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File: e1c02b43c5fc1b0⋯.jpg (493.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20181213-qr.jpg)

0a6e39  No.4291348

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only.  We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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>>4282164 ————————————–——– Stress test failed.

>>4282020 rt >>4281684 -————————– 'Guardians' of intelligence.

>>4281837 rt >>4281583 -————————– (3) detention centers being prepped.

>>4281568 rt >>4281479 -————————– No.

>>4281478 rt >>4281387 -————————– "Watch CA" was deliberate.

>>4281410 rt >>4281121 -————————– Senate to investigate 2019.

>>4281049 rt >>4280876 -————————– Gold shall destroy FED.

>>4280936 rt >>4280653 -————————– Only her beauty and love of country.

>>4280831 rt >>4280746 -————————– NSA ability to overreach hosts possible.

>>4280779 rt >>4280688 -————————– Separated by 2.

>>4280699 rt >>4280617 -————————– While attacks do occur, we are safeguarded by a 'Black Eye'.

>>4280615 rt >>4280575 -————————– Added server(s)/bandwidth improved performance.

>>4280592 rt >>4280423 -————————– No.

>>4280554 rt >>4280453 -————————– Mission to harm NSA.

>>4280455 rt >>4280260 -————————– No.

>>4280331 rt >>4280236 -————————– 2020+ safeguarded.

>>4280247 rt >>4280228 -————————– Yes.

>>4280231 rt >>4280212 -————————– Our promise to 'counter'.

>>4280213 rt >>4280193 -————————– No.

>>4280202 rt >>4280192 -————————– Control.

>>4280189 ————————————–——– Q&A

Wednesday 12.12.18

Compiled here: >>4281715

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are not endorsements


>>4282761 Anon's recap of Q's 12/12 Q&A


>>4291319 Four families that claim the French throne today

>>4291164 Possible Morse Decode for Avoided Z = Avoided MI

>>>4290961, >>4290995 Flynn Jr: Comey took advantage of Trump's "disorganized" FBI for Flynn Entrapment

baker change @500

>>4291064 Tallahassee commissioner indicted on 44 counts following FBI investigation

>>4290636 Police constable jailed for 25 years for 37 offences

>>4290640, >>4290658 3rd day in a row Verizon has huge issues

>>4290646 oil traders in spotlight of Brazil bribery probe

>>4290675, >>4290700 Escalation of tensions between China and Canada this morning.

>>4290691 Michigan school decides to keep display "Please, leave our wise men alone"

>>4290720 Taliban forces capture entire district in western Afghanistan

>>4290743 Pam Patterson Quotes QANON in Farewell speech

>>4290893 Squawk 7700 - Emergency declared

>>4290900 Withdrawal of armed forces from Yemen's Hodeida port will happen 'within days

>>4290890, >>4290960, >>4290972, >>4290993 FBI Created multiple 302s for Flynn

>>4290943 Muellers long history of government diversions and cover-ups.

>>4290961, >>4290995 Comey Blames Trump's Disorganized FDI



>>4289833, >>4289934, >>4289923 Ex-Utah church leader charged with sex abuse,involving boys

>>4289943, >>4290256, >>4290204, >>4290256, >>4290172, >>4290283 Today's wave

>>4289833, >>4289934, >>4289868, >>4289920, >>4290173, >>4290280, >>4290353 2 Dead in Antarctica

>>4289931 Anons, my shovel hit something hard while digging on "black eye"

>>4289981 Trump cancels White House Christmas party for the press

>>4290089 Senate Advances Resolution to End American Assistance in Yemen

>>4290160 “criminals” blamed for fire destroying 7,000 of the 10,000 voting machines, Congo

>>4290180 Ausralian PM plans Integrity Commission In effort not to investigate corruption

>>4290220 The leader of South African "We will kill their children and their women"

>>4290319 NATO to deliver secure comms to Ukraine military by years' end

>>4290348 Kavanaugh disappoints after pro-Planned Parenthood vote

>>4290379 GAA Update "Hammertime!" Edition

>>4290514 Iran hackers target nuclear and sanctions officials

>>4290540 #5466

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181b8f  No.4291361


Judging by the reactions of Jeb compared to Biden/Clinton, the Bush's reaction was more obvious, pronounced, and reacted faster to the info. I'm going to guess it was a picture, maybe a symbol (ex> company logo), or a picture ( most likely of a person/persons). Doing what, I don't know, but a person can also symbolize…

Maybe an interrogation…

3c6e4d  No.4291404


Jeb is the Freddo of the Bush family.

0a6e39  No.4291405

the dough


b94b09  No.4291408

File: 2130ffa02b00549⋯.png (81.37 KB, 255x179, 255:179, ClipboardImage.png)


Journo Who Uncovered Organ Harvesting Gets His Day in Court

David Daleiden asks Appeals Court to toss suit blocking public records request

Baker this is notable.

270cdd  No.4291410

Q: “Why did Q acknowledge “flat earth”?”

A: One less shill move. Cleaner bread. And anons like myself that don’t buy directly into anything, but keep an open mind to everything can now put this to rest.

Repeat this with why JFK Jr was acknowledged and answered.

Shills want to use these answers as “LARP”. The biggest problem shills have is their focus on the present to manipulate your emotions, currently. They know emotions cloud our judgement and make us forget the notables things when under heavy duress.

Q knows the audience. Stay comfy.

e45d7c  No.4291411

File: 0cb7c3f4c5e2789⋯.png (352.08 KB, 497x613, 497:613, Leakin'LyingComey.png)

f2ce97  No.4291412

File: 3f8b31c6eec6c1c⋯.png (2.28 MB, 1420x1035, 284:207, Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at ….png)


TY Baker!

a713d1  No.4291413

File: fe8b86b324a71f5⋯.jpg (311.61 KB, 1242x1533, 414:511, 1506629290932.jpg)


TY Baker!!!

513e8b  No.4291414

File: 24cf43074a0ba3f⋯.jpg (633.98 KB, 2040x1442, 1020:721, fall of Hillary.jpg)

178198  No.4291415

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


God Bless Baker

bd9098  No.4291416

Define SOON please Q. is it 2098 or 2099, and and you forgot to neutralize Theresa May

ba6fea  No.4291417

>>4291388 (lb)

Thank you. Just got a laptop & need software. Making a list of everything I need.

929abe  No.4291418

File: 6e44076f65ae180⋯.jpg (203.06 KB, 735x490, 3:2, baker thanks german.jpg)

seems fitting

54bd49  No.4291419


Don't know what this is … But I dig it … Nice tunes to be Comfy with

d4352b  No.4291420

File: 7e83076729ce41b⋯.png (602.95 KB, 741x955, 741:955, Data & society combo.png)

File: 482c5aac8876334⋯.png (173.36 KB, 816x1008, 17:21, data and society Alternati….png)

File: 04640859bee837f⋯.png (1.58 MB, 1089x6731, 1089:6731, data & society new radical….png)

File: 58d9f879956e5ab⋯.png (142.55 KB, 1069x1235, 1069:1235, data and society funding.png)

File: 07fed3c0b3abb49⋯.png (225.96 KB, 1195x1220, 239:244, data & society joan donova….png)

Who's behind new MSM attacks on "conspiracy theorists"? First group: DATA & SOCIETY

WaPo article "Hateful Conspiracies Thrive on YouTube despite pledge to clean up problematic videos" cited the following groups and individuals as "researchers":

* Data & Society (Joan Donovan) <<< SEE BELOW

* Network Contagion Research Institute

* AlgoTransparency (Guillaume Chaslot)

* Columbia University Tow Center for Digital Journalism (Jonathan Albright)


* Part of a coalition of Globalist groups putting out propaganda ("research") designed to portray centrist groups as racist, white supremicist, conspiratorial & potentially terrorist

* Goal: to pressure social media into de-platforming non-Globalist content providers on the basis that they constitute a threat to public safety & security because their ideas are gateways to more dangerous ideas ("gateway drug" argument)

* Funded by all the usual suspects (long list includes Soros/Gates/UN). Declared revenue for 2017 was $4.1mil.

* Publisher in Sep 2018 of ''Alternative Influence: Broadcasting the

Reactionary Right on YouTube'', a PDF detailing how alternative social media (even people like David Rubin and Stephen Crowder) are part of a "reactionary" network that exerts a "radicalizing" influence:


* D&S website features a recent NYT article (11-25-18), "The New Radicalization of the Internet." (This article is mentioned on this board (via another article; see Sauce), but deserves its own post because it's the NYT trying to redefine terrorism as antiglobalism; see



* Ph.D. in Sociology & Science Studies; head of the "Media Manipulation Project." {For D&S, media manipulation is obviously something only the Right does, not the Left!]

* Worked at the UCLA Inst. for Society & Genetics "where she researched white supremacists' use of DNA ancestry tests, social movements & technology.

* Articles include "Online hate is rampant; here's how to keep it from spreading"; "The Csae for Quarantining extremist Ideas"; "The tech companies are finally standing up to hate; will it work?"

* There are many articles, plus "press coverage' and nothing is older that 15 months and most are less than a year old, which probably reflects a recent hard push from Soros et al to link the ideas of liberatarians, conservatives & alt-media to radical and even terrorist ideologies.

SEE ALSO >>3116573 pb, >>3110691 pb for reports on publication of the Alternative Influence Network pdf.

f1ddbf  No.4291421



c458f5  No.4291422

File: 30cb2c29bcab527⋯.jpg (429 KB, 1390x1757, 1390:1757, potus-twat-double-17-confi….jpg)

Potus twat double 17 confirmation

eaf490  No.4291423

File: 5ab8fbb858289af⋯.jpg (24.5 KB, 428x750, 214:375, 5l9ggn.jpg)

Thank You Baker

b1a36e  No.4291424


Good pickup, baker.

4917a6  No.4291425

>>4291373 (LB)

wrong timing on the 17 min but it does go 8:17 - 8:39 = 22, they thought it was coming yesterday(today-22) tomorrow-23?

178198  No.4291426

File: 0ede5f22533e7bb⋯.jpg (20.96 KB, 359x188, 359:188, 45428019_2230081227229687_….jpg)

File: 4a1ae45dbd7b95e⋯.jpg (284.56 KB, 889x1126, 889:1126, 2fh8t3sp82bz.jpg)

2d6c54  No.4291427



0d3ee6  No.4291428

File: a36f64d7e888f1e⋯.png (409.3 KB, 720x1181, 720:1181, Screenshot_20181213-085612….png)

Something going on under the radar is that we seem to be backing out of our role in the UN.

I like this plan!

1d19c9  No.4291429


I’ve seen this Hillary Fall cartoon a hundred times, and just now noticed the hand-devil horns! Garrison is a stud!

20fb01  No.4291430

Q&A was to get the fringe conspiracy crap gone cause when Q is confirmed legit by trump he’ll be the #1 news source WW (soon)

d4352b  No.4291431



See #5463 notables

84ef59  No.4291432


Which fringe conspiracy crap?

138f6c  No.4291433


i dig those Skews ;-)

81bb08  No.4291434


Disinfo is necessary : still rings true today.

That being said, the earth is a fucking globe.

a95a6e  No.4291435

File: cad8fd03a2c8872⋯.jpeg (28.34 KB, 321x265, 321:265, 91DC1A21-68DC-41C8-9ED9-9….jpeg)


TY Baker

bd9098  No.4291436


Why are you responding to a shill you thick cunt!!

5ce89f  No.4291437

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


you can read user reports on twotter just search #afrezza

a95a6e  No.4291438


662f79  No.4291439

File: 31882dd33b0ed4d⋯.png (677.62 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20181213-095931.png)

Time person of the year December 13, 2010…..Julian Assange. Could he show up today? Talk about Seth Rich?

Check the magazine date.

0d3ee6  No.4291440


Could be right.

4039fe  No.4291441


Since q and a is over, I missed the opp to ask Q about the Haitian people being in high demand with the human trafficking.

Is this because of Rh- blood types? Do any anons know the answer to this?

5ce89f  No.4291442

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Boom, boom, boom

0d3ee6  No.4291443


Julian doesn't know Seth Rich.

20fb01  No.4291444


Use your brainlet

513e8b  No.4291445

Found on Twitter re: black eye



3af648  No.4291446



* Ph.D. in Sociology & Science Studies

Another one with a bullshit degree

c7afe3  No.4291447

>>4291282 lb

It's a common suspicion of backend fuckery for digits. I don't entertain it too much. It would have to be automated. So scanned, interpreted, flagged for approval/promotion, then blessed with gets? Maybe the truly juiciest ones could be automated to look for exactly "Trump will win" leading up to the legendary get during peak traffic and peak lag. Maybe.

There's some quant study that found tennis players had the best understanding of 2 variable randomness because tennis serves are primarily left/right(i think. Fuck tennis). So because they spend so much time and effort playing this game, they just know randomness better than most. Everyone else skewed way way way towards the repeating patterns of HTHTHTHT because that's what everyone thinks is random. The best description of the conclusion was that the average person hugely underestimates the chance of repetition in a truly random pattern.

It's funny to think that people as a whole underestimate the occurrence of repetition and think too often that it implies manipulation or magic yet the DNC thought it was no big deal to rig all the coinflips in Hillary's favor.

aec408  No.4291448

File: a5fcf6f2418dfb0⋯.png (74.39 KB, 632x392, 79:49, ClipboardImage.png)

5ce89f  No.4291449

File: 2c87192a1f9d151⋯.jpg (85.04 KB, 800x468, 200:117, 22ed013b05187db19a22503e07….jpg)

File: 45db8e114785e8e⋯.png (139.52 KB, 1166x971, 1166:971, 2075d27820c90be00993c82946….png)

File: a3ea47bd15cc0f0⋯.jpg (1.32 MB, 1200x1820, 60:91, a3ea47bd15cc0f09b234258be4….jpg)

File: e29b698c24bd2d7⋯.png (23.68 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, e29b698c24bd2d7b212e58c83a….png)


Do NOT reply to shills

Do NOT demolish their intentionally flawed arguments

Do NOT debate their idiotic "concerns"

Do NOT engage shills.

Do NOT participate in shill KAYFABE

In professional wrestling, kayfabe /ˈkeɪfeɪb/ is the portrayal of staged events within the industry as "real" or "true", specifically the portrayal of competition, rivalries, and relationships between participants as being genuine and not of a staged or predetermined nature of any kind.


Do NOT perpetuate shill SLIDES.

Do NOT reply to shills.

Do NOT pick up spit

If you are NOT sure, LEARN to ID shills

shills = hate

shills = labels

shills = repetition

shills = envy, greed, etc.

Do NOT correct intentional shill mistakes

Do NOT be triggered by shill taunts

Do NOT eat dead bats off the street

Do NOT bark back at dogs

Do dig, meme, pray.

How to Spot a clown

Dealing with Clownish Shills & Shilly clowns==

>>2322789 Spot a shill

>>2323031 Spot A Clown

shills have no agency

no will independent of their masters.

Shills are a profitless burden upon the earth.

Shills are the passed gas of history.

Nameless & their words are writ upon water.


c458f5  No.4291450


Yea, need a cup of cofveve (put in 2 of the same tweets), corrected it in this bread.

56a311  No.4291451

File: 4b16c3174b34847⋯.jpg (304.56 KB, 600x600, 1:1, andersoncooper-imgay.jpg)

File: e998c8bf09e90cf⋯.jpeg (52.55 KB, 480x728, 60:91, 976292d3702ae9071ac5993c5….jpeg)

File: 2d2dc08581e7f77⋯.jpg (52.44 KB, 572x444, 143:111, 2or23k_1.jpg)

ba6fea  No.4291452


Why are you shitting up the bread by responding to posts that respond to shills you stupid faggot.

eaf490  No.4291453

File: 08c253f3c1612a1⋯.jpeg (106.56 KB, 1350x1080, 5:4, 1540467014.jpeg)

dca4f7  No.4291454

At least Mueller SC has a good clean judge (Emmitt)

208afa  No.4291455


no birth certs. no family values. no one misses a negroid

362feb  No.4291456

>>4291319 pb

Yellow vests mandatory for privately owned vehicles. Now a symbol of rebellion against exorbitant fuel taxes.

Symbolism of the state, the imposed yellow vest, now the undoing of the Deep State?

