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Welcome to /random/

Talk about whatever.

* Only the 8kun global rule is enforced.

* Board vols can make and enforce whatever rules they want as long as the rules they make dont go against the global rule.

* Board vols can be removed by the board owner for any reason or even no reason at all.

* Board volscantsee post history

Now taking vol applications.

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What keeps you going? What stops you from saying "fuck this" and jumping off a building? is it the hope for a brighter future? The little pleasures in life such as food, entertainment and sexual euphoria etc? The feeling that you have a duty to contribute to something greater than yourself? Or perhaps the very fear of death itself? maybe you are just curious for what the future holds and are along for the ride, letting the river take you wherever it leads. Honestly i think i am a bit of all.

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Travis 2k

Dump all your Travis 2k.

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Here's Why This website die

Here's Why This website die

1)Allow /pol/ exist again . even it's them who make the whole website shutdown

2)Why they do 1)? ignorance . and narcissism . they think being drama and on the news will make they popular

3)Delete random board because "CP joke" ok that's sound understanable but they are not make new random board ever . for what reason ?

4)Endless spam and drama create by other alt chan owner who want to destroy this place

5)Many users complain issues about 4) but they choose to IGNORE them.

6)When website dies . now they realize when everythings are too late. by allow this random board exist with BO who active and do his job

Seriously their behavior are unforgivable. and they deserve it

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>TFW no gamer girl gf

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retarded people saying stupid shit online

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2nd Term on Lock

Kamala The Oppressor Harris

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Really makes you think.

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Hello Anons!

My little girl sent me this picture of herself, what did she mean by this?

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Message from Australian government

Hello merchant World Order Citizen!

Wear your mask, or the police will strangle you.

Thank you for your cooperation.

The Australian Government

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There are two ways I've considered so far for killing myself. I'd prefer it to be painless though, but I don't have the means to buy helium tanks or shit like that. How long does it take to die from slicing open your arms vs. from hanging? i always pussy at hanging so I want to know about cutting since that way once you cut there's no way back, but I don't know how long it takes to fall unconscious. Help me out here please.

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The Godlike Lifestyle Formula Will Help You Get Smarter, Richer, More Beauty, Live To 200 Years

The Godlike Lifestyle Formula Will Help You Get Smarter, Richer, More Beauty, Live To 200 Years

Source: freejoy.aimoo.com

If you want to change your destiny for the better.

If you want to live up to 200 years old or even longer.

If you want to get richer, smarter and look more beautiful/handsome.

Then this is a special gift and the most value information you can find on the internet in 2020.

Most people are living based on old traditional and influenced by families, societies rather than the Earth environment and personal choice. You must change your lifestyle if you want to have a better life, there is no any other choice.

I will you give some advice with little change, easy to do but with significant result like a magic wand. This is beyond any education you can receive or have learn so far about life.


- Remove all the hair in your all body as much as possible from legs, hands to any sensitive spot.

Because hair are just human body waste just like urine, shit. Unless you want to keep it for fashion, otherwise, there is no any reason to keep it.

- Sleep when the moon is up (before 8 pm), and wake up when the sun start giving the light (around 6-7 am). The healing power is much stronger when the moon is up, and your body will be healed faster better during this time.

- Take a bath 30 – 60 minutes everyday. Swimming pool is better than Bathtub is better than Shower.

- Massage your body with your own hands without any tools.

- Turn off, avoid television, computer, phones as much as possible. Only using it for communication with others or seeking for some information you really looking for.

- Do not take any drugs, medicine, vaccines.


You must have an better diet with some time restriction, you cannot eat whatever whenever you want just like those animals. Instead, you should only have 1-2 meals a day, and each meal is within 30-60 minutes.

An example diet for 7 days you should try:

- 1 Day: Freestyle eat whatever at whenever you want.

- 2 Day: 1 meal with only fresh raw fruits, vegetable, 1 meal with with cooked foods including both seafood and meat.

