c  No.4767606


pain day

fa5ce9  No.4767607

File: a66d725de1f95e3⋯.png (1.77 MB, 1024x768, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5ac6a2bbdf83a5d⋯.png (456.65 KB, 1578x760, 789:380, ClipboardImage.png)


Foucault pendulum

The Foucault pendulum (English: /fuːˈkoʊ/ foo-KOH; French pronunciation: ​[fuˈko]) or Foucault's pendulum is a simple device named after French physicist Léon Foucault and conceived as an experiment to demonstrate the Earth's rotation. The pendulum was introduced in 1851 and was the first experiment to give simple, direct evidence of the earth's rotation. Today, Foucault pendulums are popular displays in science museums and universities.


3fc125  No.4767608

File: 0fd1cf997ee9d3b⋯.jpg (52.66 KB, 700x470, 70:47, 0203-conrad-hilton-tmz-3.jpg)

File: 5580183cb911163⋯.jpg (270.94 KB, 1196x1739, 1196:1739, ConradShirtEyesHilton.JPG)

ECPAT is a Thai NGO, they give themselves prizes, pat their own back, and want you to stop calling pedophiliac disorder pedophilia. ECPAT won the pedovore prize named in honor of Conrad "Short eyes" Hilton.

Old Conrads the whore marrying Hilton Silverback, but Conrad junior is a pedovore cut from the same dick cheese and is coming on strong, peasants.

2017 the INTERPOL Crimes Against Children Award[16]

2013 Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Prize[17]

2012 Asia Democracy and Human Rights Award

2012 Gold Standard Award for NGO engagement for the Stop Sex Trafficking of Children campaign

1998 Thorolf Rafto Memorial Prize for Human Rights


bf4a50  No.4767609


I guess I understand his language… I automatically thought had written about him

a2d84e  No.4767610

File: 55387aef36e36a8⋯.jpg (21.73 KB, 255x167, 255:167, team.jpg)

Team, we see the wrap-up now and this IS glorious. Only 15 days late, good shot! ;)

4b2244  No.4767611

File: 61ae4aeee0e3389⋯.jpg (82.42 KB, 960x651, 320:217, 50411568_2220804641298243_….jpg)

0a64ce  No.4767612


They would have to work globally to a certain extent; if the American people, and the rest of the world as an extension are ever to be truly free, the rothschilds must be broken

545608  No.4767613

642dd1  No.4767614

leehy said U1 has been debunked.

they are worried.

cad496  No.4767615

File: ab5d7bccbfe963e⋯.png (29.05 KB, 970x620, 97:62, pepedronk.png)


He's trying to get out in front of Uranium One…said it's been "debunked".

Somebody's scurred.

<pic related to Leahy after the hearing. kek

abbaad  No.4767616

File: 39f40c46c30fff6⋯.png (445.82 KB, 1024x874, 512:437, 39f40c46c30fff618361c48c3c….png)

I believe that 8chan is trafficking in Child Pornography. At the very least several people on this site seem to be involved in some illicit activity. The Q looks to be a distraction and underneath, human trafficking.

I say that because as I sort the breads I see lots of ‘questionable underage’ pictures.

When you think about, it’s the perfect setup to take down the Patriots.

So, I’ve gathered up all the documentation, pictures and files. I will be making a follow up report with this information to the FBI as an amendment to my original report. I will also we following up with the Utility Company that supplies power to those server’s and I will be requesting that service be disconnected do to this alleged illicit activity.

If still no action is taken, I will file a complaint with my Union and make them aware of the situation. The membership might vote to deny you service based on this alleged activity.

I think it necessary to take down Q down before any more patriots are compromised.

You have fucked with the wrong lineman

dbfbc9  No.4767617


Leahy saying U1 has been debunked?

By who other than us? Did I miss something?

03b360  No.4767618


Why did Barr keep referring to RR as Acting AG?

Also, doesn't seem like Barr thinks the possibility of subversion by prosecutors/investigators/officials is very high.

fc4a30  No.4767619


It's surprising the DS hasn't been working more to divide POTUS and his allies on the hill.

Allegations of blackmail would sow lots of suspicion in normies' minds.

I don't speak with a single Trump-supporting friend that isn't disgusted with POTUS' behavior - because that's all msm shows them - DJT in the worst light.

5d76a7  No.4767620


>they are worried.

Scared shitless.

54c532  No.4767621


No way is CC in control of her twatter. She wouldn't answer a Podesta/Pizza question. No way.

4cabd2  No.4767622


Since Abra-hams like to pick pocket and Bullshit and wear fancy stuff

They should be easy to spot

Most shrimp recipes are adaptable

c14252  No.4767623

File: 5640ecf3ac5560b⋯.png (213.34 KB, 324x242, 162:121, merkel exorcist.PNG)

91bab7  No.4767624

File: c7669d36db3f663⋯.png (80.67 KB, 640x438, 320:219, ClipboardImage.png)

724435  No.4767625


I’ve been watching him for years and working to get him out of office. I’ve never seen him so free and even slightly ‘manly’

d6dd31  No.4767626


bigly rejected by 250 votes.

65ebe8  No.4767627



NOTABLE - Chelsea Clinton responding to twitter on "Pizza". Did HRC really attend a wedding in India or was this a cover for ritual abuse of Indian children? Pedophile reference.

