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File: e1c02b43c5fc1b0⋯.jpg (493.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, e1c02b43c5fc1b06dad4093883….jpg)

7240a6 No.2262781

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.




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7240a6 No.2262792


are not endorsements


>>2251030, >>2261001 EXPLANATION of bread-archiving situation. Fix habbening.

>>2174695 ; >>2174831 FULL VIDEO: President Trump and President Putin Helsinki Summit Press Conference

>>2258234 Bakers, please put "^^^ Next Baker ^^^" below 1st shift notes, & NB >bundle


>>2261997 Online media jobs up 209%

>>2262010 Iranian Water Protests(breitbart)

>>2262017 #FreeIran208 to follow iran news on Twitter(Twitter)

>>2262031 Venezuela heading for 1,000,000% hyperinflation(RT/IMF)

>>2262037 ISIS: Organ Havesters

>>2262159 Trump to Announce Multibillion Stimulus For Farmers(Zerohedge)

>>2262212 Ecuadorian president will not discuss Julian Assange case during UK visit

>>2262356 W.VA Congressman (Chuck Romine) Resigns for health/personal reasons

>>2262389 Manhatten U.S. Attorney announces money laundering charges against Brandon Martin and Tameko Lindo, who ran a nationwide Escort Service located from Parkland, Florida.

>>2262482 Clare Bronfman arrested July 24th in NXIVM case (Salzman and two more charged)

>>2262758 #2851

#2850 Baker Change

>>2261540, >>2261485 Huffand Puff doesn't like us

>>2261492, >>2261542, >>2261557 Watch the Water

>>2261571, >>2261630 Syrian Fighter downed in Israeli airspace or not

>>2261568, >>2261870 Q-clock stuff (Baker isn't a clock fag, so don't know if this means anything)

>>2261698 Conservative Treehouse makes case that Wolfe leaked complete FISA doc to Watkins

>>2261580 POTUS-Putin to have more meetings

>>2261725, >>2261729 Adam and Trey aren't best buds anymore

>>2261869 New GermanArchiveAnon Hashes

>>2261931 #2850


>>2261027, >>2261085 @POTUS best troll: "Tariffs are the Greatest"

>>2260939 Carter Page Testimony Link + Theory

>>2260392, >>2261037 Oz: Canberra brothel raid, Thai sex traffick alleg'ns

>>2260874, >>2261002, >>2261021 Clockfag Side-by-side, Iran, delta 0

>>2260645, >>2260844, >>2260868 UN Disowns White Helmet Evac, Anon takes

>>2260667 File under "good riddance": Femen co-founder suicides in Paris

>>2260625 A house divided cannot stand? GOOD: Comey blased from all sides

>>2260528 MSM not the only Fake News: Dems by websites impugning Senators

>>2260442, >>2260458, >>2260473, >>2260485, >>2260521 Digg: FISA judges

>>2260403, >>2260770 Nancy Pe-loser and Hussein goons' "muh clearance"

>>2260951 Fox OpEd on why POTUS has ever right to revoke "muh clearance"

>>2260375 Surprise! Chinese Hackers hackin' shit again (Putin summit)

>>2261141 #2849


>>2259893, >>2259902 KEK! NY Daily News cuts HALF of editorial staff

>>2259843, >>2259930 If clockfags recruit, I can haz baker recruits??

>>2259783 Ex-CDC-insider whistle-blower: China faking vax prod. docs

>>2259773 Nunes teasing declas: "we want full transparency and sunlight"

>>2259770 Hung-jury for Disney MusicPub Dir child Jon Heely sex case

>>2259753 Prince Charles Will Keep Mum re: Peter Ball child sex abuse

>>2259731 Das Rite!! Researchers Studied 160 Million Memes and Cried

>>2259684, >>2259714, >>2259734 FVEY/Clinton Digg

>>2259638 Steven Cohen Resigns from Berman Jewish Policy Archive

>>2259596 Russian doc (Engl): Testimony of Magnitsky v. corrupt ofc's

>>2259556 The Enragening: NY's Gov pardons 7 illegal with nasty ties, so they won't be deported

>>2259614, >>2259663, Third-world Gov. Resignations (for list-compilers)

>>2260242 #2848 NB


>>2259199, >>2259291 Moar Comey diggin'

>>2259134 late 2017 I'view of Carter Page, 'dasting info?

>>2259094, >>2259193, >>2259204 Clockfag analyses

>>2258983 WINNING: Senate confirms Robert Wilkie, Trump's pick for VA

>>2258884 Smugglers flood border with migrants to thwart drug patrols

>>2258788 UK Ecuadorian Embassy Van didn't have back plates, unusual

>>2258760 Great Awakening Volume 45 MagCover memes

>>2258758 Resignation: Parma ID, City Councilman, for lewdness w/ <16yo

>>2258753 Preorder popcorn: POTUS rally in Tampa, Jul 31

>>2258722 Coast Guard nabs 3/4 $$billion in blow en route fr Central Amer

>>2258717, >>2259192, >>2258924 Watch the water: POTUS signs 5 water-mgmt laws

>>2259752 #2847 ob

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>>2259512 #2843, >>2260259 #2844, >>2260264 #2845

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7240a6 No.2262828



074ae9 No.2262831

File: 4167e5d0a2207ce⋯.jpeg (107.86 KB, 580x939, 580:939, 76eedc72ea7df01796ea1b2c1….jpeg)

Magnificent work, Baker.

Welcome back, Q.

God bless you.

cf9249 No.2262832

Well anticipated, baker! Great job. THanks.

f529c6 No.2262833


>Silence is golden.

My almonds tell me this phrase has another meaning or significance.

74ae7d No.2262834


D = Democrats

DS = Deep State

080050 No.2262835

Excellent job keeping up baker.


2c9c44 No.2262836

Q is a faggot and still nothing happens

All his buddies run around with impunity

Fuck Q

4e5a32 No.2262837

File: 31db66a0d930d3e⋯.jpg (84.66 KB, 1347x899, 1347:899, pepebread.JPG)


it gets hectic when Q drops

af7488 No.2262838

>>2262683 (lb)

POTUS has been doubling up on his tweets. Stating the exact same thing twice and not changing anythig

6f56d8 No.2262839

File: ca0a40e1fd8e235⋯.jpg (32.03 KB, 400x400, 1:1, IMG_20180723_001024.jpg)

POTUS just trying to finish off the Resistance with a nervous breakdown via his tweets!

Well played POTUS, well played :)

42fd0c No.2262840


Great job for sure Baker, TY!

d46cfe No.2262841

well done baker

b97837 No.2262842

File: c1aa0ec31be841f⋯.jpg (80.67 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, DiZ3OOfW4AAch7c.jpg)


Thank you, Baker!

c39629 No.2262844

File: 1a5cd61e24764fa⋯.jpg (101.42 KB, 540x809, 540:809, 1a5cd61e24764fadbfeb088bcb….jpg)

ty baker

8d7499 No.2262845

Thanks anons for the boob pictures that brought Q back finally

dbc5b5 No.2262846

File: f9fe2e91eb19eb1⋯.jpg (30.26 KB, 640x420, 32:21, brenda.angle.jpg)

File: e0972fe38c1acea⋯.jpg (21.18 KB, 300x257, 300:257, checked.jpg)

File: 3dfd6b86bb159bd⋯.png (289.4 KB, 1184x996, 296:249, brenda.CIA.png)

bf85e1 No.2262848

Dear Muh Q concern fags:

Muh Q's back. You can all fuck off now :)

82af8c No.2262849

File: 01c719d2ef0b1bd⋯.jpg (21.63 KB, 255x168, 85:56, maga civil flag.jpg)


We are back in business boys and girls

909d6b No.2262850

File: b26ff8d9975787d⋯.png (570.29 KB, 1017x1017, 1:1, new Q.png)

Thank You Baker !!!!!

Excellent Work, Excellent Service

quick clockfag for those that speak clockfag, includes 5min Delta POTUS tweet

758abe No.2262851

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Anyone listening to POTUS?

d46cfe No.2262853


>i asked previous bread

ty , as soon as i saw Deep State , I was like , duhhh

dbc5b5 No.2262854

File: 7184afcfeedbf65⋯.jpg (30.51 KB, 403x403, 1:1, legend.jpg)

File: 223f97be93fe067⋯.jpg (42.16 KB, 468x286, 18:11, yeah.jpg)

11fb58 No.2262855

Q, is POTUS talking directly to us as SerialBrain2 is stating ? We need our shepard, we've been misled for so long.

ba140e No.2262856


me thinks the twatter filters

d6e4fe No.2262857


Make Our Farmers Great Again

dbc5b5 No.2262859

File: 8f7732490f16fd3⋯.jpg (74.06 KB, 900x750, 6:5, ames.Brennan.jpg)

File: d7175d0b28bcd2d⋯.png (288.92 KB, 700x430, 70:43, brenda.png)

File: a6a42f96f99d218⋯.jpg (28.66 KB, 474x355, 474:355, ames.CHICAGO.jpg)

f52600 No.2262860

File: abc17172fe6e8ef⋯.jpg (121.15 KB, 600x625, 24:25, 1532317020753.jpg)

Welcome back Q

4e7b57 No.2262861

File: 985c3d31a926311⋯.jpg (305.37 KB, 750x830, 75:83, HUMANMEAT.jpg)

6ca3dd No.2262862

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Ahhh yes. We have it all. We have the server. Panic has become mainstream now. Ban freedom of speech. Remove clearances. Trolling is fun, especially when you tell the enemy what you are about to do and watch them scramble.

2c9c44 No.2262863


You haven't won anything. At all.

No one has been arrested nothing has happened

I can't tell who is a bigger faggot Q, Trump or the assholes who believe this shit

dbc5b5 No.2262864

File: 4229ed9ca4fc75c⋯.jpg (837.4 KB, 963x868, 963:868, brenda.peace.jpg)

d63fa3 No.2262865

File: 1dd5a20d86f23d3⋯.png (107.12 KB, 1363x404, 1363:404, ClipboardImage.png)


e02313 No.2262866

One key difference between Huber and a special counsel is the level of autonomy — and presumably resources — he has. According to Sessions, Huber provides him with regular updates about his work.


0521d4 No.2262867

Don’t know the reason for Q’s absence, but it’s consequence may suggest it. Without any new Q-drops, I am revisiting the old ones, and learning more. So much content in the old drops and I am picking-up new things on the revisit.

d3bdda No.2262868

Q Im so glad you Niggers are ok, can you please get are diggers back from that R faggot unless he is really Jr then sorry Jr, but it is pretty gay, thanks for the proof of life

d6e4fe No.2262869


Hello Corsi

2c9c44 No.2262870


You need to stop being a faggot and think for yourself

e531b7 No.2262871

File: 15c6ae801562311⋯.jpg (169.15 KB, 590x462, 295:231, milton.jpg)

161018 No.2262872

File: 33e2acc2f01fb51⋯.jpg (120.74 KB, 500x500, 1:1, QBakerTeam.jpg)

Thank You Baker!! Great job at the oven.

62a50c No.2262873

File: 97133a56eb75177⋯.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1242x1812, 207:302, 52189710-D3B6-4C43-A8FD-A….jpeg)

For visibility

16cc30 No.2262874

File: 8394dd802735990⋯.jpg (96.24 KB, 796x410, 398:205, 2018-07-24 16:01:01Z.jpg)

He's talking about the Russian faction of the /deepstate/ IMO.

Otherwise how are we to understand this Tweet?


I’m very concerned that Russia will be fighting very hard to have an impact on the upcoming Election. Based on the fact that no President has been tougher on Russia than me, they will be pushing very hard for the Democrats. They definitely don’t want Trump!

8:50 am - 24 Jul 2018

f529c6 No.2262875


No one speaks clockfag because clockfag doesn't exist.

It's a giant pile of tea leaves that bored and confused anons sift through to arrange inconsistently derived predictions and conclusions that never come to fruition anyways.

But hey you do you.

cada92 No.2262876

Silence is golden

But my eyes still see

f0b156 No.2262877

File: 33f4f32ed902f79⋯.jpg (328.34 KB, 1153x570, 1153:570, arrests.jpg)

Hey Q!

Is this legit?


cf9249 No.2262878


Right on, anon!

Enjoy the show!

f6d643 No.2262879


i guess you didnt notice the new q drop.

45c6cd No.2262880

File: 0cb065c88320e7c⋯.jpg (28.83 KB, 320x281, 320:281, 2eimgu~2.jpg)

File: 2ea406212215b10⋯.jpg (124.75 KB, 1200x610, 120:61, repomanHARRY2~2.jpg)

If Huber reports directly to Sessions we are fucked.

4e7b57 No.2262881

File: bae8120fdc48bc4⋯.png (291.91 KB, 750x544, 375:272, QSUBSTANCEOUTSIDEWINDOW.png)

15b625 No.2262882

File: cecc31831a7d759⋯.png (349.41 KB, 1005x657, 335:219, silence-is-golden.png)

2c9c44 No.2262883


? I don't eat meat

77328b No.2262885

File: 87d5dd9bd8d5201⋯.jpeg (74.89 KB, 500x399, 500:399, E892A82E-6403-4C55-9866-A….jpeg)

File: f20de88d657b727⋯.jpeg (75.9 KB, 500x399, 500:399, C061993E-18BF-4E68-BF5E-8….jpeg)

8d7499 No.2262886

People are flipping out over the security clearance removal threat, trump is trolling them hard letting them know there is a reason they were never removed.

cada92 No.2262887

1dbe78 No.2262888

File: 3ab263bd88e2702⋯.jpg (76.26 KB, 924x274, 462:137, julybooms.jpg)


blackout necessary

ee3364 No.2262889

>>2262683 (last bread)

Study the difference between the info on the server and the raw NSA capture and the ringleaders will be revealed.

d63fa3 No.2262890

Sessions has the server!!!!!

d23a03 No.2262891


A week to remember?

7 days left in July.

Hammer time?!

2c9c44 No.2262892


Fuck boomers

9d9304 No.2262893


Cry harder

61febb No.2262894


Silence is golden.


Fake news [prop arm of D/DS] failing.

Those asleep blind.

Those awake see.

Think Twitter.

Repeats important.

Future BIG meaning?

Topics stated in past.

Who has it all?

Future proves past.

POTUS does not speculate.

Why does POTUS continually refer to the server?

Who has the server?

Define evidence.

Who does Huber report to [directly]?

From Sea to Shining Sea.


Here is the REAL message from Q.

Think Mirror.

67a199 No.2262895


I just realized something…

Aren't all the NSA databases underground in some huge facility in Utah?

Does that mean Huber has the right to examine all that data?

d6e4fe No.2262896

File: 8684b1b86a39519⋯.jpg (518.9 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, clapperdindu.jpg)


>watch them scramble

758abe No.2262897

File: 85d4a757cbf1f30⋯.jpg (23.18 KB, 583x127, 583:127, USA_Exports_Rise_Soy_Beans….jpg)

File: fe05152ff9593f0⋯.png (9.23 KB, 774x90, 43:5, USA_Texas_Oil_Energy_Indep….PNG)


Are you retarded? lol

All the human trafficking arrests?

Saud being taken care off?

Putin making dog-whistles on Israel kikery?

ISIS almost terminated?

Jobs surging.

MSM and Hollywood getting wrecked.

I could go on and on.

172982 No.2262898


You beat me too it anon!

e02313 No.2262899


One of many meanings possibly:

Silence Is Golden - Coming to a theater near you. Down goes PedoWood

AMC Theaters: 1991 Introduces Clip®, a "film strip" character to serve as an ambassador of the brand and its Silence is Golden® program.

bfe49c No.2262900

>>2262557 (lb)

Silence is golden, but your talk ain't cheap!

Godspeed, Q!