84ef59  No.4291457

545ae6  No.4291458

>>4291257 lb

>If I had to guess I would say that Cohen is going to "prison" to keep him from being Arkancided when the hammer finally falls on Hillary Clinton.



c73d28  No.4291459

File: 8dabd1f6350477b⋯.png (34.04 KB, 657x527, 657:527, 1509296265450.png)


Noice poast mate.

bd9098  No.4291460


boredom with the echo chamber

f2ce97  No.4291461

File: 66b1bd3894cbbf7⋯.png (660.01 KB, 924x1139, 924:1139, Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at ….png)

File: 4cbf6623bc4c3d4⋯.png (447.09 KB, 906x1079, 906:1079, Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at ….png)

File: cb1b10d500a9551⋯.png (236.88 KB, 900x1046, 450:523, Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at ….png)



Intraplathting…caps fer yer sauce, Anon.

For those wondering what Q meant when he referred to a ‘Black Eye’ protecting us from EMP attacks, I think I found it. SpaceX’s F9 rocket launch late last year:

“The loss of a classified, multi-billion-dollar government spy satellite is fast becoming a public BLACK EYE” #Qanon

a0109e  No.4291462

>>4291352 (pb)

With what JW has brought to light through FOIAs, I don't believe this for one second.

4a0fad  No.4291463


and don't let yerself be driven

even by herder posts like this

trust yourself

c97192  No.4291464


SO FEtads got kicked in the face last night?

Muh Elvis is alive fags did too?


d4352b  No.4291466


The whole enterprise is BS–propaganda group presenting itself as "research"

54bd49  No.4291467


Perhaps would have to look at blood type vs specific Haitian population . Tho to be honest I think it was a opportunity via earthquake/tsunami and being a economically depressed nation doesn't make it better.

c73d28  No.4291468

File: ed704e45793f7a3⋯.png (15.59 KB, 608x141, 608:141, Cultivating_tacit_aproval_….png)


Shut the fuck up shill.

5ce89f  No.4291469

File: 10ff066a9a68bb3⋯.jpg (35.67 KB, 450x575, 18:23, Jesus or Nazareth.jpg)

All in the very morning hour

Our gentle Lord and Savior

Was fettered and arraingned before

the bailiff of Judea.

But heathen Pilate found no stain

In him or civil terror

Accordingly he sent him on to

Magistrate King Herod

Third hour, and the son of God

Was scourged by whips and bludgeoned.

And then those sinful people placed

A crown of thorns upon him.

Revile him, did those citizens

And beat him, did those soldiers.

The cross on which he was to die

was laid upon his shoulders.

Sixth hour, they stripped him of his robe

And on the cross they nailed him.

The Christ was bleeding freely now.

(And are the faithful wailing?)

His enemies made sport of him,

So did the true believers.

The sun itself retired then

To scorn their cruel behavior.

Ninth hour, Jesus Christ cried out

"My God I am forsaken!"

They gave him bile and vinegar

His mortal thirst to slaken.

Then Jesus Christ gave up the ghost

And all creation trembled;

The temple fell and from the hill

The rock of Ages tumbled.

And in the very vesper hour

The two thieves' bones were broken.

A spear was thrust in Jesus side,

And Jesus' side did open.

And blood and water did run out,

It flowed beyond all measure,

And all the folk from round about

did mock our lord and Savior.

b94b09  No.4291470

Voter ID Laws Coming in 2019 to Safeguard the 2020+ Elections




12 Dec 2018 - 5:45:22 PM


12 Dec 2018 - 5:43:40 PM


Will voter fraud be exposed before January?



2019 push Voter ID based on verifiable intel (fraud).

2020+ safeguarded.


We understand that you said CA


What about AZ, WI and others????

In both above are they stuck with elected officials for the next 4 to 6 years who won due to voter fraud?

No recourse for either state and others????

Wisconsin had voter ID and it didn't work.

I sure hope it was monitored and the indictments happen for vote fraud.

The only way you fix it for future elections is:

1. Voter ID

2. No vote registration the day of voting.

3. No early voting.

4. Monitored polls and counting.

5. Stiff voter fraud penalties.

86ae63  No.4291471

File: af319154610001c⋯.png (72.09 KB, 358x665, 358:665, ClipboardImage.png)

>>4291117 LB

agreed- I was laughing because the clearly worded info is glossed over while the puzzle takes center stage- KEK

1d19c9  No.4291472


My guess is the same ideology that Rahm Emmanuel espouses: never let a good catastrophe/crisis go to waste. It was just lucky for THEM that a catastrophe hit a place where they could exploit trafficking.

Another theory is that the oil exploration detonations off the coast were done purposely to CAUSE the crisis. In that case it was planned.

But the gist of it is, Haiti was a place rife with corrupt leaders that had no problem looking away while children were stolen.

68d324  No.4291474

File: 70efb3e5dd9e27e⋯.jpg (194.79 KB, 653x2159, 653:2159, Star_Wars_Brit_hacker_'dis….jpg)

Q could answer the flat Earth question with certainty because he has been off world and seen it for himself.

"I found a found an Excel spreadsheet which said 'non-terrestrial officers' and I thought 'oh my god that's incredible'.

"It had ranks and names. It had tabs for 'material transfer' between ships"

- Hacker Gary McKinnon

f9967c  No.4291475



>We really need better anons on Twatter and FB

A lot of us have had our Twatter account shadowbanned, newfag, that is why our presence there is so scarce.

Multiple accounts for most of us.

But go take charge of that and show everyone how it is done, by all means.

87e4b5  No.4291476


Information on chemtrails, GMO foods, JFK, 911, Obamas BC, mockingbird media assets, the world wars, the true shape of the earth etc are all classified information and can not be answered honestly under penalty of law.

077dde  No.4291477


just spit out my drink at the 3rd pic. FUCKING saved.

c7afe3  No.4291478



>>4291447 is meant for >>4291335 lb

2d6c54  No.4291479


I can honestly say I've never been called a thick cunt before. Kind of gross.

3d3885  No.4291480

File: 2daf84dc4143fc1⋯.jpg (54.45 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 10010.jpg)

A shout out to these guys.

Thank you!

bd9098  No.4291481

>>4291452 I was the shill who the stupid cunt replied too, if you checked youd have seen that, don't reply to shills you dumb motherfucker

93d3f2  No.4291482

File: 1dcd5fbd85c01bf⋯.jpg (305.74 KB, 895x671, 895:671, QCrumbsUndiscoveredStars.jpg)

File: 7b5a070ac558320⋯.jpg (159.32 KB, 907x512, 907:512, QCrumbsUndiscoveredStars2.jpg)

File: 85a52a1765fe633⋯.jpg (620.47 KB, 1244x931, 1244:931, QCrumbsMorningSunFullMoonU….jpg)

Good morning anons.

Undiscovered stars.

5ce89f  No.4291483

File: 6b9d024eea45590⋯.jpg (169.09 KB, 3582x459, 398:51, JamesStephens.JPG)

b40718  No.4291484

File: e64e8266838d6bf⋯.png (454.85 KB, 640x633, 640:633, ClipboardImage.png)

dca4f7  No.4291485

File: 5f04e902d278e30⋯.jpg (64.41 KB, 550x403, 550:403, 2oupxi.jpg)

FE anons: The earth is flat. There is a reason why Q never disproves it.

Q: No the Earth is not flat

FE anons: Q is a LARP, and disinfo is necessary LMAO

f2558a  No.4291486


Hook 'Em

c97192  No.4291487

File: 59795a6b3b3801c⋯.png (169.22 KB, 576x576, 1:1, seenothingsaynothing.png)


Fuck you shill.

You're a subversive.

359b22  No.4291488


it's more than fuel taxes and the yellow vest is a representation of EVERY Citizen it's a rep of we the people. not rich, not poor WE and WE are not going to take it anymore

bd9098  No.4291489


I could do it more if you like to help desensitise you cuntfeatures? would that be ok?

81dd4c  No.4291490

>>4291121 lb

If we're thinking cipher, in the left pic there are exactly enough vertical lines of icing (stocking positions) on the mantel for wherewegoonewegoall

b94b09  No.4291491


Thank you I think this is going to be big in near future. Tying to Clinton Foundation.

4178ab  No.4291492

File: 92ddb19ce6b612f⋯.jpg (370.36 KB, 1081x800, 1081:800, gore.jpg)

10 YEARS AGO TODAY – Al Gore Predicted North Pole Would Be COMPLETELY ICE FREE in Five Years


309113  No.4291493

File: 08bf0b47300d54e⋯.png (4.24 MB, 2609x1326, 2609:1326, red square.png)

>>4291392 pb

>>4291154 pb

I would be a good guess however the picture itself and also what I saw on the video is inconclusive. Because, ALL of the stripe stockings had a red square which contained the letter. The edge of the red square can look like the edge of the "I" so….I don't think we actually get a glimpse of the letter itself, only the square.

best video resolution >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rp3CGHBJjJc

f3ca61  No.4291494


I admit, I wanted JFK Jr to be around. The schock on hillarys system would be worth the wait. The FE thing wasn't really a good question but I'll keep my opinions to myself. That said, I'm down with everything else anons have to say, I've learned some things that wouldn't have crossed my mind otherwise. Now Q has painted himself into a corner, I hope there's a door there.

141b13  No.4291495


or the earthquake provided a "bumper crop" of available bodies for them to traffic

7dc1a8  No.4291496

File: 701476e85507e01⋯.png (726.39 KB, 1080x1473, 360:491, Screenshot_20181213-202846….png)

On Tuesday, attorneys for Michael Flynn filed a sentencing memorandum and letters of support for the former Army lieutenant general in federal court. The sentencing memorandum reveals for the first time concrete evidence that the FBI created multiple 302 interview summaries of Flynn’s questioning by now-former FBI agent Peter Strzok and a second unnamed agent, reported to be FBI Special Agent Joe Pientka.

Further revelations may be forthcoming soon following an order entered late yesterday by presiding judge Emmet Sullivan, directing the special counsel’s office to file with the court any 302s or memorandum relevant to Flynn’s interview.

23d6ee  No.4291497


But I don't want to argue with you, anon. That would be negative.

I'm extremely comfy here, when I drop in. I feel right at home.

I've been here since the start of this board. I was here in real time. I could go back and show you my first post on this board in the very first bread. But I won't. I's not something that I'm proud of.

I was all for Q back then. I thought Q was a goer, but Q is a fail. Q wants your money, your vote, your ignorance, your emotional investment.

You da angy, negative one, anon, lol. You put so much effort in to being a retarded, fucking, dumb, ignorant, scum, moron, wasteful, not wanted, low life, POS.


Add what you like. Get MAD, anon. LMAO. You're sit don't work on me.

If anything, you're pissing off other anons because you're replying to me. BUt you come out as the saviour, when all that you are is just another shitfuck cunt who has to resort to shitfuckcunt ways of speak to turn people of me.

Go for it.

I'm almost done here tonight, anyway.

Your president is a bought and paid for Zionist who is Israel First.

Q's a fucking LARP.

Same shit, different day, but let's all get excited, because Trump wants to start WW3. YAY. I can hardly contain my fucking enthusiasm.

History, anons. Take a fucking good look at it and learn something about the future.

cd9130  No.4291498


nice find, anon.

545ae6  No.4291499


> Now Q has painted himself into a corner, I hope there's a door there.

I don't follow your logic there.

What do you mean?

ee5db8  No.4291500

Crisis-of-faith anon from yesterday here. Looking for feedback from military anons. Q said something yesterday, that I completely disagree with: that Ed Snow is a traitor. I've seen a lot of people saying the same thing, long before Q ever came about. Every single one of those people were the bad guys.

2b95c9  No.4291501


Was thinking along the same lines, anon.

hillary went through a great show of trying to see hers; Lara and Jeb take one glance and are aghast.

f1ddbf  No.4291502

File: 5088b5da94056a2⋯.png (1.61 MB, 1440x900, 8:5, screen.png)

Stream is on:


Interesting title on the screen.

c73d28  No.4291503

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


If you walk through the garden

You better watch your back

Well, I beg your pardon, walk the straight and narrow track

If you walk with Jesus, he's gonna save your soul

You gotta keep the Devil way down in the hole

He's got the fire and the fury at his command

Well, you don't have to worry if you hold on to Jesus' hand

We'll all be safe from Satan when the thunder rolls

We just got to keep the Devil way down in the hole

All the angels sing about Jesus' mighty sword

And they'll shield you with their wing

And keep you close to the Lord

Don't pay heed to temptation, for his hands are so cold

You gotta help me keep the Devil way down in the hole

Down in the hole

Down in the hole

Down in the hole

Down in the hole

Down in the hole

Down in the hole

You gotta help me keep the Devil down in the hole

4cff35  No.4291504

wow last night was obviously the worst night to sleep like a normal human

3d9282  No.4291505

File: 65a592ade61aaff⋯.png (864.11 KB, 1187x1598, 1187:1598, Human heart found on South….png)

Organ trafficking is real.

Many good Anons know this.

Going Mainstream now.


0a91fb  No.4291506


Avoided Z


4a0fad  No.4291507


how much time you put in everyday?

56a311  No.4291508

File: caab39744da423f⋯.jpg (8 KB, 225x225, 1:1, images.jpg)

File: a75c1a4c4feef76⋯.jpeg (17 KB, 255x255, 1:1, b87d21e26e6e7c260d438cf60….jpeg)

c458f5  No.4291509

File: 3c0ef077e5b9a29⋯.jpg (173.78 KB, 1112x688, 139:86, chuck-look-at-it-q2.jpg)

231e59  No.4291510

File: b0b9adc5b9b1e4a⋯.png (698.24 KB, 700x458, 350:229, Capture.PNG)

Brussels protesters ignore ban and will have anti-UN Migration Pact march

As we’ve reported yesterday, a march of several patriotic organisations and Flemish nationalist party Vlaams Belang, was banned by the authorities in Brussels.

While the organisers of the march thought the measure was about their safety, after the terror attack in France, reality is different.

The mayor and other officials have banned the march because they are afraid it could spread to other parts of Brussels. But organisers intend to ignore the ban and just have their march next Sunday.

“We are basing our action on the right to gather and the right to free expression. We are not looking for a confrontation with the police,”Filip Brusselmans of Flemish political student society KVHV.

The organisers also consider legal options to get the ban ditched.


4dd9ab  No.4291512


I think it has to do with something far more simplistic. Weak/Corrupt leadership, society that doesn't give a shit about each other, life is cheap, poverty is rampant, easy access to sea lanes for organ harvesting and bio testing.

We often focus on the sex trafficking aspect but organ harvesting and biological weapon testing on live humans must be considered as well.

87e4b5  No.4291513


The truth is classified and can not be revealed. (((YOU))) dont even know the truth about noname , GHWB, or what was in the "envelopes" at the funeral yet you think something was "confirmed legit". No answered had any sauce, but the fact some issues were classified means the truth could NOT be told.

513e8b  No.4291514

File: afdab373f2703c1⋯.jpg (200.18 KB, 1024x685, 1024:685, mueller claus.jpg)

54bd49  No.4291515


yep watching … at least gives me something until the show later .

f0bb76  No.4291517

File: 8a1826051998c4f⋯.png (358.89 KB, 1492x770, 746:385, basis.png)


POTUS tweet


Should have been BASIS

Another missing (black) [I]

dbf931  No.4291518

File: b2db26bbc73f93a⋯.jpg (21.54 KB, 354x395, 354:395, b2d.jpg)

178198  No.4291519

File: 292ea2593c5be81⋯.png (836.29 KB, 817x733, 817:733, Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at ….png)

File: 0256180a7a7c31d⋯.png (139.21 KB, 776x708, 194:177, Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at ….png)

File: 16f19ca0c683781⋯.png (78.83 KB, 410x529, 410:529, Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at ….png)

File: c868c181fa27b81⋯.png (60.63 KB, 407x456, 407:456, Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at ….png)

File: 7045576aa4f2f14⋯.png (206.92 KB, 410x570, 41:57, Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at ….png)



fc551a  No.4291520

File: 74ca6f057059be6⋯.jpg (303.96 KB, 610x433, 610:433, HTNCkH7.jpg)

File: 9fa2a4451ad1566⋯.jpg (40.6 KB, 1200x600, 2:1, 9fa2a4451ad1566423158a07c0….jpg)


For decades I've heard the same shit before out of you and your ilk. Guess what happened? See attached photo.

The 20th century is dead and so are the leftist/liberal/ "progressive"/Marxist/Communist/Socialist/Totalitarian bullshit that was the hallmark of that century. All that is left of it are its parasites (like you) feasting off its bloated corpse on the ash heap of history.

