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File: e1c02b43c5fc1b0⋯.jpg (493.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, main.jpg)

b2aa66  No.6468679

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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THE Q MOVEMENT IS ABOUT TRUMPING THE ESTABLISHMENT - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDFe_yKnRf4XM7W_sWbcxtw

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Q's Latest Posts

Thursday 05.02.2019

>>6392995 ————————————–——– May, 2019 – 'kick-off' 'start' 'offense' (Vid: >>6393054 )

Saturday 04.27.2019

>>6335740 ————————————–——– Will newly discovered evidence (AG Barr - SDNY) FREE FLYNN? (Cap: >>6335864 )

>>6335313 rt >>6335179 -————————– A House needs to be constantly cleaned. (Cap: >>6335355 )

>>6335075 rt >>6335030 -————————– C comes before D.

>>6334984 ————————————–——– Soon To Be A HouseHold Name. (Cap: >>6335048 )

>>6334889 ————————————–——– DRAIN THE [SWAMP].

Thursday 04.25.2019

>>6316088 ————————————–——– Define 'Renegade'.

>>6315906 ————————————–——– [HUSSEIN] (Cap: >>6316045 )

>>6305138 ————————————–——– Will this age well? (Cap: >>6305150 )

>>6304666 ————————————–——– Stay tuned. (Cap: >>6304703 )

Wednesday 04.24.2019

Compiled here: >>6354269

Friday 04.19.2019

Compiled here: >>6354261

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are not endorsements

#8271 baker change

>>6468043, >>6468204 Dig request from Boatfag re: pre-cleared passenger lists

>>6468194 New Comey IG

>>6468478, >>6468399, >>6468468 some digs on the Comey IG

>>6468308 Hussein Admin spied on German media/gov, helped DS criminals to get dirt on pol opponents

>>6468211, >>6468258 Blackstone Ltd Partnership buys moar Blackstone Equity

>>6468397, >>6468595 FBF - recount from Fortune.com the Iran money xfers by Hussein Admin (2016) +memes

>>6468647 #8271


>>6467856, >>6467765 Obama's cash pallets to Iran, $100M+ HEIST??

>>6467235, >>6467874 Seattle shooting

>>6467658 PANIC: James Baker published essay "Why I Do Not Hate Donald Trump"

>>6467591 Pentagon to transfer $1.5 billion to border wall from Afghan forces, other areas. (Reuters)

>>6467508 Trump "GPS Fusion" Press conference video

>>6467318 Prosecutors finally want to hear from Jeffrey Epstein’s victims (MiamiHerald)

>>6467286 John Solomon: Non-Politicized Members of Intel Community Thought Trump Spying was Inappropriate

>>6467284 Christian Cantor is engaged to Australian Erika Thompson.

>>6467249, >>6467541, >>6467567, >>6467783 Press conference clips/Nunez/FusionGPS clip

>>6467217 Veselnitskaya worked with Fusion GPS at the time of Don Jr. Trump Tower meeting

>>6467932 #8270

#8269 baker change

>>6467088 Kellogg Trust sells Kellogg Equity

>>6467029 Proposal to spend 25 percent of EU budget on Climate Change™

>>6466712, >>6466926 G PapaD names Christian Cantor

>>6466913 DARPA R3D2 satellite demonstrates ‘rapid’ spacecraft development

>>6466711, >>6466764 Judiciary panel's Rep. Cline: People involved in Steele dossier, FISA warrants 'running scared'

>>6466604 Planefags: the 2reg jet.

>>6466470, >>6466671, >>6466796 1MDB’s Jho Low, Rapper Pras Michel Indicted Over Obama Donation

>>6466850, >>6466951, >>6467047 $21 MILLION DOLLARS. Illegally to Obama himself

>>6467160 #8269

#8268 baker change

>>6466213 Seattle PD twat, multiple victims in a shooting, suspects fled

>>6466065 Obama White House Tracked a FOIA Request for Clinton Emails

>>6465974 Fraternal Order of Police hold memorial service for fallen officers

>>6465973, >>6465986 IG Horowitz Has 'Concluded that the Final Three FISA Extensions Were Illegally Obtained,' diGenova Says

>>6465917 Giuliani going to Ukraine to look at Biden corruption

>>6465913 Trade Representative: Trump Orders Hikes In All Remaining China Import Tariffs

>>6465899 Ed O'Callaghan, Scaramucci model?

>>6465884 McGahn rebuffed White House request to say Trump did not obstruct justice

>>6465878 House Dems Subpoena Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, IRS Chief Over Trump’s Tax Returns

>>6465869 James Cole trying to represent Huawei after previously being part of a DOJ investigation into Huawei

>>6465786, >>6465874, >>6465889 Ed O'Callaghan appointed acting DAG until Jeff Rosen is confirmed. Related Q proof DECLAS_

>>6465732 Twat thread on NXIVM transcripts from trial

>>6465723 Bruce Ohr, Whitey Bulger related to Fast and Furious

>>6466366 #8268

#8267 baker change

>>6464906 anon connects some potus tweets at 500 and 466 days..

>>6464897 address for Getty/Beck gun raid - 111 N. Beverly Glen Blvd.

>>6464968 War of the drones!!

>>6465008, >>6465080, >>6465160 planefags watching 2-reg, ZJ-reg and M-reg planes

>>6465211 Q-Clock update. Re-Read crumbs

>>6465217 New DJT - Military Spouse Day

>>6465573 #8267

Previously Collected Notables

>>6464790 #8266

>>6462469 #8263, >>6463249 #8264, >>6464043 #8265

>>6460169 #8260, >>6462558 #8261, >>6461711 #8262

>>6457871 #8257, >>6458638 #8258, >>6459403 #8259,

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b2aa66  No.6468723

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Pasta for the Next Bread

you bring the Sauce

the usual plus /isaXkGs2

Welcome to Chaos

We are a target because we are over the target. We are the news now and they hate it.

The posts below this are completely free reign, unfiltered. no mods, no bans, no control.

we have no fear. we have no desire to control you, anyone, or anything.

The first few posts are a spammer who says he does this manually, which is sad really

This is psychological warfare, meant to wear you down, strain you, we as digital soldiers, are at war in here

if you are new here or are media, the spam and hate is wrap-up smear

if you are here for a while, the filter button is the arrow next to Anonymous on the post

if you are here long term, there is an options tab top right of your browser, choose filters,

dropdown box to comments, take a small, specific, verbatim portion of the spam

0f008b  No.6468725

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN - Full documentary

(It's a video, click it.)




No hate went into the creation of this post.

A lot of anons post the truth about the jews, they are not shills, and are trying to help awaken everyone to their evils. They call you "Goyim" (sheep/cattle), they steal from you from the second you are born, every aspect of your life is a jewish trick, they steal our children to rape and torture, they lied about the "Holocaust", they have been kicked out of every country they have ever been invited into, and they blew up the World Trade Center's just for starters. Pay attention to your fellow anons when they try to give you this information. Don't forget Judaism is a death cult, not a religion. None of this information is shared in hate, only to help spread awareness. Even thought they do vile things to our children, I share nothing with hate.

If you lurk long enough you will notice it's always the same attacks and attackers to this and the other posts. None of them dispute the information. They can't because they know it's the truth.

Also, my name isn't "Doug Stewart" or "Travis" and I have no affiliation with JIDF or the ADL. Or the MAGA Coalition. I am also not jewish nor satanist/luciferian.


If these posts aren't being posted it's because I have something else to do.

The only people that complain when someone is sharing the truth, are the ones with something to hide.

Learning the truth about (((the "jews"))) is not racist nor does it make you a "white supremisit" these are more trigger words to keep you from discovering the truth.

When they can’t attack the information provided, they attack the messenger.

Define ‘deflection’.

Logical thinking.

Shill count HIGH.


What we are currently experiencing is known as:


Definition of Armageddon

1a : the site or time of a final and conclusive battle between the forces of good and evil

b : the battle taking place at Armageddon

2 : a usually vast decisive conflict or confrontation


9c5ff4  No.6468729

File: 9f966d40e44da3a⋯.png (196.71 KB, 1230x1024, 615:512, 1556424436287.png)

Can we please have JUST ONE bread where we DON'T talk about how Jewish people bite the tips off of baby's penises and offer them to the devil? Just because they openly admit to doing it in private is NO REASON to talk about it, ok? Remember that America is based upon religious freedom and Trump loves religious freedom and Jewish people. Your religious traditions probably look just as weird to them, you know? #MAGA! #WWG1WGA!

0f008b  No.6468734

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Interview with rabbi Abraham Finkelstein

@ 39:54

"We steal between 100,000 to 300,000 children a year just here in this country, we drain their blood and we mix it with our passover bread and then we throw the bodies into the slaughter houses that we own, and we grind up all the bodies in the sausage and the hamburger, McDonalds is one of our favorite outlets. And the people, they eat it for breakfast, they eat their children for lunch, and uh, us jews we gotta do what we do."

Shills will call it a hoax like they do with everything they don't want you to look at, the statements made in the video check out and all you have to do is be paying attention to see it.

Human Meat Found in McDonald’s Meat Factory


How and Why Jews Have Sacrificed Non-Jewish Children as Part of Their Religion


Jewish Blood Libel is Alive and Well


Egyptian newspaper claims Jews capture, torture and murder non-Jewish children, then make pies with their blood


The "Blood Libel" (The Damascus Affair)


Two more babies stricken with herpes after ritual ultra-orthodox Jewish oral blood sucking circumcision in New York City


New York City reaches agreement with mohels over circumcision involving 'oral suction'


0f008b  No.6468735

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

It lays out (((their))) entire game plan and CLEARLY corresponds with world events.

0f008b  No.6468736

File: 7071586ab1ce585⋯.png (1.62 MB, 2790x9886, 1395:4943, oprotocols_full.png)




Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion Full Text

00ae27  No.6468737

File: d1d8786ded3f1bb⋯.png (6.68 MB, 4096x2724, 1024:681, SR71NS.png)

c48a8f  No.6468738

>>6468301 lb

They grow up fast? Is that a go code?

>>6468019 lb

If I were to build an app for finding these locations, I'd look into the google maps API for an address object tied to the structure and find mismatches based on street address searches in a limited search area.

0f008b  No.6468739

File: 04effbbfb53c43a⋯.png (609.53 KB, 910x848, 455:424, T_y_da_laws.png)









c3e5d4  No.6468740



Striking similarities

Confirms paperclip

13ee5a  No.6468741

Ive been wondering why Ive been feeling extra weird lately, it hit me while I was driving home. Fellow anons we are in the calm before the storm, it almost here I can smell it!

It has been a wild ride and an honor to serve the President as a digital warrior.

Buckle up.

9d76ae  No.6468742

File: 88b109d9ec9c4a8⋯.jpeg (19.61 KB, 255x254, 255:254, 6b73b61af05554c3637573007….jpeg)

Inbred, scat loving genetic abomonation scum,

d25946  No.6468743

File: 9dc52a9b388d010⋯.png (92.6 KB, 1200x600, 2:1, NewAnons.png)

a50628  No.6468744

File: 6a8214950276dc1⋯.png (1.17 MB, 746x1306, 373:653, ClipboardImage.png)

Just catching up.

Notables are out of control.

Epstein case back in front of prosecutors. Video of Barr vowing to look into it. Miami Herald video with victims telling their stories is incredibly powerful.

Horowitz says at least the thre FISA renewals were obtained illegally, still looking into the application itself.

The storm is upon us for sure.

Sauce is all in the recent notables.

Just catching up.

Notables are out of control.

Epstein case back in front of prosecutors. Video of Barr vowing to look into it. Miami Herald video with victims telling their stories is incredibly powerful.

Horowitz says at least the thre FISA renewals were obtained illegally, still looking into the application itself.

The storm is upon us for sure.

Sauce is all in the recent notables.

Just catching up.

Notables are out of control.

Epstein case back in front of prosecutors. Video of Barr vowing to look into it. Miami Herald video with victims telling their stories is incredibly powerful.

Horowitz says at least the thre FISA renewals were obtained illegally, still looking into the application itself.

The storm is upon us for sure.

Sauce is all in the recent notables.

0f008b  No.6468745

File: 9f13adb32ed372e⋯.jpg (48.73 KB, 474x418, 237:209, eaac167de1dc699.jpg)

File: a9a4137402b8eb4⋯.jpg (390.57 KB, 713x636, 713:636, edb4a8bd3941a.jpg)

File: edb4a8bd3941b18⋯.jpg (224.82 KB, 720x666, 40:37, edb4a8bd3941b.jpg)

File: e2b5906a4c60a89⋯.jpg (391.18 KB, 742x529, 742:529, edb4a8bd3941bb.jpg)

File: 0843991bfff0759⋯.jpg (1.46 MB, 1464x1464, 1:1, edb4a8bd3941bbb.jpg)

3be0d9  No.6468746

File: e9ed998f7416312⋯.mp4 (288.33 KB, 240x180, 4:3, suliXVLUWzjnmtEL.mp4)

>>6468653 (lb) Biden: “I believe the fence is needed…

[because] people are driving across that border with TONS, TONS, hear me, TONS of everything from byproducts for methamphetamine to cocaine to heroin & it's all coming up through corrupt Mexico.”

f77de1  No.6468747

File: fc1232c4053482c⋯.jpg (120.41 KB, 1080x1275, 72:85, olga9.jpg)


danke bake

18274f  No.6468748

File: ad7417a6e47a19e⋯.png (250.32 KB, 921x557, 921:557, ClipboardImage.png)

>6468733 (LB)

A fitting and satisfying end to the last bread.

And dubs to boot.

0f008b  No.6468749

File: d5d994d77e07712⋯.jpg (139.62 KB, 716x796, 179:199, edb4a8bd3941bbbb.jpg)

File: b1c8acd7a111d2e⋯.jpg (146.9 KB, 737x664, 737:664, edb4a8bd39411b.jpg)

File: 8a9c72d045a4530⋯.jpg (46.82 KB, 474x373, 474:373, edb4a8bd39411bb.jpg)

File: 4d2a5cd56e45db6⋯.jpg (75.16 KB, 474x554, 237:277, equal.jpg)

File: bbc4b9ae059e17b⋯.jpg (70.14 KB, 730x481, 730:481, henny.jpg)

636cb5  No.6468750



Thank you for the edit, I appreciate it.

Bakers dindu nuffin

935e2d  No.6468751


In the archives


about a year ago if you want moar.

Mum. She's a doozie.

Elon's had hairplugs, btw.

That was a Sunday morning dig back when Sunday mornings were the best time ever.

f33603  No.6468752

File: 9988bdc58c2f27d⋯.jpg (48.12 KB, 780x520, 3:2, IMG_20190511_002200.jpg)

Is [RR] ourguys?

d25946  No.6468754

File: 805905f9bd20127⋯.png (659.84 KB, 1000x625, 8:5, Storm.png)

9445cd  No.6468755


2018 will be Glorious (when future proves past and the world learns what was done behind the scenes in 2018)

a7ed5e  No.6468756

>>6468644 - last bread

Thank you, anon! Your suggestion helped me solve the problem. It wasn't Ublock, it was Privacy Possum.

I nominate you for Highest Ranking Anon until someone more brilliant comes along.

b85c10  No.6468757

File: 9bff0eb6d86b239⋯.jpg (410.07 KB, 1071x816, 21:16, 113ff3d53ad7edd.jpg)

File: 113ff3d53ad7ed4⋯.jpg (190.62 KB, 1024x749, 1024:749, 113ff3d53ad7eddd.jpg)

File: 8a9147385e04297⋯.jpg (106.25 KB, 534x307, 534:307, 337ea5137718aa.jpg)

File: 337ea5137718aa2⋯.png (774.98 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 337ea5137718aa.png)

File: b78cc7ffc3a64a2⋯.png (330.75 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, 337ea5137718aaa.png)

8a581b  No.6468758

File: f80fd2a36f9dbcf⋯.jpeg (160.88 KB, 1036x364, 37:13, C8B370DE-494B-437A-92E2-C….jpeg)

>>6468194 LB

>East of Sunset Blvd Gun Cache

>>6468301 LB

>Comey Family Sunset Image looking at Lucky Strike

Here’s a tweet from a few days ago re Comeys 5 Jobs


461285  No.6468759

File: 87a9b101c7d5213⋯.jpg (101.4 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 60038662_1035661289961841_….jpg)

Thanq, baker.

9445cd  No.6468760

File: 35a2c605f71a78e⋯.jpg (37.44 KB, 616x393, 616:393, KrassFags.jpg)

47ad2d  No.6468761

Isaac Kappy just released a periscope where he compares himself to Judas and says he betrayed this Q movement and Trump. Says he put us all in danger. He said we're all going to find out about what he did and hate him and be very hurt. Does anyone know what the fuck is happening?


ec7cd1  No.6468762

File: bea8d0471aa8d48⋯.png (430.08 KB, 702x702, 1:1, sunsetpost2.png)

e2c955  No.6468763

"For ever since the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky. Through everything God made, they can clearly see his invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature. So they have no excuse for not knowing God." Romans 1:20

a75104  No.6468764


I saw Ben Harper at the variety playhouse in Atlanta. He had eight guitars that he made himself and played each one for each song, it was fucking fantastic, I’ll never forget that show. He grew up in the ghetto in California.. Compton area.. dude is legit and underrated.

c3e5d4  No.6468765


Applications veracity is mathematically improbable.

b85c10  No.6468766

File: fd8f7be88df317a⋯.png (202.09 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, 0000.png)

636cb5  No.6468767

a982f7  No.6468768

File: e7a57d588474645⋯.png (101.86 KB, 842x913, 842:913, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2f25877828ad7d2⋯.png (109.28 KB, 833x925, 833:925, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 30b93d30b908128⋯.png (113.33 KB, 838x910, 419:455, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b7624a0c734e9da⋯.png (110.61 KB, 841x922, 841:922, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 40c699fa3bbd5e8⋯.png (103.54 KB, 835x900, 167:180, ClipboardImage.png)

The one article you need to prove current US wars are lie-started Wars of Aggression not even close to lawful self-defense, war-murder millions, loot trillions, and require YOUR voice for .01% arrests

“It is no use trying to escape their arrogance by submission or good behavior. Robbers of the world, having by universal plunder exhausted the land, their drive is greed. If the enemy be rich, they are rapacious; if poor, they lust for domination. Neither rule of the East nor West can satisfy them. Alone among men, they crave with equal eagerness poverty and riches. To plunder, slaughter, seize with false pretenses, they give the lying name ‘empire.’ And where nothing remains but a desert, they call that ‘peace.’ ”

~ Tacitus, The Agricola and the Germania, on Roman Empire foreign wars in "self-defense" (analyses here, here)


The United States is the most dangerous illegal rogue state empire in human history, with escalating military armed attacks under President Trump.

Among the damning facts:

People around the world view the US as the greatest threat to peace; voted three times more dangerous than any other country.

Since WW2, Earth has had 248 armed conflicts. The US started 201 of them.

These US armed attacks have killed ~30 million and counting; 90% of these deaths are innocent children, the elderly and ordinary working civilian women and men (and here). The US has war-murdered more than Hitler’s Nazis.

The total deaths caused by rogue state empire for resource control (natural and human) in the last 20 years is over 400 million, more than all total wars and violence in all recorded Earth history.

The annual number of poverty deaths is equal in volume to a Freedom Tower in NYC. “Leaders” of “developed” nations have promised the end of poverty since 1969. Better read that again, and reflect on its meaning of what kind of “leaders” we have in the “developed” world.

Since Operation O.I.L. (Operation Iraqi Liberation; yes, that was the oligarchs’ first name), 2.4 million Iraqis have been killed as a direct consequence.

