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File: ab20ceacfc3aab8⋯.png (8.73 KB, 255x143, 255:143, af4716b34464fb65200311d59b….png)

c55966 No.960079

> We Will Win

Q's Latest Posts

Sunday 4.08.18

here are the Q posts in order

>>958988 rt >>958888 -------No more ! Q

>>958888 rt >>958655 -------Why did HUSSEIN PROTECT ISIS?

>>958655 rt >>958580 -------Dig Social media contacts?

>>958554 rt >>958537

>>958466 rt >>958218 -------Twitter.com/SoccerMouaz

>>958033 -------Flag SEC detail background

>>957870 --------Knowing what you know now

>>955952 rt >>955898 ———–---We love phones!

>>955902 rt >>955760 ———–---Think Double archive.fo/HJF9d

>>955760 rt >>955656 ———–---Pictures leaked for this very moment

>>955656 rt >>955641 ———–---Location, Exact Location

>>955601 rt >>955555 ———–---Connected

>>954903 rt >>954819 ———–---Spider Web

>>954819 rt >>954786 ———–---No name in Syria archive.fo/lq2Bt

>>954786 ——–----------------Coincidence?

>>953077 rt >>953050 ———–---Situation Room

>>953009 rt >>952914 ———–---SIG INTERCEPT

>>952914 ———————–-----------POTUS & JFKjR

>>951358 rt >>950959 ———–---Why did POTUS announce his intention to pull out of Syria?

>>947065 ———————- ----------They are trying to start a war. Public interest shift.

>>946691 rt >>946546 ———----Tracking good. Fly High.

>>946546 rt >>946456 ———----Authorize 1st Strike. Contact window ok.

>>946456 ———————------------Increase in chatter. Castle_online.

Saturday 4.07.18

>>938749 rt >>938366 ----- Patriots stand together

>>938439 rt >>938332 ----- Buckle Up. MSM overdrive

>>938177 ---------------------- Read between the lines

>>937520 ---------------------- Listen carefully

>>936660 ---------------------- CA is special

>>936517 ---------------------- EH CA

>>936472 rt >>936346 ----- The 'Tone'

>>936314 ---------------------- Inside Job

>>936050 ---------------------- Statistically impossible?

>>932911 ---------------------- Chongqing. Tuesday

>>932846 ---------------------- We have grounds

>>932518 ---------------------- The Island, Link removed >>932537

>>931260 rt >>931003 ----- No Text; LL interview on NBC

>>931260 rt >>875265 ----- Part 2 of previous (split for formatting)

Friday 4.06.18

>>928818 ---------------------- Who's the doorman?

>>928542 rt >>928525 ----- Fake Confirmed

>>928461 ---------------------- What a coincidence

>>926737 rt >>926685 ----- Not planned but necessary

>>926674 tr >>926634 ----- "Watch the news."

>>925805 rt >>925762 ----- Operators on Standby

>>925426 rt >>925311 ----- Watch what happens.

>>925301 rt >>925189 ----- Why was Slim Sooo Shady?

>>925052 rt >>925052 ----- Epstein’s plane. Who is she?

>>924883 rt >>924792 ----- Look up Ray.Chandler

>>924391 rt >>924357 ----- Border state - coincidence?

>>924224 rt >>924151 ----- Your trust & faith in us is enough

>>924039 rt >>923567 ----- That didn't take long.

>>922915 rt >>922843 ----- Stand strong. Patriots together

>>922794 rt >>922685 ----- Think NK

>>922685 rt >>922596 ----- Hussein's past religious leaders, RISK

>>922596 rt >>922559 ----- Who is Barry Aiming At?

>>922509 rt >>922343 ----- 8CHAN IS THE EPICENTER

>>922343 rt >>922280 ----- We Don't Inform Our Enemies of Specifics

>>922237 rt >>922142 ----- Fake Pics Push By MSM

>>922142 rt >>922075 ----- Pics will surface of Hussein holding AK47 in tribal attire.

>>922028 rt >>921715 ----- Facebook Founder Says He's Hunted By C_A

>>919513 rt >>919456 ----- foxnews https:// archive.fo/ixA1E Disturbing String of Crashes

>>919456 rt >>919423 ----- Would You Believe...

>>919423 ---------------------- Here We Go NYtimes https:// archive.fo/0hQyA

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>>96005 POTUS had to do it

>>959964 Connections, connections

>>959881 US Not Bombing

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>>959389 Isis had access to WH

>>959713 Twitter digs on MM


>>959165 Relevant info


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>>958136 Ben Swann Report 911

>>958183 Programming Alert

>>958191 Ex Atlanta official Federal charges

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>>958282 C McCain childrens org operational photos

>>958390 What's in the bag no name?


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>>956067 Image info mash up No name

>>956023 Damascus is the web !

>>955887 Boston Bomber Obama connection

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>>955704 Article on No Name

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>>953408 JFK JR, POTUS, and The Wicked Witch

>>953384 JFK JR Plane Crash

>>953253 The Situation Room, officially known as the John F. Kennedy Conference Room

>>953224 JFK JR and the Clintons - a timeline


>>952973 JFK JR Predicted POTUS Run for the Presidency

>>952117 Todd Brassner Dig

>>952573 Shit Tons Of Oil

>>952121 Clown Strategem

>>952454 It's a Strategy, Stupid


>>952052 POTUS '..probably to remain within secure area of White House'


>>951171 Backpages seized; More to follow!

>>950883 "Growing Consensus.." for contempt in Congress (re:RR)

>>950877 Outlined Drawing of Persons in Bucket Room

>>950404 WWG1WGA


>>950660 Rachel Chandler Posts & Aftermath

>>950597 Draining The Bermuda Triangle

>>950204 More on B19.2

>>950336 Bill & Bill's Buffet: Lab Meat Industries Inc

>>950271 Who The Fuck Is George Kaiser? Stava → Solyndra

>>949880 [1][2][3][4][5?]

>>950042 Drain The Bermuda Triangle


>>949783 POTUS tweets about CHEMICAL attack in Syria, >>949820 SICK!!

>>949844 Mark?

>>949840 "Anon, I.."

>>949660 The Devil's Triangle

>>949703 Lost Vessels: USS Cyclops, Proteus & Nereus.

>>949751 Puerto Rico Trench..

>>949587 Topwork: Hussein's Timeline

>>949577 Tunnelsystem On Necker Island

>>949370 Planefag Tracking Germans over Israel Airspace

>>949805 Tony, Oh Tony..

>>949440 Biden, Oh Biden..

>>949276 Scores killed in Douma by Chem Attack

>>949278 Hussein movements, some of them

>>949203 Does 10-4 have another meaning?

>>949313 News on the death in Trump Tower Fire


>>948574 A Wild Hillary has appeared

>>948922 Stranger Than Fiction .. ?

>>948525 Todd Brasner, Art Dealer, Died In Trump Tower Fire >>947301

>>949129 ?? Mayflower Ship Transporting Puritans Back In ....~1620....

>>948609 Research Into Q's Stringer Code

>>948859 Plot Out Barry Sotoro's Travelling Destinations After His Presidential 'Period' ended

>>948924 Necker Island (Owned By Liddle Richard Branson), 1st Place Visited By Obama after Presidency, >>948931. >>948942

>>949015 "..[a] wave has 5 parts.."

>>948723 Sunday Editorial; Bloodlines Connect, >>949044

>>949108 You never answered, Anon..

>>948611 The White Rabbit Social Club, >>948913

>>948965 Pay attention to hashtags for The White Rabbit Social Club. #disneybounding and #craftbeerporn

>>948759 Investigate Pulse Nightclub

>>948872 US Virgin Islands? Whats Going On There EXACTLY?, >>948883

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c55966 No.960112

https:// pastebin.com/LtAM8Fs0

84e883 No.960120


baghdadi AND mccain TOGETHER??


c55966 No.960130

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Bakers Choice War music . The system has failed !!!

37d293 No.960132

File: 7692abd26b536a5⋯.gif (977.36 KB, 500x381, 500:381, noose.gif)

9d002e No.960143

Holy shit anons i was going to bed ,wtf is going on in syria

9ad0e2 No.960144

File: 89cd4c6fff30257⋯.png (2.51 MB, 2912x1191, 2912:1191, noname1.png)

c55966 No.960145


THIS ^^^^^!!!!

fc1def No.960146

JUST IN: The military airport bombed in Syria was launch point for drone that entered Israel recently. - @lrozen

151eec No.960147


Novachok, gas attack… what else will they try?


cacbd8 No.960148

Just a friendly reminder from those of us who have been here from the earliest days and figured out how this connect in the /pol/ days, Erik Prince's sister is Betsy DeVos.

a0a501 No.960149

File: 327ac7b2d19e560⋯.png (406.51 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, IMG_3756.PNG)

051a69 No.960150

File: fc4212708005700⋯.jpg (517.12 KB, 1240x1757, 1240:1757, obr110.jpg)

Anons, if you are not digging right now or disseminating the truth, PRAY.

We don't need another Cabal-orchestrated conflict. Believe in meme magic. We can do this. PRAY FOR PEACE and end the influence of evil.

32110d No.960151


More winning!!

9ad0e2 No.960152


reports of an attack on the T-4 airbase in Homs.


85b840 No.960153

File: 80ad9c61259cfbf⋯.jpg (31.13 KB, 240x317, 240:317, IMG_9147.JPG)

You boomer fucks better wake up, Israel is literally bombing Syria and claiming it's the US.


340dc9 No.960154

Sigh….one more time. "If we have the all the proof" we need and more than we know. Wtf do we need "q" to do it.? Its our constitutional right and civic duty to overthrow the tyrannical goverment isn't? Q just wants us to do the dirty work/show our real support, incase their estimates are wrong and they realize the worse case scenario…the "patriots" now make less than 50% of america. And therefore we are the terrorist again…like our founding fathers were. You cant win this playing it safe until the last minute guys. You got 24 hours before it reaches the point of no return and nobody is going to win shit. How long before some pissed off vet says " fuck it" i took and oath, ill give my life to start the war.

Think about it….its going to happen. You wony be able to control it if it starts like that.

At this point its 100%full disclosure, no more "trust the plan" you are guys are disrespecting our enemies by calling them stupid. It a gross show of overestimating your skillz and forces. And you guys are fucking MI's and T1??

8f41b8 No.960155

File: e7bddeb6fb8f316⋯.png (47.01 KB, 580x562, 290:281, defcon.png)






https:// twitter.com/DEFCONWSALERTS/status/983155319927988224

>>United States says they have not launched an attack against Syria at this time.

a20255 No.960156

File: 65971f441e234e4⋯.png (205.65 KB, 469x376, 469:376, habbening-pepe2.png)

561b6b No.960157

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Hammer of justice crushes you


151eec No.960158


"Shlomo… say it's a drone!"

3dd4c0 No.960160


BAKER - do you know how to provide a link to the fresh bread?

Last three breads have had no link…

Any ideas what could be causing this?

7cfa15 No.960161

File: dfb0e96a897e4ff⋯.jpg (28.49 KB, 728x410, 364:205, mog.jpg)

France leading the charge in Syria.



9ad0e2 No.960162

File: c07a36a7a712644⋯.jpg (88.48 KB, 626x627, 626:627, shillC1.jpg)


1. We don't know if its Israel

2. They are not blaming the US



752fe3 No.960163

>>960076 last bread

(You)… will not listen.

0f12d6 No.960164

File: 65849e00f8cae2d⋯.jpg (73.54 KB, 1660x711, 1660:711, N H.JPG)

Nikki Haley on his FB page?

7e186f No.960165

https:// www.instagram.com/p/BV8Oq8sgqmT/?taken-by=nadimshehadi


14dfec No.960166

Off-topic favor I'd like to ask of Q team and MIL anons.

Please do what you can to look out this fellow vet. He's still in the hospital and has lost a leg plus part of the other foot. Lots of damage to lungs. He's one of /ourguys/

https:// www.gofundme.com/jeremeinsandoval

e87543 No.960167

File: 9b82d29dd41a87a⋯.jpg (77.49 KB, 1199x467, 1199:467, DaTjVhpU8AADDbe.jpg)

Trump and Macron agreed to coordinate a strong, joint response on Syria

025d26 No.960168


Q.. Once the gallows are built (with fresh American pine) can we make sure the convicted don't get bag on their heads? Want to make sure its them.


959379 No.960169

Anyone else get "unsupported browser" error when trying to archive Moustafa's LinkedIn page?

https:// www.linkedin.com/in/mouaz-moustafa-288a0217/


please archive stuff FIRST before posting it here

Bad actors lurk here to scrub the 'net of evidence - DO IT FIRST please!

And, spreadsheet is updated, will add graphic compilation in EST when it becomes available to the offsite gallery (which also contains all images Q posts and those he responds to)

https:// postimg.org/gallery/29wdmgyze/

83ac6c No.960170

The Pope is launching planes from the flip side of the Flat Earth, and is leaving cancer-causing chemtrails over Syria.

[Did I cover everyone?]

051a69 No.960171

File: b79bcdb0a015cde⋯.jpg (73.47 KB, 550x378, 275:189, 052161_4cff7cfd880747fe960….jpg)

Starting a prayer/meditation for peace right NOW.

You can join if you want - even the smallest positive thought helps, because everything is connected.

271b4f No.960172

http:// redlinesfilm.com/cast-crew/

cb8cce No.960173


DC-London is about 7 hours

340dc9 No.960174


After the jooo fucks demanded we strike at them yesterday.

God we are fucking stupid and a bunch of pussies sometimes.

506f6a No.960175

File: 3f2e64ca8cf910d⋯.png (115.27 KB, 544x392, 68:49, 180408-205306-CDT-@comfort….png)

when you show up to work 12 hours early

a20255 No.960176


France hates frogs, they even eat them

e089ab No.960177

>>960105 (previous thread)

There is no time line on this. It could be happening now, it could be tomorrow or it could be in years to come

4fb48b No.960178


Reported Pentagon and WH say is not US - perhaps it is Israel.

c55966 No.960179


It goes too fast !!! I begin the post at 660 !!!

15806a No.960180

File: f84d18f37bcceb2⋯.jpg (41.02 KB, 400x400, 1:1, glue.jpg)

8c1ccd No.960181


Good point.

aa4730 No.960182

File: c98cd208bf173fa⋯.jpg (21.82 KB, 255x202, 255:202, 0d454d165c26605fb77d171f7e….jpg)

File: 5b919d7013c6e9e⋯.jpg (22.12 KB, 255x255, 1:1, bb20eb789f04fc80f873a77c29….jpg)

File: b3074e80d9a313d⋯.gif (3.04 MB, 590x633, 590:633, weghoc8y9re01[1].gif)

File: b059e997881e48e⋯.png (69.83 KB, 1172x922, 586:461, M_trump_punisher (1).png)


Personal Quick Grabs from Bread #1194. These ARE NOT Vetted, I'm just working on my 40,000K View. Shadilay Anons!!

>>959498 (Previous Quick Grabs)

>>959373 ←-Disturbing. Traitors EVERYWHERE!!

>>959511 ←-Tracking…

>>959523 ←-Looks like Syria & Epstein Island are the Devil's playgrounds

>>959526 ←-The Simpsons are Prophetic Again??

>>959528 ←-Interesting

>>959547 ←-Are these people THAT stupid??

>>959553 ←-Tracking…

>>959634 ←-Another Character

>>959747 ←-The MSM is EVIL

>>959788 ←-#GhostsOf911 #InsideJob

>>959819 ←-Always

>>959843 ←-Evidence

>>960000 ←-Spider??

>>960012 ←-God Bless The PlaneFags.

>>960044 ←-#Fuckers

>>960090 ←-LOOK!!!


TRUTH Belongs With THE PEOPLE!!!

151eec No.960183


>Hey rabbi watcha doin

That's entered IRL speak amongst friends, you know. They really overplayed their hand.

e03cfa No.960184

File: 4c1ed340889c4e8⋯.jpeg (115.6 KB, 1080x1095, 72:73, 1521893169.jpeg)

Thank you baker

7c4157 No.960185


You should be flattered then.

What you didn't do is now being done.

If you were so passionate about defending our country, why are you here trying to bring down the effort that WILL return our country?

Are you after fame?

Do you need an ego confirmation?

GTFO or be part of the solution.

Your diatribe is old.

bf2e0d No.960186

File: c89e35a27f196f0⋯.jpg (40.5 KB, 491x491, 1:1, Behind this post.jpg)

7ae026 No.960187

File: d2ece1590fb706b⋯.jpg (431.42 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, TrustThePlanFullControl1.jpg)

c55966 No.960188


I will really try to do better next time thank you for the advice .

1180da No.960189


Quad 8's don't lie.

Gonna go out and get me some rope … just in case the Q team runs out.

I got their back.

6b8e2b No.960190

Psa 122:6-9

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem:

Heavenly Father, ‘May those who love you be secure. May there be peace within your walls and security within your citadels.’ For the sake of my brothers and friends, I will say, ‘Peace be within you.’ For the sake of the house of the LORD our God, I will seek your prosperity.”

