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File: e1c02b43c5fc1b0⋯.jpg (493.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, main.jpg)

1ba90d  No.5598127

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Q's Latest Posts

Saturday 03.09.2019

>>5597549 ————————————–——– How do you keep a secret? How do you prevent leaks?

>>5596872 rt >>5596800 ————————— You have been prepared for what is about to take place.

>>5596777 ————————————–——– Exclusive? 1.5 years behind Anons. (cap: >>5596837 )

>>5596682 ————————————–——– Patriots stand at the ready, and prepared, for what is about to come. (cap: >>5596729 )

>>5596292 ————————————–——– Sealed > Unsealed.Indictments coming

>>5595311 ————————————–——– IT'S ABOUT TO HAPPEN. BE VIGILANT.

>>5595169 rt >>5594529 ————————— Zero Delta Q Proof graphic

>>5595092 rt >>5594428 ————————— Statistically impossible?

>>5594916 ————————————–——– Define 'Protection' (Cap: >>5594960 )

>>5594813 ————————————–——– Nellie Ohr > C_A? There are others within the FBI/DOJ linked to the C_A. What is that FEAR for MZ?

>>5594421 ————————————–——– The President of the United States told you who authorized the targeting.

>>5594371 ————————————–——– Do you target your enemies or your allies? (cap: >>5594381, >>5594388, >>5594396 )

Thursday 03.07.2019

>>5569577 ————————————–——– [Parts 3-9 coming soon] (Cap: >>5569749)

>>5569206 ————————————–——– We stand TOGETHER in this FIGHT. (Cap: >>5569411)

>>5569036 ————————————–——– House > Senate (Cap: >>5569172)

>>5568867 ————————————–——– Keep the calendar up-to-date, Patriot. (Cap: >>5568982)

>>5568772 ————————————–——– Remember, it goes both ways. (Cap: >>5568888)

>>5568629 rt >>5565314 ————————— Impressive, most impressive.

>>5553520 ————————————–——– Qpost on Denver Airport

>>5553154 rt >>5552800 ————————— Privacy push to cover for past/future 'exposure' issue

>>5552746 rt >>5551830 ————————— Trying to get ahead of something? What a coincidence


>>5551229 ————————————–——– Why did @Snowden only engage and attack the NSA?

>>5551010 ————————————–——– [DARPA>GOOG] Major steps underway to challenge these control pockets.

>>5550834 rt >>5550786 ————————— [2 of 9] complete.

>>5550786 rt >>5550547 ————————— Family tree of MZ? Family tree of wife? Why won't CHINA allow FB? [2 of 9]

Wednesday 03.06.2019

>>5550547 ————————————–——– Did DARPA complete build/code (tax-payer funded) 'LifeLog' program? [2 of 9]

>>5550175 ————————————–——– Define 'Lifelog' [DARPA]. (cap: >>5550214)

>>5549666 ————————————–——– Truth, Transparency, and Equal Justice Under the Law. (vid: >>5549677 )

>>5546235 ————————————–——– We hear his source(s) are 'very' credible ( cap: >>5546265 )

>>5543905 ————————————–——– Lifelog / Facebook connection. (image)

>>5543889 ————————————–——– FB RETURNING TO THE NEWS. [1 of 9]

>>5538237 rt >>5538127 ————————— TIME = CORRUPTION.


>>5537906 ————————————–——– But, they [D's] already know, they just LIE [DISHONEST]. ( Cap: >>5538106 )

>>5537208 ————————————–——– Death Blossom. ( Cap: >>5537276 )

Tuesday 03.05.2019

Compiled here: >>5567488

Monday 03.04.2019

Compiled here: >>5553124

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>>2322789, >>2323031 How To Quickly Spot A Clown

1ba90d  No.5598139


are not endorsements


>>5389728, >>5392971 Baker Protocol: Do NOT Add Non-Tripcode posts from Q


>>5597690 Sessions video re Daily Beast article

>>5597770 Swat raid on Pizza Italian Kitchen

>>5597519 Multiple reports of China investigating HIV-tainted blood plasma

>>5597982, >>5598031 Q's post links to by email ID (WL HRC Email Archive)

>>5597904 Great find great memoryanon!!!!

>>5598108 #7158


>>5596901 full Daily Beast article

>>5596705 One Year delta - where there was once Darkness there is now LIGHT

>>5597175 Dark to Light on Qclock

>>5597343 DB tweet: Zucker unloads on FOX News at SXSW

>>5596709 How 7 congressmen were placed in office by Chakrabarti & Uygur (video)

>>5597319 Update on 14 killed in Columbia plane crash

>>5597548 #7157


>>5595939, >>5595966 Sandmann plans to sue CNN for at least $250 million.

>>5596060 MSNBCs C Mathews calls on Ds to begin impeachment immediately

>>5596588 #7156


>>5595299 New Mexico’s Democrat Governor Signs Bill to Criminalize Private Gun Sales

>>5595199, >>5595566 MZ secret 'panic chute'

>>5595547 Two women assaulted in TX for wearing MEGA hats this weekend.

>>5595508 The 4 BOOMS (anon theory)

>>5595853 planefag Call sign = TEFLON33

>>5595833 Racist D party and Rs founded primarily to oppose slavery

>>5595816 Lindsey Graham On FISA Abuse Probe As House Ds Fire Up Post-Mueller Investigations

>>5596258 #7155

#7154 Baker Change

>>5594411 New DJT - This is just the beginning!

>>5594428, >>5594529, >>5594669, >>5594746 Zero Delta graphics

>>5594571 vid from 2020Republicans twat

>>5594565 PDF of doc in Qdrop

>>5594484 China caught trying to poison Americans ?

>>5594461 all the caps in one post from Q post this bread

>>5594580 Database of the Clinton emails that are linked to some of Q's pics

>>5594777 trips, anons Q Graphic -Trust Sessions

>>5594761 "As we discussed." Whitaker bridge?

>>5595017 #7154

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>>5593675 #7152, >>5594259 #7153

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1ba90d  No.5598163

File: b74aa9e10751258⋯.png (188.84 KB, 538x800, 269:400, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c6cbab74ef8693b⋯.png (945.95 KB, 768x768, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 024c6a9e93e263e⋯.png (544.66 KB, 433x580, 433:580, ClipboardImage.png)



1ba90d  No.5598172


Baker ready to handoff

25a68f  No.5598179


baker from lb here

Handoff Confirmed

thank you baker!!

cf9a34  No.5598208

Q the media still controls the minds of the sheeple… If arrest happen this will not go down well

1ba90d  No.5598211


enjoy the SHOW

kitchen is HOT

921b9d  No.5598212


Thank you Baker.

057521  No.5598213

File: 5a57d2463402efa⋯.jpg (69.35 KB, 631x737, 631:737, Capture.JPG)

File: d5da879eeea38d5⋯.jpg (54.43 KB, 1091x527, 1091:527, 15.2.19.JPG)

File: 53984faa727ae32⋯.jpg (247.17 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, 53984faa727ae32a2e7e1d1a23….jpg)

File: f93202bc9277599⋯.jpg (10.1 KB, 255x209, 255:209, 7c6ef71633bb9895de66c5bb46….jpg)

Call to Action! #FREEASSANGE

Rally March 10! Twitter is blocking his mom from posting.

You know what to do Anons.

Sunday 1pm in your city - get out there.


Have not found a list of cities. Looking…

1dadd3  No.5598214


Brain is hot.

f2eb11  No.5598217

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The Brains Behind AOC Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Didn't see this as a notable in prior breads. I've been thinking from the start that AOC is an actress and not stupid or crazy.

In 2018, Justice Democrats endorsed 79 candidates, 26 won their primaries, and 7 won their general:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY 14th district) ** actress

Raul Grijalva (AZ 3rd district)

Pramila Jayapal (WA 7th district)

Ro Khanna (CA 17th district)

Ilhan Omar (MN 5th district)

Ayanna Pressley (MA 7th district) ** actress

Rashida Tlaib: (MI 13th district) ** actress

** actress: these three were chosen through JD's audition process.


Mastermind: Cenk Uygur of Young Turks

Master: Saikat Chakrabarti (AOC's CoS, Sanders Master)

Master: Zack Exley (Sanders Master)

We don't need the old political puppets replaced with new political puppets.

Memefags: Suggest you come up with some creative memes.

2a55f9  No.5598218

File: 521803a16f13d7d⋯.jpeg (350.13 KB, 2048x1418, 1024:709, AC677DEB-5447-46E1-A50C-4….jpeg)

File: 20fe870211ab237⋯.jpeg (96.08 KB, 752x534, 376:267, 6C0BA18C-DEAE-4C6C-8FF5-3….jpeg)

File: 18e41dba23849f0⋯.jpeg (69.13 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 9192DB8A-84F9-4A51-B106-8….jpeg)

File: 181db75c4afa695⋯.jpeg (59.91 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 49709534-75B8-4904-80B9-5….jpeg)

File: 0982a4dc7a850bb⋯.jpeg (96.75 KB, 762x580, 381:290, D8F43254-4113-4A05-A3AF-6….jpeg)

1ba90d  No.5598219

cf9a34  No.5598224


Me personally. Ready for the damn show!

057521  No.5598228

File: 539c1fdab5d5043⋯.jpg (62.43 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 94ac23dcad3e4cdab215b91d0c….jpg)

File: 75dac46f110d876⋯.png (111.95 KB, 765x990, 17:22, missing-julian-assange.png)

e2b75c  No.5598229

File: e3564e4a415f20a⋯.gif (32.3 KB, 200x160, 5:4, jumpytoast.gif)

22717d  No.5598231

File: 4e90104d73e5470⋯.jpg (866.07 KB, 3000x2000, 3:2, 4e90104d73e5470c9bbe0b2273….jpg)

You know what is funny? When Trump was elected i thought his biggest accomplishment would be overturning Obamacare.


0f6e8a  No.5598232

File: 7ba6a98cf6cc535⋯.png (961.53 KB, 2560x2560, 1:1, Curious Frog Q Alpha.png)

Thank You Baker!

883fa5  No.5598236

How did we manage a bread with 770 posts?

5fc9a8  No.5598238


commiefornianon here. everybody i know is absolutely not ready for the happening. kek.

e8f32d  No.5598239


dc7791  No.5598240



55d15e  No.5598245


It hasnt been overturned.

612c04  No.5598247

File: 466e4e67abfede2⋯.png (840.95 KB, 736x985, 736:985, ClipboardImage.png)


3eac3c  No.5598248


Patriots Soapbox has many of the "contributors" on at the moment and they are reading your posts live, now would be a great time to denounce the book.

4f34fb  No.5598249


I can think of worse things.

956274  No.5598250

>>5597549 (LB) (Q)

>How do you keep a secret?

>How do you prevent leaks?

You Compartmentalize !!

25a68f  No.5598251

File: 4f58d2372edc708⋯.png (48.63 KB, 626x675, 626:675, 4f58d2372edc7089734844b7e6….png)


thanks for the comfy bread, fren

8d8fae  No.5598258

File: 1e97d73cc9e6ded⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1307x957, 1307:957, Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at ….png)


TY Baker!

783c0c  No.5598260


Trust the plan.

Normies are about to get fuckin' WOKE baby.

bcfcc8  No.5598263

File: 099a9fb5b73e531⋯.png (34.28 KB, 1305x293, 1305:293, 3 9 19 6.PNG)


7400ed  No.5598265


BO and BV hard at work behind the scenes.

fa3b7c  No.5598266


So far, it's been moving the embassy to Jerusalem

10783d  No.5598267


You didn't refresh when BV said to.

1d9596  No.5598270

Funny story Q,

Got to declare dead another 20-something drug overdose taken off life support. Don’t understand why his family was so sad? They must not understand “the plan”.

62edb7  No.5598271

Dammit Q. I need you to dumb it down for me. What happens next?

883fa5  No.5598273

File: 1feda8c9b48a4b4⋯.jpg (9.92 KB, 246x204, 41:34, baker2.jpg)


TYB red hot kitchen!

4fb204  No.5598274

File: 936d605516c4558⋯.jpg (67.67 KB, 428x321, 4:3, 2019-03-09-16-35-22.jpg)

822ef2  No.5598276


Baker, you didn't grab Sessions Letter to Huber for Notables????

Many anons posted it. It should be capped and put with Q posts.

f94af3  No.5598277


That's what this whole thing was about, waking up the people.

095fc4  No.5598278


been saying this for while… while DS controlled media remains, control of what the "sheeple" think remains, and no way the actual TRUTH gets out before the public…

43982a  No.5598279

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YangGang is the perfect wedge let’s meme him into the Presidential Election!!!

f7c18c  No.5598281

File: c3dd2ff033e3185⋯.jpg (78.42 KB, 800x450, 16:9, NewSherriff.jpg)

18969b  No.5598282

Hey Pamphletfag, your show SUCKS

24/7 retards blowing themselves for

nothing….try getting a job so you can

get your wife's teeth fixed

612c04  No.5598285

File: c77f9d0d1db3d4a⋯.png (395.03 KB, 571x795, 571:795, ClipboardImage.png)

057521  No.5598286

File: af9e0c247a933e3⋯.png (721 KB, 911x695, 911:695, 61778b41fdeb65529fb8c729fe….png)




Mrs. Christine Assange

‏ @AssangeMrs

49m49 minutes ago

Mrs. Christine Assange Retweeted #Unity4J

Too far away to get to a #FreeAssangeRally TODAY March 10th?

You can STILL join in!


2) Stand in a public place!

3)Take a photo of yourself!

4) Send it to @Unity4J for their #FreeAssange GLOBAL MAP!

Thank you standing up for my journalist son!

bd5392  No.5598288

>>5597549 (lb)


>How do you keep a secret?

If three people know something, it isn't a secret.

656915  No.5598294

File: b9633436ebe15d9⋯.png (378.79 KB, 653x545, 653:545, gorka year ago hillary tre….PNG)

Sebastian Gorka, the controversial former deputy assistant to President Trump, charged in a Thursday night interview on Fox News that recent allegations against Hillary Clinton are comparable to espionage committed by Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, who “got the chair.” Gorka told Sean Hannity, “If this had happened in the 1950s, there would be people up on treason charges right now. The Rosenbergs, OK? This is equivalent to what the Rosenbergs did and those people got the chair.” He added, “Think about it. Giving away nuclear capability to our enemies, that’s what we’re talking about.” Gorka was referencing the probe House Republicans recently announced into the circumstances surrounding the sale of Canadian mining corporation Uranium One, which was approved in 2010 by the Obama administration. At the time, a committee involving Hillary Clinton approved the sale to Rosatom, Russia’s Atomic Energy Agency.


22717d  No.5598295


Trump has single handedly neutered it.

96447e  No.5598296

Now it's time for the show to enjoy you.

39de3d  No.5598297

File: 7390ea26b18e28b⋯.jpeg (67.18 KB, 405x578, 405:578, fullsizeoutput_181.jpeg)

057521  No.5598298


Onlty has 40 retweets anons….


244faf  No.5598299


Stake thru the heart of it

10783d  No.5598300

File: 568adce8ce72527⋯.png (389.81 KB, 595x579, 595:579, Bacon Panties.png)


I want to poke them with a needle…

ead36c  No.5598301

File: 2cb056cea55f4e4⋯.jpg (81.66 KB, 499x883, 499:883, fl5.JPG)

File: c0b5f39736d9e6a⋯.jpg (101.94 KB, 943x893, 943:893, fl4.JPG)

File: 3c1122c54ce41ad⋯.jpg (53.37 KB, 528x510, 88:85, fl3.JPG)

File: 9af270c6f33d07d⋯.jpg (73.12 KB, 525x704, 525:704, fl2.JPG)

File: ca6c314df68d1d4⋯.jpg (74.77 KB, 449x820, 449:820, fl1.JPG)

>>5597769 LB This is early Q drops of Fantasy land.

