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By: Babylon Bee

LOS GATOS, CA — In a move celebrated by casual viewers but criticized by longtime fans of C.S. Lewis's children's book series The Chronicles Of Narnia, Netflix has released marketing materials confirming that The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe will feature the first-ever black White Witch.

"We wanted a more sympathetic approach to the famously white villain, and believe us – you're going to love the changes in store for each of Lewis's most beloved characters, which reflect the world we live in today." Showrunner Matthew Alrich wrote in a series of Tweets announcing the move. "We hope that sassy black girls everywhere will be able to see themselves in this powerful, sympathetic, and feminist take on a misunderstood character."

Details have also emerged confirming that Aslan would be reimagined as an atheist, Mx. Tumnus would explore his new identity as an oppressed trans-fawn, and Susan Pevensie will be in a queer polyamorous relationship with several Narnian misfits.

While much of the chatter around the production has centered around whether Netflix would make Narnia "the new Game Of Thrones," few anticipated the development of a race-reversed witch, presented as a misunderstood anti-hero. Filmmaker Rian Johnson voiced his support in a comment: "It's all about subversion, baby! Just look at my groundbreaking movie that reinvented Star Wars: The Last Jedi!"


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