In Jesus Name,


db2c96 No.960191

File: 91b148fdd2a4371⋯.png (421.05 KB, 620x501, 620:501, ClipboardImage.png)

Though not seen in the photos above, the Political Director of the SETF at the time of McCain’s visit was also with him. Her name is Elizabeth O’Bagy who, after being released for not revealing a conflict of interest last year, was actually hired by McCain as Shoebat.com reported.

As for the SETF, the controversy surrounding O’Bagy is well-documented. As Shoebat.com reported, McCain inadvertently exposed it during a Senate Committee hearing.

In the weeks that followed, the SETF website underwent significant but incremental changes. Perhaps the first alteration was the removal of the photo of Ahmad Soliman. As Shoebat.com reported, of the four individuals pictured below, Soliman’s removal being first was likely not by accident. He had by far, the most demonstrable history showing connections to Muslim Brotherhood front groups. While at the University of Michigan, Soliman attended the ISNA reunion there and had connections to the local MSA chapter and CAIR. All of these are Muslim Brotherhood front groups.

5d11b3 No.960192

File: 5a8a47245384b5c⋯.png (17.89 KB, 614x134, 307:67, Trey RT Syria.PNG)

File: e689c23c021c620⋯.png (35.85 KB, 643x347, 643:347, Trey re Airstrikes 4-8-18.PNG)

85f85c No.960193

File: 76377fa127ffe5b⋯.png (409.02 KB, 524x592, 131:148, 2f96e4853f1328008f0fc54247….png)

284a79 No.960194


He's not alone in his gullibility. Apparently he know a girl that will give him free sex for 10 years without insisting on a wedding ring. I am not trying to be mean, but if you are going to solve the big hidden conspiracies of the world, shouldn't you figure that one out.

274ee7 No.960195

File: 25995e9077bab94⋯.png (67.84 KB, 257x315, 257:315, BOOM.png)


No one gives a fuck what (((your shill kike ass))) has to say, bitch.

Best know your place before running that lip and telling anyone what to do, you fucking jew whore.

ecf4d7 No.960196

i know alot is going on but we need to say a pray for

our Canadian brothers and sisters on the 15 hockey players lost.

In our prayers Canada!

9ad0e2 No.960197


Israel has made several strikes on Syria over the duration of the civil war

e0b219 No.960198


It's the Israeli Air Force. The US has denied any involvement.

263066 No.960199

File: 59367d82ad6d62f⋯.jpg (258.05 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, fishing.jpg)

Thanks baker

4f64d8 No.960200

File: 255ab9125878543⋯.png (267.05 KB, 466x604, 233:302, d9426c29-4b9f-44ff-8fad-e0….png)


870a79 No.960201


keep your fucking "sighs" to yourself stupid asshat

Shut the fuck up and GET TO WORK

c55966 No.960202


I added them to the dough already

8c98d2 No.960203


At his propaganda event.

6438de No.960204


Megadeth has been woke for a long time.. good choice!

8c98d2 No.960205


This is clearly MB. Along with Huma and Awan and Barry.

b3d313 No.960206

File: 879b59276863bc3⋯.jpg (71.74 KB, 642x670, 321:335, Capture.JPG)


http:// archive.is/vSKPC

Also, NoName posted the photo on his twatter

http:// archive.is/9YRA3

9ad0e2 No.960207

File: 887dca8a113618f⋯.jpg (87.38 KB, 888x499, 888:499, shill6.jpg)



554a2b No.960208

File: f7b0a1e05887175⋯.png (686.57 KB, 927x714, 309:238, ghoul.PNG)

This ghoul is interesting

025d26 No.960209

File: b018092a59b3d4e⋯.jpg (68 KB, 640x640, 1:1, tumblr_nwgozvzamr1tpc8mjo1….jpg)

Thanks Baker!

7ac38b No.960210

File: 577bb677f2a6077⋯.png (504.66 KB, 920x1042, 460:521, saving israel for last.png)

cb8cce No.960211


Remember Libya-→Syria weapons pipeline through benghazi.

Libya is French sphere of influence.(Or so they believe). May be french destroying libyan weapons shipped from benghazi.

e8ab99 No.960212

File: a51037989d044ba⋯.png (30.42 KB, 569x178, 569:178, screenshot_537.png)

e528bc No.960213




Translation of the rest:

" nothing makes people more disgusted than the hypocrisy and the cheapness of ppl who call them selves "Revolutionary activists". these groups filled the stages and tv channel yelling about an age of democracy and human rights coming to the new Syria. these activists turn into "project managers" for american or eu orgz.

for these activists groups, revolution is just a job oppurtunity. and they want foriegn goverments to pay with their currency($ or euro). it doesnt matter if the work is for the revolution or the betterment of syria. it doesnt matter who pays them, as long as they can get dollars in the end of the month, so they can spend it in bars in istanbul and Antakya and Gaziantep.

and when you ask them how is the revolution is going? they answer what revolution?!

an example of these corrupt activists is the islamic brotherhood Muath mustafa (orginally from palistine) who works as a head of the org: Syrian emergency task force."

665466 No.960214

c7d8ba No.960215

Wonder what Comey is going to have to say for himself next week during his big interview…

57a97c No.960216


Boomer my ass kid.

Boomers hate evil.

aa4730 No.960217

So Anons, DO we KNOW the security camera shot from Rachel Chandler is 100% from Epstein Island??

Or is that a shot from The Traitor and his trip??

Sorry for the dumb question. I've been on this since the minute it broke, but I haven't had a chance to catch up yet.

Thanks ANONS!!


5d6c67 No.960218

File: 910108bfb2ce47e⋯.png (34.55 KB, 599x216, 599:216, ClipboardImage.png)

c55966 No.960219

Do we have a baker that can confirm my pastebin link ? Need to get some dinner pls.

fc1def No.960220

#BREAKING NEWS: Syrian air defense intercepted 8 missiles, fired on T4 -Syrian State TV (@Nidalgazaui)

Looks like it could have been Israel from some reports…

221903 No.960221

and now the useful idiots are spamming mouaz's twatter account. stupid fucks.

9ad0e2 No.960222



51078c No.960223

File: 73c0676fcafaf1d⋯.png (75.18 KB, 300x273, 100:91, dont care enuf.png)


>Sounds like we are in it already


>I didn't say it was confirmed dumbass.

Learn to read. I didn't say you confirmed anything, I said Twitter doesn't. And I don't share your taste in snacks.

c55966 No.960224

https:// pastebin.com/LtAM8Fs0

151eec No.960225

File: 9b2121af417adfd⋯.jpg (101.26 KB, 626x627, 626:627, FTFY.jpg)

1180da No.960226



8c1ccd No.960227

Just told the significant other that WWIII started a few minutes ago. SO thought about it for a bit and then asked if maybe we should turn on the news.

It can be lonely in anonland.

274ee7 No.960228

File: 2b64cd007284014⋯.png (164.44 KB, 563x308, 563:308, ohnogoyimknow.png)


Literally walking talking meme this jew bitch. LOL

dce450 No.960229

He is still wearing the clothes he was buried in…..wtf


b3d313 No.960230


Who's blue shirt?

e089ab No.960231


He did nuffin wrong. What do you think he is going say that he's guilty as hell.

994ecf No.960232


In his awesome video (a few breads back) Trump said that "in the center is the Clinton Machine." (paraphrasing)

IMO, means center of spider web

e528bc No.960233


dont mind the spelling, english is not my first language.

a93a7a No.960234


Its not us, and they bombed a IRAN and IRGC controlled base IN Syria.


If you think the US is going to bomb Israel you are stoopid. Clean them up as needed, yes. Bomb them into oblivion, no.

0f12d6 No.960235


ok… archived.. I'm harvesting his FB

85b840 No.960236


They sure let it breed like rabbits for the past half-century for hating it so much, FUCK YOU YOU FUCKING BOOMER! YOU DID THIS TO OUR COUNTRY!

a93a7a No.960237

Its France!

a363a9 No.960238

File: a7fe3dd2503f0ab⋯.png (100.21 KB, 605x458, 605:458, Screenshot 2018-04-08 at 9….png)

9ad0e2 No.960239


LOL we got an update from someone we are researching


3c440f No.960240

Imran Awan's connection to the HOUSE.

Article 2005


274ee7 No.960241

File: 087e8fd6922f07c⋯.jpeg (38.04 KB, 474x457, 474:457, fatpepe.jpeg)


Nice work, brother.

4fb48b No.960242


Looks like the time to prep a new bread is just after you set up the current bread, with the way things are going… WOW!

a01256 No.960243


Is Israel so bitch made they can't even take responsibility for their own actions.

If they unilaterally decided to bomb Syria unprovoked, the cowardice of not claiming responsibility is just too much for me.

I'm anon that's usually on here telling other anons not have jew paranoia.

If Israel tried to frame us for this shit, that should downgrade the relationship.

Let that shit hole sink or swim.

3dd4c0 No.960244


I know its hard to keep up when Q is here

f644a9 No.960245


You missed the muh jooooooos…..

8c1ccd No.960246

e87543 No.960247

I repeat

Trump and Macron agreed to coordinate a strong, joint response on Syria

dcf09a No.960248

File: 85300f69159c682⋯.png (1.03 MB, 842x1074, 421:537, 2f0ebc600a2f134bfa8e2f6b14….png)

File: 1795de5c01db775⋯.jpeg (764.26 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, snapseed-15.jpeg)

Good job, Baker.

Make Pizza Great Again

9ad0e2 No.960249


jews didn't cause your inadequacies, that's your FAULT!


84e883 No.960250


she has royal blood. bloodlines are everything to (((THEM)))

ebbe11 No.960251



0bb56f No.960252

There was a DDoS attack on France earlier today – related?

>France leading the charge in Syria.

c9398a No.960253

File: f7e565df09c7236⋯.jpg (112.14 KB, 960x720, 4:3, destiny.jpg)

c55966 No.960255


DaveMustaine/ourguy look at the album covers . He knows !! Brave dude too!! Needs a medal for bravery . They MK killed Dime glad Dave made it through.

1c873e No.960256

File: cf435c40ca5823e⋯.jpg (262.55 KB, 770x1062, 385:531, remove degeneracy.jpg)

273bca No.960257


What the fuck is that creature 3rd from the left?

ae7b4d No.960258


I’m not sure. Q said east of the first pics. IDK when the second pics were taken. But they were wearing the same clothes????

d4dc7b No.960259


Piano wire is more compact and you can carry a nice length coiled up in your back pocket easily.

85f85c No.960260





e87543 No.960261

File: 9b82d29dd41a87a⋯.jpg (77.49 KB, 1199x467, 1199:467, DaTjVhpU8AADDbe.jpg)



e089ab No.960262


Q has gone rather quiet

c2056a No.960263

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ca85ed No.960264

File: 4e3a472ac002aa7⋯.jpeg (43.74 KB, 360x433, 360:433, 110CD900-0A75-4706-8433-3….jpeg)

File: 02a2392dc94eab5⋯.jpeg (57.09 KB, 600x800, 3:4, C604E8EB-EFA5-42CA-8424-E….jpeg)

http:// ifers.123.st/t102-isis-made-in-usa

http:/ /archive.is/Pw4L4

83ac6c No.960265

French Frogs Unite!

151eec No.960266

File: ffc2dc32b1453b6⋯.jpg (19.29 KB, 474x266, 237:133, strong joint response.jpg)


>a strong, joint response on Syria

aaf4bf No.960267

File: 31645c0347cfd96⋯.jpg (10.91 KB, 144x262, 72:131, checkdubzz.jpg)

3e3715 No.960268

File: 2eed4c8656258ab⋯.png (648.56 KB, 849x1200, 283:400, 194b9adc98a166bb81d3904da6….png)

Thank you bakers. Looking at you

aa4730 No.960269

File: f14c011a4521537⋯.jpg (13.54 KB, 170x255, 2:3, a088c476f66bb0841a1856451b….jpg)


SHIT!! Sorry Baker!! I didn't see. My mind is swimming trying to keep up with everything. Sorry for shitting the place up, I will look next time.

Thank You for the wonderful bread. KEK!!

5d11b3 No.960270

File: 4f40ef354439178⋯.png (27.3 KB, 643x254, 643:254, Dr G re Syria.PNG)

750cf5 No.960271

So GCC, Israel and Lebanon have been waiting.

6546b5 No.960272

Remember, McTraitor didn't just sell out the US in his middle east dealings; he also did it domestically by lobbying (after Cabal filled his foundation's coffers) for SpaceX funding, which weakened our space defense capabilities, and transferred weapons technology to North Korea.

6fc019 No.960273

File: 70712f33033cf8b⋯.jpg (108.93 KB, 593x483, 593:483, RemovetheRomanFasces.jpg)

10b607 No.960274

The average Jew in Israel is as clueless as the American left. It’s the people in power pulling the strings. Israel needs to clean house.

53ca6a No.960275


As you wish.


221903 No.960276



340dc9 No.960277


Eat a dick fagget, is fucks like you that make me okay with loosing. I been working for years kid. I want to see how much of a badass you really are, beta cum guzzler when this all goes to shit.

c176b1 No.960278

File: 99654789bbdb2b2⋯.jpg (100.24 KB, 900x644, 225:161, gettyimages-77160585_custo….jpg)


Yep. He left to military to help family (cancer) and started a company because of the financial incompetence of the gov/military. He created a lean organization that offered on time solutions and could use resources the active military couldn't to get jobs done.

Also these contractors work right next to active military in JSOC and other intelligence agencies (CIA/NSA/NRO etc.)

Prince is a patriot and his role in the global takedown of the canal/deepstate will be right up with there with POTUS/Q/Flynn/Rogers.

c7d8ba No.960279


I just wonder if he will go waaaay too far and make an ass of himself or if he is gonna try to walk back a lot of his previous lies.

752fe3 No.960280


Q? really?

anon. i sigh for you.

there will be light on you soon that will make you fear it.

do not try to fear it.

you will.

it will overtake you in a way that may make you cower. do not cower.

it is only light to guide you anon. soft and gentle. fearful.

if you let it.


3e3715 No.960281


Ban please

db2c96 No.960282

File: b4da3f6febe6724⋯.png (127.6 KB, 500x192, 125:48, ClipboardImage.png)


Mouaz Mostafa worked for

Congressman Vic Snyder and Sen. Blanche Lincoln

It’s not just staff members of SETF that should sound alarm bells; it’s Board members too, as Shoebat.com has reported on at length. In particular, Dr. Yahya Basha and Bassam Estwani. The former once led the now defunct American Muslim Council (AMC) founded by convicted terrorist Abdurahman Alamoudi and is connected to Muslim Brotherhood front groups like CAIR and MPAC. Estwani is a very big fish and used to be the chairman of the very notorious Dal al-Hijrah mosque that was home to Imam Anwar al-Awlaki and visited by no fewer than two 9/11 hijackers. Estwani once hosted Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader Yusuf al-Qaradawi at Dar al-Hijrah.

So it's tying to Muslim Brotherhood

c55966 No.960283


TYTYTY I owe you Anon .

ebc58b No.960284

File: fb30241843579ed⋯.jpg (85.53 KB, 800x450, 16:9, Mouaz Mazen.jpg)


he is a torture survivor that Mouaz put on display for Caesar event

84e883 No.960286


glad you are finally seeing the light. it took me years as well. but no more. i have read enough and watched the news enough(real news) to know better now.

8c98d2 No.960287


Need someone to archive IG. I'm not in position to do that currently.

a0a501 No.960289


https:// mobile.twitter.com/SoccerMouaz

0994d8 No.960290

File: a9d3ba7c091da57⋯.png (677.54 KB, 926x438, 463:219, Mouaz Moustafa with Speake….PNG)

Here is a good one with Paul Ryan.

Mouaz Moustafa aka soccermouazSelfie with the Speaker of the House after asking him to support the protection of civilians in #Syria

joshroginWhat did he say?

soccermouaz@joshrogin open considering a no fly zone told me he was recently in Jordan we can talk more in person

d7bb99 No.960291


Put the liddle Q stripe thingie and it's golden!

A little something from "Q" especially for you.

51ef7f No.960292



Pentagon says nooooooooooooooooooo. So it must be Israel or some other nuts.

274ee7 No.960293

File: b5efd10d1c5afe7⋯.jpg (150.21 KB, 743x730, 743:730, jewinsight.jpg)

File: 42aefc6aa8205a8⋯.jpg (86.31 KB, 400x400, 1:1, jewishcrimes.jpg)

File: 7ab2030b25b03df⋯.gif (195.01 KB, 706x620, 353:310, jewlies.gif)


>liddle dicked jew cuck

>projecting their cuckery to others

Just another day at tel aviv, the official fag hole of the middle east.

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA I wonder how long this kike bitch likes to be verbally and mentally gangbanged on the internet board.

Must be compensating for its cuckery. LOL

Anons, observe the faggotry of this jew bitch:


8c1ccd No.960294


Elon Musk, all your technology belongs to U.S.

f104b5 No.960295


israel masad doing gas attacks?

4f64d8 No.960296


c67d0b No.960298






e0dabb No.960299

>>960015 (last bread)

sure there is a connection:

Trump signals troop withdrawal -→ someone gets angry about this -→ someone orders a chemical attack to try to precipitate a war.

