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File: 537b3e405d1253f⋯.png (2.73 MB, 924x898, 462:449, 537b3e405d1253ff1efc43342a….png)

d59006  No.6097863


We're going back, way back, to where this all began. Join us as we trace from the beginning to today, and identify the symbols throughout the ages and how they show the rise and fall of nations time and time again.

Could it be? Could the ancient cults of Babylon really have survived to this day?

Who was Nimrod?

What was Babel?

Who were the Canaanites/Phoenicians?

What is their history with Child Sacrifice?

Who is Moloch/Baal/etc?

How did they relate to the ancient Israelites?

What did Egypt have to do with it?

Did the Exodus happen? And who were the Hyksos?

What about that weirdo Akhenaten?

Was it sun worship? Or was it SATURN worship?

Were these people actually monotheistic?

What about India, and the far East?

Were there Giants?

What happened to Neanderthals? Cro-Magnon?

Who was Enki, Enlil, and Anu?

When was America really discovered?

Why the Red/White stripes?

Who were the Vikings?

What is the Phoenix?

What are the origins of Freemasonry?

What about other secret societies?

What really happened in the French Revolution?

Why is America littered with occult symbolism?

What is the Owl?

What is a Y Head? Could it be related to the double headed Phoenix?

Vikings are now acknowledged to have discovered North America. They called it Vinland. They had colonies there for generations. Official narrative blames local Climate Change for their disappearance. DID YOU KNOW: The Vatican had an officialy Bishop in Vinland in 1121. Think about this. When did we discover America?

Ok, look at DNA Haplogroups. You can CLEARLY see that most Natives came from the same Haplogroup that lives in Siberia. This bolsters the "Siberian Indian Americans" theory! Except, perhaps it could bolster a different hypothesis: Tartaria owned North America. Discuss anomolies from Native American lore, tie it into the symboism of the world.

Did the so called Conquistadors 'conquer' New Tartaria? Look up the original Mexico City. It was as glorious as Venice. Somehow, it was destroyed and turned back into a lake. Why? What a horrible loss to archeology.. Perhaps they couldn't cover up this destruction as well as they did the others? Perhaps a few buildings got left standing and still hide amongst us today?

Does the Louisiana Purchase still subtly affect politics today? Some argue that the whole deal was illegal since Napolean didn't really own the territory to sell it. He basically stole it from the Spanish, which once got it from the French. Why was the Louisiana tract so darn big to begin with? What was actually going on "in there" before it was bought by the USA? Could Spain or France claim it back?

This is about where the sordid history of Haiti starts. Knowing Haiti today requires knowing it then. What's the most 'ancient' facts we can find about this place? Why was it so important then? Why today? Is there a continuance between then and now?

Could this connect with the Civil War? Was it an attempt for monarchies to be installed in America, under the excuse that half of America was a stolen monarchy to begin with. The rest of America gets conquered by the Kingdom of America, afterall the American government is that of rebels and revolutionaries, not valid for this world. Why did Russia help the North against the South's help of England and France?

And many other questions! The above hopefully inspired some thought.

The purpose of this thread is not just to answer these in isolation, but to show connections that tie it ALL TOGETHER.

If you can, please provide exact dates as much as possible as it would be cool to eventually compile a Chronology of this timeline.

Archive of #4 Bread



Archive of #3 Bread



Archive of #2 Bread


Archived: http://archive.is/NyPBc

Archive of #1 Bread


Archived: http://archive.is/mob16

6c705c  No.6101855

File: b84adbe7d7270ae⋯.jpg (1.05 MB, 1920x903, 640:301, 3Temples...LowerRes.jpg)

File: e8cc4a2d38b080f⋯.jpg (851.42 KB, 2560x1304, 320:163, StLouisClock.jpg)

File: 68ae657e8d2dabe⋯.jpg (907.55 KB, 2560x1304, 320:163, StLouisFleurDeLisFountain.jpg)

File: 13123f797ab1070⋯.jpg (1011.62 KB, 2560x1304, 320:163, NewMasonicTempleSt.Louis.jpg)

File: 72f5ea0fb3ec061⋯.jpg (972.27 KB, 2560x1304, 320:163, ScottishRiteCathedral.jpg)

HPOST #12 - Hanon goes to St. Louis

[ITEM 1]


'Metal Detector' going off?

[ITEM 2]

Why do they need three masonic temples on the same street?

IMG 1:

Overhead view of the 3 temples. Mansions all around.

IMG 2:

More significant than simply 'St.Louis University?'

IMG 3:

Closer to the fountain.

IMG 4:

Called the 'New Masonic Temple.' Will get a closer look later on

IMG 5:

Called the Scottish Rite Cathedral. Masonic Temple.

6c705c  No.6101885

File: 6fd801b29bda142⋯.jpg (563.59 KB, 1920x903, 640:301, MoolahTemple.jpg)

File: 0da56b00a6a02be⋯.jpg (613.93 KB, 1920x903, 640:301, ThebackdoorofMoolahTemple.jpg)

File: d7be707694f5af4⋯.jpg (590.96 KB, 1920x903, 640:301, Whydoesamasonictempleneeda….jpg)

File: 74ea252c953f84e⋯.jpg (642.06 KB, 1920x903, 640:301, ElevatorLeadsWhere.jpg)

File: 9678b6f91583532⋯.jpg (731.88 KB, 1920x903, 640:301, MoolahTempleOverhead.jpg)

HPOST #14 - Moolah Temple of the Mystic Shrine

Keep your eyes on this one.

IMG 1:

Why does a masonic temple have a bowling alley? Imagery is not consistent…

IMG 2:

Backdoor? Blue and gold. Owl eyes in the O's. Moolah sounds like which Canaanite god of child sacrifice?

IMG 3:

Pillow and ball? These aren't usually seen at a bowling alley…

IMG 4:

Elevator at the parking building. Right next to the back alley of Moolah. More than just a parking elevator?

IMG 5:

Top-down view of Moolah.

Not suggesting anything, but…

Good vs. Evil. Pray for the kids.

@Q No mercy.

d59006  No.6101896

Please do not namefag. This is anonymous, every thread should be interpreted as if it's from an unknown personality. If you don't like being a drop in the ocean, and you want to be your own tsunami, then maybe reddit is more your style where you can collect karma.


That being said, I can't enforce rules anyway so do whatever you like!

11d37e  No.6101956


I never thought you would say those words.

6c705c  No.6101978

Incentives are essential for any system involving humans. That's part of how the cabal controls the world. Anons incentivized against the cabal are a lot stronger than anons without incentives. Whatever it takes to bring them down.

040df4  No.6102195

File: 4a63e99ccba4a0e⋯.jpg (401.87 KB, 2048x710, 1024:355, Plebs Intro To 8chan.jpg)


Enjoy your stay.

6c705c  No.6102385

Read it. Failed system designed by 125 IQ idiots who don't understand human motivations. If Q anon wants to move to the next step, they will need to implement this. In three days I've found more than almost every anon. I've irrefutably proved the existence of the cabal, to the point that you could show it even the most leftist brainwashed

6c705c  No.6102390

piece of shit. That being said, I'll comply. No more time to waste.

040df4  No.6102588

File: f07dd44c9ffb6b0⋯.png (811.66 KB, 709x728, 709:728, f07dd44c9ffb6b0b86ae9457dc….png)


Wow, pretty full of yourself. Why not go to VOAT or Reddit if you NEED incentive?


Oh, we're so happy to have your cooperation.

6c705c  No.6102627

Real kids in real trouble. Stop shilling, start researching. Looking for connections between rail lines and cabal trafficking from back in the day.

Download google earth pro. Protect IP. Start looking at locations. Make connections. Maps, diagrams. Not full of myself. This is a war. take a look at HPOST #14. This is all the info you need to know that they are real. Don't fight me. Fight them.

11d37e  No.6102733


Dear anon, this is old Thomas, don't waste your breath. I've moved out from here. Migrate as well.

040df4  No.6102753

File: 0808b87d9a3f12d⋯.png (80.49 KB, 1169x1157, 1169:1157, 0808b87d9a3f12d5dcdb77f650….png)


>Real kids in real trouble.

Yes, sing me the swan song of your people. Deflect! Think of the children! I cant stop thinking of them, it's a daily nightmare playing in my head. You're obstructing that research.

This is exactly why egos like yours must be checked. How about you fight the urge to post again? Stop wasting bread. Welcome to 8chan newfriend.

48fe3a  No.6103152

i had a hunch a variation on this discussion would come up as we are seeing today. hence why i dropped this with no particular context. by the distinction I make below, I'd say thomas is creating applied knowledge because it is driving forward to an end point. to use a metaphor when is said and done he is driving to be abke to throw a datum down of such that he can say look here! and we are with that datum one step closer to moving beyond this current phase of the operation. one step closer to closing


>at the same time I want to share a distinction I bear in mind with such epiphanies and drops. I file this away as something of an overlay. knowing that there is a 2 tiered system helps me make sense of events and fact patterns. its something of an underlying type of useful. in contrast there is applied knowledge. information or realization that can be instrumental in furthering task. For instance if we had knowledge of the wherabouts of a smoking gun that would be practical knowledge in that it would push this endeavor forward. thats all i just wanted to throw out that distinction in case useful for others

d59006  No.6103518



I'm full of surprises!

When I first started posting in the general, it was very weird for me to put so much effort and thought into my post and just throw it into the wind. Usually to be forgotten. Sometimes to be you'd. Occasionally even a notable here and there. Still, no one knows who I am and I can never claim credit for anything I post. This allows me to express myself even more freely, and say stupid things without worrying about my reputation. Lets more mud stick on the wall.

d59006  No.6103551


Not a bad idea. Weren't the Payseurs somehow connected to the rail lines? Why didn't the US develop their rail systems better? Sure sure, the gasoline automobile conspiracy applies, but perhaps they wanted to keep the rails to themselves and have less eyes on them?

6c705c  No.6104998


Located Thomas anon.

Shills filtered. HPOST is an organization system. Other anons may use it as well. Better yet, adapt it. Think grand strategy. We need to see multiple steps at a time. HPOST is easier to reference than 8ch posts and allows for reference to specific parts of each post without losing structure over time. Think loss of inertia in a conversation or text that is not structured – it's a lot harder to write a textbook without a specific organization system. HPOST system is complex enough to organize information without getting lost in the abstraction. These people rule over the entire world; that implies more information than can be managed by a single human mind at one time.

For reference: HPOST SYSTEM = [HPOST #, ITEM #]

Posts without ITEM #'s mean that the entire post is ITEM #1

[ITEM 1]


That's the angle. HPOST #15 from thread #4 touches on that a little bit. Involves a meat-processing plant and a casino connected to a rail line, across the river from the St. Louis Arch.

For anyone who hasn't heard this:

Interview with rabbi Abraham Finkelstein


39:40. Meat-processing plants. Rail lines for trafficking along with normal use. C.D.F. cases from horse racing track-> there's a casino right next to this meet processing plant. Could be one of these plants mentioned by Finkelstein.

[ITEM 2]

Payseurs in St. Louis. That's the point of HPOSTS #12 and #14. Right along that street with the 3 masonic temples in HPOST#12 is this statue.

IMG #1:

Notice hand gesture.

IMG #2:

Notice inscription on back.

If any St.Louis anons could get a better look at this, we might find something related to Payseurs. Just don't bring your kids around here…Moolah Temple.

[ITEM 3]

Check out this place in Chicago. It's called the Medinah Temple. It has served as a studio for classical recordings and is now occupied by Bloomingdales. Built by shriners -> Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine. Notice MYSTIC SHRINE, same as Moolah Temple of the Mystic Shrine. Is mystic shrine a code-word for child sacrifice?



IMG #1

Top view of temple.

IMG #2

Outside. Most likely some hidden symbolism outside the stores, besides the normal masonic imagery of the stores surrounding it.

IMG #3

Other side.

6c705c  No.6105013

File: 09634b698f661ce⋯.jpg (856.01 KB, 1920x903, 640:301, Statue.jpg)

File: 5dc2e5ee710b9b1⋯.jpg (915.2 KB, 1920x903, 640:301, BackOfStatue.jpg)

File: d7f6e6c063bcca8⋯.jpg (860.7 KB, 1920x903, 640:301, MedinahTempleTopView.jpg)

File: 15db3a0d8f8a926⋯.jpg (702.48 KB, 1920x903, 640:301, MedinahTempleOutside.jpg)

File: 6c2c8f29595adfa⋯.jpg (810.88 KB, 1920x903, 640:301, MedinahTempleOutsideOtherS….jpg)

HPOST #16 Images

8bd559  No.6105219

File: 73e6825b9f44c06⋯.png (123.26 KB, 601x509, 601:509, ClipboardImage.png)


Thx for posting updates on main threads

It ooks like theres a Moolah Theatre and bowling alley if its the same address

pic related

8bd559  No.6105229


Show us!! Thx

3d5fd4  No.6106595

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

3d5fd4  No.6106596

File: 0bf0089f09b0c5b⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1102x1406, 29:37, saturn_hexagram_spock.png)

040df4  No.6107050

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Hot off the presses. The occult and masonry.

0e08ad  No.6107586

File: f5a7135ba87be73⋯.png (109.03 KB, 231x451, 21:41, Obeliske Haus Wettin.png)

File: a62dd24bd799597⋯.png (185.37 KB, 282x443, 282:443, Obelisken NewYork.png)

File: 144a464a2c505f9⋯.png (30.41 KB, 285x312, 95:104, Obelisken Rom.png)

File: 7a8a3df34d369cb⋯.png (24.83 KB, 274x287, 274:287, ObeliskParis.png)

File: 7d206c25574cb67⋯.png (115.52 KB, 505x517, 505:517, Obelisk Kreml.png)

Why do all powerful entities put an Obelisk on squares and places of good visibility?

Is it "the golden Penis of Horus"?.

How does this relate to Babel, Nimrod, Egypt and connect us with it?

Are these markers for us to see, where the power of the opld bloodlines is strongest?

0e08ad  No.6107587

File: ad1dd91798e2144⋯.jpg (59.8 KB, 672x574, 48:41, washingtonObelisk.jpg)


Forgot to add the Washington Monument Obelisk.

