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File: ab20ceacfc3aab8⋯.png (8.73 KB, 255x143, 255:143, af4716b34464fb65200311d59b….png)

193f58 No.959363

> We Will Win

Q's Latest Posts

Sunday 4.08.18

here are the Q posts in order

>>958988 rt >>958888 -------No more ! Q

>>958888 rt >>958655 -------Why did HUSSEIN PROTECT ISIS?

>>958655 rt >>958580 -------Dig Social media contacts?

>>958554 rt >>958537

>>958466 rt >>958218 -------Twitter.com/SoccerMouaz

>>958033 -------------------Flag SEC detail background

>>957870 -------------------Knowing what you know now

>>955952 rt >>955898 ———–---We love phones!

>>955902 rt >>955760 ———–---Think Double archive.fo/HJF9d

>>955760 rt >>955656 ———–---Pictures leaked for this very moment

>>955656 rt >>955641 ———–---Location, Exact Location

>>955601 rt >>955555 ———–---Connected

>>954903 rt >>954819 ———–---Spider Web

>>954819 rt >>954786 ———–---No name in Syria archive.fo/lq2Bt

>>954786 ——–----------------Coincidence?

>>953077 rt >>953050 ———–---Situation Room

>>953009 rt >>952914 ———–---SIG INTERCEPT

>>952914 ———————–-----------POTUS & JFKjR

>>951358 rt >>950959 ———–---Why did POTUS announce his intention to pull out of Syria?

>>947065 ———————- ----------They are trying to start a war. Public interest shift.

>>946691 rt >>946546 ———----Tracking good. Fly High.

>>946546 rt >>946456 ———----Authorize 1st Strike. Contact window ok.

>>946456 ———————------------Increase in chatter. Castle_online.

Saturday 4.07.18

>>938749 rt >>938366 ----- Patriots stand together

>>938439 rt >>938332 ----- Buckle Up. MSM overdrive

>>938177 ---------------------- Read between the lines

>>937520 ---------------------- Listen carefully

>>936660 ---------------------- CA is special

>>936517 ---------------------- EH CA

>>936472 rt >>936346 ----- The 'Tone'

>>936314 ---------------------- Inside Job

>>936050 ---------------------- Statistically impossible?

>>932911 ---------------------- Chongqing. Tuesday

>>932846 ---------------------- We have grounds

>>932518 ---------------------- The Island, Link removed >>932537

>>931260 rt >>931003 ----- No Text; LL interview on NBC

>>931260 rt >>875265 ----- Part 2 of previous (split for formatting)

Friday 4.06.18

>>928818 ---------------------- Who's the doorman?

>>928542 rt >>928525 ----- Fake Confirmed

>>928461 ---------------------- What a coincidence

>>926737 rt >>926685 ----- Not planned but necessary

>>926674 tr >>926634 ----- "Watch the news."

>>925805 rt >>925762 ----- Operators on Standby

>>925426 rt >>925311 ----- Watch what happens.

>>925301 rt >>925189 ----- Why was Slim Sooo Shady?

>>925052 rt >>925052 ----- Epstein’s plane. Who is she?

>>924883 rt >>924792 ----- Look up Ray.Chandler

>>924391 rt >>924357 ----- Border state - coincidence?

>>924224 rt >>924151 ----- Your trust & faith in us is enough

>>924039 rt >>923567 ----- That didn't take long.

>>922915 rt >>922843 ----- Stand strong. Patriots together

>>922794 rt >>922685 ----- Think NK

>>922685 rt >>922596 ----- Hussein's past religious leaders, RISK

>>922596 rt >>922559 ----- Who is Barry Aiming At?

>>922509 rt >>922343 ----- 8CHAN IS THE EPICENTER

>>922343 rt >>922280 ----- We Don't Inform Our Enemies of Specifics

>>922237 rt >>922142 ----- Fake Pics Push By MSM

>>922142 rt >>922075 ----- Pics will surface of Hussein holding AK47 in tribal attire.

>>922028 rt >>921715 ----- Facebook Founder Says He's Hunted By C_A

>>919513 rt >>919456 ----- foxnews https:// archive.fo/ixA1E Disturbing String of Crashes

>>919456 rt >>919423 ----- Would You Believe...

>>919423 ---------------------- Here We Go NYtimes https:// archive.fo/0hQyA

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8b7365 No.959366


Yep, no wonder they want our guns.

I’m ready to fight these fuckers on the street!

a5f6a0 No.959367

If you bake it, he will crumb

5f9331 No.959368


We got this.

70a8ae No.959369

File: a7eb748fe69be16⋯.png (692.7 KB, 518x735, 74:105, jesus baker.png)


906ff5 No.959370

File: 384439ab295f34c⋯.jpg (31.96 KB, 308x319, 28:29, treason.jpg)

Hang em.

193f58 No.959371

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>>956563 Jfk Letter to Israel

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>>949203 Does 10-4 have another meaning?

>>949313 News on the death in Trump Tower Fire


>>948574 A Wild Hillary has appeared

>>948922 Stranger Than Fiction .. ?

>>948525 Todd Brasner, Art Dealer, Died In Trump Tower Fire >>947301

>>949129 ?? Mayflower Ship Transporting Puritans Back In ....~1620....

>>948609 Research Into Q's Stringer Code

>>948859 Plot Out Barry Sotoro's Travelling Destinations After His Presidential 'Period' ended

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>>949108 You never answered, Anon..

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476bf8 No.959372




Can someone please save the list of Twatter people whom @SoccerMouaz follows, also? PhoneFag here. I cannot. Thanks

1f2502 No.959373

File: 3bf2132c6cccc12⋯.jpg (44.37 KB, 856x622, 428:311, guesswho.jpg)

Geeee… I wonder who could have taken this picture…

6bef74 No.959374


8e2756 No.959375

When all these traitorous fucks are finally driven out/dragged out from DC, can all us anons go work for the federal government?

193f58 No.959376

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89ee91 No.959377

File: 5da8cbe4ef56eb4⋯.png (139.54 KB, 1166x971, 1166:971, E9247A7C-915A-4B69-8827-7A….png)

193f58 No.959378

current Dough : https:// pastebin.com/Dfe045ku

45427a No.959379

File: ff2c41ea2a37e8e⋯.jpg (57.83 KB, 496x400, 31:25, golden_temple1.jpg)

bdabb0 No.959380


I second this proposal!

b2111d No.959381

File: caee5ee9f09d01e⋯.jpg (77.82 KB, 500x751, 500:751, tay_nomakeup_2.jpg)

a little slow on the draw, baker, otherwise doing the lord's work

45d6a7 No.959382



5f9331 No.959384


Saving Israel for last. Permanent solution to the problem.

4187ae No.959385

Please LORD let's us at them

70a8ae No.959386

File: 796d69f5ff21bae⋯.jpg (97.45 KB, 640x594, 320:297, Happy Pepe.jpg)

I have a feeling Q is getting us ready for an amazing week. MAGA!

b0909d No.959387

File: 527ee5cd4b308c3⋯.jpg (57.54 KB, 560x440, 14:11, gate of peace.jpg)


b9ccbf No.959388

Dear Q and POTUS,

Please make sure these traitors are buried someplace where it's legal to piss on a grave.



79a1e8 No.959389

File: d89c0c42bf95ea6⋯.png (23.05 KB, 381x160, 381:160, ClipboardImage.png)

Anons, I think Q is saying ISIS had access to the white house…

09e5c2 No.959390


I'm available!

8b7365 No.959392

Yep, no wonder they want our guns.

I’m ready to fight these fuckers on the street!

0f2686 No.959393

File: 654fe15caf1cb6d⋯.png (625.63 KB, 652x833, 652:833, DoD 4-8-18 5 55 pm PST.PNG)

Walking Dead

Guardians of the Galaxy


Black Ops



1f9768 No.959394

The Spider Web building is actually in Arizona? Can we find it?

4ea5da No.959395


That is the MOST I've EVER seen!!!!!!!!!!!!

25 posts per minute too!!!!!! Burn bread in 30 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

28cf41 No.959396

"The Sedona Forum"

Seems like a nice place for a roundup of all the "elected" scumbags.

It was held last year in April, so perhaps this year's event is just around the corner? :)

d2a805 No.959397

File: c278afddba5a734⋯.png (301.76 KB, 460x452, 115:113, Snip20180408_9.png)

https:// twitter.com/SoccerMouaz/status/668528915435114496

de0b3b No.959398


The white house and Senate and Congress were ISIS.

8b7365 No.959399

56a8fc No.959400


They had support from the WH!

81411e No.959401

>> (Bread #1193)

Prez is quite the thespian.

59b94f No.959402



100% Agree.

I'm not a violent person but these people deserve death. Absolutely horrific what they have done.

284fa2 No.959403


^^ Checked and Keked

3bd2e3 No.959404


watch the videos:

https:// ingaza.wordpress.com/2015/05/12/important-documentation-of-israel-working-with-al-qaeda-in-syria/

cf783d No.959405

Q, will you and your team each ever get recognition? Is it in the plan? I sure hope so.

cae6bd No.959406


Mouaz Moustafa was influencing (paying) our government on behalf of the MB to overthrow Egyptian, Syrian and Libyan governments and allow them to install pro MB governments.

Was this where the Saudi money comes in? Was the MB a proxy for the Saudis?

74a9f1 No.959407


https:// twitter.com/spectatorindex/status/983150376495996929

https:// twitter.com/Joyce_Karam/status/983148921902989312

https:// twitter.com/im_PULSE/status/983150034760929282

89ee91 No.959408



33d3c0 No.959409

File: 06446db869f3aa1⋯.mp4 (4.1 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Mouaz Moustafa - Revolutio….mp4)

File: 4b2511727f72835⋯.png (305.22 KB, 1282x1416, 641:708, ClipboardImage.png)

Mouaz Moustafa - Revolutions are beautiful

http:// redlinesfilm.com/mouaz-moustafa/

https:// vimeo.com/89149476

rolls eyes at "you see horrendous things"

4d30df No.959410

Last bread finished with 315 uids

8dbc35 No.959411


Obama was the Isis general

e0e010 No.959412

File: 60ecfbbdb2d79af⋯.jpg (154.32 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Glorious3.jpg)

File: f5fa8c22f6146ac⋯.jpeg (81.23 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, GodBlessAmerica2.jpeg)

File: 7220d93ca470d6a⋯.jpg (67.16 KB, 564x564, 1:1, GodBlessAmerica3.jpg)

File: 0f254aa99f706e4⋯.jpg (167.23 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakeningProtect5.jpg)

File: 5bf6426ec841998⋯.jpg (328.79 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, GreatAwakeningTogether53.jpg)

09e5c2 No.959413

File: a511d253e1b7ed3⋯.jpg (12.47 KB, 255x255, 1:1, kek has spoken.jpg)

Victory is at hand!

4ea5da No.959414


TOP KEK………..

193f58 No.959415


computer acting clowny at the bake point everytime

f0675a No.959416





Article excerpt, more at link…

Mouaz Moustafa is a Palestinian Arab and the Executive Director of the Syrian Emergency Task Force which arranged for McCain's visit. Senator McCain called Moustafa a "patriot".

…Of more interest is Mouaz Moustafa, the smiling man in the Keffiyah on the far right of McCain in this photo.

Mouaz Moustafa is a Palestinian Arab and the Executive Director of the Syrian Emergency Task Force which arranged for McCain's visit.

Senator McCain called Moustafa a "patriot", but it's not clear which country he's a patriot of, since it's not Mouaz Moustafa's first time around on the regime change bus tour.

Before the Syrian Emergency Task Force, Moustafa was the Executive Director of the Libyan Council of North America, which like the SETF existed to help push regime change. Before that, he mentions working with "rebels" in Egypt. On his Twitter feed, he denounces the overthrow of Morsi making it rather clear which side he was on.

His Twitter account frequently features anti-Israel material, including calls for a Palestinian state with its capital in Jerusalem. On his YouTube account, he "liked" a video featuring Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh, "crying while praying"….

Predating his international period, Mouaz Moustafa did stints as a Field Organizer for the Democratic National Committee and a senate staffer. On Instagram, he calls himself a Freelance Revolutionary.

Mouaz Moustafa, patriot of four countries, none of which is the United States, appears to be holding McCain's hand on Syria through the Syrian Emergency Task Force. And the Syrian Emergency Task Force appears to be funded by "prominent" Syrians in the United States. It's not technically a foreign organization. Technically.

One member of the SETF's Board of Trustees/Board of Directors, Dr. Jihad Qaddour, was also a trustee of the Muslim American Society, which is a front for the Muslim Brotherhood.

Another, Bassam Estwani, appears to have been the Imam of the Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center, also known as Al-Qaeda leader Anwar Al-Awlaki's former mosque. The mosque was considered a front for Hamas and other "Islamic extremists" by the Treasury Department.

A third, Zaher Sahloul, appears to be the Chairman of the Council of Islamic Organizations of Chicago, an organization with terrorist links which is involved in organizing a boycott of Israel.

And that's just from a casual glance at a disturbingly incomplete list of names and functions.

Mouaz Moustafa's message is that United States must arm the Syrian terrorists without asking questions, and claims that most of the Al-Nusra Front's members are not really Al Qaeda or enemies of America.

f4db7a No.959417


They had DC access because of spies like Awan.

29243b No.959418

https:// mobile.twitter.com/SoccerMouaz

This guy is currently firing off a barrage of retweets of news articles about a gas attack on Syria on Apr 7. connections to Macron.

400b21 No.959419

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>>American Leaders JOKE About Dead Veterans and Children

No More!!!

5f9331 No.959420



(((WHO))) do you think?

4ea5da No.959421

2f2f1d No.959422

https:// friendsofsyria.wordpress.com/2017/01/03/leaked-john-kerry-audio-reveals-obama-ordered-rise-of-isis/

54a118 No.959423


They'd be drawing from a batch of good guys who "get it".

696979 No.959424

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

>>958629 last bread.

These people ARE really stupid for sure.

<Bloody Idiots.


More like a better makeup artist. You'd think with all that stolen LOOT, they'd have hired one of the folks who worked on the Thriller video or sumthin…

← Thriller | Immortal Version

6bef74 No.959425


No wonder they suck so bad.

fa99b2 No.959426


i posted this in last bread.

UKanon here, bread going so fast so not sure if already been said.

If its confirmed the traitor and so called ISIS pics are from Arizona then that means the hotel is in Arizona, theyre all wearing the same clothes. Its a false front.

6eb78b No.959427


DAV with 2 veteran sons. My oldest was a West Point grad and my youngest joined the Army at 17. He did 3 tours in the next 12 years. When Obeyme got in office I begged him to leave. It broke his heart, but he finally agreed he didn't want fight any proxy wars for his friends over there. One awesome career, broken.

624dfd No.959429

Only if they end the fed…only if

fac22e No.959430

File: e1d509fb74d2d39⋯.png (89.37 KB, 642x440, 321:220, Screenshot 2018-04-08 at 9….png)

Hmm , Masters is used 3x;s in Q drops

Referring to "Puppet Masters"

The Puppet Masters of ISIS being exposed. or

could it mean something to do with

McMasters, who is a Islamic sympathizer

and sure enough is involved.

f4313e No.959431

48c3cd No.959432

File: 3efc8e02402d5e5⋯.jpg (195.74 KB, 1200x899, 1200:899, Mouaz Caesar.jpg)

File: bdbc3fe1a6e29cc⋯.jpg (181.09 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, Mouaz Ceasar.jpg)

Mouaz goes around taking pictures of the dead. I bet he helps push agendas by reporting on deepstate atacks and false flags. Aso, may set up crisis actor events for some things (like the fake beheading)

79a1e8 No.959433


I knew we supported them in some way but ACCESS?

5e1e78 No.959434

File: d6a1104530be46d⋯.jpg (33.39 KB, 600x412, 150:103, snake.jpg)

5bfb06 No.959435


Obam filled all departments withb Muslim Brotherhood members, many are still there working against the POTUS Trump.

Why he is having so much trouble from his Admin, people that can't be directly fired.

1f9768 No.959436


It looks like they actually worked in the government.

c68ff9 No.959437

File: bbeb63a724c6ab8⋯.png (236.02 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20180408-201458.png)

HA!!! His newest tweet!!!

67da06 No.959439

File: def9afae68cc618⋯.png (261.85 KB, 1690x810, 169:81, Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at ….png)

As part of my archiving, I keep track of how many images posted and UIDs in each bread….

I think the last bread is the first time we have ever broken 300 UIDs

b0909d No.959440

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>puppet masters

8b7365 No.959441


Won’t be safe for them to walk down the street.

fkn aye right!

de0b3b No.959442

File: b849d23c82d9640⋯.jpg (95.79 KB, 814x1024, 407:512, DaTZf9cWsAEMPMq.jpg)

5448f0 No.959445

File: 4b8c4f65a795d88⋯.jpeg (290.84 KB, 1743x978, 581:326, 42B2C98B-863F-4BDB-BDE1-2….jpeg)

File: 3063b3a463343b1⋯.jpeg (12.03 KB, 182x255, 182:255, 709777C9-8FA0-4ED8-8C74-0….jpeg)

File: 72e8d82e1683616⋯.jpeg (157.64 KB, 1192x632, 149:79, AE697880-7304-43B3-A9A4-2….jpeg)







Q is this it?

