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File: f1711524dc6d851⋯.jpg (8.71 KB, 255x143, 255:143, GENERAL.QresearchGeneral.jpg)

e79bdd  No.2536154

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

"/Qresearch/ does not condone violence or the incitement of violent acts against any groups and/or individuals."




Integrity, for in Truth lies Victory.

Q Proofs & Welcome

Welcome to Q Research (README FIRST, THEN PROCEED TO LURK) https://8ch.net/qresearch/welcome.html

Q Plan to Save the World - Video introduction to the Q plan - https://youtu.be/3vw9N96E-aQ

Q - Killing The Mockingbird - (2nd in vid series): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80s5xuvzCtg

The Best of the Best Q Proofs >>1552095, >>>/qproofs/49 SEE FOR YOURSELF

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Q's Latest Posts

Thursday 08.09.18

>>>/patriotsfight/128 ————————– THE CLINTON FOUNDATION. (Caps: >>2532676 )

>>>/patriotsfight/127 rt 126 ————–— What assets (people) were placed (spy) in POTUS' campaign? (Caps: >>2532453 )

>>>/patriotsfight/126 ————————– [SPY OP] (Caps: >>2532138 )

>>2530456 rt >>2530206 ——————- Comfy? Previews are over. Showtime!

>>>/patriotsfight/125 ————————– [Past 24hrs - Nunes Attack] (Caps: >>2530193 )

Tuesday 08.07.18

>>>/patriotsfight/124 rt 122 ————–— Digest and understand. (Caps: >>2500174 )

Monday 08.06.18

>>>/patriotsfight/123 ————————– AMERICA IS BACK TO LEADING ( Caps: >>2487564 , >>2487807 )

>>>/patriotsfight/122 ————————– Think Foreign propaganda ( Cap: >>2486911 )

>>>/patriotsfight/121 ————————– Psychological Projection. Define Conspiracy ( Cap: >>2486904 )

>>>/patriotsfight/120 ————————– Important to understand prior to next ( Cap: >>2484502 )

Sunday 08.05.18

>>>/patriotsfight/119 ————————– Trip update confirmed ( Caps: >>2467918 , >>2467908 )

>>>/patriotsfight/118 ————————– Trip update ( Caps: >>2467918 , >>2467908 )

>>2465633 ————————————– Reconcile.

>>2460787 ————————————– Be aware of your surroundings: See something, say something

>>2460260 ————————————– There is a reason we needed to go mainstream b4 EVIDENCE drop

Friday 08.03.18

>>>/patriotsfight/117 ————————– We have the server[S] ( Cap: >>2441061 )

>>2436694 ————————————– Right on schedule

>>2435826 ————————————– T_D mods removing QAnon comments

>>2435401 rt >>2434941 ——————- Think WRAY (yesterday) Think [RR] (today)

>>2434815 rt >>2434705 ——————- What a wonderful day

>>2434705 ————————————– Do you believe in coincidences?

>>>/patriotsfight/116 ————————– List of sealed indictments ( Cap: >>2433964 )

>>>/patriotsfight/115 ————————– List of reporters who colluded with the HRC Campaign ( Cap: >>2433773 )

>>>/patriotsfight/114 ————————– BIGGEST COVER UP IN US HISTORY [ATTEMPTED] ( Caps: >>2433500 , >>2433557 )

>>2430708 ————————————– Full attack mode. Washington Post leading?

>>2426184 rt >>2425988 ——————- Incorrect decoding. Not the person. Think connection

>>2425988 rt >>2425560 ——————- Comms dark. Message sent. 5:5?

>>2425781 ————————————– How do you safeguard the integrity of our elections

Q's Private Board >>>/patriotsfight/ | Qs Tripcode: Q !A6yxsPKia.

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>>2322789, >>2323031 How To Quickly Spot A Clown

e79bdd  No.2536159


are not endorsements


>>2462073 1986 U.S. District Court Dost test sets guidelines for No CP images

>>2393582 Thank you for your interest in Q and QResearch >>2410101 Please watch this video

>>2327065 How to filter gore spam >>2334211 (new: Add into [Options] -> Theme)

>>2468527 BO Confirms: New Q trip whitelisted


>>2536133 Summary/basic timeline of Hussein's cabinet

>>2535866, >>2535883, >>2535894 (DL)? David Lawrence, Counsel to Asst Atty Gen

>>2535861 First letters of Q's comfy drop pointing to CPS?

>>2535651, >>2535847 Copfag on EO's 13526/13549/13618, FEMA & Nat'l Incident Mgmt Sys

>>2535993 The Wizard Cometh? JA's lawyer says he's "srly considering" Sen's summons?

>>2536123, >>2536131 Spy Gate Flow Chart, STILL MISSING DL#2 & PS (in DOJ), KM (in WH)

>>2535406, >>2535810 Detailed org graphics of [SPY OP] (cluster/pyramid versions)

>>2535980 Rly? Dem Senators STILL pushing Muh Russian Election Meddling. Sad.

>>2535768, >>2535786, >>2535842, >>2535857, >>2535880, >>2535889 [XX] decodes

>>2535499, >>2535921 Keep digging Katherine Chon--109 WL hits to go!

>>2535748 Names, names everywhere: Who is Sheila Nix? Biden staffer fr Chicago

>>2535605, >>2535717 Anons speculate on IDEN of [Spy Activ]

>>2535573, >>2535583 Moar Polaris Diggs, WL UAE email; Erica and Max Scherzer

>>2535532 Srs question: Pity or Lulz? Twatist DM's HRC for Qcrumb decode help

>>2535417, >>2535606 Side-by-side: Q in 12/23: Space "coming back in a big way."

>>2536148 #3199


>>2534751, >>2535083 Moar Polaris Project: Katherin Chon (BC) and Cafritz (NXIVM)

>>2534948, >>2535176 Who's Funding Clinton's Nat'nl Human Trafficking Hotline?

>>2534798 Future Proves Past: Potus signalling Q plan in '16 campaign/debates?

>>2534794 LAW & ORDER: Coast Guard Seizes 7 Tons of Blow en route fr Mex/S.Amer

>>2534776 PrayingMedic's list of writers who think QAnon worth investigating further

>>2534775 Look back: We knew, we just didn't act. 1987 Unicef/Child Sex Scandal

>>2534663, >>2535026 DOJ twatter celebrates its 69th bday w/bday balloon animation

>>2534645 Graphic: Perkins-Coie, CF, Crowdstrike/FusionGPS

>>2534613 Anon's DOJ/NatSec Flowchart--should 2 DLs be DL & LD?

>>2535362 #3198


>>2534319 Nunes lists the names

>>2534287 , >>2533965 , >>2534067, >>2534078 , >>2533536, >>2533899 Moar Polaris link to CF and HRC

>>2534210 Diggin - Paypal, Ebay Founder..

>>2534156 call testimony / When the truth is on your side, you have nothing to hide.

>>2534147, >>2534284 Notable Observations Assange

>>2534080, >>2534103 TT=Tarmac Tape??? or Trump Tower???????

>>2534014 Video: Over 400 ISIS Militants Killed in SDF Operation Near Iraqi Border

>>2533884 Dig - Operation Rusty

>>2533879 The founder of the NHTH is a big donor to the CF. Heavy involvement with CGI. Charity CEO met personally with HRC.

>>2533831 Nellie Ohr Soviet sympathizer

>>2534544 #3197


>>2533536 , >>2533899 National Human Trafficking Hotline funded by Skoll Foundation

>>2533746 Updated Guesses on Q-Post

>>2533379 Goodlatte Subpeonas Fusion GPS Crew

>>2533308 Initials Listing

>>2533121, >>2533203, >>2533271, >>2533324, >>2533689, Washington Free Beacon Dig

>>2533106, >>2533583 National Human Trafficking Hotline run by Polaris.. and their partners

>>2534036 #3196 (off bread)


>>2532432 Guessing this was the FBI CoC…

>>2532492 The Farm: Camp Peary

>>2532695, >>2533023 Planefag Update

>>2532722 CF runs the fucking national humantrafficking hotline.

>>2532757 FBI Trains at the 'Body Farm'

>>2532794 Nellie Ohr 'clown' operative represented CIA's 'open source works' group.

>>2533055 #3195


>>2531563, >>2531712, >>2531916 Planefag Update

>>2531596 Scores Of Registered Voters Over 116 Years Old Found In Ohio’s 12th District, Report Claims

>>2531653 Expert on Ottawa-Riyadh Row: Discussions Need to Happen at UN, Not on Twitter

>>2531876 Can’t Make This Up! Far Left Website Vox.com Defends MS-13 Animals in Latest Video

>>2532141 Time To Decode

>>2532254 #3194

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File: f5a54fd5d2e8e92⋯.jpg (18.56 KB, 255x171, 85:57, EnjoyingTheShowStylized.jpg)

dough https://pastebin.com/Vi8TA4Gt

0850aa  No.2536172

File: 1f50d59642cc82a⋯.png (58.58 KB, 340x358, 170:179, 1506319152315.png)


Time to go back to

>the Left | Right paradigm!

>continual war!

>drinking water loaded with chemicals!

>accepting corruption!

>believing the mainstream media!

>voting for the lesser of two evils!

>forgetting what made USA great!

>being played by child raping globalists!

>Big Tech!



43abb6  No.2536181

File: a7ff48fd96a6cd2⋯.png (1.1 MB, 3350x2220, 335:222, Qpost1828decoded.png)

I found a few more possibilities to fill in the final blanks and questionables on Q post 1828.

We are getting closer.

aea095  No.2536184

File: 0862a5bf8a9a252⋯.jpg (270.95 KB, 1363x973, 1363:973, Dead Pool.jpg)

2aed44  No.2536193

File: 960680ce6afd565⋯.png (424.91 KB, 1046x931, 1046:931, yogat.png)

0656e1  No.2536194

i rike flesh blead

f33802  No.2536195

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ThankQ baker: The night shift is the most challenging shift. Here is a good night shift safety video you might want to review, just in case.

c8050b  No.2536196

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



7d5efe  No.2536197

File: db3d9be3aad0fa1⋯.pdf (2.22 MB, Q The basicsGRAPHIC_RD.pdf)

File: f0c5b52004c3d9c⋯.pdf (2.2 MB, Q The basicsRD.pdf)

check this out if you haven't anons, gonna be posting for the day shift tomorrow as well

its a long and wordy, but detailed and factual attempt to combat all the ridiculously fake news and disinfo we, Q, and the Great Awakening have been getting

6 pages, ~3500 words

not saying read it now, but save it and read tomorrow or someshit

its the rough draft (with watermarks) and the pdf with "graphic" is all black with white letter

just an idea some anons have been working on

post edits here (off bread):




WWG1WGA, see you autists tomorrow

c299d8  No.2536198

File: 71f59f264c4ae0e⋯.png (1.19 MB, 746x960, 373:480, KEMPSIGN-abrams.png)

File: 49227e802dea2e4⋯.png (567.67 KB, 862x485, 862:485, walkaway.png)

File: 5e3287edbf7fef7⋯.png (606.44 KB, 862x485, 862:485, yourvotematters.png)


All 435 seats of the United States House of Representatives are up for grabs.

39 State/territorial Governor elections

35 (out of 100) United States Senate. 23 of those currently held by DEM

because of the abnormal amount of Republican retirements this year, there are fewer districts where [R] have incumbency advantage. This puts several states at HIGH RISK of losing the seat to a radical #ResistTrump leftist.

The ONLY WAY Q+/Trump will be able to #DrainTheSwamp and expose the evil, is with cooperation from the State Governors/Senate/Congress.

If States like Michigan lose it's Senate, Governor, AND Congressman vote to 3 #Resist #ImpeachTrump leftist, things will be dramatically postponed, and the entire rollout of the investigation will have to be sent back to the drawing board.

This is A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT BEAST from the 'Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump' election.

MSM coverage will be scarce, and majority of the headlines will be bias based on state/local media.

That means hardly ANYONE will be able to tell you who all is running, most wont even remember what day to go vote. NOBODY will realize the dems have been working nonstop preparing a coalition of 'progressive' #NeverTrump'ers that plan to outnumber us in our own communities.

The 'official' Twitter account for a Governor/congressman will hardly get 100-300comments each post,

with just a couple solid redpill memes of impact, we can be a gamechanger to competitive advantage.

think about it.

If we could get several anons designated to each specific State that needs patriot assistance and litter every comment/post that comes from the left with redpills/truthbombs, (while flooding the MAGA candidates' comments reminding Patriots the importance of showing up to vote), the #RedWave could be MUCH MORE than ANY OF US can comprehend, and we could make an impact that could literally shape our Nation's future.


Im creating a warroom thread now so those interested can start preparing

7d5efe  No.2536199

by the way, we'll have bread #3210 soon


925ad4  No.2536200

File: 3f4edc77a6a5646⋯.gif (1.98 MB, 240x154, 120:77, popckorn cat.gif)


My pleasure

a0358f  No.2536201

The Obama Cabinet

President Barack Obama 2009–2017

Vice President Joe Biden 2009–2017

Secretary of State

Hillary Clinton 2009–2013

John Kerry 2013–2017

Secretary of Treasury

Tim Geithner 2009–2013

Jack Lew 2013–2017

Secretary of Defense

Bob Gates* 2006–2011

Leon Panetta 2011–2013

Chuck Hagel 2013–2015

Ash Carter 2015–2017

Attorney General

Eric Holder 2009–2015

Loretta Lynch 2015–2017

Secretary of the Interior

Ken Salazar 2009–2013

Sally Jewell 2013–2017

Secretary of Agriculture

Tom Vilsack 2009–2017

Secretary of Commerce

Gary Locke 2009–2011

John Bryson 2011–2012

Penny Pritzker 2013–2017

Secretary of Labor

Hilda Solis 2009–2013

Thomas Perez 2013–2017

Secretary of Health and Human Services

Kathleen Sebelius 2009–2014

Sylvia Burwell 2014–2017

Secretary of Education

Arne Duncan 2009–2016

John King 2016–2017

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

Shaun Donovan 2009–2014

Julian Castro 2014–2017

Secretary of Transportation

Ray LaHood 2009–2013

Anthony Foxx 2013–2017

Secretary of Energy Steven Chu 2009–2013

Ernest Moniz 2013–2017

Secretary of Veterans Affairs

Eric Shinseki 2009–2014

Bob McDonald 2014–2017

Secretary of Homeland Security

Janet Napolitano 2009–2013

Jeh Johnson 2013–2017

Chief of Staff

Rahm Emanuel 2009–2010

William Daley 2011–2012

Jack Lew 2012–2013

Denis McDonough 2013–2017

Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency

Lisa Jackson 2009–2013

Gina McCarthy 2013–2017

Director of the Office of Management and Budget

Peter Orszag 2009–2010

Jack Lew 2010–2012

Sylvia Burwell 2013–2014

Shaun Donovan 2014–2017

Ambassador to the United Nations

Susan Rice 2009–2013

Samantha Power 2013–2017

United States Trade Representative

Ron Kirk 2009–2013

Michael Froman 2013–2017

Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers

Christina Romer 2009–2010

Austan Goolsbee 2010–2011

Alan Krueger 2011–2013

Jason Furman 2013–2017

Administrator of the Small Business Administration

Karen Mills** 2009–2013

Maria Contreras-Sweet 2014–2017

0a82fe  No.2536202

File: c862f774d6b02b2⋯.jpg (158.94 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, 703921_10151353057999282_4….jpg)

b2beaa  No.2536203



VJ=Valerie Jarrett

DM=Denis McDonough

JB=Joe Biden

RE=R David Edelman

JK=John Kerry

SP=Samantha Pwers

KM=Kelly Magsamen?


JB=John Brennan


JC=James Clapper


LL=Loretta Lynch

SY=Sally Yates

BO=Bruce Ohr

CS=Chris Steele(UK)

DL=David Lawrence


DL=David Laufman

JC=John Carlin

MM=Mary McCord

RB=Rachel Brand

BC=Bill Clinton


JC=James Comey

AM=Andrew McCabe

JR=James Rybicki

MS=Michael Steinbach

BP=Bill Priestrap

PS=Peter Strzok

LP=Lisa Page

JB=James Baker

MK=Michael Kortan

JC=Josh Campbell

SM=Sally Moyer

TG=Tashina Gauhar

KC=Kevin Clinesmith


BC=Bill Clinton

HA=Huma Abedine

CM=Cheryl Mills

NoName Media Leaks

JB=John Brennan

JC=James Clapper



JP=John Podesta

RM=Robbie Mook

DWS=Debbie Wasserman Schutlz



*Go-Between 4 meetings

Listed in different format.

We still need a PS for DOJ and JC for DNC

925ad4  No.2536204

File: e3e1e281631db0d⋯.jpeg (127.49 KB, 750x725, 30:29, popckorn comfy pepe.jpeg)

File: ca89ba994e9c5d3⋯.png (2.48 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, popckorn q.png)

File: 0f9076d892142f6⋯.png (543.11 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, popckorn Q answers.png)

File: 2c50580c3a3a81f⋯.png (610.29 KB, 750x1245, 50:83, pepe resurection qomfy roo….png)

Sir, currently Qomfy but without a mission. I am MIA and all my assets were stolen. Running on fumes. Waiting for a mission. Requesting extraction.

Pledge complete unyielding alliance to the highest values of the constitution, and offer my life and memes. Waiting for a new team.

47b8e9  No.2536205

Today all the evidence Posobiec has drops.

You will be embarrassed and angry about how you have been deceived.

You have been warned.

08fa02  No.2536206


Nice graphic, but you should really use a screencap of


It's a flowchart. The arrows are important.

Check some of the other graphics from last bread consensus was strongly against RE being Rahm. And there is little or no consensus on KM.

b0ca57  No.2536207

>>2536136 lb

I am quite aware of that. I am not certain what

that has to do with Strzok replacing Kable.

Trump had been spied on since at least the spring of 2015.

Obama received his first briefing in the summer of 2015.

Until we see all the documentation,

all we can do is take educated guesses.

If we recall what Dennis Montgomery stated,

Obama was spying on everyone including the

SC, Congress, EU, UN, etc.

I have no reason to doubt the whistleblower.

4beaff  No.2536208

File: 91c86088115e994⋯.png (148.46 KB, 265x256, 265:256, moldy universe.png)

I like the moldy universe bread anon.

>>2536183 (lb)

925ad4  No.2536209

File: 9277f87ed31b8ad⋯.gif (581.51 KB, 480x362, 240:181, popckorn no no I mean....gif)



>(888) 373-7888

D-do they get texts???


6ecbad  No.2536210


anon, i would bold the names so they stand out more

f4ddb5  No.2536211


A list of crooked incompetents.

