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File: ab20ceacfc3aab8⋯.png (8.73 KB, 255x143, 255:143, af4716b34464fb65200311d59b….png)

95b5c7 No.955470

> We Will Win

Q's Latest Posts

Sunday 4.08.18

>>954819 rt >>954786 -----------No name in Syria

>>954903 rt >>953050 -----------Spider Web

>>953077 rt >>953050 -----------Situation Room

>>953009 rt >>952914 -----------SIG INTERCEPT

>>952914 -----------------------POTUS & JFKjR

>>951358 rt >>950959 -----------Why did POTUS announce his intention to pull out of Syria?

>>947065 ---------------------- They are trying to start a war. Public interest shift.

>>946691 rt >>946546 ---------- Tracking good. Fly High.

>>946546 rt >>946456 ---------- Authorize 1st Strike. Contact window ok.

>>946456 ---------------------- Increase in chatter. Castle_online.

Saturday 4.07.18

>>938749 rt >>938366 ----- Patriots stand together

>>938439 rt >>938332 ----- Buckle Up. MSM overdrive

>>938177 ---------------------- Read between the lines

>>937520 ---------------------- Listen carefully

>>936660 ---------------------- CA is special

>>936517 ---------------------- EH CA

>>936472 rt >>936346 ----- The 'Tone'

>>936314 ---------------------- Inside Job

>>936050 ---------------------- Statistically impossible?

>>932911 ---------------------- Chongqing. Tuesday

>>932846 ---------------------- We have grounds

>>932518 ---------------------- The Island, Link removed >>932537

>>931260 rt >>931003 ----- No Text; LL interview on NBC

>>931260 rt >>875265 ----- Part 2 of previous (split for formatting)

Friday 4.06.18

>>928818 ---------------------- Who's the doorman?

>>928542 rt >>928525 ----- Fake Confirmed

>>928461 ---------------------- What a coincidence

>>926737 rt >>926685 ----- Not planned but necessary

>>926674 tr >>926634 ----- "Watch the news."

>>925805 rt >>925762 ----- Operators on Standby

>>925426 rt >>925311 ----- Watch what happens.

>>925301 rt >>925189 ----- Why was Slim Sooo Shady?

>>925052 rt >>925052 ----- Epstein’s plane. Who is she?

>>924883 rt >>924792 ----- Look up Ray.Chandler

>>924391 rt >>924357 ----- Border state - coincidence?

>>924224 rt >>924151 ----- Your trust & faith in us is enough

>>924039 rt >>923567 ----- That didn't take long.

>>922915 rt >>922843 ----- Stand strong. Patriots together

>>922794 rt >>922685 ----- Think NK

>>922685 rt >>922596 ----- Hussein's past religious leaders, RISK

>>922596 rt >>922559 ----- Who is Barry Aiming At?

>>922509 rt >>922343 ----- 8CHAN IS THE EPICENTER

>>922343 rt >>922280 ----- We Don't Inform Our Enemies of Specifics

>>922237 rt >>922142 ----- Fake Pics Push By MSM

>>922142 rt >>922075 ----- Pics will surface of Hussein holding AK47 in tribal attire.

>>922028 rt >>921715 ----- Facebook Founder Says He's Hunted By C_A

>>919513 rt >>919456 ----- foxnews https:// archive.fo/ixA1E Disturbing String of Crashes

>>919456 rt >>919423 ----- Would You Believe...

>>919423 ---------------------- Here We Go NYtimes https:// archive.fo/0hQyA

Q's Tripcode: !xowAT4Z3VQ

Find Previous Q Posts at: qanonmap.bitbucket.io/ qanon.pub

If it ever goes down, the mirrors are: qntmpkts.keybase.pub & qanonmap.bitbucket.io

Backup Q Posts >>>/comms/226

QCodeFag Please ask BV to post a message so that we can include your tool again. Godspeed CodefagBro >>937135 , >>937202 , >>937369

fa1e80 No.955472

I'll post this once again:

GUYS! Full list of all CFR Members as of 2016!

My neighbors in the Swiss propaganda research are definitely the greatest!

https:// swprs.files.wordpress.com/2017/07/cfr-members-2016.pdf

2b2f82 No.955473

File: 5a345fa295979a1⋯.jpeg (40.38 KB, 621x332, 621:332, John-McCain_ISIS.jpeg)

File: 0fc0a5750382511⋯.png (552.7 KB, 882x505, 882:505, wpid-2014-08-12-15-00-14.png)

File: 09e3907d7ba7d8b⋯.jpeg (213.18 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ss.jpeg)

File: 4c21b51071f0dae⋯.jpeg (199.5 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefaulta.jpeg)

File: 3d497f9abe8f28d⋯.jpeg (45.5 KB, 573x361, 573:361, al-baghdadi-in-meeting-wi….jpeg)

dc7efb No.955474


>We started asking “coincidence?” long ago for a specific reason.

>Those awake can finally SEE for themselves.

In all those years, I never doubted my own sanity.

bfabe8 No.955475


Missing Q post: >>954903

ba186e No.955476


I can't prove this. We need to make sure things are proved

e6f083 No.955477


24/7/365 is referring to ICE…HSI…ERO

Q Posted 4/6/18:



Full house.

They are all here.


Enjoy the show.


POTUS 1/9/18:

.@ICEgov HSI agents and ERO officers, on behalf of an entire Nation, THANK YOU for what you are doing 24/7/365 to keep fellow American’s SAFE. Everyone is so grateful!


President @realDonaldTrump https:// t.co/HXCpTlruVo


ERO = Enforcement and Removal Operations

HSI = Homeland Security Investigations

bcff8c No.955478

File: 9329ca599ecfc45⋯.jpeg (510.75 KB, 1125x1848, 375:616, D49F5C02-B36E-464F-A54F-6….jpeg)

696039 No.955479


Please don’t say things like that


What a Dick

74a976 No.955480

The cabl can't hide..from the HIVEMIND!

eeadef No.955481

>>955442 (prev thread)

Has any other ex presidents done this after leaving office? I don't remember any did. This nigger just can't stop feeling important and trying to derail Trump.

931f36 No.955482


well to be honest I can't comment on the connections, but I do see those white rabbit rabbit hole goes deep follow the white rabbit and as soon as I see them I claim bullshit as disinformation about Q has been made using these quotes, and I don't know why.

066a39 No.955483


I'm trying, anon. I've been a fighter since day one but at some point, burdens get too fucking heavy. I have nothing left, friend.


I've made slices of bread with all those crumbs. Not that difficult to pay in cash or buy an RV and disappear. They have a better plan it seems.


Right? That just gives the FED more juice to fuck us up.

3ec50a No.955484


and NOT care about anyone's legacy or reputation.

the should have thought about all that before they commeitted TREASON.

6eb921 No.955485


super old news… we know already.. thousands listed by last name… see date on link?

40907d No.955486


Not missing. Look MOAR.

57e864 No.955487


Spouse mentioned that a 9th Circuit judge died and needs replacing. I couldn't help but wonder.

a6eed8 No.955488

File: 147b6d069e20ae2⋯.png (606.36 KB, 856x485, 856:485, EndTheFed.PNG)

File: 146150aeb1b4f6b⋯.jpg (39.68 KB, 470x300, 47:30, dollar.jpg)

File: 1b1cffefae024c6⋯.jpg (29.88 KB, 401x300, 401:300, dollar2.jpg)

If the nets go down and people can't access their bank accounts, they'll begin to use cash on hand.

Cash isn't worth the PAPER it's printed on. It's paper. That's worth more, because that's where ideas go.

Cash also happens to be a very decentralized form of communication when not concentrated all in one place. Sound familiar to anything we're currently using?

It's been noted that cash sometimes has these fun tracking ideas to see how it travels, or to raise awareness for something.

So if you want to redpill someone - it would help to set the stage. If you take all of your cash, and it's been mentioned that using red ink will help it stay in circulation, put something relevant on the bills.


"Seek Q"

"Q Anon"

"Help us track down these missing kids"

"What is this money worth?"


Finally, if Gold is used by the banks?

What does the bank use to purchase the gold?

What is Credit?

What is Information?

Helpful mix to listen to.

https:// youtu.be/KS9H8v3D_lA

8684f4 No.955489

>>954983 last bread to Q

we're fuQ'd is the "movie" you are watching? well the one i'm watching is ''WINNING"

899710 No.955490

File: 1a0d3f9e63b619b⋯.png (193.24 KB, 664x432, 83:54, baker-ty.png)

99958d No.955491

File: 0f8a3093d9c5a31⋯.png (108.69 KB, 411x295, 411:295, Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at ….png)


a9a60f No.955493

>>955351(past bread)

Wow, incredible work anon!


28f7e4 No.955494

fbd54f No.955495

File: 36f88853d4838b8⋯.jpg (273.7 KB, 1280x856, 160:107, ty.jpg)



258cab No.955496

>>955415 (last bread)

red crosses on lapels

bfabe8 No.955498


Ah, I see. Out of order.

99958d No.955499

File: fd76dd695d752b7⋯.png (94.67 KB, 250x352, 125:176, Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at ….png)

File: 65b091743bbb3bb⋯.png (459.42 KB, 601x617, 601:617, Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at ….png)

File: a589b51f03305be⋯.png (94.31 KB, 253x347, 253:347, Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at ….png)

https:// www.theguardian.com/world/live/2018/apr/08/hungary-election-victor-orban-expected-to-win-third-term-live-updates

2b2f82 No.955500

e55a97 No.955501



>No name in Syria.



working on it


To start the chem attack FF?

>Who attended?

Hussein? Def Kerry

b86801 No.955502

File: 9344889de2e07b8⋯.png (15.6 KB, 278x140, 139:70, image.png)

File: 83c983a164cf5ec⋯.png (61.85 KB, 640x106, 320:53, image.png)

No way?

Involved with both of them?

301258 No.955503

File: 2155db1d331544e⋯.jpg (33.69 KB, 400x496, 25:31, 2155db1d331544e87823fe74e2….jpg)

This was posted earlier, anyone know the story on it?

eeadef No.955504


So that's what this was all about. Now I understand why they sacrificed Zuckerberg and facebook.

64f879 No.955505

Did someone leave the Cake out in the Rain?

33e022 No.955506


This isn't a bad thing, they are entangling themselves with Brexit and spending more resources, meanwhile it will have ZERO effect on woke brits, whose numbers are growing every day.

931f36 No.955507


nope, but wrong order.


good call

615297 No.955508

>>940392 Leaked David Brock conversation

Anyone figure out the veracity of this?

No Comment From Q?

If you ask me its seems like a FAKE, very unprofessional. Even for these asshats, telegraphing MURDER, by making reference to past MURDERS is not a very wise thing.

Additionally the whole telegraph moves things. Ima say cautiously its BS but be ready to kill anything and everything that moves ;-).

99958d No.955509


Pink hair…not on the side of liberty

6eb921 No.955510



28f7e4 No.955511



2b2f82 No.955512

File: f54be96a0eb5fd2⋯.png (573.02 KB, 1349x617, 1349:617, U5drUi7vFPdDDWxpcu93ZbBsXZ….png)

File: 45aa2f741bec0dc⋯.png (519.87 KB, 1349x617, 1349:617, U5du7JVqig9uNhQfJ8HcCV8D2T….png)

File: 18c41d67d73f864⋯.jpeg (82.56 KB, 1080x608, 135:76, 021517-ashton-kutcher-kal….jpeg)

e16c9a No.955513

File: 85b75f7751eee25⋯.png (10.52 KB, 414x94, 207:47, CF Giustra Letter Logo.PNG)

>>955380 [last bread]




Kimmel hangs with pervert pedo pal of Clinton, Frank Giustra

d23316 No.955514


totally real in every way

81cb47 No.955515



"No name" and Kerry go waay back

https:// www.newyorker.com/magazine/1996/10/21/a-friendship-that-ended-the-war

4f1510 No.955516

File: 72d221b0323bbe4⋯.png (69.98 KB, 418x651, 418:651, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 15d3dbfdb3b8e9f⋯.png (86.37 KB, 1401x353, 1401:353, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 33fc75ab7dc26a6⋯.png (891.54 KB, 1428x755, 1428:755, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 458b53e443f0760⋯.png (1.84 MB, 1024x768, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)



See Q #354

>Follow the husbands

Lynn is head spider

Cindy McCain is a child of priviledge

Cindy is a spider.

Cindy controls John.

Lynn sits on the board of the McCain Institute.

Lynn controls John and Cindy.

>Symbols will be their downfall.

899710 No.955517

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

7c52c4 No.955518

The Storm consists of five main forces :

Trump, Q team, anons, social media and alternative news.

These are represented in Scripture as authoritative for OUR TIME PRESENTLY and beyond.

Consider the five names used to represent archetypes of these very same capacities that make up the Storm, as they appear:

Epaphrus means, "One devoted to superimposing times, places or orders" - such as in comparing stories, contexts, or ordinal relations. This is what it takes to speak or hear in parables and to uncover timely, sacred messages and meanings from Scripture or even history. Paul also says this is a faithful witness for the church. And it compares perfectly with the Trump administration and all his old-school generals that approach present challenges by drawing from their own experience and knowledge of history (They also seem to apprize Scripture as another needful asset to problem solving).

Marcus means, "warlike" in Latin, "hammer" in the Gaelic. A hammer or "to hammer" first appears in Scripture as the root term for the power of the sky to make rain (2nd day creation), which is also highly associated in Scripture with battle and political change. This compares perfectly with the work of the Q team, the NSA, Marines and other government offices involved in the present deep-state struggle, and even for their ability (with the rest of us here) to "make rain."

Aristarchus means, "breakfast of champions." He is not well liked in Jerusalem (church leadership), but he gets along just fine with all these others, and he sees Paul all the way to Rome. In the present context, "he" is the subset of anon culture and the bread and info we have all produced on this board. This is the breakfast of champions people need, once the have WOKE. But it is generally filtered through the work of the next two characters.

Demas means "popularity." He comes and goes a bit. He brought these others to televangelists years ago, and then to secular music, then anons, and now to all the assets of leadership that partake of the work of this board. This "popularity" is now primarily ascertained through social media (to control the narrative) as the overall purpose of all these forces together. Social media is the battle ax of Demas.

Lucas is the doctor of, or the bringer of light, and compares with the more esteemed forces of alternative news that "illuminate" public visibility. Doing this entails targeted marketing, quality rhetorical presentation and good timing. Lucas is the knowledge of this. He also compares with another archetype we all apprise for bringing light (out of chaos), which is the chans only begotten son, Kek.

The even more amazing thing is this composite of "powers of speech" appears in an appeal of Paul very cleverly encoded to speak for us in our time in petitioning "old friends of his" (which is to say church leaders) for assistance in developing local assemblies of a truth-centered faith (a new form of church). The book of Philemon is where this is found.

This thread explains it all more thoroughly. >>930317

65d04a No.955519


This one and the one floating around with a handgun are shopped.

5d0d49 No.955520

This apprentice baker needs to go back to school.

95b5c7 No.955521

>>891154 . . . >>777777 WRWY


Board Rules



>>937888 , >>936015 , >>942209


1. OBAMA TIMELINE >>949587, >>926762, >>949333, >>949547, >>949587


>>880021 How to Quickly Spot a Clownschill

Recent Notable Posts


>>955377 AnCapANON Mega thread list

>>955234 Meme


>>954289 As the World Turns

>>954365 Q posts graphics


>>948859 Hussein's Travels






>>953794 WE THE PEOPLE

>>953579 JFK JR Graphics





>>953520 Trump 2013


>>953497 Paul Harvey's 'If I Were the Devil'

>>953424 Quartz Rate Sensor

>>953213 ISIS and the Cabal

>>953408 JFK JR, POTUS, and The Wicked Witch

>>953384 JFK JR Plane Crash

>>953253 The Situation Room, officially known as the John F. Kennedy Conference Room

>>953224 JFK JR and the Clintons - a timeline


>>952973 JFK JR Predicted POTUS Run for the Presidency

>>952117 Todd Brassner Dig

>>952573 Shit Tons Of Oil

>>952121 Clown Strategem

>>952454 It's a Strategy, Stupid


>>952052 POTUS '..probably to remain within secure area of White House'


>>951171 Backpages seized; More to follow!

>>950883 "Growing Consensus.." for contempt in Congress (re:RR)

>>950877 Outlined Drawing of Persons in Bucket Room

>>950404 WWG1WGA


>>950660 Rachel Chandler Posts & Aftermath

>>950597 Draining The Bermuda Triangle

>>950204 More on B19.2

>>950336 Bill & Bill's Buffet: Lab Meat Industries Inc

>>950271 Who The Fuck Is George Kaiser? Stava → Solyndra

>>949880 [1][2][3][4][5?]

>>950042 Drain The Bermuda Triangle


>>949783 POTUS tweets about CHEMICAL attack in Syria, >>949820 SICK!!

>>949844 Mark?

>>949840 "Anon, I.."

>>949660 The Devil's Triangle

>>949703 Lost Vessels: USS Cyclops, Proteus & Nereus.

>>949751 Puerto Rico Trench..

>>949587 Topwork: Hussein's Timeline

>>949577 Tunnelsystem On Necker Island

>>949370 Planefag Tracking Germans over Israel Airspace

>>949805 Tony, Oh Tony..

>>949440 Biden, Oh Biden..

>>949276 Scores killed in Douma by Chem Attack

>>949278 Hussein movements, some of them

>>949203 Does 10-4 have another meaning?

>>949313 News on the death in Trump Tower Fire

066a39 No.955522


That's what you do when you say you're going to do things and actually get them done.

$20 says Hungary is gold-backed just like Turkey…

b3bb9f No.955523


Except that it's fake. ie shopped

6f8de8 No.955524

File: b5a5dbbdb2bf5bf⋯.png (67.33 KB, 615x337, 615:337, ClipboardImage.png)


THIS WAR MONGERING POS trying to goad POTUS into attacking Syria! I hate that worthless SOB!

95579c No.955525


Thats nothing some hiking and a 'few' beers around a campfire wont fix.

You're dead already. So start living and quit worrying.

95b5c7 No.955526


>>948574 A Wild Hillary has appeared

>>948922 Stranger Than Fiction .. ?

>>948525 Todd Brasner, Art Dealer, Died In Trump Tower Fire >>947301

>>949129 ?? Mayflower Ship Transporting Puritans Back In ....~1620....

>>948609 Research Into Q's Stringer Code

>>948859 Plot Out Barry Sotoro's Travelling Destinations After His Presidential 'Period' ended

>>948924 Necker Island (Owned By Liddle Richard Branson), 1st Place Visited By Obama after Presidency, >>948931. >>948942

>>949015 "..[a] wave has 5 parts.."

>>948723 Sunday Editorial; Bloodlines Connect, >>949044

>>949108 You never answered, Anon..

>>948611 The White Rabbit Social Club, >>948913

>>948965 Pay attention to hashtags for The White Rabbit Social Club. #disneybounding and #craftbeerporn

>>948759 Investigate Pulse Nightclub

>>948872 US Virgin Islands? Whats Going On There EXACTLY?, >>948883


>>947942 Syrian Chemical Attack Killing Mostly Children. Very Graphic & THE REASON WE FIGHT!! These people are SICK!!