US so-called “leadership” is arguably worse in corruption, psychopathy, and causing misery than tragic-comic Roman Emperors, certainly with greater capacity to harm. Obviously, among required citizen responses is public demand to lawfully arrest US .01% "leaders" for lie-started and Orwellian-illegal Wars of Aggression, as the contents of this essay prove beyond all reasonable doubt.


What war law states in non-controversial crystal-clear letter and intent

Not only not-even-close to lawful, but started with “reasons” known to be lies as they were told

Looting tens of trillions in taxes and resources (human and natural)

Breaking the Emperor’s New Clothes naked parade with three analogies

Endgame: US military, government employees, and real Americans demanding .01% arrests as OBVIOUS lawful remedy to stop war-murdering millions, harming billions, looting trillions

1. War law: crystal-clear in letter and intent

“No treaty, however much it may be to the advantage of all, however tightly it may be worded, can provide absolute security against the risks of deception and evasion.”

~ President Kennedy, June 10, 1963

Summary: Military armed attack in another nation is illegal in all cases except in reasonable self-defense against that nation’s government’s current armed attack on your nation, or provable imminent threat. All other security concerns go the United Nations Security Council. Self-defense with lethal force is always authorized if known or unknown attackers are engaged in armed attacks in your own nation. This is exactly consistent with the US Army’s official law handbook.

This is similar to the law for individuals: we can never attack another person unless under attack or imminent threat (“I’m gonna’ pull this gun and shoot you!” etc.). And we certainly can never go to another person’s house to attack people and/or property; we must go to the police for their jurisdiction. In general legal definition, no party is allowed use of force under the justification of “self-defense” if the law can be applied for redress and remedy.

The following is an update from published research by The Claremont Colleges of a 2015 paper I delivered for ~2,000 people. We scholars active on this topic of Orwellian-illegal US/UK/Israel Wars of Aggression are unaware of any attempt to refute our factual claims. That is, nobody we’ve ever heard or read has claimed something relevant like, “War law states (a, b, c), and the wars are legal because (d, e, f).” We welcome any information that refutes our factual claims, and seek public debate to make our factual claims clear. The same argument applies that all “reasons” for the US to attack and invade were known lies as they were told.


Part 1

7851b7  No.6468769

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


One of the largest real-estate developers in Israel revealed plans for the soon-to-be tallest building in Israel that looks surprisingly similar to images of what the Tower of Babel may have looked like. But a closer look reveals the new building may be much more, what one rabbi thinks could be a dry-run for building the Third Temple.

Topping out at 91 stories and reaching 1,150 feet toward the heavens, it is estimated that the Spiral Tower will take six years to complete at an estimated cost of $666 Million Dollars.

Sauce: https://www.breakingisraelnews.com/121026/skyscraper-tower-babel-third-temple/

a007fb  No.6468770



God will save a remnant of all peoples and tongues that includes Jews. We never change anyones mind that is Gods job we simply do what Q always does tell the truth and those that are blind will harden their heart and be more blind those that God elects he will save but we are called always to tell the truth or in the end we will say Lord Lord and He will say depart from me I know Knew you! Nothing I do or say will change anyone God doesn't want changed period.

2af597  No.6468771

fb97ae  No.6468772

This shit is fummy

Shills out in force trying to get Q to post

The Deep State must be out of current intel

Hell even Comey is sitting in parks looking for clues in the sunset

9445cd  No.6468773


Anons have the Full Armor of God deployed.

d25946  No.6468774


Nah it was a good call fren.

Newbies wouldn't know the difference between Baker standard posts and the muhjoo and finkelshill slop

67b9b7  No.6468775


Just a feeling, but I think things are going to get very interesting very soon.

8a2c9f  No.6468776


No true anon gives a fuck about famefags.

9d76ae  No.6468777

File: a9cc649b0952598⋯.png (1.32 MB, 960x960, 1:1, 1520292399344.png)

You the man Baker

7e1194  No.6468778


how does it look to rr frens when he is celebrated like this

what is his weakness

if your villain frens saw you going out hero-like while they))) left to burn, what would villain frens think

80850d  No.6468779


You know these ole birds dont belong to the pilot.. just getting back from a sortie over liberal lines. Always new lows for the liberal left and visible from 40k.


>>6468194 (lb) sun is setting. His crime spree is just about done.

OR explosion in Ukraine? Sun looks like explosion next to a crane..

b939ce  No.6468780


You're welcome, bud. Took me a long time to figure this our for myself.

c48a8f  No.6468781


Yeah, Sundays were good.

Were you on 4chan for the late night AI storms?

What a mind fuck!

00ae27  No.6468782

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ff28e5  No.6468783

File: b6433072667c07d⋯.jpg (8.55 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)

Anons, dig into the connection between newly indicted 'Fugees' rap group member and Haiti, birthplace of Fugees member Wyclif Jean

"Ex-Fugees rapper charged in campaign finance conspiracy case"


All mention of Haiti has been scrubbed from the Fugee's Wikipedia page, recently, as the Google cache blurb still shows multiple mentions of Haiti and Haitian immigration.

4d5361  No.6468784

REMINDER: Q team is a (((JEW))) team and they are NOT WORKING with POTUS

That's why secret service now confiscates Q merchandise at Trump rallies and why Scott Adams tried to debunk Q after his white house visit but failed miserably. The lesson is, "never try". ;)

Don't do anything (((Q))) team tells you to do (like sneaking in Q merchandise into Trump rallies), except THINK FOR YOURSELF.


c3e5d4  No.6468785


Comey alerting about happenings and not commencing them is probable.

4d5361  No.6468786

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

REMINDER: (((Q))) team has access to remote mind "surveillance/control" tech

(((Q))) team has a secret system. A machine that spies on you every hour of every day. Maybe they designed the machine to detect acts of terror, but it sees EVERYTHING. Violent crimes involving ordinary people. (((Q))) team and anyone else that has similar machines probably consider these people irrelevant, that's why they continue to keep it a secret.

They can see what you see, hear what you hear, etc. They can even make you dream like in the movie "Inception". The tech has most likely existed even before the movie "The Matrix" was created. They can probably take control of people remotely similar to how people in the movie turn into agents.

Some capabilities of their tech can also be found in the lyrics of the song "Sleeping Awake" by POD. It's from the soundtrack of the movie "The Matrix Reloaded".

"Do you see what I see?

Can you hear what I hear?

Do you feel like I feel?

Do you dream like I dream?"


More capabilities listed in this image: https://imgoat.com/uploads/79d472a848/212992.gif

The tech has most likely also been used on the Wachowski brothers to turn them into "sisters" now (idiots probably don't know about the tech). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Wachowskis

Edward Snowden most likely knows about this tech and gave information about it to China and Russia. That's why (((Q))) likes to threaten Snowden regularly.

Quote from edwardsnowden.com

“I don't want to live in a world where everything I say, everything I do, everyone I talk to, every expression of creativity and love or friendship is recorded.”

What do you think he meant by "everything I do"?

Possible effects of REMOTE MIND CONTROL tech




8732c4  No.6468787

File: 589196229500b7e⋯.jpg (243.21 KB, 1912x1072, 239:134, QCrumbsAwakeAsleepBlindPan….jpg)



Sure feels that way.

G'nite frens!

b85c10  No.6468788

No matter how much you don't want it to be the jews, it's the jews…

9d835c  No.6468789

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Rod Rosenstein: Hero | Epoch Times

461285  No.6468790

Anyone see this. I'm all but certain AOC is a patriot now.


935e2d  No.6468791

File: 930047c60bd34eb⋯.jpg (119.79 KB, 575x615, 115:123, pepe-buckle-up.jpg)

e551cb  No.6468792

File: cb1466077e806b3⋯.jpeg (94.98 KB, 709x373, 709:373, 768F3B70-E399-4D04-A318-0….jpeg)

File: 8abfe1febbf1004⋯.jpeg (279.22 KB, 1521x942, 507:314, F3EFED03-33CF-4477-B1B3-0….jpeg)

File: b9206e60db02ad9⋯.jpeg (65.73 KB, 708x400, 177:100, 98176BAB-28B3-49A6-AD4F-5….jpeg)

File: 62858edbc9897e3⋯.jpeg (276 KB, 1242x1222, 621:611, E5E310B2-9B1B-46DA-A840-5….jpeg)

8a581b  No.6468793

File: a59fb561213c5e7⋯.png (2.17 MB, 2576x1442, 184:103, Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at ….png)


4. Strike-rplacement high school teacher


80850d  No.6468794


Dead man walking.

Peoples sedans wreck into trees and explode when turned on in these situations. Unless he has protection, he better watch his 6.

a50628  No.6468795

File: 2487a4f8188cee9⋯.png (5.7 MB, 2000x2000, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)



Kek intensifies. Dub dubs in sequence.

50c156  No.6468796


Who gives a fuck. He's another lunatic. No matter if what he says is true, he acts crazy, which helps to discredit ACTUAL truth tellers. Simple concept (((they))) repeat over and over and over…

ed8c58  No.6468797


According to the Bible, the Antichrist will make us think everything will get better, then everything goes to hell for a while. Doesn't sound interesting to me. Sounds miserable. Everyone assumes they'll survive the tribulation, but actually most of us won't.

636cb5  No.6468798

File: 9f687e217b97c01⋯.png (3.69 MB, 3082x3274, 1541:1637, ClipboardImage.png)





Red is what has happened.

Blue is what is coming.

Happenings will come fast!



Note: some of the things in blue may have happened behind the scenes and are not public

935e2d  No.6468799


Got caught in a few here. Caused one.

Good times.

a67df8  No.6468800

does the idea of these early q drops as explainers on schemes used, anyone know if Ted Kennedy is one of the OG on this? I just read yesterday a writeup on how the practice of writing and lobbying foreign agents for personal political support was first documented in american politics

9d76ae  No.6468801

File: 881508cb7fd8790⋯.jpg (11.52 KB, 225x255, 15:17, 0225e083b181fb24eee813d3a4….jpg)


Warner Von Braun reincarnated as a genetic Organic humanoid replica

b18242  No.6468802

File: 204ea17bc35c773⋯.jpg (166.32 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, syn.jpg)

File: c993ba1013efb12⋯.jpg (575.11 KB, 1600x1236, 400:309, synagogue of satan.jpg)

File: 518d8c68063baa6⋯.jpg (149.47 KB, 728x546, 4:3, synagogue.jpg)

File: 1ffdb312dc00980⋯.jpg (121.67 KB, 728x558, 364:279, talmud.jpg)

ed8c58  No.6468803


Shhh don't ruin the surprise. It's going to be intense! Buy rifles and ammo, stockpile food and water.

7851b7  No.6468804



7e1194  No.6468805


'streets will not be safe'

3be0d9  No.6468806

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

>>6468783 Shakira - Hips Don't Lie (Official Music Video) ft. Wyclef Jean

Colombia and the fugees

239d30  No.6468808

File: 1ca3698bb696cd9⋯.jpg (67.61 KB, 854x500, 427:250, buck confirm.jpg)

>>6468699 (LB)

(You) - chek'd

(Ho) - rek'd

9445cd  No.6468809

Anon | Anon 2024

af66a8  No.6468810

File: 63698506dae1553⋯.png (121.06 KB, 952x1162, 68:83, Q484.png)

Can someone help me determine where the 150,000,000 is at in the doc?

It's 20 pages and I'm on mobile but I'm not seeing Candidate A and the money totalling that.


45515a  No.6468811


strike + water tower

watch the damned water!

c48a8f  No.6468812


So says AnjelG SynagogueFinkelshill.

What a dumb-ass to tie your irl identity to this shit. Gonna haunt you a long time.

Hey, can you post that rabbi jumping up and down again for keks you dumb-ass.

954aac  No.6468813


So when Q logs on with his Trip Code does he have to go thru 40 Captcha’s (even tho you get 39 correct) to a Post?


I certainly do.

f77de1  No.6468814

7e1194  No.6468815



ammo is short

ammo is valuable

ammo is rare

50c156  No.6468816


No. Comped and trapped rat. He's "dancing" right now to save himself.

ba7c48  No.6468817

>>6468668 (lb)

WHISTLEBLOWER: FLINT MAYOR Diverted Contributions For Clean Water To Campaign Fund. On top of letting minority contractors blow the whole project and all the funds. After all the kveetching about flint and Muh Water Supply fo black Pepo


a different anon posted, reposting here, looks notable to me

a982f7  No.6468818

File: 0ba9148891f776d⋯.png (116.08 KB, 852x921, 284:307, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2d183f9717b4953⋯.png (445.74 KB, 853x911, 853:911, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 867445215a111d9⋯.png (409.2 KB, 691x924, 691:924, ClipboardImage.png)

File: bfea3ebd73d0301⋯.png (86.85 KB, 838x914, 419:457, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 511905177295799⋯.png (82.23 KB, 855x931, 45:49, ClipboardImage.png)


2. The Bush administration claim of aluminum tubes that could only be used as centrifuges to refine fissionable material for nuclear weapons is directly refuted by the best expert witnesses available, the US Department of Energy (DOE) and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Their conclusion is that the tubes in question had diameters too small, the tubes were too thick, using aluminum as the material would be “a huge step backwards,” and the surface was anodized that made them impossible to serve this purpose. They also found that the tubes were easily explained for conventional use, as the specifications perfectly matched tubing for other purposes. The Senate Committee on Intelligence agreed that this claim had no basis from any available evidence (also, see here). When the US makes a war-reason without explanation and the evidence is refuted by the two leading expert agencies before the war, that means this claim was a lie known to be false as it was told.

3. This claim, repeated by President Bush in the 2003 State of the Union Address, was based on the “Niger documents.” These papers were written in grammatically poor French, had a “childlike” forgery of the Niger President’s signature, and had a document signed by a foreign minister who had been out of office for 14 years prior to the date on the document. The forgeries showed-up shortly after the Niger embassy in Rome was robbed, with the only missing items being stationery and Niger government stamps. The same stationery and stamps were used for the forged documents. The CIA warned President Bush on at least three occasions to not make the claim due to the ridiculous evidence. In addition, if Saddam really was making an illegal uranium purchase, it’s certain that both Saddam and the Niger government officials would insist on not having a written record that would document the crime. Republican US Ambassador to Niger, Joseph Wilson, confirmed this information and reported in detail to Vice President Cheney’s office and the CIA. When President Bush and other “leaders” use this claim as a war reason without explanation while analysis of the evidence with all available experts conclude it’s crude forgery, that means this claim was a lie known to be false as it was told.

4. As to the claim of a relationship between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda, all US intelligence agencies reported that no such relationship existed (and here). When Vice President Cheney makes an unsubstantiated war-reason while all 16 US intelligence agencies officially report no such evidence exists AND compelling evidence exists to refute the claim, that means this claim was a lie known to be false as it was told.

Some war liars argue that UN Security Council Resolution 687 from 1991 authorizes resumption of force from the previous Gulf War. This resolution declared a formal cease-fire; which means exactly what it says: stop the use of force. The resolution was declared by UNSC and held in their jurisdiction; that is, no individual nation has authority to supersede UNSC’s power to continue or change the status of the cease-fire (further explanation here). The idea that the US and/or UK can authorize use of force under a UNSC cease-fire is as criminal as your neighbor shooting one of your family members and claiming that because police have authority to shoot dangerous people he can do it. When US leaders claim authority they clearly and OBVIOUSLY do not have, that means this claim was a lie known to be false as it was told.

War lies for unlawful war on Afghanistan: The US acknowledges the Afghanistan government had nothing to do with 9/11. The UN Security Council issued two Resolutions after 9/11 (1368 and 1373) for international cooperation for factual discovery, arrests, and prosecutions of the 9/11 criminals. The Afghan government said they would arrest any suspect upon presentation of evidence of criminal involvement, which is a usual response to another nation's request for extradition of a criminal suspect.

The US rejected these Resolutions, and violated the letter and intent of the UN Charter by armed attack and invasion of Afghanistan.

Part 2

8f5418  No.6468819

File: 921ad9205bb5027⋯.jpg (122.17 KB, 980x551, 980:551, POTUS approves.jpg)


tyb and dank tunes, love the slide guitar

935e2d  No.6468820


115 million

It's in the archives.

9445cd  No.6468821


I'm being a retard. Sorry about that.

a50628  No.6468822

File: 4ad6df2e6188146⋯.png (49.45 KB, 278x181, 278:181, ClipboardImage.png)



Baker Notable

Epoch times says RR white hat hero.

12556e  No.6468823



3 days.

71 years.

>The end won't be for everyone.

f77de1  No.6468824

80850d  No.6468825


He completed his task, which was to conduct himself (for the most part) responsibly during investigation.

You think Hillbag is gunna let him off? He took a shot at comey too.

I hope we get to know everything comey and mccabe were up to. Ghwb also.. i just hope more truth comes out aside from articles people wrote 10 yrs ago.

8f5418  No.6468826

File: e038ce71726d291⋯.jpg (11.62 KB, 250x250, 1:1, Get your shit together.jpg)

9d5887  No.6468827


>Is [RR] ourguy

“The only commitment I made to President Trump about the Russia investigation is the same commitment I made to the Congress: so long as I was in charge, it would be conducted appropriately and as expeditiously as possible. Everyone who actually participated in the investigation knows that.” RR


7851b7  No.6468828

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I Can't Wait !!

8a581b  No.6468829

File: 97b80380ddfd1cb⋯.jpeg (292.4 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 4CE676DC-0682-4BFA-A291-0….jpeg)



Strike force

036771  No.6468830

Was Huma Abedin /ourgirl/ all these years? Or just got caught and is selling out HRC to save her own ass?

7e1194  No.6468831


what makes a good movie

b18242  No.6468832

File: 85c0edbdc8a52cb⋯.jpg (195.27 KB, 600x541, 600:541, kick-a-kike.jpg)


>What a dumb-ass to tie your irl identity to this shit. Gonna haunt you a long time.

You are fucking stupid.

Keep talking jew, you know damn well your days are numbered and you can't do a damn thing about it.

80850d  No.6468833


Right on the money.

86c711  No.6468834

File: 66502850289a0a2⋯.jpeg (5.47 MB, 5007x4584, 1669:1528, qiscomey.jpeg)

File: eec5265df7294d6⋯.jpeg (1.75 MB, 3000x3134, 1500:1567, qcomeycomms.jpeg)


comey is Q

just have an open mind

aca0d8  No.6468835


nice graphic anon

a982f7  No.6468836

File: c1c1a7f49c42623⋯.png (105.39 KB, 834x885, 278:295, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7e77109ddd8dd65⋯.png (115 KB, 845x894, 845:894, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6596b83394952c3⋯.png (173.1 KB, 859x911, 859:911, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 58c1f328a070c31⋯.png (490.38 KB, 839x925, 839:925, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b8b3c6d66a8d027⋯.png (414.3 KB, 840x532, 30:19, ClipboardImage.png)


You: (blinking twice, indicating with body language that your son now has your full attention)

Son: (recognizing this bullshit isn’t working, clears his throat) Besides, taking the trash out is a relative term. If it’s out, then relative to that location, inside the house is outside of that domain. If the trash is in, it’s already outside the domain of out!

(placing his hand in mock sincerity upon my shoulder) Dad, America needs clear laws and enforceable laws, not the arbitrary stop you’re making of my morning in lawless arbitrary demand. It’s up to our household legislation to plug loopholes; it’s the duty of the family to understand what needs to be done and demand it.

Fair laws, clear laws, enforceable laws.

Don’t be a preening weenie, Dad.

You: You’re joking, right?

Son: Not at all. I take household responsibilities very seriously. Very seriously.

You: (pursing lips and nodding) Anything else you’d like to add to your explanation?

Son: Yes. The rule states that the trash go out before I “go to bed.” I never went to bed last night. I had a “temporary emergency bailout of consciousness” distinct from “going to bed.” So, technically, I won’t be in violation until I actually “go to bed.” And this state of emergency might need to be continued indefinitely. Oh, and I still stand on my point that given the ambiguity of the rule with in and out, neither one of us can determine any violation of law.