565afc  No.5598302

File: 46f09748ee20eda⋯.jpg (404.5 KB, 630x720, 7:8, witness.jpg)

File: 898c124b7a6e9b7⋯.jpg (297.59 KB, 768x480, 8:5, life.jpg)

File: 87e00d22df5ae87⋯.jpg (272.07 KB, 576x432, 4:3, goodtogo.jpg)

4efdeb  No.5598303

File: 1f6052b123bbe2d⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1f6052b123bbe2d990c5598ebc….png)


12 Drop Baker

You did us proud

f7c18c  No.5598304


Gorka is garbage.

01dbba  No.5598306

File: 0460e0c9305b1de⋯.png (258.68 KB, 473x305, 473:305, 2019-03-09_20-27-07.png)

>>5598126 lb


822ef2  No.5598307


Fuck off.

922ee4  No.5598308

File: 2eb5de2e62d99cc⋯.jpg (68.87 KB, 736x490, 368:245, fy.jpg)

d3fa87  No.5598309


0c2615  No.5598310


5bcbef  No.5598311


IKR…I figured he couldn't possibly do worse than Obama…and he's undoing a lot of that Kenyan's mess!

18969b  No.5598312


They don't even read the Q posts…they just

ramble on about what enspired them to reach

this level of greatness

5ba693  No.5598314

File: f1586644a3efe66⋯.png (395.47 KB, 639x420, 213:140, f1586644a3efe66156b0b2ea6c….png)

They really thought their satanism, pedophilia, and selling out of the USA would never come around to haunt them.

Thought they would be forever adored by the same masses they raped.

Thought they could fake their way to heaven.

Justice is coming bitches and the hangman has plenty of rope.

b9a74d  No.5598315


shock and awe


f75427  No.5598316

File: ff778ad3dd93139⋯.jpg (99.71 KB, 713x1036, 713:1036, 20190309_172412.jpg)

File: ac307456894b9a8⋯.jpg (201.38 KB, 720x920, 18:23, 20190309_004856.jpg)


>Public will become aware > doc dump.

d3fa87  No.5598317

File: 8aa680f1348466a⋯.png (516.43 KB, 794x597, 794:597, 106.png)

b33e1c  No.5598318

File: 4ed44ca65f3c870⋯.jpeg (134.58 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, PoliticalCorrectnessIntel….jpeg)

File: 83a2d5d1abf7c6b⋯.jpeg (176.91 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, PoliticalCorrectnessIntel….jpeg)

File: a3412c798e3b2f3⋯.jpg (179.97 KB, 1080x450, 12:5, PoliticalCorrectnessIsInte….jpg)

…and, a little reminder from LB…

39de3d  No.5598319

File: f90405b754c445a⋯.jpeg (77.47 KB, 960x598, 480:299, fullsizeoutput_15a.jpeg)

8abcac  No.5598320

Smells like panic.


ad8987  No.5598322

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Electoral College slide….

e8f32d  No.5598323


>thinks the book isn’t part of the plan

2a55f9  No.5598324

File: 3485f44484b94af⋯.jpeg (287.24 KB, 890x1299, 890:1299, CB7B197B-7153-46C0-B54E-6….jpeg)

File: 4268729483be800⋯.jpeg (27.68 KB, 320x180, 16:9, F4780D36-7E92-4ABF-8C4B-A….jpeg)

File: 18d6666faf453ac⋯.jpeg (138.64 KB, 753x500, 753:500, AA4D4B5D-2BDF-4A4A-8D38-2….jpeg)

File: c16dd01f1243ee7⋯.jpeg (750.86 KB, 1280x1279, 1280:1279, AD4DA841-4771-4994-97A6-F….jpeg)

File: e19122d81a42583⋯.jpeg (80.97 KB, 620x413, 620:413, 44CA6090-F3A8-46E5-AD51-1….jpeg)

e87de3  No.5598326

>>5595092 (Q PB)

Actually no. That 0 delta actually made the statistically impossible idea move closer to the exact most likely probability.

Q said this with a "?"

I think we are supposed to figure out this idea is simply not true. It's almost exactly the number of times it happens.

f90685  No.5598327



(sorry for yelling)

64d1ac  No.5598328


Oh she is just stupid and crazy. No one can act this well.

883fa5  No.5598329


did you nominate it for notables? Bread too fast for baker to pick it all up, wny not post or nominate this bread to help out

01daac  No.5598330

File: 9ce5361ad4385cd⋯.png (838.98 KB, 1146x642, 191:107, 132976320236534.png)

4b368f  No.5598331

File: 901f16c2cf0628f⋯.jpg (50.49 KB, 640x592, 40:37, 901f16c2cf0628f95f293f7a4b….jpg)


TY Awesome Baker

057521  No.5598334

File: e72b270e885bb61⋯.jpg (333.95 KB, 1400x1062, 700:531, AP_198535349847_edited.jpg)


Thank you Julian!

We wouldn't even bee in the game right now without your bravery!

decb8f  No.5598335

File: 88657ab3f6baccf⋯.jpg (249.92 KB, 1024x680, 128:85, Indictments-Coming-3011-WW.jpg)

File: 3f0dc8ed6d73155⋯.jpg (304.81 KB, 1024x680, 128:85, Indictments-Coming-Q3010-3….jpg)

File: 80f0426cf1d4727⋯.jpg (238.68 KB, 1024x680, 128:85, Keep-a-Secret-WW.jpg)

File: ae3f566b6df1ac7⋯.jpg (284.84 KB, 1024x680, 128:85, Enjoy-the-Show-PepeMOAB.jpg)

File: 95c1594aae11634⋯.jpg (347.69 KB, 1024x680, 128:85, Enjoy-the-Show-Q3014-WW-Pe….jpg)

Enjoy the Show, Frenz!!!

4a4ac7  No.5598337


Israel will become Greater Israel while the whole locking'em'up thing is going on so you're distracted enough..

3df36e  No.5598338

Thank you baker!

Thank you Q!

When do anons think the AK pics will drop?

3:17? Soon?

293a4d  No.5598339


Helping that is EXACTLY what all of this is about.

cf7a69  No.5598340

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Interview with rabbi Abraham Finkelstein

@ 39:54

"We steal between 100,000 to 300,000 children a year just here in this country, we drain their blood and we mix it with our passover bread and then we throw the bodies into the slaughter houses that we own, and we grind up all the bodies in the sausage and the hamburger, McDonalds is one of our favorite outlets. And the people, they eat it for breakfast, they eat their children for lunch, and uh, us jews we gotta do what we do."

Shills will call it a hoax like they do with everything they don't want you to look at, the statements made in the video check out and all you have to do is be paying attention to see it.

29c3c1  No.5598341


KEK! So true.

3df36e  No.5598343

File: d9b60e16e3ca7ea⋯.png (187.06 KB, 836x655, 836:655, ClipboardImage.png)


forgot the image

e80fa2  No.5598345

>>5598140 (lb)

Prove it or stop with the unsubstantiated claims.

2df6e5  No.5598346


It's literally the only way



It's literally the only way



It's literally the only way



It's literally the only way



It's literally the only way



It's literally the only way



It's literally the only way



It's literally the only way



It's literally the only way



It's literally the only way



It's literally the only way



It's literally the only way



It's literally the only way



It's literally the only way



It's literally the only way



It's literally the only way



It's literally the only way



It's literally the only way



It's literally the only way



It's literally the only way



975fe0  No.5598347



>>5597611 lb Deutsche Bank : Executives Agree to Informal Talks With Commerzbank –Update

here is the late nom

>>5598222 lb


c65429  No.5598348

>>5598253 (lb)

>MORE likely to filter you

fuck them

64d1ac  No.5598349


Fake balloons are not impressive

9a2704  No.5598351

File: 6ca4e3d0ecb866b⋯.jpg (36.14 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1449836251338.jpg)

so how bad will the chimp-out be in your AO if some hi profile demonshits get arrested?

670a33  No.5598352

File: 857b65aa36aa381⋯.png (604.52 KB, 835x1126, 835:1126, 857b65aa36aa3818cfbf24d594….png)



Yea …oh no wait

Fuck that turd shill

Back to half for you


fb797b  No.5598354


So Dallas in 1963 is the catalyst for our time.

Talk about actions having consequences.

f7c18c  No.5598355

File: f26f43ab56ad0ec⋯.jpg (73.12 KB, 700x400, 7:4, RubberBullets.jpg)

File: 112b8938a959a68⋯.jpg (77.45 KB, 700x400, 7:4, FlynnPissed.jpg)


cf7a69  No.5598356

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN - Full documentary




A lot of anons post the truth about the jews, they are not shills, and are trying to help awaken everyone to their evils. They call you "Goyim" (sheep/cattle), they steal from you from the second you are born, every aspect of your life is a jewish trick, they steal our children to rape and eat, they lied about the "Holocaust", they have been kicked out of every country they have ever been invited into, and they blew up the World Trade Center's just for starters. Pay attention to your fellow anons when they try to give you this information. Don't forget Judaism is a death cult, not a religion.


fc18cf  No.5598357

File: d7576d5cc239813⋯.jpg (23.62 KB, 303x566, 303:566, 1219980578500.jpg)

>>5598195 (PB, guy that gets offended by the word Retard and thinks we give a shit)

Your words do not offend me, anon. I welcome your colorful choice of expressions, without which your feelings toward me would be less apparent, and that's no good.

Similarly, sometimes I see someone being such a dumbfuck, I simply have to call them a retard - no other word will do.

f94af3  No.5598358

Anyone else listening to the Washington DC EMS radios?


612c04  No.5598359

File: a26bfb6068a8c24⋯.png (814.7 KB, 916x700, 229:175, ClipboardImage.png)

02165f  No.5598361

File: 96814a253df4c2c⋯.jpg (199.15 KB, 1200x901, 1200:901, psalm7.jpg)

File: 69d14ab9ca599d0⋯.jpg (57.59 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Psalm-7-11.jpg)

File: 2157426e0680d7e⋯.jpg (121.01 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, psalms7.jpg)

God Bless The US Military




Patriots WW

09be1c  No.5598362

File: 99eaa92e0517a24⋯.png (295.07 KB, 1720x652, 430:163, ClipboardImage.png)


I hear something in the Air…. kind of like a whooshing whistle….

decb8f  No.5598364

File: 887e889d7fd0cf1⋯.jpg (869.77 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, WWG1WGA-Guardian-6.jpg)


>Thank you Julian!

So much gratitude! Love you Julian! WWG1WGA.

cc2c82  No.5598366


Think about how much we know that has not come out:





Think about what we might not know

(DS lurks here, Q isn't gonna tell us everything)

I'm so ready!

021faa  No.5598368


Should really tend to that ax wound.

39de3d  No.5598369


Buy that chic a hedge trimmer!

975fe0  No.5598370

File: e4fac97103398eb⋯.gif (1.07 MB, 400x343, 400:343, you shit the bed.gif)

76e8e4  No.5598371


I don't know about Gorka but saying it publicly last year will be helpful for Normies for reference when the day comes that Hillary and the Clinton's receive their justice.

b33e1c  No.5598372

File: 85c154fe8a7bb1b⋯.jpeg (497.47 KB, 1200x936, 50:39, RopePedoiu-51.jpeg)

File: fb7a7372d698ce7⋯.png (141.96 KB, 600x842, 300:421, Rope.png)

File: de0de841b0ac72e⋯.jpg (189.53 KB, 916x471, 916:471, ObamaHopeNopeRope.jpg)

File: 2eb5158756940ae⋯.jpeg (46.31 KB, 300x300, 1:1, PurpleRope.jpeg)

File: 39170f5a5f599ca⋯.jpg (480.01 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, moar-rope.jpg)

69638b  No.5598374

File: 36ca7c8f0f41cc1⋯.jpg (54.44 KB, 1199x564, 1199:564, John McCain 1.jpg)

File: de20cabfece3809⋯.jpg (195.39 KB, 1200x1156, 300:289, John McCain knew.jpg)

No name was involved?

922ee4  No.5598375

File: 6852f3501fb07a2⋯.jpg (378.5 KB, 1077x1500, 359:500, deathcard.jpg)

2df6e5  No.5598376


Kill yourself Boomer


db067c  No.5598377

File: eb73df11bd14a76⋯.jpg (46.34 KB, 519x449, 519:449, 2dlf1q.jpg)

125705  No.5598378

File: d20c6559d312ac0⋯.jpg (77.86 KB, 957x352, 87:32, sessions huber barr.JPG)



d3fa87  No.5598379

File: 7b111a46b78b2af⋯.png (169.26 KB, 673x718, 673:718, 1d.png)

File: 8bfa0b1cf778a52⋯.png (55.69 KB, 664x182, 332:91, 2d.png)

File: b8446be859bbd47⋯.png (65.26 KB, 480x310, 48:31, 3d.png)

339adb  No.5598380

>>5597885 (lb)


as opposed to brainfreeze

They are desperate

>>5597785 (lb)

32da3d  No.5598384

They were all so comfy, allowed to believe all was still right with the world and Q was just talking shit, all because there were NO LEAKS. Top KEK.

6e5b8c  No.5598385

File: abf538f2fa77d4f⋯.png (269.89 KB, 530x672, 265:336, BBC.png)

>>5598151 [Pb]

f69ad3  No.5598386


Whew, someone else was paying attention as well.

fc18cf  No.5598387

File: a69fd15cb56c5f0⋯.jpg (78.01 KB, 407x775, 407:775, prophecy.jpg)


The Star will gorge itself on clay

39de3d  No.5598388


Pretty sure its been tended to a plenty. Lol.

822ef2  No.5598389


Does anyone have the Sessions Letter to Huber they can repost for baker?

Mark it Notable please.

846e6a  No.5598390

File: a1c080c6c1b4ccd⋯.jpeg (154.19 KB, 1838x604, 919:302, image.jpeg)


e3d0de  No.5598391

So the arrests will come before the Declas right??

4a7886  No.5598392


Not enough rope…. definitely not enough.

a6eb6c  No.5598394

File: 4d06e30b9f04652⋯.png (182.9 KB, 707x319, 707:319, tyb_baker.png)


Thank you, Baker!

921b9d  No.5598395

Q why not release all information on the JFK murder?

6d905a  No.5598396



Get to it anons.

c33140  No.5598397


My opinion. A felony is a crime so bad that the perp gets all sorts of penalties. One of which is they don't get to vote. Unless all they have to do is sign up to vote when they get a drivers license and then they show up and don't even have to show ID.

How many felons do you know give fuck about who are their elected representatives? well, now they do. They are the outspoken "socialist" communist Satanists who want to give shit to the felons and illegals so yeah flood the country with these criminals and then let them vote the communists in who will take away every last thing a free person owns and put everyone into slavery.

Intro to Communism. From YouTube channel Edge of Wonder. Check it out.


5bcab9  No.5598399


yeh was fined again this year for not having zerocare

a005c4  No.5598400


You protect under 'State secrets', Q.

10783d  No.5598401

File: 0d0625650b03903⋯.jpg (131.15 KB, 1060x530, 2:1, BaconParty2020.jpg)

fa3b7c  No.5598403


Chair of what? The New Clinton Foundation?

