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File: f399ac48494c1cf⋯.jpg (485.72 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, qresearch_.jpg)

ef4f58 No.906219


Where We Go One We Go All

We are here at the precipice, looking over the edge of infinity. Waiting to take the step, and sink or fly.



>>880021 How to Quickly Spot a Clown



Q's Tripcode: !xowAT4Z3VQ

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Thursday 4.05.18

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>>894699 rt >>894658 ----- Zuckerberg out of US

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>>894467 rt >>894401 ----- RUSSIA NEW THREAT

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>>893904 ---------------------- TRAITOR

Tuesday 4.03.18

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>>884736 ---------------------- [A]pril. MOAB.

>>884763 ---------------------- These people operate in plain sight

>>884799 rt >>884748 ----- The Sun beckons

>>875988 rt >>875936 ----- Operators onsite

>>875936 rt >>875827 ----- Follow Bolton

>>875827 ---------------------- WWG1WGA

>>875587 rt >>875485 ----- Did you listen today? (see >>879159 )

Monday 4.02.18

>>875455 rt >>875311 ----- NK

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>>875265 ---------------------- IG report

>>874050 rt >>873935 ----- What is Sessions SPECIFICALLY recused from?

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>>873495 ---------------------- SEC T

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>>902567 UFO Over England

>>902637 YT Shooter's Dad

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>>901433 CA soon to be DOA

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>>899102 , >>899107 "Conversations with Leaders in Foundation Philanthropy" meeting, 8 days before Obama was sworn in

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>>899034 Jared Cohen went to NK with Eric Schmit

>>899008 Jared Cohen in Wikileaks

>>898965 Google Ideas Becomes Jigsaw (Cohen)

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ef4f58 No.906227


https:// pastebin.com/52zkCE0w

01fdd5 No.906230


Revelations 5:5?

"And one of the elders saith unto me, Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Juda, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof."

b4bbb3 No.906245

File: bcc95950f94d99a⋯.jpg (127.43 KB, 1296x728, 162:91, qlax.jpg)


6b62c2 No.906265

File: 507f4f125651c3c⋯.png (99.46 KB, 470x364, 235:182, ayy.png)

>UFO in notables

Thanks for mentioning the phenomenon. This is not even the only reported sighting recently (http:// www.foxnews.com/science/2018/03/29/two-pilots-say-witnessed-ufo-while-flying-plane-above-arizona-audio-reveals.html) So… is it all a distraction? Of course, it can be, but is that all there is to it?

>protip: if you think it's a distraction, don't reply.

b23961 No.906270

File: d222f8e6a1d6360⋯.jpg (31.51 KB, 320x480, 2:3, IMG_1604.JPG)

00d4c1 No.906272

File: f10ae759eccf2ad⋯.png (274.83 KB, 498x474, 83:79, ClipboardImage.png)


"Nebraska Gov. signs $8.8 billion budget defunding Planned Parenthood"

f7a870 No.906273

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

You know it's gonna be all right

All right, let it feel all right

Gonna be ok, all right, a shining carpet knight

All right, all right, let it feel all right

It's gonna be ok, all right

You're born to pillow fight with lovely ladies

Aah, yeah

Some men, they are built to kill, built to die, live a lie

Better stand back, grow your hair, wink an eye, throw a smile

An' breathe some life

Oh yeah!

Heroes of bedrooms are heroes of greatest fights

The growing light

They say the world's in flames

Great serpents; who breeds 'em

Nine-headed; who feeds 'em

Who needs 'em to play with

Display with fire

Is a making me wonder

Only the ladies remember your name

And only the ladies remember

Your name if (x2)

Only the ladies remember your name,

You're a knight of love

Oh, yeah

Only the ladies remember your name

And only the ladies remember your name

If only the ladies remember your name

You're a knight of love. That's you

db0d92 No.906276

File: c1deb15c60a908b⋯.png (368.49 KB, 791x654, 791:654, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 64da4cb7ef8578e⋯.jpg (93.83 KB, 750x500, 3:2, BadJewKeith.jpg)

File: 57698a8ce0aaa94⋯.jpg (8.82 KB, 295x171, 295:171, Chemtrails.jpg)

File: 495f41306fd871b⋯.jpg (111.88 KB, 959x303, 959:303, ChemtrailStop!.jpg)

dcbb5a No.906277

File: 4c7fdcd7416891c⋯.jpg (35.68 KB, 800x422, 400:211, hitler-and-son.jpg)

Jean Marie Loret, illegitimate son of Hitler

3e926a No.906287


Nothing, except mustaches

93a05e No.906288

File: 5ee8a8cce1e8638⋯.png (350.08 KB, 750x986, 375:493, ClipboardImage.png)

John Brennan is shitting his pants on twatter again…

65da46 No.906289



Go Huskers!!

b23961 No.906290

Why is a political motivated church chartered organization the premiere place to have an abortion at? There must be a more ethically sanitary way . The choice is not politics . Must be some sick Satan fags prol shoving frump up their nose and goose stepping

bfc6f7 No.906291

File: dc080d6022aa5de⋯.jpg (82.31 KB, 500x678, 250:339, 27sh6v.jpg)

Tasty bread.

65da46 No.906292


'splains the noise i heard up north a lil bit ago…

19b490 No.906293


> while he self adorates

e5a3d7 No.906294

File: 731378b5d3c811a⋯.jpg (24.5 KB, 400x405, 80:81, 9049f7988144e78fb843e0d104….jpg)

48300e No.906295


From previous thread…

Mark Tyler said some interesting things that may or may not be related to what Q said is about to happen…

https:// media.8ch.net/file_store/75f810330e16e69705372b3fcc568d346ea6187f2cfd0a5cf304a997a166bc97.png

>Where do roads lead?


>The Spirit of God says, "Prepare yourself for the tsunami of people that will be starving for me and have no place to

>turn. Prepare now! All roads lead to Rome."

>Mark Tyler

>The Spirit of God says, "There is a shaking and a quaking coming to the Vatican… for I will split the Vatican wide >open…"

>Mark Tyler

>The Spirit of God says, "There is a dig, an archaeological find that is in an underground vault… which will ROCK

>the Christian world."

>Mark Tyler

An underground vault under the Vatican? Containing an archaeological artifact that will ROCK the Christian world? Not only will the corruption be exposed, but this underground vault too?

>Prepare yourself for the tsunami of people that will be starving for me and have no place to turn.

>Prepare now! All roads lead to Rome.

>Mark Tyler




>Where do roads lead?


b23961 No.906296

File: b03a77822a3cc22⋯.jpg (369.35 KB, 2048x1825, 2048:1825, IMG_1655.JPG)

Any day now

e5a3d7 No.906297

File: 3f575835245c20c⋯.jpg (39.29 KB, 350x350, 1:1, Made-in-China-yellow-man-s….jpg)

Your Boots

Made in China

544652 No.906298

File: 5eaffa8859fef47⋯.jpg (118.8 KB, 400x400, 1:1, IMG_20180405_090939_201804….jpg)

< Better?

ff632f No.906299


when the MSM attacks, you know you're on the right side of history.

e5a3d7 No.906300

File: b1bff187f894781⋯.jpg (96.44 KB, 654x800, 327:400, multicamo_BDU_out-front1.jpg)

You BDU's

Made in China

25c61e No.906301

File: d9e04fd53dc4e53⋯.png (902.52 KB, 776x804, 194:201, occult.sig.days.april.may.png)

April/May – Occult dates of sig.

this is making it @ tw → worth meming in an attempt to preempt (((their))) ff's?

db0d92 No.906302

File: b36e917de40b4bc⋯.jpg (56.48 KB, 601x692, 601:692, Bills Story III.JPG)


This man told me there is a secret hidden in

Turin Italy.

b23961 No.906303


Needs the fleas of a thousand camels in its armpits

3bcbe6 No.906305

File: b310c39256e67db⋯.jpg (163.98 KB, 768x960, 4:5, schiffedpants1.jpg)


Adam Schiff can help…

48300e No.906306



>Revelations 5:5?


>"And one of the elders saith unto me, Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of >Juda, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven >seals thereof."

>Seals broken.


bfc6f7 No.906307


Quite hyped by the promises on the Pope I must say. Something is definitely off with him, and with the Vatican as well.

May, he said. We shall see.

61c514 No.906308



01cd3b No.906309

>watch the news tomorrow



North East West South

Cardinal Points


Legend (map)

e5a3d7 No.906310

File: feb4918e9951b30⋯.jpg (92.91 KB, 1035x376, 1035:376, do-not-buy-ammo-made-in-ch….jpg)

Your Burrits

Made in China

46421b No.906311


So, Q's in the pipe 5 by 5.

Some are bummed about the lack of substance in recent drops, but understand, Q is speaking to other white hats, not us so much.

e5a3d7 No.906312

>>906308 Not befo they kill you

42533e No.906313


luv yer wurk Codex

(and always a sucker for Qmemes)


pointing out poll results: self-adoration.

entire Obama presidency: ___

f49ac5 No.906314

File: 9d27b1f1f584ca1⋯.png (11.7 KB, 541x137, 541:137, chrome_2018-04-05_08-06-23.png)

>> do you believe in coincidences?

http:// www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-43652574

36cefa No.906315

Have any of these CEO Resignations been from companies that manufacture household chemicals, or companies they would get raw materials from?

b4bbb3 No.906316

File: 7f34dd19683ca9b⋯.jpg (154.09 KB, 1296x728, 162:91, red pill brain pepe.jpg)

61c514 No.906317



61c514 No.906318



e5a3d7 No.906319

File: 1eb83a531ade581⋯.jpg (25.56 KB, 474x329, 474:329, 090922-china-tire-bcol-11a….jpg)

You tire

Made in China

6b62c2 No.906320


Q is speaking to the future us, when enough truth will be known so we can discover everything he has been saying.

64d4b5 No.906321

File: 4d12cf05b94ea8b⋯.jpg (162.93 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 4d12cf05b94ea8bff878bdd4c5….jpg)

Good work, baker. Thanks.

65da46 No.906322


we GET it

Been made in china for 20 years now.


720c94 No.906323



tons of substance in recent drops …. no names heroin chain (AZ border) is about to be BTFO

35584a No.906324

File: e3b4cb477f60089⋯.png (342.27 KB, 720x1226, 360:613, 20180405_100724.png)

http:// coolopolis.blogspot.com/2014/11/montreals-connection-to-philly-fugitive.html?m=1

964ac8 No.906325

File: 8efce4091ec66ba⋯.png (145.76 KB, 658x748, 329:374, ClipboardImage.png)







Not a virus.

A cryptocurrency miner. Harmless.

b23961 No.906326

File: a9210fbde6a3021⋯.jpg (49.9 KB, 680x453, 680:453, IMG_1017.JPG)

Don't buy coke from midget porn stars

e5a3d7 No.906327

File: ad3267623b35e12⋯.jpg (5.5 KB, 218x231, 218:231, drugs.jpg)

You drugs

Made In China

61c514 No.906328


481898 No.906329

Breaking: Nunes demanding original FBI document that kicked off Trump/Russia Investigation.

The document date and who originated it could be huge!

Pretty sure this is the news event Q referenced for today.

ff632f No.906330

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Children of Men: Quietus suicide kit commercial

db0d92 No.906331

File: 7b4c8d3dc742bf3⋯.png (5.59 KB, 198x110, 9:5, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b4f31122b125ca3⋯.png (82.54 KB, 748x456, 187:114, ClipboardImage.png)

http:// www.foxnews.com/world/2018/04/05/uk-lawmaker-on-london-s-murder-surge-enough-is-enough.html

3e1144 No.906332


Good, less money into the DNC coffers

65da46 No.906333

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

527531 No.906334

MSNBC screen shot is linking Facebook's data harvesting to Trump via Cambridge analytical.

"Facebook: info of 87 million users exposed to Trump linked data firm"

23276a No.906335


yes, WE know, everyone knows, but no one is REALLY seeing….I want to use these memes for normies to show what is blatantly obvious..yet headlines scream "trade war" "trumps fault"…we need to help WAKE AND SHAKE the public..thank you anon for the pics

bfc6f7 No.906336


That's pretty big, but Nunes asked for it yesterday already so I doubt it's the news Q is referring to.

544652 No.906337

File: 0cf79254ad2e83d⋯.jpg (148.88 KB, 400x400, 1:1, IMG_20180405_090939_201804….jpg)


(Just for you)

Back to the drawing board.

42533e No.906338


>lack of substance in recent drops

are you fecking kidding me?

Q's tellling us/the world that the cult is poisoning us all, created AIDS & multiple diseases, has cancer-causing chemicals in cleaning products to target BABIES, and so, so, much more…

>Q !ITPb.qbhqo Mon 04 Dec 2017 23:01:17 eda158 No.34407

<Red Cross is corrupt and used as a piggy bank.

>Future topic.

<Diseases created by families in power (pop control + pharma billions kb).

<Think AIDS.

>Future topic.




>Q !xowAT4Z3VQ 04/04/18 (Wed) 16:24:51 72997f No.894401




<People are simply in the way.























>UK/GER [5 days].

>Choice is yours.




a9a1fc No.906339



>40 years old

Math says he was 19.

51d576 No.906340


he has to counter the msm who endlessly pump the blue wave

993362 No.906341


I wonder how many of the posters (not the readers ;p) remember going shopping in Walmart when they still stocked 'made in USA' items.

That's how Walmart built their business. Then NAFTA came into play and that ended and Walmart when full global retard…

This happened about 20 years ago, exactly as you say.

00d4c1 No.906342


>Some are bummed about the lack of substance in recent drops

You have to be retarded, brain dead or a complete idiot if you don't see "substance" in recent Q drops! GTFOH

e059ff No.906343


MilAnon…..So when Gov Brown says he won't allow his NG units to go here or support some mission, he is basically saying HE won't call them up, correct?

They can still be tasked by Fed Govt, independent of the individual state?

e5a3d7 No.906344

File: 6b29d86aac661fb⋯.jpg (27.97 KB, 606x379, 606:379, meat2_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqAQ….jpg)

You Beef

Made in China

2736dd No.906345

File: 0481bfa050460a3⋯.jpg (52.92 KB, 638x826, 319:413, hitchcock-Kalmann bio.jpg)

File: 3c0729237a6ecc6⋯.jpg (123.83 KB, 728x546, 4:3, Kalmann-part-4-32-728.jpg)

File: 32ad73b9f480b72⋯.jpg (68.57 KB, 800x1005, 160:201, Pope_gregory-xvi.jpg)

Vatican Rothschild Connection starting 1821

Source: Infographic from /pol/ (12/11/13) and memeanons

481898 No.906346

File: 703bf75dce51962⋯.jpg (175.74 KB, 1024x775, 1024:775, 36229575425_d53e489e06_b.jpg)

File: 51de36ebc3f4605⋯.jpg (216.8 KB, 1024x678, 512:339, 35280093724_eb5ecb5f26_b.jpg)

File: 75f55754461057c⋯.png (346.1 KB, 646x329, 646:329, p1312.png)

51d576 No.906347


kek saved

544652 No.906348


Thanks anon.

Maybe not my best work…

e5a3d7 No.906349


If Gov won't all up, they go onto Federal Payroll and get better pay and bennies

6e32e0 No.906351

There needs to be some serious investigating done on Chicago. There is a very good reason Boeing decided to move their headquarters there along with the Rothschilds making their investment bank there their headquarters in the U.S. Also, Rahm is the mayor of Chicago for a reason. Hussein came from there along with Valerie Jarrett and HRC’s family. Why Chicago?

d2d9f4 No.906352


Cool. I didn't want to miss history in the making, I should have went to bed instead of staying up.

61c514 No.906353

We have a Jesuit paid coadjutor on the board shitting up the bread . AIM fag Filter the faggot satanic representative of the unholy roman empire demon and all responses. Make the pile of shit invisible . [IHS]

00d4c1 No.906354


smdh ridiculous post by that Anon!!

bfc6f7 No.906355

https:// twitter.com/PoliticalShort/status/981675864273203201

Holy crap, Nunes ain't joking here. Read the letter. The storm is about to hit RR.

3e1144 No.906356

File: 2b87e4c6c2c0fb5⋯.png (592.43 KB, 548x734, 274:367, 2b87e4c6c2c0fb567b3df1cf33….png)






My Pillow: Proudly made in the USA

a9a1fc No.906357


Don't be a moser about rodefs.

(Moser is a snitch, rodef is assasin.)

303dc5 No.906358


Elon Musk:

“You’re standing on the surface of the Earth. You walk one mile south, one mile west, and one mile north. You end up exactly where you started. Where are you?”

e5a3d7 No.906359

File: 45257c54ef6638c⋯.jpg (11.63 KB, 225x225, 1:1, steel.jpg)

You Steer

Made in China

2b29c2 No.906360



Sounds like we should start by looking into floor cleaners 1st.

f2dfac No.906361

Baker don't lose this notable from bread 1120

>>902196 Child protector Stead died on Titanic

61c514 No.906362

42533e No.906363


haven't much if any i didn't like… do you have them in a single spot somewhere?

if no there's the "Qmemed" thread you could use…

bfc6f7 No.906364


Rahm needs attention just like VJ does. He may or may not be a local godfather - literally. But several anecdotes confirm that he is far more influential than Obama himself in the right circles.

I would love to see the SOB exposed.

23276a No.906365


I think the offices should be raided and the documents seized! No redactions, no "lost" docs

48300e No.906366


>Deeper we go, the more unrealistic it all becomes.

>The end won't be for everyone.

>That choice, to know, will be yours.


>UK/GER [5 days].

>Choice is yours.




e5a3d7 No.906367


We make Pirrow

You go sleep now

Lazy White Boy

42533e No.906368



>haven't *seen much if any i didn't like

659b23 No.906369

When does Zuck get Fucked? Hopefully before the hearings so they can hold his feet to the fire.