687214 No.2262901

File: 690392018a28488⋯.jpg (8.58 KB, 255x190, 51:38, 84a1c3f9d6ae3790c4fc16a6da….jpg)

4e728a No.2262902

File: de8f1b7e507e8dc⋯.png (430.74 KB, 592x533, 592:533, AQ2.PNG)


Rush Limbaugh even spoke about this.

82af8c No.2262903

File: 93a7f2621404720⋯.png (147.28 KB, 320x333, 320:333, Screenshot_2018-07-24 Who ….png)


a62302 No.2262904

Covfefe and new Q!

It's a good day!

4e7b57 No.2262906

Q, can we talk space? Marina Abraovic missing pieces and Adelson?

bf85e1 No.2262907


Be careful who you follow? ;p

…Are those "diggers" real diggers, or Potemkin Village diggers?

I'm thinking the latter, frankly.

2c9c44 No.2262908


I'm laughing at you delusional faggots

keep jerking it to anime everything will be ok!?

722e43 No.2262909

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e0c87e No.2262910


I was thinking the same thing. There has to be a reason why we have all been silenced on Twitter and POTUS is ok with it. There was a Q drop about Pelosi and @Jack killing our voice for midterms if I remember correctly.

11fb58 No.2262911


Yet you are here calling people faggot lol pathetic triple standart

d6e4fe No.2262912

1e3cda No.2262913


Gold Standard…

4676e1 No.2262915


What's up old friend, put Juncker in his place.

If you bake it, he will crumb

c39629 No.2262916

File: a4b84ad5644a3fe⋯.png (177.99 KB, 588x524, 147:131, shining-sea-q.png)

7a9388 No.2262917

Hi Q.

Bye Q.

e02313 No.2262918

could "future BIG meaning" be Hanks?

2c9c44 No.2262919


Saudi like Israel is still bombing the shit out of civilians, how is that winning?

More arrests are only logical as cyber intelligence becomes more of a main stay.

b2ab1e No.2262920

Q!!! Where you been??!! It's been stupid shilly in here these past 20 days. Glad to have you back! MAGA!

979e55 No.2262921


I think that is referring to the criminals that will be singing rather than staying silent throwing each other under the bus.

1dbe78 No.2262922

Q can u confirm R-anon is a larp? I mean he admitted it himself but its making us look stupid.

722e43 No.2262923


Nice pic. Love it!

fec283 No.2262924

Just when I thought I was out, Q pulls me back in.

4e5a32 No.2262925


Agreed. Lots going on "behind the scenes" … BUT it is HABBENING!


I think the FISA warrant was the July awakening. It is just not being accepted by the populus.


I like your thinking.

674174 No.2262926


Anyone have an alternate sauce for this?

45c6cd No.2262927

File: f259e79154c29fe⋯.jpg (22.36 KB, 275x183, 275:183, 2egkb1.jpg)

File: 0dc02859ee3813b⋯.jpg (47.49 KB, 375x494, 375:494, 2eij61~2.jpg)

Sessions has still not taken his head out of his ass..

Don't get me wrong I wanted sessions to be the VP during the campaign.

Just hope Pompeo has that server.

687214 No.2262928


at the movies they play that phrase before the movie starts….

Silence is Golden

397883 No.2262929

Funny how they wouldn't risk running Q

Since the fail

Until we started getting somewhere

42fd0c No.2262930


TY for doing that, it was the 1st thing I did once I realized it was a real Q post. Took a minute for reality to set in.

d640b1 No.2262932

>>2262557 (pb)




61febb No.2262933

Does anyone have a CURRENT version of the * https://anonsw.github.io/8chjs/ or can tell me how to update the tripcode in my version? Thanks.

758abe No.2262934

File: 1e90b3c91732466⋯.png (225.45 KB, 1364x686, 682:343, Jews_Hate_Truth_2.png)

File: 356f0d46da813a9⋯.png (332.15 KB, 1320x735, 88:49, Jews_Hate_Truth.png)


You sound panicked :)

82af8c No.2262935



pay attention and tell your boss it's not working

7fc56c No.2262936


He hints to the russians who colluded in the dossier and other activities. After all HRC got paid 400 million $ by these people.

2c9c44 No.2262937


I don't give up on people, gotta keep reaching out

251a4c No.2262938

File: c89d9911dd579a3⋯.png (61.45 KB, 924x362, 462:181, ClipboardImage.png)

We have the server.

722e43 No.2262939


titfags rule!

7e4e7b No.2262940


What did Q mean by this?

26c6ab No.2262942

20 Days Of Silence.

4e7b57 No.2262943



Silence is golden, particularly when it involves the Islamic State. But silence can also be deceptive.


ee3364 No.2262944

I am going to be recording what many of these news people and politicians are saying in the run up to the reckoning on my DVR.

Then I am going to video the DVR recordings with my phone so the fuckers cannot get away with simply scrubbing my DVR.

I love proofs but Normies respond to visual stimuli.

7713db No.2262945


Lock her up Sessions!

7240a6 No.2262948

File: 08a3e49ae44df61⋯.jpg (72.3 KB, 960x960, 1:1, smplfarmr782425-5238752325….jpg)

722e43 No.2262949


Until his next absence, of course.

758abe No.2262950

File: 7603bee43fceb26⋯.png (61.33 KB, 795x600, 53:40, Censorship_South_Carolina_….PNG)

File: 1273344aac56dfd⋯.png (981.45 KB, 1079x1395, 1079:1395, Israel_US_Domination.png)

File: 55e44e8e2ad43fc⋯.png (129.58 KB, 612x792, 17:22, Israel_uses_US_as_Tax_Farm.png)

File: 3ea34a7391856df⋯.jpg (404.79 KB, 1036x1132, 259:283, Israeli_Double_Citizenship.jpg)

File: 4b3f3d2073b7882⋯.jpg (102.13 KB, 1014x394, 507:197, Jewish_Over_Representation….jpg)


Israel last. It's habbening.

a95945 No.2262951

God bless you POTUS, Q and Team.

God bless you Anons and Patriots.

#freeRufusPaulHarris - warrior and patriot. victim of Sally Yates

385318 No.2262952



A big sigh heard around the world….thanks for all the BOOM's lately…watching show in Germany.. do not forget us!

67a199 No.2262953

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Some deplorable music

285034 No.2262954


"America the Beautiful"

f48b28 No.2262955

File: dbc67d4619f473f⋯.png (248.25 KB, 459x644, 459:644, Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at ….png)


<Thus ended Pizzagate, the real-world violence shattering the suspension of disbelief that had sustained the theory online.

>real-world violence

>real-world violence

>real-world violence

7e4e7b No.2262956


I think the fact that he doesn't even acknowledge it is proof enough

d6e4fe No.2262957

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

23e39e No.2262958


Then leave

d46cfe No.2262959

File: 54dba1b72b46060⋯.png (641.48 KB, 1762x1164, 881:582, Piggy Bank and Red Cross.png)


>topics stated in past

>Future BIG meaning?

>Think Twitter

>>2261199 (pb)

RED Cross



1dbe78 No.2262960



e6f895 No.2262961

File: 7f25023dea5082e⋯.png (11.23 KB, 404x343, 404:343, ClipboardImage.png)

Don't forget Anons…

Server unlocks SR

2c9c44 No.2262962


I'm my own boss nigger

a4c077 No.2262963

dbc5b5 No.2262965

File: 0efc7a2be810beb⋯.jpg (59.39 KB, 444x444, 1:1, gnomey1.jpg)

File: c31a162ee748d0b⋯.png (287.13 KB, 781x520, 781:520, comey.gnomey.png)

fcb2d1 No.2262966

File: e16d28990ba6354⋯.jpg (38.32 KB, 450x567, 50:63, e16d28990ba6354f80a0636904….jpg)


> making us look stupid

(YOU) speak for yourself reg anons do not follow this shit .>>2262922

742798 No.2262967


Holy Mother of God - it has happened!!

Another source -

Clare Bronfman, Seagram's liquor heiress, arrested in NXIVM case


d23a03 No.2262968


I hope he addresses it..

FB page is banning people who talk against R kek.

The boomers don't understand IP hash etc.

They're convinced. It's making us look bad..

8c5e49 No.2262969

File: 7249d9873b7eb87⋯.png (16.38 KB, 925x196, 925:196, news_trust_org_item_201807….png)

File: 82a0ae98a687a0d⋯.png (42.14 KB, 619x228, 619:228, www_dailystar_co_uk_news_w….png)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday rebuked Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, accusing him of massacring Syrians and Kurds after Erdogan strongly criticised Israel.

Erdogan said a new Israeli law declaring that only Jews have the right of self-determination in Israel legitimised oppression and showed that Israel is a fascist and racist country.


The Ankara chief's words were in response to Israel's new "nation-state" law, with Erdogan branding Israel the "most Zionist, racist and fascist country".

He argued the new law legitimises "unlawful actions and oppression".


dbc5b5 No.2262970

File: 6136751b6d2bf71⋯.jpg (130.69 KB, 392x392, 1:1, ranierie.jpg)

2c9c44 No.2262971


good goy

bb2d8e No.2262972


show time

11fb58 No.2262973

Q, is it time you guys force it? It's obvious these fools are pussies. They shit on QAnon topic but don't dare ask POTUS.

ba140e No.2262974

File: bdf256fcdb394a4⋯.jpg (32.65 KB, 475x285, 5:3, auth_dent.jpg)

6f56d8 No.2262975

I missed Q posting?!?!

DAMN IT!!!!!!

Welcome back Q!

I can't believe how well things are going!

Stay safe friend!

bf85e1 No.2262976


>…until the shills break out that slide again…


c670ad No.2262977

Can anyone confirm that Fox News management has ordered all reporters to stop digging/reporting on FBI corruption stories??

068354 No.2262978

File: 7a77a3d5936c7a7⋯.png (1.31 MB, 983x983, 1:1, 7a77a3d5936c7a73bcaeed75c8….png)

dbc5b5 No.2262979

File: 80151e39ea1b9ef⋯.jpg (222.97 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, gnomey2.jpg)

File: e4ec41eb6de385e⋯.jpg (42.28 KB, 474x426, 79:71, gnomey.jpg)

5f075f No.2262980

>>2262427 LB LB LB

Baker notable summary of wolfe leak indictment and sleepy jeff sessions aka the silent executioner


note to anon - LINK related posts by reply to (you) so baker can gather the entire post if deemed notable

a62302 No.2262981

File: d59d68086c95daa⋯.jpg (243.21 KB, 1368x590, 684:295, 7-22-18 Hussein claims he ….jpg)


Q, Hussein claimed Kenyan citizenship? kek

4e5a32 No.2262983





5b2cdd No.2262984


I love pics of him with a beard

894be5 No.2262985


Q PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HIGHLIGHT BF (@british_fight) as a fake! He's robbing #Qanon followers in the UK to fund his own neo Nazi political party!

251a4c No.2262986

File: 16597ccacf82c60⋯.png (460.57 KB, 640x418, 320:209, ClipboardImage.png)

Is Sessions trying to get his hands on Assange so that POTUS can pardon him?

0521d4 No.2262987


Damn… Timing is everything.


If you are out there, one question?

Is the plan completely on track or adjustments needed?

May God bless you, your team, and what you do.

397883 No.2262988

File: b132803f36ca2db⋯.png (8.05 KB, 259x194, 259:194, love.png)

369962 No.2262990


I agree Anon, more like the iron curtain KGB, never went away, they just continued in the background.

45c6cd No.2262991

File: f25f8f889ac2e45⋯.jpg (31.12 KB, 415x415, 1:1, 2ehxe9~2.jpg)

File: f52706cabe02b45⋯.jpg (30.2 KB, 329x269, 329:269, 2efho7.jpg)

Q we need more proof that Jeff Sessions is not a deep state jerk off.

018050 No.2262992

Welcome Back Q!! :)

d6e4fe No.2262993



It's about time

cc1d1b No.2262994



82af8c No.2262995


Get ready to file Chapter 7 then.

dbc5b5 No.2262996

File: fbdb2022e4bd7cd⋯.jpg (45.84 KB, 306x423, 34:47, 2books.jpg)

File: f055551694f009b⋯.jpg (34.85 KB, 295x500, 59:100, 299.jpg)

20bb9d No.2262997

File: f46da82d194fd21⋯.jpg (221.86 KB, 2048x1641, 2048:1641, f46da82d194fd21646aa9edf1b….jpg)

e02313 No.2262998

No ‘confusion’: IDF knew intercepted Sukhoi jet was Syrian, not Russian, spokesman confirms

Israeli forces were certain the Sukhoi jet they intercepted with Patriot missiles over the Golan Heights on Tuesday did not belong to the Russian Air Force, an IDF spokesman told media.

There was no “confusion” over the fact that the aircraft belonged to the Syrian army, Jonathan Conricus, head of the International Media Branch at the Israel Defense Forces, told reporters, as cited by the Times of Israel. The Israeli army has been in regular contact with Moscow, he stressed, adding that previously the Israeli army hesitated when targeting incoming planes out of concerns they might belong to the Russian Air Force.

The IDF spokesman said that the plane which was targeted may be a Sukhoi Su-22 or Su-24. These supersonic, all-weather attack aircraft were developed by the Soviet Union. Both types have been in service with the Syrian Air Force.

Conricus said that the IDF increased air force activity in southwestern Syria on Tuesday morning. “We have passed a number of messages, in a number of languages, in order to ensure that no-one violates Israeli air space,” he added.

The aircraft took off from the Tiyas (T-4) Military Airbase in Homs province, the largest in Syria, and travelled “at high speed” toward the Golan Heights, according to the spokesman. Earlier on Tuesday, the IDF confirmed that it fired interceptor missiles at a Syrian Sukhoi warplane, adding that the aircraft had penetrated Israeli-controlled airspace.

Syrian state news agency Sana cited a military source which insisted that the aircraft was conducting raids in Syrian airspace when it was intercepted by Israeli forces. One of the pilots of the targeted jet died, while the fate of the other is unknown, a Syrian military source told RIA Novosti.

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, has, meanwhile asserted that Syria made a “gross violation” of the 1974 ceasefire agreement, which left most of the Golan Heights under Israeli control.

A statement from Netanyahu called the attack “appropriate,” saying “we insist that Syria stringently honor the separation of forces agreement between us and them.”

Although Israel extended its laws to the occupied Golan Heights in 1981, it is not internationally recognized as part of Israel.


4e7b57 No.2262999

"Silence is golden"


758abe No.2263000

File: 485a57f6aa31134⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1772x874, 886:437, 485a57f6aa3113493ba2d813f8….png)

File: 14fcd6a83fb092d⋯.jpg (176.25 KB, 1305x823, 1305:823, IDF_Deserter_admits_Genoci….jpg)

File: 6b31f4770c2ce3f⋯.png (128.72 KB, 566x378, 283:189, Israel_Gaza_Genocide.PNG)

File: 438bc0013992368⋯.jpg (25.29 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 911_Dancing_Israelis.jpg)

File: 4eb7dfe7e272877⋯.jpg (354.9 KB, 1180x1180, 1:1, 911_Netanyahu_Franceso_Cos….jpg)


Bibi needs to eat a grenade.

2f3b73 No.2263001

File: 3a6bbef58b3ac7c⋯.png (1.35 MB, 2790x1632, 465:272, potus_Q_delta_7_24.png)

5 minute delta between Q and POTUS' tweet.

dbc5b5 No.2263002

File: 08ce4b304301128⋯.jpg (17.5 KB, 250x251, 250:251, chile.jpg)

d7b6b5 No.2263003

Previous baker is happy he handed off. Bed time from this time zone.

2c9c44 No.2263004


Q is ritual magick and everyone here is being played

6e1c10 No.2263005

File: 1deecbd97734c6c⋯.jpg (6.08 KB, 302x167, 302:167, the hand.jpg)

61febb No.2263006


Yep read from the bottom to the top and that's the only way the message makes sense.

