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File: ab20ceacfc3aab8⋯.png (8.73 KB, 255x143, 255:143, af4716b34464fb65200311d59b….png)

9c529b No.957752

> We Will Win

Q's Latest Posts

Sunday 4.08.18

here are the Q posts in order

>>955952 rt >>955898 ———–---We love phones!

>>955902 rt >>955760 ———–---Think Double archive.fo/HJF9d

>>955760 rt >>955656 ———–---Pictures leaked for this very moment

>>955656 rt >>955641 ———–---Location, Exact Location

>>955601 rt >>955555 ———–---Connected

>>954903 rt >>953050 ———–---Spider Web

>>954819 rt >>954786 ———–---No name in Syria archive.fo/lq2Bt

>>954786 ——–----------------Coincidence?

>>953077 rt >>953050 ———–---Situation Room

>>953009 rt >>952914 ———–---SIG INTERCEPT

>>952914 ———————–-----------POTUS & JFKjR

>>951358 rt >>950959 ———–---Why did POTUS announce his intention to pull out of Syria?

>>947065 ———————- ----------They are trying to start a war. Public interest shift.

>>946691 rt >>946546 ———----Tracking good. Fly High.

>>946546 rt >>946456 ———----Authorize 1st Strike. Contact window ok.

>>946456 ———————------------Increase in chatter. Castle_online.

Saturday 4.07.18

>>938749 rt >>938366 ----- Patriots stand together

>>938439 rt >>938332 ----- Buckle Up. MSM overdrive

>>938177 ---------------------- Read between the lines

>>937520 ---------------------- Listen carefully

>>936660 ---------------------- CA is special

>>936517 ---------------------- EH CA

>>936472 rt >>936346 ----- The 'Tone'

>>936314 ---------------------- Inside Job

>>936050 ---------------------- Statistically impossible?

>>932911 ---------------------- Chongqing. Tuesday

>>932846 ---------------------- We have grounds

>>932518 ---------------------- The Island, Link removed >>932537

>>931260 rt >>931003 ----- No Text; LL interview on NBC

>>931260 rt >>875265 ----- Part 2 of previous (split for formatting)

Friday 4.06.18

>>928818 ---------------------- Who's the doorman?

>>928542 rt >>928525 ----- Fake Confirmed

>>928461 ---------------------- What a coincidence

>>926737 rt >>926685 ----- Not planned but necessary

>>926674 tr >>926634 ----- "Watch the news."

>>925805 rt >>925762 ----- Operators on Standby

>>925426 rt >>925311 ----- Watch what happens.

>>925301 rt >>925189 ----- Why was Slim Sooo Shady?

>>925052 rt >>925052 ----- Epstein’s plane. Who is she?

>>924883 rt >>924792 ----- Look up Ray.Chandler

>>924391 rt >>924357 ----- Border state - coincidence?

>>924224 rt >>924151 ----- Your trust & faith in us is enough

>>924039 rt >>923567 ----- That didn't take long.

>>922915 rt >>922843 ----- Stand strong. Patriots together

>>922794 rt >>922685 ----- Think NK

>>922685 rt >>922596 ----- Hussein's past religious leaders, RISK

>>922596 rt >>922559 ----- Who is Barry Aiming At?

>>922509 rt >>922343 ----- 8CHAN IS THE EPICENTER

>>922343 rt >>922280 ----- We Don't Inform Our Enemies of Specifics

>>922237 rt >>922142 ----- Fake Pics Push By MSM

>>922142 rt >>922075 ----- Pics will surface of Hussein holding AK47 in tribal attire.

>>922028 rt >>921715 ----- Facebook Founder Says He's Hunted By C_A

>>919513 rt >>919456 ----- foxnews https:// archive.fo/ixA1E Disturbing String of Crashes

>>919456 rt >>919423 ----- Would You Believe...

>>919423 ---------------------- Here We Go NYtimes https:// archive.fo/0hQyA

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9c529b No.957767

>>891154 . . . >>777777 WRWY


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>>957148 Mcnoname's Collaborator video

>>957601 Snowden Info

>>957696 Korea Air photo with notes


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>>956364 gate of Peace

>>956436 Notable list provided

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>>956444 Bab Al-Hawa Center

>>956563 Jfk Letter to Israel

>>956620 JFK Jr. Digs

>>956697 No Name graphic mash up

>>956672 AZAZ Syria


>>956067 Image info mash up No name

>>956023 Damascus is the web !

>>955887 Boston Bomber Obama connection

>>955587 FB Data handover

>>955704 Article on No Name

>>955757 Photo of No name in front of sign

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>>953408 JFK JR, POTUS, and The Wicked Witch

>>953384 JFK JR Plane Crash

>>953253 The Situation Room, officially known as the John F. Kennedy Conference Room

>>953224 JFK JR and the Clintons - a timeline


>>952973 JFK JR Predicted POTUS Run for the Presidency

>>952117 Todd Brassner Dig

>>952573 Shit Tons Of Oil

>>952121 Clown Strategem

>>952454 It's a Strategy, Stupid


>>952052 POTUS '..probably to remain within secure area of White House'


>>951171 Backpages seized; More to follow!

>>950883 "Growing Consensus.." for contempt in Congress (re:RR)

>>950877 Outlined Drawing of Persons in Bucket Room

>>950404 WWG1WGA


>>950660 Rachel Chandler Posts & Aftermath

>>950597 Draining The Bermuda Triangle

>>950204 More on B19.2

>>950336 Bill & Bill's Buffet: Lab Meat Industries Inc

>>950271 Who The Fuck Is George Kaiser? Stava → Solyndra

>>949880 [1][2][3][4][5?]

>>950042 Drain The Bermuda Triangle


>>949783 POTUS tweets about CHEMICAL attack in Syria, >>949820 SICK!!

>>949844 Mark?

>>949840 "Anon, I.."

>>949660 The Devil's Triangle

>>949703 Lost Vessels: USS Cyclops, Proteus & Nereus.

>>949751 Puerto Rico Trench..

>>949587 Topwork: Hussein's Timeline

>>949577 Tunnelsystem On Necker Island

>>949370 Planefag Tracking Germans over Israel Airspace

>>949805 Tony, Oh Tony..

>>949440 Biden, Oh Biden..

>>949276 Scores killed in Douma by Chem Attack

>>949278 Hussein movements, some of them

>>949203 Does 10-4 have another meaning?

>>949313 News on the death in Trump Tower Fire


>>948574 A Wild Hillary has appeared

>>948922 Stranger Than Fiction .. ?

>>948525 Todd Brasner, Art Dealer, Died In Trump Tower Fire >>947301

>>949129 ?? Mayflower Ship Transporting Puritans Back In ....~1620....

>>948609 Research Into Q's Stringer Code

>>948859 Plot Out Barry Sotoro's Travelling Destinations After His Presidential 'Period' ended

>>948924 Necker Island (Owned By Liddle Richard Branson), 1st Place Visited By Obama after Presidency, >>948931. >>948942

>>949015 "..[a] wave has 5 parts.."

>>948723 Sunday Editorial; Bloodlines Connect, >>949044

>>949108 You never answered, Anon..

>>948611 The White Rabbit Social Club, >>948913

>>948965 Pay attention to hashtags for The White Rabbit Social Club. #disneybounding and #craftbeerporn

>>948759 Investigate Pulse Nightclub

>>948872 US Virgin Islands? Whats Going On There EXACTLY?, >>948883


>>947942 Syrian Chemical Attack Killing Mostly Children. Very Graphic & THE REASON WE FIGHT!! These people are SICK!!

>>947729 April is Child Abuse Awareness Month

>>947722 We need to get #ChildAbuse & #ChildTrafficking trending

>>948084 Check out @LizCrokin for advice on #how2redpill

>>948089 @NaughtyJack: We saw that, too.. :rolleyes:


>>946984 , >>947236 , >>947264 Band of Anons.

>>947301 Trump fire victim.

>>947298 Sparrow31 40,000ft view.

>>946953 5:5 Double meaning.


>>946580 , >>946733 Aim-7 Sparrow.


>>945997 South American corruption arrests.

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9c529b No.957779

Updated Dough : https:// pastebin.com/H54kUc4G

a240c0 No.957780

Toplet Bombs.

0ae6ff No.957793

Our biggest disadvantage in this war is the number of anons who do not yet know a great many cryptic messages of Scripture were authored to apply only to the particular 40 years of time we all live in now. Those that have studied the Snow While/AI doc know this quite well already. And many others have "felt" much of the goings-on today are of Biblical importance, but have no useful knowledge of how the two relate.

Either way, there is one particular encryption especially intended for equipping us with the acceptance and support we all need to prevail immaculately in this time. The letter of Philemon is for our use in procuring the support of Christian ministry in this cause. And it includes an amazingly accurate description of the same forces we all know make up the forces of the Storm presently.

The five we know are Trump, Q team, anons, social media and alternative news. They are represented in Scripture as five other names that each describe these same forces and even appear in the same order. These are Epaphrus, Marcus, Aristarchus, Demas and Lucas.

Consider how these five names represent archetypes of the very same capacities that make up the Storm:

Epaphrus means, "One devoted to superimposing times, places or orders" - such as in comparing stories, contexts, or ordinal relations. This is what it takes to speak or hear in parables and to uncover timely, sacred messages and meanings from Scripture or even history. Paul also says this is a faithful witness for the church. And it compares perfectly with the Trump administration and all his old-school generals that approach present challenges by drawing from their own experience and knowledge of history (They also seem to apprize Scripture as another needful asset to problem solving).

Marcus means, "warlike" in Latin, "hammer" in the Gaelic. A hammer or "to hammer" first appears in Scripture as the root term for the power of the sky to make rain (2nd day creation), which is also highly associated in Scripture with battle and political change. This compares perfectly with the work of the Q team, the NSA, Marines and other government offices involved in the present deep-state struggle, and even for their ability (with the rest of us here) to "make rain."

Aristarchus means, "breakfast of champions." He is not well liked in Jerusalem (church leadership), but he gets along just fine with all these others, and he sees Paul all the way to Rome. In the present context, "he" is the subset of anon culture and the bread and info we have all produced on this board. This is the breakfast of champions people need, once the have WOKE. But it is generally filtered through the work of the next two characters.

Demas means "popularity." He comes and goes a bit. He brought these others to televangelists years ago, and then to secular music, then anons, and now to all the assets of leadership that partake of the work of this board. This "popularity" is now primarily ascertained through social media (to control the narrative) as the overall purpose of all these forces together. Social media is the battle ax of Demas.

Lucas is the doctor of, or the bringer of light, and compares with the more esteemed forces of alternative news that "illuminate" public visibility. Doing this entails targeted marketing, quality rhetorical presentation and good timing. Lucas is the knowledge of this. He also compares with another archetype we all apprise for bringing light (out of chaos), which is the chans only begotten son, Kek.

The even more amazing thing is this composite of "powers of speech" appears in an appeal of Paul very cleverly encoded to speak for us in our time in petitioning "old friends of his" (which is to say church leaders) for assistance in developing local assemblies of a truth-centered faith (a new form of church). The book of Philemon is where this is found.

This thread explains it all more thoroughly. >>930317

24842e No.957805


nice copypasta

93f81c No.957807

==Board Owner== (BO)

Please fix thread number

OP, pls git gud.

03a22f No.957809

File: d700402d6617c44⋯.png (58.02 KB, 610x354, 305:177, ClipboardImage.png)

"Two separate people have confirmed the President did not write the tweets this morning on Assad and Syria"

https:// twitter.com/JackPosobiec/status/983127866236919808

b25668 No.957810

>>957709 (last bread)

>https:// www.cnbc.com/2018/04/07/heres-a-look-at-who.html

The Prince also met with tech executives like Magic Leap CEO Rony Abovitz and Virgin founder Richard Branson.

becc5a No.957812

File: 7aed109fafe7368⋯.png (129.81 KB, 299x274, 299:274, ClipboardImage.png)

95c7af No.957813

File: f6726a407833ab3⋯.jpeg (63.89 KB, 660x443, 660:443, ALL Your Base.jpeg)


All Your Base

1579a4 No.957814

File: fb238061f33f539⋯.png (41.34 KB, 635x139, 635:139, posobiec.png)


f621ca No.957815

File: 4f96a257d9d8ac2⋯.jpg (67.06 KB, 854x570, 427:285, 0925russiasoldiers.jpg)

Maybe Songbird will bump into a few punishers…

493ad6 No.957816


Homo find it somewhere else

31f0fd No.957817

File: 6d6bc5f60c9b50f⋯.jpg (98.27 KB, 600x750, 4:5, UUCQJJZ.jpg)

TY baker!

3b4855 No.957818

I think this is 1192 BAKER

4d624b No.957819

File: 488eb3cab3ce54d⋯.png (714.71 KB, 1008x593, 1008:593, B_dT2VQWIAICTm1.png)


Mouaz Moustafa's IG

https:// www.instagram.com/soccermouaz/?hl=en

Pic from his IG that was posted on Twitter. Can we scroll back through his posts to see if there are any more?

e1e822 No.957820


Shut up Posobiec.

9c529b No.957821

Sorry I messed up the number dammit !!!!!!

415a68 No.957822


Q likes phones!!

phone services in Syra


Internet service providers (ISPs)[edit]

ISPs in Syria include:


View ISP








SAWA Internet Provider

Syrian Telecommunications Establishment (STE)





https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telecommunications_in_Syria

0999bd No.957825


Of course.. not naming names… just "sources" what does Q always tell us about "sources"?

9c529b No.957826


Shoot me pls.

3203c1 No.957827

>>957696 (last bread - 1 post poster)

Look anons..... LQQK.

Is Q showing us that AF1 was flying over NK?

What of the disappearing road anon is showing us? Are the clowns mining NK's mineral wealth? Is there something more? An underground city? Temple? Satanists lair?

Shall we dig?

fe3431 No.957828


Maybe the temple on LSJ is a bath house too? Plumbing could help wash up after sacrifices.

cf1482 No.957829

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

9a670b No.957830

File: 61dcf73abb3a185⋯.jpg (124.3 KB, 666x499, 666:499, 27uev0.jpg)

File: 226b1dd807101db⋯.jpg (128.67 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 26azgf.jpg)

File: d4a001e858f5cc8⋯.jpg (195.44 KB, 791x499, 791:499, 26j803.jpg)

File: 33e2acc2f01fb51⋯.jpg (120.74 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 25obrv.jpg)


Thank you Baker

67a8c5 No.957831

File: 11cbafd3979c3fc⋯.jpeg (97.35 KB, 366x513, 122:171, image.jpeg)

File: 32cba45920589d7⋯.gif (28.48 KB, 182x255, 182:255, image.gif)



493ad6 No.957832

File: 002a49fc9cd0d6c⋯.jpg (55.1 KB, 800x519, 800:519, IMG_1760.JPG)

Bill Murray

9a670b No.957833


Nice, that was AWESOME, never saw it before, Thank you

9db215 No.957834




should be bread1192

0ae6ff No.957835


It keeps getting lots of interest.

24842e No.957836


709f74 No.957838

File: 1997dd3e315b6a3⋯.jpg (120.66 KB, 1100x619, 1100:619, McCain.jpg)

8ee1fb No.957839


I told potus back in Oct. His tweeter account was comp.


24842e No.957840



3b4855 No.957841


its all good I am sure the BO/BV can fix it - shit happens

50c5f6 No.957842


Tolerance is exactly how all this shit happened….now go the fuck back to Twatter

ab4979 No.957843


The last board was number 1191… this one should be 1192, but it's labeled 1191 again. Fix it, please.

a87649 No.957845


Also Tim Cook from Apple.

b4604b No.957846

I remember reading that everything trump has said has been true. I wonder about the Cruz father comment. Don't mean to slide but damn that was a bomb…

9c529b No.957847


Thank you . Stringing up my rope now …

22a4bc No.957848

File: 6ef7003ff6b40f3⋯.png (52.26 KB, 1292x375, 1292:375, IMG_0738.PNG)

File: 36aad22aa28c0a3⋯.png (75.13 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_0739.PNG)

Scanned photo - translation app

Arabic to English.