Join two pillars together from RNC

70a8ae No.959446


And for every person posting here, there are ten more lurking.

45d6a7 No.959447



6b4e0f No.959448

File: 226b1dd807101db⋯.jpg (128.67 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 26azgf.jpg)

File: 5b5a81091c9d5fe⋯.jpg (107.68 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 267161.jpg)

File: 77b26aed69e5b50⋯.jpg (146.49 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 77b26aed69e5b50eb21f75504f….jpg)

7aa835 No.959449

https:// syrianfreepress.wordpress.com/2014/08/27/isis-mossad-aanirfanblogspot-report/

4d30df No.959450

906ff5 No.959451


Same, agree. There is a point where you must do what must be done. No point in trying to save a rabid dog. The best thing to do for all concerned is to shoot it and bury it deep. Best for the dog and best for anyone potentially at risk by the dog.

6698ac No.959452

File: 827994da5ebdc5c⋯.png (84.71 KB, 588x665, 84:95, air_raids_syria.PNG)

Lots of RUMORED open source intel on twitter from various sources in Lebanon and Syria about on-going cruise missile attacks and IDF raids on SAA air bases that started in the last 15 minutes.

Nothing confirmed that I see, but interesting traffic on the twitter feeds for those that monitor. Refer attached for small sampling. May be fake news.

4ea5da No.959453


I can't believe it either.

193f58 No.959454

I can bake this next then I have to rest . Got here about 530 am . Baked 5 crap breads sorry . I am learning though .Anyone besides super baker have some energy to help ?

54a118 No.959455


I'd be honored to work for this administration.

eb0c5a No.959456

File: 4306c0674fadfb8⋯.jpg (283.39 KB, 1536x1531, 1536:1531, McStainHospitality.jpg)

Better pic included…maybe the sign is better…?


"Quiet But Bold Plan Allows Sen. McCain To Slip Into War-Torn Syria"


McStain went to Gaziantep, Turkey, then crossed the border and supposedly only went to the border crossing at Bab al-Salama (?). www.csmonitor.com/World/Middle-East/2013/0529/McCain-visit-end-of-arms-embargo-signal-that-West-won-t-let-Syrian-rebels-sink

Bono, Lindsay Graham and company also went to Gaziantep :https:// www.gettyimages.in/detail/news-photo/senator-for-south-carolina-lindsey-graham-and-u2s-bono-news-photo/518521372#senator-for-south-carolina-lindsey-graham-and-u2s-bono-visit-a-at-a-picture-id518521372

302d14 No.959457

File: 9c49d3c6c9b01f4⋯.png (631.65 KB, 665x399, 5:3, ClipboardImage.png)

495016 No.959458

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

$1.99 on Amazon Prime

86afdb No.959459


To deal with the worse evil sick people

You arrest them all

You enhance interrogate them

You torture them while keeping them alive (Reason: justice for all the children they have tortured)

Then you hang them

5f9331 No.959460

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

6567c4 No.959461



This scares most anons.

They don't expect to find there is great logic behind it.

22e62f No.959463


Guess he heard the news.

Gitmo is nice all year long!

8477ff No.959464

File: 8c2ab1e82837fc0⋯.jpeg (21.19 KB, 474x478, 237:239, belikevlad.jpeg)

File: fa9c6063fa5c187⋯.jpeg (12.2 KB, 218x300, 109:150, belikevladfuckmuslims.jpeg)

File: a9aa17447671886⋯.jpeg (256.03 KB, 1237x910, 1237:910, kiketrueenemy.jpeg)

File: 8beaf1747602f50⋯.png (122.95 KB, 300x483, 100:161, liesofkikes.png)

File: 9680313b3a62149⋯.jpg (228.22 KB, 608x498, 304:249, mudslimecrimes3.jpg)


Already at ground zero, mein neger.

Time for the world to face the truth. These mudslimes/sandniggers/kikes are (((poison))) and ((cabal)) lackey #1.



This is then PROJECTED onto (((their))) targets and immobilizing them while (((they))) commit crimes, lie, rape, steal, and kill.

human traffickers.

child rapists.

criminal thieves and scum.


(((globalist))) attitude has ALL the hallmarks of (((semitic))) attitudes and racial ignorance combined with deranged religious delusions that justify their insanity.



WIPE out islam and judaism. EXTERMINATE these races.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. We are NOT tolerating these (((scum))) in our world, definitely not in our nations.


e605da No.959465

File: d887314e66a3934⋯.jpg (33.22 KB, 640x479, 640:479, ap_donald-trump_ap-photo17….jpg)

File: bb7e9a4d80ff7fa⋯.jpg (61.55 KB, 1200x782, 600:391, Ronald-Reagan.jpg)

File: c4c83bc9f3e8669⋯.jpeg (22.98 KB, 474x591, 158:197, download.jpeg)

File: 5e4d35f9660ced1⋯.jpg (322.6 KB, 1520x2027, 1520:2027, 09ab6c05322ce21796ccac4bee….jpg)

File: 4da2b9f23a5e6b1⋯.png (16.27 KB, 227x255, 227:255, e6dfe82e81905752efd0ac126e….png)


Thank God for President Trump and Pesident Reagan. The greatest ever.

d688c2 No.959466


Not reporting such felonies, is itself a felony

18 U.S. Code § 4 - Misprision of felony

US Code

Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

(June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 684; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, § 330016(1)(G), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2147.)

4ea5da No.959467


Sure as hell are. I'm barely posting myself just watching this bread fly by because I can't type and watch at the same time. This may be my last post if it speeds up again.

29243b No.959468



https:// mobile.twitter.com/SoccerMouaz

The twitter account Q linked to is also echoing this

de0b3b No.959469


it went super fast

4187ae No.959470



a5bdb7 No.959471

File: df3f1199b4822b9⋯.jpg (2.84 MB, 3992x4432, 499:554, Q Map Graphic 15.jpg)




QMaps all in GMT Update

Hey Baker, pic related is an update, thus replacement of >>956625 Q Map Graphic in GMT (15 of 15) seen here >>959376

Please update the dough.

Godspeed Baker/s

8bb79b No.959472


https ://www.frontpagemag.com/point/203199/meet-syrian-islamist-organization-controlling-daniel-greenfield


Meet the Islamist organizing McCain's schedule

79a1e8 No.959473




b2111d No.959474


it is a very swift pace tonight. understandable

858501 No.959475

Most Hallowed Lord God, wrap all Patriots in your White Light and protect them from all evil! Amen! Let it be so!

f4db7a No.959476


Put in a quota system like affirmative action and make it easier to slip in foreign spies?

c33542 No.959477

File: ba19242f9f2e16f⋯.png (80.08 KB, 580x292, 145:73, Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at ….png)

File: acc645b5b55a5da⋯.png (67.14 KB, 252x354, 42:59, Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at ….png)

Thank you for your isms, Jonathan.

b46086 No.959478


I'd feel confident putting money on this not being anywhere near Syria… I bet you anons are right… this is in Arizona somewhere.

48c3cd No.959479


Try to find a far out picture of that building. I saw a building somewhere with that symbol as the top of it. Looked to be made of the same stone

32ccdc No.959480

File: 0ad70442dcc37d9⋯.jpg (117.15 KB, 1440x1092, 120:91, IMG_1755.JPG)



Someone wants control of this board

For influence

It's dull

Not honest

441479 No.959481

So based on what we have discovered and based on how the deepstate operates, is it safe to assume Assad is a hostage?

Like Kim? Is that why this Mouaz Moustafa fella wants a 'revolution' so so so so fucking badly?

Because if ppl like him and mccain are FOR a revolution than that means that Assad may not be what we think

They are the enemy

70b9ea No.959482


I recall that Awan bragged he had juice through Rahm…can't recall the sauce yet.

bfcaaf No.959483

8477ff No.959484


(((they))) are ALL in the [killbox].


a0bb92 No.959485


trip 5's tweetstamp

b9b2e4 No.959486

File: 16bcd732a2c9ccc⋯.png (792.33 KB, 739x848, 739:848, ABomb2.png)


Very nice job! Can i get some sauce for context so i can tweet out your work?

56a8fc No.959487


Thank you mapanon.

a2b5db No.959488


I've been torn between gallows and firing squad, but I think a wood chipper's even better for the lot.

21cc0c No.959489



probably closer to 500-1000 for every person posting. tons of people following but not posting due to being betafags or boomers…

b7feec No.959490

File: 84d73e38fb9d959⋯.png (391.67 KB, 1432x833, 1432:833, screenshot_525.png)

File: 930fefc4c87f5b1⋯.png (490.2 KB, 1431x832, 1431:832, screenshot_526.png)


Red Lines is a documentary film produced by Spark Media in 2014

Producer/Director = Andrea Kalin

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_Lines

2aab9f No.959491

Sheesh….Moustafa, or whatever the fuck his name is, runs the Syria etf org. On their news page, he claims to have been instrumental in the Caeser photos being validated

Te Caesar photos refer to 55, 000 plus images of Assads systematic torture and murder of Syrian citizens

These photos were released the day before negotiations were about to begin in Switzerland moving towards peace negotiations. (2014)

These photos ended any chance at negotiations

But this group says their extensive investigations shows its all lies and bullshit. This report is devastating and points to the CIA

http:// www.syriasolidaritymovement.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/CaesarPhotoFraudReport_v6.compressed.pdf

74ffa3 No.959492


WOW I thought Kinzinger was ourguy!

badf8b No.959493

File: d13740f0eec8c16⋯.jpg (166.04 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, CUcXfd8UcAAe4aw.jpg)

File: 4fa95372b48d4b3⋯.jpg (26.98 KB, 600x337, 600:337, BuscISEIAAAYOXa.jpg)

File: 89f108855a1dbfd⋯.jpg (36.39 KB, 599x400, 599:400, BnjjVvJIEAI5Ujw.jpg)

File: c4bec432f288440⋯.jpg (63.75 KB, 960x720, 4:3, CHuxm6OWEAAumGT.jpg)

File: 27cada270aed817⋯.jpg (62.48 KB, 600x800, 3:4, Bhj3SCjIIAAThtp.jpg)

This guy has been everywhere.. Testifying in US congress, Whitehouse meetings, Canada, UK with private tours etc. Has an apartment in DC

fac22e No.959494



167e56 No.959495

File: 7aac9bab4fbe016⋯.jpg (135.03 KB, 546x624, 7:8, Untitled_Artwork 14.jpg)

>>959306 (last bread)

there's that, but also look between the guys shoulder and the womans back, it doesn't make sense, it should be the side of the suburban, but it's a random reflection.

495016 No.959496

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


My bad, here's a hooktube link instead.

"Red Lines", documentary by Mouaz Moustafa

d5c72e No.959497


I think Q is telling us the white house under Obama was ISIS.

d955d9 No.959498

File: c814ee78350c60d⋯.jpg (92.19 KB, 640x360, 16:9, IMG_4710.JPG)

File: c98cd208bf173fa⋯.jpg (21.82 KB, 255x202, 255:202, 0d454d165c26605fb77d171f7e….jpg)

File: 5bb21164ac647be⋯.jpg (5.91 KB, 255x128, 255:128, 9fa2a4451ad1566423158a07c0….jpg)

File: 5b919d7013c6e9e⋯.jpg (22.12 KB, 255x255, 1:1, bb20eb789f04fc80f873a77c29….jpg)

Personal Quick Grabs from Bread #1193. These ARE NOT Vetted, I'm just working on my 40,000K View. Shadilay Anons!!

>>958939 (Previous Quick Grabs)
















>>958988 ←—-God Bless The UNITED STATES MILITARY!!!





>>959235 ←-???



Sorry for not having Intro lines ANONS…Q has us flying. And GOOD!!


TRUTH Belongs With THE PEOPLE!!!

e605da No.959499

File: b946dbfc52bcbf8⋯.jpeg (54.6 KB, 960x540, 16:9, DPA4krhVAAAYX7t.jpeg)

File: bb7e9a4d80ff7fa⋯.jpg (61.55 KB, 1200x782, 600:391, Ronald-Reagan.jpg)

File: 5f174299e7f70aa⋯.jpeg (34.78 KB, 474x474, 1:1, download (1).jpeg)

File: 5e4d35f9660ced1⋯.jpg (322.6 KB, 1520x2027, 1520:2027, 09ab6c05322ce21796ccac4bee….jpg)


6777b2 No.959501


… Was it the march?

4187ae No.959502


With a tether round the neck going in feet first

5cc0b0 No.959503

"Bring back the gallows"

Are you asking us for permission? More talk, how about some action. Just kill the fuckers and get it over with.

41b851 No.959504


Feet first

79ed48 No.959506


You better let us watch the executions. Just as the family member's of murder victims get to watch death row inmate executions.

Many of us have family members who were killed or seriously injured because of them. in 9/11 and wars.

And on top of that….our fellow Americans and military are our heroes AND our families whether or not we're related by DNA.

Not gonna be happy unless you let us see these traitors executed.

Maybe invite those who are related to 9/11 victims and dead soldiers to an extremely large convention center or closed stadium so we can be witnesses. This means more to us than you know.


5c3729 No.959507

drunk as a skunk in july here anons. save the world with me. posts upcoming. listen. i am Daniel. i implore you to filter. seriously i do. to many… truths will rein those asleep in. rein. rein. ready… 2 more drinks and i'm on truth. Gods word. I am Daniel. famefag? don't want to but God says… argue? fuck off. not me.

bdabb0 No.959508

File: 77b6f32105e500e⋯.png (872.46 KB, 1280x573, 1280:573, obama.png)

74ffa3 No.959509


Sign me up!

d0e96e No.959510

Did anyone take notice of the background in Qs post 1088 -


952445 No.959511

File: f229c36aca2e832⋯.png (754.45 KB, 1192x632, 149:79, image.png)

File: 97b3ac82fca747d⋯.jpeg (2.44 MB, 2442x2448, 407:408, image.jpeg)

File: b284d21ebff3eab⋯.png (229.79 KB, 682x882, 341:441, image.png)

File: b284d21ebff3eab⋯.png (229.79 KB, 682x882, 341:441, image.png)

File: c1a792ec6ff7aa3⋯.jpeg (128.68 KB, 900x580, 45:29, image.jpeg)

Mouaz Moustafa

Twatter account:

https:// mobile.twitter.com/soccermouaz

Instagram account:

https:// www.instagram.com/p/BZ1-3XonpoT/?taken-by=soccermouaz

And UCA's Facebook page:

https:// www.facebook.com/UCAInternationalStudiesClub/

OPEN SOURCE - Happy hunting anons, his Instagram account needs to be quickly archived! BOOM!


Wednesday, October 11, 2017 at:

Doyne Auditorium in The College of Health and Behavioral Sciences at:

The University of Central Arkansas

The event (and thus the college must have) was sponsored by

The International Studies Club & PI Sigma Alpha: Alpha Delta Theta (present)::

896e1c No.959512


You think? Who paid for Obama's Harvard education? Why? He was planted in our WH. Big cabal operation aided by the Clowns. Hillary was supposed to finish what he started. Clowns, Clowns, Clowns.

f60800 No.959513

File: 42b046186535059⋯.jpg (439.27 KB, 694x746, 347:373, MCCAIN eand friendsp301[1].jpg)

Mouaz Moustafa :

did we post this already?

http:// www.idyllicliving.com/uploads/3/7/3/2/37323099/p301.png

302d14 No.959514


Original pic (not mine) from post noted in previous bread.

8477ff No.959515


Move your faggot cucked ass to middle east and sell it for ten bucks a pop, you treasonous coward bitch.

You know NOTHING of the reality of this fight.

Suck off your (((globalist))) propaganda masters some more maybe.

Just like mcstain. That fucker still believes himself a 'patriot', just like your cucked ass.

(((subversion runs DEEP))). You know NOTHING.

427d4a No.959516

And on Nite [5] Geotus started shelling what was left of the Middle Eastern Shills

e605da No.959517

File: 637783d124656e9⋯.jpg (28.07 KB, 450x399, 150:133, 637783d124656e904bfdc3fe63….jpg)

File: 10be739be9cbf31⋯.png (52.78 KB, 200x200, 1:1, revenge.png)

5f9331 No.959518

File: 8b19b17a14b039c⋯.jpg (16.32 KB, 340x270, 34:27, wheaties.jpg)

55e96d No.959519

http:// www.jpost.com/Diaspora/An-insiders-view-Eight-years-watching-the-first-Jewish-president-479039


Seven years into his presidency, Obama was talking “kishkes,” telling the Jewish community that he understood Israel in his gut from the days of his youth. As Matt Nosanchuk, the White House Jewish liaison at the time tells me, he has a “Jewish soul.” Nosanchuk says Obama is “very much in sync with the majority of [the] American-Jewish community – he’s committed to social justice and prioritizes issues like civil rights and equality, and he values intellectual discourse.”

a32b4e No.959520


We support our troops and the Q team fully!