From Sea to Shining Sea as an opening line is bullshit.

Silence is golden as a closing line is bullshit too.

But as long as they're reversed they make perfect sense.

So, let's analyze it in the light of what has happened recently, and see what Q is telling us.


Yeah, it's golden, Q shut the hell up for 20 days… that's a hell of a lot of silence.


They are panicing…. they even put out articles saying that we're now mainstream and they hate us (paraphrased)


Duh…. anyone with brain cells can see that one.



Those who have chosen to sleep are still blind, and gonna be hard to wake them up. Those who have chosen to be awake can see.


Twitter finally fixed?

Ahh someone else can take over from here…..

dbc5b5 No.2263009

File: 0b3f78f23d94479⋯.png (154.94 KB, 791x686, 113:98, chile.Barros.bergoglio.png)

4e7b57 No.2263010


Including the guy with 11 posts

cf9249 No.2263011


>Can anyone confirm that Fox News management has ordered all reporters to stop digging/reporting on FBI corruption stories??

Dunno. But maybe "silence is golden."

Don't want the over-eager to wreck the plan through premature investigation!

722e43 No.2263012


You are a miserable person who undoubtedly has high blood pressure, much stress along with eating and drinking disorders. And you come here to spread your misery to others.

a7d784 No.2263013


You're an idiot

2c9c44 No.2263014


My business is exploding. Cyber security pays ten fold

a287ec No.2263016

File: e42f2eb7da7f621⋯.jpg (71.35 KB, 876x662, 438:331, Di4bbwXV4AEpFy3.jpg)

File: 70c5ef39d9ac1a5⋯.jpg (208.04 KB, 1066x649, 1066:649, WG Lose Lose.jpg)



9d9304 No.2263017


Don't forget to tell George to make the check out to mommy.

By the way, can you tell her to lose the tongue ring? My sack is still raw.

397883 No.2263018

File: 2053b3388742ef9⋯.png (374.53 KB, 1338x669, 2:1, ao.png)

62a50c No.2263019

File: cdf800234d273f0⋯.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1242x1567, 1242:1567, 45179F66-C2B0-4863-94EB-F….jpeg)




758abe No.2263020

File: eff4777c3e77414⋯.jpg (99.83 KB, 720x621, 80:69, 1528165839741.jpg)

File: 1ce1c396d8b500c⋯.jpg (92.2 KB, 500x566, 250:283, Bibi.jpg)

File: 8888bbd026e0a45⋯.png (377.45 KB, 815x606, 815:606, Jewish_Insolence.png)

File: 8a8730f06d81831⋯.png (85.87 KB, 850x400, 17:8, Jews_play_both_sides.png)

File: 045cb7ae004e966⋯.png (802.71 KB, 1671x1032, 557:344, Masters_of_the_universe.png)


Nah, Israel is going to be purged in a MASSIVE way once this is all finished.

7240a6 No.2263021

File: e83cef172861ff2⋯.jpg (46.21 KB, 454x564, 227:282, 6e432a875492a9903637140bcc….jpg)

a287ec No.2263022

File: 29e315bcb355180⋯.png (961.49 KB, 1068x650, 534:325, Fuck Whoopi DOITQ.png)

722e43 No.2263023


Good optics.

b97837 No.2263024

File: afeaaf305bf3001⋯.jpg (6.17 MB, 3969x2200, 3969:2200, djt-servers.jpg)

4676e1 No.2263025

File: 6fe7502760369d4⋯.png (41.74 KB, 429x200, 429:200, Retirees Ghattas.png)

File: 2fef696619ffa40⋯.png (58.29 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Strzok perjury .png)


Q are these FBI individuals (probably Ghattas) responsible for swearing under threat of perjury that the FISA applications were accurate? I guarantee the first one was signed by PS, but what about the rest? The resignations seem too coincidental and you've mentioned Ghattas before. wsj.com/articles/three-top-fbi-cybersecurity-officials-to-retire-1532036330

If you bake it, he will crumb

61febb No.2263026


kek…. was on another website then I scrolled down 3 more posts and there was Q….. double take time.

82af8c No.2263027


It's in notables.

3b4a0d No.2263028



>You haven't won anything. At all.

Why not just sputter "you meddling kids"?


ee3364 No.2263029


And WE have it all

e6f895 No.2263031


Here's moar sauce:

albany times




c39629 No.2263032

File: 51ae6edc8723a6d⋯.png (167.23 KB, 588x272, 147:68, sea-shining-sea-johny-cash.png)


Johny Cash Lyrics


The beautiful spacious skies, the amber waves of grain

To the majestic purple mountains above the fruited plain

God did shed His grace from sea to shining sea on you and on me

From Sleepy Hollow mountain country to the swamps of Okefenokee

To Guthrie Oklahoma, to Hibbing Minnesota

To Grants Pass Oregon, to Stone Pipe Wells, California

From Texas to Montana, from California to Maine

In the sunny days the winter snow from Arizona sand

To Cherokee North Carolina, to Tarpen Springs Florida

America, it's time to be refreshed, recalled to memory

God did shed His grace on Thee from sea to shining sea

The land is big the best is free

Sand and surf grass and tree from sea to shining sea

God shed His grace on me

And crown Thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea

c469c8 No.2263034

Fake JFK Jr. fags be sad

08e1a4 No.2263035

File: 3778f9f6054ea11⋯.mp4 (13.68 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, gohmert.mp4)

File: ebbe77922c93309⋯.png (16.16 KB, 374x148, 187:74, erssd.PNG)


could it be like louie gohmert was hinting in this fb goog twat hearing that those hold over commie russians AND china are in reality colluding right now with dems to push and push?

missed you.

d640b1 No.2263036


Yup yup yup

ba140e No.2263037


The wifeannon is a twatter battle hardened warrior and informs me daily how they are shilling and trying to silence everyone from communicating. They find workarounds daily and let everyone know how to still communicate. @jack is stupid.

dbc5b5 No.2263039

File: 956b3f776cc3a15⋯.png (108.43 KB, 499x456, 499:456, salinas.png)

File: ed7cc51767bffe3⋯.png (48.94 KB, 328x250, 164:125, salinas1.png)

File: 042af4e6919eef9⋯.png (130.79 KB, 519x473, 519:473, salians.chupacabritas.png)

File: 0decfab47511fa2⋯.jpg (35.05 KB, 470x305, 94:61, poker.face.jpg)

az mafia


salinas / betancourt

child traffic

611775 No.2263040

File: ece715dd509ced5⋯.png (275.7 KB, 628x676, 157:169, brooklyn3pm.png)


Court today!

ac95a5 No.2263041

File: 0292a0b9eb99a98⋯.png (106.14 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Slide1.PNG)

e97fe1 No.2263042


My nigga <3

4e7b57 No.2263043



6ca3dd No.2263044

10cbda No.2263045

Russia has the server.

758abe No.2263046

File: 5bb76131fe00e51⋯.jpg (95.65 KB, 638x710, 319:355, Kike_Feels_2.jpg)


Pic related is the poster you were replying to.

722e43 No.2263047



Silence is golden

2c9c44 No.2263048


Miss on every count. I'm in excellent shape, don't touch drugs or alcohol and eat very healthy, thanks. I'm pointing out the obvious. Q told you you will never know the full truth cuz you can't handle it. Just sit back and let someone else take care of everything.

Does that sound retarded?

It should

45c6cd No.2263049

File: 119d5d2ff9ac586⋯.jpg (20.22 KB, 206x225, 206:225, 2elz3u.jpg)

File: f1ae50e41843180⋯.jpg (105.26 KB, 772x500, 193:125, 2eks03.jpg)

Q is not a fan of faggot Hussein.

6ae17f No.2263050


Working in silence to restore gold standard..

67a199 No.2263051

File: 791713e701a836a⋯.jpg (88.19 KB, 657x509, 657:509, 791713e701a836a2ca7adcf7fe….jpg)

61febb No.2263053


that's a good graphic anon.

6ecf88 No.2263054

File: 50befa34ad91c77⋯.png (563.02 KB, 935x554, 935:554, imagrel.png)


So true.

Perhaps if currupt msm would even mention huge happenings - such as Operation Broken Heart, all the busts going down worldwide, or even SCHNEIDERMAN or Schneider getting "fired" from Nic. (!), more people would have a clue. It's SAD!

SICK of the Sessions hate, too.

ca9a7d No.2263055


"Silence is the element in which great things fashion themselves together; that at length they may emerge, full-formed and majestic, into the daylight of Life, which they are thenceforth to rule.

3b4a0d No.2263056



Team by team, reporters baffled, trump, tethered crop.


4f15a2 No.2263057


It's important to make sure the public knows they were trafficking children. That keeps getting buried.

82af8c No.2263058


Yeah sure that's why your trolling 8chan. loser

5f9b59 No.2263059

File: 3439bbe0797331e⋯.jpg (8.08 KB, 186x250, 93:125, pleiadian_semjase.jpg)

Today is a wonderful day :)

8c5e49 No.2263060

oh look, the necrophilist is back posting pictures of his latest victims.

d46cfe No.2263061

File: b90875969222aaf⋯.png (61 KB, 678x514, 339:257, ClipboardImage.png)

bf85e1 No.2263062

File: 8d64e9b930adcfa⋯.jpg (1010.74 KB, 1000x5400, 5:27, QMAP 5 2018-01-13.jpg)

File: 0df62cef3cf26a9⋯.png (7.99 KB, 471x181, 471:181, Legend 2018-01-13.png)

File: aca8f4287b598b9⋯.png (25.78 KB, 1197x346, 1197:346, Key 1 2018-01-12.png)

File: 6947f700fd84e54⋯.png (19.91 KB, 861x272, 861:272, Key 2 2018-01-12.png)


just throwing this out there as a refresher:

9d9392 No.2263063

File: ba2db0f4a09f264⋯.png (1.94 MB, 2048x1365, 2048:1365, 0283981680131803.png)

>Q posts

>Shills magically come out of the woodwork

And I'm just sitting enjoying the movie.

2c9c44 No.2263064


Kushners and Bibi are best buds. Who married Trumps whore daughter?

Oh yeah, that kike Kushner

96d0a3 No.2263065


> nail on head

23e39e No.2263066

File: c35fbf0d723f654⋯.jpeg (23.02 KB, 201x255, 67:85, F9A22F9B-27C1-42BF-83D2-E….jpeg)

File: 2528b72aee495df⋯.jpeg (34.79 KB, 255x255, 1:1, A156BFEE-E43C-4E00-93F6-9….jpeg)

File: ec1e1005dad6b48⋯.jpeg (20.97 KB, 255x161, 255:161, 97CC4A23-8650-4B02-A050-B….jpeg)

File: 5733eddd07a9d76⋯.jpeg (31.17 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 66BB51BB-D1B9-4E7B-BBAC-3….jpeg)


Thank you baker

1917ab No.2263067

26c6ab No.2263068


The Ball Is In Our Court.

Soccer Ball.



6f56d8 No.2263069

If you had any down time during your absence Q I hope it was enjoyable.

dbc5b5 No.2263070

File: 98c584597e8abcb⋯.jpg (26.72 KB, 680x380, 34:19, bergoglio.jpg)


peace out ma nigga

782057 No.2263071

Instant Filter


344acf No.2263072



I think based on the Fed stories that have come out this is happening.

5a4719 No.2263073

File: 5649aad4ef9c333⋯.jpg (402.99 KB, 792x720, 11:10, Untitled-2 copy.jpg)


glad to see you back Q

e2ad57 No.2263074

File: 2125fe6b946d959⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1113x689, 21:13, b1e19e54-81ec-6725-93db-d5….png)

2c4e2c No.2263075

File: 9ade2a60f9dc997⋯.jpeg (16.86 KB, 255x156, 85:52, 6696C0BC-D254-4262-9426-6….jpeg)

File: 6d32af078b9db88⋯.png (102.86 KB, 552x467, 552:467, 8F91D62A-5F39-4633-A220-94….png)

Q iz up in here!

Baker hat tip itz about to get real.

ee3364 No.2263076



Server unlocks SR

SR exposes DWS/Awan's

DWS/Anon's expose HRC/D/DS

There are so many threads that will sink this cabal. The server is but one way. The false investigations are another. U1 is another. Benghazi is another. Etc

0815f7 No.2263077


Interesting the gore shills are back now that Q has returned.

62a50c No.2263078

File: 0532509fc844a51⋯.jpeg (428.5 KB, 1242x1692, 69:94, 088EA718-B57C-41BB-9C52-A….jpeg)

2c9c44 No.2263079


Yeah, I hire good employees and chill all day

c39629 No.2263080

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


From Sea to Shining Sea

068354 No.2263081

File: 9d3ad53779f30be⋯.png (439.17 KB, 1031x957, 1031:957, bac5de15fbf5d7440348d036dd….png)

344acf No.2263082

Are we posting gore to get rid of shills or is this new gore poster a shill.

At work so not completely paying attention

b40289 No.2263083


7e4e7b No.2263084


Agree 100%. Everything that involves human trafficking needs to be tweeted to hell and back. Be very loud

b4227d No.2263085



POTUS' twat - Democrat, Russia

Q post - Huber, evidence, server

Possible translation: Huber has found evidence of Democrat-Russia collusion on the server

9d9304 No.2263087


This is why it must be RR

758abe No.2263088

File: 41489191dcc8d49⋯.png (2.65 MB, 3080x1688, 385:211, Elon_Musk_Big.png)

File: 22275193bf4a601⋯.png (1.64 MB, 1584x4553, 1584:4553, 0_Jews_Do_Control_The_Medi….png)

File: ecb24d52de31e29⋯.png (907.99 KB, 886x4428, 443:2214, Interview_Transcript_17_05….png)


They won't, they are financed and staffed by Israel treasonous jews.

4e728a No.2263089

File: 2c155d3eeb27527⋯.png (252.21 KB, 488x588, 122:147, AQ3.PNG)


10:52:15 #POTUS #AirForceOne #AF1 Arrival - Kansas City, Missouri (Kansas City International Airport - KMCI)

11:10:48 #Motorcade Departure - en route Kansas City Convention Center

7fc56c No.2263090


And so are the nazi copypasta shills. Means we are winning

45c6cd No.2263091

File: 97bc6d29be4f018⋯.png (84.45 KB, 480x716, 120:179, Screenshot_2018-07-19-15-0….png)

File: 5d58bd826572f03⋯.png (29.76 KB, 480x253, 480:253, Screenshot_2018-07-19-14-1….png)

Q, what you got to say about the Russian intercepts?

dbc5b5 No.2263092

File: 4f8fcd57fea5a3c⋯.jpg (124.39 KB, 1024x614, 512:307, dignidad.chile.bergoglio.b….jpg)

File: f122644ef83b047⋯.jpg (2.17 MB, 3500x2333, 3500:2333, digging.jpg)

2e71bb No.2263093


The black hats who are most guilty

Have been squawking loudly

So what about the silent ones?

They're golden

Which does not mean that they get off scot free

It just means that they pled guilty to a lesser offence

And agreed to hand over their gold politely

Which gives forensic accountants an in

To the web work of accounts in multiple foreign juridictions

Which were used to launder money

Maybe part of the deal

Is that they will serve their time

In a nice quiet prison

Far from the nasty ones who are squawking

758abe No.2263094


*Israel first treasonous jews.

11fb58 No.2263095



Find all 10 amd 15 deltas, Q is telling us they are done and dealt with

369962 No.2263096


Anon, I believe that is true, Putin has been speaking out publicly on Human Trafficking and Pedophilia for years!

7e4e7b No.2263098


he's a shill

61febb No.2263099


kek how did you get started in that

I need to find myself a good business where I can hire good employees and chill all day.

d46cfe No.2263100

187f88 No.2263101

Great job, baker

Congrats on winning the biggest Q drop lottery to date, kek!