Holy shitz Anon's! WTF!

I concur. ….Vegan Route =India. No wonder Hillary went to India. Not for a wedding. These people are past sick!

Executive Orders NOW Potus. Damn!!!!!!

3378af  No.4767628


Women will be able to do what they want without a n endless amount of Jew inspired propaganda to mind fuck them into becoming a Jew puppet and aborting their kids.

Remove the mind control and peer pressure and women will begin to do what their own minds and biology compel them to do. I would assume lots will want to be mothers. Because that is what feels right to them. Some wont. And that is fine. But as a species we will get back to a more balanced and natural order.

This Jewdom bullshit is almost over with.

17a283  No.4767629



909089  No.4767630


Maria Espinoza Challenges Nancy Pelosi To Give Her Salary To Help Families of Border Crime Victims

Maria Espinoza of the Remembrance Project, which advocates for the families of brutal crimes committed by illegal aliens, challenged House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to donate her congressional salary to the cause of helping victims. Will Pelosi respond to the challenge?

bf0299  No.4767631

CPS KNEW. The whole system is sick. Time for us all to address in our own communities



Time stamps 10:10, 11:11, hmmm

What’s a signed dollar?

ef2159  No.4767632

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

df6366  No.4767633

File: 41752cfaf3f7701⋯.jpg (34.36 KB, 655x527, 655:527, 02f.jpg)


Exactly 4 am Talking Points are coming from the White House to New York Times . ALL articles may be controlled by White hats from now on in the MSM .

"FULL CONTROL" MSM is getting fucked KEK

25c81f  No.4767634


The NPC narrative is that U1 was an approved transaction.

8c81ac  No.4767635


Leahy so old he forgets that uranium had "fingerprints" that can be clearly traced back to time/source of manufacture.


4d6d00  No.4767636


Ding dong.

10835a  No.4767637

File: d5d8ab2ee3b5638⋯.jpg (55.43 KB, 634x463, 634:463, Stein....jpg)



de7d71  No.4767638

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

BREXIT VOTE FAILS BY 230 VOTES — UK’s Theresa May Loses in Landslide

Theresa May loses Brexit vote in a landslide.



CRUSHED: Theresa May’s Brexit Deal Defeated by Record-Breaking Margin in Parliament

Members of Parliament have thrown out Theresa May’s contentious Withdrawal Agreement with the European Union in the long-awaited “meaningful vote” on the deal.

The Prime Minister’s Brexit deal was crushed by a historic margin of 202 in favour to 432 against, paving the way for a vote of no-confidence in the Government by the Opposition, which Mrs May told MPs she would make time for on Wednesday, January 16th.

The first vote of the night was cast on an amendment to the Withdrawal Agreement by John Baron MP, which proposed inserting a right for Britain to leave the deal’s controversial “backstop” without needing to seek the EU’s permission — but this was also crushed, by 600 votes to 24.

“This vote tells us nothing about how or if it intends to honour the decision the British people took in a referendum Parliament decided to hold, and EU citizens who have made their home here and UK citizens living in the EU deserve clarity on these questions as soon as possible,” Mrs May responded defiantly.

“Second, if the House confirms its confidence in this Government, I will then hold meetings with my colleagues in the [Democratic Unionist Party] and senior parliamentarians from across the House to identify what is required to obtain the confidence of the House,” she added.

“The Government will approach these meetings in a constructive spirit, but given the urgent need to make progress, we must focus on ideas that are negotiable and that have sufficient support in this House… if these meetings yield such ideas, the government will explore them with the European Union.”


683e24  No.4767639


fucking peasants 'member, Conrad

268f14  No.4767640

File: e5c140544c2343b⋯.png (203.77 KB, 477x317, 477:317, ClipboardImage.png)


My hero is that dude who shot the guy that raped his son

JFK style at the airport

4bf7ad  No.4767641

File: 6d6abf90f9f1392⋯.jpg (384.11 KB, 1040x680, 26:17, Screen Shot 01-15-19 at 08….JPG)

File: a15731ded4d5cc9⋯.jpg (135.43 KB, 1025x160, 205:32, Screen Shot 01-15-19 at 08….JPG)

Vote of no confidence for Theresa May

Theresa May's Tory government is to face a vote of no confidence after the Labour Party, led by Jeremy Corbyn, tabled the motion following the PM's Brexit deal being voted down by parliament on Tuesday evening.


6c8adc  No.4767642

File: 1bf569cf217b592⋯.jpeg (171.44 KB, 1242x352, 621:176, 84F4EEBD-D12F-4D9F-8897-C….jpeg)

Make sure you do this on your Twitter phone app only.


JFKJr.Live and WATCH


f95dd3  No.4767643


>BTW, we are no longer waterboarding people.

True. Which makes it curious that it was a topic for her.

e95bf6  No.4767644



a2d84e  No.4767645


This is why banks in MX installed tellers' windows that accepted Samsonite Luggage full of cash.

b9e1ea  No.4767646


I didn't know Alison Mack was born in Germany

2495eb  No.4767647

File: 0ab93f5b25a8ae6⋯.png (2.64 MB, 1564x9111, 1564:9111, FireShot Screen Capture #0….png)

File: bb1844b7bddce86⋯.jpg (53.01 KB, 600x341, 600:341, fitz.jpg)

File: 1527dc3df78e7cb⋯.png (327.87 KB, 1550x1210, 155:121, ClipboardImage.png)

Their report documents the routine, almost casual, violations of standing orders on a Fitz bridge that often lacked skippers and executive officers, even during potentially dangerous voyages at night through busy waterways.

