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File: 4e094838c2c77ba⋯.png (8.72 KB, 255x143, 255:143, qresearc.png)

b9a85e No.2014292

Welcome To Q Research General

"We will no longer surrender this country or its people to the false song of globalism. The nation-state remains the true foundation for happiness and harmony. I am skeptical of international unions that tie us up and bring America down." –President Donald J. Trump



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Tuesday 07.03.18

>>2014158 rt >>2013625 —- Matters of National Security.

>>2012087 ———————– The SWAMP is being DRAINED

>>2011888 rt >>2011499 —- Think NATIONAL SECURITY

>>2008390 ———————– What happened to Stormy?

>>2008327 ———————– Crumb #1238

>>2007973 rt >>2007869 —- /patriotsfight/77

>>2007973 rt >>2007911 —- /patriotsfight/77

>>2007911 rt >>2007869 —- The intelligence was passed through unofficial means

>>2007869 ———————– We have the server

Sunday 07.01.18

>>1992408 ———————– Thank you, Ben

>>1991829 ———————– There will be no civil war

>>1991107 ———————– Thank you USSS

>>1987414 ———————– https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/jul/1/us-really-did-have-manchurian-candidate-white-hous/

>>1986553 rt >>1986489 —- Think stages. What role can MIL INTEL play? What role can NSA play? BANG!

>>1986443 rt >>1986153 —- Ask yourself & the more you know

>>1986153 rt >>1986043 —- Ask yourself - who is filing the indictments? Who has that kind of manpower?

>>1986043 ———————– Nothing being done?

>>1984605 ———————– Do you feel the emotion/anger this writer has? They are scared of you ( https://archive.is/yAyDg & https://archive.is/bKS9t )

>>1983801 rt >>1983724 —- Make no mistake- Rep Gowdy is a Patriot

>>1983724 rt >>1983663 —- Being on the list does not equate to receiving the nomination

>>1983678 rt >>1983633 —- You save what you do need

>>1983636 ———————– What a coincidence

>>1983529 ———————– #GoodbyeDemocrats

>>1983481 ———————– Antifacist logos

Saturday 06.30.2018

>>1973815 rt >>1973737 —– It will not be Gowdy.

>>1973688 rt >>1973567 —– Think SC vote to confirm (coming).

>>1973527 rt >>1973514 —– Think logically. Ask yourself - is this normal? #2

>>1973514 ———————– Think logically. Ask yourself - is this normal? #1

>>1972546 ———————– You have a choice. The choice has always been yours.

>>1971603 ———————– Play LOUD. Be PROUD

Friday 06.29.2018

>>1953310 rt >>1952748 ---- It must happen

>>1952583 rt >>1952489 ---- We are waiting for a reporter to ask the ultimate question.

>>1952499 ----------------------- What vote occurred today?

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b9a85e No.2014299


are not endorsements


>>1976280, >>1976496 BO: There has been a unanimous decision to remove the BV (M_knZhVGT).

>>1976282 BV on whitewashing of notables Retracted >>1979400

>>1964963 BO confirms: Link to QAnon.pub or QProofs.com, NOT HERE

>>1999458 A Few Things Have Become Evident


>>2013585 ; >>2013604 ; >>2013627 ; >>2013659 ; >> Planefag Report

>>2013600 On the Awan situation, financial crimes, and FinCEN prosecution vs. DOJ prosecution

>>2013638 ; >>2014067 On Podesta and the “letter on October 28th”

>>2013641 On Ed O’Callahan and Scott Schools

>>2013702 DOD puts JEDI under CIO leadership

>>2013738 ; >>2013864 On 7/10 (speculation)

>>2013755 ICE protests in Philadelphia

>>2013769 Jesus Campos (LV shooting) image EXIF data

>>2013807 Confirmed DJT to reverse “affirmative action” policies

>>2013862 DNC Chair Tom Perez declares socialist Ocasio-Cortez “the future of our party”

>>2013909 Article: “The Q Phenomenon”

>>2013987 Marked number of inmate suicide reports over the past 24 hours

>>2014037 Italian wikipedia goes dark in bid to save memes and remixes from new EU copyright law

>>2014039 Law firm handling Jim Jordan smear case in Perkins Cole of HRC, False Dossier fame

>>2014105 Pentagon wants “Baked-In” security from vendors

>>2014197 Facebook deletes page that helps suicidal vets cope with combat stress

>>2014229 ; >>2014273 CIPA Cliffnotes

>>2014247 #2540


>>2012862 On NATSEC and Huber

>>2012883 Another public #QAnon highway ad board

>>2012888 NYT reassigns Ali Watkins, reporter in leak case

>>2012924 LV Shooting: cop frozen outside hotel room during shooting

>>2012949 ; >>2013019 ; >>2013045 Additional and translated Blackforest articles

>>2012961 GOOG’s COO Diane Bryant out

>>2013007 On the DNC identity crisis

>>2013056 Planefag Updates

>>2013059 CNN advance knowledge of NK missile tests (anecdote)

>>2013093 Bono warns that existence of UN, EU, and NATO are threatened

>>2013125 Louie Gohmert suspects RR’s staff may be spying on him

>>2013210 Broward Country Sheriff to be removed next week

>>2013254 Resigning DOJ lawyer Scott Schools to be replaced by Bradley Weinsheimer

>>2013282 ; >>2013304 ; >>2013334 Digs on Scott Schools

>>2013284 ; >>2013436 Corrupt Israeli former officials/Lolita Express passengers receive Israeli secret service protection

>>2013413 Strzok subpoenaed for public hearing July 10th

>>2013465 #2539


>>2012055 Chris Gowen, Awan’s lawyer, longtime Clinton associate

>>2012169 HRC email drop and names of speech writers

>>2012255 On the removal of KJU officials before US Summit meeting

>>2012330 ; >>2012337 ; >>2012554 House Democratic Caucus server vanished (discussion)

>>2012347 On Blackforest, Karlheinz Kögel, and major players/cabalists worldwide

>>2012405 On the Awan plea bargain and National Security cases (speculation)

>>2012446 Vandals attack Nebraska GOP office; “Abolish ICE”

>>2012478 16-year-old girl returns home after being sex trafficked in Chicago

>>2012498 Enemies attempting to redirect online traffic and discredit Q

>>2012550 Britain warns Bosnian Serb leader against inventing “fake threats”

>>2012607 On Military tribunals and the correct setting (video)

>>2012667 ; >>2012714 ; >>2012724 Awan Criminal Complaint Court Docs

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b9a85e No.2014312

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



aa0f22 No.2014318

Add another to the list.





d0d9e9 No.2014330

File: 7c631ef64f73131⋯.gif (238.68 KB, 320x256, 5:4, eye.gif)

Who are these Foreign Bad Actors? #SPYGATE


I will be posting some links to info where other Anons can also dig.


I just want fellow diggers to bear in mind…

Q's post regarding the

+++ House of Saud - Untraceable finacial transactions/Child Trafficking

++ House of Rothschild (Money & Influence)

+ George Soros (Grassroots NGO's; Foundations/Money laundering/Media Matters etc)

IS very relevant!

ALL roads lead to this 'Triangle of Power"


6ce746 No.2014335

File: 143b07de81d896a⋯.jpg (114.27 KB, 630x630, 1:1, 698891_1.jpg)

b9a85e No.2014336


Neither, sir.

Thank you for all you do for us.

God bless you.

b79e32 No.2014339

File: a29b8f24708b2f9⋯.png (605.33 KB, 900x675, 4:3, 432-440.png)

>Watch the water.

ad9d46 No.2014342

Dont let them off the hook.

Some butter for the bread.


b7d700 No.2014345



40bf45 No.2014346

Mandalay bay search warrant theres 2 pdf files


b9a85e No.2014347


Also, excellent job being on point with fresh bread.

Much appreciated on this end.

898220 No.2014350


Cleaning house. Setting stage on DOJ side.

b7d700 No.2014353


8e4723 No.2014355

File: b287f0fd8f4a6c4⋯.png (286.1 KB, 719x527, 719:527, O'Callaghan.png)


In steps O'Callahan?

9d938a No.2014361

File: 330289378aec18b⋯.png (2.62 MB, 1413x4414, 1413:4414, BOMPT.png)

Vегγ stгаngе

9edcf0 No.2014363

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Freemasonry origins part @ 9 minute mark

44243f No.2014366


Schools began his career as a prosecutor in South Carolina,

8e4723 No.2014370

File: 027426239eaeaaa⋯.png (39.97 KB, 543x189, 181:63, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6e5eacaf656e29b⋯.png (249.99 KB, 549x497, 549:497, SessionsNatSec.png)


784967 No.2014371



Awan Bank Fraud = RICO TIME?!

Discovery reveals, prosecute the rest.

9ed3ba No.2014373

File: 60c7daaa0e1b3fe⋯.png (288.93 KB, 523x540, 523:540, 200%_smug.png)

555ad7 No.2014374

File: f314fb3190496cb⋯.png (707.1 KB, 763x856, 763:856, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2fa4564bdf1b48b⋯.png (38.9 KB, 657x742, 657:742, ClipboardImage.png)

File: eb8b5322f2164d2⋯.png (54.59 KB, 688x845, 688:845, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c00d370e2058ef0⋯.png (8.18 KB, 636x135, 212:45, ClipboardImage.png)

American Congressional delegation arrives in Moscow


19983b No.2014377


What's up with these soccer kids trapped in the cave? Related?

614c36 No.2014378


>Q, My bet is on conspiracy.

Scott Schools, a top aide to the deputy attorney general, is planning to leave the Justice Department at the end of the week, according to two people familiar with his decision.

The job title for Schools — associate deputy attorney general — belied his importance as a strategic counselor and repository of institutional memory and ethics at the DOJ. Schools has played a critical, if behind-the-scenes, role in some of the most important and sensitive issues in the building.

This year, Schools recommended that then-Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe be fired for a "lack of candor" in an internal investigation.

4785e7 No.2014379


We are all doing a great job getting the those who hate are Great Land out of power!!! Hapy 4th to everyone!! NO COMPLACENCY!!!!!

ab6a6c No.2014381



No coincidences.

6a6a14 No.2014382

File: 14a9d81564aaf64⋯.png (403.24 KB, 2590x2122, 1295:1061, 39462c1815a2eab639bcc642cb….png)

Sorry if this has been pointed out before, but take a close look at Kennedy's retirement letter. 28 USC 371b describes an active status for a justice. He's not retiring and taking a pension, but remaining on active status.

Is this typical for a justice on SCOTUS?

d0d9e9 No.2014383

File: 69a77d4478bc9c5⋯.jpg (807.35 KB, 1080x720, 3:2, NSA.jpg)


Who are these Foreign Bad Actors?


Here is a small nugget from Privacy International regarding FVEY agreement:

"Under the agreement interception, collection, acquisition, analysis, and decryption is conducted by each of the State parties in their respective parts of the globe, and all intelligence information is shared by default. The agreement is wide in scope and establishes jointly-run operations centres where operatives from multiple intelligence agencies of the Five Eyes States work alongside each other.

Further, tasks are divided between SIGINT agencies, ensuring that the Five Eyes alliance is far more than a set of principles of collaboration. The level of cooperation under the agreement is so complete that the national product is often indistinguishable."


b31f80 No.2014384

File: 0b4a6295551efb2⋯.jpg (90.02 KB, 675x1200, 9:16, qproofs.jpg)


twitter has started censoring QProofs.com

we can't add it to tweets anymore…

when will @Jack be brought to JUSTICE?!

19983b No.2014386


like gowdy?

a76dbb No.2014387


RR's firewalls failing? Will we finally see the full truth?

ab6a6c No.2014388

File: 507bca2b1192768⋯.jpg (268.24 KB, 1156x1662, 578:831, MuellerTheory.jpg)

Q could never confirm, but I still believe this is what's been going on the whole time.

cba1f4 No.2014389


Bakup baker here

Happy to help out with anything, bake a couple, notables, QPosts, just let me know DB. Godspeed.

6ce746 No.2014390

File: 5c3866a4dc68ee4⋯.jpg (61.25 KB, 226x223, 226:223, wouldnt-it-blow-your-mind-….jpg)

File: 52dcca58c65c77b⋯.jpg (298.06 KB, 960x1200, 4:5, DWh8mSWX4AIMOfO.jpg)

File: 51e154a429b54f1⋯.png (236.18 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 51e154a429b54f1a38429eb8db….png)






17e65e No.2014391

File: 0d07403e76b8f95⋯.jpeg (147.19 KB, 1242x452, 621:226, F8EB002B-1256-438C-AF58-8….jpeg)



6b8fbc No.2014392

File: 07b5c9011703674⋯.jpg (31.32 KB, 395x163, 395:163, CIPA.JPG)



Classified Information Procedures Act


The primary purpose of CIPA was to limit the practice of graymail by criminal defendants in possession of sensitive government secrets. "Graymail" refers to the threat by a criminal defendant to disclose classified information during the course of a trial. … CIPA, by its terms, covers only criminal cases.

0de6a2 No.2014393

File: 111a811e00dd67a⋯.jpg (96.71 KB, 750x888, 125:148, IMG_20180704_002332.jpg)

File: 726628aabb1a0db⋯.png (153.53 KB, 1080x861, 360:287, Screenshot_20180703-232913….png)

Timestamp on tweet.


10th of July.

40bf45 No.2014394

Statements from Las Vegas shooting


555ad7 No.2014395

File: c974fdd2be45475⋯.png (438.7 KB, 783x837, 29:31, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0a20a71c89d4a17⋯.png (7.31 KB, 758x81, 758:81, ClipboardImage.png)

Houthis Firing Barrage Of Missiles At Saudi Targets Using Underground Launch Sites (Video)


aa40bc No.2014396


added, thank you Q!

dc72d6 No.2014397


This time it will be peaceful? That statement makes no sense. If Christ came not to bring peace, but truth, how in God's name do we expect to bring truth and it be peaceful, too. Don't be fools. Do away with this peaceful crap.

ab4acf No.2014398

File: bb70153892f7792⋯.png (106.52 KB, 821x508, 821:508, ClipboardImage.png)


c62fc4 No.2014399

File: ce766d9a17a1d56⋯.jpg (5.35 KB, 273x184, 273:184, ben rich lockheed martin.jpg)

my confidence in Q has gone up tenfold in the last few weeks.


594db3 No.2014400

File: 433df78fa34cc07⋯.png (774.63 KB, 1916x927, 1916:927, Screenshot_2018-07-03 ADS-….png)

Qatari A7-AAG

On the move out of Vnukovo, my fave airport. Had been in the US a couple days ago.

a3cb9e No.2014401


Oh no, I let you bag yourself… Responding twice sends a message

I didn't define that message ;) Clownboy :D

1c81cb No.2014402


Kek. Q is stalking new breads now.

99d226 No.2014403

>>2014158 (lb)

Is this why we went through a changing of the guard again yesterday, Q?

Move people that know around to another role.

e983ed No.2014404

>>2014158 LB

Introduction of Classified Information Section 8(a) provides that "writings, recordings, and photographs containing classified information may be admitted into evidence without change in their classification status." This provision simply recognizes that classification is an executive, not a judicial, function. Thus, section 8(a) implicitly allows the classifying agency, upon completion of the trial, to decide whether the information has been so compromised during trial that it could no longer be regarded as classified.

HMMM….maybe good COVER for "declassification"???

146867 No.2014405

File: 737a5003dd40c37⋯.jpg (85.24 KB, 896x665, 128:95, HotelGitmo.jpg)


Is there enough room at GITMO for all of the traitors?

ad1de9 No.2014406

File: 775f570bd4c3e02⋯.mp4 (649 KB, 360x360, 1:1, president trump.mp4)

ALEXA: Who is the President of the UNITED STATES?

d0d9e9 No.2014407

File: 4600537380ca817⋯.jpg (29.94 KB, 854x570, 427:285, 1031josephmifsudgeorgepapa….jpg)


Who are these Foreign Bad Actors?


Well Jofseph Mifsud's name should come right up. We all know about Jonathan Halper and Richard Dearlove.

What about GCHQ? They don't need a FISA warrant to spy on people, and they can pass that information back to Brennan/Clapper et al.


c18269 No.2014408

>>2014246 (LB) via Breitbart


DOJ estimates a prison sentence of between zero and six months and a fine between $500 and $9,500 in the event of Awan’s acceptance of its terms.

fefb3e No.2014409


Use the FEMA camps

9b9b48 No.2014410


but yet, no one is in jail.

I'm getting real sick of this.

c7f62f No.2014411

File: e1f01e5dd97e97f⋯.jpg (146.3 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, PP.jpg)

File: e92088d977a3b00⋯.jpg (359.48 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, scales.JPG)

d91740 No.2014412


"Schools will be replaced, on an acting basis, by Bradley Weinsheimer, who currently works in the national security unit. Weinsheimer has spent 27 years at DOJ, where he tried homicide and public corruption cases."

"Unlike Schools, Weinsheimer will not supervise or otherwise be involved in overseeing the special counsel team probing Russian election interference and whether any Americans tied to the Trump campaign took part."

f95706 No.2014413


Posted before it was done, but that means it must be important enough to post early.

b9a85e No.2014414

File: ab70636c1338756⋯.jpeg (113.03 KB, 512x768, 2:3, Pp-Ausjw15A-XnK0BNhAr0pXp….jpeg)



Everyone is on point today!

Requesting Handoff

BO/BV, please vet to ensure security

Will provide updated dough.

Please confirm.

16eced No.2014415

Dems are always changing the words we use to describe things. Example, illegal alien is now "immigrant". Sundance is now calling journalists "narrative engineers", I like it. We should all follow suit.