Who is "someone"?

263066 No.960300


Oh come now Nasim…I've always loved you.

33973a No.960301



http:// www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/trump-slams-putin-supporting-syria-chem-weapons-claims-article-1.3921746?cid=bitly

https:// www.nytimes.com/2018/04/08/us/politics/trump-syria-chemical-attack.html

http:// www.foxnews.com/us/2018/04/08/trump-warns-assad-big-price-to-pay-for-fatal-syria-attack.html

5209ae No.960302


And FILTERED! Nasim bitch, allow her to stay nice and dead! Nasim shills WILL be filtered until you quit posting this sick dude

a20255 No.960303

File: d36b5743a90c21c⋯.png (346.85 KB, 440x441, 440:441, pizza-pepe2.png)

0c6c37 No.960304

A MUST watch.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=j9GgUK2ZJLA

a93a7a No.960305


Is France manning up and bombing Iran bases in Syria?

FYI how did I not know there are Iran bases in Syria?!

ae7b4d No.960306

e03cfa No.960307

e089ab No.960308


Whatever is in his book might just hang him of perjury

4fb48b No.960309


Bag goes on just before the rope. Clear to see who it is - no chance of switcheroo. Because of the audience physically there, watching - draw lots to attend? The rest of us watch on broadcast and net.

84e883 No.960310


he is the one who was tortured near to death asshole

a363a9 No.960311


Anon speaks the truth. We were in the dark with most things our evil gov has done and the fact that the CABAL has controlled the WORLD.

fe54dd No.960312


Yeah because he's in the middle of figuring out what's going on in Syria and protecting the US..

Give him a minute.. ha

b8e09b No.960313


This happened last time and the same morons are back with the same rehashed concernfagging.

Get this through your thick fucking skulls: NO ONE WAS HURT LAST TIME. WE ALERTED SYRIA. POTUS AND Q-TEAM ARE IN CONTROL.

I'd seriously rather the concernfags be shills than stupid at this point.

3f21f8 No.960314

File: e4ab8a021fd0b38⋯.png (1001.89 KB, 625x830, 125:166, ClipboardImage.png)

Someone prove to me why NoName's sea cow daughter does not deserve the rope. I'm not sure what exactly she did, but I'm sure she gets the rope.

274ee7 No.960315


Why let it leave in one piece? Some of us can reach this sandnigger in less than an hour, fully organized.

df0748 No.960316


83ac6c No.960317


Nasim, twas but a flesh wound

284a79 No.960318


No need to be jealous, Nassim, you are everyone's favorite.

151eec No.960319


Lebanon is French too.

a93a7a No.960320


MbS plane was headed toward France earlier today.

53ca6a No.960321


Context? Description?


1a87f5 No.960322

db2c96 No.960323


Both Democrats that served Arkansas

204aa6 No.960324


It's funny, fasces were a symbol of authoritarianism.

Faggot derives from the same root, which means bundle of sticks.

Faggot also means something else, no relation though… or is there?

Fucking faggots

0282ae No.960325



0f12d6 No.960326


I don't do IG.

f104b5 No.960327


i was thinking that too

ca85ed No.960328

File: e6b6b234e295eea⋯.png (714.48 KB, 1203x951, 401:317, 9D0CCEAA-C133-483D-B159-44….png)

a42628 No.960329

File: b17c5a13b59437f⋯.png (710.41 KB, 936x602, 468:301, ClipboardImage.png)

25f37f No.960330


I thought the top one said "Mah jong" and I was like "The fuck is wrong with mahjong?!"

I was fully prepared for a ridiculous rabbit hole. Glad I mis-read that one, lol.

e089ab No.960331


Iran is also in Iraq. I think they are pretty much everywhere in the Middle East about now except for Saudi Arabia.

84e883 No.960332


i like it but yeah…the joos were a miss there *s*

4cbfc9 No.960333


Iran, Assad and Hezbollah in one fell swoop.

a20255 No.960334

9ad0e2 No.960335

284a79 No.960336


If he takes the cowards way out, someone should make sure every member of his family gets what was coming to him. Send a message about denying justice.

cb8cce No.960337


Notice how each of them had a MB handler. VJ→BHO, AWAN→DWS, HA→HRC.

Is MB its own organization or was it run by CIA or Mossad?

274ee7 No.960338



Don't let the (((enemy))) switch the news cycle here.

Do NOT let up the pedogate/hrc.hussein treason barrage.




(((shill tricks))) played out on the world stage atm.


870a79 No.960339


go fuck yourself grandma

d96ac0 No.960340


No he hasn't.

He is way ahead on posting for the day.

86d24e No.960341

File: 5e6f925cac0aede⋯.jpg (84.81 KB, 274x414, 137:207, truth!.jpg)

WOW! the hive mind is kicking ass tonight.

KUDOS to Anons.

Love you guys - (no-homo)

273bca No.960342


Too bad they didn't finish the job asshole.

e071ce No.960343


Just a hunch, but I place my bet on shots from The Traitor and his trip…..

Not sure what everyone else thinks, tho.

a93a7a No.960344



This whole kill all the jews and bomb the crap out of Israel shit is arrogant.

5d11b3 No.960345

File: c1713e834ede525⋯.png (247.06 KB, 655x776, 655:776, DoD 4-8-18 7 pm PST.PNG)

File: 654fe15caf1cb6d⋯.png (625.63 KB, 652x833, 652:833, DoD 4-8-18 5 55 pm PST.PNG)

c67d0b No.960346

File: e6b335fd1606edf⋯.png (56 KB, 300x240, 5:4, ClipboardImage.png)


Just popcorn and carry on.

3946d3 No.960347


Q said it was from the island.

f104b5 No.960348


why does israel hate asad…..i know asad protected chriatians

e089ab No.960349


That's unlike Q to not know what's going on ahead of time

100484 No.960350

File: cd0103e315e237c⋯.jpg (29.02 KB, 276x201, 92:67, gg.jpg)

YouTube Shooter vs. Google Banner Image (Maria Felix)

just for shits

85b840 No.960351

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Move over boomers this is a /pol/ thread now.

There's Jewery afoot!

0bb56f No.960352

Imran Awan was protected by Debbie Wasserman Schultz

5a98a6 No.960353

>>959235 (last)

Video found under Brian Kolfage.

https:// www.facebook.com/Brian.Kolfage.Fans/videos/1843242352556039/

88d570 No.960354

File: b891d11c1866f56⋯.png (1.57 MB, 1796x848, 449:212, mena.png)

was the father a 1980s clinton coke boy?

20f579 No.960355

The guest speaker will be Mouaz Moustafa, executive director of the Syrian Emergency Task Force, which is a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit organization that, according to its website www.syriantaskforce.org, is “driven to support Syrians under the oppression and bombardment of their homeland.” SETF established the orphanage and school in Idlib earlier this year.

Moustafa spoke in March at the University of Central Arkansas and that is when some of the Conway volunteers first learned about the need at the orphanage. Moustafa was born in Damascus, Syria, and moved to the United States with his family when he was 10. He grew up in the Hot Springs area and is a graduate of Lakeside High School and UCA, where he received a bachelor’s degree in international studies and political science in 2008. He worked on the staffs of both former U.S. Sen. Blanche Lincoln and former U.S. Rep. Vic Snyder, both of Arkansas.

http:// www.arkansasonline.com/news/2016/sep/18/coalition-seeks-help-orphanage-war-torn-syria/

1c873e No.960356

File: 6041f16dbb19899⋯.jpg (233.65 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 1523197119721.jpg)


thankful that google could make Nasim their doodle today

554a2b No.960357

File: 7b035241ebc4c19⋯.png (1.6 MB, 1607x764, 1607:764, clinton.PNG)

Clinton connection

e87543 No.960358



1m1 minute ago


At least eight missiles were launched at Syria’s T-4 air base in the east of Homs province, SANA reports, citing a military source. According to the agency, the attack has “likely” been carried out by the United States.

6fc019 No.960359



The original symbol of fascism, in Italy under Benito Mussolini, was the fasces. This is an ancient Imperial Roman symbol of power carried by lictors in front of magistrates; a bundle of sticks featuring an axe, indicating the power over life and death.

8c98d2 No.960360


"No fly zone" was cabal plan.

0994d8 No.960361

How do you record all the Instagram pictures and what was said about each? This doing them one at a time is taking too long.

151eec No.960362


Peat moss is a hell of a projectile. Have you seen the pictures? Destroyed the bus.

4fb48b No.960363


Yeah, but it pops the head right off. Messy. Rope means no blood to clean up, if you get the drop length correct.

7ff3ac No.960364


a combo of israel benefiting from a power vacuum in the middle east and the greater israel plan.

a363a9 No.960365


Think about how much the world has been tricked

now think about who her father is… you're telling

me that you think he shared his evil with her?

I think she may be in the dark , they are good at deception. children of evil should not be punished if they themselves have not done evil or even know of the evil. "If" she was aware, I agree she needs to go down too.

58c47a No.960366



> I repeat

Israel and Macron agreed to coordinate a strong, joint response on Syria


0418ee No.960367


Conspiracy theory - need a guerilla social media campaign to get rid of these words.

Trump was instrumental in getting #FakeNews out their in the mainstream and it was huge. Recent article said 77% believe the MSM is fake news.

We need something out their to attack 'Conspiracy" and "Conspiracy Theory" - it's too common a derogatory term. It's an easy label that 'they' are using as their main strategic media angle on Q and the Anons (not to mention Roseanne).

The timing for changing the spin needs to be a united front, something like "Conspiracy Facts" or "Conspiracy Realism" or a play on "How many Coincidences does it take?"

Or start bringing out conspiracies that have proven true.

Just a thought because I know I cringe when I hear thee words and would love an elevator speech or tagline to rebut.

3c440f No.960368

File: 7c98774e965d912⋯.png (3.15 MB, 817x1346, 817:1346, Technology travels to Hous….png)

Melissa Bean and Imran Awan coordinating House IT needs back in 2005.


a93a7a No.960369




ecf4d7 No.960370

File: 0954fa9be8a4e0c⋯.jpg (430.22 KB, 1754x2480, 877:1240, THELIE.jpg)



its the ones calling self jews but r not

eb0983 No.960371


This guy is disinfo

00aa9c No.960372

SKYKINGS/EAM is quiet for having this much "hot" activity going on….

367733 No.960373

File: bc30e3852900e59⋯.jpg (72.92 KB, 1193x508, 1193:508, ScreenShot_003.jpg)

Fake News? "'Russia rejects reports of chemical attack in Syria"'

Russia on Sunday pushed back against reports of a chemical attack in Syria, calling the news “bogus” and “fabricated.”

“The spread of bogus stories about the use of chlorine and other poisonous substances by (Syrian) government forces continues. Yet another such fabricated piece of information about an alleged chemical attack in Douma appeared yesterday,” the country’s foreign ministry said in a statement, as reported by Reuters.

“We have warned several times recently against such dangerous provocations. The aim of such deceitful speculation, lacking any kind of grounding, is to shield terrorists … and to attempt to justify possible external uses of force.”

The BBC reported Sunday that at least 70 individuals are dead after a potential chemical attack in the Syrian city of Douma.

http:// thehill.com/policy/international/russia/382153-russia-rejects-reports-of-chemical-attack-in-syria

8c1ccd No.960374


https:// twitter.com/ syrianetf

704732 No.960375


And we are back to Malaysia again. Remember that mysterious plane disappearance? His dive tee shirt is advertising islands off the coast of Malaysia.

6b8e2b No.960376


He didn't want to show his hand. Giving them enough rope to hang themselves

ecf4d7 No.960377


lmao nice

10b607 No.960378


Know your enemy. It’s not the Jewish people. It’s the Satanist cabal.

8c98d2 No.960379


Navy Jack is a shill. And for the 56th time, it's NOT US!!!

3f21f8 No.960380


Hamish, Ben, Idris, Thomas, Steve, and Mike walk into a secret homo Discord chat. Guess which pedo-satanist walks in next.

959379 No.960381


>Israel using cover to bomb another country without provocation

imagine my shawk

274ee7 No.960382



Nigga…at least TRY to fucking switch the ID with a fucking vpn before you try this kiddy psyop.


MOAR (((shill))) presence CONFIRMED.

Listen, bitch.

[We see ALL]

[We hear ALL]

BWAHAHAHAHAHA these queers.

151eec No.960383

File: f4ff831bb46b54d⋯.jpg (31.6 KB, 474x355, 474:355, fasces.jpg)


>The original symbol of fascism, in Italy under Benito Mussolini, was the fasces.

Guess where else?

The House of Representatives is literally fascist.

c176b1 No.960384


Palantir gives them probabilities but not quite the crystal ball yet.

Who knows..maybe Israel launched (again) and the US is trying to figure out what the hell is going on.

2e3387 No.960385


Why is this process so drawn out?

Why do these clowns still have the resources to kill hundreds of Syrians?

How can these clowns still orchestrate false flags?

Its hard to trust you when these atrocities are ongoing

Where are the high level arrests?

We can handle disclosure

We need disclosure

Why the hesitation?

Hang them from the gallows

2c02f3 No.960386

Mouaz Moustafa/Obama=Muslim Brotherhood

Muslim Brotherhood=Satan

SATAN has left the WH.

Dec, 19 - Q


86d24e No.960387

File: b2baf84c1c17fd4⋯.jpg (129.5 KB, 302x403, 302:403, temp-popcorn.jpg)

c55966 No.960388

File: 5a5e4f367b51e5f⋯.jpg (4.19 KB, 255x172, 255:172, 1fa3b55eddec6f8e1af5ae0d0b….jpg)

File: 9aede10923c4e2b⋯.jpg (7.77 KB, 199x255, 199:255, 3be9cfe63ae44f32fd30c0d283….jpg)

File: 5d5fe02cc836965⋯.jpg (203.33 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 5d5fe02cc836965fd6ebc2d5cd….jpg)

File: 8e1fde723c22110⋯.png (214.74 KB, 320x432, 20:27, 8e1fde723c221107e696bceb8c….png)

Baker signing out pastebin above thank q Anon. See you at 5 am . Good Luck tonight 45QTeam /Anons .Praying for you're protection .

a20255 No.960389


Always good to add that nazi larping was a joke from 2016, to get Pepe back from the normies.

….So normies don't get confused.

84e883 No.960390


good to hear!

85b840 No.960391

>We're saving Isreal for last, for a good reason.

Out of the pool boomers!

There's kikery afoot!

777e05 No.960393

Israel took out the airport that launched a drone?

1c873e No.960394


start calling it "collusion" - since that's a meme people already believe. Even though it's the same thing as conspiracy!

69936e No.960395

File: 7a2c0ae7acb1f9e⋯.jpg (189.49 KB, 3159x4914, 9:14, Clickbait Alert.jpg)



No Sauce?? Automatic filter on videos~

e089ab No.960396


I know I'm just screwing around. All this waiting for years is killing me.

1ee080 No.960397

WHAT IF BENJAMIN NETANYAHU was a slave him self?

I don't think this guy gets to make the decisions!

3c440f No.960398


Only 8 Democrats were breaking the law in 2005!!!

1f36f8 No.960399

File: 15592f001ab2b5a⋯.jpg (82.62 KB, 720x720, 1:1, Anti_semitic_Trick.jpg)

File: 71d56326094e7aa⋯.jpg (37.3 KB, 600x453, 200:151, Anti_semitic_Trick_2.jpg)


Beware the "muh joos shills are coming" shills. They are tying to use an online version of the "anti-semitic trick". Recognize them for what they are, Israel is not impervious to criticism.

To understand exactly what the “anti-semitic trick” is, see pics related #1 and #2 on this post and watch these videos:

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0kWAqZxJVE

"Anti-semitic, its a trick we always use it" - 1min

Former Israeli Minister Shulamit Aloni tells the truth about the “anti-semitic trick”.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=jyJYwCZOCD4

“Ex-mossad agent explains the "anti-semite" trick” - 1min

Ex-mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky explains the "anti-semite" trick – how jews conspire together to silence critics of israel, jews and zionism.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtBF6MxquWI

“Jacob Cohen explains the Sayanim (Mossad's volunteer agents)” - 3min

Sayanim are non-Israeli or dual citizenship jews that colaborate with Mossad. Sayanim take their orders from the Mossad's War Department.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vqhi16iikxk

“Israel's Internet Censorship War” - 14min

A concise, yet detailed overview of all kinds of Israel's internet censorship and social engineering. Relates to Wikipedia and Israel's use of non-Israeli jews to act in favor of Israel (relates to Mossad word wide helpers (Sayanim) theme).

Also shows how Israel instructe it's subversive agents operating in the West to try to relate all criticism of Israel to white-supremacy.

Shows that in 2016 Fortune magazine reported that Google, Facebook and Youtube comply with up to 95% of Israel's requests to delete content critical of Israel, justifying with “it's content that incites Palestinian violence”.

437bbf No.960400

▪Airstrikes hit Syria after deadly chemical attack, state TV reports▪

Syrian state TV and witnesses said late Sunday that airstrikes had hit a military airport near the city of Homs shortly after a suspected chemical attack that killed at least 40 people in a suburb of the capital city, Damascus, over the weekend.

