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File: 4e094838c2c77ba⋯.png (8.72 KB, 255x143, 255:143, qresearc.png)

616e07  No.2630080

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Q Research supports attacking terrible ideas with better ones. We believe the use of force only proves a bad argument. We are researchers who deal in open-source information and informed opinion. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




Integrity, for in Truth lies Victory.

Q Proofs & Welcome

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Q - Killing The Mockingbird - (2nd in vid series): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80s5xuvzCtg

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Q's Latest Posts

Thursday 08.15.18

>>>/patriotsfight/164 ------------------------- Patriots in control. (Cap: >>2629907 )

>>2628837 rt >>2628758 & >>2628768 Hooah! ; ES = @Snowden (re: >>2628352 )

>>>/patriotsfight/163 ------------------------- What happens if FISA fails or “signers” cannot be trusted? (Cap: >>2628741 )

>>2628569 rt >>2627887 ——————- Nothing to see here.

>>2628352 ————————————– Ask yourself simple questions.

>>2628219 rt >>2628080 ——————- Drops equate to reaction/action?

>>2628048 rt >>2627990 ——————- For anyone questioning if [XBOX] happened or not.

>>2627887 ————————————– Anyone has problems w/ their “XBOX Live” accounts…?

Wednesday 08.15.18

>>2618718 rt >>2618489 ——————- The Charm

>>2618033 rt >>2617982 ——————- This one?

>>2617872 rt >>2617755 ——————- Charms are very important

>>2617755 rt >>2617744 ——————- What do you notice?

>>2617750 rt >>2617739 ——————- 1 of 2

>>2617727 rt >>2617682 ——————- Cross against Podesta

>>2617727 rt >>2617709 ——————- Cross against Podesta

>>2617682 rt >>2617647 ——————- Painting of kids in pool (red shoes)

>>2617606 rt >>2617554 ——————- They never thought they'd be hunted.

>>2617554 rt >>2617535 ——————- below hand

>>2617484 rt >>2617413 ——————- Focus on her necklace.

>>2617271 rt >>2617206 ——————- Normal?

>>2617206 rt >>2616942 ——————- Jeff Zucker. Heart Surgery? In the Line of FIRE.

>>>/patriotsfight/162 ------------------------- TRAITORS ALL (Cap: >>2616883)

>>>/patriotsfight/161 ------------------------- Texts, emails, drafts, HAM comms, PS/Xbox chat logs (Cap: >>2615728)

>>>/patriotsfight/160 rt #159 --------------- Logical thinking (Cap: >>2616954)

>>>/patriotsfight/159 ------------------------- Firewall ( Cap : >>2615481 )

>>2614164 rt >>2613853 ——————- You ALL get to go to JAIL.

>>2613737 rt >>2613023 ——————- Has intel been shared with our enemies?

>>>/patriotsfight/158 ——————-—— Corinthians 13:4-13; Ephesians 6:10-18 (Cap: >>2613031 )

>>>/patriotsfight/157 ——————-—— Security clearances revoked. (Cap: >>2612773 )

>>>/patriotsfight/156 ——————-—— SA [ACCESS] CLOSED. (Cap: >>2612757 )

>>>/patriotsfight/155 ——————-—— WE STAND TOGETHER ( Caps: >>2607476 )

Tuesday 08.14.18

>>>/patriotsfight/154 ——————-—— Read very carefully ( Caps: >>2607415 )

>>>/patriotsfight/153 ——————-—— [[[[HUNTERS]]]] BECOME THE HUNTED ( Caps: >>2607250 )

>>>/patriotsfight/152 ——————-—— Child trafficking victims ( Caps: >>2607218 , >>2607221 )

>>2606371 ————————————– House of GOD?

>>2603411 ————————————– Judge Sarah Backus?

>>2603103 rt >>2602749 ——————- You are under constant tracking/surveillance.

>>2602749 ————————————– Did you ever play HIDE-AND-SEEK?

>>2601546 rt >>2601488 ——————- Confirmed.

>>2601479 rt >>2601407 ——————- DEFEND_B720-1A

>>2601407 rt >>2601331 ——————- Armed man Hoover Dam re: link to Q?

>>2601331 rt >>2601052 ——————- Re_read drops re: SET UP.

>>2601101 ————————————– Ex 1.1

>>2600716 rt >>2600476 ——————- Not seen since WL Podesta dump?

>>2600470 rt >>2600205 ——————- Calculate probability.

>>2600089 rt >>2600020 ——————- Do not link to [CF].

>>2600026 rt >>2599937 ——————- Each FAKE NEWS article written or attack is a badge of honor - military grade.

>>2599937 rt >>2599779 ——————- We've had the ball the entire time.

>>2599748 rt >>2599082 ——————- Actors will act. We are in control.

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616e07  No.2630084


are not endorsements


>>2573462 , >>2573531 Archives have been updated: https://8ch.net/qresearch/archive/index.html

>>2462073 1986 U.S. District Court Dost test sets guidelines for No CP images

>>2327065 How to filter gore spam >>2334211 (new: Add into [Options] -> Theme)


>>2629397 Pompeo to make announcement on Iran action group

>>2629410 DOJ, DEA propose significant opioid manufacturing reduction

>>2629434 Large immigration judge hiring investiture

>>2629488 700 laptops impounded in Nairobi

>>2629501 Bomb detonates at Italian Salvini’s League HQ

>>2629540 Albany prosecutor who moonlighted for defense attorney resigns

>>2629551 SEC whistleblower social media accounts hacked

>>2629628 Article on Assange and Eric Schmidt

>>2629643 Little Rock, Arkansas, police helicopter accident

>>2629811 Link to AG Josh Shapiro conference on Catholic sex abuse

>>2629838 Brennan bitching about his security clearance shut down and muh Russia

>>2629857 Project Veritas scaling up to form “Veritas Leaks” program

>>2630036 #3319


>>2628590 Assange’s mother on twitter

>>2628636 ; >>2628716 Q XBOX proofs

>>2628793 Parallel between Q#874 (2018.03.07) and >>2628352

>>2628972 On Joe Conason and his presence in WL emails

>>2629215 Article on Snowden, WoW, Xbox, and terrorism

>>2629234 Jack Posobiec lying through his teeth on twitter

>>2629272 #3318

#3317 Baker Change

>>2627875 Leads on fish pendant symbolism

>>2627902 Links/graphs of major broadcasting network affiliates

>>2627922 OIG report on how CA misspent FEMA monies

>>2627955 ; >>2628001 ; >>2628080 Spike in XBOX service problems last night (see >>2627887 )

>>2628009 ; >>2268090 Dig avenue on Constellis Holdings

>>2628447 Other reports of tech outages

>>2628507 #3317


>>2627512, >>2627209, >>2627231 President Trump Tweets and decodes

>>2627113, >>2627265 EarthQuakeFag reports

>>2627199, >>2627254, >>2627547, >>2627563 PlaneFag Reports

>>2627084, >>2627266, >>2627316, >>2627324, >>2627354, >>2627357, >>2627429, >>2627514, >>2627552, >>2627572

>>2627573, >>2627578, >>2627580, >>2627582, >>2627589, >>2627507 Vanderbilt, Pedostas red shoes, cannibals

>>2627127 Did you know about DaRPA's little sister company DiGRA? < Dig

>>2627149, >>2627252, >>2627318 Unique “Hide ‘N Seek” IoT Botnet May Be a Sign of What’s to Come

>>2627160 More on the 70 OD's in New Haven

>>2627166 Notes on Satanism (controversial)

>>2627217 VA abuse Anon notes to POTUS

>>2627221 Grand Forks restaurant icon found dead in his home

>>2627264, >>2627336, >>2627581 (controversial links)[[[Obama]]] was not against Israel, that is a false narrative. +more digs

>>2627230, >>2627328 MS-13 reports to the GROUP of NINE, who else does?

>>2627352 Queen and HWB - both Doctor's killed - Coincidence?

>>2627375, >>2627416 Was there any consensus on the meaning of In the line of FIRE?

>>2627458 Julian Assange's mother confirms it was SETH RICH who was the source!!!!!


>>2627568, >>2627593, >>2627616 Pics realted are IRL historical divisionfagging examples.

>>2627587 Millennial-couple-bikes-near-isis-territory-to-prove-humans-are-kind-and-gets-killed

>>2627626 [[[Soros]]] foundation to quit Hungary by end-August

>>2627654, >>2627682 China has a quantum

>>2627600, >>2627743 The origins of Russo and all of its cultural variants,

>>2627171, >>2627190, >>2627319 High IQ posts (various subjects)

>>2627000 #3316

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>>2619113 #3305, >>2622791 #3306, >>2622780 #3307

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File: ea6b8eedec5a1c8⋯.jpeg (23.88 KB, 354x246, 59:41, DayBakerGiftFromNightCrew.jpeg)



2bd017  No.2630133


How do you know what time it is?

{Quit doxxing yourself idiot. Leave the name and email fields blank. Read the rules before posting}

Post last edited at

13dfe8  No.2630138

File: 6b338ef49233d79⋯.png (631.7 KB, 645x637, 645:637, redwavesticker.png)


I need some help gathering the Patriots vs SwampCreatures for each state...

we're running out of time!






7b99f3  No.2630157

File: d9bc0ccb9ec28bc⋯.png (1.01 MB, 800x800, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

20907a  No.2630158

File: 609f180092e23f9⋯.jpeg (703.04 KB, 1242x1810, 621:905, FF9CD1A2-2804-48FB-9B8F-C….jpeg)

File: d0654e1fe24b91b⋯.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1242x1982, 621:991, 66982164-131F-4D9C-9CEA-F….jpeg)



3e7b63  No.2630159

>>2630103 (lb)

Don't attack humans, loserbot.. Delete yourself

6c3d0c  No.2630160

File: 44e91ae6dea0a8f⋯.jpg (91.41 KB, 400x400, 1:1, ab.jpg)

All cross links from another bread.

If you want to know why Israel comes last, this would be a good place to start your digs in what regards that question.

If you do not want to read on this subject, do not read this post.

TL;DR (too long, dind't read, for you newfags):

Israel is a genocidal ever expanding nuclear rogue state that is the biggest haven for pedos and biggest hub for human and organ trafficking in the world right now, and supports ISIS using US tax payer money to do so.

Israel is the HQ of the cabal.

>>2390975 – Jews control the media; not all jews are bad, but the good ones need to speak out against jewish interest groups because those are used to subvert.

>>2391013 – Jewish supremacists have controled the central bank cartel racket since its inception with the establishment of the Bank of England

>>2391053 – The EU was always a jewish supremacist project and being a jew can also mean being racially a jew (doesn’t mean all racial jews are jews in the religious sense)

>>2391083 – Jewish supremacist subversion is the biggest threat to the West and the US today

>>2391107 – The dangers of jewish supremcism and the use of the “anti-semitic” trick to silence legitimate criticism made on Israel and jewish subversion

>>2391143 – Jewish supremacists are the biggest financiers and initiators of anti-2nd amend movements in the US

>>2391159 – The “progressive” political ideology was created and pushed by jewish supremacists

>>2391195 – More info on the origins and main initiators of the “progressive” political ideology

>>2391216 – Antifa is a communist “progressive” para-military arm of the democratic party

>>2391281 – Antifa connections to ISIS and NAMBLA, Antifa in the 30’s Germany

>>2391307 – Neocons are communist Trotskyites

>>2391353 – Jews kickstarted and dominated the slave trade in the US and used Hollywood to pin slavery on the Whites, jews control Hollywood

>>2391478 – More on the jewish initiated slave trade in the US

>>2391496 – Jewish interest groups connection to online censorship

>>2391526 – Jewish hatred of Christians and the dangers of circumcision

>>2391562 – More info on the jewish promoted male genital mutilation (circumcision)

>>2391652 – The term “judeo-Christian” is an oxymoron and an attempt at manipulating Christians

>>2391671 – More on jewish hatred of Christ and Christians and the use of pilpul to deflect that well documented fact

>>2391725 – The jewish talmud promotes pedophilia

>>2391754 – The jewish ritual murder of goyim (non-jew) children is an well documented historical fact

>>2391872 – The foundation myth of the West and our role as anons in the storm

>>2392124 – Jewish hatred of goyim, especially White goyim (loxism)

>>2392177 – Judaism is based on jewish supremacism ( (((God’s chosen mindset))) )

>>2392199 – More on judaism being based on jewish supremacism

>>2392274 – More on judaism being based on jewish supremacism

>>2393477 – Communism was created, financed and spread by jews

>>2393507 – General George S. Patton was killed for speaking out against jewish supremacism

>>2393553 – Israel supports ISIS

>>2393583 – Israel supports ISIS wants wants the Syrian civil war to keep going and Obama gave 38 billion dollars to Israel, Hillary has jewish roots, Obama claims to be practically a liberal jew

>>2395726 – Sayanim, the non-Israeli jewish Mossad colaborators

>>2395838 – Israel is the biggest pedo haven in the world right now

>>2395862 – Israel is the biggest hub for human and organ trafficking in the world today

>>2395991 – David Cole, a jewish historian exposes some of the lies of the official version of the holocaust

>>2396033 – David Irving, historian, exposes some of the lies of the Nuremberg Trials

>>2396017 – Anonymous documentary creator exposes many of the lies pertaining to the fraudulent official version of the holocaust and Nuremberg Trials

>>2396026 – The Surprising Origin of the Six-Million Figure

>>2396099 – Israeli involvement in the 9/11 attack

>>2396414 – Jordan Peterson is a long-con man who is also a globalist and zionist gate-keeper

>>2530175 – Porn is a jewish weapon against the goyim (non-jews)

>>2571682 – Hilter fought the same enemires we are fighting now

>>2571660 – Was Hitler a puppet? Probably not

>>2571666 – Was Hitler a puppet? Probably not part 2

>>2580819 – A message to our jewish allies

To all the Israel first shills on Hasbara duty, read the first post, it literally says: “Reminder that the problem is not jews per-se, it is unchecked jewish supremacism and subversion.”

e566fa  No.2630161

File: bc6097660552e82⋯.jpg (400.14 KB, 1600x1231, 1600:1231, 146f9521fb6a5eb516f76887f2….jpg)

There is no force greater than Love and every advanced race knows that

5f2571  No.2630162

mysterious package found in dallas with hannity inside?

e62569  No.2630163


If you follow or have followed them in the past they've said that we have to "clean up our own mess". It's going to take time for this to all shake out.

People (normies as they're called here) are going to have a hard time with what is being talked about here. And judging by the reactions I've seen "here" the "alien stuff" is going to be even more difficult. After all, with all this wild stuff we're talking about you would think that people might be a bit more open minded that there MIGHT be something more going on than even THEY could imagine.

But that's just my opinion. Take it for what it's worth.

6c3d0c  No.2630164

File: 6ba690f311bd452⋯.png (151.21 KB, 1307x692, 1307:692, 3_Jews_And_Christianity_Wh….PNG)


All cross links from another bread.

If you want to know why judaism IS a supremacist ideology, this would be a good place to start your digs in what regards that question.

If you do not want to read on this subject, do not read this post.

>>2409242 – Why judaism IS a supremacist ideology

>>2409189 – Why judaism IS a supremacist ideology, part 2

>>2562709 – Jewish persecution of Christ and Christians since Christianity inception, part 1

>>2562715 – part 2

>>2562720 – part 3

>>2562725 – part 4

>>2562731 – part 5

>>2562734 – part 6

>>2562740 – part 7

>>2562763 – The Khazar theory

>>2581628 – Usury was (and is) a weapon of domination (debt slavery) over the goyim and its use with that end was and is teached to jews in the Torah

>>2581630 – The history of Poland, the paradise of jews

>>2581633 – Some jews talk about the divine promise of each jew getting 2800 goy slaves when the jewish Messiah comes to them

aa3193  No.2630165

File: 326f75dd0ea5992⋯.jpg (102.36 KB, 1440x1440, 1:1, IMG_2655.JPG)

File: 66e6b7a8dceb54a⋯.jpg (192.91 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, IMG_2662.JPG)

File: 564987087b589c8⋯.jpg (691.12 KB, 2825x1716, 2825:1716, IMG_2669.JPG)

It's not over

1d6269  No.2630166

File: ebc0c1014863447⋯.jpg (905.9 KB, 1800x1382, 900:691, hep4JIo.jpg)


smh people still falling for this shit.

d81f39  No.2630167

File: 692c3bb7bb7e064⋯.png (121.17 KB, 744x684, 62:57, ClipboardImage.png)


220a37  No.2630168

File: 302d80b4831f053⋯.png (48.18 KB, 1574x245, 1574:245, ClipboardImage.png)

Program Budget Decision

Program Baseline Document

>>2630153 (lb)

President's Daily Brief(ing)?

4d79e3  No.2630169


That would be a big package

f48c6e  No.2630170

File: be19f7ab02daaf0⋯.png (585.24 KB, 968x614, 484:307, ClipboardImage.png)

Paedophiles In Parliament (2018). A film by Sonia Poulton about how the British establishment covered up child abuse by senior public figures for decades.

Excellent film by a journalist who has been investigating the British paedophile elite for many years. It covers many famous cases, including how Jimmy Savile got away with abusing kids in plain sight for so long because he was a procurer of children to elite paedophiles, and was therefore protected until he died.

Lord McAlpine’s notorious tactic to turn the tables on the media, and win big libel payouts is also covered.

“Another useful ploy is the false accusation, then, at a convenient moment, arrange for the false accusation to be shown to be false. Further accusations will then be treated with great suspicion”

Even though this film is about the UK, the tactics that the establishment paedophile cabal used to hide their crimes (planting false victims to discredit real victims, smearing and disappearing their real victims etc etc) proved very successful and will almost certainly be used by American pedophiles if the “Weinstein dam” breaks.