Could you repair a notable error for me? (below)

Up to you if also want to post another notable bundle and correct that post # too. Don't sweat it if you don't.



>>2259556 The Enragening: NY's Gov pardons 7 pedos so won't be deported


NY Gov. Cuomo pardons 7 illegals to save from deportation

>>2262425 lb

>>2262432 lb

>>2262767 lb

I must have looked at the wrong article when vetting.

Apologies for the error, thanks for looking out, guys.

722e43 No.2263102

File: 678f15137f4d011⋯.jpg (27.32 KB, 528x278, 264:139, flagconcerndown.jpg)


Q's back.

Muh Concern fags can now lower their flags.

For now.

a10647 No.2263103

File: 62896c7c6fae48c⋯.jpg (548.54 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180724-111215….jpg)

File: d5430d58cfd2a43⋯.jpg (700 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180724-111456….jpg)

Flynn interview today


d6e4fe No.2263104


It's actually 4:33 minutes

ee3fda No.2263106

File: 1ebeed19b8a8dcf⋯.jpg (107.13 KB, 1896x1068, 158:89, 1530579186.jpg)

2c4e2c No.2263109

File: ae2c64b6c49cc96⋯.jpeg (88.04 KB, 500x500, 1:1, F349DC45-87C3-43C5-A0F5-1….jpeg)

File: cef1fe3218c6392⋯.jpeg (44.79 KB, 564x396, 47:33, 0CB0794F-29B8-49F6-9124-5….jpeg)

File: 2888df369a081be⋯.jpeg (226.42 KB, 2304x1296, 16:9, 47687C2B-69E8-412C-8A9A-9….jpeg)

File: adec42e50e49706⋯.jpeg (106.1 KB, 736x726, 368:363, 63DA5B60-409C-47F2-AB76-4….jpeg)

File: 0c9f865c91ccc93⋯.jpeg (35.38 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 6DD97E9F-F768-4630-9C09-4….jpeg)

758abe No.2263111

File: 145664faadf152a⋯.jpg (15.56 KB, 255x203, 255:203, 911_Evidence.jpg)

File: ec898867f0350a4⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1185x759, 395:253, 911_Father.png)

File: 86dd0f05dc2875e⋯.jpg (76.27 KB, 520x400, 13:10, 911_Netanyahu_Says_Its_Goo….jpg)

File: eda67917e8d01ea⋯.jpg (90.62 KB, 640x852, 160:213, Jews_Mocking_911.jpg)

File: 689c49d861475fe⋯.jpg (460.09 KB, 732x648, 61:54, Jews_Mocking_911_2.jpg)


Kushner could be an asset to burn Bibi.

If he is not, Trump will get rid of him too.

If you don't think Trump is going to slay the ZOG, you're out of your mind.

a6927e No.2263112

File: f877105f63937c1⋯.jpg (101.92 KB, 1196x802, 598:401, DhxvHNaVAAEb4JV.jpg)

File: f3e9810aa3193d1⋯.png (133.59 KB, 713x588, 713:588, Screenshot-2018-6-8 Drumpf….png)

File: d2431563b7e1251⋯.jpeg (95.87 KB, 750x825, 10:11, 671668ff3e9131f0dde92a733….jpeg)

File: 2662a2af14b5384⋯.png (65.04 KB, 482x200, 241:100, Flynn.png)

File: 8e023f01d552052⋯.jpg (453.1 KB, 1487x1076, 1487:1076, pg3.jpg)

ee06e7 No.2263113


Broke out the old family album hey…

6ca3dd No.2263114


gore = shill

Hardcore porn, gay porn, quoting Wikipedia, etc. didn't work, so they are trying with gore. What these idiots don't understand is that there are a lot of military and LEO's on here and gore doesn't affect them. There is also the filter button for their ID.

b2ab1e No.2263115


Filtered as soon as that sick shit shows up. Anons should dox that sick mother fucker.

dbc5b5 No.2263116

File: 5066c5f512ea9e4⋯.jpg (68.8 KB, 750x591, 250:197, meth.head.jpg)


fragile toy in shaky hands

2746ff No.2263117

Please please ditch the gore and more tits! I'm surfing with kids nearby.

d3bdda No.2263118


I know you are probably right, It would be nice if they STFU about it is all,

4656be No.2263120

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


President Trump Speaks at the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States National Convention

f52600 No.2263121

Repeats important.

>NK threat - Iran threat

Think Twitter.

>POTUS tweet treating Iran

Those awake see.

>We now know Iran is finished. Public info coming soon.

Those asleep blind.

>only see POTUS threatening Iran, msm pushes more fear.

86742a No.2263122


AND the deep state for years too

722e43 No.2263123


When it's forced, the time will be perfect.

And they'll know when that is.

Enjoy the show!

e531b7 No.2263124


filter is your friend this bread

80b742 No.2263125


Just finished. Your mom says hi.

6f56d8 No.2263126

Gore shill and nazi shill are all pissed of. Keep up the good work anons!

This B is off to the beach. B back later.

758abe No.2263127

File: 1efa91cecda0404⋯.png (116.14 KB, 652x652, 1:1, 1_Neocons_Trotskyites_1.PNG)

File: ada0c3ec5e212a6⋯.png (111.92 KB, 625x674, 625:674, 1_Neocons_Trotskyites_2.PNG)

File: 52d9a20421f48a2⋯.gif (1.13 MB, 1912x4168, 239:521, Marxism_Jews_Trotsky_Neoco….gif)

File: 25b17b4635e6d63⋯.jpg (23.78 KB, 420x291, 140:97, War_Makers_1_Saddam.jpg)

File: 2f46ea97cdfb4b2⋯.jpg (292.26 KB, 1200x937, 1200:937, War_Makers_4_Iraq_25_Most_….jpg)


Were are the nazis?

I never seen one here.

Frindly reminder that while the Frankfurt School jewish communist cultural marxists subverted the education system and dem party (and are the ideological fathers of the anti-A1, anti-A2, anti-West, anti-Christian “progressive” political movement) when they went to the US because of WW2, the rep party was subverted by the communism Trotskyites jewish intelectuals who became known has the neocons and were the main pushers for the use of US Military in ME with the objective of destabilizing it with the purpose of helping the expansion of Israel.

61febb No.2263130


you should know better…. go to options and filter images if it's a problem.

saying that is just asking for more.

c33a35 No.2263132

File: 13fb7c4dc8d36e8⋯.png (308.93 KB, 433x589, 433:589, 9.png)

Good to see you Q. Glad you are OK.

6a4fd2 No.2263134


Welcome back Q. Silence was meaningful.

9d9392 No.2263135

File: 1375d1496ada322⋯.png (52.86 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 8157841924.png)


Embrace the boomer within anon.

82af8c No.2263136


That proves you have absolutely no business experience.

0815f7 No.2263137


Same tactics as the last days of Q's time on 4chan. Once the other shilling didn't work they spammed the threads with irrelevant wall-of-text shitposts and gore

7f456c No.2263138

File: 3d35e9ca67d44aa⋯.jpg (66.93 KB, 600x800, 3:4, images.duckduckgo.jpg)

I'm surprised the CTA larp has not reared his head screaming about how this is a fake Q then insist we create a new board while saying to fire sessions.

Come on CTA we need our laugh for the day.

45c6cd No.2263139

File: 9a9de74cb40090f⋯.png (30.9 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Screenshot_2018-07-23-11-5….png)

Q, welcome back.

7240a6 No.2263141

File: a73d5672708c74d⋯.jpg (49.6 KB, 960x960, 1:1, Calm.jpg)


Have a good night, baker

I think I have a long shift ahead of me !

369962 No.2263142


Indeed, when Obama, was in office he said US had turned into a banana republic, at the time he wasn't wrong.

7e4e7b No.2263143


I bet Bibi is flipped and playing an act, maybe MI has dirt on him. Why does Obama and Soros want to see him removed?

0c9058 No.2263144

File: 99f6b8995dbe907⋯.png (14.02 KB, 901x479, 901:479, app1.PNG)


Huber reports to Horowitz. SEC Clearance removed. Stage Set. Time for Appendix 1?



b40289 No.2263145

From Sea to Shining Sea.

>all across our nation, HUBER IS WORKING

Who does Huber report to [directly]?


Define evidence.

>"the available body of facts or information indicating whether a belief or proposition is true or valid."

Who has the server?


Why does POTUS continually refer to the server?

>BECAUSE WE HAVE IT, but its not public yet, "SETTING THE STAGE"

POTUS does not speculate.


Future proves past.

>goddamn right it does

Who has it all?


Topics stated in past.


Future BIG meaning?

>WE HAVE THE SERVER, major BIG happenings incoming

Repeats important.

>REREAD CRUMBS, and what POTUS in speeches and on twatter repeats he is setting the stage for

Think Twitter.

>^^^: what POTUS in speeches and on twatter repeats he is setting the stage for

Those awake see.


Those asleep blind.

>MANY STILL ARE NOT, but we can help

Fake news [prop arm of D/DS] failing.

>FUCK THE FAKE NEWS, they're being exposed daily



Silence is golden.

>kek, we know silence/blackouts are for a reason, BUT ITS HARD FOR THE AUTISTS!!!!




65ab88 No.2263146

File: a55e8c2ac173f22⋯.jpg (2.05 MB, 924x10000, 231:2500, jewnation.jpg)

a62302 No.2263147

File: 8cc94bfebc0a93b⋯.png (104 KB, 1186x410, 593:205, ClipboardImage.png)

5 minute marker?

722e43 No.2263148


so you say…

but your misery is obvious.

get help

and go away

7e4e7b No.2263149


They'll be moving on to cp soon enough

a6927e No.2263150

File: d2431563b7e1251⋯.jpeg (95.87 KB, 750x825, 10:11, 671668ff3e9131f0dde92a733….jpeg)

File: 40000d5551f3fbd⋯.png (76.17 KB, 419x338, 419:338, tGxRSoh - Copy.png)

File: d406f4e5505f3de⋯.png (16.69 KB, 1252x106, 626:53, Screenshot_2018-07-13 Q Re….png)

File: e43e14ae7850739⋯.png (80.24 KB, 464x560, 29:35, firefox_2018-04-11_13-50-5….png)

File: 076629f3e7e775b⋯.png (298.93 KB, 747x1398, 249:466, Screenshot_2018-07-21 JFK'….png)

758abe No.2263151

File: 3e7ce4d7785edf0⋯.png (4.8 MB, 4520x5000, 113:125, 0_Redpilling_Roadmap_9_BLA….png)

File: 9ceabe4db0f1569⋯.jpg (156.39 KB, 600x1030, 60:103, 1_Jews_Slavery_Tony_Martin….jpg)

File: e684bcf0b861edb⋯.jpg (436.2 KB, 698x1249, 698:1249, Jews_HollyWood_4.jpg)

File: e65b714f6d4d9f9⋯.jpg (102.82 KB, 591x502, 591:502, Peres_Hollywood_Jews_Child….jpg)

File: 07dde983cea7dea⋯.png (710.73 KB, 856x483, 856:483, Slavery.png)


Where are the nazis?

I never seen one around.

Friendly reminder that it was jews who kickstarted the slave trade in the US and made it flourish over time due to their use of slave labor.

Also important to remember that redpilling the Blacks is paramount to destroy jewish supremacism in the West ASAP, and that Blacks and other minorities are the best vessels to bring the redpill on jewish supremacism to gaslit progressives.

Also worthy of note is the subversive and treasonous way in which jewish supremacists have used Hollywood (which is controlled by jews) to pin slavery in the US on Whites, and the way jewish supremacists have dominated and exploited the Black Civil Rights Movement for their own selfish and subversive ends.

c469c8 No.2263152


video link:


bf85e1 No.2263153

File: b1d4a67d10c2d91⋯.jpg (1.04 MB, 1000x6000, 1:6, QMAP 1 2018-01-13.jpg)


Here's a qmap that shows sub 5 minute deltas, for reference ;)

369962 No.2263154


They are probably shitting themselves Q came back, kek!

b40289 No.2263155


(forgot one line):

From Sea to Shining Sea.

>all across our nation, HUBER IS WORKING

Who does Huber report to [directly]?


Define evidence.

>"the available body of facts or information indicating whether a belief or proposition is true or valid."

Who has the server?


Why does POTUS continually refer to the server?

>BECAUSE WE HAVE IT, but its not public yet, "SETTING THE STAGE"

POTUS does not speculate.

>"Has POTUS made a statement found not to be true?“

Future proves past.

>goddamn right it does

Who has it all?


Topics stated in past.


Future BIG meaning?

>WE HAVE THE SERVER, major BIG happenings incoming

Repeats important.

>REREAD CRUMBS, and what POTUS in speeches and on twatter repeats he is setting the stage for

Think Twitter.

>^^^: what POTUS in speeches and on twatter repeats he is setting the stage for

Those awake see.


Those asleep blind.

>MANY STILL ARE NOT, but we can help

Fake news [prop arm of D/DS] failing.

>FUCK THE FAKE NEWS, they're being exposed daily



Silence is golden.

>kek, we know silence/blackouts are for a reason, BUT ITS HARD FOR THE AUTISTS!!!!




821c77 No.2263156

File: ac5093a53cf6168⋯.jpg (180.52 KB, 800x596, 200:149, From Sea to Shining Sea.jpg)

From Sea to Shining Sea

"He shall have dominion from sea to sea and from the river unto the ends of the earth." (Psalm 72:8)

4e728a No.2263158


Looks like we have two Kill Boxes.

Who does Huber report to [directly]?

Fake news [prop arm of D/DS] failing.

Possible Notable?

86742a No.2263159


Someone has something on him. His wife got charged with something big not that long ago.

6dc7df No.2263160


If you R who I think you R, you would make a great VP in 2020, and great POTUS 2024 - 2032, followed by the other jr 2032 - 2040 ;)

b40289 No.2263161

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Qclockfags, anything significant with today's date????

and POTUS live soon:

45c6cd No.2263162

File: 1de3412b96f76b7⋯.jpg (83.49 KB, 666x490, 333:245, 2ehsis~2.jpg)

File: e89ed9c50ba29d5⋯.jpg (16.78 KB, 198x257, 198:257, 2ea9a4.jpg)

Trump doesn't trust Jeff Sessions so why the fuck should I….

cada92 No.2263163


For sure, anon. The filter button is your friend.

722e43 No.2263164


Shills and Q-haters should practice silence more often.

But they're not well…

b40289 No.2263165



62bd23 No.2263166

4 10 20

20 days of silence over

we're close friends

640298 No.2263167

82af8c No.2263169

File: 9266a39f2e91172⋯.png (761.14 KB, 685x3022, 685:3022, Screenshot_2018-07-24 Turl….png)



e6f895 No.2263170


23–Pain (Pain started yesterday)

[5] delta – today

Looks like its gonna be a big week

26c6ab No.2263171



bd0e61 No.2263172

I Need some #ReleasetheServer MEMES PLEASE !

We need to Pressure POTUS TO Release the server !

d6d3a3 No.2263173

For those that don't know, the "Next Baker" line was added to help us deal with "muh notables" when BO/BV aren't around. If you feel your notables are being buried or baker has added bad notables, now you can see when to stop complaining and when to repost for visibility with new baker.

919bd4 No.2263174



>Silence is golden.

My gut instinct is the last few weeks flushed out more bad actors, insanity, due to panic.

2e71bb No.2263175

File: 3d77a4bec573730⋯.png (770.98 KB, 564x752, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)


Somebody needs to take a chill pill

Sing along with me everybody…

Blue skies smilin' at me

Nothin' but blue skies do I see

cddb81 No.2263176

File: b0ceada10a3fbc0⋯.jpg (12.6 KB, 255x146, 255:146, 4464668a8e3b3b842d26babdfd….jpg)


MAGA, patriots!

bf85e1 No.2263177


Oh yes it is :)

d46cfe No.2263178


America, The Beautiful

by Katharine Lee Bates – 1913

O beautiful for spacious skies,

For amber waves of grain,

For purple mountain majesties

Above the fruited plain!