It was not immediately clear who launched the airstrikes. U.S. officials denied it had taken military action against Syria.

Saturday's chemical attack unfolded place in a rebel-held town near Damascus amid a resumed offensive by Syrian government forces after the collapse of a truce. Syrian activists, rescuers and medics said a poison gas attack in Douma killed at least 40 people, with families found suffocated in their houses and shelters. The reports could not immediately be independently verified.

Images released by the Syrian Civil Defense White Helmets, a volunteer organization, showed children lying on the ground motionless and foaming at the mouth. The Assad government, in a statement posted on the state-run news agency SANA, denied responsibility.

On Sunday morning, Trump condemned the latest attack as "mindless," referred to Syrian President Bashar Assad as an "animal" and said Russian President Vladimir Putin was "responsible" for enabling the carnage.

The president also warned Russia and Iran that there would be a "big price to pay" for backing the Assad regime and slammed former President Barack Obama, who vowed in 2012 that such actions would cross a “red line,” but later failed to enforce the promise a year later when hundreds of Syrians were killed by sarin gas. Instead, Obama brokered a multi-nation deal in which Assad pledged to remove his chemical-weapons stockpile.

http:// www.foxnews.com/world/2018/04/08/airstrikes-hit-syria-after-deadly-chemical-attack-state-tv-reports.html

9ad0e2 No.960401


so if the USA is denying we did it, suspects:

NATO Member

Arab Country


284a79 No.960402

959379 No.960403


>Fake News? "'Russia rejects reports of chemical attack in Syria"'

Russia warned ahead of time that there was chatter a chem attack was being planned…

"Russian top brass warn al-Nusra, Free Syrian Army plotting chemical attacks in Syria

April 06, 15:20 (2018)

http:// tass.com/defense/998199

https:// archive.fo/CzLkP

Jabhat al-Nusra and the Free Syrian Army are planning chemical attacks with the use of chlorine in areas under their control, according to the Russian Defense Ministry"

2c8d95 No.960404


Start using "proven conspiracy."

4fb48b No.960405


Woops, you responded to the division shill. Now it's going to go crazy on your ass. Best to just filter them. Hint: If what they write makes you mad, it's a shill.

2e1091 No.960406



e0b219 No.960407


Fake news. NJack is an idiot.

c176b1 No.960408


Navy Jack is reporting what everyone is but no confirmation yet. Seems like it will be Israel again.

367733 No.960409


Top job Baker, well done. Rest well.

3f21f8 No.960410


>you're telling me that you think he shared his evil with her?

Yes that's exactly what I'm telling you. Have you learned nothing here?

3ef631 No.960411


Because Assad protected Christians.

5d6c67 No.960412

File: c8338bbaf4333e5⋯.png (38.09 KB, 621x264, 207:88, ClipboardImage.png)


Zerohedge also mentions France

1c873e No.960413

File: 7c97cdcf73b6572⋯.png (104.66 KB, 716x513, 716:513, 6069f339a15b1705c1c9456100….png)


it's Nasim

151eec No.960414


More data = more accuracy.

If everyone suddenly got better at keeping secrets, less predictable.

8c98d2 No.960415


So did it even happen?! They won't let any outside forces in for confirmation and testing. Same fake pics circulating?

554a2b No.960416

File: 6f8e4dc49ff50f8⋯.png (943.08 KB, 1257x803, 1257:803, wdshn.PNG)


57a97c No.960417


Stay focused.

Read this!

f2f646 No.960418


Praying with you, anon.

db2c96 No.960419

Comment on Article I found..not sure how legit

Did you know Three of the Five Taliban Obama released to Qatar…are now leading ISIS…

Under the Obama administration, it must be considered oil prices are 3x’s what they had been under George W Bush…this is a massive transfer of American wealth to the Muslim Brotherhood and oil rich nations while Americans are out of work and stymied from drilling our own vast oil reserves by Barack Obama. We are committing national suicide under Barack Hussein Obama’s policies…with the help of QATAR.

GITMO? Obama facilitated a meeting with Karzaii and the Emir of QATAR…with the end result being the new headquarters for the Taliban being built in QATAR…reconstituting and strengthening the Taliban.

Obama, unbeknownst to Congress or the Pentagon, released the Taliban 5 from Gitmo. Those five Taliban terrorists were released to QATAR from Gitmo–Though those those 5 terrorists were deemed by the United Nations as having committed crimes against humanity. Obama exchange those 5 terrorists for a deserter-traitor on his own, without Congressional knowledge, approval or input…. and delivered them to QATAR, THE HOME of their New Taliban Headquarters..in Qatar. The old leadership of the Taliban, that Americans fought and died to capture has been retired to their new palatial headquarters in QATAR…TO FIGHT AND KILL ANOTHER DAY…by Barack Hussein Obama.

118891 No.960420


We all ready have FEMA "smart" guillotines we the people paid for. We can facially ID the face of those getting their heads cut off and we can see their expression while it happens…and they were made in China!

83ac6c No.960421


I loved that movie, From Nasim With Love

e87543 No.960422

File: c331adc28e638b5⋯.jpg (27.61 KB, 540x585, 12:13, DaKCaN3U8AAdxKh.jpg)

Oh my sides….KEK

7bdc49 No.960423

960278 ….Yes God Bless !

ca85ed No.960424

File: 5caa2be81b10102⋯.jpeg (1009.37 KB, 1206x1556, 603:778, 716A9B9F-3CF8-4C55-9E55-B….jpeg)

McMuffin retweet of Mouaz Moustafa

7ae026 No.960425



Astute observation and true.

a93a7a No.960426

I think its France. @POTUS_schedule just tweeted out the transcript of POTUS' call with Macron after the bombing was reported.

e089ab No.960427


I'll post this again

"World War III is to be fomented, using the so-called controversies; by the agents of the Illuminati operating under whatever new name; that are now being stored up between the political Zionists and the leaders of the Moslem world. That war is to be directed in such a manner that all of Islam and political Zionism (Israelis) will destroy each other while at the same time; the remaining nations, once more divided on this issue, will be forced to fight themselves into a state of complete exhaustion; physically, mentally, spiritually, and economically. - Myron C. Fagan 1967

There is no time line on when this will occur. It's their long game after all since the 1700's.

74983b No.960428

Seems like (((Israel))) is trying to force Trumps hand…to act early. The star will gorge itself on clay.

c176b1 No.960429


I have only heard good things from those in the know.

eaf357 No.960430


I am willing to bet a LOT of non-autist anons have backed away from the KB to let you guys work your magic. Thank you for all that you do!

b6647d No.960431


Anon, your unhealthy obsession with Nasim needs to be taken somewhere else. This is a research board and you have done nothing to contribute by posting non-stop pictures of her like a fucking creep.

You have been banned before temporarily for spamming threads, and I'll warn you to stop one more time before I ban permanently.

Your post history: https:// ibb.co/kKufmc

e2c4cb No.960432


Yes, the only solution . As a reminder in the future. Death to Traitors!

dce450 No.960433


Well shit….now I feel bad

2e1091 No.960434


Dammed GOOGLE!!!!, They did the Self-False Flag!!!

8c98d2 No.960435


He's an ass. I was drawn into him last year until I figured out he was disinfo.

9cbd31 No.960436


Ben Domenech of The Federalist married her not too long ago. Thought he was OK. Oh well

151eec No.960437


I know a woman like her. This thing makes me so sad.

752fe3 No.960438


trapped? ty for letting all know i speak only truths. you lost. you cannot repent. unless… ask me? maybe i can give you an avenue… welfare don't mean shit in the new word bitch… understand?

118891 No.960439


If true, very impressive stunt.

318b46 No.960440


Jews hate Christians. It wasn't christian judeans who yelled "crucify him", it was those who believed Jesus was not the Christ the son of God who did. Imagine if they never stopped yelling, that's the world we live in. Why do you think they were so often kicked out of their host nations?

33973a No.960441

https:// twitter.com/perfectsliders/status/983164164553281536

#Siria Syrian Anti-aircraft defense knocks down 8 missiles heading to T4 base in #Homs.

shot down 8 missiles, but stil some got through and they have casualities.

Assad confirming this on state TV

51ef7f No.960442


Pentagon has said we are not bombing Syria. Looking at all the reports so far…all the fingers are pointing to Israel.

ecd410 No.960443

Mouaz Moustafa

another MM name

5209ae No.960444


Joining you in prayer. Anons, join us in prayer for PEACE

da8a34 No.960445


Yes, this speech stirs one to the core. So much so that it seems Q didn't even choose to sign this message. That speaks volumes in itself because there are no coincidences, no mistakes in intent. Awesome…

e0b219 No.960446


Eva J. Koulouriotis



#Pentagon officials say there is no truth to reports that #USA has launched an attack against #Assad bases in Syria.This means that the first information that the #Israel-i Air Force is behind these strikes is correct.

8c1ccd No.960447


Gotta go with Mossad.

37f0dd No.960448


So go prone outside your local Lodge, or various knighthood headquarters. You are likely less than 5 miles from one of these. Noones stopping u. Now u want to wait for the plan to play out I bet. Chess not checkers. You think we all don't know where to find them? I reconed Knights of Malta headquarters in '11. Is anyone dead? No. Are they still fucked? Yes. Want to test me? U take elevator up and it opens up to an extremely white hallway w a door only to the right and a big one camera above it. It's amazing what u can find out when u wait one level up and just wait for elevator to b called down a level. Rookies.

b658ea No.960450


That's pure bullshit. He kills every one

9ad0e2 No.960451



a20255 No.960452

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Praise KEK - into the FIRE (song)

4fb48b No.960453


ROFL!! I guess that's KEK! in 8Chanese. I'm totally taking that meme.

20f579 No.960454

File: 8d67d780411905e⋯.jpg (45.62 KB, 417x353, 417:353, Clinton_Note.jpg)


http:// shoebat.com/2014/04/21/clintons-handwritten-note-al-qaeda-mosque-chairman/

The Chairman of the Dar al-Hijrah mosque to whom then-President Bill Clinton addressed a handwritten note, today sits on the Board of a highly suspect organization known as the Syrian Emergency Task Force (SETF). The SETF became a bit notorious when Fox News Channel’s Neil Cavuto helped expose a blatant conflict of interest with the group’s Political Director, Elizabeth O’Bagy as the Obama administration was considering airstrikes on Syria.

The Daily Caller recently discovered a handwritten note by then President Bill Clinton to the Chairman of the Dar al-Hijrah mosque in March of 2000. The one thing missing from the article is the name of the Chairman of the Board at that time.

Based on other emails reviewed by Shoebat.com, it appears that this individual would have been Bassam Estwani, who is identified as a Board member of the SETF. The emails show an attempt to craft a response from the Clinton White House to Estwani after the two men had already allegedly met.

a93a7a No.960455


That is not true. You are one of the worst kinds of divisionfags.

f104b5 No.960456


seems to be somehow about golan heights hugest ever oil discovery and the pipeline going thru syria…maybe israel wants that pipeline

3e3715 No.960457

Nasim = Filter+

I'm all done with her face

e9b1d8 No.960458


So "it's not the US" because the US send Macron to do the dirty job?

d4a493 No.960459

File: 094f34438e16bfe⋯.png (1.54 MB, 1626x958, 813:479, Moustafa WaPo.png)

File: 1b65366e9e134e2⋯.jpg (272.32 KB, 1721x944, 1721:944, Moustafa Wapo2.jpg)

File: 49550c168607e4f⋯.jpg (265.43 KB, 1528x902, 764:451, Moustafa Arkansas.jpg)

File: c3973aa7003e30b⋯.jpg (272.7 KB, 1611x958, 1611:958, Moustafa Blitzer Rogin.jpg)

File: 9fb7fbc1d496f08⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1605x971, 1605:971, Moustafa Bloomberg.png)

Mouaz Moustafa Social Media Dump incoming:

I took screenshots of everything I thought notable.

Hopefully, it helps anons dig:

284a79 No.960460


Be reasonable, limit him to just one per bread. He's kinda become part of the culture.

0bb56f No.960461


Same clothes, so either all photos in Syria, or in USA.

The one with the cars doesn't look much like Syria?

c176b1 No.960462


The clay is ISIS (fake terrorist) and the Star (Israel) is only using them as an excuse to attack Syria so they can carry on with energy/wealth accumulation.

dce450 No.960463


LOL…please be true

d4a493 No.960464

File: fc68ba3d185deb6⋯.png (1.61 MB, 1574x919, 1574:919, Moustafa Bouldan CNN.png)

File: 7cdc0e994cc081c⋯.png (1.3 MB, 1592x947, 1592:947, Moustafa Boyle.png)

File: e0bef64357b26aa⋯.jpg (263.37 KB, 1712x952, 214:119, Moustafa Clinton Public Se….jpg)

File: 158c84795ce7397⋯.jpg (246.18 KB, 1733x929, 1733:929, Moustafa Colton.jpg)

File: 99b948f251ce20d⋯.png (1.76 MB, 1613x953, 1613:953, Moustafa Ford.png)


Part 2:

08ebbe No.960465

Q to Trump (sit room)

”if we do it, 8chanonswil turn on you”

Trump “what if I have my joobois do it?”

Q “great idea, I’ll tell them that Israel is just cleaning up the last remnants of ISIs”

Trump “outstandin! but dont someof them already know mossad = isis??”

Q: “ not enough of them”

Trump: “ tell no name he’s got hisregime change, this better beworth it”

Q: <rubs hands together greedily”…

faf37f No.960466


paid saboteur for Clinton airplane hits?

ecf4d7 No.960467

551dd5 No.960468


if high level arrests took place, how would you plan to secure that corrupt prosecutors didn't intentionally tank the case by overcharging and under delivering? Corrupt Judges didn't exclude critical evidence? bias jurors didn't acquit based on party lines? What would you say was the next step after they were acquitted?

9ad0e2 No.960469




0dbde8 No.960470

File: a3c6ef67e193651⋯.png (4.92 KB, 333x151, 333:151, talmud 1.png)

File: f290452f26670e0⋯.jpg (17.17 KB, 357x141, 119:47, talmud 2.jpg)

File: 57927f8222d1e87⋯.jpg (187.42 KB, 1180x728, 295:182, talmud 3.jpg)

File: 1ac39a67fed2219⋯.jpg (88.47 KB, 850x400, 17:8, talmud 4.jpg)

File: 76274af2c3c9889⋯.jpg (3.88 MB, 4500x4602, 750:767, jews own the media.jpg)

Remember anons, until this gets resolved and we are fully compensated for everything they've done, it will never be over.

1f36f8 No.960471

File: 15592f001ab2b5a⋯.jpg (82.62 KB, 720x720, 1:1, Anti_semitic_Trick.jpg)

File: 71d56326094e7aa⋯.jpg (37.3 KB, 600x453, 200:151, Anti_semitic_Trick_2.jpg)



Beware the "muh joos shills are coming" shills. They are tying to use an online version of the "anti-semitic trick". Recognize them for what they are, Israel is not impervious to criticism.

To understand exactly what the “anti-semitic trick” is, see pics related #1 and #2 on this post and watch these videos:

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0kWAqZxJVE

"Anti-semitic, its a trick we always use it" - 1min

Former Israeli Minister Shulamit Aloni tells the truth about the “anti-semitic trick”.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=jyJYwCZOCD4

“Ex-mossad agent explains the "anti-semite" trick” - 1min

Ex-mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky explains the "anti-semite" trick – how jews conspire together to silence critics of israel, jews and zionism.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtBF6MxquWI

“Jacob Cohen explains the Sayanim (Mossad's volunteer agents)” - 3min

Sayanim are non-Israeli or dual citizenship jews that colaborate with Mossad. Sayanim take their orders from the Mossad's War Department.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vqhi16iikxk

“Israel's Internet Censorship War” - 14min

A concise, yet detailed overview of all kinds of Israel's internet censorship and social engineering. Relates to Wikipedia and Israel's use of non-Israeli jews to act in favor of Israel (relates to Mossad word wide helpers (Sayanim) theme).

Also shows how Israel instructe it's subversive agents operating in the West to try to relate all criticism of Israel to white-supremacy.

Shows that in 2016 Fortune magazine reported that Google, Facebook and Youtube comply with up to 95% of Israel's requests to delete content critical of Israel, justifying with “it's content that incites Palestinian violence”.

2e1091 No.960472

France or Israel?

