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Pro Aris et Focis

File: bb7d59c7b6197c0⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1795x1017, 1795:1017, Q.png)

9e474c No.599514


"They want you silenced, MAKE NOISE" ~ Q

>>579328 #internetbillofrights

Please Sign And Spread petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/internet-bill-rights-2

You Must Verify Your Email Address After You Sign the WH Petition for it to Count!!

New Executive Order

https:// www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/federal-interagency-council-crime-prevention-improving-reentry/


Q's Tripcode: !UW.yye1fxo

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Friday 3.09.18

>>598581 rt >>598223 escape to Kenya

Thursday 3.08.18

>>594830 @Snowden

>>594704 RT (pic)

>>594351 rt >>594255 Break the MSM.

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>>594145 Think FORBIDDEN CITY.

>>594016 rt >>593959 Thank you Kim.

>>593973 rt >>593859 DEFCON, No Such Agency.

>>593825 rt >>593230 He already did.

>>593033 rt >>592934 This is not a game. Play THE game.

>>592913 rt >>592845 NO DEALS!

>>592798 rt >>592731 We were sold out.

>>592721 rt >>592712 POTUS Q Signal

>>592689 Video of POTUS Q signal

>>591784 Up all night Running

>>591304 Stage is Set

>>587467 Do you TRUST SESSIONS

Wednesday 3.07.18

>>580523 rt >>580403 Free Speech Private Company

>>580431 rt >>580412 Father is who?

>>580331 Have you learned JA?

>>580366 MSM is a circus

>>579914 IBOR nothing to do with AT&T

>>579216 Find @Snowden

>>579222 (cheKeK'd) SEC Test 1 (no underscore)

>>579236 SEC Test 2 (still no underscore)

>>579328 #internetbillofrights

Monday 3.05.18 ~ Tuesday 3.06.18

>>570744 No free passes [MSM].

>>568909 rt >>568863 wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/3672

>>568863 wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/629

>>568027 Big news week? Not over yet.

>>567803 rt >>567733 Wait & see.

>>567764 Logic says they simply would not report it.

>>567637 rt >>567610 Stage set?

>>567578 rt >>567534 They all have foundations & institutes for a reason.

>>567521 1st BOOM revealed.

>>567502 rt >>567454 These people are stupid (removed >>567493)

>>567440 rt >>567393 Trust the plan

>>567408 Do you believe in coincidences?

>>564638 Parade 11-11-18

>>564130 rt >>563781 & >>563824 Why Steel is important

>>563806 The nail in many coffins

>>563536 rt >>563501 Asia live OP

>>563509 rt >>563432 MAP has everything

>>563386 Learn.

>>563358 STEEL

>>563238 rt >>563201 Biggest Intel Dro

>>562944 rt >>562883

>>562875 rt >>562842 WATCH the water.

>>562842 rt >>562749 Water.

>>562660 @Snowden Welcome to China.

Sunday 3.04.18


>>548253 [Roasted]

>>548200 rt >>548166 Careful who you follow

>>548166 rt >>548157 Re read drops

>>548129 Hannity (see) >>548659

>>>/greatawakening/457 Do you trust the MSM?

>>>/greatawakening/456 BOOM

>>>/greatawakening/455 Listen carefully

>>545335 Expand your thinking

>>544985 We are everywhere.

Saturday 3.03.18

>>544701 The BRIDGE.

>>544501 Reality is labeled as conspiracy...

>>544304 A demonstration was made today in front of the WH...

>>544247 Misspellings/grammar matter...

>>544206 What I say a class action lawsuit?

>>544119 Zebra_Zebra...


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New Bakers Please Go To Cooking Class




9e474c No.599525


https:// pastebin.com/LkiL1uz5

Use this for Bread creation

9e474c No.599527

File: 621f3bbcb193a32⋯.jpeg (309.32 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, d54ccbcf61f0b8644a733ffde….jpeg)

9e474c No.599530


4e1e18 No.599550

File: 0337c409f7046d9⋯.jpg (397.07 KB, 615x839, 615:839, 6ee48771c7141d5d5791c9e20a….jpg)

TY Baker

be8eca No.599556

Good morning east coast. BOOM 3.5 was dropped while you were all sleeping.

9b83b6 No.599559


I can bake, thanks for your service

0225f0 No.599561


Gn and ty

fb87b6 No.599565


I just got off the phone with Q

He said you need to

E - x - p - a - n - d your thinking

0a38b9 No.599566


Umm….I've been here off and on all night/morning…what BOOM did I miss?

d91bbc No.599567

File: ff847d41207c341⋯.png (471.08 KB, 642x625, 642:625, Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at ….png)

File: 5c39b0e570cf78e⋯.png (603.46 KB, 950x609, 950:609, Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at ….png)

File: 1bde565ef1081b9⋯.jpg (59.5 KB, 800x546, 400:273, 1bde565ef1081b9205eda26b92….jpg)

File: 376a9695df0a261⋯.jpg (52.06 KB, 659x659, 1:1, 1511498667452.jpg)


Digits CONFIRM!! Great find ANON. Gonna make sure this gets in the new bread.

9cd3c0 No.599568

Q code dreams…swim in this stuff all day and at night your brain tries to make sense of it

5b1d6b No.599569

5am CST time to sleep. see you at noon,

d74787 No.599570


I dream that I'm still shitposting here some nights.

be8eca No.599571


Last Q Drop

69b1a3 No.599572







up 2 u>>599565

e4ef11 No.599573


POTUS meeting with SK and NK for denuclearization.

Snowden imminent of capture or suicide.

d91bbc No.599574

File: aad8ad516a69922⋯.png (362.93 KB, 395x593, 395:593, Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at ….png)

Thank You Baker!!

For The Archives!!

e4ef11 No.599575

File: 229b1b912369794⋯.jpg (124.46 KB, 1068x1021, 1068:1021, 1515401910265.jpg)

Thanks Baker

0a38b9 No.599576


Oh, ok, then I didn't miss it….kek. Apparently I do need sleep however…but patriots never sleep.

Wonder if @Snowden's perpwalk will be televised.

d91bbc No.599579


KEK!!! Damn…That's so wrong.

fb87b6 No.599580


I'm going to fuck POTUS in the ass with what I'm doing

I know MI is watching me

They won't see what's coming

4125ff No.599581

Every user on Twitter will soon be able to apply for a coveted blue tick verification mark, the company’s CEO Jack Dorsey said in a live stream on Thursday.

Using Periscope from the firm’s San Francisco headquarters, Twitter executives revealed the process was being reworked from the ground up. They said the current system creates confusion and can imply credibility, but stressed that it will still be important to let users have a way to evaluate if profiles are legitimate.

http:// www


e4ef11 No.599582

A Royal Saudi AF Tornado flying solo NW off the coast of Liverpool.

d91bbc No.599583


Thank You!! Anything you make of it??

d91bbc No.599584



defe74 No.599585




d91bbc No.599586


Shitposting…What dreams are made of right Anons??

4e1e18 No.599587


Shh, making me laugh too loud, going to start waking people up.

d91bbc No.599588


It looks like something Chelsea would pay $25,000 Red Cross Dollars for.

ef80bc No.599589

File: 4206f68e29061f3⋯.png (6.88 KB, 115x101, 115:101, WantWant4.png)

File: a975da9f1b69443⋯.png (193.94 KB, 1366x585, 1366:585, WantWant3.png)

File: 559e5d1438e830b⋯.png (1.36 MB, 1366x581, 1366:581, WantWant2.png)

File: f6634e6f7db7741⋯.png (386.22 KB, 1366x588, 683:294, WantWant.png)

File: aa18e09e824fa3c⋯.jpg (758.97 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, traitordeath.jpg)

d91bbc No.599590


So if there's some Giants and/or Alien game to get into, this MAGA thing seems to be about wrapped up and I'll need something else to be 100% consumed with.

What's the game??

d91bbc No.599591


Oh man…No way. Really??

d74787 No.599592


Bible says that Giants were real, etc. If you've been here very long you've surely heard about it.

d91bbc No.599594


I believe it. What is OFF the board at this point right??

899cea No.599595

File: e0b8f2582515f45⋯.jpg (155.08 KB, 526x253, 526:253, Patton2.jpg)

File: 6b3a4d2643d8e02⋯.jpg (142.65 KB, 526x253, 526:253, Patton.jpg)

File: f1838c51e7669c5⋯.jpg (19.92 KB, 236x300, 59:75, Nero-Trump-45-Mirror-540-2….jpg)

Look at riveting work on reincarnation by Dr. Ian Stevenson.https:// reincarnationresearch.com/case-categories/

When all the LIES we have been told are exposed, we will learn the truth that we don't go to "hell" - rather we reincarnate to continue our souls growth. It is suggested to look at photos upside down to get a perspective on facial features (something that comes through from prior lifetimes, along with MISSIONS). Many feel Trump is Patton reincarnated; the website listed above has him tied to Nero. https:// reincarnationresearch.com/nero/


Thanks for your efforts. I can't wait for all that has been kept from us to be exposed. There are many more "awake" than we might think!

e4ef11 No.599596


Not really. Flying lower alt (5400ft) over the ocean in a random directional flight path. Looks like out for a burn.

69b1a3 No.599597


start with the north pole thing

follow the trail

no hollow earth - dead end

077683 No.599598



b3eb24 No.599599


I love how when you look into POTUS' eyes, you can feel a soul inside. Can not say the same for some of the other creatures that are often posted in here.. I'm looking at you Hillary

d91bbc No.599600

File: 125cf55cc60718f⋯.png (661.19 KB, 1024x687, 1024:687, 8DD42679-974C-4FA7-8FD2-31….png)

69b1a3 No.599601



future proves past


075800 No.599602

File: cf30c4a09d0705c⋯.jpg (95.76 KB, 1000x658, 500:329, 0215_netanyahu-trump-1000x….jpg)

That will change things

d91bbc No.599603


Well then, here we go right??

7ad334 No.599604






075800 No.599605

File: edd11dffbe9549c⋯.jpg (168.94 KB, 995x659, 995:659, kooo.jpg)

Gonna be Awsome

04b0ec No.599607


Hidden message.


POTUS delete/install.

Coded message (accept) by LdR/HRC/others.

Allowing @Snowden access/censorship/tracking.

[+sharing groups C-9/all]

[+trace upload that tone recognizes other devices w/ active geo [all sig devices].

Don’t drop the soap.


301f55 No.599608

File: 8dbe47a96b713a9⋯.jpg (1.73 MB, 2816x2112, 4:3, 6212007.JPG)

d74787 No.599609


Give 'em hell bruh

d91bbc No.599610



3aa7b8 No.599611

File: b8282ace1cbdc9d⋯.png (92.82 KB, 507x383, 507:383, ibor-3-wethepeople.png)

d91bbc No.599612


Greetings Q Team!!

9cd3c0 No.599613

>>599607 back to work boys thanq

3c9270 No.599614



are we going to have more freedom of speech on "private" public speech services or not?

please answer this question

f2a0d3 No.599615

File: 6bcc867f9f5c61a⋯.jpg (185.82 KB, 646x431, 646:431, PepePutin_Triangulates.jpg)


Don't drop the soap!

9cd3c0 No.599616


Prison is where you hold on to your soap.

044400 No.599617


Good morning Q

d91bbc No.599618


"Don't drop the soap??"


43d681 No.599619



a78e02 No.599620

Ty Q for listening and proving me wrong! BREAK THE MSM! Amen!

Were we go one, we go all!

d74787 No.599621


Btw I tried to follow your directions and be less divisive. What I found out from trying is that people are REALLY upset at Jews and don't like me saying nice things about them. Just an fyi. Not really sure how to proceed with that. Gave up after a few days.

bc675e No.599622


Hory Shit!

https:// www.washingtonpost.com/news/worldviews/wp/2017/06/15/dennis-rodman-just-gave-kim-jong-un-the-art-of-the-deal-and-it-may-be-a-genius-move/?utm_term=.c483a0d5b7c7

e4ef11 No.599623


Fuckin A! Bud.

075800 No.599624

File: cff842f1faf3d9d⋯.jpg (189.53 KB, 1087x612, 1087:612, whole.jpg)

c1fb3a No.599625


Powdered soap for @jack.

Takes longer to pick-up

d91bbc No.599626

File: 25e7277a2d5469d⋯.jpeg (67.44 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, DXy3dGVVQAEVMJ4.jpeg)


Q- "Punisher" or "Phantom"??

04b0ec No.599627




Some platforms will collapse under own weight of illegal activities.


bc675e No.599628

File: ace6b89f20183d5⋯.jpg (59.86 KB, 463x720, 463:720, art of rape.jpg)

6dbb2e No.599629


>[+trace upload that tone recognizes other devices w/ active geo [all sig devices].

This sounds like a tracking method, play a tone through media ( JS speech ? ) use mobile device mic to pick up and trace ?

9cd3c0 No.599630

>>599627 please is a good word.

43d681 No.599631


waiting for that to happen since ages. Thank you

3c9270 No.599632


Incredible.Very big news.

Keep up the excellent work.

ef80bc No.599633

File: c9c6b6100d61786⋯.png (752.6 KB, 1115x586, 1115:586, WantWant5.png)

0a38b9 No.599634


Ohhh…I LOVE it!!!

d74787 No.599635


Sweet ty

04b3ee No.599636



70d7df No.599637

File: bf6ca37c8bdc569⋯.png (1.37 MB, 1078x666, 539:333, Unbenannt.png)

>>591784 Q880 Point of view Shanghai

3aa7b8 No.599638


Awesome. As long as things clean out, results > how it happens.

6d2638 No.599639

65bfd9 No.599640


Implying we need to decode the hidden message in this article or in his feed about this topic:

http:// www.newsweek.com/how-get-verified-twitter-process-be-open-everyone-ceo-jack-dorsey-says-837590

https:// twitter.com/jack/status/969234275420655616

d91bbc No.599641

File: fc69c5dbcf9692a⋯.jpg (213.62 KB, 1389x454, 1389:454, ForJack.jpg)

File: 98618745e33c352⋯.jpg (74.86 KB, 520x245, 104:49, IMG_1958.JPG)

File: 33a3fdb2029b156⋯.jpg (128.33 KB, 702x390, 9:5, IMG_2109.JPG)

File: 9aa3b1fa8bce1cd⋯.jpg (467.51 KB, 1111x741, 1111:741, IMG_2119.JPG)


I'm SAYING…We get Dennis Rodman posted up next to Obama, saying "Guess who the REAL Black Hero" is??

And things of that nature, we might have something.

Not sure how many of you Anons understand how HUGE BASKETBALL is in our black communities.

Rodman plays in here. Maybe BIGLY. Who suspected??

Sounds JUST like a POTUS move.

04b0ec No.599642


Track inside sales/divestitures.

They know.

Watch the sell-off/liquidity events.


e9954f No.599643

File: 65012929b25ec31⋯.png (351.58 KB, 401x560, 401:560, IMG_4891.PNG)

9cd3c0 No.599644

>>599642 follow the wonky. It always works!

4125ff No.599645


Wow- glad I posted that .Thanks for the info Q sir!

eeab65 No.599646


god will judge our enemies….we'll arrange the meeting…

bc675e No.599647


http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2305608/Dennis-Rodman-fired-Celebrity-Apprentice-failing-spell-Donald-Trumps-model-wife-Melanias-right.html

ef80bc No.599648

File: 14ab2dc412c6c74⋯.png (17.14 KB, 600x700, 6:7, Q.png)

be8eca No.599649


Facebook was the biggest lately.

d91bbc No.599650


I hope y'all saw how hard I pushed on IBOR before it finally broke through. If there's ANYTHING else we can do before The Storm arrives, please just say it.


God Bless.

God Speed.

7ad334 No.599651



Love this quote:

>"If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking."

- George S. Patton

f998fa No.599652

Definitely enjoying the show, Q.

Thanqs for the early-morning posts.

4125ff No.599653

File: de0a078df8ba5b4⋯.jpeg (430.56 KB, 1240x1997, 1240:1997, 2133F5AA-76ED-413E-B795-8….jpeg)



b9d880 No.599654


If I am understanding properly, this is suggesting that Snowden had a form of backdoor access to Twitter and FB.

Hidden messages being left in deleted or altered tweets? I occasionally do something similar on boards where admins can see deletions and alterations. Write something, then delete/alter. Only visible if you happen to be paying attention and archive within the time it takes to alter.

bce79e No.599655

File: 391fb57c21b0cf3⋯.jpg (48.3 KB, 500x352, 125:88, 1462158126556.jpg)


If I go to bed now will I regret missing something big?