Not sure if we have a confirmed translation.

"He said, "Why do not we get together?"

31f0fd No.957849

File: 600c64f89d08231⋯.jpeg (245.43 KB, 1600x1048, 200:131, UnbHdLHTYEmrsyQJsgIiBg.jpeg)

It's almost time for the frozen assets edition!

7988ba No.957850

File: 56e34e0b7da3455⋯.jpg (756.47 KB, 1024x779, 1024:779, SmellsLikeBO2.jpg)

File: d63e6d024e0d1aa⋯.jpg (361.52 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, McStainJeff3.jpg)

File: 0eee00d32982d6b⋯.jpg (467.56 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, McStainJeff2.jpg)

File: ef522039428dacd⋯.jpeg (427.52 KB, 1024x536, 128:67, McStainJeff1.jpeg)

File: 4304ffd06a70602⋯.jpg (103.64 KB, 321x402, 107:134, HiJeff.jpg)

493ad6 No.957851

File: f72533058abc738⋯.jpg (52.77 KB, 300x233, 300:233, IMG_1706.JPG)

4ab3d0 No.957852


There are more Mcstain memes in the archives. Posted enough on the last bread. If you need more, hop over to Memes17 bread >>877198 starting at post number >>957690 where I'm posting about 70 of them.

34f254 No.957853


When is the info about John Kelly's phone problem going to surface?

9c529b No.957854


I won't let it happen again .

aaf609 No.957855


https:// www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/middleeast/syria/10083005/John-McCain-slips-into-Syria-to-meet-rebels.html

The one-day visit, first reported by The Daily Beast, saw Mr McCain meeting with opposition leaders in Turkey before crossing briefly to the Syrian side of the border at Bab al-Salameh.Bab al-Salameh

4a1d7b No.957856

File: ea41634960877f6⋯.jpg (56.15 KB, 742x925, 742:925, IMG_9954.jpg)

File: 701b9ab431a0eee⋯.jpg (70.29 KB, 743x863, 743:863, IMG_9955.jpg)

File: 9bc39a618bf877a⋯.jpg (64.46 KB, 750x990, 25:33, IMG_9956.jpg)

File: b14d18ef870b0f7⋯.jpg (78.12 KB, 744x934, 372:467, IMG_9957.jpg)

File: 1ddcd71f9909751⋯.jpg (54.85 KB, 750x997, 750:997, IMG_9958.jpg)

Save the "Dates".

Future Proves Past.

These are from LAST YEAR.

Thought they were pointing to 2017.

Think again?

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVlq0saSrsA&feature=youtu.be

a87649 No.957857


Sweet graphics!!

343616 No.957858

>>JFK jr.

>>Ever look at the flight path and timing?

>>Why was so much Military + civilian assets used to find the plane?

>>We were dragging the area. Got kicked out and HUGE area was closed to us.

>>I saw the ships, planes, boats and yes, a Submarine.

>>Did Uncle Ted influence get that vast armada on sight so quickly or someone(s) else?

>>Was it jr. they were in fact looking for?

>>He was running against Killary after all.

>>I can tell you this from being out there that day.

>>Wasn’t weather or visibility brought them down.

>>So many questions never asked…


A couple breads ago there were a couple anons wondering why so much effort was made in the "rescue effort" to find the plane.


538652 No.957859

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

93f81c No.957860


https:// pastebin.com/u4xievRi

e5917c No.957861


Wait your turn!

538652 No.957863


holy. fuck.

493ad6 No.957864

File: 510d57ccf655087⋯.jpg (59.06 KB, 944x960, 59:60, IMG_1742.JPG)

File: 6cbb4f7759d244a⋯.jpg (88.71 KB, 754x1068, 377:534, IMG_1745.JPG)

File: edfba41b8dc09de⋯.jpg (62.96 KB, 1080x1085, 216:217, IMG_1746.JPG)

c5e1e9 No.957866



What's the Cell network LDR started ? There' ad be spider legged connection as she's on his BOD for his "foundation"

2560ff No.957867


>Why did POTUS announce his intention to pull out of Syria?

Generate chatter and force a move. Enemies revealed. Hopefully it gets reported who did the chem attack, if that is what it was.

92dae1 No.957868

File: 766c6177d85b4e1⋯.png (1.36 MB, 1028x560, 257:140, Qamishli Syria.png)



>>>Better fix in the area 37°03'00.0"N 41°13'00.0"E

in Qamishli, Syria

Down the street (6) from the Razi Pharmacy

41fbf3 No.957869

Q. i'm getting mad. these sheep will not awake. THIS IS A MOVIE!!! everything (YOU) SEE was played on a stage months ago. fuck.

1980e0 No.957870

Knowing what you know now.

Watch again.

https:// m.youtube.com/watch?v=G2qIXXafxCQ

God bless you all.

a2de49 No.957871

One of my bosses was telling me the other day (He served 20 years)

A buddy of his served with McCain and said he was a coward and squealed like a pig.

My boss never heard of q anon.

Found that interesting cause it matches up with the q drops.

Bringing it up now since McCain was re-mentioned .

Once again Trump was right.

94fe17 No.957872


Had to find and hide all the evidence.

54e0b3 No.957873


The tweets about Russia seemed out of place. He's never openly called out Putin on twat like he used to little kim

b25668 No.957874


God bless you too!

2560ff No.957875

Kick some ass for us Q.

c4ae90 No.957876

File: 59047eb73cc4462⋯.png (66.39 KB, 640x811, 640:811, ClipboardImage.png)

https:// twitter.com/Fulcrum__News/status/983081393688334337

92a492 No.957877






According to AP, McCain crossed the border near Kilis, Turkey, and spent two hours meeting with 'rebel leaders' near Idlib, Syria.

0ae6ff No.957878


Oh but you haven't researched the other posts of the same few that keep responding.

438729 No.957879

Learn Arabic in 6 lessons

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=2RcgfyuBlz8&t=0s&index=2&list=LLlesHKhjmA-4pKbjg8VISjg

ca3ba7 No.957880






I am not a native, but my parents were and I am quite fluent.

The very, very top has two words; one is cut off and the other is Syria (conjugated a bit differently than when it says Syria down below, due to whatever word was describing it).

Below that, it says New Syria, as in they are creating/have created a new Syria.

Below that, it reads Hall Reception Guests, so basically, it's a welcome center for visitors.

I hope that helps! Keep up the great work!!

I am not a native, but my parents were and I am quite fluent.

The very, very top has two words; one is cut off and the other is Syria (conjugated a bit differently than when it says Syria down below, due to whatever word was describing it).

Below that, it says New Syria, as in they are creating/have created a new Syria.

Below that, it reads Hall Reception Guests, so basically, it's a welcome center for visitors.

I hope that helps! Keep up the great work!!


I keep trying to post this from my phone and it has a hard time doing so and then I got a message that the last thread was full. I don't mean to spam.

729709 No.957881

Dammit Y'all ! listen at the 12:22 mark of the MLK speech BIRTH of a NEW NATION. If you think it's a coincidence then tell me to STFU. MLK is the past religious leader Q spoke of and this is the speech. If you agree there is meat on the bones of the 12:22 I will go further. 2 choices, go further or STFU https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1QaSFm6Hhk

P.S. fuck you shills in advance

03fc95 No.957882


i speak arabic. if anyone needs translation @ me .

this thing says" Reception hall for guests"

0cb5f3 No.957883


5.5 soon?

c9c279 No.957884

File: e2c3f06506df1d5⋯.png (421.52 KB, 984x725, 984:725, GodSpeed.PNG)

93f81c No.957885

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


phoneposter confirmed.

youtube link embedded:

bcab5b No.957886


Outstanding work, anon. I've lost track of the hours I've tried matching that photo to a map.

53cffd No.957887


You mean the comment he made which was followed by Cruz dropping out of the campaign?

15655a No.957888

File: 6091d93204c3cd4⋯.jpg (117.06 KB, 1199x677, 1199:677, DaSqzf44Ewn8C.jpg)

67a8c5 No.957889


Hello people…Q's back!!!

e4444c No.957890

Bab al-Salameh

636896 No.957891

http:// yournewswire.com/jeffrey-epstein-pedo-island-burns/

0999bd No.957892


God Bless POTUS and Q Team. Thank you for having our backs… Thank you, thank you!

b25668 No.957893

File: 2d60f90058456b1⋯.jpg (7.09 KB, 255x143, 255:143, af24a632458e32528cf5f10f15….jpg)

4ab3d0 No.957894


OK will watch.

Thank you immensely.

I don't get a chance to say that very often.

74d776 No.957895


Thanks Q!

782bcb No.957896


agreed, Sun Tsu is phenomenally informative!

3cb520 No.957897


Could Turkey have taken control of it? The stuff most like the drone flight appears to be in Turkish territory now. Similarly, that town just north of Qamishli, Nusaygin, has a suspicious border. It dips south to take Nusaybin into Turkey.

92f617 No.957899


ignore the disinfo schills, i just seen his tweet too,

Was glad to see it, that POTUS is not buying the False flag unnamed orchastra.

38fdc1 No.957900

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

3b4855 No.957901


Q Can you confirm that the POTUS is in control of his Twitter account and did or did not tweet this morning RE: Assad??

6a705c No.957902


These twats are still there, if they were not real would be removed by now. The whole thing doesnt make sense

8f3199 No.957903

File: 2b2b53f4e4e7ee3⋯.jpeg (452.53 KB, 750x1003, 750:1003, AD2F6C4E-D1CF-42B6-A4B9-9….jpeg)

File: bd6568bbac70e07⋯.jpeg (385.44 KB, 750x818, 375:409, 3F92AD02-586F-49D5-B8FD-A….jpeg)

709f74 No.957904

File: 15872899373f81f⋯.jpg (72.36 KB, 800x533, 800:533, mattis.jpg)

b0f84d No.957906

File: 47397d26215541f⋯.jpg (733.12 KB, 1600x2000, 4:5, trump plane q NK2.jpg)


Q can we have a conf on this?

24842e No.957907




85da62 No.957908

File: e2e83afe33607ae⋯.png (263.4 KB, 911x644, 911:644, ClipboardImage.png)


https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evacuation_Day_(Syria)

34e778 No.957909

File: 49e87cf60e85561⋯.jpg (255.96 KB, 1074x375, 358:125, Screen Shot 04-09-18.JPG)

File: 6351e03e178a843⋯.jpg (691.02 KB, 1063x712, 1063:712, Screen Shot 04-09-18 1.JPG)

Moscow calls ‘chemical attack’ in Douma ‘fake news,’ warns against Syrian intervention

https:// www.rt.com/news/423524-douma-chemical-attack-fake-moscow/

e5917c No.957910


I've always loved that speech.

7988ba No.957911



I love this video.. Q may I declare Mr Trump the President of Ireland? Please?

387bd7 No.957912

File: 6b6a7bf9379eaec⋯.png (11.5 KB, 446x174, 223:87, ClipboardImage.png)


current view count

df6de7 No.957913


goosebumps every time

87d761 No.957914


Drop the Hammer

d0576e No.957915


Q, you LOVE this SPEECH! kek! So do WE!

b25668 No.957916


uncontrollable goosebumps

a6a410 No.957917

No signature Q

98c120 No.957918


GOD bless Q, POTUS, Anons, Patriots

For GOD & Country

a269cf No.957919


it would be so glorious to seize every federal reserve all assets!

i got dibs on a crib next to tropical ocean.

93f81c No.957920

File: da14897504f7edf⋯.webm (3.99 MB, 540x304, 135:76, BeforeMyBodyIsDry.webm)


92a492 No.957921

6e87a5 No.957922


@Snowden is Neo.

a240c0 No.957923


How's the 40k+?

Can you tell?

50c5f6 No.957924




0999bd No.957925


EVERYTIME here too Anon!


God Bless POTUS!

a87649 No.957926



94fe17 No.957927


Didn't sign Q!

POTUS on board! Thank you Sir!

23a42f No.957928



e5917c No.957929


Forgot to mention McCain is pushing the TPP again

0ae6ff No.957930


Q IS the hammer.

387bd7 No.957931

youtube transcript of the video:

our movement is about replacing a failed

and corrupt political establishment with

a new government controlled by you the

American people the Washington

establishment and the financial and

media corporations that fund it exists

for only one reason to protect and

enrich itself the establishment has

trillions of dollars at stake in this

election for those who control the

levers of power in Washington and for

the global special interests they

partner with these people that don't

have your good in mind our campaign

represents a true existential threat

like they haven't seen before this is

not simply another four-year election

this is a crossroads in the history of

our civilization that will determine

whether or not we the people reclaim

control over our government the

political establishment that is trying

to stop us is the same group responsible

for our disastrous trade deals massive

illegal immigration and economic and

foreign policies that have bled our

country dry the political establishment

has brought about the destruction of our

factories and our jobs as they flee to

Mexico China and other countries all

around the world it's a global power

structure that is responsible for the

economic decisions that have robbed our

working class stripped our country of

its wealth and put that money into the

pockets of a handful of large

corporations and political

- this this is a struggle for the

survival of our nation and this will be

our last chance to save it this election

will determine whether we're a free

nation or whether we have only the

illusion of democracy but are in fact

controlled by a small handful of global

special interests rigging the system in

our system is rigged this is reality

you know it they know it I know it and

pretty much the whole world knows it the

Clinton machine is at the center of this

power stuff we've seen this firsthand in

the WikiLeaks documents in which Hillary

Clinton meets in secret with

international banks to plot the

destruction of us sovereignty in order

to enrich these global financial powers

her special interest friends and her

donors honestly she should be locked up

the most powerful weapon deployed by the

Clintons is the corporate media the

press let's be clear on one thing the

corporate media in our country is no

longer involved in journalism there a

political special interest no different

than any lobbyist or other financial

entity with a total political agenda and

the agenda is not for you it's for

themselves anyone who challenges their

control is deemed a sexist a racist a


they will lie lie

and then again they will do worse than

that they will do whatever is necessary

the Clintons are criminals remember that

this is well document and the

establishment that protects them has

engaged in a massive cover-up

of widespread criminal activity at the

State Department and the Clinton

Foundation in order to keep the Clintons

in power they knew they would throw

every lie they couldn't me and my family

and my love they knew they would stop at

nothing to try to stop nevertheless I

take all of these slings and arrows

gladly for you I take them for our

movement so that we can have our country

back I knew this day would arrive it's

only a question of way and I knew the

American people would rise above it and

vote for the future they deserve the

only thing that can stop this corrupt a

machine is you the only force strong

enough to save our country is us the

only people brave enough to vote out

this corrupt establishment is you the

American people our great civilization

has come upon a moment of reckoning I

didn't need to do this

I built a great company and I had a

wonderful life I could have enjoyed the

fruits and benefit of years of

successful business deals and businesses

for myself my family instead of going

through this absolute horror show of

Lies deceptions malicious attacks who

would have thought I'm doing it because

this country has given me so much and I

feel so strongly that is my turn to give

back to the country that I love I'm

doing this for the people and for the

movement and we will take back this

country for you and we will make America

great again


a87649 No.957932



9c529b No.957933

File: 7471d32c5787e95⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1080x720, 3:2, trump452.png)


Thank you for this chance to do my part. I have waited my whole life for this. Prayers of protection surround you 45Qteam, MI and Anons.

afc16e No.957934


This gives me chills!! God bless our President, our military, and you all on Team Q! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this.

ac792e No.957935



538652 No.957936

File: 64b8494aefb37ac⋯.png (178.54 KB, 950x598, 475:299, Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at ….png)


was looking at that too, there is a park nearby too

0999bd No.957937


Thank you SIR!! Thank you… (tears)

493ad6 No.957939

File: 1b14fbefe5726ca⋯.jpg (51.77 KB, 1440x836, 360:209, IMG_1756.JPG)


24842e No.957940


ca3ba7 No.957941


I would also recommend BYKI.com and watching Arabic language movies/shows depending on the dialect you're trying to learn. Each dialect is distinct, but everyone understands general modern Arabic. Books are helpful too but media that you can listen to is better

From someone who's been trying to perfect her Arabic

538652 No.957942

+ Y

415a68 No.957943


Syrian Telecom (STE)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Jump to: navigation, search

Syrian Telecom




Damascus, Syria

Number of locations

Fayez Mansour Street, Mazza Area 35108

Key people

Bashar al-Assad (President)[1]

Baker Baker (CEO)

Dr. Haitham Chedyak


Ministry of Communications and Technology (Syria)


http:// www.syriantelecom.com.sy/

Syrian Telecom (officially: Syrian Telecommunications Establishment) (Arabic: ‎) is a telecommunications company in Syria. The company is affiliated with the government of Syria. The twelve service providers in Syria run through two AS's, both of which are owned by Syrian Telecom (AS29256 and AS29386).[2] Baker Baker has served as Director General and CEO for Syria Telecom for several years.[3] Their partners include ST-Samsung of Korea, a technology solutions provider to Syria, Iraq, and Sudan.[4][5] Since 2006, agreements for wireless systems such as the INTRACOM IAS-W have been acquired through international agreements with foreign hardware suppliers.[6]

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Syrian_Telecom

32e043 No.957944

File: 9d75399288add3f⋯.png (206.12 KB, 801x432, 89:48, ClipboardImage.png)


Stupidly spending $7T!