2586fc No.2014416


You are all up on the fresh bread



Out he goes

2c972c No.2014417


Thank you Q

We're going to take a lot of heat from MSM in short term


7812fb No.2014418


Awesome, but my fear is that just stepping down will not stop the corruption. How do you ensure this with just resignations and retirements?

19983b No.2014419


all ur fema camps are belong to us!!

615948 No.2014420


Problem is, in the 'public' eye, this all still looks like 'Trump losing'. These libtards keep pointing to Mueller indictments/etc and see nothing against 'their side'. These idiots won't believe it until MSM tells them (or is FORCED to tell them) what really happened. How/when are we going to 'force' it Q?

13aa39 No.2014421

ConcernFAGs about Awan.


What did you expect to happen here?

Is the swamp drained?

Are we done?

Let me explain a bit…

Isn't this exactly what we saw with every other investigation including the first IG report?

"We investigated the obvious wrong doing and found nothing."

Who was "investigating" this?

Who is claiming that there was no spying? What proof do they offer of that? Where is the server? Where is the laptop that was left in a closet?

They think you are dumb. Some of you act like it.

Did this plea change anything at all?

What is the legality of no further prosecution for non-violent crimes?

"After the entry of your client’s plea of guilty to the offense identified in paragraph 1 above, your client will not be charged with any non-violent criminal offense in violation of Federal or District of Columbia law which was committed within the District of Columbia by your client prior to the execution of this Agreement and about which this Office was made aware by your client prior to the execution of this Agreement, all of which is contained in the attached Statement of Offense. However, the United States expressly reserves its right to prosecute your client for any crime of violence."

…and about which this Office was made aware by your client prior to the execution of this Agreement…


Think logically.

cc5f31 No.2014422


Dude youre a little desperate at this point go dig and prove youre an anon. If your faith is so sound in Christ then go.Otherwise you look like the clowns you act like you hate

76a4aa No.2014423

File: 7d646bfc58dee3d⋯.jpg (140.25 KB, 756x476, 27:17, _ehkqxp2n1bm.jpg)

ThanQs baker & all patriots!

555ad7 No.2014424


27 Settlements In Southern Syria Return To Government Control Over Past Week


Government Forces Slow Down Their Operation In Southern Syria Amid Reports About Resumed Negotiations


Russian Military Police Troops Enter Bushra Al-Sham Town In Southern Syria (Videos, Map)


2586fc No.2014425

File: cc2c0069e974de2⋯.jpg (360.1 KB, 1910x1318, 955:659, richard branson 2.jpg)

ab6a6c No.2014426

File: 616efcf270f952e⋯.png (25.92 KB, 713x611, 713:611, 616efcf270f952e212ba69cf84….png)


Some things take time. Namely, taking down the world's largest crime syndicate in (((recorded))) history.

93fb5f No.2014427

File: 041a227feba3d04⋯.png (89.98 KB, 669x883, 669:883, 041a227feba3d04939ffb94478….png)



I knew [[[[ x>WAL MART <x]]]]] was a temporary concentration tranfer facility the whole time. That's why I am on here every waking second working. They would have kiled me instantly no words . I used to be alone for years and years and years. NOW WE HAVE Q !! A leader with real power to change this evil forever ! WWG1WGA !! Never giving up and ALWAYS TRUSTING THE PLAN!

dd246e No.2014428

File: 4c99cadbee7ce1c⋯.jpg (213.54 KB, 1000x954, 500:477, spinthebottle.jpg)

>>2014204 (LB)

Well I believe it, i saw some of it moving into place right before the election. my paranoia levels were at their peak during that time. I really knew that if Hillary had won we were doomed. I could FEEL it.

Remember those big military urban exercises Obama was doing in LA, Texas, etc?

990f59 No.2014429

File: 2cb205f47d8c756⋯.png (722.43 KB, 828x526, 414:263, thisiscnn.png)

ty baker

6a6a14 No.2014430



525a86 No.2014431

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This is for all you fellow Anons who have stayed true to the mission.


40bf45 No.2014432

Officers reports


7f4f25 No.2014433

File: 9d56d9365c6a7da⋯.png (8.01 KB, 255x155, 51:31, tactical_pepe.png)

File: c6b5cf8b0084367⋯.jpeg (10.98 KB, 255x190, 51:38, test.jpeg)


Samsung phones are spontaneously texting users’ photos to random contacts without their permission


d0fc75 No.2014434



Q can we assume that many of these that are stepping down, quitting, fired or other wise being removed possibly named in all those sealed indictments?

f0b5e7 No.2014435



There are NONE!

cba1f4 No.2014436


Confirming Handoff

You've done amazing work today, thought I'd offer ;)

Awaiting dough.

75cf0f No.2014437

File: e3ef7a419ac665d⋯.png (94.84 KB, 491x595, 491:595, e3ef7a419ac665dc94f53c10eb….png)



Previous bakes found.

Thank You, Bakers!


9f4474 No.2014438

File: bd08eabd93c44fe⋯.jpeg (392.6 KB, 1203x1444, 1203:1444, 174d264aed2af5b39fb19cb56….jpeg)



Q has the server.

Awan's recent case revealed details that pertains to the server that DJT is saying is lost (tweets are optics)

Huber building case with the 470, and is going to coordinate with UCMJ as per EO. Conversation from previous bread:


Anons see the picture yet? Glorious!!

c62fc4 No.2014439

File: 29d741edbd25add⋯.png (10.16 KB, 489x423, 163:141, 1517812390366.png)



1c81cb No.2014440


We're not going to force it.

We're going to slip it in.

Nice and slow.

Then twist it hard.

a3cb9e No.2014441


You sound butthurt. You would have been better off letting the retort hang there.. FWIW

Seeya clown ;)

555ad7 No.2014442

File: af9e54e79ada25f⋯.png (685.18 KB, 640x426, 320:213, ClipboardImage.png)

Nature’s Path co-CEO resigns from Organic Trade Association in protest of repeated OTA betrayals of consumers

The Organic Trade Association (OTA) is meant to protect and promote organic food and farming, but they’ve been facing a slew of criticism in recent years for siding with conventional agribusiness. Now, one organic food production pioneer has grown so frustrated with the industry lobby group that he has resigned in protest.

The Founder and Co-CEO of Nature’s Path, Arran Stephens, announced in a letter that he was pulling his firm out of the OTA. He wrote: “Our departure from the OTA is an act of protest to raise awareness of our concerns that the important role organic plays in support of the health of consumers and our planet is being compromised.”

The family-owned company headquartered in British Columbia produces organic breakfast and snack food in more than 50 countries around the world.

Stephens expressed concerns about the role the OTA played in negotiating a compromise on GMO labeling in Congress that saw federal laws preempting states from passing laws that mandate labeling food created by genetic engineering.

The OTA actively worked on getting the GMO labeling law passed despite not having the expressed consent or knowledge of many of its members. He said that the bill goes against what he considers a basic human right – food transparency – that exists in 64 other countries that have instituted clear GMO labeling.



9b9b48 No.2014443


exactly. While we're "winning" - the left sees absolutely nothing. All of this is seemingly a waste of time, and somehow we are expected to celebrate when people "Quit".

Not a single person in jail.

Not a single piece of evidence in the news.

What a joke. Are we supposed to clap when people quit their jobs? These people need to be KILLED.

I'm sick of this.

1ed225 No.2014444

File: ebb33b37d49c8b9⋯.jpg (18.49 KB, 250x282, 125:141, wookie.jpg)

614c36 No.2014445


DOJ - Hmm . . . Could Rosenstein B far Behind Scott Schools?.

2f8493 No.2014446

Remember our Politicians are puppets and puppets can be replaced …..The Cabal know it’s time to eliminate loose ends ….Hillary and Comey in New Zealand ? SOON IT WONT BE SAFE FOR THEM TO WALK THE STREETS ….

d0d9e9 No.2014447

File: 801713b2635646f⋯.png (414.4 KB, 678x381, 226:127, Screen-Shot-2018-05-28-at-….png)


Who are these Foreign Bad Actors?



cd4389 No.2014448


it works when you use https://



16eced No.2014449


And remember that God always wins.

21d12d No.2014450


Q shit in my bread once, another Anon and myself commented about it…

He hasn't done it since. He was the very 1st post in my bread one time after that, but now he knows to wait for the dough :)

30f4a0 No.2014451


So what's the "deal" when they choose to resign? Leniency? There must be some incentive.

0f8045 No.2014452

File: 7912259d5e6baf3⋯.jpg (1.45 MB, 1920x1280, 3:2, gitmougo.jpg)

File: 5649aad4ef9c333⋯.jpg (402.99 KB, 792x720, 11:10, Untitled-2 copy.jpg)

e0f41e No.2014453


Maybe stage setting is right, anon.

This Awan thing has me black-pilled because I've been following the case for 2 years and seeing that guy attacking POTUS today just feels too much like losing. But maybe that means it's a good time to take a couple days off and trust the plan.

Thanks for the clarity on this.

b9a85e No.2014454




Updated Dough: https://pastebin.com/r0G7nkEz

Does not contain current Notables, but is up to date on Q.

God Bless, all, and thank you both.

f7e089 No.2014455


go around them

try to just spell it out in words without posting the .com just write dot com and see if that works.

cba1f4 No.2014456


TY BV <3


146867 No.2014457

File: d3c59014d4c37fc⋯.png (115.22 KB, 629x359, 629:359, Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at ….png)


Thread theme:

your eyes are glued, glued to the news

they say there’s two sides, you better choose

a civil war they want you fighting for

the ones in power who always want more

they put a mask on to speak their minds

they need a veil to hide behind

the mob is howling like wolves trapped in a cage

this will go down in history

as the age of outrage

a house of cards, about to fall

where they go one, they go all

people are hurting, they feel the burden

they get from learning whats behind the curtain

they put a mask on to speak their minds

they need a veil to hide behind

the mob is howling like feedback from the stage

this will go down in history

as the age of outrage

eeb24f No.2014458


Do you smell it? I can.

After a year in Afghanistan, I recognize that smell anywhere.


Thanks Q. Happy Independence Day!

8241f0 No.2014459

Although the IC is committed to assisting law enforcement where it is legally proper to do so, it must also remain vigilant in protecting classified national security information from unauthorized disclosure. Just as with law enforcement agencies, the successful functioning of the IC turns in significant part upon the ability of its intelligence officers covertly to obtain information from human sources. In carrying out that task, the intelligence officers must, when necessary, be able to operate anonymously, that is, without their connection to an intelligence agency of the United States being known to the persons with whom they come in contact. For that reason, an intelligence agency is authorized under Executive Order 12958 to classify the true name of an intelligence officer.

During the pre-trial progression of an indicted case, as the court enters its CIPA rulings under sections 4 and 6, it may become apparent to the prosecutor that testimony may be required from an intelligence officer or other agency representative engaged in covert activity, either because the Court has ruled under CIPA that certain evidence is relevant and admissible in the defense case, or because such testimony is necessary in the government's rebuttal. Just as the substance of that testimony, to the extent it is classified and is being offered by the defense, must be the subject of CIPA determinations by the court, the prosecutor must also ensure that the same considerations are afforded to the true names of covert intelligence community personnel, if those true names are classified information. That is, the prosecutor must seek the court's approval, under either CIPA section 4 or section 6, of an alternative method to the witness' testimony in true name that will provide the defendant with the same ability that he would have otherwise had to impeach, or bolster, the credibility of that witness.

In any criminal case in which it becomes likely that an intelligence agency employee will testify, the Assistant United States Attorney (AUSA) assigned to the case shall immediately notify the Internal Security Section (ISS). That office, in consultation with the general counsel at the appropriate intelligence agency, will assist the AUSA during pretrial motion practice and litigation on the issue of whether the witness should testify in true name and other issues related to the testimony of intelligence agency personnel.

this part stuck out to me Q are you going to declassify

f79eca No.2014460


I miss the oracle. You've turned into rah rah, now crumb, post linky.

555ad7 No.2014461

File: 435e14c1676f875⋯.png (719.83 KB, 770x864, 385:432, ClipboardImage.png)

An Iranian general thinks Israel has been stealing its clouds to cause a drought


7f4f25 No.2014462

File: dd3b7f96afb7e3e⋯.png (5.42 KB, 255x255, 1:1, PEWPEW.png)



2c972c No.2014463

A GOOD read re:RR from Sharyl Attkisson - one of the few trustworthy in DC


19983b No.2014464

National Cave Rescue Commission





10 days to months

Gonna teach them to scuba dive to get out

What's the message here anons?

c8cfd3 No.2014465



stfu muh arrests shill

lurk moar

d67ac3 No.2014466



041551 No.2014467


back in 2015 Feb.

He was a guest speaker

at an Amazon Seller Event in Vegas

No Money given out then

ae7788 No.2014468


there is a lot here too


ed28fd No.2014469

File: deb0460a669e1b0⋯.jpg (56.79 KB, 1024x543, 1024:543, 1513177760-SUB-OBAMA-BIDEN….jpg)

b9683b No.2014470


Are Incitements for treason in PACER or somewhere else?

cba1f4 No.2014471


Handoff Confirmed

Paste confirmed. TY Baker and Godspeed. <3

2586fc No.2014472


Oh fuck

I hope not

a3cb9e No.2014473



Yes. Criminal Conspiracy. The legal term, not the CIA munged term


40bf45 No.2014474

Autopsy reports


d0d9e9 No.2014475

File: fb07222fd5ae235⋯.png (502.28 KB, 993x837, 331:279, Assange_Mifsud_ClaireSmith.png)


Who are these Foreign Bad Actors?


Assange on Mifsud and the UK's Joint Intelligence Committeee JIC



2ba9ef No.2014476

File: ad2d31721047453⋯.png (348.51 KB, 626x461, 626:461, check_em.png)


ive always liked estulin

f95706 No.2014477



d52600 No.2014478


Look who is replacing Schools. Do we believe in coincidences?

Schools will be replaced, on an acting basis, by Bradley Weinsheimer, who currently works in the national security unit. Weinsheimer has spent 27 years at DOJ, where he tried homicide and public corruption cases.

c8cfd3 No.2014479


I do remember that!



463cc3 No.2014480

File: e41fc049a685a15⋯.png (46.34 KB, 156x156, 1:1, ob.png)

b6ec33 No.2014481


Can be for anything.

3da228 No.2014482

File: 909b5b92472d182⋯.jpeg (100.21 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, B24DC0BE-C29D-4368-BD93-7….jpeg)




What about Zuck?

He was part of the Five Eyes Scandal he helped Dems funnel American Users Data to Ireland (UK) via ‘Facebook Ireland’ servers.

a97adf No.2014483


If Weinsheimer isn't going to be involved in the SC oversight that sure sounds like it might be a job for Ed O'Callaghan.

65c12f No.2014484

File: 13dd2ce16326e91⋯.jpg (56.3 KB, 620x368, 155:92, Lethal-Weapon.jpg)



599f6e No.2014485

File: e7144cd29246e46⋯.jpg (44.65 KB, 780x438, 130:73, ed.jpg)


Does this move Ed up?

I like how he is smirking.

bc0331 No.2014486


Awan spilled the beans boys!! Like Q said, we have the source. Awan is the source! He's being given immunity because he's already told them everything. He's a cooperating witness. Awan is bigger than we can imagine.

555ad7 No.2014487

File: b097cd0df848dd7⋯.png (733.63 KB, 753x700, 753:700, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c78219b7bb125ca⋯.png (117.15 KB, 768x812, 192:203, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ee8c263131c5c75⋯.png (52.29 KB, 768x588, 64:49, ClipboardImage.png)

Hollyweird Actress: Hide Illegal ‘Nannies, Housekeepers, Landscapers’ from ICE


d91740 No.2014488


Very lame

535d56 No.2014489

File: 6cf2db10f9baf8a⋯.png (2.72 MB, 1806x1017, 602:339, 6cf2db10f9baf8a3e50deb429e….png)

Kikky kekky bread title, Baker~



Nod to BV/BO's vetting ?

9f4474 No.2014490


It means that after they are hauled to Gitmo, there won't be cameras, but we'll learn everything after everything is said and done.

ab6a6c No.2014491


"With this, I adorn your soul to Moloch."

c62fc4 No.2014492

File: 151a56c59258038⋯.jpg (16.4 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1517273257987.jpg)


His own board wants him to resign.

His day is definitely coming. Imagine if ALL his land was seized and given back to Hawaii.

e0f41e No.2014493


Yes you sound like me, brother. The Awan news is almost too much to take.

But - Those of us who are in the black pill club today should do the honorable thing and bow out for the holiday. We don't do any good spreading negativity here.

0de6a2 No.2014494



>This year, Schools recommended that then-Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe be fired for a "lack of candor" in an internal investigation.

>"Scott has provided invaluable leadership and counsel in his years at the department, and his service is an example to all," Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in a written statement. "He will be greatly missed, and I wish him the best in his future endeavors."

>As for Schools, Slate magazine called him "the most important unknown person in D.C." And that status has only grown as his boss, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, has found himself on defense among Republicans in Congress over the Mueller investigation.

>Schools will be replaced, on an acting basis, by Bradley Weinsheimer, who currently works in the national security unit. Weinsheimer has spent 27 years at DOJ, where he tried homicide and public corruption cases.

>Unlike Schools, Weinsheimer will not supervise or otherwise be involved in overseeing the special counsel team probing Russian election interference and whether any Americans tied to the Trump campaign took part.

I don't get it. Is he our guy? Sessions applauded the guy. He also recommended firing of Andrew McCabe.