>>947729 April is Child Abuse Awareness Month

>>947722 We need to get #ChildAbuse & #ChildTrafficking trending

>>948084 Check out @LizCrokin for advice on #how2redpill

>>948089 @NaughtyJack: We saw that, too.. :rolleyes:


>>946984 , >>947236 , >>947264 Band of Anons.

>>947301 Trump fire victim.

>>947298 Sparrow31 40,000ft view.

>>946953 5:5 Double meaning.


>>946580 , >>946733 Aim-7 Sparrow.


>>945997 South American corruption arrests.


>>943948 , >>943950 Chopper down in Kentucky, Two Dead.



>>943489 China's clock is ticking

>>943421 Chongqing: UK Neil Heywood was an MI6 informant

>>943310 A sniper at Waco Claims he heard Horiuchi shoot at Ruby Ridge

>>943244 Media Campaign Against EPA’s Scott Pruitt Orchestrated By Obama & Clinton Cronies

>>943031 SunTzuAnon's posts

>>942955 Ain't no stoppin us now


>>942509 Why is Chongqing shown as literally nothing but a farm on google maps?

>>942485 Contact the FBI and your reps with this message about CA!!

>>942000 Weren't the SS stationed on the 50th floor till Aug '17?


>>942034 Disneyworld in Fl has miles and miles of underground tunnels and basements

>>941955 The Snowden JPB symposium stream

>>941874 Trump Tower fire out. ALL GOOD.

>>941454 FINCEN Map shows China launders money for Hizbollah

>>941647 Vatican diplomat arrested for possible CP

>>941618 Was Tishman Construction (666 5th Ave) the contractor for the trafficking tunnels from Mexico to California?

>>941437 , >>941523 , >>941641 Fire on 50th floor of Trump Tower.

>>941520 Snowden speaking now at the Barlow symposium

>>941537 Iran hit by global cyber attack

>Best Of Bread


Archive of Notables

>>>/comms/225 (Batch 740~ present)

63f1a7 No.955527

File: a41db5b0d4237ba⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1596x979, 1596:979, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a96c3915816379e⋯.png (951.27 KB, 1106x976, 553:488, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d14a1146f1b799c⋯.png (706.65 KB, 1380x1017, 460:339, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c6716d04ab9dc0c⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1088x914, 544:457, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4908d495f1dac18⋯.png (577.86 KB, 1095x579, 365:193, ClipboardImage.png)

Somebody mentioned Cindy McNoname's drug addiction. Seeing her contracted pupils brought it to mind.

https:// www.huffingtonpost.com/2008/09/12/cindy-mccains-drug-addict_n_125917.html

https:// newsone.com/1212/cindy-mccain-was-investigated-by-dea-proof-of-john-mccains-hypocrisy/

624bf2 No.955528

File: 6689f09b24f20cf⋯.png (5.36 MB, 5009x4232, 5009:4232, 43_Connections_MAP.png)

Did we ever resolve if this pattern is right for spider web?

Seems to fit the spider web analogy.

f267dc No.955529

>>955407 (Bread #1188)

>The Assasination of JFK Jr:

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vehk03v23y4

Dynamite! Someone found it! Watched it years ago. If it hasn't been butchered, it's damning.

The same guy did a video on the flight 3407 crash.

c2a4ac No.955530


So lets look closer at O'Bagy's boss at the think tank…Notice Victoria Nuland is married to Robert Kagan → brother of Donald Kagan -→Father of Kimberly Kagan's Husband Frederick Kagan.

Get to know Victoria Nuland. She is one of the most powerful deep staters. She has complicated ties to the russian oligarchs and foreign policy minister. She was also, allegedly, went missing and was raped for several days on a russian fishing boat when she was a bit younger. Deripaska talks about this on some leaked video.

95b5c7 No.955531

>Current Operations: Spring Cleaning


Tweet Storm (every day effort)

Send [7] tweets/hour

Hashtags: #Qanon, #InternetBillOfRights, #HRCVideo, #FakeNews + your own

Best Times to TWEET:



Fox News Live Stream http:// usnewslive.tv/foxnewslive/

Set the Stage

>>834140 War Room 10

Research Section

Research Section Backup >>>/comms/220

Backup Q Map/Graphic Set >>>/comms/283

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MindMapFags Share Central >>396133

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>>853901 Q Map Graphic in GMT (6 of 15)

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>>853922 Q Map Graphic in GMT (8 of 15)

>>853931 Q Map Graphic in GMT (9 of 15) >>>/comms/490

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QMaps all in EST

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>>900744 Qmap_graphic_2018-02-15_2018-02-22_DISTRACTION

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448235 No.955532


any no name trips to syira you can find after Feb 2017?

No luck here, still looking.

a5c8fa No.955533

File: 86b705cf21f52db⋯.png (122.12 KB, 1000x665, 200:133, JFKJr-dog.png)

File: 6c723c775e97ed4⋯.jpg (118.12 KB, 592x389, 592:389, jfkSSS.jpg)

RIP John and JOHN.

f2861b No.955534

how/why is mcstain able to take secret trips to syria if he had an ankle monitor on 4 months ago?

he should be in a cell, not allowed to run around causing havoc

c851d8 No.955535


Fair enough anon. The canals plan better not include being seen in public because I don’t think that would end well.

95b5c7 No.955536

Dough https:// pastebin.com/e6rd9zhS

04cd5d No.955537

Nice bread title Baker.


c2a4ac No.955538

File: a4a2e2533d87571⋯.png (381.14 KB, 1243x561, 113:51, Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at ….png)


>>955365 (You)

So lets look closer at O'Bagy's boss at the think tank…Notice Victoria Nuland is married to Robert Kagan → brother of Donald Kagan -→Father of Kimberly Kagan's Husband Frederick Kagan.

Get to know Victoria Nuland. She is one of the most powerful deep staters. She has complicated ties to the russian oligarchs and foreign policy minister. She was also, allegedly, went missing and was raped for several days on a russian fishing boat when she was a bit younger. Deripaska talks about this on some leaked video.

19b40e No.955539

File: 8118d4c909750a8⋯.png (5.76 MB, 2732x2048, 683:512, 10A96CAC-6118-4F9D-9181-24….png)

3ec50a No.955540

File: 9271f611425066c⋯.jpg (100.37 KB, 764x603, 764:603, syria chem 4 8 18.JPG)



From bread #1183:

I was monitoring this news site yesterday when the Chemical Attack was reported on 8 chan.

NOTHING showed up all day - as though the NARRATIVE was not formulated yet or even the media was taken by surprise.

The Trump Tower fire showed up almost immediatlely on this feed…that was AFTER the chemical attack.

Looks like (((THEY))) got their narrative written and disseminated today…check out these INTERNATIONAL headlines.

Notice Lyndsey Graham's statement.

http:// www.newsnow.co.uk/h/World+News/Middle+East/Syria

c07022 No.955541


I saw a great picture of her smiling. it was posted yesterday, i believe.

365327 No.955542


These really help round things out when ur short on time. Thank You Fellow Patriot!

a21723 No.955543



But there are references to Alice in Wonderland, are there not?


Is there a White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland?


That White Rabbit wears spectacles, doesn't he?


DJT had a White Rabbit at the Easter Party?


White Rabbits a long tradition?


White Rabbit EVER wear spectacles before this year? Not in about 25 years.


White Rabbit wearing spectacles this year?


There are NO coincidences.


As an aside… the white rabbit is standing next to Trump as he says Tip Top Tippy Top and references "I don't know what we call it" as in Anonymous… and the white rabbit twitches his ear right when Tip Top Tippy Top is being said.

How DENSE are you?

95b5c7 No.955544


931f36 No.955545



wrong retweet for >>954903 listed

d23316 No.955546


Don't (You)fag, faggot.

34d107 No.955547

https:// www.instagram.com/p/BgcK2NYAgrI/?hl=en

Why would the white rabbit club have a Disneyland chapter?

6a14dc No.955548

Did no name REvisit syira??

834835 No.955549

>>954903 rt >>953050

Bad Bread!

No baker girl for you.

c9ec2b No.955550


Cindy is a Reptilian. Just look her eyes.

2b2f82 No.955551

File: 301dec7cc4ea784⋯.png (9.67 MB, 4500x3600, 5:4, A.png)

Obama Travel Logs v GEOTUS

gonna make a v3 soon

b532d8 No.955552

File: 99494c0946ca23d⋯.jpg (39.11 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Brian Podesta NCMEC.jpg)

File: 877e54d79d268e0⋯.png (183.17 KB, 560x317, 560:317, Brian Podesta.png)

File: b1c44d1d33004ff⋯.jpg (153.42 KB, 1071x528, 357:176, Podesta Clinton.jpg)


Brian Podesta works at NCMEC also. He is likely a source of children.

596171 No.955553


The clown doc is about satellites. AS THE WORLD TURNS means satellites in geosynchronous orbit.

It means the satellite stays at the same spot above the earth. Its orbit is at a speed that keeps it in the same spot relative to the earth.

Some other Q posts contain references to car control, and now perhaps GPS control for JFKjr's plane.

I don't have time to make a big graphic about it for the bread, but this is what as the world turns means. It should go in the bread.

066a39 No.955554


Camping grounds, places when the normies still trust Killary/Deep State. There are A LOT of places. But let's just wait for them to get the funding they need from is after Tax Day and run some more. Thanks Cue!

a746dc No.955555

File: 6e67e54ff5d1b58⋯.jpg (170.18 KB, 620x582, 310:291, IMG_3958.JPG)

File: 2ec4418a7bb0044⋯.png (45.53 KB, 516x404, 129:101, IMG_3959.PNG)


74a976 No.955556


The stand down is a GREAT redpill.

a6cd35 No.955557

File: 96cf0e6f85924c7⋯.jpeg (351.22 KB, 1183x1118, 91:86, D14829A2-7132-46FF-9876-2….jpeg)

615297 No.955558

File: e604aa1b6a9873c⋯.jpg (90.07 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


And tomorrow looks very good as well.

Love Q!

bcb23a No.955559

File: 3dc5c84ec9cde99⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-04-08-16-2….png)

File: cbb70398f173c35⋯.png (339.36 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-04-08-16-2….png)

File: bb91335ee16495c⋯.png (301.32 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-04-08-16-2….png)

https:// www.securityconference.de/en/news/article/john-mccain-receives-2018-kleist-award/

Health cover

a49240 No.955560


Orban is a real hero!

He is the spearhead of the fight for freedom in europe.

Every Hungarian should be proud of him.

e16c9a No.955561

File: 37a25416496e8a6⋯.png (34.65 KB, 651x301, 93:43, Amb Bolton 4-8-18.PNG)

File: fbc90bc4c7c8ba9⋯.png (11.54 KB, 455x322, 65:46, Q Follow Bolton.PNG)

3fcea8 No.955562

File: 0b7860fbab29149⋯.jpg (1.77 MB, 1238x1650, 619:825, e2124b7627af59871805476abd….jpg)


original sauce on facebook attributed to a rouge rothschild.

original image for tineye

95b5c7 No.955563


Ok kill look at this .

c0548c No.955564


You say it was posted earlier, yet you didn't bother to read any responses. Instead you thought it better to repost it? Why would you do that?

0ca58a No.955565

File: 4ed7f17f155c27a⋯.jpg (1010.77 KB, 1280x1217, 1280:1217, RememberGoliadRememberTheA….jpg)

You're dang STRAIGHT that POTUS knows the score. Long live The Republic.


a9730b No.955566


prove it.

Is Hillary still free?

Is McCain still spouting NWO agenda?

Obama still free?

Is Sessions really doing anything but playing an SES MaGoo?

Is Strrozk, and others from the FBI in jail?

Is Twitter and FB and Google still censoring everyone?

Did the POTUS sign the Omnibus BS bill?

is the CIA mockingbird program shut down?

Really there has been some good things on the pedo side but WTF is the DEEP STATE arrests, restoration of the Constitution,

80c469 No.955567

File: edf304de5a8c570⋯.jpg (281.02 KB, 736x726, 368:363, 20180408_154719.jpg)


f822c9 No.955568

I think youre right, anon

Cindy's dad was a convicted felon…he was ineligible to own a racetrack and Bud distributorship…..but still got them somehow.

He gave Johnny boy a cushy job at his company, plus the money to run his first campaign. She is the sole beneficiary of everything from her dad….even though she has a sister


6150df No.955569

c07022 No.955570




e16976 No.955571

>>955538 (You)

>>955538 (You)

3dc6e9 No.955573


Maybe when he was out "sick"?

eca4a5 No.955574

File: e1a95951b5c735e⋯.jpeg (1.71 MB, 1936x2592, 121:162, The New Barbie! Would you….jpeg)

https:// politicalcowboy.com/irony-former-planned-parenthood-head-marketing-parenting-expert/

These people are sick!

https:// politicalcowboy.com/new-barbie-buy-doll-child/

(picture related: I particularly like the herpes on 'it', really fitting)

3ec50a No.955575


(((THAT'S))) how good people win elections when SOROS and the CABAL are kept out of a country.

7f8e13 No.955576

JFK Jr. predicted Trump’s run for president 20 years ago

https:// nypost.com/2016/11/03/jfk-jr-predicted-trumps-run-for-president-20-years-ago/

JFK Jr. killed in plane crash 1999

JFK Jr. - Why the official story is in doubt.

Part 5: The crash of John F. Kennedy Jr's aircraft and the indications of a cover-up.

Having established that the government and the media have a prior (and quite deplorable) record of deliberate lies to the public, let us look at how the official story of the crash of John F. Kennedy Jr's plane evolved, and why it is suspect.

As first reported by United Press International, John F. Kennedy Jr. on approach to Martha's Vineyard in 8 mile visibility, was in radio contact with the ground, calmly informing them of his intentions to drop off a passenger before proceeding to Hyannis airport. Then, according to ABC News, JFK Jr's plane went into a steep dive, and crashed.

However, even before the wreckage was found, the story being put out in the media began to change. Gone was the previously reported radio conversation a calm JFK Jr. had with ground personnel just before the plane fell out of the sky, replaced by a declaration from the NTSB that JFK Jr. had not used his radio at all as he approached Martha's Vineyard. Gone also was the originally reported 8 mile visibility while the media began to hammer home the claim that Martha's Vineyard had been totally blanketed with a haze so heavy that pilots in the air would have been blind.

No sooner were the various stories put out but they quickly fell apart.

http:// www.whatreallyhappened.com/RANCHO/CRASH/JFK_JR/jj.php

6f8de8 No.955577

File: 1dd07a77c4bff89⋯.png (1.97 MB, 3116x1664, 779:416, JFK Jr.png)

There isn't anyone these sick, evil bastards won't murder to advance 'their' agenda!


4b03f7 No.955578


The visits were long before that. WTF are you on about?

5b8484 No.955579

File: c6eda0de68b33e4⋯.jpg (55.13 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 27zm1g.jpg)

596171 No.955580


Sorry my post looks like I'm a redditfag. I was typing fast.

dec66c No.955581


It's on video. Amazing how many people still haven't seen it. Seems that the media has only ever shown selective cuts.

0597a6 No.955582

File: ca139ad4338ff92⋯.jpg (181.25 KB, 598x436, 299:218, AKgs22_20180408144430557_2….jpg)

File: 5a82af035cc0912⋯.jpg (648.89 KB, 1080x1152, 15:16, IMG_20180408_112619_proces….jpg)

File: 9786b23a3d1e5da⋯.jpg (1.63 MB, 1811x2714, 1811:2714, a456baaa6163af00faa894d0b5….jpg)

Just kek'n around.

95b5c7 No.955583



448235 No.955584

as of 3 days ago

No Name in WashingtonDC per this interview

https:// www.nbcnews.com/meet-the-press/video/mccain-u-s-should-hold-putin-responsible-for-syria-915717187770

696039 No.955585


Anon said this was going around last year and it was fake.

301258 No.955586


Who is that on the right? I see US Aid and the place stinks of american money. Uniforms , weapon holsters, new sneakers.

6f764e No.955587

File: ba4169300c21fb9⋯.png (370 KB, 816x1073, 816:1073, ClipboardImage.png)

https:// sonsoflibertymedia.com/bigger-cambridge-analytica-court-documents-facebook-turned-bulk-data-possibly-millions-americans-us-government-without-warrant/

Bigger Than Cambridge Analytica? Court Documents: Facebook Turned Over Bulk Data On Possibly Millions Of Americans To US Government Without A Warrant

Written by: Tim Brown

Published on: April 8, 2018

57e864 No.955588


>Partner with the federal government

Could you be more specific, please, about what this might entail?

6eb921 No.955589


not created by a rothshild u dumbass

931f36 No.955590

File: 2ff51ba9827b20d⋯.jpg (63.88 KB, 594x394, 297:197, Barack Obama White House H….jpg)


>White Rabbit EVER wear spectacles before this year? Not in about 25 years.


pic related you dumb fuck

599872 No.955591

He obviously doesn't have an ankle monitor. The others never did either, just wishful thinking on our part.

1a25e7 No.955592


dub dubs of truth chekkd

GOD BLESS Viktor Orban. (((jew))) aware, (((soros))) aware.

FUCK (((them)))

7d5abf No.955593

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

6a14dc No.955594


b532d8 No.955595

Statement form No Name on his own website:

Apr 08 2018


Washington, D.C. ­– U.S. Senator John McCain (R-AZ), Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, released the following statement today on the chemical attack in Syria:

“President Trump last week signaled to the world that the United States would prematurely withdraw from Syria. Bashar Assad and his Russian and Iranian backers have heard him, and emboldened by American inaction, Assad has reportedly launched another chemical attack against innocent men, women and children, this time in Douma. Initial accounts show dozens of innocent civilians, including children, have been targeted by this vicious bombardment designed to burn and choke the human body and leave victims writhing in unspeakable pain.

“Crimes against humanity have become Assad’s trademarks in his relentless campaign against the people of Syria that has killed more than half a million people and forced 11 million from their homes. President Trump was quick to call out Assad today, along with the Russian and Iranian governments, on Twitter. The question now is whether he will do anything about it. The President responded decisively when Assad used chemical weapons last year. He should do so again, and demonstrate that Assad will pay a price for his war crimes.

“To be sure, President Trump inherited bad options after years of inaction by his predecessor in Syria. History will render a bitter judgment on America for that failure. But no one should believe we are out of options. We can and should change course – starting with a comprehensive strategy that lays out clear objectives for our mission there. It's not too late to stop Assad's impunity and begin to rewrite this terrible chapter in our history.”

https:// www.mccain.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/press-releases?ID=AFAA97B8-FDFD-4166-AF03-B82A6B29D1C3

fa1e80 No.955596

Not sure whether this has been posted yet.

