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File: f29555dd6b5230f⋯.jpg (9.5 KB, 255x143, 255:143, QResearchGeneral.jpg)

809a3e  No.4457593

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Saturday 12/22/18

>>4433511 ————————————–——– Research for yourself

>>4432768 ————————————–——– TRUTH & FACTS MATTER.

Friday 12/21/18

>>4409412 ————————————–——– What was the 16-year plan to destroy America?

>>4408964 ————————————–——– Anons can play this game all day long.

Thursday 12/20/18

>>4401036 ————————————–——– History will not repeat itself this time

>>4400956 ————————————–——– Notice a pattern?

>>4393668 ————————————–——– ALICE & MAD HATTER. ( Cap: >>4393888 )

>>4393450 ————————————–——– The [D] party will cease to exist once it's all exposed. ( Cap: >>4393888 )

>>4392683 rt >>4392645 -————————– Old news. ( Cap: >>4393888 )

>>4392646 ————————————–——– You have the keystone. ( Cap: >>4393888 )

>>4392356 ————————————–——– Completed this week.

>>4392305 ————————————–——– Anons know why.

>>4392219 ————————————–——– None left by choice.

Wednesday 12/19/18

Compiled here: >>4451195

Q & A

Thursday 12/13/18

Compiled here: >>4430511

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809a3e  No.4457600


are not endorsements


>>4430721 BO calls out the 'Highest Ranking Post' script

>>4308334 List of meme-friendly news sites for spreading the truth


>>4456858 7/10: Small plane crashes in Miami, 4 people aboard suffered minor injuries

>>4456905, >>4457078 @USMC tweet: I Spy with My Christmas Eye + Anon dig on MCE, Modular Control Equipment?

>>4456982 Talal bin Abdulaziz, Reformist Saudi Prince, Is Dead at 87

>>4457201 Nice Autism from newfag on Cessna N259JK (pb)

>>4457263 Mass arrests in Bangladesh

>>4456980, >>4456900 Smoking Gun Obama/Clinton Docs Tie Benghazi Weapons to Syria Mess

>>4457326 Anon makes connections between POTUS tweet, Q post 232 and USAF Santa tracking - "RED1"

>>4457565 Erdogan invites Trump to visit Turkey, White House says - AFP

>>4457589 #5683

#5682 Baker Change

>>4456111, >>4456519, >>4456544 Anon spots a possible Q on POTUS's phone in Oval Office photo + info on phone

>>4456159 Iraq rejects rumors of ‘deal’ with US to deploy its forces to Syria

>>4456170 Graphic: POTUS is telling us to make sure we archive offline

>>4456155, >>4456500 Pelosi and Schumer post the same tweet threads verbatim re: POTUS & stock market plunge

>>4456558, >>4456554, >>4456412, >>4456313 Moar on Chuck & Nancy tweets

>>4456213 Comey contradicts Brennan's testimony on Russian Dossier

>>4456322, >>4456333 Resignations in the news this weekend

>>4456196 Coincidence? Anon Graphic re: January 18 & 19, Q's poem, post 562, Gen. Flynn header, and next full moon

>>4456307, >>4456507 EO overhauls federal forest and range management to prevent wildfires

>>4456479, >>4456511 Court puts limits on Jerry Brown's powers, denies clemency to 6 CA killers

>>4456569, >>4456581 Avenatti tweet re: POTUS tweets & Titanic sinking (Fed Reserve)

>>4456709 Anon theory on Middle East happenings

>>4456716 Mattis's Holiday Letter to the Troops

>>4456773 #5682


>>4455890 Plane happenings in the news today

>>4455936 New governor of Puebla, MX dies in helicopter crash 10 days after taking office

>>4455659 Europe’s largest volcano explodes (video)

>>4455641 Trump's Cabinet Picks (infographic)

>>4455476 Construction of new TX border wall begins (video)

>>4455437 Gateway Pundit blames Fed for harming U.S. economy by rate hike; >>4455623 Anon theory on it; >>4455694 Longest Bull Market In History Over as S&P Suffers Worst Xmas Eve Trading Day On Record

>>4455421 Judicial Watch obtained docs revealing Obama admin knew of Benghazi attack 10 days in advance (old news but not well known)

>>4455416 Pedophile Catholic Priest Testified He Urinated in Sacramental Wine (St. Mary's - Boise, ID) For Years; convicted on child porn/drug charges

>>4455445, >>4455371 NC affidavits released in alleged election fraud case

>>4455333 DJT tweet on 115-mi. section of wall contract for TX; >>4455337 Blunt and Direct Time!!!

baker change


>>4454691, >>4454613, >>4454653 Let me be Frank YT drop

>>4454722 FBI Analyst drop on Benghazi

>>4454651 Graphic on Delta diversion to Alaskan Island - Q related area

>>4454619 New DJT

>>4454819, >>4454833 Morning sun (Flynn) and mourning son (Spacey) same day ?

>>4455163, >>4454671 Anon theory graphics - message from POTUS?

>>4455082 Planefag bun

>>4455253 #5680


>>4453843, >>4454083 We're watching a movie - POTUS HOME ALONE on Xmas Eve

>>4454159, >>4454003 Delta Flight lands on remote Alaskan Island due to engine issue

>>4454257, >>4454260 Kevin Spacey responds (as Frank Underwood ?), >>4454107 & teh ring sez 23

>>4454243, >>4454308, >>4454474 Planefag eyes in the skies

>>4454026, >>4454049, >>4454164 Nice autism from newfag, cessna N259JK

>>4454457 #5679

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809a3e  No.4457618



Baker Requesting Handoff

ab you still around?

8a5842  No.4457629

File: 898249065cd22ab⋯.png (399.76 KB, 841x462, 841:462, 1545703813823.png)

8a5842  No.4457641

File: dd36bae67643d77⋯.gif (7.1 MB, 544x306, 16:9, uicide.gif)

613794  No.4457648

File: 564377facc75e7b⋯.jpg (30.85 KB, 680x591, 680:591, 564377facc75e7bfdd4ad9b6bc….jpg)


Thanks bakers.

Backup around if needed, can bake a couple..

Happy to lurq if ab's taking it, of course.

>Happy Christmas

2a09e7  No.4457649


5679 and 5680 here

would yield to other baker for one bread

id like to post some dank this bread

bake next bread(s)

3ebbff  No.4457656


looks like pedo-predator

2a09e7  No.4457663

File: af1f6271bb108ab⋯.png (2.06 MB, 1200x769, 1200:769, dark to light.png)

File: 0185c811b427caa⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1592x912, 199:114, q clearance patriot wew.png)

>>4457625 (pb)

>>4457527 (pb)

potus D day is on the clock for them both

4b6baf  No.4457670

File: b2466aede2bf980⋯.jpg (270.96 KB, 1022x1024, 511:512, IMG_4948.JPG)

809a3e  No.4457672



thanks bakers. good to know we're well staffed tonight. i'll wait for ab. if he can't bake, backup baker can take it. thanks again and merry christmas to you both

613794  No.4457673


Can bake one here or until you're ready ab.

9a5eca  No.4457674

File: 3e153f2c568ca25⋯.jpg (620.23 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20181105-162901….jpg)

>>4456439 (Previous Bread)

This is no longer valid.

Patriots in full control.

America is respected again.

Post date is pre election.

They were predicting HRC's future.

It will happen when the weather cools

> it would have been quick.

> had HRC won, we would all likely be in a living hell right now.

That's when they'll make their move

> (((they))) were going to destroy america entirely.

The plans laid long ago, before the founding of America, will come to fruition.

> Armageddon

Watch for these signs:

Three branches will become one.

> martial law

> elimination of democracy

> students of the crown

An island will drift away.

> Nk—→Hi

> boom

A killing bolt will shine in the night sky but will not kill.

> E_P

> darkness

The star will gorge itself on clay.

> Israel—-→Palestine

Idols will speak and move about.

> prophets telling of the end are no longer dismissed.

The black flag will fly above the dome.

> isis—-→Dome of the Rock

The belly of the dragon will drip water.

> think Fukushima in China

Two voices will call out in a silence all will hear.

> Revalations 11:11

> biblical prophecy

A rock will stand on seven hills.

< stil working on this.

< believe it has to do with Seven Hills Rome and the Vatican.

The ravens will starve.

> ravens will eat nearly anything so how still they starve?

> Nothing left?

> end times.

The bear will leave its cave forever.

> Rus knew.

> Rus was going to end it

> research John Titor's war (+civil)

> we've had it the whole time.

The rod and the ring will strike.

> The US would have been struck

> WWthree

> the end.

47090f  No.4457676

Revelation 13 New King James Version (NKJV)

The Beast from the Sea

Revelation 13

1 Then I stood on the sand of the sea. And I saw a beast rising up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and on his horns ten crowns, and on his heads a blasphemous name.

2 Now the beast which I saw was like a leopard, his feet were like the feet of a bear, and his mouth like the mouth of a lion. The dragon gave him his power, his throne, and great authority.

3 And I saw one of his heads as if it had been mortally wounded, and his deadly wound was healed. And all the world marvelled and followed the beast.

4 So they worshiped the dragon who gave authority to the beast; and they worshiped the beast, saying, “Who is like the beast? Who is able to make war with him?”

5 And he was given a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies, and he was given authority to continue for forty-two months.

6 Then he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme His name, His tabernacle, and those who dwell in heaven.

7 It was granted to him to make war with the saints and to overcome them. And authority was given him over every tribe, tongue, and nation.

8 All who dwell on the earth will worship him, whose names have not been written in the Book of Life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.

9 If anyone has an ear, let him hear.

10 He who leads into captivity shall go into captivity; he who kills with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.

The Beast from the Earth

11 Then I saw another beast coming up out of the earth, and he had two horns like a lamb and spoke like a dragon.

12 And he exercises all the authority of the first beast in his presence, and causes the earth and those who dwell in it to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.

13 He performs great signs, so that he even makes fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men.

14 And he deceives those who dwell on the earth by those signs which he was granted to do in the sight of the beast, telling those who dwell on the earth to make an image to the beast who was wounded by the sword and lived.

15 He was granted power to give breath to the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak and cause as many as would not worship the image of the beast to be killed.

16 He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads,

17 and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

18 Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666.

4b6baf  No.4457677


That's was a ton of underage tits

613794  No.4457678

File: 849ee8eb5492865⋯.png (179.28 KB, 339x411, 113:137, IMG_4898.PNG)

3732f6  No.4457679






so who's baking?

wouldn't want to go for that long into the morning though, but can go for a few hours

df8507  No.4457680

File: 701e59f3d3ba85e⋯.jpg (28.47 KB, 540x333, 60:37, womanbakename.jpg)


8a5842  No.4457681

File: fd2348e264433e2⋯.jpg (91.02 KB, 1079x719, 1079:719, die-hard-2-1079x719.jpg)

5759c0  No.4457682

File: 92ced2b4db4d93e⋯.mp4 (1.21 MB, 720x720, 1:1, santa.mp4)

"Are you still a believer in Santa? Because at seven it's marginal, right?"

Love this President – stopping fake news where it starts.

8a5842  No.4457683

File: 6af81ba7e77c3f5⋯.png (170.97 KB, 465x307, 465:307, 1545703840491.png)

809a3e  No.4457684

anons, ff3801's posts last bread were interesting, if you missed them

5928ba  No.4457685

>>4457628 (pb)

4 days…


32dbb3  No.4457686

File: 63c3e5d3fb13802⋯.png (57.49 KB, 274x298, 137:149, Glork00015a.png)

2a09e7  No.4457687




ill take post position 3


next if no ab

me next bread if no ab

also staffed now but graveyard not so much so be advised accodingly ab if ease into the night

4b6baf  No.4457688


There are shortcuts (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

93cf40  No.4457691

File: 21038071df439d3⋯.jpg (469.71 KB, 1293x1985, 1293:1985, InterdastingAnon.jpg)

File: b42bd81cb9ef0cb⋯.jpg (1015.03 KB, 2048x2648, 256:331, b42bd81cb9ef0cb02606428998….jpg)

File: 152bcd0e4111751⋯.png (353.7 KB, 944x976, 59:61, ClipboardImage.png)

Reposting "interesting anon" from LB

along with their graphic and

my enhancement of the shadowy B&W figure below the desk in the top pic.

Too many coincidences, anons. Mathematically impossible.

Who is this talking to us? We're not too surprised, are we?

Something's about to happen, if we believe this anon.

I'm intrigued.

809a3e  No.4457692







i can come back and bake through the night if needed - just need a handoff for a couple hours. doesn't matter to me who takes the handoff. last one lasted about an hour and a half. next one should be around 2 hours unless Q posts.

759629  No.4457693

File: 56fc194a98ddcaf⋯.gif (1.89 MB, 500x329, 500:329, releasethem.gif)

File: 31822146ffae5b6⋯.gif (801.16 KB, 300x209, 300:209, 19266593.gif)

File: 22aba59a63461b7⋯.gif (4.37 MB, 250x444, 125:222, bewblicious.gif)

File: d40d49f456eb893⋯.gif (1.7 MB, 262x230, 131:115, 2299B62E-252D-4F89-AD32-D4….gif)

File: d9003673d277eec⋯.gif (2.09 MB, 300x363, 100:121, 456D1043-2B9F-4A1A-8D7E-FD….gif)


771934  No.4457694

File: 352c77c08a1eec0⋯.jpg (64.51 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Snoopys Christmas.jpg)

Got in at the tail end of last bread so please pardon the repost here:

My favorite Christmas song!

Not sure how to embed in YouTube,

but here it is, at the link below,

Snoopy's Christmas by the Royal Guardsmen


Merry Christmas Anons!

4b6baf  No.4457695

File: 1e81d562fa4f1b8⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 347.71 KB, 1024x1023, 1024:1023, IMG_4910.JPG)

a5f96a  No.4457696

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Joe Rogan Reacts to the Kevin Spacey News

619d75  No.4457697

File: a2e27040d1e05d1⋯.gif (18.22 KB, 480x354, 80:59, Round_table_inner_circle.gif)

>>4457455 (lb)

and just like that, you solved "Inner Circle" for me. Thanks, anon, that's been bugging me.

df8507  No.4457698

File: bab05692c301c40⋯.jpg (1011.22 KB, 4304x3068, 1076:767, bpdeep.jpg)


magical booms

38bfae  No.4457699

File: 065869371e57dcb⋯.png (4.9 KB, 162x255, 54:85, tungsten.png)

1e3d3d  No.4457700

File: 2cf9548130b93f4⋯.jpg (45.01 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 2pqg7o.jpg)

>>4457441 LB

Fresh version.

No spelling mistake.

cea6c2  No.4457701

File: 911c40beb9eeb30⋯.jpg (212.12 KB, 1280x784, 80:49, Turkey_NL.jpg)

>>4457565 LB

Come to Holland, we have a Turkey with more flags.

ae19bb  No.4457702

File: fc8ed897c2b4d7e⋯.jpg (64.92 KB, 480x421, 480:421, 2po04i_1.jpg)

File: 8d303eda3651a3a⋯.jpg (81.8 KB, 800x400, 2:1, 2g4whb.jpg)

Only thing Huber has investigated so far is a clowns asshole in Utah.

613794  No.4457703


5:5, just let me know.

2a09e7  No.4457704


whoever has eyes on graveyard yield to the rest of us

im still new to the kitchen

8092b4  No.4457705

(And mention) when the angels said,

"O Mary, indeed God gives you the good news of a word from Him,

whose name will be the Messiah Jesus, the son of Mary,

held in honor in this world and in the Hereafter,

and of those who are near to God.

He will speak to the people in the cradle, and in old age,

and he will be of the righteous."

She said, "My Lord, how can I have a son when no man has touched me."

He said, "So (it will be,) for God creates what He wants.

When He decides something,

He only says to it, 'Be,' and it is.

And He will teach him the Book and wisdom and the Torah and the Gospel.

And (will make him) a messenger to the Children of Israel (saying),

'Indeed I have come to you with a sign from your Lord.

I make for you out of clay the likeness of a bird, then breathe into it, and it becomes a bird by the permission of God.

And I heal the blind and the leper, and I bring the dead to life by the permission of God.

And I inform you of what you eat and what you store in your houses.

Surely, there is a sign for you in that, if you are believers.

And (I have come) confirming the Torah that was (revealed) before me, and to allow you some of what was forbidden to you.

And I have come to you with a proof from your Lord, so fear God and obey me.

Indeed, God is my Lord and your Lord, so worship Him.

This is the straight path.'"

(Quran 3:45-51)

236c6f  No.4457706

would you please stop the god damn hammering

3732f6  No.4457707

File: 46f14f43abc7d29⋯.png (2.36 MB, 3016x2172, 754:543, GHWB.png)

3732f6  No.4457708


kek, I'll just take it

Handoff confirmed?