0e08ad  No.6107659


d59006  No.6107686


I'm starting to think the Penis analogy is a red herring, a joke from the elite to make us chuckle and think no more of it all and what these things are really for.

0e08ad  No.6107759


Symbolism will be their downfall.

I think the Penis Stuff is at center of all the occultists strange feasts, rituals and magic. To me, the Obelisk is a symbol of ferility, life and the power of God. That occupied by the "elites" just leaves us the rest: death, slavery, poorness, darkness.

53e5c8  No.6107854

File: 46cbaa337306f39⋯.png (665.95 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20190407-183405.png)

File: cbbb303d842ca35⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20190408-171050.png)

File: e7b721b299caf3d⋯.png (699.11 KB, 1280x1013, 1280:1013, 20190408_172004.png)

File: c6074db4d794116⋯.png (719.3 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20190407-181647.png)

File: 5aeea672a32e38a⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20190408-172736.png)


040df4  No.6107887

File: 49c19c5f47586d5⋯.jpg (99.44 KB, 640x428, 160:107, f34c6cf6dd39.jpg)

File: 750a4eb2803d216⋯.jpg (434.2 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 2220659541_b09d75bb13_b.jpg)

File: 1a4c5dd8e731c65⋯.jpg (65.15 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 63f8fa2185bb3c677cfab3aa61….jpg)


I think it acts as a red herring to the uninitiated. It's likely that the story of Horus is yet another way to pass down mystery knowledge without alerting the plebs.

When I think of Obelisks, the first thing that comes to mind is ley lines. I understand that not everyone believes in the significance of ley lines but we must understand that the occult world does care about them.

A good example would be the "Center of The Universe" in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Masquerading as a memorial for those who died in the riots, there is a giant pillar that sure does resemble an obelisk. What a coincidence it is, that Tulsa seems to have a major ley line running through it.

I don't know the exact significance of obelisks. It seems like the occult world believes they hold powerful energy. Maybe they're just markers for human trafficking routes. I honestly don't know.

0e08ad  No.6107915


But all the Obelisks, the guide stones in Georgia, are located on leylines. It is connected 100%. May it be a kind of magic to rule the globe?

53e5c8  No.6107951

File: 655470372dd146d⋯.png (281.67 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20190408-102513.png)

File: ecac65dd832b022⋯.png (440.37 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20190407-184216.png)

File: d3d55ee6e659ea8⋯.jpg (59.24 KB, 530x323, 530:323, god-of-freemasonry-baphome….jpg)

File: a153fb552c176e2⋯.jpg (17.28 KB, 236x242, 118:121, 62b8477d3fe95cacaec1865af9….jpg)

File: c6074db4d794116⋯.png (719.3 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20190407-181647.png)

53e5c8  No.6107974

File: bbb8a4dedc8e19d⋯.png (680.15 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20190407-113220.png)

File: 7e0310aff4a8399⋯.jpg (298.72 KB, 720x1132, 180:283, IMG_20190407_175131.jpg)

File: 46cbaa337306f39⋯.png (665.95 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20190407-183405.png)

File: 13ea0b7e6dfb548⋯.png (532.56 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20190407-194002.png)

File: eef6fb9787909a3⋯.jpg (314.15 KB, 554x490, 277:245, sandusky 2.jpg)

53e5c8  No.6107990

File: 65f27102a7a95f8⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20190405-114835.png)

File: cfa5ed575e77d17⋯.png (834.76 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20190405-154025.png)

File: f41d5b0d8b2be9a⋯.png (829.47 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20190406-180526.png)

File: a32dbdee0107e2c⋯.png (311.95 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20190329-121805.png)

File: bc76e5604c1df95⋯.png (759.8 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20190402-120417.png)

53e5c8  No.6108012

File: 99fc60b2896f543⋯.png (956.27 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20190328-002204.png)

File: 5aeea672a32e38a⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20190408-172736.png)

File: cdc3fef2c6162a7⋯.png (446.71 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20190327-234723.png)

File: 0ef3dfb042107b4⋯.jpg (215.3 KB, 720x815, 144:163, IMG_20190328_205541.jpg)

File: f2598654a17976f⋯.jpg (27.95 KB, 170x362, 85:181, 170px-Rosicrucian_Concept_….jpg)

The Messiah of every "religion" is the DEMON SUN. Organized religion is SUN CULT.

0e08ad  No.6108130

File: be255280a487368⋯.png (63.57 KB, 790x487, 790:487, Leyline2.png)

File: a5d55ce7e495ca6⋯.png (317.18 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Leyline1.png)


Here is sauce regarding Leylines.

Not sure if:

1 Monuments are errected on Leylines

2 Are Leylines defined by Monuments errected?

Does the monument connection make leyline come into existence or

are monuments errected on existing leylines?


6c705c  No.6109311

HPOST #17 - Public awakening program


The most powerful method of motivating people is to use multiple types of motivation (rewards, fear, authority bias, influence from asssociation, etc.) in connection with identifying their pre-existing needs and showing them how to acquire what they want. This is not immoral -> the ethical use of these methods will prevent disaster and the collapse of civilization.

Steps for public mass awakening.

1) The declaration of a National Emergency. Not just in name; the full range of mass media distribution methods must be harnessed to alert the public to what's been going on. Exactly like 9/11 except larger. This will need to be given a specific and appropriate name which people can identify with, similar to 9/11 or Benghazi. Strong images and testimony (not necessarily graphic) will be necessary to combat cognitive dissonance and straight-out denial. ->

2) The public will need to see the entire web of connections before they see any individual names not at the top, this is way too shocking for most humans to accept without seeing the big picture first. Money trails, top-down hierarchy, sealed indictments, etc., must all be connected.

3) We will need white hat news anchors which the public trusts. These news anchors must distribute more information than they've probably ever covered in a single story. I would recommend a specific program dedicated to the organization of this information and how it will be presented to the public.

4) Websites and communities must be given information to answer the public's questions. Every single piece of information which can be released should be released and connected together in a single location. Anything left out will generate suspicion and problems in the years after the mass awakening. Citizens should be able to investigate for themselves. Trust in the government will be very fragile; the public should not be controlled like slaves, they must be unified by a strong sense of national pride and companionship. ->

5) I do not believe the public will simply accept the use of national guard and the military in their cities. It doesn't matter how much good the government says they're doing, tanks in a civilian area are still tanks. The public's outrage needs to be focused into specific productive channels. I would recommend the creation of a government program which will elect leaders in local communities and schools to unify and protect the citizens. Once again, focus on companionship and national unity instead of control. For national guard and military occupation communities need to form strong bonds with the local soldiers. I would recommend specific plans to show the public how they can help. Different options should be offered, for example improving local farms and gardens, joining the military, working in factories to strengthen the economy; Communities should be shown how to rely on themselves and not the government for help. Local businesses should be given the option of working in coalition with the citizens in a directed effort to keep the country from collapsing.

Continued in part 2: (Body too long)

6c705c  No.6109314

HPOST #17 Part 2

6) The distribution of a large book/binder to every household in the country detailing exactly what's going on and how they can help. The distribution of a physical resource will be far more effective than simply providing documents online.

7) The same as above for every possible country, however tailored to their specific needs. Local reliance is crucial, people need to know they can help and provide for themselves.

8) In colleges and universities more advanced research should be conducted, connecting all of the dots between the many documents which the government possesses and the current understanding of history. Money trails, the names of prominent researchers who have intentionally corrupted information and every other possible piece of information should be distributed so that researchers may identify said corrupted information to be re-investigated and/or thrown out. Lynching should be avoided; instead efforts should be directed towards positive and productive goals. Once again, look at the human motivators. What university student doesn't want to discover knowledge hidden from the world because of a mass conspiracy? Emphasize recognition for achievement and ground-breaking research. In addition, universities and colleges must be re-united with the American public. For this I would recommend an overhaul of the scientific journal system, giving the public more direct access to scientific research. Through the local community improvement program, the study of actual scientific journal articles should be encouraged to the public. I know for a fact there are students in every single school that are capable of doing this, and should be encouraged -> Through this method research will once again be held in high esteem by the public and good information can be distributed.

9) Hollywood should not be completely abolished. Instead, it should be taken over by white hats who will use its vast resources and connections to distribute high-quality informational films about what is occuring and how the public can help. This system should be in contact with the research going on in the government and revised university system. In addition, theaters should be connected with local communities and used to showcase their achievements. National unity and companionship is key.

That's it for now. Of course there are millions of other things to suggest. Possibly a good topic for a new thread -> I'm sure Q and POTUS would welcome the anons research.

Will show how to improve qresearch in next post. Don't worry, I'll keep it connected to the NWO research thread.

d59006  No.6109379


SIde topic, not sure if you discussed in prev bread or whatnot, but this HPOST thing, is it an extension or something? Or is it just a way of you posting bigger chains of data without having to worry about 8chs clunky interface?

6c705c  No.6109459

Way of connecting specific info together from research on this specific topic since it's too hard to remember the numbers of each individual 8ch post. Allows for connections between all of my research. Like I mentioned, other anons are welcome to use it or adapt to connect all of our research together into something that is more comprehensible from a 40,000 ft view

2b53a2  No.6109499

File: fd8d0e1e808a4d0⋯.png (365.53 KB, 438x366, 73:61, 61.png)

File: cbcc82bb3a3394f⋯.png (595.28 KB, 663x528, 221:176, 71.png)

File: 3c1aeab13e3b841⋯.png (446 KB, 590x495, 118:99, 101.png)

File: 0ec6ea6bbca9693⋯.jpg (20.38 KB, 245x255, 49:51, 7a5807849d228a3d3a1f4517f0….jpg)

6c705c  No.6109702

HPOST #18 - Side-note

What you observed in the top of this thread was a tactic I invented called 'Deep-Shill Detection'

It works like this:

1) Wait for potential-shill to engage with an off-topic post.

2) Feign emotional insecurity and arrogance. This will bait the shill into becoming overconfident. You may use any tactic that makes the shill believe they are winning the argument.

3) Bait the shill into stating their true beliefs. 3 posts should be sufficient. If you discover in these three posts that they are truly dedicated to diverting the conversation or are so wound up in their personal arrogance or group-think that they won't provide any useful information, you may filter the shill.

Adaptable yet systematic. Works wonders.

d59006  No.6109711

File: dab590dfb3bff54⋯.jpg (244.24 KB, 1300x1300, 1:1, 99888459-coat-of-arms-of-r….jpg)

File: 4566482ac66ba08⋯.jpg (82.21 KB, 452x599, 452:599, 452px-keladi_rameshwara_ga….jpg)

So a few threads back an anon rocked my world when he suggested that I look into Phantom Time and the idea that we don't really know what year it is. Saying 2019 is well enough, and at this rate we may as well just keep it, but the idea that it's been 2019 years since the birth of Jesus is increasingly absurd when you look at the EVIDENCE.

I was raised Christian, but later became Atheist/Agnostic because the whole thing just seemed made up. Nothing added up. Archeology was just turning up dust where grand palaces should have been. Cities that should have existed then only existed hundreds of years after the alleged date of certain events. And to top it all off, cultures crisscrossing the globe shared similar myths and legends of their golden past. I left the whole notion behind and decided to focus on raw philosophies instead of thinking any religion has any hold on the Truth at all.

The problem is we got ourselves into a big mess. I deal with data as a trade, and it's very easy to get one calculation off and have your assumptions about the data produced be wildly off. I can't imagine how the scholars and scribes of yore kept track of things. Today we have language apps that can teach a layman any language they want, and we have robust scholarly tools that can examine all the "ancient" languages and scripts side by side with unprecedented detail. But back when we were figuring out what year it really is, and where old Jerusalem must have been on a map – they had NOTHING. No google maps, no height-map data, no climate data, just dusty, bug eaten pages written in languages nearly lost and scripts scribbled with inconsistent strokes. The possibilities of misinterpretation were limitless.

Suddenly, a new horizon dawns on me. The craziest idea of all. Instead of everything being wrong and wishful fantasies – what if it is all right? Everything from the Greek Myths to the Muslim's Mohamed, the Sumerian Anunnaki to Jesus on a Cross? Of course, I don't mean LITERALLY, since the versions of these stories we are left with today have obviously been corrupted and mashed together into (what they hoped would be) a cohesive narrative. What these monks and lofty Renaissance re-constructionists would never dare consider is that these are all the same stories, and they happened at the exact same time – not spread out over millennium.

The official narrative is that mankind bounced around in forests for hundreds of thousands of years until finally realizing that they can grab a few sticks and build a fence and trap their next meal on a farm. Cities eventually popped up, but it wasn't for thousands more years until one brother killed another, that true civilization in a modern sense was born in Rome. These tales became the archetype of all future civilizations and we've been modeling ourselves on their glories and follies ever since. And then suddenly Rome vanished in the west, and people literally forgot how to do anything. How to write, read, and build. For a thousand years they just fucked like animals and bowed to lords, but had little ambition outside of being a good soldier or cobbler. We had nothing for hundreds of thousands of years, a hockey stick of progress for about a thousand years of Rome, then crashed back down to nothing for another thousand years, then suddenly woke up in the Renaissance and suddenly remembered everything. How? Somehow long lost books and histories were being found en masse, and publication technology was being advanced so that the masses could get their own copies of these things. Isn't it interesting how none of these dug up histories are the originals, but are allegedly copies of copies and nearly ALL of them were found in the 1300-1600's?

d59006  No.6109715


How about another idea? What if progress happens just as you expect. That we wise homos don't forget so easily. What if Rome, as we think of it, did not happen back then? What if what the Renaissance scholars were digging up were histories far more recent? And the places they described were actually not in Italy or the Levant, but elsewhere? What if we get truly skeptical and assert that we only know history of the past 1000 years, and everything that goes before that (as we once thought) is actually events within the last 1000 years misdated? Yes, that even includes "ancient" Egypt. The 'Pharaohs' reigned in the middle ages?! What if the reason that Egyptian religion seems so similar to Christianity is because it *IS* Christianity?