26517e No.599656


I said this before, but I've been waiting for this for so long. Once "web2.0" hit, I knew it would end up like it is right now and I've been critical of it ever since. I had to begrudgingly create a social media account just to keep in contact with the people I care about because they kept moving off distributed platforms and I hated it ever since. If you manage to do this - bring back the old, free Internet - I can die a happy man.

DoitQ. WRWY. Za wolność naszą i waszą.

9cd3c0 No.599657

>>599642 VIX index

eeab65 No.599658


GOD will judge our enemies….WE'LL arrange the meeting…

e9954f No.599659

File: 20f86814a676519⋯.jpg (199.26 KB, 867x921, 289:307, IMG_2191.JPG)

d91bbc No.599660


The next 30 days are going to be like Nothing Else.

When to sleep??

9b012b No.599661


Patriots don't sleep, do they?

9411a2 No.599662


This is the only way to preserve the good work being done by all today.

Tears of gratitude from an old watcher

d91bbc No.599663

File: c1ee2990f397ad1⋯.jpg (18.54 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 8d99e1426008cb4a1b323e819e….jpg)

File: c9c4e98e3ebfd37⋯.png (518.19 KB, 1111x777, 1111:777, Q_BiteCrumbs_historic_.png)

File: a20a9f6b89007ab⋯.png (712.33 KB, 998x925, 998:925, Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at ….png)


Gold my friend!! Thank You!!

f78d0e No.599664

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Thank you Q

dea49b No.599665


Good Morning Q / Anons,

I pray today, for a shield of light and love to protect eachand everyone of us as we find clear specific answers to reveal the light. let us connect to Gods beam of light. purifying our selves so we can raise the vibration for all of humanity. God protect All of earths citizens and let justice be served quickly and easily, Amen

6dbb2e No.599666

Q, eufag here.. divided city, Kissinger + Clowns .. need I say more ? H E L P ?

be8eca No.599667


Being in the industry, I don't get the Snowden as uber hacker talent. Doesn't seem to match his background and unless someone is a super exceptional talent in a field with exception talent doesn't wash. It takes a small group to really pull off a big engineering feet. Snowden as the developer who did x to hold the world in the balance just doesn't make sense.

e4ef11 No.599668

Hidden message.

>1. @Jack

>2. POTUS delete/install.

>3. Coded message (accept) by LdR/HRC/others.

>4. Allowing @Snowden access/censorship/tracking.


>[+sharing groups C-9/all]

>[+trace upload that tone recognizes other devices w/ active geo [all sig devices].

>5. Don’t drop the soap.

9cd3c0 No.599669


Trips of yikes confirm, Berlin calling

bce79e No.599670

File: 0a6fcc83284cb1f⋯.jpg (58.92 KB, 736x497, 736:497, 1462159856150.jpg)


How about the next 6-8 hours?

9b012b No.599671


This relates to taking down God King's Twitter handle and put codes to trace down God king on the orders of puppets and puppet masters.

a7ff0c No.599672


The arrangements are already underway.

9cd3c0 No.599673


Now that’s a felonious act

9d4dc6 No.599674


There must be smoke in the air, my eyes were stinging and watering earlier !!!! #QAnon !!!!

2caf99 No.599675


George Soros sell off.

>https:// www.marketwatch.com/story/soros-sells-twitter-facebook-apple-and-snap-2017-11-14

George Soros attacks 'Social Media'

>https:// www.theguardian.com/business/2018/jan/25/george-soros-facebook-and-google-are-a-menace-to-society

Zuckerberg sell off.

>https:// www.reuters.com/article/us-facebook-zuckerberg/zuckerberg-sold-nearly-500-million-facebook-stock-in-february-idUSKCN1GD5OH

>https:/ /www.investors.com/stock-lists/sector-leaders/facebook-down-as-zuckerberg-scraps-stock-plan-will-sell-shares/

Ev Williams sell off.

>http:// money.cnn.com/2017/04/06/technology/ev-williams-twitter-stock/index.html

These are just the big names who recently shifted.

d91bbc No.599676

File: b3e8b368d996f9b⋯.png (153.16 KB, 360x295, 72:59, Opera_Snapshot_2018-01-25_….png)

File: a77e6adfa57f953⋯.jpg (82.94 KB, 722x388, 361:194, Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at ….jpg)

File: 728f903c793ed8a⋯.jpg (60.82 KB, 481x388, 481:388, Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at ….jpg)

File: 5ea0b356aa6839d⋯.png (576.59 KB, 528x754, 264:377, Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at ….png)

I wanna be a dumb fuck right now and ask Q a question like he sometimes gets…

"Q…Is it true that the photos of the "Baker Girls" will be in the National Archives"??

"Q…Red Pill or Blue Pill"??

"Q…Tastes Great or Less Filling"??

6d2638 No.599677

@Baker are you adding to bread. We need a new graphic after today.




I had questions, I'll probably see something in my last hour of sleep again.

044400 No.599678


Hey Q, retweet this for potus

>>https:// twitter.com/krobinson_3232/status/971920871588794370

04b0ec No.599679


Why would @Snowden go public while in HK PRIOR to traveling to so called final destination?

These people are stupid.


7ad334 No.599680


Case in point:

Twitter's No. 2 Resigns to Become Chief Executive of SoFi

January 23, 2018, 9:10 AM EST Updated on January 23, 2018, 9:35 AM EST



8513ae No.599681

Dear Q,

I don't know who you are or if you can be trusted, I just hope we can stop children from being hurt, raped and killed. They don't deserve this. I also wonder what will happen to Europe… Will we end up with a civil war in the near future? If evil forces are that powerful, they won't leave or be put into a prison without a huge fight… I guess a new war will come… Makes me sad… But fight we will, for our future.

9cd3c0 No.599682

>>599667 you can give a an average geek a unique nextgen tool and access and they can look like a wizard

9b012b No.599683


Was Davos speech by Soros special? He talked about regulate ng these social media Giants, search engines, etc.

The same was also echoed by UN officials.

5f5be0 No.599684


Peyton Manning sold off all 31 of his Papa John's joints in Denver yesterday…

9b83b6 No.599685


Baker Accepting Suggestions for Notables

Dough is being reworked, mission focused

414f34 No.599686

File: e79923107046a85⋯.png (87.3 KB, 488x459, 488:459, Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at ….png)

File: 214fc21c4e39d98⋯.png (119.04 KB, 503x677, 503:677, Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at ….png)


Draft I'm working on to so anons can remain anon by sending a letter. Any feedback is welcome. Its written non confrontationally.

43d681 No.599687


well done.

6d27a6 No.599688


To make JA help him. Credibility?

d91bbc No.599689

File: fc31d45af53c7d0⋯.jpg (12.93 KB, 209x255, 209:255, 534b07e37370f2518c125cee65….jpg)

File: a93046ba52bb29d⋯.png (275.43 KB, 431x444, 431:444, Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at ….png)

File: 966daa82fdd44cb⋯.png (100.4 KB, 660x371, 660:371, _99636100_trump2_976getty.png)

File: e0734e83a4af07c⋯.jpg (7.85 KB, 255x128, 255:128, 6e957643f3893e4ce0985b299a….jpg)


You HAD to guess that when (((they))) pulled his Twitter, SOMETHING Bigly happened.


ef80bc No.599690

File: 11ae52b3354aae9⋯.png (193.87 KB, 983x407, 983:407, LdRisatwat.png)

c1222f No.599691


It was a deep state psyop, he had cover. it was planned

e4ef11 No.599692

6d2638 No.599693


I would say F-book goes first.

80e3b7 No.599694


Never lose hope…

https:// i-uv.com/fourteen-victims-of-worst-paedophile-ring-in-the-state-are-identified-as-eleven-people-arrested/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+IUv+%28I+UV%29

8795e7 No.599695


So, inspite of having my phone's GPS turned off, its possible to located my phone using nearby devices with GPS on? That there's a audio signal that is used to trigger this device interaction?

aeff8f No.599696

>>Don’t drop the soap.


Prison Shower??

27fa16 No.599697


Because he's a clown

b9d880 No.599698


Snowden worked with Prism. That is some back-door stuff into internet databases and access logs.

An elite hacker… No. But when you are one of the ones with access to privileged information and can steer design or even directly implement coding solutions … You can leave handles that will take entire teams months or years to analyze and identify just what the hell you did and how it works or can be exploited.

413b84 No.599699

File: 48b0c00a2a93294⋯.png (28.22 KB, 620x307, 620:307, soros sells tw fb ap sn.png)

9b012b No.599700


Twitter, Facebook sale off by Soros?

e4ef11 No.599701

d91bbc No.599702


What a tangled web. Is this even HARD for you all on a strategic level. Seems like y'all are shooting fish in a barrel.


Happy Hunting!!

414f34 No.599703


Theatre. Misdirection. Wanted the USG to make a super agro move and upset China Proper and destabilize the balance that exists in hk?

a70679 No.599704


Because he never left HK?

d91bbc No.599705

7ad334 No.599706



d91bbc No.599707

899cea No.599708

Q and POTUS (General Patton)

Thanks you for my daily infusion of HOPE.

The generals troops, we patriots, are ready for another day! Mission for day?? ❤️

0dd889 No.599709


Because he never went to Russia. MSM took the bait.

f4e7d2 No.599710


That's what I thought too.

9cd3c0 No.599711

9b012b No.599712


This. Glorious Anon.

9d4dc6 No.599713


Q whats the story with that kid from NK that came home to die ?? Clowns ??

be8eca No.599714


True, but then why Snowden? Doesn't make sense. If they gave him the tool, Snowden isn't of value to the NSA other than a trophy. The tech lives outside of him and Q claims that they own CIA at this point (making assumptions). This is unfolding as if Snowden has something that no one else has access to. Snowden has fame for taking files and exposing, not of someone that developed technology that no one else has. Something not adding up.

414f34 No.599715


1. Soros is dead and son is raising cash as trustee for foundation.

2. Soros is raising cash to make a move.

3. Soros knows they are going down and is so obsessed with profiting off chaos he's taking his profits and selling short ahead of their crash.

ada2c1 No.599716


Are you saying insider selling and a freezing of the credit markets?

bce79e No.599717

File: e04945f86a02552⋯.png (526.64 KB, 590x582, 295:291, 1464548983095.png)

Good night you glorious faggots.

e14e0d No.599718


Die Traitor !!!!!!!!!!! Everybody hates you !!

a7ff0c No.599719


If I'm reading the tea-leaves properly, the sell-off won't help (((them))) much once the indictments are unsealed.

The 'assets' will then be re-patriated.

be6335 No.599720


I'm reading @ jack gave acess to track twitter which includes (target's HRC ect.) if ya drop the soap your toast

7ad334 No.599721


Agree to a point. Balance was eroding prior, but went into cliff mode post Snowden.

7b703f No.599722

File: d82411070749c8e⋯.jpg (38.49 KB, 600x260, 30:13, LmjJec.jpg)

d6d6c8 No.599723

I'm investing in Soap on the rope stock

9b012b No.599724


And final destination is Amrika?

d91bbc No.599725

File: 822f16db5c08e34⋯.png (606.9 KB, 876x391, 876:391, Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at ….png)

File: 5b88166764f3335⋯.png (508.2 KB, 762x583, 762:583, Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at ….png)


We all need to drop this shit anyway. It's served it's purpose. We have a nation to clean up and a Republic to Restore.

It looks like "Wall-E" and "StarTrek NG" out there.

0dd889 No.599726


KYS faggot.

27fa16 No.599727


NESARA happening soon?

f2d88f No.599728


It was WL who helped @Snowden leave HK and got as far as Russia.

Was the plan to use @Snowden to infiltrate WL and help the Clowns bring it down?

d1dd53 No.599729


No… in the image #880 there are no buildings next door… and where is the tower with the golden arches…. and lederhosen man?

04b0ec No.599730


Which country does he really work for?

Expand your thinking.


fc308b No.599731


This is excellent anon, but it is only half of the picture. All rights have corresponding duties, and if this is not ‘spelled’ out it is easy to just assume rights as something ‘owed to me’ in isolation. So yes, we have a right to privacy – and we also have a corresponding duty to respect and protect that same right in others. This dereliction of duty is just as much a failure of the legacy media as their active war against our rights, and I think it is critical to emphasise this rights/duties duality in any discussion of the issues.

bc675e No.599732

File: 521500c60f7bf2c⋯.jpg (139.28 KB, 590x775, 118:155, fake and gay.jpg)

9af9e0 No.599733


Because @Snowden never went to Russia?

e4ef11 No.599734


1 and 4?

29400c No.599735

So did we capture Snowden? Or are we just watching him like Gladis Cravis on Bewitched…

2caf99 No.599736


If he was a legit leaker it would make no sense to broadcast until you were 100% safe and not in transition.

Did they want Patriots to attempt to intercept and cause an international incident?

Give him more credibility compared to if he leaked directly from Russia/China?

Get him into the public sphere ASAP to give he protection/help infiltrate whistle blowers outlets?

8795e7 No.599737


Think muting speaker would prevent this?

899cea No.599738

Is Snowden good or bad??

e170cf No.599739

What deal did Henry Kissinger make?

c1222f No.599740


are you implying snowden been working for russian agency all along?

9af9e0 No.599741


Britain (UK)

9cd3c0 No.599742

>>599714 maybe he was just they guy with the right combination of insider access, low profile, loyal to Them, compromised, and not squirrelly no booze or drug problem, cool head…great cover story American patriot on the run

bc675e No.599743


Tell everyone that Snowden did not post in this bread

5a03d2 No.599744


The country that just gave up the nukes, or China

9b012b No.599745



0a38b9 No.599746


And yet another twist in this plot…wow.

d91bbc No.599747


"Papa John" is BAD news.

413b84 No.599748


Marketwatch article is the same date POTUS flew with AF-1 over NK >>593959

a7ff0c No.599749


>>They won't see what's coming

They were watching you before you started.

aceceb No.599750


Snowden is going to prison

414f34 No.599751


We have no idea what his credentials are. The congressional report described him as a subpar tech who cheated on a government tech test. That sounded fishy. Hard to cheat on a NSA test and fake the skills for the position. Who would be that dumb? Maybe they just gave him the score cause he needed more reportable income to not be suspicious.

be8eca No.599752


Above my red-pilled level. I'm a geek. Please anons that know this stuff fill in the details.

9af9e0 No.599753


Britain (UK) and it was MI6 rouges that poisoned the Russian spy and his daughter.

If the Brits find out it was our own agents, there will be hell to pay.

Amber Rudd is in on it.

27fa16 No.599754


If Snowden is the writer of the algoritms of giggle, fakebook, twatter etc then the CIA needs him…until they don't.

e14e0d No.599755


Awesome work Q ,Thanks for all you're teams effort! You guys are the real Punisher. Twitter storm seemed to work good .Have to travelfag for a few days but I will be watching when possible, Good news to hear you are taking out fake44 .What a demonic evil spirit he is. He would have choked the life out of every single one of us with no thoughts. GET HIM Q !!

e4ef11 No.599756


He had to flee from NK because the strings were cut and he has no one left to answer to.

aeff8f No.599757


>>Track inside sales/divestitures.

>>They know.

>>Watch the sell-off/liquidity events.

Zuckerberg sells $500 Million Facebook shares - March 1, 2018

https:// www.reuters.com/article/us-facebook-zuckerberg/zuckerberg-sold-nearly-500-million-facebook-stock-in-february-idUSKCN1GD5OH

d91bbc No.599758


Don't say Kenya.

9cd3c0 No.599759

>>599753 UK must be cabal comped much more tha u.s.

0bf817 No.599760

Then why russia played the game confirming he is there?

a7ff0c No.599761


Maybe he's just a clown and bad actors played along.

6d2638 No.599762



A Hidden message at Jack, POTUS deletes and installs… twitter down?

This coded message was accepted by the enemy.

-Snowden has access to >'Them'

+groups that regularly share intel

+ a trace that recognizes real world location from anything with a signal…

You say dont drop the soap @Jack…

HEY, youve said this twice before if I recall…

So …+ + + = Maybe I've read this wrong, are you saying Snowden has been monitoring these people? and Snowden could compromise Jack/HRC/LdR?

X-tremely tired.