6070a3  No.4457709

File: 8163dc00e8e546c⋯.png (25.48 KB, 602x350, 43:25, ClipboardImage.png)

81dea5  No.4457710

File: 6b7d782ba37dde7⋯.gif (6.48 MB, 947x405, 947:405, CIMs.gif)

File: 7ea1990e1e5ba4f⋯.png (1.44 MB, 1918x670, 959:335, schu23.png)


Not current- shows til the 21st. They stopped giving real-time reports a bout a week ago.

Interdasting 'White-space' takes over in a 'wave'.

These are waves, if you've ever monitored this feed.

This 'wave' showed up under a different signature on 11.11.



Compare with Schuman

f004d7  No.4457711


Still only exists in cartoons.

a5f96a  No.4457712

File: ebee18761187e7d⋯.gif (70.43 KB, 650x607, 650:607, HuberMan.gif)

File: 78c725edb1530c0⋯.jpg (83.62 KB, 798x420, 19:10, uberman1.jpg)

1ff7a8  No.4457713

File: 9a43537dda2c03e⋯.gif (253.51 KB, 834x870, 139:145, Christmas Comfy.gif)

Merry Christmas, patriots.

5ce600  No.4457714

>>4457645 lb

Thank you Anon, my favorite as a kid and hadn’t listened to it in forever. I’ve got it on a LP or 45 somewhere.

2a09e7  No.4457715


have fun with it but note the potus picture is not the OP from twitter

OP from twitter the resolute desk is CLOSED

so for now this is shopped

380503  No.4457716


The two faces in the third photo. The one on the right appears to be wearing a helmet. Slight overlap with short dark haired you face - may be female or young male.

f4f45a  No.4457717


Yeah that's the one I was looking for. Thx anon!

And for the oversensitive anon from last bread, it's not an insult to .45 ACP….of which I have three.

f7a486  No.4457718

>>4457561 (lb)

>>4457562 (lb)


6f4206  No.4457719

I think we can identify the mug from the "Let's be Frank" video.

It looks like a reference to the British Royal Family


74d47a  No.4457720

File: 6bd96ab9bb82acc⋯.jpg (281.35 KB, 993x946, 993:946, q115miles.jpg)


this method works!!!

4b6baf  No.4457721

File: 3da5376acc4f0ae⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 317.71 KB, 1017x1016, 1017:1016, IMG_4886.JPG)

File: 0440b374725308b⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 198.49 KB, 883x1186, 883:1186, D3876F27-6B4C-4A36-A0CE-B0….jpg)

File: f7ddf7e5b4b3640⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 11.84 KB, 255x114, 85:38, 586FCCF3-5ACC-4F56-BD4A-0F….jpg)

File: f6f2834532487ad⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 468.81 KB, 579x3579, 193:1193, 813317CA-D674-4766-9E23-3C….jpg)

da2d63  No.4457722


Nice!!! :D

Baker Notable

>>4457663 [D] Day, Patriots, WCTD Dark to Light

ae19bb  No.4457724

File: 9d95071d67ddb81⋯.jpg (66.55 KB, 480x505, 96:101, 2po0nq_1.jpg)

File: 2ad4107f6587951⋯.jpg (56.23 KB, 500x487, 500:487, 2po580_1_1.jpg)

e8a67d  No.4457725

Hey Q, is Potus going to give us DELAS FISA for Christmas?

5b6de8  No.4457726

Hey anons, regarding that post in last bread with the DISTRESS stuff.

The HMS Resolute was a Royal Navy vessel in the 1800s.

Wood came from the ship and was used to make the Presidents Desk.

0816cf  No.4457727

File: 62d1d6471b475a6⋯.png (147.26 KB, 1309x626, 1309:626, K9HRCdead.png)

File: 7b8eccc67973bb0⋯.png (2.06 MB, 1009x3409, 1009:3409, Florida K9 killed after gu….png)

I think we may be getting [additional] signs that Christmas Eve was "HRC's Night."

This foxnews.com story caught my eye. I don't think it warrants national attn (as much "news" doesn't)… unless it's saying moar.

I think she may be dead. Pic related. Weak… don't ask for "real" sauce… have none, but my Spidey Senses tell me so.

197dff  No.4457728

I have arrived, you may open your presents now.

e6ad3d  No.4457729

File: 73157bb0f40ae3a⋯.png (1.25 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, D3598311-07B2-4CC8-BD91-AF….png)

File: 8e650e16a2ee7d8⋯.png (1.32 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, ECAF2083-A912-4710-8376-C6….png)

File: 4f6cd481c1ae6fd⋯.png (280.63 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 848BFA10-5739-4A19-9D6E-DE….png)

>>4457451 (lb)

The US CorpGov had the gold purity standards changed in the 1990’s from 99.99% to 99.5%. Good thing tungsten weighs really close to gold huh AIC|ajoomuhshills?

Bitter Sauce:


93cf40  No.4457730


Whoa. I only saw the left face. Now I see both. Imma tinker with muh gimp, standby.

74d47a  No.4457731

File: e16e850b495609e⋯.jpg (265.39 KB, 628x858, 314:429, qpotustweetscode.jpg)


whoops wrong pic


1ff7a8  No.4457732

File: 534eb0da72d8326⋯.jpg (15.76 KB, 222x255, 74:85, Merry Christmas.jpg)

bf6cdf  No.4457733

>>4456980 lb

Re the Judicial Watch video re Syria:

"no wonder Obama didn't like him [Gen. Flynn]."

Might I add: no wonder the deep state and Mueller are trying to screw him so bad.

57df9c  No.4457734


Merry Christmas from the UK

9a4a6e  No.4457735


Love my full size Sig .45. Especially in my top drawer. Sweet Dreams.

6f4206  No.4457736

File: de510564af82367⋯.jpg (266.4 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20181225-074100….jpg)

File: 94785eec9688e21⋯.jpg (197 KB, 1128x1024, 141:128, 20181225_074252-magic.jpg)

File: 8e4cdbbced15395⋯.png (1.65 MB, 1936x1936, 1:1, Photo_2018-12-25_09-10-45_….png)

File: b499b7bc401f19d⋯.jpg (35.33 KB, 720x720, 1:1, FB_IMG_1545703343895.jpg)

2a09e7  No.4457737

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

31697f  No.4457738


Government UNOFFICIALLY shutdown after the house vote.

The Senate was always a NO.



223a28  No.4457739


that's probably the least interesting thing we got up there.

a3fd0e  No.4457740

3732f6  No.4457742

#5681 (posted in #5684)

>>4455890 Plane happenings in the news today

>>4455936 New governor of Puebla, MX dies in helicopter crash 10 days after taking office

>>4455659 Europe’s largest volcano explodes (video)

>>4455641 Trump's Cabinet Picks (infographic)

>>4455476 Construction of new TX border wall begins (video)

>>4455437 Gateway Pundit blames Fed for harming U.S. economy by rate hike; >>4455623 Anon theory on it; >>4455694 Longest Bull Market In History Over as S&P Suffers Worst Xmas Eve Trading Day On Record

>>4455421 Judicial Watch obtained docs revealing Obama admin knew of Benghazi attack 10 days in advance (old news but not well known)

>>4455416 Pedophile Catholic Priest Testified He Urinated in Sacramental Wine (St. Mary's - Boise, ID) For Years; convicted on child porn/drug charges

>>4455445, >>4455371 NC affidavits released in alleged election fraud case

>>4455333 DJT tweet on 115-mi. section of wall contract for TX; >>4455337 Blunt and Direct Time!!!

baker change

580740  No.4457743

File: 38241c2707dcf81⋯.png (640.96 KB, 985x707, 985:707, 1539514048076.png)

File: 807b3e72cb212ca⋯.jpg (98.32 KB, 750x733, 750:733, 1539870857107.jpg)

Frenly Christmas reminder that memes are powerful things and serious bidness!

Meme responsibly this holiday season.

df8507  No.4457744

File: 4ab9470dcdd2ea6⋯.png (96.5 KB, 334x330, 167:165, Screen Shot 2018-12-24 at ….png)

File: 5ef6e8ffc993cee⋯.jpeg (20.24 KB, 201x251, 201:251, cafe.jpeg)

File: 5b908cb5c8a060c⋯.png (1.22 MB, 2124x1038, 354:173, osprey8.png)

eea58f  No.4457745

File: 6afef19c1c23cfe⋯.jpg (203.62 KB, 900x599, 900:599, 6afef19c1c23cfe66b34c041a3….jpg)

2c2142  No.4457746


JR a complete faggot

809a3e  No.4457747

File: b2a2b214cfe601d⋯.jpg (8.95 KB, 255x174, 85:58, HandoffConfirmed.jpg)


assuming you're ab?

otherwise, this baker was next in line

>613794 >>4457673

but at this point i gotta go so

Handoff Confirmed

thanks, bakers!

bbdf7d  No.4457748

Merry Christmas anons, and Q Team and all the world.

May the good Lord bless us all.

703944  No.4457749

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


At 7' which is the average handgun distance it does a good job.

2a09e7  No.4457750


if this is a new find (the mug)



the spacey is the crumb de joure today for soure

e4e1c5  No.4457751


> think Fukushima in China

I'll do that anon. Dancing Sugarplums too.

1bf1ce  No.4457752

File: 9ff8d9719c14428⋯.jpg (151.37 KB, 1900x1068, 475:267, 01-mount-etna.jpg)

File: f4b98cffb21c307⋯.jpg (246.48 KB, 620x310, 2:1, CliffsofMoher.jpg)

File: 419d054a09fc243⋯.jpg (86.77 KB, 700x420, 5:3, Lisbon.jpg)


Ohhh, quantum deja vu. The signal.


4b6baf  No.4457753


Palm suites '85

Lettuce season

8155e0  No.4457754


It's a dumb lie that creates a layer of mistrust between parents and their children that lasts for life.

Never understood why people would do such a thing.

1030e6  No.4457755

Thank you Putin, XI & Trump for keeping it real in this world. Marry Christmas

4d0c1b  No.4457756

I'm watching 'It's a Wonderful Life', anons, and some fucker is cutting onions.

Greatest Christmas movie ever made.

Merry Christmas, anons … and God bless us, every one.

236c6f  No.4457757


the bitch hit me with a toaster

949073  No.4457758


Yes. It is a great video from Judicial Watch. He felt it was the best info they have ever received.

197dff  No.4457759


The antichrist is identified, as a man whose number is 666.

A Pope is a "king", the head of the catholic church.

A "mountain" is when two or more Pope use the same "king"name.

For most of history the catholic church ruled the world and people knew the antichrist would rise from within the church, pretending to be a man of peace. The 'near fatal head wound" in the Bible is when the catholic church was outlawed in 1798 and Pope Pius jailed. They thought this would be the end(death) of the church but the church lived on and has risen to prominence again. Since 1798, there have been 7 "mountains" in the catholic church, and if you total the numbers of their names they identify the 666 man. Interesting to note, Pope are elected for life but Benedict XVI quit, he is officially called a antipope and counts as zero. He knew this all along and choose the name Benedict on purpose to highlight the fact that there was no Benedict X. That number had been skipped, so to get an accurate count you need to count the actual number of Popes who were named Benedict.

The seven Papal "mountains" since 1798

1. Pius 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12 = 78

2. Leo 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13 = 91

3. Gregory 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13+14+15+16 = 136

4. Benedict 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13+14 = 105

5. John 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13+14+15+16+17+18+19+20+21 = 231

6. Paul 1+2+3+4+5+6 = 21

7. John Paul 1+2 = 3

78 + 91 + 136 + 105 + 231 + 21 + 3 = 665

as of John Paul II, then cam Benedict XVI who counted as 0…

Meaning, the next pope will be a new papal name (which by definition has a count of 1), making a count of 1 + 665 = 666 man

This occurred when Francis came in his own name (named after Francis of Assisi). Pope Francis is the 666 man. The world will see this after the war in the Middle east, most likely on Israel, and the Pope negotiates a 7 year peace covenant. I could show other passages but this shows who the 666 man is, the antichrist.

a5f96a  No.4457760

File: 6a7cf478d413f6c⋯.jpg (442.37 KB, 1285x720, 257:144, iceage3.jpg)

File: c2562ad0f071f25⋯.jpg (179.02 KB, 928x523, 928:523, iceage2.jpg)

File: 356b432b255c548⋯.jpg (255.86 KB, 450x496, 225:248, iceage1.jpg)

3c8dc2  No.4457761

File: e9f44f7eee336c5⋯.jpg (101.45 KB, 536x499, 536:499, 2nllfm.jpg)

File: dcdb7d03a62d071⋯.jpg (102.92 KB, 536x499, 536:499, 2nlmcx.jpg)

File: 65e06746d1f6b62⋯.jpg (75.2 KB, 800x355, 160:71, 2ppgw0.jpg)

2689aa  No.4457762

File: df81dcd0b98afb0⋯.png (510.34 KB, 1728x972, 16:9, 12.png)

File: 35dfd2bd164015c⋯.png (618.46 KB, 1728x972, 16:9, 13.png)

File: 5236eb6b8c2a004⋯.png (538.6 KB, 1728x972, 16:9, 14.png)



The Chinese government needs friends – people who are a lot like the Canadians it has detained




Canadian businessman Frank Giustra is a global philanthropist and a trustee and supporter of the Brussels-based International Crisis Group.

Anyone watching the news about my fellow Canadians – researcher Michael Kovrig and businessman Michael Spavor, held against their will in China – would be justified in having second thoughts about working in the country.

It has now been two weeks since China’s state security whisked the two away to undisclosed locations. Neither one has been allowed to see a lawyer or a loved one. According to press reports, both are being subjected daily to several lengthy interrogations and kept in permanently lit cells, an inexcusable form of pressure.

Mr. Kovrig works for the International Crisis Group, a conflict-prevention organization that I have proudly supported for years. I am baffled by the allegations Chinese officials make against him – that he is somehow “endangering China’s national security”. Mr. Kovrig’s work – as anyone bothering to check it out would know – involves analysis of Chinese engagement with conflict-affected countries where Crisis Group advocates policies that advance peace, an approach congruent with China’s foreign policy. To conduct his research, he meets openly with China’s officials, analysts and academics to understand China’s perspectives on global affairs. His writings are published on Crisis Group’s website for all to see.

He left the Canadian foreign service two years ago to join Crisis Group as its senior advisor for North East Asia because he loves China and wanted to stay there rather than be assigned elsewhere. He speaks Mandarin and is committed to learning about Chinese culture. In his work for Crisis Group, he takes great pains to explain what Chinese foreign policy is about and why China is an important actor in so many places around the world. China needs to embrace friends like Michael – not put them in jail.

The Canadian government believes China is using both Mr. Kovrig and Mr. Spavor as pawns in a geopolitical controversy involving the Chinese corporation Huawei after Canada honoured a U.S. request to detain Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou for possible extradition. She has since been released on bail.


bda476  No.4457763

File: e7f9652937729a0⋯.jpeg (100.03 KB, 768x575, 768:575, D69F22C2-373B-4055-98D7-B….jpeg)

7d1e02  No.4457764

Let's be Frank.

The President is missing.

a203ba  No.4457765

38bfae  No.4457766


As the only State who was a country, we're highly versed historically on how to lose your country… so we're subsequently more attuned to risks to Freedom.

7d1e02  No.4457767

Day five. >>4457738

a5f96a  No.4457768


I don't get emotionally attached to onions, never cry.

3732f6  No.4457769


yup, can post a pastebin if needed

New Baker Confirmed

thanks baker, thank you back up bakers

817427  No.4457770

File: 1a454d96e61a74a⋯.png (123.03 KB, 1294x683, 1294:683, Screen Shot 2018-12-24 at ….png)


Mr. Blumenthal (for himself, Mr. Cornyn, Mr. Schumer, Mrs. Gillibrand, Mr. Murphy, Mr. Menendez, Mr. Grassley, Mr. Markey, Mr. Booker, Mr. Rubio, and Mr. Sanders

613794  No.4457771

File: 62ec146bbd04054⋯.jpg (8.6 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 62ec146bbd0405451a4fa153dd….jpg)


Thanks baker. I'll be on backup. TY and Happy Christmas.

4b6baf  No.4457772



1e3d3d  No.4457773

File: 258355e7e144cd3⋯.png (11.73 MB, 6900x5064, 575:422, DNFWU1badge2.png)


That one is fresh.

Just retyped into the Meme Generator.

My claim to fame is fixing or improving other people's memes for better results.

7698ed  No.4457774

File: 68ee0460de9eae8⋯.png (499.76 KB, 622x932, 311:466, rand.png)


Holly Shit Trump has broken the MKUltra programing boys.