What is disobedient media alluding to re: China???

93a05e No.906370


Thanks for bringing that one over! Missed it. (Not Baker, though)

61c514 No.906371


On the surface of the earth again

9a0d78 No.906372

File: 6768361e0c31f6a⋯.jpg (32.16 KB, 340x499, 340:499, IMG_20180405_193609.jpg)

Q, please I want this as scary message if I ever get that!

65da46 No.906373


I remember before Walmart. The local hardware store was all you needed.

e5a3d7 No.906374

File: 57f1671fd15ede3⋯.jpg (5.4 KB, 250x250, 1:1, hammer.jpg)

You hammer

Made in China

993362 No.906375


You buy my steer!

And plocessed cow too, you buy!

51d576 No.906376



19a925 No.906377

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Scientists Use Solar Shield to save us

132c6e No.906378

No sauce, just a gut instinct…

Perhaps activating NG has nothing to do with protecting the border (distraction?).

What if they're first tasked with rounding up the bad actors while the indictments are being unsealed?


61c514 No.906379


On the surface of the earth again 1 mile to the east

b4bbb3 No.906380


Still A mile west from home

46421b No.906381


Substance would be unknown or knowledge already public, or available at least. And the point is Q isn't really communicating with 'you', hence the 5:5

d61302 No.906382

File: 8dcaa62c31faf90⋯.png (552.66 KB, 636x382, 318:191, ClipboardImage.png)

EXCLUSIVE: Saudi crown prince bragged that Jared Kushner gave him CIA intelligence about other Saudis saying 'here are your enemies' days before 'corruption crackdown' which led to torture and death

Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman met with Jared Kushner in October

Salman has since bragged about using classified intelligence from Kushner as part of a crackdown on 'corrupt' princes and businessmen in Saudi Arabia

He said the intelligence from Kushner included information on those who were disloyal to Salman and who were his 'enemies', insiders tell DailyMail

Kushner's attorney's spokesman said it was 'false' that the president's son-in-law passed on secrets and that he was 'well aware of the rules'

The crown prince launched his crackdown on corruption in November, days after he met Kushner for talks in Riyadh

Hundreds were rounded up, including princes from rival parts of the Saudi royal family and some of the country's wealthiest businessmen

But the crackdown saw accusations of torture and at least one reported death

daily mail UK coming out with this story today..

saying JK gave MBS CIA intelligence on who his enemies were before the 'crackdown'..

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5575395/Saudi-crown-prince-brags-Jared-Kushner-handed-U-S-intelligence.html?ITO=1490&ns_mchannel=rss&ns_campaign=1490

61c514 No.906383



132c6e No.906384


GraphicDesignFag here. Well shopped! KEK!

af53ca No.906385


North Pole, duh…

3243ed No.906386


South Pole?

61c514 No.906387


Yes 1 mile west I meant sorry . He went underground then west

720c94 No.906388


pffft, north pole

2f5273 No.906389

Has any hard working anon done this yet?


Hussein timeline.

1/20/17 - today.

Cross against POTUS’ schedule.

Cross against WH visitor log 11/22-1/18/17.

This will become very relevant very soon.








https:// sunlightfoundation.com/2017/02/17/online-search-for-obama-era-white-house-visitor-logs-goes-offline/

Downloaded this 2016 Raw Data File. It ends FY 09/30/16.

https:// obamawhitehouse.archives.gov/briefing-room/disclosures/visitor-records

d27246 No.906390


The substance in on time READ IT!!

e5a3d7 No.906392

File: c38218405c8b76e⋯.png (795.99 KB, 1540x978, 770:489, lumberliqu.png)

You Rumber

Made in China

2736dd No.906393

File: bc55683e87f50cc⋯.jpg (158.03 KB, 728x546, 4:3, Kalmann Naples.jpg)


1823: The Rothschilds take over the financial operations of the Catholic Church, globally.

Source: Infographic from /pol/ (12/11/13) and memeanon

3bcbe6 No.906394


Me rove you rong time too.

2b29c2 No.906395


$50 for a pillow with placebo effects? Good scam.

I'll use a pile of leafs 1st.

2721d4 No.906396


That wouldn't be a reason for POTUS to stay up all night. It has to be something else.

fae2c4 No.906397

Sean Penn‘s son Hopper arrested for weed, mushroom & pills



19a925 No.906398

File: 2c08a2ec35a4d8d⋯.png (472.13 KB, 742x447, 742:447, rosenstein1.png)

File: 32e1cf36ee63bb1⋯.jpg (72.9 KB, 620x349, 620:349, rosenstein2.jpg)

db0d92 No.906399

File: fb993b8400ed6c1⋯.jpg (138.9 KB, 877x600, 877:600, ForbiddenCity.jpg)

f2dfac No.906400


That would be fortuitous… serindipitous… lucky… well-planned…

1a5ed8 No.906401


Only to temporarily save us.

9f1bf4 No.906402


Rahm will not be re-elected. The city has soured on him. The three other people who are running for the mayor gig there have teamed up together against him. They are not running attack ads against one another—all of their ads are focused against him. They say it doesn't really matter which of them wins—as not as Rahm loses.

9e6b0e No.906403

Fox News just had at the bottom of screen that it will take 2 months for the National Guard to get to the southwest border. Wonder why it takes that long?

993362 No.906404


Word. That was back when you could literally build your own [insert electronics item you want to make] by just going to radio shack and buying the parts…

61c514 No.906405


Hi Lionel . DOXXED KEK

544652 No.906406


I have posted a few in meme threads but maybe after the dust settles I will go back and create a thread or an archive.

b4bbb3 No.906407

File: f1d7db75e0f4705⋯.jpg (41.95 KB, 616x440, 7:5, hammer.jpg)


Hammer aint from china nigger

750e8a No.906408

d261e4 No.906409

File: af4a7cbf4a6fbc8⋯.png (83.09 KB, 643x490, 643:490, ClipboardImage.png)

Our 188 connection?

http:// secret.leylines.info/index.php/matrix

c0d915 No.906410

>>906403. Misinformation

25c61e No.906411


here's why:



cb5f40 No.906412


https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_B._Watson#%22Twelve_infants%22_quotation

"Twelve infants" quotation:

Give me a dozen healthy infants, well-formed, and my own specified world to bring them up in and I'll guarantee to take any one at random and train him to become any type of specialist I might select – doctor, lawyer, artist, merchant-chief and, yes, even beggar-man and thief, regardless of his talents, penchants, tendencies, abilities, vocations, and race of his ancestors. I am going beyond my facts and I admit it, but so have the advocates of the contrary and they have been doing it for many thousands of years

3e1144 No.906413


^^^^^^^^^ I think I found the cheap ass Snow Mexican

a9a1fc No.906414





Keep in mind Kosher James Bond is only able to work when he has a budget (and a Q and and M). Cut the money supply, problem solved.

0adf00 No.906415

File: 098eead30dcbb37⋯.jpg (107.84 KB, 500x750, 2:3, 27rwm6.jpg)

File: d2a0a4dc506febb⋯.jpg (114.53 KB, 500x750, 2:3, 27rwfr.jpg)

File: 3d151a45195ec3d⋯.jpg (85.77 KB, 852x480, 71:40, 27rw80.jpg)

3bcbe6 No.906416


You believe anything the press says at the bottom of the screen?

9e6b0e No.906417


Ok! Thank You!

51d576 No.906418


We provide the substance. Q is our muse.

d96d1f No.906419


my cousins (12.5 yr Marine career), says made in Pakistan. He wore his dress blues to our grandfather's funeral, and I saw with my own 2 eyes what was etched on the blade….

48300e No.906420


Would you invade a country whereby a good portion of its citizens are armed?

The ‘ultimate deterrent’.


The 'ultimate deterrent' would be every a machine gun inside every house in America. No globalists would dare to invade.

b4bbb3 No.906421


Stock photo…non photoshop fag….I just added the text.

bfc6f7 No.906422


Brennan is in high treason territory. The old communist fuck deserves everything that is coming his way now.

19303e No.906423

File: 169c847e23baafe⋯.jpg (9.13 KB, 277x182, 277:182, imagesp.jpg)

File: 1383107b7d933d8⋯.jpg (8.05 KB, 229x220, 229:220, images.jpg)



Also made in China:

60c558 No.906424

File: 3201fd00f701696⋯.png (11.48 KB, 321x259, 321:259, ClipboardImage.png)

Twitter is an effective tool

61c514 No.906425

2 months !!! I doubt 45 will allow that . 2 min maybe .

303dc5 No.906426


North Pole is obvious. There are infinite solutions (C(1/n) relative to a 1-mile circumference above the South Pole as well.

9e6b0e No.906427


Move along! I got my answer! :)

daa082 No.906428

left makin' memes. (meemes).

all lies.

believed by idiots /\.


um um um um um…. um.


clock started.


normies wtf?



(Trump actually bought those fireworks at .25 cents on the dollar that hitlery did not use in the canceled celebration). wanna bet a dollar anons? huh? wanna bet?

IF you fuckers are TRUE TRUMP SUPPORTERS… you know exactly whay i'm saying. 27D chess anons.

273b83 No.906429


It's a major redeployment for the troops requiring all kinds of services and supplies to be relocated to the border areas.

94f5b9 No.906430


MBS is enjoying the kind of MSM butthurt that is reserved for those that are genuine.

If he was a liar intent on undermining America, like al Waleed, the longform Time just published would have been a puff piece not a hit piece.

f9e4f0 No.906431

File: 2197bbca2486fd9⋯.jpg (147.24 KB, 1080x863, 1080:863, BakerBabe8.jpg)

File: 8ff166d1b8f7933⋯.jpg (926.96 KB, 1900x1336, 475:334, NoBreaksOnThisTrain.jpg)

File: 8f300877a2082a8⋯.jpg (609.67 KB, 2000x1000, 2:1, HeartOfGold.jpg)

File: 2a9ea0120a8c6e4⋯.jpg (1.29 MB, 2540x2676, 635:669, SWEEPINGCHANGES.jpg)


b4bbb3 No.906433


They Settled a lawsuit about the chemican fumes leaching from the wood about 6 years ago (after I had laid it in my Kitchen)

3bcbe6 No.906434


My crystal ball says there's a rope in his future.

720c94 No.906435


there are 0 south pole solutions… it's impossible to travel south when at the south pole.

9a0d78 No.906436




>The WAVE.


Wave is illegal immigrants from South America. Wave comes, with it comes drugs, crime, assets, killers.

Is it also related to watch the water?

42533e No.906438


ok, that'd be sweet, cause the meme threads are yugemonsters (and there's more than a dozen of them, old ones off the board, etc)…

feel free to share your best here:

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/198093.html#198093 Qmemed >>198093 <<

25c61e No.906439


sig. but wouldn't be the reason for POTUS to be up all night.

just searched today's news . . . nothing stands out yet.

61c514 No.906440


Lets do this Biggy !!!!

65da46 No.906441


Yea Q, i get it….

Must overcome apathy, brainwashing, lazyness.

Deterrent requires work without a 6x4 touchscreen and you can't respawn. that doesn't sound like a very cool game.

cde843 No.906443


How are we supposed to find Hussein's itinerary since leaving office?

64d4b5 No.906444

File: baa9c18e8c5399b⋯.png (450.27 KB, 1745x1920, 349:384, baa9c18e8c5399be98af91cc20….png)


Of all the approaches we have to take, I have decided to target the Root Cause of Miseducation.

This MK-Behavioural Specialist School of Thought being the one I staunchly oppose.

9e6b0e No.906445


Makes sense! Thank You! :)

3e1144 No.906446

What ever happened to that Argentine submarine?

633207 No.906447


My thoughts exactly. He is now a private citizen

19a925 No.906448




3bcbe6 No.906449


Well excuuuse me.

00d4c1 No.906450

File: a6b6f3b8cd1ee09⋯.png (942.98 KB, 918x962, 459:481, Rothschild.png)

303dc5 No.906451


I didn't say South Pole. I said relative to a 1-mile circumference above the South Pole; and there are infinite solutions relative to that circumference.

25c61e No.906452


UK & Ger. are the largest, deepest swamps in the EU

64d4b5 No.906453


One mile west from where you started.

This anon already got it.


8feb07 No.906454


You gotta shake it, before you bake it.

https:// asiafoundation.org/2018/03/28/views-region-u-s-policy-asia-today/

http:// www.foxnews.com/politics/2016/09/28/fbi-doc-dump-on-email-case-reveals-role-confidential-clinton-aide.html

http:// www.breitbart.com/national-security/2016/11/01/senior-clinton-aide-left-classified-material-unattended-chinese-hotel-room/

http:// www.foxnews.com/politics/2016/09/30/key-hillary-clinton-aide-repeatedly-misplaced-sensitive-info-according-to-reports.html

Monica seems to repeatedly leave things behind. A package in China, a package in Russia, her laptop in her desk after leaving State Department which apparently they couldn't find.

Though not positive, the photo of the city looks familiar.

https:// asiafoundation.org/our-people/leadership-council/

And who and the figures in foreign affairs founding this thing that aren't mentioned

"and several major figures in foreign affairs."

https:// asiafoundation.org/our-people/founders/

And a clinton foundation Asia foundation tie in Ruby Shang

https:// asiafoundation.org/people/ruby-shang/

42533e No.906455


trail of constant news articles about his travels and speeches and bathfarts

00d4c1 No.906456

File: bf2f283b24e2d97⋯.png (218.51 KB, 508x484, 127:121, ClipboardImage.png)

What did Hussein call them, 'widows and three-year-olds'?

fae2c4 No.906457


I can’t wait to see this ..So is he basically going around threatening anyone Potus has met with, to tow the Cabal line?

The NSA must have some amazing recordings I guess they can leak…

720c94 No.906458


ok after you travel your 1 mile south, it's impossible to travel east… still 0 solutions.

48300e No.906459


Found. Disarmed. Into 1000 pieces.



>1000 pieces.


b4bbb3 No.906460

File: 62d5d9ea7f384d7⋯.jpg (810.48 KB, 1708x812, 61:29, sub.jpg)


We got it. Didn't you see the movie?

1e9326 No.906461


Invasion. a long time. The US Navy and the USAF plan the invasion to the North of SouthAmerica.

481898 No.906462

File: 8d4b30d84330d62⋯.jpg (181.71 KB, 1200x945, 80:63, DXFGe5UVAAAnIa6.jpg)

▪Nunes threatens to enforce subpoena over FBI memo that kick-started Russia investigation▪

Congressional investigators are still facing roadblocks over FBI records, despite promises of cooperation from FBI Director Christopher Wray and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, according to a letter obtained by Fox News on Wednesday.

The Republican chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Devin Nunes, wrote that he has been denied a clean copy of the 2016 FBI memo that kick-started the Russia counterintelligence investigation — now known as the special counsel’s Russia probe.

“On March 14th, 2018, Committee investigators were given access to a still heavily redacted version of the EC (FBI memo known as an electronic communication), which — as I informed Director Wray the next day via phone — was unsatisfactory,” Nunes, R-Calif., wrote.

“On March 23, 2018, FBI’s Assistant Director for Legislative Affairs informed the Committee that FBI would refuse to further unredact the EC (FBI memo) based on its sensitivity. The document in question is not highly classified, and law enforcement sources have apparently not been shy about leaking to the press information that the Department and Bureau refuse to share with Congress.”

Fox News is told the FBI memo was likely drafted by, or with input from, Agent Peter Strzok in July 2016, when the bureau formally opened its counterintelligence investigation…

www. foxnews.com/politics/2018/04/04/nunes-threatens-to-enforce-subpoena-over-fbi-memo-that-kick-started-russia-investigation.amp.html

b418dd No.906463

>>906419 Got a pick? Horrible

1af77c No.906464

File: c512e1b9640dd38⋯.png (320.49 KB, 530x640, 53:64, Road-Runner-Looking-At-Boo….png)


how about a last bread warning next time?

993362 No.906465


If POTUS was in the air or in a bunker last night then stuff in the news today may not tell us what went down last night, yet. We'll likely know more by tonight.

303dc5 No.906466


No. Fail. Sorry.

8f3c9c No.906467

https:// www.judicialwatch.org/press-room/press-releases/judicial-watch-doj-records-show-obama-administration-helped-fund-george-soros-left-wing-political-activities-albania/

>(Washington, DC) — Judicial Watch obtained 32 pages of records showing the Obama administration sent U.S. taxpayers’ funds to a group backed by billionaire George Soros, which used the money to fund left-wing political activities in Albania, including working with the country’s socialist government to push for highly controversial judicial “reform.” The records also detail how the Soros operation helped the State Department review grant applications from other groups for taxpayer funding.

25c61e No.906468


wonder which ingredients Q's spec. referring to…

720c94 No.906469


this was for you >>906458

64d4b5 No.906470

File: 6922f266cdda9e9⋯.jpg (63.17 KB, 478x540, 239:270, 6922f266cdda9e92806642fc4b….jpg)


Benelux is a big swamp as well

1a5ed8 No.906471


I don't need to watch it…. Think thirst.

7583d9 No.906472


*REVELATION* The book in the Bible is singular, not plural.

00d4c1 No.906473

File: b5dd7def4021289⋯.png (472.27 KB, 588x1210, 294:605, 4-3-18 Smart Phone Bugs.png)


>The NSA must have some amazing recordings

1e15a9 No.906474

File: 836ca943a03ac3b⋯.jpg (100.63 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 111.jpg)

Computer breakdown! Looks like a lot incoming


POTUS will be up all night.


Watch the news tomorrow.


Care to fill me in on this post?