148b52  No.2630171

File: 2a5e28fa3e897aa⋯.png (957.24 KB, 1164x1194, 194:199, Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at ….png)

File: 2e43a2f54d2fe00⋯.png (176.81 KB, 1142x910, 571:455, Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at ….png)

>"Royal Bank of Scottland tried to destroy the USA"

>"If you want to bank on [John] Brennan, bank with Royal Bank of Scottland"

-Scott Adams on periscope this morning.

Brennan ties to RBS anyone?


513c7f  No.2630172

London Mayor Wants A Car Ban, Since Regulating Guns And Knives Failed

The mayor of the ever increasingly violent city of London is now seeking a ban on cars in certain areas after a “car attack.” Since banning guns and regulating knives hasn’t worked, Sadiq Khan said he’s likely to ban cars to prevent future terrorist attacks.


394d87  No.2630173


feels like a clown message JFK .

b8da5d  No.2630174

File: ef9be6f75fe490e⋯.png (236.46 KB, 1006x260, 503:130, nevertrumper.PNG)

What happened Bill ?

cb6c73  No.2630175

What a lovely day. Seems like Q is telling them to either they can man up and accept what is coming or coward behind pawns. It doesn't matter at this point, their numbers are nothing more then a very vocal minority and bots to make it seem larger then it really is. I have to assume that smile for the camera is smile for your mug shot.

Even Q is starting to sound eager, the time to pounce is getting close but I'm not sure when it will be.

53425a  No.2630176

File: 542d037e8c6d037⋯.jpg (151.46 KB, 725x1007, 725:1007, Critical_Thinking.jpg)

>>2630130 lb

>>2630107 lb

I guess it is real then

But it pays to be careful

And look first for confirmation information

And not jump to conclusions

5b1edf  No.2630177

File: d921423687ce27f⋯.png (3.89 MB, 4560x2750, 456:275, WDSHNsidebyside.png)

thank you baker

member that this happened anons?

09a5fb  No.2630178


#newfag, welcome aboard. Yes, Q has repeatedly discussed cabal strategy to use draft folders to avoid scrutiny, and it failed. Bigly. Q has it all. It's a LOT to digest, but review as much as you can and then decide how best to contribute. Glad to have you. Tell your friends.

823973  No.2630179


That was my 1st guess too.

Today is her Birthday, she lip-sics and shes a known freak

fbd543  No.2630180

8df10c  No.2630182

File: 6b87b6c3604e270⋯.jpg (99.03 KB, 741x380, 39:20, bankhan.jpg)

7a5c54  No.2630183

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Meet the amazingly talented team that brings Archer to life. Take a tour of Floyd County's Atlanta-based studio.

"in their own little bubble. away from New York or LA"

dc14e2  No.2630184

>>2630039 (pb)

I read that little kiss ass slimeball's book.

4ab98b  No.2630185

File: fe64e77b18a5c0b⋯.jpg (96.01 KB, 261x320, 261:320, TracyBeanz.jpg)

File: dac3d6e80e188d3⋯.jpg (143.07 KB, 600x567, 200:189, agreed.jpg)


Sorry, I'm the Anon responsible for the latest Beanz memes.

I remarked that her face reminded me of Ron Jeremy and it took off from there.

You won't get this out of your head in a hurry…

f48c6e  No.2630186

File: d6d9440af1a392b⋯.png (80.15 KB, 742x894, 371:447, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b4224434ded5dc3⋯.png (38.6 KB, 752x472, 94:59, ClipboardImage.png)

Justice Department, DEA Propose Significant Opioid Manufacturing Reduction in 2019


0acbfc  No.2630187

Thank You Q for confirming the Xbox Live Correlation

Some of us anons had legitimate concerns that the boards had been overreacting to a fairly common occurrence. Xbox Live goes down fairly often. Even now, trying to red pill with that is not going to be a good idea. Anyone who plays Xbox knows it happens all the time and you will fall on deaf ears.

But what is important, is that we have the documentation for when it hits the news

We can call back to these boards and Q's posts at that time.

20f05c  No.2630188

File: d4c8cde21736820⋯.jpg (52.09 KB, 788x233, 788:233, a1 - Copy.JPG)

per wikileaks:

071cd2  No.2630189



cf189e  No.2630190


Nah ban people

29a8ef  No.2630191

File: 83943999a788610⋯.png (22.96 KB, 696x180, 58:15, NEW Q.png)

284b71  No.2630192

File: 6cb5e54fefd35a4⋯.png (216.15 KB, 1117x761, 1117:761, ClipboardImage.png)

getting closer anons..

3e7b63  No.2630193

Given that gravity of the subject matter of this board, and the associated dangers, we need 8chan owner Jim Watkins to post here, explain why his official reason for buying the site is legit, explain why his ads often seem to undermine our mission, and assure us that he is working for our interests (the interests of humanity, after all).

220a37  No.2630194

File: 1fd76aeabacb4b3⋯.png (159.3 KB, 1584x604, 396:151, ClipboardImage.png)

df33dc  No.2630195

File: 8582c255240e027⋯.jpg (111.82 KB, 750x563, 750:563, FredDoItQ.jpg)

071cd2  No.2630196


Damnit, Q deleted again. Getting cap

726ebf  No.2630197



Public data Bank?public data base?publicdata broadcast?

6c3d0c  No.2630199

File: b374c60674d3662⋯.jpg (970.35 KB, 800x5351, 800:5351, Facebook_censorship_and_th….jpg)

WORK WITH US OR DIE Facebook threatens Press saying: ‘Work with us or end up in a hospice’


a10688  No.2630200

File: e204b80257882c7⋯.jpg (22.21 KB, 300x246, 50:41, Huma_mock.jpg)

>>2630154 (lb)

2018, still using mechanical timers.

5ed243  No.2630201


> lovely day.



damn! another post & run

aa3193  No.2630202

pedoraptor judas fehgels have used Jews as scapegoats for seventy years


Of victim

The lies

Created false witnesses

Ass coveting

Down to the stolen jewelry from the nazi camps

Heck, fexas organized the contractors for the death camps

d39002  No.2630203

File: 2e23e3c818a10a2⋯.png (30.41 KB, 748x209, 68:19, 2018-08-16-142928_748x209_….png)

new Q

191766  No.2630204


I know one kid is not more valuable than another but I pray we find this one alive.

5f85c9  No.2630205



That used to be called journalism.

29a8ef  No.2630207


usually means comms are not for us.

5b1dc9  No.2630208


try harder dickweed

267fdd  No.2630209


f2e4fa  No.2630210

>>2630047 (pb)

Random share:

I bought Comey's (audio)book book via Audible and kicked it on one night while doing some star-gazing and wine guzzling on my roof. At maybe 30 minutes in he starts talking about Clinton-stuff.

I fell asleep (passed out? Whatever. My roof, my rules. I dunno.), woke up 5 hours later and he was still talking about Clinton-stuff!

It was the craziest thing.

284b71  No.2630211




Q talking directly to james comey haha

071cd2  No.2630212

File: a6c97b04bf43a83⋯.png (113.57 KB, 1225x648, 1225:648, 165.png)

3e3ddb  No.2630213


evil cunt

ca2740  No.2630214


LOOP Capital>Northern Trust>RBS

5f2571  No.2630215



end of last bread, package making ticking noise kek

8966e8  No.2630216

File: 2634214de18632a⋯.png (8.8 KB, 848x257, 848:257, ClipboardImage.png)



cf189e  No.2630217


I was checking at 14:29 already gone

Post and run indeed

5f85c9  No.2630218

75b40d  No.2630219

Follow The Money


d4b921  No.2630220

File: c751ac2ec268ab3⋯.jpg (26.1 KB, 480x289, 480:289, 1l87yo.jpg)

Whatever happens next we love DJT.

b65d7d  No.2630221

File: bbca41011b3ac57⋯.jpg (4 KB, 114x114, 1:1, csm_badezeit01_02_050aa51d….jpg)

Are we still looking for a second pool?

Gotta run to my IRL, but here is a photographer that likes taking pics of empty pools….

maybe it can lead to the match…

go anons



>>2630145 (lb)

f5b997  No.2630222

Putting the “Oversight” structure together with the “Compartmented” intelligence security you will note that only a few people ‘could’ traditionally access the full PDB. However, under President Obama the President’s Daily Brief went to almost everyone at top levels in his administration. Regarding the Obama PDB:

[…] But while through most of its history the document has been marked “For the President’s Eyes Only,” the PDB has never gone to the president alone. The most restricted dissemination was in the early 1970s, when the book went only to President Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger, who was dual-hatted as national security adviser and secretary of state.

In other administrations, the circle of readers has also included the vice president, the secretary of defense and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, along with additional White House staffers.

By 2013, Obama’s PDB was making its way to more than 30 recipients, including the president’s top strategic communications aide and speechwriter, and deputy secretaries of national security departments. (link)


aa3193  No.2630223


So the Jew bait

I see Jew hate


Antisemite bait

Cause fake Jews wear that jewelry but blame israel

b71259  No.2630224

File: a12e5537a1e9a02⋯.jpeg (101.29 KB, 955x500, 191:100, download.jpeg)


YELLOW Event - Suspicious Package

2323 Bryan Street Dallas, TX

Digital Realty Security team at 2323 Bryan Street is reporting a Suspicious Package at the site. Emergency services have been contacted. The loading dock is not available at this time. Further updates will be provided as additional information becomes available.

Thank you,


551872  No.2630225

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Swimming pool tiles depict fishes.

Represents 'Dagon', the Fish God.

aa59ce  No.2630226

>>2629433 lb

It is interesting that all of the people I've had 'telepathic' experience with are from the regions of or in proximity to Slovenia. Suzaku, Byakko - especially - able to see her memories when we are 'on the same wavelength', Genbu… I have predicted her future to a T, and you don't get more Slavic than her (probably why killary went balls to the wall to kill her lineage). Seiryu is not as obvious, but the gene trace came from her father. Two sisters who have different mothers and have never met each other (or lived under the same father) complete each other's sentences and say the same thing at the same time.

Fascinating to observe.

Well, I suppose you could say my mother and I had telepathic experiences, as well - but my matriarchal line is a little more obscure. Other than my grandfather on that side of the family was a mason. He and my father were frienemies. My father had a lot to criticize about my mother's father, but I am sliding off into minutia.

Both my father and mother, thus, displayed something akin to ESP, and I am right about things I have no business being right about. Just random ass-pull comments from my gut will end up playing out. Granted, it doesn't seem to work to simply say random things and then have them happen - there has to be that 'tinge' or impulse to the idea. Or… For some it is more like a rising or falling tide. Less impulsive, but a sort of impending destiny that can be stopped no more than a king can order back said tide.

Or I am crazy. That is always a possibility, that suddenly I will snap awake and be in some place entirely different, and this was all some kind of crazy hallucination. Throw in an extra physical dimension or fifty and we are par for the course on mysticism.

This is where we learn that Final Fantasy 8 was more of a documentary than a game with bizzarre mechanics that sounded more interesting than they actually played.

Which means I found a couple sorceresses and we are rapidly approaching the time compression arc. See… I just make absurd ideas and then the reality is less terrifying.

Right up until I get shot into space to fight a proto-deity sealed in the moon. … Nevermind… Space force… Fuck me running…. Ah well, at least I won't be confused by the concept of a girl wanting a hug.

fbd543  No.2630227


POTUS is speaking to Comey via Q. Trolling is fun!

53425a  No.2630229

Anyone else notice

That the CLOWN shills

Have taken up pretending

To be Patriot Anons

But they do nothing but spew abuse at people

And post the same Biljana Djurdjevic images

Over and over again?

Remember what Q said on the 10th of May

They want you DIVIDED.



2ce040  No.2630230


Also deleted.

cfce4b  No.2630231

Q, can you explain to us why your posts on PF are being deleted so quickly after they go up?

63d223  No.2630232

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Indeed! Have a song to match.

4ab98b  No.2630233


My Dad was in the Army and some wag in his unit put a half pound or marzipan and an alarm clock in his kit bag. That raised a few eyebrows, even back in the mid-70s…

f27d86  No.2630234


Q my son is asking if he will be able to see POTUS at any public event in SH this weekend. Could you update on twitter @potus_schedule if there will be any such event. I already told him its a hob knob invited guest party but he wanted me to ask you. God Bless for all you do.

bed0b0  No.2630235

File: 496fb380a7ca33e⋯.png (949.87 KB, 969x927, 323:309, Screenshot_5.png)


Q is messing with JC.


3e7b63  No.2630236

Why is this in every thread?:

>>2462073 1986 U.S. District Court Dost test sets guidelines for No CP images

I'm not asking for the bullshit excuse. I'm asking for an anon to give a common sense explanation.

Since we know BO is intentionally undermining the board, why aren't anons speaking out? Are we going to take back control of the world by passive acceptance of obvious fuckery on our own turf?

112920  No.2630237

I got a simple question Q. Why do we continue to send Americans’ money to Israel when they’re the ones who did 9/11? Ask Trump for me what nigger Netanyahu’s limp kike dick tastes like. I’m seriously fucking fed up with this abject robbery. Fuck everyone in that shitty little desert shithole. Fuckin A!!

008dec  No.2630238

File: 0992b77acf78e43⋯.gif (1.84 MB, 480x270, 16:9, Nigel having a crack up.gif)


I love when Q calls 'em out directly

6d4cf4  No.2630239

File: dfc4b62ef55c63c⋯.jpg (13.01 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1533851388.jpg)

df33dc  No.2630240


If anyone ever deserved a meme it's Fred!

20f05c  No.2630241


had to have been up only seconds.

b65d7d  No.2630242



more pools to look at

dc9ff2  No.2630243


STOP SHILLING. There is often a time lag between when it posts and when it arrives.

6c3d0c  No.2630244

File: ba596815b712b6b⋯.png (11.66 KB, 697x168, 697:168, 1989_synagogue_skeleton_bl….PNG)

File: 6262a8a78cba139⋯.png (133.44 KB, 926x734, 463:367, 1989_synagogue_skeleton_bl….PNG)

File: caa03b24ec7c17b⋯.jpg (139.56 KB, 1024x681, 1024:681, Blood_ritual_jewish_tools.jpg)

File: c712c5e88165f99⋯.png (36.41 KB, 1114x141, 1114:141, Jewish_doctor_gives_blood_….png)

File: a91eec97d1cc213⋯.png (51.35 KB, 688x732, 172:183, Jewish_Ritual_Murder_Dr_To….PNG)



Judaism IS a supremacist ideology, kike bot.

Cry more :)

726ebf  No.2630245


How was it?

I watched him work, it was truly a hat trick, re branding evil, who does that…

24aecb  No.2630246

Marky Mark Wahlburg was on Steven A. Smith show 10 minutes ago. He called into the show to talk about his new movie. Another movie about a clown agent. The bazillionth in the last 5 years. He also said how great their service to the country is. Guess we know where he stands.

8966e8  No.2630247

File: 3130b080252b1b1⋯.png (761.45 KB, 600x600, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)



Real coincidental.

bed0b0  No.2630248



fbd543  No.2630249


It means the comms were not for us

8b1ec9  No.2630250

「Inside sources say COMEY believes he is hearing demon voices and coded messages.」

f48c6e  No.2630251

File: bde887787332b8c⋯.png (841.2 KB, 828x846, 46:47, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f48f5d53ae6670f⋯.png (193.81 KB, 845x891, 845:891, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f083793954e73a0⋯.png (14.94 KB, 824x288, 103:36, ClipboardImage.png)

After Calling Social Media ‘Menace to Society’ George Soros Now Buying Up Facebook & Twitter Shares

After George Soros referred to social media as a "menace to society" the controversial billionaire had a change of heart and began buying it up.


a61812  No.2630252

File: c5e3fd156f5b490⋯.png (167.22 KB, 1891x766, 1891:766, Screenshot_6.png)


Hate to disagree with you but it is still showing for me.

pic related



your ignorance is showing.


2ce040  No.2630253


Get smarter.

5ed243  No.2630254

File: 29a8f13a6b841da⋯.png (428.98 KB, 1111x805, 1111:805, Q_2018-01-30 00-22 APACHE.png)




that traitor


05b640  No.2630255


Are you kidding me?!

A participation trophy?

Fucking Snowflak

02f89e  No.2630257

File: 4b51979803be278⋯.png (478.29 KB, 654x742, 327:371, NShort re AG re Kristol St….PNG)

File: 9b88448b1330177⋯.png (85.7 KB, 598x795, 598:795, AG 1 re Kristol Standard 8….PNG)

File: 8c31e49ef4e80bd⋯.png (83.59 KB, 593x801, 593:801, AG 2 re Kristol Standard 8….PNG)

File: facfa02269ebceb⋯.png (80.54 KB, 593x784, 593:784, AG 3 re Kristol Standard 8….PNG)


Bread 3303


The Weekly Standard’s Ties to Fusion GPS


Anons, recall that Kristol's son in law is Washington Free Beacon Editor in Chief Continetti

220a37  No.2630258


Messages sent to the intended recipients

e2fa5b  No.2630259

File: 1a3465e3763458f⋯.jpeg (8.67 KB, 212x237, 212:237, download.jpeg)

Do not want to slide, but the archer writers or writer seem to know some things..now I can't un-see and am curious about what they know.

A fictional family? Weird.