Karl Christian Rove (born December 25, 1950) is an American political consultant, and (as of 2005) U.S. President George W. Bush's senior advisor and chief political strategist. On February 8, 2005, Rove was appointed deputy chief of staff in charge of policy.

https:// en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Karl_Rove

4f1510 No.955597


>Now, I am become death, destroyer of worlds

J. Bolton, probably

60b545 No.955598


On April 4th, 2017 a suspicious chemical attack in an Idlib province prompted US President Trump to launch missiles at Syria. McCain applauded the action and urged for more.

McCain has an uncanny talent to show up in places rife with geo-political tension, and upon McCain’s departure conflict cranks up to deadly levels. Coincidence?

3fcea8 No.955600


idiot filtered.

198500 No.955601


See the spider web?


95b5c7 No.955602


what did i do wrong? I added this to latest q posts ?

979d80 No.955603


Yes! So proud of Hungary. Poland's brother from another mother. Together, we will infected Europe with TRUTH! Once again, we will save Europe together!!! Go brothers! Fight,fight,fight!

e16c9a No.955604

File: abdc8a10e23115a⋯.png (406.08 KB, 664x856, 83:107, DoD 3-12-18 12 28 pm PST.PNG)

File: b3bed6ab123d62e⋯.png (322.74 KB, 654x756, 109:126, DoD 4-8-18 1 pm PST.PNG)

DoD Tweet Oregon Inlet Reference

3-12-18 Rough Waters [Battling the Surf]

DoD Tweet Oregon Inlet Reference

4-8-18 Calm Waters [Surf Drills]

BTW Bridge is Herbert C. Bonner Bridge

Herbert [unique name]

d5210b No.955605


Could these be Kamikaze style attacks so as not to turn heads? Huge sacrifice by pilots?

0597a6 No.955606


It's not a Roth just some conspiracy theorist on FB. Q doesn't link Plaeidians..

1f3191 No.955607

so we arent actually going to bomb syria now are we? that would be fucked

just trying to follow whats going on here

931f36 No.955608



5d0d49 No.955610

615297 No.955611

File: 1e507035b4764cb⋯.png (824.28 KB, 998x1117, 998:1117, analyst_division.png)


Thank you VM! me and my family can come up a Defcon or 2.

Someone on here did Dox me after that was posted, Still on cocked and locked status.

301258 No.955612


Some anon said they looked at the layers and it was legit, I wanted a different opinion.

964c92 No.955613


Mind. blown.

855dda No.955614


Quint 5's no less

Five 5's


ee54bd No.955615


It's a fake from the election season.




It was intended to intimidate anons, it didn't work then and anyone passing it off as real or believing it's real now, after this has been explained 100 times, is an idiot.

t fagwhowastherewhenitwaspostedbackthen

de3f1d No.955616


omg.. think logically. duh

74a976 No.955617


The TRUTH is being revealed..and YOU are playing a part. How cool is that!

eaa30b No.955618


ISIS related

867266 No.955619

>>955503 Yes its a signal for you to flush yourself down a toilet and swallow hard as you go

4f1510 No.955620


I see a spider web in the background, yes

470c90 No.955621

File: 2f5f3f1584ef1c9⋯.png (2.53 KB, 310x163, 310:163, a7ffb193423f0a5573ceeefe7c….png)





03f79f No.955622


Translated from Klingon!

979d80 No.955623


Yes we do Q! When will he( we don't say his name) be brought to Justice? Will he? At all?

33e022 No.955624

http:// educate-yourself.org/cn/John-McCain-The-Most-Flawed-Presidential-Candidate-in-History28feb08.shtml

Another great article on no-name

I say great but it's very revealing on what a POS this guy is. Don't read it if you're in a bad mood already

e55a97 No.955626

File: e051854a753bb45⋯.jpg (17.88 KB, 530x265, 2:1, cindy-bush1.jpg)

File: 809a19022cad3f7⋯.jpg (317.94 KB, 1024x695, 1024:695, roberta-rowena-mcccain-twi….jpg)

33761f No.955627


On the windows?

752f37 No.955628


Please, make that evil man pay for all of the innocent lives he's taken.

b532d8 No.955629

How many children has McCain adopted in total?

ec2ea1 No.955630


No name is in Syria rounding up and meeting with his old friends.

95b5c7 No.955631

a21723 No.955632

File: a7e40d522b364cc⋯.png (689.51 KB, 719x461, 719:461, ClipboardImage.png)


Pic related you dumb fuck>>955601

d5210b No.955633


Famous area for rum running. Black Beard, etc. Also Hatteras, etc. has a huge heroin and coke problem. Crime up in the last few years.

3bd17d No.955634


Im not a coward, I've been fighting since 1992. I've done way more than my share to break down the crooked govt, and it cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars and my very lucrative career and business. Most anons have not lost anything, because they think joining the fight means posting stuff on the internet. It doesnt.

c851d8 No.955635


No doubt there is more work to be done by anons as far as red polling goes. Then there’s still that 4-6%….

00171d No.955636

File: 6165456d4796927⋯.png (209.16 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Q_Crumbs_2018_February_12_….png)

File: 6ba93cb4e8f4136⋯.png (1.89 MB, 1940x1524, 485:381, Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at ….png)

File: 59f81f025f8949b⋯.png (890.91 KB, 1936x1540, 44:35, Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at ….png)

https:// hooktube.com/watch?v=VABSoHYQr6k

The truth in plain sight

307545 No.955637

JFK jr.

Ever look at the flight path and timing?

Why was so much Military + civilian assets used to find the plane?

We were dragging the area. Got kicked out and HUGE area was closed to us.

I saw the ships, planes, boats and yes, a Submarine.

Did Uncle Ted influence get that vast armada on sight so quickly or someone(s) else?

Was it jr. they were in fact looking for?

He was running against Killary after all.

I can tell you this from being out there that day.

Wasn’t weather or visibility brought them down.

So many questions never asked…

899710 No.955638

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

57e864 No.955639


And where are they now?

1e3873 No.955640


yea kinda amazing how many people never put 2 and 2 together

only one person had the power to stand down the ss

his boss, the head of c - a

448235 No.955641

File: 99569de899cc228⋯.png (899.18 KB, 950x428, 475:214, ClipboardImage.png)

a5c8fa No.955643

File: 0ac3c0758c3abdb⋯.png (28.96 KB, 414x230, 9:5, Q955<3.17.18>19.44.59.US(3….png)

615297 No.955644


OK it made it into the notables on some breads. have to keep an eye out for it. Still black hats doxing here. Seriously they are on my line.

Fuck them, they can SUCK MY DICK

My First Amendment My Choice!

1a25e7 No.955645


>symbolism will be their downfall.

(((they))) LITERALLY cannot shut the fuck up or hide to save their lives, eh?

ba186e No.955646


Hillary pisses me off but No Name actually makes me angry.

3ec50a No.955647


nice anon- very nice.

enjoyable to read.


a1d2ac No.955648


In the back on the doors.

>>955297 <<<<<<

3f28ce No.955649


I don't have a scientific background so I understand it in generalities. But I am recalling reference to HRC and her ability to cause air fatalities by disabling the navigation system. Even with satellite comms, there is still the stabilization of the systems tied into a physical gyroscope of some iteration on the actual plane. I initially went down the ATWT dig in a literal sense and got reacquainted with the advertising concepts that grew out of P&G, Ivory Soap and the advancement of social manipulation. But that doesn't seem to really cover it. I think it is related to the satellite systems. I'm going to try and look closer at the company that holds the patent.

63f1a7 No.955650



Quite frankly, every time I think White Rabbit I think of Lewis Carroll's book Alice in Wonderland and second book Through the Lookingglass, which leads me to this website discussing a 'hypothetical' device that enabled some degree of time travel or at least spying on other actual or potential timestreams.

Stories from an insider person I once knew gives this some credibility in my eyes.

Combined with evidence that Q team does know certain things before they happen, and might be manipulating the course of future events through our mimetics.

http:// www.thelivingmoon.com/42stargate/03files/Project_Looking_Glass_LANL.html

5d1161 No.955651


Birds of a feather!!!!!! Spiders of the web plot together

371ee4 No.955653


Five 5's damn! Connection confirmed.

6d4846 No.955654




First Aid


All tangled together by evil!

a21723 No.955655


You forgot to tell him nice digits. :)

Yes, the web is deep.

198500 No.955656



Exact location.


470c90 No.955657


Abu Mosa Press officer and Baghdadi With RPG?

ba186e No.955658

File: 639f6dca6786443⋯.jpg (80.1 KB, 736x413, 736:413, John McCain statement abou….jpg)

dc7efb No.955659


Who allows McCain to go to, or to enter Syria?

95579c No.955660



How's this going to play into a narrative? Is that up to us?

Req timeline of previous 'chemical attacks' combined with visits and admin actors/no name.

What's the bigger play here? When are the cards shown and we stop this proxy war nonsense._X

ab6d93 No.955661

https:// www.militarytimes.com/flashpoints/2018/03/14/russian-claims-that-us-is-planning-a-false-flag-chemical-weapons-attack-is-a-distraction-pentagon-says/

0e9e31 No.955662


She was only 16 when JFK was assassinated.

Seems highly unlikely.

834835 No.955663




The rt is the wrong post. Should be >>954819

448235 No.955664



Will find.


6956e6 No.955665


Who does "WDSHN" directly answers to?

Web means he coordinates and follows orders too.

04cd5d No.955666


Quints confirm.



63f1a7 No.955667


Thank you, sir.

6150df No.955668


WHAT BUILDING IS THIS ANONS?? anyone know the town?

8a8bd7 No.955669


While criticizing both the Obama administration’s handling of fighting the Islamic State and statements from Senator Rand Paul who rightly said that McCain had met with ISIS, McCain asked: “Has Rand Paul ever been to Syria?” McCain replied. “Has he ever met with ISIS? Has he ever met with any of these people? No, no, no.”

So does this mean McCain is acknowledging that he himself has met with ISIS, thus giving him more expertise on the subject? That certainly seems to be the implication of what McCain said. Now, that statement may add fuel to the arguments that McCain met with members of ISIS and there’s photographic proof, a documented claim which people who swallow whatever the mainstream media tells them will continue to say has been “debunked,” even though those in the pictures have been identified and are positively confirmed to have direct ISIS ties.

“I know these people,” McCain repeated to Hannity. “I’m in contact with them all the time. And he is not. He is not. He is not.”

So to be clear, John McCain claims to know Salim Idris and Khalid al-Hamad, both featured in the photos taken with him in Syria. Both of these men are both linked with ISIS, and both were kicked out of non-ISIS rebel groups for being “too moderate.” According to McCain, he is “in contact” with Idris and al-Hamad “all the time.” Why isn’t Senator McCain being investigated for his ties with ISIS members, since both of these men are in fact ISIS-linked?

https:// wearechange.org/25469/

6e3ef6 No.955670


Syria 2013

a34027 No.955671

File: d0a2f5ed084eab9⋯.png (10.46 KB, 255x149, 255:149, 0f9cdecb2320ba2ddb675622ea….png)

301258 No.955672

File: 5caa87417fd590e⋯.png (219.54 KB, 291x467, 291:467, Capture1.PNG)


Suck my dick

6a14dc No.955673



c851d8 No.955674

File: d6ce58121adf22d⋯.png (494.56 KB, 950x428, 475:214, CB3F4751-D7C6-4084-9370-62….png)


Exact location.


Good work on hi-liting the webs anon!

f822c9 No.955675


Syria….cant figure out the city, tho

6a14dc No.955676

019191 No.955677


Who did he pass the baton to?

e45c32 No.955678


looks like john mccain's backyard back home in arizona

well… he might have well just conducted the meetings there since he's this arrogant

979d80 No.955679



Where are they in Syria ? Do we know their exact location? What building is that?

964c92 No.955681


Any Anons here from the whole HWNDU incident? Could use your help.

e9b5e5 No.955682


On the door and sidelights

c9ec2b No.955683


And Hungary nationalized his bank. A good Signal. Poland must be the next.

33e022 No.955684


>Why was so much Military + civilian assets used to find the plane?

>Did Uncle Ted influence get that vast armada on sight so quickly or someone(s) else?

http:// pmnightlynews.com/index.php/2016/05/08/clinton-jfk-investigation/

interesting claims here.

>Five hours after the plane went down, William “Bill” Clinton sent out the equivalent of the Sixth Fleet to find the wreckage, hide it and the bodies from the snoopy media, and though JFK Jr. was never in the Navy, and though the families did not consent,…he ordered the cremation the corpses, and threw the ashes into the sea in a quickly planned Navy funeral. No photographs were permitted of the recovered bodies.

4b03f7 No.955685


https:// www.usaid.gov/

95579c No.955686

5d0d49 No.955687


I honestly wouldn't be surprised if Google has street view completed there.

6c47b0 No.955688

File: 480713bd6b4eab9⋯.jpg (91.99 KB, 591x569, 591:569, Syria.JPG)

"Leaving Syria…soon"…

and yet……

https:/ /twitter.com/m3t4_tr0n?lang=en

Lots and lots of interesting intel on this twatter account

b809d2 No.955689

9545c5 No.955690

File: 419c8940407f501⋯.jpg (34.2 KB, 600x450, 4:3, BLX9JGvCcAA25wS.jpg)


More help on location…

4acb79 No.955691

bcb23a No.955692

File: e42514c01217649⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-04-08-15-4….png)

11b943 No.955693


He is a useful tool……..for now

ba186e No.955694

File: ff6fb310ecf61d8⋯.png (460.49 KB, 460x652, 115:163, Telarana.png)


Social war and imperialist spider’s web in Syria (2011-2015) by Proletarios Internacionalistas

https:// libcom.org/library/social-war-imperialist-spider%E2%80%99s-web-syria-2011-2015-proletarios-internacionalistas

3ee362 No.955695



202cb2 No.955696


Five 5's for Q. Connection confirmed.

5 = CHANGE in Ancient Tibetan Numerology

549d42 No.955697


Should be simple to ID if anyone can translate Arabic

817016 No.955698




Will the classified POW/MIA files see the light?

http:// www.vvof.org/mccain_hides.htm

1e3873 No.955699


i was wondering the same thing with the webs

d50e50 No.955700

How many people have died because of McNoname and his greed? Our leaders are exposed.

615297 No.955701


I'm thinking IRAQ, Turkey, Or maybe Lebanon.

2a2b62 No.955702


Hah! McCain will not be honored on this day, eh? The Q team is on Fuego!

President Donald J. Trump Proclaims April 9, 2018, as National Former Prisoner of War Recognition Day


Issued on: April 6, 2018

https:// www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/president-donald-j-trump-proclaims-april-9-2018-national-former-prisoner-war-recognition-day/

6150df No.955703


ArabicFags We need you!

0ead70 No.955704

File: 5bbbe458448a2a1⋯.png (220.82 KB, 400x250, 8:5, ClipboardImage.png)

http:// www.voltairenet.org/article185085.html#nb7

The Illegal Trip to Syria, April 2013

In May 2013, Senator John McCain made his way illegally to near Idleb in Syria via Turkey to meet with leaders of the "armed opposition". His trip was not made public until his return to Washington. [6]

This movement was organized by the Syrian Emergency Task Force, which, contrary to its title, is a Zionist Organization led by a Palestinian employee of AIPAC [7]

JPEG - 26.1 kb

John McCain in Syria. In the foreground at right is the director of the Syrian Emergency Task Force. In the doorway, center, Mohammad Nour.

In photographs released at that time, one noticed the presence of Mohammad Nour, a spokesman for the Northern Storm Brigade (of the Al-Nosra Front, that is to say, al-Qaeda in Syria), who kidnapped and held 11 Lebanese Shiite pilgrims in Azaz. [8] Asked about his proximity to al-Qaeda kidnappers, the Senator claimed not to know Mohammad Nour who would have invited himself into this photo.

The affair made a great noise and the families of the abducted pilgrims lodged a complaint before the Lebanese judiciary against Senator McCain for complicity in kidnapping. Ultimately, an agreement was reached and the pilgrims were released.

Let’s suppose that Senator McCain had told the truth and that he was abused by Mohammad Nour. The object of his illegal trip to Syria was to meet the chiefs of staff of the Free Syrian Army. According to him, the organization was composed "exclusively of Syrians" fighting for "their freedom" against the "Alouite dictatorship” (sic). The tour organizers published this photograph to attest to the meeting.

JPEG - 26.5 kb

John McCain and the heads of the Free Syrian Army. In the left foreground, Ibrahim al-Badri, with which the Senator is talking. Next, Brigadier General Salim Idris (with glasses).

If we can see Brigadier General Idriss Salem, head of the Free Syrian Army, one can also see Ibrahim al-Badri (foreground on the left) with whom the senator is talking. Back from the surprise trip, John McCain claimed that all those responsible for the Free Syrian Army were "moderates who can be trusted" (sic).

JPEG - 24.2 kb

However, since October 4, 2011, Ibrahim al-Badri (also known as Abu Du’a) was on the list of the five terrorists most wanted by the United States (Rewards for Justice). A premium of up to $ 10 million was offered to anyone who would assist in his capture. [9] The next day, October 5, 2011, Ibrahim al-Badri was included in the list of the Sanctions Committee of the UN as a member of Al Qaeda. [10]

In addition, a month before receiving Senator McCain, Ibrahim al-Badri, known under his nom de guerre as Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, created the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ÉIIL) – all the while still belonging to the staff of the very "moderate" Free Syrian Army. He claimed as his own the attack on the Taj and Abu Ghraib prisons in Iraq, from which he helped between 500 and 1,000 jihadists escape who then joined his organization. This attack was coordinated with other almost simultaneous operations in eight other countries. Each time, the escapees joined the jihadist organizations fighting in Syria. This case is so strange that Interpol issued a note and requested the assistance of the 190 member countries. [11]

For my part, I have always said that there was no difference on the ground between the Free Syrian Army, Al-Nosra Front, the Islamic Emirate etc … All these organizations are composed of the same individuals who continuously change flag. When they pose as the Free Syrian Army, they fly the flag of French colonization and speak only of overthrowing the "dog Bashar." When they say they belong to Al-Nosra Front, they carry the flag of al Qaeda and declare their intention to spread Islam in the world. Finally when they say they are the Islamic Emirate, they brandish the flag of the Caliphate and announce that they will clean the area of all infidels. But whatever the label, they proceed to the same abuses: rape, torture, beheadings, crucifixions.

Yet neither Senator McCain nor his companions of the Syrian Emergency Task Force provided the information in their possession on Ibrahim al-Badri to the State Department, nor have they asked for the reward. Nor have they informed the anti-terrorism Committee of the UN.

In no country in the world, regardless of their political system, would one accept that the opposition leader be in direct contact, and publicly friendly, with a very dangerous wanted terrorist.

bcdfdd No.955705


already been working on it, will get back to you on it

dbee29 No.955706


Nick Short

Verified account


40m40 minutes ago


Facebook is suspending another data analytics firm called CubeYou after CNBC notified FB that CubeYou was collecting info about users through quizzes misleadingly labeled "for non-profit academic research," then shared user info w/marketers.

03f79f No.955707


Same here, Anon.

Q-Team has the Syrian situation under control.