The storm is here, you will not survive it

4a0fad  No.4291521


>Brussels protesters ignore ban and will have anti-UN Migration Pact march


Don't let them fuckers stop y'all

eaf490  No.4291522


Cause there's no logic to follow with that statement.

a19d10  No.4291523


No. Q just wanted us to stop dead naming R. And use his new name Gladys Canby

362feb  No.4291524


Different counter-moves, perhaps to set one against the other, or at least to set one thinking of self-preservation by kneecapping one of the others.

A time to bury the hatchet(s).

fdf15f  No.4291525


>Which fringe conspiracy crap?

Read the drops dipshit.

Flat earth, no

JA in US, no

JFK jr, no

SR, no

Gold, yes

Snowden, bad

Time machine, no

Shutdown, no

Cleans up a whole lot of mess and disables a lot of shills. We have to stay on task.

>We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only.

231e59  No.4291526

File: 79970c73fd3466b⋯.png (191.71 KB, 372x219, 124:73, Capture.PNG)

Despite 92% Negative Press… President Trump Approval Tops Obama by 5 Points At Same Point in His Presidency

President Trump holds a 49% approval rating today after nearly two years into his first term despite a continued barrage of fake news and vicious media attacks.

This is 5 points higher than Barack Obama at the same point in his presidency.

This is despite national mainstream media reporting negatively on the highly successful President Trump 92% of the time.

Barack Obama had a cake walk with the media.


87e4b5  No.4291527


A global covered by naturally occurring chemtrails.

dca4f7  No.4291528

File: 40ae56e920aca2f⋯.jpg (153.02 KB, 1111x688, 1111:688, 3c0ef077e5b9a296b96f13fd88….jpg)

54bd49  No.4291529

wow surviving a catastrophic power outage this should be good .

cf7d98  No.4291530

File: a9501d9dd18af04⋯.jpeg (177.97 KB, 1242x918, 23:17, 72CD91B7-560E-4D02-A76E-C….jpeg)

File: 072547985e548a2⋯.jpeg (102.06 KB, 1242x428, 621:214, FA9436BF-58FA-4EAA-AE8B-4….jpeg)



270cdd  No.4291531


That ship sailed a long time ago anon.

dca4f7  No.4291532


Badge Of Honor

a0109e  No.4291533


Dear Cabal: You are invited to our party.

4dd9ab  No.4291534



f2ce97  No.4291535

File: 4ad97b5170c2f11⋯.png (91.17 KB, 1258x829, 1258:829, Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at ….png)


huh …

bf6b48  No.4291536


Written by a Rothschild. What do you expect? They are scared!

4178ab  No.4291537


Good dig anon.

Moar eyes needed.

dc6fb9  No.4291538


Is it ? Let's say it is and spinning as a MF…..opposed to what is it spinning ?

Or is that just to explain day and night …..

178198  No.4291539

File: d446db823562fbe⋯.png (200.02 KB, 578x767, 578:767, Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at ….png)


a56501  No.4291540

17 again ~>

Trump's 17 golf courses teed up: Everything you need to know

Trump National Golf Club, Washington, D.C. This club features two courses and was purchased in 2009. It sits along the Potomac River in Virginia, about 30 miles from the White House.

[Search domain money.cnn.com/2016/12/29/news/donald-trump-golf-courses…] https://money.cnn.com/2016/12/29/news/donald-trump-golf-courses…

ef8e0e  No.4291541

File: c09b10aaeefd7a6⋯.png (27.79 KB, 1920x768, 5:2, PRISM.png)

File: 37757f2cb8e3b85⋯.jpg (15.77 KB, 460x276, 5:3, Prism-008.jpg)

File: 06348f6bc955b10⋯.jpg (28.49 KB, 460x345, 4:3, Prism-001.jpg)

File: ff1b86b61e537e6⋯.jpg (24.23 KB, 460x329, 460:329, PRISM-slide-crop-001.jpg)

File: 854cbf612951b50⋯.png (272.04 KB, 1067x682, 97:62, Wizards.png)

PRISM / WIZARDS of Langley

As technology continues to advance at lightning speed, the world as we used to know it is beginning to disappear. Publically available data has replaced much of the espionage tactics that the CIA depended on after WWII and into the Cold War. Information that used to take years to obtain through covert missions is now readily available on social media, commercial databases, or through Signals intelligence (SIGINT). As the world becomes more technologically advanced and intelligence sources display new opportunities, the Intelligence Community (IC) has been there to exploit the data to gain the upper hand on the enemy, and support decision makers. Advancements in technology have made the IC what it is today, however, the path of learning the correct methods of exploitation is littered with abuses. In the 1950’s and 60’s, the CIA’s newest technology was a proposed mind control drug, and project MK-ULTRA was born. The Central intelligence Agency (CIA) performed rogue tests on an unknowing public without their knowledge and severely tainted the image of the agency. In 2013, the public found out about the National Security Agency’s (NSA) Top Secret PRISM program that obtained the phone and internet records of the public without their consent. These two programs were separated by decades, yet the similarities are undeniable. Both MK-ULTRA and PRISM resulted in intelligence oversight reforms aimed at managing these types of operations before they occur.

Alexander, 61, has been a techno-spy since the beginning of his military career. After graduating from West Point in 1974, he went to West Germany, where he was initiated in the dark arts of signals intelligence. Alexander spent his time eavesdropping on military communications emanating from East Germany and Czechoslovakia. He was interested in the mechanics that supported this brand of espionage. He rose quickly through the ranks.

"It’s rare to get a commander who understands technology," says a former Army officer who served with Alexander in 1995, when Alexander was in charge of the 525th Military Intelligence Brigade at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. "Even then he was into big data. You think of the wizards as the guys who are in their 20s." Alexander was 42 at the time.



dff951  No.4291542


push it out Chuck

231e59  No.4291543

File: 5b14ea4b554061d⋯.png (546.4 KB, 701x414, 701:414, Capture.PNG)

Father of Swedish terror victim attacked by migrant who vandalised her grave – Police do nothing

The illegal migrant who almost daily violates 11-year-old Ebba Åkerlund’s grave attacked Ebba’s father, Stefan, last night.

“When I called the police no one came,” the father writes on Facebook:

“This gets sicker and sicker. When I visited my beloved daughter’s grave tonight he was there, and he was extremely threatening. He looked even more terrifying with one eye missing. Given that he has previously pulled a knife on the verger, I suspect he’s capable of anything.”

“This time he spat on me, attacked me and appeared more threatening than last time I encountered him. For 15 minutes I followed him while I had the police on the phone. But they didn’t come! What a surprise …”

Stefan writes that the man was sentenced to expulsion in 2014, but the decision was appealed to the Supreme Court. In 2015, he was sentenced again, for the grave violation, but avoided expulsion.


304124  No.4291544

File: a56ebc5dd8bbcfe⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1097x614, 1097:614, 2018-12-13_10-02-05.png)


Did podesta's pig farm approve the airline food?

Hillary and Huma's flight?

d4352b  No.4291545


OP here–Here's the cite to the new WaPo article & the "call to digg" on the fake research groups who were cited as authoritative:


https ://www.washingtonpost.com/business/technology/hateful-conspiracies-thrive-on-youtube-despite-pledge-to-clean-up-problematic-videos/2018/12/10/625730a8-f3f8-11e8-9240-e8028a62c722_story.html?

>>4283805 From WaPo: "Hateful Conspiracies Thrive on YouTube" Call for a DIGG


Call to DIGG:

2ee68c  No.4291546

File: faad148a53a887d⋯.png (514.16 KB, 728x486, 364:243, ClipboardImage.png)

cf7d98  No.4291547

File: e7884fa599f7859⋯.jpeg (712.5 KB, 1242x1779, 414:593, 59BF41C0-E3FB-4EED-973B-4….jpeg)



b94b09  No.4291548

File: 1d15856eaa7c12c⋯.png (293.84 KB, 500x301, 500:301, ClipboardImage.png)

Trump Warned Not To Interfere With Prosecution Of Huawei CFO

A very interesting game being played right now. Who did what and why??????


b1a36e  No.4291549

File: 35d50f894ea1fb8⋯.jpg (14.69 KB, 255x255, 1:1, pepe happy.jpg)

7dc1a8  No.4291550

I never directed Michael Cohen to break the law. He was a lawyer and he is supposed to know the law. It is called “advice of counsel,” and a lawyer has great liability if a mistake is made. That is why they get paid. Despite that many campaign finance lawyers have strongly……

….stated that I did nothing wrong with respect to campaign finance laws, if they even apply, because this was not campaign finance. Cohen was guilty on many charges unrelated to me, but he plead to two campaign charges which were not criminal and of which he probably was not…

….guilty even on a civil basis. Those charges were just agreed to by him in order to embarrass the president and get a much reduced prison sentence, which he did-including the fact that his family was temporarily let off the hook. As a lawyer, Michael has great liability to me!

17 periods.

545ae6  No.4291551




Decode for missing 'i' in bases

4a0fad  No.4291552






BUT WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT GO READ YOURSELVES. please. very pretty please

c7afe3  No.4291553


Tom Waits being a dumb cunt was one of the sadder realizations throughout all this.

4dd9ab  No.4291554

File: 179c0149a2c8b01⋯.png (676.57 KB, 647x599, 647:599, Screenshot (6065).png)

fdf15f  No.4291555

File: 350710875ae8811⋯.jpg (7.95 KB, 255x170, 3:2, Face Palm.jpg)


>referred to a ‘Black Eye’

What color is this letter? [I]

Hint, it's black.

0a91fb  No.4291556

File: f0fd8fbb252192a⋯.png (219.62 KB, 790x610, 79:61, ClipboardImage.png)

Geoffry Berman

Our secret special prosecutor?

Appointed by Session Jan 18

Look who else ran the Southern NY District.


ee5db8  No.4291557


Total surveillance is tyranny.

fea5c2  No.4291558

File: ad6667c45639aa8⋯.jpg (53.22 KB, 731x425, 43:25, oig.JPG)

morning read with your covfefe


e45d7c  No.4291559

File: 31b4b46a02c8804⋯.jpg (84.44 KB, 736x930, 368:465, O Bummer.jpg)

c73d28  No.4291560

File: 5c398dbff20ac54⋯.jpg (3.56 MB, 4504x4752, 563:594, 1_GlobalView_Q_Drop_133_11….jpg)

File: 01807879acde542⋯.jpg (2.59 MB, 6936x2384, 867:298, 1_GV_Annex_1_GlobalView_Ro….jpg)

File: 0e88900ae50459a⋯.jpg (3.04 MB, 4068x2968, 1017:742, 2_GlobalView_Q_Drop_133_11….jpg)

File: 3acf03f97ed2bcd⋯.jpg (3.69 MB, 4528x3688, 566:461, 3_GlobalView_Q_Drop_133_11….jpg)


I hope that cunt sees these graphs.

231e59  No.4291561

File: 1ba9ea7b375b5f7⋯.png (129.63 KB, 331x179, 331:179, Capture.PNG)

File: 67465d668bda3b0⋯.png (469.82 KB, 699x391, 699:391, Climate.PNG)

10 YEARS AGO TODAY – Al Gore Predicted North Pole Would Be COMPLETELY ICE FREE in Five Years


On December 13, 2008, junk scientist Al Gore predicted the North Polar Ice Cap would be completely ice free in five years.

Gore made the prediction to a German audience on December 13, 2008. Al warned them that “the entire North ‘polarized’ cap will disappear in 5 years.

This wasn’t the only time Al Gore made his ice-free prediction. Gore had been predicting dire scenario since 2007. That means that the North Pole should have melted completely five years ago today.

Junk scientist Al Gore also made the same prediction in 2009.


9e2062  No.4291562



141b13  No.4291563


here I thought it was a stress test to see if the site is ready for the next influx of information seekers when the boulder (from the ledge) rolls over the left

c458f5  No.4291564

File: 52d7303cd712e36⋯.jpg (168.04 KB, 1117x687, 1117:687, chuck-look-q4.jpg)

93d3f2  No.4291565

File: a7e7cd3225fbcb1⋯.jpg (92.08 KB, 640x640, 1:1, Covfefe.jpg)


Here ya go, anon.

4a0fad  No.4291566


ugh, never like the guy.

fake as fuck

2d6c54  No.4291567


I'm definitely good with that.

d44f1c  No.4291568

File: bbbc4f0c030d005⋯.mp4 (9.5 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, RealSaavedra-1072972316500….mp4)

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA): "I would love to be able to regulate the content of speech. The First Amendment prevents me from doing so…"

dca4f7  No.4291569


Ah much better, good work anon, thanks!

23d6ee  No.4291570


Hmm, an interesting question of which I'm not sure what you are referring to, exactly.

I used to put a lot of time in to reading this board back when it first started. Many hours, many, many hours a day.

It was a waste of time, but in the end it wasn't.

I now spend 10-12 hours a day reading and researching shit that has nothing to do with Q pointing to it.

Yeah, it's a funny thing that when you just open your mind and consider all possibilities how things just start to become clear. Any, enough about me.

I only come here when I go through feelings of there being no fucking hope. Or for a good laugh depending on how drunk I get.

Never forget: I'm an uneducated, white trash, alcoholic.

Have a good one anon. If I don't get so down and depressed enough before Christmas to come back here, Merry Fucking Christmas to ya!.

359b22  No.4291571


well if the previous posts about ES are correct he was sent from the CIA to the NSA to steal data and programing. So IF the NSA is on the side of law and order and Q is part of the NSA or ally in MI he would be a traitor. As far as everyone else turning out bad that said he was a traitor; 1. how did he get to Russia (if he is in Russia) 2. Who actually sent him to the NSA 3. Disinfo is necessary for them too

f2ce97  No.4291572



>The drop patriots knew was coming because of Q. As soon as the DOJ and FBI were clean enough to deliver equal justice, it exploded on the Sean Hannity Show last week from investigative reporter John Solomon, but it had previously been given to the IRS in August 2016, to the Justice Department in October 2017, and to the FBI in Little Rock in early 2018.

>These agencies have pored over the 6,000 pages of incriminating documents since and are now ready for legal action against the wrongdoers. The story is new only to the globalist media’s audiences.

New Huberguy from Little Rock?

5a0fb0  No.4291574


The daily dot?

WTF is that?

dca4f7  No.4291576

File: 9e1957f67167b0a⋯.jpg (81.76 KB, 718x500, 359:250, 2opqsn.jpg)

File: 472551bfd7228d1⋯.jpg (116.56 KB, 955x500, 191:100, 2opr44.jpg)

b40718  No.4291577

File: b9f3bff4b8f5cbc⋯.png (10.17 KB, 466x50, 233:25, ClipboardImage.png)


Zuma Gematria = 366

c73d28  No.4291578

File: c37deb3a717e2de⋯.jpg (3.67 MB, 5464x2456, 683:307, 4_GlobalView_Q_Drop_133_11….jpg)

File: 0d6fd6c3498a545⋯.jpg (3.85 MB, 4552x3424, 569:428, 5_GlobalView_Q_Drop_133_11….jpg)

File: e3517407b23ee8a⋯.png (1.4 MB, 3776x4424, 472:553, Operation_Destroy_Cabal_16….png)

80aa6e  No.4291579



Very interesting….. But this is serious. Huawei CFO is not just an ordinary CFO. She know way too much and she was groom to be in the higher up in the CCP central committee. In other word she is the modern equivalent of an Helen of Troy!

And we all know how that story unfolded!

1d7486  No.4291580

File: 0e08de658baece0⋯.jpeg (706.31 KB, 1125x1310, 225:262, E5693D64-639F-417F-82C3-B….jpeg)


Attempted FF?


c458f5  No.4291581

File: 6116b764944d50b⋯.jpg (7.34 KB, 225x224, 225:224, 6116b764944d50b9485ab4a6d5….jpg)


Thx Anon

ce766f  No.4291582

File: 6e6d24fb73e3f5f⋯.jpg (34.22 KB, 204x255, 4:5, IMG_2026.JPG)

56a311  No.4291583

File: f71e3520e945a3f⋯.jpg (59 KB, 503x500, 503:500, 2ou4iq.jpg)

eaf490  No.4291584

File: 280135a9b0e850d⋯.jpeg (108.1 KB, 1440x816, 30:17, 1538527568.jpeg)


And trips.

d44f1c  No.4291585

File: 468b3c05f23510c⋯.jpg (893.36 KB, 1800x1204, 450:301, santa_mueller_ben_garrison.jpg)

ee5db8  No.4291586


>So IF the NSA is on the side of law and order

It isn't. Its activities directly violate the 4th amendment. Mass surveillance is an unacceptable evil.

d85b5a  No.4291587

File: effc6f66053b5e2⋯.jpeg (448.74 KB, 750x905, 150:181, 280ADF7F-88DE-49E1-BD61-D….jpeg)


e8b5c1  No.4291588

Any live feeds right now?

