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File: 649fc34523f4e25⋯.jpg (232.81 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, # QResearch.jpg)

e4188e No.940458


Your trust & faith in us is enough.

You elected us to do the heavy lifting.

Enjoy the show.


>>928947 :)


>>880021 How to Quickly Spot a Clown

Q's Tripcode: !xowAT4Z3VQ

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Saturday 4.07.18

>>938749 rt >>938366 ----- Patriots stand together

>>938439 rt >>938332 ----- Buckle Up. MSM overdrive

>>938177 ---------------------- Read between the lines

>>937520 ---------------------- Listen carefully

>>936660 ---------------------- CA is special

>>936517 ---------------------- EH CA

>>936472 rt >>936346 ----- The 'Tone'

>>936314 ---------------------- Inside Job

>>936050 ---------------------- Statistically impossible?

>>932911 ---------------------- Chongqing. Tuesday

>>932846 ---------------------- We have grounds

>>932518 ---------------------- The Island, Link removed >>932537

>>931260 rt >>931003 ----- No Text; LL interview on NBC

>>931260 rt >>875265 ----- Part 2 of previous (split for formatting)

Friday 4.06.18

>>928818 ---------------------- Who's the doorman?

>>928542 rt >>928525 ----- Fake Confirmed

>>928461 ---------------------- What a coincidence

>>926737 rt >>926685 ----- Not planned but necessary

>>926674 tr >>926634 ----- "Watch the news."

>>925805 rt >>925762 ----- Operators on Standby

>>925426 rt >>925311 ----- Watch what happens.

>>925301 rt >>925189 ----- Why was Slim Sooo Shady?

>>925052 rt >>925052 ----- Epstein’s plane. Who is she?

>>924883 rt >>924792 ----- Look up Ray.Chandler

>>924391 rt >>924357 ----- Border state - coincidence?

>>924224 rt >>924151 ----- Your trust & faith in us is enough

>>924039 rt >>923567 ----- That didn't take long.

>>922915 rt >>922843 ----- Stand strong. Patriots together

>>922794 rt >>922685 ----- Think NK

>>922685 rt >>922596 ----- Hussein's past religious leaders, RISK

>>922596 rt >>922559 ----- Who is Barry Aiming At?

>>922509 rt >>922343 ----- 8CHAN IS THE EPICENTER

>>922343 rt >>922280 ----- We Don't Inform Our Enemies of Specifics

>>922237 rt >>922142 ----- Fake Pics Push By MSM

>>922142 rt >>922075 ----- Pics will surface of Hussein holding AK47 in tribal attire.

>>922028 rt >>921715 ----- Facebook Founder Says He's Hunted By C_A

>>919513 rt >>919456 ----- foxnews https:// archive.fo/ixA1E Disturbing String of Crashes

>>919456 rt >>919423 ----- Would You Believe...

>>919423 ---------------------- Here We Go NYtimes https:// archive.fo/0hQyA

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Recent Notable Posts

>>777777 WRWY



>>939991 Facebook Gave Money To 85% Of House Committee "Questioning" Zuckerberg Next Week

>>940392 Leaked David Brock conversation

>>940195 Chemical Weapons attack in Syria: Thousands injured

>>940237 CNN is panicking hard: A theory

>>940236 Charges apparently dismissed from Backpage right after they donated to Nancy Pelosi's PAC

>>940189 , >>940205 , >>940231 Rachel Chandler's Instagram post which was removed. Archive!

>>940017 'Read between the lines'

>>940114 Sir Jimmy Savile: How did he get away with it for so long?

>>940085 Rachel Chandler is connected to the Guinness family

>>939959 Is HAARP is used to cause disasters so that elites can sweep in and steal children/people?

>>939952 For Rachel Chandler's 'cameras' post info and the 'Island' QPost, read bread #1168

>>939949 'Epstein's plane. Follow friends. Friends lead to others.' : Geraldine Laybourne of Nickelodeon

>>939912 Lawyer Max Maccoby, James Alefantis, David Brock & 'Friends of the Orphans'


>>939566 GermanArchiveAnon update: New file ready

>>939532 In CA, judges benefits can be stripped if they don't play by the "political rules"

>>939308 Is QTeam going to shut down People's Bank of China?

>>939272 An update on The March for Transparency in DC today

>>939278 IT'S HAPPENING: Video

>>939261 Between 2000 and 2016 there have been 20 Apache "accidents"

>>939225 Is Q telling CA Patriots to get on the phones, FB, emails, everywhere to their reps to push for them to pressure the gov?


>>938892 An Act for the admission of the State of California into the Union

>>938795 , >>938819 The helicopter crash last night is no typical false flag war maneuver: Theory

>>938563 Media Matters / Share Blue / Crew / CTR Info Dump

>>938502 Important timeline of changes to the Defence Authorization Bill

>>938382 Trump, the Dark Web and Clinton's deleted emails (1 of 2)

>>938365 Exclusive: Trump adviser played key role in pursuit of possible Clinton emails from dark web before election


>>938161 All you need to know about what is coming to CA: 10 USC 333

>>938157 CA: Let's LIGHT IT UP Anon's: https:// www.fbi.gov/tips

>>938076 Re-read the first QPosts. This is what's happening now

>>938004 Vatican diplomat Carlo Alberto Capella arrested on child pornography possession suspicions

>>937965 "My fellow Americans." This is what POTUS is saying to us

>>937888 IT'S HAPPENING. Transcription of POTUS' address

>>936015 IT'S HAPPENING. Two notable statements in POTUS weekly address

>>937803 "Last year CA politicians in CA violated the Constitution"

>>937734 Listen carefully. "We also have to ensure the equal application of our laws in ALL 50 STATES

>>937698 Eric Holder and the pardon of Marc Rich

>>937491 Rothschild Holdings List: An incredible graphic


>>937128 , >>937142 Eric Holder: What's in his closet?

>>937017 Army confirms two soldiers killed in helicopter crash at Fort Campbell

>>936905 Chongqing hospital harvests organs says former patient

>>936861 Chongqing Iron and Steel Company

>>936831 CA is the EPICENTER of the Human Trafficking, Mexican, South American, DRUGS, GANGS, Clown Ops


>>936155 Good synopsis of Q "RC end" post

>>936218 Q Foxnews article post archive link: archive.fo/U7RAz

>>936229 China "warns" America.

>>936304 Belgian Islamic Party declares end goal

>>936353 Biden/China/Kerry dig

>>936467 DHS thinks Big Brother not such a bad idea

>>936547 Eric Holder/Trump/CA NYT article


>>935251 Molestation graphic? Weird regardless.

>>935339 Hussein Statue in Chongqing

>>935370 Ria Pratt unusual artwork

>>935386 , >>935428 Another vehicle-as-weapon attack?

>>935391 Disney characters or pedos?

>>935396 , >>935416 Grabs from RC

>>935430 POTUS says "It's Happening"

>>935662 Good advice on shills and bots

>>935581 RC's friends are strange, too.

>>935600 , >>935719 Vatican Pedo arrest?

>>935566 Good graphic concerning NG and Q posts

>>935809 These people are sick.

>>935920 Interdasting interpretation of POTUS's speech, >>935430

e4188e No.940472


>>934727 Lots of links to RC graphics from Q link, >>932947 , >>917113 , >>934689

>>934790 Interdasting note regarding "first wave" of NG to border

>>934930 CICO "Excellent" Chinese company

>>934943 Possible code word "cake"

>>935013 Watch the Water in Flint, MI

>>934989 Teaching principle: New visitor educational memes

>>935038 Rachael Chandlers Husband Nate Lowman

>>935106 Clinton/China Info digs

>>935147 Hussein, Cassandra, and Sessions


>>933733 Las Vegas FBI Supervisor - Who Ignored key Evidence - 'Abruptly Retires'.

>>934263 Could be? >>932836 , >>932846, >>934267 Table 29?, >>934311, ? ? ?

>>933616 RC Connected to Eminem, Dr. Dre, 50Cent, Jennifer Lawrence

>>934168 NSA BITE that has no CURE {Mission 6: Fiddler > Ghost-PRIME}

>>934225 4/7 : URGENT! Team Telecom Needs to look into supposed transfer of TELCOM grid to foreign owned Telcordia

>>934122 Q-s [code]

>>934029 Who is the former NoSuchAgency world renowned Cryptologist Professor?, >>934068 William Binney (?)

>>933862 Anon Investigates Chonqing, China.

>>933780 Rachel Chandler & The Standard Hotel & Jerry Saltz, >>933837 INVESTIGATE {archive offline}

>>934162 RC Investigation Over?

>>934198 Dark Hub, >>934245, >>934237

>>933660 Need More Help Investigating 'Art' & Pizza

>>934041 Investigation into pedo-related imagery, symbolism & lexicon of DJ's @phoebefalconer @ashtarchris @djshortshorts

>>933672 Survivor Art; Sodomized Children Sitting On Buckets

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2ff07c No.940482

File: 94db78d7f061b29⋯.jpg (238.49 KB, 1361x662, 1361:662, RAY CHANDLER SECURITY CAMS.jpg)

e4188e No.940483

#1170 Dough pastebin.com/XFuF7upQ

e4188e No.940499

File: 911b7f0e8eb660e⋯.gif (250.85 KB, 480x270, 16:9, ITSHAPPENING.gif)

Bread posted early as I've gotta step out for a few and no-one stepped up to relieve. Be back very soon. Carry on Patriots! IT'S HAPPENIN!

0375d5 No.940574

File: ed1121ff81e1e92⋯.jpg (22.28 KB, 255x255, 1:1, c8c550441e2792e5efc7cd1203….jpg)

thank you baker

c6d7c6 No.940579

File: e794c9a78fa177c⋯.png (534.35 KB, 720x1025, 144:205, 20180407_154758.png)

File: d9752a8e3dc6e60⋯.png (152.71 KB, 720x739, 720:739, 20180407_154740.png)

9f9d91 No.940607


What the heck?

35c18c No.940617

File: 5e60920c6e5511c⋯.png (707.47 KB, 1600x951, 1600:951, US_Canada_Gas_Pipeline_Rou….png)

File: 63e404866a36eef⋯.png (95.92 KB, 1036x698, 518:349, Screenshot 2018-04-07 at 1….png)

File: d2240e3b74ce760⋯.png (255.66 KB, 499x513, 499:513, trudeau-castro.png)

File: 7967e321fac483f⋯.jpg (98.68 KB, 1200x627, 400:209, COVER-¿Fidel-Castro-es-pad….jpg)

China owns Canadian oil production. US border with CA. Not R v D, eg not domestic. The pipeline. Trudeau is Castro?

0375d5 No.940623


Tracy Beanz march got the thumbs down check out prior bread

892f68 No.940640

The "Leaked David Brock Conversation" in the Notables is ShareBlue intimidation propaganda from the 2016 election. They put it out there to try to scare people into giving up the meme making and spreading.


944c22 No.940642

If George Soros is such good friends with Mark Zuckerberg, and owns so much of his Facebook stock. Why is he putting on the charade that he doesn't like Facebook lately.

Dec 16, 2016 - Uploaded by grindall61


Is he playing the normies for suckers again?

George Soros: Facebook and Google a menace to society | Business …

https:// www.theguardian.com/…/george-soros-facebook-and-google-are-a-menace-to-…

Jan 25, 2018 - Facebook and Google have become “obstacles to innovation” and are a “menace” to society whose “days are numbered”, said billionaire investor and philanthropist George Soros at the World Economic Forum in Davos on Thursday. “Mining and oil companies exploit the physical environment; social media …

Facebook and Google are doomed, George Soros says - The …

https:// www.washingtonpost.com/…/facebook-and-google-are-doomed-george-soros-say…

Jan 26, 2018 - Billionaire philanthropist and leading donor to liberal causes George Soros predicted Thursday that regulation and taxation will soon dethrone Facebook and Google, describing the tech industry's major players as powerful monopolies that harm individuals, market innovation and democracy.

Soros slams Facebook and Google as 'menace' to society, 'obstacles …


Jan 25, 2018 - The billionaire investor and philanthropist George Soros has launched a blistering and multipronged attack on Facebook and Google, arguing the tech giants' size and "monopolistic" behavior had made them a "menace" to society, damaged democracy, and encouraged "addiction" akin to gambling …

George Soros bashes Facebook and Google at Davos - CNBC.com

https:// www.cnbc.com/2018/…/george-soros-bashes-facebook-and-google-at-davos.ht…

Jan 25, 2018 - Billionaire investor George Soros bashed Facebook and Google in a speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos, according to a transcript obtained by CNBC.

Soros criticizes Facebook, Google and compares them to casinos

https:// www.cnbc.com/…/soros-criticizes-facebook-google-compares-them-to-casinos….

Feb 15, 2018 - "It is only a matter of time before the global dominance of the U.S. internet companies is broken," George Soros said.

eedd9a No.940654

File: 743ea0d7201f3c2⋯.png (481.28 KB, 1124x661, 1124:661, house.png)


Trump can do a lot when Congress is out of SESSION.

4e50b4 No.940655


The more, the movement gets known, the stronger we get. Here, we go. MSM slowly walking into the trap again. Keep it coming! They are no longer able to stop it.

3b0781 No.940665

File: 957d743e0feaab0⋯.png (3.94 MB, 2133x2885, 2133:2885, brock-efink chat.png)



Should not be in the notables .. is old.

We are an army of chaos

9f9d91 No.940667


For the next 2 days…

0123a4 No.940669

File: 08fadc5e8f542ff⋯.jpg (20.13 KB, 550x790, 55:79, baker.jpg)


TY Baker

0375d5 No.940670



f53d01 No.940671


keep us posted anon and my prayers are with you and our gratitude is there also

f7671d No.940672



In #11 Right foot looks crossed over left. Peculiar stance might also throw off proportion of breasts and butt.

85eef7 No.940673


This, Is this real?

0375d5 No.940674


of course its fake

it is a play

that is why its clever

c8fce8 No.940675

As the world turns.

Pick your drama.

Chop wood and carry water. Multiple interpretations.

d84925 No.940676

File: b50445683410b63⋯.jpg (79.23 KB, 908x500, 227:125, 27xs5x.jpg)

Thank you baker

49b8e2 No.940677

File: c98cd208bf173fa⋯.jpg (21.82 KB, 255x202, 255:202, 0d454d165c26605fb77d171f7e….jpg)

File: 32975e8fa296276⋯.jpg (21.65 KB, 204x255, 4:5, 96b4c5390262d835a58598d96a….jpg)

File: 8e40e2db2a570a3⋯.jpg (9.88 KB, 255x155, 51:31, 760cb44eea3832d8f5321b2f1d….jpg)

File: 5b919d7013c6e9e⋯.jpg (22.12 KB, 255x255, 1:1, bb20eb789f04fc80f873a77c29….jpg)

Quick Grabs from #1169. Just what caught my eye. Somehow I got all out of order. Great Work Anons. It's happening!!








>>940101 ←—-#PervertKimmel













>>939889 ←—Don't forget Shriners. I KNOW.

>>939913 ←—We're close.



>>940167 ←—Perverted Birds of a Feather…





>>940222 ←–Maybe start a thread??

>>940231 ←–Nice. We NEED a thread.






>>940471 ←-Remember the sealed indictment against the Iranians??

>>940497 ←-MEMES!! (#PervertKimmel)



f90127 No.940678

This is a re-post from last bread

WTF is going on, I just got done talking to a friend who has been out of the military for 7 years. Just now been called back to active duty. anyone else hearing about vets being recalled?

I know what a stop loss is, but recall after so many years?

afaa2b No.940679

Fuck, chemical attack in Syria, cabal is still trying

707437 No.940680

File: 0e77b67b0971812⋯.jpg (61.95 KB, 480x720, 2:3, IMG_1675.JPG)

File: 1f5f5cfe38bddbe⋯.jpg (50.07 KB, 537x810, 179:270, IMG_1676.JPG)

File: 1fab1d2991cd399⋯.jpg (24.86 KB, 500x430, 50:43, IMG_1677.JPG)

8335a5 No.940681


These people are really stupid.


Loving the show!

49b8e2 No.940682



cbf80e No.940683


I want one !!!

b6fb8b No.940684

https:// ccluster.com/candy


8bd601 No.940685

File: 96ba00a350e7a86⋯.jpg (84.67 KB, 1241x1225, 1241:1225, IMG_20180408_023455.jpg)

Qonfirm Anon.

51c0ab No.940686

So the Governor of Oregon got a nice donation from Soros right before turning around and refusing to send troops to the border. Obviously not a coincidence.

http ://www.wweek.com/news/state/2018/04/02/gov-kate-brown-picks-up-an-unprecedented-donation-from-financier-george-soros/

504796 No.940687

Q said "listen carefully" to the Weekly Address.

"Democrats in Congress are doing everything in their power to undermine immigration enforcement and encourage illegal immigration…. It is so bad. It is hard to believe what they're doing and WHY they're doing it"

Feels like he's prepping the nation for a big reveal in future.

7460c4 No.940688


LDR is right here rolling a blunt.

She says "Watch the water".

Oh, and dont talk bad about me in social media.

DEFINITELY dont make negative memes about me.

I got bills to pay, you fucktards.

You have NO IDEA what it is to be a multi millionaire.

Keep grasping for straws.

You anons will fail.

0375d5 No.940689



very relevant movie scene script

very clever

5fc62b No.940690

File: 29a250daa7cae9e⋯.jpg (516.45 KB, 881x1028, 881:1028, Columbo2.jpg)

File: 22fb73db8115d6a⋯.jpg (523.32 KB, 881x1028, 881:1028, Columbo1.jpg)

>>940490 (last bread)

Fixed that for you ;)

0375d5 No.940691


FAKE anon Baker

REAL anon Baker already posted

a10470 No.940692


I'll bet Hannity played it really carefully and only told the truth about Kimmel that he could prove with Kimmel's own published videos, or he lied about him by mirroring some recorded lie that Kimmel made about Trump. Then if he is sued, he can show the videos and claim the same artistic licence that Kimmel claims when lying about Trump.

If the judge agrees that Hannity wronged Kimmel based on the evidence then this would set a legal precedent that would end up convicting Kimmel for the same statements.

And if Hannity warned Kimmel in advance that he would be doing this, Kimmel can't even sue because he would be violating his satanic oaths. He lost fairly in accord with satanic natural law.

If you decide to try something like this on a satanist, beware. After you tell them what you will do to them, they might kill you to prevent it and win brownie points from Satan. Hannity was well protected when he did this.

49b8e2 No.940693

File: 70af09f0a99fff6⋯.png (196.07 KB, 265x386, 265:386, Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at ….png)

File: 53df972725ade7c⋯.png (365.34 KB, 560x579, 560:579, Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at ….png)

File: 7e79d2e3f01b3c7⋯.png (220.24 KB, 505x258, 505:258, Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at ….png)

File: 74109842fffa684⋯.png (535.72 KB, 495x751, 495:751, Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at ….png)

Thank You Baker!! GREAT Bread!! Shadilay!!

f7dc93 No.940694

>>940628 (last)

How freakin convenient. POTUS wants to pull out of Syria,

….. and now "chemical attacks".