Back to lurking moar…

0597a6 No.955708

File: aba5375f61c27b7⋯.jpg (864.29 KB, 2020x1134, 1010:567, Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at ….jpg)


Q please give me a nod to continue this dig…if not I will drop for now.


Leviathan Pipeline

Israel Syria Lebenon




Ed Cox (director)

Papadopoulos (research Hudson)

Cox and Page campaigned for McCain

Cox sent Page to Manafort


Possible Downer connection

Possible Misfud

Also Genie Energy worth looking at…

969dfe No.955709

James E. Hall was the head of the NTSB( National Transportation Safety Board) led the investigation into jfk crash. Close ties to the Clintons. Now runs Hall & Associates LLC in DC.

95579c No.955710


Time is location. Cross indexing articles at exact time of visit, could reveal town.

Then correlate that to chem attack timeline.

2401a1 No.955711


USAID tent?

4128c3 No.955712



ATWT = project code name for JFK 187?

implying plans for POTUS 187?

04cd5d No.955713


The web looks like a vagina.

Spiders… follow the wives

6a14dc No.955714



c851d8 No.955715


We need a languagefag in here to translate that photo

5d1161 No.955716

same amount as Killarys >>955700

258cab No.955717



United States Agency for International Development

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Agency_for_International_Development

"The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is an independent agency of the United States federal government that is primarily responsible for administering civilian foreign aid and development assistance. With a budget of over $27 billion, USAID is one of the largest official aid agencies in the world, and accounts for more than half of all U.S. foreign assistance (which in absolute dollar terms is the highest in the world)."

122bfa No.955718

File: 109030d83d1164d⋯.jpg (55.46 KB, 599x320, 599:320, IMG_20171230_143738.jpg)

File: d0f6ef4d6c8400a⋯.jpg (162.87 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, IMG_20171230_143735.jpg)

See the spider web?

979d80 No.955720

>>955683 you might be right Anon

>>955687 we have the right president to try it. He's like Trump,/ ourguy/. PS. Poish people love our POTUs

3ee362 No.955721


Held by the Kurds I thought

e6bd7e No.955722


Q what do we do if they say the HRC VIDEO IS FAKED?

https:// www.cbsnews.com/news/experts-warn-of-digitally-altered-video-becoming-weaponized/

1700eb No.955723

Syrian Chem attack is Cabal's attempt to get us to goto war. French President has declared that if proof is shown they will go in unilaterally and call on Article 5 of NATO agreement to drag US back in. Article 5 goes active when one ally is ATTACKED, with the idea that an attack on one is an attack on all. Example: after 9/11 we called up article 5 for ally support after an attack on our soil. A Nato member going unilaterally into another nation does not in of itself activate article 5. Example Faulklens War between Argentina v. UK. while we lent support by allowing the Brits access to our air space we, the US, remained neutral in the conflict. https:// www.nato.int/cps/en/natohq/topics_110496.htm

a7805c No.955724


No name in Syria.

4acb79 No.955725


I was thinking that. Wow

eaa30b No.955726

File: 419c8940407f501⋯.jpg (34.2 KB, 600x450, 4:3, serveimageQG8KCRO8.jpg)


Can anyone read sign above bldg.?

94c064 No.955727

Todd Brassner:

https:// www.artnet.com/auctions/artists/andy-warhol/brillo-boxes

a6cd35 No.955728

File: 609650240204ee3⋯.jpeg (75.5 KB, 1067x419, 1067:419, 46B065F4-FD0B-48D2-A63F-1….jpeg)

834835 No.955729


sauce 4 u

https:// steemit.com/news/@benjaminfulford/financial-war-may-escalate-into-massive-emp-attacks-as-final-showdown-looms

dbee29 No.955730


Come on arabs… read that for us

bb9d17 No.955731


McCain, who chairs the Senate Armed Services Committee and was an outspoken critic of the Obama administration’s Syria policy, traveled to the town of Kobane, which sits on the Syrian side of the Turkish-Syrian border.

http:// thehill.com/homenews/senate/320709-mccain-made-secret-trip-to-syria

aac113 No.955732


Now have a look at SERCO’s many ways of “Bringing service to life” throughout the USA.

Air Force

Air Combat Command

Air Force Director of Personnel

Air Force District of Washington

Air Force Electronics Systems Center

Air Force Education and Training Command

Air Force Information Warfare Center

Air Force Institute for Advanced Distributed Learning

Air Force Materiel Command

Air Force Research Lab

Air Force Space Command

Space and Missile System Center

Tinker Air Force Base


Army Communications Electronics Command

Army Defense Ammunition Center

Army Enterprise Information Systems

Army Human Resources Command


Army Materiel Command/Aberdeen Proving Ground

Army Medical Department

Army Research Labs

Army Research, Development & Engineering Center

Army Space and Missile Defense Command

Army Training & Doctrine Command

National Ground Intelligence Center

Army Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation Command

Army Medical Command

Army Installation Management Command

Army Recruiting Command

Department of Defense

Defense Acquisition University

Defense Ammunition Center

Defense Information Systems Agency

Defense Logistics Agency

Defense Threat Reduction Agency

Missile Defense Agency

National Geospatial Intelligence Agency

National Security Agency

National Security Personnel System Program Executive Office

Office of Intelligence & Analysis

Office of the Secretary of Defense

United States Air Force

Washington Headquarters Service

Joint Central Command

J6, Joint Staff

Joint Advanced Distributed Learning Co-Laboratory

Joint Forces Warfighting Center

North American Aerospace Defense Command

Northern Command

Southern Command

Strategic Command (Space Command)


Center for Surface Combat Systems – Dahlgren

Commander Navy Installations Command

Financial Management and Comptroller

Naval Air Systems Command

Naval Education and Training Command

Naval Inventory Control Point

Naval Sea Systems Command

Naval Supply Systems Command

Naval Surface Warfare Center

Navy Office of the Chief of Human Resources

Navy Public Works Center

Navy Recruiting Command

Office of Naval Intelligence

Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command

Bureau of Medicine and Surgery

Naval Reserves

Marine Corps

Marine Corps Reserve

Marine Corps Systems Command

Department of Agriculture

Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service

Forest Service

Risk Management Agency

Department of Commerce

National Weather Service

Patent & Trademark Office

United States Census Bureau

Department of Energy

National Nuclear Security Administration

Department of Health & Human Services

Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services

National Institutes of Health

Indian Health Service

Department of Homeland Security

Customs & Border Protection

Directorate of Preparedness

Federal Emergency Management Agency

Federal Protective Service

Immigration & Customs Enforcement

Transportation Security Administration

United States Citizenship & Immigration Services

US-VISIT Office of Policy

U.S. Coast Guard

Department of Housing and Urban Development

Department of Housing and Urban Development

Public and Indian Housing

Department of Interior

National Park Service

Office of Inspector General

Department of Justice

Antitrust Division

Bureau of Prisons

Civil Rights

Criminal Division

Drug Enforcement Administration

Executive Office for the U.S. Attorneys

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Justice Management Division

Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force

United States Marshals Service

Department of Labor

Occupational Safety & Health Administration

Office of the Chief Information Officer

Department of State

Bureau of Consular Affairs

Foreign Service Institute

Population, Refugees, and Migration

Department of Transportation

Federal Aviation Administration

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

VOLPE Transportation System Center

Department of Treasury

Comptroller of the Currency

Internal Revenue Service

United States Secret Service

Department of Veterans Affairs

Board of Veterans Appeals

Veterans Benefit Administration

Veterans Health Administration

General Services Administration

Federal Supply Service

Federal Technology Service

Independent Agencies

Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

Central Intelligence Agency

Congressional Commission on China

Congressional Research Service

Director of National Intelligence

Federal Communications Commission

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Federal Trade Commission

Government Accountability Office

Government Printing Office

International Trade Commission

Library of Congress

Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation

Smithsonian Institution

U.S. Postal Service

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

Social Security Administration


7f8e13 No.955733

File: cfbb88c9c8b5427⋯.png (269.5 KB, 1715x853, 1715:853, Hillary1.png)

File: 74fca59a756582f⋯.png (312.37 KB, 1702x775, 1702:775, Hillary2.png)


More than anyone else, with the possible exception of the current occupant of the White House, Richard Nixon destroyed the image of an honorable and law-abiding American President we had all been raised with, The lesson of his term in office was a simple one. Presidents do break the law. Presidents commit perjury and obstruction of justice. Presidents have things to hide.

Oddly enough, Richard Nixon was forced to resign because of the John F. Kennedy assassination. The break-in at the Watergate offices of the Democratic National Committee would have never become the issue to topple a President, but for the need to protect just WHY the crime had been committed. The Democrats had obtained photographs which showed Nixon "associate" E. Howard Hunt to be one of the tramps arrested and then released in Dealey Plaza. This is why Hunt led the break-in at the Watergate. He was protecting his own posterior.

Rather than risk exposure of a far worse scandal, Nixon resigned, turning over the White House to Gerald Ford, the Warren Commission member who last year admitted last year to altering the official location of JFK's back wound.

http:// www.whatreallyhappened.com/RANCHO/CRASH/JFK_JR/jj.php

http:// www.whatreallyhappened.com/RANCHO/POLITICS/JFK/nixon.html

Also here, was Hillary fired from the Watergate Investigation.

529720 No.955734

File: 7173d38a754692e⋯.jpg (57.28 KB, 740x400, 37:20, mc_cain_es_0.jpg)

b32177 No.955735

Any patriots here do digging on the whole Rajiv K. Fernando getting access to the International Security Advisory Board (ISAB)? Or did this story die with the MSM blackout? Or is it nothing?

http:// abcnews.go.com/Politics/clinton-donor-sensitive-intelligence-board/story?id=39710624

066a39 No.955736


I've been called a bot on social media using words instead of memes, a conspiracy theorists by friends and family. It's up to Q to finish the job since the masses are far too brainwashed to wake up. They just say "We'll just wait and see" so clearly they're waiting for something more mainstream than cryptic messages to surface. I'm broke, living in my fucking car, and hungry. All because I trusted the plan while being overqualified to wash windows (which is horseshit). No one wants someone who knows more than they do around even if you don't show it, the normies know.

ee54bd No.955737


feel free to post it or believe it, but it's fake.

0ead70 No.955738


Who Then is Senator McCain?

But John McCain is not just the leader of the political opposition to President Obama, he is also one of his senior officials!

He is in fact President of the International Republican Institute (IRI), the republican branch of NED / CIA [12], since January 1993. This so-called "NGO" was officially established by President Ronald Reagan to extend certain activities of the CIA, in connection with the British, Canadian and Australian secret services. Contrary to its claims, it is indeed an inter-governmental agency. Its budget is approved by Congress in a budget line dependent of the Secretary of State.

It is also because it is a joint agency of the Anglo-Saxon secret services that several states in the world prohibit it from any activity on their territory.

JPEG - 21.8 kb

Accused of plotting the overthrow of President Hosni Mubarak for the Muslim Brotherhood, the two employees of the International Republican Institute (IRI) in Cairo, John Tomlaszewski (second right) and Sam LaHood (son of US-Lebanese, Ray LaHood, a democratic government Transportation Secretary) (second left) took refuge at the embassy of the United States. Here they are along with Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham at the preparatory meeting of the "Arab Spring" in Libya and Syria. They would be released by Brother Mohamed Morsi when he became President.

The list of interventions by John McCain on behalf of the State Department is impressive. He participated in all the color revolutions of the last twenty years.

To take only a few examples, ever in the name of "democracy", he prepared the failed coup against constitutional president Hugo Chávez in Venezuela, [13] the overthrow of constitutionally elected president Jean-Bertrand Aristide in Haiti [14], the attempt to overthrow the constitutional President Mwai Kibaki in Kenya [15] and, more recently, the ousting of the constitutional president of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych.

In any state in the world, when a citizen takes initiative to topple the regime of another State, he may be appreciated if successful and the new regime proves an ally, but he will be severely condemned when his initiatives have negative consequences for his own country. Now, Senator McCain never was harassed because of his anti-democratic actions in states where it has failed and who have turned against Washington. In Venezuela, for example. That is because, for the United States, John McCain is not a traitor, but an agent.

And an agent that has the best coverage imaginable: he is the official opponent of Barack Obama. As such, he can travel anywhere in the world (he is the most traveled US senator) and meet whoever he wants without fear. If his interlocutors approve Washington policy, he promised them to continue it, if they fight it, he hands over the responsibility to President Obama.

John McCain is known to have been a prisoner of war in Vietnam for five years, where he was tortured. He was involved in a program designed not to extract information but to instill speech. This was to transform his personality in order that he make statements against his own country. This program, studied based on the Korean experience for the Rand Corporation by Professor Albert D. Biderman, served as the basis for research at Guantánamo and elsewhere by Dr. Martin Seligman [16]. Applied under George W. Bush to more than 80,000 prisoners, it has transformed many of them into real fighters serving Washington. John McCain, who had cracked in Vietnam, therefore understands. He knows how to unscrupulously manipulate jihadists.

7c52c4 No.955739


You are not alone here.

d23316 No.955740

File: 11a81801eedf82c⋯.jpg (1.08 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, mccain-syria.jpg)


large version

can anyone translate the writing?

46d354 No.955741

I think it's time we revisit the hacked video from McNoName's phone of the terrorist beheading (((green screen))) and match it up with his travel timeline and Q drops.

How did the cabal retaliate for that. (Heavy discrediting to sheep)

5d0d49 No.955742




Good stuff. Location narrowed to IDLEB

95579c No.955743


I'll help too.

consider 'time'


1a25e7 No.955744



Chemical attack correlate with mcstain trips.

mcstain = traitor that must be hung.

899710 No.955745

File: 86637af9283ac16⋯.png (381.41 KB, 458x427, 458:427, no-name-stain.png)

ba186e No.955746


Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah’s famous “Spider Web Speech,”

https:// breakingthespidersweb.blogspot.com/2011/05/nasrallahs-spider-web-speech.html

a6eed8 No.955747


Love is Real

Love Always Wins.

God is Love.

God Always wins.

God is Real.


8a8bd7 No.955748

File: 5879d27aaeced9a⋯.jpg (84.26 KB, 634x476, 317:238, McCain.jpg)

McCain's now-famous meeting took place in May 2013 after he slipped across the Turkish border into northern Syria, meeting with rebel leaders for about an hour. Photos showed him in the company of Northern Storm leaders, who buttressed his security detail during the trip.

Three months later the Northern Storm Brigade seized an airport at the Syrian town of Mengh, completing a battle that had raged for a half-year. Twitter accounts at the time, based on reporting from the Aleppo News Network, claimed ISIS militants fought alongside them. But that has never been established.

By October, the two groups were publicly at each other's throats.

Read more: http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2762680/Feeding-frenzy-debunks-Rand-Paul-claim-John-McCain-met-ISIS-linked-jihadists-Syria.html#ixzz5C7SngxfB

Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

773d2a No.955749


Every time John McCain makes secret trips to Syria, chemical weapon attacks follow http:// theduran.com/?p=15116 via @theduran_com

3fcea8 No.955750


tineye oldest result : http:// beforeitsnews.com/opinion-conservative/2013/06/us-looking-to-arm-syrian-rebels-will-guns-go-to-al-qaeda-2662104.html

d23316 No.955752

File: 419c8940407f501⋯.jpg (34.2 KB, 600x450, 4:3, BLX9JGvCcAA25wS.jpg)


this too

c0548c No.955753

File: dba9f3760922e3b⋯.png (24.6 KB, 454x322, 227:161, tineye.png)


Use tineye anon ;)

dec66c No.955754

File: 3d73ea45a58a601⋯.jpg (247.19 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, 3d73ea45a58a60194d9444cb0c….jpg)

7f8e13 No.955755


Hillary was 27 yrs old in 1974 when the watergate scandal was being investigated. (she was born in 1947)

448235 No.955756


exif gps in that?

d4a2a3 No.955757

File: 419c8940407f501⋯.jpg (34.2 KB, 600x450, 4:3, McCain_Idriss_Syria_USA.jpg)


Here. Can someone read the sign?

1a25e7 No.955758


obsese little sandnigger black hat mouth piece.

87e723 No.955759


Torch that Web Q!! WRWY

198500 No.955760


Pictures leaked for this very moment.

Who/what is not pictured?

What forces shadowed No Name?


Special contractors.

What was delivered?


Exact location.


Buildings E of spider web.

Spider web marker.

Open source.


6f764e No.955761


So Trump is purposefully touching/kicking the spider web to make the spiders to move?

931f36 No.955762


you fucking smart anon!!!!

95579c No.955763


Bigger… need literal location. pointed at per Q @"Exact"

2ef3e1 No.955765


Baker for the notables

3fcea8 No.955766


i remember …

931f36 No.955767

7ada20 No.955768

"Project Ninos Robados"

99958d No.955769

File: f01ac1112efa9a4⋯.png (849.35 KB, 1109x502, 1109:502, Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at ….png)

File: de882836aa85f3e⋯.png (57.97 KB, 640x340, 32:17, Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at ….png)


Idleb in Syria

http:// imowired.com/john-mccain-once-a-traitor-always-a-traitor/

87626b No.955770

What i see is the same garebage i saw years ago walking around free, causing the same things, how about enough is enough, arrests arrests arrests, justice was supposed to be restored not delayed


0ead70 No.955771

File: b5100aad6b3f649⋯.png (178.61 KB, 400x186, 200:93, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e10a883e3da527e⋯.png (129.32 KB, 400x300, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

ec2ea1 No.955772


Building has a large sign above the door.

LocationFags!! This Pic needs to be noticed!

ba186e No.955773


Hassan Nasrallah on Victory Day: ‘Israel Is Weaker Than a Spider Web’

https:// www.unz.com/video/sayedhasan_hassan-nasrallah-on-victory-day-israel-is-weaker-than-a-spid/

bb9d17 No.955774

McCain crossed the border near Kilis, Turkey, and spent two hours meeting with ‘rebel leaders’ near Idlib, Syria.

http:// www.globalresearch.ca/did-john-mccain-meet-with-abu-bakral-baghdadi-the-alleged-head-of-the-islamic-state-isis-isil-daesh/5498177

d964dd No.955775


We do.

e16976 No.955776



4dcc63 No.955777

File: 82d54e86acd17c2⋯.jpg (151.96 KB, 1020x1320, 17:22, McCain 1.jpg)

File: 7f5722d3178069a⋯.jpg (143.26 KB, 1020x1320, 17:22, McCain 2.jpg)

File: 67489ca620a5053⋯.jpg (158.79 KB, 1020x1320, 17:22, McCain 3.jpg)

File: 88a0e278e0c6579⋯.jpg (186.83 KB, 1020x1320, 17:22, McCain 4.jpg)

File: 20ec4d6021a495f⋯.jpg (103.27 KB, 1020x1320, 17:22, McCain 5.jpg)

Is it time to bring this back out?

