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Pro Aris et Focis

File: 1632d3bc2bb56a9⋯.png (6.66 MB, 5760x3240, 16:9, 1632d3bc2bb56a95642f177f49….png)

7c6e17 No.567140

READ THIS FIRST! (we mean it!)

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"They want you silenced, MAKE NOISE" ~ Q

New WH Internet Bill of Rights Petition.

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Sunday 3.04.18


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Saturday 2.24.18

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Thursday, 2.22.18

>>466606 People Kill People

>>466308 DIVIDED

>>466142 This should scare you (deep state/others)

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Suicide at the White House

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5458143/Shots-fired-White-House.html

>>544304 A demonstration was made today in front of the WH...



2018 Amendments to the Manual for Courts-Martial, United States

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873eaf No.567147

>Other post is at 40 posts.

Fuck off.

7c6e17 No.567149

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7c6e17 No.567151

https:// pastebin.com/Wteiav6w

2a3e26 No.567154


a great time to release the tape

7c6e17 No.567155



There's 2×699's now?

873eaf No.567156

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/567016.html

If you really want Internet Freedom, let's make a petition to ask that QKD and other next generation crytosystems to include key distribution and an open audit-able specification(to include die and IC teardowns).

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum_key_distribution

This is the enforcement part of IBOR. Actually secure crypto would forever be a game changer, you could never censor an idea and if what ATT says is true about not manipulating traffic based on content. to ATT with actual secure cryptosystems it would be pointless to collect data this way since the data coming across the network would (potentially) be unencryptable without the key.

The NSA just has some kind of fiber sandwich which reads the fiber directly by scraping a little bit of outer portion of the fiber and allowing some of the light in the cable to leak into their parallel fiber. (Sauce: Wikipedia article on fiber optics and the suspicious lack of information on the process of fusing fiber optic cables that allow light to pass through the sides.) Secure crypto would mean they would have to pursue other means of collecting intelligence.

I don't see how IBOR can work without physical guarantees, and that's why I made a thread. I won't just say I want IBOR because it sounds good, I want real guarantees, you all should too. Including this technology in our petitions is the only way you'll get traction because words cannot enforce actual internet freedom, only encryption can.

ce82b6 No.567157

File: bd80c2d60a37561⋯.jpg (51.36 KB, 363x348, 121:116, bd80c2d60a37561cbe758e198f….jpg)

873eaf No.567162


No I'm a wrong faggot who can't read. They remade 698.

ce82b6 No.567164

File: dad72cbe0248be8⋯.jpg (9.99 KB, 203x255, 203:255, Molloch-4.jpg)

8c14bb No.567165

File: a96afd6b44d8255⋯.png (41.61 KB, 800x182, 400:91, Screenshot_2018-03-06-09-1….png)

Best tweet of the day

5a0852 No.567168

File: aead2639abf43c8⋯.png (510.85 KB, 660x434, 330:217, weiner.ins.file.release.png)




Meme Anons -- need help setting the stage for Q's HRC vid drop.

(HRC has already been saying the Russians have made some fake videos @ her . . . )


ed1e06 No.567172


there's knowing....then there's knowing that you need to scrub your eyeballs after.... and haunting sounds...

I think that's the choice...but we all gonna know about it.

ed1e06 No.567173

thanks baker

37a1ac No.567174

File: c13d14eae3d8733⋯.jpg (35.69 KB, 576x260, 144:65, gratitude.JPG)


WE will KNOW by then what was done to SAVE our republic…and the world.

MUCH gratitude.

COINCIDENTALLY look what Wikipedia shows for GRATITUDE.

cda8db No.567176


"Don't Believe your eyes"


b82238 No.567179


por supuesto

a sovereign digital state without cultural barriers is an amazing platform to rebuild the Republic

quite genius actually anon

24b40f No.567180


>words cannot enforce actual internet freedom, only encryption can

And this is exactly WHY there has been such a hard push against encryption. …Or has no one noticed the attempted coordinated takedown of PGP and platforms like it in the press?

(((They))) demonize encryption for a very specific reason, and I think this anon has nailed exactly why that is.

9ae2dd No.567182




BOOM [ Bass Drum ]

Rim Shot 3X [ Snare Drums ]


Rim Shot 3X


Rim Shot 3X


d518c2 No.567183


A parade that will never be forgotten.

Ask yourself, why?

God bless our brave men & women in uniform.

We will never forget.


Will this be the day DC is liberated from evil by all of our Military? Great time to seize control of DC

208f58 No.567186


>Or has no one noticed the attempted coordinated takedown of PGP and platforms like it in the press?

I remember when PGP was classified as a munition and was illegal to export to certain countries

776d3f No.567190

File: 07e6660dcc0bc7a⋯.jpg (17.48 KB, 320x320, 1:1, comfy_bed.jpg)

File: 0a9c38e14a2db38⋯.png (305.33 KB, 340x348, 85:87, Capture.PNG)

7c6e17 No.567191


Anons, you know we have to go to this, right?! How can we NOT go to the parade?!

66dc77 No.567192

File: a93987813d85d03⋯.jpg (52.09 KB, 620x463, 620:463, act.jpg)

208f58 No.567194


how you doing this morning?

are you OK for the next bake?

36f023 No.567195

File: 5e81eaa5b84bf83⋯.jpg (84.24 KB, 319x561, 29:51, 25uahd.jpg)


I still like this one:

5a0852 No.567196


right. she's been anticipating this for awhile and setting her own stage.

we need to counter and prepare normies for the release.

873eaf No.567197



Please spread the message and the thread to get discussion going if you agree with the message.

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/567016.html

7e91c2 No.567198


Kekistan army, Q division

f12a23 No.567199


It's Armistice Day - 100 years since the close of WW1 and It's Veteran's Day.

"The Allied powers signed a ceasefire agreement with Germany at Rethondes, France, at 11:00 a.m. on November 11, 1918, bringing the war later known as World War I to a close."

https:// www.loc.gov/item/today-in-history/november-11/

b49264 No.567201

File: 3e769efd2892f51⋯.png (169.38 KB, 2000x1288, 250:161, POW-MIA_flag.png)


Vietnam MIA/POWs found?

b82238 No.567202

File: 56c079f58bdd9f8⋯.png (179.71 KB, 1077x624, 359:208, SundayRemembranceParade.png)

read between the lines

https:// www.tmorra.com/next/London-Remembrance+Sunday+parade

052a4b No.567203

“All of these developments bring us back to the troubling case of U.S. Steel. Not only have America’s leaders failed to address the subsidies and currency manipulation that allow China’s steel producers to violate world trade law and undercut firms like U.S. Steel, but they’ve also left America’s data networks vulnerable to brazen security intrusions as well.“

http:// dailycaller.com/2016/12/30/china-hacks-americas-steel-secrets-and-makes-a-killing/

b82238 No.567204


your parade, btw…

389512 No.567206

File: ce60fd3653fdfb6⋯.jpg (149.58 KB, 607x981, 607:981, DXloci9X4AALcO9.jpg)

7c6e17 No.567207


I just came to bake this one. It would be great if you could take over.

179940 No.567209


Pick me up on the way? Can’t drive long distance

98d712 No.567210


https:// www.


5a0852 No.567211

File: b26cbcf1bd2b818⋯.png (19.26 KB, 475x73, 475:73, q.bodies.png)


who knows where the bodies are buried?

Huma Abedin.

"True Pundit also says that, according to FBI sources, both Abedin and Weiner are trying to cut immunity deals with federal officials and that, if they didn’t cooperate, they’d face long prison sentences. Abedin’s turning state’s evidence would no doubt be devastating for Clinton, as the two women have for years been joined at the hip. Abedin has at times been like Clinton’s shadow, has been called her “body woman,” and has even been rumored to be Clinton’s lesbian lover. So Abedin likely knows where, as is said, the bodies are buried."



dd366f No.567212

Is this what would be in video?

"Keep them starved"

"Keep them blind"

"Keep them stupid"

HRC March 13, 2013 [intercept].

cda8db No.567215

Christopher Steele Claimed DNC ‘Hack’ Involved Russian Agents ‘Within the Democratic Party’

http:// www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/03/plot-thickens-christopher-steele-said-dnc-hack-involved-agents-within-democratic-party/

7c6e17 No.567216

File: bedf322ee681467⋯.png (91.78 KB, 1080x440, 27:11, Screenshot_20180306-092856….png)

That's going to be a No from me!

6bcb44 No.567218

Hello friendly anons,


€U oldfag calling in for duty.

After emerging from my timely collapse I find our UPE (Unknown Posting Entity) Q has communicated again.

One quick search learned me that the following sites lost track or interest in the current state of events:

http:// www. thestoryofq.com/

https:// qntmpkts.keybase.pub//

https:// qanonmap.github.io/

Only https:// qanonposts.com/ keeps up with the now and here.

More better than nothing, well, so much for redundancy. Who cares? Opsec much?


===BAKER: update your dough on ^^this^^, you're churning out stale loaves===.

What's more, the enigmatic yewtubechannel 13013 NOVA CORP BLUE disappeared and was transmogrified into the channel AI

which in turn morphed into the actual 71 channel. The general tune of the videos on it couldn't be more different than the

previous harvest.

This alleged "mkultra farm video channel" was in all probability a covert comms op using public conduits and imploded into

some lame decoy after we and others found out about the nature of the beasty. The current theme is decidedly asian chop

shop in style, have a look for yerselves.

Dunno if there is something worthwhile to be dug up there now.

It has that shapeshifting spook feel and smell about it, unable to determine if it is MI or clowns gaming.

Anyways, despite the hard rain of shills in past days I must say that this whole infinichan op is a remarkable catherding

exercise gone extraordinarily well in general. I marvel at the depth, the number of layers and points of view going strong

here still today. Also this whole scene here must be a big-data wet dream come true for the catherding demigod sysops.

Good day to y'all, where we go one, we go all. God bless.

574b8a No.567219


The booms of 9/11 may be relevant regarding our American history and steel:

http:// 911research.wtc7.net/wtc/groundzero/cleanup.html

Never forget how they gave China the evidence and those involved with the steel going there. It all ties together now I think.

179940 No.567220

Hey!!!!!! Just thought of something!!!!

Some starts came our recently forming a foundation in support of POTUS… why not get them on board to pay for busses in each state to get patriots to the parade?????

da1fc3 No.567222


note Q said it is "indefensible" (paraphrased)

this will be a "future proves past" moment most likely

an undeniable one

and likely if it's only one video, it's one of many

she'll have to cop to it

it's clear that they had set up HRC to be "the woman" of the Revelation 12 prophecy

kim clement's prophecy speaks of a woman hated by everyone who changes her ways and has "a testimony second to none"

the woman in the Revelation 12 prophecy was giving birth to a baby

that baby? the new church. the unified church. catholics + protestants. Apostolic Christianity.

0d39a0 No.567223


To be a bombshell, it would have to be very obvious in the video who she was talking about.

7c6e17 No.567224


Hahaha WTF?!

179940 No.567226


Stars ⭐️ ***

3d6c0a No.567227

Intentionally compromised 'rods of god' tungsten space weapons? Fits with the unavailability of high heat furnaces for certain components requiring foreign contractors.

208f58 No.567228


you are current baker,

red text a confirmation and I'll take it

a6631b No.567229

>>567183 I think he is going to reveal the soldiers that came home from Vietnam

33051d No.567230

Spiritual development is the only real way forward.

Current state of Earth blocks this - Cabal must be removed.

179940 No.567231


Or new POW’s released…

b82238 No.567232



UK Veterans Parade

+ Armistice Day

+ mirror

7c6e17 No.567233



https:// pastebin.com/Wteiav6w

1d2f90 No.567234


im heckin goin!

208f58 No.567235



1d2f90 No.567236



8628b0 No.567237


Would make a good meme with pic of HRC, Huma and Weiner.

ced6d1 No.567238



Nice pass. Well done.

cda8db No.567239

Lesbian / Dike affirmative action hire from hell.

Here is the Broward Sheriff’s Captain Who Told Deputies to Wait Outside as Nikolas Cruz Slaughtered Students and Teachers

http:// www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/03/broward-sheriffs-captain-told-deputies-wait-outside-nikolas-cruz-slaughtered-students-teachers/

881ae5 No.567240

So basically that CIA document is pointing to how the Vatican allowed Nazis to escape through their charity, Caritas International?

7e91c2 No.567241


Maybe scary personal message will be invitation to parade?

8e6966 No.567242

anybody know this?

Dr Anatoly T Fomenko talks of history written by jesuits in terms of mirrors.

History: Fiction or Science?

by Dr Anatoly T Fomenko et. al.

ISBN-13: 978-1523443802

The consensual world history was manufactured in Europe in XVI-XIX centuries with political agenda of powers of that period on the basis of erroneous clerical chronology elaborated in XVI-XIX centuries by Kabbalist-numerologist Joseph Justus Scaliger and Jesuit Dionysius Petavius. The objections to such 'chronology' by Sir Isaac Newton ……. were discarded.




dude on left has suitcase?

fa8748 No.567243

so it seems to me we are looking for the Clinton "super Tuesday victory speech" (3/15. +++ + +++++) raw footage camera 5…?

8c14bb No.567246

Q folks ya'll really want this trending? Because it not and it's being shared and tweeted but nothing. If it matters, I'll keep at it. If it doesn't, then no point.

0d39a0 No.567247


>the new church. the unified church. catholics + protestants. Apostolic Christianity.

I've been thinking about this as well: Q has suggested that the papacy has been compromised. If so, how long has it been compromised? And either way, if this were exposed what would happen to Christianity? We could see the birth of an all-new faith.

1a4a4a No.567248




^^^^^^^^^^ these anons nailed it

MSM fights the hashtags - but inadvertently draws attention to them.

They can't ignore a major trend - this exposes them as bias when they try to kill it.

"MEMO will destroy US" (memo released) >> "MEMO is nothing"

They are proving that the "conspiracies" are more truthful than they are

179940 No.567249

File: 2b734251971b96a⋯.jpeg (103.52 KB, 750x637, 750:637, C0F0C18B-9030-4E37-82D9-0….jpeg)

File: 84e00649120c9d7⋯.jpeg (159.25 KB, 980x781, 980:781, 9BE3D4E2-C54D-4581-9FED-B….jpeg)

File: 71875930d388873⋯.png (594.39 KB, 1280x608, 40:19, ADCA66BB-A1C7-425F-A007-02….png)

For the anon compiling HRC crimes

aa07d1 No.567251

File: c89ea8116333821⋯.png (108.23 KB, 673x238, 673:238, towerz.png)

File: adb8e53f49fb29a⋯.png (74.74 KB, 1280x372, 320:93, jetfuel.png)

jet fuel can't melt steel beams?

3bbbc8 No.567252


Vatican allows Nazis to escape. Nazis like Soros?