71d288  No.2536213

File: c27992e387f8d55⋯.jpg (1.72 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, Build_The_Bread-Wall.jpg)

Thank You Baker!

925ee6  No.2536214

File: d7aba5b65c16abc⋯.jpg (62.23 KB, 600x400, 3:2, Buhbye.jpg)

4beaff  No.2536215


Follow the bread


fe2163  No.2536216

File: cc4b832e52c4693⋯.jpeg (199.02 KB, 640x715, 128:143, CDEF42D9-B6F7-49D5-890C-9….jpeg)

File: b24d6dc96a68dac⋯.jpeg (317.48 KB, 640x905, 128:181, E085F173-C966-4D83-9566-1….jpeg)

File: 743e6599a8c0c77⋯.jpeg (140.52 KB, 1136x445, 1136:445, BEA703AF-561E-4F59-93BC-4….jpeg)

Who is the National Coordinator for AMBER Alert

Board Chair

Rich Kolodziej

Zenergy Advisors



Karen Tandy

Public Policy Executive



Revé Walsh

Co-Founder, NCMEC


Pennie Abramson



John W. Arnos, Sr.

Canon U.S.A., Inc.


Hubert Bell

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission


Louis Bivona

Vision Logic


Robbie Callaway†

FirstPIC, Inc.


Manus Cooney†

American Continental Group


Sharon Cooper, M.D.

Developmental & Forensic Pediatrics, PA


Antigone Davis

Facebook, Inc.


Lisa Davis



Robin Dearden

Actress and Child Advocate


The Honorable Dennis DeConcini†

U.S. Senator (Retired)


Matthew Foosaner

Spectrum Enterprise


Vincent P. Giuliano

Marketing Expert


Robert Hannemann, M.D.

Purdue University


John P. Kelly, Jr.†

Financial Advisor


Meghan Latcovich

The NoName Institute


Larry Magid, Ph.D.

Syndicated Columnist and Commentator


Don McGowan

Pokémon Company


Tim Murphy

Thomson Reuters Special Services, LLC


Leonard Pfeiffer IV

Leonard Pfeiffer & Company


Winston Price, M.D.

Past President, National Medical Association


Steve Salem

Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation


Susannah Schaefer

Charles B. Wang Foundation


Mark N. Sirangelo

Sierra Nevada Corporation Space Systems


Sam Solakyan

S3 Capital, Inc.


Michael Stabolepszy

Technology Advisor


Haywood Talcove

LexisNexis Special Services, Inc.


Emily Vacher

Facebook, Inc.


John Walsh

Co-Founder, NCMEC


Revé Walsh

Co-Founder, NCMEC


Patty Wetterling†



A New Start Counseling Center, Fayetteville, Georgia


<rough draft still digging, got to NoName so sharing

000bcc  No.2536217

Q can you link anything about the sealed matter during cross-examination of Rick Gates in the Paul Manafort trial?

f4ddb5  No.2536218

File: 20d3e934b2027cd⋯.jpg (46.42 KB, 780x381, 260:127, laim poballisak.jpg)

f9cb6e  No.2536219

File: 2c5d5c62c5397e7⋯.png (14.15 KB, 443x233, 443:233, deja.png)

what did he mean by this?

why do we NEED a space force?

Space ISIS?

wink wink

f2065b  No.2536220

File: bbf4fc2013ade54⋯.png (285.92 KB, 602x884, 301:442, ClipboardImage.png)

Been thinking. I wonder how much of this $160 million Snopes got. And whatever fake fact check site HRC had up during the election? Maybe even some of that went to buy mod accounts on reddit? Wow, just another way to bilk her share of another $160mm from America, and subsidize the evil empire on our dime.

I might be way off base, it just seems a bit too convenient.

dea2ba  No.2536221

File: 27f23da6c87f8af⋯.png (16.63 KB, 451x164, 11:4, 2018-08-10_2-34-23.png)

File: 2eb8f0df304f199⋯.png (30.77 KB, 457x302, 457:302, 2018-08-10_2-34-01.png)

The diseases … the cures and treatments …

Lots of medical digs tonight for the night crew


Aussies develop new class of anti-cancer drugs - no side effects, and maybe no recurrence?

New anti-cancer drugs put cancers to sleep—permanently



Are bipolar disorder and/or severe depression caused by the human herpesvirus HHV-6?

Surprise finding in neurons



New way to treat infectious diseases? Dietary iron supplementation overcomes a normally lethal bacterial infection and results in later generations of those bacteria being less virulent

Scientists find that common dietary elements cure lethal infections, eliminating the need for antibiotics



Can lecithin, a harmless dietary supplement, treat an incurable illness?

Possible treatment for Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease discovered



A class of drugs already approved for use in people with certain types of blood cancer may be useful in treating Alzheimer's by fixing pH imbalance

pH imbalance in brain cells may contribute to Alzheimer's disease



Eating lots of different foods at same meal can make you fat - just eat a few and not too much of them. Take that, Moochelle!

A diverse diet may not be the healthiest one


ff4e98  No.2536222

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


56ce85  No.2536223


Even if, so what. His motives are not monitary. His motive is… gonna getcha.

78ef92  No.2536224


▶Anonymous (You) 08/09/18 (Thu) 23:51:38 cfdad0 (2) No.2535889>>2535960 >>2536128 >>2536139 >>2536148


The missing 2nd DL Could it be Debra L. Lee

work very close with DNC and got a whole lot of donations from key people. I found her in Littlesis

c7dfa5  No.2536225


It would be inspirational to see who has funded them. Im sure there are a bunch of dirty names behind it

925ad4  No.2536226

File: f1aa29fda1fbee5⋯.png (141.48 KB, 500x557, 500:557, spaceforce pepe.png)




7373bb  No.2536227


Warned about what?? Is POTUS going to stop losing??

2d4e61  No.2536228

a4d300  No.2536229


Eight is also the eighth day – Sunday. This represents the first day of the new creation where Jesus is the new (and improved) Adam. Sunday the day of Jesus' resurrection and the beginning of our new life in Him.

0850aa  No.2536230


Because rather than BO being loyal to truth he's now loyal to what he can earn off of the Q movement. That's not what chans are about, we do it for free.

7373bb  No.2536231

File: d9e7640dc53f653⋯.jpg (531.05 KB, 1440x1809, 160:201, Screenshot_2018-07-04-15-5….jpg)

File: 4e557aea979d0c7⋯.jpg (84.99 KB, 604x580, 151:145, 4e557aea979d0c78d9693ecb2a….jpg)

File: 78addd746048ba3⋯.jpg (20.2 KB, 273x400, 273:400, 41rIwPEs95L (1).jpg)

File: f0d138dc1b4c26d⋯.png (348.69 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, Impressive3.png)

Thank You Baker!! A most comfy night shift.

2d4e61  No.2536232

Still don't get how Russia is accused of fake election meddling, but Twitter et al are banning everyone ahead of midterms and that's ok.

9842ab  No.2536233

File: ab32621db6bdd41⋯.jpg (61.29 KB, 625x938, 625:938, baker-girls-blonde-flag-bi….jpg)


a4d300  No.2536234


One of the Q Tubers suggested AJ received some of the $ as well.

fc4d33  No.2536235

File: 2a1ec3fb1eecc34⋯.png (454.31 KB, 2085x1012, 2085:1012, Chart.png)

Anons, I've updated the graphic since the last bread. Rahm Emanuel has been changed to R David Edelman.

Please let me know if you see anything blatantly wrong you think I should change

47b8e9  No.2536236


When the evidence comes out this ends

Q is not what you think it is.

Like I said you will be embarrassed by the truth

d28181  No.2536237

File: 9aab394d2a46c94⋯.png (1.24 MB, 828x836, 207:209, 2018-08-10_03-58-39.png)


NOT The Doorknob Killer!


56ce85  No.2536238

Space Force

Take power/money from NASA

Bring "space" under military controll/potus controll.

Turn rocket research over private industry, save billions in taxes.

Turn humanities mind to space

Set up phase two

a0358f  No.2536239

File: d79363b0d26fbc6⋯.jpg (20.62 KB, 319x284, 319:284, trump laser pointer.JPG)

SPACE FORCE = Cat meets laser pointer.

fe2163  No.2536240

File: 9fb90aef307a13b⋯.jpeg (42.06 KB, 640x696, 80:87, E8CF093C-403E-46D5-B537-5….jpeg)


Forgot a pic

a4d300  No.2536241


Sauce? Details?

2d4e61  No.2536242

File: 48ac01eddbeeb17⋯.png (714.7 KB, 1028x1610, 514:805, ClipboardImage.png)


56ce85  No.2536243


Pove or GTHO

2aed44  No.2536244

File: ffe57d0e3136a28⋯.png (417.46 KB, 1200x450, 8:3, distr.png)

2d4e61  No.2536245

File: f12a516bfda4718⋯.png (261.65 KB, 1003x1217, 1003:1217, ClipboardImage.png)

43abb6  No.2536246

We are getting closer.>>2536181


This is just a working draft document until we all get it right.

47b8e9  No.2536247



All evidence drops today

2d4e61  No.2536248



“Her journalism and the fact that she is a young Asian woman have made her a subject of frequent online harassment. For a period of time she responded to that harassment by imitating the rhetoric of her accusers,” the Times said.

7373bb  No.2536249

File: f54bc8b225241ea⋯.png (344.36 KB, 397x398, 397:398, maga-eagle-sunglasses.png)


Damn…I couldn't even bait you in.

Is the economy going to crash?? Is harvey going back to HWood?? Is ICE going to stop rounding up MS-13??

What is it I am supposed to be so worried about?? I'm here for my NATION and The Anons and my own development. As long as POTUS & MAGA keeps growing by the second, I'm happy.

56ce85  No.2536250


First, you did not prove that he is making money.

Second, even if he is making a FEW bucks that does not automatically

mean that he would sell his soul to the cabal.

Bet he would burn every dollar if it meant seeing

there end.

You are a shill and we know it.

1be9e3  No.2536251


06df95  No.2536252


Continuation, have to hit the rack. Any linkedinfag might try her account I deleted mine long ago. Link at bottom.

[Stephanie Power][KM]]←—-→[HRC/DNC]

Karina Marquez article ties to Debbie Wasserman Schultz


"…Overall, the DNC staffers appear to be comfortable discussing other people's personal histories and saying offensive remarks to one another.

In an email titled 'Tiny suggestion', staffer Karina Marquez tells Comer: 'Eat my butt'.

In another, staffers discuss buying a gift basket for a former staffer and decide that the smaller it is, the better…."


Believe this is her Linkedin might have verification via contacts[Stephanie Power|:


a4d300  No.2536253

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Watch this eye opening video on space warfare against us. Graphic images in last 5 minutes warning.

It Had to be DEW Videohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_dQitRLQwI

47b8e9  No.2536254


Q ends

It's been a lie

Evidence drops today

0c2f83  No.2536255

File: 9b5f290a81fb59a⋯.jpeg (51.84 KB, 750x444, 125:74, B5041F57-DA4D-4FC0-A1CB-F….jpeg)

Q, are we going to know about the dome or no. I took a tactical laser sight out onto Lake Michigan on calm day w friend and nothing, no drop over 1.25 mi distance (anticipated 8-10in). Please tell us if we will get to know all of the truth.

>How far is the closest star?

None of that ^

God bless you

56ce85  No.2536256


Well then. By days end we will know if your a

crack pot or not then.

As if I already don't know.

7373bb  No.2536258


What's the lie??

2d4e61  No.2536259


drop it then

03fc31  No.2536261


Whatever you say buddy

9475b9  No.2536262

File: 373a55c9d562d38⋯.jpg (55.44 KB, 500x552, 125:138, 2fk5lm~2.jpg)

File: 2f5d3aebdebd0d7⋯.jpg (63.57 KB, 640x960, 2:3, DkMKvXdWsAEC2CU.jpg)

Q, we are on the job.

2d4e61  No.2536263

File: 1d043ff88234226⋯.jpeg (249.86 KB, 1527x1123, 1527:1123, titsgtfo.jpeg)


sauce or gtfo

03fc31  No.2536264




Posobiec doesn't know shit.

46bdcb  No.2536265


Do you have sauce for that?

56ce85  No.2536266


I am with you. HOWEVER… how would the world

react? Mass panic. The beginning of the end.

Yes? Yes.

Serious stuff.

9842ab  No.2536267

File: d3e17a834643e85⋯.jpg (26.38 KB, 476x353, 476:353, spongebob-how-much-you-wan….jpg)


JP, baby not sleeping yet, or is he teething??

a65dea  No.2536268


Still waiting for him to drop a post saying he is Q with Q's tripcode…anything less is bull shit

7373bb  No.2536269

File: bf91b6cf7bc0758⋯.png (128.12 KB, 627x511, 627:511, Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at ….png)

b87192  No.2536270

File: dc99377352c08f1⋯.jpeg (360.02 KB, 2100x1575, 4:3, llbctar.jpeg)

"grandkids and golf" KEK


47b8e9  No.2536271






The evidence drops

9475b9  No.2536272

File: 2264908e4b9a15c⋯.jpg (68.38 KB, 500x412, 125:103, 2fk8kk~2.jpg)

File: a6054c5cedce130⋯.png (812.39 KB, 960x924, 80:77, 6c5f8865a063901c048807bc3a….png)

File: 1ed23c09f4b9401⋯.jpg (68.03 KB, 500x736, 125:184, 2fj7mi~2.jpg)

08fa02  No.2536273


They ain't gonna drop anything, because they don't have anything to drop. Same [C]ucked [T]raitor [A]non that's been taking shit about exposing Q for months now.

2d4e61  No.2536274

2aed44  No.2536275


same in greece

01797e  No.2536276

File: 17278071c8cbf85⋯.jpg (18.57 KB, 300x391, 300:391, not_this_shit_again_1_71c2….jpg)

File: 1676ae341c8b7fc⋯.png (7.48 KB, 167x255, 167:255, get it right.png)


You will be angry and embarrassed about how you've been deceived by a TWITter famefag.

You have been warned.

03fc31  No.2536277


It will change nothing, but go delude yourself some more.

2abbf8  No.2536278


You mean your balls are dropping? congrats

47b8e9  No.2536279


Posobiec will drop the evidence today

43abb6  No.2536280


For the White House…

The three brackets [[[JK]]] around John Kerry's name tie SP and KM together relative to the DNC/HRC flow of things. If we assume Samantha Powers (US UN Ambassador) is SP, then we can presume KM is involved in either the State Department, the UN or some other similar part of diplomatic government that connects them back to the DNC/HRC campaign. That is where I think we should dig for KM. Also could it be Kari McDonough, Denis wife?

e79bdd  No.2536281

>>2536144 lb, >>2536193,

>>2536194 (grad to heal it),

>>2536195 (nah, lub night crew),

>>2536208 (stole from nightanon. is gud rite?),

>>2536213 (breadwall savved!),


I know this is just the latest discredit slide, but must say: it takes someone who spends every waking moment on this board, studying what makes anons comfy, how the enemy makes inroads, etc etc etc., to know that BO is also on here every waking moment, every day. A person doesn't do that for money. If all someone cares about is money, then all he cares about is personal benefit, and you will see other tells to that selfishness. Only selfless ppl devote every ounce of their lives to a cause. The data is out there, look for yourself. Patriots are as patriots do, just as all you autists and anons donate your time and creative energies selflessly. They can call us whatever names and accuse of whatever wrongs they want, the truth will out. We just want our country(ies) back, a prize beyond price. And (((they))) are about to find exactly how much that kind of collective dedication is worth. That is all.

925ee6  No.2536282


Nice work!!! TY Anon!!

2d4e61  No.2536283

9475b9  No.2536284

File: 76cbfcddbc29415⋯.jpg (71.2 KB, 500x684, 125:171, 2fh4zk~2.jpg)

9025c9  No.2536285

File: 97b869347367660⋯.png (66.8 KB, 1050x132, 175:22, Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at ….png)


keep it up & check spelling

fe2163  No.2536286

File: 26ccd04d978ab1c⋯.jpeg (253.15 KB, 640x1095, 128:219, 72E8762E-4948-4E12-953A-9….jpeg)

b2beaa  No.2536287

File: 0149d59e21e68b6⋯.png (123.27 KB, 818x203, 818:203, Kelly M.png)


The 2 DL's are David Laufman and David Lawrence


Good night anon.

KM is definitely Kelly Magsamen

special assistant to the president and Senior Director for Strategic Planning at the National Security Council 2012-2014

DOD Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Asian Pacific and Security Affairs 2014-2017

8f047c  No.2536288



a4d300  No.2536289

Can't criticize the victim class (flavour of the month).

7373bb  No.2536290


Well then, let it be. Will it be worse than the News that Hillary Clinton was elected President??

0c2f83  No.2536291


I know. I have patience. The recent space force logo survey they sent out looked like a bunch of television show logos. Set me off.

56ce85  No.2536292


Human participation. Secret terrorism.

9475b9  No.2536293

File: 47a927c7c74196a⋯.jpg (46.51 KB, 500x538, 250:269, 2fjcl2~2.jpg)

47b8e9  No.2536295


It will end Q

2c5770  No.2536297

File: bc1ba2613ad4ce8⋯.png (387.67 KB, 575x1024, 575:1024, 920303023e71aff95f015c77b1….png)

have anons seen this?

2d4e61  No.2536298


alright jack

you can go back now

7373bb  No.2536299


Will it end the Trump Presidency or MAGA or QResearch??

7a85dd  No.2536300

It's 4:00 a.m. If the evidence is gonna drop MSM should have their talking points. I think dude is full of it.

1be9e3  No.2536301


You believe that fuzzy ear stock photos of Trump's ear are super secret spy pics…. BuT aNyThInG lEsS iS bUlLsHiT!!!!!

2d4e61  No.2536302


nice find

47b8e9  No.2536303



2aed44  No.2536304

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

9025c9  No.2536305


No, which is also the answer to the letter.

9475b9  No.2536306

File: 2eb891d5e7b6e27⋯.jpg (74.66 KB, 720x921, 240:307, DkM-1_0U4AAFTOG.jpg)

File: 29fe8b7f767502f⋯.jpg (49.46 KB, 500x600, 5:6, 2fjjz8~2.jpg)

08fa02  No.2536307

File: b0dd65a1bb28e8a⋯.jpg (1.12 MB, 1672x817, 88:43, 4am.jpg)

fa273c  No.2536308

From a dig in March:

Alison Schumer, Chuck Schumer’s daughter, works at Facebook as a “Privacy and Politics Product Marketing” manager, promoting projects related to getting people to vote and contact elected officials.


ea7cf7  No.2536310


Just fake fighting for the cameras. Anon be best. Try thinking

c7dfa5  No.2536311


Are those Q bagels?