The deep state will get their war one way or another,

if one country won't work (NK, Russia, China) they just then

move on to the next one. A rotating circus by the clowns.

Same thing with the media narrative - round and round we go.

5fc62b No.940695


Fake and gayer than Liberaci's pyjamas!

39bf17 No.940696

File: 8637bf5ea194edf⋯.jpg (18.91 KB, 274x257, 274:257, IMG_3885.JPG)

File: 41796377ded44c7⋯.png (928.91 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_3886.PNG)


OMG! There looks like someone is laying down on table (head sticking of right side) & the people sitting on buckets are surrounding them & are cutting/carving the person up, maybe? It looks like a kill room.

cb7311 No.940697


Any one under 44 years old can be recalled or drafted for that matter

f1b887 No.940698


^^^this^^^ noticed it too. The tone of his address was amazing.

25279c No.940699


No it didn't. Some anons bash but that picture prompted the latest "Patriots Stand Together" post by Q. We need to be united. All of us.

85eef7 No.940700


I thought someone last night said this was fake and they found the mirrored image?

ea2093 No.940701

File: b26e50227d44bbb⋯.png (639.33 KB, 1334x848, 667:424, ClipboardImage.png)

https:// truepundit.com/john-mccains-wife-takes-credit-for-fbi-raids-on-backpage-founders-homes-in-arizona-seized-website/

Has this been posted in a previous thread? Why was McCain's wife getting involved in this?

8335a5 No.940702


No one playing the game gets a pass.

No one.

340337 No.940703

File: 1f1d53b3a4b67db⋯.jpeg (61.31 KB, 748x555, 748:555, B3D8B652-D746-43AA-906D-4….jpeg)


Calm down Jay Z Eminumb Puff Diddler

Your time in the barrel is coming and there’s nothing you can do about it now.

c8fce8 No.940704

sorry dudes tonight i am not going 20,0000. I will be much higher I consider this not a fight for the USA or the world but for each one of our souls.

cbf80e No.940705


Is this a march to force Q to unmasked and all of us get arrested correct?

f53d01 No.940706



how many years is the stop loss? 10 if in good shape or under what age?

8850fd No.940707

File: 466705a00224234⋯.png (5.58 KB, 171x88, 171:88, Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at ….png)


Below is the MediaMatters 4chan article that Q mentions…The disinformation and pure lies are almost unbelievable. If this doesn't prove that WE ARE AT WAR, I have no clue what would.

https:// www.mediamatters.org/networks-and-outlets/4chan

ab1c58 No.940708


Everything dies either way

05ea89 No.940709

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

China Uncensored - China's Growing Influence on the West and it's Politics.

ba05ba No.940710

File: b86c157c9d8de18⋯.jpeg (490.22 KB, 1536x2000, 96:125, 366081A1-F172-4485-91FD-1….jpeg)

This is fucked up

b303b4 No.940711


I don't understand how so many fucking shills and idiots can make assumptions from a blurry fucking picture that shows nothing at all. What exactly are these photos of? NO ONE knows. Don't make us look like fools posting fake bullshit about hillary eating a child and shit until you have PROOF! You're only hurting our cause and giving the enemy ammo to make us look like idiots.

49b8e2 No.940712

File: f96ee741966108b⋯.jpg (455.32 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, BertErnIePervertSt1.jpg)


When he brought up Hannity's 16 year old daughter's "pussy", that did it for me.



515e19 No.940713



5917cd No.940714


I hope we can arrest all MediaMatters staff for treason when the time comes.

3cd5f4 No.940715


Don't doxx your buddy. Your friend/ his family will tell you all he can for now. Too much information in the wrong hands can put people in danger. That goes for mission details, also. Our targets watch these boards, too.

77b7f5 No.940716

3b0781 No.940717

File: 250b34ed563cd51⋯.png (163.29 KB, 1528x227, 1528:227, ClipboardImage.png)


Afaik has been floating around for while..

Also David Brock (DBrock) pizzagate Alefantis boyfriend .. he also runs MEDIA MATTERS and before that he ran American BRIDGE. Hard ties to Clintons ..

8bfc4e No.940718

File: c978fe9246c0378⋯.jpg (211.84 KB, 515x475, 103:95, 1523135098148.jpg)

06d0b4 No.940719


So fucking what, do it anyway coward.

e3c4c7 No.940721


Don't forget pelicanfag and flatearthf

853da2 No.940722

File: 3e2a2b6c593862c⋯.jpg (246.2 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 957da840a7d34f9173b6f822e7….jpg)

Thermal Haline current. Watch Water.

IF it starts moving through North Atlantic.

Polar Deserts will begin to receive snowfall necessary for glacier depositition.

Global Warming leads to next Ice Age.

Has been happening in cycles for a very long time.

It may happen very quickly. At least thats what the isotope data tells us.

Up is down.

Watch the /pol/s

cbf80e No.940723


This is a pro Q march ??

78a446 No.940724

File: 1cef23a87b17685⋯.jpeg (52.22 KB, 1020x512, 255:128, 1518578933.jpeg)

d429ac No.940726

File: c72e9ccd25c5438⋯.png (66.03 KB, 255x177, 85:59, SuspiciousPepe.png)


The executive order kicking in?

https:// www.federalregister.gov/documents/2017/10/24/2017-23270/amending-executive-order-13223

c8fce8 No.940727


Nothing ever dies.

Even in physics nothing ever dies.

In the spiritual realm you grow or contract.

Your choice.

60a34f No.940728

Does any one have AnonScan's tweet from Christmas? All of their tweets from before Feb 14 have been deleted.

5d6156 No.940729


They refuse to say 8chan. It’s hilarious.

f1736e No.940730


looks like blood on a towel. Bottom left.

d2239c No.940731

File: 3795c7545205b62⋯.png (179.94 KB, 628x355, 628:355, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 12c57538fd5fc7b⋯.png (155.73 KB, 628x355, 628:355, ClipboardImage.png)

File: baec7bd18f7b377⋯.png (179.98 KB, 628x355, 628:355, ClipboardImage.png)


Can you look more closely at these too??


25279c No.940732


The tweet is negative .. no idea who that guy is. The march was organized by Tracy Beanz to support Q, I think. Not everyone likes her. I think we all support Q in our own way.

8335a5 No.940733


President Trump’s address gave me goosebumps. We are winning, soon!

b6fb8b No.940734

https:// ccluster.com/candy

this one has pregnant children its SICK >>

https:// ccluster.com/tinylotuscult/thread/16158#45388

0375d5 No.940735


q got that wrong

good message wrong picture wrong messenger

doesnt mean i hate on her but she is divisive

Q usually picks better unifying symbols but hes bad with woman picking

e3c4c7 No.940736


What the fuck. Is that real?

c25ec8 No.940737

>>940696 If it is a kill room, that would explain why they are nude. Easy to just shower off the blood later.

3cd5f4 No.940738


She's doing more than you are.

6d84f7 No.940739

4cc03f No.940740

File: 18dd861d08142e4⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1024x678, 512:339, ClipboardImage.png)


LDR w/ the Lizard Queen

4e50b4 No.940741


This is fake.. god damnit. This has been said a 1000 times now.

707437 No.940742

File: 78e9b23d8de8cea⋯.jpg (52.75 KB, 642x640, 321:320, IMG_1586.JPG)

File: fea4f3ee0ed7f6c⋯.jpg (67.63 KB, 552x754, 276:377, IMG_1596.JPG)

File: 09ecd39bf07ca07⋯.jpg (60.78 KB, 532x500, 133:125, IMG_1597.JPG)

Cover up

5fc62b No.940743


I do enjoy every time I see one of my memes reappear :)

f023fd No.940744

My Dear Fellow Anons;

It should be crystal clear to us all by now that we are the cutting edge in this information war.

It has been that way for sometime now, but now that we were directly targeted by the NYT OP ED hit piece by jewess Michelle Goldberg is an absolute confirmation of that fact.

We are here to help support Q & POTUS save the Republic. By proxy we are also saving the world form those who wish reduce us down to 500 million easily managed race mixed light shit skinned slaves, then kill those survivors off as well to have the entire planet to themselves.

They have been at this plan of theirs for 1000's of years. We know their tools, we've learned all their weapons.

Q has on several occasions reiterated the importance of Unity within our ranks. We are not a military unit but we have hammered out a semblance of organizational skills that very few other places on the web can lay claim to.

We have digfags memefags & Prayerfags as our 3 main units. Beyond that we have several variants of Autists. Many are just lurkers but a few that are those glorious 1 posters that help all of us refocus sometimes.

Then we have fags manning the ovens that bake us breads, not dissuaded the least from knowing most of the loaf they take out for us is going to be shitposts & shilling.

We have fags that gather & twaat out the memes,fags that assemble QMaps, history fags religion fags planefags ..etc..

Amazingly enough with all the shillotry, Pelicanfagging AIMfagging, and all other various forms of fuckery they try and throw at us, DDoS included; we have amassed 1170 threads of research & memes & that, in and of itself, is remarkable,& I omit the previous incarnation at half chan & CBTS, for such a seemingly chaotic diverse assembly of fags ever gathered.


(((They))) have used Divide & Conquer as an MO for Eons, they are very adept at it.

However (((They))) have hit a snag-and a mighty one at that. An Army of Anons. They underestimated our reach, bigly. The Hive Mind is something they never expected to grow organically, borne of the Indefatigable Human Spirit that resides here, in what (((They))) have called the cesspit of the Internet. It may well be a cesspit, but it's Our Cesspit. We will defend our cesspit, till our last keystroke.

The Chan Anons always win because we ALWAYS adapt. We lose our focus easily but we also refocus easily. Sure we need a Q nudge periodically. As our numbers grow, we try our best to accommodate our newfags, to varying degrees of success. They are told to lurk n learn but the temptation to retain their fame or status from faceberg or plebbit is strong & many are redressed & most in a fashion that gives their "feels" a needed shakeup. Some come in here & attempt to impose their authority and quickly learn Anons are not too fond of authority, in any way shape or form, at least in here.

Some are offended by Chan Culture; hwever they are too brainwashed to realize it's a product of a lifetime of daily assaults by Cultural Marxism & Feminism & all of their enshrined programs meant to rob them of their ability to think critically & think outside of the slavery box the enemy so desperately needs to jam us into for their fuckery to be efficient at oppressing us.

Hollywood movies & TV shows should have desensitized them years ago, but they look the other way and ignore the filth on their screens. Then they come in here & act offended that we hurl insults at each other ALL the time.

But that is not a wasted effort.

It thickens an Anons' skin. With that armor we can then dodge & parry all the shit the likes of David Brock's army of effeminate faggots throw at us & laugh while doing it. We quickly shift our efforts when necessary to counter any & every new threat. We have learned all the enemy's tricks & recognize them in an instant.

We are battle hardened veterans.

Through it all however is the one Golden Thread that unites us all. We love Freedom, we love our children and we would give our lives to ensure their safety from the hordes of Communist Predators & Perverts that would ever try to lay a hand on them. We are winning this Information War & we witness the enemy's desperation grow daily. I pray daily that we continue this mission's success against the satanic pedo scum that have enslaved us through usury & spent their entire existence insulting & blaspheming God in service of their pagan gods & pursuit of fame/wealth and power.

Take a bow Anons, you deserve a little recognition.

That's enough; now get back to work crushing the enemy, you glorious fags!

25279c No.940745


Yes, The tweet is misleading .. obviously posted by someone trying to demean.

c88792 No.940746

File: f1738e71c6e8108⋯.png (81.13 KB, 739x415, 739:415, Screenshot 2018-04-07 at 1….png)

Anons, WTF is this guy talking about?

f90127 No.940747


Friend got out at 32 now 39 & in top shape

06d0b4 No.940748


How is it support to march around demanding to know who Q is?

ed197a No.940749


>of course its fake

then don't try to pass it off as real


d429ac No.940750

File: c732c4cb27e0feb⋯.png (934.61 KB, 790x548, 395:274, FLOTUS1.png)


My favorite Melania pic…you can see POTUS in her glasses!

9f8367 No.940751


only because cianiggers tried to make it look like 8chan didn't stand with them. we do.

77b7f5 No.940752


So true!

ea2093 No.940753


>candy in url



Double nope

I ain't clicking that shit.

0375d5 No.940754


probably not but this is one anon that marches on the internet

aebca8 No.940756


reptilians and pleiadians are real bro

85eef7 No.940757


How much money have you given her so far?

f7671d No.940758


I'd say so.

f1736e No.940759

File: 9a052b8839cc909⋯.jpg (2.23 MB, 4000x2666, 2000:1333, tccp3.jpg)


FF, Matis will have a contingency plan.

f1e01c No.940760

File: 4deeb736926a53e⋯.jpg (125.39 KB, 1049x714, 1049:714, Amb. Chris Stevens.jpg)

File: beed76da27d9247⋯.jpg (66.25 KB, 600x480, 5:4, Chris Stevens.jpg)


So is this.

9e1ca9 No.940761

File: b10e321c611f448⋯.jpeg (605.17 KB, 1196x1013, 1196:1013, 8436031D-A6B2-4237-A760-9….jpeg)

c8fce8 No.940762

a plant does not die it moves its energy to the soil as it rots and then grows again by supporting another plant and may then be part of seed or a leaf and expand it's experience. That is how the divine works. And that is just the beginning.

f53d01 No.940763


if they r making other kids eat, making draw straws to see who will be victim… mk ultra technicals

trama based mind control

please God put an end to this

fcd946 No.940765

File: 5ca8b77d2b9d14d⋯.jpg (483.75 KB, 518x590, 259:295, soon.jpg)

3cd5f4 No.940766


I haven't given her any money.

7460c4 No.940767


I ran into the doorknob.

f90127 No.940768


10-4 I copy

dbdc35 No.940769

File: c2934bb9a0eb63e⋯.jpg (112.95 KB, 574x480, 287:240, scot.jpg)

Scot Anon here with some friends …slightly and comfortably drunk

feck Ca…if it means California..wuz once told not to smoke on an empty terrace

999dfc No.940770


Not sure, but it's interdasting.

0375d5 No.940771


not really

its complicated

78a446 No.940772


God Bless Her

6d84f7 No.940773


Shit that's coming after the round up. Get woke.

707437 No.940774

File: b67bda974448857⋯.jpg (93.11 KB, 960x960, 1:1, IMG_1332.JPG)

File: 83b6b624a083468⋯.jpg (39.28 KB, 1100x619, 1100:619, IMG_1339.JPG)

File: 3a98b8094dc080c⋯.jpg (51.6 KB, 571x414, 571:414, IMG_1340.JPG)

b014bc No.940775

File: 04b20878d1c939c⋯.jpg (30.94 KB, 586x297, 586:297, urban dictionary moonbeam.JPG)


he's infamous…

12081c No.940776


Looks like China might lose a couple of satellites. I wonder if we have secretly even the score on loss of life?

Second question. Is this the Clowns, the Chinese power structure or Rogue elements within the Chinese government?

051c42 No.940777

Shills love to start fights

Filter abusive anons

147a7d No.940778


The rep are real anon.

d2239c No.940780

f53d01 No.940781


damn prayers

c8fce8 No.940782

Sorry dudes I doubt i will go as low as political tonight.

06d0b4 No.940783


POTUS flanked by two fine Marines!

4cc03f No.940784

File: f8c30399b411377⋯.png (271.82 KB, 369x369, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


Penn parent Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild and her husband Sir Evelyn de Rothschild know that when it comes to transforming lives and societies across the world, there is nothing more powerful than education. When the couple decided to make a gift to Penn to mark the extraordinary experiences her sons Benjamin Stein, C’08, and Jake Stein, C’10, had as undergraduates, they were drawn to Penn’s ambitious global scholarship initiative, the Penn World Scholars Program.

Established in 2006, the World Scholars Program is opening the doors to Penn to international students of remarkable talent and receive financial support throughout their time here, consistent with the most generous awards available to undergraduates. Coming from countries ranging from Latvia, to Swaziland, to Vietnam, these standout students are contributing to and benefiting from Penn’s rich living and learning community — while also gaining perspective and skills they can use in their home countries to create positive impact.

For this Penn family, the Rothschild World Scholarship, which supports students from Commonwealth countries, is a powerful investment in the future — and an enduring affirmation of the incredible things that can happen when Penn connects with the world, one student at a time.

3b0781 No.940785

File: 6f2afd6ca1d227a⋯.jpg (151.96 KB, 864x551, 864:551, justice fortheambasador.jpg)

File: 009807640339c8a⋯.jpg (89.91 KB, 955x500, 191:100, 009807640339c8a077e4785114….jpg)


Some dark shit anon. WWG1WGA

cbf80e No.940786


Its all a setup for that evolution though. They want us all targeted and removed . The commies that is .

eedd9a No.940787


that is a person laying on a table- left photo. see the head?

those child slaves are butchering them.

f53d01 No.940788


hope hes just going to us border

a3804c No.940789

Hey Q

Can you post the 4am talking points for us?

ec5731 No.940790


Bloodline. Castro has blood of Galicia (As Rajoy)

ab1c58 No.940791


I dont need to prove anything to you, insect. I served my time in the Marines. When you lose our children come talk to me about service. Until then

==shut your pussy fucking mouth==.


Yeah, sure, whatever. Lies and liars. I see you clearly, Mara. It's all bullshit.

c88792 No.940792



d3166f No.940793

File: acb86ff167b889c⋯.png (70.93 KB, 952x480, 119:60, Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at ….png)

f1736e No.940794


* Mattis, sorry sir.

d429ac No.940795


A palm-reading dude was on Michael Savage yesterday talking about Reptilians, not in a literal sense, but in the "no human soul" sense. Context was Hillary being one. KEK!

77b7f5 No.940796

The pics and vids showing up on twitter for gas attack…I can't. Some other anons will have to dig on this one.

6d89c3 No.940797


I think Sean's goal here is to force Disney to address the issue.

Once Disney speaks, either FOR or AGAINST Kimmel, it will open a can of worms for them.

1. If they are AGAINST Kimmel, then why is Disney not against "others" who do same.

2. If they stand WITH Kimmel, then why are they endorsing "non-family friendly actions".

Either way, Disney is the discussion of the near future… Jimmy is just a key to open the door…

8f2339 No.940798

File: 244363807574be9⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-04-07-15-4….png)

fa459b No.940799


Put a reflection on it from Pepe on the other side, and its perfect. KEK

9f8367 No.940800


wtf? jesus.

618e87 No.940801


Dissecting room? D-room.

c88792 No.940802



That wasn't my question. Where does Q do this? I won't believe it until Q gives confirmation.

fc49ac No.940803

File: 2d87f6035e499d0⋯.png (590.06 KB, 988x1376, 247:344, Thompson.png)


Link US Scandal <-> UK Scandal

Mark Thompson backed Saville in the UK and then covered-up Pizzagate in the US.

cbf80e No.940804



I will see what i can do with this Anon and post in chandler bread as well.