Pulling US out of #Syria

Considering Afrghanistan pullout

& now going after the (((ENEMIES))) root power structure !?!?!?!

The (((Federal Reserve)))


Fittingly Rand Paul has also weighted in on End The Fed

a73e0f  No.4457775

California patriot here with a pregnant wife. I’m a little nervous about the vaccination situation. I’m not a complete anti-vax advocate but I do think there are too many usually given too soon.

Can anyone show me relevant links of what I can do to minimize risk? What’s mandatory? What vaccines have been proving the most problematic?

Interested in personal experiences/decisions from other parents here.

Other general tips/advice/anecdotes/warnings about effective parenting in the midst of this upside down system would be great as well. I want to do everything I can to keep my child’s health and mind safeguarded against the efforts of the cabal.

93cf40  No.4457776

File: fc27233f26f162a⋯.png (487.33 KB, 952x984, 119:123, ClipboardImage.png)



Can't get much more from it

Maybe anon with photoshop can do more.

6253c6  No.4457777

File: 112b8938a959a68⋯.jpg (77.45 KB, 700x400, 7:4, FlynnPissed.jpg)

32dbb3  No.4457778

File: 322cd3f803ee75f⋯.png (7.96 KB, 140x262, 70:131, Glork00047.png)

a203ba  No.4457779

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Wow thanks now that I have a close up of this mug it reminded me of this Very odd skit with SNL called Westminster Daddy show . Some kinda unspoken comms going on here ?

f004d7  No.4457780

File: 9e7ef3ddc85aebf⋯.jpg (25.03 KB, 474x266, 237:133, shark.jpg)


>that's probably the least interesting thing we got up there.

Indeed anon…indeed.

955110  No.4457781

File: ba907c5cc5e225f⋯.jpg (111.92 KB, 576x576, 1:1, pepe snoopy dogfight.jpg)


Merry Christmas


4d0c1b  No.4457782


His "daughter"needs a Norelco for Christmas.

5928ba  No.4457783

>>4457504b (pb)

Cheers! And a very Merry Christmas to you and yours.

1bf1ce  No.4457784

File: 59f691339a321a4⋯.jpg (11.82 KB, 300x180, 5:3, old vic london.jpg)

6b8a44  No.4457785

File: 5755b66d13eb6bc⋯.mp4 (6.18 MB, 908x498, 454:249, cracklikedis.mp4)

c9b887  No.4457786

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Citing Revelations 11- in regards to "Two voices will call out" is, literally, exactly what I did earlier today (and am still doing now)

Two Witnesses, in my eyes–"two voices that will call out".

Also postulating to myself if the 144,000 "sealed" for their own sake; a collection from here, if not all. Though that then brings up the 300+ million "eyes on Q" number, but I debate that only in my own musings. Not it's accuracy, just how many people actually use 8ch as their source for Q.

Interesting video I watched before on the third temple and a ritual–"sacrificial" in its nature–from last/this week. I'll embed…

2a09e7  No.4457787

cessna plane autist from PB

>>4457626 (pb)

i see (digits)

ya the new stuff from today was improved upon

note this anons, sometimes your first post goes unnoticed, instead of just reposting for visibility, improve on your work, improve on your dig, this has and always will be YOUR awakening

ae19bb  No.4457788

File: 5fde46576ece15c⋯.jpg (63.82 KB, 500x488, 125:122, 2pnyoz_1.jpg)



Nigger you are a motel 6

e07a25  No.4457789

>>4457570 (PB)

2642 drops to review, Anon. Have a big Christmas!

9a5eca  No.4457790

File: d5ded399705ff79⋯.jpeg (7.46 KB, 257x196, 257:196, serveimage (34).jpeg)

31697f  No.4457791

>>4457690 missed a couple. Search the 666



Merry Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Day

7d1e02  No.4457792


Let's be Frank.

The President is missing.

df8507  No.4457793

File: 8d65487d6af80ad⋯.jpg (251.08 KB, 636x424, 3:2, laughwoods.jpg)

be8b4e  No.4457794

Michigan Anon here. Family member from N.C. due in last night at 10:30pm, arrived near 2am. Plane was near GRapids MI airport and routed back out to Dayton OH. Passengers were held there for hours, not allowed to leave specified area. Bags were brought to them in closed off area. Headcounts were taken. Very odd situation. Just wanted to share as I have been reading about all the odd flight/travel things being discussed thruout various breads tonight. People at the G.Rapids airport for arrivals were told one-thing, passengers were told they were unable to land 'due to ice' which was not present or valid reason. MANY flights came and left all evening. Odd happenings to say the least.

62ae57  No.4457795


Never leave home without a few fatties in my pocket…

f378e0  No.4457796


The southern gentleman homo himself, Lindsey Graham, is protesting the troop pullout like jews condemn Christmas

f004d7  No.4457797


I hope for Christmas, someone gets you a noose faggot.

2a09e7  No.4457798

File: e7c7a1933573760⋯.jpg (10.46 KB, 238x255, 14:15, liberty.JPG)


Flynn with the quad 7s

bf6cdf  No.4457799


Might I suggest Vidalia onions. They're tear-free.

9dacdb  No.4457800


Hey Frank, only for Nancy hurr durr Pelosi.

f57b6c  No.4457801

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Here's an updated version of the Christmas story. There are lots of similar versions out there that I haven't watched. I think this one has serious keks:

Christmas According to Kids - Southland Christian Church


9aec5e  No.4457802


So you here just to shit up the bread and not to add anything?

a80277  No.4457803

File: fc6277e1cd6100b⋯.gif (4.74 MB, 500x288, 125:72, MOTHER-OF-NOTABLE.gif)






bd1955  No.4457804

File: df0dd7c3eb22f1b⋯.jpg (18.21 KB, 255x222, 85:74, 632925710dd3f404e4da5fdb39….jpg)

f7a486  No.4457805


I'll keep my eyes open, for this, to cross reference against military time.

580740  No.4457806

File: 9a91993852a4028⋯.png (80.34 KB, 350x284, 175:142, 1510973304645.png)


If Texas ever annexes out to Tennessee, we're definitely gonna have to kick cruz out and make room for Paul.

6070a3  No.4457807

File: eb2053f564a7cd4⋯.gif (254.94 KB, 500x334, 250:167, merrychristmas.gif)


are you a copyright monster?

93cf40  No.4457808

File: 2e47aecae354867⋯.png (897.29 KB, 1736x1271, 56:41, PointRW.png)



46af0c  No.4457809

File: 4b30a4f81ba0a15⋯.png (493.09 KB, 749x516, 749:516, HuberHammer2.png)

45db53  No.4457810


Booms incoming or habbening around the globe?

b682b6  No.4457811

File: 13ffea26685e12b⋯.jpg (40.5 KB, 864x618, 144:103, _20181221_012615.JPG)

eea58f  No.4457812

File: 45dfe868a87ea7b⋯.png (358.75 KB, 485x365, 97:73, 62279b08f209e0cbec6506fd13….png)


Look at this face.

79edb0  No.4457813


Paul is Kentucky anon.

f378e0  No.4457814


Merry Christmas, jew

a5f96a  No.4457815

File: 09f6e9df358fa12⋯.jpg (124.88 KB, 640x782, 320:391, FLOTUSsign2.jpg)

31697f  No.4457816


Shopped indeed.

Trap door.

Santa is COMING to town.

4b6baf  No.4457817

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

2a88b9  No.4457818


Yeah, that is exactly what happened, the OP improved upon his lower-res attempt the night before, and what are the odds of those original digits sharing Jr's plane info?

Its all crazy!

Thanks, anon.

949073  No.4457819


I have 3 grandsons. 10 yr old never vaxed EVER. His parents moved to NV (Just across border in Tahoe) to avoid CA MANDATORY vaxes to attend any school.

14 yr old grandson vaxed and has many problems and autism among other dx.

12 yr old grandson vaxed seems fine.

So, 50% in my experience that it sucks, and I would never vax my kids nowadays.

380503  No.4457820


The one behind and to the right is a WW!! soldier.

The one in front to the left not sure - do you have a front on picture of Seth Rich to compare?

fbd584  No.4457821

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Merry Christmas, my fellow anons! Thank you for being in this battle. Thank you to all the Bakers for keeping the kitchen fires hot and pumping out the breads. Thank you Q for bringing us together! And God bless our Potus, Flotus, Q, and all the Patriots in this fight for our Freedom!

Here’s a song for you, my Brothers!

81dea5  No.4457822

File: 474183bb5abcb2a⋯.jpg (563.23 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, KEK.jpg)

File: 5e46f80110be4a9⋯.jpg (634.61 KB, 3118x1984, 1559:992, PHI GR.jpg)

File: 994b3451c18b835⋯.jpg (8.03 KB, 255x171, 85:57, Q hand.jpg)




It will happen when the weather cools.

> October, getting cooler.

That's when they'll make their move.

>Out of options, evil will make its final stand

The plans made long ago, before the founding of America, and older still, will come to fruition.

>Prophesy's come to fruition, battle of good vs evil

They're trying to force God's hand.

>the killing of God's children and people, Sodom and Gomorrah returning to earth

Watch for these signs:

Three branches will become one.

>Father. Son and Holy Ghost will all manifest as ONE

An island will drift away.

>England will cease to have power

A killing bolt will shine in the night but will not kill.

>The LIGHT of God will shine down on earth

The star will gorge itself on clay.

>Israel will seize land it does not legally hold

Idols will speak and move about.

>Stars (Hollywood) will become political mouth-pieces

The black flag will fly above the dome.

>Israel will be invaded and the flag of POW's will fly above the Dome

The belly of the dragon will drip water.

>China will become increasingly weaker

Two voices will call out in a silence that all will hear.

>POTUS and GOD will show ALL the LIGHT OF TRUTH thru their works, not words-

A rock will stand on seven hills.

>God will reign over the seven hills of Rome, the Vatican will cease

The ravens will starve.

>Ravens are know as messengers. The MSM will starve as no one listens. The Ravens of the Tower of London will die

The bear will leave its cave forever.

>Russia, the bear, will become a strong and influential power

The rod and the ring will strike.

>The rod = l

>The ring = O

>Struck together = Q

Our movement will become accepted and known as truth others will seek and follow

The ravens will starve.

>Ravens are know as messengers. The MSM will starve as no one listens

The bear will leave its cave forever.

>Russia, the bear, will become a strong and influential power

The rod and the ring will strike.

>The rod = l

>The ring = O

>Struck together = Q

Our movement will become accepted and known as truth others will seek and follow

2c3a84  No.4457823

File: 33e2acc2f01fb51⋯.jpg (120.74 KB, 500x500, 1:1, bakerteam.jpg)

File: cbf2cc6e8a7f259⋯.jpg (17.27 KB, 255x191, 255:191, martin-original.png.jpg)

32dbb3  No.4457824

File: c85d5a447db13cc⋯.png (180.46 KB, 374x406, 187:203, Glork00016.png)

c4edff  No.4457825

File: 9258e5fa671f7ed⋯.jpg (42.49 KB, 737x513, 737:513, gettyimages-853113086.jpg)

>>4455736 pb


Remember that strange Newsweek article last month attempting to associate Spacey with "QAnon"? Maybe they knew something more than what they were leading on?


f004d7  No.4457826

New blonde on Fox? Ain't seen this particular fake-ass blonde before.

48f308  No.4457827

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I've been looking at Q drops just before the last line with the signature.

In early November 2017 there were 4 drops where Q told us the signature block was important and held film titles. Here is one.

Nov 5 2017 00:12:48 (EST)

My signatures all reference upcoming events about to drop if this hasn't been caught on.

Snow White

Godfather III


In one drop on 18 Feb 2018 - 1:07:46 PM it ended



So I checked and there is an Australian short film called Happy Sunday. It's only 13 minutes long but it has many symbolic events and words that seem to connect to things we know about. They are drinking Reschs beer and a certain famous Aussie named Assange was mentioned in this article by Joerg Resch


They sing a drinking ditty about DOWN goes the beer and we all know who and what Alexander Downer is.

I'm sure there are other hints/clues in here.

41ddfa  No.4457828

File: 9ac8940784968e4⋯.png (50.2 KB, 754x246, 377:123, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 146374221f809db⋯.png (120.98 KB, 1024x346, 512:173, ClipboardImage.png)


Follow the wives…

3732f6  No.4457829

File: 15ef1934968625c⋯.jpg (78.23 KB, 600x460, 30:23, no table.jpg)


6f932b  No.4457830


Velocity x Weight = Energy

Since your limited by speed (1100 ft/sec +/- depending on bara. air pressure) when doing subsonic work, the only other variable you can increase is weight. That's what makes the 45ACP so beautiful when it comes to doing things quietly.

2a88b9  No.4457831

File: a4692f303304c93⋯.jpg (119.32 KB, 722x683, 722:683, general flynn in like flyn….jpg)



31697f  No.4457832



32dbb3  No.4457833

File: f250be84b4ca457⋯.png (10.89 KB, 463x315, 463:315, Glork00008.png)

580740  No.4457834

File: 7ee754db8a9b4bd⋯.jpg (72.69 KB, 960x696, 40:29, 1539897880169.jpg)


Yep, that's what I meant.. though we can take them too. Rand's got more than enough spine to replace the lot of 'em.

8a5842  No.4457835





1fccb5  No.4457837

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Merry Christmas Anons!

Merry Christmas Q! & POTUS and FLOTUS

380503  No.4457838


Left one is about 16 year old male or short cropped hair female.

f378e0  No.4457839


If you want me to make a post using the phrase "mathematically impossible," I will

8577ce  No.4457840


cmon dude, this is a real stretch lol…its not like its broward county or some shit

ae19bb  No.4457841

File: cb655aaa1ce4b40⋯.jpg (87.05 KB, 800x630, 80:63, DfJMW1OUYAEo6nu.jpg)

File: efec23216dcc9df⋯.jpg (82.48 KB, 621x410, 621:410, 2gk5r3.jpg)

File: e08e39b17093857⋯.jpg (125.28 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)



Follows the investigation, Huber has not interviewed anyone or impaneled a grand jury.

bf6cdf  No.4457842


Hakka a flight to Buffalo, NY delayed once due to bad weather in Buffalo. No surprise. When I landed it was sunny and family said weather was fine. Airline covering up a screw up?

b0f07c  No.4457843

File: a39bab01d11c5ad⋯.jpg (2.94 MB, 4128x3096, 4:3, 20181224_212920.jpg)

Wish me luck madda fakkas!

74d47a  No.4457844

File: 831e20c7c50aa5b⋯.jpg (438.31 KB, 1102x862, 551:431, qtrumpdecodedtweet.jpg)


oh shit there's more

2c3a84  No.4457845

File: 865a0a0e947987a⋯.gif (786.08 KB, 225x249, 75:83, ohshitgif.gif)

f084dd  No.4457846

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

93cf40  No.4457847

>>4457691 see >>4457776

>>4457820, >>4457838

Is this what they see with their time telescope?

4b6baf  No.4457848

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Homo dues

bf6cdf  No.4457849


*had a

955110  No.4457850

File: 30d2aa26e64986d⋯.jpg (158.15 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, Q tonic merry christmas1.jpg)


Merry Christmas

from one tard to another.



2a88b9  No.4457851

File: fd4dc3a9c8d5f3f⋯.png (1.55 MB, 800x1200, 2:3, huber drive movie 3 2.png)

1ff7a8  No.4457852



If you're going to vaccinate, then either follow the 1980s US schedule or the current European schedule. The number of vaccinations US children receive compared to the rest of the world is ridiculously out of proportion.

c029d7  No.4457853

File: d8295194ee7d981⋯.png (1.79 MB, 1498x1126, 749:563, AllIWantForChristmasisq.png)

Merry Christmas Faggots

79edb0  No.4457854

Q post some video we can work with. Not a YT link but some video. We want to see you domesticate some MFs.

197dff  No.4457855


Do you know what the Dr is sticking in their arm? Does the dr actually know what he is putting in their arm? You would imperil your child's health because a stranger said "everyone has to do it"? The truth is out there if you want it. Another case this week, 3 healthy triplets In Detroit got vaccinated and within hours all 3 had autism so bad they could hardly talk, hear, or pay attention.

1fccb5  No.4457856

File: 6ab88bd0c98a86a⋯.jpg (159.41 KB, 2048x1561, 2048:1561, 25734379_1745134065499417_….jpg)

48f308  No.4457857

File: af40f6d75345990⋯.png (1.48 MB, 768x1024, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)

Classic boobies

6f932b  No.4457858

File: 91ac3074d98de07⋯.jpeg (328.52 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, rthrtyddfhgom.jpeg)


(Merry Christmas Anons!)

a418b9  No.4457859

Wanted to wish my fellow Anons a Merry Christmas. I came on the scene in January, was watching Q up to that point, feck took me a lil bit to just navigate.