America! America! God shed His grace on thee,

And crown thy good with brotherhood

From sea to shining sea!

O beautiful for pilgrim feet,

Whose stern impassion’d stress

A thoroughfare for freedom beat

Across the wilderness!

America! America! God mend thine ev’ry flaw,

Confirm thy soul in self-control,

Thy liberty in law!

O beautiful for heroes proved In liberating strife,

Who more than self their country loved,

And mercy more than life!

America! America! May God thy gold refine

Till all success be nobleness,

And ev’ry gain divine!

O Beautiful for patriot dream

That sees beyond the years

Thine alabaster cities gleam,

Undimmed by human tears!

America! America! God shed His grace on thee,

And crown thy good with brotherhood

From sea to shining sea!

26c6ab No.2263180


Panic is good.

Panic is right.

July 2018 - the month the world discovered the TRUTH.

Conspiracy no more.

Time to FEED.


758abe No.2263182

File: 407fdfe944becf5⋯.png (547.28 KB, 834x610, 417:305, Obama_Israel_Aid.PNG)

File: 7e3d5d8cf1e08fe⋯.jpg (673.39 KB, 648x1352, 81:169, Israel_Advocates_For_Soros.jpg)

File: ff16fd62dc5b769⋯.jpg (2.66 MB, 2000x2000, 1:1, Israel_Sends_Migrants_To_T….jpg)

File: c2f4c94fc3ed705⋯.png (169.7 KB, 935x165, 17:3, Israel_Soros_Compliment.png)


I don't think they do, Obama sent a shit load of money to him (38 billion) and Soros gets compliments from Bibi frens and family.

>Bibi flipped

Still deserves a grenade up the ass.

cada92 No.2263183


And this asshole likes to show that he is best buds with David Duke.

e414a8 No.2263184


I can only get so erect…

b40289 No.2263185


the [X] are not always killboxes, context is important

1: [directly], seems for emphasis

2: [prop arm of D/DS], now thats a killbox


5f075f No.2263187


very notable

bronfman arrest is nixm case

2c9834 No.2263188

File: dbaa9cbaa64643d⋯.jpeg (62.84 KB, 525x394, 525:394, dbaa9cbaa64643deb689ed0a4….jpeg)

File: a697afdf3fb487f⋯.jpg (54.92 KB, 400x502, 200:251, a697afdf3fb487f34893e6f98e….jpg)

File: 13bbe3840ccb6ff⋯.jpg (36.31 KB, 600x518, 300:259, 13bbe3840ccb6ff8ebfd7db4c5….jpg)

File: 5db5568b2120fae⋯.gif (78.4 KB, 540x731, 540:731, 1530975756662.gif)





Don't worry goy, it'll all be taken care of, just trust us.

t. Qew

4e728a No.2263189

File: cceadccc8c7d29e⋯.png (25.32 KB, 234x164, 117:82, A Fedora.png)


Yup. If Huber has the server….

cae00d No.2263190


Welcome Back Q. We all enjoyed the lights going out during POTUS' correction speech.

a62302 No.2263191

File: e13a349afc918e6⋯.jpg (87.97 KB, 924x274, 462:137, July 'Booms'.jpg)


>Looks like its gonna be a big week

Another big week!

5a4719 No.2263192

File: 7b62ce579fc83d2⋯.gif (716.73 KB, 1226x815, 1226:815, boomboomgif.gif)

File: db9800a7c17f0f4⋯.jpg (211.22 KB, 968x681, 968:681, badabingbadaboom.jpg)


Q is back!

8d7499 No.2263193



16cc30 No.2263194


The phrase "the Russians" should always be examined when we see it in the MSM.

Russian people are not a monolithic bloc all acting in unison, anymore than American people are a monolithic bloc. When MSM uses the phrase "the Russians" or just "Russians" they are invariably imputing the comment to the Russian State.

It is wrong to conflate the Russian state with /deepstate/ personnel or the people of Russia.

It is a logical fallacy that should be probed and highlighted every time we encounter it.

722e43 No.2263195


That sick motherfucker really pisses me off, and that's very hard to do.

0fc5b1 No.2263196


"Russia" is a huge collective noun. It is in no way homogeneous. When POTUS backtracked and admitted the "Russians" tried to influence the elections, yet claimed a witch hunt against him, did not constitute a contradiction. "Russia" has a deep state problem, just like us, and acts independently of oficcial "Russian" government.

4e7b57 No.2263198



2c9c44 No.2263200


got all my certs and just started. first job was securing a site for golf packages. now i've got hundreds of clients

d6e4fe No.2263201


I like 4:33

Angel Number 433 is a powerful message that you are fully supported, surrounded and loved by the angels and higher beings of the spiritual realms. You have toiled long and hard and your angels want you to know that you have successfully manifested prosperity and abundance into your life. Be open to receiving your well-earned rewards and blessings and maintain a positive attitude and outlook to continue manifesting positive abundance into your life.

Number 433 is sent from a Guardian Angel that uses numbers to represent letters and meanings. All Angels are given a unique number sequence and path to lead their followers upon. With these numbers, Angels are able to lead and direct people to their true purpose in life while helping them to avoid the pitfalls along the way.

b40289 No.2263202


the Qew shill is a regular

again, kys shill

6ca3dd No.2263203

Enjoy these days Anons. A time in the future will come where we look back on days like today fondly. There is a future where we will no longer look for Q drops anymore, as we will see The Plan in it's fullest. The arrests are coming. The parade is coming. The end of the evil controlling our planet is coming, and has already started.

e10a71 No.2263204


Topics stated in past

16cc30 No.2263205



Wow, hive mind. We were typing the same thing at the same time. Kek.

344acf No.2263206


We used to post gore on half to get rid of shills, and now the shills post gore and think we are impacted


55b2e1 No.2263207


Topics stated in past/repeats important/think Twitter

POTUS recently went on a retweet of his own tweets binge – need to review the retwats???

640298 No.2263209

File: 2bd213f75f14309⋯.jpeg (92.06 KB, 1000x795, 200:159, 30960FD1-06AD-4C9E-BDB4-A….jpeg)

i’m so happy Q is back

2c9c44 No.2263211


Trump is owned by Sheldon Adelson

c33a35 No.2263213

File: 862fabe55eed23f⋯.png (397.52 KB, 433x589, 433:589, 7.png)

7fc56c No.2263214


Bibi is a politician who wants to survive at the top. The israeli deep state is the defacto ruler of the state through the israeli AG office and corrupt supreme court.

They got bibi and other politicians by their balls but slowly the tides are changing. Bibi and his allies try to reform the corrupt system.

I believe bibi is opportinistic and eventually wants whats best for israel as long as he politically remains on top. He walks on eggshells as he is being threatened by the soros groups and the israeli deep state. Much of what he does internaly in israel, that you read about, is for optics only

45c6cd No.2263216

File: 0de187d41250f20⋯.jpg (39.24 KB, 476x615, 476:615, 2ekm2w~2.jpg)



Why do you love Jeff Sessions ball sack?

b40289 No.2263217

File: d89252783d42c51⋯.png (1.66 MB, 1280x992, 40:31, ClipboardImage.png)


<tfw Q didn't come to the night shift first

61febb No.2263218


Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord

He is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored

He hath loosed the fateful lightning of His terrible swift sword

His truth is marching on, His truth is marching

Glory, glory, Hallelujah! Glory, glory, Hallelujah!

Glory, glory, Hallelujah! His truth is marching on

I have seen Him in the watch fires of a hundred circling camps

They have builded Him an altar in the evening dews and damps

I can read His righteous sentence by the dim and flaring lamps

His day is marching on

Hallelujah, Hallelujah!

In the beauty of the lilies, Christ was born across the sea

With a glory in His bosom that transfigures you and me

As He died to make men holy, let us live to make men free

While God is marching on

Glory, glory, Hallelujah! Glory, glory, Hallelujah!

Glory, glory, Hallelujah! His truth is marching on!

His truth is marching on! And on and on and on and on and on

758abe No.2263221

File: 82b6eac1a8f1540⋯.png (819.08 KB, 830x911, 830:911, 1.png)

File: 3827c8a8965f3a3⋯.png (1.24 MB, 1091x4694, 1091:4694, Canada_jews_pedos.png)

File: 3d1f288766db92d⋯.jpg (506.9 KB, 2047x1582, 2047:1582, Israel_Pedos.jpg)

File: 53474c24a2e795f⋯.png (539.65 KB, 1005x3784, 1005:3784, Rabbis_from_hell.png)

File: b7e59dd18019891⋯.png (573.88 KB, 817x5736, 817:5736, Rabbis_from_hell_2.png)


Cry more rabbi.

We're onto you :)

a6927e No.2263222

File: 572567ffe5c6742⋯.jpg (42.73 KB, 850x400, 17:8, quote-well-ordered-self-lo….jpg)

File: c3cfabaff58ceee⋯.png (543.18 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 62b17b5816b820ac441023f994….png)

File: b69694b65eb822e⋯.png (137.46 KB, 500x566, 250:283, look-at-me-im-the-german-n….png)


fuck off kike

d00b1d No.2263223



5f9b59 No.2263225

File: 2ac7d2a014fab2e⋯.png (298.73 KB, 647x681, 647:681, mega.png)

What is the difference between suppressing or ignoring negativity and resolving it by replacing it with positivity?

0fc5b1 No.2263226


I guess that is why we're both here :)

62bd23 No.2263229

Lunar eclipse Friday

Sky event

Their symbolism will be their downfall

56838e No.2263230

Holy crap

The shills are back in full force again

338b89 No.2263231




Q Back soon after.


611775 No.2263232

File: 1575d1bc9a17531⋯.png (325.85 KB, 612x726, 102:121, topKEK.png)

Micheal Flynn Jr. is having some trolling fun today as well

d8bcbb No.2263233


Could my dick get any harder?

Imagine the world in ten years? No ZOG? Stable Currency? No more industrial level kid fucking? Russia and America colonize the Moon and China comes along for shits and giggles? Cats and Dogs living together? Chaos.

86742a No.2263234

File: 6f766332e3fea5b⋯.jpg (39.21 KB, 550x550, 1:1, 6f766332e3fea5bca1ac6c1d0a….jpg)

a287ec No.2263236

File: 4be820da1031326⋯.png (929.06 KB, 1055x648, 1055:648, HRC DOITQ.png)

edbf5f No.2263237

“Silence is golden”

Coincidence POTUS and Jerome went in on the FED lately?

Love it.

Moar, moar, moar, moar

No brakes.

4e728a No.2263238



Was more along what i was thinking for RR

2c9c44 No.2263240


wagecuck. lunch break almost over?

604f01 No.2263241

File: f67e2556d32b40c⋯.jpeg (492.72 KB, 746x1013, 746:1013, AiWQueen.jpeg)

We have become very powerful.

b40289 No.2263242



and the repeated talk of the server and witch hunt


68bbfe No.2263243


Those MAGAs have always been go signs.

5fa3a3 No.2263244

File: 283677e7191bfff⋯.jpg (89.67 KB, 1200x516, 100:43, Di3i2PbUYAATLdN.jpg)

KEK has delivered MemeAnons the mother of all Meme Source photos. GET ON IT

55b2e1 No.2263245


tippy top kek

edbf5f No.2263246


Went in on the FED of late.

I’m so amped up inside. Wooooo

86742a No.2263247

File: 406beb85ecaf6f3⋯.png (719 KB, 1120x697, 1120:697, ba1cf54ee389347dad1d856e71….png)

61febb No.2263248


Nice. I got A++ nearly 20 years ago but never got into computers even though I like to be online researching ALL the time.

Really should get into it but IRL I do handyman work… guess I don't want to use the computer for both work and play!!!!!!!!!!

ec0105 No.2263249


>Silence is golden.

My first thought was the php index file on a web server that hides the file structure of the url.


// Silence is golden.

Remove the file from the server and visit the URL again. You will see the file structure completely. So your file structure is completely become naked. That's why the file is there. To hide the inner file structure whatever that be.

2c4e2c No.2263250

File: 3c0bb806ab5a648⋯.jpeg (2.28 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, 4B350844-3E5A-4AA4-8EAB-C….jpeg)

File: 08fdd40374b7bbb⋯.jpeg (530.78 KB, 2050x1536, 1025:768, D262EB0B-44E4-4DC2-AC89-5….jpeg)

From Sea to Shining Sea….

Leathernecks activated or U1 railroad movement?

7af54f No.2263251




>muh Russians!!



d23a03 No.2263252


My thought as well..

I was certain he'd come back during night shift..

Now I'm boutta clock in and be a workfag all day thinking bout Q.

Gonna make the day drag kek

338b89 No.2263253



26c6ab No.2263254



7f5e12 No.2263255


I just actually read this article instead of just laughing at it's premise

It's actually funny

[Huffing tons o' paints] has always been known as a fake news vendor, and here they are calling something that's responsible for providing more factual articles in 9 months than they have in over 13 years fake. He couldn't even get based in calling us baseless!

I bet this Andy Campbell guy was the only person to touch this article too. A very misinformed, miscalculated and possibly detrimental move for him.

He leads with the Hoover Dam guy, and when talking about his letters from jail, refers to "Great Awakening" as "[a] likely allusion to QAnon."

<sounds like this guy read less than 1681/2,260,000 posts on this board

>likely only a handful of which were Q posts; this dude really likes reddit and 4ch instead.

Then he goes on to say Q is a "Hero"

<there's a lot of muh Q but any real Anon knows we are all the Heroes, and Q has rarely ever used the pronoun "I", they use "we"

>which was mostly at the beginning before Q's 'tone' changed and shit started getting real

Then he's talking about the lights out thing like it's cringy to think POTUS drops hints and clues all over the place.

<we're cringy because EVERY TIME POTUS gets a chance to be public about something, he does something WEIRD, and we've learned to pick up on it.

>the worst shills are the ones that don't read.

He goes on to shit on our research discussions, then IMMEDIATELY cites a Daily Beast article.. He touches on PizzaGate just like at the beginning of the article, citing only the instance that random dude went in with a gun yelling about pedo rings etc

<I've been here since day 1 and I don't remember that dude coming out of this board

>nor do I remember the Hoover Dam guy coming out of this board now that I think about it…

He shits the same way but harder on dumb fuckin ass TucsonAnons

<who almost FUCKED the whole FUCKING MOVEMENT up

>YOU FUCKING MORONS [if actually real] acted too brashly and smeared us because of it.

>and didnt TucsonMorons come from Reddit?

He interestingly groups Roseanne, Notch, Curt Schilling(didnt know he was on board, sup Curt!), and AJ all together as equally 'loony'.

<that's a fuckin low blow and he knew it when he wrote it

Then talks about other celebs.

Last sentence is the fuckin best.

"“Q” hasn’t posted anything since July 4, leaving those followers frantic for something to do. If the unhinged LARPing of Wright and Meyer is any indication, that something could easily tip over into violence. "

<fucker posted this article 'first thing'@8:01 this morning

>Q posts a few hours later [SUCK IT]

rollin on the floor, kekin' my fuckin ass off

This dude doesn't know what he's up against.

We bring the wrath to harder shills than this guy every day…..

4116ad No.2263256

Who has the server?


Why does POTUS continually refer to the server?

>BECAUSE WE HAVE IT, but its not public yet, "SETTING THE STAGE"

POTUS does not speculate.

>When POTUS asks "Where are the servers?" He is is not asking where they are as if they are lost.. because "POTUS DOES NOT SPECULATE"

POTUS Knows where they are. He is asking if we know where they are… assuming huber.