87de0c No.940805



Daniel Dennet is the openheimer of memetics. Great satisfaction in the fact his idea is his agenda's downfall. I read his shit in philosophy courses before the WWW existed.

a10470 No.940806


The foreground person there is a female with narrow waist, widened hips, wearing a white danskin and with a ponytail.

Overall this is a dance group, snd their butts are CLOTHED not naked, Pink skin visible at the necks.

You assholes are all a bunch of pedophile perverts trying to slide the board. This has NOTHING to do with Q Research.

Goddam pedophiles, KILL YOURSELVES NOW. Fentanyl is cheap. Make sure to buy an overdose..

If you don't KYS then we will arrest you soon so GTFO.

147a7d No.940807


Obama and Hillary will pay!

c88792 No.940808


Not seeing it. Try harder. Thx.

4aa493 No.940809

File: b9307abb8cd9ceb⋯.jpg (440.32 KB, 1525x933, 1525:933, 0014.jpg)

The French Air Farce A400M I saw leave the Irish coast earlier today has shown up again. It's acquired a call sign now.

d5f7f8 No.940810

File: 45fdb13218912a6⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Red Dawn • Moment Of Truth….png)


Can you confirm that CA = California, or something else?

Like this maybe?

5d6156 No.940811


That tweet was disinfo. Reason they don’t mention 8chan. Bitches be scareeed.

b014bc No.940812


this is a real time news feed:

http:// www.newsnow.co.uk/h/Current+Affairs/International

nothing about the gas attacks…yet.

ec5731 No.940813


Dammed Macron!!

8335a5 No.940814


Ooooooo, Hillary!


4cc03f No.940815

File: 2a568285529e28b⋯.png (381.93 KB, 612x408, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)


33b21e No.940816


George Soros likes to short stocks. That means, he knows how to make bigger money by collapsing them.

618e87 No.940817


"We came, we saw, he died." - HRC (laughing)

fcd946 No.940818

File: c85fce6a65810b0⋯.png (479.49 KB, 525x480, 35:32, Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at ….png)

ba05ba No.940819


I know but the normies are slow

60a34f No.940820


Dear God I just looked. Omg, this is so bad! This has to end!

198aee No.940821


They're working hard for that 4-6%

f53d01 No.940822


yea there is no space aliens but it is the cabals last card

c8fce8 No.940823


You have so many choosing energy that is so low it is constricting. We think this as evil. They think down is up and think it expanding and it gives them more 'power'. Most of us think becoming more light and like the divine as expansion. Others think power is better.

cbf80e No.940824


Whatever he is doing is not good I will tell you that from inspection . I cannot download these images it needs to be reported to the police . Not for Anons to mess with this .

5ce0ef No.940825

File: d38d96443c0fa51⋯.jpg (214.83 KB, 1448x1000, 181:125, hannity.jpg)

7460c4 No.940826


If you cant ask "Q"to cut me a deal, then at least support me on Twitter.

Fair enough?

d84925 No.940827

File: 962d7f227ec5b67⋯.png (17.3 KB, 797x142, 797:142, between the lines.png)


I know it's been discussed but it's hilarious MSM is now reporting on conspiracy theory.

Also, they called the chans equivalent to Reddit. They get what they deserve

999dfc No.940828


Which is why it's so funny that POTUS is using the same technique against cabal companies now.

9c7adb No.940829


Draco reptilians exist. As well as 40 other humanoid race, and millions more. We were a part of a genetic experiment. We serve the highest dimensional being, which is god, the one and only. However, some of these Draco's work with evil and our own human evil cabal of false jews.

e4188e No.940830


Thanks for posting the bread link Rockstaranon! Much appreciated.



Added. Catching up on the rest.

c88792 No.940831


Already knew that.

Point being, then, that KibbitzLaw is a fucking LARP.

8bd601 No.940832

File: 9d2aff95f968d6b⋯.jpg (108.03 KB, 588x864, 49:72, IMG_20180408_024450.jpg)

46efc0 No.940833


This is also a false flag by the C_A "moderate" rebels that are still there. They constitute the Free Syrian Army. Meant to be blamed on Assad, who has no reason to do this and knows that it would only prolong US presence, which is probably the point (for the MIC). Also,chlorine gas is heavier than air and under atmospheric pressure dilutes quickly. Probably wouldn't have gotten into a basement in anymore concentration than the smell you get around an indoor heated swimming pool. Foaming at the mouth is more associated with nerve agent.

d2239c No.940835


Thanks….and also post in 666 Fifth Ave Thread??

That's where I do my digging…. ;-)

4cc03f No.940836

File: 1ba07593f9bae25⋯.png (1.7 MB, 894x1390, 447:695, ClipboardImage.png)

is that the Thor painting behind them? the one Q used when he said HRC tried to cut a deal?

f41b31 No.940837

File: 07cf4b328fc1d33⋯.jpg (158.04 KB, 640x872, 80:109, xmas_scifi.jpg)


It means VotL is off his meds again. Treat him like Sorcha Faal. He takes a story and embellishes it with aleeums and shit.

9ee7d1 No.940838


He ended the address today with "It's Happening"

fa459b No.940839

7460c4 No.940840


Why do you keep throwing this in our face?

It is not OUR fault the DNC fucked us over.

We never thought she would lose.


85eef7 No.940842


I think this is real and they want you to think its fake.

Foxacid is a real NSA tool.

a677db No.940843


Reminds me of the good old days of telling everyone that story of the CERN explosion was nothing but a shill/slide. Any Clowns care to still back up that gay shit?

If you're going to try to discredit the board as a hub for 'conspiraciy theories,' you'll have to up your game. If we dropped a MOAB on Epstein island this wouldn't be the result. Thanks for playing.

f53d01 No.940844

funny timing wouldnt you say

when potus says we are leaving .

1e64d3 No.940845


Kill them all.

So over the pedophile religion of Satan. There is no middle ground.

aebca8 No.940846


just wait anon. You don't need "proof" right now but you will get it when the time comes. Stage is barley set for pedo shit, let alone ET demons…

47596d No.940847



I don't believe "women's rights" is a real thing. We are already equal. I don't believe in "LGBT" we are all equal. I don't believe politicians should have a thing to do with a family and their children (Think Abortion,CPS)...

I don’t believe in Hate, I believe in Love

I don’t believe in Doubt, I believe in Hope

I don’t believe in fear, I believe in Faith

What about the constitution, what about satanic pedophiles, what about privacy, what about political criminality, what about property rights, what about criminal corporations, what about insurance company scammers and bankers....

Where does each politician stand on the issues that really should be addressed by our political reps?


Disband all these Political Parties…They are all BS!!!

Each Potential Public Official should stand on their own feet to represent the viewpoints of their direct constituents.

Enough with the Toll Roads and other BS. The American People have their right to live free…

Enough with the privatized waterways… Water is a natural resource and cannot be owned by anyone….ever…period!!!

Enough with the Land Grabs!!!...Speculating, investment, or whatever mask we place on it… Every citizen has a right to own property. It is not their fault they were born 200 years too late and a Trust owns it for a previous affluent family…BS!!! Use it or lose it… Dormant land should be abolished for ownership…

Roadways and infrastructure is a responsibility of the nation…we all use them…therefore we should all be responsible to construct them and maintain them….

Enough with the TAXES!!!! Each criminal organization who deems it fit can just tax my private property to their hearts content. That goes for my personal and business property… ENOUGH!!!

Taxes are due to the state and the National…. A Fair Tax paid once a year based upon actual use…

ISD’s, MUDs, Precincts, Higher Eds, Ports, Counties, Cities, etc no longer have that authority… you want tax dollars, go to the state and defend your right to receive a portion of what was collected… If no justification, deny… Public servants need capped salaries and benefits… this is public service, not private… You want more, go get a private paying position…

Enough with unconstitutional contracts!!! Verbal, written, and implied…. All contracts originating in the United States of America must all be Constitutional to be Valid… If not, then they are all void..

Enough with Unlawful searches and seizures…Drug testing, background checks, etc…Enough!!!

Enough with the unnecessary prohibitions…They create crime and sadness…Stop!!!!

Abolish Credit Scams…Compound interest is evil…

Simple interest only with no increase penalties for delayed or early payments….

I have the right to be born freely and to die freely….Why then are we being charged and taxed for that right…Enough!!!!

We need to Restore The Constitutional Republic

These are some issues…My Issues….We THE PEOPLE Have Issues…It’s Time To Voice Your Concerns

Is every vote important... Is my vote important... Then have your candidate supply a response to each of my concerns in his next public appearance...earn my vote and the vote of We The People...

Let’s get the real hashtags trending….






Thank you Father


4e7484 No.940848

File: 4db54a99bacd4d0⋯.jpg (2.35 MB, 5555x5555, 1:1, Qmap_graphic_2018-04-07)_P….jpg)

File: b849e74b31a421b⋯.jpg (2.23 MB, 1935x5555, 387:1111, Qmap_graphic_2018-04-07)_P….jpg)

File: 950ad984fdf0f44⋯.png (5.94 MB, 1111x8501, 1111:8501, Q 2018-04-07 00-50_14-51.png)

fresh map

Qmap_graphic_2018-04-07)_Patriots stand together

+ Q 2018-04-07 00-50_14-51.png

c8fce8 No.940849

There are at least two options to power.

Power over people and a physical reality.

And Power over oneself and ones experience and direction based on growth.

There are lots of grey areas as well.

But it is all personal choice on what direction you take in the universe.

2cb8b4 No.940850



8bd601 No.940851

File: 02cbbf1d8fb9494⋯.jpg (33.02 KB, 286x436, 143:218, IMG_20180408_024215.jpg)

ec5731 No.940852


That Full Diclosure will impact the Whole World. Get Ready

87de0c No.940853

File: 241a15f927493bc⋯.png (329.02 KB, 1160x725, 8:5, Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at ….png)

File: 241a15f927493bc⋯.png (329.02 KB, 1160x725, 8:5, Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at ….png)

File: 267dc9aa5a15ee4⋯.png (249.87 KB, 1288x643, 1288:643, Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at ….png)

File: ddd9c3c4055e22e⋯.png (319.89 KB, 1163x677, 1163:677, Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at ….png)

Why does the FBI allow california to report human trafficking crime statistics through the "bureau of indian affairs"? Only category only state this is true for.

0123a4 No.940854

Hey anons,

Look at this. A brand new account that just happened to be right there in place when this FF chemical attack went down in Syria to start tweeting pictures. Pay him a vissit and see if you can spot his compatriots.

Taher AlHalaby


147a7d No.940855


I'm with you anon.

They must ALL go!

6ff8da No.940856

shit is getting real. scary.

673080 No.940857

https:// www.reuters.com/article/us-iran-cyber-hackers/iran-hit-by-global-cyber-attack-that-left-u-s-flag-on-screens-idUSKBN1HE0MH

39deff No.940858


Shouldn't have drank all that kool-aid, eh?

Filtered back at ya!

c88792 No.940859


Wouldn't Victory of the LARP be part of the cabal, then, aiding them in their hopes to stage Project Bluebeam?

6d84f7 No.940860


Rothschilds noggin is screaming Homo Capensis! THESE COCK SUCKERS AREN'T HUMAN!!!

4e7484 No.940861



Quick Access Tools


QMaps all in EST

>>929920 QMaps (January 7 thru January 31, 2018)

>>900722 Qmap_graphic_2018-01-31_2018-02-07_Think intel

>>900734 Qmap_graphic_2018-02-07_2018-02-14_PAY THE PRICE

>>900744 Qmap_graphic_2018-02-15_2018-02-22_DISTRACTION

>>900758 Qmap_graphic_2018-02-23_2018-03-06_Eyes in the SKY

>>900766 Qmap_graphic_2018-03-06_2018-03-10_More coming

>>900778 Qmap_graphic_2018-03-10_2018-04-03_Safe

please replace >>933234 Qmap_graphic_2018-04-03_2018-04-07_Open the door with

>>940848 Qmap_graphic_2018-04-07)_Patriots stand together

d2239c No.940862


This is in the CNN HEADLINE NEWS VIDEO from June 23 1996…

Background here:




c6d326 No.940863

>>938749 (Bread #1167)

G-a-a-a-ck! But what matters is the peeps. How many in the march?

d0fd5c No.940864

File: 28a0390cef4e6e9⋯.png (60.77 KB, 587x254, 587:254, Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at ….png)

File: 63e38e1e4e2bb7c⋯.png (75.64 KB, 587x325, 587:325, Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at ….png)

File: 9147d019424e992⋯.png (91.41 KB, 585x391, 585:391, Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at ….png)


4cc03f No.940865

File: bd63690b5c5fb76⋯.png (2.14 MB, 931x1390, 931:1390, ClipboardImage.png)



nvm it's this painting

340337 No.940866

File: 6d8df9004af13b0⋯.jpeg (343.94 KB, 1125x1128, 375:376, E2F23D87-2CBB-41D7-B3D0-4….jpeg)


Kimmel is a door all right, to Uranium One and Giustra, HRC and Hussein

aebca8 No.940867


check out Kabamur Taygeta on twitter…if y'all are into this kind of Q stuff.

c88792 No.940868


No evidence of that from Q's drops. At all. Take your haloperidol.

ea2093 No.940869


Jesus Christ I cannot imagine how you people manage to spot these details. I know that couldn't possibly dream of having such a keen sense.

Great find!

eedd9a No.940871


D room

Table 29

enjoying the feast?

4e7484 No.940872




OH WAIT NO, don't replace, it's a new one

f944cf No.940873

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

051c42 No.940874



>Shouldn't have drank all that kool-aid, eh?

>Filtered back at ya!

Divisionfags at work

c88792 No.940875


heh… kabamur_taygeta was exposed as a fraud long ago. I'm way ahead of the game, shill.

442ae8 No.940876


KEK!!! That brings back fond memories…

4cc03f No.940877

File: 3f0882c05dff325⋯.png (730.9 KB, 749x499, 749:499, ClipboardImage.png)

147a7d No.940878



Not human

c1f342 No.940879


yeah it's hillary leaning on the wall looking at phone it looked like to me.

85eef7 No.940881


Word of God? WTF

4e7484 No.940882




take 2, sorry


Quick Access Tools


QMaps all in EST

>>929920 QMaps (January 7 thru January 31, 2018)

>>900722 Qmap_graphic_2018-01-31_2018-02-07_Think intel

>>900734 Qmap_graphic_2018-02-07_2018-02-14_PAY THE PRICE

>>900744 Qmap_graphic_2018-02-15_2018-02-22_DISTRACTION

>>900758 Qmap_graphic_2018-02-23_2018-03-06_Eyes in the SKY

>>900766 Qmap_graphic_2018-03-06_2018-03-10_More coming

>>900778 Qmap_graphic_2018-03-10_2018-04-03_Safe

>>933234 Qmap_graphic_2018-04-03_2018-04-07_Open the door

>>940848 Qmap_graphic_2018-04-07)_Patriots stand together

f7dc93 No.940883

File: d974f79110a32d7⋯.jpg (22.8 KB, 255x255, 1:1, f39d1196655739c4af75c12e25….jpg)

We will get our WAR one way or another, damn it!!

~ Clowns

5fda0b No.940885

File: 049280c354dac22⋯.png (434.51 KB, 1656x1652, 414:413, The_Soyboy_Show_final.png)

a677db No.940886


Jacob sleeps with the fishes.

c4bf19 No.940887


Setting the stage

4e50b4 No.940888


Let them keep calling it a conspiracy theory. This is all part of the plan. We need to push harder, so the MSM will even cover it on live TV. People need to know about QAnon.

f53d01 No.940889


that mfers head looks nephilim from side pic

c8fce8 No.940890

pigs find truffles.

989fcf No.940891

File: 0c19aa09cd65e95⋯.jpg (119.62 KB, 660x495, 4:3, IMG_1014.JPG)

File: a9210fbde6a3021⋯.jpg (49.9 KB, 680x453, 680:453, IMG_1017.JPG)

File: c423796ce46c370⋯.jpg (35.7 KB, 320x388, 80:97, IMG_1180.JPG)

Incoming midget porn

Of Roth anti asspuppet

Could be white peoples

8bd601 No.940892

File: 24eb8a0f987f7ab⋯.jpg (81.25 KB, 965x635, 193:127, IMG_20180408_025215.jpg)

File: d76ea36aa857c0c⋯.jpg (26.57 KB, 822x280, 411:140, IMG_20180408_025211.jpg)

21363b No.940893

File: 4934f5a75e118c6⋯.jpg (68.41 KB, 793x570, 793:570, 1515468976-42uyifohpyf9843….jpg)

File: 137e172402464de⋯.jpg (60.61 KB, 600x450, 4:3, fsblue77f3160f42bd7296b301….jpg)

File: 5ed8f7076cd21f7⋯.png (993.27 KB, 1153x1193, 1153:1193, 1e232ttt23t5tdfbfdb5156261….png)

File: 987e0a31b7dc9de⋯.jpg (664.55 KB, 1394x715, 1394:715, ctrsccrdd8517587598975579t….jpg)


Heres more on Brock ops. Willith is still the ringleader. I have /pol/ compilation of info on CTR and other fucks.

ec5731 No.940894



6d89c3 No.940895


Good find. My post was intuition based. Was right on apparently. And this will open the doors to the Majik Kingdom soon…

Sell your Disney stock too!

f1e01c No.940896

0ff8af No.940897

Does anyone know the last time Q posted on 4 not including an emergency post to alert us to board issues here? December?

7b02b4 No.940898


again and again, love it.

059328 No.940899

Starting in less than 5 minutes.

>https:// hooktube.com/ watch?v=Oaci9vlg_Sc

>https:// supporters.eff.org/civicrm/event/info?reset=1&id=191

John Perry Barlow Symposium

Saturday, April 7, 2018 from 2 PM to 6 PM PDT

Confirmed Speakers:

Edward Snowden, noted whistleblower and President of Freedom of the Press Foundation


>Open the door.


>Close to door.


• Cindy Cohn, Executive Director of the Electronic Frontier Foundation

• Cory Doctorow, celebrated scifi author and Editor in Chief of Boing Boing

• Joi Ito, Director of the MIT Media Lab

• John Gilmore, EFF Co-founder, Board Member, entrepreneur and technologist

Trevor Timm, Executive Director of Freedom of the Press Foundation

• Shari Steele, Executive Director of the Tor Project and former EFF Executive Director

• Mitch Kapor, Co-founder of EFF and Co-chair of the Kapor Center for Social Impact

• Pam Samuelson, Richard M. Sherman Distinguished Professor of Law and Information at the University of California, Berkeley

• Steven Levy, Wired Senior Writer, and author of Hackers, In the Plex, and other books

• Amelia and Anna Barlow, daughters of John Perry Barlow

72b55e No.940900



Trump says pull out, Kelly and Mathis buck the order, Trump again says gets out and puts it in writing..

