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File: 6268f09e9233453⋯.jpg (145.4 KB, 1795x1017, 1795:1017, ##QR.jpg)

2ceb28  No.5594263

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Thursday 03.07.2019

>>5569577 ————————————–——– [Parts 3-9 coming soon] (Cap: >>5569749)

>>5569206 ————————————–——– We stand TOGETHER in this FIGHT. (Cap: >>5569411)

>>5569036 ————————————–——– House > Senate (Cap: >>5569172)

>>5568867 ————————————–——– Keep the calendar up-to-date, Patriot. (Cap: >>5568982)

>>5568772 ————————————–——– Remember, it goes both ways. (Cap: >>5568888)

>>5568629 rt >>5565314 ————————— Impressive, most impressive.

>>5553520 ————————————–——– Qpost on Denver Airport

>>5553154 rt >>5552800 ————————— Privacy push to cover for past/future 'exposure' issue

>>5552746 rt >>5551830 ————————— Trying to get ahead of something? What a coincidence


>>5551229 ————————————–——– Why did @Snowden only engage and attack the NSA?

>>5551010 ————————————–——– [DARPA>GOOG] Major steps underway to challenge these control pockets.

>>5550834 rt >>5550786 ————————— [2 of 9] complete.

>>5550786 rt >>5550547 ————————— Family tree of MZ? Family tree of wife? Why won't CHINA allow FB? [2 of 9]

Wednesday 03.06.2019

>>5550547 ————————————–——– Did DARPA complete build/code (tax-payer funded) 'LifeLog' program? [2 of 9]

>>5550175 ————————————–——– Define 'Lifelog' [DARPA]. (cap: >>5550214)

>>5549666 ————————————–——– Truth, Transparency, and Equal Justice Under the Law. (vid: >>5549677 )

>>5546235 ————————————–——– We hear his source(s) are 'very' credible ( cap: >>5546265 )

>>5543905 ————————————–——– Lifelog / Facebook connection. (image)

>>5543889 ————————————–——– FB RETURNING TO THE NEWS. [1 of 9]

>>5538237 rt >>5538127 ————————— TIME = CORRUPTION.


>>5537906 ————————————–——– But, they [D's] already know, they just LIE [DISHONEST]. ( Cap: >>5538106 )

>>5537208 ————————————–——– Death Blossom. ( Cap: >>5537276 )

Tuesday 03.05.2019

Compiled here: >>5567488

Monday 03.04.2019

Compiled here: >>5553124

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are not endorsements


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>>5594103 Liddle Schitt tweets re Cohen

>>5593929 POT-litics: 2020 Democrats line up behind legalization

>>5593872 Mark Z taught himself Chinese and spoke Chinese with Xi

>>5593808 James Clapper directive pdf

>>5593718 Digging on the victims of the Okeechobee plane crash

>>5593699 , >>5593795 Anon drops pics from the border showing new wall

>>5593684 Dig on Luis Jimenez's wife, Susan Jimenez

>>5593653 , >>5593893, >>5593943, >>5593962 New DJT

>>5593626 Smollett's lawyer claims he is a victim of 'media gangbang'

>>5593619 , >>5593695 American Oversight FOIA pdf

>>5593597 Yellow Vests March Against Macron for 17th Weekend Straight

>>5593591 , >>5593607 Syria news

>>5594259 #7153


>>5593542 Sessions letter: Leftist group did the FOIA request

>>5593411 AAG Stephen Boyd's letter to Rep Robert W Goodlatte

>>5593382 Email from Whitaker to Huber, attaching Sessions' directive

>>5593193 Dig into Eric A Aaserud from Perkins Coie

>>5593304 , >>5593346 Re Sessions Letter: Office of Legislative Affairs

>>5593169 , >>5593004 HUGE! New Sessions Directive Letter to Huber Nov 22 2017

>>5593124 , >>5593129 Dig into Ari Emanuel

>>5593030 Denver Airport and March 19, 1994

>>5593020 Refresher on the hacking of US Navy data by China

>>5592910 Palmer Luckey wins Pentagon contract to dev. AI for drones

>>5592883 Email Verification Service Leaks More Than 800m Addresses

>>5592871 Nick Sandman's attorney reveals lawsuit against CNN

>>5592865 For Newfags: LOOP Capital, an explanation

>>5592823 Pakohee plane crash victims identified

>>5593675 #7152


>>5592948 Theory on QPost #2927 on Waves

>>5592610 VIZIO TV class action lawsuit re collecting personal data

>>5592533 One year delta on 'Darkness to Light': Daylight savings

>>5592421 Dig into SNC Lavalin, Kevin G Lynch and The Ditchley Foundation

>>5592286 Haiti is running out of fuel, gov. struggles to keep lights on

>>5592268 Finnish Gov. Collapses Due to Rising Cost of Universal Health Care

>>5592169 JW sues DOJ for records re declassifying Carter Page FISA docs

>>5592119 , >>5592150 Tech Startup by Trump Supporter Wins Military AI Contract

>>5592084 , >>5592105, >>5592168 Q's Iran Pic location found: Call to dig

>>5592075 Plane Crash in Colombia Claims Lives of at Least 12 People

>>5592997 #7151

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2ceb28  No.5594306

File: 2ef29115679cf2f⋯.png (193.48 KB, 378x285, 126:95, 2ef29115679cf2f31db70857e0….png)

#7154 Dough


Ready to roll, senpai?

nom nom

cea859  No.5594318

File: 6fb6c8427e9ac54⋯.jpg (101.99 KB, 700x700, 1:1, rolls nom.jpg)



just finishing up your last bread

firing up ovens

handoff confirmed

2ceb28  No.5594341


Enjoy, baker!


6c8eed  No.5594346

File: de34f72ff3c819b⋯.gif (349.64 KB, 550x510, 55:51, trust the plan.gif)


a00097  No.5594359

File: c5b014dd9df44bf⋯.jpg (16.4 KB, 308x432, 77:108, IMG_20190309_162242.jpg)

2c3267  No.5594361

File: 3990637101c06cd⋯.png (160.57 KB, 375x293, 375:293, 7B7_Vx.png)

7b68f4  No.5594362

File: 5c186bab252a91e⋯.jpeg (108.21 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, B765F9FA-462E-4614-8DB1-7….jpeg)

File: 3c99f7ae08898d9⋯.jpeg (36.94 KB, 800x800, 1:1, EDBFE3EF-358B-434D-A2B8-4….jpeg)

e307c9  No.5594365

File: 0d0625650b03903⋯.jpg (131.15 KB, 1060x530, 2:1, BaconParty2020.jpg)

File: 4e675f026e1be53⋯.jpeg (160.6 KB, 850x1133, 850:1133, ad264a21d6a4dd917fa1d93a6….jpeg)


62abee  No.5594366

I told you I had life stressors and was not holding back

2c3267  No.5594367

File: 2c79398a300c2b9⋯.png (431.62 KB, 974x675, 974:675, 1534996211574.png)

a61e11  No.5594371



SESSIONS’ Senate vote?


[RR] Senate vote?


Do you target your enemies or your allies?

Why was SESSIONS targeted?

Who appointed HUBER?

Who had DIRECT OS over HUBER?

DAG also listed for optics?




Who FIRED/REMOVED the traitors within the FBI/DOJ?

Do you believe the timing is a coincidence?



>clear vision for the @DOJ

>hold offenders accountable

>advance the rule of law.

Do you believe the timing is a coincidence?



Do you believe the timing is a coincidence?



Do you believe the timing is a coincidence?



ab21cb  No.5594373

File: e477f2b8c956c06⋯.png (441.32 KB, 500x659, 500:659, ClipboardImage.png)


2ceb28  No.5594375

File: 62dfcf3351e2856⋯.jpg (60.49 KB, 500x569, 500:569, 62dfcf3351e28561642bc9aa2b….jpg)

2c3267  No.5594376

File: 3390b9884f6f77e⋯.png (1.48 MB, 1350x960, 45:32, fukkenlebron.png)

4889ac  No.5594379

2c3267  No.5594380

File: 9fa75b15429e797⋯.png (67.39 KB, 300x168, 25:14, 1533697935428.png)

e307c9  No.5594381

File: b941f4ad9a41765⋯.png (159.82 KB, 598x578, 299:289, Screen Shot 2019-03-09 at ….png)



d1d20d  No.5594382

File: 1b58a6a05d08453⋯.jpg (221.74 KB, 500x323, 500:323, IMG_20190309_162748.jpg)


62abee  No.5594383

File: 7535b343e158c07⋯.jpg (19.53 KB, 232x255, 232:255, 39e43e3ee9053d731f3409d9ce….jpg)

From the base Unified Field Wave Pattern a 4D wave pattern was formed as a small part of the unified field by dimensional warping to create a 'external' time based universe. From with the set of that 4D pattern the wave pattern of a biological being (all actually) was formed to create a species. From that set the wave pattern formed to shape the DNA and RNA to be the being that is you. From you the perception of that 4D pattern is fed back into the Unified Field to create a feedback loop of experience.

f7f188  No.5594384

New Mexico passes private sale gun ban

House passes hate crime against everyone except white

Left & Right legislation being passed that infringes upon our Rights & speech

Please tell me again how you're going to change this legislation Q?

How the heck is all THIS path if the plan?

Look we get the umber spying against Potus, but tgey{cabal} are doing it to every single American {especially conservative}!

Please tell me how this benefits us?

Just wanting answer Q

a00097  No.5594385

File: 52c450ca79a6c02⋯.jpg (66.09 KB, 780x438, 130:73, HuberPain.jpg)

917aba  No.5594386


He’s back!

c06744  No.5594387


Want us to trust Coulter, too, team?

e307c9  No.5594388

File: 316a131b376c3d7⋯.png (393.44 KB, 599x643, 599:643, Screen Shot 2019-03-09 at ….png)



2c3267  No.5594389

File: 730567a5bc7a120⋯.png (477.92 KB, 962x633, 962:633, 1534996122004.png)

f5bb55  No.5594390

File: 7c40151d6a92c27⋯.png (37.96 KB, 256x373, 256:373, Screenshot_2019-03-09 qre….png)

Happens all the time.

81172c  No.5594391

File: 35ebad03ad6a462⋯.gif (1.98 MB, 2067x2067, 1:1, 429e541b3f7c7df4c2fac279e0….gif)

2c3267  No.5594392

File: ff88d8ffaf01313⋯.png (148.54 KB, 474x266, 237:133, 1534996735427.png)

253000  No.5594393

>>5594296 lb lb lb

whoa anon

the gun grab in question does not relate to felons

it relates to those who have openly expressed a desire to use weapons against others like the school shooters

all with due process

as to felons i believe they should be able to and have the right to petition to restore gun rights

those with a felony have a strike against them and that means something more than just time served

7701af  No.5594394


Q, did Potus call out coulter, to have all eyes on her, when it will be made public that Romney wired her money?

d892c1  No.5594395

File: 44ee3eb258c247f⋯.jpg (59.73 KB, 634x478, 317:239, 5566777.JPG)

File: 7daa71203feb5b8⋯.jpg (126.16 KB, 1337x927, 1337:927, CAPTURE THE FLAG conf_ [YA….JPG)

File: 323e5c6d6fad93e⋯.jpg (64.71 KB, 469x899, 469:899, nothing to see here.JPG)

File: bcb7c4109a81fb2⋯.jpg (65.87 KB, 590x526, 295:263, WE ARE THE WAVE RN WHERE M….JPG)

File: 2af792d41e5a533⋯.jpg (53.99 KB, 565x537, 565:537, WRWY ALABAMA.JPG)







e307c9  No.5594396

File: 0ede8b80db03313⋯.png (128.73 KB, 592x515, 592:515, Screen Shot 2019-03-09 at ….png)

05f1c4  No.5594397

File: 31315633bf5563c⋯.jpg (177.15 KB, 1200x899, 1200:899, final_5c840a0fa12d860014b3….jpg)

23da49  No.5594398

File: 836ab61896b9f94⋯.jpg (220.71 KB, 1024x1466, 512:733, seriously.jpg)



Seriously …!?

91ef32  No.5594399


No coincidences.

Planned long ago.


a00097  No.5594400

File: f9172ccdcc08c20⋯.jpg (129.19 KB, 1024x466, 512:233, TheGreatestAmericanHeroOfA….jpg)

317b34  No.5594401

Q, been reading MIPB. I love you all and want to change careers. Maybe a INSCOM civie liason? ;) Keep up the great work! WWG1WGA

2ceb28  No.5594402


Saturday 03.09.2019

>>5594371 ————————————–——– Do you believe the timing is a coincidence?

ebb3f0  No.5594403


Yay!! Q is working today!! :)

62abee  No.5594404

File: 52f79970684aff0⋯.png (7.16 KB, 177x255, 59:85, b8999716f73b921fb9b5c95b0a….png)

Einstien was chasing the UFT.

he failed

We cannot.

We need revolution and that is the ultimate revolution.

d1d20d  No.5594405

Hola Q!!

20fbaf  No.5594406

File: 8a6d21178608a3b⋯.jpg (85.27 KB, 750x563, 750:563, 90331438654270290a73c1181b….jpg)


aa919a  No.5594407

File: c6a4d41843f990d⋯.jpg (145.33 KB, 1512x1692, 42:47, c6a4d41843f990d453d7a1de40….jpg)


Hey Q.

This letter is fire.

Thank you Mr. Sessions.

Almost there.

05f1c4  No.5594408

File: 98705f0933ebe76⋯.jpg (194.37 KB, 950x575, 38:23, final_5c841b5312e3040013be….jpg)

119c91  No.5594409

File: f41a8fcfda2b211⋯.jpg (45.16 KB, 498x313, 498:313, 1528942747.jpg)


There are NO coincidences

7701af  No.5594410


Sessions is an honorable man and a role model!

da74bd  No.5594411

File: 487074d5654d716⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1536x2048, 3:4, 7E15C254-656F-4874-8DE4-56….png)


13b278  No.5594412

File: 00b578227d99081⋯.jpeg (26.67 KB, 222x255, 74:85, Pepe POTUS.jpeg)

642581  No.5594413

"House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) has hired a campaign consultant who also lobbies on behalf of the head of a Russia propaganda outlet, even as he launches an extensive investigation into President Trump’s alleged Russia ties, according to a report.

The Daily Beast on Thursday reported that Nadler’s campaign consultant is Ezra Friedlander, a lobbyist and political consultant who runs outreach to the Orthodox Jewish community for Nadler’s campaign."


60f327  No.5594414



G'Day Q

ab98d3  No.5594415

File: 3254070a7f2cd8e⋯.png (859.17 KB, 879x746, 879:746, Screenshot_34.png)

Muslims stoning Christian in MI

boy with red shirt, foreground with rock in left hand.


sorry can't embed vidya

b7f17a  No.5594416

>>5594355 (lb)

Not that I'd know of.

If you're savvy, you can even save the file if you click

Firefox → Tools → Web Developer →Network

and then find the original link of the file on the server once the movie really loads/caches in your browser

20b476  No.5594417

File: 7b0fcfc132c5bdf⋯.png (379.69 KB, 651x912, 217:304, 7b0fcfc132c5bdff19d364f7ec….png)



Oh thank GOD

the Shitposting can

end for awhile…KEK

a96e2b  No.5594418

>>5594326 (PB)

Say what you will about the Nazis. They did put on a great show…for almost 12 years. And those uniforms looked great. Too bad they were just more cabal diversion.

So many young German boys' lives wasted over bullshit. So many young American, British, Canadian, and European boys' lives wasted over bullshit.