0d18b8 No.955778


Thanks for reading it.

d4a2bd No.955779

File: 3371f56860565d7⋯.png (115.86 KB, 625x500, 5:4, ClipboardImage.png)

eaa30b No.955781



160c57 No.955782

File: 39218ff834e6e47⋯.png (339.11 KB, 688x673, 688:673, ClipboardImage.png)

888746 No.955783

this is like taking down the pyramids with Q-Bert

0542d6 No.955784


Try to get a translation from somebody that speaks arabic on twitter.

74a976 No.955785


98a37d No.955786


building E was a drop from when POTUS was on his Asia trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! around the beginning of Nov.

799105 No.955787

File: e791ef77a6b0d2c⋯.png (1.71 MB, 1951x1303, 1951:1303, ri5Np9t[1].png)

Wonder what these Iranians were guilty of ? arranged nuclear material / uranium deals? Hussein pardoned them

http:// abcnews.go.com/International/freed-iranians-boarded-flight-us/story?id=36376969

https:// www.forbes.com/sites/walterpavlo/2016/01/16/pres-obama-pardons-iranian-american-held-in-prison-4-americans-freed-in-iran/#7ca199c440ea

https:// www.reuters.com/article/us-iran-nuclear-legal-release/iranians-held-in-u-s-for-sanctions-violations-released-lawyers-idUSKCN0UV0JQ

448235 No.955788


got lucky

lets find this place. Can't read arab…

d5aec4 No.955789

File: c98cd208bf173fa⋯.jpg (21.82 KB, 255x202, 255:202, 0d454d165c26605fb77d171f7e….jpg)

File: a5f05ed672da59f⋯.png (359.57 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, a5f05ed672da59f2861bca2337….png)

File: 5b919d7013c6e9e⋯.jpg (22.12 KB, 255x255, 1:1, bb20eb789f04fc80f873a77c29….jpg)

File: 430cae42111b8c8⋯.jpg (96.43 KB, 500x537, 500:537, 26108m.jpg)

Personal Quick Grabs from Bread #1186. These ARE NOT Vetted, I'm just working on my 40,000K View. Shadilay Anons!!

>>955261 (Previous Quick Grabs)

>>953156 ←-Jeff Epstein Rundown (NICE!!)

>>953190 ←-Ha!! An Anon can never sleep!

>>953196 ←-Truth

>>953213 ←-Amazing!! Great Work ANON!!

>>953250 ←-Tennis Court

>>953271 ←-CRUSH #PervertKimmel

>>953280 ←-Jeremy Scott

>>953293 ←-Ben Sherwood @ ABC

>>953306 ←-Germany has fallen

>>953325 ←-Too Little/Too Late #Pervert

>>953340 ←-Bob Iger @ Disney

>>953379 ←-LES WEXNER!!!!!!!!!!!

>>953384 ←-JFK Jr. Sauce

>>953424 ←-Whoa!!

>>953497 ←-"The NWO Worships Satan."

>>953500 ←-Snopes is SHIT

>>953508 ←-Maybe!! Patton was murdered

>>953511 ←-AMAZING JFK Jr. Graphics

>>953572 ←-Mary Pinchot Meyer

>>953579 ←-Amazing. Archived!!

>>953580 ←-"Sedition"

>>953581 ←-JPB connected to JFK Jr??

>>953630 ←-More Amazing Graphics

>>953703 ←-MSM is EVIL!!!!

>>953712 ←-More JFK Jr. Graphics

>>953748 ←-Mary Pinchot Meyer

>>953772 ←-Very interesting…

>>953811 ←-A theory on Syria

>>953848 ←-Q has been very busy

>>953856 ←-Barron is Cool

>>953864 ←-Richard Branson = Bad Guy

>>953872 ←-Worth Noting

>>953882 ←-Fucking Traitor

>>953919 ←-Right in Plain Sight


692d31 No.955790

File: 3cf6206e7c73dd6⋯.jpg (295.09 KB, 1729x653, 1729:653, GRZLY39.jpg)

USMC GRZLY39 appears to be climbing on an intercept course to meet GAF686.

202cb2 No.955791



773c66 No.955792


pityfag shill

do not engage

waste of bread

b0044c No.955793


The gas was delivered for barrel bombs?

0ead70 No.955794

File: d5d25f7685af0c9⋯.png (283.11 KB, 400x300, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

b532d8 No.955795


I had a feeling this was entering round 2…we now have ammo for the real fight

1a25e7 No.955796


>Special contractors.

clown/SAD affiliated? It is a KNOWN fact among the 'contractors' community that our guys were on the ground in syria since 2010.

>What was delivered?

chemical weapons stockpile. CA santa cruz earth quake related?

99958d No.955797

File: f2f4ae30a3a008e⋯.png (241.41 KB, 533x588, 533:588, Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at ….png)



Correct spelling: Idlib, Syria

6956e6 No.955799



Idlib, Syria.

899710 No.955800


“Free Syrian Army" territory, so he probably was in west Syria

5d0d49 No.955801

File: fd2965120ae5ce2⋯.jpg (32.92 KB, 600x338, 300:169, DINGDINGFUCKINGDING.jpg)

a5c8fa No.955802

>>954640 last (last bread)

>>954924 (last bread)

>$310 million

>but the number was made public.

3+1 = 4 FOR 44 = 444

2b2f82 No.955803

File: 0fbf1d3f6870464⋯.jpg (16.17 KB, 399x266, 3:2, operationsmilecinidymccain….jpg)

File: fa896cadafaeefb⋯.jpg (24.69 KB, 320x249, 320:249, 17mqdvomod2jpjpg.jpg)

File: c0bcfb5bbf9ba38⋯.jpg (53.99 KB, 540x418, 270:209, mccainfamilyImage5.jpg)

File: af13b0bd93050b8⋯.jpg (34.41 KB, 256x281, 256:281, mccainfamily.jpg)

File: 20d8214b65d952a⋯.jpg (17.33 KB, 400x400, 1:1, AZDTUbKx_400x400.jpg)



95579c No.955804


E = "East"?

e6f083 No.955805


Special contractors?


6581db No.955806


This image is of No Name with Al Qaeda leaders in Syria. Reported 2014

John McCain with FSA General Salem Idriss (right of McCain) and Al Qaeda leaders"

http:// www.socialsciencecollective.org/ukraine-americas-global-war-terrorism-us-nato-applying-syria-model-ukraine/

4acb79 No.955807


https:// www.huffingtonpost.com/jon-soltz/mccain-poses-with-terrori_b_3360762.html

The photo of John McCain posing with terrorists and kidnappers in Syria encapsulates, perfectly, everything wrong with the position of McCain and others that the U.S. ought to insert itself into Syria’s civil war.

To recap the past few days, talk of arming the Syrian rebels is heating up. In the Senate, the Committee on Foreign Affairs cast a 15-3 vote to authorize arming and training the rebels — Senators Tom Udall, Chris Murphy, and Rand Paul being the three courageous dissenters. Then, the Russians announced the shipment of advanced air defense missiles to the government of Bashar al-Assad. The European Union reacted in kind, voting to allow the arming of the opposing rebels.

It was revealed this morning that McCain, during his personal mission to Syria to meet with rebels, appeared in photos with Mohammed Nour and Abu Ibrahim, two members of the Sunni “Northern Storm” brigade, which kidnapped 11 Lebanese Shia pilgrims, who were on their way back to Lebanon, from Iran. The group is still holding nine of the hostages.

This should give everyone pause when it comes to ramping up support for the rebels by arming them.

McCain’s office says that the senator didn’t know who they were, and doesn’t support their terrorist acts. I don’t doubt that. But it precisely is the point. If a U.S. senator can unwittingly pose for pictures with terrorists in Syria, how can we guarantee that the arms McCain supports sending there won’t also end up in the same place McCain did — with terrorists? The simple answer is that we can’t.

What’s worse, the Sunni side of the war, which McCain wants to support with arms, is not just affiliated with these kidnappers and terrorists, but also al Qaeda-affiliated groups, and Iraqi Sunni insurgents — the very same Iraqi Sunnis who killed American troops, and the Iraqi Army. That would be the Iraqi Army that McCain thought we should spend billions of dollars and thousands of American lives to establish. In fact, Syrian rebels affiliated with al Qaeda are responsible for the killing of nine Iraqi troops. We have every reason to expect that they will continue to target the Iraqi Army when they can.

The fact of the matter is, the other side is no better. The government of Bashar al-Assad has material support and manpower lent by Hezbollah and the Iranian government, which also targeted American troops in Iraq, by sending their advanced weaponry over the border. There’s one more group supporting Assad — Iraqi Shia fighters. These would be many of the same Iraqi Shia who also targeted and killed American troops. Two of the most prominent Shia militias, Asaib al-Haq and Kata’ib Hezbollah, have already acknowledged their role in the Syrian war, on the side of Assad. Along with the Mahdi Army (which also has fighters in Syria), these groups were responsible for countless American deaths in Iraq.

So, yes, in many senses, the Assad regime and its supporters are enemies of the United States. They are responsible for targeting and killing Americans. But, in this case, the enemy of our enemy is not our friend. The enemy of our enemy killed American and Iraqi troops, and still seeks to bring down the government in Iraq of Nouri al-Maliki. Giving them arms would greatly advance that cause.

America has no natural ally in this fight. In fact, no matter who America supports, it ends up a net loss for us, just like in the war in Iraq. For that reason, those who stood up against the war, either from the outset or later on, have a duty to stand up against the idea of sending arms or training to Syrian rebels. For just as unleashing the bubbling sectarian conflict in Iraq and inserting ourselves into it was wrong, so is jumping right in to the same sectarian conflict in Syria. At some point, we must learn that we will never, ever successfully maneuver this millennia-old fight, and the best move for our own security is to stay out.

No matter how hard some may say we’ll try to make sure that our weapons only end up in the hands of good Syrians who only want freedom for themselves, all they need to do is look at the picture of Senator McCain this morning to know that is just not possible.

Follow Jon Soltz on Twitter: www.twitter.com/jonsoltz

Do you have information you want to share with HuffPost? Here’s how.

Jon Soltz

Co-Founder of VoteVets.org, Iraq War Veteran


Syria News John Mc Cain Syria Civil War Mahdi Army Senate Committee On Foreign Relations

McCain Poses With Alleged Terrorists — Proof That Involvement in Syria Is a Bad Idea


931f36 No.955808

d50e50 No.955809

It's kinda sick that our leaders feel comfortable standing around known terrorists who are armed, while actively trying to disarm US citizens.

57e864 No.955811


And look at that! From No Name himself. Do you think maybe he left his camara's geocode feature on, too?

bcdfdd No.955812


Still working on it. I am not 100% on the location

Here is 37.05,41.216667

dbee29 No.955813


Next time don't cover over the name. How do you prove that to someone?

33761f No.955814


http:// www.syriantaskforce.org/

Syrian Emergency Task Force, they aided the ENTIRE trip.

6308ef No.955815

File: fb226ed4e8b809c⋯.png (123.88 KB, 255x255, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


Reading his obit is on my bucket list

d964dd No.955816


Thank you Patriot.

bb2256 No.955817

File: 0ec4e4e084375cf⋯.jpg (512.36 KB, 1275x1650, 17:22, Initials.jpg)


Not #1 but he does have a number… and that number is up!

BTW- "we don't say his name' because of many things, but go back to the story of Cain and Abel. Cain killed his brother. Cain + Abel = cannibal. The bad seed is CAIN. We don't say his name.

de3f1d No.955818


blackwater contractors?

a21723 No.955819

if you are phone fagging there are multiple apps that will translate images of arabic text.. no one has any?

122c1a No.955820

E …..on Epstein island?

e16976 No.955821

Those special contractors in Syria better retire if they know what's good for them.

615297 No.955822


>Tinker Air Force Base

Why would a specific Materiel Command base make this list, sauce please?

d199ed No.955823


"Senator John McCain with Chief of Staff of the Supreme Military Council General Bashir, Vice Chief of Staff of the Supreme Military Council Colonel Haytham Afisi and Secretary of the Syrian Opposition Coalition Political Committee Hadi al-Bahra. In a meeting with Senator John McCain Tuesday in southern Turkey, leaders "

2709b6 No.955824


I'm guessing Tel Aviv… No, seriously, Q: Israel and its satellite state Jordan have been supporting ISIS logistically since the beginning. This is fact. In fact, Israeli officials haven't even bothered to conceal their belief that ISIS isn't a threat to them, only Iran. Come on! POTUS needs to come clean on this. Every time "ISIS" strikes in a Western capital, it's basically the Mossad striking. As you say, enough is bloody enough!

6956e6 No.955825


Chemical substances/weapons.

6e3ef6 No.955826


the airport pic had an E from a Q drop from asia

4a79b4 No.955827

File: 238d4412735d8aa⋯.gif (997.11 KB, 500x373, 500:373, woooo.gif)



46d354 No.955828

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-07-29/hackers-claim-john-mccain-knew-isis-execution-videos-were-staged


f3ed4c No.955829


Was it in Raqqa? Found old npr article.

"Immediate Needs" in Syria

50fec5 No.955830



Is this sauce Q?

We all know the multinational mercs are be trained on Turkish land and getting an escort into Syria.

Did McCain take the same route.

Also how deep is Turkey involved in this mess. Much is made of iran but no one ever talks about Turkey.

b532d8 No.955831


You can see a lot more of the building in a pic somewhere…digging

cc145e No.955832


McCain seems to reside at the nexus of CIA, Mossad and US Government (treating the CIA as a separate entity, as perhaps it should be).

2401a1 No.955833

USAID a McCain led clown operation, I am sick to my stomach about the people I have known in my life. https:// saboteur365.wordpress.com/2017/04/07/senator-john-mccain-a-traitor-evidence-calls-western-narrative-about-syrian-chemical-attack-into-question/comment-page-1/

6a14dc No.955834

File: 2b7b01d0e92b311⋯.jpg (593.01 KB, 1275x1650, 17:22, Q Initials ALPHABETICAL.jpg)

1a25e7 No.955835

File: 65a8a083833a12c⋯.jpg (488.18 KB, 1024x755, 1024:755, PURGE.jpg)


>Pictures leaked for this very moment.

Patriots were preventing ww3 since 2013. Since forever.


We are on the offensive phase now.

Day of days phase has passed, we are at the trenches.

Drive to the rhine?

Battle of the bulge?

FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

a5c8fa No.955836

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

>>955712 JFK 187

>>954026 #1187








The Babushka Lady and Mary Pinchot Meyer


773c66 No.955837

File: 136783b88cea4d9⋯.jpg (13.71 KB, 318x159, 2:1, garbage.jpg)

e5f037 No.955838


Q -

From AZ he who is never named?

When will we see health cover retirement?

Did his buddy LG flip?

6f764e No.955839

File: a02318b0306a5ac⋯.png (337.53 KB, 761x767, 761:767, ClipboardImage.png)

cd62ff No.955840

File: 4f2fb651c3261c1⋯.png (2.72 KB, 66x92, 33:46, ClipboardImage.png)



True, that could confirm technology capabilities. My gut tells me that we have some crazy stuff out there, more than we can imagine. Think about the YoY advances in technology today….

Interesting, especially if the Office of Scientific Investigation was under the CIA. Now it's under the FDA? Which also seems like an odd place if the OSI still (or was) linked to Satellite or Missile tech.

https: // www.fda.gov/AboutFDA/CentersOffices/OfficeofMedicalProductsandTobacco/CDER/ucm090085.htm

1eb325 No.955841

File: 733ce1d881d1f22⋯.png (14.19 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

c9ec2b No.955842


Welcome Back AiAnon!

e9b5d3 No.955843



Q - thank you and POTUS for all you are doing.

This is a thread with info exposing the weapons going to Syria. McCain, Graham, weapons factory in Bulgaria called ARSENAL, Silk Way Airlines, CIA involvement, DOD cover-up. Thank you again. #Prayers

https ://threadreaderapp.com/thread/983086851278934017.html

6f8de8 No.955844

File: dcc71622c8482f3⋯.png (488.43 KB, 632x1784, 79:223, WDSHN.png)

ae3668 No.955845

File: e14eb6f5350aee6⋯.jpg (303.92 KB, 691x629, 691:629, Trump.jpg)

File: 054727124b076a7⋯.png (42.93 KB, 600x400, 3:2, Spurdo_POTUS.png)

File: 2cc523927d16d8f⋯.jpeg (9.9 KB, 317x159, 317:159, Veterans.jpeg)


Haha, how will the mocking bird clowns ever recover :DDD

Thanks for all your work Q and team.

It's a privilege to be able to help in what way we can.


a7805c No.955846


The Iran payoff.

448235 No.955847


checked it. no exif data at all.

35b81a No.955848

Does anybody have a summary of NK history/who controls it, done by an anon here? It was quite long ago, and a lengthy summary, focused on stocks/who controls them too

931f36 No.955849


Sorry, 'bout this. Thanks for fighting Anon, and I understand that you could eyeball that choice. Think though that there are not many better alternatives than the USA. Talking from Canada here.

219f45 No.955850

DotConnectorAnon here.

The 2A is under attack.

Robots are being prepped to use instead of soldiers.

THUS we always need FULL 2A rights to protect lives from robot fighters! This might seem semi-comical today, but in a few more months it could be deadly serious.

3fc94c No.955851

File: 53db36cb2e37496⋯.jpeg (45.99 KB, 474x304, 237:152, image.jpeg)

File: e338539ea61be9e⋯.jpeg (23.94 KB, 480x360, 4:3, image.jpeg)

File: 15a1d951707c65e⋯.jpeg (116.21 KB, 450x676, 225:338, image.jpeg)

File: fd46e7c6fc2406f⋯.jpeg (56.71 KB, 579x450, 193:150, image.jpeg)

File: ba9e4aad01567dd⋯.jpeg (21.13 KB, 236x177, 4:3, image.jpeg)


(((((((((((((((((((((((I AM A FUCKING MORON!))))))))))))))))))))))))

(((((((((((((((((((((((A TOTAL FUCKING LOSER!)))))))))))))))))))))

8a8bd7 No.955852

noname in Syria and Kerry met with Russia

McCain sneaks across Turkey-Syria border, meets with rebels

Meantime, Secretary of State John Kerry is in Paris Monday to meet with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov to discuss the situation in Syria.

https:// www.cbsnews.com/news/mccain-sneaks-across-turkey-syria-border-meets-with-rebels/2/

692d31 No.955853

File: f551b6f37834ee4⋯.jpg (324.8 KB, 1531x735, 1531:735, Clipper 8 April.jpg)

Also a Navy Clipper in the area. Interesting…

160b1c No.955854

File: 5f9fc1d59d55640⋯.jpg (44.21 KB, 800x450, 16:9, c6242b2d89194957910c6599f1….jpg)


Pictures dont lie. Person in room talking to McCain is leader of ISIS.

So McStain was there to discuss terms with Al Baghdadi? What is Mossad involvement?