246c88 No.2263257

File: 487ca91c3743f8f⋯.jpeg (117.56 KB, 864x482, 432:241, 37CFD1D1-2E49-48ED-8FB3-B….jpeg)

d3bdda No.2263260


sessions read the article about sessions brilliant move, about huber being faster and more efficient then second special counsel

d6e4fe No.2263261


She's really going to need that life alert

344acf No.2263262


Digits confirm

Golden meme material

3b6943 No.2263263

Who does Huber report to????

82af8c No.2263264


wrong again, boy you are bad at this

61febb No.2263265


yep the gore is just informative. Who cares. Blood is blood flesh is flesh you're just a spirit in a skeleton of flesh and bone….

758abe No.2263266

File: b90f562d26e7363⋯.jpg (210.32 KB, 925x1086, 925:1086, 1_Trump_Jews_Cry.jpg)

File: 111c202b2ca8783⋯.jpg (402.04 KB, 683x1060, 683:1060, Amalek.jpg)

File: d4d8d11d2d61a95⋯.png (751.67 KB, 1534x1318, 767:659, Amalekites.png)

File: f3ba680528e7314⋯.png (343.17 KB, 1126x800, 563:400, Jews_promote_genocide.png)

File: 76b7c1b3f30fe01⋯.png (376.01 KB, 641x716, 641:716, x_76b7c1b3f30fe01aaccef6f4….png)



Prove it;


Trump is doing MASSIVE damage to the jewish supremacist power structure (EU, NATO, UN, MSM, Hollywood, jewish interest groups), and he has not even started to face them off directly.

6dc7df No.2263267


I said *if*!

1 very close lookalike is not hard to believe as chance, but *2* (Husb & Wife) very close lookalikes in the same pic a few feet apart?

Are you saying now there *are* coincidences??

c33a35 No.2263268

File: c09acbdbba69d99⋯.jpg (155.67 KB, 600x846, 100:141, DhMyxV7X0AAz6hw.jpg)

File: ca336d898a200cb⋯.jpeg (200.07 KB, 1200x889, 1200:889, 2f616834627e6741e2ccbb4f0….jpeg)

File: 8865be379eab30a⋯.png (13.65 KB, 173x255, 173:255, 4c50696eb7c06dcbd17b8fea2b….png)

File: 05b10ab8ff81f6b⋯.jpg (17.64 KB, 239x255, 239:255, 926fdcda39b8220bdf6cab0448….jpg)

eebecc No.2263269



[Democrats/Democratic Socialist]


e10a71 No.2263270

File: ee3e699b0b2f429⋯.png (240.06 KB, 1012x1486, 506:743, 20180724_122540.png)


Attached topics

abed6e No.2263271

20 days and Q is back.

I called it :)

5f9b59 No.2263272




4e728a No.2263273

File: 934cb5d0fcd220f⋯.png (455.35 KB, 607x565, 607:565, AQ4.PNG)


White House Retweeted this.

Got to show off the @NASA_Orion capsule to @realDonaldTrump at the #MadeinAmerica showcase today on the @WhiteHouse lawn. Workers from American-based companies across the U.S. contributed to this spacecraft!

cf9249 No.2263274


UK Anon here

Jerusalem Hymn

And did those feet in ancient time

Walk upon England's mountain green?

And was the holy Lamb of God

On England's pleasant pastures seen?

And did the countenance divine

Shine forth upon our clouded hills?

And was Jerusalem builded here

Among those dark satanic mills?

Bring me my bow of burning gold!

Bring me my arrows of desire!

Bring me my spear! O clouds, unfold!

Bring me my chariot of fire!

I will not cease from mental fight,

Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand,

Till we have built Jerusalem

In England's green and pleasant land.

60633b No.2263275


Normies are going to be upset when it comes out that a private, non-government-owned bank holding the largest declared amount of gold in the world, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, has a bunch of our stolen gold.

I hope 45 tells it all. Gets it all back for us. And the world. He can make this happen.

722e43 No.2263276



2c9c44 No.2263277


this guy gets it

bf85e1 No.2263278


This is glorious :)

We love you POTUS, you really get it :D

187f88 No.2263279


I feel that feel

but hey, whatever

puts gas in our tank

fce20b No.2263280

File: 3de4e9ade39badf⋯.jpg (2.42 MB, 3968x2976, 4:3, triplets.jpg)

I knew it was a good day when my triplets arrived today…

16cc30 No.2263281

File: 7ec46fedfd2522b⋯.jpg (26.65 KB, 384x490, 192:245, Trump baseball bat.jpg)

File: 1819d8bf677d132⋯.png (812.34 KB, 671x819, 671:819, Trump baseball bat.png)

File: dda6ba7ad44cccf⋯.jpg (40.54 KB, 406x396, 203:198, PepeBaseball.jpg)

File: 3aeca8f078c9b99⋯.jpg (66.02 KB, 396x594, 2:3, ObamaGayBaseball.jpg)


There are a number of memes using your image, but I can't locate any of them at the moment.

c2d339 No.2263282


more specifically, Wordpress..

0c9058 No.2263283

File: 41f5fb51a5447da⋯.jpg (24.94 KB, 255x255, 1:1, COMFYQ.jpg)

edbf5f No.2263284


Feels like fucking eternity.

Letsss gooooooo

I want to hit the unaware like a ton of bricks to the face.

Anons are ready and hungry.

15b625 No.2263285

File: 34e6c786c77f3a1⋯.gif (2.19 MB, 320x240, 4:3, 3DxAEq.gif)


you need that in a gif form anon

gaysealfag is beyond annoying

a6927e No.2263286

File: bcacf2c7345d132⋯.jpg (372.74 KB, 2048x1345, 2048:1345, Donald_Trump_and_staff_on_….jpg)

File: d0020221b8cddd2⋯.png (230.22 KB, 588x488, 147:122, Screenshot_2018-07-21 Mewd….png)


my man!

American Jew v Kike

know the difference

22ed3e No.2263287


Good theory ….. haven't really heard any other convincing decodes of the 'Sky Event'

8a886b No.2263288


ya super fake and gay.

It'd be one thing if it was some random person with intel,

but its not. its someone signing with the letter AFTER Q.

Didnt someone conclude it was 0H0UR1?

45c6cd No.2263289

File: 4cc7ca119a7a8ea⋯.png (980.99 KB, 898x581, 898:581, 4cc7ca119a7a8ea4dacce3ac51….png)

File: f259e79154c29fe⋯.jpg (22.36 KB, 275x183, 275:183, 2egkb1.jpg)

Our topic for today is "Trust Sessions"

Trump doesn't trust Sessions for shit.

bf407a No.2263290

Q team,

What do you think of the information is this video:


It's titled: A Story About How America Was Almost Destroyed By Criminals

76a6e3 No.2263291

Keep POTUS safe Q. We all know what happened when Kennedy tried to do the same.


dbc5b5 No.2263292

File: 7184d8b566f894a⋯.jpg (32.56 KB, 400x300, 4:3, bronfman.Necker.branson.jpg)

af18c4 No.2263293


It could also be this https://acronyms.thefreedictionary.com/D%2FDS

Demilitarization/Disposal Surveillance

4116ad No.2263294



ec0105 No.2263295


I didn't find that relevant to include in my post. But yes.

dbc5b5 No.2263296

File: 0ca0f3d52b4648a⋯.jpg (50.13 KB, 647x397, 647:397, brock.jpg)

758abe No.2263297


You have to face it and tame it.

8d7499 No.2263298

Q didn’t tell us to do nothing , we should’ve fighting every day

704d5e No.2263299


Why are many Iranian resistance (Freedom Fighters) tagging #QAnon on Twitter?

Big things coming folks.


WHAT BIG things are coming Q…???

61141b No.2263300

File: 0119e65220a1427⋯.jpg (88.14 KB, 500x665, 100:133, f94ef-corsi.jpg)

Hey Q I'm gonna need a full detailed pdf of the entire plan

And no this isnt john brennan

eebecc No.2263301



Trust Sessions

ca9a7d No.2263302



Dark to Light

2c4e2c No.2263303

File: deb8e4014fdb7fe⋯.jpeg (33.64 KB, 340x270, 34:27, AC4FFE01-B744-475B-8468-B….jpeg)

File: bdfd4857538edb6⋯.jpeg (15.85 KB, 255x176, 255:176, B1FB5E8F-1560-4B95-851C-7….jpeg)


#Me too

(pun intended)

657c8b No.2263304

File: 0e1d34b645fe457⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1664x1664, 1:1, qclock_qjul24.png)

Nice to see the return of Q. Welcome back, sir.

Here is the other Sea to Shining Sea reference (on the clock). Notice "From" is missing. Reminds me of "Hunt for" disappearing from Red October.

dbc5b5 No.2263305

File: ed7cc51767bffe3⋯.png (48.94 KB, 328x250, 164:125, salinas1.png)

722e43 No.2263306


>Trump doesn't trust Sessions for shit.

Trump sure as fuck doesn't trust you for shit.

6ecf88 No.2263307

File: 597ed4f4157e403⋯.png (759.18 KB, 977x512, 977:512, darebts.png)


Surprised he'd go there. Like the guy but, being on radio which probably has commercials, he's gotta keep the drama going.

7fc56c No.2263308


As a russian born anon who follows russian politics, I can say you are 100% correct. So many interest group exist there, globalist, anti globalist, pro putin, anti putin (mostly soros backed), not to mention what goes on in chechniya with the kadirov family and their criminal connections (basically a mafia).

dbc5b5 No.2263309

File: 17f2fd9a2d45871⋯.jpg (19.66 KB, 342x273, 114:91, betancourt.jpg)

a4c077 No.2263310

File: 3584379f78b73c7⋯.jpg (189.37 KB, 693x875, 99:125, Become Huber.jpg)


And with the clowns losing their secret clearance, the time seems ripe for some swamp drainin' action.

5a4719 No.2263311

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

2e71bb No.2263312


This is one of the reasons

Why more people

Should learn Russian

They have a nation of 140 million people

Who are aboriginals of their territory

Speaking 35 languages which are considered official

In some part of the country

They have at least as much diversity

As the USA

Even if they use Russian

As their lingua franca

Instead of English

As many as 15% of Russians

Are Muslim and have been Muslim

As long as Russia has been a nation-state

So they know a thing or two about unity

That we could learn

d63fa3 No.2263313


DS = Deep State

080050 No.2263314


Rosenstein not his boss. Sessions is.

c2d339 No.2263315

File: ddff6e750e6f500⋯.png (251.99 KB, 2458x2152, 1229:1076, Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at ….png)



this index.php file is usually included with a clean install of Wordpress.. the self hosted version that anyone can deploy to a standard Apache web server.

Whats on the server? Maybe a Wordpress installation…?

3f8349 No.2263316

File: ae8108342fd6568⋯.jpg (21.69 KB, 496x221, 496:221, Q_Silence is golden.jpg)


>Silence is golden

Q used the same phrase in February this year.

>Repeats important

2c9c44 No.2263317


I was a fireman but I blew out my knee too many times. I got my security+ ccna ccnp ethical hacker and a few others. I turn down more work then I accept

cada92 No.2263318


Would you share the blank for this, anon? Thanks

dbc5b5 No.2263319

File: 8f7732490f16fd3⋯.jpg (74.06 KB, 900x750, 6:5, ames.Brennan.jpg)

File: d7175d0b28bcd2d⋯.png (288.92 KB, 700x430, 70:43, brenda.png)

d6e4fe No.2263320


>Presidential Message on Space Exploration Day

>Issued on: July 20, 2018

>Since I took office, my Administration has refocused our Nation’s space program on returning to the Moon, growing space commerce, leading the way for a human mission to Mars, and unveiling the secrets of our universe. I recently signed Space Policy Directive-3, which instructs Federal agencies to embrace the growing commercial space industry and provide for a future of space travel that is both safe and thriving. By doing so, we are unleashing the power of American ingenuity and laying the groundwork for American leadership and preeminence in the next great frontier. The exploration and development of space represent the best of American values, and we seek to ensure those values have a permanent place beyond Earth.


edbf5f No.2263321


Blood moon.

Should get live.

Q hitting them hard on their symbolic days.

cddb81 No.2263322

File: afb1aa710a4c1bd⋯.png (697.37 KB, 1154x516, 577:258, Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at ….png)

9819dd No.2263323

File: 5a2d12cdc1d40e3⋯.png (183.05 KB, 469x372, 469:372, ClipboardImage.png)

16cc30 No.2263324


I believe the continual references to the server indicate that the server, alone, contains sufficient proof to bring down the entire Deep State.

But I could be wrong.

Does anybody think "Silence is golden" could mean that monetary system happenings have been occurring during the period of Q's silence?

5fa3a3 No.2263325


Really? I've never seen one, which is a crying shame considering how perfect that pic is.

dbc5b5 No.2263326

File: 9275f0df7bd434e⋯.jpg (132.28 KB, 640x398, 320:199, no.way.out.jpg)

abed6e No.2263327

How many times was Q silent for 4 days?

Was it 3? (this one needs confirmation)

How many times was Q silent for 10 days?

Was it 2? Pretty sure. January and recent

How many times was Q silent for 20 days?



a6927e No.2263328

File: 67f191f23b55a2d⋯.jpg (40.79 KB, 564x564, 1:1, 83b278aac3f2563aa0821acd59….jpg)



coming for you Bill. Sleep tight tonight.

bf85e1 No.2263329


>nice batting stance

And now we know that POTUS definitely knows how to hold a baseball bat correctly, and has probably played a bunch of America's pastime as well.

6ecf88 No.2263330



Meant for other anon talking about Rush.

1dbe78 No.2263332

File: 0aefea196a07c49⋯.png (211.27 KB, 486x473, 486:473, Screenshot-2018-5-10 Russe….png)


Russell Jackson the NXIVM doctor

7240a6 No.2263333

fa96f0 No.2263334

Future "BIG" meaning- Hanks Movie?

Also Silence is Golden movie reference.

68bbfe No.2263335



2c9c44 No.2263336


The Jews have multiple power structures and adapt. Read what Adelson (Trumps biggest donor) said he wanted

61141b No.2263337

Wait is today 18 days since Q didnt post or am I tripping do we count full days or just calender date ?

ca9a7d No.2263338

eebecc No.2263339



>The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) is the largest socialist organization in the United States. We believe that working people should run both the economy and society democratically to meet human needs, not to make profits for a few. We are a political and activist organization, not a party;

>We believe that working people should run both the economy and society democratically to meet human needs, not to make profits for a few.

Yet making profit for the few is EXACTLY what they do, liars/projectionists/pedophiles are THE scum of this planet

60633b No.2263340

d0158b No.2263341

File: 197967fd7073e96⋯.png (1.39 MB, 2147x1170, 2147:1170, 13897784378426578919632629….png)

File: f5da9ed8048cc7a⋯.png (758.89 KB, 1644x931, 1644:931, 12782007634757001536357.png)

5fa3a3 No.2263342


Not bad!. Although Obama needs to be a bit lower IMO

1dbe78 No.2263343


my bad its Brandon Porter

e2f088 No.2263344

File: 39eefcfc5d94dde⋯.jpg (568.55 KB, 1998x2664, 3:4, 1682.jpg)


i see:

a hilt, ready to draw the sword?

another chess piece, maybe.

a tanit at the bottom?

i choose to believe this is the hilt of the sword of justice.

080050 No.2263345


No. I think it's about the 20 days of no comms.

761d4c No.2263347

File: aac20960820eead⋯.png (608.05 KB, 712x365, 712:365, 2018-07-24_11-58-53.png)

File: 0ac88605a44688e⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1154x712, 577:356, 2018-07-24_12-04-07.png)

File: 81940665f2a37c2⋯.png (4.34 MB, 2307x1205, 2307:1205, 2018-07-24_12-06-29.png)

File: 1eb0cfbdc3d3baa⋯.gif (7.06 MB, 632x306, 316:153, Jul-24-2018 12-20-40.gif)


The ride (experience) alone is the reward.