2ef587  No.5598404

Dear Q,

When you say, "WE HAVE IT ALL," do you mean that you have all of the current and historical CIA blackmail tapes (Video, Digital, VHS, BetaMax, Audio)? You have all of Hugh Heffner's honey pot blackmail tapes? Heidi Fleiss, Madam Palfrey and Craig Spence? You have clear tape of the Satanic ritual abominations? You mean you have all of the CIA, MOSSAD & MI6/5/SIS blackmail recordings available, and held in only the most private vaults of key elite people?

If you say yes to this post, or confirm it by posting its #, I think every politician (current and historical, including family members of even the dead ones), Hollywood moguls/stars/directors, sports heroes, etc. will immediately crap their pants and never sleep well again.

7400ed  No.5598405

File: 2f2ef1d6f7e9d46⋯.png (137.13 KB, 300x378, 50:63, untitled.png)

File: ca0d6cec1e34847⋯.png (178.37 KB, 667x843, 667:843, israel_last.PNG)

656915  No.5598406

File: 5ab3587f00fb669⋯.png (282.46 KB, 577x337, 577:337, bar rafeali.PNG)

f2eb11  No.5598407


Watch the video when you have some time. AOC literally follows a script from the JDs. She sounds dumb when off script much like Obama because she doesn't know what her handlers want her to say.

c2a224  No.5598409

1169dd  No.5598410


thought the mandate was thrown out

c9aafa  No.5598411

Did BV nail someone who was causing the fucking board lag LB? cause the board is surprisingly semi-readable now, first time all day

244faf  No.5598413

File: 0bea170711f9172⋯.png (107.35 KB, 346x455, 346:455, fbiup.PNG)

FBI just left DC

2a55f9  No.5598414


Vault 7…et al.

bbccf8  No.5598415

File: a420abd64ce6e8f⋯.jpg (41.04 KB, 400x300, 4:3, Pork Eating Crusader.jpg)


Excellent Advice

4dd119  No.5598417

The people will only be able to know whats happening… until the power goes out.

DS last card

9 days later the'll get the update.

a5b91e  No.5598418

File: 3a68afebfece6fe⋯.jpg (28.14 KB, 480x480, 1:1, adf4f697-4cb9-401e-a967-8c….jpg)

File: 80211fbdeda0b54⋯.jpg (73.11 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, 7e399887-e80c-43fb-b3eb-74….jpg)

c2a224  No.5598419

File: 2ce15858fdfd4c0⋯.jpg (175.87 KB, 1200x1791, 400:597, IMG_6446.JPG)

612c04  No.5598421

File: 8898d574264a1ed⋯.png (66.01 KB, 300x169, 300:169, ClipboardImage.png)

29c3c1  No.5598422

057521  No.5598423

File: e72b270e885bb61⋯.jpg (333.95 KB, 1400x1062, 700:531, AP_198535349847_edited.jpg)

File: 1f8494c5a46ede0⋯.jpg (222.34 KB, 1400x875, 8:5, AP_662560978290_edited.jpg)

File: 5a57d2463402efa⋯.jpg (69.35 KB, 631x737, 631:737, Capture.JPG)

>>5598210 /pb

>>5598213 /pb

>>5598334 /pb

Our brother Julian has not been OUTSIDE since the summer of 2012 frens.

He's \ourguy

We would never have beaten hilldawg in 2016 without Wikileaks and JA.

Q++ Retweets needed.


a43c8f  No.5598424

File: 762fa9b689c1d4f⋯.jpg (77.65 KB, 1066x547, 1066:547, cr.jpg)


That creature reminds me of this.

909296  No.5598426

File: 2887879a5df9080⋯.jpg (33.37 KB, 728x380, 182:95, get her.jpg)

File: 4348188c4a2c3dc⋯.png (6.7 KB, 497x202, 497:202, phase III.png)

91dcb7  No.5598427


Dropped over from half chan to annoy us, did ya?

8b1da9  No.5598428

File: 37348ea03759ad4⋯.jpg (325.36 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, cnnfaggots.jpg)

File: 4b82f0ba5512d7d⋯.jpg (223.49 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, avsfn.jpg)

File: d84160a0f7ee664⋯.jpg (45.39 KB, 960x960, 1:1, d84160a0f7ee66439ab679f369….jpg)

b33e1c  No.5598429

File: 645851f282009bb⋯.jpeg (1.24 MB, 3195x2558, 3195:2558, RopePedoiu-52.jpeg)

File: c0775374c153d6f⋯.jpeg (46.47 KB, 474x338, 237:169, RopePedo-iu-50.jpeg)

File: f12e073f529fadd⋯.jpeg (3.26 MB, 3960x2640, 3:2, RopePedo5D3M0035.jpeg)

File: 72196a82723f0cb⋯.jpg (218.48 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, McCabeTreasonRope.JPG)

File: 45e3fc1c358e963⋯.jpg (177.36 KB, 576x384, 3:2, Gallowsdopes_on_a_rope.JPG)


I think we have a bit more in the back

1169dd  No.5598430


probably the same faggot with 33 posts already

5a0bdc  No.5598431


Need moar popcorn!! Oh would it be delicious if no knock raids start tonight!

e8c08b  No.5598432

File: 08a9232db5665af⋯.png (1.38 MB, 999x3382, 999:3382, Soros-bares-his-soul.png)


021faa  No.5598434


Kek. Eeeee

fc18cf  No.5598435

File: 0959f50e9e6188c⋯.png (276.67 KB, 469x452, 469:452, pepe_executey.png)


Fuck the chair.

Firing squad!

A bunch of bullets through the heart standing in front of a brick wall!

620383  No.5598437


I for one would like a Q confirmation of this

883fa5  No.5598438


Beautiful. We needs these images in the midst of all else.

5bcab9  No.5598439


apparently it the throwing out has not taken effect yet. maybe next year

ad8987  No.5598440

File: bb28be8f0c1662f⋯.jpeg (575.19 KB, 928x550, 464:275, crazy.devil.bish.jpeg)


783c0c  No.5598441


Inflate to 32 psi.

32da3d  No.5598442


You'd have to seize VHS in order to HAVE VHS evidence. Otherwise they'd just have the data collected from people talking about what they have, like Hefner or his son talking about it.

bcfcc8  No.5598443

File: 9c451c8f87813c1⋯.png (493.56 KB, 677x372, 677:372, red368.PNG)

File: ddc8087690afc38⋯.png (564.05 KB, 698x310, 349:155, red312.PNG)

aaae47  No.5598444

File: 1a69403b0fb4fde⋯.jpg (1.09 MB, 1111x1111, 1:1, goodbyex3.jpg)

822ef2  No.5598445


Next year's taxes. But, this year just mark you couldn't afford insurance and they waive the fine.

0e930a  No.5598446

File: 4d1949f55d0b964⋯.png (8.12 KB, 640x480, 4:3, BF9001AE-1040-484C-AE05-29….png)


You don’t post it on Qreasearch!

4a7886  No.5598447

5868fc  No.5598448

File: 3f92f0117767a8c⋯.png (257.43 KB, 846x606, 141:101, 3f92f0117767a8ce1aca1d6854….png)

Anons, bakers, Q….

It's gonna be a new world real soon so let's make sure it's filled with LOVE this time…

aaae47  No.5598449

File: dbe268e8b95f045⋯.png (4.12 MB, 1111x2130, 1111:2130, be-a-good-kitty.png)

a809f4  No.5598450

File: ef21306a3f31b5e⋯.png (448.77 KB, 655x471, 655:471, Screen Shot 2019-03-09 at ….png)

>>5598031 (lb)

>Q's post links to by email ID (WL HRC Email Archive)

"The Putin conf about tigers in Vladivostock 9/11-19"


Putin hosts conference to save tigers

Top politicians from 13 countries are in St Petersburg for a four-day conference that is hoping to find a way to raise hundreds of millions of euros needed to save wild tigers from extinction.

Leaders at conference, headed by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, were told by experts that they must take urgent measures if they hope to double the number of the species by the next Chinese Year of the Tiger, in 2022.

Those attending the event include Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao and delegations from India and Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Russia, Thailand and Vietnam.

China, India and Bangladesh have the world's largest volume of tiger skin and other organ trafficking.

Decades of trafficking combined with deadly habitat destruction have seen the number of roaming tigers fall from 100,000 a century ago to just 3,200 today.

Russia is the only country to have seen its tiger population rise in recent years, with just 80 in the 1960s rising to its present figure of 500.

Putin has received praise for taking an active role in the cause, having championed the protection of the Amur tiger.

He is reported to be so fond of the animal that he received a cub for his 56th birthday.

According to World Wildlife Fund (WWF) director general James Leape, the success of the conference is dependent “on the political will of the countries that support it”.

Mike Baltzer, of WWF’s Tiger Allies Initiative, told RFI the summit is "a launch pad for action".

The summit's Russian hosts say they are optimistic for the potential success of the conference, and say they hope it will provide an example for other environmental campaigns.


09046a  No.5598451


youre responding to someone with (37) posts…

9a2704  No.5598452

You know, if this is real, they're going to do a 9-11 on roids if they can… Prolly gonna nuke a city… Hope you anons have the courage of your convictions and are ready to cash the checks your anon mouths have written…

dc19d9  No.5598453


It was notable a month ago and considering I wrote it out I can (and will) easily substantiate my statement. I do not have the habit or sliding during the day shift on issues unconnected to what is being focused on and especially when Q is lurking. So just come back in a few hours during peak night shift and when the dingdongs are all cleared out and I will post it all again.

021faa  No.5598454


Yes. I remember. It was awesome but shilled to oblivion

4b368f  No.5598455

File: 691c648935bbd89⋯.jpg (50.2 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 53690253_10216428533899427….jpg)

533949  No.5598456


>Smells like panic.

or we all gonna die

8b9c44  No.5598457

File: 50bfde5c81f7593⋯.jpeg (36.44 KB, 126x514, 63:257, D2AB67B1-E4C8-49AC-BA94-4….jpeg)


10 Days of darkness


Is this it? Are we about to lose internet, electricity?

5aa622  No.5598458

File: 9530f57722d6472⋯.jpg (297.5 KB, 1441x1193, 1441:1193, FBIsummary1of5.jpg)

File: d02c8aa2e55df34⋯.jpg (322.43 KB, 1460x1281, 1460:1281, FBIsummary2of5.jpg)

File: 8ce55ff4044437f⋯.jpg (303.04 KB, 1457x1362, 1457:1362, FBIsummary3of5.jpg)

File: 07f7eeaf3e875cd⋯.jpg (221.83 KB, 1454x1034, 727:517, FBIsummary4of5.jpg)

File: 29b828de8dc278c⋯.jpg (235.18 KB, 1432x1197, 1432:1197, FBIsummary5of5.jpg)

Shoutout to FBIanon, with thanks for opening this door for me and others.

656915  No.5598459


(((they))) were getting to pop the champagne corks last night upon release of mueller report

then crickets

(((they))) must be on edge

b462d5  No.5598460


Yes, Vault 7 is where the Keystone is found. Another anon's work:

I went into Vault 7 Projects, search for “fire”….

“Angelfire is an implant comprised of five components: Solartime, Wolfcreek, Keystone (previously MagicWand), BadMFS, and the Windows Transitory File system”

“Keystone is part of the Wolfcreek implant and responsible for starting malicious user applications. Loaded implants never touch the file system, so there is very little forensic evidence that the process was ever ran.” This makes post Q 381 much easier to understand

“We Won’t telegraph our moves to the ENEMY.

We will however light a FIRE to flush them out.”

d630e8  No.5598461

File: 5f638e284bbcea7⋯.jpg (7.21 KB, 225x225, 1:1, paul.jpg)

29c3c1  No.5598462


Please don't shut the board!

2b549a  No.5598463

File: 34bc6525da36ce6⋯.png (231.98 KB, 631x374, 631:374, SHTF.png)

MARCH 9-10, 2019


(save us some money, fuker!)

1169dd  No.5598464



then anon above should check this out and maybe redo taxes

fc18cf  No.5598465

File: ee28577cfb2789a⋯.jpg (60.04 KB, 719x703, 719:703, (You)(1).jpg)


That's okay, because in your socialist utopia, no one will need to know what ribs taste like since there won't be any ribs to eat ever again.

c9aafa  No.5598466


tiresias was having to be blocked yesterday and day before

bbccf8  No.5598467

File: 1cc6240dc471e5f⋯.jpg (232.24 KB, 960x646, 480:323, Waiting to engage.jpg)

3c002f  No.5598468

There is NOTHING wrong with questioning your government and president even though someone from the government demands your obidence and loyalty on a message board.

975fe0  No.5598469

marathon e-bot circle jerk again

e3d0de  No.5598470


Not declas but I mean telling the public the evidence. Why would they release to public before they are arrested. Only thing that would make sense to me.

3e3af9  No.5598471

File: 10f69e30fb3c48c⋯.png (204.48 KB, 729x449, 729:449, ClipboardImage.png)

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) - New York State Assemblywoman Pat Fahy introduced a bill on Friday that would allow minors as young as 14 years old to receive immunizations without their parent’s consent. Fahey said the state’s on the verge of a public health crisis.

“Over the last 10 or 20 years, we’ve become complacent about immunizations,” Fahy said. “We do need to make sure that children can sometimes, and we hope that it’s a rare case, take their own personal health into consideration."

The bill comes on the heels of Ethan Lindenberger’s testimony before Congress on Tuesday. Lindenberger defied his parent’s wishes and immunized himself without their consent.

In New York State, the only exemptions under the law for vaccinations are for religious and medical reasons. The state requires all students attending public, private or patriarchal schools to be immune to several viruses, including measles and meningitis. These are two of the viruses the bill is pushing for teens to immunize themselves against.

Facebook is even joining the conversation. It announced it’s combating anti-vaccination-misinformation on its platform.

According to Fahy's office, only seven states and D.C. allow minors to receive vaccinations without their parent’s consent.


b9a74d  No.5598472

not gonna get excited til I see it with my own eyes. We know Q trolls them. Disinfo is real and necessary.

e44bab  No.5598473


welp, time to get a long ways from chicago i think.

44ed59  No.5598474

File: 59c4e83d0779955⋯.png (615.86 KB, 1736x1271, 56:41, 59c4e83d077995537c6e03f957….png)

710204  No.5598475


perhaps my spouse anon is a rarity - served time many years ago for tragic accident and 20 years later registered to vote for Trump - only time they ever voted (until 2020 of course)

891fc6  No.5598476

File: a47de9b22b4dd88⋯.jpg (283.07 KB, 570x874, 15:23, Q-Bert.jpg)

are we ready to play?

anyone got a Q++er?

c2a224  No.5598477

File: b8f0b5e1f648c16⋯.jpg (2.96 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, IMG_6441.JPG)

File: cad8443d9e697d5⋯.jpg (194.11 KB, 1303x2015, 1303:2015, IMG_6447.JPG)


Trust kubota rohnin warrior

4dd119  No.5598478

They will blame NK for shutting down the grid. MSM been prepping since this morning

0e930a  No.5598479

File: e32fc0abf5b9f86⋯.jpeg (100.58 KB, 500x600, 5:6, AE08C683-A59B-4183-8D74-A….jpeg)

File: 965a54ed12b7e0c⋯.jpeg (94.34 KB, 640x853, 640:853, F52226CD-7428-4A7E-91F3-4….jpeg)

File: 91a6e20f8d02739⋯.jpeg (1.52 MB, 2048x1472, 32:23, CFF6B5E0-DBE5-45FC-A4C2-7….jpeg)

File: e84a8f98d9d9181⋯.jpeg (216.88 KB, 736x1101, 736:1101, DC555F64-9BDF-4080-8884-C….jpeg)

File: ef970ab0c95d05d⋯.jpeg (119.59 KB, 500x750, 2:3, 9D7A86EC-9D2C-48E3-9AB7-4….jpeg)


How about these instead

5a5424  No.5598480


Death by blind firing squad would be more entertaining though

ac9624  No.5598481

File: 8e93712765410bb⋯.png (940.62 KB, 960x721, 960:721, 7DE8F204-11BE-41BA-AF02-69….png)

39de3d  No.5598482



1169dd  No.5598483


he/she/it was over 150 a few days ago, on multiple UID's

883fa5  No.5598484


I hope they are inspiring ones….kek….I'm night shift, don't notice high number with four-hour breads.

e3cf27  No.5598485

File: c8d4a870ffe826f⋯.jpg (37.96 KB, 449x368, 449:368, doc.JPG)


Public will become aware > doc dump.