179940 No.567253


Cool 😎

7c6e17 No.567254


Papacy and Vatican have been compromised a long long time. Like over a hundred years.

d0d721 No.567255

File: e522a9fcb4d52c3⋯.png (29.57 KB, 1030x329, 1030:329, ClipboardImage.png)

why is the github link showing no posts from the last 24 hours?

179940 No.567256

caa33f No.567257

STEEL has strategic importance.

Mining, agriculture and manufacturing have strategic importance.

If you let these industries die, reviving them will be very difficult and consume time, money.

If America doesn't preserve its steel industry and manufacturing, if America will simply consume what is produced elsewhere, then it will be dependent on others (on China, particularly).

Then America will not be able to confront them if they commit fraud and abuse.

America them will not have truly independent foreign policy.

When (((they))) make America dependent it would be an important milestone towards globalism.

208f58 No.567259


Baker is requesting a little help.

I notice the Notables section has not been updated.

Would some kind anons scrape # 695, #696, # 697 & #698 for Notable posts?

I noticed videofag made an appearance in one of those, offering profesional help making vids to get Q's message out without the famefagging

1d2f90 No.567261


I always assumed it was the Vatican hiding Mary Magdalene and Jesus bodies and kids, DNA, divine bloodline.

483b76 No.567262

>>566503 (last bread)

We need to redpill the normie masses about that pre-emptive move on HRC's side to establish that plausible deniability of faked Russian porn vidjyas that feature her & Huma. #ThisVideoAintFaked

1d2f90 No.567264




7c6e17 No.567265

File: 81d4531e9ef0877⋯.png (154.5 KB, 1080x658, 540:329, Screenshot_20180306-093523….png)

881ae5 No.567266


His name hasn't been mentioned….but I have read half and that seems to be the overwhelming theme

The Vatican was infiltrated by Nazis and they facilitated their escape

cda8db No.567267

File: 0d5245c83395348⋯.jpg (91.65 KB, 888x500, 222:125, 001download (1).jpg)

1d2f90 No.567269


the Vatican created the nazis….but yeah

873eaf No.567271


The disinformation about kinetic weapons is specifically that you need actual rods the size of telephone poles to accomplish such a task, that is false. Check out 'Smart Pebbles' and 'Brilliant Pebbles', two space programs that were canceled because of 'muh ballistic missile defense system' (The problem is kinetic weapons and DEWs would actually make great missile defense platforms in space, meaning you can't sell tons of ultimately ineffective and replaceable hardware to keep the military industrial complex churning)

In reality you only need watermelon sized tungsten objects for effective kinetic weapons as demonstrated by 'Brilliant Pebbles'.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strategic_Defense_Initiative

That SDI describes multiple possible weapons platforms and their deficiencies and requirements for actual deployment. Overall they required more power which is something we've done well to figure out already in the form of nuclear reactors and liquid metal cooling. Most of the cool stuff was 'canceled', which sometimes means canceled and sometimes it means it was black boxed because it was too fucking good.

93f369 No.567272

Real Cl0wns=C1A=M0st are in America=



e3c9f5 No.567273

File: 5f7e0ad00a3a8a1⋯.jpeg (202.94 KB, 1080x1095, 72:73, 1520349786.jpeg)

1d2f90 No.567274

This article explains the Vatican WWII thing very well for beginners.


29d661 No.567275

File: 6a9d595633e6e30⋯.jpg (79.53 KB, 624x193, 624:193, Untitled-1.jpg)


1d2f90 No.567279


oops vanityfair.com/style/1999/10/pope-pius-xii-199910

4515c3 No.567280


Don't forget Uranium 1

dd366f No.567281

In 2013, Hillary Clinton joined the foundation following her tenure as Secretary of State. She planned to focus her work on issues regarding women and children,

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clinton_Foundation

da1fc3 No.567282


since Vatican 2, at least, if not much longer. that was 1965. LBJ era. After JFK was 187'd

Christianity will prevail. Our churches are in a Babylonian prison. Want to know how you have more than you know? Kim Clement. A prophet of modern day has prophesied these things.

Sound crazy?

Watch a video of what he prophesied..

https:// youtu.be/kupSo2Y4EqA

Then if that's compelling, watch more of his videos.

"PRAY PRAY PRAY" and "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH" has been said by him

Even HUSSEIN quoted Kim Clement.

b49264 No.567284

File: 3e769efd2892f51⋯.png (169.38 KB, 2000x1288, 250:161, POW-MIA_flag.png)

We owe the Vietnam Veterans, MIA & POWs a parade. And they all need to be brought home. This is also why we can't say his name. He's fought them being brought home. He denies their existence. Hiding the truth.


Q !UW.yye1fxo 03/06/18 (Tue) 02:04:41 071c71 No.564638


A parade that will never be forgotten.

Ask yourself, why?

God bless our brave men & women in uniform.

We will never forget.



No Ticker-Tape Parade

by Gary Jacobson © December 2004

For that little southeast Asian charade

For that fiercest of games we played

They gave no welcome-home parade

Fighting for freedom…far and away in Vietnam

Knee deep in mud, blood and fear

Fear that’s lasted many a bloody year.

There was no ticker-tape parade, or such

No hurrahs…no cookies…no punch

Not so much as a half-hearted cheer

For surviving hell our most excruciating year.

Though we didn’t ask for much…

By a grateful nation we wanted only to be heard

Wanted folks to hear our tales of war’s absurd.

We had so bloody much hurt to get off our chest

For devotion to duty honored with our country’s best

Just wanting to be recognized

For boyish youth in cruel war sacrificed

But America was just too weary of war

To welcome back boyhood soldiers war bore.

Men sorely staggered by war’s bloody insanity

Face now a bleak destiny

Futures beset with demonic fear’s depravity

I guess that’s why folks back here couldn’t see

How young value systems were twisted for eternity

How on young boys was impressed war’s barbarity

Giving rise to upheavals witnessed in war’s inhumanity.

So embarrassed, folks back home gave no parade,

No welcome home accolade

For warriors wounded in body and spirit

Soldiers disillusioned, lied to, desolate…

Men laid low by moral depravity’s greatest hit

Were turned away while countrymen on us spit.

Folks back home called us every conceivable name

For erstwhile young princes held such contemptuous shame

Calling us depraved baby killers, castigated with blame.

We’d so much to talk about of where we did roam

But found the only ones welcoming our arrival home

Were our mothers…and beastly traumatic stress syndrome.

Seeing the war daily on television made

Vietnam a condemned charade

People just too uncomfortable to honor with a parade

Returning warriors with souls burned-out

Who’d seen too much, no doubt

Waving the flag, all hale to their glory shout

Vietnam veterans buried “issues” down extra deep

Deep down in the dank where scary demons yet creep

Regurgitating violence that plumb our soul’s great depths

Forevermore haunted by comrades-in-arms' deaths

Recurring memories of war’s hot fiery breath

Is it any wonder, vets now walk…so unafraid of death?

Parades are reserved for conquering heroes, glories to flaunt

Not for those whom Nam’s deep, dank jungles still haunt.

Not for those with compounded fears from a foreign land abused

With dread inlaid by vagaries of a non-caring world confused

Our fears earned fighting for home, freedom, beloved land

Great horrors, our people, did not even try to understand.

Beloved countrymen did not, would not, could not hear

Would not try their best to comfort a fellow man’s harrowing fear

By a nation we loved, unceremoniously denied

Promises not kept by a country we with all our hearts loved,

Bled for…died

For honor given, our country gave dishonor…

Yet Vietnam veterans still dream of the ticker-tape parade

Dreams still blow in the wind of a welcome home fusillade

For that war of a surety won by the blade

Lost only by politician’s bumbling charade

Our sacrifice in honor deprecated

Enslaving promises forever subjugated…decimated…trampled

That parade that should have been…

But never was…our nation’s great sin…

http:// pzzzz.tripod.com/parade.html

361c2d No.567285

File: 769171ed6c92d47⋯.png (12.81 KB, 201x75, 67:25, BotTest.png)

Shills are out early and in force!



Simply Filter, Ignore or Report


5a0852 No.567286

File: 5d48e2b81fe85ea⋯.png (428.73 KB, 659x314, 659:314, hill.wein.ins.file.png)


Q related

cda8db No.567288

File: 933b6eff13175c0⋯.jpg (89.41 KB, 888x500, 222:125, 25ubqr.jpg)

33051d No.567289


Vatican Archives.

Can you compare reading from the tomes of some presumably boring clergy and a rollercoaster ride?

Only in this timeline!

8999a4 No.567290

Thomas Paine

‏ @Thomas1774Paine

BREAKING: Lawyer Hammers Twitter For Unauthorized Tampering with Security Settings to Damage Traffic of Conservative News Site True Pundit

29d661 No.567292

File: b08c7d5aae6ffe8⋯.jpg (81.28 KB, 640x185, 128:37, Untitled-2.jpg)

Ooops meant this Boom

dd366f No.567293

https:// hillaryspeeches.com/speech-archive/2013-2/

January 29, 2013 Washington, DC State Department Global Town Hall Hillary Clinton

January 31, 2013 New York City, New York Council on Foreign Relations Speech Hillary Clinton

February 1, 2013 Washington, DC Farewell Address to the State Department Hillary Clinton

March 18, 2013 New York City, New York Human Rights Campaign Hillary Clinton

April 2, 2013 Washington, DC Vital Voices Global Leaderships Awards Hillary Clinton

April 5, 2013 New York City, New York Women in the World Summit Hillary Clinton

May 1, 2013 Washington, DC Atlantic Council’s Distinguished International Leadership Award Hillary Clinton

June 13, 2013 Chicago, Illinois Clinton Global Initiative American Meeting Hillary Clinton

June 13, 2013 Chicago, Illinois Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy Hillary Clinton

June 24, 2013 Los Angeles, California American Jewish University Hillary Clinton

July 16, 2013 Washington, DC Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Hillary Clinton

August 12, 2013 San Francisco, California American Bar Association Hillary Clinton

September 9, 2013 Washington, DC Thoughts on Syria Hillary Clinton

September 11, 2013 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania National Constitution Center’s Liberty Medal Award Hillary Clinton

September 18, 2013 Chicago, Illinois Chicago House Hillary Clinton

September 25, 2013 New York City, New York Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting Hillary Clinton

October 5, 2013 New Haven, Connecticut Yale Law School Hillary Clinton

October 11, 2013 London, England Chatham House Hillary Clinton

October 15, 2013 New York City, New York Elton John Aids Foundation Hillary Clinton

October 19, 2013 Falls Church, Virginia Endorsement of Virginia Gubernatorial Candidate Terry McAuliffe Hillary Clinton

October 23, 2013 Buffalo, New York University of Buffalo Hillary Clinton

October 24, 2013 Washington, DC Center for American Progress 10th Anniversary Hillary Clinton

October 27, 2013 St. Louis Park, Minnesota Beth El Synagogue Hillary Clinton

November 1, 2013 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Conference for Women Hillary Clinton

November 8, 2013 Los Angeles, California International Medical Corps Annual Awards Celebration Hillary Clinton

November 9, 2013 San Francisco, California National Association of Realtors Hillary Clinton

November 9, 2013 San Francisco, California Millennium Network Hillary Clinton

November 15, 2013 Washington, DC US-Afghan Women’s Council Hillary Clinton

November 21, 2013 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania US Green Building Council Conference Hillary Clinton

December 5, 2013 Washington, DC Honoring Richard Holbrooke Hillary Clinton

December 6, 2013 Washington, DC Lantos Foundation Hillary Clinton

December 19, 2013 Television (ABC) Barbara Walter’s Most Fascinating Person of 2013 Hillary Clinton

Image Source: International Business Times

1d2f90 No.567294


these posts are just as annoying

poop face

you just used all the target keywords the sniffers sniff so who is the dummie now? you just called em all in here and we were doung just fine.

turd butt

3bbbc8 No.567295


Then he must have been, or felt, indebted to them afterwards. I'm wondering how he went from that to controlling so much wealth.

1a4a4a No.567296


Google press release (future):

Muh russians hacked that drone (crowdstrike can PROVE it)

That's why the drone bombed that tea party group…

66dc77 No.567297

File: 720211acf0c4207⋯.jpg (42.21 KB, 620x463, 620:463, make it rain.jpg)

ab4c57 No.567298


Thank you for your service Baker!!

1415aa No.567300



STEEL - what is it good for:




These are the veins through which trade runs throughout your country

Steel(e) - was also an Officer in MI6 - the veins of through which intelligence runs throughout Europe into your country

The corruption and inferior quality of Steel(e) has to stop for the good of everyone

1f7c95 No.567301

File: d7cf8527d213303⋯.png (4.8 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, IMG_1419.PNG)

File: daf798131de275c⋯.png (283.04 KB, 2048x1104, 128:69, IMG_1421.PNG)

Glorious Military Parade 11-11-18

Pass and Review of

GITMO Prisoners

Home Coming of MIA and POWs

Ceremony Honoring White Hats

A Prayer of Thanksgiving to God

God Bless America

Where one goes… We ALL Go.

Acts 27: 22, 30-32, 34-36

Be Encouraged… Stay Calm in the Storm

d518c2 No.567302

Early Q talked about 3 EBS messages to come. If a raw video is to be played on National TV, it would make sense it would happen at that time because MSM can't interrupt and FCC rules for mature content wouldn't apply.

4515c3 No.567303


Military equipment as well

179940 No.567304

Oct 2017 twitter followers

March 2018 700 followers… omg

ab4c57 No.567305

91e43c No.567306


Baker, there was a post in the last bread to add the rt 562749 link to Q post 562842 for Water. It was/is missing from the latest Q posts.

Thanks Baker, and also to all the great bakers we are fortunate to have.

f12a23 No.567307


Bingo… Inferior Steel(e) going to bring the HRC house down.

881ae5 No.567308

Has anyone else read this CIA document….its fucking brutal

9e18f3 No.567310


But yet they have an army of outraged pussy hat wearers marching all over the country over some supposed audio, not even video, provided by Billy Bush. We know how easy both are to fake, with audio being much easier

179940 No.567312

People LOVE the memes!!!!!!! This is proof!!!!


1d2f90 No.567314


never forget is about 9/11 yeah?

7c6e17 No.567315


It's on my to do list for this afternoon but I did read part of it last night. Feeling Nazis did escape FML?!

c25a49 No.567316

File: d6c535f0505da54⋯.png (113.47 KB, 589x643, 589:643, IMG_5833.PNG)

Aside from this being anniversary of the end of ww1 those 2 11s remind me of the twin towers .. nineoneone truth will be out thus reference 2 we will nvr forget. Newfag so just expandng moi thnking. What day you?

ba0956 No.567317


using inferior products forces Americans to continue to buy. Cars, household items, etc

I suppose that works for military, industry, nuclear power plants, etc.