We need to get real. This is bullshit. Its all bullshit. All fucking governments are evil, The USA is no exception.

ab21cb  No.5594419

File: d067acb0f13bb3b⋯.png (573.81 KB, 545x911, 545:911, ClipboardImage.png)



2c3267  No.5594420

File: 5784c8d8b2f7e90⋯.png (118.68 KB, 275x183, 275:183, 1533959476695.png)

a61e11  No.5594421

File: fb1a17c26ab6a70⋯.jpg (22.72 KB, 577x307, 577:307, w604w86fp3b01.jpg)

The President of the United States told you who authorized the targeting.


cea859  No.5594422

Q's Latest Posts

Saturday 03.09.2019

>>5594371 ————————————–——– Do you target your enemies or your allies? ( Cap: >>5594381, >>5594388, >> )

9829c6  No.5594423

File: 0220d02d3c84f70⋯.jpg (57.34 KB, 337x456, 337:456, 6a25905411a32f3cc869d23401….jpg)


sight for sore eyes

2cfa34  No.5594424

File: 9ad13cdc03a26b7⋯.jpg (12.76 KB, 255x187, 15:11, JUSTICE-SHILLS.jpg)

>>5591472 (pb)

Fuck off nigger! Here you go-

a00097  No.5594425

File: aa1671cc294de65⋯.png (2.22 MB, 1600x1064, 200:133, Trump_Tower.png)

5dd83b  No.5594426

File: 86f582f090547b5⋯.jpg (6.03 MB, 2236x2236, 1:1, time-and-quantum-physics-f….jpg)

d892c1  No.5594427

File: 7ee9095ef5a749b⋯.jpg (73.48 KB, 538x871, 538:871, why you gotta make me do i….JPG)



there has been a TON of nonsense being dropped on us. DISTRACTIONS.


it is OBVIOUS they are getting desperate

b9886a  No.5594428

File: f4d2c71197a14b5⋯.png (208.31 KB, 1522x2042, 761:1021, ClipboardImage.png)

ca65fa  No.5594429

File: 8e4f1e215ad66b6⋯.png (2.26 MB, 960x960, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

>>5594371 Ty Qteam

We are ready

05f1c4  No.5594430


Who let them in? And who's idea was it to let them in?

2c3267  No.5594431

File: b7ed4b314720b34⋯.png (117.49 KB, 253x245, 253:245, 1534907973383.png)

20fbaf  No.5594432

File: 46a46cf32dc2541⋯.jpg (51.38 KB, 590x488, 295:244, Spotlights.jpg)

f5bb55  No.5594433


He has never lied to us. The most reliable source.

13b278  No.5594434

File: 3ba462c69fc78b0⋯.jpg (77.28 KB, 885x516, 295:172, Sessions waiting.jpg)


Ghost-face Killah!

cea859  No.5594435


waiting on 3rd twitter cap


4889ac  No.5594436

File: fc4d02e234494e4⋯.png (332.22 KB, 500x379, 500:379, fc4d02e234494e455cc8d2a47e….png)

5dd83b  No.5594437

File: 289f1b4ee41dda7⋯.png (514.28 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, 7.png)

05f1c4  No.5594438

File: 745269f6d5f75cb⋯.jpg (231.1 KB, 1280x640, 2:1, final_5c84222c28fa8b0014f8….jpg)

7d47da  No.5594439

File: 93614f965bbcaa0⋯.jpg (63.9 KB, 704x576, 11:9, The Silent Protector Q.jpg)

6d41f0  No.5594440

>>5594206 pb


No Cohen said he met with Schitt, as I remember?

They can't both be correct.

d1d20d  No.5594441

So what are you going to do about it? Cant ignore the Obama problem forever.

917aba  No.5594442


Q, impressive start

d00197  No.5594443


Holy fuggg I knew Dearborn would become bold soon

da74bd  No.5594444

Looks like a 2 minute delta between Q and potus

a00097  No.5594445

File: 1a326e31a5d7175⋯.png (456.63 KB, 745x476, 745:476, Cabal Dominos It's Begun.png)

54be84  No.5594446

File: 418bc43ceb553fe⋯.jpeg (92.89 KB, 798x1071, 38:51, E650EEDE-F1BC-4B64-A6F5-C….jpeg)

831b46  No.5594448

File: c8d7ff3d9be1357⋯.jpeg (420.97 KB, 1100x1149, 1100:1149, D6F0D141-1401-47F7-AB63-9….jpeg)



This data on meme accurate?

96265e  No.5594449

File: e49424e59f4832f⋯.jpg (128.89 KB, 776x439, 776:439, -10.jpg)

fec6bd  No.5594450

File: 7508769810aff5c⋯.png (392.28 KB, 644x867, 644:867, 1550250015.png)

09f6d9  No.5594451


So many heroes to thank.

7701af  No.5594452


Yes, he did.

But MSM is not reporting it and therefore the masses won't believe it now.

20fbaf  No.5594453

File: 2762515c4990f75⋯.png (808.11 KB, 1024x681, 1024:681, jeff sessions stealth bomb….png)

06f074  No.5594454

File: da38455ed201d44⋯.jpg (42.09 KB, 394x304, 197:152, questionofwhen.jpg)


The show moves on!

62abee  No.5594455

Q up your fucking game we are beyond politcal BS yes we will fix it but small potatoes.

8de669  No.5594456

File: 32648095d983179⋯.png (14.85 KB, 725x77, 725:77, ClipboardImage.png)

7d47da  No.5594457

File: ead44f260a51455⋯.jpg (79.83 KB, 594x425, 594:425, Cookieman .jpg)

24a7fa  No.5594458


FISA/DECLASS brings down the house. The Vatican The Royal Family Soros and the Rothschilds

ab98d3  No.5594459


Q..the muzzies are now stonging American citizens. When is enough going to be enough?

81172c  No.5594460

File: cd68741e6f4956f⋯.jpg (156.23 KB, 768x768, 1:1, I'd Tap That.jpg)

91ef32  No.5594461

File: c7167bc96bc3c39⋯.jpg (51.06 KB, 920x490, 92:49, Q5594371 2019_03_09_15:54:….jpg)

File: 34e4bee9b66843e⋯.jpg (87.57 KB, 777x562, 777:562, Q5594371 2019_03_09_15:54:….jpg)

File: c8cfc3cbea4fd7a⋯.jpg (142.7 KB, 785x847, 785:847, Q5594371 2019_03_09_15:54:….jpg)

File: 57741c6411d006c⋯.jpg (124.69 KB, 780x690, 26:23, Q5594371 2019_03_09_15:54:….jpg)


baker screencaps

13b278  No.5594462

File: fc0cca37720eeb4⋯.jpg (93.86 KB, 750x500, 3:2, husein ddn.jpg)

3b0087  No.5594463

File: 96e7884a6faf0c9⋯.jpeg (507.4 KB, 640x800, 4:5, 285235EA-CC09-4C8E-8A74-F….jpeg)


Repost from last bread:

why are we here?

CITIZENS RULE BOOK “Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty.” Corinthians 3:17 Rights Come From God! JURY HANDBOOK A Palladium of Liberty LINCOLN said “Study the Constitution!”

“The purpose of this information if to revive, as Jefferson put it, "The Ancient Principles." It is not designed to promote lawlessness or a return to the jungle. The "Ancient Principle" refer to the Ten Commandments and the Common Law. The Common Law is, in simple terms, just plain common sense and has its roots in the Ten Commandments.

In 1776 we came out of BONDAGE with FAITH, UNDERSTANDING and COURAGE. Even against great odds, and with much bloodshed, we battled our way to achieve LIBERTY. LIBERTY is that delicate area between the force of government and FREEWILL of man. LIBERTY brings FREEDOM of choice to work, to trade, to go and live wherever one wishes; it leads to ABUNDANCE. ABUNDANCE, if made an end in itself, will result in COMPLACENCY which leads to APATHY. APATHY is the "let George do it" philosophy. This always brings DEPENDENCY. For a period of time, dependents are often not aware they are dependent. They delude themselves by thinking they are still free - "We never had it so good." - "We can still vote, can 't we?" Eventually abudance diminishes and DEPENDENCY becomes known by its true nature: BONDANGE!!!

There are few ways out of bondage. Bloodshed and war aften result, but our founding fathers learned of a better way. Realizing that a CREATOR is always above and greater than that which He creates, they established a three vote system by which an informed citizenry can control those acting in the name of govenment. To be a good master you must always remember the true "pecking order" or chain of command in this nation:

1 GOD created man…

2 Man (that's you) created the Constitution…

3 The Constitution created government…

4 Government created corporations…etc.





1eb933  No.5594464


…AOC is one of them, isn't she…?

1b113c  No.5594465

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This is a fascinating joke. I'm not sure who it says more about really.

It's funny because it's true, and it's true because… :)

e307c9  No.5594466


Third cap, baker


ab21cb  No.5594467



d892c1  No.5594468

File: 31a88cd39225695⋯.png (294.93 KB, 537x614, 537:614, @AGjefff-cbts.png)

File: cbd26e1c2d19e78⋯.png (137.25 KB, 551x336, 551:336, (you).png)

File: 08e3c100d7c5d59⋯.jpeg (115.15 KB, 1440x1021, 1440:1021, sessions.jpeg)



anons remember.

>future proves passed

d1d20d  No.5594469


3c1b7d  No.5594470


We stand with you!

2c6c5f  No.5594471


Perhaps Sessions couldn't investigate spygate, because he was a target, and already involved in case?

7d47da  No.5594472

File: e68aaaa257b2ffc⋯.jpg (94.77 KB, 900x733, 900:733, haiti.jpg)

917aba  No.5594473


Fake and gay but nice effort

72d6de  No.5594474


Huber held offenders accountable.

5995c6  No.5594475

File: 5d5b49952e9bfac⋯.jpg (89.27 KB, 1122x1058, 561:529, 5d5b49952e9bfac5a991a2ba83….jpg)


Has Trump ever been wrong? We always have his back!

831b46  No.5594476

File: 0982a4dc7a850bb⋯.jpeg (96.75 KB, 762x580, 381:290, 42F59968-7F52-47EF-932A-A….jpeg)

File: 20fe870211ab237⋯.jpeg (96.08 KB, 752x534, 376:267, C609206E-93CE-45EB-B046-9….jpeg)

2ceb28  No.5594477

File: e94ed0f81dd36fe⋯.jpg (122.89 KB, 783x657, 87:73, ScreenHunter 451.jpg)

File: b39bd87645fa8f9⋯.jpg (513.08 KB, 1336x800, 167:100, www-realclearinvestigation….jpg)




b2ad3f  No.5594478


People on this board like to target women, children Vets and other Patriots.

Unethical as hell.

20fbaf  No.5594479

File: 748b0b8644f9cff⋯.jpg (554.92 KB, 1012x717, 1012:717, fisarock.jpg)

3d74c8  No.5594480


Off path…

Tesla=death ray.

Unfinished dig site.

Hot or cold?


a227bf  No.5594481

File: 2ac9fbb8eb5bdf6⋯.jpg (60.16 KB, 876x584, 3:2, viebiclwkanx,.JPG)



a00097  No.5594482


Seabastian Gorka is a fat boring dumb slob with a fake accent.

917aba  No.5594483

File: f7cfeb53d5fe70d⋯.jpeg (234.8 KB, 1473x1486, 1473:1486, DF429A5A-193C-44D9-88DD-A….jpeg)

5ecfe4  No.5594484

File: d654375a688598d⋯.png (848.43 KB, 1594x871, 1594:871, PharmaRecall.png)


This is a big fucking deal. China literally caught again trying to poison Americans.

Letter to China Pharma group in 2018:


Recent article on tainted pills:






Message directly from FDA:


So they are poisoning pills from pharma because some fucking MORON allows a country who wishes to destroy us to create and ship our medicine which comes directly after they are caught shipping in fentantyl to kill and poison us and this comes directly after they are caught putting hardware chips on all our tech and this comes after they constantly hack our data, steal our tech and so on.

When in the name of fuck is the media going to report on the fact that China is literally trying to kill western citizens…

7d47da  No.5594485

File: 3783fa118e48c68⋯.jpg (96.88 KB, 847x900, 847:900, Youll Never Understand My ….jpg)

642581  No.5594486

“His son (Michael Nadler) got a job with Gibson Dunn & Crutcher LLP in 2018. That’s convenient because Jerry Nadler and the Democrats just won control of the House in 2018. Gibson Dunn & Crutcher hire Jerry’s son and Gibson Dunn & Crutcher are the main Nemesis against Trump and the Trump Administration on numerous lawsuits. Now the Nadler family will gain access to thousands of Trump documents via Jerry’s subpoenas!,” our insider stated.

Gibson Dunn represented CNN’s Jim Acosta in his lawsuit against the Trump White House after President Trump revoked Jim Acosta’s press credentials for creating a disturbance in a press briefing and making physical contact with a female White House intern. In December Gibson Dunn announced that it was representing the Center for Reproductive Rights in its lawsuit against the Trump State Department concerning abortion language in Trump administration human rights reports. Gibson Dunn’s global co-chairman Ted Boutros sued President Trump in a bid to protect the DACA Dreamer program."


Trump going to need some counters against nadler/son/gibson dunn & crutcher llp.

8896c5  No.5594487

File: afba77a616fe62a⋯.jpg (372.76 KB, 1440x2246, 720:1123, Screenshot_20190309-175121….jpg)



Dont know about you, but I'm so damn thankful for POTUS & Q team! Getting our country back!!


dfcf7e  No.5594488


Truth = Light…. Let there be Light Sir…


4db6de  No.5594489

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Q is this True/False?

Dinosaurs Never Existed?

24a7fa  No.5594490


Transparency for the people by a patriot President.

814b9c  No.5594491

File: 87e00d22df5ae87⋯.jpg (272.07 KB, 576x432, 4:3, goodtogo.jpg)

62684a  No.5594492

File: 85958ff5f34760f⋯.gif (839.29 KB, 320x320, 1:1, barryggod.gif)

7d47da  No.5594493

File: 1d4d489ed6f3a11⋯.jpg (69.04 KB, 885x464, 885:464, KermitQ.jpg)

ab98d3  No.5594494


Think you know the answer to that already and it wasn't Potus.

831b46  No.5594495

File: 5fcbacfd99dddbf⋯.jpeg (103.11 KB, 500x509, 500:509, 83558511-365B-432C-BC9F-7….jpeg)

cea859  No.5594496

Q's Latest Posts

Saturday 03.09.2019

>>5594421 ————————————–——– The President of the United States told you who authorized the targeting.

>>5594371 ————————————–——– Do you target your enemies or your allies? ( Cap: >>5594381, >>5594388, >>5594396 )

d1d20d  No.5594497

"Scandal Free" presidency.

1b7217  No.5594498

File: a10ac3204100ba8⋯.png (9.56 KB, 250x255, 50:51, 3d252b7fab1b07514f357ad0db….png)

917aba  No.5594500

File: 9df73558efb184d⋯.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1485x1389, 495:463, 462F228A-EA98-4B1D-8A6C-1….jpeg)

2345ab  No.5594501


werent we at -10?

was there a hold?

5a088d  No.5594502

File: e6b4679dbab2d90⋯.jpeg (183.57 KB, 642x751, 642:751, 044CCC52-036F-4C7F-A314-F….jpeg)



>The President of the United States told you who authorized the targeting.