- 2 Day 1 meal with raw fresh fruits, vegetables, 1 meal with cooked vegan products only.

- 2 Day: both 2 meals only with raw fresh fruits, vegetables.

The amount of foods is up to your choice but eat as little as possible. Meat/seafood should never above 100 gram per meal.

Eat a lot of spicy/bitter/sour fruits, leafs as possible, they are the natural “cure” for all kind of virus, bacteria, toxin in human body.

Eat a lot of green leafs as possible, try green smoothie.

You can pick the eating hour/day you like and match with your daily business.

Foods you should avoid:

- GMOs foods, foods contain artificial chemicals such as processed foods.

- Raw or medium rare meat. All should be well done cooked.

- Coffee, tea.

Above is the magic formula you should give it a try right now if you want to change your destiny for the better.

Words are meaningless, science are crap, the only thing real is real life results.

I can guarantee you can live up to 200 years old with just a simple formula like above.

If you have any questions related to human health, lifestyle, you can ask me at forum freejoy.aimoo.com but only till 17/08/2020.

The only thing can prove me as the real Savior is via real life result, all kind of words are meaningless. Give it a try to check guys gals !!!

Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Buddha Whatever-Name

Source: freejoy.aimoo.com

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what are ye drinkin?

voodoo ranger ipa for me. shit's good af and has 7.5% abv

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Find Some more porn and not only……………..



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Please come chat with me

Id love people to come chat with me , my name is jessica kazen but i go by the names maga/foid online, you can find me in tinychat . com /meklin my name right now is coronachan, pm me or cam up with me and lets have a great time :)

Pics to get you warmed up

i.imgur. com /oGyMLB8.jpg

i.imgur. com /RFeGccJ.jpg

i.imgur. com /orNN2SU.jpg

hopefully seeing you soon! , you can also add www .instagram .com/memelordoftc/

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How do I make feet money anons?


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What the hell is with the scaretactics guy who made this ad must be pretty sadistic

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Anyone know a good list of SSL proxies that are barely or never used?

In return, have this cool jazz rendition of Vivaldi's Winter 1st movement

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choose your weapon

witch one will do the job? how and why? let me know!

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People Die Because They Do Not Fully Understand The Bible Devil Fruit Of Knowledge Wisdom

People Die Because They Do Not Fully Understand The Bible Devil Fruit Of Knowledge Wisdom

Source: freejoy.aimoo.com

The most secret and could be the 7th seals of the Bible is probably the fruit of knowledge & wisdom in the middle of the garden. Today I am going to reveal to you that secret who are lucky to read this article.

What are those fruit of knowledge wisdom in the Bible Genesis?

The answer is all kind of animals related products such as animals egg, while in the final form they are the animal meat most of you are eating everyday.

People die because they have eaten it but cannot able to control it.

All kind of vegan diet is only good for newbie, low level beings.

But at the highest level of human beings and at the level of “God”, you can still eat animal products but you must to understand what is enough and what is the “cure” of it.

What is the cure for all kind of animal products?

My answer is hot spicy, sour, bitter fruits/leafs/vegetables.

Examples: raw hot chili pepper, raw onion, raw garlic, raw tamarind, cloves, bitter melon, ginger, dandelion, pickles, etc.

Those are very hard to eat because you guys are not familiar with, but they bring a lot of health benefit. Those “serpents” did not gave you that information that why the down fall have begun.

If you want to verify the benefits, all you need to do is replace 20-30% of your daily diet with those “tough” foods. You can still eat meat, eat, daily products but with less amount and will a lot of “crazy” fruits, leafs, vegetables. After 7-10 days, I can guarantee you will be in much better shape, healthier body and much smarter than the your current one.

That is also the “cure” for the “dark” beings who have eating a lot of animals products and want to seek a way out of the matrix.

You will know the secret of good and bad after eating those things a lot, you will be like God in the Bible.