0c82ea No.960473

File: bcef4295d63ac5d⋯.jpg (2.13 MB, 2448x3264, 3:4, PF_AMOHW_MOVIE.jpg)

File: d5ac72096f8a61c⋯.png (44.18 KB, 448x278, 224:139, Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at ….png)

I saw this at the theater yesterday, after seeing Chappaquidick…

d4a493 No.960474

File: 90e08ceeca06777⋯.jpg (246.86 KB, 1728x941, 1728:941, Moustafa Hof.jpg)

File: eeb7ec7585388fc⋯.png (1.39 MB, 1608x953, 1608:953, Moustafa Kaine.png)

File: 8b07123c815e4ee⋯.jpg (287.36 KB, 1611x960, 537:320, Moustafa Kinzinger 2.jpg)

File: 8ee9aa6624cce94⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1602x959, 1602:959, Moustafa Kinzinger.png)

File: de71f61fdb1b1be⋯.png (1.51 MB, 1420x947, 1420:947, Moustafa Klimkin.png)

c4b608 No.960475


As Q said this is bigger than you think.

ebc58b No.960476

File: 912789bfb5446a0⋯.jpg (132.1 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, Mouaz Kaine House Member &….jpg)

File: c4e337581b48a52⋯.jpg (82.69 KB, 1608x905, 1608:905, Mouaz Weiner.jpg)

File: 20d7d551fa03107⋯.jpg (159.79 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, McCain Clinton Lynn Brock.jpg)

File: c42ab3f0ef45308⋯.jpg (347.81 KB, 1280x851, 1280:851, McCain Kerry.jpg)

File: 22ab946d6796634⋯.jpg (105.78 KB, 768x869, 768:869, McCain Rubio.jpg)

Kaine, Hillary, Rothschild, Rubio, ISIS, Weiner, Huma, Saudis, Graham…

Mouaz may be one of the camera guys for the deepstate, just like AWAN is IT. He is a thread on the web helping connect them all

4fb48b No.960477


It's not WWIII. This is a limited engagement, fear not.

8c98d2 No.960478


Checked anon. May the GOOD GUYS PREVAIL.

33973a No.960479


well done. Nasim posting is cancer.

8d0e77 No.960480

File: 0e2aac0be9408c2⋯.jpg (59.39 KB, 700x551, 700:551, govworker.jpg)

File: 19e29cd0cfa6825⋯.png (729.1 KB, 553x449, 553:449, madtv.png)


Yes please. Someday "a job working for the U.S. government" will not be something to be ashamed of. Up to now, many fed jobs are only attractive to lazy people going nowhere in life, who just want all the benefits and the 40 paid days off per year.

Also need better people to fix the incompetence of government projects that take 10x as long and cost 5x as much as private company projects, with half the results.

57a97c No.960481

c2056a No.960482

Lebanon’s Al Mayadeen broadcaster has reported that the missiles were coming from the Mediterranean Sea, through Lebanese airspace.

https:// www.rt.com/news/423540-syria-homs-airbase-missiles/

7ff3ac No.960483

File: b623115c2f93c4f⋯.jpg (146.04 KB, 736x630, 368:315, Syria oil drilling.jpg)

3e3715 No.960484


Ha. I had to un-filter+ just after I did it to see this.

Thank you!

ebbe11 No.960485

The Syrian Air Defense Force has responded to a "missile attack" on a military airport in the area of Homs, state media SANA is reporting.

At least eight missiles were launched at Syria’s T-4 air base in the east of Homs province, SANA reports, citing a military source. According to the agency, the attack has “likely” been carried out by the United States. Meawnhile, Lebanon’s Al Mayadeen broadcaster has reported that the missiles were coming from the Mediterranean Sea, through Lebanese airspace.

The US Defense Department is "aware" of reports of an alleged missile strike, but did not confirm them, a Pentagon

representative told Sputnik.

Meanwhile, Al Masdar News is reporting that “unknown jets” have entered Syrian airspace from Lebanon, and is speculating that the jets could be Israeli. In response, the Syrian Air Defense system at Mezzeh Air Base was activated, the report added.


a93a7a No.960486


Yep. Notice they only hit an Iran controlled base.

b658ea No.960487


It's the GCC. Just watch.

6b8e2b No.960488


(((They))) want to try to hang it on Israel because that will start WWIII. (((We))) would go to Israel's defense. The entire purpose of this was to blame Israel

d4a493 No.960489

File: 0a764e30b5a0829⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1515x954, 505:318, Moustafa Lewis 2.png)

File: 9aabdce247bba90⋯.png (973.33 KB, 1595x936, 1595:936, Moustafa Lewis.png)

File: 4556e1aa2d38ced⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1600x965, 320:193, Moustafa McGovern.png)

File: 4fee7b943d6f49f⋯.png (662.89 KB, 1629x928, 1629:928, Moustafa McMaster 2.png)

File: 1af9a73fb990726⋯.png (1.74 MB, 1503x940, 1503:940, Moustafa McMaster.png)

f104b5 No.960490


maybe so but israel does that too in israel

1b94c9 No.960491


hes an american..we treat him as a TRAITOR like McCain

c176b1 No.960492


I don't know him but what he is right as far as what is being reported. (Fake news)

437bbf No.960493

File: 4f285fafcfd1777⋯.jpg (18.39 KB, 521x780, 521:780, 160225-F-UP786-001.JPG)




284a79 No.960494


The last org that banned her did not make out so well.

8c1ccd No.960495


Not worried at all. Always trust the plan.

151eec No.960496


Now do the same with the pelicans and AIM.

e8ab99 No.960497


Hivites hate Christians not Jews

0f12d6 No.960498

5209ae No.960499


Me too. This Anon knows

d4a493 No.960500

File: 3351ba66afc91da⋯.jpg (332.47 KB, 1734x944, 867:472, Moustafa Moustafa NPR.jpg)

File: 409a83450232b5c⋯.png (1.54 MB, 1603x947, 1603:947, Moustafa Rapp 3.png)

File: d046869f00d461c⋯.jpg (263.38 KB, 1736x946, 868:473, Moustafa Rapp 4.jpg)

File: 85a8adda1a334a1⋯.png (1.42 MB, 1436x948, 359:237, Moustafa Rapp Engel.png)

File: e36149c30842c99⋯.png (1.39 MB, 1606x953, 1606:953, Moustafa Rapp Tabler.png)

274ee7 No.960501

File: db5193c65c2c7b0⋯.jpg (215.06 KB, 937x960, 937:960, alinsky.jpg)

File: c3b344c7e516890⋯.jpeg (733.27 KB, 2732x2048, 683:512, beyondblueyonder.jpeg)





Anons, you are ALL falling for the 'change of news cycle' hook line sinker.

Remember what Q said:


Apr 8 2018 00:48:59 (EST) Q AT4Z3VQ ID: d6f611 947065

They are trying to start a war.


Public interest shift.

Pullout announcement.

Chem attack.


These people are sick.


Apr 7 2018 13:33:58 (EST) Q 4Z3VQ ID: d1eeb8 938439


New tactic.

Buckle up.

MediaMatters 4ch.

Narrative + anything Q.

Clowns + Twitter push.

MSM overdrive.

All 4 a LARP?








These (((msm motherfuckers))) are racing against the clock to distract our dissemination efforts by distracting us with ww3 potential while pushing ahead with their MAIN objective which is SUBVERSION of the pedogate/Q issue main offensive which is LL tarmac fake news interview of monday.


DISSEMINATE the TRUTH, FUCK the (((lies))).

Reposting, because apparent this faggot (((shill))) here tried to do some kiddie level psyop on us regarding this post…MUST BE IMPORTANT!!!!





BWAHAHAHA you fucking (((clown bitches))) NEVER fail to crack us up.

Be at ease, anons. Weakass bitch made (((shills))) raising their kike asses and begging to be fucked.

Do not fall for their queer temptations LOL

We are going to enjoy raping this bitch on this board…and maybe out. LOL!

We're going to fuck you up, (((bitch))).

6fc019 No.960502


I have a hacksaw and I hereby volunteer to cut it down!

a93a7a No.960503



9ad0e2 No.960504



959379 No.960505


Surely all those Senators woke up on March 15, just happened to converge in that hallway at that moment by pure coincidence and all happened to take out their knives and simultaneously stab Caesar to death without any prior planning, coordination or consultation. It just happened to happen that way! Nothing to see, move along. It was all just a random coincidence!

That usually does it.

I don't mind being called "conspiracy theorist" as long as my interlocutor is called a "coincidence theorist"

4a1fe1 No.960506




Second the Mossad.

Kind of their signature move - proxies and blackmail.

460df0 No.960507

File: 3818abffee1da5e⋯.jpg (55.15 KB, 570x375, 38:25, DJYQQdUXcAA0F7p.jpg)

Here's another image of McCain in Syria, with the Syrian colors on

ebc58b No.960508

File: 912789bfb5446a0⋯.jpg (132.1 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, Mouaz Kaine House Member &….jpg)

If any1 can find the original

3f21f8 No.960509


threats from the tough guy

d4a493 No.960510

File: 7ac4ffcad510927⋯.jpg (286.12 KB, 1532x950, 766:475, Moustafa Rapp.jpg)

File: a75814ba1305ca4⋯.png (543.02 KB, 1424x937, 1424:937, Moustafa Rogin 2.png)

File: e4a0ebce93d3777⋯.png (1.45 MB, 1609x955, 1609:955, Moustafa Rogin Tapper.png)

File: 826dd5833e64b74⋯.png (1.5 MB, 1706x948, 853:474, Moustafa Rogin.png)

File: 9fd25b454ef22f2⋯.jpg (239.26 KB, 1733x948, 1733:948, Moustafa Ryan.jpg)

7ae026 No.960511

File: 31b350ce6fba197⋯.jpg (144.01 KB, 1305x727, 1305:727, Conspiracy10.jpg)

File: 561cf6c793b4aaf⋯.jpg (182.14 KB, 1305x727, 1305:727, Conspiracy11.jpg)

File: 897b6abbdc51885⋯.png (273.8 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, ConspiracyBlueDress.png)

File: 05f51340260d34c⋯.png (467.77 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, ConspiracyColbyCIAOwns.png)

File: e570722cfa77ca6⋯.png (522.64 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, ConspiracyFBIFuckTrump.png)


An anon did a bunch of memes on conspiracies that are true

Here are 5.

There are a ton more of these in the memes bread.

9cbd31 No.960512


Conspiracy Fact

0bb56f No.960513


I don't get it. What is so bad about the memes?

284a79 No.960514


Absolutely. Please ban AIM.

dce450 No.960515

So Sebastian Gorka just scoped a really emotional speech about Trump and his intentions….emphasized Trump's distaste for war and that it would be accomplished in other ways

https:// twitter.com/SebGorka/status/983147522360147968

ed8ee8 No.960516

File: a14340e37c52a2a⋯.jpg (202.86 KB, 965x697, 965:697, IMG_20180409_073604.jpg)

Syria. Libya. Ukraine.

No name.

2e1091 No.960517


it's an AI.. that won't stpo

c176b1 No.960518

File: aba5375f61c27b7⋯.jpg (864.29 KB, 2020x1134, 1010:567, Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at ….jpg)

File: a5811514fd7c077⋯.jpg (1.26 MB, 1728x1080, 8:5, IMG_20180317_111427_proces….jpg)



Pics related

b6647d No.960519


They get immediate bans. No questions asked. You see them a lot because they're constantly hopping IP's.

cb8cce No.960520

File: cb822d3a1a9f2f1⋯.png (397.64 KB, 1109x809, 1109:809, Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at ….png)

This map helped me understand the factions involved and where they are located. Source is probably not good guys, but its presented without analysis.

d4a493 No.960521

File: 70c7a8c2301ef73⋯.png (1.57 MB, 1601x955, 1601:955, Moustafa Sajjan.png)

File: 95f0612e0000a42⋯.png (1.63 MB, 1510x939, 1510:939, Moustafa Schmidt 2.png)

File: 7f64967f3700569⋯.jpg (293.36 KB, 1622x923, 1622:923, Moustafa Schmidt.jpg)

File: 1457d882f6f56be⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1605x968, 1605:968, Moustafa Springsteen.png)

File: f870c5d61c2468b⋯.jpg (232.38 KB, 1613x952, 1613:952, Moustafa Tapper.jpg)

e87543 No.960522

File: e4c7b8559051fe3⋯.jpg (48.79 KB, 470x362, 235:181, DaTllCLX0AEp-wR.jpg)

f827c1 No.960523


The Pentagon specified Assad Air Bases!!!!!!!

367733 No.960524


The Free Syrian Army are not Assad's forces though. They're in opposition to Assad and say their goal is to bring down Assad's government. Al Nusra is al-Qaeda in Syria, also working against Assad. These two are being funded / supported by No-Name et al.

df0748 No.960525

File: 65d373ff458dad2⋯.png (45.63 KB, 613x384, 613:384, 1523208389361.png)

9ad0e2 No.960526


That would be a major escalation

f104b5 No.960527


ding ding

8c98d2 No.960528



b4db5d No.960529

File: ec4f79b427906bb⋯.png (439.12 KB, 747x789, 249:263, ClipboardImage.png)

57a97c No.960530


kill em all

every last one

they've killed untold numbers

a93a7a No.960531

This should be interesting because Merkel and Macron and May had all been having meetings together and Merkel had been having separate meetings with Iran. So did Macron break from his allegiance with Merkel?

752fe3 No.960532


so stupid. done. God won !000 million years ago dumbass… you are watching a movie… B movie. but a movie.

561b6b No.960533


Thank you.

3ef631 No.960534

File: 1a0ea49fc06443f⋯.jpeg (376.3 KB, 1116x841, 1116:841, EBB758A0-6957-4384-8733-B….jpeg)


Fear not. Compensation is coming.

d4a493 No.960535

File: 9b26109434a79c1⋯.png (1.8 MB, 1618x948, 809:474, Moustafa Traitor.png)

e528bc No.960536

File: d71f3fc3c8dfb30⋯.png (244.61 KB, 640x539, 640:539, 56a80ffa6308baf2f3fe034eaf….png)



>>959992 (You)

Translation of the rest:

" nothing makes people more disgusted than the hypocrisy and the cheapness of ppl who call them selves "Revolutionary activists". these groups filled the stages and tv channel yelling about an age of democracy and human rights coming to the new Syria. these activists turn into "project managers" for american or eu orgz.

for these activists groups, revolution is just a job oppurtunity. and they want foriegn goverments to pay with their currency($ or euro). it doesnt matter if the work is for the revolution or the betterment of syria. it doesnt matter who pays them, as long as they can get dollars in the end of the month, so they can spend it in bars in istanbul and Antakya and Gaziantep.

and when you ask them how is the revolution is going? they answer what revolution?!

an example of these corrupt activists is the islamic brotherhood Muath mustafa (orginally from palistine) who works as a head of the org: Syrian emergency task force."

42db57 No.960537

File: 8e06c73d81c086c⋯.jpeg (69.47 KB, 582x580, 291:290, 8af4e4043029857120b18e080….jpeg)


Does this:

http:// www.fox10phoenix.com/news/arizona-news/christine-mustafas-boyfriend-arrested-accused-of-first-degree-murder

have anything to do with this >>958537

Mouaz Moustafa


born Palestinian refugee, moved 2USA@12 world traveler,play futbol,worked n US House, Senate,Egyptian,Libyan, Syrian Revolution,Executive Director of @SyrianETF

Washington D.C.

Have anything to do with this: >>958033


SEC detail background.

All looking away.

‘TRUSTED’ close proximity.

Refugees who work/ed US House / Senate?



Have anything to do with Mustafa living in Az near McStain?

4f483d No.960538

File: b61b388c021846c⋯.png (319.55 KB, 614x363, 614:363, razan.png)



Razan Shalab AlSham:Field Director of Syrian Emergency Task Force

https:// uk.reuters.com/article/uk-syria-crisis-mccain-obama/white-house-was-aware-of-mccains-trip-to-syria-in-advance-idUKBRE94R0YK20130528

c176b1 No.960539


Looks like they are redacted d/t clearance (badges).

2e1091 No.960541



86d24e No.960542


UBER fucking KEK!

e6a37b No.960543


284a79 No.960544


They think he's eating up valuable bread that can be used to advance the cause.

I think she's a moral booster. She was a facinating character. Art imitating life that is imitating art.

3f21f8 No.960545


Be reasonable. Drink half the bleach.

328331 No.960546

367733 No.960547


A good question. Why is the area closed to the outside world?

554a2b No.960548

File: 5ee16313762f0ba⋯.png (1.73 MB, 1251x787, 1251:787, tapper.PNG)


08ebbe No.960549


wrong schlomo, we all know. (shut it down the goyim KNOW!!)

6f8151 No.960550

File: d2c47da68f72ad4⋯.jpg (276.74 KB, 1080x907, 1080:907, Screenshot_20180408-211244….jpg)

Huge, John Lausch is US attorney in Chicago. Unmasking documents from the Obama library anyone?

8c98d2 No.960551



4f64d8 No.960552

"How many [Coincidences] does it take?"

ca85ed No.960553

File: 54d883d3a90ce4d⋯.jpeg (389.17 KB, 1211x892, 1211:892, 4F33606F-2F34-4433-AAAD-9….jpeg)

0f12d6 No.960554


I've documented … as well.

The boy travels… Amsterdam, Thailand with 2 days… sight seeing?

51ef7f No.960555


I know how much you don't like Israel. For me … I would just like to see everyone … this world …clean up it's act and fly straight. Sick of the killing…sick of the hate … want to see better days.

151eec No.960556

File: 67312d429688d43⋯.jpg (10.94 KB, 474x256, 237:128, the g stands for gay.jpg)


>So go prone outside your local Lodge

I'm sure you'd enjoy that, right sailor?

e0dabb No.960558


I wouldn't advise inserting yourself into what is essentially a military operation, unless you wish to join those headed for Gitmo.

