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File: c8d1b5b8b6e421c⋯.png (658.49 KB,1128x1470,188:245,allthemoe.png)


Im thinking of creating a game for myself mostly but wondering if there is anybody that is interested? Im happy to give more info, answer questions and take suggestions.

I have no released projects so this may or may not be finished and could be influenced by feedback.

I am planning on creating a sort of rip off or clone of a pokemon game simmilar to moemon romhacks but with traditional monster girls rather than poke-girls with my own story/world etc. Evolution will be like moemon seldom transforming girls but aging up from loli to girl to woman/milf. Things like battles and types will porbably be mostly ripped from pokemon but possibly tweaked or changed. Nsfw content is something i am unsure of how to implement but i have ideas for. Same with more randomization to individual creatures of the same species (hair color, brest size, body type/weight etc.) Please let me know your thoughts or call me a faggot :)

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