Can someone embed?


14a505  No.4291589

>>4291319 lb

>>4290386 lb


The Dauphin lives! And my name is

La Pucelle

362feb  No.4291590

File: 1b5ee7bc1d2cf51⋯.png (62.15 KB, 700x283, 700:283, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 46227adcc4a8bf2⋯.png (469.03 KB, 2248x1207, 2248:1207, ClipboardImage.png)

File: da7b454c1948012⋯.png (279.8 KB, 1108x1796, 277:449, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f57a66a9e31b4e1⋯.png (2.28 MB, 3812x1928, 953:482, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f1c2c98a4da16b4⋯.png (46.73 KB, 490x287, 70:41, ClipboardImage.png)

a95a6e  No.4291591

Just a reminder that Wikipedia is often inaccurate.

5ce89f  No.4291592


Schumer laughing in both pics spoils the message.

93d3f2  No.4291593

File: d33976b478628b0⋯.png (12.21 KB, 1485x32, 1485:32, ClipboardImage.png)


Fri, Dec 14 “302” forms for FBI 8/22/17 interviews of Flynn, and any relevant memoranda, and government reply to defendant’s sentencing memo, must be filed with the court by 3 PM. –– https://twitter.com/Techno_Fog/status/1072999795155816448 (Pacer sauce)

231e59  No.4291594

File: 5505000ca1e41f4⋯.png (379.2 KB, 508x293, 508:293, Capture.PNG)

900 Corpses of ISIL Victims Found in Mass-Grave at Syria-Iraq Borders

TEHRAN (FNA)- Over 900 bodies were discovered in a mass-grave in Albu Kamal region at the bordering areas between Iraq and Syria, among them a large number of Iraqi opponents of the ISIL terrorist group.

Commander of Hashd al-Shaabi (Iraqi popular forces) in al-Anbar province Qatari al-Obaidi said on Wednesday that the mass-grave of ISIL victims includes more than 900 corpses, most of them Iraqis.

He added that most of the bodies belong to the people who had been detained and kept in ISIL prisons in al-Qa'em after voicing opposition to the occupation of Western al-Anbar by the terrorists.

He added that the ISIL terrorists had transferred and executed tens of inmates at these prisons before the Iraqi security forces started military operations in Western al-Anbar.

In a relevant development on Wednesday, the Syrian Army continued cleansing operation in Albu Kamal region in Southeastern Deir Ezzur near the border with Iraq and found 7 mass graves with over 100 bodies of victims killed by the ISIL terrorists.

The army's engineering units carried out cleansing operation in the Western direction of Albu Kamal region near the border with Iraq and discovered 7 mass graves with a large number of bodies of people that were killed by the ISIL.

The Syrian Red Crescent has thus far discovered 101 bodies of the people who had been tortured by the ISIL before their execution.

The Red Crescent announced further that unearthing bodies of victim from the mass graves is still underway.


e45d7c  No.4291595

File: 6ad7028c329a7af⋯.jpg (190.71 KB, 1100x507, 1100:507, GameOver.jpg)

196caf  No.4291596

>>4291075 lb

If you watch HD video in slowmo o.25 on utube u can see last one if def. K

797b52  No.4291597

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


French Special Forces surround building in manhunt for Strasbourg shooter LIVE

c73d28  No.4291598

File: f6a9ed1ae8d0c8c⋯.jpg (73.41 KB, 1214x1140, 607:570, Apu_Sad.jpg)



I was breddy bummed out when I learned about RHCP being into the spirit cooking shit. If you look at some of the lyrics it really makes sense that they are. I used to listen to their shit a lot, now I don't.

54bd49  No.4291599

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


National Infrastructure Advisory Council Quarterly Business Meeting

160909  No.4291600

File: df99a1883ef24f9⋯.jpg (41.57 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Binney.jpg)


Pretty safe assumption that Keith Alexander is one of the top 5 bad guys that Bill Binney has obliquely mentioned. This article even uses the same needle/haystack analogy that Binney has employed in past interviews.


Was PRISM the name of the massive, "get it all" data collection program that Hussein set up - the one that stupid Maxine Waters started blurting about in front of the press a while back?

545ae6  No.4291601


NSA isn't the only one monitoring us.

9bc258  No.4291602

File: 0555ddb8305278f⋯.png (9.26 MB, 2224x1668, 4:3, 0555ddb8305278f38efa548205….png)

5a0fb0  No.4291603


And the MSM lies all day long.

4178ab  No.4291604


Two Dead Antarctica Workers

-→ Fire Suppression System

-→ PAE (major supplier of services to US Dept of State with revenue $2.1 Billion)

-→ owned since 2016 by Platinum Equity based in Beverly Hills, run by Tom Gores, a billionaire born in Israel.

Got it.

Nothing suspicious here.

80aa6e  No.4291605

File: 517d4e102fe5074⋯.jpg (76.25 KB, 710x392, 355:196, Enough.jpg)


One down how left to go before the Boss decide that he as enough?

16e7d6  No.4291606


I still want to know why his watch is strapped down

0d3ee6  No.4291607

File: fb486035bc9e8db⋯.png (123.5 KB, 333x333, 1:1, fb486035bc9e8db3ca551314b6….png)

File: d4fd71f7b44ee7a⋯.png (102.56 KB, 720x487, 720:487, Screenshot_20181213-091707….png)

d95576  No.4291608

hi, i’m looking for my husband. is he here?

563f37  No.4291609

File: c5ce8511ef3fb2a⋯.jpeg (99.5 KB, 1242x206, 621:103, 2F2D09BE-2289-4A9E-93C9-6….jpeg)


Operation or Project Black Eye


dca4f7  No.4291610


Driving me crazy too

d4352b  No.4291611


The CF stuff is so big it boggles the mind. I was considering digging on the 44 page article on the CF's island alternative energy projects on 19 islands at Corey's Diggs….but it's incredibly detailed and requires background knowledge. Now I'm on another digg. Anyone interested? Just search on https://www.coreysdigs.com.

88821d  No.4291612


"fire technicians" could have triggered Halon or Halotron system?

ef8e0e  No.4291613

File: 58bc3cc348eb0f8⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1110x914, 555:457, Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at ….png)




4a0fad  No.4291614


ok, just curious, because spending an inordinate amount of time here AFTER being disillusionned would be… odd, let's say.


oy are ye bloody fuken kidding, CF?

damn dey ain't subtle

bf6b48  No.4291615


You know the drill.

38f604  No.4291616


he will takedown the acting guy and the snot nose punks going after trump and the former, acting, and AG elect of NY soon

eaf490  No.4291617

File: b6e99fd1e6bac20⋯.jpeg (134.94 KB, 1440x847, 1440:847, 1528513076.jpeg)

4dd9ab  No.4291618


He is so clearly a Chinese connected spy it isn't even debatable.

e8b5c1  No.4291619


Many thanks, good listening while scrolling breads and working.

178198  No.4291620

File: 045fbc65e06b496⋯.jpg (43.5 KB, 985x554, 985:554, d558d654-c66b-475c-8612-ed….jpg)

File: f8a91113cf17e1e⋯.png (466.29 KB, 748x694, 374:347, Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at ….png)



52bdfc  No.4291621


You forgot the best part

The author is Mike Rothschild

ba6fea  No.4291622

File: 0ab672fae2a0b45⋯.jpg (27.71 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 55f77cc8d36bef7a3b1aad31fb….jpg)

58f5b3  No.4291623

Anons do we need to create a symbolism gate?

get the public aware of the symbolism and the meanings behind it? thinking out loud no coffee yet

23d6ee  No.4291624


You're a fucking idiot.

I'm getting too drunk to be bothered with your moronic blah, blah.

Honestly, talk about stupid people.

Is there any wonder that the fucking zionists think they're better to rule over you than yourselves.

See what you just made me think!.

Fucking sickening. Grow up. READ EXTENSIVELY. Surround yourself with people who are NOT AS STUPID AS YOU.

The world will be a better fucking place.

ee5db8  No.4291625


Prism is just one application out of many, serving the same goal: total information awareness.

A tyrant with total information awareness is unstoppable.

3d3885  No.4291626


"Black" [I]

How many times does Obama say [I]?

a95a6e  No.4291627


Anyone can edit Wikipedia, how accurate is it?Think cabal/left editing?

MSM as credible source laughable!

d95576  No.4291628



28ef90  No.4291629


I wonder if Weissman reverted to his Enron form and destroyed original 302s such that the August 2017 302 is a replacement?

a6aae0  No.4291630

File: d483d1ccb97599d⋯.jpg (97.25 KB, 1484x1113, 4:3, pbox.jpg)

196caf  No.4291631


>Surround yourself with people who are NOT AS STUPID AS YOU.

in a world where intelligence is hard to find, i may as well practice making my own gold

bf6b48  No.4291632



0a6e39  No.4291634

noted. yes, noted. for sure.

>>4291555, >>4291461, >>4291535, >>4291517 Missing 'i' in POTUS tweet, early Q post about rocket, Black Eye connections

ee5db8  No.4291635


I know. That's the worst thing about it, it's decentralized now. Only a handful of ways left to stop it.

513e8b  No.4291636


he is so full of himself, thats an hourly thing!!!

Interesting thought anon!!!

ef8e0e  No.4291637

File: bfc8c001dd7d1e2⋯.png (826.71 KB, 1217x755, 1217:755, Obama : Prism.png)



b32b90  No.4291638

File: 3477202831dd014⋯.jpg (84.38 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 7w_5-Xps.jpg)

a713d1  No.4291639


I'm not sure what I'd do in that man's position, but I'm certain it wouldn't be legal.

bd40a7  No.4291640


"Zima" means "cold" in Czech/Slovak. Ironic that this beverage is sold mostly to black folks these days. I'm white and I liked it back in College.

Small slide…

d97153  No.4291641

File: c9f1eb6d44134df⋯.jpg (362.41 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, 136659.jpg)

You're all going to Die.

0a6e39  No.4291642

#5468 at 225ish

>>4291555, >>4291461, >>4291535, >>4291517 Missing 'i' in POTUS tweet, early Q post about rocket, Black Eye connections

>>4291530 another Badge Of Honor

>>4291505 Organ trafficking is real. Going Mainstream now.

29a345  No.4291643


Did Q mean that Huber is just a decoy? Is there somebody else out there, running even deeper under the radar?

4dd9ab  No.4291644


France is so fucking inept. Guy opens fire on crowd and then goes missing for days.

231e59  No.4291645

File: 6279f3c32ef4be1⋯.png (428.69 KB, 588x403, 588:403, Capture.PNG)

Rest in Peace, Admiral ‘Ace’ Lyons

This is Frank Gaffney with the Secure Freedom Minute.

In the annals of the U.S. Navy, there have been few more colorful, salty and accomplished sailors than Admiral James “Ace” Lyons. Alas, his passing this week brought to a close a lifetime of extraordinary public service, both in and out of uniform.

In his recent book Oceans Ventured, former Navy Secretary John Lehman credited Adm. Lyons with helping President Ronald Reagan use naval power to decisive effect in the Cold War with the Soviet Union – all without firing a shot.

I had the privilege of working closely with Adm. Lyons in the years after he left active duty. He served as the chairman of our Center for Security Policy’s Military Committee. In that capacity, the former Commander-in-Chief, Pacific Fleet brought to bear the extraordinary intellect and strategic vision for which he was renowned in the Navy. We will sorely miss him.


a5e2fe  No.4291646


1 2 3 ………..

f1ddbf  No.4291647


"Surviving a catastrophic power outage"

May we learn something about the "Black Eye" here?

bf66ac  No.4291648


Did any anon ever find the third photo of Hussein with her?

I remember this topic from a while back.

196caf  No.4291649


yes, i think we're still trying to be sure who it is but maybe the Kansas Attorney

d95576  No.4291650


oh yes! i do have them, i will stay.

i didn’t know this was a female only chat room! my husband is probably not here

1524c7  No.4291651


Sauce that shit faggot

0d3ee6  No.4291652

DJT Jr just retweeted the Gingerbread Elevator that Q posted about yesterday!!

88821d  No.4291653


Firearms per 100 people: 31.6

Firearm homicides per 100,000: .41

Percent of homicides by guns: 33.9

54bd49  No.4291654


I know right, I think there is some very interesting information being offered here .

4fa42c  No.4291655

File: ee1dcf1daf9d1e3⋯.jpeg (563.51 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, F5D6C2DB-CAB2-4EC6-964C-B….jpeg)

28ef90  No.4291656


Nice find, that would make some sense if the threat to our grid was space based, and that does seem like the most likely vector

5e9349  No.4291657


The irony…it burns.

>The “directed energy weapon” theory posited that the powers that be used their fearsome weapons to destroy individual houses, not the trees outside the houses, many of which were left barely singed. These theories were fueled by social media and YouTube videos, and managed to create an entire parallel narrative out of the ravages of climate change.

52bdfc  No.4291659


please elaborate

09431b  No.4291660


> Just a reminder that Wikipedia is often inaccurate.


> Anyone can edit Wikipedia, how accurate is it?Think cabal/left editing?

The gamergaters can tell you a lot about Wikipedia.



They REQUIRE cabal sources. Every source from outside the media cabal is considered "white supremacist" and suggesting a non-cabal source will get you banned.

4a0fad  No.4291661



as if that wasn't on purpose…

they have army all over the country and couldn't find someone shooting on people? of course not

178198  No.4291662

File: 558373ec5870ccb⋯.png (176.9 KB, 746x753, 746:753, Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at ….png)

4f1249  No.4291664

is today the hearing?

3a9ca2  No.4291665

File: 4844627e83a4f05⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1280x533, 1280:533, ClipboardImage.png)

For real?

FOX NEWS EXCLUSIVE: President Trump cancels annual White House holiday bash for press


4a0fad  No.4291666


promises, promises… that was supposed to happen in april, right?

1524c7  No.4291667

File: b628706a17099ca⋯.jpeg (542.58 KB, 1242x1990, 621:995, 576237D9-815C-467C-9A71-5….jpeg)



What if that “other” attorney general was from Tennessee and his name was Donald Q


513e8b  No.4291668


everyone dies dumbass, go away

4dd9ab  No.4291669


Very notable and goes in hand with anon last post who claimed a signal from satellite causing quakes/downing planes, etc.

2d6c54  No.4291670


Everyone dies you retard.

c73d28  No.4291671

File: 82b6eac1a8f1540⋯.png (819.08 KB, 830x911, 830:911, 1.png)

File: 3827c8a8965f3a3⋯.png (1.24 MB, 1091x4694, 1091:4694, Canada_jews_pedos.png)

File: 3d1f288766db92d⋯.jpg (506.9 KB, 2047x1582, 2047:1582, Israel_Pedos.jpg)

File: 53474c24a2e795f⋯.png (539.65 KB, 1005x3784, 1005:3784, Rabbis_from_hell.png)

File: b7e59dd18019891⋯.png (573.88 KB, 817x5736, 817:5736, Rabbis_from_hell_2.png)


Thanks captain obvious.


Btw, did you know that Israel is a pedo haven?

b32b90  No.4291672


I'm sure he got his job VIA


5ce89f  No.4291673

File: 4da1ffae19c0a95⋯.jpg (267.15 KB, 1359x1472, 1359:1472, LauraSilsbee.JPG)

>>4291613 ?


52bdfc  No.4291674


any Matlocks?

f3ca61  No.4291675


It means all the shit he's promised, (pain, arrests etc) are the paint, He's painted that picture. If no pain or arrests happen he either has to walk across the painted floor or exit via the door.

a5e2fe  No.4291676


The Press deserves coal this year for sure

e45d7c  No.4291677

File: cd6196d0c711977⋯.gif (2.14 MB, 480x270, 16:9, comey-fired.gif)

16e7d6  No.4291678


Maybe his "time is up"?

"There is meaning in everything"

Just a guess. Also… Could be some kind of device that USSS was making sure was inactivated

b979f2  No.4291679

File: 0c48f9c515ab2be⋯.jpg (90.05 KB, 1076x660, 269:165, 0c48f9c515ab2bee02419163e1….jpg)

d95576  No.4291680

is everyone here a lesbian?

bf66ac  No.4291681


Perhaps you are already dead and this is your hell.

9926fb  No.4291682


Since when does Q just give us a straight answer like a yes and a no. Remember those people are stupid. The answers he gave were meant for them, not us. Stupid simple answers for stupid people. If he was really answering us, wouldnt he have given us an answer that made us dig for the truth. No sauce with a clear no. I dont know, seems like its not Qs style. But im sure its what he wants them see and believe.