Holy shit, I better stop before you burn me at the stake. There's no way there's actually anyway to prove this right? Our historians have done a good job dating things all the way back to 8000BCE after all, how absurd to claim they're all wrong! But once you understand what a "paradigm" is and how these historians are very much enslaved by their working paradigm, you will start to understand how they (usually innocently) indeed did get it all wrong.

What if Jesus was born in Crimea in 1152CE?

What if we take another look at this cryptic verse:

John 21:25

Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written.

d59006  No.6109847


What if all these ancient cults that seem to have a modern connection aren't ancient at all?

What if they are merely a few hundred years old?

What if the Masons absurd claims of building the Pyramids and the Temple of Solomon aren't absurd?

What if the Franks really DID descend from the fallen "Troy"? But what if Troy isn't what we think it is?

What if the world used to be ruled by a single empire which had the Double Headed Eagle as it's symbol (ruling the east and west).

It's pretty silly to think that Russia/Tartaria wouldn't have discovered America first. Well, what if they did? What if they built beautiful civilizations there, known to us today as Aztec and Mayan and others?

What were the Spanish Conquistadors really conquering?

Why did the Pope divide up all of the new world between Castile and Portugal? What the fuck is that? Two tiny nations get the Pope to give them each half the Americas? It was called The Treaty of Tordesillas. Absurd!

What happened is that the worldwide empire started to fracture, and the West broke off in a big way. Perhaps plague helped the west forget it's past, or perhaps historical vengeance to erase their former overlords from their pages, or perhaps simple monarchs wanting their own legacies and legitimacies written – the Tartarian/Ottoman empire was falling apart. The West wanted the Americas and waged war with the Tartarians already settled there. It wasn't until 1775 when the last Tartarian Czar, who we know today as Pugachev (not his real name, it means scum), was defeated, did the Western Powers finally have the greenlight to "go west" and finally conquer all of the Americas from Sea to Shining Sea.

One year later the Declaration of Independence is signed and the colonies break free from England and become their own great nation called the USA.

The natives are SLAUGHTERED and those who survive are put on reservations and residential schools where their entire culture is erased, and the only memories of it they are allowed to keep is of them once being nearly naked savages with no real civilization to be seen.

d59006  No.6109898


The Romanov's, love the name right? They were Western conquerors who came to erase what was left of the former world empire.

By the way, I'm not one of those who think Tartaria was some hippy utopia where everything was perfect. If you start researching Tartaria it seems like most people think it was a peaceful place that was destroyed by the evil corrupt west.

In fact, I believe Tartaria was a ruthless autocractic civilization that kept control via massive armies situated around the world. Perhaps the West was right to defeat them.

Sometimes I wonder if the Deep State is the remnants of Tartaria trying to bring it back to life. Perhaps Tartaria was a socialist/communist regime (but in a theistic way, there's no way they were atheist). And perhaps they were the forces that finally killed the Romanov's and led to Red October and the rise of Communism in Tartaria/Russia.

Could this, at last, be what Q really means when he/she said to:

Follow the Y heads around the world.

Was he talking about the lost empire's double headed eagle?

(Funny, Tartaria is so erased from our consciousness that it isn't even in the spellcheck dictionary)

d59006  No.6109943

File: efea517cef34d61⋯.jpg (36.39 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault[1].jpg)

File: 7e93a5ca4e0eff8⋯.jpg (49.17 KB, 400x276, 100:69, owl-captial[1].jpg)


Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID: pOV0fY+r No.150412315 📁

Nov 21 2017 22:07:58 (EST)

Their need for symbolism will be their downfall.

Follow the Owl & Y head around the world.

Identify and list.

They don’t hide it.

They don’t fear you.

You are sheep to them.

You are feeders.

Godfather III.


Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID: CJqu8oIu No.150424047 📁

Nov 21 2017 23:52:02 (EST)

Identify symbolism (Owl / Y).

Which performers/celebs supported HRC during the election?

Who performed during her rallies?

What jewelry and/or tattoos present?

What other events do they attend together?

What does HRC represent to them?

What celebrities have owl / Y head symbols?

What politicians have owl / Y head symbols?

What powerful people have owl / Y head symbols?

What powerful groups have owl / Y head symbols?

Why are they worn/shown openly?

Their need for symbolism will be their downfall.

MSM role?

Push conspiracy theory.

Social media role?

Push conspiracy theory and institute new rules allowing for ban.


The graphic is key.

Re-read graphic (ex: what family did Soros replace (Y)).

Part II – How were they ‘adopted’ into the cult (as children).

What were they provided for obeying and staying silent (brainwashed)?

All that you know to be right is wrong.

The ‘cult’ runs the world.

Fantasy land.

The world is fighting back (& destroying the cult).

20% public.

80% private.

The world would otherwise collapse.

40,000ft. v. (again) and need to decrease altitude to avoid ‘conspiracy’ label.

Was necessary.


For God & Country.


Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID: Hy6wyrTj No.150435422 📁

Nov 22 2017 01:46:36 (EST)

Why are China & Russia communist S/closed?

Can you find an owl / Y there?

Was this to prevent evil from entering?

Was this to protect their children/people?

Why was BO shamed during trip to China, SA, other locations?

How was POTUS hosted?



Fantasy land.


d59006  No.6109975

File: a0649aaea514aeb⋯.png (1.03 MB, 777x571, 777:571, ClipboardImage.png)


Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 4d8e72 No.618129 📁

Mar 10 2018 18:07:05 (EST)


The Nazi order.

NWO [N does not refer to “New”].

The Sum of All Fears.






Stage SET.



Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: fb1a66 No.618344 📁

Mar 10 2018 18:19:23 (EST)


You cannot possibly imagine the size of this.

Trust the plan.

Trust there are more good than bad.

The WORLD is helping.

We are not alone.

We are all connected in this fight.


We are winning BIG.

Watch the speech.

God bless.

Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: fb1a66 No.618754 📁

Mar 10 2018 18:37:22 (EST)

N does not refer to Nazi.

The continued Nazi ideology is relevant.

Events will clarify.

Think subgroup.


(pic relevant, but the dates are wrong)

d59006  No.6110042


Ah ok it's just a formatting technique your manually using. Cool!

040df4  No.6110061

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.







Now we're cooking with fire. Why is Tartaria erased from history? What are they hiding from us? Maybe their system for control would be exposed if we had the true history of Tartaria.

d59006  No.6110958

File: ada784cfc09e487⋯.jpg (71.61 KB, 644x672, 23:24, illuminati-symbol-double-h….jpg)


So I'm not convinced Tartaria was benevolent or nefarious, but there's no question they were wiped from the map for a reason.. what is that reason?

Love Robert Sepehr.

Very interesting video, I had no idea that the Communists tried to wipe out the remaining Tartars in Russia!! So there goes my idea that the Tartarians are the Deep State, quite the opposite then.

Interesting how Iran is connected.. The Romans/Byzantines were constantly fighting the Goths and the Persians, they were in fact the same. At first I was confused about how he was mixing in Iran and Hitler into this video but he's just showing how easy it is to erase a culture when you're the winner.

My biggest struggle in this game is to identify the white hats and black hats in factions. It's hard because everyone seems to be black hat, and occasionally a white hat arises from any of these groups to get them back in line.. only to have that group be corrupted not so long after, again.

(this is going to sound a bit convoluted because I still haven't figured out who the hell the Romanov's were fighting for)

As a thought experiment. Say Tartaria did own the Americas, and stubbornly held them all the way until 1775. Why then did the War of Independence happen? Well, the Romanovs just defeated the Muscovit Tartars. The Romanov's weren't super friendly with the English, they certainly didn't want England to conquer the now undefended American lands. So, they encouraged the Masons in America to foment treason and wage war against their host nation. America then became a Masonic Nation. Russia was buddy buddy with America, even up to the Civil War (where the West was trying to once against take back America). So in this scenario, the Masons and the Romanovs are the Good Guys. It explains the strange supportive nature of the Russians (there would be no USA today without them!!!!) and why there's SO MUCH Masonic symbolism in early America. Might also explain how a Tartarian Owl became the shape of the White House gardens?! Could this be why Masons use the Romanov double eagle?

After the Titanic sank, the FED was created, and WW1 was waged, America was being gripped back by the West. (((They))) failed in 1776, they failed in 1863, but they succeeded in 1913 to win back America. Aint it quaint how cozy American Presidents have been with the Queen? Could this be why MI6 was helping the FBI entrap the Trump Campaign? Essentially, they own America anyways so why wouldn't they?

Yet… America enslaved the blacks, and slaughtered the Natives right? Obviously these colonists aren't the good guys! But remember that the slave trade was a royal institution, which is probably why the English and French were trying to assist the South in the civil war (while the Russians held them back with their armadas parked in New York). And who slaughtered the Natives? I don't have the answer yet (if you do, chime in), but I suspect it was the same forces that control the Democrat party today!

So America has always struggled to exist, against enemies foreign AND domestic. It's crazy to say, especially since Q seems to be implying that the Masons are bad guys, but maybe the Masons are (or at least were originally) the good guys that we owe the very notion of freedom to!???

Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: cdb588 No.1948303 📁

Jun 28 2018 19:04:44 (EST)


Most all powerful organizations have sinister components.

With power comes corruption.

Like alphabet agencies, not all are bad apples.

Should the bad spoil the bunch?


6c705c  No.6111059

File: 2317f8a841ef173⋯.jpg (343.85 KB, 1456x1874, 728:937, Plan_of_Soloman's_Temple.jpg)

File: 045da24ce398fa3⋯.jpg (2.22 MB, 2560x1304, 320:163, SolomonsTemple.jpg)

File: f8a5375467628e8⋯.jpg (1.72 MB, 2560x1304, 320:163, SolomonsTempleImageOverlay.jpg)

File: 5b70df280d8cc87⋯.jpg (1.12 MB, 2560x1304, 320:163, SolomonsTempleCloseup.jpg)

HPOST #18 - Solomon's Temple Revisited

Not sure if anons saw this in thread 4. Where is Solomon's temple? the City of London. Definitely supports the claim that masons built other ancient structures around the world.

It's referred to as simply 'the temple.' Has an inner temple, temple church, etc.

IMG 1:

Plans for Solomon's Temple.

IMG 2:

Solomon's Temple in real life.

IMG 3:

Solomon's Temple overlaid on actual temple.

IMG 4:

Closeup of the temple church.

d59006  No.6111086




The two-headed eagle - the emblem of the Great Empire of the XIV-XVI cc. – spread all over its territory which at that time covered Eurasia and the significant parts of Africa and America. But later, during the falsification of ancient history, the imperial eagle was 'pushed back into the past' and declared to be the symbol which allegedly existed long before the XIV century. As a result beginning with the XVIII century the historians and archaeologists when stumbling across here and there onto the mediaeval depictions of the two-headed 'Mongol' eagle were compelled to date many of them 'to the deepest past'.

The 'Mongol' eagles can also be seen on the monuments of 'ancient' Egypt [7v1], ch.5. For example the images of the eagles on the temples of Karnak in Egypt. Sometimes in Egypt the heads of the eagles were depicted as the heads of snakes. This shouldn't surprise us. In Russian-Horde heraldry the eagles' heads sometimes resemble those of a snake. They even depicted a long snakes' tongue from its beak. Here, for instance, the Imperial eagle on the state seal of Ivan the Terrible, fig.86 [4v2], ch.2. Two eagle-snake heads on the long necks, looking to the East and to the West.

So the images of the Imperial eagle with the snakes' heads on the temples of 'ancient' Egypt and on the seals of Russia-Horde of the XV-XVI cc. are essentially the identical. It is possible that on the early Hordian emblems which didn't survive to our day the similarity between the Russian and Egyptian heraldry was even more apparent.

The two-headed eagles on the Mediaeval and 'ancient' monuments are the Imperial symbolism of the XIV-XVI cc.

All the documents, coins and seals everywhere were adorned with a two-headed eagle. Its two heads looked East and West, which symbolised the unity of the East and the West.

The two-headed eagle reigned practically on every main mediaeval emblem in Europe. 'It is possible to list the NUMEROUS ARTEFACTS of sphragistics and numismatics of Mediaeval Europe (XII-XV cc.) on which we can see the two-headed eagle: the coins and seal of Ludwig of Bavaria, the counts of Wurzburg and counts and dukes of Savoy, the seals of King Wenceslaus of the House of Luxembourg and his seals as the Czech King Vaclav IV, the confidential seals, the coins of Bertrand III of Baux in France, the seals of the Archbishops of Cologne and Main in Germany, as well as the Fribourg coins of the city of Palermo, Savoy and Netherlands' [134], p.13. Etc.


d59006  No.6111095


After the collapse of the Empire some of the split territories of Western Europe kept the eagle as their national symbol. As if claiming back a part of the legacy of the Horde Empire and its history. However the right head was removed. I.e. they cut off the East head of the imperial eagle, which was indicating the Eastern metropoly of the Empire. The Western Europeans only kept 'their own Western head' of the eagle-emblem. They were striving to forget as soon as possible that very recently there existed a UNITED EAST-WEST Kingdom. As a result, since the XVII-XVIII cc. the majority of the Western European 'national eagles' look Westwards with their one remaining head. For example the contemporary German eagle-emblem. In [7v1], ch.5, we can see the transformation, for instance, of the German eagle from a two-headed one in the epoch of the XIV-XVI cc. into the one-headed one, after the uprising of the XVII century.

We can see the two-headed eagle on the old emblem of the German city of Cologne [7v1], ch.5. Incidentally there are turbans and pagri depicted on the eagles' heads. There is something of the kind also on the emblems of the Emperors Frederick Barbarossa and Conrad. Later these Hordian-Ottoman 'turbans' would turn into the royal crowns. We can see such 'Reformist' crowns on the eagles on the coat of arms of the Romanovs and on the coat of arms of the Habsburgs since the XVII century. The depiction of a turban or a pagri on the old emblems of the empire was natural. The Hordian and the Ottoman czar-khans, as eventually did the Turkish sultans, often wore a turban or a pagri on their heads.

On the German map of Tyrol of 1662 we can already see a one-headed eagle looking West [7v1], ch.5. The separation of Germany and Austria from the 'Mongol' Empire became a factor and gradually it was expressed in the national symbols. It was then when the 'reformed' German one-headed eagle appeared.