391fbf No.2014495

File: 43b476350c42a29⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1080x1080, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

d0d9e9 No.2014496

File: cc4fae5c1634142⋯.png (356.3 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ROTHSOROS_IC.png)

File: 9c3275485bd4086⋯.png (74.24 KB, 1155x544, 1155:544, SchillerInstitute.png)


Who are these Foreign Bad Actors?



1c81cb No.2014497


That is a nice coincidence.

4785e7 No.2014498


This is wonderful news. DOJ's tacit knowledge base is being chipped away!! Soon it will be the 'bllind leading the blind'. Wonderful news, Q!!! Happy 4th!! Stay vigilant everyone!!

c18269 No.2014499

File: 9e6f3dfebe8f2c3⋯.jpg (157.1 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, Babynotyourdate1.jpg)

>>2014438 You have to build the legal bridge between the two carefully so that the evidence can be brought legally.

Dumb cop runs out and arrests someone without having a case.

Pedo runs free as a bird.

Smart cop builds his case legally all the way.

Pedo runs from cell mates for rest of days.

768a0b No.2014500


lack of candor?

f95706 No.2014501


Still wonder who left that Laptop so easy to find with DWS's username ready to log in….

5fc491 No.2014502

Can an individual be punished twice for the same crime? NO

Awan 2.0

0509a7 No.2014503

File: 69c1855d4db7544⋯.jpeg (146.89 KB, 750x487, 750:487, D2A0CFBC-7041-4157-8713-2….jpeg)

I can’t stop smiling. The hits just keep coming!

f78370 No.2014504

File: 459a5fb2685a5d1⋯.png (29.27 KB, 505x272, 505:272, 30614.png)

A before Q

Future proves past

c62fc4 No.2014505


what is fucked up is she could easily afford to pay a real cleaning wage to Americans but instead chooses to get immigrants and pay them dirt

Limousine liberals, everyone.

d260c9 No.2014506

File: a2392185a60ec57⋯.jpg (65.29 KB, 552x802, 276:401, IMG_1228.JPG)

b6ec33 No.2014507


Yes, I like the bear. He doesn't have that "look"..Ya know the one. Beady eyes, almost sickly looking..

2586fc No.2014508


The storm cometh

cff7ea No.2014509


May God bless all of you, Team Q.

We Patriots stand behind you 100%!

555ad7 No.2014510

File: 76645b9d874a3b4⋯.png (494.99 KB, 744x794, 372:397, ClipboardImage.png)

File: efb35c5eb708edc⋯.png (84.85 KB, 764x796, 191:199, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 55519bd7f33d63b⋯.png (30.72 KB, 743x293, 743:293, ClipboardImage.png)

Tommy Robinson’s Legal Appeal Cancelled by Crown Court


a469ad No.2014511



Imran Awan's father bragged about controling the WHITE HOUSE!!!!


Congress hacker's father 'gave data to Pakistani official'

The father of a Pakistani tech aide to Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla., and other House Democrats transferred a USB drive to a Pakistani senator and former head of a Pakistani intelligence agency, according to the father’s former business partner, the Daily Caller News Foundation reported.

In the latest development, the former business partner, Rashid Minhas, said Imran Awan’s father, Haji Ashraf Awan, was giving data to Pakistani official Rehman Malik, reported TheDCNF, which traveled to Faisalabad, Pakistan, for the story.

Minhas said Imran Awan bragged he had the power to “change the U.S. president.”

TheDCNF interviewed numerous residents in Pakistan who interacted with Imran. The locals said Imran travels with armed Pakistani government officials and often brags of possessing mysterious political power.

Minhas said Imran Awan told him:

“See how I control White House on my fingertip.”



Bring. The. Pain.!!!!

Just imagine, a freaking Pakistani without clearance bragging about controlling who is in our gdamn White House! smfh Burns my ass, I can tell you! Fucking Hussein needs to hang along with DWS and everyone else involved! ffs How in the hell did we ever allow this bs to happen in America, Anons? It makes me so sad…and angry, so fucking angry! smh

b9683b No.2014512


Just wondering if there are more than shown in PACER.

The EO for military tribunals.

e4caca No.2014513


Article III § 3 of the US Constitution defines treason and specifies the evidentiary requirements for any treason trial. The founding fathers wanted to ensure that the government would not charge an individual with treason without significant and reliable proof. Treason was punishable by death in England, so it was a constant threat to anyone who disagreed with the ruling party. Although the treason clause in the Constitution is modeled after the early English law defining treason, it omits a section that criminalized “imagining the death of the King” and also limits Congress’s authority to extend or expand the crime of treason or to lighten the evidentiary requirements.

The pertinent section of the Constitution states, “Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or, in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.”

9f4474 No.2014514

File: c960cda532b9206⋯.jpg (1.78 MB, 2720x1892, 680:473, DOJ Order of Succession.jpg)

db1b81 No.2014515

File: 60e5a3487da210e⋯.png (120.21 KB, 719x725, 719:725, Screenshot_69 - Copy.png)

File: 34934b907aff911⋯.png (114.71 KB, 1012x809, 1012:809, Screenshot_128.png)

d8aa62 No.2014516


Building up to the crescendo. WWG1WGA WRWY

0de6a2 No.2014517

File: cb7c3f1ed9c56dc⋯.jpg (83.39 KB, 549x497, 549:497, IMG_20180704_004205.jpg)



National security

e23d14 No.2014518


10 days of darkness

c62fc4 No.2014519


We will save Tommy. It might not be this year, but we will get him out of there.

555ad7 No.2014520

EPA official whitewashed glyphosate links to non-Hodgkin lymphoma in order to protect Monsanto profits


fefb3e No.2014521


I was amused by this as well

1c81cb No.2014522


I just picture that sweating little paki sitting in the interrogation room, chain-smoking and giving it all up to save his slimey skin.

f0b5e7 No.2014523


Bill Cooper told of the Suspension of the constitution and round up of all patriots. It was their plan fer sure!

I would not have went gently into that good night! I would have taken a few with me!

84a7a4 No.2014524

File: d35a90df9e97dc3⋯.png (2.65 MB, 1284x1234, 642:617, Screen Shot 2018-07-01 at ….png)

Is 470 lawyers enough to handle filing 5000 sealed documents per month?

At first glance, that seems to be 10 to 11 per person so maybe.

But when you consider what goes into a document maybe not

Search warrants need to show probably cause based on factual

evidence collected according to law and showing an unbroken chain of custody.

Indictments can cover 10, 20, 30 individuals just based on ones that have been unsealed recently

And nobody knows if there might be even more than 30 people on an indictment.

When you look at it this way, maybe 470 people is not enough.

But look at that map, showing a couple of circular road patterns that are

vaguely Q shaped. That is the area where people who have been assigned to

the 470th Military Intelligence Brigade have to report for duty. Now obviously

the military does not publish troop strength figures to the whole world

But on the 470th website they do have a note to newcomers, who have been

picked up out of other military units, to report to that location.

Why would the Army be cherrypicking people for an MI brigade? Does anyone

know of a huge Military Intelligence related operation that is ongoing and could

become a lot larger in the near future?

Of course on this board you all know what I am talking about. Look at the things they

do in the 470th. Detention Training Facility? Just the thing if you are planning to

ARREST tens of thousands of people. This is getting real folks.

Huber does not have 4 hundred and 70 US lawyers working for him. He has the resources

of the 470th Military Intelligence Brigade working for him. No doubt there are lots of

civilian lawyers as well. And since the 470th is Texas based, Huber in Salt Lake City is

not far away when meetings are needed. No access to DC is really necessary to make

this all happen.

470th Military Intelligence Brigade

a4d62c No.2014525

File: d5a85a47c3e2d10⋯.jpg (194.33 KB, 1200x963, 400:321, PopcornTime.jpg)


Keep plenty of popcorn on hand, anons.

It keeps getting better.

God bless, Q.

c8cfd3 No.2014526

File: 5f3ebbdb509009d⋯.png (2.46 MB, 3435x2019, 1145:673, HRCplansidebyside.png)

Huber on this?

b79e32 No.2014527

File: 483cee399447163⋯.jpg (346.75 KB, 800x1707, 800:1707, COSMIC VIBRATIONS.jpg)

536b44 No.2014528


Another piece removed.


97202d No.2014529

File: fa47e48c595760d⋯.jpg (11.51 KB, 255x241, 255:241, 99910ca7e4c5bbe49e35c39577….jpg)

40ac10 No.2014530



Does Jeff SESSIONS write his own press releases from the DOJ or does the Deep State/Never Trump cabal control the information flow?

"Scott has provided invaluable leadership and counsel in his years at the department, and his service is an example to all," Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in a written statement. "He will be greatly missed, and I wish him the best in his future endeavors."


f6f0b2 No.2014531


What meaning is the 4th without true FREEDOM? Real Fireworks! Real MOAB! You have the support, drop it! We are waiting!

f95706 No.2014532


Tommy isn't in any danger in that Muslim Majority prison…afterall, Islam is the Religion of Peace™

0f8045 No.2014533


he needs out now

bad things happen in prison

c8cfd3 No.2014534



thank you BVs!

0509a7 No.2014535

File: ff9b2faa13df818⋯.jpeg (164.37 KB, 750x501, 250:167, A28D91A4-9F11-4BC5-9104-3….jpeg)

581314 No.2014536

File: d6acd260791e6f2⋯.jpg (406.68 KB, 1440x1593, 160:177, 20180703_173759.jpg)

File: 60a0559d9486006⋯.jpg (340.86 KB, 1440x1950, 48:65, IMG_71gov9.jpg)


Q is Jack a patriot or another shill to distract us?

ca9f27 No.2014537


belied his importance as a strategic counselor and repository of institutional memory and ethics at the DOJ.

lawyers deleting docs - History

protect their kingdom

3da228 No.2014538

File: 89a9d04a3498c3b⋯.jpeg (50.43 KB, 434x450, 217:225, 8D0574F9-DC7E-4187-98F4-9….jpeg)

File: abed7707b305b93⋯.jpeg (44.47 KB, 405x359, 405:359, 317590F4-CD40-4F13-9B96-7….jpeg)

File: 8521c488d4b6f76⋯.jpeg (77.74 KB, 364x592, 91:148, 0D6ED8C9-11CD-45EC-87FF-B….jpeg)


He practically owns Hawaii aka ‘Obamaland’.

Probably the Dems midway point to their motherland China.

Makes sense!

How the fuck does Zuck get to do an IPO but say his shares count for more votes than everyone else?

Seriously wtf..

Dude is slippery than soap I guess he is above the law..

3a2fda No.2014539

File: 782548ee12c928b⋯.jpg (250.27 KB, 1440x1442, 720:721, IMG_20180703_150826.jpg)

File: 0f691677396338e⋯.jpg (277.83 KB, 1440x1427, 1440:1427, IMG_20180703_150718.jpg)

File: 85b51655f6ec4c0⋯.jpg (218.08 KB, 1440x1329, 480:443, IMG_20180703_150808.jpg)


This ADD popped up in my Twat Feed.

This Autists took it as a Threat to Pepe from Deep State Bankers.

dd782d No.2014540


Not to State of Hawaii. Corrupt. 800 acre cultural park would be awesome. Not gov run.

b9a85e No.2014541


I amend my statement.

Conspiracy? Yes.

Coincidence? No.

Criminal? Oh yeah, most definitely.

Take 'em down, Q.

0de6a2 No.2014542


Q, what does Q = Alice means?

f79eca No.2014543


I love you man, but my theory is that you guys got thrown a huge curve ball the day before your Q&A.

You'd lose less Anons if you just owned up to it. Most of us understand that you're not nearly as in control as you suggest. It's a war, we get it. But Anons are pointing to your missed promises (freed in 30, etc) as evidence that you're fake.

I don't think that's true at all. I think it's evidence that you're fighting a 2,000 year old war.

But you might as well get a little more transparent about it. People are getting frustrated with the rah rah "fireworks" (dud) shit.

ab6a6c No.2014544


British Muh-narky has been jealous of US citizens God-given rights that make us equal in every way to even the most powerful kings and queens.

Donald Trump, a US citizen has more power than the rest of the world combined.

That's why they HATE us.

15979a No.2014545

File: 5e649dbb9f94ca8⋯.png (115.46 KB, 783x604, 783:604, Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at ….png)

>>2013889 lb

If qanon.pub ends up getting censored too, here is an idea.

40bf45 No.2014546


614c36 No.2014547

File: 52a5f9274a0458d⋯.png (275.44 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, ClipboardImage.png)

c8cfd3 No.2014548


you asked this last bread

you got the answer


391fbf No.2014549


Fireworks after July 4th?

7/9 - 7/10 Secrets revealed STORMY?

7/9 Trump Select SCOTUS

7/10 Peter Strzok Testifies

7/10 @GenFlynn in Court

7/10 SR anniversary



d260c9 No.2014550

File: a84613cde564b1f⋯.jpg (67.62 KB, 781x501, 781:501, IMG_1110.JPG)

File: 6c6e1290abf9c29⋯.jpg (30.53 KB, 487x302, 487:302, IMG_1128.JPG)

File: 091d9cf74ca4e84⋯.jpg (55.62 KB, 1440x983, 1440:983, IMG_1135.JPG)

insecurity is expensive

db73d3 No.2014551

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

A teensy bit off topic, depending on your views…. Similarities of the Elizabeth Bathory story and what's allegedly happening now are very striking…

The Bloody Countess..

"Vampire and serial killer of 650 victims or herself a victim of a plot to steal her wealth? The true story of Hungary's "Infamous Lady," Countess Erzsebet (Elizabeth) Bathory is discussed in this new biography of the Bloody Countess."

who does this remind us of???

dd246e No.2014552

File: 1fa174814e61c44⋯.jpg (417.22 KB, 900x883, 900:883, qanon_endthefed_frog.jpg)



898220 No.2014553

File: 64a92e7f27053c6⋯.jpg (76.92 KB, 1077x239, 1077:239, Screenshot_20180703-151342….jpg)


Is he a good guy? Public corruption seems right where all of this is headed.

9f4474 No.2014554


Yep! That's what we were discussing last bread. How it's all going to happen:



c62fc4 No.2014555


Biden seriously looks like an alien here.

8678d5 No.2014556


Baker Notable

cd4389 No.2014557

File: fd947775978fcd9⋯.jpg (104.57 KB, 800x450, 16:9, comey-margolis.jpg)


meme material

0de6a2 No.2014558

File: 4d1a4aeecbc4453⋯.jpg (124.09 KB, 749x747, 749:747, IMG_20180704_004405.jpg)

a469ad No.2014559


>“Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or, in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.

Treason → >>2014511

2586fc No.2014560


That was several days ago, why are they just reporting this now?

555ad7 No.2014561

File: 98d3dea3bfef303⋯.png (725.69 KB, 763x780, 763:780, ClipboardImage.png)

File: face25e8a5d296f⋯.png (90.7 KB, 771x751, 771:751, ClipboardImage.png)

Political Violence: GOP Office Vandalized with Brick Through Window, Graffiti


15979a No.2014562

File: e46945b772c2cc2⋯.png (251.57 KB, 719x527, 719:527, b287f0fd8f4a6c47e2450317c3….png)



614c36 No.2014563



3a2fda No.2014564


Watch the Twat Video

f79eca No.2014565


MOAB, MOAB, MOAB … https://qanon.pub/?q=MOAB

97202d No.2014566


fuck off, jack. you fucked up

we do not forgive

we do not forget

ed28fd No.2014567

File: fd9014e9fe7a543⋯.png (147.3 KB, 836x674, 418:337, d05a2e180cb019a6a8dd5a71e6….png)

bc0331 No.2014568


I'll gladly let him go if it means we have everything we need to prosecute these fuckers. Guys like him are just gonna end up getting caught again. Too smart to realize how stupid they are.

99d226 No.2014569


I gave up my children's teenage years+? to fight for Justice and Liberty!

84a7a4 No.2014571


In Q's drop #953

FBI - 3 + 29 to go

DOJ - 3 + 18 to go

STATE - 2 + 41 to go

015c3f No.2014572

Wow .. Scott Israel being removed as Broward Sheriff? I know it was written by Laura Loomer, but huge if true. Article says for "criminal activity". More indictments unsealed?

https:// bigleaguepolitics.com/exclusive-broward-county-sheriff-scott-israel-to-be-removed-next-week/

d91740 No.2014573


Ok, we get it. Thanks. Saw it the fist few times.

At least it's not accompanied by a facebook link

9b9b48 No.2014574


hear, hear.

I'm sick and tired of the lies, the "reschedulings". Awfully convenient how nothing happens for us.

Also, I'm sick of the fact Q shits in our face, and says we will only see 20%. Fuck that garbage.

We have to put up with this - we should be exposed to 100% of truth, not this 20% garbage.

We are being treated like idiots by Q. No transparency whatsoever.

75cf0f No.2014575

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Live Now

b4219e No.2014576


Best way to prosecute without revealing national security issues.

14f640 No.2014577

File: 36105c9d8c7cd75⋯.jpg (63.28 KB, 370x322, 185:161, 2526.jpg)


Who are these Foreign Bad Actors?



6fa9d9 No.2014578


I read this morning's drops re FVEY. Were these posts to intended for newcomers? After review, I got the disctinct feeling crimes will continue to be slow walked. Weiner's notebook was discovered what, two years ago? People know this.

The people have been promised to and lied to for years. Talk is just that, talk(You're familiar with its value, yes?)

You gave us seeds, we planted.

It's time for water.

I hope the information released aren't shadows of crime.

It's time for credence.

"Because the sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil."