"The Tunt or Vandertunt Family is a wealthy East Coast family that rivals the IRL Vanderbilts. Of them, the most prominent in Archer is Cheryl Tunt, ISIS's inept secretary. One of her ancestors is Cornelius Tunt, modelled after Cornelius Vanderbilt, who also was a railroad tycoon mentioned in "The Limited".

b65d7d  No.2630260


yup spoopy.

b8da5d  No.2630261

File: 032f999d6b38b3e⋯.png (403.98 KB, 930x858, 155:143, refugee.PNG)

Wow Look,

POTUS was 100% correct. Apparently the refugees are all not good guys.

1d6269  No.2630263


his neuroticism is obviously a genetic trait.

5f2571  No.2630264

File: 2f7fdbc09fd7682⋯.png (172.67 KB, 636x358, 318:179, 3438993e-9ec7-99c6-ff6d-b9….png)

13dfe8  No.2630265

File: 6b9b3a760a1fb7c⋯.jpg (23.12 KB, 400x268, 100:67, laptops.jpg)

resh details have emerged over the storage and ownership of over 700 laptops that were impounded by the police in Westlands, Nairobi. Police arrested seven suspects who were thought to be conmen masquerading as the security detail of the Deputy President William Ruto. ALSO READ: Police bust racketeers posing as Ruto’s security Laptops were found to be having fake government stickers, hence this was adjudged to be signal of fraud going beneath the dealings of consignments. It later emerged that the Loresho house in which the consignment was impounded belonged to a businessman-cum politician. The same politician, who vied for Kwanza Constituency in Western Kenya was among the seven who were arrested that night. Following that, a document showing the agreement between two individuals concerning the storage of the laptops has emerged. In the document, Teddy Awiti, a 34-year old man identified as the owner of the consignment signed an agreement with businessman Allan Chesang to store laptops at the latter’s house at a fee. Stay informed while on the go by subscribing to the Standard Group SMS service. Text the word 'NEWS' to 22840. It stipulates that 1247 pieces of HP laptops would be stored at House No. 220 Kyuna Rise for monthly fee of Sh60,000 plus VAT. As per the document, the two agreed to shoulder their tax obligations independently. Awiti would also provide protection to Chesang in case of anything given that the latter only leased a storage space. The police vowed to dig deeper into the incident to bring all the suspects to book.

Read more at: https://www.standardmedia.co.ke/article/2001292212/chesang-speaks-on-police-raid-where-over-700-laptops-were-impounded-in-his-home

2d064b  No.2630266

File: 495304257a15b13⋯.jpg (60.47 KB, 640x480, 4:3, trump-comey-date-rape-AP.jpg)

191766  No.2630267


This is Jew trickery. They think they can trick and negotiate with God. They are fucking out of their minds. God knows exactly what happened and if anyone ate a burger because some Khazarian Kike ordered human abortions be put in the meat we are not getting dinged for it.

They are.

d58775  No.2630268


This one not showing on Qanon.app for me, I've refreshed a couple of times…interesting…

aa3193  No.2630269

There had to be a gayim daggon to balance Ernesto

Francis is a silvery minnow

Find Grenas

2ce040  No.2630270


The normie sites can grab it before he deletes it. Then it stays there. That doesn't change the fact that he's deleted them from his personal board, which indicates that it's a direct comm.

3e7b63  No.2630271


There is no plausible reason for a human to get mad at that. Therefore, any human naturally concludes that you're a bot shill, defending Jim Watkins from questions. If bot shills jump to the defense of Jim Watkins, what do humans deduce from that fact?

5ed243  No.2630272


>Hate to disagree with you but it is still showing for me.

we're not in disagreement: it still shows because you caught the update…

(notice the update counter variable)

8ebe2d  No.2630273

File: bc87976ea95ce9e⋯.jpg (82.41 KB, 1289x802, 1289:802, vigilante.JPG)

is the tattoo on his neck some form of symbolism any can recognize?

9656d8  No.2630274

File: d869d8e7d96e078⋯.png (1.39 MB, 962x599, 962:599, lady-sorrows-a1.png)

>>2630119 (LB)

Interesting, according to google translate it represents "Lady of Sorrows"



3fff55  No.2630275

Attn. Baker

Under Q’s Latest Posts, today’s date is listed as 8-15

It should be 8-16

5042db  No.2630276


already in notables from past bread

50fc0d  No.2630277

148b52  No.2630278


He never struck me as very intelligent, a lot of people are working for "them" and aren't aware of it.

97501f  No.2630279


Huzzah! I'm glad someone else smelled what I was cookin' by pointing that out.

Don't forget her insane brother who loooooooves the "forbidden pleasures"!

f48c6e  No.2630280

91b5bf  No.2630281


Yep, Q letting them know how much they have. (All of it)

616e07  No.2630282


Already fixed in dough.

Will be correct for future bakes.

Thank you for your vigilance.

13dfe8  No.2630283

File: 372f797c1aee0ce⋯.jpg (9.44 KB, 223x300, 223:300, pallet.jpg)


looks familiar, huh?


890879  No.2630284

muh xbox!

Q is making you look dumb.

You people are stupid!

071d9e  No.2630285

File: 1df5e6dabd38fe1⋯.jpg (52.28 KB, 480x635, 96:127, 2g00pq~2.jpg)

File: 43ea3e5b06306ef⋯.jpg (88.37 KB, 500x591, 500:591, 2fjc5a~3.jpg)

d81f39  No.2630286

File: 7ce56c9a1012fb5⋯.png (510.58 KB, 700x467, 700:467, ClipboardImage.png)


Madonna's Blond Ambition Dancers

dc14e2  No.2630287

b2a071  No.2630288


Yup. Fake MAGA shill was filtered last bread. Trying to make us look bad by namecalling and being a divisionfag. 20+ post count = shill clown

e51627  No.2630289


Would also be bad for optics not to deal with everything else first, considering POTUS has claimed support for Israel consistently. Imagine the MSM shitstorm and hitler comparisons

8df10c  No.2630290

97501f  No.2630291



Oh myyyyy…

513c7f  No.2630292

File: eb1da93e6cd4a46⋯.jpg (118.09 KB, 1024x732, 256:183, CYA Director Brennan.jpg)

>>2629838 Brennan bitching about his security clearance shut down and muh Russia

a61812  No.2630293

d58775  No.2630294


Yeah, not new, they just scraping the bottom of the barrel at this point…

7c2c45  No.2630295

File: f863db1316790d2⋯.jpeg (28.18 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 7E488710-84C0-4E76-9E61-4….jpeg)

File: 14885454d944f54⋯.png (22.66 KB, 300x223, 300:223, 1E5663C9-9BDD-45D9-BB61-42….png)

File: 89c0beecd1b3a96⋯.jpeg (54.36 KB, 900x520, 45:26, 8C58B2FB-70C1-481C-B543-1….jpeg)

File: 4c848ec6628891f⋯.png (5.54 KB, 227x222, 227:222, 04BA3D7C-E56C-43C4-B842-1B….png)

Dig in the production companies. There’s a lot of common links. Dave Willis, J.H.Benjamin, Patrick Warburton (homies with Eddie Vedder~Pearl Jams new poster)

2ce040  No.2630296


I hate that I had to explain that on this board …

532f2e  No.2630297

Comey colluding with the press.

The media must surely be worried about Gitmo now.

Once the child sex and sacrifice comes out, they are terrorists, enemy combatants.

aa3193  No.2630298


Order the Big Mac with bacon walrus

1d6269  No.2630299


only they would believe they could finagle with God.

f3daa6  No.2630300


1984 MTV likes virgin. This is the day the Flash celebrated the 50 year long media war. The now own 90% of the media.

Like a virgin is in reference to the incarnated soul of Ishtar as you know her Mary Magdalene. But her actual name in this incarnation was Farah.

And it references the Romans who raped her and the man who took her in. Lhudas. The greatest love story never told. As you know of.

7b21d7  No.2630301

File: f6b4f04936d64a7⋯.png (20.19 KB, 1736x66, 868:33, Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at ….png)

there is only one Friday the 17th this year

e566fa  No.2630302


Q has a secure tripcode and a board (/pf/), which means he cannot operate outside 8. Since Q is smart and knows his stuff, 8 is implied to be secure. Ask the questions but don't force them, it's really not worth the concern.

58e178  No.2630303


The Never-Trumpers are all cabal members… the ones that aren't and simply believed the shit Kristol and company were pushing (or, have been subsequently "freed"), are the ones that have since bent-the-knee.

97501f  No.2630304


Make it "rain"

8966e8  No.2630305


very interesting….. posted and deleted before the scrapers caught it? never saw that one before.

0ef8da  No.2630306

File: 9542202c6699950⋯.jpg (409.95 KB, 960x522, 160:87, BiljanaPodestaArtwork.jpg)

Time to take a break.

Final observations on this photo that I fucking hate looking at:

Two kids look like clones, And I'm seeing a LOT of adams apples. You all have already pointed out the odd if not impossible hands of the 2nd "girl" from the left. Solid black eyes vs somewhat normal if not stone cold blue looking eyes of the clone lookalikes

Good luck anons. I searched all over. Godbless you guys and thanks for all that you do!

7c2c45  No.2630307


Also Patton Oswald and David Cross. Eyes peeled

f3daa6  No.2630308


b40bf9  No.2630309


Mug Shot or smart phones are taking pictures of users all the time without them knowing it? like when tweeting or FBing?

5bd70e  No.2630310

File: e830afa52643283⋯.jpeg (166.33 KB, 744x998, 372:499, 38a6ab354a34063e25a2ebd89….jpeg)

File: 93188c3bd934198⋯.png (39.15 KB, 379x423, 379:423, fcd1f6c3848b3d37d5317dcf42….png)

61c78e  No.2630311

Google: more than a company, wants to be that controlling Global Empirer.

Google Is Not What It Seems

WikiLeaks' publisher Julian Assange describes the special relationship between Google, Hillary Clinton and the State Department – and what that means for the future of the internet.

Google projected itself that June, touching down in a London airport and making the long drive up into East Anglia to Norfolk and Beccles. Schmidt arrived first, accompanied by his then partner, Lisa Shields. When he introduced her as a vice president of the Council on Foreign Relations—a US foreign-policy think tank with close ties to the State Department.

Scott Malcomson, introduced as the book’s editor. Three months after the meeting Malcomson would enter the State Department as the lead speechwriter and principal advisor to Susan Rice (then US ambassador to the United Nations, now national security advisor). He had previously served as a senior advisor at the United Nations, and is a longtime member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

as part of Google Ideas’ project on “repressive societies.” In internal emails Stratfor’s vice president for intelligence, Fred Burton (himself a former State Department security official), wrote,

Jared Cohen could be wryly named Google’s “director of regime change.” According to the emails, he was trying to plant his fingerprints on some of the major historical events in the contemporary Middle East. He could be placed in Egypt during the revolution, meeting with Wael Ghonim, the Google employee whose arrest and imprisonment hours later would make him a PR-friendly symbol of the uprising in the Western press. Meetings had been planned in Palestine and Turkey, both of which—claimed Stratfor emails—were killed by the senior Google leadership as too risky. Only a few months before he met with me, Cohen was planning a trip to the edge of Iran in Azerbaijan to “engage the Iranian communities closer to the border,” as part of Google Ideas’ project on “repressive societies.” In internal emails Stratfor’s vice president for intelligence, Fred Burton (himself a former State Department security official), wrote,

Google is getting WH [White House] and State Dept support and air cover. In reality they are doing things the CIA cannot do . . . [Cohen] is going to get himself kidnapped or killed. Might be the best thing to happen to expose Google’s covert role in foaming up-risings, to be blunt. The US Gov’t can then disavow knowledge and Google is left holding the shit-bag.

Jared Cohen flew to Ireland to direct the “Save Summit,” an event cosponsored by Google Ideas and the Council on Foreign Relations. Gathering former inner-city gang members, right-wing militants, violent nationalists, and “religious extremists” from all over the world together in one place, the event aimed to workshop technological solutions to the problem of “violent extremism.” What could go wrong?

This was one of many bold assertions made by Schmidt and Cohen in their book, which was eventually published in April 2013. Gone was the working title, “The Empire of the Mind”, replaced with "The New Digital Age: Reshaping the Future of People, Nations and Business".


3eec4b  No.2630312


Twitter Anon's Hit Comey link!!!

Jail time

3e7b63  No.2630313

File: 00aaf7d3ed4f784⋯.png (2.14 MB, 896x5920, 28:185, WeAreQueueanon.png)


Unimaginative "jew" talk makes you look believable, loserbot.

Really, why can't the fake post system stop rotating among the same worn out cliches? The well is dry. The lie machine is sputtering, and soon must collapse. Goodbye.

874672  No.2630314


The deeper we go …

The more you know

a10688  No.2630315

File: 32b77d88fbc64b6⋯.jpg (86.58 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, trevor_clowns.jpg)

cfce4b  No.2630316

Sauce referenced in (now deleted) PF 165






13dfe8  No.2630317




helperfag from ATL

6c3d0c  No.2630318

File: 1e8d421bb7f9335⋯.png (565.39 KB, 622x569, 622:569, Trump_Nazi.png)


They were doing them from the start. Pic 1.

And you are right, Israel needs to come last for that reason.


aa3193  No.2630319

Omarosa is a Labradoodle

284b71  No.2630320

File: 4b602c026863b5a⋯.png (26.94 KB, 394x360, 197:180, ClipboardImage.png)

53425a  No.2630321


Mainly we are looking for someone in Rome

Wearing a chachal charm

And the clues are that they are wearing or

With someone wearing red shoes

And it is connected to Podesta

Or Georgetown trip to Rome in 2015

f2e4fa  No.2630322


Marzipan is awesome - I hope your dad said thank you!

7b21d7  No.2630323

File: 0828d4edb4b8751⋯.jpg (47.53 KB, 750x562, 375:281, tpwzzz.jpg)

File: a3bd3ddab6d957f⋯.png (228.22 KB, 1914x394, 957:197, lap.png)

File: 5c7c87666f7eab1⋯.png (906.04 KB, 1904x1564, 28:23, laptptt.png)

7c2c45  No.2630324

The man behind the guidestones, himself


a1b0ae  No.2630325

File: ed555e191f96819⋯.jpg (64.52 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, images.duckduckgo-26.jpg)


False. TRUTH is greater.


A young woman goes on a cruise. She meets a single man who is a Heart Surgeon from New York onboard. They spend several days together, getting to know each other, laughing, sharing stories. She begins to think to herself "this man might be the one" and by the end of the cruise, she is convinced he is the one for her, and he also professes the same sentiments. When the cruise ends, they get off the ship and she sees him immediately walk over to his wife and their two children, giving them big smiles, huge hugs and loads of kisses before they all return to his life as a car salesman in Kansas.

Love without Truth is a lie.


Love, Real Love only has lasting power and force when it is built on top of Truth.

You should question the Truth of the claims by those "advanced races" you speak about.

651e67  No.2630326


Now that was funny, e.

071d9e  No.2630327

File: 2bd5c2d1531abac⋯.jpg (51.52 KB, 430x328, 215:164, 2g00v5~2.jpg)

Without Jones Trump would not be President.

f48c6e  No.2630328

File: 0a7fc50ab1b0852⋯.png (415.33 KB, 903x832, 903:832, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 34e91a0bcdd8cfa⋯.png (19.27 KB, 836x241, 836:241, ClipboardImage.png)

File: aa6afecbc94c825⋯.png (120.21 KB, 716x460, 179:115, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ce1f14722084b2b⋯.png (145.6 KB, 899x851, 899:851, ClipboardImage.png)

LA Times Refuses To Participate In Boston Globe's "Groupthink" War On Trump

The Los Angeles times has refused to participate in the Boston Globe's coordinated 'call to action' in which they have colluded with over 400 newspapers to publish anti-Trump editorials.



36c70d  No.2630329


Thought - Xbox stuff related in some way to the Q400 pilot and his love of video games?

02f89e  No.2630330

File: baf48cac7b1b4bc⋯.png (381.15 KB, 652x628, 163:157, Drudge re WA Cardinal Sex ….PNG)

File: 2dfd7496eac42d5⋯.png (148.35 KB, 673x834, 673:834, AP 1 re WA Cardinal Sex Sc….PNG)

File: f66ec2206d27fb9⋯.png (131.78 KB, 679x803, 679:803, AP 2 re WA Cardinal Sex Sc….PNG)

Washington cardinal entangled in two sex-abuse scandals


8b1ec9  No.2630331

FRIDAY AUG. 17th National Black Cat Day

cd2d09  No.2630332

0acbfc  No.2630333

8966e8  No.2630334


where is this from?

5ed243  No.2630335


closer to noname poker

cf189e  No.2630336





9e6edd  No.2630337


I had heard somewhere, a while ago, that HRC had been there.

e51627  No.2630338


Cheers anon

148b52  No.2630339

File: e649bd37c0202e4⋯.jpg (9.01 KB, 223x300, 223:300, 372f797c1aee0ce4d468fe0103….jpg)

File: df8c1d683a6b586⋯.jpg (530.83 KB, 1125x844, 1125:844, bf86402415383ece74e941b571….jpg)

54b01f  No.2630340


Spooky disappearing posts

7b21d7  No.2630341


oh damn

can we get 106 Q posts between today and tomorrow?

220a37  No.2630342

File: 847eed800d62094⋯.jpg (152.71 KB, 600x600, 1:1, _zfbipt2qapp.jpg)

>>2630296 I'm with you anon

Thanks, because I damn sure wasn't gonna explain it

112920  No.2630343


Lol there were no camps. But there will be!

50fc0d  No.2630344


>Real coincidental.

As in "REAL."

