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Pro Aris et Focis

File: bb7d59c7b6197c0⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1795x1017, 1795:1017, Q.png)

1784d3 No.603475

Where we go one we go ALL!


We work for you.

We listen to you.

You pushed the IBOR and immediately POTUS began to comment/take action re: social media.



Current Operations : Kekistani War Department

Operation 1: IBOR

>>579328 #internetbillofrights

Please Sign And Spread petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/internet-bill-rights-2

You Must Verify Your Email Address After You Sign the WH Petition for it to Count!!

Push these hash: #FreeTheInternet #QAnon #InternetBillofRights

"They want you silenced, MAKE NOISE" ~ Q

Operation 2: Break the MSM

>>594351 Break the MSM - Q

Memes Discrediting MSM - FIRE AWAY!

#MSNBCisFakeNews #CBSisFakeNews #ABCisFakeNews #NBCisFakeNews #CNNisFakeNews #WAPOisFakeNews #NYTisFakeNews #FakeNewsKills


All tweets should have #QAnon, #GreatAwakening, and @POTUS/@realDonaldTrump

Add with any of the listed targets!

>>572365 War Room 8

>>452644 War Room 7


Q's Tripcode: !UW.yye1fxo

Q's Latest Posts

Friday 3.09.18

>>599891 Dig into Snowdens family.

>>599730 rt >>599714 Which country does he really work for?

>>599679 Why would @Snowden go public while in HK

>>599642 rt >>599627 Track inside sales/divestitures.

>>599627 rt >>599614 Some platforms will collapse

>>599607 rt >>599581 Hidden message @Jack

>>598581 rt >>598223 escape to Kenya

Thursday 3.08.18

>>594830 @Snowden

>>594704 RT (pic)

>>594351 rt >>594255 Break the MSM.

>>594193 rt >>594151 Resolved by 11-11.

>>594145 Think FORBIDDEN CITY.

>>594016 rt >>593959 Thank you Kim.

>>593973 rt >>593859 DEFCON, No Such Agency.

>>593825 rt >>593230 He already did.

>>593033 rt >>592934 This is not a game. Play THE game.

>>592913 rt >>592845 NO DEALS!

>>592798 rt >>592731 We were sold out.

>>592721 rt >>592712 POTUS Q Signal

>>592689 Video of POTUS Q signal

>>591784 Up all night Running

>>591304 Stage is Set

>>587467 Do you TRUST SESSIONS

Wednesday 3.07.18

>>580523 rt >>580403 Free Speech Private Company

>>580431 rt >>580412 Father is who?

>>580331 Have you learned JA?

>>580366 MSM is a circus

>>579914 IBOR nothing to do with AT&T

>>579216 Find @Snowden

>>579222 (cheKeK'd) SEC Test 1 (no underscore)

>>579236 SEC Test 2 (still no underscore)

>>579328 #internetbillofrights

Monday 3.05.18 ~ Tuesday 3.06.18

>>570744 No free passes [MSM].

>>568909 rt >>568863 wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/3672

>>568863 wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/629

>>568027 Big news week? Not over yet.

>>567803 rt >>567733 Wait & see.

>>567764 Logic says they simply would not report it.

>>567637 rt >>567610 Stage set?

>>567578 rt >>567534 They all have foundations & institutes for a reason.

>>567521 1st BOOM revealed.

>>567502 rt >>567454 These people are stupid (removed >>567493)

>>567440 rt >>567393 Trust the plan

>>567408 Do you believe in coincidences?

>>564638 Parade 11-11-18

>>564130 rt >>563781 & >>563824 Why Steel is important

>>563806 The nail in many coffins

>>563536 rt >>563501 Asia live OP

>>563509 rt >>563432 MAP has everything

>>563386 Learn.

>>563358 STEEL

>>563238 rt >>563201 Biggest Intel Dro

>>562944 rt >>562883

>>562875 rt >>562842 WATCH the water.

>>562842 rt >>562749 Water.

>>562660 @Snowden Welcome to China.

Sunday 3.04.18


>>548253 [Roasted]

>>548200 rt >>548166 Careful who you follow

>>548166 rt >>548157 Re read drops

>>548129 Hannity (see) >>548659

>>>/greatawakening/457 Do you trust the MSM?

>>>/greatawakening/456 BOOM

>>>/greatawakening/455 Listen carefully

>>545335 Expand your thinking

>>544985 We are everywhere.

Q Posts Feb 22,23 &24 >>581134

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thestoryofq.com (updated); qanonposts.com; qanon.pub

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1784d3 No.603477

Notable Posts

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>>603345 decoding CIA

>>603060 Snowden for Switzerland?

>>603043 DOS twats "Kenya"

>>602960 More digging on FBI Vault

>>602840 Oprah sells stock

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>>602445 Internet Regulation

>>602329 Snowden MI6??

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>>601474 Snowden family background

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>>600066 Food for Thought

>>599996 IBOR Ideas

>>599921 Look at his family

>>599789 @Jack satanic verses

>>599714 Why Snowden, replied to by Q

>>599675 George Soros sell off...

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>>598291 Clinton/Obama Scandal Investigations

>>598141 Magical: Baron Trump's Marvelous Underground Journey and The Last President (PDF & Stream)

>>598058 Differences in Ford window stickers (QCar)

Batch 737 Notables

>>597805 NoName expected to stand down

>>597747 QPosts exactly 3 hours apart

>>597731 CNN: 'No way Trump can be ready by May'

>>597667 Trump said he spoke with NK

>>597368 BO: 'The baker girls will stay'

Batch 736 Notables

>>597335 Number plates on the QPic car

>>596609 The Hill: Trump Official spread conspiracy theory that Podesta was a satanist

>>596458 , >>596496 , >>596543 Chinese Safety Mark on the QPic car window

Batch 735 Notables

>>596346 Foundations and NGO's are at the root of Iran's troubles

>>596246 , >>596146 Timestamp of the Q photo

Batch 734 Notables

>>595017 Patriots in uniform we salute you

Batch 733 Notables

>>594579 Kerry under investigation

Batch 730 Notables

>>592484 Want China Holdings

>>592439 Want China Holdings Ltd

Batch 729 Notables

>>591697 scrambled vid

>>591491 Bombshell 14 points

>>591399 Kill box info

Previous Notable posts >>596586 , >>525105 , >>569566 , >>570153 , >>581006 , >>592678 , >>593775

>>311157 "Notable posts" Thread

1784d3 No.603481

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d9d494 No.603485

File: bceb66109b70ce9⋯.jpg (14.53 KB, 402x257, 402:257, wtc7lieberman.jpg)


9/11 - 3 Minute Red Pill (could be trimmed to 30 seconds)

9/11 Lies - Can you count to 3?

"From all that I know about this, the investigation really was done on what happened. Every now and again I meet someone along the trail that asks me about this Building 7, but I have no evidence that this really occurred." - Sen. Joe Lieberman, re: collapse of the 3rd building on 9/11 - Bldng #7.

https:/ /hooktube.com/pvTIEUXhHv8

Lieberman is a TRAITOR.

When redpilling and asked "how can this have been hidden from the people?" - THIS!

9e0e4a No.603492

Doing a great job today everyone. Thank you.


848611 No.603493

File: 6df4539cba3fa87⋯.gif (9.11 MB, 700x488, 175:122, DX0y6j5VQAEZ-Q5.gif)

Trump pardons former Navy sailor imprisoned for taking photos on nuclear submarine, White House says

http:// www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/03/09/trump-pardons-former-navy-sailor-imprisoned-for-taking-photos-on-nuclear-submarine-white-house-says.html

1784d3 No.603495


https:// pastebin.com/UZGnm72b

b521c2 No.603499

File: d9ae87c93b6ef23⋯.png (52.52 KB, 1021x251, 1021:251, Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at ….png)



ee0111 No.603508


He is setting up HRC. She is about to be exposed for doing what the sailor did but on a much much bigger scale.

b06066 No.603512


Welcome to China.

Border crossing -3.

Spartans in Darkness.

Where was Snowden? In NK?


So Clowns might want him dead. He is a liability.

Why Q team is not picking him up?

Look at his family. Look at their positions. Why are we giving him this much attention? Why are we providing this much sensitive detail in a public [known] forum? Everything has meaning. Q

Whole Snowden family seems to be set up. Clowns set up?

The gf doesn't seem real [gf]. She could be MK ultra victim. Play part of gf.

If Snowden was a normal regular citizen Q wouldn't reveal his PERSONAL stuff. BUT he is not regular citizen, maybe even fake name. So Q is actually exposing a roleplayer setup by Clowns. That doesn't break privacy.

Why Q is keeping him in spotlight? If he didn't, none would be noticing him, and then… Clowns could easily take that liability down.

Why not catch Snowden? Public is not ready. Snowden was made hero, people could outrage catching him making Trump look a villain.

Who really controls NK?

Rothschilds? Snowden has been an onsite guy with helping communications, security, etc…

Why would Q post Welcome to China. Were Snowden sometime in NK? Maybe.

9e1959 No.603513

https:// www.youtube.com/ watch?v=YJcIuCF5RdI

Video of BHO with an erection showing it off on plane while women can be heard cheering him on, saying "Get down agent!" referring to his penis… Could be great to counter the Stormy Daniels stuff, if need be!!!

ee0111 No.603514

Thanks baker. Dough looks good.

c3c83f No.603515

File: de6b3d86d57cb91⋯.png (455.23 KB, 1024x777, 1024:777, DeliciousBread113.png)


Delicious bread, Baker

0a65dc No.603516

File: 126986be7767325⋯.jpg (47.9 KB, 600x314, 300:157, OperationGauntlet.jpg)

Abilene police assist in child sex crime, human trafficking sting operations that netted 62 arrests

Abilene police assisted in child sex crime, human trafficking, and prostitution sting operations that netted 62 arrests in West Texas last month.


d11a83 No.603517

File: d568f2113506a35⋯.jpg (108.25 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, QAnonBoom.jpg)

b94db5 No.603518

Petitions for the IBOR2: 11.054/100.000

42b6fa No.603519

Let me guess AR15 this is to counter the idea of vets at schools right?


c4f6a1 No.603520

File: af12d0c3a2419b9⋯.png (23.63 KB, 544x170, 16:5, ClipboardImage.png)

How to break the MSM.

ccfc22 No.603521

Thank you Baker(s)!!!! We Love you!!!

931ce7 No.603522


nice bread baker

getting Q's jam to look good is a biotch ain't it

ee0111 No.603523

d448ba No.603524

File: d8d9b3d6ca3c270⋯.jpg (26.6 KB, 500x280, 25:14, images.jpg)

Biden might very well be under criminal indictment by then.

20961d No.603525



932415 No.603526

I wonder whether Snowden is a "Shadow Broker".

1217eb No.603527

76d6bf No.603528

File: b908b66485a7d0a⋯.png (354.91 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, 3C31ABF2-CB87-4DD9-B6A2-FD….png)

Look what this twit just tweeted

1784d3 No.603529


Baker Here

I will be doing one more update to the dough (OP is getting too big - had to cut it short quick)

and ill need a baker to take over for a while after I paste new dough.

ee0111 No.603530


Back up baker is here when you need one.

ccfc22 No.603531


Yup!!! He's rubbing her nose in it too!!!

I love Trump!!! He actually does what we all wish would happen!!!

0a65dc No.603532

File: cf8662a0a2b6b60⋯.jpg (277.61 KB, 1200x870, 40:29, ProblemChild.jpg)

76d6bf No.603533

File: b908b66485a7d0a⋯.png (354.91 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, 6F2FAAFB-DA10-405B-9301-B7….png)

Look what someone just posted on twitter

d079d7 No.603534

File: 442b25f93e964fd⋯.png (1.28 MB, 690x646, 345:323, capture_080_28022018_07500….png)

1f0a95 No.603535


agree…so take the soldier's time served for a minor infraction…multiple by infinity for her treasonous infractions.

1784d3 No.603536


yeah, almost there though

e20b68 No.603538


Awesome - thanks memefag!

14d1a0 No.603539


Think of the APPLE hypocrisy too…

Remember they would not unlock US phones for criminal investigations here yet they will jump in bed w/china and give them full access to all chinese data (and who knows what else)

CRAPPLE GOOLAG FACEBERG and TWATTER are becoming enemies of the state.

3e41ae No.603540

>>602767 (last bread)

He, of all people, should know we can "reach out and touch someone" any ol' time we want to. He did it himself enough times.

If pushed hard enough Kenya would cough him up like a hairball.

5d654c No.603541

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


God, I hope so. I hate that fucking pervert.

68a40b No.603543


We'd have to trade 6 oxen and 4 goats tho.

20451f No.603544


I just think that it’s funny that the comment is living through another newz cycle. I hope there’s a debate over whether the apology is sincere or not and that the words “Madcow” and “suppository” live to see another day together. Never quite knew the right word to describe her until now. “Constipated”.

9579d2 No.603545

File: f4625b7ef0f1f5a⋯.jpg (75.22 KB, 907x644, 907:644, 29025591_10215202130343926….jpg)

d47ebf No.603546


This is what happens when idiots decide Q has "helpers" posting as anon.

143cce No.603547



Has a certain glow to it

d9d49d No.603548


It gonna be sobering when the so called "sane" have to face the reality that they themselves have been overcome by the delusion!

ee0111 No.603549

File: ab9f74566a47f87⋯.png (449.17 KB, 952x700, 34:25, Julian-Assange-1.png)


You guys all saw that there was a UK court that said wikileaks cables could be used as evidence in court cases now right? Hopefully it is the same here.

dc2a9b No.603550


If, as Q has suggested, NK is under new management and Iran is next…then the "GE" in GEOTUS will have to also stand for "Greater Emancipator."

880f5e No.603551


>thinks he fools anons

>"going viral"

>no example given


not worth the time

b557bb No.603552


well done

2ac091 No.603553


Ive been mapping it - some is too hard to believe. Concerning to me is how every now and then POTUS name comes up in it - trying to see it all with open eyes - what is involvement, what is happenstance.

e20b68 No.603554


KEK'd - so true

19432d No.603555

Now that we know Trump already had his meeting with Kim, remember that NK General that was always around Kim disappearing? Was it at this time? Did he show back up?

f06a5f No.603556

Not sure if posted yet, I've been workfaggin … POTUS pardons Kristian Saucier , the Navy submarine, who asked for Hillary deal. I love our POTUS

931ce7 No.603557


if ya check the Monday 3.05.18 ~ Tuesday 3.06.18 section and count the spaces you'll get it :~)

took me 3 breads to get it right

5d654c No.603558

File: b32c8a80b713930⋯.jpg (3.11 KB, 100x120, 5:6, 100px-Armadura_medieval.jpg)

7ce0e1 No.603559

File: 8741b9d011ebf4c⋯.png (60.32 KB, 613x267, 613:267, Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at ….png)

Hot off the Twatter

20961d No.603561


So if I take out puts on FB is it insider trading?

7ce0e1 No.603562

File: 5a90a9474a2da8b⋯.png (267.27 KB, 467x879, 467:879, Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at ….png)

1217eb No.603563


IDIOT FILTERED, except there ARE operators posting here as well as the shills

c8d015 No.603564

File: 579e0efdf480a00⋯.jpg (6.33 MB, 4786x6221, 4786:6221, SessionsInvestigatingQTime….jpg)






(((colons for flood prevention)))

76d6bf No.603565


Sorry I didn’t mean to double post.

cda9bb No.603566


Watch the water

f7191b No.603567


Does it mean something?

9f57b4 No.603569


Armed Men Raid Iran Embassy in London…

http:// en.farsnews.com/newstext.aspx?nn=13961218001096

68a40b No.603570


Yes my screen flickers when they jump on to see what Im doing.

2ad737 No.603571

File: 7d131f657d9a57f⋯.gif (6.05 KB, 200x133, 200:133, spqr-flag.gif)

Snowden works for … My guess

e20b68 No.603572


There are no coincidences…

76d6bf No.603573


He’s deluded!!

ccfc22 No.603574

File: cfdc1d5dd2e6079⋯.png (46.57 KB, 617x354, 617:354, ClipboardImage.png)


880f5e No.603575


>This is what happens when idiots decide Q has "helpers" posting as anon.

on point.

direction invitation for things like this

0a65dc No.603576

File: b758968b0309822⋯.jpg (159.84 KB, 1080x1066, 540:533, UNeed2Know.jpg)

14d1a0 No.603577


Buy some silver with the profits :)

4c5ddd No.603578


Dont drop the soap

b71058 No.603579



d079d7 No.603580

File: 31713288b4c8942⋯.png (4.98 MB, 1787x972, 1787:972, capture_001_11022018_22131….png)

7a5e63 No.603581


They love to gaslight, but no one believes them anymore.

ee0111 No.603582

File: d3341f5819e1f7a⋯.png (445.32 KB, 1080x906, 180:151, Screenshot_20180309-143902….png)

14d1a0 No.603583



will share

1217eb No.603584


not sure what you are trying to say… filtered anyway.

f7191b No.603585


This is NOT a game!

82c675 No.603586

Active shooter w/at least 3 hostages in Yountville, CA at the Veteran's Home.

572678 No.603587


Hot off the twatter? It’s more than a year old

7948d5 No.603588


@Snowden in the Iranian embassy?

ee0111 No.603589

File: 1b06f8a0f85cfb8⋯.png (836.65 KB, 1080x1301, 1080:1301, Screenshot_20180309-143753….png)

Tick tock!

cda9bb No.603590


Tariffs on steel and coal mining should be two arguments for Pennsylvania to vote for Trump's candidate.