Maybe officer Familia would still be alive.

The People are ready. DO IT, Q.

Also, it would be great if wifey stopped looking at me crazy.

d35973 No.2014579

CDAN predicts that Stephen Paddock's brother will "end up dead within the next few weeks."


66aba2 No.2014580

File: 4ffba2f2867d49f⋯.png (220.73 KB, 534x400, 267:200, bclam.png)

1c81cb No.2014581


Waterboard the fucker before we let him out. Just for fun.

555ad7 No.2014582

File: df0e2a20f3abed6⋯.png (842.52 KB, 814x871, 814:871, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 172b3b80a4c7e86⋯.png (78.69 KB, 835x919, 835:919, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 65e5e94cabf524b⋯.png (32.69 KB, 824x569, 824:569, ClipboardImage.png)

30 Years Ago Today, U.S. Shot Down a Passenger Plane Killing 290 Civilians and Covered It Up


a469ad No.2014583

File: 542d1fc5f6c6c9a⋯.jpg (232.93 KB, 894x446, 447:223, Imran Awan.jpg)

da5068 No.2014584

File: 3ed6804367706e5⋯.png (199.78 KB, 519x534, 173:178, AbelDangerFieldMcConnellse….png)

File: 1d5b01bd0841735⋯.jpg (150.47 KB, 603x577, 603:577, FooledbyActors.JPG)

File: 70fd278a8536c38⋯.png (258.15 KB, 596x280, 149:70, kol nidre2.png)

19983b No.2014585

File: dbef92c43edc961⋯.png (71.95 KB, 1389x54, 463:18, ClipboardImage.png)

c18269 No.2014586

>>2014431 Elvis? That you?

d8a75e No.2014587

File: 68b22476f1a5178⋯.png (719.62 KB, 796x796, 1:1, 2018-07-03_14-59-11.png)

File: a538dea7b4d9d73⋯.png (892.78 KB, 818x559, 818:559, 2018-07-03_14-59-40.png)

File: b7c8de889ce08d7⋯.png (512.75 KB, 615x403, 615:403, 2018-07-03_15-03-15.png)


7 Dwarves re-prorgammed for a Sky Event?

We love surprises.


b6ec33 No.2014588


Isn't that just a fancy way to say Immunity? Which a lot of people(evidently not as many here) already assumed was going to happen. It HAS to be shills on that are crying about this. I can't wrap my head around people here being THAT ignorant still.

d260c9 No.2014589

File: e8a219136aeb95d⋯.jpg (29.11 KB, 312x472, 39:59, IMG_1131.JPG)

File: 68e7ebe3fb0db3a⋯.jpg (156.21 KB, 1000x1385, 200:277, IMG_1197.JPG)

File: 88f5f921926a142⋯.jpg (60.71 KB, 1341x639, 149:71, IMG_1262.JPG)

what if we didn;t regurgitate their vomit

f87e7d No.2014590

File: 6fd7d32f4cace88⋯.jpg (669.62 KB, 670x684, 335:342, scalewafork.jpg)



relevant section, Q phrase appears once in the text.

0f8045 No.2014591


its 40% baby if u was here and paying attention

f95706 No.2014592


The Coward of Broward County

98f570 No.2014593

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


there you go

75fa47 No.2014594


NPR is pure cancer. "But his departure, as the highest ranking career lawyer at the Justice Department, will add to a brain drain from the department at a time when it is under attack from President Trump and his allies in Congress."

e23d14 No.2014595

How did it turn out the last time? Did they get all the kids out of the cave or did the little one die? Something is different this time. They changed something. Or else I have a brain tumor.

7ca653 No.2014596


I look forward to the day, when that 'special place' for George is ready.

dd782d No.2014597


Pakistani national I believe so not Treason. But spying yes.

07f5a3 No.2014598

d52600 No.2014600


Schools is leaving work early to today…. BOOM

2c9f5d No.2014601

File: 402f218a3893d70⋯.jpg (50.17 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 6MAGA:ICE:SUPPORT.jpg)

File: 86123aae5497fb3⋯.png (950.89 KB, 732x700, 183:175, Border:Patrol:We:Support.png)

File: 6d64708e0398c2c⋯.jpg (35.55 KB, 600x503, 600:503, California4Trump.jpg)

3b0221 No.2014602


PS: You will soon be over too.

- The Queuester

742d76 No.2014603


Team Q,

Are (((they))) gonna try and crash the financial systems as their last left option?

9b9b48 No.2014604


I'm so with you on this.

Been here since the beginning.

We've known about 5 eyes for at least 6 years. I'm getting really pissed off that supposed big information is being dished out as if it's new.

None of this is new.

None of the spying is new.

None of the crimes are new.

When the fuck are we going to get ANYTHING out of this?

Sick of the slow walk.

97202d No.2014605


do the taxpayers pay for that cancer?

525a86 No.2014606


Spank you very much!

9f4474 No.2014607


Yep; like a super saiyan spirit bomb. Why nip at the heels if you can just incinerate them with the entire letter of the law?

ab6a6c No.2014608


Oh my god you even put together a little graphic.

Holy shiiiiiit. You're the single word shill I've seen on ANY online forum. The fact that you out yourself in every thread is genuinely hilarious.

d0fc75 No.2014609


I was wondering how the case load would/could be handled. Noice deduction.

17e65e No.2014610

File: 2983066566a8a01⋯.jpeg (176.36 KB, 1242x488, 621:244, 75EBF19B-65A3-4ABA-96CC-A….jpeg)

File: adf498d2ec3d7ae⋯.jpeg (115.93 KB, 1242x541, 1242:541, 47E02B7D-4281-4DF4-BFBB-A….jpeg)

Re: Bradley Weinsheimer

DOJ Files.

September 1 2017

Future Proves Past

f79eca No.2014611


I've had a crush on her since the 90s

f74e34 No.2014612

File: d480988cb87669c⋯.jpg (42.23 KB, 1081x424, 1081:424, 54154456.JPG)

File: 41e97d68f5964c6⋯.jpg (75.15 KB, 866x821, 866:821, 412123123.JPG)


Schools authorized Mueller

Schools provided Strzok/Page texts to Storch on Horowitz team.

db1b81 No.2014613

File: dd4be81675ff801⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1163x985, 1163:985, Screenshot_130.png)


>>2014335 >>2014336 >>2014345 >>2014347 >>2014350 >>2014355 >>2014366 >>2014371 >>2014373 >>2014377 >>2014378 >>2014379 >>2014381 >>2014384 >>2014387 >>2014390 >>2014396 >>2014402 >>2014405 >>2014410 >>2014411 >>2014412 >>2014416 >>2014417 >>2014418 >>2014434 >>2014435 >>2014438 >>2014444 >>2014451 >>2014452 >>2014458 >>2014460 >>2014470 >>2014473 >>2014478 >>2014482 >>2014483 >>2014485 >>2014494 >>2014498 >>2014500 >>2014509 >>2014515 >>2014516 >>2014517 >>2014525 >>2014528 >>2014530 >>2014531 >>2014536 >>2014537 >>2014541 >>2014542 >>2014543 >>2014547 >>2014549 >>2014552 >>2014553 >>2014557 >>2014562 >>2014565 >>2014571 >>2014594 >>2014596


db73d3 No.2014614

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



And then there's this, which is how all her cohorts are going down and she's trying to slide.. Of course thanks to Q and POTUS we will get her!

This dude defends the bloody countess, says it was all a bunch of lies, and the torture and murder done by her servants.. and she was the most powerful person of her time apparently he says. HA! 400 years later and people still defend her.. sad

c8cfd3 No.2014615

File: a8e3c936ee08af3⋯.png (3.18 MB, 4505x3726, 4505:3726, A&Wsidebyside.png)


goddamn lurk moar

reread crumbs

3a2fda No.2014616

File: 42948c9cd09de6a⋯.jpg (221.65 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, PicsArt_06-26-03.04.10.jpg)

a7c0cd No.2014617

File: 7cc859a7b23b0f6⋯.png (26.21 KB, 688x192, 43:12, WhoIsQAnon.688x192.png)

File: ae04ddec6943127⋯.png (238.03 KB, 688x192, 43:12, TBYC.688x192.png)

File: 2bc534e4fbf8660⋯.png (283.46 KB, 361x896, 361:896, I-4.EB.WB.Orlando.PNG)

>>2014570 (cross-posted)

So far, I've submitted these two (stolen) images to e-billboards on I-4 EB & WB in the Orlando, FL market via BlipBillboards.com

Pending approval, they will be running July 4th, *INDEPENDENCE DAY*!!

Average Daily Views: 80,730 per board!!

Keep an eye out OrlandoAnons & take a pic if you can!!

* The images attached are in their required 688x192 pixel format.

[For each $100 in ads created through the copy & paste link below, $25 will be CREDITED AUTOMATICALLY to the 2 image #QAnon campaign originally created THROUGH Blip Billboard's Rewards Program.

Blip Billboards: http://www.blipbillboards.com/?utm_source=promo&utm_campaign=tsmxtd&utm_content=vw6mcj

4634a6 No.2014618

File: 5fdee9fc7b35fc6⋯.png (2.46 MB, 1132x1232, 283:308, chris-cornell-chk.png)

bfc023 No.2014619

File: 5cae0f266835252⋯.jpg (527.98 KB, 2560x2560, 1:1, Qanonproofs.jpg)


qanonproofs.com wdyt, trying my best to add as much as possible.

think we need as many qproof sites as we can.

mine has added context :)

140e17 No.2014620


>These people need to be KILLED.

You sound like Hillary. Good thing we are above that here and just want proper justice. Prison with bubba.

c18269 No.2014621

>>2014575 Hawt Chick with big words. Me likey

b4219e No.2014622


(lifeguard blows whistle)

“Everybody in the pool! You too Imran!”

d260c9 No.2014623

wait till they declassify the kekehet files

omg ftw

f74e34 No.2014624


Appointed by Yates.

14f640 No.2014625

File: c5429a9de36bf56⋯.png (511.45 KB, 1341x839, 1341:839, Soros_EU2.png)

File: 38e908dc83b2a04⋯.png (472.92 KB, 1667x807, 1667:807, soros_EU.png)

File: 831a1bd598b8056⋯.png (399.17 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Soros organisation2.png)


Who are these Foreign Bad Actors?


George Soros is very influential is the EU Foreign Relations. Anyone want to guess who is behind this latest Trade War threat?



e52bd9 No.2014626

Hey Q…..

So on another board(that has more than politics) much smaller than Reddit…. There is a Q thread on their politics board. Probably about 15 hardcore Q posters. Another 15-20 "intrigued" Q posters, and the rest believe its a psyop.

Well, there's about one hardcore Q poster left now after today and he is getting laughed at non stop.

Swamp is kicking your ass Q - unless you are swamp. Clinton IG probe - dud…. Awan case…. dud…. but don't worry! Look over here! LMAO….. I feel bad for those that are still hanging on. Don't get me wrong. I would celebrate if HALF of what you have dropped was true. But process crimes on nobodies is going to deflate Trump's base hugely…. Which is exactly what a swamp rat would love. HMMMM……

9b9b48 No.2014627


Ya, just to appease us because people started complaining. I don't believe the 40% for a second. We were told that because we're sheep.

They think we are only good enough to know 20%, and think we're stupid enough that 40% will be revealed.

Even 40% is a fucking JOKE.

100% or nothing. The fact that we're willing to accept 40% is a fucking joke.

525a86 No.2014628

File: 56fb0663e637b05⋯.jpg (17.74 KB, 300x228, 25:19, Kenya1.jpg)

File: b02df6aa7b5251b⋯.jpg (18.79 KB, 300x228, 25:19, Kenya2.jpg)

File: b4fba59fceb30d1⋯.jpg (41.35 KB, 500x333, 500:333, Kenya3.jpg)

File: 43a2e16613c5af2⋯.jpg (117.67 KB, 630x946, 315:473, Pereira.jpg)

db1b81 No.2014629

File: fc9fa19be93ffe7⋯.png (687.92 KB, 499x575, 499:575, Screenshot_69.png)


Yoda? Q wants us to look at this guys death?


dcebe7 No.2014630


As for Schools, Slate magazine called him "the most important unknown person in D.C." And that status has only grown as his boss, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, has found himself on defense among Republicans in Congress over the Mueller investigation.

For years, Schools worked alongside another Justice Department mainstay, David Margolis, who was known as the "Yoda" of the department.

12d1e1 No.2014631

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

On the topic of the "Bono and NATO, UN, etc" story in notables today,

>>2013093 Bono warns that existence of UN, EU, and NATO are threatened (https ://www.yahoo.com/news/prime-minister-honors-87-irish-un-peacekeepers-died-175547438.html)

Are "Charity Inc." spokes-puppets Bono & U2 attempting to play to both sides of the storm?

While Bono joins in the anti Trump rhetoric for his concert appearances and at Monday's UN event, this intriguing intermission video from U2's May 2 Tulsa concert shows a somewhat contrite side of Bono and the band. The 4 minute semi-animated video wall presentation tells the story of the band's corruption by the cabal in their youth, selling their proverbial souls for unlimited fame and fortune, but also portrays the band as victims of the cabal's manipulations and appeals to fans for sympathy/forgiveness. This video is definitely worth a watch IMHO if you've not come across it before.

0588f2 No.2014632

File: 40b2370f45c9f7c⋯.png (1.5 MB, 1041x655, 1041:655, Redwave.PNG)

97202d No.2014633

the board flood of concernfags means some big shit is habbening

229e81 No.2014634

File: dcb3c4d4870627f⋯.jpg (13.06 KB, 255x211, 255:211, investigator_pepe.jpg)


Nice find

c62fc4 No.2014635

File: 5ad63a6eb9de020⋯.jpg (110.96 KB, 1252x1252, 1:1, 1512084029190.jpg)


>yfw you realize one Q's team has been covertly deep within Hollywood this entire time

>could even be an actual actor or actress securing dirty secrets and establishing relationships/connections in order to help bring down the cabal

>has been running crazy days and nights to help slow drip information about how fucked up these people are to the public


9b9b48 No.2014636


Sorry. Pedophiles deserve to be killed.

a6e545 No.2014637

File: 675d5b8dc816fd8⋯.png (66.7 KB, 916x474, 458:237, Screen Shot 14.png)


>Think fireworks.

B = 2, D = 4, T = 20 = 2+0 = 2

BDT = 242

Tomorrow is our great country's 242nd birthday.

Fireworks indeed.





Bonus math fun: 242 is 11x22, important numbers in the Qniverse

6f45f5 No.2014638


It's mind-blowing that people are acting like Awan is a big fish.

"This is bigger than you could possibly imagine."

Who said that?

a4d62c No.2014639

File: 365ec9d42a99105⋯.png (24.06 KB, 625x626, 625:626, bait9.png)


Such a pathetically weak shilling attempt.

You're not cut out for this job.

You don't have the nads.

6fa9d9 No.2014640


Maybe it's time for the 'Disenchanted by Q', support group.

XOXOXO (no-homo)

7456ce No.2014641




17th letter of alphabet Q

e0f41e No.2014642


Oh it was much worse than that. The whole family was drawing top level executive salaries and most of them not only were doing absolutely no work for it, but did not even know what they were "hired" to do.

Paychecks just got mailed to them.

One brother simultaneously drew a large salary working "full time" for the DC government, and another working at a congressman's office in California. One of them has a license to sell all levels of controlled substances.

Not to mention they ran a cars, drugs and weapons import-export business through Falls Church, Africa, and Central America, and Imran had many businesses and real estate deals going.

They all got rich while transferring classified information to Pakistan and who knows where else.

These guys getting off - if they get off - would mean US DOJ is an absolutely meaningless institution and frankly nobody should ever be asked to obey any US law ever again.

Whatever is the "secret" aspect of this bigger plan for the Awans, must be the mother of all prosecutions waiting to be sprung.

d260c9 No.2014643

File: 2de35a40a5e19e2⋯.jpg (68.21 KB, 680x425, 8:5, IMG_1021.JPG)

shitting memeos is not tax dodging effectively

it is like chitting breads

93fb5f No.2014644


NOW THAT is really awesome Anon ! Great use of your power for good ! 5 stars and a pine !

2c972c No.2014645



84b687 No.2014646


my not big fish, but he might know where the bodies are buried.

14f640 No.2014647

File: cc4fae5c1634142⋯.png (356.3 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ROTHSOROS_IC.png)

File: 09156c836522449⋯.jpg (167.75 KB, 1537x1001, 1537:1001, 01 Nathan Rothschild.jpg)


Who are these Foreign Bad Actors?

9/ Top of the pyramid



a3cb9e No.2014648


You know, I'm beginning to wonder if the CIA cooked up the term "conspiracy theory" for more than one reason:

We know about

1) To make seekers of truths look nuts

2) Make them sound dangerous

3) drive common folks away from looking into alternate evidence

What about:

'4) divert people in positions to do so from pursuing criminal conspiracy'' convictions due to the word itself being destroyed via 1), 2) and 3)"

2c4ec1 No.2014649


or just start making motherboards and software that isn't comped. it is quite possible to make secure machines out of insecure parts.

ab6a6c No.2014650

File: 8641db467030ec2⋯.jpg (163.88 KB, 693x875, 99:125, 3584379f78b73c78de7213cb3b….jpg)


Indeed. "POTUS is insulated 100%" means MI has taken over EVERYTHING and there is no chance of subversion.

This is going to be run 100% by the books, no funny business, no chance of escape. Solid case, solid evidence, solid conviction.

It can ONLY be done once and MUST be done properly.