The probe exposes how personal distrust led the officer of the deck, Lt. j.g. Sarah Coppock, to avoid communicating with the destroyer’s electronic nerve center — the combat information center, or CIC — while the Fitzgerald tried to cross a shipping superhighway.

When Fort walked into the trash-strewn CIC in the wake of the disaster, he was hit with the acrid smell of urine. He saw kettlebells on the floor and bottles filled with pee. Some radar controls didn’t work and he soon discovered crew members who didn’t know how to use them anyway.

Fort found a Voyage Management System that generated more “trouble calls” than any other key piece of electronic navigational equipment. Designed to help watchstanders navigate without paper charts, the VMS station in the skipper’s quarters was broken so sailors cannibalized it for parts to help keep the rickety system working.

Since 2015, the Fitz had lacked a quartermaster chief petty officer, a crucial leader who helps safely navigate a warship and trains its sailors — a shortcoming known to both the destroyer’s squadron and Navy officials in the United States, Fort wrote.

Fort determined that Fitz’s crew was plagued by low morale; overseen by a dysfunctional chiefs mess; and dogged by a bruising tempo of operations in the Japan-based 7th Fleet that left exhausted sailors with little time to train or complete critical certifications.


8c81ac  No.4767648


Anyone care to wager with me?

My money's on Q controlling twatter accounts of most bad actors.

Prove me wrong.

683e24  No.4767649



pull de plug, mates

ard brexit

na odder way

33d4eb  No.4767650


>Q doesnt focus on religion

So why has he quoted the bible so often??

Most important being John 3:16 - signifying that Jesus is the son of God and all who accept him will live eternity in heaven.

Now why did jesus warn us about the fake jews? The hypocrites who sit in the seat of Moses but have subverted his religion with the oral traditions of the Pharisees??

4cabd2  No.4767651


Cia gaytriot Abra-ham is fake and Jewish and hollers weird social policies from tax issues and longs from poor financial choices

c9751f  No.4767652


Haha yeah Leahy wants U1 to go away. debunked my ass. We will see what Huber has to say about that

91934d  No.4767653

4d6d00  No.4767654


Good point. When is the last time someone was waterboarded?

eb0868  No.4767656

File: ff0e873f40088d8⋯.png (14 KB, 588x121, 588:121, Screenshot_2019-01-15 vega….png)


Vegan pizza=Virgin little girl.

a7a46a  No.4767658

File: 774a8dcf3562318⋯.jpg (35.01 KB, 400x258, 200:129, stupid people 64.jpg)

b3c8bd  No.4767659

File: b63af56705c3f9a⋯.png (67.76 KB, 247x202, 247:202, 2019-01-11_22-51-30.png)

fe1e11  No.4767660

2495eb  No.4767661


Ignore that third image. I fucked up there.

279f93  No.4767662



32fabd  No.4767663

File: 06d44310c6910f5⋯.jpg (10.79 KB, 255x164, 255:164, crakpipe.jpg)

f14f85  No.4767664


He said even Fox News debunked it (maybe a Shep piece?) Then at the end of that topic he said it was good they won't have to look into U1 anymore

f7496c  No.4767665

File: 98f1fd3d1bfb93c⋯.png (2.26 KB, 443x78, 443:78, ClipboardImage.png)

Can someone tell me why this Q Post came up when I did a search for "BOOM" on qanon.pub?

Is there a hidden "BOOM" somewhere in this post not visible to us - hidden somehow?

363e92  No.4767666


WTO agreements will not hurt businesses; it will simply mean the UK has to negotiate its own trade agreements; Trump has already indicated that the USA will be first in line… you're spreading the same lies the remainers spread during the Brexit campaign.

de7d71  No.4767667

File: e3dfe03683eab64⋯.png (503.55 KB, 686x458, 343:229, ClipboardImage.png)

Merkels Secret Police Announces Plans to Spy on political party AfD

The newly-installed head of the German secret police has announced plans to put the largest opposition party in German under surveillance.

The new head of the Verfassungsschutz Thomas Haldenwang wants to put the Alternative for Germany under secret police surveillance for alleged anti-democratic tendencies, Focus Magazine reported today.

Chancellor Angela Merkel had forced out secret police chief Hans-Georg Maassen, a vocal opponent of secret police observation of AfD, in November. Maassen had challenged Merkel for claiming there had been “Nazi manhunts” in Chemnitz end of August, a claim for which no real evidence has ever been presented, but was widely echoed by all Mainstream Media.

If the German secret police officialy label the AfD as “extremist”, it will prevent lawyers, teachers and government employees from joining the conservative party.

“This is a pure propaganda campaign to smear us”, said AfD foreign policy spokesman Petr Bystron. “The Verfassungsschutz has been keeping tabs on us for months and published a thousand-page report, which found no evidence whatsover of any sort of illegal activity. With the European and state elections coming, which promise to be a landslide for the AfD, the ruling parties need some way to attack us. This is the same secret police that has allowed Islamic terrorists to roam freely, such as Anis Amri, who perpetrated the 2016 Christmas market massacre. They are subject to political control by the ruling patrties, who now are not hestitating to use them as a political weapon to club their opponents with.”