23934c No.957945


God bless You Q

24842e No.957946

Night [5]?

0cb5f3 No.957947


09/11/01 NEVER FORGET!

538652 No.957948

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


ec6a6c No.957949



why would a billionaire who has it all, fame, fortune, a warm and loving family, friends, etc. want to endanger himself and his family by becoming POTUS?

74d776 No.957950


>https:// m.youtube.com/watch?v=G2qIXXafxCQ

Holy cow! It puts everything in perspective. President Trump had a plan. The plan is in effect. Trust the plan!

c82220 No.957951

https:// www.rt.com/news/421753-syria-ghouta-chemical-provocation/

becc5a No.957952

yea. they are dead. not for the faint of heart.

beware. its fucked.

we gotta get those scum fucks mccain clintans obamas roths all of them


1637ca No.957953

File: fed4eeb2c6be1a4⋯.png (86.02 KB, 615x582, 205:194, 1.PNG)

File: 529c71a03f59c0a⋯.png (75.55 KB, 519x345, 173:115, 2.PNG)

f621ca No.957954

File: 6886ecc0dc29c6b⋯.png (393.24 KB, 1440x2392, 180:299, Capture _2017-12-30-13-38-….png)

File: 7a0533dcd3dfa55⋯.png (961.87 KB, 1440x2392, 180:299, Capture _2017-12-30-13-36-….png)

File: 454c1f9949ce145⋯.png (1.8 MB, 1440x2392, 180:299, Capture _2017-12-30-13-26-….png)

File: 79cdd6a1ea149c0⋯.png (678.59 KB, 1440x2392, 180:299, Capture _2017-12-30-13-25-….png)

Dirty old Lynn and her obsession with the Songbird…get off his jock you old hag

aaf609 No.957955

= Blackwater in Arabic

508dc4 No.957956


We all know the CIA did all the chemical attacks in Syria. Assad is a Christian and he is against the Globalists plans to wipe out Christians and therefore the Deep state launches WMDS to start a war. We all know this to be true. Instead of proving it, kill all those involved.

https:// www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP88-01315R000300510116-8.pdf

https:// www.oathkeepers.org/breaking-news-john-mccains-1969-tokyo-rose-propaganda-recording-released/

b8412c No.957957


God bless you all, too.

I hope the country will somehow be able to thank you adequately one day, Mr. President.

All I can say is that I love you.

Love you too, Q team.

So indescribably grateful.

0ae6ff No.957958



Q is the hammer.

4a1d7b No.957959


It's a New World.

A Brave New World.

Fight Anons.

May God Be With Us Always.

bcab5b No.957960

File: 13d4838765fd3ca⋯.png (638.89 KB, 625x515, 125:103, Screenshot-2018-4-8 Funny ….png)


I asked in an earlier bread.

a269cf No.957961


he needs tied to back of truck for some exercise

772540 No.957962


what are the "Names" of those who confirmed this? No Names = No confirmation

df6de7 No.957963


pastebin or put on >>>/test/

d588f8 No.957964

File: 86b10556da2a41c⋯.jpg (259.4 KB, 1623x925, 1623:925, DOORS of Reelllation.jpg)



6f9fd2 No.957965


This video get me hard in the feels….everytime

I love our POTUS

61b7ea No.957966


>https:// m.youtube.com/watch?v=G2qIXXafxCQ

I see the FED burning!!!

a240c0 No.957967

"This is a crossroads in the HISTORY OF OUR CIVILIZATION that will determine whether or not WE THE PEOPLE reclaim control over our government."

03f115 No.957968


Yeah epic speech.

c02692 No.957969


Thank you POTUS and thank you to all of our brave patriots fighting!

ec6a6c No.957970


we will never forget

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=DjS-OKoPjQA&t=20s

8ee1fb No.957971


You have more militia than you know.

493ad6 No.957972

File: 7ea7c67de4173cb⋯.jpg (223.01 KB, 1897x2048, 1897:2048, IMG_1764.JPG)

Frump before cocaine

b4604b No.957973


Yes Sir, I hope it is not forgotten.

a3dd7d No.957974


>https:// m.youtube.com/watch?v=G2qIXXafxCQ

God Bless you all. ThankQ

729709 No.957975


>https:// m.youtube.com/watch?v=G2qIXXafxCQ

been to a rally these words were spoken in great part that night. The safety of the event caused me to leave as he wrapped it up because I brought my son. Will his rallies be safe in for all to attend?

508dc4 No.957976

File: bc213bcc76d0e86⋯.png (543.32 KB, 631x627, 631:627, 198323e846a569213aafaa6118….png)

File: 0065bf35e0eb326⋯.jpg (77.8 KB, 600x364, 150:91, Best-Facebook-Status-32204….jpg)

File: cd2b1a2d0fbd594⋯.jpg (7.66 KB, 212x238, 106:119, downloahead.jpg)

File: 1ddc19b3943a86f⋯.png (399.93 KB, 904x505, 904:505, Opera Snapshot_2018-04-07_….png)

File: c17328a647b27a6⋯.jpg (308.34 KB, 2625x1785, 25:17, traitors.jpg)

Mccain is a Traitor

54e0b3 No.957977

God bless you President Trump and the US Military. We are forever grateful for your actions to help us fight these demons. We are with you to the end.

Thank you and may God protect you and this Revolution

45b044 No.957978

File: 546d8e80fbfc54d⋯.jpg (101.6 KB, 1424x542, 712:271, car.jpg)

41fbf3 No.957979


post above is me Q. fuck.

e1f734 No.957980


Dont know how you're getting all this done, but POTUS is genius, soooo God Bless All You White Hats! Thank you!

31f0fd No.957981


>https:// m.youtube.com/watch?v=G2qIXXafxCQ

God bless YOU all!

The video brought tears to my eyes.

5c374b No.957982


I told everyone that would listen to vote for this man. I knew he would not only save America, but the world!

387bd7 No.957983

does anyone else get the feeling the hammer is about to drop?

03fc95 No.957984

File: 0a17c7973c6326e⋯.png (749.31 KB, 457x753, 457:753, 1520725672881.png)

Im a lurker and finally found a way to help. im speak arabic fluently so if theres anything that needs specific translation i can help!

d588f8 No.957986

File: cb7c4a527cdb9b9⋯.jpg (3.63 MB, 6000x3000, 2:1, Q Code Explained.jpg)

415a68 No.957987

File: 9680b7647e1b03b⋯.png (59.11 KB, 200x152, 25:19, syrian rebels.png)

Syria's revolution is being branded

https:// www.theguardian.com/world/2012/sep/07/syria-rebels-revolution-designer-logo

Free Syrian Army commander commissions designer logo in Turkey so fighters will look the part 'if we take Aleppo'

6646b6 No.957988


We will win. We are spreading the information, many are waking up even on the left side.

It is spreading.. being spoken about at the kitchen tables of many families, at churches, at work. Mothers calling children to inform them, Children calling Grandparents to inform them.

It is spreading. We are Waking!! The people are questioning and that is the first step to seeing the truth!! For God & Country !!

538652 No.957989

File: d90d7c06403f6b2⋯.jpeg (57.52 KB, 620x582, 310:291, 30443240_1021630132014795….jpeg)

File: 5bacb7618987dd9⋯.jpeg (57.78 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 5bacb7618987dd95a5bba0a8f….jpeg)

File: b117ea260a70b1f⋯.png (284.74 KB, 835x473, 835:473, c1bfd8402256890f65e5f6f3c0….png)

File: 76a56f6940a9ce9⋯.png (14.11 KB, 264x120, 11:5, 1545556_logo_264x120_14634….png)

509e4f No.957991


We had a helper here 3 or 4 breads ago – was the first to point to the spider web

298d9f No.957992


I listen to it frequently - gets me grounded and focused! Love our POTUS. He gets it. He gets us! He is one of a kind. No man has the guts DJT has. Thank GOD he came to the Oval when he did. We nearly lost our country. The battle is not over. But we are with him!! 🇺🇸

508dc4 No.957993

File: 7055952fcc292d0⋯.png (171.8 KB, 908x741, 908:741, 3.png)

File: 53782c9c671311c⋯.png (51.88 KB, 908x492, 227:123, 3A.png)

File: 4ab0de96b117d4f⋯.png (103.35 KB, 574x698, 287:349, 5.png)

File: d982380527cb674⋯.png (26.63 KB, 836x222, 418:111, 6.png)

File: 8f509d44a04d321⋯.png (46.85 KB, 609x496, 609:496, 7.png)

Who murdered our hero's

90ff48 No.957994


Who/what not pictured: Cindy with her Smiles and /or the uranium.

What forces: Blackwater- a no-name corp.

Delivered: Uranium with Smiles.

Bldg. E is located in an airport, E is the terminal. (this goes back to November drops).

FOLLOW THE WIVES or in this case, Lynn de Rothschild/Mrs. We don't say his name.

710aa6 No.957995



709f74 No.957996

File: aae79ce6d32139d⋯.jpg (134.8 KB, 1100x619, 1100:619, McCain.jpg)

Better version, sorry guys

aaf609 No.957997

67a8c5 No.957998

File: 8997a165629acb9⋯.jpeg (43.87 KB, 399x600, 133:200, image.jpeg)

>>957891 (You)

a269cf No.957999


love it!

ac7779 No.958000


"The most powerful weapon deployed by the Clintons is the corporate media, the press."

And we see this now as they beat the drums trying to start WWIII.

493ad6 No.958002

File: 41e3ab20964b27b⋯.jpg (89.85 KB, 1080x1069, 1080:1069, IMG_1721.JPG)

e4444c No.958003


I hope they replicate the Hanoi Hilton just for him including the room behind the green door.

ff19b2 No.958004

There was supposed to be a show on NatGeo tonight

Not Chain of Command but another show

it was in the notables a while back

anyone know?

94fe17 No.958005


McCain may be one of the biggest traitors in history.

415a68 No.958006


Three stars like in sign above noname and gang

3f73a8 No.958007

3464ee No.958008

I LOVED that speech! It was beautiful, watch the whole thing guys

21389a No.958009





You don't get it. The "Animal Assad" tweets were written by (((them))) to discredit Trump and kick off the war. It's a FF.

508dc4 No.958010

File: c17328a647b27a6⋯.jpg (308.34 KB, 2625x1785, 25:17, traitors.jpg)

Why is McCain allowed to live his wealthy traitorous life

cfd82d No.958012


God bless you Q and POTUS ! Praying for all the actors in this fight.

92a492 No.958013


Fucked up people

f09c19 No.958014


OK yeah, it's been 15 months. When will you lock her up?

3464ee No.958015

We have your back Mr. President!

6e87a5 No.958016

File: 24f33c4d5d0fa3e⋯.png (28.54 KB, 428x152, 107:38, KEK.png)


Ok, since there a video for the Hispanics, Kek.

538652 No.958017

https:// thediplomat.com/2017/12/a-closer-look-at-obamas-trip-to-china/

5299b6 No.958018



15655a No.958019

File: 4081b4f12412eec⋯.jpg (146.45 KB, 1100x619, 1100:619, a1d2e66.jpg)

tx anon

772540 No.958020


I bet we'll live through it…

If not, It's a glorious day to die a Patriot

5f9c9e No.958021

5th night right?

03fc95 No.958022

6ea5f4 No.958023


Yes with digits. We Are with You.

8eb3f4 No.958024



News cycle for next week is pre-determined war talk over the Syrian False Flag.

You'll need more than tweets to offset it.

OIG leaks??

bcdad4 No.958025


Always praying for POTUS and family and Q team.

6202a1 No.958026


Could the McCain/ISIS photo have been taken at or near tne former US Embassy in London?

6f9fd2 No.958027


Dang….thanks, anon

I didnt catch that either…..lotta info in my head atm

51e64d No.958029

SPIDERWEBS … I think they are real locations on the map. World wide.( As the world turns). I think that the epicenter (E) is either a city, (((their))) business, foundations , and it's spread out from that center. Safe houses, other foundation locations and so on. There are multiple spiderwebs all over our country, continent , world. We are to (follow the wives) I think it might be their foundations/ businesses that launder the money/people/sexslaves/children. I think their Satanic cult has women ( wives) as the bosses/ the ones that weave the webs( the handlers ). IMO, the men are the pawns, the husbands are slaves ( beneath the wife). All these arranged marriages. Notice how the wives are too hot for these dumb ass men ( not all, Chelsea is different the ugly one .kek) but she has power. They are satanic witches/ priestess and shit… Not sure Anons, but I had to share what's in my brain. That's how I see it all at 40k

aec0cc No.958030

File: 76cfb25058f2042⋯.png (185.02 KB, 382x444, 191:222, McCbrainCvoting.png)

3203c1 No.958032

File: 98fdf5c6b8c0ffa⋯.png (669.01 KB, 533x553, 533:553, #DOITQ.png)

1980e0 No.958033

File: 8af4e4043029857⋯.jpeg (77.95 KB, 582x580, 291:290, A3589E21-85D1-4056-9DC7-5….jpeg)


SEC detail background.

All looking away.

‘TRUSTED’ close proximity.

Refugees who work/ed US House / Senate?



6a705c No.958034


You may want to search in arabic everything related to no name and syria especially anything originated in syria, which wouldnt be published here since contradicts official version

2b28e8 No.958035


god bless you all thank you so much

24842e No.958036

File: 4458392d6cfb495⋯.png (116.56 KB, 615x582, 205:194, ClipboardImage.png)

CAN SOMEONE MAKE MEMES OUT OF THIS?This is what the "Women's March" really thinks

6ac131 No.958037

POTUS getting attacked on twat (as usual) but really bad this time.


Saying he wanted to pull out so Russia could have Syria, photos of him with pig nose, etc…..

508dc4 No.958038

File: 568b8f7ce5cb442⋯.jpg (66.37 KB, 800x420, 40:21, 160516cartoon.jpg)

Thank you Q and POTUS

ecfbbc No.958039

The Conspiracy Theory That Says Trump Is a Genius:

https:// www.nytimes.com/2018/04/06/opinion/qanon-trump-conspiracy-theory.html

7988ba No.958040


Q, you know what I admire most about POTUS? He rarely says "I". It's always "You", "We" or "Us".