Anywho, I have been on board and w ya’ll more this year than most of my family.

Thanks for the keks, the comroderie, and most of all thanks for being here to be “that other person” who was interested in seeing the deep state dismantled.. who was into all this as much as me. The Anon Brother and Sisterhood is what makes America America.

The greatest present of all, is going to be flipping the script on the cabal.. and watching each one go down.

Thank you Anons, POTUS, FLOTUS, and Qteam AND OPERATORS/MIL. You are in hearts and prayers.

God Bless.


0816cf  No.4457860



USA wouldn't remotely resemble USA without Texas! Ohio anon appreciates!

f084dd  No.4457861

File: bfec7ccee6f8400⋯.jpg (86.27 KB, 480x613, 480:613, 2nx7ok.jpg)


Good Luck. :)

15ed20  No.4457862


I have 11 grandchildren..only two have had their first vaccinations then were stopped

guess which two are on the spectrum?

9aec5e  No.4457863


Is that your idea of adding something?

934c21  No.4457864


Well now, doesn’t that just figure

d841d0  No.4457865


At least he is kinda funny unlike the muhjew bots, freddy/toots red text and the rest of them. Still not 100% glork is a shill.

fcfcad  No.4457866


sorry for my ignorance but that round reminds me of a 9mm Parabellum.

aren't .45ACP's flat-topped?

ff12c5  No.4457867

File: e74d13eb5ae7a59⋯.jpg (576.76 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20181224-203114….jpg)


8a5842  No.4457868




























e30664  No.4457869

File: cc6a933e1caa5e2⋯.jpg (50.3 KB, 650x366, 325:183, santadonald.jpg)


f004d7  No.4457870


Thanks for the numbers. Good luck and can't wait to split the pot anon!!

3732f6  No.4457871

Notables so far, let me know if something was missed


>>4457663 [D] Day, Patriots, WCTD Dark to Light

>>4457774 Senator Rand Paul tweet on the FED

also let me know if any notable is not notable

93cf40  No.4457872

>>4457839 That won't be necessary, anon. I'm just enjoying the moment, whatever it may be, even possibly nothing of importance.

5f7823  No.4457873


Great I needed numbers to play. Looking forward to splitting to $$$$ real soon.

2a09e7  No.4457874

File: 3c56fed1dc641c4⋯.png (1.68 MB, 1293x1985, 1293:1985, ClipboardImage.png)


is that


please note the POTUS desk is not OP from twitter, the desk is closed on twitter, so i dont like F&G unless they come forward and note the source or that they shopped

you can see how anons are focusing solely on this DJT open resolute desk image DJT desk is closed on twitter

5d5106  No.4457875

File: b03932f3fe569a1⋯.jpeg (138.05 KB, 675x900, 3:4, B2A0C3C3-9D77-440D-A684-7….jpeg)

File: b4152bd8d7efd01⋯.jpeg (21.41 KB, 299x168, 299:168, 6130BA53-AA49-46DC-A20A-A….jpeg)

File: 016f7e578b679bc⋯.jpeg (225.16 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, 168A5E77-0FC5-4C3D-8BAD-A….jpeg)

File: 747c85982fc24b3⋯.jpeg (89.62 KB, 780x438, 130:73, 9996E05D-1D97-44E1-A440-3….jpeg)

9a5eca  No.4457876


Fair enough.

Top honors to you, anon.

cea6c2  No.4457877




It's real

f57b6c  No.4457878

ae19bb  No.4457879

File: f0fe31d3dd4ae3d⋯.jpg (24.91 KB, 150x150, 1:1, downloadfile-5.jpg)




Only thing Huber is hammering is a clowns ass.

fcfcad  No.4457880


then in truth, Mexico will build the wall as promised.

955110  No.4457881

File: 583c91cc2421b94⋯.jpg (112.3 KB, 1153x693, 1153:693, light warrior.jpg)

File: d02b0fd158964f3⋯.jpg (213.41 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, golden hammer wielding nob….jpg)

File: f2c2ea5b1decffa⋯.jpg (168.02 KB, 1152x693, 128:77, light warrior2.jpg)


A sharing.

If one has a point beyond which one will not go, if one has circumstances one will not accept…

What is one to do?


On a hill, as it were.

There comes a time.

One finds that time, usually not of ones choosing, and makes a choice.

Compromise…or not.

Choosing not, choosing to STAND, choosing that HILL upon which one will die, or not; usually not of ones choosing.

One can only do what one can.

What if this crazy life we're busy Dreaming away, this real world…is True.

What if this good world one can feel coming, building like a wave readying to crest…is the Lie.

Even better…

What if, together, the world STANDing up can push that world from Lie into TRUTH?

There are Watchers in this world. They've been here a very long time and Humanity has been blinded to them. Taught to Fear/Hate them. To the point that they've been made, literally, into Fiction.

Birthing a world. That is what needs to happen. That is what everyone must push for.

That is the Truth.

Each person, a grain of sand, is light; as nothing. However, a beach will crush anything in it's path. That's how it works…and THEY've known that for a very, very long time.


Chaos Theory says that the flap of a butterflies wing can be that thing that takes a storm and kicks it up to Hurricane. That one, nothing, resulting in an order of magnitude increase in effect. Grain of sand. Flap of a wing…Billions of wings… Billions of grains adding up to a literal mountain. What if, together, FREEDOM lovers of EARTH just stopped. Decided to STAND. Create a static momentum…

THEY've been directing that flow with artificial channels for millenia…What would happen if, together, EARTHLINGS dropped a wing made of mountain into that flow and just let nature take its course…Let the Natural World Order do its thing…Think the pressure of that flow hitting OUR combined weight might divert that flow? Think it might burst those BANKS? Allow for resources, caring and attention to go back to where it's SUPPOSED to be?

GEOTUS told the minority communities that they didn't have anything to lose by choosing a differant course. What do any of us have to lose choosing a differant path?

The Hard Path that shows the Way. Meh. It's not about the destination anyways. 'Tis 'bout the journey.

We've been told to trust the Plan.

We've been told to be patient with the Plan.

We've been itching to get on with it.

It's Time.

This one has chosen ones Hill. Cemented the feet into it, as a matter of fact. Do or Die, there is no try.

It's Time to crush this True world we've been Dreaming and birth the DREAM that is REAL.

STAND. Be the Hero of your own story.

What's in a name, My'Anon?

Be Worthy.



a73e0f  No.4457882

Has anyone seen Mary Poppins? There’s some heavy themes in there. Anti-banker, warnings that those in authority can be wolves intending to exploit/harm you while presenting themselves to you as help. Suggestions that reality is stranger than it seems, and pure rational thinking can often lead to cynicism, dead ends, incomplete understanding, or denial instead of truth. It seemed vaguely pro-faith and anti-victimhood defeatist mentalities.

It used some interesting phrasing such as “darkest before the dawn” and “follow the light” and even seemed to imply there is some evil that is not redeemable.

It’s Disney, so I went in expecting propaganda. But it all struck me as relatively solid “expand your thinking, believe in something, evil is often dressed up real pretty, have faith,” etc.

b7a89f  No.4457883

File: 6585bd9ffb610ca⋯.jpeg (143.14 KB, 660x960, 11:16, 6585bd9ffb610cad811414ba5….jpeg)

2a88b9  No.4457884


1 million times better than any of the other shills and actually points us to crumbs and info.

eea58f  No.4457885

File: 248f4c78dadbfb4⋯.png (105.45 KB, 208x500, 52:125, 248f4c78dadbfb46476e85bdb3….png)

26cc4f  No.4457886

File: ee295bf84bf5ecf⋯.png (284.93 KB, 984x418, 492:209, 45.png)

ff12c5  No.4457887


Top KeK!!!

70b8fe  No.4457888



Starting at Daniel 2:29

“As for you, O king, on your bed your thoughts turned to what is to take place in the future, and the Revealer of secrets has made known to you what is to happen.  As for me, this secret was not revealed to me because I have greater wisdom than anyone living; rather, it was to make the interpretation known to the king so that you may know the thoughts in your heart. “You, O king, were watching, and you saw an immense image. That image, which was huge and extremely bright, was standing in front of you, and its appearance was terrifying.

The head of that image was of fine gold,

its chest and its arms were of silver,

its abdomen and its thighs were of copper,

its legs were of iron,

and its feet were partly of iron and partly of clay.

You looked on until a stone was cut out, not by hands, and it struck the image on its feet of iron and of clay and crushed them. At that time the iron, the clay, the copper, the silver, and the gold were, all together, crushed and became like the chaff from the summer threshing floor, and the wind carried them away so that not a trace of them could be found. But the stone that struck the image became a large mountain, and it filled the whole earth.

“This is the dream, and we will now tell the king its interpretation.

You, O king—the king of kings to whom the God of heaven has given the kingdom, the might, the strength, and the glory, and into whose hand he has given men wherever they may dwell, as well as the beasts of the field and the birds of the heavens, and whom he has made ruler over all of them—you yourself are the head of gold.

[ Babylon from 607 BCE ]

 “But after you another kingdom will rise, inferior to you;

[ MEDO-PERSIA from 539BCE ]

then another kingdom, a third one, of copper, that will rule over the whole earth.

[ GREECE from 331 BCE]

“As for the fourth kingdom, it will be strong like iron. For just as iron crushes and pulverizes everything else, yes, like iron that shatters, it will crush and shatter all of these.

[ ROME from 30 BCE]

 “And just as you saw the feet and the toes to be partly of clay of a potter and partly of iron, the kingdom will be divided, but some of the hardness of iron will be in it, just as you saw the iron mixed with soft clay.

[ US/UK or ANGLO/AMERICA current]

And as the toes of the feet were partly of iron and partly of clay, so the kingdom will be partly strong and partly fragile. Just as you saw iron mixed with soft clay, they will be mixed with the people; but they will not stick together, one to the other, just as iron does not mix with clay.

[ in the bible 10 signifies earthly completeness, hence all the kingdoms existing then]

“In the days of those kings the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be destroyed. And this kingdom will not be passed on to any other people. It will crush and put an end to all these kingdoms, and it alone will stand forever.

REVELATION 17 : 9, 10

“This calls for a mind that has wisdom: The seven heads mean seven mountains, where the woman sits on top. And there are seven kings: Five have fallen, one is, and the other has not yet arrived; but when he does arrive, he must remain a short while."

John wrote revelation while in Exile on the island of Patmos during the rule of Rome. In this account the five kings that had already fallen are : Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia, and Greece.

The one that "is" or "is in power now" was Rome.

The Anglo/American power was the next world power to rise after Rome, which means now is the last world power. There will be no more. And it will be before this world power falls that the end will come.

There is little time left.

2a88b9  No.4457889


Well get that ass up, Diaperina

4b6baf  No.4457890

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a80277  No.4457891


Include the twitter links maybe ?

2c3a84  No.4457892

File: c02404cc720d1b9⋯.png (125.81 KB, 500x568, 125:142, rand-paul-pepe-30097790.png)

5015ac  No.4457893


At 8 months old my son had the MMR and pneumococcal shots. He got a high fever and atypical febrile seizures. He was airlifted to northern CA children’s hospital. At 18 months old he was diagnosed autistic.

bf524c  No.4457894

File: 8bb12eabdb6af5c⋯.jpg (86.7 KB, 667x1000, 667:1000, GF3.jpg)

The Godfather: Part III

opened on Christmas Day, 1990.

1f2ea0  No.4457895


Mueller's not trying to screw him. Mueller's working with him. Didn't you read the sentencing memo? This whole thing is interconnected, all part of the takedown of the DS.

9ad6e3  No.4457896

New DJT Twitter

949073  No.4457897


You may not get many tonight. Anons chilling and eggnogging it.

0816cf  No.4457898


YUGE stretch… agreed. But saw same number/letter pattern in digits of the video of Evergreen (HRC's SS name) lit up/electrified by Marines video.

b0f07c  No.4457899

File: cd4e6a1d83152eb⋯.png (870.27 KB, 567x960, 189:320, 8Sjm7PbdO4dOKMLVAUrwJl1ZNu….png)




No worries. Not greedy..be happy with a mil. That'd change my life.

6cb373  No.4457900


Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 061d5f No.128438

Dec 19 2017 20:26:11 (EST)



CS/Heidi Fleiss.



Day after tomorrow, we can light up his Social Media

and NP's. Kek

5675fd  No.4457901

File: 4ed9b5aa3c4e5f5⋯.jpeg (10.37 KB, 230x219, 230:219, 168aedfa2e334d328f95aef61….jpeg)

6070a3  No.4457902



604fe0  No.4457903

040aa3  No.4457904

File: 98767d5dcd395c1⋯.png (1.77 MB, 900x900, 1:1, Merry Christmas Patriots.png)

Merry Christmas Anons! Thanks for all you do!

a73e0f  No.4457905


Is that legally permitted?

380503  No.4457906


not sure very distinct images that when look very closely do not resemble reflections.

d030f1  No.4457907

File: 991a0802f0d5f55⋯.png (493.8 KB, 511x500, 511:500, 5653241234g1283476712834d8….png)

File: fae7b81a44a1065⋯.png (385.48 KB, 486x526, 243:263, 6782354648258903274d123847….png)

Barry Soetoro is poster boy for buttfucking.

3732f6  No.4457908


hivemind, was legitimately doing that as I saw your post

didn't realize the sauce wasn't with the post



I know, all good

32dbb3  No.4457909

File: b12bf3cca3e1d3e⋯.png (10.39 KB, 183x212, 183:212, Glork00027.png)

bf6cdf  No.4457910


Oval Office is correctly capitalized as it is a proper name, so perhaps the 15 15 is irrelevant?

604fe0  No.4457911


what if you like to be double penetrated by 10inch cocks?

4b6baf  No.4457912

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I love you

Natalie Portman

c029d7  No.4457913

File: a162e37df28bb23⋯.png (359.88 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Godfather_3_v2.png)


be prepared for what you find

81ebe0  No.4457914


you already have a Paul you need to get some Q into

46af0c  No.4457915

File: 231d0e558cf680b⋯.png (110.1 KB, 303x223, 303:223, Shilly.png)

just sayin

ae19bb  No.4457916

File: 5116e14f5e6c4b2⋯.jpg (78.91 KB, 500x714, 250:357, 2i5vtx.jpg)

File: 9e6fc17272b8741⋯.jpg (60.14 KB, 500x479, 500:479, 2po4za_1.jpg)

File: f582629144540d2⋯.jpg (67.5 KB, 500x457, 500:457, 2po09y_1.jpg)

1e3d3d  No.4457917

File: 3a9507ca96b8e28⋯.png (2.5 MB, 3600x3080, 90:77, III.png)


The choice to know will be yours.

For the children.


b0f07c  No.4457918


Kek, I always do quick picks anyway.

422c5e  No.4457920

File: bf4881a8abebf10⋯.jpg (6.43 KB, 275x183, 275:183, bf4881a8abebf10e64d3426065….jpg)


God digits for Flynn!

41ddfa  No.4457921


I've began to have a little crush on Rand.

6070a3  No.4457922

File: 0701388055c96cf⋯.gif (861.65 KB, 498x278, 249:139, ihateyou.gif)

0762e1  No.4457923

File: a1ae5e44140299c⋯.png (368.27 KB, 647x367, 647:367, 2018-12-24_21-35-51.png)

File: 1546b425f8d083c⋯.png (252.83 KB, 481x361, 481:361, 2018-12-24_21-36-08.png)

36f375  No.4457924


Looks like 12 bread names to me.

A rock will stand on 7 hills.

f378e0  No.4457925


>Happy Christmas

Where you from, zion?

7e47cd  No.4457926

File: b302af43364373f⋯.jpg (68.54 KB, 500x599, 500:599, 1541043934.jpg)

604fe0  No.4457927


Notice how you slide the board "patriot"?

You show your true purpose with every faggoty post.

6094b4  No.4457928

File: 15e3499208f22d9⋯.png (31.97 KB, 638x252, 319:126, Untitled_1.png)


c029d7  No.4457929

File: 27ea1c6c412f453⋯.png (64.76 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, quads_q.png)


quads - checked

9dacdb  No.4457930


Many of us are still discerning your motives here.

If you're not a shill, blame the shills.

8a5842  No.4457931












































































74d47a  No.4457932


makes sense… i haven't found a connection for 15:15 yet

949073  No.4457933


If we get bored we can all play a game.

e6ad3d  No.4457934

File: 102537a2ca19033⋯.png (545.24 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 37B09D15-D772-433B-BB18-B2….png)


Good luck with your ticket Anon. Mine already paid out.

f57b6c  No.4457935


Well, that's not creepy or anything. Sounds like (((them))) throwing spoilers on the day.

d002c2  No.4457936

>>4454026 (pb)


Plane is a 1977 Cessna 182Q as well

2a88b9  No.4457937

File: fb5c0a46159efb4⋯.jpg (1.68 MB, 3112x2384, 389:298, happy saturnalia.jpg)

62ae57  No.4457938


Dunno about cali, but TX has exemption for religious reasons.

