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Pro Aris et Focis

File: bcacab1198c9aa6⋯.jpg (9.47 KB, 255x143, 255:143, bcacab1198c9aa6367f1ac57c3….jpg)

23d655 No.589388

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We have more than we know. We are missing connections. We must build the map. We must leave no stone unturned. We must dig until we exhaust every possibility. We must focus. When light is focused, it can burn through anything. We are here to RESEARCH not to shitpost, when the Great Awakening happens, we must already have an encyclopedia of knowledge ready to redpill. The masses won't believe it unless we have massive evidence. That is why Q chose us, let's be the autists he knows we are.


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"They want you silenced, MAKE NOISE" ~ Q

Please Sign this and spread it. petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/internet-bill-rights-2


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Monday 3.05.18 ~ Tuesday 3.06.18

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>>568027 Big news week? Not over yet.

>>567803 rt >>567733 Wait & see.

>>567764 Logic says they simply would not report it.

>>567637 rt >>567610 Stage set?

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Sunday 3.04.18


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Saturday 3.03.18

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512db9 No.589454

File: fa4d6df4ce01fa3⋯.jpg (86.66 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, IMG_1039.JPG)

Love marine fags too

23d655 No.589458


This baker will not be able to bake again because i have work and breads are moving slowly right now

Last baker (of 726) shold be back to baking by the time we get to 728

i will monitor situation and notify when i have to leave

d9a01d No.589478

Who invited the angry doubt shills so early today?

They must not be enjoying the news.

55fba0 No.589482

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I'd like to dedicate this song to a little friend of mine… well, he's not actually a friend. And if we're being honest, I actually hate his fucking guts. Anyway, this song's for you John

https:// truepundit.com/senate-officials-confirm-john-mccain-expected-step-u-s-senate/

d9a01d No.589483


I can fill in for a while. Thanks Baker.

634836 No.589486

Lot of talk here about toturing and hanging the cabal. Violence is their way. Lets get them contained first

d9a01d No.589488

Do you have the pastebin link?

29be89 No.589494

you guys are wrong on the pyramid.

>THE PYRAMID +++ Roths/Soros/Saud

they are all puppets, we must focus on the puppet masters.

>like who put the Saudis into power from the first place?

43f3d5 No.589496

File: d153c3b45d81081⋯.png (85.19 KB, 929x709, 929:709, ClipboardImage.png)

https:// www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/federal-interagency-council-crime-prevention-improving-reentry/

23d655 No.589497


new baker confirmed

thanks anon

i know old baker will be on standby after his lunch meeting is over, so if you need to go after a while there shouldnt be a problem


512db9 No.589500

Plerbiteria screwed up royally round st



68bc35 No.589503

>JA - have you learned & eliminated L-6

L-6 = LSX = London Stock Exchange or more likely Occupy LSX movement.

Just got this from a twit in the Being Julian Assange article (https:// contraspin.co.nz/beingjulianassange/) Assange was associated with and a supporter of OccupyLSX, the London equivalent of Occupy Wall Street. He spoke to their protest. I don’t know a lot about this but maybe someone who ran that movement is cabal. Can anyone fill in more?

0c031d No.589504

Thank you baker 👩‍🍳



Did you all hit a hot topic this morning with Q post about trusting sessions????

Must have last two breads I was catching up on looked like burnt breads!

Remember if the shills go nuts, then you are on target…. keep on target and filter them….


If you don’t believe in Q or what we are doing…..please LEAVE!!!!

We do NOT care to hear your doubts, or cranky meanness…

4060eb No.589505

File: d5299db3c2cbd29⋯.jpg (201.4 KB, 777x777, 1:1, impetuouth.jpg)

>>589382 (last bread)


06dee9 No.589506

When have planefags ever added anything of significance?

106aed No.589507

File: 63d11e7d0afff6a⋯.png (106.05 KB, 409x238, 409:238, Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at ….png)


23d655 No.589508



just add in 726 notables from this batter above

8ad56f No.589509

File: 4ad9a9e3c21c547⋯.png (39.53 KB, 929x709, 929:709, 10bc9af82230b1f94ebd7857df….png)

New POTUS Executive Order: Federal Interagency Council on Crime Prevention and Improving Reentry

8ad56f No.589510

1ad978 No.589511

File: a7172f4ebe0afdc⋯.png (36.29 KB, 642x426, 107:71, #IBOR.png)

here we go:

23d655 No.589512


fuck wrong link

https:// pastebin.com/1FKNXTdE

0e8380 No.589513

File: febd1112e34b9ac⋯.png (576.1 KB, 690x448, 345:224, BeingJA.png)

https:// contraspin.co.nz/beingjulianassange/


And be ready for a long read.

What she says about JPB

Really confirms

What we found here.

You might find good supporting tweets in this article.

On Assange, she says:

>Handing us, on a platter, the true history hidden from us.

>Cowards loathe him.

>The corrupt fear him.

>The heroic help him.

Half of the story, has never been told.

But now we see the light.

7ff523 No.589514

File: 77bd7552d987db6⋯.png (342.14 KB, 826x728, 59:52, Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at ….png)

d9a01d No.589516


Thank you!

23d655 No.589517

b8c419 No.589518

File: 33c6a6c02855820⋯.png (148.53 KB, 618x428, 309:214, 87458934095728934756098347….png)

Juicy headline from Russia. Spy was MI6?

9d533c No.589519

File: 87e6ae8e9395b1f⋯.jpg (7.15 MB, 7790x7180, 779:718, Q Map 1.jpg)


Latest Q Map Set links are mouldy.

I posted them in the last bread for adding to dough!

Here they are, again…

Latest Q Map Set (1 of 6)

fa800e No.589520


Those who can't tell the difference are usually NIGGERS themselves!

6c54bb No.589521


That's like saying who invited the flies at a picnic. They invite themselves. They come, unbidden.

737921 No.589522

3c9778 No.589523


9d533c No.589524

File: 300edf2b472d57f⋯.jpg (6.27 MB, 6770x7400, 677:740, Q Map 2.jpg)



Latest Q Map Set (2 of 6)

23d655 No.589525




please add to next bread

737921 No.589526

File: f393224e2847625⋯.jpg (138.23 KB, 500x495, 100:99, blind-people-meme.jpg)

File: 50696d1867f856b⋯.jpg (23.6 KB, 490x275, 98:55, ept_sports_nba_experts-441….jpg)

File: f6a0128b9c9aaeb⋯.jpg (100.52 KB, 720x1363, 720:1363, 12973567_10208837583877791….jpg)

File: 2d7cde02a1fade7⋯.jpg (82.25 KB, 605x628, 605:628, 10565094_620239901440395_8….jpg)

311297 No.589527


What site do you use for tracking? Thanks for your work btw

dd0115 No.589528

What do we think is happening at 3:30 again besides the obvious?

7a9b40 No.589529

File: 004af5ed0cc083b⋯.png (147.91 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20180307-194625.png)

http:// www.astroml.org/modules/generated/astroML.lumfunc.Cminus.html


b11bd5 No.589530



9d533c No.589531

File: a1215782fc562e3⋯.jpg (7.53 MB, 8522x7557, 8522:7557, Q Map 3.jpg)



Latest Q Map Set (3 of 6)

e7aa88 No.589532

File: 6a1c6257414cdc6⋯.jpg (17.82 KB, 305x165, 61:33, 25zu3u.jpg)




1fe108 No.589533

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

3c9778 No.589534



202c36 No.589535

when sheep start saying shit like "Yes the video games are to blame, to much violence." I will gracefully bow out and see you in the field.

hate to tell all the snowflakes but the world is a nasty fn place.

hate speech and triggered SJW's a place where feelings are more important than facts?

illegal spying attacks on the first and 2nd and 4th amendments.

your seriously gonna be like its ok take our video games away because your with the good guys?

sound like a buncha beta cuck pussies.

311297 No.589536


Copy, thanks anon

9d533c No.589538

File: 50b2b7afd4f05b3⋯.jpg (8.68 MB, 7561x7427, 7561:7427, Q Map 4.jpg)



Latest Q Map Set (4 of 6)

43f3d5 No.589539


That's just fantasyland talk and wishful thinking. Some manufactured rage combined with real rage. Residual effects of being under cabal control, becoming that which they despise. I ignore it, fake vigilantism.

f21d70 No.589540

File: 9e265ae66d1b976⋯.jpeg (172.61 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 7643D72E-F71C-46C9-9734-D….jpeg)

9d533c No.589541

File: 29850478f453f6a⋯.jpg (9.17 MB, 5555x5555, 1:1, Q Map 5.jpg)



Latest Q Map Set (5 of 6)

0119d9 No.589542


bye bye we can't say his name.

0c031d No.589543

File: a11a27cd1ccdfd3⋯.jpeg (108.31 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 0C11F2CE-1B21-42E5-B43F-D….jpeg)

File: d0f8c6c0fdba934⋯.jpeg (204.06 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 8ADD4AA0-F848-4602-A524-2….jpeg)

Exchanges stop selling ammo, ect

Wtf? Like our military doesn’t need it?

490834 No.589544


Yeah. That's a good reason to get out of bed today.

I wonder if they'll let him disappear or send him to GITMO?

895a61 No.589545

FOR THE LAST TIME RETARDANONS. There was a confirmed death at CERN on 03/04/2018, it is on CERN webpage. Something happened

a546fd No.589546






dumb Crooked Ivy League WhiteShoe Lawyer

watch yo mouth, son

"But we have to come together, Jeanine as a nation. And we shouldn't be fighting like this. We should all be on the same team.

We should all come together as a nation."

> https:// factba.se/transcript/


f6c9dd No.589547

hey planefag! Seeing lots of Navy planes in Wilmington nc.

80ffc9 No.589548

File: cf0c60751927533⋯.png (414.36 KB, 987x687, 329:229, chessboardassange.png)

File: fa2899139f71659⋯.png (52.24 KB, 1146x254, 573:127, chessthreadpost1.png)

File: 015fa2f48188615⋯.png (103 KB, 822x455, 822:455, 015fa2f4818861513757b044f7….png)


yes and the Capablanca vs. Marshall game

is a MAP of moves we have made

and moves yet to play out

did anyone believe it was a coincidence

that Assange posted a chess match

within 2 hours of me posting my chess thread?

if so.. you probably belong at reddit

ps check out the filename of the Assange chessboard too. nicely coded isnt it?

9d533c No.589549

File: 70a133546585779⋯.jpg (9.51 MB, 5555x5555, 1:1, Q Map 6.jpg)



Latest Q Map Set (6 of 6)

8b231c No.589550





Need Gov. Ducey to appt him

e7aa88 No.589551


That is a good idea, to throw lots of redpills onto to craigslist( political section/personals)

It's anon friendly, and people can use yahoo emails for free ads,, if they don't want to be known by craigslist admin.

0c031d No.589552


Hang him I. The public square

004bfc No.589553

File: 5ea358327ef42d2⋯.jpg (130.76 KB, 1911x1080, 637:360, Snowden Harrison 2.jpg)

Did Snowden really take the flight from Hong Kong to Russia? Interesting article-

Mystery, Riddle, Enigma: Edward Snowden & Sarah Harrison Edition

>Snowden and Harrison have allegedly been in the transit terminal at Sheremetyevo airport for almost two weeks now, and despite the presence of many prying eyes, neither has been seen. How is that possible? They were reported to have flown from Hong Kong to Moscow, but in this age of cellphone and iPad cameras, there is not one piece of photographic evidence that they were on the flight, or got off it.

>Snowden is allegedly in communication with his legal team, but Julian Assange is the source of that information, and the intermediary in communications between Snowden and the outside world. His father wants to contact him, but can’t do so directly. Harrison’s parents haven’t heard a word from her.

http:// streetwiseprofessor.com/mystery-riddle-enigma-edward-snowden-sarah-harrison-edition/

339c12 No.589554

5547fc No.589555

Marine Corps Commandant: 'Less Than 30% of Young Men and Women' Qualified to Join Military

26824e No.589556

File: f3925aab4fadd50⋯.jpg (337.3 KB, 1280x1068, 320:267, IBOR 01.jpg)

File: 36d60e122310c6a⋯.jpg (118.81 KB, 798x524, 399:262, IBOR 02.jpg)

File: 360398fa53cd590⋯.jpg (194.91 KB, 820x350, 82:35, IBOR 03.jpg)

File: 9f92ec2f618a0b4⋯.jpg (64.56 KB, 770x330, 7:3, IBOR 04.jpg)

File: 091ed81b8abcb91⋯.jpg (117.71 KB, 800x451, 800:451, IBOR 05.jpg)

737921 No.589557


It's true, though.

Ever since Super Mario I've pounded boxes, done weird shit involving turtle shells, and abused the fuck out of some mushrooms.

The mushrooms talked to me.

The princess was never in the castle.

Bowser is just the nickname of my ex's current Chad.

The princess was not de wae.

I must find my kween.

6c54bb No.589558


Can you come together with people who not only do not share your values, but despise them?

490834 No.589559


I love you as much as any anon can possibly love another, but please take pity on us that don't understand your special gift and do your best to translate the moves into 3rd grade English.

In short: what happened and what's next?

1fe108 No.589560

File: fd97e42bdcab321⋯.jpg (80.3 KB, 500x343, 500:343, images.duckduckgo.com.jpg)

685c04 No.589561

File: 62b3cf20f506b1c⋯.jpg (81.94 KB, 935x699, 935:699, noname.JPG)

737921 No.589562

File: debb7c4710406f2⋯.jpeg (174.12 KB, 788x1024, 197:256, DXtgwgpU0AAFugo.jpg-large.jpeg)


L… lurk m0ar?

Am I doing this right?

6120e1 No.589563


its only says one person

other crap said 3

this guy could of died of anything

now dont get me wrong, i think cern is evil

and compare it to tower of bable

but i really dont see any proofs as of now

55fba0 No.589564


we need POTUS to look into deporting turtles throwing hammers when this is all over

2d932c No.589565

>>588490 (last bread)

I respectfully agree with you.

e7aa88 No.589566

File: 20feccd7fcfd3fd⋯.jpg (90.49 KB, 500x503, 500:503, 25o0pk.jpg)

File: c802ec49d92a228⋯.jpg (90.24 KB, 500x503, 500:503, 25o0s3.jpg)


Did you see the chess badges i made for you Chess anons?

5547fc No.589567


Digits confirm

490834 No.589568


I lurk. I just get lost on the grid. Dammit. I'll go back to my corner.

339c12 No.589569


part of learning and understanting, is reading and digesting. happy lurking!

f5173f No.589570


No Sauce no Truth…..we need official word.

cba67d No.589571


Relax. Nobody is talking about "taking away your video games."

Just some anons wondering about the news report that Trump will be holding a meeting about violent video games, and why it would be reported that it's because of the Parkland shooting.

11af3a No.589572


sauce? i dont see it

21da71 No.589573

File: fd4acb01b9a6577⋯.png (391.39 KB, 790x639, 790:639, ClipboardImage.png)

Maybe that weakened steel?https:// nypost.com/2018/03/08/uss-john-mccains-sudden-turn-led-to-deadly-collision-that-killed-10-sailors/

512db9 No.589574

File: ba54018dec03b5b⋯.jpg (93.82 KB, 1034x1200, 517:600, IMG_0850.JPG)

Yasin inspired the rogrigo

6c54bb No.589575

File: 8bd5b1e27151e93⋯.jpg (43.52 KB, 640x341, 640:341, JM Freshly Dead.jpg)

eff5db No.589576


Any death penalty must be carried out quickly and efficiently. Torture for its own sake does nothing except make us like them. They fear death more than anything.

3c9778 No.589577

File: a99e4827b101025⋯.png (624.47 KB, 800x522, 400:261, ClipboardImage.png)

Declaring an emergency means the crew determines they have an “urgency” or “distress” situation. … If a crew resets their transponder to the emergency code of 7700 (squawking 7700), all air traffic control facilities in the area are immediately alerted that the aircraft has an emergency situation.

United States Navy

United States Military

Grumman C-2A Greyhound


no GPS location available..currently

375 feet altitude

737921 No.589578


I remember when all this shit started back in the late 80's.

The Japanese teamed up with the Italians, since they were still bae after WWII, to try to fight the CRAFTsmen lobbying reptilians.

868174 No.589579

File: 2ad1fcddf9bafcb⋯.jpg (260.29 KB, 1470x1080, 49:36, 6r0nnf-z0npfx8r18dz.jpg)

can a memefag put we don't say his name in pic .

6c54bb No.589580


Correct. 100%.

895a61 No.589581


Ferdinand Hahn https:// home.cern/cern-people

0e58d2 No.589582


I have been wondering this very thing. Q keeps asking how he could leave HK if his passport were flagged… which we all thought to mean that the clowns or O WH assisted.

What if, instead, it meant he could NOT get out, and is therefore still in HK (or had to escape another way, later)?

911a96 No.589584


https:// theconservativetreehouse.com/2018/03/08/attorney-general-jeff-sessions-confirms-prior-appointment-of-doj-prosecutor-to-parallel-ig-horowitz-not-a-special-counsel/

OK, I trust him.

a546fd No.589585


Are you classifying people based on color of skin or content of character?

43f3d5 No.589586


Of course something happened, someone who worked there died, because, every one dies eventually, even scientists for CERN. Was it what happened as stated by a wacko website followed by a weirdo youtube video? Probably not. When you find out exactly what the "something" that happened was with actual proof, get back to us. Or, take Q's advice, and don't believe every fucking thing you read, even here.

737921 No.589587

Just a reminder:

Fuck Don Lemon.

And then rub lemon juice on the butthurt.

https:// www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/06/25/don-lemon-jerry-sandusky-sorry_n_1625697.html

5547fc No.589588


He was there the whole time

f8e0ef No.589589


Maybe this explains the happenings today?


512db9 No.589590

File: 3f78973c60546a2⋯.jpg (90.6 KB, 768x601, 768:601, IMG_0970.JPG)

Short and curlys

450ed6 No.589591


if you think that any cabal is going to walk away just because you detain them you are naive beyond naive - - those guys will run and gun right to the bitter end.. most of them fear their own kind a hell of a lot more than any law abiding official and the swamp is global not just little ol usa.

80ffc9 No.589592

File: c4cf21aec51e9ad⋯.png (255.22 KB, 1245x1297, 1245:1297, booms.png)

File: 3fc26567c6bb0d0⋯.png (84.26 KB, 1195x685, 239:137, 35black1.png)

File: db7879a7188f87d⋯.png (100.13 KB, 1203x685, 1203:685, checkandfinished.png)


we are currently awaiting for the BOOMs

to end. this will kill off the Clinton Foundation

then Black will make some sort of

threat to our Queen

and then comes our last move..

send in Sessions for the kill

the MAP was preconceived

with some added variables that would all

lead to the same outcome

490834 No.589593

Faggots. I reject the idea that I have to be good at everything. I can explicitly describe the Rothschild shell game, know bloodlines as well as the back of my hand, and as of this morning uncovered McStain's part in building a pipeline to pull natgas out of the Middle East to Europe.