You: Son, laws are meant to be clear; this one is. Your first excuse has to destroy known and agreed terms of in and out to pretend the law is unclear. Your second excuse again destroys a definition of an essential part of the law, then, as the first excuse, attempts to bullshit your way to willfully destroy clear law. This bullshit includes rhetoric of caring about responsibility, a need for clear laws, and justice.

The law is simple: (pointing to trash) That is inside the house. It needs to go outside to the trash container (pointing) every night. Nobody is confused by this.

How did you get this wild idea?

Son: (snapping out of his experiment with psychopathy) My baseball teammate and neighbor uses it on his dad all the time. He says it works. Thanks for not being played, Dad. That’s the type of man I want to be!

Part 3

ec7cd1  No.6468837

File: 36b986fd379b12a⋯.jpg (42.19 KB, 604x356, 151:89, ticktockc.jpg)

f03ebe  No.6468838

File: d86ea5c37dc1646⋯.png (351.79 KB, 606x406, 303:203, ClipboardImage.png)

have at it Anons and Pepe freaks.

Too tired to Photoshop a bunch of Pepes in.

Actual photo took today at the VA hospital (I only retouched a couple of blank panels that were reflecting me) all were actually without an employee photo… Kek

7e1194  No.6468839


moar to come

much already out

build the map

50c156  No.6468840


Imagine if DOJ indicted the co-conspiratards in that disgusting act re: Michael Hastings, or hell, even Paul Walker.

Those would be barn burners!! The indictment today dating back to 2012 over foreign campaign violations should make everyone in the DS shit their pants.

3803cb  No.6468841

If a bunch of people decide biting the tips off of baby dicks is spiritual, who are any of us to judge? Let he who lives without sin cast the first stone, I say.

ff28e5  No.6468842

File: 70c0f6a13aec842⋯.png (129.66 KB, 288x617, 288:617, Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at ….png)


Moar self-digs,


Also, I'm considering that Q1276 is intentional John Legend misinfo, and that the real JL = Jho Low.

f77de1  No.6468843


i still think the funniest reveal would be shia

3be0d9  No.6468844

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Sepultura - Refuse/Resist

80850d  No.6468845


Get a good 2 weeks in news from him too..

b18242  No.6468846

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

"Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theories" Censored w/ A.I. Algorithms says ADL

04fe3e  No.6468847

File: 78463b394fd3705⋯.jpg (992.94 KB, 3300x2550, 22:17, page01.jpg)

A Salute To America

"President Trump takes over Fourth of July celebration, changing its location and inserting himself into the program."

In the news and on the clock.

There is a 15 minute delta between the news article and POTUS tweet.

There's also 5-steps between the news article and Q drop #2987.


f406d2  No.6468848


Here's the rub on that, Fren. According to Revelation (read the whole book I ain't got the reference) the first resurection happens after the tribulation for only those who died during the tribulation. They reign with Christ for 1000 years in what is known as "the millennial kingdom" in their resurrected bodies that can walk through walls like Jesus did after his resurrection.

not a bad payback on not making it through. Those who make it through get to as well I suppose, but the main resurection is not until after the 1000 year reign.

636cb5  No.6468849


thanks anon, where the white text is will be where the parts of the crumb in blue go.

04ce45  No.6468850



Attempting to infiltrate and push climate change agenda.

Subtle but effective.

AOC may be a patriot but not to the USA

79ae75  No.6468851


…an ending

aca0d8  No.6468852


or the new testement is just propaganda for the sheep..who really wrote it

a982f7  No.6468853

>>6468768, >>6468818, >>6468836 Wars are lie-started Wars of Aggression not even close to lawful self-defense PROOF

ec7cd1  No.6468854


First do no harm. It's that simple.

2b6907  No.6468855

Why are their so many CIA faggots on this board?

Answer is very obviously ambiguous to msm clowns but very acute there still projected faggoty….

e2cfd8  No.6468856

File: 27ee8b61ebf8de9⋯.jpeg (238.74 KB, 828x1150, 18:25, EDC7040A-EE05-44AB-9307-2….jpeg)

Just saw this on Facefuck.

A chewable red pill for the norms?

Time will tell.

872c43  No.6468857


Baker Notable

c164d3  No.6468858

File: 9e7043bbeed5acc⋯.png (265.36 KB, 752x618, 376:309, 1557173392.png)


Look at this scumbag.

935e2d  No.6468859


Can you even imagine the butthurt when all those social justice warriors figure out that DJT stopped the wars.

ec7cd1  No.6468860

File: d43d89cfaf63f1b⋯.jpg (43.54 KB, 591x431, 591:431, endit.jpg)

a007fb  No.6468862



Again nothing I do or say will change anything that God wants or doesn't want to have happen. A messenger is simply that. Delivering the message that he was commanded to deliver in obedience to his savior. Why God works this way to save the called you will have to take up with Him. I am sure it is for my benefit to obey and do what I am commanded to do. I totally understand all the good things you have posted and I do not waste much of my time on this but if an individual posts like this one I try to respond to see if they are the brave or hardened. We simply can not tell who the Elect are. If they had a giant E on their chest I would limit my work to them. Regardless whatever I do will only be in an attempt to follow the good works that God prepared before hand that I may walk in them. As you should all know this has all already happened and been written down. Anyone following in obedience is simply that.

a7ed5e  No.6468863


If he's always been a white hat, undoubtedly he has protection. If he's a black hat, turned grey, then you're right. He better have quite a few watching his 6.

7ac0f9  No.6468864

File: a0b3575f28d7911⋯.jpg (64.18 KB, 674x475, 674:475, 0e3dffa3d5679f32ebc86f3aab….jpg)

Attorney General William P. Barr Announces Edward O’Callaghan As Acting Deputy Attorney General


7e1194  No.6468865

if rr comey mueller are black hats, what would shills have you believe

where are their meme proofs

when did Q say to trust them

have you read past crumbs on them))) lately

7356bf  No.6468867

File: c4b908d2d03e045⋯.jpg (374.08 KB, 780x1170, 2:3, Beautiful-Redhead-Woman-Po….jpg)


TY Baker!!!

We've all come a long way since this post, haven't we?

MONDAY Anonymous ID: 8f9964 No.238914 📁

Jan 4 2018 00:43:04 (EST)


Everything has meaning.

Who is AMB Matlock?






8247c3  No.6468868

File: fd1850b1d9ff6a4⋯.png (125.82 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1548378412257.png)


That kappy faggot boy cant do anything to hurt me. If that faggot boy thinks he can I say bring it faggot boy. Lets see what ya got.

56e7fb  No.6468869


Too bad. I liked them.

7421dc  No.6468870


Moses dropped the third tabled that read

XI: Thou Shalt Not Eat Baby Dicks

a982f7  No.6468871

File: fdc9496c69450ae⋯.png (327.49 KB, 546x467, 546:467, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ded5de27b42826a⋯.png (70.77 KB, 638x655, 638:655, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7d6e6da91a7ec2c⋯.png (351.4 KB, 525x422, 525:422, ClipboardImage.png)

IG Horowitz Has 'Concluded that the Final Three FISA Extensions Were Illegally Obtained,' diGenova Says

Washington attorney Joe diGenova claimed in an interview last night that the Department of Justice inspector general has determined that "the final three FISA extensions were illegally obtained," and the first one is still being investigated.

For the past year, DOJ IG Michael Horowitz has been investigating the FBI's 2016 surveillance activities and his report is expected later this month or in early June.

Washington power couple Joe diGenova and Victoria Toensing appeared on Lou Dobbs' Fox Business Network show Thursday night to talk about the latest turns in the "SpyGate" saga.

"The only question now is whether or not the first FISA was illegally obtained," diGenova said.

He told Dobbs that the latest revelations in investigative reporter John Solomon's piece at The Hill, have prompted further investigation from Horowitz's team.

On Thursday, Solomon reported that newly unearthed memos show that a high-ranking government official from the Obama State Department met with former British spy Christopher Steele in October of 2016, and figured out pretty quickly that his dossier was a political hit job intended to slime Donald Trump on behalf of Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

The written account of Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Kathleen Kavalec’s Oct. 11, 2016, meeting with Steele also shows that Steele admitted that his research was "political and facing an Election Day deadline," according to Solomon.

DiGenova said the inspector general was unaware of the memos, which were obtained last week through open-records litigation by the conservative group Citizens United.

"The Bureau hid those memos from Horowitz. As a result of that, they are doing some additional work on the first FISA," diGenova explained, adding: "It may be that all four FISAs will have been obtained illegally."


3be0d9  No.6468872

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

>>6468844 Sepultura - Territory

Look this vid

f406d2  No.6468873


Chewable? Jewable?

works better than, the bag lady was making bags from human skin and the cook was helping canibals.

80850d  No.6468875


Yes absolutely. What it says to [THEM] and shadow thems we did not dig up.. there is 10 yrs worth of criminality that didnt get dealt with. This is huge because there is going to be a reach back in time like i dont think we have seen.

Can you even fucking imagine?!? Our top police were corrupt……. what was let by, i mean like Q says this is fucking HUGE!

4d5361  No.6468876

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c8168f  No.6468877

File: 0bdf801f3585d97⋯.png (479.63 KB, 764x750, 382:375, Capture VOA.PNG)

American hostage freed in dramatic raid in Burkina Faso

Four hostages, including an American woman, were freed by French forces in a raid in the West African country of Burkina Faso, the French government said today. Two French soldiers were killed during the operation, according to French officials.

May 10, 2019



9445cd  No.6468878

File: e420ac8f1aa5cae⋯.jpg (481.7 KB, 1280x932, 320:233, SmartSelect_20190324-08285….jpg)

b18242  No.6468879

File: 6e31e7ad115404e⋯.jpg (70.76 KB, 1080x618, 180:103, always_d.jpg)


>Look at this scumbag.

Lmao, still focusing on a face. Spend some time actually proving the posts at the top of each post wrong and you might actually get somewhere.

a50628  No.6468880


It wouldn't be a stealth bomber if you saw it coming,

8f5418  No.6468881

File: 62e76e6f2414ea7⋯.png (182.07 KB, 594x437, 594:437, bucky meme gap.PNG)

7e1194  No.6468882

the ones that complain make me laugh

i filter them right away

036771  No.6468883


The first one being illegally obtained is the most important one

c48a8f  No.6468884



lmao! My sides!

Keep tying all your ip addresses together so even newbies see your glow - HAHAHAHA!

When I bake, I will shut you down. And you know that cuz I'm not a dumb-ass like you.

148f64  No.6468885


This. Our guy.

9a6a26  No.6468886

File: 4a07c047c52aebd⋯.jpg (94.58 KB, 600x400, 3:2, paindemie.jpg)

189bf8  No.6468887


It obviously takes a finely honed intellect to understand all of the complex nuances of biting off dicks to offer to Satan.

80850d  No.6468888


Im just saying. Q said we changed their minds.. seriously better have a way of knowing. And hopefully not by buying every paytriots book produced.

56e7fb  No.6468889


There is a mysterious poster on 8chan calling himself "Q". You should read what he has to say about [RR].

7356bf  No.6468890


He's actually being honest. Well, except, maybe, the "danger" part. Kappy probably told the truth about some things, like AJ did for years, but for the most part, he's a faggot.

8247c3  No.6468891



They have the same m.o. just like fed narcs. over and over and over….

7ac0f9  No.6468892


He pushed out the FakeMaga pizzagate shit. Child sexual abuse is a huge problem - but it's the police and the schools, not the celebrities.

148f64  No.6468893


Naaah. Obviously not ours.

9d76ae  No.6468894

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Drink….Fight…Fuck….Make white babies and smash ZOG soyboys

b18242  No.6468895

File: e45b87d41c0754d⋯.png (203.66 KB, 450x290, 45:29, 0goy_know.png)


>When I bake, (((I will shut you down.))) And you know that cuz I'm not a dumb-ass like you.

I bet you'll try you fucking chump.

c164d3  No.6468896

File: 668a0a94d32ed40⋯.png (245.27 KB, 392x383, 392:383, 1557175236.png)


Sucks to be you Angela.

80850d  No.6468897

File: 69ab875a607fffc⋯.png (150.37 KB, 363x550, 33:50, 231C8B4C-3166-4BC9-ABEA-2C….png)


Get the hell outta here!?!! Q?? Who is that!!??

df42bc  No.6468898

File: 2078178aafd62d2⋯.jpeg (118.16 KB, 1242x1235, 1242:1235, 072f4ee4ebfa9c11b405f182e….jpeg)


how did he say he betrayed the movement and anons? Curious….

148f64  No.6468899



He also said disinfo is necessary.

943fbc  No.6468900


Strange…for the past few weeks the Bonus Question on Tucker is "What's the Capital of Burkina Faso?"

Never fucking heard of it.

036771  No.6468901

Ellison Barber is so fucking hot

e551cb  No.6468902

File: 1045c40483ba152⋯.jpeg (1.74 MB, 2620x3969, 2620:3969, 522D0EE1-F246-42B6-B7A2-B….jpeg)

File: 627f90a3602bbce⋯.jpeg (61.89 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, CA992085-30D6-4EE8-B865-C….jpeg)

File: 1ee4aeafd130400⋯.jpeg (25.56 KB, 277x350, 277:350, F62151E9-AA72-484B-A4CC-2….jpeg)

78b571  No.6468903

File: 1c4980f425f53cc⋯.png (182.58 KB, 1234x756, 617:378, Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at ….png)

File: 09a3e4467f4e43b⋯.png (173.13 KB, 1011x698, 1011:698, Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at ….png)

File: 495e0ea342bea09⋯.png (173.6 KB, 993x679, 993:679, Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at ….png)

File: ee22543fa156081⋯.png (168.18 KB, 1130x700, 113:70, Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at ….png)

File: a79605dc8a4ef9d⋯.png (80.71 KB, 1123x394, 1123:394, Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at ….png)

Carey Gillam is a Kansas City independent journalist and author of the book "White Wash" about Monsanto's behavior to get glyphosate based herbicides (Round-up) widely used. Here's a quote from her blog: 'In an email following the April 2000 publication of the Williams paper, Monsanto government affairs official Lisa Drake described all the "hard work" Monsanto's scientists, including Heydens, did on the "independent" papers'! http://careygillam.com/articles/article/praise-polo-shirts-more-evidence-of-scientific-influence-seen-in-newly-rele

c3d2a4  No.6468904


Nice catch


Sampson Option?

b18242  No.6468905


>Sucks to be you Angela.

Would if I were I suppose. Wasn't Doug either.

00ae27  No.6468906


in actuality anon, the best way to do it is to ask different anons to insert one pepe at a time.

cc7f57  No.6468907

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

7e1194  No.6468908


nice quads

kek i remember when someone first said that to me

i was like huh

so i asked about quads

she made up some story to further baffle me

and never told me

one day way later, i realized quads

not the sharpest, that's fer sure

teach them all not to fall for paytriots

00ae27  No.6468909


*but don't slide with it

d25946  No.6468910


This post was neutral, I assume you realize that by posting this response, you are tacitly admitting you represent one of the organizations it warns about?

Or are you really actually that stupid?

50c156  No.6468911


Dear god!!!! Horowitz STILL didn't have all of the info until a fuckin FOIA REQUEST?!?!


9445cd  No.6468912


If Q can't fool the Anons then the bad guys wouldn't be fooled either because they're reading this, too.

3be0d9  No.6468913

File: 372a6c2108c2bd8⋯.png (22.47 KB, 595x286, 595:286, ClipboardImage.png)


We are about to sink @JustinTrudeau's ship by using the Bronfmans to expose an international human/child trafficking ring.

Follow the NXIVM case CLOSELY.

8:40 PM - 10 May 2019


f3b902  No.6468914

File: e1373f56620c03e⋯.png (188.45 KB, 706x532, 353:266, KJV Strong's Translates 4-….png)

4 10 20 KJV Strong's Translates

b18242  No.6468915


>This post was neutral,

No it wasn't. Learn to read.

74f4e1  No.6468916

File: fa421934bc4f324⋯.png (386.18 KB, 977x651, 977:651, 2020 were rede 4 u.png)


I feel like its perfect as is


78b571  No.6468917


Ouagadougou is the capital. And I knew it, just need to check the spelling

c6dbc8  No.6468918

File: 90cdf11a3331c4f⋯.jpg (3.13 MB, 1864x2900, 466:725, Night-Shift-Yoda.jpg)

Kek, now I am making night shift memes on my phone… where will it end…

ec7cd1  No.6468919

File: c3d4bbc090782c3⋯.png (333.85 KB, 916x732, 229:183, watchca1.png)

File: 581543eb76690a3⋯.png (2.07 MB, 1408x788, 352:197, watchwater.png)

935e2d  No.6468920


Trudeau is mixed up in NXIVM? That's one cousin away from HRC.

56e7fb  No.6468921


"disinfo is necessary" is not an excuse the throw away whatever doesn't fit your pretzel-logic theory.

fd0ebd  No.6468922

File: cc3ec65b24ed0c3⋯.jpg (185.19 KB, 683x1024, 683:1024, IMG_8887.JPG)

c164d3  No.6468923

File: 00658f352cc9d99⋯.png (273.19 KB, 595x637, 85:91, 1557280616.png)

697d89  No.6468924

File: 6012fa8f700f9d9⋯.jpg (77.02 KB, 890x451, 890:451, Lulz, crickets.....JPG)

This is fucking hilarious! These people are so stupid

86c711  No.6468925

File: 2e2353f7062540d⋯.png (2.04 MB, 2001x2205, 667:735, qtrumpfireworkstimeline.png)

461285  No.6468926


Maybe. Then again, maybe not.

She has perfect positioning for an agent. No mention of her in the drops and Q would have known abput Soros/Chakrabarti's push for new blood. Perfect opportunity to plant an agent who goes to work shoving the party so far left that it alienates the center.

Climate change is what makes it more obvious. Who TF would support POTUS who pulled out of the Paris deal AND climate change driven agenda items at the same time.

The two things are so far apart that it stands out. Plus she didn't bash POTUS and basically said it's ok to vote for her and POTUS.

3be0d9  No.6468927

File: a48c97c3468c2e0⋯.png (513.69 KB, 1018x1024, 509:512, ClipboardImage.png)

c8168f  No.6468928

File: 4d65f22612081f4⋯.png (485.96 KB, 789x755, 789:755, Capture ACLJ.PNG)

Drug and human trafficking, along with all sorts of related criminal activity, is surging at our nation’s southern border. The leftist-aligned political leaders of 19 States have filed a lawsuit to try to stop the Trump Administration from securing and protecting our border.

The ACLJ is taking action. Late last week, we filed an amicus brief defending the President’s efforts to secure our southern border and protect our homeland.

Here is what’s at stake: The State of California, along with 18 other states, filed a federal lawsuit – State of California, et al., v. Donald J. Trump, President of the United States, et al., 19-cv-872 (N.D. Cal) – asking the court to block the Trump Administration from using more than $1 billion in funds to build roads, fences, and lighting along the southern border, even though that is exactly what Congress appropriated and authorized those funds to be used for. Unsurprisingly, they filed their lawsuit in a federal court sitting within the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

Interestingly, this lawsuit does not directly challenge the President’s Emergency Declaration or his authority to issue the declaration. This goes to show that we were right when, as we’ve said from the beginning, the President had the constitutional and statutory authority to issue the Declaration and secure the border. While these plaintiffs do express their dislike for the Declaration, they do not actually challenge its validity. Instead, their lawsuit is aimed at stopping the President from using duly appropriated funds to counter international criminal and drug trafficking activity along the border – in addition to the funds he has available pursuant to his National Emergency Declaration.

And, showing just how important this lawsuit is to the Left, the U.S. House of Representatives, led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and a number of other Left-leaning groups, filed legal briefs in the case urging the court to stop the President from securing our border.