At first the old symbols were 'corrected' carefully and discretely. Initially the two-headed 'Mongol' eagle was sort of cut in half to emphasise the split of the Empire in the Western and Eastern regions. There is an interesting depiction of the four eagles on the coat of arms of Berlin of 1740, fig.99. The Eastern eagle remained unchanged for some time as a reminder of the former unity of the Empire. But the central, i.e. the main eagle is already confidently looking only West. 'To emphasise' above it there was depicted another Western eagle. The meaning is clear. Germany and Western Europe are breaking away from the metropoly. Eventually the Eastern eagle was removed altogether. When the danger of the revival of the Empire was considered quite slim. Out of the four Berlin eagles only one remained – the present day one-headed German eagle looking West.

There are Western-European emblems, though very few, where a one-headed eagle looks East. For example, on one of the German barons' (similar to 'barin'? – 'nobleman' in Russian – Translator's note) coats of arms [7v1], ch.5. It may be that this very family wanted to stress their devotion to the idea of the 'Mongol' Empire. Among the military Bavarian coats of arms of the barons = barins (noblemen) we can see the Ottoman crescents [7v1]. But eventually all these Imperial, loyalist factions were crushed by the rebels. Those who survived accepted the new rules of life. 'The cutting off of the eagle-emblems Eastern heads' was only one element of the 'new ideology' in Europe.

d59006  No.6111104


There is an interesting coat of arms on the map of year 1634 of the city of Geneva and Lake of Geneva. The one-headed eagle is looking West. But it is clear that THERE USED TO BE A HORDIAN TWO-HEADED EAGLE IN ITS PLACE BEFORE. In order not to spend too much time on alterations the reformers simply painted over the right half of the eagle and painted a key, fig.100. It very well could be that it was done this way not only in the province of Geneva, turning the two-headed eagle into a one-headed one by violently cutting it in half. Then, when the rebellious emotions calmed down, they simply began to paint the 'Western eagle'.

As far as we could find out while analysing the coats of arms, maps and etc., the reformers always covered just the right, i.e. the eastern half of the eagle. I.e. they covered the unpleasant East. They kept only the good West for themselves.

On the map of Poland, Silesia and Bohemia of 1634 we can see a one-headed Polish eagle looking East and a one-headed Bohemian eagle looking West, fig.101. On the Western eagle floating above Bohemia and Moravia RIGHT ON ITS CHEST THERE IS STILL SHINING AN ENORMOUS OTTOMAN CRESCENT [7v1], ch.5, [4v1], ch.10:2. It is possible that eventually the Bohemian and Polish reformers changed their minds and the imperial crescent which displeased them was removed. In order to forget the recent past when the Ottoman-Hordian crescent was reigning over the entire Europe. And not just Europe. It is hardly the case that anyone in today's Bohemia would remember that some time ago this country was shielded by the wings of an eagle with the Ottoman crescent on its chest.

In the symbolism of the Western Europe of the XVIII-XIX cc. amongst other things there survived in some places the two-headed eagles, but the one-headed Western eagles are still prevalent. We don't know any official Western-European emblem of any significant state of the XVII-XIX cc. where a one-headed eagle would look East. If such do exist, there must be very few.

The Romanovs kept the two-headed eagle as a symbol of their new Russia. They cherished the idea of restoring the vast Empire, but this time under their rule. In any case such intentions are being attributed to Peter I [4v2], ch.2:17.


d59006  No.6111266

File: 2ee30fcfe23e17a⋯.jpg (1.07 MB, 2875x1843, 2875:1843, Geneva1552[1].jpg)


Map with Eagle and key mentioned

040df4  No.6111842

File: c07739387a14881⋯.png (16.34 KB, 509x411, 509:411, e883d0ff858342fc82522d2073….png)


This is ridiculously fascinating. They even cover the eastern phoenix with a key. Y is the keystone. The design doesn't even match up right. The edges on the key side are sloppy. A cover by design. Symbolism really will be their downfall.

d59006  No.6112005


I started this quest trying to figure these eagles out, and this by far is the best explanation. But it's an explanation no historian would dare give you since it implies that our chronology is wrong. Yet, what explanation do historians give to this strange bird? None, basically none.

a3cd68  No.6117385

File: 4c0db0063fc3838⋯.pdf (7.71 MB, CoB FLYER 2.4.19.pdf)

File: 85442e769c160dc⋯.pdf (4.72 MB, Q WEB 1.19.19 FLYER.pdf)

For the new kids. These are important. Repetition is important.

d59006  No.6120361

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Good interview with the madman (truly) who made this, pt 1

d59006  No.6120365

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d59006  No.6120398


By the way, I find it fascinating that he made the Cybele connection and the vatican.


The place that was first known as the Mons Vaticanus was founded as a necropolis sometime before 600 BC. It became a temple to the goddess Cybele in 204 B.C., during the Punic War. The Carthaginian Hannibal was plundering the Roman countryside. Rome itself was desperate and apparently their own gods were failing them. Strange omens caused fear in the city. It is reported that one morning, two suns rose in the sky. It is also reported that stones rained for nine days. In the middle of one night, daylight appeared. The city’s gate was struck by lightning. All of these events were bad signs for the superstitious Romans.

Rome sent a delegation to Delphi in Greece for an interpretation of the prophecy in the Sibylline books. This prophecy stated that if a foreign invader attacks Rome, then that invader could only be driven away if the Mother of Mount Ida (Cybele) is brought to Rome. Although the father gods like Zeus and Jehovah had become more popular during the Iron Age that began circa 1250 BC, the goddess and her mysteries survived in Greece, Egypt, Anatolia, Palestine, and Syria. Now she was being recognized by Rome. The Great Goddess and Mother Goddess went by different names in different locales but Cybele was unique.

The personification of this goddess was the largest iron meteorite known in the ancient world. It was a 16-feet-tall conical object worshiped as the “Simulacrum of Cybele” and weighed several hundred tons. Worship of the goddess and her stone that dropped from the heavens included believing her priestess had the gift of prophecy. They could see into the future. What would become Vatican hill was selected as the place to house it. A 200-foot-long temple was planned. It would be built over the catacombs that existed for centuries. It took 13 years to build her temple, and it was dedicated on April 11, 191 BC.

Cybele and her meteorite had already proven her power even before the temple was complete, although skeptics might give more credit to the Roman General Scipio Africanus and his successes against the Carthaginians on their own soil forcing Hannibal to be recalled from Italy. The ability of Cybele to see the future gave birth to the word Vatican.

The Holy See

The word itself varies in its interpretations. Most believe it is derived from the Latin vates, meaning seer or soothsayer. In turn the word ‘Vaticanus’ was from the Etruscan language, meaning serpent or dragon. An even older word vatica is Hindi for a cultural or religious center. It is often used for Hindu monasteries. The Hindi suffix tika is the name of the red circle or dot that Hindu women place in the center of their forehead. It indicates a “third eye” or an ability to see beyond the three dimensions. How the word was brought from India to pre-Roman Italy is unknown. Vatis can also mean snake in the Etruscan language, and it was claimed by Pliny the Roman historian that snakes grew so large in the Vatican area that one ate a child. The serpent/dragon was given an unusual power of sight as well.

d59006  No.6120450

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


By the way, it's interesting they mention the Etruscan language here.

Etruscan is not mysterious. It's simply Slavic. Chronologists don't want to admit that though because it means the 'ancient' Etruscan were medieval, and this throws EVERYTHING off.



Let us look at the history of the Etruscans in more detail. To recap, in the XIII century the Trojan War takes place, as the result of which the GOTHS – TATARS – TARQUINII – 'MONGOLS' – RUSSIANS – seize Czar-Grad. After a while the 'MONGOLS'= THE GREAT ONES, aka the Tarquinii = the Tatar Khans invade the West. This is at the very beginning of the XIV century.

Specifically they colonize Italy and are firmly established in Florence. At the end of the XIV century the Etruscans (the Russians) lay the foundation of a small fortification, calling it Rome. The word ROME could have originated from a Russian word RAMO = a shoulder, an arm, a part of an arm up to an elbow. The plural - is RAMENA, in Russian. This is an old form. Hence the word RAMA (meaning a 'frame' in Russian), as a space restricted by something. The Russian word ARMIYA (meaning ARMY) and the English ARMOUR, also originate from here. The Greek ROMEA could have also come from here. The current belief that ROME is an 'ancient', purely Latin word is a consequence of inaccurate chronology.

The name Rome was also considered to be a reference to THE ENTIRE STATE (denomination of the state as the whole). The Latini used the word Urbis = City for Rome, and Orbis – world, universe. A corresponding Russian word is MIR (meaning WORLD in Russian). Many times we came across the backwards reading of names in the multilingual chronicles. For example, the Arabs and the Jews read from the right to the left; the Europeans read from the left to the right. That is why the words MIR (WORLD in Russian) and RIM (ROME in Russian) could have turned into each other when read by the peoples of different nationalities. Thus the MONGOLIAN WORLD would turn into the GREAT ROME and vice versa.

There is as yet an unsolved puzzle in Scaligerian history. Namely – THE ETRUSCANS. The people, who allegedly, even before the founding of Rome in the VIII century BC, appeared in Italy, created a wonderful culture there and then mysteriously vanished leaving behind numerous artefacts covered with incomprehensible writings, which are indecipherable to many generations of the scientists despite their strenuous efforts.

In our concept the 'riddle of the Etruscans' is resolved. It turns out that in the XIX century the scientists A.D.Chertkov and F.Volansky proposed their solution. They discovered the method of decoding and reading the Etruscan inscriptions. According to them THESE INSCRIPTIONS WERE SLAVONIC. THEREFORE THE ETRUSCANS WERE SLAVS. It became clear why the Etruscans called themselves 'Rasenna', i.e. the Rasens, the Russians [106], p.72.

However, the solution of the Etruscan riddle, put forward by these scientists, despite the indisputable interpretation of at least several Etruscan texts, conflicted with the spirit of Scaligerian history entirely. This was enough TO UNDERMINE BELIEF in A.D. Chertkov and F.Volansky, despite the fact that nobody could contest their theory. It seems there was nothing to object to – as A.D. Chertkov and F.Volansky in fact had successfully read many Etruscan inscriptions. Until today, for over a hundred years, the Etruscologists kept quiet about the findings of these scientists.

040df4  No.6121314


>It was a 16-feet-tall conical object worshiped as the “Simulacrum of Cybele” and weighed several hundred tons.

How did they ever move something that big? Does this meteorite possibly have any connection to the black stone in the Kaaba at Mecca? Apparently that tiny black stone used to be fairly large. In the 17th century it was purported to be 4 x 4 ft. I vaguely remember someone posting a connection between Astarte and Mecca a few breads back. Astarte seems similar to Cybele. Might be worth looking into.

6c705c  No.6121791

File: bdac442d48401cb⋯.jpg (123.37 KB, 720x655, 144:131, TvShows.jpg)

File: 59aefcb02fd53e4⋯.jpg (760.79 KB, 1920x903, 640:301, WebsterUniversityBackflipS….jpg)

File: 7a65ae6142504fb⋯.jpg (1.15 MB, 1920x903, 640:301, WebsterUniversity.jpg)

File: 0cf3e797e043f36⋯.jpg (894.07 KB, 1920x903, 640:301, OddStatue1.jpg)


From to-be-killed bridges and maps thread.


What do you do when you're a pedovore cult? Make a series of tv shows about yourselves.




Mystic falls = St.Louis/Webster Groves.

Miss Mystic falls pagent = Veiled prophet ball.

Lockwood Family = Lockwood Family.

Vampires = ?


Originals = Who? Check logo. P.


Three tv shows.

IMG #2

'Backflip statue' at Webster University on 'Big Bend' Blvd.

IMG #3

Statue, Compass, Map of world.

IMG #4

Odd Statue #1

Look at names of stores. Look at store websites. This place is an incubator.

48fe3a  No.6126401


I'm just gonna throw this out there. this thread sure did seem to have crew waiting for thomas to leave. as soon as he got gone, the posts on forged history started piling in like they hadnt in a minute. my guess is he pissed some people off by taking issue with some of the assertions made by thought leaders in that camp, and so retaliation ensued. some real bad blood grudge shit. if I am right, and I certainly could be wrong, the one issue that bothers me is that the work on forged history started before q appeared and we will likely be sorting it out after the qanon affair comes to a close. but the shit thomas is working on is applicable specifically to the digs q pointed us to, and only because q asked us to do the digging on such. i cant convince people that valid critiques of an argument arent to be taken personally (thats one of the reasons adhominem is its own type of faulty logic) because some people cant separate themselves from the ideas that influence their views. but i can say, if I am not wrong, getting thomas off this thread should be victory enough and raiding a thread related to the topics he is digging on is counterproductive to the very purpose we are here in qresearch.

040df4  No.6128865

File: e192f1d707c6d0f⋯.jpg (50.68 KB, 570x761, 570:761, e192f1d707c6d0fcd09cd224be….jpg)


I don't speak for everyone obviously. Thomas was either intentionally or unintentionally sliding the entire thread. His posts acted as a slide. He seems genuine at times but I have no way of knowing that for sure. To make matters worse, he was posting 10 - 20 consecutive posts with the content consisting of wikipedia articles, pictures, and "insider knowledge" drops with no real rhyme or reason. Some of it was relevant information but the vast majority of it was leap frogging from one fleeting idea to another. It was a waste of bread and it makes it more difficult to actually find the content you're looking for. Thomas' ID was changing daily, sometimes multiple times in day. This makes filtering him a chore. He has shown a complete disregard to even bother learning the basics of 8chan. Thomas' thread was bumplocked by the board owner. That should tell you everything you need to know. He simply needs to lurk moar if he's honestly here to help.

I don't necessarily disagree with anything I can glean from Thomas' sporadic writing. In past breads there were a variety of theories explored.

The baker has recently been on a Fomenko kick, so that's probably why you see more forged history related posts. I happen to find those theories interesting. But we were talking about much more than just a single theory in past breads. I personally enjoy the electric universe posts and Saturn vs. Jupiter posts too, along with many others.