Now there is a "chemical" attack,

This shit is getting as old as seeing Soros giving money out to everyone trying to destroy our nation…

Yep i'm pissed, the blatant obvious of it all really chaps my arse.

just like 15 years in Afghanistan, and now we have a an Opium problem.

Our CIA is fuggin corrupt importing drugs since I was a teen, into Mena Arkansas, and other places…

like the Enough is Enough card says its time to start using snipers and clean the friggen house, I won't lie I would cheer at the news that Soros plane "mysteriously" crashed, and many others.

4d1ce6 No.940901

http:// yournewswire.com/dutch-banker-illuminati-dead/

Ronald Bernard, Dutch Banker Who Exposed Illuminati, Found Dead

watch the video. spread

fcfe23 No.940902

File: 16dd25ec31f2a41⋯.png (159.69 KB, 988x547, 988:547, ClipboardImage.png)

Add him to the list!

Another from health care!

c03341 No.940903


Duuude! Good te see ye :)

4cc03f No.940904

File: 13fb392a6519f20⋯.png (297.64 KB, 602x402, 301:201, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 928ed15b1d9017d⋯.png (146.58 KB, 354x236, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 43745fa14249fe7⋯.png (260.39 KB, 602x288, 301:144, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 85336c1fe774c69⋯.png (317.5 KB, 602x365, 602:365, ClipboardImage.png)

Jacob Rothschild with Ambassador Liu Xiaoming


David de Rothschild with Sheikh Maktoum


Jacob and Evelyn De Rothschild (left) with Nazarbayev (right), president of Kazahstan


Jacob Rothschild with Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli’s Prime Minister


BIBI shook hands with the DEVIL

now you know why TRUMP wouldn't shake his hand.

a1a1eb No.940905

American Bridge PAC


American Bridge still has active posts, but if you sift around - just look like a site now utilized to send out email to any on their mailing list.

Still worth tracking down the funding of this site.

Save pdf and upload to an archive site, then post that link to the Media Matters info.

d46a68 No.940907

File: 0d3694ca26bb83d⋯.jpg (519.1 KB, 1152x1080, 16:15, downloadfile-55.jpg)


There is only the illusion of choice.

There is only illusion everywhere here.

You, me, your words, mine, all of it.

The greatest saint, even if he has sacrificed a thousand times all that he held most dear, even his life itself, for love of others, for that of a God, or for a noble ideal, remains a prisoner of death and rebirth if he has not understood that all is a childish game, empty of reality, a useless illusion of shadows which his own mind projects on the infinite screen of the Void.

When you are done playing these games with yourself let me know. No one else here cares to know the truth. It hits them like water of a ducks back. They are illusions.

4e7484 No.940908


hehe, likewise, i guess.. are you baking?

9eebbc No.940910

Anyone have a link to the guy with cp on his computer that stabbed himself in the shower during an fbi raid?

4cc03f No.940911

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Ron Paul explains the Council on Foreign Relations and the New World Order (~8 minutes)








CFR - List of Members and Organisations Involved




Hillary Clinton questioned about Bilderberg




After a Week Alone With the Obamas, Tom Hanks Couldn’t Keep Silent Any Longer

Anonymous EXPOSED



You will NOT BELIEVE what the Navajo Code Talkers just said about President Donald Trump

Golden State Times



Hillary Clinton: Time to abolish the Electoral College




Dick Cheney ex-director of CFR talks to David Rockefeller



QAnon 2/13/18 - Barack Obama's Presidential Portrait - How to Deflower a Nation

Bill Smith


EXPOSED! SECRETS Of The ULTRA Rich! Alan Greenspan, CFR (Council On Foreign Relations)



The Rothschilds Exposed 1/3



Rep. Gowdy Tears Into Clinton Before The Break | TheBlaze



Is Hillary Clinton Mentally Ill?

Bill Whittle


Hillary Clinton & James Comey - What Difference Does It Make?



Hillary Clinton's entire speech at the Al Smith dinner




Icelandic Watchman

Recommended for you

Hillary Clinton admits the CFR gives the Orders


eb9ff1 No.940912


Don't be stupid and click on those pedo links. Fuck.

39bf17 No.940913


You just outed yourself glow nigger

de6610 No.940914


Eranda Foundation - UK

https:// www.erandarothschild.org/

06f85c No.940915


Retaliation for Trumps decision to pull out troops.

Greater Israel is over and out.

5fc62b No.940916

File: f28f7bc697a0e6f⋯.png (305.05 KB, 622x600, 311:300, ScottishQ1.png)

File: cafa390bb7846fe⋯.png (583.17 KB, 622x600, 311:300, ScottishQ2.png)


For the Scots anons across the water from me :)

6f904e No.940917


Filmed in Las Vegas NM. Trivia fact for beer bets later.

21363b No.940918

File: 1416f7226522b1a⋯.jpg (549.41 KB, 1406x1440, 703:720, 00004966996964469151563001….jpg)

File: 8e954968b8e4a91⋯.jpg (270.46 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 1shrbl6866558686585658668d….jpg)

File: 4abb85faf17dd99⋯.png (818.71 KB, 1280x2638, 640:1319, shrbluu5665996966964769rtr….png)

File: 54ab42c9bb7ff21⋯.jpg (395.92 KB, 1214x2014, 607:1007, ctrrghpd8909ettue171935759….jpg)


…more Brock ops.

ce4bd3 No.940919

File: c0e015b1e7610b5⋯.png (531.15 KB, 500x709, 500:709, IMG_1462.PNG)

File: 8787ba41eda6607⋯.jpg (60.78 KB, 600x591, 200:197, IMG_1463.JPG)

File: 7f21cf696a63907⋯.jpg (64.86 KB, 427x701, 427:701, IMG_1475.JPG)

Hot load

Sphincter sphincter sphincter

Heavy flak

Shit everywhere

d46a68 No.940920


Pigs wallow in shit.

8335a5 No.940921




c6d326 No.940922


You'd think they'd brainwash everyone to wear pointy hats like those pharaohs, so they could hide their pointy heads.

1d1a8e No.940923

File: 3e4c1997de07f4c⋯.jpg (283.15 KB, 1280x855, 256:171, tumblr_m4gco669cb1qisyv1o1….jpg)

http:// rachelchandler.tumblr.com/post/23582825282

May 2012

Who is this?

c03341 No.940924


Nope, I'm GMTmapAnon

02eba9 No.940925

File: 4c60b5f1c1e2493⋯.png (29.17 KB, 967x252, 967:252, Q 1074.png)


So the 33.000 "missing" emails do still exist and will get released and they know it.

Article is a ploy to push a narrative for when the emails get released (JA?). Try to discredit the validity of the emails as "fake stuf from the scary deepweb".

c25ec8 No.940926

File: a8f21be721b7e2c⋯.jpg (143.28 KB, 1080x567, 40:21, StandTogetherPatriots2.jpg)

File: 88e99d26f9cb850⋯.jpg (292.13 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, StandTogetherPatriots1.jpg)


892f68 No.940927

File: de6d7bae89f2dc2⋯.jpg (78.53 KB, 550x563, 550:563, de6d7bae89f2dc2fc7bafa1b41….jpg)

>>940744 (Checked)

We will win.

f53d01 No.940928


trump did shake hands with nat. u watched cut version an anon dropped. it was edited

7b02b4 No.940929

File: ecb034f6bad283d⋯.jpg (15.07 KB, 255x204, 5:4, c009712f5189949ce1fe7c76e5….jpg)

File: 66c1a50a28af484⋯.jpg (60.89 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, trump_students2.jpg)

File: 19d733762b4b322⋯.jpg (13.81 KB, 384x384, 1:1, DZrQJYJUQAAVnES.jpg)

6d84f7 No.940930

File: 0d1f0f2289e4ad0⋯.jpg (34.83 KB, 460x276, 5:3, bushfag.jpg)

e4188e No.940931


Replaced this Mapanon, TY!

d84925 No.940932


Fake and gay. He is still alive. Stop using Yournewswire, its faker than CNN

cbf80e No.940933


Blood stain on the back wall. That is def a head hanging off the table on the right and a body laying on the table to the left. looks like a man on the right and woman on the left. Plus the other room 15 and 16 with a body on the table and you have a real life horror movie .With real VIP stars . Gitmo is going to be smokin soon I bet .

d2239c No.940934


Table 29…..tied to 666 Fifth Ave….had a corresponding Table 29 drop there at around the same time Q posted on main thread….

Top of the 666's…..now the Havana Club/Rest

aebca8 No.940935






cfd1bb No.940936

Does anybody else find it curious that there was an entire pro-Q march organized and already completed, with no major posts and seemingly nobody on /qresearch knowing about it?

c1f342 No.940937


don't know. go there and report back. register first though ok? thx.

c88792 No.940938


False. You are following the left-handed path.

Free will and choice are our birth right.

Do not bespatter our path. The path upward and beyond should be a challenge answered, not despised.

39deff No.940940


You do know that the tartan represents different clans right?

Your going to have ALOT of Q's to do, anon! KEK!

fcfe23 No.940941

File: d867e1f14fa2654⋯.png (161.12 KB, 638x423, 638:423, ClipboardImage.png)



7460c4 No.940942


She would have won if your POTUS hadnt found out about the voting machine rigging. Your Trump and Mattis are enemies of the Cabal.

06d0b4 No.940943


the fakest and the gayest

4cc03f No.940944

File: df560bbcfc96bcb⋯.png (231.87 KB, 485x347, 485:347, ClipboardImage.png)

Star of Obama Africa Summit Tied to George Soros, Clintons

Banking titan at center of U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit also hit with money laundering fine

http:// freebeacon.com/politics/star-of-obama-africa-summit-tied-to-george-soros-clintons/

f53d01 No.940945


damn that bitch has a big mouth

d429ac No.940946


That's what I got from it. Wouldn't it be a larf if the good guys dropped them here directly?

ce4bd3 No.940947

File: cd1fd9630b9ce9d⋯.jpg (72.07 KB, 720x720, 1:1, IMG_1268.JPG)

Anus bleach


5d6156 No.940948


This is exactly what Q meant by they will claim Q then insert their BS narrative. They’re attempting to hijack Q movement and make it seem ridiculous. Nobody falls for this stupid shit.

8335a5 No.940949


Ya man. He sure did!

c8fce8 No.940950

so many caught in 'days of our lives' they do not even live their own. It is easy to focus on fixing another and it gives you 'power'. The power is harder to attain fixing yourself, but more fulfilling and powerful.

5805fe No.940951


It's real, but if I recall correctly the image dates from the 1970s or 1980s.

d0fd5c No.940952

File: 28a0390cef4e6e9⋯.png (60.77 KB, 587x254, 587:254, Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at ….png)

File: 9ea9fbaf46b023a⋯.png (83.26 KB, 1950x232, 975:116, Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at ….png)



c88792 No.940953


You're triggered because Project Blue Beam will fucking fail and you're desperately hoping it can still be staged.

f1b887 No.940954

File: b32f216cfed1ce9⋯.jpg (328 KB, 1072x1090, 536:545, Screenshot_20180407-162430.jpg)

File: c3dc4bbdbe0e404⋯.jpg (255.96 KB, 1076x925, 1076:925, Screenshot_20180407-162452.jpg)

Trump throwing down the gauntlet! Attacking on every front today!

4cc03f No.940955


yes, you are right. just remembered that.

0c7023 No.940956


Q is never going to directly answer questions of spirituality because it is a matter of free will and your soul's personal development

16b587 No.940957



Surprisingly (or perhaps not?) I've actually had nothing of the sort.

At the march I had plenty of people recognize me…the cuck will sommers or whatever his name is was apparently present and was too much if a pussy to say anything to me or anyone else.

Made a TON of connections with some very incredible patriots, who came from locations across this country from sea to shining sea, and it was an incredible experience.

Beanz.organ8zed this event…I had no part in organizing it myself although I did help connect some people with her to help volunteer as needed.

This event has 1000% inspired me to, in the future, organize a similar event myself. This one was relatively big, but we can do this MUCH bigger.

Some of you may have issues with making your face and identity known (and that is JUST fine. Many have their reasons and they are more than valid.) but having your face in front of the public does have its benefits, both for oneself and for this movement in general IMO.

I will do my best to organize a similar event…hopefully much bigger, in the near future.

e4188e No.940958

50d4d3 No.940959


did you think they were told he was alive but they needed to pretend he was dead? they had to find the people who tried to kill him.

e4f301 No.940960

>>938177 (prev bread)

d0fd5c No.940961


[5] Kek

5fc62b No.940964



Yeah I settled on the Campbell one.. Hope you're not offended brother ;)

Lifetime Hoops fan here btw ;)

8335a5 No.940965


Scared? Thinking differently now?

3fc760 No.940966

Poland controls the Pope?

ec5731 No.940967


Not yet.

ce4bd3 No.940968

File: 049063aacf68b0b⋯.jpg (30.77 KB, 747x960, 249:320, IMG_1171.JPG)

24d4f5 No.940969


[5] Aint it? Would make sense with all the 5s lately.

ed197a No.940970


Been waiting for this, thank you, will add to off-site gallery & spreadsheet.

https:// postimg.org/image/drks4t16x/

f1b887 No.940971


Very interesting anon. Keep your eyes peeled on snowden!

4e7484 No.940972

File: 8fa87f8312d8a73⋯.png (530.29 KB, 777x550, 777:550, ITSHAPPENING.PNG)


heeey! now i know why it's great to see ye as well :)

phew, ain't easy keeping up these days, is it? Once more, i'm reaaally glad you're there and doing your maps too, wrote a bit about it when i posted previous maps, don't know if you caught that…

Thanks again for your work, and any aspiring mapanons out there who'd want to jump in!

so crazy these days… IT'S HAPPENINNNNNNNNGGGGG

39a679 No.940973


I love how CNN says the Sauce for the story was "Patriot""!! ThanQ (wink)

c88792 No.940974

File: e08b66f43e9c674⋯.png (526.83 KB, 620x600, 31:30, projectbluebeam.png)


Jordan Sather promotes this bullshit 100% of the time. He is a limited hangout who collaborates with Corey Goode who provides "intel" to David Wilcock who in turn collaborates with David Seaman.

I know, but getting a pulse for how many of these shills are here. Looks like a few and they're hoping they can still pull off their deception.

a5f9ae No.940975

88c84e No.940976

Fantastic thought of the day:

What anons found on Instagram last night re: Chandler is enough to shut down Instagram and seize Facebook under the EO for trafficking.

Make it habben, Q! Make it happen.

8d80af No.940977

I remember that too…..said it was actually from 2015 or something


8c6cc4 No.940978

File: 1e7357d2b757326⋯.jpg (1.6 MB, 1555x1437, 1555:1437, b91ecc380226c1076bcf2d12b9….jpg)

File: b917be3fcb76cb0⋯.jpg (43.94 KB, 630x309, 210:103, olympics-closing-ceremony-….jpg)

File: fe09df9681bffb5⋯.jpeg (609.06 KB, 1024x896, 8:7, serveimphage.jpeg)

File: f4912308c59b5b1⋯.jpg (401.18 KB, 480x662, 240:331, phoenix_head_in_pencil_by_….jpg)

File: be8bb3d14aca245⋯.jpeg (77.9 KB, 1080x447, 360:149, serphveimage.jpeg)

More Cockatiel and Harpy Eagles

More Cockatiel and Harpy Eagles on Epstein Island.

"I totally agree …"

… and for those with a few working brain cells:

Albert Pike, in Magnum Opus, writes “… the Eagle was the living Symbol of Egyptian god Mendes … and the representative of the Sun …” [p. xviii]

The Phoenix Bird of Ancient Egypt was changed into the Masonic Eagle and then Pike admits that the Eagle is the Symbol of the Sun God and of the God of Mendes, both being common symbols to represent Satan.

aebca8 No.940979


you aren't getting paid enough

f96431 No.940980

File: 6d61505fea400fa⋯.png (205.82 KB, 4496x4328, 562:541, JDY7kMw.png)


For you brother

e4f301 No.940981

File: 88a86b6311eb500⋯.png (73.9 KB, 1272x382, 636:191, CNN HP0.png)

>>938177 (prev thread)

>>940960 oops

6bafd6 No.940982


>a friend who has been out of the military for 7 years. Just now been called back to active duty. anyone else hearing about vets being recalled?

Who would you use for Miltary Tribunals?

d0fd5c No.940983

File: a5bf4fe397399a3⋯.gif (3.53 MB, 605x600, 121:120, a5bf4fe397399a34ee197521db….gif)


yeah my b derrr

4e7484 No.940984



thanks, makes it all worthwhile

so much love fer spreadsheetanon

4e50b4 No.940985



051c42 No.940986


>Trump throwing down the gauntlet! Attacking on every front today!

Proving constitutional crisis.

dbdc35 No.940987


Top one…. to spare aggravation ty

7b02b4 No.940988

File: afdb68b6fa03bb9⋯.jpg (58.59 KB, 720x686, 360:343, We-the-people-are-coming-f….jpg)

5d6156 No.940989



Make Earth Great Again

7460c4 No.940990



Support me on Twitter.


I need plenty of pro-kimmel memes.

Can you help, anon?

c25ec8 No.940991

File: 9eb9da87fe5ceca⋯.jpg (153.55 KB, 1080x567, 40:21, StandTogetherPatriots3.jpg)

File: 6a5e33f0679476d⋯.jpg (153.62 KB, 734x1024, 367:512, Memewar3.jpg)

File: 630907ec66a36bb⋯.jpg (105.5 KB, 666x500, 333:250, Memewar2.jpg)

File: 63dcefc73b7b894⋯.jpg (65.01 KB, 594x378, 11:7, Memewar1.jpg)

File: 5a7a821ab50c847⋯.jpg (59.86 KB, 480x449, 480:449, PlagueOfFrogs.jpg)

5ce0ef No.940992

File: 981ff5fa285b7cf⋯.jpg (66.96 KB, 594x396, 3:2, weinsteinjr.jpg)

5691ea No.940993

File: f72b21c174ae905⋯.png (645.83 KB, 790x548, 395:274, Elegant-Flotus.png)


Here you go Anon

c8fce8 No.940994

Yes there are many trying to control you and make you their pawn. And yes it is your choice to say yes or no. But to blame them is projection. The choice is yours.

6d89c3 No.940995


Been available thru about 90% of every bread since Q's inception.

And YES. That seems odd.

But Beanz was "farted off" the board for suggesting Q is a larp, and perhaps decided to not post about it here. Hard to know for sure, but either way it is "odd"…

Still waiting to see how that plays out.

Most anons here would march, but armed and with a mission. Otherwise we like anon status.

Beanz herself is kinda earned points with me from at least doing what she thinks is right.