The total opposite of the previous Pressident.

Ireland loves him! And you ;)

8ee1fb No.958041

Bring our troops home, regroup.

Face the enemy here.

c9c279 No.958042

File: e924b4d56d0630d⋯.jpg (516.93 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Weallknow.jpg)


So how is mcstain connected to the CGI? How are they connected to the mossad?

a240c0 No.958043


…the agenda is not for you, it's for themselves….

901000 No.958044


I think, and i'm out on a twig, way up in the air here.

I think, POTUS knows about ALL of the evil in the world. The people doing it, the methods of communication, the methods of funding. He sees the machine and who's running it, who's fixing it, and who's fueling it.

The only quesiton left is. Can he (We) take it apart without catastrophic failure and death.

a5d7e2 No.958045


I thought that Q posted something about 5th of 5 (Stages-Final Stage), so maybe a triple meaning?

709f74 No.958046


Glad to help friend

508dc4 No.958048

File: 7d70251ada48675⋯.gif (138.85 KB, 520x413, 520:413, Anime Obama bows to King A….gif)

Glad we got rid of this bumb

684038 No.958049

File: 36b212891a09aec⋯.jpg (59.7 KB, 526x578, 263:289, Trump Hillary.jpg)



a269cf No.958050


lmao, dick pocking out on mike

21389a No.958051

3464ee No.958052

Drain the swamp and let us vote in new people that love us! Research your candidates because this will be the new start

194c7e No.958053

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

35763f No.958054



f4006e No.958055


Awww shiiit..

03fc95 No.958056


will do. but when i post in arabic it doesnt appear. do u know if 8ch support arabic?

2b28e8 No.958057


ty ty qqqqqq

3cb520 No.958058



I understood what he meant when he first said it. Thank you, Pres. Trump, for taking on this great task. Few are even capable of it.

ac7779 No.958059

File: 5e2fc46e6a6f36b⋯.png (103.92 KB, 675x534, 225:178, ab87db3d3b8449e5b261f86002….png)

File: 527b7ddcb2eaad2⋯.png (263.93 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, bdebae90447f524e14ff073021….png)


To any New Fags: this is ashill spamming copy pasta. Use the filter button

e1e822 No.958060


God bless you. This feels like late dec all over again.No Bruce Willis this time though.

508dc4 No.958061

When are we going to see major take down of the traitors and HRC

6e87a5 No.958062


Is that is the Legacy of Nasime?

8a0860 No.958063

File: c6733e3c0da14d6⋯.png (427.9 KB, 880x485, 176:97, Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at ….png)



This is the British Stock Exchange.

a269cf No.958064


oops poking

538652 No.958065

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

92a492 No.958066


keep reposting this

605285 No.958067



6c3bda No.958068


That's OK Mr. McCain we're going to give you a switchable foot tracking device, yes that's right, you can switch feet if they get tired


508dc4 No.958069

File: d6d16566b82d3f2⋯.jpg (161.68 KB, 500x399, 500:399, 20150703_084714_sanchez.jpg)


when do we get justice

d55262 No.958071

File: bd166447843ae46⋯.png (60.74 KB, 1194x334, 597:167, Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at ….png)

Not Arabic language guy, but I think I am close.

54e0b3 No.958072


IF he regained control of the account. And if someone has control now, who's to say they didn't have control for a long time

a4bec9 No.958073

File: d2d741301fd9117⋯.jpg (87.25 KB, 1619x1080, 1619:1080, gdh42e4baa8e3e29f4ef2a9cai….jpg)

https:// www.mccaininstitute.org/events/our-children-are-not-for-sale-houston/

368f18 No.958074


Syrian flag pin on no name's jacket!

4d394a No.958075


Posted that earlier. Anons skipped right past it

7988ba No.958076


Really don't like him. He's subhuman Q.

f7d690 No.958077

File: 000b3a6de191015⋯.png (915.06 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_3992.PNG)

File: e9fd58f6f84ed98⋯.png (1.94 MB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_3993.PNG)

>>957253 (last bread)

Spiders-Women- Wives….or Something else?

Remember that the Bohemian grove has a post about "Weaving Spiders Come Not Here"…is this because women aren't welcome or something more?

508dc4 No.958078

File: bc213bcc76d0e86⋯.png (543.32 KB, 631x627, 631:627, 198323e846a569213aafaa6118….png)

I want to see them all hung for treason

95c7af No.958079


My phone alarm plays this every morning. Nothing like getting chills first thing in the morning to wake up and do what I can to #MAGA.

2b28e8 No.958080

34e778 No.958081

File: 49e87cf60e85561⋯.jpg (255.96 KB, 1074x375, 358:125, Screen Shot 04-09-18.JPG)


Are they changing the story?

493ad6 No.958082

http:// www.dictionary.com/browse/truckle

2ed565 No.958083


Q, MIRRORS still relevant?

21389a No.958084

File: b9aed62d42daac0⋯.jpg (57.57 KB, 521x636, 521:636, femen.jpg)


Just remind them the march = Soros and FEMEN prostitutes.

b25668 No.958085


hey are always here keeping us on track.

54e976 No.958086


WOW. Just. WOW!

78852f No.958087



67a8c5 No.958088

File: 3435805a144b914⋯.jpeg (58.14 KB, 530x398, 265:199, image.jpeg)

File: f7dee4ba2596bd8⋯.png (177.74 KB, 397x613, 397:613, image.png)


About this time we, at AIM, developed the personas of Thomas & Betsy...

fdd42d No.958089

File: 386196705358fcd⋯.jpg (55.51 KB, 590x350, 59:35, Trump-Chemtrails-816069.jpg)


Q.. What's this all about ??

2d14cd No.958090


Gives me goose bumps everytime.

85da62 No.958091


Anons, is there something that we are not hearing the first few times?

Q has posted this link, what, 3 times before?

Must be more to it than just motivation for the board.

a3dd7d No.958092


All cowards, and traitors.


37a811 No.958093

>>957099 last bread.

Re tooling for next round. Wondering how much info has been transmitted by their own phones.

Some possibly red pilled now, contemplating the whole risk/reward scenario.

508dc4 No.958094

We all know the CIA did all the chemical attacks in Syria. Assad is a Christian and he is against the Globalists plans to wipe out Christians and therefore the Deep state launches WMDS to start a war. We all know this to be true. Instead of proving it, kill all those involved.

https:// www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP88-01315R000300510116-8.pdf

https:// www.oathkeepers.org/breaking-news-john-mccains-1969-tokyo-rose-propaganda-recording-released/

ab3ab5 No.958095

File: 092aaf128a61933⋯.png (1.33 MB, 1200x695, 240:139, WAAAAVE1.png)

File: 02aa88f2692ef44⋯.jpg (631.58 KB, 1024x1208, 128:151, TEKST WAVE1 JOIN.jpg)

File: 75924ab77b3f3ca⋯.jpg (284.89 KB, 1536x765, 512:255, tell fbi.jpg)




SIMPLE AF: (by special request)




MAKE IT RAIN! A TIDAL WAVE of #QAnon coming at them from ALL directions.

PLease save the [3] graphs. has all kinds of info what you can do besides twatting and stuff.



replace previous war room stuff with this one. Effective: Immediate.

a87649 No.958096


The incumbent government, led by Bashar al-Assad and the Ba'ath Party, is using the red-white-black United Arab Republic flag in use since 1980;

while the Syrian Interim Government, led by the Syrian National Coalition – seeking to overthrow the Assad government – readopted the green-white-black Independence flag in 2012.

f7920c No.958097


Is that a saudi flag on mc noname?

cb78d2 No.958098

File: 7c2d73d19e37038⋯.png (11.05 KB, 225x225, 1:1, usaid.png)

Don't want this dig to get lost from last bread




I'm older than you, and you don't spit out crap you have not researched. If you had read the origanal post it said dig into the Hussein timeline. If you don't have anything to contribute but a comment go to a chat room.



Let's get that back into this thread - ty anon



Thank you anon - how best to get this into this thread and then bake.

0ae6ff No.958099


They've changed their policy already !

6a705c No.958100


The best would be to make a summary in english but give a link to original sauce.

72917f No.958101

File: ad6964bceeba2a7⋯.jpg (3.53 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, 1523228665763.jpg)

5ea50e No.958102


Corporate Media mentioned at 2:30 are ABC MSNBC CNN CBS and FoxNews.

Yes, Fox News.

b25668 No.958103



e096c1 No.958105


Wow. That truly has new meaning today.

(And he needs that speechwriter back!!)

God Bless POTUS, and God Bless Q

54e0b3 No.958106


Yup. Stay frosty anons.

508dc4 No.958107

File: bc213bcc76d0e86⋯.png (543.32 KB, 631x627, 631:627, 198323e846a569213aafaa6118….png)

When do we see justice

d6cab9 No.958108


Dammit, brought a tear to my eyes to see it actually play out exactly like he said it would.

Take these evil people and their systems down, salt the earth where they stood and terminate them with extreme prejudice.

For our children's sake.

6b3c89 No.958109


Weaving spiders come not here is about not networking during the event even though that's all the grove is about.

421d68 No.958110

File: ca0cf1e7a9e13aa⋯.png (71.37 KB, 182x255, 182:255, ClipboardImage.png)


Looks like a bug's wing caught in the spider web.

f621ca No.958111

File: 17efea8372d4664⋯.jpg (201.92 KB, 1242x1238, 621:619, IMG_20171029_214915.jpg)

Thank you POTUS & Q!

009bc9 No.958112


I don't know whether to laugh out loud or cry……Thank you Q team and DJT

cc9e5e No.958113


"Weaving spiders" = anyone spying!

Meaning, you either join the club or GTFO!

a7c718 No.958114

https:// stackoverflow.com/questions/26829223/overlapping-marker-spiderfier-marker-icon-when-there-are-multiple-markers-at-sam

This spider marker allows you to see locatio s o. Google maps that overlap

38dd06 No.958115


>https:// m.youtube.com/watch?v=G2qIXXafxCQ

At about 3:22 Trump says the MSM will "…lie, lie and then again, they will do worse than that". Immediately after, he says the Clintons are Criminals.

Then go to Q's post about on Apr 4:

MS[13][13=M]MSM - The 'Wheel'

Sounds like MSM might be arranging 187's somehow.

bcab5b No.958116


A tech I worked with was a Navy aircraft mechanic on a carrier off the coast of Viet Nam. They hated him then. Whenever McCain was in the news, he'd go ballistic. This was almost 20 years ago.

e1e822 No.958117


oh yea? did they hijack VP's twitter too? smh

dbbc38 No.958119


The MSM, it dosn't just report the news, at times it will make it, don't they? By make the news I mean those "check ups" on security. Those are not check ups. Those are botched attempts on their end. Like that bomb a few months ago. They need to not exist and be replaced as soon as possible.

56714f No.958120


Thanks POTUS I'd take some slings and arrows for you I'm not even American

32e043 No.958121


Wow! Picture says it all. MONEY LAUNDERING.

We don't say his name returning to prime time.

Wonder if his so-called illness/condition will flare up.

"He's not a war hero."

He's a mega millionaire.


https:// www.mccaininstitute.org/donors/


[Not complete].

https:// www.washingtonpost.com/news/fact-checker/wp/2016/04/08/john-mccains-claim-he-has-nothing-to-do-with-the-mccain-institute/?utm_term=.0e635aaf76b1

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-03-08/mccain-institutes-failure-use-donations-anti-trafficking-purposes-raises-questions

Define money laundering.

Define the word 'Traitor'.

A world w/o this man is a world better off.


901000 No.958122


Twitter this

Arizona, recall this, not sure what to call….that.



Get 'that' out of power. Yesterday!

e1708b No.958123

After watching this vid of Abby Martin, now I understand why so many things and arrests had to happen before we say the big players fall

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fat63bqvG8

508dc4 No.958124

File: 1ddc19b3943a86f⋯.png (399.93 KB, 904x505, 904:505, Opera Snapshot_2018-04-07_….png)

Who programed the auto pilot

3f73a8 No.958125

Awan brothers + Huma

ab3ab5 No.958126



c3d71c No.958127


Bab Al-Hawa Center - Syrian Insurance Federation

Google Map Review:

omar alkhtab

Local Guide ・11 reviews・20 photos

★★★★★ 6 months ago

(Translated by Google) It is the center of entry and exit of goods from and to Syria

w ww.google.com/maps/place/Bab+Al-Hawa+Center+-+Syrian+Insurance+Federation/@36.2311015,36.690447,314m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m16!1m8!3m7!1s0x152579891b00f7bd:0xe678c7b6bced9125!2sBab+Al-Hawa+Center+-+Syrian+Insurance+Federation!8m2!3d36.2309986!4d36.6921902!9m1!1b1!3m6!1s0x152579891b00f7bd:0xe678c7b6bced9125!8m2!3d36.2309986!4d36.6921902!9m1!1b1?hl=en-US

804f00 No.958128

File: df8b2ebc11b9fcc⋯.jpg (64.86 KB, 582x580, 291:290, mccain_flag.jpg)



bb1dd2 No.958129

File: c8302e1a1ec6750⋯.png (48.57 KB, 654x274, 327:137, eMboldeN-enHEARTen.png)

File: ab08f72434dc55c⋯.png (47.73 KB, 421x148, 421:148, MA-RED.png)

File: 512f4115a7f5ece⋯.png (63 KB, 655x455, 131:91, eMboldeN-ROSEisaROSE.png)

>>957659 last bread.


eMboldeN anagram

L DeMoN Be

49c371 No.958130

File: e6528c5bc34b40b⋯.jpg (429 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, e6528c5bc34b40b8ce46b3df43….jpg)


God bless you all.

493ad6 No.958131

File: cc24737aacc1846⋯.jpg (77.98 KB, 640x425, 128:85, IMG_1714.JPG)

Ship show

6a3648 No.958132



This makes me cry!

Thank you, POTUS!

Thank you, Q team!

Thank you, GOD!

03663a No.958133


Thank you!

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ps7xmW-9LXQ

0d5f72 No.958134

File: e0cc783c5cc2cf0⋯.jpeg (556.15 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 1EC26B49-16B0-4E5E-B87C-C….jpeg)

Sorry if this has already been noted…

87d1c4 No.958135


How far in the background? Sign in back something in air? Relevant?

851895 No.958136

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

6a705c No.958138


It would be treason to do smth like this with potus account

c8e057 No.958139

Still at the same view count. Manipulators >>957870

78852f No.958140


Love this video.


3c6882 No.958142


The Movement? Then lets arrest No Name tomorrow.

9b3abe No.958143


Deception is how this all happened. Satan likes to divide and conquer. You are related to all humans = one race, so stop the hatred.

The evildoers are a select small group of individuals and they need to be brought to justice according to the rule of law.

387bd7 No.958144

how many times they gotta say Quintuple on Little Big Shots…. Lmao.

92a492 No.958145


refugees who work/ed US houst/ senate???

SEC detail?

421d68 No.958147


Bless you!! Is this POTUS/Q?

aaf609 No.958148


The excerpt from the Telegrah article has a different location.

508dc4 No.958149

File: f3a33967febc9de⋯.jpg (55.11 KB, 526x526, 1:1, C98l5zLVYAEsrtW.jpg)

We thank God for Trump and Q

8eb3f4 No.958150


Never saw these pics before.

5299b6 No.958151


The channel on the mic is called "Tomorrow Syria"

6ac131 No.958152


What news sauce is this?