8247c3  No.6468929

File: ad8777349df839e⋯.jpg (25.88 KB, 435x527, 435:527, ad8777349df839e84f570d65e1….jpg)


Chek'em Quads

I doubt Q will allow the famefag PAYtriots to war profiteer off that. At least I hope not and if they do over 90% of the proceeds should go to solid Patriot causes.

943fbc  No.6468930


And the Salinas family (Former PResident of MExico).

Watch Trumps EO kick in, assets seized, and "Mexico will pay for the Wall."

954aac  No.6468931

There was a video here where it shows how everybody just conforms when they hear the sound because everybody is doing it.

That’s what’s going on here.

Captcha Bullshit, making it Difficult to post Even when you get Right!(think FB,Twatter) and just accept it and even Defend it when Every Fucking Shill is still Here?

Hasn’t slowed them down but has hampered comments.

Watch, some scumbag is going to Attack me defending this Bullshit

1…2. ..3…

ae751f  No.6468932


what app are u using?

935e2d  No.6468933

>>6468925 USA and NK have missiles at the same time


How fucking kek is that???

Coincidence I tell you. Coincidence.

80850d  No.6468934

File: 51732e1b3f66750⋯.jpeg (99.03 KB, 1242x674, 621:337, E089AB36-3255-4E12-A9B4-4….jpeg)

AI trying to be all buddy buddy w me. Either that or teaching me the Chinese word/phrase for having fun the previous evening.

d25946  No.6468935


Yes it was you sad fucking muhjooshilling, lying, desperate, psyop-tryhard cunt.

Are ((they)) coming for you too? I do hope so.

a90860  No.6468936

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

86c711  No.6468937


fucking retard…. wray is the head of the FBI… do you really think he can investigate his OWN FUCKING AGENCY

jesus christ you're dumb

d23d1e  No.6468938

whatever happened to AOC's campaign chairman who was committing fraud?

00ae27  No.6468939



The glasses are part of the psyop. to provide a nerdish appearance. (no lens distortion at all)

hair has been recently shaven, likely to change appearance to appear to have some kind of OCD.

935e2d  No.6468940


Nothing says cabal like "canadian-american-jewish."

a7ed5e  No.6468941


This verse says the anti-Christ is already here.

1 John 4:2,3 .."By this you know the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is of God, and every spirit that does not confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is not of God. And this is the spirit of the Antichrist, which you have heard was coming, and is now already in the world."

b18242  No.6468942


>Yes it was you sad fucking muhjooshilling, lying, desperate, psyop-tryhard cunt.

No actually if you read it whats pointed out is correct, it's manipulation. Again learn to read you jew cocksucker.

56e7fb  No.6468943


You didn't get the memo?

Captcha kvetching was last night. Tonight it's 'RR is a Whitehat'.

732a50  No.6468944

File: 2b9b38a89f57f15⋯.png (74.16 KB, 1035x629, 1035:629, ClipboardImage.png)


maybe he has something tho do with the gun bust in LA

80850d  No.6468945


Yeah that would be worthy, but seriously all that info should be free.

8a581b  No.6468946

File: f854bd942edb467⋯.gif (1.03 MB, 400x335, 80:67, ea6411d6603b8e17baf650e825….gif)


lol, do tell, you triggered faggot?

239d30  No.6468947



May I suggest you both read a bit about John Nelson Darby?

The "rapture" is essentially his construct, later propagated by Scofield. The strict literal translation of Revelation that a rapture and the mass disappearance of Christians will occur, is not a concept that had any real existence prior to these two guys.

I'd suggest that you should discuss it with pastors from some other denominations to get a picture of the whole scope of the issue. You might find what you learn to be surprising, and refreshing.

Blessings, Anons.

3be0d9  No.6468948

File: edd6283270c0bfc⋯.png (273.43 KB, 532x624, 133:156, ClipboardImage.png)


The @realDonaldTrump re-election campaign has reported more female donors than any other candidate – and it’s not even close!

Trump: 10,329

Harris: 3,850

Bernie: 3,271


b18242  No.6468949

File: c284fe7235d9861⋯.png (34.45 KB, 925x248, 925:248, you.png)

fe570a  No.6468950

it's always interesting to read the comments on videos:

may 9, 2019, rod rosenstein resign ceremony


in comments:

Key phrase by Barr here: "Getting the old band back together." Why? Well, so many don't realize that starting back in 1980's and lasting through the late 1990's, Donald J. Trump was helping the Mafia Commission at the FBI take down the "Five Families.' (As someone in construction and casinos, he had much info to offer about them!)

So… Who led the Mafia Commission prosecution? Rudy Giuliani.

Who led the Gambino prosecution? Robert Mueller, who was USAG for the DOJ Criminal Division between 1990-1993.

Who was working for Mueller at DOJ, during this time? Rod Rosenstein.

And who was the Deputy Attorney General between May 1990 and 26 November, 1992, before becoming the Attorney-General?

William Barr.

I do not think the Democrats fully understand the rope-a-dope they've inflicted upon themselves with making Mueller their savior to "get Trump." THIS IS NOT GOING TO END THE WAY THEY WANT IT TO


I can land the plane." Sadly, that's now the line we'll always remember him by. Sometimes, slippery survivors just slip.

(Rosenstein said this?? I don't know where or when he said this)

ff28e5  No.6468951


I like your style, anon.

943fbc  No.6468952

File: cd723f58e6f35d2⋯.jpg (3.69 KB, 119x160, 119:160, newsome.jpg)

File: d7c5e158701b52c⋯.jpg (9.18 KB, 300x168, 25:14, antichrist.jpg)

47ad2d  No.6468953



Isaac Kappy didn't say how he betrayed the movement. He said in his periscope which I linked above that we are going to find out. He said the info is already out there but we have to dig to find it. One person on the stream towards the end MMLL said they found out and cried. We are all going to feel betrayed and hurt. He is calling himself a Judas. It may have to do with something that could have hurt Trump and said Q was going to put him in brackets. Called himself Judas. He deleted his instagram. He said he put us in danger. Might have something to do with a karaoke bar. I don't know what the fuck happened.

8132ac  No.6468954


And by sheer luck Canada already has a replacement ready.

b18242  No.6468955

File: 97c439592512700⋯.jpg (28.4 KB, 480x341, 480:341, nobody.jpg)


>(((Isaac Kappy)))

935e2d  No.6468956


That's all familiar, though, anon. Here. Word for word if you know where to search it.

e41b24  No.6468957

We're not going to make it unless more of us realize we are in a political WAR! Fight or perish, it's that simple.

7356bf  No.6468958


If RR is a good guy, it's because:

1. DJT put his nuts in a vice and forced him to force Mueller to do the right thing and combine his efforts with Huber to take down the DS

2. Q had to fool everyone in the entirety of this plan in order to pull off a successful mission (Military operation, check). 127 [RR] don't lie, and the Q posts about RR broadening Mueller's scope and Whitaker putting the smack down on that are "mistruths" to keep the bad guys guessing.

3. RR is a "good guy".

In business, politics, and law, there are no straight shooters. It's all about leverage, being believable, and which lie is the craftiest. Not to mention expedient solutions to complex issues that everyone will buy in to.

2687e3  No.6468959


Word has it that IG has already concluded that 3\4 of the FISA warrants were obtained illegally and is working on the last (the first one).

74f4e1  No.6468960

File: aca2aa5df00fd45⋯.png (343.98 KB, 669x690, 223:230, interdastinstufffren.png)



a50628  No.6468961





If [[[RR]]] is dirty RM is dirty.

What about Mueller?

What makes a good movie? Never being sure of who is who until the very end. Plot twists and stealth bombers.

2b6907  No.6468962

God bless ALL the true Christians here, as a Catholic I’m considering converting to Greek Orthodox. Love and truth will prevail.

cc7f57  No.6468963

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


461285  No.6468964


Not sure. Haven't heard any updates on that situation lately.

c48a8f  No.6468965


There will be no trying, only doing.

You are a pussy script kiddie, I can see how you code by the effects. Not only are you too stupid to know it, you can't break out of your little boxed-in mentality and your tranny-like psychology shows itself everywhere you go.

In fact, I'm driving you right now. Come on, let's see that ridiculous jumping rabbi so we can all laugh at you asshole. It will help build your resume for the future.


86c711  No.6468966


to be honest, considering trump will get all the R women… and the D women are split between 20 or so candidates…. it's not all that amazing

f77de1  No.6468967


ive never watched him, or heard of him, before

but i started watching it and he seems fake as all hell

but i have no previous reference point

935e2d  No.6468968

File: 0260f9f931ee4b0⋯.jpg (86.97 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, imagine.jpg)


Thanks for that.

Trumps EOs are kicking in all over the place. It's just super hard to track. Unless you have a shortcut?

8fe691  No.6468969

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

935e2d  No.6468970


Someone mentioned the first one being the most important earlier.

74f4e1  No.6468971


limited hangout

8f5418  No.6468972

File: b9f5f0456feb054⋯.png (667.92 KB, 653x509, 653:509, starbucks meme.PNG)

Bodum sues Starbucks for product disparagement over French press recall

Bodum Holding AG sued Starbucks Corp on Friday for alleged product disparagement in connection with the coffee company's recent U.S. and Canadian recall of 263,200 co-branded French presses made from recycled materials.

In a complaint filed in federal court in Manhattan, Bodum said Starbucks had no basis to “unilaterally” conduct the May 1 recall because the Bodum + Starbucks presses were not defective and met required specifications.

Bodum also accused Seattle-based Starbucks of creating the impression that Bodum French presses in general are defective, causing a media backlash and “significant brand damage” to the Lucerne, Switzerland-based company.

The lawsuit seeks to force Starbucks to pay all costs for the recall and pay damages to Bodum for hurting its reputation.

Starbucks believes Bodum’s claims are without merit. In a statement, it said it recalled the French presses because of customer complaints, and stood by the decision because it took employee and customer safety “very seriously.”

Bodum is among the best-known makers of French presses, and has sold them at Starbucks under a 2002 purchasing agreement.

People use the presses by adding ground beans and hot water to a pot and, after steeping, pushing down on a plunger to make coffee.

Starbucks said it recalled presses sold from November 2016 to January 2019 for about $20 each after receiving nine reports of broken plunger knobs, resulting in lacerations or punctures.


c164d3  No.6468973


Interesting that he wants to be known. Stupid fucker better hope he's armed. He could be the FF Patsy for the board. We're close to going live on some seriously serious shit.

b18242  No.6468974


> can see how you code by the effects.

CAn you really not read? It's not a bot or a script. It's very simple. Holy fuck. It's one pissed off goy who is fucking sick and tired of children being raped and tortured, as more people should be frankly.

7e1194  No.6468975

f809c6  No.6468976

File: c3ac8142b6af641⋯.jpg (106.32 KB, 720x836, 180:209, FourFooters.jpg)

935e2d  No.6468977

File: 9178e0d758434f8⋯.jpeg (9.22 KB, 148x255, 148:255, tits pepe.jpeg)

Anons. What was the first FISA? It needs to be proved as illicit.

779596  No.6468978

File: c9f3d3c72b2af4a⋯.png (85.78 KB, 314x105, 314:105, comfy.PNG)


Whether it all goes to shit or gets saved, this site will teach you how to be comfy.

30d28f  No.6468979

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

New Mainstream Platform

No censorship

c3e5d4  No.6468980

File: 15930f038866f44⋯.png (984.17 KB, 950x801, 950:801, 92E9CF2C-7145-4522-B122-3F….png)

File: 0b51ee323f26b4b⋯.png (673.39 KB, 640x480, 4:3, B7868735-23C2-476A-90B4-F0….png)



a50628  No.6468981


>I can land the plane.

Barr said this during his congressional hearing. Yes, this has been discussed, but the goodbye party for RR makes this much more plausible.

7b80cd  No.6468982

Comey’s IG photo

Libby Park

Church Hill

Richmond, VA

Historic area…notably close:

- St. John’s church - where Patrick Henry gave his give me liberty or give me death speech

0aa5dd  No.6468983


Carter Page

cc7f57  No.6468984

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

935e2d  No.6468985



c3e5d4  No.6468986

File: 045bb2b6f8f3b7c⋯.jpeg (424.5 KB, 640x1090, 64:109, 552AD45F-9092-4C59-983E-4….jpeg)

f809c6  No.6468987

File: f05b6a5e672da57⋯.jpg (107.49 KB, 800x600, 4:3, ApologizerInChief.jpg)

b2aa66  No.6468988

#8272 notables bun

>>6468925 USA and NK have missiles at the same time

>>6468817 Flint Mayor Diverted Contributions For Clean Water To Campaign Fund

>>6468789 Epoch times says RR white hat hero.

note the missiles at the same time post is anon graphic, not an endorsement, anyone wants to dig and pull related missiles article(s) feel free to drop them

mark notable add on so it shows up on search for notable nominations

anons nominate notables or say nice or this etc

graveyard starts next bread, no baker is expected to stay on these next 2 breads the whole time, anons will be relied upon

7e1194  No.6468989

"Why didn't POTUS fire [RR] after reporting re: offer to wear wire?

Why did WHITAKER/BARR retain [RR] to the END?

Who signed off on the MUELLER summary report submitted by BARR yesterday?

Who signed fraudulent FISA warrants?





8247c3  No.6468990


He is a fucking narc.

Whos cocks he is sucking we can only surmise.

74f4e1  No.6468991

File: 9880582d062430d⋯.png (592.06 KB, 517x707, 517:707, flotusisawdatkek.png)


trips confirm, ty baker for a v comfeee bread w frens!

7e1194  No.6468992

"Remember this important FACT.




8fe691  No.6468993

File: 2b540993604a2ab⋯.png (150.5 KB, 820x700, 41:35, IMG_8066.PNG)

935e2d  No.6468994

File: 4cd516582140885⋯.png (41.4 KB, 753x224, 753:224, Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at ….png)


So Carter Page was a plant.


c6dbc8  No.6468995

File: 72dabc54c9fe756⋯.jpg (3.14 MB, 1864x2900, 466:725, Space-Force-Yoda.jpg)


Don't even know, just whatever is on the camera editor on my phone. It's very annoying to use, I wouldn't recommend it.

Also bound to lead to repetitive strain injury. But when you gotta meme…

7e1194  No.6468996

"[RR] deposition week?

[RR] departure thereafter?

[MUELLER] report post deposition of [RR]?

[MUELLER] sealed indictments installed [DC] prior to [RR] loss of power?

Sealed indictments [DC][blockade last resort] installed post SESSIONS departure & WHITAKER assumption?

Sealed indictment count [DC] post_SESSIONS departure?

Sealed indictment count [DC] pre_WHITAKER assumption?

Power of BARR?

Can a sealed indictment be pulled post filing?

[MUELLER] report > BARR?

[Bruce Ohr] deposition last week?

[Bruce Ohr] testimony dump thereafter?

[Bruce Ohr] departure thereafter?

What other dumps are scheduled to occur?

Think timing.

[Pelosi] pull threat to impeach?

Effort to prevent DECLAS?

Letter to POTUS from Pelosi/Schumer today?

Subject of the letter?

Was the 'impeachment' threat real?



Impeachment requires FACTS.

Impeachment requires 2/3 vote of the SENATE.






46bc6b  No.6468997


If you haven't figured out yet that the kingdom of Heaven is WITHIN YOURSELF, changing churches probably won't help much. You need to look inside, but unfortunately most Christians think Lucifer lives within them so they never find any solid answers. You can run your whole life but not go anywhere.

cc7f57  No.6468998

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8f5418  No.6468999

File: eb5221a8f89b2ef⋯.jpg (74.92 KB, 888x499, 888:499, zuckerdouche takes the gol….jpg)

935e2d  No.6469000

File: 0a510947ce7331a⋯.png (241.66 KB, 657x451, 657:451, Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at ….png)

File: 34a6f099bcda4bf⋯.png (163.71 KB, 400x435, 80:87, Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at ….png)

954aac  No.6469001


When Richard Burr pull Mark Warner’s dick out of his Asshole, I May start to get Faith again

Pure Corruption

7e1194  No.6469002

"The Clinton Connection.


Lisa Barsoomian = [RR] wife?

Lisa Barsoomian = rep BILL CLINTON?


[MUELLER] connection to U1 & Russia?


The Clinton Connection.



9ce11f  No.6469003


Those are questions, not "facts." Answer the questions and you'll understand

the point in the first place. Both are relatively easy, particularly given what we

know now about events that have transpired.

b2aa66  No.6469004


next to Slightly Stoopid seen Ben Harper the most

first time was Reggae on The River many moons ago

2687e3  No.6469005


Ya, but the 2nd-4th are of importance too–at a very minimum, for rubber-stamping those requests without a hearing, the FISC judges responsible will go down in blazing flames. Retirement? Not unless you consider prison commissary snacks a valid pension…

943fbc  No.6469006


Has POTUS ever made a statement that hasn’t been proven to be correct (future)?

Trump said Mexico would pay for the Wall…

99a879  No.6469007

File: 38d2a836cdd5ece⋯.jpg (362.48 KB, 1093x1255, 1093:1255, 5.10.Lucy.Wills.Blood.Toas….jpg)

File: 753dccfa1ee8ee4⋯.png (278.69 KB, 1107x601, 1107:601, ClipboardImage.png)


What makes you think pizzagate is fake?

The google doodle that was put out today says something different. But let me guess, just a coincidence?



b6ee33  No.6469008


The spirit of the Antichrist is already in the world , living in those who do not confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh and is of God.

The Antichrist, himself, is yet to come. Read Matthew 24:23-25 about false Christs and false prophets.

b2aa66  No.6469009

File: 821b112a5d5b149⋯.jpg (57.67 KB, 496x690, 248:345, your tears are delish ish.jpg)


cry about it bitch

cc7f57  No.6469010

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

935e2d  No.6469011


Oh please. My happiness depends on this fucktards company stalling at $2 a share. (Not really, but my wallet might.)

5c71d2  No.6469012


We've been down this road before. Right now Q team is probably already tracking this sit-rep. The Q team tracks this board closely. How often has Q posted an Anons post that was posted weeks ago, that means they have eyes on and pull that post aside because Anons post fit into the plan or answered one Q's crumb. No panic needed!

2687e3  No.6469013

File: f45cda92677bcf5⋯.jpg (132.03 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, OLE!.jpg)


>Trump said Mexico would pay for the Wall…

I'll give him credit for that one even if Mexico super indirectly pays for the wall by way of our stopping illegal immigration and abuse of public assistance programs, which will save us billions and billions of dollars year-over-year forever.

b18242  No.6469014

File: cd0f6c01be54ff4⋯.jpg (40.84 KB, 594x448, 297:224, cryke.jpg)


>cry about it bitch

They are hardly the one crying Shlomo.

74f4e1  No.6469015

File: cc2dff2b48082b3⋯.jpg (153.2 KB, 800x534, 400:267, calmanons.jpg)

File: 3b87dcfb9b3e6b2⋯.png (375.97 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, calmanonsqmessage.png)

f809c6  No.6469016

7e1194  No.6469017

"Barr to Mueller:

“Bob, show me the evidence and reasoning for why this investigation was started and still ongoing.”

Mueller to Bart:

“With regards to the President we have found no links or ties to any foreign entity etc”

Barr to Mueller:

“Mandate was clear - verify and investigate reports of possible foreign collusion between President & Russia.” “What justification existed to effectively launch a massive domestic / foreign surv campaign against the President (pres elect / president) and members of his transition / campaign team?”

Mueller to Barr:

“Steele dossier along w/ media corroboration of those findings.”

Barr to Mueller:

“Was the Steele report a ‘trusted and verified’ report per Intel to continue especially considering the funding party was the opposition party?”

Mueller to Barr:

“Those facts were never taken into consideration.” “FISC granted auth to conduct based on conclusions presented.”