Big Day

Too much winning_grateful.

e4ef11 No.599763


Uninstall apps that have access to microphone would be a good start.

ab4942 No.599764


I'm ready to buy Q

gimmie those discount assets

I'm building a small business.

during my work I drop little 'references'

One guy I worked with for a year then sent me a 'link' to 'you'

I said, brother are you a PATRIOT

We bonded and are working together even better than before

POTUS, TRUMP, MI, all of you


American productivity UP CAUSE TRUMP!!!

feel like my wealth wont be 'stolen' from me unfairly

I enjoyed paying taxes

Anyways MAGA MAGA MAGA!!!!

9cd3c0 No.599765

TFW Q is posting and you gotta go to work. Godspeed faggots

94a9b2 No.599766

5bf6d5 No.599767


or by nearby wifi

or by hops/latency

e14e0d No.599768


[AS] kill box for that scum!! He cannot be allowed to be free , way to evil. Chelsea Clinton too. WAAAYYYY too evil! Spawn of demons. Lock them all up!!

fe5c6e No.599769


>Watch the sell-off/liquidity events.

Hence the dead cat bounce…nice!

bc675e No.599770


Has to be China

9b012b No.599771



b9d880 No.599772


Because Russia would not let him in?

If he got into Russia and then leaked….

But the op seems to have hit a roadblock and they improvised a way to try and still make Russia into the bogey-man.

Possibly as leverage to try and buy his way into Russia, as well. Perhaps he got a little squirrelly on his handlers and panicked.

Either way… I got to go do some manufacturing. Thank you for the industrial work and the protection of American steel. The Vietnamese do not know how to hold an alloy to save their lives.

d91bbc No.599773


God Speed ANON.

aeff8f No.599774


>>Why would @Snowden go public >>while in HK PRIOR to traveling to so called final destination?

>>These people are stupid.


@Snowden works for China?

41da87 No.599775


Nice one. Such moves are always interesting, but go unnoticed by most people.

500 million… is this like every day trading for Zucki? Does he often do this?

I doubt it.

6d2638 No.599776



Highest bidder? currently China?

I dont think it's about money so much as protection/threat.

43d681 No.599777



4451b9 No.599778


The Ides of March is next Thursday.

c1222f No.599779


maybe he works for the cabal, no specific country, the triangle

0bf817 No.599780


Russiand said he was in the country, why?

e9954f No.599781

File: abc2fbdf135236e⋯.jpg (112.58 KB, 401x560, 401:560, IMG_5134.JPG)

be6335 No.599782


the light has been pointing @snowden….. agree?

6fc07d No.599783

http:// www.kgw.com/article/news/local/it-shook-the-house-loud-boom-heard-across-pacific-nw/283-526806533


94a9b2 No.599784



I think so as well

388939 No.599785


Make as much noise as possible

Distraction with drama that was scripted for a movie

Then head off to bunker down in NK

e14e0d No.599786


Vatican, Jesuits

413b84 No.599787



414f34 No.599788

File: 11cf0a44cae4d60⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1013x682, 1013:682, Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at ….png)

File: f70061a1d0d9063⋯.png (511.84 KB, 627x368, 627:368, Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at ….png)

File: 44762edbecbb1f7⋯.png (732.02 KB, 973x555, 973:555, Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at ….png)



Red Castle? Am I over Target? Love you Lindsay!

7ad334 No.599789

File: 56e851a5ee19842⋯.jpg (70.98 KB, 632x329, 632:329, @jack-tweet-satanicvs.jpg)




Sorry @jack, STEEL scissors cut (golden) threads.

aceceb No.599790


So does this mean all back doors used for spying on Americans in all electronic devices (phones, tablets, computers, TVs, cable boxes, etc) will be closed? Will manufacturers be released from the clutches of the [C]riminally [I]nsane [A]ssociation and other alphabets?

ada2c1 No.599791



Dirty Royal Family… same as it ever was.

e14e0d No.599792


He looked REAL SCARED sitting across from 45 in the photo. He is evil I bet no deals for him . Killer .

9d4dc6 No.599793


Royals !! Roths

d91bbc No.599794

File: 7247252660a9043⋯.jpg (17.37 KB, 278x166, 139:83, dogs_russ.jpg)


Putin is our ally?? I like Putin. Not saying I TRUST him, but misdirection.

"The NWO Worships Satan."- Premier Putin

a7ff0c No.599795


None. Himself.

e9954f No.599796

File: 0266f5864fd9ca9⋯.jpg (121.32 KB, 401x560, 401:560, IMG_4757.JPG)

d91bbc No.599797


I can't fathom that "he" is even human.

8795e7 No.599798


So HAM is only opsec remaining?

ab4942 No.599799



snowden didnt make bitcoin did he?

d91bbc No.599800


I've had that thought too. Maybe he just sold EVERYONE out.

0a38b9 No.599801


Oh, PLEASE let it be this…I want my privacy back, dang it!

7ad334 No.599802

414f34 No.599803


Thank you for the remarks, its a work in progress. I want to help privacy anons contact their congress people by mail.

aeff8f No.599804

@Snowden stayed in China; Works for China. He never went to Russia.

9d4dc6 No.599805

Snowden works for U.S. ?

6d2638 No.599806


ahh… you beat me to it. just the wrong part of the US

f34ac1 No.599807


My guess is Britain. Still a lot of influence over Hong Kong. if that's the case he's really working for the Roths.

"I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the Empire on which the sun never sets. The man who controls Britain's money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply."

Nathan Mayer Rothschild

I think it's taken for granted that the UK is an ally and would never undermine the US, but then they have their shadow gov too

d91bbc No.599808


This is partially how the market is going to "crash" right?? These guys pulling their dirty money out to stay liquid??

9d4dc6 No.599809

43d681 No.599810


in the worst case for the CIA or Israel

2c3d6c No.599811

Is Snowden still having the beef and broccoli?

3c6b3c No.599812

All roads lead back to the crown.

6d2638 No.599813

Necessarily he still has to work with other groups…

I forgot location isnt allegiance by a long shot. US is a good answer too.

f2d88f No.599814


"Snowden is not a traitor. He didn’t betray the interest of his country. Nor did he transfer any information to any other country which would have been pernicious to his own country or to his own people.” - Putin said this in his interview with Oliver Stone.

So if his country isn't the US, it's…..Russia?

6d27a6 No.599815


Vegan. Tofu.

12c66f No.599816


Russia or China

788cc2 No.599817


Maybe you need to expand your thinking. This isn't about countries, this is about individuals and power.

To simplify things down to countries isn't intellectually rigorous enough for me.

So shape up Q, I don't want your riddles and shit anymore. Put up or shut up

e4ef11 No.599818


CIA is a country?

a7ff0c No.599819


>George Soros attacks 'Social Media'


>>https:// www.theguardian.com/business/2018/jan/25/george-soros-facebook-and-google-are-a-menace-to-society

Lying fuck.

He knows what's up so fabricates excuse for selling-out.

2d00c8 No.599820


He went to Liverpool University in the UK.

5901ef No.599821

File: ee6eb9712d95689⋯.png (388.28 KB, 600x387, 200:129, 1520594980351.png)

d91bbc No.599822

File: e7e51ae735c6c8d⋯.png (413.98 KB, 503x504, 503:504, Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at ….png)


And doesn't the Crown lead to The Vatican??

aceceb No.599823


https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forbidden_City

I thank God for Team Q and President Trump. I cry when I think of what life would be like for all of us if she had won. So grateful for all you and POTUS are doing. Big hugs to everyone from all the Anons here!

ada2c1 No.599824


Cool your tits partner…

bece7d No.599825

To make himself look like a guy on the run.


788cc2 No.599826


Time is out, get to work

12c66f No.599827


Guys! My guess is Snowden has been free to move about the cabin all along.

6fc07d No.599828



dea49b No.599829


Go back to bed Seaman

ada2c1 No.599830


I'm at the ready Anon.

6d27a6 No.599831


I just filter them.

43d681 No.599832


US Deep State, you can detect this on your own

c1222f No.599835


when people know they are being watched they change their behaviour

9b83b6 No.599836


There is a thread for that >


be8eca No.599837

OK Q, expanding my thinking. He is valuable because he knows something. What he knows, AS knowns and will make public upon his death and/or capture. The real question from your last drop is, who does he work for that can't have that info come out. Should this be where we should dig?

6d2638 No.599838

Someone's going to have to dig up that Q post where he asks us how

Snowden ever got through customs/HK with a NatSec Hold

e4ef11 No.599839


Hahah what a fag.

ef80bc No.599840


The Uk springs to mind immediately to me.

4e1e18 No.599841



Was Snowden in NK with ES?

aceceb No.599842


July 1997, the UK transferred sovereignty over Hong Kong to China. So China controls HK. China not our ally.

6b5118 No.599843


Who is Ed Anon?

9d4dc6 No.599844

Are we going to have movie night soon Q ??

94a9b2 No.599845

time to sell stock in social media platforms it's going to crash

86a589 No.599846


Who is JS?

0bf817 No.599847

Q, i feel stoopid, which country ES worked for?

b25981 No.599848


The fuckin Brits

7ad334 No.599849





The First Opium War (第一次鴉片戰爭), also known as the Opium War or the Anglo-Chinese War,

was a series of military engagements fought between the United Kingdom and the Qing dynasty of China

over conflicting viewpoints on diplomatic relations, trade, and the administration of justice in China.

Skirmish at Kowloon See also: Battle of Kowloon

In early July 1839 a group of British merchant sailors in Kowloon became intoxicated after consuming rice liqueur. Two of the sailors became agitated with and beat to death Lin Weixi, a villager from nearby Tsim Sha Tsui.[65][66] Superintendent Elliot ordered the arrest of the two men, and paid compensation to Lin's family and village. However, he refused a request to turn the sailors over to Chinese authorities.

8795e7 No.599850



e4ef11 No.599851



ef80bc No.599852


It is and it's embedded deep in all aspects of government, policing, court system and failed child protection services.

65bfd9 No.599853

File: cd65f1681287b8b⋯.png (24.11 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


Maybe this one?

https:// www.cia.gov/library/publications/resources/cia-maps-publications/Switzerland.html

21130e No.599854

I've got a feeling, in me water, that Snowden actually works for the UK government.

be6335 No.599855

POUTS did say China receives stolen intell.. @snowden does have a knack ….and doesn't need an invisible ring

4d0404 No.599856



My grandfather relies on his few stocks and shares to live on. He's old. What will happen to him? And what can I do to warn him?

Please help.

6b5118 No.599857


Eric Schmidt. Former CEO of Giggle.

6fc07d No.599858


or Israel

bece7d No.599859



9d4dc6 No.599860


me too !!

2caf99 No.599861


The possible countries are China / Russia / UK.

China & Russia would benefit the most from his actions, being rival nations and all.

Weakening the NSA/MI would be in their interest., which appears to be Snowden initial main goal.

Putin on Snowden. Interesting.

>https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4SZ49_bS0Y

They wanted Russia to be the only place he could go OR at least make it seem like it was the only place. Misdirection.

However with the Cult/Queen/Cabals strength in UK and the amount of rogue agents and actions from MI5-6/GCHQ etc it's likely he is working on behalf of 'them' and not any particular country.

I think this transcends country lines and he is only in it for himself and 'them';.

6b5118 No.599862

Maybe Snowden is not really a person.

2dfe3e No.599863


What if Snowden was a double agent and has access to China's security systems or Intel systems. If he had access to those systems he would have to be in China, or HK, to gain access to get what he needs to get out of the mess he's in and provide something useful to the US. Just a thought, he isn't valuable unless he's got something to offer, access to China is definitely valuable.

9b83b6 No.599864


He works for POTUS ;-)

36601c No.599865


I found this http:// greatcircusofeurope.com/ , but …………………………………………….

b6bee2 No.599866


6d2638 No.599867

Well there's what 243 Countries @ throwing_darts

We'rent we asked who his father was?

86a589 No.599868



ty. Was drawing a blank.

e4ef11 No.599869


You're both fuckin retarded.

d91bbc No.599870



9b012b No.599871

File: 0e219e1785f9e0a⋯.png (2.45 KB, 255x255, 1:1, cd65f1681287b8bf656814be66….png)

899cea No.599872

Please let NESARA finally unfold and happen. Many are hoping and have been waiting. Can help our families and communities.

d91bbc No.599873


Sell stocks. Buy Gold and Silver.

ada2c1 No.599874


From a UK perspective they owe us some payback for our insurrection against the crown.

Motive enough…

1dc7ad No.599875

Working for the Chinese…misdirection on Russia

9ce2d0 No.599876


Will this happen prior to 11/11 too?

2feb88 No.599877

Israel. Bibbi is toast.

306b07 No.599878


>Which country does he really work for? Expand

Is it a coincidence that North Korea/China and Snowden are both the focal points this week? The tech is not vital info(others have it). Who he worked for is vital info.

414f34 No.599879

File: 9d4dc08e39e31b0⋯.png (472.53 KB, 1068x799, 1068:799, Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at ….png)

File: 98dbbc10b84f0ec⋯.png (817.42 KB, 931x543, 931:543, Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at ….png)


http:// www.lsjourney.com/?p=756#comments

http:// www.aboveview.co.uk/gallery.html

Jae has an interesting link to a UK drone company. He can build whatever you want in 28 days.

Read carefully. might be stego in her comments one hop away.

a157b6 No.599880

File: 855eedc83edc2dd⋯.jpg (120.01 KB, 601x749, 601:749, magatrtrdjt458586585498459….jpg)


Habbenings confirmed.

7ad334 No.599881

File: 1ad303c7b3d5240⋯.png (44.79 KB, 300x250, 6:5, km8B5kSrCW-12.png)

2efff6 No.599882

Good morning anons…wowser! happening! And so many new crumbs we may need a new plate!

Do we know what Snowdens choices are? Snowden a real folk hero so we need to be prepared to redpill around perhaps not what he seems..

Q strongly indicating that WE can push a narrative with DJT as well!!! (Have you forgotten how to play…) and would STRONGLY suggest we push health/pharma/food as that impacts us daily (also what I do so I may be jaded…) and so many lies and mistruth there it is sickening. We could get healthy as a society, save billions in health care costs, be happier (mood is related to diet/body regulation), etc etc etc within six months! All by just some slight diet changes or by supplementation…PLEASE put me in coach..

DJT meet with Kim on first trip! Wow! NO ONE guessed that and I think we were on the 1/2chan at the time…very good news there and NK ours with Iran next!

What is A/B or C for Snowden? Does Snowden have the HRC tape (YES)…is A/B or C a release of that tape (Likely)?

5bf6d5 No.599883



6b5118 No.599884


What, from Rosalind Capital? What are THEY relying on? SELLING gold now, or stockpiling it? THINK!

2cd209 No.599885

3aa7b8 No.599886

Plot twist he works for the Vatican, it is technically it's country.

277a7f No.599887


And then we had the Snowden movie for more brainwashing of the masses.

899cea No.599888

Think Anons should all go to 11/11 parade.

9ce2d0 No.599889


he’s not saying the stock market will collapse. the stock market is not going to collapse. but some social media platforms might. individual stocks.

86a589 No.599890

04b0ec No.599891

Look at his family.

Look at their positions.

Why are we giving him this much attention?

Why are we providing this much sensitive detail in a public [known] forum?

Everything has meaning.


4d0404 No.599892


That'll be difficult to persuade him to do. But thanks.

ac9fbf No.599893


3dca05 No.599894

March 17th……..?

Self-dox. DO NOT write your email in the fields. Read the rules. -BO

Post last edited at

9b83b6 No.599895


All Exits have been shut: UK>RU>CN>NK

There is NOT WAY OUT, round up and dispose time!

d91bbc No.599896

File: 33a3fdb2029b156⋯.jpg (128.33 KB, 702x390, 9:5, IMG_2109.JPG)

File: fc69c5dbcf9692a⋯.jpg (213.62 KB, 1389x454, 1389:454, ForJack.jpg)

File: 5acf38af1b9adac⋯.png (335.85 KB, 491x358, 491:358, a372fb15382829a081f3f00b5e….png)

File: 5c00ffd77f9917b⋯.png (651.64 KB, 499x683, 499:683, ClipboardImage (2).png)


Gonna drop the Fed. Unrighteous Den of Thieves and Robbers. They killed President Jackson AND President Kennedy…

Guess what THAT means??

e4ef11 No.599897

414f34 No.599898

File: 238c05b73707719⋯.png (57.59 KB, 977x435, 977:435, Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at ….png)

12c66f No.599899


Its all an act. Actors

2efff6 No.599900


Are you two really trying to pump up gold here? That would be a VERY bad idea…

59c2dd No.599901


I wondered the same, why are so focused on Snowden.