I wouldn't have to explain any of that to someone that has actually read all the breads. I'm not trying to bully Thomas and I didn't make up the rules. I don't even like speaking up that often, there are much smarter people in the room than me. I only feel like I can speak on the matter because the chans have been my second home for years. Rules are important on a board like this. It's just that simple. It's not personal.

9b9853  No.6129425


You are an idiot.

040df4  No.6129644

File: d56b0a1084e9699⋯.jpg (112.12 KB, 800x593, 800:593, d56b0a1084e96990c5d4c68df1….jpg)


Yes! Let your hate pour into me!

This doesn't seem like a productive or relevant exchange for this thread. Are you obstructing research? Seems pretty selfish. Keep it in the bumplocked thread, you animals.

d59006  No.6129993


Personally I believe Thomas is a real person and isn't intentionally sliding. He's a paradox. On the one hand he's digging on Q's clues, except, he's admittedly not a follower. He's pretty much dropped support of POTUS after Golan Heights and says he no longer says WWG1WGA. I find some of his ideas fascinating, except, he's reluctant to actually share conclusions, as if he's trying to be his own Q and guide us into a mysterious world of questions without providing answers. In my opinion, that goes against the spirit of this thread. We're here to SOLVE SHIT not get people spinning chasing each others tails. If you're not willing to present your conclusions, fuck off. If you're here to talk in riddles, go write a book of poetry. The audacity of him to say he exposed the cabal, while implying the rest of us were sitting on our thumbs being dumb, is vanity in the highest. Good job, you figured the cabal out! That was easy!!


Yes the ID changing was curious. And his prolific posting flooded the thread that pretty much the only thing I ever saw when I scanned the new posts were his ramblings.

Yes, I'm on a Fomenko kick. I'm having a hard time NOT believing it. Thomas, claiming to be an actual archeologist, was in a good position to actually debunk Fomenko but instead was insulted by it and refused to engage in the idea. I'm still waiting for someone to debunk the notion that the roman empires of the 2nd and 3rd empire and the kings of Judea are LITERALLY THE SAME PEOPLE with the same length of reign, consecutively with very similar charactaristics.

It's so important to me because I feel like it would make everything connect.

Here's an idea. Polar Configuration was real, and happened about 1000ish years ago. Prior to that we had a bridge between Mars and Earth, but most lived on Mars. When Saturn got pulled away and we were flung to the Sun, the Martians evacuated "Eden". The Saturn days, we were a lot more 'supernatural'. Jesus was one of the last Saturnian Martians. Few survivors came to Earth. They landed in Tartaria, and quickly expanded and populated Europe and Africa. They built pyramids and kept the culture from Mars alive, much of the myths of Greece (or, Royal Christianity as Fomenko calls it) were tales from that world, literal tales. After a few centuries, the generations forgot their origins, and lost track of time, and the European colonies grew stronger and rebellious against Great Tartaria. When the Ottomans (a branch of Great Tartaria) swept through Europe to quell uprising and qurantine the plague (by death and destruction), this was the last straw for Europeans, and they vowed to destroy Tartaria and blot it out of memory.

Problem is, all this smart folks in the Renaissance confused all the histories and duplicated the accounts, and they were all bouncing off each other, causing a feedback loop that kept replicating stories and pushing them further back in time.

The Saturnian Martians were space faring. They still visit us and are often sighted. They wish to return to the Earth but only if they can reclaim their empire. This may be one of the forces behind globalism. Once we're united as one nation, once again, they will return. But they are us, our ancestors. However, they may still have retained their 'demi-god' like powers.

Q says we're a matrix. A farm. Perhaps these demi-gods breed us and abduct us from the Earth en masse?

Another thing to think about is if humans double every 20-30 years, and die at about 70 years, and occasionally die early… humans should number in the TRILLIONS if we start 200,000 years ago. But the numbers add up if we only go back 1000 years.

48fe3a  No.6130499


i dig the fomenko shit to. i ended up reading his argument on the maps in britannica of new world were incorrect forgeries and found his case well beyond compelling. so dont think i am knocking. Its more likely that i was wrong in my hypothesis. lots of changes around here with plenty of anamolies going on at same time? related? i got no way to prove. easily just shitheads got word of tumultuous times and defided to flood the place and shill and divide.

tbh since early on ive been following thomas and your analysis isnt off by any mark. i am seeing in the text he provides though that he is holding back because to he cant prove it yet. therefore does he really know it? would we nom it up without sauce if he just threw it out as conjecture? anyway. i wont shit the bread up i just wanted to reply since you werre kind and respectful enough to do same

d59006  No.6130671

File: c0a202c2e0706d0⋯.pdf (8.89 MB, 12-USA has Issues with Map….pdf)


This one? This changed my LIFE. I read every page of it. The way he goes at length… I love how he's so rational. He puts the maps in order as they're dated today, and shows how absurd it is that we keep "forgetting" features of the map, only to rediscover again. When he puts them into sequence of increasing knowledge, it suddenly makes way more sense. He goes on at LENGTH about Muscovit Tartary and how the 1771 Encyclopedia Britannica describes it as a MONSTER nation, but wait, didn't the Romanov's already conquer Siberia? Of course they did, and they will soon put down a peasant revolt with some eccentric lunatic claiming to be the rightful Tsar, some fool name Pugachev. He's put down in 1775, and this jackass is tried in the Moscow Royal Court, which is an odd choice for a peasant who comitted treason, why give him such dignity? Unless it was symbolic to try the last Tsar of Muscovit Tartary in Moscow, their former capital which is now in their control!! And now that Muscovit has fallen, they can no longer protect their holdings in Northwest America, and thus they fall.

Fomenko doesn't talk about it here, but I wonder if he'd agree. That the Ottomans held the south Americas until 1492, when Spain was finally relinquished by the Europeans, who very soon after went to claim the Ottoman colonies in Mexico and elsewhere.

I've always been suprised to hear the Mayans were building Pyramids in the 1300's of a scope similar to the Egyptians, who are said to have been building them in the 2800BCE's… Wouldnt it make more sense that the Egyptians were actively building around the same time as the Mayans? It's such an assault on our brains when you first say that, but once you start adding it up, it actually makes more sense if the pyramids were all built by a worldwide culture, almost simultaneously, with the same skill full architects that were building temples all over the world too.

204bc8  No.6130920


Fomenko is a retard and so are you

040df4  No.6131122

File: 27fc0bea61045e5⋯.png (157.04 KB, 1022x682, 511:341, Fomenko a P Cool Dude.PNG)


Seems like a pretty smart guy for a retard.

76f766  No.6131153

need an ebaker

my bakes arent being allowed

d59006  No.6131631


Thanks for that! He's insanely smart. He spends about 100 pages in his fir Chronology detailing his statistical method. I'm a data scientist myself and his methods are rock solid.

It's amazing to me that 99% of his critics admit they haven't actually read his work. They claim he's some soviet propagandist trying to manufacture a more glorious Russian past. No one dares consider his actual research. This needs to change! It's actually only very recently that his works are being translated into English.

Honestly? I want him to be wrong. It's so weird believing in something I would NEVER EVER share with my friends or colleagues. They would accuse me of flat earth ism. But this is much different. I can't personally go to space, but I csn pick up a hook and verify his amazing ideas.

040df4  No.6134368


Shhh, we'll pretend last night's ebake never happened. lol


If someone had presented Fomenko's ideas to me 5 years ago, I would've scoffed at the whole thing.

>Honestly? I want him to be wrong.

Exactly! That's how I know it must hold some truth to it. I don't want this theory to be true, yet it resonates with me.

d59006  No.6134775

File: d925b4694c329c5⋯.png (11.33 MB, 1258x9110, 629:4555, WAS THE ROMAN EMPIRE MADE ….png)


Which is why I'm not mad when someone doesn't buy into it. Heck, I was still a few hundred pages into his first chronology before it started to click. The way these ancient legends repeat themselves, in almost the exact same way, is mind blowing.

d59006  No.6137439


I took the time to transcribe and translate the text:

> Geneue eft une ville au pays de Sauoye, de merueilleuse, grande anciennete, veumesme que iules cesar en fait mention, au premier liure de la guere Gallique, affermant qu'il y auoit un pont passant oultrele Rhosne, lequel de son temps estoit soubz la puissance de suysses. La situation de ceste ville cy est plaisante, & gracieuse, & la contree fertile. Il y a force vignes, & assez grande abondance de bleds. Du toste, oule Rhosne sort de ce grande Lac, qu'on appelloit anciennement le Lac Leman, elle est basse, mais dupuis elle est esleuee en hault, jur vne petite montaigne. Il y a deux villes en icelle encore aniourd'huy, par le millieu desquelles le Rhosne passe, sure lequel il y a un pont de bois, qui conieint ces deux villes. La grand ville est du coste du Midy, & la petite est du coste de Septentrion. Les historiens recitent, que ceste ville a este resaite par l'empereur Aurelien, qui voulut, qu'elle fut appellee de son nom Aurelia, mais elle a retenu son nom ancien. Elle est presqu'au millieu de tout le pays de Sanoye. Mais pour mieux entendre cecy, i ay bien voulu icy adiou ster ce que i ay recouuert d'auncuns personages touchant Geneue.


Geneue is a town in the country of Sauoye, a haughty, great antiquity, as much as Cesar mentions, in the first line of the Gallic war, asserting that there was a bridge passing by the Rhosne, which of his time was under the power of suysses. The situation of this city is pleasant, gracious, and fertile. There are strong vines, and plenty of corn. From the top, where the Rhosne comes out of this great lake, which was formerly called Lake Leman, it is low, but since then it has been grown in high, a small mountain. There are two towns in this country, still, where Rhosne passes, on which there is a wooden bridge, which conies these two cities. The big city is on the coast of Midy, and the small is on the coast of Septentrion. Historians recite that this city was reseted by the Emperor Aurelian, who wanted, that she was called by her name Aurelia, but she retained her old name. It is almost in the middle of all the country of Sanoye. But, in order to hear this better, I have been very fond of what I have received from other characters touching Geneue.

Ancient town, mentioned by Julius Ceasar and Emperor Aurelian wanted to change it's name to Aurelia…. But look at the image! This is a pretty small town for being well over 1500 years old.

ad79af  No.6145404

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Someone posted this in the general bread. Another child eating ancient god.

17ad75  No.6145510


And Hollywood vilifies this god's enemy…

d59006  No.6150832

File: bc5486aa4ad0bfd⋯.jpg (259.8 KB, 1075x731, 25:17, 764e85c580bfca5cc23470db91….jpg)

File: d63709093090af3⋯.jpg (97.46 KB, 1024x565, 1024:565, aero trump[2].jpg)


>Here's an idea. Polar Configuration was real, and happened about 1000ish years ago. Prior to that we had a bridge between Mars and Earth, but most lived on Mars. When Saturn got pulled away and we were flung to the Sun, the Martians evacuated "Eden". The Saturn days, we were a lot more 'supernatural'. Jesus was one of the last Saturnian Martians. Few survivors came to Earth. They landed in Tartaria, and quickly expanded and populated Europe and Africa. They built pyramids and kept the culture from Mars alive, much of the myths of Greece (or, Royal Christianity as Fomenko calls it) were tales from that world, literal tales. After a few centuries, the generations forgot their origins, and lost track of time, and the European colonies grew stronger and rebellious against Great Tartaria. When the Ottomans (a branch of Great Tartaria) swept through Europe to quell uprising and qurantine the plague (by death and destruction), this was the last straw for Europeans, and they vowed to destroy Tartaria and blot it out of memory.


>Problem is, all this smart folks in the Renaissance confused all the histories and duplicated the accounts, and they were all bouncing off each other, causing a feedback loop that kept replicating stories and pushing them further back in time.


>The Saturnian Martians were space faring. They still visit us and are often sighted. They wish to return to the Earth but only if they can reclaim their empire. This may be one of the forces behind globalism. Once we're united as one nation, once again, they will return. But they are us, our ancestors. However, they may still have retained their 'demi-god' like powers.


>Q says we're a matrix. A farm. Perhaps these demi-gods breed us and abduct us from the Earth en masse?


>Another thing to think about is if humans double every 20-30 years, and die at about 70 years, and occasionally die early… humans should number in the TRILLIONS if we start 200,000 years ago. But the numbers add up if we only go back 1000 years.

I just had a crazy brainwave. I've dug deep into NYMZA/NJMZA and the Sonoma Aero Club – You may have seen pictures from the SAC which have flying machines with Trump's name on it? Walter Bosley (FBI/NSA) talks about the origins of NYMZA and tracks it to the Teutonic Knights in Prussia, aka the Hospitallers, modelled after Knights Templar. Check the frame at timestamp 5:10, "in which ancient knowledge was capture in Constantinople"


(wont let me embed for some reason)

Now, as Fomenko argues, Constantinople = Ancient Rome = Jerusalem = Troy, all the same place just confused in our chronicles.

So let's continue with my crazy theory above about a Martian Exodus (yessss I knowwwww). The Martians land in South-East Asia, form the empire of Great Tartaria, eventually expand westward. Now, lets say they DID retain *SOME* of the technology, specifically their airships. Afterall, how else could the maintain a global empire in the days of horses? When the Europeans eventually rebelled against the Tartars/Ottomans, and defeated one of their most notable strongholds Constantinople (which eventually gets echoed backwards as the Trojan War), these Knights captured their airship technology. Aka, UFOs as we know them. This was a game changed, and suddenly the new European powers could fight back against the Tartars on equal footing.

Ok, if so, why didn't the world erupt into an arms race and start building airplanes? Because they couldn't. Whatever these airships were made of is from a long lost martian manufacturing process that no longer existed on Earth. Basically, if you take on of these 'dragons' down, it's down for good.

Hence, NYMZA was an organization that controlled these super powerful machines, and was dedicated to figuring out how to reverse engineer them so that they could both repair them and build new ones.

The fact that they're PRUSSIAN makes sense. as Fomenko links Prussia to Paris of the Trojan War, as if you de-vocalize Prussia and Paris you both get PRS – easily confused. Is it any wonder, then, that the Nazi's were using/building "Foo Fighters"? Did they acquire this tech? Is this what Operation Paperclip was REALLY about?