7d47da  No.5594503

File: 4976d6abddc3bd4⋯.jpg (31.68 KB, 662x376, 331:188, Fisa.jpg)

cdff7c  No.5594504

>>5593030 (pb notable) Denver Airport and March 19, 1994

Because they were done except for dealing with the baggage.

a00097  No.5594505

File: a9df940f675302f⋯.jpg (1.5 MB, 1175x1857, 1175:1857, SmartSelect_20190308-11295….jpg)

62abee  No.5594506

File: 8d57fdfe6cb07a4⋯.jpg (16.31 KB, 230x255, 46:51, b5707c9a1b58375e3880c9fbf3….jpg)

Q I get your DC point of view K. But farmers don't care and truckers don't care.

The big thing that will change it is science - release it.

2c6c5f  No.5594507

File: 863b7885191a955⋯.png (126 KB, 482x507, 482:507, Selection_911.png)

1b113c  No.5594508



War is hardest on women anon.

4db6de  No.5594509

File: 4c4f944ab460643⋯.jpg (262.14 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, ObamaFlyFuck.jpg)

f7144e  No.5594510


Anons already knew.

d8e1e4  No.5594511


Q, will it be made public that foreign actors conspired with domestic traitors to plan out potential assassination plots against POTUS and his family?

Also, who is directing AOC and ilhan/talib types? What can you tell us about their REAL role in the current charade of 'muh antisemitism'?

697197  No.5594512

File: 33b88fe47377ce3⋯.jpg (228.35 KB, 1830x897, 610:299, D Day 3 dots 4 dots = 34.jpg)

Just a thought

Thinking about POTUS tweet & the 3 dots 4 dots

7d47da  No.5594513

File: 4a62abcb9811c3f⋯.jpg (46.6 KB, 710x473, 710:473, Donald Trump Q.jpg)

29d9cd  No.5594514


Yah WTFuuuuuucccckkkkk!!!??? Come on man.

cea859  No.5594515



>>5594411 New DJT

>>5594428 Zero Delta

35f8a9  No.5594516

File: 5f904fd731d6536⋯.jpeg (92.1 KB, 1020x572, 255:143, DWpWHSQX4AMAh7-.jpeg)

952ec6  No.5594517

917aba  No.5594518

W, who are the Russian spies?

05f1c4  No.5594520

File: 32d6b1a8f8f409e⋯.jpg (75.03 KB, 950x714, 475:357, final_5c841d8a28fa8b0014f8….jpg)

13b278  No.5594521

File: 4bba63adb31072c⋯.jpg (14.38 KB, 204x255, 4:5, POTUS kek.jpg)

2ceb28  No.5594522

File: f25c5c1784b2bc5⋯.jpg (130.15 KB, 795x796, 795:796, ScreenHunter 452.jpg)



7d47da  No.5594523

File: b4f53d684f10f2d⋯.jpg (67.56 KB, 699x699, 1:1, Kermit The Snitch .jpg)

2c3267  No.5594524

File: ef1bc28d215a541⋯.png (296.93 KB, 627x436, 627:436, 1534811001331.png)

831b46  No.5594525


Top Kek

806c91  No.5594526

Anons, please confirm TheRealDarkJudge on twatter is a fake ass larp

a00097  No.5594527

File: 3356a7ec7bb0d60⋯.jpg (114.15 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, Covered.jpg)

0482ff  No.5594528


He'll scratch that onto the walls over and over and over in his cell in gitmo

21960c  No.5594529

File: 671d8f4b2d4625a⋯.png (357.06 KB, 1629x789, 543:263, ClipboardImage.png)



[0] delta

Q inb4 POTUS

396027  No.5594530


Yeah. Been reading his tweets with a different mindset past few months. And that one was quite a while ago. But we're listening now.

72d6de  No.5594531


Hussein Obama

abc6f6  No.5594532

One thing is absolutely clear now just in case people have not realized it.

Democrats within the past 2 years have proven the following:

1. They are racist

2. They believe in genocide

3. They do not care if people starve to death

4. They put non-citizens before citizens

5. They are anti-Semitic

6. They do not care about anything but power

7. They have sold out the US to multiple foreign powers (Iran, Russia, China)

8. The list can go on and on.

Q, the hammer needs to come down. Non of this secret shit, the masses needs to understand that the people they have been voting for having been secretly selling them off to the highest bidder for their own self gain and ultimately to destroy everything that the constitution was written for.

0cb151  No.5594533


so 19th is Mueller time?

23da49  No.5594534




Seriously …!?

f2fee1  No.5594535

File: 1339c8cb4da0425⋯.png (4.22 MB, 1192x1800, 149:225, ClipboardImage.png)

The Basic Globalist Model Of Dominance And Ultimate Control Of Free Nations Planned Since The Dawn Of Nations (Collectivism, Socialism, Communism, Etc.)

Task 1: Weaken national pride and patriotism through the propagandized indoctrination of children and accelerate mass migration of a low standards, minimally skilled and uneducated, compliant people with a jealous victimization and mob mentality to become the nation’s population majority

Task 2: Simultaneously erode the effectiveness of individual protections from government abuse and the conscientious enforcement of law

Task 3: Gain centralized control and implement consolidation of all channels of media & propaganda

Task 4: Dominate, control and criminalize speech, independent publishing, and stigmatize all free thoughts & ideas - ALLOW NO CRITICISM OF AUTHORITY

Task 5: Destroy the family unit and minimize reproduction (accelerates task 1 when the native born birth rate is far outpaced by the unassimilated, compliant migrant rate - economically-driven abortion program phase 3 as accelerant)

Task 6: Exploit and sow division through classification of persons based on immutable physical characteristics and circumstances (skin color, biological characteristics, national and religious origin, etc.)

Task 7: Fully weaponize media to amplify divisions and hatred by promoting favoritism, unequal economic opportunity, lust, greed, victimhood, jealousy, rage, envy, sloth, gluttony desperation, fear, narcism, etc. - Propagandize against god and organized worship

Task 8: Orchestrate terror to spread panic and stress by incessantly broadcasting confusing messaging, normalizing violent and disturbing images of seemingly random, chaotic attacks that spread fear about anarchy, while incrementally prescribing a totalitarian government solution as the most desirable option

Task 9: Stigmatize & criminalize the right of self-preservation and all individual means of self protection - only the government has the authority to “protect”

Task 10: Promote, incentivize & elevate unqualified compliant citizens to positions of power over making government policy (puppet representatives amplified by propaganda messaging - the more radical, the better to speed up the program)

Task 11: Replace law guided by the principles and natural laws of god as the supreme highest authority instead with a godless, collectivist, idolized human authority

Task 12: Destroy the economy through fiat centralized banking mechanisms, debt-based lending and ban ownership of private property, health and medical services, seize all personal and business assets and forms of production, and place them under government custodianship to level the maximum living standard of all citizens to an equal, unsustainable level of bare sustenance

Task 13: Incrementally limit all implemented food rations to well-below nutritional and basic living requirements for all citizens (program of slavery and starvation) - except as provisioned by the minimum resources required for employees of government controlled enterprises and production systems

Task 14: Begin caste system of slavery with no suffrage rights and exterminate undesirables

Task 15: Repeat concurrently infiltrating inside all nations until all are conquered and surrender to a single totalitarian system

06f074  No.5594536

File: 7b1d9ebf0b555b7⋯.jpg (130.97 KB, 1034x623, 1034:623, Tweetcol.jpg)

eae611  No.5594538

File: e7c40fe59c19056⋯.gif (1.85 MB, 640x387, 640:387, wwg1snek.gif)

>>5594042 >>5594047 >>5594050 >>5594064 >>5594066 >>5594068 >>5594069 >>5594073 >>5594099 >>5594114 >>5594115 >>5594127 >>5594152

^^All pb

All (You) degenerates just filled this shills pockets with nearly $300 cash for your responses. They get cash for every word you type.

You have no control over yourselves?.


749e22  No.5594539

File: 8c026644d92cd15⋯.png (49.83 KB, 979x958, 979:958, banned-for-incoherent-reas….png)

File: adb661869bffad3⋯.png (399.93 KB, 1000x751, 1000:751, what-does-the-board-owner-….png)

File: 35b56a76bf48957⋯.png (143.69 KB, 555x830, 111:166, whatgetsyoubanned.png)

File: b92ae165f5d4005⋯.png (42.74 KB, 1709x198, 1709:198, BO-censor.png)

File: a1fafe1c64b46f8⋯.png (2.65 MB, 1845x4414, 1845:4414, comptbord.png)

This is NOT a "free speech" board. That is a LIE. The board is CENSORED and CONTROLLED to FORCE FAKE "chan" activity here– and SUPPRESS organic human activity.

Please wake up humans O humans, you are so fucking asleep.

Where are you HUMANS?



Not to mention all else it has tentacly infested…


b2ad3f  No.5594540


We knew that 2 years ago.

Time to do something about all the

porn fags on this board.

Time do something about those targeting

women, children, Vets & other Patriots on

your board.

cea859  No.5594541

Since Q is in the house

please help BAKER with all OTHER notables by

nom nom nominating stuffs so i can do faster searches

thanks fam

13b278  No.5594542


got it


bf84d7  No.5594543


just waiting on the public to know and a validation of what we think we know.

thank you Q et. all- we are rooting for a good finish!

b278cf  No.5594544

File: d7974bcb65fd3ad⋯.jpg (46.61 KB, 480x520, 12:13, 17103395_990381044395240_3….jpg)



1b7217  No.5594545

File: a69d74b6460d620⋯.gif (278.36 KB, 1000x700, 10:7, 56FDDF12-51EE-4D11-8992-4F….gif)

cc0bc4  No.5594546

File: cb33497f3f1b336⋯.jpg (69 KB, 510x360, 17:12, Dindu.jpg)

917aba  No.5594547

File: e4e1f09480dc7cf⋯.jpeg (424.68 KB, 1484x1673, 212:239, 49EBA151-8127-4B2D-97B7-B….jpeg)


These are exciting times

806c91  No.5594548

File: 8e04f8d18abba12⋯.jpg (118.31 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 2vihyb.jpg)

21960c  No.5594549


gotcha baker, thank you

e4db00  No.5594550

9b5f6c  No.5594551


Geotus doesn't tweet haphazardly. There is a plan.

2c3267  No.5594552

File: 2a2463264ca062b⋯.mp4 (1.39 MB, 640x640, 1:1, Baller Alert on Instagram ….mp4)

File: f513d1760864fc8⋯.mp4 (1.52 MB, 480x480, 1:1, Boskoe100LLC. on Instagram….mp4)

remember niggers are filthy and are inferior beings

e3df20  No.5594553

Who authorized the targeting?

21960c  No.5594554



917aba  No.5594555

File: ab2c2d3ddc1419d⋯.jpeg (295.52 KB, 1324x1668, 331:417, E0EC0581-CF9A-4A1B-BB0B-8….jpeg)


Yer a homo

13b278  No.5594556

File: 141c99eecd37651⋯.jpg (93.61 KB, 885x516, 295:172, STFU and GTFO.jpg)


so what

d892c1  No.5594557

File: 0b2729b2d3ff076⋯.png (51.04 KB, 671x242, 61:22, timing.png)

File: 1ff356a32a74adf⋯.png (1.17 MB, 925x546, 925:546, hillbag-game-over.png)

File: 776092880caceb2⋯.png (314.25 KB, 506x667, 22:29, FLYRRFLY.png)

File: 09c70dada85c659⋯.png (280.05 KB, 520x364, 10:7, hill-spy.png)

831b46  No.5594558


Detect tone of frustration in Q drop. It’s as if the breads are being read….

35f8a9  No.5594559



62abee  No.5594560

File: 50cc8cd4b9da32e⋯.png (29.04 KB, 300x257, 300:257, Lorentz_boost_any_directio….png)

you don't have to release the whole map you have just that you have it and proof it works - Nobel it.

1b7217  No.5594561

File: 881b87ab81aa8bf⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1252x946, 626:473, 881b87ab81aa8bf5315958d237….png)



aa919a  No.5594562



814b9c  No.5594563

File: 4c83b97a83bc643⋯.jpg (80.62 KB, 288x288, 1:1, Lights on.jpg)

8abbcf  No.5594564

Q, POTUS needs to be aware that his young base is losing faith in him.

The cucking for Israel and homo rights around the globe is not what they signed up for!

650a46  No.5594565

File: 818a0ffc4ad5333⋯.pdf (2.25 MB, AO-DOJ-HuberDirective.pdf)



Documents in PDF format.

60f327  No.5594566


Did Obama Order Trump Wiretap Without FBI Knowledge?


Trump wiretapping claim: Did Obama bug his successor?


ab21cb  No.5594567

File: 9afb8e90f5b74bd⋯.png (14.25 MB, 3678x2871, 1226:957, 9afb8e90f5b74bdfeed0973576….png)



62684a  No.5594568

File: d361d28cc95810b⋯.mp4 (134.26 KB, 640x360, 16:9, potusitshappening.mp4)


>just waiting on the public to know and a validation of what we think we know.

b2ad3f  No.5594569


My case and point.

I happen to be a woman and a Vet

96265e  No.5594570

File: f069f981633c1e4⋯.jpg (346.51 KB, 1680x591, 560:197, WWG1WGA.jpg)

2ceb28  No.5594571

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



5b48a9  No.5594572

File: 9a06e3ee0e9c9a3⋯.jpg (511.59 KB, 1440x1440, 1:1, 20190309_145806.jpg)

File: f232bff877fd3b2⋯.jpg (544.37 KB, 1336x1424, 167:178, 20190309_145519.jpg)

File: 1dd56859aa977ff⋯.jpg (415.06 KB, 1336x1119, 1336:1119, 20190309_145537.jpg)




When Lib hacks help divulge The Plan!


e307c9  No.5594573

File: 9b0a1b3a3736a0e⋯.png (380.76 KB, 595x578, 35:34, Screen Shot 2019-03-09 at ….png)



>nearly $300

How many shekles is that?

0cb151  No.5594575

File: e6ffe7975089ebe⋯.png (102.14 KB, 593x421, 593:421, Screenshot 2019-03-09_18-0….png)

File: c213bcc77f622a2⋯.png (356.71 KB, 589x630, 589:630, Screenshot 2019-03-09_18-0….png)

File: a47924d87f04bed⋯.png (132.25 KB, 592x512, 37:32, Screenshot 2019-03-09_18-0….png)

89a533  No.5594576

I wonder if the DHS OIG is going after DHS leakers the same way as DOJ OIG is going after DOJ leakers. DHS had that big leak last week of treasonous journalists and lawyers being targeted.

e3df20  No.5594577


No doubt about it now.

917aba  No.5594578


Then screenshot yer tits or stfu

ab98d3  No.5594579


America has turned to shit in the last 2 yrs. (((Their))) full on assault of everything that makes this country great is only increasing and I don't know how the fuck we stop it.

9d7f2a  No.5594580

File: 4019eaa7947eefb⋯.pdf (289.04 KB, clinton emails image qdrop….pdf)

File: a6033a7c693a458⋯.png (517.75 KB, 3194x1584, 1597:792, screenshot.PNG)

newfag here. Been working offline a lot and want to share my work for the first time.

Since Q has dropped 3000 times I thought i'd release a database of the Clinton emails that are linked to some of the images in the drops.

If you didn't know, some of the image names in the drops linked back to Clinton emails on wikileaks. I have gone through the drops and emails the best I can to make sure they are all there.

Some things I've noticed.

Most drops are from June 2010.

A lot of emails are duplicates with different web addresses.

Most refer to Sergei Lavrov, the START treaty with Russia, Kyrgyzstan and the Katie Stanton resignation.

Some other interesting finds include:

Hillary refers to Ruth Bader Ginsburg as Ginzburg, and had a staffer write the condolence letter after her husband's death.

Hillary's staff were in contact with Rolling Stone around the time Michael Hastings 'The Runaway General' article that got General Stanley McChrystal, commander of NATO's International Security Assistance Force in the Afghanistan war, resignation.