Daddy's little girl!

600f63  No.4767668



Clarification; I meant to supplement that the Shutdown will also have been active for 30 days on the 21st. So E.O. for firing after 30 days, 30 days of shutdown, and Huber testifying.

a4cfbd  No.4767669

1e39f9  No.4767670

Soundcloud embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8c81ac  No.4767671


For us non-twatters, what habbens?

4cabd2  No.4767672


We'll marbeled and fleshy colored from axolotyl sacrifices in the eighties

642dd1  No.4767673


I wonder if the vegan route is 'peas and carrots'?

hmmm… what would a carrot symbolize?

and a pea???

4d6d00  No.4767674


Who said it was good? Lahey or Barr?

c9751f  No.4767675


We needed some new faces. Muh Dick shill and eBot became family. Now we have HeAintLying Shill

a9a540  No.4767676

File: 272f5367e85ffad⋯.jpg (116.32 KB, 1533x727, 1533:727, IMG_20190115_144120.jpg)

d3d3dc  No.4767677

File: 07a3b6332aac52f⋯.png (60.66 KB, 744x461, 744:461, ClipboardImage.png)

I wonder how much he bribed Obama?

b9e1ea  No.4767678


The mooch follow 450,000 people on twat

5859c0  No.4767679


AJ's message is irrelevant.

About as effective as Corsi making posts on Myspace.

7fab0b  No.4767680

>>4766984 lb

This is how Anons end up in Gitmo. I don't think this is concernfagging AT ALL.

65ebe8  No.4767681


Apologizes. … I meant Execution orders Now Potus.

3c2070  No.4767682

File: 4e407e0ae340bdd⋯.jpg (51.52 KB, 660x371, 660:371, _105172894_mediaitem105172….jpg)

Iran cargo plane crash 'leaves 15 dead' near Tehran


c4d39e  No.4767683


>Merkels Secret Police Announces Plans to Spy on political party AfD

>Announces Plans to Spy on political party AfD



909089  No.4767684


Treasury releases filing-season shutdown plan for IRS

Treasury Department on Tuesday released a shutdown contingency plan for the IRS during the tax-filing season, less than two weeks before the IRS will start processing tax returns.

The plan has been eagerly awaited by lawmakers and tax professionals, who have expressed concerns that the funding lapse to the IRS could complicate the upcoming filing season — the first that reflects many of the changes made to the code by President Trump's tax law.

bf4a50  No.4767685


chickened out of suicide…

1d70de  No.4767686

File: a1ed252e86f2478⋯.jpg (46.33 KB, 576x587, 576:587, down tiger.jpg)


Let's all go the full retard route and run around waving our arms about because we've come to a crazy conclusion and call it truth with nothing to substantiate it!

545608  No.4767687


He only warned about the fake Jews because he didn't live long enough to see the fake Christians. Nothing modern Christians do resembles what he had in mind.

ea2a9f  No.4767688

File: d741b3de9937be5⋯.jpeg (50.28 KB, 981x1138, 981:1138, 9A3C9C0B-C60B-43AA-B3AB-2….jpeg)


Link to Qmap.pub pops up

3378af  No.4767689


That is the way our folks want you to think about him. But just remember does Trump really seem to be a moron and do you think his daughter would do some silly female bullshit and marry a Satanic fuck for the shekels? A Trump family that the military approached to do this whole event?

Think man. Just a little. You think Trump did not train and teach his "favorite"?

She is on a mission.

0417a6  No.4767690

WHOA! Talkin' about Epstein now!

0f1ac2  No.4767691

File: b4ed3dfb0aca192⋯.png (2.42 MB, 3000x3000, 1:1, gps ops coord.png)

Here is a graphic of the GPS drops last bread.

Not sure if the last two spots were identified (was making image). Will go back a label if they have been identified.

b67b85  No.4767692

File: 59c8e76cacbabe1⋯.gif (1.22 MB, 269x202, 269:202, voodoodance.gif)


At least she's trying guys, come on.

She had the guts to try.

90e9e0  No.4767693

File: be832800da18510⋯.gif (1.99 MB, 270x342, 15:19, be832800da1851063e3381184e….gif)


Fuck off….

4cabd2  No.4767694


Super homo cia Abra-hams available for the distinguished palate

91934d  No.4767695

33d4eb  No.4767696


what? You don’t like pics or texts?? thats interesting… so ur just here to subvert? gotcha.

ae9ef4  No.4767697


88c458  No.4767698

>>4765651 pb

Brain scanning technology exists which can determine whether or not a person is sexually aroused by minors. They need to use this and rid the planet of any person with this mental disorder.

91934d  No.4767699

642dd1  No.4767700


leehy was saying U1 issue was debunked, even by Fox news.

4d6d00  No.4767701


Stop replying to them.

5b210c  No.4767702

File: c72fc928a7b3c01⋯.png (1.64 MB, 2229x1074, 743:358, 73e000306fb095a3e450851114….png)


…And yet a wood frame house is left standing.