612c04  No.5598486

File: 568dafc9d582073⋯.png (90.27 KB, 352x198, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

5bcab9  No.5598487


I tried that last year, you have to go through major hoops to verify you can't afford it, I could not qualify to jump through the hoops.

so I got fined last year and this year

10783d  No.5598488

File: 42796e8e66259dd⋯.png (113.08 KB, 400x499, 400:499, Screen Shot 2019-03-09 at ….png)


>It's gonna be a new world real soon so let's make sure it's filled with LOVE this time…

Fill it with all the important things.

4a4ac7  No.5598489

File: 1a37e3d37a3790c⋯.jpg (132.2 KB, 460x460, 1:1, SuperTrump.jpg)


it took decades of planning to pull that shit off with whatever success they had…. go check all the predictive programming for yerself.

46d216  No.5598490


Job or blowjob and he took the latter.

663673  No.5598491

File: 8f4485a94b0ff7e⋯.jpeg (19.67 KB, 525x315, 5:3, IMG_1102980932315618.jpeg)

Hammer got upgraded

f5756f  No.5598492

So, when dealing indictments are "UNSEALED" that's basically a "handing down" of the charges for Court action. As officers of the court, police effect the arrest of the indicted individual only upon issuance of a warrant. So, these indictments will still have some early legal hurdles to surpass. Since we're dealing with celebrities, they'll have mega legal representation. Could take decades to resolve in our already bogged down court system.

Good thing GITMO got a fresh coat of paint. :)

5ba693  No.5598493


Those are some great knockers.

32dcec  No.5598494


TardedAss will still be claiming everyone's a bot when we're all in here celebrating DECLAS.

32da3d  No.5598495

So if MZ is a DS puppet, is he more fearful of the DS or Spec Ops busting in?

2f9200  No.5598496

File: cebb626af6722b8⋯.png (468.48 KB, 770x433, 770:433, Feel_The_Buzz.png)

OANN has been airing some pieces on Seth Rich, Killary, Awan, etc the last couple days. I think they feel the buzz too..

Buzz turns into a hum.

Hum turns into a tremor.

Tremor turns into a Rumble.

Clouds form.

Can't ignore it when it keeps getting louder…

b81481  No.5598497


P e r s o n a l a c c o u n t a b i l i t y

29c3c1  No.5598498

Q, are our 2020 elections and votes safe?

883fa5  No.5598499


The best!

d4c789  No.5598500


Best day of anon's life. Oldfag anon's beside self with joy, wonderment and resolve. o7

975fe0  No.5598501

File: 3bb6af5eb410118⋯.jpg (17.04 KB, 242x300, 121:150, pepe blitzkreig.jpg)

aa8de2  No.5598502


Baker, potential notable

Future proves past.

Whitaker and Session left, lifting State secrets in their wake, once it no longer matters because the process is in motion (Huber has had a year and a half to do his work)

a024e6  No.5598503

fa3b7c  No.5598504

File: 796d8bc7952cb37⋯.png (502.8 KB, 650x360, 65:36, ClipboardImage.png)


That's because the holocaust is a hoax. He was just being a thief at the time

a1093d  No.5598505


Can we get some crumbs as to who heads this hydra known as the C_A

Who is giving these orders to the end of their ultimate plan

Something tells me BHO and HRC are a level or two removed

Who is Charlie?

39de3d  No.5598506

File: e7b53da5f692c69⋯.jpg (8.78 KB, 255x213, 85:71, 5c645555e6de385b077d35425c….jpg)

5868fc  No.5598507


All with wisdom and moderation, fren

2ead81  No.5598508

File: bb5cfe3bfe848a7⋯.png (924.74 KB, 2378x1191, 2378:1191, effcf824-b174-4c88-b6d1-7a….png)


I actually saw it missing from notables it had appeared in earlier.

Definitely notable because at 1:23 she says she auditioned for the part.

Its a joke and should be the end of her ass.

822ef2  No.5598509


Not true. I just did my ex's taxes on Turbo Tax and it was easy - just marked in a box that said couldn't afford,

and the fine was waived. No forms, nothing.

d3fa87  No.5598510

File: e9c5ae4ba5369aa⋯.png (176.59 KB, 651x707, 93:101, ffff.png)

File: 5700673b425c851⋯.png (30.38 KB, 366x165, 122:55, ff2.png)

fc18cf  No.5598511

File: 05596ccc4cb0396⋯.jpg (84.03 KB, 407x405, 407:405, ROID-RAGE-DUDE-LOL-NIGGERS.jpg)


Hah! Well-played, anon.

5b1ab9  No.5598512

File: 0443362fbf559a4⋯.jpg (51.92 KB, 292x515, 292:515, owlInDistress.jpg)


Good one! But it should look like this:




b0a2d9  No.5598513

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e1d112  No.5598514



Anything before a grand jury cannot be discussed outside the Exec branch unless DNI authorizes it and POTUS grants waiver.

Any investigation is similar.. no discussion outside exec branch without POTUS waiver.

These people are stupid.

9b0076  No.5598515


need to wake up everyone else first



you're here

c2a224  No.5598516

File: 29bdd6d0baa0ccc⋯.jpg (233.48 KB, 1737x2000, 1737:2000, IMG_6435.JPG)

File: 73a42e9ed43a97a⋯.jpg (4.61 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, IMG_6444.JPG)

File: dda36ce006abc8b⋯.png (84.59 KB, 590x366, 295:183, C4E07490-1294-4B34-935D-DA….png)


Who's ready to call Bullshit

b9ad0e  No.5598517

File: 4f4bafd31ab32aa⋯.jpg (22.7 KB, 577x307, 577:307, fb1a17c26ab6a70d4a87d3d425….jpg)



Q, not to exaggerate but this makes Watergate look like a drop in the ocean.


39de3d  No.5598518


If the holocaust was real Soros would have been gassed.

e69072  No.5598519

File: 300ab85af520de9⋯.jpg (73.68 KB, 787x663, 787:663, deltas.jpg)


0e930a  No.5598520

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

decb8f  No.5598521

File: fe3c0b2012eb241⋯.jpg (430.63 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, Indictments-Coming-Q3010-3….jpg)

1d9596  No.5598522


Easy answer when living outside of hopeless social rot.

32dcec  No.5598523


I hear ya, but the freak-out over the Sessions/Whitaker - Huber FOIA letter is quite the proper kickoff.

91dcb7  No.5598524


The pedo repellent is teaching your kids how to kick a mofo right in the nuts.

ac9624  No.5598525


Looks like 5 major subjects for anons

b33e1c  No.5598526

File: 2520ca847f7bf16⋯.jpg (1.29 MB, 4061x2247, 4061:2247, CriminalJusticeFlowchartIn….jpg)


Sequence of events in the criminal justice system - pic related.

2a55f9  No.5598527

File: acb88ed45a2167f⋯.jpeg (75.33 KB, 466x688, 233:344, 8D47C6D9-C8D1-4322-A7C1-E….jpeg)

536f2d  No.5598528

File: 910dc9621683d2f⋯.png (35.51 KB, 595x298, 595:298, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 23239e75e0ffddb⋯.png (87.67 KB, 914x461, 914:461, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 63566a7fc2969d8⋯.png (22.92 KB, 459x221, 27:13, ClipboardImage.png)

Looks like POTUS and Q are playing ball again.

5ba693  No.5598529

File: e283279b306ae5e⋯.jpg (11.47 KB, 255x250, 51:50, a519e794cfef4f986a87aefdf1….jpg)


Clouds are forming.

Storm is coming

e80fa2  No.5598530


Respect, Anon.

Im gonna take you up on this.

What time are you considering peak night shift? - Anon is on MT, so no time change.

2f9200  No.5598531


Those are awesome

99c105  No.5598532

>>5596638 lb

Being able to keep the 3 middle fingers together, separate from the pinkie finger, must be hereditary because I can't do it.

6e5b8c  No.5598533


Guessing it will be declassed, arrests will be carried out while it is posted here. The public will find out after we do.

0e930a  No.5598534

a024e6  No.5598535


We are going to laugh if Gorka is Q

after all that 'those who scream the loudest' stuff and whatanot

8d8fae  No.5598536

File: f2ac2a77b1b1b57⋯.png (414.94 KB, 887x1135, 887:1135, Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at ….png)

620383  No.5598537



I see the kids are here.

58f187  No.5598538


Critical thinking and logic aren't your strong suits, I'm guessing

967991  No.5598539

File: a63373ca2607afb⋯.png (254.95 KB, 1440x1023, 480:341, t1.png)

File: 621da2f0f092cd8⋯.png (444.67 KB, 1440x1588, 360:397, t23.png)


Sounds great. Where can i pick up my brightly colored article of clothing, professionally printed signs, and cash from gun wielding Mexicans? Are there chartered buses? This is gonna look great on my Instagram.

How come Trump going after this guy doesn't automatically make him a well funded hero?

b6139b  No.5598540

File: b7076f7e3945eb5⋯.png (307.96 KB, 1128x791, 1128:791, Screenshot 2019-03-09 at 8….png)


Heffner already confirmed he lost the tapes.

02165f  No.5598541


You are either shilling, or a dumb fuck. I have not been insured for years and POTUS did save me from EVER paying the mandate fine. get real man wake up. Maybe your CPA robbed you? Seems shilly AF

bb74cc  No.5598542


National Archives staff refused to release the final batch of about 3000 documents.

b33e1c  No.5598543


They have to learn to recognize a mofo first.

b33670  No.5598544

File: 350ab00cc98b77a⋯.gif (162.47 KB, 290x423, 290:423, 7B4E7B36-7916-4443-9C67-BF….gif)


b81481  No.5598545


What makes you so sure I live outside of hopeless social rot?

9a2704  No.5598546

File: dac1e17da124bca⋯.jpg (633.21 KB, 1485x663, 495:221, 9-11 Mossad students insta….jpg)



wont take decades to pick up the weapon from the Israeli owned storage unit and park the truck on a DC overpass….

e3d0de  No.5598547

The big fish would be arrested first is my thinking. It's going to be interesting to see how this plays out.

f69ad3  No.5598548


Try harder projection shill. D’s getting exposed for the islamanazis they are. Sucks to be you.

29c3c1  No.5598549


Oldfags need newfags to carry on.

Newfags need to grow the fuck up!

c33140  No.5598550


My opinion. A felony is a crime so bad that the perp gets all sorts of penalties. One of which is they don't get to vote. Unless all they have to do is sign up to vote when they get a drivers license and then they show up and don't even have to show ID.

How many felons do you know give fuck about who are their elected representatives? well, now they do. They are the outspoken "socialist" communist Satanists who want to give shit to the felons and illegals so yeah flood the country with these criminals and then let them vote the communists in who will take away every last thing a free person owns and put everyone into slavery.

Intro to Communism. From YouTube channel Edge of Wonder. Check it out.


2a55f9  No.5598551


Who was tied to watergate and present day Treason….?!

975fe0  No.5598552


been here for awhile

857a2a  No.5598553


Tiresias will be in federal prison for a long time. A very long time.

39de3d  No.5598554


Thats gross mang.

f1dbd6  No.5598555

File: ee56d43363edfa9⋯.png (79.24 KB, 300x309, 100:103, ClipboardImage.png)

1169dd  No.5598556


think you are replying to the wrong person

91dcb7  No.5598557


That's a given.

1d9596  No.5598558


Your easy answer.

e732bc  No.5598559

File: d72ce2f5127239a⋯.png (62.54 KB, 1286x320, 643:160, the hill.png)

One by one. Take all of their money. Then shut them all down.

And bankrupt all of the Pedowood crazies.

1dadd3  No.5598560


Sure he did.

f5756f  No.5598561


0e930a  No.5598562

File: 1f81e962fba4f76⋯.jpeg (222.38 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, 84C24431-C4E4-4291-9DA3-E….jpeg)

34d62b  No.5598563

File: 84d856ae7ecdb8c⋯.jpg (241.52 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot_20190309-174230….jpg)

For my frens..

8d8fae  No.5598565

File: db5ab87ef849ab8⋯.png (457.82 KB, 1013x627, 1013:627, Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at ….png)

File: 8a992b5cf981ac3⋯.png (1.52 MB, 1586x722, 793:361, Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at ….png)

77144e  No.5598566


Assange is a hero

c2a224  No.5598567

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

02165f  No.5598568


sorry Anon, wrong post

904625  No.5598569

File: 64568eda74ed8e9⋯.jpg (351.8 KB, 937x1225, 937:1225, Screenshot_20190309-194224….jpg)



3e3af9  No.5598572

File: 8407b4759369cd5⋯.png (389.73 KB, 867x501, 289:167, ClipboardImage.png)

Future proves past?!

AUSTIN, TX (KXAN) - A new vaccine is promising one less shot and possibly fewer tears for young children.

The Food and Drug Administration has approved a new combination vaccine called Vaxelis designed for children ages 6 weeks to 4-years-old. The FDA says it keeps them from contracting diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, poliomyelitis, hepatitis B and invasive disease due to haemophilus influenzae type B.

Right now infants get three shots to protect them against the six diseases, but with the new vaccine, there will be fewer.

"You're getting vaccinated sooner and more effectively at a younger age and hopefully it will be more widely available to everyone, and you're not going to miss vaccines," explains pediatrician Dr. Brian Temple. "When you have multiple different shots there are errors so it's nice to have it all in one."


October 7, 1917

“The time will come – and it may not be far off – when quite different tendencies will come up at a

congress like the one held in 1912 and people will say: It is pathological for people to even think in terms of spirit and soul.

‘Sound’ people will speak of nothing but the body. It will be considered a sign of illness for

anyone to arrive at the idea of any such thing as a spirit or a soul. People who think like that will be considered to be sick and – you can be quite sure of it – a medicine will be found for this. . . .

The soul will be made non-existent with the aid of a drug. Taking a ‘sound point of view,’ people will invent a vaccine to influence the organism as early as possible, preferably as soon as it is born, so that this human body never even gets the idea that there is a soul and spirit.

Rudolf Steiner


b33e1c  No.5598574


Several anons will cheer forcefully at that event.

5bcab9  No.5598575


okay thanks, I won't be able to get back to you on that. but I will follow up to be sure in my case. I will definitely look into the check box you say is available and see if I can check it and if my situation qualifies.

39de3d  No.5598576

File: 2aaac17b6db0e10⋯.jpeg (6.06 KB, 255x191, 255:191, e57201544ebf3470887b08bf8….jpeg)


Fuck off nigger!