Pic pretty but unrelated

b418dd No.906475

>>906459 Tor Pedo ( Remember that one) Tor Pedo? That was my MEME HA!

There was an extra passenger on the sub too.

We never figured out who.

2f5273 No.906476




One report here..

https:// www.townandcountrymag.com/society/politics/news/a9694/what-barack-obama-is-doing-now/

dcbb5a No.906477


Italy too is a swamp. Vatican too is a swamp. A HUUUUGE swamp.

dbc0ac No.906478

F16 crashed in Vegas praying for ourguys

8f3c9c No.906479



http:// gawker.com/5122538/the-carpet-cleaner-controversy-that-preceded-jett-travoltas-death

>What exactly is this Kawasaki Syndrome—the rare disorder that John Travolta had said his son had suffered from before dying today at the age of sixteen?

>The supposed culprit was a carpet cleaner, so the family decided to go natural. Travolta's wife Kelly Preston told the Mirror in 2004:

>Jett's whole immune system shut down and he got really sick with high fevers - 104and 105. He developed a rash on his body and swollen lymph glands - it was horrible. … We're 90 per cent organic, though there's some canned foods - a little bit of junk food here and there.

240647 No.906480



1af77c No.906481


Pepe needs to RUN from that fucking deep state psyop

ff632f No.906482



https:// open.obamawhitehouse.archives.gov/dataset/white-house-visitor-records-requests/resource/e88b26ea-6161-4308-a832-da2073e91add?v1

48300e No.906483


I know. Revelations as in revelations of the corruptions of the Vatican, not the Bible.

cde843 No.906484




42533e No.906485



sheeeeeeeeiiiit this cold-civil-war's getting hotter and hotter

9a0d78 No.906486

File: 377e95bdf886ef8⋯.jpg (123.19 KB, 749x750, 749:750, 1511792188624.jpg)



8+8+1 = 17 = Q.

Q is gonna get them all who played the assassination game. It's war time.

Get them all, God King!

25c61e No.906487


Hussein's schedule is no longer public → might be a few isolated articles + Q posts saying he's everywhere Trump goes, but that won't help. We need more Q drops on this to put it together.

00d4c1 No.906488

File: a39cdfb21dead42⋯.jpg (145.29 KB, 727x425, 727:425, Warren is corrupt.jpg)

File: 0dee434c4d0a0e1⋯.jpg (78.63 KB, 500x412, 125:103, Warren is a criminal.jpg)


So did Pocahantas!

dbc0ac No.906489


was just on faux new breaking, im sure it will be dropped every where in a few mins sorry.

132c6e No.906490


That said, please accept 284,794 Good Karma points for your transparency and humility.

93a05e No.906491


The Thunderbird plane?

0ce7f3 No.906492


So this makes JK a white hat. But the deep state will try to crush him with this. Must trust the plan.

303dc5 No.906493


I always figured the 45th passenger was Argentina's ex-spy chief Antonio Stiusso.

8f3c9c No.906494

File: 209e29d92d4d0d4⋯.png (942.97 KB, 1483x1757, 1483:1757, pg5.png)


So did the Sandler Family!

dbc0ac No.906495

bc31ec No.906496


It is Mark Taylor

The Ark is under the Temple Mount

Solomon built a room for it if the city would ever fall

Location known since the 1980's

I was involved in a few exploration digs

It will only be revealed at the appropriate time

46421b No.906497


It's poetic, but likely not the case. Q is communicating information to others. Realize government is extremely compartmentalized and has had intentional choke points for information sharing created over decades. I think what we're seeing are them getting circumvented by whitehats.

1af77c No.906498



132c6e No.906499


Let's hope they invested, saved, stole and hoarded wisely, as we're about to own all their shit!

25c61e No.906500


Any anons available to check out the WH visitor logs (re Q drop/assignment yesterday):



40a788 No.906501


Feck watched this without sound and was moved to tears - a warm hug from a Scot Anon to all homeless and disturbed vets and blessings for better times!

544652 No.906502


Pretty solid day.

b418dd No.906503

File: 4edb6ea173e598b⋯.jpg (46.84 KB, 345x600, 23:40, Clint-Eastwood.jpg)

Border Wars

Cabal uses border

Democrat Voters

Election Fraud

They get over border

And transport them ALL OVER USA for votes

We must win

Or all is lost

Are you woke?

19303e No.906504

File: a09b2188411dcc7⋯.jpg (212.97 KB, 1473x927, 491:309, DZ_DK2zXkAACs4f.jpg large.jpg)

POTUS heading to Greenbrier soon.

fae2c4 No.906505


News search month by month maybe?

4b87f5 No.906506

File: 02eb0cf8edd311c⋯.jpg (8.67 KB, 255x190, 51:38, 283062b0bcdd794cfe8a5102ee….jpg)

132c6e No.906507


Took me a couple of seconds, then LOL! Kek back atcha!

42533e No.906508


just needs digging, lots to be found

b148fc No.906509


MSM is still saying "comprised of mostly women and children" about it.

527531 No.906510


That is nice!

efa5d6 No.906511


Bestgore.com is a Canadian shock site owned by Mark Marek,[4] which provides highly violent real-life news, photos and videos, with authored opinion and user comments. The site received media attention in 2012, following the hosting of a video which showed a real-life murder being committed by Luka Magnotta. As a result, Marek was arrested and charged under Canada's obscenity law with corrupting public morals.

132c6e No.906512


What if they had to take a serious detour to round up all the bad actors while indictments were unsealed?

25c61e No.906513


but Q said to "watch the news tom." so by implication, there will be smthg reported on it.

65da46 No.906514


You mean those soldiers that are currently unarmed and out of uniform?

a9a1fc No.906515

File: 7c83138f754d2ae⋯.jpg (42.84 KB, 474x307, 474:307, masons.jpg)


Pedophiles join lodges because all the police too, mostly at lower levels were this doesn't go on. The damning thing is they have to give them a free pass. This is how Rotherham happens.

Ever wonder why some sketchy dude manages to stay in business? His "brothers."

af97f6 No.906517


And with a planned stay of 10 min. Wonder if he really goes back to dc?

93a05e No.906518


Digging into it now.

78ca76 No.906519

File: 821b112a5d5b149⋯.jpg (57.67 KB, 496x690, 248:345, tears.jpg)

64d4b5 No.906520

File: e3987e9d311864a⋯.jpg (229.01 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, e3987e9d311864a7135b3ea714….jpg)


Complete and utter bullshit. The MSM pulled the same stunt on the migrant horde from The Middle-East -> Europae (where the migrant stream was 80% males in the age range 25-35 (prime bulls for mating).

b7e5c6 No.906521

File: ce465345177ae52⋯.jpg (368.33 KB, 964x764, 241:191, 0_Locale.jpg)

File: ac3da9f1e9f472c⋯.jpg (601.27 KB, 964x764, 241:191, 1_GSJ_Main.jpg)

File: e68ccd5f342617e⋯.jpg (479.06 KB, 964x764, 241:191, 2_GSJ_Main.jpg)

File: 50885b9e5a48f78⋯.jpg (620.51 KB, 964x764, 241:191, 3_GSJ_Barge.jpg)

File: a243da9ed23087b⋯.jpg (662.48 KB, 964x765, 964:765, 4_GSJ_Helipad.jpg)

I had it in my head that boring machines would all be like the huge circular ones as seen in documentaries but now I find since making the images that there are much, much smaller ones available. Ones easily transported on the barge in the photos and more easily hidden too.

Perhaps those with access to better satellite images can take a look for any of the smaller types parked up out in the open on the islands? You never know.

This is also not taking into account any suppressed tech/patents as there’s stories of nuclear powered tunnel borers patented in the 1970s that’d melt the rock and leave the tunnel surface with a glassy finish, along with variants thereof. Who knows what they might have come up with since then? Elon Musk?

We’re dealing with multi billionaires here that work for the Dark Side. Their resources are immense and they’re patient. Very patient.

Epstein owns both Little and Great Saint James Islands

Little Saint James, U.S. Virgin Islands

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



Great Saint James, U.S. Virgin Islands

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



Alternative (Older) Sat Map Source

https:// wego.here.com/?map=18.29973,-64.82253,17,satellite

19a925 No.906522


“Watch the news today” could be listen to POTUS speech - - BOMBS dropping??

Thx for sched anon

42533e No.906523


by their logic, DAT'S SEXIST

25c61e No.906524


very true – pedo HQ.

240647 No.906525


https:// www.military.com/daily-news/2018/04/04/f-16-crashes-nevada-training-range.html

1e9326 No.906526


Also the Nordic Countries. Not for nothing. They haven't Bank Laws, as Sweden, perfect for the swamp.

303dc5 No.906527


Or watch the princes. One for each cardinal direction.

2736dd No.906528


We do not consent! Stop geo-engineering!

Roths own AP (Associated Press), Weather Central and a controlling interest in Raytheon (weather manipulation/weapons manufacturer).

http:// www.geoengineeringwatch.org/rothschilds-and-the-geoengineering-empire/

fae2c4 No.906529


It will be interesting to see who hasn’t met too I don’t think he’s met May since out of office?

32736b No.906530

commiepinkofaggot.com VIDEO


cde843 No.906531

File: cf2ce50f77dcef7⋯.png (160.91 KB, 850x532, 425:266, ClipboardImage.png)

When the scanner hits Trump's frequency.

19303e No.906532


Indeed. That's a hell of a trip for a ten minute meeting. POTUS needs to stay in secure locations until this is all sorted out.

4b87f5 No.906533

File: c0155c4c25ab97e⋯.jpg (11.83 KB, 232x255, 232:255, 158cb96e93b77199448f0c6b9b….jpg)

64d4b5 No.906534

File: 3f13fc34e8fd3ef⋯.jpg (19.15 KB, 255x239, 255:239, 3f13fc34e8fd3ef9ce32b2e513….jpg)

daa082 No.906535

important to understand………

no private comms…




544652 No.906536


Roger that.

Lot of nice ones in there. NewsWEAK memes are so good.

Need to add the Qcards…

19a925 No.906537

File: 8044b6552ec2dfc⋯.png (1.18 MB, 854x973, 122:139, Badge_of_the_Sheriff_of_Lo….png)

File: abf948a07fb9c98⋯.jpg (147.71 KB, 280x180, 14:9, Masons-police-01.jpg)

File: a6d1f86053a94f3⋯.jpg (73.56 KB, 628x245, 628:245, Masons-police-02.jpg)

File: fa77080ffa49267⋯.jpg (102.09 KB, 600x483, 200:161, Masons-police-04.jpg)

File: 3c7add91dcf7e93⋯.jpg (58.4 KB, 563x233, 563:233, Masons-police-05.jpg)



00d4c1 No.906538


>F16 crashed in Vegas praying for ourguys

WELCOME TO YESTERDAY, timetravelerfag!

Thunderbirds pilot dies in F-16 crash at Nellis Air Force Base outside Las Vegas www.foxnews.com/us/2018/04/05/thunderbirds-pilot-dies-in-f-16-crash-at-nellis-air-force-base-outside-las-vegas.html

a9a1fc No.906539


These people are stupid.

65da46 No.906540


10 min isn't long enough to get the checklist run through for starting the ole plane back up.

89e76a No.906541

File: ca0e6f0dcd4ad15⋯.png (120.03 KB, 762x342, 127:57, Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at ….png)


Ira Einhorn, the Unicorn Killer

25c61e No.906542


thx, anon

relevant date 11/22/16 to 1/18/17 (as per Q post)

51d576 No.906543


kek..totally heard that

750e8a No.906544



575fb1 No.906545

File: 63153deac90eeae⋯.jpg (206.06 KB, 1080x779, 1080:779, Screenshot_20180405-083635.jpg)

File: e17da68ea739ef1⋯.jpg (445.59 KB, 998x982, 499:491, 20180329_195310.jpg)

https:// youtu.be/Le2MOs4D8Yc

pic related

240647 No.906546

File: 34fdd659c36aefa⋯.jpg (132.75 KB, 640x427, 640:427, ElmoQ2.jpg)

4f7f6f No.906547

https:// voat.co/v/pizzagate/2484466

Hillary caught red handed attending a satanist coven. MASSIVE red pill opprutunity.

1af77c No.906548


1200 immigrants is not a tidal wave.

We have tens of thousands of people coming through the border every year

36ab65 No.906549


Hopefully he'll mention the storm is upon us.

9e6b0e No.906550


3 military crashes in 2 days. Thoughts and Prayers with our military.

51d576 No.906551



af97f6 No.906552


Enough to make the old switcheroo though. The stable genius is also a master magician and sleight of hand man, I'd wager.

b418dd No.906553

File: 44d5941ea9a2c72⋯.jpg (9.56 KB, 284x177, 284:177, Ihatenazis.jpg)

And which one of you twinkle toed commie loving ass blasters put a ban on me!

You are the shame of your mothers vagina!

You need to crawl back up into her panties and finish growing a set of testicles and not hatch back out until you have found man hood or decided to be someone's prison bitch down in Tijuana.

19303e No.906554

2:25 - 3:15 est

Roundtable discussion on tax reform.

527531 No.906556


Curios. Is there anyway the new Embassy in Jerusalem could uncover this?

if the US Embassy is placed in the city of David near the Temple Mount if it could become a place of refuge for a few Jews during the Tribulation.

https:// hightimetoawake.com/2018/04/02/will-the-us-embassy-in-jerusalem-be-a-place-for-refuge/

00d4c1 No.906557


What's up with the 10 minute stops in Greenbrier going and coming back?

1af77c No.906558



633207 No.906559

File: 13fe00ae1e56afa⋯.jpg (31.26 KB, 640x432, 40:27, a2.jpg)

http:// www.oann.com/obama-state-dept-gave-9m-to-soros-activities-in-albania-according-to-watchdog/

25c61e No.906560

tw is preventing retweets w/ this link/cite:


thefederalistpapers. org/us/the-history-lesson-every-democrats-needs-right-now

b418dd No.906561

File: 8f0b93ac32b724a⋯.jpg (361.49 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, 8f0b93ac32b724a39e0b170e93….jpg)

3e1144 No.906562


Lots of info here

http:// time.com/4792761/barack-obama-vacation-list/

While President Obama continues his sojourns overseas, many of his stops include official business for the Obama Foundation. On May 24-27, President Obama traveled to Berlin, Germany; Baden-Baden, Germany; Edinburgh, Scotland and London, England, respectively. Obama met with Chancellor Angela Merkel in Germany and Prince Harry and Prime Minister David Cameron in England, an Obama Spokesperson confirmed to TIME. Between meetings, however, he found some down time. The President was seen enjoying a round of golf at St. Andrews in Scotland.

eef41b No.906563

Demiurge Mind Kept in Prison

A Local Builder wants this person locked down so he can build up the village and make money

So Two Cell Towers were erected

American Tower owns one

Grain Management owns another

The Village's frequency is horrendous.. no energy

One of the Towers may be beaming into the brain of town members

Or keeping the village frequency is a low hertz state

On the Board is a Merrill Lynch employee Stanley O'Neal who worked with John Thain

Lloyd Blankfein.. Steve Wynn.. Obama

Find out who is behind this..

One company is based in Romney's Boston..

Another has a Dolan on the board.. The name Dolan means something

In 1994 a Dolan built a house for the building inspector Amoni

Was told Oprah was going to live there.. which i thought was weird

A Dude on one of the board's looks like a gay Tesla.. Nikola Trkulja

Providing one of the coolest men on the planet.. can be locked down with frequency

Was Born Lincoln.. and now i will never become the man i was meant to become

Because someone wanted to play God with frequencies

A Neighbor worked with The Walton Family.. who worked with the Clintons..

This is so political and technical that maybe only Elon Musk can figure it out

Not a Gram.. or a 33rd Piker.. but the Truman BRIC House.. is the Ark.. in the woods

1999 is when Macomb became Great.. and i rose from the ashes of a fire in 2000

Now you know.. why.. in a health situation.. energy will expand to everyone

When targeted by those corporations who desire profits and enclose a demiurge mind

The Entire World suffers

Maybe Vegas is the only Oxygen Rich.. Environment left.. for a man who was supposed to marry an Overprotected.. Elvis daughter who Speared my Eyes.. and Opened them.. when i saw her for the first time

Feels like the scene in Inception.. where two spiritual beings.. are sitting at a table..

Know which one truly has Merit.. The One who will declassify the frequency prison.. The USA is currently under

Why.. because i experienced it

19303e No.906564


He's got 50 minutes there today:


a9a1fc No.906565


Fired by Vanity Fair over Twitter.

1dc6d4 No.906566

b418dd No.906567

File: 827990928fc9b2a⋯.jpg (20.11 KB, 340x211, 340:211, 478605894a.jpg)

4b87f5 No.906569


= 11-11-11

Fireworks show!


273b83 No.906570


It was a perfect moment to show people the need to secure the border, trump seized the opportunity to send NG.

132c6e No.906571

Breaking on Fox News…

Hospital in Turkey (skyscraper) completely engulfed in flames.

Care to bet it DOESN'T collapse in perfect free-fall into its own footprint?

36cefa No.906572


Reminds me of The Joker in Batman (1989) when he poisoned a bunch of beauty/hygiene products, alone they where fine, but used in combination started killing people.

2d7a9a No.906573


Fortune cookies are actually an American invention

dbc0ac No.906574


you know you would hit that shit anon!

*Long arm fetish*

>=) jk kek

53a24b No.906575


It's all abort logistics and POTUS is a logistics man.

1a5ed8 No.906576


I hate that slag.

8f28dd No.906577


$79 for a pillow

Just NO

buy a bag of SHREDDED foam from the craft store, stuff it in a random pillow case, sew the open end shut Save $60

25c61e No.906578


"hospital" or deep state bunker/communications center?