Spending American money and making other countries rich off of it (one of BHO's steps in that 16 year plan to destroy US)

7c6e17 No.567320


Fekking, not feeling.

The fekking Nazis escaped.

1415aa No.567321


Nicely put!

ced6d1 No.567322


I'll work on #695 + #696

I'll check back in - inabit.

7e91c2 No.567323


This one?

https:// www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP90-00845R000100170004-5.pdf

1a4a4a No.567324


yep. if true = disturbing at the least.

Cosmetic torture part hard to read.


8c14bb No.567325

File: acce4fcc415b538⋯.png (248.48 KB, 601x475, 601:475, photostudio_1520350791601.png)


7c6e17 No.567326

File: 7efebcee5e95248⋯.jpeg (87.66 KB, 1200x627, 400:209, DXnZ3paWkAAZnYp.jpeg)

d518c2 No.567328


11 is significant to the cabal as it means awakening. 9 11 meant stop the awakening

179940 No.567329

dd366f No.567330

https:// hillaryspeeches.com/

1d2f90 No.567331


also perfect scheme for money laundering.

say you made steel that cost $5 when it really only cost $1 to make. fudge the books. no regulations - china is known for corruption.

easy money,

93f369 No.567332

B00k of Daniel =Daniel=Dreams=Direct Line to G0d.

God wants to speak to you, and you alone. Do not read any other books but Bible.

86684f No.567333

For those of you who think the chans own Pepe, sorry but while you were in Mom's basement whacking off, real artists have adopted Pepe and social media is now flooded with Pepe themed pictures that are so good people are willing to pay for them. Go to Twitter or other social media and search for PEPECASH to see what is out there.

ba0956 No.567334


That's a mighty fine BOOM!

208f58 No.567336

>>567322 (cheKeKed)

ThanQ kind anon

6769aa No.567337


Here's the video interview with Victoria Toensing:

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=qbvWlzzIFl8

881ae5 No.567338


Its a compilation of journalists writing re: Nazis, the Catholic Church, Vatican and especially graphic depictions of how our CIA worked with these people to overthrow governments….esp in Latin America

The Brazilian plastic surgery boom apparently came from trying to fix the damage done to rebellious ppl….one woman had her mouth completely removed by torturers

881ae5 No.567339

Thats exactly what I was reading….its horrible


76dcf9 No.567340

File: fd355178aa33ab9⋯.jpg (59.63 KB, 620x372, 5:3, CIABrennan1.jpg)

ef4327 No.567341

The problem now is that Hillary has basically been disowned by the left. The DNC have distanced themselves from HRC and going after her will not have the impact it once had.

776d3f No.567342

File: ac6b93498d9b3a4⋯.jpg (72.1 KB, 700x661, 700:661, 13529218_1736113099938961_….jpg)

File: 45056d692b56930⋯.jpg (15.5 KB, 480x406, 240:203, qFOA2tL.jpg)

File: 8340605f9bd5c85⋯.gif (6.24 MB, 460x258, 230:129, tight.gif)

File: 309ead730209173⋯.jpg (149.44 KB, 500x667, 500:667, tumblr_nk1wz50jq11sn75h6o1….jpg)

File: 0bdbfa98517d243⋯.jpg (64.91 KB, 500x428, 125:107, tumblr_o9c3avKK0n1rgbdnzo1….jpg)

6bcb44 No.567344


Hello friendly anon baker,

allow me to quote part of my last post:


>€U oldfag calling in for duty.

>After emerging from my timely collapse I find our UPE (Unknown Posting Entity) Q has communicated again.

>One quick search learned me that the following sites lost track or interest in the current state of events:

>http:// www. thestoryofq.com/

>https:// qntmpkts.keybase.pub//

>https:// qanonmap.github.io/

Only https:// qanonposts.com/ keeps up with the now and here.

>More better than nothing, well, so much for redundancy. Who cares? Opsec much?


=BAKER: update your dough on ^^this^^, you're churning out stale loaves.=

hope this helps

a6631b No.567345

Who was selling us inferior steel? Russia or China?

7c6e17 No.567346


It will be the bridge to getting the left to accept BHO's crimes.

da1fc3 No.567347


>people already hate her

stage is set….?

>won't have impact on Dems

what about "toxic to those connected" ?

d0d721 No.567348

File: ba844c0466461c5⋯.png (27.29 KB, 812x329, 116:47, ClipboardImage.png)

one more time

why is this site not updating?


897bbe No.567349

File: c186c243b6df7a1⋯.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1162x1962, 581:981, 72205277-C808-4DE4-B4E0-D….jpeg)


f12a23 No.567350


Pretty Sure Canada

1d2f90 No.567351


its more complicated. we had our own traitors facilitating bad deals all the while knowing we were getting inferior steel. so both sides were complicit.

5a0852 No.567352


why is steel so important?

1. jobs → blue/steel states go red

2. infrastructure

3. inferior steel undermines nat'l security (to protect our country we must protect Amer. steel)

4. ?

5. ?

cfd7a6 No.567353

Someone please post the high res photo of the NK guys in front of the new mural…

32623d No.567354

>>567302 imho I don't think Admin would release mature content nationally…..perhaps release info another form… RAW refers to format they have so video can be proven as real if challenged

daf39a No.567355




7e91c2 No.567357


Canada sold steel cleared from china

9e18f3 No.567358


Anyone think this gif has to do with the "BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM" Q post and the M.I.A. Video Assange tweeted on dec 31? "All I want to do is -BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM- and take your money"

dd366f No.567359


The Dulles's

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allen_Dulles

Allen Welsh Dulles (/ˈdʌləs/; April 7, 1893 – January 29, 1969) was an American diplomat and lawyer who became the first civilian Director of Central Intelligence (DCI), and its longest-serving director to date. As head of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) during the early Cold War, he oversaw the 1954 Guatemalan coup d'état, Operation Ajax (the overthrow of Iran's elected government), the Lockheed U-2 aircraft program and the Bay of Pigs Invasion. Following the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Dulles was one of the members of the Warren Commission. Between his stints of government service, Dulles was a corporate lawyer and partner at Sullivan & Cromwell. His older brother, John Foster Dulles, was the Secretary of State during the Eisenhower Administration.[1]

Dulles and United Fruit company

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1954_Guatemalan_coup_d%27état

7c6e17 No.567360

File: 2b0ef287e47cb30⋯.jpeg (147.18 KB, 1181x800, 1181:800, DXkQ5YzW0AEu3VK.jpeg)

1d2f90 No.567361



0d39a0 No.567363


>RAW refers to format

Isn't it an actual picture format used by professional digital cameras?

32623d No.567364

>>567348 try qanonposts.com

873eaf No.567365


They probably secured that giant hidden repository of ritual content direct from the state of the art 'studios' that are on par or better than Hollywood.

caa33f No.567366

American STEEL = Independence

Foreign STEEL = Dependence

Dependent America = America under globalist control

Imagine China being the sole provider of STEEL to the US. That would mean they have America by the balls. They could sanction America and send the US economy into abyss.

That's why steel as well as other commodities and industries are so important.

f68afa No.567367



got a redirect when I went.

897bbe No.567368


proprietary per camera/manufacturer.

would love to figure out wha device outputs files starting with EX-R

f12a23 No.567369




I think we need to reread the drops on Trud3au… Another reason why CA was so important

1a85fd No.567370


Actually 3 11s

11-11- (2+0+1+8)


02fc78 No.567371


add the https://

cfd7a6 No.567372


Thank you, immensely.

7e91c2 No.567373


I checked the link was working right before i posted

881ae5 No.567374


Im reading it now

Basically the CIA is shit and Nazis were running this country for a long time


ef4327 No.567375

NAFTA was a way for China to skirt sanctions. They would set up a shell company in Canada and ship product to Canada and then to the USA stating it was made in Canada and fall under NAFTA. Why do you think there are so many Chinese in Canada?

One thing Chinese know how to do, lie!

897bbe No.567377


yah they aren’t going to actually release HRC sex tapes, i hope.

46ad1d No.567379


That will funk up their train of thought

2b0163 No.567381

All potus tweet comments are hidden except NoKo. Meaning?

280403 No.567382

There many docs on Red October on the CIA FOIA site: https:// www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/search/site/RED%20OCTOBER

776d3f No.567383

File: 54aed9b8426b45d⋯.webm (1.74 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, attack_the_christmas_demo….webm)

1cf3af No.567384

File: 17f436dcfa3b842⋯.jpeg (449.5 KB, 750x920, 75:92, 92C32A3F-292E-4B66-831B-6….jpeg)

1d2f90 No.567385

1eaba1 No.567386


Notice Kim is directly below the sun. He has been granted the LIGHT and freed of his binds. No longer a HOSTAGE.

7c6e17 No.567387


It happens when he tweets in a thread. I think it confuses Twitter or something.

6769aa No.567388

File: 844b3fb8b1b4d1c⋯.png (247.71 KB, 999x807, 333:269, HillaryonLaptop.png)

decce7 No.567389




9/11 never forget

f68afa No.567390


thank you-I need to wake UP

a6631b No.567391

>>567375 Wow, and Obama knew. What does HRC have to do with this? I know she has her hand it in somewhere

1d2f90 No.567392


wasn't LOOP capital tied into all of this?

7c6e17 No.567393


How did Q know they were going to be in front of that picture this time?

f68afa No.567394


I forgot to add the https:// – not awake yet

7787db No.567395

They have a really indepth story on the Daily Mail about the poisoning of Russian spy in the UK.

Below headlines, they ask people to contact the Daily mail, if they were at location, or saw anything.

We know the clowns use secure drop to snatch whistleblowers/ or use that info to their advantage.

Besides controling the narrative on events in the news..

Any people who ever witness crimes, accidents, events,, besides going to police they usually talk with media. ( then like we saw with school shooting, they only show voices they have control of, and other real witnesses are silenced( then maybe clowns get rid of them) so only official narrative is left.

So maybe potential people who contact paper about poisoning,,, now clowns know who they are, and can use, or eliminate, depending on what they saw or know.

Giving clowns the most important ears and eyes on events, so they can control them. Which is why the media is really important to them.

If they lose control,, then truth comes out more, and more.

First picture of daughter fighting for her life alongside 'poisoned' Russian spy father as it's revealed up to TEN people were hospitalised by mystery substance

Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia collapsed near shopping centre on Sunday

Two policemen who helped them were among up to 10 others later treated

His status as a former MI6 spy led to claims the incident is a Kremlin 'hit'

Top counter-terrorism officer said his specialists are supporting investigation

Witnesses say people seen in CCTV are the ex-double-agent and his daughter

Were you at The Maltings centre on Sunday? Contact news@mailonline.co.uk

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5467051/Was-Russian-spy-poisoned-Zizzi.html

94a61a No.567396


nice catch anon

776d3f No.567400



Yes yes, very poetic

We don't know what he's holding behind his back

Or what's in the briefcases on the left

In general though, the sense is much more calming then the one before, though one must never lose VIGILANCE

254dd6 No.567401

family member is a welder. Always said steel from China was a mess to work with. Inferior steel.

1eaba1 No.567402


Who took the picture? :)

f68afa No.567404


It was my mistake- sorry

9de54a No.567405

It kind of sounds like the whole timing thing is resting on our shoulders. Are they waiting to see a certain level of organization and ammunition before kicking over the domino that will start the whole string? Previous Q put a number to the followers as if to say they are watching/waiting until their predetermined (or maybe fluid based on Quantum scenarios) number is reached? Maybe just some reassurance that we will go to war with our memes, word of mouth, and actions will cause the avalanche. Stay with it band of bros.

7c6e17 No.567407


Probably propaganda photographer.

3c553f No.567408

Do you believe in coincidences?

Only the beginning.

https:// mobile.reuters.com/article/amp/idUSKBN1GH2SM?__twitter_impression=true


dd366f No.567409

http:// www.panshin.com/trogholm/secret/rightroots/dulles.html

Supreme Court Justice Arthur Goldberg once stated that "The Dulles brothers were traitors." Some historians believe that Allen Dulles became head of the newly formed CIA in large part to cover up his treasonous behavior and that of his clients.

– Christian Dewar, Making a Killing

Just before his death, James Jesus Angleton, the legendary chief of counterintelligence at the Central Intelligence Agency, was a bitter man. He felt betrayed by the people he had worked for all his life. In the end, he had come to realize that they were never really interested in American ideals of "freedom" and "democracy." They really only wanted "absolute power."

Angleton told author Joseph Trento that the reason he had gotten the counterintelligence job in the first place was by agreeing not to submit "sixty of Allen Dulles' closest friends" to a polygraph test concerning their business deals with the Nazis. In his end-of-life despair, Angleton assumed that he would see all his old companions again "in hell."

92a8d9 No.567410

File: 774802392830a79⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, coldcase.png)

Let's get a PETITION going on this ONE THING to help get it solved!

<picrelated #FastAndFurious

We are only as strong as our voice, right?

Let's show the world that we're not here just for the LARP!

c089b3 No.567412

11-11-18 = armistice day

67f169 No.567413


>Q's cia docs

did anyone post screencaps?

cddeb6 No.567414


Click tab with “retweets and comments” first tab has only his original tweets.

7c6e17 No.567416


I think we found that the Canadian rail road was tied in to loop.

8628b0 No.567417


Interesting. I'll be watching that water.

85bbf9 No.567418


Hell yeah!

Bring it on, baby!

Let's get this show on the road!

ef4327 No.567419


good morning Q

1cf3af No.567420

File: 92e079757b16c1b⋯.jpeg (424.98 KB, 750x1033, 750:1033, 5AA28C0B-611D-4CB8-8704-0….jpeg)

02fc78 No.567421


Not any more boss I don't!

d91a2a No.567422


Who knows? Those who hid or helped hide them.

f68afa No.567423


thank you Q

361c2d No.567424

File: ba05833541840a1⋯.jpeg (211.45 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, MakingSteel.jpeg)

American Steel


>Q confirmed

1) Jobs

2) National Security


3) Infrastructure: Build a new America with American steel.

4) Manufacturing: Why use foreign steel in American cars?!

5) ??Space program??

5a0852 No.567425

File: 632499f02d0308d⋯.png (435.11 KB, 657x314, 657:314, hill.weiner.2.png)

306d58 No.567426


Are they going to accuse Seth Rich of being a Russian agent now?

Is that literally their only way out?

dd366f No.567427


Thanks to all the Patriots in WH and their brave families!!!

1d2f90 No.567428




d70e9b No.567430


So did Mexico Both used NAFTA to cover their tracks

179940 No.567431

File: 2c50900c2abde3d⋯.png (444.48 KB, 548x726, 274:363, 761380FE-220E-41E6-B774-67….png)

Can meme maker put Pepe where the cupcake is??? A tiny Pepe?

208f58 No.567433

>>567344 (cheKeKed)

ThanQ anon.