(THAT being her thing, and to each of us -our purpose and "thing" differs.)

e4f301 No.940996

File: ddc0dd16be82173⋯.jpg (58.76 KB, 480x360, 4:3, CNN HP1.jpg)

File: d3d9239b936b558⋯.jpg (103.31 KB, 748x500, 187:125, CNN HP2.jpg)

File: 346d7a16a249552⋯.jpg (148.46 KB, 888x500, 222:125, CNN HP3.jpg)

f53d01 No.940997


id say he prolly going to border

ee4ccf No.940998


I've seen a lot of JS' videos he seems pretty legit. I mean he has his own mind made up on certain things, but overall I don't really see any red flags.

eb9ff1 No.940999

cbf80e No.941000


Oh yea ,buckle the fuck up , welcome to the horror wagon . hang on its going to get insane I bet when the drops happen !!

c88792 No.941001


Speak for yourself, shill. I'm a true patriot doing my duty to my country, humanity, and the world. You can't say the same.

And I'm doing it all for free – for freedom.

39deff No.941002

File: 33acd92ddce5131⋯.png (1.53 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, TexasQ.png)


I'm not, I live on the same side of the pond as you, but I lived over there for a few years as well. kek!

Are you the one that made these?

If so, there was a anon earlier asking for on for California….

f7671d No.941004


I am kind of glad they don't.

2ff07c No.941005


I would like it to be HRC but i just don't think it is. Hair appears to be in a bun or pulled up. HRC hair not that long. Although feet are crossed that would make thighs look larger. they appear to small for HRS. She got some huge thighs and small breast. Person appears to be leaning against wall watching something.

f944cf No.941006


>For the ScotAnon.

Wouldn't it be McQ then?

89048c No.941007

File: 864a003e55bad1f⋯.png (367.92 KB, 1072x1090, 536:545, ClipboardImage.png)


NOTICE how Trump mentions


as part of what the DoJ is supposed to turn over??????

Big League.

d0fd5c No.941008

File: 2e40559a80b1e06⋯.png (2.34 MB, 1692x880, 423:220, Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at ….png)

4e7484 No.941009



sorry for mixed messages with the first post, i'd been replacing for a while, forgot this was a new one completely...

so just to be sure,

>>900722 Qmap_graphic_2018-01-31_2018-02-07_Think intel

>>900734 Qmap_graphic_2018-02-07_2018-02-14_PAY THE PRICE

>>900744 Qmap_graphic_2018-02-15_2018-02-22_DISTRACTION

>>900758 Qmap_graphic_2018-02-23_2018-03-06_Eyes in the SKY

>>900766 Qmap_graphic_2018-03-06_2018-03-10_More coming

>>900778 Qmap_graphic_2018-03-10_2018-04-03_Safe

>>933234 Qmap_graphic_2018-04-03_2018-04-07_Open the door

>>940848 Qmap_graphic_2018-04-07)_Patriots stand together

ec5731 No.941010


>Jacob and Evelyn De Rothschild (left) with Nazarbayev (right), president of Kazahstan


KAZHARIAN 2.0 ,They already have censored Telegram and almost the free press.

537386 No.941011


I already posted that this is not anything, just a video game footage. The game is Zork Nemesis. It shows a doctor and some kids but nothing bad & it's not real. Here is a link to entire game play on yt. These scenes start @2:07:00.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnaFlZdtNbU&t=7450s

39a679 No.941012


Too late in the game for blue beam… (I was thinking about this when Q posted about "force projections" - to me airforce / bluebeam, but then this occured to me):

What fell from the sky recently??

Game Over!

46194b No.941013


I do find it kinda strange but it's associated with TB

Although PamphletAnon was here earlier today

they're over on the /storm/ I think, and YT

they were excommunicated when we switched boards…

time to come back together ?

d84925 No.941014


Maybe it's just to brief them. Good way to redpill vets who are no longer in service and have been honorable discharged. They deserve to be informed and they get the intel without the MSM filter.

618e87 No.941015


Woman who is center frame left in #10 looks a bit like someone we know.

7460c4 No.941016



I wet myself from Q's last post.

That is why I wear Depends.

85eef7 No.941017


O yeah, read the twitter comments… he triggered them good on this.

acc5cb No.941018

File: 704b2c07bb00aa9⋯.png (53.02 KB, 559x421, 559:421, ClipboardImage.png)

People are awake.

They are not buying Michelle Goldberg's crap…

16b587 No.941019

File: 917679739ffbe46⋯.jpg (4.16 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 20180407_173130.jpg)

0ff8af No.941020


Legs are waaaaay to skinny to be HRC

c88792 No.941021


> 1 post by this ID

Jordan Sather promoted kabamur_taygeta, who made numerous lies about Q having telepathic communications with Ivanka, for one. That KT fraud disappeared long ago after he was also trying to say he had external comms direct with Q.

JS is full of red flags.

c8fce8 No.941022

You can hold those responsible that try and control you yes. But blame hurts you not them. I am not responsible for what you think of me.

7b02b4 No.941023

File: 507bb1493868539⋯.jpg (58.33 KB, 800x416, 25:13, sessions-ms-13-01-800x416.jpg)

5fc62b No.941024


Saved! ThankQ

e627b6 No.941025


If you notice suspicious activity in your community, call the ICE Tip Line at 1-866-DHS-2-ICE or report tips online.

https:// www.ice.gov/features/human-trafficking

85eef7 No.941026


fake account i think anon

89048c No.941027

File: 4c4ff8164038611⋯.png (77.26 KB, 1950x232, 975:116, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 864a003e55bad1f⋯.png (367.92 KB, 1072x1090, 536:545, ClipboardImage.png)



Meant to add the Q post so i'll repost.

NOTICE how Trump mentions


as part of what the DoJ is supposed to turn over??????

Big League.

d84925 No.941028


I'd like to report my Prime Minister. Can I do that?

39deff No.941029

ed197a No.941030


You too, really, really appreciate your efforts, it's not as easy as it looks!

1e64d3 No.941031



Sorry Q team, Beanz is super suspect (as you guys know) and PA is full-on bad actor. ALL OF THEM COORDINATED WITH BARUCH.

Don't ask to us to unite around suspects. Not gonna do it. Remain skeptical. Question everything that smells.

4cc03f No.941033

File: 03fb2b0b67fd396⋯.png (243.75 KB, 691x551, 691:551, ClipboardImage.png)

c88792 No.941034


A single satellite going down doesn't mean they won't try it. You can't fool me into blind credulity.

88c84e No.941035


Aw shit that's kek.

6be4cd No.941036

File: c476a3ca61ebd98⋯.jpg (13.16 KB, 294x171, 98:57, venezuala.jpg)

We could stop them at the Panama Canal with US Army South Command.

Oh wait shit

https ://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_former_United_States_military_installations_in_Panama

9eebbc No.941037

Thank you so much! Driving me crazy and Google was no help.

5d6156 No.941038


See. Trump knows how easy this shit is. We have the power. I’m from Chicago, when u want something changed, u find 10 guys and sign 100 times each, bring the stack of paper into the alderman office and declare “THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN”

We gonna use their own tactics against them. They’re fucked. Trump has been slow playing these tweets for awhile because he doesn’t want them to delete him and bring the internet down. But now we have the people in the right places so if that happens, we all good.

1191cb No.941039


Can you fuckin read asshat?!

fa459b No.941040



059328 No.941041

File: 026f2b0067e8402⋯.png (146.87 KB, 663x330, 221:110, JPBSYmposiumWheresSnowden.png)


They are playing Cassidy on endless repeat.

Lyrics By: John Barlow

Flight of the seabirds

Scattered like lost words

Wheel to the storm and fly


>>893904 Q

>MS[13][13=M]MSM - The 'Wheel'

7fc9d6 No.941042


well, THAT'S a blast from the past. Kek.

de6610 No.941043


Each one decides how deep it goes.

Not only one red pill. But, one red pill per level. Many levels.

baf42c No.941044

File: ea557578fcdcd0f⋯.png (262.16 KB, 1780x1106, 890:553, Screenshot-2018-4-7 Q Rese….png)

>>940392 (from previous #1169 and notables)

What's the source? Confirmation?

5fc62b No.941045


No they're not mine.. Wish they were!!

28a321 No.941046

>>940582 (last)

I think it means. The FBI and DOJ are under control now. If you call and report something it will actually be investigated. There is now less danger in reporting.

Not that 4000 anons should inundate the call center reporting this one case.

A call for people to start (re)reporting cases in general.

88c84e No.941048


I thought the Rothschilds were Jewish. ;)

f7671d No.941049


Maybe. But if December it was early December. CBTS moved here by mid-December, I believe.

4cc03f No.941050

File: c93e02e5a351735⋯.png (354.34 KB, 1349x616, 1349:616, ClipboardImage.png)


calling out JOHN PODESTA for not getting Hillary elected and saying he's ruined a great family…hmmm

3b0781 No.941051


https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Brock

In 2004, he founded Media Matters for America, a non-profit organization which describes itself as a "progressive research and information center dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, analyzing and correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media."[5] He has since also founded super PACs called American Bridge 21st Century and Correct the Record, has become a board member of the super PAC Priorities USA Action, and has been elected chairman of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW).[6][7]

The Nation has described Brock as a "conservative journalistic assassin turned progressive empire-builder"

I didnt even know he was Alefantis's bf until I posted my American Bridge/Media Matters dig here ..

42a436 No.941052


omg relax… she posted it tons, was organizing for awhile… you think shes gonna come here and post her march after we shit on her everytime her names mentioned??

Listen to Q:

Patriots stand together.



They want you divided.


d0fd5c No.941053


digits confirm cvlt

c88792 No.941054


No, that's a complete cop out into lazy thinking and compartmentalized thinking. It is a limited hangout intended to encourage people to give up independent thought and scrutiny to trust misplaced authorities. Not buying it.

c8fce8 No.941055

Water flows down hill.

Can you figure out where and how to use that?

ec5731 No.941056


Cryill?, the Genocide of South Africa?

c03341 No.941057


I caught the bit last night about an anon going backwards to assemble complete EST maps.

Splendid idea.

I've asked Q for confirmation of accuracy on my GMTs but no response.

Dunno if that means busy or that they're shite.

Either way, I'll continue and look forward to see complete EST set.

LOTS habbening :)

8850fd No.941058

File: a7dfc551372d49c⋯.png (23.67 KB, 774x171, 86:19, Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at ….png)

File: 0e399c331c6dd07⋯.png (55.66 KB, 760x180, 38:9, Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at ….png)

Woah! I just did some digging on the 666 Fifth Ave building and saw that the builder of it died in 2016. He also built the World Trade Center and worked with Disney on their largest construction projects. The article says he died from "respiratory failure", which is suspicious to me. This guy must have known about all of the crazy infrastructure built under these buildings!

0ad63e No.941059

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


"Russian President Valdamir Putin warned that he had received evidence the millitants were plotting provocations with the use of toxic agents."

From April 5th

02eba9 No.941060


Heh. Yes and no. Remember: this is not a game.

I'm wondering: how much HDD space would one need to store 33.000 emails?

61539e No.941061


I remember this hitting 4chan during 2016. Come to think of it, I seem to recall seeing it on The Donald, too.

f36cbd No.941062


Sauce please….

d84925 No.941063


Fuck that famefag cunt. She's in it for the $$$ nothing more

72b55e No.941064


Anons put to much faith in Mattis.

He is carreer gneral, and if he was truely great Obama would have fired him, he purged all the patriot Generals.

They're bucking Trumps order to withdraw from Syria.

Till I see proof otherwise or Q says it, I say he is dirty.

just pointing out the obvious.

acc5cb No.941065


of course that's not real murray, mimicker but the post and the point has nothing to do with that.

6bafd6 No.941066


>A brand new account

2015, disinfofag!

d429ac No.941067


AWESOMER! TY anon. Saved!

06d0b4 No.941068


To be fair anons shit on all the famefags equally, and rightly so!

ec5731 No.941069


Nope. NewFag.

892f68 No.941070


>The choice, to KNOW, will be yours.

a5f9ae No.941071

File: 6893816d5855be8⋯.png (1.71 MB, 1330x1085, 38:31, ClipboardImage.png)


ù dead


c88792 No.941072


I saw it in real time. Pull the archive.is if you can find it. It's absolutely real. Patriot's honor.

2cb8b4 No.941073

Q, is Ghouta a FF?

Or too early?

ea8857 No.941074

Trump and his cabinet should all get IMDB pages after this is all over, Oscar worthy performances on this fight over documents.

384e44 No.941076


All and Everything Is…or something like that. hehe

f7671d No.941077


I remember seeing this on half chan back in the fall. It is allegedly a convo between David Brock and his subordinates.

dfc830 No.941078


Q dropped enough info that it was Hussein probably working with chicom black hats activating the chicom-made mil chips back door.

85eef7 No.941079

File: 957d743e0feaab0⋯.png (3.94 MB, 2133x2885, 2133:2885, 555.png)



This was posted at the top of this bread>>941044


2aa4fd No.941080

Looks like Liddle Epstein Island might be on fire. White hats? Black hats? Also any earthquake near there? Can any anons confirm?

https:// twitter.com/LizCrokin/status/982450110305943553

c88792 No.941081


Knowing and blind belief in bullshit are 100% opposed.

I choose knowing. Not blind belief in proved frauds.

5ad1e1 No.941082

File: c348d5d7d95a02d⋯.png (239.27 KB, 547x524, 547:524, 20180407_223359.png)

File: ba40048a0e4a548⋯.png (432.69 KB, 720x486, 40:27, 20180407_223631.png)


Instinct says Anon is right. Certainly Marina's Spirit Cooking would be more Hollywood…sick

c8fce8 No.941083


many times

as you but a few less :)

But you still breathing :)

618e87 No.941084


Could someone please repost the photo this was derived from? The one with cars and people in front? If I have it, I can't find it.

e2bdcf No.941085

File: b148b1df5ae55bd⋯.jpg (67.18 KB, 593x513, 593:513, Capture.JPG)


ec5731 No.941087


And the Space Force what?, Goode talked a lot about the SSP.

892f68 No.941088


It's ShareBlue intimidation propaganda from the 2016 election.

b672e3 No.941089


We need to not go down this road until the time is right. We don't want excuses for the fake news to use as ammo against Q/Trump and Anons. Timing is everything…right?

e4188e No.941091


Okay, replaced with this!

72b55e No.941092


What the old scottish song, WWII Scots was known as the Ladies from Hell because of the kilts :)

5599e2 No.941093


Ya White Helmets there to looks like a FF.

5d6156 No.941094


When we rearrange Hollywood, I want you to be a director. Those are the images that will revolutionize our world.

d0fd5c No.941095


are we sure everyone in the picture knows about Q ?

c88792 No.941096


Everyone knows about SSP. Goode and his Enoch-complex with the blue space chickens aren't suddenly real just because Corny Goode mentions SSP.

Are you really this fucking retarded?

acc5cb No.941097

File: 90ec9fe45df77fd⋯.png (302.69 KB, 1052x968, 263:242, ClipboardImage.png)

Napoleon Bonaparte said: "Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake."

Trump is letting deep state enemies making continuous mistakes. Every trick will make awakened public more outraged

39deff No.941099

c8fce8 No.941100


But you get choice

You get to decide.

That is the difference.

Note 'they' everyone else gets to as well.

Relax it is just a 3D reality

5599e2 No.941101

1e64d3 No.941102


>When we rearrange Hollywood,

Thanks anon. You're thinking strategically about the future, with confidence. This is the right thing to do. Imagine a post-Storm world. So much work to be done.

e4188e No.941103


Excellent find anon. Can you repost over on the 5thAve thread? It'll be most welcome.

cbf80e No.941104


Looks like Killary taking a pee break from carving up body's

8bd601 No.941105

File: 56b95833585879b⋯.jpg (26.58 KB, 1125x455, 225:91, IMG_20180408_030755.jpg)

File: ba275fa5792daec⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20180408-030727.png)

Anything of value here?

944c22 No.941106


Looks like the guy left photo is holding onto a leg. Child leg of about 5 maybe. Other leg next to it knee bent

72b55e No.941107


remember a Julian Assange Tweet there was docucloud address that listed all the MSM and the place of the 4 am drops. I thought I book marked it but can't find it.

f53d01 No.941108

File: 0954fa9be8a4e0c⋯.jpg (430.22 KB, 1754x2480, 877:1240, THELIE.jpg)

the fake jews are the jesuits and the synagogue of satan

the have infiltrated most gov. and organizations

the claim to be jews so they can hide behind antisemitism. its there biggest trick.

they are evil and the ones in control under lucifer. most people have been tricked into thinking its the jews…

06d0b4 No.941109


There are people who witnessed the truth under past administrations and kept quiet until they could put Trump and all of us in the position we're in now. They're true patriots and I'd bet all I own that Mattis is absolutely one of them.

3c18a2 No.941110


for the fifth or sixth fucking time

this was debunked last night

the images are from 2014

do a fucking reverse image search

8149ea No.941111

File: 5bec3eb3ebea33a⋯.png (620.64 KB, 663x757, 663:757, eh.PNG)

File: 3e1464f809b107c⋯.png (905.67 KB, 1119x834, 373:278, EHSacremento555.PNG)

File: ec97b2411d2e0c1⋯.png (84.54 KB, 652x859, 652:859, EHXBMeeting.PNG)

Eric Holder:

"No One Knows What Eric Holder Does For California"

https:// archive.fo/kbw38

The article mentions Xavier Becarra, and that Eric Holder met with democrats on Feb. 7th, 2017.

News that day has an LA Times article, published at 5:55 that states:

"Holder, along with five lawyers from his firm, met separately with the Senate and Assembly Democratic caucuses. That afternoon, there was a confab in the governor's office with legislative leaders and, via telephone, state Atty. Gen. Xavier Becerra."

https:/ /archive.fo/NPgfx

Xavier Becerra supported the sanctuary city policies of LA.

LA has a long line of Democrats to make Governor. If you watch the AG to Governor

It's Jerry Brown, Kamala Harris, Xavier Bercerra - all three through the California AG's,

All three moving up and opposing POTUS.

Xavier Becerra was born on Jan. 26th, 1958.

MS-13 started in 1980's Los Angeles.

That makes him 22 years old during that time.

What is MS-13's structure?

Are there any hidden tattoos or are they just comped?

https: //archive.fo/blvap

From the end of the LA Times article:

" 'The theme was coordination,' Rendon said."

d51f41 No.941113


This guy was an earlier attempt at a Q style insider revelation reckon - clocked him over a year ago via pol. Seems to have been fairly active and got some traction on the chans. Basically a collection of conspiracy with a few nods to personal knowledge, family history in OSS, a few predictions collected and tied together with Babylonian Talmodism and ultimately connected to the UK royals / Rothchilds.

Modus operandi is not unlike a kind of proto Q with more of a Wilcock / Goode / ascension / Cobra flavour & may have influenced the strategy of Q team in how to get initial traction IMHO.

1ca37e No.941114

Just came back after cpl days and also newfag. BUT

Has anyone linked this >>940392

to this >>939077


2cb8b4 No.941115


The SAA was about to fully control Ghouta, they would ha e no reason to use chemical weapons on the jihadis there.