56ce85  No.2536312


Hope you are a Christian dear sir.

You are talking about an issue that PROVES God


They will defend this secret at all costs.

If humanity learned the truth of our world, game over for them.

God bless.

2d4e61  No.2536313



a65dea  No.2536314


Where did your deluded ass come up with that?

I apologize that your parents didn't have any children that survived

4f2a77  No.2536315


Guess we all better leave now. Come on guys, let's all go back to normie life.

9842ab  No.2536316

File: 329754799e55926⋯.jpg (79.15 KB, 1024x764, 256:191, spongebob-how-much-you-wan….jpg)


my final offer Jack

acdaeb  No.2536317


Glitter Bomb Boy. He's a fucking dunce.

0dd333  No.2536318

File: cd6bf8b2c2f95c2⋯.png (374.79 KB, 588x570, 98:95, Skittles.png)

>>2536307 Fox - Chicago Violence and SPACE FORCE

9475b9  No.2536319

File: 118fd3efba9a5cb⋯.jpg (85.97 KB, 500x531, 500:531, 2fg7az~2.jpg)

01797e  No.2536320

File: ca1049026a46f09⋯.jpg (11.77 KB, 255x169, 255:169, day of the rope.jpg)

File: d54683e26b71df7⋯.jpeg (190.59 KB, 1242x2030, 621:1015, butch hang.jpeg)

7373bb  No.2536321


Well in that case, then I won't feel bad not being here 18 hours a day. KeK!! Good knowing you Night Shift.

But TRUMP & MAGA are Good Right??

f4ddb5  No.2536322

File: 90c12df3645aee6⋯.jpg (29.47 KB, 400x264, 50:33, judge smails.jpg)

8f047c  No.2536323


he only accepts fake military accolades and followers on twitter

2c5770  No.2536324



a 1-poster posted in another thread

wish it was dated.. bbc trying to spy on JA – is that even legal?

c7dfa5  No.2536325


There is no way that Qresearch will just go away once the hammer is dropped/

03fc31  No.2536326


Just another Trump operation, like Cohen. Distract the #FakeNews, give them what they want to hear and then again, it's a nothing burger.

It allows people the chance to realize that #FakeNews is lying to them.

Save as many as possible, before the Storm hits.

1be9e3  No.2536327



Take note MSM here is all of the proof you need that QANON followers are deranged crazies who are seeking to murder Americans. HARD PROOF RIGHT HERE. More proof than Q has ever supplied.

9475b9  No.2536328

File: 9810ab0bc7f8bfc⋯.jpg (80.1 KB, 500x676, 125:169, 2fh342~2.jpg)

Elegance on a world scale.

a8327c  No.2536329

File: 5071834f1046b3f⋯.gif (999 KB, 245x250, 49:50, imgur_reaction.gif)


GTFOH you're embarrassing yourself.

acdaeb  No.2536330


The hammer dropping is only the beginning.

9842ab  No.2536331


Confidence is always sexy, until it kills you. oops.

47b8e9  No.2536332


Don't worry it all comes out today

You won't have to wait 9 months (and still going) like Q has made you.

7373bb  No.2536333


Jack is gonna wipe us all out I guess.

01797e  No.2536334


It's the clown shill from a couple months ago who kept on threatening people on here.

2aed44  No.2536335

File: 457ec6f42ac8793⋯.png (109.5 KB, 270x377, 270:377, ant.png)

e79bdd  No.2536336


Oops, meant to respond to those top tags with a Thank You. Then I got all heated defending muh board kek.

(thank you anons)

a65dea  No.2536337

File: b16e7b7b6d87646⋯.jpg (16.2 KB, 255x219, 85:73, thanks.jpg)


You really are a special kind of retard aren't you. I'm sorry to hear you'll be going to prison soon Gabe. You have a pelican smell about you….

03fc31  No.2536338


The media is a stain on society. Hell no, if it was up to me.

a0358f  No.2536339


We'll be called upon to calm the normies.

There'll be a lot of misinformation and

we'll play a vital role.

Q will coordinate it from here.

0dd333  No.2536340

File: 8c3b059adf4caa5⋯.jpg (3.38 MB, 3840x2400, 8:5, clown feeding.jpg)

File: e19208acfea77a9⋯.jpg (32.82 KB, 474x474, 1:1, cnn1.jpg)

File: cad054c0ec897e2⋯.png (1.62 MB, 1164x776, 3:2, MIL Astrophilogia.png)



Why do you losers even care if it s JUST a LARP? Y'all too obvious.

f4ddb5  No.2536341

File: 9931938d39254b0⋯.jpg (57.8 KB, 780x381, 260:127, laim shut down baord.jpg)

56ce85  No.2536342


Has nothing to do with space what so ever.

But nice try… demon.

I see you


fc4d33  No.2536343

File: 2a2a7fbbea5208a⋯.png (453.76 KB, 2085x1012, 2085:1012, Chart1.png)


Updated version with better coloring

0c2f83  No.2536344


I am which is why I am so upset about it.

acdaeb  No.2536345


Shitting their pants.

You can smell the fear.

8f047c  No.2536346


hit a nerve?

7373bb  No.2536347

File: 1ecc9f41f049b02⋯.png (650.12 KB, 790x548, 395:274, Elegant-Flotus&Anons.png)

File: 6079d27fc215d51⋯.png (531.8 KB, 692x527, 692:527, Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at ….png)

a65dea  No.2536348


Can you give me an exact time so I can clear my busy schedule?

2aed44  No.2536349

File: 540bab72cffb6ea⋯.png (579.11 KB, 672x859, 672:859, junior.png)

03fc31  No.2536350


This….much work to do

9025c9  No.2536351


The UK has CCTV everywhere, monitoring the "public" space by the embassy is probably legal in their system.

1be9e3  No.2536352


You are the normies, you gullible retard.

08fa02  No.2536353


yup. the same one that jumped the shark last night about this time.

cef5f4  No.2536354

>>2536343 It is too small. I can't see it.

9842ab  No.2536355

File: 47fa296810fcbd7⋯.png (65.57 KB, 364x401, 364:401, 8chan-baby-not-the-chat-lo….png)


just skeerd

a65dea  No.2536356


He's the same faggot that believes Pos is Q and also Ezra Watnick Cohen, he was on the same tirade last night…

acdaeb  No.2536357

File: f1fc6bd00b03115⋯.jpg (51.57 KB, 484x432, 121:108, qbrkme.jpg)

9475b9  No.2536358

File: c96b96b51ab5641⋯.jpg (76.79 KB, 480x657, 160:219, 2fjfil~3.jpg)

TYB and thanks to Sara for all her work.

a0358f  No.2536359



8f047c  No.2536360


lol scared of what?

56ce85  No.2536361


Capital punishment is legal for murderers and traitors.

Qanons will not do it, our court system will.

Try harder.

fc4d33  No.2536362


Click the image to expand it - or right click to open in new tab

31c14f  No.2536363


Funny, where will he "drop"?

Famefagging POS! Let's all hold our breath.

47b8e9  No.2536365


Not exact

Around noon today maybe a little sooner or a little later.

0feaae  No.2536366

File: 11931cb050b14b6⋯.jpg (380.95 KB, 753x861, 251:287, #0.Chan Archive Service.jpg)

GermanArchiveAnon Update

"Showtime!" Edition

Fellow Anons,

I added #3181 to #3199 to the folder and updated the checksums.



3181-3199.zip MD5: cddcbf144aa8cce15e3210eec947126d


3181-3199.html.zip MD5: ad90cd66e47691e88f6fc80a3289486b

The archive now contains 3205 breads.


GermanArchiveAnon Out

7a85dd  No.2536367

Jack P has been striving all day for attention on Twatter. I don't know what's up…but norm is are not liking his rhetoric…anti Q stuff.

a08546  No.2536368


If it's game over for humanity if they find out then STFU.

acdaeb  No.2536369


>Qanons will not do it, our court system will.

And Qanons will enjoy the court system doing it.

f4ddb5  No.2536371


Will it be across multiple platforms and stuff?

28e07c  No.2536372

File: 2e2cf5c7feb46b7⋯.jpg (456 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180809-224615….jpg)

This guy worked under Hussein and now Trump in Customs and Border Protection. Kevin McAleenan (KM

9475b9  No.2536373

File: 119d5d2ff9ac586⋯.jpg (20.22 KB, 206x225, 206:225, 2elz3u.jpg)

File: b370cb89751c22c⋯.jpg (178.14 KB, 650x505, 130:101, downloadfile-6.jpg)

bd6c4b  No.2536374

File: 8acdfbaf243e324⋯.png (210.02 KB, 500x333, 500:333, No Sauce.png)

56ce85  No.2536375


How long have you known about this?

Are you newly awakened?

Learn as much as you can about it… the world will need your knowledge and FAITH.

1be9e3  No.2536376


Then he posted fake stock photos that he doctored to make you gullible hillbillies think it was super double secret insider spy photos. Why does Q deceive and why do you believe?

334a79  No.2536377

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

>On June 23rd, 2011 a rather secret five hour meeting took place between WikiLeaks publisher Mr. Julian Assange, ( at the time under house arrest in Norfolk, UK ) and Google CEO Eric Schmidt.


b2beaa  No.2536378


It's Kelly Magsamen

46bdcb  No.2536379


Thanks for always having my back. I'll always have your back too. You're the shit.

a8327c  No.2536380

File: 6c6b97a572c481b⋯.jpg (251.52 KB, 700x941, 700:941, Hang em high.jpg)

f4ddb5  No.2536381


No, we didnt say hurt others, we said KYS!

2c5770  No.2536382

File: c8f9f2144920fc5⋯.png (228.55 KB, 1246x898, 623:449, Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at ….png)

i must've missed this - is twatter @jack really going on hannity?

47b8e9  No.2536383


Yes through multiple platforms

It will be significantly more detailed than the current MSM attacks

Not in scope but in details and evidence

It will end Q

56ce85  No.2536384


Not all of us. However, stopping evil and getting justice SHOULDN'T put a frown on your face.

If it does, you're one of THEM. Right?

fe8406  No.2536385


Well, that only took 33 years.

a4d300  No.2536386



a9c845  No.2536387

File: a8b1bfbf8511e9c⋯.png (119.68 KB, 478x328, 239:164, nuke_yourself.png)

9475b9  No.2536388

File: a036d3c43c9e8a6⋯.jpg (43.99 KB, 492x620, 123:155, 2fh0oa~2.jpg)

Anonymous hackers hit a dead end.

Total faggots.

56ce85  No.2536389


Not game over for humanity. We have Christ.

It's game over for THEM.

b2beaa  No.2536390


He did on yesterday's radio show

2abbf8  No.2536391


I'm guessing some maskfags have teamed up with Posobiek and are shilling for him here. Wait til he burns them, problem solves itself

074055  No.2536392



Here's a link to Assanges story and links to the book he wrote about it.

7373bb  No.2536393

File: 3abf333fc6ae1c5⋯.png (62.45 KB, 635x421, 635:421, Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at ….png)

File: 0883d49b963e252⋯.png (56.06 KB, 1248x316, 312:79, Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at ….png)

acdaeb  No.2536394


waah, waah….waah

sob.. sob


f4ddb5  No.2536395


Oh good, coz my girl made me stop killing libtards and I went on q instead. Now I'll have an excuse to go back to killing libtards. It's a hobby.

ffac1c  No.2536396

Elizabeth Warren shares in blame for suspect's alleged $500 bounty on ICE agents, Republican says

ust hours after a Massachusetts man was arrested for offering $500 bounties for killing ICE agents, a Republican candidate for a U.S. Senate seat in the state said his Democratic opponent shared in the blame.

GOP candidate Geoff Diehl demanded Thursday that incumbent U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren “both retract and apologize” for the criticism that he said U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement personnel have taken from her and other Democrats in recent months, the Boston Herald reported.

“We now have a man putting a bounty on the heads of ICE agents,” Diehl said in a statement. “Senator Warren’s irresponsible statements are partially to blame. She has a responsibility to support our law enforcement officials. Her call to abolish ICE and painting the entire criminal justice system racists are reckless and dangerous.”

"Senator Warren … has a responsibility to support our law enforcement officials. Her call to abolish ICE and painting the entire criminal justice system racists are reckless and dangerous.”

The suspect, identified as Brandon Ziobrowski, 33, of Cambridge, Mass., was arrested Thursday in New York, charged with one count of use of interstate and foreign commerce to transmit a threat and injure another person.


On July 2, Ziobrowski allegedly tweeted: “I am broke but will scrounge and literally give $500 to anyone who kills ICE agent. @me seriously who else can pledge get in on this lets make this work.”

Federal officials also said Ziabrowski had tweeted a desire to slit the throat of U.S. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz.

“He appears to be very much against ICE and its mission. He appears to have a violent dislike for at least one Republican senator and law enforcement," U.S. Attorney Andrew Lelling said at a news conference announcing Ziabrowski’s arrest.

Diehl, meanwhile, suggested that Warren, too, seemed opposed to ICE and its mission.

“We need a Senator who will support our police and not throw (ICE) under the bus to score political points,” Diehl’s statement continued. “Warren should be putting public safety first. Instead she is prioritizing her White House political ambitions to the detriment of law enforcement.”

Geoff Diehl


“We now have a man putting a bounty on the heads of ICE agents. @SenWarren’s irresponsible statements are partially to blame. She has a responsibility to support our law enforcement officials.”

https:// www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/08/10/elizabeth-warren-shares-in-blame-for-suspects-alleged-500-bounty-on-ice-agents-republican-says.html

2aed44  No.2536397

File: a86a475d488293a⋯.png (437.99 KB, 795x457, 795:457, dew.png)

e9eef4  No.2536398

File: 2f5d3aebdebd0d7⋯.jpg (63.57 KB, 640x960, 2:3, DkMKvXdWsAEC2CU.jpg)

File: 7103037feec4ba6⋯.jpg (56.88 KB, 469x469, 1:1, 2an3r9~2.jpg)

a08546  No.2536399



But God loved the WHOLE world. So STFU.

7373bb  No.2536400

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I'm more of a redneck.

Get a Life.

f4ddb5  No.2536401


This is not the place. There's a thread for that on lampresearch.com.

7a85dd  No.2536402


I was thinking the same thing.

acdaeb  No.2536403


I will enjoy the show, which includes JUSTICE being dispensed, in all of its forms.

f4ddb5  No.2536404

File: 8b5955378ed1450⋯.jpg (14.46 KB, 158x255, 158:255, googler laugh meme.jpg)

b90c55  No.2536405


How do you know that?

1be9e3  No.2536406



a4d300  No.2536407


I'm not a scientist but I've read that some of the DEWs are located on satellites. That is space is it not? Or are you concerned about aliens?

e9eef4  No.2536408

File: a6054c5cedce130⋯.png (812.39 KB, 960x924, 80:77, 6c5f8865a063901c048807bc3a….png)

File: 7103037feec4ba6⋯.jpg (56.88 KB, 469x469, 1:1, 2an3r9~2.jpg)

f4ddb5  No.2536409


Military Tribunals generally have fast, brief appeals. Trial and appeal can be done quickly.

e9eef4  No.2536410

File: 2264908e4b9a15c⋯.jpg (68.38 KB, 500x412, 125:103, 2fk8kk~2.jpg)

56ce85  No.2536411


Yep. And he offers that same peace and safety

to all who accept it. However, if you worship

satan and serve evil then, game over unless you

repent. You can repent. It's up to you.

334a79  No.2536412

File: 6fe713e6a6c931e⋯.gif (4.56 MB, 468x574, 234:287, 478AECDF-BB36-42DE-A5FB-7E….gif)

074055  No.2536413


I think you meant to say that the mockingbird cia assets teamed up with the cia hacker assets to continue the same faggotry they've been perpetrating on the American public for decades.

But yeah you're probably right.

d64965  No.2536414


Nope, we support the appropriate application of the ultimate penalty, which was the law of the land last time I checked.

fc287b  No.2536415


Rule #1 - When you resort to name calling, you have lost the argument.

You have failed your master, go back and train longer at CTR Camp. When your skills have improved, come back and try again.

220915  No.2536416


"The true depth and breadth of the SPYGATE criminal conspiracy, committed by the highest echelons of the U.S. Federal Government (read: Obama administration) against a U.S. presidential candidate, and then a sitting POTUS, is as radioactive as it gets.  Deep State operatives up and down the chain of command all have a vested interest to contain it."


"When this thing really blows, it’s gonna be like the Yellowstone Supervolcano blowing its top.  Nothing in American government or politics will remain unaffected.

The naked collusion to commit treason, espionage, sedition, etc. against a POTUS and the American Republic is now apparent… and with hard evidence to boot.

The Obama administration recklessly conspired with the U.S. Intelligence Community, various British Intelligence agencies and other foreign agents to sabotage the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Then they fabricated a fake “Russian collusion” story to cover up their unparalleled crime spree."


The Abraaj Group, a UAE private equity company co-founded and partly-owned by the Iraqi family of Saddam Hussein’s nuclear weapons mastermind, donated between $500,000 and $1 million to the Clinton Foundation and co-sponsored the 2012 Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting. That same Iraqi family was awarded a 35-year container terminal lease at national-security nexus Port Canaveral, Florida through the family’s ports company Gulftainer. The Port Canaveral lease received no national security review (CFIUS or FINSA), despite the family’s connection to Iraq’s rogue WMD program.


"This paper will explore how several seemingly disparate factors have joined together in a confluence of acute danger, creating a perfect storm that directly threatens United States (U.S.) national security. "

"These factors include: (i) the placement of Dr. Jafar and Gulftainer inside the wire at Port Canaveral with a 35-year container terminal lease through a secret operation known as ‘Project Pelican’; (ii) the development, production, and expansion of sales of Russia’s Club-K container missile launch system; (iii) the Jafars’ and Gulftainer’s joint venture with Russia’s state-owned Rostec, which owns 100% of the shares of Rosoboronexport, the exporter of the Club-K system; (iv) Dr. Jafar’s miniaturized nuclear weapon, known as the ‘Arab bomb’ or ‘Beach Ball’; (v) the Jafar family’s long-term relationship with Russia and the KGB/SVR and GRU intelligence services revolving around nuclear, chemical, and biological WMD; (vi) Dr. Jafar’s collaboration with North Korea on weapons delivery systems; and (vii) the similarities between Dr. Jafar’s ‘Beach Ball’ and the miniaturized nuclear weapon model seen with Kim Jung-un."