10d5c7 No.906579


Insignificant anon who's had a tiny peek into the shallowest reaches of the rabbit hole here.

<France is at least as bad as UK/Germany.

I think a look into the French Royal Family's recent (past few years) art sale might be illuminating.

<I'm suspicious of Spain. Look into the Picasso Institute. Ask yourself whether his art would be worth anything without said institute.

>I've seen priceless works of art change hands between tax-haven-registered corporations with personal ID proved with letters stating 'I am me, I promise.'

>I've seen people baldly state 'I will not buy this unless you help me evade taxes', and the help given.

>I've seen a senior exec advise someone to smuggle ivory into the US in his hand luggage - via email.

We're fucked.

993362 No.906580


That bitch looks like she's hungry for some brains..

60c558 No.906581

What are we supposed to see on the news today anons? What is the consensus - I am glued right now to three different networks on my computer..

daa082 No.906582


fuck. i think i do. dammit.

750e8a No.906583

File: 55740aedc79665f⋯.jpeg (1.9 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, BF2701C2-BF2E-47E7-B402-2….jpeg)

Watching NECN news.

These two fag anchors just said they are on a pre-game date before the RedSox play today.

WTF! Ya, we have to win this fight.

It’s totally out of control

2907d6 No.906584


We are the resurrection.

25c61e No.906585


FR is bad, but UK/GER are much worse.

4f7f6f No.906586

PG Anon. We believe we may have solved the pedowood case regarding Judith Barsi. Potential red pill case alongside Heather O'Rourke. Found a damning CDAN article indicating Michael Caine as a total pervert/scum bag in thread.

https:// voat.co/v/pizzagate/2483805

64d4b5 No.906587

File: c49be868b3dcbec⋯.jpg (219.68 KB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, c49be868b3dcbec9386d92c177….jpg)

49b6e6 No.906588


>(prime bulls for mating)

or for fighting

40a788 No.906589


…Don't forget the Netherlands - jiggery pokery for centuries

af97f6 No.906590

File: c9dc791dff4050d⋯.png (12.51 KB, 255x170, 3:2, 099818980f13c4a465e9310ab9….png)



Moar and with thauce, please.

25c61e No.906591


you'll know it when you see it.

it kept POTUS up all night.

think logically.

65da46 No.906592


without enough scrap metal on the ground to rebuild it with after it did.

b418dd No.906593

720c94 No.906594


found the UK fag

3ba1bb No.906596



118388 No.906597

File: 433f7ad3d6f6d45⋯.gif (24.51 KB, 719x585, 719:585, demagogue.gif)


Huge leftist activist.

Never, ever trust those guys. They are into some shady shit.

8f28dd No.906598


Thank you for taking one for the team.

Will await your report.

I can't watch that crap .

a8268c No.906599

File: dbb3b14953f070d⋯.jpeg (512.22 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, 4DD2CD96-090A-472D-A67B-6….jpeg)

42533e No.906600


>Michael Caine as a total pervert/scum bag in thread.

ugh, these "legacy" actors (like Morgan Freeman) that get adulation… but soon being an actor will be shameful again. SOON

64d4b5 No.906601

File: 6c8bdff406ec9ab⋯.png (345.46 KB, 645x387, 5:3, ZOEKPLAATJES.png)


I would be appreciative if you could provide me with information

2736dd No.906603


"Solar Shield" is killing us, destroying our food supply, destroying vegetation, causing incendiary forests (California, Alberta), causing Alzheimer's (aluminum), Vitamin D deficiency, etcetera.

HAARP and other weather weapons are causing ozone depletion. The "solar shield" is causing a buildup of greenhouse gases and is the major contributor to climate change/ global warming. It is all a Depopulation and Carbon Tax theft SCAM.

And we pay for it.

9e6b0e No.906604

One America News

‏Verified account @OANN

13m13 minutes ago

Obama State Dept. Gave $9M to Soros’ Activities in Albania, According to Watchdog - http:// www.oann.com/obama-state-dept-gave-9m-to-soros-activities-in-albania-according-to-watchdog/ … #OANN

575fb1 No.906605

File: 4f2c043b541cca0⋯.jpg (231.51 KB, 1080x788, 270:197, Screenshot_20180405-084153.jpg)

File: e17da68ea739ef1⋯.jpg (445.59 KB, 998x982, 499:491, 20180329_195310.jpg)

https:// youtu.be/Le2MOs4D8Yc

Douglas Gilbert destroying the True Thomas Paine. .. why wud he pick that handle??

db0d92 No.906606

File: 803d5151ed51b08⋯.png (39.31 KB, 715x288, 715:288, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f79ce64ae6628af⋯.png (22.45 KB, 489x289, 489:289, ClipboardImage.png)


http:// www.jpost.com/International/The-Rothschilds-and-the-weather-Anti-Semitic-conspiracies-546804

b418dd No.906607

Remember the Meme's

Border Wars

Support our Troops


Meme it Today?

Time is now

No Border…we can't fight the cabal without if they are coming in via social destruction units.

b2fc8d No.906608


Why would you care if they're gay? GTFO here with that shit.

f7a870 No.906609

File: 6e0386c8bb4db07⋯.png (1.08 MB, 2490x1112, 1245:556, khobar.png)

File: cff7fea2f3e5e56⋯.png (260.53 KB, 600x390, 20:13, brenkho.png)


Look familiar?

Check out the ordinance estimated.

Fertilizer in a box truck?

Where was JB?

42533e No.906610


>Hillary caught red handed attending a satanist coven.

The nail in many coffins [liberal undo].

[Impossible to defend].

[Toxic to those connected].

a8268c No.906611


Same as well as going to different news website skimming articles. OTher than the Marine lost yesterday I don’t see anything. You?

9e6b0e No.906612

Nick Short


‏Verified account @PoliticalShort

38m38 minutes ago

Nunes threatens to enforce subpoena over FBI memo that kick-started Russia investigation

e53235 No.906613

The Great Wall of the USA

Tickets sold

tourist tour the wall.

This is greater then the ok wall of China

Each state has a tourism on their mind with the Great wall of Pepe!!!!

The marines open some bases close to the border and marvel at the great wall.

China with billions of people could send 200 million man army to mexico and walk over to usa without wall. This would dry up resources and fix the Chinese overpopulation problem.

The Great wall is needed. Must be greater then the Chinese wall!!!!

1e9326 No.906614


Yuge Swamp. They founded the EU.., hmmm.., we have to wait. for now. it's impossible.

cb5f40 No.906615

Prince Mohammed bin Nayef The guy MBS replaced

https:// wikileaks.org/plusd/cables/09RIYADH447_a.html

When asked what advice he had for President Obama, the King said he had "one request":

that it was "critically important to restore America's credibility" in the world.

In an unusual concession, made at the conclusion of their conversation, the King said,

"be assured I am fully briefed on the work you are doing with Prince Mohammed bin Nayef

https:// www.hindustantimes.com/world-news/drug-addiction-and-intrigue-why-saudi-king-ordered-mohammed-bin-nayef-to-step-aside-for-younger-prince/story-CmOjGUufm8gsm6bEJ6ec7J.html

“The king came to meet MbN and they were alone in the room. He told him: ‘I want you to step down, you didn’t listen to the advice to get treatment for your addiction which dangerously affects your decisions’,” said the source close to MbN

https:// lobelog.com/syria-policy-signs-of-coherence/

A day later, Feb. 19, the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal broke the news that Prince Muhammad bin Nayef had taken over as boss of the kingdom’s effort to arm and strengthen the Free Syrian Army and other non-extremist groups. The Post’s Karen de Young reported the next day that the intelligence chiefs, at their Washington gathering a week earlier, had agreed on how to define which rebel groups were eligible for new aid, and on new arms shipments to them. Muhammad, a firm if low-key operative, replaced the mercurial Prince Bandar bin Sultan, whose personal charisma had evidently not impressed the rebels

ffe1b4 No.906616

I'm going to suggest this as an explanation of who C is, and who is the Master.

When the pope proclaims "ex cathedra" - that is latin for "from the chair" - then he is supposedly proclaiming infallible teaching. It's supposed to come directly from God. This concept only became dogma in 1869-70, so it is a fairly new instruction, although the idea of papal infallibility had been floating about for some hundreds of year before this.

So, possibly, C, the Chair, refers to ex cathedra.

But the Vatican was dedicated to Lucifer (i.e. Satan) in 1963, when a black mass was performed in the bowels of the complex. (See Malachi Martin's teachings). So, the Master that directs ex cathedra teaching since then is not God, but Lucifer (the god of this world, for the time being).

Just as the faith of the Hebrews was co-opted by Satan's Synagogue - the Catholic hierarchy was co-opted as well.

I think it is important to discern between the bureaucracy of an organization, which can be corrupted, and the body of the organization, which are the common people that make up the true believers. It is no different from the general population here in the US that are good-hearted but misled. It's easy to hate them, but that's not we are being called to do. We are being called to rescue them.

The cabal hates them passionately. We should never be like the cabal, in any way. Pray for justice. Do not pray for slaughter, even of our enemies. Executions will occur. That doesn't mean we should glory in them. That is how HRC acted (we came, we saw, he died! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA). Don't be like her. Don't become her.

Be better than that.

For those atheistanons, the reality of this world is that religion is an organizational force in society. It is a tool, and like any tool can be used for good purposes or for evil. Kinda like "assault" weapons. You may hate it, but it is important to be unemotional in analysis, in order to avoid skewing your results through personal animus.

Your emotions can be manipulated, and the cabal has worked hard to master the tools to exploit this weakness in the human psyche. Warriors need to understand how their enemies work, if they wish to overcome them in battle.

And when the time is right, strike without mercy.

6d529a No.906617

File: ab4386e1536ed06⋯.png (1.1 MB, 915x686, 915:686, wall-army.png)

2f5273 No.906618


Ends 9/30/16

60c558 No.906619


i do think logically

i was just asking for opinions from other anons

e419e9 No.906620

Thought; if the internet eventually becomes a utility, which is regulated as such, would/should all advertising be eliminated as well? That would throw a wrench in bias one way or the other. Should be done for all MSM news broadcasts as well, no? Fair and balanced!

30ba8a No.906621


Q said it's not aliens.

64d4b5 No.906622

File: c7696912e80452a⋯.jpg (47.12 KB, 500x500, 1:1, c7696912e80452a1768b123b48….jpg)



Zoekplaatjes translates to "Searching Pictures".

gets all jittery bittery when you considerry she pushed the organ law that opts you in as a donor from birth. you can sign out from your 18th birthday, but that means you have had 18 years of Public Education forced down on you.

now she's visting schools. To do what exactly?

this is a 4th grade at Primary School "De Gagel"

4b87f5 No.906623

File: 02eb0cf8edd311c⋯.jpg (8.67 KB, 255x190, 51:38, 283062b0bcdd794cfe8a5102ee….jpg)

cd7d0b No.906624


If karma took her magnificent buss and continually ran over and backed up over Soros, it wouldn't be enough.

3c5a54 No.906625

I’m gonna be a sappyfag for a minute here anons.

I was reviewing notables and noticed an update to >>888888 that included the artists’ mindset when drawing.

And the huge homopussyfaggot in me started crying like a bitch. So many people of every creed have had so much suffering inflicted upon them by a handful of truly evil individuals.

We’ve spent millennia at the mercy of these smoldering cock smokes. And now that’s going to change.

I thank God the almighty for empowering leaders like Trump to do the right thing. All of us have sacrificed in some way and like Abel to Cain, God views our sacrifices as irrefutably more valid than the treacherous sadistic sacrifices brought on by these fraudsters and kin of Satan.

I know we had a round of biblefagging yesterday that was mostly shills digging for shillings but there was a resonance of truth that I noticed.

We are all children of God. No matter what method one practices, the Holy Spirit can envelope many forms. I truly feel that all of you true anons are my brothers and sisters in Christ, whether u agree or not.

I love this country. I love every shade and culture that’s been boiled into our rue. Let us all come together and fight to protect it from tyranny and cuckfaggotry.

Together, we are stronger.

015118 No.906626


We're headed into an ice age, so there's no worry about extra CO2. In fact this has next to nothing to to with human fuckery than it is our Sun entering a grand minimum.

d61302 No.906627

MBS, met with the Rock, Morgan Freeman, and James Cameron last night.

77c0e9 No.906628

File: 7a709ddcd815eaa⋯.png (465.41 KB, 753x850, 753:850, screenshot_261.png)

Google employees sign petition by the thousands urging CEO to pull out of Pentagon contract

https:// www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/google-employees-sign-petition-by-the-thousands-urging-ceo-to-pull-out-of-pentagon-contract

19303e No.906629

This was posted on Clinton's twitter yesterday. She visited an elite club for women in NYC https:// twitter.com/the_wing/status/981551775542112257

Instagram of The Wing info states: "We are a coven, not a sorority". https:// www.instagram.com/the.wing/?hl=es-la

Its full of references of vampirism, witchcraft and satanism. Example: https:// www.instagram.com/p/BhEemMJlHmR/?taken-by=the.wing

https:// www.instagram.com/p/Bal-pGKHTmE/?taken-by=the.wing

49af2e No.906630

File: 6859fc11029bc85⋯.jpg (63.67 KB, 736x500, 184:125, 27sli6.jpg)

3e1144 No.906631


Sure you can make a shitty My Pillow style pillow with Chinese components. Why not just buy a Chi Pirrow of eBay?

b148fc No.906632


or voting (D).

1af77c No.906633

File: 0c51241bd9c4ee4⋯.png (450.12 KB, 534x600, 89:100, DAFFY.png)


Yes our great POTUS shined the light on these slimebags and destroyed their whole operation - blew it up in their faces

it's just brilliant, as usual

36ab65 No.906634


…with pleasure.

2490f6 No.906635


supposedly a munchikin hung themselves… just sayin'

we probably can safely avoid this particular rabbit hole.

b7e5c6 No.906636

File: 6e98404d5053c3d⋯.jpg (812.4 KB, 1197x1081, 1197:1081, 1_LSJ_Sundial_sacrifice_B.jpg)

Maybe it was after my posting of >>892429 or from another anons post (I thought I'd screen-capped it and now I can't remember) but a sharp eyed anon spotted a face in the sundial.

Here it is circled.

I'd noticed the eyes and wondered what they were, but not the mouth. This is a classic case of my focusing too much on one or several things and not 'expanding my thinking' to cover the whole.

Look! Don't just see!

Well done to the anon who spotted it!

I would have preferred that it wasn't there.

db0d92 No.906637

File: fe43431d4790e08⋯.png (160.42 KB, 378x242, 189:121, ClipboardImage.png)

4b87f5 No.906638


a friend And I have to travel near the southern border next week, I'll phonefag it for all you niggers.

cccd4b No.906639


the secret archeology dig is a deep state plan to discredit God and the fake alien invasion.

heard about this 10 years ago how they was going to do it.

do not be deceived.

6d529a No.906640

File: 7f6d3283cbcd8ce⋯.png (477.17 KB, 620x439, 620:439, wave-red-rising.png)

e419e9 No.906641


That's because R and D parties all had the same communist agenda dope. Perp walk this lying globalist pig to Gitmo asap.

49b6e6 No.906642


or voting, yes

1af77c No.906643


ok thx

you're prob right

64d4b5 No.906644


Interesting.. Google fags wanna break with the cabal!

ab60a8 No.906645

Praying for OBP POTUS, his fantastic team, and our military, nearly every waking moment.

Heart-sick, grieving at our loss of life yesterday/Nellis. Thank you isn't even a good enough phrase for our gratitude to you all.

May God bless you abundantly.

e53235 No.906646


Add marine bases on the border!!!!

Use the money given.

The threat of china walking over a 200 million man army is real. The refugees over Europe was a test. The 200 million man army of china would not have guns. They would go all over the usa just to dry up resources and vote democratic.


A wall that is better the Chinese Wall !!!!

ff632f No.906647

Hillary Was Behind An Arab Spring Program That Destabilized the Middle East

https:// thefederalistpapers.org/us/bombshell-hillary-was-behind-an-arab-spring-program-that-destabilized-the-middle-east

https:// wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/16792

1e9326 No.906648


hmmm…, that Soft Disclosure.

cbe420 No.906649

all roads lead to rome


in the pic all roads lead to the four corners of the island, four cardinal points.. points of sacrifice?

f7a870 No.906650

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.







Muh digits

Fucking everywhere

Swimming in glorious kek

fa3269 No.906651


Had to look up which Thomas Paine this was, thought for sure it was the AIM one. But unfortunately this was the true pundit one. Both you anon and he need to spend more time on the bread. Pro life vrs pro choice has already been vetted and pro choice came out on top, tippe top. Haven’t you notice the increase in female participation on the board.

25c61e No.906652


was not implying you weren't thinking logically. just reiterating Q post(s) for anons as they keep watch over today's news.

78ca76 No.906653

File: 8241b4f33b4f2a3⋯.jpg (321.31 KB, 862x922, 431:461, geo1.jpg)

File: acef4d997e681bc⋯.jpg (367.31 KB, 871x913, 871:913, geo2.jpg)

File: 23cd673efa9274f⋯.jpg (345.98 KB, 839x898, 839:898, geo3.jpg)

File: 86a7e9c7e4944c3⋯.jpg (254.15 KB, 848x899, 848:899, geo4.jpg)

File: 71afedd7eb2f580⋯.jpg (176.28 KB, 825x828, 275:276, geo5.jpg)


I know most people here are aware that geo-engineering is not a new thing. Here's some evidence of how far it goes back.