If you ask what is the correct amount and correct portion, then I can only tell you that you must find it by yourselves because each organic human body are not the same, the weather and condition too.

You must control and master your body by yourself, there is no any other way.

I can only give you the “cure”, it is up to you next whether you want to be like God or not.

Best Regard,

The Savior

Source: freejoy.aimoo.com

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Wow everyone on this site is a mentally ill faggot holy shit.

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raceism general

it's too easy...

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good list of chans. find what you want.


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The last letter that your friend wrote for you went like this: "Hey, Anon I hope you're living your best life and are happy with the evening you spend simping over women on onlyfans and twitch. It seemed like enough for you. It wasn't too good on me. Keep being yourself anon. You won't want to acknowledge reality as it is. This is my goodbye to you."

Then he an heroes. What do you do?

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8chan webms circa 2016


anyone want the source code? took me about 5 hours to make because i dont know how to code

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What type of butt does she have?

What rating would you give it?

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Rate these asses

Do you think they look good?

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experimental music thread


lets have a experimental / electronic music thread going on

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Fuck This Terrible Boomer Site

I was banned from PND because they are fucking boomers. Go to 8channel instead: https://ismycomputeron.neocities.org/

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Trash Nigger Landlord w Pornstar Daughter

Denise Hewlett/Amway Hunbot

Landlord: Cut pre-paid utilities, withholding deposit


L Denise Hewlett (primary target)

Paul Hewlett

Helina Hewlett

Regina Hewlett (garbage pornstar)


197 Main Street,

Road Town,




(Personal email also controls her Android phone)





Porn Link:




+1 (284) 546-0987 (Denise)

+1 (284) 547-3146 (Paul)

+1 (284) 344-4726 (Helina)

+1 (284) 344-5542 (Regina)









Amway representatives in the BVI.

You get her account, you get her life.

She is retarded as they come so very susceptible.

They will never catch you from the Caribbean.

Send an "Amway" Official-looking email and you can get her login easy


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For the latest 8c‎hannel domain, check (and bookmark) the 8channel status page:


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Reconnaissance needed

your help is need to find and free children

*This is not a drill*

Reconnaissance needed on the following location.

Use utmost care and diligence, long range zoom, etc.

all avenues of approach have digital security, use countermeasures.

information needed on movement, vehicle ID, clientele, and general possible interdiction methods.

drop all information as a response to this post

For God and Country

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The Final Game (Adventures of Daniel Rumanos)

Is this the end of Dr. Rumanos?!




#Baltimore #ScienceFiction

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Why do you come here?

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Peyton List Leaks

recently found out that the Actress Peyton List got hacked and there are leaks of her now, supposedly 143 pics and 12 vids in the leak, anyone have any ideas where they may/might be found?

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pedophiles are not only degenarates

they're also merchants

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>be hanging out with friends

>sit down on the sofa

>feel a squirming under your ass

>look to see what you sat on

>one of your friends has shrunk and is squirming under your butt trying to get out

Wat do?

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The Movie They live exposed merchantish Supremacy, what are some other films that do this?

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We've all seen how Microsoft is acting, attempting to support Chinese spyware.

It's time for us to make a change.

We are going to cause a bad PR nightmare for them. And it all starts with Skype and DownDetector.

I call this phase one.

1. go to the downdetector site

2. go to the skype option

3. click "I have a problem with Skype"

4. Select "Receive messages"

5. Rate skype 1 star

Phase 2 happens when DownDetector tweets about skype.

Phase 2 is even simpler:

1. Get a bunch of twitter throwaways

2. Retweet downdetector's tweet about skype.

At this point, Microsoft will already start to be worrying and articles will already start to be drafted. If we stay at it, long enough to keep "Skype problems last 24 hours" to be fully high, we can hopefully force Micro$oft to lose bucks big time.