24842e No.958153

File: 89cd4c6fff30257⋯.png (2.51 MB, 2912x1191, 2912:1191, noname1.png)

d588f8 No.958155

File: 79ad5767ab19eab⋯.gif (2.66 MB, 3000x3000, 1:1, GIF__Birthers_truthers__.gif)

File: 48c68bda42bb926⋯.jpg (348.55 KB, 3731x3731, 1:1, presidentsBoard.jpg)

508dc4 No.958156

File: e13334da6564b8b⋯.jpg (52.49 KB, 320x513, 320:513, IMG_jwteov.jpg)

Thank God for Trump

cf1482 No.958157

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Motivational speech - Never give up

f4689c No.958158


Anon, you ask how many people know about Q (not necessarily believe, but just know)? I don't know the number, but I can tell you that I personally administer at least one red-pill per day, even to people I don't know too well. Everyone, so far, has been quite open to the red pill. Nobody I've red-pilled has insulted me in any way. I'm a recent law school graduate. I was first red-pilled by law school classmates, by a law professor who used to work for the DOJ, and also by attorneys. I first got red-pilled about 5 years ago, when a lawyer convinced me that 9-11 was an inside job and that the clowns killed President Kennedy. That lawyer also explained how 3 families control the banks and that the sick globalist agenda was behind all the suffering in this world. I couldn't and didn't want to believe it, at first, cuz I was grew up watching "Happy Days" (original episodes) and "Leave It to Beaver" (reruns). I adored my late parents, my country, the Fourth of July parades, Jesus Christ, animals, and other wholesome stuff. But I also knew there was evil in this world, I had an open mind, and I did my own research, and here we are. . . . I was raised Catholic and became a Christian in the late 1980s. I watched every episode of The Appretice, since its premier in 2002, and I wanted President Trump to run since 2006. I volunteered for the Trump campaign, learned more, and vomited when we all put the Marina Abromovic/Spirit Cooking and Alefantis/Comet Ping Pong/Pizzagate connections together, in real time, as the Podesta emails were released in 2016. I went to law school and I'm about to become a lawyer. Because I've seen how much evil exists among us, I shall dedicate my entire career to the care and protection of children, the elderly, the disabled, veterans, and the homeless. I am opening my law firm as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit so those vulnerable clients who need help won't be barred from getting my help by financial concerns. I abhor lawlessness and I'm a Patriot. But I'm not special. All the good guys here have a heart to protect the innocent, or else we wouldn't be here. Every day, several times, I thank Jesus Christ, my savior for letting President Trump win. Every day I thank Christ for everyone here. I add to the research, as I can, and I vow to never stop working to make the world a little better. Unfortunately, lawyers have a disproportionate amount of power in our society. I will never abuse my power and, thanks to the example set by President Trump and Q and all of you white hats here, I will always fight for the most vulnerable on earth. I'm waiting for my Bar results so I can't practice law yet. But for now, at least, I can administer red-pills to others, so I do it every day. And, so far, everyone gets it. THE WORLD IS AWAKENING. Thank God. Thank God. God bless us all, and may God please put an end to the sickness on every level.

c3d71c No.958159


What a snake!

b25668 No.958160



a240c0 No.958161

stupid scalar fields

93f81c No.958162

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

3464ee No.958163

Drain the swamp and let us vote in new people

that love us! Research your candidates because this will be the new start

61b7ea No.958164


this is stateside folks, trees, sun's, license plate on black suburban

a269cf No.958165

54e976 No.958166


Q, Please don't forget Lindsay Graham.

508dc4 No.958167

File: f309058b222ba8a⋯.jpg (362.41 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, 16122_gorsuch3f.JPG)

Who are the 3 to be indicted or retire

8cc015 No.958168

Trump is a type of Cyrus

Trump is God ordained.

(((They))) already lost.

4c8cd2 No.958169


God bless all of you. Let's MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!! <3

4d624b No.958170


Moustafa with the scarf seems to be a jet setting activist these days…

https:// www.instagram.com/soccermouaz/?hl=en

7c8590 No.958171

Arnt we suppose to hang traders

605285 No.958172

File: 00ad115eb9d0582⋯.jpg (70.65 KB, 973x773, 973:773, Colbert Hitler.jpg)


1fb4e8 No.958173


Now Youtube has taken this video down.

508dc4 No.958174

File: 84f1ebbb611b3cc⋯.jpg (16.4 KB, 294x300, 49:50, 123.jpg)


54e0b3 No.958175


Fuck no name.

Fuck Barry.

Fuck HRC.

May we see Justice soon

5d99b7 No.958176



"The Clinton machine is at the center of this power structure."

Center of the spider's web!!

b25668 No.958177


Awan Bros?

a6a410 No.958178


So you are mad someone else stole your larp?

Great selling point.

6c3bda No.958179


Trumps just letting the Warhawks cream their jeans for a minute before he Shuts them down

c9a8a6 No.958180


Here is how they framed him. ( the media/clowns)

https:// www.thenation.com/article/blackwater-founder-implicated-murder/

"Sworn statements filed in Federal Court allege that Blackwater founder Erik Prince launched a “crusade” to eliminate Muslims and Islam.

so far he's /my guy/

4e927d No.958181




a269cf No.958182


real normal people, not f career trained mfers

ff19b2 No.958183


found it >>904116



"Science Channel is running a series called Deadly Intelligence. Their next episode is about a biological warfare scientist named Frank Rudolph Olsen. The promo alludes that he did work on MKULTRA and was suicided for what he knew about the CIA and the project. Premieres Sunday at 10. Might be worth the watch."

e1e822 No.958184


From Christian Science Monitor again. You like this site.

d0576e No.958185


Already posted to his Twitter.

538652 No.958186

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

6e87a5 No.958187


let me guess. The source of the Feminism is in Sweden, Right?

508dc4 No.958188

File: 0933273ffd6b75f⋯.jpg (56.84 KB, 960x719, 960:719, DM7RYobU8AAmgQ_.jpg)

Follow the arrow

4d394a No.958189

File: bc0227c215de3aa⋯.png (623.55 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-04-08-19-1….png)

File: 1a9bb2c7e5d9b79⋯.png (295.85 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-04-08-19-1….png)

http:// www.latimes.com/world/asia/la-fg-obama-aide-refugees-20151120-story.html

709f74 No.958190


@ Q

I'm sorry to bring this up here, but I saw another anon do it the other day and I must agree. PLEASE help to KEEP KRATOM LEGAL. Due to my job I see the opiate crisis everyday. My co-workers and I help to fight it every day. Kratom is not perfect, but it is truly the best weapon we have in ending this crisis. I have seen so many good Americans turn their life around by using it to get off of those poisons. Please keep it legal and out of pharma's hands. God bless, stay strong.

8f3199 No.958191

File: aa347e746960c12⋯.jpeg (392.07 KB, 750x830, 75:83, 16438E56-234C-49DD-9496-C….jpeg)

54e0b3 No.958192


still up for me

421d68 No.958193


I'm watching it now!

6a705c No.958194

2fb577 No.958195


God bless you and all of the other patriots.

fadd0c No.958196


Thank Q, POTUS


Our movement is about replacing a failed and corrupt political establishment,

with a new government controlled by you, the American people.

The Washington establishment, and the financial and media corporations that fund it,

exists for only one reason, to protect and enrich itself.

The establishment has trillions of dollars at stake in this election.

For those who control the levers of power in Washington, and for the global special interests,

they partner with these people that don't have your good in mind.

Our campaign represents a true existential threat, like they haven't seen before.

This is not simply another four-year election, this is a crossroads in the history of

our civilization. That will determine whether, or not, WE THE PEOPLE, reclaim

control over our government.

The political establishment, that is trying to stop us, is the same group responsible,

for our disastrous trade deals, massive illegal immigration, and economic and

foreign policies, that have bled our country dry.

The political establishment has brought about the destruction of our

factories, and our jobs, as they flee to Mexico, China, and other countries all around the world.

It's a global power structure, that is responsible for the economic decisions, that have robbed our working class,

stripped our country of its wealth, and put that money into the pockets,

of a handful of large corporations and political entities.

This is a struggle for the survival of our nation, and this will be our last chance to save it.

This election will determine whether we're a free nation, or whether we have only the

illusion of democracy, but are in fact controlled by a small handful of global

special interests, rigging the system. (and our system is rigged)

This is reality, you know it, they know it, I know it, and pretty much the whole world knows it.

The Clinton machine is at the center of this power structure.

We've seen this firsthand in the WikiLeaks documents, in which

Hillary Clinton meets in secret with international banks, to plot the

destruction of US sovereignty, in order, to enrich these global financial powers, her special interest friends and her donors.

(Honestly she should be locked up)

The most powerful weapon deployed by the Clintons, is the corporate media, the press.

Let's be clear on one thing, the corporate media in our country,

is no longer involved in journalism.

They're a political special interest, no different than any lobbyist or other financial

entity, with a total political agenda, and

the agenda is not for you, it's for themselves.

Anyone who challenges their control, is deemed a sexist, a racist, a xenophobe.

They will lie, lie, lie, and then again, they will do worse than that,

they will do whatever is necessary.

The Clintons are criminals, (remember that)

This is well documented, and the establishment that protects them has

engaged in a massive cover-up of widespread criminal activity, at the

State Department and the Clinton Foundation in order, to keep the Clintons

in power.

They knew they would throw every lie they could at me, and my family

and my loved ones.

They knew they would stop at nothing to try to stop me.

Nevertheless, I take all, of these slings and arrows, gladly for you.

I take them for our movement, so that we can have our country back.

I knew this day would arrive, it i was only a question of when, and I knew the

American people would rise above it, and vote for the future they deserve.

The only thing that can stop this corrupt machine is you.

The only force strong enough to save our country is us.

The only people brave enough to vote out this corrupt establishment is you,

the American people.

Our great civilization has come upon, a moment of reckoning.

I didn't need to do this, folks, (believe me)

I built a great company and I had a wonderful life.

I could have enjoyed the fruits and benefit, of years of successful business deals,

and businesses for myself and my family.

Instead of going through this absolute horror show of Lies, deceptions, malicious attacks.

(Who would have thought).

I'm doing it because this country has given me so much,

and I feel so strongly, that is my turn to give back to the country that I love.

I'm doing this for the people and for the movement.

And we will take back this country for you, and we will make America Great again

3f73a8 No.958197

We don't say his name is wearing a Syrian flag pin

68ba23 No.958198


POTUS and Q Team-You are truly God sent!

c4ae90 No.958199

File: 14eb96ed48f31ce⋯.png (336.88 KB, 480x360, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

ef7778 No.958200


Time is ticking…..

729709 No.958201


I saw a dirty back window of a car that had a Q swiped into the dirt as I drove about a month ago

e8e465 No.958202

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>https:// m.youtube.com/watch?v=G2qIXXafxCQ

Good Job!

37a811 No.958203


> "breakfast of champions."


My god, that was fucking dumb.

1fb4e8 No.958204


One that still works.

https:// youtu.be/tHsZxJlxHYw

508dc4 No.958205

File: 89be368408b1b8f⋯.jpg (11.49 KB, 256x197, 256:197, images.jpg)

When do we LOCK HER UP

a269cf No.958206


i listening to now

ecfbbc No.958207

Might have missed it, but haven't seen it here, so for those other anons who didn't know yet:

https:// townhall.com/tipsheet/katiepavlich/2018/04/06/swamp-guess-who-set-up-andrew-mccabes-legal-fund-n2468181

Follow the money…you might find a black rabid ;)

0ae6ff No.958208


You are our kind of guy.

c6a9c8 No.958209


Uh I was cutting onions.

54e976 No.958210


Actually, four. The two lesbians, the old hag, and the corrupt one in the middle who allowed Hussein to get away with Obamacare.

b25668 No.958211


McStain's lapel pin?

e7b80a No.958212



Still up for me too. Whatever clown, you got me to go look, but thanks for the bookmark. Love this video

901000 No.958213


that is how you ground stress test new airframes before flight. Usually before they even get them put together enough to fly. Fill those tanks with water for weight.

6e87a5 No.958214


And this pic?

3b18b5 No.958215



508dc4 No.958216

File: 34aab563df10d3c⋯.jpg (47.01 KB, 509x395, 509:395, Hillary_Gallows.jpg)

Please make this happen

34e778 No.958217


https:// www.rt.com/news/423524-douma-chemical-attack-fake-moscow/

3464ee No.958218

File: f229c36aca2e832⋯.png (754.45 KB, 1192x632, 149:79, Soccermouza McCain ISIS.png)

File: b15d2c30c87194a⋯.jpg (36.93 KB, 397x391, 397:391, Soccer Mouaz Moustafa.jpg)

File: 5094ac218c71064⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1796x848, 449:212, Soccermouaz dad.png)

File: a32fc3a64a9fc33⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1844x1080, 461:270, Soccermouaz.png)

File: 8c70303f00478ff⋯.jpg (55 KB, 640x368, 40:23, McCain Syria.jpg)


e is the same guy as the other meetings. Sitting with his back to us in the one pic

49c371 No.958219


BeheadingVideo uploaded to anonfile for distribution

http:/ /anonfile.com/V3y3c1e5b9/Staged_ISIS_Beheading_Video_Hacked_From_McCain_Staffer____.mp4

7988ba No.958220


Quick trigger finger!! KeK!!

6a1476 No.958221

File: d8fe7e8dc246fc2⋯.jpg (92.28 KB, 960x639, 320:213, IMG_-9wzcix.jpg)

File: 7bd5f9f53115189⋯.jpg (48.13 KB, 445x334, 445:334, IMG_ssvyj1.jpg)

File: c6660151109890d⋯.jpg (251.71 KB, 1097x878, 1097:878, Screenshot_20171030-132606.jpg)

File: ec373890f7514a4⋯.jpeg (832.97 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, Resized_IMG_-gjoc77.jpeg)


78852f No.958222

File: b453e93df6604e0⋯.png (734.41 KB, 582x580, 291:290, ClipboardImage.png)

6ea5f4 No.958223


Bless Q x

a269cf No.958224


f that, drag her ass up

6ac131 No.958225


Pine trees in Syria???

9c529b No.958226


Added to notables

493ad6 No.958227


Cept frump and the bushes and the clintons

772540 No.958228

Where have you been?


This is months old… we went through all these in Early January

cd33e8 No.958229


A third of Trump's term is over. Are you ever going to arrest anyone? Are you ever going to tell the public what has been/is going on?

The conspiracy crowd has known these people are traitors for years. Will you ever take it public? Or just keep government a secret from the people it is supposed to serve like your predecessors?

Government by the people is a joke when the people don't know what is going on.

ab3ab5 No.958230

File: 092aaf128a61933⋯.png (1.33 MB, 1200x695, 240:139, WAAAAVE1.png)

File: 02aa88f2692ef44⋯.jpg (631.58 KB, 1024x1208, 128:151, TEKST WAVE1 JOIN.jpg)

File: 75924ab77b3f3ca⋯.jpg (284.89 KB, 1536x765, 512:255, tell fbi.jpg)


(REPEAT frm >>958095)



SIMPLE AF: (by special request)




MAKE IT RAIN! A TIDAL WAVE of #QAnon coming at them from ALL directions.

PLease save the [3] graphs. has all kinds of info what you can do besides twatting and stuff.



(repeat from >>958095

replace previous war room stuff with this one. Effective: Immediate.

f60ee1 No.958231


I am not a religious person but I am praying for you and POTUS. Thank you from Canada.

edd091 No.958232

File: 6b75c2a92f1d977⋯.jpg (40.28 KB, 571x363, 571:363, rino mccain.JPG)

They Never Thought She Would Lose

508dc4 No.958233

File: 85bca83fd5c3e4e⋯.jpg (216.99 KB, 717x719, 717:719, mctraitor-with-terrorists.jpg)

McCain is a Traitor

ab9141 No.958234

File: 4bb4beaac7f7529⋯.jpg (116.37 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, movie-poster-3-1.jpg)

File: 21f5581495da1ad⋯.jpg (136.5 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, movie-poster-5-1.jpg)

d0576e No.958235


Look on the truck

6a3648 No.958236



SEC detail background.