VALLEY, 1956 AND 1957"

Thomas J. Henderson

Atmospherics Incorporated

Fresno, CA 93727


The first cloud seeding project, intended to reduce hail east of the Mississippi River, was conducted in the Hudson River Valley of New York, just south of Albany, in 1956 and 1957. This was only a decade after the discovery of dry ice and silver iodide as nucleating agents by Drs. Vincent Schaefer and Bernard Vonnegut, working at the General Electric Research Laboratory in Schenectady, NY.

The first operational programs, designed to increase precipitation principally in the Catskill Mountains as an aid to the water supplies of New

York City, had been conducted in 1950-51. In May of 1956 a group, composed principally of apple growers, formed the Hudson Valley Crop Services Co-op. Mr. Walter Schreiber and Mr. Elmore Fraleigh, both of Red Hook, were elected President and Secretary-Treasurer. The Weather Modification Company, a commercial cloud seeding group in San Jose, CA, was hired by the Co-op to conduct operations to reduce hail. The designated project area was roughly 21 x 70 miles in Dutchess, Ulster, Columbia and Orange counties (Figure i).

sauce: http:// journalofweathermodification.org/index.php/JWM/article/viewFile/55/39

db0d92 No.906654

File: 88ac4889629ae21⋯.png (292.37 KB, 789x600, 263:200, ClipboardImage.png)


https:// routes.tips/blog/secrets_myths_and_legends_of_black_and_white_magic_in_turin

633207 No.906655

File: a50446c666b3149⋯.jpg (86.72 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, doom.jpg)


Does that clock represent this?

2a12f5 No.906656

File: 415aab328232f54⋯.png (416.32 KB, 924x812, 33:29, t.PNG)

Wuz up late last night planefagging, looks like we have a busy day too.

ffe1b4 No.906657


Obviously he's just changing planes. Maybe from helicopter to plane?

464d04 No.906658

most usa mil

boots MADE IN USA doll…(Danner, bates, Corcoran>>906322

dunno bout bdu’s but i think those


here too

goodyear tires still MADE IN USA NIGGA

cccd4b No.906659

any big news yet?

only thing i have seen good so far is the school walkout in support of gun rights in Colorado

527531 No.906660

File: 0281ba30b50b039⋯.jpg (10.68 KB, 220x159, 220:159, Jerusalem-Temple_Mount-Dom….jpg)

Epstein's Island's temple - Dome

The early domes of the Middle Ages, particularly in those areas recently under Byzantine control, were an extension of earlier Roman architecture. The domed church architecture of Italy from the sixth to the eighth centuries followed that of the Byzantine provinces and, although this influence diminishes under Charlemagne, it continued on in Venice, Southern Italy, and Sicily. Charlemagne's Palatine Chapel is a notable exception, being influenced by Byzantine models from Ravenna and Constantinople. The Dome of the Rock, an Umayyad Muslim religious shrine built in Jerusalem, was designed similarly to nearby Byzantine martyria and Christian churches. Domes were also built as part of Muslim palaces, throne halls, pavilions, and baths, and blended elements of both Byzantine and Persian architecture, using both pendentives and squinches. The origin of the crossed-arch dome type is debated, but the earliest known example is from the tenth century at the Great Mosque of Córdoba. In Egypt, a "keel" shaped dome profile was characteristic of Fatimid architecture. The use of squinches became widespread in the Islamic world by the tenth and eleventh centuries. Bulbous domes were used to cover large buildings in Syria after the eleventh century, following an architectural revival there, and the present shape of the Dome of the Rock's dome likely dates from this time.

In the fifteenth century, interlaced star and floral designs were used in a tiled pattern. The uniqueness of a pattern on a mausoleum dome helped to associate that dome with the individual buried there

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Medieval_Arabic_and_Western_European_domes

According to Jewish tradition, the stone is the site where Abraham prepared to sacrifice his son Isaac.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dome_of_the_Rock

720c94 No.906661


murderer filtered

132c6e No.906662

Random thought…

If POTUS was going to reveal something bigley on the news today/tonight, wouldn't Q post about 10 minutes prior, so we could all twat, fuckbook, text and notify all of our blue pill pals to increase exposure?

db0d92 No.906663

File: 2f9a40d4c93dd78⋯.jpg (45.71 KB, 517x448, 517:448, Chemtrail Nozzle II.JPG)

File: 216bdc0d81efe04⋯.jpg (67.79 KB, 773x431, 773:431, Chemtrail Nozzle V.JPG)

File: 5020149388a3984⋯.jpg (85.45 KB, 753x591, 251:197, Chemtrail Nozzle VI.JPG)

575fb1 No.906664

File: 9d584b06ba6035f⋯.jpg (192.29 KB, 1080x778, 540:389, Screenshot_20180405-085159.jpg)

File: e17da68ea739ef1⋯.jpg (445.59 KB, 998x982, 499:491, 20180329_195310.jpg)

https:// youtu.be/Le2MOs4D8Yc

American illuminati Media

d2d9f4 No.906665

File: 951ffe27880e949⋯.png (458.38 KB, 653x387, 653:387, cohen roths.PNG)

File: abc2a34635f3335⋯.png (308.04 KB, 447x370, 447:370, cohen roths 2.PNG)

File: fab9197ad242ca4⋯.png (258.96 KB, 563x373, 563:373, cohen roths 3.PNG)


Carl Rothschild, so I looked at his pic & thought, "Hey, didn't I just see that guy yesterday?"

Not an exact twin to Jared Cohen, but bet he is a Rothschild.

9e6b0e No.906666

Feds Locate a Smoking Gun in Las Vegas Shooting Investigation But FBI Bosses Hide Bombshell Findings

https:// truepundit.com/feds-locate-a-smoking-gun-in-las-vegas-shooting-investigation-but-fbi-bosses-hide-bombshell-findings/

2907d6 No.906667



Flat Earther EXPOSED.

cd7d0b No.906668


I agree with you anon. … We will defeat this evil..Together we are strong. Brothers and sisters of every color, religion and background. We are one, side by side, shoulder to shoulder… Love you Anon ( no homo) keep your head up brother, we are winning

e53235 No.906669



The Greater Wall of the United States!!

9bd754 No.906670

File: 5d7f0141142a0be⋯.png (7.82 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 19959285_10155741963885166….png)

File: 798b3788b6260f0⋯.jpg (121.65 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 13239119_10153459137556573….jpg)

File: 504a9661c5e0e60⋯.jpg (8.25 KB, 360x360, 1:1, 23130644_1639941009382244_….jpg)


There are many cleaning substitutes that do equal or better jobs at cleaning your home that don't contain dozens of poisons. I switched completely about 2 years ago and will never go back.

19a925 No.906672

File: 5f4484513c676ea⋯.png (104.8 KB, 224x224, 1:1, DRAG.png)



Because they’re taking a fraction of the population and shoving it down our throats as normal.

1af77c No.906673


He's there for less than an hour to discuss tax reform?

Doubtful. this is a world class bunker

255ecc No.906674

File: 2abc14abd4b5d38⋯.jpg (95.71 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1896Book.jpg)

While we wait for the news, reposting these links to books about a president named Trump and a boy named Baron, written in the 1800s. Interesting topic that was brought up months ago but since forgotten.



6d529a No.906675

File: 1757e10697bc9a6⋯.png (851.7 KB, 807x611, 807:611, obozo-troyan-horse.png)

cb412f No.906676

File: 816fec1bc739ce8⋯.jpeg (178.91 KB, 1235x1137, 1235:1137, 816fec1bc739ce8464c0b1ae9….jpeg)


hell ya my nigga

fa3269 No.906677


this is unconstitutional and will be stirck down

waste of time and preciosu effort

this issue is divisive - just leave it for now

and what will happen after the GREAT AWAKENING

if your pro life position is true and rightous it will prevail

if not - then you must accept your views is your own and not be imposed on all

b7e5c6 No.906680



The two lines are from the gnomon (sundial sticky-uppy thing) on the left and its cast shadow.

The time there was around 2pm.

db0d92 No.906681

File: 269054a2f6df5ad⋯.jpg (60.85 KB, 736x714, 368:357, EpsteinOwl.JPG)

File: c7b5c75fc602b8b⋯.jpg (115.37 KB, 523x500, 523:500, EvelKnievelMeme.jpg)

File: 7efec3ea15eead2⋯.jpg (69.77 KB, 791x596, 791:596, FakeNews.JPG)

File: 37a1caa3d9feb28⋯.jpg (56.2 KB, 653x430, 653:430, FakeNewsII.JPG)

51415d No.906683

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The more you know… 💫

https:// cis.org/Are-There-Really-Jobs-Americans-Wont-Do

2f5273 No.906684




Anons need to read.

As previously posted, raw data file downloaded. Obama visitor logs end FY 09/30/16.

Trump blocked Trump visitor logs.

750e8a No.906685


I told people to watch the News today…


cccd4b No.906686


i haven't forgotten, just shared with family yesterday

ff632f No.906688


https:// archive.org/details/WHvisitorlogs_2010-16_date

these logs go until Nov 2016.

Dec 16 - Jan 17 are memory holed.

19303e No.906689

So Hillary goes to an elite NY club, The Wing, and the club founder and owner, Audrey Gelman says the club is a coven. Audrey Gelman, former ex-girlfriend of the infamous pedo-photographer Terry Richardson.

496f18 No.906690

Nothing on the news yet… Like every time Q highlights a future event, it doesn't happen.

When do we start to question Q? I have for the longest time but when will you?

In fact.. Q, with the history of Trump, and specifically his uncle, John G. Trump. Why should I NOT assume he and his crew was the third force that showed their hand on 9/11 with the exotic, Tesla-like, tech?

Get to work bitch.. But you wont… I don't believe you anymore.

770fc5 No.906691


Is this the Judy Garland rabbit hole? I'm phonefagging so I don't really want to check the prev bread but I think this is one we should talk about. It was one of my first big red pills.

https:// www.express.co.uk/expressyourself/167269/Dark-side-of-Oz-The-exploitation-of-Judy-Garland

>Garland could not escape Mayer’s clutches even through a legitimate marriage. In May 1941 she got engaged to band leader David Rose. Despite planning a big wedding, the couple eloped to Las Vegas and married during the early hours of the morning on July 28, 1941, when Garland was 19, with just her mother Ethel and her stepfather Will Gilmore present.

>When Garland discovered that she was pregnant in November 1942, Rose and MGM persuaded her to have an abortion in order to maintain her good-girl image. Her “inhumane actions” haunted for the rest of her life.

>“I tried my damnedest to believe in that rainbow that I tried to get over and I couldn’t,” she once said. “I just couldn’t.”

d61302 No.906692


The Herbert N. Straus Mansion

New York, New York

Little Saint James

U.S. Virgin Islands

Palm Beach Mansion

Palm Beach, Florida

Zorro Ranch

Stanley, New Mexico

Foch Avenue Apartment

Paris, France

e97199 No.906693


WOW!!! What is wrong with you???

e53235 No.906694

Close border for 10 days.

Build bases for the marines along the border.

Slow Traffic into USA.

8f28dd No.906695


I can get shredded material from local cushion mfg. Shreds scrap , sells cheap.

Not avail. to everybody reading here.

I avoid China stuff when possible.

ef4f58 No.906696


Stepping out for half an hour.

Volunteer Bakers, please be on standby.

I'll let you know when I get back.

If I'm not back before it's time to bake, go for it.

See you in a few.

bc6021 No.906697


you got that right brother, there is only one hammer and it was made in the usa

2f5273 No.906698


But aren't those the recs in question?

fa3269 No.906699

File: 862922b0cbce06c⋯.jpg (6.68 KB, 275x183, 275:183, mybodymygun.jpg)

File: 1c2692c1c88228c⋯.jpg (7.53 KB, 300x168, 25:14, myriflemygun.jpg)


The Rifleman's Creed

This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

My rifle is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life.

Without me, my rifle is useless. Without my rifle, I am useless. I must fire my rifle true. I must shoot straighter than my enemy who is trying to kill me. I must shoot him before he shoots me.


this is my rifle this is my gun

this is for fighting this is for fun


This is my uterus. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

My uterus is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life.

Without me, my uterus is useless. Without my uterus, I am useless. I must fire my uterus true. I must shoot straighter than my enemy who is trying to kill me. I must shoot him before he shoots me.


this is my rifle this is my gun

this is for fighting this is for fun


d6869b No.906700


A couple of them I want to beat with their own severed limb

9bd754 No.906701


It isn't that we care whether they're gay or not. The point is that they are pushing an agenda.

fa3269 No.906702


think mirror

ef4f58 No.906703



https:// pastebin.com/Z4ZRbcwW

Notables recent as of this thread.

Volunteer Bakers, please take note.

e97199 No.906704


Or better yet, research and make your own from scratch.

fccad5 No.906705


Really? You believe this why? Q says much disinformation out there ……

54e202 No.906707


Has nothing to do with being funded with tax payers money. Destroy your vag and uterus if you like, but don't use my money to do it.

64d4b5 No.906708


back up baker present


reply to this post when you've returned

40a788 No.906710

File: 30a8ba999581dbb⋯.jpg (157.25 KB, 954x628, 477:314, snailj.jpg)

When all is solved Good Anons, lets use all our global government agencies gadgets and tiddlywinks to ONLY spy on ALL global government agencies and their tax paid employees, leaving citizens alone and in peace to pursue their Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Citizen criminals pale in the light of government corruption exposed on 8chan and elsewhere.

1af77c No.906711

File: 6461c13d7454b56⋯.png (293.96 KB, 702x957, 234:319, troopE.png)


In Massachusetts, govt officials just eliminated the entire Troop E of the Mass State Police…

http:// www.bostonherald.com/news/local_coverage/herald_bulldog/2018/04/troop_e_eliminated_body_cameras_gps_tracking_ordered_in

a9a1fc No.906712


Same deal as in Europe.

64d4b5 No.906713



ff632f No.906714


Yes, we need to find the missing 2 months.

3c5a54 No.906715


That’s pretty much in line with my feelings anon. Well said.

db0d92 No.906716

File: 11c37887c1ce9e0⋯.jpg (73.29 KB, 1039x611, 1039:611, ObamaBarbara911.JPG)

File: 34870b224a772ef⋯.jpg (76.1 KB, 830x400, 83:40, Obamacs2.jpg)

File: 9a5e0bcd97da04e⋯.jpg (48.75 KB, 653x429, 653:429, ObamaDogLover.JPG)

File: 8858525e159e69e⋯.jpg (109.67 KB, 733x726, 733:726, ObamaMoney.JPG)

4b87f5 No.906717


Nice Anon, could be something.

4fee17 No.906718


He didn’t say where the starting point was.

e97199 No.906719


"my body"


It's that baby's body that ignorant fucks want to murder.

cc8179 No.906720

File: 9bc2be532b1769a⋯.jpg (97.23 KB, 640x373, 640:373, 149211788430662.JPG)

File: d76290ee07b0528⋯.jpg (98.42 KB, 550x550, 1:1, Baphomet wall plaque.jpg)

File: ccd9a96ae8926a5⋯.png (520.27 KB, 640x373, 640:373, 149211788430662.png)


My hope is to see the Catholic Church restored. Doing my own digging, found this site that contained a few pictures.

https:// choosing-him.blogspot.ca/2015/12/the-sculpture-resurrection-notice.html

Did a little transparency editing and came up with something sad.

e380cb No.906721



Just thought of this as well. Looking through other books of the bible now to see if there are any other relevant verses.

983aae No.906722

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Greenbrier

Location: Greenbrier Resort White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia

Functions: Unknown

Levels: Unknown

Tunnels to: Unknown

Notes: 800 people capacity. They don’t even hide this one, and it’s even a daily tourist “fun joke”. The Underground vault was built to meet the needs of a Congress-in-hiding – in fact the hotel is a replica of the White House. The underground area has a chamber for the Senate, a chamber for the House and a massive hall for joint sessions. Although the hotel says it gives tours of the 112,000 square area daily, the installation still stands at the ready, its operators still working undercover at the hotel. The secrecy that has surrounded the site has shielded it both from public scrutiny and official reassessment. From an article by Ted Gup: “House Speaker Thomas Foley, one of the very few in Congress who has been briefed on the Greenbrier facility, declined to comment for this article. But former speaker Thomas P. “Tip” O’Neill says the evacuation plan always seemed “far-fetched” to him. “I never mentioned it to anybody,” O’Neill recalls. “But every time I went down to the Greenbrier — and I went there half a dozen times — I always used to look at the hill and say, ‘Well, that’s where we’re supposed to live in the event something happens, and that’s where we’re going to do business, maybe under the tennis courts.” A large C.O.G. [Continuity Of Government] facility exists beneath the Greenbrier Hotel, containing living quarters to house 800 people, meeting rooms and banks of computers and communications equipment, 250 miles SW of Washington D.C. in the Allegheny mountains. Also a large dormitory, infirmary, shower facilities, television studio, phone booths, dining areas, power plant, etc.

Source: UFO Magazine, Vol.7, No.6; Richard Sauder

http:// www.subterraneanbases.com/west-virginias-underground/

cd7d0b No.906723



Nothing scares (((them))) more than all of us uniting …. And United we are unstoppable! Don't worry, we got this! We are God's children, and that is the unbreakable bond! Together, we will shine a light so bright, even God will need sunglasses. Kek. Unity is our strength. Love you brotheranon

77c0e9 No.906724


Go back to Faceberg!

cccd4b No.906725

File: 5036e532e639f23⋯.jpg (120.88 KB, 441x601, 441:601, ban - Copy.jpg)


this is how they are going to take guns.

using city/town/village ordinances

they are totally stepping all over the constitution… they have shredded the constitution.

any gun even if it looks like an assault rifle is banned

anything that has a clip of 10 or more… i don't know of any rifles with clips that hold 9 and less.

For your information this is also how they are pushing adenda 21 through..with local ordinances.