That I don't understand the chess games will just have to wait.

Many parts, one body, assholes. I guess it makes you feel special to keep it for yourselves.

3c9778 No.589595

United States Navy SCORE22

United States Military

Grumman C-2A Greyhound

GOT ANOTHER C-2 going north to south up and over the hudson river

e7aa88 No.589596

File: be5d9d672375903⋯.jpg (150.63 KB, 1052x500, 263:125, 25yp0x.jpg)

File: 1b31311378274bc⋯.jpg (159.81 KB, 1052x500, 263:125, 25yp4e.jpg)

File: 879d8fca6eadc73⋯.jpg (169.9 KB, 1052x500, 263:125, 25yp9z.jpg)

File: 5acae0eae586b14⋯.jpg (174.24 KB, 1052x500, 263:125, 25ypbv.jpg)

edefc9 No.589597


I'm inclined to believe that, which raises the question again - why would Putin cooperate with the ruse?

737921 No.589598

File: 43d2e1056a3cae0⋯.jpg (60.31 KB, 500x503, 500:503, 43d2e1056a3cae0f77306e82b5….jpg)


I think that'd work better if it was Lord Barron…

Pic vaguely related.

f3a834 No.589599

File: 84e9152a6162cee⋯.jpg (560.68 KB, 3772x1375, 3772:1375, Capture11.JPG)

This guy has been doing this daily for over a week . every day..

Thats a Lots of airtime for a museum piece

8b231c No.589600

File: bbf14e4fbd38656⋯.jpg (116.33 KB, 691x499, 691:499, dear-gov-ducey-draft-sheri….jpg)


490834 No.589601


Thank you.

3c9778 No.589602

Royal Canadian Air Force OILR68

Canada Military

Lockheed KCC-130H Hercules

got Royal Canadian Air Force out in the GULF of MEXICO southeast of Biloxi, MI

512db9 No.589603

File: acf3ddec7059f0a⋯.jpg (33.5 KB, 296x394, 148:197, IMG_1040.JPG)


Meanwhile in D.C.

cea2e9 No.589604


Needs a new name

72df04 No.589605


Nice one.

However, GEOTUS has asked that we respect Barron's privacy.

5dcd55 No.589606


I've been playing FPS games like Battlefield, other "violent" video games like GTA series and lately Assassin's Creed and Ghost Recon. I don't have any compulsion to go and mow down hookers after playing GTA. Anyone who can't differentiate a game from reality is nuts. I should note that I hunt and taking any life is a very serious thing. I don't take it lightly.

eff5db No.589607


The death penalty is not about detaining anyone. This is self explanatory.

dd0115 No.589608

490834 No.589609


Then we need to do our best to get Clinton devalued in the public eye. The right already hates her. How do we expose her dirty deeds to the left in tiny doses so as to create curiosity?

202c36 No.589610

anyone been having bad headaches and flu symptoms lately?

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPoAG2OIj5U

26824e No.589611

File: d4015dfdf1bb3ea⋯.jpg (304.43 KB, 1470x1080, 49:36, WE DON'T SAY HIS NAME.jpg)

8ce8bb No.589612

I am divisionfag. I'm here to fuck up the bread. Come at me.

e044d4 No.589614

File: f1323f3553583dc⋯.jpeg (716.49 KB, 1242x1235, 1242:1235, 19D6CC04-5E5D-4936-B335-9….jpeg)

BO what does the court look like compared to say November 2016 Half pol?

What does it look like today?

Slow down for me ?

I think not . I’m waiting like so many others for you to catch up.

Here’s a meme

edefc9 No.589615


USS Can't Say His Name

450ed6 No.589616


and they are millions and getting little ol clinton and a dozen of her buddies is nothing..

d9d02e No.589617

File: 4e8691a2013adee⋯.jpg (16.03 KB, 460x479, 460:479, DawnLemonx3.jpg)

ae74a9 No.589618

A Special hello to the two Big Ugly Fat Fellows who are Dashing north. Stay above the Cherubs. GOD speed and God bless us all.


6937f3 No.589619


I do not have a concrete opinion on Assange but his unquestioning support is Snowden, pandering support of Bradley manning’s Psychosis and his immediate assumption that trump is a serial sexual predator because he was accused (particularly since he is captive in the Ecuadorian embassy based on false sexual assault accusations) makes him…


Aside from that, the article is extremely long winded, not well organized, difficult to read.

512db9 No.589620

File: 5f8d255d3416524⋯.jpg (46.32 KB, 500x654, 250:327, IMG_0247.JPG)

Mexicans wanted to kill nazis for how long

0e58d2 No.589621


You're early. The concernfags are still working. Can you come back in a couple of hours?

5dcd55 No.589622


That's why the gallows exists

004bfc No.589624

File: cbbd699f8dc2f51⋯.jpg (58.21 KB, 1024x673, 1024:673, Snowden Harrison 1.jpg)


Like minds anon, exactly. I'm thinking we need to look back at reports of the chain of events from when Snowden left the US until he arrived in 'Russia', and inconsistencies. Sarah Harrison was key, so I'm looking into her role and history. This was posted in the last bread, possibly interesting to you >>588998

43f3d5 No.589625

IIRC, at the meetings held by POTUS following the Parkland incident, someone brought up video game violence and POTUS said he'd look into it. The man is just keeping his promise, not driving violent video games into the black market. You guys REALLY need to top believing everything said for MSM as it is, and look beneath the surface to what's REALLY being said. ALL forms of media that have been used as propaganda should be looked into, is what I got from it. It's not like we don't know about the Clown!A influence in EVERY form of entertainment, THAT influence is what needs to be contained. Don't be simpletons.

a546fd No.589626

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


>Fuck Don Lemon.

Counter Don Lemon with Dave Chappelle?

06dee9 No.589627


Fat Body Platoon will sort that out.

8ce8bb No.589628


Well…I guess so. They need to hurry up.

6c54bb No.589629


I said nothing about skin color or character. I talked about VALUES. By extension, I mean American values. If you have a large segment of the population that doesn't buy in to those values, or are openly hostile to them, how can you come together with them? Someone has to change. Either you, or them. Or there will be conflict. It's been that way throughout history.

5420e7 No.589630


Q himself tells you if you 👁👁

512db9 No.589631

File: 8f31ca83847d2a5⋯.jpg (39.67 KB, 315x400, 63:80, IMG_1028.JPG)

I got some biz to handle

B black later


450ed6 No.589632


you believe what you believe and i know what i know - millions need to be ended.. due process a million would tie up the courts for a hundred years.. shit - can't even arrest one yet…

0119d9 No.589633


Yes, the movie "The Three Amigos" made that clear.

6937f3 No.589634

Technically, gabby Gifford astronauts husband John Kelley is not a “noname”.


8b231c No.589635

File: 6f82353ffa4f7e2⋯.jpg (87.28 KB, 750x500, 3:2, draft-arpaio.jpg)




f21d70 No.589636

File: 4f37fc20b693eb4⋯.jpeg (99.96 KB, 500x668, 125:167, EC3F05EB-40C1-4E74-8F23-B….jpeg)

e0b0f1 No.589637


Fly by wire systems can be remote controlled. Airplanes, Ships, Cars and Trains. They are all just one big computer and with few modifications they can receive cell or sat signaling to hit the brakes, turn to the left or shut down completely.

USS Mc No Name was remotely controlled to cause a collision.

6f6773 No.589638


And to all Veterans, especially Vietnam Veterans that he totally fucked over, some worse than others.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https:// www.youtube.com/embed/ec0XKhAHR5I" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

0773e1 No.589639

File: cc5fd1ad9d8ddcf⋯.jpg (58.01 KB, 680x559, 680:559, Pepesoldout.JPG)

2ec621 No.589640

File: 49fc5a722e9a4a3⋯.jpg (31.03 KB, 564x478, 282:239, 27331954_1808120922593437_….jpg)

21da71 No.589641

File: e72f8253874c8e9⋯.png (293.48 KB, 966x719, 966:719, ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone figure out how

Anna Strong fits into the map yet?

21cff2 No.589642

File: 1c24067e8dd919f⋯.jpeg (326.61 KB, 750x1010, 75:101, AFB0491F-7580-4669-BFAA-4….jpeg)

e044d4 No.589643

You came to the Chan’s for help , treated them like shot they left now you bring in your own to make it look as if the group that really moves things still here ?

Tell me why your normie speech has the real anons linning up the board . No flood detection sorry:(

718dab No.589644

e7aa88 No.589645



I saw that story too, and that was exactley what i was thinking,, THEY NEED TO RENAME THAT SHIP.

Have it named after a REAL HERO, a REAL PATRIOT. The USS. Michael S. Rogers.

Or the USS Michael Flynn

f1d9ce No.589646

https:/ /www.standard.co.uk/lifestyle/london-life/sarah-harrison-the-woman-behind-whistblowers-edward-snowden-and-julian-assange-a3342546.html

Sarah Harrison: the woman behind whistleblowers Edward Snowden and Julian Assange

She spent 40 days stranded in a Moscow airport with Edward Snowden and was Julian Assange’s closest confidante. Here, Sarah Harrison tells Susannah Butter about life with the super-hackers

With a modest smile, Sarah Harrison is describing her role in the WikiLeaks network: “I’m not Snowden or Assange; I’m just a blonde girl.” But despite appearing to be a normal woman from Kent, “with the most boring name ever”, Harrison, aged 34, is at the centre of a powerful global group of activists working to uncover what they believe are government cover-ups and data breaches.

When NSA leaker Edward Snowden had his passport blocked by the US and was stranded at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport for 40 days in July 2013, it was Harrison who was by his side, working around the clock to get him asylum and not leaving the airport either. She “lived off horrible coffee and Burger King, which I still can’t eat”.

Before that she was Julian Assange’s personal assistant and girlfriend, spending a year holed up in Norfolk when he was under house arrest there in 2011, facing allegations of sexual assault in Sweden, and then visiting him every day at the Ecuadorian embassy.

The public latched on to the fact that a woman who went to the private Sevenoaks School in Kent was involved with Assange. Harrison is slim and tanned, with scraped-back curly hair and a gap-toothed smile. At first she is on edge and jumps when I say her name, but after that she relaxes and her manner is more like a friendly teacher than a hacker on the fringes of society.

f81027 No.589647


They tried to summon Moloch to save them

64fbbd No.589648

Whats up with the snowden live in 24 from yesterday?

80ffc9 No.589649

File: c7ca5adcccb2064⋯.png (173 KB, 663x865, 663:865, blackbishop.png)

File: cdc9ecc370a77b7⋯.png (65.96 KB, 1265x227, 1265:227, Q2-23-1846.png)

5dcd55 No.589650


I don't doubt that some (many) are so disconnected from reality due to the fact that they do not live in the real world, social media obsessed idiots. Those people would be easily desensitized to violence because they're already living in la la land. Killing any living thing, be it a human, domesticated pet, or wild animals, is infinitely easier if you don't respect life in the first place. MK Ultra tools.

cba67d No.589651



Not nitpicking, because this is important:

Q used the term "graphic" to refer to this. Doesn't the term "map" mean something different in Q posts, or did he use those two different words interchangeably?

>Graphic is good.

>Please update and continue to log.

>Important more than you know.

>All posts are connected.

>Graphic is key.

1fe108 No.589652


USS Brain Tumor

450ed6 No.589653


actually that was the usa that tried to summon moloch - march 14 2014

8ad56f No.589654



could you help me with a query? (Actually someone else's. See here >>588242 )

Q asked us to find out who the father of @Snowden's girlfriend is Lindsey Mills

It was quickly found her father is Jonathan Mills >>580481

Is Mills connected to anything?

64fbbd No.589655


More like they tried to sacrifice someone to summon Moloch

aea7ff No.589656


We don't know the dynamics of HRC and HA relationship over the years. Huma had that "insurance file" for a reason. No doubt, she knows how Hillary is... Maybe she had it as a "just in case" but maybe she had it bc Hillary threatened her, and Huma knew she needed to beat her to the punch

cea2e9 No.589657



0e58d2 No.589658


It is named after the father, who WAS a patriot. I believe that is why they don't say his name.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_S._McCain_Sr.

13866c No.589659

File: fe9af52200d3496⋯.png (132.07 KB, 665x746, 665:746, POTUS 3-8-18 10 20 am PS….PNG)

File: 01fdab36f8459d6⋯.png (58.41 KB, 660x685, 132:137, WH re Courage Award.PNG)


21da71 No.589661



Or, Captain was a rogue Trump hating McCain supporter, who was promptly relieved of duty.

8e0b56 No.589662

Lurker here

Honest observation- bread is moldy. Has been all day.

Curious as to why that is.

We are in the middle of a YUGE #campaign yet it's not at the top of the bread? What happened to pastebin from 2am est?

Why was an old pastebin Used (With old info from a week ago, broken links, old objectives etc)?

If new baker, ask for help!

Anons- use discretion

We are under heavy shilling

We have been tasked by Q and by proxy our POTUS to MAKE IT RAIN!!



That is our current OP

That is where our FOCUS should be

We were given orders!

They our counting on US


7c01c5 No.589663

His whereabouts are currently unknown after he checked out of his luxury hotel on Monday - though he is believed to still be in Hong Kong….http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2339980/Jonathan-Mills-Father-Edward-Snowden-girlfriend-Lindsay-Mills-speak-NSA-leaker.html

2a3a62 No.589664

How did @Snowden clear customs/immigration in HK AFTER the public release?

Why wouldn’t he FIRST travel to final destination prior to public release?

If wanted by the US govt would he be cleared to travel?

Who provided support to escape?

Who was the US after during this time?

JA - have you learned & eliminated L-6?

Use logic.


Snowden, Hussein, and the CIA all work for the cabal. Hussein was recruited by the CIA. Hussein's mother worked for the CIA and his father hated the United States. The CIA and Saudis got Hussein into Harvard and paid for his education.

The CIA used Snowden to damage the NSA (damage the United States) and then to try to infiltrate and damage Russia.

Snowden needed an intermediate stop so he could go public and hope that Russia would accept him as an American defector.

Obama and the CIA made sure that Snowden's travels were not restricted. China might have assisted.

f1d9ce No.589665

She advised Stone on the section about Snowden’s escape, a period which she remembers in forensic detail. After Snowden leaked the NSA documents he contacted WikiLeaks for support and they sent Harrison to meet him in Hong Kong. From there she planned to take him to safety in Latin America, avoiding the US. “I first met him en route to the airport. He was a calm mix of resigned and hopeful, dealing with a tense situation,” she says.

“You don’t leak that many documents and think you’ll get away with it. He assumed he would be in prison or dead but we had a flight out so there was some hope.”

They pretended to be a couple on holiday. “I never realised there were so many stages to getting a flight. I remember holding my breath while they checked his passport. I lost perspective of time because it was so nerve-racking.”

Once they made it to Moscow they went to check in for their flights to Cuba but Snowden’s passport had been blocked. So began 40 days living in confinement with a man she had only just met, hiding from the world press in a tiny, windowless room that the “nice” airport staff gave them.

Harrison says that she “could have left at any time” but has a strong sense of duty. “You can’t abandon someone in that scenario. At each step there were more risks and it became more exciting so you keep going, but by that stage it was more that there was this great guy sitting next to me who needed help.”

When Snowden was eventually granted asylum in Moscow, Harrison stayed with him for three months “to make sure he was settled”. Now he has made a new life there, even though he was originally not keen to stay, and his girlfriend, a dancer, has come to live with him. “Their love story features heavily in the film,” says Harrison sweetly. “It’s romantic. She must be a strong lady. He kept her in the dark so she wouldn’t be implicated. Imagine waking up one day and seeing your boyfriend all over the news. But she stuck by him.”

Snowden is “not somebody who complains” and that stopped Harrison from “whining”. “It’s like complaining that it’s raining to Julian Assange, who can’t leave the embassy.”

She thought of Assange while she was there. “It gave me new-found respect for Julian. When I finally left the airport my eyes hurt focusing on long distances and I had bad headaches. I thought ‘imagine what it’ll be like for Julian when he hasn’t seen the horizon in four years’.”

https:// www.standard.co.uk/lifestyle/london-life/sarah-harrison-the-woman-behind-whistblowers-edward-snowden-and-julian-assange-a3342546.html

8f1a02 No.589666


Tempted to agree with this.

Might be a new schill tactic; post as a newfag baker and sabotage the daily wire.

21cff2 No.589667

File: 0370fe15eb773d3⋯.jpeg (714.88 KB, 750x1295, 150:259, 6BE6D67B-2FE8-45F5-8FB7-2….jpeg)

https:// twitter.com /breitbartnews/status/971813856128458753?s=21

02e66b No.589668

File: 888c5d10f137371⋯.jpg (193.98 KB, 1273x639, 1273:639, DJT.jpg)

Anyone else notice President Trump changed his background image back to this?

15170e No.589669


what a mess.., the mexicans have a Nazi in process (AMLO=Obrador)

ae74a9 No.589670

File: 73c0714bddbaf3d⋯.jpg (4.69 KB, 160x160, 1:1, what do you suppose this i….jpg)

e64eb2 No.589671

Anyone think Wikileaks has the hrc video in their 65gb insurance torrent link?

634836 No.589672


Agreed. some strange happenings

0c031d No.589673

File: 94ea3acb5bd158e⋯.png (150.24 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 53C28CEE-E0BC-4A5C-A49A-CF….png)

File: 646e874b9900d20⋯.png (239.51 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 2A202946-D033-4B43-AE33-21….png)

Why is this guy sounding like he has private commas with Q and JA??????

004bfc No.589674



He does. He does. Help us see where anon?

67ce5c No.589675


I just took over as baker for next bread. I have the current pastebin and the one I handed off last night as well. I will be cleaning them up and combining them for the next bread.

06dee9 No.589676



Sessions in full BEAST MODE!!

335560 No.589677

File: 9622d3a1a2ade65⋯.png (333.49 KB, 970x1024, 485:512, combing-of-hair-clipart-co….png)

I remember Q's drops several weeks ago…referencing the time was running out for Snowden….no one to protect him anymore….JOHN 3:16 reference….

To me, it sounded like Q giving Snowden the chance to FLIP…and bringing God into the equation….

POTUS has the airwaves during an emergency via EAS….…WHAT IF Snowden goes public on the whole MSM "4:00 am talking points" stuff during this EAS (because it's part of a "deal" we've made with him)???

The American people KNOW who Snowden is….if he came "clean" on a national platform…it would be HUGE….