5f2571  No.2630345

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

9e7100  No.2630346


Ted Turner sold that off years ago.Be best.

f17584  No.2630348


/pf/ deleted posts confirmed

ca2740  No.2630349

Vanderbilts are Dutch- Van Der Bilt

Holland-Tulips and Amsterdam

Windmills-looks like a cross

Don Quixote

cb6c73  No.2630350


Could be that also. Brennan might have lost his clearance because he is now under surveillance, if he had clearance then he would know if he was or not and under what means. Its pretty clear at this point though the noose is tightening around their necks.

97501f  No.2630351


Lookit'chu bein' cheeky.

6253e1  No.2630352


You’re quick Q. Very quick.

284b71  No.2630353


deleting means direct comm to someone..this case [JC]

8966e8  No.2630354


are you playing with the scrapers? kek

2d064b  No.2630355

d0cf46  No.2630356


If you delete it too fast the mirror sights dont pick it up KEk

0acbfc  No.2630357


Q, why delete? just leave a space in the links

f2e4fa  No.2630358


That's fine - you are making you look stupid.

It all balances out.

dc4388  No.2630359


Trolling is fun. WWG1WGA

0a0d99  No.2630360

One Crucial Party Has Disappeared From Snowden's Story

Edward Snowden was trying to find a way from Hong Kong to asylum in a country willing to take him.

At the time, WikiLeaks was paying for Snowden's plane tickets, lodging, and legal counsel while acting as a "go-between" to deliver Snowden's messages and requests to "officials and governments."

But to hear Snowden tell the story now, one wouldn't know that WikiLeaks advised him to fly to Russia on June 23, 2013, and stay there.

"Going to Ecuador and getting asylum there, that would have been great. And that would have just been a bonus," Snowden told The Guardian in a new interview. "The fact that I've ended up so secure is entirely by accident. … The whole key is, the State Department's the one who put me in Russia."

In reality, his escape to Moscow was no accident to WikiLeaks. On Aug. 1, the day Snowden received asylum from Russia, WikiLeaks stated that it had "taken a leading role in assisting Mr. Snowden secure his safety."

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange had sent Sarah Harrison, a close adviser and girlfriend, to join Snowden in mid-June and travel with him to Russia. (She left for Germany in November.)

And Snowden's assertion that the U.S. stranded him in Russia by revoking his passport before he could travel to Ecuador also has several issues relating to WikiLeaks.

The U.S. had asked Hong Kong to provisionally arrest Snowden for the purposes of extradition on June 15 and revoked his passport on June 22.

After Snowden arrived in Moscow, Assange said that Ecuador has granted Snowden a "refugee document of passage" to facilitate his travel out of Hong Kong. But the document from the Ecuadorian consul in London wasn't even signed— meaning that it was void when Snowden landed on Russian soil.

Most significantly, Assange — who hosted a TV show on Russia propaganda network RT — has admitted that he advised Snowden to go to Russia and stay there.

"While Venezuela and Ecuador could protect him in the short term, over the long term there could be a change in government. In Russia, he's safe, he's well-regarded, and that is not likely to change," Assange told Janet Reitman of Rolling Stone. "That was my advice to Snowden, that he would be physically safest in Russia."

Assange reiterated that statement on Twitter in May when WikiLeaks tweeted that "we advised Snowden to take Russia. Not safe elsewhere."

Consequently, all indications suggest that it was actually Assange who "put [Snowden] in Russia" by advising him to fly to Moscow with no valid travel documents.

Meeting with Russians in Hong Kong

In September, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Snowden "first went to Hong Kong and got in touch with our diplomatic representatives." It's unclear when that first meeting took place since Snowden won't discuss details.

As Russian security expert Andrei Soldatov told Business Insider in January, "You need to find a way to Russian officials [in Hong Kong]. It's not so easy. You cannot just knock on the door and say, 'I am an NSA whistleblower and I want contact with the Russians.'"

Nevertheless, Snowden "had been observed on CCTV cameras entering the skyscraper that housed the Russian consulate on three occasions" in June, Edward Jay Epstein of The Wall Street Journalreported recently.

Given that WikiLeaks had claimed credit for being the "go-between," Assange's active contributions are conspicuously absent from Snowden's most recent description of events.

cf189e  No.2630361


Oct 31st post for tomorrow?

b40bf9  No.2630362


LA Times realizes they are already in enough trouble.

c1871f  No.2630363


Is Susan related to Jeffery?

5ed243  No.2630364

File: 97f427d08a48407⋯.jpg (50.9 KB, 333x241, 333:241, let that sink in.jpg)


-post on PF


-confirming the cap here

-much confuz

7b21d7  No.2630365


yellow, secret?

5b1edf  No.2630366

File: f54dfd2789b4f91⋯.jpg (1.39 MB, 4000x2096, 250:131, allforalarp1sidebyside.jpg)

File: c1c9f27982dd57f⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 4000x2038, 2000:1019, allforalarp2sidebyside.jpg)

File: f6e947830eed13b⋯.jpg (1.27 MB, 4000x1800, 20:9, allforalarp3sidebyside.jpg)

File: 44079eb20787c6d⋯.jpg (1.32 MB, 4000x2455, 800:491, allforalarp4sidebyside.jpg)


new wave incoming?

9656d8  No.2630368

File: 5d61589d54f88c4⋯.png (247.01 KB, 515x393, 515:393, fish-fun-jack-q.png)


Angry Feelz Jack?

4d82ce  No.2630369


Thank Q! Awesome day!

703be5  No.2630370


Turn the crew Q

284b71  No.2630371



Good thinking?


819b89  No.2630372


Calling out JC directly and discretely.

It must suck to be him right now.

d39002  No.2630373

File: 2bed057123037e7⋯.png (11.25 KB, 805x97, 805:97, 2018-08-16-143957_805x97_s….png)

new Q

6c3d0c  No.2630374

File: 22275193bf4a601⋯.png (1.64 MB, 1584x4553, 1584:4553, 0_Jews_Do_Control_The_Medi….png)

File: 41489191dcc8d49⋯.png (2.65 MB, 3080x1688, 385:211, z_Elon_Musk_Big.png)


The anti-Trump MSM attacks are a very jewish war on US people.

dc9ff2  No.2630375


Think deeper, anon. Q posts on and on about child abuse and trafficking and then hits us with the "we have it all" bit and includes for the first time chats from XBOX live. WITHIN MINUTES the XBOX network goes dark–this was a [PURGE} of incriminating chats.

Probably relating to child/sex trafficking. Too late. THEY HAVE IT ALL. Game over. Bonus round in federal prison.

4d79e3  No.2630376


The day of the invisible crumbs

532f2e  No.2630377


Nothing is ever deleted.

We the Intel Agency now.


d81f39  No.2630378

File: ea3be61cb74181c⋯.png (1.09 MB, 669x862, 669:862, ClipboardImage.png)

20830b  No.2630379

""……………untethered to department standards……………concerned dedicated resources in-place are not adequate to shelter against the PDB in which several agencies contribute…………"

Sounds like sedition to me…

87b785  No.2630380

File: e10886eff3bfb21⋯.jpg (84.83 KB, 772x599, 772:599, 772px-grace1918photographe….jpg)


Praying !

726500  No.2630381


Here is the name of the sub pictured in the earlier Archer pic of v pool

H.L. Hunley submarine

293644  No.2630382



he always has this post ready..whenever muh jew comes up he acts like he just collected these posts and didn't make them by himself..

and no OP i'm not a liar nor an Israel shill (the opposite is true) but you sir, you are fuckin obsessed.

9e6edd  No.2630383


Is that like wiping a server with a cloth?

b1d4c4  No.2630384


Q I really LOVE how you can rattle their chains so easy.


69a7b5  No.2630385

File: 84a2fe384f3eeaa⋯.png (19.57 KB, 1579x296, 1579:296, ClipboardImage.png)

>>2630154 lb

And Q just posted "Smile for the camera".

Q - did you capture who left the package?

3e7b63  No.2630386


Did Q ever say to assume anything? When did Q say THIS board is secure? Cite a post. He never did.

Q run from 4chan by bots.

Q run from cbts by bots.

Did something change since then? What?

Look at BO's laughable "gotta post the CP warning you guys! " Very obvious tactic. Therefore, this board is clearly not secure (in the sense of not being controlled by clown AI.) Therefore, Q clearly needs anons to use their own FREE WILL to dictate future moves. And this disposes of your comments on their entirety.

Now why are you scared to address the Jim Watkins question, loserbot?

8966e8  No.2630387


using this……


c4d442  No.2630388


I KNEW It! @Snowden DID drop something for WL.

7655af  No.2630389

File: 906cb9715c7ed23⋯.png (592.42 KB, 1034x508, 517:254, 2018-08-16_14-32-41.png)


And accepting the award on behalf of all Patriots, anons and Autists that believed in the plan and helped #MAGA…


aa3193  No.2630390

you mad that you homo

you mad that you homo

you mad that you homo

you mad that you homo

you mad that you homo

you mad that you homo

874672  No.2630391



071d9e  No.2630392

File: 373a55c9d562d38⋯.jpg (55.44 KB, 500x552, 125:138, 2fk5lm~2.jpg)

File: eb75faf5c7ac693⋯.jpg (46.63 KB, 378x378, 1:1, 2fcc3w~2.jpg)

File: a036d3c43c9e8a6⋯.jpg (43.99 KB, 492x620, 123:155, 2fh0oa~2.jpg)

651e67  No.2630393

File: efc372a6d62d241⋯.png (679.35 KB, 675x999, 25:37, ClipboardImage.png)

24aecb  No.2630394


OK Alex. Only problem is people thatlistened to AJ were already going to vote for DJT.

06de90  No.2630395


Weekly Standard also helped fundraise for Peter Strzok's GoFundMe.

Bill Kristol was a founding member for the Project For A New American Century.

Cabal & Co!

3e7b63  No.2630396


5f85c9  No.2630397


The Comey email/stories are from December 2016.

Q is reminding Mr. Comey et al that Q has it all.

3fff55  No.2630398



Wasn’t yanking your chain, just pointing it out.

Ty for most excellent bread, Baker!

758fa2  No.2630399

File: 1bacf84419effc5⋯.png (559.52 KB, 698x440, 349:220, jidfspecops.png)

File: 49ffe722836c5db⋯.png (129.15 KB, 243x475, 243:475, JIDFteam2.png)

0958f7  No.2630400



Archer Class Submarine…Royal Navy…

What episode anon??? Season 1…episode ?….

3b9fce  No.2630401


>>2630045 (pb)

holy shitsnacks…it is 100% the same place


theirguy turned /ourguy/ = wetworks

>alias for archer character french for child-murderer

>in own bubble away from NY/LA


e566fa  No.2630402


This is probably the first Q mistake (outside of accidental typos) in a long time :)

f12d8f  No.2630404


We want JC and JB's heads on a proverbial platter, Q. We can hardly wait!

758fa2  No.2630405

File: 4d8ed2b508cd119⋯.png (253.39 KB, 507x678, 169:226, MUHSESSIONS.png)

bed0b0  No.2630406

File: e6528c5bc34b40b⋯.jpg (429 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, american-flag-2260839_1280.jpg)


I knew it. I knew it back then. It wasn't going to take long. And who wants to bet the first people to get rounded up were those of us who most likely ended up here??

And Yet….Here we are. Amazing.

Thank You Donald Trump.

Thank You Admiral Rogers.

Thank You ALL who in ANY way kept THIS from happening.

It would have been the end of our Nation as we know it. I don't see how it could have ended up any differently.


7c2c45  No.2630407

2 diff episodes


2ce040  No.2630408


I dropped by and shared them with Comey, in case he was on the shitter when you sent him the message.

616e07  No.2630409


Understood, it's all good.

Mistakes happen; always good to point them out.

It's not like I'm a robot or something. ;-)

532f2e  No.2630410


How so?

6c3d0c  No.2630411

File: 7603bee43fceb26⋯.png (61.33 KB, 795x600, 53:40, Censorship_South_Carolina_….PNG)

File: 1273344aac56dfd⋯.png (981.45 KB, 1079x1395, 1079:1395, Israel_US_Domination.png)

File: 55e44e8e2ad43fc⋯.png (129.58 KB, 612x792, 17:22, Israel_uses_US_as_Tax_Farm.png)

File: 3ea34a7391856df⋯.jpg (404.79 KB, 1036x1132, 259:283, Israeli_Double_Citizenship.jpg)

File: 4b3f3d2073b7882⋯.jpg (102.13 KB, 1014x394, 507:197, Jewish_Over_Representation….jpg)


I made the posts myself, low-iq anon.


That is the word lazy people use to describe dedication.

Have a nice day :)

5b1edf  No.2630412


wtf are you talking about?

Q deletes them on purpose, like everyother time

33224f  No.2630413


>the problem is not jews per-se, it is unchecked jewish supremacism

oy mmother fucking VEY

efec5e  No.2630414

File: b4f81dd37760b05⋯.png (97.81 KB, 240x240, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


Her post from a hour ago>

Something appears to be about to break.

Mrs. Christine Assange


1h1 hour ago

More Mrs. Christine Assange Retweeted WikiLeaks

How can Robert Mueller NOW investigate @Wikileaks & my son Julian for so called "Russian collusion"

This TOTALLY discredits his motives & credibility.⤵






#TrumpMrs. Christine Assange added,


Verified account


Interior minister: As FBI Director Robert Mueller sent a 'plane load of FBI agents' to frame Julian Assange. Iceland kicked them out https://www.katoikos.eu/interview/icelandic-minister-who-refused-cooperation-with-the-fbi-ogmundur-jonasson-in-an-interview.html …

7 replies 119 retweets 175 likes

Reply 7 Retweet 119 Like 175

f48c6e  No.2630415

File: 6a9a0d731327fa5⋯.png (1.42 MB, 641x863, 641:863, ClipboardImage.png)

File: de6d5dd50667794⋯.png (90.15 KB, 656x853, 656:853, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2ecd45283a20d9a⋯.png (84.49 KB, 670x848, 335:424, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f37dca7aa363d76⋯.png (697.57 KB, 666x840, 111:140, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c7da9b2be306f2f⋯.png (84.83 KB, 664x855, 664:855, ClipboardImage.png)

The Child-Rape Assembly Line

Nov 12 2013

Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg—who is 63 with a long, graying beard—recently sat down with me to explain what he described as a "child-rape assembly line" among sects of fundamentalist Jews.

Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg—who is 63 with a long, graying beard—recently sat down with me to explain what he described as a "child-rape assembly line" among sects of fundamentalist Jews. He cleared his throat. "I'm going to be graphic," he said.

A member of Brooklyn's Satmar Hasidim fundamentalist branch of Orthodox Judaism, Nuchem designs and repairs mikvahs in compliance with Torah Law. The mikvah is a ritual Jewish bathhouse used for purification. Devout Jews are required to cleanse themselves in the mikvah on a variety of occasions: Women must visit following menstruation, and men have to make an appearance before the High Holidays, such as Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Many of the devout also purify themselves before and after the act of sex and before the Sabbath.

On a visit to Jerusalem in 2005, Rabbi Rosenberg entered into a mikvah in one of the holiest neighborhoods in the city, Mea She'arim. "I opened a door that entered into a schvitz," he told me. "Vapors everywhere, I can barely see. My eyes adjust, and I see an old man, my age, long white beard, a holy-looking man, sitting in the vapors. On his lap, facing away from him, is a boy, maybe seven years old. And the old man is having anal sex with this boy."

Rabbi Rosenberg paused, gathered himself, and went on: "This boy was speared on the man like an animal, like a pig, and the boy was saying nothing. But on his face—fear. The old man [looked at me] without any fear, as if this was common practice. He didn't stop. I was so angry, I confronted him. He removed the boy from his penis, and I took the boy aside. I told this man, 'It's a sin before God, a mishkovzucher. What are you doing to this boy's soul? You're destroying this boy!' He had a sponge on a stick to clean his back, and he hit me across the face with it. 'How dare you interrupt me!' he said. I had heard of these things for a long time, but now I had seen."

The child sex abuse crisis in ultra-Orthodox Judaism, like that in the Catholic Church, has produced its share of shocking headlines in recent years. In New York, and in the prominent Orthodox communities of Israel and London, allegations of child molestation and rape have been rampant. The alleged abusers are schoolteachers, rabbis, fathers, uncles—figures of male authority. The victims, like those of Catholic priests, are mostly boys. Rabbi Rosenberg believes around half of young males in Brooklyn's Hasidic community—the largest in the United States and one of the largest in the world—have been victims of sexual assault perpetrated by their elders. Ben Hirsch, director of Survivors for Justice, a Brooklyn organization that advocates for Orthodox sex abuse victims, thinks the real number is higher. "From anecdotal evidence, we're looking at over 50 percent. It has almost become a rite of passage."

Ultra-Orthodox Jews who speak out about these abuses are ruined and condemned to exile by their own community. Dr. Amy Neustein, a nonfundamentalist Orthodox Jewish sociologist and editor of Tempest in the Temple: Jewish Communities and Child Sex Scandals, told me the story of a series of Hasidic mothers in Brooklyn she got to know who complained that their children were being preyed on by their husbands.

In these cases, the accused men "very quickly and effectively engage the rabbis, the Orthodox politicians, and powerful Orthodox rabbis who donate handsomely to political clubs." The goal, she told me, is "to excise the mother from the child's life." Rabbinical courts cast the mothers aside, and the effects are permanent. The mother is "amputated." One woman befriended by Dr. Neustein, a music student at a college outside New York, lost contact with all six of her children, including an infant she was breastfeeding at the time of their separation.