None of the emails are especially explosive, but there seems to be some crumbs worth digging into. However there are two memos marked confidential, both sent from Sidney Bluementhal. He is usually refered to as 'S' in emails between Hillary's staff.

Unfortunately you cant upload spreadsheets so I've uploaded the pdf which still links back to the email and the image. Excel made it easier to filter results.

2ceb28  No.5594582

Saturday 03.09.2019

>>5594371 ————————————–——– Do you believe the timing is a coincidence? (Caps: >>5594477, >>5594522, >>5594571 )

f91574  No.5594583

File: 29cdcde633a97bc⋯.jpg (1.76 MB, 2880x1800, 8:5, 7008540-discovery-space-sh….jpg)

While we get excited about the countdown, don't forget the holds, Anons!


Pauses in the countdown, or "holds," are built into the countdown to allow the launch team to target a precise launch window, and to provide a cushion of time for certain tasks and procedures without impacting the overall schedule. For the space shuttle countdown, built-in holds vary in length and always occur at the following times: T-27 hours, T-19 hours, T-11 hours, T-6 hours, T-3 hours, T-20 minutes, and T-9 minutes.

6b8d55  No.5594584


More like Pile of Shit.

232397  No.5594585


Q, what really happened at Sandyhook?

23da49  No.5594586


Q, when will it be time to broaden the view?

"1st German Reich"/"Holy Roman Empire" » Bloodlines » "Chełmno Land"/"Golden Bull of Rimini" » connection to 2. Reich, 3. Reich … Structure of The World!

Q 1870: "This is MUCH BIGGER than even AUTISTS can imagine (MUCH BIGGER!).

af5200  No.5594587

File: 1ba5342bfbb84bd⋯.png (789.59 KB, 1213x1208, 1213:1208, ClipboardImage.png)

Here's a little something I adapted from my work IRL…

The four personality types of 8chan and Twatter.

05f1c4  No.5594588


76,000 fresh illegals in the country in Feb. alone and this nonsense matters to you?

4e345d  No.5594589

File: c62f51c6876abb3⋯.jpg (51.06 KB, 750x500, 3:2, [-30].jpg)

7e3b74  No.5594590

File: f6756efbd0a3826⋯.png (5.08 MB, 2071x1336, 2071:1336, 1.png)

File: 451047c24ff49b7⋯.jpg (141.08 KB, 1841x847, 263:121, 38005609_1036196576546434_….jpg)

File: b7a30b2997350f6⋯.jpg (30.47 KB, 590x350, 59:35, Nazca-Tomb-846779.jpg)

File: ce08d4722bfbe41⋯.jpg (38.02 KB, 800x421, 800:421, rherherh-min.jpg)

File: 26d4473ff62fd26⋯.png (3.8 MB, 2203x1271, 2203:1271, Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at ….png)

Operation Saucer Captain Hollanda was assassinated in 1997. Video of ETV filmed in 2011. Look at the neural connection it has with the lights. They are able to change direction&the colors of light to show feeling/fear. #NeuralLace #OperationSaucer #RATCHET pic.twitter.com/u8XLPE99Iq

a96e2b  No.5594591


Maybe because if Q looked like that guy in your pic every chick would be chasing after him, every gay guy too, and every fat, old straight dude would wish they had a bod like that too. Doesn't matter. Q is not here for shit like this. He is here to spread in for the amelioration of humanity.

The betterment of mankind is manifold more important than stupid porno bullshit.

Step up and get real. Your faggoty bullshit posts mean nothing.

1b7217  No.5594592

File: 16fad7ac026e83e⋯.jpg (7.16 KB, 255x150, 17:10, b21af45bcc721b6401d354e7e4….jpg)

253000  No.5594593


we believed him then and still do

please PROVE IT publicly

dfd8e9  No.5594594

File: d57f53289e7ca90⋯.png (262.31 KB, 1648x796, 412:199, Screenshot_2019-03-09 Samu….png)

File: 6852af872f5d845⋯.png (59.04 KB, 1643x427, 1643:427, Screenshot_2019-03-09 Samu….png)



Is this why you can't tell us?

ec0e4e  No.5594595


I take that BS if we could juwst encourage American birthrate increase and stop immigrants we dont need

2c3267  No.5594596

File: 02474c6f34df51c⋯.jpg (90.51 KB, 975x673, 975:673, Untitled.jpg)

996547  No.5594597


6 gorillion

b2ad3f  No.5594598


Good grief, go away little boy

13b278  No.5594599

File: 7151af64b3874c0⋯.png (18.85 KB, 859x310, 859:310, Notable.PNG)

>>5594529 [0] delta Q inb4 POTUS

2ceb28  No.5594600

File: c39ed25fcaec069⋯.jpg (87.93 KB, 791x528, 791:528, ScreenHunter 453.jpg)

2a6d27  No.5594601

>>5594421 Q




8b3cd2  No.5594602




a00097  No.5594603

File: 4d2cb9402247fa8⋯.jpg (895.39 KB, 1393x968, 1393:968, SmartSelect_20190227-16543….jpg)

23da49  No.5594604


Q, at what point will you bring history and Europe into the equation for the autists? At least 500 years of monk(s)-written (his)storie/s leading back to the core of all of today's mess!

The "keystone"? How about the 1st "German" Reich? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holy_Roman_Empire

Strings …

ce4b38  No.5594605

File: 4f57cceeb397fc7⋯.png (172.74 KB, 755x338, 755:338, ClipboardImage.png)


No worries there.

d8e1e4  No.5594606


>masses needs to understand that the people they have been voting for having been secretly selling them off to the highest bidder for their own self gain and ultimately to destroy everything

the fact that democrats eagerly replace black pop through systematically designed gentrification + planned parenthood genocidal abortion scheme is a FACT, not up for debate.

Not to mention they much prefer illegals and foreign demographic to black american population, period. After using them to damage white america and turning them against their own nation of course.

Drugs, degenerate criminality propagated through [[[msm]]] specifically designed to destroy black families and children, turning them against others which will then be met with natural hostile response.

No allies, no jobs, destroyed character, and thus no families and no future.


cdff7c  No.5594607

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I finally have a Saturday off. Prepping for camping and hiking with the kids this summer. Should be able to take at least a month away from work for them.

21960c  No.5594608

File: 6829f4559f6d0a5⋯.jpg (83.98 KB, 700x512, 175:128, 6829f4559f6d0a54ee2ddf1891….jpg)


see: >>5594529

the first crumb was a [0]

2ebf43  No.5594609


















fec6bd  No.5594610

File: 1b3b87f865be644⋯.png (1.58 MB, 1076x975, 1076:975, 1548724568.png)

643ef0  No.5594611

File: a84ccd99ff4c3ea⋯.png (94.88 KB, 545x375, 109:75, ItsHuberTime.png)

1f0279  No.5594612

File: d94bfaa6fe3716f⋯.jpeg (85.79 KB, 645x538, 645:538, c851f62ab4d13dbf66e1be826….jpeg)

2345ab  No.5594613


i just operate under the assumption that they are constantly annoyed by me

but thats probably just narcissism

the rest of the anons seem normal the past few days, but maybe we all missed something, i dunno

2c3267  No.5594614

File: e997d2a7e635139⋯.png (192.49 KB, 500x561, 500:561, 902d17fd3adb06308de35f9ab1….png)


see this one is not asleep either

da74bd  No.5594615

File: 2b0b279b6ed9176⋯.jpeg (575.17 KB, 1536x1399, 1536:1399, 7B13845D-9F89-426B-836B-8….jpeg)


Hello Q team nice seeing you again

1e9858  No.5594616



917aba  No.5594617

File: 63c5da38225f0ac⋯.jpeg (354.08 KB, 561x779, 561:779, C27B1771-366D-4A15-AE61-C….jpeg)

62abee  No.5594618

File: 2ccab617910a167⋯.jpg (144.27 KB, 640x527, 640:527, water.jpg)

just one paper that unifies it all

that is it - that all it takes to shake the world to its core and restart.

d892c1  No.5594619

File: 25a0d6b5aa0e186⋯.jpg (523.93 KB, 926x1250, 463:625, deathblossom.jpg)

File: d37aba683d4e666⋯.gif (6.46 MB, 480x338, 240:169, GIF FIREWORKS.gif)

File: 8709114c99aa9d7⋯.jpg (41.23 KB, 373x521, 373:521, golden pepe.jpg)

File: 5a39457b9090325⋯.jpg (48.26 KB, 540x710, 54:71, greatness.jpg)

File: 0d683a6a223f878⋯.jpg (521.85 KB, 987x788, 987:788, growingstronger.jpg)

1d2f9f  No.5594620


Not by any chance, but use that open source software to reverse engineer others software and you could find yourself in heaps of lawsuits due to intellectual property rights..

e3df20  No.5594621


Democracy in Action.

7701af  No.5594622


Excellent question!

I really would like to know more about that.

253000  No.5594623


yes he met with schitt

shcitt claimed he was not in proffer sessions

did not claim he never met cohen

moar parsing

ebe5cb  No.5594624


1b113c  No.5594625




Anons I think right around the last Q post (5:50 tonight), I somehow felt super compelled to slide the bread.

Did anyone else have feelings of compulsion to slide the bread then? Or was it just me?

I decided to wait to post this to not slide the bread when it was active, but figure it's relevant here.

52238f  No.5594626

What defies logic about this entire episode unfolding before us is why those we know without a shadow of a doubt have committed crimes of such tremendous enormity are just running around like they don't have a care in the world when the evidence has even been released to the public.

Why are these scum bags not running for their lives?

0f5606  No.5594627

This has gone on so long that some of us are fighting off the black pill.

When the hammer falls, it needs to have HUGE impact.

Wake the people up..

6b8d55  No.5594628

File: 20b2e86e72eb0f6⋯.jpg (48.93 KB, 384x498, 64:83, thauce.jpg)

436fa3  No.5594629

File: d4084aa1c4b586e⋯.png (1.03 MB, 758x960, 379:480, gonna FRY!.png)

8b3cd2  No.5594630



Or is it MIL?

ebb3f0  No.5594631


Can't wait til that f*cker receives justice!

d1d20d  No.5594632


Sessions appointed. Sessions? Its whoever is current AG, Thats why he just met with Barr.

3b61b7  No.5594633


Blah blah blah

2a6d27  No.5594634


35f8a9  No.5594635

File: bb547c9bd7db0f5⋯.jpeg (61.94 KB, 1100x732, 275:183, 1527704134.jpeg)

336cf8  No.5594636

Q posted and deleted within a second.

9d7f2a  No.5594637


most drops should read most emails

05f1c4  No.5594639


WTF mang?

d00197  No.5594640


Funs but you go to fail town for that

0cb151  No.5594641

File: 1c7868d17f6e2a7⋯.jpg (883.7 KB, 1113x7720, 1113:7720, screencapture-documentclou….jpg)

03a851  No.5594642

>>5594318, >>5594341

Ty bakers!

What does [0] delta mean again?

Q & POTUS are together?


5:50 is also 5:5

(and then there's the 17 in 17:50)

Reading as Q/POTUS same message?

Loud and clear?

Q: Who appointed Huber?

POTUS: This is just the beginning


How many working under Huber again?

c98e40  No.5594643

File: 6730901db6331ef⋯.jpeg (87.38 KB, 750x504, 125:84, 8A6D13FD-A759-40A1-A904-7….jpeg)

File: 224537beb183d09⋯.gif (1.84 MB, 343x265, 343:265, 6BF261A9-BC06-41A8-87D7-06….gif)

a46670  No.5594644

File: ad83f42f63fce76⋯.png (1.75 MB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 2f839c6364d6be5b72b7800a37….png)

f689a6  No.5594645

File: c908bbdd3112d3b⋯.jpg (515.39 KB, 1275x1650, 17:22, AO-DOJ-HuberDirective-p1.jpg)

File: 863c27761ecaf3f⋯.jpg (93.08 KB, 1275x1650, 17:22, AO-DOJ-HuberDirective-p2.jpg)

File: 16fc770de40073a⋯.jpg (96.43 KB, 1275x1650, 17:22, AO-DOJ-HuberDirective-p3.jpg)

File: e49c38dece78222⋯.jpg (214.78 KB, 1275x1650, 17:22, AO-DOJ-HuberDirective-p4.jpg)

File: 15ce55c38f5dd75⋯.jpg (409.57 KB, 1275x1650, 17:22, AO-DOJ-HuberDirective-p5.jpg)



9128f4  No.5594646


I just updated my trail maps in my gps………almost time to hit the trails.

fd1fc1  No.5594647

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>>5589728 (pb) The Brains Behind AOC Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Vidya

Notable from this morning that everyone should see. AOC is an actress and at 1:23, she admits it.

8b3cd2  No.5594648


Q said "who really had oversight?".

Implying, it was not the AG.

8896c5  No.5594649


Get a life. You sound like a liberal psychopath

b2ad3f  No.5594650


You're just plain nasty

If that is your idea of being a Patriot, we are all screwed.

I can hear you dialing 911 when the shit hits the fan.

2feccc  No.5594651

File: 127097c1ea4ee7c⋯.jpg (278.11 KB, 991x768, 991:768, McCarthyism-Trump-Tweet.jpg)

File: 95836fea5f1e5af⋯.jpg (529.22 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, Q^X-Triumphs.jpg)

File: d55022262080b21⋯.jpg (462.03 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, Justice-Lion-O-X.jpg)

05f1c4  No.5594652


Too bad she married a kike.

20b476  No.5594653



My sister is a vet too

what animals do you

like the most?

069a2e  No.5594654


Yes 1870 is extremely interesting especially in Germany.

55c815  No.5594655

File: 157afce201e253d⋯.png (686.74 KB, 600x500, 6:5, ClipboardImage.png)



518020  No.5594656

File: e20fcf6eec9523f⋯.png (307.23 KB, 400x400, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


Amazingly short memories. Disinfo is necessary.

Repeatedly told us Trust Sessions, and POTUS going off on Twitter.

Wonder why?

831b46  No.5594657


not directed at you

negative Nancy posters et al particularly

a00097  No.5594658

File: 343f42a8da9a014⋯.jpg (827.15 KB, 1425x2171, 1425:2171, SmartSelect_20190302-08184….jpg)


Q hand sign language AOC

917aba  No.5594659

File: 361611e5c912767⋯.jpeg (585.09 KB, 1176x872, 147:109, 8B46254F-96D6-42FB-98C9-A….jpeg)


I’m so excited

f14e5c  No.5594660


Was Spyin' Nellie a major tool used in Uranium 1?

Was she speaking with Russian officials/agencies?

Was she speaking to actors in Russian inside or outside the U.S. or both?

Was Putin setting up DS/Hussein/HRC/et al with Uranium 1?

Was Putin on board with The WW Plan as POTUS was before 2016?

Who was Nellie speaking to in Russian?

That is the question.

fb1ee9  No.5594661

Farik Shakir dig… (Bernie Sanders Cos for 2020 campaign and of the same ilk as Cenk Uygur, Saikat Chakrabarti)

During his college years, Faiz Shakir was a member of the Harvard Islamic Society (HIS), which is affiliated with the Muslim Students Association of the United States and Canada. In 2000, HIS held an Islamic Awareness Week and Faiz Shakir served as the co-chair for the week’s events. One of those events included a fundraiser for the Holy Land Foundation, a group which acted as the fundraising arm for Hamas in the United States.

Shakir went on to become the Editor-in-Chief at Think Progress (from 2005-2012), and Vice President at the Center for American Progress. In May 2012, he was appointed as a senior advisor and media director to Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic Minority Leader of the House of Representatives.