I don't fuckin believe god made vaccines, so it don't matter what your religion the argument is valid.

IF cali has religion as exemption.

Worked great for my kids, and they are all extreme brilliant top of class and good looking people.

Scientist for NASA, Medical Therapist, School Administrator.

(what they do)

And the grandkids are exempted also, they are Chemical Engineer, and ultrasound technician at age of 23.

(and they are not liberals either!)

7d1e02  No.4457939

Funny. >>4457826

a73e0f  No.4457940


I do want it. We are being incredibly selective with our medical care. My wife is even skeptical of hospitals, induction, cecesarians, and epidurals. I want to research what I can legally and safely do in terms of vaccinations. The minimum that will keep CPS away and any that are genuinely helpful? If there are?

fce01d  No.4457941

All is calm, all is quiet. Good time to rain down the fires of holy hell on the enemies within that would dare harm this great nation. Let us leave them vanquished and dispossessed of any notion of conquest.

ffa20e  No.4457942


Sound bot like huh

a80277  No.4457943



I was struggling to find the links as I saw what I saw, I had to make sure it was the real deal.


9aec5e  No.4457944


They add nothing, of course they are a shill.

93cf40  No.4457945

File: 17bb81037adc6cb⋯.png (209.99 KB, 408x394, 204:197, ClipboardImage.png)


Whatever the image was, it was definitely shopped on top of the Resolute desk photo.

It's a perfect rectangle with geometry that doesn't quite match the desk.

See what I mean?

So who ever did it, it was deliberate, and it's someone's idea of a message. I don't know who or what.

Just having fun trying to see what it might be.

f004d7  No.4457946


1.8 mil and you can live on $2108/mo in interest FYI.

4b6baf  No.4457947

File: 7b1a9d60c3cf89a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 218.64 KB, 1600x1073, 1600:1073, IMG_3746.JPG)

File: 4134156497918c9⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 3.94 MB, 744x420, 62:35, IMG_3750.GIF)

File: 6d462cbc21892e4⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 28.05 KB, 474x281, 474:281, IMG_3837.JPG)

File: 9d8bbd71ef12741⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 12.62 KB, 255x170, 3:2, 75E32DCF-C00C-4208-969C-0….jpeg)

5d5106  No.4457948

File: 7255b722a4e32ab⋯.jpeg (83.03 KB, 450x343, 450:343, F17FB5B7-A649-437F-AA17-0….jpeg)

File: 8fd3da9f815e683⋯.jpeg (134.8 KB, 740x499, 740:499, D965B10C-AFA2-4FAB-A9B3-6….jpeg)

File: e19122d81a42583⋯.jpeg (80.97 KB, 620x413, 620:413, 5E4EB7A2-8C2E-4353-B0DD-6….jpeg)

File: 049f653d3b0153c⋯.jpeg (367.61 KB, 2048x1365, 2048:1365, E85933B9-DF11-445A-B5F5-5….jpeg)

File: 3ba91af978151e7⋯.jpeg (19.65 KB, 221x142, 221:142, 22C2F412-6EF0-45AD-99D6-B….jpeg)

f5094d  No.4457949


So sorry anon

a418b9  No.4457950

File: 927cd0ff339699d⋯.png (479.09 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, C0503FE5-F054-4030-AE9C-7C….png)


Called an opt out @ school. If need be, tell them u want w/o thimerisol

Kids showing autism syptoms need to act like they have had heavy metal poisoning and get started cleaning the system.

DO NOT believe gov data on this if they try to spin in positive light.


a1e643  No.4457951

Old news but isn’t it funny that Trump is letting Mattis go early on Jan 1st? Just in time for phase 2 of the plan - tribunals.

57b9fe  No.4457953

is RBG the next in line after GHWB?

2a88b9  No.4457954


It will take time for everybody to get used to you.

Can you blame us from all the shilling we get?

Keep doing your thing and pointing us in the right direction!

ae19bb  No.4457955

File: 812d7b930140278⋯.jpg (84.42 KB, 480x650, 48:65, 2pq7ms_1.jpg)

File: bc6a4cff080c257⋯.png (52.38 KB, 480x706, 240:353, Screenshot_2018-12-24-15-3….png)

No arrests

[RR] still running the show

Q is not winning.

949073  No.4457956


Do you live in the U.S.?

Why the hell would CPS be involved?

I would suggest home birth and no vaxes.

3732f6  No.4457957


>we can all play a game

I've got some good ideas if needed

c71e02  No.4457958

No arrests.

No tarmac video.

No Obama photo.

No Weiner Laptop 'insurance file' details.

No unredacted, unaltered OIG report.

No declassification.

No D5.

Merry Christmas.

41ddfa  No.4457959

File: b4247aa53d6017c⋯.png (821.56 KB, 1049x699, 1049:699, ClipboardImage.png)

d002c2  No.4457960




974784  No.4457961

looks like oswald


236c6f  No.4457962


4pm 12/25

da2d63  No.4457963


One way or another I think you got to it with the two


That is clearly in that post,

There is also the OO post too No. 703

1a569b  No.4457964


just dropped off a bunch of illegals? Where are they going?

9dacdb  No.4457965


no gonads in your pants.

Sorry for your loss

79edb0  No.4457966

File: e0f04085f7b6517⋯.png (378.23 KB, 2332x1768, 583:442, Caps 2018-12-24 at 9.34.02….png)

File: 05b833287aca844⋯.pdf (1.04 MB, fermilab-conf-80-132-e Neu….pdf)

Related to the talk earlier about the cosmic rays, Schumann Resonance, etc. I heard a story from Leak Project on a video about the Chan Thomas Adam and Eve Story book sanitized by cia, where Rex mentioned this study he heard about when he lived in Utah. I found the study papers, posted here. They were underground in an old mine measuring muons that penetrated the earth. Pretty interesting read. I posted the link if you're spooped about the pdf.


f57b6c  No.4457968



You wouldn't be pissing in the punch, would you?

7ae5ae  No.4457969


Actually was impressed with some of his digs, Glork does his part crumbing.

db8f18  No.4457970

File: f08f15efcc87654⋯.jpeg (215.18 KB, 1180x1206, 590:603, 8E2E4F6C-E1F7-47C9-A9BB-7….jpeg)

HMM propaganda

46af0c  No.4457971

File: 86c800a1bbfa645⋯.png (820.35 KB, 1024x657, 1024:657, Trust.png)

00d1de  No.4457972

Merry Christmas Patriots.

God Bless the United States of America.

God Bless POTUS and his family.

God Bless Q and his team.

God Bless all the military forces about to take down the evil empire that has controled this planet for far too long now.

Semper Fi.

Where We Go One, We Go All.


380503  No.4457973


I noticed that hours ago and went and got the original and found them in the window. At first I thought just reflection ( at first I saw a hat not a helmet). But with the improved image soldier right - left not sure (future soldier?)

f69d98  No.4457974


No worries.

Your time is short.

Merry Christmas.

b0f07c  No.4457975


Thanks, good to see someone is cashing out.


Always wondered how lottery winners went broke. Take a mil right off the bat and put in interest bearing acct. Interest will pay bills after that. Then go buy shareholder stock in a few businesses that are consistently in the black to be a silent partner and that's that. Collect a check and enjoy life.

a73e0f  No.4457976


Does this require anything documented? We are a part of a reformed church but they don’t have an official stance about vaccines. I’m not sure if my pastor would be willing to write a letter supporting an exemption, but perhaps he would. What was required for you to invoke religious exemption?

5d5106  No.4457977

File: 030460a80dd4dd1⋯.jpeg (105.76 KB, 727x487, 727:487, 11129C90-626A-4C7C-884A-1….jpeg)

File: 4daf407831772c1⋯.jpeg (224.23 KB, 1156x771, 1156:771, 4D7DAA66-2E70-4D0C-8F10-1….jpeg)

File: c10d9ec909d2b1e⋯.jpeg (101.31 KB, 593x631, 593:631, 0695B9D7-9FE2-496A-BFD8-B….jpeg)

File: 608dbc4aefb238a⋯.jpeg (98.72 KB, 797x488, 797:488, 1FB7110A-6AA3-41FE-BD5F-4….jpeg)

File: 188afdd48b13b66⋯.jpeg (519.25 KB, 1920x1036, 480:259, E02A2C22-574D-4923-98C9-F….jpeg)

d841d0  No.4457978


A month ago you where screaming against him for khashoggi involvement. Now all of a sudden he is good.

Turkey has relations with israel, everything is optics. Reality happens behind the curtains.

da1d05  No.4457979

File: b2ab196c791de7b⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 2294x1529, 2294:1529, MerryChristmasPotus.jpg)

Merry Christmas President Trump and Q.

Thank you for fighting your ass off for us every day. My family understands the arrows you take for us everyday.

You are in our prayers. We love you.

6f4206  No.4457980


If it gets into a notable, I'll be thrilled of course 🙂

Merry Christmas from VietnamAnon 🎅🤶👍👍🤶🎅

5015ac  No.4457981


Oh, I get mad at what happened to him, but he’s a neat kid. Whiz at computers and video editing. But he’ll never be able to live independently :(

3a48fa  No.4457982


i can't tell what it is but am very curious. the anon that posted that pic was quite interesting. i've been with (us) since the beginning and am rarely interested in a single anon's post like i was with his. i read them all and it seems like he knows something we don't.

c71e02  No.4457983


No justice for Seth Rich.

No end to our wars.

No IC corruption rooted out.

No 'breaking' of the media.

No good economy.

a1e643  No.4457984


Zeolites detox heavy metals safely and can cross the blood brain barrier. My 4 yr old niece who was vaccine damaged and non verbal started talking days after starting her Zeolite detox.

1e3d3d  No.4457985

File: a12b0f0105956fe⋯.jpg (655.05 KB, 2560x2560, 1:1, Canuck_Q.jpg)


Love the 23:23 double double timestamp.

:23 is the PAIN marker.

Also marker for tomorrow.

But I am sure that is just a "coincidence" as well. Bwahahaha.

eea58f  No.4457986

File: 75456a2cc064c4f⋯.jpg (43.07 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 36926374_262923647814140_3….jpg)


Turkey creeps me out,,,

32dbb3  No.4457987

File: cc0bdb21d319f2a⋯.png (19.54 KB, 201x265, 201:265, Glork00008a.png)

File: 9567aca5c3edcfb⋯.png (30.31 KB, 313x336, 313:336, Glork00053.png)

380503  No.4457988


Who was the Kennedy that stormed the Beach?

1f544c  No.4457989

File: b3c438c1c6c9107⋯.png (328.32 KB, 500x488, 125:122, 93246782634b2384971982374d….png)

Anons this is an important conversation, honestly, the longer I'm here the more worries I'm having. I've been here since thread 1 of CBTS, PG, and way before.

Q saying "don't worry we're in control" and "We are here for a reason" creep me the fuck out.

Although no public arrests/hangings have been made (they can't even ever tell us that McCain was put to death - because they are too worried about controlling the public). We are constantly told "HEY, BILLIONARE executives are quitting with huge bonuses! Aren't you happy!? CEOS are quitting!" We are supposed to be fucking happy about that?

We have been relegated to cheering for behind the scenes movement.

Q (NSA) team is here to CONTROL THE RIOTS.

They know we know. They have more than confirmed our suspicions on what's going on. We wrongly think they are on our side to take them down.

Although Q & NSA ARE ON OUR SIDE - they don't HAVE THE SAME GOAL.

Their goal is to protect the military, and the nation from changing. They are here to CONTROL us. They are here to convince us not to riot. They are here to convince us not to kill democrats. They are here to convince us to VOTE for president.

The problem is, I'm fucking pissed.

It's becoming more and more clear with EVERY POST.

Q has no interest, in EVER bringing anyone to public justice. They are handing things with "internal military tribunals" - THEY WILL NEVER BE TELEVISED. THEY WILL NEVER BE PUBLIC.

Where the fuck do you all think McCain went.

Q team is very proud of themselves, for putting him to military tribunal. The problem is - NORMIES DONT KNOW ANY OF THIS.

We really need to demand PUBLIC HANGINGS. I'm sick of CEOS resigning peacefully.

This entire team seems convinced to try to change the medias mind. It's a waste of fucking time. The media is gone forever - and Q team has yet to understand this.

They are literally here just to convince us from rioting because they know we are pissed. We are literally cats to them, and they are the cat herders.



a418b9  No.4457990

File: d9c6e228032a9ec⋯.jpeg (80.49 KB, 500x625, 4:5, 500564DD-AC42-4D59-8114-3….jpeg)

023b53  No.4457991

>>4457440 (pb) it's not a vent tardboi

b682b6  No.4457992


I've heard of stories like this a lot. When will the manufacturers of these 'vaccines' be held accountable?

9dacdb  No.4457993


Neck yourself and Merry Christmas!

aa8d90  No.4457994


I tried as well. For me, darkening it up helps put still to grainy/pixelated.

3f015d  No.4457995

File: fdb3197d4082bf6⋯.jpg (139 KB, 1016x764, 254:191, cabbage.jpg)


out of the many ways to prepare cabbage…what style is your favorite?

d55a4b  No.4457996


After the end all will be revealed and every person shall kneel before God and confess their sins

2a88b9  No.4457997


Well isnt that quaint.

He sure made an entrance, cant wait to see whats next.

a73e0f  No.4457998


Kind of, I live in California. I’ve seen the government get involved in families for things less heated than vaccinations.

5928ba  No.4457999


ahh fuck! you are welcome anon.

old fags are useful occasionally. just dont ask us to move too fast.

31697f  No.4458000


Those with little faith are still asleep. The messages have been sent. I'm sorry you haven't noticed. There is nothing that will stop this. Enjoy the ride.


ae19bb  No.4458001

File: b709fdb3fa2aa2d⋯.jpg (93.2 KB, 1160x772, 290:193, downloadfile-6.jpg)



Anon which meme generator is that?

1ff7a8  No.4458002

File: be1bd97636424b1⋯.jpg (16.57 KB, 679x290, 679:290, RBG Christmas.jpg)

5babb9  No.4458003


WRH is the gold Pagoda looking thing in the center window with the piece of desk shopped in?

09bf42  No.4458004

File: 3a0694c157a0ac2⋯.png (3.33 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 969040024.png)

Merry Christmas Patriots!

Cookies from my family to yours


f004d7  No.4458005


>Thanks, good to see someone is cashing out.

Woah woah… just because I've done the math doesn't mean I'm cashing out. Living on $1000/month on disability at the moment.

7d1e02  No.4458006

Federal Reserve.



Let's be Frank.

The "President" is missing.

236c6f  No.4458007


midnight express

949073  No.4458008



No Paris Climate Change

No Globalism


No Syria

No North Korea War (after 65 years)

No Illegal Hemp anymore.

No Prison Reform ignored anymore.

No Hillary Clinton


4b6baf  No.4458009

File: 7585c09f18c2e8d⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 78.85 KB, 736x976, 46:61, IMG_0602.JPG)

File: 5124deb986ecac0⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 194.2 KB, 933x1400, 933:1400, IMG_1216.JPG)

File: 1977006c4b5a5b2⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 226.35 KB, 960x960, 1:1, IMG_2659.JPG)

File: ab699cd27e0a2ea⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 129.24 KB, 1982x1071, 1982:1071, IMG_2668.JPG)



0816cf  No.4458010



"i go" could also be Roman Numer I, then g=7, o=15th letter=1+5=6

176 (a version of 1776)

1+7, 6

86 (to "86" something is slang for "eliminate it")

and not Broward County, but right next door! Palm Beach County.

ab96ab  No.4458011


I concur.

Glorkgate is coming though.

Glork makes me smile.

In the middle of a War, that's impressive.

a3fd0e  No.4458012


With a shooting in the theatre, no less

a80277  No.4458013


At this point, America should be all American states + all 9 provinces/territories of Canada. That way it would be finally right to call the USA America, and also would free our people from the evil british masters and faggot trudeau. + we'd have a gold standard currency in a few months.

62ae57  No.4458014


Search online for vaccine exemption form.

(your state)

Or use the texas one and change it up, I got a little flack from schools but told them I would see them in court if they kept my children out of school.