I'm not sure what you are getting at.

The archive sites do not keep up to the minute archives, they scrape on a schedule usually every 8~12 hours from my understanding.

I just came on shift, as soon as I get my oatmeal and covfefe inside me I'll be a bit more alert

7c6e17 No.567434


You are literally every where!

6bcb44 No.567435

5a0852 No.567437

File: 4dd34c884076323⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1079x515, 1079:515, HILLARY.WEINER.png)


cddeb6 No.567438


Expect an honor suicide soon. A for real suicide.

0d39a0 No.567439


Thank you for your continued hope and direction, Q

3c553f No.567440


Trust the plan.


776d3f No.567441

File: c0050e0fc85317b⋯.jpg (144.8 KB, 1242x1051, 1242:1051, a5rPX2e.jpg)


i remember this anonstory about a guy who said doing business with chinese is the worst.

.1 can change their mind at any second before the deal, even with all the goodsayings before that moment

.2 this story - and because of this i remembered - was about the dealings he had to do in china related to steel. he said they supplied inferior quality steel, while having bargained for top quality. anon said if you didnt check it yourself, you get stuck with shit goods. after confronting the dickless businessguys they initially denied. he said it was a pain to set things right again.

the reason he was stuck in this position, was because he thought "it was smart, career wise" to learn chinese. he didnt recommend it to other people because of cases i just described, of which he said there were legion.

299e32 No.567442

Anyone look into this yet? Unlikely to be a solid lead, but it could be a "follow the money" type of thing, and there's also a steel connection due to infrastructure.

How Hillary Clinton put the Flint water crisis on the front page


c089b3 No.567444

for you non history buffs - the availability of RUBBER was a major reason for Japan to invade and occupy SE Asia

US launched huge effort to invent synthetic rubber and was successful

612e83 No.567445


The four most disgusting words in the English language:

Hillary Clinton sex tape

That being said, I hope they DO release it. Pdanon alluded to the Anthony Weiner drop coming in March. Leftists need to see the situation for what it actually is. When you understand that all of this msm chaos is to cover for satanic pedophiles, it really makes the situation quite understandable and simple.

5a0852 No.567446


nope, it cannot.

7c6e17 No.567447


Blame the dead guy. Sounds like their level of class to me.

1cf3af No.567448


Amazing!! ThanQ

ba0956 No.567449


they are sabotaging our vehicles too (read airbag inflators)

dd366f No.567450



7c6e17 No.567451


You should know by now that I do.

179940 No.567452


KEK!!!! WTG!🇺🇸☕️

3f67b3 No.567453


Q, I read the CIA-link, you provided. The public needs a new MSM, a MSM that is willing and able to educate us all.

9f1a01 No.567454

File: 0d688fb6941033c⋯.png (550.58 KB, 1402x678, 701:339, kobe-steel.png)

d70e9b No.567455


They were also using foreign steel in cars and other products made in CA and MX and imported into the states

f68afa No.567456


you are ahead of it all– the dominoes are falling as you expect..

7d8661 No.567457


I trust the plan.

Stopped believing in coincidences in November.

Thanks Q.

1d2f90 No.567458


remember the lead paint in toys?

next time you go grocery shopping read the frozen foods labels. many foods, juices and veggies come from china….even stuff from whole foods.


da3161 No.567459

maybe Kim isn't a bad guy

maybe he was a hostage

7e91c2 No.567460

Q could you give us one tangible prediction so we can redpill successfully? Something which cannot be disputed, maybe not that high level but very specific. Sorry if overstepping

93f369 No.567461

Highest Authority=G0D

Clean Action Approved=Daniel 8:14 And he said unto me, Unto two thousand and three hundred days; then shall the sanctuary be cleansed.

Who was the Little Horn? Antiochus IV Stopped the daily sacrifice.

Who, when, where, was the last daily sacrifice stopped? What day in 2013?


TIME=2300 Days from the last time that the daily sacrifice was stopped.

This date=

Aug. 22, 2022=2+2+2+2+2=10=COMPLETE

TIMES=What is the times #?

HALF TIME=What is this #?

WATER: Who lives in the Dark Water?

What does God do to the water and why?

254dd6 No.567462


yeah. Too bad a lot of it was used in production. Family worked on Semi trailers and railroad cars. So those are all over the place.

ea6369 No.567463

File: c4da29c4a8b4cfb⋯.png (33.87 KB, 556x218, 278:109, ClipboardImage.png)


dbe8e3 No.567464


have these videos been archived?

ba0956 No.567465


I know they are watching, but seems like peering through a crystal ball

179940 No.567466

decce7 No.567467


Maybe it’s a tradition?

Different guests

Different paintings

Different meanings

One for power

One for submission


7787db No.567468

File: 28f4df66cebb0c2⋯.png (221.44 KB, 734x318, 367:159, Q post March 5.2.2.png)

File: a28c0eee2ebc856⋯.png (111.7 KB, 1781x304, 1781:304, Q post March 5.9.2.png)

File: e23e1587ba903df⋯.png (11.12 KB, 1544x129, 1544:129, Q post March 5.9.3.png)



Posting this from last bread, about missing posts from bread, Q referenced / replied to..



Maybe another Baker can help you update the dough.

7c6e17 No.567469


You are correct. Hostage/pawn. Just a kid.

02fc78 No.567471


Yes sir, God Bless.

5a0852 No.567472



36f023 No.567473


Jet fuel might not melt steel, but perhaps it melted the Kobe Steel used to construct the World Trade Center twin towers?

dd366f No.567474



It wasn't him killing off his own family.

1a4a4a No.567475

File: 0acaefc9f4ea4b6⋯.png (64.01 KB, 1023x614, 1023:614, Screenshot 2018-03-06 at 7….png)



LOOK at this

"children" were their rainmakers

https:// wikileaks.org/ciav7p1/cms/page_15728829.html

1d2f90 No.567476


start blogging!

179940 No.567477


I do!!!! Full trust and faith! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

c089b3 No.567478


THIS = cessation of hostilities

81bdb6 No.567479


Makes you wonder why they have to have ad campaigns to promote "tolerance" of angry, antisocial queers.

179940 No.567480

CRAP!!!!! tornado sirens!!!!!!!!!!

dbe8e3 No.567482


I've been studying this evil shit all my life. I live in the rabbit hole. I am not hopping out at this point. I am all in (to coin a phrase).

1d2f90 No.567483


i think so.

dd366f No.567484


closest STAR!

d518c2 No.567485

maybe nit picky but

crooked tie

hidden hands

odd shoes on Kim

not lined up

1a85fd No.567486


First tues of every month … always.. chill

dbe8e3 No.567488


Happy tears.

7d8661 No.567489


I think it is significant that his hands are behind his back. Only one in the photo posed that way.

94a61a No.567490

File: 06a82b15262afec⋯.png (995.06 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, Eleven_Symbolism_v3_33.png)


ll symbolism

1d2f90 No.567492

1cf3af No.567493

File: 390488e9a2aace6⋯.jpeg (269.39 KB, 750x962, 375:481, 7BB25FCD-B8A4-4C81-A578-A….jpeg)

66dc77 No.567494

File: 5ebc494f604d8e5⋯.jpg (37.79 KB, 620x463, 620:463, boom.jpg)

f68afa No.567495


made me jump when it started and I was focused here.

a4030d No.567496


Hello Black voters. I keep hot sauce in my purse

91e43c No.567497


Is the stage set for a drop of HRC +++ + +++++(raw vid 5:5). Did anyone notice that this sentence ends in a period and not a question mark? Q said "Sentence formation matters". I'm reading this not as a question, but a statement. Reverse "the stage" and "Is" and you have "The stage is set for…" This could mean that the drop is going to happen, and we should be prepared for it. Not that the drop will happen when the stage is set. Just my 2 cents.

3f67b3 No.567498


TY, Q! Where would we be without you all? Please help us Europeans too, after you restored the American Republic. God bless you.

ffa638 No.567499


Incorrect use of Book of Daniel.

c089b3 No.567500


no- compromised since the rise of Paul the Apostle - compromised by many and vatican also compromised many

the NWO hate each other but have a common enemy - WE THE PEOPLE

36f023 No.567501


Q gets me giddy about a few things now and then. Bringing back American production is one of them. It's been sorely lacking for decades.

3c553f No.567502


These peo>>567493

ple are stupid.

Wait for Russia/China reports.



Strike 99999999.


f1a4f8 No.567503


>A parade that will never be forgotten.

>Ask yourself, why?

>God bless our brave men & women in uniform.

>We will never forget.


To Celebrate Victory!

a6631b No.567504

>>567480 Here too!

612e83 No.567505


No just no. 9/11 was an inside job. WTC 7 is the smoking gun. Media complicit.

7c6e17 No.567506


Why the hell is Russia in Syria anyway? Go home Russia.

8c14bb No.567507


who'se twitter acct did this come from?

1d2f90 No.567508


or CIA was in charge of NK…working with China to do their dirty work, and others. I don't think they operate within borders.

c1a74b No.567509


White Hats took the pic! Alliance. NK is now united with SK or at least it well under way. The plan was SA/USA/Asia/EU

da1fc3 No.567510


i have many of them, but know of no concerted effort to do so.

Kim's prophecies make the line "you were CHOSEN" a whole new ball game.

Once you realize Donald Trump is a prophet…

Once you realize there are others…

Once you realize ……………..


Kim Clement died on 11/23/16, only after POTUS was elected

208f58 No.567511


those corrections have been made, will appear in next bread

also corrected order of Q posts so they are chronological


please continue to keep me updated on missed posts from last threads

59d68f No.567512


Trusting the plan and God. Thank Q! Love watching you turn on the Light WW.

179940 No.567513


Missouri first WEDNESDAY of eve month

8c14bb No.567514


Sorry, Q sir, that question was not meant for you. Apologies.

7c6e17 No.567515

776d3f No.567516

File: 001d3b11a1039cd⋯.jpg (79.42 KB, 739x960, 739:960, America's_new_frontier_tru….jpg)

Here's a meme for our homo latinos

8628b0 No.567517


Japanese steel. The hits just keep on coming.

85bbf9 No.567518


+++ = SA (Huma?)


+++++ = ? (HRC?)

Is this possibly the oft-rumored video of Huma and HRC in bed with a minor on Epstein's Island, courtesy Weiner's laptop?

0d39a0 No.567520


>These peo>>567493

>ple are stupid.

Q keeps saying this. I don't think it's just gloating.

3c553f No.567521

1st BOOM revealed.

Did you catch it?

The last will be magical.


7e91c2 No.567523


Are you for real???

179940 No.567524

Missouri has Always been first Wednesday of month

9ae2dd No.567525


And … We do NO LONGER IMPORT the ENERGY to produce it ???

3f67b3 No.567526


Q, is the German press under CIA control?

372954 No.567527


>>Bring the thunder.




Zebra = Las Vegas Met Police Department SWAT Team

23= Number of guns Paddock had in Mandalay Bay Hotel Room

1A = Freight Elevator at Mandalay Bay Hotel?

T= Tango in Military Alphabet, relates to Beyonce performance at Mandalay Bay “Cell Block Tango” @ events center

Conclusion: The 23 guns were transported in 5 runs (go-5) via the 1A Freight Elevator (no security)

Side entrance from garage was near concert stage/events center (adjoining parking garage) possibly transported at daylight/sunset

http:// www.newsweek.com/stephen-paddock-las-vegas-shooting-mandalay-bay-676259

https:// www.tactical-life.com/lifestyle/military-and-police/swat-las-vegas-zebra-force/

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=79W0RFuJlCk

https:// deplorablekel.com/2018/01/28/laura-loomer-sneaks-into-service-elevator-at-mandalay-bay-hotel/

https:// insight.netapp.com/library/mandalay-bay-hotel-map-casino-and-beach.pdf

362fcb No.567528

File: cc8f88e6d2dfd31⋯.jpg (64.01 KB, 600x300, 2:1, 2016-08-17-3b186b10_large.jpg)


Nothing beats LBJ…

776d3f No.567529



Godspeed on your mission

7787db No.567530


Good Morning Q, We Trust the Plan. Thank you again, and give our Thanks to all the patriots fighting for all of us, and in harms way.

God Bless The United States, President Trump and our Military, THANK YOU

6fd630 No.567531


So there will be reports that prove Russian and Chinese steel was deliberately made shoddily for the US. Chekkkked.

Me thinks we need to look into steel companies in these countries and find out who is connected to them.

dd366f No.567532


They never thought she would lose.

f68afa No.567533

File: 7193e3ce992ecce⋯.jpg (1.51 MB, 4288x3216, 4:3, IMGP5997.jpg)


then NWS shows this:

91013d No.567534

More Steel connections with HRC & CF?

One of the attendees at these conferences speaks to the stickiness of some donor relationships.

Victor Pinchuk, a steel magnate whose father-in-law, Leonid Kuchma, was president of Ukraine from 1994 to 2005, has directed between $10 million and $25 million to the foundation. He has lent his private plane to the Clintons and traveled to Los Angeles in 2011 to attend Mr. Clinton’s star-studded 65th birthday celebration.

Between September 2011 and November 2012, Douglas E. Schoen, a former political consultant for Mr. Clinton, arranged about a dozen meetings with State Department officials on behalf of or with Mr. Pinchuk to discuss the continuing political crisis in Ukraine, according to reports Mr. Schoen filed as a registered lobbyist.

“I had breakfast with Pinchuk. He will see you at the Brookings lunch,” Melanne Verveer, a Ukrainian-American then working for the State Department, wrote in a June 2012 email to Mrs. Clinton.

https:// www.nytimes.com/2016/08/21/us/politics/hillary-clinton-presidential-campaign-charity.html

881ae5 No.567535

Not sure if its important, but in the CIA doc there is a blurb about Myron Charles Taylor…President of US Steel from 1932-1938 and special envoy to Pope Pious and the Holy See

1a4a4a No.567536


active link


254dd6 No.567538


Just like the woman on the airplace trying to open the door saying "I am God I am God". Flipped her switch and she tried to wreck the plane.

ba0956 No.567539


US will be largest oil producers?

776d3f No.567540

File: f8bd510b3f8e33a⋯.jpg (104.64 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 12799025_10205540147454283….jpg)


ma man, its already magic~~

179940 No.567541

Crap! Missouri also!!!!

1eaba1 No.567542

File: 28eebf6881b32c8⋯.jpg (46.57 KB, 731x407, 731:407, ScreenHunter_96 Mar. 06 09….jpg)


Sure did.

612e83 No.567543


Russia has had an ongoing business relationship with Syria for many years. The neocons wanted to turn Syria to dust for Israel expansion. You think Syria should just roll over and let Obama’s Isis wreck their country? Think.

f55e60 No.567544



179940 No.567545

362fcb No.567546


They wont open when plane is pressurized. You think God would know that.