9ad0e2 No.960559

ae7b4d No.960560


From Rachel Chandler

20f579 No.960561

Monsters of Congress Launch New Syria-hating Caucus

Surely the monsters of congress already have the Syrian American Medical Society war pimps on their list. Though likely founded as an innocuous group meriting this name, SCAMS has morphed into one of the biggest vampire NGOs against Syria, making huge sums of money via its criminal lies (it bragged about having a $15 million budget in FY 2015), sucking the rivers of Syrian martyr blood. SCAMS is expanding throughout the region, holds “medical missions” in Jordan, two day “medical training” (shameless affront to the medical sciences) in Gaziantep, and will soon be holding its 17th Annual Conference in Istanbul (would it not make more sense for Syrian Americans to celebrate in America?). According to its website, SCAMS is also embedded with the takfiri in Syria, frequently complaining of unhospitals being bombed — though never once has it condemned the destruction of actual hospitals, by the various terrorist gangs (e.g., al Kindi University Cancer Hospital, al Watani, Jisr al Shughur)

http:// www.syrianews.cc/monsters-congress-launch-new-syria-hating-caucus/

367733 No.960562

3e3715 No.960563


Translated from Turkish - Flash Development! Syria has announced that Israel has made an attack on the Syrian airport in Homs…

274ee7 No.960564

File: 0b418c3b929c562⋯.png (69.26 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, breakthemsm.png)



multiple (((kike))) shills in tizzy because israel got caught red-handed launching vast false flag attack in syria combined with chem gas attack confirmed by Q.

Anons, see how the (((shill))) above tried to psyop us with kiddy tricks on the post here:




and forgot to change his vpn.


We are in for a fun night, boyz. Fuck these niggers up.

554a2b No.960565

File: 6f11bb28c068c40⋯.png (1.68 MB, 1267x787, 1267:787, wolfie.PNG)


4179dd No.960566

We need a new baker fags. Old one signed out with no handoff

a01256 No.960567


I just find it hard to believe France wouldn't take credit.

I have trouble seeing what France would have to gain as they're the biggest pussies and don't want a real war.

Israel makes sense because they want us there and they've bombed Syria in the past in this same manner although the stakes were much higher.

284a79 No.960568


excellent find, anon, you just tied this bastard to pizzaJake.

86d24e No.960569


Sounds like they should have a motto like "War By Deception" or something like that…

02ae28 No.960570


Well, if Wictor is totally right - it would actually mean this is prob just about over.

08ebbe No.960571


good! about time you came over, now get on board and stop supporting jewish zionism.

74983b No.960572


Allies can turn. -Trump

Don't trust (((them)))

df492e No.960573

File: 1cb41514876ef90⋯.png (236.05 KB, 493x469, 493:469, Snip20180408_8.png)

9b7a56 No.960574

File: e28c1acb63918dc⋯.jpg (70.76 KB, 960x720, 4:3, no name kuzen salem from M….jpg)

File: 1635f3c4bb95431⋯.jpg (60.94 KB, 960x547, 960:547, Halifax Conference.jpg)

For what its worth, found Noname a few times on Mouaz Moustafa's FB page. Kuzen Salem is tagged at the far right in first pic. Who are the others? Other pic is from Halifax International Security Forum

69936e No.960575


Prolly realized he / the SHADOW GOVERNMENT OF BHO has been outted here — a CYA Tweet HA!

42db57 No.960576




5d6c67 No.960577


what did he do/whom did he meet in Amsterdam?

Dutchfag here

870a79 No.960578

File: 852d80de0d5f61e⋯.png (454.55 KB, 852x942, 142:157, AMC.png)



http:// www.aymennjawad.org/16318/the-administration-of-the-local-council-in-azaz

8c98d2 No.960579


Checked anon. We ALL want that. The citizens of these nations are mostly innocent, just like members of the Catholic Church. Gotta weed out the filth that has infiltrated all institutions and governments WW.

9ad0e2 No.960580

File: e8eb428ecd467ac⋯.jpg (69.27 KB, 800x441, 800:441, shill5.jpg)

08e52f No.960581


Baker was handed off last bread.

1a87f5 No.960582


ALL of (((their))) symbolism needs to be removed from our government and society.

3f21f8 No.960583


Disgusting liar. I will post full names on another forum. Fair warning.

f88551 No.960584

File: df4419ff8bb68d0⋯.jpg (206 KB, 720x1012, 180:253, Statue_of_George_Washingto….jpg)


Also washington statue at federal hall new york city. Ive heard stories it has a different meaning though

aa4730 No.960585


Yeah, that's all I got is a hunch, based on a lot of help from other ANONS.

I hope we can look into it after it calms down.

3c440f No.960586

File: deea0c4de4c95ff⋯.png (3.16 MB, 818x1348, 409:674, Technology travels to Hous….png)

Imran Awan, 2005

2e1091 No.960587


WTF!!?, Where is Joan of Arc When it's needed!!!???

faf37f No.960588

how many fucking "double agents" did obama let in our gov?

274ee7 No.960589


Notable, anons. Let's get in on this plus that mudslime isis infiltrator.

ae7b4d No.960590


Rachel Chandler. 3rd night at Ebstiens Island

71bee3 No.960591

File: badae50b3d66f88⋯.jpg (170.62 KB, 1125x2001, 375:667, imranawan.jpg)


I believe Imran Awan was recruited in Canada by … CIA[I forget the exact name of the likely contact/ groomer? Andy McCabe?] Brought to Canada first, then brought here - when a young man. He and Wasserman - Schultz are rumored to have a child together.

George Webb Sweigert is the expert on him.. thousands of hours of work have been done already on this. George Webb knows a lot of details on Awan.

"Awan" is a generic name. It was a team also, with family members and friends brought in to the U.S.. Imran also had/has many pseudonyms. "Imran Awan" is likely a contrived name?, as well?

The Awan clan are allegedly descendants of Muhamud, as are the Saud.

According to on-line genealogies.

https:// www.scribd.com/document/144833559/Awan-Family

Sweigert says they are all "Royal" cousins.

The royalty of England and of Europe allegedly comes from the Ancient World. They all know it - Goes back to Byzantium and the "Middle East" Asia, Bosporus, Crusades [the true chronologies of the Kings]. At least the real ancestors do. (So much fakery hard to know.) But the chronologies and all evidence point to an origin for the King lines to a place east.

So the "Octopus" so-to-speak recruits their own kind / "bloodline" That may be why Imran Awan is given so much privilege?

He was likely a front man - to be a scape goat [cover]? It wasn't his own org - He created it at the behest of others.

And he's likely a bloodline cousin of some kind,

Interesting that many alleged Muslims turn out to be Jews in disguise. Some Englishmen are said to have created sects of Islam in the 19th c. Dressed up as an Arab and do the scam. It didn't start yesterday.

284a79 No.960592

NaSSIM is a baker, get him to do it.

c5ae05 No.960593


Assange did not gas his own people. We were about to reach peace, end of the war in Syria, so the Illuminati paid rebels to gas, to blame Assad and so the military industrial complex can continue the war.

Still trust Boulton? Boulton is SES! Sessions is SES! Horowitz is SES! Special prosecutor Huber is SES!

They are all criminals and protect each other!

SES has been exposed!

Jeff SESsions + SERCO = The Shadow Government.


You are retarded and an idiot.

554a2b No.960594

File: 472c76e463adb2e⋯.png (1.94 MB, 1268x805, 1268:805, kinzinger.PNG)


51ef7f No.960596


He's from Obama's old stomping grounds. How much do we know about this guy Lausch and his personal relationship with Obama…the early years?

42db57 No.960597


keep it that way baker. TY baker, doing great.

c81505 No.960598









Great work, anon. Lots of good stuff in here. This guy was everywhere!

4179dd No.960599


Noted, shit moving so fast I missed it

dce450 No.960600

Maybe they want to clear out space for some refugees that need to go back


df0748 No.960601



08e52f No.960602


Already placed in notables for next bread. Good find.

5d11b3 No.960603

File: dd0c31a12802b0b⋯.png (544.29 KB, 547x453, 547:453, McStains Spawn.PNG)


Saw this earlier

She is with Chuy,

Chelsea Handlers sidekick

7ae026 No.960604


Those posts are irrelevant to

the mission of the Q Research board.

c5ae05 No.960605


If WWIII is the plan, that is proof that The Plan stinks.

All idiots have been duped.


Shows that what Trump & Q say are two different things.

Shows that Trump is not in control truly.

Either that, Trump fell for the lie that Assad was behind it.

8c98d2 No.960606


Wtf is it with the Jews and MB? All links back to MB and Nazi's WW2.

a93a7a No.960607


But we don't want to be in war in Syria. Taking out strategic bases like T4 by an ally of ours would be a better bet. OR Israel is actually doing the hitting for us. We are not hitting Assad directly. So far just Iran controlled area.

460df0 No.960608

File: 81a42fe9d7569a0⋯.jpg (26.43 KB, 280x175, 8:5, maccain-280x175.jpg)

328331 No.960609


as many as he could

9ad0e2 No.960610


>Assange did not gas his own people


df492e No.960611

File: 9de96f460403799⋯.png (187.54 KB, 469x332, 469:332, Snip20180408_6.png)

File: c12c270d077137c⋯.png (178.16 KB, 608x452, 152:113, Snip20180408_7.png)

File: 1cb41514876ef90⋯.png (236.05 KB, 493x469, 493:469, Snip20180408_8.png)

File: c278afddba5a734⋯.png (301.76 KB, 460x452, 115:113, Snip20180408_9.png)

File: 700630a81663a25⋯.png (214.91 KB, 483x363, 161:121, Snip20180408_10.png)

Twatter pic dump incoming.

85f85c No.960612


Ugh……. he's from Chicago.

I hope he's not a democrat gatekeeper on the document


7048f7 No.960613

Syria For Dummies:

(Anons please correct what needs correcting)

Assad most likely is resisting our ME pipeline and/or a Roths Central Bank in Syria. We created ISIS in Iraq and Syria to be our proxy army. We were assisting the "Syrian rebels" aka ISIS in overthrowing Assad. We want(ed) to instill a puppet leader in Syria, and create another "NK" and "Iran" in Syria, as another staging ground for destabilization in the Middle East, and more of the Middle East to control. When a chemical attack happens and its reported that Assad gasses his own people, it was really us firing those missiles. The Syrian civil war is really us manufacturing it. Assad is not really a "bad guy".

0f12d6 No.960614

File: 1d862cbfa4a36b2⋯.jpg (233.99 KB, 1745x853, 1745:853, 12618.JPG)

File: 7ff79b34cfc1646⋯.jpg (233.28 KB, 1692x727, 1692:727, Amsterdam 12-26-17.JPG)

File: 41467f822488e53⋯.jpg (156.35 KB, 1710x733, 1710:733, holland 12-20-17.JPG)

File: 53ae6a28a5c4395⋯.jpg (238.52 KB, 1627x824, 1627:824, tialand 12-17.JPG)

168004 No.960615


Fuck off.

c5ae05 No.960616



Jeff SESsions + SERCO = The Shadow Government.


Q is not connected to Trump. You have been duped. Current Q is a larp. Case in point.

Q is an agent of the banking cartel, an SES crime syndicate member. Q will soon go to Guantanamo, along with all the other traitors, including SESssions.

Whatever he feeds you will be part truth but mixed with lies.


08e52f No.960617


No worries. I'm keeping the oven hot and the dough lean.

51078c No.960618





Mossad = left hand

Clowns = right hand

Expand your global thinking.

bb4a39 No.960619

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

we must love one another

24df37 No.960620

File: 2d2205f79a0fdc7⋯.jpg (239.82 KB, 1600x1059, 1600:1059, bce521b4d9d1b95cf65468b433….jpg)


Did someone say they needed more popcorn?

ce3e91 No.960621


It's amazing to me, that a mental amoeba can type. If you can't understand, watch until it makes sense, or it is over. I suspect the later is more likely at this point.

df492e No.960622

File: 8504f97c39e18d8⋯.png (242.91 KB, 455x366, 455:366, Snip20180408_11.png)

File: 33b5f02fcedf587⋯.png (290.85 KB, 477x446, 477:446, Snip20180408_12.png)

File: d5ebb303456850a⋯.png (219.08 KB, 449x354, 449:354, Snip20180408_13.png)

File: 72a026365bb36dd⋯.png (315.22 KB, 451x459, 451:459, Snip20180408_14.png)

File: df5478adc923cad⋯.png (242.67 KB, 449x363, 449:363, Snip20180408_15.png)

df0748 No.960623

File: 70ec46dfa56a7f5⋯.jpg (3.68 MB, 2031x4783, 2031:4783, 1519791346870.jpg)


Awan is Mossad.

6b8e2b No.960624


I'm not an Israel hater. I'm the Christian anon praying for the peace of Israel daily as God instructs us to do. God promised blessings on those who bless Israel and curses on those who curse her (Genesis 12:3)

USA needs God's blessings.

aa4730 No.960625


But is the security video panel from Epstein Island, as we all thought, or does it involve NoName somehow??

I have a hunch it's NoName and his trip in 2013.

ae7b4d No.960626


Not really. It was stupid during Pizzagate but I’m pretty sure Q expected it this time. Probably even wanted it to happen.

7048f7 No.960627


Damn they dont even try and hide it

51ef7f No.960628


The night is young. You'll know soon enough. I know Maccron was supporting Israel in this.

a20255 No.960629

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Potus h-march (song)

c5ae05 No.960630


Q and Potus are not connected.

Tracy Beanz has stated that Q is a larp and that she is on the legit Q team. Trump shakes her hand, confirming this.


How do you know for sure it is Israel doing the bombing and not the U.S?


So Israel shot that off?

ecf4d7 No.960631

df0748 No.960632

File: d3fefdc32bf3a5b⋯.jpg (660.23 KB, 2465x1435, 493:287, 1519341862862.jpg)

3c440f No.960633

File: f09a050dc728472⋯.jpg (398.77 KB, 800x756, 200:189, Big-Crow (2).jpg)

33973a No.960634


perks of being manlet

554a2b No.960635

File: b0b7de38bd5a630⋯.png (1.57 MB, 1440x704, 45:22, FCO.PNG)


051a69 No.960636

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




Thank you dear anons

Here's a beautiful song to counter the war/fear mongering

Continuing the prayer

c5ae05 No.960637









• Starting in 2013, a few groups starting talking about Restoring the Republic and having mass arrests to achieve this, using the military, NESARA, global currency resent and such ideas. Many ideas began even before then.

• In 2016, “we” developed the embryonic ideas to take-down the Khabbalah, or cabal and began sharing these ideas. Prior to Trump being elected, we laid-out the plan to take-down the NWO and the banking cartel and with the help of much research and materials, found a way to do so without causing war.

• CICADA was doing their challenges and puzzles also during this time.

• Edward Snowden was publishing his material.

• In 2017, around March, CICADA published some material that is being used by current Q.

• From October to December, we began publishing the ideas of how to take-down the NWO on another board and we had Trump following us there and discussing the ideas with us, anonymously. He liked our ideas.

► This is when the Q character came-in on 8-chan, although various anonymous posters had been posting on 4-chan with some 20 different Ips.

► Enter Q around October of last year. By this time, we were already sharing our ideas with Trump on how to initiate our plan, the stages and how it would be accomplished. Trump liked our ideas and adopted them.

• Enter various phases of Q – 4 different boards, some 4 different trip codes….

This is how Q was formed, as a synthesis of all of this.

Continued next post..

74983b No.960638


Wictor is a spook, total disinfo…ignore him

116ae4 No.960639

File: 5307ebd4d214317⋯.jpg (45.79 KB, 600x338, 300:169, 274l8x.jpg)

168004 No.960640


Fuck off, again. And when you get there, GFY!

69936e No.960641


STFU and WORK douchbag

c7fa8f No.960642

File: b5849c957b1501c⋯.png (2.09 MB, 1866x1204, 933:602, Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at ….png)

74331e No.960643


| * * * * * * * * * :::::::::::::::::::::::::|


| * * * * * * * * * :::::::::::::::::::::::::|


| * * * * * * * * * :::::::::::::::::::::::::|








e87543 No.960644

Orwell 1984:

"It's always one bloody war after another, and one knows the news is all lies anyway"

95240b No.960645

I am Watching Deadly Intelligence on SCI channel

-MK-Ultra stuff -but also mentions Nazi Kurt Blume being part of Operation Paperclip-which for me-verifies the old rumor that Blume was given a new name and absorbed into the military industrial complex-specifically MERCK-

pretty sure he was way into vaccines

MERCK is a big pusher

1f6315 No.960646


>Still trust Boulton? Boulton is SES! Sessions is SES! Horowitz is SES! Special prosecutor Huber is SES!

>They are all criminals and protect each other!