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Folks I have an opportunity for you to troll SJWs. Recently, the word trap has been banned from r/animemes to large resistance. The people behind it are the lowest scum in existence, both redditards and sjws. Join this server to become a part of a branch of the splinter organization dedicated to a scorched earth campaign on r/animemes terrible mods.

01101000 01110100 01110100 01110000 01110011 00111010 00101111 00101111 01100100 01101001 01110011 01100011 01101111 01110010 01100100 00101110 01100111 01100111 00101111 01101110 00111000 01110101 01110001 01100011 01100111 01101110

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"Sorry was I running too fast for you? I'll try to slow down"

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Crash this zoom today at 1215 central time today

Id 989 3233 0472

Password fmr

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Why I Am The Savior Legend Messiah Mahdi Buddha & Why You Must Listen To Me

Why I Am The Savior Legend Messiah Mahdi Buddha & Why You Must Listen To Me

Talk big is easy, you think so?

Then you no absolutely nothing about life !

Why don’t you declare yourselves as the savior Messiah, Mahdi, Maitreya, Buddha, etc. to the world, just via online internet !

Everything in life is connecting with each others.

Whenever any beings declare his/her-self as the savior, all kind of different beings from all realms will observe, checking and testing.

The fake will vanish, the real will remain !

Do you know I have post many hundreds different articles talk about life, bashing all kind of governments/nations for over last 2-3 years.

Do you know that most nations are secretly managed by many higher advanced beings than normal mortal humans.

I have declared myself as The Savior Messiah Mahdi Buddha anyname, not just because I think so.

But I did received a great sign from heaven nearly 3 years ago.

Not only that, I have fully know and understand the secret of life, the secret of immortals, the secret of human body.

And that is the reasons keep me posting/sharing articles without receive any benefits, not a single donation button on many sites.

Have you ever wonder what is the purpose of living?

If you do not seeking for immortal life, all kind of wealth are meaningless when you are die.

Many of you will ask “prove” that fact.

I then asking you: following/listening to a out-of-nowhere beings who claim “know the immortal life” vs any groups/beings do not claim anything, which one will give you more chance to receive better result?

Life is all about life or dead !

Continue to “worship”, to “pray” other beings cannot lead you to immortal life.

But only improve your knowledge/wisdom can lead you to heaven.

The real knowledge and wisdom cannot be understood via language, because they are just raw words theory.

Only via personal experience you can know the secret of life, the secret of tao.

In the legendary Tao Te Ching book, the “tao” is the highest ranking above all kind “name” or in short are languages, numbers.

You must stop make a stupid bet and “following” any other secret organizations/groups, instead you must join me and listen to my words at forum freejoy.aimoo.com.

Only me able to withstand all kind of attack from all kind of beings from all realms.

Only me able to take full responsibility with the Earth administrators for all kind of policy apply to mortal humans.

Life is short if you still not archive immortal, so why don’t you just “gambling” with a random guy like me via the internet. Beside me, do you see any beings/groups have big talk like this ?!

Of course I am a real human but not a team or an AI computer.

Stop theory craft and take actions right now!

Only me can lead you to heaven because only me know the secret correct way!

Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha Whatever-Name

Source: freejoy.aimoo.com

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353 304 0446


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I hate the ending

Daenerys should be the ruler . fuck john snow . fuck the imp. she lost her two dragon to save them. and THEY PAY BACK BY KILL HER!!! What a waste of plot story . anyone know what is the real ending in the original novel? hope it's better than this rush crab

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schrodingersdick aka styxschrodinger

more of her

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hello thar it's me, the world famous konatanon larp dude, i haven't slept in almost 3 days and I am very tired, i'm constantly tired, and hungry. we've had good times and hopefully more, she ain't going to school anytime soon though with the yellow plague going around. give us fun ideas to do (not sticking it in the pooper)

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Black descendants of slaves should get perpetual reparations in the same way descendants of people make money off works - like books, movies, etc. - their relatives created nearly a century ago.