(I'm playing with ideas here, not saying this is what's happening, but just letting my mind out for a walk)

Here's all the videos about NYMZA by Walter Bosley:

pt 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1ziJrIwFGo

pt 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8UjkWgk_hxg

pt 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMolCN9rbHA

pt 4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rillGCKkeo

Walter Bosley | Trump, Tesla, Secret Spaceships, & NYMZA:


d59006  No.6153382


It turns out that Russia-Horde of the XIV-XVI cc. was called the following names (some of them possibly referred not to the entire Empire, but to its parts):

Scandinavian RUSIA = RUTSCIA = RUZTSIA = (Scand. RUZCIA) - RUSLAND = Scand. RUZALAND = RIZALAND (Scand. RISALAND) = LAND OF GIANTS = Scand. GARDARIKI = LAND OF CITIES (CITY is 'GOROD' in Russian) = HORDE-RIKI, i.e. HORDE-STATE, Scand.GARDAR = VELIKY GRAD (Rus.GREAT CITY) = GOROD = GRAD, Old Slavic (Slavonic) = GRHAS, ancient Indian (Old Ind.) = HOUSE (DOM in Russian) = GRHAS, ancient Ind. = GARDAS, Lithuanian (GARDAS, Scand.) = GUARD RAIL (OGRADA in Russian) = GARDAS, Scand. = GARDS, Got. (GARDS, Scand.) = HOUSE, FAMILY (DOM, SEMIA in Russian) = SAMARIA - SARMATIA, land of Sarmatians, see the city of SAMARA = KYLFINGALAND, Scand. = LAND OF BELLS = AFRICA = THRACIA = TURKEY = TATARIA = BLALAND = OSTARRICHI = ASIAN-TATAR-EMPIRE = AUSTRIA = SCYTHIA (SCITHIA, Scand.) = SITHIA, Scand. = CIPHIA or CITHIA, Scand. = CITIA, i.e. China! = SCOTIA, hence SCOTLAND = SCOT-LAND, SCYTHIA is named after MAGOG! = SVITJOD THE GREAT (SVITJOD HINN MIKLA, Scand.) = SARMATIA+ALANIA=GOTHIA, i.e. SCYTHIA was divided into these three regions = THE GREAT SVITJOD (The Great Saint) = GODLAND, Scand. = LAND OF THE GREAT GOD, or LAND OF GODS, or GOD'S LAND = LAND OF GOTHS = GOTHIA (GOTH LAND), GOTHS = GODS = GOD = GAUTAR = GEATS = HETHITES (OR HITTITE) = HOMELAND OF THE GIANTS = JOTUNHEIM = JOTLAND = GREAT GOTHIA = NOBLE GOTHIA (Scand. REIDGOTLAND = HREIDGOTAR). The Great Svitjod was at first populated by the Turks, i.e. closely connected with TURKEY. The Great Svitjod probably included THE LITTLE SVITJOD, i.e. SWEDEN.

Furthermore, the Old Russia = THE GREAT SERKLAND, sometimes is placed either in Africa or close to Africa = THRACIA = Scand. KVENNALAND = QUENLAND = KUNALAND = LAND OF THE AMAZONS = LAND OF WOMEN-QUEENS (Scand. QUEN-LAND or QUEEN-LAND) = LAND OF SERES, i.e. RUSSII (RUSSIANS), hence ASSYRIA, then SCITHIA = CHINA! = LAND OF SARACENS! – A Muslim country = CHALDEA! = PALESTINE! = MESOPOTAMIA! = INDIA, i.e. a DISTANT land, where the division of INDIA into THREE INDIAS – is, most likely, the division of Russia into THREE HORDES. PARTHIA was populated from SCITHIA, where at some point Parthia was probably used for PRUSSIA = PRUTENIA =PRT = P+RUSSIA = White RUS (RUSSIA).

It is possible that Rus (Russia) = Bjarmaland = Land of Boyars or Barms (Bjarmians, Beormas). Where the name Bjarmeland = Great Permia was later used only for the territory of modern Germany, Austria and Italy. Later the historians relocated the name Great Perm (or Great Permia) to the territory of the Romanov Russia.

Going forward, Rus' (Russia) = Scithia = BARBARIA, according to the English sources.

We will add some identification which we encountered: RUS (RUSSUA) = KINGDOM OF PRESTER JOHN, and will also integrate some synonyms of Rus' (Russia) which were used in the English sources. See [517], ch.3:1.5. So.


Let us point out the name RUTHIA. Without vowel marks we have RT or RD. It is simply HORDE, RAT'(ARMY). One of the most best-known names of the Great Empire. It turns out that the English called Ancient Rus' (Russia) absolutely correct – HORDE.

d59006  No.6153386

Just to continue my fun little story, take note above. Tartaria was referred to as the LAND OF GIANTS?! Also, if you dont know, some maps of Northwest America also warned of giants living there.

I don't know what to think about giants, but for fun, let's continue with the mars Idea. There were Giants in those days, men of great renown… Mars has less gravity than Earth, perhaps humans there would grow much larger? When they landed here, many kept their giant size, although over many generations the gene pool adjusted their offspring to better suit our gravity.

This doesn't explain why other humans WEREN'T giants. So let's play with that idea, now by combining our favorite God's Enki and Enlil.

See, Mars was paradise, Atlantis, the golden age. Earth, beautiful as it is, paled compared to the beauty of mars. Plus it was harder to live here with the gravity, etc. But Earth was rich in resources. So Enki, a genetic scientist, merged their DNA with apes that already were evolved for Earth and created our species of Human. These slaves were created to mine for resources.

When mars was destroyed, the God's from Heaven to Earth (Anunaki) came and were giants compared to man. These God's were white, red haired giants. Perhaps red was somehow due to the Martian climate? The slave humans were brown and black. This is one of the reasons the Elite (whose bloodlines trace back to the Gods) had absolutely NO MORAL ISSUE with enslaving their fellow humans, because they felt like their existence was literally made by them and they were their God, literally.

These days all the giants are gone, but their royal blood remains. Perhaps the elite think that when the other Martians return to earth they will easily identify their species based on the royal blood, and thus its important as fuck NOT to mix their bloodlines with the lesser humans as much as possible as this will dilute their share of Anunaki blood and will thus be left behind in the rapture.

Perhaps they think the Gods will genocide or enslave or both all the lesser humans when they return and the Royal's will be elevated above them (yet not become full God because they're obviously halflings)

d59006  No.6153495

This is why the Vatican is literally built for Giants, and why the Pope wears a fish mitre hat.

d59006  No.6153529

Oh, and Noah's ark of course was the story of the planetary exodus. They brought DNA of all the Martian animals they loved, so they could remake them here on earth.

d59006  No.6153668

File: 83104e67e95883e⋯.jpg (29.52 KB, 350x395, 70:79, aeee3b87509590deb162aa900a….jpg)

File: bd893bc5af03949⋯.png (205.87 KB, 1022x567, 146:81, Capture4[1].png)

File: 0ed222ada5eb9cf⋯.jpg (41.57 KB, 700x304, 175:76, Saturn Hexagon[1].jpg)

File: f11868c5f51286b⋯.jpg (58.86 KB, 500x375, 4:3, Ecuador-Mesopotamia[1].jpg)

Of course I can't just say all this crazy shit without SOMETHING to back it up right?

Pic #1, notice the Crescent, and notice the Seal of Solomon?

Pic #2, behold the Electric Universe Theory's Polar Configuration, the origin of the symbol of the Crescent and Star is in fact Saturn's crescent with Venus shining brightly in the middle, and Mars creating a "stairway to heaven"

Pic #3, behold, the Saturn Hexagon/Hexagram, the magic Seal of Solomon indeed!

Pic #4, now it makes more sense why these images are all over the world

d59006  No.6153778

See, Fomenko won't DARE go this far, because it truly is the height of speculation and he's WAY to practical to dare go this far.

But it coincides with his notion of Royal Christianity, which we know today as Greek Mythology, vs Apostolic Christianity, which is what we know Christianity to be today, the gospels of Jesus etc. I agree with Fomenko that all the old 'pagan' mythologies are actually the same story, and that Christianity itself is just another version of that same story. I dont like his labelling of it all as Christianity, however, because if we take his story to heart, then what religion was worshipped before Jesus came?? Surely there was SOME religion before 1152 ad? Of course there was. Jesus was just another chapter in "Royal Christianity", and all of it was very real. Jesus came to remind the exiled humans that the gods will return for us and to be ready for it, as the exiled humans were starting to get too used to living on this Earth and no longer caring about the paradise they came from. That's why all the Royalty embraced Christianity, because they knew full well how important it was to keep the royal/divine blood in their system.

I agree with Fomenko's idea that the Star/Crescent and Star of David are "Christian" in that sense. These three symbols indeed all come from the same place and originally meant pretty much the same thing.

d59006  No.6153960

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


(playlist link)

This series is incredible and well worth considering.

d59006  No.6154884


Btw, combine the ideas of this video with that of Fomenko. Egypt was merely a grave yard for the Tsars of Tartaria, so the Pharaohs were real – they just never actually ruled in Egypt, they ruled in Tartaria. They buried them in Egypt to preserve their corpses, as the very dry, hot weather would slow the decay.

Fomenko doesn't go into the idea of the Pyramids having any mathematical or mystal significance. He does turn them into Christian symbols however (triangles signifying the Trinity, Ankh's being crosses), which is fine, i can go with that. But combine that with Damon Berry's ideas, and they put their Kings here and also encoded the origin of the Gods in their city of the dead.

d59006  No.6155306


btw, ep 4 is truly mind blowing and suggests the "Egyptians" had flight. This corresponds with my NYMZA connection perfectly (especially when considering, again, that Egypt was the Tartar's time capsule, so what better place to write down their knowledge)

d59006  No.6155325

(one last note and I'll quit for today lol, I recommend watching the videos above on 2x speed. Damon's deep, soothing voice is nice… but because he speaks so slowly, 2x speed is fine and you won't miss what he's saying)

229110  No.6156607

File: abdd92b3c2dd582⋯.png (699.37 KB, 617x779, 617:779, abdd92b3c2dd582d407d41d0a8….png)


You on fire baker. The shills were suckin' up your energy.

d59006  No.6158581


Haha phew, was worried I was going a little off the deep end here and y'all were gonna recommend I lynch myself

I like to stay balanced of course. One problem with my theory is maps. If the Tartars really did fly around the world, why were their maps incomplete and progressively better over the centuries?

I could maybe explain it away by cheating a bit (ie. No evidence at all) by asserting that it was only later in after most of their airships fell apart did they need to start worrying about maps. But that's kinda silly, I can't imagine any pilot not wanting to know where they're heading in detail.

I could combine it with the Black Knight Satelite theory and assert they had "real time" auto mapping and some sort of digital display for their maps withing their ships. Sure, they'd write some out on paper too but most of those got destroyed?

As for technology, I could claim that the advanced tech they built on mars used an exotic element that no longer was abundant after we left Saturn's aura, thus all their technical principles no longer worked. Their best scientific minds, lacking any machinery to adequately mine anything well, wasn't able to figure out an alternative. They had no idea about the oil under the ground or the electric motors they could build. They used to get free electricity from all the discharges from venus but now they have nothing. Their airships must have used some special substances that last a long time and were still viable for a long while on earth.

Once their remaining "batteries" started to die, and the population grew, and the past grew farther away, the legends of old became almost unbelievable. Once the European rationalists rose during the renaissance, they completely rejected the old history as absurd and worked hard to reconstruct another timeline that made more sense to them. They couldn't allow the "God's" of old since they had no rationale explanation for their powers, and no longer any evidence of their once very real existence.

d59006  No.6160131

The mythology of the Greeks, which their oldest writers do not pretend to have invented, was no more than a light air, which had passed from a more ancient people into the flutes of the Greeks, which they modulated to such descants as best suited their fancies. – Francis Bacon, The New Atlantis

d59006  No.6162799

I just had a brain wave… Aryan race?

Iran = Ayran

Ireland = Land of Ayr(an)

Guess where I'm going next…

Tartarian? How about Tartaryan? Tart-Aryan!


And maybe even Mayan? Sounds close.

d59006  No.6162851

I'm starting to wonder if WW1… the great war… The war to end all wars… The war that ended the Ottoman Empire and ended only after Tartaria became conquered by the commies.. The war no one talks about… The war that everyone thinks was started for no reason and almost no ground was gained year after year… The war that started only after the Titanic sank and the FED was built… That all of this was a war to finish off and destroy the last traces of the once great and world wide Tartarian Empire

d59006  No.6163102


Holy shit another brain wave. If that's what WW1 was really about, and the Treaty of Versailles which was meant to CRUSH Germany into oblivion so their past would be forgotten.. What if that's what WW2 was about? Hitler wanted to reverse WW1 and restore the Tartarian Empire? Hence his alliances with Russia, Iran, Italy and Japan (which always seemed odd).

(Disclaimer, I do think Hitler was a bad guy, but so were all the warlords of the day. Again, I don't think Tartaria was some lovey dovey place. They ruled with force. But my latest thinking positions as the rightful overlords of the earth as they were the descendents of the Martian Giants after we left Saturn's orbit (lol))

d59006  No.6163169

By the way….think about how Archduke Ferdinand was assassinated in Sarajevo.. Which is in the Balkans… Know what else is there? Constantinople/Istanbul! You better believe that would piss off the last bits of the Tartarian empire and lead to full scale war!!!

d59006  No.6163201


c. 1600, as a term in classical history, from Latin Arianus, Ariana, from Greek Aria, Areia, names applied in classical times to the eastern part of ancient Persia and to its inhabitants. Ancient Persians used the name in reference to themselves (Old Persian ariya-), hence Iran. Ultimately from Sanskrit arya- "compatriot;" in later language "noble, of good family."

This fits in perfectly. The Aryans=the nobles!

7ae0de  No.6163369


>Now, as Fomenko argues, Constantinople = Ancient Rome = Jerusalem = Troy, all the same place just confused in our chronicles.