279f93  No.4767703


In truth we need good anons that know about Brexit, WTO and such to spread that shit like wildfires.

So many jew shill fucks that have infiltrated and turned the narrative against it.

fa5ce9  No.4767704

File: 897c4bd2b222793⋯.png (558.7 KB, 474x503, 474:503, ClipboardImage.png)

c24236  No.4767705

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Barr confirmation hearing is talking about Epstein right now!

b9e1ea  No.4767706

File: aa887963a4476cf⋯.jpg (40.62 KB, 471x344, 471:344, MonkeyMoronResist.jpg)

288009  No.4767708

File: 5cd0d9ff86feb27⋯.png (76.79 KB, 616x314, 308:157, ClipboardImage.png)




69a4a6  No.4767709

File: 1b19194e3d1e09d⋯.png (787.18 KB, 984x595, 984:595, glamdollBookerKlobuchar.png)

File: 2acefa9a48fb29a⋯.png (262.05 KB, 868x534, 434:267, Screenshot from 2018-11-11….png)

File: 5c752bb108c2d2f⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1278x688, 639:344, Screenshot from 2018-11-11….png)

File: b745404ad953c8c⋯.png (5.06 MB, 2549x1995, 2549:1995, laartsdistrictBnsfPortland….png)

File: 3784328051773c5⋯.png (75.43 KB, 414x342, 23:19, Screenshot from 2019-01-15….png)


You want to wager on that anon? I almost posted "I bet Strange Donuts has a locatiuon on a rail line". Should have. This is what one might call a pattern

fbd23e  No.4767710

File: f487858cf65256c⋯.jpg (363.71 KB, 1894x1676, 947:838, obe10.jpg)

ff94c8  No.4767711

Ben Sasse talking Epstein and child sex trafficking with Barr. Damn

25c81f  No.4767712


It's a bot. Stop giving it (you)s.

4cabd2  No.4767713


Bavarian pedo is tender like a French Canadian trannywhore of the cia Abra-hams

eab529  No.4767714


whatch the Dems squirm

4d6d00  No.4767715


Ok 5:5

If Barr said that it would have sunk his nomination right then and there.

b9758d  No.4767716

File: 566b3bd06829914⋯.gif (4.96 MB, 700x394, 350:197, 566b3bd068299141e913cadf7b….gif)

Epstein and trafficking questions now.

This is getting delicious.

72fb5a  No.4767717



>Here's the Fox link. Fuck the Amazon post

KEK!! Clicked the one above and pulled a face when I saw the WP logo - thanks, anon.

91934d  No.4767718


nah i was speaking to the jews in your pics

ed7be1  No.4767719

File: 40f79be808575f1⋯.jpg (166.02 KB, 1024x857, 1024:857, 1522170378256.jpg)

File: 257dbde742c4f9d⋯.jpg (59.46 KB, 615x409, 615:409, 1522864686102.jpg)

File: af8c8d7a33309ce⋯.jpg (65.31 KB, 659x989, 659:989, 1525655291217.jpg)

File: 9c2c8f891b39941⋯.jpg (109.05 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, 1540257611629.jpg)

The hearing… They are talking about Epstein and Little St. James pedo island

3c2070  No.4767720

a3e717  No.4767721


The time he served is a disgrace

4bf7ad  No.4767722


I agree with you anon, WTO rules have been good for many countrys for years.

f7496c  No.4767723


I was doing research on this post at the time:

>>4764628 lb

91934d  No.4767724

80488a  No.4767725

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

more from paradise


717ebb  No.4767726


UK Brexit Vote



Too Big A Chasm to Bridge.

A No Deal Brexit is now a 95% probability

fa5ce9  No.4767727


It´s not good times for fly in Iran

c6321d  No.4767728

Pizzagate gonna be investigated!!

8dfbd4  No.4767729


f95dd3  No.4767730


I remember hearing or reading reports at the time that the boys would have to be sedated. Otherwise they might panic and fight the rescuers. Never heard of the handcuffs, though.

a2d84e  No.4767731


Well, fuck me, do Sean Penn and Charlize Theron have a foundation?

33d4eb  No.4767732

File: 302958157878c97⋯.jpeg (645.88 KB, 1242x818, 621:409, 78CA2F3F-C2DE-40DF-9AC0-6….jpeg)

File: 1b2709a18254c9e⋯.jpeg (228.08 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, B95D2B65-A6A7-4E86-89AD-2….jpeg)


Read ur bible and stfu.

BTw, the catcholic church was hijacked and subverted by Jews long ago… Q told us this.

U ever read Q drops?

91bab7  No.4767733

Barr: On Epstein I will make sure your questions are answered

5d76a7  No.4767734


He should be disemboweled.

e95bf6  No.4767735


>Barr hopping


1456a2  No.4767736


You're a fag. Stop typing [you]'s

4d6d00  No.4767737


MSNBC, cnn, fox cut to commercial.

75eae4  No.4767738

File: a51bc69d1e2a91c⋯.png (24.86 KB, 646x330, 323:165, JWoods re Barr 1-15-19.PNG)

File: f2e268af0bf6081⋯.png (46.88 KB, 647x380, 647:380, SCarter re Barr 1-15-19.PNG)



4cabd2  No.4767739


Some cia Abra-hams even post on /qresearch/ which makes hunting super easy thanks to dhcp and the osi layer model

9890b1  No.4767740


Barr just said he possibly would have to recuse himself

0cc801  No.4767741

Holy crap.. Epstein!

a53cb2  No.4767742


I fucking called this. The cave system runs across the border!