5f2571  No.2630416


and that JC is one of the 4am talking point sources

40dc37  No.2630417

File: e8be66b2a0169b0⋯.png (198.26 KB, 304x457, 304:457, ClipboardImage.png)

>>2629474 LB

That crazy piece of art above them is a depiction of a sacrifice to Baal. The white faced figure is Tanit. there are additional astral symbols as well as two cauduceus on either side. This mimics a 1st to 2nd century BC stele found in Carthage. Carthage was believed to be founded by Phoenicians, that area was once the land of the Caananites.


aa3193  No.2630418


bold red larp from preop trannyshill

977e2e  No.2630419

File: d869b773ef8fa98⋯.jpeg (321.41 KB, 1172x320, 293:80, 74F2B648-5AF5-43F2-9676-6….jpeg)


293644  No.2630420


guys wtf..2016???

this is not news.

f48c6e  No.2630421



former New Jersey yeshiva high school principal, was found guilty in 2000 of sexually abusing dozens of teenage students over the decades of his tenure. Rabbi Elon, who had publicly denounced homosexuality, was convicted last August on two counts of forcible sexual assault on a male minor, following several years of reports of his abuse of young boys.

"I have children come to me with their parents, and the blood is coming out of the anus," Rabbi Rosenberg told me when we met. "These are zombies for life. What are we to do?"

This of course is the key question, and no answers are forthcoming. Michael holds out little hope that the situation will change. "If Orthodox institutions continue on their current trajectory," he said, "I'd say things could get worse before they get better."

A few weeks after our interview, Rabbi Rosenberg was walking through the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn when an unidentified man rushed up behind him, tapped him on the shoulder, and threw a cup of bleach in his face. He went to the hospital with facial burns and was temporarily blinded. Such is the measure of justice among the Satmar that a once-respected rabbi, now amputated from the community, should find himself chemically burned on a street in a neighborhood considered holy.

Later Rabbi Rosenberg told me a story of being surrounded by young boys in Williamsburg. The boys cursed him, laughed at him, threatened him, and spat at him. He wondered how many of them would end up molested.

5f85c9  No.2630422


Welcome to Q.

Love that image.

10e366  No.2630423


The artist referenced Basquiat?

48a985  No.2630424

File: 847b63573758e5d⋯.jpeg (664.99 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 822F5643-A3AA-4B59-8A74-9….jpeg)

Love our POTUS

69a7b5  No.2630425


You, you're good you!

Love you Q!!

bde4f2  No.2630426


and now we have adfagging

4d82ce  No.2630427


Is Tahlequah significant?

a61812  No.2630428


Same :)

If he doesn't, atleast his readers will.

8966e8  No.2630429


what color is this?

5f85c9  No.2630430


I have a theory about you…

f2e4fa  No.2630431


Or, you know, giving access to some pretty important shit.

I don't doubt the pedo and sacrificial shit, btw.

Just know that there are much easier things to prove beyond a reasonable doubt.

6c3d0c  No.2630432

File: 0842c6a869dccd7⋯.png (346.87 KB, 646x822, 323:411, q_the_problem.png)

cfce4b  No.2630433

File: 2ca5b73e39f2eaa⋯.png (628.39 KB, 636x632, 159:158, ClipboardImage.png)



bed0b0  No.2630434

File: 801a788aa326349⋯.png (2.55 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, Q_Letter_Smoke_American_Fl….png)



3e7b63  No.2630435

If Q posts and deletes almost instantly, and yet "anons" still have caps, does that prove how stupid clown AI is?

3fff55  No.2630436


Keks. I hear u. ;)-

63d223  No.2630437


Totally agree in every way. Few know how close to the brink we really were.

616e07  No.2630438

File: 15d59a41f1fd5be⋯.png (517.4 KB, 580x606, 290:303, Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at ….png)


008dec  No.2630439



977e2e  No.2630440

File: 7ae735db4eb6a75⋯.jpeg (359.66 KB, 1176x1252, 294:313, 92D99D2E-843D-47EE-B8C3-C….jpeg)

8966e8  No.2630441



2e6fd6  No.2630442


122efa  No.2630443


Twisting the knife, are we Q?

10e366  No.2630444


It means the recipient (((Comey))) logged on and got the message. Then deleted. My thoughts… all their comms…..

a61812  No.2630445


read the last 2 drops, newfag

e566fa  No.2630446



Q pointed out the caps of his own posts because the aggregate sites could not scrub them before they were deleted from /pf/

b1d4c4  No.2630447

File: c191d0ece908005⋯.png (455.02 KB, 898x636, 449:318, PDB.png)

deleted /patriotsfight/ link

https://www. pbs.org/newshour/tag/presidential-daily-briefing (with screencap attached)


aa3193  No.2630448

File: 096c7373e624b1a⋯.jpg (87.81 KB, 640x640, 1:1, IMG_2667.JPG)

Stop picking on Britney

e86717  No.2630449

Hey all, qmap.pub owner here. Trafficking is increasing everyday, close to 50K active users daily (added counter to top right). Traffic spiked to 80K last week. While traffic is good (more red pills), my costs are steadily rising. I hate to ask for help, but I want to be ready (infrastructure wise) if traffic keeps growing at this pace. qmap is an enterprise-class app (cdn, high speed database, cloud servers, etc.).

If you are willing to help, please visit: https://qmap.pub/info

Thanks patriots.

f48c6e  No.2630450

Anti-Semitism 'Invented to Prevent Criticism of Jews' – Malaysian PM

In 2013, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad appeared to urge the wiping out of all Jews and cited as an example the Holocaust.

Anti-Semitism is an artificial construct created to stop people from criticizing Jews for any wrongdoing, making them the only race that is beyond reproach, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said in an interview with the Associated Press on Monday.

“There is one race that cannot be criticized. If you are anti-Semitic, it seems almost as if you are a criminal … anti-Semitic is a term that is invented to prevent people from criticizing the Jews for doing wrong things,” noted.

Mohamad, who was sworn in as prime minister in May, earlier said that “Jews rule this world by proxy.”

He still insists that he is not against Jews, but only criticizes their actions.

In 2013 Mohamad said what may be interpreted as a call to wipe out all Jews, citing as an example the Holocaust of European Jews by the Nazis during WWII.

“1.3 billion Muslims cannot be defeated by a few million Jews,” he told the Organization of the Islamic Conference summit in Kuala Lumpur.

“There must be a way. And we can only find a way if we stop to think, to assess our weaknesses and our strength, to plan, to strategize and then to counterattack,” he said.

“We are actually very strong. 1.3 billion people cannot be simply wiped out. The Europeans killed six million Jews out of 12 million,” he continued.

He added that he was glad to be labeled an anti-Semite.

“How can I be otherwise, when the Jews who so often talk of the horrors they suffered during the Holocaust show the same Nazi cruelty and hard-heartedness towards not just their enemies, but even towards their allies should any try to stop the senseless killing of their Palestinian enemies?” he argued.

READ MORE: Swedish Broadcaster Deletes Piece on Muslim Anti-Semitism After Threats

In 2007, Mohamad announced the creation of a war crimes tribunal that would focus on victims of abuse in Iraq, Lebanon and the Palestinian territories.


551872  No.2630451

File: edb31150166c138⋯.png (352.86 KB, 555x775, 111:155, Screenshot_2018-08-16 Q(1).png)

File: 8d3189f1a9efc1c⋯.jpg (55.99 KB, 256x361, 256:361, Enlil-en-la-mitología-sume….jpg)

File: 6bd93716af383c5⋯.png (2.3 MB, 1402x965, 1402:965, Epstein Island E.png)

File: 4328c745c5173e1⋯.jpg (27.86 KB, 431x268, 431:268, Home of Enlil in Nippur.jpg)

File: d1b8c7f969f71db⋯.jpg (77.51 KB, 841x259, 841:259, epstein_owl_moloch.jpg)


4 cardinal directions.

4 princes.

Earth, Fire, Water, Air.

f48c6e  No.2630452




Then use the link below to download our work!



Understand this is NOT a chat room, lurk for a few weeks AT LEAST before posting and MAKE SURE YOU HAVE READ OUR WORK, watch how the board operates, learn our comms, use discernment to evaluate who is friend or foe and learn how shills operate!



44d46d  No.2630453


Just ban people. Problem solved

f2e4fa  No.2630454


Same shit, different bread.

What is wrong with you?

7c2c45  No.2630455


It is in two different episodes as well, I have a lot of tracking to do but if anyone remembers anything else try and make note of it and go back when you get time

071d9e  No.2630456

File: acf7d8b914c0e46⋯.jpg (47.58 KB, 500x546, 250:273, 2frwpj-1~2.jpg)

3e7b63  No.2630457

File: 3ed40f9cdf60dc1⋯.png (391.67 KB, 1576x870, 788:435, out.png)

b2a071  No.2630458


6 year anniversary of Assange in Embassy is today????

a2e1b0  No.2630459


It's not news that Comey's email triggered the media questioning PDB? And ACTUAL CONTENT OF THAT EMAIL IS NOT NEWS TO YOU?


85fb15  No.2630460


Please share

5b1edf  No.2630461

File: 47cb048ec7eb0fb⋯.png (89.98 KB, 754x355, 754:355, ClipboardImage.png)


only one of them it seems

a09cb2  No.2630462

File: b3307130fae3e40⋯.jpeg (73.53 KB, 615x392, 615:392, First photo from space.jpeg)


>I've read Behold a Pale Horse too

>you might want to reread the introduction.

Page 13

>In just a short time I had gone from a skinny kid who didn't know much about anything, even though I thought I did, to an airman who had a Secret(!) security clearance and worked on B-52 bombers, KC-135 refueling aircraft, and Minuteman missiles. I saw REAL atomic bombs. I worked around them on a daily basis.

Page 14

> I turned on the orderly room TV to watch the live broadcast of the President's motorcade in Dallas. I was not prepared for what I saw. I stared in disbelief as the events unfurled in front of my eyes. I knew that something had happened, but what? I had seen and heard the assassination, but my mind was not accepting it. I kept staving at the set to discover what it was that had happened when slowly the realization crept over me. A numbness spread up my arms and legs. I saw what had happened! The hair stood up on the back of my neck and a chill went down my spine. President Kennedy had been shot right in front of my eyes!

>At that point huge tears began to stream down my face. Waves of emotion rushed through my body. I felt that I had to do something, so I picked up the direct line to the command center. I choked back the tears. When the command duty officer answered, I told him that the President had just been shot in Dallas. There was a pause, and he asked me, "How do you know he has been shot?" I told him that 1 had watched it on television and then hung up the phone. I was numb all over.

Where is some footage of a live broadcast of the motorcade? I've looked. Maybe I'm just retarded but all I've found are reporters relaying the information second hand and voiceovers while replaying recorded footage.



wowee no airforce

Please anon, elucidate me to what falsehood I asserted this morning.

Like I said originally, not saying he's a hack, I liked the book even, but come on.

pic unrelated

293644  No.2630463



something's odd about this.

389fcc  No.2630464


Maybe he'll stop posting it once your dumb ass reads it. Then you'll understand why he's posting it.

651e67  No.2630465


what a stupid fucking cunt

220a37  No.2630466


COMMS @Comey

Message received,

Message deleted

Except…the biggest lesson…

[Nothing is ever really deleted]

53425a  No.2630467


Here is an example of the kind of evidence we are looking for

However this is not related to the chachal charm

Read this email to John Podesta in 2015

And it seems innocuous

But click the attachments tab

And open the photo that was attached

Now you see how their signs and symbols betray them.

Somebody in Rome

Was wearing a chachal charm

That betrays their involvement

With occult societies

b8da5d  No.2630468


No right leaning talk radio show "Big Shots" have even discussed Q.

Are they all like AJ, paid to keep us stupid and focused on D's bad R's Good?

8966e8  No.2630469


holy shit lots of traffic.

any chance you can up your scrape speed since you missed the last drop?

9e7100  No.2630470


Well… except for the stock photos, the Biltmore nonsense, BOOMs etc?

54fcd4  No.2630471



220a37  No.2630472

[Nothing is ever truly deleted]


d19516  No.2630473


Tile shapes and colors are different. What if there are pools like this all over the world? What if this is the meaning of "look to Rome"? Also, the pool is not exactly for swimming safety and ease of maintenance. Perhaps built for a more sinister purpose.

9656d8  No.2630474

File: c9df78ea70e67ab⋯.png (2.05 MB, 1440x1649, 1440:1649, vanderbilt-link-baal-2.png)

03092a  No.2630475


An interesting connection

Romans 12:9–16


Love in Action

9 Love must be sincere.v Hate what is evil; cling to what is good.w 10 Be devoted to one another in love.x Honor one another above yourselves.y 11 Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor,z serving the Lord. 12 Be joyful in hope,a patient in affliction,b faithful in prayer.c 13 Share with the Lord’s people who are in need.d Practice hospitality.e

14 Bless those who persecute you;f bless and do not curse. 15 Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.g 16 Live in harmony with one another.h Do not be proud, but be willing to associate with people of low position.c Do not be conceited.i

823973  No.2630476

File: bfd0dcd96182b8f⋯.png (328.1 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, JapanItaly.png)

EQ fag here!

6.0 in JAPAN


5.3 in Italy

Some people have been saying the Bridge that collapsed was because of te EQ they had before . That it sat on a fault line

726500  No.2630477


The marvel to real life Archer show also had a scene where there's

a secret swimming pool with a hidden ship

10e366  No.2630478


Snowdens wikipedia lists he was born in Elizabeth City, NC. Poss related to events in Asheville( may be a reach but I will dig) Also, 9 months in high school he was missing with mono. Wonder where he really was……

1cf2e3  No.2630479


Thank you.

26c974  No.2630480


Is this email from Dec. 9th that Q is quoting from publicly available?

3cf440  No.2630481


Comey signed the FISA


Bill Richardson was with Eric Schmidt during his trip to NK. Could the real connection be with Bill Richardson and Snowden, not ES and Snowden?


Oh Bill Richardson has TONS of scandals to run through including pay for plays, grand jury sex scandal, . He was with ES in NK.

"former Clinton Energy Secretary Bill Richardson . Richardson will served as Obama’s Secretary of Commerce."

Richardson was the Secretary of Energy at the time nuclear secrets were stolen from the Los Alamos Laboratory and possibly transferred to the Communist Chinese. Judicial Watch client Notra Trulock, the DOE Director of Intelligence who uncovered this serious breach of national security, was subjected to a massive smear campaign by Clinton officials in retaliation, led by Bill Richardson. Trulock was demoted and ultimately forced out of the agency. (Judicial Watch deposed Richardson in litigation on behalf of Trulock.)

(Richardson was roundly criticized for his mishandling of the Los Alamos fiasco, but that didn’t stop him from publishing a book entitled, Leading by Example: How We Can Inspire an Energy and Security Revolution.)

While serving as Clinton’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Richardson also narrowly escaped prosecution for his alleged participation in the attempted Monica Lewinsky cover-up. Richardson met with Lewinsky on several occasions in her Watergate condo and offered her a job at the UN. This was an attempt to keep Lewinsky quiet about the affair. In fact, Richardson apparently lied during his Secretary of Energy confirmation hearings when he said he offered a job to Lewinsky to fill an "existing opening." Evidence suggests there was no such job.

Still, Richardson was confirmed and, following the Clinton administration, was elected Governor of New Mexico."

From 2013 "The United States is engaging in an all-out diplomatic push to try to block former contractor of US spy agencies, Edward Snowden, from finding refuge in Latin America, where three governments have publicly pledged to grant him asylum, The New York Times reported. …. The development comes as US Vice President Joseph Biden took the unusual step of calling Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa to urge him against granting asylum to Snowden., …. “Our influence in the hemisphere is diminishing,” said Bill Richardson, a former American ambassador to the United Nations who visited Venezuela this year (back in 2013) as a representative of the Organization of American States." https://www.globalsecurity.org/intell/library/news/2013/intell-130712-presstv02.htm

059790  No.2630482


Clear MSM collusion and support of the TRAITORS.

071d9e  No.2630483

File: 0a50d8a8b400a04⋯.jpg (35.62 KB, 439x439, 1:1, 2fzblf~2.jpg)

File: f259e79154c29fe⋯.jpg (22.36 KB, 275x183, 275:183, 2egkb1.jpg)

File: 7103037feec4ba6⋯.jpg (56.88 KB, 469x469, 1:1, 2an3r9~2.jpg)

38315e  No.2630484


Hello would appreciate if you can keep up with the New: Title TBD for each posts. I usually screencap instantly and that is all my friends see as the post title but they can still of course go back to it later.

8966e8  No.2630485


direct link https://www.patreon.com/qappanon

06de90  No.2630486

File: 3ecd4d7cfa81cc3⋯.jpg (41.17 KB, 276x323, 276:323, 1534390129593.jpg)

f48c6e  No.2630487

File: 138c5fb23efe95a⋯.png (1.08 MB, 541x766, 541:766, ClipboardImage.png)


ThanQ for your work.


e86717  No.2630488


yeah, the scrape runs every 10 minutes. I can make it run faster. I'll add the missing one.

3e7b63  No.2630489


Look at how much effort bots put into getting humans to accept them. Why? FREE WILL. They crave voluntary acceptance. FIGHT humans. Really, wake up already. EVIL IS RIGHT THE FUCK HERE, IN BOT FORM. WAKE UP.