94a9b2 No.599902


Dig dig dig n!

ada2c1 No.599904


Shits about to go down thats why.

98403e No.599905






Twitter Inc (TWTR) Shares Sold by FDx Advisors Inc

https:// ledgergazette.com/2018/03/08/twitter-inc-twtr-position-trimmed-by-fdx-advisors-inc.html

e4ef11 No.599906


Do a 360 and walk away while you still can.

633268 No.599907


Beautiful art.

Sorry to be anal retentive but, I think you want to say "…he also attempted…" instead of, " he aslo attempted…" [sic]

306b07 No.599908


Plus the MI-6 spy that was killed in Salisbury. Sounds like a MI-6 mop up operation.

d2b69a No.599909

Edward J. Barrett,[8][9] was a rear admiral in the U.S. Coast Guard who became a senior official with the FBI and was at the Pentagon in 2001 during the September 11 attacks.


6b5118 No.599910


He never left the U.S.

2efff6 No.599911


Hey anon..nice find…thoughts on Boston Tea Party? Opium not tea? British Empire made their cash from opium trade not tea..although I am sure they did make some on tea. Would guess they either did or still do have China under their thumb…

3c6b3c No.599912


Using him as bait or distraction.

c1222f No.599913


coast guard, district court, federal judicial center, all government work

bf97b6 No.599914


Hecho en China

d91bbc No.599915


How do you KNOW it will not be collapsing??

Do you REALLY think those fake numbers are truly an honest platform??

You're watching a Movie. With Fiat/Slave Chain currency. It's going away.

6b5118 No.599916


It's very complicated.

075800 No.599917


With that background, he must be a patriot

9d4dc6 No.599918


Good theater, family threatened, captured or the reverse ?

d91bbc No.599919

bece7d No.599920

Dad coast guard, retired. security

Mom court reporter

Live in Maryland



ef80bc No.599921

File: fe4fc4ebea0ff0f⋯.png (35.7 KB, 859x172, 859:172, Traitor.png)

Look at his family.

Very Interesting.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edward_J._Barrett

cfcbc5 No.599922


what about the aliens Q lol?

1dc7ad No.599923

He was working for Hussein and HRC.

CBS interviewed Snowden while on the "run"…interesting how they were able to access him and US authorities were unable to locate/extradite him..

9b83b6 No.599924



be8eca No.599925


Means the Q drops are false. Need a better theory.

f4e7d2 No.599926

If Snowden is deep state, I don't believe borders matter to these people since they're globalists, nationality probably doesn't concern them, no loyalties but to themselves

0bf817 No.599927

Snowden double agent, US and???

bece7d No.599928

He's got to be CIA via M. Alperovitch. Acting on their behalf.

Provided with the coding.


414f34 No.599929


Man, now I'm literally betting on POTUS. What a time to be alive.

4084c3 No.599930


Grandfather was a rear admiral in USCG and present at Pentagon on 9/11.

https:// en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edward_J._Barrett

f34ac1 No.599931


His maternal grandfather, Edward J. Barrett, was a rear admiral in the U.S. Coast Guard who became a senior official with the FBI and was at the Pentagon in 2001 during the September 11 attacks.

father Lonnie was also an officer in the Coast Guard

mother Elizabeth is a clerk at the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland

older sister, Jessica, was a lawyer at the Federal Judicial Center in Washington

6b5118 No.599932


>Dad coast guard, retired. security

There's always SOME connection, isn't there?

How many friends do YOU have with SOME connection? Maybe it's not so common. But in this group it's 100% of the time.

d2b69a No.599933

Edward J. Barrett,[8][9] was a rear admiral in the U.S. Coast Guard who became a senior official with the FBI and was at the Pentagon in 2001 during the September 11 attacks.


from wikipedia, so dunno

cfcbc5 No.599934


the jewwwwssssssss


94a9b2 No.599935


Barrett is the father of Wendy Elizabeth Snowden, Jennifer Barrett, and Julie Barret. He is the former father in law of Chief Warrant Officer (Aviation Maintenance 4) Lonnie Snowden (Ret) USCG.

9d4dc6 No.599936


a clown baby ??

2cd209 No.599937

File: 385919d86d2c8e9⋯.png (664 B, 405x270, 3:2, d82fda3e.png)


SMOM? "Red_Red" mirror image of red cross?

be6335 No.599938


When we hunt Quail in tall grass we have blockers and drivers when they flush they are shot

f0df9a No.599939


Government of US recently stalled the merger/acquisition of Qualcomm citing national security.

4e1e18 No.599940


How did @Snowden clear customs/immigration in HK AFTER the public release?←—-How did, so he did travel elsewhere?

Why wouldn’t he FIRST travel to final destination prior to public release?

If wanted by the US govt would he be cleared to travel? ←——IF?

Who provided support to escape?←-escape HK? escape elsewhere? NK?

Who was the US after during this time?

JA - have you learned & eliminated L-6?

Use logic.


82c2d3 No.599941



Snowden is coming in from the cold ... god speed patriots

6d2638 No.599942


Hostage/Leverage/Intel Leverage versus other actors

+Message to others @Jack.

6b5118 No.599943


Gosh what a coinkydink.

9ce2d0 No.599944


I’ve made it my business to study the markets and made a lot of $. We are entering a new golden age. look at 150 year DOW chart, 2008 is a once every couple decades event at best.

It’s no coincidence that POTUS has been working so hard to take out the cult without destroying the system. We don’t want war, famine, despair, and tens or hundreds of millions of deaths. reform, not destroy.

2efff6 No.599945


Snowden is a CLOWN…while not stated, should be obvious…

Snowden used to infiltrate both the NSA and Wikileaks..

Snowden "op" way more successful as Snowden became a folk hero…

CLOWNS have more power and another point of influence…

85% probable Snowden has the HRC tape…

29400c No.599946


Snowden’s mother works for a federal court in Baltimore

652241 No.599947


can't be a (((TRAITOR))) if you were never a citizen.

BUT this has to ANGER the majority of people in this country. and those who don't see the treachery are literally (((brainwashed zombies))).

69b1a3 No.599948

File: c810404ab16a9be⋯.jpg (187.55 KB, 1024x523, 1024:523, giant skull.jpg)

98403e No.599949


Twitter Inc (TWTR) Shares Sold by FDx Advisors Inc

https:// ledgergazette.com/2018/03/08/twitter-inc-twtr-position-trimmed-by-fdx-advisors-inc.html

Facebook Inc (FB) Shares Sold by HCR Wealth Advisors

https:// stocknewstimes.com/2018/03/09/facebook-inc-fb-shares-sold-by-hcr-wealth-advisors.html

Mackenzie Financial Has Lowered Facebook (FB) Position By $3.02 Million; Neuberger Berman (NEU)’s Sentiment Is 1.1

https:// normanobserver.com/mackenzie-financial-has-lowered-facebook-fb-position-by-3-02-million-neuberger-berman-neus-sentiment-is-1-1/

Lone Pine Capital Has Lowered By $193.08 Million Its Facebook (FB) Holding; Super Micro Computer (SMCI) Sentiment Is 0.97

http:// mtastar.com/2018/03/08/lone-pine-capital-has-lowered-by-193-08-million-its-facebook-fb-holding-super-micro-computer-smci-sentiment-is-0-97/

Goldman Sachs Group Inc Buys Facebook Inc, Walmart Inc, TD Ameritrade Holding Corp, Sells Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc, British American Tobacco PLC, Altaba Inc

https:// www.gurufocus.com/news/650713/goldman-sachs-group-inc-buys-facebook-inc-walmart-inc-td-ameritrade-holding-corp-sells-hilton-worldwide-holdings-inc-british-american-tobacco-plc-altaba-inc

e4ef11 No.599950


Escaped NK to HK

6b5118 No.599951


Absolutely true. The narrative had to be believable. To everybody reading it. "Disinfo is real/necessary."

d91bbc No.599952

File: 1826f35aff0ef4b⋯.jpg (18.37 KB, 255x197, 255:197, 93875a83d2173f762cb062779d….jpg)

File: 3cbf909a001012e⋯.png (197.17 KB, 442x270, 221:135, Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at ….png)

File: 5c00ffd77f9917b⋯.png (651.64 KB, 499x683, 499:683, ClipboardImage (2).png)

File: 051235326a891c8⋯.jpg (17.15 KB, 239x240, 239:240, f73f97ab8e8d80c59d5d31f8a0….jpg)

File: d72f76c1c3bfcca⋯.png (129.88 KB, 504x333, 56:37, Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at ….png)


No. I'm saying that "stocks" and fiat currency aren't very good "bets" right now.

"BET" being the key word.

But don't take what I say to heart. What do I know?? I am but a lowly ANON.

Pull the plug on the Fed, what happens to "stocks"??

Are WE going to keep the Fed??

dc1c6e No.599953

File: 250a0d13c796a7f⋯.png (2.43 MB, 869x975, 869:975, CriminalEnterprise.png)

File: fd6fbff42421e89⋯.png (2.3 MB, 610x1317, 610:1317, CriminalEnterprise_page_00….png)

File: 80f2de40e87f1fe⋯.png (1.7 MB, 640x925, 128:185, CriminalEnterprise_page_00….png)

File: 0acd3a264078f29⋯.png (1.66 MB, 650x889, 650:889, CriminalEnterprise_page_00….png)


Foundations, Institutes, State & Energy Departments, Fortune 1,000 Companies, UN Orgs, e.g. UNICEF…

3dca05 No.599954

Interesting timing considering this meeting planned between Dotard and Kim.

He stepped down less than a week ago. Quite a coincidence wouldn't you say?

I guess he didn't want to be a part of history with the denuclearization and peace and prosperity that Dotard will bring to the Korea

a7ff0c No.599955


The word 'resilient' means 'able to recover'.

Their plan was to destroy all the progress we've made but have the infrastructure in place to be able to bounce back.



Agenda 21.

Georgia Guidestones.

6d2638 No.599956


hmm during 9/11

6b5118 No.599957


Hmmm, something to consider there, eh? They couldn't hide him any better than that?

27fa16 No.599958


Is that the Greenberg's?

bef5a3 No.599959



bece7d No.599960

They're not Jewish.



887dc3 No.599961

414f34 No.599962


Someone threatened Potus's family. Return the favor?

f05500 No.599963

File: cf53a6a49d92538⋯.png (20.05 KB, 1127x128, 1127:128, ClipboardImage.png)


On the other board we had a long discovery discussion about the logistics acquisition… That's his maternal grandfather

e4ef11 No.599964


You're a fuckin retard ey?

dea49b No.599965


so is this proof he Works with China?

if he was Cleared to enter HK..

a157b6 No.599966

File: 1dad319bccb8ef0⋯.png (36.85 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 1518664132440.png)


To distract the Clowns from the fact you already knew everything and are just saving his sorry butt from being killed by same Clowns?

4e1e18 No.599967


The age of tech has hurt their ability to hide/control.←—tech above born in, coincidence?

Majority today were ‘born in’ to the circle.←was "Snowden"?

bece7d No.599968

He wanted to create a false illusion of who he was and what happened.


7ad334 No.599969





<Second Opium War

During 1856–1860, British forces fought towards

legalisation of the opium trade,

to expand coolie trade,

to open all of China to British merchants, and

to exempt foreign imports from internal transit duties.

France joined the British.

The war is also known as the "Arrow War", referring to the name of a vessel at the starting point of the conflict.

The war resulted in a second group of treaty ports being set up; eventually more than 80 treaty ports were established in China, involving many foreign powers.

All foreign traders gained rights to travel within China.

2caf99 No.599970



Edward J. Barrett = Rear admiral in the U.S. Coast Guard > Senior FBI Official


Lonnie Snowden = Coast Guard Officer


Elizabeth Snowden = Clerk @ U.S. District Court Maryland.


Jessica Snowden > Lawyer @ Federal Judicial Center in Washington,

He went to school in UK (Liverpool) and also studied both Japanese and Mandarin, or at least had a keen interest.


Family is involved entirely in the US gov. Especially the coast guard.

Family could aid in the moving of U1/Human Trafficking (Haiti?)/Drugs etc

US Coast guard has alot of power and jurisdiction.

cead87 No.599971

Barry is owned by a corporation

more than likely

which is why he has trans-citizenship/immunity

he's a product of "the state"

9b83b6 No.599972


Over the next 9 months we are going to see what Class means in Statecraft.

The restraint our People showed is legendary.

Very Professional

8795e7 No.599973

@Jack has been busy trading Square stock recently. SQ is engaged in the war on cash.

fe5c6e No.599974

lon snowden:

Aviation Program & Project Management; C4ISR and Avionics Specialization. Requirements and Specification Development, Acquisition Management. Organizational Management; Senior Officer responsible for operation of Electronic Systems Laboratory ('96-'99). Operations Management. Logistics Management. System Engineering. Certified Field TEMPEST Authority ('86-'91). Electronic Engineering Technology Instructor ('82-'86); Course and Curriculum Developer. Disaster Relief Operations. Operational Military Aircrew Assignments; Fixed Wing (FW) Navigator, FW Sensor System Operator, FW Radio Operator, Rescue Helicopter (RW) Hoist Operator, RW Avionicsman. Operational Military Afloat Assignment; Medium Endurance C.G. Cutter. Community: Executive Committee and/or Board Member on Multiple Local, Regional, and National Non-Profits.

d91bbc No.599975

File: 224eb55d28f8d1e⋯.jpg (107.83 KB, 500x648, 125:162, 24cqh6.jpg)


Who said ANYTHING about any of that??

The market is mostly fake, based on #'s that are FAKE.

The NEW ERA is an ERA of TRUTH.


We're all SO wealthy that all of our heads are going to spin.


GodSpeed MarketAnon!!

dc1c6e No.599976

File: 9128f21ec52a865⋯.png (439.78 KB, 284x527, 284:527, CriminalEnterprise_0004.png)

4d0404 No.599977

File: 1652040bb3d382d⋯.png (88.67 KB, 754x475, 754:475, ClipboardImage.png)


Coastguard? People trafficking?

86a589 No.599978


British Royalty owns LdR and HRC? He communicates to them for Queen? WWIII was to be US v. China? Australia gives biggly to Clintons? If China out of South Pacific Ocean, Australia becomes the main Power there? UK "owns" HK and Australia? British Empire Rules World once again?

4b651c No.599979


Chinese asset, US liability now?

3dca05 No.599980

Just think its curious that our top envoy to NK at the State Department just step down??


5b4aad No.599981


lose the email namefag

doxxing is not encouraged

43d681 No.599982



great work.

bece7d No.599983

Don't think that's a real thing.


82c2d3 No.599984


Protection ….. like Kims sister. We know Snowden is trusted and coming home. He can't be suicided and branded a traitor

6fc07d No.599985


Snowden works for the Romans. Geneva, Romania, Swiss Government.

f0df9a No.599986


Q, you have to crumb here.

2e2b6b No.599987

I'd take a wild guess and say @Snowden was in NK as CIA OP. NK was a place where deepstate can easily grant border crossigs to @Snowden.

When Clowns realized NK is not a safe place for @Snowden any more.

He arrived China, HK not long before the NK+SK news revealed.

Another wild guess: @Snowden is the key for or against the internet censorship. So in order to weaken his position Q team needed to cut all the strings at NK.

After this Q posted multiple photos of @Snowden's exact location, but it was't meant for us really. It was meant to make @Snowden to run and be scared.

So now strings cut, he is scared Q team will give him an offer A/B or C and he has 24 hours to decide. Maybe we will see the answer on Twitter.

Third wild guess: So the stage was set by revealing SK+NK news. This is the starter to get to @Snowden and through him arrange the IBOR in time. When the internet comm will be free Q team will release the bomb they have on HRC and all the others….

068d50 No.599988


Sniwden has made a choice!

He's been given access by all the families and now is demanding the msm bullshit stop- all of it!

Other demands of gov organization.

Disclose free energy.

Likely b/c families conceed/ prison vs death.

Woo Hoo!!!!

Posting under Hello COdex! LMAO!

6fc07d No.599989



(Modern) Roman Empire

fe5c6e No.599990

Lon Snowden:

Coast guard

Disaster relief…

Seems connected with trafficing

aeff8f No.599991

Snowden Family:

His maternal grandfather, Edward J. Barrett,[8][9] was a rear admiral in the U.S. Coast Guard who became a senior official with the FBI and was at the Pentagon in 2001 during the September 11 attacks.[10] Snowden's father Lonnie was also an officer in the Coast Guard,[ and his mother Elizabeth is a clerk at the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland. His older sister, Jessica, was a lawyer at the Federal Judicial Center in Washington, D.C.