Barr to Mueller:

“Was FISC made aware of all details surrounding the dossier?”

Mueller to Barr:

“No.” “We believe there was urgency placed on the auth given the gravity and timeline of events that those involved negated to populate fully.”

Barr to Mueller:

“Why were efforts made to continue investigating the President, interrupt his official capacity in governing, if the only doc presented was unsubstantiated and unverified?” “Why were questions and threat of subpoena communicated to the President if no factual foundation existed?”

“All charges thus far are unrelated to the original mandate - why are you still active and pursuing a crime if no verifiable evidence or evidence through discovery exists?”

Barr to RR:

“What justification did you have to effectively expand the mandate, not report that expansion to Congress, in order to seek a crime outside of R collusion?” “What specific reasoning and/or facts existed to justify the appointment of a SC to begin with per the law?” “Why did you recommend to Sessions that he should recuse?” “Why wasn’t the mandate / budget and regular updates provided to Congress upon request?” “Why is everything kept confidential and under inappropriate classification?” “Was the purpose of investigating to find a crime vs investigate evidence of a crime?”

CLAS 1-99


80850d  No.6469018


Kek! 👍👍

NoName broke his promise. He voted at last minute to keep HusseinCare.

When you look at things in a way that these individuals were free to destroy themselves, that Q and Potus were NOT [THEIR] keeper.. that the trying to save themselves by either helping DS, even after being warned like Maggie, or walking a straight line and doing what is right.

RR got through it. Not sure if he is okay or if he goes down too still. He is a good puppet though. Pressure on him he straightens up, and it didnt hurt that anons went bulldog on him each and every time he stepped out of line.

None of these characters HAD to do anything. I am wondering if they all knew they were under investigation and “DOING THE RIGHT THING” was stipulation to their being able to remain in the public sphere until after the storm passed. I am guessing when noname went against that stipulation he was taken from public domain. Good chance he is still alive and at Gitmo RIGHT NOW. It will be interesting to see which did what, or were connected w what. Wonder if noname was directly connected w ICBM/Shootdown attempts.

50c156  No.6469019


If you think their weren't whistleblowers telling Wray WTF was going on and where to look, you are the retard.

6e14cb  No.6469020

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Shakespeare reporting Carlson digging.

Very interdasting take on [RR]

935e2d  No.6469021

File: 593f27dcd5c7784⋯.jpeg (28.14 KB, 474x427, 474:427, potus one scoop pepe.jpeg)


Oh, anon NEVER doubts two-scoop POTUS. (Even though he never fixed the meme.)

30d28f  No.6469022

File: a79bec20f034fb3⋯.jpeg (24.48 KB, 255x170, 3:2, C7D8FB74-1F62-43F0-A52D-F….jpeg)

cc7f57  No.6469023

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

812b9b  No.6469024


>No panic needed!

Yeah, I'm sure the team that just failed spectacularly to take over Venezuela is completed competent, no need to do anything but trust their plans!

b2aa66  No.6469025

File: c480611cee2bf49⋯.jpg (223.24 KB, 1600x1142, 800:571, comfy storm.jpg)

935e2d  No.6469026


Always thought it might be by taxing remittances.

8bdf50  No.6469027

File: a8c75d33ef2d921⋯.jpg (127.97 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, LurkMoar.jpg)

925acb  No.6469028

File: 21dab4882ff56e8⋯.png (314.02 KB, 626x499, 626:499, Screenshot_80.png)

File: 3d753ecb1c4d1fc⋯.png (662 KB, 1281x818, 1281:818, Screenshot_79.png)


This Karli post about the possibility that Obama took illegal donations reminded me of a person that I subscribed to just before Q came around.

She had predicted the church shooting in Texas and other predictions that peaked my interest (just as Kim Clement peaked my interest when I first listened to the things that he had said).

The psychic lady's name was Ustava and she had many many videos concerning Trump and America.

The video I was looking for in specific had to do with her prediction that Obama was finally going to be convicted, and the charge that Obama was going to be convicted on was BRIBERY.

However, this is the only video that I can find of Ustava. Some YT user was able to save one of her videos. Her entire channel was banned for violating community guidelines.

So, I am not sure if this video has Obama's bribery prediction or not, but interesting to listen to nonetheless.


7e1194  No.6469029

"Ask yourself a very simple question:

Given the amount of evidence demonstrating illegal & disturbing activities by [PP]- where is the FBI investigation?



What senior political officials are providing cover to [PP]?

Will action be taken by DOJ/FBI?



3be0d9  No.6469030

File: 8ef5d315be8b980⋯.png (504.04 KB, 532x617, 532:617, ClipboardImage.png)


Asiatic (Persian) lion returns to Iran after 80 years


f77de1  No.6469031


watching it now

so far it looks like just a muh chat logs redux with a lot of woo woo talk

i dunno

the ego on this guy tho, wew

6d0b78  No.6469032

File: 63de9f953298399⋯.jpeg (810.85 KB, 1242x1449, 6:7, F7546518-9485-439F-B4F5-B….jpeg)

City of London Mayor shunned by QEII for Trump State Dinner.

c48a8f  No.6469033


You already gave this id away AG Finkelshill!


You are using scripts triggered by the position of the dough coupled with the pastebin id (since they changed it this morning). I've watched all your permutations and how you recover when you stumble you fuk-stick.

You also have captchas pre-loaded into the scripts.

Now, If you post the jumping rabbi I'll even tell you how to beat me when I do bake. But, you still won't be able to because you are a script-kiddie.

Jumping rabbi or no more (You)s, until I'm ready to have more fun with your dumb ass.

Btw, notice how I research and take you and Clownflare on simultaneously? You're out-gunned. Jumping rabbi or shut the fuck up!

cc7f57  No.6469034

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

80850d  No.6469035


Absolutely. They monitor the conversation for sure, and pick out parts that will help Q explain things w/o having to say it themselves

a7ed5e  No.6469036

File: c7108d2ccb71382⋯.png (48.91 KB, 986x666, 493:333, Screenshot_2019-05-11 The ….png)

File: d88a2a789a86e68⋯.png (67.83 KB, 990x882, 55:49, Screenshot_2019-05-11 The ….png)

Gee, I wonder who pays the muh jew shills?


74f4e1  No.6469037

File: 8a7bac87d202093⋯.jpg (45.54 KB, 442x751, 442:751, nonameprayersanswered.jpg)

File: 68459cd7ee43678⋯.png (373.25 KB, 486x308, 243:154, mcburninginhell.png)

File: 6d357141164b1af⋯.jpg (15.64 KB, 255x255, 1:1, mcnonamemccurrentlyded.jpg)


kek I tend to agree fren

7e1194  No.6469038

"Optics are important.

Stealth bombers silent?

Re_read Mueller re: 'designed to' drops.

Probe conclusion coming?


Coincidence 'conclusion' occurring as new AG installed?

What is the purpose of WHITAKER?

Re_read drops re: 'Scaramucci' model.


Who did Scaramucci remove?


Optics important?

What occurs post installed 'BLOCKADE' removal?


[RR] 'complete' removal?

OIG release of findings?

How are they preparing to combat [narrative = vital]?

House intel launch of more 'FAKE' investigations in attempt to retain 'FALSE NARRATIVE' and claim 'POLITICAL ATTACK(S)' if investigated/prosecuted themselves?



Attempts to retain 'BLOCKADE'?

Attempts to prevent public release of the TRUTH?

ZERO leaks re: HUBER?


Do not mistake 'public' silence for inaction.

"This is not another 4-year election."


2687e3  No.6469039

File: 93b6e64b2a5faa0⋯.png (15.12 KB, 821x169, 821:169, embarassment.PNG)


>“Why is everything kept confidential and under inappropriate classification?”

This is especially important in the context of Obama Executive Order 13256 Sec 1.7:


b18242  No.6469040


All these words and conspiracy theories and it still won't stop those posts. You lose. Come to terms. Move on while you still can.

cc7f57  No.6469041

File: 3de4c0e02f5f238⋯.jpg (87.26 KB, 586x587, 586:587, deal.jpg)


Dorothy's chicken feathers with soroanons Talmud investments made a turkey of another feather .

It's full of homo, low in trannys, has electrolytes, and grovels in petty Jew nonsense from ancient pedo

experience These are schumer trademark potatoes with butthole lips

They are very elastic and work well with crisco from the Elon experiment

Check for the double gasketed feature

t's like a backchannel 1984 hidden in a hobbit riddle for white power and African groundnuts by Apple

and iTunes and pedovores and turd swallowing bankers




30d28f  No.6469042


Definitely exciting news.

Hope it sticks.

954aac  No.6469043


Wray is just playing his part but that Big-Ass nose is Scaring me.

6e14cb  No.6469044


nvm already in Notables this Bread

c48a8f  No.6469045


Why should he be there. City of London is a different state. City-state to be precise.

f8d92b  No.6469046

File: 6adac30c7f28a03⋯.jpg (281.83 KB, 800x600, 4:3, double-agents-if.jpg)


RR did it right. Pic related.

b2aa66  No.6469047


top kek

8247c3  No.6469048

File: 0ccde200715b140⋯.png (43.17 KB, 600x615, 40:41, wwg1wga.png)


It will be Yuge.

802425  No.6469049

File: ea6af55dfe0f24d⋯.jpg (834.36 KB, 1889x1776, 1889:1776, ourgirl.jpg)

764a0e  No.6469050

EXCLUSIVE: The Mexican father of alleged Colorado school shooter Alec McKinney, 16, was jailed for domestic violence and deported TWICE, with his son posting how he missed him just days before the atrocity


925acb  No.6469051

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I've been watching this video to see if it is the one.

@18:00 mark, she begins talking about Obama in this particular video.

8df857  No.6469052

File: 5657f30ebfb4832⋯.png (136.13 KB, 1346x394, 673:197, Screenshot 2019-05-10 at 1….png)

f809c6  No.6469053

How can we make a push to increase penalty for pedophilia to Death Penalty?

I think a good start would be to disallow Administrative Segregation in prison for pedophiles. Put 'em out on the yard!

8c8a56  No.6469054

Luke 6:27: But to you who are listening I say: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. If someone slaps you on one cheek, turn to them the other also. If someone takes your coat, do not withhold your shirt from them. Give to everyone who asks you, and if anyone takes what belongs to you, do not demand it back. Do to others as you would have them do to you.

>if someone steals from you, offer them more

>if someone takes your wife from you, let him gave her

>if someone rapes your kid, offer them your other kid

>in b4 Christians claim this verse doesn't say what it plainly says

You guys are all fucked up.

74f4e1  No.6469055

File: 491a0796bb52f92⋯.jpg (14.46 KB, 204x255, 4:5, alefantis icu.jpg)


david ur late

7e1194  No.6469056

"Did [RR] feel safe post AF1 30-min meeting w/ POTUS?

Did [RR] communicate meeting back to handlers?"


db4d14  No.6469057

File: 9bfa91a564215d2⋯.jpg (402.67 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, Iamrobertbrucecarter.jpg)

File: a91c382ff2d3577⋯.jpg (371.18 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, bobzatch.jpg)

Kabamur is Robert Bruce Carter from Chicago

http://archive.fo/0jv5o robertbrucecarter.com

http://archive.fo/d1BVM makemorecoffee.com

https://archive.fo/WhlQf blog

Why did you delete you tweets with your brother about Trump? https://archive.fo/yzxve

David Carter is his brother. He lives in Berlin.


carter.io his website

David carter is a front-end developer for uberall.com



615ef6  No.6469058

>>6468619 (lb)

>Only ocean carriers and terminals who are listed as "low-risk" under the CBP's Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism progam (C-TPAT) can participate. AQUA is an expansion on existing C-TPAT program benefits, which also include a reduction in inspection frequency, priority in getting inspections and the possibility of gaining comparable “low-risk” recognition from foreign governments.

So pre-cleared in Long Beach = pre-cleared in another port? Pay To Play? Most interesting, you have my thanks anon

2687e3  No.6469059

File: b244846d356e84a⋯.jpg (161.28 KB, 776x1280, 97:160, Fuckin_America.jpg)


I'm not an early adopter, and probably never will be again. But here's hoping some good comes of it.

ce4056  No.6469060


We have served nothing. We have done nothing. I’ve heard this before, and I’ll hear it again. Your feelings lie to you.

a007fb  No.6469061


Amen, just always remember no excuse doesn't mean elect or they would be saved. Salvation is a work of God with the Holy Spirit removing the scales on the eyes so people can see the truth! Always good reading God's word in the Bread!

448b63  No.6469062

Today's Unsealed Indictment, The United States Department of Justice, Friday, May 10, 2019

Obama 2012 Campaign Funnels Millions

Entertainer/Businessman and Malaysian Financier Indicted for Conspiring to Make and Conceal Foreign and Conduit Contributions During 2012 U.S. Presidential Election

A United States entertainer and businessman and a Malaysian financier were charged in a four-count indictment unsealed today in the District of Columbia for conspiring to make and conceal foreign and conduit campaign contributions during the United States presidential election in 2012, announced Assistant Attorney General Brian Benczkowski of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division.

Prakazrel “Pras” Michel, 46, and Low Taek Jho, 37, also known as “Jho Low,” were charged with one count of conspiracy to defraud the United States government and for making foreign and conduit campaign contributions. Michel also was charged with one count of a scheme to conceal material facts and two counts of making a false entry in a record in connection with the conspiracy. Michel appeared today for his arraignment before U.S. Magistrate Judge G. Michael Harvey in the District of Columbia. Low remains at large.

According to the indictment, between June 2012 and November 2012, Low directed the transfer of approximately $21,600,000 from foreign entities and accounts to Michel for the purpose of funneling significant sums of money into the United States presidential election as purportedly legitimate contributions, all while concealing the true source of the money. To facilitate the excessive contributions and conceal their true source, Michel paid approximately $865,000 of the money received from Low to about 20 straw donors, or conduits, so that the straw donors could make donations in their names to a presidential joint fundraising committee. In addition, Michel personally directed more than $1 million of the money received from Low to an independent expenditure committee also involved in the presidential election in 2012.

MOAR: https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/entertainerbusinessman-and-malaysian-financier-indicted-conspiring-make-and-conceal-foreign

30d28f  No.6469063


That’s pretty damn creepy.

3be0d9  No.6469064

File: 02adfc8bb55869f⋯.png (225.57 KB, 532x453, 532:453, ClipboardImage.png)

2687e3  No.6469065


>taxing remittances

Some of them send cash or simply travel back home to make remittances. Seems like it will be really hard to effectively enforce remittance taxes. But it's a start!

80850d  No.6469066


If noname was still alive, could there be a chance he died in the storm drain trying to escape? Just remember the fucking dead dog twatts by cindy recently. The whole.. noone found it for a while makes me think he got out or was somehow escaping and got stuck and died.

I know far out there but.. but..

74f4e1  No.6469067

File: ee31bae16587bc5⋯.png (229.1 KB, 510x438, 85:73, pepeciglaffinoutloudz.png)


oh hello, celebrity!

802425  No.6469068


Can anyone suggest an alternate explanation for why Q double-posted two posts filled with old news? Not by mistake, as he has trained us to know that he always notes mistakes.. "on the move" … etc. I wouldn't be surprised if those were all just setups for this.

8c1e78  No.6469069


it DOES involve celebrities, not all but a huge part, be they victims or perpetrators pizzagate is in hollywood, music industry and more.

3be0d9  No.6469070

File: dce4fa0c4211c44⋯.png (334.06 KB, 532x513, 28:27, ClipboardImage.png)


Victoria's Secret will no longer air its annual fashion show on TV after a nearly 2-decade run


7e1194  No.6469071


do you think rr handlers are good

c3d2a4  No.6469072

File: fe4b87257efaf87⋯.png (620.52 KB, 610x383, 610:383, tester.PNG)

615ef6  No.6469073

Baker, most respectfully request correction. Boatfag is not interested in pre-cleared passengers, but pre-cleared cargo.

7004d0  No.6469074


Minute and a half to come up with that reply?

you sllloooowwww ayight.

935e2d  No.6469075


Well that seems slightly


1715d9  No.6469076

dasting, what do they gain with their vibration ascendancy gig on twitter?


972734  No.6469077



Before I go digging…

Who is the Tatum dude?

Never heard of him.

acce99  No.6469078


Honestly she looks like a drugged hooker.

ce4056  No.6469079


What value did this post add?

a7ed5e  No.6469080


Valid point. Interpretation can be tricky at times.

935e2d  No.6469081


Keep in mind that when you shut off IRAN funding, you're shutting down C_A/Cabal control.

f809c6  No.6469082


His real "handlers" or the ones that thought they were "handling" him?

30d28f  No.6469083

File: 9b725ce778bf4c4⋯.png (1.21 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, DEDAFB17-6246-46B8-A858-42….png)


Agreed. I usually wait until the “new” wears off, kek.

Gonna keep my eyes on this one & hope it pans out.

7e1194  No.6469084


if rr were good, wouldn't POTUS be his handler

b18242  No.6469085

File: 95cedfdd13373ec⋯.jpeg (427.67 KB, 956x923, 956:923, clown.jpeg)


>Minute and a half to come up with that reply?


>you sllloooowwww ayight.

cf760c  No.6469086

File: c4352e00c1e197a⋯.png (706.23 KB, 786x846, 131:141, invasion of the blood farm….PNG)


(((upstate new york)))

7004d0  No.6469087


Remittances are transferred primarily via a US government program. I'll go look for the sauce.

2687e3  No.6469088

File: 22183cbb4d5bc4d⋯.jpeg (36.92 KB, 512x512, 1:1, operator.jpeg)


>Good chance he is still alive and at Gitmo RIGHT NOW.

Yeah. Closed casket funeral? Give me a break. He was a "muh war hero." Kind of like when they "killed" Osama Bin Laden, the most wanted terrorist in history, and then just dumped his body over the side of a boat without even taking photos for public record.

NoName FuckStain is rotting in a cell somewhere, that's why his daughter is so pissed and spent his whole "funeral" bitching about Trump.

e2c955  No.6469089

Any Anons know the yr Predo island was constructed?

eb90b0  No.6469090

File: b425ecf66dac8e7⋯.jpeg (660.28 KB, 750x1307, 750:1307, EAE63E28-AF6C-4957-9A4D-3….jpeg)

The Brilliance of Trump!!

How do you get the MSM to cover stories they are trying to bury? Like Biden-Ukraine? Crickets until Giuliani declared he was traveling to Ukraine…..

Imo, I don’t think he ever intended on going. But the mere suggestion he was planning the trip now has them freaking out publicly.

They keep falling for it b

935e2d  No.6469091


Vatican owns that.

Sauce it up.

c6dbc8  No.6469092

File: 8c912e866b982c8⋯.jpg (3.15 MB, 1864x2900, 466:725, Sweet-Dreams-Yoda.jpg)

File: 72e09f41989cf34⋯.jpg (3.16 MB, 1864x2900, 466:725, Sweet-Dreams-Infiniti-Yoda.jpg)

File: ba3c64625116325⋯.jpg (3.18 MB, 1864x2900, 466:725, Sweet-Dreams-ViV-Yoda.jpg)

Sweet dreams, Anons.

May angels guard you always.

Love you all.

7e1194  No.6469093

that's why:

rr is a white hat = filter

cc7f57  No.6469094

File: 958149140965c72⋯.png (326.99 KB, 669x443, 669:443, d671c2a90293f021ac491aa06e….png)

74f4e1  No.6469095

File: 4ce85da4e512cb1⋯.png (696.81 KB, 571x655, 571:655, flotusandIapprove.png)


love dis place bc of posts like dat! anons tink the best i am convinced

925acb  No.6469096

File: e91f31ac73735b1⋯.png (340.18 KB, 636x630, 106:105, Screenshot_77.png)

File: c06d379be3e4c32⋯.png (759.48 KB, 1077x922, 1077:922, Screenshot_78.png)


@20:35 Obama's involved with weapon deals (per Ustava, psychic banned from YT)

This made me think of the weapons found in Beverly Hills, and that Obama went to the Getty's house in San Francisco for donations.