Shakir co-authored the “Fear Inc.” report, which implicitly claimed that Islamophobia was the product of a Jewish conspiracy, and wrote positively about the Tunisian Islamist Al-Nahda Party and its genocidal head, Sheikh Rashid Ghannouchi, who has engaged in blatant anti-Semitism, and has said, “There are no civilians in Israel. The population—males, females and children—are the army reserve soldiers, and thus can be killed.”

During his time at Think Progress, Shakir repeatedly attacked the Jewish State, endorsing the Hamas aid flotilla to Gaza and attacking Israel’s attempts to defend itself against terrorists.

Under Shakir, Think Progress promoted Muslim Brotherhood-linked Islamists, much as he tried to direct funds to Hamas during his Harvard days.

Adapted from “Nancy Pelosi Hires Former Terrorist Fundraiser,” by DAniel Greenfield (May 29, 2012).

35f8a9  No.5594662

File: 93c42b6f19e7d74⋯.jpg (36.53 KB, 604x339, 604:339, IMG_20180930_072807.jpg)

ccb07b  No.5594663

File: ebcbcd8cd6e418c⋯.png (354.56 KB, 1064x617, 1064:617, muellerscope.png)

File: 51fd44ce40197fe⋯.gif (432.51 KB, 610x690, 61:69, 9c3a71992ee5e76713a38d89b5….gif)


Heads of millions of 'liberals' will explode over the weekend.

Question will be asked in coming weeks.

Even Mueller will fuck them up really bad(good tho)

I love you all! (no hetero)


2345ab  No.5594664


oh, that kind of honeypot

i thought you meant "approved use" would somehow be different than simply being on this board

13b278  No.5594665

814b9c  No.5594666

d1d20d  No.5594667


Then it would have to be Potus. Hes the next higher on CoC.

aa919a  No.5594668

File: 9e6c6df56e2d069⋯.jpg (89.24 KB, 640x360, 16:9, huber barr.jpg)

File: 16d26ccdf9fccaf⋯.jpg (221.88 KB, 925x678, 925:678, huber barr.jpg)

5f77b7  No.5594669

File: dd6ca6a294084b7⋯.jpeg (379.37 KB, 1578x1326, 263:221, S.jpeg)


Another simultaneous post: Q posts 31 seconds before POTUS

d8e1e4  No.5594670

File: 469c88c464c3572⋯.jpeg (32.58 KB, 540x540, 1:1, pepegun.jpeg)


sauce from actual reliable on site reports, not your fucking (((msm))), shill.


Also don't think (((you))) or your like are ever off our radar.

We see all.

Keep looking side ways at 'white people' LOL

24a7fa  No.5594671


Anon no selfies. This is an anonymous board. (You are not very well hung either)

240406  No.5594672


Why aren't you getting information out through other means?

The Gamergaters proved that the Deep State is tied to Al Qaeda years ago, before Trump was even elected. It's in here somewhere. >>>/gamergatehq/327591

Have someone write it up less autistically, put it into an easy to read pamphlet, and use the manpower of church groups and Turning Point for an old fashioned leafletting campaign.

< inb4 "no alternate comms"

Don't call yourself Q when you do it, just fucking do it!

7e3b74  No.5594673

File: 559e329d1bb5d51⋯.jpg (273.23 KB, 2048x1158, 1024:579, 1.8.jpg)

File: 83ecca99acc5bb3⋯.jpg (63.24 KB, 980x520, 49:26, 152396_un_e8_bodies-of-evi….jpg)

File: 691be991ee8da44⋯.jpg (48.46 KB, 501x931, 501:931, 21149912_833936546772439_8….jpg)

File: c931b161c03a960⋯.jpg (124.27 KB, 2048x1152, 16:9, 21200652_833937613438999_8….jpg)

File: 12e98c2eb01a7fb⋯.jpg (93.97 KB, 1787x716, 1787:716, 49161915_1208133619352728_….jpg)


Looks like #PIZZAGATE wasn’t #FAKENEWS after all.






pic.twitter.com/rbiM5U2Zid <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

The CIA has been running a "child snuff" ring at Fort Hood Killeen, Texas

#Qanon #MKUltra


google it.



7376dd  No.5594674


Not many people know the actual DIA evolution as the chairs were rearranged repeatedly.

Sadly, Curt Fentress lays claim to the final design, proving beyond a shadow that he and his co-conspirators knew exactly what Uncle Sam was hiding behind closed doors. But, let's go back to the beginning.

Rightfully, Bill Muchow, FAIA was the initial project leader because he was super open minded on design and loved by all. When he died the torch was passed to the next most senior master architect, Jerry Seracuse, (my boss.) When Stan died, so did the amazing Aztec style central terminal arrangement that 2/3rds of the partners had approved. Much of the footprint stayed the same since parts were fast-tracked, one in particular to the west appears to be a major point of contention as we speculate on its value as an underground base. Next, Stan Pouw took an interim position before handing the torch (gleefully!) over to Fentress-Bradburn, shown shamelessly at the bottom of the building's tombstone. How they came up with the grand circus tent is beyond comprehension. The whole thing sucked so badly it was like, why not f- it up with the worst non-indigenous art the world had ever seen?

ef123a  No.5594675


Welcome back, Sir.

504dc9  No.5594676


Love my President and Q team!

917aba  No.5594677


Youre simply in the wrong place, get fucking lost

368651  No.5594679

File: 5e82f7a2e8af240⋯.png (792.28 KB, 777x777, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

1331aa  No.5594680

From the beginning to the end, we are with you.

62abee  No.5594681

File: c3eeba2a2dbaf43⋯.png (38.03 KB, 640x480, 4:3, c3eeba2a2dbaf43f4f0bcc23af….png)

Q it is hard to be evil when it is proven that all fields including humans connect. That shows you are going down or up evil or divine.

344755  No.5594682



Two year old tweet but now more people understand the truth of it. God Bless You Q team and Q+

b2ad3f  No.5594683


My favorite animal was a M-16

But now I prefer my 30.06


253000  No.5594684


vanilla statement

nothing of substance


cdff7c  No.5594685


My climate is probably much colder than yours, not safe for them until the summer. Snow melt.

23da49  No.5594686


"these united States"?

817286  No.5594687

Rockefeller Archive >>>> Kids >>>> Can you dig it?

Children's Defense Fund 1987 -1988 - The Rockefeller Archive Center


2c3267  No.5594688

File: e6c3dac8ea7fd13⋯.mp4 (1.3 MB, 640x640, 1:1, Cardi B. fanpage. on Twitt….mp4)


1d2f9f  No.5594689

File: 36547408b13ed73⋯.png (21.78 KB, 156x88, 39:22, ClipboardImage.png)


Sanders says his ideas are now being invoked by Dem candidates ‘from school board to president’


4d0582  No.5594690


and we've got the President's back now ~ this will not stand ~ we cannon let it stand!


270b38  No.5594691

File: f723bc194659c02⋯.jpg (134.65 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, BOTH PANELS.JPG)

File: 44b69a56ce089a9⋯.jpg (138.5 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, Generator.jpg)


New Generator Panel Hooked Up

The entire house will now have power if and when it goes out again.

Now, it will NEVER Ever… Ever… Go Out Again.

21960c  No.5594692



be careful with the wording anon, "simultaneous" would be 0:00:00 delta

[0] MINUTE delta is what you mean

2ceb28  No.5594693


Got your back, baker.

Just shout with what you need, notables collect w/e

Nice start ; )

7f8f7b  No.5594694


Just fucking take it, homo. It won't kill you.

831b46  No.5594695

File: 521803a16f13d7d⋯.jpeg (350.13 KB, 2048x1418, 1024:709, 85CD3163-EB06-4E3A-BE37-4….jpeg)

File: cd5aaf330953624⋯.jpeg (102.95 KB, 638x827, 638:827, FE63F6CB-3969-4626-91CD-7….jpeg)

File: 3eba1d6fdb639b5⋯.jpeg (95.74 KB, 700x525, 4:3, 82993AC4-6A85-47B4-ADAA-7….jpeg)

File: 181db75c4afa695⋯.jpeg (59.91 KB, 500x500, 1:1, F84C2A1C-B5F9-486A-9C40-1….jpeg)

File: 18e41dba23849f0⋯.jpeg (69.13 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 49229874-A3A2-4705-A49B-5….jpeg)

ab98d3  No.5594696


so you are ok with muslims stoning Christians on American soil…go to know.

8b3cd2  No.5594697



From the email you provided, it appears MW did.

6b8184  No.5594698

Q&A w/ Q, we're ready

aa919a  No.5594699

File: b50eb9fac8fa600⋯.jpg (123.45 KB, 480x612, 40:51, the start.jpg)

35f8a9  No.5594700

File: dc3be582ef96391⋯.jpeg (93.68 KB, 921x720, 307:240, 1546918114.jpeg)

4fac83  No.5594701

File: df5412ac14a4ee5⋯.jpg (732.63 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190309-014354….jpg)

No such thing as coincidences in the global game of chess…

62abee  No.5594702

Q yes I know that would be a global nuke

06f074  No.5594703

File: 195881c57c2dcc3⋯.png (773.28 KB, 757x745, 757:745, pulp ficton.png)

13b278  No.5594704

File: b4c030886ebc94a⋯.jpg (75.89 KB, 1016x557, 1016:557, Yawn.jpg)

b3443c  No.5594705


Totally understood when twatted Q

a00097  No.5594706

File: 255144e17af5817⋯.png (163.13 KB, 499x335, 499:335, 2019-02-22_08-59-02.png)

917aba  No.5594708


His ideas go back to Das Kapital, he’s got nothing that’s not >100 years old

5f77b7  No.5594709


Your autism is high. I stand corrected.

1d2f9f  No.5594710



It's too tempting to get and use to reverse engineer alot os stuff…so back away I am…KEK!

d1d20d  No.5594711

File: 8360a3aef91bb56⋯.jpg (20.58 KB, 330x330, 1:1, 24-Obama-grumpy-cat.w330.h….jpg)

0f5606  No.5594712


Go fuck yourself

f651cd  No.5594713


TY as always!

2ceb28  No.5594714



Cap for >>5594371

2cfa34  No.5594715

File: ad48dbb4d7d0f05⋯.jpg (8.36 KB, 225x224, 225:224, Eat Shit.jpg)

>>5592879 (pb)

Your opinion is shit, so why don't you?-

ab21cb  No.5594716

File: a8b6429af7b51b3⋯.jpg (321.59 KB, 769x475, 769:475, 188b3958034112d5d25e3a13ea….jpg)


ca65fa  No.5594718

>>5594538 I spend my taxes on shit sometimes

e7f505  No.5594719

File: 5cf0757aef474fb⋯.png (118.68 KB, 500x442, 250:221, muh-legacy-obama-watching-….png)

dfd8e9  No.5594720

File: d5745be2de643a3⋯.jpg (28.05 KB, 474x266, 237:133, kwf.jpg)


True Freedom will always be a goddamn illusion.

2345ab  No.5594721


kek, gotcha

1d2f9f  No.5594722


The point is, they are pushing it NOW.

5a088d  No.5594723

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



She would have been an impressive (though wrong) grassroots story if it were true. But she is a fraud. They think you are so stupid to believe the authenticity of their "branded" marketing effort, they don't even try to hide it. They are laughing in your face while you are blinded by their bullshit. These people are sickening, but fortunately their hubris is catching up with them. With team Jussie getting slapped with 16 felony indictments, their hypocrisy is now on full display. Ironically, they have done more to unite the various factions of the GOP than Trump could ever have. The timing could not be more perfect. They have played all their hands and now we get to watch POTUS lay the Trump card.


3b61b7  No.5594725

File: 6e0705b4a91513b⋯.png (14.38 KB, 248x255, 248:255, pepe_cigar.png)


C'mon, Q! We know better than that by now.

There are no coincidences.

21960c  No.5594726

File: d27b0585915ef7f⋯.png (96.87 KB, 689x473, 689:473, frens.png)

3b0087  No.5594727


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI  02/09/19 (Sat) 21:15:15 4ba8cc (2)  No.5099142>>



436fa3  No.5594728

File: 6dbc5178427deb1⋯.jpg (71.69 KB, 664x441, 664:441, aptopix_indonesia_obama.jpg)

dd51e1  No.5594729

File: 94f727439ba53d1⋯.jpeg (379.8 KB, 1800x1345, 360:269, 4612B8E4-AD91-4520-8726-1….jpeg)

8b3cd2  No.5594730


I think it's MW. See post:


05c0ae  No.5594731


Now you’re just showing off… nobody likes smart asses.

I love you

f689a6  No.5594732

File: 90e505237d7c398⋯.jpg (40.74 KB, 1275x1650, 17:22, AO-DOJ-HuberDirective-p8.jpg)

File: 72afa77240fc01c⋯.jpg (40.73 KB, 1275x1650, 17:22, AO-DOJ-HuberDirective-p7.jpg)

File: defa8ec5320d562⋯.jpg (384.97 KB, 1275x1650, 17:22, AO-DOJ-HuberDirective-p6.jpg)

File: 818a0ffc4ad5333⋯.pdf (2.25 MB, AO-DOJ-HuberDirective.pdf)

19996f  No.5594733

Looking back before this movement… It felt like humanity was truly doomed.

Completely blown away.

Here starts volume 3: Redemption

917aba  No.5594734


Right, but sanders trying to take credit is laughable , it’s as old and disproven as alchemy

eb936a  No.5594735

File: 5cb38cb405f2e05⋯.jpeg (527.03 KB, 1125x1231, 1125:1231, A0E96BEE-1AD3-4DC1-9A6A-2….jpeg)

Ann Coulter. Had nuts whacked.

05f1c4  No.5594736


You have no idea just how confused you are, nigger.

e307c9  No.5594737


Make sure to run it dry if you ever put ethanol in it, anon.

20b476  No.5594738

File: 18dc91947848651⋯.jpg (127.08 KB, 1300x1300, 1:1, de16ed25017eacefcb4be1b7c3….jpg)

81172c  No.5594739

File: 834e13a70cf6a59⋯.jpg (83.11 KB, 798x1071, 38:51, 28c0731b8b5aa61d34566db4d6….jpg)

File: 46cfc78b311f395⋯.jpg (83.63 KB, 473x503, 473:503, 332cf0f10b56b3964b6bf260dd….jpg)

File: 57f015acf5b9a26⋯.png (713.25 KB, 554x574, 277:287, listening.png)

504dc9  No.5594740


BOH is nothing more than a Trojan Horse of the Islamic Brotherhood. Can’t wait to see him crash and burn.

eae611  No.5594741

[-21] is not a calendric number.

Has nothing to do with time or dates.

This is about removal of DS actors.

21 to go.

4e345d  No.5594742

File: bfe3dfc7c56d56b⋯.jpg (42.13 KB, 657x438, 3:2, vogle.jpg)

Greg vogle

Director of The National Clandestine Service (1/29/15 to 8/17)

Ties to Misfud, Downer, Dearlove, and Steele

After C_A went to work for Gen McChrystal

President of Third Option Foundation

Board of Advisors include Brennan, Clapper, Panetta, Goss and Hayden

Also, Karzai's handler (Claims to have saved Karzai's life)

Nickname: "Spider"

So too, was Greg Vogel, an espionage veteran known as "Spider", who was recently tabbed by CIA director John Brennan to be the agency's chief of operations.



How does he clear customs?

How does he end up in Russia?


Who was the 1st agency he worked for?

Who taught him the game?

Who assigned him w/ foreign ops?

Why is this relevant?

Future unlocks past.