My take is this a FF

98b0c4 No.941116


here are visually similar pics.. it's google reverse image search.

https:// www. google.com/search?q=vacation&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&tbs=simg:CAESiQIJ0NqF5OWHzjMa_1QELEKjU2AQaBAgVCAAMCxCwjKcIGmIKYAgDEiiYF_1EWjReZF4cMqRmpBaEZ8ha3DtEsxyyGOs8sgTr0IYQkzCyGJOMhGjBBrWuD-0xgGs5dftD-WlDXwKfjls5p-QmKzbYSRfR9f6BIw-lagpi_1mZWtsmuHo1EgBAwLEI6u_1ggaCgoICAESBA01QZkMCxCd7cEJGmkKGwoIdmFjYXRpb27apYj2AwsKCS9tLzAyandxaAoXCgNmdW7apYj2AwwKCi9tLzBkczk5bGgKGAoFbmlnaHTapYj2AwsKCS9tLzAxZDc0egoXCgVwYXJ0edqliPYDCgoIL20vMDVfNF8M&fir=nFrhegH8XTsg5M%253A%252C5xV4iE95g1pSvM%252C_&usg=__k7B0_vKgEP05HI2vlHllDLdbTWg%3D&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjd2tm8j6naAhVIwlkKHVt1A6IQ9QEINjAC#imgrc=nFrhegH8XTsg5M:

ec5731 No.941117


It says that The US Troops already are in Panama. Although must have risk of the US miltiary bases in Colombia. (Petro).

4e7484 No.941118


yeah, and it gets crazy when Q posts rapidfire style (or when there's so many replies in the chain and pics and links etc)… i wish i had time to go back in my caps archives/get new ones to have a complete set like GMTmapanon, but at this pace (and the speed i work, which is not very fast, though i got better), i have a hard time keeping up already! Maybe sometime, though, it's been itching me for a while…

thanks again for the sheet - i've seen it less referenced lately as a resource, it seems, but though the answers are of course sometime debatable, i think it's the best place to understand the crumbs better, get an introduction and/or really jump into it (for a normie, say - one willing to learn, of course). Hard to say because i've been in it for a while, though….

*oh, one thing, can't recall which post exactly but i remember missing some info lost in the reply chain somewhere, maybe you could check for that, include the text (main example coming to mind being the anon who explained the SethRich MS13 story: another anon says "now we need Q to confirm", Q does, but links only that post, so the first one is rarely seen in archives)


1191cb No.941119


I'm seeing the same pics over and over. White Helmet assholes and the blue check marked propagandists are all over this blaming Assad and Putin.

The lies have got to stop along w the asshole clowns and their supporters like No Name!

6f904e No.941120

Don't forget to watch Snowden.

Here is the link to the livestream. He isn't on yet, but still, here is the link:

https:// youtu.be/Oaci9vlg_Sc

4cc03f No.941121

File: ed52d26ab423fe5⋯.png (11.35 MB, 3024x4032, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)

cbf80e No.941122


Its the worst horror movie possible and it's real. I have no doubt that is a mans head hanging off that table on the right . Blood on the floor on the wall . everywhere. Shop Fan going .Chainsaw Massacre starring Hillary .

39deff No.941123

c8fce8 No.941124

I laugh at a trade war

Stupid we well to Canada or Yugoslavia and they buy it there stupid.

c4bf19 No.941125


Lynch has a televised interview airing on Monday night

5691ea No.941126



Be glad to m8!

5d6156 No.941127


You’re glowing.

673080 No.941128

https:// www.eff.org/deeplinks/2018/03/internet-invited-honor

Confirmed speakers @snowden

e4188e No.941129

File: 956c4a044c0f02d⋯.jpg (149.69 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 956c4a044c0f02dcbd7b6d1581….jpg)


Checkin you with your quads.

8d80af No.941130


That was real…I remember when she tweeted it

c25ec8 No.941131

File: 9256f41c5e026bf⋯.jpg (195.92 KB, 1023x513, 341:171, DrainTheSwamp16Becerra.jpg)


Quads confirm.

Becerra is also a POS.

46194b No.941132



>Made a TON of connections with some very incredible patriots, who came from locations across this country from sea to shining sea, and it was an incredible experience.

Excellent. Glad to hear it. It's building.

>This event has 1000% inspired me to, in the future, organize a similar event myself. This one was relatively big, but we can do this MUCH bigger.

I would like to join you in the walk next time PA.

Let us know when and where, hopefully on the east coast. Thanks for taking a stand and showing us how to do it. MAGA

1191cb No.941133


Beccera runs a ratline op out there. Bad dude.

4cc03f No.941134

File: 6a85e450f3883f3⋯.png (2.29 MB, 1864x1312, 233:164, ClipboardImage.png)

Jimmy Comet, LDR, David Brock….wow, all these sick people in ONE PHOTO! hot damn!

d84925 No.941135

File: b4e0c9970ea425b⋯.jpg (62.03 KB, 551x558, 551:558, nascheckem.jpg)

051c42 No.941136



>When we rearrange Hollywood,

Hallmark movies everywhere. Sci-Fi Hallmark, Comedy Hallmark, Horror Hallmark (meeting the mother in law)

d429ac No.941137

File: a7147c0cdf25123⋯.png (211.18 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Jimmy1.png)


Oh I just CAN'T WAIT for Comey week…

Evil or not, I can't imagine this all being a dud.

Jimmy better bring the drama!

cbf80e No.941138


Looks like a haitians head off the right table. Black male for sure .

dbdc35 No.941139

File: 24a61707aaa8daf⋯.jpg (31.05 KB, 698x960, 349:480, trans.jpg)

61539e No.941140


Absolutely agree that John Tishman MUST have known about sketchy underground doings at 666 Fifth Avenue.

Most people are aware of the "utilidors" tunnels that employees use at Disney World. They'd certainly be underneath every other Disney property.

Too many old/disused/remodeled tunnels underneath Manhattan to even imagine.

So did Tishman or his associates or companies do any projects in the Caribbean or Mexico/South America? Asia? Africa?

88c84e No.941141


LdR is going to be so disappointed if there's not a hell.

4cc03f No.941142

File: f3203d1974ae73e⋯.png (552.94 KB, 468x610, 234:305, ClipboardImage.png)

Jacob Rothschild with CEO on Glencore

Glencore is one of world's most powerful company, which engages in shady deals and abuses people around the world on a daily basis

d7fd00 No.941143


I wish we could get a productive consensus going about this.

What anons do is distinct from what social media or alternative news does.

Each are best kept in their distinct capacities of the whole work.

384e44 No.941144


I'm just sittin' here watchin the wheels go round and round…and enjoying the show!

dcd23d No.941145


Bad news man, so sad

39deff No.941146


Getting the horror movie industry lined out?

c88792 No.941148


See, the OSS should be the glowing red flag that he's cabal. OSS => Nazi => C I A. Thought it would be obvious that this is a limited hangout from that alone.

Claiming Q inspired by that trash is patently ridiculous, as POTUS saw activity on halfchan/pol/ during campaign in '16.

3b0781 No.941149

File: 9b7c629197e3125⋯.png (83.29 KB, 902x214, 451:107, ClipboardImage.png)


Its from 2016 …

4cc03f No.941150

File: 1128b4e57958dbc⋯.png (766.89 KB, 1070x1010, 107:101, ClipboardImage.png)

6be4cd No.941151

File: 32edf32e6bc0b3b⋯.jpg (14.29 KB, 276x183, 92:61, migrations.jpg)

f53d01 No.941152

c8fce8 No.941153

Why so many in this reality want 'days of our lives'?

54bb35 No.941154


I'm going to watch Hostel tonight and see if I can pick up any clues. You know those movies are documentaries.

4aa493 No.941155

File: 4ea1929a8c08d6b⋯.jpg (250.81 KB, 1097x959, 1097:959, BSK292.jpg)

File: fb62f830082a597⋯.jpg (69.95 KB, 761x349, 761:349, BSK292_log.jpg)

Another flight to Gitmo today. BSK292 has been busy with Gitmo flights recently.

e4f301 No.941157


>What fell from the sky recently?? Dead Chinese Sat.

Lest you be misled by that graphic, Project Blue Beam is NOT implemented from a satellite. The power requirements are far to great. It is land based.

87de0c No.941158

File: af43f1974045d75⋯.png (92.86 KB, 597x675, 199:225, Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at ….png)


https:// ucr.fbi.gov/human-trafficking


Oh look, Kamala Harris literally wrote the book on how California reports crimes.

Funny how these things get ranked in the FBI UCR and NIBRS system. Indian/Tribal Jurisdiction for Human Trafficking? Really Kamala? I wonder if you ran on that for Senate. I'm sure it would get the Hollywood Vote.

915f34 No.941159


Or maybe he knew that the steel had an exploitable weakness manufactured into it that could be activated by a direct energy weapon which would make the steel go POOF!

515e19 No.941160


shill, you know who it is, stop pretending.


be more respectful.

she may not have known what a monster RC was, or may have been seeking information.

5ad1e1 No.941161

File: c348d5d7d95a02d⋯.png (239.27 KB, 547x524, 547:524, 20180407_223359.png)

File: ba40048a0e4a548⋯.png (432.69 KB, 720x486, 40:27, 20180407_223631.png)


Instinct says Anon is right. Marina A's spirit cooking is more hollywood….sick

4cc03f No.941162

File: 59e2b9f86a175ad⋯.png (565.96 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

these people are sick

5ce0ef No.941163

File: c25d80890163f77⋯.png (694.54 KB, 1244x1300, 311:325, digitzcheckem.png)

88c84e No.941164

c88792 No.941165


Just let him ramble on. We need to see more elements of their gameplan unravel here. It's cut and dry to me, but more need to see the historicity of it.

4d1ce6 No.941166


i used to live on the uws in a big building. people working there claimed was connected underground with other buildings.

claimed all manhattan is connected

d8231f No.941167


Votl is a fucking larp though, he literally got caught like a year ago receiving some 'secret document' over email and you could see the sender was his own email address lol

39deff No.941168


You need to dig into the JFK assassination to figure it out.

c0b7c8 No.941169

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


9e1ca9 No.941170

File: facf470c8511e7c⋯.jpeg (184.46 KB, 500x1312, 125:328, FFB423A0-F9A7-412A-9607-5….jpeg)

4e7484 No.941171


>an anon going backwards to assemble complete EST maps.

sweet, looking forward to it, i just wish i had the time/energy to do it as well

>confirmation of accuracy

well, as long as you've got the same posts as archives, that shouldn't be an issue. Confirmation of graphs was a point when he didn't use a trip and credible fakes started popping up (like the infamous rabbit, or streetsign post)… once that was locked down, he never confirmed again (until last night's clarification/reply to someone posting an old apocryphal Q post)

5d6156 No.941172




Indeed. I can’t wait to see what real talent can do. All these “stars”, powerful politicians and many elite businessman are only given their power because they are sadistic and comped.

When we flush these turds, the air will clean. Trump is just about finished with his deuce but he’s taking the last couple drags off the smoke before he wipes his ass.

Get ready m8, good times ahead.

2aa4fd No.941173


Thanks for answering my question. Breads moving fast last night and I never saw anything about it on here. Saw just now on another site and brought here for verification / nullification. Operating right now, so thanks for the help, anon.

0375d5 No.941174


Q just plain missed that fact that beanz was behind this farce

right message wrong pic

stuff happens

ec5731 No.941175


Do you investigated Phill Schneider?

d79b7e No.941176

File: 1e87b8a4eda49ae⋯.jpg (754.78 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, IMG_2146.JPG)

File: 6a302721d27581b⋯.jpg (335.16 KB, 1143x682, 1143:682, IMG_2150.JPG)

File: 56b1ed4fbffd0a0⋯.jpg (306.3 KB, 975x651, 325:217, IMG_2207.JPG)

File: 8dcb58ad1389e7b⋯.jpg (1.22 MB, 1608x1080, 67:45, IMG_20180223_235154_proces….jpg)


WHAT IN THE FUCK?!?! She is at least as wicked as him.

4aa493 No.941177

File: de3eb6dc114e37e⋯.jpg (253.56 KB, 1095x961, 1095:961, BSK293.jpg)

It returned to Jacksonville 17 minutes ago.

39a679 No.941178


3rd on says new, not news…

Love the work tho anon!

Nice pick up, blessings

8d80af No.941179

But maybe its only Hollywoodish for those venues….to give it the appearance of normality

Maybe genuine cookings are more bare bones, as it were


72b55e No.941180


says March 2015

not exactly new…

but curious only has tweets of the gas attack,.

85eef7 No.941181


Under ground Alien bases.

663b59 No.941182

0375d5 No.941183


>bespatter ???????

cut the embiggening wurds

8335a5 No.941184




8149ea No.941185


We have things to do here first. Think globally act locally.

25e851 No.941186


A ton of coded shit in that movie.

915f34 No.941187



We shall see. I have my doubts as well.

5ad1e1 No.941188


Apologies Anon posted to wrong link

f53d01 No.941189


ever notice how fucking ugly these elites are?

alligators are so mean cause they got all them teeth and no tooth brush…

7fc9d6 No.941190



>Napoleon Bonaparte said: "Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake."

Top Kek!

I, for one, am looking forward to Media Matters taking on the hivemind here. I mean, seriously, who's the genius that came up with the idea of antagonizing the same group of people that found a FUCKING FLAG IN THE MIDDLE OF A GODDAMNED FIELD!!!

I expect the experience to be nothing short of glorious!

4cc03f No.941191

File: eff181c032646c8⋯.png (800.92 KB, 564x846, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png)

I see a Pharaohs head

c88792 No.941193


He obviously touched too close to home on satanic/luciferian/black sun occultists and got whacked. He did it under guise of "disclosure" when he clearly meant demonic humans doing their evil deeds.

d0fd5c No.941194

File: c403c496e062a32⋯.jpg (680.82 KB, 2080x1544, 260:193, IMG_0405.jpg)


still looking for teh base

1191cb No.941195


That movie grossed me out at the time. Absolutely based on real shit.

88c84e No.941196

File: b08510db615c280⋯.jpg (16.67 KB, 480x414, 80:69, champagne pepe.jpg)

Anons it appears it's going to be a Rothschild evening. And I'm going to miss it. Lynn and her lovely limbs are one of my expert subjects, but alas, my presence as a human and not an anon is being requested.

You have fun. Be excellent. And remember, Q knows this shit. Our mission is to teach others. So go gently into the truth.

079f9a No.941197


Maybe D-room is "dining" room (second pic).

Where's Table #29?? That is table 12.

6f904e No.941198


Regular flights Tues and Saturday. Family and dependents, etc. Been going on for years. Sorry nothing ominous.

a10470 No.941199


We know that ISIS is the spawn of Satan in Syria along with all the other Islamist groups. So we know exactly who benefits from a human sacrifice made on the Easter/Passover festival

And of course, Satan is the master of deception so they lie and blame it on the Assad government but we are not stupid sheep any more. Trump is withdrawing US troops from Syria because traitors in the ranks are supplying ISIS and friends. Once the US troops are gone, Assad and Russia will mop up the rest.

If you don't believe that there are traitors in the US military deployment in Syria, then check out Senator Lindsey Graham's statements on the withdrawal. Why does he want US troops in harm's way? Because he is one of the traitors who set up the ISIS supply lines with the help of other traitors in the military.

cb7311 No.941200


It was the guiding light, as the world turns , and edge of night ,, days came way later

6be4cd No.941201

CCP Chinese Communist Party

DTO Drug Trafficking Organization

EU European Union

FARC Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia

GMO Genetically Modified Organisms

IGO Intergovernmental Organization

MS 13 Mara Salvatrucha

NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NGO Non-Governmental Organization

PRC Peoples Republic of China

RT Russia Today

TCO Transnational Criminal Organization

UAE United Arab Emirates

UNHCR United Nations High Commissioner for


UNICEF United Nations Childrens Fund

VEO Violent Extremist Organization

c8fce8 No.941202

Everyone has complete control of their own thoughts, actions, and feelings. If they act with intent they can define what results they will get. When you give that away you give up your path and control of your life.

deal wtih it if you don't endorse it.

f53d01 No.941203


nephilim and dna manipulation id recon

1e64d3 No.941204


Imagine an actual news service on television, similar to the chans, that dig into EVERYTHING with ferocity. No memory holes. No gaslighting. No waking up to green fields every single day and waiting for the new programming that contradicts yesterday's programming.

6dab53 No.941205

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

d39a94 No.941206

File: 7ffb6ca82776ea8⋯.jpg (11.4 KB, 260x194, 130:97, cushing.jpg)

Re: Oklahoma earthquake today (HUGE NATIONAL RISK)

Previous bread>>940129

Earthquakes are common in oil country and there have been a few big enough to feel a jolt but they are relatively uncommon. The largest in Oklahoma was a 5.8 near Pawnee.

Here's the scary thing with all these quakes.

Today's earthquake swarm is only 35 miles (straight line) from Cushing, Oklahoma. Cushing has the largest oil storage farm IN THE WORLD. (It was hit by a 5.3 earthquake in 2016.) We talk about EMPs. If a major earthquake should strike Cushing and rupture these tanks, it would bring our nation to knees in an instant from an energy standpoint.

"How Man-made Earthquakes Could Cripple the U.S. Economy"

https:// www.politico.com/magazine/story/2017/09/14/earthquakes-oil-us-economy-fracking-215602

To this article, I say "define manmade". Yes fracking. But could something more sinister be going on here?

ec5731 No.941207


Interesting. Thank you.

acc5cb No.941208

File: 0f3e71879c5a04a⋯.png (130.01 KB, 816x565, 816:565, ClipboardImage.png)


oldest found by tineye … 2009

Found on: elinvernaderodelavapies.blogspot.com/

we don't know if there is any real relation to pedos etc

c8fce8 No.941209


afaa2b No.941210


White helmets are luke snopes. If they are involved its for sure FF

6dab53 No.941211


https:// twitter.com/RealCandaceO/status/982624834722062337

f7671d No.941212



39deff No.941213


She looks like she's reading something from Q, and is about to piss herself.! KEK!

e4f301 No.941214


On a different note, but same song, the crooked Sheriff in Florida Scott Israel, was collecting all kinds of Federal Money for lowering the arrest numbers (especially among teens). He did this by letting them go, not by cleaning them up.

That's why the deputies were outside hiding. Their rule book ended with . . . but don't arrrest them. There was even a video of him saying they wanted to be 'friends with the hood' not policeman.

c88792 No.941215


No, they tend to wear hats and stay out of public view. Stop spreading disinfo.

aebca8 No.941216


thank you….if you actually give a reason for disagreeing with something, then you are an anon. if you blindly talk shit about everything and don't give any reasons why, then you're a shill

c1f342 No.941217


look at the ch. 10 one again. never heard anyone talk about the other guy sitting on a bucket very left in pic. what is on that table? are those legs… or whats left of them?

4aa493 No.941218


What about ATN and CSQ flights then?