9bf736 No.567547


The russian plane in syria?

257320 No.567548

da1fc3 No.567550


I can't wait. It will be.

1717dc No.567551


STEEL is the word of the year…in so many ways!

179940 No.567552


YES!!!!!!!! awesome! 😎

3a7b6c No.567553


I think the video will be worse than that. Q said in the end it will be our choice whether to know, really know, or not. Meaning we will each be able to see what made NYPD cry, if we so choose. Or not.

Hillary just thinks it's one with her and Huma. She doesn't know what's really there on that laptop either. You can see how sick she is by what she anticipates is coming. Hell, there could be video she doesn't know was taken. Hidden video. The irony.

3f67b3 No.567554


No, it's not, like you say. Q is perplexed, aghast that they are so openly corrupt and don't bother to hide it.

776d3f No.567555





67f169 No.567556


100%. And that whistleblower journalist got killed for talking about it, remember?

8da908 No.567557

File: 39562dba5d6453b⋯.png (421.46 KB, 1013x706, 1013:706, LeaveMeAlone!.png)

for the code and symbol fags..

it's juicy

liberation should be juicy :)

7c6e17 No.567558


Is Assad actually gassing his own people?

ffa638 No.567559


Incorrect interpretation of Apostle Paul. Very.

6286f4 No.567560


Is this in South Korea?

84ae47 No.567562

More posts here:

https:// mobile.twitter.com/qanon76

Are these legit?

e8c8a5 No.567563



9/11 witness describes hearing a "BOOM BOOM BOOM"

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Pup_bmG1kc

362fcb No.567564

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Preach On Pastor Manning

1d2f90 No.567565


The last will be free energy?????

3f67b3 No.567566


God bless you!

0d39a0 No.567567



Hmm… so will all of the BOOMs be tweeted by POTUS?

17c96e No.567568


Yes, bring on the BOOM!

ea6369 No.567569

File: 3fb0af0db6885f2⋯.png (98.67 KB, 725x395, 145:79, ClipboardImage.png)


Another Russian Plane crash? smh

179940 No.567570

File: 4fe518f4845a1af⋯.png (693.29 KB, 595x560, 17:16, BD7196A5-047F-4336-98EB-E8….png)

For all my fellow anons!!!!

6f7444 No.567571


No Clowns are

Can’t reveal sauce

Don’t want to doxx

1a4a4a No.567572

Tulsi Gabbard proposes paper ballots for all elections as early as 2018

Let's hope

179940 No.567574


Wonder who was on board

8da908 No.567575




7e91c2 No.567576


For sure not

3c553f No.567578


Keep digging Anon.

They all have foundations & institutes for a reason.



7c6e17 No.567579

File: 3da6efb8e16c916⋯.png (221.44 KB, 392x522, 196:261, Screenshot_20180306-101058….png)


I can't make out what this is.

67f169 No.567580

Q post: 567502

These peo>>567493

ple are stupid.

Is Q talking directly to this shill?

7c6e17 (29)

73b5fa No.567581

1a4a4a No.567583


"no outside comms" just this board and designated Q board

ab4c57 No.567584


They are all based, for the most part on Codefags source, different hosts make different changes, different hosts act different. The further things get from the original… Hopefily Codefag (or some other anon) can step up and fix the underlying code.

91e43c No.567585


Hannity's Boom? The oil?

84ae47 No.567586


Paper ballots do nothing for you as long as they are scanned by an optical scanner. That Optical scanner can also be programmed to kick out a wrong number.

ffa638 No.567587


They have been outsourcing our manufacturing for years. Sad.

8da908 No.567588


659522 No.567589

Guys I just really like pizza

I didn't know my cryptic emails exactly mirror pedophile codes

It's just a simple mixup

f55e60 No.567590

File: 977e5d76a4e0e71⋯.png (352.8 KB, 579x420, 193:140, hannityboom.png)


hannity boomed the same thing as drudge last night

cddeb6 No.567591

Hmmnh…interesting about drudge.

He appeared to become less cause-friendly, I guess to suck them in.

5f402b No.567592


1st BOOM, NK?

da3161 No.567593


They think just because they operate through foundations and institutes they can get around our laws.

They're stupid if they think it won't all catch up to them.

71762b No.567594


Morning Q group. Will have to read breads. Godspeed Patriots!

7c6e17 No.567595



Tell POTUS congrats on the DACA court decision this morning.

da1fc3 No.567596


wikileaks to be checked for these names

179940 No.567597

File: 43ed95adf2274c5⋯.png (51.04 KB, 717x208, 717:208, 3311C40D-1669-456B-8024-93….png)


That would be a miracle

Captiva right on target!

5b7eb4 No.567598

File: cd9416c9d5ef308⋯.jpg (29.52 KB, 640x615, 128:123, xeOE9Fx.jpg)

1cf3af No.567599


Double meanings ☺️

1a4a4a No.567600

hand count

AND paper can be audited

f1a4f8 No.567601


That story is an interesting one, meaning how the Alliance/White Hats liberated NK from the inside.

3f67b3 No.567602


Yes, this is why I'm asking. Nobody confirmed, what he said, but the German news are so anti-Trump that you cannot believe it (pun intended).

It's so hateful and so BIG, it seems like we are the deep state's first colony, not Germany, but a CIA outpost only.

21453a No.567603

I can't believe it took till this morning to figure out the "double meaning" of STEEL. The steam beams melting / 9-11 thing is what's being referenced

9ae2dd No.567604





BOOM [ Bass Drum ]

Rim Shot 3X [ Snare Drums ]


Rim Shot 3X


Rim Shot 3X


2aa9a7 No.567605


7c6e17 No.567606


US to be the biggest oil producer by 2023. Was on Drudge yesterday.

6286f4 No.567607


Cheong Wa Dae; literally "pavilion of blue tiles"

Blue house South Korea

ed1e06 No.567608

File: 66816355996d0e1⋯.jpg (165.27 KB, 1194x720, 199:120, GO BACK.jpg)


attention whore.. filtered

1d2f90 No.567609


50 plus years

4e2752 No.567610

Drop the video! Play it in times square.

a508aa No.567611


No stars? Hmmm NK flag reference?

3f67b3 No.567612


No, he would have nothing to gain from this, but to lose everything.

776d3f No.567613


>They all have foundations & institutes for a reason.

Because they cant stand themselves?

Not unlike our Stable Genius POTUS!

71762b No.567615

319bfe No.567616


Which companies supplied steel used in US Military assets?

f68afa No.567617



love it!

f55e60 No.567618

File: caa7952de75e335⋯.png (8.27 KB, 432x119, 432:119, Q3-6-1111.png)


nice job hitting an interesting time slot


66dc77 No.567619

there are specific BOOMS we are supposed to put in the memes for maximum effectiveness.

message received

cddeb6 No.567620


Uhh, that was Q you called an attention whore.

8da908 No.567621




7c6e17 No.567622


That's what I always thought.

1eaba1 No.567623

Q, is Snowden the real-life version of Captain Marko Ramius? US>Russia, Intelligence=Red October

f5cd19 No.567624


ThanQ Q! These people really are stupid!

7e91c2 No.567625


It happened all the time he gained territory, has no strategic benefits

92a8d9 No.567626


>free energy?

That would be magical 3, 6 and 9 ways from Sunday! ;)



1.When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right.

2.When he states that something is impossible, he is very probably wrong.

The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.

3.Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

-Arthur C. Clarke

71762b No.567627

208f58 No.567628


Baker is requesting help finding Notable posts from past threads

873eaf No.567629


Los Alamos and more? Apples $380Billion for next gen IC fab to include QKD and more?

61e499 No.567630


The last time I was in china, a salesman was trying to get the hotel restaurant to buy his brand of cereal.

The conversation was in english, as neither spoke the other's dialect, but both could speak "business".

ab4c57 No.567631


Q please, please say that Colonel Vice is not an any way connected to your pyramid. (I'm almost positive you will get that)

179940 No.567632


They thought they could get around taxes, people, questions…. they are stupid

7c6e17 No.567633



That's what I always thought. Who is gaining from making Assad look bad?

372954 No.567634

https:// www.wsj.com/articles/u-s-will-be-the-worlds-largest-oil-producer-by-2023-says-iea-1520236810

776d3f No.567635


What defines 'business-talk' from other talk?

c089b3 No.567636


If you say so you dont know jesus and the NT - most of what paul wrote is contrary (anti) christt - study the gospels omitted from the canon and you will see the real teachings the church could not allow

3c553f No.567637


Stage set?

Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc are regulated?

MSM is controlled?

Use logic!

Trust the PLAN.


ffa638 No.567638


Syria is/was Russia's deep water port. Likely that Russia wanted the pipeline. So did Qatar etc. Israel wants the water.. And China plans to end the Silk Road there.

225b06 No.567639

Q, are we on target reading the map? 111 days ago your drops = today's news?

179940 No.567640


Well said

6f7444 No.567641


http:// m.corporate.arcelormittal.com/where-we-are

??? Need to keep digging

da3161 No.567642


We have to take back the MSM first.

372954 No.567643

https:// www.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/mar/4/christopher-steele-russia-dossier-writer-same-sour/

3f67b3 No.567644


Those that want him out of Syria and their pipeline crossing through Syria.

179940 No.567645

ea6369 No.567646


Damn, You so dumb…lmao

go hide under yo bed, idiotfag! :)

you filtered Q! lmao

f5cd19 No.567647



73b5fa No.567648


DO IT!!!!

8da908 No.567649





4a8ba3 No.567650

Me likey boom boom long time

9ae2dd No.567651


English = The International language of Business

d518c2 No.567652


the plan is 3 EBS messages?

93f369 No.567653

B00k of Daniel=Dreams=Direct Line to G0d


Time, Times, Half Time Revealed

Oh Happy Day!

Who are the two witnesses that breathe fire? Seek!

Moses and Elijah!

When will they return?

March 31, 2018 Passover

Who else comes? Who is the warrior Angel?

71762b No.567654


Dominoes lined up only to fall. House of cards never last. Boom

873eaf No.567655


Not the MSM just the ability to communicate freely, which is why I want to know if we're getting real cryptosystems and next gen IC fab for those cryptosystems. Is that the PLAN?

1eaba1 No.567656


The #InternetBillofRights must proceed the drop.

776d3f No.567657

File: 7aed2a43449b8cb⋯.jpg (78.32 KB, 432x324, 4:3, bbo.jpg)


Trusting it.

a6631b No.567659

>>567637 I believe POTUS took control of that

1eaba1 No.567660



6f7444 No.567661


https:// www.thebalance.com/the-10-biggest-steel-producers-2010-2340299

7c6e17 No.567662


MSM needs a nail in their coffin too. I saw Brad post about the ratings for Fox and CNN this morning. Bye bye fake news.

3f67b3 No.567663


Execute the plan, Q, please!

5a0852 No.567664


MO's was a statewide planned test



208f58 No.567665


join the armed services

travel to strange foreign lands

catch strange foreign diseases

3c1234 No.567666


I can do 697

ec4f7c No.567667



776d3f No.567668



7d8661 No.567669


We will be ready if you set us free on social media. Now we are heavily shadow banned, throttled, capped, or outright deleted.

I always know what if most important by how few people see the tweets.

We are with you. Where we go one, we go all.

179940 No.567670



6286f4 No.567671

File: 3fc46330f4ce3bb⋯.gif (147.76 KB, 720x751, 720:751, operation-paperclip.gif)

Haven't read CIA doc all they way.

Is there any mention of CERN?

7e91c2 No.567672


One tangible prediction please will help tremendously in redpilling loved ones, some of us are almost outcasts in our homes

881ae5 No.567673

The CIA document is massive

Only thing I can assume Q wants us to know is just how disgusting the CIA is….how it has been based on Nazis and their techniques to upset governments all over

And the Vatican has been a complicit force…..P is Pope

Nazis have been the foundation of our government in many ways…collaborating with major US corporations

7c6e17 No.567674


Oil is the biggest curse to the people of the Middle East. It is so sad.

b5de1c No.567676

Q we want disclosure ayys disclosure

3f67b3 No.567677

21453a No.567678


America to be the top oil producer on the planet

1cf3af No.567679


Everything in the plan must fall accordingly. This is why the plan has taken so long to develop. Good lord. Thank you Q team, 45 and all patriots! o7

71762b No.567680


Chelsea Clinton on abc this morning. Body language was tense.

254dd6 No.567681


Odd I just got a test EBS across the screen. We get the Tornado ones every month. But this one wasnt tornado. Said from 10:15 to 11:15 and at the end it said rebroadcast in an hour.

dbe8e3 No.567682


He's military trained. The others look like business people.

208f58 No.567683

>>567666 (cheKEKed)

ThanQ anon

44ae2b No.567684

Trust the plan. We have to have tariffs to bring manufacturing back into existence. It's not just for jobs. It's for our survival as a nation. We need to be able to continue on our own. Depending on China or other nations for the necessities is asking to be under the hand of that nation. We need to import some things, but the less we HAVE to import the more secure we are. Let our imports be luxuries we can do without if need be, as much as possible.

Nationalism, not globalism. Our credo.

dae36e No.567685


POTUS retweeted Drudge Report about oil.

6286f4 No.567686

Boom Financial > Clinton Foundation


7787db No.567687


Facebook, Twitter and social media’s road to federal regulation

And Google too.

https:// www.engadget.com/2017/12/29/facebook-twitter-google-social-media-government-regulations/

1d2f90 No.567688


I'm right here. ask away. heh

361c2d No.567689


Victor Pinchuk mentioned in connection to


"Another Ukrainian businessman, with whom were associated managers

Gerasimenko, the owner of the group “Interpipe” Victor Pinchuk. To Gerasimenko

President Red October International was Konstantin Ryabov, follows from the

Swiss registry. He behalf of the Swiss company signed with JSC “ORT” a contract

for the purchase of VMK in June 2013. Ryabov was a member of the boards of Directors of Swiss Interpipe Europe SA and KLW-Wheelco SA (both are part of

“Interpipe”). The headquarters of group is located in Dnepropetrovsk, and th

Pinchuk to 2008 was co-owner of “Dneprospetsstal”."

Sauce from post last night

http:// sevendaynews.com/2016/05/26/battle-for-red-october-who-will-get-the-largest-plant-of-special-steels/

Still looking for more recent news on this connection

8c14bb No.567690


The stage is not quite ready. All/Everything must be in it's proper place before the curtain rises.

61e499 No.567691

Who controls North Korea?

Dennis Rodman

0d39a0 No.567692


Imagine if Google, Facebook, Twitter relented on their censorship altogether. Spreading the truth would INCREDIBLY simple.

897bbe No.567693


this Q post should lay to rest any “Q is an ai” nonsense

5a0852 No.567694


ANONS, we have work to do if we want to see the HRC vid.