0bd67c No.603591

Jumping back on for a few and was just thinking- and hear me out on this: Given ES family who seem to be patriots, and looking at things like Flynn, Sessions, Wray, etc and what makes a great movie- What if Snowden has been part of the gig the whole time. Think about it, if any other country wanted him dead he would be by now except for the exceptional protection we provide our true patriots. Think about the images posted of ES. Also, consider that POTUS has been setting this stage for a LONG time…probably since Reagan. I saw an interview with him nearly 20 years ago saying how if he were President, he would make a deal with NOKO. All the players that have been put into place for this performance took a LOT of time and planning. What if ES roles has been part of GEOTUS plan all along?

b94db5 No.603592


Trust Wray!

b71058 No.603593


hot off the twatter? from feb 17 2017?


7a5e63 No.603594



All six have something else in common. Demogrpahics.

805744 No.603595


34 followers = no impact

Not worth sharing here.

888100 No.603596


Typical left wing hypocrites. They keep their guns but insist on taking ours.

65140b No.603597

My "worldly" self is so motivated and excited about all of this!

My "spiritual" self is quite aprehensive.

(emotional tennis match)

c73bd3 No.603598


'military style type rifle'. who knew? this stinks to high heaven

e20b68 No.603599


Fuck YEAH! Take 'em DOWN.

68a40b No.603600


Yes it is. Except the stakes are not friendly.

19432d No.603601


If it gets proved Obama was not a citizen of the US then I wonder what the law is if the Presidency was taken from Obama. Is it better he stay as a ex-President or not. I would love to see the Presidency be taken away but the fallout might be too much.

c3c83f No.603602

File: 10c08344bcba6c0⋯.jpg (106.04 KB, 600x901, 600:901, Batter92.jpg)

File: 78c16a89e2f41e5⋯.jpg (58.56 KB, 486x720, 27:40, Batter93.jpg)

File: 9ed216dbcbf5abe⋯.jpg (138.53 KB, 563x697, 563:697, Batter85.jpg)

File: 03f472e6901e2ad⋯.jpg (280.45 KB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, Batter74.jpg)

File: 92cc26b18ac27ef⋯.jpg (284.25 KB, 1080x1329, 360:443, Batter73.jpg)


Love, love, love!

Here's some more batter for this meme.

82c675 No.603603


"cold" weapons?

0b2be0 No.603604


Expand your lurking.

1f0a95 No.603605


but cnn says won't help at all…they are useless. I'd say grow-up but I'd rather they just go away.

1c96d0 No.603606

File: 320e73b073fca9b⋯.jpg (163.21 KB, 474x355, 474:355, Dems4IBOR.jpg)

File: ba0423972924fb0⋯.jpg (167.6 KB, 474x355, 474:355, Dems4IBOR2.jpg)

File: caec4dfde20d92d⋯.jpg (167.08 KB, 474x355, 474:355, Dems4IBOR3.jpg)

File: e78836632cba250⋯.jpg (165.44 KB, 474x355, 474:355, Dems4IBOR4.jpg)

b94db5 No.603607

Petitions for the IBOR2: 11.127/100.000

931ce7 No.603608




35e989 No.603609

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.



"Oh, that's just uh, Boom Baby Boom! I'm the Evil Midnight Bomber what Bombs at Midnight!"

b71058 No.603610

File: c7faee3b5c8e2e7⋯.png (3.56 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 8E36268B-7C74-4FFA-8AE9-32….png)


9e74be No.603611

d54c1c No.603612

Has any planefags been able to go back and find where the planes actually went when taking the money to iran for the iran deal. Where did the planes actually go?

4f7f80 No.603613


Closer every day.

231ffb No.603614

msm loading up the weekend cannons (no actual source, as usual)

"WASHINGTON—President Donald Trump’s lawyers are seeking to negotiate a deal with special counsel Robert Mueller that uses an interview with the president as leverage to spur a conclusion to the Russia investigation, according to a person familiar with the discussions.

The president’s legal team is considering telling Mr. Mueller that Mr. Trump would agree to a sit-down interview based on multiple considerations, including that the special counsel commit to a date for concluding at least the Trump-related portion of the investigation. One idea is to suggest a deadline of 60 days from the date of the interview, the person said."


5d654c No.603616

File: 7dda5737f6f2d99⋯.jpg (29.45 KB, 498x498, 1:1, 424-Kinderkamer-Stylist-3c….jpg)


IXXI isn't a game

f7191b No.603617


Fucking idiots.

Why do we even read messages by people who don't read the Q drops.

ES is Eric Schmidt. Whaty does his family have to do with @snowden?

NOTHING you fuckface. Take a handful of fentanyl tablets now and spare the world your idiocy in future.

e4baca No.603618


https:// global.adsbexchange.com/VirtualRadar/desktop.html

Now it looks like there is also a fire in the area. Two fire airplanes in the air above it.

This would be a really bad thing. Extremely dry winter and a ton of brush in that area.

ec1f54 No.603619

Any new info about yesterday's DDOS?

0bd67c No.603620

>>603608 Nice work

1f0a95 No.603621


fallout from whom? the zombie-followrs will just have to suck it up.

if he broke the law, it's on HIM. he needs to be stripped of the office - what a disgrace.

56fb7d No.603622


Definitely the right thing to do. Undoing a horrible wrong. I thought it was ridiculous the moment I heard this story.

Common sense rules, literally, finally.

Stating the obvious, I know, but somebody has to say it.

1c96d0 No.603623

File: 96d3ae9b0e4fb7c⋯.jpg (979.33 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, scrabbleibor.jpg)

File: 98d9d54e6fa58f9⋯.png (34.91 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, Scrabble_letter_Q.svg.png)

File: e6e4231505e1547⋯.jpg (1.03 MB, 1024x1024, 1:1, scrabbleqanon.jpg)

File: 032f0e13cdc17bd⋯.jpg (2.62 MB, 2000x2000, 1:1, scrabbleqRESEARCH.jpg)

7ce0e1 No.603624

File: a994380ee212e28⋯.png (142.55 KB, 319x313, 319:313, download (2).png)

d47ebf No.603625

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Your spirit is constructed of void. How can void be apprehensive?

7948d5 No.603626


It was a fuckin joke guy

d079d7 No.603627

File: 6e84a92b511f906⋯.png (1.62 MB, 631x896, 631:896, capture_006_01032018_02453….png)

56fb7d No.603628


Sorry guys, didn't mean to have this crap in the name field. Sorry.

cda9bb No.603629

Seems to mean weapons that don't fire: axes, knives, clubs, swords…


e4baca No.603630


Twenty shots fired, automatic weapon, two to four hostages and now it looks like a fire has started nearby.

5d654c No.603631



it's only a minor case of misfagging

e9b24d No.603632


Oh noes, puts me in mind of Badda-Book Badda-BOOM!

Even has the same stance.

2834cf No.603633

File: c9655aaedec998c⋯.jpg (31.51 KB, 609x381, 203:127, zuckerberg-netanyahu-609x3….jpg)

1c96d0 No.603634

File: 26add0212039068⋯.jpg (1.35 MB, 1600x1151, 1600:1151, billofrights1.jpg)

File: 968bbd91789aded⋯.jpg (1.35 MB, 1225x789, 1225:789, billofrights2.jpg)

File: dce14fa0b3a941d⋯.jpg (713.97 KB, 1024x673, 1024:673, billofrights3.jpg)

File: e6ed53fc8dd9392⋯.jpg (762.79 KB, 1024x688, 64:43, billofrights4.jpg)

File: dc1f242fc396725⋯.jpg (824.84 KB, 1024x866, 512:433, billofrightstwo.jpg)

6fddf0 No.603635

Another angle of attack on the MSM might possibly be the control they exert over visual media, as we saw over the missing SOTU near-frame photos. The control over available news photos and video released to the public sees is extreme and often used to shape an editorial narrative. This message control happens invisibly and independently, often separate from news outlets themselves. The content is gate-kept at the highest levels, as well as further down the line.

For instance, few realize that during the Obama administration even the MSM media was effectively excluded from photographing Obama in all but the most scripted public events. This exclusion was actually extended to the MSM outlets and wires themselves, to great consternation. The White House Press Photographers Association tried to raise an outcry at the time, but they were effectively shut out by Obama and his chief photographer Pete Sousa. The media, of course, shared little of this outcry, as it would have shown a light on their weakness in advocating for access, and willingness to essentially ignore their role as the Fourth Estate.

Virtually every candid photo of Obama anyone remembers was taken by Sousa, who was basically acting the role of a govt. PR photographer, providing selected content to the wires and outlets.

If you listen to various interviews, you realize he is an uncritical true believer, not a journalist in any traditional sense. (Here's one from NPR: https:// www.npr.org/2017/11/07/562341917/photographer-pete-souza-reflects-on-8-years-and-1-9-million-photos-of-obama)

These uncritical and photos were handed out to the MSM, as the only content often available for the entire 8-years. This greatly shaped public perception of the administration, bracketing their own narrative control with the MSM. People tend to place a lot of belief in what they "see". As we've seen here, what we see is often held back behind an impenetrable firewall by private news companies and wires.

Considering how many relatively unknown photo editors, producers and line journalists also appear to resemble the Mockingbird model, you can imagine this effect on public perception.

4ddec2 No.603636

File: 1544c752ce13d80⋯.jpg (1.64 MB, 3660x2148, 305:179, 4am talking point.jpg)

Can anyone figure out what Mockingbird Media's 4am "talking point" was?

f7191b No.603638


So what? Nobody here except you is talking about IXXI

e919b4 No.603639

Not sure if this has been posted yet, great article about anons and the whole purpose for being here.

https:// www.theburningplatform.com/2018/03/09/is-there-a-method-to-the-socratic-madness/#more-172161

1f0a95 No.603640


Start the TAKE WEAPONS AWAY FROM VETS narrative…drip, drip, drip. They keep chipping away.

dd662a No.603641


can't wait… we're getting there early to get a good seat… i'll try to slip in a secret shoutout to all the anons somehow

b71058 No.603642

File: f8dcc16a7682534⋯.png (820.51 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 7FB48628-9F95-4F14-854A-51….png)

I think Rice will help us get OBAMA

af0e41 No.603643


I’m thinking along those lines too - his [known] family is pseudo

7ce0e1 No.603644

File: 1c41df457897eee⋯.png (654.47 KB, 819x545, 819:545, Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at ….png)

3a1434 No.603645

File: 8580bd6fc6fc53b⋯.png (49.68 KB, 571x355, 571:355, POTUS-3-9-1540.png)

c4f6a1 No.603646

File: 2721fd2c2ca2f1a⋯.jpg (69.64 KB, 960x538, 480:269, DXznYzVVQAAy3ZE.jpg)

72e6b8 No.603647


well. time to expose the dumbass then. post twats and expoxe it for a clown.

b94db5 No.603648



931ce7 No.603649

It's about time


The poor guy

0a65dc No.603650

File: bfc172d1338c59a⋯.jpg (72.31 KB, 500x615, 100:123, HeadsInSandReSethRich.jpg)

Let's get that last few percentile!!!

880f5e No.603651


https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poe%27s_law

e9b24d No.603652


And all the laws and EO's he signed into effect - become null and void. Right?

1217eb No.603653



6fddf0 No.603654

Santiago Lyon, former Director of Photography for AP, published this on Facebook today:

"So my friends at World Press Photo have invited former WH official photographer Pete Souza to make a keynote speech at their Amsterdam photojournalism awards festival in April.

This troubles me deeply.

While Mr. Souza is undoubtedly a fine photographer with a very compelling and well-loved subject - the Obama presidency - some of his images came at the expense of independent media access - and all his work for the White House falls squarely into the category of government propaganda.

Of course, his photography also forms part of the photographic and historic record of a unique and pioneering President.

He’s also promoting his new book of photos of the Obama presidency.

I have written and spoken extensively about the media access issue - http:// www.nytimes.com/…/obamas-orwellian-image-control.html and http:// time.com/4650956/photojournalism-post-truth/ - and was, with others, at the forefront of efforts to enhance media access to the Obama White House, sadly without much success. But that doesn’t make the issue any less relevant and certainly has not dampened my energy.

In an era of diminished access, limited press freedom, real danger to journalists and increasing dismissal of journalism by world leaders as “fake news”, this issue is globally more relevant than ever.

What concerns me very much is that people will somehow conflate Mr. Souza's work with photojournalism, which it is decidedly not, in my view.

In an email exchange with WPP’s Lars Boering and David Campbell we agreed to disagree on the merits of inviting Mr. Souza.

That said, I do hope that World Press Photo will see fit to clearly and precisely make the distinction between Mr. Souza’s work and independent photojournalism while introducing him.

It often amazes me how people sometimes forget to check and contrast the sources of their information.

It’s too easy to be seduced by these wonderful images of a popular President without understanding how they were made and perhaps more importantly - to what end.

Media literacy and critical thinking are as important as ever."

e4baca No.603655


850 people live in that home. https:// www.sfgate.com/crime/articleComments/Active-shooter-reported-at-Yountville-veterans-12741622.php

19432d No.603656


I have been posting for weeks about odd things happening in the oceans. There have been hot spots like the one in the middle of the Gulf that got to be 129 degrees while around it it was around 75-79 degrees. Bahama just got a new river that cut the island in two from a persistent high wave that kept hitting the coast. They are going to have to build a bridge to get to the other side of the island. Most of this is happening in and around the Atlantic. From the US coast to England, Scotland etc.

356a85 No.603657

File: b2324bd438059b3⋯.png (27.58 KB, 1254x272, 627:136, Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at ….png)

File: 9e93d2bf88043a6⋯.png (64.84 KB, 1286x522, 643:261, Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at ….png)

Rothchild going down today?


-111 days

65140b No.603658


The only void in man's soul, sadly, shall come when God withdraws from the midst of his soul and the burning commences.

Oh boy… terrrible.

Seek Holy Chist.

"Ye also, as lively stones, are built up a spiritual house, an holy presthood, to offer up spiritual scrifices, acceptable to God by Jeus Christ.

0b2be0 No.603659




f7191b No.603660


We could make a campaign out of it to only post truly socratic questions in memes and tweets for 7 days.

People will notice that there is ledd news, and many more QUESTIONS.

35e989 No.603661


Fridays are no fun.

0a65dc No.603662

File: e970f01510b1d9c⋯.jpg (88.32 KB, 920x611, 920:611, SemperFidelisBeAMarine.jpg)

IsTheTruthTooMuchtoAsk?#ShadowBanned Retweeted

U.S. Marines

Verified account


20h20 hours ago


This week, Cpl Veronica Byrnes Bradley passed away.

She was the face of the Marine Corps recruiting effort during WWII.

Semper Fidelis, Marine.

e9b24d No.603663


Yeah, but she won't be pardoned… NO DEALS!!

14d1a0 No.603664

File: 82d055307418acd⋯.png (25.89 KB, 244x264, 61:66, Screenshot 2018-03-09 at 1….png)

>>603604 KEK

>>603564 "Rod" Rosenstein

^^^^Great work

I wonder if we will have a new party - pic related

946076 No.603665

File: 529c1348c7f8502⋯.png (452.35 KB, 1347x737, 1347:737, Another-one.png)

http:// www.vagazette.com/news/nationworld/ct-california-veterans-home-gunman-20180309-story.html

Another "situation", just heard about it in the car a few minutes ago. Hope it's not the next FF, place is populated by old and disabled vets.

6c2c8c No.603666

You're carrying a gun because you didn't like what was said about your lying kid?!?

Take Hogg Daddy's Guns!

76d6bf No.603667

File: 809ed6076030093⋯.jpeg (257.31 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 6344761A-3DAB-4923-BC08-3….jpeg)

I said to my other half a couple of days ago that I thought the Russian spy was probably poisoned by Clinton. Just came across this!! Very interesting.

ee0111 No.603668


Expect Q soon. Within an hour for sure.

65140b No.603669

File: c810404ab16a9be⋯.jpg (187.55 KB, 1024x523, 1024:523, giant skull.jpg)

a567f7 No.603670

CIA officers flood into Democratic party for 2018 mid terms;

https ://twitter.com/JulianAssange/status/972190598219292672

d079d7 No.603671

File: 5ec22cb429acc9d⋯.png (1.42 MB, 694x713, 694:713, capture_078_28022018_07471….png)

1fdf84 No.603672

File: 4c119daf84c4ea2⋯.png (1.31 MB, 692x912, 173:228, car highlight.png)

Looks like editing to hide recognisable buildings?

Is the bridge a toll bridge on a highway?

Notice the boat heading in the opposite direction on the other side of the crash barrier? Looks like an old Bayliner? It’s got canopies.

The billboard should tell us a lot. Anyone recognise the advertising?

Also the cell tower it’s on has a unique style of cell panels.

Note too the seatbelt is set to full height so the front seat occupant is very tall.

In the white caddy there’s no one visible in the rear seat. There’s either no rear passenger, or they are hiding.

I agree with the chan assessment that thes white car is ES being transported in a diplomatic vehicle. Photographer vehicle is likely part of security detail.

Mongok HongKong?

27d8fd No.603673


>"Love that y'all believe anything you see on 8chan - as long as it's anonymous!"

Seems to be the new (old) talking point.

Lines up with the twatter PR from this early a.m.

9e1959 No.603674



Jews of a feather…

f7191b No.603675


I'm sure these ladies have loads of Socratic questions to ask on Twitter.

98c0f9 No.603676


Giving UK a reason to strike back and escalate.

701412 No.603677


Of course they do. Where else can they hide hoping for the storm to pass over them.

They're in for a rude awakening.

1f0a95 No.603678


They have tried to do this in the past…citing "psychological reasons" for removing guns from veterans. I guess they are mentally stable with a gun in uniform but not when they take the uniform off.