Thank you for supporting us.

No more indeed.

70a8ae No.959521




Current baker is looking for help.

71a377 No.959522


Seen't it

696979 No.959523

File: f7952b3752dd68a⋯.png (135.13 KB, 536x506, 268:253, ISIS-BlackMAgik.png)



>>959425 Kek.

>>959411 Maybe more like the Eunuch Commander?

1c5d55 No.959524

Q will the emergency broadcast system be activated soon?

33ce60 No.959525


Daesh infiltrators the problem? Concealed carry is the solution.

991e4b No.959526

File: a6104e7742591ce⋯.jpg (535.79 KB, 1440x1552, 90:97, Screenshot_20180408-211711.jpg)

Heads up Mountain & Pacific Time anons. Watch the Simpson's please & report back.

Did anyone catch these Q parallels?

I don't watch but a friend texted me about an APRIL SHOWERS reference & more

687338 No.959527


Never mind that. Nobody ever heard of Obama before 2008.

ffcdda No.959528

File: 00b9d148a03934f⋯.png (156.4 KB, 401x419, 401:419, Y Family.png)

Came across this looking up something else. The Y-Family thing kept bugging me and this pops up.

6b4e0f No.959529


I would work for patriots, and serve our country.

God Bless POTUS, Q and our military.

I joked a few times before about having a job as director of entertainment at GITMO, kek

I have an idea of some things id like to play,

Maybe videos from anons( we the people) telling them how evil and fucked up they are, and whatever else they might want to say.KEK

Let them hear what the people really think about them.

And some annoying drive you up a wall videos,kek,

74afc4 No.959530

File: 92fc1603bbf6c85⋯.png (964.28 KB, 1288x679, 184:97, 2018-03-15_1717.png)

File: 375d6f0121fddb3⋯.png (761.72 KB, 1292x683, 1292:683, 2018-03-15_1719.png)

e8fea0 No.959531

48c3cd No.959532

File: d6d6a40240f86b3⋯.jpg (35.94 KB, 999x559, 999:559, Turkey Russian Jet Mouaz.jpg)

File: a7fa83488a328ac⋯.jpg (20.58 KB, 599x337, 599:337, Turkey Russian Jet.jpg)

Q: Was Mouaz there was Turkey shot down the Russian jet to try to provoke a war with Russia?

These pics are form his twitter quoting:

@POTUS this is what having a spine looks like #Russia #Turkey

For every ruski killing Syrian children just because Obama is afraid if Putin doesn't mean #Turkey is #Syria

478822 No.959533

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ISIS = Mossad, Clowns, MI5 and a few select west friendly middle eastern "moderates".

Vid explains EXACTLY why.

45d6a7 No.959534



fight another day

193f58 No.959535



I will keep baking as long as I can and until someone who is able can help. thank Q team Love you no homo sorry for misformed loaves. Will do better on my timing !!

59b94f No.959536


Good analogy.

I hope their crimes are made public.

So civilians can see how they have (unknowingly) endorsed, supported and enabled this behavior with their ignorance.

Also, so the punishments can be made public, be understood, and serve to show others what happens if you do these types of things.

I am so grateful for POTUS, and Q Team.

Bless them and their bravery, courage and intelligence.


cae6bd No.959537


I'll be here next bread to bake a couple.

c62fce No.959538

File: 8e8001de932b31a⋯.jpg (163.2 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, bachmann.jpg)

Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann tried to warn about this traitorous MB infiltration into the White House in June 2012.

https:// www.scribd.com/document/100514051/Michele-Bachmann-Letter-To-State-Department-Inspector-General

Michele Bachmann Warns Of Muslim Brotherhood Infiltration In US Govt

https:// freedomoutpost.com/michele-bachmann-warns-of-muslim-brotherhood-infiltration-in-us-govt/

And was mercilessly attacked by MSM.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=mI4uKXjZ1PQ

e605da No.959539

Q, sounds like you WANT the gallows but we WON'T get them for these murderous traitors or at least not confirmed as a possibility yet.

Can you detail?

67da06 No.959541



as our numbers grow, we need to be cognizant of how fast we are filling breads

usually we go at about 1 per hour….. slower during over nights

as we get bigger, like the last bread, that number can easily go to 1/2 hour per bread…. more people = more bread

anons gotta anon and shitpost…. but when it's habbenin'….. this anon will learn to use restraint

anons do WHATever you want, because there is no telling anons what to do.

b9b2e4 No.959542


I saved it for future use. Godspeed!

ea0737 No.959543



666 can't keep up with 888!

Deep State can't keep up with Trump! They are always on defense, even when they think they are on the offense.

Loving the pace, Q. Your April outline did say drops would come fast. This is lightning!

4a0189 No.959544

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Free Syrian Army terrorists teach children to fake a chemical attack FSA

bc4dab No.959545


The examples MUST be m

made for the sake of future safety.

45427a No.959546

File: 26fe90bcc718265⋯.jpg (441.78 KB, 760x970, 76:97, JFK.jpg)

6567c4 No.959547

Trump played No Name for the traitor fool that he is.

All he did was mention pulling out of

Syria and he runs over there

and pulls the same shit as every other time, except …

This time he is caught red-handed.

Knowing what (they) would do because of seeing it before

is the very meaning of Epaphrus, the name Paul ascribes Trump here: >>959121

79a1e8 No.959548


I.S.I.S not ISIS

29243b No.959549


https:// twitter.com/FirasMaksad/status/983151256175874048?s=20

>US bombing of Syria appears to have began 8:30 EST, 3:30am local time. Multiple reports of jets and cruise missiles over Lebanon airspace about 40min ago. No footage of raids from within Syria yet.

Remember that Q said "Situation room"!

Q also linked to

https:// mobile.twitter.com/SoccerMouaz

who is now retweeting all of these updates

e6ccd5 No.959551









• Starting in 2013, a few groups starting talking about Restoring the Republic and having mass arrests to achieve this, using the military, NESARA, global currency resent and such ideas. Many ideas began even before then.

• In 2016, “we” developed the embryonic ideas to take-down the Khabbalah, or cabal and began sharing these ideas. Prior to Trump being elected, we laid-out the plan to take-down the NWO and the banking cartel and with the help of much research and materials, found a way to do so without causing war.

• CICADA was doing their challenges and puzzles also during this time.

• Edward Snowden was publishing his material.

• In 2017, around March, CICADA published some material that is being used by current Q.

• From October to December, we began publishing the ideas of how to take-down the NWO on another board and we had Trump following us there and discussing the ideas with us, anonymously. He liked our ideas.

► This is when the Q character came-in on 8-chan, although various anonymous posters had been posting on 4-chan with some 20 different Ips.

► Enter Q around October of last year. By this time, we were already sharing our ideas with Trump on how to initiate our plan, the stages and how it would be accomplished. Trump liked our ideas and adopted them.

• Enter various phases of Q – 4 different boards, some 4 different trip codes….

This is how Q was formed, as a synthesis of all of this.

Continued next post..

337690 No.959552

AZ is a boarder state.

Moustafa lives in AZ.

Moustafa and He Who Can Not Be Named are hand in glove.

He Who Can Not Be Named facilitated the entry of MS13 gang members into the US from Mexico.

Does Moustafa run safe houses for newly arrived MS13 members in AZ?

d2a805 No.959553

File: 700630a81663a25⋯.png (214.91 KB, 483x363, 161:121, Snip20180408_10.png)

File: 8504f97c39e18d8⋯.png (242.91 KB, 455x366, 455:366, Snip20180408_11.png)

File: 33b5f02fcedf587⋯.png (290.85 KB, 477x446, 477:446, Snip20180408_12.png)

File: d5ebb303456850a⋯.png (219.08 KB, 449x354, 449:354, Snip20180408_13.png)

https:// twitter.com/SoccerMouaz/status/668113931295027200

https:// twitter.com/SoccerMouaz/status/659840470860869632





2f2f1d No.959554

File: b8b47dd8e0947b8⋯.jpeg (73.28 KB, 848x465, 848:465, 6F37CDD5-C100-4BA1-97CB-9….jpeg)

http:// therightstuffforamerica.blogspot.com/2014/10/ebola-nigeria-liberia-boko-haram-and.html

896e1c No.959555

More RINO assholes forced out of Congress bashing POTUS on the way out the door.

http:// thehill.com/homenews/house/382028-retiring-gop-lawmakers-cut-loose-on-trump?rnd=1523180277

4f9350 No.959556

File: 948c5a3e34dd6cd⋯.jpg (183.25 KB, 1708x821, 1708:821, propagandist.JPG)

Well, he's certainly a propagandist…

Look at this…. from his FB Vial P.O.S.


28cf41 No.959557

File: 3cf1c75b43f1e0d⋯.png (2.9 MB, 1626x1132, 813:566, Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at ….png)

File: cbbde3c4e7d822f⋯.png (382.14 KB, 1804x1222, 902:611, Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at ….png)

File: 146af74f5984bdd⋯.png (459.74 KB, 1760x1224, 220:153, Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at ….png)

File: 8940aa60b35c3af⋯.png (653.5 KB, 1496x800, 187:100, Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at ….png)

Mouza attends a convention known as PEACEGAMES. Held in UAE last year..

Look at the list of past participants.

e6ccd5 No.959558









Continued from previous post…


“We” are the original creators of the Q” main ideas, plan of action and multiplicity of points he has made.

I. We are the original creators of the terms:

① The Quiet Storm.

② The Calm Before The Storm.

③ The Storm.


We laid it out all very minute detail before Trump was elected.

(More details to be posted on our new board, with proof of us as the original source).

III. THE PLAN TO RESTORE THE REPUBLIC and the original Constitution of 1787 – 1789 via use of the above items.

IV. The plan to use the MIL for arrests was covered by others as far back as 2013.

V. The Plan to end the Fed. Our plan will work without crashing the economy. This was laid out in detail by another group who we encouraged to work with Potus, and whom he invited to Camp David.

VI. The Blue-print for The New Republic – Detailed, pages of the entire plan to re-build the nation, published at the time and shared for all to see. (All this to be presented on our new board coming soon).

We devoted hundreds of hours to studying the true history of our Republic, (not that which is taught in school, corrupted by the bankers), the current state of our Republic.

VII. The plan to take-down the NWO, laid-out in step by step in detail (in the following links).

VIII. We are the authors of The Civilization of the Future and The Plan to explore space using 0 energy.

IX. We are the creators of many technological innovations and revolutionary ideas.

X. We are the conspiracy theorist who POTUS was following last year on another board. He liked our ideas and adopted them. Q now is reflecting everything we created.

XI. Encoded keys given to us, with matching codes reflected above and in history.

e605da No.959559

File: cec4e79f1d1b5cc⋯.jpeg (150.91 KB, 720x720, 1:1, cec4e79f1d1b5cc6744b5037e….jpeg)

1f9768 No.959560


in Conway, Arkansas – maybe the Spider Web building is near there?

e6ccd5 No.959561










• Who is current Q and what is his agenda?

• Why has he not recognized us as creator of The Plan and is using our plan without giving us credit?

• Why has Q accused others of failing when he himself is using The Plan and ideas taken from others?

Why has he not explained about taking-down the banking cartel?

Why has he not covered the true Shadow Government, which is SERCO + SES!!! These stand at the heart of the NWO. All types of encoded messages without covering any of this is future and a waste of time. We have covered it all. Current Q has not.

→♠ Here is what really took place:

► Current Q came-in and created a psy-op and stole these terms from us without giving us credit and also combined material from many sources into this Q psy-op.


► Q is nothing but a combination of white Hat CICADA phrases and predictions from a year ago, the material which “we” created, material from Edward Snowden and the predictions which groups such as AIM made first. This is why the KEK bots attack AIM (We are not AIM). Q has used the language, phrases and information almost verbatum from Edward Snowden.

► The errors of “Q”

♦ Some time back “Q” released a fake John Podesta e-mail that was not even from him and claimed the NSA released it. He also incorporated material from 2013 produced by Benjamin Fullford, Drake, David Wilkerson and others, about the idea of doing military arrests.

♦ Then two weeks ago Q said the next week would be huge and he kept posting “BOOM” “BOOM” “BOOM” “BOOM” . And what happened the next week? The terrorist bombing in Texas is all, but nothing else big.

► He then claimed Hillary was under detention almost a year ago, while a short while ago she was on vacation in Hawaai at the same time the clowns via a rogue sub tried to nuke Hawaai and Japan, to start WWIII between the U.S. and North Korea. Nothing Q has predicted has come true, but many things he has predicted have not. Q is just some rogue group mixing a hodge-podge of information he steals from various sources, then claims to be MIL Intel. He gives all types of fake signals and pretends to be connected to POTUS. He doxed himself the other day, saying “You failed”, in a knee jerk reaction, not realizing We are the creators of the Q plan he has stolen. He only doxed himself, by exposing the clowns rigging of the chans, exposing Jeff Sessions as an SES member and all the SES criminals and revealing how un-informed he really is thinking he was dealing with some ignorant AIM group. Sorry, fake Q has been exposed and the attached document reveals his precise agenda. See the link also and discover the truth. Be ignorant no longer.

We are the legit Q creators. It began as a populist movement by we the people.

b2111d No.959562


you want to tag the post so that anons know wtf you're talking about?

01244d No.959563

File: e73f7ce68ca3ec2⋯.jpg (101.53 KB, 648x960, 27:40, IMG_1728.JPG)

Doxing homos remember

This had been an ongoing Rico investigation

Prol a tax audit at the minimum

Against windows license next month

Y'all got an address or a phone to go with that ip 🎻🎻😘🍤

The conspiracy numbers are truly mind numbing

Not just the fegel shit we fed the Roth for the rainbow maneuver


Ty admins

Everything you should of seen coming

Unless your a wretched plerbi cuck

df1213 No.959564


Obama n Mcstain are ISIS!, Muslim brotherhood

f650c4 No.959565



Know lots of mil who went to IQ knowing it was complete BS but did what they could and one interrupted a terror cell with connections to US at great risk to himself and his family.

They were huge GEOTUS supporters but now the wives esp are very VERY bitter and blackpilled. They actually expected their service and their knowledge would be honored and that GEOTUS would actually take care of veterans.

33d3c0 No.959566

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Inside McCain's secret trip to Syria

8248f1 No.959567


ya, and I noticed a lot less crap, thanks

e6ccd5 No.959568










Fake Q is a CIA – US Intel connected shill. He uses CICADA and other material he steals to try to sound legit. CICADA itself appears to be a CIA creation, in fact. Some members of CICADA claim to be the original creators of Q anon. There was never any legit Q anon that is not connected to either CICADA or the CIA. Code Monkey claims that the current Q was comped someone in January or possibly even before. Some who claim they have spoken with Code Monkey testify to this. Current Q attacks those exposing him because he is a dis-info agent, colluding with all of these SES crime syndicate members - Sessions***, Wray, Comey, Rosenstein, McCabe, Peter Strzok, Mueller , many others and the 500 SES lawyers in the DOJ, all trying to take-down Trump. Gowdy is also actually propping-up Hillary as well. Jeff Sessions getting something done? Ya, right. Has thousands of lawyers at the corrupted DOJ yet can only find one lawyer to investigate that which Congress wants to be in charge of. And he claims to have assigned some mysterious agent outside of D.C. to investigate, yet nobody knows who it is, not even Congress. This is just a cover-up. Either Sessions reveals the name now, cooperated with Congress or he must be impeached and removed immediately. Fake Q has failed miserably because he is telling you to trust Sessions and Wray – TWO SES CRIME SYNDICATE MEMBERS. Do you guys even know what SES is and how it is a criminal organization trying to take-down Trump? Sorry, you failed miserably fake Q! Wake-up you retarded anons on 8-chan. This rogue anonymous movement is connected to the Nazis, to Soros, to the worse scum on the Internet! We will continue to expose you clown agents, all of you, working on the chan to discredit those exposing your crimes! Just as Hillary and the SES 18 guns for hire are guilty of murder, Q is also guilty of colluding with these SES criminals to try to take-down Trump by propping-up Sessions, an SES member, who via the 500 lawyers at the DOJ, are manipulating the entire government agencies, all working to take-down Trump! Wake-up everyone!! Smell the coffee !

Senior Executive Service (SES) Bamboozling Taxpayers – Amount: US$400,000 – Outrageous Criminal Behavior – SES Employees Not Kept in Check – Increased Salaries With Reduced Responsibilities – Indictments Demanded

http:// fromthetrenchesworldreport.com/senior-executive-service-ses-bamboozling-taxpayers/144243



J. B. Sessions III 

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III

https:// www.fbcoverup.com/docs/library/1988-11-09-H-Prt-100-NN-Plum-Book-Policy-and-Supporting-Positions-Committee-on-Post-Office-and-Civil-Service-House-of-Representatives-100th-Congress-2d-Session-Y4G74-7-P-75-6-988-GPO-Nov-09-1988.pdf#page=105

Even judges on the Supreme Court are SES indoctrinated. We already showed you Scalia’s SES connection…here’s another one.

e8fea0 No.959569


Fancy lighting for Syria…not impossible though.