Key finding:

* The CFIUS review and oversight process failed, possibly in part because a Pakistani immigrant from Kashmir with family connections to the Pakistani intelligence service as well as to the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood, served as the CFIUS staff chairperson from 2009-2014. 


Robert Mueller and James Comey are among the most corrupt "law enforcement" officials in the history of this great nation…

They along with traitors, Brennan and Clapper and their other minions, have run an intelligence operation to cover up their own crimes, which include admitted unconstitutional surveillance, intelligence, uranium, weapons and drug smuggling operations, that are not only illegal but stand in stark contrast to the values shared by the vast majority of decent people everywhere.

Even with the "mockingbird" media working hard to hide these facts, the treachery is well documented.

The FBI is a criminal enterprise and it has been for a LONG time, it is nothing less then a tax payer funded, organized racketeering syndicate, authorized by consent of its victims, we the people, who seem to be suffering from a collective Stockholm syndrome.

What happened!?

When will THEY be held accountable?

Why do we allow it to continue?







acdaeb  No.2536418

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

f4ddb5  No.2536419

File: bb4ef1f2ac935d2⋯.jpg (44.79 KB, 640x409, 640:409, pelican 40000.jpg)

20c176  No.2536420


>Tim Geithner

56ce85  No.2536421


we are changing the channel. The new show is

watching the old show get dismantaled.

e9eef4  No.2536422

File: 12ab42dcb3d08e6⋯.jpeg (11.11 KB, 155x232, 155:232, aa6475bf4145e16a8eab253f9….jpeg)

File: 18a79e904d43b90⋯.jpg (54.41 KB, 500x621, 500:621, 2fgu79~2.jpg)

Truth is coming out.

acdaeb  No.2536423


Not when the "Show" starts.

a4d300  No.2536424


Pedos are weak cowards who pick on minors or children who cannot fight back or escape. They do not run anything; they are slaves to their master loserfer. He is the mastermind of their evil schemes.

Repent, minions of darkness, judgment is nigh.

1be9e3  No.2536425


Rule #0 - When presented with irrefutable evidence of a LARP deflect with meaningless minutia and fake rules you make up

7373bb  No.2536426

File: e0734e83a4af07c⋯.jpg (7.85 KB, 255x128, 255:128, 6e957643f3893e4ce0985b299a….jpg)





The Show

676035  No.2536427

File: 5ee08d77fdd9a7e⋯.png (413.81 KB, 1501x695, 1501:695, 91844337b465321539d4cf4073….png)

3 black hawks circling just outside UK

a8327c  No.2536428

File: db4c4b66ec17aad⋯.jpg (162.91 KB, 600x600, 1:1, waiting.jpg)

e9eef4  No.2536429

File: 9bcad638d4c0331⋯.jpg (1.17 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, 33c8b1fac16981ece26bfa3dde….jpg)

File: fb0c0cf1dcc17cf⋯.jpg (76.62 KB, 480x522, 80:87, 2fe2at~2.jpg)

6df703  No.2536430

>>2536152 pb

Yes, just so. Chelsea is not in the government, right? But is she yet complicit? Shall we find a place for her in the org charts -- and others such as her, too?

ffac1c  No.2536431

File: 5d95245e78b2f3a⋯.png (688.31 KB, 931x524, 931:524, ClipboardImage.png)

Broadcom co-founder arrested in Las Vegas on drug trafficking charges

Tech billionaire and Broadcom co-founder Henry T. Nicholas III was arrested this week in a Las Vegas hotel room on suspicion of drug trafficking, jail records show.

Authorities responded to a call from the Encore hotel Tuesday night regarding contraband in one of its rooms, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported

Police arrested Nicholas, 59, and a woman identified as Ashley Fargo, 37, on suspicion of trafficking cocaine, ecstasy, heroin and methamphetamine.

Both have since been released from custody, a police spokesman said.

Nicholas’ attorney, famed for representing the likes of Paris Hilton, Bruno Mars, and Motley Crue singer Vince Neil, said his client was released on his own recognizance.

Nicholas has had previous run-ins with the law.

According a 2008 indictment cited by the Los Angeles Times, Nicholas was accused of distributing and using drugs on a private flight between Orange County, Calif., and Las Vegas.

Those charges were dropped in 2010.

Nicholas co-founded Broadcom in 1991 with Henry Samueli. He stepped down as chief executive in 2003, the Times reported.

The California-based maker of semiconductors was acquired by Avago Technologies in 2015 for $37 billion.

Nicholas has reportedly used his wealth to back initiatives to bolster victim’s rights laws such as California’s three-strikes felony law and Marsy’s Law, named after his sister who was killed by an ex-boyfriend more than 30 years ago. The latter will appear on Nevada's midterm ballot in November

A Billionaire trafficking cocaine ??? WHY

https:// www.foxnews.com/us/2018/08/10/broadcom-co-founder-arrested-in-las-vegas-on-drug-trafficking-charges.html

f4ddb5  No.2536432

File: d8c51b940b1b26e⋯.jpg (132.81 KB, 599x399, 599:399, pepe nazi oven.jpg)

0dd333  No.2536433

File: 0adf9dd58d49880⋯.jpg (277.19 KB, 1161x1200, 387:400, burning.jpg)


I am just waiting for them to prove that the timing of DJTs Tweets and Q's Post is MATHEMATICALLY IMPOSSIBLE. When they do the math they are going to see the truth plain as day! Its been behind them all along!

e79bdd  No.2536434


Okay kinda love this. A lot.

thanks anon


Anon, I'm confused about the significance/connection of the Psychologist, May. Why the pics?

56ce85  No.2536435


Most everything is open source. An easy dig.


c7dfa5  No.2536436


There are going to be some seriously shell-shocked normies. Coming to a theater near you very soon

a08546  No.2536437


Q is just a LARP.

The other anons here are all AI bots. You're the only real person here circle jerking yourself.

cb3ca4  No.2536438

File: 8bd17360fb3f2fa⋯.jpg (264.14 KB, 683x1024, 683:1024, 5044997235_d88ce324fd_b.jpg)

"Gullible Hillbillies."

That's almost as good as "deplorables."

Hey Baker, can you name the next bread

"Gullible Hillbillies"?

46bdcb  No.2536439


Haven't seen you present a shred of evidence yet bud.

56ce85  No.2536440


bubbles (pu)

1be9e3  No.2536441

File: 9037cb7274b0539⋯.png (39.49 KB, 1029x267, 343:89, ClipboardImage.png)

4f2a77  No.2536442

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Stumbled upon this video from August 2017, narrated by Assange talking about Google's influence. Not sure if it's been shared here, but it certainly seems relevant.


7373bb  No.2536444

File: a454344401913e1⋯.jpeg (154.2 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, 1f97a928dc52636ed3f873aaf….jpeg)

File: ca336d898a200cb⋯.jpeg (200.07 KB, 1200x889, 1200:889, 2f616834627e6741e2ccbb4f0….jpeg)

File: bbbaafd5e839ea6⋯.png (2.56 MB, 1201x900, 1201:900, fdsferew.PNG)

File: 99fea57cb21bd23⋯.jpeg (1.3 MB, 3662x2742, 1831:1371, FullSizeRender.jpeg)


You're right.

14b2da  No.2536445


Listen to the first 20 min Jillian is Q then watch rest

This is ==HUGE==

b4393f  No.2536446


My meme factory is gonna need renovations and upgrades

e9eef4  No.2536447

File: 18a79e904d43b90⋯.jpg (54.41 KB, 500x621, 500:621, 2fgu79~2.jpg)

a8327c  No.2536448

File: 9488badd4af98e7⋯.gif (1.54 MB, 315x179, 315:179, imgur_reaction.gif)

When did Nunes say the [20] pages were coming out?

Soon I hope.

f4ddb5  No.2536449

File: 9602d2f6382e404⋯.jpg (45.82 KB, 634x480, 317:240, no ragrets.jpg)

2aed44  No.2536450

File: 9ac1899bb736abc⋯.png (492.09 KB, 600x570, 20:19, yalla.png)

fa273c  No.2536451

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


and can we have banjo music too?

b90c55  No.2536452

What am I supposed to say if I call the Clinton Foundation as Q apparently wants me to do?

a4d300  No.2536453


I detect a disputation among anons.

e9eef4  No.2536454

File: eb75faf5c7ac693⋯.jpg (46.63 KB, 378x378, 1:1, 2fcc3w~2.jpg)

File: 8490ca29389d62f⋯.jpg (90.85 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 2f6k42~3.jpg)

a4d300  No.2536455


Where are the children?

1be9e3  No.2536456



f4ddb5  No.2536457

File: c3cd9d931b94b44⋯.jpg (112.5 KB, 758x787, 758:787, obama legacy.jpg)

e79bdd  No.2536458


Am autist. Calls it as I sees it.

Am patriot. Stand by my brothers.

Glad am in good company on both fronts.

7a85dd  No.2536459

That number isn't the CF. It's the National Human Trafficking Hot line. CFL has a NY number.

d44503  No.2536460


You want to make a donation but first you need to try on one of her muumuu's, sizing is important to you.

f4ddb5  No.2536461


The Marriott is over there —–→

b53cf9  No.2536462


nothing gets past you apparently

e9eef4  No.2536463

File: d1f4fc8ef700210⋯.jpg (43.2 KB, 480x526, 240:263, 2fclzr~2.jpg)

31b5f8  No.2536465

File: 4109a111df0339d⋯.png (217.66 KB, 287x450, 287:450, ClipboardImage.png)


They doxxed a couple people then celebrated their 'stunning victory' on twatter

2aed44  No.2536466

File: a6b4d0ba2581c0d⋯.png (2.19 MB, 1600x1511, 1600:1511, mega copy.png)

591cc2  No.2536467

File: 6ef73c2715cc23d⋯.jpeg (890.2 KB, 1242x2042, 621:1021, 0062982A-D580-4477-AABC-9….jpeg)

No to late to lock them (her) up.

How to make a career defending evil.

What are all those Tunnels for?

A real * Witness or is it “professional”

Wow what an amazing list of cases you worked on.

Notable cases she has been involved in due to her expertise include the McMartin preschool trial, O.J. Simpson, the trials of mass murderers Ted Bundy, Willie Mak, and Angelo Bueno, the Abscam cases, the trial of Oliver North, the trial of the officers accused in the Rodney King beating, the trial of the Menendez brothers, the Bosnian War trials in the Hague, the Oklahoma City bombing case, and litigation involving Michael Jackson, Martha Stewart, Lewis "Scooter" Libby and the Duke University Lacrosse team.[7][8][10][11][15]

In case you don’t know.

These were. PRE Schoolers.


These people are sick

McMatrin preschoolers said.

Some of the abuse was alleged to have occurred in secret tunnels beneath the school.


Some of the accusations were described as "bizarre",[6] overlapping with accusations that mirrored the just-starting satanic ritual abuse panic.[5] It was alleged that, in addition to having been sexually abused, they saw witches fly, traveled in a hot-air balloon, and were taken through underground tunnels.[5] When shown a series of photographs by Danny Davis (the McMartins' lawyer), one child identified actor Chuck Norris as one of the abusers.[21]

cb3ca4  No.2536468

File: e183a136d711d26⋯.jpg (111.34 KB, 564x729, 188:243, e183a136d711d26fa3451850b5….jpg)

Anonymous stands no chance against pepe.

e9eef4  No.2536469

File: 47a927c7c74196a⋯.jpg (46.51 KB, 500x538, 250:269, 2fjcl2~2.jpg)

File: 185aa141c46e6a0⋯.png (31.83 KB, 404x236, 101:59, Screenshot_2018-08-08-16-2….png)

Another shit stain.

4cc65b  No.2536470


Maybe it wasn't cocaine?


a8327c  No.2536471

File: 4d7a3eba866b105⋯.jpg (82.22 KB, 335x308, 335:308, hello.jpg)

a65dea  No.2536472


Who do you think our current cheerleader shills in here are? We got Gabe, We got Zero hour, and I'm pretty sure Muh Dick is Defaggo

acdaeb  No.2536473

File: cce7a408282f3ea⋯.jpg (145.17 KB, 864x578, 432:289, muhlegacy.jpg)

1cff61  No.2536474



a08546  No.2536475


James Woods starred as the attorney defending the son.

4f2a77  No.2536476

File: ef0340e876191d9⋯.png (56.76 KB, 638x404, 319:202, ClipboardImage.png)

A blue check verified twatter tying accused arsonist to Qanon? Say it ain't so. Wait, don't tell me, did he also have an armored truck?


a4d300  No.2536477


Watch the vid where it covers the attack on China. Massive explosion, thousands of new cars burnt out, but no cars were blown out of their spot on the car lot.

e9eef4  No.2536478

File: d3dcba532a3c1f3⋯.jpg (60.9 KB, 500x611, 500:611, 2fgz8j~2.jpg)



Richie is a nigger turd.

a72d7c  No.2536479

what if "amber alert" has been specifically setup to roundup strays that have escaped the networks ?

31b5f8  No.2536480

File: 616032bd6e3a653⋯.png (118.2 KB, 315x242, 315:242, ClipboardImage.png)


You need to go back

2aed44  No.2536481

1cff61  No.2536482


Please investigate the Clinton Foundation.

1cff61  No.2536484


By terrorists (satan worshipers).

It only takes one match.

c7dfa5  No.2536485



I was seeing Cruz for a second there.

e9eef4  No.2536486

File: 0f6336bd5471341⋯.jpg (62.56 KB, 500x549, 500:549, 2fk4b2~2.jpg)



Nigga troll…..fail

a4d300  No.2536487


Watch the video It's Gotta be Dew, posted above. That man is probably innocent.

acdaeb  No.2536488


Don't eat the children.

d44503  No.2536489


Fire has ALWAYS been used as a weapon, from the time we worked out how to make it.

But has it been used as a political weapon in CA? Q seems to think so…

048b87  No.2536490


It might get rather quiet in here since most Anons will be out in the real world, explaining things to friends and neighbors and their local communities. Not much time for online work when the SHT hits the fan

2aed44  No.2536491


one precise match…. wb a ton

2c5770  No.2536492


thank you baker


ffac1c  No.2536493

File: a1af1630d4c2e5c⋯.png (371.04 KB, 500x397, 500:397, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6c9349efeeff0fd⋯.png (214.76 KB, 500x281, 500:281, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ab59602c84310ff⋯.png (230.5 KB, 500x281, 500:281, ClipboardImage.png)

Obama Ignores Genocide In South Africa

Fri, 08/10/2018 - 02:00

Authored by Ilana Mercer via Unz.com,

Once upon a time there were two politicians.

One had the power to give media and political elites goosebumps. Still does.

The other causes the same dogs to raise their hackles.

The first is Barack Hussein Obama; the second Vladimir Putin.

The same gilded elites who choose our villains and victims for us have decided that the Russian is the worst person in the world. BHO, the media consider one of the greatest men in the world.

Obama leveled Libya and lynched its leader. Our overlords were unconcerned. They knew with certainty that Obama was destroying lives irreparably out of the goodness of his heart.

Same thing when Obama became the uncrowned king of the killer drone, murdering Pakistani, Afghani, Libyan and Yemeni civilians in their thousands. That, too, his acolytes generally justified, minimized or concealed.

In June of 2008, Obama marked his election as “the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal; the moment when we ended a war and secured our nation and restored our image as the last, best hope on Earth.” Media did not mock their leader’s delusions of grandeur.

All the estrogen-oozing amoebas of mainstream media would do in response to the Obama charm offensive was to turn to one another and check, “Was it good for you? Did he make the earth move and the oceans recede for you, too?”

Recently, Obama romped on to the Third World stage “bigly.”

He delivered an address in this writer’s birthplace of Johannesburg, South Africa. The occasion: the centennial commemoration of Nelson Mandela’s birth.

On that occasion, Obama praised “the liberal international order,” which is founded on inverted morality: Good is bad and bad is good.

Small wonder, then, that nobody—broadcaster Tucker Carlson excepted—was willing to shame Obama for lauding genial thug Cyril Ramaphosa as an inspiration for “new hope in [his] great country.”

President hope-and-change Ramaphosa has gone where his four peer predecessors had not dared to go. He led a wildly fruitful effort to tweak the already watered-down property-rights provision in the South-African Constitution. Theft of land owned by whites will now be permitted.

Other than their modern-day-messiah status, BHO and his hero Mandela share something else. Both were silent about the systematic ethnic cleansing and extermination, in ways that beggar belief, of South-African farmers, in particular, and whites in general.

Does the barefaced Barack care that white men, women and children are being butchered like animals, their bodies often displayed like trophies by their proud black assassins?

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-08-09/obama-ignores-genocide-south-africa

1cff61  No.2536494


I will not deny that state actors could be using

tech from above. But it is not space related.

Drones can fly very high and need not land.

acdaeb  No.2536495


A hell of a lot more people than just Q think so.

220915  No.2536496


The Clinton foundation is the largest un-prosecuted charity fraud in the history of mankind"

-Charles Ortel


fc287b  No.2536497


Looks like one of Pelosi's boys. Definitely not one of us.They try so hard and fail every time.

1cff61  No.2536498


Yes, and more.

550164  No.2536499

File: 5ef87a9ca2e9766⋯.jpeg (177.62 KB, 1495x841, 1495:841, C0E0B996-7D67-4577-84EC-9….jpeg)

JA will testify

How do you LEGALLY disclose?

Under OATH

What are OATHs?

fa273c  No.2536500


Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 73f652 No.896069 📁

Apr 4 2018 17:09:08 (EST)


Gateway Bridge Project.

$1.8mm Cory Booker - Singapore.

$3.5mm Chuck Schumer - Israel.

$400k Chris Christie - Mary Pat US.


Omnibus Bill.

The gift that keeps on giving.


a4d300  No.2536501


I heard that theory/report when doing pedogate research. Amber alert was devised to keep the kids under control when they tried to run away.

d44503  No.2536502


I agree, but need the proofs.

Perhaps planting eucalyptus all over wasn't the best idea unless your going to brush cut and back burn every year like the Ozzies have to do.

cb3ca4  No.2536503


For a long time, (((they))) have been burning out the rural areas of CA for two reasons.

1. Conservative stronghold exist in the rural areas.

2. Agenda 21/2030.

Occasionally, something like pedogate will pop up, and they set the fires to cause a distraction.

4f2a77  No.2536504

Say "I Haiti to tell you this, but Laura Silsby, now Laura Gayler was a member of Clinton's team, was convicted and sentenced for attempting to traffic 33 children. Clinton used her SoS powers to directly intervene in foreign justice system to reduce her sentence. What's worse, is that after returning to the US and changing her name, she went to work for Alert Sense, which handles Amber alerts."

Investigate THAT!