All looking away.

‘TRUSTED’ close proximity.

Refugees who work/ed US House / Senate?


CIA Air France?

50fb59 No.958237

File: 9df6207968926f6⋯.gif (787.07 KB, 480x360, 4:3, bravo.gif)

2b28e8 No.958239


"Miguel Huerta?"

7988ba No.958240


Don't get emotionally attached to the onions anon ;)

e1e822 No.958241


Nice catch. I was looking at the guys shirt with the red Scuba looking flag on it.

93f81c No.958242



for what purpose

043302 No.958243



PLEASE SHUT THE FINANCIAL PIPELINES DOWN, Q! Better yet, give that money BACK to The People!

b25668 No.958244

5c5116 No.958245

File: c1534b2d458cc64⋯.png (560.97 KB, 702x808, 351:404, atlanta.png)

https:// breaking911.com/former-city-of-atlanta-official-indicted-on-federal-charges/

a87649 No.958246


Very fast!

0f4344 No.958247

Long live President Trump!!!


684038 No.958248


Merkel, May, Hillary, the South Korea "8 Goddess" scandal, the Isis worship, the yonic symbolism all over the Vatican. The cabal is obviously matriarchal.

a240c0 No.958249

File: dacbadcb4bd0382⋯.jpg (60.09 KB, 345x384, 115:128, division.jpg)

File: 4084d5448eb578f⋯.jpg (82.69 KB, 1793x280, 1793:280, qtruth.jpg)


Are thIs particular minority and the religion so bad we need to engage in more conflict?

Read what is happening. Connect the dots

32e043 No.958250

File: ab11e8ea7a75383⋯.png (255.76 KB, 374x445, 374:445, ClipboardImage.png)


What is this pin he is wearing?

98c120 No.958251


It's not no name first rodeo.

Raw Video of him in vietnam captivity giving location of American soldiers

Once a Traitor always a Traitor

3122fd No.958252


>Refugees who work/ed US House / Senate?


>SEC detail background.

>All looking away.

>‘TRUSTED’ close proximity.

these sandniggers were known as assets.


c6a9c8 No.958253

One of these times I will get through it without chopping onions. Always seem to be chopping onions when it comes on.

cd33e8 No.958254


Fuck off sheep. I'll say whatever the hell I want.

7eb1f7 No.958255

File: 9ca9feb7da8e056⋯.jpg (61.71 KB, 476x331, 476:331, MAGA:FLY:HIGH:1079:DOUBLE:….jpg)

3271d7 No.958256


Never Forget!

23a42f No.958257


Who are the people in the picture behind?

8a0860 No.958258

File: d0adb0213fd8d2e⋯.png (494.21 KB, 871x483, 871:483, Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at ….png)

File: 9b34cace6296a1b⋯.png (715.96 KB, 851x476, 851:476, Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at ….png)


Pic 1: any easy id of this location

Pic 2: Who is not standing?

2d14cd No.958259

File: 5c824f3ea7913e0⋯.png (24.54 KB, 256x288, 8:9, ClipboardImage.png)


What is this?

493ad6 No.958260

File: 6e89b822296b10d⋯.jpg (36.42 KB, 497x700, 71:100, IMG_1763.JPG)


IM staring at guns and salsa in a taco War


38fdc1 No.958261

File: 075d1b35dff7f1d⋯.png (10.89 KB, 67x50, 67:50, Screenshot-2018-4-8 8af4e4….png)



508dc4 No.958262

File: 4b480f50f6de70b⋯.jpg (62.08 KB, 749x570, 749:570, IMG_20171018_091005.jpg)

MALE/Female yes only two genders

edd091 No.958263

File: 9ee7364b3954729⋯.jpg (61.38 KB, 568x373, 568:373, mccain terrorists 2013.JPG)

File: c15cf9a6116b116⋯.jpg (85.17 KB, 843x641, 843:641, mccain terrorists 2013_2.JPG)

5d99b7 No.958264

1e6c66 No.958265


I knew trump was the right man and I have the utmost faith in him and will follow him until the end and then whoever his successor is

b91dd4 No.958266

File: 27f237c02d86d55⋯.png (1.36 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 60716124-E7A2-4845-90E6-FA….png)

File: 30de53e128a0b10⋯.png (2.44 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 6DA2D2FD-7745-435B-A6C6-C2….png)

File: e528e5b2d33ff07⋯.png (428.41 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 1A48A04A-4051-4DEB-A95B-2B….png)

File: 58cb62f4c3a7b1c⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, DC6D62DB-D024-4715-ABE0-E6….png)

File: fadcf3f550dfc0b⋯.png (2.19 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 9E769243-8712-44C6-9876-D3….png)

90ff48 No.958267


Can anyone confirm?

Any other news source reporting the presumed event yesterday at Epstein's horror show?

http:// yournewswire.com/jeffrey-epstein-pedo-island-burns/

Also, planfags have been updatingon a hot air balloon which was last reported off the Bahama coast at 62000 ft. It's rumored that Jeffrey took to it in an effort to escape. This balloon was decommissioned 10+ yrs ago and is unregistered.

0cb5f3 No.958268


hey right on! well this "cyop" is exposing truth, so will be used against them,just like the internet! thanks DARPA

6f9fd2 No.958269


Security detail

fdd42d No.958270


Thanks anon. sounds credible

4ab3d0 No.958271


Thank you arabicAnon.

I'm sure your contribution will be greatly appreciated.

a269cf No.958272


only two brother

9c529b No.958273


notable !


I will do my best to fix!

8ee1fb No.958274


Cedars of Lebanon

35763f No.958275


Be sure to put these in the resignations thread as well….

2b054a No.958276

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

if i had a hammer

7028cf No.958277


Every fucking aspect of the war on terror was fake. If this pic is on US soil, they'd have no defense for the war and their reasonings for it. Jihadi John video

2fe870 No.958278


What kind of trees are those? Local to what area?

50fb59 No.958279


That's a billboard, anon.

3cb520 No.958280


OK, if this is so, how do you explain the Easter speech?

7988ba No.958281


The Podesta / Colbert photo. Did you have it loaded already?

538652 No.958282

File: e167c2db556ab43⋯.jpeg (56.28 KB, 634x458, 317:229, 7872bb2e9d7da506139017f3a….jpeg)

File: 5b9e1c8894e119b⋯.jpeg (55.13 KB, 634x492, 317:246, fe48aa9746cf28410f3488cd9….jpeg)

File: 20d8214b65d952a⋯.jpg (17.33 KB, 400x400, 1:1, AZDTUbKx_400x400.jpg)

File: fa896cadafaeefb⋯.jpg (24.69 KB, 320x249, 320:249, 17mqdvomod2jpjpg.jpg)

File: c0bcfb5bbf9ba38⋯.jpg (53.99 KB, 540x418, 270:209, mccainfamilyImage5.jpg)

54e976 No.958283


Imagine all these nasty old pieces of shit in their black robes and hoods, raping children and drinking their blood in their Satan worship, then laugh at us while plotting the destruction of the country and stuffing their pockets with cash….


493ad6 No.958284

File: a5ce680ed002a14⋯.jpg (85.58 KB, 732x1064, 183:266, IMG_1754.JPG)

Cash and manga

22a4bc No.958285

File: 270a72afd73a70f⋯.png (709.11 KB, 1334x750, 667:375, IMG_0743.PNG)


That would make sense then.

What about the "Hard two losses" ?

0ae6ff No.958286


Research the root terms yourself, in Strong's Concordance.

17cef1 No.958287


Hopefully resolved by 11.11.

fed383 No.958288

File: f895cf3e5f47f01⋯.jpg (2.75 MB, 3300x5100, 11:17, QBandOfAnons.jpg)

3464ee No.958289

File: 8c70303f00478ff⋯.jpg (55 KB, 640x368, 40:23, McCain Syria.jpg)

As Q said

All looking away.

Look at the flag on his back too

fc8014 No.958290


https:// ca.news.yahoo.com/russia-denies-chemical-weapons-used-syrias-douma-ifax-091952745.html

d0fc09 No.958291


I've watched it three times. It sounds like a summary of the country's problems and "The Plan" to fix it. Well done, Qs.

becc5a No.958292

File: 6ee558d5d887761⋯.png (527.42 KB, 899x509, 899:509, ClipboardImage.png)


never in my life..

4e927d No.958293


Q bring justice for /our sassy/. Serena Shim was a patriot of humanity

e1e822 No.958294


Q, you are taking care of this patriot, right?

493ad6 No.958295

ALL this marketing y'all pushing is really annoying

a6a410 No.958296

Look Anons. Cicada and AIM are mad that they were bumped from their larp by someone smarter.

ab3ab5 No.958297


THANK YOU glorious ANON!

72917f No.958299



Context becomes clearer everyday

bb521f No.958300

File: df8b2ebc11b9fcc⋯.jpg (64.86 KB, 582x580, 291:290, flag.jpg)

File: a1651c5969b0452⋯.png (131.72 KB, 660x1182, 110:197, Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at ….png)

78852f No.958301

File: c63399b83022cf7⋯.png (667.61 KB, 582x580, 291:290, ClipboardImage.png)



Is that the flag of the Syrian Republic?

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Arab_flags

29d635 No.958302

File: a3785ba26d0affe⋯.png (683.42 KB, 983x689, 983:689, Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at ….png)

File: eba802be86cfa65⋯.png (486.53 KB, 821x521, 821:521, Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at ….png)


tineye brough this up from that picture

http:// barenakedislam.com/2013/09/23/al-qaeda-in-syria-we-fought-against-the-free-syrian-army-because-they-conspired-with-john-mccain/

took me here

https:// syria.liveuamap.com/en/2017/27-june-possible-new-uav-hangar-under-construction-and-beriev

e1e822 No.958303



15a10a No.958304


Oh alrighty then

a240c0 No.958305


Lack of public reaction to these revealations is a testament to the strength of the satanic Cabal thought-programming and the importance of OUR WORK

Have we EVER been free on this Earth?

60a3d8 No.958306


The FLAG pin McCain is wearing.

It doesn’t match any country flags I could find, but most closely resembles the Syrian Flag

51e64d No.958307

>>958248 if it's so obvious, we need to really work on this. ( And I'm glad I'm not the only one seeing this). How do you see the spiderwebs?

24842e No.958308


Q, why does ISIS still have territory?


bb1dd2 No.958309

>>956726 prev. breads



Any luck deciphering the code yet?

298d9f No.958310


https ://www.instagram.com/p/Z00V8TFHhd/

@ soccermouaz, traveling with no name.

b8412c No.958311


Oxygen is a little thin at 62k', wtf

0ae6ff No.958312


It also means "first meal of royalty."

Take it how you like.

2ed565 No.958313

File: 534ac61c20d3b62⋯.jpg (21.92 KB, 676x169, 4:1, Capture4.JPG)


Let's see tomorrows view count

508dc4 No.958314

File: 507de047af483bf⋯.jpg (45.16 KB, 593x565, 593:565, C3zfLu3XUAEkkpt.jpg)


602015 No.958315

File: 6b2a2863dddf95b⋯.jpeg (883.92 KB, 1033x1031, 1033:1031, IMG_76C06842C81D-1.jpeg)

File: f193512f26b98c9⋯.jpg (91.54 KB, 1400x700, 2:1, Untitled_Artwork 12.jpg)


Microphone logos for news stations are also called "flags"

d3479b No.958316


It tells me the media needs to be changed and propaganda made illegal.

f7d690 No.958317


If this is the case…then do they consider themselves the Spiders? Who are the spiders that are weaving these webs? Webs connect things, but the spiders make the webs.

cc9e5e No.958318



I've taken it for twattin' purposes ;)

493ad6 No.958319


It is now a online festival of idolatry

edd091 No.958320


Translated from French:

The senator "Sold out" McCain was a great representative in the Senate. However, he did not represent the people of Arizona, but House of Saud, SIIL, al-Qaida , Chevron and every scammer and gangster who fills his pockets for decades.

https:// translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=auto&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Faurorasito.wordpress.com%2F2016%2F05%2F26%2Fi-padroni-sauditi-di-john-mccain%2F

03a22f No.958321


good question. i just wondered the same..

0e9174 No.958322



Flag used by the Syrian National Coalition and Syrian Interim Government

421d68 No.958323


I'm sick to my stomach!!!

b4604b No.958325

File: efbd2bae4debe14⋯.png (4.7 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, image.png)


Black Isis flag?

e0eab1 No.958326

funny, i refreshed the video after watching likes went up 150 and views went up 2

19ea49 No.958327

File: 5b919d7013c6e9e⋯.jpg (22.12 KB, 255x255, 1:1, bb20eb789f04fc80f873a77c29….jpg)

File: fe4bba0f45bd0ce⋯.jpg (19.46 KB, 255x255, 1:1, fc1b56e092b747aaa1b70aac18….jpg)

File: 7155cf5855dc7bd⋯.jpg (17.18 KB, 255x241, 255:241, 444794ff887427ae8284aa3429….jpg)

File: 3850121439d8c8e⋯.jpg (110.21 KB, 864x864, 1:1, pepenews.jpg)

Personal Quick Grabs from Bread #1191. These ARE NOT Vetted, I'm just working on my 40,000K View. Shadilay Anons!!

>>957802 (Previous Quick Grabs)

>>957193 <---@jack has lost it

>>957221 <---REPORT!!

>>957268 <---Yup

>>957270 <---??? Do Tell ANON

>>957314 <---Interesting Move by POTUS

>>957371 <---PULSE Connection

>>957390 <---Graphic Saved

>>957462 <---Interesting Combo

>>957477 <---McCain in Syria 2013

>>957494 <---McCain in Syria & RC Video dates are the same??

>>957465 <---Saved.

>>957531 <---Syria & Epstein Island looking a LOT Alike ANONS

>>957588 <---Suspicious

>>957700 <---WAIT?? WHAT??


TRUTH Belongs With THE PEOPLE!!!

6a3648 No.958328


stfu, asshat!

23a42f No.958329


Water ballasts, retard.

508dc4 No.958330

File: 08ea9d9ea8a4a3d⋯.png (724.63 KB, 1055x754, 1055:754, 51ed4de5e1600ad89f4a42b2c0….png)

Plan foiled by Trump

Thank you Q and Trump

4664be No.958331


that site is not credible

a240c0 No.958332

Site slowing down again. Testing

9d7590 No.958333


OMG!!! Does this mean there is no ISIS? There is no AlQaeda? It was all staged so that we could go to war, destroy and pillage Syria and create the world's largest refugee problem???

OMFG!!! This guy needs to hang!!

Look at the trees! That's the US!

17cef1 No.958334


"Mouaz Moustafa was born and raised in Damascus, Syria before moving to America at the age of 12. Drawing inspiration from the heroes of the American Revolution, Mouaz has worked on Capitol Hill on behalf of the Egyptian and Libyan revolutions. Since the start of the revolution in his home country, he has worked the back-rooms of Washington trying to bring the Syrian revolution to the forefront of political discourse.

As the Executive Director of the Syrian Emergency Task Force (SETF), Mouaz advocates on behalf of the pro-democratic movement inside of Syria. Working with his expansive network of activists, opposition figures, and Free Syrian Army soldiers, Mouaz and SETF provide aid to the millions of Syrians in need humanitarian assistance and are working to build a system of civilian councils to help with transitional governance inside Syria."

Source: http:// redlinesfilm.com/mouaz-moustafa/

54e0b3 No.958335


I need a translator

24842e No.958336



6ac131 No.958337





Locate where new Q photo is taken

298d9f No.958338


MOUAZ is all over the world and visits Congress too. Calls himself a 'freelance revolutionary'

https ://www.instagram.com/soccermouaz/

b25668 No.958339

File: 908fda6e0dd9d11⋯.jpg (266.35 KB, 994x746, 497:373, Baldwin_Trail_Opener_A_120….jpg)

File: 8e06c73d81c086c⋯.jpeg (69.47 KB, 582x580, 291:290, 8af4e4043029857120b18e080….jpeg)


Sedona, Az?