I 'm thinking "Troy" may have been in France.

But the war was farther East, And Europe just called it "battle of Troy"

Maybe that's where the survivors landed?

7ae0de  No.6163375


Sorry "Trojan War"

7ae0de  No.6163408


the Sanskrt is said to be closest to Russian of any other language spoken now [except the modern Indian languages?]

My thought on this:

The ancient Empire was vast; when it broke up the areas on the outskirts ; Russ and India [between Nepal and Afganistan was one kingdom by legend. And by legend those people are who "became" Turk and settled what is now Is STAMBUL.

So the language in the center mutated "The center can not hold"

But the outlying areas kept the remnants of the older language - which was one?

7ae0de  No.6163520


I like this.

The mind-control supposedly [i.e. theatre] goes back to religious plays in "ancient Egypt"

The stock characters "Mimes" of Europe follow the archetypes of the "Gods" of Egypt?

There's different versions of their names









0162fa  No.6166988

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


What is the connection to Gaelic to Sanskrit? The history of Ireland. Did the original inhabitants really come from east to west or really from west to east? Lots of interesting connections that Michael Tsarion makes.

3d5fd4  No.6178769

File: 7cccbc4e42130d1⋯.jpg (286.49 KB, 616x2215, 616:2215, closest_star.jpg)

c986ac  No.6178803

File: 439a7d41be65b0d⋯.jpg (184.33 KB, 728x943, 728:943, pedophile-symbols-1-728.jpg)

c986ac  No.6178815

File: 418c335d0981a81⋯.jpg (105.05 KB, 1041x500, 1041:500, 2yl2yi.jpg)

d59006  No.6184957


Fascinating.. how close can Sirius get to our sun then, and how long does it take? When was the last time?

d59006  No.6185324

File: e778f7f4196e23c⋯.png (199.31 KB, 396x1192, 99:298, ClipboardImage.png)

Let's see if my prediction / qproof pans out

d59006  No.6185541


This guy makes some interesting points but one that hit me hard was his comment about how the massacre of the Druids is basically a footnote, yet this is HUGE!!!

Hell, St Patricks Day is all about this event. Celebrated in Bacchanal festivals around the world. He got all the snakes (Druids) out of Ireland. Even his story they obfuscate.

I was once finding some interesting Phoenician/Druid connections, I should dig a bit on that again

3d5fd4  No.6186152


I've lost it now, but one source I was reading/watching claimed it's a 24,000 year cycle.

d59006  No.6186308


Interesting, and when do they claim the last cycle happened?

I mean, that'd be weird if the only way we can get from one star to another is via tens of thousand of years windows…

448d17  No.6197237

This forged history thing is very much seeming like the flat earth psyop to silence real investigation because it is hard to debunk or disprove. That makes it like a trap for people with curious minds.

I am not liking this, it doesn't seem to relate to actual things happening now and regardless of history we should be keeping research in the now and what has been happening, especially if little lives are at stake and people are being killed for ungodly ends. This is my opinion.

Also it means that some group who have no homeland and who we cannot really identify are to blame and I think anyone reading the chans knows exactly who is behind most malfeasance, and they do have a bloody homeland.


>The Hindi suffix tika is the name of the red circle or dot that Hindu women place in the center of their forehead. It indicates a “third eye” or an ability to see beyond the three dimensions.

That is called a tilak or bindi, https://www.britannica.com/topic/tilak

it is worn by men as much as the ladies, but women keep traditional attire more often and wear other cosmetics so you see it more on women, but ordinary working Hindu men as well as gurus and priests can be seen wearing it. This is why you "dot" or "feather" Indian!

This is a worrying inaccuracy that could drive people off track seeking some psychic goddess sect where men are not supposed to have psychic abilities, that is not existing.

Source - I am an indian!

448d17  No.6197268

And you can prove or disprove the age of the Caesars and ANCIENT Egypt by examining Coptic (Egyptian Christian) folklore and their church records, they are small comunities now but they pre-date the coming of Islam into Egypt (which also gives you a time stamp because Islam keep their own records very well).

I think this is all very beguiling distraction but there are lines of evidence outside European medieval books, there are lineages for gurus recorded that mention Alexander the Great in India and also the time of the Moghul Empire. I respectfully suggest for once 8ch take a lesson from outside European people things and look south east to see our recorded histories which are everywhere consistnt with the dates placing the Roman Empire and the Egyptians back before 30 AD.

And your own ancestry research sites also have many people who trace back through church records to around 1000 AD or even further back, which means that Romans were not invading Briatin during some time afterwards, because those people had Christian names they were baptised with in churches and they had Christian burials, and there are no Roman remains or ruins found on top of these to say they happned later, nor any Roman names in those church books.

d59006  No.6198298

Your misunderstanding the idea, which is quite easy to do. You see, historiography seems to be this feedback loop of words and artifacts justifying each other. In theory, that should be reasonable, however it risks easily becoming Circular. For example, if we can't date a villa but all the sudden find a Roman coin inside, voilla! It's a from 80ce! Except the reason we think that Emperor on the coin is from that era is because a book said so. And the only reason we think that book is from that era is because we found a statue honouring the author in Rome. Etc,. Super simplistic example but I hope it drives the point.

Now, I promise I feel this is genuine and credible research. I have no issue with anyone who wants to use this space to go down their own lines of inquiry too, the more ideas the better. The crazy narrative I wrote above isnt anyone's canon, I was literally just trying to combine some of the most prevailing theories discussed here.

It's a common misconception that Fomenko only talks about Europe. Fomenkos written entire volumes about South East Asia and has some very intriguing thoughts about the Wall of China for example, as well as Chinese astronomy. It's kind of absurd how prolific the guy is.

As for the Jews, as you allude to… There's a serious question that Fomenko brushed upon but (for obvious reasons) doesn't go too deep into. If it is indeed the case that the New Testament came before the old, that the Old were apocryphal pseudo history that in fact plagerized Byzantine history (from which we get both the Roman Empire reflections AND the kings of Judea reflections). If Constantinople is Rome/Jerusalem, and Moscow is the rebuilt Jerusalem..then…who the hell are the Jews?! Consider that Jerusalem has always been crushingly disappointing for archaeologists, because it doesn't match the description of the Bible. Both Constantinople and Moscow do a far better job. I'll post a video that shows how the Kremlin is the new Jerusalem to the letter. But if Moscow is described in the Bible, and it is, then either Moscow is far older than we think, or the Bible is far younger than we've been told.

So who are these "Jews" who are claiming a land that is obviously not theirs? Good mystery! But the Jews of history need to be decoded as well as they're likely a lot of confusion. Jew means "One who praises God", so if you read about Jews being kicked out of somewhere or another, it could simply be another generic religious persecution. Modern historians seeing Jew erroneously pin it in Jews as we know them today, but they may have been Christians for all we know. This is a point Fomenko makes is that historians have mixed up names for titles and titles for names and thinking they found themselves a new ruler or people, try to find a place and time for them that's not already occupied, never daring to think that maybe they're referring to a place and people's already defined elsewhere.

A criticism of Fomenko is the Dead Sea Scrolls. Conveniently found the same year Israel became a nation! Then guarded for decades by the Israelites. Colour me skeptical. Same with Nag Hammadi.. Except.. It has a copy of Plato in it! Surely that means it is ancient! Except their version of the Republic seems almost like a prototype. Fomenko argues that Plato wrote in the middle ages, which would quite neatly put Nag Hamaddi there too.

d59006  No.6201786

File: e00debab6e47fab⋯.png (512.78 KB, 803x2027, 803:2027, 09f4bc5ad36e8f7d568a11ba1f….png)

File: 15b3aa3ccad4b28⋯.png (969.5 KB, 1323x1101, 441:367, 15b3aa3ccad4b28b479401d3df….png)

File: 14c54de957e4bf8⋯.jpeg (36.57 KB, 687x388, 687:388, e34fa190b979d25e2c1260fbc….jpeg)


I worked a little too hard on this, but I think I've got it connected.

Just like D5 was meant to expend the Bush card, the countdown for Mueller's report was to expend the Notre Dame card. Q's countdown was quite obvious, almost too obvious.

All weekend on FOX they were saying it'll be released in 48 hours. Q pointed directly to Monday the 15th. One hour before Notre Dame is visibly on fire, news breaks that the report won't be until Thursday.

Just like with the Huber Testimony, it got delayed till Thursday. And Huber wasn't ever planning on being there anyway!!!

Moves and countermoves! These people are DUMB! Ammunition is hard to come by!

What is THURSday? THORSday? What does THOR have? A HAMMER

(Just an update to my previous prediction, looks like I got headfaked.. but after thinking deeper about it, looks like (((they))) did too!)

9f28f3  No.6202373


But why didn't Q anon include me in this?

I could have helped this group of patriots A LOT.

Why am I always left out of everything? :(

d59006  No.6202762


Wtf are you talking about?

and please don't namefag

1ad30a  No.6202922


before this war is over…

3d5fd4  No.6212524

File: 44616f91085e4b9⋯.jpg (771.06 KB, 1000x2030, 100:203, limestone.jpg)

d59006  No.6212913


a) They had people carting this extremely heavy stones from the top of the pyramid and all over, downward?

b) which Mosques contain the stolen limestone?

c) they weren't superstitious that perhaps disturbing the construction of this monument would be a bad omen?

d) they had literally no respect at all to preserve such a glorious building?

d59006  No.6222944

Would love to see more drops on giants, saturn, or haraldry, or whatever else!

214802  No.6249027

File: 151684977adf444⋯.jpg (1.73 MB, 4096x2731, 4096:2731, IMG_4184.JPG)

214802  No.6249033

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

bca92a  No.6253745

File: edae29250c9f617⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1919x666, 1919:666, NunWO.png)

d59006  No.6254034


Quality post! Moar!

3d5fd4  No.6278514

File: 883b38499c17496⋯.jpg (178.54 KB, 1000x1061, 1000:1061, why_72.jpg)

My post was immediately deleted when I put this on 4chan.

3d5fd4  No.6278601

File: 0f0f740090e4ed5⋯.jpg (178.48 KB, 1000x1061, 1000:1061, why_72.jpg)


Argh I screwed up the numbers.

d59006  No.6279493


You did? looks identical to moi

d59006  No.6355455


d59006  No.6386315

File: b83a7f42e261a53⋯.png (27.99 KB, 835x426, 835:426, Haplogroup_X_(mtDNA)[1].PNG)

File: 7ec47237f26c997⋯.jpg (66.04 KB, 610x640, 61:64, Native-American-indigenous….jpg)

File: fe5f71de1bb8184⋯.jpg (126.43 KB, 500x443, 500:443, 1w-wo-na-1685[1].jpg)

Rome = Troy = Britain = Jerusalem ultimately equals CONSTANTINOPLE


Why is Haplogroup X spread across the "roman empire" *AND* all over the Americas? Coincidence?

Yes, the "so called" Byzantines ruled the whole fucking planet, and only lost control 500 years ago.

Why did we put all the natives in reeducation residential school programs? Because, they were the "Tartarians" and we needed them to forget, and we provided them a new history.

As the public became smarter, the Prussian school was applied worldwide to do the SAME THING TO US.

3d5fd4  No.6387510


I don't think any of those were actually said to be born on December 25.

The only significant figure sharing the birthdate (celebrated) with Jesus is King Nimrod.

d59006  No.6387868


I can't speak to the original post but one thought I have is that sure, we don't have anything written anywhere that these are all dev 25 (even the Bible doesn't mention a date). Point is they're all sun Gods which die on the 22nd and rise on the 25th. Mythology anthropomorphic.

d59006  No.6395534

File: eef8fc570564957⋯.jpg (1.73 MB, 800x5364, 200:1341, 092c056e34061436b69332a353….jpg)

Saw this in the general, saving it here for reading later…

beed0e  No.6468101


Does this mean that Solomon's Temple is Hagia Sophia?

08ef84  No.6469652

I have no idea how to use this thing. But can someone relay this message to other anons and possibly Q.

Why does Q never talk about the Rockefellers? How are they going unscathed, unmentioned? They are the world first billionaires and the riches family that has ever lived. The rockerfethers have been notorious NWO proponents. Does anyone else find this weird that Q has never mentioned them?

f1cacd  No.6470341


The old Rockefeller guy is dead, and Soros replaced him on the pyramid.

08ef84  No.6470863


So the rest of his family and wealth and their influence just vanished with him? David Rockefeller was the only NWO proponent?

beed0e  No.6472058


Power = influence

Powernlost = influence lost

wealth and family remained

Soros shorting the pound for "a billion" will do that for you

38ba7a  No.6472737

File: e8acfc240a78285⋯.png (368.99 KB, 474x428, 237:214, ClipboardImage.png)

Why and how did the six-pointed star – the pagan occult symbol – become connected with the MODERN state of Israel? It was adopted as the family crest or shield by the Rothschild family during the 19th century. The Rothschilds bought a great deal of property in Israel, from the Turks and Arabs, and were amongst the major supporters of the Zionist movement in the early decades. The influence of the Rothschilds and their heavy financial support of Israel, led the Jewish nation to adopt the so-called “Star of David” as their own symbol as a nation.

2c0993  No.6475395


Don't respond to this poster. Is posting multiple versions of this same post on many thread.

2c0993  No.6539359

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Nuovi World Order


3d5fd4  No.6540030

File: 7c882aca657cb02⋯.jpg (1.22 MB, 1463x2490, 1463:2490, stripes_gold_elong_skulls.jpg)

45e7ea  No.6540433

File: fe5fb4c4f63cd53⋯.png (1003.28 KB, 1086x1231, 1086:1231, 2019-05-19 Levin 'What in ….png)


Just like John Kerry was meeting with Iran, remember, behind the scenes, AFTER TRUMP was president? Well we now have FEINSTEIN calling them EARLIER THIS WEEK TO KEEP OUR ENEMY INFORMED WITH OUR SECRETS RIGHT NOW!

This is TREASON, and remember, She hired a Chinese SPY in her DC Office for 20 yrs, and Visited China numerous times! Did anyone ever check your WHY SHE IS A MULTI-MILLIONARE?