2892c9 No.2014651

also see the peace sign paths in the 'Q' or circular road

58a926 No.2014652

File: 28a6baa4ee9b4b2⋯.png (731.23 KB, 1005x1305, 67:87, 455a5b6f-9d2c-4f98-94b1-5….png)

Check this one out planefags.

A/C data from the Saudi Cables.

Aircraft Type; F900

A/C Call Sign; BAF615

Flight Itinerary; DEP BRUSSELS…==VIA SILKA==


Isn't SILKA the [C]lownz airline?



1c81cb No.2014653


omg ftw indeed, Maxie

c8cfd3 No.2014654




a469ad No.2014655


>Pakistani national I believe so not Treason.

I'm talking about the treasonous mfers that put the Awan brothers in place!

a82f47 No.2014656


Schools getting schooled!

b4219e No.2014657




391fbf No.2014658

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

4634a6 No.2014659

File: 71115b45bb43ab6⋯.png (354.2 KB, 494x474, 247:237, ACOSTA.png)

041551 No.2014660

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the nation’s largest business group and traditional ally of the Republican Party, has launched an aggressive campaign attacking Donald Trump’s trade tariffs.


c8cfd3 No.2014661



great work

9ed3ba No.2014662


Yoda-like figure. VERY INTERESTING!!!

9b9b48 No.2014663


I'm not a shill. I want all of these pedos brought to justice. I want HRC, and her entire cabal locked up for life.

I'm sick of Q regurgitating old information.

We've known about 5 eyes, the pedos, the crime for YEARS, and now we're being told to research more on this shit?

Like seriously, where is the progress?

aeccda No.2014664

File: 7a6f4c4e760fc3a⋯.jpg (1.95 MB, 3024x4032, 3:4, IMG_0527.JPG)

Doing my part>>2014318

0f8045 No.2014665


i could go for 80%

keep only 20% of shit from public that would jeopardize foreign relations, f idk

i think 100% is needed for the world to learn then heal from it.

4ed52d No.2014666

File: 32e05a18b2e1335⋯.jpg (161.02 KB, 532x400, 133:100, hs.jpg)

2c4ec1 No.2014667


Note: military court != civilian court. It is possible to try him militarily regardless of a civilian contract under civilian law.

c18269 No.2014668

>>2014602 You want that in the meme? Or do you mean I will be over soon?

f7e089 No.2014669

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

I re-watched this video replay of the Space Force speech.

around minute 7:30 he begins to introduce the Corporate Executives.

at 11:11 he talks about us reclaiming our place….

around 13:45 he says "rich guys seem to love rockets. …if you beat us to Mars we will be very happy and you will be even more famous. …….but as long as it's an American rich person, they can beat us and we'll take full credit for it.

<Important speech

14f640 No.2014670

File: d511275c63de254⋯.png (399.78 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, crownevil.png)


Who are these Foreign Bad Actors?


Just something interesting to note about [[RR]] problems in the context of the British Crown

Rod Rosenstein is a a lawyer. The Bar ledges allegiance to the Crown, not the USA!


66aba2 No.2014671

File: 6a8301e01e2d41b⋯.jpg (377.88 KB, 1167x700, 1167:700, shillsgobak.jpg)

38ea13 No.2014672


Anyone remember that weird website before the election, it had a bunch of numbers in the address. The guy was wearing a suit, lots of hidden symbolism and messages. One of them was watch the water?

a4d62c No.2014673


Even though anons know what the graphic signifies, I fear it will turn off normies who will just see "nasty death skull". Are you open to considering alternative graphic designs?

2892c9 No.2014675


also see the peace sign paths in the 'Q' or circular road

d260c9 No.2014676

File: bd6a84baf9b8d76⋯.png (3.22 MB, 2592x1728, 3:2, HYNK9754.png)



97202d No.2014677


I agree and im not sorry.

a1ff18 No.2014678

391fbf No.2014679

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Patriots - 2 vs Antifa - 0

Great knockout

77c434 No.2014680


Hi, I don't think you're a shill. I think this is strange as well, and I have also noticed how anyone, myself included, who posts this is instantly accused of being a shill. Over the target much?

c62fc4 No.2014681


So basically RINO's exposing themselves. Wonderful !

cd4389 No.2014682




>>2014637 BDT Qcrumb points to July 4, 2018 (242nd Anniversary of the USA)

f79eca No.2014683

He doesn't even speed of the bread anymore.

40bf45 No.2014684


b79e32 No.2014685

File: 1c6ade683b20f4f⋯.jpg (540.7 KB, 1181x782, 1181:782, PowerToThePeople.jpg)

cba1f4 No.2014686

File: 2a791deddef0f3e⋯.jpg (79.1 KB, 500x656, 125:164, 2a791deddef0f3edfc265162c5….jpg)




Nice work anon, can't wait to see it !!

GraphicsAnons, billboard graphics are needed over at the 'Be Heard' thread. Come on over.


7456ce No.2014687


More like the FBI CIA uses childporn fuckers because they are a great asset for compromising people in hollywood, politics, other agencies politicians etc. They can talk and so they are dead. thats all

eeaba9 No.2014688


anime girl memes are absolute shit.

you're gay.

d23802 No.2014689

However much you guys hate reddit, our MAGA allies in T_D are freaking out about the Awan deal today and are giving up on the thought of any justice and the idea of Q.

a3cb9e No.2014690


Now that I've hit 'Post" this actually looks stupid.. oh well. Sorry.

2fc604 No.2014691


He’s helping to save your country whether you appreciate it or not. If you don’t support him, you don’t have to be here.

5336c0 No.2014692

File: 89653daaca3f83c⋯.png (168.79 KB, 785x749, 785:749, cheQem.png)

20c8e5 No.2014693

File: 81012cd98491b91⋯.jpg (83.61 KB, 719x527, 719:527, DOJ-EOC-SS-?.JPG)



Nice proof.

Any idea who this clown is?

Just caught in the shot or connected?

Remember this is Laura JARRETT (VJ Jr.) who posted this.

4634a6 No.2014694

File: 3e28d0181c7e6e5⋯.png (109.25 KB, 255x255, 1:1, semenanon.png)

c6a81e No.2014695


According to NPR: "poor DoJ, under attack from Trump and his allies."

I have news for NPR and all others; the corrupt DoJ is under attack by more than POTUS. More than half of this nation KNOWS the depth of the corruption! Drain that bitch, Q!

2c9f5d No.2014696

File: 0b54f152d1233ce⋯.jpg (71.82 KB, 888x499, 888:499, MAGA:SUB.jpg)

e295ac No.2014697




b348bd No.2014698


So many levels of cool, I can't even…. I'd kiss ya sir… But why are you doxxing yourself brother?

c9637d No.2014699


Hard shit takes time?

db1b81 No.2014700

File: 9ff946a9531b133⋯.png (99.47 KB, 1252x957, 1252:957, Screenshot_131.png)

File: e5302ffd7e4f24f⋯.png (10.53 KB, 463x255, 463:255, Screenshot_132.png)



c62fc4 No.2014701


what if what you said was true and they knew it too and implanted a good guy to go deep into it and get everything, like a uber long con.

15979a No.2014702

File: 03990cd102a02f3⋯.png (243.54 KB, 833x544, 49:32, Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at ….png)


Notice Q puts "Acting" after Ed.


Who is Ed O'Callaghan?





Enjoy the show.


0060ad No.2014703

File: cc4541a63a9b0ee⋯.png (439.67 KB, 700x720, 35:36, Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at ….png)

File: 29e722e0cac84e0⋯.png (107.87 KB, 685x542, 685:542, Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at ….png)



c7f62f No.2014704

File: 4e0b49f8f2d9cda⋯.gif (1.47 MB, 1066x937, 1066:937, ghost Q broke.gif)


Indeed, patriot. "Q Broke Me" shills up the wazoo. Pic definitely related.





555ad7 No.2014705

File: 92339148e6bbfec⋯.png (202.33 KB, 665x918, 665:918, ClipboardImage.png)

File: deae3d4b04a5539⋯.png (44.12 KB, 650x860, 65:86, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c3c62996d19fde0⋯.png (54.78 KB, 693x888, 231:296, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f92e910f3db9e5e⋯.png (50.99 KB, 638x887, 638:887, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1113a7ec1e37b61⋯.png (37.63 KB, 635x698, 635:698, ClipboardImage.png)



#SecondCivilWarLetters Go Viral as Conspiracy Theorist Warns US Dems Plan Revolt


041551 No.2014706

According to the movie star Natalie Portman, fellow Harvard student Jared Kushner, with whom she was reportedly friends with at some point, has transformed into a "supervillain."


1c81cb No.2014707


Rock on.

a469ad No.2014708


>They all got rich while transferring classified information to Pakistan and who knows where else.

>Whatever is the "secret" aspect of this bigger plan for the Awans, must be the mother of all prosecutions waiting to be sprung.

I'm ready, past ready, wayyyy beyond ready!


ab6a6c No.2014709


It has to be an "open secret" among the elite.

I imagine a group of "good" people have formed to route out the bad.

da5068 No.2014710

File: 205571ac8df9752⋯.png (113.1 KB, 310x329, 310:329, 1normy3.png)

File: 8a2e31d38f58f74⋯.png (106.5 KB, 300x324, 25:27, 44normy2.png)

File: 1960b32bb52da62⋯.png (107.65 KB, 300x324, 25:27, 44normy44.png)

File: e25c0e712c3925a⋯.png (106.46 KB, 300x324, 25:27, 44normy77.png)

14f640 No.2014711

File: 3b1c1443f367b76⋯.jpg (1.29 MB, 5120x3657, 5120:3657, james_bond.jpg)

File: fcaa4d813d65e79⋯.jpg (95.87 KB, 542x384, 271:192, JohnDeeElizabethI.jpg)

File: 165233f0526ac1f⋯.jpg (18.58 KB, 234x250, 117:125, deebaconfractal_4.jpg)


Who are these Foreign Bad Actors?


Dr. John Dee - The Original 007 / Occultist & Spy

In the 16th century the English were at war with the Spanish. Queen Elizabeth I needed information about her enemies for the empire she was starting to build. And she needed a spy to get it. Dr John Dee, a philosopher, alchemist and mathematician was introduced to her, and became her most trusted and brilliant advisor. He was the man who inspired Shakespeare to create the character of Prospero from The

Tempest, and the inspiration for Ian Flemings James Bond…

Senior Fellow at… Trinity College, CAMBRIDGE


d260c9 No.2014712

it is a touchy feely post apocoplypse time traveller reunion comedic tradegdy to some, or just a scifi thriller idk


de4857 No.2014713

File: 135ad7574a0eb65⋯.jpeg (260.08 KB, 1440x1450, 144:145, 1527873666.jpeg)

40bf45 No.2014714


d35973 No.2014715


I've long suspected that the Q team itself occasionally feeds Enty tips about trafficking and pedophilia to help red pill a different audience. Or as a means of communicating information to other white hats in the know.

ae7788 No.2014716


>'on an acting basis'

Is this what Trey Gowdy is going to be doing

d23802 No.2014717

Whats the strategy in play when Trump shits on the NSA data deletion on his twitter today?

db1b81 No.2014718



Q used YODA language BEFORE this guy DIEDDD!!!!!!!!!!

478cea No.2014719


WHICH Companies support or are Members of the US Chamber of Commerce????????

They NEED to be Boycotted!

2c9f5d No.2014720

File: 33ac8e756acc843⋯.jpg (111.69 KB, 750x500, 3:2, MAGA:TREASON.jpg)

f95706 No.2014721


Watch the Pooper.

19983b No.2014722

SHTF 16:20E

594db3 No.2014723

File: aa13d12ad87b7a7⋯.png (734.96 KB, 1914x926, 957:463, Screenshot_2018-07-03 Goog….png)

>>2013689 #2540

>>2013711 #2540

You've got the lat/long in the wrong order. The pic was taken in Lost Wages.

70f42a No.2014724


I hid screen shot of planes that doxed me oops How does it get deleted? Someone pointed it out as you can see. I can handle the evil that comes my way but no sense in asking for extra. Sorry

5af3f0 No.2014725

All they wanted was one demo after another.

14f640 No.2014726

File: 2fcbe15daefbe3a⋯.jpg (12.05 KB, 439x307, 439:307, stefan-halper-2.jpg)



Stephan Halper

Senior fellow at… CAMBRIDGE

Interesting read here on Halper & Russia


e0f41e No.2014727


>treasonous mfers that put the Awan brothers in place

Exactly, Awan was in place and protected since the GW Bush administration. People had to know what was going on, if for no other reason they would have had to have been exempted from normal rules for getting cleared.

Go try and fudge your way into a federal position that requires a security clearance and see how that goes for you. OMB and security officers would have had to have alarm bells going off for years.

What that says to me is that people at the very top of the Bush administration in addition to Obama and Hillary and leaders of Congress all should have a date with a firing squad.

0de6a2 No.2014728


Why do they want us divided?

It's like they are forcing civil war words in the minds of NORMIES.

Very divisive on the part of Democrats. #GoodbyeDemocrats.

Good fucking bye.

e163a1 No.2014729


Anti School are you grounded for not doing your chores on time that your mother gave you to do? Go back to your other board

84b687 No.2014730


f552c4 No.2014731


Don't forget his Ukranian wife and mother in law were all involved in this fraudulent "loan" part of which was sent to Pakistan

9f4474 No.2014732


Question for you:

Michael Cohen, or possibly one of his fellow law fags. Have you taken notice of the signature on CDAN posts?

>Ent Lawyer

Not trying to dox, but you get my point.

7456ce No.2014733


a child fucker is not a good guy. come on.

more like vegas went bad and he is a liability to all now. I dont think vegas went down like it was planned.

e515c4 No.2014734


He looks like the one that was having the affair with the reporter, can't remember his name.

dd782d No.2014735


Got it. Agreed anon.

0729f0 No.2014736

Uh, guise…


dcebe7 No.2014737


Heart attacks are deadly

db1b81 No.2014738


David Margolis [187] ?

043cbe No.2014739


you call this justice?

d260c9 No.2014740

File: 661c828fc6b5823⋯.jpg (38.6 KB, 620x470, 62:47, IMG_1083.JPG)


old favors

6c334f No.2014741

File: c582aabf7087f2a⋯.png (1.94 MB, 1452x1784, 363:446, Scott_Schools_Resignation.png)

The people with the same initials like Rod Rosenstein RR don't seem to be doing well

Scott Schools is the latest to go down SS

https:// www.npr.org/2018/07/03/625581627/another-top-justice-department-lawyer-steps-down-following-earlier-departures

a469ad No.2014742


>>could even be an actual actor or actress securing dirty secrets and establishing relationships/connections in order to help bring down the cabal

Didn't Q say something about 'You won't believe who is behind the leaks coming out of Hollywierd'?

44243f No.2014743


Amen, o7.

614c36 No.2014744


"He often examined high-level cases in which the government’s own conduct was called into question, including the suicide of the Clinton White House aide Vince Foster in 1993, the leaking of the C.I.A. agent Valerie Plame’s name in 2003, and the botched corruption prosecution of Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska in 2008."

db1b81 No.2014745


Shit..,.Am Retard! Sarry, ANONS!


8e3385 No.2014746

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Josh Homme Red Pill for Poland

75cf0f No.2014747


Is the image you mean the one with the virtualradar screenshot?

c8cfd3 No.2014748

File: a7d481bdc26a5ab⋯.jpg (20.71 KB, 255x255, 1:1, brock.jpg)

File: d1f2ecbe4d4705f⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1051x930, 1051:930, rod.png)

File: 92972c38b744c1b⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1050x929, 1050:929, jeb.png)


kek added

20c8e5 No.2014749


Maybe I'm stupid but #4 is a pretty interesting theory.

Ultimate legal failsafe is embedded in social conditioning.

Sounds like it came straight from Tavistock.

041551 No.2014750

US' disruptive actions render it a 'rogue nation'

"It turns out there was a third option: the United States as a rogue superpower, neither isolationist nor internationalist, neither withdrawing nor in decline, but active, powerful and entirely out for itself," Kagan wrote, citing US President Donald Trump's policies on trade, Iran and several other areas. He accused Trump of not merely neglecting the liberal world order, but also milking it for narrow gains. - Robert Kagan a neoconservative historian at the Brookings Institution


58086a No.2014751


This has nothing to do with what is being done here…

fuck off

db1b81 No.2014752


Am RETARD! Story is from 2016

c62fc4 No.2014753


jesus christ they're getting ready

they're actually going to try and defend themselves. they know the flood is coming.

d23802 No.2014754

Lots of infighting with our allies in T_D. They are being divided as we speak with news story after news story of ZERO justice being served

bc0331 No.2014755


Making room for Gowdy.

Schools out, Gowdy is in.


6f45f5 No.2014756


Hilarious. I was driving by <insert mid-sized Midwestern city> a few weeks ago and there was a big Stormy Daniels sign because she was "performing" there that weekend. Got attorney fees to pay, apparently.

14f640 No.2014757

File: dd20d6cfe9f6599⋯.jpg (38.57 KB, 1240x744, 5:3, 1471.jpg)


Who are these Foreign Bad Actors?


Historically MI6 and Cambridge go back a very long time. Check out this Russian MI6 spying scandal from

the 1950's!


525a86 No.2014758

File: 8620072677fb910⋯.jpg (406.46 KB, 1517x645, 1517:645, BAF612 15 Jun 18 0800.jpg)

File: cc35125f8d86aeb⋯.jpg (571.84 KB, 1819x695, 1819:695, BAF613 22 Jun 18 1030.jpg)

File: 5a7e38549c185a8⋯.png (2 MB, 1600x1086, 800:543, ClipboardImage.png)


BAF = Belgian Air Force / Belgian Air Component. Based on sister aircraft, the Falcon exec jet makes sense.