1dadd3  No.5598577


Why not burn them?

"No need to look for them, I threw them in the ocean."

*Proceeds to examine ocean floor for something that isn't there*

656915  No.5598579

File: 4d832defdb75f67⋯.png (305.88 KB, 359x335, 359:335, hillary being arrested.PNG)

4fb204  No.5598582


I'd like to know what % is controlled by Gina Haspel and what % is controlled by the DS.

ac9624  No.5598584


This guy should be considered for an Emmy

a024e6  No.5598585


Ok. It's rubbish, written by trash, and wholly expected from said trash. It was no surprise, and it is always nice when the trash takes itself out, so thank you! You'll get everything you deserve.

975fe0  No.5598586


who the fucvk are you?

newfagginess glows

f15cfb  No.5598588

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


f5756f  No.5598589




Thanks, Anon!

e1d112  No.5598590


Oh dear God!


…. looks….

…. so … incredibly..

Hot! (—heard said by Adam Schiff)

39de3d  No.5598591

File: 32d6b1a8f8f409e⋯.jpg (75.03 KB, 950x714, 475:357, final_5c841d8a28fa8b0014f8….jpg)


670a33  No.5598593

File: 93728c60735b746⋯.png (5.71 KB, 255x133, 255:133, 4488b788a99baa464215a7440d….png)



Tripps confirm

Obummer is a piece

of rock hard shit!

cd8634  No.5598594


We do need something shocking to happen soon. Every time I try to redpill people they all I get is Agent Smith and as I see it they will still go to MSM for "information" when the hammer drops.

e66f81  No.5598595

File: 722f99f072eaefe⋯.png (47.93 KB, 378x448, 27:32, stillnoposts.PNG)

File: 7ef91051b8d942b⋯.jpg (15.45 KB, 255x195, 17:13, patriotic pepe.jpg)

I can't wait till there will be more than 9 posts on here.

(pic related)

01dbba  No.5598597

File: 1095a54378e369a⋯.png (375.99 KB, 498x351, 166:117, 2019-03-09_20-43-36.png)


e0bf0e  No.5598598

>>5597632 (pb)

March 19, 2019 will be the Day of the Equinoxes, when light (daytime) and dark (nighttime) are equal.

March 20, 2019 will be the first day where light overtakes dark in the Northern Hemisphere.

62edb7  No.5598599


Agree x 100. This guy. He's the real deal.

77e04b  No.5598600


Ok so I have notice perhaps a new shill tactic…they are making everything PERSONAL…like I know a family who just lost another one to overdose, or I am still paying a penalty for OBOZOcare…blah blah blah…they think this is fakebook…just a heads up, I guess ignore them….this is so much bigger than this lurker anon ever imagined….Love to all anons,

Feeling comfy and enjoying every moment this evening with you…WWG1WGA….

baec31  No.5598601


"We have it all"

All tech was compromised since the beginning. Most anon cannot even fathom the methods or manner in how far behind our imaginations are to what tech was out at what time.

8b1da9  No.5598602


35 - 65

fc18cf  No.5598603

File: f42253b57396a4d⋯.jpg (50.71 KB, 395x604, 395:604, pimp-white-suit-kid.jpg)


If only you knew, anon. If only you knew…

b81481  No.5598605


Personal accountability is not easy but necessary. No one forced that man to put poison in his body.

eb5d8c  No.5598606



2cc700  No.5598607

3370ea  No.5598608

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

jessie watters live

Watch the watters?

2b549a  No.5598609

File: 26df7ef0e5dac25⋯.png (70.72 KB, 194x259, 194:259, PEDOVORE.png)

f94af3  No.5598611

File: 4a6cf5786bc88d3⋯.png (217.02 KB, 1156x1094, 578:547, Screen Shot 2019-03-09 at ….png)



worth a read

057521  No.5598612

File: 7cae81789d8f328⋯.jpg (276.61 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, D1Qq9QAUYAATxiu.jpg)

File: 5a57d2463402efa⋯.jpg (69.35 KB, 631x737, 631:737, Capture.JPG)




This is a pick from 10 min ago of Julian Assanges Mom heading off to a rally to save he son!


Justice for Julian!

448a31  No.5598613

File: a84058d12678ffb⋯.gif (2.4 MB, 498x278, 249:139, trump-popcorn.gif)

e1d112  No.5598615


It’s hoppening

4add29  No.5598616


why the fuck do you keep posting here you crazy fuck?

02165f  No.5598617




If indeed you paid it was because you wanted to, not because you had to. POTUS has saved me over $10,000 I woulda lost under Osamacare for not having insurance

5bcbef  No.5598618


Hey anon, I'm trying to eat!

Can't you post that WITHOUT Barry's mug on it?

8defb6  No.5598620

File: a6cd2bc4b410ac4⋯.jpg (125.2 KB, 640x426, 320:213, ldsbce151dd51aef42b165c57d….jpg)


why? Is this place for learned doctors only?

8bf603  No.5598621


You assume she has a heart

b69a9b  No.5598622


My family are members of DAR. On both my Father's and Mothers side. Relatives of John and John Quincy on Father's side. His Grandmother was the last in the Adams lineage. She had all sisters, no males to continue the name. When I was in elementary school, my class visited the Smithsonian American History. In the first ladies exhibit, my Mother's crystal punch bowl on pedistal was on display. She lent it to the Smithsonian. I had no idea that punch bowl belonged to Abigail Adams granddaughter. ...and I used to get in trouble playing basketball in our dining room using it as a basket! I wondered where it went!

My Mother is related to King Carter of Virginia and her relatives came over on the Mayflower.

My sister is carrying on the family DAR. Daughters of the American Revolution Hall is something where I didn't appreciate it when I should have. I didn't visit there, but I did visit the old Executive House, where Uncle Teddy and family lived when VP.

I used to play at the Governors Mansion with the Agnew kids when Uncle Teddy was Governor of Maryland . He had alot of kids.

My Christian Godfather was Governor Williamc Donald Schaefer of Maryland. He held many hats in political offices in Maryland.

I've seen alot. I wouldn't change a thing

1d38f3  No.5598623

File: 4e5791ae80de15b⋯.jpeg (278.66 KB, 1440x963, 160:107, 1551819502.jpeg)

2ef587  No.5598624

Can John Brennan please be the first one to be indicted? How many Langley Clowns will drive home that day with shit-stained trousers?

a656b6  No.5598625

File: fd0dc21d323a391⋯.png (264.57 KB, 1040x333, 1040:333, A-nn-D00-ee.png)

0e930a  No.5598626

File: 52215497c5043bd⋯.jpeg (333.91 KB, 1660x1254, 830:627, 217F8111-20D1-4862-B338-7….jpeg)

File: b04c79723d21928⋯.jpeg (49.51 KB, 647x404, 647:404, 8938D5C1-B379-4190-973D-7….jpeg)



Conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch.


The crime of betraying one's country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government.

Corruption at the Highest Level of Government World Wide

Dishonest or illegal behavior especially by powerful people (such as government officials or police officers). Inducement to wrong by improper or unlawful means (such as bribery).

Crimes Against Humanity

Certain acts that are deliberately committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack or individual attack directed against any civilian or an identifiable part of a civilian population.

Subversive Activities

Systematic attempts to overthrow or undermine a government or political system by persons working secretly from within


Secret agreement or cooperation especially for an illegal or deceitful purpose.

5bcab9  No.5598627

File: d106b140b8fe4b3⋯.jpg (47.62 KB, 686x735, 14:15, 63wrh7967b5806-rty7345645g….jpg)

77e04b  No.5598628


Forgot to add that they when making it PERSONAL its about discrediting POTUS accomplishments….

244faf  No.5598629

File: d67e76fcf543454⋯.png (49.72 KB, 182x290, 91:145, fbicia.PNG)

FBI flew from DC to Langley!

a1093d  No.5598630

Blessed to teach is such a nerdy fag!

Thinks he’s going to change society …

As if anyone would pay attention to anything he says if he’s not reading drops!

c05abf  No.5598631

File: bd4dda23f58017c⋯.jpeg (76.11 KB, 789x499, 789:499, ShaqKEK.jpeg)

2a55f9  No.5598632

File: 4506c9530b76eba⋯.jpeg (78.43 KB, 615x409, 615:409, 594ACAB1-4BEA-48C9-8912-8….jpeg)



Hang her

922ee4  No.5598633

File: c0b919be92c5205⋯.jpg (102.14 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, painepain.jpg)

0820df  No.5598634

Q. Thank you.

I want to go back to the days when I could get fireworks via UPS. I want to drink wine coolers (lime mist) when i was 16. I want to jump out of trees into rivers w/o worrying about police.

I want to breakdane again w/o fear of persecution.

Thanks for all you do Q!

e3d0de  No.5598635


Oh yeah!! Can't wait anon!

91dcb7  No.5598636


I still waiver on that guy. Have not been able to reconcile some things.

c2a224  No.5598637

File: 4f17719aa417b4e⋯.jpg (379.38 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, IMG_5712.JPG)

File: 066f36a01e06775⋯.jpg (86.78 KB, 1041x764, 1041:764, FA50B683-4FAA-471A-968B-A0….jpg)

File: 3bcc0bd24317c92⋯.jpg (176.14 KB, 726x436, 363:218, 14E1F288-E5C7-493F-8022-99….jpg)

File: ee41e3dbf3a49da⋯.jpg (372.14 KB, 2270x2000, 227:200, 7870E462-636A-4995-8BE1-9B….jpg)

Jew whine of the century at this shiva eh

8b1da9  No.5598638


God bless her!

8d8fae  No.5598639

File: 484df98f20314b1⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1168x654, 584:327, Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at ….png)

File: ee0b535f7e95bdf⋯.png (182.14 KB, 412x330, 206:165, Screen Shot 2018-09-22 at ….png)

File: 96bbdc2f493a614⋯.png (473.89 KB, 889x534, 889:534, Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at ….png)

File: 7dda36262ed0d4a⋯.png (430.29 KB, 1102x734, 551:367, Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at ….png)

9a2704  No.5598640

File: da28c4ae72f2910⋯.jpg (60.65 KB, 497x272, 497:272, 1450284795822.jpg)


i have a 2300 ELO (chess rating for you low brows) I am likely the smartest guy in this room right now…

25a68f  No.5598641


>>5598263 Article in The Hill re: end of NSA surveillance program

let me know if i missed anything, anons

a5b296  No.5598642

File: 3ed790e4ab98969⋯.jpeg (106.47 KB, 2436x1125, 812:375, 5B469EF5-AD98-4504-92A9-2….jpeg)

jc2, hrc, bho, jb, ll, ps, lp, as, etc

565afc  No.5598643

File: b3363a547b65145⋯.jpg (192.78 KB, 680x708, 170:177, yess.jpg)


logic will overpower emotions…but we already knew this.

c9aafa  No.5598644


I'm disciplined about getting to new bread early to set filters for these assholes but they've been nuking the fresh loaves so early on one can't even get the bread to load until it's past 751, let alone set filters

b0a2d9  No.5598645

2b549a  No.5598646

File: 823d026d5d43a76⋯.png (65.51 KB, 170x255, 2:3, EXECUTED4TREASON.png)





dc19d9  No.5598647


Not a problem at all as night shift is my normal shift and (since I am a night owl) I tend to get on in full in about two hours as I both do real work while looking at the interesting things that comes up during that shift.

Of course it is the weekend so it's usually busy on the night shift given all the drunks, stoned and otherwise "I just got a mad skillz BJ" types who drop in. But just come back in 2-3 hours and ask, I will see it, and I will drop all the data again. Of course you could also just go to the notables, type in "Jordan Sather" and it will come up if you do not want to wait.

3370ea  No.5598648

File: 96502004ece8632⋯.png (284.94 KB, 579x504, 193:168, ClipboardImage.png)


Verified account


5s5 seconds ago


Incoming fuel!

Marines with @3rdmaw prepare to refuel an F/A-18 Hornet during training, March 6. (U.S Marine Corps photo by Sgt. Dominic Romero) @USMC @

670a33  No.5598649

File: 2c566dc7c31de33⋯.jpg (91.09 KB, 560x499, 560:499, 2vlsbs.jpg)



Wait for the

Muh Boomer


2a55f9  No.5598650




GIddy up?

5bcbef  No.5598651


My son is descended on his father's side from Matthew Hennen, who swiped horses for General Washington and who crossed the Delaware with him and was at Valley Forge. :)

Patriotism runs in this family.

5fc9a8  No.5598652


q shape?

63ea44  No.5598653



Cockburn: ‘There is a strange silence around town. Like the weird calm before a major hurricane.’ (DC)

a50ef1  No.5598654


Echo around WWG1WGA was and still is odd.

e1d112  No.5598655


Sorry.. it’s an ongoing case..

Can’t discuss it.

But you can guess based on Snowden’s comments. And based on Chelsea Mann-thing arrest for contempt.

Can’t have a trial if the guy is dead, can ya?

b6139b  No.5598656


When you wake up one day and all of your blackmail tapes are missing, You need to think of something.

448a31  No.5598657

File: ee610d5f6534417⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1600x1140, 80:57, ClipboardImage.png)

1169dd  No.5598658


highest ranking anon

56be8c  No.5598659


Careful not to under-estimate that majuk induced turd.

Has zombie army of minions, made of our kin.

40f6bd  No.5598660

I love Eletric Light Orchestra >>5598640

1d9596  No.5598661


That poison should be harder for the weak mined and downtrodden to find. It’s not hard to find at all.

e80fa2  No.5598662

File: 2f52bf60dc8964a⋯.jpg (438.33 KB, 1125x1898, 1125:1898, NSC_Fears.jpg)

Was this caught already?

Just came across.


975fe0  No.5598663

File: 70172c630cb31f4⋯.jpeg (22.35 KB, 255x255, 1:1, frank arrives.jpeg)

057521  No.5598664

File: 118076b94f42e00⋯.png (47.95 KB, 511x367, 511:367, 1fd74e27e84c6b8f5cf9d3e9ab….png)


We never would have stood a chance at this without Assange. Wikileaks. Seth Rich. and all the other brave people that stuck there necks out.


4fb204  No.5598665


Care to expand on your conclusion, anon?

0e930a  No.5598666

File: 523d19988b11bbb⋯.jpeg (118.47 KB, 959x900, 959:900, F3E1F8F3-5A7C-4DAD-8F2C-D….jpeg)

d4c789  No.5598667


When IT HAPPENS we will not be sitting on our asses 'seeing how it plays out'!! We will be out in the real world doing what we have been trained to do.

This is what we were CALLED for.

7ec8f0  No.5598668

File: 24f9d6bcaf84f28⋯.jpg (338.38 KB, 1408x1534, 704:767, shadilay.jpg)

96447e  No.5598669


That's why nobody loves you.

44b14d  No.5598670

File: 11e165889f7beb4⋯.png (598.77 KB, 537x737, 537:737, surrounded.PNG)

Arrests forthcoming, can't wait it's gonna be awesome. Kick ass Mr President!!