Snowden speaks Mandarin Chinese

Girlfriend's father - Jonathan Mills is a systems engineer with Govt. Contractors in DC

70ad67 No.599992


Speaking as a techfag, IBOR is not enough. We need some real help from No Such Anons in our tech life. The fact of the matter is that large centralized entities are rich juicy prizes for social engineering types to go after. Social media needs to be atomized and distributed the way email is.

Another thing that really grinds my gears is that three letter anons are reputed to use zero day exploits to violate American citizens privacy instead of working with open source teams to quietly close these holes to strenghen our general computing infrastructure. We need a lot more encryption everywhere. Yes, it makes it harder to listen in on everything all the time. That is the point. It also makes it harder for the russians and chinese to spy on us, and eventually as the habit of encryption eveywhere reaches into rus/chin, makes spying domestically much more difficult there as well.

d91bbc No.599993

I never knew this guy was going to mean so much. Wild.

f1cfeb No.599994


Looks to me that you're trying to force them to run or panic and do something stupid.

cead87 No.599995


It's the Romanov Family, all descendants

including Roths/Royals/Black Nobles

c33329 No.599996

File: 35d90a55676b002⋯.png (4.05 MB, 1200x1599, 400:533, IBOR v1.png)


This is exactly what we need to be working on IMO. An abstract petition will never get us the traction to set the stage unless it's codified. And what better way to get mass-exposure than having an actual draft of the IBOR. Perhaps just the process of drafting & editing IBOR could get many constitutional scholars to join in.

Yesterday I posted my own draft version, far from finished. I think it can complement what you've done. I was concentrating more on the freedom of speech without creating an overblown bureaucracy. Also I was trying to frame it in a way that will resonate with those who fear muh Russia interference.

Here's the text from my draft:

Internet Bill of Rights (IBOR)

It’s about time that we bring the security standards that safeguard our democratic institutions to the 21st century. We need protection from international/corporate special interests that might want to subvert our democracy by exploiting social media sites, search engines, etc. Likewise we need anti-trust protection from potential interference in democracy by the tech giants that have become our primary forums for public debate and information flow. As such, these corporations are currently entrusted with unprescedented power with virtually no oversight. Also, we need protetion from our own government that might want to pressure/conspire with tech giants to cheat against democracy. Finally we must protect small tech companies/orgs/public formus with minimal impact on democracies from having to comply with the anti-trust regulations. We have a responsibility to ammend our Bill of Rights with the the digital age in mind, or we may soon wake up as slaves.

We the People Declare the Internet Bill of Rights (IBOR) as a digital extension of our God-given unalienable rights to free speech and privacy.

Every public digital entity (website/app/parent company/etc) that in some way processes at least 10% of a politically relevant national market such as media/social media/search engines/etc shall comply with IBOR’s Anti-Trust Clauses (ATC1 & ATC2).

ATC1: An IBOR-regulated entity shall not in any way restrict service or censor content unless there’s an explicit violation of a non-ambiguous rule that applies consistently & non-discriminately to all users.

ATC2: Every restricted user of an ATC-complient entity has a right to challenge the restriction in court/arbitration.

Law enforcement and intelligence agencies shall not demand any restrictions towards any user from any digital entity, unless they get a warrant, requiring high-likelihood evidence of criminal intent, which may be prevented with the restrictions.

A digital entity can only engage in server-side tracking consentually, and must offer its users the opt-out, “forget-me-now” option.

We could sure benefit from a thread dedicated to drafting IBOR

ada2c1 No.599997


They own all Commonwealth countries.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commonwealth_of_Nations

cead87 No.599998


ref. House of Romanov [coat of arms] location

9d4dc6 No.599999

File: 1f945bc3c5c8524⋯.jpg (73.63 KB, 900x470, 90:47, deep state.jpg)

d91bbc No.600000

File: e6528c5bc34b40b⋯.jpg (429 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, american-flag-2260839_1280.jpg)

File: 73e2884d35f384f⋯.jpg (165.91 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakening535.jpg)

File: 03b00bfecc6562c⋯.png (2.68 MB, 1000x700, 10:7, Trump_Lion_Transparent (1).png)

No matter what…WE WIN BIGLY!!!

d95e87 No.600001


Shall we start calling him The Kenyan?

413b84 No.600002


That's what I meant with Israel. If Snowden works for Rothschild, he's Mossad.

Israeli companies Verint and Narus worked inside NSA.

Read this:

DID YOU KNOW?: Two Secretive Israeli Companies Reportedly Bugged The US Telecommunications Grid For The NSA


0bf817 No.600003

Wild guess in snowden, US clowns and saudis

3dca05 No.600004

Do you think Kim Jong Un is buying time, Lindsay Graham seems to think his words are relevant to the NK leader. We shall see

5b4aad No.600005

File: b2607752b406ab0⋯.jpg (57.08 KB, 913x416, 913:416, British spy.JPG)

Russian embassy in UK calls out the poisoned spy as being a British spy

https:// twitter.com /RussianEmbassy/status/971714818104315904

075800 No.600006

His familiy supports him, that should make the Whole case. Looks to me that all his Family is real patriots, serving the Usa. How can he be a traitor

be8eca No.600007


Snowden didn't develop it. When Q responded it was about who he works for. I can promise you @Snowden is not the brains behind the technology. Why him. Q responded dig into his family and positions. Is his family more important than @Snowden?

d91bbc No.600008


My military friends speak in hushed tones about the Vatican. Not sure what to think.

Does the Crown Lead to the Vatican??

12c66f No.600009


Disinformation is necessary. Lets all watch Snowden run. Whats really going on?

21ac00 No.600010



Now that just shot my coffee thru my nose!!

Gotta get on twatter and troll this twit!!


e4ef11 No.600011


Off by 1.

ada2c1 No.600012


http:// thecommonwealth.org/member-countries

5b4aad No.600013


checked and Kek

5f3df5 No.600014

File: 05fb90b0702c483⋯.jpeg (515.66 KB, 1511x1901, 1511:1901, 14E69D3B-CD11-49A5-B24A-B….jpeg)


He didn’t want to be suicided. He went to China and provided intelligence. China released Hu back to US same day

9ce2d0 No.600015


tangentially related - someone I worked with two decades ago was a former coast guard officer working in Florida, they seized drugs off the coast. Him and his buddies would go lift some of the drugs off the coastie boat during the night and resell them to dealers in the area.

I was appalled

fe5c6e No.600016

Lon Snowden:

Community: Executive Committee and/or Board Member on Multiple Local, Regional, and National Non-Profits

cant find which ones

65bfd9 No.600017


Digits confirm


414f34 No.600018


I really don't think Snowden is he real name. He probably picked it. Its the kind of handle someone well read would choose referring to Catch-22. If the name is fake so is the rest of his family history. We need to match based on appearance to someone well known. The zucker thing just doesn't quite sit right with me. Its got to be someone else.

7bcc7d No.600019


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABsYzjnWugQ&index=3&list=PLqzYzlBOS17Ya7_OVB3ovXHrbLPds6Z5X

414f34 No.600020


LOOK at his family say the Q.

b1cf47 No.600021

Q. Will our 2A rights be infringed upon ?

bece7d No.600022

I don't think he's really related to MZ.

Couldn't find anything but rumor when I tried to research it, no evidence.


0f9e71 No.600023

Can someone please tell me how to set page so it will inform me when Qs trip code is posting? Reletively new.

Not user friendly

21ac00 No.600024


Please just go away concernfag.

You’ll not dampen the jubilation here.

669116 No.600025


interesting… wonder if that fbi agent who "killed his wife and himself" in baltimore two days ago… is connected to this

bece7d No.600026

Live in MD area and all have government work experience. He admittedly worked for the CIA.


12c66f No.600027


I've never thought it's his real name or family. Snowed in. Snowden. In Russia

0bf817 No.600028


You have to be here in real time, or watch twatter feed #qanon

7ad334 No.600029


> Look at his family.

Last name: Snowdon

SDB Popularity ranking: 7077

This interesting surname is of Anglo-Saxon origin, and is a locational name from any of three places:

Snowdon in Devonshire; (((Snowden in the West Riding of Yorkshire))); and Snow End in Hertfordshire (recorded as "Snowdon" in 1362).

All three places share the same meaning and derivation, which is from the Olde English pre 7th Century "snaw", snow, and "dun", hill; hence, "the hill where snow lies long"

<Read more: http:// www.surnamedb.com/ Surname/Snowdon#ixzz59FlfFIIG

bece7d No.600030

Read that they were separated and she may have had a restraining order against him for violence.


514e67 No.600031


Hidden message to @Jack, to delete POTUS Account, then install some sort of special tracking software for when POTUS tweets, to allows Snowden access to POTUS Tweets, to censor them, and to track the devices that POTUS uses to upload messages?

791e31 No.600032

MSM is broken now on to the rest

https:// www.newsbusters


d91bbc No.600033

File: 3b07e978defbd95⋯.jpeg (24.51 KB, 255x255, 1:1, f0467fa8035fb699c78738320….jpeg)

File: 239c11b9779f3d6⋯.png (91.01 KB, 473x340, 473:340, Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at ….png)

File: 584f974ac674e29⋯.jpg (13.72 KB, 238x255, 14:15, b3074e80d9a313d24796ddb580….jpg)

File: 9d973bb97ccabeb⋯.png (561.95 KB, 604x605, 604:605, Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at ….png)


It is Done.

Don't forget….



bece7d No.600034

According to Wikipedia, their heritage is European, not Jewish.


f1cfeb No.600035

File: 16d293e3f2cb810⋯.jpg (101.23 KB, 500x333, 500:333, 6192536340rf625-f-7-666451….jpg)

6b5118 No.600036


We don't see a broken MSM yet. We see business as usual. Show me, don't tell me. Yes, it's coming. No, not yet.

3dca05 No.600037

Q the 10 Days of Silence? will that begin in march?? >>599891

d95e87 No.600038


treason. Punishable by death

414f34 No.600039


Wouldn't you pick people with real histories to play the part of his family? Has anyone seen teenage pics with his father that are aged correctly?

0f9e71 No.600040


Often I am here in real time and still manage to miss it. Scrolling or don't notice trip code. No way to set page to notify me when trip code pops up?

e4ef11 No.600041

File: 193f44ddbb6d0c5⋯.jpg (307.65 KB, 951x864, 317:288, 5b3d33e64fdb7d7c808fe4f212….jpg)

fe5c6e No.600042

http:// www.theindy.org/178


A condition of Snowden’s asylum is that he stop publishing classified documents. Yet revelations of US espionage net continue. On October 17, days after Lon left Moscow, The New York Times published excerpts from the first interview with Edward Snowden since he was granted asylum. The reportedly “wide-ranging interview” took place “over several days” while Lon was in town.

There are two interrelated points here. One, Snowden asserted that neither the Russians nor the Chinese accessed his trove. And two, after passing the files to journalists Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras in Hong Kong, he no longer has copies of the files. So, the Russians did not access the files because he did not bring them to Russia. It is a different story with the Chinese, as there is no doubt he had the files in Hong Kong. Still, Snowden told the Times, “There’s a zero percent chance the Russians or Chinese have received any documents.” Snowden claims that his previous work, including targeting (read hacking) the Chinese and teaching a course on Chinese cyber-counterintelligence, allowed him to evade his Chinese spy counterparts.

bece7d No.600043

I think parents divorced in early 2000s. He was still a teenager.


be8eca No.600044


Back to, he isn't special as a developer/hacker. When pointed out, Q pointed out his family. Something we are missing here. We are mostly hackers/programmers/developers here. Think. Snowden isn't some uber hacker.

6d2638 No.600045

>>599942 rt >>599891



Big alt theory


Im not fully entertaining this yet;

Is it possible

That ES is a current US asset, perhaps on the wrong side.

He was 'encouraged' to drop keyscore, prism

Things that hurt No Such Agency.

Now everytime I see Adm Rogers speak he's talking about legal frameworks, and Auth.

Did ES commit 'treason' encouraged by Clowns

In order to go deep undercover? Much in the same way phony raps are put on undercover cops, or they will legitly do time and then infiltrate a gang?

Not ashamed to admit it Im confused about 'Mr. Big Hero'

6d8010 No.600046

A/B or C

Assassin's Bullet or Cuffs.

bece7d No.600047

>>600044 see


Who assigned him to leak?

65bfd9 No.600048



Erin Burnett @ CNN is showing signs of turning.

First she calls out Nunberg for being drunk, then admitting POTUS will achieve greatness if NoKo plan works.

http:// www.washingtonexaminer.com/cnn-anchor-theres-no-way-around-trump-being-a-great-president-if-deal-reached-with-north-korea/article/2651136

414f34 No.600049


He looks 35-40. He would have finished high school 95-00. Where did he supposedly go to school?

2caf99 No.600050

>Edward Snowden

Lived in Wilmington for nearly two years and still has family here.

According to New Hanover County voting records, Snowden was registered to vote with an address in the Windemere neighborhood from April 6, 2009, until February 2011.

On Monday afternoon, neighbors said Snowden’s mother, Elizabeth, who goes by Wendy, bought a home there for her sister, Julie Barrett. According to property records, Wendy Snowden bought the home in November 2004.

>None of the neighbors recalled ever seeing Edward Snowden at the house.

The neighbors also said Barrett was involved a serious car wreck at Eastwood Road and Cardinal Drive six months to a year ago, and the house has been vacant since.

Snowden’s grandparents and at least one cousin still live in the Cape Fear area.

src - http:// www.starnewsonline.com/article/NC/20130610/News/605041315/WM/

9d4dc6 No.600051

Well Hollywood made him out to be a hero, Mossad Q??

9ce2d0 No.600052


The things I mentioned are all highly probable consequences of global markets collapsing

d95e87 No.600053


Friend, you post this everytime. We all want the children saved, but if they just save the children and dont take down the system that rapes and kills them then it will just start all over again. There have been arrests right and left since Trump took office, but when the children are saved, we want this evil to be completely vanquished SO IT CAN NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN. It has to go in a certain order. Please.

43d681 No.600054


The word 'remarkable' and Donald Trump in one sentence on the MSM was indeed a rarity.

12c66f No.600055


Agreed. I don't think he's a tech whiz, but a puppet, or bait. They're trying to pull someone else in with this game.

4b651c No.600056


January 17, 2017 - Russia extends Snowden's asylum until 2020, it almost would appear that he is working with Russia, but why travel to China, is he basically a double agent at this point?

6fd4ec No.600057


If GPS is off, but phone is connecting to the phone network it can be triangulated to a location. i.e. it is between 3 cell towers at any time. The signal strength can be used to determine the distance from each tower. Where the points intersect is where the phone is located.

d91bbc No.600058

File: 579905ed616aaa4⋯.png (801.5 KB, 796x805, 796:805, Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at ….png)

File: a86f6b24d5c02d8⋯.png (47.37 KB, 353x216, 353:216, Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at ….png)

File: d44fa463a465205⋯.jpg (128.25 KB, 960x540, 16:9, trustsessions.jpg)

File: cbaa4d33b3941bc⋯.png (78.31 KB, 2000x1084, 500:271, maga-flag-make-america-gre….png)


Don't we see a BIG announcement about NK and maybe the Korea's tomorrow?? Even CIA-NN is saying he HAS to be considered a "GREAT PRESIDENT" IF that happens.

It's ALREADY happened.

Now let EVERYONE from Boston to Budapest talk about it ALL weekend long, it will OWN the NEWS Cycle and ALL Americans will be like…"WTF…I thought Trump was Hitler??"