3be0d9  No.6469097




verifying does not look legit

30d28f  No.6469098

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Former cop.


Decent guy.

b2aa66  No.6469099

>>6469062 i cant find party affliations for the notable

8a581b  No.6469100

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

50c156  No.6469101



a8414b  No.6469102


After that farewell, I have no doubt

8bdf50  No.6469103



80850d  No.6469104




Oh shit the hall monitor is here!!!!

Kys faggot.

753617  No.6469105


Victims, obviously. Don't forget: Jordan Sather promotes Kabamur all the time.

a982f7  No.6469106


shitbaker eat a bag of dicks

74f4e1  No.6469107

File: 6c49843ef152635⋯.png (345.38 KB, 500x667, 500:667, ns classy.png)


love u fren, sweet dreams to you too!

acde51  No.6469108


>"The Bureau hid those memos from Horowitz.


cc7f57  No.6469109

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

83b8ef  No.6469110


>>if someone steals from you, offer them more


>>if someone takes your wife from you, let him gave her


>>if someone rapes your kid, offer them your other kid


>>in b4 Christians claim this verse doesn't say what it plainly says

This is Sodom and Gomorrah. We all know what happened there:

2687e3  No.6469111

File: 034a1bb834ae130⋯.jpg (40.04 KB, 600x859, 600:859, wetboobs.jpg)


Yes… when they do it legally. There's nothing stopping them from simply transferring the money in one of many available illegal ways to avoid taxes and fees. My vietnamese neighbor used to smuggle gold into the country inside the root mass of potted plants.

A lot of them work under the table and there are no taxes and no records of the money changing hands, so it doesn't exist and they can easily go toss it over the fence to accomplices or simply migrate back home with their cash the same way they came in. Not saying it's certainly common, but it's certainly not unheard of.

ce4056  No.6469112


No place for cray babies. Buck up snowflake. I wasn’t being mean, your “what if” scenarios are stupid. You deserved it.

8a581b  No.6469114

File: 055b1ac8a109767⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1324x740, 331:185, Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at ….png)

File: 43b468d0706ab45⋯.png (240.14 KB, 444x601, 444:601, f6490c25d80b3a3a210b64869f….png)

File: 0fcb2495f502969⋯.png (495.99 KB, 948x698, 474:349, Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at ….png)

File: c27e345877f2026⋯.png (388.96 KB, 1042x826, 521:413, Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at ….png)

File: d4ec0083208fbfb⋯.png (1.55 MB, 1414x798, 101:57, Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at ….png)


my take:

mueller, comey (indictment), OIG, Declas, Huber, shadow investigator/prosecutor.

935e2d  No.6469115


Can't find a good second either. Well done!

And sorry.

c3e5d4  No.6469116


Check lb anon

Read the indictment there myself candidate A running president in 2012

753617  No.6469117


Yeah, qntmpkts called his fake/sick ass out long ago. Said something about trying to get him to call Kappy during CA shooting. The guy looks sick and is an obvious fraud.

99a879  No.6469118

File: cc8b42ba1a69089⋯.jpg (430.32 KB, 1094x2259, 1094:2259, 5.7.Logos.DNA.jpg)

File: b49ace373adf910⋯.png (566.69 KB, 510x600, 17:20, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 46e88737d7e5844⋯.jpg (48.96 KB, 580x580, 1:1, S&B - Gen322.jpg)



Its very creepy, hence the reasoning its been done in secret underground elitist groups.

In the doodle, the even pictured Lucy(fer) reaching for the apple, as it says in the Genesis 3:22.

b6ee33  No.6469119



18cedb  No.6469120



>And the Salinas family (Former PResident of MExico).

does this have something to do with them?

A Richmond man who pleaded guilty in the U.S. to aiding the Sinaloa cartel and other international organized crime groups hid his illicit cash in bank accounts of shell companies he registered with the B.C. government.

Vincent Ramos had at least 10 other companies set up on top of Phantom Secure, the B.C.-registered entity he used to sell encrypted devices to criminal organizations around the world for a decade.

The U.S. government says he laundered $80 million earned enabling high-level criminals to hide drug deals and murder plots through Blackberries he promised could be instantly wiped clean to evade police.

This unit at 8191 Westminster Hwy used to house a UPS store that Vincent Ramos used as listed a Richmond UPS office on Westminster Highway as his personal address — not the Seagrave Road home in Richmond he shared with his family until it was recently sold as part of a U.S. forfeiture order.

Six of Ramos’s companies were set up through the B.C. Finance Ministry’s corporate registry between 2005 and 2017, according to a Vancouver Sun investigation.

In some of the cases, Ramos hired a law firm and then listed his corporation’s address as his lawyer’s office.

With at least two of his companies, his longtime accountant Ash Katey was the registering party, according to documents obtained by Postmedia.

Katey, who wrote a reference letter to support Ramos’s bail application after his arrest last year, declined to comment.

“I am about to retire from my profession and do not want to be bothered,” Katey said in an email this week when asked about his role in the two companies.

U.S. law enforcement agencies allege Vancouver company, Phantom Secure, was set up to help organized crime.

With most of Ramos’s B.C. companies, he listed a Richmond UPS office on Westminster Highway as his personal address — not the Seagrave Road home in Richmond he shared with his family until it was recently sold as part of a U.S. forfeiture order.

Critics say the ease with which Canadian companies can be set up and registered by organized criminals is troubling.

He said Canada needs a law similar to the American Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, under which Ramos was charged and pleaded guilty last fall. He is to be sentenced in San Diego later this month.

“Sadly we don’t have a RICO-type statute in this country or we would see more criminal forfeitures than we do,” Clement said. “The (Americans) are able to go after the assets in a big way.”

He said organized criminals need legally registered companies so that they can look legitimate when they go to financial institutions to open accounts.

“And all of a sudden now, they have got this great vehicle,” he said.

James Cohen, executive director of the non-profit anticorruption agency Transparency International Canada, agreed.

He said Canada needs a national searchable corporate registry — like one already operational in the U.K., to help tackle misuse of legal corporations by organized crime.

Right now, it’s “incredibly easy to set up a company” in Canada, he said.

moar here:


802425  No.6469121


That one would have easily come in under the radar back then, since it was back in the first few days of Q, and the posts were a slight change from the prior posts, and no one grasped how vast and carefully planned this whole thing was.

b2aa66  No.6469122


do correction to notable next time, because sometimes when shit is heavy i just search for keywords, i wouldnt want to miss this

conversely ill add correction to my keywords

80850d  No.6469123


That is what i was saying. Yes rotting in gitmo, not dead

All these sick fucks had the best the world had to offer, healthcare you name it. They lived like royalty while stealing from the American people and then trying to wreck the ship so we could never be successful again.

Who does that?

b2aa66  No.6469124


#8271 corrected in #8272

>>6468043, >>6468204 Dig request from Boatfag re: pre-cleared cargo lists

>>6468194 New Comey IG

>>6468478, >>6468399, >>6468468 some digs on the Comey IG

>>6468308 Hussein Admin spied on German media/gov, helped DS criminals to get dirt on pol opponents

>>6468211, >>6468258 Blackstone Ltd Partnership buys moar Blackstone Equity

>>6468397, >>6468595 FBF - recount from Fortune.com the Iran money xfers by Hussein Admin (2016) +memes

e0cb81  No.6469125

File: ace2603887a4d58⋯.jpg (550.49 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, 7df5736df043c42dc5f841ba7c….jpg)

2687e3  No.6469126

File: dc2f5fa39d83099⋯.jpg (29.79 KB, 640x480, 4:3, eatweed.jpg)


>And what about the discovery (with captcha) that all the bots and shillposts are actually real humans?

That's not necessarily true. It could mean they are just bots with access to advanced resources, such as chinese sweat shop workers to sit and solve captchas all day for free. It could also mean that they are part of a coordinated effort involving more than one paid poster. In short, the fact that captcha doesn't stop them does NOT imply that they are above-the-board regular human posters. In fact, it makes it more likely that they are NOT regular human posters.

cc7f57  No.6469127

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

5c71d2  No.6469128


Hence "Ego". there's your biggest clue! Compare with Q flow of info/caps delivery, Q team is not about ego. Ego complex is not a team player mentality, they are rooted out of spec ops the first week of selection phase. Take care fren, wwg1wga!

83b8ef  No.6469129


If this captcha crap is too difficult to master, perhaps you should join the whiners in the rear with the gear.

3be0d9  No.6469130

File: 996a91a48d2b663⋯.png (818.3 KB, 1578x760, 789:380, ClipboardImage.png)

Two Chinese Hackers Have Been Indicted for Stealing Data of 79 Million People

May 10, 2019

(INDIANAPOLIS) — A federal grand jury has indicted two members of “extremely sophisticated” hacking group operating from China in the 2014-2015 theft of the personal information of nearly 79 million customers of insurer Anthem Inc., the biggest known health care hack in U.S. history.

The Justice Department said the two also hacked three other U.S.-based companies it did not name, one in the technology sector, the others in basic materials and communications.

The indictment unsealed Thursday alleges Fujie Wang, a 32-year-old who goes by the Western name “Dennis,” and a man with three listed aliases identified as John Doe stole data including names, birthdates, Social Security numbers and medical IDs, first accessing Anthem’s network in May 2014.

Their access was not terminated until January 2015 after they were detected, the indictment says.


59c5bc  No.6469131

File: 5a95f382a90e0ab⋯.jpg (189.91 KB, 634x495, 634:495, TrumpGossip.jpg)

80850d  No.6469132


Well indulge us in your amazingness.

8b74de  No.6469133


Karli Bonne sucks Muhtrix and Paying Medic Ball Sacks.

9d76ae  No.6469134


Alex Jones had him on and was pushing him a few years ago

d25946  No.6469135


I giggle to myself when I think about how much this is costing them.

7e1194  No.6469136

be careful predictions, rumors, lying shills

943fbc  No.6469137


More to do with the EO seizing the assets of anyone involved with Human Trafficking.

Given the timeliness of the NXIVM trial unfolding, and the fact that the Salinas Family was balls deep in it, it makes sense that we would go after Mexican assets.

db4d14  No.6469138

File: 3635ba5b56676b6⋯.png (136.25 KB, 683x795, 683:795, brucedavezatch.png)

1715d9  No.6469139

I'm not much of a follower, more of a surfer, I don't know how you are using victim, I think his set up is deluded and the people who twit and follow are deluded, new age whatevers who like to be fed more delusion, did I miss something?


a8414b  No.6469140

File: 5b2eebf1ad121fb⋯.png (1.14 MB, 596x1060, 149:265, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f6a7979852752ab⋯.png (503.41 KB, 720x301, 720:301, ClipboardImage.png)

Ran across this today and was going to post, and after seeing this post, decided now was the time. Not my work, but something I held onto.


28.september 2009, Pope Benedict kneeled and prayed before the skull of saint Wenceslaus, patron saint of the Czech nation.

Romanists are fetishists.

The antichrist is identified, as a man whose number is 666.

A Pope is a "king", the head of the catholic church.

A "mountain" is when two or more Pope use the same "king"name.

For most of history the catholic church ruled the world and people knew the antichrist would rise from within the church, pretending to be a man of peace. The 'near fatal head wound" in the Bible is when the catholic church was outlawed in 1798 and Pope Pius jailed. They thought this would be the end(death) of the church but the church lived on and has risen to prominence again. Since 1798, there have been 7 "mountains" in the catholic church, and if you total the numbers of their names they identify the 666 man. Interesting to note, Pope are elected for life but Benedict XVI quit, he is officially called a antipope and counts as zero. He knew this all along and choose the name Benedict on purpose to highlight the fact that there was no Benedict X. That number had been skipped, so to get an accurate count you need to count the actual number of Popes who were named Benedict.

The seven Papal "mountains" since 1798

1. Pius 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12 = 78

2. Leo 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13 = 91

3. Gregory 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13+14+15+16 = 136

4. Benedict 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13+14 = 105

5. John 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13+14+15+16+17+18+19+20+21 = 231

6. Paul 1+2+3+4+5+6 = 21

7. John Paul 1+2 = 3

78 + 91 + 136 + 105 + 231 + 21 + 3 = 665

as of John Paul II, then cam Benedict XVI who counted as 0…

Meaning, the next pope will be a new papal name (which by definition has a count of 1), making a count of 1 + 665 = 666 man

This occurred when Francis came in his own name (named after Francis of Assisi). Pope Francis is the 666 man. The world will see this after the war in the Middle east, most likely on Israel, and the Pope negotiates a 7 year peace covenant. I could show other passages but this shows who the 666 man is, the antichrist.

f77de1  No.6469141


you too

1c5ffb  No.6469142

File: 540d6722629af7e⋯.jpg (99.34 KB, 1467x1027, 1467:1027, Q PUPPY LAUGHING.JPG)

cc7f57  No.6469143

File: e5b80cca3f39cfc⋯.png (293.11 KB, 1454x993, 1454:993, Alt_Rightists.png)

f809c6  No.6469144

File: e63e2207eaa0f01⋯.jpg (121.32 KB, 760x950, 4:5, MadDog2.jpg)

a7ed5e  No.6469145


If he's a good guy, white hat, he didn't have, nor need, a handler. "Doing the right thing" would be his handler.

9e562c  No.6469146


Thank you for not making sour dough! Keep the fresh bake alive!

8a581b  No.6469147


don't know if anti-christ is a person moar of a system/predatory, look at nature.

925acb  No.6469149


Forgot all about this one!

Thanks, Anon!

f809c6  No.6469150


I agree. I thought about that after I posted. Still need coordination, though.

935e2d  No.6469151

Droopy eyes. Manana, y'all.

2687e3  No.6469152

File: 02711f844de4615⋯.gif (37.53 KB, 650x489, 650:489, pt4-bastard-horse.gif)


Bastard motherfuckers, that's who!

a007fb  No.6469153


First you have to Be a Believer. Second you have to know what God promises.

Revelation 3:10 New American Standard Bible (NASB)

10 Because you have kept the word of My [a]perseverance, I also will keep you from the hour of [b]testing, that hour which is about to come upon the whole [c]world, to [d]test those who dwell on the earth.

Third worry about soul not flesh.

Matthew 10:28 New American Standard Bible (NASB)

28 Do not fear those who kill the body but are unable to kill the soul; but rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in [a]hell.

If you are saved now and Christ has paid for all your sins and you are Christ's bride why would you even go through the time of testing that is meant to harvest those who do not now believe and to finish his work with the Jews.

ce4056  No.6469155


Pope will not be he Antichrist. If you critically analyze scripture, there are several reasons why he isn’t.

b2aa66  No.6469156

#8272 notables bun

>>6468925 USA and NK have missiles at the same time

>>6468817 Flint Mayor Diverted Contributions For Clean Water To Campaign Fund

>>6468789 Epoch times says RR white hat hero.

>>6468982 more diggin on the Comey IG from pb

>>6468761, >>6468944 interdasting buzz around Isaac Kappy

>>6469064 China calls halt to Iran oil orders

>>6469007 anon spots food on hematologist table on goog (toast jam and blood jar eerily sim)

>>6469062 indictment unsealed today in DC-conspiring to make/conceal 2012 [hussein] campaign contributions

>>6468871 IG Horowitz Has 'Concluded that the Final Three FISA Extensions Were Illegally Obtained,' diGenova Says

anons nominate notables or say nice, this, interdasting etc

graveyard starts next bread, no baker is expected to stay on these next 2 breads the whole time, anons will be relied upon to keep tabs

on what they want marked for notables bun(s)

74f4e1  No.6469157

File: 9564be8b605a7bf⋯.jpg (59.11 KB, 693x663, 231:221, waiwhaaa.jpg)


sheit anon das some autism.

cf760c  No.6469158

File: ca3b6e0f5853f52⋯.png (308.59 KB, 1401x774, 467:258, blckcb-site-1.PNG)

File: fdbcc347ee04789⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1433x913, 1433:913, blckcb-site-2.PNG)

File: 85d4950b7b8f577⋯.png (67.98 KB, 1236x534, 206:89, blckcb-wiki-1.PNG)

File: 670ec86d9fe18af⋯.png (139.31 KB, 1229x631, 1229:631, blckcb-wiki-2.PNG)

File: edd94fad55a619a⋯.png (360.74 KB, 499x325, 499:325, 1212121221.png)

V. interesting stuff here anons…

((( https://www.blackcube.com/ )))

"A select group of veterans from the Israeli elite intelligence units that specialises in tailored solutions to complex business and litigation challenges"

((( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Cube )))

Black Cube is a private intelligence agency based in London, Paris and Tel Aviv,[1] and is the trading name of BC Strategy Ltd.[2] The company was founded in 2010[3] by former Israeli intelligence officers[4] Dan Zorella (in Hebrew: דן זורלא) and Avi Yanus (in Hebrew: אבי ינוס). Its employees include former members of Israeli intelligence units, including Aman, Mossad and Shin Bet, as well as legal and financial experts.

Black Cube's main business is "litigation support", in which the company provides intelligence, evidence and advisory services in multi-jurisdictional legal and white collar crime cases.[2]

>>>pictured text from the wiki<<<

<<<pictured text from the wiki>>>

"In November 2017, Ronan Farrow reported in The New Yorker that film executive Harvey Weinstein hired Black Cube in order to stop the publication of the abuse allegations against him."

"In March 2018, Black Cube and Cambridge Analytica each denied a Cambridge Analytica ex-employee Christopher Wylie's statement that the company had hired Black Cube's services."

"In May 2018, Black Cube was accused of using false identities to seek damaging information about former Obama administration officials and help the Trump administration[…] Black Cube has responded by stating that it has no relation to the Trump administration, to Trump aides or to the Iran nuclear deal."

acce99  No.6469159

Peter denied Jesus three times before the cock crowed. Then got himself crucified upside down perhaps as a mockery. And Rome is the total center of most fuckery on Earth. The Church has been Satanic from the beginning in Rome. So what gives with Peter. Was he a bad actor from the get go?

2687e3  No.6469160

File: 0f88447e3038b81⋯.png (723.24 KB, 1184x666, 16:9, 1514484771921.png)

File: cf8fbad2c1f0786⋯.jpg (188.04 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, ctr_members.jpg)

File: ff9d978168e54b2⋯.jpg (157.2 KB, 534x804, 89:134, shareblue_oliverwillis.jpg)

File: df7af8b3b1539bc⋯.png (39.69 KB, 890x156, 445:78, shills_enemy_combatants.png)

File: 220dab40d77c118⋯.png (47.11 KB, 590x370, 59:37, shills_federal_prison.png)


I giggle to myself knowing that they are well-funded, well-organized, and consider themselves professionals at what they do, yet they can't defeat a bunch of neckbeard, basement-dwelling, unpaid anons of various ages, races, and means who are doing this just for the lulz. That's gotta sting!

a007fb  No.6469161


how in the world do you think to speak for "most" Christian's. Talk about fallen pride. Salvation comes from Christ period. Those that preach any other salvation Gospel are not from Yahovah

2b6907  No.6469162

Gowdy backtracking on Comey?

Paragon on virtue?

50c156  No.6469163



How bad does your cyber security have to be to allow that bullshit for that long?

fe570a  No.6469164



Sen Kennedy said it at that same hearing

and about an hour later

towards the end of the hearing

Barr says "land the plane"

you think maybe "land the plane"

means making a CONCRETE case that sticks

after all

the Feds have a 92% conviction rate

on the cases they bring to court

83b8ef  No.6469165


I think I would rather Know than Believe.

Belief leaves room for doubt

To know leaves no doubt at all.