3c6e4d  No.4291684


The guy talking probably needs a new screen for his phone now.

87f5a5  No.4291685

Should have asked when the plan unfolds.

162bd4  No.4291686

File: e977b3abc14e08b⋯.jpeg (272.57 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, 6C0450B3-4CBF-4628-BCE4-C….jpeg)


Asking an angry woman to be rational is like trying to baptize a cat.

ba6fea  No.4291687


Wiki edit can go both ways..

Flynn bday edit to 12/5

cd9130  No.4291688

File: b871a941950057d⋯.jpg (132.71 KB, 630x375, 42:25, offxmas.jpg)

c73d28  No.4291689

File: 8ba341bf844bf2c⋯.jpg (167.31 KB, 1920x1867, 1920:1867, Apu_Spurdo_2.jpg)



Why not the whole oven?

5ce89f  No.4291690



spelled differently.

Mu mistake


ef8e0e  No.4291691

File: 6453df8eb93b779⋯.png (1.33 MB, 1650x1275, 22:17, Bearmageddon.png)


Yes Anon…Keep Digging

2d6c54  No.4291692

The 2 technicians who died in Antarctica worked for a company called PAE out of Virginia.

PAE ISR specializes in national and international unmanned aerial systems-centric security missions using inspired methodologies and approaches to address complex real-world problems.

What kind of security missions might be going on in a frozen wasteland?

0d3ee6  No.4291693

File: 957fad971ba6651⋯.png (65.16 KB, 720x452, 180:113, Screenshot_20181213-092430….png)

File: 964d24a45e397a7⋯.png (442.07 KB, 720x1440, 1:2, Screenshot_20181213-092544.png)

49b92b  No.4291694

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

French Special Forces surround building in manhunt for Strasbourg shooter LIVE

31b0d4  No.4291695

Is there a live feed for today's hearing?

196caf  No.4291696


it would tickle me pink. I hail from TN and it would make me happy to have one of my own statesmen after the bad guys.

Where I come from the hatred towards the Clintons is very palpable. TN is right next to AR and they do not like themselves a Clinton.

e45d7c  No.4291697

File: b576feef6059b7c⋯.png (611.2 KB, 620x625, 124:125, b576feef6059b7c7fbf34cd0c1….png)

fdf15f  No.4291698

File: 27d1e9535a37340⋯.jpg (147.59 KB, 615x586, 615:586, Pepe Bloody samurai.jpg)


> but I'm certain it wouldn't be legal.

Then just don't get caught. You can do almost anything if you can keep your mouth shut. Some things just "need" doing.

54bd49  No.4291699

oh my Voltron is finally complete Kek

a95a6e  No.4291700


Thanks for the link, roger that.

b32b90  No.4291701

File: 42cde7b5cc9a2f5⋯.jpg (156.14 KB, 1200x844, 300:211, Dh5s54EUwAAQtL4.jpg)


Wow no kidding?

I have some news.

so will (((you)))!

231e59  No.4291702

File: e23d58899996112⋯.png (531.82 KB, 692x448, 173:112, Capture.PNG)

Adult Afghan sexually assaults young girl in Belgium ‘because of Ramadan’

A 25-year-old Afghan has been found guilty by the court of Mechelen for sexually assaulting a minor in Lier, Belgium.

At the station in Lier, the adult man saw the young girl and sexually assaulted her. He pinched the girl’s buttocks, licked and kissed her and grabbed her between her legs.

The man said he “was frustrated by the strict rules of the Ramadan [Islamic holy month]”.

“My client didn’t had control over his sexual urges, he comes from a land where sex is a taboo and he was never informed about girls and women at home.

“He now thoroughly understand that his behaviour was transgression and will not repeat it,” the Afghan’s lawyer said.

The court sentenced the man to a suspended sentence of 10 months without conditions as he doesn’t speaks the language.


80aa6e  No.4291703



Good governance

Is this too much to ask?

28ef90  No.4291704

File: eecebb52dfdf0b9⋯.jpeg (565.72 KB, 1438x1058, 719:529, 6B009BC0-2642-41DA-8EA4-1….jpeg)


Here’s a decent theory on having these witness appearances pulled…. force fake news to push out preemptive, defensive news on subject.

b1a36e  No.4291705


I was thinking they were going to hold off on finding him till Sunday to make sure they had a good excuse to keep the Yellow Vests off the streets.

f57a11  No.4291706



196caf  No.4291708


able to read DJT's mind to find his 'intent'

could not read his own mind to find his 'memories'

1524c7  No.4291710


I tried searching the whole thing for anything that stands out. That’s what I found. Posted yesterday but baker repeatedly didn’t post to notables. It was also right in he middle of q and a

7b1392  No.4291711

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>>4291035 lb

>There is deff a K


>It's two lines on top of a K


>K: White

Show us the K then. In the video.


abff5a  No.4291712


good catch anon

304124  No.4291713

File: d57e4eedcf68706⋯.png (551.65 KB, 903x445, 903:445, pope and a rope.png)

File: 6c819f911a24fa7⋯.png (216.07 KB, 495x301, 495:301, 2018-12-13_10-23-06.png)

File: 6c98659c4b76717⋯.png (329.56 KB, 477x433, 477:433, 2018-12-13_10-23-38.png)


UAE be warned.

Hide your kids!

The satanic Jesuit pope is coming.

baa4cb  No.4291714

File: df07dec83be1502⋯.pdf (3.27 MB, i-2018-003523.pdf)


here is the pdf

6ab4a5  No.4291715


I took "avoided Z" to mean World War Z.


Plan Z, which was the military option

3a9ca2  No.4291716


We are not a democracy, so yes.

6a00b3  No.4291718

File: be754c951635a17⋯.jpeg (995.42 KB, 1536x1946, 768:973, FE31BCF6-3FFA-4DE7-B231-3….jpeg)

File: 96f7c107d40e9ef⋯.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1536x1969, 1536:1969, 65441135-39A5-44BB-95C3-6….jpeg)

File: d2af900ab4a4e1e⋯.jpeg (664.77 KB, 1536x1285, 1536:1285, 01ED89C9-2057-40A4-BEC4-B….jpeg)


When that launch happened I tracked on this website.


It showed that the launch of US 280 Zuma was successful and in orbit. Still shows it.

I think the black eye is still up there.

4dd9ab  No.4291719


Immediate death, no trial, shot in face, over and done with.

f2ce97  No.4291720

File: c85d1f5007fefc0⋯.png (178.21 KB, 776x687, 776:687, Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at ….png)

File: e79c9a412c22911⋯.png (495.16 KB, 813x1052, 813:1052, Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at ….png)

File: 6a17d3eed71acac⋯.png (342.24 KB, 936x1147, 936:1147, Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at ….png)

RE: Strzok and Page texts gap:

DOJ OIG releases report of investigation describing the recovery of text messages from certain FBI mobile devices




4b9365  No.4291721



52bdfc  No.4291722


sauce? also your screenshot cut out the synopsis

e19ea0  No.4291723


Not giving him a pass but where were her parents? I’d be punching someone who laid a hand on my kid.

5bc65a  No.4291724

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

'If you Google the word idiot, a picture of Donald Trump comes up' - BBC News

You can say what you want about her, but that was well played. Now, it's in the news and went viral. And the first picture who comes up now when you google "Idiot" is actually "Donald Trump" now. Well played. Streisand-effect in practice.

2b95c9  No.4291725


question should have been is earth round.

c73d28  No.4291726


So the lesson for them here is: you can at least rape one.

Judges will need to get the rope too.

6d49ca  No.4291727

File: 7af17230f7dbc75⋯.jpeg (347.85 KB, 1125x807, 375:269, 749BB02D-1BAC-4863-9DCD-2….jpeg)

File: 487d7e88226da3c⋯.jpeg (441.7 KB, 1125x1168, 1125:1168, 62AE0CA6-0919-4AB3-AB24-A….jpeg)

Fuck these faggots in the ass w a hot iron.

All we do is win. Clinton foundation whistleblowers are apparently just an illusion to these fucking imbeciles.

4a0fad  No.4291728



>Some things just "need" doing.

and since that man really does want to be in that cemetary..

e11c43  No.4291729


> baker repeatedly didn’t post to notables

That's because incessant Muh Notable begging is as pathetic as it gets

dc6fb9  No.4291730


Good to see anons think for themselfs and not cultly follow Q , that's the whole point of this mission .

Question the Narrative.

0c8716  No.4291731


he spelled it "basis" unless deleted and retweeted

a5e2fe  No.4291732


Sorry you missed the 70's and 80's. Now back to your x-box.

d97153  No.4291733

File: e349d1114efe579⋯.jpg (184.6 KB, 768x1365, 256:455, Anonymous-Wallpaper-Full-H….jpg)








Yes, the Jews run everything. I am aware.

The NWO is still coming under the Guise of the New Guard.

031b8c  No.4291734


Sooner the better imho

c73d28  No.4291735

File: 05cd4d94f30060c⋯.jpg (133.68 KB, 361x342, 19:18, Lego_MAGA_hat.jpg)

cf4219  No.4291736

File: 81dc2463e0ac013⋯.png (140.37 KB, 784x933, 784:933, ClipboardImage.png)


House site was updated this morning

b979f2  No.4291737

File: 09fe96edfdc8eb1⋯.jpeg (178.99 KB, 1080x1095, 72:73, 09fe96edfdc8eb1171cc0df0b….jpeg)


Whatta Coinkydink!

b627c4  No.4291739


Pizza and Pies are Round, Should have been is earth a Ball

b32b90  No.4291740


Change Democracy to

Constitutional Republic!

Then I would say NO!

3be33e  No.4291741

File: 366ea8b25b237b4⋯.jpg (89.7 KB, 666x500, 333:250, 2ovv3d.jpg)

hope they have covfefe

178198  No.4291742



Report of Investigation: Recovery of Text Messages From Certain FBI Mobile Devices


231e59  No.4291743

File: 81d2011c87ebb9f⋯.png (309.3 KB, 695x446, 695:446, Capture.PNG)

Anyone celebrating France’s terror attack will be immediately arrested – Italian Minister

Italian Deputy Prime Minister, and as many have seen defender of all things Italian, Matteo Salvini issues a strong warning to any who have considered ‘rejoicing’ at the Strasbourg attack.

Promising arrest of any who would consider celebrating the deaths of innocent people attending the Christmas market in France.

“Our postal police [service]is at the cutting edge and it is sifting the Web to find the heinous people who are celebrating someone else’s death,” ANSA quotes Salvini, he vows ”immediate arrest for anyone who has been rejoicing online over the last few hours.


196caf  No.4291744


I like it, works along with the idea that HUBER was a decoy the entire time.

I still ponder if HUBER was DS too and shit bricks when Sessions named him special prosec…

i just imagined Huber alone in his house, the cabal flicking on the computer screen remotely and Huber immediately starts shouting to the empty room "THEY SET ME UP I SWEAR IM NOT WORKING WITH THEM"

49b92b  No.4291745


Google First Lady and Moochelle is what you get. Google Nazi and, you guessed it, POTUS comes up first.

dbf931  No.4291746


[Placeholder - OIG report > FBI, DOJ, & Media Coll]

notable yet?

soon ?

3a9ca2  No.4291747

bdfb00  No.4291748

File: 29c243b16822721⋯.jpg (159.93 KB, 946x736, 473:368, trollingisfun.jpg)

I got inspired by the Clinton Foundation hearing coming today. Enjoy!

b979f2  No.4291749


I run nothing.

1f552b  No.4291750

File: 3a9ea33465cb620⋯.png (1.3 MB, 1280x800, 8:5, ClipboardImage.png)

359b22  No.4291751


I hope so. Destruction of evidence, everyone knows there were more (or at least Flynn and the Judge) might be an unexpected noose. Undiscovered star so to speak.

d95576  No.4291752


who said i was angry?

c73d28  No.4291753

File: c7748df39cd5b4b⋯.png (153.04 KB, 704x630, 352:315, Anonymous_CIA-2.png)


You are so full of cringe son.

52bdfc  No.4291754


so the black eye wasn’t a name of a program, it instead was labeled as a ‘black eye’ in the public domain for its ‘loss’.

Wonder if they wrote it off due to loss of control by black hats.

e11c43  No.4291755


Updated yesterday after DOJ confirmed Huber would not be there

3d3885  No.4291756


So, who is Up?

Up is down.

Left is right.

Left is LEFT.

4dd9ab  No.4291757


Awesome. Italy's PM is great.

a5e2fe  No.4291758

09431b  No.4291759


> "I found a found an Excel spreadsheet which said 'non-terrestrial officers' and I thought 'oh my god that's incredible'.

It could be fake as fuck. There are people in defense who intentionally keep bullshit on their computers to distract hackers and spies. For the same reason we called Seal Team 6 to make the Russians waste time looking for teams 1-5, and the F-117 stealth bomber was given the 11x number of captured Russian aircraft so they wouldn't look too closely at reports about it.

cd9130  No.4291760

File: e8403ec66076780⋯.jpg (406.85 KB, 698x1500, 349:750, Obamas-Walking-In-The-Rain.jpg)

28ef90  No.4291761


Can you track where USA 280 is currently? And if so, isn’t that a huge oversight for the “it burned up on reentry” narrative?

1547c1  No.4291762


Maybe it wasn’t REALLY lost……

fdf15f  No.4291763


> Is there somebody else out there, running even deeper under the radar?

Yes! A "stealth bomber". Search prosecutors/prosecuting atty's with surname's:








You get the idea?

dca4f7  No.4291764

File: ec5b64077921e59⋯.jpg (51.03 KB, 788x460, 197:115, 2oulyk.jpg)

c73d28  No.4291765

File: df13b3574419685⋯.jpg (1.29 MB, 5305x2600, 1061:520, Italy_Pic.jpg)



b1a36e  No.4291766

File: d9654c74f87efaf⋯.jpg (110.15 KB, 640x570, 64:57, Barack-Obama-running-14768….jpg)


You trying to say Obummer throws like a girl?

138f6c  No.4291767

File: 433dbe7babaac7a⋯.jpeg (456.57 KB, 2048x520, 256:65, D0628C8F-4805-4044-A644-1….jpeg)

b40718  No.4291768

File: baf5214ad2e8fd6⋯.png (25.71 KB, 694x143, 694:143, ClipboardImage.png)

File: bbeeac08600e554⋯.png (33.4 KB, 676x113, 676:113, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 159629462e219bd⋯.png (87.43 KB, 644x292, 161:73, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b082dd68612d2b0⋯.png (33.45 KB, 355x313, 355:313, ClipboardImage.png)

Space X Falcon 9 Rocket - Zuma Payload malfunction blamed on Northrop Grumman - Defense contractor does considerable business with Navy.

No Government Agency > No Such Agency (NSA)? claimed ownership of the payload.

Zuma = USA280


dbf931  No.4291769

e11c43  No.4291770



1st sentence


Last 2

f57a11  No.4291771


Not true at all but ok?

eaf490  No.4291772

File: 2edaad3c47820d7⋯.jpg (133.35 KB, 1440x753, 480:251, IMG_20181103_063714.jpg)

93d3f2  No.4291773

>>4291727 Low IQ tools doing what low IQ tools do.

d97153  No.4291774

File: 8472b1c5fbb8222⋯.png (841.21 KB, 750x634, 375:317, 1463846976382.png)




Your very existence is 'cringe', "son".

73cbc6  No.4291775

OIG report on the missing texts of Lisa Page & Peter Strzok just released this morning.


80aa6e  No.4291776

File: 8a1025adfa5a746⋯.jpg (35.6 KB, 640x364, 160:91, When we win.jpg)


Yep pretty much what I'm seeing too. Sure a lot of clean up is going on but the lack of disclosure guaranty that we will never be free from a Cabal who Do not have our best interest at heart.

For the moment the Q operation act as a pressure valve to prevent patriot from burning every Mason lodge WW.

929abe  No.4291777


should have asked for both sets

4c4826  No.4291778


Interesting if true!

7b1392  No.4291779

File: d70490e2ae34164⋯.png (671.32 KB, 873x673, 873:673, DRIVE1.png)

File: 6630591773076da⋯.png (293.27 KB, 619x410, 619:410, DRIVE2.png)

File: dbfcef72133cb57⋯.png (343.3 KB, 632x483, 632:483, DRIVE3.png)

File: f0cede530a51102⋯.png (325.97 KB, 599x477, 599:477, DRIVE4.png)

5a6bd6  No.4291780

File: 65bd98130af6698⋯.png (2.54 MB, 900x1200, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)

90ac13  No.4291781


> Data & Society

Just looked at there youtube for a minute, videos are long, dry, and have almost no views >10. Lefty bullshit for sure, lets hope this is the best shit they can throw at the wall.