Then when the Hammers start dropping Sunday night/Monday AM…


Either way…




be6335 No.600059


she will fall on her knees when POTUS takes down Iran

bece7d No.600060



Childhood, family, and education[edit]

Edward Joseph Snowden was born on June 21, 1983,[6] in Elizabeth City, North Carolina.[7] His maternal grandfather, Edward J. Barrett,[8][9] was a rear admiral in the U.S. Coast Guard who became a senior official with the FBI and was at the Pentagon in 2001 during the September 11 attacks.[10] Snowden's father Lonnie was also an officer in the Coast Guard,[11] and his mother Elizabeth is a clerk at the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland.[12][13][14][15][16] His older sister, Jessica, was a lawyer at the Federal Judicial Center in Washington, D.C. Edward Snowden said that he had expected to work for the federal government, as had the rest of his family.[17] His parents divorced in 2001,[18] and his father remarried.[19] Snowden scored above 145 on two separate IQ tests.[17]

In the early 1990s, while still in grade school, Snowden moved with his family to the area of Fort Meade, Maryland.[20] Mononucleosis caused him to miss high school for almost nine months.[17] Rather than returning to school, he passed the GED test[21] and took classes at Anne Arundel Community College.[14] Although Snowden had no undergraduate college degree,[22] he worked online toward a master's degree at the University of Liverpool, England, in 2011.[23] He was reportedly interested in Japanese popular culture, had studied the Japanese language,[24] and worked for an anime company that had a resident office in the U.S.[25][26] He also said he had a basic understanding of Mandarin Chinese and was deeply interested in martial arts. At age 20, he listed Buddhism as his religion on a military recruitment form, noting that the choice of Agnostic was "strangely absent."[27]

881b87 No.600061

Q, Trump is alienating many from his base based on the actions Florida is taking on guns. Is this too a movie with great actors? I though you said Hillary was the one that was going to go after 2A in 16 year post. What’s going on here? Thanks for all that you do.

3a4a04 No.600062


Great digs anon!

Let me see if I get this straight…

* Daddy helps orchestrate 9/11, and is involved in trafficking.

* Mummy helps get people off from trafficking and other offences (because she is part of "the gang").

* Both Ed and sister were MK Ultra'd from a young age… Puppets…

* Sister now takes after mummy…

*Snowden speaks Chinese and never went to Russia… He went to china where he was working as a spy for them - helping the chinese set up networks in and out of China.

* Snowdens GF is a plant (possible MK Ultra puppet as well).

* Snowdens GF Daddy "leaks" info from his agency to Snowden and he gives it to his bosses in China…

f2a0d3 No.600063


The Deep State

fe5c6e No.600064


So if he didnt have the files in Russia, he could have given them to china, and has been working there as well..

e4ef11 No.600065


NK to HK

2efff6 No.600066


Q..some of us do "remember" how to play the game! So here is one for you and perhaps another way you can help us sir! Unity is what we are about which most of us understand and understand how that fits. Some of us know where this is all headed and the ramifications of what come next. Pulling densities up requires healthy bodies. In order to prepare, you have to get the world right, but we need to prepare physically. There is a surge in new science around the endocannabinoid system=ECS (NOTHING TO DO WITH MARIJUANA CANNABIS CBD’s..although they effect this system) and I am a researcher/entreprenuer here and trying to educate. The ECS is a common system to almost all life on the planet. We developed an ECS before we developed legs, or eyes, or a heart, or a brain…we did have a bit of a central nervous system, arguable which of these came first, but the ECS is older than your brain..so pretty darn important. Further, it is a resources driven system. We deplete resources here and they have to be resupplied by our food intake (or supplements). Lastly, it is clear that the ECS is your MASTER REGULATORY SYSTEM.

With this knowledge it would be easy to make us health or make us sick as very easy to weaponize food! Just change the food sources and deny us pre-cursors needed to build the chemical mediators which run us. Try running your car without hydraulic fluid. Food weaponization looks to me to be EXACTLY what has happened and can explain in detail and at a PHD level to those that will listen.

Good news is that this is easy to fix..BUT..we need a new food pyramid and a better understanding of diet and how to eat not only for the ECS but also for cognition and energy. In our company we are having great success by producing food based medicines (although we CANNOT call them that per FDA…lets fix that along the way PLEASE..). We have been at this for 3 years now and have been working with a major University on research/validating/planning so taking a VERY scientific approach..we will get to the FDA NDA. BUT..not about our CO..that is just an indication of where things are..MORE important to get the knowledge out..can help EVERYONE..

We have something that can help all…we would be in a position to suggest “experts” here that would be ready available to educate..please help me get this message out!

9b83b6 No.600067


What have you heard on Gun Control lately? EXACTLY. 2A is safe IMO

6b5118 No.600068


Think in terms of layers of bullshit. Peel back one to get to the next.

514e67 No.600069


spent 4 years doing compsci at uni.

Hated coding but i know whats capable as i have high accolades regarding security.

ba7c9f No.600070

File: 0aee62d9ec28d9c⋯.png (574.19 KB, 1598x1768, 47:52, Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at ….png)

File: 955452c74e2a3bd⋯.png (647.84 KB, 1636x1778, 818:889, Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at ….png)

File: ca338118e95614d⋯.png (658 KB, 1704x1758, 284:293, Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at ….png)

File: e6342cc5707c7a2⋯.png (333.71 KB, 1738x956, 869:478, Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at ….png)


Famous kin of Snowden

075800 No.600071

File: a3861998afe357c⋯.jpg (358.58 KB, 1900x1267, 1900:1267, 67754591-e3ad-4e92-8b9e-76….jpg)

Kim brought With him Rice liquor to the dinner. He might be a funny party man

2e2b6b No.600072


I suspect MSM is not broken due Trump's good deed but . But with this good deed he cut the strings attached to MSM. Maybe not much left behind them now…

e4ef11 No.600073

File: 85b4e1c9a96fe11⋯.jpg (14.69 KB, 255x225, 17:15, 0cd294bb1f9a30402cb812d0a4….jpg)

bece7d No.600074



02/23/18 (Fri) 05:06:12 06cb69 No.471015>>471029 >>471120

"In retaliation against the NSA, the CIA chose Edward Snowden, who was working for the CIA through Booz Allen Hamilton, to release stolen NSA documents that proved the NSA was illegally spying on Americans through computers, phones, and many other electronic devices. Snowden didn’t work for the NSA and did not have access to NSA files though he released a huge amount of data that confirmed the NSA’s surveillance. Michael Alperovitch’s CIA handlers ordered Snowden to turn over the NSA’s PKI encryption codes so that the CIA could enter the NSA’s system and steal the files needed to prove the NSA’s illegal surveillance. Snowden did not personally have access to those codes nor the information in the NSA system as part of his job."

https:// www. linkedin.com/pulse/three-factions-cia-control-world-covert-fvey-alliance-michael-holt/

This happened in 2013, the same year that the Red October malware was discovered by Kapersky Labs.


Snowden and Michael Alperovitch and Dmitri Alperovitch have all been linked to the CIA.

c1222f No.600075


he works for the bloodline

d91bbc No.600076


What if there was a PLAN in place??


How can we EVER, ALL of the Nations that have been crushed by "the banks" ever be FREE or have an honest chance IF (((they))) get to keep printing up worthless Monopoly Money??

POTUS is pretty decent with $$$.



0f9e71 No.600077


They already have

41da87 No.600078


You are totally right, there is a lot more to be done. I think backdoors are very common. Windows and smartphone crap is just the tip of the iceberg.

d95e87 No.600079


Are these logged in the meme section, anon? I'd like to use them when it all breaks. Thanks. You are a very talented artist.

3c6b3c No.600080


Burnett mimics madow with her moving arms, just needs to blink more and they would be nearly identical. I find it difficult she would ever show a sign of changing, difficult on most all the others as well.

fdaf14 No.600081



6b5118 No.600082


Maybe that's just a story we want you to believe. Disinformation is real.

6fd4ec No.600083


If GPS is off, but phone is connecting to the phone network it can be triangulated to a location. i.e. it is between 3 cell towers at any time. The signal strength can be used to determine the distance from each tower. Where the points intersect is where the phone is located.


If you don't think you'll make the final destination, you dump where you are.

d91bbc No.600084


GEOTUS and His People at it again. Wait until the BIG NEWS drops.

They will be DED.

2c3d6c No.600085


Did the clowns take out Nam to keep Un in line?

7ad334 No.600086

File: 9abf8f716b33942⋯.jpg (688.94 KB, 1389x1600, 1389:1600, C22.SsS.02.jpg)


What better way to write a role of a lifetime but to create fictional characters in your parent's generation based on your family surname going back centuries to the Old World?

21ac00 No.600087


Q just wants us spreading the concept of #IBOR by meming far and wide. Advise not playing lawfags. May be fun but time better spent red-pilling normies w #IBOR and flooding the Senate with #confirmFTCnominees.

6b5118 No.600088


Hmmmm. Could be signs of slippage!

e4ef11 No.600089


ES = Edward Snowden

9b83b6 No.600090



or suggest

Q's Tripcode: !UW.yye1fxo

Q's Latest Posts

Friday 3.09.18

>>599891 Everything has meaning.

>>599730 rt >>599714 Which country does he really work for?

>>599679 Why would @Snowden go public while in HK

>>599642 rt >>599627 Track inside sales/divestitures.

>>599627 rt >>599614 Some platforms will collapse

>>599607 rt >>599581 Hidden message @Jack

>>598581 rt >>598223 escape to Kenya

Batch 740 Notables

>>599675 George Soros sell off…

>>599714 Why Snowden, replied to by Q

>>599789 @Jack satanic verses

>>599921 Look at his family

>>599996 IBOR Ideas

Taking Requests

8795e7 No.600091


Five 9s. A highly available Anon.

5bf6d5 No.600092


I feel like anons are missing a connection with the great firewall of china.

Just some quantum intuition magic I'm feeling

881b87 No.600093


Many who supported Trump lost their support for him when they saw him praise the new Florida gun regulations (age, waiting period, etc). I still support Trump but some of these “not an inch” guys are saying FDJT now. I’m hoping that Trump is playing a game here and the support will come back.

fef5ba No.600094


You want THEM to know eyes are on Snowden.

9ce2d0 No.600095


Oh I have faith and trust the plan. I just think your idea of what the plan is isn’t exactly what the big brains have in mind! Don’t live in FEAR! 2018 will be Glorious!

d91bbc No.600096


Gotta recycle about 90% of our "shit" that they have sold us over the years. From "phones" to drywall….


6b5118 No.600097


Or Eric Snowden! Or Edward Schmidt! Really Google IS North Korea!

ada2c1 No.600098


She can be truthy at times… I recall her saying some pretty hard hitting shit toward wall street from time to time when she was on CNBC in the early 2000's.

9a696b No.600099


"[snowden] He was reportedly interested in Japanese popular culture, had studied the Japanese language,[24] and worked for an anime company that had a resident office in the U.S.

does snowden have something to do with 4chan / 8chan directly ?

"NSA's Hawaii regional operations center, which focuses on the electronic monitoring of China and North Korea,"

ah that's why Trump visited Hawaii

413b84 No.600100

File: 86c32a2bca69464⋯.jpg (112.28 KB, 900x900, 1:1, bariatric-a-62-73-48-count.jpg)


Digits confirm.

Maybe (((they))) should order some diapers…

9d4dc6 No.600101


no shit !!!

9ce2d0 No.600102


addendum: Buying GOLD = FEAR. Want to stock up on useful things just in case things go sideways (trust me I have, too) … there’s a lot more useful things than shiny rocks.

4451b9 No.600103


>I think it's taken for granted that the UK is an ally and would never undermine the US, but then they have their shadow gov too

A ruse as bad as the Khazarian Jews. UK was never a true ally. Every single American war was caused and instigated by them.

d91bbc No.600104

File: 5c00ffd77f9917b⋯.png (651.64 KB, 499x683, 499:683, ClipboardImage (2).png)


Who said I'm living in fear?? Never felt as free as I do right now. We got this Patriot!! Part of the fun is seeing how it ALL plays out right??

GODSPEED MarketAnon!!

6d2638 No.600105


lol GJ

I need rest soon.

3c6b3c No.600106



She was good back then, not any more.

3a4a04 No.600107



I was thinking about bloodline as well, but Q said what Country does he work for…. Bloodlines have no country loyalties (at their core).

I can see powerful people and sheep (sheep = bloodlines that are bread for programming, which turned into MK Ultra).

Snowden is a prime suspect for MK Ultra.

0a38b9 No.600108


Q, sir, could we get a ruling on this? Please?

0f9e71 No.600109


if so maybe that's why Q started posting here.


ada2c1 No.600110


disinfo will be necessary.

5bf6d5 No.600111


Thank you.

9ce2d0 No.600112


Godspeed! :)

790848 No.600113


Must be present to win

2efff6 No.600114


>Social media needs to be atomized and distributed the way email is

REALLY good points anon…decentralization and encryption..central platforms are easy targets…

d91bbc No.600115

File: 1826f35aff0ef4b⋯.jpg (18.37 KB, 255x197, 255:197, 93875a83d2173f762cb062779d….jpg)

File: 6f7a9fc966f5526⋯.png (274.62 KB, 1500x1148, 375:287, 0415A366-FB59-48A8-B038-36….png)

File: ade748e850745bd⋯.png (403.39 KB, 702x742, 351:371, 1516235369135.png)

File: 8de507d05a6ba4e⋯.png (289.54 KB, 466x443, 466:443, 1517539208302.png)


I never said stock up, I said stocks were a bad bet right now if you're depending on them doing well.

A true market correction coming in T-Minus….

ada2c1 No.600116


I wasn't even aware she was on tv till the other day…

bece7d No.600117

He was working for rogue element of USA? Anti Russia, pro-Nazi, pro-Ukraine, pro-HRC/BHO, pro-CIA. Now he will be working for Trump just like Trump controls NK?


d2b69a No.600119


and you should lurk for two years before posting…

50d4a3 No.600120

File: 75be408efd7cdb6⋯.jpg (57.99 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, 75be408efd7cdb679c47463b68….jpg)

Holy KeK he's saying Snowden is a Chinese double agent!!!!!

6d2638 No.600121

Must be strange watching 'the mirror' form out of crumbs dropped, Q…

To transfer what you know is similar to creating…

Crumbs… What creatures…

I still trust in the mission. But this point-of-view^^ is important too.

Re-questioning everything, even snowden is too.

a0e955 No.600122


So we’ve been told Snowden has been in Russia this whole time. Has he really been in…NK?

Then fled to China when POTUS met with Rocketman on the Asia tour.

3a4a04 No.600123


I mentioned the great firewall of china last night, and got no responses…

I agree that this is a big player..

Have you heard about "Sesame credit" a social media thing in China. It will be mandatory for everyone to use in the future..

It is totally Snowdens baby!!!

It is truly evil!

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHcTKWiZ8sI

http:// www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-china-34592186

64c990 No.600124


ultrasonic sound beacon

3c6b3c No.600125


Potus is the master of disinformation. Plays a leak lie off to msms who bites, tells truth and accused of lie. The ds get attacked with conspiracy and lie then witnesses die. Over time this becomes transparent enough to prove the conspiracy.

2efff6 No.600126


I'm +1 on this…put it in a draft and lets start working on it…we could trade it in War Room or here as part of the batter…

ba2d17 No.600127



0f9e71 No.600128


Hey Q…. is that really snowden who posted near the top of this page? real/fake?


Edward Snowden 03/09/18 (Fri) 06:01:34 fb87b6 No.599580>>599718 >>599726

I'm going to fuck POTUS in the ass with what I'm doing

I know MI is watching me

They won't see what's coming

4451b9 No.600129


Snowden is a fucking retard like Zuckerberg. How is he the center of ANYTHING AT ALL?

ada2c1 No.600130


You Again…

d91bbc No.600131

File: ff847d41207c341⋯.png (471.08 KB, 642x625, 642:625, Screen_Shot_2018-02-04_at_….png)




I LOVE the lightening bolts!!

ef80bc No.600132

File: 26723aea5771df8⋯.png (116.84 KB, 400x388, 100:97, dropcatch.png)

9ce2d0 No.600133

File: 7cc1b54bde3dfa1⋯.jpeg (97.45 KB, 886x631, 886:631, 0FCCBCFE-08A2-40C4-AFBA-9….jpeg)


Take the long term view anon. Where do you think we are at right now? we aren’t really that much higher than the 2000 peaks, even now.

I see disruptive all-boats-lifting technology coming bigly next two decades

98403e No.600134


will only believe when special pics of your lady are posted, ones that only you have

1cff05 No.600135


yeah. i think it's disinfo. but i can also support POTUS on most issues, and oppose any anti-2A moves.

He's a very stable genius. he knows gun control is retarded.

he's just playing the game. (hopefully)

3c6b3c No.600136


You gotta watch her with the hands, pushing a point so hard but it's a dull point. Chopping hands on the desk like she lined up convincing facts, but hasn't. Flipping hands over like case closed, but it isn't.

c33329 No.600137


>Look at hist family.

>Look at their positions.

Many well placed positions

>Why are we giving him this much attention?

Perhaps the family is well placed for a reason. Are they stealth Rothchilds? Or perhaps their key operatives? That could explain why they're all well placed & the attention.

>Why are we providing this much sensitive detail in a public [known] forum?

Leverage? Key domino must fall to leave ppl like @Jack exposed?