60318b No.955855


https:// www.voltairenet.org/article185085.html

b0044c No.955856

File: e1e56b1c185985d⋯.jpg (11.25 KB, 255x191, 255:191, 419c8940407f5012f6834929e9….jpg)


Better view of the sign at the location

430315 No.955857

File: 526b0c566b8e2d1⋯.png (457.21 KB, 848x829, 848:829, screenshot_506.png)

File: 7a692f03eb19a2c⋯.png (218.7 KB, 847x423, 847:423, screenshot_507.png)




ISIS Post PR Photos They Took With John McCain

http:// countercurrentnews.info/2014/06/isis-pr-mccain/

6150df No.955858

hopefully my arab friend on twat will respond soon with translation of sign above…

f4f456 No.955859


Because it's CGI!

160c57 No.955860

File: 77b9562f5c18ee8⋯.png (135.02 KB, 682x720, 341:360, ClipboardImage.png)


https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:John_McCain

cd6f49 No.955862

File: 87aabf786ff1107⋯.jpg (25.09 KB, 454x340, 227:170, spider_catch.jpg)


that's how I like the spiders most!

b16079 No.955863


http:// www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/02/23/mccain-makes-secret-trip-to-syria-as-us-debates-new-plans-to-fight-islamic-state.html

> McCain on Monday welcomed Trump's selection of Army Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster to be his national security adviser, calling the pick an "outstanding choice."

ec2ea1 No.955864


The Headquarters

99958d No.955865

File: c53917968bd923c⋯.png (116.03 KB, 279x247, 279:247, Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at ….png)



615297 No.955866


I hope they are taking own these phags, this False Flag Syria Shit is getting way past old.

Get them Q!

2c1489 No.955867


Satanist Marina Abramovic & her celebrities

https:// youtu.be/IH81Ny1z5go?t=1608

104bb0 No.955868


It's right in front of our faces.

8ebe3d No.955869

After 9/11 C_A started hiring outside intelligence agencies - contract work. I believe it's already been established that John Brennan's co was hired by them, still on payroll? Teneo, another Clinton $ scheme, has intelligence division. What if they were hired by them also and her minions are still on gov payroll? I've done some digging & just can't find who on C-A payroll.

4dcc63 No.955870



MbS-fag Help us out!

99958d No.955871



0542d6 No.955872


Post this pic on some arab hashtag on twitter ask for translation. Somebody might just do it.

a1d2ac No.955873

File: f78fe6667f957af⋯.png (62.24 KB, 1215x398, 1215:398, ClipboardImage.png)


Guys, 1-year anniversary yesterday…

d964dd No.955874


F***. Could be. Once a traitor, always a traitor.

307545 No.955875


While on a trip to Turkey, McCain met with the leader of the Syrian rebels, Gen. Salem Idris, who accompanied the senator across the border at Bab Salameh and facilitated a series of meetings with assembled leaders of the Free Syrian Army.

1a25e7 No.955876

File: 0959f50e9e6188c⋯.png (276.67 KB, 469x452, 469:452, capanigga.png)


More derailing efforts by (((jew shill))) while Q drops are coming.

[We see ALL]

[We hear ALL]

Being a (((bitch))) has its limits.

LAUGHING, LAUGHING, LAUGHING OUT LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

724a32 No.955877



94478e No.955878

File: 9d73a63fd3efd58⋯.png (350.54 KB, 559x420, 559:420, Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at ….png)


Can anyone translate arabic?

de3f1d No.955879


Look in Damascus Folks.. I'm thinking it's there

e6f083 No.955880

File: e12b8d19d242bb5⋯.png (17.72 KB, 241x289, 241:289, ClipboardImage.png)


Mission 5: Russia LINK

(2013 timeline of events)



1/17/14 - Obama tied NSA hands with re: data collection

dbee29 No.955881


Cindy McCain, Operation Smiles

has been a volunteer for Operation Smile since 2001, but the charity's mission reached into her life in the 1990s.

f36212 No.955882


The contractors shadowing him took the pictures (he didn't know who they were). They caught it all (what was delivered).

6ad338 No.955883

File: 89a97a52c2694bb⋯.jpg (57.36 KB, 480x434, 240:217, nasim-aghdam-5.jpg)

470c90 No.955884

File: c9568e0e50fc8ac⋯.jpg (18.95 KB, 297x162, 11:6, 27wewy.jpg)

e0cfab No.955885

been watching streams out of Syria.

There was this one with a Subject line of: The arrival of the hijackers editors.

A lot of people surrounding a bus and watching women and children being led into a building. Really weird.

b92b9b No.955886


a746dc No.955887

File: 86f1e540a15293b⋯.png (1.04 MB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_3967.PNG)

File: 0df160ca40ade96⋯.png (1.8 MB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_3968.PNG)

File: 55fadd96acfa52b⋯.png (140.94 KB, 653x596, 653:596, IMG_3969.PNG)

File: 749158b5e849ede⋯.png (203.14 KB, 658x988, 329:494, IMG_3970.PNG)



The spider webs are thick

Boston Bombing- BHO connected

2ae3ca No.955888

File: d632d8a0333d251⋯.jpg (31.44 KB, 360x433, 360:433, e3e6d93c108e85a45265382df4….jpg)


Needs Salim Idris

40907d No.955889

File: fc1c7a09041e366⋯.png (396.41 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d77fc5ad0440ae8⋯.png (17.8 KB, 640x335, 128:67, ClipboardImage.png)

Q, can you confirm?

https:// twitter.com/Fulcrum__News

13cc55 No.955890


Location of Chemicals?

fe7d62 No.955891



https:// original.antiwar.com/justin/2013/05/30/john-mccain-cuddles-up-to-syrian-kidnappers/

288fb3 No.955892


Come on Anons, plaster the web with this pic.

This is HUGE!!!

2b2f82 No.955893

File: 76a56f6940a9ce9⋯.png (14.11 KB, 264x120, 11:5, 1545556_logo_264x120_14634….png)

File: 22a1b9d577ed982⋯.jpeg (88.42 KB, 870x399, 290:133, 2-Princess.jpeg)

c9ec2b No.955894


The NoName must be very heavy. with Connectons with Ukraine also.

00171d No.955895

File: 8a9406c49d5736e⋯.png (492.17 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, WDSHN_joinedby_Lindsey_Gra….png)

99958d No.955896

File: 96a788e50277850⋯.png (404.22 KB, 605x654, 605:654, Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at ….png)



Is it possible to geolocate a tweet?

63f1a7 No.955897

File: c42ab3f0ef45308⋯.jpg (347.81 KB, 1280x851, 1280:851, KerryMcCainPrinces.jpg)

File: 8ff92adcfdc8908⋯.png (502.65 KB, 752x792, 94:99, McCainOpposesTrump.png)

File: 8cb1face38f078e⋯.jpg (421.61 KB, 1600x898, 800:449, McCain traitor 4.jpg)


Anons I have 76 pictures with John McNoname in the archives. Maybe some of them will elucidate his travels and help zero in on the spiderweb place.

Unfortunately almost all of them are pictures of him with the orthopedic boot.

d23316 No.955898

File: 09ffdb1338681e9⋯.jpg (68.16 KB, 610x360, 61:36, mccainsyria3.jpg)

Haven't seen this one posted yet, photographer included

2c1489 No.955899

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Satanist Marina Abramovic & her celebrities

b532d8 No.955900

The building had to deal with filming fake beheadings last time by ISIS

8a5940 No.955901


www. instagram.com/p/Z00V8TFHhd/

198500 No.955902


https:// www.politico.com/blogs/laurarozen/1209/Report_Blackwater_CEO_Eric_Prince_was_CIA_asset.html

Think Double.

Why are we confirming this publicly?

Why now?


03f79f No.955903


"Zionist Organization led by a Palestinian employee of AIPAC…"

Q-Team is saving the 'best' for last.

33761f No.955904

File: 1091da1a0a653a4⋯.png (4.61 KB, 418x107, 418:107, Screenshot-2018-4-8 Q Rese….png)

0b4a91 No.955905

File: b090979e35b099c⋯.png (105.38 KB, 477x537, 159:179, c4677.PNG)


Looks similar to this

e45c32 No.955906

File: bd8f6a6719b7dfd⋯.png (494.42 KB, 636x587, 636:587, asdadsddsdds.PNG)

dbee29 No.955907


Go chitchat somewhere else motherfucker

Useless garbage post

773c66 No.955908


crushed it anon

696039 No.955909


Americans aren’t kamikaze Anon

7f8e13 No.955910

File: ec45e1f6afbeb9d⋯.jpg (146.9 KB, 1109x663, 1109:663, mccain.jpg)

File: 6b997a276a0caa9⋯.jpg (103.41 KB, 786x416, 393:208, mccain2.jpg)



http:// yournewswire.com/mccain-posing-al-qaeda-isis/

671e1c No.955911

File: 2837ecb81302023⋯.jpeg (77.55 KB, 675x440, 135:88, DD838830-66A0-4257-905E-6….jpeg)

They are trying to start a war.

When Q says (((They))) he means the global pedo-satanic cabal that is headed by the Master.

(((They))) are trying to start a war by (allegedly) attacking Syrian civilians with poison gas and blaming Assad, Iran and Russia.

What assests of the cabal are running this operation.



Rouge CIA

Israel Mossad

What’s the end game? Just a stall tactic?

a0533a No.955912


On fire lately Q

4d9ec8 No.955913

File: 2020c0f77c7f6b3⋯.jpg (64.5 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 7debeddef0f3d5374d66462607….jpg)

219f45 No.955914


Yo dudes, the kevlar says USAID!

Maybe half the reason they wear hankercheifs is to prevent us from seeing that some of them are U.S. soldiers of fortune!

be087a No.955915

File: 8f07f28a00332f0⋯.png (398.88 KB, 1510x1302, 755:651, Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at ….png)

Found this on the Syrian Emergency Task Force Website. Interesting to you all as it is to me that CONWAY ARKANSAS is holding a FUNDRAISER????

c102bb No.955916

File: 6558ab34eb44f2c⋯.jpg (86.81 KB, 561x494, 561:494, Spider.jpg)

88a2e4 No.955917

696039 No.955918

dbee29 No.955919


Burn up the bread noob fuckface

052067 No.955920



470c90 No.955921



Im digging on the art work on the windows in the background. Looks like the vagina / Virgin Mary connection.

bcb23a No.955922

File: 1939f6e28603d1c⋯.png (1.33 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-04-08-16-4….png)


Bab al salam near turkey

https:// pastorkdjames.wordpress.com/2014/06/17/oops-john-mccain-blasts-obama-raul-castro-handshake-forgets-he-met-with-al-qaeda-fighters/

2734b2 No.955923


>Who/what is not pictured?

Those taking the picture, and the contractors

>What forces shadowed No Name?



Mossad contractors

>What was delivered?

Children/Women/People, hence the


855dda No.955924


So… not only did he not want to be used for wet ops, he didn't want others to be used for said black ops so he got the inside scoop?

de3f1d No.955925


Eric Prince was working both sides…?

1e3873 No.955926


to show the public why we will not bomb syria

they r trying to push war

6956e6 No.955927



Vital information.



2a1ef0 No.955928


Image translator—-"New Syria

The reception hall and hospitality."

a5c8fa No.955929

File: 574f185c19c94c6⋯.png (26.76 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, ATWT.JFK.CBS.png)



>https:// infogalactic.com/info/ As_the_World_Turns#President_Kennedy.27s_assassination

On November 22, 1963, the live CBS broadcast of As The World Turns began as always at 1:30 EST. In this episode, the Hughes family were discussing plans for Thanksgiving. Ten minutes later, a "CBS News Bulletin" slide suddenly came up on the screen and Walter Cronkite gave the first report of the assassination.[17]

3fc94c No.955930

File: 783588e8afd9260⋯.jpeg (136.84 KB, 1300x1109, 1300:1109, image.jpeg)


The 'set' confirms it!

4dcc63 No.955931

File: c0b2602592a5a57⋯.png (1.07 MB, 978x558, 163:93, Capture.PNG)


Bab al-Salam

2401a1 No.955932

Remember that the Boston bombers trained mma and Brazilian jiu jitsu. Saudis also have a strong presence in the BJJ community world wide and in America.

e45c32 No.955933


BETSY DAVOS > Brother Erik Prince > CEO Blackwater

219f45 No.955934


How far is Conway AR from Clinton's old haunts?

63f1a7 No.955935


Think Double

possibly meaning Eric Prince was a double agent, working for both the CIA and _?

___ = NSA?

7007ea No.955936


when was that pic of mcstain taken?

94478e No.955937


Because we've had them under investigation for years. Every criminal activity they thought they were doing was actually a sting op by the white hats. No name is too stupid to catch on. Disclosing now, because they are trying to reignite the flame.

c942c5 No.955938

File: 707f1dfc6db39b0⋯.jpg (158.07 KB, 680x737, 680:737, mcain statement.jpg)

File: 5d4663d0be996b8⋯.jpg (82.99 KB, 620x582, 310:291, mcain and his patriots.jpg)

No name is getting trampled on TWAT. All the good work we have done here is working.



'Health Cover'- let's wait for 24-48 hours and see it reported by MSM "he has taken a turn for the worse' and then blame all assaults he has taken from the FAR RIGHT for this to be the cause.

Like clock work

11b943 No.955939

This is bothering me, anons. If his trips were secret why would he allow himself to be photographed?

a00734 No.955940


You can view current members here:


Current as of 3/30/18, according to them.

a1d2ac No.955941


So he can come out and expose the clowns' evil in public.

Then…1000 pieces…

855dda No.955942


So Prince was getting info on CIA as Kushner was getting info on Soros?

931f36 No.955943


Jan 27 2018 13:41:44 (EST) Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 5997a0 180445



How does he clear customs?

How does he end up in Russia?


Who was the 1st agency he worked for?

Who taught him the game?

Who assigned him w/ foreign ops?

Why is this relevant?

Future unlocks past.

Watch the news.

Spider web.

Stop taking the sleeping pill.


Jan 27 2018 13:52:39 (EST) Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 5997a0 180606


Who controls HW?

Who really controls HW?

Why are movies made to glorify past 'true' events?

What is a PSYOP?

Conspiracy PUSH/LABEL [awake]?

Spider web.









1ec347 No.955944


FUQing hell

88a2e4 No.955945


Double agent.

7f8e13 No.955946

File: 5e9d76d31956868⋯.jpg (136.12 KB, 1038x628, 519:314, mccain3.jpg)

cc145e No.955947


What was delivered?

I'm guessing chemical weapons.

664a74 No.955948


Erik Prince is a double agent.

He knows where the bodies are buried.

99958d No.955949



6d4846 No.955950


http:// www.syriantaskforce.org/about-us/

6e3ef6 No.955951


To scare them:

https:// www.salon.com/2017/04/05/all-the-presidents-spies-blackwater-founder-erik-prince-is-the-latest-trump-cut-out-to-parlay-with-putins-men/

198500 No.955952


We love phones!

No name should know better.


6eb921 No.955953


EP was flipped… CIA stole his money/company and hes fkin Pissed

e16976 No.955954


Blackwater -> 9/11

d4a2bd No.955955

File: a7d8feb5b330829⋯.png (34.72 KB, 657x293, 657:293, ClipboardImage.png)



https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Al-Salameh,_Syria

3ef608 No.955956


Goodbye (((AIPAC)))

74a976 No.955957


video drop?

99958d No.955958

File: 96a788e50277850⋯.png (404.22 KB, 605x654, 605:654, Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at ….png)



0e9e31 No.955959


Yes but ANON was implying she was involved in JFK coverup.

16 years old = ridiculous.

899710 No.955960


Setup of a new agency to bypass the clowns?

2ae3ca No.955961


Double agent, Prince had an axe to grind against the CIA and probably McCain. Beautiful, Prince knows

2f83bc No.955962

Blackwater shadowed McCain. Is he there to setup/provoke war?

JFK Jr's plane – remote detonated bomb or instruments blocked by satellite?

1e3873 No.955963


lmao get em Q

931f36 No.955964


Jan 27 2018 13:41:44 (EST) Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 5997a0 180445



How does he clear customs?

How does he end up in Russia?


Who was the 1st agency he worked for?

Who taught him the game?

Who assigned him w/ foreign ops?

Why is this relevant?

Future unlocks past.

Watch the news.

Spider web.

Stop taking the sleeping pill.


Jan 27 2018 13:52:39 (EST) Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 5997a0 180606


Who controls HW?

Who really controls HW?

Why are movies made to glorify past 'true' events?

What is a PSYOP?

Conspiracy PUSH/LABEL [awake]?

Spider web.









615297 No.955965


<Why are we confirming this publicly?

<Why now?

He knows where the bodies are buried. The information is being leveraged and no longer needs to be kept under wraps?

Operations Underway, committed.

e9b5d3 No.955966



http ://theduran.com/every-time-john-mccain-makes-secret-trips-to-syria-chemical-weapon-attacks-follow/

d95413 No.955967


Praying he does.

6e3ef6 No.955968



b26e0d No.955969


Because Blackwater are the ones who have been using the chemical agents? You're about to arrest

them for it shortly?

b15131 No.955970

File: 20571de21eb9855⋯.png (545.91 KB, 950x428, 475:214, 99569de899cc2287b4b65d399b….png)

6f8de8 No.955971


ISIS is run by Simon Elliot, a Mossad Agent.

According to Edward Snowden, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the boss of ISIL (aka ISIS), is a Jewish actor named Simon Elliot.

Simon Elliot (aka Elliot Shimon aka Al-Baghdadi) has Jewish parents.

Simon Elliot, having been recruited by Mossad, was trained in espionage and psychological warfare.

The best known examples of Jews running ‘Moslem’ terror organisations are Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri.

Simon Elliot, the leader of ISIS (aka IS), has been photographed with Mossad asset John McCain.

ISIS (now called IS) was trained by the Americans and Israelis and is led by Israelis.

https:// syrianfreepress.wordpress.com/2014/08/27/isis-mossad-aanirfanblogspot-report/

5f3385 No.955972


Erik Prince flipped.

Godfather III.

Delivered chemical weapons for Mc____

94478e No.955973



She has a phone. Who's the girl?

cd6f49 No.955974



Also Robert Redford?

Thought he was a nice guy!

04cd5d No.955975


Prince is a double agent

f3ed4c No.955976

Ran syria complex 2013. Can' t c/ from device. look at images at what comes up. Also Syrian emergency complex.

c711b0 No.955977


I heard they are Maxine level stupid

d964dd No.955978


I think that is right, Anon.

83e387 No.955979

last bread


It is worse than that. The original Constitution depending on how you interpret it, possibly banned attorneys. They owe an allegiance to the Bar, City of London. Wonder about Biden "God Bless the Queen" hot mic comment.

8a96a2 No.955980


Double agent. This is like a Clancy novel.

160b1c No.955981

File: aab2339f86ac772⋯.gif (20.56 KB, 485x365, 97:73, 1521769790677.gif)


Problem is as usual. The eternal anglo. They cant be handled directly because they have SS with ICBMs. I think this is what Q is trying to tell us about the 'war'.

6a14dc No.955982

File: 1e9c3c39fd8f184⋯.png (104.25 KB, 634x143, 634:143, ClipboardImage.png)

c942c5 No.955983


lurk moar

this is not a chat room

0542d6 No.955984


Anybody talk to "SyrianGirl" on Twitter?