Praying this gets stopped quickly BUT can;t help wonder who is behind it.

ccfc22 No.603679


When? Now?


Wonder if they're related??

b71058 No.603680


2-3 hostages right now

SWAT team knows who he is. Spent time at a HALFWAY home for VETERANS with mental problems

largest veterans facility in the US or CALI I think he said.

72e6b8 No.603681


you a clown too? 1 real anon apple fooled can spoil a basket. we need to expose it as a clown. a few tweets with this and call it fake.

a481e8 No.603682


>We are winning BIGLY and yet everybody is so on edge in here. I don't get it.

Because we are in a war. This battle has gone swimmingly well.

We are still in the fire zone however.

What is over the next hill?

What is coming over the horizon?

What might the enemy be doing under the sea?

We need to be vigilant, not let down our guard, and celebrate cautiously... while we continue this war.

We celebrate to completion, only with complete capitulation of the enemy.

That is in the future.

The enemy is wounded.

Not at the point of capitulation.

Enemy is more dangerous today than yesterday.

Vigilance is prudent.

Time to rearm, rest and assess.

f1a65a No.603683

File: fc460068ec00226⋯.jpg (339.01 KB, 908x629, 908:629, 20de727874571875d97ea7f0a3….jpg)

File: 7acae16dd8f02ad⋯.jpg (153.13 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 257nop.jpg)

File: 8012b3884176416⋯.jpg (143.89 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 257nu7.jpg)


When DJT delivers censorship free social media to the USA it will be peazy easy to redpill all redeemable normies.

Pics related.

b94db5 No.603684


Those kikes of.., (Sorry)

0a65dc No.603686

File: fbc07a7dfd27c98⋯.jpg (33.99 KB, 768x432, 16:9, HumaDoesntTweet.jpg)

If Hillary Clinton "allowed" Huma Abedin to tweet…

c7be0a No.603687


Op's in CT need attention.

19432d No.603688



Remember he was PRESIDENT. Everything he did would be null and void which would be a clusterfuk to fix.

200405 No.603689


It's all about the children. Yes, they made profit from it- by selling children for profit and pleasure. You won't believe what these people have done. Read moar!

ee0111 No.603690


So why would this be a confidential email? What's so secret about it?

68a40b No.603691


Sooo… does that mean she was Bill's Huma-dor as well?

268e94 No.603692

File: 235ef14e3556d01⋯.jpg (187.23 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, We Never Lie.jpg)

d079d7 No.603693

File: 7769302a39d88f5⋯.png (1.62 MB, 648x871, 648:871, capture_004_01032018_02423….png)

0bd67c No.603694

>>603680 More voices of God programming or other psychotronic weapon?

1f0a95 No.603695


I get where you are going…this would be unprecedented…if null&void is need I would think new provisions would have to be enacted. That can be his legacy,

1217eb No.603696

File: fffcf7b989a8bd7⋯.jpg (115.33 KB, 1200x600, 2:1, 0d4caa14a93088e923034ab749….jpg)


when it ACTUALLY comes out that he was never eligible to be president, it will invalidate his ENTIRE PRESIDENCY none of the laws he signed are valid.

1c96d0 No.603697

File: 6866af32a5fff27⋯.jpg (690.34 KB, 2993x1024, 2993:1024, zuckerspy.jpg)

3e41ae No.603698


And throw in a couple cases of Trump water.

ccfc22 No.603699

I bet that our troops are protecting NK and have been since POTUS met with him. Think about it.

Wouldn't the cabal want to now attack NK?

Look at what L Graham just said about Kim - he's warning him NOT to meet with Trump.

I wonder if Kim is even in NK right now! Trump is protecting his life!!!!

c3c83f No.603700


Yes, they seem pretty based, Anon.

82c675 No.603701


I worked @ Vets Home & could never understand why we didn't have armed security. Too many PTSD situations, attacks on other residents & staff. Me being one of them. Had to fight off a predator that tried to strangle me. Don't get me wrong, I loved my guys but there were too many there that needed more help than we could provide.

931ce7 No.603702


oceanic flow has been changing

one of the theories I remember said that with melting ice there was a chance of drastic changes to the atlantic flow and that will bring HUGE changes in climate to europe

cda9bb No.603703


Our press is exactly the same.

I was really happy when Q told us that Trump already had met with Kim and about Trump's and Moon's announcements.

Our press belittles this, or stays silent or taunts Trump that he caved in and give Kim credit only.

So mostly, people don't even know that this happened.

I would have loved to read something intelligent about all this and to talk to someone about a development that instills hope in people.

MSM here killed it.

c73bd3 No.603704


you got it! chipping away at 2nd.

b06066 No.603705


repeat that daily / everytime there is a repeating story in MSM.

Expose them.

Great work anon

ccfc22 No.603706


Is Kim at Camp David?

3c71b6 No.603707

Good afternoon Anons


Q !UW.yye1fxo 03/09/18 (Fri) 06:39:47 04b0ec No.599730


Which country does he really work for?

The United Kingdom - England MI6

God Save US From The Queen

Expand your thinking.


ee0111 No.603708


I know but Anons attacking other Anons is not how we win out there. People were jumping all over each other for nothing this morning.

e4baca No.603709


The suspect is believed to have been a member of The Pathway Home program for military veterans with emotional trauma. Early reports said the man, 36 years old, had been discharged from the treatment program two weeks ago.

uh, oh,

http:// napavalleyregister.com/news/local/law-enforcement-swarms-veterans-home-in-yountville-on-a-report/article_9fb35442-8272-594b-a392-6294fcd9b26d.html#tracking-source=home-breaking

35e989 No.603710


https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-09/joe-biden-seriously-considering-2020-run

c7be0a No.603711

https:// www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-switzerland-datatheft/swiss-spy-agency-warns-u-s-britain-about-huge-data-leak-idUSBRE8B30ID20121204

18d444 No.603712

1784d3 No.603713

>>592721 rt >>592712 POTUS Q Signal

>>592689 Video of POTUS Q signal

c1c31c No.603714

File: f83007006c215eb⋯.jpg (84.88 KB, 491x283, 491:283, fakeidsdoneforyears.jpg)



http:// www.jar2.com/Topics/Snowden.html

P.S. Not all Jews look alike.

Beside, if supposedly Jews morph as they get older, as some have here argued, wouldn't that explain how they supposedly look different to your untrained eyes when grown?

Does that argument feed another conclusion than what it is being tried to argue?

Are people fooled by this kind of thing easily?

What is the evidence his name is "Snowden?"

Are you told that by old Media?

Or by who else? Is that it?

Do you take what you are told as real?

Isn't that how the Russia Trump collusion Mania is fed?

People not wondering about the assumptions underlying their beliefs?

If you think you are "out of the box" you have to think again. And again, think out of that box.

People get angry when presented with new information. Anons are apparently not immune to that reaction.

That's why we prepare for all the big drops of Info.

I am not immune to that reaction either.

This could be a "Pelican post" but it's actually on topic of what we are supposed to work on.

Haven't Fake ID's been done in spycraft for 100's of years?

Why would Intel be so very anxious you should never learn that?

Shills like Dallas Goldbug and others who are here present, make a joke out of it by presenting ridiculous comparisons?

What would be the purpose of that?

Why do they need to muddy the waters?

Do they truly believe it doesn't happen. Or does their mockery serve another purpose?

I'm laughing at the comparisons too.

However, Some people have better eyes than others. Just like so many other skills.

You can also be trained or train yourself to be better at it.

If you study something, you do usually get better at it.

Obviously some people don't learn face recognition very well. And of course there is the constant disinfo teams around the subject.

e4baca No.603715


Looks like that may very well be what this is. Shooter in program there for vets with emotional problems is being reported.

http:// napavalleyregister.com/news/local/law-enforcement-swarms-veterans-home-in-yountville-on-a-report/article_9fb35442-8272-594b-a392-6294fcd9b26d.html#tracking-source=home-breaking

d47ebf No.603716


As a vet I would rather they just let us recieve euthanasia. I don't want to live in a home like that, as a prisoner.

93cd8b No.603717

I am making modifications to the Pavuk 4.1 core. If you run into any issues,first to a hard-reload to ensure that your browser has the latest JS.

If you have any other errors. find me here or on twatter.

I decided to do dev work while Q was relatively quiet…

5d0d9e No.603718

File: 44be5be68b2226f⋯.png (673.38 KB, 532x808, 133:202, patriot-ibor.png)

3c71b6 No.603719


Noooo, Kim Jong Un is not here…Camp David. Quiet sky's here.

82c675 No.603720


Ah, thanks.

f7191b No.603721


POTUS can just issue an EO that declares everything to be treated as if it was valid unless otherwise stated in an EO or new law.

And if there is a legal impediment to doing that, then POTUS can declare a state of emergency, shut down all transport systems, arrest all Congress reps, fly them to the Capitol and lock them in until they make a law that essentially does the same thing.

That would be where the x days of darkness MIGHT POSSIBLY happen

9e74be No.603722


>If it gets proved Obama was not a citizen of the US then I wonder what the law is if the Presidency was taken from Obama.

The penalty should be:

1) That he is stripped of the designation and the perks of it.

2) that he be prosecuted as an Enemy of the state, as well as Felony fraud.

3) those who vetted him as eligible should be stripped of all offices and perks, and prosecuted as traitors to the state, as well as felony fraud.

4) the vetting process for eligibility must be reviewed to ensure that it follows the constitution, and nothing else, with a eye towards closing any loopholes that allowed this in the first place.

This should be brought to a very harsh light, so it never happens to this country again. EVER.

052a25 No.603723



This appears to be off the mark and won't help our credibility:

http:// www.beingfactual.com/us-3rd-in-murders/

d079d7 No.603724

File: 10bcde23ed14b9b⋯.png (1.04 MB, 691x523, 691:523, capture_076_28022018_07454….png)

c3c83f No.603726

This is for all the Anons looking into Booz Allen Hamilton because of Edward Snowden. Follow the money. After a generous infusion of cash from the Carlyle Group, BAH went public last decade. Carlye Group has, since, sold the majority of their shares, making a lot of dough. I'm not a good digger. Can a broAnon get some help?

ee0111 No.603727


Wow, that is interesting. Why is Thailand so woke an we are so…..not?

4ddec2 No.603728

File: e0396e725947fd3⋯.jpg (115.58 KB, 862x508, 431:254, Assests frozen.jpg)

0bd67c No.603729

>>603707 Refer to my comment above and reasoning. I think he works for US.

35e989 No.603730


http:// www.foxnews.com/us/2018/03/09/veterans-home-california-in-yountville-on-lockdown-after-reports-shots-fired-officials-say.html

3e41ae No.603731


Take over the hashtag #sacrifices


e9b24d No.603732


MK triggered. Cabal fighting back as always, using pawns. Expect this to continue as a drip drip drip until the last one's neck snaps.

Seems they are not able to open the floodgates - maybe need 5G up and running for that?

ccfc22 No.603733


He will have to pay back his salary and all the costs at the WH, including the $$ he spent on "hot dogs", including all the hundreds of millions/billions he has stolen from us. I can't wait for this!!!!

4ddec2 No.603734


Thanks, Anon!

f7191b No.603735


P.S. I really do mean arrest them all because if there was no President for 8 years, there is no Republic, and the God Emperor can do whatever the fuck he pleases and his military will support.

Fortunately for all, he wants a sane Republic back.

3e41ae No.603736




d079d7 No.603737

File: abf7b8b1796ce74⋯.png (1.32 MB, 736x625, 736:625, capture_074_28022018_07442….png)

9e1959 No.603738

File: d008d515aa6956a⋯.jpg (118.67 KB, 800x532, 200:133, the-constitution-will.jpg)

1217eb No.603739

File: d296dab08e727a7⋯.png (382.32 KB, 438x366, 73:61, Screenshot-2018-3-7 Meme G….png)

e4baca No.603740


Once again, he just graduated a military therapy program.

Not a shocker if he is on meds.

ccfc22 No.603741



880f5e No.603742


>1 real anon apple fooled can spoil a basket.

that's the glory of muh chan "credibility" being such a fickle, unpredictable beast, it takes a lot more than 1 anon to spoil the bunch (and lawd knows a lot of them try to)

1f0a95 No.603743


why Q said Break the MSM.

we can SPREAD the TRUTH…show thier LIES and BIAS

ee0111 No.603744


It makes the NK defector at the SOTU all the more interesting too. He was probably there as a symbol of what was soon to be coming public about our relationship with NK.

82c675 No.603745


Notoriously short-staffed. So many of us burned out trying to provide adequate care.

c3c83f No.603746

File: f5da8a928f74365⋯.jpg (264.34 KB, 1000x1250, 4:5, Batter49.jpg)

File: 1403d1409494ff6⋯.jpg (413.13 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, Batter50.jpg)

File: 82b15886a54547c⋯.jpg (188.86 KB, 870x1007, 870:1007, Batter51.jpg)

File: 094ed53dd7007de⋯.png (1.29 MB, 880x938, 440:469, Batter52.png)

File: 014b9b3da48235a⋯.jpg (214.44 KB, 818x1024, 409:512, Batter53.jpg)

More 2nd Amendment meme batter.

b94db5 No.603747


it explain the followed State coup in Thai.

0aa7c0 No.603748

File: 52add9d93f6649f⋯.png (472.58 KB, 960x532, 240:133, NeedSauce.png)

931ce7 No.603749

File: 5d91a261f66e43f⋯.jpg (59.81 KB, 557x528, 557:528, zappaCivicsClass.jpg)

42b6fa No.603750


Yup, they have the kid angle, they just need to remove vets from guarding schools so bingo, remember the crazy teacher that locked himself in the school and shot himself? They are covering all the bases but they think we are dumb.

052a25 No.603751


To be fair, "single mother control" = abortion, and isn't too popular in these quarters

d079d7 No.603752

File: 56e7efb12a62978⋯.png (1.35 MB, 766x615, 766:615, capture_073_28022018_07435….png)

4ddec2 No.603753


Californistan getting back at POTUS/DOJ for cutting off their Federal money and trying to get those bastards to follow the fucking law!

19432d No.603754


At first I thought this was old meme but I look at the date and it's yesterday and today! Good grief. They are setting the stage for when the HRC vid comes out. I think it's a vid with Hillary talking to LL and BC on the tarmac through conference call or just a phone call. Hillary telling LL she will give her a seat in the SC if LL didn't prosecute her.

ee0111 No.603755


👀 Keep going anon.

f7191b No.603756


He won't have to pay anything. As a criminal who violated human rights laws, the Dec 21 EO means that all his assets, will already be the property of the US government when he is arrested. He won't even have money for a lawyer but of course, the judge will give him an allowance for that and appoint a trustee to manage the allowance funds for him.

9e74be No.603757


I dunno what it is about hot chicks with guns…

We need more of those to speak up in this country kekekek

b12533 No.603758

I'm going to beat it raw if you guys keep posting all of these girls and guns pictures.

1f0a95 No.603759


good find…very telling

ccfc22 No.603760


Right! I didn't even get there yet!!! Thank you!!

4ddec2 No.603761


>They are setting the stage for when the HRC vid comes out.


1784d3 No.603762




https:// pastebin.com/2mB4dGrC

I even fixed the spacing with the Q posts


Lets try keep these bread doughs nice and tasty for whoever bakes

ee0111 No.603763


So many countries knew!

68a40b No.603764


Trump will keep the integrity of the office of the president intact. Nothing with Obama will be public. He will always be the 44th President. He'll be rolled out to "living president events" to wave and smile. Like when Bush Sr. dies.

Seemed like that at the painting reveal that took place a month or so ago. "Smile and wave Obama, now back to Gitmo you go".

c3c83f No.603765


Be a memer and *make* them speak up for our country, Anon! God bless.

d47ebf No.603766


Thank you for trying. The good VA workers always quit, and I don't blame them. I hate that entire system. It caused more damage to me than the military.

542f95 No.603767


Lindsey needs to go ahead and open his poison ring and eat it

946076 No.603768


Shit, that sucks! The military treatments generally consist of giving these guys SSRI's and opiods for pain. I hope they didn't make it worse for the guy, which it appears they have. They need real treatment not big pharma garbage! And, don't discharge from program until fully weened off of that shit.

4ddec2 No.603769



19432d No.603770


The narrative will change in a bit and this will go away. Trump is not going to try and take our guns away. He knows we need them for the security of the US

d079d7 No.603771

File: 265eb51a92c903b⋯.png (1.3 MB, 721x628, 721:628, capture_072_28022018_07430….png)

dd662a No.603772

File: 8d8a24f6d330dc7⋯.png (519.22 KB, 498x658, 249:329, Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at ….png)


especially since his dad could be suffering from several psychological problems due to his illness… i can't find the screenshot.. but it was on hogg's reddit page.

can anyone read this kids phone? sourced from abc coverage

f1a65a No.603773


Single mother control can mean:

1) Stop the anti-men divorce rape laws (no more rewarding women to divorce husbands by giving them cash, assets and monthly payments); and

2) End welfare excesses.

Also kill the cultural marxist feminist propaganda in schools, TV and MSM.

880f5e No.603774


i found the mood to be quite good, actually…

the noise/post ratio is pretty good too

b94db5 No.603775


hmm, Yeo.., that did it.., bur without sucess.

ccfc22 No.603776


He will be appointed an attorney, I hope. But of course his assets will be ceased. That's kinda what I meant in that he will have to pay all that back. Not by his will, but by our will!! ;}

4bb14b No.603777


>>>BUT he is not regular citizen, maybe even fake name

This makes sense after sleeping on it. His background is BS. They didn't even give him a reasonable hacker background (Dell?, please). Maybe that was the part of "expand your thinking" from Q yesterday.