And it would be the end of MSM as we know it….

Just thinking out loud….

767aef No.589678

File: 460a72082af3bc6⋯.png (647.63 KB, 2224x1668, 4:3, BF148292-3CDD-4C45-AC4E-09….png)

File: ce13fd67c09934c⋯.png (715.36 KB, 2224x1668, 4:3, EC5A9B4B-40F5-4DCA-999D-6C….png)

I think this goes right along with what we’re discussing here. I transcribed these drops from Dilley’s intel source today. I never fill up the board with posts so if you don’t like this just skip. Some people might want to see. Can’t you just feel some truth about to burst through?

8f1a02 No.589679


Thanks baker. Need any help?

21cff2 No.589680

File: 2b6a341217c89e3⋯.jpeg (438.54 KB, 750x1204, 375:602, 9F96C334-E7C3-4A90-8018-1….jpeg)

https:// twitter.com/ foxnews/status/971813980447674368?s=21

76a24d No.589681

File: 4c1fa314d79bdba⋯.jpg (47 KB, 800x430, 80:43, don_lemon-1-800x430.jpg)

06dee9 No.589682


Didn't mean to reply to you.

0329dc No.589683


Thank you Baker!!

8b231c No.589684

Has Sen. Cochran been added to the list?

https:// www.vox.com/2018/3/5/16798610/sen-thad-cochran-resigning-2018-republican

http:// archive.is/16vxs

67ce5c No.589685



Just let me know if you have any requests.

f1d9ce No.589686

File: 48631f6f6663152⋯.jpg (118.52 KB, 960x1200, 4:5, TidePodsOREO.jpg)

ae74a9 No.589687


Thomas Paine

‏ @Thomas1774Paine

BREAKING: Senate Officials Confirm John McCain Expected to Step Down from U.S. Senate

21da71 No.589688

File: 13fb7e027259986⋯.png (294.1 KB, 655x431, 655:431, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e3dca3dc3951abe⋯.png (234.51 KB, 535x290, 107:58, ClipboardImage.png)

So, Snowden was an animefag back in the day.

Wonder if he was part of creating the chans for anime/kiddie porn,

hence the reason Q chose these chans.

e53422 No.589689


Years ago when this excuse was first brought up it wasn't true but it is now on many games. They slowly increased the violence in games over the last 3 decades. Most games are not but there are many many games out there that are too violent for kids under 18 and even some adults. They did the same thing to movies with the amount and type of sex. It has changed so much in 30 years.

595fa4 No.589690


Good riddance senator Fuckstain. Enjoy eternity with your master satan.

55fba0 No.589692


I'm curious wtf it could be. I keep seeing that it's pedo shit on twitter but I'm doubting that. I guess you could censor it but I'm leaning towards it being more blatantly treasonous activity. some sort of CP vid would redpill the fuck out of normies though, make them reconsider pizzagate

5420e7 No.589693


How’s Russia?

Is it ( really ) cold there?

ae74a9 No.589694


famous last words

love that trump

64fbbd No.589695

Trust Kissinger?

15042f No.589696


Hillary's secret hero?

0919cf No.589697


Nice work, Anon.

339c12 No.589698


i get a chuckle out of sessions. his demeanor is gold.

dirty fib bites the dust


311297 No.589699


9 people=


64fbbd No.589700

3dd013 No.589701


to get all the babes.

8ca545 No.589702


he is a BELIEVER.

a godly man.


67ce5c No.589703

3d813d No.589704

File: a6287668862a246⋯.png (39.52 KB, 436x340, 109:85, Screenshot-2018-2-25 Inter….png)


thank god you are finally giving this shit up, still nothing on CERN's webpage

311297 No.589705

T- two hours til video drop??

450ed6 No.589706


believe me when i say this - the only 9 person that matters wouldn't pose for that picture.

21cff2 No.589707


They chose the Chans because of autist unrelenting passion to dig for the truth.

They chose the Chans because it is the last area of free speech

The chose the chans because everyone can remain (and likes to remain) anonymous

01f6ff No.589708

c095aa No.589709


We don't say his name!!

8ca545 No.589710



big plow or the baby plow?

490834 No.589711


Odd stuff here about Lindsey:

http:// answrhub.com/ lindsay-mills-wiki-biography-family-birthday-height-spouse-age-networth/

8f1a02 No.589712


Nice usage of the oldest symbol in the world!

15170e No.589713



8e0b56 No.589714


The current pastebin is shit though.

That's my point.

Idk if it's the last bakers fault or as said a new shill tactic…

Just honest observation from lurking all the damn time.

The #IBOR OP should be Front and Center though. If anything, get that part straightened out and we can all try to fix the rest as we go.


06dee9 No.589715


I think Q was like "Alright mofo's, look what Sessions is doing, do you trust him NOW!?" with today's post. Kek!

004bfc No.589716

File: accbf4f39273f7c⋯.png (887.48 KB, 827x466, 827:466, IMG_4120.PNG)


Thanks anon. There are so many Q posts on the Snowden subject. Gonna go back.

cba67d No.589717

File: 0346fd8a6dd8698⋯.png (3.13 MB, 1396x783, 1396:783, ttm.png)


This same back and forth argument about "video games cause violence" has been done many times before, and always goes nowhere. Hopefully we'll find out exactly what Trump is doing behind the vague headlines.

The latest blurb is about him planning a meeting with game company execs. Betting it's going to be something different than Trump saying "You must reduce violence in games." My guess at this point is something like "We need a report about any technical involvement on FPS games by government agencies that deploy mind control programming."

d9d02e No.589718

File: 35903a3057adc92⋯.jpg (245.98 KB, 2400x3000, 4:5, KATI MORTON.jpg)

for the Cabal Kill List …Future proves Past~


https:// books.google.com/books?isbn=0930852435

Glen Yeadon - 2008 - ‎Political Science

The so-called economic miracle of the 1950s came from the same money the Nazis looted from Europe in the 1940s.16 From the beginning, Safehaven was an ambitious project with several goals, including immediately forcing the neutral countries to stop trading with the Nazis. The secondary goals of Safehaven follow: To …>snip<

The Nazi Hydra in America: Suppressed History of a Century - Wall Street and the Rise of the Fourth Reich by Glen Yeadon

Published: December 24, 2011

Exposes how US elitists launched Hitler, then recouped Nazi assets to lay the postwar foundations of a modern police state, complete with controlled corporate media. Fascists won WWII because they ran both sides. "A valuable history of the relationship between big business in the United States and European fascism..



second generation Cabal Kati Marton

Committee to Protect Journalists. Visiting Scholar at Columbia University as well as a Gannett Fell.)

– also:* International Center for Transitional Justice Company - * www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/relationship.asp?personId=267490&privcapId=6411361&previousCapId=0&previousTitle=Local%20Media%20Group%2C%20Inc. & https:// www.pinterest.com/pin/143200463123412367/

Kati Marton - widow of diplomat Richard Holbrooke, M 1994.Arrived in SAFEHAVEN program as a child.

311297 No.589719


Q dropped -24 at 3:30 yesterday…just sayin

67ce5c No.589720

File: d5c753245042973⋯.png (111.97 KB, 1080x547, 1080:547, Screenshot_20180308-123410….png)

f1d9ce No.589721

File: 292b2d7047ce277⋯.jpg (62.82 KB, 500x543, 500:543, ClimateChangePenguins.jpg)

8f1a02 No.589722


Lindsey looks more like a Lenny to me, but ok

21da71 No.589724

File: 3cf766265aadef4⋯.png (481.21 KB, 557x433, 557:433, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d08ecc10b0e1287⋯.png (521.37 KB, 503x442, 503:442, ClipboardImage.png)

01f6ff No.589725


yea i know. i also know its going to be a 'boring' announcement about economy and tariffs.

21cff2 No.589727


Maybe the spy wasn’t the actual target. Maybe the people who set the poison trap were after someone who they knew would respond

d9c912 No.589728



64fbbd No.589729

When did Beanz say Q wasnt legit?

1b9c75 No.589730

"Oprah Winfrey explores revolutionary approach to childhood trauma for "60 Minutes"

https:// www.cbsnews.com/news/oprah-winfrey-childhood-trauma-ptsd-60-minutes-report/

5be1a5 No.589731

File: 0f80ef5d7d7b615⋯.gif (240.82 KB, 200x193, 200:193, 1474096052145.gif)





I wish to see the date:math coding boiled down to 1 pic that makes it easy to understand and spread. Some anon pls deliver. Maybe a thraed should be started for the date:math coding topic.

21cff2 No.589732


Because she is an agent from hell

335560 No.589734


Interesting….did you see the STILL PHOTO that was on the board last night?? The one with Clinton at a table….looked like Page/Strzok sitting there? A teenage boy…black man with huge photo of his kids??

Almost looks like a FF briefing….wonder if there's a VIDEO to go with it?

American's are "getting" the whole FF issue via CNN's BLUNDERS….seems they'd be "ready" to see raw video of "plotting"….

06dee9 No.589735


Could be a WMD test, under the guise of an assassination attempt?

868174 No.589736

File: 9a537c98419d61e⋯.png (102.01 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 6f1b9b-cw1fs3w3sf1z.png)


yes , has magma gone for the cocaine run yet , we are running low . kek

15042f No.589737


Dilley in Phase 2 as well now

b95ca6 No.589738


Does anyone else feel like if that tweet went longer, it might add: double agents know the risk.

21da71 No.589739



Fake News from True Pundit.

21cff2 No.589740


Sorry anon. Read that wrong. When she said she didn’t trust internet bill of rights and after Q called her out she basically said sorry not sorry on her twat

7243a6 No.589741

Pay to play, pay to play

The clinton foundation is what they say

Will help your plans and pave the way

To brighten up your evil day

Trouble finding some fissable material

Is it so hard that it seems etherial

No need to fret or rack your cranium

We will sell you our uranium

All you need to do is…

Pay to play, pay to play

The clinton foundation is what they say

Will help your plans and pave the way

To brighten up your evil day

67ce5c No.589742


Beginning of January but please don't start the Beanz shot again today.

26824e No.589743

File: 086e2d4f2f7c00e⋯.jpg (185.9 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ROBERTS.jpg)

67ce5c No.589744

311297 No.589745


We shall see. I don't think Q Team would announce a boring ass tariff announcement.


@Snowden We are going LIVE -24 [comb your hair]. Re: IBOR This scares them more than anything. Loss of control. Use logic. Nothing to do w/ AT&T. Must be regulated to prevent censorship & narrative push. Q

9d533c No.589746


In my posts I'm talking to Baker and using language regarding usually consistent "Latest Q Map Set" graphic posts!

I'm not the baker of those graphics, I merely downloaded them.

I noticed the links to them were broken and/or non-apparent in the loaves, so I uploaded what I had to get us less mouldy.

0e58d2 No.589747

http:// freebeacon.com/national-security/pentagon-gearing-space-warfare/

Interesting article on Drudge… space wars coming? Dunno if it has any bearing on Q, but

thought it might be worth pointing out in case some smarter-than-me anon can see anything.

21cff2 No.589748


Now a days anything is possible

90840e No.589749

File: 25483931e3f4410⋯.jpg (80.99 KB, 749x739, 749:739, Capture.JPG)

www. foxnews.com/world/2018/03/08/uk-officials-say-attack-on-ex-russian-spy-was-brazen-and-reckless-amid-probe-into-nerve-agent.html


0c031d No.589750

Safe haven


2b8a79 No.589751


When Q had us migrate because the last board was comped by famefags, she was firmly in the camp of calling Q fake for weeks and taking the side of the faggot BO from cbts.

It was only when it wasn't tenable anymore that she and other famefags (corsi included) stopped calling Q fake and changed their tune.

01f6ff No.589752



oprah may have had some blunders but she means well. i promise.

b00863 No.589753


Right after Q moved us here from CBTS and The Storm

06dee9 No.589754


There's no doubt Trump banged her, not that I give a shit lol.

21da71 No.589755

File: e92a723b201d8a5⋯.jpg (91.99 KB, 707x500, 707:500, SessionsTrust.jpg)

5be1a5 No.589756

>>589731 (self-fagging)

I didn't see >>522294 but that's what I'm saying. I'm pretty sure we should have another thread dedicated to the coding, math, and signals visualization side of things. Is there interest?

d9d02e No.589758


ops – filling in blansk~


Kati Morton

– also: International Center for Transitional Justice Company - www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/relationship.asp?personId=267490

68ec76 No.589759


That person is a fucking lunatic

Worse than Beanerz

Totally in the same camp as those idiots who posted the fake memo way back

nothing more than bullshit for clicks

yeah - Q is following reddit

sounds legit

a6bf7c No.589760


Because he confirmed that SR was the leaker to Hannity

64fbbd No.589761


Ok. So is Corsi on /our/ team or no?

311297 No.589762

Magnitude 7.1 quake strikes east of Papua New Guinea island

https:// uk.reuters.com/article/us-papua-quake/magnitude-7-1-quake-strikes-east-of-papua-new-guinea-island-idUKKCN1GK2MK

e02902 No.589763


So far just chatter. No real sauce.

52baac No.589764

File: 6abe36f068269f4⋯.png (2.91 KB, 244x15, 244:15, postrate.png)

q.js 2018.3-2 - added post rate/chart, bug fixes

80ffc9 No.589765

File: cebc5a5c3e1965f⋯.png (92.7 KB, 567x593, 567:593, potus-3-8-1320.png)

File: fcc4b5281d895e1⋯.png (394.95 KB, 723x369, 241:123, petitionforall.png)

hijack this hashtag


https:// petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/internet-bill-rights-2

because all women need to have free speech

(lets get the ladies to help the petition)

e7aa88 No.589767

File: 4e27c992e70cf0d⋯.jpg (84.38 KB, 585x390, 3:2, 25ca4d.jpg)

File: dbb08e7e02a908a⋯.jpg (113.69 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 259is4.jpg)

File: 5ca964b681e0fed⋯.jpg (115.8 KB, 883x499, 883:499, 25zx9a.jpg)


A few funny memes with McFuckFace McStain in them, KEK

8e0b56 No.589768


Meant to say thank you as well.

It's no easy task cleaning up after someone!

I'm going to go dig generals from last night, see if I can find anything to add or help.

Phonefagging it, so it may take a bit.

6c54bb No.589769

Warning: Booming in Progress.

The following is pretty good (sauce: https:// twitter.com/_VachelLindsay_/status/971707719991177216):

"Hold out baits to entice the enemy. Feign disorder, and crush him" - Sun Tzu. Trump (and Daniels, to her credit) has his enemies focused on something they assume will damage him, without understanding what Trump does—no one gives a damn. They've learned NOTHING.

https:// twitter.com/thehill/status/971697295615053825

Everyone must understand the strategic genius at play. Right now, as Sessions starts to emerge and the OIG bombshell looms, Trump is more than happy to ask Stormy to play her role. The master entertainer, Trump understands how to create a dramatic narrative that distracts his enemies and corrals them into their favored position—reducing him to a simplistic caricature they can mock.

Again, the MSM play into his hands. Trump weaves stories around them and gets them pawing at air, like little kittens. He creates shiny objects for them to obsess and gossip about, while his real plans—hidden—are executed.

A celebrity obsessed, porn soaked decadent liberal culture will be obsessed and distracted by "Stormy & The Donald." The "Real" Donald Trump knows this very well. It's time to play that card. Let's deal.

Of course, they took the bait. Too easy. "Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt." Sun Tzu. Remember, Trump is General Tzu's GREATEST student. Watch, learn, etc.

Another Sun Tzu quote, that again demonstrates what this is Stormy Daniels feint is all about: "Engage people with what they expect; it is what they are able to discern and confirms their projections. It settles them into predictable patterns of response, occupying their minds while you wait for the extraordinary moment—that which they cannot anticipate."

Watch & learn - you will never see Trump's like again, nor will your grandchildren, or their children after.

21cff2 No.589770

0c031d No.589771

Folks…. ignore the SHILLS!

Distractions, sillydilly,beanzsoup,ect….. all designed to distract….

While they scan our research to post and make $$ for themselves…

Ignore them….

Love the anons! No fag…

634836 No.589772


The russian agent who lived in social housing

and is on the electoral role. Inside job

68ec76 No.589773


have not found a fake news from that source yet

not one

26e4d1 No.589774

Bit of a slide but I was thinking… Hive Mind. Giggle has been working on the neural net technology if I’m not mistaken. Either that or EM or both.

That’s what they’re using these kids for I think. Plugging them into a real life version of the matrix and using the combined computing power to do whatever type of thinking. Maybe some of these people or nets of people are some of the shills we speak with on here… creepy.

ca667f No.589775

Is/was operation Fiddler exclusive only to Snowden? Are there others?

a546fd No.589776

File: f197864584f2726⋯.png (73.39 KB, 625x360, 125:72, @FFHolder-Duty. Honor. Cou….png)


>I said nothing about skin color or character. I talked about VALUES.

But as you replied to a comment about provoking racial division being in conflict with POTUS, a possible insinuation, so a fair question.

>Someone has to change. Either you, or them.

Or both.

>Or there will be conflict. It's been that way throughout history.

Agree, exactly why VALUES are used as a WEAPON by those who enjoy pulling strings so often throughout.

b00863 No.589777


Corsi shows all signs of being legit IMO but he doesn't always get things right. Sometimes he's slow on getting info

But then none of us are perfect

67ce5c No.589778



3c9778 No.589779

File: a36a40eed72efce⋯.png (2.89 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 0D6D6347-5759-4104-B765-26….png)

File: e3c004cb67caa27⋯.png (3.64 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, CE094505-C09B-4D4A-A26F-1A….png)

edb746 No.589780


I'll mock you once I get to a PC.. I only lurk on the phone.


21da71 No.589781


Sauce other than True Pundit, or it's fake news.

This would be all over the place.

5420e7 No.589782



5be1a5 No.589783

File: 08c7c8d8b1ec8ed⋯.png (34.04 KB, 657x527, 657:527, 1478367085901.png)


Maybe we could see shill spikes with that, and through a process correlate content with their interest intensity by counter parties, and then derive further knowledge from what content is most sensitive to counter parties?

311297 No.589784


He sure is pushing his new book release, just like Beanz asking for $$$$ and selling t-shirts.


21cff2 No.589785


Killing him off because he isn’t useful anymore? And don’t want him to talk?

0329dc No.589786


I agree he is the master of distraction, all the while getting the work for the people done. It is amazing, they never catch on.

718dab No.589787


i like how much the latrine duty one has fleshed out. awesome

339c12 No.589789


some i've seen have been questionable. tbh i never use it when trying to red pill normies. Zero hedge works well, and it pissess off (((them)))

21da71 No.589790



Uggh, we still have lots of work to do.