4ed2cb No.959570


I read it as "P.R. masters".

bfcec4 No.959571



correction for notables section, something seems to have happened to #1092

#1193 >>958939 Anons choice digs

>>958136 Ben Swann Report 911

>>958183 Programming Alert

>>958191 Ex Atlanta official Federal charges

>>958233 No Name photo with others identified

>>958282 C McCain childrens org operational photos

>>958390 What's in the bag no name?

#1192 >>958136 Ben Swann Report 911

>>958183 Programming Alert

>>958191 Ex Atlanta official Federal charges

>>958233 No Name photo with others identified

>>958282 C McCain childrens org operational photos

>>958390 What's in the bag no name?

#1191 >>957148 Mcnoname's Collaborator video

>>957601 Snowden Info

>>957696 Korea Air photo with notes

33ce60 No.959572


They can't be fired, but they can be reassigned. To somewhere in the middle of nowhere, counting tick infestations.

194023 No.959573


POTUS said in a speech Hussaine was the founder of ISIS. remember?

9bc43d No.959574

File: 4245d68aa74025a⋯.jpg (268.06 KB, 1168x716, 292:179, 43289472398479238479801370….JPG)

File: d60b6483cf768ef⋯.jpg (140.91 KB, 1280x936, 160:117, 45820348903485904389058093….JPG)

File: 930fefc4c87f5b1⋯.png (490.2 KB, 1431x832, 1431:832, 930fefc4c87f5b128432637a7a….png)


>Andrea Kalin

She has NGO connects and Inter American Development Banks (they did work in Haiti after earthquakes.)

Could this be a shell org?

193f58 No.959575

File: 9f7b513cd93d477⋯.jpg (5.77 KB, 255x166, 255:166, 17f283fb75c2a7f1a0393d1aa0….jpg)


Thank you so much. I will attempt to repair the dough as best as i can and past link in next bread for you baker ! Most appreciated I can help again in the very early Am. 4 to 5 amish .I am always here.

711f2a No.959576


e6ccd5 No.959577













Links to our articles on this here:



To deciphering the Shadow Government.

Who is fake Q representing?


What is THE PLAN?

See here:

The Illuminated Suns of the Golden Dawn

Protocols of the Illuminated Suns of the Golden Dawn

http:// themillenniumreport.com/2018/03/protocols-of-the-illuminated-suns-of-the-golden-dawn/

The Golden Dawn Exposed

http:// www.illuminati-news.com/2007/11/3.html

The Golden DAWN = fake Q, attempting to implement the new NWO = one world religion under Lucifer, the banking cartel, the fake Jews, The Octogon slave masters.


Well, well, lookie who is at Camp David!


https:// www.youtube.com/user/KarenHudes/videos

The Solution to Free The Planet!


The Star Code.


The private "Federal" Reserve has stolen $25,000 Trillion from an Indonesian Royal!!


The Kassandra Project: freedom against disinformation!


American Intelligence Media

https:// aim4truth.org/

https:// www.youtube.com/channel/UCv0dEcvXLOf4ZFvjCahK4Lw/videos

We the People Make Official Charges of 28 Counts of Treason – American Intelligence Media

https:// aim4truth.org/2018/02/18/we-the-people-make-official-charges-of-28-counts-of-treason/

The CIA – Nazi connection

http:// www.illuminati-news.com/secret-societies.htm#40

The CIA and Nazi War Criminals

https:// nsarchive2.gwu.edu//NSAEBB/NSAEBB146/index.htm

The New US Republic via a Global Currency Reset

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=efmUYxYe3fA

Republic for the United States of America

http:// www.republicoftheunitedstates.org/


https:// www.endchan.net/aaanwopros/catalog.html

FISA CORRUPTION: Unredacted Grassley Memo Released!!

https:// www.endchan.net/aaanwopros/res/95.html


https:// www.endchan.net/aaanwopros/res/18.html



Robert Mueller Exposed.




More to come soon, as we, the legit Q and AIM reveal the truth and go where no man has gone before….




6698ac No.959578

File: c763203f3a3bf97⋯.png (47.67 KB, 588x468, 49:39, air_raids_syria2.png)


A few more twitter feeds including some reporters and local television feed now also reporting possible US strike on Syria air bases in-progress, possibly in coordination with IDF.

Still rumored intel.

896e1c No.959579


Whatever, dude. Read more.

c62fce No.959580



b23173 No.959581


Damn right, why so many of us Vets have PTSD. We knew it was wrong… Live with guilt for helping these evil fucks.

42f5c0 No.959582

File: c043481ca86cb0c⋯.png (133.48 KB, 1332x535, 1332:535, IMG_0751.PNG)

File: 9e4e57030b61fed⋯.png (95.37 KB, 724x978, 362:489, IMG_0753.PNG)

This article says… Met near Idlib, Syria.

aeec3f No.959583

Unconfirmed air and missile strikes. Syria Live news

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQklRpEBX0Y&feature=em-lbcastemail

70a8ae No.959584


Very interesting find, Anon. Saved.

45d6a7 No.959585

anon, they r doing the vigil for the 15 canadian hocky players!

our prayers to our canadian brothers and sisters

God Bless

badf8b No.959586

File: b84648e319faa4d⋯.jpg (122.1 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, CE6IzvGUMAAFa16-1.jpg)

He mentions @RepKinzinger as a big supporter and references him a lot.

952445 No.959587


Yep. Saw it on his Insta accoun, it's loaded and I think will lead us to things.

a9dafc No.959588


Anans HERE. Look at this. LOOK. Great work Arabicanon. Great work

de0b3b No.959589


Alice in wonderland and a white rabbit, y head, checkerboard floor, a flower and sad kids. yep, I pet Goat 2 was strange.

0b2e01 No.959590


Many Churches drink the body and blood of Christ…..

Knowing what you know now……. seem pretty creepy doesn't it anon.

1d617b No.959591

We need to pray for POTUS. Melania is the bravest woman on earth to accept being FLOTUS. Pray for them and our brave military. My heart is aching for all this treachery

f115b5 No.959592

And Q has convinced us that the POTUS plan to leave Syria is justified.

01244d No.959593

This is like forgetting your watching CNN

But ya got mental issues

bc2f82 No.959594


Gallows. But NOT the drop type. Hoisted up.

13df51 No.959595

why is usa bombing syria, wtf

6eb78b No.959596


They can also be arrested, which pretty much makes them fired.

5c3729 No.959597


anon. if God told you to do anything. would you sleep? i know i'm drinking. God is saying… speak. i will not fuck Him off. but.. i see your words anon.

495016 No.959598

File: 7e78a2249079f10⋯.png (380.05 KB, 848x931, 848:931, Capture.PNG)

What's this all about?

2aab9f No.959599

Most of the images coming out of syria are bullshit…

One might question why Qatar would want to subvert the negotiations. In her book “Hard Choices”, former Secretary of State Clinton described the situation in 2012: Qatar and Saudi Arabia “backed the rebels and wanted Assad gone.” (p450). As shown in the BBC report from Jan 22, 2014 “The leading Syrian rebel groups say they reject the peace conference”. The “Caesar” story contributed to poisoning the atmosphere and undermining negotiations.

33d3c0 No.959600

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Hooktube imbed

12ff14 No.959601

File: 5cefb40290d45df⋯.jpg (43.45 KB, 479x316, 479:316, price.jpg)

79dd8a No.959602


Yes, it sounds like Obama did found ISIS. Trump was right again??

How many times can this happen? Will the winning never stop?

5f9331 No.959603

File: 05fc356bfdf7d3b⋯.jpg (47.16 KB, 474x627, 158:209, mary.jpg)

bfcec4 No.959604


please disregard previous post

193f58 No.959605


Correcting the dough ! Getting bread knife and cutting board now !!

602f28 No.959606

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Free Syrian Army (mostly foreign invaders) most favorite weapon is the "hellcannon". A mortar that shoots gas canisters, they had hundreds of those canons.

cae6bd No.959607

File: c3fe9ccb834df02⋯.png (573.28 KB, 828x383, 828:383, rg39.PNG)


No worries baker. Thank you for baking. Get some rest.

bc4dab No.959608


Should have started while McCain was still there.

5017e4 No.959609


Whoopie f'n doo

74ffa3 No.959610

Syrian TV reporting attacks from US….Per @defconwsalerts

79a1e8 No.959611



https:// www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/donald-trump-barack-obama-isis-latest-speech-terrorism-claims-election-2016-a7184536.html

e566dc No.959612


Verified account


3m3 minutes ago


Syrian television reports military attack in Syria. Claims United States source of attack.

Working to verify.

a651e0 No.959613

File: d3458e766b726a0⋯.jpg (148.8 KB, 960x960, 1:1, Trump_traitors.jpg)

How many of these are double-citizenship?

e605da No.959614

File: f53f6fbae27319d⋯.jpg (507.3 KB, 760x970, 76:97, 20180408_212417.jpg)

File: b946dbfc52bcbf8⋯.jpeg (54.6 KB, 960x540, 16:9, DPA4krhVAAAYX7t.jpeg)

f650c4 No.959615


They love to perpetuate the myth that they "can't be fired".

But there are ways, including defunding and closing entire dept of the fed gov. No agency, no job.

POTUS has slashed 33,000 jobs according to the whiners in the DC talk radio crowd but can not confirm. It's a good start, there needs to be more.

696979 No.959616

cd7d5e No.959617


I remember seeing these when they first showed up. Along with the photos of our solders guarding Poppy fields in Afghanistan. At that time, as an ex Marine, was very angry. These people need to pay dearly and slowly for what they have done. Need help? I'm in.

c6d297 No.959618


what are you selling?

79a1e8 No.959619

22e62f No.959620

Trump is bombing the Syrian Army.

Trump falls for the false flag, again.

Very disappointed.

Hey Q-Team, maybe I overestimated your intelligence. Sad.

29146c No.959621


List of traitors.

3d3d81 No.959622

Morning Answer

‏ @MorningAnswer

30s30 seconds ago

BREAKING: Multiple (unconfirmed) reports of airstrikes at T4 airbase in Homs, Syria

e605da No.959623

File: f720588898f7c6e⋯.jpg (13.15 KB, 191x255, 191:255, 4d5e670a97a00d2532d6db393b….jpg)

dcd36b No.959624

File: cc1adebe82fb8b2⋯.jpg (91.82 KB, 564x559, 564:559, godf8Up.jpg)

File: 42a42c73cd27ad9⋯.jpg (15.69 KB, 260x194, 130:97, download.jpg)

File: b4f4691afc757d5⋯.jpg (57.32 KB, 650x336, 325:168, Michelle-Obama-Instagram-p….jpg)

5bfb06 No.959625



0212c9 No.959626


appreciate your hard work, anon!

70b9ea No.959627

File: c669f5b58c87e7d⋯.mp4 (4.32 MB, 568x320, 71:40, Rahm’s Loop Capital Bean G….mp4)

George Webb tells how Imran Awan was juiced into congress.

33d3c0 No.959628

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Syrian Asks for the US to Bomb his Country

Mouaz Moustafa, Syrian Emergency Task Force joins Thom Hartmann.

Published on Sep 5, 2013

906ff5 No.959629


Plus, by making it public, it puts any wannbe assholes on notice that the penalty is stiff if they want to play the game and get caught. It's time our politicians learned to fear US again instead of treating us like their property.

f115b5 No.959630



fa5327 No.959631

File: 88d175305fd871b⋯.png (320.39 KB, 894x698, 447:349, ClipboardImage.png)

In other news, Soros once again defeated by based Hungary.

6698ac No.959632

File: 816a4b6ee684604⋯.png (25.8 KB, 583x211, 583:211, air_raids_syria3.PNG)


Based on the amount of twitter traffic about Syrian air raids, looks like it is probably going down. Reports of a new volley of cruise missiles just started.

5396e6 No.959633


Getting closer to an exactly location. Audio says… "Less than kilometer into Syria"

4f9350 No.959634

File: c2a4cff1fefecab⋯.jpg (112.05 KB, 1628x826, 814:413, with his father.JPG)


with is father Kamal Moustafa from the looks of his FB.. he too is involved

10fdce No.959635


"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." - Thomas Jefferson 

167e56 No.959636


Webb is on Berry's payroll.

2aab9f No.959637


687338 No.959638


I hope this is real fake news

74ffa3 No.959639

Syrian Tiyan Military base under attack


09e5c2 No.959640

File: 253bfff49b26e60⋯.png (563.76 KB, 683x682, 683:682, Patriots.png)


4d30df No.959641


Russians didnt say anything, per RT

59b94f No.959642



KEK, the shills/clowns are really scraping the bottom of the barrel for new tactics.

When will they learn we are too smart, we know too much, we can smell bullshit from a mile away.

You can't beat logic. You can't escape TRUTH.

dbb3e6 No.959643



Praying that we are bombing the clowns.

4187ae No.959644



4b307f No.959645


Extortion 17

207734 No.959646



Maybe we should report his twat account for violence,

just to shut him up for a while -

since he is pushing war with Syria full on.

45427a No.959647


Working to verify.

Don't let the Cabal get away with this after everything they did.

38d3f2 No.959648


Makes more sense

e605da No.959649


Hey, look everyone, the psychopath deep state left-wing shil Douglas Gabriel writing his bullshit on here.



de0b3b No.959650



495016 No.959651

File: 0cf482e4b51aac4⋯.png (390.04 KB, 684x439, 684:439, Capture.PNG)

b7feec No.959652


I'm guessing she's a CIA clown posing as a filmmaker….great stuff anon….

45d6a7 No.959653


i hope its not us

6b1dbc No.959654

looking into mouaz twatter, reports coming in that some jets flew over lebanon and struck a base.

israel striking and making it seem it is from us/france forces?

21cc0c No.959655


What part about 'Trust The Plan' did you not get?

74a9f1 No.959656


Sauce plz?

33d257 No.959657

Ok WTF who is launching on Syria right now?

478822 No.959658


Had you been as intelligent as ya'll claim, why didn't you just quietly take back over?

According to Douglas Gabriel Anonymous & Cicada are of the same group and they supposedly destroyed Q what 2weeks ago? And again if they had such capabilities why not just retake the tripcode QUIETLY and post what you assert is the real Q? Your story is swiss cheese buddy.

08aca5 No.959659


We know you are taking care of things in just the right order of importance. Enjoying the show!

952445 No.959660


Nice post. See >>959511 We were working at cross-purposes it seems.

d06076 No.959661

File: fbb6758ae894d42⋯.png (371.86 KB, 750x496, 375:248, 1.PNG)

North Korea confirms to White House that it is willing to talk about denuclearization, administration officials say

8248f1 No.959662


Knows stuff but one sneaky guy

bud of Alefantis

f60800 No.959663


Irrelevant - Assad is the leader of HIS PEOPLE. McCain is a bloated fjckass dickhead traitor riht along with the res perverted and the rampant derelicts of the CABAL


Our POTUS is the most powerful and all-knowing Office on the planet… they are all just completely screwed. The true international LEADERS will work WITH HIM for the good of humanity~

9bebcf No.959664

File: 49791edaddfdae1⋯.jpg (548.46 KB, 800x1282, 400:641, Have_a_seat_sir.jpg)

9bc43d No.959665


Its been a wild weekend. So get the rest. I was doing late night mid week breads- whats worse- flood of Q and tracking- or slow cooks during shill runs lol.

Either way- the bread is tasty AF we can handle clean up.

c68ff9 No.959666

File: 1d2ed255fa74ca2⋯.png (321.62 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20180408-202739.png)

Nice work Q and POTUS and Operators!!!!

fa0284 No.959667


We posted 2 articles last bread they met in a hanger on the airbase.

1a3827 No.959668


with curtains….I get stage fright

711f2a No.959669


I'm thinking it's someone that saw the story in 2017 & is maybe confusing it with now.

8477ff No.959670

File: 10e150ef57c8744⋯.png (185.95 KB, 500x579, 500:579, deadgoatfuckers.png)

File: b7cef28df4397d1⋯.jpeg (33.95 KB, 474x467, 474:467, galacticpepe.jpeg)


pics related. Soon.

ALL (((sandnigger/kike puppets and hostile combatants))) will DIE.

29243b No.959671


reports are saying "jets or cruise missile"

I'd think those would be easy to differentiate between….

IF cruise missile, it would be USA…if jets it could be others.

13df51 No.959672


is it israel? or is it usa?

d55e6a No.959673


Anons - we also have to take back our towns and states. Start local. If not us, who? POTUS stepped up to the plate. See what you can do to help worthy cause candidates or run for office yourself.

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country (freshman typing class).

194023 No.959674


yes. he goes wherever he's needed. an actor. and nobody can tell the difference. muslim with a neck beard. probably white hat too. senate/house is a whole big production existing for money power and control.

b40fb5 No.959675


Oh my…….