All that time spent on Hogg, Who is @Snowden?

He was born and then he dropped out of HS. Has anyone seen any other sauce than that? He has less of a background than Obama. Can't find one source that documents his pre-HS years.

Grade School - Some school in Anne Arundel County Public School System

HS Dropout - Convenient

College - No record (Verified by the college)

@Snowden is never referred to by name along with @Jack. Is Q telling us that neither of those people are who they say they are?

Has any anon really dug into who @Snowden is and has any sauce?

35e989 No.603778

File: a7641454e732475⋯.jpg (41.03 KB, 500x500, 1:1, thxbaker.jpg)

931ce7 No.603779


definitely a MASTER BAKER



b8b5ae No.603780


Great compilation! Can we find a bunch of these and save to spread? Any more?

5203bc No.603781

File: 15684bf1f695c72⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1439x2051, 1439:2051, Capture _2018-03-09-13-54-….png)

Just going to leave this here lads.


d079d7 No.603782

File: db135cf43853e3e⋯.png (1.25 MB, 748x584, 187:146, capture_066_28022018_07362….png)

ecb4d5 No.603783

File: b5adaa7c96b38b0⋯.jpg (315.94 KB, 1250x720, 125:72, 54afe17e731cba3a04bb88096f….jpg)


sorry for your pain anon. Ellen is a depraved luciferian dyke.

Is this blue pilled "guy" your GF ran off with maybe a F to M tranny sporting a rhinestone studded dildo with a buzzer in its head?

7ac1f9 No.603784

File: c17c5ad1fe7d230⋯.jpg (414.22 KB, 1440x720, 2:1, nader-mueller-feature-head….jpg)

Robert Mueller Probe Turncoat Can't Be Trusted - George Nader Indicted for Child Porn in 1985

>First Mueller is disqualified from any Russia Probe as is since he hand delivered Uranium to Russia as proven by Wikileaks

>Second Mueller is disqualified from any Russia Probe as is since he has a close and personal relationship with James Comey

>THIRD AND MOST IMPORTANT I'm worried about the Secret Service now guys

>They let a Federal Criminal into the White House? How'd he pass background Checks (((Nader)))

<Is there a Mueller Plant in the Secret Service? Seems like it. Need to do some checking here and overhaul security procedures.

https:// thegoldwater.com/news/20217-Robert-Mueller-Probe-Turncoat-Can-t-Be-Trusted-George-Nader-Indicted-for-Child-Porn-in-1985

https:// twitter.com/IWillRedPillYou/status/972213461047443456?s=19

9e74be No.603785


He also knows we won't stand for it.

The NRA is one of our voices in congress for that, and POTUS stands firmly with them.

I'm not concerned.

552167 No.603786

File: 2728220297b1a5a⋯.jpg (16.87 KB, 298x252, 149:126, 72u7u4-lyi65n5axgoz.jpg)

e9b24d No.603787


Umm - recommend using lotion or vaseline. Unless you like it like that.

ee0111 No.603788


Thanks baker. Let me know when you need to hand off.

5e348a No.603789


I just signed and it went down to 11,012??? Definitely some fuckery going on.

82c675 No.603790


Thank you for your service. I pray you're able to get better care & achieve the quality of life you deserve for sacrificing so much for our country.

f255d2 No.603791

So how about this BS!

But, it can flip on the Left HARD. They need to be careful lolololol

"U.S. judge questions whether Trump can block Twitter users"

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A federal judge on Thursday expressed skepticism about whether U.S. President Donald Trump can constitutionally block Twitter users whose views he does not like from following and responding to his own Twitter account.


052a25 No.603792


I'm with you there.

231ffb No.603793


…members of Sadeq Shirazi Shiite extremist sect, supported by London.

paging Sadiq Khan - your staff is waiting at the Embassy

5d0d9e No.603794

File: 0edd64177926091⋯.png (559.78 KB, 531x812, 531:812, patriot-ibor2.png)

d079d7 No.603795

[Tips Cap]

ccfc22 No.603796


Could there be a murder/suicide coming? Actually, I hope not. I'd rather see them pay for their crimes first.


Nice digs btw. =[]

abddf2 No.603797



@JACK had @POTUS TWITTER phone PING a (high freq) TONE,

Which was TRIANGULATED by nearby ppl with GPS enabled SIG DEVICES (SS??)

To enable remote ASSASSINATE.


(*as previously reported, @POTUS Twitter was possibly emitting GPS signal to be used for assassination, which was quickly curtailed. So a non-GPS signal to be intercepted needed to be EMITTED)

e9b24d No.603798


Better it be from the tarmac, rather than the one the NYPD found on Weiner's laptop, which is kiddie porn/abuse with HRC in the starring role.

1784d3 No.603799

Any notable posts this thread?

Ive been out fixing dough


And ill check the post

ee0111 No.603800



thanks J

b94db5 No.603801


Now it's in 11.169

b74990 No.603802


So has Kushner flipped? Or was he always a good guy on the downlow?

I remember that "Cadre" website where we figured out his logo was a reference to some lefty nonsense and he changed it immediately in response.

880f5e No.603803


thanks for your service!

suggestion: have the notables sections come after the other main bites/sections, because that section changes every thread, it's more likely to get bigger/need editing, etc.

This way the main architecture of the sections stays mostly the same except for new Q drops/updated archive links, and the notables can be as fluid as needed/expand into a new section if needed

1217eb No.603804

File: ac408f2bdd59494⋯.jpeg (113.47 KB, 750x744, 125:124, image2.jpeg)


Parkinsons does not cause mental instability

931ce7 No.603805



I take it back

why did you remove the past notables section?

it allows consolidation of notables that are less than a week old

d47ebf No.603806


Thank you but I don't deserve your empathy. I've devolved into some kind of monster. There are a lot of good people out there though, who do deserve it. Be well:)

5d654c No.603807

File: 60c6a8d1212f987⋯.png (2.27 KB, 240x240, 1:1, ixxi_logo_transparent.png)


I can change that


One man, can waken a brother

Together, they can waken another..

f255d2 No.603808


A Secret Service Agent was just arrested for possession of CP too.

27d8fd No.603809



Just caught the parentheses. Shields up if true.

c3c83f No.603810


To make the bread nice and tasty, we have to make the dough smaller. A good start would be to shuffle the Notable Posts off to another thread and just link to it.

5d654c No.603811



Brother only using for rhymic purposes

Someone something poetic with sister

1eb98b No.603812

>>603771. Who leaked a doc from that far back?

e9b24d No.603813


Naw, I think you're wrong on this. He's going to have his neck stretched. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

44 will be an asterisk in the history texts, like the antipopes, and a warning to our progeny of the importance of protecting our freedoms and being involved in our government.

200405 No.603814


The MAN is a legacy! Period.

ee0111 No.603815

File: f2feed285be881f⋯.jpg (60.8 KB, 960x540, 16:9, Custom Image 2702201820544….jpg)




231ffb No.603816


can cause delusions

be8faf No.603817

File: c8e35f107af578a⋯.png (145.8 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, AB553886-B1FF-4DAF-A5F4-7A….png)

e9b24d No.603818


Miss Lindsey needs to go Romeo and Juliet with Noname.

d47ebf No.603819


Please explain that symbol to me or point me in the direction of books that explain it clearly.

2834cf No.603820

Netanyahu at AIPAC: 'We will stop Iran'


http:// www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/242782

f7191b No.603821


>They are setting the stage for when the HRC vid comes out.

A smart prosecutor will not release any video and only make a convoluted and confusing statement about some possible recording of something blah blah…

Then Twitter will be flooded with QUESTIONS?

What does it mean?

Did the DA say there is a tape?

Is there something incriminating?

What did the DA mean when he said he has received a record?

Was it delivered on a vinyl record?

Was it just a memo?

Why did he say Lynch colluded with Clinton?

Did he mean Hillary or Bill?

How could they collude about anything?

Why was he saying that about the airplane wiindow?

Was someone making a video through the window?

What is going on here?

Just imagine how something like that would TOTALLY destroy the MSM narrative about lies on Twitter. The DA can then follow up by tweeting a clarification in one well written tweet. EVERYBODY would retweet it. It would be the only true facts available. Then follow it up after a 15 minute delay, and when MSM gets their newsrooms geared up to report the tweet, the DA tweets a video URL and again EVERYBODY retweets it, and ignores MSM bullshit suppositions.

Twitter goes from ALL LIES to the ONLY SOURCE OF TRUTH.

ccfc22 No.603822

File: 481a734af35f831⋯.png (242.62 KB, 416x561, 416:561, ClipboardImage.png)



Is this how they did it??

What timing!!!!

ee513f No.603823


Kekerino :)

She just couldn't handle a few bumps along the rode and called it quits for the blue pill life. I really don't feel much for her anymore to be honest considering she lied like a Jew with the whole "I just need to be alone for a while" And in less than 30 days, ran to some short, hairy faggot because he already has a house.

It sucks to always be right, bros. I saw a screenshot of 6 cunts I called out years ago literally plan to kill me because of the lies they spread to one another. Call them a gold digger and you'll see their true form. Every. Single. Time.

dd662a No.603824

File: 9953d96ff0b6434⋯.png (50.55 KB, 730x156, 365:78, Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at ….png)


no… he said his dad has this

f255d2 No.603825


LURK MOAR faggot

You are Waaay too new to be posting if you're asking Gay questions like that. Asshole

19432d No.603826


I am not either but there sure are a lot who are. So flighty in their trust.

200405 No.603827


They opened the vault. Find the answers here: https:// twitter.com/FBIRecordsVault

1784d3 No.603828


because there is a notables thread (after 10 notable threads, they get archived in the thread - hence why I put thread link on top)

and mainly because posts are getting too big with that section added it would fit nicely under the notables.

4ddec2 No.603829


Has POTUS' son-in-law "flipped"?

No, but apparently you have…'flipped' your lid!


1f0a95 No.603830


i'm talking muh legacy hussein

5203bc No.603831


Draining the swamp isn't about R v D. It's possible that Kush is really a swamp drainer but had to get a little messy.

Also…thats Brad Parscale his friend and 2020 DJT campaign manager with some familiar commentary.

>Promises made…

>Keep fighting!

1217eb No.603832


I've never seen it… depression yes, but I'm going by REAL world exp… not book learning.

b94db5 No.603833

Somethin new of Dr. Evil (Elon Musk) ?

b06066 No.603834


Q team could pick him up in private if they wanted. Remember Shanghai King Tower. We don't know the name. They could catch Snowden if they wanted.

Publishing his acts is a planned operation. If he was just a private citizen who has commit treason they might just pick him up in total media black out.

Respecting privacy is important, Q military team are honorable people.

Snowden clearly is NOT A PRIVATE citizen. There is something special. Clown asset, faked name, family, background, … all.

This is a game.

82c675 No.603835


We all get 2nd chances. I've had many. If it's possible for me, it's possible for anyone.

ccfc22 No.603836

File: df0308680dee3ff⋯.png (5.7 KB, 318x131, 318:131, ClipboardImage.png)


What does this mean Q?

1784d3 No.603837

ee0111 No.603838

Thanks id:d07!

93cd8b No.603839

Please add the Pavuk Qresearch database to the dough. It appears to be stable and folks are using it.


username qanon

password qanon

It is fairly up-to-date and new fixes are coming online to help deal with timezones. God, how I hate the JS date object.

Even more, I hate that Kendo has yet to integrate Moment.JS despite years of pleading.

c7be0a No.603840

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edward_Snowden

Snowden's decision to leak NSA documents developed gradually following his March 2007 posting as a technician to the Geneva CIA station.

1217eb No.603841


I had only seen Parkinsons.

d079d7 No.603842

1c96d0 No.603843

File: 7f767728b432027⋯.jpg (547.02 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, Girls4freedom4.jpg)

File: f451a65e5dad275⋯.jpg (635.13 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Girls4freedom3.jpg)

File: aece0752c499c78⋯.jpg (718.13 KB, 1024x771, 1024:771, girl4freedom2.jpg)

File: fb3daa5f6e1ee08⋯.jpg (758.69 KB, 1024x748, 256:187, girls4freedom.jpg)

b74990 No.603844


AFAIK kushner is/was a bit of a globalist

18d444 No.603845


Shove it up Tim Cooks ass force him to take everything out of China and bring it here to America!!!

ccfc22 No.603846

File: b30795515ffab13⋯.png (154.58 KB, 395x600, 79:120, ClipboardImage.png)

5203bc No.603847

Making sure anons know who tweeted this >>603781and what his role is for DJT. Re-read his message.

82c675 No.603848


We are extraordinary by Q?

d47ebf No.603849


Hopefully they legalize suicide after his is over. Then everything will be ok.

2834cf No.603850

On the news: "Israel Contemplates a Future Without Netanyahu"

Bye Netanyahu, bye Iranian threat?

https:// www.newyorker.com/news/news-desk/israel-imagines-a-future-without-netanyahu

231ffb No.603852


I Have seen it - close friend. Could be the meds, but suffers hallucinations and confusion - it's not uncommon

9e1959 No.603853


I think so, but for some reason I always picture him as Damien from the Omen, when he rigs the shotgun to kill the President.

619622 No.603854










These would knead nicely…

Mind suggesting a valid connection to justify it? Just askin.

c6fb17 No.603855

File: 4c1992859284302⋯.png (764.47 KB, 980x857, 980:857, DoDWatchTheWater.PNG)

35e989 No.603856

File: 0e8255ac324c35e⋯.jpg (810.01 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, march9th.jpg)


https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-09/stock-bulls-rejoice-weak-wages-cohn-exit-global-trade-war

ee0111 No.603857


Oh Baker!

ecb4d5 No.603858


Watts *was* of the void.

a567f7 No.603859


Oh I think it will come out that he was an imposter. How better to maintain the integrity of the office of POTUS? There's too much proof already out there (think Sheriff Joe, BO's brother Malik, etc.) JMHO.

82c675 No.603860


Please don't choose a permanent solution for what may be temporary. You may have more to offer than you can possibly dream.

9e74be No.603861


I've begun to have the opinion that snowy is as real as bho.

..So low grade plastic person. A fictional public misdirection into a trap for thousands who would trust him.

As JA learned.

1784d3 No.603862


ill check it

why does it show IP though?

ee513f No.603863


What about those RFIDs being made in his 666 building?

Will those be used on GITMO fags or The People?

27d8fd No.603864


Nice article, despite the misuse of the word synchronicity.

d11a83 No.603865

File: 899bd3eb28c8769⋯.jpg (10.62 KB, 255x206, 255:206, Screenshot_3.jpg)


4ddec2 No.603866



Well, LG knows damn well NK is controlled by the Clowns so he is warning them, not Kim Jong Un.

ccfc22 No.603867

File: f10e8546022a4d8⋯.jpeg (17.97 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 157dd7bad01ed6edf0efbb572….jpeg)



dd662a No.603868

File: b4185d4af57d352⋯.png (38.35 KB, 924x127, 924:127, Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at ….png)

e9b24d No.603869

If anyone here hasn't seen this, it's worth a watch.

https:// hooktube.com/watch?v=quhNvOXBCMs

Never give up your guns!!!

619622 No.603870


He's suggesting his own dig. Does it lead anywhere to be added?

9e74be No.603871


It doesn't mean shit except a wasted post, you asshole.

6e3427 No.603872

File: 5716a1b7ef81fc6⋯.png (208.35 KB, 800x1280, 5:8, Screenshot_2018-03-09-21-0….png)

I wish I had found this email earlier when they were screaming collusion with Russia

0a65dc No.603873

File: 411fd07d535cf7e⋯.jpg (54.85 KB, 573x300, 191:100, 9thCircusCourt.jpg)



17h17 hours ago


9th Circuit Court going totally off the rails

New ruling allows children to the sue the Trump administration for not doing enough to stop Climate Change..

These people are not above exploiting children for their silly waning #resist movement. Disgusting.

Ninth Circuit Allows Children To Sue Trump…Over Global Warming!!

“The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people. As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure …


552167 No.603874


wat ? that you got a Q like every capacha ?

1217eb No.603875


yeah could be, My godmother never took meds for it… just tobacco and coffee. lived with it for 20 years, died in her sleep.

e20b68 No.603876


My mind is swimming and trying to put things together. If POTUS met with KJU way back, then EVERYTHING in between was a total ruse - a show. Trying to wrap my head around that!

d47ebf No.603877


We all are.


Death, like life, is only an illusion. No fear. We all agree it is better for dangerous animals to be put down before they cause any harm.

6e3427 No.603878

Sorry https:// wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/6408

d75e5d No.603879


should we research?

c3c83f No.603880


I have a difference of opinion on how big the bread should be. I'm a high speed/low drag kinda guy, so it should be relatively small. Those notables could still be linked elsewhere for those that decide to read them. I'll bet less than 1% of Anons here read them. The Notables is just a start. There's other fat to trim.

Until the bread is brought back into a small, manageable order, I simply sit back and watch others bake.

0a65dc No.603881

Hillary Clinton would have empowered executives of Planned Parenthood much the same as President Trump is empowering American workers.

Trump isn't just creating jobs–he is saving lives.

The pink-hatted lunatics of the Left are exposed. We are never going back.

🇺🇸 maga

b5a555 No.603882


If if if if if if if he had only printed the birth certificate and re-scanned it before release all those cut and paste layered pdf file would've been hidden okey doke

SS# from CT BC from HI. School Records and WTF is up with his "family"? Kids adopted or borrowed. Are they victims? And "Micheal…….I mean Michelle and I……" lol. Around 2010 when birth certificate was released is when I woke up and started going down the rabbit hole. I never thought this day would come. NWO is going down. Thank you Mr President and team Q. And rest of anons and depolables who supported the movement.