6c334f No.2014759


I really like those…. good job anon

028dcb No.2014760


>NPR is pure cancer.

NPR is another propaganda arm for the left. The worst of all is that they gladly accept our tax money but yet take every opportunity to belittle, ridicule and minimize us.

Stop funding NPR with taxpayer funds!

7456ce No.2014761

File: 0d5decefd58c296⋯.jpg (1.05 MB, 1000x1418, 500:709, Queen-Elizabeth-I-Daughter….jpg)


take a gander at the dress in this painting of Queen Elizabeth

d260c9 No.2014762

File: b967da538ad285a⋯.jpg (51.19 KB, 680x369, 680:369, IMG_1023.JPG)

File: 8f31ca83847d2a5⋯.jpg (39.67 KB, 315x400, 63:80, IMG_1028.JPG)

File: 6fd7ef72164a264⋯.jpg (52.44 KB, 534x592, 267:296, IMG_1049.JPG)

apashe traps , hehehehehehe

6e2571 No.2014763

Guys member military guy who found Awans stuff in the garage, was there any info after? I guess ourguys have all the goodies

da5068 No.2014764

File: 205571ac8df9752⋯.png (113.1 KB, 310x329, 310:329, 1normy3.png)

File: cda3f142b3568ca⋯.jpg (62.44 KB, 391x474, 391:474, ccc1d111.jpg)

File: f033c468b0c14b7⋯.png (89.24 KB, 328x326, 164:163, 2BoyWonder1.png)

File: f95bd236fb0a1fd⋯.jpg (70.05 KB, 534x419, 534:419, 6prisoners.jpg)

The Galactic Federation is hiring…

c62fc4 No.2014765


Angry patriots just accelerate the process. It's not right in the current moment, but it will be in the end.

45d4ae No.2014766

Saw this on Gab laughed my a– off (not an endorsement)


85444b No.2014767


Boris Johnson, British Foreign Secretary, on the right.

dd1e7f No.2014768


Jack Lew

Former United States Secretary of the Treasury

Jacob Joseph "Jack" Lew is an American attorney who was the 76th United States Secretary of the Treasury, serving from 2013 to 2017. He served as the 25th White House Chief of Staff from 2012 to 2013. Lew previously served as Director of the Office of Management and Budget in the Clinton and Obama Administrations, and is a member of the Democratic Party.

The Abraaj Group, a UAE private equity company co-founded and partly-owned by the Iraqi family of Saddam Hussein’s nuclear weapons mastermind, donated between $500,000 and $1 million to the Clinton Foundation and co-sponsored the 2012 Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting. That same Iraqi family was awarded a 35-year container terminal lease at national-security nexus Port Canaveral, Florida through the family’s ports company Gulftainer. The Port Canaveral lease received no national security review (CFIUS or FINSA), despite the family’s connection to Iraq’s rogue WMD program.


"This paper will explore how several seemingly disparate factors have joined together in a confluence of acute danger, creating a perfect storm that directly threatens United States (U.S.) national security. "

"These factors include: (i) the placement of Dr. Jafar and Gulftainer inside the wire at Port Canaveral with a 35-year container terminal lease through a secret operation known as ‘Project Pelican’; (ii) the development, production, and expansion of sales of Russia’s Club-K container missile launch system; (iii) the Jafars’ and Gulftainer’s joint venture with Russia’s state-owned Rostec, which owns 100% of the shares of Rosoboronexport, the exporter of the Club-K system; (iv) Dr. Jafar’s miniaturized nuclear weapon, known as the ‘Arab bomb’ or ‘Beach Ball’; (v) the Jafar family’s long-term relationship with Russia and the KGB/SVR and GRU intelligence services revolving around nuclear, chemical, and biological WMD; (vi) Dr. Jafar’s collaboration with North Korea on weapons delivery systems; and (vii) the similarities between Dr. Jafar’s ‘Beach Ball’ and the miniaturized nuclear weapon model seen with Kim Jung-un."

Key finding:

* The CFIUS review and oversight process failed, possibly in part because a Pakistani immigrant from Kashmir with family connections to the Pakistani intelligence service as well as to the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood, served as the CFIUS staff chairperson from 2009-2014. 


6c4641 No.2014769


>People are getting frustrated with the rah rah "fireworks" (dud) shit.

People are getting frustrated with the rah rah "fireworks" (dud) shit.

>People are getting frustrated with the rah rah "fireworks" (dud) shit.

People are getting frustrated with the rah rah "fireworks" (dud) shit.

>People are getting frustrated with the rah rah "fireworks" (dud) shit.

People are getting frustrated with the rah rah "fireworks" (dud) shit.

70f42a No.2014770


ADS website all military showing border around entire usa.

c8cfd3 No.2014771


didn't make them, just fukken saved them!

555ad7 No.2014772

File: 9ae59cd93228a3e⋯.png (215.67 KB, 701x859, 701:859, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ed38eb93b1f6aa9⋯.png (226.47 KB, 690x857, 690:857, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 76c270a30fa9717⋯.png (13.24 KB, 668x105, 668:105, ClipboardImage.png)

Walmart Pulls ‘Impeach 45' Apparel After Netizens Launch Boycott


df70b3 No.2014773

File: 2fd23fe638eda77⋯.jpg (662.56 KB, 940x1024, 235:256, 2fd23fe638eda77da36a9a8047….jpg)

Whers the best place to watch

f26d18 No.2014774


I thought Q said won't be Gowdy

a3cb9e No.2014775


>Ultimate legal failsafe is embedded in social conditioning.

I'm sayin… It rather does sound Tavistockian, doesn't it?

de4857 No.2014776

File: 39a618c77bfe02c⋯.jpeg (175.63 KB, 1440x752, 90:47, 1530454867.jpeg)

321ba4 No.2014777


I am curious as to why they are all resigning. You predicted very early on there would be mass resignations. You were right. You implied it is due to the sealed indictments. What I am struggling to figure out is:

IF these people are in fear of whats coming how does resigning protect them? Or at least in their minds how does it protect them? what advantage are they gaining, whether real or not, by resigning?


c8cfd3 No.2014778


bc0331 No.2014779


Source? Or just getting high?

e566d4 No.2014780

"reincarnated extraterrestrials"

"what's the closest star?"

"stay below 40k feet"

All of this has happened before, and it will all happen again.

Q Show is the truly a magnificent, mind splintering show.

9f4474 No.2014781

File: a2ab873d4b5ef70⋯.gif (972.67 KB, 285x171, 5:3, erected_freedom.gif)


I hope other anons are paying attention today! Lots and lots of loose ends in the script being tied together.


6b8fbc No.2014782


That was Supreme Court, anon.

14f640 No.2014783

File: 457ff55fdd1bc63⋯.jpg (766.71 KB, 2400x1500, 8:5, happy-independence-day-of-….jpg)



Also bear in mind tomorrow is the 4th of July!

Q is telling us about the 2nd American Revolution and Trump is leading the way in our Independance from the British Crown i.e. this Evil International CABAL!



be1aa7 No.2014784


spill it germanfag!

what is black forest?

f74e34 No.2014785


Ed / Schools informant? Common theme will all ops it seems. Have white hat watching/collecting evidence on known "resistance" members.

d260c9 No.2014786

File: 0f8bd1f6ef7195e⋯.jpg (83.96 KB, 800x543, 800:543, IMG_1071.JPG)

File: 09ce714a9ef23e7⋯.jpg (55.14 KB, 480x480, 1:1, IMG_1089 (40).JPG)

File: 6fc9086808bfe8e⋯.jpg (54.04 KB, 469x651, 67:93, IMG_1105.JPG)


its the blue lightsaber, ask agnar

d23802 No.2014787


Im seeing lots of deleted posts when people bring up Q and many others denouncing followers of Q. I don't like this at all. Fucking fill out the paper work faster fuck

7456ce No.2014788


5. to have a reason to kill us when we try to red pill others, i.e. waco, ruby ridge, Bundy's

c8cfd3 No.2014789


>reincarnated extraterrestrials

that was in an anons post, not Q's reply

3b0221 No.2014790

File: 4abc374b5ba07eb⋯.jpg (128.31 KB, 960x540, 16:9, NEEDMOARLAWYERS.jpg)

db1b81 No.2014791


Still Notable, because Q got us into using that YODA meme and then Scott Schools steps down and his mentor was David Margolis?

d53b37 No.2014792

>>2014246 lb

If Awan engaged in these acts by order of his employer, who can complain?

d73b90 No.2014793


Gowdy won't be supreme court justice nominee but he could take over RR's job or be appointed as special prosecutor once Special Counsel is cleansed.

d91740 No.2014794


Intended for the new.

Also for anons' review.

9a87d8 No.2014795


Very nice, good anon.


>But why are you doxxing yourself brother?

Looks like he don't give a shit anymore. We already won.

Thereby… walking down the street with a Qanon shirt you're doxxing yourself as well. Be careful for rabid liberals who wanna bite your head off.

f26d18 No.2014796


Long day. Thanks

84a7a4 No.2014797


Would you be willing to add a big button to the home page, just under the top menu line. that says:


And then link it to a URL like this qannonproofs.com/thebook

And then put a copy of the PDF on your server that comes from this entry on your resources page?

Book of Q Proofs Cloud – Latest version of Book of Q Proofs & all images used in it in full resolution

That would give people a short URL that anybody can type in easily with no errors, and it would lead to an ideal intro for a complete newcomer. The need for that easy to type URL is so that people can print it on paper flyers and stickers. We need to get out to people in the real world, give them a card or something, and guide them to online resources.

Obviously, an even shorter URL is just plain qanonproofs.com

Which is why I mention having a big button that is prominent at the top of the page. The idea is to get people to something they can study for a while, without any fuss. While mega.nz is a great tool, it is a bit to unfriendly to expect people to go through folders and figure out how to download a file called V1.0.pdf.

Here is the name that I use when I pass out the file:


da5068 No.2014798

File: 26cb74190ec6243⋯.jpg (81.76 KB, 574x454, 287:227, Copstop2.jpg)

File: e64166482c8c9e5⋯.jpg (76.86 KB, 665x494, 35:26, 1classroom.jpg)

File: be5c49c7e8072d8⋯.jpg (177.77 KB, 940x640, 47:32, tree1.jpg)

File: 96ada378d7dedd5⋯.jpg (20.39 KB, 209x242, 19:22, tavern1.jpg)

df70b3 No.2014799

File: c80ec0396d71cbb⋯.jpeg (10.49 KB, 226x255, 226:255, c8708a32d4a065ec2165d1a70….jpeg)

it will absolutly not be trey gowdy

015c3f No.2014800


Sessions already announced School's replacement.

525a86 No.2014801

The Dassult Falcom, tail number CM-01, was retired in January 2015.


f552c4 No.2014802

File: 2d6ad8c642a9135⋯.jpg (1 MB, 1440x1148, 360:287, Gold_doorknob_crop.jpg)


Suicide weekend

9ed3ba No.2014803


kek, nice trips for that douche bag

e0a4ab No.2014804

File: c2526dee2d67d96⋯.jpg (71.65 KB, 785x316, 785:316, obamagay.jpg)

>>2014307 (lb) needs gay pitching.

Lika deesh?

9f4474 No.2014805



This. They are losing control over the markets. This is why Tariffs have been off the table for DECADES.

Trump is dismantling NAFTA without officially dismantling NAFTA.

1cf507 No.2014806


Scott Schools just got schooled by Q

d8a75e No.2014807

File: d6de9a6883b8189⋯.png (372.06 KB, 703x381, 703:381, 2018-07-03_15-24-51.png)

File: 47d7473ba2ba4da⋯.png (410.13 KB, 499x354, 499:354, 2018-07-03_15-25-58.png)


We want ALL the rats.

Not some of the rats.

ALL the rats.

No deals.

Trust the Plan.



God Bless America

0f8045 No.2014808


i cant stand lawyers

especially in the mess the courts are in

e0f41e No.2014809


Undoubtedly we will lose some supporters today. the news is awful.

It will be worse if POTUS tweets complaints about the result (he needs to realize that normies see these as akin to a boss going on Twatter to complain about his employees - the general idea is "you are the boss, you are supposed to be in charge of this, not whining about it")

Let's hope this bad news is followed with some sort of good news soon.

041551 No.2014810

US educators cry foul at visa restrictions targeting Chinese students

Muh Money $$$


75cf0f No.2014811


The image has been deleted, as per request. The post remains.

Thank you for notifying!


f5ab93 No.2014812


I suppose you'll be going back to the Lindbergh baby next.

fc5586 No.2014813


Go fuck yourself namefag

You're not special

db1b81 No.2014814


This guy was in it DEEP!

555ad7 No.2014815

File: 6b0b4694e06a59a⋯.png (191.95 KB, 649x908, 649:908, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4880d5a0742faa1⋯.png (49.37 KB, 657x795, 219:265, ClipboardImage.png)

Trump Targets MS-13 ‘Infestation’: ICE Will ‘Get Them Out’


b31f80 No.2014816


your linnking here


Thats retarded.

a469ad No.2014817

File: d3fdb05e8549a25⋯.jpg (852.99 KB, 1884x976, 471:244, 6-14 Rachel Brand dismisse….jpg)

File: 3b6f7fb33f6fafa⋯.jpg (638.42 KB, 1684x976, 421:244, 6-14 Rachel Brand dismisse….jpg)


Why was rachel Brand dismissed?

f26d18 No.2014818


That would be noice.

7456ce No.2014819


didnt Q say "bank fraud" there is no mention of bank fraud here. so IT is hard to prove to people who dont understand IT, but how did they take down mafia when they needed to?

e566d4 No.2014820


To each his own. We can all hear the same sound and yet hear it in different ways.

0f8eae No.2014821

File: 0a6dd0d0fc2e964⋯.jpg (170.6 KB, 1392x632, 174:79, IMG-20180703-WA0002.jpg)

File: 0c50474e5d71cca⋯.jpg (198.62 KB, 1386x459, 154:51, IMG-20180703-WA0001.jpg)

File: 0ac22f5898bcbe9⋯.jpg (321.47 KB, 1407x845, 1407:845, IMG-20180703-WA0003.jpg)


You said we are watching a "Movie".

But I'm thinking perhaps that should get changed to "Playvie".

Because it seems like a combination of a movie and a play.

A Movie because it's on TV and the outcome is predetermined.

A Play because it's an ongoing improvisation and we are all participants which will determine how the outcome is derived.

58086a No.2014822


Gowdy is not the one replacing Schools.

Some anon said it as a guy with 27 years of experience dealing with prosecuting cases dealing with national security.

2074a8 No.2014823

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

WTF we're all Russian now?

c80edd No.2014824

File: 64c06b98bdb760d⋯.png (47.51 KB, 192x261, 64:87, ClipboardImage.png)

Q any comments on this guy?

c62fc4 No.2014825


Wow yeah it is pretty bad. Unfortunately it wont force Q and team to move any faster.

Pedes are just gonna have to ride this one out if they aren't up to date on Q

8b9192 No.2014826


Synopsis Of Classified Information Procedures Act (CIPA)

2nd para..

CIPA is a procedural statute; it neither adds to nor detracts from the substantive rights of the defendant or the discoery obligations of the government.


01be0f No.2014827

Selfemployedfag here. Not a digger, but could be something here? https://www.reuters.com/article/us-funds-guggenheim-lawsuit/guggenheim-accused-of-siphoning-annuity-units-cash-for-la-dodgers-idUSKBN1JS20A. Alexandra Court/Mark Walters. Guggenheim Partners also connected to Magic Johnson. Magic connected to Loop Capital and Cuomo. May not be anything there other than the usual shady everyday corporate dealings, but I wanted to mention it in case anyone wants to take a look.

c18269 No.2014828

>>2014606 Funny, Elvis…I just told muh wife that this morning….you spyin on meh? Or we hiveminding?

If so what am I doing now?


What am I thinking now?

ae7788 No.2014829

File: 0a967d7eb99ad40⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 24.12 KB, 500x272, 125:68, pepe-420.jpg)

a6e545 No.2014830

File: 904fa77f47b6d9f⋯.png (314.25 KB, 684x1490, 342:745, Screen Shot 15.png)


And maybe for the "Think currency." part, in light of Awan in the news, 242 days before July 4 is Nov 4.

da5068 No.2014831

File: 596c547376951ea⋯.jpg (106.62 KB, 782x652, 391:326, groucho4.jpg)

File: 0041197081f62d7⋯.jpg (46.57 KB, 387x382, 387:382, fastfood2.jpg)

File: c23259592051a15⋯.jpg (29.26 KB, 337x326, 337:326, galaxy3.jpg)

File: 355870571f7c165⋯.png (172.75 KB, 595x498, 595:498, kinky2.png)

140e17 No.2014832


Is Debbie's brother still involved in this case?

>it appears that Steven Wasserman, Assistant Attorney for the District of Columbia who is the brother of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, has been tasked with overseeing the investigation of DNC IT employee Imran Awan

b4219e No.2014833

File: f0c724430e0f945⋯.jpeg (162.24 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 328F068B-F779-4BAB-9BB8-0….jpeg)

File: 92a9cc84027aed0⋯.jpeg (172.91 KB, 720x960, 3:4, BE7C6E25-100E-45DD-966B-4….jpeg)

File: da174417c64363f⋯.jpeg (67.78 KB, 474x355, 474:355, D1F98C97-58D0-42F1-9FB7-6….jpeg)

4ee80a No.2014834


Feel like this is the ground fireworks leading up to the big exploding in the sky fireworks.