4ba813  No.5598671

File: 62c876b533b95cd⋯.png (239.01 KB, 377x362, 377:362, laffdog.png)

b33e1c  No.5598672

File: 6eec3ca2f4e31c0⋯.jpg (140.5 KB, 570x767, 570:767, QCrumbsHuberSeverePainDC5.jpg)

File: cc8a7c78b663eef⋯.jpg (156.6 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, QCrumbsHuberSeverePainDC2.jpg)

File: 2a9206c2f359ccd⋯.jpg (68.75 KB, 500x500, 1:1, QCrumbsHuberSeverePainDC4.jpg)

File: bf2f924303cd829⋯.jpg (140.51 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, NowComesthePain1.jpg)

File: 412b34adb05a8f0⋯.jpg (171.56 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, NowComesthePain5.jpg)

a15c80  No.5598673

File: f9dda44fbbd2fe2⋯.png (20.22 KB, 587x293, 587:293, wl.png)


4dd119  No.5598674

How Did America Oversight know to apply for the FOIA the exact day that the letter was to be delivered?

2a55f9  No.5598675

Never met my parents.

d2894b  No.5598676

File: a00de1b2ab17952⋯.jpg (268.01 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, Dailytruthmeme6.jpg)

7400ed  No.5598677

File: 75076dd6884b53d⋯.png (880.91 KB, 748x669, 748:669, gdubs.PNG)

8b1da9  No.5598678


what does the echo mean?

Yes, I'm 7month newfag

cdefc0  No.5598679

File: f10cbe57e805d0c⋯.jpg (223.49 KB, 780x1000, 39:50, lord haw-haw press release.jpg)

Press has to be in the movie. I hope.

4300ed  No.5598680


Should be doing it now while the news is breaking.

c33140  No.5598681


Good question. Coulter flipped and I was surprised. The Romney thing..I would not have thought she needed money. Maybe the deal is money and blackmail. Ann, wtf did you do?

234c11  No.5598682

Epstein Island was a Mossad


decb8f  No.5598683

File: 400c8dac2db5b9e⋯.jpg (424.26 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, Indictments-Coming-Q3010-3….jpg)

125705  No.5598684

File: 0dab7fca2a12983⋯.jpg (28.26 KB, 520x421, 520:421, laughing.JPG)

Reached for comment, a DOJ spokesperson said Huber’s review is still underway


44ed59  No.5598685

File: 8f717e56cb84efe⋯.jpg (71.54 KB, 780x620, 39:31, LOLPepe.jpg)

5ba693  No.5598686


Thanks to Assange we found Pizzagate.

If Pizzagate wasn't part of the plan, it showed those who were working the plan, that the public was ready to dig and work together.

620383  No.5598687

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

fc18cf  No.5598688

File: 4640e1d644809f3⋯.jpg (54.36 KB, 650x475, 26:19, shotcarrot.jpg)


I assume that a bunch of rifle bullets will make short work of whatever rancid thing is pulsating inside her chest cavity!

b9ad0e  No.5598690

File: 7da46e189f7f20b⋯.jpg (47.52 KB, 453x792, 151:264, IMG_20190310_071726.jpg)


6d905a  No.5598691


Countdown to a child having a horrific reaction to vaccine and dying, then parent suing. This will go to SCOTUS.

975fe0  No.5598692

File: d8d5a30503b22ff⋯.jpg (39.84 KB, 440x250, 44:25, Notable 2.jpg)

>>5598648 Marines with @3rdmaw prepare to refuel an F/A-18 Hornet

381106  No.5598693



Sunday, March 10, at 1:00 p.m., outside the State Library on Swanston Street.

43b5c7  No.5598694

File: 7d05a5afd4c5177⋯.webm (3.75 MB, 320x240, 4:3, 1551750849718.webm)

File: 43f72c12c58add0⋯.jpg (629.29 KB, 2000x1500, 4:3, original-detective-crazy-w….jpg)

File: 7d05a5afd4c5177⋯.webm (3.75 MB, 320x240, 4:3, 1551750849718.webm)

File: 72b9bcaa6ba7225⋯.webm (2.84 MB, 230x408, 115:204, 1551651361671.webm)

565afc  No.5598696


I 2nd that!

448a31  No.5598697

File: 97628d61c217cf7⋯.mp4 (6.59 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Real-TiCvm5hGP6RxifPR.mp4)

2a55f9  No.5598698

File: eef0c94b86cfa10⋯.jpeg (119.44 KB, 620x388, 155:97, BBFC5034-DCDF-4258-AF40-4….jpeg)


HAVE the second part.

b6139b  No.5598699


(((the jews)))

63ea44  No.5598700

File: e517ffda24332d4⋯.png (190.73 KB, 353x431, 353:431, kekmate19.png)

663673  No.5598702

File: 0bbcd94f471ef7f⋯.jpg (97.29 KB, 960x952, 120:119, 22519377_1551970274892160_….jpg)

Lest we forget. So shilly in here today. Different tactics though so that's something

417bed  No.5598703


CNN! Do it Q!

01dbba  No.5598704

File: ea9355046bb8fb6⋯.png (456.62 KB, 553x390, 553:390, 2019-03-09_20-43-36.png)


'I stand corrected.'


670a33  No.5598705

File: d06dcd8f22c200a⋯.jpg (23.35 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 2oy6c9.jpg)



Tripps for



c2a224  No.5598706

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Plastic printed electric motor

The design possibilities

a1093d  No.5598707

7mm Remington Magnum…

Preferred round of the fbi

Roll your own

e8f32d  No.5598708

File: 7978957813e203f⋯.jpeg (125.11 KB, 748x420, 187:105, 7D38D7D2-A364-4B3F-96E9-4….jpeg)

Q, Ben Shapiro politely requests that you destroy #YANGGANG.

b0739e  No.5598710

File: 46cb560d5d12d62⋯.jpg (31.21 KB, 400x500, 4:5, buddha-quotes-about-life-d….jpg)

File: 5df680bd8233ada⋯.jpg (98.06 KB, 500x685, 100:137, indexr.jpg)

bb74cc  No.5598711


Later in the year more likely or early 2020.

We have been in this exact scenario on the board numerous times.

A few days ago Q wrote July 4, 2019 - prolly to tell anons to simmer down.

975fe0  No.5598712

File: b09e11bc4f3ef33⋯.jpg (8.67 KB, 255x154, 255:154, keks in declass.jpg)


me too.

a50ef1  No.5598713


Congrats, you can memorize and regurgitate openings.

8abcac  No.5598714

File: 10a85aed1e7f6e5⋯.jpg (107.83 KB, 702x810, 13:15, IMG_20181125_101219.jpg)

f7c18c  No.5598715


I liked Gorka pretty good before he talked shit about Q. I understand he may be playing a role. So I am just playing back by talking shit about him.

77144e  No.5598717


Brian Cates Stealth Jeff has total VINDICATION

f69ad3  No.5598718


Really, is that why you reply to anons who are not even speaking to you with a direct reply like they were?

>been here awhile


Who’s new again?

057521  No.5598719

File: 035be1e2abd53b9⋯.jpg (164.75 KB, 1008x734, 504:367, UqJXDpvDPtbmGowMT3Ua9-M8wZ….jpg)


Trump would be doing season 17 of the apprentice if it wasn't for Assange.


36d636  No.5598720

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Good time for this again!!

d4c789  No.5598721


We all have but ONE FATHER.

1d38f3  No.5598722

File: adff74ce2f0bc6a⋯.jpeg (257.07 KB, 1440x1081, 1440:1081, 1527078663.jpeg)

2b549a  No.5598723

File: 8445fad3f244358⋯.png (55.26 KB, 275x183, 275:183, GOODDAY4SUICIDE!.png)


aa2020  No.5598725


I was looking for that one!

69cda5  No.5598726

File: 0d22112845fa5a2⋯.jpg (105.26 KB, 491x678, 491:678, The Gibbet.jpg)

aa8de2  No.5598728

State secrets dig


Post June 20, 2018:

The Justice Department has not reported to Congress on the government’s use of the state secrets privilege since 2011, the Department acknowledged this week, contrary to a policy promising regular reporting on the subject.

In a 2009 statement of policy and procedures concerning the state secrets privilege, then-Attorney General Eric Holder said that “The Department will provide periodic reports to appropriate oversight committees of Congress with respect to all cases in which the Department invokes the privilege on behalf of departments or agencies in litigation, explaining the basis for invoking the privilege.”

In April 2011, the first such report was produced. It was one of several steps that were “intended to ensure greater accountability and reliability in the invocation of the privilege. They were developed in the wake of public criticism concerning the propriety of the Government’s use of the state secrets privilege.”

But the first periodic report on the state secrets privilege has turned out to be the last.

In 2014, John Carlin of the Department’s National Security Division affirmed the policy during his confirmation. “I understand that the Department’s policy remains to provide periodic reports to appropriate oversight committees of Congress regarding invocations of the State Secrets Privilege in litigation, and the Department provided its initial report to Congress on April 29, 2011,” he told the Senate Intelligence Committee. “I believe that the Department plans to submit another report in the near future.”

But no such report was ever submitted.

“No records responsive to your request were located,” the Justice Department stated this week in response to a FOIA request for any subsequent reports.

While Congress could request and require such a report at any time, it has not done so. And because the 2009 Holder policy on state secrets was “voluntarily” adopted by the Justice Department in response to public controversy, there was nothing to stop the policy from being unilaterally abandoned.

5ddaef  No.5598729

File: 114103defd3e942⋯.jpg (159.69 KB, 500x702, 250:351, GGJ.jpg)

File: 9a1bdbe860b036c⋯.jpg (159.67 KB, 500x702, 250:351, GGJ2.jpg)

File: 7d90e6ec4ef41a7⋯.jpg (156.85 KB, 500x702, 250:351, GGJ3.jpg)

File: 5ba72ef67d74566⋯.jpg (158.11 KB, 500x702, 250:351, GGJ6.jpg)

File: cd5cd43fc4bdc6e⋯.jpg (163.26 KB, 500x702, 250:351, HRC5.jpg)

7ec8f0  No.5598731

File: a69d74b6460d620⋯.gif (278.36 KB, 1000x700, 10:7, 56FDDF12-51EE-4D11-8992-4F….gif)

b33e1c  No.5598732

File: 218028528159d2b⋯.jpg (177.39 KB, 600x764, 150:191, QCrumbsChessGameOpponentsM….jpg)

File: 14be82259d15061⋯.jpg (203.1 KB, 883x629, 883:629, QCrumbsPanicDCFireSuicideW….jpg)

File: a3cea45b554cd50⋯.jpg (354.54 KB, 888x1201, 888:1201, PepeChess.jpg)

57dc9d  No.5598733

File: 11366b1fc908982⋯.jpg (303.17 KB, 690x906, 115:151, clinton podesta emails 14 ….jpg)

2 of 14

"Syrian no-fly zone

During the second presidential debate Sunday evening, Clinton expressed her support for a no-fly zone over parts of Syria as an approach to the humanitarian crisis unfolding in that country.

However, in a speech paid for by Goldman Sachs in June 2013, Clinton expressed skepticism that the tactic could ever work in Syria.

"But the idea that we would have like a no fly zone—Syria, of course, did have when it started the fourth biggest Army in the world. It had very sophisticated air defense systems. They're getting more sophisticated thanks to Russian imports," Clinton said, according to leaked speech excerpts.

"To have a no fly zone you have to take out all of the air defense, many of which are located in populated areas," she added. "So our missiles, even if they are standoff missiles so we're not putting our pilots at risk—you're going to kill a lot of Syrians. So all of a sudden this intervention that people talk about so glibly becomes an American and NATO involvement where you take a lot of civilians."

Most Clinton Foundation donors aren't American

In a speech delivered to Mediacorp in 2013, Clinton admitted that the largest share of donations to the Clinton Foundation came from outside the U.S.

"Canadians per capita are the biggest supporters of the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative, so it's great to be supported by so many Canadians," Clinton said.

Transcripts show Clinton spoke frequently and affectionately of her family's foundation and some of its largest donors, such as Bank of America and Gap, Inc. "


9a2704  No.5598734


how many times was Trump there?

a1093d  No.5598735



b08697  No.5598736

File: bfa3a59ac686e3b⋯.jpg (47 KB, 650x464, 325:232, r18.jpg.2acfc84521848c1bad….jpg)

f213cf  No.5598737

I can't find a GITMO or bust meme


Do we have one?

66d87e  No.5598738


> Master: Zack Exley (Sanders Master)

Exley is fucking everywhere. Swamp rat.

> From 2010-2013 the Wikimedia Foundation employed Zack Exley as Chief Community Officer. Exley is a co-founder of the New Organizing Institute and had previously been a fellow of the Open Society Institute and creative director at MoveOn.[304] The Wikimedia Foundation hired Barry Newstead and Zack Exley at the same time in June 2010. [305] Exley oversaw the expansion of the Wikimedia Foundation from 20 to 200 employees.[306] Zexley is a senior strategist with marketing firm OMP[307] which serves the Democratic Party.[308]


e1d112  No.5598739


You elected us.

Are you active duty military? Police? First responder?

Then until your governor calls you out in a militia, sit down and play on your computer.

The canal wants you to get out in the streets.. so either you are an infiltrator schill.. or you are an ignorant patriot being manipulated. Have you learned nothing? GO back to the beginning and reread drops. All of them. Damn 1st level learners.. expand your thinking .. you are still asleep.

082f93  No.5598741


People will get indicted. The truth will surface during their trials. IT will be a slow painful awakening for the left. It won’t happen overnight.

cc2c82  No.5598742


Didn't POTUS tweet/retweet that once?

22b17e  No.5598743

File: a5482cef616b43d⋯.jpeg (159.77 KB, 828x1224, 23:34, 036E89FA-536F-44ED-8697-F….jpeg)

File: 131e587d2dea8d7⋯.jpeg (355.53 KB, 827x1229, 827:1229, 363D6341-E5A3-4DE0-ABA8-F….jpeg)

File: 0a9033cfee0208f⋯.jpeg (201.8 KB, 828x1219, 36:53, 6CBE11CC-FC90-4035-81A9-E….jpeg)

These inbred cannibal pedophiles and their sick culture twisting chemically induced technologically enhanced abominations must be exposed to the public to ease the pain, Truth is freedom and freedom is peace. When the people can realize what true evil is then they can forgive and love each other once again. Enough of this, set them free!

1deaa7  No.5598744

>>5598563 kek

Comedians hate following a better comic. Kelly had to follow Smollet's act. Fitting.

We need a meme of him pissing on Chelsea Handler.

565afc  No.5598745

File: 4407628c6fc1035⋯.jpg (261.93 KB, 400x600, 2:3, Q jango.jpg)

b0dc6d  No.5598746

File: 6289c02e981e8f9⋯.jpeg (111.99 KB, 1024x692, 256:173, 2AED49C7-E5A6-4D3B-93FD-4….jpeg)

fc18cf  No.5598747

File: a97224c87be75ce⋯.jpg (248.88 KB, 676x1024, 169:256, 1249802868197.jpg)



Bullshit! BULLSHIT!

Firing Squad!

Hanging is far too fucking tame for these military-grade crimes. These people tried to sell us all into slavery and death, and our children for food and sex slaves. FUCK Hanging. These people have committed crimes far beyond what HANGING is sufficient to punish.

They should be shot dead by military personnel with powerful rifles.

bbccf8  No.5598749

File: e910bad7c0d0c91⋯.jpg (636.76 KB, 2100x1500, 7:5, GITMOAIR.jpg)

2ef587  No.5598750

Can John Brennan please be the first one to be indicted? How many Langley Clowns will drive home that day with shit-stained trousers?

448a31  No.5598751


i have the bigger file version but this place only lets us post up to 16mb.