27d8fd No.603883



Makes sense.

d536f1 No.603884

File: 4527686112d1619⋯.jpeg (340.58 KB, 700x1168, 175:292, D6398076-C686-471F-80ED-5….jpeg)

Digging with Q clues has me like…

0a65dc No.603885

File: 49046765da9557b⋯.jpg (157.46 KB, 1125x1143, 125:127, JennerOnCNNonIWD2018.jpg)

dc8f1e No.603886

File: 11162118249244c⋯.png (11.37 KB, 482x167, 482:167, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 55a3a1f47193528⋯.png (109.49 KB, 238x329, 34:47, ClipboardImage.png)

4550bc No.603887


Why are you having trouble. Isn't it pretty obvious that's the case? Even if they hadn't met, it was still a show, not serious.

1784d3 No.603888


if you could add 4 pictures in one post with a link to the source, then it might be notable post if the content fits

619622 No.603889


Please explain why this should be in the dough?

How does it connect?

ee0111 No.603890

File: c19599848dba554⋯.png (819.96 KB, 1080x1306, 540:653, Screenshot_20180309-151315….png)

The man can't be stopped!

5b073c No.603891


Another vote for moment.js. I'll work on integrating that with qanon.pub.

5203bc No.603892


My theory is that he purchased the building to PREVENT it from being in the wrong hands. Or it's just an address.

d75e5d No.603893




shadow broker snowden?

82c675 No.603894


I'd like to think redemption is possible. Depending on what someone's done, I think we're all able to choose better paths & do our time if necessary.

0a65dc No.603895

File: 38a8b4eaf49732b⋯.jpg (104.89 KB, 750x1070, 75:107, FightLikeYouAreThe3rdMonke….jpg)


Patriots are prepared to fight for our nation like we're the 3rd monkey on the ramp to Noah's Ark.

848611 No.603897

FBI Interviewed Uranium One Informant in Clinton Foundation Investigation

William D. Campbell fights back against The Hill and Democratic accusations

https:// saraacarter.com/fbi-interviewed-uranium-one-informant-in-clinton-foundation-investigation/

750895 No.603898

File: 948410d77341aca⋯.jpeg (3.38 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, image.jpeg)

5203bc No.603899


Yesssssssssssssssss…and Keep Fighting!

542f95 No.603900


Iran next

ee0111 No.603901

File: f10e8546022a4d8⋯.jpeg (17.97 KB, 255x255, 1:1, f10e8546022a4d899c571b23f….jpeg)


Brad is playing with us too!

Welcome Brad!

e9b24d No.603902


Actually, it can. It can cause delusions and paranoia.

1eb98b No.603903

>>603825 And you are too tired to be on the board today. Go take a nap faggot

65140b No.603904

File: 78ea9c9ea355158⋯.jpg (108.09 KB, 989x550, 989:550, The Clock is activated.jpg)

"When you see a cloud rising out of the west, immediately you say, 'A shower is coming'; and so it is. And when you see the south wind blow, you say, "There will be hot weather'; and there is. Hypocrites! You can discern the face of the sky and of the earth, but how is it you do not discern this time?"


"And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years."

3e41ae No.603905

People tend to forget this…

Obama and Odinga: The True Story

https:// canadafreepress.com/article/obama-and-odinga

0e248c No.603906

Armed Men Raid Iranian Embassy in London

Q says Iran next ?

42b34a No.603907


Great news! Love my POTUS!

b3ba9f No.603908

2013 article/interview with snowdens dad. Sorry if already posted. http:// www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/06/17/exclusive-father-edward-snowden-urges-son-to-stop-leaking-come-home.html

ccfc22 No.603909


No, that's not what I'm saying!!!!!!

If you think about it….

Clowns were controlling NK

Clowns are no more!

We (good guys/our guys) are now protecting NK FROM cabal!


Because they now think that POTUS is going to try to meet with Kim (but he already has).

Graham is telling Kim that Trump will trick him, don't meet with him.

They are warning Kim! Threatening him really.

So, now we need to protect Kim and allow NK & SK to unite etc.



2df51b No.603910

File: 027be727618b656⋯.png (15.13 KB, 502x299, 502:299, DJT Captcha.png)


I've received dozens of Q captchas, but pic related is my favorite.

f88587 No.603911


quest time?

1784d3 No.603912


I understand, and I would rather that too.

But once its palmed off to other bakers, everyone wants to add their own bit.

So its a continuous process, fat and trim.

Im trying to find the middle

d11a83 No.603913

File: 92902e75029d19b⋯.jpg (57.07 KB, 386x360, 193:180, idiot.jpg)

93cd8b No.603914

File: 5c65ee2fe31b780⋯.png (16.12 KB, 508x180, 127:45, ClipboardImage.png)

9e74be No.603916

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

200405 No.603917


Disinformation is necessary. See The Art of War. Read moar.

YOU must do the work to understand.

There are many here that can help and guide you.

Everyone will have to choose.

"If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice." - Geddy Lee, RUSH

There may be a test at the end.

4ca1c5 No.603918

File: ee9ae64c89569fb⋯.jpg (163.99 KB, 635x863, 635:863, Q1.jpg)

File: aef3ed2800db7ee⋯.jpg (198.08 KB, 661x855, 661:855, Q2.jpg)

File: c1f5ceb7ec5ed84⋯.jpg (138.11 KB, 668x658, 334:329, Q3.jpg)

File: d93cea1b1d01ef4⋯.jpg (152.94 KB, 732x790, 366:395, Q4.jpg)

File: 2b454237b2749e3⋯.jpg (125.13 KB, 708x571, 708:571, Q5.jpg)

MAP decoded

35e989 No.603919


On the Bull Market's 9th Birthday!

https:// www.streetinsider.com/Economic+Data/Wall+Street+ends+up+on+bull+markets+birthday%3B+inflation+fears+ease/13925127.html

3319b0 No.603920

Why the people will always lose.

Thanks to the thought engineering efforts of the government(s), the dumbed down populations continually fall for the same endless streams of lies and promises of change when not even once has any change ever benefited those who exist within the systems of promised change.

Know that the overwhelming volume of emotional engineered thoughts being plied upon the innocent populations by their own government(s) is total and complete. And knowing that thanks to social media and smart phones, we now have minute by minute and hour by hour populating of engineered thoughts into the public consciousness sure doesn’t leave much hope for an actual revolution freeing the public from the illusionists grasp.

The war against the public has been ongoing for about as long as history has been recorded and for equally as long the gullible public has fallen for the illusionists slight of hand. The citizens of every single country on the planet will likely flail away pointing fingers at who they are told to point fingers at while being subjugated and eliminated for as long as they can be divided, they will be ruled.

4dddad No.603921

File: d9fe35f608737aa⋯.png (73.74 KB, 631x564, 631:564, 1.png)

IRAN next, right Q?

Release Levinson out of Iran!

https:// www.fbi.gov/contact-us/field-offices/washingtondc/news/press-releases/fbi-statement-on-11th-anniversary-of-the-disappearance-of-robert-a-levinson

d47ebf No.603922


Mental illness is progressive, merciless, and unrelenting. Some things can't be cured. It is worse to force someone inoperable to live in suffering, alone, unwanted, and gotten. 40 more years of this hell? No ty.

ee513f No.603923


That still doesn't account for the mass production of RFIDs, bro. I'm not down to be chipped just to buy some bread. That's too hardcore.

7826f9 No.603924


all Democrat strongholds too for what decades now, no?

5203bc No.603925

File: a92fdae095c4272⋯.jpg (900.17 KB, 1344x856, 168:107, IMG_4860_20180309112154447.jpg)



This is not a game!

Keep fighting!

Promises made.

Promises kept!

f88587 No.603926


i will never be chipped alive

1217eb No.603927


yeah, when you get to the rest of the conversation … it seems similar to people dying from cancer (it's the meds)

be8faf No.603928

https:// www.google.com/maps/uv?authuser=0&pb=!1s0x4709cf3f749c1627%3A0x68972bf59ab0f20f&hl=en&viewerState=lb&imagekey=!1e10!2sAF1QipOac3EdOjKqX1Aww_Q5YdeGtzZRypzhJOVsyNXO

4ca1c5 No.603929

File: 8dfd19566be3f17⋯.jpg (125.05 KB, 722x865, 722:865, Q6.jpg)

File: cf6a5b61a8fc848⋯.jpg (138.67 KB, 637x852, 637:852, Q7.jpg)

Map decoded part 2

6c329a No.603930


Q, is this another one of their mind control games? Please tell me the vets are safe.

27d8fd No.603931


>>603917 > See The Art of War.

"Build your opponent a golden bridge to retreat across."

2df51b No.603932


or at least not while you are awake, buhhahahahaaa

b3ba9f No.603933


https: //couragefound.org/2015/01/lon-snowden-on-speaking-truth-to-power/

848611 No.603934


Obama gave over a $billion to Iran and didn't even demand they return this guy?

ccfc22 No.603935

File: 5c2088174aa12a5⋯.png (109.88 KB, 432x530, 216:265, ClipboardImage.png)


Q told us that already…

5203bc No.603936


It's for illegal immigrants so they can't come back in after they get caught.

No more catch & release

7826f9 No.603937



wrong comment. ignore lol

ccfc22 No.603938

7283c2 No.603939


Do we *really* think Q has the time (or need) to design such complexity? I'm sure he has a really job to do, not mess around with things like this.

What's the value add to this supposed layer?

23b94c No.603940


Oldest and most common treatment for Parkinson’s is based on increasing activity of dopamine, by giving dopamine analog.

Excess dopamine causes hallucinations.

Not so coincidentally, schizophrenics May have too much dopamine activity, hence…hallucinations.

5e348a No.603941

File: 494ade6b6ba5aa3⋯.png (107.08 KB, 933x499, 933:499, Clipboard02 - Copy.png)


Here's a screenshot. Maybe it's different cached servers or something and there's a delay depending on where each user is. No idea.

35e989 No.603942

File: 6d92f7dd6c7eb3f⋯.png (76.46 KB, 233x216, 233:216, ClipboardImage.png)

e9b24d No.603943


Going from real experience as a caregiver to a gentleman that lived with and died from it. They can develop delusions and paranoia. Don't always. But can.

200405 No.603944


You missed the memo. The people (most of them anyway) are now FREE! It's a new world. Learn.

a9e034 No.603945


this guy has already been returned…via NK

1784d3 No.603946


I guess I can hang around for the next bake then you can definitely take it from there

f7191b No.603947


Just confirms that for National Security and Public Safety the government has to provide proper care and treatment for people with mental disorders. These people can be cured and in the meantime, prevented from harming themselves and others.

Plus, by rounding them up and interviewing them carefully, we can find out who has been fucking people's minds up on purpose as a political weapon system, and put those fucker in prison.

My God, that would make America so GREAT AGAIN, wouldn't it? We could help ourselves by helping others!

d37ffb No.603948


Its going to be really hard to sell the whole Trump literally is Hitler horseshit when we have peace with Iran and North Korea. Not only will their narrative collapse, they'll never regain the trust of those who they deceived.

We've reached the tipping point. Tax cuts, prosperity, and world peace. Even the lofty idealists will be forced to accept Trump as the best president ever.

Breaking the MSM = BREAK = To separate. MSM will be divided on this. MSM shills vs actual Journalists will no longer be able to see eye to eye. They will no longer agree to promote the false narrative because it flies in the face of reality.

1b8255 No.603949


Step outside, someone will meet you on the corner and hand you an envelope.

b58c7c No.603950


Biden is a very sick man.

1217eb No.603951


yes, thats why she treated with tobacco… said the meds made her loopy.

77f039 No.603952


Great man, Robert Anton Wilson

b3ba9f No.603954

Is there more information on "The Media Eight" in relation to Lon Snowden? I'm reading it in article I posted but I can't find any in my searches. hmmmm.

3319b0 No.603955


it's always been this way… this is just more of the same finger pointing.. so what if a few people get arrested - cut off the head of the snake and four more take it's place.. for crying out loud they are going after bit players like snowden who couldn't pee without being told how and when…

learn… hah

f7191b No.603956


People in that state of mind should not be in a city. They should be way out in the country where there are wild places nearby, and gardens and animals that need their tender care. This is how you heal mental illnesses.

455ade No.603957


Wow, anon.

Looks like you just blew your load in one post.

Hope I'm wrong.

Wanna see more from your discerning eye.

At any rate, thank you!

4dddad No.603958


Then WHY are his family AND FBI still looking for him?

533fb9 No.603959

>Look at his family.

>Look at their positions.

His folks held positions in government and coast guard. They look patriotic at surface level.

>Why are we giving him this much attention?

>Why are we providing this much sensitive detail in a public [known] forum?

8ch is a known, public forum monitored 24/7 by every intelligence agency in the world. The intense focus on Snowden is a distraction while a different, bigger target is close to capture. Think about the early days of Q, everyone thought USA was the first target, when in fact it was Saudi Arabia. Disinformation is real and necessary. Q is revealing this info to us now because it must be safe to do so w/o jeopardizing the real target.

>Everything has meaning.


Indeed it does. This plan was worked on for 3 years by brilliant minds in Military Intelligence and of course Adm R. Trust the plan!

f7c245 No.603960

File: 7f05cbf9091cce0⋯.jpg (381.02 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Podesta_Cooking.jpg)

J Podesta's comment to POTUS…upset me a little today!

ee0111 No.603961

File: c795ca80757cf31⋯.png (2.04 MB, 1080x1301, 1080:1301, Screenshot_20180309-152245….png)

783b7f No.603962

File: 6ca63992b6407c4⋯.mp4 (10.6 MB, 320x240, 4:3, 2018 03 02 Delegate Nick F….mp4)


speaking for yerself surely.

https:// www. zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-08/how-offended-emotionally-shaken-lawmakers-responded-viral-gun-speech-nick-freitas

880f5e No.603963


i opened a book and THERE WAS A Q IN IT


eea4c1 No.603964


i posted a critique of serialbrian (SB) on redditt - he contacted me via personal DM and offered to work with me to develop a format that all could understand - he sent me some links - i worked up a decode and it failed - i also found a large error in his instructions - he said to divide but is sheet showed subtraction

i messaged him and he said oh sorry good catch

he said he would follow up


imo dont waste your time

use your brain

do oyu believe in bible codes? same trash - computers find random words and phrases etc etc

4e9ea0 No.603965

File: 762723a2482a023⋯.png (693.24 KB, 940x752, 5:4, GitmoMofo2.png)

File: 9470579633e7989⋯.png (669.57 KB, 940x752, 5:4, KenyaMofo.png)

572678 No.603966


Looks promising, but is there anything else you can decode to better convince us to dig further? Thanks for your work

a9e034 No.603967


you are so correct sir

ecb4d5 No.603968


No, I am not of the void. Watts was. luciferians believe they are because the light is inaccessible to them. For them "the right hand path" is delusional fantasy.

ee0111 No.603969

File: 105b7fde2af02b0⋯.png (110.26 KB, 1080x533, 1080:533, Screenshot_20180309-152329….png)

ccfc22 No.603970


Also, no wonder the Dems would not stand and applaud!!!!!

880f5e No.603971


such disrespect, you're supposed to wait until someone's DEAD to name a street

c7be0a No.603972

>>603963 Stop reading Queer books.

b3ba9f No.603973


"The passage of time has proven the Media Eight to be great Americans — courageous humanists who placed civic duty above self-interest and personal safety, to take necessary action to warn their fellow citizens of the FBI’s disregard for both the law and the constitutional rights of many innocent Americans. The Media Eight exposed high crimes and abuses that senior government officials intended to cloak in secrecy — crimes and abuses now documented as indisputable historical fact thanks to the skill and courage of the Media Eight." https: //couragefound.org/2015/01/lon-snowden-on-speaking-truth-to-power/

a78480 No.603974

Random of the Day…

Little Justin Trudeau was introducing a new RCMP commissioner this morning and two cadets at attention passed out directly behind him. I don’t think he was speaking that long. He usually doesn’t.

Weird, likely unrelated.

d47ebf No.603975


The truth hurts. Most ignore it. Some people would be much happier if they stayed comfortably asleep and unaware.

455ade No.603976

File: 92f0b381bfa5ee2⋯.png (410.3 KB, 387x878, 387:878, ClipboardImage.png)

Tasty bread, Baker.

(← for the archives)

b8ecb7 No.603977

I noticed an anon stating other anons lack of trust on 2A issues.

I mean yeah. I suppose some anons trust in the easter bunny too.

For those that aren't concerned.

You wont be until your guns or someone you care abouts guns are taken.

Its easy to be optimistic until it becomes real. And your arguments about how it wont happen to "good" people will fall to pieces.

Ex girlfriend chokes herself, says you threatened her… no proof. Bye guns.

Have PTSD? Your mom doesnt like you runnin around with threepers… by guns.

Watch. You will see.

Blind Trust with all evidence to the contrary is called delusional behavior.

5fe765 No.603978

Has anyone noticed that Stormy Daniels' lawyer never says "President Trump" or "Donald Trump" during his tv appearances? He always says "Mr. Trump." And Stormy Daniels keeps denying everything. How fucking hilarious would it be if this whole time, they were talking about someone else with the last name Trump? I think the MSM is being played KEK.

3c71b6 No.603979


https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-09/armed-men-raid-irans-embassy-london

a9e034 No.603980


you are watching a movie

159c69 No.603981


Woot Woot!