909089  No.4767743


McConnell: Senate won't override Trump veto on shutdown fight

Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) on Tuesday ruled out a scenario where the chamber would try to override a veto from President Trump as a way out of the partial government shutdown.

"In a situation like this where the president in my view is in the right place — trying to get the right outcome … with regard to border security — of course not," McConnell told reporters when asked if he would be willing to override a veto on legislation to fully reopen the government.

fe1e11  No.4767744

Is there a sheep pic there? Red pill rectaly administered



d3d3dc  No.4767745


My read is that -

1) Ohr is trying to play stupid

2) Ohr is trying to deny that he was working with Nellie, Yates, Baker, etc to launder the dossier

3) Ohr et al are trying to throw McCabe under the bus

25c81f  No.4767746



f4e00d  No.4767747


He said best control was to use 2 hands

10835a  No.4767748

File: 4d1c59d546880d8⋯.gif (1.88 MB, 318x318, 1:1, Moon vids.gif)


after yesterday this is just fine.

don't want to wake them either

bf4a50  No.4767749


building up for the SC fight…

8dfbd4  No.4767750


He also said he'd have to figure out his position due to possible recusal but he would make sure to get his questions answered.

da9dc4  No.4767751

NEVER Trumper sassy hammering Epstein

c24236  No.4767752

File: c88239a1da6902e⋯.png (284.41 KB, 698x584, 349:292, Screenshot_324.png)

433071  No.4767753


All Trump’s handlers let him appoint is swamp denizens Doll… It’s a fucking sick joke.

Trump must be comped

279f93  No.4767754

Hopefully Q will make sure Brits get the Brexit they voted for.

b9e1ea  No.4767755

File: 10e89842323cd4b⋯.jpg (20.74 KB, 298x265, 298:265, Giuliani.JPG)

4ba7f9  No.4767756

File: b56e8e3aa7b9ce2⋯.png (280.89 KB, 681x477, 227:159, Screen Shot 2019-01-15 at ….png)

Perspective on Rejection of May's [EU's] Brexit Deal

The EU authored the Brexit deal with complicity of May's bureaucrats. Among other horrors, May's Brexit deal ransomed the UK $39 billion, ceded jurisdiction to EU arbitration, and sacrificed British fishing rights. In short, May's deal left the UK a in a worse position than before.

The Real Deal

There are two choices before the government: 1) leave the EU on March 29, 2019 with no deal, or 2) extend Article 50 which will keep them in the EU, indefinitely, as they "continue to negotiate" with Brussels. Over 90% of British trade is OUTSIDE the EU. If they leave the EU on March 29 without a deal – clean Brexit – the UK will trade on WTO rules. The United States trades on WTO rules. The systems are in place and with technological advances, customs documents are fast and efficient.

Cabal Tactics

The EU has constructed a Brexit deal so horrific they hope to force a third option: a 2nd referendum whether to leave the EU. They've successfully done this in Denmark and Ireland. Without election rigging, the cabal will lose. Many remain voters accepted the Brexit vote and are put off by the slow negotiations and have flipped. Additionally, the EU's bully tactics against May have backfired, entrenching voters on the fence and flipping others against the EU. If a 2nd referendum goes forward, the only way Brussels wins if the vote is rigged.

While the cabal stokes #ProjectFear about a clean Brexit, it's pure gaslighting. Anons know the UK will thrive without the parasitic, empire-building, deviant-loving European Union. The EU is an open-border protection racket bent on the demoralization and domination of Europe. #Brexit is the only answer.

5b210c  No.4767757


Might be cinder block…

not steel reinforced concretes and steel.

1d70de  No.4767758


>Confirmed POTUS wrote Article on himself in the New York times .

No. His words may be construed to mean what you say, but may is the operative word.

4cabd2  No.4767759


Thule faggot is considered a stew meat

b9758d  No.4767760

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This one is still running

8dfbd4  No.4767761

Barr just said we can count on him with regard to sex trafficking crimes.

288009  No.4767762

File: 8a357cd8ad22743⋯.jpg (38.73 KB, 760x391, 760:391, krassenstein-twins.jpg)

>>4766746 (pb)

> Isn' that what Nazi Scientist Mengele was obsessed with? Twins and Breeding?

Yes he was.

a7a46a  No.4767763

File: 69b06115d13ef35⋯.jpg (13.16 KB, 268x202, 134:101, redneck101.jpg)

7ee2fe  No.4767764

File: 6c113743fca8fd6⋯.jpg (171.63 KB, 643x681, 643:681, Hasbara_Trolls_1.jpg)

File: 56d54ed111626ee⋯.png (1.84 MB, 1271x2097, 1271:2097, IDF_Shilling_Grills.png)

File: a37aa392b2c6ba3⋯.png (361.67 KB, 929x695, 929:695, Israeli_government_AI_anti….PNG)

File: 836965582abd422⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 3668x3284, 917:821, JDIF.jpg)

File: a52822461de6470⋯.jpg (185.91 KB, 844x667, 844:667, Welcome_rabbi.JPG)


Reminder that AIM is a zionist gatekeeper outlet.

c588c6  No.4767765

They can count on it!