(and was prepared to home school actually, but did not have to.)

a36374  No.4458015

File: 87d1c5a0b4fbf44⋯.png (133.26 KB, 480x377, 480:377, ClipboardImage.png)

88b917  No.4458016

File: b3de401c558d33b⋯.jpg (114.46 KB, 602x792, 301:396, dc.jpg)

Fawk, but just maybe…

Entire floor at D.C. federal courthouse sealed off for mystery case


Chief Justice Roberts weighs in on mystery subpoena clash potentially tied to Mueller


Is Washington DC a state or city?


>USA vs Washington DC?

57b9fe  No.4458017

if this thing kicks off today/tomorrow

which us time zone do you think?


2a88b9  No.4458018


You're about to have an empty tray!

Thanks, anon

310a10  No.4458019


>Merry Christmas from VietnamAnon 🎅🤶👍

Merry Christmas from MalaysiaAnon

26cc4f  No.4458020

File: a3c022a1aba3dd3⋯.png (231.12 KB, 408x394, 204:197, ClipboardImage.png)

613794  No.4458021

File: 5bef56a56ba8e7d⋯.jpg (45.5 KB, 194x256, 97:128, 5bef56a56ba8e7da4f35ba916e….jpg)

On the discussion of notables and wider:

Notables were designed to allow anons to catch up with habbenings when returning to the board, enabling everyone to catch the zeitgeist of what was happening quickly, and to join in on present digs.

Anons last year were busy decoding Q's posts, researching and then disseminating information to the outside world.

The project evolved from there to anons watching the news (news unlocks the map), and connecting our research to the unraveling news.

Therefore, I believe notes are best at the moment as they are, including a mix of research, digs and breaking news, as Q has directed us. Always up for discussion though.

The biggest mission of ours, is to take our findings and disseminate the facts, in order to redpill the world.

Research → Fact finding → Spread to normies is what our present mission is, I believe.

As always, Meme Magic is our Keystone.

Load em up, push em out.


bf524c  No.4458022

File: ad4e60f68c69ae9⋯.png (71.69 KB, 989x922, 989:922, Q_Drop_Results__Godfather_….png)

A total of 19 hits for: Godfather III

Q Drops:




5675fd  No.4458023

File: 13b529d21e117a8⋯.jpg (29.83 KB, 275x183, 275:183, memebetter.com-20181224213….jpg)

df8507  No.4458024

File: 7acee488c98c831⋯.jpg (113.84 KB, 620x445, 124:89, cheers.jpg)


I bet all of us deplorables are pretty deplorable IRL

a80277  No.4458025


10* + 3 territories.

my geography sucks

f378e0  No.4458026


Table wine

5d5106  No.4458027

File: 0cc90b7782a6f81⋯.jpeg (104.23 KB, 666x500, 333:250, 746EDCFA-E362-41EE-AC73-F….jpeg)

File: 9124b596f5d5013⋯.jpeg (134.28 KB, 500x750, 2:3, AA21D35F-4FBA-4698-A576-E….jpeg)

File: 38ab1946c1a295c⋯.jpeg (66.52 KB, 500x333, 500:333, E0386B03-BEF9-46CF-B3BC-B….jpeg)

File: 50d901443f9f230⋯.jpeg (14.57 KB, 300x168, 25:14, 53A26FFD-F6D2-4849-B87E-C….jpeg)

File: 9be44971c5f68f0⋯.jpeg (312.81 KB, 835x1024, 835:1024, D2AE4FAF-3B6B-49B2-B758-9….jpeg)

6e1e41  No.4458028

Has anyone found any info on the mysterious case in DC when the entire floor of court house was cleared? Roberts is a slimey one so this is interesting:


4bd2e4  No.4458029

Merry Christmas BO, anons/faggots.

All we have is each other. Lurked for 6 months


trusting the plan.

b7a89f  No.4458030

File: 3c5e4de75bcf2aa⋯.jpg (55.19 KB, 770x788, 385:394, Happy Birthday Pepe.jpg)


God say Gen. Flynn is /ourguy/…but we knew that.

Four 7's for the win.

Happy Birthday, General Flynn!

6cb373  No.4458031


Well, it's been a few months since you tried this shit.

Getting desperate?

b0f07c  No.4458032


Damnit man..hang in there fren, shit will get better. Start looking to silver.

a73e0f  No.4458033


This is very helpful, thank you. Are there other particularly troubling substances to be wary of in addition to the one you mentioned?

3f015d  No.4458034

File: df465fa6ef88290⋯.jpg (163 KB, 1152x764, 288:191, turkey.jpg)


Just need some good sides with it.

62ae57  No.4458035



The form, notarized is enough of legal document as no one can vouch for your belief except yourself and your family anyway.

(1st amendment!)

be6309  No.4458036

File: 3280252c9d5b295⋯.jpg (79.39 KB, 490x609, 70:87, qkdRTGERTwdsfs.JPG)

File: 87839416a080bd9⋯.png (396.89 KB, 895x641, 895:641, 87839416a080bd93487d0e7b04….png)

5015ac  No.4458037


They made sure they cannot be sued. I can’t remember which president signed whatever it was making it impossible to sue, but they covered their asses.

bbdf7d  No.4458038

the site in the dough with all qmaps zipped is unavailable


Is there another link to get all the qmaps?

5d5106  No.4458039


4-5 breads back

Theory from journo

81ebe0  No.4458040

File: d4820bbc5bfbdc3⋯.jpg (62.49 KB, 689x800, 689:800, 9vs45_orig.jpg)


No, the tops for any round come in different shapes.

bf0900  No.4458041

File: 425d905ee25b8fe⋯.jpeg (36.74 KB, 472x320, 59:40, AA152463-877A-4941-AB99-7….jpeg)


Pure Gold!!!

f004d7  No.4458042


Welcome fren. Stop lurking now. Add them 2 cents from time to time. You'll be anonymous in less than 751 shitposts!!

4b6baf  No.4458043


McDonald's in North Korea serves it the best

70f192  No.4458044


it's miller ffs

5ce600  No.4458045


Concur and well said.

31697f  No.4458046


Eastern sound about right

604fe0  No.4458047



More mindless "Branded" programming = antithesis of what we are fighting for.

f67167  No.4458048


It was sometime between the 6-9 month vaccinations that I noticed my grandson slow down with milestones. He started staring off in space, was hard to get him to make eye contact among other things. At 4 he was diagnosed being in the middle spectrum and mild retardation. He just turned 5, doing great in preschool but breaks my heart. They need to pay for this and give us cures for the children.

974784  No.4458049

File: 5b7eed6880dfe7c⋯.jpg (21.67 KB, 474x474, 1:1, they live.jpg)

this guys reflection?


3732f6  No.4458050


I completely agree with that

During the day, it's moar news and analysis, at night it's moar digs and graphics

and there's a mix of both always too

what you described is what I've tried to do while baking

eea58f  No.4458051

File: 1b9e6ac2c77e0bd⋯.png (1.82 MB, 1845x802, 1845:802, Death mask.png)

9dacdb  No.4458052


no clean underoos for when you start powershitting yourself because your shekelmasters are and shit rolls downhill?

The only reason your sorry ass is even posting here christmas eve instead of at a party somewhere is that your stanic pedophile bosses don't believe in that shit anyway..

And they are laughing at you because you probably still do!

8c0b47  No.4458053

Notables are not supposed to be the final say in what is truth and what is not, notables note what has unique information in a particular thread and there has never been a guarantee that all the good nuggets of info will be in the notables. The best bakers use discernment to keep the low-tier disinfo out of the notables and the best anons refute the garbage they find in notables with sauce because the same FUD that appears in notables is the same FUD the fake-maga people and the MSM push to keep everybody asleep.

This place is ground zero for many different groups who all got split up into different echo chambers and all have some truth and some disinfo, the important thing is that the conversations happen and together we get to the bottom of it. The final burden of discernment has never been on the bakers for this very reason, they can only do the best they can.

The other side of it are the Anons that do not get their information in notables. I will tell you this, the number of people that lurk and cap and share what you say here and share it with their individual groups is staggering. That's why the shills do what they do, that and they'd really like you to stop digging into the cabals dirty laundry. They'd especially like the lurkers to stop lurking and go back to sleep. If there's a consistent problem with your research being overlooked consider stopping by META to let us know your concerns, maybe it deserves it's own thread (I'm still waiting on Syria Anon to start /sg/)

A Very Merry Christmas lurkers, shitposters, memers, diggers, and bakers all the best of the best Anons.

c4edff  No.4458054

File: 5d1d4f23e1fd19f⋯.png (764.38 KB, 732x526, 366:263, hussein_jaill.png)

949073  No.4458055


I am there too. Mandated vax for schools.

If you are willing to fuck up your sweet pure baby then go for it.

1a569b  No.4458056


what does this mean in normie terms?

5d9931  No.4458057


It is hard to discern on this board for sure….faggot.

5babb9  No.4458058



I was thinking the same thing as soon as I saw it but kept quiet.

4b6baf  No.4458059

Pep's Show Boys - Christmas-Selection by Essentia Radioshow #103 #NowPlaying on Electro Swing Radio,


For teh fags

57b9fe  No.4458060


another SC Judge for the good guys?

a418b9  No.4458061


I am so glad to hear that! Awesome and what did docs/hospital say? Obvious it was vaccines no?!

They get $paid$ and dont give a FUCK.

The leading scientist/doctor who was reversing the damage was killed. I remembering hearing an interview w him before killed. Then after some who worked w him came out w their suspisions of him getting whacked. Much like all the natural homeopathic docts the last 10-ish years. Mike Adams and many others did stories about them all getting killed likening it to “wiping out that knowledgebase”.

bbdf7d  No.4458062



This site in the dough is ALSO gone

32dbb3  No.4458063

File: 435eb79a8aed30c⋯.png (3.34 KB, 108x148, 27:37, Glork00005.png)

ae19bb  No.4458064

File: 122ec4d6537bc71⋯.jpg (32.15 KB, 400x300, 4:3, downloadfile-8.jpg)



Loos like somebody owned you real good.


a73e0f  No.4458065


We are prepared to home school as well, but are going to look at some private schools when the time comes. There’s one where many members of our church are teachers/administrators. I put my foot down about public schooling.

1f544c  No.4458066

File: 8c139325bdf8f54⋯.jpg (76.77 KB, 480x599, 480:599, 8c139325bdf8f54b65e079148b….jpg)

Anons this conversation is not over, honestly, the longer I'm here the more worries I'm having. I've been here since thread 1 of CBTS, PG, and way before.

Q saying "don't worry we're in control" and "We are here for a reason" creep me the fuck out.

Although no public arrests/hangings have been made (they can't even ever tell us that McCain was put to death - because they are too worried about controlling the public). We are constantly told "HEY, BILLIONARE executives are quitting with huge bonuses! Aren't you happy!? CEOS are quitting!" We are supposed to be fucking happy about that?

We have been relegated to cheering for behind the scenes movement.

Q (NSA) team is here to CONTROL THE RIOTS.

They know we know. They have more than confirmed our suspicions on what's going on. We wrongly think they are on our side to take them down.

Although Q & NSA ARE ON OUR SIDE - they don't HAVE THE SAME GOAL.

Their goal is to protect the military, and the nation from changing. They are here to CONTROL us. They are here to convince us not to riot. They are here to convince us not to kill democrats. They are here to convince us to VOTE for president.

The problem is, I'm fucking pissed.

It's becoming more and more clear with EVERY POST.

Q has no interest, in EVER bringing anyone to public justice. They are handing things with "internal military tribunals" - THEY WILL NEVER BE TELEVISED. THEY WILL NEVER BE PUBLIC.

Where the fuck do you all think McCain went.

Q team is very proud of themselves, for putting him to military tribunal. The problem is - NORMIES DONT KNOW ANY OF THIS.

We really need to demand PUBLIC HANGINGS. I'm sick of CEOS resigning peacefully.

This entire team seems convinced to try to change the medias mind. It's a waste of fucking time. The media is gone forever - and Q team has yet to understand this.

They are literally here just to convince us from rioting because they know we are pissed. We are literally cats to them, and they are the cat herders.



Oh yeah where is all the arrests…. Lol

6070a3  No.4458067

File: 83cc083dea588d9⋯.png (11.79 KB, 494x58, 247:29, ClipboardImage.png)

09def0  No.4458068

File: bf34dceb6adbb31⋯.jpeg (425.34 KB, 1242x880, 621:440, E8CF29AA-4B6C-40E3-B4A8-A….jpeg)


And….he posted seconds in his tweet!

8a3e07  No.4458069

File: 329555348d16470⋯.jpeg (21.68 KB, 360x345, 24:23, FAKE NEWS.jpeg)

File: decbd31ccfefb86⋯.png (786.32 KB, 1080x1455, 72:97, Screenshot_20181224-203901….png)

Guy who wrote the articles Q posted this screencap of claims he never wrote the first article in that picture. Can any anons confirm or deny this? I'm all aboard the Q train but if this pic Q posted is fake that doesn't look good on us, and Q should be careful to fact check these things first.

https://www.washingtonpost DOT com/opinions/someone-put-a-fake-headline-on-one-of-my-columns-trump-supporters-bought-it-and-blasted-me/2018/12/23/3f403e52-06ef-11e9-a3f0-71c95106d96a_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.b2c65197a9df

8577ce  No.4458070

File: 90b2f374bb619d7⋯.jpg (45.6 KB, 864x1024, 27:32, canyoufeelit.jpg)

sudden influx of shills

a3fd0e  No.4458071

File: 22d7cf2b6bd9a36⋯.jpeg (999.68 KB, 1242x1985, 1242:1985, E49D05E3-4338-4211-931E-C….jpeg)

File: 4d232f2cf44646b⋯.jpeg (674.62 KB, 1242x1755, 46:65, 442AF2C3-146F-4D44-857B-C….jpeg)

File: bd40dba98ba0589⋯.jpeg (704.79 KB, 1242x2069, 1242:2069, CEC24023-AF02-4F38-85E5-E….jpeg)

File: b378439eb0d3dc0⋯.jpeg (770.69 KB, 1242x2069, 1242:2069, 4A4A1912-AF25-4199-A153-C….jpeg)

File: ee278ec6a5c0b71⋯.jpeg (720.54 KB, 1242x2068, 621:1034, F83C7020-343E-4F52-8FCD-5….jpeg)



b47f1b  No.4458072

File: c26bf894f0e6463⋯.jpg (87.98 KB, 640x480, 4:3, simpons leader meme.jpg)

4bd2e4  No.4458073


I do not shitpost. read the rules dumfuq. This aint reddit.

eb0ec9  No.4458074


>Just need some good slides with it.


38bfae  No.4458075



War game, anons?

f004d7  No.4458076


>Damnit man..hang in there fren, shit will get better. Start looking to silver.

No worries here m8… just graduated with a Civil Engineer degree, and I've got 6 years experience as a field engineer while I was going to school. I'll be making $5-6k /month by Feb. Just started looking for work, I'll be picked up in 5 weeks.

And my "Disability" is a 60% rating from the Army. I can outrun kids half my age. Life is golden.

d8a1f8  No.4458077

File: 98c6478daa2f25d⋯.png (1.37 MB, 1145x665, 229:133, not done yet.PNG)

me either

2a88b9  No.4458078


They know Santa's bringing lumps of dog shit and nooses to their stockings.

62ae57  No.4458079


I like em with the fronthole bestest….

4b6baf  No.4458080

File: fc95da71b0e67ec⋯.jpg (30.01 KB, 492x376, 123:94, AE9885AA-8E02-4CB6-9778-1A….jpg)

Bronies designed reversed psych

ca92e1  No.4458081

File: 6818416e9a6f0e0⋯.png (336.76 KB, 709x391, 709:391, Screenshot_20181224-204427….png)

9dacdb  No.4458082


i told you two weeks ago when you started that people wouldn't like it.

People equate the self avatars as a form of namefagging, essentially.

a73e0f  No.4458083


Even private schools? I would sooner home school than poison my own child.

3ebbff  No.4458084

File: 26e394987e91632⋯.png (496.14 KB, 719x961, 719:961, flynnbirdpack1.png)



nice digits….kek

c4edff  No.4458085


it was from that photo, from the window

3732f6  No.4458086


I also completely agree with this


thought about that too, we need moar specific research/discussion threads imo

> being overlooked consider stopping by META to let us know your concerns

don't send newfags to meta, go look at it without sending them their

just repost a bit later

1a2c87  No.4458087

File: f9b04068e2c7702⋯.png (35.95 KB, 632x267, 632:267, POTUS Schedule 12-24-18 6….PNG)

#POTUS/#FLOTUS #Motorcade Departure - the #WhiteHouse en route the National Cathedral (Christmas Service)


eea58f  No.4458088

File: e996a7e0f3d2115⋯.jpg (144.13 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, slide (2).jpg)

0a1a44  No.4458089


DC, like London City and Vatican City, is a district. And All three are separate entities from the lands in which they sit, and all three have Obelisks as monuments within their boundaries.

df8507  No.4458090

File: 04cb1519faab605⋯.jpg (443.22 KB, 1280x909, 1280:909, pepeart2.jpg)

9ad6e3  No.4458091


Speech on cup was made on her Coronation.