3e41ae No.603982


Sod off, Swampy!

d75e5d No.603983

http:// searchsecurity.techtarget.com/news/252436470/NSA-tracking-program-watched-foreign-hackers-in-action

c3c83f No.603984

File: c24d7261f031832⋯.jpg (238.46 KB, 1066x1600, 533:800, Batter54.jpg)

File: 6ea27012c5d6ca9⋯.jpg (283.52 KB, 1600x1000, 8:5, Batter55.jpg)

File: bd35478213f0287⋯.jpg (300.64 KB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, Batter56.jpg)

File: e7fcf0e957967a0⋯.png (1.12 MB, 938x916, 469:458, Batter57.png)

File: 84e32e6e5792f24⋯.jpg (73.29 KB, 540x675, 4:5, Batter58.jpg)


Didn't blow it all, Anon. Thanks for noticing though. Here's more meme batter. Use it, Anons!

e9b24d No.603985


Kush is Jewish, 666 has no real significance to him. Probably got it cheaper because of the number.

931ce7 No.603986


I like keeping at least the last ten threads notables listed and then I consolidate and link to that in the past notables

This has been discussed a bit, and the thought of keeping two separate listings of notable or BoB has merit because they are made by different editors and thus will contain slightly different information, by combining them you should get a good gestalt of the best contents of a thread as well as a built in link to that thread

4e9ea0 No.603987


Ashamed. There is now spit on monitor!

fa2b9e No.603988

Interesting angle on the "HRC Film"

Did [N]o [S]uch [A]gency capture a 3 way video on the tarmac?

https:// youtu.be/bf69bv2vR9Y

098701 No.603989


>Look what this twit just tweeted

Hannity is plugged in to the administration. If Q wasn't the real deal, Hannity wouldn't have hashtagged him.

35e989 No.603990


Hannity mentioned that on his show last night. With no tick-tock warning.

1b8255 No.603991


Damn, tagged the wrong post..sorry mate.

200405 No.603992


As tarded as it is, I kinda feel sorry for him. Lots of them. No red pill for this joker. He loses out on the biggest deal of his lifetime. We all make choices. Poser he is… there is only one Q!

d1f5b5 No.603993

Active shooter dressed in body armor in California- they want to bring the narrative back to gun control. Too many POTUS good news.

b94db5 No.603994


Israel every day it's more alone

ee513f No.603995

File: 33723ef63491a3c⋯.gif (969.91 KB, 453x244, 453:244, obi-bro.gif)


Can I please just get a subtle nod to know this isn't a larp. My dad's got a fractured leg, a blind eye and is still doing everything he can to still make ends meat to work. The stress has him not thinking straight and won't listen to reason of downsizing or selling things we don't use/need.

I don't want to fill their hopes up with this global reset since my hopes are to the max, I sure could just use a sign to keep pressing on.


In the meantime, any odd jobs suggestions locally (don't have a car) would sure help me look for work in the right direction since I don't really have any skills other than "photography"

I left MSM due to the gross underage drinking of a Jenner and pedo shit that I saw and tried to report only to be gaslit and let go.

Q, you're legitimately my only hope.

65140b No.603996

File: 814a73d05bd5ac2⋯.jpg (291.5 KB, 854x522, 427:261, Punisher 1.jpg)

b58c7c No.603997


Can't call it the People's Party….. We the People Party…. We Party People? How about we just drop the party theme?

4dddad No.603998


uh huh…okie dokie Anon if you say so

23b94c No.603999


That’s some amazing old timey treatment. Pretty impressive as few would know.

I’ll have to file that one away in my box of “what if”.

I avoid medicine if possible and advise others to do same.

I know way too much about the industry, from the inside.


f88587 No.604000


he paid way over value

542f95 No.604001


These archives are shaping up nicely!

93cd8b No.604002


Count 'em. That's nearly 180,000 searchable posts by anons including Q along with the image attachments.

Not enough space for video attachments.

18d444 No.604003

File: ac0c3474822ed6c⋯.png (469.02 KB, 518x668, 259:334, screenshot_312.png)

File: f42bf301c05cdab⋯.png (112.16 KB, 462x580, 231:290, screenshot_313.png)


Iran Next –– Q

82c675 No.604004

455ade No.604005


>I think the MSM is being played KEK.

I think the truth is that Trump gave her some money because she fell on hard times.

Trump then asked for a NDA to keep every Jane, Sue, and Mary from hitting him up for money.

After the msm has played this non-story to full retard (the 60 Minutes story airs), she's gonna tell the truth and make them all look like fucktards … even more than they already do.

Just my theory.

231ffb No.604006


Mueller's Wilmer-Hale was involved with paying off Hillary's IT guy's bills


4ddec2 No.604007

File: ac752216d466f57⋯.png (679.44 KB, 500x553, 500:553, Hussein back to Kenya ya g….png)

f88587 No.604008

Shot fired at California vets home

remember Q saying ff with hostages?

5d654c No.604009

File: a2d1302d011e191⋯.png (19.63 KB, 58x58, 1:1, category-sticker.png)


Buh-bye, Huma.

One way ticket to GITMO

1c96d0 No.604010

File: 7ca591d7d2153e2⋯.jpg (185.41 KB, 1020x776, 255:194, faggot.jpg)

ccfc22 No.604011


They're drinking buddies - look at their red eyes, bottles on the table. Hmmmm!

1217eb No.604012


My family, is definitely abnormal … couldn't be prouder.

4e9ea0 No.604013


Permanent Vacation awaits

946076 No.604014

File: 2ee489dee73b1e5⋯.png (31.13 KB, 650x426, 325:213, pardon-me.png)


www. boston.com/news/politics/2018/03/09/trump-pardons-navy-man-who-took-illegal-submarine-photos

Hope it helps him.

6c2c8c No.604015


We don't know who the bad guy is here,M but since Obuma didn't like BN, I'll give him a chance and wait for Q's word.

542f95 No.604016



My guess is that 60 minutes never makes it to air because when they started taping it they quickly realized that they were being played like a fiddle and will now have to explain why the episode was cancelled.

af0e41 No.604017

Instead of a televised addressed to the nation or a press conference in the stately East Room, the news ultimately was delivered by a South Korean national security official standing on the White House driveway.

In the dark. >>>>significant anons?

Chung Eui-yong read his roughly two-minute, history-making statement to cameras and shivering reporters gathered in a cluster.



455ade No.604019


Yes. Yes they are.

I just hope that last night's concernfag doesn't get offended at all these archive entries.

Wouldn't want to offend any cocksucking fucktards who don't like beautiful women.

b4a994 No.604020


Oh fuck off

a9e034 No.604021


the lawyer AND the media have been set up

848611 No.604022

File: f845844454a96eb⋯.png (300.42 KB, 586x426, 293:213, Twitter - https___twitter.….png)

https:// twitter.com/WiredSources/status/972216615914885125

ecc8c5 No.604023


What's the connection to the Time markers?

f7191b No.604024


They probably have a huge number of lawyers already combing through the legal implications. I expect that many of Trump's EOs contain repair work that will make sure that everything important is covered in case 44's laws are null and void.

For one, POTUS could sign all the bills over top of 44s signature. And nothing would happen if a law goes away unless someone takes it to court first. If that happens POTUS can make a new EO to cover the gap starting today, so only that one person gets a right to litigate. And they still have to pay the fees etc. And judges have been known to say, you are right and I award you damages of $1. Imagine the first trial takes 10 minutes and the judge awards a dollar. Nobody else will try it.

So there are a lot of failsafes possible and I am sure that lawyers have looked at this for MANY YEARS already.

Never forget that a military coup was planned to happen several years ago, but they held back when they realized that Trump might well be convinced to run for President.

35e989 No.604025


Justice would be if they tie them all up and let Russians beat them like piñatas.

65140b No.604026

File: 68884a739a368b5⋯.jpg (133.87 KB, 744x557, 744:557, divide the waters.jpg)

File: e975f202b1d9319⋯.jpg (31.95 KB, 244x237, 244:237, What do the stars reveal.jpg)

File: 4fd851f2bbc4750⋯.jpg (102.74 KB, 800x404, 200:101, Rainbow.jpg)

098701 No.604027


>http:// www.vagazette.com/news/nationworld/ct-california-veterans-home-gunman-20180309-story.html

>Another "situation", just heard about it in the car a few minutes ago. Hope it's not the next FF, place is populated by old and disabled vets.

Another "coincidence" since the fourth and biggest BOOM was supposed to drop on Friday.

9b24e4 No.604028


>watch the water

it's the #saveourocean part that caught my eye

ee513f No.604029


Oh this, I like.

Makes me feel a lot safer being born here like a gangsta with a birth certificate.

They have to go back. I'd be too down to start farming once these wookies leave.

455ade No.604030


I like that.

But, honestly, do you really think that lazy jugeared cunt would do actual physical labor?

231ffb No.604031


How much could she have said to 60 Minutes while under an NDA? I think she told them a bunch of balooey with the understanding it would be aired later - after the NDA was void - with the assumption that whatever she said would be leaked by CNN. libel/slander on a platter

cb348d No.604032


very interesting observation…

3319b0 No.604033

all known in the unknown judges seven branch chambers of government layers thrice snake understand my telepathy october eight

elenin is coming

5d654c No.604034


Surely we'll see some holiday pics?

6a8e35 No.604035


Want to hear something funny? I started telling my sister about stuff after Pizzagate broke. I started sending her updates on FB but she didnt really respond. I grew frustrated and told her that her programming was very strong. She somehow began thinking I was going to go killer her outside a grocery store…..fucking weird. Then she finally contacted me and only wanted to meet at a diner near our house. So we sat for breakfast and it was weird. She was nervous and scared. Halfway through she finally became convinced I was NOT going to killer her. LOL.

I told her to that none of the mainstream media was telling the truth about much of anything. That it was pretty much fake. I said all you could really do is take in as much information as you could on the internet and make up your own mind. Because there was so much propaganda out there.

Her expression changed and she seemed to have an insight…..but she saddened me when she said ¨Yeah I guess I would be this way also if I thought Rachel Maddow was fake¨ meaning she still thought I was basically nuts…..and she would be feeling nuts if she thought her precious Rachel Maddow was propaganda.

I realized then (April 2018) just how fucking much work I had ahead of me.

All my sisters have requested I stop telling them stuff. I have slowed…but I refuse to totally stop. Just once a week I still try to cause them to think a little.

But the ¨Gifted and Talented¨ program and college and for the one I mentioned her Peace Corp times has made it like a wall of moronic thought to break through.

I think the IQ test they gave us as kids were also personality test. They look for smart AND easily moldable personalities. All my sisters were taken to these week long ¨gifted and talented¨ retreats as kids. Where I am sure they fill them with propaganda bullshit of how smart THEY are and how THEY are the future leaders. Get their ego invested. I also am worried maybe they show them fucking movies or shows on screen with subliminal shit and maybe have the rooms wired with frequency waves to open their minds to more easily accept whatever shit they wanted.

Because I am way different than my sisters. Like we are from two different planets.

ee0111 No.604036

File: c795ca80757cf31⋯.png (2.04 MB, 1080x1301, 1080:1301, Screenshot_20180309-152245….png)

"American Freedom Fighter, sacrificed his freedom for truth."

f0f2cb No.604038


KEK - I'm sure Pelican Sixpack posted this himself. "trying" to be someone.

93cd8b No.604039


It shows IP because IP is tracked. Pavuk is SOX-compliant because it was used first for medical systems - firms later failed due to capitalization issues leaving me stuck.

I've scheduled an update to the monitor to expire the sessions and to purge them. Since you cannot update records, no audit trails are left in the databases themselves.

Session records also prevent hijacking if the IP changes within the same session.

Thanks for noting it. On the list.


The server is a Linode and I am root. Complex password. Mirrors 8chan data.

I should get the new monitor done next week and I'll not only expire old session records, but delete the qanon session records entirely.

d47ebf No.604040



No. Very funny though.

03be71 No.604041


Don't tell me… Your nick name is Zoo and Q wants you to get him a Starbucks coffee

d18a07 No.604042


What now I'm worried about is false flags everywhere that could be blamed on NK, but then again POTUS already probably has their meeting in November taped and hopefully Kim isn't still in NK. Need to be able to shine light on a possible FF.

35e989 No.604043


Will 15 days of darkness start November 15? Nah

November 13, 2017

http:// earthsky.org/earth/days-of-darkness-nasa-blackout-warning-november-2017

1c96d0 No.604044

File: 8695d50ee79b94b⋯.jpg (33.23 KB, 397x432, 397:432, TheirSymbolsWillBeTheirDow….jpg)


Their Symbols Will Be Their Downfall

674ebe No.604045

Latest Headlines News World News Arts Headlines Pictures Most read Wires Coupons My ProfileLogout


Friday, Mar 9th 2018 5-Day Forecast

BREAKING NEWS: Man 'armed with an assault rifle and wearing body armor takes three hostages inside the largest veterans' home in the US'

Police and SWAT teams responded to hostage situation north of Napa on Friday

Man wearing a bullet proof vest and armed with assault rifle took hostages

The gunman, 36, is believed to be part of a program for traumatized military vets

Veterans' Home in Yountville has been in lockdown since 10:40am local time

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5483605/Man-armed-assault-rifle-takes-hostages-veterans-home.html

93cd8b No.604047



931ce7 No.604048


>A good start would be to shuffle the Notable Posts off to another thread and just link to it.

why not do that with Q posts?

The reason notables was added is because tasty graphics and clear well written posts describing connections and new information happen and if you don't scrape the thread you'll never see them!

Q posts are important and that's why they are at the top

Notables are our thoughts on the Q postings and in order to keep everyone on the same page so to speak it's best to have a notables section so everyone not able to be in every thread can keep current of what has bee discovered

572678 No.604049


I mentioned the same thing to my wife. "Why would they make the statement here?"

I can't think of why it would be important, but it definitely seemed odd

5d654c No.604050

File: ddeef3e37cf2797⋯.jpg (997.73 KB, 1264x1037, 1264:1037, 1440429313994.jpg)

b68c09 No.604051

>>604035 so in short you're a time traveler?

0c0178 No.604052


"does Potus know where the bones are buried" Kek

3319b0 No.604053


october eight

1 3


Romans 13:4

8d7851 No.604054


there are some more in one of the meme threads, not sure if there is an easy way to find them though

b3ba9f No.604055

https: //www.nbcnews.com/feature/edward-snowden-interview/edward-snowdens-motive-revealed-he-can-sleep-night-n116851

3319b0 No.604056


yah.. know them do i

324310 No.604057


Their narrative has lost its coherence.

They'll be eaten alive by their own.

8e04c0 No.604058

Out most of the day. Catching up on notables.

Any consensus on how many "BOOMs" we are at?

4ddec2 No.604059

File: 29d1904e9f717c8⋯.png (390.69 KB, 500x390, 50:39, hussein kenya.png)

f18cbc No.604060


Have fun man, ill be waiting for the scream

5d654c No.604061


you feel it too?

65140b No.604062


There are so many other productive things that I could be doing… but none are nearly as important as my time here.

I am doing my duty as I see it.

I am supporting patriots doing a good work

I am going against the current with Giants, flat earth and book of Enoch, I know.

But it is my duty.

My honor.

You guys do your job (important) and I am happy to do mine (also important).

I am only sorry that it puts me a little at odds with the very people I support the most!

542f95 No.604066


I could understand if people were shitting up the board with xxx porn but a beautiful woman brandishing steel or half naked covered in flour is about as red blooded American as it gets. Keep scrolling if you don't like it is my opinion. Ok, rant off.

ee0111 No.604067


He ain't sleeping now though.

aeec92 No.604068


Logos also have wheat. Control through food.

acc80a No.604070


1 million

35e989 No.604071


We'll see.

"For he is the minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain: for he is the minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil."

3319b0 No.604072


i feel much

0bd67c No.604073

>>603817 Exactly supporting my thinking

3c71b6 No.604074


I watched the WH Press conference today and I don't believe any of the MSM asked one question on the Saucier pardon even after Sarah led the press conference with that story. CNN asked about Stormie Davis fake news.

927604 No.604075

File: fd4ee7e80f1e8d9⋯.png (1.32 MB, 792x662, 396:331, Flat_earfer.PNG)

File: 65783b8c57db9db⋯.png (827.18 KB, 754x450, 377:225, flatreply.PNG)

File: c40d08ed8752691⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1007x858, 1007:858, flattexe.PNG)

File: 00ff3d8b6514a5c⋯.png (744.76 KB, 844x545, 844:545, flatex.PNG)

File: b15ce5718f6e1dc⋯.png (424.61 KB, 730x435, 146:87, flattardery.PNG)


Aren't you gonna beg us to research FLATTARDERY?

3319b0 No.604076


wait long not calamity is coming and so is he.

65140b No.604077


Hey nice pic. I think I'll add it to my private stash. :)

324310 No.604078


Go fuck yourself you hollow patriot.

Instant filter+

14d1a0 No.604079


Great Catch


^^^^^^^ Love you fags (no homo)

45b0a2 No.604080

Were the obama era False Flags i.e. Boston Bombing played out by patriots in some weird twist to expose the bad actors? Or did the event "go live" by deep state to protect their "assests"? Is this a side of these false flags we are not seeing, or have some been this way, if so which ones?

I say this because i remember the "Craft" skull on uniforms of the guys there that day in Boston. The one guy took off his backpack that had the white tag, which was later photographed as the bag with the "pressure cooker" bomb. Was the whole event used to snag the Tsarnaev bros for the good guys? Was it twisted by deepstate against our 2nd amendment and to try out Obamas door to door confiscation during a martial law event?