8e08d0 No.589791


This is very interesting. Not much room in here for cabal engineering.

ea47b9 No.589792


Wikileaks has been compromised for quite some time now. It is a CIA/Mossad operation.

Why does Assange tell us 9/11 official story is true?

Who was really behind 9/11?

Wikileaks is controlled.

868174 No.589793


kek , awesome anon

b00863 No.589794


He's definitely a fame whore but I don't think that makes him a shill.

Beans has credibility issues on top of being a fame whore

64fbbd No.589795


Ill be waiting.

aea7ff No.589796


You sure about that?

21da71 No.589797



Stay in your comfy basement anon.

Some of us have to do the real lifting, ie putting a name on it.

Paul Revere was not anonymous.

106651 No.589798


True Pundit is always on the money

634836 No.589799


I won't be buying the book written of the back of

"The Shoulders of Giants"

68ec76 No.589800


No it would not

Not if it is a rumour at this point

Stormy Daniels started as a rumor

Many things start as a rumor - that is how investigative journalism works.

He knows he is dirty

d585e7 No.589802

File: cc619d6b89997d7⋯.png (1.29 MB, 1334x1000, 667:500, sess.png)

e53422 No.589803


Of course he is. That is his career. What is wrong with that? He is a writer. What are you?

52baac No.589804


Yeah, I'm thinking about adding a vertical version of that to the sidebar also. It could either be shill or active discussion, so maybe more metrics needed. Stepping in that direction.

8f0a04 No.589806


Random logo



afe87f No.589807

File: d17f89f0d7deb94⋯.png (285.5 KB, 1366x728, 683:364, ClipboardImage.png)

My fellow anons, i may have found something interesting regarding the periods that begin lines of Q posts.

This is Snowdens girlfriends blog site http:// www.lsjourney.com/

Note the periods in front of titles

Now go back and look at other anons posts in which Q replied to. It looks like Q responds to anons who start sentences with periods too many times to be coincidence.

I think Q and others are communicating this way, Past Q posts with lines beginning with periods also seem to correlate with Snowden themes.

Is this something, or nothing?

I present this in attempt to get codefags and you autist to check it out.

11af3a No.589808


i think that was Q's point in bringing up the other whistleblower sites.. 1) secureleaks 2) globalleaks… 3) wikileaks??

5be1a5 No.589809


>Watch & learn - you will never see Trump's like again, nor will your grandchildren, or their children after.

He's a true master, but I wouldn't be so fast to take that opinion anon. To the contrary hejust might be serving as an example to those following him, with equal importance to their lives. In the end all things are scaled up and sped up exponentially, after all.

06dee9 No.589810



No, it was reported few years back that he had major health issues, that's why he keeps giving his sister more power, I think he wants her to take over when he's gone.

21da71 No.589811

File: 17e03b65484317f⋯.png (10.04 KB, 353x137, 353:137, ClipboardImage.png)


Paine is one of (((them)))

9255ea No.589812


I agree with your assessment of the article. Especially how poorly organized it is. Neither Assange or wikileaks have commented on it and I plan on rereading it and assessing if/when they do.

6c54bb No.589813


In addition to being STUPID, they are terminally gullible.

c9109d No.589814


Someone mentioned Atlas Shrugged

Who is John Galt? > Who is Q?

Francisco d'Anconia > Donald Trump

Trump certainly playing the part of distraction well, just like Francisco.

I feel like following along here is a cross between reading The Art of War and Atlas Shrugged.

11af3a No.589815


was around the time were searching for "missing 3"

311297 No.589816

Users who were blocked by the president on Twitter say Trump violated their first amendment free speech rights.

Twatter bans and blocks conservative accounts, lawyers go after Trump because he blocks trolls. Insanity.

https:// www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/mar/08/trump-twitter-block-users-judge-constitutional-right

0020b3 No.589817


One example?

e53422 No.589818


No. Paine is one of them that gets his own drops like many others.

21da71 No.589819


Nothing is not worth noting.

Nice catch.

0f6332 No.589820



339c12 No.589821


ya mean like this?


55fba0 No.589822



if you know who FBI Anon is from half chan in 2016, he actually said Corsi was the closest to the truth than anyone else digging around. So take that for what it's worth. FBI Anon also claimed Hillary would 100% be arrested if Trump won and alluded to a ton of the things we're discovering now

6c54bb No.589823


Too late. I've already taken that opinion.

15042f No.589824


Appeal to Q is a fallacy here.

02a336 No.589825


Previous thread discussing DJT about 3:30 meeting

friends >>2spaces and

Any thoughts, anons?

SA = we know

21da71 No.589826


I commented on a tweet by Paine anti Wray.

And I said

Trust Wray.

Paine came back all pissy,

why the fuck would I trust Wray.

I said, Q?

No response.

0ccb9b No.589827

Just lurking through the last few breads.

It's funny how you don't see it when you are realtime with the bread but then when you re-read you can't miss the divisionfags just trying to get a rise out og people.

Good to see that Anons are learning their tactics, i'm proud to say that you've handled them well these last few breads.

But they are going at it like there is no tomorrow (which could actually be true in their case)

64fbbd No.589828


About fucking time.

f21d70 No.589829

File: 0d296bbec72bcb8⋯.jpeg (94.52 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 9E1EA032-D258-4422-A779-9….jpeg)

335560 No.589830


EAS….from the WH….(that's were the ONLY NATIONAL TEST originated from in 2010…to Alaska)

Hoping….PRAYING…it's so!

3dd013 No.589831


I just hope it is enough to open the eyes of her followers and for her to be arrested.

634836 No.589832


I don't doubt he is legit. I just hope the Anons get

the credit they deserve once his book launches.

e7aa88 No.589833

File: 2e238cc34de4d6e⋯.jpg (630.15 KB, 1390x587, 1390:587, 2e2.jpg)

File: c317d323576ed5c⋯.jpg (92.59 KB, 940x410, 94:41, 203.jpg)

File: 09215b31633afcd⋯.png (99.03 KB, 500x321, 500:321, federaalreserve-note-kb-46….png)

File: e959409261671c2⋯.jpg (147.97 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault (11).jpg)

File: 793077b89512134⋯.jpg (178.96 KB, 1024x436, 256:109, paypay_dollar___pepe_the_f….jpg)


Had to throw in the wilford brimley diabeetus one for keks,

d9d02e No.589834



0329dc No.589835


Teaching us to stand up and fight for what is right, I hope the youth of this country will pick up on this and continue to follow through. He is a very uplifting leader.

f1d9ce No.589836

File: f9c42a411ae6cbc⋯.jpg (54.1 KB, 797x497, 797:497, ThrowMeToTheWolves.jpg)

0f6332 No.589837


This is not proof fuck off back to Faceberg!

311297 No.589838


Smashing your mom at the moment fag. I did'nt trash Corsi, just said he's plugging the hell out of that book. Fuck off. What I do is none of your fucking business….I can tell you, my work, does me well.

007fa3 No.589839


invaluable imo. dude's got time and smarts on his side, and he loves freedom. i always consider his perspective

ae74a9 No.589840


thank you

06dee9 No.589841


I don't think he blocks anyone, if so that faggot who replies to every single tweet would be gone long ago, no? Can't remember his name, some Jew…

3dd013 No.589842


he has been working all this time.

it all takes time!

ddfb42 No.589843


I trust no man....

Pr 3:5 Trust in Yahweh with all your heart, and don't lean on your own understanding.

e53422 No.589844


You're mixing Dilley with Beanz. Not the same thing.

595fa4 No.589845


Based on the grid he's flying I'd guess he's looking for something….

1fe108 No.589846

File: 50efd3170231304⋯.jpg (71.57 KB, 933x445, 933:445, mccain.jpg)

File: 2823b13430771c2⋯.jpg (105.68 KB, 1100x619, 1100:619, mueller.jpg)

File: 963b19fcac18c91⋯.jpg (88.59 KB, 1160x629, 1160:629, killary.jpg)

File: 155f5194b73c953⋯.jpg (50.34 KB, 634x388, 317:194, snowden.jpg)

File: 581a71162df7c5a⋯.jpg (67.32 KB, 780x438, 130:73, rr.jpg)

718dab No.589847


Q said no deals. No such thing as "flipped" then. jus my 2 cents.

868174 No.589848


kek , grand slam anon .

cd65ea No.589849


Good eyes.

It's quite literally the case, they have reeked of desperation lately.

Tick tock clown fuck. ; )

1fe108 No.589850

File: dc26161b65e1901⋯.png (318.6 KB, 1130x417, 1130:417, Ringling_Bros._Logo.png)

b560fe No.589851

File: e5bc4a1154da21d⋯.png (183.6 KB, 800x1172, 200:293, Screenshot_2018-03-08-12-4….png)

Do you think Soros and the cabal would bother to infiltrate if the Truth of the Gospel didnt matter?

Here he is teaming up with wildly popular women "preachers" (known to be false prophets to those who truly seek Truth). I rarely dox myself but I speak not to the men here but to the women out there who follow Beth Moore, Christine Caine, Jen Hatmaker and that disgusting Ann Voskamp who sexualizes her "encounter with god" (more like satan)…all those in the IF movement, they are false prophets…doing the bidding of the cabal and Soros and this video PROVES IT. How is this related? Part of the plan to destroy the family and you women who follow these "religion" whores are helping them and Soros.

2 Timothy 3:6 "They are the kind who worm their way into homes and gain control over gullible women, who are loaded down with sins and are swayed by all kinds of evil desires,"


5420e7 No.589852


At that time….corsi

3dd013 No.589853



aa2b49 No.589854


I'm very leary of that guy. Came outta nowhere (at least it seems like it) and now getting intel and quite involved in this? not getting it.

e53422 No.589855


Please stop being a lemming and think for yourself. Dilley gives info while Beanz takes. Big difference here.

490834 No.589856


Couple of boards back said he was a software engineer for Oracle, who bought Micros Systems in the DC area. I'd say he was a defense contractor. What did he have access to?

Looks like they are big into hotel management.

I don't think it's his bloodline that is of interest to Q. I suspect it's what his knowledge base is, and how much of it he handed off to Snowden.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

311297 No.589857



Krazenski fuck…something like that…mega troll

ae74a9 No.589858

looks like a underground something or other

big eight in the ground


https:// www.google.ca/maps/place/39%C2%B046'03.4%22N+87%C2%B059'31.0%22E/@39.767743,87.991528,202m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d39.767609!4d87.991933

e53422 No.589859


If that pushed your buttons you didn't understand what I wrote. Take a chill pill dude

dbbd90 No.589860


How is that a threat? The guy in Hannity's house was a threat just by being there, re: we can reach directly into your home/your family. If Burgess was just some random guy, how is controlling him to shoot himself a threat. 22 vets kill themselves every day. Opiates, trafficking, clown-ops, etc., but some random guy is a threat?

https:// activeheroes.org/veteran-suicide-statistics/

3884d8 No.589861


Think Jason Bourne, Deep Dream.

Part I

The major theme of the Jason Bourne series was the CIA's ongoing black operations, which started as TREADSTONE, became BLACKBRIAR and eventually IRON HAND after several intermediate programs. One of the programs made use of drugs to create super operatives and maintain control over them at the same time, shades of MKULTRA/ARTICHOKE.

TREADSTONE was terminated and records "destroyed" in order to prevent Congressional oversight. The CIA then resurrected the program under a different name with improvements based on their experience. This movie theme is a reflection of real life, revealed in the Senate hearings of 1977 and 1996.

Jason Bourne was the operator with a conscience who woke up and realized he didn't want to play the game any longer. Due to his high level of skill and history he was the designated scapegoat whenever the agency wanted to blame someone. Especially when they needed a scapegoat for their own crimes. As a result Jason Bourne was a wanted man, hiding and living in the shadows.

In the 2016 Jason Bourne movie, the CIA has a new black/wet operation called IRON HAND, but it's shifting focus into Deep Dream, a computer program that allows spying on everyone who uses it. It is clearly meant to represent Facebook, which was developed with CIA money and in fact used stolen technology.

[Real World: On a more sinister level, Facebook offers opportunity to locate, track and monitor those who are "pre disposable" to certain mental illnesses (such as those who have a met/met variety of the COMT gene and are suggestible/susceptible to hypnosis). They can be tracked/monitored/manipulated and later scheduled for TREATMENT. Afterward their minds are programmable/controllable/functioning devices that can be controlled by their cell phones.]

Who wrote the censorship algorythm?

Eric Schmidt of Google. Not Eric Snowden.

The CIA chose Snowden to infiltrate the NSA with the intent to damage the NSA. He agreed and a year before he resigned from the clowns, he was provided with a girlfriend/monitor/handler pole-dancing freak. Mind Controlled? Probably, to an extent at least. It's useful because crazy in the head means crazy in bed and a geek like Snowden probably never had it that good. Operatives always have a handler in close contact.

Look at the timeline. He started "dating" her in 2008 and he left the CIA in 2009 to work for various contractors working with the NSA. Between 2009 and 2013 he was in and out of the NSA, finally working at the NSA facility in Hawaii. In 2013 he left his girlfriend in Hawaii, saying he had to disappear for a few weeks and flew to Hong Kong, where he dumped a large amount of classified data.

End Part I

3884d8 No.589862


Think Jason Bourne, Deep Dream.

Part I

What if the NSA learned of the CIA's plans, turned him and now he works for the good guys? How would that view of events color Q's drops about Snowden? What if Snowden decided he was no longer their guy, but not exactly our guy either?

Why was Jason Bourne (CIA/Dream) repeated?

Dual Meaning. Its not just about (CIA/Dream), Snowden is Jason Bourne. Jason Bourne raided the CIA and stole the documents proving American citizens had been targeted, then gave it to someone else who blew the whistle. Bourne/Landy = Snowden/JA.

Operations underway.

Operators active.

Disinformation is real.

Disinformation is necessary.

Snowden is the bridge.

His testimony will link it all together and blow the whole thing wide open. A corroborating witness to certain electronic evidence. The man who could explain he infiltrated the NSA in order to give their tech to the CIA so they could use it in ways the NSA would never have permitted.

How did @Snowden clear customs/immigration in HK AFTER the public release?

Why wouldn’t he FIRST travel to final destination prior to public release?

If wanted by the US govt would he be cleared to travel?

Who provided support to escape?

He got help from the clowns, which proves the CIA was behind the Snowden leaks.

Perhaps Snowden didn't know who he could trust (like Bourne) and he's been on his own doing what he could. At a certain point, it's all circles within circles. Who can you trust? It can drive you insane. Maybe Q finally got through to him.














JOHN 3:16

Snowden was challenged to believe (trust) in POTUS/Q

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.

Snowden accepted the offer.








Following that exchange Q symbolically "wipes the slate clean" by deleting the Great Awakening board.

How does that characterize the following messages to Snowden?

Call it a shift in perspective.

bea271 No.589863

I know everyone hates Dilley…but his source called this person out as disinformation a while back


8aaf7b No.589864


Perhaps things are about to happen.

TRUST Sessions.

f1d9ce No.589865

File: 7f3bc0d08c85d74⋯.jpg (171.65 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, GunRunners.jpg)

cea2e9 No.589867

A thought- before the 24 th Jan Q referred to Edward Snowden as just Snowden. Since this date it has been @Snowden. Significance-link to @Jack ? His being a clown, something else or of no importance?

0c031d No.589868

21da71 No.589869



a546fd No.589870

File: 720979702b40ca4⋯.png (709.78 KB, 1026x575, 1026:575, @FFHolderFiF.png)



Time to break the spell?


@EricHolder soon?

< —

aea7ff No.589871

Things I cannot figure out regarding Snowden:

A) If he wasnt really in Russia all this time, why did Russia play along?

B) Why did Russia take him in the first place? Thought he was an American defector? But what purpose did it serve Russia to take him in?…hold him for a hostage trade for the future?

15042f No.589872


Quasi-trust but double verify. His role in events is interesting, considering his relative youth and immaturity. But he's being real and has potential.

64fbbd No.589873

d9d02e No.589875




21da71 No.589876


Who the fuck is Yahweh?

It's Jesus you stupid kike.

0c031d No.589877


0e58d2 No.589878


MbS upcoming visit. He is a white hat who shut down Alwaleed (and reportedly hung him upside-down by his ankles). Ties into everything: real friend, military (KSA has long been US ally; they even attend our military schools), oil sales in US, and SA

e64eb2 No.589879

File: 9eda5df825d11a5⋯.png (475.17 KB, 1266x1511, 1266:1511, Capture _2018-03-08-13-47-….png)

1fe108 No.589881



21cff2 No.589882


They are playing their part in Trumps motion picture.

f1d9ce No.589883

File: 85862aa7c32bd64⋯.jpg (150.22 KB, 1022x744, 511:372, MAGATrumpEagle.jpg)

b7d40b No.589884


Yahweh translated = The Lord(Father) / God fool.

aea7ff No.589885

I've trusted Sessions since he took office. I don't see why people don't trust him. Trump appointed him, and that has always been my security

5be1a5 No.589887

File: 0595b9cefb00024⋯.jpg (86.79 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 1487330728666.jpg)


You already have visual feedback. IMO better use of effort is collecting data and providing time-range viz of the data. Real basic shit, so we can say what are $today's usually like, because wew it's feeling shilly. Then later anons annotate timeline with what kind of shill, whether it's salt from dried leftist wombs, or pedo-apologists, etc. Thoughts?


If nothing else Q hs definitely shown us suble text encodings are intentionally used to obscure data, using stringers. Pedos on Shitter are well-known to use cryptically formatted hashtags, for contrived example #cluvhuhuhu2nan9, to privately share their sick evil. Might be something to ere.


That means the potential greatness within you is now dead. Sad.


We have great people. What we've lacked is leadership, vision, and justice in our great system of government.


aea7ff No.589888


Meaning Russia is pro-Trump and pro-assisting us draining our swamp/the cabal?

3c9778 No.589889

File: 2fed9fac292a91f⋯.png (302.36 KB, 605x412, 605:412, ClipboardImage.png)


7c01c5 No.589890


take @snowden as a message to

6c54bb No.589891


>You're mixing Dilley with Beanz.

Now there's a recipe for indigestion.

4b8f3c No.589892


I'd have my uncle hung upside down and flogged if he tried to gun me down in vegas too.

5547fc No.589893


P is for Putin

b7d817 No.589894


Is there any way to add in Trumps tweets to this so they are side by side with corresponding times?

6495de No.589895



Very interesting

c3db4f No.589896


And that is why you fail

ae74a9 No.589897


it must be difficult being so stupid

may Yahweh put up with you

21da71 No.589898

File: 0bade0111e94a9d⋯.jpg (42.08 KB, 793x543, 793:543, KJUBird.JPG)


Translate this

4b8f3c No.589899


KSA friend. Check out SANG.

aea7ff No.589900


Salman is coming to visit? Shit I missed that. If so, the tweet makes total complete sense

634836 No.589901


Yahweh is God

15170e No.589902


24live for feeling of guilty?