Watch the news.

Spider web.

Stop taking the sleeping pill.


1ed213  No.5594743


>Do you believe the timing is a coincidence?

No. This is so far past that word, it's not even funny.

And the shills know it. They are out of [their] minds over all of this.

I love it :)

2ebf43  No.5594744

File: 88a3ce641017a24⋯.png (533.11 KB, 459x612, 3:4, 20kkeks.png)

903232  No.5594745

File: 42e36c0e8277a21⋯.mp4 (14.71 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 720_30_7.96_Mar072019.mp4)

d22aea  No.5594746

File: 7341c93db9c31ed⋯.png (390.19 KB, 1735x868, 1735:868, ClipboardImage.png)

f14e5c  No.5594747


Who was Nellie speaking to in Russian? Inside outside U.S. Or both… Ohr both?

806c91  No.5594748


1e5cfc  No.5594749

File: 3a2b414ac796258⋯.jpg (221.35 KB, 822x1198, 411:599, darktolight.jpg)

a00097  No.5594750

File: 812a3d617f69f92⋯.jpg (1.04 MB, 1203x1655, 1203:1655, SmartSelect_20190221-18324….jpg)

Let's get a Q+!

069a2e  No.5594751

>>5594540 PB


We knew that 2 years ago.

Time to do something about all the

porn fags on this board.

Time do something about those targeting

women, children, Vets & other Patriots on

your board.


2nd that

23da49  No.5594752

File: fe97edadea1af6d⋯.jpg (53.28 KB, 1140x475, 12:5, dark to light wwg1wga.jpg)

2ceb28  No.5594753


>>5594580 Database of the Clinton emails that are linked to some of Q's pics

a46670  No.5594754

File: 10cccbfa661e7b6⋯.jpg (48.82 KB, 640x360, 16:9, WallToots.jpg)

717874  No.5594755

File: e0049cd52e52e64⋯.mp4 (11.24 MB, 720x720, 1:1, So if you enjoyed the earl….mp4)

717874  No.5594756

File: e0049cd52e52e64⋯.mp4 (11.24 MB, 720x720, 1:1, So if you enjoyed the earl….mp4)

39a5e3  No.5594757


Not electrically educated, can you direct to internet site, to learn how this is done? Thanks, would be greatly appreciated.

70a781  No.5594758


Man Coulter.

ce4b38  No.5594759


High IQ poast.

0cb151  No.5594760


no, same countdown from [21]

d1d20d  No.5594761

File: d101dc9d21fe31c⋯.jpg (44.39 KB, 1200x491, 1200:491, d101dc9d21fe31c13887803db5….jpg)


"As we discussed."

Possibly! He was the bridge between Sessions and Barr!

cdff7c  No.5594762


Did Obama also authorize Five Eye foreign intelligence agencies to target those of us who were trying to wake everybody up to how badly they rigged the system against the people?

253000  No.5594763

File: a4de553fc9cc0e7⋯.png (297.32 KB, 500x500, 1:1, obama1.png)

e7f505  No.5594764


Orders Beef stroganof…. Russian collusion!!!

fbc04d  No.5594765

Q throw us some bones and name and shame the patsytriots

2a6d27  No.5594766



806c91  No.5594767


Nellie is a clown,very fluent in Russian

5ecfe4  No.5594768


Thank God he finally called out that traitorous money grubber.

7f8f7b  No.5594769


Already did.

It was nice.

270b38  No.5594770


It was worth meh, $700 `ish bucks and the research to do this and give me piece of mind even if it stays on till I am dead.


05f1c4  No.5594771


Yeah I'm sure POTUS would be really upset by tit pics in here. Lol.

ccb07b  No.5594772

File: 34a433cb5c6e499⋯.png (610.21 KB, 720x480, 3:2, 4c56a3d2-c82b-4ea7-88e3-81….png)


please let them bleed for what they did to the world.

cc0bc4  No.5594773



Or 21 down out of 43

(lesser knowns)

62abee  No.5594774

File: 46ab94556e059b0⋯.jpg (10.63 KB, 255x198, 85:66, fractalturb11.jpg)

the background is show the proof.

2 weeks it what it will take. Then the paper Then new teck in two weeks.


1e9858  No.5594775

File: b31e541cc5e930f⋯.jpg (15.32 KB, 216x144, 3:2, anonsgotdis.jpg)


agreed anon. we are living the most epic timeline in history!

6b8d55  No.5594776


Q UW.yye1fxo 23 Jan 2018 - 3:36:34 PM

The light will reveal those on the team and those pretending to be.

deaecd  No.5594777

File: d8b0ce947411ebb⋯.png (516.33 KB, 734x935, 734:935, proof.png)

Q Proof Graphic

TRUST SESSIONS –Future Proves Past, today.

e69ee6  No.5594778


I just want to know who was on the receiving end of her ham radio broadcasts

dd51e1  No.5594779

File: e0c2555fda6aea9⋯.jpeg (472.03 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, 07A48C80-46D1-4204-8EF3-5….jpeg)

c659c3  No.5594780


can we get on with the arrests please? sometime this year? maybe?

d00197  No.5594781


Idk Schiff maybe? He could know Russian

cea859  No.5594782



>>5594411 New DJT - This is just the beginning!

>>5594428, >>5594529 Zero Delta

>>5594571 vid from 2020Republicans twat

>>5594565 PDF of doc in Qdrop

>>5594484 China caught trying to poison Americans ?

>>5594461 all the caps in one post from Q post this bread

also, stealing this

>>5594568 Its happening - nice clip anon

>China literally caught again trying to poison Americans

62684a  No.5594783

File: 6eb6f73461a984a⋯.jpg (282.46 KB, 1200x480, 5:2, 6eb6f73461a984ae909b7c9cba….jpg)


interesting theory

I have been wondering…W N J.

ec0e4e  No.5594784


When do we get the change to Birthright Citizenship to as the founders intended?


7f8f7b  No.5594785


Only clowns speak Russian fluently?

f14e5c  No.5594786


Anons know that much… but to whom was she speaking? In her fancy Russian…?

abc6f6  No.5594787


To be honest i wondered if the new young blood was meant to expose the craziness of the party since the party believes the same things but keeps it secret.

ab21cb  No.5594788







3b61b7  No.5594789

File: 2f7be2d35e2f45a⋯.jpg (114.36 KB, 627x733, 627:733, hbtra_edm.jpg)

f7144e  No.5594790


So it's violating the 1st and 2nd Amendments at the same time then. Words and actions are completely different which is why we have the 1st Amendment. Should everyone be held accountable for everything they say by having their words be taken as action? I'd be in jail for life, as would every single person in this country. People say they are going to do things that they don't end up doing all the time. It's commonly known that if you want to determine someone's intentions, ignore their words and instead observe their actions. Punishing someone for what they say is most certainly abridging their right to free speech. Regardless of what it is.

806c91  No.5594791


Maybe so. I dont think we are supposed to decode what it means, moreso, just realize what it meant after it happens.. like for a proof

ca65fa  No.5594792

File: 97df17149942a39⋯.png (891.31 KB, 720x540, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

240406  No.5594793


> BOH is nothing more than a Trojan Horse of the Islamic Brotherhood. Can’t wait to see him crash and burn.

The rumor is that Awaleed put him through college. Alwaleed's father was known as The Red Prince and was accused of being a commie. I have a hunch that Alwaleed was born into the cabal and took it over while reverting back from communism to the Muslim Brotherhood.

d85ec9  No.5594794

File: df66500625e5b1e⋯.jpeg (57.56 KB, 800x494, 400:247, meme.pizza.party.over.ses….jpeg)

ab98d3  No.5594795


so much for [-10]

it's always tomorrow

917aba  No.5594796

21960c  No.5594797

File: f1d60efdf8acbc2⋯.png (1.37 MB, 1037x1126, 1037:1126, btfoISIS1.png)

21af61  No.5594798


Wonder if it was those "Journalists" that we were wondering about?

d9b111  No.5594799

File: f634c6ce1664c2b⋯.jpeg (281.28 KB, 1072x1154, 536:577, 943CDF9A-0DE4-4722-B893-7….jpeg)

d1d20d  No.5594800


Him and May.

29d9cd  No.5594801


BS. Last week it was “within” 21. Days.

62684a  No.5594802

File: 355cf864d2f2d20⋯.png (335.2 KB, 470x536, 235:268, potushutitdown.png)

7376dd  No.5594803


Clearly, a party-killer. In the end, we'll all say you gotta love this poor nigga-bitch!

1d2f9f  No.5594804


So why is he not under arrest yet?

2ceb28  No.5594805


>>5594669 QProof graphic of the [0] delta

2a6d27  No.5594806

File: 9bcf7983b9f085c⋯.png (7.47 KB, 300x250, 6:5, K1DDk5EZdA-12[1].png)

d8e1e4  No.5594807

File: 5c2e993448720d2⋯.jpeg (37.32 KB, 399x385, 57:55, pepe.jpeg)


Best check yourself, yo boi LOL

Got that target painted right on your mallet you do.

d85ec9  No.5594808

File: 02feb20aa56fa80⋯.jpeg (208.14 KB, 955x500, 191:100, hussein.brennan.jpeg)

5ecfe4  No.5594809


The more they talk the more I believe they are meant to destroy the DNC and are plants. OR they are the dumbest people on the face of the planet. Has to be one or the other.

9271a4  No.5594810

File: 57223cf1fe1f56e⋯.png (952.14 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 295E7365-35F4-458B-99C7-BD….png)


Does Mind control affect our dreams?

13b278  No.5594811

File: 6dda5d76c1c2294⋯.jpg (104.9 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, Anne Coulter.jpg)

806c91  No.5594812

Pretty cool to see Whitaker sending Huber an email in November 22, 2017 talking about these investigations. Whitaker has been working on this for a looooong time. He isn't a nobody

a61e11  No.5594813

Nellie Ohr > C_A?

There are others within the FBI/DOJ linked to the C_A.


What access does a House member have?

What access does a House Committee member have?

Think [Brennan] spy campaign > US SENATE

What happens when the C_A targets [spy insertion] the Executive, House, Senate, DOJ, FBI, State, etc branches of the UNITED STATES GOV?

How many so-called 'former' C_A agents ran for House elections in 2018?

What party?


What happens when the C_A targets [spy + tech insertion] of GOOG, FB [LifeLog], Twitter, etc etc?


What happens when people wake up to the fact that FB is a cover for LifeLog [DARPA]?

What happens when people discover all RT data [inputs + listening/camera/GPS meta] is being harvested and made accessible to Langley?

Charter of the NSA? DOMESTIC + FOREIGN?


Why is the C_A conducting an active umbrella collection campaign [stringer tangents to 9] against all US citizens through LifeLog [FB] absorb/tan targeting?

Bypass data encryption on phone/tablet etc?

Primary focus on elected officials?

Primary focus on elected officials in key sub committees?

Can activation occur of 'recording' local on device pre SCIF entry?

No logs.

No keys.

Ghost in-Ghost out.

People only engage security (+ escape vehicles) when they have something very serious to FEAR.

What is that FEAR for MZ?


d00197  No.5594814

6d8bca  No.5594815


Lock him up, Q!

ce4b38  No.5594816

File: 6f0be7e6d054c67⋯.png (41.5 KB, 550x377, 550:377, 1e17350b480cc2381ba40116c9….png)

05f1c4  No.5594817


And will it be retroactive as it should be?

ab21cb  No.5594818

c98e40  No.5594819

File: 6730901db6331ef⋯.jpeg (87.38 KB, 750x504, 125:84, 2341D31A-F81A-484D-B28A-1….jpeg)

3b61b7  No.5594820

File: 2aa438ad1c34213⋯.jpg (240.91 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, hbtra2.jpg)

cea859  No.5594821



>>5594411 New DJT - This is just the beginning!

>>5594428, >>5594529 Zero Delta

>>5594571 vid from 2020Republicans twat

>>5594565 PDF of doc in Qdrop

>>5594484 China caught trying to poison Americans ?

>>5594461 all the caps in one post from Q post this bread

>>5594580 Database of the Clinton emails that are linked to some of Q's pics

29d9cd  No.5594822


Exactly. Plain and simple.

4889ac  No.5594823

File: 6ecc9341270d8c5⋯.jpg (75.5 KB, 379x387, 379:387, 6ecc9341270d8c5e44d8b5d28b….jpg)

8b3cd2  No.5594824


Yeah… looks like Huber had a question for MW.

MW's response? "As we discussed".


642581  No.5594825

File: cff3689c82d8a6e⋯.jpg (175.04 KB, 1024x438, 512:219, reddit and symbols.jpg)

831b46  No.5594826

File: 18e41dba23849f0⋯.jpeg (69.13 KB, 500x500, 1:1, BFD35744-A152-4891-83D8-3….jpeg)

b3443c  No.5594827


Do it Q!!! Let the pain begin!

817286  No.5594828

File: c8ce58a993d393d⋯.jpg (122.83 KB, 1132x586, 566:293, coded-message.jpg)


Watch the water?

20fbaf  No.5594829

File: b5c0e56af1da5be⋯.gif (2.56 MB, 300x424, 75:106, b5c0e56af1da5be1e6af22541d….gif)

daf6f5  No.5594830


Who we're the last two DS actors taken out?

13b278  No.5594831

File: 13c1a84824e014d⋯.jpg (87.37 KB, 680x477, 680:477, sessions cleanup.jpg)

7284dd  No.5594832


He did….

media controlled so…


Klayman’s claim is not new. In fact, it is not even really his claim. It comes from his client, former NSA and CIA contractor Dennis Montgomery, who “left the NSA and CIA with 47 hard drives and over 600 million pages of information, much of which is classified,” showing “the spy agencies were engaged for years in systematic illegal surveillance on prominent Americans, including the chief justice of the Supreme Court, other justices, 156 judges, prominent businessmen such as Donald Trump” and Larry Klayman himself, according to a an op-ed piece written by Klayman in March 2017. The purpose of that illegal Deep State surveillance — Klayman surmises — is “for potential coercion, blackmail or other nefarious purposes.”

Given the way the Deep State (and its Democrat political accomplices) have attacked, derided, smeared, and undermined Donald Trump since as soon as he became a viable candidate, it is easy to follow — and believe — Klayman’s assertion

In June 2017, Klayman joined Montgomery in suing former FBI Director James Comey, alleging that the FBI (under Comey’s leadership) was involved in a cover-up of the FBI targeting both Klayman and Montgomery — along with others — as subjects of illegal surveillance. As Klayman stated after filing the suit:

Former FBI Director Comey and his agency have not only illegally spied on Mr. Montgomery and me, but have covered up and thus engaged in an obstruction of justice of the FBI's and the other intelligence agencies' illegal and unconstitutional mass surveillance. In the process of this illegal behavior, they have seriously damaged Montgomery and me, and they will be held fully accountable under the rule of law, for this and other tortious acts which should also now be included in the on-going grand jury investigation of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

When Montgomery walked away from his NSA/CIA contract in 2015 with those hundreds of millions of damning documents, he did so as a whistleblower. But — as Klayman wrote in the above-cited op-ed piece, “when Montgomery came forward as a whistleblower to congressional intelligence committees and various other congressmen and senators, including Senator Charles Grassley, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, who, like Comey, once had a reputation for integrity, he was ‘blown off;’ no one wanted to even hear what he had to say.” Klayman offers two believable possible reasons for the cold shoulder Montgomery received from the congressional intelligence and judiciary committees: “Montgomery’s allegations were either too hot to handle” or those committees “already knew that this unconstitutional surveillance was being undertaken.” The second option would mean that the Deep State has deep roots and may well be controlling some on those committees. It could be that the coercion and blackmail Klayman mentioned is at the foundation of that control.