19ffd4 No.959676

File: a7c4926b295742f⋯.png (36.43 KB, 642x231, 214:77, ClipboardImage.png)

Mouaz Moustafa used to be the Exec. Director of the Libyan Council of North America


4ea5da No.959677


1. total posts

2. (x) how many posts

3. number of users (divide 1. / 2. )

162 (1)

112 (2) 66

99 (3) 33

68 (4) 17

90 (5) 18

54 (6) 9

42 (7) 6

16 (8) 2

27 (9) 3

40 (10) 4

11 (11) 1

0 (12) 0

13 (13) 1

14 (14) 1

15 (15) 1

15 was the highest post number in that bread.


8477ff No.959678


False flag by (((mossad))).

3eb23b No.959679

https:// twitter.com/BNONews/status/983154442831908866

Stay with @BNONews for continuing coverage of the missile strike on a military airport in Syria

711f2a No.959680


Yeah, not sure it's not someone that saw the story for 2017 & is mistaking it for now.

a2d071 No.959681

I remember when our soldiers held up those writtings to tell us. Thanking them and current admin, Q team, and all us Anons everyday. The caliphate spread bad through the "refugee crisis". Have the rogue aspects (Islamaberg EX.) been taken care of yet?

ab94d9 No.959682



Anon Giving their own consensus to be in notables… No value added

13df51 No.959683

https: //twitter.com/AlSuraEnglish/status/983151342477762561

194023 No.959684


*white helmet

2aab9f No.959685

If you have a moment, check this out, please

Its Moustafas organization pushing the validation of Syrian torture and murder photos that are proven to be fake…..

"Why does it matter if the CIA is connected to the ‘Caesar’ story? Because the CIA has a long history of disinformation campaigns. In 2011, false reports of viagra fueled rape by Libyan soldiers were widely broadcast in western media as the U.S. pushed for a military mandate. Decades earlier, the world was shocked to hear about Cuban troops fighting in Angola raping Angolan women. The CIA chief of station for Angola, John Stockwell, later described how they invented the false report and spread it round the world. The CIA was very proud of that disinformation achievement. Stockwell’s book, “In Search of Enemies” is still relevant."

4e5306 No.959686


That's what the Parade that Will Always Be Remembered is probably Always Going To Be Remembered for.

a47859 No.959687




74ffa3 No.959688

Russian AF headed towards sea active over Tartus


8bb79b No.959689


We're seeing reports that that the US is leaving Lebanon and going to bomb Syria. Hope that's not true. Can you give us any word on this?

f115b5 No.959690

315 UIDs as a high number. I do forget how few we are sometimes. Humbling. Really.

441479 No.959691


>Mouaz Moustafa

Just casually sitting with enhanced photos of murder and slaughter and gore behind you like it aint no thang but a halal wing

45427a No.959692


As Q said.

More and more proof for the sleepers

b2111d No.959693


top fucking kek

3eb23b No.959695


https:// twitter.com/fakecig/status/983154439283355648

a651e0 No.959696

File: b4cc548ca5f0ae3⋯.jpg (131.18 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, Israel_911_Good_for_Israel.jpg)


Lol, I know anon, just asking to see how many of them are double-citizenship.

Because bad for US, many times equals good for Israel.

9e7ea0 No.959697


It's not a reflection at all. The flag is there. It appears the man's chest does not stick out past the woman's back. And the little indent of the flag can be seen in front of the man's neck, indicating they are standing in front of the flag. There could be rope tying the flag to the suburban.

22ebcf No.959698


pfft time ??? this is the internet.

< http:// cloudyfiles.org/1bvv2hyczr7r

5dc154 No.959699

File: 9ea778ba40d00c0⋯.png (838.86 KB, 923x589, 923:589, 45.PNG)

Mouaz Moustafa aka soccermouaz Discussing accountability and protection of civilians with NBC News #SaveSyria #NeverAgain

cd7d5e No.959700


The only thing moving faster than the NHRA in Vegas today is this board.

e605da No.959701

File: c4c83bc9f3e8669⋯.jpeg (22.98 KB, 474x591, 158:197, download.jpeg)

File: bb7e9a4d80ff7fa⋯.jpg (61.55 KB, 1200x782, 600:391, Ronald-Reagan.jpg)

President Ronald Reagan.

The Deep State tried to kill him and failed…

He defeated Communism in the USSR without a war.

The left-wingers hate him which means he is GREAT.

God Bless President Ronald Reagan.

57bc3e No.959702


Assad wouldn't do that IMO. Wasn't true the first time. Neither did Hussein in Iraq. Same perps….same FF attacks.

f650c4 No.959703


Yep. Coming to an urban area near you, soon.

https:// stopshouting.blogspot.com/2015/12/about-those-missing-light-fingered.html

Interestingly, veterans with extensive first hand experience in these types of MO and TTP stepped up and tried to offer their expertise to protect the homeland but most never even got an acknowledgement of their resume. One got an interview, but the job went to an internal candidate who was a White Paper Ranger with no actual exp. Feel better yet?

Different day, same BS as ever.

79a1e8 No.959704

Q, are we bombing Assad again?

de0b3b No.959705

badf8b No.959706


YES! Bring it back!

6bef74 No.959707


Yes, and also got the propaganda screened at the holocaust museum last year. HE'S a PROPAGANDIST.

Be funny when he wakes up one day to find his bank accts frozen.

8477ff No.959708


I wonder which one trump will be bombing under the cover of it all?

isis and mudslimes will die. PERIOD.

4f9350 No.959709



8dbc35 No.959710


When that happened, I knew something terrible had happened. I thought it was from Hillarys server being hacked but it was worse, much worse.

b7feec No.959711

File: 9ad24fb32e8f8b7⋯.png (236.35 KB, 1423x482, 1423:482, screenshot_529.png)


One does NOT get this many film awards unless they are a CIA Clown….

f115b5 No.959712


Do check out the organization where he's Executive Director according to his twitter profile. Equally gory.

https:// twitter.com/ syrianetf

d2a805 No.959713

File: 72a026365bb36dd⋯.png (315.22 KB, 451x459, 451:459, Snip20180408_14.png)

File: df5478adc923cad⋯.png (242.67 KB, 449x363, 449:363, Snip20180408_15.png)

File: 6efca80c82b683b⋯.png (323.51 KB, 464x447, 464:447, Snip20180408_16.png)

File: 0801fe641c05131⋯.png (237.41 KB, 470x360, 47:36, Snip20180408_17.png)









56a8fc No.959714

21cc0c No.959715


Any Anon coders/hackers or 8ch admin that can find out how many active IP's are on the board at all times?

86bf40 No.959716

File: c503ff91f5d2a4b⋯.jpg (155.85 KB, 494x531, 494:531, this.jpg)

74ffa3 No.959717

US warships launching Tomahawks into Syria targetting SAA installations @newsalertHQ

45427a No.959718


Can't hurt to go a bit deeper anon.

bc9150 No.959719

If we are bombing then you know this whole thing has been a farce!

a9dafc No.959720


Yes Anon. Makes my heart swell … We are multipying. We are waking people up. The newbies are coming. As annoying as they are, I'm so thankful they are here. Godspeed brother

2aab9f No.959721

“After fighting Al Qaeda and its affiliates for a decade and a half, the CIA is now helping them in Syria

http:// www.syriasolidaritymovement.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/CaesarPhotoFraudReport_v6.compressed.pdf

8b7365 No.959722

Ok, Question

How the fuck is an anon supposed to sleep now?

Guess I just joined the ranks of Q and POTUS…

bc2f82 No.959723


It would be great if they would out Michael right away. Sheeple would be floored and it wouldn't really impact arrests and prosecutions but it would really piss them off. Hey Q? How about it?

5f9331 No.959724

File: 43e7d3b0afc8b8d⋯.jpg (63.48 KB, 675x420, 45:28, gallows humor.jpg)

441479 No.959725


But if he is murdering his own people or he ISNT, I want to know! And you should too!

9bebcf No.959726


It's fairly clear Hussein was not working for us. Who was he working for?

57bc3e No.959727


Does anyone have a ballpark figure how many unique (non clown) visitors this Board gets in an avg month since the storm hit?

413e27 No.959728


exactly this

13df51 No.959729

russian forces countering???wtf is going on here

35cee5 No.959730


Not cool. He tried to do the right thing for the US and humanity. He was not a Liar and we avoided nuclear war with Russia, which is what his generals and the Russian generals wanted, so if that is failure, at least you got to live.

29146c No.959731


Balfour Declaration

Rothschild owns Israel

22e62f No.959732

de0b3b No.959733


Could be US blowing up deep state bases and then we can say look normies we bombed them for using chem weapons.

Art Of War.

718a99 No.959734

56a8fc No.959735


We are bombing IRCG and IRAN operated bases in Syria.

29243b No.959736

Pentagon denies bombings. Next suspect is Israel.

b073ea No.959737

So does this Syria shit mean we're done here?

696979 No.959738


And I suppose the similarities btw.

_Barack Obama and

aBaRaC_Abara are just a coinkydink.

8477ff No.959739


>muh peoplez


5527a4 No.959740

File: 54fe85538e61658⋯.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1536x2012, 384:503, 1AC8571E-359A-4F97-A759-9….jpeg)

http:// www.mushakis.net/?p=11446

74ffa3 No.959741

WH denies reports of Syrian attacks @newsalertHQ

2602cd No.959742



9bebcf No.959743


Welcome aboard your dragonfly, grasshopper.

495016 No.959744

File: 0cf482e4b51aac4⋯.png (390.04 KB, 684x439, 684:439, Capture.PNG)

File: f5cfb358d12fe01⋯.png (150.28 KB, 621x707, 621:707, Capture1.PNG)

Night 5:5

c68ff9 No.959745

File: 43c1172ee3900b7⋯.png (395.98 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20180408-203158.png)

5dc154 No.959747

File: 3c49105816b524e⋯.png (712.42 KB, 926x443, 926:443, 49.PNG)

Mouaz Moustafa aka soccermouazCaesar conducting an interview with Richard Engel of NBC #SaveSyria #NeverAgain

fa5327 No.959748

File: 9ac56dd32f7c762⋯.png (272.22 KB, 599x635, 599:635, ClipboardImage.png)

Israel attacking


5396e6 No.959749

Just a hunch but I'm wondering if no name's meeting in Syria was at Shayrat Air Base? The base that Trump hit with an air strike on 4/7/17.

dbb3e6 No.959750

File: b0326156db0e3c6⋯.jpg (584.13 KB, 1080x1792, 135:224, Screenshot_20180408-183129….jpg)

Meanwhile in London…

8477ff No.959751


FINALLY, somebody who gets it.

2738df No.959752


The Mahdi

35cee5 No.959753


Yeah, the idea that we would be using deadly force this quickly when we know nothing is the best indication that this is a LARP.

5f9331 No.959754



He was shot two months into his term. The leadpill.

Trump is a better planner.

e8fea0 No.959755


The Douglas Gabriel hanging will be a public event unless he prefers the guillotine…then it would be televised because there just wouldn't be enough space for everyone who wants to see it happen.

2aab9f No.959756


Josh Caplan twat

56a8fc No.959757

It aint us doing the bombing. Is it SA? Israel?

4d30df No.959758

Q would be really good if you could help us understand whats really going on right now in syria

917370 No.959759


So Q drops that the chemical attack was an attempt to enflame a war to deflect the news (these people are sick):

They are trying to start a war.


Public interest shift.

Pullout announcement.

Chem attack.


These people are sick.


And then the USA retaliates with POTUS red line statement and bombs on Syria? Does that make sense? Why didn't POTUS listen to Q?

4187ae No.959760

PSA "If your stupid, don't post" thx

4ea5da No.959761


several million…. saw 2 of the qcode site traffic posted the other day and just for the 2 sites it was amazingly high.

a4a727 No.959762



True. Their agency can be reorganized or downsized. Or (and this is harder to do), their agency can be re-missioned, and their individual skillsets can thus be eliminated.

718a99 No.959763


History tells us not to just believe the pentagon doesn’t it…

12ff14 No.959764

Airstrikes are NOT US!

28cf41 No.959765



Sum of All Fears.

b9b2e4 No.959766


Looks like we needa Farsi fag translating here.

45427a No.959767

https:// twitter.com/defconwsalerts

"United States says they have not launched an attack against Syria at this time."

400b21 No.959768

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

de0b3b No.959769


Yeah but how many lurkers?

74ffa3 No.959770


Sitting here biting my nails…trusting the plan

29146c No.959771

File: 4010971222689d0⋯.jpg (46.75 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, The-Joker-the-dark-knight-….jpg)

2aab9f No.959772


He is….this report is unbelievably devastating

The shit in it is unreal

22ebcf No.959773


15 min penalty for inappropriate use of a this meme

29243b No.959774


>At this time

478822 No.959775


Ha! I fucking knew it was them fuckers!

35cee5 No.959776


Uh, it might not be us. Looks like its Israel. WW3 a coming right up.

2738df No.959777


Mossad of course

5f9331 No.959778


Flushing out the (((provocateurs))).


bc2f82 No.959779


I was going to say, how come no one is mentioning that Iran was ALSO in the tweet. Bombing Iranians leaves Russia out of it and still makes the "NO Chemical Weapons" point.

3d3d81 No.959780


‏Verified account @DEFCONWSALERTS

2m2 minutes ago

United States says they have not launched an attack against Syria at this time.

9 replies 127 retweets 97 likes

ca41a8 No.959781


ME TOO ANON me too.

6cf78f No.959782


Oh of course the (((IDF))) is behind it.

5bfb06 No.959783


could be the beginning of WWIII depending on how Putin handles this,.

How many cities tonight could be going by morning.

Seriously pissed, DOD muzzeled POTUS into this bull shit.

b9b2e4 No.959784


Trying to drag us in, no doubt.

09e5c2 No.959785


I don't sleep much anymore…haha

3f2bd1 No.959786

Gallows was just a frame of mind and not what will actually happen.

89ee91 No.959787

File: ed3d2cb05ed64fb⋯.jpeg (81.04 KB, 750x614, 375:307, DC55997F-ABC3-4126-ACD0-0….jpeg)

8477ff No.959788

File: f514c88917b9ead⋯.jpg (29.17 KB, 300x300, 1:1, dancingkikes.jpg)

44c97d No.959789

File: 3334356bfa71cf2⋯.jpeg (56.53 KB, 774x579, 258:193, image.jpeg)


Spider Map template for WDSHN and his friends.

5cc0b0 No.959790


56a8fc No.959791


Yes. I think so.

a651e0 No.959792

File: bd35012aadf85ca⋯.png (597.54 KB, 5116x3300, 1279:825, Israel_AntiAssad_Clinton_L….png)

File: 8b6f62171da3221⋯.jpg (748.62 KB, 1583x4050, 1583:4050, Israel_Doesnt_Know_When_To….jpg)

File: 948b29283d9d4dc⋯.jpg (937.19 KB, 2047x2052, 2047:2052, Israeli_DeepState_Lobby.jpg)

File: 7307d17d0e5db2a⋯.jpg (517.69 KB, 1631x1987, 1631:1987, Israel_Internet_Social_Eng….jpg)

File: b4d945c6d826e60⋯.png (47.62 KB, 878x306, 439:153, Israel_Iraq_had_no_WMD_Kne….png)


I know. Which is exactly why double-citizenship people should NEVER be allowed to have political and influential jobs.

79ed48 No.959793


Alwaleed Bin Talal paid for Obama's education.

Saudi who was arrested.

And who also had a big hand in 9.11

5f9331 No.959794


You're watching a movie.

Enjoy the show.

e605da No.959795

File: cd4e2c6ad10cbf0⋯.png (804.78 KB, 1151x700, 1151:700, Ronald-Reagan-Quotes-1.png)

b7feec No.959796


He'll be wearing black knee-high socks and sandals with pleated shorts for the event….

70b9ea No.959797

She says her application of technology for personal and political purposes is in stark contrast to the man she defeated in November.

"My predecessor didn't even have an e-mail address," Bean said of Phil Crane. "He was one of the last members of Congress without an e-mail."

The Democrat gets most of her e-mails on her BlackBerry 7290 (www.rim.com), using the hand-held gadget as her phone, e-mail device and calendar.

"I use it to keep up with the multitude of e-mails that I'm getting," Bean said. "The BlackBerry has become my indispensable tool."

She receives between 700 and 1,000 e-mails, most of which come in through her Web site (www.house.gov/bean).

Two schedulers–one in Washington and one in her Illinois office–also wirelessly transmit appointments right to Bean's BlackBerry.

"Her calendar is sent directly to her BlackBerry, regardless of where she is," said Imran Awan, the information technology director for eight Democratic members of Congress. "We also send her PDF documents [to brief her]."

http:// articles. chicagotribune.com/2005-08-27/ business/0508270151_1_e-mails-technology-companies-indispensable-tool

d955d9 No.959798

File: 7155cf5855dc7bd⋯.jpg (17.18 KB, 255x241, 255:241, 444794ff887427ae8284aa3429….jpg)


^^Any help Anons??^^

89ee91 No.959799

File: eabfd306962605a⋯.jpeg (106.61 KB, 500x500, 1:1, BD2B2A92-DC6B-42F0-8E8D-F….jpeg)

f30587 No.959800


I am not American but this made me cry. I can't believe this is happening. What a time to be alive. All the things I knew were true. I can't believe it. To my American brothers and sisters I would do anything to help you get back your country … my country is lost. Let there be at least one place left of this earth for the free.

b72271 No.959801

- I S R A E L -

28cf41 No.959802

Remember, Q said they are trying to start a war.