21da71 No.589903

File: 3445163ac489f19⋯.jpg (40.87 KB, 789x444, 263:148, BillShroud.JPG)


Yahweh is black you stupid nigger.

aea7ff No.589904


Haha…its coming my friend. Sessions has played the role perfectly

ae13c0 No.589905

I love listening to Socialist snivel

The sound of sniveling socialist teardrops is the most soothing sound ever invented

21cff2 No.589906


IMHO yes

They have escaped the clutches of the cabal and need an ally to fend them off continuiously.

Personally I think we would make wonderful allies with Russia

Is MSM and the dems keep pushing the horrible Russians concept the more I trust Russia

a546fd No.589907


Their involvement preceded 45 entering the main stage.

Will give you a hint,

- 1 = ?

490834 No.589908


God be with you on your mission.

3dd013 No.589909

I am old enough to realize President Trump is a once in a lifetime experience.

Thia is life changing to go through.

21da71 No.589910


Yeah, we are in America, not Israel.



You don't see Q posting about fucking Yah whatever.

3c9778 No.589911

File: 72e74c961e0a634⋯.png (6.75 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, A2E86757-AD62-4B37-BB6B-3B….png)

File: db9a91e3dc8c119⋯.png (5.3 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, D34046B9-F6C8-4E78-869E-0A….png)

0c031d No.589912

There are at least 10 things about God:

1. He never had a beginning. Every child asks, “Who made God?” And every wise parent says, “Nobody made God. God simply is. And always was. No beginning.”

2. God will never end. If he did not come into being he cannot go out of being, because he is being.

3. God is absolute reality. There is no reality before him. There is no reality outside of him unless he wills it and makes it. He is all that was eternally. No space, no universe, no emptiness. Only God.

4. God is utterly independent. He depends on nothing to bring him into being or support him or counsel him or make him what he is.

5. Everything that is not God depends totally on God. The entire universe is utterly secondary. It came into being by God and stays in being moment by moment on God’s decision to keep it in being.

6. All the universe is by comparison to God as nothing. Contingent, dependent reality is to absolute, independent reality as a shadow to substance. As an echo to a thunderclap. All that we are amazed by in the world and in the galaxies, is, compared to God, as nothing.

7. God is constant. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He cannot be improved. He is not becoming anything. He is who he is.

8. God is the absolute standard of truth and goodness and beauty. There is no law-book to which he looks to know what is right. No almanac to establish facts. No guild to determine what is excellent or beautiful. He himself is the standard of what is right, what is true, what is beautiful.

9. God does whatever he pleases and it is always right and always beautiful and always in accord with truth. All reality that is outside of him he created and designed and governs as the absolute reality. So he is utterly free from any constraints that don’t originate from the counsel of his own will.

10. God is the most important and most valuable reality and person in the universe. He is more worthy of interest and attention and admiration and enjoyment than all other realities, including the entire universe

26824e No.589913


Dude, respectfully – think!! Unless you were in the room watching Trump hammering her hole – you don’t know @Jack. For all we know it could be a LARP to get the MSM running down a dead end. IF he did, for the most part no one but the MSM & his Wife would care. The point of the meme is to unveil Roberts – he’s a fucking snake.

cea2e9 No.589914


Could you pls elaborate anon- dummy here! ;)

b7d40b No.589915

File: e62be680f987eab⋯.png (28.26 KB, 636x318, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)


Here you go fag

I sure hope you're right with God when the SHTF. The coming is upon us, and if you're not right with Father, then you're screwed.

5547fc No.589916


He even fooled people in here

he is a master

bfcea6 No.589917


Can someone change the 2016 to 2020 so I can tweet this?

3d813d No.589918


I want to trust him, but then he says stupid shit that makes it seem like he's never read the Constitution.

668754 No.589919

File: 052b95e07eee14a⋯.jpg (94.41 KB, 750x501, 250:167, IMG_8740.jpg)

I am officially sick of being a lower 48 refugee in

America's version of Sibera!

edb746 No.589920


More like sucking your own moms cock by the looks of it

868174 No.589921

File: 1714239f3d99134⋯.png (32.12 KB, 1049x453, 1049:453, sessions vote.PNG)

just squeaked in , that should tell you more than anything .

21da71 No.589922


I don't need no Talmudic Kike telling me how to say Gods name. For all we know,

Yahweh refers to Lucifer.

b7d40b No.589923


Good Actor, just like Q said. Some just forgot how to play.

15170e No.589924


what a disaster the problem of Kosovo :(

64fbbd No.589925


no…talking about this:

Q !UW.yye1fxo 03/07/18 (Wed) 14:21:12 969386 No.579914>>579934 >>579936 >>579941 >>579942 >>579943 >>579945 >>579947 >>579949


We are going LIVE -24 [comb your hair].


This scares them more than anything.

Loss of control.

Use logic.

Nothing to do w/ AT&T.

Must be regulated to prevent censorship & narrative push.


e53422 No.589926


The last few decades it's being pushed that Jesus is God come to earth. When I grew up it was not that way. Jesus was Son of God just like we were Children of God which made Jesus our brother. Guess they didn't like that and elevated Jesus to God status.

aea7ff No.589927


I agree with everything you are saying. My thought process as well that Russia not bad, nor anti America. They are strongarmed by the deep state as we are. Putin wants to break free of them just like we do. And same thing I've learned, if Obama and Hillary and deep state say something, the opposite is always true

21cff2 No.589928

File: 5e48f9847947678⋯.jpeg (503.9 KB, 750x788, 375:394, EB8FCC64-C4E9-44A7-A6C8-4….jpeg)

ae74a9 No.589929


looks beautiful to me

e7aa88 No.589930

File: b76a6d26ad4fdd5⋯.png (15.28 KB, 1047x253, 1047:253, Q post March 7.3.png)



while researching the pictures in Hong Kong, i posted current time, of 4 51, am thursday. This was probably 1/2 hour after Q's pic, not sure,,( have to go double check exact time,, here is his post.

right now it is

2:55 AM

Friday, March 9, 2018 (GMT+8)

Time in Hong Kong

So be atleast anout hour to 2 hours, that something may go live here from Q regarding Snowden.

Time of post is 13:21

we are at 12:00

So 1 hour 21 mins until SNOWDEN TIME

e3dbff No.589931


LULZ… Yep. :-)

b7d40b No.589932


You obviously haven't read ANY scripture or bibles. It's in just about every one of them. Truth AND Lies are in EVERY scripture and Bible. It's all there. Like I said, Truth needs no defense, and light will shine on truth. Have fun burning in the pits of hell.

21da71 No.589933

Yahweh Speed be with you.

Fucking lol

0edf5a No.589934


Don't tell me he has been in NK this whole time!?!


But would explain him running…lol If NK is trying to make nice with the US…he didn't want to end up in a prison camp…lol

aea7ff No.589935


Yeah the slow southern drawl is misleading in itself lol. I live in the south and I still fall for it all the time, because I dont have southern accent it is still misleading to me

eca7eb No.589936


If you watch Corsi on Info Wars and on his own YT stream, he constantly gives praise to the chans. Corsi has been calling out the swamp for decades, we don't have to agree with everything other people say, thats the whole point of having these forums, so we can hash out ideas.

edb746 No.589937



668754 No.589938


It is, until you get a toothache, or run out of food, or want some poon.

5ee21b No.589939


amazing Anon. just beautiful

7c01c5 No.589940


Thomas Paine


12m12 minutes ago

0e58d2 No.589941


Sorry… I've seen zero proof MbS was in LV at the time. Please sauce. And don't show me a video from the Tropicana.


https:// www.realclearpolitics.com/2018/02/03/mbs_plans_1st_us_visit_since_becoming_saudi_crown_prince_433266.html

64fbbd No.589942

So POTUS goes after the weed, guns and now the videogames?! Seriously?

21da71 No.589943

File: 99a9117912b66b9⋯.jpg (314.37 KB, 1230x580, 123:58, AsTheWorldTurns.jpg)

File: 4e6c4dd88acaa92⋯.jpg (296.88 KB, 1104x781, 1104:781, Paradise.jpg)


Fuck off. I'm the only one pointing out Q bible references.

aea7ff No.589944


Haha true that

a546fd No.589945

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Should he have been nominated for this performance?

< "But but but but I…

"Won't be scrambling jets to get 29-year-old hacker"

d9d02e No.589946





35fee6 No.589947

File: cec3b913f48b9d1⋯.png (171.15 KB, 866x899, 866:899, screenshot_220.png)


Putin has always known about the NWO and has done his very best to shield his people from the wrath of these sick and disgusting elites. I have no doubt Putin has played a leading role in this grand spectacle we are now witnessing.

http:// www.nytimes.com/2012/12/28/world/europe/putin-to-sign-ban-on-us-adoptions-of-russian-children.html

ae74a9 No.589948

someone needs a nap

595fa4 No.589949


I looked on their press release page. It's not there. Sauce please…..

cea2e9 No.589950


@=a msg to him from Q

aea7ff No.589951


TY Anon

311297 No.589952


It'll be alright princess. Chin up buttercup.

21cff2 No.589953


They have to keep ((them)) distracted, right?

c095aa No.589954


Yahweh is the creator and Yahshua is is son's name.

52baac No.589955


That sounds good. I'll look at adding some info to the qtmerge catalog page as a start.

64fbbd No.589956

Leave my weed, pistols and violent videogames alone. Please? Go after the cabal…ffs

e53422 No.589957


And yet you just did it

64fbbd No.589959


>Leave my weed, pistols and violent videogames alone. Please? Go after the cabal…ffs

8ff64e No.589960

File: 42f9d73cc46e793⋯.jpg (41.42 KB, 572x381, 572:381, trump KEYS.jpg)


This is what all of the personnel changes are about. It is brilliant. There looks like complete turmoil and panic and the media obsesses over it like a child over keys

0ccb9b No.589961

Great… Discussing the Nature of god…

How does this relate to Q?

God damnit i just told you i were proud of how you handle divisionfags and then you go down this stupid slide?

Ffs.. take it to the religion thread

<Right now it anoys me that I am phonefagging so i don't have the "This is /qresearch/" meme>

cea2e9 No.589962

5547fc No.589963


Prolly an autistic doesn't speak well but sharp as a tack

21cff2 No.589964


Agreed. Remember this plan is much older than 45 being in office. This is the master plan finally coming to light

634836 No.589965


Amen. Now back to business fags

21da71 No.589966

File: af556d4b8544a57⋯.png (362.81 KB, 415x439, 415:439, ClipboardImage.png)


Go back to Israel

Bnai pfft.

718dab No.589967


use it on the Parkland photos from the helicopter showing the cops hauling that black bag and staging etc

335560 No.589968


He also said, 70% are compromised in Congress and we can't prosecute all of them….THAT'S WHY THEY'RE STEPPING DOWN….

Guess you could say that's, "cutting a deal" but obviously there is a LINE….




Those are the biggies….and so yeah, NO DEALS for them….

my .02

35fee6 No.589969

b7d40b No.589970


Q has quoted from many scriptures throughout the posts. So, YES, God DOES RELATE TO Q fucktard.

3d813d No.589971

File: d38c9b4a1a66af3⋯.jpg (72.82 KB, 797x497, 797:497, ThrowMeToTheWolves.jpg)

3dd013 No.589972


Russia played along because they want to help bring down the rothys and their cabal!

668754 No.589973


People are mistaken that this uprising started with

Trump, it started with Gamer Gate.

737921 No.589974

Has anyone else noticed that the liberals are celebrating a Russian, like USSR Russian, holiday?

There are only two holidays in Russia that matter.

New Year's and Women's Day.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Public_holidays_in_Russia#International_Women's_Day

c7e939 No.589975

Please, we don't need division on this board….put your religious beliefs aside, and join the common cause of restoring this republic…..stay united patriots, we don't need division here.

2fcc7e No.589976


When we moved from /thestorm/

I'll never forget that

and ill never forgive it either

now shes against IBOR,

didnt she fucking learn last time?

thats all i have to say.

718dab No.589977


probably will just let them think they have deals as they rat each other out and kill one another.

aea7ff No.589978


I've read before that Putin asked Trump to run for president, because he knew Trump would cut all the strings and break the stronghold (dont tell the media)

2fcc7e No.589979


I filtered them all

the ones I agree with AND the ones I disagree with

board pollution is real

b00863 No.589980

File: 4e5aea5a7ec7690⋯.png (849.97 KB, 1125x2436, 375:812, 08f126266da98dd2a2a29fe546….png)



Feb 24 2018 01:53:47

Q !UW.yye1fxo


Stanislav Lunev.


Payback for today.


15170e No.589981

6.642/100.000 Petitions (IBOR2)

43ca85 No.589982


One of you anons are a Shill and the other is being stupid and getting slid. The anon who is not the shill should just stop taking the bait.

Just because a clown asked you to dance does no mean you have to dance with them. Expand your thinking anon.

ae74a9 No.589983


Kissinger has a secret

meant only for Trump

from Richard Nixon

to be delivered only upon

Trump winning the White House

strange days indeed

9d533c No.589984


You could give it a go!

No-one's stopping you.

0ccb9b No.589985


Go back to Tumblr faggot…

Discussing the Nature of god has nothing to do with Q.

His use of scriptures are a fucking hint, a crumb, a guide in the right directon.

Not a free pass to discuss which god is real and how he/she/it Works…

835cc0 No.589986


You know this how?

311297 No.589987

File: 94cc1e73b666d68⋯.png (3.69 KB, 270x187, 270:187, index.png)


Lions Den too…

0e58d2 No.589988

Just occurred to me: It might be a good idea to make a list of everyone who has been calling for

FB, et al, to "shut down hate speech." That's their excuse for filtering the opposition.

868174 No.589989

File: 47edbc46104d0bf⋯.png (271.78 KB, 602x626, 301:313, main-qimg-45ad6b9f17052d9d….png)


who is putins puppet again ?

46ea05 No.589990

File: 93ed2f0a8a3f396⋯.png (2.1 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 60DD3A14-B63E-4D84-A7FC-04….png)

File: d0382b3e6d2f42c⋯.jpeg (487.38 KB, 1102x1724, 551:862, 125280C7-6D5B-46AF-9B2D-0….jpeg)

File: 89c4a13a9571161⋯.jpeg (478.05 KB, 1242x1487, 1242:1487, F2808601-2FBD-4361-AF2A-4….jpeg)

Apologies if this has been covered.

But I’ve found something that seems very significant.

Q drop

Mar 6 2018 10:04:43


ID: 3c553f



These peo>>567493

ple are stupid.

Wait for Russia/China reports.



Strike 99999999.



Then this youtube titled “ Strike 99999999 ”




Then this link in the Strike 99999999 description:

Norse Strike map showing what looks like a play out of global WW3 country vs country missile/nuclear (?) attacks.

You can select global view or individual regions for attack origination and destination.



335560 No.589991


Totally agree with you!!

When Beth Moore made her "womanhood" (in terms of aligning with a candidate) IT WAS THE AHH HAAA moment for me!!

My identity is in CHRIST….first and foremost, and HE would never, ever CONDONE abortion!

One thing for sure, the ELECTION really exposed those who are NOT in sync with God….

b7d40b No.589992


See my previous posts. I've said truth needs no defense, therefore I was done responding to them with my last one directed their way. Lol.

2a2e0f No.589993

File: e80ea06f8624770⋯.jpg (96.96 KB, 551x550, 551:550, Red Arrow.jpg)

Planefag checking in with a 'WTFH went on in Europe today' Edition. here are the highlights that I caught.

Iffy 2-prefix planes in the air: 2-GOLF flew from Leeds Bradford to Jersey, then Jersey to Teeside, then back tro Leeds. Owned by M Team Ltd, a Polish couple but the company is c/o Laconica Ltd (seems legit, rollseyes)

Also 2-AVCO, 2-WOOD and 2-MSTG in the air - lots of poeple possibly worried about money?

German Air Force GAF866 (Airbus 15+02) had an interesting day, to say the least. Cologne to Aalborg, Denmark, then down to the French coast at Brest where it dropped off ADS-B for a little while (<5000ft) then climbed again and headed for Bordeaux, where it did a touch and go. It then headed towards Paris, then veered off East towards Strasbourg and Karlsruhe, before following the Rhine River to Rastatt/Ottendorf, when another touch and go happened. It headed SSE along the French border, then turned NE towards heidelberg and Wiesbaden, then it flew on to Cologne and landed. Maybe landing was refused in France..?

NAF46 - Netherlands Air Force (T-264) flew down Europe then turned East, until I lost if leaving Greek airspace near Cyprus. I also lost it temporarily over Switzerland, it may have landed at Geneva for a short while.

Irish Air Corps IRL258 flew from Sweden towards Switzerland, but was possible refused landing clearance at Zurich and it turned NW and headed towards home.

Algerian Air Force 7t-WHD was seen over Lichtenstein (Innsbrueck) headed South.

Germany was a WTF thing all day. Possible drones with call signs POISON1, POISON2 and EAGLET near Augsburg/ Stuttgart, three aircraft call signs JUDGE 1 to JUDGE 3 near Gustrow, two GAF Typhoons call signs FALCON1 and FALCON 2 over Gustrow, as well as USN Gulfstream CATBIRD1 and another plane, VALOR11 near Freiburg.

CATBRD1 flew down Europe and kept on past Rome and on towards Malta. I lost if after that because work.

The Turkish Air Force (TUAF250 - Airbus 400M) flew up Europe to the French coast, then turned around and flew home again.

I couldn't keep up with all of the plane activity, it was mental. I hope that this makes some sort of sense, I'm still trying to work out why GAF8866 was apparently denied landing permission in France.

21da71 No.589994

File: ab7821905188577⋯.jpg (319.52 KB, 1629x1413, 181:157, Qpic IV.jpg)

File: 46f20037f0fc01a⋯.jpg (93.22 KB, 952x768, 119:96, QpicII.JPG)

File: 2c9dfcf3c908607⋯.jpg (43.17 KB, 598x247, 46:19, QPicorig.JPG)

File: 4ead0e999c4d148⋯.jpg (120.92 KB, 952x522, 476:261, ObamaHarryPals.jpg)


Fuck off then. You missed this.

004bfc No.589995


Sarah Harrison became involved with Wikileaks in 2009/10.

3d813d No.589996

File: 8da3bde4b38b7ef⋯.png (336.17 KB, 438x371, 438:371, Screenshot-2018-3-7 Meme G….png)


will this one work?

edefc9 No.589997


Very interesting analysis.