64d4b5 No.906726


sauce on members?

daa082 No.906727

5:5 post by Q.

umpteen posts. all unified. good. digging is second. UNITY. absolute anons.

25c61e No.906728


Wouldn't Q know that? Why ask us to cross ck ag. those visitor logs? They must be available somewhere.

51d576 No.906729


quads checked

1af77c No.906730


Hussein is a pathological liar

1dc6d4 No.906731


You can do a heck of a lot of cleaning

with nothing more than water.

If a little more is needed, keep on hand some hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle

(careful - it can bleach fabrics)

and some strong white vinegar in a different spray bottle.

Vinegar dissolves hard water deposits around the sink and tub.

For greasy grime try a spray of hydrogen peroxide, and scrub with an old toothbrush moistened with a drop of dish detergent and dipped in baking soda. The peroxide-detergent-bakingSoda combination is strong enough to break the chemical bonds in oils and grease. Wipe up with a clean sponge and rinse.

We don't buy or use any harsh chemicals in our home.

Never believe what mainstream or advertising tells you. The louder they blare it, the more likely it is to be a lie. Whatever they are promoting, it is likely (1) profitable to them and (2) harmful to you.

92fd29 No.906732


10 mins at Greenbrier Valley Airport. Prob to change from plane to helicopter. Same thing on the way back.

81fe27 No.906733


Still no major arrests…got it. FED still operational…SAD. Suburbia still sheeple…EVEN BETTER. Wake me up when the trailers before the real movie starts are over.

e53235 No.906734

File: 8a2118070b3d295⋯.jpg (87.03 KB, 800x774, 400:387, 8a2118070b3d2957cf8217b81a….jpg)

Is this being Released on Video ?

527531 No.906735


https:// www.deseretnews.com/article/865681561/Why-the-latest-Mormon-temple-design-features-a-dome-not-a-steeple.html

720c94 No.906736


restored to what? … blatent roman pagenism? … learn some fucking history.

d96d1f No.906737


an ordinance is not Law, and can be rather costly to the usurpers if you comprehend Law…

42533e No.906738


>Why ask us

<Discoveries must be ORIG organically.



4fee17 No.906739


As in Reveal

ee34a6 No.906740


Just a note, it Revelation and not Revelations. The (s) matters, especially with a Q crumb of "REVELATIONS"

3c5a54 No.906741


Thx anon.

9bd754 No.906743


But you're still buying supplies for it anyway, so it may as well be professionally produced.

6d529a No.906744

File: 5ddaa620050deb7⋯.png (431.15 KB, 940x685, 188:137, millenial-tide-pods.png)

2736dd No.906745



303dc5 No.906746


That's the point of the riddle; you figure out the starting point that you will also return to after following the movements. I already posted the solutions (there are several) above.

9f1bf4 No.906747


I just read on Breitbart that Hogg has teamed up with another group of leftists to crash the townhalls all across the country with the gun ban narrative. Big money from the dark side is now more seriously backing this dude.

d6869b No.906748

File: 7272c20df8afd70⋯.jpg (57.67 KB, 602x506, 301:253, IMG_1223.JPG)

2f5273 No.906749



Even with these…

https:// archive.org/details/WHvisitorlogs_2010-16_date

these logs go until Nov 2016.

Dec 16 - Jan 17 are memory holed.

Not seeing anything later than 9/30/16 in downloaded files.

8f3c9c No.906750

File: 0d3313b8b009bfa⋯.png (441.73 KB, 638x720, 319:360, (ALL).png)

File: 71739e57c0c25a8⋯.png (851.2 KB, 647x933, 647:933, DirtySchiff.png)

File: 22eb14f687c01eb⋯.jpg (80.25 KB, 650x433, 650:433, Savile.jpg)

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/122807.html

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/122807.html

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/122807.html

There are no such thing as dumb questions, just dumbasses. Tons of repeat questions that all have been answered in the Greatest PDF on the internet!

36ab65 No.906751


Instant gratification is not done here.

You want that, go to one of your fav porn sites and get it.

cccd4b No.906752


holy shit anons, that looks like lacy peterson… i figured that was a psyop

acd193 No.906753


I bet Marines were there before he announced the national guard.

25c61e No.906754


nice work – will add to the other pics of the Vat. snake pit

cab5a4 No.906755


Tippy Top.. Tip ONeil

3c5a54 No.906756


This is truffff. I luh that positivefagging shit.

d61302 No.906757


https:// www.curbed.com/2015/1/9/10004040/jeffrey-epstein-property-real-estate-holdings

e97199 No.906758


I know what goes into the products I make.

I prefer it that way. Anyone can do it.

4fee17 No.906759


White sun, not yellow anymore

19303e No.906760


Doing some diggin on 'The Wing' feminist, gun control Shillary witch coven.

Sauces: https:// voat.co/v/pizzagate/2484466

2736dd No.906761


Take your own advice.

2a12f5 No.906762


Lol, that's about right

633207 No.906763

File: b9082147b645632⋯.gif (173.76 KB, 788x481, 788:481, nagrid1.gif)

File: e1768d466eddd4b⋯.jpg (92.4 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, denver-airport-bronco-scul….jpg)


Ley line runs right through NM and goes to DENVER. WorkingFag now, can't dig deep. Do other Ley lines run through his properties?

e53235 No.906764

Border closes in 10 days ?

How will MZ get out of the USA?

daa082 No.906765

1af77c No.906766



it's funny cause it's true

3c5a54 No.906767

File: 340a88734bf4a63⋯.jpeg (33.88 KB, 625x626, 625:626, 4D40429F-F5DD-485B-80B5-A….jpeg)

54e202 No.906768


Bingo Anon….fkn bingo. Catholics don't even understand their own religious history. A Pathetic bunch indeed.

b7e5c6 No.906769

File: 854dafa566307f5⋯.jpg (95.8 KB, 1024x680, 128:85, East-West_Cockatoos.jpg)


Epsteins Temple Owls

I also thought they were owls but now after someone posted better images I can see that

they appear to be cockatoos or perhaps some other species of parrot. One faces East and the other West. The temple doors face North.

What this means regarding the identity of the worshiped deity I have no idea as yet.

720c94 No.906770


I know the history of the roman satanic church.

015118 No.906771


Relatively speaking, all you're got is a nap.

But I guess you don't have the stamina ; )

cd7d0b No.906772


It is the truth! We are truth! We are the light! And together, we will win! For our children and our collective future, we will leave this Earth a much better place…

36ab65 No.906773


Time to cut the strings on this one, POTUS.

8f3c9c No.906775

File: 33f998831d97502⋯.jpg (126.95 KB, 1199x729, 1199:729, MB CIA PAYROLL Anderson Va….jpg)


(Y) you say?

1af77c No.906776


>It's all abort logistics

a5f5e7 No.906777


Thanks for your diligent watch plane fag! Good to see you back!

77c0e9 No.906778


They plan on making this a permanent thing and want to build proper facilities for the troops….

db0d92 No.906779

File: c953256e8b49103⋯.jpg (51.27 KB, 658x474, 329:237, ACFagSH.JPG)

132c6e No.906780

File: 37eec3aa58544da⋯.jpg (309.38 KB, 448x769, 448:769, Evel_Kike_Knievel.jpg)

93a05e No.906781


Upon initial inspection, these logs are doctored. Just browsing and notice inconsistencies right away. In all other logs, the dates are orderly from the first of every month to the last. This changes in November. Dates are all over the place. Still digging and will get what I can to you ASAP.

4fee17 No.906782


They need to prove it. Fuck em

3c5a54 No.906783

2a12f5 No.906784


Thanks o7

d6869b No.906786

File: 4fe392b6faca806⋯.jpg (92.86 KB, 693x960, 231:320, IMG_1654.JPG)

When I'm not thinking of midget pr0n coke dealers of plerbiteria spamming chan boards, I take a dump and read books.

1af77c No.906787

I guess you will let us know as soon as it happens

8f3c9c No.906788

File: c57fd1c6e17962f⋯.png (598.85 KB, 800x600, 4:3, godbless.png)


last night was cool, thanks planeanon, been trying to scrub pan handle local news to see what was going on in FL, nothing yet

48300e No.906789


Belial - Controls Earth. Can summon earthquakes.

Satan - Controls Fire. Can summon hailstorm of fire and brimstone from the heaven.

Lucifer - Controls Air. Can summon hurricanes.

Leviathan - Controls Water. Can summon floods and tsunami.

Globalists sacrificing children to the Four Cardinal Princes of Hell… Weather control?

The Russians failed in the 60's in their weather control research, but the Globalists think they can if they sacrificed enough children?

25c61e No.906790


thx for the update, VLDanon

3c5a54 No.906791


Thx anon. Sounds suspect. Looking forward to hearing back. Maybe other anons have encountered same thing already.

cccd4b No.906792


yep i called them and told them their prices was too f high. i said id pay 25 maybe 30 a piece.

d3bf9c No.906793

China Rejects Vatican Deal

China says it seeks to broaden the relationship with the Vatican however it won't give the Vatican full control over Catholic Church procedures in the Communist country. Pope Francis has been trying to strike a deal with Beijing to give the Vatican more influence over who is appointed bishop in China. On Tuesday, a senior official said China will not allow any foreign interference in its religious affairs. The official told reporters that there is no religion in human society that is above the state.

https:// woai.iheart.com/content/2018-04-04-china-rejects-vatican-deal/

9f1bf4 No.906794

Slow news day… But at least something good is happening in California.



4221b9 No.906795


Ron Wyatt found it, allegedly.

Jewish authorities will announce at the proper time.

d2f7ac No.906796


Dig,anon. Report back.

acd193 No.906797

No word of operations yet?

Why else was POTUS up all night? He's off to speak in W. Virginia now.

2e0d20 No.906798

File: 09d1df1843fb753⋯.png (1.28 MB, 800x720, 10:9, 961A512D-92A2-40A6-A4C9-29….png)

File: f7fcfbe66527e2a⋯.png (723.46 KB, 654x800, 327:400, 8C265209-1746-46DC-991F-45….png)

File: 8c0770f0b46b489⋯.png (1.35 MB, 801x814, 801:814, 71DE60A9-6686-4B45-813D-7F….png)

1af77c No.906799


Tunnel express to Riyadh

Runs every hour

33f6b8 No.906800

Anons, here is why POTUS up all night. Q said 'pray. watch the news'. Another military jet down this morning. Tunderbird during training. This year 5 non-combat crashes, 9 dead. Last year 37 dead in non-cmbt crashes - 2X THE NUMBER OF 2016.

According to J Griffin of Fox, U.S. Rep. Mac Thornberry, R-Texas, chair of the House Armed Services Committee, WARNED in an interview Wed that he doesn't want to see the Trump administration ROB the Pentagon of critical readiness $$$ needed to fix military aircraft in order fund additional border security. These evil fucks really don't want a secure border do they?

http:// www.foxnews.com/us/2018/04/05/thunderbirds-pilot-dies-in-f-16-crash-at-nellis-air-force-base-outside-las-vegas.html

81fe27 No.906801


"Watch the news"


Thanks Cue!

36ab65 No.906802


Good for China!

1a9d0a No.906803



stage 5 of 5. endgame.

http:// dauntlessdialogue.com/alliance-insider-stage-5-will-start-by-this-weekend/

3c5a54 No.906804


What’s that statue right out front?

ffe1b4 No.906805


Your logic is flawed, they are not equivalents. A uterus is not a weapon that can take life. It is an incubator to make life.

955f73 No.906806

File: 12a8c4640659290⋯.png (34.11 KB, 158x375, 158:375, TacoBell_Y.png)


Nice catch!

bdfdfe No.906807


It's a start.

fa3269 No.906808



yes we have to stay united

the pro life issue is divided right down the middle

not good for our cause any more than gun control is

big waste of time on each side trying to stop the other from liberty personal freedom -

both = cabal trick

dont fall for it!

support choice in guns and personal privacy

d6869b No.906810

File: 3b1974e67652ebb⋯.jpg (65.68 KB, 607x650, 607:650, IMG_1575.JPG)

81fe27 No.906811


Wasn't that suppose to be LAST weekend?

575fb1 No.906812


WOW! nice

89e76a No.906813


He'd still be typing to get to his point in about 20 minutes.

kek, love ya Lionel, but geez! I know you can be succinct – watched you on CSPAN years ago.

4b87f5 No.906814

File: 851bdf7497fa0de⋯.jpg (16.42 KB, 234x255, 78:85, 73b0d8f37d6140afc04fffd1f1….jpg)

42533e No.906815



we're at WAR.

but currently, it's a strategic advantage for BOTH sides for that not to be public.

no wonder it's not the first thing on the news..

<MSM will not highlight 'bottom to top' unravel.


<Those who cannot understand that we cannot simply start arresting w/o first ensuring the safety & well-being of the population, shifting the narrative, removing those in DC through resignation to ensure success, defeating ISIS/MS13 to prevent fail-safes, freezing assets to remove network-to-network abilities, kill off COC to prevent top-down comms/org, etc etc. should not be participating in discussions.

e00476 No.906816


Is there a credible source of info for "Solar Shield"? would appreciate. TY anon!

659b23 No.906817


Zuck is one of the richest dudes in the world, and he isn’t “broken” until his illicit deeds are exposed, he is ousted from facebook, and the stock crashes to new 52 week lows.

I expect all those things to happen prior to the April 11th hearings Q ….. is that a dumb expectation ?

6d529a No.906818

File: 57e381ff0fe06b9⋯.png (981.25 KB, 685x684, 685:684, airforce-meme-batter.png)

Meme batter

af53ca No.906819


finding out that it is an Egyptian object complete with hieroglyphs would certainly rock a lot of people's world. Especially if the Hieroglyphs say something like Bark of Aten built by order of Pharaoh Akhenaten.

http:// www.thelivingmoon.com/42stargate/03files/Egyptian_Arks.html

1a9345 No.906820


Re-read the crumbs!!!!!!! Q mentions JK!

1e9326 No.906821

I already understand the Why did Germany and UK..

64d4b5 No.906822


back-up baker here

what exactly happened?

db0d92 No.906823

File: e7c5a3d7aab625c⋯.png (379.01 KB, 1144x546, 44:21, ClipboardImage.png)

He looks like shit

3c5a54 No.906824


Wtf. Another one down this morning?

e53235 No.906825


ahh more Tunnels then Epstein Island!!!

USA tunnels every majior city ?


4fee17 No.906826


Sorry fucker

acd193 No.906827


He literally said watch the news today you cuck

fae2c4 No.906828


He became a Christian ;)

36ab65 No.906829

Unfucking believable! KEK!

Right on FoxNews' website.

"Is Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson running for president?"

1a9345 No.906830


Watch the news!!!!!!!

fccad5 No.906831


Just shows where his loyalties really lie ….

d2d9f4 No.906832

Where isn't this guy John Cusack?

left to right: Jared Cohen, Dave Morin, John Cusack, Dean Kamen…


TY Anon.

89e76a No.906833

File: 791bf6dd604bcc9⋯.png (132.56 KB, 591x589, 591:589, Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at ….png)

He ain't gonna be asking.

db0d92 No.906834


Happened yesterday

ce0d7d No.906835


Thunderbird jet went down yesterday near Vegas. But still – that's 3 military aircraft in two days

d6869b No.906836

On a long enough time line, Ra turns fagels into firewood

3c5a54 No.906837


Sum1 is getting nervous! There’s somebody skeletons in ur closet, Mr DeNiro??? Who owns you? U puppetfaggot.

42533e No.906838


yes. and today's far from over, unless you're talking to us from Australia/the future

cde843 No.906839

File: 3e808001d489c68⋯.png (187.67 KB, 1165x4014, 1165:4014, ClipboardImage.png)



Here is a pastebin of what I've collected so far. It's too long for a post atm. Will continue but workfagging at the same time.

https:// pastebin.com/vVL5F8UX

d2d9f4 No.906840

File: bbbbfbe8b48c8b0⋯.jpg (353.36 KB, 960x600, 8:5, Jared Cohen, Dave Morin, J….jpg)


>Where isn't this guy John Cusack?

>left to right: Jared Cohen, Dave Morin, John Cusack, Dean Kamen…

Forgot pic.

52e3b3 No.906841


They been reading 8ch? Good. We need woke people at the tech companies.

2490f6 No.906842


I'm going to spend some time with God and my print copy of the King James today. I've felt it for the last few years. Lately I've been praying, on my knees, before bed and when I wake. asking for forgiveness, and that God uses me as he sees fit. I also ask for the strength to carry it out. sorry if I'm biblefagging. stuff is getting weird, Never before has Satan been challenged on this plane in the way he is now. "we are at war" = Q

We've always been, and I think we're in the proverbial end of days. Grab your saddle and ready for battle. This is going to be a rough and probably long ride. We know how it ends. Getting there in the best way possible saving as many along the way is what we can do. Thank you Jesus.

303dc5 No.906843


Put him in irons.

36ab65 No.906844


Kate Brown, Jerry Brown…any connections there?

25c61e No.906845


it's always vegas . . .

daa082 No.906846


gold star autist.

e97199 No.906847


Human trafficking - they steal kids for free then sell them for big $$$.

Human trafficking - their sick unspeakable acts.

Drug trafficking.

Gun running to cartels and terrorist training cells established by DS.

They kill their kids and so do their voters, so they need the influx of illegal immigrants to help boost D votes.

2a12f5 No.906848

File: 39ff63a6a0e3691⋯.png (418.94 KB, 822x688, 411:344, QID21.PNG)

Looks like QID21 Made a Q?