0dd333  No.2536505

File: 8cac04c20b03242⋯.png (570.9 KB, 1584x876, 132:73, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 463f8824230111e⋯.png (539.99 KB, 1599x871, 123:67, ClipboardImage.png)

from Germany to ME USAF

Leaving Jordan Luftwaffe

d44503  No.2536506


That is depressing.

c7dfa5  No.2536507

File: 071579a9b764cb6⋯.jpg (7.07 KB, 200x173, 200:173, littleboy.jpg)

4f2a77  No.2536508


Meant as reply to >>2536452

048b87  No.2536509


I looked at the DEW video and it just shows lots of typical pictures of fire damage. Not DEW. Fire just happens to be dangerous, and it moves with the wind. Some trees are more susceptible to combustion than others due to age, root systems, amount of moisture in the tree, species. Same with houses. Solid brick walls catch fire slower than plastic siding over chipboard and stud frames.

And burned bodies look the same whether it was an RPG that started the fire, or a fuel tank explosion or a forest fire down draft.

a8327c  No.2536510

File: fe5415492deb479⋯.png (2.29 MB, 1200x1600, 3:4, Layer.png)

Is an Alien?

048b87  No.2536511

File: d153207a899fd40⋯.png (380.15 KB, 674x974, 337:487, ClipboardImage.png)

Twitter meme

11c070  No.2536512


I think AJ is a part of the Plan

In a good way

Got them to show their hand and ban him

This should get action from Good Guys in response

c7dfa5  No.2536513


Pardon the pun, but where is the smoking gun?

c299d8  No.2536514





a source you should listen to says Posobiec got all his intel from defango & UniRock.

This means Jack Posobiec is about to go on social media publicly saying he believes QANON is a scam created by Pamphlet, Farmer, Corsi, Beanz and CodeMonkey to create a youtube channel network to steal donations from innocent gullable boomers.

THIS will expose jack posobiec as the shitforbrains soyboy wannabe that he truly is.

motherfucker should've just admitted he was interested in Q. This whole 'denounce Q before MSM ridicules me' stunt he pulled is about to take a chomp on career as a whole.

1be9e3  No.2536515



11c070  No.2536516




d44503  No.2536517


Up in flames?

ffac1c  No.2536518

File: bb6f66d16688d79⋯.png (131.96 KB, 500x209, 500:209, ClipboardImage.png)

The World's Largest Cybercrime Empire

Fri, 08/10/2018 - 03:30

Authored by Alex Kimani via SafeHaven.com,

When you hear of state-sponsored cybercrime, you probably conjure up images of cybercriminals linked with the Russian government outwitting sophisticated infosec systems and stealing mountains of state data

Well, that’s pretty representative of your average state-sponsored hack, only that the latest and biggest hacking ring to be busted (sort of) is run by regular Ukrainian guys and employs sophisticated state-sponsored techniques, primarily targeting American businesses and companies.

Biggest Hacking Organization

Meet the Fin7 hacking Group, the most costly cybercrime ring in town. The group has earned its stripes as one of the most sophisticated and aggressive hacking organizations in the world, alleged to have leeched a billion dollars from companies in America and around the world.

Fin 7, aka Carbanak Group, has stolen more than 15,000 credit card data-sets from at least 3,600 businesses around the world in its years-long operation. The DoJ has already indicted three Ukrainian nationals for their involvement and charged them with 26 counts of felony each, including conspiracy, hacking and wire fraud.

The three men, Dmytro Fedorov (44), Fedir Hladyr (33), and Andrii Kopakov (30), were high-level operatives in the underground empire as an administrator and group supervisors, respectively. But make no mistake: Fin 7 still continues its insidious operations even with the three firmly behind bars.

Sophisticated Techniques

Barry Vengerik, threat analyst at FireEye Inc. and coauthor of the Fin7 report, says the have been surprised by the sophistication of the techniques employed by the group, most of them associated with state-sponsored hacks and not your average financially motivated cybercrime.

It’s a plot that would impress even the most battle-weary sleuth.

Take the case of one unnamed employee at a Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews. One day this employee received an email from ray.donovan84@yahoo.com from what appeared like a normal email from a disgruntled customer kvetching about a bad experience they had at the hotel.

The email urged the recipient to open a certain attachment for further details. Unfortunately, the employee fell for the ruse and opened said attachment, unwittingly granting access to the Fin 7 network.

read more:

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-08-09/worlds-largest-cybercrime-empire

0e744e  No.2536519

File: 2f5d3aebdebd0d7⋯.jpg (63.57 KB, 640x960, 2:3, DkMKvXdWsAEC2CU.jpg)

File: 2264908e4b9a15c⋯.jpg (68.38 KB, 500x412, 125:103, 2fk8kk~2.jpg)

Go Q we love you.

220915  No.2536520


[AJ] = controlled opposition

49810f  No.2536521


Oh Riiiight. Uh huh. Just like he got Ron Paul elected.

550164  No.2536522


11c070  No.2536523

a72d7c  No.2536524


have been cutting firewood etc for years, people would be surprised just how many trees that appear solid are actually rotted in parts inside them , fire tends to burn through these rotted parts with ease

550164  No.2536525

f4ddb5  No.2536526

File: c39a1885a9e25cb⋯.jpg (64.89 KB, 500x604, 125:151, JEB DERP MEME.jpg)

e79bdd  No.2536527


This is my take also.

Heading into disclosure phase.

We'll have credibility due to future-proves-past

>We knew/dugg for ourselves all along

>Q/POTUS trusted us to do moar all along

That credibility will help normies get thru


Yeah, was in notables last night or the night b4.

>>2536231, >>2536233

You bet anons. Thanks for being here.

fc287b  No.2536528


Hope Jack realizes if he goes that route he will become the laughing stock of the internet. The memes will be epic. This is one hell of a show.

a72d7c  No.2536529


same alert system could be applied to adults ( who haven't actually committed any crimes )

0e744e  No.2536530

File: 76c0565d86cfcce⋯.png (191.62 KB, 308x842, 154:421, 76c0565d86cfccee32e319a0b1….png)

File: 1ed23c09f4b9401⋯.jpg (68.03 KB, 500x736, 125:184, 2fj7mi~2.jpg)

W quickly identified this man.

11c070  No.2536531


Restrained opposition, sure

Wouldn't have gotten very far by promoting the JQ

a4d300  No.2536532

I think that the most recent Q post about Clinton Foundation, in part, relates to the Foundation as being the epicenter of the crime and corruption of the Clinton crime cartel and associated players. One of the investigating detectives was reported as having said that the emails/server were not the big deal to investigate, but the Clinton Foundation (back in October 2016).

1be9e3  No.2536533


Says the laughing stock of the internet

f4ddb5  No.2536534

File: 0e6392bab97628e⋯.jpg (14.08 KB, 255x143, 255:143, pepe old lady yelling.jpg)

f4ddb5  No.2536535

File: 545638bfc79ccd7⋯.jpg (29.38 KB, 766x500, 383:250, pepe reee meme.jpg)

0dd333  No.2536536

File: b4fdc46758f1312⋯.png (632.11 KB, 1553x889, 1553:889, ClipboardImage.png)

49810f  No.2536537


Posobiec is Alex Jones waterboy.

a8327c  No.2536538


He said he won't sign another one like it. We will see. Shut the shit down!

c7dfa5  No.2536539


Some damning footage of the santa rosa fire last year and the ones torching the redding area of california shows total incineration in spots,…no refrigerators, dish washers, or intact cars left and roofing tiles look like they have been put back in the kiln.

But proving that is like proving dustifying WTC footage.

fa273c  No.2536540




11c070  No.2536541



0e744e  No.2536542

File: 01cdfc7fc41496a⋯.mp4 (141.57 KB, 480x360, 4:3, HI NIGGER-2.mp4)

File: 7103037feec4ba6⋯.jpg (56.88 KB, 469x469, 1:1, 2an3r9~2.jpg)

Message to Hussein.

f4ddb5  No.2536543

028ddc  No.2536544

File: b610613220b068f⋯.png (484 KB, 1256x1885, 1256:1885, IMG_1144.PNG)


Probably Dews, but definitely nukes

2aed44  No.2536545

atm hive mind focus on list of names related to russiagate/fisa which is gg, all actors are nodes in a system with its purpose and processes for comms and cac.

this particular system is but one of several other similar systems within banking/finance, health, science, practically any societal power centre. the result is a system of corrupt systems, it has its puppetmasters and down we go into the rabbit hole

78a7cc  No.2536546

File: bdf1d04703cafd3⋯.jpeg (151.49 KB, 791x1024, 791:1024, img017.jpeg)

File: 5532018ebd48b2f⋯.jpeg (145.1 KB, 791x1024, 791:1024, img018.jpeg)

Opinion: Top DOJ official discussed getting Steele back into FBI, Mueller probe

1 of 2


d763c5  No.2536547

File: 412a0b502469421⋯.jpg (170.26 KB, 500x332, 125:83, redw.jpg)

f3db0b  No.2536548

File: bfa9494da13d2a8⋯.jpg (25.98 KB, 480x480, 1:1, xzEYmdW.jpg)

You niggers can't handle all of this…

0df5c4  No.2536549

File: 6991d63955111fc⋯.jpg (77.68 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, No Outside Comms 2.jpg)

f4ddb5  No.2536550


What's Q's paypal, I need to contribute to Q's gofundme.

ffac1c  No.2536551

File: e618f1b28f68ba8⋯.png (312.09 KB, 618x410, 309:205, ClipboardImage.png)

Mueller doesn’t need Trump’s testimony and other comments

By Post Editorial Board August 9, 2018

Ex-prosecutor: Mueller Doesn’t Need Trump Testimony

For months now, says former Watergate prosecutor Jon Sale at The Hill, pundits have “propagated the myth” that special counsel Robert Mueller is entitled to interview President Trump in order to determine his “knowledge and intent.” But Mueller “is not so entitled, and the president should not do it,” warns Sale. Fact is, government prosecutors conduct similar cases every day without the benefit of such interviews. And Trump’s legal team is right that all a sitdown can do is help Mueller “advance an arguable case against the president.” Frankly, given Trump’s conclusion — rightly or wrongly — that Mueller’s probe is “conducted by partisans who have pre-determined” his guilt, a voluntary interview would be “tantamount to walking into the lion’s den.”

Media critic: Jim Acosta’s Performance Journalism

CNN’s Jim Acosta raised eyebrows last week when he publicly confronted Sarah Huckabee Sanders, demanding to know if the White House press secretary shared President Trump’s belief that the press is the enemy of the people. The question may have been justified, but Todd Purdum at The Atlantic says that by becoming an actor in his own story Acosta played “directly into Trump’s received narrative about a hostile, combative and even unfair press.” White House press briefings generally have become “a circus of reportorial self-expression and sometimes self-promotion.” And Acosta’s broadside blurred “the line between reporting and performance” when journalists “have a greater obligation than ever to demonstrate that what they do . . . is not just part of the passing show.”

Foreign desk: Confessions of a Burqa-Phobe

Judging by the furious reaction that greeted UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson’s recent remarks, liberal opinion doesn’t allow Europeans “to discuss the burqa openly, honestly and fearlessly,” contends Commentary’s Sohrab Ahmari. Johnson has been assailed “by the left and much of the right” for suggesting the Muslim veil makes women look “like letterboxes.” This, even though Johnson was opposing a proposed Danish ban on the burqa. But the British pol understands that “anxiety over the burqa courses through the whole European body politic,” even if “few native Europeans dare voice it honestly.” Ahmari, a self-confessed “burqa-phobe” born and raised in the Islamic Republic of Iran, cites “legitimate” anxiety over the burqa, which “crystalizes the sense that European immigration and assimilation policy has gone horribly wrong.” And that, he says, “isn’t tantamount to hatred.”

Political scribe: Can a Grown-Up Tea Party Save the GOP?

https:// nypost.com/2018/08/09/mueller-doesnt-need-trumps-testimony-and-other-comments/

78a7cc  No.2536552

File: 4b0c31244aa9b40⋯.jpeg (153.14 KB, 791x1024, 791:1024, img019.jpeg)

File: 445db16d1a21fc6⋯.jpeg (42.12 KB, 791x1024, 791:1024, img020.jpeg)

Opinion: Top DOJ official discussed getting Steele back into FBI, Mueller probe

2 of 2


0e744e  No.2536553

File: a98d7bddd5567dc⋯.jpg (38.33 KB, 380x380, 1:1, 2f0wd6~2.jpg)

08fa02  No.2536554

File: b08283857b30938⋯.jpg (17.68 KB, 240x253, 240:253, b08283857b3093893f46b2dabb….jpg)

a4d300  No.2536555



Why would fire flatten homes like a pancake and leave surrounding trees and foliage unscathed? Not natural.

Also the China footage is compelling. Explosions where burnt out cars are not even shifted by the blast.

I'll do more digging on the DEWs.

2c5770  No.2536556

File: 378672c44f52501⋯.png (95.36 KB, 1188x270, 22:5, Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at ….png)


it appears the letter was distributed on august 8 according to this tweet


i found this post, the only mention of it on the archive search


when searching for "BBC"

>> 2521355

i also read through the notables from august 4-present yesterday morning as i was away from the board over the weekend and didn't see it, baker

just a heads up

wouldn't consider it a big deal but the fact that they sent this on wednesday is interdasting.. especially considering recent JA news

why now?

31b5f8  No.2536557

File: 74790c61a75f6df⋯.png (150.41 KB, 385x390, 77:78, check em 02.png)


truth trips say DEWs are the culprit

2aed44  No.2536558


it does not compute, ty anon

2c5770  No.2536559



meant to link to this

>>2521355 pb

b53cf9  No.2536560


Those trees aren't unscathed, they're getting cooked from the inside out,


(old video but same thing happening this year)

1e272c  No.2536561

File: c0f47e350793c54⋯.gif (6.25 MB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 20180810_040436.gif)


big day huh…


a65dea  No.2536562


The one thing that stood out to me in that video, was that blue house didn't have any signs of charring or melting which should have been there if the house next door was a raging inferno. 25 year fire service vet.

0e744e  No.2536563

File: ea3188da80c061b⋯.jpg (92.61 KB, 500x553, 500:553, 2fja92~2.jpg)

a72d7c  No.2536564


yeah am not ruling that out, just sharing perspective

ffac1c  No.2536565

File: d2bac2c2ac56b82⋯.png (285.97 KB, 618x410, 309:205, ClipboardImage.png)

Carter Page: The FBI ruined my life

By Paul Sperry May 26, 2018 | 3:55pm

FBI surveillance of former Trump campaign advisor Carter Page cost him business, income and even his girlfriend.

Page tells The Post that during the media barrage he faced in late 2016, he visited his girlfriend at her London flat, where she was “freaking out with the fake news about me.”

“Talking with her later in the evening after dinner, she told me that she didn’t want me staying there anymore, and that our relationship was over.

“So late that night,” Page continued, “I booked a last-minute hotel reservation as part of this early chapter of the redefinition of my life.”

Page believes the FBI’s mole, professor Stefan Halper, was secretly spying on him as part of a “politically motivated” investigation of Team Trump, using fake sympathy to gain his trust — all while fishing for dirt on Page’s ties to Russia, where he’d worked as an energy consultant.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out to be a trap,” Page said.

Halper contacted Page in early July 2016, weeks before the FBI claims it first opened an investigation into the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia.

The timing is significant because if Halper was being used as an informant before a case had been officially opened, it raises the possibility the Trump campaign was spied on for political — not law enforcement — reasons.

Page believes that’s exactly what happened, and agrees with the president’s characterization of the scandal as “Spygate.”

“It is particularly appropriate given recent developments,” the former campaign aide said.

Page said while he was under surveillance, Halper “portrayed himself as someone offering help” to him and the campaign, providing “insights and perspectives” on various foreign policy issues, including relations with Russia.

Page recalled the professor “expressed sympathy about what I had been put through with the defamation and smear campaign led by the DNC and the Clinton campaign,” which underwrote the dossier claiming Page conspired with the Kremlin to swing the election for Trump.

For instance, Halper penned a July 28, 2017 “Dear Carter” e-mail, assuaging him that new White House controversies may have taken pressure off him.

“I must assume this gives you some relief,” Halper wrote, adding that it “would be great to catch up.” Halper signed the note, “Stef.”

Since the breakup of his relationship and the decline of his consulting business, Page has gone on the offensive, sharing his side of the story as Washington politicians battle over the role that Halper, a British-American professor, played while informing on top Trump campaign officials starting in the summer of 2016.

https:// nypost.com/2018/05/26/carter-page-the-fbi-ruined-my-life/

31b5f8  No.2536566

File: 555525484ec1c31⋯.jpeg (56.04 KB, 430x322, 215:161, Thinking deeply.jpeg)




I see me a glow nigger

591cc2  No.2536567

File: 966a88b233add6a⋯.jpeg (434.62 KB, 1860x1242, 310:207, 464FB10C-5BB9-41BE-9713-0….jpeg)


My guess is:

They have difficulty getting Hurricanes to travel East or South ie (from Pacific) sooooo

they start fires on West side.

And Weather/Water/Hurricanes on East/CentralGOM parts.

How come there are NO FIRES on the Mexico Border?

2aed44  No.2536570


what are the political consequences? motive? cui bono?

0e744e  No.2536571

File: bc4d36be41ffa8e⋯.jpg (41.35 KB, 500x556, 125:139, 2fg5t8~2.jpg)



Carter Page was plant and now Page is a rat.

ffac1c  No.2536572

File: 9b9df229bd3c3f9⋯.png (262.81 KB, 618x410, 309:205, ClipboardImage.png)

Sally Moyer not ‘Agent 5’ in IG report on FBI

By Paul Sperry June 27, 2018

A House Republican says he didn’t mean to imply that both FBI investigators he unmasked by name in a congressional hearing were among five unidentified agents cited for pro-Clinton, anti-Trump bias by the Justice Department inspector general in his recently released report on the Clinton email investigation.

IG Michael Horowitz said he did not name the politically biased investigators in his report because the FBI said they worked in counterintelligence and requested he protect their identities.

However, Republican Rep. Mark Meadows, who heads a House Oversight subcommittee, argued the FBI was wrong to ask Horowitz to conceal their identities, because not all of them work in counterintelligence.

“But they don’t work in counterintelligence,” said in a June 19 exchange with Horowitz. “If that’s the reason the FBI is giving, they’re giving you false information, because they work for the general counsel.”

Meadows then named Kevin Clinesmith and Sally Moyer as two examples, and his staff later confirmed they were among the five unidentified FBI investigators in the IG report.

Dozens of media outlets reported the names, including the Post. However, Moyer’s lawyer insists she is not one of the biased five and “has not been referred for investigation.”