8a581b  No.6469166

File: 586801332ac5d8f⋯.jpg (133.21 KB, 720x1013, 720:1013, 53a9a8a37fe4483680ea166576….jpg)



dittos that anon!

451690  No.6469167

>>6468811 >>6468904 >>6468793

strike + water tower watch the damned water!

My 1st thought too when I saw the water tower. Remember all the fentanyl busts in the US & Canada in last year? Some busts had enuf to kill tens of millions of people.

3be0d9  No.6469168


>6469064 (You) China calls halt to Iran oil orders

Sorry baker, not confirmed yet

ce4056  No.6469169


Peter was a godly man who died for his faith despite his failings. He couldn’t help that the Catholics hijacked his good name for their own purposes after he died.

b2aa66  No.6469170



word play is dank autism

a7ebd9  No.6469171


>They keep falling for it b

[They] have zero choice in the matter.


Because if [they] don't keep throwing traitors into the meat grinder the Game is over for [them].

And [they] know it.

6a6da0  No.6469173

File: 3ade4b88676bb11⋯.png (645.54 KB, 1026x769, 1026:769, Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at ….png)

e0cb81  No.6469174


I bet heroic former token DA Swalwell is already on it, trying to sweep it under the rug to make points with his masters.

Make My Day. Tie one of these guns to Holder and to a murder in the States.

80850d  No.6469175

File: 63fca56f1532568⋯.jpeg (316.54 KB, 1242x723, 414:241, 3AA57EAA-E447-476E-A385-B….jpeg)

File: a0ae4d18b5cfd7d⋯.png (1.49 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, AE64F5F7-2153-48F2-B936-47….png)

File: 99c13bb538c212a⋯.png (471.12 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 645AC781-6451-4372-8A78-2C….png)

File: 1494b4a39ba4955⋯.png (3.35 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 4E2CF63B-3B21-49EC-8511-F0….png)

File: c4fbffbf6c6e5ea⋯.png (465.73 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 86AA540A-1700-4BB8-9DCB-88….png)


Yeah. Gotta be pretty out there thats for sure.



1ca09e  No.6469176

File: ab6410f7da1377d⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1178x1398, 589:699, ClipboardImage.png)



b2aa66  No.6469177


>>6469064 China calls halt to Iran oil orders (initial drop, more sauce needed)

acce99  No.6469178


Hoping on that one.

c3e5d4  No.6469179

File: d3f3c5c562c3dba⋯.jpeg (141.58 KB, 640x1203, 640:1203, 830AD42C-1FFF-413E-ACD1-4….jpeg)

1ca09e  No.6469180

File: 67290bf40556684⋯.png (987.72 KB, 1208x1186, 604:593, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0b706d9ed06e3c2⋯.png (1.61 MB, 1436x758, 718:379, ClipboardImage.png)

Hussein's Dept of "Justice"

e2c955  No.6469182

File: 22a824f3fa3dc88⋯.jpg (35.75 KB, 500x334, 250:167, b07fd353-71240b1d-4aca8f04….jpg)


Its been a difficult time for the Catholic church but that shouldnt have a reflection on the people that truly love God & Jesus & care for humanity that are Catholic. As long as you love the Father Christianity is Christianity

2b6907  No.6469183


Disappointment has so much merit…..

Fuck him, Congress is shit…

5c71d2  No.6469184


Working up the food chain, you can bet both Clinton, 44 and DS are paying very close attention to every unsealed indictments very close. They should start seeing the map more clearly after the tenth one is unsealed for each gang! I think Comey is ahead, hence the panic mode. First lash out, blame others, realization and than reclusive mode.

b6ee33  No.6469185


Both dirty but working to save their skins

Q#2512 30 Nov 2018

Mueller will face charges re: U1

He's working to save himself.

9d76ae  No.6469186

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

We need a good tune to chase the shills away

83b8ef  No.6469188


Entirely possible given the political climates then…

8c1e78  No.6469189


cut the crap, NOT OUR GIRL, she is a pedo slut who fucked both clintons and married a child molestor, she is a cunt of massive proportions and her own cunt must be nasty and wart kuru infected. she is grotesque

c3e5d4  No.6469190


>Hussein's Dept of "Justice"


f809c6  No.6469191


Gave charges doesn't necessarily mean he'll be convicted. What if they charge him and he reveals he is a Secret Good Guy? How would that play out?

3be0d9  No.6469192

File: a3495de1aca5594⋯.png (280.34 KB, 532x553, 76:79, ClipboardImage.png)


We had a great time celebrating @ChefJoseAndres at the annual @ClintonFdn gala last night—José is one of the most inspiring humanitarians I’ve ever met and has been an invaluable partner for some of our most important work in places like Haiti and Puerto Rico.

7:10 AM - 10 May 2019



c80823  No.6469193

File: 6de7a7fbf3736b3⋯.png (456.48 KB, 501x448, 501:448, Scavino45 FB 5-10-19 re Fr….PNG)

File: e4580bb849f01b3⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1048x701, 1048:701, Scavino45 FB 5-10-19 re Fr….PNG)

IT. IS. FRIDAY! Big day ahead, let’s GO!


64d238  No.6469195

Hillary will die a Traitors death.

Same death as GHWB.

Same death as what’s his name.

Hillary, prepare.

f809c6  No.6469196


Face charges, rather.

8df857  No.6469197

File: 468593ffbf6993d⋯.gif (1.99 MB, 300x300, 1:1, 1557540723129.gif)

8bdf50  No.6469198


This is picking up some SERIOUS steam.


a007fb  No.6469199


Galatians 1:8-9 New American Standard Bible (NASB)

8 But even if we, or an angel from heaven, should preach to you a gospel [a]contrary to what we have preached to you, he is to be [b]accursed! 9 As we have said before, so I say again now, if any man is preaching to you a gospel [c]contrary to what you received, he is to be [d]accursed!

John 14:6 New American Standard Bible (NASB)

6 Jesus *said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.

It is English and not hard to understand if you want to continue to lie to people you will pay the price when you stand before God in Judgment. Deny me before men and I will deny you before the Father. Your a division fag and the way is wide that leads to destruction but narrow that leads to life choose now before it is too late.

9d3897  No.6469200

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Montage: Media Urge Dems to Put Barr Behind Bars

a7ed5e  No.6469201


Just a friendly reminder (for everyone). When analyzing scripture, always be sure to use King James Bible. NIV and Revised have been comped.

Example: These two versions above (NIV, RSV) remove and/or change 60,000 words from the true text!! That would be equivalent to starting at Acts 1:1 and removing ALL of the scripture from that point through Revelation 22:21!

1715d9  No.6469202

perfect side by side


1ca09e  No.6469203

File: 968813417f91c53⋯.png (916.67 KB, 1200x998, 600:499, ClipboardImage.png)

Only normal to spy on a political campaign in a Police State mr Dirty Cop Comey. If it is so normal, please reveal all the "undercover sources" in the HRC campaign?


b18242  No.6469204

File: 0ae0b5d0fac1018⋯.jpg (146.99 KB, 612x336, 51:28, seems_jewy.jpg)

753617  No.6469205


He's probably the marketer for the Aryan-wannabes in the OSS/C_A who act as E.T. "Pleiadians" as cover. Even Roseanne Barr tweeted at his kabamur_taygeta accout about the occult beings. It's definitely part of an MKULTRA trap.dFbtQZ

c80823  No.6469206

File: 06fa3bebd451a8d⋯.png (507.96 KB, 506x736, 11:16, FB Straka re Walkaway Aniv….PNG)

File: 9dc825edee2be7a⋯.png (751.85 KB, 563x857, 563:857, 1 Straka re Walkaway Anive….PNG)

File: 4d996030fa38ea4⋯.png (783.9 KB, 653x866, 653:866, 2 Straka re Walkaway Anive….PNG)

Interesting Special Guests

Posobiec, Beanz and Villa all part of the Walkaway Movement Special Guest List


fd4e5b  No.6469207

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

[NOT a secret Trump lost Billions]

The Apprentice -Donald Trump -First Episode Clip [1:51]

"I lost Billions about 13yrs ago, but working hard I cam back Bigly."

79c8e4  No.6469208

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Ever watch Walter Veith break down paganism in Catholicism?

Brilliant historian, imo.

Nails the occult, Mystery religions, Freemasonry, etc.

Wine of Babylon, is awesome.

8a581b  No.6469209

File: 1c0cb5681a2b236⋯.jpeg (87.97 KB, 500x681, 500:681, BF62FCE0-5989-494A-89E5-5….jpeg)

File: 83de05502736b9d⋯.jpeg (55.07 KB, 436x594, 218:297, D1C08F88-D33A-415B-84C7-A….jpeg)

8c1e78  No.6469210


then why was Nixon impeached for just spying on demonrats?

8b74de  No.6469211


Yeah. Imagine if they put that shit in our water

6e14cb  No.6469212


Moar sauce


925acb  No.6469213

File: 010b3c21c502287⋯.png (349.75 KB, 630x687, 210:229, Screenshot_81.png)



Looking at Shirtless Pundit's Twitter posts and I never even thought of this one.

Dark Web Drug bust?

Was Obama involved with making money off this website?



b2aa66  No.6469214

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


nice i got next play

fd4e5b  No.6469215

File: 5543d5156192949⋯.gif (122.97 KB, 220x220, 1:1, TRUMP WINNING.gif)

b6ee33  No.6469217


Like thee and thou changed to you and your?

Changing words doesn't necessarily equal changing meaning.

8c1e78  No.6469218


I think its great, don't care as long as it is about taking down some evil fucks. whatever works for people to wake the fuck up.

9d76ae  No.6469219

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Shlomo cant hang with this and wants to shut it down…….Jerry nadler type slim ball scum. Metal is officially the music of the q research board…correct?

aacbd0  No.6469220

Gov. Mike Huckabee

‏Verified account @GovMikeHuckabee

Rumors are that @realDonaldTrump will rename Gitmo "Comey Island" and will use it to house the dirty cops, intel agents and co-conspirators who used lies to illegally SPY on a President. Conspiracy, Cover-up, and attempted Coup. Katie, BARR THE DOOR!

8:03 AM - 10 May 2019

cc7f57  No.6469221

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a007fb  No.6469222


That could be true but he could be the false prophet that leads the one world religion sound familiar ?

904a27  No.6469223

File: 70eb7d15eae620c⋯.jpg (35.75 KB, 650x217, 650:217, winter.jpg)


Greetings, baker, hope to do a little baking later if things don't go too late. Looks like this one's up around mebbe an hour or so? Plan to stay til the end?

3be0d9  No.6469224

>>6469212 Excellent

83b8ef  No.6469226



>It is English and not hard to understand if you want to continue to lie to people you will pay the price when you stand before God in Judgment. Deny me before men and I will deny you before the Father. Your a division fag and the way is wide that leads to destruction but narrow that leads to life choose now before it is too late.

So, if you convince enough others hard enough, will you ever, finally, convince yourself?

09c78e  No.6469227

File: 7e25c43c3bfa1c4⋯.png (156.65 KB, 1177x1655, 1177:1655, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9471b8873fe1c1d⋯.png (92.31 KB, 974x1416, 487:708, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6b4ee69fe64e8c9⋯.png (62.03 KB, 746x1652, 373:826, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 382d245b7a00eea⋯.png (35.91 KB, 736x789, 736:789, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b9d6e432eb30d7c⋯.png (3.59 MB, 1075x5195, 215:1039, ClipboardImage.png)


>whatever happened to AOC's campaign chairman who was committing fraud?

Saikat Chakrabarti

'AOC's campaign manager is co-founder of this company called Mockingbird', which he started in 2009.

Also if this has not been looked at yet..his past job positions are very interesting as well, Bridgewater, Apple, and Stripe? Interesting to note is no mention of his campaign work with AOC.

He is a member for this as well: Some Company LLC with a partner named: Sheena Reddy Pakanati It is not clear what this company is…..no information on it yet it has been established as of 2010.

Saikat Chakrabarti




Saikat Chakrabarti


Sheena Reddy Pakanati


The Dangerous Reality Behind AOC


1ca09e  No.6469228


>then why was Nixon impeached for just spying on demonrats?

Sorry the predicate is not correct. The issue was the cover up for Nixon. Also there is a difference between political operatives doing illegal things and government agencies (with huge amounts of power) doing the dirty work of political masters.

8c1e78  No.6469229


trips of Truth anon, pope is the antichrist… along with big ZER-O bamalam Comander in THIEF for the demonrats

c80823  No.6469230

File: f645bf53ddea6b5⋯.png (473.7 KB, 600x684, 50:57, Saavedra re STEM Shooter r….PNG)

File: 9dbb4442d9ec2f1⋯.png (358.27 KB, 520x895, 104:179, DM re STEM Shooter re Ille….PNG)

BREAKING: The father of one of the STEM School Highlands Ranch shooters was a *criminal illegal alien from Mexico* who was jailed for a weapons offenses and domestic violence and deported TWICE



[partial snip of article // lots of pics in article]

2687e3  No.6469231

File: ef5b19ced1efb10⋯.jpg (60.79 KB, 345x690, 1:2, christ_trust.jpg)


>Belief leaves room for doubt

>To know leaves no doubt at all.

That is why Faith is such a powerful act, anon. Have Faith in something. I won't tell you what, but have Faith in something. As for me, I like the guy in Pic Related. :)

aacbd0  No.6469232

File: 4018c91d1539903⋯.jpg (59.75 KB, 480x320, 3:2, b7b56cd5affb457682782f4fdb….jpg)



8a581b  No.6469233

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

helplessly hoping Q will post

30694d  No.6469235

File: b8fd02eaae01604⋯.png (453.24 KB, 1299x622, 1299:622, Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at ….png)

>>6468496 (pb)

Unlikely you are this daft.

If you do not think a 150year old company would have the same name as one of the most infamous american-operating families of La Cosa Nostra and not be affiliated, then you are likely not in the right place. Go back.

451690  No.6469236


Millions of Canadians praying for the demise of Trudeau. He throws away tax payer $$ to the cabal like that asshole Hussein.

Wouldn't be surprised about the trafficking. 2 of Trudy's friends are pedos: close college roommate & teaching colleague + the UN big wig guy who started kid's charities. Too lazy to look for sauce. It's been covered a 1000 times.

99a879  No.6469237

File: 0a7823cb4f09a22⋯.png (241.92 KB, 935x265, 187:53, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a734364cdea6f31⋯.png (131.61 KB, 410x287, 10:7, ClipboardImage.png)

Hence the reason NK is still test firing. They are (OUR) offense against China…

Get it

39c8f5  No.6469238

Is it really that much to ask Q to drop in for a visit?

925acb  No.6469239


Yeah, but that doesn't make Karli a Paytriot, Anon. I followed many of these people in the beginning; until Q posted in regards to Jerome. I still like Karli and her posts.

088e45  No.6469240

File: 55ef0eea0423bea⋯.png (88.3 KB, 1369x1359, 1369:1359, 4chad.png)

8a581b  No.6469241



fuckers are capable of it, humanity means nothing to them, look at what they caused in world wars and other periphery wars. they've taken on the destroyer's image..

look at dems and neocons in congress, how they devalue humanity, truth, because nothing that emanates from them is truth.

New American Standard Bible:

John 8:44

"You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him. Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

b6ee33  No.6469242


Read Matthew 24

Words Jesus spoke to his disciples concerning signs of the end of the age

8c1e78  No.6469243


I know, my point is that Nixon was impeached for recording/covering up, what Obama/Hillary/Comey/Brennen/Meuller/et al is so MUCH much much much very very worse. like hang them high, worse… cant wait to see the vultures picking their bones.

fe570a  No.6469244


Sean Penn was also in Haiti.

He was living in a makeshift clinic with his girlfriend

He had a big group of families he was trying to help.

Betcha he knows something.

He was genuinely invested in this.

802425  No.6469245

File: cf2673e8c093adc⋯.png (293.26 KB, 581x557, 581:557, huma-hoax-tweet.png)


I've never seen any actual evidence that she has done any of these things. These sound like pretty good stories that could be put out by our side so that they sound like scurrilous and baseless "right wing" propaganda and get the Clintons to embrace her more closely.

As for AW being a child molester, the only thing he has ever actually been accused of is sending selfies, in a few cases to teenagers. In any case I think that is all a setup too, to allow for the HRC email evidence on the Weiner laptop to get funneled to Comey at the last minute and allow the email investigation to get reopened and closed JUST before the election, making it obvious that there was a coverup.

As for the supposed email from Huma to her brother that sometimes gets posted, this seems like obvious disinfo from our side. The potential voters who saw it and said "OMG… Islamophobia!" were ALREADY going to vote for HRC. But potential voters who might have disliked DJT, but realized HRC was EVIL might have been swayed to go and pull the lever.

8b74de  No.6469246

File: c78f5d26aedbd92⋯.png (25.69 KB, 518x217, 74:31, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9bd30d8a114d48c⋯.png (13.89 KB, 654x158, 327:79, ClipboardImage.png)


Jesus tells Peter he's gonna be the Cornerstone of the Church

He also Calls Peter "Satan". That should tell you something.

a7ed5e  No.6469247

File: 20b04acba568a91⋯.png (44.27 KB, 951x902, 951:902, Screenshot_2019-05-11 The ….png)


Sure, changing thee and thou to you and your isn't all that significant. But (pic related) changes are very significant.

2204cf  No.6469248

File: 74dcde5fe8c14ba⋯.jpg (1.23 MB, 2560x1707, 2560:1707, cap-patton_9344667_129653_….jpg)

>>6468043 lb

>boatfag assist

Company websites and shipping journal articles sometimes state that a company has received AQUA lane qualification.

For instance Universal Cargo website states that they are C-TPAT certified:


another unrelated example is Crowley Liner Services terminal is AQUA lane qualified:


Reederei Claus-Peter Offen is owner/operator of CAP Patton.

One site describing Claus-Peter Offen says that most of their ships are chartered to shipping lines.

If this is right, the shipping line or carrier using CAP Patton may be where to look for C-TPAT or AQUA lane qualifications.


Reederei Claus-Peter Offen (GmbH & Co.) KG provides container ship tonnage services worldwide. It operates in the chemical and product tanker market. The company was founded in 1971 and is based in Hamburg, Germany. Reederei Claus-Peter Offen (GmbH & Co.) KG operates as a subsidiary of Cpo Holding (Gmbh & Co.) Kg.

>Low bandwidth cause im throttled

>Not enough shekels to get more

>want to upload this nice ship picture to the image board

>New Reply, long upload wait.

>ha ha, failed CAPTCHA

>try again, long upload wait

>ha ha, failed CAPTCHA

>click through to an easy CAPTCHA

>try again, long upload time

>ha ha, failed CAPTCHA

>try again…

83b8ef  No.6469249


Well, that guy pointed me to Our Father, Maker of the Math, so there's that…

e50ba6  No.6469250

Did anons ever figure out where Pompeo went when he skipped out on Merkel a few days ago?

a007fb  No.6469251


The very fact, I say again Fact that I am a sinner and there is no chance I could ever work my way to heaven. Is why I came to grace over 50 years ago my friend and I have been in the fight every since against evil. I have stood where ever Christ put me. You never ever hear pass my libs me say anything about Trump or his past. We all sin and God chooses to save the lowly to confound the elite/Powerful. God will judge my fruit the rest will burn up.

1715d9  No.6469252

Sorry for sounding so dense, I never considered them as serious yet I see the ET being part of the blue beam, end of times scam that would have been perpetrated if Killary had won, like the Maitreya thing, thanks for the explanation and for digging that up


d7180d  No.6469253

Did Barr already provide testimony to the ongoing investigations before he took over as AG? The fact that Sessions and RR are out, means they'll be able to be witnesses as well. Seems only appropriate..

f809c6  No.6469254



b2aa66  No.6469255

#8272 notables bun

>>6468925 USA and NK have missiles at the same time

>>6468817 Flint Mayor Diverted Contributions For Clean Water To Campaign Fund

>>6468789 Epoch times says RR white hat hero.