17a283  No.4767766


All feelz aside…

She did get to meet POTUS and Iron Sarah which is alot more than I’ll ever get to do.

fa5ce9  No.4767767


-Sending patrons running for their lives-


72fb5a  No.4767769


>WTO agreements will not hurt businesses; it will simply mean the UK has to negotiate its own trade agreements; Trump has already indicated that the USA will be first in line… you're spreading the same lies the remainers spread during the Brexit campaign.

POTUS has already shown the way - e.g. Germany - want to keep selling Audi's, BMW's, Mercedes etc. in UK? Play fair or fuck you!!

Incidentally, May should have taken POTUS' suggestion re: Brexit - sue the EU.

c9751f  No.4767770

Barr is VERY MUCH /ourguy/

363e92  No.4767771


Tend to concur… however, re-read it as a plea for help… did she just basically say she was ready to squeal?

ef2159  No.4767772

File: 5d6f05bc9a3a41f⋯.jpeg (18.64 KB, 252x255, 84:85, 5d6f05bc9a3a41fb4320815c2….jpeg)

a3e717  No.4767773


Sen. Sasse, the badass

7d4830  No.4767774


trying to jamb dense subject into bulletpoints not write a whitepaper. some businesses will get hurt, others will be helped. Project Fear has convinced many it will be end of the world. truth is in between

c4d39e  No.4767775



>>4767175, >>4767192, >>4767201, >>4767211, >>4767290, >>4767500, >>4767638 Moar on May being btfo'd

>>4767188, >>4767216 John Bolton Wants to Bomb Iran

>>4767287 Former MLB pitcher charged with "continuous sex abuse of a child under age 14"

>>4767339 NSA OIG report released

>>4767390 Mueller still supoena-ing Corsi

>>4767460 Chelsea Clinton tweet on "Pizza"

>>4767518 Former FBI general counsel James Baker is subject of a criminal leak investigation

>>4767624 ZH Tweet: Witness at El Chapo Guzman's trial said they paid former Mexican President Nieto $100 million bribe

>>4767641 Vote of no confidence for Theresa May.. again

>>4767667 Merkels Secret Police Announces Plans to Spy on political party AfD

>>4767743 McConnell: Senate won't override Trump veto on shutdown fight

>>4767756 Anon on the UK's Rejection of May's [EU's] Brexit Deal

Perpetual Handoff™ in effect


c9751f  No.4767776


Yep, love it!

88c458  No.4767777

God wins!!

4cabd2  No.4767778


Super sadistic Mercedes judas fehgel is considered a prize catch in some circles

ddc859  No.4767779

File: 1aea4b61ccbaeeb⋯.jpg (61.15 KB, 440x587, 440:587, adgergw4fqeggg434re.JPG)


>wrong lineman

de7d71  No.4767780

File: 401bb0f6669aa23⋯.png (37.77 KB, 673x532, 673:532, ClipboardImage.png)


4cabd2  No.4767781


Fish of the day

eb0868  No.4767782


Someone needs to be removed from this 4D chessboard and "Robert Maxwell'd"…and soon.

011e94  No.4767783


Glam Doll is on Nicollet ave. The map you have is wrong.

d8385e  No.4767784

Epstein name dropped in assosciation with sex trafficking and women supplying them. Holy shit.

We knew it. Q talked about it.

It’s now in congressional records that he was involved and that the DOJ gave him a sweet heart deal.


Guns out blazing

ff94c8  No.4767785


Probably safe to say anyone at this stage of the game appointed by POTUS for major position is /ourguy/

17a283  No.4767786


Tagged myself

Gonna go KMS now….

And get a cup of covfefe.

3c2070  No.4767787

110cfd  No.4767788

File: 049136c8e3eeba7⋯.png (668.79 KB, 827x604, 827:604, giving_tuesday.png)

File: cc0ac0af866cd9b⋯.png (492.7 KB, 888x334, 444:167, earth_corp.png)


Speaking of Tuesday and Maggie Nixon this Giving Tuesday pic is from Maggie's father's charity [Bob Nixon / Earth Conservation Corps]

The charity has a very private location hidden among the trees on a dead end road across from an abandoned power plant … so cozy and private yet smack dab in the middle of DC [not implying anything, just saying]


545608  No.4767789


Your faith stems off an inherently evil practice (Judaism) that has been perverted to serve the interests of those in control (Catholicism) which has now been adulterated countless times, and somehow you think that what you believe is correct? Just admit it. It's all a fucking lie.

Now, I won't be responding anymore because unlike some, I have a job to get back to.

bec11f  No.4767790


Before the Obama era the Israelis used to bomb the piss out of Iran on a regular basis to keep the nuke weapons program in check.

I support doing that again, or those fuckers are going to nuke someone, probably Israel.

909089  No.4767791


Thanks for the follow-up


Brexit vote results.

53dcdc  No.4767792

File: 86f822471b06f6d⋯.png (713.62 KB, 538x1530, 269:765, Ben Sasse.png)


Ben Sasse going after the child trafficers and Epstein.

c6321d  No.4767793

Next bread should be Epstein Going Down Edition

91934d  No.4767794

File: da9d19777889979⋯.png (907.22 KB, 2530x945, 506:189, paste.png)

Q pissing ppl off backstage?