The Great Awakening.

Make America Great Again.

Keep America Great 2020.

A bright future for our children.

A few of the main lessons learned?

Must remain ever vigilant.

We the People…

We all have a role to play.


God bless President Trump.

God Bless America


285034 No.2263348


Exactly so. But we don't expect anything other than deliberate obfuscation from the propagandists.

74ae7d No.2263351




This is going to be GREAT

2c9c44 No.2263352


no difference

59d4b3 No.2263353

File: 2ebbe5fb9780f6b⋯.png (647.41 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, Screenshot from 2018-07-14….png)

Repeats important.

b40289 No.2263354

f48b28 No.2263355

File: afbaa0fd2e4fffa⋯.png (108.53 KB, 399x291, 133:97, Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at ….png)

Illinois governor under fire for participating in church service where wealthy candidate for Chicago mayor handed out $300,000 in CASH to voters

Gov. Bruce Rauner is navigating his way through a political firestorm after it was revealed he was at the church event

Mayoral candidate Willie Wilson distributed cash from his foundation to members of the congregation

Rauner claims he didn't know the money would be given out

Wilson's foundation helps the poor pay their property tax

The Board of Elections says he did not break campaign finance laws

Rauner, who is in a tough reelection campaign, is being accused of buying votes

PUBLISHED: 11:42 EDT, 24 July 2018 | UPDATED: 11:58 EDT, 24 July 2018


704d5e No.2263356

Who has the server?

Quiet Rudy knows where it is…

62bd23 No.2263357



20 days of silence included the Friday the 13th supermoon. They probably thought it was coming then.

77a804 No.2263358


QQQQQ is not back. The ===Q=== is bold and trip confirm was not from BO, are you that starved that you have forgotten the basics anons?

6ca3dd No.2263359

File: b82d157f45dcdf3⋯.png (60.49 KB, 510x332, 255:166, b82d157f45dcdf388632345f32….png)


Excellent Autism there Anon.

61febb No.2263360

File: 36fffeb1b597088⋯.png (2.15 MB, 700x10413, 700:10413, god bless the usa.png)


Do you know how ancient that song is? And how true it is? And the final destiny? About the Celts? About the Irish? About the Monasteries? About the Prophets that came to England? It's amazing. And we stand on the precipice of history, looking back and seeing the hand of God guiding us… these 70 years are nearly done for Satan to have his time in America….

285034 No.2263361


Meaning that, during the silence, much has been taking place.

cf9249 No.2263362


The servers are where the evidence is. We need to demand the servers. Potus has been tweeting same for ages.

657c8b No.2263363

File: 9723de28bd4db05⋯.png (1.36 MB, 1245x863, 1245:863, 20180724.png)


Here are the posts from today's marker (not including Q post of today). Did a clock in my other post with the signature (Sea to shining sea).

Needs to be checked now for mirrors and deltas.

d46cfe No.2263364

File: 587c17b24c49f2a⋯.png (272.55 KB, 600x314, 300:157, POTUS pointing_sitting.png)

b8698a No.2263365


POTUS tweets



068354 No.2263366

File: 85eb3b80cb68c0b⋯.png (72.42 KB, 263x330, 263:330, 7537ea5a7e25bf05d6c0dd2c9e….png)

cddb81 No.2263367

File: bf88479908f907d⋯.png (671.34 KB, 1097x518, 1097:518, Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at ….png)

e6f895 No.2263368

File: 7c9c1e52af45fd7⋯.png (660.09 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, 89377a5e37a96d81861ee79df2….png)

42fd0c No.2263369

Who does Huber report to directly? JJ quote from March

“So I don’t know why the attorney general keeps postponing this,” Jordan continued. “Everyone in town knows we need a second special counsel to get to the bottom of this. How can Mr. Huber — he’s probably a great lawyer, I don’t know much about Mr. Huber from Utah — but how can he investigate his boss, Rod Rosenstein? That’s who he reports to.


a5ed39 No.2263370

File: 61635a49a38d018⋯.png (9.6 KB, 264x58, 132:29, Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at ….png)

Twatter trending now…

6f5683 No.2263371

File: e98284eecc7b90c⋯.png (50.97 KB, 606x415, 606:415, ClipboardImage.png)

>>2262266 lb

Thus, Trump's response…

Love it!!!! Yeah, Russia will be aiding the Dems to win, not TRUMP!!!!!

b8698a No.2263372


The servers are in Israel ?

68bbfe No.2263373


This is why they moved systematically and slowly. Cut strings. Cut wetworkers. Flip or neutralize moles/leaks/Black hats in key positions. Dry up slush funds. Expose.

Strike from a position of strength and security.

4656be No.2263374

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

VFW stream

4e5a32 No.2263375

File: 463baabdca1b246⋯.jpg (266.93 KB, 1839x1315, 1839:1315, trumpball6.JPG)

File: d1fcdd2c542347c⋯.jpg (277.38 KB, 1849x1263, 1849:1263, trumpball7.JPG)

File: 56a3bea7945af2f⋯.jpg (281.31 KB, 1904x1323, 272:189, trumpball9.JPG)

979e55 No.2263376


You really should go.

45c6cd No.2263377

File: a92576a106dbca2⋯.jpg (49.1 KB, 400x502, 200:251, a697afdf3fb487f34893e6f98e….jpg)

File: 0cb065c88320e7c⋯.jpg (28.83 KB, 320x281, 320:281, 2eimgu~2.jpg)

606b53 No.2263378

Glad to have you back Q

They say Q keeps people Passive while "The Plan" unfolds. That's a croc of shit. I've never been so engaged trying to spread the word and red-pilling normies.

It's truly a WWG1WGA mindset.

Godspeed Q, patriots never stop.

a5ed39 No.2263379



f54a1c No.2263380


You failed…. Go back and start all over again. Then come back.

161018 No.2263381

File: ec6937a31f1970e⋯.jpeg (2.18 MB, 3024x2984, 378:373, fullsizeoutput_f26.jpeg)


I am lurking and if Q goes crazy, I will have your back… I was going to get up early this morning & Bake all day - figure out a way to revisit crumbs starting at number uno… Then I slept in instead, oops.

I bought this cool "Q" at Hobby Lobby yesterday to hang in my baking station, now I just have to figure out how to paint it.

a6927e No.2263382


My family and neighbors love this guy regardless of the what the fag media in Massachusetts says this guy is going to roll up central Massachusetts like Bob Marley rolls doobies.


d08b88 No.2263383


Hopefully, confiscated some Rothschild gold.

758abe No.2263384


Educating the general public about jewish supremacism and subversion is the answer to your fears.

Once the gen pop is jwoke, no amount of jewish money or lobbying will be able to suppress the general public ire and political pressure to get rid of ZOG that politicians will face from said general public.

e414a8 No.2263385


shit talking anons for having a job is a bitchcuck move… lurk moar faggot.

b40289 No.2263386



not complaining though, kek, was just saying

bc0869 No.2263387

File: d0e263fabeacae5⋯.jpeg (29.7 KB, 400x375, 16:15, nicedigits..jpeg)

e2f088 No.2263388


me too, anon.


8d7499 No.2263389


Q Is always bold dingleberry the trip is not

8a886b No.2263391

File: 4ffc7ec257d42bb⋯.png (749.16 KB, 863x637, 863:637, Iran.png)

File: 4302a6af0e3eb08⋯.png (476.93 KB, 863x488, 863:488, 1532302534552.png)

File: 6574bdbe22bce8f⋯.png (751.95 KB, 863x632, 863:632, SeeWhyIsay.png)

File: 285866507a87612⋯.png (462.88 KB, 863x610, 863:610, isitnotobvious.png)

File: 2597846020eb87b⋯.png (420 KB, 863x610, 863:610, thisiswhy.png)


WE SHOULD BE assembling meme stories and infographics

and do something to get ORGANIZED and have a daily hashtag to commit to, etc

WE SHOULD BE out here fighting the dumb Russia Narrative that has saturated twitter,IG,etc


most are just lazy, or they literally need Q to TELL them when its time for battle.

ad3bff No.2263392

File: 96e12b395fe25ee⋯.gif (154.56 KB, 60x60, 1:1, hill_lock.GIF)


>lock her up

dda3ea No.2263393



722e43 No.2263394


July 4 to July 24.

09b11a No.2263395


Also could be Democrats/Democratic Socialists

65ab88 No.2263396



c04918 No.2263397


Trump is just Toying with them and throwing it back in face.

I bet MSM won't report this twat

97cb86 No.2263398

File: 283bda04c3de3c4⋯.png (173.6 KB, 1335x303, 445:101, a111743466846795890.png)

Oh that POTUS!!

Oldie butt goody DJT Twat

55b2e1 No.2263399


gold standard? Digging….

3b6943 No.2263401


Thanks, Anons!

Methinks it's GO time!

82af8c No.2263402


retard alert

61febb No.2263403


Thank you anon, I'll take a look at those. It'd be good for me to get into that kind of thing and see if I like it. I'd really appreciate being able to make a living at home… getting to the point where I need to figure something out besides handyman work in small town America where I have to drive 30+ miles for most jobs. I did go to college for mechanical engineering tech and like coding for the machines as well…. very logical thinking so that translates well into computers.

cae00d No.2263404

File: d4e46f5d208eb61⋯.png (905.23 KB, 661x795, 661:795, tomhanks.png)


Funny you mention Tom Hanks, Saw this on Twatter earlier.

bddafa No.2263405


4e728a No.2263406



Was Q silent for a specific number of times for a reason?

How many times was Q silent for 4 days?

Was it 3? (this one needs confirmation)

How many times was Q silent for 10 days?

Was it 2? Pretty sure. January and recent

How many times was Q silent for 20 days?



86742a No.2263407

File: 3ae037cc5aa93db⋯.jpg (106.72 KB, 480x540, 8:9, 1494993079182.jpg)


Awww, why are you always so butt hurt when I post? I only use that meme to call Rtards & other well know LARP's gay.

Ohhh, but you know this! It's because YOU ARE an Rfag! hahahaha

That is about the time you sprang up & post dead baby seals when I post.

Constantly saying how much you hate me & how you will stalk me.

That's kinda Hot

ae4e97 No.2263408


Major kek, anon

d63fa3 No.2263409


added an "s" to Administration


9d9392 No.2263410

File: c68a0c19991ffb6⋯.png (430.99 KB, 1024x677, 1024:677, 8235871639781983.png)

Whatever Trump did its pissing off the mods at 4chan. Their really cracking down on pedo shit no and even fucking with /ptg/.

c04918 No.2263411


Every Bread Posted

7af54f No.2263412


Now, let's get some cryptofags on this!

I've a feeling that this is the KEY to the MAP via Modular Mathematics.


Point the hand to 4

Advance by 10

Advance by 20

6f5683 No.2263413

File: ee13e83c50e580d⋯.jpg (10.96 KB, 250x255, 50:51, 1d727a52430edc8752483e424f….jpg)


So today should be the day Q posts!

Great autism anon!

1e3cda No.2263414


We talking MIA & Bronfman stuff?

65ab88 No.2263415

File: e6f02b1f3f30bb5⋯.png (359.32 KB, 832x832, 1:1, blankqclock.png)


4 10 20

20 days of silence over

we're close friends

makes sense

the first blocks in the q map were 111 days = 4 day breaks remember this

we nailed that

then we had the 10 days mirrored

now we are at 20 does that mean that 10 + 10 is = 20 so we are looking at the full clock, both the [15] on the clock and the mirrored opposite [30] for full time line

eebecc No.2263416

File: df9e92eb10311f2⋯.jpg (125.06 KB, 616x676, 154:169, DWvet.jpg)


salud, ty

c2d339 No.2263417


I think it could be relevant since Wordpress is known to include that quote in all installs. Not like PHP is an Open Source Content Management System that someone with 15 minutes of YouTube and Notepad.exe could deploy…

Maybe they were using it. Digging further regarding Wordpress.

16cc30 No.2263418


You weren't? Some anons never let up.

a62302 No.2263419

File: 87b07f9ccbbd6e8⋯.png (28.86 KB, 551x255, 551:255, ClipboardImage.png)


Look at Q's post from June!

dbc5b5 No.2263420

File: c08c070c4f499d8⋯.png (347.4 KB, 647x534, 647:534, panic.png)

File: 6a6751be7f4aaf9⋯.png (269.23 KB, 681x482, 681:482, $laundry.po.box.png)


betancourt is big child traffic

raniere started in klinton arkansas and finished in salinas taco land

23e39e No.2263421





d46cfe No.2263422


already happened

821c77 No.2263423


Attorney General Jeff Sessions extended leadership responsibilities to Mr. Huber as the AGAC’s vice-chair.


1917ab No.2263424


Red-pilled high schoolers. That ought to scare the shit out of the establishment/deep state.

9b5f84 No.2263425

File: 02f2876603401c9⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 160.91 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, 2F42FCC.jpg)

TY Baker and welcome back Q

758abe No.2263426

File: 7fc77e5279a1f70⋯.jpg (202.76 KB, 745x1016, 745:1016, Hollywood_Jews_Same.jpg)


Fugg :DD

1d4370 No.2263427



>The Site is down for maintenance.

That was fast.

61141b No.2263428


I thought today was the 20th ill go sit in the retard corner

75377d No.2263429

File: 03f3862b74045ea⋯.png (373.98 KB, 635x437, 635:437, 1532317201616.png)


this dude's got it.

2d6331 No.2263430

File: 9815ac0b1caf721⋯.png (712.75 KB, 844x499, 844:499, ClipboardImage.png)

cf9249 No.2263431


>Do you know how ancient that song is?

Yeah, written by William Blake around a couple of hundred years ago.. Some call him a visionary, others an esotericist and others a great artist and poet. Me - he had moments of genious but I don't refer to him as an authority on anything. Love his poetry but I like a lot of poetry. Doesn't mean I base my life on their works, though.

722e43 No.2263432


Brain transplant candidate

And be sure to request a deluxe upgrade this time

ac95a5 No.2263433


I'll give my retarded non-decoder version with differences from yours:

From Sea to Shining Sea.

Who does Huber report to [directly]?

Define evidence.

Who has the server?

>NSA, white hats

Why does POTUS continually refer to the server?

>White hats have it

POTUS does not speculate.

>Always same pattern (asking questions, concernfagging, while he already took actions behind the scenes)

Future proves past.

Who has it all?

Topics stated in past.

Future BIG meaning?

Repeats important.

>NK patterns are repeating. Big aggressive push, everyone shitting their pants. Then we will come to a hopefully peacefully resolution like in the NK case

Think Twitter.

>POTUS twitter behavior repeating

Those awake see.

 >We see the pattern

Those asleep blind.

>They are actually shitting their pants waiting for a nuclear war AGAIN

Fake news [prop arm of D/DS] failing.

>Many are waking up in their subconcious


>shitting their pants down to the ankle

Silence is golden.

>Q's silence was a sign of things being done/victories


>WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

a5ed39 No.2263435

File: d3fa448de2d733b⋯.png (289.18 KB, 626x635, 626:635, Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at ….png)

758abe No.2263436


Yep. This info is censored outside the chans, so it is a necessity.