128549  No.4291782

So…is everyone who preps going to continue to prep?

Even though Q said we were safe?

231e59  No.4291783

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

! hit wonder and the Best version ever produced

Frijid Pink - House Of The Rising Sun (with lyrics)

6b40b5  No.4291784


"Black Eye" refers to a technique of safely powering up after an attack by keeping some areas blacked out.

0d3ee6  No.4291785

File: 91bda91eecbd36a⋯.png (390.33 KB, 720x1440, 1:2, Screenshot_20181213-092859.png)

File: df07dec83be1502⋯.pdf (3.27 MB, pete strzok texts oig.pdf)



599879  No.4291786

File: 773a101751f9252⋯.png (64.09 KB, 698x698, 1:1, Screenshot_2018-12-13 Head….png)


Report of Investigation: Recovery of Text Messages From Certain FBI Mobile Devices



196caf  No.4291787


Ok, Q posted it as 'Black Eye'

like a quote, which makes me think the op/tech has nothing called 'Black Eye' but its the 'concept' of a Black Eye

which, a 'black eye' in concept ( not an actual bruised ocular device ) is a 'blemish' or a 'negative mark'. I read it in regards to nuclear power being a 'black eye'…

I have no idea if that's the right direction, but it makes a little bit of sense.

4dd9ab  No.4291788


Seriously look at that doofus Wilson. Says it all.

52bdfc  No.4291789


and i’m done with your dumbass shill faggotry

baef98  No.4291790

File: a2187041dfeef9d⋯.jpg (613.16 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20181213-093225….jpg)

File: 922296d8df268f1⋯.jpg (770.89 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20181213-093232….jpg)

File: 5ac3a040019eab0⋯.jpg (688.89 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20181213-093242….jpg)


a5e2fe  No.4291791


WTF is with the potatoes?

5a6bd6  No.4291792


You should prep.. only if you enjoy prepping

6ab4a5  No.4291793



Yeah, we needed to remove all the leftist brainwashing.

Democracy is the evil garbage that got us to when we are today.

Whenever you think you need to use the word Democracy, replace it w "for the people". Then, you're aligned w truth.

And if that won't work, democratic republic.

f4ab60  No.4291794

File: 95bcba11ff9770c⋯.jpg (50.77 KB, 350x527, 350:527, hcihgsdi ugf 48926y3.jpg)

do you see the hole (Kuru) in her tongue?


abff5a  No.4291795

8aba06  No.4291797

File: c9d64d43ff05d17⋯.jpeg (525.06 KB, 1242x2152, 621:1076, 7DA3EF4C-025B-4BE1-B457-5….jpeg)

File: 282f84f734c3845⋯.jpeg (533.05 KB, 1242x2121, 414:707, E7D6AE74-DCF0-44EE-B8BF-1….jpeg)

File: 1b5cf3f7f2f8797⋯.jpeg (504.17 KB, 1242x2151, 138:239, AAF8E04E-CF5A-4B9C-867F-0….jpeg)

File: c101fe02282cb96⋯.jpeg (518.51 KB, 1242x2151, 138:239, D3AB7B98-0EAC-4331-9B27-9….jpeg)

File: be53263b1e16860⋯.jpeg (532.1 KB, 1242x2152, 621:1076, 0AEC8229-4315-4916-933E-4….jpeg)


All attorney generals

ba6fea  No.4291798


How many names start with "Q"? Could this be a clue to the name if another prosecutor?

49b92b  No.4291799


Google Images, clear your cache first and try it. It's very true.

36213c  No.4291800


I hope you get that holiday bonus!

Get the Spring Steel Fasteners You Need – On Time, Every Time

Die Co., Inc.

1889 E. 337th Street

Eastlake, Ohio 44095 USA

c73d28  No.4291801

File: 268ee1b884f6370⋯.jpg (1.21 MB, 949x1550, 949:1550, ISIS_mossad_2.jpg)

File: 3e34f6ff75a136c⋯.png (402.2 KB, 640x951, 640:951, ISIS_mossad.png)

File: ed7c2d6d471240f⋯.png (1.63 MB, 2200x890, 220:89, Israel_ISIS_big.png)

File: 674c17229b9a2a2⋯.png (288.95 KB, 851x644, 37:28, IDF_armed_ISIS_archive.PNG)

File: 8205ee64070229d⋯.jpg (284.86 KB, 1121x1002, 1121:1002, ISIS_In_The_West.jpg)


I can go to 200+ if you want son.

Btw, did you know that Israel supports ISIS using US tax payer money?

43c096  No.4291802


this story makes me lseepy. anyone else tired? im gonna go get some sleep

160909  No.4291803

File: 4c2aa833492a710⋯.jpg (144.2 KB, 1320x817, 1320:817, PepeEyeballs.jpg)


HAHA REALLY? Holy shit, haha

20k more skanky texts from Strzok and Page?

That is glorious.

They're so screwed.

760d37  No.4291804


I have a feeling that the two kids in the video are rescues from a Clinton-connected trafficking ring. This would cause a panic in those who recognize the faces.

5a6bd6  No.4291805

File: 5364ee2d9a5468c⋯.png (208.94 KB, 632x661, 632:661, ClipboardImage.png)


f96549  No.4291806


I blame Navarro

Maybe why fruisciante went on his own too

Hope he wasn't down with that

f2ce97  No.4291807

File: 3495df75b246dc6⋯.png (539.52 KB, 1440x1118, 720:559, Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at ….png)


"OIG investigation determined that, although the FBI uses an automated system to wirelessly collect text messages sent to or form the FBI-issued mobile devices - redacted - where it is retained by ESOC"

"Neither the FBI nor the DOJ has a policy mandating collection and preservation of text messages by ESOC and that the identification and retention of substantive elec. comm.s

is left to the judgement of the individual employee"

"The OIG has recovered THOUSANDS of text mssgs from FBI mobile devices issued to Strzok and Page (forensic recovery)"

031b8c  No.4291808


Families so poor they’re willing to give up their children. Maybe for $, maybe because they’re told the kid will have a better life. Other factors listed also important: weak, corrupt govt authorities, proximity to us & Clinton ties for transport.

174e63  No.4291809

Any live steams from the hearings today?

2f5dbc  No.4291810

File: 7e4b7fd6be4e55b⋯.jpeg (541.57 KB, 1242x2165, 1242:2165, 96706632-B854-4584-B6EC-2….jpeg)

File: b173cc16e6f7d89⋯.jpeg (565.43 KB, 1242x2159, 1242:2159, 734456D9-FA3D-4C9A-BCFD-3….jpeg)

File: d0833f3f5f72959⋯.jpeg (356.4 KB, 1242x1434, 207:239, F4E19A5D-63EE-433B-B19A-F….jpeg)

52bdfc  No.4291811

>>4291744I know there’s an investigation going on in arkansas looking into CF (reported by gateway pundit)

They claimed it was another white wash operation though.

2d6c54  No.4291812


It can't do any harm. Everyone should have at least a bit on hand, even just for standard emergency situations.

1547c1  No.4291813


Human heart found on Southwest flight, causing plane to turn around

4178ab  No.4291814




Ok, so dead Antarcticl Workers

→ worked for PAE = Platinum Equiity

→ owned by Jewish Billionaire Tom Gores

→ also operates private telephone systems in many jails throughout the country

→ currently being sued for illegal government kickbacks.

Holy crap anons!

This Israel-born Billionaire is shady as fuck!

Need help digging!

756f22  No.4291815

File: fad043d31a73b92⋯.jpg (67.14 KB, 894x720, 149:120, turd-award.jpg)

If any of you want to use this by all means….

507721  No.4291816


Zuma was the secret payload ya? I like this theory anon, will keep it in mind.

Here I thought zuma was a magazine of tungsten rods for OWL kek

0a91fb  No.4291817

File: 45abf3d6c58b50b⋯.png (583.69 KB, 978x637, 978:637, ClipboardImage.png)




2eab81  No.4291818

File: 90e37731e98dabb⋯.png (432.42 KB, 1007x316, 1007:316, obama_gayness.png)

5c77d6  No.4291819


Jimmy? That you?

74afb1  No.4291820

File: 039b1980f7965e7⋯.jpg (84.95 KB, 602x1000, 301:500, ohfug.jpg)




ef8e0e  No.4291821

File: ce0169558c71f03⋯.png (1.17 MB, 935x722, 935:722, FORD.png)

f3ca61  No.4291822


maybe its that jewish black tape snakewrap curse thingy

cf7d98  No.4291824

File: 8cbe0308e1d2dc6⋯.jpeg (566.59 KB, 1242x1597, 1242:1597, 513521E7-C380-41D1-8201-A….jpeg)


08e8f5  No.4291825

File: 70601225cf910cf⋯.png (1.79 MB, 2996x1518, 1498:759, PartialK.png)


This is the best I can do. I see two lines at the top and a diagonal line coming from the top right. I don't see any other letter that could fit.

00c02d  No.4291826


rh- is non-existant in niggers Doll. The reason the cabal likes to take haitians is because theyre niggers and no one, not even other niggers care or go look for them when they disapear…

d4352b  No.4291827

File: d028e6634656f6d⋯.png (20.29 KB, 168x255, 56:85, Darling-of-the-Left.png)

c6c694  No.4291828


And don't forget the pyramid earrings.

7b1392  No.4291829

File: 7fdbbacfcebe41a⋯.png (345.96 KB, 625x478, 625:478, DRIVE5.png)

File: 2acbd5487b4fd19⋯.png (307.47 KB, 602x450, 301:225, DRIVE6.png)

File: 90ce7300ae93ac7⋯.png (264.82 KB, 508x440, 127:110, DRIVE7.png)

3764dc  No.4291830

>>4291514 Funny (and true) that Comey is talking out of his butt!

c458f5  No.4291831


It could be the deputy of Huber in Utah, since Huber went to DC

031b8c  No.4291832


Hmmmm. Will have to look at their funding sources.

196caf  No.4291833

File: a6d4f4f2cb2461a⋯.png (116.94 KB, 1315x289, 1315:289, lost-txts.png)


oh geez, look at this lamo excuse they typed up

b979f2  No.4291835

File: e88781761597bd2⋯.jpg (106.13 KB, 381x420, 127:140, Obama - Riding a Bike.jpg)


Kinda yeah…rides a bike like one too.

If the bolt fits…

756f22  No.4291836



162bd4  No.4291837

File: e0b4ab2a45da94c⋯.png (507.84 KB, 2304x1296, 16:9, 42FEEC79-F5A7-4A74-9637-3E….png)



>Please, sir. May I have muh notable.

3be33e  No.4291838


WWSD band

(what would satan do?)

b40718  No.4291839

File: bab804a0c3a9a46⋯.png (21.62 KB, 923x70, 923:70, ClipboardImage.png)


USA280 > Zuma > "Black Eye" Status: "In Orbit"

5a6bd6  No.4291840

File: 6d6c09984e6846f⋯.png (58.15 KB, 643x518, 643:518, ClipboardImage.png)


A black eye, is a club member.

A person at the top; who, through unmentioned ways and means; is connected to the heights of power.

It is a specific group of people - "I wear skulls & bones."

It means you have a Spy on the inside; making sure that none of them can act to hurt you.

74afb1  No.4291841

File: 57195420a5a5efd⋯.jpg (73.1 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, reallynigga?.jpg)


This cunt is a black cat in the matrix. Fuck all this.

cd9130  No.4291842

File: 2d0d83495984d50⋯.jpg (34.42 KB, 279x279, 1:1, 52e47a7dabbaa9b71d28f06f59….jpg)

9bc258  No.4291843


in las vegas they could only find one shooter.

dunno if that is much better.

2f5dbc  No.4291844

File: a73f7a346c3d51c⋯.jpeg (533.85 KB, 1242x2152, 621:1076, 02EE1A33-C56A-4582-A8DC-B….jpeg)


I said this last night. That guy is pic related

507721  No.4291845


It was for that very purpose anon

90ac13  No.4291846


best viewed video on there youtube channel features this shit.

Data & Society is thrilled to welcome Virginia Eubanks for a conversation about her most recent book "Automating Inequality: How High-Tech Tools Profile, Police, and Punish the Poor." Eubanks systematically shows the impacts of data mining, policy algorithms, and predictive risk models on poor and working-class people in America. The book is full of heart-wrenching and eye-opening stories, from a woman in Indiana whose benefits are literally cut off as she lays dying to a family in Pennsylvania in daily fear of losing their daughter because they fit a certain statistical profile. The U.S. has always used its most cutting-edge science and technology to contain, investigate, discipline and punish the destitute. Like the county poorhouse and scientific charity before them, ==digital tracking== and automated decision-making hide poverty from the middle-class public and give the nation the ==ethical distance it needs to make inhuman choices== : which families get food and which starve, who has housing and who remains homeless, and which families are broken up by the state. In the process, they weaken democracy and betray our most cherished national values.

52bdfc  No.4291847


do you have sauce on that? would fit the bill

612272  No.4291848


Well of course. Never place 100% trust in government or anyone who purports that we're "safe".

399f0d  No.4291849


Have we secured Antarctica?

Were the worker's deaths accident or coincidence?

e11c43  No.4291850


Be patient

They'll show up like they always do

Usually in the hour or 2 before it starts

baa4cb  No.4291851


I count 31 spaces in the redacted area

16e7d6  No.4291852


That is 100% confirmed

231e59  No.4291853

File: 1edc369c7f4f951⋯.png (334.17 KB, 506x301, 506:301, Capture.PNG)

Wonder where they got 20% from any clues, anybody.. what does Q say about coincidences

Iran Warns to Resume 20% Enrichment If N. Deal Fails

TEHRAN (FNA)- Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Ali Akbar Salehi once again warned that his country enjoys the capability to restore 20-percent uranium enrichment if the 2015 nuclear deal is discarded by parties still remaining under the agreement.

Salehi said that under the 2015 nuclear deal, Iran accepted to put confidence-building curbs on its nuclear program, but they do not obstruct the “peaceful activities of Iran’s nuclear industry”.

“Enrichment is currently underway, but we would put aside the 300kg limit (set by the nuclear agreement) whenever we wish, and would do the enrichment at any volume and level,” he said in an interview with state TV on the sidelines of a visit to the Fordo nuclear facility.

“We currently have 1,044 centrifuges in Fordo, and if the establishment wants, we will restart 20-percent uranium enrichment in Fordo,” he noted.

He expressed hope that the remaining parties to the nuclear agreement would deliver on their promise and implement their commitments in order to fill the gap created by the US after its unilateral withdrawal from deal, officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

Otherwise, he said, Iran will have to reduce its JCPOA commitments.


304124  No.4291854

File: cf7f2a4d3fd3bae⋯.png (121.13 KB, 226x254, 113:127, 2018-10-11_01-44-51.png)

File: 92cc5e8767d4a7f⋯.png (232.92 KB, 496x217, 16:7, 2018-12-13_10-35-29.png)

File: b346bfc2aed8d0e⋯.png (209.4 KB, 467x267, 467:267, 2018-12-13_10-36-49.png)

File: 4b13e58eeda4063⋯.png (136 KB, 487x367, 487:367, 2018-12-13_10-37-53.png)


He's spent most of his life with Mike's dick in his butt.

What do you expect?

fdf15f  No.4291855

File: a7028ef3e047f91⋯.jpg (25.32 KB, 255x255, 1:1, Pepe Approves.jpg)


>recovery of text messages from certain FBI mobile devices

Hmmm. Anyone think any of these messages discuss "physical harm" to POTUS?

This might go big.

91f639  No.4291856

File: fb8cafa6cce3742⋯.jpg (78.64 KB, 632x626, 316:313, sherman.JPG)

c73d28  No.4291857


I think Anthony was groomed. He was abused by some famous woman, his father was a drug dealer for the famous music people in Hollywood, so I am sure he bumped shoulders with a lot of the worst cabal scum there is.