8c5aa6  No.4767795

Cuck Schummer… you can't reach that faggot at all….. he sends you to the washington phone number for emergencies and it's busy. Interesting I can call and leave a message every day on Pelosi's phone but to date can't reach Chuck! He has 9 fucking offices for himself?

4cabd2  No.4767796



Abra-hams like to pick pocket and Bullshit

a7a46a  No.4767797


Who brought up Epstein?

da9dc4  No.4767798


Be careful Sasse massive never Trumper was the guy they where thinking about running 3rd party

ddc859  No.4767799

File: 870537657bd6553⋯.jpg (42.37 KB, 513x522, 57:58, 17four.JPG)

4b2244  No.4767800


Keep enemies closer


ff94c8  No.4767801

Dick Durbin…what a dick

4bf7ad  No.4767802

File: a74ddeda9a96990⋯.jpg (150.56 KB, 802x346, 401:173, Screen Shot 01-15-19 at 04….JPG)

File: cd841333f7e15c8⋯.jpg (231.04 KB, 800x887, 800:887, Screen Shot 01-15-19 at 04….JPG)


Don't forget the 3rd bro ;-) NPC Steve Krassenstein

1da363  No.4767803

File: 6a33aa98b6545c7⋯.jpg (40.74 KB, 600x471, 200:157, Capture[1].jpg)


The turtle is right. Slow and steady wins the race.

bf0299  No.4767804

That eye tho…



Look here, don’t look there.


8452a6  No.4767805

I'd love to know who Epstein fronts for

>Attorney general nominee recuses himself as soon as he's brought up.

268f14  No.4767806

File: 092549ca7c3aa79⋯.png (705.58 KB, 968x681, 968:681, ClipboardImage.png)

7ee2fe  No.4767807

File: e41464ca0266818⋯.mp4 (10.57 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1.mp4)

File: d771f23cbe7589b⋯.png (194.21 KB, 569x493, 569:493, Israeli_kids_show_mock_Jes….png)

File: 6b14b431bb20aaf⋯.png (149.54 KB, 881x703, 881:703, Jewish_Hate_For_Christians.png)

File: 739ef9c27a88d55⋯.png (284.85 KB, 524x529, 524:529, Jews_hate_Christ_Israel_ex….PNG)

File: b41c23d80c33d18⋯.png (604.29 KB, 862x748, 431:374, Youtube_video_Intense_Host….PNG)


Most of Israel, apparently.

1b1b16  No.4767808



Thank you coriolis effect, very cool!

56f99a  No.4767809

File: 3d8155167a9465f⋯.png (492.57 KB, 536x716, 134:179, ClipboardImage.png)

Luke Rosiak


'The truth about one of the largest scandals in congressional history finally comes out, and it is worse than anyone knew.


Obstruction of Justice:

How the Deep State Risked National Security to Protect the Democrats

4cabd2  No.4767810


Deep fried saurkrauter on a stick

909089  No.4767811


Covfefe sounds good…..

5b6c87  No.4767812

Stellar job T1O/Straps

36.0991° N, 75.7111° W

Party Time > Family Time > Phase 6

God Bless!

b9e1ea  No.4767813

File: 4fde41ccbaad051⋯.png (154.72 KB, 297x357, 99:119, ClipboardImage.png)


My favorite beer, although I like to indulge in a Fosters Oil Can every once in a while..

ff94c8  No.4767814


Ben Sasse

c9751f  No.4767815

How the fuck do people think drones will stop illegal immigration?!?! Illegals will see the drones and just wave at them

b52587  No.4767816

File: 439f436599e479f⋯.jpeg (109.7 KB, 605x729, 605:729, 1540569747983.jpeg)

17aa2a  No.4767817

File: 938eaf5e206ab02⋯.png (57.72 KB, 674x391, 674:391, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 79c7a1b4c4d8cfb⋯.png (66.9 KB, 660x491, 660:491, ClipboardImage.png)

Boy if we only had a Q Research Mexico board…

Wait. Mexicans are too lazy and stupid to do the work required. And they seem to like their country being a rat line for the C_A.

Never mind. Brain fart.

10835a  No.4767818

b5ca5f  No.4767819


they send msgs in news stories

old lady Rot Child ded

someone going to get horse heded

642dd1  No.4767820

Didn't a thai rescuer die rescuing the thai soccer team?

that alone is suspicious

young boys lost

one death

one pedo called out

no contact with family for days

whisked off to monastery for 'training'

588b5d  No.4767821


Not a neuro-specialist, but possibly might not work the way the brain's constructed, and/or also may lead to very surprising/undesired results.

For example, sexual "arousement" may be in one section of the brain, with another section (or several other sections) acting much stronger to suppress it at a later stage, if (for example) considered amoral, unuseful, damaging or otherwise not "wanted".

3118b3  No.4767822

Epstein and other dirtbags like him are going down. Their heinous crimes against children will be exposed. Names often whispered will now be shouted across the world. Tick tock

2f0c4e  No.4767823


Dukakis moment

b3c8bd  No.4767824

File: b2df135bb56f05d⋯.png (294.87 KB, 1257x882, 419:294, 2019-01-15_15-47-59.png)