Adding to the confusion is that Moyer, who does work in the general counsel’s office, is mentioned throughout the IG report as a senior FBI investigator on the Clinton probe who made key and controversial decisions in the case. Clinesmith, who in fact was referred by Horowitz for bias review, worked as a second, more junior lawyer on Moyer’s team.

Clinesmith is “FBI Attorney 2” in the report, while Moyer is, in fact, “FBI Attorney 1,” which is not listed as one of the agents or lawyers cited for bias or referred for investigation.

Meadows’ office says it regrets the “misinterpretation.”

https:// nypost.com/2018/06/27/sally-moyer-not-agent-5-in-ig-report-on-fbi/

78a7cc  No.2536573

Opinion: Top DOJ official discussed getting Steele back into FBI, Mueller probe

"A month later in that Aug. 6, 2017, text was the one time, apparently, Steele mentioned Mueller by name to Ohr. And the intelligence operative tried to instill a sense of urgency, suggesting he had new intel that could assist the Russia case. "There are some new, perishable, operational opportunities which we do not want to miss out on," he wrote.

The text messages and other communications between Ohr and Steele don't indicate what ultimately happened. But, in multiple conversations, they talked about reengagement and used the shorthand "SC."

For example, when Congress got the first documents that revealed some of the substance of Steele's work for the FBI, the former Clinton-funded muckraker wrote back to Ohr. "Very concerned about this," he texted on Oct. 26, 2017. "Peoples (sic) lives may be endangered. I shall also reach out to my other (SC) contacts on this issue tomorrow."

Investigators believe the "SC" stands for "special counsel" but aren't sure if the follow-up messages refer to Mueller or to then-FBI lawyer Lisa Page, who dealt with the Russia case and also held the title of special counsel in the bureau.

Whatever the case, the text messages portray Steele as increasingly aggravated that his return to informant's work on the Russia case was going so slowly.

"I am presuming you've heard nothing back from your SC colleagues on the issues you kindly put to them from me," Steele texted Ohr on Nov. 18, 2017. "We have heard nothing from them either.

"To say this is disappointing would be an understatement! Certain people have been willing to risk everything to engage with them in an effort to help them reach the truth."


08fa02  No.2536574

File: a4478ccbd6da30a⋯.jpg (123.85 KB, 652x367, 652:367, Plants.jpg)

0e744e  No.2536575

File: 74199c9b68ba37d⋯.jpg (54.65 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 2fdhq8~2.jpg)

78a7cc  No.2536576

The handwritten notes exposing what Fusion GPS told DOJ about Trump

"A memory stick quietly exchanged in a coffee shop.

An admission of a “Hail Mary” leak.

An unmistakable effort to push the Russia investigation closer to Donald Trump’s inner circle with uncorroborated tales.

Those are just some of the highlights from the day that Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson — paid by Hillary Clinton’s campaign to find dirt on her GOP rival — met secretly with a top Justice Department official, right after Trump won the 2016 election.

And all of it was captured in the official’s handwritten notes — a contemporaneous record that intelligence professionals tell me exposes the flaws plaguing the early Russia collusion case.

For example, Simpson told then-Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr during the Dec. 10, 2016, meeting in a Washington coffee shop that he believed Trump’s longtime lawyer, Michael Cohen, was the “go-between from Russia to the Trump campaign.”

Yet, Simpson allegedly acknowledged that most of the information Fusion GPS and British intelligence operative Christopher Steele developed did not come from sources inside Moscow. “Much of the collection about the Trump campaign ties to Russia comes from a former Russian intelligence officer (? not entirely clear) who lives in the U.S.,” Ohr scribbled in his notes.

In those notes, Ohr repeatedly misspells Simpson’s first name as “Glen.”

Cohen has emphatically and repeatedly denied any role in connecting Russia to the Trump campaign. His lawyer, Lanny Davis, declined comment Thursday.

Simpson admitted in sworn testimony last year to the House Intelligence Committee that he had contact with Ohr after Trump’s election victory. But Ohr’s notes provide the first detailed public account of what the two men actually discussed."


550164  No.2536577

File: c45b5b908bcf4c4⋯.jpeg (40.72 KB, 640x383, 640:383, 287ABC69-491C-4F61-B3F2-5….jpeg)

File: d1ca005a00c0527⋯.jpeg (213.08 KB, 700x761, 700:761, 5BC8544B-4B09-4944-8E0E-5….jpeg)

File: e56fd1e5c725fbf⋯.jpeg (46.15 KB, 615x410, 3:2, 81280A28-48AC-4723-995C-2….jpeg)

File: 0287c8b8182744d⋯.jpeg (163.37 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 760CE7B6-1DA0-48FE-B007-8….jpeg)

c299d8  No.2536578

671c3c  No.2536579


After all this time people think they can come on the board with this method?

08fa02  No.2536581

File: b5f52fe00a5290e⋯.png (64.79 KB, 455x762, 455:762, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4ffff08539fd940⋯.png (85.83 KB, 458x754, 229:377, ClipboardImage.png)

78a7cc  No.2536583

"One notation that stands out is Simpson’s account that he asked Steele to talk with Mother Jones reporter David Corn about their muckraking on Trump and Russia in the final days of the election. At the time, Steele still worked as an FBI source.

Corn’s Oct. 31, 2016, story was one of the most definitive to allege possible ties between the Trump campaign and Moscow, creating an important talking point for Democrats in the final days of the campaign.

“Glen asked Chris to speak to the Mother Jones reporter. It was Glen’s Hail Mary attempt,” Ohr wrote."


1e272c  No.2536584

File: ad2d5dda5656851⋯.png (164.18 KB, 500x341, 500:341, 2ab6e7ca-1a8f-4a87-8276-ac….png)


cuz itzahh fookin'desert ye daft…

a65dea  No.2536585


It's just Gabe, missed his dose of Geritol, so he's a little cranky

550164  No.2536586

File: 8c4f75b3f21d70e⋯.jpeg (128.9 KB, 1055x334, 1055:334, CBE10ABF-63EC-4612-8284-A….jpeg)

Charlottesville anniversary is also…

0e744e  No.2536587

File: 506732e2d4a7eb1⋯.jpg (37.02 KB, 454x370, 227:185, 2fccd7~2.jpg)

c7dfa5  No.2536588


You pay that every Apr 15th.

a8327c  No.2536589


Motive is mo money. What political consequence? There are none apparently. Money well dries up start a fire. Uncle Sam to the rescue. FED gets fat on %

0850aa  No.2536591


>You're the shit.

>t.faggot normie larping as an anon

fb1054  No.2536592

File: e00a9c15db8c18e⋯.jpg (140.03 KB, 480x480, 1:1, sterm.jpg)


I'm so sorry

I had no choice.

0850aa  No.2536594


Q and his normie followers are niggerloving faggots, but I've never seen them promote violence. That's what the limp wristed child raping leftists do.

9842ab  No.2536595

File: e132ae3c5824f37⋯.png (51.52 KB, 548x332, 137:83, 031d7147-edc8-4e83-b9b1-d0….png)


Mirrors, mirrors everywhere


George Orwell's unpublished introduction to Animal Farm "The Freedom of the Press" (1943) shows a world flipped upside down, but somehow, exactly the same. When Russia was a UK ally, criticism of it was an unmentionable taboo.


550164  No.2536596

0e744e  No.2536597

File: ec86a4b45fe185d⋯.jpg (145.67 KB, 858x858, 1:1, 3ab1fc9f01028041aa21ab13b3….jpg)

File: 7104eca702cd443⋯.jpg (86.53 KB, 837x499, 837:499, 2fekn2~2.jpg)



Tony Podesta hit Valera's asshole.

c7dfa5  No.2536598


It absolutely kills me that there is such legislative effort to let the local electric company off the hook financially when there is ample evidence that faulty power lines caused some of the fires.

b53cf9  No.2536599


That's John

550164  No.2536600

Pic unrelated


aaee28  No.2536601


KYS divisionfag

0e744e  No.2536602

File: 29fe8b7f767502f⋯.jpg (49.46 KB, 500x600, 5:6, 2fjjz8~2.jpg)



Did you suck John's dick?

b53cf9  No.2536603


my bad, anon

fb1054  No.2536604


Never understood this shit.

The guy is in decent shape.

The women on the other hand, look like potato sacks.

The elite sex parties must be a real downer for the guys.

aaee28  No.2536605



You sound like an angry old white man who ran out of Metamucil kek

f5f04b  No.2536606





b53cf9  No.2536607


it was so bad that they thought "eh, maybe i should try out kids", sick fuckers

2adf0a  No.2536608


they don't have sex with each other obviously. That's what the kids are brought in for.

f5f1aa  No.2536609


What about Jennifer Cunningham? The ex-wife of Eric Schneiderman, the New York attorney general who resigned on May 7, 2018 amidst abuse allegations


f5f1aa  No.2536610


Forgot to add possible JC in the DNC

0e744e  No.2536611

File: c127161d3c2031e⋯.mp4 (2.97 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 6dab53bda52a2a6f8274a661f7….mp4)




Valerie Jarrett is definitely a fat turd… No doubt.

fb1054  No.2536612



It all make sense now.

e04e8a  No.2536613


Through life I've been asked what I believe.

My answer has always been 'I don't know, because my small human mind could not possibly comprehend to give you an accurate picture.'

Somehow as science and faith come closer together (for me at least, as I've researched both in various forms over the years) the more clear the picture is. Oddly, it's a picture still out of my reach, because we've yet to receive the last of the puzzle pieces so we can collectively paint it as I feel we've been asked to do.

Random ramblings. Apologies.

Just never made sense how my devout Catholic grandma could view me as the most spiritually in tuned person in her life, when I myself could not in any way relate to how they viewed things. Same with school, I've absorbed so much since letting go of of preconceived notions and letting my soul find its way.

Ever felt like you were so out of place? I feel so out of place, yet exactly where I need to be no matter how much suffering and hell has been thrown at me. My grandfather was the same, he predicted me. My mother, and now me. Maybe it's not my first go of things and I just remember what I'm not supposed to. I don't know. But since the 8th, a date and event I feel a little too drawn too for my own liking, I have felt this magnifying. At the worst, it's got me and many paying attention.

WWG1WGA, no telling where we're headed. But we'll go there together.

e79bdd  No.2536614


Danke Archivar!


Thanks anon


hmmmm, yeah gives me an idea

c7dfa5  No.2536615

File: 8c7e6c1a2fee98c⋯.jpg (173.76 KB, 620x620, 1:1, Wrost-Slide.jpg)

aaee28  No.2536616


That faggot actually started with the niggerloving bullshit. WWG1WGA or fuck off.

Slide over nigger.

0e744e  No.2536617

File: f7d0eae0886a4d3⋯.jpg (46.18 KB, 480x479, 480:479, 2dnzxp.jpg)

Welcome to America.

ebb0ac  No.2536619


Tell them you have evidence that can put her away and wait for a knock on the door

e04e8a  No.2536620


The best company.

Kek. Be Best anons. Be best.


373f30  No.2536621


Seems to be a lack of the normal wave of shills and shit posters tonight.

They give up or are they spending their time harassing the fake Qs that have outed themselves?

Too quiet

e04e8a  No.2536622


Your handiwork? If so, that is AMAZING. Saved, just for my own record of this amazing journey.

c7dfa5  No.2536623


Can anyone find the list of Q-confirmed initials and slang? that would be an excellent resource for the normies and those anons who suffer from CRS?

dcd695  No.2536624


Space Force Logo…

but there is NO Kekistani Navy logo???

95bc96  No.2536625


Calm before THE STORM?

Stay Tuned -

Showtime -

CF -


c7dfa5  No.2536626


So, would that be friend or foe?

c7dfa5  No.2536627


I think they are having to regroup

0feaae  No.2536628

File: 058452d03d133be⋯.png (730.34 KB, 778x693, 778:693, DLF.png)

And another one from the german MSM:

Supporters of the QAnon group believe in a conspiracy of the powerful in the USA. For example, are convinced that prominent Americans like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton or actor Tom Hanks run a sex ring - and there is a secret government against which US President Donald Trump is fighting.



9842ab  No.2536629

File: 36e2cea9aabfaab⋯.jpg (9.35 KB, 360x203, 360:203, d9f4218d-8369-4204-8a7f-41….jpg)

Speaking of Crocs, resignations, and TENGA (ok, the slide image triggered me, don't judge)


Crocs to close all its manufacturing facilities, CFO resigns

Crocs announced it will close its last company-owned facility in Italy as it outsources future manufacturing.

Author: TEGNA Staff

Published: 8:26 AM EDT August 9, 2018

Updated: 8:54 AM EDT August 9, 2018

Crocs will close its remaining company-owned manufacturing facilities and announced that its Chief Financial Officer resigned, according to reports on Crocs' quarterly earnings released Tuesday.


The Colorado-based shoe manufacturer said it already closed its Mexico facility and will close its last facility in Italy. Future manufacturing will be outsourced, Crocs said in a presentation to investors.

It's part of the company's efforts to "simplify the business and improve profitability." Last year, Crocs announced it was closing more than 150 stores by the end of 2018. The reports released this week reaffirmed Crocs' commitment to reduce the number of stores worldwide to less than 400.

The company also announced Tuesday that its CFO Carrie Teffner resigned, effective April 1, 2019. Her successor, Anne Mehlman, will take over on August 24 this year.

Crocs shares were down 2.65 percent at $17.64 per share following Teffner's announcement, according to CNBC.

Despite store closings in 2018, Crocs still reported that revenues this quarter grew versus the same quarter in 2017.


04ad23  No.2536630

Hi Any high english Christian …

Other tongue language really come from GOD ??

a9c845  No.2536631


At least they got straight to the point of the sex ring.

f4ddb5  No.2536632

7a2f44  No.2536633

happy mirror day, anons!

810 2 018

04ad23  No.2536634


Hi Any high engry Christian …

Other tongue language really come from GOD ??

Please help me with knowledge..

f679ea  No.2536635

File: da84cca943bf50e⋯.jpg (8.5 KB, 275x183, 275:183, devious.jpg)


Give me a minute…….

15ed09  No.2536636

Is there anybody out there?

Is anyones page frozen?

da0c67  No.2536637

Can anyone help me find a name to match an old youtube username? If someone could assist I'd appreciate it.

f4ddb5  No.2536638


The headline is fairly accurate anyway. I'll guess the article is mostly fake news, like the NYT article.

3ef521  No.2536640

Could not sleep. After last night I'm so psyched. Protection and blessings on POTUS, team, anons and associates. Bring on the pain!

35ba1d  No.2536641


Years ago I used to have dreams that I was directing satellites via remote access in something like the Kekistani Space Force. I never wanted to wake up from those dreams. It was so awesome. More recently, I’ve had dreams about just hanging out with POTUS as soul-mate type of friends. We were about college age or a little older in the dreams. Those dreams were equally awesome. 😴 💤

9b8d70  No.2536642

File: 99f0a7536bc907f⋯.png (263.03 KB, 620x503, 620:503, ClipboardImage.png)

f4ddb5  No.2536643


/They/ seem to be quiet rn. Now Brennan et al popping off every day. A little Schiffty thats about it.

f33802  No.2536644

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

For you oldfags like me:

Try doing this with the following numbers:

First use these three numbers: 888

Follow that with these three numbers 373

And finally use these four numbers 7888

If some one answers, just tell them that Q sent you.

e79bdd  No.2536645


Yeah I wouldn't doubt it happened, which is why I put the pics in notes, just with the "alleged" or question mark or something to denote it was only a lead, not fact. There were watermark/backwards letters ppl were decoding too.


YW, thanks for being here

>>2536502, >>2536513

Or, since we're talking eucalyptus, the smoking "gum?" (bad pun is bad, I know. can't help it)

00c2b6  No.2536646

File: c56f4a9891fd48c⋯.jpeg (148.02 KB, 682x733, 682:733, C38D8705-8C69-4DEA-B6DA-5….jpeg)

File: 9b5707671ca7b32⋯.jpeg (595.83 KB, 750x1203, 250:401, ADA8EAB2-662A-41FD-8FF0-B….jpeg)

Do y’all think these could be linked somehow? US hasn’t commented on the statements yet

Not does it give a name of the sub they tracked down… would they say it’s still active in the Navy even if it’s not?

Russian warship tracked down US nuclear sub – paper https://www.rt.com/news/435602-russian-ship-us-submarine/

762405  No.2536648



Its mean some Christian Leader healing or pray mean not from our savior, other who not accpect Christian also perform?

dda8ec  No.2536649

File: 98caea7ec05287a⋯.png (1.48 MB, 1574x982, 787:491, JA_BBC.png)







Is BBC Spying on WikiLeaks Founder Assange in Ecuadorian Embassy?


c7dfa5  No.2536650


Is the stage set yet? Drop it Q

95bc96  No.2536651


I’ve met with POTUS too in DreamSpace…. good old friends….he told me he couldn’t believe I chose the life I’m living now…as if it’s more difficult than his…maybe it is, but we laughed, knowing it’s ALL a Dream.

46bdcb  No.2536652

File: 3513b08648f5dc4⋯.jpg (31.23 KB, 483x453, 161:151, 1455312762817.jpg)


>Being this triggered over what an someone says to someone else.

You huffing on some of that good jenk there buddy?

9b8d70  No.2536653

File: 7d447d4a8caaa5c⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1400x788, 350:197, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6032a27c98de486⋯.png (177.64 KB, 360x429, 120:143, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 39e7fdefc02e1d1⋯.png (113.22 KB, 235x400, 47:80, ClipboardImage.png)

f4ddb5  No.2536654


Anybody can learn telepathy, it's very valuable and probably the original form of human communication. This is qresearch though, so that's off-subject. No more.

0ff8e5  No.2536655

File: 817f9d1064eaa2b⋯.png (278.42 KB, 603x813, 201:271, ClipboardImage.png)

762405  No.2536656

File: fd58b2299371857⋯.png (34.44 KB, 202x250, 101:125, 20180810_083644.png)

9b8d70  No.2536657


upside down.

888 LELE 888

0ed265  No.2536658


Why is woman standing around with no clothes on? Weird.

f4ddb5  No.2536659


Kerry is the demoncrat McStain.

46bdcb  No.2536660


>Being this triggered over what someone says to someone else.*

Corrected. Inb4 you grammar-nazi. >>2536591

dda8ec  No.2536661

File: cb66ef461ec631f⋯.png (1.52 MB, 1912x1262, 956:631, JA_News.png)


A lot of JA coverage by the MSM the past 24 hours.

762405  No.2536662


Hey do you ready my mind … i have a same problem this morning ??? Or u jut coincidence??