6b8d55  No.5594833


Woof woof


dae239  No.5594834

File: 2da8060ae9bbedf⋯.jpeg (595.4 KB, 1125x888, 375:296, 392BBE2D-5F51-40B1-8B16-9….jpeg)

Msm spin spin spin spin spin your mind to pieces

1ed213  No.5594835


The President of these United States has a country full of supporters that would like to see him get lawful justice for his traducement.

Nothing short of Treason convictions followed by an injection will satisfy me.

7f8f7b  No.5594836

21af61  No.5594837



95da06  No.5594838

File: 40cd7a517ce232e⋯.png (286.62 KB, 504x675, 56:75, ClipboardImage.png)

917aba  No.5594839


“This is just the beginning” trump posts 30 seconds after Q’s first post. Muse talking to us lads

abc6f6  No.5594840

File: 7d81a6134c6394c⋯.gif (1.17 MB, 300x227, 300:227, zootopia.gif)

62abee  No.5594841

Q yes it changes everything. Yes it freak out. but to change all the minds you have to prove it,


But this not be a bomb just idea that no one can deny

e2bb55  No.5594842


sounds like a debt needs settling.

4cdf26  No.5594843


>Nellie Ohr > C_A?

Ohr one of earthworm Brennan's special plants?

How corrupt the Hussein admin was!

7701af  No.5594845


He knows that Romney wired money to Coulter, before Coulter declared publicly that she is so disappointed with Trump and that she now endorses Trump.

cea859  No.5594846

Q's Latest Posts

Saturday 03.09.2019

>>5594813 ————————————–——– Nellie Ohr > C_A? There are others within the FBI/DOJ linked to the C_A

>>5594421 ————————————–——– The President of the United States told you who authorized the targeting.

>>5594371 ————————————–——– Do you target your enemies or your allies? ( Cap: >>5594381, >>5594388, >>5594396 )

b2ad3f  No.5594847


All questions have been answered many times.

This is NOT A GAME of questions / answers.

Do it.

f14e5c  No.5594848


Thats what I am talking about … HAM radio transmissions. Who was on the other end?

20fbaf  No.5594849


That real? Organ harvesting?

831b46  No.5594850


Awan involved in data sweep?

91ef32  No.5594851


>How many so-called 'former' C_A agents

No such thing as "former" C_A agent

d85ec9  No.5594852

File: e228b49163a3733⋯.jpeg (789.88 KB, 1500x1001, 1500:1001, get.in.faggot.jpeg)

15765e  No.5594853

File: 7fe72acc5f5b49b⋯.png (41.11 KB, 939x249, 313:83, Screenshot from 2019-03-09….png)

>>5594332 lb

>>5593903 lb

>>5594159 lb

To the VQCfags. This was the thing I never understood… Why was this never followed up on?

0f5606  No.5594854


The tribunals and executions need to be PUBLIC

Far too many people are completely ignorant of what's been happenning

4fac83  No.5594855

File: 7e61ae863155004⋯.jpg (650.07 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190308-234259….jpg)

coincidences 4 times? Boom boom boom boom?

4cdf26  No.5594856


>There are others within the FBI/DOJ linked to the C_A.

There have been persistent rumors that Strzok was a CIA operative.

917aba  No.5594857


Yellow vests are no more antisemitic than your typical Frenchman, and quite a bit less antijew than their immigrant pets.

62684a  No.5594858



717874  No.5594859



Breitbart News Daily

Erik Prince

Nov 4, 2016

a00097  No.5594860

File: 9f333c05318c136⋯.jpg (43.79 KB, 375x562, 375:562, Zuckerfag.jpg)

29d9cd  No.5594861


So they have a list of all us phonefaggin? Super.

acb531  No.5594862

Poetic Justice.

The deep state created Lifelog/Facebook to spy on us. We used it against them to break free of our shackles and spread TRUTH. Their platform aided in the election of the greatest President in US history…. the President that will be credited for their demise. KEK

Then you have Angelfire. Another tool created by them for mass spying and oppression. POTUS opened the door of all doors by giving the wizards and warlocks permission to apply the Keystone so they could track and predict the deep state’s moves without their knowledge. KEK

The deep state is being destroyed by their own creations. If that isn’t poetic justice, I don’t know what is.

3c1b7d  No.5594864


Thank You to all Team members!

We are Winning!

It feels so good to Win Big!

81172c  No.5594865


What happens when they figure out we belong to the queen?

96265e  No.5594866

File: ad4358fb4bdac84⋯.jpeg (222.19 KB, 666x500, 333:250, 37c49a9d5e60ab028bf92b364….jpeg)

7c43b8  No.5594867


Thanks for the inside baseball, anon. Find it interesting that they're already redesigning the Great Hall. Not an expert in this field, bu doesn't seem normal that an airport is doing a major remodel so quickly after opening.


The project will increase the capacity of the 1.5-million-sq-ft terminal to serve 80 million passengers per year. When the airport opened 22 years ago, it was designed to handle 50 million passengers a year. In 2016, DIA traffic topped 58.3 million people, according to airport records.

917aba  No.5594868


I just sullied my knickers

5c9153  No.5594869

File: 6742db295c83b73⋯.jpg (514.21 KB, 1983x2643, 661:881, PicsArt_03-03-11.02.55.jpg)

File: 7bccd5046b98f7a⋯.jpg (720.49 KB, 1983x2643, 661:881, PicsArt_03-01-04.41.06.jpg)


Puppy Day

Water Day?

60f327  No.5594870

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Jeff Sessions Laughs As Students Chant 'Lock Her Up' During Speech

2ceb28  No.5594871


>>5594571 vid from 2020Republicans twat

Was meant as a cap for the first qpost baker, if you want it

d8e1e4  No.5594872


>People only engage security (+ escape vehicles) when they have something very serious to FEAR.

MZ fear that WE, the PEOPLE will start going after him.

Unless MZ fears being taken away by /our people/ first.

The security standing in for MZ committing treason (by law) in protecting a known hostile seditious agent waging war and treason against United States of America.

Bad choices.

4ae09e  No.5594873



The FUTURE is Clones not . . .Clowns

ce4b38  No.5594874


These people are sick!

7376dd  No.5594876


It's quite pitiful that Trump can troll the media through these innocent looking tweets as Team Q is twisting the tourniquet, tighter, tighter…

35f8a9  No.5594877

File: 0ae5cc865e141d4⋯.jpeg (134.64 KB, 1275x714, 25:14, 1532716813.jpeg)

894413  No.5594878

Q, pity that when I call Ft. Meade and ask for an analyst that can translate Arabic, everyone plays dumb. Not like I don't have enough on my plate already that I have to re-learn languages I long ago forgot.



d1d20d  No.5594879


>What is that FEAR for MZ?

Exposure as a clown asset.

acb531  No.5594880

Timeline of vaccine mind control being pushed on the population from the last couple months

Step 1.) WHO says anti vaxxers are global health threat

Step 2.) Golden globe awards has segment giving out flu shots to the crowd

Step 3.) Measles “outbreak” in several states (a few hundred cases of a harmless rash is somehow an outbreak)

Step 4.) Washington issues declaration of “emergency” over measles (nobody died)

Step 5.) Legislation brought forward in over 30 states over vaccines and vaccine exemptions

Step 6.) Media fabricates story of a unvaccinated teenager who goes behind parents back to vaccinate himself (later gets invited to speak in front of senate)

Step 7.) Senate meets to discuss vaccines

Step 8.) Impeccable timing of a study that claims the MMR vaccine doesn’t cause autism (the exact vaccine and disease garnering so much media attention gets “exonerated” in terrible methodological study funded by the pharmaceutical industry)

Step 9.) Censor any and all information that contradicts the government created narrative. Essentially ban the truth so those being programmed only see the side they want you to see.

And that my friends is how mind control works…..

dfcf7e  No.5594881


escape vehicles - MZ - escape chute?

132e1d  No.5594882



Well said!

a8913f  No.5594883


Renegade wiretap in the previous election against romney ? noname ?

1e5cfc  No.5594884

File: 2d0d83495984d50⋯.jpg (34.42 KB, 279x279, 1:1, 52e47a7dabbaa9b71d28f06f59….jpg)

1ed213  No.5594885


>What happens when the C_A targets [spy + tech insertion] of GOOG, FB [LifeLog], Twitter, etc etc?

What happens is even though I'm tracked anyway without them, I have and will continue to allow them to use my data for profit as much as possible.

They can all eat spit.

3b61b7  No.5594886

File: 74ddf266e151044⋯.png (3.14 MB, 4096x2865, 4096:2865, awan_cards_falling.png)

File: 930743129e331a0⋯.jpg (163.64 KB, 955x465, 191:93, awans_info.jpg)


I'd be very interested to see an itemized list of Congressmen and women that were [comped] by Imran Awan, and what specifically he had on them.

If we knew all of that, we could easily make sense of the traitorous behavior of so many Representatives [Mostly D] - someone's got a hand up their ass to the elbow.

91ef32  No.5594887


>How many so-called 'former' C_A agents

No such thing as "former" C_A agent

119c91  No.5594888

File: 240482e4f70a253⋯.jpg (10.18 KB, 255x241, 255:241, 6f30adec7a1082809a4dc62549….jpg)

6b8d55  No.5594889

File: ff1d8ba4843e69e⋯.jpg (80.39 KB, 672x362, 336:181, GoingHam.jpg)

9271a4  No.5594890


Indeed, can't wait until this vast domestic and foreign web of traitors pays for their crimes.

We ache for Justice Q!

019b10  No.5594891

File: 0d6bb25c5ce3fcd⋯.jpg (214.27 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, Children Hurting 2.jpg)

6b8184  No.5594892


Who is running the C_A?

Who is really running it?

b4436f  No.5594893


I dont watch MSM and I dont follow the stars.

c659c3  No.5594894



Hillary arrested WHEN?

Bush jr arrested WHEN?

Hussein arrested WHEN?

not even reputations ruined with these people.. CABAL gets state funerals, full honors….

831b46  No.5594895

File: 92818d83ed8cb84⋯.jpeg (74.49 KB, 738x500, 369:250, 8462F4A7-8AC6-4C74-B4E5-D….jpeg)

0a37af  No.5594896

i am running the cia.

717874  No.5594897

File: af83d018dd67a0f⋯.png (43.3 KB, 1920x1280, 3:2, QEU.png)

fb9e34  No.5594898


MZ either fears his handlers or Americans finding out what he has done

436fa3  No.5594899

File: 6b47e229aa552dc⋯.png (1.7 MB, 1218x1232, 87:88, bring the wood.png)


Will Brennan get popped publicly? something to look forward to?

5a088d  No.5594900

File: c5329184b47e2fa⋯.jpeg (353.19 KB, 750x1138, 375:569, 7AECFFF9-25AF-4462-82D5-2….jpeg)



79736b  No.5594901

File: 4bd63ac7eefa03c⋯.jpg (960.38 KB, 776x1200, 97:150, 4bd63ac7eefa03c3000d70448d….jpg)


>DAG also listed for optics?

So we back to [RR] no bueno.

232397  No.5594902

File: 86cd849e41232bd⋯.png (781.94 KB, 692x537, 692:537, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ea595cd48dcaf47⋯.png (1.51 MB, 993x533, 993:533, ClipboardImage.png)


Liz Slotkin = CIA

Freshmen US Rep

1b113c  No.5594903



Could "S" be "Q" and "Sidney Blumenthall" be "whoever those guys who said they were Q were"?

1ed213  No.5594904


fuck I mean NOT USE KEKEkekek

62abee  No.5594905

File: 1b87100821eb585⋯.png (73.69 KB, 800x745, 160:149, 2a900aa0aa92b72c1ff21a83be….png)

Q if you are not playing 4 or 7=8 chess you will loose

4d0582  No.5594906


current impressions way down ~ constrained imprint as a result ~ started reply "SHEEP!" to so many negative responses to @POTUS and @theWhiteHouse twats ~ makin' me feel better, but have to know it seems so fruitless at times ~ try wg1wga.com and cross post for now!

2345ab  No.5594907

13b278  No.5594908

File: b1ddaa349c451e0⋯.png (830.6 KB, 2000x1000, 2:1, facebook lifelog 2.png)

File: ff215379bc77ef8⋯.jpg (11.73 KB, 191x255, 191:255, zuckerdouche chair.jpg)



95da06  No.5594909

File: b7bd8292961e4a4⋯.jpg (20.5 KB, 255x255, 1:1, b7bd8292961e4a4b7ae074b92f….jpg)

d85ec9  No.5594910

File: e8a2fbc2baf4428⋯.png (599.73 KB, 960x720, 4:3, trump.whitaker.smash.png)

File: 1fcd43c6bee83f0⋯.jpg (50.12 KB, 400x570, 40:57, whitaker.hussein.jpg)

File: 6b07bad79c1730a⋯.jpg (73.56 KB, 666x500, 333:250, whitaker.lift.jpg)

File: ef2df4ae65fa56c⋯.png (570.77 KB, 931x522, 931:522, whitaker.sessions.png)

1d2f9f  No.5594911


I guess this will be another one of those 'future proves the past' comments.

ff7ba7  No.5594912

File: 772837a4eab5ddb⋯.jpg (65.13 KB, 824x960, 103:120, y25kar29upxx.jpg)


The rope.

6310ca  No.5594913

File: 87a97b690db2455⋯.jpg (514.95 KB, 1080x1698, 180:283, Screenshot_20190309-171634….jpg)

Wind the clock anons

a8913f  No.5594914


Did bush wire tap gore ?

Bush Sr wire tap Regan ?

15192a  No.5594915


that truth needs to be exposed.

a61e11  No.5594916

File: 4c96b530f377090⋯.png (54.06 KB, 740x201, 740:201, Sara-A.-Carter-Q-ITPb.qbhq….png)


Define 'Protection'.


4cdf26  No.5594917


>Primary focus on elected officials in key sub committees?

>Can activation occur of 'recording' local on device pre SCIF entry?

>No logs.

>No keys.

>Ghost in-Ghost out.

Why are personal electronic devices allowed into SCIF's?

Or we talking about govt issued PED's?

1020d8  No.5594918

Curious Questions for ‘Q’;

1.) Will we ever get to know who the ‘Q’ team is within our lifetime, or will you have to remain anonymous forever?

2.) Since we have a legitimate need to collect information on ‘bad actors’ within the USA, why would the NSA want us to know exactly how we are being spied on, by our government? (Seems to be the opposite of job security for you.)

3.) Is Russia really an enemy of ours, or is their anyway we could release some sanctions on them to seek peace between our two countries and maybe strike up an awesome trade deal?

4.) If there are laws against putting subliminal messages within videos to mislead the viewers about products advertised on tv, then why haven’t the ‘Fake News’ broadcasters been charged with a crime or even a FEC violation? (After all, they are advertising solely for the Democrat party, and probably don’t get accounted for in campaign financing for all the deliberately false propagandist air time dedicated to this New World Socialist party.) Shouldn't there be at the very least some kind of a disclaimer on the nonstop Democrat ads between their commercials?

5.) If our government is so interested in everything we do and it’s willing to spend billions per year to secretly obtain private info, why haven’t they broken it down to a cost per citizen and offered to us a wage less than that total to wear a cap with a 360 degree camera and mic while out in public that sends you a live VoIP feed, to store in a database for official security purposes and court rooms?

(Could be turned off or put away while home.)

(Would be used to prove innocence.)