Enlighten us, then, who you recommend.

df492e No.960647

File: 6efca80c82b683b⋯.png (323.51 KB, 464x447, 464:447, Snip20180408_16.png)

File: 0801fe641c05131⋯.png (237.41 KB, 470x360, 47:36, Snip20180408_17.png)

File: d1a70755099ae1a⋯.png (184.75 KB, 453x370, 453:370, Snip20180408_18.png)

File: ac655052987ff94⋯.png (262.19 KB, 505x461, 505:461, Snip20180408_19.png)

File: 657be19f9434ae1⋯.png (297.56 KB, 458x384, 229:192, Snip20180408_20.png)

cb8cce No.960648

File: cbec8e1b9bce962⋯.png (69.4 KB, 198x140, 99:70, Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at ….png)


lol where have we seen that exact sign before? he brings his propaganda shit with him.

085e55 No.960650

File: b7260b3987b1f47⋯.jpeg (135.73 KB, 1121x693, 1121:693, 17D19828-98F3-44AE-B3C8-9….jpeg)

a93a7a No.960651


T4 is controlled by Iran. Iran should not be in Syria. Iran is not our friend!

1b94c9 No.960652

340dc9 No.960653


Go prone outside?? Okay bruh, quit watching medal of honor or whatever Hollywood movie got you thinking you are an operator, ninja. Larp some more fag. You obviously missed my point that, q team is creating a 3rd faction that wont see reason from anyone. I dont care about waiting for the plan to play out of whatever. Win or lose, i got my shit rdy. Burn this fucker down….its what we deserve honestly. However it would be nice if the "good guys " didnt waste the opportunity they have. I dissagree with the "cant jail them all" from the earlier drops. If that means the gov is gutted to shit then so be it. Start fresh with a clean slate, no cancer. If it works ia because we deserve it if not then we obviously never did in the first place. No more gray areas, is what got us in this mess in the first place.

a42628 No.960654

File: 80e97ed5be4b61c⋯.png (262.88 KB, 707x516, 707:516, ClipboardImage.png)

TRANSLATION! Thankyou to special anon for helping! <3

230ebd No.960655

File: f720588898f7c6e⋯.jpg (13.15 KB, 191x255, 191:255, 4d5e670a97a00d2532d6db393b….jpg)

c7fa8f No.960656

File: 2890b8e960d00a9⋯.png (2.22 MB, 1870x1198, 935:599, Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at ….png)

14dfec No.960657



>Also washington statue at federal hall new york city. Ive heard stories it has a different meaning though

Also on the back of the mercury dime. It's a bundle of sticks, just like anons. Strength from many.

8c98d2 No.960658


Because it's all FAKE NEWS.

959379 No.960659


You are archiving these before posting here right? If so, please post archive links, if not, please archive first!

I could not get his linkedin page to archive - keeps telling me that I need a modern browser (wtf)

42db57 No.960660

File: 82cbc110659043c⋯.png (594.06 KB, 940x607, 940:607, fd4a91df627d99c44bc3128e41….png)

2e1091 No.960661


FILTRED M'FUCKER!!!, You're worse than Nasime!!!!

ce3e91 No.960662


Isn't that Instagram, not Facebook?

c903b5 No.960663


Mmmm, not so sure.

Just chatted with a fam who is in the general neighborhood (don't want to dox) and was getting ready to go into work. (it was like 5 am there when we chatted).

Mentioned the Thomas Wictor GCC theory and fam member stated he would find that "hard to believe". Reports of incoming from east/Lebanon is the Israel profile but of course he just woke up and was hearing this from me based on scraps of unverified info from social media here in the US.

Hope he has some actual OSINT he can share once he gets to work and finds the real deal.

1b94c9 No.960664



faf37f No.960665


well I hope Q meant it with bringing back the gallows!

Hang ALL these traitors

84e883 No.960666


she went along with the lie of poor sick and dying daddy. it is all so sad.

e528bc No.960667


this was resolved liike 3 threads ago

870a79 No.960668

File: eabb75a67d7b597⋯.png (637.9 KB, 821x898, 821:898, aleppoboy.png)

File: 852d80de0d5f61e⋯.png (454.55 KB, 852x942, 142:157, AMC.png)

File: d97d97fd25f7411⋯.jpg (33.89 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 419c8940407f5012f6834929e9….jpg)

File: 6e39cac48f36002⋯.png (678.72 KB, 774x884, 387:442, aleppoboy2.png)


http:// www.geopolmonitor.com/aleppo-boy-photographer-responds-to-allegations-of-beheading-involvment/

df492e No.960669


Notable pics @SoccerMouaz




61e849 No.960670


Yes which is why George Webb was hired to deflect for 2 yrs with his 'citizen' journo


a93a7a No.960671


We haven't finished Iran yet. This is not "last".

74983b No.960672


Important !!!!! how many people know the mossad motto??

eb20b4 No.960673


Nice, read between the lines

0f12d6 No.960674


No one that I can pin point… only sightseeing pics thus far. Or he was keeping it private…. but this guy is a famewhore.. so.. I would assume there might be more on his IG. I'm just harvesting FB

78be87 No.960675

File: 162a2646a51dd7b⋯.gif (7.89 MB, 650x615, 130:123, OoOoO.gif)

86d24e No.960676

File: 662e8695e300071⋯.jpg (86.13 KB, 274x414, 137:207, truth!.jpg)

ad399e No.960678


Thankyou. This is for Q research, not bimbo centerfold.

8c98d2 No.960679


Whoa. Fake news? Can't see POTUS letting that slide…

2e1091 No.960680


Hezbollah of Sure!!

66d70a No.960681

File: f5d9491f3fbc698⋯.jpg (120.96 KB, 1246x785, 1246:785, ZomboMeme 08042018211932.jpg)

51ef7f No.960682


Whats that all about. Well if he didn't who did? Your fired seems appropriate

a42628 No.960683


Oh, boo. :(

221903 No.960684


israeli gvt. is doing the hitting for themselves and the globalists.

561b6b No.960685

File: 962b55cb7afbfd5⋯.jpg (111.24 KB, 624x352, 39:22, Dutch.jpg)

7048f7 No.960686


Wouldn't Trump have said something by now?

5d11b3 No.960687

File: 6350c499b0eb097⋯.png (18.97 KB, 663x206, 663:206, AP Syria.PNG)

f104b5 No.960688

seems to me solution in syria is to send rods of god straight down deep as far as we can and totally destroy the golan heights oil discovery….problems solved…nothing to fight over

322878 No.960689

File: d866ac10936705f⋯.png (514.24 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, WDSHN_famefagging_daughter….png)

230ebd No.960690


Psycho Douglas Gabriel the Deep State faggot keeps plastering the board with his shilling bullshit. What a loser. So desperate after he got doxxed.

Filter, Anons.

dce450 No.960691


I actually had not even realized that until you said so….I swear there is so much info in my head right now its spinning

ebc58b No.960692

File: f51df664cdbf710⋯.jpg (104.38 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, Mouaz Royce.jpg)

Twitter quote:

"Great meeting with chairman Royce today an advocate on behalf of the Syrian people against Assad Iran and Isis #Syria"

a56c92 No.960693

File: d7c20e83bae682e⋯.jpg (39.34 KB, 300x302, 150:151, qisalerp.jpg)

7ff3ac No.960694


I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan. (Revelation 2:9)

274ee7 No.960695


Put (((shills))) on the kid.

74331e No.960696


Sad. Looks good in notepad.

4179dd No.960697

Couldn’t be Israel bombing the same base they bombed months ago could it?

168004 No.960698


It’s just about over.

37f0dd No.960699


They have infiltrated nearly every neighborhood and city in our country w their Luciferian groups. They advertise on welcome signs as u enter every town in the country for goodness sake. They have local gangs and felons at their disposal. They put judges and like-minded local law enforcement in place to control everything in the municipality. These ppl are far more coordinated than even q team has said yet. Q team knows this through thinthread revelations. Has to happen a certain way or every neighborhood in country is warzone. As they say, trust the plan. Also I wouldnt recommend just anyone recon the knight of Malta headquarters in sf. Good way to die.

1b94c9 No.960700



You realize the people who invaded Israel are evil satanists right?

theyre not real jews..

know the difference between land and people….a land can be invaded by evil people

ae7b4d No.960701


What pics are you talking about?

e7de07 No.960702


What is so good about the memes? How do they contrubute?

be8898 No.960703


Beanz is a larp. She did a 17 tweet storm going after True Pundit. She was in a crowd, the President greeted everyone at bottom of stairs.

f104b5 No.960704


she may not blow d… but i bet she eats them on a regular basis

3022be No.960705

File: aea2496ca2d04af⋯.jpg (69.77 KB, 576x578, 288:289, coin.jpg)


Look at the Mercury Dime, 1916-1945. That's the reverse.

""The reverse blends a Roman fasces (ax surrounded by a tied bundle of sticks) and an olive branch, indicating America's military readiness but also their desire for peace. ""

http:// www.coinfacts.com/dimes/mercury_head_dimes.html

752fe3 No.960706



c2056a No.960707

File: c6c41f9a991c19a⋯.png (370.06 KB, 1109x809, 1109:809, Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at ….png)


Why is ISIS on the border with Israel & Jordan?

85b840 No.960708

File: 4af8f03e12209b7⋯.jpg (26.72 KB, 370x260, 37:26, IMG_9148.JPG)

ebea58 No.960709

Lebanon is a Saudi vassel state since the Saudi's took Lebanese PM Saad Hariri into custody.

If The bombing aircraft is coming from Lebanon then it's the House of Saud who's pulling the strings.

Funny how the Saud heir isn't anywhere near the country while this is going down…..

322878 No.960710

File: eb53caa0c960fa4⋯.png (514.81 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, WDSHN_famefagging_daughter….png)


spelling fixed

dad2cb No.960711


> www.gofundme.com/jeremeinsandoval

Seems legit

506f6a No.960712


dunno, maybe wrap it in [code][/code] ?

367733 No.960713

File: 022aa76be56f02a⋯.png (4.77 KB, 380x201, 380:201, 022aa76be56f02a88878c79b83….png)

218d0a No.960714

File: 969453d099a7da1⋯.png (1.44 MB, 1258x589, 1258:589, Qamishli.PNG)

Not sure if this has been resolved. The syrian side of this twin city is called Qamishli. Nusaybin is on the Turkish side of the border.

Map is best capture of co-ordinates an Anon posted (37N,41E)showing both names.

Soccer guy living in Little Rock was best connection I saw in recent posts.

Hillary is at center of the 43 web graphic posted earlier. Did anyone else agree that this is at least the pattern we are going for (43 as a spider web).

55c0b8 No.960715

Does clowns = mossad = banker cabal?

then israeli govt is as blackmailed as US?

263066 No.960716



Herman Cain…Blitz!

c7fa8f No.960717

File: 5759e2c64575883⋯.png (1.93 MB, 1862x1194, 931:597, Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at ….png)

Same white guy in the background of two of the no name Syria pics. Security?

9ad0e2 No.960718

File: 2711c4643535de8⋯.png (50.38 KB, 480x263, 480:263, ClipboardImage.png)

02ae28 No.960719


Is striped shirt related to Pulse Night club killer's father?

0f12d6 No.960720


Would be valid if he named names… fake news

009fb7 No.960721



I didn't see it but by your description it sounds like the "angel with an ID around his neck and glasses" is definitely a reference to SNOWDEN…

On his twat account (NOT @Snowden, but rather @^ (WALDO), he would reference Sun Tzu often….

Very interesting that Simpson's ran the episode…my guess is…they may be one of US….

5d6c67 No.960722

Second time I see the Danish being mentioned in reaction to the Dutch.

first time it was a whole clip op youtube.

f104b5 No.960723


somebody got to beanz she used to be really stout on Q

5b5afb No.960724


I can't imagine GEOTUS not commenting on this, but it's clear he has a lot on his plate….so…..

274ee7 No.960725

File: 1bdb7f06bd85f8b⋯.jpeg (9.73 KB, 255x143, 255:143, weseeyou.jpeg)

589bcb No.960726

File: 08a91bfe03ff986⋯.jpg (89.64 KB, 736x1000, 92:125, twowings.jpg)

5209ae No.960727


Tonight WE PRAY FOR PEACE. Please take a moment Anons, pray, meditate, send good vibes ( whatever is that you do). Our world needs to be in peace in order for our children to be safe. Dear God, please help, protect and keep under your wing all good people in the world. We pray for POTUS, his family, Q,Patriots, our military, fellow Anons and our neighbors. May God help us anons be of help to Q and our cause.God bless you all. Love you all( no homo) WWG1WGA

For God and Country ( and the entire human race) AMEN

08e52f No.960728


I can't tell if you're kidding.

4cbfc9 No.960729

Rockefellers Join Soros & Rothschilds In Cryptocurrency Investment Plans

Despite the collapse in cryptocurrency prices since the beginning of the year (bitcoin is down more than 60% and ethereum down more than 70% from their ATHs), more marquee investors have decided that now is the time to buy in.

Last week, we noted that George Soros had taken some time out from his battle of wills with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban to grant one of his underlings approval to begin trading in crypto. Adam Fisher - who oversees macro investing at New York-based Soros Fund Management - has reportedly received internal approval to trade virtual coins in the last few months, "though he has yet to make a wager."

Soros's involvement followed reports last year that the Rothschild family had waded into the space - first by purchasing bitcoin exposure via the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust.

Their involvement is a sign that regulators around the world might be relaxing their stance toward crypto, as one prominent crypto entrepreneur and investors pointed out

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-04-08/rockefeller-familys-3bn-vc-fund-unveils-plans-invest-crypto

e8ab99 No.960730

File: 17ab35d60a973ae⋯.png (94.58 KB, 844x888, 211:222, screenshot_541.png)



https:// www.bible.com/search/bible?q=hivite

dce450 No.960731


I read something on twitter that it is the same airbase that they bombed months ago

Something about drones flying from there over Israel

3cbac8 No.960732


Thank you for expressing this important and often overlooked point.

1b94c9 No.960733


disinfo is necessary?

feeding people fake info to find the leaker

0f12d6 No.960734


I pulled this from FB

34dd0e No.960735

https:// www.politico.com/blogs/laurarozen/1209/Report_Blackwater_CEO_Eric_Prince_was_CIA_asset.html

Think Double

Why are we confirming this publicly?

Why now?


This is a theory - what if the two targets mentioned in the article were actually taken out and body doubles put in their place. And Eric Prince knows where the original targets are buried. (Where the bodies are buried)

61e849 No.960736



He is DISinfo

0bb56f No.960738


Curious reaction here

fa9b13 No.960740

http:// shoebat.com/2014/09/19/dammit-focus-names-people-whose-identities-know/

He had by far, the most demonstrable history showing connections to Muslim Brotherhood front groups

Though not seen in the photos above, the Political Director of the SETF at the time of McCain’s visit was also with him. Her name is Elizabeth O’Bagy who, after being released for not revealing a conflict of interest last year, was actually hired by McCain

527ff9 No.960741


Mid-East Prophecy Update – April 8th, 2018

Pastor J.D. talks about the breaking news of a gas attack in Syria.



5d11b3 No.960742

File: 82818701f9d928a⋯.png (57.66 KB, 634x407, 634:407, POTUS Syria Tweets.PNG)



Or simply deleted the tweets

They are all still there

Posobiec is a hack that likes to mislead

752fe3 No.960743


we chose this board for a reason.

627a3b No.960744

File: 11e12fff01eff83⋯.jpg (36.63 KB, 480x717, 160:239, YiYHF8-o6w48WQyueyiSmO7ywz….jpg)

f104b5 No.960745


very possible

777e05 No.960746


The Great Awakening is the goal.

I trust President Trump & Q-Team,

but sometimes I think I'm waiting on

a day that will never come.

We''ll see soon enough doesn't make things

come to pass, that goal takes a bit more faith.

7ff3ac No.960747


Yes, Israel founded by the Rothschild cabal. Mossad = CIA. USA has become the mercenaries of the jews

fc1def No.960748


It's important to differentiate between those that today call themselves Jews and the descendants from the People of God in the Blible. Those are two very different groups of people. Too many generalizations here.

f0632d No.960749

File: 89eac226b064694⋯.jpg (57.78 KB, 480x480, 1:1, awaken.jpg)

File: 56425df6e3adeef⋯.jpg (21.65 KB, 500x281, 500:281, da vinci.jpg)

File: bf2f8ba2ceb32c1⋯.jpg (86.95 KB, 500x500, 1:1, it is all connected.jpg)


Namaste anon!

I'm in!

9b7a56 No.960750

File: e153847f742c8f8⋯.jpeg (11.06 KB, 518x188, 259:94, who hitting Syria.jpeg)

879250 No.960751

Q posts about POTUS being in Situation Room today and in short order attacks are rumored in Syria.

It sure appears that cabalist S are reading Q posts and reacting in near 'real time' when they think it gives them an advantage.

Where does Turkey fit into this mess?

b4042d No.960752


Same ground tiles as in the other pic. Curbing doesn't look like anything we do.

322878 No.960753

File: 20eaa35c0408775⋯.png (431.12 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Can_You_Imagine.png)


it truly is bigger than we can imagine

the corruption at the local level is sickening

328331 No.960754

4f64d8 No.960755



752fe3 No.960756


ee0161 No.960757

File: 02d6be1c0640ffb⋯.png (831.06 KB, 1280x1381, 1280:1381, pepe_suicide_by_airstrike.png)


>a tied bundle of sticks

0dbde8 No.960758


made up nonsense

modern day jews are khazars. they converted in about 800ad from phallic worship.