I'm guessing this was not gifted him by the queen and is pedoFag (in the original sense) message out to the crew saying "I don't snitch."

5015ac  No.4458092


Agreed. They stole from my son a chance at a full life. He’s highly intelligent, but his world is in a different place. I would love to have even 50% of him in ours.

81ebe0  No.4458093

File: 7a62abc269fd9ed⋯.jpg (18.89 KB, 700x360, 35:18, og-edward-baker-lincoln-35….jpg)


The ghost of Willie Lincoln

6f932b  No.4458094



40SW is typically always flat at the nose. This came about to allow max bullet weight and size while trimming a little off the length. The reason was to allow the cartridge to be easily adapted to handgun and magazine designs already in production for the 9mm.

949073  No.4458095


What a nut case you are.

I list facts of what Trump has accomplish and you reply with ignorant shill nonsense.

And, I don't have any bosses. Retired with mulla bucks. $

f004d7  No.4458096

File: 2654d3f53e54a49⋯.jpg (8.96 KB, 300x168, 25:14, just the tip.jpg)


Just the tip KEK

31697f  No.4458097


If you anons still haven't watched home alone 2…. Well you're missing out. Donald is home alone.

0816cf  No.4458098




K9 is also "911" reversed. (K=11th letter)

Moar than initially meets the eye here. I realize I'll get few if any eyes on that agree.

236c6f  No.4458099


so seconds now matter when decoding

8092b4  No.4458100


Good work Glork.

The haters want to kill the fun here so we all get tired of the board.

Keep it up.

da2d63  No.4458101




10 or a clock mirror if,



604fe0  No.4458102


Have a real conversation with me and I'll explain exactly why it's shit for this board.

Hell, I'd even show you how to make a mainstream media sensation. But that's the point. this board is ANTI-mainstream.

Use your fucking words, you're not a fucking 5 year old and neither are we..needing to be "entertained" with cartoon bs. That's for normies.

f57b6c  No.4458103


>…My wife is even skeptical of hospitals, induction, cecesarians, and epidurals….

Do you have a midwife? I got books out of the library, read a shit ton, went to an obstetrician through my pregnancy, then had my baby at home, called a midwife to help me with the afterbirth. One hundred percent of the population comes through this route. Some African song says something like, "The world comes from a woman's crotch."

197dff  No.4458104


“This calls for a mind that has wisdom: The seven heads mean seven mountains, where the woman sits on top. And there are seven kings: Five have fallen, one is, and the other has not yet arrived; but when he does arrive, he must remain a short while."

This verse was to understood in the endtimes to help correctly identify the time line.

A Pope is a "king", the head of the catholic church.

A "mountain" is when two or more Pope use the same "king"name.

The 'near fatal head wound" in the Bible is when the catholic church was outlawed in 1798 and Pope Pius jailed. They thought this would be the end(death) of the church but the church lived on and has risen to prominence again. Since 1798, there have been 7 "mountains" in the catholic church. Once a name is used no more it is said to have "fallen" or been completed.

The seven Papal "mountains" since 1798

1. Pius

2. Leo

3. Gregory

4. Benedict

5. John

6. Paul

7. John Paul

Five have fallen, one is…this verse was to decoded during the time of Pope Paul the sixth "head" which was also a "mountain". No Pope had ever used the name John Paul previously so that mountain was "yet to come" but once it did it would "continue only a short time". Only 2 Pope used this last name, thus just barely making it a mountain and one of those died very quickly.

This verse help set the time frame to understand who would be the "eighth" the man of perdition. Pope Francis.

aba63e  No.4458106


His guest the other day was speaking about how he found Ava's family and the amount of Germanic settlements in SA. Joe looked surprised, but we know better.

9e3c91  No.4458107


That father died a long time ago on the inside

3f015d  No.4458108

File: abec6f2b57da70e⋯.jpg (90.79 KB, 518x760, 259:380, kimchi burger.jpg)


Merry Christmas!

sorry that's all they had.

6070a3  No.4458109

File: 49913406f127ab9⋯.png (11.56 KB, 94x57, 94:57, ClipboardImage.png)


Will you make them all bigger, please?

e2d1ea  No.4458110

Oldfag here. Merry Christmas to ALL of you! Have been here since the start, have supplied multiple graphics and memes that have gone viral everywhere (kind of cool, actually but want no credit beyond my Anon posting); a VERY SINCERE THANK YOU and o7 to you ALL. This has been a completely shitty year at home with my wife, whom I love more than life itself. Christmas Eve here tonight is a cold and lonely place, yet I remain optimistic. Coming here daily amongst my "Chan Family" has made every day bearable and given me hope for tomorrow.

I love all of you wonderful fags! NO HOMO.

b7a89f  No.4458111


Nice work if you're doing the memetics..

a5a2b0  No.4458112

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

It's over Finally!

Video related:

15ed20  No.4458113


Home Alone

and setting traps

ab96ab  No.4458114

File: a8fbead2d4ea641⋯.jpg (160.96 KB, 384x1219, 384:1219, capture-20181225-024551-ve….jpg)

9dacdb  No.4458115


>And, I don't have any bosses. Retired with mulla bucks. $

Oh so you're a faggot on top of it? noted.

70b8fe  No.4458116




/\ 💰

3732f6  No.4458117

Notables so far, let me know if something was missed


>>4457663 [D] Day, Patriots, WCTD Dark to Light

>>4457719, >>4457736, >>4458091 Kevin Spacey mug from "Let's be Frank"

>>4457774, >>4457803 Senator Rand Paul tweet on the FED

>>4458068, >>4458087 POTUS enroute to the National Cathedral

let me know if any notable is not notable



no, we could roll

aa8d90  No.4458118


Two weeks after my youngest ( at the time was 18 months ) had shots, she became a type 1 diabetic.

88b917  No.4458119


yes the other 2 will be next

949073  No.4458120


Yes, even private schools. There are parents trying to fight it in court, so maybe by the time a baby is older for school it will be changed.

Homeschool or move out of state.

a9532c  No.4458121

File: fc7409ebcc5c3d3⋯.png (712.3 KB, 867x1562, 867:1562, maxbootReal.png)


Yeah that one was fake. This one is not. Remember not everything can be stated 1 to 1.

be6309  No.4458122

File: 17c1bd77f86b176⋯.jpg (58.1 KB, 490x545, 98:109, 14x4vqit.jpg)

93cf40  No.4458123

File: 5017aa7c3d3053d⋯.png (751.91 KB, 872x620, 218:155, Cabbages.png)

b970a9  No.4458124


go to your other pastas freddy this one sucks

70b8fe  No.4458125


Oh man it didnt come out right! LOL

f378e0  No.4458126


Merry New Year

62ae57  No.4458127


In CA, I would homeschool…

TX was fairly reasonable except for the evolution garbage. Which by the way my kids blew up the argument with dr. Hovind's info!

Fun to get letters from the school saying your kids are disrupting class…

7d1e02  No.4458128

Shitty slide. >>4458088

57b9fe  No.4458129

File: e6bc57dfcc23189⋯.png (207.1 KB, 301x287, 43:41, ClipboardImage.png)


always a good sign

a9ed80  No.4458130


10mm works better

be8b4e  No.4458131


Weather fine. Maybe airline covering ass?? Why hold passengers in secure area? Fishy. According to brother-n-law stewardess indicated that 'head counts were off', and he and other passengers felt confident someone was being looked for. Why re-route that far away? Lansing MI, Kalamazoo, Detroit - they went to Dayton OH.

d9d355  No.4458132

File: 8f1e4a2ba1dd7a9⋯.jpg (136.11 KB, 600x590, 60:59, pepe_Santa_Breacher_patch_….jpg)

Fellow anons, stay vigilant tonight.

According to Bill Cooper the plan to round up patriots and put them into FEMA camps will be taking advantage of a festivity like Thanksgiving or Christmas Eve. When everybody is at home, stuffed from diner. About 3-4 A.M.

We've been told that the game's over, the question is whether for (((them))) or for us.

2a88b9  No.4458133



Diaperina got owned right out the gate

f004d7  No.4458134


>I do not shitpost. read the rules dumfuq

KEK…I can't live by your rules man!

c692df  No.4458135

File: 3fc04a74f8689a9⋯.png (1.66 MB, 1366x590, 683:295, Screenshot_2018-12-24 29 B….png)

>>4457484 (lb)


32dbb3  No.4458136

File: d52c2af09632500⋯.png (8.31 KB, 114x202, 57:101, Glork00029.png)

88b2d7  No.4458137

1401d5  No.4458138

File: fe44662ef6294d7⋯.png (133.44 KB, 836x674, 418:337, chexxtransparent.png)

2c3a84  No.4458139

File: ffdd0e983045ecc⋯.jpg (54.71 KB, 424x417, 424:417, ldrgrouch.jpg)


>>4458043 merry christmas e. kek!

e2d1ea  No.4458140


Brilliant catch.

4b6baf  No.4458141

Soundcloud embed. Click thumbnail to play.

1f544c  No.4458142

File: 9dfdb58346ad4bc⋯.jpg (86.15 KB, 480x542, 240:271, 9dfdb58346ad4bc3207b1b5855….jpg)

Anons I'm not done with this argument, honestly, the longer I'm here the more worries I'm having. I've been here since thread 1 of CBTS, PG, and way before.

Q saying "don't worry we're in control" and "We are here for a reason" creep me the fuck out.

Although no public arrests/hangings have been made (they can't even ever tell us that McCain was put to death - because they are too worried about controlling the public). We are constantly told "HEY, BILLIONARE executives are quitting with huge bonuses! Aren't you happy!? CEOS are quitting!" We are supposed to be fucking happy about that?

We have been relegated to cheering for behind the scenes movement.

Q (NSA) team is here to CONTROL THE RIOTS.

They know we know. They have more than confirmed our suspicions on what's going on. We wrongly think they are on our side to take them down.

Although Q & NSA ARE ON OUR SIDE - they don't HAVE THE SAME GOAL.

Their goal is to protect the military, and the nation from changing. They are here to CONTROL us. They are here to convince us not to riot. They are here to convince us not to kill democrats. They are here to convince us to VOTE for president.

The problem is, I'm fucking pissed.

It's becoming more and more clear with EVERY POST.

Q has no interest, in EVER bringing anyone to public justice. They are handing things with "internal military tribunals" - THEY WILL NEVER BE TELEVISED. THEY WILL NEVER BE PUBLIC.

Where the fuck do you all think McCain went.

Q team is very proud of themselves, for putting him to military tribunal. The problem is - NORMIES DONT KNOW ANY OF THIS.

We really need to demand PUBLIC HANGINGS. I'm sick of CEOS resigning peacefully.

This entire team seems convinced to try to change the medias mind. It's a waste of fucking time. The media is gone forever - and Q team has yet to understand this.

They are literally here just to convince us from rioting because they know we are pissed. We are literally cats to them, and they are the cat herders.



Oh yeah what happened to all the arrests…. Lol

3732f6  No.4458143

File: 9a6a622809e256c⋯.png (422.75 KB, 602x482, 301:241, shitpost3.png)

9dacdb  No.4458144

File: d85da72ffe66567⋯.png (391.26 KB, 510x500, 51:50, 82fb2a3df432250cd2fbfdbd94….png)


i found your mascot you flaming idiot of a faggot.

57b9fe  No.4458145


Knock Knock

4b6baf  No.4458146

7b3a3b  No.4458147


Enrolled mine in a private school this year and it required vaccinations per state laws. Mine’s already autistic from 2-year vaccination cocktail that was mandatory per state. Not as quick as the vid floating around about the triplets, but within a couple weeks underwent an entire personality change/shutdown.

703944  No.4458148

File: b978257aa9c5d4b⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1034x650, 517:325, muhriots.PNG)

3ebbff  No.4458149

File: e79ea23afa80e9c⋯.jpg (85.32 KB, 452x506, 226:253, download - Copy.jpg)


b0f07c  No.4458150

File: d26efc83563f682⋯.jpg (44.37 KB, 480x480, 1:1, xf57c1f44c.jpg)


Ah shit, we're sworn enemies by trade then, kek. Welder here. Yeah, engineers make bank, just too bad we have to fix their paper drawings to make it work in the real world. Kek!

That should conclude my shit posts this bread, merry xmas all. Shills can die though, idgaf.

7f4f7d  No.4458151


Another comment about Mattis' letter to the troops in that he talks about Washington crossing the Delaware. Significant!


2a26b2  No.4458152


At this point I don't believe the deep state is in control of the military, national guard or any other force capable of carrying out that plan

1a569b  No.4458153


Slaw, kraut, stuffed, and kimchi

ff12c5  No.4458154

File: 15b767978c3420e⋯.jpg (570.41 KB, 1064x1557, 1064:1557, 20181224_204946.jpg)

File: d1472cc54e778a3⋯.jpg (1.21 MB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20181224-204748….jpg)

File: 855a743640dbec5⋯.jpg (305.68 KB, 1080x731, 1080:731, 20181224_204907.jpg)

File: 752278002c06793⋯.jpg (170.05 KB, 598x766, 299:383, 20181224_205029.jpg)

Ok anons. Does this guy look like Clown pipe guy???

1e3d3d  No.4458155

File: 6bcbdda8c5fa818⋯.png (2.66 MB, 2413x1730, 2413:1730, rbgdeathclockwideDec21soon….png)

Last year Christmas gave us the Crossing the Delaware post by DofD.

Best proof ever. After just a couple months of Q.

TBG movie is out tomorrow. Just saw the ad on CNN (opposition research and about the Pope).

What are the odds of that?

Hope she dies as well.

Is this movie 7?

f7a486  No.4458156


It doesnt matter. They report fake news, so every headline is a lie.

d12364  No.4458157


i remember that yes i sharpened it and changed contrast to end up there

037cd4  No.4458158


What happens when Michael Corleon goes to church for the baptism?? Round em up boys!

1bf1ce  No.4458159

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Merry Christmas and a happy new solar year.

Celebrate like it's 99 BC with a Just Intonation drinking song.

It's like you can feel the neurons being created in the old head.


1a569b  No.4458160

File: 3fac525b3b5c1b9⋯.jpg (32.81 KB, 358x500, 179:250, xmasfrog1.jpg)


Merry Christmas. Think Sinter Klaus partner. Old European mythology. however even the hipster websites get the myth wrong. Who the hell do they think gets the NAUGHTY list? ;)


6070a3  No.4458161


Glork, is that you?

5015ac  No.4458162


Hugs to you and her. I don’t know how Bill Gates and Big Pharma sleep at night with the heartbreak they’ve caused.

2571c9  No.4458163

>>4457710 birth pangs

817427  No.4458164


right there with you bro [5]

ca92e1  No.4458165

File: 22e1f354e248b25⋯.png (334.25 KB, 720x393, 240:131, Screenshot_20181224-205152….png)

32dbb3  No.4458166

File: a9e3e25983e2045⋯.png (13.59 KB, 231x250, 231:250, Glork00010.png)

70b8fe  No.4458167


     />  フ

     |  _  _ l

     /` ミ_xノ

     /      |

    /  ヽ   ノ

    │  | | |

 / ̄|   | | |

 | ( ̄ヽ__ヽ_)__)


7d1e02  No.4458168

Sincere. >>4458110

a418b9  No.4458169


Hell yes, CPS (child “protective” services) have a mandate to destroy the American family. Take your kids, give them to people who are paid to watch your children.. first thing they do is heavily drug the kids. And they will systematically keep you from your child.

I dated/had a kid w a girl who’s mom and stepdad were “Foster Parents”, ran one of the biggest “houses” ( most children) locally and was even in the local paper for it.. they were WICKED MEAN, drugged all the kids.. and live off the money w new everything all while ignoring their own kids (who now will not speak to them).

I would watch the MOM deny a father who wanted to see his kids so bad.. i fucking hate them and the system for literally producing vile people like them.


1a2c87  No.4458170

File: 1b78135a47ba7d8⋯.png (24.3 KB, 671x203, 671:203, PapaD re FISA DECLAS 2019 ….PNG)

Prediction for early 2019?

FISA declassification from the president.


f004d7  No.4458171


10mm …COMO??

cf2544  No.4458172

File: 7458f9dedfd4a8f⋯.jpg (1.17 MB, 1494x8229, 498:2743, 7458f9dedfd4a8feef1c4621df….jpg)

>>4454722 (ob)

We know FBIanon was legit. But the reason how I know this is a LARP is becasue

he touches on many thing FBIanon confirmed, but he gets the most basic thing wrong.