Have a feeling the finale is going to be one to remember for a lifetime. Can't wait.

Go Q!

58a926 No.2014835

File: bfee1fcbbe6e670⋯.png (20.24 KB, 442x422, 221:211, Azeri cargo plane crashes ….png)

I've found a Silk Way aircraft that crashed in Afghanistan, 2011.


d35973 No.2014836


Out of all the posts Q could have called attention to, why choose the one about extraterrestrials? Q knows exactly what kind of speculation that would invite and responded anyway. It's revealing.

ab6a6c No.2014837


Better than any script on TV or in the theaters.

There's so much winning that I'm starting to wonder if this is all some super-advanced Fuly-immersed interactive MMO VR movie deep into the future or some shit.

Good shit.

c7f62f No.2014838

File: e36602ed5352894⋯.jpg (91.75 KB, 381x420, 127:140, looking good.jpg)

df70b3 No.2014839

File: 061b89b3b97b69a⋯.png (12.71 KB, 255x221, 15:13, 475c778fbea3f931048577d284….png)

It will not be Gowdy.

Q hmmmmmmBeans

17e65e No.2014840

File: b36f1f2275c5030⋯.jpeg (336.89 KB, 1242x987, 414:329, E75CB885-D285-4407-BF2C-E….jpeg)

Re: Bradley Weinsheimer

Future Proves Past


3b0221 No.2014841


I can't either, but Huber ain't going to do his work using welders or dentists.

555ad7 No.2014842


Good question? Worth digging!

38c7f9 No.2014843


What's up with the pedo symbol shit in the 4:20 Pepe? No bueno

c62fc4 No.2014844


he's such a girl my god.

028dcb No.2014845

File: 49cca4204a66581⋯.png (1021.25 KB, 1164x1008, 97:84, ClipboardImage.png)

Alec Baldwin going on a diet to support kids.

Hey Alec how is little piggy doing? Remember when you called your daughter that?


70f42a No.2014846

File: 8ea15f44cf2fd00⋯.png (726.35 KB, 1853x759, 1853:759, 2018-07-03.png)


Like this just not cropped

6f45f5 No.2014847

I think we're getting closer to the time when some clowns in the news media or Hollywood may think about turning themselves in as state's evidence. Perhaps some have already…

041551 No.2014848

Merkel, interior minister reach compromise over asylum policy dispute

Seehofer, also leader of the Bavarian Christian Social Union (CSU), made the remarks after a hours-long meeting with the leadership of the sister party Christian Democratic Union (CDU) led by Merkel.


1dc95f No.2014849

File: 14e84aa8b27a389⋯.png (21.22 KB, 766x179, 766:179, how.PNG)



>>2014158 (pb)

Matters of National Security.



>>1215845 (pb)

How do you introduce evidence into an investigation (legally)?

Who has everything?

Methods which info collected/ obtained?

Admissible in the court of law?

>>1131741 (pb)

DNC to initiate lawsuit (pre-planned).

How do we ‘legally’ ……..

>>116309 (pb)

How do you ‘legally’ …….

>>1105041 (pb)

How do you ‘legally’ inject/make public/use as evidence?

Pic related: THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT

27c214 No.2014850

Dr. Sebi, born Alfredo Bowman was a world-renowned vegetarian herbalist, healer, pathologist and

biochemist who cured many of AIDS, HIV, Cancer and other so called terminal illnesses. Governments

went after him for decades to try to find a way to silence him. After being charged for the crime of

curing AIDS, the judge asked Dr. Sebi to bring in one patient who could testify that he had cured him

or her of these potentially fatal diseases. He reportedly provided 70 patients and won the case. Finally,

he was arrested by the Honduras’ FBI though the charges or reasons why have never been clearly

stated. He was kept in jail for months without trial. During his custody, he was rushed to a local

hospital reportedly suffering from complications of pneumonia, and died.

What in the fuck! These people are really fucking sick!

d23802 No.2014851


Sigh. I thought we'd be going into the 4th of July with some sort of tangible evidence that the traitors are going down and that everything will be okay. Have a good day buddies

d260c9 No.2014852

File: 43052ee671b6934⋯.jpg (44.83 KB, 450x693, 50:77, IMG_1092.JPG)

File: 1e70528798d5d02⋯.jpg (41.07 KB, 640x702, 320:351, IMG_1094.JPG)

File: ddf28d9e0ac132f⋯.jpg (78.49 KB, 640x960, 2:3, IMG_1095.JPG)

and dr phil gets to scalp all the cia niggas he wants to, part of the deal for the cover up .

ps. he believes in allah and formal decapitations

c5511a No.2014853

File: 64734bf1ae60b9f⋯.png (5.73 KB, 127x122, 127:122, this.png)



>you're linking here .. DIRECTLY TO THE CATALOG OF /qresearch/

93fb5f No.2014854

File: ca896e37c0f5a19⋯.png (229.35 KB, 476x317, 476:317, ca896e37c0f5a19a1e6a6f7cc0….png)

0f8045 No.2014855


big gay splittail

c8cfd3 No.2014856


because of the pic muh aliens fag

990f59 No.2014857

File: bf82cbf5eac83ae⋯.png (116.96 KB, 631x575, 631:575, add-list-pepe.png)

a3cb9e No.2014858

File: 285d8d7059ccb4e⋯.png (259.57 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 285d8d7059ccb4e3b5201e5ba3….png)


Good job Patriot!

6b8fbc No.2014859


Never said he was. School's interim (acting) replacement is Bradley Weinsheimer. No requirement that he be the permanent replacement.

ed28fd No.2014860

File: bf6fd7076a9a1f7⋯.jpg (173.91 KB, 770x600, 77:60, 820a87159ce342f68be789e6b7….jpg)

525a86 No.2014861


Are you thinking that "We are the storm"?

ff262b No.2014862

File: d15e4473a62a49d⋯.jpg (47.18 KB, 620x370, 62:37, glencore.jpg)


GENEVA (AP) — Shares in commodities giant Glencore plunged Tuesday after the company was ordered to hand over documents to the U.S. Department of Justice for a check on its compliance with corruption and money laundering rules.

The company, which is based in Baar, Switzerland, said Tuesday the requested documents and records relate to its business in Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Venezuela from 2007 onwards. It said it is reviewing the subpoena.

In Nigeria and Venezuela, Glencore produces oil and coal. In Congo, it operates mines for copper and cobalt, a key material in the production of mobile phone batteries.

Its Congo operations have been in focus recently due to its ties to Israeli tycoon Dan Gertler, who has long done business there and was sanctioned by the United States last year. The U.S. alleges Gertler amassed a personal fortune of billions of dollars by using his personal relationship with Congolese President Joseph Kabila to siphon off cash from the sale of mineral and oil rights.

f26d18 No.2014863


It's not. Virtue signaling like all the other lefty "celebs". They don't want help, just look like they are helping.

a08dc9 No.2014864

>>2014318 BURR Patriot ? or Deep State - http://thehill.com/homenews/senate/395408-senate-intel-committee-no-reason-to-dispute-ic-assessment-of-russian-election

da5068 No.2014865

File: 7892da84e1ddf39⋯.png (325.9 KB, 675x657, 75:73, Lennonanon4.png)

File: 7ac0936bf3f8a6a⋯.jpg (110.24 KB, 830x634, 415:317, memeart37.JPG)

File: 02d4bf833967349⋯.png (414.77 KB, 853x618, 853:618, nakedbaby2.png)

File: 7b6f6427f71146d⋯.jpg (23.66 KB, 315x316, 315:316, 1bwduke.jpg)

2be635 No.2014866


Amen Anon.

d16343 No.2014867

File: d2f2cd29946ddc9⋯.png (87.24 KB, 1608x664, 201:83, YodaQ.png)

a1ff18 No.2014868

File: dc12d082c925c45⋯.jpg (403.13 KB, 1268x1902, 2:3, compared_to_this.jpg)

ae7788 No.2014869


didn't even equate , ment to be party streamers etc

e163a1 No.2014870

Q said learn Russian.

Russian summit coming up.

Maybe Putin or Russian news sources will talk about U1.

6c334f No.2014871

File: 9f1dd2ec7747720⋯.png (1.14 MB, 970x545, 194:109, suicide_squad.png)

85a86e No.2014872


WH has it all put together in a easy to understand visual.

timing is everything

7ca653 No.2014873

File: d81b34ed18b4bf1⋯.jpg (1.52 MB, 2730x2730, 1:1, KNOB.jpg)

dcebe7 No.2014874


Sky event

e0f41e No.2014875


Yeah me too, have a great 4th everyone.

4bc6c5 No.2014876


Fucking awesome brother!

97fbe6 No.2014877

File: bf7f6f35852d392⋯.png (190.88 KB, 211x517, 211:517, Screenshot-2018-7-3 Manny_….png)

File: 2310b236512ef61⋯.png (288.19 KB, 505x356, 505:356, Screenshot-2018-7-3 Manny_….png)

I know you have big things happening in the states today, but I thought you'd enjoy the fun we're having sticking a fork into Trudeau up here in Canada. He might be done.

Manny_Ottawa linked to this video of Trudope, but I don't know how to embed it here.


40ac10 No.2014878


If he had said - win they will not I would buy it

3219bd No.2014879

JadedAnon here maybe. Not doubting the Plan and hoping it is all coming down like we think. Can't shake the sense there is something very complicated and unprecedented. This is a new thing, a new phenomena. No precedents for what Q team is doing: legally, carefully, bloodlessly (relatively) overturn a coup and entrenched seditious conspiracy. WWG1WGA >>1234567

6e2571 No.2014880


Fat pigs need to loose some weight or just get room for moar stuff to put in their stomachs

990f59 No.2014881


Don't fill in e-mail when posting

f94347 No.2014882

>>2011888 lb Q

>>2011967 lb

Military Tribunals

And a lifetime at GTMO with 24/7 webcams that the whole world can watch and learn who not to mess with anymore.

594db3 No.2014883

File: 1886e53ea1acf47⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 239.87 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, naked-girl-eating-breakfas….jpg)


Betting your bread will be tasty. Love our bakers (NH).

ed28fd No.2014884

File: 612ffb9fc0cb153⋯.jpg (164.83 KB, 620x932, 155:233, 0817_nws_ocr-l-dana-0211.jpg)

1dc95f No.2014885



"…allows the classifying agency, upon completion of the trial, to decide whether the information has been so compromised during trial that it could no longer be regarded as classified."

9f4474 No.2014886


Marxists change the language, then the language becomes flexible. Language should NOT be flexible. It should be rigid. There was a French philosopher (not sure which one) that was very concerned with the idea that if I tell you and idea using words, the interpretation of the idea realized to the listener might not be what was intended to to give you.

When every sentence spoken has some form of plausible deniability in it; no matter the subject, then the courts of that spoken language can be completely subverted. It's the most basic way to tear down institutions in a nation.

Just change the meanings of the words.

a522f2 No.2014887

File: 87f49c7da8ce8e9⋯.jpg (89.23 KB, 657x841, 657:841, 3.JPG)

File: f81b777ce2e5241⋯.jpg (121.4 KB, 575x647, 575:647, 4.JPG)


f74e34 No.2014888

File: 5c34c80625dc597⋯.jpg (34.75 KB, 574x286, 287:143, 63516544615.JPG)

File: cb83ef39d96fb13⋯.jpg (44.03 KB, 438x337, 438:337, 2534135415142.JPG)

Add another to the list?

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel will reportedly be removed from his position next week, because of his police departments ‘failed’ response to the Parkland school shooting.

WHY school shootings?

What is more precious than our children?

Emotional pull.

Distraction event.

Gun grab event.

D security.

WHY would locals go along w/ such a sick organized event?

[THEY must control local police / school / county officials / etc to work].



Federal aid + donations.

These people are SICK.

d23802 No.2014889

Being told to shut up and its not happening by fellow MAGA followers today. The day before I thought we would have our independence again and was proud to be an American. Break time from this insanity.

a4d62c No.2014890

File: 768831e12c8f25f⋯.jpg (568.61 KB, 1000x1418, 500:709, QEI-snek.jpg)

d1cf98 No.2014891

File: 172f4a30b3ac674⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 611.64 KB, 975x799, 975:799, Abramovic_Krinzinger.PNG)

Wow, found a disturbing photo of Abramovic pointing her index finger at the genital area of a naked female baby. The photo was taken at an art exhibition in Vienna - creepy…

This is the reason for the spoiler


https:// artinwords.de/die-zwei-herzen-der-marina-abramovic/

f552c4 No.2014892

File: 46eb1cb8b75196c⋯.jpg (13.69 KB, 255x174, 85:58, c40d7bb504ff34162dd379afd4….jpg)

043cbe No.2014893

Hard to believe the NSA didn't know 9/11 was going to happen and did nothing to stop it, and more likely they assisted with the operation. Even harder to believe they set aside their evil ways to do the right thing now, especially with so little to show for it.

b31f80 No.2014895

File: aa6a781e5f5ebf6⋯.gif (65.77 KB, 367x412, 367:412, decode.gif)


can sum1 post uh link?


cd5890 No.2014896


The article is from 2016.

b54700 No.2014897

Communism. It's all about Communism (and of course, Communism isn't really Communism). It was a multi-century plan to take over the world.

Germany Attacks Russia

Battle of Barbarossa

Jun 22 - Dec 5, 1941

Japan attacks America

Pearl Harbour

Dec 7, 1941


Russia Communist Revolution

Mar 8, 1917

WW1 Ends

Nov 11, 1918


Why did Hitler attack Russia?

> Stalin was amassing a huge army on its borders, ready to sweep the burned remains of Europe after Germany and England blow it to smitherines

Why did Japan attack America?

> The plan was for Communism to take over all of Europe/Asia. When Hitler realised he was just a puppet all along, and that the real goal of the cabal was for Stalin to rule and not himself, he did a surprise attack on Stalin and was amazingly successful at weakening them.

> This put the entire communist plan in jeopardy. America, waiting on the sidelines the whole fucking time, was always a failsafe. Two short days after Hitler's battle of Barbarossa ends, Pearl Harbour is on fire.

You think the McCarthy Commission was just about Hollywood?

World War 1 only existed for the sake of destabilising old alliances and allowing Russia to be taken over by the communists. Once that was successful, they soon after wrapped up the war and prepared for Phase II.

c18269 No.2014898


Nope. I was thinking "Bewbs"

We have work to do on the hive mind thing.

But yeah there may have been some Storm stuff too. Mostly "bewbs" though

ab6a6c No.2014899




5336c0 No.2014900

File: 204b135422af7f3⋯.png (544.59 KB, 601x400, 601:400, lionandbear.png)

990f59 No.2014902

File: 8c64744c5069c6f⋯.png (1.09 MB, 646x684, 17:18, deplorable-begun.png)

d16343 No.2014903


everything has meaning.

no coincidences.

learn the comms.

20c8e5 No.2014904

File: 259f8034c97512a⋯.jpg (60.89 KB, 640x302, 320:151, @AM666-NOT-SATAN!.jpg)


I can't even watch … what a bunch of sick fukks.

Reminds me of this classic tweet from Maria.

>"victims of the cabal" is the new "the dog ate my homework".

Have a suspicion that even Lynn will use this excuse before it's all over.

301408 No.2014905


So how does State's Secrets play into all of this?

9f4474 No.2014906


He said we'd get tired of it. I'm still here, standing, waiting on the challenge to be fulfilled.

975a83 No.2014907

File: 9c6107e2d8817ba⋯.png (296.75 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, IMG_3989.PNG)

File: 132f87b7e4f48dd⋯.png (259.97 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, IMG_3990.PNG)

Okay we went 502 looking into Paki connection between Hussein and his buttbuddy college live in boyfriends.. but his mom, Ann Dunham lived in Pakistan for several years herself.. so this whole thing.. he was prob given to the very people who set him up to be manchurian candidate from birth..

Sauze: http://www.investmentwatchblog.com/how-the-pakistani-spy-ring-infiltrated-the-us-government-who-trump-is-fighting-against-obamapakistanjohn-brennan-obama-mentor-and-cia-obama-appointee/

a76dbb No.2014908


If they can get a white hat sheriff in office to replace him, all hell could break loose in Broward County. So much corruption there that a legit law enforcement system would have a field day. Awesome.

0060ad No.2014909

File: f60b48e2c31d91e⋯.png (239.31 KB, 819x428, 819:428, Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at ….png)

File: d6eb51935dc8528⋯.png (163.56 KB, 479x586, 479:586, Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at ….png)


>Q has the server.

>Awan's recent case revealed details that pertains to the server that DJT is saying is lost (tweets are optics)

>Huber building case with the 470, and is going to coordinate with UCMJ as per EO. Conversation from previous bread:


>Anons see the picture yet? Glorious!!

35eb98 No.2014910

File: dd95c749d6d1ec1⋯.jpg (59.64 KB, 500x447, 500:447, stars and stripes constitu….jpg)


Are the military tribunals and/or the executions going to be live streamed? No grainy/shaky cell phone footage leaks. This should be shown to every citizen as an example of what happens when you go against our constitution. There needs to be proof that no one is above the law and justice will come. That fear is gone and it needs to be instilled again…

cba1f4 No.2014911

Notables Update

Any missed, please let me know.