Flea I don't think he was down with that shit, Chad neither, and JF, I don't think he was either.

f96549  No.4291858

File: 56eb2fc137fb8a0⋯.jpg (17.85 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 0d54fcf3233434a0a288a26ab9….jpg)


That is a perfectly guilded turd


Ty will put to use

d95576  No.4291859

File: 53b7a2f850c9ecb⋯.jpeg (499.31 KB, 750x693, 250:231, A64347D8-4F08-45AB-B7F0-3….jpeg)

dca4f7  No.4291860

File: 31f5add7b8014d4⋯.jpg (32.61 KB, 625x366, 625:366, 43057936_10217614418058479….jpg)

0bfdff  No.4291861


What's up, toots?

f3720c  No.4291863

File: 441bf3f47117851⋯.jpg (438.58 KB, 1051x1425, 1051:1425, Screenshot_20181213-083742….jpg)


JFK Jr very much alive

2eab81  No.4291864

File: 2bdc845be1c8676⋯.jpg (22.94 KB, 250x137, 250:137, DJT-AF1.jpg)


dca4f7  No.4291865

File: ea4bcea80840990⋯.jpg (48.48 KB, 513x336, 171:112, moub2.jpg)

d4352b  No.4291866

File: 67cf9b956f2acbf⋯.png (19.5 KB, 168x255, 56:85, comey-10--forgetting-the-p….png)

2ae1bb  No.4291867


We'll laugh as we watch you cry and scream…

4a0fad  No.4291868


well, what they found/was there

and what they told

were quite different things.

as in this case, or the CharlieHedbo movie

80aa6e  No.4291869


This is just stupid semantic. The key is to be understood. I use the term which illustrate my point the best in the language most people understand.

d95576  No.4291870


baby, is that you? i miss you

86ae63  No.4291871

File: eb6c0164c878d1e⋯.png (45.69 KB, 220x202, 110:101, ClipboardImage.png)


seems so..

this is classic "cat and mouse" designed to allow information out without giving too much - we get caught up in it, out of necessity, as a way to spur the narrative in the direction needed… we are Jerry, just like we are Q

74afb1  No.4291872


….so we're picking and choosing what's mirrored? Anon….you have to go back.

cf4219  No.4291873

File: 8509cb19c22c37d⋯.png (480.67 KB, 888x905, 888:905, ClipboardImage.png)

Strzok and Page dates for timeline

196caf  No.4291874


I think they are having the same newfag syndrome and just don't know it yet.

newfags show up and want their bigly winnings in tangible cash.

Doesn't happen like that here!

The bigly winnings require the ability to understand cause+effect and how today's "seemingly boring news" affects the entire world in a week or a month.

513e8b  No.4291875


I so hope you are right

4c4826  No.4291876

I think any time an anon solves a particularly difficult Q puzzle they should get some kind of bonus.

Hats off to the "Be Best QA" with the extra E in the tweet, code breaker. Pretty impressive.

174e63  No.4291877


but I thought it starts in 20 min?

Im from Sweden, I dont really get ur US timezones…

14a505  No.4291879

Self defense is always legal, includin gprotcting a loved one.


2f5dbc  No.4291880


True what’s his name

e3c7c0  No.4291881


Marc Krickbaum

Marc Krickbaum is the United States Attorney for the Southern District of Iowa. From 2009 to 2017, he served as an Assistant United States Attorney in Des Moines, Iowa, and Chicago, Illinois. Before that, he was Counsel to the Deputy Attorney General at the United States Department of Justice. Marc has investigated and prosecuted cases involving public corruption, financial crime, national security, human trafficking, child exploitation, violent crime, drug trafficking, and immigration offenses. He has also worked on Department of Justice initiatives relating to counterterrorism, cybercrime, international organized crime, and professional ethics and responsibility.



196caf  No.4291882


we don't get them either.

Did you know one of our own states told us to fuck off with time zone nonsense?

e11c43  No.4291884


Denial stage in full bloom I see

f2ce97  No.4291885


Yeah they keep using that, "oh we reset/re-org'ed all our phones and sich, shit got lost, oops."

7b1392  No.4291886


Thank you. Will take a closer look.


Interesting feeling.

52bdfc  No.4291887


Is it ironic that 20k texts over 6 months equals 111.111 (repeating) texts per day?

1fea03  No.4291888

File: d5d10e3c4d02bec⋯.png (631.26 KB, 530x535, 106:107, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 45fc2f0e424f900⋯.png (776.8 KB, 564x723, 188:241, ClipboardImage.png)



Flat earth doesnt need Mil Intel for it to be exposed.

Just common sense and logic.

00c02d  No.4291889

File: b8e37c495e43add⋯.jpeg (86.83 KB, 720x824, 90:103, DA2EFC80-048E-4A62-8B89-7….jpeg)

File: 710be44f6c0e58e⋯.jpeg (59.04 KB, 449x800, 449:800, 605CCD98-9454-4B5B-8BF8-4….jpeg)

Besides my question, (will we see canckles arrested in our lifetime?) what other questions did Qew certainly see but notably failed to answer?

36a307  No.4291890


Same place as whittaker?

f96549  No.4291891


Oh just Anthony?

I do want to know but it'll break my sis's heart when I tell her

f0bb76  No.4291892

File: 48f0b44f1267cf7⋯.jpg (37.23 KB, 450x338, 225:169, Qeye.jpg)


It's the pupil, isn't it? [i]

The structure of the lens is made up of honeycombs.

5ce89f  No.4291893

File: b0f7b074b4060ba⋯.jpg (15.1 KB, 480x360, 4:3, b0f7b074b4060ba53d27a7d18f….jpg)

As long as we make decisions based on information received over an anonymous insecure network we can never be sure those decisions are corrected or that they are based on accurate information. There IS no way to be sure until you have an identity based network which is secure for all because it is secure FROM all. Any network which does not meet those criteria is secure and the internet is inherently insecure, and has been a petri dish for mind viruses and cognitive exploits. The open sewer internet is a revenue source for anti virus and anti intrusion detector software scam artists - for the public it a nightmare of surveillance, scams, cons, swindles porno of the most viscious type, drug pushing, social engineering robbery and identity theft.

d4352b  No.4291894


I'm dying to hear the "heart-wrenching stories"….these guys are just so compassionate….wish they'd throw a little compassion our way. But I guess it's different when your a hate group. Sigh.

12a821  No.4291895

QRV just went down!

3c6e4d  No.4291896


Joan Rivers wasn't lying.

2eab81  No.4291897

File: 8e2ec51dee93796⋯.png (207.62 KB, 680x880, 17:22, Y0UJC.png)

File: cf38c1d0641cf4e⋯.png (88.6 KB, 500x586, 250:293, Y0UJD.png)


>common sense and logic

28ef90  No.4291898

File: ee9680f17c862bd⋯.jpeg (656.73 KB, 1724x1551, 1724:1551, 078FA6F5-DE1C-4C82-AFC9-B….jpeg)

52bdfc  No.4291899


There was also an unnamed medical emergency onboard.

Wanna bet the person had a heart attack? Was carrying their replacement?

0bfdff  No.4291900


You mean, 8chan in its entirety can be stressed just by Qresearch?

7edc24  No.4291901


go the fuck away

2f5dbc  No.4291902

File: 2fd6c721c142084⋯.jpeg (311.87 KB, 1242x496, 621:248, 3516250F-7B09-45D6-AC9F-3….jpeg)


This is such bullshit. That underline is for a misspelling identification.

On 8ch it doesn’t look like that.

36213c  No.4291904

File: 2ce8c5b592d69ac⋯.gif (951.39 KB, 220x136, 55:34, anonmom.gif)

1fea03  No.4291905


Too strong for you?

4ee4b8  No.4291906


Give it a rest FINGERS… Even if he is, THEY won't grow back.

929abe  No.4291907


3 hours 15 minutes

2eab81  No.4291908


Which is why she died shortly after making that statement.

2ee68c  No.4291909

File: 50b9b35d2e70652⋯.png (529.09 KB, 655x795, 131:159, ClipboardImage.png)

This is a HUGE step in the right direction. Went under the radar.

6ab4a5  No.4291910


8Chan digress not dash/underline, the question was not underlined.

It's qanon.pub or whatever web page you are viewing that is adding that!

2ae1bb  No.4291911


The man said he “was frustrated by the strict rules of the Ramadan [Islamic holy month]”.

He should just wait until Ramadan is over and try again huh?

b56d51  No.4291912

What if there's another prosecutor (outside of DC) assigned by SESSIONS w/ the same mandate/authority?




What does Q mean with "ONE FOR THE HISTORY BOOKS"? Does he mean that this prosecutor is investigating past events? Like all the things Q pointed us to (Soros origins, Hitler's handlers, what happened on the Titanic)?

Side note: Do you anons think that we'll know the truth about these events? Also after the Q will be answered?

e11c43  No.4291913



fdf15f  No.4291914



>Marc Krickbaum


Outstanding! Hive mind working.

196caf  No.4291915


actually, the line is from qanon.pub

on that site mousing over anything with the dotted line under it will give you a tooltip

sauce: im a webdevfag and i know these things

1484ff  No.4291916

File: e75feb0c12278ae⋯.jpg (220.14 KB, 932x584, 233:146, Screenshot_20181213-094302….jpg)

Fuckin dig https://oig.justice.gov

5d3855  No.4291917

File: 6674c1f7029e63b⋯.jpg (106.73 KB, 401x560, 401:560, great awakening.jpg)

The ideal journalist is like an amateur detective with graduate degrees in Writing and History, and a life mission to expose corruption and enlighten the population.

Most of today's journalists are like an amateur writer with undergrad degrees in Marketing and Sociology, and a burning desire to become rich & powerful by manipulating the population.

>There is no greater [current] threat to the American people than the FAKE NEWS MEDIA.

>Attempts to deceive AUTISTS/ANONS will FAIL.

>We are a threat to their livelihood

c01cf4  No.4291918

File: 9a161f7c5dd8a77⋯.png (957.23 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

f0bb76  No.4291919



Add to black eye bun?

359b22  No.4291920


is that the real meaning behind "trust Kansas"? I know no info on this topic but it just became curious

756f22  No.4291921


Merry Christmas to you too!

d4352b  No.4291923


They're not aiming at the wall, they're aiming at US!! (Guess we finally made the grade.)

599879  No.4291924

f96549  No.4291925



a5e2fe  No.4291926

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


One week later she was dead.

"Dead men don't tell tales"

23d6ee  No.4291927


A hive mind is nothing to be proud of, anon.

b1a36e  No.4291928

File: c2c057d4c382f98⋯.jpg (336.14 KB, 834x691, 834:691, Kerry pain.jpg)

521936  No.4291929


I've been trying to figure this one out as well.My logic looks at the "eye" meaning that its all seeing. "black" meaning that its covert. something that is able to watch the power grid, comms, etc…

I don't think it's satellite based. It should be terrestrial since it needs to monitor land lines, WWW, etc…

2f5dbc  No.4291930


Either way, it isn’t a clue that q is only talking about JFK not JFK jr

e3c7c0  No.4291931

dbf931  No.4291932

File: c850f671b9e2c34⋯.jpg (6.24 KB, 255x170, 3:2, bond2.JPG)


merry [X]mas

avoid [Z]


4a0fad  No.4291933



>actually, the line is from qanon.pub

and it's fucking scary how so few people

are aware of something so goddamned fucking basic

as that coding choice of the archive sites

6a00b3  No.4291934

File: ca819ac58a69d08⋯.jpeg (862.92 KB, 849x1783, 849:1783, 8A9D2103-6A2C-4658-9606-A….jpeg)

File: 9b95be399fcef89⋯.jpeg (845.68 KB, 986x1944, 493:972, AC652BEA-6675-4C7F-ACE0-A….jpeg)

File: e20128c142a7033⋯.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1037x1887, 61:111, 6CE12CC1-88C4-4E28-B2ED-1….jpeg)

File: d8d4c8732cc646c⋯.jpeg (625.53 KB, 906x1316, 453:658, 2006BD55-9437-464D-A471-6….jpeg)

US 280 Zuma is in orbit. The Black Eye.


88821d  No.4291935

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


"run like a girl sit down to pee"

36a307  No.4291936


Not gonna lie, this makes alot of sense. Especially after sessions departure.

196caf  No.4291937


not at all, The programmer of qanon.pub has "JFK" set as a tag, but not "JFK Jr".

74afb1  No.4291938


Baker! Notable. Put some respeck on it.The FDA is getting fucked in the ass RAW.

c73d28  No.4291939


>just Anthony

I hope. And I hope he has not gone all the way. Possible that they might had tried to introduce him and never got to take him all the way.

I mean, see the names of their albums (Blood Sugar Sex Magik) and read up on their history and lyrics. It pretty circumstantial stuff, but it makes sense in the context of Hollywood and the people they were in contact with.


Yeah, grills do tend to love RHCP. Its good stuff.

2f5dbc  No.4291940

File: a19e5ea803f7e59⋯.jpeg (177.2 KB, 1242x1422, 69:79, 34BA215B-51E1-4D3F-AA8A-B….jpeg)


That’s what I thought. Listed in same context but we assumed it meant Pompeo

fdf15f  No.4291941


>It's the pupil, isn't it?

We're the pupils, on our way to being the teachers.

196caf  No.4291942

0a6e39  No.4291943

#5468 at 525ish

>>4291767 prison phones, any connection to recent S. Carolina press conf?

>>4291720 RE: Strzok and Page texts gap: PDF urls

>>4291660 The gamergaters can tell you a lot about Wikipedia.

>>4291637, >>4291600, >>4291541 PRISM / WIZARDS of Langley

>>4291555, >>4291461, >>4291535, >>4291517 Missing 'i' in POTUS tweet, early Q post about rocket, Black Eye connections

>>4291530 another Badge Of Honor

>>4291505 Organ trafficking is real. Going Mainstream now.

929abe  No.4291944


good the price is too high

49b92b  No.4291945

File: 468edc2953478bd⋯.jpeg (119.24 KB, 486x400, 243:200, chump.jpeg)

File: 5148549c0ed6cc3⋯.jpg (62.07 KB, 744x498, 124:83, chump2.jpg)

File: 134de78a63ddfb2⋯.jpg (97.3 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, chumpAndchunk.jpg)

File: 52188e8cc83da2f⋯.jpg (102.74 KB, 1000x700, 10:7, chunk.jpg)

89febd  No.4291946

File: f939f6067f668ef⋯.jpg (16.71 KB, 394x291, 394:291, 231gmn.jpg)

3be33e  No.4291947

'object' seen near SpaceX craft before live feed is cut

2 min video


e11c43  No.4291948


Desperately clinging to false hopes leads to all kinds of faggotry

c73d28  No.4291949


>mind viruses and cognitive exploits

All communication is susceptible to those.

fea5c2  No.4291950

>>4291926 which sex did Michael check on his application for security clearance? Did he lie or tell the truth?

08e8f5  No.4291951

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


If you watch the video, starting at 0:52 at 0.25 speed, you really can see it. I just couldn't get a good still frame.

87efdf  No.4291952

How come reading peoples stupid can be so painful sometimes?

Weird that, actual tangible pain.

c458f5  No.4291953

File: 9683f78c0da7248⋯.jpg (177.18 KB, 1114x690, 557:345, chuck-look-at-it-q1.jpg)

196caf  No.4291954



i pay $4/g for weed in WA.

c73d28  No.4291955


Biggest board on 8c.

b568f2  No.4291956


2nd that notable, black eye satellite connection

231e59  No.4291957

File: 50255511f178258⋯.png (315.75 KB, 373x368, 373:368, Capture.PNG)

Gotta admit ever since Trumps election its fun reading the news and watching the meltdowns

Sorry Kids, President Trump Cancels Christmas Party for Naughty White House Media Hacks

The Trump administration cancelled the annual White House Christmas party for the media hacks.

Typically the US president would hold the party and pose for photos with the president and First Lady.Not this year.


52bdfc  No.4291958


I think we found our ‘black eye’

d1ac6e  No.4291959


Black populations are mostly O+, making them universal blood/organ donors. Think organ harvesting plus a weak social system = easy trafficking.

162bd4  No.4291960

File: ad12a947f592e29⋯.jpeg (290.14 KB, 1663x2495, 1663:2495, 1CA19CE4-6892-440C-A5C8-6….jpeg)



2c4995  No.4291961

File: c8e7a349d9fcde5⋯.jpg (119.36 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, tits GTFO 4chan.jpg)


There are no women on the internet.

b56d51  No.4291962


Right, it could refer to 9/11

756f22  No.4291963


That question was actually stupid. What the fuck did that Anon ghink Q was going to say? Yes??? Of course he wouldn't. The black hats are still out there taking down people like JFK Jr and if it was made known he was alive, he would have been hunted until his was definitely dead. Q could ONLY say no. Deception is necessary, as Q says…

54bd49  No.4291964

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


here is tylers video about it

f96549  No.4291965


Black eye


026462  No.4291966


qanon.pub will automatically highlight certain abbreviations to make reading drops easier. Look at the other posts and you'll see NSA, FED, ID, etc. along with the names of certain people. Hover over the underlined word and it will show you what it is referencing.