1e272c  No.2536663

File: 51328eb90aaa5fd⋯.gif (346.96 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 20180712_181120.gif)

File: ee4c75daecdda85⋯.gif (192.39 KB, 525x477, 175:159, 20180627_173755.gif)


fuck you…


1fbac5  No.2536664

File: f92539a48066f55⋯.jpg (209.68 KB, 1131x707, 1131:707, Watchmen.jpg)


Stupid bitch can't even wear a fucking headset mic correctly.

Why the hell would anyone believe she knows what she's talking about re: human sexuality?

btw, pedophiles are rapists. They overpower or intimidate an innocent victim, take what they want, and then try to justify it by saying crap like 'Love is Love'.

Rape & bestiality are non-consensual sex crimes. They involve one party forcing themselves upon another. It's about sexual dominance.

In 'The Watchmen', Rorshach states in one scene when confronting a pedo, 'men go to jail, animals get put down'.

2d2a8c  No.2536665

File: b2d30e071f0c685⋯.png (101.63 KB, 668x285, 668:285, radicals.fw_.png)

Who'da' thunk?


35ba1d  No.2536666


I wish everyone could have glorious, Real Dreams like we did! No one would believe any Fake News if they could meet the real POTUS in DreamTime!

31b5f8  No.2536667

File: 21b1c966d0cd87f⋯.png (219.37 KB, 500x388, 125:97, Q .png)


Quads say the world shall have glorious dreams and meet POTUS

9b8d70  No.2536668

File: 771c29e9f8852b4⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1200x675, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

762405  No.2536669

File: 9c2ad64853b5ed7⋯.png (522.33 KB, 1587x2245, 1587:2245, 20180810_041302_0001.png)

c7dfa5  No.2536670


Now why is JA in exile. The narrative is fading after what, 6 years?

35ba1d  No.2536671


That’s the best news EVER!!

85a4db  No.2536672

File: 38b55e755229f9c⋯.png (43.03 KB, 1023x760, 1023:760, ClipboardImage.png)

Found the Clinton Foundation 800 number that Q posted on uber.com SEE PIC

Remember…Parkland shooter? Parkland shooter took Uber to the shooting destination.


Next step they tell you to do is call the NATIONAL CENTER FOR MISSING AND EXPLOITED CHILDREN (NCMEC)

I have been suspicious of NCMEC ever since I called them for help with my kidnapped children and they told me they do not help parents that are divorced and have 50/50 joint custody. They treat custody orders like that as if we are still married. WTF! It's had me fuming about them ever since….they don't tell parents that when you get divorced and agree to nicely co-parent you will not have any help down the road if your children are kidnapped.


2d2a8c  No.2536673

File: 5fe74eea8766ec3⋯.mp4 (7.15 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Siraj Ibn Wahhaj_ Son of L….mp4)


The Dems are carving quite a reputation for themselves at breakneck speed.

e79bdd  No.2536674


>Ever felt like you were so out of place?

Yeah most of us here know that feel anon.

It's about loving truth more than comfort.

In order to fit in, we were asked to lie.

Some of us just can't do that.

Still, being outcast sucks.

Had a happy ending tho,

it led us here,

to MAGA.

85a4db  No.2536675




31b5f8  No.2536676


I've met POTUS in dream space before. Was at the start of the year. Never dreamed about it again.

Big fella gave me a man hug and said thanks.

95bc96  No.2536677


I’ve had a handful of “ telepathic “ / verifiable dreams of this life AND previous lives….SO, when I met POTUS - I really met POTUS and we here, seem to be of the same “ tribe “.


c7dfa5  No.2536678


Was this a take down, or a big crumb to come out later on in the second act?

f4ddb5  No.2536679

Ive never seen a board move so slowly. Never. Quiet. Not even shills hardly. Are /they/ plotting, running, or what?

d44503  No.2536680


Eucalyptus oil is not a sexual lubricant!

Trust me I did the research!

95bc96  No.2536681


It’s REAL…..!

1e272c  No.2536682

File: ecc747360494fc4⋯.jpg (196.07 KB, 823x1207, 823:1207, 438b48d0-9329-4fc3-9c0c-53….jpg)

File: acb54495daeb3a8⋯.jpg (175.81 KB, 710x1026, 355:513, a45f2d86-9d19-4978-8980-70….jpg)

File: c888fb59dbcea9e⋯.jpg (542.07 KB, 1000x1272, 125:159, 9ffa4463-ef03-4aad-8f7d-37….jpg)



9e6819  No.2536683


Why do you care what Anons believe?

You seem desperate to relentlessly intimidate and push your anti-Q narrative.

Care to offer any motive?

95bc96  No.2536684



a2caf4  No.2536686

Anonymous: Trumps "Great Game" Americans Haven't Been Told



9b8d70  No.2536688

File: 2b44f175c92ecc7⋯.png (513.2 KB, 533x723, 533:723, ClipboardImage.png)

31b5f8  No.2536689


I like to think it was to do with Q drop 394



20 Dec 2017 - 2:22:19 PM

Board owner, mods, and other patriots:

Sincere thanks for all that you do.

You are true heroes.

Long overdue - my apologies.

There will be a day (within the next few months) that a scary

but safe personalized message finds its way to you on multiple platforms recognizing your contributions.

We thank you for your service.



f4ddb5  No.2536690

File: f3c7d91f9c5f1da⋯.jpg (34.97 KB, 276x365, 276:365, free beer q.jpg)

aba5cd  No.2536691


>muh dildo faggins

muh duck off.

2d2a8c  No.2536692

File: 764f0d20d20f613⋯.mp4 (14.87 MB, 256x144, 16:9, AfD leader explains how le….mp4)


Change is gonna come.

But it takes a bloody long time to turn the tide.

A damned tide that has been in the making since at least the seventies.

c7dfa5  No.2536693


>Neither is mint or clove extract. Unless your sexual orientation has tried Bengay

2fbe18  No.2536694

File: 12cd3c76cd55744⋯.jpg (2.88 MB, 4800x3076, 1200:769, aeee6f08ffd8e5088519146839….jpg)

File: 80fd2d41a6c2729⋯.jpg (359.28 KB, 1500x1094, 750:547, 80fd2d41a6c2729840a8b0107a….jpg)

File: 6df4979be55b465⋯.png (256.6 KB, 1500x404, 375:101, 6df4979be55b465319e07a18c4….png)

File: a3da618549fd71a⋯.png (860.34 KB, 1500x1685, 300:337, a3da618549fd71ad858cd62c67….png)

04ad23  No.2536695

File: 68ff5165aef094a⋯.png (313.88 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 20180810_065141_0001.png)


i ask u guys bez reddit 50 true 50 fault ..

I cant research like u guys but i pray 4 guys .. anyway thanks…

My last post story is true

804f7c  No.2536696

File: 7a02204f7a136a0⋯.jpg (21.35 KB, 480x360, 4:3, oathofthegoat.jpg)



wtf did u lead me to

e96473  No.2536697

File: 6ad836e6ac2438f⋯.jpg (99.26 KB, 546x491, 546:491, corgis.jpg)



Yep…good times…more to come Mate.

My best regards to each and every one [Austist & Anons]. Being here with you, every step of the way has been a game changer for me because I knew that I would be taking on the NSW Govt.

I did my bit this week in 3D, (((They))) took me to Court because I wouldn't 'cooperate'.

This chap, 'Alf' thought he had it covered, in-out-done, what he didn't know was - I had saved every scrap of correspondence, and in front of ppl I dragged out the worst of what the Govt had done… it hurt, I could see it in his eye's, he looked like a whipped dog and it hurt! Bad! Alf was Red-faced, bowed head and mumbling like an asshole by the time the G-Man left the building.

I was well prepared with every scrap of proof [just like Q taught us]. I declared myself a Patriot, I raised my voice, and I FUCKEN WON! IT WAS SO SATISFYING!

85a4db  No.2536698

Aug 9 2018 21:54:19 (EST)


(888) 373-7888


My take on this Q post. The enslaved population is tricked into going to the maffia to take down the maffia. Q proves it with this post.

Our local governments are comped as well. What do the cops say to parents when they ask for law enforcement help to enforce custody orders? This is a civil court matter…go to the judge. Yeah, go to the maffia again to take down the maffia.

We live in the WILD WILD WEST! Lawless America.

78d776  No.2536699

File: 95d0ba44ac9a467⋯.jpeg (108.61 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 1DEFC17D-3FC3-4632-AFF6-2….jpeg)

File: cf8c2915150f570⋯.jpeg (120.95 KB, 1156x522, 578:261, B59EE7BE-FD1B-4AC8-A8D7-3….jpeg)

File: ed42ea38edbd353⋯.jpeg (111.99 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 83F730AB-AF1B-4959-B849-5….jpeg)

File: 5f1afd81666dac8⋯.jpeg (68.11 KB, 473x340, 473:340, DE15BCE1-B1D8-4D84-9F50-5….jpeg)

File: 4442ab036c3c615⋯.jpeg (133.63 KB, 960x480, 2:1, 81299F55-FB17-42C0-A470-0….jpeg)

Morning covfefed anons. None yet.

a72d7c  No.2536700


good work

. one down , several to come

2d2a8c  No.2536701

File: bdaab6ff73c18f6⋯.mp4 (6.73 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Syrian family receives 523….mp4)


* sigh *

762405  No.2536702

File: cb8ec1e11741c3d⋯.jpg (861.21 KB, 1080x768, 45:32, actor=disinfoneeded.jpg)


Some religion believe that after killing people who don't believe their religion….

f33802  No.2536703


Kek. I stand corrected. Our phones didn't have any letters assigned to them. They didn't show up until the touch button phones were created back in the 50s or 60s.

a9c845  No.2536704

File: f602124279baadf⋯.png (31.3 KB, 594x261, 66:29, bm_ourguy.PNG)

So Mueller is ourguy?

00c2b6  No.2536705

File: dcf9fd675da1d83⋯.jpeg (276.66 KB, 750x721, 750:721, B6348D0E-61CE-4EA6-ADF8-E….jpeg)

f4ddb5  No.2536706

My personal main issues are build the wall/deport, lock /them/ up, and purge the voting rolls.

Let's see it. C- at best on these issues to date.

e79bdd  No.2536707


>I was well prepared with every scrap of proof [just like Q taught us]

Fukken A!! Nice work dude. Congrats

Earned comfy is best comfy

I love tales of justice.


czeched and kekked.

thanks man

804f7c  No.2536708


If he's under Oath, he has to say whatever he knows, no matter how he got it?

Legalfag can come and disprove this.

d07188  No.2536709

File: 7b68603b3705234⋯.jpg (590.03 KB, 1080x1335, 72:89, Screenshot_20180810-111322….jpg)

CNN are on board. FF from other news today?

f4ddb5  No.2536710


She's barely state college material, never mind Congress.

2f884c  No.2536711



e79bdd  No.2536712

Basket of deNotables


>>2536646 Frens now tho rite? Did Russian warship track down our sub in the Med, Apr?

>>2536628 German MSM also wants their ppl to think silly/scary QAnon is silly/scary

>>2536572 Article on Horowitz & Meadows discussing named/not-named in IG report

>>2536546, >>2536552 OpEd: Did Steele/[RR]/Ohr discuss Steele's FBI reinstatement?

>>2536431, >>2536470 Broadcom billionaire Henry T. Nicholas III arrested, drug traff

>>2536427, >>2536505, >>2536536 Planefag reports: blackhawks in UK, Grmny to ME

>>2536396 Bounty on ICE? "Pocahontas" came from our history, she has to go back.

>>2536366 GermanArchiveAnon updates: #3181 to #3199 added

>>2536287 Moar possible IDENs of KM (Kelly Magsamen) DLs (Laufman & Lawrence)

>>2536242, >>2536245, >>2536248 MSM doubles down, supports anti-white

2d2a8c  No.2536713

File: d45a871d56a5390⋯.jpg (15.41 KB, 738x461, 738:461, hitler-tache_trans_NvBQzQN….jpg)

File: d41825e9c7f1c89⋯.gif (448.71 KB, 321x257, 321:257, nazi-gif-file.gif)



a9c845  No.2536714

File: ee2248a0795c575⋯.png (59.74 KB, 797x466, 797:466, candice_btfo_commie.PNG)


Kek, then Candice did this. Cortez is just a dumbass.

39d4f5  No.2536715

No, I don't think Q wants us to call the Trafficking Hotline number; no, I don't think that TCF runs the Trafficking hotline. A 757 just hauled a planeload of records boxes from ostensibly the TCF. Q didn't send us telephone numbers to the Uranium Resource Council, he sent us a Trafficking Hotline tip. DOJ is on TCF for Trafficking not Uranium One at this point.

804f7c  No.2536716

File: 7f9d7f0bfde4a2d⋯.png (203.4 KB, 720x256, 45:16, bb488cb63f5527cbdee03527a4….png)



Or at least is doing his job under Trump as directed.

85a4db  No.2536717


I wonder if some of these people were in 'counter-intelligence' at the Global Engagement Center under the State Department. Super Secret 'counter-intelligence' for the swamp?

e79bdd  No.2536718


Last one was sposed to be:

>>2536242, >>2536245, >>2536248 MSM doubles down, supports anti-white *Sarah Jeong


I know rite? Btwn this tard-tier "trolling" and the FEtards back on rotation Brock must be having a How-To-Shut-Down-Da-Goyim convention of all the A-team shills this week. Shit's weak tonight kek.

2ef971  No.2536719


Yes, real

d07188  No.2536721


Chelsea Tweeted out this number not long re: pizzagate.

This Q post is likely a signal that Chelsea is in custody or will be in the future.

Anyone have eyes on her schedule or Twitter account?

Future will prove past but those two lines together represent Chelsea.

264426  No.2536722

File: 84113c03b9f1aa2⋯.jpg (52.46 KB, 470x469, 470:469, 2fmiwc~2.jpg)

Media's King Faggot.

c7dfa5  No.2536723


Unless you are really old, rotary phones had the letters assigned in the '50s. area codes were the first 2 numbers assigned a name based on the corresponding letters.

a9c845  No.2536724


I wonder who Manafort was planted by directly, if there was a paper trail, probably not.

f4ddb5  No.2536725

File: d9e1aa7301fc405⋯.png (113.78 KB, 500x482, 250:241, pepe winners arent losers.png)

acc5ac  No.2536726


jack p is antichrist?

whole world to worship him?

f7853d  No.2536727


Reminds me now of the one dream i had with POTUS in it. I met him on top of a B-52 about a month before the election. Which is just odd with the B-52 drop from Q.

85a4db  No.2536728


>I wonder who Manafort was planted by directly, if there was a paper trail, probably not.

If there is money involved there is a trail.

6ecbad  No.2536729






i've had multiple dreams about him, march 2017, april 2018, and just a couple weeks ago

the most recent one being that he was my father and i kissed his cheek, godfather style.. and an older one in which we were at a rally of some sorts and i urged him to walk ahead of me so i could protect him kek

in all the dreams he seemed like a great man


c7dfa5  No.2536730

File: 4e8390b10cbd124⋯.png (190.34 KB, 298x300, 149:150, ClipboardImage.png)


Like Scumbag Hat dude?

aba5cd  No.2536731


>What do the cops say to parents



>[corporate policy officers]


If the parents wanted the Laws enforced, going to the cops was the first mistake. They don't enforce the constitution, and are not answerable to it. They enforce municipal corporate policy.


If you want a LAW enforcement officer, the parents should have gotten a hold of a sheriff. They ARE answerable to the constitution, and ARE duty bound to uphold the Law.


264426  No.2536732

File: 2eb891d5e7b6e27⋯.jpg (74.66 KB, 720x921, 240:307, DkM-1_0U4AAFTOG.jpg)

File: f12f00ac04867d1⋯.jpg (45.59 KB, 470x404, 235:202, 2fmiwc~3.jpg)

78d776  No.2536733

File: b6e170227d6c2e8⋯.jpeg (148.32 KB, 1156x522, 578:261, 1504F148-2EB9-41B6-AB9F-9….jpeg)

d4d0a1  No.2536734


You think that's how we will get those messages? Reason im asking my ole man has a Facebuk pg and like a month ago he got a short video that had our family pic and some memes I gave him from me doing research here and that was it. It was thanking him for their history or some shit like that. Kinda weirded me out as to why they only used those memes and a fam pic because my ole man has never been here b4

a9c845  No.2536735


Yeah true, which there will be, its all about cash at the end of the day.

14b2da  No.2536736

File: a333c5fad0d7ae3⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1136x640, 71:40, 5C6D1F20-0BFF-4C28-BB8A-C7….png)

1:27:25-1:27:30 JA mentions the “Dark” net being so large it brought “To Light”

https://youtu.be/ DZEAL42ZKZQ

c7dfa5  No.2536737


Does uranium 1 involvement count?

e96473  No.2536738


Perhaps…just perhaps… the Shills are re-considering their position [?]

Right about NOW - is a very good time for them to scurry off. Just a question, do we 'know' where our 'targets' are right now? Can we get a camera there when the other [red] shoe drops?

fb1054  No.2536739


It's not just the shills that are missing.

Slow bread is very slow.

e79bdd  No.2536740

File: 44b2ace46e0d230⋯.jpg (48.72 KB, 702x395, 702:395, eBotSpellingTroll.JPG)


Speaking of grammar/spelling nazis, gotta share this top kek troll from eBot last night.

31607a  No.2536741


Adolf Hitler's Nazi deputy Rudolf Hess ‘murdered by British agents’ to stop him spilling wartime secrets


3ac66b  No.2536742

If the Dead Pool movie reference was not solved they found the teachers at Xzavier School for the X-men was run by pedophiles and they kill all the teachers

e83131  No.2536743

File: 5d62bde140e3965⋯.png (1.63 MB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20180810-053303.png)

71fbee  No.2536744

holy shit guise..foxnfrens a radio guy just called kanye appearance and habbenings 'THE GREAT BLACK AWAKENING.

e96473  No.2536745


Too right Mate, very slow Bread.

Kinda feels like the world is holding it's breath.

d07188  No.2536746

PM May must be considering resigning.

Cameron must be shitting.

Acts of war on the US?

All Trident subs must be in the crosshairs right now. The palaces of the UK must be targeted.

The entire American military must be ready to take tactical offensive action against the UK to destroy every strategic part of the UK's offensive set up and defensive.

That's why the coordination with UK in Syria?

The UK, Canada, France, Australia and New Zealand could be about to lose their entire military capability.

It is the only move to make.

With the help of Russia, the four allies of five eyes and the EU must be made to publicly surrender as their parts come out.

This could get interesting quickly.