We need to know what that sign says.

d4a2a3 No.955985



d64294 No.955986




6e3ef6 No.955987



bb9d17 No.955988

File: 838ea64ae65c2d8⋯.png (111.51 KB, 558x348, 93:58, Closeup-of-al-Baghdadi-spe….png)

File: a57c95db54f0249⋯.jpg (86.77 KB, 573x361, 573:361, Al-Baghdadi-in-meeting-wit….jpg)


pictures from inside during the meeting

60318b No.955989


The Illegal Trip to Syria, April 2013

In May 2013, Senator John McCain made his way illegally to near Idleb in Syria via Turkey to meet with leaders of the "armed opposition". His trip was not made public until his return to Washington. [6]

This movement was organized by the Syrian Emergency Task Force, which, contrary to its title, is a Zionist Organization led by a Palestinian employee of AIPAC [7]

JPEG - 26.1 kb

John McCain in Syria. In the foreground at right is the director of the Syrian Emergency Task Force. In the doorway, center, Mohammad Nour.

In photographs released at that time, one noticed the presence of Mohammad Nour, a spokesman for the Northern Storm Brigade (of the Al-Nosra Front, that is to say, al-Qaeda in Syria), who kidnapped and held 11 Lebanese Shiite pilgrims in Azaz. [8] Asked about his proximity to al-Qaeda kidnappers, the Senator claimed not to know Mohammad Nour who would have invited himself into this photo.

The affair made a great noise and the families of the abducted pilgrims lodged a complaint before the Lebanese judiciary against Senator McCain for complicity in kidnapping. Ultimately, an agreement was reached and the pilgrims were released.

Let’s suppose that Senator McCain had told the truth and that he was abused by Mohammad Nour. The object of his illegal trip to Syria was to meet the chiefs of staff of the Free Syrian Army. According to him, the organization was composed "exclusively of Syrians" fighting for "their freedom" against the "Alouite dictatorship” (sic). The tour organizers published this photograph to attest to the meeting.

JPEG - 26.5 kb

John McCain and the heads of the Free Syrian Army. In the left foreground, Ibrahim al-Badri, with which the Senator is talking. Next, Brigadier General Salim Idris (with glasses).

If we can see Brigadier General Idriss Salem, head of the Free Syrian Army, one can also see Ibrahim al-Badri (foreground on the left) with whom the senator is talking. Back from the surprise trip, John McCain claimed that all those responsible for the Free Syrian Army were "moderates who can be trusted" (sic).

JPEG - 24.2 kb

However, since October 4, 2011, Ibrahim al-Badri (also known as Abu Du’a) was on the list of the five terrorists most wanted by the United States (Rewards for Justice). A premium of up to $ 10 million was offered to anyone who would assist in his capture. [9] The next day, October 5, 2011, Ibrahim al-Badri was included in the list of the Sanctions Committee of the UN as a member of Al Qaeda. [10]

In addition, a month before receiving Senator McCain, Ibrahim al-Badri, known under his nom de guerre as Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, created the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ÉIIL) – all the while still belonging to the staff of the very "moderate" Free Syrian Army. He claimed as his own the attack on the Taj and Abu Ghraib prisons in Iraq, from which he helped between 500 and 1,000 jihadists escape who then joined his organization. This attack was coordinated with other almost simultaneous operations in eight other countries. Each time, the escapees joined the jihadist organizations fighting in Syria. This case is so strange that Interpol issued a note and requested the assistance of the 190 member countries. [11]

2401a1 No.955990

McCain needs to be arrested now

122bfa No.955991

File: 103314f50aac4c8⋯.jpg (97.35 KB, 600x710, 60:71, IMG_ymujx9.jpg)

f822c9 No.955992


McCain's now-famous meeting took place in May 2013 after he slipped across the Turkish border into northern Syria, meeting with rebel leaders for about an hour. Photos showed him in the company of Northern Storm leaders, who buttressed his security detail during the trip.

Read more: http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2762680/Feeding-frenzy-debunks-Rand-Paul-claim-John-McCain-met-ISIS-linked-jihadists-Syria.html#ixzz5C7W2SuLE

Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

7c52c4 No.955993



63f1a7 No.955994

File: 15d4ffbf63c4f65⋯.png (2.31 MB, 1907x1022, 1907:1022, ClipboardImage.png)

6956e6 No.955995




"Pick up your phone".

a00734 No.955996

File: b01a00fd01eb8b9⋯.png (187.89 KB, 488x240, 61:30, 0cwy5eyblqq01.png)

855dda No.955997

File: d4b7c076e6c03c4⋯.jpeg (47.16 KB, 560x467, 560:467, DThZYE_WsAMDGHi.jpg-large.jpeg)

File: ab00a17d1d09785⋯.jpg (40.38 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 1510106909973.jpg)




601f74 No.955998

File: e9a4d804e026524⋯.jpg (5.06 MB, 5312x2988, 16:9, 20180408_004338[1].jpg)

64de93 No.955999

File: 96be23146ee54ef⋯.jpg (49.8 KB, 540x737, 540:737, s1.jpg)


Revelation 9:1  And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth: and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit.

2 And he opened the bottomless pit; and there arose a smoke out of the pit, as the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun and the air were darkened by reason of the smoke of the pit.

3 And there came out of the smoke locusts upon the earth: and unto them was given power, as the scorpions of the earth have power.

4 And it was commanded them that they should not hurt the grass of the earth, neither any green thing, neither any tree; but only those men which have not the seal of God in their foreheads.

"only those men which have not the seal of God in their foreheads"

I understand that there are important things happening all around us. 5:5 End of the cabal. This is yuge, no question about it. I have been following Q from the get go. This whole time I have not posted anything I have just watched

and learned and hoped. However now that all current events are playing out to the T of end time scripture, I fell it is my duty as a Christian and a Watchman to sound the alarm. To blow the warning trumpet.

The summer is nigh even at the door. This is it, this is it. "If you don't know God's plan you will be deceived" Understand the only reason you are here is to make a choice to follow God or the other guy.

I get the world is doing a 180. Just know why. (Get sealed) I want to help you. I care for all of you very much. I would give my life for you. I bleed red white and blue. I pray for our men and women in harms way.

Trust our Fathers plan, there isnt much time left. I want to take you with me to New Jerusalem. Father bless all of your children, guide them with your spirit, shew them the real truths and protect them

from all evil if it so be your will in Jesus Christ/Yeshua the messiah's precious name.

e014cf No.956000


These people are truly STUPID.

664a74 No.956001


These people are STUPID

696039 No.956002

f240d0 No.956003


Holy moley.

That's a shocker.

202cb2 No.956004


Take it over to a Quik Stop type mart and ask the clerk.

bcb23a No.956005

File: 8f68be428996f3b⋯.png (207.47 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-04-08-16-5….png)

752f37 No.956006


ohhhhhhhh!!!!! Heck yeah!!!!!

160b1c No.956007

File: b64d86d4e6e46a5⋯.png (636.21 KB, 820x477, 820:477, 1507441369933.png)


Yes this is a great idea. /SG/ fag.

03f79f No.956008


Eric Prince knows where a lot of bodies are buried.

2c1489 No.956009

Loads of (((Walmart))) articles.


http:// fromthetrenchesworldreport.com/page/4?s=walmart

7ada20 No.956010

File: 3b72419e43a666a⋯.png (147.59 KB, 689x396, 689:396, Screenshot (3698).png)


46d354 No.956011


Q - is the ISIS "beheading video" hacked from McCain's staff relevant?

f5e31a No.956012



95579c No.956013


… maybe.

43951c No.956014


Those pic have been around for a few years now, So what? Until treason is a crime again it wont matter showing us this.

Imagine that I have all the proof that the man living in the house next to mine is a serial killer. I tell this and show the evidence to my best friend.

He ask me. did you show this evidence to the police?

I say yes

Did they do anything?


Will he still believe me?

No he wont!

Until we see traitor in handcuff we wont be able to break the HyperNormalisation. Until people in position of authority act we are left whit a limp dick in our hand.

dc7efb No.956015



His wife Cindy McCain a spider/weaver?

615297 No.956016



0597a6 No.956017


Prince is a Patriot. He and many of our contractors work with the CIA SAD etc. Not a surprise if he worked with the CIA.

33761f No.956018


Why I don't do "smart" phones.

a9a60f No.956019


Syrian "white hats" are crisis actors.

470c90 No.956020

File: 5c178e36b1494d8⋯.jpg (56.55 KB, 594x410, 297:205, 27dsio.jpg)

2734b2 No.956021


Prince is obviously w/ Trump.

Think double, as in double agent. CIA thinks he's /theirguy/ , but really he's /ourguy/

052067 No.956022

File: acf73a1a3eee80a⋯.png (360.8 KB, 1059x919, 1059:919, exif.PNG)


not much

4dcc63 No.956023

File: c1bfd8402256890⋯.png (348.09 KB, 835x473, 835:473, Capture.PNG)



773c66 No.956024

File: a56e8844d045a56⋯.jpg (11.86 KB, 259x194, 259:194, montypython.jpg)

1ec347 No.956025


gass that vermin traitor. I bet you dont say his name because HE HAS ANOTHER NAME

5f3385 No.956026


Mc____ was listening in to POTUS.

POTUS knew.

Bad Intel given.

Plus people in Syria had phones.

Data kept.

GEO data kept.

Think heatmap.

83e387 No.956027


Guess burner phones are not so great. And the Blackberry guys got busted which means those special Blackberry's not so special. Fry em!

c9ec2b No.956028


Yep. it's a good signal for Europe. But Also must to wake up more people. Sweden is hostile territory, UK also. Romania also. the Baltic Countries.

They haven't opportunity if doesn't wake up and the Vote fraud is removed.

bcdfdd No.956029


Better fix in the area 37°03'00.0"N 41°13'00.0"E

4a79b4 No.956030

File: aa91cc883ada359⋯.jpg (84.54 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, 1508802776144.jpg)


likewise, this one's for you

a5c8fa No.956031

>>684718 #848 Reposting.

>>684550 'JFK Jr.<==> JPB Connection.

Barlow was a "big brother" to JFK jr.

Jaquie sent son to Barlows cattle ranche when jr. was a teenager, so Barlow could be his "big brother" "mentor" father figure.

Barlow was somehow involved with the JFK murder? Why do I think so?

I mentioned to him "You don't believe that Oswald thing do you, You're too smart for that. " It was a pretty private conversation.

He threatened me very violent sounding.

"Don't you ever ever mention that to me, ever again"

[Some could claim that was because of his alligience to Jr. But no, he was giving lectures[a Langley] to spooks about culture change - so he could not be that dumb.]

The whole "mentors JFk jr. deal" reminds me of mafiso who are the first to arrive at the widow's house of the people they kill . It gives them a "frission" to get up close to the relatives. [they are jokers. there's even a secret society the Gratful Dead belonged to called the "jokeers[?]]

Also, takes away suspicion.

I'm thinking of the stories around Sam Giancana - where he would have his girlfriend sleep with those he was going to kill [his gf "judy" slept with JFK ]

IMO Barlow had a violent temper which he covered with all the "peace love perfection" rhetoric.

He may have believed his own bullshit because many of these criminals [Bush, Clinton, McCain ,etc., ] all are delusional [?] and believe they are good people.

Clinton may actually believe she is very charitable while stealing money from orphans and killing them?

88a2e4 No.956032


Confirming it now because it’s happening.

4b03f7 No.956033


From YOUR fingers to God's eyes.

247cb0 No.956034

2ae3ca No.956035

File: 6fa6f26300b76bf⋯.jpg (403.79 KB, 1080x1124, 270:281, Screenshot_20180408-165243….jpg)


Meeting in Idlib

87e723 No.956036

File: c44fad89ce0947e⋯.png (397.41 KB, 1207x788, 1207:788, wt.PNG)


https:// society6.com/simpinc?q=popular

One of theirs?

ee54bd No.956037


>Buildings E of spider web.

Epstein Island 187 E

>Spider web marker.

"find the spiders build the web ("map)"

>special contractors



either weapons, people or moolah (for weapons, people or favors)


>Why are we confirming this publicly?

Now anons will question everything having to do with Blackwater/Xi/Prince et al (including sister Betsy?)

1a25e7 No.956038

File: ffd6128f5949e4d⋯.jpeg (265.12 KB, 1200x1114, 600:557, weareeverywhere.jpeg)


erik prince is a complete 200% muthafucking Patriot. blackwater are white hats - much maligned by the media for a reason.

targetted for a reason.

betsy davos (erik prince's sister) head of dept of education for a reason.



admr. rogers played the game for a reason. to stay in power. en es ey /ourguys/.

mcstain along with epstein island.

Pic related.

c4a3ea No.956039

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

51a536 No.956040


Heard anything from Tony Podesta since the first indictments were unsealed?

931f36 No.956041


In these times I'd love to know how to read arabic

63f1a7 No.956042


Confirming publicly now so you can use his testimony/evidence for prosecution etc.?

98b51f No.956043


Q never telegraphs the plan, but POTUS did this time to get the cockroaches scurrying. A gas/chemical/bio attack would be political suicide!! Just as before, Deep State & puppets conducted a False Flag attack to enrage the stupid people in Washington D.C. If Assad was going to use a WMD, it would not be chlorine gas. People are so stupid.

00171d No.956044


did you watch the video?

10a151 No.956045


John Brennan

6956e6 No.956046


So stupid they are, even posing for the camera.

104bb0 No.956047

448235 No.956048

File: 028ffd7a5a8a4cb⋯.png (32.04 KB, 142x129, 142:129, ClipboardImage.png)

No name lapel flag pin.

day in question, photo in question.

869bf3 No.956049



thanQ!! ;)

b26e0d No.956050

I know! Eric Prince is the guy who wrote the infamous "gorilla warfare" internet text meme!

6eb921 No.956051

https:// theintercept.com/2017/01/17/notorious-mercenary-erik-prince-is-advising-trump-from-the-shadows/

33e022 No.956052


Why do you keep posting pictures of this surfer dude

dec66c No.956053

This URL has been scrubbed. From waybackmachine as well:

https:// www.okaz.com.sa/new/Issues/20130529/Cat20130529126294.htm

Arabic article about the meeting. Want to see what it says.

893805 No.956054

File: f0000e85b1569bf⋯.png (1.88 KB, 900x450, 2:1, 1932-1958_1961-1963.png)


I've seen this before. There is something to the flag in the background

8a8bd7 No.956055

noname met with this guy

Where are his HQ?

Salim Idris (Arabic: ‎ Salīm Idrīs) (born 1957) is the former Chief of Staff of the Supreme Military Council (SMC) of the Free Syrian Army, which is the main Syrian armed opposition group. He has a PhD in "electronic radars" and speaks five languages, including English.[1] An East German-trained electronics professor, he was a general in the Syrian Army when he defected in July 2012.[2] Idris is widely considered to represent the moderate elements of Syria's armed opposition, as armed opposition leaders under his leadership have subscribed to the pro-democracy Proclamation of Principles.[3][4][5][6]

Military activities[edit]

Idris was elected as the Chief of Staff of the Supreme Military Council following its establishment in a conference held in Turkey on 15 December 2012. At the conference, over 550 members of the Syrian revolutionary council, brigades, and battalion commands elected 261 representatives to form the Revolutionary Force Authority. Thirty members were elected to form the SMC, which includes five combat Fronts covering Syria's 14 provinces.[7][8]

In December 2013, Idris was initially reportedly driven out of his headquarters in northern Syria by the Islamic Front into exile in Doha, Qatar, but U.S. officials later said he was in Turkey throughout the incursion.[9] However, the FSA has denied that Idris has left Syria.[10] A few days later, Syrian National Coalition (SNC) Chief of Staff Monzer Akbik said that Idris "has failed to make an institution, I don't think everything can continue in the same way."[11]

Idris was removed from his position as Chief-of-Staff of the FSA's Supreme Military Council in an announcement on 16 February 2014. He was replaced with Brigadier General Abdul-Ilah al-Bashir.[12][13]

Political activities[edit]

Idris has become increasingly engaged with soliciting aid from Western nations since his initial request of specialized training and non-lethal material support from the United States in February 2013.[14] On 30 April 2013 the United States began deliveries of ready-to-eat rations and Warrior Aid and Litter Kits (WALK) to the Free Syrian Army under the oversight of Idris, in what was the first U.S. delivery of tangible aid to Syria's armed opposition.[15] Idris has issued letters and statements to Secretary of State John Kerry, President Barack Obama, and the United Nations Security Council to encourage international intervention and support in the ongoing Syrian Civil War.[16][17][18][19][20] In an 8 June 2013 interview with the New York Times, Idris outlined that continued international support for the Free Syrian Army, including "game-changing weapons," were required as a precondition for his attendance at planned negotiations with Bashar al-Assad in Geneva.[21]


cc145e No.956057


Somewhere in the drops are GPS coords for where no name was at the time. The spider web will be nearby, by the sounds of it.

74a976 No.956058

Q and POTUS …winning bigly!!!!

2709b6 No.956059


That's great, Q. Looks like you have all the evidence you need to arrest McCain. WHY, THEN, IS POTUS IN THE SITUATION ROOM??!! He doesn't need to be there to order the arrest of McCain. POTUS has got to stop 'playing along' with the charade. Time to pull back the curtain.

fe7d62 No.956060

File: 48dbde9cf7fe1bd⋯.jpg (144.03 KB, 852x480, 71:40, rtr30k4j-001.jpg)

Sen. McCain tirelessly lobbied for the FSA in the U.S. Congress, passing legislation to the give the group cash and weapons. As recently as April 2017, McCain was rooting for the “…brave fighters in Syria who are risking their lives for freedom and need our help.”

https:// www.mintpressnews.com/the-last-days-of-jobar-mark-the-end-of-the-proxy-war-in-syria/235453/

a9a60f No.956061


Thanks Patriot.

c9ec2b No.956062


Where is an ArabicFags when is neccesary?

855dda No.956063

File: c90c7353ea0f387⋯.jpg (73.23 KB, 500x333, 500:333, 1510655062984.jpg)


I can never remember what that guy looks like…

e45c32 No.956064


Another target, the source says, was A. Q. Khan, the rogue Pakistani scientist who shared nuclear know-how with Iran, Libya, and North Korea.

e66aab No.956065

File: 8da2cb04eeb933f⋯.jpg (106.69 KB, 1024x793, 1024:793, IMG_1737.JPG)

Muh poor shekels

Send cash

dec66c No.956066

File: 26d0b2ce998d7d5⋯.png (156.17 KB, 708x452, 177:113, ss.png)

4e242c No.956067

File: aac943559d9aa34⋯.jpg (16.87 KB, 300x259, 300:259, mccain3.jpg)

File: 0a9b8aa7333bae4⋯.jpg (190.76 KB, 1522x807, 1522:807, mccainatalal.jpg)

File: 22ab946d6796634⋯.jpg (105.78 KB, 768x869, 768:869, McCain traitor ISIS.jpg)

File: 6239d6487066811⋯.jpg (129.91 KB, 620x582, 310:291, McCain of ISIS.jpg)


I have the same image everyone else has. And a few others only.