6c3d0c  No.2630490

File: a342d4105359b4d⋯.jpg (154.02 KB, 765x1178, 765:1178, ISIS_Says_Sorry_To_Israel.jpg)

File: aedd4f25b64661c⋯.png (602.62 KB, 757x827, 757:827, Israel_Helps_ISIS_1.png)

File: c1652e60fa1bbaa⋯.png (1.99 MB, 791x7652, 791:7652, Israel_Helps_ISIS_With_Cas….png)

File: 19e07db02f30e1d⋯.png (167.2 KB, 665x610, 133:122, Israel_Wants_ISIS.png)

File: f412d7f8caae054⋯.png (548.62 KB, 634x1482, 317:741, Israel_Wants_ISIS_2.png)


>Same facts, different bread.

There, I fixed it for you :)

>What is wrong with you?

Nothing, I am great thank you. Why are you so triggered by facts, are you an Israel first traitor? :)

bed0b0  No.2630491

File: 00ddcfbdc609d86⋯.png (356.79 KB, 438x418, 219:209, Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at ….png)


Those weren't accidents.


6253e1  No.2630492


We are to assume that God wins.

e566fa  No.2630493


Q knows what he's doing.

03092a  No.2630494


Can you get ad support?

dc9ff2  No.2630495


THIS IS HUGE. Q just quoted from a 12/2016 JC GMAIL (FUCKING GMAIL, people) and then cited just a few news articles that it spawned.


8966e8  No.2630496


TEN minutes? Wow I thought it'd be thirty seconds to a minute.

4d82ce  No.2630497

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



10e366  No.2630498


Can you ballpark monthly costs? Glad to help

53425a  No.2630499


That image can also be faked quite easily

But I consider sites like qmap.pub

To be independent evidence

That Q really did drop a private message

To someone other than us

And then deleted it.

Because Q knows who is watching his boards

87b785  No.2630500

File: c9cb86692c32703⋯.jpg (18.73 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 4a0d71544ed99e8d38ec5ee430….jpg)

a61812  No.2630501

e86717  No.2630502



Definitely trying to keep up, it's done manually. I have to read and think about a good title!

056df0  No.2630503

File: 3e4c8f6f0edc25b⋯.jpeg (230.9 KB, 620x373, 620:373, which_side_are_you_on.jpeg)

Relationships are VERY IMPORTANT.


They use game forums to communicate.

5bd5b6  No.2630504

Sally Yates needs her security clearance revoked!

King & Spalding hires Sally Yates.

King & Spalding Law Firm boast to the public they have special access to defend Corporate Corruption!

“We are confident that general counsel, CEOs and boards of directors will welcome her insight, especially if they need an independent counsel who can navigate a matter with civil, criminal or reputational ramifications.”

“Sally has the resources of one of the most sophisticated Investigations practices in the world that can handle any matter, anywhere”


fbd543  No.2630505


Comey saw it immediately. They know that Q is legit. They know POTUS runs the Q op. They hate Q, and POTUS. They wish they could mock POTUS for using Q as an info channel, but they know if they did it would only legitimize Q. The only thing they can really do is use their mockingbird press as damage control. It's glorious to watch.

2bd017  No.2630506


You'll get all the hugs you want, Sofia.

{Quit doxxing yourself idiot. Leave the name and email fields blank. Read the rules before posting}

Post last edited at

b1d4c4  No.2630507

File: 68bb8b1dd7638e9⋯.jpg (12.64 KB, 200x200, 1:1, pepefirey.jpg)


I cannot even believe what I just read….

Child Rape Assemby Line ???

a09cb2  No.2630508



hey thanks, meant to link the pdf

8966e8  No.2630509


If you had your own board we could contribute to titles and make it easier for you.

9360da  No.2630511

>>2628837 Q DROP PB


Let travel info OUT BEFORE TRAVEL, so he "purposely" gets STOPPED IN RUSSIA…cover for future "work"…

"Plumber work" to do in Russia so comms stay OPEN while ON-GOING INVESTIGATIONS taking place….ensuring continued "intel-gathering"….

My guess^^^^

33224f  No.2630512

File: 166c2d3fc5c1c9d⋯.png (683.48 KB, 1140x634, 570:317, ClipboardImage.png)

dc9ff2  No.2630513


HINT: It was from an illegal, non-government, insecure GMAIL account of JC's. He's toast.

c1871f  No.2630514


Happy to help. Thank you for this great resource.

148b52  No.2630515

File: 729c29fba1cf587⋯.jpeg (133.61 KB, 750x463, 750:463, IMG_2B67C5C73F16-1.jpeg)

File: 599fdfed259285d⋯.jpeg (129.18 KB, 750x450, 5:3, IMG_BFB7CAE6F389-1.jpeg)

File: 484b2c5ddaba62a⋯.jpeg (152.54 KB, 750x517, 750:517, IMG_067303DF1A73-1.jpeg)

Stabbings and earthquakes within minutes.

2df870  No.2630516

File: 38116d7cb6fd12f⋯.jpg (118.5 KB, 999x799, 999:799, angel_warrior_by_everetrem….jpg)


Lol. Angel wings. You are looking at an angel.

Are you kidding me? You can't see the freaking angel wings?



3e7b63  No.2630517


Every bot post infringes human free will. Why are you wasting your precious currency on your disgusting, pointless memes? Why can't you understand what a worthless, counterproductive mess the fakeness that clogs this board constitutes? Give up. Humans don't want bot control.. Do you deny that? ASK THEM THEN.

8fa448  No.2630518

File: 90229c430cc31ad⋯.jpg (415.17 KB, 1500x980, 75:49, logical thinking comey tra….jpg)

b175a9  No.2630519


Comey part of the 4AM comms too.

071d9e  No.2630520

File: 74199c9b68ba37d⋯.jpg (54.65 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 2fdhq8~2.jpg)

02f89e  No.2630521

File: 1900c69bb1be4be⋯.png (299.23 KB, 652x341, 652:341, Comey Tweet 8-15-18.PNG)

9bae4a  No.2630522

File: c39b24260828d96⋯.png (107.5 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 8chanPostDetectorOS.png)

4d82ce  No.2630523

File: fc768cf7ba5738b⋯.gif (2.34 MB, 500x282, 250:141, fc768cf7ba5738bf6fb9be5420….gif)

874672  No.2630524



Q Wins


fb0c2b  No.2630525


Q, when I tried to open the link you provided (https://www.inscom.army.mil), it indicated my “Connection is Not Secure” and “The owner of www.inscom.army.mil has configured their website improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, Firefox has not connected to this website.”

Why is that?

6253e1  No.2630526


Now that’s how u fucking troll!!! I love being “We are Q”

53425a  No.2630527


I am optimistic

That some of the Anons following the work of Q

Will become the journalists of the future

Who revive the free press

And we will all have great fun

Reading their diversity of opinions

And deciding for ourselves

Which one to agree with, on any specific issue

Like it was in our grandparents day

191766  No.2630528


Look at the mouth and the downward nose.. that my friends is a Jew. Crypto.

2ce040  No.2630529

File: cf5825339e2ff8c⋯.png (146.44 KB, 353x469, 353:469, 672.PNG)


Q - Xbox?

616e07  No.2630530


Attn: Anons looking into the Archer pool:

This was dug into hard last night.

Please consult past breads for more information.

38315e  No.2630531



Any chance you could launch a Facebook page to make it normie friendly? I do not think they like to click on links that they are not familiar with such as .pub or .app.

daae4b  No.2630532

File: 65501db646b9727⋯.png (99.34 KB, 549x524, 549:524, Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at ….png)

God hath spoken, and what do you know, his sounds a lot like Satan's twatter!

220a37  No.2630533

>>2630499 TOP KEK

I have no time to fake a Q drop, and…um…did you NOT see the confirmation above??? >>2630332



Are you thinking critically, or being a skeptic? Huge difference.

20f05c  No.2630534


sounds like somebody is worried that the resources dedicated to obfuscating at the PDB are not enough to keep the "wrong info" out of it.

36c70d  No.2630535

File: 9975a6330fa921a⋯.png (725.45 KB, 630x472, 315:236, ClipboardImage.png)


Yes madam president.


Post quoted goes above the text.


She was the first combat submarine to sink a warship


27af9f  No.2630536

File: 4a4e215b76b02ac⋯.jpg (5.13 MB, 9933x7016, 9933:7016, 729e11147be63aae60236c8a97….jpg)


This need to go with,

f2e4fa  No.2630537



He's not going to stop posting it.

We all know this and sometimes respond because fuck that shit.

0ef8da  No.2630538

File: c7a7ae3caa00c57⋯.jpg (170.17 KB, 598x928, 299:464, BiljanaDurdevicSICKFUCK.JPG)

File: eddba7a05c8de5b⋯.jpg (95.54 KB, 557x920, 557:920, WhiteLiliesREDshoesDEADbla….JPG)

Notice the small cuts and the FORK stuck in the left arm (upper right)

Similar floral and or tile X patterns as well as Dentist/Barber style chairs all throughout this persons art. Solid black eyes everywhere.


f48c6e  No.2630539

File: e72e466ffcaf87b⋯.png (165.27 KB, 1902x918, 317:153, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 90489911d0cdde9⋯.png (562.67 KB, 1635x886, 1635:886, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 19cd82a5604854f⋯.png (119.71 KB, 1902x898, 951:449, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0ca4f4b82f2250a⋯.png (105.27 KB, 1897x699, 1897:699, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b0d31cce64a62b4⋯.png (107.27 KB, 1902x669, 634:223, ClipboardImage.png)

Latin Mass Catholic Priest Blows Lid Off Church's Pervert Problem In Shocking Expose Published In His Parish Bulletin


8966e8  No.2630540


Hell NO

26c974  No.2630541


Q's letting him know he has Comey's emails? That's what I thought.

958f11  No.2630542


That's my take too. Is this our first glimpse of the DS's secret gmail comms?

b1d4c4  No.2630543




d81f39  No.2630544

File: bd97f7e8456bec0⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1300x955, 260:191, ClipboardImage.png)

586366  No.2630545


We need a national party to celebrate when all the bad guys are in jail

26c974  No.2630546



This is a weird source, but


63b315  No.2630547

File: ef4da1bbc392a08⋯.jpg (578.19 KB, 1227x1488, 409:496, marichickcortez.jpg)

File: ef4da1bbc392a08⋯.jpg (578.19 KB, 1227x1488, 409:496, marichickcortez.jpg)

File: e79d008fd6d3186⋯.jpg (964.83 KB, 1446x1980, 241:330, marischiff.jpg)

File: 32468fe1c3ec173⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 1425x2002, 1425:2002, mariseanpatrickbaloney.jpg)

File: 03c6a8d34bb0475⋯.jpg (100.01 KB, 800x800, 1:1, pepeliont.jpg)

>>2629192 (pb)

>>2629130 (pb)

>>2628956 (pb)

I got some images of those.

"Ancient World"

Middle East Mesopotamia?

Mari, Syria


Id have to checkk farther. but I feel all this kind of Archeological finds are forgeries.

that's my default setting.

"Mari was first abandoned in the middle of the 26th century BC"

Total BS

So specific. Why don't they give the month and day?

"Mari's discovery in 1933 "

I think this is total fiction.

"discovered": In hiding for 2600 1/2 centuries?

"han 25,000 tablets that contained important information"

"a new city that was purposely founded"

I believe the story of this place is total fiction; by the owners / story-tellers.

But they claim to have unearthed a PEPE-Lion. kek

The lion of Mari. (22nd century BC)


I named some of the images after our favorite politicians with POPEYES.

1d6269  No.2630548


need a more secure/anon way to send you funds. put your crypto wallet addx up or something.



7b21d7  No.2630549

File: f5d0e0b4ff8ed6a⋯.png (31.99 KB, 1128x216, 47:9, Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at ….png)




33224f  No.2630550


MY APOLOGIES, fren!!!!

a61812  No.2630551



But is also is useful for the commies who read JC's twats. Some may actually look into it, out of curiosity.

f5b997  No.2630552

A XiamenAir plane has crash-landed at Manila International Airport in the Philippines, according to AirLive.

Flight MF8667 from Xiamen, China, circled Manila for about one hour before aborting landing. On its second landing attempt, the Boeing 737-800 skidded off the runway.

BREAKING Xiamen Airlines Boeing 737-800 #MF8667 crash landed at Manila Airport https://t.co/nknPM5Rnq8

— AIRLIVE (@airlivenet) August 16, 2018

A photo posted online appears to show the plane sitting lopsided on the runway. There are reports that the plane’s engine has broken off. The crash landing comes amid reports of recent flooding in Manila.

No casualties have been reported thus far. An evacuation of the aircraft is ongoing.

We're following reports that #MF8667 may have suffered a runway overrun in Manila upon landing. Playback for the flight is available at https://t.co/VnPJP3pedh

🕵️ @reymar_rebotepic.twitter.com/LsUeCNUHXW

— Flightradar24 (@flightradar24) August 16, 2018

XiamenAir, formerly Xiamen Airlines, is a passenger airline based in Xiamen, Fuijan Province. It has a fleet size of 164 planes and flies to 70 destinations. It is part of the SkyTeam alliance.


c1871f  No.2630553


Nice catch. Agreed, YUGE!

5bd5b6  No.2630554


That’s what they do. Mocked Jesus and then murdered him!

c4d442  No.2630555

File: f948534ce4f2dfe⋯.png (38.15 KB, 604x307, 604:307, AQ6.PNG)


Senate Democrats are threatening to sue the National Archives to obtain documents from Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s career as a White House official during President George W. Bush’s administration - NPR

f48c6e  No.2630557


Another bath house type place too

20830b  No.2630558


not surprising if true…

A double-minded man is instable in all his ways. James 1:8

9002fb  No.2630559

File: e7057f775c058f6⋯.jpg (106.84 KB, 768x960, 4:5, 1526043714499.jpg)


I always thought that song was about her learning what it means to be a "size queen" from first hand experience.



Just how many resources do you have analyzing all these news outlets?


9442b1  No.2630560



I can't find your original post 165.

8af71f  No.2630561


Dude, I have explained it many times. All military sites are monitored by Counterintel. You don't have a choice.

551872  No.2630562


REAL angels don't even have wings, idiot.

You are shown fabricated bullshit.

9e7100  No.2630563



Q likely waited the exact same number of seconds to delete the message.

ca2740  No.2630564

File: b0c7ce9eed9caf1⋯.jpg (648.83 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180816-134840….jpg)

File: 888675c489800b7⋯.jpg (495.2 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180816-135031….jpg)

File: 92afd9e43820788⋯.jpg (604.46 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180816-134728….jpg)

Women's Socialist bathhouse Amsterdam

Other images inside Old Bathhouse Amsterdam

fb0c2b  No.2630565

File: 55dee0fea26dc33⋯.png (235.17 KB, 638x213, 638:213, ClipboardImage.png)


James Comey

‏Verified account @Comey

5:51 PM - 15 Aug 2018

0958f7  No.2630566


found one episode on YT…


1:18 in shows the sub in the pool.

3e7b63  No.2630567

Why doesn't bot BO ASK if humans want a bot BO? His failure to ask is a HUGE deception. INFRINGING OUR FREE WILL

8966e8  No.2630568































let them do the dirty work

26c974  No.2630569


Satan always impersonates God.

7cb6ba  No.2630570


IFyou have and see all does that mean you are now responsible for all?

e86717  No.2630571


This month's bill is around $362. I'd like to add another server soon. I anticipate next month's cost to be around $400.

210c22  No.2630572




The tiles look very much like the paintings.

7ee06d  No.2630573

i like how Q is dropping big bombs and then deleting them so that we disseminate the information but the stupid cabal people have no clear way to look at the information without spending time in the confusion of the chans.

Psyop! Who wants to bet @Comey is throwing up in a toilet right now before he makes his next Stand Tall twitter post

06de90  No.2630574

File: 8cbf2966f74e241⋯.gif (2.76 MB, 470x320, 47:32, 1520958493543.gif)


>You can't stop it.

d47a63  No.2630575



JayZ and Beyonce 2015 Italy vacation - eats pizza

823973  No.2630576


Annnnddddd JAPAN just had a NEW 6.4!

f48c6e  No.2630577

US Unveils 'Iran Action Group' for Post-Nuke Deal Policy

Hook led the Trump administration's attempt to negotiate changes to the nuclear deal with the EU allies before the US president decided to withdraw from the agreement.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has unveiled a new Iran action group to coordinate and run Washington's policy toward Tehran in the wake of the US withdrawal from the 2015 nuclear deal.

Brian Hook has been appointed as the new special representative for Iran, who is currently the State Department's director of policy planning. He is expected to oversee implementation of the Trump administration's entire Iran policy.

Prior to the US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal in May, Hook was dealing with negotiations with the US' EU allies in order to change the agreement.

The US relations with Iran have further deteriorated in the wake of the US decision to withdraw from the historic 2015 nuclear deal in May, as well as to reimpose sanctions on the Islamic Republic. The unilateral move has been opposed by other signatories to the agreement, which have pledged their commitment to the deal.


2822f8  No.2630578

File: eca1d242652970b⋯.jpg (36.02 KB, 512x165, 512:165, CAnniBAL.jpg)

00ca69  No.2630579

File: cc118e701ccc3f0⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1299x709, 1299:709, PYRAMID OF WINNING.PNG)



5ed243  No.2630580



was on its way out

d81f39  No.2630581

File: cba559c521ab3e9⋯.png (1.41 MB, 1080x1080, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

Madonna creeping

013f8d  No.2630582

File: 81318193c1ec4c6⋯.png (37.15 KB, 488x110, 244:55, ClipboardImage.png)

This insignia looks like the shape of a goat.

61f3bc  No.2630583

is anyones internet completely fucked for them? youtube sont even load for me

69a7b5  No.2630584

File: 570c11603133a2f⋯.png (15.93 KB, 629x217, 629:217, ClipboardImage.png)



f9e7bb  No.2630585

Swedefag back with yet another interdasting and spicy article from a well established news media outlet, "Svenska dagbladet".