5547fc No.589998

Trump ‘basically going to war’ with California, Jerry Brown says

Gov. Jerry Brown on Wednesday slammed U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions for "initiating a reign of terror" against immigrants in California.

718dab No.589999



we need to brand it as anti-trump by writing Stop letting Trump filter liberals from following and responding to his accounts! bet it gets signed over night.

55fba0 No.590000

File: 7355ae2260e30ee⋯.jpg (8.87 KB, 259x194, 259:194, KEK.jpg)


we are all united under one god and his name is KEK

2b8a79 No.590001


Last few decades?

You are describing the Aryan heresy, which was officially voted down by a majority of Church leaders at the Council of Nicea in 325 AD.

A vast majority of Christianity in the last 1700 years has likewise rejected Arianism.

You are free to agree or disagree with this, but suggesting this is a recent development just reveals your ignorance.

2d30d6 No.590002


https:// theconservativetreehouse.com/2018/03/08/senator-jeff-sessions-confirms-prior-appointment-of-doj-prosecutor-to-parallel-ig-horowitz-not-a-special-counsel/

Long read but BOOM!

3dd013 No.590003


yes! our swamp, sa's swamp, the entire world's swamp

8f1a02 No.590004

File: a548873243af928⋯.jpeg (25.84 KB, 132x255, 44:85, a548873243af9280ce85b7ecb….jpeg)

3d813d No.590005


fuck off sargent shithead

1b9c75 No.590006


That'd be nice. I just can't get over that photo of her with Weinstein where she looks like she's offering up a young, cute wannabe actress to him.

737921 No.590008


^^^ Can't argue with that.

21da71 No.590009


That was Shanghi China.

The other one was Bangkok Thailand.

Singapore $22 ?

Senator no Name ship is in Singapore port.

5ee21b No.590010


USS Jeff Boom Boom Sessions

de4224 No.590012


Mexico did not join the fight. I don't remember any of the beaches of Normandy being named after anything remotely connected to Mexico.

11af3a No.590013

File: 7c4b45c27ce018c⋯.png (374.98 KB, 588x406, 42:29, joebiden.png)

Joe Biden… living off the swamp

e7aa88 No.590014

File: 8b7381eafadee62⋯.jpg (140.31 KB, 748x500, 187:125, 25du6c.jpg)

File: f096c599f8f2771⋯.jpg (140.68 KB, 748x500, 187:125, 25dusk.jpg)

File: 676163af2c65da4⋯.jpg (140.93 KB, 748x500, 187:125, 25dun1.jpg)

File: b82070640fa64f3⋯.jpg (136.18 KB, 666x499, 666:499, 257p1s.jpg)


Just noticed bread title was about love for our PlaneFags,, so here are some badges for them.


And adding the puzzle one. :)

737921 No.590015

File: 0d3896c58c431fd⋯.png (320.54 KB, 450x450, 1:1, Jeff-Sessions-2017.png)


That's bodly cringy and oddly adorable at the same time…

ae74a9 No.590016


it means you're #1

(hint you smell like urine)

64fbbd No.590017


But they met last year.

311297 No.590018


Sensitive much princess?? Someone needs a nap.

3c9778 No.590019

File: cf46a4c83da92c1⋯.png (4.26 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, CBD3C9D5-3B53-409E-9FD4-57….png)

Hard to be smart when you’re this dumb

15170e No.590020


Digs confirm!

8f1a02 No.590021

File: cf8347de744e9fa⋯.jpg (2.27 MB, 1800x2550, 12:17, 1451239550716.jpg)

cd65ea No.590022


In the movie it's Twitter (@jack) who went to LV to take out an insurance policy, and who was conflicted between their initial black deal with the CIA and telling the truth.

I'm not sure of how true this moral confliction is but Q has applied a lot of pressure on @jack.

There's even a Q crumb that explicitly says @jack couldn't sleep because of the connection made between DEEPDREAM and him through that movie.

Great write up none-the-less lad.

72df04 No.590023

6b5537 No.590024

File: 50f9ca332806db0⋯.png (8.56 KB, 159x255, 53:85, 2f07d3dc08a2a6772ea8378d87….png)

File: 55add8a21849e2a⋯.jpg (835.18 KB, 1988x1604, 497:401, ASchiffTraitor.jpg)


A bit more digging on this thread of thought.

POTUS / Q not only KNEW, but was able to infiltrate the op and somehow swap HE with flash powder (or equiv) - and then let US know before time.

I love this TEAM

2fcc7e No.590025

File: f332f4ac3b7572c⋯.jpg (57.43 KB, 499x499, 1:1, kek.jpg)



004bfc No.590026

If Snowden didn't leave Hong Kong, why did Putin go along with the deception (as anon asked up thread), and who is Sarah Harrison ( really )?

21da71 No.590027

File: 5e25df7455982d8⋯.jpg (47.73 KB, 651x349, 651:349, KJU4hr.JPG)

File: e48995a0d081d1a⋯.jpg (28.99 KB, 652x395, 652:395, KJUButton.JPG)

File: 4b268657fa39f78⋯.jpg (37.31 KB, 459x285, 153:95, KJUFUN.JPG)

File: 9d3a87271c8ddab⋯.jpg (55.96 KB, 609x530, 609:530, KJUHotel.JPG)

ea47b9 No.590028


Assange and Bibi conversation to not include anything about israel

Assange originally from TOR

Manning indictment ties to Wikileaks

ae74a9 No.590029

they has met at least three times post election

once at trump tower

twice at white house

f6e7cd No.590030

File: dfd7607584383b8⋯.png (43.7 KB, 354x252, 59:42, IVY.PNG)

File: 50922a5fc192377⋯.png (68.54 KB, 498x443, 498:443, sarahharrisonsevenoaks.PNG)

File: 67c51e773c42c13⋯.png (5.71 MB, 1397x2048, 1397:2048, IVYIVY.png)


>workfag on a conference call / found some stuff bumping around. the article on sarah Harrison has more information than most- her profiles pretty scrubbed.

Cheryl Mills- BLACK IVY

Beyon/JayZ- (Beyoncé Knowles-Carter) BLUE IVY

IVY magazine

http:// magazine.ivy.com/2017/02/what-does-it-take-to-be-a-cia-spy/


https:// popularresistance.org/wikileaks-sarah-harrison-wanted-by-uk-and-us-authorities/

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2351364/The-public-school-girl-fell-Julian-Assange-went-run-world-s-wanted-man.html

15170e No.590031


We need a new hashtag for Twatter.., we lost trending!!

895a61 No.590032


Jesus, back to reddit https:// home.cern/cern-people/obituaries/2018/03/ferdinand-hahn-1959-2018

8b231c No.590033



this activates almonds

cia loyalty belongs to the crown…………?

bea271 No.590034


Not sure about Sarah…but I bet Putin would agree to anything that made the previous admin look like the pussies they are

57ee10 No.590035

File: 4aedbad24009adb⋯.jpeg (246.2 KB, 1196x784, 299:196, 9E5ECF46-DE8F-4FB3-AD00-3….jpeg)

Jessie Liu, appointed by POTUS tweets non stop about pedo cases, started using #pedogatenews on all her tweets today. Me likey. She called out Tony Podesta a few days ago.

3dd013 No.590036



first the head of the snake comes off...

15170e No.590037



8e08d0 No.590038


They're all one hierarchy. The CIA is a big piece in the US. Controlled by the cabal.

64fbbd No.590039

5be1a5 No.590040


Let's take a look at an obvious shill to study it

>0c031d (9)


>posting to nowhere

>ingratiates self


>posting to nowhere




>shit grammar


>posting to nowhere

Is @royalmrbadnews a sock account of the shill the faggot is attempting to build up with drama nonsense? @shmupe replies to the nobody so fast, who's that?


>posting to nowhere


>non-archive link to clowniggers ofc


>posting to nowhere

>ignore shills




>no fag

>im one of you goys


>no effort bumping a namefag and a vague chain that smells as you climb it


>posting to nowhere

>im one of you goys


>posting to nowhere

>let's all get divided and talk about god goys

087a82 No.590041



Yes. Always have and always will. If he wasn't doing the job, Trump would have gotten rid of him.

ae74a9 No.590042



forgot to tag you

233400 No.590043


You fail to understand the dynamics of the Luciferians. They don't do anything for love or devotion or any normal shit like that. Their number one rule is survival of the self is the number one thing. Period. They ALL have blackmail on each other. They gather it as a matter of course. Hillary had it on anyone she thought might cross her. It is a self defense technique. Because they are constantly doing crazy shit like killing each other off at events. By the way what did they have for dinner at Hillarys birthday party. No one has seen Tony Podesta since that night.

They have to keep shit on each other or you make one real bad enemy and they are gonna kill you. You can blackmail the enemy with dirt or if you dont have dirt on that actual enemy you blackmail some one who thought they were your "friend" who might have power to use in your assistance.

Very different world they live in. All smiles and shit in public but they literally only respond to power and fear. Like a Muslim….kindness is thought of as weakness. You have to do it.

0e58d2 No.590044


My theory is Putin and MbS are both white hats. Not the dems "collusion" but "enemy of my

enemy is my friend" kind of thing. If the Cabal is taken down, a lot of the crime syndicate in

Russia is also neutered. Putin is a Russian patriot, which does not necessarily make him

a US enemy.

68ec76 No.590045


that is a fan account - not her

21da71 No.590046

File: 92885d9ad49079a⋯.png (100.79 KB, 520x501, 520:501, ClipboardImage.png)


Shills will swear it's just a title.

People have no idea about the Isle of Mann.

868174 No.590047


its not her .

3d813d No.590048



old scientist dies + circle of blog posts =/= explosion at cern.

8e0b56 No.590049


https:// pastebin.com/exn7eSKi

FOUND Pastebin from last night's #722

#723 lost the link-ER/quick bake.

So maybe this was just an accident.


See if this helps!

Gonna find some good posts from last night as well. OPSec, inspiration etc.

Happy Baking!

Godspeed/ MAGA!!

8b231c No.590052


i get it


this implicates the CIA in the charter of FISA

1ae6c8 No.590054

File: b12c08297e43cc2⋯.jpg (295.73 KB, 890x1000, 89:100, white house petition fucke….jpg)

BAKER - FAGS - ANONS _ WTH is happening to this petition??? Make a human wave of signatures to see if (((they))) are removing them?


21cff2 No.590055


Depending on what time the video was published. We’ve run into people changing the titles of their videos after something Q has said

90ce34 No.590056


I can work with this. It's obvious teams communicate with each other here. Not outside the realm of possibility. Excellent thinking and clearly communicated. Thanks.

ae74a9 No.590057


it's named for the father

thats why they wont say the name

one was a hero

the other is a douche

5e2912 No.590059

Did any new details come out about that explosion near Seattle yesterday?

5be1a5 No.590060


Where's that pic displayed?

e64eb2 No.590061

File: a1dfc3b0d84fcb6⋯.png (573 KB, 856x728, 107:91, Capture _2018-03-08-14-13-….png)


Interesting since they idolize the Clintons there. It was their banana republic and makes it easier for them to grab the kids.

George Bush and Bill Clinton boulevards.

992a7f No.590062


My guess is that the sigs are added but then dropped after a time if the person doesn't verify it through the email.

Or it could be genuine fuckery.

2a2e0f No.590063

File: aea0fd4890a061d⋯.jpg (288.45 KB, 1245x873, 415:291, GAF866.jpg)


That's exactly what I saw today.

6120e1 No.590065


is there anyway to get the petition ibor1 taken down?

that could be a reason for the low numbers.

yesterday when we signed it took us to the first one and said it was closed.

people that dont know might see this and just go away and not look for ibor2.

just a thought

b00863 No.590067


You're right, it is Shanghi. I conflated the two. But they would have had to nab Stansilav lunev at some point in order to exchange him with Snowden. Just saying it is a possible fit

0e58d2 No.590068


Grandfather was also a hero.

64fbbd No.590069


No. Both were traitors. Even the grandfather. 3 generations.

cd65ea No.590072


I'd like to also point out that there's a line about not having a narrative set up for the shooting that took place in LV (In the movie, Deep Dreams '@jack' just got shot for trying to tell everyone about his initial deal with the CIA).

e3dbff No.590073


Shanghai, China.

Maybe it was Snowden captured in Shanghai four weeks ago and Snowden's reflection can be made out in the window with photo filtering software.

497f17 No.590074


Your weed is fine - just a head fake:)


Agreed - Rather than Tax and Legalize - Decriminalize/Declassify! IF not, organics, oregano, Vitamin C, and Turmeric will be next...

311297 No.590075

File: 46bd9617a7248dc⋯.png (416.98 KB, 613x531, 613:531, JA.png)

New JA:

f6e7cd No.590076


DAMN Anon.

You took my mind on a tangent and it went willingly.

64fbbd No.590078


Now THAT is sad.

e7aa88 No.590079


We need to remind the Bernie supporters. Many of them were woke up, and were censored, blocked, facebook jail, banned, for speaking out about anything negative about Clinton. This happened for over a year. They cheated, and rigged, and screwed half the democratic party. Many of them still remember, and also remember the lying MSM who told lies about them, just as they do about Trump supporters.

Also many independents were awakened in 2016.

52baac No.590080



Some of this might be detectable in q.js. I've planned to add an ID overlay of the top posters..so maybe integrate some tests to score them and show their post rate and score.

004bfc No.590081


Thanks anon. Archived and saved.

6b5537 No.590082


BTW - "You must be new here" is arrogant and off putting.

The goal is to spread - i.e. NEW

Instead, those who have been around should start building onto these threads - pulling together all good info into a master thread.

(Hint Here BO) Master Threads that flesh out a specific topic. I.e. NK - Q keeps referring us back to the crumbs and saying we have more than we know. As the news breaks to the normies, we can add that to the Master Thread.


311297 No.590084


On Christmas Eve in 2011, Hillary Clinton and her closest aides celebrated a $29.4 billion sale of over 80 F-15 fighter jets, manufactured by U.S.-based Boeing Corporation, to Saudi Arabia. In a chain of enthusiastic emails, an aide exclaimed that it was “not a bad Christmas present.”

52baac No.590085


It's added to the header/footer bars after q.js is added to user javascript.

8f1a02 No.590086


pls educate me on the isle of mann


634836 No.590087

Sarah Harrison claims to have travelled with snowden from Hong Kong to Moscow. She also recieved the Willy Brandt award for journalism.

Brandt was a nazi spy.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Willy_Brandt

15170e No.590089


They destroyed Yugoslavia.., a good country :(

46ea05 No.590090



Cyber attack?

Sum of all fears?

2a2e0f No.590092

File: 73622c04c6eb158⋯.jpg (328.66 KB, 1253x877, 1253:877, UAF1301.jpg)

Another one from today. UAF1301.

668754 No.590093


Lost cause.

Bernie supporters were just excited by the promise

of free shit. You can't energize that sort of demographic.

0020b3 No.590094

I have a question.

The leader of North Korea supposedly killed his own brother with a public assassination in China last year.

I wonder what really happened now that we know more about North Korea.

f6e7cd No.590095


Is your interpretation that the live op in early February was to demonstrate to Sn@wden/ some kind of a trust/guarantee/show of reach?

2fcc7e No.590096


let me google that for you…

15170e No.590097


Confirm the E-mail Guys.

cba67d No.590098



a546fd No.590100





See strange thread from last night #720








If @Snowden has been in HK all this time, makes sense he would be in a less dense populated area.

Thread fizzles out by #721 with no conclusions. Might be worth a re-dig.

cea2e9 No.590101


What if China, Russia, and others are coordinating w/ POTUS to eliminate the NWO?

Q post

311297 No.590102


During her tenure as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton made weapons transfers to the Saudi government a “top priority,” according to a new report published in The Intercept. While Clinton’s State Department was deeply invested in getting weapons to Saudi Arabia, the Clinton Foundation accepted millions of dollars in donations from both the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the weapons manufacturer Boeing. Christmas presents were being gifted all around.

b7d817 No.590103


Will work on it….is the source being used currently just cut and paste into a document or is there some other format being used?

2efda9 No.590104


Happened Aug 21. Probably someone sending McCain a message. Turn on us and bad things will happen.

004bfc No.590105


Putin: very true. Sarah must have been in on the deception as she talks of being stranded in the Russian airport with Snowden for 4 weeks, and then apparently stayed with him there for 3 months until he settled in. Her connection to both Snowden and Assange is intriguing to say the least, in the light of Q's latest.

3c1c60 No.590106

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-07/peter-thiel-donald-trump-still-better-clinton-or-republican-zombies

Anyone see this? Watch the water.

0eb305 No.590107

55fba0 No.590108

File: 22d5c8990983abf⋯.jpg (10.98 KB, 187x270, 187:270, Madam President.jpg)

File: de7e74954cdeb42⋯.jpg (37.63 KB, 837x255, 279:85, Madam.jpg)

Bit random, but anyone else find it a little too ironic that Hillary was referred to as MADAM and has trafficking rumors swirling around her? I get that it's a formal word for a woman but it is also just happens to be the title of someone who's a female pimp… hmmm….

Seems like the cabal was laughing at us with their inside jokes

3884d8 No.590109



The movie doesn't play 1:1 with real life. It's being used by Q as a metaphor.

If you want to really get serious, all the social media intellectual property (the code) was stolen from Leader Technology and distributed by IBM's Eclipse foundation and it was a CIA deal from the beginning.

Personally, I think the movie is fronting FB as Deep Dream, not Twitter, but it doesn't matter with respect to the analysis.

0e58d2 No.590110


Agreed. Point out that both sides want an open internet without censorship. My question is, "Who

will fact check the fact checkers?" They may like it right now, but if you remind them about being

censored themselves, they may see the light.

46ea05 No.590111



This is the crap people are dying over.

dd0115 No.590112

Waiting for part 2 re Snowden

56f918 No.590113


The skeleton key to WDC is within TG's changes to the WTO's trade rules. A choke hold on "derivatives as trade payments" will open ALL local DOORS.


from very high level high finance white hat, currently locked up in federal prison for 26 years for exposing these bastards.

Rufus Paul Harris. A patriot. A man I wish all anons knew. One of the most brilliant men I have ever met. He took the war to the clowns black funding and he and his family have paid a price.

360665 No.590114


TCB Takin Care of Business, Yeah Baby yeah

2a2e0f No.590115

File: 0faa1bf4f24848a⋯.jpg (304.65 KB, 1239x883, 1239:883, IRL258.jpg)

IRL258 - Sweden to Basle, then this.