659522 No.567695


We need a internet bill of rights before the HRC video is released

ab4c57 No.567696


FFS If you are gonna keep posting this shit, you should at least have a basic, working knowledge of Biblical prophecy.

3f67b3 No.567697


Not the oil, evil people, evil groups are their curse.

9f1a01 No.567698


7 "Booms" right?

1ffec8 No.567699




THank you for this article. Will help with redpilling.

6286f4 No.567700


Carter Page knows that guy…

776d3f No.567701

File: f08559092a52f27⋯.mp4 (2.1 MB, 720x720, 1:1, awyiss.mp4)

3b171b No.567702

Do you guys manage to actually red pill people? I always just get called an idiot and told I'm trying to be controversial by my peers, so frustrating

cddeb6 No.567703

They have Snowden.

They have removed ES.

Time for @jack to go.

And to unzip zuck.

ec4416 No.567704

Nothing quite so epic

8c14bb No.567705



2e2564 No.567706

Q is this video related to the Weiner laptop? INSURANCE file. Did NYPD finally get it put?

179940 No.567708

File: c4f94601fa75eb6⋯.png (4.58 MB, 1191x1584, 397:528, 91F7ACAE-FD63-4250-8CC9-AD….png)


Awwwwww here’s my baby when she was a pup

4a8ba3 No.567709


>The last will be magical.

Disney - Magic Kingdom

ba0956 No.567710


the have the censorship algorithms in place, but potus has set the stage and soon (((they))) will no longer be able to censor… due to the PLAN

ab4c57 No.567711


Moses is dead, he ain't coming back, idiot.

897bbe No.567712


logic says that is not something they could spin!

ec4416 No.567713


People will call you stupid and argue with you. You'll find out later you made an impact. Take it from an oldfag. They are listening.

f68afa No.567714


here too-

last one said it was a test

e8df0f No.567715


Why did Trump send more money to the Ukraine to arm the wrong side?

a359bf No.567716


it is hard to break through cognitive dissonance

remember what it was like when you started learning about this stuff

179940 No.567717

A huge huge boom would be to take down LOOP capital

9de54a No.567718

I sure hope that "Watch the water" has nothing to do with our ships being made of shitty steel and something bad about to happen.

319bfe No.567719


My 12 yo red-pilled his entire middle school. Grew like wildfire.

71762b No.567720


Msm banter seems forced and unnatural lately Q group, thanks POTUS!

7787db No.567721



he extent of Russia's meddling in the 2016 US presidential election remains unclear, but it's no secret that social media played a major role. This year brought with it a great deal of scrutiny for tech giants, particularly Facebook, Twitter and Google. These three companies came under the US government's microscope after news that Kremlin bots and trolls, spearheaded by a group known as the Internet Research Agency, used their sites to tamper with the 2016 presidential election. They spread misinformation (fake news!) and dubious ads across Facebook, Twitter and Google to hundreds of millions of users in the US, with the aim of fomenting hostility among Americans. And it's safe to say they succeeded.

In October, Facebook revealed to Congress that more than 145 million Americans were exposed to Russian-linked pages and ads in the lead-up to the election – a revelation that laid bare the scope of the Kremlin's misinformation campaign. That, as it turns out, was actually more damaging than originally disclosed: Facebook first said that 10 million people had seen these types of ads. Twitter discovered more than 2,500 accounts linked to the Internet Research Agency, while Google found Russian-bought ads on its most popular platforms, including Gmail and YouTube.

As a result, Facebook, Twitter and Google were summoned to testify before the House Judiciary Committee and Senate Intelligence Committee this fall. Members of Congress sought answers about the extent of Russia's influence during the 2016 presidential election and the role technology played in it, particularly social media platforms. During the hearings, lawyers for Facebook, Twitter and Google were asked by members of the Intelligence Committee about their failure to control Russian bots and trolls from spreading misinformation.

The main point of concern for the committee was the number of deceptive political ads that people potentially saw, including one of Aziz Ansari holding a sign that suggested that you could vote from home using a hashtag. That advertisement as well as thousands of others that hit Facebook and Twitter were targeted at Hillary Clinton supporters.

The plan, it seems, is to trust more actual humans to filter malicious content rather than the algorithms that have already failed us.

Facebook General Counsel Colin Stretch testified that the company is deeply concerned about these threats and is already doubling its engineering efforts to crack down on these "bad actors" going forward. He said Facebook is hiring more ad reviewers and requiring more information from political advertisers, including proof that they're affiliated with a campaign.

Twitter and Google echoed Stretch's statements: They both told the Intelligence Committee that they're working to ensure that the events of 2016 don't repeat themselves in future elections. The plan, it seems, is to trust more actual humans to filter malicious content rather than the algorithms that have already failed us. Sean Edgett, Twitter's acting general counsel, said the company is "sharpening its tools" and plans to be more transparent with users and the government in the future. Meanwhile, Google's Richard Salgado, director of law enforcement and information security, said the company is working on systems that can better detect fake news and fake accounts across its ecosystem.

612e83 No.567722


It is hard when clownworld™️ Is so entrenched in their minds. That’s why we need a big BOOM to wake them up. Anthony Weiners laptop will suffice.

a18cce No.567723

>>567559 Very..very lost…not the gospels

0d39a0 No.567724


It would have to be something very, very blunt and obvious to send the right shock waves.

1d2f90 No.567725


totally brah. whats really weird is one day i racondomly started going to 4chan after eading a few fbi insider posts on reddit. and i just happened to be there for the first Q post a few days later after not visiting the chans for several years. spoopy.

da3161 No.567726

Kim Dotcom‏Verified account @KimDotcom

My mother just told me that my great-grandfather was half Russian. She’s from Finland which was part of the Russian Empire til 1917. Some Russian DNA is therefore connected to the DNC whistleblower case. But @DonaldJTrumpJr and I didn’t know that when we were chatting.

86684f No.567727


They are hiding in plain sight.

This means that if we, amateurs, dig up public info on these foundations it will already be suspicious. We assume that foundations spend their money doing good works. So when we see them spending most of their money giving to other foundations you have to ask what on earth is going on.


Where does the money go?

Are any of the foundations actually doing good works?

Or is it one big scam to collect money from gullible people, and share it among a group of elite rich people?

7c6e17 No.567728


Read last night's crumbs. It was confirmed what it means.

372954 No.567729

Victor Pinchuk = Crowdstrike = Perkins Coie= DNC= Clinton

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-03-25/evidence-russia-hacked-dnc-collapsing

ca4e34 No.567730


Frank Giustra must be involved in this steel game.

20680d No.567731


Dropping an incriminating video will be an event MSM cannot ignore nor refute.

NOTHING ever goes as planned in a WAR.

Your shot to call, Q-Team.

You've had to step up the pace to get the ducks lined up in a row.

It's time!

3f67b3 No.567732

897bbe No.567733

File: 1e90dc92151942a⋯.jpeg (158.7 KB, 1056x321, 352:107, EF3D1B1B-2E68-4FD4-814F-E….jpeg)

21453a No.567734


The stage is indeed set Mr Q. Drop that hammer!!

d1a30c No.567735


Perhaps you underestimate how much it redpills people to see censorship in action.

Watching them try to block video/news/tweets about something of that magnitude that would wake up millions of people.

e4fb27 No.567736


Logic tells me the stage isn’t set just yet.. people must see the evidence for treason first, then the sick shit can come out. But! That doesn’t mean we don’t want to have that video leaked to us.. what good does it do to share it on controlled platforms?


8c14bb No.567737


For normies, we are getting into tinfoil hat stuff with the Nazi info. How does one go about disseminating such info in a way that people will actually pay attention? Serious question.

5a0852 No.567738


we can't waste our Truth Bombs until soc. media is FREE.

there's a plan.

we need to be patient, and trust POTUS.

54abfa No.567739


Oil pipelines to establish our future world dominance.

208f58 No.567740


Updates for Notables from past breads may have to wait if you don't get 'em in fast

c25a49 No.567741



Our awesome Sarah HUCKabee dropping it at a press brief? MAGA

7d8661 No.567742

File: b64a1d0915c3171⋯.png (1.48 MB, 780x1208, 195:302, vikingmeme.png)


It will be obvious when the censorship ends. Hope fellow anons are ready with memes and red pills for the masses.


PS is this anything of significance? I feel it is.

c1a74b No.567743


Worked in a certain Asian country for many years. Certain people had "institutes." Often, thought not always, they were fronts for laundering money. Same here with these foundations & institutes. The corruption runs deep. The love of money is the root of all evil!

ffa638 No.567744


Incorrect. Again.

1dedc7 No.567745


the steel in WTC towers

POTUS knows building

Were they built, made to fall?

8eb892 No.567746


Oldfag, I’m pretty sure that was a clownShill…but you are right, nevertheless.

8c14bb No.567747


bye @jack

ef4327 No.567748

PLAN (Programming LAnguage Nineteen hundred)

c5af0c No.567749


don't let the nazis do the talking … simple

ea6369 No.567750


that's awesome Anon!>>567719

4a8ba3 No.567751


>Dropping an incriminating video will be an event MSM cannot ignore nor refute.

hmmm.. "out of context" "fake news" "from Russian bots" just to name a few

9ae2dd No.567752


TAX FREE sharing …

6f7444 No.567753


From Reconstruction to WWII the US had highest GDP growth and high tariffs that protected infant industries and those vital to economic and national security. GDP growth of around 4%. Meanwhile, Britain began free trade and only grew 1.3% during that time. This American Style of economics originated at the Wharton School. Learn your [economic] history.

8a0100 No.567754


Everything is controlled… But the real-world power to maintain that control is likely heavily eroded or already gone… therefore, we can expect a very sudden and very complete transformation along multiple parameters, all over media, in the near future. I reckon.

9bf736 No.567755


Because every normie in the world has heard a tinfoil nazi theory … Just they're now being proved… Hit em with the facts and leave out the gore

ab0c6b No.567756

93f369 No.567757

What is Pentecost?

What happens on MAY 16th, 2021?

1cf3af No.567758


So stinking cute!!

3f67b3 No.567759


Please, tell the world the truth about 9/ 11.

5a0852 No.567760


If the HRC vid were dropped today, social media would bury it in no time.

We need a huge class action w/ a motion for injunctive relief, lifting the regulation/censorship.

362fcb No.567761

File: 3271bf2cb2682ea⋯.jpg (43.44 KB, 604x361, 604:361, 3271bf2cb2682eae2da700731d….jpg)

776d3f No.567762

File: 6e952008ef9b680⋯.jpg (27.92 KB, 382x417, 382:417, questioncat.jpg)

ffa638 No.567763


No mention of CERN.

3c553f No.567764

Logic says they simply would not report it.

Total viewers limited.

Message controlled.

Truth shadows.

Trust the PLAN.


1cf3af No.567765



6286f4 No.567766

File: 0b53d648ac74499⋯.jpg (500.16 KB, 1237x1600, 1237:1600, 1517258688677.jpg)

Q, need to know if I should continue digging into CERN.

Nazi, Paperclip, JFK, espionage, world wide grid etc.

< Pic related

881ae5 No.567767

Good question….its all factual info, though. Maybe take a piece at a time…theres a lot of info in that document. Kinda overwhelming

Operation Paperclip is prominent in the doc…I think a lot of people have heard of that. Hell…one of them was head of the Army branch in Texas >>567737

b5de1c No.567768

576ea0 No.567769

File: b14784109e3ac27⋯.jpg (344.23 KB, 1135x1135, 1:1, IMG_tyakg2.jpg)

Q, must I pursue >personal< legal justice regarding the corruption I uncovered or you 'guys' have enough?

You must have enough

Please confirm

Thanks K8

1cf3af No.567770

File: 917e09e8d12ebd0⋯.jpeg (35.29 KB, 225x225, 1:1, C8C74D40-EA73-466A-8459-A….jpeg)

055dd8 No.567771

Trump to consider elephant trophy imports on 'case-by-case' basis

Could this be code to the Cabal?

9de54a No.567772


Ours lit up as well at 10:30. just a test.

ea6369 No.567773

File: 4007eeec1badecf⋯.png (2.61 MB, 4264x3464, 533:433, Q Post - MSM.png)


that's awesome Anon!

cddeb6 No.567774


Same here more or less.

Went to 8/pol/ to read analysis of fbianon there bc I was avoiding half.

Was forced to go back to half when 8 got hacked.

Happened to be on the day q started.

c9c586 No.567775


Q said Podesta indicted

IF we think mirror


92a8d9 No.567776





https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wireless_Emergency_Alerts


776d3f No.567777

File: ba0ceacdc20ea46⋯.jpg (41.9 KB, 720x540, 4:3, 12986924_463543670519600_2….jpg)

e4fb27 No.567778


Side note.. why do you think deep fakes & other video faking technology sneak peeks have been trickling out since POTUS was elected? So that they have plausible deniability & a narrative to push that the videos are doctored or out in our fakes.

ab4c57 No.567779


Trust?? No, at this point I'm beyond simple trust. We've moved to faith.


963899 No.567780


There is no Discovery in a military tribunal – just evidence presented against the defendant like Boom Boom Boom Boom – having to answer it as it is presented – no forewarning like Discovery does.

91fd36 No.567781


Magical? As in "stable fusion reaction" - what will turn the whole world upside down. Is that the reason SpaceX is pushing heavy upmass systems - lockheed pushing deep space gateway? Moon the new target for Helium-3?

ea6369 No.567783

File: 4007eeec1badecf⋯.png (2.61 MB, 4264x3464, 533:433, Q Post - MSM.png)


All Q post that mention MSM

10/28/17 - 3/6/18

1dedc7 No.567784






Like the cascade of WTC7?

8e6247 No.567785


>https:// mobile.reuters.com/article/amp/idUSKBN1GH2SM?__twitter_impression=true


ffa638 No.567786


8999a4 No.567787


These fuckheads think they are so smart that nobody would find out their bribes were coming in as donations. Mcfuckface has not spent any of his money on child trafficking since it is really Megan McCains inheritance. and Hillary and Obama sold the country and got paid in tax free cash.

The people are stupid and they need to pay.

7787db No.567788


Why we’re calling for the regulation of Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to halt malicious censorship and create a fair platform for public debate.

(Natural News) Today, I’m calling for the government regulation of Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to halt these tech giants’ nefarious, malicious censorship, “shadow banning” and blacklisting of independent media content.

The focus of this regulation is not to order tech giants what content they must allow, but rather to enforce a level content playing field so that a free society can engage in debate, discussion and independent journalism without the constant threat of being bullied, blacklisted or shadow banned by the internet’s wildly biased, left-wing gatekeepers.

https:// www.naturalnews.com/2018-02-28-calling-for-the-regulation-of-google-facebook-youtube-and-twitter-to-halt-malicious-censorship.html

7e91c2 No.567789


What about election fraud and real election results?