Where his ranch is.

493ad6 No.958340


All that copy pasta are repost to you

Cheese and rice

67a8c5 No.958341

File: 0a0107b7e1c58e5⋯.png (260.09 KB, 490x274, 245:137, image.png)

File: d64f0cd95175b1e⋯.png (838.09 KB, 1407x518, 201:74, image.png)

File: 9e3e3cf1f6b1c3e⋯.jpeg (54.79 KB, 800x563, 800:563, image.jpeg)


If you notice anons, I'm such a big believer in the bullshit I'm posting that I have to reply to myself multiple times to shit up the bread with it!

We are AIM, but now go by some bullshit Matrix Vortex (tm).

In other word so, we are glowing Clown faggots (no disrespect meant to any HomoFag anon).

8a0860 No.958342

File: 3208b3e22376847⋯.jpg (82.27 KB, 500x459, 500:459, Obagy_Christmas.jpg)

6f9fd2 No.958343


Dunno, but his shirt says "eat, sleep, dive"

03fc95 No.958344


>What about the "Hard two losses" ?

the arabic writing on the right is not the same on the left. i cant even read the one on the right, its arabic letters but i guess ur app messsed it up coz i cant read it.

>>First line says "new Syria"

>>Second line says" Reception Hall"

345861 No.958345



508dc4 No.958346

File: f50e03f8ca1237b⋯.jpg (109.69 KB, 749x772, 749:772, C8qN5jXXcAERp_y.jpg)


a240c0 No.958347



It's pure clickbait


false alarm

d3479b No.958348


I wait for the trial.

8d3bc3 No.958349

https:// twitter.com/SenJohnMcCain/status/339455679800700928

no geo data :(

https:// pastebin.com/U5mTG1LF

e5917c No.958350


Looks like the Syrian flag

804f00 No.958351

cf8090 No.958352


Is that a Syrian flag pin?

Is that normal protocol?

I've only ever seen our politicians wear American/Israeli flag pins

8eb3f4 No.958353


> I thank Jesus Christ, my savior for letting President Trump win.

Decent read, paragraphs?

God answered many people's prayers, we turned out to vote.

23a42f No.958354

File: 3774470b405a079⋯.jpg (84.6 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 6a00d83451b26169e2015435c8….jpg)

df4048 No.958356


200+ UID's as well, Q's here gonna be slow

cc9e5e No.958357

File: b79f00b6bbc3114⋯.jpg (112.05 KB, 544x602, 272:301, symbolism.jpg)


Q, was it the Satanic symbolism on the animated character you were referring to in pic related?

709f74 No.958358

I guess it's safe to assume something is going down April 27th. Q always tells us to enjoy the show

50fb59 No.958359


… holy shit. It was so obvious. The TREES

876a1b No.958360

File: 611e242b3bdaca6⋯.jpg (225.81 KB, 1076x1224, 269:306, flag1.jpg)

File: d1edcedf1296224⋯.gif (2.8 KB, 432x216, 2:1, flag2.gif)

edd091 No.958361

File: ee20610186f96c9⋯.jpg (28.82 KB, 416x317, 416:317, mccain hussein.JPG)


(((TREASON))) is their bond.

America for sale.

a87649 No.958362

0f4344 No.958363

Geez…I'm crying. haha!

21389a No.958364

File: 9bb515a6890df0b⋯.jpg (419.61 KB, 1600x1236, 400:309, 1956_Around World 80 Days_….jpg)


As the world turns.

876af7 No.958365

USA- For my children, my Grandkids for my family

51e64d No.958366





Look at that license plate

538652 No.958367

File: 33490f0356aae22⋯.jpeg (38.57 KB, 688x374, 344:187, b7cba6e6d155ed43b1a2c5ff6….jpeg)

File: b48517139d198ab⋯.jpeg (15.6 KB, 368x137, 368:137, download (1).jpeg)

File: e531f6e9dc3ddc5⋯.jpeg (36.82 KB, 605x304, 605:304, static1.squarespace.com.jpeg)




e8e465 No.958368


There was never any evidence they actually ever found it. It was just their word?

phst. It shouldn't have taken long?

421d68 No.958369


And kill a bunch of Christians, God loving people, at the same time.

bcdad4 No.958370


A wonderful place with wonderful people. Love our Marines.

ff19b2 No.958371

File: eb952060ca73e41⋯.png (443.14 KB, 1271x577, 1271:577, pic related.png)

File: db3cbc6fc38c4b6⋯.jpeg (260.17 KB, 1200x1114, 600:557, pic related2.jpeg)



i think it was one of (((/ourguys))) that posted that

said to watch the promo

pic related

345861 No.958372


Noice! Worth a Tweet!

876a1b No.958373


Syrian Army Flag

5299b6 No.958374

File: 0dbb16949c269bd⋯.jpg (5.6 KB, 350x194, 175:97, shot.jpg)


This is the LOGO on the microphone

729709 No.958375

>>958033 Q can you get back to BIRTH of A NEW NATION and THE ISLAND before I pull the balance of my hair out?! Stop it before the 12:22 mark https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1QaSFm6Hhk THE ISLAND has a black KURUMI fighter descendant who is a black water ops guy and plays the hero in the last 30 mins. It was a movie dumb af and boring as Hell!

508dc4 No.958376

File: 6e9d1ad8a99ae15⋯.jpg (100.76 KB, 898x701, 898:701, 203759.jpg)

Never forget Where we Go 1 We go ALL

b25668 No.958377


Security detail dosent seem to threatened. Pretty relaxed, must be somewhere secure.

6a916e No.958378

File: 57d6e373addc7d2⋯.jpg (772.66 KB, 2560x2560, 1:1, IMG_2350.JPG)

cf8090 No.958379


In the background you can see a flamboyantly gay man with a grinning gaze at his partner, who is also a senator.

660153 No.958380

File: 1cb7fd38f4dca85⋯.jpg (85.99 KB, 1495x785, 299:157, IMG_1768.JPG)

For them molesto tard bots still doxing

387bd7 No.958381

does this shit storm have something to do with the Awans in Congress? Or who ever it was?

02fc93 No.958382

File: bf11035ee1f61fa⋯.png (352.33 KB, 571x612, 571:612, Capture1.PNG)

File: 9c7a8216d1c1863⋯.png (671.62 KB, 568x590, 284:295, Capture2.PNG)

Let’s see… McCain is now associated with the SETF and its Executive Director, who has re-hired a man with connections to a Muslim Brotherhood group in the U.S.; he has hired the group’s former Political Director, Elizabeth O’Bagy; and while in Syria, posed with two terrorists and a woman who is now the group’s Field Director.


http:// shoebat.com/2013/10/26/mccains-syrian-group-re-hires-controversial-figure/

e4444c No.958384


probably lebanese cedar

pretty sure that pic of mcshitstain and pals is in azaz syria north of aleppo

709f74 No.958386


Good catch, that pic has always stood out in my mind but could't figure anything out. I'm blind…

92f617 No.958387


Adding the poisonous Fluoride to your water…

Why my water comes from the well in the front yard.

Even after they brought out city water 10 years ago, I stayed onm the well.

3cb520 No.958388


And back up your offline saves. Had a close call with mine last night. It took something like 16 hours to recover it.

6ae0f5 No.958389



Are we counting to 5 or 10?

Night [5]

c9c279 No.958390

File: 1ece89f507c9f78⋯.jpg (618.42 KB, 645x1369, 645:1369, mcstaindeal.jpg)

What's in the bag mcstain?

e1e822 No.958391

My questions is:

WHY HRC? Why did they pick her specifically as their queen? Why does everything revolve around her? Why do they protect her so much? They could've picked anyone.

7c58c0 No.958392


I have confirmed the earth quake that was the supposed cause of the fire on the island.

I have NOT seen another source for confirmation of the fire

ONLY yournewswire

660153 No.958393


Because the inequalities of selfish fegels

Faggots too

538652 No.958394

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

92ebff No.958395


American looking vehicles

508dc4 No.958396

File: 24b544c7bb6001c⋯.jpg (306.21 KB, 1280x962, 640:481, 1280px-The_Peacemakers_186….jpg)

Wake the Fuck Up

9b3abe No.958397


I recall NYPD/investigators reported that Clinton Foundation was the motherload way back when the Weiner laptop was seized just before presidential election in 2016.

03fc95 No.958398




The mic says Alghad which means "Tomorrow" i guess thats the chanel name.

21389a No.958399


Of coursh.

f35505 No.958400

File: b4969316dc79623⋯.png (208.49 KB, 400x400, 1:1, trump-silo2-small.png)


We are in this together.


2018 will be glorious!!

God bless,

62c74c No.958401


I believe cicada was the catalyst for some anons including myself.

b91dd4 No.958402

File: 8c13920be972af2⋯.png (420.51 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 7AFFC2EF-A841-408E-85B8-03….png)


Been looking hard. Feel I’m getting close.

Was in eldeb and supposedly met in a hanger and a chem factory with bad guys.

pic related

d0fc09 No.958403


Think real hard about that. It shows how totally controlled our reality is, how "deep" the Deep State is.

19ea49 No.958404

File: 3850121439d8c8e⋯.jpg (110.21 KB, 864x864, 1:1, pepenews.jpg)

So Anons, DO we KNOW the security camera shot from Rachel Chandler is 100% from Epstein Island??

Or is that a shot from The Traitor and his trip??

Sorry for the dumb question. I've been on this since the minute it broke, but I haven't had a chance to catch up yet.

Thanks ANONS!!


5c5116 No.958405



538652 No.958407

6e87a5 No.958408


Swiss FLAG!!

f23ca7 No.958409

Are there pine trees n Syria?


https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forestry_in_Syria

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pinus_halepensis

Try looking at the metadata of the picture in question.

2fb577 No.958410


See that grey object in between the trees? The sky is overexposed so could that be a mountain range?

24842e No.958411



https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suriya_al-Ghad

opposition tv

4648b6 No.958412

File: ff9cff791a62e6b⋯.png (73.67 KB, 784x228, 196:57, Flags.png)

File: 1d9da3f7faa613d⋯.png (2.25 KB, 300x200, 3:2, 300px-Flag_of_Syria_2011,_….png)

File: 6ffffad8fd120cc⋯.png (1.44 KB, 300x200, 3:2, 300px-Flag_of_Syria.svg.png)



For anons who don't know.

Now you know.

96cdde No.958413


Thank you Mr President!

508dc4 No.958414

File: de37596dcf488c8⋯.jpg (160.06 KB, 900x575, 36:23, bigstock-United-Nations-Bu….jpg)


The new Trump hotel

51e64d No.958415


Look at the license plate

8eb3f4 No.958416


Dude, you're proving the guy's point…))

4bf478 No.958417

https:// wikileaks.org/hackingteam/emails/emailid/169405


Prince said he is convinced that Mr. Panetta outed him as a CIA "asset"

at a closed congressional hearing that year, adding that it was

unthinkable for a CIA director to reveal the real name of a covert

operative to lawmakers.

A representative for Mr. Panetta said the

former CIA director was required to brief Congress on covert operations

and wasn't responsible for how others handled that information.

23a42f No.958419

File: f6237159ff7b8d6⋯.jpg (10.64 KB, 132x122, 66:61, Untitled2.jpg)


660153 No.958420


It's like your drunk penis talking to you

508dc4 No.958421

File: d3458e766b726a0⋯.jpg (148.8 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 16003298_10155427915171729….jpg)

Never Forget

3f73a8 No.958422



Sedona AZ where McCain lives

9b3abe No.958423


Maybe it was FBIanon on reddit.

5e8f48 No.958424


The shirt say eat sleep dive and has a dive flag on it. Not Swiss.

b91dd4 No.958425

File: 27f237c02d86d55⋯.png (1.36 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 7A1E4892-D88E-492F-BE32-75….png)


wring pic

50fb59 No.958426


Thanks anon. Thought it was almost all arid.

e4444c No.958427


guy with the cameraman was senate staffer

fdfebb No.958428

fc8014 No.958429


In the states.

8e901e No.958430


Q, is there a masonic link?

901000 No.958431


Canned o2 required above 14,000 feet msl.

If you like breathing that is.

e09b30 No.958432

File: fe75a9ab8e99144⋯.png (417.65 KB, 640x406, 320:203, MCTREASON.png)

b25668 No.958433


Cash delivery?

19ea49 No.958434

File: b5031eb0be07e60⋯.png (143.47 KB, 301x301, 1:1, Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at ….png)


Wise words. We are Guardians Of The Truth.

90ff48 No.958435


Our Military is not standing.

Supremes are standing.

Boehner and- looks like- Rick Perry are standing.

Appears to be a SOTU address.

fdd42d No.958436


Still Spraying here Retard

b8412c No.958437

Rachel Chandler 50% topless

http:// scalaregia.blogspot.com/search/label/Rachel%20Chandler

b2f427 No.958438

It's the lapel pin TRAITOR!!!!!

3464ee No.958439

File: 8c70303f00478ff⋯.jpg (55 KB, 640x368, 40:23, McCain Syria.jpg)

File: 56bb4a044cb106f⋯.jpg (62.69 KB, 582x580, 291:290, McCain Syrian Flag.jpg)

File: 4ccf53d170fda4f⋯.jpg (18.68 KB, 255x239, 255:239, McCain ISIS.jpg)

File: 4ac9f7e5b948d15⋯.jpg (1.17 MB, 1280x2330, 128:233, McCain Swamp Life.jpg)

McCain with Syrian National Flag on coat. Guy with scarf and camera has red diving flag on shirt. That same guy is in Syria meeting from before with his back to camera. Also, in the photo with the spider web

709f74 No.958440


Awesome catch

d0576e No.958441


tall cedars

a87649 No.958442


Death is too easy.

6f9fd2 No.958443

Wait….when was this pic Q just posted taken?


92a492 No.958444


Where the fuck are they?

a269cf No.958445


infiltrated by jesuits

fed195 No.958446

File: 11eeb9dd46a07e7⋯.png (1.55 MB, 682x795, 682:795, USGS Fails to Explain Deca….png)

"It's the science"

538652 No.958447


looks awfully similar…


d789cc No.958448

And the traitor leaves carrying the bag

0cb5f3 No.958449


wheres rubio's district?

e5917c No.958450


He should turn it into affordable housing. That'll really piss them off.

9b3abe No.958451


Your pay is too high for this pathetic effort.

31f0fd No.958452

Is it time to buy stock in fireworks companies?

68ba23 No.958453

File: d6f15afbfd9019c⋯.png (28.21 KB, 752x241, 752:241, Syrian flag.png)


It's definitely the Assad flag:

a4bec9 No.958454

File: aaa9f4a886705d7⋯.jpg (417.52 KB, 725x601, 725:601, McCainFatherZionistTraitor….jpg)

File: 3b5d653b7c30c10⋯.png (411.86 KB, 453x556, 453:556, Screen-Shot-2017-07-25-at-….png)

File: 19959265effc70e⋯.jpg (135.75 KB, 620x387, 620:387, failed-pilotisis-supporter….jpg)

92a492 No.958455

cc9e5e No.958456


I got lucky when I screenshot it for making the GMT graphics. It's a Gif.

And, I thought 'BOOM'.

602015 No.958457

File: 63da963d32d66e1⋯.jpeg (98.04 KB, 399x451, 399:451, IMG_9AD46CD23859-1.jpeg)

File: 20a16121952cc04⋯.jpg (25.36 KB, 300x200, 3:2, IMG_9142.JPG)

660153 No.958458


The back hoe gets dues

3cb520 No.958459


The first time someone asked what I thought of HRC as a candidate, I was so shocked that one of my friends would take her seriously. (Most did, unfortunately.) My response: "Why would I vote for her? She's a criminal!"