Not the US attacking Syria.

Cabal doing their best to start a conflict between US and Russia.

09400d No.959803

https:// twitter.com/TheLastRefuge2/status/983147903257628672

9e7ea0 No.959804


Potus has more intelligence in one hand that you will ever hope of having. If you don't think Potus is 5 steps ahead of everyone, including you, then GTFO!

dbb3e6 No.959805


I hope this is it

2aab9f No.959806

Reports of airstrikes on the Syrian regime's T4 Airbase in Homs, which is operated by Iran & the IRGC (and was targeted by Israel in February after an Iranian drone entered Israeli airspace). This follows earlier reports of jets flying east from the Mediterranean across Lebanon.

29146c No.959807


I agree 100% for sure.

65ccf9 No.959808


Perhaps we are bombing the last remaining clown traitors that are trapped.

29243b No.959809


>these people

this would include Israel, since the are doing the bombing right now? Isreal also trying to start a war and draw US/Russia into it?

6567c4 No.959810

He'll have to ban rocks next, and bricks and paper weights.

701c9e No.959811


is this the same type of (((ARRANGEMENT))) as Imran Awan?

aa19d8 No.959812


POTUS HAD to do this anon.

(((They))) were going to nuke us!

70b9ea No.959813


Technology travels to House

August 27, 2005|By Alex L. Goldfayn

Melissa Bean spent a career in the high-tech industry before turning her efforts to politics. So when the Barrington resident was elected to Congress last year to represent the 8th District, Bean knew that technology would travel with her to Washington.

She has worked for Schaumburg-based Motorola Inc. and Mountain View, Calif.-based Synopsis Inc. And in 1995, Bean launched Sales Resources Inc., a sales consultancy aimed at technology companies.

718a99 No.959814


Lolllll now that meme made me laugh so hard all I could do was show hubby the monitor lollll

711f2a No.959815


Conflict News



Follow @Conflicts


BREAKING: Pentagon officials say there is no truth to reports that US has launched an attack against Assad bases in Syria - @DionNissenbaum

8:30 PM - 8 Apr 2018

6567c4 No.959817

45427a No.959818


Good quote.

God bless.

199af1 No.959819

File: 1a6d367227062b2⋯.png (164.76 KB, 325x217, 325:217, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 90067a0de0a65b1⋯.png (169.69 KB, 322x242, 161:121, ClipboardImage.png)

D.C. man’s Syria orphanage for more than 100 children may reopen

https:// www.wusa9.com/article/news/local/dc-mans-syria-orphanage-for-more-than-100-children-may-reopen/65-524247069

https:// archive.fo/QVZNj

Two months after bombs on Christmas morning closed an underground school and orphanage, a Columbia Heights man said his dream may have new life – as Syrian students and teachers returned to a village once threatened by indiscriminate airstrikes.

Washington resident Mouaz Moustafa founded a school for 130 Syrian orphans in 2016, calling it “the Wisdom House.” The school lies within Idlib Province, the area where Syrian President Bashar al-Assad infamously used chemical weapons against at least 200 civilians in April 2017.

The Wisdom House Project

http:// thewisdomhouseproject.com/

https:// archive.fo/BANHg

Building relationships across borders; supporting public education and the future for children in Syria.

135 Students ages 3-6, many of whom have lost one or both parents to the ongoing conflict.

What we provide the wisdom house:

Materials/ Equipment

a bus

rent for underground space

generator, heaters, fuel storage tanks

stationary, printers, computers, projectors, white boards, school supplies, playground equipment

other items as available

Operating Costs


fuel for bus, generators, and heaters

Human Resources

5 teachers

4 staff (bus driver, administration, logistics, janitorial)

The Syrian Emergency Task Force is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization created to support the Syrian people's demand for freedom and democracy, regardless of ethnicity, religion, or background. SETF seeks to convey the democratic aspirations of Syrians to the American public, and support humanitarian efforts to assist victims of the Syrian crisis. syriantaskforce.org

About the Wisdom House

https:// archive.fo/dBArj

Mouaz Moustafa, SETF director of outreach

In the Spring of 2016, the Syrian Emergency Task Force executive director, Mouaz Moustafa, presented at a Tedx exhibition at his alma mater, the University of Central Arkansas. Local Conway residents, Jerry Adams and Teri Daily, had a conversation over coffee with Moustafa. He let them know about a school in Syria that his organization had identified and needed help. Jerry and Teri decided they wanted to do more for this orphanage.

With their leadership, the Wisdom House Working Group was formed from members of the Conway, Arkansas community and The Wisdom House Project was born, an initiative to sustain and connect to a Syrian orphanage for at least the next five years. Since we started this project, we have connected with communities across the country including in Massachusetts, Virginia, Washington D.C., and communities around the globe who are supporting Syria through this amazing portal.

The SETF Director of Outreach, Natalie, manages the Wisdom House Project and acts as the liaison between students in Syria and the United States. For more information you can e-mail her at natalielarrison@gmail.com

PHOTO 1: Photo of the Wisdom House working group at Hendrix college in Conway, AR at the Wisdom House Project's "kick off" event in September 2016.

PHOTO 2: the Syrian Emergency Task Force core team at the Washington, D.C. office during their annual retreat.

e605da No.959820


He got killed. He was an adulterer, mafia guy, and failure.

427d4a No.959821

Benji the Black Hat .. Just fucked up bigly

874dc8 No.959822


What's wrong with the pics? Do you expect one guy to carry two kids out of Earthquake rubble forever? Can he not hand one off to someone else?

4ea5da No.959823

File: 36fffeb1b597088⋯.png (2.15 MB, 700x10413, 700:10413, god bless the usa.png)

79dd8a No.959824

File: c44d6263528d029⋯.jpg (28.05 KB, 496x333, 496:333, DaSc1_TUQAA_p99[1].jpg)

Mary Jo: Me Too

2738df No.959825

File: a6c487794010ce6⋯.png (391.19 KB, 780x438, 130:73, Trump Keystone.png)


For contrast, see pic.

441479 No.959826

File: b7dab51b57a6005⋯.png (71.69 KB, 716x565, 716:565, ClipboardImage.png)

Knowing what we know now…


a09007 No.959827


I hope Russia gets that message quickly

19ffd4 No.959828



b72271 No.959829







4ea5da No.959830


That's what I'm hoping for.

89ee91 No.959831

File: 7783ae9e2349060⋯.jpeg (62.38 KB, 720x690, 24:23, FA60DAAF-2772-452D-A388-4….jpeg)

7dbefa No.959832

File: 1b660304dc065ba⋯.jpeg (129.06 KB, 750x728, 375:364, 0983B53B-4F0A-40B9-B2FC-8….jpeg)

Source RT

de0b3b No.959833


Didnt some artist take credit for this as well as the countdown?

Seems a bit like Q but so weird.

773c88 No.959834



12ff14 No.959835


They already know

a7948d No.959836


know what would be the most enjoyable show?

the Truth

i.e. Assad didn't gas anyone. We are not attacking Syria

33ce60 No.959837


Not really. God offers His substance to nourish us, His children. This is right and good. The little gods (Moloch, Satan, Quetzalcoatl) demand we be their slaves and give of our substance to nourish them. That is evil and wrong.

aeec3f No.959838

File: dd4df8422503076⋯.png (177.16 KB, 1268x666, 634:333, Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at ….png)

98b0ba No.959839

File: c425c7200427e7e⋯.png (208.05 KB, 598x456, 299:228, ClipboardImage.png)

https:// twitter.com/evacool_f/status/983154372577300480

09e5c2 No.959840


Do not lose hope! Remember the cure will spread worldwide.

2602cd No.959841


1984 in London..

5448f0 No.959842


Is that from the ‘Trump elected’ video?

952445 No.959843

File: f229c36aca2e832⋯.png (754.45 KB, 1192x632, 149:79, image.png)

File: 97823d57de54b93⋯.jpeg (23.54 KB, 300x300, 1:1, image.jpeg)


I think I have the information on the meeting. Here's part:


The first meeting with McCain included 10 rebel commanders including General Salim Idriss, who is the Chief of Staff of the Supreme Military Council (SMC) of the Free Syrian Army, which is the primary Syrian umbrella rebel group. According to Moustafa, Senator McCain was the only person from the American side to engage in conversation with the FSA Commanders.

He said that the main conversations between Senator McCain and rebel commanders revolved around Iranian interference in Syria, as well as the increased presence of Hezbollah and the threat of future extremism. (Mr. Moustafa served as primary translator during these meetings with Senator McCain).

“The Senator and the Commanders had a great conversation which ended with Senator McCain promising not to rest until he can get the US government to show leadership in supporting the revolution and protecting the Syrian People,” Moustafa later concluded about the meetings.

According to him, Senator McCain “came away with a much more thorough understanding of the conflict and the situation on the ground. He was reassured that the United States Government has vetted the ‘good guys’ that we must support [in order to] to defeat the regime and marginalize any extremists. The Senator saw the challenges faced by the Syrian people against this oppressive regime and spoke to the Free Syria Army [officials] that have defected from the Regime’s army and took up arms to defend their families and the Syrian people.”

https:// www.theislamicmonthly.com/the-man-who-took-john-mccain-into-syria/

a73aa2 No.959844

Mouaz Moustafa worked for former congressman Vic Snyder- https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vic_Snyder & Senator Blanche Lincoln- https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blanche_Lincoln, both probably not so coincidentally from Arkansas.

More info: http:// www.syriantaskforce.org/washington-dc-staff/://www.syriantaskforce.org/washington-dc-staff/

e0e010 No.959845

File: a4430f0b9612114⋯.png (315.89 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, Yeah_Right.png)

89ee91 No.959846

File: 49803495fa6194e⋯.jpeg (28.66 KB, 399x280, 57:40, C9E28E6D-2756-4DD8-A495-E….jpeg)

aa009d No.959847

File: ed28e0952423999⋯.png (317.79 KB, 806x1140, 403:570, ClipboardImage.png)


Thomas van Linge


Reports of unidentified fighters flying low over #Lebanon being reported all over. Something is definitely happening (in #Syria?) tonight

8:52 PM · Apr 8, 2018

3d4b95 No.959848

The US and Russia have the two biggest Christian populations in the world. The cabal would love it if we wiped each other out.

4d30df No.959849



Syrian Air Defenses respond to ‘missile attack’ on airbase in Homs – state media

6bef74 No.959850


It's not us. It's Israel.

79a1e8 No.959851

File: e23330f9d42ddf5⋯.png (2.76 MB, 1505x1125, 301:225, hussein.png)

a72a8d No.959852

bf98c5 No.959853



09e5c2 No.959854



de0b3b No.959855


No they were hacking bodies up. Had to Epstein island.

2aab9f No.959856


Report say the jets came from east of Lebanon

df1213 No.959857

Trust the plan! I hope Mctraitor just ate a tomahawk

45427a No.959858


The Cabal is using every division of humanity to sow conflict and make us weak.

5f9331 No.959859


Something very odd about that accident.

https:// www.cbsnews.com/news/canada-hockey-team-bus-crash-today-nipawin-saskatchewan-2018-04-07/

>Hassan Masri, an emergency room doctor at Saskatoon's Royal University Hospital who has done work in war-torn Syria, said the crash reminded him of an airstrike. Photographs of the wreckage showed the twisted trailer with most of its wheels in the air and the bus on its side and its back portion destroyed.

e1adad No.959860

File: 9aa59c40c8e4655⋯.jpg (34.12 KB, 817x427, 817:427, details-about-blood-eagle-….jpg)

79ed48 No.959861


still letting yourself be deceived by media I see. Sad!

c4c122 No.959862

Seems we were given a heads up that something was upcoming.

▶Q !xowAT4Z3VQ 04/08/18 (Sun) 11:24:39 a0205a No.953077>>953090 >>953092 >>953095 >>953099 >>953101 >>953102 >>953105 >>953112 >>953113 >>953115 >>953125 >>953133


Situation Room.


35cee5 No.959863


It's Israel

57bc3e No.959865


Lynch that faggot.

4f9350 No.959866

Makes more sense that the last of the clowns would have their last stand - making it look like the US attacking to transfer blame.

Let's watch the show.

f115b5 No.959867

File: 1789d758125d8ad⋯.jpg (11.76 KB, 471x120, 157:40, isis.jpg)

Why does Obama call ISIS, I.S.I.L.?

http:// www.israel nationalnews.com/Articles/Article.aspx/18043

602f28 No.959868

File: ae0c9b6ed18adda⋯.png (2.2 MB, 1320x739, 1320:739, never-hange-mind.png)

f60800 No.959869

File: 06d98550794a76c⋯.jpg (15.23 KB, 180x247, 180:247, Elmer Fudd Gun QUITE].jpg)


THINK: whiningand crying and wishing you knew sjit is not gonna do dick.. Lurk moar whine less and THINK WTF you are typing before you do….we work for POTUS dickheaad.

HE KNOWS you don;t get over it or get an OPINION OF FACT. Translation: WORK.

c6d297 No.959870

we must be getting close to the truth with no-name and moustafa when the rothschilds start false-flag bombing syria to distract the rest of the world what we are uncovering

8477ff No.959871


Correct. Any war between white christian nations is a civil war.

b7feec No.959872

File: 296bf24745851a5⋯.png (566.57 KB, 700x382, 350:191, screenshot_532.png)

This meme was made 10 months ago should be updated :P

29243b No.959873


US missiles being used to attack Iran/Syria in order to "destroy christianity"


773c88 No.959874

File: 4f43d2fac5fed7f⋯.png (58.8 KB, 771x418, 771:418, 1523237877573.png)





19ffd4 No.959875


I cannot get either link to work - takes me to SEC filings of all things.

A search for the text gives me a totally blank result page

56a8fc No.959876

If its Israel, are they fighting for us or are they stirring the ME pot?

33ce60 No.959877


You stepped up just as things blew up. You have done an amazing job for a newbie. We love you, no homo.

Hoping you get some relief soon.

b9b2e4 No.959878


That's why Q said POTUS was bunkered!

167e56 No.959879

File: 853850fc8600bda⋯.png (906.84 KB, 720x720, 1:1, IMG_9144.PNG)

de0b3b No.959880


The muslim brotherhood's trojan horse?

773c88 No.959881

File: 00f09e2745d961a⋯.jpg (274.33 KB, 1440x711, 160:79, 1523237822318.jpg)









4b2c57 No.959882

The Wisdom House Project

An ORPHANAGE in Idlib. Supported by LITTLE ROCK. AR. Clintons anyone?

http:// thewisdomhouseproject.com

d55e6a No.959883


This will not end well for Rep. Kinzinger

https:// twitter.com/RepKinzinger?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor

5f9331 No.959884


Low energy shilling. Sad!

6073f1 No.959886


is trump aware that tomahawks were launched in his name Q??

4f9350 No.959887


Clowns Last Stand…

d2a805 No.959888

File: d1a70755099ae1a⋯.png (184.75 KB, 453x370, 453:370, Snip20180408_18.png)

File: ac655052987ff94⋯.png (262.19 KB, 505x461, 505:461, Snip20180408_19.png)

File: 657be19f9434ae1⋯.png (297.56 KB, 458x384, 229:192, Snip20180408_20.png)

File: 40e0b96c186658d⋯.png (301.96 KB, 453x459, 151:153, Snip20180408_21.png)







https:// twitter.com/SoccerMouaz/status/412098452894793728

bc4dab No.959889



cae6bd No.959890


Such is the life of a baker. Well done.

b40fb5 No.959891


No, we don't know for sure that it was Epstein island. Given what we researched on the Standard Hotel, those pictures could have been taken anywhere…..

8bb79b No.959892





39708e No.959893

Q, you have no clue how spirit lifting it is to come here and see so many posts from you. Especially after dealing with the lying, backstabbing world all day.

56a8fc No.959894

e605da No.959895

File: 5f174299e7f70aa⋯.jpeg (34.78 KB, 474x474, 1:1, download (1).jpeg)

File: 486d2d8e0a57bba⋯.jpeg (51.34 KB, 720x397, 720:397, DRxAMQ3UIAAB8Wz.jpeg)


You are right, Kennedy was useless. Shot and killed.

President Reagan was shot, survived, united a nation, got re-elected a second time and at the highest vote percentage in American history, and defeated Communism without firing a shot.

President Trump is a great planner too, you are right.

193f58 No.959896


When Q wins .I will rest KEK !!

b7feec No.959897


Make It Rain!!!

4c4adf No.959898

I think POTUS is stressed tonight. I have seen this before. It seems like single focus attention at the cost of all other digging. I get frustrated with this but I am putting the frustration in the back seat. Something significant associated to no name must be going on tonight. Pray for those in harms way and sorry for the frustration POTUS.