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The gnoll's pseudopenis has softened after her orgasm, somewhat retracting back into it's sheath, but it is still prominent. The gnoll's thin, clear fluids drip down the lizardman's erect member. It is the same purplish color as the rest of his inner flesh, with a broad head and a veined shaft. Other lizardmen sometimes have spines, but his shaft is smooth with a distinct rise and fall in the texture. He prods at what on the female gnoll looks like balls, expecting a slit there. While the fatty bulges are what used to be the lips of an opening, she growls at him. "That's not how you do it. You have to go in what I was just nailing you with."

"What?" he says with incredulity.

"Like you did with your tongue. Which I really liked, by the way..."

"Um, okay. Let's see..." The lizardman takes her softened tube in his hand, gently caressing it with his fingertips, bringing one to the tip, It is still slick and moist, and to his surprise, the opening engulfs his fingertip, with a soft "oooh" from the gnoll. He experimentally probes, careful with the claw tip. The gnoll underneath him squirms with obvious pleasure, but growls.

"Stop teasing..." she says. The lizardman agreeingly pulls his finger free, and positions his tip against hers. He holds the opening as firmly as he can, and pushes forward. It isn't easy, with his slightly flared head, but soon her flesh stretches over, and he is inside her. He slowly pushes inside, watching her flesh expand visibly as it stretches around his girth, so much that even his flared tip is obvious.He finally lets his paw off, now that he is definitely within her flesh's warm grip.

"Like this? Oooh... you're warm," he says, starting to move in and out of her, still marveling at how he can so visibly watch.

"Go deeper and it'll feel even better for you..." she says, hugging her legs around his hips, over his tail. The lizardman grips her rump, and starts to push deeper with his thrusts, until he watches the sliding bulge down her length reach to her base... and further. As his tip enters her actual body, he feels an intense warmth around the head, a warmth that does not cool to his touch, but keeps him warm as well.

"Oh gods," he pants, starting to thrust hard and deep. He snuggles into her warm fur, burying his member deep unto that unwavering warmth. Her tube covers the part of his member not wholly inside her, stopping and squishing against his sheath at first, but eventually sliding inside even there, all the way to his interior base on his deepest thrusts. Her inner muscles are more powerful inside, not as strong as a lizardfolk female, but plenty enough to pleasure him greatly combined with the warmth. After only a few minutes, he leans down and bites her shoulder as well, but gently with his needle-like teeth. The gnoll laps at his neck in return. It only takes a little of this, before the lizardman grunts heavily, hitting his release.

His member throbs heavily inside the gnoll, visible within the exposed part of the gnoll's twitching shaft. The lizardman's cool, gooey cum jets deep inside the gnoll, coating every inch of her insides in the thick fluid. The male too quickly pulls completely free of the gnoll, leaving her rod looking like it was never touched, but a wet feeling within making it quite easy for the gnoll to tell how much he came.

"I was so close... did you have to finish so fast?" she growls in a frustrated way. The lizardman only grins, fingering his own internal sheath, until a second member grows forth to replace the first.

"That's why I've got two," he pants lustfully. The gnoll quickly pins the lizardman back down, forcing him on bottom this time. His stiff second length rises almost vertically between the gnoll's legs. She takes this length in her paw, teasing her soft pads along it, and guides the tip into her once more. She presses her hips down, covering his length with her fleshy rod, and then presses her hips down flush with his, every inch properly within her body.

"There..." she pants hotly. He grips his claws into her rump, half guiding her. She presses her paws onto his chest, and starts to ride him. She lifts up, to the point that his length can be seen visibly pulling down her tube, only to be buried to the hilt back within her. The lizardman can feel his seed from before, warmed by her heat, thickly covering his second member and lubricating her insides even more. Not a single bit of his length is left uncovered, not a bit of air flowing coldly over him. His entire length is constantly wrapped in warm flesh and warm fluid. The gnoll repeatedly buries his stimulating shaft deep into the core of her heat.