19a925 No.906849



You could spend the rest of the day making these – and I hope you do – hit the WH Press core – MSM – Hollywood - - -

575fb1 No.906850

File: 7e0e12ec4a584db⋯.jpg (108.31 KB, 1200x826, 600:413, angry_trump_0.jpg)

49af2e No.906851

File: c16fbeec6c5cd28⋯.jpg (112.07 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 27snm2.jpg)

db0d92 No.906852

File: 853d90252df0f12⋯.jpg (59.69 KB, 618x459, 206:153, Burning Man.JPG)

e53235 No.906853


Cheap Steel? Quality Jets?

If the HRC plan was cheap steel what about flawed aircraft ?

3c5a54 No.906854

fa3269 No.906855

File: 207211e661d28c1⋯.jpg (80.41 KB, 650x433, 650:433, manwithrifle.jpg)

File: 5fdbcd5b096643f⋯.jpg (6.06 KB, 294x171, 98:57, womanwithbaby.jpg)


so do you have the authority to use anothers persons incubator if you want to?

analogy is personal choice

if you want a gun buy one

if oyu want a baby have one

a18093 No.906856


Most of my cleaning supplies are professionally produced

By me!

So simple to make

Works just as well if not better

The supposed safe products at the stores are ridiculously priced for no valid reason except marketing

d61302 No.906857

File: 0be85326e42ea6e⋯.png (1.5 MB, 1245x807, 415:269, ClipboardImage.png)

found this old thread on 4chan in regards to Epstein Island. lots of good info in here..

https:// 4archive.org/board/k/thread/31911866/raid-on-little-saint-james-island

5cc000 No.906858



I couldn’t find anything for Dec 2016 or Jan 2017 before inauguration, but I did find a file for Dec 15 - Nov 16. Can’t download on my current device, but here is the link.

I don’t know if there will be anything useful in November.

https:// archive.org/download/WHvisitorlogs_2010-16_date

d6869b No.906859

File: a59a0c00150949e⋯.jpg (92.29 KB, 680x510, 4:3, IMG_1019.JPG)


Midget pr0n coke dealer

1e9326 No.906860

Hmmm, Do you think that Europe must be destroyed?

ef4f58 No.906861

Daybaker here

Departure was shorter than expected.

Thank you to back-up bakers for remaining diligent.

89e76a No.906862


Don't think so, her wiki made sure to put this to the top:

Brown is the state's second female governor, after Barbara Roberts (1991–1995), as well as the first openly bisexual governor in US history.[4] Her win in the 2016 special election for governor made her the first openly bisexual person elected as a United States governor (and the first openly LGBT person elected as such).[5] Brown has revealed she will run for a full-term as governor in 2018.

1acf54 No.906863


Well said Anon. We do know how this ends. We win! We win because we have each other and God on our side!… Amen

daa082 No.906865



52e3b3 No.906866


If you delete "Vote Republican" and change the remaining text to white, you'll have a very effective meme.

25c61e No.906867


no, not the event Q was referencing → crash occurred yesterday; Q said to watch the news TODAY, Thursday 4/5/18

>http:// www.foxnews.com/us/2018/04/05/thunderbirds-pilot-dies-in-f-16-crash-at-nellis-air-force-base-outside-las-vegas.html

db0d92 No.906868

File: 25628140a7a9b82⋯.png (40.9 KB, 829x157, 829:157, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 71a2948c9e8b67f⋯.png (30.75 KB, 795x354, 265:118, ClipboardImage.png)

d6869b No.906869

I like the real Castille soap like dr bronners

347fc0 No.906870


The original inhabitants of the Americas were black.

Asian immigrants killed them off a eons ago.

It is much more complicated than your portrayal. Plus, Americans don't buy the noble savage bullshit.

64d4b5 No.906871


Back-up baker here,

Here is the dough:

https:// pastebin.com/ajRCsw91

25c61e No.906872


how many hours are in a day?

what time is it now?

72accd No.906873

>>906692 https:// www.abqjournal.com/521794/sex-slave-suit-nm-was-a-location-used.html

9f1bf4 No.906874

File: d0042a1c48b733f⋯.jpg (146.35 KB, 514x792, 257:396, chaka.jpg)


I just noticed it. Guess nobody really cares anymore. Their symbolism is common all over the place now….if you're looking for it.

Chaka Khan album. The 3 sixes in the hair and the one eye symbol. Its literally everywhere.

c39975 No.906875

File: 722804d88c64ae8⋯.png (86.62 KB, 460x433, 460:433, screenshot_262.png)

File: 1fb54d1de060040⋯.png (350.96 KB, 1433x832, 1433:832, screenshot_263.png)

File: 3e6a248d7e5b328⋯.png (536.07 KB, 553x701, 553:701, screenshot_264.png)


Let's get to know U.S. Rep. Mac Thornberry, R-Texas shall we….

33f6b8 No.906876


head scumbag right here

dc1f55 No.906877


I did some digging on Zorro Ranch yesterday. It is the largest house in New Mexico and the land was given to Epstein by the former Governor and AG family, the Kings.

Bill Richardson was a frequent guest.

I personally know one of the ladies who attended Richardson's "sexy parties" at the governor's mansion, I will try to get ahold of her and ask her if she knows anything about a link to Epstein.

4b87f5 No.906878


Both pieces of shit

28dd14 No.906879

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

65da46 No.906880


Well Deerfield. you gonna get off your asses yet?

720c94 No.906881


wrong … giant redheaded white people… the smithsonian lies

3c5a54 No.906882


He’s saying the WH visitation logs from the final few months of Obama’s term have been fucked with.

They’re not in their standard formats and seem scrambled. I haven’t looked myself cus I’m workfagging.

Anyone notice the same?

64d4b5 No.906883


So.., basically i should just smash every pop album since the 60's?

8f28dd No.906884


Best cleaner for hard surfaces:

In a 32 oz spray bottle

1 part white vinegar

2 parts water

3 drops Dawn dish washing liquid

* be careful using peroxide as cleaning product, prolonged use may cause vitiligo in exposed areas (hands) As well as bleaching of surfaces not bleach safe.

bdfdfe No.906885


Abnormal and dangerous I agree. This can never be accepted as "ok".

25c61e No.906886


thx anon – good job.

ffe1b4 No.906887



I wonder if the birds are supposed to be phoenixes? And the statue in front looks to be possibly Poseiden, that looks like a trident he is holding.

ef4f58 No.906890


Thank you much.

Updating with recent posts.

Will announce bake for next bread shortly.

00d4c1 No.906891

File: 06be4b4d6fa4d31⋯.png (339.03 KB, 566x418, 283:209, Brennan Evil POS Deep Stat….png)


4chan Anon says POS Brennan is a secret Muslim that goes to SA to "fuck animals and produce snuff flix"!


fae2c4 No.906892

File: 3a016cb8de5d488⋯.jpeg (360.52 KB, 1242x2116, 27:46, C6E2BD7B-4A86-46D1-BBCF-3….jpeg)

At a time when the United States continues to be embroiled in a lengthy investigation into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential elections, former US President Bill Clinton admitted that he himself once meddled in a foreign election, specifically in Israel. Clinton’s interference in Israeli elections would be the first of two times in which a sitting Democratic US President would make an apparent attempt to oust Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Clinton made the revelations in an interview published on Tuesday and conducted by Israel’s Channel 10, in which worked to boost the campaign of the late Israeli President Shimon Peres during Israeli elections in 1996. That year, Is

“It would be fair to say that I tried to help Peres win the elections, and I tried to help him in such a way that I would not be openly involved,” Clinton said in the interview referring to Israeli elections in 1996. That year, the Israeli prime minister was to be elected directly for the first time on a separate ballot from the parliamentary elections.

Clinton justified his actions by claiming them to have been for the benefit of Israel.

“I tried to help (Peres), because I thought he was a bigger supporter of the peace process, and I tried to do it in a way that served, in my opinion, Israel’s interests, without saying anything about the differences in domestic policy,” Clinton added.

cccd4b No.906893


well u try to tell the village its not law…

these mfers have been passing ordnances like crazy.

this is one example:

the can now if you get car towed for almost anything… loud muffler, loud music, no proof of insurance… u not only get the regular ticket from police… the city/village puts a 300 for first time and $500 for any after hold on your vehicle… so after u pay tow co. for tow and storage. you must first go to city and pay them there extortion money and get a release before tow co, will release it.

most people loose there cars and belongings over a fucking whole in muffler because they cannot afford $1000 bucks all at once and if u dont pay it right away cause your waiting on a paycheck. tow co. extorts $60 bucks a day for f storage. this is happening all over the us!!!!!

1dc6d4 No.906894

fa3269 No.906895


i did - i went to the obummer WH visitor log website and it expressly stated it was archived/old and neither accurate nor complete

10d5c7 No.906896

https:// 8ch.net/pol/res/11163876.html#11445555

Check out the quads and pic related on this post from the /pol/ investigations thread.


db0d92 No.906897

File: f0a587e315de95c⋯.png (90.29 KB, 969x718, 969:718, ClipboardImage.png)


Genie Oil and Gas

Golan Heights, Syrian war.

The orchestra.

https:// genieoilgas.com/about-us/strategic-advisory-board/

d6869b No.906898

File: d707c4b9fa84c74⋯.jpg (37.57 KB, 320x410, 32:41, IMG_1573.JPG)

65da46 No.906899


didn't work in highland park.

been that way for 5 years now.

people are stupid/lazy

let em burn, they asked for it

2e0d20 No.906900


Chaka Khan! Nooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

72accd No.906901

>>906874 stale perhaps for us but important to remember this is hard to swallow for normies

64d4b5 No.906902

File: f024f87ce6b2550⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.55 MB, 540x540, 1:1, disco.gif)


Luckily, I dont owe any because of my rich mahoganey taste in music

I will keeping a lookout for it anyway.

347fc0 No.906903


I am aware of the Giants.

The point is, the noble savages from Asia have no superior claim on the land nor were they the 'original Americans'.

2a12f5 No.906904

File: ff6a27eaf26acc1⋯.png (104.61 KB, 622x413, 622:413, jb.PNG)



cccd4b No.906905


i dont live there… it was just an article i came across. this is happening everywhere and not getting any press!

1acf54 No.906906


Or, eucalyptus oil ( 10 drops) fill squirt bottle with water and go! Anti bacterial and anti fungle…. Will not bleach any surface and safe for children and pets. They can lick it off if they want. Kek

26c480 No.906907


*Douglas Gabriel

e97199 No.906908

File: 67dec3d6b52c90e⋯.png (703.85 KB, 682x544, 341:272, memethis.png)

File: 8a919bd8fdec651⋯.png (414.26 KB, 454x363, 454:363, whosurprez.png)

File: f4f6c7b788dfecc⋯.png (126.82 KB, 261x237, 87:79, aaahaha.png)

File: a9608fa55659ebc⋯.png (540.48 KB, 563x407, 563:407, qstuff6.png)

fae2c4 No.906909




f025d8 No.906910


I am very surprised the Epstein-HIV-Cancer Connection didn't get more attention. I think there is definitely something there.

64d4b5 No.906911


wow, you've completely caved in huh

get some rest, friend0

cde843 No.906912


notice this

ffe1b4 No.906913


No, the EU must be destroyed.

cccd4b No.906914


and who has money to pay a lawyer to fight it and good luck finding lawyers to go after small local gov. its nearly impossible

6d529a No.906915

File: 10159fc1d74566b⋯.png (706.83 KB, 700x645, 140:129, sunset-red-white-blue-meme….png)

meme batter

19a925 No.906916

File: c8daadcb229280a⋯.jpg (34.98 KB, 340x270, 34:27, BROWN.jpg)

c39975 No.906917

File: caddf7483947041⋯.png (78.38 KB, 1426x241, 1426:241, screenshot_265.png)


He seems like a good guy I wonder why he would want to sellout to the cabal and destabilize our border….

Thornberry serves as Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, the first Texan of either party to hold this position. The committee oversees the Pentagon, all military services, and all Department of Defense agencies, including agency budgets and policies.

Thornberry lost his 2009 bid to chair the full Armed Services Committee to Buck McKeon, R-Calif., who had more seniority. He served as vice chair of the full committee during McKeon's time as chairman. Since taking the committee gavel at the beginning of the 114th Congress, Thornberry has spearheaded a major Department of Defense acquisition reform effort that has received bipartisan and bicameral support from House Armed Services Committee Ranking Member Adam Smith (D-Wash.) and Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain (R-AZ).

Thornberry previously served on the United States House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

2298b2 No.906918



1a9d0a No.906919


anyone looking for a definitive timeline is kidding themselves. shit comes up. moves and countermoves.

d61302 No.906920

File: 922196e5fb3e383⋯.png (971.29 KB, 866x716, 433:358, ClipboardImage.png)

File: eaaf211506ed839⋯.png (1.3 MB, 960x638, 480:319, ClipboardImage.png)

b7e5c6 No.906921

File: be32221ce12c06d⋯.jpg (119.67 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1.jpg)

File: 65d16cf9fba18df⋯.jpg (26.61 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 2.jpg)

File: 9e217a10acf387c⋯.jpg (259.43 KB, 801x1200, 267:400, 3.jpg)

File: 7547965c99064ee⋯.jpg (95.53 KB, 540x720, 3:4, Compact_Tunnel_Borer.jpg)

File: a833bb12005b16a⋯.jpg (129.15 KB, 640x446, 320:223, tunneling-machine-on-a-dri….jpg)


Smaller tunnel boring machines

52e3b3 No.906922


Cusack looking up like, "maybe you shouldn't be taking that picture."

36ab65 No.906923


89e76a No.906924


Poorly kept secret; Brennan is a Wahhabist.


daa082 No.906925


crash. crash. crash. crash. you are watching a MOVIE. think anon. think. 700 billion dollars… most in…

7022fb No.906926



Also, start looking at cleaning products the same way you read food labels. Read the ingredients. If you can't pronounce it or the syllables outnumber the vowels by >20:1, it's real bad for you. It's overwhelming at first, but safer products exist.

d6869b No.906927

File: 9fded0a3f6130bc⋯.jpg (37.03 KB, 610x780, 61:78, IMG_1465.JPG)


WE must be potty training

Are you still high on midget pr0n coke dealers

Are you a cucked hogg at a bj cult (aim)

33f6b8 No.906928


great meme idea anon. side by side of Q drop about household chemicals and list of resignations from these companies

db0d92 No.906929

File: 988a41aaa12646b⋯.jpg (226.65 KB, 1085x622, 1085:622, McCainManafort.jpg)

File: f7d5e2eb6430bf3⋯.jpg (44.47 KB, 443x494, 443:494, MCI.JPG)

Page was a plant by Guess who

00d4c1 No.906930

File: 12a4636b2fa224c⋯.jpg (38.43 KB, 640x427, 640:427, 00.jpg)




POS De Niro w/Spirit Cooking Priestess Marina Abramovic

25c61e No.906931


and you shall know them by (((their))) fruits → this one's a TRAITOR.

255ecc No.906932

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Michael Rood has some videos about the ark & tablets being found by Wyatt. I think that was around 1980.

Several of the diggers died just trying to touch it with their bare hands.



cab5a4 No.906933


this is good news!

ac7643 No.906934

I'm watching the news today, Batshit level very high.

4b87f5 No.906935




People are simply in the way.























UK/GER [5 days].

Choice is yours.




I agree their ultimate goal for sheep is death but why not make a shit ton of $ treating them for all the symptoms and complications along the slow road to death.

(((These people are sick.)))

db0d92 No.906936

File: 4867ff4761dd9a8⋯.jpg (44.24 KB, 660x424, 165:106, Deniro Meme.JPG)

131a1e No.906937



This guy is a nut!

cc7b92 No.906938


Chem trails are a hoax. Those few pushing chem trails are shills.

They are here for the express purpose of staining this chan with a imbecilic conspiracy.

Those pushing contrails are the Enemy.

Do not filter them. Ridicule them.

a18093 No.906939

File: 7bcf781ee94b755⋯.png (53.07 KB, 484x491, 484:491, Fox 1 NG Governor Support ….PNG)

File: 2c6ae711f4934c3⋯.png (54.46 KB, 494x465, 494:465, Fox 2 NG Governor Support ….PNG)

File: 03c846077f89a84⋯.png (110.56 KB, 492x513, 164:171, Fox 3 NG Governor Support ….PNG)


Most border-state governors back Trump's National Guard plan

[3 of 4 w CA being the maybe]


33f6b8 No.906940


Brennan. it's always fucking Brennan. I can tell you that.

52e3b3 No.906941


That's why medical care is so expensive. They want it ALL before you die.

2736dd No.906942

File: 0383f8e8c99bf3c⋯.png (180.13 KB, 1452x284, 363:71, CFR Screen Shot 2018-04-05.png)

Partial History on CFR in USA - Rothschilds (1921)

Source: /pol/ infograph (12/11/13)

History of 13 Bloodlines/Rothschild Oligamy

ffe1b4 No.906943


It takes two to make a baby (in the usual way). It only takes one person to own and operate a gun. The woman is not the only person involved. There literally are three people to consider. Again, your logic is flawed.

51d576 No.906944



cccd4b No.906945

25c61e No.906946


he's pissed bec. we're linking him to the dossier

d3bf9c No.906947

Two detained as police investigate disappearance of Haitian photojournalist

PORT AU PRINCE, Haiti, CMC – the police say two persons have been detained in relation to the disappearance of the photojournalist, Vladjimir Legagneur, who has been missing since March 14.

http:// jamaica-gleaner.com/article/news/20180404/two-detained-police-investigate-disappearance-haitian-photojournalist

3c5a54 No.906948


This needs further looking into. Def seems like something their fuckery is capable of. After I’m done workfagging, I’ll do some digging this afternoon.

d6869b No.906949

Shove these Faggots in an ol plane for protection

db0d92 No.906950

File: 87e11f868640506⋯.jpg (83.5 KB, 803x609, 803:609, Look Up.jpg)



1acf54 No.906951


Does the stupid hurt?