48c3cd No.959899

Mouaz goes around taking pictures of the dead. I bet he helps push agendas by reporting on deepstate atacks and false flags. Also, may set up crisis actor events for some things (like the fake beheading)

8b7365 No.959900

5396e6 No.959901


Maybe bombing the Shayrat Airbase again?

2738df No.959902


you're (kek)

437acd No.959903

Q says gallows, which may be true for those convicted by military tribunal… but Huber is from Utah, there, things are done by firing squad

f650c4 No.959904



They have done everything they can throw at us to keep GEOTUS from developing a positive working relationship with Putin.

8b4337 No.959905

File: 4f5b9cb27f9d68d⋯.jpg (303.77 KB, 999x600, 333:200, Kobni Syria.jpg)


Breitbart alludes to Kobane Syria sitting directly on the boarder with Turkey.



33d257 No.959906

File: e9173d12fa87d16⋯.gif (23.64 KB, 310x760, 31:76, 3bdfd9160694c6d21a3cced672….gif)

207734 No.959907


Who owns the banks?

Who is bombing? Most likely Israel.

2aab9f No.959908


And…..its probably not us

b3b596 No.959909


if this is happening we can rest assured the strikes are taking out the remaining merc's in ghouta - with the blessing of assad and putin

the death blow to the cabal plot

199af1 No.959910

US Syrian-American Group Tied To US Muslim Brotherhood; Group Is Close With US State Department

https:// www.globalmbwatch.com/2014/01/07/featured-story-syrian-american-group-tied-muslim-brotherhood-group-close-state-department/

The Investigative Project has reported on a US group known as the Syrian Emergency Taskforce (SETF) which is advising that American and other Western policymakers should not be concerned about the rise of the Islamic Front in Syria, identified as avowedly Islamist According to the IP report, the SETF has close relations with the US State Department:

Dec 20, 2013 The head of a major Syrian-American group said in a podcast earlier this month that American and other Western policymakers should not be concerned about the rise of the Islamic Front in Syria and should actively engage it.

The Islamic Front formed last month after seven Islamist rebel groups formed broke ranks with the Free Syrian Army (FSA), now the Syrian Rebel Front (SRB). The coalition’s charter clearly states that it aims to replace the Assad regime with an Islamic state and that it rejects democracy and secularism.

‘We have not seen serious engagement by the West with the biggest sort of united opposition armed element on the ground, and that’s something I think they definitely should do. That’s not to be written off,’ Syrian Emergency Taskforce Executive Director Mouaz Moustafa said in the podcast. ‘They should also be seen as the best hope against al-Qaida and the extremists in Syria and also against Hizballah and Assad.’

His group has close ties with the U.S. State Department and holds regular meetings with it and with members of Congress.

Moustafa urged his listeners not to ‘pass judgment’ on the Islamic Front based on its name alone.

Read the rest here.

https:// www.investigativeproject.org/4247/syrian-emergency-taskforce-head-urges-support-for

Syrian Emergency Taskforce Head Urges Support for Islamic Front

The head of a major Syrian-American group said in a podcast earlier this month that American and other Western policymakers should not be concerned about the rise of the Islamic Front in Syria and should actively engage it.

The Islamic Front formed last month after seven Islamist rebel groups formed broke ranks with the Free Syrian Army (FSA), now the Syrian Rebel Front (SRB). The coalition's charter clearly states that it aims to replace the Assad regime with an Islamic state and that it rejects democracy and secularism.

"We have not seen serious engagement by the West with the biggest sort of united opposition armed element on the ground, and that's something I think they definitely should do. That's not to be written off," Syrian Emergency Taskforce Executive Director Mouaz Moustafa said in the podcast. "They should also be seen as the best hope against al-Qaida and the extremists in Syria and also against Hizballah and Assad."

His group has close ties with the U.S. State Department and holds regular meetings with it and with members of Congress.

Moustafa urged his listeners not to "pass judgment" on the Islamic Front based on its name alone.

"The focus now is to depose the regime and kick out people like Hizballah and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, and others that are killing us. And so that's the best way to describe their ideology," Moustafa said. "I think the international community and the West and in general must engage with the Islamic Front and need to be more pragmatic and realistic about what is going on ground in Syria in order to bring them on board with whatever political solution will happen in the future."

Many Islamic Front battalions have fought alongside Jabhat al-Nusra and the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS), al-Qaida's two factions in Syria, or have endorsed them in interviews or on social media.

10e684 No.959911

8afb69 No.959912


Who is bombing Syria ??

194023 No.959913


and Brennan

22e62f No.959914


Let's hope so, I am sick & tired of Middle East wars.

e8fea0 No.959915

29243b No.959916


This does not mean that US is bombing, just that something IS HAPPENING and we are watching actively.

More info as it comes Q team, please.

337690 No.959917


This guy has my gaydar screaming.

8477ff No.959918


it's fucking (((israel))).

(((mossad))) committed chem attack, (((mossad))) now striking syria to start ww3 with russia.



2bb4f7 No.959919

Was Mouaz Moustafa the cabal-plant intended to replace Assad?

473d61 No.959920



I’m at the point where im starting to despise loved ones who are ignorantly supporting this shit…I’ve tried everything I can to red pill. Loved ones trust Rachel Madcow over my “conspiracy theories”

It’s time

fa5327 No.959921

File: d138a28680b97ac⋯.png (206.6 KB, 474x474, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

b3b596 No.959922

File: 136783b88cea4d9⋯.jpg (13.71 KB, 318x159, 2:1, garbage.jpg)

65ccf9 No.959923

Israel is blowing up the evidence of the clowns and their last stand.

d55e6a No.959924


Are we?

What's really going on?

What's reeeeeeeeeely going on?

45427a No.959925

File: bc6097660552e82⋯.jpg (400.14 KB, 1600x1231, 1600:1231, 631112451.jpg)

In difficult times it is most important to have the energy of Love in the Heart, permeating your every thought and action so it is performed with the grace of the God-Creator.

3d3d81 No.959926


‏Verified account @DEFCONWSALERTS

7m7 minutes ago

Our belief is that the United States denial of military action is true. Any military action in Syria must be another actor.

6cf78f No.959927







We are literally on the brink of war. Pray anons. I love you all.

a73aa2 No.959928


You don't belong here.

6bef74 No.959929


Moustafa's favorite Rep…

d0e96e No.959930


USAID conveniently had their computers hacked or wiped after President Trump was elected. Massive involvement in visas and big time player in the whole crime syndicate.

3a9c98 No.959932


Sharyn Evron

Woman of many hats; paralegal, media entrepreneur, art collector, DemandMedia, LEAF Group, LTD.

She is the registered agent for society6 https:// society6.com/

which features pizza art, tits art, butt art, child art. Check out their wares… CREEPY stuffs.

Her fav artist: "There’s a surreal, “down the rabbit hole” quality to Rebecca Chaperon’s paintings that draws you in deeper and deeper."

This chick is dark, loves the Saturn cube and nakedness.

Can't find the smoking gun, but these people are evil.

773c88 No.959933

File: 960c2cf41d1c4a5⋯.png (42.73 KB, 621x315, 69:35, 1523237936818.png)


711f2a No.959934


Sounds like we are in it already.

Eva J. Koulouriotis

Reports confirm that the explosions in the vicinity of the city of #Homs resulted from the bombing by #Tomahawk missiles belonging to the #USA military.

#Syria #Russia #Iran #France

https ://twitter.com/evacool_f/status/983154372577300480

09e5c2 No.959935


Thank you so much baker. You are awesome!

6567c4 No.959936


You're back. I missed you.

56a8fc No.959937


The Chess board has been flipped. Nothing is at it seems.

4ea5da No.959938


I am thinking the same thing… Q wouldn't drop like this unless these people were being arrested as he spoke…. but maybe he's flushing them out too.

3cd32a No.959939


It is the time in history that the whole world be saved from this evil. Do not loose heart!

687338 No.959940

So the Cabal is going to use Israel to ferment WWIII since Trump refuses to play along. They have gotten very desperate to fulfill their world domination globe.

1abac1 No.959941


Yes notables were lost too.

Where/how should I report it?

4f9350 No.959942

File: 485dfb1c269fba5⋯.jpg (78.1 KB, 1024x538, 512:269, 485dfb1c269fba504b63969689….jpg)

aa009d No.959943

File: 58f41feabf67bd8⋯.png (493.21 KB, 850x546, 425:273, ClipboardImage.png)

It's official: Syrian State TV confirms an attack on T4 AB in central Syria.


Mouaz Moustafa Retweeted

Firas Maksad

Firas Maksad




First report of US Raids in Syria- T4 military airport in Homs central Syria attacked

b3b596 No.959944

File: 9e11a580d62608f⋯.jpg (9.79 KB, 300x168, 25:14, fakenews.jpg)

48c3cd No.959945

File: a2e7d507dab2f98⋯.jpg (115.1 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, Mouaz 1.1.jpg)

File: b89e29b78070ec7⋯.jpg (154 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, Mouaz 1.2.jpg)

File: 2fc6eade28a27d3⋯.jpg (170.21 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, Mouaz 1.3.jpg)

File: afb7a0a17c38c17⋯.jpg (171.01 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, Mouaz 1.4.jpg)

Here's a group of dorks that may come of use to some1

aa19d8 No.959946


I believe all of the top traitor will be taken to GITMO for Military Tribunals and executed on site.

a651e0 No.959947

File: f00bff1f33c536e⋯.png (1.63 MB, 603x7521, 201:2507, Mossad_Helpers_Sayanim_1.png)

File: 3d36bf12ae8ee97⋯.png (776.41 KB, 753x2529, 251:843, Mossad_Helpers_Sayanim_2.png)

File: 360473986728d69⋯.png (87.09 KB, 1450x527, 1450:527, Mossad_Helpers_Sayanim_3.png)

File: bb6a11c233289af⋯.png (97.78 KB, 994x574, 71:41, Mossad_Helpers_Sayanim_4.png)

File: 3ac115a45f4142f⋯.jpg (226.16 KB, 1241x717, 1241:717, Mossad_Weinsten.jpg)


And sayanim should be deported, and if not possible, imprisoned and fined.

35cee5 No.959948


Fighting for us? They never fight for us, what are you talking about. They are the ones on a Zionist conquest of the middle east with a bunch of dual citizens running our government. You serve them, not the other way around. Sheesh

21cc0c No.959949

File: 5109271a1ddceea⋯.png (17.79 KB, 1051x76, 1051:76, Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at ….png)


See video, John Kerry leaked audio. This is YUGE!

www. youtube.com/watch?v=e4phB-_pXDM

70b9ea No.959950

File: 57a7cd8a975b317⋯.png (3.14 MB, 816x1344, 17:28, Technology travels to Hous….png)

Here's how Imran Awan gained access into the House.

773c88 No.959951

File: dde3904806afb76⋯.png (29.22 KB, 524x447, 524:447, israell.png)

4ed2cb No.959952


>Imran Awan, the information technology director for eight Democratic members of Congress.

By the end it was well more than 8.

33d3c0 No.959953

File: 631202310b67966⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 72.45 KB, 195x235, 39:47, ClipboardImage.png)

b3b596 No.959954

File: b683b8cf8e77974⋯.jpg (4.64 KB, 276x183, 92:61, panic.jpg)

45d6a7 No.959955


potus on phone with putan, they know!

we know!!

34414e No.959956

File: f7e565df09c7236⋯.jpg (112.14 KB, 960x720, 4:3, destiny.jpg)

7b7442 No.959957

File: 6cc7c06e11c87de⋯.jpg (76.38 KB, 564x846, 2:3, IMG_4633.JPG)


Look what I found, just a pic. I wish I had the original

70a8ae No.959958


POTUS sounded straight up angry in his Weekly Address, which was about border security. It seems like Q was getting us hyped up for a tumultuous week.

0b1214 No.959959



1f3c60 No.959960


>digits confirm

its appearing that way

89ee91 No.959961


Stop sweet talking me like that.

6567c4 No.959962


The Cabal IS Israel.

22ebcf No.959963



reports of fast movers from Lebanon

462b70 No.959964



Elizabeth O’Bagy

2013: 26 y/o intern at the Institute for the Study of War.

Became the celebre of the Syrian rebel cause & considered a Syria analyst.

Made half a dozen trips into rebel-held parts of Syria.

Acted as McCain’s Sherpa for his surprise trip into Syria to meet with rebel groups.

Side job: worked for the Syrian Emergency Task Force with Mouaz Moustafa.

Traveled to Syria to evaluate if State Department money it was receiving was effectively spent

Met many Syrian leaders of more than 1,000 brigades that make up Syria's opposition.

Virtually the only person with first hand knowledge of the the Syrian war.

Fired by Institute for the Sudy of War.

Charged that she was lobbying the same politicians she was meant to be briefing.

http:// swampland.time.com/2013/09/17/the-rise-and-fall-of-elizabeth-obagy/

6bef74 No.959965


They are REALLY stupid. They have no fuckin idea how many people in America would cheer their destruction.

9ad884 No.959966


Twitter doesn't confirm a damn thing.

b3b596 No.959967

File: 8c053f8be74e74e⋯.jpg (10.48 KB, 276x183, 92:61, clown.jpg)

0204bc No.959968

"BREAKING: US and French officials have jointly confirmed use of chemical weapons in Douma, near Damascus."

Can someone explain what the FUCK is US doing???? Thx

29146c No.959969


d955d9 No.959970


What if the Video Panel involved The Traitor?? The dates seem to line up. I don't know how they'd end up on Rachel Chandler's Instagram, but I think something might be up.

d5c72e No.959971

I am indeed enjoying the show tonight.

42f031 No.959972

Im wondering was Jones and Syrian girl in on it?

333eb7 No.959973

File: ccf79911c739d23⋯.png (627.14 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-04-08-20-3….png)

File: 527ee76a6e681d6⋯.png (552.83 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-04-08-20-3….png)

File: 6744aaabb5ffd90⋯.png (379.3 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-04-08-20-4….png)

File: ab9a69e52873931⋯.png (333.62 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-04-08-20-4….png)

File: 3961b774e3cdcf3⋯.png (329.12 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-04-08-20-4….png)

79a1e8 No.959974

here comes the muh joos shills going on and on and on about israel…

b31c56 No.959975


good optimism, anon, but I'm not sure we are at the last stand at all yet

904f76 No.959976


Not enjoying the show at all, I don't give 2 fucks about Syria, its none of our business.

0fef9c No.959977


If we are attacking anything it is McCain's ISIS buddies before they can commit another FF that the BS_MSM can use for more propaganda.

More likely though, that it is not us.

If it is see above.

6c1718 No.959978


Nobody knows yet

79dd8a No.959979

French planes?

194023 No.959980


you must go back

5bfb06 No.959981

File: 97ae872ebfa5b2d⋯.png (224.43 KB, 584x436, 146:109, ClipboardImage.png)


her first on this thread says it was Isreali…

718a99 No.959982

Happy Sunday ??

b9b2e4 No.959983


Hold fast, Anon. PoTUS has this, that's why Q said he was in his bunker. He's got this!

687338 No.959984


Actually they are not. They are a tool just like the rest of us.

33ce60 No.959985


Obviously, the pic in the USAID tent.

d955d9 No.959986


Thank You. I think it has something to do with the traitor.


4ea5da No.959987



Maybe for one last reprive they will allow them to walk on the sand and dip their feet in the ocean for one last time… and hang them high right there on the beach.

Why in hell do they have to be hung in a tropical paradise?????

45427a No.959988

File: 00f422ee483b512⋯.jpg (84.47 KB, 1515x391, 1515:391, potus_love.jpg)

File: 4084d5448eb578f⋯.jpg (82.69 KB, 1793x280, 1793:280, qtruth.jpg)

File: d8a1a00f3bd9701⋯.png (41.83 KB, 836x604, 209:151, simpletruth.png)

File: e119459ebbef188⋯.jpg (36.66 KB, 256x212, 64:53, youthepeople.jpg)

File: fcdaa6247474ec3⋯.jpg (145.33 KB, 697x539, 697:539, forceviolence.jpg)

Warmongering is one of their oldest tricks.

Self defense is Love, conflict is Hate. These are polar opposites, so learn to differentiate.

56a8fc No.959989


They hit the T4 airbase which is controlled by Iran and the IRGC. If they hit them it would be helping us against Iran.

773c88 No.959990


Israel/Mossad just attacked Syria with chemical weapons in attempt to frame Assad and start WW3.

Syria now under military attack.

US is denying the attack came from them.

Israel likely culprit

8477ff No.959991


FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(((israel))) false flag.

((cabal)) false flag.

(((globalist))) false flag.



1146a0 No.959992


Its arabic not Farsi


Headline: " Embaressing pictures: Syrian "activits" enjoy 5 star vacations while refugees die from the cold"

5c3729 No.959993


who invented AI?

who invented the inventor?

who invented invention?


no says the ominous.

God only knows this answer to WHO he is.



look up.]

who invented everything?


does God understand?

I am?



that is how far above US it goes.

think. God. I AM.


fuck… WE ARE.


do you understand.

is God confused?



38d3f2 No.959994


Fog of war for special ops

42cf0c No.959995


I volunteer my army of swine.