227fcf No.958461

File: 9d8440693823009⋯.jpg (239.16 KB, 649x376, 649:376, McCain_LR_pic.jpg)


Scuba guy is same guy as the picture taken in Azaz. i.e. this guy is ISIS (Mossad?), apparently running around Congress as a trusted individual.

189edf No.958462


>masonic link

sure. the masons were infiltrated & subverted by the kikes just like every other organization

42b12f No.958463

File: 9f72f1e735b67d9⋯.jpeg (13.85 KB, 276x183, 92:61, Pepe_Einstein.jpeg)


Akshually, humans = one species (homo sapiens sapiens)

Multiple races.

51e64d No.958464



Look at the license plate. This is the USA

6e87a5 No.958465



https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Standard

1980e0 No.958466


https:// mobile.twitter.com/SoccerMouaz?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor


21389a No.958467

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

660153 No.958468


No taxes homo

bb1dd2 No.958469

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


>@0:48 - This is a Crossroads.

Cream - Crossroads

[Live at Winterland 1968] HQ

38fdc1 No.958470

File: 9ee7364b3954729⋯.jpg (61.38 KB, 568x373, 568:373, mccain terrorists 2013.JPG)

File: 124245545f5adc8⋯.png (1.03 MB, 500x872, 125:218, same dude.png)


50fb59 No.958471

File: 6c4a5e70685e8b9⋯.png (622.13 KB, 800x597, 800:597, hesrightyouknow.png)

0ae6ff No.958472

We are the resurrection.

509e4f No.958473


Yes – compare it to the flag in the corner of the room in >>958289

8f3199 No.958474

File: 095dbee41982d95⋯.jpeg (92.56 KB, 288x448, 9:14, D7D7A574-B966-4271-816C-3….jpeg)

File: 317ca68370ea4e3⋯.jpeg (672.09 KB, 750x1237, 750:1237, 00A7D189-3C7E-4ACE-A9D1-6….jpeg)


What is draped on the suburban?

6a3648 No.958475


Senator John McCain's surprise Syria visit

One of the strongest advocates of US military aid for the Syrian opposition, Senator John McCain, has made an unannounced visit to Syria for talks with rebel commanders.

The rebels called for a change in American policy, demanding the provision of heavy weapons, the imposition of a no-fly zone and air strikes on Hezbollah fighters inside Syria.

David Willis reports from Washington.

http:// www.bbc.com/news/av/world-middle-east-22685676/senator-john-mccain-s-surprise-syria-visit

20ec59 No.958476

File: d82a7a45c364a12⋯.png (1.4 MB, 3264x1632, 2:1, 1__Our_Movement_is_About.png)

File: a5250a93956b599⋯.png (1015.26 KB, 3264x1632, 2:1, 2__To_Protect_and_Enrich_I….png)

File: a8e4ab762c6a6e7⋯.png (969.92 KB, 3264x1632, 2:1, 3__The_Washington_Establis….png)

File: e2100f9884776de⋯.png (896.78 KB, 3264x1632, 2:1, 4__Our_Campaign_Represents.png)

File: e841d1e236535ae⋯.png (1.22 MB, 3264x1632, 2:1, 5__The_Political_Establish….png)

be6593 No.958477

I tried to catch up reading but didn't notice anyone mention this interview coming up with Loretta Lynch. NBC heavily promoting Lester Holt.

https:// www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https:// www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/loretta-lynch-to-talk-clinton-tarmac-meeting-james-comey-on-monday&ved=2ahUKEwio_fnQ9qvaAhVF74MKHaC1DDMQFjACegQIARAB&usg=AOvVaw0oWXS0PnFpdjpDg2uravtT

9c529b No.958478

File: e9f731c28547625⋯.jpg (160.97 KB, 936x924, 78:77, serveimage21D8QV29.jpg)




Fixed YW TY


This needs to happen first. See art

901016 No.958479


you mean the blackmailed one in the middle

b25668 No.958480

File: fb7914e6df08965⋯.jpg (113.31 KB, 1160x582, 580:291, az2005-3.jpg)


Yes states size and location. American vehicles.

660153 No.958481


The imf freehold their lodges after JFK iirc

24842e No.958482

File: 0ed789108d3f842⋯.png (274.97 KB, 634x385, 634:385, ClipboardImage.png)

3464ee No.958483


Praying for you Mr. President and Q Team!

a87649 No.958484


Good ole Jewtube

87d1c4 No.958485


But why????

Why would mc no name wear this flag? Doesn't he think putting this on might expose him? Is he that stupid?

9b3abe No.958486


The extreme jesuit oath is a big lie from the 1600s. Get over your brainwashing.

189edf No.958487


this is a derailment topic, but the races are disparate enough to qualify as separate species tbh. it's just not politically correct to label them that way

cb78d2 No.958488

the Politico piece has been blocked.

Not using ad blocker. This is on the Opera browser.

Re: Q's post



Tried to post this earlier as I saw it, but beyond thread limit.

Coming back to it now - adding same results

https:// www.politico.com/blogs/laurarozen/1209/Report_Blackwater_CEO_Eric_Prince_was_CIA_asset.html

fdfebb No.958489

File: 18b9c49f7a273c3⋯.jpg (69.93 KB, 553x720, 553:720, pork.jpg)

f23ca7 No.958490

There is no metadata in the q image.

c23965 No.958491


Guy in striped shirt gives a familiar feeling. Any chance he IS or is related to pulse night club father? Very similar and his ears?

194c7e No.958492

File: b368cf7db49f0cd⋯.png (119.95 KB, 238x330, 119:165, face1.png)

b51f1b No.958493


Seem to be the same players?

20ec59 No.958494

File: 6540c236a5f0b56⋯.png (707.23 KB, 3264x1632, 2:1, 6__Destruction_Factories-j….png)

File: eae95021252dd37⋯.png (362.38 KB, 3264x1632, 2:1, 7__Struggle_Survival_Of_Ou….png)

File: bca116ed2661af8⋯.png (886.93 KB, 3264x1632, 2:1, 8__Honestly_She_Should_be_….png)

File: f2ce42d1de46431⋯.png (760.2 KB, 3264x1632, 2:1, 9__Media_as_a_Weapon.png)

File: 62723763146168b⋯.png (1.22 MB, 3264x1632, 2:1, 10__Clintons_are_Criminals.png)

5ebc19 No.958495


They have their own central bank.

A pizza shop guy close to my work worked for the syrian army - chemical engineer - he said the gov is bad and good

not gassing their own people tho

92a492 No.958496


What news outlet?????

d0fc09 No.958497


I think she's a very important relative of someone very high up in the hierarchy. I think her bio is bogus. Just like the O, treated like royalty.

51e64d No.958498


Agree Anon. This oik is taken in the US

fdfebb No.958499


Is that an ISIS flag?

7c58c0 No.958500

File: 97f8a97c782e283⋯.png (5.41 KB, 449x93, 449:93, Q listen carefully.PNG)


https:// twitter.com/WhiteHouse/status/982619755537367040

fc8014 No.958502

File: ca2d14b75369fff⋯.jpg (11.08 KB, 313x161, 313:161, AZ.jpg)

770077 No.958503

File: 9d868698f935efc⋯.jpg (1.04 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, mccain-syria.jpg)

Can someone translate the words above the door?

e1e822 No.958504

Did anons trolling McCain on twitter move the ball for you guys?

92a492 No.958505


what news outlet????

a6ad48 No.958506


>https:// m.youtube.com/watch?v=G2qIXXafxCQ

God bless you guys and POTUS!

508dc4 No.958507

Q, will they stop chemtrails?

20ec59 No.958508

File: f3baadbdd16492a⋯.png (1.51 MB, 3264x1632, 2:1, 11__Arrows_Take_Country_ba….png)

File: 366772707777c37⋯.png (970.27 KB, 3264x1632, 2:1, 12_Knew_Day_Would_Arrive.png)

File: 5314446ea48758e⋯.png (572.7 KB, 3264x1632, 2:1, 13_Our_Great_Civilization.png)

52a90f No.958509


So his security detail is in the background, nobody's got their eyes on the people up close and personal with McNameless. He trusts them completely, they would never hurt him. Funny considering he was once a presidential candidate. You'd think he'd be a juicy hostage

343616 No.958510


Awesome. These are necessary. Keep making them.

d0576e No.958511


Easy, but final.

ec6a6c No.958512






37a811 No.958513



We will MAGA ! ! !

9c529b No.958514

==Bakerfaggotry going on NOW!

Anon Add ???

21389a No.958515


Masons are builders of the Temple of Solomon, more than "infiltrated" Jahbulon.

3c6882 No.958516


Senator John McCain (l.), an outspoken advocate for US military aid to the Syrian opposition, meets with Syrian Emergency Task Force Executive Director Mouaz Moustafa (2nd r.) during a surprise visit to Syria in this May 27, 2013 handout photo.

https:// www.csmonitor.com/World/Middle-East/2013/0529/McCain-visit-end-of-arms-embargo-signal-that-West-won-t-let-Syrian-rebels-sink

6ac131 No.958517


Q - photo stateside?

6a705c No.958518


Palestinian refugee

bb5865 No.958519

Someone say something about a hot air balloon?

Who committed suicide via hypoxia?

Quick, funny, then it's lights out.

b25668 No.958520

3cb520 No.958521



"Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!"

660153 No.958522

File: 7dd4b195135bab4⋯.jpg (39.62 KB, 480x279, 160:93, IMG_1695.JPG)

Obama Schwartz ist yuuuuge

ac3bf7 No.958523




03fc95 No.958524


we already got it

>>"reception hall"

901000 No.958525

Have you guy seen the pile of evidence we've got in the other room?

It's huge.

What we gonna do with it?

d3479b No.958526


Spruce trees in Syria? Looks too northern to be Syria. Those trees will not grow in Texas, and they require a colder climate.higher elevation.

298d9f No.958527


in one of his posts, he mentions Little Rock, Arkansas….


bcab5b No.958528


Moustafa worked on Capitol Hill.

http:// redlinesfilm.com/mouaz-moustafa/

0ae6ff No.958529


Q makes it rain.


508dc4 No.958530

thank you for opening up this board

0cb5f3 No.958531


her father bigtime mafia, maj. connections!

a269cf No.958532


exactly, its not assad or his people…there r paid rebels doing shit

is this one faked like other or real?

1637ca No.958533

File: ba00cc3ee8ca0a0⋯.png (409.95 KB, 1014x588, 169:98, 1.PNG)


https:// www.mccain.senate.gov/public/index.cfm?p=press-releases&id=AFAA97B8-FDFD-4166-AF03-B82A6B29D1C3

21389a No.958534

File: 0d6908f53df2add⋯.png (23.09 KB, 589x460, 589:460, gas gas gas.PNG)

a87649 No.958535


McCain's weapon is getting his tumor to play peek-a-boo on demand.

830c51 No.958536


Because they believe she is the Whore of Babylon.

b25668 No.958537


Mouaz Moustafa


born Palestinian refugee, moved 2USA@12 world traveler,play futbol,worked n US House, Senate,Egyptian,Libyan, Syrian Revolution,Executive Director of @SyrianETF

Washington D.C.

189edf No.958538

File: 753cd3dd175b266⋯.png (314.14 KB, 624x844, 156:211, Screenshot from 2018-04-08….png)

fed383 No.958539


All those chidren…..

df1d5c No.958540

File: aba5375f61c27b7⋯.jpg (864.29 KB, 2020x1134, 1010:567, leviathan pipeline.jpg)

If we dig Leviathan it's only a hop skip and a jump to Benghazi.

I promise.

f4689c No.958541



ARREST THEM, Q! #LockThemUp Thank you for everything!

20ec59 No.958542


They are all there 13 slides

I should probably fix all 2:1 ratio…

they are quite big

387bd7 No.958544

File: af469b963df0c62⋯.png (478.94 KB, 892x510, 446:255, ClipboardImage.png)



This one should work for those not on mobile. Doesn't want to load the Q link.

Pretty sure Q just wants to tell us who it is.

92f617 No.958545


crony traitor with unnamed…

Q POTUS needs to unseal his Military Records, and why not Obams sealed records at the same time.

1c964e No.958546


What's that weird mirror looking thing above the two peoples heads by the van? Rectangular in shape.

c5e1e9 No.958547

File: ec322d32b62f6d7⋯.png (70.84 KB, 931x851, 931:851, ClipboardImage.png)

78852f No.958548

File: 6c922aca4c2af3e⋯.png (751.54 KB, 582x580, 291:290, ClipboardImage.png)

0cf0ca No.958549


I switched devices and tried adding link but it’s not posting. Will keep trying because tons of information in it and the link would be nightmare to transcribe.

2b28e8 No.958550


we should prolly scrub the ref_src value(s)

c3bf30 No.958551


Do you have any more (recent) incriminating pics of McStain?

b25668 No.958552


Was this in Sedona Q?

2999fb No.958553


No name wearing the exact same thing as in the "Syria" pics…..did he even go to

Syria, or were all of these pics taken in the US, and made to look like Syria? Why?

SEC detail looking away b/c trusted in close proximity….who was taking the picture? Prince?

1980e0 No.958554

c5e5e1 No.958555


why are you here? what are you trying to sell me?

6e87a5 No.958556



3464ee No.958557

Scan his twitter guys…it's messed up. ARCHIVE

7979b5 No.958558


She ate the most babies, and has the most videos of others eating with her probably!

901000 No.958559


Recall that 'thing'!


f7d690 No.958560


Are is the storm still to come?

26aef2 No.958561


Prob in AZ…why else would some place be called "New Syria" (if it was in Syria) wouldn't make sense. IF that arabic interp was right.

51e64d No.958562




>>958470 here. Look here. Middle piture

>>958526 look up

This picture was taken most likely at McStains ranch in Arizona. It's def the USA

c90b60 No.958563



https:// original.antiwar.com/justin/2013/05/30/john-mccain-cuddles-up-to-syrian-kidnappers/

Has anyone looked at this drone footage from the area where NoName had his meeting near Idlib?

https:// www.theguardian.com/world/video/2016/feb/13/drone-footage-shows-bab-al-salama-refugee-camp-on-turkey-syria-border-video

This article has enough info to find the location on Google Earth

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Al-Salameh,_Syria

This Reuters article says NoName visited Azaz which is just west of the Bab al-Salameh refugee camp

https:// www.reuters.com/article/us-syria-crisis-azaz/al-qaeda-linked-group-advances-on-syrian-rebels-near-turkey-idUSBRE9910GJ20131002

So that drone footage isimportant. That would be the area east of the meeting point. I think the Idlib info was a lie to throw people off the track.

4cd204 No.958564

So mcturd delivered mises to isis…what a fucking evil man

6495d9 No.958565

File: a61d4a17690aeaf⋯.jpg (132.94 KB, 1080x720, 3:2, mouaz moustafa.jpg)

e1e822 No.958566



57939d No.958567


So the whole McCain meeting in Syria was staged and actually occurred in Arizona?!

Am I examining those pictures correctly? WTF!?

5299b6 No.958568

File: 0dbb16949c269bd⋯.jpg (5.6 KB, 350x194, 175:97, shot.jpg)


Q what about this? "Tomorrow Syria"???

e7b80a No.958569

File: bcf29aa98afcacf⋯.png (94.22 KB, 834x601, 834:601, ClipboardImage.png)


not surprising

21389a No.958570


She's a whore alright

b51f1b No.958571


Security detail always looking away from subject.

1c964e No.958572


A building in the background maybe?

24842e No.958573

File: 7b92d267a6fa3c5⋯.png (578.09 KB, 620x582, 310:291, ClipboardImage.png)