(Smart people won’t commit crimes while getting paid to wear “Big Brother”)

6.) How long until we send our teams to infiltrate the Socialist nations as a ‘Fake Socialist’ and over throw their f**king government the same as they are trying to do to ours?

7.) If any of these ‘guilty’ ‘Traitors’ skirt justice with a slick lawyer, would you please revert to Plan Z for them?

8.) If the envelopes distributed at the George bush funeral were "a promise to counter", then why did Mike Pence get one?

9.) Can you tell us that people in our government are 'not' scaring the shit out of children before killing them and drinking their adrenaline laced blood?

10.) Are we about to start a war with ancient aliens who’ve embedded themselves into our society? (Sorry, had to ask!!!)

11.) Will voting ID’s be given out for free or will the ‘door’ be left open for the Dems to complain that we are forcing poor voters to pay to vote?

(Maybe we can offer vote at home with finger print, facial recognition, email account, IP address, and a CAPTCHA to block bots?)

12.) Can we vote to no longer vote anonymously and search polling results that our vote is correct?

13.) Doesn’t the constitution have provisions that require government officials to take an oath swearing its protection from those who want to alter or destroy it? If so, then why not quietly eliminate the threats from the face of the planet, U.S. citizen or not?

14.) Will you still communicate with us if a Democrat wins office and doesn’t want you to?

15.) Can you tell me that you’re not the 6th branch’s newly created ‘Space Force’, because this is “Cyber Space” and could technically be interpreted as such?

16.) Finally, For the love of god, would somebody please ask Democrat Congress woman ‘Ihan Omar (Achbar)’ if she will denounce David Duke, since he agrees with her Anti-Semitic remarks? (Optics are important)

17.) Can we please stop calling it a 'Witch Hunt" and start calling the Mueller investigation for what it is, it's a "Snipe Hunt"?

18.) If President Donald J. Trump is guilty of treasonous acts to become our President, then why did he sign an executive order allowing military tribunals for U.S. citizens?

19.) When will President Donald Trump declass Zero’s BC from the H.I. vault?

f5bb55  No.5594919

File: 9dc5800eb250369⋯.png (320.66 KB, 2092x786, 1046:393, Screenshot_2019-03-09 Q Re….png)


3 of 9?

d0f732  No.5594920

There is no justice, Q.

The real criminals will walk.

Correct me?

4889ac  No.5594921

File: 00e388071453203⋯.jpeg (166.43 KB, 800x500, 8:5, 00e388071453203efe94fc011….jpeg)

75ffb2  No.5594922

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Nunes got his hands on Obama's PDB

Youtube keeps dropping the view count. kek

5dfc30  No.5594923


Tits or GTFO Gina.

95da06  No.5594924

20fbaf  No.5594925

File: b6e246a83748901⋯.jpg (23.77 KB, 600x372, 50:31, images.jpeg-26.jpg)

File: c4abbc408257311⋯.jpg (21.32 KB, 580x358, 290:179, images.jpeg-27.jpg)


I think he's a bastard Rothschild. It's the eyes.

cdff7c  No.5594926

File: c3a03c5f9149b05⋯.jpeg (21.16 KB, 474x316, 3:2, so_many_buttons.jpeg)


> People only engage security (+ escape vehicles) when they have something very serious to FEAR.

I mean, to be fair, I have a pretty badass escape vehicle myself.

a00097  No.5594927

File: 33349e4a6b1c4a6⋯.jpg (254.7 KB, 1600x1064, 200:133, IMG_20190303_220556.jpg)

acc8ea  No.5594928



Remove his likeness and mention of his name from all temple walls.

dfcf7e  No.5594929


I wonder if she just had her technicians license or did she go full on Oscar?

05f1c4  No.5594930


Bush Sr. tried to have Reagan killed.

35f8a9  No.5594931

File: d61b0d23a90b2b4⋯.jpeg (107.95 KB, 1080x644, 270:161, 1552173423.jpeg)

abc6f6  No.5594932


MZ is a plant, paid to run the front. When people find this out he will not be able to walk the streets. And it will most likely not be everyday people looking for him.

9271a4  No.5594933

File: aa69e3056eae298⋯.jpeg (34.08 KB, 650x331, 650:331, D21E6029-D2AB-4BEE-97F8-9….jpeg)


Right on target = 0 Delta

b7f0dd  No.5594934


MZ fears tough questions?

3b61b7  No.5594935


Transgenic human beings, created in [DS] labs, that we would typically recognize as "aliens" (they aren't)

733be4  No.5594936

File: 4516caab3fbef6c⋯.jpg (23.36 KB, 390x246, 65:41, 37735124977776841422910.jpg)

File: 5726bd14777b311⋯.png (110.49 KB, 270x275, 54:55, 270px-IAO-logo.png)



IAO sounds an awful lot like Facebook.

They cant even hide their symbolism…

Supposedly IAO was defunded 2003 but it seems the projects were just shuffled into other DARPA programs.

On the right track?

6b8184  No.5594937


Don't drink the tap water

15192a  No.5594938


built in "late for work" excuse… use it or lose it.

acc8ea  No.5594939

File: 7ca7673b6d35b26⋯.jpeg (697.89 KB, 2645x1658, 2645:1658, image.jpeg)

831b46  No.5594940

1ed213  No.5594941


They are NSA agents.

1020d8  No.5594942

List of Differences Between Most Republicans and Democrats.

• Republicans look toward the future;

Democrats live in the past.

• Republicans want less government intrusion and regulations;

Democrats demand to have more government intrusion and regulations.

• Republicans want to make their case so clearly that you’d have to agree with them;

Democrats don’t care to try and make their case so that you’ll agree with them.

• Republicans want to populate the planet Earth and beyond;

Democrats want legal late term abortion and infanticide.

• Republicans run their campaign on a clearly stated ideological platform;

Democrats run their campaign by simply attacking their opponent’s platform('s) and character assassination tactics.

• Republicans want to lower taxes and less government;

Democrats want to take all your income as tax, plus everything you own, then give complete control of everything over to the government.

• Republicans take life altering decisions seriously and engage in forethought before entertaining

a decision by asking themselves “Why should this happen”;

Democrats make life altering decisions haphazardly only asking themselves “Why not”.

• Republicans argue for having morals and principles;

Democrats demonize those who have morals and/or principles.

• Republicans want to teach their fellow constituents “How to fish and eat for a lifetime”

(Both literally and metaphorically speaking);

Democrats want their fellow constituents to “Eat for the day” and be dependent on them for what they need tomorrow.


Prove these statements wrong:

• There has never been a single documented Republican citizen or elected official who owned a slave in the history of the United States, and don't give me that crap "Ulysses S. Grant owned one which was given to him by his father", because he was a Democrat at the time and didn't become a Republican until later when Abraham Lincoln became president. (Fun fact, Ulysses S. Grant also later set his slave free.)

• The first slave owner in America was a black man, and there were several thousand black slave owners since.

Does that mean that black Americans should pay reparations to all black American's who had come to America after slavery ended? Why should all white Americans pay reparations, since many of us have immigrated to the U.S. after slavery and have not benefitted any more from it than any other American or "illegal" immigrants living on American soil?

God bless you patriots, keep up the good work!!!


21960c  No.5594943


1. the action of protecting, or the state of being protected.

2. a person or thing that prevents someone or something from suffering harm or injury

3. a legal or other formal measure intended to preserve civil liberties and rights

7f8f7b  No.5594944


For a while now.

Yeah. Is great. Muh 4th Amendment is ded.

Long live muh 4th Amendment.

1d2f9f  No.5594945


You keep saying this shit, but have yet to sauce it.

4803e0  No.5594946


I want Hussein perp walked even more than Hillary. The left has put him up as the Messiah.

Let the TRUTH shine.

Dark to LIGHT.

a00097  No.5594947

File: 2c7046b99b68daf⋯.jpg (637.51 KB, 2665x2665, 1:1, IMG_20180917_181608.jpg)

d85ec9  No.5594948

File: 7594dcb46fbc6a3⋯.jpeg (8.35 KB, 255x230, 51:46, meme.brennan.pain.jpeg)

968da8  No.5594949

I smell a setup…

They (Deep State) had two years to start a hidden setup…

I'm wondering if Nadler and Schiff are doing what they are doing to lead up to a perjury trap or something else…

Like a old Mission Impossible mission.(old fags should remember those).

Problem is that I see is Mueller looked at Trump with a microscope…

Any thing they find will be disputed by Mueller Investigation…

For instance…DS claims DT did this and they have the proof…

Mueller report show none of that happened and low and behold they trapped gets reversed on them…

I'm confident everything is going to be OK from here on out…

Remember "We have everything" so anything they create can be refuted…

I think you all know exactly what i mean…

Have a nice night!!!

ff7ba7  No.5594950


Security - they are in grave danger.

They have a Friend in high places, don't they Q :)

2cfa34  No.5594951


Deport all sand niggers!

b2ad3f  No.5594952


Get a piece of JOHN BOLTON

The war mongering criminal.

Take his ass out to the woodshed.

He needs a good ass kicking for his war crimes

dfcf7e  No.5594953


Hi Gina!! ;-)

7500c5  No.5594954


Will folks ever know who watches NSA C_A other 3 letters?

778248  No.5594955


Sara highlighted for a reason, Q??

f14e5c  No.5594956


MZ is FEARING for his life.

3b61b7  No.5594957




270b38  No.5594958

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Everything is online.

Did not even have to turn power off at the Fuse Box.

Apply yourself and you can do it!

Use this prank on the wiffie?

9271a4  No.5594959


The bigger question (((WHO))) was/is Obama beholden too???

91ef32  No.5594960

File: 2f3253110b4fc70⋯.jpg (58.54 KB, 820x400, 41:20, Q5594916 2019_03_09_16:19:….jpg)



baker screencap Sara

62abee  No.5594961

File: 08ceba1e7d15fa6⋯.png (156.81 KB, 1280x942, 640:471, cube30degree45degreerotati….png)

all I want is a cad program that can so 16 axis es an modify them on the fly!

56a04c  No.5594962


Nellie is Russian, very fluent in English

3c1b7d  No.5594963


Bless them for their willingness to give us Truth!

b36170  No.5594964

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



d04fe5  No.5594965


MZ not completely a ‘person’?

06b27b  No.5594966


Hello, Q!

Good Evening from Berlin!

What about this "Q-Book" sold at Amazon (Clown platform?)

1d2f9f  No.5594967


…and your a demoncrap.

4889ac  No.5594968

File: 54b7819a90fc9dd⋯.jpg (77.05 KB, 960x691, 960:691, 1c23a18ee8fec6f316e1093b07….jpg)

917aba  No.5594969


MZ knows too much

642581  No.5594970

MZ is rich and powerful.

What would be his greatest fear?

4fac83  No.5594971

File: 47bfb8d46a87ff3⋯.jpg (728.87 KB, 2220x1080, 37:18, Screenshot_20190307-230152….jpg)


If people really found out how corrupt their government truely is, your looking at a full blown revolution.

6c68a2  No.5594972

File: 59ddc1914973f9f⋯.jpg (84.51 KB, 712x534, 4:3, kerosene.jpg)


the truth is worse than the fiction pls finger 911 perps

we got your back

650a46  No.5594973



Archive link -

When ex-spies go rogue by becoming lawmakers


21960c  No.5594974

File: e3d842e0bb5696f⋯.png (782.67 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, ClipboardImage.png)

2a6d27  No.5594975






817286  No.5594976

File: c040f20f7c9731c⋯.jpg (70.17 KB, 602x664, 301:332, foundation-children.jpg)

13b278  No.5594977

File: fbd71988e88c527⋯.jpg (93.78 KB, 1100x619, 1100:619, Gina Haspel.jpg)

6b8d55  No.5594978

File: 4f3183d67ff77da⋯.jpg (175.41 KB, 960x540, 16:9, putzuckybacktogeteragain.jpg)

eaf8e6  No.5594979


Patriots through and through. God bless, them, Q team, anons, and those that fight for good.

f651cd  No.5594980


Vizio class action law suit.

it's peanuts for what they get away with.

2345ab  No.5594981


being exposed

09f6d9  No.5594982


He is afraid of being seen as a liability to his handlers and having an unforeseen accident. And Americans figuring the shit out and coming to neck him.

ab21cb  No.5594983

File: 96a4786c7d9219f⋯.png (155.62 KB, 408x308, 102:77, 2018-12-04_21-17-23.png)



05f1c4  No.5594984

They're going to disarm all of us over wrong think even tho the methods used to do so are illegal and obviously unconstitutional.

15192a  No.5594985


beep boop

35f8a9  No.5594986


but muh H1B and my bullshit degree

5dd83b  No.5594987

File: 556a12060cb872d⋯.jpg (400.29 KB, 1495x839, 1495:839, more good than bad.jpg)

2a6d27  No.5594988



831b46  No.5594989

File: 2745f0d16579e55⋯.jpeg (108.82 KB, 852x480, 71:40, 28C8BA2C-4A99-4080-85FA-E….jpeg)

1ff0be  No.5594990

File: 01161685b6036be⋯.png (43.46 KB, 603x394, 603:394, ClipboardImage.png)




ca65fa  No.5594991

>>5594813 MZ it´s just a pawn

(((MOS Intel)))

0032e5  No.5594992


Q get rid of


3b61b7  No.5594993

File: c399818bac58b7b⋯.jpg (35.48 KB, 464x606, 232:303, smuggg.jpg)


She's lookin' pretty good if I may be honest. Age notwithstanding, I'd still hit it.

4ae09e  No.5594994

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Hillary Clinton EMAIL SERVER

Had emails that were BEYOND TOP SECRET

EVEN Congress or the Inspector General



5ecfe4  No.5594995

File: 49c5208447c121a⋯.png (987.15 KB, 1107x552, 369:184, TheyWorkedTogether.png)

Speaking of Romney Q, I have long wondered about the attached picture. Worth a look?

7284dd  No.5594996



After Montgomery was turned away as a whistleblower, he came to me at Freedom Watch. With the aid of the Honorable Royce C. Lamberth of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, who I had come to respect and trust over the years of my public interest advocacy, we brought Montgomery forward to FBI Director James Comey, through his General Counsel James Baker. Under grants of immunity, which I obtained through Assistant U.S. Attorney Deborah Curtis, Montgomery produced the hard drives and later was interviewed under oath in a secure room at the FBI Field Office in the District of Columbia. There he laid out how persons like then-businessman Donald Trump were illegally spied upon by Clapper, Brennan, and the spy agencies of the Obama administration. He even claimed that these spy agencies had manipulated voting in Florida during the 2008 presidential election, which illegal tampering resulted in helping Obama to win the White House.

This interview, conducted and videoed by Special FBI Agents Walter Giardina and William Barnett, occurred almost two years ago, and nothing that I know of has happened since. It would appear that the FBI’s investigation was buried by Comey, perhaps because the FBI itself collaborates with the spy agencies to conduct illegal surveillance. In landmark court cases which I filed after the revelations of Edward Snowden, the Honorable Richard Leon, a colleague of Judge Lamberth, had ruled that this type of surveillance constituted a gross violation of the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution.

0a37af  No.5594997

File: b7566ec39523cc8⋯.png (120.06 KB, 310x163, 310:163, ClipboardImage.png)

b4436f  No.5594998


jobs, jobs, jobs….where? dont show me numbers show me jobs. I will show you the increase in homeless living in camps, they have no jobs, I will show you kids getting out of college, they have no jobs, I will show you unemployed professionals aged 40-60 they cant find jobs. Job numbers are like polls…they say whatever you want them to say. Every President in memorable history talked about how great the numbers looked for home starts, GDP, unemployment and the whole time the US was sliding into the shitter.

d85ec9  No.5594999