720c94 No.906952


blind retard filtered.

00d4c1 No.906953


>My uterus is my best friend

Have you lost your fucking mind? GTFOH with that fucked up bs and head to twatter! smfh

42533e No.906954

File: ff6a27eaf26acc1⋯.png (104.61 KB, 622x413, 622:413, jb.PNG)


John O. Brennan @JohnBrennan:

I served 6 Presidents, 3 Rs & 3Ds. I directly supported Clinton, Bush 43, and Obama. While I didn't agree with all their policy choices, I fuck animals and produce snuff flix.

daa082 No.906955


side note… (700 billion WILL FEED the world)

575fb1 No.906956

File: d0d0b1580c7d2d5⋯.jpg (230.81 KB, 2048x1285, 2048:1285, redeye-donald-trump-is-can….jpg)


lol, i AM supporting DT dumbasses ahehhahehhah!! holly shit. Thats a pic of DT standing up to concerned fags.. hes fighting 4 us u dumb fuks.

i fukn hate American illuminati Media. I do like Monty & Potter though & Truth News & others :)

89e76a No.906957



>Can a 'witness' hold a position of power/influence while ongoing?

Zat would be a conflict of interest, like giving Hillary anything valuable to look after that mustn't be stolen, broken or molested

ef4f58 No.906958


4b87f5 No.906959

File: 10e89cc9b72f1a2⋯.jpeg (12.68 KB, 244x255, 244:255, 6f18910bcb56717aef2cadcf6….jpeg)

60c558 No.906960


and arianna hiffington

1e9326 No.906961


With a War?

db0d92 No.906963

File: 177026f22f4da4e⋯.jpg (85.88 KB, 630x668, 315:334, Sub.JPG)

93a05e No.906964


Scratch my last…..even though the November logs were fucky, it was 2015. Fun fact: When they were released in Dec 2016, they STOPPED at the end of October. Finding the logs for Nov 2016 - Jan 2017 is proving problematic.

2a12f5 No.906965


Any Person standing in the way of National Security and Public Safety, should be considered a threat and dealt with swiftly. Time to start locking Governors up!

cccd4b No.906966


lock them up

a18093 No.906967

File: 961cce93719538c⋯.png (406.41 KB, 656x633, 656:633, NG 4-5-18 9 am PST.PNG)

d6869b No.906968

File: 5ef67bddcb139c6⋯.jpg (59.15 KB, 500x336, 125:84, IMG_1460.JPG)


The asshole to tie all the shit together

9af825 No.906969


last picture doesnt look like same person at all

36ab65 No.906970



d96d1f No.906971


ignorant bitch..Who the hell does she think trained these guardsmen? What type of ID do they carry?? STATE Guard? Hell no, they are federally funded by DOD, stupid cunt has control over a well regulated militia, but that would give to support 2nd…If trump wants Oregon's Guard, then he will have them…

00d4c1 No.906972


Only at times like this I wish I could still post on twatter!

cc7b92 No.906973


God was discredited when he chose to hide from humanity. If god exists, he can come to my house and prove his existence….. oh wait. He is already everywhere.

d96d1f No.906974


Hell Yes!!!! #LockThemUp

db0d92 No.906975

File: 08620d57624d146⋯.jpg (70.34 KB, 616x469, 88:67, EastShill.JPG)

c39975 No.906976

File: b95454aeadc80f0⋯.png (22.99 KB, 459x189, 17:7, Jolly Roger Attack.png)



25c61e No.906977


yep, that's been the general consensus.

thanks for confirming.

3c5a54 No.906978


Oh shit. Until the shil linked to ur post, I didn’t catch these. Great work anon.

And thx shill who attacked his post. These def cause some butt hurt for the pelican faggots.

2736dd No.906979


CFR = (1) Fake News Media; (2) Entertainment Industrial Complex; (3) Corrupted Politicians

CFR = Rothschilds and Banking Elite = FED

4221b9 No.906980


Probably wanting it in the 3rd Temple, which I think is a BIG mistake to undertake.

The DNA from the blood sample is very bizarre.

8f3c9c No.906981

File: 113bd11aa967341⋯.png (321.09 KB, 656x633, 656:633, a10.png)


That is not normal over US soil is it? Bombing range I maybe

e97199 No.906982


Um yeah … Anon was correcting your spelling. You posted Douglas Gilbert.

Anon corrected you. It's Douglas Gabriel.

You flipped out for no reason.

Grab some covfefe and chill.

Check your spelling next time to make sure name is correct. Not a big deal. Calm down.

0adf00 No.906983

File: 1d9aa5de6a9ac86⋯.png (83.68 KB, 976x194, 488:97, Bow wow suicide backwards.png)

File: 10cb46aba9cf89b⋯.jpg (68.44 KB, 500x530, 50:53, 25fxsj.jpg)

File: 1c7f56fcf495b16⋯.png (485.41 KB, 595x499, 595:499, 1c7f56fcf495b162293e56686e….png)

File: dc58eb59dc82194⋯.jpg (97.5 KB, 652x435, 652:435, 25odya.jpg)



Bow Wow latest album “Edicius” is creating buzz because its title is “suicide” spelled backward.

“The meaning means … to bring yourself back from something,” the 31-year-old rapper explained on Twitter. “The name represents relentlessness, coming back for more even after death. Left the old me and woke up a NEW ME.”

https:// pagesix.com/2018/04/04/bow-wows-new-album-title-is-suicide-spelled-backward/

347fc0 No.906984

Texans are having unlawful city ordinances removed from the books.

The cities are attempting to circumvent state law (which acknowledges the citizens' right to openly carry loaded long rifles and shotguns.

https:// www.mysanantonio.com/news/local/article/Alamo-Heights-repeals-law-that-blocked-open-carry-12805004.php

April 7, 2018 is the date of another open carry rally in Olmos Park.

Imagine that, a city cannot circumvent state law nor can they violate the Constitution/Bill of Rights. Maybe sanctuary cities will understand via analogous precedent.

1af77c No.906985


eucalyptus is highly toxic to cats

89e76a No.906986

File: d823eb005f795d8⋯.png (183.64 KB, 865x555, 173:111, Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at ….png)


428032 No.906987

File: 6653dc90d01147a⋯.png (503.12 KB, 818x539, 818:539, ClipboardImage.png)

575fb1 No.906988

File: 72471382c6fff8f⋯.jpg (33.42 KB, 650x430, 65:43, us_civil_flag_of_peacetime.jpg)


either u have way to much time on ur hands to be on a board that supports our Prezz… or u r a paid soros shillz. Either way, u r either fuk dumb or about to go to jail.

enjoy the show!! :)

cc7b92 No.906989


It's not getting any press because it is Not happening everywhere. Exaggerate some more. It's humorous

25c61e No.906990


call the WH and ask if the info is available to the public for our relevant time period.

00d4c1 No.906991




Resignation dashboard!

https:// public.tableau.com/profile/nerothehero#!/vizhome/ResignationWorkbook2_0/ResignationDashboard3_0

2a12f5 No.906992

4fee17 No.906993


Are you taking about the sun simulator?

2736dd No.906994


Do some research before showing your ignorance - paid Roth shill.

65da46 No.906995


Then go to the damn city council meetings

Raise hell to their face!

Vote em out, Recall them

if you can't get that done cause no one will help you. Sell it all and fucking MOVE OUT

We have to do more than just BITCH. No one cares about BITCHING.

bc31ec No.906996


Went to several digs at Qumran, where Dead Sea Scrolls were found,

Found out the real scoop

Wyatt was a fraud, a BS artist.

All those things exist but Wyatt never found them, it was a hoax.

d61302 No.906997

File: 7831ac064b520bd⋯.png (92.2 KB, 250x206, 125:103, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8ed5516a1169798⋯.png (17.13 KB, 125x88, 125:88, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4b87453a05b495d⋯.png (172.64 KB, 1400x1010, 140:101, ClipboardImage.png)

I suspect that the gold domed building on "Little Saint James Island" in US Virgin Islands is a Mosque. It has a number of features:

1) Notice the courtyard. Bottom right there seems to be an area with an ABLUTION FOUNTAIN/WUDU TAP (basically where muslims must go to wash themselves before praying)

2) Ladder leading to roof. Considering that this mosque lacks minarets, the roof is probably where the leader calls everyone on the island to prayer.

3) obviously the dome. Mosques usually have a big gold dome over the main prayer hall.

4) The ablaq masonry work is a common feature in islamic architecture (striped stone walls)

Now, what are the implications of a mosque on Pedo Island? Was this US island paid for by Arab nations? Does Epstein commonly entertain Arabs and do dealings with them here?

575fb1 No.906998


lol. oh. ma bad. dont really care about spelling on here.. this isnt a grammer zone… im not being graded.

2298b2 No.906999


How many voters would really vote for that, huh? But the people they voted for did? Need a new local platform like "I promise to NOT back any frivolous law that hurts my constituency"

cde843 No.907000

https:// www.townandcountrymag.com/society/politics/news/a9694/what-barack-obama-is-doing-now/



Obama began the month with an memorable vacation arranged by his billionaire buddy Richard Branson in the British Virgin Islands.

Later in the month, he trip to Manhattan, where he spent one night dining with his eldest daughter Malia at Emilio's Ballato, an old-school red-sauce joint in the Nolita district that's popular with musicians and other celebrities.

The ex-president really made a splash around midday on February 24, as he left a building in the Flatiron district (NYC) holding a Starbucks cup.

On February 28, Penguin Random House announced that it had secured a record-setting $65 million deal with former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama for their upcoming books.


The former president had a month-long, star-studded trip to French Polynesia during which he hung out with the likes of Oprah, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Hanks, and his wife.

He touched down in Tahiti on March 15 and reportedly checked into the Brando, a resort on the private French Polynesian atoll, Tetiaroa, which was once owned by Marlon Brando.


Obama began the month still in French Polynesia, where Michelle joined him on April 8, according to reports.

On April 18, Radio New Zealand reported that the Obamas had left the region

the former commander-in-chief made his first public speech post-presidency on April 24. During the speech to young leaders at the University of Chicago


The former president kicked off the month on May 3 in Chicago, where he unveiled plans for his own future presidential center there.

On May 7, Obama received the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award at the JFK Library in Boston

He traveled to Milan, where he delivered a speech at a food innovation conference on May 9

The former president and first lady traveled throughout Tuscany. The couple reportedly flew into a military base in the Italian region on May 19 escorted by six fighter jets. They were expected to stay for six days.

Barack hit the golf course at the Rosewood Castiglion del Bosco over the weekend of May 20 to 21.

On May 22, he went for a bike ride through the countryside with his security detail and reportedly met up with Michelle for a walking tour of Siena.

During their six-day vacation the two reportedly stayed at Borgo Finocchieto

On May 25, the former commander-in-chief appeared with German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

He made his way to London the next day, May 27, and met with Prince Harry at Kensington Palace.

a18093 No.907001

File: 2aca82a3870409e⋯.png (25.54 KB, 500x172, 125:43, NG Photo.PNG)


I went back and clicked the link for the picture

It was taken March 28, 2018

cde843 No.907002


Obama's most recent public appearance was his first post-presidency trip to Canada, where he gave a speech to a crowd of nearly 6,000 people at the Montreal Chamber of Commerce on June 6.

Tonight in Montreal, @BarackObama and @JustinTrudeau discussed their shared commitment to developing the next generation of leaders.

11:10 PM - Jun 6, 2017

The former president went to Bali ~June 16

The former first family stayed at the the Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan

Prior to their river adventures, the family toured the Jatiluwih rice terraces


Barack is also scheduled to speak at an Indonesian Diaspora Congress event on July 1.


Barack and Michelle Obama were spotted on Harvard University's campus on Augugst 23


On September 20, the former president delivered the keynote address at an event hosted by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in New York City.

The following week, Obama spoke at a health care conference in New York City sponsored by the brokerage firm Cantor Fitzgerald

September 25, Obama surprised 600 attendees this week when he joined his vice president at a fundraiser for the Beau Biden Foundation for the Protection of Children in Wilmington, Delaware.

Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton at the Presidents Cup on September 28

He jetted north to Toronto on September 29 to reunite with his vice president, Joe Biden, Dr. Jill Biden, and Prince Harry at the Invictus Games.


On November 8 the former president returned to his hometown of Chicago not to make a major speech or launch a high-profile initiative, but because he had jury duty.


On December 15, the former first couple joined Steven Spielberg and his wife, Kate Capshaw, and actress Meryl Streep and her husband, Don Gummer, for dinner at Fiola Mare

On December 27, Barack Obama joined Prince Harry for a BBC radio interview that was taped at recorded at the 2017 Invictus Games in Canada.


Obama is scheduled to speak Friday, February 23, at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.

arrived in Singapore on March 19 - While local newspaper the Straits Times reported that he was there to speak at a private event for the Bank of Singapore, the former president tweeted on his first day in the country that he was "in Singapore with young people who are advocating for education, empowering young women, and getting involved all over Southeast Asia with a profoundly optimistic commitment to building the world they want to see."

On March 21, he arrived in New Zealand for a three-day visit that included meetings with public leaders including the country's prime minister along with some golf.

He visited Australia next, where he met with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in Sydney.

Japan was next on his itinerary, and he traveled to Tokyo to deliver a speech on March 25. In that address, he spoke about North Korea, calling it "an example of a country that is so far out of the international norms and so disconnected with the rest of the world" that negotiating with its leaders it about the country's nuclear weapons program is difficult.

303dc5 No.907004


The Jolly Roger is flown on return to signify mission success.

a2ea87 No.907006


I didn't know that Anon. I've been cleaning with eucalyptus for many years , but then again, I don't have a cat. .

2298b2 No.907007


I agree.

d29229 No.907008


Let me get this straight.

Q says 'watch the news' and you believe Q's refering to the crash of an F-16 that didn't happen yet.

So you're saying Q KNEW about the crash in advance and let it happen!!!!!!!

How much of a moron are you?

KYS immediately.

51415d No.907010


We don’t broadcast credible info to the opposition, disinfo is necessary.

0adf00 No.907011

File: 3257dfb99e19894⋯.jpg (74.18 KB, 741x500, 741:500, 27sp8b.jpg)

d3bf9c No.907012

File: 07a63b9c8cadeb9⋯.jpeg (168.77 KB, 600x500, 6:5, Stiletto.jpeg)

Futuristic Navy SEALs Boat Heads to Washington

A sleek, futuristic-looking boat used by the Navy SEALs will soon power up the Potomac River to Washington, D.C., for an annual maritime event.

According to the Navy Times, the M80 Stiletto is slated to travel to the nation's capital for the April 9-11 Sea, Air and Space symposium.

https:// www.newsmax.com/newsfront/navy-seals-stiletto-washington/2018/04/04/id/852647/

d96d1f No.907014


This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.

ab9fb4 No.907015


wow! great work Centi

36ab65 No.907016


I'm betting it's going to be about Nunes getting what he wanted from the FBI and DOJ.

9af825 No.907017

File: f45af240293f7bc⋯.png (479.79 KB, 609x964, 609:964, man.png)

File: ae5e28615c722c8⋯.png (648.29 KB, 623x1694, 89:242, man2.png)


no but why drop terrible crisis actor red pills when you have this from last week that's way more convincing

575fb1 No.907018


U R a fukn DUMBAZ! Chemtrails are real. disinfo fuk face.

89e76a No.907019

File: 97319eda8c803ec⋯.png (98.19 KB, 345x524, 345:524, Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at ….png)

Oh, Jimmy, your time is almost up.

8cdd4e No.907020

File: f0fa611f1802105⋯.png (285.69 KB, 625x686, 625:686, lookslike.png)

9f1bf4 No.907021


This is how they are poisoning the minds of the little kids. Force feeding them with homosexuality and confusing them about their gender and making them believe that this is normal. The current generation of communist youth like Hogg are hopeless, but the little kids in those kindergarten classrooms are the future. If we lose them then there really is no point to MAGA at all.

3fed07 No.907023

File: 20b18874b035384⋯.gif (997.27 KB, 500x475, 20:19, trippy tree scene.gif)


>muh adrenochrome

Adrenochrome is a misdirection

This Psychedelic Drug May Be Released in Our Brains as We Die

>Researchers speculate the illegal hallucinogen is released in our brains during birth, death, and dreams.

>Dimethyltryptamine or DMT, often referred to as the “spirit molecule,” is one of the most intriguing psychedelic substances on Earth — not just because of the wild experiences reported by DMT users, but because there has been research that suggests it is produced in our own bodies

http:// thescienceexplorer.com/brain-and-body/psychedelic-drug-may-be-released-our-brains-we-die

http:// archive.is/RHzbC

fae2c4 No.907024

File: f926befc3b582e9⋯.jpeg (966.93 KB, 1095x1752, 5:8, D485E5F1-2D8F-4AC9-B2B0-4….jpeg)

720c94 No.907025


read the 10th amendment.

00d4c1 No.907026

File: 7cbb1d3dd864441⋯.jpg (92.97 KB, 452x359, 452:359, Who's your prez.jpg)

3c5a54 No.907027


My old lady uses vinegar to clean everything. I used to hate the smell but now I’m thankful she’s been using it.

cccd4b No.907028


lol its all rigged genius, there is no voting people out. this is happening in red and blue districts.

we are in deep shit.

they are doing all this local, deep shit we are in.

347fc0 No.907029


Supremacy clause

Marburg v Madison

And so on

26c480 No.907030


At least I am smart enough to know Douglas’ name, but nice try.

428032 No.907031

File: 8fd840b7528b2dd⋯.png (726.19 KB, 679x608, 679:608, flatpressure.PNG)