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is this serious?

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Confession Thread

confession thread

I'm a 22 year old trans girl in the uk and all i can think about at any waking moment is wanting to die. My gender identity is not the reason for this, it's the only thing I feel ok about, it's everything else. I'm too much of a pussy to commit suicide and it would be a huge deal for my family and I think it'd be easier almost if I was raped and murdered, plus I enjoy very very severe and extreme sexual degradation so that's another plus. All I can think about from waking up to barely sleeping at night is how badly I need to do as soon as possible and I've tried everything and nothing has worked. If anyone is interested let me know x

Your turn

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i am a pedophile

please call me I need assistance (860) 942-2747

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Official 8chan thread

All posts and images in this thread reflect the views of 8kun and it's admins.

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by CK.

of course id love to see anyone elses drawings.

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Moon + Mars


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pnd is a fascist board

Hi guys,

Just saying, there is something wrong there, got b& it is said for posting these, also received ludicrous accusations.

The girls in the videos have their rights to free speech too, whatever they have to say. Even if you don't like it.

Also i don't like to be accused of crimes i am not guilty of, anyway, if there are no victims there is no crime.

I am now going to guess that that moderator is an ugly blue-pink haired dyke feminazi rejected by men for no apparent reasons. Yes, you, fuck you very much, i have the right to say it, i do not need permission.

I have received lethal threats, i was assaulted and attacked countless times, nobody came to protect me, and yet still i don't cry like a bitch whore. MUH straight white man privilege.

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Understanding Why The Natural Disasters Come: Floods, Tsunami, Earthquake, Volcano Eruption

Understanding Why The Natural Disasters Come: Floods, Tsunami, Earthquake, Volcano Eruption

Source: freejoy.aimoo.com

You are not living alone on Earth, there are also many super deities, super beings with many thousand years of age who are residing on Earth as well.

There is no any science can explain and tell you exactly what, when, why those natural disaster catastrophe come.

The only way for human to learn, understand and control it is by using common sense and history sacred teaching.

The current virus pandemic is a proxy war about:

1. Climate Change, Global Warming Subject.

2. International Financial Money System.

Because it cannot be real for the casualties death number are way too low compare to the other deadly virus pandemic event in history.

The natural disasters only come when “human are too stupid”.

When they are too stupid?

When they do not understand the Earth game correctly.

I have said the Earth game have 2 parts:

- Part 1 is team work in order to find the Himalaya mountain rage.

- Part 2 is personal job in order to find & conquer mount Kailash.

The downfall of most empires, nations throughout history is because they do not understand that game rule.

- Part 1 here I really mean is that have a fair community people support each other when “necessary”, but you cannot control enslave and treat them like animals.

- Part 2 here I mean everybody should have some room of freedom, free choice when they need, so they can self discover the Earth game.

But many so called governments was and are treating their citizens terrible, they do not allowed people to talk “bad” against government, do not allow to report corruption,etc.

Have any of you wonder they China got virus pandemic and a historic rain floods just few months in 2020.

Do know you in China, there was some prophecies made by some “beings” correct 100% about what will happen in the future for the last 1000-2000 years?

Because they are not mortal humans but they are super beings have lived on Earth for many thousand years and still observing the Earth game between mortal humans.

I would more convinced that those super deities/natural gods has made corona virus NCOV and many other diseases and other natural catastrophe in history to wake up and destroy the regime/empire/nation because those leaders have failed too lead the people.

This is the last part in 2 part series about the connection between natural catastrophe and humanity.

Overall, the natural disaster only come when “human are too stupid”, or in more details:

1. They are destroying the nature environment.

2. The game/society rule between humans affair are not fair and too imbalance.

If they do not break any of those 2 conditions, the natural catastrophe cannot come.

Any other reasons are all wrong, stop “gambling”, you must face the truth !