14a6fb No.590116

Q, is March 18th significant?

aea7ff No.590117

Random question: Have Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton ever fucked before? Even back in the 70s or 80s?

f21d70 No.590118


The C.O. and X.O. took a hit for the team?

f1d9ce No.590119

https:// www.standard.co.uk/lifestyle/london-life/sarah-harrison-the-woman-behind-whistblowers-edward-snowden-and-julian-assange-a3342546.html

Living off-grid, not knowing what country she will be in next, isn’t too hard for her. “I’ve never had a phone anyway.” Did it bother her family? “They just had to learn some encryption if they wanted to speak to me.”

The whistleblowers she’s met share a certain mindset. “It’s not just seeing illegality that seems to push them over the edge. It’s the hypocrisy they can’t stand. That’s why you see so many from the US — it makes these beautiful statements and is held up on a pedestal but working behind the scenes you see the lies, which enrages people to the point where they have to do something.”

Britain’s former counter-terrorism chief Cressida Dick has warned that Snowden’s leak made the world a more dangerous place and “handed the advantage to terrorists”. What does Harrison make of this argument? “This stems from propaganda spun by the government,” she says, speaking quickly, suggesting that this is a well-rehearsed rebuff. “They make these great rhetorical points but there’s nothing to back it up. You see it with Chelsea Manning. The government was at great pains to try and find any harm that had come from the releases yet they couldn’t find one person that had been harmed so came to the conclusion themselves that no harm had been done.”

Read more

Risk, film review – Assange exposed by own ambassador in documentary

At the moment WikiLeaks is criticising Hillary Clinton. “Julian said that choosing between Trump and Clinton is like choosing between gonorrhoea and syphilis.” She smiles indulgently at this “full-on way to put it”.

Does it ever feel as if she’s in the middle of an insurmountable challenge fighting against global governments, especially with Assange now in his fourth year at the Ecuadorian embassy? “It does. But once you’ve learned something you can’t unlearn it. If I were to walk away now I’d be abandoning friends I respect and that’s not in my nature. If I didn’t care about the work there are many other things I could be doing. I wake up every day and hear about people in prison for years, hiding in rooms, seeking asylum and you don’t walk away from that. My life is charmed compared to theirs.”

She continues: “People always wonder how I do such a risky job but it is living out my ideals. In many ways it is an incredibly exciting and privileged existence. I can’t imagine doing anything else.”

Follow Susannah Butter on Twitter: @susannahbutter

43e758 No.590120

File: 422d85cf18bc08e⋯.jpg (141.35 KB, 1072x499, 1072:499, download.jpg)

File: 099fe74053c2d37⋯.jpg (81.01 KB, 684x296, 171:74, 25zyuj.jpg)

cfab0d No.590121

File: 771d4d630839e77⋯.jpeg (954.6 KB, 1256x1866, 628:933, 8C6AD57D-1A21-4D00-8B93-4….jpeg)

I think Sessions referring to the “Outside Washington” prosecutor that he ALREADY has investigating is the BOOM Q was referring to, not necessarily the CA Lawsuit. Q?

21da71 No.590122

File: 523ca017027f4e1⋯.png (358.66 KB, 765x670, 153:134, ClipboardImage.png)


Isle of Mann goes back to the days of the Vikings.

Notice the position…

It's the most important offshore banking tax evasion gambling on snuff films island on the planet, hence Lord of Mann, ruler of Earth.

cd65ea No.590123


Quite right.

They all use they same censorship program.

767aef No.590124


Did you catch at end of Periscope today they had his real vote total over 1700, not 700 like reported. That means White Hats caught the cheat. I know it’s frustrating, but best to let them cheat while being observed so we can see them prosecuted. I hate vote fraud!

07c894 No.590125

Why did Tony Podesta close down his $20 million a year business?

Because of FARA violations.

Podesta scrambled in August, 2017 to amend forms for work done in 2012!

https:// www.fara.gov/docs/5926-Amendment-20170817-82.pdf …

1ae6c8 No.590126


showed 9000+ before signed -> then less after

i call fucckery but needs more verification

490834 No.590127


Oh it came up this morning. Everyone blew right through it.


Check out the video from searching the coordinates: https:// www.you tube.com/watch?v=Ev-g2N-gs5w

We miss important stuff all the time.

004bfc No.590128



Re the Q post ref'd, yes. Did the C_A make a deal with Putin re Snowden then, or some sort of blackmail, making Putin deceive the world about where Snowden actually was?

43b4b0 No.590129


theres a juicy plot twist you missed tho.

he gave them the wrong files.

on purpose.

490834 No.590130

81b0dc No.590131

File: 15b5bd3c9371869⋯.jpg (152.38 KB, 660x330, 2:1, Stealth.jpg)

"Pretend inferiority and encourage his arrogance." - Sun Tzu

4c5d8d No.590132


Next bread is poisoned.

21da71 No.590133


Or, were sleeper cells.

How many sleeper cells embedded in the Military.

Think Fat Leonard.

7bff9d No.590134

Watching the Sky

https:// news.sky. com/story/live-poisoned-salisbury-cop-talking-and-engaging-11280674

5420e7 No.590136

Donate to Flynn lthing legitt ?

867e69 No.590137

File: cb846d7ee51a4ef⋯.png (31.56 KB, 274x761, 274:761, ClipboardImage.png)

Here are all the times POTUS capitalized a word that didn't need it, all caps words, and strange phrases and punctuation for the last week… Not sure what it means but wanted more eyes on it.

3/8 Steel and Aluminum Industries

3/8 double space after "cooperation toward those that are real friends**and treat us fairly on both trade and the military"

3/7 Intilectual Property

3/7 One Billion Dollar

3/7 Trade Deficit

3/7 Country

3/7 Trade Deficit

3/7 Trillion Dollars

3/7 Trade Deficit

3/7 Billion Dollars

3/7 Policies & Leadership

3/7 WIN

3/6 World


3/6 Stars

3/6 Fake News


3/6 Chaos

3/6 Energy

3/5 Election

3/5 Crooked H

3/5 Country

3/5 Steel


3/5 Country

3/5 Steel

3/5 Aluminum

3/5 Steel

3/5 Aluminum

3/5 "Mexico has not done what needs to be done".

3/5 "Canada must treat our farmers much better. Highly Restrictive."

3/5 Steel

3/5 Aluminum

3/4 "have never had a better time doing something, and especially since this is for the American People!"

3/3 Billion Dollar Yearly Trade Deficit

3/3 Media, CRAZY



15170e No.590138


And Flotus born in slovenia/Yugoslavia. Maybe FLOTUS do something there?

004bfc No.590139


Anons stopped looking for Snowden do you mean? (Q Pic). Thanks for the post links.

1b4d02 No.590140


Interesting. Reminds me of this….

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-08-14/report-‘unite-right’-organizer-jason-kessler-was-occupy-movement-obama-supporter-8-m

497f17 No.590141


Think bigger - He just trolled an entire state... California is a rabbit hole, and many of us are being held hostage here with ZERO representation in this nearly pure democracy with a fraudulent voting system. Remember Bernie and the GMO vote - people of all color and politics are waking up here...

bea271 No.590142


Youre right…I never considered her before

2a2e0f No.590143

2-WOOD flew from St.Athan towards Guernsey, then turned back, crossed the coast at Ventnor and landed at Farnborough. Actual route in red.

21da71 No.590144



Honestly I don't know.

But I know this is an important place.

The CUBE financial computer is on that Island, and they ran fiber optics straight into London…

67ce5c No.590145


Yes, it's from his Twitter.

2a2e0f No.590146

File: 0de8f61af6afbec⋯.jpg (262.64 KB, 1247x891, 1247:891, 2WOOD.jpg)

567bf4 No.590147

World consciousness needs to awaken. We need to awaken ourselves.

This is from Jeff Foster:

When you shift your focus

from what is absent

to what is present,

from what is missing

to what has been given,

from what you are not

to who you are,

from the ravages of linear time

to the immediacy of Now,

you are reconnecting

with love, truth and beauty,

and abundance is yours,


For in truth,

nothing is lacking where you are,

nothing is missing from the present scene of the movie of your life,

and you are forever full,

and at the point of completion.

The only reason

you cannot find Oneness

is because you never left.

The day is just waiting to be lived.

So breathe in life, friend,

breathe in life.

– Jeff Foster

00faf0 No.590148

File: 7e6cf32526dd99e⋯.jpg (755.94 KB, 1880x1880, 1:1, KarmaStiletto.jpg)

3884d8 No.590149


This is, first and foremost, an intelligence operation. Think about it that way.

Q speaks to everyone here and everyone is paying attention. Kind of like a twatter account that can't be shadowbanned or shut down.

cd65ea No.590150


Mold ain't got nothing on us ; )

311297 No.590151

going LIVE within the hour?

Mar 07 2018 15:21:12


We are going LIVE -24 [comb your hair].

bea271 No.590152

Just saw this video on Craig Sawyers twat….some famous director talking about his relationship with the Rockefellers….he talks about the fed, NWO, 9-11, and indoctrination of kids in school

Just sharing bcs it seems timely, if anyone feels like watching it

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFgz8w8l1Cs&feature=youtu.be

2a2e0f No.590153

File: 400e70923c9f67d⋯.jpg (251.7 KB, 1231x887, 1231:887, 2GOLF.jpg)

0e0d3c No.590154


https:// www.reddit.com/r/CBTS_Stream/comments/82j0np/guysq_is_on_this_board_he_just_posted_a/

233400 No.590156


Does not mean he wouldnt have him taken into the back room and shot in the head for treason…..but he likes the mans personalities. All the many MkUltra alters he sees.

Probably doesnt get to see the face Cohn shows the kids at parties…..their last glimpse of a human face before they become dinner.

Trump is a reality star demigod I think. Fucker can charm the pants off Lynn Rothschild then slit her throat fucking her doggystyle.

0e58d2 No.590157


Alwaleed was pulling the strings then. There's a new sheriff in town now.

>>590100 The cocacola umbrella in Q's "find snowden" post seems to have chinese characters.

That could be Hong Kong. Probably not Singapore, which has a large Chinese population

but doesn't use a lot of Chinese characters compared to HK.

>>590101 Also a possibility, but I don't trust Xi. Call me jaded…. Russia, KSA, and others?

Certainly I believe that. There might even be some help from Australia, who seems to be

left out of the news cycle lately. Remember, the CF stole millions from them, too.

55582e No.590158

File: 79d232f27093722⋯.png (567.19 KB, 1328x754, 664:377, byecunt.PNG)

we used to watch and post the timestamp of big players, we should probably do that again.

We all know the last time Lynn Posted LMFAOROFL

BEST TWEET 2018 !!!

64fbbd No.590160


Its not rape if you enjoy it.

3884d8 No.590161


Handlers need to stay close to their operators.

8fa3ac No.590162

>>589724 as a parent I cannot understand how Hillary could be so heartless! She has a grandchild! Life is meaningless to her with that fake ass smile! She has no soul! She was setting us up for absolute death! I can’t understand it!

67ce5c No.590163


It's not moldy. Concernfag is also doubt fag and apparently missed the whole convo at the top of this bread about cleaning up the dough from this bread.

edefc9 No.590164


Looks like the rear of that Mercedes is draped with a black cloth, perhaps to mask what is being loaded or unloaded. And a royal visitor.

f1d9ce No.590165

File: 3751f4f99861cc8⋯.jpg (130.31 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, Manafort1.jpg)

Z Retweeted


Verified account


23m23 minutes ago


MORE: #Manafort, who made his plea Thursday in Alexandria, Virginia, stands accused of 23 charges: preparing, filing, and subscribing to false tax returns, failing to report foreign bank accounts, bank fraud, and conspiracy to commit bank fraud https ://sptnkne.ws/gVn7 #Mueller

6b459e No.590166



take the post-1950s religion and porn to other threads

004bfc No.590167


Missed your post anon, thanks for posting.

497f17 No.590168


Sessions Swats CREEP BIDEN'S Hand Away From Granddaughter:

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVW4x4uE6WI


b7d40b No.590169

I keep seeing people arguing about Jeff Sessions. Here, keep this in mind for Sessions:

Jeff Sessions → Art of War -→ Appear weak when in fact you are strong


21da71 No.590170

File: eef965e25989fd4⋯.png (233.29 KB, 327x441, 109:147, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 84146b15683d61f⋯.png (538.1 KB, 567x424, 567:424, ClipboardImage.png)

Order of the Garter

311297 No.590172


Just reporting on JA's tweet. I'm well aware of our current situation anon. Thanks.

5be1a5 No.590173


Make no mistake, faggot child rapists from the Bay Area and PNW have moved to AK over the past few years. In part to run from the degenerate cities they create, and part to feed on fresh new blood because they've raped and murdered their cities into dry desolation.



>No one has seen Tony Podesta since that night

It would make sense, the more inner sibling will usually sacrifice the outter sibling to """atone""" and escape judgement for some fuck up that exposes the group, like Anderson Pooper did.







>first pic

Does red mean that spot is being attacked or is the source of attacks?


What role does the road race have if any? What's transported with the vehicles, for example?

aea7ff No.590175


GREAT actor

2a2e0f No.590176

File: 450a29360998c61⋯.jpg (327.23 KB, 1221x873, 407:291, POISON1.jpg)

File: 3c07c58493a5033⋯.jpg (334.56 KB, 1219x893, 1219:893, POISON2.jpg)

a546fd No.590177

File: 473b15ab17ffd2c⋯.png (172.09 KB, 398x270, 199:135, SERIOUSLEE-Q.png)


>Oh it came up this morning. Everyone blew right through it.

Which bread?

<Check out the video from searching the coordinates: www.you tube.com/

Why are you still sharing youtube when there's hooktube?

c9109d No.590178


Don't give up hope. I turned some Burnie voters into Trump voters. Some are a lost cause. Some know this whole thing is shit and want something better. Its amazing when you get someone away from the MBM how they start to think again.

Just have to walk away quick and not waste time for the ones that are lost or aren't close to ready. Plant the seed and move on.

f1d9ce No.590179

File: bce21962fc1a13a⋯.jpg (59.46 KB, 705x375, 47:25, Manafort2.jpg)

Should Manafort be convicted, he could face as many as 270 years in prison — but federal sentencing guidelines call for only four or five years.

His business partner Rick Gates was slammed with similar charges in late February. Both men were also charged with conspiracy against the US and making false statements in October, some of the first indictments in the Mueller probe. Manafort was also charged with conspiracy to launder over $30 million and failing to register as a foreign agent, and could face additional decades in prison if convicted.

After the February indictment, Manafort spokesman Jason Maloni announced that his client was innocent in a statement. "The new allegations against Mr. Manafort, once again, have nothing to do with Russia and 2016 election interference/collusion," the statement said. "Mr. Manafort is confident that he will be acquitted and violations of his constitutional rights will be remedied."

https ://sputniknews.com/us/201803081062353474-manafort-pleads-not-guilty-mueller/?utm_source=https:// t.co/oHWmb8fGej&utm_medium=short_url&utm_content=gVn7&utm_campaign=URL_shortening

52baac No.590180




5420e7 No.590181


She was saying 🖕🏿all of you.

You are banned…..

21da71 No.590182

File: 0005a2aa5152bf5⋯.jpg (88.27 KB, 709x438, 709:438, HillaryCrayzedButton.jpg)


I think she is literally power drunk.

767aef No.590184


I gave you wrong #👉🏻Dilley got 17,234 votes he’s been told by his source instead of the 700 reported in media.

2b8a79 No.590185


I managed to spell it both ways in a single post lol

69671b No.590186

When we will see the cabal perp walked?

aea7ff No.590187


I hope it comes out….as I imagine it will

d59448 No.590188

This is what should be on deck per Q for tomorrow and Saturday if you ascribe to the 111 day clock:

>references to SA, Twitter, censorship, Stage being set, and Operations underway

Nov 18 2017 >March 9, 2018

156 Nov 18 2017 02:18:29Q!ITPb.qbhqoID: eTJFrZ+E149921023


Nov 19 2017 >March 10, 2018

157 Nov 19 2017 23:29:00Q!ITPb.qbhqoID: 8GzG+UJ9150166904

What is a key?

What is a key used for?

What is a guard?

What is a guard used for?

Who unlocked the door of all doors?

Was it pre-planned?

Do you believe in coincidences?

What is information?

Who controls the release of information?


Who disseminates information?

What is the MSM?

Who controls the MSM?

Who really controls the MSM?

Why are we made to believe the MSM are the only credible news sources?

Who controls the MSM?

Who really controls the MSM?

Why are we made to believe the MSM are the only credible news sources?

Why is this relevant?

Why are non MSM platforms cast as conspiracy and/or non-credible?

Why are non MSM platforms cast as conspiracy and/or non-credible?

What happens when an entity and/or individual accumulates power?

Define corruption.

Wealth = power.

Power = influence.

Influence = control.

Rinse and repeat.

What power of influence was recently discovered (specifically re: 2016 election)?

How much power of influence does Twitter, FB, Reddit, etc. have in influencing the minds of people?

Has the stranglehold of the MSM been diminished?

What is open source?

What has become blatantly obvious since the election of POTUS?

Why would they allow this (visibility) to occur?

Were they not prepared to counter?

What miscalculation occurred?

What opposite impact did this generate?

How did POTUS recognize and invert?

What happens when an entity and/or individual accumulates power?

Define corruption.

Define censorship.

Define ‘controlled’ censorship.

What action is Twitter taking effective mid-Dec?

What is the purpose of this action?

Possible test to understand public / gov’t response?

Nov 19 2017 23:29:21Q!ITPb.qbhqoID: 8GzG+UJ9150166936


When was this announced?

When did events in SA transpire?

Who controlled a large portion of Twitter stock?

Why is this relevant?

Define oppression.

Who controls the narrative?

Who really controls the narrative?

Who guards the narrative?

Does the MSM shelter and protect select ‘party’ members?

Does this protection insulate these ‘party’ members?

Who controls the narrative?

What laws were put in place to protect the MSM from lawsuits?

Who specifically passed this law?

What is immunity?

What prevents a news organization from simply ‘making up sources & stories’?

What prevents a news organization from simply ‘making up sources & stories’?

What previous SC ruling provided protection to reporters from having to reveal their ‘confidential’ source(s)?

How many people are unaware of the ‘truth’ due to the stranglehold?

How must people be made aware of an alternate reality?

What are crumbs (think H-wood/DC)

Define ‘lead-in’ (think play)?

What has been occurring recently?

The stage must be set.

Crumbs are easy to swallow.

What if Hugh Hefner was /a Clown In America?

What is a honeypot?

Define blackmail.

How could this be applied?

Fantasy land.


No Such Agency.

The hunter becomes the hunted.

Operations underway.

Operators active.

Disinformation is real.

Disinformation is necessary.

Silent war (some gets out).

The Great Awakening.

Iron Eagle.

Godfather III.

The Hunt for Red October.