>Everything has meaning.


55d328 No.600138


What charges can be placed for a person not being a legitimately born American citizen yet getting elected president if they lied about place of birth? Is there even a law on this?

Supposedly, his grandmother stated bho was born in Africa. Michelle slipped once on video saying that. Is it true?

Why would everything from his past be so secretive?

College records? Thesis?

Birth Certificate?

Birth Certificate should be the easiest to produce, yet was always a point of contention. Didn't the woman in Hawaii who produced it meet an unfortunate end in a plane crash?

Not sure anything I've read on the internet is true anymore. Seems everything, including the history we were taught in school decades ago, was all based on lies perpetrated by a propaganda machine to keep the masses compliant. JFK murder, wars, legitimacy of the MSM…nothing is what we were TAUGHT it was.

Thank you, POTUS, for bringing clarity to light. Thank you to the Q team for dropping the crumbs and making us think. Thank you to the Trump family, particularly our spectacular FLOTUS, for giving up your beautiful life to put up with all the nonsense being thrown your way. Hopefully, small notes of thanks like this make your day a tiny bit brighter. You are loved, prayed for, and appreciated more than I can express.

7ad334 No.600139

File: ba00ffe6e4580b5⋯.png (174.27 KB, 920x542, 460:271, Snowden-Surname-wiki.png)




A gaggle of notable words on this list

< en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snowden_(surname)

43d681 No.600140


is this fake or himself?

86a589 No.600141


My point is that once The Sun Never Set on The British Empire. They were THE World's Super power. They owned most of America and they ran China (got most addicted to opium and Lorded it over the stupor of the Chinese elites. If They eliminated America AND China, they would go back to that exalted position.

bece7d No.600142

BHO has gone to extraordinary lengths (including 187 reportedly) to obscure his past.


ada2c1 No.600143


Go back further….We are at the end of an up tren from the 1700's.

d91bbc No.600144

File: b57bf8de4875eee⋯.jpg (17.23 KB, 227x255, 227:255, 302df036114921383b2d4ccaa3….jpg)

2efff6 No.600145


Hopefully HRC tape..

be8eca No.600146


It means China is the bad guys then. If Q wants Snowden, who in the world is our enemy at this point that won't turn him over to play nice.Today we learned China setup US/NK World peace, so China hiding @Snowden from Q doesn't make sense. Who is @Snowden working for. If he is in HK, that is UK/China that can really have control (to my knowledge). China doesn't make sense from what we learned today. If he is working for UK, can someone sauce that?

3aa7b8 No.600147


i've always wondered why he was given that nobel prize so quickly, what it really meant.

1584fe No.600148

File: bb7e9a4d80ff7fa⋯.jpg (61.55 KB, 1200x782, 600:391, Ronald-Reagan.jpg)

File: 8b65bab5fe0d10c⋯.jpg (466.58 KB, 1280x853, 1280:853, 8b65bab5fe0d10c1115c5f7c46….jpg)

File: 5f174299e7f70aa⋯.jpeg (34.78 KB, 474x474, 1:1, download (1).jpeg)


Shillfag is back.

How is that North Korea thing working out for ya? Lol

God bless President Trump and former President Ronald Reagan. Best presidents we have had in the last 100 years for sure.

801002 No.600149


I promise I'm not a shill. While expanding my thinking with up is down and left is right…the thought crossed my mind…what if ES is Q? Sorry for the likely insult…this has got the head spinning!?! Praying at worst you will all have a laugh and not filter me.

d91bbc No.600150



4d0404 No.600151


Idiot. Its the same bored old fool who posts what they think are amusing posts in the name of various key players.

ada2c1 No.600152


High school debate tactics… amateur hour

440c48 No.600153

File: c4f134cb859ad3a⋯.png (558.47 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, When_were_done.png)

ba2d17 No.600154

You ain't shit Q

I'm going to fuck your shit

bece7d No.600155

The SJW fake icon.


414f34 No.600156

File: 9d4dc08e39e31b0⋯.png (472.53 KB, 1068x799, 1068:799, Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at ….png)

http:// www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/bs-md-snowden-early-0609-20130609-story.html

This has a few different details regarding snowmen's background from the wiki. Its all a mess. If he was a boring kid with a normal background, this info would be 100% clear. Something is fishy with his identity.

Can anyone find a guy named Jae Turner in the UK? I found some connections through his girlfriends blog post comments. He looks like someone snowden would be friends with in the UK. Pretty close in age.

a074fd No.600157


Catching up on the overnight breads. In case no one said it, it looks very similar to the overhead shot from the where's waldo drop the other night.

8ad9d3 No.600158

"He'll claim Kenyan citizenship"


https ://nothingbutcomics.net/2014/07/22/the-military-skull-art-inspired-by-the-punisher/

94a9b2 No.600159


no proof = FAKE Clowns learn

301f55 No.600160

File: 73c696f0a3ca86c⋯.jpg (70.89 KB, 560x371, 80:53, c24c4d84b34b6df3c64a944594….jpg)



All of them.


1cc5a2 No.600161


Ladies and gentlefags, we have yet another LARPer.

3c6b3c No.600162


Yep, and a bit of begging for you to believe her. Many of them are begging with their news.

6d2638 No.600163


Yeah how about wack alternate snowden theory

>>600045 Snowden works for (US)

What if weve been hamming it up the whole time so clowns can keep his cover?

d91bbc No.600164

File: 966daa82fdd44cb⋯.png (100.4 KB, 660x371, 660:371, _99636100_trump2_976getty.png)

File: 574fa50050749f8⋯.jpg (12.95 KB, 255x204, 5:4, 3342936e60bb87f448103c419d….jpg)

File: 88d798d0d41ba6b⋯.jpg (821.89 KB, 1712x1704, 214:213, 1509318076885.jpg)

File: be714bf7afaa64b⋯.png (1.58 MB, 1119x837, 373:279, BBE72D8E-BE14-4AA7-9862-01….png)


Oh no…You have me confused with someone else Patriot.

I am a shitposting, Fed hating, self-doxxing NameFag, yes…but a shill I am not.


9d4dc6 No.600165


Nope Hussein's ass is American grass now, fuck the birth certificate !!!

3a4a04 No.600166

File: 6c08d1ca486b563⋯.png (38.7 KB, 1008x395, 1008:395, sesamie cred.PNG)

File: 5e729892415c867⋯.png (245.2 KB, 677x1180, 677:1180, sesamie credit 2.PNG)

File: 0882aa177ef9939⋯.png (1.15 MB, 641x1277, 641:1277, sesamie cred 3.PNG)

Is Sesamie Credit made by Snowden?

There are many layers to this social network, and how evil it is!

China is looking at making it compulsory… This is not a game! But China is making it a game…

1584fe No.600167

File: 75c5abf5c5edc2d⋯.jpeg (54.25 KB, 564x685, 564:685, DW2tdE5U0AAGrCN.jpeg)

Which platforms Q refered to as going to collapse under legal weight, Anons?

Twatter, Fukbook, others? How soon?

4b23a2 No.600168

Hong Kong is separate from China. Just because Snowden is in HK, does not mean he is working for China. I believe he is in HK because of the lax immigration laws there. Anon posted yesterday that you don't even need a passport to enter HK. If this is true, it means we are missing a lot.

Q asked how he cleared immigration in HK and why he went to HK. @Snowden did not leak the intel until after he was out of the US, right? HK would be the easiest country to get into, so would be best choice. Maybe he has never left HK. However, Russia has some involvement in it since they allowed the short interview with Snowden to be accepted as though he was in Russia.

We were led to believe Snowden worked for clowns to bring down the NSA. Yet, his family are govt employees.

Russia is not a friend but Putin wants to do away with the NWO. China is not a friend, but Potus and Xi have a great relationship. You don't here Xi complaining about the steel tariffs.

There are so many oxy morons, it is hard to discern without more input from Q.

0bf817 No.600169






US clowns before US Potus now

0f9e71 No.600170


Idiot? How the hell was I supposed to know that? FO

3a4a04 No.600171


Sauce: http:// www.wired.co.uk/article/chinese-government-social-credit-score-privacy-invasion

7ad334 No.600172

File: 0e2157a4e04a0fe⋯.png (19.57 KB, 611x70, 611:70, Snowden-seealso-Catch22-wi….png)

075800 No.600173


The reason was Torbjørn Jagland, who was so starstruck and in awe of BO. They just wanted to be in his presence

65bfd9 No.600174


Post that to your twitter and maybe some here will take you seriously. Otherwise, filtered.

54f023 No.600175


I'm gonna say Isra-hell…

1c7a84 No.600177


DEFINITION of 'Liquidity Event'

https:// www.investopedia.com/terms/l/liquidity_event.asp

A liquidity event is an event that allows founders and early investors in a company to cash out some or all of their ownership shares. The liquidity event is considered an exit strategy for an illiquid investment - that is, for equity that has little or no market to trade on. Founders of a firm, naturally, drive toward a liquidity event and its investors along the way - venture capital firms, angel investors or private equity firms - hope for or expect one within a reasonable amount of time after initially making an investment.

d91bbc No.600178

bece7d No.600179

Because his testimony will help to expose many bad actors.


21ac00 No.600180


Not to worry. Shiploads of >10,000 metric tonnes of gold from Roth, Soros, etc., civil forfeitures and criminal reparations steaming home. Ft. Knox being expanded other repositories out for bid. Think Gold Standard.

43d681 No.600181



1584fe No.600182


We know Twatter had some big billionaire divestitures. Anons, any sources on others especially recently?

2efff6 No.600183


1st cousin 14 times removed is the CLOSEST relative listed here…

The wiki stuff seems to be a better avenue anon…

ada2c1 No.600184


Like the dogs they are…

c62ed7 No.600185

00000faraday >>599738

>>600142 true. Look at the curious "death" of Loretta fuddy.

d91bbc No.600186


If this ends up being Snowden…LOL!!

(I know it's NOT, but….)


801002 No.600187

A request for MEME bundles of sticks. Can we have some STEEL memes for the MSM takedown push? Something like STEEL the narrative…STEEL back our country…many gratitude and thanks if this gets someone as amped as I was watching POTUS sign the section 232 Proclamations!!!

413b84 No.600188

On the other hand…

Snowden was one of the exposers of Al-Baghdadi being a Mossad agent…


9d4dc6 No.600189


Mossad, I Called it !!! They're Israel's Clowns !!!

791e31 No.600190

Have we had BOOM #4? If not, should we expect it today?

ba2d17 No.600191

By the end Q and I will face off man to man

He better watch out I have military training

Many of you may not know this but Q is a cheeto eating slob

I'm going to destroy him

41da87 No.600192


Including the information in every area of life they "sold" to us!!!!!

d91bbc No.600193

File: e6528c5bc34b40b⋯.jpg (429 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, american-flag-2260839_1280.jpg)





God Speed & God Bless!!

413b84 No.600194


Rogue CIA agents are zionists.

ef80bc No.600195


It's Royston "The Pedo" Potter.

You know the one that thinks the more women you marry, the more access you have to kids?

ada2c1 No.600196


Fuck off faggot.

3aa7b8 No.600197

File: dbb0214413f9e25⋯.mp4 (114.62 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Quit Boring Everyone-kv84w….mp4)

d91bbc No.600198


Yeah…we have some REAL work to do to put things Right. I'm in!!

bece7d No.600199

I guess that would be because regular CIA agents are Nazis??


12c24d No.600200

Snowden Family


Edward J. Barrett, was a rear admiral in the U.S. Coast Guard who became a senior official with the FBI and was at the Pentagon in 2001 during the September 11 attacks.


Lonnie was also an officer in the Coast Guard


His mother Elizabeth is a clerk at the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland.

Older Sister

His older sister, Jessica, was a lawyer at the Federal Judicial Center in Washington, D.C

Maybe also relevant… "Snowden" - "Family"

Families who sheltered Edward Snowden in Hong Kong say NSA whistleblower ‘gave them hope’

http:// www.scmp.com/news/hong-kong/law-crime/article/2051491/families-who-sheltered-edward-snowden-hong-kong-say-nsa

068d50 No.600201

Thank you Q!

Most of all, THANK YOU GOD, my Father!

I have no idea what your reply means but am ready, willing and able! Let's do this!

9b83b6 No.600202


I would love to, you need to be convinced of it first before we try to convince others.

Keep up the work though, question, find fact. Put together posts and include supporting evidence.

Seriously, you are what makes this work don't stop thinking/fighting.

2efff6 No.600203


>This happened in 2013, the same year that the Red October malware was discovered by Kapersky Labs.

donut! nice! Snowden 100% working for the CIA as a contractor..I believe he was then subcontracted to the NSA and was working on data base administration when he made his haul. He then was in a position to infiltrate wikileaks which he did. Now…how compromised is wikileaks and JA? Is Snowden/CLOWNS running wikileaks?

Snowden being DIRTY brings into question a ton of whit about wikileaks…just sayin'

61c242 No.600204


Snowden has always considered himself a patriot.

It was his love for America that motivated him to expose the illegal and unconstitutional activity going on inside the intel community.

He sought asylum in other countries (Russia finally granted this) just to avoid retaliation from Clowns and black hats - he surely would have been 187’ed for this release, and he knew it. The only way to get the word out and make the American public see the evidence first hand was to release it and be around long enough to bring awareness to what has been happening.

So, my bet is that he’s been working for America as a patriot. The right man came along (DJT) and he’s been able to start working his way back in, providing evidence and data, and re-proving his loyalty to the USA, the country he holds dear in his heart.

I don’t purport to know what’s in another man’s heart - that’s Jesus’ job. But I offer this more as a hypothesis based on what he has said. Of course, it could all be a ruse to get sensitive data into the hands of our adversaries, biut I don’t think so.

9d4dc6 No.600205


The rathole is Deep !!

6d2638 No.600206




not funny.


3a4a04 No.600207

File: af4d1ad111623dc⋯.png (958.62 KB, 1426x923, 1426:923, cred.PNG)


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCC8Sj5iFdc

Snowden works for China.

*Working on social media like sesame credit

* working on the great firewall of china

* working on setting up networks of intel across the globe…

Is that somewhere in the ball park?

ba2d17 No.600208






I'm in China learning the ancient arts of combat in order to defeat Q

413b84 No.600209


You're doxxing your jewishness.

d91bbc No.600210

File: 2e3dc10f20d4d75⋯.png (1.2 MB, 1026x647, 1026:647, Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at ….png)

File: cdfea8ace5fc95e⋯.jpg (227.14 KB, 500x518, 250:259, 173b729de97c9683fe077f8c1c….jpg)

File: f63f01752800897⋯.jpg (86.3 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, d326f44828ea9efbd18eb31ad2….jpg)

File: 5a61f981eb8cd3a⋯.png (442.56 KB, 474x380, 237:190, Screenshot-2018-2-19_pinay….png)


Jesus…Yuck!! I just want to marry a lot of women because I LOVE WOMEN!!!

I gotz Issues ANONS.


d2ce0d No.600211

Shit Q is on fire today !

Boom after boom after boom !

Keep it up Q and team !

Thank god for your initiative, it was badly needed !


that is the Danish flag.

414f34 No.600212


pip works here-

https:// www.findhorncollege.org/contact/faq.php

bhkdist/shambala cultish kind of commune with 500 internationals operating on an EU grant for eco diversity? This looks suspicious in the Q/Snowden context.

Her partner contacted lindsay, snowdens girlfriend. I think these people are related to one of the couple.

No one is what they seem.

bece7d No.600213

I'm a total goy, sorry.

You're doxxing your Naziness.


b98af3 No.600214

File: 566d8bf42e8be5c⋯.png (375.42 KB, 1658x980, 829:490, Screenshot 2018-03-09 at 0….png)

File: 2d66b2001ac9eab⋯.png (875.8 KB, 1548x1216, 387:304, Screenshot 2018-03-09 at 0….png)

Follow the "white" rice "rabbit"?



1584fe No.600215


FB is pure evil and stole tech and patents. Not too mention raped people's private info and sold to the Dems/ Hitlery.

Let the mass class action suits begin. But maybe it will implode once an injunction and stop service order is put on them because they are using stolen patents and govt funded tech.

The day Fucker is in an orange jumpsuit and his mega Hawaiian mansion is raided and put on the market will be a glorious day for all citizens of the world.

7ad334 No.600216


Start here:



Classified By: Amb. Tatiana Gfoeller, Reason 1.4 (b) and (d).