Now she's picking up where John Kerry left off TO FIGHT AGAINST TRUMP AND OUR NATION!

She needs to be investigated and if found guilty, SHE NEEDS TO BE HANGED UNTIL DEATH for her Betrayal of America!

45e7ea  No.6540442



378d0a  No.6541634

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Madonna went all out in her symbols during the Eurovision Songfestival in Tel Aviv.


Black Madonna

Skull in satanic setting

Masonic pillars

Q symbol

Upside down cross


Left eye patch

Gas masks and German Hats

Upside down Church.

People killed by fire

Execution of people

Her Statements . There is no Storm , Not everyone is going to make it to the future.

Definitely not /ourgirl

d59006  No.6543907

I was considering that the significance of an eye is a clock.. As in time.. The eternal watcher… Hence Eye of Horus/Hours

3d5fd4  No.6547287


Where did you see the Q symbol?

af04b0  No.6549585


Trope. Babylon whores, who likes/enjoys this dark imagery?

In the past actors were at the bottom of the societal rung.

Now in backwardsville they are the heroes? And what one should aspire to be? Their azimuth is 180 degrees off. They have been prostituted out same as models - same as US. Dark paths.

We need to get better at triage (this is a war after all). There are and will be many victims of the beast system. If Kappy isn't in protective custody then we failed him. He was definitely caught in a squeeze play.

Their success is built upon mysteries, secret societies, handshakes and blood lust but once known the source of their power evaporates like the morning mist. Light to dark.

Be Best!

3c6f23  No.6549672


On her black cape below the X

639a22  No.6551630

I think Madonna is plain right. Not everyone is gonna make it into the future in hell.

3d5fd4  No.6559106

File: d85a411abe73f56⋯.jpeg (27.23 KB, 312x445, 312:445, coneheads.jpeg)

File: 3e7cca839614851⋯.jpg (89.9 KB, 960x1200, 4:5, pinecone_head.jpg)

File: 66da888baa51330⋯.png (164.36 KB, 464x682, 232:341, head_of_osiris.png)

File: 62ac46c2a5fbae5⋯.jpeg (142.68 KB, 768x1152, 2:3, lynn_rothschild_elongated….jpeg)

07920f  No.6560991


I think it's kind of an occult coming out party.

They believe that they will rule the age of Aquarius.

There is no storm in the air, the storm is inside you.

They poison the air. >>6541634

>5:00min mark

They are so naïve.

They think, we are not aware of their crimes. We know. We are just not ready to act.

The storm isn’t in the air. It’s inside of us.

I want to tell you about love and loneliness. But it’s getting late know.

Can’t you hear outside of your supreme hoodie? The wind, that is, beginning to howl?

>Blows at them and they all fall down.

Not everyone is going to the future… :s Not everyone here is gonna last.

Pyramid and then “wake up” – Go back to sleep.

Everything is backwards. They have to tell us.


3a48e3  No.6569406

Follow the flag.

3d5fd4  No.6599974

File: c8e06bd45dd4d30⋯.png (511.3 KB, 2592x1080, 12:5, black_cube_contact_us.png)

3d5fd4  No.6605328

File: 479a728de14b76a⋯.jpg (267.01 KB, 1000x1276, 250:319, saturn_vs_set.jpg)

Saturn = Set = Satan

680a87  No.6607231

I'm not seeing Q Research Japan. Found this on /pol, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBH30uXB0xI

A couple of things that stood out:

video is from August 2017

origin story of God, Christ, Lucifer, specifically that Lucifer was the previous Christ figure before being struck down (first 30 mins)

cannibalism (29min)

religion being compromised from the inside

mentions of true jews vs cabal jews

estoeric schools of Egypt (38min)

an earthly operation about to commence to fight the cabal(44min)

intelligence agencies (46min)

Nathan Rothschild (53min)

d59006  No.6627148


Finally watched this, wow! Creepy

3d5fd4  No.6644125

File: 61710e991f996d6⋯.jpg (253.54 KB, 1400x578, 700:289, 911_solve_coagula.jpg)

3d5fd4  No.6644257

File: 45042d0517f8839⋯.png (655.35 KB, 1410x1046, 705:523, freemason_pledge.png)



f4cea0  No.6677337

File: d27b8a921db5142⋯.jpg (196.52 KB, 383x381, 383:381, lynn_roth_painting.jpg)


Wonder who this is.

834952  No.6684109

File: a091535c6574381⋯.jpg (492.12 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, baal2.jpg)

File: 3ca36908d0540c8⋯.jpg (514.22 KB, 1569x978, 523:326, embassy2.jpg)

File: 6c5799278ba0c62⋯.jpg (332.76 KB, 1071x747, 119:83, spirit cooking art.jpg)

File: 927ae0bf4e28df3⋯.jpg (354.83 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, ZEITZ2.jpg)

File: 79bb7f72d292268⋯.jpg (73.83 KB, 870x652, 435:326, ZeitzMOCAAmuseumCapeTown04.jpg)

Spirit Cooking type crap "art".

23576f  No.6724425

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>I personally enjoy the electric universe posts and Saturn vs. Jupiter posts too

Thanks fren ;) I kind of left for a minute. Had a feeling like some of the things I was talking about may or may not have caused some of the various flooding of other posts. I had to take a break from researching some of this stuff to make sure I was still current with everything else that was going on in the world.

Also, been trying to up my game in the graphics department. I can't do animations yet, but I am starting to get more comfortable with my own style. Sorry, I haven't added anything to the discussion in a few months. I was kind of off in my own little world for a minute there. I do have a couple experiments I want to try to get a better idea about how two electrically charged bodies would interact with one another. That might take some time because I'm still kind of learning whatever I can about electrical engineering. On top of that I'm pretty broke and my work space is kind of limited ATM, so this might be wishful thinking at this point…

I did catch one of the videos from the Thunderbolts Project where they talk about a few things I was discussing, like trying to look at the features of Earth to recreate and possibly even verify these events. I did talk to this same guy briefly via email, so it made me smile to know that my words did not fall on def ears. I know they probably get contacted by all types of wild theories, so to see something come out of the exchange was pretty cool. Makes me feel like I'm really onto something. I also did see a few moar videos in the Symbols of an Alien Sky series, too. So, it doesn't look like they're giving up anytime soon either. We all want to know what the hell happened!!

Anyway, thanks for posting this. Cheered me up knowing that I'm not just posting things for muhself. Peace and love, y'all ;)

649097  No.6728862

File: e622715822292b0⋯.jpg (100.56 KB, 580x387, 580:387, fjgv.jpg)

649097  No.6728916

File: 6d70e858e5bb62e⋯.jpg (740.88 KB, 2048x1152, 16:9, vb jkvgivbui.jpg)

Thought I better try one without the dyslexia this time.

Better work on that frequency !!!!!!!

2c0993  No.6729179




have the name?

it's no longer available…

2c0993  No.6729399


All the vows of Masonry are null and void.

Need a lawfag to get into the details, but basically the levels and oaths are contracts, craftily made to be just and clear, not "under duress". YET, the culmination of the levels and the obscured reality of masonry is something few would ever make a vow to, but which all are prevented from leaving.

What is this called? How is Trump freeing the slaves of Masonry?

649097  No.6729507

File: d11100b62010de0⋯.jpg (1.27 MB, 3336x2519, 3336:2519, hjyhibuyi.jpg)

0ddc5c  No.6731885


This is one channel that has many answers you seek.


649097  No.6746545

File: d05a6b0fd6283c8⋯.jpg (35 KB, 640x640, 1:1, gfghfghfgh.jpg)

File: dc745faea2fc1bb⋯.png (11.29 KB, 300x438, 50:73, Screenshot_2019-06-13 Pixi….png)

Pixies to release new album 9/13/2019

Beneath The Eyrie


eyrie (ˈɪərɪ; ˈɛərɪ; ˈaɪərɪ) or aerie


1. (Zoology) the nest of an eagle or other bird of prey, built in a high inaccessible place

2. (Zoology) the brood of a bird of prey, esp an eagle

3. any high isolated position or place


Bird of prey think [owl] [moloch]

Creepy subject matter

The subject matter of their new music will encompass everything from spellbinding witches to the pioneer Daniel Boone, according to a press release. Fans can also embrace all things dark by catching them live. Pixies will tour in support of Beneath the Eyrie later this year.


Will have 12 tracks


3 - This is the number of royalty. It symbolizes the magical shape of the triangle. It symbolizes the Holy Trinity which is Nimrod Semiramis Tamus … or Osiris, Isis, Horus … or Satan, Eve and Cain

release date 9/13/2019


13 - Thirteen is simultaneously a lucky and unlucky number. It is considered to be a bad omen because the Knights Templars were arrested on October 13, 1307. However it is also the number of reincarnation and everlasting life. There are 13 members in covens and satanic cults - 12 regular members and one high priest. This is a mirroring of 12 jurors + 1 judge = 13. There are 13 high occult families that run the world. (Fritz Springmeier Illuminati Bloodlines)

Really wish some of my favorite bands would stop doing this shit!!!!!!

d59006  No.6747488

Close your eyes then open them….

Dark to light…

The Great Awakening

4ddc59  No.6856708


The inside of the key is an upside down cross

beed0e  No.6925611

>V for Vendetta


>1812 Overture Written to celebrate Russia defeating France


>Salute to America

>Skip to 9:26:18


>The ENDGM20 call sign

>Skip to 2:08


>War of 1812 context

23576f  No.6993665

File: 970b00782966ae6⋯.png (358.3 KB, 566x566, 1:1, Screenshot_2018-12-15 Loca….png)

File: eacf8fee7cb9af8⋯.png (139.48 KB, 661x609, 661:609, Screenshot-2018-7-1 Sirius….png)

File: 6e7dfe48437698b⋯.png (26.91 KB, 580x389, 580:389, Screenshot_2018-08-20 Alph….png)

File: 2c40053b5cab6fa⋯.png (13.42 KB, 854x151, 854:151, Screenshot_2018-09-15 Barn….png)

File: 57427d6b1c863c3⋯.png (73.58 KB, 749x600, 749:600, Screenshot_2018-10-25 File….png)


Currently, we are 8.6 light years, and moving further away, from Sirius. If there are ancient connections to this star specifically, and we are moving away, how much closer were we to this star in the past?

By now, you've probably familiarized yourself with the Saturn myth, pole configuration. Which means we may have once been orbiting Saturn. If Saturn was a red dwarf, like they suspected it to be, then perhaps it orbited Sirius in a similar fashion as Proxima Centari orbits the binary pair of Alpha Centari. Those are the nearest 3 stars, at a distance of a bit over 4.2 light years away. And we're moving closer to those 3 stars, btw…

However, we aren't moving as fast towards those stars as another red dwarf, named "Barnard's Star" (also know as "the runaway star") is moving toward us all. Right now, Barnard's Star is 6 light years away, but in 9,000 years we will be within 3.8 light years from this star. We're told that this is the closest we'll get to Barnard's star, but by this time Alpha/Proxima Centauri will be even closer to us.

Thankfully, we are not on a direct collision course. At least, based off the information I've found. However, there are a few things that do bother me. For starters, I'm not too sure how far out into space our solar system's electromagnetic influence reaches. If I base this off our hypothetical Oort cloud, it would be about 1.75 light years reach. Although, the field strength becomes much weaker the further out you get, it's not outrageous to think of that number as the radius of our solar system's magnetic reach. Then you would account for the reach of the other solar system to get an idea of how far before the two systems are interacting with one another.

1.75 + 1.75 = 3.5 light years for an approx. "safe" distance.

The other thing that worries me is (and I'm not 100% sure about this) that I think Barnard's star will be making a rather close approach to the Alpha Centauri system, as that whole cluster nears our star. Unfortunately, the models are based primarily off Newtonian physics, and do not factor in the Electromagnetic Space Force. It is possible that Barnard's star could interact with Proxima or the Alphas and deviate from our expected trajectories.

These are definitely things that we should start looking at as a civilization. We may just get a front row seat to watch something similar as what happened to our solar system during the time of "creation" we've heard so much about. Then again, if things get bumpy there, its effects may be powerful enough to reach us here. It could cause solar flares and other cosmic turbulence that leads to large earthquakes, volcanoes, extreme weather, etc.. For all I know, our solar system could already be interacting with Proxima and/or Alpha Centauri. This could be causing the disturbances in the Earth's magnetic field, which everyone just assumes is due to the theoretical "pole flip". Who knows? Honestly.., you might not want to know that answer, because it's pretty depressing at how clueless we are about a number of things when it comes to space, physics and things like this.

Point is. I don't think we have to worry Sirius any time soon. Although, due to the number of myths that reference this star as having something to do with our ancient origins, perhaps Saturn, while a red dwarf (along with Earth), orbited the double star, Sirius. And maybe a close encounter in the past led to Saturn wandering from that system and crashing into our current solar system. Just a thought. A lot of symbolism behind Sirius. It's a relatively close star system, but it does appear to be moving away rather than closer.

Pretty much any disaster prediction that references "cycles" I'm skeptical of. Unless it's talking about the solar cycles. Which although they are not yet sure what causes the solar cycles even, this probably has something to do with how the planet Jupiter interacts with our sun. Funny how these jerks made it a point to make up stories about how "millions of years from now…" our sun will eventually expand and possibly swallow the Earth, blah, blah, blah… They're pulling that one out of their ass. They don't know.

They make up one story that won't happen for millions of years, the same time they fear-porn people into thinking something else like a meteor or or hypothetical pole-shift could possibly wipe out the planet at any given time. All the while, conveniently forget to mention anything about the solar system's trajectory through space and the half-a-dozen stars that we are likely to have fairly close approaches to in the next 50,000 years. Then again, any time someone even mentions a close encounter with another solar system, they drift off into fantasies about exotic space-travel and finding alien life. Not sure if they are doing this just to mess with us, or if they are genuinely that ignorant. Either way, I'm not exactly trilled.

e8164a  No.6993748

File: 82a32d3704dbbc8⋯.jpeg (2.4 MB, 1163x1490, 1163:1490, File 18-01-2019, 23 26 36.jpeg)





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