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The Rules

• 1. Follow the Global Rules, Use the report function for illegal content.

• 2. Follow the Thread Theme, basically don't derail threads, the same goes for off topic dice rolls too.

• 3. Guro / 3D Porn / Scat / NTR / Futa / Monster Boys / Gang Bangs are not allowed. Light hearted Paladin funposting is allowed, but please don't get too carried away and gore post. Acceptable Group Sex are one man with his monster girl harem and Group Yuri.

• 4. If an official MG series like a manga or videogames has a furry or monsterboy do not get triggered. It's not an oc or fursona, it's a character so don't waste your time on it when you can focus discussion towards ontopic content from that serialization.

• 5.Check the catalog before making a thread, so the board wont get clogged up with duplicate threads.

• 6. Don't shit up a thread and derail it cause you are butthurt over it; this includes the equivalent of "I don't like this! SAGE!" or "Go back to x" posts. However if you provide a reason in your post why you have issue with a thread i.e. "I don't know what the hell you are on about" or "Your thread is badly made" then this is fine - overall though, filter and hide is your friend here.

• 7. Attention whoring posts may be deleted; this includes overuse of blogposting and avatarfagging.

• 8. Polt Pass: Kemono are only allowed if they are based off monsters of myth and legend or have been a part of a monster girl series as one of the species. Any Kemono that fail to meet this criteria is not allowed. Western furshit is outright banned entirely.

Please keep the Monster Kemono and Kemonomimi threads separate in consideration for other anons.

Use your brain and take it easy so that we won't have any problems

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MG Webm

Post monster girls doing monster things.

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Where do I go?

I left for a good while, and came back to find desolate wastes. Everywhere I go that discusses monster girls it's all sad to read because everyone is so desperate and lonely, bouncing between thoughtless "pretty girl hugs and loves me" and personal drama. Where do I go to find people having actual fun with this? Where has the Humor thread gone too?

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Cinzia the Italian slut is shamed mercilessly in her doxx, which includes all her private information


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What happened to the MG Encyclopedia?

(Based off of nhentai) it seems like the author fell off the face of the earth, if anyone knows where (if any) of their other works may be found. It would be greatly appreciated 👍

Image unrelated

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Oni Thread

I want a tall horned girl with the power of thunder.

What is best?

Red Oni or Blue Oni?

One horned or two horned?

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These snakes are very cute as hell.

However there is one thing that bothered me about them and that's the dace that their snake half comprises a majority of their body mass and most of that is on the floor.

I can't imagine them slithering the dirty streets when strolling through town much less them trying to use an escalator.

Bathing must be a chore.

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Writefag/Greentext Thread

Post content such as greatest stories and the like.

Show your creative juices.

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Tallest Big Boob Model To Reveal Herself on Wahnahbee TV

Big Busty Girls All Day/Night Long.



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Demon Girls

Would you sell your soul to a succubus?

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Pokemon clone monstergirls game

Im thinking of creating a game for myself mostly but wondering if there is anybody that is interested? Im happy to give more info, answer questions and take suggestions.

I have no released projects so this may or may not be finished and could be influenced by feedback.

I am planning on creating a sort of rip off or clone of a pokemon game simmilar to moemon romhacks but with traditional monster girls rather than poke-girls with my own story/world etc. Evolution will be like moemon seldom transforming girls but aging up from loli to girl to woman/milf. Things like battles and types will porbably be mostly ripped from pokemon but possibly tweaked or changed. Nsfw content is something i am unsure of how to implement but i have ideas for. Same with more randomization to individual creatures of the same species (hair color, brest size, body type/weight etc.) Please let me know your thoughts or call me a faggot :)

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Calling for /mg/ BO

Hey buddy, still alive? Please respond.

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Undead Thread

A thread for the girls that are ghosts and the living dead.

What's your favorite kind of undead? Mine's Jiangshi.

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Dullahan Thread

I love these cute headless wonders. I'd hug her head as her body hugs me from behind.

Imagine the kind of sex that can only be possible with them or having sex with her body in front of her head or sex in the bedroom as her head is watching anime in the living room.

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/monster/ girl manga

What /monster/ manga do you anons recommend or are reading? I'm reading Onizuka-chan and Sawarida-kun

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Wan Thread

Let's start the board off right with a thread for man's best friend! Post and discuss dogs, wolves, jackals and all other canines.

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/2hu/ Thread

Youkai are monster girls, after all. Post your favorite youkai in this thread. Doesn't have to be 2hu but likely will be.

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/mg/ bunker thread

https://prolikewoah.com/animu/res/110.html I made this for you guys till something more stable can come.

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Our friend at /a/nimu has drew us our board mascot.

The succubus /mg/-tan.

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Banner Thread

Banner size is 300 x 100. Lets try to come up with some new banners.

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Monster Girl Hunter

MonHun, but with monster girls.

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Non-H Thread

Anything SFW including comedic material is fine here.

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Monster Yuri Thread

Forbidden love, but with monster girls.

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These girls are soft, squishy and wet all over.

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Corpulent Monster Girls

This thread is for hefty inhuman girls of all sizes, colors and shapes, either they be from manga, doujinshi or simple stand-alone OC. Fanart is also very welcome.

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Where are all the dragon girls at?

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Spoodler Thread

I love me a good spider girl. I bet being wrapped by an arachne web can feel cozy.

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Centaur thread

Post your favorite quadrupeds.

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Monster Girl Marriage

…or which one captured and enslaved you? Have you given up hope of escape or are you happy with the situation?

I have heard the mantis may bite off the head of her mate. I am not entirely sure which head she might bite off. I am also not sure which loss would be greater. I do not intend to find out. So far no mating has occurred but I pray with her daily, all the while looking for a chance to escape. My heads are safe for now.

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Are robots monster girls?

Well, are they? If so, i would like to see some art and stories from anyone who has anything to share

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This is /d/ calling in

I wanted to inform you that some of your stuff is still stashed in the attic. Be sure to go through it and see if there's anything you want before it eventually gets tossed: >>>/d/33670