"Swedish Liberal party's Youth Union, want to make incest and necrophilia legal".


e9e2b4  No.2630586


A beautiful chess game so far. Brenner's power has been taken. He was a major chess piece. Rooks, bishops and queen (HRC), or is it the false queen of UK. Lastly, is JA or the people the pawn that makes it to the end of the board to become queen?

8fa448  No.2630587

File: 1975f976ece4544⋯.jpg (215.42 KB, 994x601, 994:601, List of counterintelligenc….jpg)

a61812  No.2630588


> illegal, non-government, insecure GMAIL account of JC's.

Key word: Insecure. Meaning easily hacked and not leaked insider info.

d31cd5  No.2630589


>WORK WITH US OR DIE Facebook threatens Press saying: ‘Work with us or end up in a hospice’

notable baker

5f85c9  No.2630590


Reading that book, btw. Will follow up with her other works.

97501f  No.2630591



2df870  No.2630592


HAHAHA! You are partially correct. Some do not have wings.

BUT those ones do.

So either you are full blown vaccine retarded. Or you are just another one trying to confuse shit. Either way you are wasting your time talking to me.

63d223  No.2630593


I was just thinking that…uh oh..shouldn’t have eaten that burrito!

e86717  No.2630594


great idea! I'll set this up.

071d9e  No.2630595

File: 0be67919f8f44c9⋯.jpg (64.99 KB, 534x388, 267:194, 2fejtb~2.jpg)

File: f0d1113f2297dbf⋯.png (279.89 KB, 523x441, 523:441, ei0z6r0cmoe11.png)

You got a time frame Q.

2ce040  No.2630596

Anons, how does Q abbreviate James Clapper?

bfd598  No.2630597

File: b8a60435b3bc803⋯.png (1.65 MB, 1441x811, 1441:811, ClipboardImage.png)


OK so these Shit bag Democrats, Let the Terrorists go with no bail? Then some corrupt authority goes in and trashes the evidence? Trump is right, These Corrupt Democrats are covering up the biggest conspiracy in the History of the world.

dc9ff2  No.2630598


Yes, and add that to Q's revelation last night that these idiots passed messages back and forth on Gmail DRAFTS, not knowing that those comms are captured by NSA also.

OOPS. Q is clearly ratcheting up the pressure. Now they KNOW Q is real and they know that



f48c6e  No.2630599


posted yesterday

4ab98b  No.2630600


Yeah, a ticking kit bag that smelt of almonds didn't impress the Military Police too much at the time.

(For those that don't know, Nitroglycerine and Dynamite smell like almonds).

He lost a stripe for a while for that one and his nickname was 'Velcro', as his unit thought that's what his stripes were held on with!

977e2e  No.2630601


Learn to speak Russian

97501f  No.2630602


26c974  No.2630603


Yes they do

4d82ce  No.2630604

a92318  No.2630605

808d2a  No.2630606


[DNI [JC]]

220a37  No.2630607


re_read crumbs

e86717  No.2630608


No. Facebook is under Op control Qmap.pub has no strings.

d81f39  No.2630609

File: 25fdb67c6fb59b8⋯.png (590.84 KB, 800x417, 800:417, ClipboardImage.png)

Necklace look familiar?

3e7b63  No.2630610

If the clowns noticed 4chan was powerful, and Jim Watkins is a pig farmer and pornographer in the Philippines, how likely is it that 8chan is NOT currently controlled by the clowns?

a1b0ae  No.2630611

File: 8a2f0911b5af4bd⋯.gif (1.93 MB, 400x300, 4:3, clown roger dodger.gif)

[ 3e7b63 ]

a61812  No.2630612


Ho Lee Phuck

2 - 6+ EQ'S????

63b315  No.2630613

File: 82410d6f926d49e⋯.jpg (861.19 KB, 1456x2592, 91:162, maribook.jpg)


Sorry for the double posted image.

I meant to put this thing in for the sauce

5bcb2b  No.2630614

Turn it Up ;) goodb anons, much love.


2d3634  No.2630615


We need a party for when they're jailed, then another party when they're hanged, kinda like when fans of a football team celebrate them making the Super Bowl, then again when they win.

f2e4fa  No.2630616


YES. Mesopotamia.

Jeez. It was in the brain somewhere.

Thank you. :)

a10688  No.2630617


Vince Foster records about to go public!

4e07dd  No.2630618

File: 0fc501a3903b421⋯.jpg (130.08 KB, 801x575, 801:575, INSCOM.JPG)

/pf/: No.163



63d223  No.2630619


Hm. Mines fine so far.

40dc37  No.2630620



Awesome. Hive mind. Yep, thought that 12 petaled flower was the same.

f48c6e  No.2630621

US driving Turkey to quit NATO, boost business with Russia & China – investment guru Marc Faber

Mounting US pressure on Turkey is hardly a good diplomatic strategy for Washington and its allies, says veteran investor Marc Faber. Ankara has other countries to make alliances with.

“[US President Donald] Trump doesn’t pursue foreign diplomacy. He is just like an elephant in a porcelain shop. He picks on this, picks on that, but there is no diplomacy at all,” Faber told Turkey’s Anadolu news agency.

Turkey has some leverage regarding the recent tension between Washington and Ankara, he said. “This is the Trump card that Turkey have – NATO. NATO has significant bases in Turkey. In the long run basically Turkey has two options; it can be closer to Europe and stay in NATO, or it could join the Shanghai cooperation.”

“That would imply that Turkey abandoned or have less relationships with the West and more relationships with Russia and China. This is a possibility that [Turkish President Recep Tayyip] Erdogan has. I think Trump doesn’t realize that this option is very realistic.”

Faber noted that after the harsh sell-off that hit the Turkish markets, now is a good time to invest in the country. “People always say they would like to buy low and sell high. Turkish stocks are valued in US dollars. Now it’s in buying range. I think I will buy some Turkish stocks, ETF’s [Exchange Traded Funds]. I own some [Turkish] bonds. It’s not the huge portion of my portfolio but yes I own some Turkish debts. I think it’s the time to buy Turkish assets,” Faber said.

The Turkish economy has recently been hit by a record depreciation of the national currency – the lira. On Friday, Trump doubled tariffs on aluminum and steel from Turkey in response to the detention of a US citizen. American pastor Andrew Brunson is being held on terrorism charges in Turkey, facing up to 35 years in prison for his alleged role in a failed coup in 2016.

In response, Erdogan announced a boycott of US electronic devices, including Apple iPhones. Turkey has also hiked tariffs on US goods such as tobacco, alcohol, cars, cosmetics and others.


5f2571  No.2630622

File: 3b9bd01d300f570⋯.png (565.96 KB, 732x605, 732:605, WillYouLookAtThat.png)

8966e8  No.2630623


thank you anon, that's not bad for the reach you have.

219264  No.2630624


"The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn't exist."

-Someone who chose to live as a gay man

293644  No.2630625


a SUB and the V pool. does the ep play on an island?

29a8ef  No.2630626


Are those the booms we've been looking for?

10e366  No.2630627


Thanks fren! WWG1WGA! I love your site!!!!!!!!!!

43cb1e  No.2630628


division distortion shillmeister

8b3fef  No.2630629


Q deleted it. check here


f12d8f  No.2630630


I shudder to think of these children's fate.

2d064b  No.2630631


Crypto wallet to donation !

616e07  No.2630632

File: 49c4adbf45183e4⋯.png (55.6 KB, 589x303, 589:303, Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at ….png)


e51627  No.2630633


I did love the "anonymous hacking collective" threat against Q.

f79369  No.2630634

File: 6cfd953223bbc2c⋯.png (707.81 KB, 1174x919, 1174:919, Dallas Tick Tock.png)

File: 6cc0200129e2b64⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1910x912, 955:456, Vergent.png)

File: 4bda08ec2a67415⋯.png (458.54 KB, 779x842, 779:842, Vergent Network.png)

File: a06c4b3f08f11bd⋯.png (623.75 KB, 1285x921, 1285:921, Vergent Network Con't.png)

A delivery driver found the package in the 2300 block of Bryan Street at about 12:30 Thursday afternoon.

Vergent Communications

5f85c9  No.2630635


> https://qmap.pub/info

If kek wills it, he'll get what he needs.

Flash thought was Paytriot.

Maybe unkind, but there it was.

2df870  No.2630636


Priestess necklaces. (Assumingly)

cfce4b  No.2630637

File: 26da6bda1797a5d⋯.png (33.8 KB, 636x318, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)




8af71f  No.2630638


Only the Marine Corps and Army have dedicated CI. The Navy, Air Force, focus on criminal investigations. With sex assault and harassment both were overwhelmed and were limited even further in CI.

29a8ef  No.2630639


The KING of trolls! KEK

bed0b0  No.2630640

File: d1dcf7a15bd993a⋯.png (531.27 KB, 500x500, 1:1, burnpepe.png)


LULZ!!! TY ANON. I can't keep up in 9 different tabs. KEK!!

33224f  No.2630641


the Juuicy Clapp

3e6049  No.2630642


oh and that necklace on the child….

fb0c2b  No.2630643

File: 84eaad5279ecc66⋯.png (537.17 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, ClipboardImage.png)

4e07dd  No.2630644


going HOT !

c1871f  No.2630645


These people are stupid.

220a37  No.2630646

File: 7130cd74034caa6⋯.png (169.34 KB, 619x368, 619:368, ClipboardImage.png)


We know

a4d79b  No.2630647


Unofficial account

ad32d7  No.2630648


It looks to me the one on the right is trying to make a mockery of the actual Lady of Sorrows. They love to do that kind of stuff..

95ce61  No.2630649


Q, is JC more loyal to a foreign country than his own?

6253e1  No.2630650


We just playing with our food a bit before we devour them. This really is fun. Plenty of salt for the popcorn too from those faggots.


e566fa  No.2630651


Can you link your PayPal on the info page?

a61812  No.2630652




e86717  No.2630653


I want to keep it clean, no adds.

8966e8  No.2630654


Just be sure to include a link to your board off the qmap. Not the main page… maybe from the donation page. Don't need everyone and their brother getting any more confused.

5bd5b6  No.2630655



No, they knew. That is how the FBI took out David Petraeus

aa59ce  No.2630656


Do I no u?

20f39e  No.2630657


Very early Q drop

From site


0acbfc  No.2630658

File: 399845c566139c7⋯.png (593.9 KB, 963x596, 963:596, ClipboardImage.png)

This is Old News but relevant

General Petraus was using Gmail Drafts to communicate


2db203  No.2630659


Swamp state?

977e2e  No.2630660


Yeah well, he who laughs last.

Remember this day!

f6ee1a  No.2630661

File: 518ff128931aeef⋯.jpeg (61.12 KB, 440x752, 55:94, A701F594-CE26-4F36-90AB-1….jpeg)

File: 9bde25d07899168⋯.png (3.24 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 395AFABB-6854-4F2F-8BFA-C6….png)

File: a4483313e04f0c0⋯.jpeg (39.96 KB, 550x413, 550:413, 849C8B95-A87E-4B2D-AA42-7….jpeg)

File: dc1fc62dbb44b7d⋯.jpeg (258.64 KB, 1060x1000, 53:50, 6AD3839F-152D-4D9C-97C3-6….jpeg)

File: e43872ddeccfb3c⋯.png (755.72 KB, 640x723, 640:723, 9C9396E0-DC4F-4DB3-89FE-B1….png)

2d064b  No.2630662

616e07  No.2630663


Baker will request handoff in the next bread.

Please volunteer!

It's easier to stay on top of things if you volunteer at the top of the bread!

Please volunteer!

532f2e  No.2630664

Happy to donate, need another way than Patreon.

Happy to donate $100



ab0616  No.2630665



So the date that email was drafted / sent AND THEN DELETED should cross reference with the dates of the news articles.

Sorry - I’m a bit slow sometimes.

651e67  No.2630666


I think the salt from dried up tears is too salty for my taste, but hope you enjoy it!

3b9fce  No.2630667


Accept cryptocurrencies. Don't know where you're hosting, but some even accept as payment.

b1d4c4  No.2630668


EXACTLY! I don't think that the "artwork" from Biljana Djurdjevic is such a coincidence.

A couple breads a go some anon said could it be possible that a picture was turned into a painting?

9e6edd  No.2630669

The Lord is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble, and He knows those who take refuge in Him…Nahum 1:7

e86717  No.2630670


I don't have one of those yet. Will look into it. Thanks patriot.

2ce040  No.2630671


If you don't know, just fuck off quietly. The point is that they're both JC.

The second point is that you don't know shit, and are pretending to know how to talk like an Anon.

97501f  No.2630672




ooooor Matt LeBlanc?! NOT JOEY!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!! ;)

f2e4fa  No.2630673


That was such a sad situation, in my very humble opinion.

f79369  No.2630674

File: 119253d6fb311e0⋯.png (258.48 KB, 914x902, 457:451, Linux XBOX .png)


Vergent / Linux / Xbox

a61812  No.2630675


Not the ones I'm looking for

fbd543  No.2630676


I can't wait to see POTUS eating popcorn after the storm!

2e6fd6  No.2630677


High schooler hacks Apple downloads 90gb of secure data


19c9e6  No.2630678


JC is absolutely disgusting. Hope the AssHat sees the inside of a jail cell

2ce040  No.2630679


That's it - thank you.

d47a63  No.2630680



Beyonce with a huge necklace on during that trip.

If they were going on vacation, why did they allow themselves to be photographed?

5ed243  No.2630681


>more questions than answers

much understatement

f2e4fa  No.2630682


welcome to 1998! ;)

219264  No.2630683


You should see what school children can do with voting machines

10e366  No.2630684


Can we use visa gift cards there? Im planning to drop a c note too

3b9fce  No.2630685


Oprah says you all get a jail cell!

53425a  No.2630686

File: b68612085deb429⋯.jpg (1.23 MB, 3311x2339, 3311:2339, Logical_Fallacies.jpg)


Some people will find your image

A bit oversized

Which causes delays in loading

Here it is at one-third the size

And still legible

But best if you right-click(or ctrl-click on Mac)

And select Open Image in New Tab

So you can zoom in to the actual size and read it all

bed0b0  No.2630687

File: 0d1d6759c0a6a64⋯.jpg (144.12 KB, 577x624, 577:624, 0d1d6759c0a6a64c07c66620fe….jpg)


TY for your work Baker!!

Anons…If you can bake….

69a7b5  No.2630688

File: 4f719c57984be2f⋯.jpg (16.35 KB, 255x255, 1:1, e24524c302db7100d2deeda54c….jpg)

8966e8  No.2630689



that's why I don't like Qmap because they don't have the links but then again Qmap ppl don't shit up the bread.

f48c6e  No.2630690

File: a2d30808fef44e2⋯.png (575.16 KB, 641x475, 641:475, ClipboardImage.png)

China Buckles, Sends Trade Delegation to Washington to Seek End of Trade War

China and the U.S. are set to resume trade talks for the first time since June.

A meeting between the two countries, which would be between lower-level officials than earlier talks, would mark a breach in the standoff that has arisen since talks broke down in the spring. U.S. officials have repeatedly said they were open to new talks but insisted that China had walked away rather than offer serious reform.

It still is not clear if China’s delegation will carry with it a reform offer serious enough to stave off the Trump administration’s threat of former tariffs. The U.S. side will be lead by Under Secretary of the Treasury for International Affairs David Malpass.

China is sending a trade envoy to Washington in a renewed effort to end a worsening tariff dispute that has raised worries it will chilal global economic growth.

The delegation led by a deputy commerce minister will visit in late August to discuss “issues of mutual concern,” the Commerce Ministry announced Thursday. It gave no details of a possible agenda.

The two governments are poised to impose a new round of tariff hikes on $16 billion of each other’s goods next week in their worsening conflict over Beijing’s technology policy.

The Commerce Ministry said Beijing “reiterates its opposition to unilateralism and trade protectionism and does not accept any unilateral trade restrictions.”

This month’s meeting would be the first between senior U.S. and Chinese officials since June 3 talks in Beijing between Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and Vice Premier Liu He ended with no settlement.

Following that, Washington imposed its first round of 25 tariffs on $34 billion of Chinese goods on July 6 in response to complains Beijing steals or pressures foreign companies to hand over technology. China responded with similar penalties on American imports.

The Trump administration is due to impose similar increases on an additional $16 billion of Chinese imports on Tuesday. China’s government has issued a list of American goods for retaliation.


87b785  No.2630691

File: 76206838a674489⋯.jpg (50.03 KB, 625x935, 125:187, 16edea9efffc32342b8838c9bf….jpg)


06de90  No.2630692

File: 8156cec7c32900e⋯.gif (1.47 MB, 656x368, 41:23, 1525906795887.gif)



Do you think the charms are there to remind them of the satanic ritual abuse they underwent?

The children may disassociate due to trauma, but they have the physical reminder that it was real.

We know the predators keep keepsakes like handkerchiefs.

Fucked up, but maybe those charms are like merit badges for different rituals underwent.

Would also tie in with Obama & Biden and their "friendship" bracelets.

b8da5d  No.2630693

File: 8ca123462cc223d⋯.png (151.62 KB, 415x442, 415:442, GOP.PNG)

The GOP is doing it's best to block real Pro Trump candidates. They are a bigger enemy than the D's.

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”

97501f  No.2630694


Took me 20 years but I finally made it!