2a2e0f No.590189

File: 13b03a098bf6c20⋯.jpg (319.11 KB, 1231x873, 1231:873, JUDGE1.jpg)

21da71 No.590190

File: 988a41aaa12646b⋯.jpg (226.65 KB, 1085x622, 1085:622, McCainManafort.jpg)


Manafort was used by McCain to try and disrupt Trump. Fiorina was McCain chick.

4f14d9 No.590191


>Because of FARA violations.


FARA violations are a hand slap.

Manafort is being taken down for money laundering and tax evasion.

It will be the same for Tony, probably laundering though art and offshore real estate.

72df04 No.590192


The Berniefags I know HATE Hillary and the establishment. Common ground.

43b4b0 No.590193


fuck her.


a1f9ef No.590194

File: c0d9c3413c72115⋯.png (90.56 KB, 1893x2976, 631:992, wikileaks-24445.png)

File: 1fa9e777541d7f6⋯.png (52.64 KB, 1889x1298, 1889:1298, wikileaks-24468.png)

Clinton emails on Wikileaks using 'aids' keyword, I stumbled upon this email from 'child mind institute'

https:// wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/24445

Very weird email, seemingly coded with stray characters and spacing.

A subsequent search for 'child mind institute' reveald more containing weird spacing.

https:// wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/24468

https:// childmind.org

Seems Voat has done extensive research as well with regard to PG.

https:// searchvoat.co/?t=%22child+mind+Institute%22&s=&u=&d=&b=on&nsfw=off

Gonna dig a bit more, just wanted to put this out in case any codefags wanted to have a go.

[pics related]

3884d8 No.590195


If Q team had the task of bringing in Snowden from the cold, it would make sense to show him something tangible that he could prove to himself.

Q didn't need to share that with us, it was obviously a message for someone else. Who that individual or organization might have been is a question, but if Snowden was on the fence it makes sense to give him something tangible. If he knew who got raided, it would speak volumes if the message was pitched the right way.

f1d9ce No.590196

https:// sputniknews.com/us/201803081062353624-fbi-us-fourth-amedment/

FBI 'End Run' Around Fourth Amendment Using Geek Squad Informants


22:00 08.03.2018(updated 22:03 08.03.2018)

Get short URL

0 01

Documents released in response to a FOIA lawsuit show that the FBI has paid informants inside Best Buy’s computer repair service Geek Squad, which they use to sidestep the need for warrants to search people’s computers. This raises serious questions about whether the FBI-Geek Squad relationship enables the Bureau to bypass the Fourth Amendment.

After a year-long FOIA battle the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) recently obtained over a hundred pages of documents from the FBI on their 'particularly close relationship' with Geek Squad. They reveal that the Bureau has informants inside the company who perform searches on customers' computers and report illicit materials back to the FBI.

READ MORE: FBI Paid Best Buy’s Geek Squad to Search for Child Porn on Customer Computers

Sputnik spoke with Aaron Mackey, staff attorney for the EFF, who highlighted how the Bureau and the Geek Squad repair facility in Kentucky have worked together for a decade. Mackey commented:

"The most important new information is about the relationship between the repair facility and the FBI that goes back to at least 2008."

One memo from 2008 shows that Best Buy hosted a meeting of the FBI's Cyber Working Group at the Kentucky facility. FBI agents were taken on a tour of the premises, and documents describe how the agency's Louisville field office, ‘has maintained close liaison with the Geek Squad's management in an effort to glean case initiations and to support the division's Computer Intrusion and Cyber Crime programs.'

These 'case initiations' include paying Geek Squad employees to search customers' devices for illicit content, including child pornography. A fax records how the Louisville office paid $500 to a confidential informant inside Geek Squad, apparently as a reward for finding potentially illegal material on a computer that had been sent for repair. These payments from the FBI first emerged during legal proceedings against Mark Rettenmaier, a doctor charged with possession of child pornography after his computer was sent to the Kentucky repair facility.

READ MORE: Best Buy Employees Paid by FBI to Spy on Customers

The records show how over the years the FBI and Geek Squad developed a process for investigating the computers sent to Kentucky for repairs. A series of FBI investigations began when Geek Squad employees searched the computers, and then called the Louisville field office when they found suspected child pornography. An FBI agent then went to the facility to view the images or video for himself and assess whether the content was illegal. It was only at this point, after the FBI agent had already seen the computer files, that the Bureau applied for search warrants. This is what happened in Rettenmaier's case, though the FBI later admitted that the image that instigated their investigation did not meet the legal definition of illicit pornography.

64fbbd No.590197

64fbbd No.590198

We need an LDR deepfake

004bfc No.590199


That was fun, although I do feel anxious when I see any type of delivery van.

5420e7 No.590200


Future proves past. She was laughing at us knowing the ban was coming

3d813d No.590201


kek mandingo for sure

6120e1 No.590202

any anon have the proper time in et when snows 24 hours is up?

b7d40b No.590203


This. This would be great to have an LdR deepfake on twitter. USE THEIR OWN AMMO AGAINST THEM!!!

f6e7cd No.590204

File: 8153d0ff2320c48⋯.png (39.22 KB, 199x125, 199:125, 65906-470285910it-0_654865….PNG)

21da71 No.590205

DHS report of 22 counties election fraud

due out March [ ]

6e1162 No.590206

>>589970 God and fuck in the same sentence, a rarity kek

64fbbd No.590207


LDR Blacked deepfake.

5420e7 No.590208



f1d9ce No.590209

https: //sputniknews.com/us/201803081062353624-fbi-us-fourth-amedment/

The exact nature of the FBI's relationship with the paid informants (or CHS — confidential human sources) is not clear. One page of notes shows that the FBI did not direct the Geek Squad techs to search customers' computers but those who did and then reported the contents to the FBI were paid for their help. This provides an incentive for Geek Squad employees to snoop on the devices while repairing them, whether or not they were explicitly asked to do so by FBI agents.

An'end run' around the Fourth Amendment

That these searches are being conducted by paid government informants, without a warrant or any kind of judicial oversight, begs the question of whether the FBI are sidestepping the Fourth Amendment rights of the people they are investigating. The EFF commented:

‘We think the FBI's use of Best Buy Geek Squad employees to search people's computers without a warrant threatens to circumvent people's constitutional rights.'

Sputnik spoke exclusively to constitutional lawyer and president of the Rutherford Institute John Whitehead, who said that in his view the FBI are breaching the rights of their targets by using Geek Squad employees. Whitehead explained that the Fourth Amendment provisions of the US constitution only apply to ‘government actors'. He elaborated:

"If a Federal Express employees searches, he find contraband and turns it over to the police, then there's no Fourth Amendment violation because the search was conducted by a private, non-government employee."

However, Whitehead made clear that the FBI's relationship with Geek Squad is a violation, because the government are using private sector workers as 'proxies':

"The fact that the government had paid or directed a Geek Squad employee to snoop through customers' computers serves to indicate that the employees, although they're not direct government employees, are acting as proxies for the government. If the government is doing an end run and using employees like that then I think the Fourth Amendment should apply, especially if they're paying them."

The Fourth Amendment isn't an obstacle to be worked around by hiring private contractors. https:// t.co/mcurGRMbit https:// t.co/LH4hdYsxna

— C M Curtin (@KD8TTE) March 8, 2018

​In Whitehead's view, ‘the courts are not keen on protecting the Fourth Amendment in this country', citing the Rettenmaier case where the judge ruled that by sending his computer to the Geek Squad he had consented to the search. The EFF also took issue with this ruling, saying:

"We disagree with the court's ruling that Rettenmaier consented to a de-facto government search of his devices when he sought Best Buy's help to repair his computer. But the court's ruling demonstrates that law enforcement agents are potentially exploiting legal ambiguity about when private searches become government action that appears intentionally designed to try to avoid the Fourth Amendment."

Documents disclosed under FOIA show the @FBI paid @GeekSquad staff to inform them of illegal content on the devices of customers: https:// t.co/Jv8olgaOAP

The @EFF says that may be a violation of the Fourth Amendment. It looks like a warrantless search of "personal papers" to us.

— Sunlight Foundation (@SunFoundation) March 6, 2018

​The Future for Fourth Amendment Rights

311297 No.590210




35fee6 No.590211

File: ea470f651da1c2a⋯.png (199.42 KB, 814x841, 814:841, screenshot_224.png)




It may be a LARP account but the arrests and convictions are REAL

https:// www.justice.gov/usao-ak/pr/anchorage-man-sentenced-possession-child-pornography

https:// www.justice.gov/usao-wdmo/pr/colorado-man-sentenced-45-years-prison-child-sexual-exploitation

https:// www.justice.gov/usao-pr/pr/thirty-one-year-old-man-found-guilty-child-exploitation

64fbbd No.590212



3c9778 No.590213

File: a4b737c3962aa45⋯.png (247.77 KB, 500x366, 250:183, ClipboardImage.png)

43b4b0 No.590214


no bc u misinterpreted the crumbs completely.

6120e1 No.590216


ty anon

64fbbd No.590217


Blacked: LDR edition

be1c67 No.590218


how stupid are you? a deepfake of one of them would do way more damage than anything

aa9bd7 No.590219


>cleaning up the dough

it ain't easy being cheesy

d59448 No.590220

>>590075 New JA tweet about SA and HRC (News)

>>590188 (MAP for March 9 and 10 per the 111 day clock

What other news can be mapped against the Nova 18 and Nov 19 Qs?

6b459e No.590221


(1) make deepfake porn of deep state tied people (2) people think all vidz of them are fake (3) harder to convince them when the real shid comes out

15170e No.590222


And Elon Musk as the Dr. Evil, KEK!

7ff523 No.590223

wow slow bread. I walked away for an hour..

b7d40b No.590224


Nobody is perfect. And honestly, words are just that, WORDS. If you can't use your words to express yourself, then you're left with NO FREEDOM OF SPEECH, or, expressing yourself in a PHYSICAL form.

d94984 No.590225


He implied snowden will be going somewhere. Not 100% waterproof that it will be LIVE TV but should be.

6120e1 No.590226

64fbbd No.590227


True, but LDR is fappable. Sorry….

3c9778 No.590229

File: 5da59f9f5d3512e⋯.png (189.88 KB, 570x241, 570:241, ClipboardImage.png)

55fba0 No.590230


this. would reaffirm their narrative that it's easy to fake videos. TERRIBLE. I REPEAT. TERRIBLE FUCKING IDEA

3c9778 No.590231


OOOH! man I wish I was a photofag

43b4b0 No.590233


but but muh autism :(

6120e1 No.590234


whats your interpretation anon?

f6e7cd No.590235


all of the slick camera ready non-offense socially flamboyant faces of these tech companies are the movie/ it's so obvious

2a2e0f No.590236

File: 7cbf0cea0b3fd47⋯.jpg (744.27 KB, 1911x897, 49:23, GAF648.jpg)

Another German Air Force VIP jet on the move. GAF 648 (14+04)

718dab No.590237

5420e7 No.590238



bc0fa4 No.590239


Yes… they bought multiple tickets for multiple flights out of Hong Kong, with the help of Assange. I don't think he got on any of them, but whether he intended to or not I don't know.

Assange also claims they used misdirection (open-line calls to diplomats, etc) to confuse his whereabouts.

Also note there is no footage of Snowey at Hong Kong airport. The sequence in Citizen4 is cleverly filmed to make it seem as though you're following him, but he's never in the shot.

For a good interview with Assange about his involvement, watch or re-watch the documentary Chasing Edward Snowden.

6b459e No.590241


she looks like pure evil

9d533c No.590242


I don't know. I'm not the baker of the graphics.

311297 No.590244


Agreed….LIVE in caps…no comments on a video or any broadcast. Definitely open ended. We shall see.

e53422 No.590246

File: 7ff8148a139db05⋯.png (94.91 KB, 540x583, 540:583, Google AI.PNG)

360665 No.590247


A show of what happens if they don't play their parts and play along…Just a wild guess, but it fits

43e40a No.590248


Fucking hell.

The signatures are missions and action items.

>Alice & Wonderland

Objective: Cut the strings between HRC/cabalists and SA, freezing/seizing cabalist assets and digging up new ratlines to other foundations.

>[The Hunt For] Red October

O: Find @Snowden and either have him eliminated or confess to the NSA fuckery ordered by Hussein.

>Snow White

O: Seek and destroy clown supercomputers responsible for managing data/surveillance of innocents worldwide.

>The Great Awakening

O: Mass shift of the Overton Window and demolition of MSM/Big Tech censorship efforts, allowing for revelation of cabal corruption.

>Iron Eagle

O: ?

>Godfather III

O: ?

43b4b0 No.590249


message wasnt for us. your going to get a presser about tariffs and whatnot. then calm boring weekend.

2a2e0f No.590250


She's like a Monet - from a distance in the right lighting she looks OK, but close up she's a real mess.

2fcc7e No.590252

File: 75a800aaf6722df⋯.png (51.44 KB, 695x378, 695:378, ClipboardImage.png)

https:// apnews.com/a26862152a7344979f1e77a8aae8d4b5/Vatican-invites-hackers-to-fix-problems,-not-breach-security

15170e No.590253


You're dirty… ._.

64fbbd No.590254

File: 581c886bcb3f1a6⋯.jpg (38.16 KB, 389x594, 389:594, Lynn Forester de Rothschil….jpg)

File: 138b253eaf6ece7⋯.jpg (57.05 KB, 650x433, 650:433, lynn-forester-de-rothschil….jpg)

I'd hit it…

6495de No.590255


Monet or Manet?

311297 No.590256


yw, Time stamp from yesterdays Q post #873

e7aa88 No.590257


It was not about that, kek

they were against TPP, Against big banks,and corporations, they were against pharma, and MONSANTO, They believed in people being honest, good, not lying corrupt manipulators.


On race, gender,economic, social issues, ( because they have twisted and lied about the truth) Many people were misled, but they are not lost.

The 4-6 percent is going to be people who were on the full in, on the clinton side of the DNC, not people like Bernie supporters.And those brainwashed/ MK Ultra

They took away jobs, made people sick,, made college impossible for any normal person to go, without a lifetime of debt.

These are all things created by the cabal, ( yes state college used to almost free in this country, until greedy people got involved)

They should add a few extra years on to school( for free/affordable/not for profit) if you choose to) that focuses on job training skills, life skills, etc)

The education system is screwed, and needs lots of repair.

Bernie people were interested and supported many of the same things as Trump supporters, just it was behind a smokescreen of confusion by the cabal, using social issues to divide( when in reality, we would all agree if given the full truth)

Where We Go One, We go ALL,, they are not lost, fellow annon( they knew about Seth Rich, they knew about Clintons corruption, and the cheating, rigging)

If we can unite them with us, we will have an unstoppable army of red pilled warriors,,, and the MEDIA WOULD FREAK, if Bernie people and Trump people joined forces( i've said this for months,, before Q)

Why do you think Clinton lost? Bernie people did not / REFUSED to vote for that corrupt hag,, hence Bernie or Bust. Remember the coffins carried by Bernie supporters outside Dem convention, where they put up a wall, and used paid craigslist people to pretend to be delegates.

Bernie people were BIG TIME RED PILLED BACK IN 2016, JUST NEED TO WAKE THEM UP AGAIN. ( Many are here, and have been since the beginning)

bc0fa4 No.590258


I prefer to think Assange was played for a fool, and not actually involved with the Clowns.

62c81b No.590259








How Fucking new can you faggots be falling for this fucking kike slide tactic? Just Fucking stop for the love of God. You faggots fall for this shit EVERY FUCKING DAY

>inb4 you cunts fall for the Corsi AJ slide coming next. Please livestream an hero boomers

a58907 No.590260


Good from afar; far from good.

64fbbd No.590262


If by "dirty" you mean "anon", then yes.

dea604 No.590264


Her limbs need to be replaced with corpse limbs in the one on the right, and the artwork in the background needs to be Podesta work.

Make it so….

f1d9ce No.590265

File: 2fe40be3c3f433a⋯.jpg (17.94 KB, 600x314, 300:157, PoisonedRussianDossier.jpg)

Gretchen Smith Retweeted

⚡️ ⛈️#BringTheThunder ⚡️ ⛈️ #MakeItRain


2h2 hours ago



CLAIM: Poisoned Russian spy linked to Trump dossier author (video) http:// dennismichaellynch.com/claim-poisoned-russian-spy-linked-to-trump-dossier-author-video/ … via @realDennisLynch

7d5da0 No.590266


Not a chance. Your values are wicked and deserve to be eradicated from the face of the Earth. This is most certainly not a Game.

You can either lose the evil or suffer the consequences. Your call. We're coming for people like you.

7ff523 No.590267

File: e1d72ca239cd2ef⋯.png (442.68 KB, 843x774, 281:258, Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at ….png)

Snowden about to get nailed. NZ spying and interfering with US

64fbbd No.590268


Wtf are you talking about? Calm down, anon. It is ok to ask questions.

dea604 No.590269



2fcc7e No.590270


Sorry it's hard to know whos a newfag and whos a shill!!!

004bfc No.590271


Excellent, will watch. What are your thoughts on Sarah?

bc0fa4 No.590272


Remember Jade Helm?

The rumor always was that it was about AI.

62c81b No.590273


Just go back you obviously don’t belong here


718dab No.590274


Arkancide to clean up loose ends. Hilldawg doesn't quit.

46b433 No.590275

File: 4bb4beaac7f7529⋯.jpg (116.37 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, movie-poster-3-1.jpg)


Updated poster w/ Dilley twist

d59448 No.590276


whoa. nice work anon.

f1d07a No.590278


He really "Snowed " us over….(pun intended)

Another in plain view alias name from the cabal..just like "reality winner" …wtf…who names thier kids that bullshit..

f1d9ce No.590279

File: 98d56cd933c7310⋯.jpg (37.99 KB, 600x314, 300:157, ThatFBITouch.jpg)

💋 SIᕮᖇᖇᗩ ᗯᕼISKᕮᕮ Is The NRA 🇺🇸 Retweeted

MAGAPatriot 🇺🇸Steve


2h2 hours ago


FBI Agent Accused of Drugging, Sexually Assaulting FBI Colleague:

👉Former FBI directors Robert Mueller & James Comey implicated for using their inner circles to cover up sexual misconduct in the FBI to help them politically‼️

Female agent speaks out!

FBI Agent Accused of Drugging, Sexually Assaulting FBI Colleague – True Pundit

A FBI Agent in the Los Angeles Field Office has been accused of allegedly drugging and sexually assaulting a female FBI colleague, federal law enf…


668754 No.590280

File: 36cfc6464ec8073⋯.jpg (552.69 KB, 1616x2889, 1616:2889, IMG_8741.JPG)


more like Goya

62c81b No.590281


Just lurk moar… you will catch on

46ea05 No.590282


Good to know.

It was published the sa