4a8ba3 No.567790


Released via IG report

7c6e17 No.567791


Then how?

da3161 No.567792


We wouldn't be able to make much headway sharing it via Twitter.

They control the hashtags and what's trending.

We need to set the stage first

5a0852 No.567793


is meming what's going to drop part of the PLAN?

is a class action w/ inj. relief a part of the PLAN?

what's our role????

95c77e No.567794


Anyone here who does not trust the plan simply exposes themselves for what they are!


3f67b3 No.567795


Why didn't this video get an oscar?

659522 No.567796




Emergency broadcast it on every TV


6286f4 No.567797



179940 No.567798

File: c1b8255dbf197a7⋯.png (685.1 KB, 529x658, 529:658, C9CDDFF8-0065-492F-B0AA-24….png)


She’s a beauty all grown up. They trained her for 2.5 yrs before I got her. Over 2000 commands. She does 7 jobs for me…

ba0956 No.567799


instead of release, leverage?

9ae2dd No.567800



21453a No.567801


Exactly! Dropping the bombshells right now would not have the effect it needs to have. MSM clowns have to be neutralized first. Maybe MSM goes away, so EBS can be used

1d2f90 No.567802


Broadcasting Board of Directors can change that can't they?

3c553f No.567803


Wait & see.

Re_read drops - you have more than you know.

Eyes in the SKY.



219c27 No.567804


I got that too, the sirens were "tested" an hour early also

208f58 No.567805


>Emergency broadcast it on every TV


Every TV, radio & smartphone

5b7efa No.567806


Trusting sir! One of my best friends think I am nutz. Really need some concrete evidence to show him. Waiting patiently!

179940 No.567807


She’s a AKC registered mismarked lab

e4fb27 No.567808


We are with you. Disseminating information as fast as we can. My only hope is that anons are not targeted. Give us the water and we will make sure it turns into a tidal wave. Zero local media coverage of Korean talks

b5de1c No.567809


8ch/4chan baby

776d3f No.567810

File: e4219e61bdc5403⋯.jpg (46.45 KB, 400x382, 200:191, tumblr_nm5xihAvfw1qzjg61o1….jpg)

File: d0c739d7b50f027⋯.jpg (47.02 KB, 400x385, 80:77, tumblr_nm5xihAvfw1qzjg61o2….jpg)

File: 4934477fe4217d0⋯.jpg (45.02 KB, 400x391, 400:391, tumblr_nm5xihAvfw1qzjg61o3….jpg)


That is an awesome looking dog


would pet, feed and take for long walks

cddeb6 No.567811


Poison dwarf is all over a lot of it. Uranium, child trafficking, most pointedly.

Vile, evil.

1cf3af No.567812


Mine barely sit lol. Mans best friend indeed

1d2f90 No.567813


Bombs (put) away

9de54a No.567814


Oddly enough and i hate to say it but Me Too. Just a weird timing thing brought me to 4chan 2 days before. Never been there before in my life. Lovin' every minute of it.

3b171b No.567815


LOL, that's great hahaha, top parenting mate!

ec4416 No.567816


Thank Q for having the plan.

671139 No.567817


So, this must have something to do with taking out the debt, then, and pulling teeth out of banker's mouths?

Fine by me

e4fb27 No.567818


POTUS just tweeted “wait and see”

9f1a01 No.567819


At & T merger with time warner will do the trick? CNN will be under new management then.

https:// www.theverge.com/2017/11/8/16624844/att-time-warner-merger-cnn-turner-broadcasting-network-department-of-justice-divestment-sale

67fd61 No.567820

File: 630dde3eb33e159⋯.png (317.01 KB, 940x752, 5:4, HRCvideo.png)

179940 No.567821


I think it will work out, reunification and no more nukes. Part of the plan….now they are free

9869b3 No.567822



First song I taught all my kids. GnR Just a Little Patience, yeah, yeah. We all need some right now.

I Trust the PLAN

b5de1c No.567823


the dark web


mate just release it to wikileaks

7d8661 No.567824


We need the Internet Bill of Rights. We have the numbers now and if we can get past the censorship the message will spread like wild fire.

I trust the PLAN.

44ae2b No.567825


Until we have wrested control of all the socials and MSM from the evil ones, trying to get the vids you are talking about out is doomed to fail. They will break the internet, they will pop the breakers on the grid, they will put up carrier signals to replace the broadcast, they will go to the EBS - Q and anons have more work to do first. Trust the plan.

Those evil ones will kill us all if they still have the power to do it, rather than let the rest of the world be redpilled - don't you all see this? That power must be taken away first.

This is for reals, people.

85b9bb No.567826


President can use the EBS to takeover the network TV feed for the duration of an emergency he declares. Its part of changes obama made to the system hah

d438aa No.567827

File: b1217699dd5c1c6⋯.png (219.06 KB, 550x600, 11:12, ClipboardImage.png)

Obama coded message?

776d3f No.567828

File: 2620dafeac50d4c⋯.gif (1.24 MB, 480x270, 16:9, 2620dafeac50d4cc1d71f5a0ad….gif)

8999a4 No.567829


I think we should call them what they are, a Monopoly, and break them up like Ma Bell in the 90's. They are too big and hold too much power. This would force companies like GOOG to give part of their platform to series of competitors and create maybe 5 companies competing against each other on the 5 subsections of the YT platform. Service and fairness would come with a free market and competition.

3f67b3 No.567830


Do you enjoy it, to 'torture' us :))

3bbbc8 No.567831


Sadly, this is true. Need dramatic action there.

2621b0 No.567832


Drop it in to cell phones? Like Amber Alerts, or Hawaii missell strike?

d518c2 No.567833

//\\ looks like the placement of Kim's legs in the new picture which is different than everyone else's stance

179940 No.567834


The rocket to go up???? Will it go BOOM?????

671139 No.567835


Delta confirmed

372954 No.567836

Victor Pinchuk > Crowdstrike > Perkins Coie >DNC> Clinton

http:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-03-25/evidence-russia-hacked-dnc-collapsing

1dedc7 No.567837


wow historic

I bet there was a nuke flying over the US or something

3b171b No.567838


I'm definitely not a clownshill…not trying to demotivate anyone lol, I still try and red pill just I'm a uni student and everyone here is so fucking brainwashed

6286f4 No.567839

Sidley Austin?

Loop Capital Markets?

Boom Financial?

208f58 No.567840


Last chance for any addition to next bread

219c27 No.567841


and now the sirens are being "tested" again, at the usual time!

7a42c2 No.567842

File: 2a68a5d84f35400⋯.gif (216.22 KB, 500x375, 4:3, Inclusion.gif)


>I don't think you understand the point I'm making.

>If you are creating military hardware whilst being reliant on a (possibly) made up number on a piece of paper - and not VERIFYING the steel you have been given is what it should be then this is any of

>1. dumb.

>2. negligent.

>3. possibly fraudulent.

I do understand. It's just that it's very rare for the end user to double check the "mill test" Even if the supplier is ISO 9000 he can still cheat the mill test.

example: You are building a battle ship. You buy the raw material from "approve" supplier, you get all the mill test. You build the ship.

How will the end user know if some of the part are not made from contaminated steel?

Do you think that the Military will do an independent material audit of some of the part of the ship?

It would be nice if they do but... do they?

I don't know about you but If I was an admiral I would get 100 portable spectrometer and do some random check right away!

4a8ba3 No.567843



Sequel to Red October

9ae2dd No.567844




BOOM [ Bass Drum ]

Rim Shot 3X [ Snare Drums ]


Rim Shot 3X


Rim Shot 3X


776d3f No.567845



ba0956 No.567846

What if POTUS himself released it?

He cant be censored

0825b5 No.567847

File: a4df43f554f0bfe⋯.png (346.61 KB, 969x694, 969:694, p.PNG)


here is another one. see upper right. i dindu dat

963899 No.567848


Exactly! A pornographic video of HRC CANNOT be shown on any MSM platform – it CAN be shown in a closed circuit display in a court room – THEN when News of that gets out – from trial witnesses – KABOOM – MSM will have no option but to report.

307881 No.567849

I'm on page 23 of the 56 page CIA document dropped by Q and I think I'm going to be sick…………..

21453a No.567850

Woman on flight from SF to Boise trying to open emergency door midflight and saying she is "God" has to be MK Ultra mind control by clowns

873eaf No.567851


IBOR is nothing without physical guarantees, words cannot protect free speech on the internet but encryption can.

3b171b No.567852


+++ + +++++

and a child?

b5de1c No.567853


>Eyes in the SKY.


9414f0 No.567854


Please use qanonposts.com

It's the only official site I support. You can see the original qcodefag.github.io referencing my new site: qanonposts.com

The rest is maintained by other anons as back up. I cannot fix their code.

Baker, please fix the links from qanonmap.github.io to qanonposts.com.

ab4c57 No.567855


lol I have a vision of Crown Prince Barron walking to the podium with a tablet…

8e6247 No.567856


Nuke Sniffers? OWL? Zuma Energy Weapon?

208f58 No.567857



>mfw no shit sherlock

7c6e17 No.567858



35f787 No.567859


Q !

Any truth that NASA had the deepest claws into mind control technology / projects?

2621b0 No.567860


ATT is committed to Internet Bill of Rights, Hawaii Missle stick went out on ATT phones,

1d2f90 No.567861



(maybe aliums too)

73b5fa No.567862


More plane crashes?

Putin's life in danger?

b5de1c No.567863


>SUM of ALL FEARS //\\

its the fucking aliens mate i know it

0d39a0 No.567864


Q, you have stated before that we are more powerful than we know and are making a major impact. How can you measure that? How can estimate the spread and effect?

383315 No.567865

Q is it true that all this.. -Q business, is simply about buying time. MI knew the presidency of "The new guy" would be iffy and dangerous, no matter who it was. Not only because the black hats that will act out, but also because the patriots have been waiting for this for so long, much longer than 8 years, and to keep the patriots in line and not freak out when things go bad, as it always does, the Q plan was created. Nothing here matters, really, no intelligence operation would spill this much info about active operations.

The end result of the Q-operation is the same as the real-operation but much of the info provided is by Q is disinfo. Not to fool us, the end result is as stated the same, but to fool the black hats.

(disinfo is real and necessary) (80/20 // 60/40)

131bfe No.567866


Fake news. The Lady Lex is parked in Corpus Christi Tx Andy is a museum.

efa0d3 No.567867


I'm trusting all Q Team. Thank you for your drops last night and today.

The crumb on inferior steel, is Loop Capital Markets LLC also involved in the scam as well perhaps as a broker ???

618e1b No.567868


I am with you Q and president Trump. Pray everyday for your protection and for continued wisdom.

897bbe No.567869


the “meteor fireball” by Detroit was shooting down a rogue nukesat, and maybe the hawaii issue too?

9de54a No.567870


His post said "military". Don't think it would have been used in a civilian construction project but i could be wrong.

dce421 No.567871


We understand that the goal is to remove these bad actors from media/MSM.

This would allow for good actors to deliver information and eventual/necessary political takedowns.

Our questions and confusion stems more from the steps needed to get there.

What has to happen to remove bad actors from the MSM/social media?

Internet Bill of Right? Libel/slander law enforcement? Striking down Hussein's propaganda EO's?

All of the above?

5b7efa No.567872


EBS Release?

92a8d9 No.567873

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Eyes in the SKY.

67fd61 No.567874

File: 5eb451842dcff81⋯.png (70.86 KB, 648x312, 27:13, Boom1.png)


Drill Baby Drill

208f58 No.567875




dd3ee7 No.567876




Pyramid - Soros and Rothchild contained?

1cf3af No.567877


A wonderful anon made an analytics page to semi measure our reach. Notables from MSN and around the world..

They started it maybe last month?

254dd6 No.567878

Q that woman on the plane said more than "I am God" She also said that God has all the data and the she didn't have more any more data.

What that a message?

8c14bb No.567879


I doubt it's porn. It is "toxic to many" therefore it has to be conspiratorial. Something big.

1dedc7 No.567880


audit the fed?

6fd630 No.567881

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWU9g1Fce3U

In this clip, he's told to go to heading 315 - by turning into the torpedo, he shortened the path, therefore keeping the torpedo from arming itself before impact.

+++ + +++++

ed1e06 No.567882


if its the ladies.. then your at the worst

36b91c No.567883


Sunrise - starts off slowly but once first light breaks through the dawn is undeniable

b5de1c No.567884



a5119f No.567885


Jan 22 2018 22:39:22

Q !UW.yye1fxo


Drones over US.

Tracking only.



776d3f No.567886

File: 1c719fcb63e6df5⋯.jpg (84.23 KB, 500x375, 4:3, justwayying.jpg)

File: 3f7d249428a42d0⋯.jpg (23.66 KB, 480x720, 2:3, LgbcslE.jpg)

File: c144a39de778b8e⋯.jpg (22.2 KB, 450x600, 3:4, tumblr_o695zjJejz1r1t2kso1….jpg)

File: a8e01966b6a05d3⋯.jpg (55.95 KB, 500x334, 250:167, tumblr_nnl912FpwO1r0maa4o1….jpg)

File: ed81daccae4c29e⋯.gif (11.07 MB, 979x550, 89:50, QknwYBm.gif)

9d29b5 No.567887


It's at The Presidential Blue House in SK.

Different location than the other room with the big, crashing waves.

https: //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_House

67fd61 No.567888



d518c2 No.567889

>>567869 Tampa and NJ had similar around the time of Q saying for Captain Green

897bbe No.567890


fake news?! it popped up in my news feed

4e2752 No.567891

Future unlocks past and we have mire than we know. Could it be that there are hidden images behind the q photo drops? Unlocked by future keys?

3f67b3 No.567892


Thank you!

cddeb6 No.567893



Crappy steel was used in ALL of the most recent infrastructure projects.

Think Big fucking bridges.

a04780 No.567894


>Eyes in the SKY.

Zuma. The mission patch had the F9 logo (Eye of Horus); the Eye of Ra (left eye) was missing. On the left side, the stars represented the constellation Scutum (including the launch site); on the right side, Columba. The clover at the bottom represented the 4chan logo.

2621b0 No.567895


Link video into cell phones by ATT? (comitted to Internet bill of rights) This was tested in Hawaii, all cell phones of ATT got alert. Can vid be sent en masse like Amber Alerts?

3f67b3 No.567896



91013d No.567897

Not sure how it all connects, but Ukraine seems to always be involved. Along with HRC, CF, no name, BO, etc…

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-08-14/nyt-shocking-report-us-ally-ukraine-source-north-korean-missile-engines

7787db No.567898



Yes , these missing posts/ links

8c14bb No.567899


you know, anon. Do tell.