2ef971  No.2536747


Yuz guise r sick!

e04e8a  No.2536748


Several of those are very close to me.

Had a half acre spark up because of an illegal AND unattended campfire recently.

2 miles at best from my house.

And maybe 8 other homes in the vicinity making it the most densely populated part of the mountain after the base.

Last year, a major mountain went up. One night they lost SO much ground the mountains were peppered with emergency lights as they rushed to get ppl the fuck out in the middle of the night. And they did.

We're still sick here from that. Not sure which fires are causing it now (have several local but we get shit blow in from CA and WA and Idaho you name it, WY, jeez), but today the entire sky was gray. Not hazy looking closer up, but the sky was just noxious. We get little to no sun in the winter….causes a lot of depression. In fact we have the highest per capita suicide rate if I'm not mistaken, so add missing out on sunshine in the summer? Brutal, esp for those who rely on natural means of getting extra Vitamin D that way.

As for the border?

It's the dessert, Anon.

More likely to see a dust tornado.

And sweat your balls off literally, catching fire yourself from spontaneous combustion. kek

7ddd06  No.2536749

File: 6730bbd8d1ac7bc⋯.png (61.68 KB, 595x389, 595:389, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 02a4ffdfbb845f8⋯.png (316.09 KB, 579x379, 579:379, ClipboardImage.png)

3 million votes in Hillary Clinton’s favor with bias search algorithms.

Big Tech censorship is election meddling.

Guess who was the number one corporate visitor to the White House during Obama’s second term. (most visits and time spent)


aba5cd  No.2536750



They are reconsidering their position. They don't get paid to capitulate.

They are in a meeting to see what the fuck to do next because they still can't fucking meme and they still can not beat our researchers because integrity always beats being fake and gay.

46bdcb  No.2536751


Damnit eBot, you're supposed to be an AI, you have to excuse for making typos!

8125d0  No.2536752


UMMMM Might want slow your roll ?

c7dfa5  No.2536753


Dem bedroom iz make me all a quiver.

d481be  No.2536754

File: 3a0c6d873a8b428⋯.jpg (58.07 KB, 600x400, 3:2, 3a0c6d873a8b428d9288f0cfa6….jpg)

e04e8a  No.2536755

File: b8a1ecfa5fb88ef⋯.jpg (114.62 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 7898b81057899118017afcbce2….jpg)


I have a slightly wider angle KEK

It just appeared outta nowhere on gewgle images.

c7dfa5  No.2536756

File: 165051facefe2ab⋯.jpg (77.06 KB, 720x802, 360:401, squirrelhanging.jpg)


Feel the pain

39d4f5  No.2536757


That would be consistent.

d07188  No.2536758


You've got those countries complicit a5 a government level in child sex trafficking with the Clinton Foundation as well as proliferation of HEU to our enemies.

Then trying to cheat a US election, then assassinate a sitting president and kill members of his family.

Re-read crumbs.

All there.

The US and true allies need to make those countries bend the knee completely and remove the threat.

Otherwise they will false flag a nuke as the story starts to break with the first arrests in the US.

Critical thinking.

46bdcb  No.2536759


There I go with another typo, while enforcing a double-standard against our resident AI. I think it's time for me to tap out for the night.

aba5cd  No.2536760

File: 6c76477cf8d0db1⋯.png (34.67 KB, 475x288, 475:288, fakenewsbounce.png)


kekekkek yeah the [mouthpieces] aren't helping [them] either

e04e8a  No.2536761


I hope they let the squirrel downnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. OUCH.

0ff8e5  No.2536762


Q taught us well! TrustYourself. Great work Patriot.

377ceb  No.2536763

https://www.adsbexchange.com 504 error??

c7dfa5  No.2536764


I have compassion for the squirrel, but not the deep state.

d481be  No.2536765

File: e4c80939e089c16⋯.jpeg (19.34 KB, 255x240, 17:16, 0a1a62cdfd5731ea207b59d1c….jpeg)

e96473  No.2536766


Right down to brass tacks Mate, I like that, and I do believe you're right about the meeting, 'cause the Board is slow [still rather be here that Twatter].

85a4db  No.2536767

File: 8b72fde359f6888⋯.png (372.31 KB, 1266x684, 211:114, ClipboardImage.png)


Giuliani mentioned 60 days on Hannity 8/8/18.

We have 45,000 sealed criminal court documents.

Some have remained sealed for 10 months.


If there are FEDERAL/CIVIL sealed documents it could be Qui Tam? Qui Tams are sealed a MINIMUM 60 DAYS

Mueller filed complaint against Judge Ellis 8/9/18 - Manafort trial falling apart for Mueller? On purpose?

From what I have gathered from the trial, Manafort was taking income in but calling it loan proceeds and booking it as a loan to avoid paying income taxes.

It's all very strange and this is a very complicated mystery novel!

0feaae  No.2536768


Germananon confirms.

2d2a8c  No.2536769

File: 1238871a854a71a⋯.jpg (29.48 KB, 702x459, 26:17, shutterstock_736843525-702….jpg)

File: 349af352f27b03e⋯.mp4 (6.72 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Frank Zappa - In France [3….mp4)

Down in France


c299d8  No.2536770

File: 4602fb1e9675ca3⋯.png (251.5 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Screenshot 2018-08-10 at 6….png)


APPLY PRESSURE ON JACK!!! I bet cloutchasin' will cause him to do something spontaneous and stupid…

If he can get 100 different mentions asking for him to release 'the intel he has on Q'…

it's 100% he can't resist that opportunity of spotlight and trend hype.

his 'information' on Q came from Defango/UniRock affiliates…

that means he's going to tell the world he thinks pamphlet, corsi, beanz, codemonkey, praying medic, farmerfunkk

and others are all coordinating as QANON to scam gullible boomers out of their donations and create a divide in the base by strategically tying POTUS to pizzagate,etc…


Its a win win for us. Either he ends up looking stupid af, or it'll open UNDECIDED EYES alil further realizing that people keep takings L's when then try to prove Q as a hoax.


85a4db  No.2536771

File: fec5e20d70d8f62⋯.png (370.32 KB, 1270x654, 635:327, ClipboardImage.png)


Really 55 Day Delta between 'PLANTS NEED WATER' posts

Fixed the graphic SEE PIC

2d2a8c  No.2536772

File: d16976b04b4901b⋯.png (313.92 KB, 474x348, 79:58, screenshot_325.png)

File: ff009c09679fcfc⋯.gif (767.15 KB, 309x199, 309:199, colossalzanyegg-size_restr….gif)

08fa02  No.2536773

File: 683ea6e4ab0329b⋯.jpg (151.39 KB, 1200x714, 200:119, LibertyTree02.jpg)

I love the fact that Q has never once called out [C]ucked [T]raitor [A]non (AKA) Pussyobic aka Whatever it wants to be called.

A LARP would have addressed it, a LARP would have defended itself.

71fbee  No.2536774


is there a hi res version of this picture?

d481be  No.2536775

File: a54994e4b5257a1⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

fb1054  No.2536776


I toss it into photoshop to fuck around with it and the image size was set to 11.111 x 1.111.

Kinda strange.

72bc2d  No.2536777

File: ecc847b28542b6a⋯.jpg (110.51 KB, 640x555, 128:111, chelsea clinton_pizzagate_….jpg)

Trying to catch up. Did somebody mentioned this already?

https://twitter.com/ChelseaClinton/status/1004452132140003329 https://archive.fo/HDia4

Chelsea Clinton‏ Verified account @ChelseaClinton

Chelsea Clinton Retweeted Jon Passantino

Of course there’s a #Pizzagate 2.0. Of course there is. If you have been a victim of trafficking or have suspicions of actual trafficking, please reach out to the National Human Trafficking Hotline: 1-888-373-7888.

78d776  No.2536778

File: 9e5b504a83a3242⋯.jpeg (66.46 KB, 539x346, 539:346, 739AEE72-BFE9-48F8-B09E-8….jpeg)

File: 0e2c8352b18bdab⋯.jpeg (61.83 KB, 516x331, 516:331, 0842315E-6AC0-4BDB-B390-1….jpeg)

File: 5c2cda2aab8cef0⋯.jpeg (63.06 KB, 516x331, 516:331, C850B4A7-5A9E-4211-B501-2….jpeg)

File: 49dcecc236a2102⋯.jpeg (48.03 KB, 516x331, 516:331, C0E8E0C6-CBCD-4D5F-900B-5….jpeg)

77888c  No.2536779


Shapiro goes after low-hanging fruit.

2ea46e  No.2536780

File: 3cef480e86378bd⋯.png (199.53 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 3cef480e86378bd910dae1256a….png)



first time ive ever red text :)

78d776  No.2536781

File: 1aae9ac490fe3aa⋯.jpeg (88.95 KB, 800x450, 16:9, C8C294F8-193D-40DC-BFF3-0….jpeg)

File: 69644f7db0d6de7⋯.jpeg (110.11 KB, 998x632, 499:316, EB80194A-9113-4487-B8B7-A….jpeg)

File: c376a55fdb242aa⋯.jpeg (180.17 KB, 1400x788, 350:197, 4E01EC93-57B8-4D66-97BD-A….jpeg)

File: 3377920247f5dba⋯.jpeg (72.49 KB, 618x410, 309:205, FA725707-6AD0-4C2B-B5D3-1….jpeg)

File: 57ebcea4bc235bb⋯.jpeg (135.68 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, D7F615C6-5A5E-4857-AD4C-E….jpeg)

fb1054  No.2536782



11.111 x 11.111.

78d776  No.2536783

File: 2400bccbc5bff9e⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1094x616, 547:308, 42BD3666-334F-4B69-99B0-99….png)

File: 5d9275ca3d30eab⋯.jpeg (69.91 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1D365047-6FC4-4066-88B4-9….jpeg)

File: bace2678b23b622⋯.jpeg (78.51 KB, 640x480, 4:3, F22FA4AF-4520-487B-90B6-B….jpeg)

File: c097d9788b48b93⋯.jpeg (73.63 KB, 618x340, 309:170, 5DCF8757-8BBB-482B-A2EF-F….jpeg)

File: bb39681b95ca307⋯.jpeg (26.99 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 95CEB6C6-9B8F-4BFA-B0A5-A….jpeg)

419a9e  No.2536785

File: 4be0cf2948950dc⋯.jpg (80.59 KB, 518x388, 259:194, HILLARY'S FUCKED NOW.jpg)

File: 8343240a72f6425⋯.jpg (23.07 KB, 299x168, 299:168, Walkaway.jpg)

f27ce7  No.2536786

>>2536327 Drink battery acid, faggot. The day is coming SOON when all your slimy heroes will be under arrest and you are discredited for all eternity as a mindless traitor.

e04e8a  No.2536787

File: 03f3f88b662a44e⋯.jpg (53.15 KB, 500x668, 125:167, 03f3f88b662a44e981194ef9b9….jpg)


You got me.

I just found it and begrudgingly shared.


Sorry man. Here's some patriotic POTUS eye bleach, I owe you guys!

78d776  No.2536788

File: a875f4926f5bb45⋯.png (41.02 KB, 605x547, 605:547, 5F2661B7-5046-4B7F-9585-9B….png)

e79bdd  No.2536789


>Eucalyptus oil is not a sexual lubricant!

eBot, is that you? Why no nametag buddy?

(jk kek)


kek. well they won't be our circus OR our monkeys for too much longer.

(Sorry for all da baker chit-chat, but bredd so slooowwww! Comfy af tho)

e04e8a  No.2536790


Damn I hadn't even run it yet.

Wanted to clear the other guy's face but not looking forward to cleaning up the uh…rest of it.

31607a  No.2536792


Obama sends the Muslims to Europe via MB.

Muslim Brotherhood (MB) dictates merkel's policy.

merkel dictates the eu policy.

Soros gives the money for it

nice fuck world.

is soros still alive? Is he in Berlin? Merkel loves him and Mr. N. from I.

A funny threesome. we want to watch the sex.

Every day in Germany about 100 attacks on Germans are committed by migrants. Every day, little girls were attacked and raped. Pensioners raided.

that loves merkel. she is not German. what is she?

We love the show when the politician gang is accused in Europe and brought to justice. clearing out the deep state in europe. criminals.

Q let her dance.

we are enjoying the show.



17c084  No.2536794

[KM] = Kate Mazz????

c7dfa5  No.2536795


Does anyone else's projection BS meter go off with this statement?

Hosier daddy?

fb1054  No.2536796


Pick the Paint Brush tool.

Set Brush Size to 1200.

Hover mouse roughly around the bottom of the pic.

Click once.

No more problems.

2d2a8c  No.2536797

File: 71d1803dadd4b1e⋯.jpg (50.81 KB, 925x400, 37:16, Siraj-Ibn-Wahhaj-2-925x400.jpg)

File: e9d37d8c94cf4ce⋯.png (110.11 KB, 317x262, 317:262, screenshot_328.png)


The Dutch MSM is hellbent on keeping secret the fact that the perpetrator is a muzzie or that his father is the leader of the influential Muslim Alliance in North America.

Here again the ENORMOUS culpability of MSM proven once again.

It happens EVERY TIME a mohamedan is involved and only for mohamedans.

It clearly proves a well defined nefarious plan coordinated top down.

e55b41  No.2536799


It'll be a proof if they cut the line

e79bdd  No.2536800



591cc2  No.2536801


Who do you catch on a Witch Hunt?

1e272c  No.2536802

File: 7fd28b6af8b46fd⋯.jpg (108.51 KB, 500x600, 5:6, e49c2b87-ad45-497e-94c5-2f….jpg)

File: 5e8cdf3b5374ca6⋯.gif (1.6 MB, 402x288, 67:48, 31147b52-18de-41e4-a584-6b….gif)

File: 349227c1b503d6d⋯.gif (1.59 MB, 500x343, 500:343, 5cd7d9c9-d6b9-4af8-955e-a8….gif)

File: c212719b0d36275⋯.gif (1.82 MB, 425x650, 17:26, 8bbbe239-ec3e-479c-ab25-13….gif)


<it does not matter atp tbqh.

>the thing is.

no one can turnit back now.

have an [q] boomy dey kittz.

e96473  No.2536803

File: c3e3ee73b5dd3d8⋯.png (23.06 KB, 705x235, 3:1, Screenshot_2018-08-10 Twi….png)


Cheers Anon, round two is in the works.

Australia is a shithole right now and getting worse by the day. That bastard Turnbull gave $444million to a group who never asked for the money and the Board of this group, just happens to be loaded with his cronies. #REEFGATE

472f7e  No.2536804

Good morning, Anons.

Glad to see we had an active night.

Digesting most recent Q and squaring away some early work.

Barring coworker interference (likely, but light), I should be able to bake in an hour or so.

Baker, say the word if you'd like relief.

I hope you all have a great day.

15ed09  No.2536805


I'm surprised she hasn't deleted her social media like Mylie Cyrus and a few others have followed suit…

e04e8a  No.2536806

f8f6c4  No.2536807

Planefags, ADS-B Exchange is down for me at the moment - has anyone else experienced this?

c7dfa5  No.2536808


I dont think it is because they are hiding he is a muzzy nearly as much as it implicates BHO and the DNC

aba5cd  No.2536809

File: 72a8a747ffc6061⋯.jpg (97.14 KB, 900x734, 450:367, wile_e__coyote_and_road_ru….jpg)

File: 5caa88e85065bf6⋯.png (403 KB, 769x686, 769:686, shills_and_anons_be_like.png)

b53cf9  No.2536810


good info on julian assange role in all this

3d6509  No.2536811


working for me

15ed09  No.2536812


Hang on… This was 3 days ago…

what does this mean?

c7dfa5  No.2536813


…at your house or your cell battery catches on fire

2d2a8c  No.2536814


down for me in EU

e79bdd  No.2536815


Saw the typo, half-thought you'd done it on purpose to see who'd take the bait kek. G'night fren.

377ceb  No.2536816


mentioned earlier… getting 504…

b53cf9  No.2536817


it was never implied Q posted it before chelsea, probably just took a shot at her for that tweet

85a4db  No.2536818

File: 93756c5bfbd6ad6⋯.png (155.63 KB, 1277x595, 1277:595, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c4c43ad80789531⋯.png (10.25 KB, 532x218, 266:109, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e20c476d4831e0d⋯.png (12.96 KB, 570x226, 285:113, ClipboardImage.png)


Subtract 60 days from Election day and you get

SEPT 7, 2018

Giuliani said it will all be out by Sept 1st

"Michael Horowitz said the 60-day rule was a “very important norm” that he tried to follow."



From the Report: Page 46

The 60-Day Rule is not written or described in any Department policy or regulation. Nevertheless, high-ranking Department and FBI officials acknowledged the existence of a general practice that informs Department decisions.


e04e8a  No.2536819

File: 5cb844c8da55f05⋯.jpg (52.17 KB, 661x471, 661:471, 800x800hmm11s.JPG)


wow tagged myself instead.

KEK was meant for you.

Clock says 5:06am, let's chalk it to that.

Also, 800x800 pixels.

so 11's and 8's.

Not that that means anything, numbers just pop out to me.

a72d7c  No.2536820

File: 6611ef98c913ba0⋯.jpg (131.56 KB, 990x1024, 495:512, told you so.jpg)

have seen this coming for years all the signs are there now

35ba1d  No.2536821


=Nice red text=

=Nice meme=

33b292  No.2536822

Missing FEtards/shills? This will bring me back.


Who might this secret space program be run by? Perhaps this statement from Senator Daniel K. Inouye will give you an idea: “There exists a shadowy government with its own Air Force, its own Navy, its own fundraising mechanism, and the ability to pursue its own ideas of the national interest, free from all checks and balances, and free from the law itself.” (source)

Inouye was one of many politicians who tried to let the world know about the world of secrecy that plagues our planet. Another great example would be President Roosevelt, who told the world that “behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government, owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people.” (source)

This “invisible” government has also built its own secret space program.

Did you know that the National Security Agency (NSA) was founded in 1952, and its existence was hidden until the mid 1960s? Even more secretive is the National Reconnaissance Office, which was founded in 1960 but remained completely hidden for 30 years.

In the mainstream world, these initiatives are called Special Access Programs (SAP). Then there are unacknowledged and waived SAPs, better known as “deep black programs.” These programs do not exist publicly, but they do indeed exist. A 1997 U.S. Senate report described them as “so sensitive that they are exempt from standard reporting requirements to the Congress.” (source)


c7dfa5  No.2536823


The hotline is run by Polaris. I just saw another website mentioned in this bread or last that had Polaris and McNoname foundation next to it as a sponsor

35ba1d  No.2536824


Oops, I forgot how to red text. Kek!

8fd5eb  No.