3db16e No.2263437

File: 3c785c10fe4e36d⋯.jpg (9.43 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 537316df285d222e19e31a09df….jpg)


4e5a32 No.2263438

File: ea51f5e9954a0da⋯.jpg (278.81 KB, 1992x1286, 996:643, putinpeace1.JPG)

File: f30f36f3c8632d1⋯.jpg (260.76 KB, 1951x1288, 1951:1288, putinpeace3.JPG)

File: a622ee8a8eb8ca3⋯.jpg (253.98 KB, 1985x1295, 397:259, putinpeace4.JPG)

File: 9790d4b1bb2f909⋯.jpg (261.38 KB, 2017x1300, 2017:1300, putinpeace5.JPG)

6f56d8 No.2263439



8d7499 No.2263440


I did some but I’m a bit manic and have times when I hit the wall and get discouraged

45c6cd No.2263441

File: 2485856157dde39⋯.jpg (24.47 KB, 408x227, 408:227, 2ekoqc~2.jpg)

File: 70913f434d44527⋯.png (32.17 KB, 446x240, 223:120, Screenshot_2018-07-23-13-3….png)

File: 2485856157dde39⋯.jpg (24.47 KB, 408x227, 408:227, 2ekoqc~2.jpg)

67a199 No.2263442

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

755cea No.2263443



Can we wipe China off the face of the planet?

I know it's wrong to kill people, but do they even have souls?

6d68d4 No.2263444


you're not even thinking outside the box with this. you're thinking all the way down the street and around the corner. awesome catch.

6f5683 No.2263447


Oh SHIT!!!!!

I just saw that!


dc70d7 No.2263448


He did. Last bread >>2262557

a10647 No.2263449

File: 7d5cb2474210484⋯.jpg (443.8 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180714-171703….jpg)

DOJ breakdown

018050 No.2263450

Q says repeats are important.

BOOM was repeated A TON!!


cddb81 No.2263451

File: 5dd62856ed5da11⋯.png (81.16 KB, 690x404, 345:202, Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at ….png)

File: 7d8e8ccba5f986f⋯.png (205.63 KB, 693x970, 693:970, Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at ….png)

File: 11afec0ccc2976b⋯.png (74.82 KB, 685x585, 137:117, Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at ….png)

File: 82144a2ceeb6d29⋯.png (518.51 KB, 674x1157, 674:1157, Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at ….png)

Q posts, recent, with server mention.

JA, SR soon?

5f9b59 No.2263452


Facing it! Exactly. So many anons have a problem with this.

dbc5b5 No.2263453

File: cded9e30c35c49a⋯.png (42 KB, 925x291, 925:291, HAPPENING.png)

"It is all heppening!"

Quite prescient.

2e71bb No.2263454


The origins of government

Are in organized crime

So the origins of Kadirov's clan

Really don't matter

The question is

Are they making life better for everybody?

And so far, it mostly seems that the answer is yes.

People like to single out Chechnya

But it really is not that different from Yeltsin's stronghold in Ekaterinburg

Or Abramovich's Chukotka

Or a hundred other regions and their siloviki

The art of empire

Is to reign in the siloviki

And get them all pulling in the same direction

To make the nation great

In the USA the siloviki are more hidden

But I doubt they will go away

The faces will change

As the most evil ones are retired by force

But in order to keep the country strong

And functioning

Any move away from American oligarchies

Has to be deliberate and planned

And takes time

Because the economy,

Meaning the livelihood of all the people

Depends on change being measure

And not too abrupt.

080050 No.2263455


You want a brownie button or a chest to pin it on?

8c5e49 No.2263456

File: 293d17b56ae5bc5⋯.png (1.41 MB, 1500x500, 3:1, Trump Negan.png)

16cc30 No.2263457

File: 350b43c7ffe7c6c⋯.png (78.47 KB, 721x406, 103:58, Russia-USA-flags1.png)


болшое спасибо, руссанон

b49196 No.2263458

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

722e43 No.2263459



da223e No.2263460

You have more than you know.



a287ec No.2263461

File: 2a4b04fbb97f6d7⋯.png (570.88 KB, 1944x1780, 486:445, 2a4b04fbb97f6d74052e008235….png)

File: 9a46e988869cc3f⋯.jpg (85.7 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Di4jmumU4AEwOTz.jpg)


anons, have you listened to this great theme song?





eebecc No.2263462


Speaks a lot of what is happening at home dummy

dbc5b5 No.2263464

File: 8f055427f0532cd⋯.jpg (150.81 KB, 794x570, 397:285, glowing.jpg)

File: 78407ae7ffad98b⋯.jpg (66.95 KB, 618x800, 309:400, iSpy.jpg)

d0393f No.2263465

File: e690020a0c847bb⋯.jpeg (46.55 KB, 480x480, 1:1, A573AA23-F541-4327-91EF-C….jpeg)


Hold her up to the magnifying glass so we can see her…

cddb81 No.2263466

File: bd45d8aa3314b3a⋯.jpg (22.68 KB, 255x231, 85:77, c2fd83e66c414087fe351c6b2e….jpg)

074ae9 No.2263467

File: a55265a14513879⋯.jpeg (15.01 KB, 228x217, 228:217, a55265a145138798f62878270….jpeg)


Holy mother of autism…

f54a1c No.2263468


Dunning–Kruger effect

In the field of psychology, the Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which people of low ability have illusory superiority and mistakenly assess their cognitive ability as greater than it is.

758abe No.2263469




75377d No.2263471


um..? where a been dude?

a60ee0 No.2263472

File: 4816dd979cdccaf⋯.jpg (53.83 KB, 612x344, 153:86, sanfran.jpg)


is muh russia the only really original country/tribe left? like everyone else has migrated (ME/Asia), died (incas), or got taken over by other peoples (indians).

86742a No.2263473

File: 7de776d94e4543c⋯.jpg (71.76 KB, 284x284, 1:1, gayyyy-seal-imgur-314.jpg)

f9f6ad No.2263474

File: 6c26073c7d33b85⋯.jpg (3.73 MB, 11003x10333, 11003:10333, WWG1WGA.jpg)

2c9c44 No.2263475



Do something

61febb No.2263476


Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! Good to see you're posting more than a 1 hit wonder. :)

8c5e49 No.2263477



Yes, you're still alive

c39629 No.2263478

File: 2540849e82c3dab⋯.png (37.34 KB, 431x639, 431:639, numberfag-444.png)


321 + its sideway mirror 123 = 444

Here are possible numberfag meanings


5a4719 No.2263479

File: 0bfad53d512e8d1⋯.jpg (234.24 KB, 575x383, 575:383, WERQNEW.jpg)

67a199 No.2263480

File: 4009d206df40ea6⋯.png (157.05 KB, 442x593, 442:593, 1531848959407.png)

722e43 No.2263481


Yeah, sure.

You so smart.

I'll leave you now…

6fda11 No.2263482



Silence is Golden…..who, besides Q, has been silent ….SESSIONS!

Is he about to break his silence?

b49196 No.2263483


Bring the pain!

42fd0c No.2263484


Huber reports to RR. I posted older article earlier in bread where Jim Jordan said same.

dbc5b5 No.2263485

File: 751b2fec9527c40⋯.jpg (24.28 KB, 600x400, 3:2, woolsey.jpg)

File: fa3154a55e7c637⋯.png (78.83 KB, 777x425, 777:425, woolsey.Rendell.Freeh.png)

File: 48cd1a83573d011⋯.jpg (91.32 KB, 511x453, 511:453, j.low.1MDB.jpg)

File: 9fb31ecd4b62661⋯.png (54.4 KB, 820x287, 20:7, michaels.millions.png)

File: c9deac1e69ca35c⋯.jpg (28.99 KB, 474x631, 474:631, child.traffic.jpg)

707a19 No.2263486



8b1264 No.2263487


I would love for him to hold a rally in Rhode Island or the south coast of MA, though people in both these regions don't hold him in high regard. The liberal blue is strong and pervasive in southern New England. We need to be reminded of how Boston was integral to the revolution.

657c8b No.2263488

File: b78c37aabc0701b⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1664x1664, 1:1, qclock_qjul24.png)


Added it to the clock. No confirmations yet (other than seals appears in both).

161018 No.2263489

File: 8bef44a83e0cc50⋯.jpg (485.43 KB, 1798x1560, 899:780, PatrioticEye.jpg)

068354 No.2263490

File: 79c917a12b22ccd⋯.jpg (72.07 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, custom_message_gold_star_w….jpg)

82af8c No.2263492


Let's get some indictments before the mid term.

cf9249 No.2263493


>Trump definitely doesn't trust Sessions.

Of course he trusts sessions.

He's just keeping out of doing anything that could rebound on him as being in any way perceived as dictatoria,l and allowing due process and justice to take its course

4e728a No.2263494


Wanted to make sure that Anon got the attention for his\her post. Epic if verified!

dbc5b5 No.2263495

File: 7f92881332f27be⋯.jpg (57.61 KB, 580x381, 580:381, imperial.pacific.SAIPAN.jpg)

bf85e1 No.2263496


i have not yet had the opportunity to see POTUS speak live.

I would love to; I saw Ron Paul speak live during the 2012 election cycle. I'd imagine going to a Trump rally would be like that, x10.

e531b7 No.2263497

File: 3a925b9e010fff1⋯.jpg (392.03 KB, 900x900, 1:1, seal-paleo.jpg)


It wasnt him anon.

Nothing personal - I just hate your fucking gay seal.

You're here - I am sure you can handle it or better yet - make another, better meme

9d9392 No.2263498




e2ad57 No.2263499

File: 86fb157289c7314⋯.png (82.04 KB, 628x200, 157:50, 36bf8576-1754-7f7a-cc63-3e….png)

172982 No.2263500





2c9c44 No.2263501


That was april loser.

Do something

ad2cc9 No.2263502


Clockfag - if Q is military then you have to think 24h zulu time.

a10647 No.2263503


So RR is the stop gap

b40289 No.2263504

File: 0cc35ab310ea748⋯.pdf (1.93 MB, criminal-referral.pdf)



080050 No.2263505



It's been 3 months now. Investigation complete?

722e43 No.2263506


I was there yesterday myself for a few hours…

55bca4 No.2263507

File: d07397cc6c46a11⋯.jpg (40.02 KB, 630x400, 63:40, d07397cc6c46a115e828698dfa….jpg)

Good to hear from you old friend !

298d60 No.2263509


THAN-Q , (only 6 pages this time…lol)

739bed No.2263510


Thank You Q

6f56d8 No.2263511

File: 076412d71dd4d1c⋯.jpg (124.62 KB, 720x469, 720:469, IMG_20180723_090301.jpg)


Please give us one WH press briefing with Stephen Miller! It would absolutely be there grand finale of the media's nervous breakdown.


9b743e No.2263512


>Silence is golden

>20 days not posted

Q’s SILENCE put (((them))) into a massive panic? These past few days DS seems lost af.

45c6cd No.2263513

File: ef43c6a21ca4aad⋯.jpg (12.95 KB, 183x182, 183:182, 2ejrjz~2.jpg)

File: f259e79154c29fe⋯.jpg (22.36 KB, 275x183, 275:183, 2egkb1.jpg)

d6e4fe No.2263514

File: 2d7e018397bf221⋯.png (61.58 KB, 628x184, 157:46, Lynch.png)

344acf No.2263515





3b6943 No.2263516


Not a real credible article. They got Huber's first name wrong.

704d5e No.2263517

DOJ has the server. Q team has it. POTUS has it.

Did The NK had the Server in the Box also…???

What about the Gold Q…???

d46cfe No.2263518

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

listening now , POTUS not on stage yet

Will be something else if they play America, The Beautiful before/as he walks on stage


ca9a7d No.2263519

338b89 No.2263520


Q can't wait for January 21st 2019

45448f No.2263521

File: a72876a8c604154⋯.png (1.43 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, BinaryAgent Keep Fighting ….png)


Q, keep it coming guys!

ee3fda No.2263522

File: 953e364699ba80c⋯.jpg (31.73 KB, 736x736, 1:1, 953e364699ba80c66c0d17f22a….jpg)




b40289 No.2263523





c39629 No.2263524

File: d3af1fc00b1dafd⋯.png (560.79 KB, 551x682, 551:682, hillbag-meme-batter-2q.png)


Hillbag is in the document

dda3ea No.2263525

I find Q Posts release dopamine for me.

The truth is the only drug that does it for me.

cfcc12 No.2263526



Still don't know what language you clockfags be speaking, but at the end of day, gotta hand it ya guys. You called it. Good Job.

611775 No.2263527

File: ef9817583f59b7d⋯.gif (6.46 MB, 480x480, 1:1, IMG_4142.GIF)


well that's embarrasing

7fc9e8 No.2263528

Dan Bongino Show episode name for today: "The Trap is set!"

4e5a32 No.2263529

File: 72624730d9db44e⋯.png (184.8 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, referral.png)


Lock them ALL up!

cd64c4 No.2263530

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Q! you posted “Look there, or [here], or there, truth is behind you.” on 11/9/17 and 4th of July 2018. Word for word match of last Katie Couric interview with JFK JR before his plane crashed.

Look here, look there = JFK video that JFK JR turned behind to watch. Amazing Q Proof! We found this by digging into the R post. Even your strangest sentences turn out to be meaningful and unlock connections.

In that video JFK says "Some sense of responsibility for what went on."

755cea No.2263531

July 2018

When Q went silent for two weeks and showed back up with some meaningless bullshit to make all the Quidiots cream in their panties…

7e4e7b No.2263532


Pls give us a big BOOM for the end of July. We need something chilling to get through this heat

a40d20 No.2263533

File: 3101b3f90917c8e⋯.jpg (58 KB, 620x350, 62:35, 2.JPG)


POTUS Tweet 5min Delta

E - Eric Schwartz

Server coming home from NK

b40289 No.2263534



9b5f84 No.2263535

File: e7b291b1da99031⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 15.66 KB, 255x250, 51:50, a054fe3832ab36acbca924a671….png)

2e71bb No.2263536



That sure reads like a parallel construction written by legislators to kick off an open criminal investigation.

bf85e1 No.2263538


>We need to be reminded of how Boston was integral to the revolution.

I suspect this is why New England was subverted to the extent that it has been: Payback.

New England is likely the part of the US most hated by the [cabal], because of the events of 1775-1776, and then the aftermath.

And we all know [they] hold grudges ;)

4116ad No.2263540


Have POTUS say "Its great to be back" in his about to be speech

e6f895 No.2263541

File: 168364e779bf117⋯.png (308.15 KB, 797x523, 797:523, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e9e09409a3d02a1⋯.png (195.61 KB, 802x365, 802:365, ClipboardImage.png)

All signees of Carter Page FISA warrant are referred to Huber (speculation)…. we still have that list anons?

4bdf3f No.2263542



cddb81 No.2263543

Q's link to Criminal Referal

James Comey

Hillary Clinton

Loretta Lynch

Andrew McCabe

Peter Strzok

Lisa Page

0133d8 No.2263545

File: 621fad489d1dea7⋯.jpg (12.44 KB, 302x167, 302:167, images helper ninja.jpg)

ca3f66 No.2263546


Someone pls get a copy for us phonefags?

77a804 No.2263547



Bold Q next to trip code, and BO did not confirm trip code. that starved are you? get a grip.

f0b156 No.2263548

File: ecc5a7d931c1ab9⋯.jpg (222.67 KB, 721x630, 103:90, apr18lettertrust.jpg)

55b2e1 No.2263550


[comey] [h clinton] [lynch] [mccabe] [strzok] [page]

62a50c No.2263551


The Lynch one was nice. Facts. No hyperbole.

074ae9 No.2263552

File: 696af1883dddb15⋯.jpeg (53.68 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 9537b14c80db94e3532b83a73….jpeg)

<ID 77a804

23e39e No.2263553

File: befc1a7fe24819a⋯.png (325.81 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, D9068088-B606-4EDC-9249-40….png)

File: 20b867a4a4a5889⋯.png (474.81 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, 088F3908-6E89-4940-84EC-36….png)

File: 2be3cebded80bfd⋯.png (491.91 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, 4AD079F2-F517-437D-84F3-D9….png)

d6e4fe No.2263554


Hey Corsi why not have AJ call Q directly.

9820f0 No.2263555



080050 No.2263556


I read it back in April. Was fairly disappointed that was all the charges they were referring to Huber.

a40d20 No.2263557


Eric Schmidt… need more covfefe!