I understand he works with "rebels" in Ukraine too?

d95413 No.956068

File: 724a60e80b82040⋯.jpeg (32.29 KB, 474x364, 237:182, 7EBDE69B-4230-4965-9FE8-3….jpeg)


Take him down. All the way down. Do it

6de065 No.956069

855dda No.956070


Where's the nearest pasture full of goats?

e16c9a No.956072

File: 666aa6f37a11689⋯.png (78.6 KB, 429x517, 39:47, Q [e].PNG)

4dcc63 No.956073

File: c1bfd8402256890⋯.png (348.09 KB, 835x473, 835:473, Capture.PNG)


0612d2 No.956074


Because he is an enemy of the US?

Justifiable homicide?

529720 No.956075


Q can we blow up McCain's twitter with his pictures from Syria?

88a2e4 No.956076


They’re so brash! And stupid. And fucked! Go get Em Q!!! Thx.

7c52c4 No.956077

Special contractor?

Operation Smile?


c4a3ea No.956078


He wasn't eligible to be president in the first place, he was an MI6 plant.

63f1a7 No.956079


GPS on phone communicates with Google server for Google maps app (for example). Phone communicates with cell tower(s) enabling location and exact triangulation. Phone communicates with internet via WiFi etc. enabling exact triangulations.

Cellphones can be tapped by NSA spyware apps even when not on.

Remote control of phone's hardware: camera, GPS, mic, etc.

Transmit info later back for analysis.

c942c5 No.956080


ER/Mueller/Schelles (sp?)/setup. ER white hat/bad ass/love this guy/we will find out in the end.

2ae3ca No.956081


Blackwater delivered the gas, deployed with rebels

1ec347 No.956082


difficult stitch, kudo's

470c90 No.956083

Disgusting traitor.


9545c5 No.956084


Bab Al-Hawa Border Crossing

adf5a5 No.956085

File: 8a5b8cc3bce06a1⋯.jpg (58.92 KB, 450x299, 450:299, snakesgrass .jpg)

e0cfab No.956086


What? You guys think he travels looking for aluminum LOL. Ever read his deposition? Was online for a while.

87e723 No.956087


Because as you have said numerous times, They are Stupid,and yes they ARE.

7ada20 No.956088


Nonames connection to a Russian adoption agent seem relevant….

104bb0 No.956089


Sure looks like one!

d660df No.956090


what site is that???

e6f083 No.956091


Hahahahaha….I love how STUPID they are, Q!

a21723 No.956093


You are WATCHING the curtain being pulled back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6f8de8 No.956094


According to Edward Snowden, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the boss of ISIL (aka ISIS), is a Jewish actor named Simon Elliot.

The role of IS is to weaken all of Israel’s enemies.

A Kurdish officer said of IS, “Everything they have is American – it is all the latest equipment with the big guns, the Humvees.”

e6f996 No.956095

File: 8514bd7e9e18e73⋯.png (95.04 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_4199.PNG)

File: 656f75492a05044⋯.png (544.67 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_4200.PNG)


That Arabic class paid off, at least I can transliterate.

5f3385 No.956096

Mc____ is Satan

3ee362 No.956097


? Bab al-Salam is one of the seven ancient city gates in Damascus?

3fc94c No.956098


Both Q and an ultra-rare 'Five of a Kind' confirm! These pictures need to be seen across the nation and 'over the fold!'

301258 No.956099

John MacCain and Simon Elliot / Al Baghdadi, two rats of Rothschild’s Einsatzgruppen (behind McCain’s back) ———- Две крысы Einsatzgruppen Ротшильдов — Джон Маккейн и Саймон (Шимон) Эллиот / Аль-Багдади (за спиной Маккейна).

https:// irenecaesar.wordpress.com/tag/john-mccain/

03f79f No.956100


Interesting, right or wrong, sounds reasonable.

88a2e4 No.956101



I think you’re right. I’m a dumb ass cus I’m from dumbascus.

a0533a No.956102



f822c9 No.956103


Wasnt part of that Hastings story about Brennans secret army of assassins?

e66aab No.956104

File: 79efb902b54d355⋯.jpg (112.27 KB, 640x984, 80:123, IMG_1724.JPG)

Like a movie or something

6956e6 No.956105


The sentence for treason is…

615297 No.956106


You need not permission only the Huevos

4b03f7 No.956107


How much money was he skimming or wait… Muslim Brotherhood backed rebels. Old Saui funded. Saudi pays the McCain Instirute. Ah, yes the better connections, besides his frenemy relationship with Hillary. …

c711b0 No.956108


Intriguing, but I am sticking with the traditional interpretation as a network of people for now. Thanks for posting this.

202cb2 No.956109

"We love phones"


No Name must have been talking on his phone recently

to set this recent "chemical attack" up.

ALL captured on his phone??

d23316 No.956110

File: acc697659c17bd0⋯.jpeg (1016.75 KB, 1171x1642, 1171:1642, IMG_38B73E528277-1.jpeg)

cb95d9 No.956111

File: 87ccff162318af8⋯.png (547.21 KB, 1200x873, 400:291, mcCainandWifeClaimVictoryP….png)

McCain said she had tried to work with Lacey and Larkin to get Backpage to change its business model

Anons. Do you not hink that no names wife is working on the business model with BackPage?

Its always kids. no name wife a spider follow the wives.

moving gas from urkraine renegade inspecting ?

moving soros funds through the foundation?

think GFIII.

Trafficking kids ? Kutcher was caught at a massage parlor with underage kids ?

happy endings?

kutcher and no name sponsoring child trafficking through wife. Who does the spider link up with? podesta ?

much more here when they work on the business model of backpage. Didnt chelsa handler attack sessions? back ?

Follow the wives ? linked in ?

https ://truepundit.com/john-mccains-wife-takes-credit-for-fbi-raids-on-backpage-founders-homes-in-arizona-seized-website/

39ccb6 No.956112


Posted for the first time 3 years ago with the location. What's the point, Q?

https:// pbs.twimg.com/media/BLX9JGvCcAA25wS.jpg:large

a1d2ac No.956113


I see it, anon.


Is this checkmate to Mueller then?

05086b No.956114


https:// www.theguardian.com/world/2013/may/27/john-mccain-rebel-leaders-syria

c4a3ea No.956116


Rent boy here has lots of blackmail on Canadian politicians.

What does DGSE think of the EU?

95b5c7 No.956117

470c90 No.956118


whats to the [E] East?

5d0d49 No.956119

dbee29 No.956120


Spider web is Muslim Brotherhood???

2f83bc No.956121

So Mueller is investigating Prince's role in CIA not Trump!!

2ae3ca No.956122

File: c4acf8d4c8b1434⋯.jpg (381.77 KB, 1080x1321, 1080:1321, Screenshot_20180408-165652….jpg)


Could be Idlib

2ef91a No.956123

File: c5187a66673f0b4⋯.jpg (22.35 KB, 396x288, 11:8, mccain-svaboda-2.jpg)

f2c476 No.956124

File: e5c42997f7c97ae⋯.jpg (1.05 MB, 3008x2000, 188:125, qplus_Card.jpg)

File: 076a924ee217809⋯.png (142.11 KB, 750x887, 750:887, Capture.PNG)

File: d32e8d3d8751131⋯.png (510.15 KB, 762x840, 127:140, Capture1.PNG)

I found this image today–traced it back to here:

http:// www.summer.calpoly.edu/images/qplus_Card.jpg

I think I might have gotten a hint here:


So far, I've found two things that stick out about Cal Poly SLO:

1. They have an interesting cubesat program they've been working on with NASA

2. They've started a website called DigitalDemocracy.com, where you can view state legislative sessions much like you could for Congress. California was their first state, but Florida, Texas and another are on there–great resource for digging.

It would be nice to know if I should avoid getting involved over there. It's a pivotal point, and I may have other options…

2c1489 No.956125


http:// fromthetrenchesworldreport.com/page/4?s=walmart

95b5c7 No.956126


931f36 No.956127



so he has the flag of Syrian National Coalition

Syrian Interim Government as a lapel pin

different than syria flag

Syrian National Coalition

Syrian Interim Government

Flag of Syria 2011, observed.svg

Name "Independence flag"[7]

Use National flag and ensign

Proportion 2:3 (disputed)

Adopted Originally in 1932 with 1:2 aspect ratio, was readopted in 1961. Adopted with 2:3 aspect ratio in 2012 by opposition government-in-exile[8] (sometimes the original 1:2 aspect ratio flag is used unofficially)

Design A horizontal tricolor triband of green, white, and black, with three red stars charged in the center.

5d502c No.956128


Prince a double agent who got the goods on the clowns and is now turning states evidence? Now clowns can't sleep.

624bf2 No.956129


Nice Anon.

Hat tip.

Let us see if we can get some momentum on social media.

1a25e7 No.956130

File: 84f64d414602c63⋯.jpeg (14.68 KB, 255x231, 85:77, iamthemedianow.jpeg)


>Why are we confirming this publicly?

>Why now?

why now? because WE need to get off our asses and REVERSE the msm (((narrative))).

Anons, let's get on this. Link mcstain SPECIFICALLY to these isis chemical attacks with Q crumbs given.

LINK it ALL to the 'deep state - isis' as the headline and targets.








PUSH PUSH PUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


0612d2 No.956131


Justifiable homicide?

Because he is an enemy of the U.S.?

e66aab No.956132

File: e1ad37709eb44a6⋯.jpg (111.56 KB, 720x960, 3:4, IMG_1726.JPG)


Stoopid people money

af511e No.956133


This photoshopped shit is just muddying the waters. Let's continue digging for the REAL photos. Didn't Q say photos will emerge on the web? He didn't say faked photos.

If I'm off base here please set me straight, anions.

6f8de8 No.956134



Mossad at work.

Obama is NOT going to bomb the Mossad agents in IS.

Obama has no intention of saving the Yazidis.

Iraq crisis: ‘It is death valley. Up to 70 per cent of them are dead’

The aim of Mossad is to wreck all Moslem countries by leading all the Moslem institutions.

All the Moslem militants work for Mossad.

https:// syrianfreepress.wordpress.com/2014/08/27/isis-mossad-aanirfanblogspot-report/

3a10d9 No.956135

Flag pin ..Sierra Leone ?

f822c9 No.956136

Prince has always asserted a relationship with the CIA

And they were trying to railroad him

f240d0 No.956138


What is WITH these dimwits and their lapel pins?

It must be a Washington thing. I wear a watch and a wedding band, PERIOD.

WWJWD? What would John Wayne do?

He wouldn't wear dumb jewelry, for one.

5e1224 No.956139


Q, it is obvious that peoples insatiable bashing of Betsy is because they are afraid of Eric and want to to tear her down. Please make sure Betsy knows that people recognize how she is handling things so well when most would crumble. .


dc3780 No.956140


calista hat says something with SMILE

3cdd9d No.956141



6eb921 No.956142


no pronce is white now… note his sister betsy davos cabinet position even tho she has no education experience

cd62ff No.956143


Recent article about a "Spider Web Railroad Marker" in the city of San Benito (RIGHT next to the TX/MX border, how about that). This was also known as the "Back Door Railroad".

This might be nothing but it came up in a search having some eye-catching buzzwords, involves land used for transportation and is right near the border.

http:// www.valleymorningstar.com/life/the-powers-and-landrum-connection/article_592404d0-3561-11e8-8cd1-ff2c397365e0.html

e6f083 No.956144


Why now?

Because Q Team has the evidence to take down this TCO!

c4a3ea No.956145


EU is a City of London project. They have the UK hostage, EU further entrenches their power.

The French should be livid. Maybe they are?

1e3873 No.956146

Q HAVE THEY almost took enough rope to hang themselves yet?

would be great to see big fish get publicly arrested

95579c No.956148

TIneye revealed this @ twitter image… POTUS tweet

https:// twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/667686386653388800

"Must stop calling them MASTERMINDS.."

Will find actual pic image and try that.

53a219 No.956149

File: dbd191b3c8376c1⋯.jpg (66.27 KB, 640x426, 320:213, Idlib1(2).jpg)

Does this building look similar?

64de93 No.956150

File: 96be23146ee54ef⋯.jpg (49.8 KB, 540x737, 540:737, s1.jpg)


Your Welcome and all my thanks to you and all the anons. I love you guys/were family. And tell

your friend not a surfer dude.

979d80 No.956151



Two countries standing strong against the cabal. Poland and Hungary. As long as we are standing, Europe will not fall. Cabal was close, yet not close enough. Freedom will spread. Watch. WRWY. WWG1WGA. For freedom. Together, we will kick some ass. Keep on fighting. We will win

d5210b No.956152


http:// blog.ledbury.com/ledbury-operation-smile/

e67782 No.956153

We are watching a movie.

74a976 No.956154



Do snakes get tumors?

4dcc63 No.956155


Bab As Salaam is where McCain is standing in that photo and the building is east of Damascus!!


10a151 No.956156


Yes and also Prince found out that Brennan was spying on him. Prince was one of the people unmasked by Susan Rice.

0b87e1 No.956157

Man busy weekend. Love you autist faggots. So hard to keep up. Having a beer and making burgers and fries. My daughter is 3 and already knows how to recognize the US flag, the president and how to say "where we go one, we go all" and "make America great again". My wife wants to teach her how to say "triggered the snowflake"

Maybe when she's 4.

Thank you Q for keeping us in the loop and giving is a role in this war. We are proud to serve you and the POTUS

d199ed No.956158

File: f1c922013513ee1⋯.jpg (68.58 KB, 625x469, 625:469, lieberman16.jpg)

>>956085 Not McCains first trip to meet with Syrians. April 20212 with the another traitorous motherfucker who was head of DHS for a time, that weasel Lieberman.

ens. John McCain (R-AZ) and Joe Lieberman (I-CT) are on a surprise trip to the Turkish-Syrian border to meet with leaders of the Free Syria Army and visit Syrian refugees, who have been under attack by Syrian government forces.

The senators’ trip was not associated with the efforts of U.N. envoy Kofi Annan, whose cease-fire agreement seems to have failed to stop the violence. McCain and Lieberman said in a statement that Syrian President Bashar al Assad has violated the terms of Anann’s cease-fire and that the only practical way forward is to arm the Syrian opposition.

b532d8 No.956159

File: 20d7d551fa03107⋯.jpg (159.79 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, McCain Clinton Lynn Brock.jpg)

File: 4ccf53d170fda4f⋯.jpg (18.68 KB, 255x239, 255:239, McCain ISIS.jpg)

File: 103314f50aac4c8⋯.jpg (97.35 KB, 600x710, 60:71, McCain Kerry 2.jpg)

File: c42ab3f0ef45308⋯.jpg (347.81 KB, 1280x851, 1280:851, McCain Kerry.jpg)

File: 22ab946d6796634⋯.jpg (105.78 KB, 768x869, 768:869, McCain Rubio.jpg)

Serious Swamp Asses

McCain,Clinton, Lynn, Brock, Alefantis, Rubio, Graham, Kerry, Saudis, Rebels/ISIS, etc

db1257 No.956160

File: acb50b155d6791b⋯.png (967.41 KB, 930x871, 930:871, abu m.png)


Abu Mohammad McCain

a037e9 No.956161


who are the white guys sitting next to al bagdaddy?

c9ec2b No.956162


<THUS we always need FULL 2A rights to protect lives from robot fighters!


8e7f31 No.956163

>>949108 re: John Podesta

Not sure

79-81 govt

87-88 govt

A little break in between it appears

0597a6 No.956164


Plz don't use that site as sauce.




Where are you getting this shit?

692d31 No.956165

File: fb0a10ceeb5755c⋯.jpg (386.51 KB, 1917x865, 1917:865, GAF686_20.jpg)

Germans appear to be headed for San Francisco / Silicon Valley. I need to go off shortly. Is another planefag on here that can monitor this until it lands? Thanks

25275b No.956166


Confirming now because secret no longer necessary.

Publicly to let them know what you know and force their hand.

Now because of Syria.

Move. Countermove. Checkmate. Your move

e66aab No.956167

File: 751125ecf48736b⋯.jpg (26 KB, 300x300, 1:1, IMG_1727.JPG)


43951c No.956168

So fucking what?

This is old news to many of us. What can we do with this info?

Nothing…fucking nothing.

Until people in position of authority act we are at a stand still.

470c90 No.956169

File: 8eac5f523197017⋯.jpg (1.56 MB, 1304x1742, 652:871, 3oneUP.jpg)

a34027 No.956170


They get blinded by greed and more.

3a10d9 No.956171


Private school yes ..public school no …public is a hotmess !

ff7438 No.956172

File: 733ce1d881d1f22⋯.png (14.19 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, 733ce1d881d1f224aad3b9e76c….png)

Arabic text says Reception and lobby

ab216b No.956173


Where is the sauce to go with this?

81b69f No.956174

File: 81f2a8bd897c1c2⋯.png (2.35 MB, 1440x2417, 1440:2417, 20180408_225901.png)

Q & anons, this real?

de3f1d No.956175


Here's some more info:

https:// www.globalresearch.ca/did-john-mccain-meet-with-abu-bakral-baghdadi-the-alleged-head-of-the-islamic-state-isis-isil-daesh/5498177

624bf2 No.956176


These people are STUPID. And SICK.

This one in particular.

We don't say his name.

d50e50 No.956177

Trump put Princes sister Devos in a government position to protect her..

34a85c No.956178


Makes sense to me! We know no name is a POS. Why would their own Govt want more US Drama? Knowing we would destroy them

6f8de8 No.956179



Simon Elliot, the leader of ISIS (aka IS), has been photographed with

>Mossad asset John McCain

470c90 No.956180


nothing on reverse image search. 3 sites, ill check moar

3fc94c No.956181


Getting ready for the news on how McStain's cancer has taken a turn for the worse! Then the retreat to his quiet life at his compound…out of the spotlight and any investigation.

052067 No.956182

File: 64030d9b745d257⋯.png (267.27 KB, 1394x753, 1394:753, exif 1.PNG)

File: d77d74c73c44e50⋯.png (101.09 KB, 1898x797, 1898:797, exif 2.PNG)

File: f58a3f992a29b74⋯.png (69.16 KB, 1902x882, 317:147, exif 3.PNG)



7c830f No.956184


heres the text..

74a976 No.956185

b34eeb No.956186


Q, stop listening to his calls and just kill him.

PLEASE!!!!! We all want you to.

Do it for us!!!

fadf52 No.956187

File: 774420acbbfd84b⋯.jpg (207 KB, 861x556, 861:556, 2018-04-08_174712jh.jpg)

347786 No.956188

File: c8927e253cd2d54⋯.jpg (579.97 KB, 1000x997, 1000:997, slide_300764_2531062_free.jpg)


This has a sign, but I don't read arabic

bffef1 No.956189


almost every old city has a spiderweb in it somewhere on a map. Look at Rome or Paris

de3f1d No.956190



7c52c4 No.956191