The Lord of the lords, and the King of the kings is me !

Best Regard,

The Savior

Source: freejoy.aimoo.com

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Does anyone have any footage of homosexuals getting executed by being tossed off of buildings in the middle east? Asking for a friend. Thanks in advance.

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Lebanon Explosion cause by Military Bomb .

it's too beautiful for normal accident

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How the rest of the world sees whites

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my lil bitch

I made my bf dress as a girl after he lost a bet with me. He's dressed as Pam from the Office! Quite hot don't you think?

EX boyfriend, that is!

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Rotating Food GIFs

Post 'em. I'm making an archive.

Here's what I have so far:



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$600 ends, how soon until starvation?

>"Aw are you littol babies upset because the woads were blocked and you couldnt get to your-"

this is before the payments stopped. How will It be a week from now?

>"wheres my money gfoverbemint?

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Why do you still have your balls, anon?

It's 2020. Keeping your balls after age 18 is so-o-o-o-o middle of the last century. Isn't it about time you got with the program. Pic is me living la vida loca without balls in Florida.

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>be me



>Watch TV

>Eat prune

>do 40 squats

>go for a run

>mfw the depression just went away

Why are you hard on yourself for nothing?

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Anybody else drunk and listening to panzerlied?

Come on, friday night, I can't be the only one. Can I?

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The Public Cure Revelation For The Corona Virus NCOV Must Related To Climate Change

The Public Cure Revelation For The Corona Virus NCOV Must Related To Climate Change

Source: freejoy.aimoo.com

After several months of this stupid nonsense virus pandemic.

I can now confirm that the “cure” will be revealed to the public must related to climate change, global warming subject. And it must contribute and have direct impact on human life with the goal is to save this civilization from natural catastrophe disaster.

The public cure for the new corona virus NCOV SARS-COV-2 must meet 4 requirements:

1. Have a real positive effect on human body.

2. Solve the climate change problem.

3. Just enough solution, not overkill.

4. Got approved by super deities/gods who are residing in many temples/jungle/mountain.

As a real legendary savior, I can reveal to you that special cure right now.

The SARS-1 was cured by “get closer with nature”, so the cure method for the SARS-COV-2 must be the same but will higher pressure with the same object “get much closer with natural environment”.

Here are the result all of you are waiting for:

- Changing bedroom and bed condition so the body can have direct connection with Earth nature.

- Changing wearing clothes from plastic polyester to 100% organic material such as cotton/hemp.

The direct connection with Earth nature is like you walking barefoot on the clay or sleep on the sand.

The bedroom wall will be made by natural material such as bamboo, hempcrete, clay, etc.

The bed you are sleeping in will be made with tree part.

Many of you may wonder what is the benefit of above method.

The answer is that:all human body have ion- and ion+, when you have direct touch/connection with nature, the “unwanted ion type” will secret return back to natural environment. So that your body will be more balance and feel stronger, have more energy.

You can do your own research on this subject on search engine, there are some videos already talk about it.

The goal is not just raise awareness of the public, but also save planet Earth from natural catastrophe.

The house material will be built with another material but with cheaper price, instead of now almost all toxic hard concrete, so as the wearing clothes and other stuffs.

Above method is the only want got approved by super deities, natural gods. All kind of other “solution” like vaccines, drugs made in lab house will never be allowed to be used. All the super deities will do everything include casting floods, break building, earthquake, tsunami, etc. in order to prevent it.

If you want to receive license to share above information on the public media or have any communication, please ask me at forum freejoy.aimoo.com.

Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Chirst Buddha Whatever-Name

Source: freejoy.aimoo.com

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>be on discord

>has channel called The Pit

>mostly /pol/ and dumb shit

>look today

>admin thinks we are not hardcore enough

>pulls out his own fingernail for some fucking reason

>posts to discord


>link to place, raid it or check it idgaf


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The Truth will always come out eventually.

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Let's post some classics, I'll start!