Lest hair and teeth, they are the best disposal method for mudslime brotherhood…

Anything they don't turn into bacon gets buried on the back 40 with a backhoe…

bf98c5 No.959996

What happens if Russia retaliates against (((THEM)))

8ba031 No.959997


The first thing to check is if Mouaz was in USA or in Syria during McCain visit.

f650c4 No.959998



We are sheep to be sheared or slaughtered.

Interesting that one of the few things that will get a response on this board is any criticism of no skill no experience beta cuck Jared and that his role in the WW is inappropriate and affront to the American people.

b7feec No.959999

File: 4afcb7cf7ef6d26⋯.png (59.25 KB, 569x327, 569:327, screenshot_534.png)

8dc9a9 No.960000

File: fd4a91df627d99c⋯.png (708.62 KB, 940x607, 940:607, ClipboardImage.png)



193f58 No.960001

=Baking Anon=

Recent Notable Posts


>>959964 Connections, connections

>>959881 US Not Bombing

>>959905 Breitbart linked article on border wars

>>959612 Missiles into Syria

>>959389 Isis had access to WH

>>959713 Twitter digs om MM

167e56 No.960002

File: 4fdf3b374d2857c⋯.jpg (147.28 KB, 1024x642, 512:321, Untitled_Artwork 15.jpg)

c4c122 No.960003


"French planes?"

Easy to spot by the white flags painted on the sides.

29146c No.960004


I'm a real anon not a shill. Just aware.

4ea5da No.960005

File: 8f5c7f0156558fd⋯.png (20.36 KB, 759x393, 253:131, ClipboardImage.png)

POTUS had to do this! (((They))) were going to NUKE us!

a8b9d2 No.960006





d4a7d0 No.960007

I just told my boyfriend of 10 years about the Q drops today, & he thinks I am a total nut. I pray this comes out soon in the media, so he can see for himself. It's the only way he will believe. Yes, most don't believe anything unless it comes out of a T.V.

ea525d No.960008


A 100 to 1,000 times more lurkers

a651e0 No.960009


Then mandatory amputation of all 4 limbs.

And finally decapitation.


8afb69 No.960010


That's a lie, they haven't even been allowed in yet. I call Bullshit .

fb7518 No.960011

Military Attacks in Syria.

US Claims no attacks happening.

Syria claims US is attacking them.

DEFCON SYSTEMS side with US "No attacks happening."

Buckle up buckos… we're in for one wild night.

ddb3bd No.960012

File: 69f949438925544⋯.png (696.7 KB, 1916x952, 479:238, Screenshot-2018-4-8 ADS-B ….png)


Here are the A/C out of Dulles in the air. Moustafa has to be on one of them.

Breads are moving too fast to keep up. ThanQ bakers.

2aab9f No.960013

Some dude named Nate on twitter just sent this out….

#Breaking huge development in the #Syria air-strikes reports of jets, bombers, tomahawks and now of commandos landing on Syrian soil from the Gulf Cooperation Council if this is true then there is a full assault on Assad and this will end with his capture or death.

45d6a7 No.960014


lol french planes

bc9150 No.960015

File: 6f5390f0ccc2d2b⋯.jpg (71.63 KB, 921x798, 307:266, Capture.JPG)

https:// www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/john-mccain-connects-syria-chemical-attack-with-trump-signaling-troop-withdrawal

79a1e8 No.960016


sauce or shill

602f28 No.960017

File: e694668f6cfcaa2⋯.gif (361.32 KB, 360x240, 3:2, DymEe.gif)

877422 No.960018




f115b5 No.960019


She works with @SyriaETF? He's executive director of that organization.

38d3f2 No.960020


Lurk moar

441479 No.960021


get the fuck out of here.

nobody is nuking us you fucking moron

33d257 No.960022

File: 8a586b0149acdac⋯.jpg (47.76 KB, 849x560, 849:560, image (1).jpg)

29146c No.960023


You are neck deep in it.

9e7ea0 No.960024


He wants to replace Assad with an Islamic State

9fa357 No.960025


Izzys provoking things at t he perfect time.

Clown activity as "He We Will Not Name" comes to light.

29243b No.960026


>his own wife?


dat quad

c3b3b7 No.960027

Who bombed Syria?

79a1e8 No.960028


shill it is

a9dafc No.960029


Brother Anon. Thank you for your prayers, and willingness to help. Help when you can. BUT, when we are done taking care of America, when she is free, WE ARE COMING FOR YOU! We will free you and your motherland. This is worldwide! We will all be free. WWG1WGA. Sending love. Keep fighting, frogs are coming…real soon

0b2e01 No.960030



now it's really popping off.

29146c No.960031


Eat a dick, cunt.

42cf0c No.960032


Pulling the AIPAC laundering apparatus, will be more than you can imagine…

e1adad No.960033


0204bc No.960034


So the USA are bombing Syria? Great.


e8fea0 No.960035

File: 7611ba0e47687e6⋯.jpg (31.83 KB, 480x480, 1:1, DaTg5TwWAAIJZ0a.jpg)

35cee5 No.960036


Iran is not our enemy. Iran doesn't fly planes into our buildings. Iran did not make an unprovoked attack against the USS Liberty. Iran is Israels enemy and SA's enemy.

548bdb No.960037

Sigh….one more time. "If we have the all the proof" we need and more than we know. Wtf do we need "q" to do it.? Its our constitutional right and civic duty to overthrow the tyrannical goverment isn't? Q just wants us to do the dirty work/show our real support, incase their estimates are wrong and they realize the worse case scenario…the "patriots" now make less than 50% of america. And therefore we are the terrorist again…like our founding fathers were. You cant win this playing it safe until the last minute guys. You got 24 hours before it reaches the point of no return and nobody is going to win shit. How long before some pissed off vet says " fuck it" i took and oath, ill give my life to start the war.

Think about it….its going to happen. You wony be able to control it if it starts like that.

At this point its 100%full disclosure, no more "trust the plan" you are guys are disrespecting our enemies by calling them stupid. It a gross show of overestimating your skillz and forces. And you guys are fucking MI's and T1??

773c88 No.960038



6bef74 No.960039



bfb8f1 No.960040


The only thing he needs is a rope connected to his neck!

6777b2 No.960041




42f031 No.960042


witness said you could smell onions as they flew past?

199af1 No.960043

File: 0c561ee823da9ff⋯.png (549.93 KB, 750x422, 375:211, ClipboardImage.png)

Syrian immigrant, Holocaust survivor discuss fleeing atrocities

http:// www.sun-sentinel.com/florida-jewish-journal/news/broward/fl-jjbs-atrocities-0315-20170313-story.html

https:// archive.fo/dQMzt

From left, Syrian immigrant Mouaz Moustafa shakes hands with Holocaust survivor Alfred Munzer. Both were featured speakers during the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s recent program “Fleeing Atrocities: Witness Perspectives” in South Florida.

Two different atrocities were recently discussed in South Florida by a Holocaust survivor and an eyewitness to the conflict in Syria.

These two individuals, Holocaust survivor Alfred Munzer and Syrian immigrant Mouaz Moustafa, the executive director for the Syrian Emergency Task Force, were the featured speakers during the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum's presentation of "Fleeing Atrocities: Witness Perspectives."

This presentation, which recently took place at Nova Southeastern University in Davie and the University of Miami, was moderated by Naomi Kikoler, deputy director for the USHMM's Simon-Skjodt Center for the Prevention of Genocide. As the world grapples with the greatest number of refugees since World War II, both Munzer and Moustafa shared their experiences as well as the immediate and enduring impact on individuals, children and families who are displaced by genocidal violence and its ripple effect upon the next generations….

Moustafa, 32, said he left Damascus, Syria when he was a child. Although his family has not opposed the Assad government, several relatives have been arrested. As the executive director of the Syrian Emergency Task Force, Moustafa advocates on behalf of the pro-democratic movement inside of Syria. This organization was created to convey the democratic aspirations of the Syrian people to the American people, support the Syrian Uprising and the struggle to end the corrupt rule of the Assad regime.

Moustafa described during the presentation his effort to try to expose the Assad regime to the rest of the world. He said that, with unequivocal evidence of what's unfolding right now in Syria, the first place to go to the was the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, where he felt he was treated like family when he walked in with photos that are now on display there. He said the USHMM has stood by the oppressed Syrians' side.

When asked during the presentation to discuss the work he and his organization are doing in regards to assisting children who remain in Syria, Moustafa responded, "What is heart-breaking about this conflict is that an entire generation of Syrians are going without an education."

"One of the things that we're really trying to focus on is to help provide those children that remain inside the country with an education and to move their schools underground, because their schools are targeted regularly. If you ask these kids, who are displaced from their homes, they often say they miss school. One of the things we've been doing is that we established a school for orphans inside Syria."

The event at UM was co-presented with Temple Beth Am in Pinecrest

48c3cd No.960044

File: 5b433417149000c⋯.jpg (103.22 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, Mouaz Rapp 2.jpg)

File: 5b9261ed7230530⋯.jpg (120.01 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Mouaz Rapp 3.jpg)

File: b68efc897de7f68⋯.jpg (53.52 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, Mouaz Rapp 4.jpg)

File: 57a3baf8e293cec⋯.png (541.97 KB, 925x590, 185:118, Mouaz Rapp.png)

Mouaz and Ambassador Rapp constantly promoting war in Syria

29243b No.960045


may the digits ring true

2602cd No.960046



4f9350 No.960047


Good catch. .yes, from D.C. and when I found that post it had been in FB for 2 hrs. that was at least an hour ago.. so it would be 3 hrs out. doesn't mean he's going over seas.

He twatted… could be traveling domestic and is on layover.

b7feec No.960048

File: cf1c5148eafc860⋯.png (147.03 KB, 488x423, 488:423, 1520987077238.png)

aa19d8 No.960049


Yes, that was the plan under Hillary's regime.

b0909d No.960050


74a9f1 No.960051

Q, any clarification on what's happening in Syria right now? A lot of conflicting reports. Israel likely?

207734 No.960052

File: 361a558a74e85b7⋯.jpeg (11.9 KB, 143x255, 143:255, ccf79911c739d23b7b84cc035….jpeg)


70b9ea No.960053


Baker Baker


a5f6a0 No.960054


That would be dope

4ea5da No.960055


The cabal is the synagogue of Satan…. they're everywhere.


Correct…. they've been screwed for many years.

2738df No.960056

File: 027207a344af587⋯.png (186.1 KB, 935x370, 187:74, ClipboardImage.png)

284fa2 No.960057


Tyrants have elected to receive!


79dd8a No.960058

File: e8ac30c777484b5⋯.jpg (83.83 KB, 915x515, 183:103, Donald-Trump-riding-the-Bo….jpg)

Breaking: first images out of Syria

687338 No.960059



"World War III is to be fomented, using the so-called controversies; by the agents of the Illuminati operating under whatever new name; that are now being stored up between the political Zionists and the leaders of the Moslem world. That war is to be directed in such a manner that all of Islam and political Zionism (Israelis) will destroy each other while at the same time; the remaining nations, once more divided on this issue, will be forced to fight themselves into a state of complete exhaustion; physically, mentally, spiritually, and economically. - Myron C. Fagan 1967

2aab9f No.960060

Wictor may have called this one

More reports are saying it is the Gulf Cooperation Council initiating this attack on Syria

Handling business for good, I suppose

441479 No.960061



We know who did it.

My God, did /ourguys/ bait (((them)))??

is this real life?


c653fe No.960062

File: 96f5c9a11a8471c⋯.jpeg (87.75 KB, 1036x776, 259:194, 1523238373.jpeg)

79a1e8 No.960063

a9dafc No.960064


Digits confirm.

45427a No.960065

'''Any anons want to do a group prayer for the peaceful resolution of this situation?

Reply to this post if interested.'''

8b7365 No.960066


Not going to see active WarCraft

f0942c No.960067

>>960008 lurker - took a break for fortnite

eyes hurtin so …..lurking

e1adad No.960068


1a2deb No.960069


I saw it.

Bart bought a copy of Sun Tzu's Art of War and declared war against Homer.


04befd No.960070

Son of beetch I can't POST!

I just lost all my fucking work



this is the page for the photo I posted about 3 breads ago:

http:// www.geopolmonitor.com/aleppo-boy-photographer-responds-to-allegations-of-beheading-involvment/



711f2a No.960071


I didn't say it was confirmed dumbass. Twatter is nothing, but in doing some RESEARCH, which is obviously what you are NOT doing, I found out that the US is denying involvement, which is great news. Now go eat a bag of dicks.

6bef74 No.960072


Haha!! I feel the same way. Just took a rain check with the home chick. I'll have to send flowers tomorrow or something. But duty calls!!

2706d1 No.960073

Quick question: Why Syria?

2bb4f7 No.960074

What if POTUS baited the cabal in Syria and had France in his pocket to take the initiative. France NEEDS to flex itself to counter Germany. France is a natural ally as it always has been.

This makes France look good, balances europe power states, catches the cabal with their pants down having just got fucked with some 3d chess.

877422 No.960075


If the attack was large spectroscopy from a UAV could confirm.

8477ff No.960076

File: db5193c65c2c7b0⋯.jpg (215.06 KB, 937x960, 937:960, alinsky.jpg)

File: c3b344c7e516890⋯.jpeg (733.27 KB, 2732x2048, 683:512, beyondblueyonder.jpeg)





Anons, you are ALL falling for the 'change of news cycle' hook line sinker.

Remember what Q said:


Apr 8 2018 00:48:59 (EST) Q AT4Z3VQ ID: d6f611 947065

They are trying to start a war.


Public interest shift.

Pullout announcement.

Chem attack.


These people are sick.


Apr 7 2018 13:33:58 (EST) Q 4Z3VQ ID: d1eeb8 938439


New tactic.

Buckle up.

MediaMatters 4ch.

Narrative + anything Q.

Clowns + Twitter push.

MSM overdrive.

All 4 a LARP?








These (((msm motherfuckers))) are racing against the clock to distract our dissemination efforts by distracting us with ww3 potential while pushing ahead with their MAIN objective which is SUBVERSION of the pedogate/Q issue main offensive which is LL tarmac fake news interview of monday.


DISSEMINATE the TRUTH, FUCK the (((lies))).

c86826 No.960077

File: deadf31bbb44346⋯.jpg (100.91 KB, 803x845, 803:845, Screenshot (21h 44m 58s).jpg)

Josh Caplan


Following Following @joshdcaplan


BREAKING: Unidentified projectile spotted in Lebanon allegedly moving towards Syria

I hope Trump doesn't strike Syria seriously.

56a8fc No.960078



b3b596 No.960080

File: 9e11a580d62608f⋯.jpg (9.79 KB, 300x168, 25:14, fakenews.jpg)


any post that suggests we are bombing assad or going to ww3 is a shill - all /most responses are also shill

if there is activity potus is mopping up the rogue "advisors" and their local forces

death blow to the cabal plot - period.

45d6a7 No.960082

File: 0954fa9be8a4e0c⋯.jpg (430.22 KB, 1754x2480, 877:1240, THELIE.jpg)

f4697e No.960083


cool your jets anon. wait for the dust to settle.

3f2bd1 No.960084


Wictor is moar right then wrong. Yet he is still really out there at times.

d55e6a No.960085



Comfy here.

bc9150 No.960086

Not good if it was Gulf Cooperation Council either as we were supposed to be square with SA now, right?

b40fb5 No.960087


Yeah, wouldn't surprise me at all. Especially given that weird story on McNoName's wife claiming she singlehandedly took down BackPage. Doesn't add up given what we learned while researching their Foundation. They don't take down pedos - they are pedos!!!!

711f2a No.960088


No, the US is denying involvement. It's Israel.

79a1e8 No.960089


Why what

599200 No.960090

File: 327ac7b2d19e560⋯.png (406.51 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, IMG_3756.PNG)

2738df No.960091


Good thing POTUS kept his friends close, but his enemies closer, to neutralize the Israeli nuclear threat before the fight began.

e1adad No.960092

File: bd5030c0c58faf1⋯.png (236.39 KB, 960x531, 320:177, BOOM.png)

5527a4 No.960093

File: ae7bf830f87c61e⋯.jpeg (53.71 KB, 538x612, 269:306, 636CB720-86C4-402F-A2AE-E….jpeg)

89ee91 No.960094

File: 9a216db98b1266a⋯.jpeg (42.89 KB, 500x336, 125:84, 1FD52A13-3D50-49CC-8F9D-D….jpeg)

File: e9a39da1db42ea3⋯.jpeg (215.97 KB, 1024x752, 64:47, 8B6CBAF6-C9A1-4165-B181-4….jpeg)

File: d79481644398872⋯.png (321.09 KB, 600x337, 600:337, B817DD60-A35C-4F90-88D9-5D….png)

File: 9518a981a1cfec2⋯.jpeg (313.61 KB, 1052x1052, 1:1, C0ACF352-C53E-432C-8315-3….jpeg)

a73aa2 No.960095


You're too far behind

2aab9f No.960096


You are totally correct on that

74ffa3 No.960097


Twater saying POTUS coordinating "response" with Macron….could be

cf905e No.960098