2a55f9  No.5598752


Talk daily throughout with Him!

a5dcc4  No.5598753

File: c62e5db90f8c07c⋯.png (323.06 KB, 764x938, 382:469, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 329c880e855837f⋯.png (767.29 KB, 706x540, 353:270, ClipboardImage.png)

0f6e8a  No.5598755

File: 209f3379cb761d2⋯.jpg (353.38 KB, 2560x2560, 1:1, I See Q People Q.jpg)


and the alternative? What Clinton/DS had planned for us? I feel not one bit of sorrow for anyone that can't grasp the truth. The truth is there, They just have to open their eyes

b45eb1  No.5598756

>>5598452 Or an american diplomatic explode a plane in Russia….

dc19d9  No.5598757


I actually agree with you that they will try something fucking massive and awful. However this is something that we have been discussing here for a long time. Hell, it is something that has been discussed going back to the late 90s when people were going back and forth about what would happen if the day ever came. So, yeah, I think it's safe to assume every anon expects them to try or have tried already.

Not much we can do. All we can do is look at data, investigate/research and hope for the best possible outcome as at the end of the day that is all we are - researchers who love their country.

c2a224  No.5598759



The tools developed for this us18rico are beyond federal authority purposes

Also the coniveing Faggots hate to be called


f30087  No.5598760

885ff9  No.5598761

Gods speed Q

Love you. My whole family is ready to explain everything to our neighbors, friends & family as soon as it starts going down.

I also happen to be CEO of a University that shall remain unnamed for obvious reasons.

If something truly public goes down I’ll have the cover I need to send an email to more than 20,000 who will listen to me.

Locked, loaded and ready.

Do it Q!

e3d0de  No.5598762


Amen anon! Thank you!

1dadd3  No.5598763


Fake news.

656915  No.5598764

File: 39eb0ea59184582⋯.png (290.01 KB, 395x363, 395:363, no smoking.PNG)

7840be  No.5598765

It’s happening Frens!!

Can you feel it in the air tonight!!! What a time to be alive!! I'm so thankful to share it with you!!

Listen to this!!


Thank You, Lord!!

Love you Q!!

921b9d  No.5598767


No! Eric Holder is 1st!

2b549a  No.5598768

File: 99e39cb543859b1⋯.jpg (48.67 KB, 526x440, 263:220, SUICIDE.jpg)

91dcb7  No.5598769


(((The Nazis)))

e732bc  No.5598770

File: c6cc9c9030bcacf⋯.jpg (125.57 KB, 749x578, 749:578, m.jpg)

bb0e9d  No.5598772

File: b7f7ed473cac16e⋯.jpg (156.11 KB, 1024x794, 512:397, USSmacon_.jpg)

f213cf  No.5598773

7ec8f0  No.5598774

File: 1a1db9398b2f6c6⋯.jpg (131.71 KB, 540x810, 2:3, WSGIG2.jpg)

f7c18c  No.5598775

Praise the LORD!

"When the parisin' go up, you get belssin' comin' down.

448a31  No.5598776


Something like that

2b549a  No.5598777

File: 141cad68aa18fda⋯.png (65.92 KB, 170x255, 2:3, SUICIDEMAGGIE.png)

aa8de2  No.5598778



Baker, please bun re State secrets as the mechanism to avoid FOIA re Huber

0c2615  No.5598780


89bcaf  No.5598781


Will have to be something which affects the zombies directly to come out first. The health "care" crap, perhaps? They're too self-absorbed and dependent on TV & facistbook - a total loss. Was already 110% alienated due to location anyway (toxic area in general), but facistbook & TV addiction is truly like a disease.

0aa880  No.5598782

975fe0  No.5598783

File: 5c9a74b712246db⋯.jpg (33.66 KB, 768x512, 3:2, Frank agrees.jpg)


took that awhile ago. knew it would be useful


057521  No.5598784

File: 802bc711d9d8439⋯.jpg (78.15 KB, 813x528, 271:176, aok.JPG)

cc1db7  No.5598785


Fibanachi everywhere…

2b549a  No.5598786

File: 44c6ad76816bd8d⋯.png (213.44 KB, 612x408, 3:2, SUICIDEHELPLINE.png)

591868  No.5598787

I just had a nap, no new Q posts. Had this dream I was in Trump's office (not WH) and had to redecorate (not my thing!). He mentioned he wanted a minimalist style, which I said was well known, from his TV shows (lied, never watched them!). He seemed to pick up on this lie and I had to choose the colours for this lowboy type cabinet with legs and three drawers across horizontally. They drawer fronts had a yellow colour, a cream colour and a purple colour, but they had pretentious names of course (can't remember those). I got stuck on the purple color, and hung about in the foyer where some media came through then eventually went to Trump and said, you know, hey this is not my thing. He smiled a crooked smile (where his smile went almost 90 degrees around to his left) and I realised it was a dream and woke up to a whole bunch of new Q posts.

Just thought I'd share that. It seemed a bit coincidental, and never had a dream like that before.

8d8fae  No.5598788

File: bfbc75ec04da2c0⋯.png (629.3 KB, 1117x856, 1117:856, Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at ….png)

a5dcc4  No.5598789

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Trey's Greatest Hits Vol. 1

1dadd3  No.5598790


Is it just me and all of you or what the fuck

c2a224  No.5598791


Use the daniel lotion on your rifle

Then take photos

cdefc0  No.5598792

File: e66cd1728ab9882⋯.png (164.56 KB, 686x385, 98:55, ClipboardImage.png)

Axis Sally (Mildred Gillars)

Several American Nazi sympathizers worked as broadcasters for German state radio, but perhaps none was as famous as Mildred Gillars. Born in Maine, Gillars was a former Broadway showgirl who moved to Berlin in 1934. She remained in Germany after the war broke out, and eventually became one of the Third Reich’s most prominent radio personalities with “Home Sweet Home,” a propaganda show directed at American troops. Gillars broadcasted under the radio handle “Midge,” but American GIs soon gave her a more infamous nickname: “Axis Sally.” Gillars’ Axis Sally spoke in a friendly, conversational tone, but her goal was to unsettle her listeners. One of her favorite tactics was to mention the soldiers’ wives and girlfriends and then muse about whether the women would remain faithful, “especially if you boys get all mutilated and do not return in one piece.” Prior to the Allied invasion of France, she also starred in a radio play, called “Vision of Invasion,” as an American mother whose son needlessly drowns during the attack. Like a lot of propaganda, Gillars’ radio shows rarely had their desired effect—many GI’s only listened because they found them funny—but she was still considered a traitor by the U.S. government. When the war ended, the voice of Axis Sally was arrested and eventually spent 12 years behind bars.


5ba693  No.5598793


Q linked to it once.

Can't confirm or deny POTUS tweet of it.

952203  No.5598794

File: 50a7039d7f86042⋯.jpg (115.93 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, HRC Soul.jpg)

134b20  No.5598795

Is Ilhan Omar's office being swept/ tested for any EXPLOSIVES ? Are there explosive sniffing dogs covering the entrances and offices of Congress and Senate ? What do you say Q ?

62edb7  No.5598796


The die hard libs will not believe it or will make excuses for whatever is exposed. It will be spun in such a way that it will be 1. Trumps fault and 2. a problem created by conservatives.

3370ea  No.5598797

File: e985504dd8cff65⋯.png (430.88 KB, 600x583, 600:583, ClipboardImage.png)


a40dae  No.5598798

File: 21bda6b9325d2d7⋯.png (2.35 KB, 471x60, 157:20, ClipboardImage.png)

Whew…a record mayhaps.

<Inb4 BV deleted posts.

77144e  No.5598799

File: 35c1e233ccb49ff⋯.jpeg (718.83 KB, 1245x1519, 1245:1519, 74BFFC09-8E2E-44FC-8293-4….jpeg)


Uh, this could be war.

4a4ac7  No.5598800

File: dfca2031d3ce0c7⋯.jpg (244.99 KB, 946x960, 473:480, Nug Shift.jpg)

File: 791c2990a8c07dc⋯.jpg (96.03 KB, 650x360, 65:36, NightCap Shift.jpg)

8d8fae  No.5598801

File: b6ce0959bc71db8⋯.png (167.22 KB, 928x834, 464:417, Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at ….png)



975fe0  No.5598802

File: f0fb56e60cd3c60⋯.png (780.77 KB, 1027x691, 1027:691, Gitmo.png)


habe another

13ab2e  No.5598803

>>5598622 Teddy was a freakin' SOCIALIST!

cd8634  No.5598804


A few of us have been saying she is a LARP since the beginning. I know because I have seen identical cases locally but they never run for office, they just get in the system to block any threat to rthe establishment. What was shown by Project Veritas before the midterms is what they normally do. AOC is not dump and after she crashes and burns she will become the Democrat's Sara Palin. She is not going away.

d4c789  No.5598805


Already did to next door neighbor. But, the news you say IS BREAKING is only breaking to us. Anon will wait for tomorrow's (Sunday) news programs.

a024e6  No.5598806


I never paid much attention to him before I came here. I just think it would be really funny if it were him. The 'Q is garbage' stuff he posted seemed odd to me.

e80fa2  No.5598807


Sounds good, Anon! Night Owl myself & not a Newfag by any means, but did fall off for awhile, so missed a bunch here.

So, ill do that, but still drop a message to ya, if its slow & nothing big is going down, have some other Q's thinking you might have the answers to. Thanks though, much appreciated.

Look for AzAnon signature with the MJ12 Q!

e5c8ca  No.5598808

File: d2db15ecde72f1d⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1400x700, 2:1, yoda-habbening-it-is.png)

822ef2  No.5598809

File: 07b9473e2682e63⋯.jpg (115.45 KB, 1072x1200, 67:75, 07b9473e2682e634f08c721dec….jpg)


Here is the Sessions Letter that was missed and not put in with Q's post.

b08697  No.5598810

File: 97c9a1de62bca21⋯.jpg (138.74 KB, 500x718, 250:359, r16.jpg.b3fa8db7872a1e541c….jpg)

0820df  No.5598811


I'm listening.. Do you have any non-jesus messages?

cdefc0  No.5598812

File: f654110a2f3865b⋯.png (146.91 KB, 686x385, 98:55, ClipboardImage.png)

Philippe Henriot

In the dying days of the Nazi occupation of France, propagandist Philippe Henriot lit up the airwaves with a series of pro-German radio broadcasts aimed at pacifying the resistance. The French-born Henriot was a right wing firebrand who had eagerly aligned himself with the collaborationist Vichy government. In January 1944, he was appointed as the regime’s chief propagandist and spin doctor.

An eloquent speaker, Henriot played on the anxieties of the French people by arguing that the hardships they faced stemmed from their continued association with the Allies and native resistance groups, whom he labeled “terrorists.” He also used his radio programs as a platform to counter the arguments espoused by the Free French Forces, who were then broadcasting in exile from the BBC in London. Henriot’s twice-daily radio shows were appointment listening for the French public—many of whom called him the “French Goebbels”—but his influence was ultimately short-lived. In June 1944, he was assassinated in a targeted hit by French resistance fighters.


945bae  No.5598813

File: b92381acfc35d13⋯.png (316.23 KB, 642x450, 107:75, Z-e-c-a-k-r-jm2jm2yyy.png)

File: 697ead4b9b92f27⋯.png (1.53 MB, 862x1111, 862:1111, the-burial-of-the-dead-AKA….png)

File: de26f47792db0f3⋯.png (1.43 MB, 999x769, 999:769, Friendship-prevails-in-the….png)

What does Zuck FEAR?

And what does the "board owner" fear that makes him keep banning and deleting my (human) posts?

e1d112  No.5598814

File: ae02f3a21052936⋯.jpeg (72.01 KB, 570x621, 190:207, B65B3D2F-E464-4428-BF84-C….jpeg)

File: 597838c268468ff⋯.jpeg (66.66 KB, 684x1000, 171:250, DB9927D5-0760-4714-A16F-3….jpeg)

c2a224  No.5598815


Are ya loucheing again

58f187  No.5598816


>cash the checks your anon mouths have written.

FOH with your threats. Anons didn't make this mess. Shove your ego and your IQ up your shriveled arse.

01dbba  No.5598817

File: 33012f2f400e506⋯.png (215.75 KB, 487x260, 487:260, 2019-03-09_20-51-31.png)



8d8fae  No.5598818


Theveral Thourthes thay

garbage spin

7ec8f0  No.5598819



No you fuckin douche two people not two fuckin groups. now please KYS

1deaa7  No.5598820


If they line them up for a firing squad, I hope the first rounds are blanks, so when the second round pierces their heart, they have already crapped themselves.

0c2615  No.5598821



9a2704  No.5598822


what are we o make of trump being buddy buddy with epstein then? Was trump on the lolita express logs?

72f5c9  No.5598823


I'm guessing this is totally fake. Trying to get ahead of their arrests and make it look like Trump is retaliating against them.

a90274  No.5598824

File: a39ee296f149e8b⋯.png (368.16 KB, 591x591, 1:1, Screenshot 2019-03-09_20-5….png)

File: ca36475ccc1df7b⋯.png (138.83 KB, 731x855, 731:855, Screenshot 2019-03-09_20-5….png)


2ef587  No.5598825

Who is the Stealth Bomber? Is it Mueller, not in the "Mueller Investigation" way? What if Mueller was actually working under deep cover for the white hats (MI) in carrying the suitcase for the U1 hand off. Now that's one hell of a Stealth "U1" Bomber. Kaboom!

4a7886  No.5598826

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


A reminder.

244faf  No.5598827


FAKE as hell

967991  No.5598828

File: 2f7be2d35e2f45a⋯.jpg (114.36 KB, 627x733, 627:733, 2f7be2d35e2f45a788cb0d639e….jpg)


Between Vegas, the baseball game, the train crash, the missile scare, and the missilecopter, i think everyone's just wondering how fucking bad it can get.

2cc700  No.5598829



i actually have a very nice handgun serial number 8666 kek!

edbf1b  No.5598830

File: 8be0e061839ae6e⋯.jpg (56.74 KB, 600x400, 3:2, checkmate.jpg)

Checkmate (often shortened to mate) is a game position in chess and other chess-like games in which a player's king is in check (threatened with capture ) and there is no way to remove the threat. Checkmating the opponent wins the game.

945bae  No.5598831

File: 8c026644d92cd15⋯.png (49.83 KB, 979x958, 979:958, banned-for-incoherent-reas….png)

File: adb661869bffad3⋯.png (399.93 KB, 1000x751, 1000:751, what-does-the-board-owner-….png)

File: 35b56a76bf48957⋯.png (143.69 KB, 555x830, 111:166, whatgetsyoubanned.png)

File: c91e3b6cf84667a⋯.png (101.35 KB, 941x411, 941:411, TT.png)

File: b92ae165f5d4005⋯.png (42.74 KB, 1709x198, 1709:198, BO-censor.png)

This is NOT a "free speech board". It is tightly controlled.

1dadd3  No.5598832


I'm so paranoid.

f30087  No.5598833

Who else would like to see like 700-1000 of these deep state fucks off themselves in a single weekend?

Like - 24/7 MSM wall to wall coverage of the most famous deep state cabal shitbags doorknobbing themselves.

I dream of it.

3e40b9  No.5598834


incoming baker

this is prev baker phonefaggin

pls add to notables lb like i do or ask anon repost like traditional

222696  No.5598835


I also have a family that qualifies me as a DAR. I am very proud of my family’s history in America and I enjoy history, so I am going to join. DAR groups that I have known are very elderly and we need younger members to carry the tradition with honor in memory of the greatest patriots.