384e44 No.941219


Vitruvian man

4cc03f No.941220

File: e30ba4b22722b24⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1200x791, 1200:791, ClipboardImage.png)

MCstain is such a piece of shit in my areshole

1e64d3 No.941221


Champagne wishes and caviar dreams, humanfaggot. Godspeed. We'll toy with that grotesquely limbed spider cunt in your absence.

c4bf19 No.941222

File: 6a48162a4512006⋯.mp4 (1.39 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, lynch.mp4)

Trump is just waiting for Lynch and Comey to trip over each other.

6d84f7 No.941223


Jay Z killed 2Pac and Biggie cause they weren't down with his baby raping shit.

f53d01 No.941224


nephilim/pharisees/jesuits/synagogue of satan

7c3d7a No.941225

>>939949 'Epstein's plane. Follow friends. Friends lead to others.' : Geraldine Laybourne of Nickelodeon

Nice dig

Also founder of Oxygen Media with Oprah

39bf17 No.941226


Why would you arrange meat in the form of a baby to eat?

ec5731 No.941227


Interesting. Thank you.

e4188e No.941228

Threadly Update

Notables so far. Any more to add?


>>941111 Eric Holder: "No One Knows What Eric Holder Does For California"

>>940899 On now: John Perry Barlow Symposium, Saturday, April 7, 2018 from 2 PM to 6 PM PDT

>>940707 The Media Matters 4chan article that Q mentions

>>940696 Kill Room, body on the table? Cannibalism?

>>940665 Correct The Record Discord leak

>>940642 George Soros: 'Facebook and Google a menace to society' (but he owns so much stock?)

079f9a No.941229

File: 9c22013592a5aab⋯.png (311.87 KB, 646x412, 323:206, ClipboardImage.png)

c8fce8 No.941230

holly fuck days of our lives.

61539e No.941232


Yep, and so commonly known by New Yorkers that it's not tinfoil hat at all, just fact.

No doubt all the old blueprints & plans have been gathering dust in City Hall's archives for decades. I mean, what year were tunnels started? First were dug well over 100 years ago, iirc.

6be4cd No.941233

Weapons of Warfare

http: //www.soc.mil/swcs/ProjectGray/Support%20to%20Political%20Warfare%20White%20Paper%20v2.3-RMT%20(10MAR2015)%20%20%20.pdf

c6d7c6 No.941234

File: ae2af517cbc8d6b⋯.png (402.07 KB, 720x494, 360:247, 20180407_094240.png)

5599e2 No.941235


They sure are trying to stir up shit. Must be scared as shit.

4cc03f No.941236

File: 891ecef944a7d7a⋯.png (292.13 KB, 858x394, 429:197, ClipboardImage.png)

325baf No.941237


If you know who it is, say. Why be so weird about it, anon?

7460c4 No.941238


Turn around.

There is a way out.

5fda0b No.941239

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Connecting the 'dots' MIK Ultra Style

c0a6d2 No.941240


So 'The Tone'.

Do we mean the Tone of national discourse has changed?

Or is there some ultrasonic hacking going on?

Or are we talking about The Windsor Hum and that meteor the other night?

618e87 No.941241


Thanks, good enough, has what I need.

e4f301 No.941242


What the fuck? Is Lynn scratching here balls there or what?

4cc03f No.941243

File: bbc1b4141d5052c⋯.png (334.87 KB, 620x340, 31:17, ClipboardImage.png)

384e44 No.941244


hah Mcshitstain!

c03341 No.941245


"(until last night's clarification/reply to someone posting an old apocryphal Q post)" That was me :D

The "you" is in my graphics.

I finally got a direct comm with Q.


…but yeah, I hope you're right.

I used the archives to link to the original posts for screenshots so I've not missed anything there.

You're doing plenty.

We all contribute as much as we can.

Gotta remember human functions.

Re-hydrate. Nourish. Breath. Wash. Sleep. QAnon. Rinse & repeat.

7460c4 No.941246



b07a88 No.941247


I thought this was fake.

Saw it many breads ago.

5599e2 No.941248


Yup evil bastard.

acc5cb No.941249


I don't know.

The point is not to invent imaginary evidence. It will be shut down in public and hive mind mocked.

There's a link to follow.. spanish/portuguese? let someone check if the source is legit or not.

0375d5 No.941250






85eef7 No.941251

Benedict Arnold was a piker compared to McCshitstain

c0a6d2 No.941252


and what's with the single quotes?

That's used by Brits and some Dixiecrats who stick to the Oxford spelling because Confederate States.

5d6156 No.941253


My wife and I both were journalists students for one of the major schools of journalism in the country and I remember taking an oath in college, to uphold truth.

I’m a semi old fag here and both the wife and I ended up in diff industries but I specifically recall taking this oath to uphold truth seriously. What journalism has become, is quite the opposite.

1e64d3 No.941254


Even Hov admits he's a camel face.


5fc62b No.941255

File: 412b14b23ce8998⋯.png (724.81 KB, 1811x996, 1811:996, McQ.png)


You are quite right anon.

God bless our Scots Warrior anons.

d0fd5c No.941256

File: 77705fc9c8a21b7⋯.jpeg (211.99 KB, 900x900, 1:1, download.jpeg)

f53d01 No.941257


yea, ever giant they uncover they hurry and r u n n o f ted with it and hide in Smithsonian or an elites house.

46efc0 No.941258

Is that Madoff? Middle is demi moore, yuck!


39deff No.941259


I hope they get this POS when shit goes down in CA.

238016 No.941260


> ccluster.com/candy

those sick fucks

432cad No.941261

File: cc5dc93b30d0b15⋯.jpeg (859.87 KB, 1524x1942, 762:971, FFAB6A90-78AF-4337-90A2-5….jpeg)

0123a4 No.941262


That's what I meant. Brand new to me means no tweets, I don't care when it was launched.

c6b809 No.941263


Ha ha ha. You know it. That's how most of this has worked, troll them into action and then poof! Truth comes out, they look even dumber. (if that were possible)

I think something major will happen at the peak of the conspiracy push.

0375d5 No.941264


Yeah Q stepped in it that time

right message wrong messenger

059328 No.941265


>• Mitch Kapor, Co-founder of EFF and Co-chair of the Kapor Center for Social Impact

Speaking now

>https:// angel.co/ kapor-capital/syndicate

He just talked about "sneaking" into the CIA with Barlow.

<Yeah right. What a douchenozzle.

>https:// newrepublic.com/article/140245/ obamas-lost-army-inside-fall-grassroots-machine

On July 20, 2008, Mitch Kapor, the creator of Lotus 1-2-3 and a longtime denizen of Silicon Valley’s intellectual elite, dialed in to a conference call hosted by Christopher Edley Jr., a senior policy adviser to Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. Joining them on the line were some of the world’s top experts in crowdsourcing and online engagement, including Reid Hoffman, the billionaire co-founder of LinkedIn, and Mitchell Baker, the chairman of Mozilla. Drawing on Kapor’s influence, Edley had invited them to join a “Movement 2.0 Brainstorming Group.” Together, they would ponder a crucial question: how to “sustain the movement” should Obama, who was still a month away from accepting the Democratic nomination, go on to win the White House.

1e64d3 No.941266


Keep your powder dry, semi-old fag. Your time will come soon. Your oath will not be forgotten. Best wishes.

e4188e No.941267












Thank YOU Anon.


5b40ae No.941268

File: 4d37efb34476ce0⋯.png (234.67 KB, 524x620, 131:155, AWANPNG.png)

New meme. I liked this 44 theory/connection so put it into a graphic. Feel it is too cluttered so may revise.

Feedback welcome. Will post to MEME thread when finalized.

c88792 No.941269


I remember that. That was during '16 campaign on halfchan. That's text from a private chatroom that was leaked. Fucked 'em up pretty bad.

Stay off of Windows OS when browsing the chans.

0123a4 No.941270


All tweets from within a week, I don't care when an account was created, brand new if it has not been active before, and tiny followers.

d2239c No.941271


And yes…YOUR WORD is the final say…NOT

THIS VIDEO is SICK….an older "man"/animal dressed as a "doctor" INSPECTING YOUNG GIRLS…like they're cattle….


YOU are making an ASSUMPTION that this is somehow "acting" and not the REAL DEAL…

The FACT that's it's in a CNN HEADLINE NEWS VIDEO (capturing that one segment out of a 2 1/2 hour long game) which is also tied to a PEPSI commercial (which we know is important per 5thAveAnon) tells me THIS IS REAL….and it was a "blackmail threat" that was televised on a national platform….



d0fd5c No.941272

File: 71def598285e24b⋯.jpg (88.35 KB, 579x723, 193:241, IMG_0406.jpg)

acc5cb No.941273



Q: These people are idiots. (point proven by now)

They are red pilling the nation with every trickry and fuckery they do…. never stop your enemy doing mistakes… and doing your work for you (=fighting the enemy)

c8fce8 No.941274


days of our lives.

Responsible is not the same as invested.

d571c2 No.941275

File: 0610dedd970e302⋯.png (115.13 KB, 896x450, 448:225, ClipboardImage.png)

a10470 No.941276


Yes, your photos prove that this is an absolutely crazy assertion. And the timelines of their birth show that this is simply NOT POSSIBLE.

I wonder whether you are an idiot or whether this is a limited hangout to cover up Fidel Castro's actual origins. Looking at the photos, it is obvious that these two are related. But without DNA we cannot know what the relationship is, unless we find some evidence in their genealogy. Even then, when the Illuminati breed bloodline members for special tasks, they often obscure the genealogy by using private fostering relationships.

Knowing that Hillary was supposed to be the last President, triggering WW3 and merging the USA with the Soviet Union, it seems that both these individuals would be bloodline members. Justin's task was to unite Canada with the USA. And Fidel's task was to establish a Communist base in North America and keep up pressure on the USA.

So far nobody has done any digging on these two. We just see endless rounds of this idiotic assertion that hasn't got a single shred of evidence, beyond someone's suspicion. Hate to break it to you but suspicion is not science and proves nothing but your low IQ.

4e7484 No.941277


insert homersimpsondrooling.gif

i forgot to imagine such a thing as even possible…

but yes, so much yes.

certainly POTUS/Qteam/watchers here have been following us and could have an amazing team anytime they want… oh, the things we could do for the W&W if we weren't stuck in our wageslaves workfagging…

5691ea No.941278

File: 1ecc9f41f049b02⋯.png (650.12 KB, 790x548, 395:274, Elegant-Flotus&Anons.png)


Variation on the theme.

All of us on 11-11-2018 (11)

A Glorious Day!

4cc03f No.941279

File: 0e185b796659bb6⋯.png (1.62 MB, 1060x1062, 530:531, ClipboardImage.png)

80b83d No.941280





1e64d3 No.941282


Meh. Time to reveal power levels. (((they))) already know. I'd rather be clear about things.

5fc62b No.941283


My pleasure o7 :)

God bless.

ba05ba No.941284


I have one with no posts and zero followers. You don’t know shit

c8fce8 No.941285


Is that because you enjoy drama?

Drama is way to evade your own shit.

61539e No.941286

File: 325b7220c59520b⋯.jpg (99.15 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, WhiteHats.jpg)


No way I'm opening that link. Gaaaah.

Forward to your state's attorney general and state bureaus of investigation.

Just get it to law enforcement of any kind, tell them you don't know what's in it but want to report the URL. They'll take it from there.

0123a4 No.941287


is this fag using that old zork footage again?

6a6cda No.941288


SHIT YEAH ANON! What a time to be alive! It's an honor to be here with you all!

d429ac No.941289

File: f9076c8c760e037⋯.png (797.68 KB, 886x953, 886:953, C-I-APepe4.png)




ESTfag here! I've just noticed something…the EDT stamps have disappeared off qanon.pub. Everything's EST now, so the posts on there since Daylight Savings are an hour behind the 8ch timestamps. Shouldn't affect the GMT maps, I don't think.

4cc03f No.941290

File: b102347214fb054⋯.png (1.04 MB, 960x549, 320:183, ClipboardImage.png)

Waddesdon Manor, Rothschild Estate, UK

8f73bb No.941291

File: e0e489873557121⋯.jpg (22.65 KB, 210x300, 7:10, s-l300.jpg)


“We” are the original creators of “Q”.

I. We are the original creators of the terms:

① The Quiet Storm.

② The Calm Before The Storm.

③ The Storm.


We laid it out all very minute detail before Trump was elected.

(More details to be posted on our new board, with proof of us as the original source).

III. THE PLAN TO RESTORE THE REPUBLIC and the original Constitution of 1787 - 1789via use of the above items.

IV. The plan to use the MIL for arrests was covered by others as far back as 2013.

V. The Plan to end the Fed. Our plan will work without crashing the economy. This was laid out in detail by another group who we encouraged to work with Potus, and whom he invited to Camp David.

VI. The Blue-print for The New Republic – Detailed, pages of the entire plan to re-build the nation. (All this to be presented on our new board coming soon).

We devoted hundreds of hours to studying the true history of our Republic, (not that which is taught in school, corrupted by the bankers), the current state of our Republic.

VII. We are the authors of The Civilization of the Future and The Plan to explore space using 0 energy.

VIII. We are the creators of many technological innovations and revolutionary ideas.

IX. We are the conspiracy theorist who POTUS was following last year on another board. He liked our ideas and adopted them. Q now is reflecting everything we created.

More details coming soon…our new board ready in a few days…

f53d01 No.941292

thinking out of box and outloud

i wonder if the border shit going on now has anything to do with jade helm? anons?

2ff07c No.941293

File: 556424de7f40d5f⋯.jpg (104.49 KB, 1092x657, 364:219, RAY CHANDLER SECURITY CAMS….JPG)

What am I seeing? Q? Alien? I feel like I fell in the freaking twilight zone looking at the security cams.

5d6156 No.941294


put me in coach.

d0fd5c No.941295


fuckoff doug

6be4cd No.941296

File: 54fe5ce1077a009⋯.jpg (9.76 KB, 179x262, 179:262, 307.jpg)

“Three Warfares” concept. Employed by China in 2003

1 Psychological Warfare seeks to undermine an enemy’s operational ability by demoralizing

enemy military and civilian populations through “television, radio broadcast, loudspeakers,

leaflets, and calculated military operations, accompanied by “diplomatic pressure, rumors,

false narratives, and harassment to ‘express displeasure, assert hegemony, and convey threats.”

2 Media Warfare seeks to influence domestic and international public opinion to build support for military actions and dissuade ad versaries from actions contrary to China’s interests. It also

targets the Chinese diaspora to garner support for “Chinese public diplomacy and espionage

operations throughout the world.”

3. Legal Warfare uses international and domestic law to claim the legal high ground or assert Chinese interests. It can be employed to hamstring an adversary’s operational freedom and shape the operational space.

Legal warfare is also intended “to build

international support and manage possible political repercussions of China’s military actions.”

China has already used Legal Warfare to cause friction among adversaries and influence

interpretation of international law.

384e44 No.941297


Geeez…you're bringing us down. haha

e4188e No.941298

8f73bb No.941299

File: 04e73af2b97ce32⋯.jpg (224.07 KB, 1024x796, 256:199, the-birth-of-a-nation-1915….jpg)


• Who is current Q and what is his agenda?

• Why has he not recognized us as creator of The Plan and is using our plan without giving us credit?

• Why has Q accused others of failing when he himself is using The Plan and ideas taken from others?

→♠ Here is what really took place:

► Current Q came-in and created a psy-op and stole these terms from us without giving us credit and also combined material from many sources into this Q psy-op.


Q is nothing but a combination of white Hat CICADA phrases and predictions from a year ago, the material which “we” created, material from Edward Snowden and the predictions which groups such as AIM made first. This is why the KEK bots attack AIM (We are not AIM). Q has used the language, phrases and information almost verbatum from Edward Snowden.

► The errors of “Q”

♦ Some time back “Q” released a fake John Podesta e-mail that was not even from him and claimed the NSA released it. He also incorporated material from 2013 produced by Benjamin Fullford, Drake, David Wilkerson and others, about the idea of doing military arrests.

♦ Then two weeks ago Q said the next week would be huge and he kept posting “BOOM” “BOOM” “BOOM” “BOOM” . And what happened the next week? The terrorist bombing in Texas is all, but nothing else big.

► He then claimed Hillary was under detention almost a year ago, while a short while ago she was on vacation in Hawaai at the same time the clowns via a rogue sub tried to nuke Hawaai and Japan, to start WWIII between the U.S. and North Korea. Nothing Q has predicted has come true, but many things he has predicted have not. Q is just some rogue group mixing a hodge-podge of information he steals from various sources, then claims to be MIL Intel. He gives all types of fake signals and pretends to be connected to POTUS. He doxed himself the other day, saying “You failed”, in a knee jerk reaction, not realizing We are the creators of the Q plan he has stolen. He only doxed himself, by exposing the clowns rigging of the chans, exposing Jeff Sessions as an SES member and all the SES criminals and revealing how un-informed he really is thinking he was dealing with some ignorant AIM group. Sorry, fake Q has been exposed and the attached document reveals his precise agenda. See the link also and discover the truth. Be ignorant no longer.

We are the legit Q.

d79b7e No.941300

File: 0e07e66de3b02e0⋯.jpg (398.45 KB, 696x696, 1:1, AintWoke2.jpg)

File: 7bb1db336a91438⋯.jpg (376.29 KB, 696x696, 1:1, AintWoke5.jpg)

File: 26f9c56a3cc373e⋯.jpg (508.65 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, BHOSS.jpg)

File: f469722a7a3ce21⋯.jpg (78.96 KB, 728x578, 364:289, Q's_Clues.jpg)









75c8c2 No.941301


HA HA HA wtf lol

c9a004 No.941302


Q warned us of fake news.

46194b No.941303


Like it!

stealing it

39deff No.941304


I bet this place has a swimming pool just like the one in the Biltmore House.

I say that, because they are the same style of house.

c1f342 No.941305


God. i really love this place. HA!

190c63 No.941306


Oh fer fuck's sake, not this shit again. The steel didn't go "poof" due to directed energy. The fire fueled by the aviation gas simply changed the temper of the steel. When steel is cast, it goes through a tempering (or quenching, or annealing) process that sets the internal crystalline structure of the steel to meet a desired load-bearing specification. The intense fire altered that crystalline structure, hence the steel lost its load-bearing capacity, and it simply failed. Nothing spooky happened.

a10470 No.941307


Columbia River is also usable for illegal ports. Not as easy to use as SF Bay area, but if California is under attack, they need a plan B

e4f301 No.941308


Yuck ! !

Had the same thought as when I first saw that years ago.

"That's enough to gag a maggot"

8f73bb No.941309



We are not Doug.

1191cb No.941310


STFU. Filtered dumb fuck.

80b83d No.941311



No, this is our last, best shot to right this ship.

384e44 No.941312

c8fce8 No.941313

I admit it is all fucked up and we allowed it.

But fuck if I will put my intent into this fucked up shit. I will show it but it is not mine and will not jump into the drama.

e55588 No.941314

File: 0cbebecf17b806a⋯.png (183.04 KB, 1230x652, 615:326, Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at ….png)

File: ae143f539b2f6d2⋯.png (1.01 MB, 2442x1298, 111:59, Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at ….png)

Missing [i] confirmed.

https:// twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/542350634931204097

https:// www.mss.ng/about

MSSNG is a groundbreaking collaboration between Google and Autism Speaks to create the world’s largest genomic database on autism.