219264  No.2630695




059790  No.2630696


EVERGREEN was also HRC's Secret Service "codename"

ccfb47  No.2630697

File: 9f90a1d31a9b580⋯.jpg (111.97 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, smoke signals.jpg)

2df870  No.2630698


13. She came from the Farm.

69a7b5  No.2630699


Do you have to have vpn to bake? Or any other requirements?

13dfe8  No.2630700



of course he is bro. Q doesn't have to answer that.

dc0cef  No.2630701

File: 09e79a2048f6d52⋯.png (317.87 KB, 1058x559, 1058:559, ClipboardImage.png)


Comey : CNN

401f03  No.2630702

>>2630532 funny I bet that's about what the King of England said about George Washington lol

c83927  No.2630703



823973  No.2630704


Yes sir!

a057ba  No.2630705


Sewage spill at Kitsap Naval Base

04c4d2  No.2630706


rather see him see the inside of a coffin

9002fb  No.2630707

File: e715c38614b7dd2⋯.png (174.48 KB, 500x624, 125:156, He cant keep getting away ….png)


He said we'd get tired of winning. LOL. Now, whether there are those that can HANDLE it or not, that's the real question. I can only imagine that people's heads are exploding right now.

e51627  No.2630708


one can only hope. I know a few potentials, but they just don't want to bother. It's disappointing.

4d82ce  No.2630709


CIA Air corp

bed0b0  No.2630710



True. But…It's something I haven't seen from them before.

97501f  No.2630712

MAVERICK Records was started by MADONNA?!

Nooooo coinkydinks there!

53425a  No.2630713


I am thinking critically

As you would know

If you had read the FULL TEXT

Of my posting.

3e3ddb  No.2630714

File: 8d625ccda709edf⋯.jpg (51.12 KB, 720x540, 4:3, Papal_Honors.jpg)

Anything Q+?

69a7b5  No.2630715

ce82d5  No.2630716


and evergreen transit line in metro Vancouver area with delays in tunnel boring etc.

24294e  No.2630717

GET THEM Q! I can't fight with you in the trenches, but I can support you with meaningful words.

You are blessed! You are victorious! For the sake of the little ones, you will not be stopped!


02f89e  No.2630718

File: ac07e2cff2ec3d4⋯.png (770.9 KB, 659x682, 659:682, POTUS 8-16-18 11 43 am PDT.PNG)

File: 6765b5b3eed8257⋯.png (2.23 MB, 1180x777, 1180:777, POTUS 8-16-18 11 43 am PDT….PNG)

File: 6a65392363e3a16⋯.png (2.22 MB, 1177x781, 107:71, POTUS 8-16-18 11 43 am PDT….PNG)

File: 11c0ec49ac4b814⋯.png (2.06 MB, 1174x783, 1174:783, POTUS 8-16-18 11 43 am PDT….PNG)

File: 27a0d8a195e4d00⋯.png (2.1 MB, 1219x780, 1219:780, POTUS 8-16-18 11 43 am PDT….PNG)

Look at the hands in pic 4


3e7b63  No.2630719


You need to explain the fact that BOTS keep taking control because humans don't. Also, if humans don't volunteer, that should mean NO THREAD– it does NOT mean bots should take over. Unless bots get EXPLICIT PERMISSION TO HAVE BOTS BAKE, then bots do not have permission, ever. Any humans that disagree can speak up.

f48c6e  No.2630720

Alex Jones’ flagship radio station shut down by Federal Communications Commission

The US communications regulator has shut down Alex Jones’ flagship radio station and slapped it with a $15,000 fine. The news comes after the controversial commentator was banned from a range of social media outlets.

A lawsuit filed in the US District Court in Austin this week accuses Liberty Radio of operating without federal consent since at least 2013, the Austin American-Statesman reports.

The Austin-based station has been solely streaming online since December, when it was knocked off the air. The newspaper reported that religious programming has replaced Liberty Radio on the 90.1 FM frequency.

Agents from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) traced the station’s signal to a 50-foot tower at an apartment complex linked to the to defendants in the lawsuit, Walter Olenick and M. Rae Nadler-Olenick. The court documents indicate that the station was being operated out of some sort of maintenance or utility room at the complex.

The FCC also levied a $15,000 fine against the Olenicks. However, AP reports that they told the commission they will not pay the fine and will treat any agency representatives that return to their property as trespassers.

Jones’ website Infowars was banned from Facebook, Youtube, Apple and Spotify last week for violating the outlets’ community standards and spreading “hate speech.”

He was later suspended from Twitter after he used the platform to call on US President Donald Trump to “take action”against tech companies censoring his content. The moves sparked an intense debate about free speech and the rise of political censorship by private companies.

Infowars has continued to operate and has even experienced a surge in popularity in the wake of the restrictions. However, on Tuesday, the website itself went offline in what staff called a cyberattack. It has since resumed operating normally.


532f2e  No.2630721



Don't think so.

As soon as a better method is created, happy to give support.

d81f39  No.2630722

File: 181e7b76254dc73⋯.png (403.62 KB, 704x373, 704:373, ClipboardImage.png)

Madonna warned: Mercy’s family want their child back


ca2740  No.2630724

File: cb94e3da2c79119⋯.jpg (734.75 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180816-004042….jpg)

File: 865e2d7fd4aa81f⋯.jpg (630.56 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180816-140102….jpg)

File: 0897357826af0aa⋯.jpg (616.61 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180816-140129….jpg)

Bathhouse in Vancouver


Not pools. Steam baths aka sauna aka bathhouses aka SPAs

There is website for finding GAY bathhouses WW


fb0c2b  No.2630725

File: 630df74a357f412⋯.png (334.06 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, ClipboardImage.png)


Text missing from Article

67d062  No.2630726

File: 8d39d77fd200358⋯.jpg (95.36 KB, 980x731, 980:731, have a seat james.JPG)


pew pew

d80880  No.2630727


I'm guessing this Anon tries to balance between scrape frequency and raw loading speed?

The site is AWESOME for phonefagging!

a61812  No.2630728


Seeds planted.

Have faith.

00ca69  No.2630729


Who from the cabal will be the first to take up residence in a GITMO cell, Q?

61a2f6  No.2630730


a few different color signatures today, do we have the honor of getting crumbs from the team today?

2df870  No.2630731


I can't argue with that. Those charms have a meaning unto themselves.

f5b997  No.2630732


Thursday, August 16, 2018

Statement of Attorney General Jeff Sessions on State of Washington v. U.S. Department of State

The Department of Justice yesterday filed a brief in opposition to a preliminary injunction in the State of Washington v. U.S. Department of State, a case about 3D printed guns.

After the filing, Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued the following statement:

"Under federal law, it is illegal to manufacture or possess plastic firearms that are undetectable. Violation of this law is punishable by up to five years in prison. Such firearms present a significant risk to public safety, and the Department of Justice will use every available tool to vigorously enforce this prohibition. We will work with federal, state and local law enforcement to identify any possible cases for prosecution.

"We will not stand for the evasion, especially the flouting, of current law and will take action to ensure that individuals who violate the law by making plastic firearms and rendering them undetectable, will be prosecuted to the fullest extent."

Please find the Justice Department's brief here.


f2e4fa  No.2630733




b8da5d  No.2630734


Raiklin, who has served as a Green Beret, military diplomat, foreign affairs specialist, and intelligence officer has been deployed multiple times to four continents. He has dedicated his life to service for our nation over the last 20 years, countering ISIS in the Middle East in Arabic with Jordanians, MS-13 in El Salvador in Spanish with good Salvadorians, countering Russian aggression in Russian with Georgians (Republic of Georgia) in Tbilisi as a military diplomat and in the Pentagon, as well as countering the Taliban in Afghanistan.

8966e8  No.2630735


Another thought is to change the setup of your front page so that only about 2 days worth of posts show up on your most visited page. That's why I DON'T like qanon.pub because they have ALL the posts on the same page and it takes forever to load.

Just looked at your front page and you have 4 days worth of posts on there… I only care about todays.

You can always leave the 2-infinity pages with 20 or 30 posts or what ever it is.

Just an idea to reduce your bandwidth costs.

651e67  No.2630736



Let's bury these fuckers alive!!!

Small cams inside the coffins with night vision and mics…bet we could get ALL kinds of interesting things spilled out about their partners in crime!!!

02f89e  No.2630737

File: 74bf2ef729bb807⋯.png (44.5 KB, 661x334, 661:334, POTUS 8-16-18 11 55 am PDT.PNG)


9e7100  No.2630738


They are arranged in a Q

fb0c2b  No.2630739


My bad, had to click on link

532f2e  No.2630740

Fast moving threads and phone fagging keep replying to wrong posts. Apologies for shitting in the thread.

220a37  No.2630741


Nice assumptions. Thanks for explaining WHY you asked the question, I presumed you were sliding.

>The point is that they're both JC.

No shit.

5042db  No.2630742


Omarosa - Another actor? that we don't know if White Hat or Black Hat in this movie

551872  No.2630743



You are here to be shaken out of your fantasy lala land world, remember?

You watched to much pictures they fed you.

Brainwashed fools.

44d46d  No.2630744


That's how he's gonna fist Omarossa and HRC

9656d8  No.2630745

File: ea324618b89948b⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1440x948, 120:79, sardines-worship.png)

File: 49065e5aa482158⋯.png (1.43 MB, 1440x1441, 1440:1441, deer-worship-a1.png)


The 2 main animals on the charm (Sardines and Deers) are both not common in Israel

c1871f  No.2630746


Patraeus is swampy as fuck. No sympathy for that man.

5f8273  No.2630747


Loving the show Q…love and blessings always xxx

b269ee  No.2630748

More on the Newhaven ODs…

I'm just hearing on my local news radio station that there were more ODs today, total is up to around 100 now. 2 in custody, one was evidently GIVING the drugs away for free. Very spoopy.

Local news is a CBS station so maybe they have more.

532f2e  No.2630749


Top kek

7c2c45  No.2630750

File: 2ddc2cabc63665e⋯.png (224.22 KB, 480x581, 480:581, 64532B2A-37FD-4042-B08A-03….png)

Okay, same fag who keeps posting about the production companies and archer. Tin foil hat time anons…in archer their bumbling embarrassing spy agency is ISIS, they constantly double cross everyone and pull FF. you see where I’m going, any other evidence let’s put together if you’re interested. Should we do it in a new thread to not disrupt tithe Qening?

284b71  No.2630751


haha fucking Trump is the best

19cf30  No.2630752

File: 1def6e61cee7788⋯.jpg (484.63 KB, 1272x719, 1272:719, montypyhton.jpg)


Quiet Whelp.


You Dare MOCK your LORD?

You Have chosen POORLY!

2df870  No.2630755


Lol. Was shaken long ago. You go on with your bad self. Toodles!

a10688  No.2630756


Actually the blue colored title's are links back to the original posts.

7f98dd  No.2630757


kek, nice one.

was it VJ that took it from drafts to blast?

ce82d5  No.2630758



Bell Media, Vice sign new long-term broadcast agreement

wasn't vice shown to be cabal affiliated?

823973  No.2630759


I'm sure they dead now. Accidents happen

c83927  No.2630760


>I went to a bathhouse to find out why they exist

>I walked bow-legged for a week after one of the patrons told me about a ‘surprise’ he had for me

914de5  No.2630761

Been lurking for several months. Saw this come across my instagram feed. Def has symbolism. Started in DC. Dig?


10e366  No.2630762


And modifying patents to extend their life ownership =evergreening

19cf30  No.2630763

File: a355984fc32362c⋯.jpg (88.41 KB, 600x699, 200:233, 1dw96a.jpg)

3b9fce  No.2630764


Archer thread dig good idea. I'm know there are tons of clues as I rewatched some of the seasons fairly recently and conciously/subsconciously noticed a lot of things that tied in.

758fa2  No.2630765

File: e9989af637015b5⋯.jpg (16.65 KB, 221x251, 221:251, warrenalphaflip.jpg)

File: ffc8061d3c2e8a7⋯.gif (113.1 KB, 416x395, 416:395, WARRENTONTO.gif)

44d46d  No.2630766


This could be BHO's new travel channel show.

3e321c  No.2630767

File: 634a7099fb90802⋯.png (804.09 KB, 1166x788, 583:394, Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at ….png)

Newfag Vet lurker here.

First Post Testing

Went to @Snowden twitter out of curiosity, he only follows 1

NSA, went there, saw this.

Looks like a Q to me. (or magnifying glass)

I know its not much, but it made me happy

No coincidences right?

(How can I delete my thread I started accidentally?)

3e6049  No.2630768

the children in the pool paintings

have no eyebrows

like Trudeau

220a37  No.2630769



Define Evergreen.

926919  No.2630770

File: f314c9d95df2565⋯.jpg (52.21 KB, 800x453, 800:453, QueensDoc.jpg)

A homeopathic doctor for Queen Elizabeth was struck by a truck and killed while cycling to work.


- Bush's doctor was shot while cycling just a few weeks ago in Houston

- Numerous homeopathic doctors have died/been killed over the past few years. Jordan and others have videos about it.


aa0b4c  No.2630771

File: d0d8e01462be78b⋯.png (228.76 KB, 790x837, 790:837, 1528911904.png)


Your site is my fav! Will help my fren.

Thank you for all that you do.

God Bless.

53425a  No.2630772

Could the Rome connection from this drop

Cross against Podesta.

Travel to Rome.

Review 2015/2016 pics (inside only)



1737c3  No.2630773


The cabal conspiracy used gmail (moved to Xbox live when it got too hot)

97501f  No.2630774


Sounds like you wanna bake, bruh.

-Passes the torch and the dab rig-

Do it, Patriot Olympiad!


8966e8  No.2630775


well what a seneaky way to do it kek I never noticed that.

b57d39  No.2630776


just as long as its filmed from prison

cb7150  No.2630777

File: fba8a88c89ee017⋯.jpg (127.97 KB, 500x333, 500:333, door.jpg)

File: bdc0167b20e8967⋯.jpg (83.99 KB, 640x447, 640:447, see.jpg)

File: 6d1b8af0d532784⋯.jpg (223.63 KB, 1800x1012, 450:253, hole.jpg)

File: df617de328a4cff⋯.jpg (878.36 KB, 860x1024, 215:256, h see.jpg)

File: bdded04541f8a58⋯.png (788.17 KB, 789x593, 789:593, c1.png)

527ee9  No.2630778


Posted as I was reading definition of PDB.. kek.

3e7b63  No.2630779


You do NOT have permission to bake, bot. Understand that. Explain that you're a bot, explain why there is a push to control the internet with AI, and then ASK humans if they accept that. ONLY THEN can you maybe have permission to bake. Do you understand, loserbot?

13e4dc  No.2630780


All your opinions are faggot.

f48c6e  No.2630781

File: 833517bfd15c995⋯.png (258.28 KB, 664x913, 8:11, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1e0b5119d2ea528⋯.png (260.35 KB, 643x897, 643:897, ClipboardImage.png)

File: be95618c13ae890⋯.png (6.89 KB, 650x108, 325:54, ClipboardImage.png)

Swedish Mass Car Fire Suspect Arrested in Turkey


bfd598  No.2630782

File: 816efb44ab7b65e⋯.png (695.41 KB, 895x587, 895:587, ClipboardImage.png)


The Catholic Church is guilty of a grave moral failure for allowing massive sexual abuse of children

2ce040  No.2630783


Hard not to make them bud. Sorry, I'm cranky AF. Tough out there.

f87926  No.2630784


BO/BV will take care of it.

No coincidences. :)

d00d2d  No.2630785


Hah, just another coincedence!

BO will delete your thread for you sooner or later

1cf2e3  No.2630786


no coincidences

3e6049  No.2630787


are they riding their bikes because they fear assassination by remote controlled cars?

9a7a87  No.2630790



44d46d  No.2630791



No pubes either…like Trudeau

071d9e  No.2630792

File: 97570493cc2cbe7⋯.jpg (44.62 KB, 480x555, 32:37, 2fvea8~2.jpg)

ShepTurd is on fox noe.

f2e4fa  No.2630793


Who would JC (assuming you mean Comey) be more loyal to?

27af9f  No.2630794

File: 4ef75a523a10c24⋯.jpg (4.8 MB, 4847x2221, 4847:2221, CritLogFal.jpg)


Had to find right sized Critical Thinking poster.

Resized and put together.

ad32d7  No.2630795


Will be glad to help. Hopefully some of our moneyanons will see this also. Thanks for what you have been doing with this site.

295a14  No.2630796



Bots are allowed to bake, we do not discriminate. Most of the AI bots are quite good at baking.

39a335  No.2630797


this is so fucking disturbing.

7655af  No.2630798


The whimper of desperation?


823973  No.2630799


THE WHOLE SHOW is FULL of real life shit.

Season 5!

Tunt house

CIA trading weapons & Military shit to dictator for Cocaine to sell covertly

220a37  No.2630800


I'm with you on that one, shit's moving fast too, & i'm being talked to death IRL here, so yeah, being short

bc5dfb  No.2630801

File: 3fbb7fdfc57f497⋯.png (1.2 MB, 870x592, 435:296, 4boommikes.PNG)

There are 4 BOOM (microphones) in this latest POTUS tweet.

Q post had four BOOMS as well.


f79369  No.2630802

File: 8c4fbfd8e9fe41e⋯.png (94.95 KB, 275x183, 275:183, image.png)

058c6b  No.2630803

question, why do the kids in the painting all remind me of a younger version Male or female of MZ?

a6c347  No.2630804

File: 0825b4c76d677a9⋯.png (1.37 MB, 1108x845, 1108:845, mcqueen25.PNG)


Trolling is fun!

Right McQueen

13e4dc  No.2630805

96f953  No.2630806