2b549a  No.5598836




945bae  No.5598837

File: 41bd7c02e3a8064⋯.png (391.54 KB, 638x640, 319:320, FreeNancy.png)

File: 103a66fd7dea878⋯.png (196.39 KB, 522x458, 261:229, PC56.png)

File: a04cce1607f3972⋯.png (226.14 KB, 522x458, 261:229, PC55.png)

fc18cf  No.5598838

File: 5b0b15166c29b90⋯.jpg (102.81 KB, 537x799, 537:799, cristo.jpg)


Jesus has a pretty solid message, Anon.

c9aafa  No.5598839


An eternal mystery to me is why those horrific beige stripes on the OO wall were kept. Gotta be a good reason.

5a0bdc  No.5598840


She is just a new form of lunatic fringe left. Cenk of Young Turks is not "our guy." He is behind the start of this Justice Democrats movement

8d8fae  No.5598841

File: 20b2c6a55b9ff29⋯.png (773.34 KB, 1044x831, 348:277, Screen Shot 2018-11-10 at ….png)

326d7e  No.5598842

Why is the 'everyone is a bot' bot changing his IP every 3 seconds? I mean easy enough to mute but feels like hes about to say goodnight very soon himself.

bbb13e  No.5598843

File: ff002017ce937e5⋯.jpeg (501.81 KB, 1242x1510, 621:755, 082847DB-0317-4F3F-A3B7-F….jpeg)




cdefc0  No.5598844

File: ecb5201c73cfdf5⋯.png (235.79 KB, 686x385, 98:55, ClipboardImage.png)

Lord Haw Haw (William Joyce)

Beginning in 1939, millions of Britons regularly tuned in to a German propaganda broadcast hosted by a smug Nazi sympathizer nicknamed “Lord Haw Haw.” Several men were identified with the name, but it was most famously associated with William Joyce, an American-born fascist who had spent most of his life in the United Kingdom. Joyce was an outspoken acolyte of Adolf Hitler who had fled to Berlin at the beginning of the war. He soon joined the state broadcasting system, where he found an outlet for his particularly fiery brand of rhetoric.

Speaking in a clipped, cosmopolitan British accent, Joyce’s Lord Haw Haw dished out taunts and pro-Hitler rants intended to break the spirit of his beleaguered listeners. In between chastising Jews and the British government, he would gleefully report on the most recent casualties of the Blitz, often warning his audience to expect further punishment from the German Luftwaffe. Joyce’s influence waned in the later years of the war, and he was eventually captured near Flensburg, Germany in 1945 after occupying British troops recognized his famous voice. Found guilty of aiding the enemy, Britain’s most famous turncoat was executed by hanging in January 1946.


1d9596  No.5598845

File: a35bb3f83f2b4e0⋯.jpeg (159.96 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, B1CE7DF8-660B-4008-9403-B….jpeg)



e1d112  No.5598846

File: 2b261984303dcf1⋯.jpeg (215.92 KB, 984x1150, 492:575, 31FBFACB-E0F9-4205-8F38-B….jpeg)

File: 1ac04acdd3da58d⋯.jpeg (326.6 KB, 1023x1292, 1023:1292, 55A5D703-60CB-4979-90BB-7….jpeg)

File: 82b46b5d9322654⋯.jpeg (536.6 KB, 1005x1306, 1005:1306, 3C4F2CBE-89AD-4BBD-AA7C-B….jpeg)

File: b4863194d976ca1⋯.jpeg (574.25 KB, 1010x1308, 505:654, 016FD1C2-9305-48FC-A34D-E….jpeg)


It was in earlier drop wasn’t it?

857a2a  No.5598847


They will try, but the evidence will be so strong that their attempts to excuse or deny will only make them pariahs.

945bae  No.5598848

File: 94e1dac594c96ad⋯.png (247.56 KB, 511x333, 511:333, Another-highly-erotically-….png)

File: 8c783cc5a0f57e5⋯.png (1.31 MB, 999x722, 999:722, the-lamb.png)

File: 155f1abc1df012c⋯.png (1.67 MB, 1111x833, 1111:833, T-b-RR-ee-jjjjjjjjjj.png)

7ec8f0  No.5598849

File: f54fdf09986c954⋯.jpeg (9.73 KB, 315x160, 63:32, cross-IT-out.jpeg)


nice try m8 - IC what u did there

2433c0  No.5598850


and buddy buddy with Steve Schwarzman of skull and bones. Blackstone Private Equity

276a80  No.5598851

File: 7ccfde2f978e9e3⋯.jpg (208.58 KB, 1576x1185, 1576:1185, NYC_Nightshift.JPG)

846e6a  No.5598852

How bad does it hurt to come off of adrenochrome cold turkey?

99c105  No.5598853

Is Q trying to scare some of them to offing themselves?

975fe0  No.5598854


will dump it again next bread. no worries

ba4f98  No.5598855


No we want to hang them. Much more fun.

aa8de2  No.5598856


Baker additional OG Q posts re State secrets

#14 & #553



5a5424  No.5598857


Fuck you you IP hopping retard. Please die in a fire.

0820df  No.5598858

Shhh.. the fuck up

945bae  No.5598859

File: 3f0d37fdeddc769⋯.png (658.95 KB, 564x885, 188:295, OUITEBIBBOO.png)

File: d066f58836dceaf⋯.png (154.9 KB, 730x680, 73:68, whats-it-qm.png)

File: e5d62e97b9efefe⋯.png (618.32 KB, 518x735, 74:105, ThreadJesus.png)

1dadd3  No.5598860

2495be  No.5598861

>>5598728 Trump wouldn’t be president if not for

>>5598719 justice departments state secrets not reporting to congres

>>5598733 Most Clinton Foundation donors aren't America



fc18cf  No.5598862

File: ff29b749605480d⋯.jpg (50.45 KB, 1024x571, 1024:571, hbtra_flynn.jpg)

dc19d9  No.5598863


You don't have to have a signature. I am full retard level autist and can see the patterns in how people write things out so I will know it is you.

698aa2  No.5598865


I think so. Law and Justice is coming.

a78579  No.5598866

Seems like we stand at the tipping point anons. Remember, help those in need. Help those that are confused. and most importantly. Pray.

883fa5  No.5598867


Do you have notables, baker, or could new baker use some help gathering them?

0aa880  No.5598868



1dadd3  No.5598869


The chick with bill is hot though

945bae  No.5598870

File: 530bd1e7cc8052e⋯.png (435.75 KB, 590x455, 118:91, c-oom-E-e-vehorr-ueuer.png)

File: 0f11b7f5f274a79⋯.png (249.74 KB, 444x501, 148:167, aww-babby.png)

File: 9f030de3227e1bd⋯.png (603.19 KB, 1189x444, 1189:444, bgcwbjm.png)

bf4d04  No.5598871

File: b335ab48148a143⋯.mp4 (13.26 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 720_30_13.23_Mar092019.mp4)

a90274  No.5598872

File: 2496c7c539343e6⋯.jpg (703.29 KB, 1255x4915, 251:983, screencapture-cnn-2019-03-….jpg)

021faa  No.5598873


Fake and Gay…it would be indict, then report. Even if last thing he did. Bullshit unsourced fake news.

b33e1c  No.5598874

File: 63e434a182c2b48⋯.jpg (550.59 KB, 1024x726, 512:363, Cabal in GITMO.jpg)

File: 3b8a2cccd02cc9a⋯.png (861.64 KB, 763x678, 763:678, ComeyGitmoThatsIt.png)

File: e316651c8b8a3b0⋯.jpg (110.11 KB, 700x365, 140:73, GitmoGrandReopening.jpg)

File: 1b3202b2ef79058⋯.jpg (389.6 KB, 1100x714, 550:357, QCrumbsMPDeployToGitmo.jpg)

File: d40179114770bbe⋯.jpg (676.7 KB, 940x1224, 235:306, welcomegitmo.jpg)


We have 145 gitmo memes & they're in the memearchive with 'gitmo' in their filename. We've been holding some of them back for a bigger bang later.

125705  No.5598875


The liberal nonprofit American Oversight obtained the letter through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request they filed on Nov. 22, 2017––(((the same day Whitaker emailed Sessions’ letter to Huber.)))

How did American Oversight know about the letter?


91dcb7  No.5598876


It is not a question of if, but when. It could come from any number of directions including, but not limited to the ds.

b08697  No.5598877

File: ba742b230d6f8c9⋯.jpg (340.84 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 8s3j59wo1jb.jpg)


WTF? Why you bringing me into your Jew shill debate?

5440bb  No.5598878


Lose one city to bring down the deep state? To end mass child sacrifice and human trafficking? To end the satanic world order?


25a68f  No.5598879

b0dc6d  No.5598880

File: 52bed5bf382a107⋯.jpeg (583.61 KB, 1121x1935, 1121:1935, 8865B896-9112-44E0-8A63-D….jpeg)


I like it.


44b14d  No.5598881

File: 389ca737c30adf1⋯.png (329.51 KB, 916x381, 916:381, git.PNG)

698aa2  No.5598882

File: da94b943ff56400⋯.jpg (292.12 KB, 604x552, 151:138, da94b943ff5640050ef9de446a….jpg)

7c6681  No.5598883





c2a224  No.5598884

It's like that pelosi skonka is going to a prom of geriatric diaper sniffers

883fa5  No.5598885


Never mind, you just posted, thx.

b97aab  No.5598886

File: bd566ee07f6ccc6⋯.jpeg (125.15 KB, 592x686, 296:343, F27391B7-0CBF-473D-8220-F….jpeg)

My understanding is Iranians are lovely, friendly, welcoming and hospitable people. I don’t care what nationality people are. If they fit that description they are worthy of anons help.

The “people” are not the ruling elite

381106  No.5598887

File: c53100c413a0731⋯.jpg (116.46 KB, 826x973, 118:139, ja finally.jpg)

25a68f  No.5598888

Last Call

>>5598263 Article in The Hill re: end of NSA surveillance program

>>5598413, >>5598629 Planefag reports

>>5598728 State Secrets dig

>>5598824 Flights resume at NJ's Newark airport after fire report shuts runways

b0a2d9  No.5598889



dad says yes

a40dae  No.5598890

File: 02094d8148628f9⋯.jpg (313.65 KB, 598x595, 598:595, 1538613158152.jpg)


>just wondering how fucking bad it can get.

Don't forget the assassination attempts…

244faf  No.5598891


PANIC - kek

b33e1c  No.5598892

File: 17f2d9713bd77cb⋯.jpg (49.21 KB, 400x400, 1:1, The Gitmo Channel.jpg)

File: ca2bb9b2008a099⋯.png (54.14 KB, 608x440, 76:55, GitmoChannelLogo.png)

File: 5ebfd36f7797b26⋯.png (147.78 KB, 792x847, 72:77, GitmoChannelLogoCorrected.png)

276a80  No.5598893

File: 26032d1a10127c2⋯.jpeg (830.7 KB, 1800x1267, 1800:1267, bq-5c83ece8e6433.jpeg)

Dark to Light

c0a171  No.5598894

File: 46d9c8843281f97⋯.png (1.39 MB, 900x1200, 3:4, PPZK.png)

945bae  No.5598895

File: 16fe3afb51bea87⋯.png (276.73 KB, 999x871, 999:871, T-w-g-t-KK-MMy-eeeeee.png)

File: 3c4e116f30103c6⋯.png (1.55 MB, 1999x1392, 1999:1392, thedegradationofthebotmago….png)

File: bd3758f9f2ac2cf⋯.png (831.72 KB, 643x785, 643:785, BoardJesus.png)


You have no right to harass humans.

1dadd3  No.5598896




Fits with her handing her security clearance over last year

FUCK when was that

01dbba  No.5598897

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

c11b2f  No.5598898

File: 572d20221f89677⋯.jpeg (110.25 KB, 716x688, 179:172, 12E165B9-968C-4A3F-837D-8….jpeg)


You faggots have no power here

975fe0  No.5598899

File: e5d0e29e9c2cc76⋯.jpg (99.64 KB, 500x538, 250:269, Pepe baker assist DD 1.jpg)


will do next bread. working on looking too

4fb204  No.5598900


That would be a stealth bomber with a nuclear payload, anon. Kek!

(I don't think that's the actual scenario, but I wanted to bust out that joke anyway.)

fc18cf  No.5598901

File: 7e7377fe255454a⋯.jpg (89.28 KB, 720x576, 5:4, hbtra_mj.jpg)

1169dd  No.5598902

File: 5d958ceb46980ae⋯.png (302.34 KB, 418x602, 209:301, tire1.png)


if you didn't constantly spam the board with your shit, it would be better

670a33  No.5598903

File: 7d541a0ca3c3628⋯.png (12.63 KB, 255x213, 85:71, 9a662590a98f4c250d21c757a4….png)



Now there is a

relevant feel good

story about what you

get when you SHILL


7ec8f0  No.5598904

File: 6f0716a9eaebf25⋯.jpg (13.46 KB, 255x252, 85:84, 6f0716a9eaebf25ec4720578d8….jpg)

9a2704  No.5598905

File: 892f8698b20def0⋯.jpg (96.67 KB, 640x384, 5:3, warcollage 911mossad.jpg)


You ignorant fool, dont you realize the point? If arrests ensue, the world power structure that this possibly imaginary Qew movement threatens will use WMD's to stop it. That means it's likely you and your family will likely pay the price, not trump's or Qew's

61fb93  No.5598906


I wonder who they took off a plane. Anons have seen fires at airports before.

a5dcc4  No.5598907

File: 1c5d6025d35a81d⋯.jpg (10.35 KB, 201x241, 201:241, 1c5d6025d35a81d22185a09e93….jpg)

2a55f9  No.5598908

File: 86e4ede7edf4a37⋯.jpeg (138.29 KB, 800x999, 800:999, 6085A0C1-9830-4B9D-9BC6-9….jpeg)

File: 3ae522bcf67f6f4⋯.jpeg (568.19 KB, 1400x787, 1400:787, 33314844-2677-4A7F-97E3-C….jpeg)

493e78  No.5598909


Jeremiah was a bullfrog…was a good friend of mine…I never understood a single word he said but I helped him drink his wine… and he always had some very fine wine…singing Joy to the World…

4d402e  No.5598910

File: a220d115590686c⋯.png (185.03 KB, 1439x721, 1439:721, fisa brings down the house.png)

>>5596682 /pb


ba4f98  No.5598911


If the lights go out it's on.

Tell them to bring it.

a90274  No.5598912

File: 52b41edc1b70beb⋯.mp4 (449.51 KB, 536x360, 67:45, 4_Elc9I2ntyEiRXf.mp4)

0598a5  No.5598913

File: dcd4525547e19d1⋯.jpg (385 KB, 800x800, 1:1, initial ‘Q’ – archangel Mi….jpg)

cd8634  No.5598914


Do you realize that is asking people to selfdoxx?

eec1eb  No.5598915


Dear, you spam the board daily.

c2a224  No.5598916

Rub those turds together Dorothy it's your birthday

bb74cc  No.5598917


What is ironic is according to some, Mueller is dirty as fuck.

If only some of that dirt had been investigated and prosecuted…

Just goes to show how important initiative is, looks like POTUS will be playing defense just to protect his family.

a78579  No.5598918


first time I'm seeing him use the word "complete" in front of Witch Hunt!

Witch Hunt is complete and now it's time for justice!

2b549a  No.5598919

File: 45942622cab8ee0⋯.jpg (17.34 KB, 255x247, 255:247, MCSUICIDE.jpg)



4a4ac7  No.5598920

File: dc1933644415e76⋯.jpg (66 KB, 450x341, 450:341, Guantanamobama Bay.jpg)