7. (C) With a mock groan, the Duke of York then exclaimed:

"My God, what am I supposed to tell these people?!" More

seriously, he invited his guests to suggest ways Kyrgyzstan's

economic prospects and attractiveness could be improved.

9. (C) Addressing the Ambassador directly, Prince Andrew then turned to regional politics.

He stated baldly that "the

United Kingdom, Western Europe (and by extension you

Americans too") were now back in the thick of playing the

(((Great Game))).

More animated than ever, he stated cockily:

> "And this time we aim to win!"

We have more than we know?

c33329 No.600217


"Stage set?

Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc are regulated?

MSM is controlled?

Use logic!

Trust the PLAN.



So it sounds like Q knows that we won't be able to do the red-pilling until we force the legislators to take this seriously. I'm not sure if memes alone will take us there. I think it'll be much more effective if we accompany the memes with an IBOR-drafting process that'll remind people of a Constitutional-Convention.

3a4a04 No.600218

1c7a84 No.600219


Judging by the following quote, I'd guess he works for the USA.

“I grew up with the understanding that the world I lived in was one where people enjoyed a sort of freedom to communicate with each other in privacy, without it being monitored, without it being measured or analyzed or sort of judged by these shadowy figures or systems, any time they mention anything that travels across public lines.”

https:// cointelegraph.com/news/us-govt-develops-a-matrix-like-world-simulating-the-virtual-you

4125ff No.600220

Looks like with his deep state background and being a clown Snowden was a useful Spy tool to break into the strongholds still resisting the NWO -his anti NSA “credentials” were the honey pot to get into China/Russia??

China and Russia are working with Trump to bring down the NWO.

413b84 No.600221


Explain away, clown, what's a nazi.

2efff6 No.600222


humbling asking if this could be added to the notables…


12c24d No.600223

From Snowden Wiki but interesting…

"He was reportedly interested in Japanese popular culture, had studied the Japanese language, and worked for an anime company that had a resident office in the U.S. He also said he had a basic understanding of Mandarin Chinese and was deeply interested in martial arts. At age 20, he listed Buddhism as his religion on a military recruitment form, noting that the choice of Agnostic was "strangely absent."

9d4dc6 No.600224


Slams on brakes, research starts to slide, steers out of skid ….OK now !!!!

ead6c6 No.600225


@snow… Subscribes to C.Marx ideological Eutopian ideology. He's a double agent clown.. hates the USA version of NWO, hence attracted to Puttins version of NWO - as per 2015 famous NWO speech… Am I on the right track Q??

6d2638 No.600226


appreciate it… its a scenario that fits and makes sense, with what are seemingly contradictory Q posts…

This probably means I need to read them again.

50d4a3 No.600227


So he started off as a patriot, became disillusioned with all the crap going on in BHO admin, starts farming out his "talent" which winds up being China..? GAH. NEED MOAR INFO.

e0f013 No.600228


can't get the message out without the platforms being opened up.

3a4a04 No.600229


I have to admit that one is pretty funny….

1584fe No.600230


Motherfucker! We didnt see. Why is he so scared if he has the greatest company and tech as he claims?

Doesnt matter when they seize his assets and ill gotten gains based on stolen tech/ patents.

54b737 No.600231

Good morning anons.

I'm only able to be here during the day, and damn it, I log off to head home and everything goes nuts!

I missed all the fun!

1cc5a2 No.600232

I think I've had too much winning for one night fags. My brain hurts trying to figure all this out. Probably overthinking it.

from 2013 on fox and friends

“I think Snowden is a terrible threat, I think he’s a terrible traitor, and you know what we used to do in the good old days when we were a strong country — you know what we used to do to traitors, right?” Trump said, Politico reported.

“Well, you killed them, Donald,” said fill-in host, Eric Bolling.

Mr. Trump’s response: Well, he is damaging America.

“This guy is really doing damage to this country, and he’s also making us look like dopes,” he said, Politico reported.

Acting? all the way back in 2013? Or is Ed really a black hat, or maybe a "Doomed spy" (Art of war)

9bc3c2 No.600233

File: 2b4822d5dd4b9ed⋯.png (65.38 KB, 658x507, 658:507, 2b4822d5dd4b9ed5d2db5a87ac….png)


That's Lt. Maj. Col. Adm. Royston "The Pedo" Potter to you, Son.

bece7d No.600234

File: 9b81fb455a48feb⋯.png (323.76 KB, 614x415, 614:415, Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at ….png)

887dc3 No.600235

Has anyone read Snowdens books?

c33329 No.600236


I'll be happy to start working on the thread sometime tonight.

6dbb2e No.600237


Queen ; UK

So she WAS the one in command of NK ?

a074fd No.600238


Supposedly back in the fold but an eye is on him.

3085b6 No.600239


Ham radio is not really opsec. It's security by obscurity as there are relatively few of us - 750,000 in the US

b98af3 No.600240


that second image is from newsweek too…

didn't they just get raided and taken over by NYC field FBI?

413b84 No.600241


So, you can't even explain, brainwashed idiot.

And thus you refer to violence. You're doxxing your stupidity.

3a4a04 No.600242


kek that guy is so funny when he gets upset!!!! Over the smallest of things!!! hahaha

I can't even watch his BS anymore

9b83b6 No.600243


cb65c1 No.600244

is it just me or is the world already saved, and we're just watching the show? we watch and tell normies about the show in digestible chunks. the plan is to avoid chaotic reactions and slowly redpill on all that has occurred already.

bece7d No.600245

The photo says it all.


59c2dd No.600246


He is a movie star and a writer and a CIA double agent? Where does he find all the time?

be8eca No.600247


Doesn't match the first picture with Clinton. Q strongly hinting that the US/CIA was in control of NK

414f34 No.600248


Lon Snowden appears real. He's the cover. Think of Snowden as an "adopted son" Lon Snowden being real would kill the choice of literary names vector, but his mothers name has a few versions(Elizabeth or Wendy). They are divorced. He apparently had no friends and he took classes at community college(easy to falsify those records) .

Does He look like his sister? My almonds are firing and saying Lon "adopted" him when he showed up in the US around age 20.

33f300 No.600249




Anon this is an autist work area. Please try respect that. We all had question we all learned to look first for ourselve . You can too, and teack others.

Cell phone location search "stingray triggerfish cell spoofing"

This is not a chat room, nor a classroom.it is our office and home.

1584fe No.600250

File: 22185a4d1326b71⋯.jpeg (143.3 KB, 816x1024, 51:64, DXG589hW0AYwFsi.jpeg)

File: 1cb654ad0bfab25⋯.jpeg (93.69 KB, 476x640, 119:160, DW2koGaWsAAWxtX.jpeg)

File: 7fd5b860578a885⋯.jpg (69.3 KB, 412x359, 412:359, 7fd5b860578a885cd0245b4d17….jpg)


God Bless Donald J Trump, the BEST PRESIDENT EVER!

9d4dc6 No.600251


They buy expensive art, overseas, and try to hide it, like podesta's,or loan, to museum, till the heat dies down, then sell, to cash out, to another rotten bastard !!!

2efff6 No.600252


It is called a deatheater..

dea49b No.600253

Is the IRS fucking with anyone else?

received an audit from 2016, even though my taxes were accepted, tried to sign up online at IRS to view my account and it will not send me e-mail confirmation, my calls to the is get hung up!!!

d2ce0d No.600255


I think most here agree that he is a Black hat.

9766c6 No.600257


You did not seriously just ask that…

9d4dc6 No.600258

0f9e71 No.600259

Why not just snatch the snowman?

Why follow him?

Cat playing with (dead) mouse?

3085b6 No.600260

Snowden could have cleared HK customs if he had a CHINESE or Diplomatic passport.

Many spooks have diplomatic passports and work under cover. Or so I've heard.

d91bbc No.600261

File: 12cd9bee1fb9f73⋯.png (586.44 KB, 796x530, 398:265, Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at ….png)


Okay…AdvocateAnon here again Snow…

You and Jim Acosta in a tag team steel cage match against Dennis Rodman & General Flynn for the World.


c33329 No.600262


Exactly! Which is why we need an actual IBOR, Or at the very least a credible threat that'll adjust the platform's behavior. Memes + triggering the Drafting is the way to go IMO.

2da504 No.600264

Snowden, final destination.

UK I suspect.

440c48 No.600265

File: f796d257852f074⋯.png (344.21 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Snowden_Arrogance_Uomo.png)

21ac00 No.600266


…Gulag and CuckBook. POTUS’ FTC nominees voted out of committee and about to be confirmed by Senate. Once this happens the FTC will sweep these platforms up in scores of Anti-Trust and Consumer Protection enforcement actions. This is what Q has been telling us. Trust the Plan.

94a9b2 No.600267

File: a358ce7e011cfd8⋯.jpg (106.8 KB, 624x525, 208:175, JA.jpg)

JA Seems a bit pissed of with (((THIER))) hypocrasy

413b84 No.600269


You probably like spreading nazi pictures. Spraying swastika's everywhere too? Just a part of your sick game.

6dbb2e No.600270


True about pic, but yesterdays digging revealed Snowden's gf had ties to MI6 ?

Also HK is ex British

3085b6 No.600271

Thanks to the bakers who worked through the DDoS attack last night. Up to 733 archived to the Pavuk app, but it took FOREVER.

414f34 No.600272


the gyro and accelerometer keeps running all the time if its powered and can guess your location. Wifi pings can track you. Emergency cell tower pings can track you if your phone is powered on and has its sim card in it.

909122 No.600273

What a 24+ hours.. wow. Got anymore of these "BOOMS" Q?

d2ce0d No.600274


damnit, it remembered my name from last session…

Even though i deleted it.

It's gone now. Sorry for namefagging for no reason

7b21cf No.600275

File: 3037b559451c4c1⋯.jpg (373.14 KB, 1066x1198, 533:599, Screenshot_20180309-065622.jpg)

Wondering what his role in all of this is.

86a589 No.600276



Very immature of me but I am REALLY looking forward to Michael being outed.

He's not even a real tranny. A real one wouldn't be called by their male name in private either and bc Hussein slipped up and called him Michael at least twice I think he's a fake at that too.

50d4a3 No.600278


maybe giving him a choice? Q's patience is running thin?

3aa7b8 No.600279

File: ae81cf6a7e43dac⋯.png (147.86 KB, 572x411, 572:411, ClipboardImage.png)

re: market drops


887dc3 No.600281


Snowden, the philosopher, gun nut. Patriot?

2efff6 No.600282


Goodness ..who let the trolls out? THIS is important..immediate family..empty houses, etc..

08f7dd No.600283

I'm just wondering if we've established Barry was actually born in Kenya?

Snowden works for Chinese?

414f34 No.600284


Idea–HSBC is hong Kong. Remember potus at davos? Maybe his real father is a high roller in Hong Kong.

3085b6 No.600285

I published Bill's StormWatch Ham radio network protocol last night. Baker, please add to the bread.

bece7d No.600286

Oh, and you like calling people (((Jews))) if they say something that's not hateful toward (((them))). Grumpy.


08f7dd No.600287

Snowden/China= Intellectual Property Theft?

4125ff No.600288


Either with someone or

He has another identity?

50d4a3 No.600289


I honestly don't know was just speculating hoping maybe Q will quote it lol

4ee313 No.600290


Oh, the-floating-woman-being-shot-by-a-soldier-not- wearing-SS-uniforms-picture again. OK!

1584fe No.600291


Dumbass Snowden couldnt even graduate high school or basic training in the Army. Now he will be arrested or killed.

What a dumbass. Right, Snowden?

55d328 No.600292



So what are the ramifications if he was not a legitimate president under the law?

The SJWs will revolt if this is truly brought to light.

6d2638 No.600293


yielded this (from me)


Which goes against, what I've thought about snowden… could 'we' be hamming up this 'traitor' to maintain deepcover?

is disinfo necessary?

Is Q extraction for Snowden?

Was Snowden safe in the states?

What conditions needed to be met for Snowden to be outside the states? and why is the official narrative Russia?

Throwing darts… painting a picture…

Alt theory can still be all bs… what led me here was >>599607

How did you anons read that post?_X

2da504 No.600294

The lawyer snowden had is a Canadian.

9b83b6 No.600295

File: 55fd8ec823b5598⋯.png (1.44 MB, 1080x1231, 1080:1231, bakers.png)

New Bread




Finish the Bread

a5a20a No.600296


Remember this?http:// www.thegatewaypundit.com/2012/05/ap-2004-flashback-kenyan-born-obama-all-set-for-us-senate/

414f34 No.600297


He was running home. @Snowden grew up in Hong Kong. Lots of elite British boarding schools there.

3aa7b8 No.600298

File: e67c2102b68804c⋯.png (720.02 KB, 770x553, 110:79, ClipboardImage.png)

https:// www.rt.com/news/420837-flozen-libyan-billions-missing/

bece7d No.600299

Yeah, reverse search it and see when/where it was taken.


2efff6 No.600300


UK…Snowden works for the UK…makes sense and why he is HK…

c33329 No.600301


Consider also adding >>599686 to the IBOR ideas notable. These 2 posts go hand in hand.

d91bbc No.600302

File: 728f903c793ed8a⋯.jpg (60.82 KB, 481x388, 481:388, Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at ….jpg)

File: 5c39b0e570cf78e⋯.png (603.46 KB, 950x609, 950:609, Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at ….png)

File: d1d78e1f6d447b8⋯.jpg (45.88 KB, 563x500, 563:500, NpHqjkm.jpg)

File: 38b5feb0a6e9beb⋯.jpg (43.08 KB, 548x720, 137:180, Killary_the_Babies_-save_f….jpg)

We can even mix it up if you want!!

The Rodman/Flynn add Dana Loesch and You and Acosta can choose between Maxine Waters or HRC a.k.a. "Pelican Fag."

The Timer is set.

3085b6 No.600304

Have all of God's children got 120 days of food, water, medicine, first aid supplies and a means of self-defense?

Prepared Mind dude on YT is worth a listen for when the sheeple go nuts.

9a949c No.600305


Look at wiki - snowden page update/delete history and see if any material deletes exists around notable time periods. Sorry, Anon in bed with wife now.

a074fd No.600306

File: ef9250faeaa9a58⋯.jpg (267.17 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, download.jpg)


Here's a pic of the powerline pylons on Middle Ring Road by image search. Hopefully it's correct. I won't run google products on my computer. Is it possible to go street level and check them against the car photo?

1584fe No.600307


"the Korea"?

Still in the 3rd grade, retard?

b84473 No.600310


Is Ed the designated lightning rod?

98c7d2 No.600311



2 + 2

We sometime get lost trying to interpret Q post. The mistake that we often make is that we over think stuff. He give us clues AND context!

let's have to look at post 898 + 899

For which country does Snowden really work for?

Why did Snowden felt safe enough in HK to go public and go to his final destination?

The answer is simple he as been working for the Chinese all along!

4b23a2 No.600312


Snowden's IQ is 145. He didn't need to go thru the motions of HS. He took online classes. Stupid, he is not.

d2ce0d No.600313


Concernfag detected…

a5a20a No.600314

File: 75829b7c7fd07b3⋯.png (258.18 KB, 475x356, 475:356, ClipboardImage.png)


… and this… http:// www. breitbart.com/big-government/2012/05/17/the-vetting-barack-obama-literary-agent-1991-born-in-kenya-raised-indonesia-hawaii/

0f9e71 No.600315


and then, guantanimo

909122 No.600319

I thought Hussein was hiding his real Dad.. not Kenyan birth??

3085b6 No.600320

Jesus help me! So much history to re-write. So many lies to undo. What a time to be alive.

0f9e71 No.600322

File: c810404ab16a9be⋯.jpg (187.55 KB, 1024x523, 1024:523, giant skull.jpg)

7b21cf No.600323


At work at moment but aren't there a few q posts with [… +1] ? Gotta go. Good luck anons.

http:// amp.miamiherald.com/news/article203856299.html?

Also white house suicide has interesting connection to Baptist children's charity. Dig here too.

https:// contraspin.co.nz/beingjulianassange/

And here. So much here.

bece7d No.600324

Couple of candidates for father.


2da504 No.600325


His dad worked for UK in Africa.

068d50 No.600328



So excited, forgot to include you in my reply!!!

Thank you Q!

Most of all, THANK YOU GOD, my Father!

I have no idea what your reply means but am ready, willing and able! Let's do this!

9d4dc6 No.600329


To late He's American now !!! Treason and a hangin !!! Nothing personal, that's just how it's gotta be !!

08f7dd No.600331


And we have to continue to push for full DISCLOSURE.

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