74331e No.960759


Format failure.

It's the text flag in the US flag virus. Looks good in Notepad.

df492e No.960760

File: c0de0fcd889f69c⋯.png (17.65 KB, 451x78, 451:78, anton.png)


Is this firing related???

Trump's top national security spokesman Michael Anton to leave White House - Politico

009fb7 No.960761


Sounds like DOUBLE AGENT

a01256 No.960762


The US especially the Trump admin has no interest in attacking Syria especially at this moment.

France may have interest I'm unaware of but it's incredibly unlike France to make unilateral decisions like this.

Israel on the other hand is super paranoid about Syria and Iran and wants to us in the region as a buffer.

Mainstream ignored attack yesterday but there were reports all day of Trump ordering 49 tomahawk missiles at a Syrian air Base.

Israel probably did the gas attack too. They want to destroy syria.

Frame the US then frame Syria.

Now we're at a point where Trump has to respond without throwing Israel under the bus. Israel wants us to bomb Syria and my guess is at this point the syrians and Russians are so engrained with each other we couldn't attack Syria without killing Russians.

This is the type of scenrio that would keep Trump in the situation room all day.

61e849 No.960763

File: fa9f62a480e0baa⋯.png (302.02 KB, 474x256, 237:128, ClipboardImage.png)

7c4157 No.960764


Of course she's dirty!

Went to Mc Institute to get the list of directors… the first 2 are exec.dirs, then just about everyone else is in charge of human trafficking.

Reads like a list of these are the cucks stealing and abusing our kids.

https:// www.mccaininstitute.org/staff/

Shit show of clowns.


dce450 No.960765

File: 11ad179b431930a⋯.jpg (104.7 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, DYYCNOAVwAANNPe.jpg)

Comfortably Smug is one of the best follows on twat

c7fa8f No.960766

File: c962909f2403e23⋯.png (1.78 MB, 1874x1194, 937:597, Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at ….png)

This pic is not from the same trip but look at the curtains… same place the mcCain meeting took place

aa2517 No.960767

File: d8256c2b6aa02ba⋯.png (230.79 KB, 460x452, 115:113, Snip20180408_9.png)


Holy shit. Canadian anon here. The liberals and ndp just can't stop associating with shady people.

1f36f8 No.960768


An the sayanim.

3c440f No.960769

It's a fuckin' rodeo!!!


9ad0e2 No.960770


The attacks could be Turkey, France, UK, Israel, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and others

We just don't know yet

a42628 No.960771


Do you remember how many breads ago? Trying to find out what the conclusion was, where the location is.

14dfec No.960772



>> www.gofundme.com/jeremeinsandoval

>Seems legit

He's a good guy with a good family. If anons got the word out, the fund would fill up in a heartbeat.

1f36f8 No.960773

0f12d6 No.960774

File: 4d73eb9edffa12c⋯.jpg (113.21 KB, 1695x678, 5:2, LTG Romeo Dallaire.JPG)

a93a7a No.960775



Do you have the link for this one?

85f85c No.960776


Those two groups from over a century are pretty much mixed now.

959379 No.960777


>The Free Syrian Army are not Assad's forces though

I know that, you know that, but the mockingbirds are trying to make it out to be that ZOMG ASSAD GASSED HIZ OWN PEEPUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look at the title of the article I posted from Itar-TASS (Russian newswire) again - they specifically said Al-Nusra, FSA

86d24e No.960778

File: 9849c740005788f⋯.jpg (77.4 KB, 274x414, 137:207, truth2!.jpg)


Here ya go.

51ef7f No.960779


I fully expect to see Soros stab his ole buddy Rothschild family in the back and take them down before all is said and done. Pretty sure this maniac see's himself as King of the World someday.

589bcb No.960780



f63bca No.960781

https:// www.judicialwatch.org/press-room/press-releases/judicial-watch-doj-records-show-obama-administration-helped-fund-george-soros-left-wing-political-activities-albania/amp/#click=https:// t.co/K7Vhff6U5M

Soros activity in Albania funded by Obama. Using OUR taxpayer money

a20255 No.960782

File: 113f7470bfe4d0e⋯.png (145.93 KB, 588x437, 588:437, q-sun-tzu.png)

367733 No.960783

File: 831377efba57d65⋯.jpg (87.36 KB, 717x619, 717:619, ScreenShot_004.jpg)

FAKE NEWS? "Cue the Chemical Weapons Stunt in Syria"

This weekend’s alleged chemical-weapon attack on civilians in Syria has all the hallmarks of a false-flag propaganda stunt. Only people who have had their critical senses numbed by saturated Western media distortion could possibly believe otherwise.

https:// sputniknews.com/columnists/201804081063342763-cue-cw-stunt-syria/

ecf4d7 No.960784

i say potus called the Jesuits bluff, cause he knows whos pulling Israels stings and said fuck you. you are not using the us to do your bs no more!

0bb56f No.960785


Interesting he says they are in Turkey. wish we could see the footage

ed8ee8 No.960786

File: 0f160aa5a81b01c⋯.png (553.25 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20180409-075620.png)

51ef7f No.960787


Nice one anon

02ae28 No.960788


Kind of like Carnegie buying into NYSE just to sucker in a few more normal people before the Crash of 1929?

6fc019 No.960789

File: 840b33d2aafaa20⋯.png (603.3 KB, 894x894, 1:1, imperial_roman_eagle_with_….png)


What about that Eagle on the House floor to the right of the speaker. Looks Roman to me signifying Rome has the position of honor.

c176b1 No.960791


They were yelling "go Q" or something while they were shaking hands.

3d4516 No.960793


you have no fucking idea do you

josephs children got a double blessing and are all the white nations today

why do you think there is a war against white people?

61e849 No.960794


Syrian Christians stand with ASSAD

460df0 No.960795

File: 1bdf78e2627262d⋯.jpg (79.89 KB, 600x352, 75:44, GetFile.jpg)

File: f5a2ae9929139d3⋯.jpg (41.73 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 130528_bls8pnrcuaa2zpv21.jpg)

In this photo provided by U.S. Sen. John McCain on his Twitter site, McCain visits troops at a Patriot missile site in southern Turkey on May 27 2013 (https:// www.newsmax.com/Newswidget/McCain-Syria/2013/05/27/id/506516/)

01a5c5 No.960796

You newfags come here to research, but you outright dismiss coincidences that are staring you in the face. This is day one shit.

Israel is not our friend. Research the USS Liberty for Christ's sake. YOU have been brainwashed. Unfuck yourself and educate yourself.

The Holocost was a lie. Now it serves as a money racket and victimhood gold medal.


It's honestly not all that fucking complicated.

051a69 No.960797

File: bf4575b2607eec5⋯.jpg (621.31 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, bf4575b2607eec55a1410da436….jpg)

I AM living to nourish you, cherish you

I AM pulsing the blood in your veins

Feel the magic and power, surrender to LIFE

3ef631 No.960799


Wtf. Israel going all out tonight? They’re scared. A caged animal lashes out. This is expected.

51078c No.960800

File: 6013fffd89cce1c⋯.jpg (56.1 KB, 540x591, 180:197, let sink in.jpg)



39e5ea No.960801


USA is the New Israel, from sea to shining sea

d5a390 No.960802

File: 7252ee54dba43d5⋯.jpg (174.72 KB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, 7252ee54dba43d5da89b66bf76….jpg)


Can't let those trips go unnoticed, Anon.

f104b5 No.960803


thats what doesnt make sense

00a087 No.960804



13e55d No.960805

File: a78ce7b19be10ae⋯.png (98.51 KB, 1378x208, 53:8, Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at ….png)

https:// books.google.com/books?id=z1Zro-gfvjEC&pg=PA347&lpg=PA347&dq=blackwater+protects+mccain&source=bl&ots=JwZGxAfH7u&sig=9C1m5qMLCKwj5g2jyeOw8xSHogA&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiH0YKhkqzaAhXDqYMKHap8Dnk4ChDoAQg0MAI#v=onepage&q=blackwater%20protects%20mccain&f=false

752fe3 No.960806

ask asshole. ask.

085e55 No.960807


Said something? Via what, compromised Twatter account?

Bye @Jack

6546b5 No.960808


Mossad >> ISI >> 9/11

3ef631 No.960809


All True.

9ad0e2 No.960810



This is a shill, just filter and keep digging

e089ab No.960811


I wonder how many politicians McCain made his daughter sleep with to ensnare them

116ae4 No.960812

File: 867ae2b78030dcb⋯.png (290.72 KB, 400x400, 1:1, neverjews.png)

9cbd31 No.960813

File: 43039f42d9ed394⋯.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1242x1864, 621:932, D98EBF1B-FCDF-4B2F-B49B-E….jpeg)



Trust Kansas giving him a finger

25d36c No.960815

File: bc4465fa17cc426⋯.jpg (13.15 KB, 228x217, 228:217, ofs.jpg)

b2a85f No.960816

File: 5c3ab29c4a1eb12⋯.png (39.61 KB, 1298x206, 649:103, ClipboardImage.png)

McCain’s first “secret” Syria visit took place on May 27, 2013. The Ghouta, Syria chemical attack occurred on 21 August 2013.

According to AP, McCain crossed the border near Kilis, Turkey, and spent two hours meeting with ‘rebel leaders’ near Idlib, Syria. The article further states that McCain made the trip in order to demand “aggressive military action in the 2-year-old Syrian civil war, calling for the establishment of a no-fly zone and arming the rebels”.

Presidential Spokesman Jay Carney said “the White House was aware in advance of McCain’s plans to travel to Syria. ==Carney declined to say whether McCain was carrying any message from the administration, but he said White House officials looked forward to hearing about his trip”.==

ohn McCain was also in Libya right before it was bombed to oblivion by the Obama Administration and NATO forces.

McCain was in Ukraine during the Maidan, instigating the overthrow of a legitimately elected and established government in collusion with neo-nazi forces.

McCain made a secret trip in 2013 to Idlib, Syria…months later the Ghouta chemical weapons false flag.

McCain made a secret trip to Syria in February 2017…chemical weapons attack in Idlib a month later.

http:// yournewswire.com/john-mccain-syria-false-flag/

2e1091 No.960817

File: 777b0133b688477⋯.png (714.35 KB, 1356x596, 339:149, ddos.png)

Meanwhile in the Cyber War..

15d913 No.960819


no doubt trying to rope us in.

the media's lust for war should be a hell of a thing to watch.

85f85c No.960820


Yeah, just keep thinking that.

But, you are not convincing anyone.

There is ONE country that benefits.

And there is a massive strip of land (Gaza)

that contains massive amounts of oil.

151eec No.960821

File: 2e0038cb25838cc⋯.jpg (34.79 KB, 474x362, 237:181, chicken wings.jpg)

File: d05bafa6c050715⋯.jpg (4.68 MB, 5132x3226, 2566:1613, Estatesgeneral.jpg)

273bca No.960822


From this picture things I note. A flagpole, a red curb, concrete (new) driveway, very nice (new and huge) aggregate concrete sidewalk, a conifer juniper tree to the left. Now where is this place, its definitely in america because everything is new.

2babb1 No.960823


So I was browsing fb earlier and noticed a meme from a friend being shared as a memory… it's been almost exactly 1 year since "Assad" conducted a gas attack. Almost to the day.

5d11b3 No.960824

File: eeeb7a7ae2c703e⋯.png (62.59 KB, 506x573, 506:573, Fox re Anton.PNG)

File: 37a25416496e8a6⋯.png (34.65 KB, 651x301, 93:43, Amb Bolton 4-8-18.PNG)


Trump national security spokesman Michael Anton to leave White House


627a3b No.960825

File: 2f46dbf727e4674⋯.png (243.7 KB, 457x345, 457:345, Screenshot 2018-02-18 at 1….png)

3d4516 No.960826

File: 36fffeb1b597088⋯.png (2.15 MB, 700x10413, 700:10413, god bless the usa.png)



9488ae No.960827


Great job, anon! This is massive!

08e52f No.960828

File: 207e66af0a312e6⋯.jpg (63.72 KB, 615x410, 3:2, inspectingbread.jpg)


322878 No.960829

File: 2c7ea8a5d96ec88⋯.png (514.79 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, WDSHN_famefagging_daughter….png)



I even named it v2 so I would post the right file…

Did I post the right file? of course not… this time named it v3… here goes..

61e849 No.960830



Outed long ago

Do NOT trust

0f12d6 No.960831

File: 24080474bb55b3b⋯.jpg (190.27 KB, 1789x760, 1789:760, cnn.JPG)

Likes to see document himself on TV

3ef631 No.960832

File: 90c8b1930b11d5a⋯.jpeg (164.3 KB, 750x544, 375:272, AD7922EF-5E2E-4BD5-85FF-1….jpeg)


Not now u stool sample. Go get ready to hang.

3946d3 No.960833



Yes, Rachel Chandler pic, taken in the island. Q post 1065

15d913 No.960834


fuckin' kek!

e089ab No.960835


So they are going heavy after that oil

0994d8 No.960836


How do you archive the whole Instagram without having to do each one at a time?

791fc1 No.960837

File: 6cdbfbb7278a893⋯.jpg (129.37 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 6cdbfbb7278a893cf99eac3ea3….jpg)

File: 21470da8fd11c53⋯.jpg (139.01 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 21470da8fd11c5323cc0de55aa….jpg)

File: 48047fe3b964c59⋯.jpg (146.8 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 48047fe3b964c59b1b6d54df06….jpg)

File: ac9babab14fb01e⋯.jpg (125.68 KB, 640x640, 1:1, ac9babab14fb01e74e073120f2….jpg)

07bc27 No.960838


Many breads have had no forwarding link to the next bread. I suspect some newbie bakers aren't sure how to close off.

It might help if a protocol (heh) for switching to the next bread were pinned to the top of each bread. I am a newfag and have no idea how to do that. (Here, 'protocol' = checklist, not evil plan for world conquest).

f104b5 No.960839


why doesnt israel take over there own country and kick all muslim fags out

14dfec No.960840

File: cac5380558f4abd⋯.jpg (344.16 KB, 533x800, 533:800, 39142.jpg)


Speaking of baker girls, do we have a new baker?

263066 No.960841


Good stuff.

1d2576 No.960843

File: 3ed543e4565e2d1⋯.jpg (691.13 KB, 1200x664, 150:83, CMSA_145_071114.jpg)

3e3715 No.960844


This is likely

33973a No.960845


woujld like some source on this

86d24e No.960846

>>960778 ← see


I fuckkin RT my damn self like a dipshit.

9ad0e2 No.960847


The USA was founded in 1776

Israel was founded in 1948

6f8151 No.960848

File: 62de101cb445039⋯.jpg (406.17 KB, 1080x1091, 1080:1091, Screenshot_20180408-211739….jpg)

a20255 No.960849


Many jewish people are normal (not cronby) capitalistic loving people.

So say zionist or so (globalist worldview) …be specific.

What you do is playing right into the narrative (defense mechanism) the deep state prefered

a93729 No.960850


this guy gets around. a regular jack of all trades.

9162b1 No.960851


God will put a HOOK in the JAW of the NATIONS and draw them into battle

Into the valley of Meghido

It does not end well for the nations there.

Nations will drink the wrath of God there

Damascus will be laid waste

We do not have to go to Syria

It ends poorly

61e849 No.960852


10% of population

Allowed to worship peacefully

Syrian ISIS slaughtered them blew up churches

dce450 No.960853


I know a few Syrians…they were very happy under Assad

Said he treated Christians with the same respect as Muslims….dont know if its true, but thats some people's account

df0748 No.960854

File: a07cd4de394714f⋯.png (36.51 KB, 596x272, 149:68, 1523240195652.png)

db2c96 No.960855


‏Verified account @Breaking911

7 Tons of Beef Recalled, May Contain Rubber - https:// breaking911.com/7-tons-of-beef-recalled-may-contain-rubber/ …

6fc019 No.960856

File: e058610f1aac8d6⋯.jpg (135.66 KB, 1100x720, 55:36, RomanEagle1.jpg)

42db57 No.960857

File: 47412df4ea5c96a⋯.jpg (19.05 KB, 316x400, 79:100, 47412df4ea5c96a9c9525fdb5a….jpg)

31b4c4 No.960859

MCstan sure does not look like he is recovering from cancer anymore either , till he needs to answer questions that is

791fc1 No.960860

File: 5bdfeb851db33ee⋯.jpeg (239.02 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, 5bdfeb851db33ee66d997ca9f….jpeg)

File: 876022033acf52b⋯.jpeg (296.48 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, 876022033acf52b33d01bccdf….jpeg)

File: d436c64616409c6⋯.png (818.52 KB, 816x1056, 17:22, d436c64616409c68328469d635….png)

File: e1f7a30f3b34d9a⋯.jpg (24.98 KB, 400x400, 1:1, e1f7a30f3b34d9a175c2914015….jpg)

d668ef No.960862

24 hours from now, Mullahs abandon Iran

Freedom in Iran.

Q said Iran is next.

665466 No.960863

f104b5 No.960864


it was satans sanhedrin …the cabal of today …who crucified….jews and christians loved jesus