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Welcome to /random/

Talk about whatever.

* Only the 8kun global rule is enforced.

* Board vols can make and enforce whatever rules they want as long as the rules they make dont go against the global rule.

* Board vols can be removed by the board owner for any reason or even no reason at all.

* Board volscantsee post history

Now taking vol applications.

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>Be /b/tard

>Some fucker posts whats apparently cp

>I write a comment on how fucked that is

>Then immidiately report him

>4chan bans me for "promoting cp"

>protest against permban gets denied

What should i do? Nigga did nuffin wrong

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Anyone has decent Patreon / Snapchat / Onlyfans dump?

Not shit like gg/y7KmvC

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Lord of This Chan

I hereby claim this board as mine. All who would oppose me may speak now, but i warn you that while your grievances will be addressed they will ultimately be in vain.

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How was your day anon?

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i'm first

you're first

we all thirst

for the first holocaust

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Wwyd with my friend here?

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Obama treason

Obama treason military tribunals execution

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Can someone give me a hint

So, i'm aware that in 4chan there's a difference between the /b/ board and a /B/ board that can only be access by Tor, but i'm still can't find it. Someone knows how to access /B/?

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I guess /pnd/ doesn't like this idea.

Send this to your normie friends.

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pedo den boiling for good long while, something has to be done...


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Good times

Nothing's says "I'm here to tickle the crap out of someone" when an old guy in his 50s who's married buys a huge mansion resort in Tonga and convinces one of the part-time student resort workers to meet him because it caught his eye the worker was wearing really small shorts and a Hawaiian shirt, and he specifically chose a resort with a private beach which he bought to himself and dug a hole and buried the resort worker in the sand with just his feet and head sticking out, not to mention his hands are tightly tied behind his back and he tickles you for hours into the night and you're screaming and begging for him to stop but it's all in vain because you're laughing and there's a gag in your mouth, and you're struggling to break free but that too is in vain and you're just helpless and this guy just relentlessly tickles you into tears and you're crying and laughing at the same time and even though you agreed to have sex but he would rather torture you with tickling and you're screaming in terror like someone's pointing a gun at you, but it's just tickling, you're exhausted, breathless, thirsty and sweaty, while the old man is having the time of his life drinking beers and watching you suffer in pleasure and then takes you out of the sand and ties you onto a coconut tree on your stomach and start tickling you again from behind it's just as intense and you beg him to stop and he stops and he spanks you so hard that you scream in pain and you beg him to stop that too so he goes back to tickling you and your ass and you're just helplessly laughing and trying to catch a breath but he just won't stop and all the screaming just makes him hornier and then he starts to fuck the shit out of you into the morning because he's off 6 viagra pills.

Heh, good times.

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Jacinda Adhern NZ Sptember 2020 elections

Jacinda Adhern is a blackhat NZ needs help to change the saint Jacinda narrative.See link


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Read the Pastebin https://pastebin.com/ewbYrU1N

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Biden is a lunatic.

Anyone here voting for Biden?

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Anal stretching

Will my asshole get back to its normal size if I stop dildoing myself for a couple of years? Or am I doomed to have a loose anus for the rest of my life?

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Someone has a link to a decent OnlyFans / Patreon / Snapchat dump?

Not shit like gg/y7KmvC

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Who here has had the chink flu? What's it like?

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in what case would you leave a girl to die if you were so jealous?

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Feet thread

Starting with best feet from Brie Larson.

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check my 2

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Post em!

Post videos or images. Random or not, just post em!

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change in loli rules

I've seen the posts about loli being banned, but the faq and global rules say nothing about it. Does anyone have a concrete source? I can guarantee I've seen loli content elsewhere and this site doesn't make any sense without loli content being allowed.

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Peter and joe defeat the libtards and save fetuses everywhere!