By sequencing the DNA of over 10,000 families affected by autism, MSSNG will answer the many questions we still have about the disorder.

T​hanks to the Google Cloud, this vast sea of information will be made accessible for free to researchers everywhere. The greatest minds in science from around the world will be able to study trillions of data points in one single database. Our pilot program of 1,000 whole genomes has led to new discoveries about the disorder. With over 10,000 whole genomes and the help of the global science community we can far outreach what has been accomplished so far. MSSNG will identify many subtypes of autism, which may lead to more personalized and more accurate treatments. For questions about MSSNG, please contact us at info@mss.ng or call (617) 726-1515 x87728.

c25ec8 No.941315


POTUS' tone in the weekly address

(emotional tone conveyed by his manner of speaking)

expressed anger at what the open border and sanctuary policies of California (and other places) are doing to the country

endangering Americans in other states.

His tone was purposeful.

He's trying to rally the population to understand what's being done to shut down the open borders.

When Q uses quotation marks, parentheses, brackets, > or <, dashes, underscores, capitalized words, initial caps, etc. these are often markers and I do not know how the markers are to be used but somehow they relate items in one place of the map (the Q drops) to items in other places. You should understand the single quotes to be markers of some kind.

42a436 No.941316



39a679 No.941317

CHEMICAL ATTACK IN SYRIA (possible / alleged) no one is sure yet:

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0tE6jjhoJg

d79b7e No.941319

File: 1a71cbe9916acbb⋯.png (646.68 KB, 599x600, 599:600, Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at ….png)

File: 01c0dadbc9df142⋯.png (387.55 KB, 409x591, 409:591, Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at ….png)

File: 2614a5d566d53ea⋯.png (133.68 KB, 246x336, 41:56, Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at ….png)

File: 1dc2528637a64d0⋯.png (266.09 KB, 327x485, 327:485, Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at ….png)


My (Q)ueen!!

87de0c No.941320

File: dcbef6781fddbed⋯.png (593.31 KB, 1358x577, 1358:577, Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at ….png)


So you're saying no one reports the race of victims if there is indian jurisdiction?

cbf80e No.941321

File: ea7b13cf49fc6e6⋯.png (980.79 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, bodys 2.png)

53bad6 No.941322

File: 6f76c5dc484b956⋯.jpg (42.99 KB, 678x381, 226:127, lynch.jpg)

Resurrected LL pilot returns from the dead to testify Monday in concerning the tarmac meeting. Mean time Lynch appears om NBC Nightly news.

http:// politicslive.net/2017/11/06/breaking-lynch-pilot-dimitri-noonan-alive-and-ready-to-testify-monday-morning/

c03341 No.941323


Ye can change the time zone to suit your local time zone on this archive: https:// qanonposts.com/

Doesn't affect anything if you're baking all in same time zone - no matter the time zone.

Love pic related, btw.

f53d01 No.941324


hey, got to give her an e for effort

not the brightest excuse think on feet but hey

88c84e No.941325


https:// www.marketwatch. com/story/oil-has-made-this-state-the-man-made-earthquake-capital-of-the-world-2016-03-15

IMHO it's not really the fracking. Oil happens where there are fault lines. Remove the oil and you might see movement. Learned about the fault that would cause Oklahoma trouble in Junior High School approximately a million years ago. (Old fag without being OLDFAG)

The IDEA that it's fracking is something the cabal sells to freak you out and keep their non fracking middle east oil investments at higher prices. You could have ask Aubrey McClendon about it all, but they drove his SUV into an underpass at high speed so he couldn't explain it any longer.

Haunted is haunted. I've decided to blame HRC.

61539e No.941327


Uh, anon, I'm only talking about well-known and used tunnels underneath New York City. Not 9/11. Wasn't even thinking about 9/11. Talking subway tunnels constructed as early as 1900.

85eef7 No.941328


Do you determine what is fake news? Are you Snopes now?

e627b6 No.941330



c9a004 No.941331

Here glorious faggots: enjoy and let it scare of glowniggers

Nothing is beyond our reach

https:// youtu.be/vw9zyxm860Q

3b0781 No.941332

File: 0a8dff7d6ea1506⋯.gif (499.21 KB, 150x113, 150:113, thumbsup.gif)


Pavuk if that is you. Much love - this anon are made a searchable archive of 8ch.

Can you back it up and make a downloadable archive for to keep offline? I will help seed if torrent.

46194b No.941333


Does POTUS ever wear sunglasses?

0123a4 No.941334


Gaymen to that, Fags

d0fd5c No.941335

File: 531bf62c28b46eb⋯.jpg (296.47 KB, 666x589, 666:589, IMG_0477.jpg)

72b55e No.941336

File: 620bba64a763509⋯.png (788.04 KB, 1173x894, 391:298, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b6908361291bfab⋯.png (62.36 KB, 733x499, 733:499, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 33267a3656fb7ff⋯.png (571.94 KB, 1044x622, 522:311, ClipboardImage.png)

Russia has developed deep ties into central and South America.

I pray for Wisdom, discernment, and truth everyday.

Q post why are the border states so important.

Well its not just illegal immigration, we have a soft under bellie and Putin grows angry with US, sanctions Syria etc.

There is more we do not see and in reality Mexico is not an ally and would love to have the US out of the picture, they could reclaim old terroritory they owned 200 years ago.

Take it for what its worth, we don't know what we don't know but very probable there has been troop buildups down there, and the real reason the border is so important is we're expecting a military action coming from the south….

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPAZMCDVcHQ

8149ea No.941337

File: 0e82f9b45d6404a⋯.jpg (78.12 KB, 595x820, 119:164, mattis.jpg)

Who is disparaging our beloved Chaos? Begone from this place!

88c84e No.941338


Good answer.

198aee No.941339

Has this been captured?


f7dc93 No.941340




977194 No.941342

just read something….that "cali is special" because it is a "spoils of war", some areas owned by fed, and other areas republic of cali. not informed enough to sort this out but sounds huge

5599e2 No.941345

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

39a679 No.941346

File: 911746a15ac099f⋯.jpg (71.6 KB, 636x427, 636:427, 26mjo3.jpg)


not working anon KEK

6f904e No.941347


The contract is not always same airline. But remember on Tuesdays and Saturdays, you will see commercial flights in to MUGM that are for families.

8f73bb No.941348

File: d976df157861bda⋯.jpg (152.72 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, the-birth-of-a-nation-(191….jpg)


You have been filtered for being too dumb to understand.

384e44 No.941349

87de0c No.941350

File: 0b90c0b5bdf49e9⋯.png (250.87 KB, 1201x345, 1201:345, Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at ….png)


A memo of understanding can declare who reports it? Wow…Liddle Adam Schiff must have had a hand in this. He writes the best memo's.

f53d01 No.941351


omg wtf shill brain dead go away idiot

just curious, how much do they pay you?

u on salary or by the hour?

57e331 No.941352


I believe they've set up a fake version of 'Vets for Child Rescue', called 'Operation Underground Railroad'. With Ashton Kutcher as a spokesperson and Glenn Beck being involved in it too. I remember last year they orchestrated a fake raid in Haiti with Beck being there to document it.

Nice memes btw.

37f08c No.941354

So much attention on Q by the clowns.

So much attention to discredit.

All for a LARP right?

So much attention for a larp?

So much attention because Q is legit

c6b809 No.941355


Super KEK!

c8fce8 No.941356


I agree show the others what they endorse the expansion of their world or the contraction (evil)..

fbd958 No.941357


They never thought they would get caught.

4aa493 No.941358

File: fb1853819ecde00⋯.jpg (107.19 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, Coneheads4.jpg)


Maybe they already tried… have you ever seen this film?

473026 No.941359

CDC frightening warning-wonder if this is propaganda of the Cabal or the truth??

https ://conservativedailypost.com/cdc-release-frightening-report-more-than-200-nightmare-bacteria-found/

46194b No.941360


Get. Out.

059328 No.941361

>>940899 On now:

>Pam Samuelson, Richard M. Sherman Distinguished Professor of Law and Information at the University of California, Berkeley

Um uh uh uh um uh uh Gutenberg model um uh uh sinking ship of copyright from falling down…

<mixed metaphor, Bitch.

um uh uh permission uh uh MONITOR EVERYTHING! LOCKDOWN approach SCARY uh uh uh ANTICHRIST!

This chick would shut down this board in a nanosecond if she could. CyberFascist, Esq. masquerading as civil libertarian.

2ff07c No.941362


They appear to be nude. I swear I see butt cracks.

4e7484 No.941363


yes that confused me a bit, too. just checked and saw the switch isn't until march 11th though - so Qanon.pub is showing that time already?

hope my graphs are ok, for me it's 18:00 rightnow

87de0c No.941364

File: 08d7907dc8561c8⋯.png (89.4 KB, 229x346, 229:346, Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at ….png)

File: b2cd4189b587889⋯.png (53.4 KB, 778x122, 389:61, Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at ….png)


When someone actually does get arrested for human trafficking, where does the reporting go to die?

c9a004 No.941365


anon, what a fucking waste of hashtags.

for FUCKS SAKE use your autism.

do a # on the fucking name #Kimmel and another on #Pervert and AT LEAST add #QAnon. DAMMIT it's like herding fucking CATS to try and get you to understand how to fucking trend something.

War room is PISSED dammit

cbf80e No.941366


They seem to like having the heads hanging off the end of the tables . There is an empty bucket as well probably for the woman in cam 10 pee break lady .

8f73bb No.941367

File: d976df157861bda⋯.jpg (152.72 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, the-birth-of-a-nation-(191….jpg)




Fake Q is a CIA – US Intel connected shill. He uses CICADA and other material he steals to try to sound legit. CICADA itself appears to be a CIA creation, in fact. Some members of CICADA claim to be the original creators of Q anon. There was never any legit Q anon that is not connected to either CICADA or the CIA. Code Monkey claims that the current Q was comped someone in January or possibly even before. Some who claim they have spoken with Code Monkey testify to this. Current Q attacks those exposing him because he is a dis-info agent, colluding with all of these SES crime syndicate members - Sessions***, Wray, Comey, Rosenstein, McCabe, Peter Strzok, Mueller , many others and the 500 SES lawyers in the DOJ, all trying to take-down Trump. Gowdy is also actually propping-up Hillary as well. Jeff Sessions getting something done? Ya, right. Has thousands of lawyers at the corrupted DOJ yet can only find one lawyer to investigate that which Congress wants to be in charge of. And he claims to have assigned some mysterious agent outside of D.C. to investigate, yet nobody knows who it is, not even Congress. This is just a cover-up. Either Sessions reveals the name now, cooperated with Congress or he must be impeached and removed immediately. Fake Q has failed miserably because he is telling you to trust Sessions and Wray – TWO SES CRIME SYNDICATE MEMBERS. Do you guys even know what SES is and how it is a criminal organization trying to take-down Trump? Sorry, you failed miserably fake Q! Wake-up you retarded anons on 8-chan. This rogue anonymous movement is connected to the Nazis, to Soros, to the worse scum on the Internet! We will continue to expose you clown agents, all of you, working on the chan to discredit those exposing your crimes! Just as Hillary and the SES 18 guns for hire are guilty of murder, Q is also guilty of colluding with these SES criminals to try to take-down Trump by propping-up Sessions, an SES member, who via the 500 lawyers at the DOJ, are manipulating the entire government agencies, all working to take-down Trump! Wake-up everyone!! Smell the coffee !




J. B. Sessions III 

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III

https:// www.fbcoverup.com/docs/library/1988-11-09-H-Prt-100-NN-Plum-Book-Policy-and-Supporting-Positions-Committee-on-Post-Office-and-Civil-Service-House-of-Representatives-100th-Congress-2d-Session-Y4G74-7-P-75-6-988-GPO-Nov-09-1988.pdf#page=105

Even judges on the Supreme Court are SES indoctrinated. We already showed you Scalia’s SES connection…here’s another one.

e4188e No.941368


e7cb8c No.941370


do you have the link for this?

c8fce8 No.941371


The harder part is sharing the evil and not expanding it. Some will see it and endorse it.

c0a6d2 No.941372


That's one possible meaning. Here's another.

Hidden message.


POTUS delete/install.

Coded message (accept) by LdR/HRC/others.

Allowing @Snowden access/censorship/tracking.

[+sharing groups C-9/all]

[+trace upload that tone recognizes other devices w/ active geo [all sig devices].

Don’t drop the soap.


db5742 No.941373

File: 54aee1f5472bc47⋯.png (645.42 KB, 745x889, 745:889, ClipboardImage.png)

When anons know than CNN…

https:// www.cnn.com/2018/04/07/politics/north-korea-us-talks/index.html

fa459b No.941375

File: 9d0e3da2ce24a62⋯.png (1.91 MB, 1616x1220, 404:305, purson-pope2.png)


Made some more connections to possible Pundar (great King from hell in Phoenician mythology) worship by the last 2 Popes.

Many coincidences.

c6d326 No.941376


Thanks. Needed that.

cbf80e No.941377


I traced the butt cracks yes they are all nude except for the doctor near the machine table in the back of the photo standing up over a head arm around it

0ad63e No.941378

great the AIM shills are back to spread more FUD and general BS. filtering…

Q-team and POTUS have so many attack vectors open right now, it's just of matter of where to strike for maximum effect

>FISA abuse

>U1 Scandal

>Lynch Tarmac

>Obama Photo

eb9ff1 No.941379


LOVE this!

c4bf19 No.941380


No shit, she needs to go to Toastmasters ASAP

16b587 No.941381


Fuck off loser faggot.

8f73bb No.941382

File: 41628c8fc17554e⋯.jpg (59.79 KB, 399x482, 399:482, Donald-Trump-General-Marsh….jpg)








Links to our articles on this here:



To deciphering the Shadow Government.

Who is fake Q representing?


What is THE PLAN?

See here:

The Illuminated Suns of the Golden Dawn

Protocols of the Illuminated Suns of the Golden Dawn

http:// themillenniumreport.com/2018/03/protocols-of-the-illuminated-suns-of-the-golden-dawn/

The Golden Dawn Exposed

http:// www.illuminati-news.com/2007/11/3.html

The Golden DAWN = fake Q, attempting to implement the new NWO = one world religion under Lucifer, the banking cartel, the fake Jews, The Octogon slave masters.


Well, well, lookie who is at Camp David!


https:// www.youtube.com/user/KarenHudes/videos

The Solution to Free The Planet!


The Star Code.


The private "Federal" Reserve has stolen $25,000 Trillion from an Indonesian Royal!!


The Kassandra Project: freedom against disinformation!


American Intelligence Media

https:// aim4truth.org/

https:// www.youtube.com/channel/UCv0dEcvXLOf4ZFvjCahK4Lw/videos

We the People Make Official Charges of 28 Counts of Treason – American Intelligence Media

https:// aim4truth.org/2018/02/18/we-the-people-make-official-charges-of-28-counts-of-treason/

The CIA – Nazi connection

http:// www.illuminati-news.com/secret-societies.htm#40

The CIA and Nazi War Criminals

https:// nsarchive2.gwu.edu//NSAEBB/NSAEBB146/index.htm

The New US Republic via a Global Currency Reset

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=efmUYxYe3fA

Republic for the United States of America

http:// www.republicoftheunitedstates.org/


https:// www.endchan.net/aaanwopros/catalog.html

FISA CORRUPTION: Unredacted Grassley Memo Released!!

https:// www.endchan.net/aaanwopros/res/95.html


https:// www.endchan.net/aaanwopros/res/18.html



Robert Mueller Exposed.




More to come soon, as we, the legit Q and AIM reveal the truth and go where no man has gone before….



d0fd5c No.941383

See for yourself;

"The Tone"


'The Tone'

06f85c No.941384


A lot of effort for something not real.



ad05cf No.941385


I read that article and it doesn't seem like mccain's wife was involved in this recent operation. She just said that she has criticized backpage in the past. They refer to her as an "outspoken advocate against human trafficking". These people's strategy is to blame others of what they do. It has been working for them for a long time, but i have a feeling it is going to change.

39deff No.941386


I think they are wearing a smock of some sort.

Look at the back of the head of the one on the end of the table and you can see a color difference between skin and the white material on that individual's back.

384e44 No.941387


It's a fine line we walk..mighty fine! haha

cc347e No.941388

File: fee8cdb9d80a413⋯.jpeg (212.3 KB, 1229x1589, 1229:1589, F6332447-9A06-4E83-A396-9….jpeg)

618e87 No.941389

Doesn't matter how it was done. POTUS knows and knows who did it. Why argue here?

c8fce8 No.941391


Well maybe.

But there are a lot of fucked up people that will just endorse the crap. Sad but true.

d2239c No.941393


relevant….and SICK….and used as a "blackmail" reminder….

I didn't "choose" to dig into 90's Pepsi commercials…I was DIRECTED TO…

Tied to 666 Fifth Ave dig….and drops….

Evidence of it will emerge eventually….

So, like I said: OPEN YOUR EYES

0375d5 No.941394

File: 8c053f8be74e74e⋯.jpg (10.48 KB, 276x183, 92:61, clown.jpg)

File: 9e11a580d62608f⋯.jpg (9.79 KB, 300x168, 25:14, fakenews.jpg)

File: ea1e137e4b00bcc⋯.jpg (6.77 KB, 284x177, 284:177, mojo.jpg)

d571c2 No.941395


If you have the posts earlier than when I started the project and they're in JSON, please send me a link to download them so I can import them.

1d1a8e No.941396

File: 1b9ea911686b624⋯.jpg (86.22 KB, 783x884, 783:884, Capture.JPG)

Signal or bad actors?

618e87 No.941397


Sorry that was supposed to link to 9/11 post.

d98c5a No.941400

Read between the lines lyrics.

Anything pop out anons ?

Between the Lines

Sara Bareilles

Time to tell me the truth

To burden your mouth for what you say

No pieces of paper in the way

Cause I can't continue pretending to choose

The opposite sides on which we fall

The loving you laters if at all

No right minds could wrong be this many times

My memory is cruel

I'm queen of attention to details

Defending intentions if he fails

Until now, he told me her name

It sounded familiar in a way

I could have sworn I'd heard him say it ten thousand times

If only I had been listening

Leave unsaid unspoken

Eyes wide shut unopened

You and me

Always between the lines

Between the lines

I thought I thought I was ready to bleed

That we'd move from the shadows on the wall

And stand in the center of it all

Too late two choices to stay or to leave

Mine was so easy to uncover

He'd already left with the other

So I've learned to listen through silence

Leave unsaid unspoken

Eyes wide shut unopened

You and me be

You and me always be

I tell myself all the words he surely meant to say

I'll talk until the conversation doesn't stay on

Wait for me I'm almost ready

When he meant let go

Leave unsaid unspoken

Eyes wide shut unopened

You and me

Always be

You and me

Always between the lines