>>2014849 How do you legally? CIPA is how you do it. (theory)

>>2014815 Trump Targets MS-13 ‘Infestation’: ICE Will ‘Get Them Out’

>>2014637 BDT Qcrumb points to July 4, 2018 (242nd Anniversary of the USA)

>>2014652 Planefag Notable: DIG CALL

>>2014474 Mandalay Bay Autopsy Reports

>>2014645 Awan server "missing": Daily Caller article

>>2014394 Statements from Las Vegas Shooting

>>2014391 CIPA Cliffnotes

>>2014383 Nugget from Privacy International regarding FVEY agreement

>>2014374 American Congressional delegation arrives in Moscow

>>2014370 , >>2014392 , >>2014404 Classified Information Procedures: Information

7456ce No.2014912


riiiiggggghhhht. is it being filmed? those two fat pigs would not ever starve themselves. the only hunger strike they are on is from the blood they are feeding on.

d53b37 No.2014913


Are you a five year old? Go away and take a nap. You don’t need our permission, approval or company to make your own decisions. We don’t care what you think, your angst or what you want to do. Why are you trying to make this our concern?

58086a No.2014914


kys concernfag

ae7788 No.2014915

File: f01e38fb83f0dca⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 39.46 KB, 500x272, 125:68, pepe-420.jpg)


qik fix

spoiler=no slide

b6ec33 No.2014916


Wasn't that the last "suicide" bomb attempt? Even last bomb attempt in the US? A few others have been stopped before it happened. But I just thought it funny. Message was received apparently!

525a86 No.2014917


Stormy's Bewbs?

a4d62c No.2014918

File: 26b4b0f44272df7⋯.jpg (28.68 KB, 255x255, 1:1, DavidSeamanSnek.jpg)

535d56 No.2014919


High quality post

3b0221 No.2014920


Thanks for the spoiler.

I never want to knowingly look at at evil satanic slut.

17e65e No.2014921

dcebe7 No.2014922


Nice Trips

99d226 No.2014923

Have anons dug on the Cohen docs that were shredded and FBI reconstructed? I don't remember seeing in the breads.


043cbe No.2014924

File: bc83d16f076a556⋯.jpg (17.22 KB, 255x249, 85:83, ff027ddfe29c4806ebc94fb383….jpg)


cry more, yid

c7f62f No.2014925

File: bcee6f8c0e9f3f2⋯.jpg (49.14 KB, 362x403, 362:403, afy.jpg)

c62fc4 No.2014926

Can someone explain me how Aman getting full immunity against all other non violent crimes is a good thing.

I'm really scratching my head at this one.

2586fc No.2014927

File: 70d4b68cba07217⋯.jpg (204.26 KB, 848x477, 16:9, suicide week.jpg)

a3cb9e No.2014928



d260c9 No.2014929

spades and cups

rank and file

the pitchers and the catchers

7ec2bd No.2014930

Also next week:

July 11 &12th - POTUS at NATO Summit

July 13th - Probable visit with Queen

July 16th - Putin Summit

1dc95f No.2014931

File: bbe316ec87ee44a⋯.png (55.11 KB, 848x390, 424:195, discoery.PNG)

Missing "v".

15979a No.2014932


They might not eat 'food' but they will be

drinking like fish.

617386 No.2014933


>Sick! That's called art… perverts evil people

7ca653 No.2014934

File: 65bcf1d7a425025⋯.jpg (85.38 KB, 658x370, 329:185, pedo.jpg)



fefb3e No.2014935


When do we burn the witch?

140e17 No.2014936



4634a6 No.2014937

File: 6c4a5cf3954c5f9⋯.jpg (48.88 KB, 400x400, 1:1, swedishchef.jpg)

3219bd No.2014938

>>2014318 Swamp drainage accelerating

3b0221 No.2014939


Not soon enough.

d260c9 No.2014940

File: 82d2ed8d23523cd⋯.jpg (44.05 KB, 750x813, 250:271, IMG_1026.JPG)

all this satanic psych just wants to force a glee or stir fa malfeasance , must be close to scalping time

d35973 No.2014941

>>2014911 (Checked)

CDAN predicts Stephen Paddock's will be suicided soon. >>2014579

6f45f5 No.2014942


Wait, wait, wait….sorry I'm way behind. So classified material introduced into a trial can be declassified by the appropriate agency upon conclusion of the trial?

That is to say, the trial itself becomes the method of declassification?

87cc8d No.2014943



He is from a family of Mossad Jews crypto Jews. Would Debbie Mossad Shultz trust a muslim? No. The Awan family is Mossad. They thought they could use Pakistan to take the fall for (((their))) crimes if they ever got caught. Alas…..it all leads back to Tel Aviv.

db1b81 No.2014944


I know, I already responded to myself calling myself Tarded! My dyslexia thought it read July 3rd…and I acted like a newfag! Sorry, anon!~

13aa39 No.2014945


"After the entry of your client’s plea of guilty to the offense identified in paragraph 1 above, your client will not be charged with any non-violent criminal offense in violation of Federal or District of Columbia law which was committed within the District of Columbia by your client prior to the execution of this Agreement and about which this Office was made aware by your client prior to the execution of this Agreement, all of which is contained in the attached Statement of Offense. However, the United States expressly reserves its right to prosecute your client for any crime of violence."

Only for things already admitted to. This case is over and Awan is a witness in Hubers investigation.

17e65e No.2014946

f552c4 No.2014947

File: 1df99cfb0e16913⋯.jpg (8.14 KB, 175x255, 35:51, 996e45cda03c98efd4ad493106….jpg)

File: 7f1be35201c1b72⋯.jpg (33.09 KB, 500x375, 4:3, LaughingDogs.jpg)

4a1609 No.2014948

File: 45803bb3e6cf048⋯.jpg (56 KB, 660x449, 660:449, boobs.jpg)

da5068 No.2014949

File: 41b67025ec15f2e⋯.png (155.25 KB, 561x380, 561:380, bathroom3.png)

File: cc79be587710244⋯.png (66.99 KB, 290x317, 290:317, crows3.png)

File: 784679658b277a2⋯.jpg (2.87 MB, 3507x2550, 1169:850, snake3.jpg)

Reptile haters… America is full of Reptile haters… Reptilists…

c8cfd3 No.2014950



not expecting too many crumbs

Q has shit to do!

9f4474 No.2014951


Gowdy will be a prosecutor. School's already got a replacement.

Q was teasing us with Gowdy being added to the list of SC potentials. I taunted him back with actually adding his to the real list, but Q isn't ready for the big reveal yet.

When this whole thing is over, Q will come out from behind the curtain (all of them). But we need to get these bastards in Gitmo, first. Then we can have our reveal. Until then, here's a list you can have fun with:



Use it often, and use it well!

9cecb9 No.2014952

File: b3beca1670c17e2⋯.png (555.08 KB, 1366x2048, 683:1024, IMG_5030.PNG)

File: e5dd1284e83de9b⋯.png (537.68 KB, 1348x2021, 1348:2021, IMG_5031.PNG)

File: 53c52e134e355e9⋯.png (293.22 KB, 1536x1385, 1536:1385, IMG_5036.PNG)

Weinstein indicted again


c18269 No.2014953


No but now I am! (HIVE MIND ACHIEVED)

4634a6 No.2014954

File: 7238381810c81dc⋯.jpg (29.16 KB, 640x519, 640:519, pepepondering.jpg)


>>has been running crazy days and nights to help slow drip information about how fucked up these people are to the public

That thought occurred to me as well.

de4857 No.2014955

File: 77c75f0b73a1cb0⋯.jpeg (688.58 KB, 1440x1225, 288:245, 1527087145.jpeg)

7456ce No.2014956


did you see the eyes? aside from the snake. truly weird.

3219bd No.2014957

>>2014928 oh I am thinkin homo there big fella since ya went ta all the trouble of boldface an all yup, yerrrr a homo. Not that there is anything wrong with that necessarily.

15979a No.2014958


Last night, BO mentioned that he is thinking of making a board just for qresearch where we will be the only thing on it's catalog.

BO can explain it better.

0f8045 No.2014959

File: 459f18b7fd94203⋯.jpg (89.62 KB, 1349x569, 1349:569, witches.jpg)


think taylor swift knew?

8a3727 No.2014960


You're so full of ever loving SHIT "Q"

Each time your posts get blown out exposing you as a LARP, you spin into a different narrative

d260c9 No.2014961

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

sailorfag musicf

is just pirate chantes with bass

93fb5f No.2014962

Biggy Tee and Q get to the Bunker !!

a469ad No.2014963


>Why was rachel Brand dismissed?

To install Panuccio and run out the 210 day "lifespan" of the ACTING ASSOCIATE AG, to coincide with [RR]'s firing! Once [RR] is out, Jess Panuccio can NOT replace him according to LL's 2016 'line of succession'! Trump appointed Solicitor General, Noel Francisco, will replace [RR] without a confirmation hearing needed/required!

db1b81 No.2014964


Q Yoda speak and today's

drop including article with David Margolis mentioned as a "Yoda figure".

ab6a6c No.2014965

9ff1ca No.2014966

File: e9d2a33a69dd654⋯.jpg (112.03 KB, 569x266, 569:266, JFK secret.jpg)


There are no Coincidences

This list grows longer

c62fc4 No.2014967


Alright fair enough. Thank you for the explanation.

e23d14 No.2014968


No. Each 751 post bread is a single still frame in a pre-digital movie. You have to watch them stitched together and at high speed. You're literally watching a movie.

897fc7 No.2014969


thats awesome!! These pics really show his girly side

Post last edited at

9a87d8 No.2014970


When you would burn her at a stake, she would even present herself as her last piece of art. That vvitch is beyond insane.

3b0221 No.2014971


Cue the Bronx cheers.

6f45f5 No.2014972



93fb5f No.2014973

TODAY is the day idnt it .

028dcb No.2014974

File: 97b60bcd5a34f73⋯.png (441.2 KB, 1160x1084, 290:271, ClipboardImage.png)



cba1f4 No.2014975

Notables Complete

Appreciate all your help <3


>>2014952 Weinstein indicted again

>>2014941 CDAN predicts Stephen Paddock will be suicided soon

>>2014840 , >>2014610 Re: Bradley Weinsheimer: Future Proves Past

>>2014849 How do you legally? CIPA is how you do it. (theory)

>>2014815 Trump Targets MS-13 ‘Infestation’: ICE Will ‘Get Them Out’

>>2014637 BDT Qcrumb points to July 4, 2018 (242nd Anniversary of the USA)

>>2014652 Planefag Notable: DIG CALL

>>2014474 Mandalay Bay Autopsy Reports

>>2014645 Awan server "missing": Daily Caller article

>>2014394 Statements from Las Vegas Shooting

>>2014391 CIPA Cliffnotes

>>2014383 Nugget from Privacy International regarding FVEY agreement

>>2014374 American Congressional delegation arrives in Moscow

>>2014370 , >>2014392 , >>2014404 Classified Information Procedures: Information

c5511a No.2014976

File: 34b553b092667f6⋯.png (611.29 KB, 663x1018, 663:1018, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b0e0ceafa08b2f9⋯.png (60.57 KB, 549x692, 549:692, ClipboardImage.png)


OK .. I think this is linked the Q post about Blue metal. Blue metal … Blue steel.

Blue steel is a term used for cobalt steel - high quality steel preferred target of gypsy thieves.

Glencore accounts for 1/4 of worldwide cobalt production.

Maybe wrong ..

8a3727 No.2014977

"Q Anon" is full of SHIT.

Look at him spin this Imran Awan plea deal. This is so fucking tiresome.

a3cb9e No.2014978


KEK.. Doesn't matter. Trump riding a lion and Putin looking like his bear isn't enough warrants it :)

58086a No.2014979

File: c6499823ee6fcdd⋯.jpeg (10.53 KB, 191x255, 191:255, kysmagazine.jpeg)



kys faggot

140e17 No.2014980



Wrong link should have been this


>The non-case against Debbie Wasserman Schultz | Editorial - Sun Sentinel

>The uproar over Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz and a now-fired information technology employee who faces a bank fraud charge appears to be much ado about not much.

Talk about a massive conflict of interest

ca9f27 No.2014981

New York Times Reassigns Reporter Who Had Sexual Relationship With Source

“For a reporter to have an intimate relationship with someone he or she covers is unacceptable,” says executive editor Dean Baquet

Presstitutes ?

https: //www.thewrap.com/new-york-times-reassigns-ali-watkins-reporter-sexual-relationship-source/

d16343 No.2014982

>>2014867 — this…


7456ce No.2014983

File: a4f64b9e49c81ee⋯.jpg (24.62 KB, 560x422, 280:211, Krause_image.jpg)


photographer Krause, 1960's to today. his pics, like a satanic documentation

b54700 No.2014984


Thanks Anon

It hit me like a ton of bricks while chowing down on a sandwich. So I looked up the dates and was FUCKING shocked. If PH happened before Barbarossa, then there'd be nothing to the theory. I was shocked to see it was a mere 2 days later.

Of course they let it happen. Of course they did.

McCarthy was likely a Q like operation to find the traitors at the highest level that sucked the US into WW2 and let Pearl Harbor happen. The public face was the Hollywood angle, but they were really going after the bigger fish.

They failed.

d91740 No.2014985

File: 89886646e1d2d58⋯.png (54.46 KB, 796x226, 398:113, ClipboardImage.png)


>Think new arrivals.

We can't keep it a "secret" forever. We're not Freemasons (well, not all of us are)


13aa39 No.2014986


NP, complicated issues for sure.

cba1f4 No.2014987


Do you mind posting it next bread anon please? TY.

9cecb9 No.2014988

File: d0e4965ed408b37⋯.png (454.86 KB, 1483x2048, 1483:2048, IMG_5032.PNG)

File: 7a6d57bc3c75381⋯.png (556.9 KB, 1536x1969, 1536:1969, IMG_5034.PNG)

File: 5381c2ca50ba619⋯.png (669.52 KB, 1536x1959, 512:653, IMG_5035.PNG)

File: 53c52e134e355e9⋯.png (293.22 KB, 1536x1385, 1536:1385, IMG_5036.PNG)


Sorry the third page went with this;


c8cfd3 No.2014989


go back to twatter faggot

fefb3e No.2014990

File: 47ab847df0e36c1⋯.gif (912.7 KB, 320x197, 320:197, giphy.gif)

301408 No.2014991


this does NOT have anything to do with legal introduction of evidence.

It simply states how classified information is handled.

0f8045 No.2014992


love this guy no homo

d260c9 No.2014993

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

still hunting

f95706 No.2014994

File: df184b1a9d8fff9⋯.jpg (70.83 KB, 1184x828, 296:207, blue steel.jpg)


But why male models?

b6ec33 No.2014996


Here is his Twitter bio:



A 300 pound entertainment lawyer who has been married six times, lives in his parent's basement and has an obsession with digging up celebrity dirt.

3b0221 No.2014997


Live like witch.

Die like a witch.

ca9f27 No.2014998



We are troubled by Ali’s conduct, particularly while she was employed by other news organizations,” said Times executive editor Dean Baquet in an internal memo on Tuesday. “For a reporter to have an intimate relationship with someone he or she covers is unacceptable. It violates our written standards and the norms of journalism.”

a1ff18 No.2014999


Glowing this fucking hard.

75fa47 No.2015000


Yeah access to federal prisons, GTMO, Janus, M855, Nooses.

4a1609 No.2015001





Evidence derived from classified national-security information has long been a part of court proceedings in the United States. [1] Despite the longstanding nature of its use, it can pose constitutional issues. The Sixth Amendment to the Constitution requires that “[i]n all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right . . . to be confronted with the witnesses against him . . . .” [2] The Supreme Court’s post-Crawford v. Washington [3] interpretation of the Confrontation Clause, including its most recent clarification in Ohio v. Clark, [4] presents a theoretical obstacle to introducing such evidence in criminal trials. Before Crawford, prosecutors were required to show only “indicia of reliability” to support the introduction of evidence over a Confrontation Clause challenge. [5] Crawford and its progeny require the district court to examine whether the out-of-court declarant intended his or her statement to be used in a later prosecution, a far stricter standard. [6] Clark extends Confrontation Clause protection to statements made by out-of-court declarants to non-law enforcement persons, such as members of the intelligence community. [7] The expansion in Clark suggests it is time to reevaluate the constitutionality of the introduction of some classified evidence during a criminal trial.

0060ad No.2015002

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8a3727 No.2015005


Every. Fucking. Time. that "Q" is caught as a larper, you fucking cultists spin for him. Literally NOTHING has happened. In fact the Dems keep avoiding ANY jail time.

And "Q" will just tell you to 'trust the plan". And you fucking RETARDS will swallow it.

ab6a6c No.2015006

File: 1a816583eb95aa4⋯.jpg (74.81 KB, 570x754, 285:377, 1510824690136.jpg)


Methinks this bread has been baked to perfection.

2be635 No.2015007

File: 8acea2f63674cc9⋯.jpg (1.84 MB, 3024x4032, 3:4, IMG_0743.jpg)

Gotta love seeing more and more of these around. Message is starting to get through.

d260c9 No.2015008

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


still digging

12683f No.2015009


tweeted by laura jarret?


14f640 No.2015011


I had a proper gander ;-]


8678d5 No.2015012


Is there a reason for the space in your link?

db1b81 No.2015013

File: 5e81ecc4dd9ff83⋯.png (1000.09 KB, 633x712, 633:712, Screenshot_133.png)

Yoda with Lynch.

645dc9 No.2015014

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

aeccda No.2015015

No fear bro>>2014698

c18269 No.2015017

Concernfags Unite!

Al Capone - How long did it take for them to get him into court?

What sentence did he get? 6 months?

Did he die in prison? (what I was always told)

Nope - died in his home with the mind of a 12 year old. in 1947.



So you want a world wide network of conspirators brought down in how many months?