I ask this because the guys there in Craft gear were clearly on a mission and were spotted by Chan which is probably one reason Q posts here today.



1.). were false flag events of past extractions by the good guys that was used/flipped against the people of US to take our guns/freedom/force us into their agenda?

2.) Could this be why we saw Kraft there that day and other places/events? Greyhats? White hats cast as black by deepstate for their agenda?

127016 No.604081

File: e1d423760d5e88b⋯.png (331.84 KB, 730x635, 146:127, biden_fusion.png)

Biden staffers getting caught up in the mix now.

Shailagh Murray

She previously served as Deputy Chief of Staff and Communications Director for Vice President Joe Biden. She is married to Neil King, Jr., currently employed by Fusion GPS, the same entity who delivered the Trump Dossier, and former global economics editor for the Wall Street Journal, who was also then deputy Washington bureau chief of the WSJ at the time of her Senior Advisor appointment.

Prior to her service in the government, Murray worked as a journalist covering politics for The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post.

What are the chances she worked with Warren Flood, Biden's technology directory whose meta data was in the Guccifer 2.0 documents?



e2c33b No.604082

No chemtrails where I am going on three weeks!! How’s it in your neck of the woods?

e162cf No.604084


interdasting tell me more about this flat earth theory…

35e989 No.604085


I'm cool with that.

c094f6 No.604086


Try chanting "Thank you" (Thank Q)

Should be easy enough to get people to join in, too.

5d0d9e No.604087


Half of it is fake and gay.

The 322 is a deep state numberfag thingy, the sum of zero to 14 in sacred/ancient gematria

d11a83 No.604088


Your still an idiot. It's not single mothers, it's dead beat fathers.

3319b0 No.604089



1c96d0 No.604090


You're welcome. There are many many more with that logo.

5b4b66 No.604091

File: 30d24dd98465e09⋯.jpg (383.56 KB, 1911x897, 49:23, Quiet.jpg)

It's really quiet regarding military traffic in Europe tonight. ADS-B is being a bit screwy too.

UAV that was stationed over the Aegean appears to be headed home.

9579d2 No.604092

File: 26a7109e04d6d0d⋯.png (47.95 KB, 716x768, 179:192, time.png)


not sure - I figured that it was same day relevance, separated by 6 hours 11 minutes

dc8f1e No.604094


You know anon

getting the Q in a captcha is a specific instructional code for action

47455a No.604095


It paints a picture of the MSM. Cold, in the dark, clueless.

It seems the MSM is so conditioned to not knowing what truth is that they don't even see themselves falling apart.

ee0111 No.604096

File: 3af426fbdbaa5f5⋯.png (412.14 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, IMG_20180225_085941_398000.png)

5d0d9e No.604097



https:// www.thechancegeorgeblog.com/single-post/2016/11/14/What-John-Podestas-Secret-Hand-Signs-Confirm

b3ba9f No.604098

"In March 1971, John and Bonnie Raines broke into an FBI office in Media. The documents they leaked revealed that the government was spying on its own citizens. Today, they’re hailed as heroes. Is this what the future will look like for

In March 1971, John and Bonnie Raines broke into an FBI office in Media. The documents they leaked revealed that the government was spying on its own citizens. Today, they’re hailed as heroes. Is this what the future will look like for Edward Snowden?"

https: //www.phillymag.com/articles/2015/01/11/john-bonnie-raines-edward-snowden-1971/#Z6MjUxov5ojrru8Z.99//www.phillymag.com/articles/2015/01/11/john-bonnie-raines-edward-snowden-1971/

cda9bb No.604099


I missed you Planefags

74b07c No.604100

File: b8a63d5a285c56e⋯.jpg (48.55 KB, 520x478, 260:239, kenyafeellovesmall-1.jpg)

dc8f1e No.604101


I had a friend tell me she heard on a local television station in penn that some police and firemans uniforms had been stolen

f88587 No.604102


everywhere here

3755e8 No.604103


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Zr3PE1PWrs

b8ab47 No.604104


Aw, the back door just got slammed tightly shut on Hussein.

5b4b66 No.604105


Check the last couple of breads. I put a full Euro Sitrep up earlier. Not that anyone appeared to take any notice of it.

674ebe No.604106

File: 8b7381eafadee62⋯.jpg (140.31 KB, 748x500, 187:125, 25du6c.jpg)

File: 676163af2c65da4⋯.jpg (140.93 KB, 748x500, 187:125, 25dun1.jpg)

207e55 No.604107

File: f1e5b478ccf102b⋯.jpg (151.08 KB, 800x500, 8:5, 262nzx.jpg)

File: c37fb53c19970af⋯.jpg (63.1 KB, 770x500, 77:50, 2629k0.jpg)

File: 7479208107bfa30⋯.jpg (59.67 KB, 352x528, 2:3, 262the.jpg)

File: 7a0c1a3c5111d6e⋯.jpg (81.24 KB, 720x450, 8:5, 262u8j.jpg)

8e04c0 No.604108


Can you fill me in on 4 - 999,999 real quick?

455811 No.604109



More likely that people are forgetting to verify their signatures via the automated e-mail.

We need to ALWAYS remind folks not to forget that part! Lock it in!

f7191b No.604110


My God you are a stupid dumb ass. You would do more good banging your head on a brick wall. I'm with your sisters on this one.

If it was my family I would make sure to watch Rachel Maddow religiously. In fact I would record every show and watch it 3 times.

And then when I saw my sisters I would not tell them a damn thing. I would only ask questions about recent Maddow shows.

I wonder why Rachel never said anything about X

Why is Rachel saying that we should ban guns when that means only the police will have guns?

I saw on Maddow about those kids at Parkland and their gun campaign. Don't you thinkit is shameful that they never say anything about their 17 dead classmates? I know some schools are really cliquish, but that is just not right, don't you think?

And on and on and on.

But if you are not serious, you just keep being a dumbass. And when your sisters call me to be a witness at your commitment hearing I will testify that you really are a stupid dumbass who is a threat to society and should be locked up until a psychiatrist can fix your broken mind.

2834cf No.604111


Maybe HRC is throwing her under the bus to protect herself.

1c96d0 No.604112


I imagine we will do away with 24hr news. Maybe morning, noon and evening news again. That will instantly eliminate the need for fake news to fill the other 22 hours.

f88587 No.604113





dd662a No.604114


nah i won't do something faggy like scream… i'll come up with something good

127016 No.604115


A questionnaire is also being sent to a second official who also worked in Biden's office. Colin Kahl, who was a former national security adviser to Biden.

They have until March 19 to respond.

Warren Flood went on to create Bright Blue Data, an independent consulting company. It's not clear when.


Odds are good that Fusion GPS contracted with Bright Blue Data to construct the Guccifer 2.0 documents to create some hard data for Crowdstrike to point to in defense of the Russian hacking story.

931ce7 No.604116

File: 5fdfeb72c5cc665⋯.jpg (254.39 KB, 947x539, 947:539, flatEarthClowns.jpg)

check out the operations of the two clowns

ID 927604

and helper

ID e162cf

both of 'em (1)

meaning single post provocative disrailers

I did not link to them because I do not want to give them a (you)

1c96d0 No.604117



Meant this for you lol.

cda9bb No.604118


I notice you guys and it makes me feel sort of comfy, knowing you're watching the skies.

1217eb No.604119


same, I call my sister book smart and brain dead

18d444 No.604120

File: 6c88f1064beaf34⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1173x841, 1173:841, screenshot_318.png)

File: 506fb18b2ec5b9b⋯.png (875.06 KB, 766x630, 383:315, screenshot_319.png)

File: eb6bb91fee51b37⋯.png (792.88 KB, 767x646, 767:646, screenshot_320.png)

File: 013469edd42e886⋯.png (629.86 KB, 765x578, 45:34, screenshot_321.png)

File: de7831dc477a6dd⋯.png (817.26 KB, 769x660, 769:660, screenshot_322.png)


Check Out These Cool Photos Of Obama In Kenya Before He Became President

https:// omgvoice.com/lifestyle/old-photos-president-obama-kenya/?country=GH&geoip

701508 No.604121

Anyone still believe this Stormy Daniels whore is in cahoots with Trump?

This stupid bitch is really becoming a distraction.

b94db5 No.604122


Yep, that must be redial :)

d1d9b5 No.604123

File: f778bab4227d969⋯.jpg (27.51 KB, 400x400, 1:1, f778bab4227d969c8a04964c24….jpg)


It looks like he's been taking lessons from Mattis on his "I'm gonna kill you all" stare.

ecb4d5 No.604125


They are a very creepy crowd over there. I think some of the Hollywood people with think of as puppets are bots aren't. They are higher ranked in the organization which conceals in the abundance of symbols and signals the actual markers or rank or authority.

Ellen has a little cult running over there, and she may be worth a closer look by anons when time permits.

0bd67c No.604126

f255d2 No.604127

FBI Vault released the investigation into:

FBI Records Vault Twitter Account

Basically they were reported for posting the FOIA requested files for the Clinton Foundation 7 days prior to the election.

What jumped out at me is they said there was a glitch that was never noticed that caused the Twitter account for the vault to not auto post for about a year. When they did a site wide update to the FBI.gov site, it fixed the glitch.

THAT caused the twitter account to auto post 22 releases. TWENTY TWO. Theres that number again!

Anyway, it's an interesting read.


946076 No.604128


Yeah, no! Who?

1c05fc No.604129


wow, i didn't even know you could do that. super cool anon. ever catch any interesting insights doing this?

be8faf No.604130

File: 6f215a44b51bca5⋯.png (517.15 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, AE5211EF-E250-4906-97B7-44….png)

https:// www.google.com/search?q=edward+snowden&hl=en-us&client=safari&tbm=isch&tbs=rimg:CQLXp7wgY9oNIkA1hdw7ta28JT8uYryvmWf5KJDTSrZCLZJ7r6WgterZhFrf-BKsSmhbC40QruETeRyXMzB47UCyOHeiO1vo4LfCKhIJNYXcO7WtvCURXHN4TudgncQqEgk_1LmK8r5ln-RGsgtMgflhV0SoSCSiQ00q2Qi2SEev6gcTp-jMZKhIJe6-loLXq2YQRLKimINV4mdgqEgla3_1gSrEpoWxEXW4KSoTogTCoSCQuNEK7hE3kcESOqoKe3sGJSKhIJlzMweO1AsjgRO82gST0_1jOEqEgl3ojtb6OC3whFSZtld5ixUyQ%3D%3D&tbo=u&ved=0ahUKEwjQsN7QmeDZAhVO2lMKHas3AMwQuIIBCCY#imgrc=AtenvCBj2g1eBM:

dc8f1e No.604131


we went over this last night

once the QCaptcha signal is initiated it is important to pay attention and follow the map

ccfc22 No.604132


Then it follows, that if he, as POTUS, cannot do that, then how can @Jack a'hole do that??

1c96d0 No.604133


Smoke and Mirrors

18d444 No.604134

File: 5561cd55ad546f7⋯.png (641.14 KB, 768x622, 384:311, screenshot_323.png)

File: a89256019cdd528⋯.png (22.37 KB, 439x408, 439:408, screenshot_325.png)

231ffb No.604135


It's 24 hour OPINION, not news

674ebe No.604136

File: 319fa192ce88cc3⋯.png (807.74 KB, 832x773, 832:773, Stormy and Cooper.png)

When is this going to blow up in their face?

I hope its spectacular when it does, KEK

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5482961/Stormy-Daniels-break-silence-60-Minutes.html

d18a07 No.604137


DTS Brad!

2df51b No.604138


You must watch the captcha for 10 minutes while standing on your left foot and rubbing your belly with your right hand. Don't ask why; just do it.

af0e41 No.604139


Q said they’d kept us divided and in the Dark

(Their turn now? ) We seem to know a whole bunch more than them right now (thank Q)

200405 No.604140


With Q, anything is possible!

fe50ca No.604141


Major Depression runs in my family along with anxiety disorder. My grandmother, born in the twenties had a breakdown and tried to jump out of a car going forty, my grand father had her put in the Napa state hospital, where the proceeded to give her electro shock treatment over a period of months..that was in 1963-64. She said to me she couldn't remember years of her life. She took sleeping pills , "nerve pills"and she ate Excedren Like candy and chained smoked. When she died the coroner

said her heart and other organs were twice thier normal size. The point to this sad story is that she was a ginney pig for the pharmaceutical companies

a destroyed human being

Some mental illnesses you need medication but in my opinion depression,anxiety

is habit thinking, learning how to turn off the switch

Stop the habit you can win or at least understand through meditation to control what is the habitual thinking that causes the illness. just from my own experience, and know that you are a example to your children, they learn the habit of depressden.

Sorry for the slide.

27d8fd No.604142




Interesting study on nicotine & schizophrenia:

"Among the combined 1,139 male patients with schizophrenia, smoking was found to be consistently and significantly associated with reduced negative symptoms on the Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale, and it remained consistent even after researchers took into account antipsychotic use."


Also an MRI study on topic somewhere out there. Most likely why shamans use tobaccos in ceremonies.

> health.am/psy/more/brain-differences-in-schizophrenia/

"When researchers study brain activity while a patient is participating in the WCST, they find that there is decreased activity in the frontal lobes in patients with schizophrenia relative to normal, healthy participants."

Also interesting as the frontal lobes are what is activated when Mirror Neurons kick in (Monkey See, Monkey Do).

54270e No.604143

File: e1a2bb9f4bf5f5f⋯.jpg (40.39 KB, 640x480, 4:3, teacher-pay_1518736750688_….jpg)

Why do I feel like one of these booms is going to be Trump coming out with a HUGE raise for all teachers?

5b4b66 No.604144


Thanks. Planefagging can be a lonely job at times.

Lots of various countries Air Force planes headed East today, makes me think something big is about to happen.

13406e No.604145


Important if verifiable!

Need to include the source, for claims like this.

ee0111 No.604146


Tillerson is there right now.

1fdf84 No.604147

File: adbe41b94894bb8⋯.png (25.49 KB, 1134x287, 162:41, trumptwitterbaqnned.png)


President Donald Trump’s Twitter account, @realdonaldtrump, disappeared from the site for around 11 beautiful minutes shortly before 7PM ET. It was not initially clear what happened to the account, and Twitter did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In a series of tweets issued by Twitter’s Government and Elections team, the company first blamed “human error,” then attributed the move on a ROGUE employee who used their last day on the job to boot the president off the service.

^^SO.. Trump re-installs … NSA (?) finds +trace upload that tone recognizes other devices w/ active geo [all sig devices]. … LDR pushing the delete /reinstall agenda .. Last night Q calls them out on it saying he Knows…

0e248c No.604148

File: 8cc3cad0dbb8f61⋯.png (30.14 KB, 253x199, 253:199, ClipboardImage.png)

200405 No.604149

1f0a95 No.604150

File: 487ff32cac12903⋯.jpg (72.18 KB, 557x641, 557:641, foundations.JPG)

701508 No.604151


I don't think so anymore.

This is the headline today, the day that the headline should be N Korea.

I don't think Trump would siphon off that win for the negative attention this bitch whore is bringing.

You guys are behaving like the guy walks on water. This bitch is a problem.

1b8255 No.604152


Be sure to arm yourself, shit's getting real.

4bb14b No.604153


>a distraction

Seems like Trump wants those. Keeps the kids busy while the grownups get some work done.

455ade No.604154


Does Anderson Cooper always make the same "I can see that your cock tastes yummy" pose for pictures?

ccfc22 No.604155


I expect, esp. after what the State Dept posted on their twitter, that Kenya does NOT want him back and would turn him into the US military if he tried to come there.


701508 No.604156


Howso, anon?

It seems to be the story of the day. Not the win in N Korea.

674ebe No.604157



We care about our PlaneFags.

I made you guys these badges. :)

dc8575 No.604158


I love these! I collect them all and beat off to them. I love that you put your patriotic watermarks on them. Then I know that it's really you posting them, that guy, the cool one who posts all of those super hot milkers. That's why I come here. To jerk off. Thanks for helping me to jerk off. Cuz that's why we're here.

1217eb No.604159


wow, love yu guise… tobacco truth … starting to figure out why they want it banned yet?

d18a07 No.604160


Been thinking that he's involved for sure

dce443 No.604161


been following your posts PF .. very much appreciated TY!

6e1188 No.604162


So those awful pics of him riding a bicycle were on purpose? & the mom jeans?

ccfc22 No.604163

4a41fa No.604164

Just mulling the whole NK situation and I remembered this story.

The largest rare mineral find ever.

http:// www.mining.com/largest-known-rare-earth-deposit-discovered-in-north-korea-86139/

18faa1 No.604165

The COO of Dun & Bradstreet ($DNB) resigns

They're falling fast now

9b223b No.604166

I'm so fucking tired of these big and small mental midget demoncrats attacking the President over nothing. Lock these assholes up! While youre at it, fire Mueller and indict him for his high crimes and treason during the Bushbama years.

dce443 No.604167

anybody else expecting a BOOM soon ? markets closed / Friday … ?

542f95 No.604168

9a0d17 No.604169


Biden was the actual president all along.

701508 No.604170


There are limits to that. You think he would put this stupid distraction out there so his young son hears about it in school?

Be realistic.

This is an opportunistic bitch whore fucking up the bread.

0e248c No.604171


10 bucks a pack here

3a1434 No.604172

File: 757d5f1f24f5e30⋯.png (117.67 KB, 989x699, 989:699, dojtoday.png)

https:// www.justice.gov/usao-wdpa/pr/former-national-guardsman-sentenced-threatening-kill-vice-president-pence

2834cf No.604173


Staged. Same cult. Same ball game.

b94db5 No.604174


Maybe a deal for liberate the people of NK in exchange of the Mines?