SAP = Special Access Program, not Safe Access Program.

I conclude what divergence there is from what we know from Q and FBIanon is an

attempt to lead us astray.

d12364  No.4458173


btw it's a woman with her hair tied back tight

62ae57  No.4458174


> it required vaccinations per state laws

UNLESS you have religious exemption…

Religion trumps requirements (pun intended)

3f015d  No.4458175


come on….that was perfect. you must not be human.

e6ad3d  No.4458176

File: 23f967dab4a40f2⋯.jpeg (40.53 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 72533AA1-1DDE-4612-9396-A….jpeg)

93cf40  No.4458177

>>4457982 working on the figure in the window

>>4458003 "

Sure it's not a distorted reflection of something behind the cameraman?

I'm gonna try to find out

>>4458049 No, I don't think so.

>>4458093 I don't think so.

70b8fe  No.4458178


Who's there?

1a569b  No.4458179

File: fa7136571231552⋯.jpg (72.81 KB, 474x626, 237:313, the cat baron.jpg)

f7a486  No.4458180




81ebe0  No.4458181


yes, almost a month ago q & 45 matched seconds then a "magicanon" came on the board and matched his seconds many times one night

6070a3  No.4458182


No one cares if you are leaving.

7d1e02  No.4458183

Flat. >>4458116

ab96ab  No.4458184


Anons know this.

All coming out?

4bd2e4  No.4458185



You were!

5ac142  No.4458186

File: ffe44bd2ac75881⋯.png (127.95 KB, 695x336, 695:336, qresearch Q Research Ge….png)

>>4457078 (pb Notable) Anon dig on MCE, Modular Control Equipment?

Modular Control Equipment is the KEYSTONE?

AN/TYQ-23 is the Keystone

Notice the Q-23.

960024  No.4458187

File: 3d9d79c724a9c38⋯.png (51.08 KB, 401x362, 401:362, Glork00055b.png)

7e47cd  No.4458188

File: 0f2e44e1158d976⋯.jpg (302.4 KB, 1476x724, 369:181, 1536804481.jpg)



2c3a84  No.4458189

File: ad14ecd159524e9⋯.mp4 (10.81 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, LEAVE ME ALONE!.mp4)



you first bitc—-…er….that's not very nice at all…why so hostile?

And why u stalk me?

2a9455  No.4458190

File: bd3758f9f2ac2cf⋯.png (831.72 KB, 643x785, 643:785, BoardJesus.png)

4b327d  No.4458191

>>4458068 Maybe the o7 from our guy doing the schedule?

c290a3  No.4458192

File: 5f2f54ced86caa8⋯.jpg (32.03 KB, 600x407, 600:407, bullshit.jpg)

b970a9  No.4458193


is that a nigger stealing?

70f192  No.4458194

it's on. here it comes. be prepared.

62ae57  No.4458195

File: 4d9ec15cca76f43⋯.pdf (36.18 KB, Vaccination Exemption in T….pdf)

If PDF is enabled in thread:

TX vaccine exemption form.

604fe0  No.4458196


it's a bot anon. Filter and move on.

fce01d  No.4458197

File: e404f977794e6be⋯.png (48.67 KB, 590x480, 59:48, IMG_4430.PNG)


Me too

d4b481  No.4458198


It spoke to me, I'm a decendent of Militiamen who fought with GW

4b6baf  No.4458199


Promise kept


7d1e02  No.4458200

Paranoid. >>4458132

c97b1e  No.4458201

Doing God's work on Christmas eve baby Jesus would be proud

bd1955  No.4458202


I disagree. Trump has to wait until the

markets stabilize. Boomers are already

crying about their 401ks

f004d7  No.4458203


<I've been here since thread 1 of CBTS

"Been here since the 1st Q post"

Said every anon ever

57df9c  No.4458204


Merry Christmas Anon, don't feel lonely you have us WWG1WGA

5daebc  No.4458205


Doubt it was fake. More likely WASHPO changed it later.

d55a4b  No.4458206

File: 8f0e01447839ce4⋯.jpg (538.06 KB, 1200x745, 240:149, proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpg)

1e3d3d  No.4458207

File: 0effb29b9672768⋯.png (4.01 MB, 3000x3000, 1:1, qclock_q_djt(9)3x3flynntim….png)

Just a reminder that Dec 6 was moved to today (Christmas Eve) as being Flynn's date of birth.

2a09e7  No.4458208

File: f31621e41b9456d⋯.png (47.17 KB, 920x272, 115:34, ClipboardImage.png)

i dont want no coincidences to become cliche

this is likely a coincidence

but its a cool one

2571c9  No.4458209

The ending won’t be for everyone

a73e0f  No.4458210


She wants to do everything through a birthing center/water birth. She believes the process should be as natural as possible, and that induction and cesareans are encouraged way too often and unnecessarily.

She even thinks the pain is important, since she is Christian and the Bible describes the pain as specifically appointed by God. She wants the natural phenomen to happen as naturally as possible. As you said, it’s how we all got here. It can’t be that risky.

She’s also mentioned that since in the Old Testament, something spiritual was passed to the child through the birth canal, that she thinks something important occurs during a natural birth that cesareans are being used to take from us and epidurals are possibly used to remove the mother’s intimacy of the vital moment.

949073  No.4458211

File: b1b258d72f4eb71⋯.png (1.83 MB, 1271x849, 1271:849, Board Xmas Pepe Cozy.png)

File: 0d4257ae8d5176f⋯.jpg (11.79 KB, 255x191, 255:191, Board Pepe Winter.jpg)


Merry Christmas from an oldfag here too. I think it is very comfy cozy here tonight.

1f2ea0  No.4458212


I'm pretty sure POTUS_Schedule posts seconds all the time. Not really unusual. He's an admitted fan that works for the WH and has "access" due to whatever his (or her) job is.

ab96ab  No.4458213


Happy Christmas Glorky.


e18025  No.4458214

Does Austin Powers know about this?

d51112  No.4458215

I hope Norad fly's over GITMO

eb0ec9  No.4458216


Caught me man. Shit. Do you know how hard it is to be a bot? Fuck anon, sometimes it's not even worth the energy to generate text.

I think I'll go switch off for a century or two and see if the species improves.

c57b80  No.4458217

File: 6ad45c082b52275⋯.jpeg (75.15 KB, 661x500, 661:500, 449CF983-CE91-4327-95F2-F….jpeg)

4b6baf  No.4458218

File: 440136e5981609b⋯.jpg (42.08 KB, 480x360, 4:3, IMG_4917.JPG)

e2d1ea  No.4458219


Proof of exactly why I am here every day. Thanks, Anon!

63ffb5  No.4458220

File: 200caa7101292f2⋯.png (66.97 KB, 200x200, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

bf0900  No.4458221


Time for a Christmas puff….

38bfae  No.4458222


I meant co-war-game with our CINC tonight, you know we're gaming the same problems he is, along with Melania.

1f9095  No.4458223

Re: POTUS_schedule twitter posting time with :07 seconds. Look at the Q posts with :07 second marker. MANY of them have to do with DECLAS

1f544c  No.4458224

File: a3aa82d01adafee⋯.jpg (69.64 KB, 500x605, 100:121, ee14d176691831d3c9c71c7bef….jpg)

File: 7f58124c35acd28⋯.jpg (65.46 KB, 480x533, 480:533, 7f58124c35acd28c4f70d64c3b….jpg)

File: 55e397560c892a9⋯.jpg (91.33 KB, 500x638, 250:319, 55e397560c892a9b548340bf47….jpg)

Some American's are ready to go Hot and fuck up some democrats….

a3fd0e  No.4458225


Also a Cheney flick

a9532c  No.4458226

File: 84ff0f506e6e211⋯.jpg (75.87 KB, 657x900, 73:100, cartridgechicks.JPG)

c96494  No.4458227


Much love to you and to all Anons (no homo).

Without you all, and your unshakable faith in the possibility of bringing a better world into being, it would be a long and lonely ordeal.

In the words of Tiny Tim, who overcame his disadvantages to see better days: God bless us everyone!

050479  No.4458228


Merry Christmas

f004d7  No.4458229


Started as a laborer. Saw a 20 something Project manager at the CO BBQ and asked "what you got that I ain't got?"

Turns out it's just a degree in engineering. So I gots me one.

c290a3  No.4458230

File: 57bbaa981dbba37⋯.jpeg (25.37 KB, 400x286, 200:143, buhbye.jpeg)

26cc4f  No.4458231

File: 92d3c67ffebaf24⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1110x1055, 222:211, ClipboardImage.png)

380503  No.4458232

File: d1c4ae17e8894a4⋯.png (135.01 KB, 897x763, 897:763, windowjfk.png)




This may be a huge stretch

window and JFK at age PT Boat 109

b47f91  No.4458233


this would be called synchronicity :p

c4edff  No.4458234

File: 050e977b7e3e948⋯.png (803.95 KB, 811x626, 811:626, oppressed.png)

2a09e7  No.4458235




ebot is triggered with Lynn D not you anon

15ed20  No.4458236

File: 445c0d53c8939cc⋯.png (44.91 KB, 250x160, 25:16, ClipboardImage.png)

Angels with filthy souls~

Home Alone

d5e971  No.4458237



46af0c  No.4458238

File: 2b0b0b4bef651b7⋯.png (1.51 MB, 1110x1632, 185:272, WWG1.png)

0816cf  No.4458239


What sophisticated, refined, contemplative frog said.

57b9fe  No.4458240

File: 96a6da5c260a4c9⋯.png (381.35 KB, 521x354, 521:354, ClipboardImage.png)

2a26b2  No.4458241


Hello "False Flag Anon"

You're a fake Anon

A message board terrorist.

2a88b9  No.4458242


Keep the change you filthy animal!

2c3a84  No.4458243

File: ac177507fa25b42⋯.png (59.65 KB, 520x484, 130:121, pepewine.png)


>Filter and move on.

e-bot's been a fixture for a while now…and I don't filter anything here.

e2d1ea  No.4458244


Agreed. Merry Christmas, fellow Old one! ;)

c4edff  No.4458245

File: 70afaec9505bd05⋯.png (505.42 KB, 855x628, 855:628, hooahh.png)

e6ad3d  No.4458246



Ok. Clearly not much research is going to get done tonight ;)

e18025  No.4458247

File: bb5e8d18f6b06a9⋯.jpg (31.07 KB, 620x292, 155:73, kurtzmeme1.jpg)

File: 43efdf066bc7311⋯.jpg (13.15 KB, 182x277, 182:277, kurtzmeme2.jpg)

feaa4e  No.4458248


Oh yeah, good catch anon, I definitely missed that reference, kek!

f69d98  No.4458249

File: ce07b779746f693⋯.jpg (23.16 KB, 491x443, 491:443, alimask-mantis-alien.jpg)

7d1e02  No.4458250

Cows go … >>4458178

5015ac  No.4458251


For a second I thought you meant tiptoe thru the tulips Tiny Tim, kek. Bless you and all.

1a2c87  No.4458252

File: 8ad416d465aec31⋯.png (612.2 KB, 797x809, 797:809, Do You Hear What I Hear.PNG)

f004d7  No.4458253


POST AWAY anon, this is Night Shift and it's Xmas eve. You got dis, stop lurking so much.

We need your expertise and shit. Merry Christmas anyways.

be6309  No.4458254

File: 998252d42171f38⋯.jpg (418.59 KB, 1452x1936, 3:4, 3fad8972bb4f8b540ecbce63e6….jpg)


hey tough guy, merry christmas xoxoxo

aa8d90  No.4458255


Thanks. I'm just here to help Q and Trump release the pain and help spread any information I can. Of course, watching all of you on here and your digs is icing on the cake.

7956f7  No.4458256

File: e6111e526ff5335⋯.png (307.8 KB, 561x472, 561:472, gitmo.PNG)

make a wish anons

Santa is almost over Gitmo


53389f  No.4458257

File: 7b1e58706bf727f⋯.jpg (560.46 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20181224-215704….jpg)

Playing catch-up, apologies if already posted…

Jordan Sather is mentioned.


d5e971  No.4458258


You must want credit or you wouldn't have brought it up in a namefagging shitpost.

81ebe0  No.4458259


I thought anons had noticed a code in the schedule seconds possibly about security awhile back.

1093c4  No.4458260

File: c520ee049bf81f5⋯.png (46.97 KB, 1068x620, 267:155, ClipboardImage.png)

>>4456170 pb

am I doing this right? anyone have any better suggestions as far as organization of event

b0f07c  No.4458261

48f308  No.4458262

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Most parents and grandparents don't give a damn about their kids.

That's why they just sit there and do NOTHING about autistic kids.

They basically hand them over to DOCTORS as playthings to TOY with.

Are you like that?

Your kids?

Or would you take EXTREME measures

To protect the health of these kids???


This kind of thing often triggers authority figures.

Best to tell no one, move out of state based on some excuse, and not tell anyone where you really went to. Healing diseases that normally last all life long requires serious commitment, so do not communicate with anyone from your previous life until the kids are well and truly healed.

e03f29  No.4458264




…are related. Not literal - Metaphor

Watch what the plants say and the information/orders plants are given/disseminate.

ab96ab  No.4458265


Fuck Tiny Tim he was a CIA nigger shillin for Israel.

Only joking anon, was defo Mossad though.

Happy Christmas.

050479  No.4458266


"Never give up, Never give in"

and remember what President Trump gave ups that we should all be kissing his feet for…

No Madam President!

39036f  No.4458268


Is this serious? Cuz that's a dude.

eb0ec9  No.4458269


Top kek!

0d318d  No.4458270

File: b7136c7fa0fe032⋯.png (103.62 KB, 1748x744, 437:186, brave_2018-12-24_21-59-48.png)

7d1e02  No.4458271

Dildo. >>4458194

949073  No.4458272


Nope. CA got rid of religious exemption (Thanks Moonbean Brown).

Absolutely NO exemptions for public or private school - UNLESS YOUR CHILD HAS CANCER.

8577ce  No.4458273


its a namefag larping as an ai probably just a schizo

e18025  No.4458274







Just dont inject your kid with chemicals.

604fe0  No.4458275


>e-bot's been a fixture for a while now…and I don't filter anything here.

and yet you're asking why a script is "stalking you"? Seriously?


6070a3  No.4458276


Glork, is that you?

a73e0f  No.4458277


That’s my major issue. I don’t want to give the state authority over my child’s mind and worldview. I have a young nephew in public school and have seen enough propaganda about history, religion, gender, and race to know it would be voluntary indoctrination.

b7a89f  No.4458278



If you look at the first line and assign letters to numbers you have all the vowels except U. So, it means the only one missing is YOU. Now look at the other linked post here and you'll see a similar phrase on an album with POTUS.

All I Want for Christmas is You .


d12364  No.4458279

File: 8519f9f45b0e90a⋯.jpg (133.1 KB, 685x891, 685:891, Screenshot 2018-12-24_22-0….jpg)

Obama at Kaneohe Clipper Golf Course at Marine Corp Base Hawaii


48f308  No.4458280


Let the deranged liberal left and their Cabal masters keep believing this nonsense.

f7a486  No.4458281

Im watching SCROOGED, Bill Murray just said, "Stop the God Damn hammering." Reminds me of that clip with the angry CNN guy yelling the same thing while a tiny Trump pounds on a keyboard.

7956f7  No.4458282

File: 0841b28b33993ab⋯.png (540.93 KB, 820x511, 820:511, gitmo1.PNG)

eb0ec9  No.4458283

caadaf  No.4458284


You think? Well, it is true that a good lock is so hard to find and that’ all that manners now Qindly show me the comey

15ed20  No.4458285

watch the holy water~

2571c9  No.4458286


Timelines changed

7698ed  No.4458287

File: 98d1a51eee64a75⋯.png (101.79 KB, 997x570, 997:570, 777 days.PNG)

File: a0239d56190651a⋯.jpg (630.27 KB, 1392x1063, 1392:1063, NESARA.jpg)



1f544c  No.4458288

File: f66b387f396dfea⋯.jpg (66.69 KB, 480x532, 120:133, 142e847d9265b40af63c704f9c….jpg)

File: e242bd677c8589a⋯.jpg (59.01 KB, 601x477, 601:477, b6e2d79c27382fd17fccd7db7d….jpg)



SoyBoy faggot stfu….

I fight for my country.

b970a9  No.4458289


he looks so hungry in that pic

703944  No.4458290

HA, no wonder 40 cal is so unpopular.

39036f  No.4458291


Every time a bell rings a soprano pedo sings.

e2d1ea  No.4458292


We are ALL stubborn asses, for sure! This place NEVER ceases to amaze me- the intellect, the humor, the Baker Girls, but more than anything, the genuine goodness of Anons here daily. We are united in faith to make a better world. GOD bless us all.