>>6468982 more diggin on the Comey IG from pb

>>6468761, >>6468944 interdasting buzz around Isaac Kappy

>>6469064, >>6469212 China calls halt to Iran oil orders

>>6469007 anon spots food on hematologist table on goog (toast jam and blood jar eerily sim)

>>6469062 indictment unsealed today in DC-conspiring to make/conceal 2012 [hussein] campaign contributions

>>6468783 Ex-Fugees rapper charged in campaign finance conspiracy case

>>6468871 IG Horowitz Has 'Concluded that the Final Three FISA Extensions Were Illegally Obtained,' diGenova Says

graveyard starts next bread, no baker is expected to stay on these next 2 breads the whole time, anons will be relied upon to keep tabs

on what they want marked for notables bun(s)

c80823  No.6469256


>I think its great,

That MAGA coalition is now trying to co opt the Walkaway Movement because anons were too bright to let them infiltrate

Sure…wait for it

They'll start imposing their agenda and beliefs on the group instead of the true POTUS MAGA agenda

c3e5d4  No.6469257

8c1e78  No.6469258


im gonna roll my eyes at you because you sound either ignorant or you are huma trying to make this cunt sound nice fuck that. she is complicit and so is her family. i dont give a shit about some damn fake email she KNEW and helped and participated in the sickness. hang her high too.

753617  No.6469259


Exactly. It is quite serious. And they aren't going away. They think they have a shot in 2023/4 to pull of something big.

efea6b  No.6469260

File: 21c34898422de62⋯.png (21.08 KB, 1343x119, 79:7, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6c4def5344b11a4⋯.png (84.64 KB, 983x537, 983:537, ClipboardImage.png)

>>6461145 /meta board post

posting here for Anons

cont'd "BE VIGILANT!"

->as primarily an image board and "We Are QNN" and #2 most attacked …

PROTECT OUR HIVE, A complexity of issues for QAnons, Qresearch, & 8ch:

re: -> CASE for BAN certain GRAPHICS, yet not affect our MEMEweapons:

>>6149861 /meta

Perhaps this is covered in the general "lag" complaints.

>However, I'd like to inquire about a specific issue that I'm having

>with the graphics on the board.

"PNGs seem to be most heavily affected, not downloading at all

for the most part. Some jpg and jpeg files will download.

I've been unable to even sideload many of the files.

>Perhaps I'm dumb and this post was dumb. Either way.

->>>>> Seems the Global on moving to PNGs may have driven us into a corral. <<<<<-

>>6163676 /meta BO, will post this to /sudo

->"moving to PNGs may have driven us into a corral."<-

Personally noted a recent update on my LINUX Desktop systems for PNG.

-> Specifically NOTED: "Vulnerability Warning:"

libpng versions 1.6.36 and earlier have a [use-after-free]

bug in the simplified libpng API png_image_free()."

It has been assigned ID CVE-2019-7317

The vulnerability is fixed in version 1.6.37, released on 15 April 2019

"PNG library - runtime (version 1.6)" libpng is the official PNG reference library.

It supports almost all PNG features, is extensible,

and has been extensively tested for over 23 years.

->The assigned ID CVE-2019-7317:


-> DEBIAN Linux Details {DSA-4435-1 libpng1.6 – security update}:

A [use-after-free] vulnerability was discovered in the png_image_free() function

in the libpng PNG library,

-> which could lead to denial of service or potentially the execution of arbitrary code

if a malformed image is processed.


-> UBUNTU Security details {USN-3962-1: libpng vulnerability}:


libpng be made to crash or run programs if it opened a specially crafted file.

Software Description

libpng1.6 - PNG (Portable Network Graphics) file library


It was discovered that libpng incorrectly handled certain memory operations.

If a user or automated system were tricked into opening a specially crafted PNG file,

a remote attacker could use this issue to cause libpng to crash,

resulting in a denial of service, or possibly execute arbitrary code.


-> GITHUB documents replication details {Use after free #275}:


for ref; all /meta

>>6161926 <BAN "JPEG" uploads / injections; {will post in General for Anon Eyes}

>>6163397 <a method using stegonograpy to embed malicious code into a jpeg (or png I believe)

>>6163510 <files produced by a tool like stegosploit are what is called a polyglot

>>6163642 <this pic is an example

cc9bb7  No.6469261

>>6469230 Father of one of the STEM HS Shooters was 'criminal illegal alien from MX' Deported Twice


if not already noted

b6ee33  No.6469262


If Mueller is good then RR is good.

And visa versa

Q said something to that effect

I can't find the exact Q post though

83b8ef  No.6469263


I know, and I really feel bad for you being a sinner and all.

Actually, the large majority of us are children and children make mistakes.

2687e3  No.6469264

File: a0c38506cb75db1⋯.jpg (5.37 MB, 3600x4800, 3:4, Seraph_With_Swords.jpg)


I use biblehub and so should you all. It places the translations of dozens of versions of the bible side-by-side so you can see how they differ and at least have a chance to spot dodgy changes.

Also, I feel it's a little foolish to assume that while the NIV and RSV are comped, the KJV is intact and unharmed. Shortly after the death of Christ, the text of the NT was being modified for political gain by large numbers of clerics and politicians of the time working together to leverage it for their own ends.

God reminds us to beware the wicked and use knowledge and wisdom as our compass. Read Prov 24:


e2c955  No.6469265


"For not knowing about God's righteousness and seeking to establish their own, they did not subject themselves to the righteousness of God" Romans 10:3

8a581b  No.6469266

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I see Fire…

acce99  No.6469267


So Peter of Rome was always a bastard?

Fucked up

8c1e78  No.6469268


this so reeks of a Clown op but then we know they are all clown ops


925acb  No.6469269

File: fa095a44e639678⋯.png (679.65 KB, 971x488, 971:488, Screenshot_39.png)


Hi, Jimmy!

f5c96b  No.6469270


You dropped your shekel you faggot. Look at you trying to dissuade people.

6e14cb  No.6469271

File: f320bcc0aefb875⋯.png (43.58 KB, 573x296, 573:296, Capture.PNG)


been a few years since I taught this stuff, things change. Had never heard of precleared cargo. Looks like it's still that way.


2204cf  No.6469272

fb97ae  No.6469273

Rudy announces he is going to Ukraine to dig the Biden thing

Then cancels the trip suddenly

Wonder how many Deep State assests got caught in the scramble to foil Rudy

e50ba6  No.6469274



So with this, the Iran deal pullout, Bolton looking hawkish, and "legitimate intel" on poss. Iranian attacks on US service members, what's the over/under on public military action with Iran soon

0591fe  No.6469275

So RR retires tomorrow.

This means him and Sessions can now testify.

Think anything will come of it?

a8414b  No.6469278


Thanks anon, I was wondering whether the bible was changed. I just purchased one at Salvation Army 1946 King James.

6d3b30  No.6469279


I just want to know that Mr. Rogers won’t be ruined for me after the great awakening. Kind of joking but not really…

2204cf  No.6469280

File: 3bc635ab5a56680⋯.jpg (26.03 KB, 312x437, 312:437, red-headed_vulture.jpg)

c80823  No.6469281

File: 81cd91d3c7c8b59⋯.png (618.23 KB, 601x671, 601:671, 1 MJF re Grifter Gorka and….PNG)

File: f2c438540bba43d⋯.png (614.92 KB, 593x687, 593:687, 2 MJF re Grifter Gorka and….PNG)

File: da5a688fe60d188⋯.png (631.1 KB, 433x751, 433:751, 1 MJF re Grifter Gorka and….PNG)

Grifters gotta grift. Amiright?


Where do you think they’re going? Some kind of scary grifter prom?


f5c96b  No.6469282


How does one mysteriously have 2 different beard patterns?

943fbc  No.6469283

File: 26ba28e80263397⋯.jpg (9.75 KB, 300x168, 25:14, DAVID PUMPKINS.jpg)

e99af1  No.6469284


Does, "I can land the plane", refer to the movie Airplane? Ted Striker?

627060  No.6469285

File: 72bc3d8f2ceba29⋯.png (8.52 KB, 390x192, 65:32, Qmap3058.png)

File: 16188e113730e70⋯.png (12.64 KB, 636x246, 106:41, debriefdefinition.png)

File: 0b48c71fdcf8f80⋯.png (5.69 KB, 292x108, 73:27, Qmap2118.png)

With RR's heroic sendoff I think it's pretty much established that he's a whitehat. He was a double-agent the whole time and provided Q team with all the info. Q hinted at this in drop 3058. (PICS 1 & 2)

That also got me thinking of another old drop, #2118. Q says that if RR is dirty, than Mueller must be dirty…but what if RR is clean? Thinking MIRROR, if RR is clean, than Mueller must also be clean. This has drop 2776 make much more sense to me, in which Mueller flat out says to Barr that they haven't found anything instead of trying to spin it and make it sound better.

I know we're past the Mueller report now but I thought this was a little interesting.

b2aa66  No.6469286

File: adab8b62733edc0⋯.png (142.8 KB, 1369x1359, 1369:1359, ClipboardImage.png)

2fe7d0  No.6469287

File: ba3fd5e63bf64b0⋯.jpg (118.25 KB, 1200x629, 1200:629, HoldOn.jpg)


Wait wait wait. I have something for this.

802425  No.6469288


I think the real clincher is the Weiner laptop. The reopening and sudden closing of the email investigation was OBVIOUSLY a coverup and SCREWED HRC. Knowing what we know now about how vast and complex there operations are on both sides, how likely is it that our side just "got lucky" because Weiner was so PERVY and DUMB that he would keep doing the same thing multiple times? I think it much likely that the Weiner laptop was planned, which makes Carlos Danger /ourguy/ by implication Huma /ourgirl/.

All of the setup of the "insurance files" containing the real dirt on HRC was a diversion for the enemy.

088e45  No.6469289

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c7626c  No.6469290

When the hell is the PAIN coming guys? I'm getting impatient!

f809c6  No.6469291

File: c235e6df0a2a1b0⋯.jpg (93.79 KB, 750x500, 3:2, GorkaFag.jpg)


Ha! His glasses probably are actually non-prescription. What a fag.

b984c4  No.6469292


Not the plan anon. Trump wants Biden as candidate. You were overthinking.

8df857  No.6469293

File: b2ffdb66e180ee1⋯.png (51.52 KB, 819x287, 117:41, Screenshot 2019-05-11 at 1….png)

Anon on RR on Halfchan

925acb  No.6469294

File: 12a70adcaeef42e⋯.png (31.82 KB, 642x261, 214:87, Screenshot_82.png)




Muh Jooz.

The website also provided access to marketplaces for firearms, including assault rifles, and for malicious software and hacking tools.

The alleged owners, Tal Prihar, 37, and Michael Phan, 34, both from Israel, were arrested Monday, Prihar in France and Phan in Israel, where they remain in custody. They each face a single count of money laundering conspiracy in the U.S. Phan also faces charges in Israel.

8a581b  No.6469295


I'm thinking moar at Revelation 13: 11-18

the 'Beast' image of the 'Beast', a system IMHO.

it's a system, whose motive stems from destruction of God's precious valued and deeply loved humanity. God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son, huge!!!

83b8ef  No.6469296


I don't understand why bible verses are thrown around.

God's bigger than that.

You can't be led by a false prophet if you know God, the same Our Father Jesus taught us to pray to at the sermon on the Mount.

He said Our Father, for he was not above us then…

a7ed5e  No.6469297


My pleasure, anon. Just trying to do my feeble little part in fighting with POTUS, Qteam, and Patriot anons to win this war against evil.

f5c96b  No.6469300


I've realized theres more people in this plan than meets the eye. Lots of double agents.

753617  No.6469301


>oh no, someone is pointing out obvious logical con-nections in the E.T. con and it might limit the flow of shekels to me

Imagine being this assblasted.

Give my regards to Jordan $ather, you New Age cunt.

18cedb  No.6469302


that story I posted is HUGE link with Q

remember he said Canada is special

goes right to Panama Papers, many countries.

still in shock

30694d  No.6469303

File: ce02c8807ae73ba⋯.png (113.41 KB, 579x612, 193:204, Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at ….png)

File: 20b87d1470d036b⋯.png (121.85 KB, 1117x237, 1117:237, Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at ….png)

File: c95c55fb9ba8731⋯.png (178.49 KB, 542x319, 542:319, Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at ….png)

File: e5099eea2e0048d⋯.png (172.47 KB, 634x672, 317:336, Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at ….png)

File: 965339dd7071539⋯.png (111.74 KB, 657x524, 657:524, Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at ….png)



>>6466470 (pb), >>6466671(pb) , >>6466796 (pb) 1MDB’s Jho Low, Rapper Pras Michel Indicted Over Obama Donation

Kimora lee Simons connects to Malaysia as well…



fe570a  No.6469304


Comey Island

is this a take off on CONEY ISLAND ?


the twists and turns of this story

I still wonder if Comey wasn't forced to do it all

and knew he had to leave

and this entire drama is part of the plan

because Clinton blamed him for losing


his best move was to give evidence of what went down

and then to make himself SCARCE until everyone got arrested

he may be expecting to be suicided

and made the smartest move he could

he's going to go into the underground

but he can't because he's so tall

and can't hide his identity

he's basically in a very bad place altogether

and knows HRC well enough to fear her

2222a5  No.6469305


Very different from Sessions' departure. That image of him and Whitaker looking so emotional after walking out together was pretty unforgettable.

3be0d9  No.6469306

>>6469290 Imagine them…

c3e5d4  No.6469307



Doubtful Iran attacks

Read Qatar might be possible aggressor but no good sauce

Bolton is hawk and needs tempering and none better than djt

More concerned with Venezuela powderkeg

That is one goat rodeo shitshow

30694d  No.6469308

File: 1883676732e080c⋯.png (285.04 KB, 1166x456, 583:228, Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at ….png)

925acb  No.6469309

File: 35cffc238a28f1a⋯.png (429.19 KB, 659x586, 659:586, StonerPointer.png)


Mind…like a steel trap!

904a27  No.6469310


Evening, baker, just sent ya a message at the last note bun. Will try to do a little baking NB, hope it's going well for you so far. If not too late will pick up NB. Can do sooner if helpful.

2fe7d0  No.6469311

File: 179ef31ec01c3fa⋯.jpeg (1.06 MB, 2290x1322, 1145:661, download (1)(1).jpeg)

File: 20e75f217450921⋯.jpeg (477.75 KB, 1361x2048, 1361:2048, images (1).jpeg)


fb97ae  No.6469312


Note that I said Deep State assets and not Biden

abab57  No.6469313

"I have definitely seen cases where you see someone at Cannes in May, then you're in L.A. in September, and they're there," says one producer who has witnessed the gambit.

In fact, the producer says it should raise a red flag any time you see a foreign-born actress with no credits suddenly make her way into a U.S.-shot movie. "No one would legitimately pay for the H-1 visa for that kind of role. No way. It costs four or five thousand bucks," he says. "As a producer, there's no chance that there's this one-liner that should be a local hire [and] that we're going to go with a first-timer from Ukraine and get a work visa for her."

And yet, it happens with disturbing frequency, with the Cannes Film Festival playing a pivotal role. THR has learned of at least one now-prominent actress who made her first connections on a Cannes yacht and quickly landed her debut role in a U.S.-shot movie. In exchange, she told confidants, she was passed around to a group of Hollywood men, sometimes coerced. Another name actress has a nearly identical trajectory. Both declined to speak to THR.

How the young women wind up in Cannes in the first place is a bit of a mystery given the price of travel and accommodations during the festival. But a source familiar with the inner workings of yacht life says services that pay to bring women to such places are particularly reliant on Eastern Europeans and will groom them in their home countries before moving them to high-profile events. Girls who have received refinement training — so they will blend in at premieres and posh restaurants — typically fetch more for the service. As to who is paying, well-heeled film financiers often are footing the bill. One London-based woman who previously ran such a service was known by producers as a point person for the scheme but declined to talk to THR, fearful of being on the record.

"It's important to point out that to be trafficked, you don't have to be locked up somewhere," says Jean Bruggeman, executive director of Freedom Network USA, which works with victims of human trafficking. "The fact that people have freedom of movement, that's not relevant. The question is: Is there a level of coercion? In the trafficking of foreign nationals, the methods of coercion are often very different from the trafficking of U.S. citizens because the immigration system is designed in such a way as to give all power to the employer."


1715d9  No.6469314

Well there it is anons, breaking up families and the wall is causing gun violence and putting undue stress on kids, it all must stop, I can hear the spin on this on CNN, pull the heart strings, I hope they let it drop but if they push it I don't think it will go well for them, they don't have that power anymore, the right though might have a chance with the info, this was the transgender kid, right?


627060  No.6469315


Also if Mueller was a whitehat, it would make sense why Nadler didn't call him to testify. [They] probably think hes whitehat and if he did testify it would crush everything they have going for them right now. DJT saying that Mueller shouldn't testify could be some good ol' reverse psychology on their dumbasses.

8c1e78  No.6469316

File: bc73e547560952c⋯.png (2.03 MB, 1329x1218, 443:406, pepe29.PNG)


wow, i am gonna go read the Bible again

i missed so much. this place is such a great place, ive learned so much in the last 1.6 years of Q, its been great and hard and gut wrenching all.


weird, a jesuit priest came into my store today and gave this very card to me… synchronicity. i felt a little wierd about it tho, i am not catholic

>>6469269 dont you have a pedophile to go fuck or something?

1ad003  No.6469317

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Trump telling us what he would do with China eight years ago

5abf01  No.6469318

File: d43d2eb0aced326⋯.jpg (54.7 KB, 720x399, 240:133, qg.jpg)

Giggidy Giggidy

Wait until you find out who's been talking to you

cc3e25  No.6469319


These people are trying to bring their beliefs to the mainstream.

mockingbird Joe Rogan interviews transhumanist and deepstate clown, court jew jamie metzl who is a member of CFR, Atlantic council, VP of the ciAsian Society, former clinton state department employee.

He can't hold back his smile while describing how they're going to kill goyim children who aren't genetically modified.

cc9bb7  No.6469320

Giuliani cancels Ukraine trip, says he'd be 'walking into a group of people that are enemies of the US'

Rudy Giuliani, President Trump's personal attorney, said Friday on "Fox News @ Night" that he will not be traveling to Ukraine as previously announced.

Giuliani, a former Republican mayor of New York City, said that he believed he would be "walking into a group of people that are enemies of the president, and in some cases, enemies of the United States and in one case, an already convicted person who has been found to be involved in assisting the Democrats with the 2016 investigation.

"There was a great fear that the new [Ukrainian] president would be surrounded by, literally, enemies of the president [of the United States] who were involved in that and people who are involved with other Democratic operatives," he told host Shannon Bream.

"I'm convinced from what I've heard from two very reliable people tonight that the president [Ukrainian President-elect Volodymyr Zelensky] is surrounded by people who are enemies of the president [Trump], and people who are – at least [in] one case – clearly corrupt and involved in this scheme," Giuliani said.


943fbc  No.6469321


Yeah, Panama Papers (think speech at Panama City) will uncover money laundering. Notice that most of the US Clients somehow stayed out of the news.

I was just making a narrower connection, seeing as the NXIVM trial is going full bore and it anticipated to be huge, will implicate the Mexican Government in Human Trafficking, which means we can seize enough assets to build the wall and they are technically paying for it.

f5c96b  No.6469322


I said this exact thing months ago about.using a mirror for them to be clean but got no traction. I've been calling RR a white hat for a year plus and also have got no traction.

8b74de  No.6469323


Rudy and POTUS Definitely trolling the DS

8a581b  No.6469324

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.