4a8ba3 No.567900


>SUM of ALL FEARS //\\

Bottom leg of pyramid removed

1cf3af No.567901


A bridge is going to come down to make everything come out about the inferior steel?! With the resignation of the China guy I doubt it but I have doubted other things before

618e1b No.567902


First time in my life I have said I would die for my country. I am over 60. Thanks Q team

ffa638 No.567903


Drywall too. Don't forget the drywall. Awful really.

c25a49 No.567904


Are I gonna uze emerge broadcast sys?

1eaba1 No.567905


The X-37 isn't up there for nothing!

776d3f No.567906

File: 2b5360bcb76716e⋯.jpg (65.6 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 12990880_1722280154718903_….jpg)

8628b0 No.567907

File: 38971c8fff06ea7⋯.jpg (77.3 KB, 500x500, 1:1, MKULTRA_photo.jpg)

306d58 No.567908

Even Breitbart wouldn't play the video?

We need Trump TV!!!

3e4c00 No.567909



4e2752 No.567910

5:5 is an orgy. 5 afilts including hrc killing 5 kids?

2621b0 No.567911


Because a CIA White hat in NK, taking picture arranged it that way.

7787db No.567912



oops wrong link,, these were missing from bread.

1cf3af No.567913


They have fucking sabatoged our whole country to collapse when we entered into WwIII under Hilary

Get em Q!!!

f6fbb8 No.567914

File: 17c661193177dde⋯.png (278.61 KB, 1600x860, 80:43, ClipboardImage.png)

The HUNT for Red October dropped (from prev Q post) and then it was said that it had nothing to do with $$ or trade… Looked further into CIA FOIA on Red October. We were VERY interested in what was happening there as far as construction and planning and testing.

But if not for our benefit, and if done secretly, then why? Not for $$. Power maybe? This page is hard to read, as is the rest of the 7 page document. But has some layouts and maps. We knew A LOT about the happenings there and we were very concerned with production.. I don't know I feel like I am getting closer to something, maybe not. Either way– more on Red October here. Going back to digging.



85b9bb No.567915

File: f2b15801ec5689b⋯.png (153.84 KB, 715x413, 715:413, Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at ….png)

6fd630 No.567916


This is a clip from the Hunt for Red October.

Sorry I forgot to put that in original post.

f1a4f8 No.567917


>Do you think the Asia live OP posted was for nothing?



>SUM of ALL FEARS //\\


219c27 No.567918


Same here. the sirens here were tested twice, an hour early, and at the usual time

03101d No.567919

First Boom must be Nk agreeing to give up nukes

8eb892 No.567920


Okay, collegefag, I believe you. It’s good to hear from your generation. Keep up the Good Fight.

776d3f No.567921

File: fa8662852625106⋯.png (270.21 KB, 918x1388, 459:694, 1DmZDko.png)


nice digits

306d58 No.567924


Class action?

Sub-standard steel across the board?

Surely they can be sued into oblivion?

91fd36 No.567925


Yes finally someone! Boom as in booming economy - one boom will lead to another boom!

Godspeed anon!

5a747f No.567927


Dear Q, I am definately too stupid to follow and understand everything. I wish I wasn't.

But I trust you, the Plan and the Potus.

You make me speak out loud to my laptop. Everytime the same: Oooh! Q! I love you!

God bless you and the POTUS!

54abfa No.567928


Start with where you agree and go as far as people are ready to go. Establish media is corrupt and liars, DNC stole election from Bernie, Obama didn’t pan out the way you hoped, etc. Then ask questions like “why does the media hate Trump so much?” Or “imagine if Trump is taking on the real evil behind this all?”

Good luck anon.

a508aa No.567929


Agree. Maybe its HRC and BO discussing 16 year plan to destroy America?

383315 No.567931


Just drop it on Trumps Twitter, no way to ignore that.. sure.. it's societal suicide but at least it's over :D:D:D

776d3f No.567932

File: 6617423343b7aa4⋯.jpg (35.78 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 13055290_1728666057413646_….jpg)

4e2752 No.567933


I dont know but i know its posdible since the early 90s at least.

b74117 No.567934

More about Moloch from another source

BUFFALOheaded Mahishasura

https :// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mahishasura

http :// www.apamnapat.com/articles/Devibhagavata030.html

219c27 No.567935


The last line on that doc is REALLY interesting (re: the women working in the factory), that may be a clue

e5a444 No.567936

I don't believe in Coincidences

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Armistice_of_11_November_1918

3e4c00 No.567937

I have a lawn tractor that is just as aware as most people, AS INCREDIBLE AS THAT SOUNDS….true. BE MAD ABOUT THAT. I CERTAINLY AM.

ALL OF US MUST REDPILL EVERYDAY. (The uninformed look at you as though you've got two heads.) WE MUST CREATE A SHORT NARRATIVE REDPILL STRATEGY (or several) that

once spoken will evoke "THOUGHT" in the unenlightened; This narrative MUST relate to everyones' DAY TO DAY LIVES so they will actually listen.

Big pharma maybe,gas prices, food prices, taxes, quality of goods,banks, cancer (used to be so rare).

BUT IT IS THE CHILDREN THAT ARE THE TRUE COMMON GROUND(even the closed minded love their kids) let's get creative, THERE ARE GREAT MINDS HERE, WORK ON IT.

I summon the writerfags!

Especially target people to whom others listen; EVERY CONVERT GUARANTEES AT LEAST 1 or 2 MORE.

Redpilling loved ones: Ask them if they love you , ask if they are willing to prove it, ask them to please listen to you for five minutes uninterrupted to prove they

love you. Not a huge request, when you are sincere they will oblidge. WE MUST HAVE that narrative ready, it must draw them in to learn more.

ANONS MUST NEVER ASSUME A DEFENSIVE POSITION…those often get overrun. We must BRING the fight and ALWAYS STAND YOUR GROUND and ALWAYS move forward when possible!


WE NEED A REDPILL BOARD - no open posting JUST FACTS with PROOFS. Once created it MUST BE TRANSLATED into as many languages as possible.

WE NEED A REDPILL VIDEO, ideally with a trusted celebrity (James Woods, Clint Eastwood, Steven Segall, Chuck Norris) all of these men are known to stand their ground,

would be incredibly effective.

Use the bulletin boards in your local grocery or library; simply post WAKE UP PEOPLE! "QANON" GOOGLE IT! Call radio talk shows mention QANON, if people hear it and see

it enough they will investigate. ANYBODY rich here, let's get some roadside billboards UP or let's crowdfund it, the billboard needs only QANON on it.


ATTENTION FARMERS or ANYONE with a busy road by their property - Put up a "QANON Google it!" sign. People will ask!

Do you know a merchant who is AWARE, ask him/her to put up a QANON sign, people will ask what it means, their answer should be GOOGLE IT! So much better when people


9de54a No.567938


They won't give it more that a mention. Until they are 'forced' to cover the real news wether for monetary purposes or a change in political direction it will not get much coverage.

f1a4f8 No.567939


Still some way to go.

Internet Bill of Rights.

ef4327 No.567941


Yes Drywall is poisoning Americans, also the flooring

8eb892 No.567942


KEK, oldfag! Wolverines!!!

ffa638 No.567943


That appears to be the plan. These people treat countries like McDonald's franchises.

17c96e No.567944


Satellite - Satellite Application Facility SAF

d5ae90 No.567945


I'm still in shock from the revelations last night. Have to seriously brace myself for the rest.

776d3f No.567946

File: 5a195970e572728⋯.jpg (86.41 KB, 600x345, 40:23, 5a195970e572728c3ca77e4bfe….jpg)



god bless the bakers!

3c1234 No.567947


Notables 697

>>566066 Deep Dream algorithm

>>566011 STEEL, POTUS and Governors conversations.

>>565615 NY Times out in front of FAKE HRC video

>>565535 New BRACE MAP theory

b5f038 No.567948

File: 354080f27d6905c⋯.png (417.34 KB, 1287x1352, 99:104, IMG_1652.PNG)

File: b08ffc0af04862f⋯.png (298.61 KB, 1952x1360, 122:85, IMG_1653.PNG)


Reece Committee hearings on tax exempt foundations revealed that large foundations of the elite have been used for decades of social engineering.

https:// www.scribd.com/doc/3683662/Reece-Committee-Hearings-Tax-Exempt-Foundations-1953-Part-1-of-4

Pics related.

942583 No.567949


(The) Sum of All Fears

When the Russian President suddenly dies of a heart attack, the new Russian President is sworn in quickly. American intelligence belives him to be a hard-liner, but young CIA analyst Jack Ryan doesn't think so. While Ryan & his boss, Bill Cabot, are inspecting disarmament at Russian nuclear sites,

>>>>>> 3 (Russian) scientists <<<<<<

have mysteriously disappeared.

Although the Russians have explanations for their absence, none of them are true. In Austria, a strange man - a neo-fascist - has developed a frightening plan to incite a war between Russia & the U.S., using an unexploded bomb from the deserts of the Middle East. When the 3 Russian scientists are

>>> later found dead <<<

Ryan tries to trace their path. By this time, the bomb is on its way to the U.S.A - in a cigarette machine! The bomb is placed in a football stadium where the U.S. President is in attendance. Ryan soon discovers the bomb is in Baltimore and alerts Bill Cabot, who gets the President out of the stadium quickly. Minutes later, the low-yield nuclear bomb explodes, killing several thousands! From Air Force One, the President transmits messages to the Russian President, who denies that the Russians have placed the bomb on U.S. soil. But rogue members of the Russian Air Force are in on the sinister plan, and when an aircraft carrier is attacked and crippled by Russian planes, things quickly go from bad to worse. It is up to Ryan to find out where the bomb came from and get that information to the President before SNAPCOUNT - the order to launch ICBMs at Russia - is completed.

7b6ecc No.567950


From Clancy novel.

The title is paraphrased from a Winston Churchill speech; "Why, you can take the most gallant sailor, the most intrepid airman or the most audacious soldier, put them at a table together, what do you get? The sum of their fears."

179940 No.567951

a5119f No.567952

File: 734c7b1cb845cb9⋯.jpg (7.85 KB, 203x248, 203:248, kim.jpg)

Will This Happen?? LOL!

a04780 No.567953


>But if not for our benefit, and if done secretly, then why? Not for $$. Power maybe?

To place weak points in every structure, so that they can destroy our infrastructure even more cheaply and pass their sabotage off as incompetence.

383315 No.567954


IBoF is an interesting idea, how would you form that regulation though? is the government going to intrude on the private market and tell private companies what to do? Not very American… You can make social media into a Public Utility but I think that is exactly what they want, it kills competition.

ed1e06 No.567956



963899 No.567957

>>567938 (you)

One word - - - - - - - - - HANNITY

1cf3af No.567958


Please don’t let them kill Putin!

a6631b No.567959

>>567803 I trust. Just guide us every step of the way and tell us what POTUS needs

3f67b3 No.567960


And two new sides added?

ffa638 No.567961


The flooring too? Geez. I didn't know that.

efa0d3 No.567962


EBS soon Q Team?? I'm thinking MSM and social media platforms will be overridden by FCC and FTC. Am I close Q Team?? If so YAY!

f12a23 No.567963


I think we're looking at this the wrong way…

Q means the stage has been set that these sources are not credible… The seed has been planted that there is TRUTH being intentionally hidden from the public. That it's a narrative…

The stage is set to drop the Truth.

d5ae90 No.567964


Did the steel that made the Twin Towers come from this company?

4fbce3 No.567965



Is there anything we've missed in the MAP that would be helping us know what to look for?

Or at this point are we just scanning all news reports and waiting for future to prove past?

3e4c00 No.567966


YOU CANNOT JUST TALK THE TALK (lurk and nod), YOU MUST WALK THE WALK! (now GRIT YOUR TEETH!) There is no half way here.

Talk to any military/veteran (fountains of info)- reliance on each other is PARAMOUNT! Do what you are ABLE - NO LESS!

IF you are able, buy a coffee, a beer, or buy lunch for our military, our veterans, our police, our EMS and firemen/women. IT WILL LIFT THEM.

Many of Anons are IMPATIENT, remember that you can't drive a vehicle until the tires are installed.

Also I would point out that there will be a great deal of people who have been compromised by very nefarious means. I believe we must recognize that, with regards to

whatever comes (we won't know the threats made to decent people).


115339 No.567967

Set stage for video.

We need to build hype around it like we did with the memo. Once normies are asking and look for it we have the stage set. MSM will be forced to cover it.

179940 No.567968



4e2752 No.567969


Its one thing to know about child sacrifice. Its another thing to see it.

Prepare for psychological damage. I have seen shit that breaks people. Weiner laptop had tons of this sick stuff. Normies will be in shock. Be strong. Evil breaks your heart but it will heal and be stromger afterwsrds.

1b861e No.567970


That was deep state action. ISIS = CIA

3f67b3 No.567972



fa56b3 No.567975

Q, I'm still waiting for the Black Dalai Lama to be publicly outed.

That's gonna be a fun one.

1cf3af No.567976


We have to ensure it won’t be censored first

35cd27 No.567977


All seven (7) buildings with a WTC prefix were destroyed on 9/11

http:// drjudywood.com

963899 No.567978

3e5ba3 No.567979



67f169 No.567980


не волнуйся, он будет в порядке

7787db No.567981






f55e60 No.567982

File: 93edd3c9bbacdd5⋯.png (70.68 KB, 261x172, 261:172, ClipboardImage.png)



bcc9d2 No.567983


Then they are idiots. HRC could never have won. Also, she knew, MSM knew, they all knew.

208f58 No.567984






8999a4 No.567985


That could mean if the cabal reinforces the wall it can live without a bottom. If the stuff is released wrong they can spin it and double down..

d5ae90 No.567986


Please let the last BOOM be the bomb dropped on the Rothschilds and the Fed.

d5a132 No.567987


Or Q is saying the opposite.

Q is asking is the stage set?

Look at the massive amount of censoring happening on FB, Twitter, YT, etc.

Look at the reporting of the MSM.

Is the stage really set yet?

Do you think things are really ready to carry a message that large?

1cf3af No.567988


These slimy fucks!

179940 No.567989


Weird you said that about military… two days in a row I’ve seen a HUGE difference in people!!!! Kindness! Something I haven’t seen in years! Day before yesterday a stranger 23 yr old paid for mine and a fellow veterans lunch, and yesterday at the VA a DOCTOR paid for my coffee! That’s never happened before

372954 No.567990

+++= Saudi Arabia Family

+ = Soros

++++ = Saudi and Soros

//\\ = Two sides of Pyramid taken out

fa56b3 No.567993

File: 0a595b5722faf1b⋯.jpg (33.26 KB, 480x360, 4:3, e34ac45dff613a34a4fb83f5f5….jpg)

7787db No.567994

File: 6ff96c6e993df36⋯.jpg (53.46 KB, 600x795, 40:53, ae704d7221cd3f7de844c0184c….jpg)


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