5dd36e  No.4291967

File: a364d15e899eaa4⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1925x1241, 1925:1241, excerpt.png)



>Mike Rothschild

His agenda seems to be focused on certain topics…

360fd0  No.4291969

Is the Huber testimony going down today or not?

0a6e39  No.4291970


sauce link and succinct one liner, please

2f7d12  No.4291971


It could have multiple meanings. Pompeo, Parscale, the KS AG. Probably includes all of them.

4f858b  No.4291972


Not notable, w/o link.

d95576  No.4291973


because it reminds you of your own stupid, which you have rejected in yourself

and so you feel vicarious shame

5959e6  No.4291974

from older breads :





I was thinking the other day about those sismic waves, and can to this interesting idea.

Are W&W using these waves generated by some kind of phase-rumble machine?

Is it in combination with some satellites that monitor some areas on earth?

Follow my thinking? Some kind of sonar that could scan deep into earth's crust ?

Inventoring ALL underground cavities without any exception? So ((((((((((((nobody))))))))))) can hide his sorry ass when SHTF?

What ya think anons?

7701eb  No.4291975

File: dbede3b39f29a58⋯.jpg (69.55 KB, 634x491, 634:491, TOAST.jpg)

a713d1  No.4291976


>Swedish terror victim

I'm fairly certain self defense is a capital offense in Sweden.

2eab81  No.4291977

28ef90  No.4291978


So LP says I left my iPhone on the shelf in my office with my laptop during her exit interview/phone call, ostensibly after she left SCO office July 15, but later on, we find ounthat Page turned in her Iphone in July 14, 2017?

That is inconsistent.

This whole thing reeks.

dbf931  No.4291979


also POTUS



86ae63  No.4291980


Cher of all people, knew him and he claims to have had sex with her when he was 14 - it is in an interview with him- (I think it was 14, not sure if that is correct, but it definitely wasn't at a legal age)- KEK

507721  No.4291981

Another Canadian, Michael Spavor goes missing in China after reporting he was questioned by the Chinese "gov't"

His company Peaktu Cultural Exchange organizes trips for athletes and tourists to NK, notable achievement is he helped bring Dennis Rodman to NK


ac3502  No.4291982


Even though the Flat Earth Society has members around the Globe.

I am still laughing at that one.

23d6ee  No.4291983



d95576  No.4291984


i am the internet

2ee68c  No.4291985




Congress legalizes hemp.

49b92b  No.4291986


£15/g in N. Ireland… Count yourself very lucky!!

e45d7c  No.4291987

File: 19ab4e473ef03af⋯.mp4 (1.03 MB, 960x720, 4:3, ItsHappening.mp4)

Our promise to 'counter'.

87efdf  No.4291989


What’s that smell?

c01cf4  No.4291990

File: 6dd395276ceb32f⋯.png (75.93 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

cd9130  No.4291991

File: 5d7e93ff4ae429f⋯.jpg (84.25 KB, 486x408, 81:68, chuck.jpg)


What's with his watch?

f96549  No.4291992

File: a3f1029a78acde7⋯.jpg (18.26 KB, 255x191, 255:191, 04dd5eb383f97fe47e07a04f29….jpg)

178198  No.4291993

File: c86b585d5590318⋯.jpg (181.99 KB, 1024x640, 8:5, farm-bill-mcconnell-1-1024….jpg)



Hemp Is Finally Legal. Let’s See if It Can Save the World


December 12, 2018


360fd0  No.4291994


A judge did order the release of key documents involving the mueller team and Flynn

4f858b  No.4291995



98ead4  No.4291996


ASK a question properly, get a proper answer. ;)

Question: Is the Earth a static non-moveable plane?


Question: Do we live on the outside of a ba'al hurdling through Space, a vacuum.

NO. kek


28ef90  No.4291997

File: fb9d10f76ae6b51⋯.png (1.23 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, DFE1A076-F1B1-4AE1-95BF-FE….png)


Self defense against a beautiful body of color is indeed racist and criminal in Sweden

57ea1c  No.4291998


You are doing it wrong.

Which jurisdiction has lots of potential prosecutions due to having a concentration of people living in it, and has some unique legal situation due to state laws?

That is where you will find the OTHER prosecutor. I suspect SDNY fuckery is connected to this and it will be in NY where the other prosecutor is.

c73d28  No.4291999


Do you people in WA just walk into a weed shop and buy as much as you want?

49b92b  No.4292000


It's one of those rubber bracelets kids wear.

ac3502  No.4292001


and we are monitoring your tits, act naturally.

513e8b  No.4292002


yes its in the new Farm bill

4178ab  No.4292003






Prison phones has ties to dead Antarctica workers

via Securus Technologies

owned by Platinum Equity

which bought out PAE in 2016.

Antarctica workers listed as working for PAE.

2ae1bb  No.4292004

Nancy Pelosi talks about preventing a government shutdown LIVE NOW


d95576  No.4292005


chanel no. 5

93d3f2  No.4292006

File: 1dbc9d20371896b⋯.jpg (145.93 KB, 637x734, 637:734, 2018-12-13 15:50:47Z.jpg)

File: b837506e4c4fe1e⋯.png (560.63 KB, 789x429, 263:143, ClipboardImage.png)


They did, actually, if my comprehension is correct. Visit the pacer sauce pic related containing exact summarized text of judge's orders.. I did not type the full text since it wasn't available as a copypasta.

2efd9f  No.4292007

File: 9edcb850881b470⋯.png (957.32 KB, 904x579, 904:579, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d33a5a3b2764629⋯.png (1022.7 KB, 904x579, 904:579, sESSIONS.png)

File: 103c3b98b9dd182⋯.png (1.03 MB, 904x579, 904:579, SESSIONS2.png)


Noticed something Interdashing about where the CF hearing is today.


'2154 Rayburn House Office Bldg, Washington, DC 20515'

Way I see it, the work of Sessions will finally come to LIGHT.

Thank you for your service to our Country, Mr. Jeff Sessions!

Your sacrifices will never be forgotten.



4f1249  No.4292008


barron predicted this

162bd4  No.4292009


Anything that helps get soybean oil out of our food is awesome.

20fb01  No.4292010


Nice summation. Trump and Q goin for the jugular, ain’t got time for anything else

ee5db8  No.4292011

Always found Rodman fascinating. Washed up celebrities with strange levels of foreign access are always fascinating. Like when Seagal pals around with Putin. Makes me think that someone like that would make a good back-channel courier, passing messages and such.

e11c43  No.4292012


From the department of:

It Really Is Just A River In Egypt Guyz!!!

52bdfc  No.4292013


did they include the recovered text messages?

I’d be looking for gaps, and counting to see if there are actually 20k.

Looking for gaps and what they are saying around the gaps. Look for context in the timeline.

a5e2fe  No.4292014


Estimate of how many drinks she had for breakfast?

c73d28  No.4292015


Just a dumbass IRL shill.

Rope for him.

d95576  No.4292016


mm yes monitor me baby

28ef90  No.4292017


Where when is that?

4cff35  No.4292018


Tom Fitton and others are testifying tho at 2pm est on CF

47c54c  No.4292019

I'm really glad Q confirmed FE is bs, it's sad that it was even necessary, but I'm glad he did

bf4ba0  No.4292020

File: 6c0198854953d04⋯.jpeg (358.09 KB, 480x800, 3:5, AD6F49B7-FC2F-450A-8AAB-7….jpeg)

160909  No.4292021


Subcommittee on Government Operations

Hearing Date: December 13, 2018 2:00 pm 2154 Rayburn HOB


To discuss the management of 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations and how the designation impacts the programs and activities a nonprofit is allowed to conduct.


501(c)(3) organizations are not permitted to be organized or operated for the benefit of any private individual and are only permitted to engage in minimal political activity. When a nonprofit organization violates these terms, defrauds contributors, or engages in impermissible political activity, the IRS may revoke its tax exempt status.

Witnesses and testimonies

Tom Fitton, President, Judicial Watch

Mr. Phillip Hackney, Associate Professor of Law, University of Pittsburgh

Mr. Lawrence W. Doyle, Managing Partner DM Income Advisors

Mr. John F. Moynihan, Principal, JFM and Associates

Can't recall discussing anyone but Fitton here before. Unfamiliar with Hackney, Doyle and Moynihan.

Hackney would seem to be the expert witness with regard to charity law violations (which are endemic with the CF)

No idea what DM Income Advisors and JFM Associates might specialize in.

New facts from Charles Ortel just yesterday

1. Ortel has spoken to all the whistleblowers,

2. Ortel speaks to one of them every day (!)

Anybody else putting these puzzle pieces together?

196caf  No.4292022


I don't have any proof of it for myself, but I have heard others speak so highly of Washington grown weed, it apparently beats out places like Amsterdam ?

www.mainstmj.com <- if you want to see what we have in the middle of our downtown

biggest weed store in the NW so far.

$30 ounces, of course those are outdoor.

indoor usually $95+

178198  No.4292023

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

2eab81  No.4292024


Maybe he pulls it and snaps it on his wrist like Mark Wahlberg's character in Mile22.

b32b90  No.4292025


(((they))) are discussing EMP


Roadways blocked.

Mass Power outages.


929abe  No.4292026

File: 457ba69b42a1f51⋯.png (378.99 KB, 1280x994, 640:497, Screenshot from 2018-12-13….png)


CBD oil at $80/month?

Bragging about $4/gram is mind kontrol. It's a plant how about $5.26/bushel like wheat

507721  No.4292028


why in the hell wouldnt you just get a hundred dollar light and grow your own???

a713d1  No.4292029

File: 3e5f531bd78c0e4⋯.png (2.1 MB, 1080x1080, 1:1, Danielle Victoria.png)


1. Trump has been touting the love for farmers non stop.

2. If he signs it, um, that's going to be insane.

Yeah, I'm sorta excited, now.

f96549  No.4292030


Another black eye


614025  No.4292031

File: dcdd4b3e2d5c930⋯.png (14.75 KB, 252x255, 84:85, a83013f8afe3f7b66971e8c6dd….png)



Looking real good Sweden

Way to fly that cuck flag



Three S's



Shut up



49b92b  No.4292032


Thank you kind anon.

4f1249  No.4292033

File: a5e62a6c0973dc8⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1631x1571, 1631:1571, ClipboardImage.png)

c73d28  No.4292034


I think you're a highIQfag.


Remember that US troops are supposed to receive massive training in underground urban warfare?

507721  No.4292035


you should see the bud produced in Canada! Not even just BC stuff, Ontario grows TONS of primo nugs. We have lots of greenhouses and farmland

ac3502  No.4292036

File: 2cdbd5966f32b5e⋯.png (35.02 KB, 224x225, 224:225, ClipboardImage.png)

93d3f2  No.4292037


And in any case whatever the topology,

he could answer that it's "not flat" because there are mountains, lakes, bulges, etc.

The answer to a poorly-formulated query did not resolve anons' questions. Q chose a question to answer that he could answer in that particular way without resolving the issue. Because it was a load test and because this question should not receive a full answer at this time.

Still marked "answer pending" in this anon's personal mental database.

49b92b  No.4292038


I have done before, just not possible right now.

196caf  No.4292039


that $4/gram

40% of that $4 is taxes

the taxes collected from the weed goes back into the state.

Colorado dumped some $50mil+ into their education system the first year they went legal weed because they made SO MUCH.

they were even talking about issuing a statewide refund because they 'collected' over their target budget amount

381e74  No.4292040

File: e24e135998e74a6⋯.jpg (53.37 KB, 640x485, 128:97, DuPQRK8W4AAK_-R.jpg)

4f1249  No.4292041

File: d45afb7dce8a1d6⋯.png (123.81 KB, 300x300, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

99bf5b  No.4292042

This is what Q research is up against. Here is a post on a forum discussing the Q subject. I find it interesting that people have such strong opinions on subjects they have no first-hand knowledge or experience with.



Good Evening, All; or,

How I got to here from there:

I've never been much of a subscriber to the Q phenomenon;

To do so would indicate an actual belief in the 'American' system.

Trump, Obama… Sorry, No.

Let's start at the beginning.

I have been delving into the possibility of a Nazi/Zionist collaboration for the last couple of years;

I found a lot of good information, but, for these purposes, I start with:


And, to my surprise, it linked to:


"Wu Ming (extended name: Wu Ming Foundation) is a pseudonym for a group of Italian authors formed in 2000 from a subset of the Luther Blissett community in Bologna. Four of the group earlier wrote the novel Q (first edition 1999). Unlike the open name "Luther Blissett", "Wu Ming" stands for a defined group of writers active in literature and popular culture. The band authored several novels, some of which have been translated in many countries. "

Which linked to:

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luther_Bl … m_de_plume)

"Luther Blissett is a multiple-use name, an "open pop star" informally adopted and shared by hundreds of artists and activists all over Europe and the Americas since 1994. The pseudonym first appeared in Bologna, Italy, in mid-1994, when a number of cultural activists began using it for staging a series of urban and media pranks and to experiment with new forms of authorship and identity."

Which linked to:

Q is a novel by Luther Blissett first published in Italian in 1999. The novel is set in Europe during the 16th century, and deals with Protestant reformation movements.

"Luther Blissett" was a nom de plume for four Italian authors (Roberto Bui, Giovanni Cattabriga, Federico Guglielmi and Luca Di Meo) who were part of the "Luther Blissett Project", which ended in 1999. They now write under the name Wu Ming.

Which linked to:


And, I'm done.

Q is BullShit. "Q"uit wasting your time and get about business.

cd9130  No.4292043

File: 0b028aa70f6d7ea⋯.jpg (60.48 KB, 384x473, 384:473, Onervousboyscout.jpg)

Boy Scouts of America considering filing for bankruptcy amid sex abuse lawsuits.


a5e2fe  No.4292044


Welcome to Pot Chat resident stoner

178198  No.4292045

File: b41ca60e18a4603⋯.png (1.8 MB, 1440x900, 8:5, Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at ….png)


look at all that water

4f1249  No.4292046

File: c9a59482e3f9ea3⋯.png (99.86 KB, 413x549, 413:549, ClipboardImage.png)

23d6ee  No.4292047


Not that I believe that the earth is flat, but why is Q's word so fucking confirming?

You have NFI who Q is, yet the world isn't flat because Q confirmed it?

Merry Christmas, anon.Christmas trees are flat. We live in a 2 dimensional world.

2c4995  No.4292048


Fascism is cool!

b979f2  No.4292049

File: 2c6088bce6f20c4⋯.jpg (38.82 KB, 306x484, 153:242, 24E1D51A00000578-2918647-i….jpg)

File: 32dbf153eac5d8a⋯.jpg (74.14 KB, 710x473, 710:473, 2-bush-bruise.w710.h473.jpg)

File: 3f404b0456a372d⋯.jpg (749.22 KB, 1200x738, 200:123, john-kerry-black-eye-2012-….jpg)


Mu'h eyes

dca4f7  No.4292051

File: 574478ceabc50c7⋯.jpg (86.95 KB, 889x500, 889:500, 2o8kro.jpg)

a713d1  No.4292052


There are usually limits you can purchase

1. If you are a resident

2. If you are an out-of-state tourist

The shit they sell you, though, is potent as hell, and the limit (imposed by THC amount) is so high that, honestly, if you don't get completely fried, you have some serious life-changing ponderings to consider.

ce766f  No.4292053

File: 7499d3424d3c401⋯.png (65.2 KB, 226x170, 113:85, IMG_8693.PNG)


>Even though the Flat Earth Society has members around the Globe

e29832  No.4292054

Who made the video of the GHW funeral because it’s so strange that they just happened to capture all the envelope things. All of the reactions and all the other stuff we analyzed.

1547c1  No.4292055


But who takes a heart on board a plane and forgets to take it with them

98ead4  No.4292056


Thank you for your input Anon!

c56397  No.4292057

Link for Live CF Foundation Hearing today at 2pm


4a0fad  No.4292058


>Colorado dumped some $50mil+ into their education system the first year they went legal weed because they made SO MUCH.

>they were even talking about issuing a statewide refund because they 'collected' over their target budget amount

partly why Canada taking fucking forever to legalize - and provincial govs doing everything they can to step it back, impose new laws etc - is so damn cringe and dumb.

04c316  No.4292059