455ade No.604175



Or the pic of him walking through the gate while holding the umbrella for Mike.

Jugears is a fucking idiot.

And even his msm propaganda machine couldn't hide that.

5d0d9e No.604176

File: 5ccb4918ab5cbbb⋯.png (845.3 KB, 537x807, 179:269, ibor-patriot.png)

cda9bb No.604177


We'll see.

Most of what Anons are doing are 'lonely' jobs.

Researching and thinking is a quiet undertaking.

750895 No.604178


Guy in red cap leaning forward rear seat caddy-fellow anon found it

b7def7 No.604179

d11a83 No.604180

File: 6231acb3c7a8410⋯.jpg (43.18 KB, 1345x213, 1345:213, Screenshot_4.jpg)


6c329a No.604181


its almost 5pm EST. I would suspect one before close of business day, but we know 45, he likes announcing things late into the evening :)

127016 No.604182


Some Patriot did a good CYA job on that one.

It wasn't just the tweeting of the FOIA dumps… the dumps actually happened 7 days before the election.

Talking about fixing the twitter account is a red herring.

200405 No.604183


YOU have to do the work. Listening to other people without verifying yourself is exactly what got us in to this mess! LEARN! There are many Anons that are willing to help but you have to help yourself first.

1217eb No.604185


I did NOT say cigarettes… tobacco is only ingredient

b94db5 No.604186


Makes sense.., he isn't very called in the MSM.

455ade No.604187


The right thing to do.

Thank you, President Trump!

65140b No.604188


If you think enduring so many insults and exposing myself to powers in high places makes me hollow then you have a different meaning of hollow than me.


27d8fd No.604189

>>603635 Gotta hide that scar.

d18a07 No.604190


Holy shit Parscale coulda been on the Q squad the entire time, makes so much damn sense with his mastery of social media and we're watching you stuff

ee0111 No.604191

File: c19599848dba554⋯.png (819.96 KB, 1080x1306, 540:653, Screenshot_20180309-151315….png)

1c96d0 No.604192

File: 37907b673cb4875⋯.jpg (32.56 KB, 474x474, 1:1, jeff.jpg)


Trust The Plan.

All Is Not As It Seems

4dddad No.604194

File: c1faf0d3dee5956⋯.jpg (40.77 KB, 620x393, 620:393, Boom.jpg)


All awaiting the next one.

Week not over yet, right?

4a41fa No.604195


That could very well be so.

Worth bearing in mind moving forward. Kim has something very valuable to certain players.

1784d3 No.604196

I see reply 666 getting ready to bake

e4baca No.604197


https:// twitter.com/hashtag/Yountville?src=hash&ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw&ref_url=http%3A%2F%2Fsanfrancisco.cbslocal.com%2F2018%2F03%2F09%2Freports-of-man-with-gun-body-armor-at-yountville-veterans-home%2F

Asian shooter with M4 kicked out of a program there two weeks ago.

6a8e35 No.604198


Dude relax. None of us are born with an innate ability to know exactly how to manipulate minds. My new weekly update messages are way more clever and thought provoking than my original ones when I first became ¨woke¨. People do not understand the mind control at first and assume that intelligent conversation can bring people around. But I have found out that that is not really possible.

I told the story to sympathize with the man who was struggling with his obviously smart daughter and how his daughter was quite well in the deep dream of the matrix.

So fuck off ass clown.

14d1a0 No.604199


He's one of the only people POTUS follows on his back-up account @DonaldTrump

d18a07 No.604200


This is part of his campaign strategy!!!!!!!

9b223b No.604201


Hussein applies a popular product to his penis– Just For Men.

701508 No.604202


Things that are not part of the plan happen too, anon.

Its a big world out there, try and consider maybe something in the plan not going to plan.

No way Trump steals his own thunder on N Korea day.


927604 No.604203

File: 7b03c5f847d357b⋯.png (170.96 KB, 1893x809, 1893:809, stupid.PNG)

604116 Wrong asshole, the flearfer is the derailer, but here's a special one for (You)

c3c83f No.604204


You responded to a shill, Anon. 1 post under that ID.

931ce7 No.604205

fe0be0 No.604206

File: 52ae92b66cb46c3⋯.jpeg (204.93 KB, 1096x976, 137:122, glow.jpeg)

a9e034 No.604207


clear skies for days…but this morning they were everywhere…

5b4b66 No.604208


Planefag Sitrep from Europe today.

2-reg planes: 2-JSEG (Aeris Aviation Ltd) flew from Guernsey to Zurich. 2-NYAW was seen taking off from Procau/Onesti and landed at Bucharest, Romania.

The Luftwaffe have been very active today. GAF 602 (14+04) flew from Berlin to Munich then back again, before a final leg to Cologne. GAF 677 (14+04) went from Cologne to Munich then on to berlin. DIXI01 (14+01) took off from Nuremburg and was circling above Regensburg. DIXI01 eventually landed at Cologne. GAF861 took off from Berlin and flew over Slovenia, before eventually entering Turkish airspace near Edime. GAF861 finally ended up off the coast of Israel and was approaching Ben Gurion Airport.

The French Air Force were busy too. F-RARF took off from Paris headed SE and was last seen in Azerbadjan. F-RAFA and F-RAFB took off from Paris and headed ESE. I lost F-RAFA as it crossed into the Caspian Sea, presumably F-RAFB was in trail.

The Swiss Air Force flwe two msorties today. SUI489 flew from Zurich to Stockholm and back again. SUI555 flew fro Zurich to Sarajevo and back again.

USAF Global Hawk UAVGH0000 (Q4) was seen off the Grek Coast in the Aegean, positioned nicely for a ringside view of all of this. A USMC Huron call sign ATILA04 left Stuttgart and flew to Geneva (best guess - I lost ADS-B before it landed).

Belgian Air Force CH-07 was seen approaching the Israeli coast at angels 27. this plane flew across Israel and Jordan before I lost it in Saudi airspace.

Moroccan Air Force CN-AMS (RMAF135) was seen as it left Bordeaux, flew down Spain and eventually went home.

An Emirates Air Force plane (UAF1216) flew down Greece aith German Air Force plane GAF109 in trail - I have no data on GAF109, it could be a fighter.

If anyone tells me that these 2-reg planes are not related to big money they can GTFO. They are linked to some sort of shell game to launder money, I'm certain of it.

ccfc22 No.604209


ATTENTION: USSS, Q & Team, Marines!!!!

dc8f1e No.604210


i dont think that is trump in the picture

i have never seen that expression with his mouth

i have been watching him for twenty years

c6fb17 No.604211

23b94c No.604212


Most people don’t even know he is still a smoker.

That’s cigarettes.

c3c83f No.604213


Yes! Nicely done, Anon. God bless.

02e5e0 No.604215


Yeah 'CCC' disc@ RT /Loc was practically done at regular govt analysist speed, by Anons… GW @ Anons…

Waiting till next bread @ ES

>>603493 = 'Set the Stage'

054c87 No.604216

File: 0fad6f87e2973a9⋯.png (354.14 KB, 549x397, 549:397, Branco re Stormy.PNG)

47455a No.604217



To me it's not about the news man and when he gives news. It's about the patriot, holding the line, and defending his liberties. My journey begins when I take up the weapons of responsibility and critical thinking. And the journey must never end. I believe the enemy will fight forever on that front.

c4f6a1 No.604218


Maybe the next MSM "tripwire" is to see how CNN’s Erin Burnett is treated. She's the one who admitted that Trump would go down in history as a “great President” if the talks lead to peace between North Korea and the world.


ecb4d5 No.604219


prism not prisom

65140b No.604220


I risked my life for this country serving in the United States Marine Corps. Screw your "HOLLOW PATRIOT" ass wipe!

5b4b66 No.604221


It was mental for Military traffic doing weird stuff in Europe today. Some days you just get sucked into it like quicksand.

492154 No.604222



Please check post count /newfags/. Best way to catch shills. Also be aware of the AAAAJJJJ/ CoRs1111/ n B3anbot slides

>inb4 MY 1 post (just got on faggots)

931ce7 No.604223

Batch 738 Notables

>>598342 News clippings

>>598291 Clinton/Obama Scandal Investigations

>>598141 Magical: Baron Trump's Marvelous Underground Journey and The Last President (PDF & Stream)

>>598058 Differences in Ford window stickers (QCar)

Batch 737 Notables

>>597805 NoName expected to stand down

>>597747 QPosts exactly 3 hours apart

>>597731 CNN: 'No way Trump can be ready by May'

>>597667 Trump said he spoke with NK

>>597368 BO: 'The baker girls will stay'

Batch 736 Notables

>>597335 Number plates on the QPic car

>>596609 The Hill: Trump Official spread conspiracy theory that Podesta was a satanist

>>596458 , >>596496 , >>596543 Chinese Safety Mark on the QPic car window

Batch 735 Notables

>>596346 Foundations and NGO's are at the root of Iran's troubles

>>596246 , >>596146 Timestamp of the Q photo

Batch 734 Notables

>>595017 Patriots in uniform we salute you

Batch 733 Notables

>>594579 Kerry under investigation

Batch 730 Notables

>>592484 Want China Holdings

>>592439 Want China Holdings Ltd

Batch 729 Notables

>>591697 scrambled vid

>>591491 Bombshell 14 points

>>591399 Kill box info

18faa1 No.604224



ccfc22 No.604225


Realized it right after I posted! Filtered it. Thanks and sorry!

d471ba No.604226


A White Hat agent photographing the back of Snowden’s car as he drives down a highway in China. Snowden ran all night yet we are always with him.

c3c83f No.604227

File: 7b3e0cb38ad1f23⋯.png (999.92 KB, 1024x777, 1024:777, LAYB94.png)

Looking at you, Baker

0aa7c0 No.604228



Look nothing like him

cda9bb No.604229


Maybe this woman is acting? Trump wants to show the MSM for what they are. If they are so stupid to make Stormy their talking point, instead of reporting on important developments like NK, will people find this okay? They won't and will be alienated even more from MSM.

This is a movie and a good movie has great actors.

2b8731 No.604230


I've got a couple of MC-12Ws circling together over OK City. And it looks like a couple of E-3s joining the party.

1784d3 No.604231


9a0d17 No.604232

File: 40eb67cbc51a6ff⋯.jpg (59.39 KB, 474x474, 1:1, pickton.jpg)


It's a woman. Think she'll take the missing and murdered women file more seriously? Lots of people who kill prostitutes still walking around free.

0e248c No.604233



ecc8c5 No.604234






Sassy………. THIS is America. This is why we're here.

dc8f1e No.604235


post the screen shots please

231ffb No.604236


it's Sessions -

65140b No.604237


I'd like to punch you in the face. WE ARE ALL PATRIOTS!!!!!!!!


054c87 No.604238

File: 128851bf285d45d⋯.png (663.96 KB, 664x793, 664:793, DoD 3-9-18 1 pm PST.PNG)

805744 No.604239


Joshua Peirez served on the ((Federal Reserve Board's Consumer Advisory Council)) and the Board of Directors for the Westchester County Association.

cda9bb No.604240


No Planefag. I love your badges and saved them.

c3c83f No.604241

File: 754451ddaee3e84⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1024x777, 1024:777, Patriots97.png)

Patriots make the dough rise


It's all good. Carry on, Patriot!

159c69 No.604243


Bring on the BOOMS! We have had only 1 confirmed Boom of 4 so far right? Sorry been in out today.

ee0111 No.604244


He's the white sheep if his family.

701508 No.604245


Possible, but makes less sense every day.

There are a million ways to distract and you choose this bitch fucking whore that will turn off all kinds of voters?

Does not add up.

Her being CLOWN does.

d95342 No.604247

File: f50dac9611d6a0b⋯.jpg (214.13 KB, 1004x852, 251:213, Screenshot_20180309-135647.jpg)

Pic related odd crisscrossed comms from WH re NK jives very well with Q saying only a very few people know what's really going on.

9a0d17 No.604248


The G stands for gay.

18d444 No.604250


He's a halfbreed

542f95 No.604251




What if it's Darrell Hammond?

65140b No.604252


I'd like to punch you in the face, WE ARE ALL PATRIOTS!!!


9b223b No.604253


Just eliminate the FBI/CIA = no more school shootings. Everything else is red herring bullshit.

02e5e0 No.604254


well whatever happened its dishonorable to reneg on non-disc@130000 bones

dc8575 No.604255


more tiddies. got a big one to rub out. thanks for making this place safe for horny boomers. this patriot boner can pound nails!

844d32 No.604256


y'all know about the Veterans housing hostage situation, right?

7f7a30 No.604257



Not that it will happen, but wouldn't it be classic Trump to use the media, let them build up expectations and audience then people tune in and instead are "treated" to HRC video.

805744 No.604258


cool. I saw this one earlier this morning when I was looking up the meaning of the symbol = The Punisher

0e248c No.604259

File: c2e52ede5110ac2⋯.png (175.69 KB, 410x229, 410:229, ClipboardImage.png)

Maddow Seethes Over Trump Leading Possible Peace Talks With North Korea

9b223b No.604260


He wont live that long.

d1d9b5 No.604261



If the spaces mean anything the second BOOM should come 8 days after the first.

fbb5f0 No.604262


Don't forget Baltimore, maybe even L.A. and NYC.

927604 No.604263


getting dbl teamed by clowns who think they're next level, BUSTED ASSHOLES there will be 3 (three) more posts between (You)'s Nice try though..

dc8f1e No.604264


there is a shot of trump in the back of a yukon i think where we all said that was the body double anyone have it?????

4dddad No.604265


2 thus far by my count.

1. US will be #1 Energy producer

2. NoKo talks

9b223b No.604267


Um, thats not how it works. That's not how any of this works.

27d8fd No.604268


Most people don't know a lot of things about that dude.

And what they think they know, they don't know.

f7191b No.604270


Wait until the meeting with Kim. After the meeting Trump will speak and say,

I know I've been keeping you in the dark about some things, but it had to be done this way. This is so very important for our nation, for the Korean nation and indeed, for the whole world. The decisions made today are GLORIOUS for the Korean people and I hope they will be GLORIOUS for the rest of us as well.

In other words, Trump is staging things for the Kim meeting. That will happen in a wamr brightly lit venue. The NK issue will COME IN FROM THE COLD and Trump will shine a NEW LIGHT on the situation.

It has to be this way because the cabal are so hung up about symbolism that they need to be repeatedly hit over the head with their own symbols to show that (((they))) NO LONGER CONTROL ANYTHING AT ALL.

5b4b66 No.604271

File: d6f145bedf792cd⋯.jpg (272.54 KB, 1701x605, 1701:605, AWACS.jpg)


Two Beechcraft Libertys flying circle patterns. Two tankers nearby.

849b65 No.604272

Best news ever! What happened to him was so stupid >>603562

fd83d8 No.604273


Tsarnaevs were dupe assets who got set up. The event was a dry run for martial law.

a9e034 No.604274


someone trying to grab that ladies purse in that one photo..kek

4bb14b No.604275


Doesn't matter either way. "Life give you lemons, you make lemonade." Trump always wins in the end and will make them pay.

Well I guess the Trump philosophy is "Life gives you lemons, you turn it into gold and then rip your enemies a new asshole and boast about it on Twatter."

1784d3 No.604276

File: 56130364d31cfff⋯.jpg (5.32 KB, 251x201, 251:201, bread.jpg)

New Bread




New Bread

880f5e No.604277


whatever happened with Monty?

5b4b66 No.604278


Correction . Two E3-Sentrys nearby.

23b94c No.604280


No shit. It’s not even close. Embarrassing even, that the pawned this lame story off on idiots.

He is either

Son of mom and frank Marshall d.


Son of Indonesian cult leader and unknown black woman, adopted by mom…

Sadder, no way those kids are his either.

dc8f1e No.604281

ee0111 No.604282


1) AMERICA being the largest producer of oil by 2023

2) NK wanting the meet Trump going public

3) Sessions suing CA


Im sure I am missing at least 1 boom.

9b223b No.604284


I only believe what I see happen. Q predicts too much. What about the AL Senate election? that alone is enough to tell Q, Stick with the actual facts.

dc8575 No.604286


only one post? definitely a shill.

my sides.


207e55 No.604288


Q: Were you, or other FBI patriots, behind the recent FBI Twitter Vault tweet about corrupt FBI Director Hoover, while Sessions was testifying about corrupt FBI Director Comey?

FBI Anon: This was a bit of fun we engaged in. Not myself, but others who are among dozens of agents assigned to post on our social media platforms.

Our old guide use to instruct “They should refrain from disclosing on any section of their user profiles that they work for the FBI or the Department of Justice,” the guide states. “FBI personnel must also consider each word that they post, as these posts will remain indefinitely in cyberspace.” But with the West getting wilder, certain agents go “rogue light”, as was the case with those tweets.

Q: How do you guys get away with these tweets when traitors like Comey and McCabe are in charge, and the Inspector General is investigating these tweets

FBI Anon: We have our own tool kits, like Socio-Spyder for instance, We realize the bureau is under increased scrutiny; most of us feel like we should not be painted with the same brush being used on the top brass. We are well embedded on all the platforms. We can LARP with the best of them. But we are also feeling that the public has a right to demand arrests of people in high position who have committed crimes. No man is above the law. But, most Americans rightly feel talk is cheap. It’s time to bring down the pond scum on the top of the swamp and work our way down to the monsters underneath. As I said a year ago, how can you expect a corrupt Government to self investigate?

http:// victuruslibertas.com/2017/06/fbi-anon-responds-to-vls-viewers-and-readers/

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